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A Person's a Person No Matter How Small by ScoroseOTP

Format: Novel
Chapters: 29
Word Count: 77,900

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Victoire, OC
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/28/2013
Last Chapter: 12/04/2014
Last Updated: 12/04/2014

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(The title is a Dr Seuss quote from Horton Hears a Who!)

My name's Livy Adams, my best friends are Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter. Being me, it's interesting. To say the very least.

Troubles, Trauma, Giggles and Laughs. This is my life...


Chapter 1: The Meeting and Sorting
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7th Year-
So, that's the end, the finished result, we got good grades and had an even better time, we tried to live life to the full and gave everyone hell, okay we were a bit of a pain, most teachers will be glad to be shot of us as well as some of the students!

"And now a few words from your head boy and girl of the graduating class" Professor M said, waiting patiently for my Rosie and my Scorpy to make their way to the podium in the centre of the stage. They both stood with a quick look to Al and me, and did as they were told, going to deliver their speeches.

Rose started, tears becoming present in her eyes, she said "Well, what can I say, we're done..."

Okay, this has probably completely confused you.
Do you want me to start from the beginning?
That'd make the most sense

Olivia Marie Victoria Adams, Livy to you. If it were anyone else I’d be less clear, but to be honest, I’m part of the best friendship group Hogwarts has ever seen. A complete and utter house cooperation, a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, a Slytherin, and a Gryffindor. Since the war, it’s been better, inter-house cooperation, but we’ve taken it one step further, one group, all four houses. We've been friends since first year, that’s now pushing seven years and I hope it lasts longer.

I’m the Hufflepuff, I look very similar to my Mum actually, her brown hair, her lilac (bluey-grey) eyes and her overall features. We’re very similar now, we never used to be but as everyday goes on, I see more and more similarities.

The four of us, my ‘friends’ as I like to call them, we met on the train, the Hogwarts Express.
After a horribly tearful goodbye with my Mum and little sister Peyton (To this day I still have no idea why I had the boring name and she got the exciting one). I hopped onto the train after having (with much difficulty) hauled my trunk onto the train, I say, hauling my own trunk... I got some help by a very nice man, I'm not strong... At all. I dragged my trunk along the corridor to the nearest free compartment and somehow managed to put my trunk into the overhead storage, I threw my head out of the window as a signal to my family that I was okay, safe, and got on the train. (My mum has zero faith in me). She gave me some more waves and blew more kisses to me before we slowly began to roll away from platform 9 3/4. Mum and Peyton ran alongside the train (they are so embarrassing) until there were no more paths to run along, where they stood, with a select few parents who had stopped as well, to give a final wave goodbye until Christmas.

I turned around and slumped down in my chair with a heavy sigh, all these goodbyes were tiring as well as quite upsetting, as I suddenly realised a single tear falling down my cheek.
As I was wiping away said tear, I suddenly found that my compartment door was opening, leaving a boy stood there, "Sorry, you don't mind if I join you do you? Everywhere else is full" the boy said.

"Of course, of course, I don't mind, go ahead" I exclaimed quickly, not wanting to keep the boy waiting too much longer. "I'm Olivia Adams by the way, but please, call me Livy" I explained, I really did hate people calling me Olivia, it just seems so formal.

"Scorpius, Scorpius Malfoy" he winced as though expecting some sort of reaction, when he didn't get one, he continued "I don't really have a nickname, but please feel free to create one".

I looked at him funny, everyone I knew had a nickname, although, that might be because of me, I am a pretty great nickname maker! "I will, just let me think a bit... Scorpy, Scor, S-man, Scorp?" I replied, just throwing names at the poor kid.

I'm pretty sure it caught him off guard, but he hid it very well, "I think I like Scorp... Defiantly not S-man and Scorpy? I'm not seven Livy! But you know, Scorp and Scor, that works!" he said switching from a sarcastic banter and genuine tone throughout the sentence. In the very moment, I realised, I was going to like this kid, easily!

Time passed and me and Scorp continued to chat, telling each other about ourselves, I found out he was an only child, but had a few cousins on his mother’s side, he was 'fairly' (ha!) wealthy (such a liar), and was pureblood, a term I needed an explanation for, but found that it was quite simple in the end. With this, I got rather excited, with Scorpius being a pureblood; he would know everything and anything about the wizarding world, just what I needed to settle the butterflies in my stomach! I asked a lot of questions... I mean a lot, but he was patient and answered each of them, even dealing with the excited squeal that escaped my lips more than once, telling me everything he thought I needed to know and reassuring me that muggleborns come every year and can easily end up doing better than pure or half bloods. Scorpius was just getting tired of my questions when the compartment door slid open again, this time revealing an arguing pair.

"I can't believe them, I cannot believe them" the girl exclaimed.

"I know, I know!" the boy said sympathising with the girl. The only thing going through my head was- Really? Are they going to say everything twice? I'm going to have to ask them to leave if they continue. That's if they even realise we're sat here.

"Oh god" Scorp muttered under her breath

"What?" I mouthed, letting only a whisper out. He simply shook his head, and my stubborn side kicked in- not a good move S-man, not a good move.

"What?" I asked, not trying to be subtle whatsoever. Suddenly the new faces in the room jumped; finally releasing we were sat there.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry (blimey she's done it again), I didn't see you there" shooting a look to the boy who jumped once more and continued where she had left off

“Yeah, sorry, I'm Albus, Albus Potter (he's joined in too?) and this is my cousin Rose Weasley"

"Olivia Adams, but call me Livy, and this is Scorpius Malfoy, it's nice to meet you" I replied.

"Pleasure” she paused for a moment and then continued “Please, feel free to call me Rosie if you wish, and everyone calls him Al, so you might as well go ahead too" Rose explained.

It then turned awkward, Rose and Albus made no effort to leave, apparently they were here to stay, Scorp and I didn't make any attempt to talk, perhaps subconsciously waiting for the others to talk.

In the end (6 minutes later), (yes I'm impatient) I gave up and was about to speak when the food trolley came along, knocking and sliding the door along.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" She spoke softly, oh old ladies, you gotta love 'em.

All 3 of the others dashed to the door and ordered loads of random and unknown sweets and tasty goods. I also got up but was politely told to sit down by Scorp, who knowing I wouldn't have a clue what I was ordering, offered to get me some stuff. I gladly accepted and sat back down; looking forward to what was coming next. I have two weaknesses, my family and confectionary... I have such a sweet tooth it's unreal! There were liquorice wands, chocolate frogