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The Great Quarrel Between Friends by ridxwan

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 31,131
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Romance, Humor, Angst
Characters: Draco, Ginny, Harry, Cho, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Ron, Snape, Voldemort, Fred/George
Pairings: Harry/Hermione

First Published: 04/17/2004
Last Chapter: 06/30/2004
Last Updated: 06/30/2004

The summer after the 5th year, Harry was annoyed by Hermione's constant letter sending, they ended up bickering with each other throughout the 6th year...... introducing the Weasely's cousin, Rich and his P.O.V which dominated this fic. And Ron's P.O.V.

Chapter 1: CHP 1
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-Richard’s P.O.V-

Hi, I’m Richard Weasley, Ron and Ginny’s cousin. I’m the same age as Ron and has black hair (not Weasley red, can you imagine that), blue eyes, not so long nose like Ron and other looks that example me like a boy. I’m a Beauxbaton student transferred to Hogwarts for my 6th year. That’s about my personal information to you people, the rest… well you need to read this story. You ask why I am doing this. Well there were three things to be told here.

First thing, a great adventure was about to begun once I entered Uncle Arthur’s car.

Two, a great mishap will happened to the lives of mine, Ron and Gin.

And lastly, a huge row, fight, quarrel or whatever you wanted to say between Ron’s friend, Harry and Hermione. This was their story.


“Where are we going, Uncle Art?” I asked my uncle who I’m quite afraid of ever since hearing from my cousins about him being purposely trying to ruin every muggle things. Good thing I’m halfblood or else I have a bad time of inability to explain how all muggle things works.

“We’re going to pick up one of Ron’s best friends,” he answered.

“Who again?” I asked. I have never seen any of Ron or Ginny’s friends because they were such a big family that all of them were considered friends to themselves.

“Hermione,” Unc Art answered, oh yeah I forgot… beautiful name, so this is the one that Ron had a crush on her once, now he was scared of her… I don’t know why but I will know soon. Ron warned me of something; hmm… let me remember… Ah ha, she talked lots of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter, a boy of wonders and bravery, how admiring. Ginny has a crush on him once, I thought. How tragedy struck him over and over. Orphan at one, living with relatives that hated him, learned that he was the hero of the Wizarding World, a bad guy who wanted him dead, saw a boy killed in front of him (Ron told me about it, poor guy) and lost an uncle due to trickery of the bad guys. What a tragedy.

“Here we are,” said Unc, we reached a huge house, wow… what a rich girl Ron has, too bad he didn’t like her anymore. “Wait here Rich, while I go and greet Hermione and her parents,” Unc got out of the car and went to the front door. I got out of the car because I have a butt cram. A little stretching would do the trick.

I heard a loud rambling sound from the house. Gosh, how many things did she have to bring. I remembered Ron told me that she was a bookworm… Oooooooo. And out came a bushy haired girl with cinnamon eyes and kind of cute too. She shook Unc’s hands and he has a little and long chat with her parents. She walks towards me and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Hermione,” she offered a hand shake, so I shook it.

“Richard Weasley the name,” I introduced myself and her eyes went wide, she was puzzled, try to guess why.

“Are you sure, you’re a Weasley, you don’t have a red hair,” bingo, she said it correctly.

“Well, I’m kind of a halfblood, me dad is a Weasley and me mother is a muggle,” I sheepishly answered. She just said ‘Oh’ and we went into awkward silence mode.

I offered to put her things in the car and she kindly obliged, I put her things and I started thinking of something to start a conversation. “So where’s your owl, mine’s at Ron’s place because I sent a letter to Ronnie yesterday,” that went quite well.

She giggled a bit, maybe because I call Ron ‘Ronnie’. “I don’t have one but I can afford one, it’s just that my parents are neat freaks so getting an owl would be a problem in the house, besides I have a cat. Oh, I forgot…. Crookshanks!” she called out someone. A ginger coloured cat came, rushing to her and leapt to her. Hermione grabbed the cat, good reflexes.

“This is Crookshanks, say hello to Richard,” the cat purred softly to me, kind of ugly but cute.

“Just call me Rich,” I said.

“Oh, I suppose none of the Weasleys gave you an annoying name,” where the in the bloody hell did she come up with that kind of question.

Let me see, Sir Richard of Dungbombs, Rich the snitch, Blackie Rich, Rich Fitch and other that I won’t even tell you people. “You’ll see what they call me,” I said and she just nodded.

“Ron told me you’re from Beauxbaton, is it any better than Hogwarts?” the tide has turned, the girl asked about your life.

“Well I don’t know, it’s quite hard to learn French itself, I suppose Hogwarts ought to be better than Beauxbaton,” I said. She just gave me a soft smile.

“Well I can show you the whole castle if you want; I’m a prefect who sometimes breaks rule with my two bestfriends. Harry and Ron are kind of troublesome to me but I keep on saying to them to study and study and now look what they got, Ron got 10 and Harry….” She stopped talking after mentioning Harry’s name.

“Anything wrong about Boy Who Lived?” I asked, being curious.

“Don’t call that stupid nickname,” she suddenly scowled… what a temper. Unc and her parents looked at us troublingly. I said ‘nothing’ to them and they went back to chatting.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout,” she apologised, this Harry sure has an affect on her a lot. “It just that Harry had a hard time, his godfather died two months ago, he still feeling sombre about the whole thing, he’s so secretive now… and now he got eight O.W.Ls and I feel bad about him because I felt it was my fault he got eight.”

“This Harry guy is not in the mood to talk,” I said something thoughtful and she agreed.

“His future must be bleak now that N.E.W.Ts is coming and he’s not going to be in most of our class, I mean me and Ron… honestly, jealousy is going to get him,” she said, here’s come the Harry this and that. Luckily, Unc came back.

“Come on you two, let’s get Harry,” yes finally, relief…relief, all three of us got into the car after Hermione say her goodbye to her parents. We drove away and to Little Whinging.


To my dismay, our ride wasn’t a pleasant one, Hermione and Unc chatted about muggle inventions and somehow turned into Harry this and that again. If you people want to know what she talked about, be my guest.

“Harry always wrote, I’m fine and my relatives are idiots and I can get through Sirius’s death and…” and she went on and on and on. Ron, you were right, if I bet you ten galleons, you got all ten of them.

“Hermione, I’m sure whatever Harry’s needs, we must give him, if he needs some time alone, we give it to him, of he need some motherly love, well Molly could give it to her, I’m very sure of it, we will help him when he needs it or ask for it, not force it,” yeah Unc to the rescue.

“But Mr. Weasley, Harry doesn’t talk openly, that’s the problem, he’s so secretive, I’m not sure if he was the same Harry I know after we got back from the Ministry place,” she was good, really good. Unc surrendered, how lame was the Weasley male.

Looks liked it was up to me then. “Hermione, Uncle Art is right… everyone has a secret to keep, maybe this one could make you embarrassed and you don’t want to be friends with him again. Harry want to keep this to himself and when the times come, he will express it to all of us,” wow, I never thought I could talk like a psychiatrist.

But Hermione hasn’t giving up yet. “But what if he doesn’t want to tell us and regrets telling us after finishing Hogwarts, and don’t tell me that I worry too much,” she said aggressively, Unc submitted after hearing this.

“You have to let him do what he wants, Hermione, he has his need and wants and we have no right to interfere,” I said.

“You don’t get it do you, he always made us worried about him, everything he did made us wonder what was he doing, he disappeared right before my eyes during the Triwizard Tournament, he wanted to see Sirius when he thought he was in danger but was part of a trickery of Voldermont (I flinched) and do some stupid stuff last week,” she said, I beginning to pondered myself if she was right… and she was right.

“He did what last week?” Unc asked and he seemed interested again in the conversation.

Hermione was really angry at this point, she shot glares all over the car. “He went out of the house without permission from the Order, good thing Ron told me about it, I’m going to talk to him about it,” her face was flushing red, anger was evident.

“Where did he go?” I asked.

“He went to the park for some thinking and fresh air… thinking, honestly, always needed to think, and then some moping, and grieving and crying by his own and not expressing it to others,” she said mockingly, she needed to calm down, this Harry guy sure has a lot of affect on her.

“Hermione, he is the one and only one who could defeat You-Know-Who, he has a big responsibility on his back, he just lost his godfather and give him a break” Unc to the rescue. “And please stop badgering him,” yeah Unc, way to go.

I’m glad the whole trip to this Harry guy was quiet. But I could still hear from the front seat that Hermione kept muttering some words like, ‘Thick-headed bloke’ or ‘Self-centred prat’. I hope she didn’t mean me or Ron or Unc.


The trip went well for the next thirty minutes and we reached Privet Drive without a fuss. Unc parked the car at the sidewalk. The funny thing was after the talk about Harry, Unc never mention anything about muggle things. I looked at house number 4, and I was stunned to see the house. I could tell the difference between the other houses and this house where Harry lived. This house seemed… a bit creepy to me.

“Here we are then, I’ll go and talk to Harry’s relatives and sort out some things, you two go up and help Harry with his stuffs,” said Unc, we got out of the car and approached the door. During this time, Hermione notified me that Harry lived with his relatives after his parent’s death. This people treated the boy badly. Someone needed to teach these guys a lesson.

“So is this where Boy-Who-Lived stayed?” I asked her. “This place seems lifeless.”

Hermione giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. “Yeah I thought so too, someone could be dead by now living here but not Harry, he’s strong and brave,” complimenting him, the last half an hour ago, she was scrutinizing this Harry guy and the next thing you knew, she was praising him. How a girl changed in a short time.

The door opened after Unc knocked it several times, what in the bloody hell was taking a person to answer the door. I grew impatient and Hermione noticed my discomfort, so she suggested Unc to perform the Locking Charm. Unc looked around for any passer bys and did the spell. Entering the house, the place was quiet. I was astonished of how old looking this house was. This family was not into modernizing.

“Hullo, anybody here… Heellloooo,” Unc shouted, Hermione began to worry. “Harry,” she called the guy.

“Up here,” a voice called from upstairs, Hermione felt relief. Is he alone in this creepy old house? Where were the other occupants? Hermione too wondered the same questions like me.

“Mr. Weasley, you can wait at the car while Rich and I go and help Harry, the neighbour might be suspicious of us and call the muggle police for breaking into the house without permission,” she said, thinking a step ahead.

“Not to worry Hermione, I can have a little chat Ms. Figg about something… go on and help Harry, he would be eager to see you,” said Unc, she smiled sheepishly. I beginning to suspect something was going on between these two teenagers.

Unc went off to Ms. Figg’s house and Hermione and I went upstairs. I could felt the eeriness of this place. We walked along the hallway and Harry was there by his room. Crookshanks who I did not notice was dashing towards Harry and leapt onto him. Harry scooped him up and carried him in his arm. He was a scrawny guy, messy black hair with round glasses and an awful looking tattoo on his forehead… oh wait that’s his lightning shaped scar.

“Hi,” he greeted and Hermione gladly replied back, “Hi.”

“So, um… who is this guy,” he asked in a rather mad tone, no jealous tone. I have to clear his doubt about me fast. Ron told me not to mess with this guy or the Wizarding World would kill you.

I offered him a handshake, “Richard Wealsey, Ron’s cousin.” He shook my hand and his doubt were cleared but were replaced by a puzzled look. He let go of the cat.

“Are you sure you’re a Weasley?” he asked, how life kept asking you the same question.

“Yes I am,” I answered simply, not caring about the detailed information of why my hair wasn’t red. This guy just shrugged and introduced himself.

“Harry Potter’s the name,” he said, and we let go of our hands. I could have sworn that my hand was hurting… must be my imagination.

“Let us help you with your things, Harry,” Hermione offered, and we all went into his room. His room was so sad, so dark, and creepier than the hallway. Hermione gasped because she was shocked to see his room.

“I haven’t finish packing, if you don’t want to help… I don’t care,” he said calmly. Hermione stopped gasping and turned to him.

“Of course we’ll help, right, Rich,” she said and I just nodded. Harry just shrugged and pointed out some things that needed to be packed.

Harry grabbed his pet snow old, Hedwig and put her into the birdcage. He said ‘sorry’ to the bird. Hermione was stacking up some books that needed to be brought which Harry said needless to be bring because they haven’t receive their Hogwarts letters yet. I have but who cared. I opened the cupboard and saw huge clothes that weren’t his fit; it looked like all of the clothes that belong to a gorilla. Harry notified me all of the clothes belong to his cousin. I felt pity for him really. Hermione too felt terrible just by seeing his clothing.

After almost finishing packing, Hermione brought up the talk or should I say the words of forgiveness. “Um… Harry,” she said.

“Yes,’ he replied.

“I know you still feel a bit gloomy about Sirius…” she was cut off.

“Please don’t start,” he said, raising his hand to her face, reluctantly to bring up the subject about his godfather. “I’m fine,” he said.

“Nooooooo,” she sounded, pushing the hand, oh boy here we go. Harry and I were shock to hear her. “You’re not fine, I’ve been getting short letter replies from you and always saying you’re fine but I know you’re not,” she said, the voice of utter concern.

“That’s because you always send me letters saying ‘How are you? I’m so worried about you?’ ” he said with a good impression of her. She was stunned by his mocking tone, I chuckled a bit and she gave me a death glare. I fidgeted and went quite. Now I know how you felt Ron.

She changed her glaring back to anxiousness. “I’m just worried for you, Harry, you never tell me anything,” she said.

“Then you should wrote something more than just how am I, don’t you have anything else to say about… like your life,” said Harry directly, that hurts.

Hermione mouth opened widely, she was caught stunned by surprise. Here comes the real anger. She turned angry; she could not believe her best friend just said. “In case you don’t know, I…. I …. I …. ,” she stammered.

“That’s it, you don’t have one,” he said frustratingly. He’s angry; I thought she was the one who was supposed to be angry.

“I do have one!” she snapped, you could hear a twig snapped too if you were this close to them like me. “I studied for the N.E.W.Ts unlike you and Ron,” she said convincingly, so that’s her life…. boring.

“That’s life!” he yelled, I wondered if Unc could hear us. “What kind of life just studying? For god sake… we just finished our O.W.Ls, give it a rest will you,” he said with a mix of utter concern and vague reply.

“Well that’s mine, unlike yours, all about Quidditch,” she said deliberately, “Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch, always Quidditch,” she said sarcastically, in an angry tone. “What kind of life is that?”

“A better one than yours,” he replied with a very sarcastic remark.

She gasped of how easy for him to reply back, she went near him and the next thing you knew….


A slap across his face, he jumped a bit from the shock of the slap. Harry touched his right cheek where she slapped him and rubbed the sore spot. A hand marked was evidently clear for others to see. He looked back at her, totally confused of what just happened. Miraculously, his glasses were intact.

She looked tense, brows narrowed at him, lips pursed; clearly she was disappointed, mad and annoyed. She let out a big sigh, trying to release the tense and looked back at him with utter concern and forgiveness. She was about to talked when he cut in.

“Is that the best you can do?”

WOOOO! How cold is he? Hermione was stunned again; she clapped her mouth with her hand hiding the wide open mouth. “That didn’t hurt,” he said, rolling his eyes at her and the two locked in an intense glare. I have to do something to stop this.

“I’ll take Hedwig to the car, if you don’t mind, Harry,” I said, looking worried that one of them might do something unnecessary. “Fine,” said Harry angrily, rose up from the bed where he sat and picked up the trunk. “I’m leaving this place to go somewhere with this nosy girl,” he said intentionally to make her angrier.

“Well in case you don’t know, Harry,” she snapped again. I picked Hedwig with thee birdcage, it seemed Hedwig too wanted to get out of the house. “You’re an unappreciative prat,” she spat, I walked normally trying not to look awkward, Harry on the other hand, just picked up his trunk and walked out of the room, following me from behind. Hermione carried his other trunk while spitting more words behind Harry’s back.

Here were some of the words that she said while we were making our way towards the car…..

“For the last five years, you never said thanks to me,” she said with asperity, this was where we went down the stairs.

“You never give a damn of how others sacrifice for you,” she said, Harry just seemed not listening to her. We were at the door, just stepping out of the threshold.

“I came to your Quidditch game and you never ever thanked me, you ingrate,” now we were getting attention from the rest of the neighbourhood and Unc.

“Never for once you tried to give a bloody damn about how I felt for you,” both of them put his things at the back. The funny thing was both of them seemed doing this together while arguing. Unc came back from where ever he came from.

“Hullo everyone, what’s going on?” he shouted, the three of us faced Unc.

“Hullo Mr. Weasley,” greeted Harry, trying to act normal, his expression changed like nothing happen between him and Hermione. She was infuriated by his act.

“Hello Harry, it’s been nearly a month that we haven’t seen each other,” said Unc, he was buying Harry’s act, how lame was he.

Hermione tried to break his of normalcy. “Mr. Weasley… please, don’t buy his innocent act, he’s not fine, he is still gloomy on Sirius death,” she notified Unc, he felt a little disappointed and sour about the whole thing.

“Will you knock it off already, Hermione,” Harry scowled, to my dismay, I agreed with him.

“You just don’t get it do you, we are here for you, to join your grief, your not alone for the past five years, don’t throw us out of your misery and…”

“JUST SHUT UP,” he yelled, and entered the car and sat on the front seat. That’s my seat. His screamed made the whole Little Whinging ran for cover. Hermione and Unc were shocked by Harry’s outburst. We got into the car, Hermione sat beside me at the backseat with Hedwig in the cage, scared.

Both Harry and Hermione were pretty quiet the whole trip to the Burrow. Harry never looked at Hermione even a single turn whilst Hermione sometimes stole a glance at Harry and had a guilty expression on her face. I and Unc just stayed quiet, if we brought a topic it might lead to more bickering. Well it’s boring for the next hour, I’ll leave you all to my cousin Ron. Take it away Ronnie.

Chapter 2: CHP 2
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Disclaimer: I do not any of the Harry Potter characters. They belong to Ms. Rowling with all due respect. Enjoy.


- Ron’s point of view –

Thanks Rich, hi I’m Ron Weasley, best friend to Harry and Hermione. Right now, I’m in my house at the Burrow, wasting away my summer. Hermione might be mad at me but that’s just my lifestyle so don’t argue with me. I’m with my mother and my sister, Gin or Ginny Weasley to you all. Enough introduction, let us brought the good parts.

First thing above all, I would liked to show you all some letter I send to Harry and Hermione. This would be the reason that I discovered something that made me rethought my future. I will give you Harry and Hermione’s letters to me on the first week of our summer.

This was Harry’s,

Dear Ron,

How are you, mate? I’m doing great and thanks for sending me your letters, I’m glad that you did not mention anything about you know. I’m trying to cope up with things here. The muggles were less hard on me, thanks to Dumbledore. I would like to play Quidditch with you so much, along with your brothers. Can you notify me on anything on You-Know-Who (I know you’re scared of his name so I didn’t mention it) and the Ministry and the Order too? You’re the closest to them and I hoped I don’t pressure you too much. Hermione send me three letters about how I’m doing and am I fine… seriously if the girl can’t stop asking the same question I’ll stop writing to her. Writing to you is really better to be honest; no hard feelings to her but you talked Quidditch. Tell your family, I missed them already. Don’t worry about me too much, I’m doing fine and I’m being honest right now.

Yours truly,

I did the things he said, it was easy though since You-Know-Who wasn’t in the news, he sure was lying low right now. I’m happy that my friend was taking things alright… well those were my opinion but not my other friend.

Dear Ron,

How are you doing? Is Ginny fine? I’m studying for the N.E.W.Ts right now and I hope you are too. Harry is fine, isn’t he? Is there something I should know that he won’t tell me? He kept saying he’s fine and sending two line letters, that’s not a good sign. I wished he writes more to me. You must be feeling the same way as I do. We’re grieving for Sirius’ death and he’s just sod us off. He’s not fine and I know it. He told us to write letters frequently to him and he sounded like he didn’t like it. Well that’s all from me. I better go now; my mother wants me to help her in the garden. Take care.

Yours sincerely,

Well if you thought that was normal, our letter sending became more and more terrible. Not mine though, between Harry and Hermione I mean. They became a little apart and the ugly side of them was shown especially Hermione. I have already seen Harry’s ugly side.

This was Harry’s letter to me two days ago.

Dear Ron,

Thanks for the offer. I will come to the Burrow in two days time. Last week, I’m sorry for all of your worries for me, I just went to the park for some thinking about what Dumbledore said before the school end. He just sends me a letter last week and it made me think again about Sirius. Don’t be sad, it’s nothing. I’m feeling great right now. Hope you send me about Chudley Cannon. I hope you trained for the new Quidditch season, both you and Ginny. I’ve got to go now, Aunt Petunia calling for me for a chore. Don’t look pity on me, the chores made me take my mind off things. Thanks for sending.

Your true friend,

By that time after reading ‘Your true friend’, something was not right. I received Hermione’s letter two hours later. I let Ginny read it first because I was degnoming the garden. She turned pale white reading the letter. I noticed her face and went to her. The letter showed a side of Hermione that I didn’t know. Ginny gave me the letter and I read it. This was the one that re-evaluated my feelings towards Hermione.

Dear Ron,

Have you heard from that scrawny boy friend of yours? We were worried about him. He’s moping again about Sirius. He never shared any of it with us. His selfish prat, after all I’ve done for him, he never appreciated for the things I’ve done. The Order should be mad at him. They should send Lupin to scold him for his insensitive behaviour. I asked him what he was doing at the part and he wrote nothing. He wrote nothing, you ran off to the park under the Order’s eyes, moping and crying and grieving and he came back saying nothing. You don’t how frustrated he made me. I felt exasperated with him, I can’t take it anymore, and I’m going to confront that excruciating ludicrous dense moron friend of yours when we get to your house, whether he likes it or not. See you.

Yours sincerely mad,

The first thing I thought about reading Hermione’s letter was never show this to Harry or Rich. Why Rich? I myself don’t know but outside people might be nosy of these things. Secondly, I began to see how Harry saw us two bickering and arguing. Thirdly from Ginny, she showed me how stupid am I not seeing the inside of a person. I never saw my friend’s feelings from the inside. I saw how secretive Harry has been and how angry and frustrated Hermione really was. Harry has been secretive since the first year, but I didn’t even know back then. Hermione’s anger might be from us two being the troublesome that we are and she constantly reminded us but she kept that anger just like Harry.

I have learned to know a person from the inside. But that didn’t mean I like the Slytherins, I still hate them and Snape, I hate him a lot. Ginny impressed with what I learned and gave a secret that she kept for an unknown person. She told me, “You know people like you more than Harry last year, you outshine him even though he made the world realised that You-Know-Who returns, you better do something more impressive next year.”

I was proud of my little sister just said. I wished she picked a rightful boyfriend, someone who deserved her. Maybe I was too zealous over the fact trying to make Harry a couple with Ginny. She deserved someone right this time and I make sure she made the right decision.

Well, half an hour left till Dad came home with Rich, Harry and Hermione. I wonder what Rich’s reaction to Harry and Hermione was. I hoped nothing happen to either of my best friends before coming here.


Gin and I waited at the front yard waiting for Dad, Rich, Harry and Hermione. We paced around wondrously, thinking some thoughts of how to spend our summer, sometimes bumped into each other accidentally and we laughed because of that. Then, they all came.
Ginny called Mum to come. I was excited seeing my mates and my cousin. Good thing my cousin was into Quidditch and Books at the same time, he can cope with both my friend.

Mum rushed form the kitchen to the front in six seconds, a record. Dad parked the car nicely and they all came out. Something was wrong though, it was solemnly quiet. They got out of the car, my father, two black haired and a frizzy brown hair. They waved at us.

“Hullo dear, kids,” said Dad, my cousin call him Unc, what an unusual name the muggles using. He hugged Mum and stood beside her while we went to help the other three. Crookshanks ran out of the car and went straight away to the garden; bloody cat sure has a thing for gnomes.

“Hey, guys, how are you?” I greeted. They turned at me and gave me a smile, Rich gave Gin and I a genuine smile but Harry and Hermione they were giving me a fake one. Thye can’t lie to me no more when something going on.

“Hey Ronnie,” said Rich, he was sure trying to get on my nerves.

“Hey Fich,” take that. He laughed and I laughed too, it’s been a long time since I saw him, five years ago before I started Hogwarts.

“Hey Gin,” Rich greeted, Ginny pulled away from a hug she and Hermione shared.

“Hey Rich,” she answered back.

We exchanged a hugs with Harry and Hermione that seemed a bit awkward for me because it felt different and rough. There something going on before the two came here. I helped Harry carried his things whilst Ginny helped Hermione. Hedwig was released and she was flying freely and happily, I wished I got an owl like Hedwig.

“OI!” Rich yelled and we all turned around. “Is there no one going to help poor old cousin here who has been not seen for five years?”

He carried a lot of things and I and Gin carried one thing. We went to him and helped grabbed one trunk each. He was going to stay with us till we finished Hogwarts, so he brought lots of things.

Harry and Hermione each got a bone crushing hug from Mum, suited them right for being such fakers. Then Rich got a hug. He was scared of receiving it. Mum gave him one and I sniggered hard, Rich was suffocating. That’s what you got when you gone for five years. After letting go of Rich, Mum and Dad went inside the house. Rich panted for breath, Ginny patted his back.

We went inside and Mum told us to put Harry, Hermione and Rich’s things upstairs. Rich fortunately got the jerk Percy’s neat room. That jerk of a brother of mine never came home and apologized. When we reached the stairs there was the evidence that showed how bad the situation was in the next few days.

Hermione and Harry climbed the stairs with their things, so they were kind of pushing each other.

“Move it moper,” said Hermione, she just mocked Harry, bad girl.

“Sod off, nosy,” Harry just gave one back. Gin and I gawked looking at our friends. They went upstairs and we followed them but Rich halted us.

“Wait,” he said, I was puzzled by what he meant when suddenly. “Bang! Bang!” we heard two doors slammed. Something was really going on between them.

“You better tell me everything Ron, Gin, I have a boring time coming here,” Rich requested and we obliged. His face was full of questions.

“We tell you later, right now we need to console our friends, your room is the second on the right,” said Ginny, and we made our way to our respective rooms.


I entered my room, expecting a pretty bash up Harry but all I saw was him standing in front of the window surveying the garden. He didn’t look tense or grieving like Hermione mentioned in her letters. One word that could define my friend was… peace.

“Hey, how are you doing?” I asked for starters.

“Fine,” he murmured, totally at peace.

“I saw something wrong with Hermione and you back at the stairs… care to fill me in what happen between my two friends,” I said with utmost concern. He turned around and smiled at me like he just came back from a long trip.

“I don’t know,” he said, the smile faded. “I don’t know why I reacted this way towards her… it’s like it came out of no where.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, she send annoying letters all summer… she cared for you… too much though but she cared,” I said calmly.

He smirked and chuckled a bit. “What so funny?” I asked and could not help but chuckled a bit too.

“I’m so pathetic,”

“No you’re not,” I told him.

“I told her she got no life, doesn’t that show how pathetic I am?” he said dolefully.

“What?!” I was bewildered.

“She just studying all the day even we finished our O.W.L and she still kept on studying,” he said.

“I understand, she told to me in the letters too, sometimes I wished she needed to loosen up a bit,” I said agreeing with Harry.

“That’s not the point Ron,” he said distressingly, I was puzzled about his feelings. “The point is I insulted her terribly, no friends do that,” he said concisely, I forgot.

“Well why don’t you go and say sorry to her,” I suggested as a true friend.

“I can’t,”

“Why not?” I asked feeling puzzled again. Forgiveness would do, it’s the solution to all arguments.

“Now is not the right time, she’s mad right now,” he told me, I understood him.

“Well if you wanted to, don’t hesitate” I said. “I need to see Rich, his pretty angry about this; he just got here and caught in a fight, see you later.”

I left him there for his time alone and peace and closed the door. I went to Rich’s room also known as Percy’s. I met Ginny already in the room with Rich sitting on Percy’s chair like a boss. He sure was mad by the looks of his face.

“So what the bloody hell is going on?” Rich asked in his demanding tone.

“Well, sorry for all the fuss, you got caught accidentally in this and I’m sorry we didn’t tell you about Harry’s situation and Hermione’s reaction towards him… it’s just that Harry been through hell last term with all the corruption the Ministry did on him and the sudden depart of his godfather, he’s been wrecked if you know what I mean,”

I waited for Rich to scold me or shout at me but he started to laugh. Is he mental? He laughed and laughed, what’s so funny? “What are you on about, you’re not easily to laugh on something, this is Harry we’re talking about,” I tried to find the reason behind Rich’s craziness. He stopped laughing and faced both me and Gin.

“I never seen this much fun since Fleur have a fight with his first boyfriend, Hermione angry at Harry and Harry angry at Hermione, this is the best fight that I have ever seen, and you want to know what was the end result of Fleur’s fight,”

Gin and I nodded because it was interesting.

“What else, Fleur break up with her boyfriend, disappointing though but the middle was interesting, I hope this one has a major explosion,” Gin mouth dropped, I was bewildered and shocked to hear Rich was having fun with this. “I’m kidding my dear cousins… if you want to end this argument, we better make a plan or two before this summer is over.”

I nodded fervently, what better way than to make up my two friends with the help of Beauxbaton’s lover boy Rich. Gin on the other hand had something on her mind. “What’s wrong Gin?” I asked curiously. She turned her head towards me. She had a vague expression that seemed unreadable.

“If we’re going do it, that would be a problem,” she said gloomily.

“And why is that?”

“Is it Hermione?” Rich asked, he was ahead of me, smart arse.

Ginny nodded, “I entered my room and saw her on the bed, cursing Harry this and that, I tried to calm her down but she kept on muttering things to herself. She got off the bed and went towards the window and watched the garden view restlessly,” Gin explained, the total opposite of Harry. “When I left my room, I swore I saw tears running down her cheeks.”

“She’s crying!” I was surprised a bit.

“Very odd thoughts are going on her mind,” she said.

“No kidding, before I got here, she already cursing Harry, and when we got to the Dursleys which was surprisingly empty, things got off wildly,” said Rich nonchalantly. Gin and I were curious and let Rich told us the whole story.

“They were fighting that we did not even ask about Harry’s relatives, they were like out of the picture,”

“So where do you reckon the muggles have gone?” I asked.

“I don’t know but that didn’t matter because we help him pack and Hermione brought ‘Are you aright?’ question and Harry got quickly annoyed. They argued a bit and Harry told her something very terrible,”

“She got no life,” I helped Rich with the minor details, the only thing that Harry told me.

“What?!” Gin too was shocked and bewildered.

“That wasn’t the best part, after he insulted her, she slapped smack dab on his right cheek,” Gin and I have our mouth opened, this was very shocking indeed. “You could hear the sound of the slap from another room.”

“What happen after that?” Gin asked first, she was just as curious as me.

“Of course the usual hand marked on his face and confusion surged through him, Hermione looked mad and she turned to pity mode again and out of the blue,” Rich was making this a real suspense. “Harry said her slap did not hurt,” Gin got a shock of her lifetime and stared at rich like a Rich was famous. I gaped and thought of the situation in my mind; no doubt Hermione would be infuriating with Harry.

“This would be hard to capitalize a plan,” I said softly. I turned my attention to Rich, “Do you want to do it?”

“Of course it’s a challenge,” he said determinedly.

“Gin?” I asked and she nodded rather hesitant but I know Gin would be a great help.

“Alright, if we going to do this right, we have to wait for a right situation and counter it, Harry is ready to apologize to Hermione, so we have to convince her to cool down,” I suggested and Gin and Rich agreed.

“But after they say apologizes, they would be an aftermath,” Rich said silkily.

“That we have to see, I’m sure Harry and Hermione would not want to continue their bickering; besides both of them get along with each other pretty well,” said Gin.

“That if Hermione don’t bring the same question again,”


-Rich’s P.O.V-

Finally, I knew my cousin was boring you people to death. Anyway, I wanted something else from my cousins. I wanted this to continue, Harry and Hermione must continue their argument for my entertainment. I have a few bit of a plan that will mislead my cousins. All I have to do was to bring up some subjects that will tick both Harry and Hermione.

Let’s fast forward to dinner time, we were called to the dinner table by Aunt. Unc, Aunt, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Gin and I were present at the table. Surprisingly, Charlie was there too for the holidays. He came just before dinner time. There were meatloaf, breads, mash potatoes and salads and am I hungry.

Harry and Hermione did not look at each other and just kept staring at their plates. Ron and Gin were uncomfortable with their friends’ attitude. Even Unc and Aunt felt displeased with the quiet atmosphere surrounding the table. Charlie in contrast, was puzzled. What do you expect from a guy who just came back from Dragon’s lair and caught in a battle of Dragon’s Tongue?

Aunt could not take it so she brought up a topic, Charlie’s life… perfect.

“So um… Charlie dear, have you met any nice girl lately?” Aunt asked directly, Charlie swallowed the meat hard. Everyone turned their heads towards him. Charlie was nervous to answer.

“I don’t think that’s my business mum,” he said, Aunt was scowling at him. Charlie looked a tad bit scared and looked at me, Gin and Ron for help. He wanted help, let us gave the help he needed. I looked at Ron and Gin with a sly grin, and they responded back with their own grins. I turned back to Charlie.

“So you do have a girl,” I blurted, Unc spat some water out of his mouth. Charlie looked crossly at me. Harry and Hermione, who were busy gazing at their plates, examined the situation.

“You do have a woman in your life, why didn’t you tell us,” said Aunt delightedly, Charlie faced her mother with anxious looks and then turned surrendering.

“Urgh… her name is Stellar,” he answered in a soft tone.

“Who?!” Everyone in the table asked except Harry and Hermione of course.

“Her name is Stellar, I met her in a Wizarding circus, she’s a Dragon Tamer so I met her and sparks sort of fly,” said Charlie sheepishly. Love blooms finally for our Charlie the dark skinned man.

“Well isn’t that nice, our Charlie has found his someone, when is the wedding,” said Aunt, jumping to ahead of everyone.

“Mum!” Charlie hissed sheepishly. Unc, Ron and Gin sniggered but got an instant glare from Aunt. That ought to shut them up, now for the moment of truth.

“It’s always good to be honest and opened to each other,” said Aunt, yes that’s the spark to set things off, Ron and Gin going to have a surprise that they didn’t expect.

“If someone was being like that years ago,” said Hermione loudly out of no where, everyone looked at her puzzled except Harry who gave her a cold look. Ron and Gin dropped their spoons showing how much they were in shock.

“What do you mean by someone was being like that?” Aunt asked curiously, everyone lend their ears to listen what she would say. This was going to be great.

“Someone who I dunno… who always keep to himself and hide from everyone, whining and moping and crying in the dark like a little useless girl,” she said looking coldly at Harry while eating the mashed potatoes. She’s great.

“Hermione!” Gin sounded, she was bewildered and worried, so did Ron who was in denial. Harry was giving up, he put down the spoon. “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep,” he said, and stood up form the chair.

“Harry dear, we haven’t eat the pies, please stay for awhile,” pleaded Aunt, she was aggravated. Her face was frowning, Unc couldn’t do anything, talk about man of the house.

“It’s okay, you could save it for me, good night,” said Harry in a sad tone and went straight upstairs, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Hermione cold look melted into a guilty face. Ron and Gin looked at her with look-what-have-you-done looks. She put down her spoon and went up to find Harry. Everyone looked worried for the two young teenagers except Charlie who was in total embarrassment. We continued eating quietly them it came, the shouting voices from upstairs. No doubt they belonged to Harry and Hermione.

“They’re at it again,” I said gloomily, hiding my satisfaction. Ron and Gin buried their faces in their hands, showing disappointment towards their friends. Aunt couldn’t take it so she went upstairs but she was halted by Unc.

“BANG! BANG!” two doors were slammed and that’s the end of my first plan. Aunt sat back at the table and turned glum, feeling terrible for not trying to help. Everyone was in a glum mood, everyone except me, the happy one.

Let me took you all back five minutes ago where Hermione went upstairs; she went straight into Ron’s room where Harry was. She saw Harry sitting on the bed, looking down on the floor. She felt a pang of guilt for saying the terrible things to him but couldn’t let go of the fact that it was still his fault.

“I’m sorry,” she began.

“I’m sorry too,” he replied back but still not looking at her.

“For what... It’s my fault I said such terrible things,” she said vaguely.

“No it’s mine…. For being such a jerk when you just a caring person,” he said also vaguely.

“Aw! You don’t have to say that,” she was feeling mushy. “You should have listened to me in the first place; I know I’m always right.”

By now, Harry looked straight at her crossly. “Since when you became such snobbish girl?” he asked.

Hermione looked puzzled and realised he was misinterpreting her words or so she thought. “I do not, you just being obnoxious to what I’m saying,” her voice was getting loudly.

Harry stood up and gave him an angry glare that would equal her death glare. “Well your nags and brags are kind of boring and annoying and you’re one too,” he said, not good Harry, bring something powerful to hurt her.

“Oh that’s just cheesy, four eyes like you can’t even think of words, me I’m smart,” she said snobbishly.

“Well no wonder, brainy, big headed and large… forehead,” he said nonchalantly, she gaped and closed her forehead with her hands.

“I don’t have a large forehead!” she shouted.

“Then why are you closing it!” he yelled.

“Well you’re just being tactless, girls swoon on you and what do you do, cowering behind me, pathetic,”

“And you’re a hopeless girl who needed help all the time from yours truly,”

Her face was in disgust with mouth opened widely. “You weren’t alive if I don’t help you.”

“Help…. You better help yourself with your own hair; it’s bushy all over like a ghost was scaring you every morning,”

With that she left the room with Harry not finishing his words. “You have that tousled hair, people would be mistaken you for having an affair with the teachers,” she said shrilly.

“Yours could make a nest for birds,” he said and she turned around with mouth dropped widely, unbelieving of how her friend just mocked her coldly. Harry was at Ron’s door and Hermione’s was at Ginny door. She gritted her teeth and was thinking of something to say.

“What… am I right about your hair?” he said with a smirk.

“You’re a scrawny miserable moping whiney flobberworm,” she mocked in a slow angry tone.

“Well you’re a snobbish busybody helpless thin as a stick kneazle,” he mocked back in the same tone.

“Just go to sleep you prick,” she yelled and slammed the door.

“Fine!” he shouted and slammed the door.

And that’s their voices of arguments, I liked it. After we finished dinner Ron went to talk to Harry while Gin talked to Hermione. Harry was angry and slept already, Hermione was crying shrilly, Gin had a hard time calming her. Ron too couldn’t do anything to her. She cried alone for her and Harry.


That night it happened again, due to not eating much during dinner, Harry went down to the kitchen. Unexpectedly, he bumped into me, eating a pie.

“Hey,” I greeted, taking a chunk out of the round pie.

“Hey,” he replied in a soft voice, feeling surprised to see me..

“Want some pie?” I offered, he nodded and took a seat opposite of me. I gave him a plate and he took a knife to cut the pie. We ate quietly; he was sulking or grumbling, I can’t read his face expression.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” he asked, breaking the awkward silence surrounding us.

“I always sleep late, back in France, even though I should be sleeping right now according to their time, but I couldn’t,” I explained.

“Why is that?” he asked, his sulking face turned into a curious glance.

“Danger always on the lookout, all young wizards are not safe right now with Deatheaters and the Haters,” I answered calmly.


“People who hated special powers,”

“There such a group in France?”

“Yup, it’s hard to believe but it’s true,” I said feeling loathing. “You have special powers since you’re the Boy-Who-Lived, don’t you?”

He shook his head fervently, “Nah, If you count someone who can talk to snakes as a special power, obtained from a sacrifice of someone important…. maybe.” He has thrown a sarcastic sentence.

“So you don’t have one, do you?”

“No,” he said straight-forwardly.

Then we heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen. It was a slow step, according to the sound of footsteps. Who ever it was, the person wouldn’t want to awake the whole Burrow. Then the person entered and I wasn’t too surprise… Hermione.

“Harry,” she called, but she didn’t respond to her and kept eating the delicious pie.

“Why don’t you join us?” I offered.

“No thanks… I need to speak to Harry, please,” she said in a pleading soft voice.

Surprisingly, Harry stood up leaving the half eaten pie behind and walked into the leaving room. Hermione followed him. Eager to listen to their conversation, I took another piece of pie and followed them. Hiding myself completely from the threshold of the living room, they didn’t notice me

“Harry, I’m sorry,”

“You what?” he still couldn’t put aside his anger. “I couldn’t take it anymore from you, you’re letters are boring and annoying, I stayed at the Dursleys bored like hell and Ron’s were the only ones that brighten my life, his life is full of adventure, I even imagine myself being him for a day, with all the Weasleys and the….”

Before he could say somewhere between family and loving, she closed his mouth with her lips on his. Hermione was kissing Boy Wonder out of nowhere. First kiss or not I’m not sure but snogging an angry boy was a bad idea.

I took this time, washing the now empty plate that I have used to eat pie. Then I stood on the stairs which was near the living room and expected something terrible. After a few minutes… nothing. I gave up, they made up with each other in a tacky way. Well, goodnight you all.

“We can’t do this Hermione,” Harry pushed away Hermione from their kissing. Yes, something good was about to happen. Yours truly has stood back on his position hiding by the stairs.

“Why not,” she asked angrily. Her eyes were piercing him for answers. Harry paced around and stopped. He looked at her with a glare that could kill a boar.

“You know why? You hurt me,” he whispered coldly, he didn’t want to wake my cousins up so he whispered.

“It’s your own fault too,” she whispered dryly. “Besides I said SOOORRYY.” Their whispers were audible considering the soft monotone voice.

“Sorry doesn’t count it, you just hurting me and wince when it was my fault,” he whispered and sounded more coldly.

“I don’t know, you didn’t take Occlumency, you didn’t listen to me, the reasonable one of them all, and we gone to the Ministry without telling or the help of someone from the Order.”

“Like you have things to say to me, nosy girl and what’s that all suppose to mean? Is it my fault that we fight? I think you’re annoying letters are the cause,”

“You asked for me to write to you, mopey,”

“You don’t have to write every single day of your worthless life,” he whispered angrily, now their whispers could be heard from the kitchen. She was angry, but her eyes were dry. She should have cried but she was still strong.

“Just because you have a famous life and I don’t, doesn’t mean you can slur my love for books and knowledge, you bloke head,” she whispered angrier than him. “Sirius died because of you.”

He looked wide-eyed at her, feeling incredulous that Hermione just blamed him. He kept his composure and narrowed his eyebrows at her. Breathing hard every second and thinking of a certain conclusion.

“That’s it,” he said in his normal voice, no more whispering. “From now on, we’re no longer friends or best of friends, I’m just Harry Potter to you and you just Hermione Granger to me, got that,” he said offensively and directly.

She gasped and turned silent, staring unbelieving at him. She clapped her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were in tears and she ran upstairs, bumping me in the shoulder. His face fell down, unsure of what he did. One thing, he regretted doing it with her. Kissing her and then broke her heart. Another thing for sure, both of them were at fault. We have to wait till next morning to see the aftermath. Am I keeping this from Ron and Gin, hell yeah. Harry saw me though and walked away into the kitchen. That’s about it, I’m all tired, I better go to bed. Tomorrow would be a great day.


I’m deeply regretted to make Harry fight with Hermione but hey, we don’t have enough Harry fights Hermione fic. If there was, none of them were a complete fic. Next chap:- The twins returned and Rich went fishing with Charlie (paybacks a b***h)

To all you authors, keep on writing.

I like more parodies on H/Hr. To many R/Hr game show parodies…. sickening, I say.

Chapter 3: CHP 3
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“Ouch,” I yelled of a hit to my head, I rubbed my forehead to ease off the blow from the pillow that Ginny hit me with. I stifled a yawn and glanced drowsily at my cousin who wore a sly grin.

“First Hermione, then Harry, now you, get up lazy arse,” she said teasingly. “What did you guys do, chatting all night long?” if you call a snogging session with a quarrel and ended a great friendship then yes – I would call it a chatting.

“Seriously you don’t want to know Gin,” I warned in a low voice. “What time is it?”

“Well… the three of you got up very late and you miss breakfast so its lunch time,” she replied.

“Can’t you just say its afternoon?” I asked and she shook her head to tease. “Well see you downstairs; tell your mum I’ll come down.” With that she left and I did my morning stuff, you know made the bed, brushed my teeth and so on.


I went downstairs still feeling tired and guess who I encountered at the dining table, well none other than the twins, Fred and George. Unc has gone to work, Aunt is preparing lunch, Ronnie and Gin were at the table talking about how they were going to plan to make their friends come back together, a worthless try I thought. Charlie looked crossly at me as I made my way to the table.

“Well if isn’t King Richard of the Mongoose Clan,” Fred greeted in a joking manner. “No Gred, its Fickle Richie Witch,” George’s turn to mocked me.

“Thanks for the greeting, two escaped red haired gorillas from the zoo,” that ticked them off, Ron and Gin laughed out loud, the twins glared at me, it was rare to see them glaring. Bill called these two gorillas of a play the Weasley family reunion once played eight years ago. Both of them were put in a gorilla costume which I put some hungry ants in them and they shrieked like real monkeys that they were.

The glaring continued but halted when we laughed reminiscence the memory.

“How could we forget the gorilla incident, George?” Fred asked, his laughter was very loud. Aunt came out to see what happened and she went back into the kitchen smiling, seeing her children having a good time.

“That’s the point where we became pranksters my dear brother,” said George thoughtfully.

Then came Hermione, looking sullen and moody, the first thing I thought about her was her time of her month but it wasn’t. Harry came down afterwards; nonchalant was shown on his face. Both sat down at the table, opposite each other, each at the end of the table. He sat between Ron and Gin, she beside me and an unoccupied.

Both not looking at each other, this was not a angry with each other sort of situation, this was like the time you were in your first year, not recognizing any other people beside yourself.

Ron and Gin were instantly worried feeling the silent vibe that was upon the Weasleys. Fred and George were clueless and Charlie… can’t say anything about him. Them Aunt came out with lunch, it was odd that she didn’t ask for help. Maybe there was a reason.

All of us ate quietly, something that I don’t expect every time I came to the Burrow. Usually, it was supposed to be noisy and joy filled the air but this time, dreadfully awkward silence. The twins might come up with something to chat since they were the noisiest.

“Hey what’s with the silent treatment here?” Fred asked, everyone looked at him puzzled. “Did something bad happen last night?”

“You had no idea,” Charlie replied, he just couldn’t take his eyes of me.

“What did Mr. Rich did this time that might attract our interest?” George asked, with a malicious grin. Ron and Gin muffled their laughs as they were eating.

“Why don’t you ask your mother about a… GIRL?” I said, shooting back a glare plus smirk at Charlie. Aunt was eager to tell and Charlie turned solemn all of a sudden. Aunt tell every single bit of detail that was quiet embarrassing and the twins made some wicked jokes on Charlie. At least the air was fun for now. I kept my eyes on Harry and Hermione to see if they were in the conversation, none of them opened their mouth.

“So what do you kids want to do today?” Aunt asked, Ron and Gin looked at each other and then looked at Harry and Hermione who were staring at the plate. I on the other hand had a better plan when I saw Bill’s fishing pole.

“I’m going fishing after this,” I said nonchalantly, Ron and Gin were eager to join but I wanted some privacy. “Alone,” I added and both of them turned gloomy.

“How about you four kids? What are you going to do?” Aunt asked again.

“Um… maybe some Quidditch, I want to test my new broom,” said Ron, hearing the word ‘new broom’, Harry’s face lit up like magic.

“Nimbus 2004, you ought to thank us for that broom,” said Fred, and Ron grinned sheepishly. The twins joined in and surprisingly Charlie didn’t, I sensed revenge.

“How about you, Hermione?” Gin asked, everyone looked at her like it was a courtroom.

“I, I’ll just watched you guys,” she said in a weak tone. Ron and Gin noticed her nervous tone but just shrugged it as they went on with their plan, unknown of the last night circumstances.


After that up and down lunch, I was at the fishing pond at the far back of the Burrow where the wind breeze was always nice under the beech tree. I wanted some privacy very much and thought of my journey from France to the Burrow. I cast Bill’s fishing pole onto the water and wait for the fish to come. Oddly, only Bill and I were the only ones who were fond of fishing.

One fish caught the bait and I reeled it in, put the odd looking coloured salmon in the pail. I cast again and waited. The fishing pond was magically made to fish any kind of fish around the world, and just wished you can catch one that’s all.

My privacy was disrupted by a certain red head who wanted revenge on Sir Richard. He brought along a pole, seemed like he wanted a match-up. He sat on the log beside me and never even greeted or said ‘hey’. Poor fellow must have been really mad at me.

“I thought you’re terrible at fishing,” I inquired, Charlie just snubbed me. “I know you want to kill me but it ain’t good for you.”

“It’s not your fault, cousin,” he said, I was quite astonished by his words, it was sincere. “I wanted to hide the fact that I got a girl from mum, she’ll urged me to marry Stellar as soon as possible… I date her like two times around the circus.”

“I’m sorry Charles… I got carried away… want to have fun with my family you know,” I said with utter consideration. “I came here yesterday and got caught in a war of friends.”

“You mean Harry and Hermione?” said Charlie, turning his head to me. “What’s got into them?”

“Last night they ended their friendship just like that,” I answered and Charlie was stunned silent. He mouthed an ‘Ouch’.

“No wonder they were quiet,” he said blankly. Caught another fish by the time he finished his sentence. “You’re great, cousin. How may now?” he asked, still trying to catch up.

“Five fishes, two salmons and three guppies – all odd coloured,” I said, showing the fishes in the pail to him. “Another six and then dinner is served.”

“The odder the colour, the better it taste,” said Charlie snidely. We laughed harshly, that we didn’t hear someone coming.

“Can I sit with you two?” voiced a weak sad girlish tone. We whipped around, stopped abruptly our laughed and met our visitor, Hermione. “If you don’t want to be disturbed, I can leave and do something else,” she said shyly, where was that snobbish tone I heard yesterday. She crossed her arm with a book on her chest.

“Sure why not,” I said, and she sat between me and Charlie. She maybe bored with the others, I knew she dislike Quidditch according to Ron. That reminded me why Charlie was here instead if the front lawn.

I caught another one, and this time it was a rare looking fish that I don’t know its type. “Wow! A blue waterbilly,” a word of astonishment escaped from Charlie’s mouth.

“That’s a rare and beautiful fish,” said Hermione lively.

“A blue what billy?” I asked. Who would give a stupid name like that to a fish?

“It’s a fish that Bill caught when he was in his 7th year,” Charlie informed me, “It’s good for eating since it has more meat. I didn’t think there was another one here.”

“You’re quite the fisherman, Rich,” Hermione complimented me, I gave a blushing look and she giggled.

“Well can you do when there are only two people in the Weasley who can fishing?” I said sarcastically, throwing a smirk at Charlie who was fuming. “You haven’t catch one yet you oaf,” I mocked.

“We’ll see about that, I’ll catch a whale by the end of the day,” he said in a determined spirit kind of way.

“You want to catch Moby Dick? You can’t even catch a tadpole,” I teased him not only to make Charlie suffer but to make Hermione laughed and it did the trick. She muffled her giggles with her hands clapped over her mouth. Charlie was harsh on the rod.

“If you going to be that hard, you can’t treat Stellar like that,” by now, Hermione released her hands and laughed loudly; Charlie stopped fuming and looked at her surprised. We smiled because we took away some of the tension from her. Eventually, she snorted and stopped laughing and looked at us sheepishly, and then shifted her attention to me.

“So how do you catch a fish?” she asked in an inquisitive tone and a bit snobbish.

“That’s easy – you got to dance your bait like this and don’t simply pull your rod,” I said, as Charlie and Hermione closely watched my hand movements. I shook Bill’s fishing pole to make the string move so the bait moved underwater like it was dancing.

“Wow! I never tried fishing before… you know because… it’s kind of waste… time and my dad used to sleep a lot during fishing… now that you taught some moves, it’s kind of interesting,” she said, and sounded livelier. Charlie was copying my moves but failed miserably. I caught another one, that’s eight. She clapped her hands as I caught an octopus, small but good for eight people.

“Want to try?” I offered her, after putting the octopus in the pail, she obliged. She took the pole from me and cast it perfectly – beginner’s luck I guess. She copied my hand movement and all of a sudden she caught one, a catfish. She shrieked of joy, I wonder Aunt or the others could hear her.

“What?!” Charlie yelled frustration, shocked of Hermione’s achievement. Truly lucky for her, she grabbed the fish tightly from the hook and put it in the pail.

“Congratulations, Hermione, you’re a fisherwoman now,” I said.

“Thanks,” she replied and the sadness came back, probably the black- coloured fish, reminded her of Harry. I was eager to ask her so I didn’t hesitate as she handed back Bill’s fishing pole.

“Are you alright?” I asked nonchalantly, she didn’t answer and stared sadly at the water. “Are you okay with what happened between you and Harry - I listened a bit on you two,” wrong words to say, Rich. She glared angrily at me for spying in on her. I tilted my body backwards a bit, cowering and panicked from her glare, “I didn’t watch you two snogging, honestly, I didn’t know you like him and I know he kind of like you in some sort of way.”

Her faces suddenly melted into a crying face as tears strolled down form her cheeks. Oh no, please don’t cry. She cried – miserably like last night. She buried her face to my shoulder and cried out loud, arms around me in a hugging position. I was kind of feeling awkward about the situation, even Charlie was quite taken from our position.

“I love him!” she cried, now I’m really wondering if the others could hear her… I doubt it though. My shirt was going to be wet at this point but what can you do when a girl cried on your shoulder.

“Love him still or love him lost,” I asked, just to make sure.

“I, I still love him,” she confessed in a staggering voice, she sobbed terribly. I have to do something, without jeopardising my plans for a good couple fight.

“There, there- Hermione there’s nothing to worry about,” I said, patting her head, stroking her messy hair. I hushed her softly trying to relax her and halted her from crying. She sobbed softly and I took that as a stop.

“Everything will be alright, let time decide what will happen to Harry, he’ll come around,” I said; that was the most affective advice and at the same time pathetic. I meant that, if you let time moved on, you’ll lose someone if you don’t do something.

She stopped crying but still had her face on my shoulder. “C’mon, I think I had enough of fishing, let’s go inside and give this catches to Aunt to cook,” I suggested and she nodded and backed off from me. She tidied up her shirt, wiped her tears off her puffy eyes and stood up with me. I picked up the pail and fishing pole.

“That’s it, just nine,” Charlie retorted, still couldn’t let it go.

“What? – you want more or you want to beat me?” I replied nonchalantly, he was taken aback.

“We’ll see about that, I’ll catch more than you, twenty, you’ll see,” he said with an evil smirk and a little determination. He turned to the water and cast.

“Yeah, yeah, and you’re still a virgin,” I teased and left with a giggling Hermione to the house.

“Yeah, you betcha…………….. HEY!”

After dinner was the commencement of Ron and Gin’s plan. They still have no clue of last night’s event so without further or do, take away Ronnie.

~Ron’s P.O.V~

“Don’t call me Ronnie, Fich,” I retorted. “And thanks for the nice seafood dinner.”

Damn bloody cousin, can’t say my proper name properly. I told you, Fred and George can affect everyone’s life either terribly like me or supportively. But thanks heaven that their business was booming or I couldn’t have gotten my superb new broom. Too bad, Charlie didn’t play with us, wasting time catching fish when he was not the fisherman type.

Now for the plan, with the twins gone to their apartment and that left us with the same people last night, I thought that this going to work out. It better be or we’re going for a lousy summer.

Gin and I planned to have a group talk with Harry and Hermione later that night in Rich’s capacious room. But one thing that bothers me was that Hermione always hang out more with Rich and Harry was alright with it. Maybe I’m a bit over exaggerated but I better watched Hermione closely.

Before the plan, Harry, Rich and I sat in my room talking about Quidditch and stuff. We talked about plays and some great players other than that dumb Krum; I wonder what happened to him. I couldn’t wait to talk about Hermione so I brought up it up.

“Um…. Harry?”


“About Hermione, shouldn’t you um…” Harry and Rich looked at me with glares of expectation. Now I’m beginning to regret to bring it up. Harry looked away from me.

“Should I what?” his voice was loud, different from yesterday.

“Make… amends with…. Her… Hermione,” I stuttered, Rich rolled his eyes at me.

“I’m not going to,” Harry was utterly angry at this point but he didn’t show it. Rich picked up a book and read it whilst lying on the bed.

“But yesterday, you said….” I was cut off immediately.

“Don’t start Ron,” he said harshly and I was petrified with his cold green eyes. I thought blue eyes would show cold; never thought green could tell coldness. I’m fidgeting right now, better gave back to Rich.

() () () () () () () () ()

~ Rich’s P.O.V~

What a dense boy my cousin was? He left his own room with a reason to talk to Hermione, leaving me and Harry. Good thing too, because I wanted to do my own plans. After waiting a good minute of awkward silence, it was time.

“You alright, Harry?” I used my sincerity voice.

“No,” he muttered.

“About last night, are you sure about it?”

“I don’t know,”

“You knew I was listening last night?”

“Yeah and I don’t care,”

“Don’t care? I talked to Hermione about last night and she seemed pretty angry when I said I spied on you two,” I stated and he jumped, surprised at Hermione’s reactions.

“Hermione is angry?” he turned his face to me.

“After that she cried and wet my shirt, she was really upset about last night,” I said, Harry sat down and let out a huge sigh.

“We’re not friends anymore… we’re - strangers… what can we do to make things to go back the way we were,” he said with a sad tone mixed with regrets. A smile crept on my face; things were going to be good.

“C’mon, let’s go to my room, I think they’re waiting for us,” I suggested and we walked out of the room, somehow I felt like stuck in the middle with this two people. A position I can took control of. I saved my cousin’s arse, now I better gave him back the spotlight.


~Ickle Ronniekins Pointy views~

Plan failed miserably, a total failure, Harry angry at me; Gin got a shout out from Hermione. Things were getting in a mess here. Well plan B will take place in Rich/Percy’s room.

Hermione, Ginny and I were in the room waiting for Rich and Harry to arrive. Even though we’re in here, we were too quiet, Hermione sitting on the chair near the desk reading her favourite book and Gin swaying her legs on the bed. As for me, I’m being clueless.

The two black-haired guys arrived, I swore that both of them looked the same from behind of they have the same hair style. Rich wore a gaily smile when he walked through the threshold, something odd can be told form his eyes. Harry on the other hand was quiet and had a sulky face.

“So cousins, what is the topic of tonight’s boy girl chat?” said Rich jovially, he was sure in a good mood today.

“Let us sit in a circle first,” I said in a casual tone of voice.

“What’s with the voice?” Rich asked, giving me the what-in-the-bloody-hell-is-wrong-with-you look.

“Um…um…,” I panicked.

“You sound like Gilderoy Lockhart, when he showing off and when he panicked,” Harry joked, Ginny giggled but Hermione buried her face in her book.

“Gilderoy Lockhart? – That dainty guy who wears women’s dresses as a past time hobby and travelled all around the world fashioning them in front of couple of old witches?” Rich’s turn to joked, Harry laughed, Ginny laughed and Hermione muffled her giggles. Rich was really good with girls.

“He does that kind of thing?” I was surprised. “Hermione, you have a crush on that kind of guy,” I blurted and she dropped her book and scowled at me. “Why don’t we just sit down and forget what I just said.”

Hermione didn’t look at me and Harry and he too didn’t look at Hermione. She sat closely to Rich on the floor beside the bed, now I’m suspicious of a treachery; Harry sat between me and Gin near the window.

“What are we talking about, Fred and George’s new invention,” guessed Rich, I shook my head. “Girls?” I shook again. “Your problem in the loo,” the girls giggled, Harry chuckled and I was flushing red, Rich sure has a way of playing people’s emotions.

“Would you stop it,”

“Stop what?”

“Stop irritating people,”

“Did I irritate you, cousin?”

“I think he just can’t take the annoying anymore,” said Harry getting into the action.

“True, true,” now Ginny is getting some.

“He sure do the idiotic thing at the most awful time,” Hermione was taking a shot at me, I scowled at her but had no any affect on her.

“Knock it off, all of you - we’re going to play a game, and don’t even think of protesting,”

“A game,” said Rich, I swore I heard Rich muttered boring.

“Ginny, can you please explain to them,”

“We’re going to play……………” Ginny was looking slyly at the three people’s eyes. “Truth or dare.”

I could see Harry, Hermione and even Rich flinched at the idea of playing of a dreadful game. Harry and Hermione gave Gin and I a manic Death Glare. “No thanks,” Harry protested. “No way for me,” Hermione excused, but I wouldn’t give up yet.

“C’mon, guys, we can’t just play Quidditch, studying or fishing all summer,” I stated and they still seemed disoriented, but Rich’s face was full of curiosity like he knew what I planned.

“Is this the game which we used Fred and George’s new game,” he said coolly, he saw through half of it. I flinched the thought of him knew our plan.

“Um, yeah, they wanted to test it but I need at least five people to do it so I got my five here,” what a smooth talker I am. Gin gave me a wink of approval, Ron Weasley did it again.

“I’m in,” said Rich with a reassuring smile, glad he was on our side. He looked at his side and whispered to Hermione, now curiosity got the best of me and Harry too. He stopped whispering and Hermione glared at me, “I’m in.” Thank you, cousin.

“Join us, Harry, please, the twins would love if you tested them since you gave them money to start their business,” I pleaded with a very good excuse, he will submit to me. Unfortunately, he looked away from us and stared at the wall liked it was interesting.

“It’s going to make you better from what happened late last night,” said Rich nonchalantly, Harry and Hermione immediately flinched hearing Rich’s statement. Gin and I were pondering, was there something going on between the three.

“What do you mean what happened late last night?” Gin asked demandingly, but the three gave different reactions to her. Hermione pursed her lips, crossed her arms and looked away; Rich gave a warm-hearted smile and Harry still staring at the wall. “Nothing,” said the three. Ginny showed a sign of frustration and I was annoyed by this three.

“If make you feel pleasant, I’m in,” said Harry looking back at me, this was going to be a fun time. Ginny let go of her frustration and I was over-excited.

“Okay, here’s the rules, whoever passed out a dare, must east a Sardine Flavoured Bean, - are you guys alright with this rule?” I notified them and they all nodded, Harry and Hermione were reluctant, Ginny was arduous because she knew of if she passed out a dare, she won’t be eating the terrible beans. Rich gave me a sly one, he has something up his sleeve, I better watched my back and be very careful of him.

Gin took out a deck of cards that contained dares and truths. “Okay let’s start in alphabetical order starting with Ginny,” I started the game, it was part of the plan to let Ginny started things off.

“Hey, no fair,” Hermione protested. “Her name does not start with G its Virginia, Ron have you forgotten your own sister’s name.” Oh shoot - a flaw in the plan.

“Does it matter, Hermione, let’s just start the game,” said Rich firmly, all of a sudden Hermione melted listening to Rich. “Okay, Gin, can you start things off.”

“OK, I pick Ron,” she said and picked up a card and read it. Gin would pick me to be the first one cause its part of the plan. She sneered, “Truth or dare?”


“Hm…. If you choose dare, it would be an easy one but I guess the truth is quite alright,” she said with a disappointed frown. She looked at me, “Is it true that you are jealous with someone or more people in your house.”

That’s easy, I’m going to confessed now to show my honesty to Harry and Hermione. “I was jealous of,” I looked at Harry and Hermione, eyes to eyes, “I’m jealous of my two best friends.” They were surprised to hear me confess, they looked apologetic to me and I accepted those apologies. “Yes, it’s true, I’m jealous of you two and I’m over it now, because you two are Hogwarts brightest students and….”

“Brightest?” Harry retorted, he sounded angry but why – oh no! I forgot about his 8 O.W.Ls. “What do you mean by brightest?”

“I meant great in Defence arts class, you’re the greatest in our year,” with that, Harry cooled down a bit but kept glaring at me. Hermione seemed a bit scared looking at Harry’s angry face, she held Rich’s hand. Harry didn’t notice her action.

“O,o,okay – my turn, I pick Rich,” I picked up a card and read it. The truth asked about who would you like to kill while the dare said go to the window, shout and confess your love. I sneered, “Truth or Dare?”


He was sure gallant to do the dare, hope he didn’t confess he love Hermione or else the plan would be in jeopardy. “I dare you to confess your love to someone by shouting to the world.”

“Now how do I do that?”

“Go to the window and shout,” I replied and he smirked maliciously, he stood up leaving Hermione to be near Harry, both of them didn’t take a glance at each other. Rich went to the window and took a deep breath. Here went nothing.


“What?!... Why you sneak of a cousin, I’ll get you,” I was angry, furious; my face was flushed red all over and chased my cousin all over the room. “Damn You Fich! I’ll bloody kill you-you-you inconsiderate git.” Everyone laughed at how fool I was and Rich being the joker he was.

Rich hid behind Hermione who stopped laughing and gave him me a glare that made me squirmed. She has that same control over me even when she was crying. Rich stuck his tongue out at me and could no bear it, Harry pulled me away and told me to relax. “You got yourself a Sardine Bean for breakfast tomorrow, cousin.”

“So what, it’s one of my favourite, dear cousin,” he shot back with a sneer. I gritted my teeth for the anger that was boiling in me. “Hey, your mum should have come up by now, there’s nothing to worry about, she maybe doing something else so she didn’t hear me shouting.”

“Honestly Ron, this is a game, you wanted this,” Hermione exclaimed, defending Rich and against me. Damn! I have to admit defeat but wait till the next dare Rich. I sat back down beside Ginny and Harry, Rich took a sit beside Hermione and she was close to Harry.

“My turn,” said Rich gleefully. “Harry!”



“Hey! I resent that,”

“Is it true that you hide a secret from all of us?”

Harry gulped; he really was hiding something, maybe about the summer at those bloody muggles. Harry looked at each of us and was sweating massively. Hermione looked anxiously at him; this was the most wanted thing she needed from Harry. Yes, this maybe the perfect chance for them to get together.

“Oh! So sorry, wrong question,” Rich blurted. I whipped around, glaring incredulously at him.

“What do you mean, wrong question?” I was bewildered; a chance was ruined by my stupid cousin.

“I read the wrong question, here goes, is it true Harry that you have…..” he motioned Harry to leaned to him. Harry did so and Rich whispered something to his ear. Gin and I couldn’t hear it well. Hermione seemed to hear some of it but disappointment was shown on her face cause Rich screwed up the ultimate question. Harry blushed furiously and immediately whispered some words back at Rich.

“Really?” said Rich gleefully and giggling like a girl, he was like Parvati and Lavender. “When.”

“Last year, frustration got the best of me, so I release some of it,” said Harry, making Gin and I partly clueless on what he and Rich was talking about.

“And you were thinking of a certain girl?” I flinched when Rich said the word ‘girl’. Was Harry eyeing a girl at Hogwarts? Who or when?

“That’s my personal business,” Harry spat and sat back. “My turn,” he said angrily. “Ginny! Truth or Dare?”


Harry read the card, “I dare you to suck Ron’s toes.” I didn’t expect this to happen. Ginny was shocked, I gasped, what in the bloody hell was Fred thinking of coming up with this stupid dare. Gin and I exchanged a disgust look and turned our view to the other three participants. “Well are you going to do it?” Harry asked with a sly smile.

“Of course I am,” Gin retorted and crawled towards me, I was fidgeting, was she going to do it? She took out my shoes and socks and started sucking my toes vigorously, in five seconds it was over. “There - are you guys happy?” she asked madly.

“Pretty much,” said Hermione with a wry smile. Ginny gave the three glares, now I’m thinking it’s three on two, I’m at a handicapped here. Ginny rushed to the window and spat. She was utterly disgusted by my toes. I should have washed my feet this morning.

Ginny whipped back around and stared at Hermione with utter loathing. “Now it’s my turn and I choose Hermione,” Gin was clearly angry at released it on Hermione.

“Fine…..Dare,” she was being brave.

“I dare you to kiss Harry passionately,” that’s the plan, this would make them back together but why Rich slapped his head in frustration. Hermione and Harry’s face were utterly shocked, stunned and they fidgeted. There were awkward silence filling the room; the tension of waiting those two to kiss was suspense at its best. “C’mon, kiss already.”

“Kissing this guy? Mr. Whiny,” said Hermione with rhetorical retort.

“Not what after last night,” Harry blurted intentionally, what did he mean last night? “I’m not going to kiss this Ms. Prissy.”

“Oh! Harry Potter, all too great to kiss me,” Hermione mocked.

“Who’s going to kiss you, know-it-all Hermione Granger,” with that he left and another door slammed. I was shocked; at least it wasn’t as long as yesterday. Hermione too left, and crying, all of a sudden.

I was so into the sudden argument between my two friends that I didn’t bother looking at Gin and Rich.

“What the bloody hell happened last night?” Gin asked Rich, who was burying his face in his hands. Rich released his hands and told the whole story. I couldn’t believe what I’m hearing, my two best friends, no longer friends, just Harry and Hermione, two people who never met.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” I demanded, I was furious at Rich for not telling.

“Hey, you’re the ones who didn’t include me in the plan, don’t you remember of including me in your plans,” Rich retorted, he was good in comebacks, nobody ever won an argument with him.

“Sorry,” Gin and I said in unison, we forgot, we should have told him. Rich might’ve given us some ideas and this night ought to be fine but it wasn’t.


End of the chapter….

Next chapter, Rich’s powers and his connection to the Haters….. Diagon Alley and more.

Chapter 4: CHP 4
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A/N: I have rewritten the whole story to make it more interesting and dirtier; I will pair up Hermione with George Weasley and bash this pair because they suck. I read a fic named ‘Unexpected’ and they have this pair and I hate it because Harry was soft yet again. I dedicated to those people out there who like the idea of Hr/Gr pairing, a bashing of a lifetime.


~Rich’s P.O.V~

Life seemed to flow smoothly when you lived with your love ones. Not when you were with two stubborn teenagers and two never gave up red heads. For three weeks, neither Harry nor Hermione talked to each other, both of them just ignored the presence of each other. Ron and Gin were worried and sought every way of help, from Aunt Molly to Unc, to Bill, to the notorious Charlie and me. Those two needed my help because yours truly have established himself as the middle man to Harry and Hermione. A position that could brought wonders for me.

Plan after plan by Ron and Gin were foiled, secretly thanks to me. I have contorted every plan they came up with and ruined their chances every now and then. All of those plans only made our two beloved couple, entangled in arguments.

Harry had called Hermione, pompous, self-centred, prissy, and callous but none one of them was neither her last name nor the female dog breed. Hermione called him the usual taunts but with a little bit of extra words, bullock boy, snake mouth, wussy, nuisance and some other words that were not in my dictionary.

Yes, life went on for my entertainment, Quidditch, pranks, girls, books, comics, lessons, more girls, my plan and Harry and Hermione. But every fun came with a disturbance, every girl came with a former and every road came with an obstacles. For me, my plan for a good couple height took a flaw. A flaw that none would expect, and it came from an unexpected person, one who you may never heard of for weeks in your daily conversation.

George ‘The Pain in the Ass’ Weasley.

I would damn the day I met my nuisance of a cousin. He wasn’t the kind to be around the girls but all of a sudden, that changed. Everyday of my life at the Burrow, he and Fred seemed to come non-stop. The reason why, Fred wanted to test his creations on moi, Ron, Gin and Harry while the other gorilla seemed too preoccupied with, surprise, surprise, Hermione Jane Granger. This happened days after the Truth or Dare game.

It was all of a sudden, he was the disease in my plan, why he wanted to hang with Hermione more than experimenting his new inventions with his caring twin, Fred. He fancied her a lot. Hermione, I’m not so sure but the other Weasley seemed happy of the idea of them together. Fred was the most supporting one, Aunt was delighted of her son’s bravery, Ron and Gin seemed to liking the idea of George with Hermione.

Those who opposed the relationship were myself, Charlie who had the same idea as me, and the most opposing one, the dreadfully regret Harry with a full pang of jealousy. Don’t get him wrong though, he locked himself in Ron’s room every time George came. I, by persuasion of the Adult Weasleys and Ron and Gin, kept him company by all means necessary.

It somehow ended up that we talked a lot, we didn’t have anything in common, and just we talked a lot. Ron joined in and we talked a lot some more. All those problems and stresses were ebbed away, liked it didn’t exist in the first place. But slowly, I slipped the Hermione issue to Harry and he confessed the love for her. Too bad Ron was knocked out at that time. That’s how closed I am with Harry, a new friend, a new buddy and a new mate.

Hermione, I reckoned she was mysterious but I figured her out in just a day, she was utterly confused. She was the know-it-all to others but to me, she didn’t know anything at all. What I meant was that she can’t figure out her own feelings, she can figure out others except Harry. She told me everything when I went fishing; she talked about N.E.W.Ts, teachers, boys, her parents and others. She already confessed her love for Harry, but arguments between the two wasn’t going anywhere. The little mistake would make them hated each other for a short amount of time. That’s how closed I am with Hermione, a new friend, a new buddy, and a new mate.

That’s how I was the middle man.

But George had to ruin it; Harry wasn’t the only jealous type in the house. One day, Hermione and I walked back to the house with a pail full of shrimps and lobsters. He was waiting by the door for Hermione and wore this silly angry face. It was a rare scene to see him angry. Hermione was plain oblivious to his feelings about her, he was looking at me with that jealous face. After Hermione went in the house with the pail after greeting George, the yang of the twin pulled me aside.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, I already knew he was jealous but I’m starting a conversation.

“Hermione seemed to be around with you a lot,” he said in a smug manner. Weasley and smug, not a good combination.

“That’s because we have a lot in common,”

“Oh,” he said, clearly disgusted by my answer. “Well, we’re cousins and all I’m asking is….”

“Is what?” I bet that he wanted to say stay out of Hermione’s life.

“Don’t talk a lot with Hermione, just chat less with her,” the tone of voice was a warning sign, not an advice.

“That’s all, okay then,” I said simply.

“Thanks cousin,” he thanked me, in a nonchalant and uncaring way. He went inside the house, to talk to Hermione but not before I gave my own warning.

“Hey George,” I called him back; he turned his head where I can see his corner of his eyes. “You can’t have her all by yourself,” I warned him with a sly grinned; his eyes were wide and went in without a retort or remark, a not so typical Weasley to me.


Early August arrived and I got my letters of admission to Hogwarts. So did Harry, Ron, Gin and Hermione. I needed a new school robe and books. Ron and Gin, due to their sudden rich state, got their first hand experience of having everything new, Harry was evidently happy for them. Hermione was preoccupied with George, now I’m starting to worry that she might liked him.

Aunt Molly suggested that we go to Diagon Alley alone without her because we were responsible grown-ups and we have Fred and George to take care of us. She told us to take the Floo network due to Deatheaters roaming the Wizarding World for Harry but Fred insisted to go there by car, correction, their brand new car. Bigger than the Ford Anglia, fit only six people. Aunt was against it but couldn’t help to see on Ron and Gin excited face. She allowed it just once.

All of us were outside, waiting for the driver, Fred. He was getting a safety precaution from Aunt, something about Harry and that. Ron was impatient and whined when waiting for ten minutes. Finally, Fred came out.

“Alright guys, sorry for the waiting,” he said coolly, that’s why I liked him better than George.

“C’mon, we don’t have all day,” Ron whined again, clear example of the pathetic Weasley.

“Wait my dear brother, the car can only fit six, we have seven people here,” reality hit the five of us hard; George has a sly smile on his face. “One of us need to floo to Diagon Alley,” said Fred, nobody responded, every one of us wanted to experience the car.

I looked at everyone’s not wanting to surrender look, but there was one person I knew would not liked to see someone and that person raised his hand whilst looking at the ground like it was fascinating.

“I’ll go to Diagon Alley alone,” said Harry volunteering in a sad tone, everyone had an utter puzzled face and pity too even Hermione. “You guys can go there -- I’ll wait for you there,” he said, still looking down.

“Oh!” said George, “Too bad Harry, we’ll see you there, everyone get in the car.”

Nobody responded to him, all of us were looking at Harry in a mix of pity and vague. Fred ushered us to get into the car whilst looking at Harry. I was at the door already, ready to open it and so did the others. I was evil when I wanted Harry and Hermione to fight each other but I do have recognition of the meaning of friendship. Looking at Harry, I made my decision. I walked away from the car to Harry.

“Where you’re going Rich?” Gin asked.

“I’m going with Harry,” I said proudly, my cousins were shocked, Harry felt lit up after hearing me. Harry couldn’t believe his ears; someone who he scarcely recognized would rather accompany him than riding a Wizarding car.

“Don’t you want a ride?” Fred was flabbergasted, no one turned down an offer from the twins.

I turned around and gave a lop-sided smile. “Maybe another time,” I replied, they were impressed with me, Fred knew well ever since we were little. I was the type that would be the company of a lonely person. George grimaced for some reason; probably showing off to me what ever was in that car. Gin gave me approving smile along with Hermione…. Wait a minute… she wasn’t smiling at me, Hermione gave a shy smile at – Harry. Harry gave one back, a turn of an event I thought.

If you were standing to my left side and pictured the scene like it was in a photo, you could see a tearing line in the middle. Clearly the game has begun.

“C’mon, we better get a move on,” said George, with a face full of discontent and gritting his teeth. He got inside the car first and shut the door a bit hard. Followed by Fred, who was confused by his twin brother’s act, getting into the car along with the others. Ron had a troubled face, something was on his mind. The car flew off to the south, not for winter.

I turned to Harry and I gave him a reassuring smile. He gave me an apologetic look, “Sorry that you didn’t get a ride because of me.”

“Nonsense,” I said. “Shall we go,” I suggested.


We ended up appearing in The Leaky Cauldron, laughing wildly after we did an idiotic stunt. Aunt Molly shrieked when Harry and I stepped into the fireplace together. We got one heck of a ride in the Floo Network. Standing up, dusting away the dirt from our clothes, we went to Diagon Alley, half an hour earlier than the others.

First stop, Madam Malkin’s Robes for Wizards and Witches to get my school robe. Harry didn’t need one and waited for me. After that, we went off to the Quidditch Supply Shop. Ron would be mad if we were here not waiting for him. Harry bought a book called ‘Dangerous Quidditch Moves’. The book was kind of scary to me; it was kind of black, dusty and old, looked like one of those Dark Arts books.

We sat at the ice cream shop and waited for four mates and one dolt. Harry and I talked about Hogwarts; he told me who to be careful of and watched out for certain jerks. A greasy haired teacher, a bitchy Slytherin, a man obsessed with his cat and a certain blonde who I’m looking forward for.

Then after two ice creams sundaes, Fred, Hermione, Ron, Gin and dolt came. We exchanged unnecessary greetings, and went off to buy some books and stuffs; Ron and Gin got themselves new wands. George followed Hermione everywhere to the dismay of Harry and Fred. Fred wanted his help at the store but he was no help today. Harry and I volunteered while the others ate ice creams. Then after finished helping, we joined them again.

Ron whined to go to the Quidditch shop, so the seven of us went there. Everyone went in there except Hermione who stayed outside. I took this chance of having a nice chat with her with George not around.

“Hey having a nice time here,” she greeted, giving a nice warm smile that would make Harry melt.

“You too seemed to be having a nice time,” I said.

“Yeah, George been a lot nice lately, to think he was the prankster that he was famous for, and he’s been…..” she rambled for a period of time, I gave her a suspicious look. She was telling me something, maybe in a secret code, about what she wanted. Poor confused girl, can’t have Harry so settle for the wrong guy.

“What’re you looking at? Do I have something on my face,” she rubbed her face thoroughly, afraid of some form of embarrassment. I slightly chuckled, looking at how funny she was.

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” I told her and she sighed.

“That’s a relief…… by the way,” I looked at her with utmost attention. “That’s mighty of – nice – of you – to accompany – H-Harry.”

“I did what I have to do….. no one was making the situation better so I accompanied him.”

She was quiet for a moment, her mind was working on something, smart people tend to do that. There was an awkward silence between the two of us when she was thinking even with the bustling sounds of Diagon Alley. Then she looked at me with a pleading look and sad puppy eyes.

“Tell me….something Rich,” she said in quavering tone, I gave her a ready-to-answer face. “Does Harry talk about me?” a very simple question, just one word to answer her question. But before I could opened my mouth to reply, George, the new wrong timing guy, Weasley intervene our conversation. He got out of the shop, very quick I might say, along with the others. I was exasperated with this gorilla.

“Hey Hermione, want to go to the shop,” he invited her; she too was frustrated but didn’t show it to George. “Okay,” she murmured, as she followed Ginny and Ron to the shop. George gave me a stop-talking-to-her-or-something-bad-will-happen look….lame. I gave him back she’s-not-yours look. He looked at me in disgust and we along with Fred and Harry walked to the WWW.


“Alright, time to go home,” said Ron.

“Yup – do you want to ride the car now, Harry?” Fred, the good hearted cousin, offered Harry a ride. Harry felt excitement in his stomach; I don’t know how I knew about the inside of his tummy.
Harry quickly decline, I guessed he wanted to take the two people Floo ride again.

“Aw, come on Harry,” Fred felt slightly hurt. “I’m sure one of the girls wouldn’t mind giving up,” he added. Hermione and Ginny really didn’t mind from the looks of their faces.

“It’s okay, c’mon Rich - we better give them a thirty minute head start,” he said jovially.

“Wait! I’m coming,” that line made me want to puke, of all people, it came from Ronnie.

We all made our way back separately. Being told of the fun of using the Floo with two people, Ronnie was scared to death. Aunt used to held Gin and Ronnie when they were little babies, that was eight years old and above for me. After countless of persuasion, Ronnie gave in and us three travelled through the Floo passage like a rollercoaster ride out of control. Once we arrived safely at the Burrow, we laughed our hearts out, Ronnie seemed want to try it again. Eventually, the three of us got scolded by Aunt Molly for disrupting the Floo Network, and we got ourselves a work at the garden.


The next day was an unexpected event for me. Other than Harry and Hermione stopped talking to each other, George gave a death glare and Ron and Gin still plotting to get Harry and Hermione friends again, other than that life took a step higher, a very huge step.

George didn’t come to the Burrow because Fred needed him to test their new creations. I swore, they always came up with a new one ever day. So that left Hermione alone, all alone, really alone. Charlie got a letter to go back to Romania. I don’t know why I mentioned him.

I went fishing; Hermione accompanied me as always, this time I wanted a big catch. During this time, we talked about Hogwarts, the difference between muggles and wizards in anatomy, great vacation places and George, the boring topic, Weasley.

“It kind of happened, after I stopped becoming friends with Harry - he came to save me,” she said in an unsure tone of voice.

“What about Harry?” I blurted intentionally, whilst keeping my cool face which never escape my face. She looked at me with an appalling look.

“What about him?”

“Well… he was quite sad,”

“Serves him right,” she snubbed me off nervously, I couldn’t help but chuckled. She looked back at me. “What’s so funny?”

“You still think of him, like a very delicious food that you will remember for the rest of your life,” where I came from, food will be the comparison to our lives. She couldn’t help but giggled, she was missing Harry badly, yelling and cursing each other was the contact they ever did to each other but it showed they still cared about the other.

I caught six fishes today; none of them were rare or big. Anyway, we went back to the Burrow, and talked about the new term.

“Are you sure you can handle being the new bloke?” she asked slyly, what she took me for, a pussy.

“Let me think….hmmm….. the pressure is high, I could take it, getting bullied by other students for being new, I could take it, lessons, not a problem –“

“Oh! and why is that?” she smirked.

“I’m smart,” I said simply.

“Really I haven’t seen you studying, even Ron studied thanks to me,” she said snobbishly, that tone, the same one Harry hated.

“You should cut that out, you know,” I said pointedly.

“W-What? What are you saying,” she suddenly stammered.

“That behaviour,”

“What behaviour,” she seemed irritated.

“The one Harry hated you for….. snobbish,”

“But I’m not snobbish,” she said reassuringly.

“With that kind of tone, I’m afraid you are,” I said as a matter-of-factly.

She was quiet for a moment and then asked something, “Does Harry think that way of me, snobbish?”

We stepped through the threshold as I answered her question looking around the house. “Well, to him was a confu….. FLEUR!!!!!”

I saw my senior, blonde, white, pretty and PINK! She was there sitting at the table. I was bewildered by her presence. Why was she here?

“Helo Richard,” she greeted, I gaped that she could still remember me. “Fancy meeting you here,” and since when she spoke good English. People around me were confused; none of them knew that us two Beauxbaton go way back.

“W-W-What are…. I mean…. Why are you here?” she didn’t answer my questions as someone grabbed me in an intense hugged. This excruciating hug was ten times worst than Aunt’s, and it came from Bill.

“So good to see you, cousin,” Bill was always the one who was happy to see me. Alright, Fleur was here, Bill’s here, so who else was here, the King of Spain?

“Um… Bill, I think Rich is having problem with breathing,” Hermione pointed out, seeing my queasiness. Bill let go of me quickly and said apologies. Where’s the pail I brought in with my catch?

“Please sit down, Fleur want to speak to you about a few things,” said Bill, I was slightly shocked. But I did as I was told, sit down – opposite of Fleur- Hermione on my left and Ronnie on my right.

“Long time no see, Richard,” okay, I take back the English part about her. Bill sat down be side her, was he with her or she with he?

“What do you want to talk about? I’m out of Beauxbaton now,” I said anxiously, this was the first time that anyone had seen me nervous. Fleur giggled though the others didn’t get it.

“I already know about that Richard… what I want to talk about is your transfer to Hogwarts?” I was quite puzzled, thinking clearly for a second, and then it hit me.

“You’re going to teach us! NO!” I yelled, Gin and Hermione jumped at my voice, Fleur giggled yet again, she was mad and mental.

“She’s not going to Hogwarts, Rich, don’t you worry about that,” Bill reassured me and I felt relief.

“Really… Phew, I thought It’s going to be 1993 all over again,” I blurted.

“So you still remember the third year,” Fleur smiled slyly.

“Of course I remember,” I spat. “The way you selfishly controlled me like a servant instead of teaching us some important lessons, you made me a slave, cleaning your room, held your books, brought you foods and drinks and etc. You’re a slave driver.”

“Oh! Am I,” she said, didn’t seem offended by me.

“Yeah, you were a lazy Half-Veelan French Girl who still needed mummy to washed her back,” I mock-mourned, giving out all the frustration that she threw at me. She giggled again, expecting my answers to be what she thought.

“Enough already, let’s talk about Hogwarts,” said Bill, clearly exasperated at our antics. All of the people nodded in agreement, and for the first time, I saw Harry sitting side by side with Hermione. Something odd was wrong here.

“Listen carefully Rich,” Fleur ordered and I relented. “Do you know why you were sent to Hogwarts?”

I obliged to answer because that was my proudest answer. “How could I forget, I shagged the Deputy’s daughter relentlessly, what a girl she was,” I replied, and all of them gasped at my answer. They sure didn’t expect something like this happened to me.

“No, that’s not it,” Fleur shrieked all of a sudden.

“It’s not?” I was stunned, Fleur shook her head vehemently.

“No one knew about that,” she said quickly, now I was in utter confusion. “You are to transfer to Hogwarts because there is a special group of people that need your help,” her words made a clinging sound in my brain, everything seemed to add up now, they wanted me to do something.

“No – you don’t mean,”

“I’m afraid it is Richard, don’t you learn anything from me in one year,” she said pointedly.

“You mean, the slave driver meant something, but what did it help,” my words made her frowned, she was irritated that I said slave driver. The five other people didn’t understand what we were talking about. Ron was clearly irritated like Fleur.

“I took in the six of you people –“

“Words, Fleur,” I corrected.

“Whatever - and trained you to make sure who would put up the test to lead – and you Richard are the only one who can do it,”

“Lead…. Slave driver…. Only one…. How do all this things that add up?”

Right now, Fleur’s face flushed red of anger. “Don’t you see Rich, your powers are wanted there and it should be there to, stay there and to help Dumbledore for the Order.”

“The Order? The Order of what? Hogs, Penguins, Blast-ended Shrewts, hinkypunks, boggarts, wait-wait-wait I know, The Order of British Men Wearing Skirts and Dresses, I bet Madam Maxine is in the club, I somehow knew she was a man,” I joked, the others didn’t laugh except Harry, who was laughing madly and it annoyed Hermione.

“O, laughed at the people who gave you permission to stay here huh, Harry Potter,” she scowled. That made Harry stopped and mad as hell.

“I have the right to laugh at anybody even myself,” he said, I have to give him credit for willingly to accept mockery out of himself.

“But this is the people who saved us at Department of Mysteries, if you can’t remember since you were too busy moping!” she shot back with the same sarcasm.

Harry stood up angry and looked sharply straight into her eyes. “I do remember, everyday,” and with that he left, leaving me happy, Hermione guilt-stricken and the others flabbergasted.

“Alright,” Bill started. “What just happened?”

“Short story, long to be told,” I answered simply.

“Wait, what do you mean by Rich’s powers?” Gin asked.

“You should ask him instead – Rich please?” Fleur said, rolling her eyes at me. I don’t want to answer this question; this was my secret and mine alone, I wanted to keep it that way. Everybody’s eyes were on me, piercing for answers, little do they know that I know what were they thinking but I didn’t dare to use it after what happened last year. So, to escape them, I ran off in search of Harry but not before Fleur told me one thing that made me shuddered.

“There are Haters at Hogwarts too, Richard,”


“So you have special powers,” said Harry.

“Yup, can make me eyes travel around the room and see what people are hiding,” I answered to him.

Harry and I intentionally missed our lunch to escape the people downstairs. Harry was in deep thought when I interrupted him. He gladly enjoyed my company and we talked what just happened and I confessed to him first that I have special powers.

“Eyes moving…. Like moving full three hundred and sixty degrees?” he asked, that was a funny question.

“No, that can only be done with a magical eye…. Alright I test it on you,”


“Don’t worry, just show a number with your fingers behind your back and I will try to guess it, try change the number if I guess it correctly,” I informed him and he obliged.

He sat on the chair with his hands behind his back, waiting for me. I sat on the bed, cross legged, and closed both of my eyes with both of my hands. “Ready?” Harry asked, and I nodded in response. I focused my mind on my eyes and let them free, my vision traveled sneakily behind Harry and saw his hands.

“Three,” I answered, I could hear Harry gasped. “Now change it rapidly.”

I saw the hands changed quickly but I can see those hands clearly, the numbers were evident only to my eyes. “Five, Eight, One, Four, Nine, Six, Two …”

“Wow, you got it all right,” said Harry loudly. “You could cheat on any test you sit,” he added.

“That would be the problem,”


“You think Hogwarts would let someone cheated and get away easily,” I replied coolly with a friendly smirk.

“Oh! – But how did you do at Beauxbaton?”

“They locked all alone in a room,” I said, faking a cry. “Full of food and drinks.”

“Wow! You’re lucky,”

“Hey, keep this between us okay, I don’t want anyone to leak my special powers to anyone, promise,” I said.


“Or else, I would tell everyone that you wank yourself thinking of Hermione,” I gave a malicious sneer; he blanched, regretting to keep the promise.

“And that goes for you Hermione, don’t just stand there at the door,” I said at the door, a gasped was heard, Harry frightened and lied on his bed, covering himself with blankets and covering from embarrassment.

A door slammed was heard and that meant Hermione was angry or embarrassed that she spied on either me or Harry or heard about the masturbation part.


Next chapter….. Hogwarts….. train ride…..Rich and Draco, finally meet and expect their confrontation to be less friendly.

Chapter 5: CHP 5
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A/N: I as an author do not resent George Weasley but I hate the pairing of Gr/Hr because they really not suitable and I don’t know why some people like this pairing but hey at least Fred look good in this fic.


~Ronnie P.O.V~

I told you one of this days, someone PLEASE stop calling me Ronnie. It sickened me that some called me that especially Rich, on with the story then.

First September arrived for the four of us, that’s me, Ginny, Harry, Hermione… oops… forgot Rich, that’s five. The five of us went to King’s Cross Station with our things and stuffs. Hermione needed help with her things; I swore she was going to live in a library one of this day.

We said our goodbyes to our family; Hermione’s parents were there for her. Mum gave her usual pep talk to Gin and I. Harry and Rich got no one to say goodbye to, lucky fellows. They got something though, mum gave them a hug each, the bone-crushing ones, they got what they deserve.

One thing I did not expect was a boring ride to Hogwarts. We stayed quiet the whole ride, after some briefing on our prefect’s duties, Hermione and I went to our usual compartment for six years. Harry and Hermione stayed quiet the whole ride, I was annoyed by this two but I couldn’t do anything.

Gin went off to her friends and I hoped someone get here, anyone but not the Slytherins. That reminded me, where was Rich? Last time I saw him, we were trying to get into the train. Wait a minute, something to talk about.

“Hey Harry,” I got Harry’s attention from the interesting window. “Do you know where Rich is?” I asked - Hermione put her book down; she too was concern for Rich.

“He was called by McGonagall,” he answered, I was surprised.

“McGonagall? What she want to do with my cousin?”

“I don’t know, it’s not our business,” he said coolly.

“Not our business! It is our business when it comes to a Weasley, I was worried with Rich, you know – ever since Fleur and Bill came that day, he’s been quiet the whole time,” I said, maybe a bit of exaggerating but hey I only want to start a conversation.

“Oh Ron, he got some issues that he needs to settle himself,” said Hermione reassuringly, she seemed to know something; she was the closest to Rich than any of us.

“You seemed to know something,” I said inquisitively.

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Ron, not everything a Weasley can share with the whole Weasley clan,” her words made me a bit angry.

“What? Of course everything has to do with every Weasley,” I said pointedly.

She groaned in frustration. “You mean when you go to the loo, every Weasley in the world follows you,” she stated, she got a point there.

“Oh,” I said, showing a disappointed face, I lost to her. “You’re right.”

“I know I’m right,” she said snobbishly, how I would love to cut her mouth with a knife when she spoke like that. Harry gave annoyed face, Hermione noticed and snubbed Harry.

“Hey guys,” said Neville, good ol’ Neville, he came with Ginny and… oh no… Loony Luna Lovegood. Why was she here? She was just a nuisance.

“Hey Neville, Luna,” Harry and Hermione said at the same time, they exchanged glares after that and looked back at the visitors. Ginny gave out a frustration sighed, she was evidently disappointed by the two.

Hermione nudged me in the ribs, I gave her a glare but she pointed out that I forgot to greet. “Oh, Hey Neville, nice to see you and aaa… you too… Luna,” I said in a quavering tone.

Neville and Luna noticed the uneasy feeling in our compartment. They knew what was going on between Harry and Hermione, Gin probably told them. The three took a sit, Neville beside Harry, Luna beside Neville and opposite of me… yikes, Gin between me and Hermione.

“So how were your summer guys?” Neville asked, he starting to get out of his shy behaviour, good for him.

“Oh not much, the usual Quidditch, Snape’s works and do some other stuff,” I replied, knowing my two friends won’t said much.

“How about you, Hermione?” Neville turned to Hermione.

She shrugged, “Not much.” She glanced sadly at Harry who was staring outside through the window.

“Heard your cousin is transferred to Hogwarts,” Luna asked inquisitively, she held that bloody Quibbler like it was a prize possession.

Before Gin or I could answer, in came the slimy Slytherin git, Draco Malfoy and his two goonies. Why did he always have to bother us on the train every single time?

“Well, well, what do we have here? The six thief that snuck in the Ministry building, how daring to be still alive after all this,” he sneered, he was still the same worthless slimy git I knew, even after his father was jailed… hey, his father was jailed, time for revenge.

“Don’t you have anyone else to bother,” Ginny scowled.

“Why, so you can sneak into another building, Weasley, just like Potter and Granger here?” he looked scathingly at Harry and Hermione. My two best friends scowled like they never scowled before.

“At least, we got into the building and got your dear old daddy,” I teased in an angelic tone. “And sent him to Azkaban,” that’s my revenge, you insufferable git. The six of us smirk in satisfaction, liking the way I sent the message.

Draco looked at me with pure loathing; he sure hated what we did to his family. “Sod off Weasley,” he mocked, he was out of words - that sure taught him not to mess with the Weasley clan. “I’m only here because I heard another Weasley is coming to Hogwart,” why did he want to see Rich, probably mocking him. “Don’t know the Weasley female can lay another one still.”

Gin and I steamed with anger, our face was red as our hair, how dare he compare my mother to a chicken. The Weasley siblings couldn’t stand another Malfoy taunt. We stood up and scowled at him with utter loathing. “For your information, the other Weasley is our cousin,” said Ginny through her gritted white teeth.

“Like I care,” he sneered. “He most certainly has a mother who has a raging sex life and lays lots of siblings to make the whole family poor,” his last mockery was the last straw, my family has been out of the poor state ever since the twins were successful and dad got a new and high-profile job.

I wanted to beat the living bloody hell out of Malfoy, I didn’t care if I got beaten up by Crabbe and Goyle but I was beaten to do that. Harry and Hermione pushed Malfoy out easily, his body tripped backwards and landed hard on the floor, they sure were strong. They even pushed Crabbe and Goyle out and slammed the compartment door shut together.

They were evidently angrier than me and Gin. Why did they do this?

“Don’t you dare talk about Rich like that?” Harry snarled. He defended Rich proudly. If only Malfoy could hear that, loud and clear, I’m sure he can hear that.

Harry and Hermione sat back down after Malfoy scrambled away from us. As for the four of us, we gawked at the pair, even Luna who was always dreaming away somewhere, stared stupidly at my bestfriends. Maybe it was time to get them back as friends.

“That was bloody cool, mates,” I praised them and they blushed in response. I made an eye contact to Gin with a wink and she knew what I was thinking right now.

“Yeah, thanks for defending the whole Weasley clan,” Gin thanked them, and they gave a weak but enjoying smile. They never gave each other a glance or maybe I didn’t notice it at all. I was about to open my mouth when Luna wanted to say something.

“You two work together really quite well,” she said with a amuse twinkle in her eyes, she was creepy by not blinking, she said the right words that I wanted to say. I have to admit that Luna was a life-saver. My two bestfriends do work quite well together, not romantically but when one of us had a problem. They were my problem-solver.

But I was wrong yet again…

Harry didn’t like it for some reason, was he still mad at her. Hermione groaned a frustration, hated the idea of working with Harry. Why? They were the driving force behind the entire problem we face, I was way behind them but hey, I’m glad that they always by my side to save me. Please guys, be friends again.

“What’s wrong, Harry, Hermione? What Luna said was true?” Neville chimed. “You guys DO work together quite well.”

“Work together…… with Mr. Obnoxious with everything I do, how I can possibly work with him,” Hermione faced Harry with her usual death glare, “If he doesn’t listen to me, making mistake and blame it all on me.”

“I do not!” Harry exclaimed with utter loathing, here we go again. This was Harry versus Hermione, round sixty. “For your information Ms. Snobby, what happened last three months was entirely my fault and I accept that fully, you just pretend that it was I who blame you, you are too annoying to notice things,” his words were spiteful. Hermione didn’t give up easily.

“You’re the one who is annoying, moping away and make everyone worried,” she was now doing the exclaiming. Luna and Neville were shocked to see them fight, yeah I know it was a rare thing to see this two sweet and lovely student of Hogwarts’ finest in an argument, welcome everyone to a new world of Hogwarts.

“Hey, respect my private time, I can’t have one when the twins always comes to the Burrow,” said Harry, Fred and George were two really weird boys, that was Gin’s quote last year. Fred only wanted to test the new inventions on Gin, Rich, Harry and I. George was preoccupied with Hermione, he was in love with her, or maybe just a crush. Personally I don’t like them together or maybe I was jealous, no, that wasn’t it. Harry seemed uneasy with the new pair, what was wrong with him.

“Get use to it, four eyes,”

“Well I won’t, large forehead,”

I wished Rich was here, he can stop these guys from further quarrel. I hope no one heard this two. I wonder what Rich was doing right now.


~ Rich’s P.O.V ~

Ronnie sure said ‘sure’ a lot of times, now it was infecting me. Right now, I have no idea; actually I do, where I am. Just stepping onto the train and put my trunks and things in Harry’s historic compartment, I was dragged by an old witch lady. She was a mean and stern lady, scarier than any teacher at Beauxbaton. I was in a teacher’s compartment being interrogated by her about my situation like Fleur said.

“No, professor McGonagall, I won’t take it,”

McGonagall let out a frustration sigh; she wasn’t giving up that easily. “I repeat again, you have been offered a position to become the president or club leader of the Student with Specialty Club,” she stated, this was the tenth time she asked.

“No madam, no way, again and again, no way,” I said for the tenth time.

“But Mr. Weasley, there are other students like you who need help and Madam Maxine wants you here because you’re the perfect candidate for helping them,” she tried to reason but I simply gave out a shook of my head.

“Very well, I give time, I need an answer before the feast, Mr. Weasley,” she said, I just gave you a no, what more do you want that I would made you believe that I didn’t want this position. “But first…”

She took out a rag and a high stool. What in the bloody world did she want to do with a rag and a stool? “Sit down on the stool, Mr. Weasley,” she ordered me, what kind of method would she used now. I doubted her commands but she gave me a reassuring face that she won’t do something terrible. I gave in and sat on the old sturdy stool.

I playfully rocked the stool, and got a warning from McGonagall, talk about spoiler-sport. She put on the rag which was an old wizard’s hat with a slight torn from the side. “Relax, Mr. Weasley,” she said as the hat was supposed to do something.

Suddenly, it was alive. “Hullo young man,” said the hat from the torn side, I freaked out and fell from the stool. I landed on my arse and the hat went off me. “Are you alright, Mr. Weasley?” McGonagall bent down and pulled me up together with the hat.

“I have to admit, the unicorn sorting ceremony at Beauxbaton was gay, but this hat is utterly freaking me out,” I said, and McGonagall gave a sigh.

“Sit back on the stool, Mr. Weasley, the hat won’t eat you,” she reassured me and I did what was told. The hat was put back on me and muttered some words of encouragement to myself that the hat was only for sorting, thanks to Hermione for telling me about the hat.

“Did I scare you, young man?” the hat asked in a sympathetic voice.

“A bit,” I said, earning another sigh from McGonagall.

“No matter, it’s time for me, to choose for you, you house,”


“Let me read your mind… hmm… your have a smart and straight-forward mind, Ravenclaw is suitable for you, you have a bit loyalty, Hufflepuff will not be bad for you but since you are a Weasley, GRYFFINDOR,” the hat announced loudly that I have to cover my ears.

“Shut you yap, we’re all alone in an empty compartment,” I hissed. McGonagall took the hat off from me, thank you.

“Now Mr. Weasley, do you want to take the role of leadership for the new club?” she was asking the same damn question.

I folded my arms, show a mean looking face and shook my head. “What if I interest you in something about the club that will make you join?” she was being sneaky.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Do you want to know who’s joining the club?” she asked airily.

“Like I know anyone from Hogwarts, other than my cousins, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter,” I said to her as of matter-of-factly.

She gave a soft smile, now I’m wondering if she has triumphed over me. “How about…… Mr. Potter?” that freaked me out again, I fell off the stool again only to be helped up again by the professor. I sat on the chair.

“He doesn’t have any special powers… other than the ones he got from his scar a. k. a I got it from a creep that kill my parents,” I said.

“Well do you want to take the position, Mr. Weasley?” she asked again, now she won but I didn’t want to give in. I folded my arms back and thought for a second. The professor noticed my deep thought state. “I leave you here for now.”

“Yeah, I need that,”

“But you have to sit here until the sorting ceremony at Hogwarts finish,” she said.

“What? But why?” I asked furiously, this was an outrage, I want to see my cousins, and I don’t want to be alone.

“You have been sorted, Mr. Weasley, it’s a secrecy to be sorted early, whatever goes in Hogwarts must be kept in Hogwarts, in your case the sorting must be in Hogwarts but Dumbledore did a spell so that the sorting can take place outside of the school. Take this time to think through this position,” she explained in details and then went off, leaving me with thoughts of unheeding.

Should I take it? For Harry’s sake…


~ Ron’s P.O.V ~

Bloody hell, we were already here at Hogwarts. Rich wasn’t in sight where we were. I hoped his fine but his new here, he could be lost. Wait a minute, he was the bloody lover boy of Beauxbaton, the one who shagged the Deputy’s daughter, the one who threw a crisis like a muggle yoyo, or whatever that was.

We rode to Hogwarts by the carriage carried by Threstals. Did I spell it right? I hoped Hermione didn’t notice. I shared the ride with Harry, Neville, Luna and Hermione. The argument between my two friends stop when we arrived but they kept giving each other scowls and glares. Not a pleasant ride I have, Harry and Luna kept looking at the Threstals, Hermione minded her own business and Neville and I talked about how terrible Snape would be this year.

We arrived and found a bit of surprise for all of us. George was there for some reason, three guesses.

“Hermione!” he greeted her first not his siblings.

“George!” she ran and hugged him, I couldn’t help but smirk along with Gin, this two look remarkable. But as I watched them I took a glance at Harry, who was looking away sadly from the two.

“Are you alright, Harry?” I asked, Neville, Luna and Gin turned to him, they too noticed his awkward behaviour.

“It’s – it’s nothing, c’mon let’s go inside,” he said.

“Okay, hey Hermione, Prefect’s duty,” I called her, and I went off to the Gryffindors that were lining up to get inside the castle. Hermione separated from George and somehow, I would be having dinner with him. He was here because of the list of restricted things to keep in Hogwarts by Filch.

I along with the rest of the prefects guided the students to the Great Hall. I felt a lot responsible today, maybe a bit.

The Great Hall was still the same, ceiling that resembled the outside sky, five tables, candles floating and bunch of others. I wished Rich was here, he still didn’t show up yet. Hermione began to worry about him, so did Harry.

All of us sat and went through the ceremony of the Sorting Hat. I hate this time, no matter how good the Hat sang, I hate the wait, bring on the food. Finally, Gryffindors got twelve new students. Dumbledore gave his usual speech and warnings, and he made the food appeared and we ate. George joined us at the table, sitting beside Hermione, Harry who was a person away from them, ate sadly.

“Where in the bloody hell is Rich?” I groaned. “McGonagall is here, but where is he?”

“I hope nothing bad happened to him,” said Hermione vaguely, George looked a bit irritated by her comments. I noticed that Rich and George never talk to each other and don’t get along quite well back at home.

The hall wore the usual noisy atmosphere that I fondly familiar with. I looked around the hall for other students. Ernie was boasting about something to the first years, probably about lessons. The git Zacharias Smith joked around with a mouth full. Cho Chang, Harry’s crush, giggled with her friends, I noticed the sneak Marietta had cured the hex that Hermione cast upon the D.A members. Luna was dreamily looking away at something, creepy.

I bravely look at the Slytherin table, same dungbrains they were. As we were eating, Malfoy and his goonies came again at us. He wanted a payback for the train incident.

“Well, well, I never thought of mudblood being with her friend’s older brother, what a freak combination,” he sneered, his goons laughed.

“Sod off Malfoy,” Hermione scowled.

“You got no business here,” said George angrily.

“Whatever,” he said and looked at the rest of us. “Where’s your precious cousin of yours, I haven’t seen another stupid red head around here, or you all just making an imaginary friend?”

“He’s here Malfoy and watched your mouth!” Gin scowled, Neville who was beside her, couldn’t do anything.

“My mouth? How about all of your mouths, a bit twisted, aren’t they?”

“And what do you mean by that?” George asked.

“Well… the words you all said are kind of a disease,” he said smugly.

“You’re the disease around here Malfoy,” said Hermione.

“Yeah, go find your daddy or something and live us alone,” I mocked, the whole table laughed.

“It’s that what you got Weasley, you’re the stupidest Wesley of all,” he said, his lop-sided grinned made want to puke. My face was red with fury, I’m not stupid. “In fact all Weasleys are pure stupidity to the Wizarding World.”

That did it, George and I stood up, and we want to beat the hell out of Malfoy. We didn’t care if the teacher saw us, we didn’t care if his goonies were on our way and we certainly didn’t care what happened to us. The teachers saw us and were ready to react if anything would happen. They don’t want anything stupid to happen and they were ready to prevent it.

But before one of us could do a thing, the double door of the Great Hall opened loudly. Everyone in the Great Hall looked at the entrance and saw a boy or better yet… Richard Weasley. He entered the hall, in his school robe. He wore a sly grin, he was utterly happy about something, scanning the whole hall that was staring confusingly at him. He saw us and walked to us in a calm and cool way. The sound of his shoe tapping was heard in the sudden silent hall.

He sure had a way of doing an entrance. I noticed he wore some gold and scarlet patterns on his robe. HE WAS A GRYFFINDOR! He walked between the Hufflepuff table and our table. Girls were gawking at him, dazed by his smashing good looks, I envy that, Hermione and Gin were delighted to see him, Harry smiled, I was grinning widely, and George wasn’t happy though.

Malfoy was going to get a taste of what Beauxbaton loverboy could do.

Everyone stared at him including Dumbledore and a disgusted looking Snape. He was like someone very special. He stopped his fashion walk and looked at Hermione, then Harry, then Gin and I, giving each of us a welcoming smile. He turned to the unhappy George, he muttered sit to him and my brother hesitantly sat back beside Hermione.

Now he turned to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. He didn’t show any sign of irritate or anger. He was cool and calm like he was always and has been, one pair of daring eyes against six cautious evil eyes. Rich dangerous gazed was piercing into Crabbe and Goyle’s faces, Malfoy was worried. He took the first move.

“Who…” he was instantly cut off by Rich’s hand, he raised hit straight to his face. Malfoy was annoyed by my cousin’s action. Rich drew back his hand.

“Listen, I do the talking here,” he said, sounding more of ordering than demanding, Malfoy obeyed, no one other than his parents did that to him, Rich was great. “The name’s Richard Weasley,” he introduced first, a few whispers around the hall were heard, and I knew what they were saying. ‘A black haired Weasley,’ that what would they say. Even the teachers were shocked, especially Hagrid, Snape, Flitwick and Sprout.

Malfoy was shocked to hear the name Weasley. I eagerly wanted to know what he was thinking about. He sure didn’t expect a black-haired Weasley.

The hall was quiet again, it was like a show, and all of us were waiting patiently for Rich’s next sentence. He walked a bit further to Malfoy, he grinned at a frowned Malfoy. The suspense was killing me.

“What’s your name?” he asked in a rude tone, that was his words, and I expected a sod off.



The whole hall erupted in a chorus of cheers except the Slytherins. The teachers were smiling. Malfoy was furious; he was taken aback by Rich’s comment. He back away a bit, pacing around uncontrollably, running his hand through his hair a few times, his goonies tried to calm him down but he shrugged them off. Rich paced around too but grinning widely, keeping his gaze at Malfoy, Harry and Hermione laughed loudly and so did a few people around the hall. George grumbled something but I couldn’t hear him.

Malfoy looked back at Rich, his pale face turned red, redder than my hair. “What rights… do you have… to say that my name doesn’t matter, Weasley?” he said through his gritted teeth.

“Weasley!” Rich said surprised, raising his right brow, but to him our last name was a pleasant surprise to be heard from Malfoy. Rich grinned at Gin and she gave back a giggle. Something great was going to happen, I could feel it in my tummy, or was it the foods.

“Your name doesn’t matter because I’m going to give you one,” said Rich in a cool and sly way.

“I have already a name and it’s-“ he got cut off again.

“Pussyface,” Rich chided, everyone in the hall burst into fits of mixtures of giggles, chuckles and laughter even the Slytherins. I laughed, tears in my eyes, and so were Harry, Gin and Hermione. Dumbledore and the teachers chuckled and laughed even Snape. One word could affect the whole school. That was Rich for you.

“Shut up!” Malfoy yelled, nobody obeyed him and continued laughing. He was redder than anyone had ever seen him, come to think of it, he never showed his anger flared other than our Quidditch match with him. “The name is not pu-p-pu-pussyface,” he said it, that was funny, “Its Draco Malfoy!”

“Whatever, pussyface,” said Rich, folding his arms whilst grinning; he was the only one who wasn’t laughing. Gin whispered to me about something. Apparently, Gin had told Rich about Malfoy in their frequent letter sending to each other and Rich gave a name for Malfoy.

“You insolent fool, mudblood names never spill the purebloods nobility,” Malfoy exclaimed, stupid righteousness, I beginning to see Dad’s vision somehow.

“Oh! Whatever made you say that pussyface,” said Rich as he took a step towards Malfoy but was blocked by goonies. “Ho, ho, ho, who are you guys?” said rich, backing away whilst examining Crabbe and Goyle, not worried that they might hurt him. “Oh wait, wait, wait – don’t answer,” he held up his hand, pacing around, and his other hand was on his head like he was doing some mind reading. Then he put his hands down and looked back at the three Slytherins.

He pointed his index finger at Crabbe. “You’re pussyface’s left butt cheek,” the hall erupted again in laughter, Rich pointed at Goyle now. “You’re his right butt cheek,” the two goonies were furious as their master, they wanted to punch Rich but Malfoy halted them before any points were taken away.

Some of the students were laughing uncontrollably. They put their head down and banged the table with their hands. Some cheered others hid their faces with their hands. Harry and Hermione did such things but I let it all out, hoping to let Malfoy heard me.

Malfoy stood between his goonies, his red face turned back to ghostly white. “They’re not my butt cheeks, you fowl bloody clown, their bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle,” he informed Rich in his usual way. Rich was grinning more widely that it could go off his face. He muttered something under his breath.

“Let me get this straight,” he started pacing around again and stopped. “Your left butt cheek has the case of the Crabbes,” he said humorously, the hall was officially turned into a show as all of the students laughing and cheering. “Your right butt cheek has the case of the Goyles,” that put me out as I dropped to the floor and held my stomach to halt the laughter but it was too much. The goonies approached Rich.

“Oh! Want a fight, c’mon, I’m ready,” said Rich with no fear. He raised his fists, welcoming them to a fight. Malfoy pushed them back but turning his back to Rich in the process.

“Argh, that was one nasty ugly arse to see, Wuh, go see a Healer will you,” said Rich, playfully backing away whilst waved a hand across his face showing disgust. Malfoy covered his backside and turned around, his red face was back. His anger couldn’t contain any more but he couldn’t risk of getting in trouble so he ran off of the hall followed by his goonies.


Everyone stood up and gave Rich a round of applause; I went to him and put an arm over his shoulder. “Good job, cousin,” I praised, he shrugged off my shoulder and turned to our other friends who were still applausing, Harry and Hermione looked at each other and smiled, that was odd and somehow cute.
They blushed and looked back at Rich.

Dumbledore began to speak, “May I present to you all, member and leader of our new club, Student with Specialty, Richard Marvel Weasley.”

A few collection of loud gasped were heard, the hall was dead silent afterwards. I gaped and looked shockingly at Rich who was still grinning. He sat beside Harry as Dumbledore instructed us to continue our feast. Snape went off, probably to console his precious.

“Sorry to keep you waiting guys,” he said, no greetings were needed. He put some food in his plate. “I’ll tell you guys about it later, but now my tummy is aching for some grub,” he croaked, a few collections of giggles were heard. Hermione and Gin were recognisable but there were few unfamiliar sounds namely, Parvati and Lavender.

“Hey Ron, you’re cousin is so cute,” said Lavender sheepishly.

Ha, can’t blame him for his good looks, can’t be jealous of him but fortunate for me to have another bloke to talk to in Gryffindor.

We talked for a lot, George and Hermione chat, I don’t know what they were talking, Harry and Rich had some good chat with Dean and Seamus, Gin talked to her friends, as for me, life was good and normal until…

A crusty pie flew to our table and hit one of us… and that one of us was… Rich.

Cream apple fillings was all over Rich’s hair, he stopped eating and rolled his eyes. Laughter were heard, I bet I was those damn Slytherins. We all turned to the source of laughing and to our shock and disappointment, it was the Hufflepuffs.

“You deserve that, you bloody freak,” yelled Justin Flinch-Fletchley. He was the one who threw the pie; he was amused and enjoyed it along with his friends.

I was utterly mad at what he did, looking at Rich, he was calm and cool, and that pie never hit his nerves one bit. He was going to let it go. George was chuckling slightly but stopped after Hermione glared at him, good going girl.

If Rich wasn’t going to do anything, I would. I stood up along with Harry.

“He’s not a freak, why are you calling him one,” I yelled at him, and I wanted to add some more but Rich tugged me and Harry down to sit back. I looked crossly at him, what was he doing? He was being taunted.

“Let it go,” he said nonchalantly, I protested but he cut me off. “You are going to get into trouble. Trust me.”

He was right, Prof. Sprout came to us. She deducted ten points from Hufflepuff, Justin got a couple of scowling from his table. Hermione did a simple Cleaning Charm on Rich and I swore I heard a grumble from George.

The night ended as I along with the other prefects guided the Gryffindors to our tower. George went off to his home after we bid farewell, he seemed to be feeling not relax, maybe the food or Rich.


~ Rich’s P.O.V ~

What the?

How? Why?

“Sorry Mr. Weasley, there’s no space for a bed for you,” said that blatant McGonagall. She was trying to get on my nerves. “You have to settle for a bed on the floor without a curtain for tonight,” she informed, oh jolly, my first day has its up and downs.

I showed my exasperated face. “Mr. Weasley, be have yourself, points are taken for incoherent act and behaviour,” she said sternly, the other boys just remained quiet, no help from them. “Goodnight boys,” she bid and left good riddance.

“It’s alright Rich,” said my cousin, aware of my frustration. “At least your bed is between Harry’s and mine.

“We better go to bed guys,” said a black boy named Dean who loved football and West Ham United.

“Yeah, it’s getting late, goodnight guys,” said an Irish lad name Seamus.

“See ya,” said a round face boy went by the name of Neville.

The other three boys slept as soon as they tuck in. I looked at the tired face of Harry and Ronnie. We bid goodnight and went to sleep. Harry had a hard time to swallow the fact that he was in the new club. Ron was pondering why I was called freak. I thought that I better tell him and Gin.

Later that night…

Argh! Damn snoring bastards, why do I have to sleep on the floor and hearing a boyband singing to a song of snooze, at least Harry don’t snore. I want my own four poster bed with curtains, damn this vehement school.

I took some sheets and pillows and went down to the common room. I jumped on the couch in front of the fireplace and place the pillows and sheets to make myself comfortable. Then I went to sleep to the sound of fires crackling and quiet night voice.


“Wake up, Rich,” the voice of a timid girl was heard in my beauty sleep.

“Wake up,” the voice belong to…

“Okay, Hermione, I’m awake now,” I grumbled, rubbing my eyes. I looked at the early bright-and-shine Hermione, she looked nice, considering it was still dark outside. “What time is it?”

“Four thirty,” she answered, that didn’t surprise me because she already told me she always wake up early during school. I sat up straight. “Why are you sleeping on the couch?”

“McGonagall didn’t give me a four poster bed like the others, she gave me to settle with a bed on the floor,” I explained to her and she was bewildered.

“That’s awful, but why are you here?”

“Couldn’t stand the church choir of snores,” I joked and she stifled a giggle.

“That’s mighty awful of you,” she beamed, if she showed this to Harry every time, he would melt like an ice on a sunny day.

“It’s the truth,” I said, creasing my brows.

“Like you never snore,” she teased.

“Like I want to join them,” we laughed.

“Yeah, you, your prick cousin, Neville, Dean, Seamus and……” she was dreadfully silent for a moment. I knew she wanted to say ‘Harry’ so I help her.

“Harry doesn’t snore,” I said, she was out of her thoughts ad looked confusingly at me.

“Oh! What? Yeah, he doesn’t, I knew that,” she said, covering her embarrassment, I think Ms. Pretty here was thinking of naughty thoughts about Boy Who Lived. She looked sheepishly at me, I was right. “Does Harry talk about me?”

“Talk? – He wank his little soldier thinking about you,” I replied directly, she was confused at first but then she got it. She blushed furiously and smiled to herself. This two had a weird relationship, I don’t know what that made them special or experiencing with them in the past, but I do know was the fact that they silently knew the other better.

I can’t wait for the best damn year in Hogwarts with this two and my cousins.


Next chapter: The club… the twins yet again… and the quarrel gets hotter.

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Chapter 6: CHP 6
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A/n: Now in this chapter doesn’t show what I wrote in the last chapter where I said this and that in the preview, so forget about it. Enjoy it because this one deals on how Rich settled in his first day in Hogwarts.


~ Rich’s P.O.V ~

First day of school, what a wonderful life, I remember that first day of every schooling year. The smell of your desk in your class, the new friends you made, the wonders of learning, yeah right, and most of all the mishaps bound to happen. Sadly, none of them happened here at Hogwarts. It was a new experience to be felt in a castle full of dangerous obstacles, surprises, the dead and the living.

Just having some breakfast with Hermione, she woke me up at four thirty and class was about to start in an hour and a half. Eating bangers and mash and hearing Hermione cursing a Hufflepuff named Justin ‘Big-Chin’ Fletchley were a fun way to start the day. Eventually, the Great Hall filled up with other students who were aliened to me. The boys in me room were worried where I was last night, so I explained.

Hermione assured me that McGee, or McGonagall will gave me a four poster bed just like everyone else, I hope so. She kept glancing or rather glaring at Harry and the lad did the same to her. Funny how just twenty minutes ago she was blushing about Harry thinking about her in a very naughty way… life has it ways of showing it.

After eating, we marched off to our first class, Potions which there was no Ron in, sadly.

N.E.W.Ts, those were Hermione favourite topic to be discussed. Students were required to choose a few subjects matching the job they wanted to take. Sadly for me, I didn’t have a job to think about. I got an ability that almost half of the Wizarding World hated. What should I do?

Classes were divided in to groups, lessons and practical. No need to explain that part.

The classes that I took were accepted by the professors. We began with Potions or Double Potions; I didn’t know why I took this class because the teacher was making a whole life of hell out of my house. The first step I took through the threshold of the dungeon was the start of it.

Professor Severus Snape, not a chap, I supposed. According to his pale face, fashion statement that said leave-me-alone-but-I-make-your-life-a-torturous-one, crooked nose and greasy hair, all I could say was this guy needed a therapy quickly. He could use a breath mint too.

His eyes were on me and Harry, I heard from Ron he has a huge resentment towards Harry. The moment he started teaching, he called my name, with utter dislike, according to his sneering face.

“A black haired Weasley,” he leered nastily, really, his lips were out of boundary of his face. “Stand up when I called you!” he ordered vigorously. So I stood up, without hesitant.

“You could call my name, Professor,” I pointed out and he didn’t seem please with my polite advice.

“Five points from Gryffindor for disobedient,” I gaped, how he could just take away points, that was straightforward injustice. “And close your mouth,” he ordered and I did, frowning a bit. “Tell me, Mr. Weasley, since your hopeless cousin wouldn’t dare to take this class, though I do appreciate if he takes this class,” he said, sneering to himself, the students paid real attention to him whiled me just standing still.

“What is the effect of the Pinecones in an Emotionless Drought?”

That’s easy…

“The Pinecones throws away the awful scent of the Sunflower essence in it,” I answered, I exchanged a smirk to Hermione and she smiled, showing she was happy with my answer. Snape was shocked to hear my answer, I didn’t know why. Then his face changed to disappointment.

“Very good, Mr. Weasley – five points to Gryffindor - why must the Dust of a Hardwood to be add into a Strength Enhancing Potion?” he asked more, playing hard was he.

“It gave the power into a person’s stamina and endurance,” this was easy.

“What is the most important ingredient to be added into a Fearless Potion,” he wasn’t giving me up easily.

“A thread of hair of a person’s head,” I answered simply, Snape frowned that I got it right.

“Very good, everyone turn to page fifteen,” he complimented me without a point rewarded, what a scrooge, Harry motioned me to sit down before more points were taken. Damn him.

“Good job, Rich, not even I can’t answer the last one,” Hermione praised me from behind, as she leaned closer to me, I muttered thanks. She even got a chance to give Harry a glare which Harry gratefully returned.

That was funny because the whole time when we were making Essence of Dolly Potion, which I dared not to tell what it is, you don’t want to know, Harry exchanged looks with Hermione every minute and am I the only one who noticed it. Harry and I eventually got our concoction correct, thanks to me; Harry almost put a Dragon’s tail instead of Dragon Bone which could cause a chemical reaction.

The next class of the day was Arithmacy, Even I can’t spell the subject right. Professor Vector helped me a lot; I was the less attentive person on this class. I sat beside Hermione who was really has an eye on the professor’s words, time for Richard’s Girl Flirt.

I wrote a group of numbers on a piece of paper and see if she can figure it out.

8 1 18 18 25

Can you guess it?

I passed the paper to Hermione, she was confused at first, took her a bit time to figure it out and she did, with a bit of anger of course. She scribbled something on the paper and passed it back to me.

What is the meaning of this?

I turned to her, her face was flushed, she was angry but I noticed a hint of embarrassment. “Trying to disturb you,” I replied, grinning slyly.

“Well don’t do it,” she hissed back and went back to her work before Vector could spot us. I shrugged and went back to my work but kept an eye on Hermione, she smiled softly and still flushing.


Care of Magical Creatures, I honestly didn’t like this subject back at Beaux, short name for Beauxbaton. After various arguments and protests from the trio, I solemnly decided to add CMC to my N.E.W.Ts subjects. I hoped Hogwarts didn’t take this subject as seriously as Beaux.

To my unfortunate luck, it seemed that my house was very fond of this subject.

Off we strode to…. Where exactly am I going?

“Where is the class, anyway?” I asked my cousin.

“It’s near our friend’s hut, he teaches us Care of Magical Creatures, he’s a half-giant,” he answered gladly. My face was showing indignation. At Beaux, they taught us inside the class not outside. At least outside was cooler since it was England.

We reached a small straw roof hut, a half-giant leaving in a hut? What a world we lived in.

“Ah! Arry, Ermione, Ron good to see yeh tee come early,” a very hairy big man came to greet us, I mean the trio.

“Hello Hagrid,” all three greeted in response.

The one called Hagrid turned to me, “This must be Richard Weasley, great to see you in my class.”

“Um… yeah,” I said, slightly scared of his size. Wait! Hagrid, I heard this name before, didn’t he… and Maxine… oh! So this was the guys.

“Heard yeh from Beauxbaton, they got some nice creatures over there,” he said delightedly, how happy he was, I can’t tell.

“Yeah, unicorns,” I said nervously.

“You like this class back at Beauxbaton?” he asked jovially.

“Well, to tell you the truth, Professor-“

“Call me Hagrid,”

“Err… Hagrid, I’m a bit dislike in this area of learning, if you know what I mean,” I said earnestly, not trying to break someone’s heart. Harry, Ron and Hermione were shocked at my confession.

“Don’t worry, creatures here aren’t bad as in France,” he said, with a big smile, and I smiled back nervously. After that, class began with people from my house and other houses came. Hagrid brought us into the forest, some of us were worried, and I was the one who was the most worried.

Hermione comforted me with words, “It’s alright, Hagrid won’t let anybody get hurt, he’s extra careful now after what happened last year.”

Rubeus Hagrid ran away from Hogwarts being wrongfully accused of some political game play. Maybe I should give a chance towards this half-giant, after all people with special powers like me came from half-bloods.

“Yeah, as long as Malfoy and his friends don’t disturb this class,” said Ron, scowling at a sneering Draco ‘Pussyface’ Malfoy, crackpot boy.

“Honestly, why is he here, anyway? He can just drop this class since he hated it so much,” Hermione complained.

“Tell it to his father,” Ron joked which I didn’t get it. They laughed together though.

We reached a very secluded place, dimly lit by the sunlight that was struggling to make it to our way through the roof of trees branches. This place kind of - cool, great place to do some eh hem. Hagrid halted and turned around to face us.

“Today, we’re going to learn about animals that have evolved from its normal progression,” he said carefully. “Look into your book about Rainbow Pythons,” he smiled happily. We did as we were told.

“Good thing, this book is not alive,” said Dean, turning a page of the Monsters Mangle and Menagerie.

“Don’t remind me, that book almost ate me,” said Neville, and they shared a laugh which again I didn’t get it, probably something about the past years.

“Now who can tell me, why it is called Rainbow Python,” he asked, I was astonished that he was asking such things. Clearly, he wasn’t made to be a professor. Hermione raised her hands.

“It is called Rainbow Python because it can conjured rainbow colours on its scaly bodies whenever its skin come in contact with the sunlight,” she answered proudly, beaming with joy.

“Very good Hermione, five points to Gryffindor,” Hagrid praised gratefully, my friend blushed and some Slyhterins weren’t pleased with her answer. “Now look at the spot near that tree over there,” Hagrid pointed at a moss covered tree. Weird, this place was dry then why was it…. Oh my. “There’s your Snake.”

A ten foot snake appeared before our very eyes. It slithered around the moss covered tree as it was a pole. It skin was dull grey, an odd colour for a snake. Eyes that glittered like gold, tail that rattled more than its own intention and tongue that hissed silently. Has it made its way down to the ground, soon followed by his other friends, we were shocked or too shocked to see it glaring at us, like it was claiming that we invaded his territory.

“Now don’t be afraid, it’s not going to hurt you… yet,” said Hagrid reassured us of our danger.

“Yet?! What do you mean yet, it looks like is going to kill us,” Pussyface complained, his face was pale, what am I talking about, his face was always pale. The other students seemed to protest but their faces told something else. A bit of agreement with what pussyface just said.

Hagrid let out a sigh, “What I need now is two volunteers,….. anyone interested?”

I took a step back, and my action was followed by others, leaving two volunteers, guess who?

Hagrid turned around and was happy to see his favourite students. “Ah! Arry, Ermione, glad you volunteered,” both of them gasped, they exchanged each other a surprised look and glared at the people behind them.

Ron and I gave a weak grin to our dear friends. They growled in frustration and walked vigorously towards Hagrid for instructions on what they were supposed to do. “I’m so glad that you two volunteered,” Hagrid chimed.

“Anything for you, Hagrid,” Hermione replied, giving a weak smile . Harry didn’t answer so she hit him in the rib causing him to squeak.

“Urgh,” Harry yelped softly, and gave Hermione a glare. She tilted her head to motioned Harry to say something. “Huh… Oh yeah, right of course,” he said thought clueless of what Hagrid said.

“Alright you two, I need you to make their skin colours turn rainbow colours,” he explained the instructions and they both gasped and looked at the glowering snakes.

“Those big ones over there,” Harry protested, not wanting another encounter with a snake, I knew his story about the Basilisk.

“No, no, of course not,” Hagrid chuckled, having fun seeing Harry’s face. I snickered too along with Ron and the other boys. “There’s small ones that you can’t see on the ground, they’re hiding under the leaves,” he said as a matter-of-factly.

It was true of what the half-giant just said. I saw leaves moving around the leaves carpeted ground. We backed off a little bit again. Harry and Hermione looked in disbelief, pondering how they were going to change the colour of the small snakes that were children to the big ones.

“Alright here goes,” Hermione muttered, she raised her wand and pointed at the ground, searching for anything that moved. She spotted one, “Lu...” she was about to cast a spell but Hagrid just grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t Ermione, they’re very sensitive to the light, a little too much of light could melt their skins,” Hagrid warned, she gulped, not wanting to see utterly skinless snakes, who wanted to?

Harry, who looked bright all of a sudden, stepped forward and walked to the clearing where the little snakes moved frantically away from him. Everyone looked incredulously at him. He could have been killed if he accidentally stepped on one of them. Luckily, the big ones didn’t react to his bold move. Hermione growled a bit, it was funny the way her look at Harry, a bit happy then sullen then furious.

Harry was in front of the biggest of them all. He looked straight into the glimmering golden eye of the big one and made a strange calm hissing voice. The snake looked surprisingly at him; he let out a hiss of his own. Harry was in total control over the big one. Harry turned his head towards Hermione. He motioned her to come along… Was he crazy?

She did what he ordered after Hagrid pushed her a little for encouragement. She was beside Harry now, a bit scared, and looked nervously at the big snake.

“Why do you want me here? You can do it yourself” she whispered, arguing her very presence.

“He knew Hagrid chose us,” he explained, not keeping his eyes off the big snake.

Hermione was about to say some thing but Harry shushed her. “Wait,” he said and hissed some more weird voices.

“I never knew parseltongue could be useful,” Ron said, grinning a bit.

“Yeah,” I said with utter fascination.

The snake moved its head and looked at the clearing where Harry and Hermione’s feet have stomped. It hissed loudly like it was calling something. It was so loud that all of us have to cover our ears, except Hagrid and Harry. Then, a wonderful sight to be seen was unfolded before us.

Around fifteen or eighteen snakes were standing on their tails, heads held high and proudly at the command of the big snake. They hissed a low tone in harmony, they were singing, oh yeah, this made up for the snoring song last night. They were very melodious and angelic; it was unbelievable that snakes could make nice songs. The others were awed by the song.

“Now Hermione,” Harry ordered Hermione, who was mesmerized by the little snakes’ act. “Hermione,” he shook her, and she got out of it.

“Huh, what? Harry,” she said, a bit upset.

“Shoot Lighting Charm at the trees,” he said hurriedly.

“Oh! Right,” she drew out her wand. “Lumos.”

A glimmering bright light shot out of her wand and hit the top most part of the moss covered tree and it shown the ground like a sun rising. What it did was it made the sight more beautiful.

With the melodious snake singing, their grey coloured skin turned remarkably into a very stunning rainbow colour. It was utterly beautiful. I’m speechless at this moment. Their rainbow colours moving around their body, blue, indigo, green, yellow, red, and others were shining. It was a complete perfect parallelism to their voices. But all good things must come to and end.

The light faded and the snakes stopped singing and went back hiding on the ground. Everyone groaned in disappointment, even my cousin.

“Bloody hell, that was quite a picture to see,” he said, face shown wanted for an anchor.

“I agree, cousin, but right now, Harry and Hermione really need to get out of there,” I told him and his faced expression changed into worried.

The big snaked looked scathingly at them but didn’t make a move on them. Hagrid didn’t move too but he said something to calm the situation. “Thank him, Arry, he’ll appreciate it,” he said anxiously.

Harry nodded in return and moved Hermione to his back so he was one on one with the snake. Hermione didn’t protest. Why would she? The only one who can make the situation better was Harry.

He said some more to the snake in parseltounge. It sounded a bit distressing and long. It was only thanks. The snake moved away from him and nodded. Harry turned to the worried Hermione.

“Let’s get out of here, move slowly and don’t step on the childrens,” he said to her. And she nodded worryingly. They crept slowly towards us, and we Gryffindors held our hands to show where not to be stepped or where the snakes were. We urged them when to move, the Gryffindors do the talking.

“Just fall Potter, and let the snakes bite you,” the Pussyface gave a not so funny mock, he was lame. The other Slytherins were laughing, suck ups.

Harry held Hermione closely to him by holding her arm tightly but Hermione, due to their circumstances and current relationship, she shrugged off of him. She didn’t think what would happen if she tugged her hand away as she fell on to the ground and landed almost on a little snake.

“Oh no!”

The little snake hissed scathingly at Hermione as she backed off. Harry, who was panicked, hissed some more parseltongue at the little snake but his efforts made it only worst. The big snake approached them.

“Damn I got to do something,” my cousin, drew his wand out but was stopped by Hagrid’s voice.

“Stop that Ron, it’ll only make Arry and Ermione get eaten,” he said, with his hands raised. Ron and some few others reluctantly put their wands back. We didn’t see that Harry was reasoning the big snake with harsh parseltongue. It was long and tongue twisting. They hissed scathingly at each other non stop. Hermione was paled, looking at the other snakes eyeing her like she was delicious, can’t argue with that.

Finally, the situation was calmed. The big snakes hissed loudly and all the snakes moved away from us. The little snake that was hissing at Hermione, gave a last hiss and left. We waited before all of them were out of our sight.

“It’s over now,” said Hagrid, assuring us the danger was over. He looked at us, with utter relief.

But our eyes were on Hermione as she was a bit shaken from the incident. Harry who was near her, knelt down to look at her as we Gryffindors ran to her.

“You alright, Hermione?” he asked anxiously, she didn’t answer. “Hermione?” he touched her shoulder to shake her but was immediately answered by a hand slapped his arms off her.

“Don’t touch me,” she snarled, Harry was taken aback.

“I’m sorry; I-I-I didn’t,”

“Shut up!” she yelled shrilly and got up. Rubbing off the leaves and dirt, and smoothing her skirt.

“I’m sorry, I am,” he said desperately, it wasn’t his fault.

“Just Shut up!” this time her voice was echoed throughout the whole forest. All of us were shocked. Birds were flying away from the nearby trees. Hermione noticed our gawked faces and flushed. “I mean just be quiet,” she said to him, sounded like an apology. Harry was about to reply but she ran off leaving all of us standing stupidly, unable to do anything.

“Well, well,” the nauseating voice of Pussyface interrupted the awkward silence. “Looks like Potter and his best mudblood friend is at uneasy state,” he leered at us derisively.

“Sod off Malfoy,” Ronnie said irritably.

“I’m not talking to you, Weasley,”

“Leave him alone Ron,” I said, and Ronnie looked at me like I have two heads. “He can’t face the fact that his name is Pussyface,” I added and the students laughed enjoyably, the Slytjerins snickered a little only to be silence by Pussyface.

“Alright class, that’s all for today, you can all go now,” said Hagrid, a bit shaken of the whole situation. He noticed Harry’s sad emotions, hell, everyone can felt it. “Harry, may I see you for a moment,” he asked.

Harry shook out of his stupor and looked at Hagrid, “Huh, oh alright.”

He faced Ron and I and said that he’ll meet us at Transfiguration. He then followed Hagrid to somewhere in a hurried manner because the half-giant was already a metre away from him. Ron and I exchanged knowing looks and just shrugged. We went off to Transfiguration, after we found Hermione of course.


Oh my god, I didn’t know she was teaching Transfiguration. I should’ve just dropped this class in the first place. This stern old witch made my life a bit topsy-turvy two days ago. She was just plain stern and articulately impossible to detest.

“Don’t worry Rich, she is Gryffindor’s Head of House, she won’t do anything bad to you,” Hermione reassured me, she was very kind to me, endlessly seeking my solace.

“You better not make her mad, she could kill a kneazle with just one look,” Ronnie joked, I didn’t get it.

“Make that grindylows,” Harry chimed in, he was quiet the whole time after seeing Hagrid. The two boys along some other eavesdroppers chuckled. Hermione however gave her death glare at the two boys, which I felt it, first-hand during fishing. “Just like that,” Harry pointed his index at her and everyone laughed again even me, now I get it.

“Good impression, Hermione. You and McGonagall could make into an ‘Identical lost Family Contest’,” Ronnie continued Harry’s mock joked, good going Ronnie, let us see what happened to Hermione.

She scowled at them and turned back to her books. She whispered some incoherent words like ‘Four-Eye idiot and Freckled Moron’ and ‘Bigheaded boys’.
McGonagall came in the classroom filled with lots of students. She walked in a rather fashionably way. She sent me a glare, out of nowhere…. Wow, that rhymes.

“Good morning class, we’ll be teaching the subject Transfiguration in a now higher level, I want you all to work very hard especially those who were from my house,” she said, sending a knowing look at my direction… or was it Harry, who was behind me.

“Now – the first lesson that I will be teaching is changing one colour into multiple colours. Each of you has a red velvet cloth in front of you -” Hermione raised her one and showed to the teacher as though she has it, “- Tap your wand on the cloth three times and the red colour will change into rainbows.”

Rainbows… its rainbow day I guessed.

Eventually the whole class got it right easily; I meant it was very easy to perform the task. Then the tricky part came.

“Alright now you know how to change into multicolour, change it into a pattern of your desire,” the old witch said, oh my, can’t get this one right. Hermione successfully did it – she changed her cloth colours into a zigzag pattern, which earned us some house points… nice.

The others were struggling but they succeeded. Harry did the most beautiful pattern of all, a lion crest in boxes. Ron’s was lots of orange, though I didn’t know what pattern it was. I turned mine into small words that were written many times. It said ‘Humanity Absurd’.

“Humanity absurd? What does it mean?” Hermione asked puzzled.

“Something I came up against Haters,” I replied firmly. Before she could asked again, McG stood in front of my shared desk with Hermione.

“I need to speak to you after class Mr. Weasley,” she informed me, I couldn’t help but made some jokes. I turned my back to face Ron.

“Oh, hey Ron, McGonagall wants to see you about you – eh hem – problems,” I teased slyly. Ron was utterly bewildered all of a sudden.

“Huh What? I-I didn’t do it professor, honestly,” he said apologetically.

“What are you talking about Mr. Weasley? I’m talking to your cousin here,” she scoffed, it’s hard to get to use to two Mr. Weasley.

“Oh! Sorry,” Ronnie’s face turned red. He hid his face by lowering his head. Harry and Hermione chuckled softly, not wanting to make Ron more embarrassed.

“Apology accepted,” she said and gave me a stern glare, she went back to check on the others. Then I earned a smack on my shoulder from my cousin.

“What did you do that?” he asked, his face was murderous.

“C’mon Ronnie, its funny,” I said, Harry and Hermione try to muffled their laughs. Ron noticed them and shut them up. “Besides, what did you mean that you didn’t do it?” I asked. There was something awfully wrong about him since I came here.

He went fidgety a bit then nervously said, “W-What are y-you talking about?”

Hermione stopped giggling and looked at Ronnie with an exasperated look. “Ron, from the looks of your worried face, you’re hiding something,” she said as-a-matter-of-factly and grinning.

“I’m not,” Ron exclaimed, his face was red as his the Weasley dominant hair colour.

“Yeah, and we’ll eventually find out,” I said firmly and exchanged knowing looks with Harry and Hermione. Ron snorted to himself; he crossed his arms and sat down, pursing his lips.


Class was over, that meant meeting with the horrible old witch. I told my cousin that I met him at the common room after this. I hoped this was a fast one. I approached McGonagall whilst muttering some prayers that this won’t be bad news.

“You want to see me Professor,”

The old lady looked profoundly at me, thank god, good news after all.

“Yes, Mr. Weasley is about the Student with Specialty Club,” she then searched through a small stack of parchment and pulled out a very white paper, a clear sign of magic has been performed on it. “This is the list of students that has been signed up for the club, a total of eighteen students from all houses have entered,” she said as she handed me the paper. I checked the list.

“Hmm… if I known this entire people, I could be feeling a bit surprise,” I said nonchalantly. “Who are my advisors?”

“All the teachers at Hogwarts including the headmaster himself,” she replied greatly, scribbling something on a parchment. “But the main advisor is your Defence professor.”

I turned my gazed to her, feeling surprised right now. “You mean, the new one,” I said, raising my brows.

“Yes – and good one too,” she smiled widely with a hint of cunning. I was scared of her smile, what was she planning? “You can use the Room of Requirement as your place of meeting, your friend, Ms. Granger will show you. And here are the list to do in the meeting,” she added.

I took the list and put it in between my books.

“You may go now,”

“Thank professor.”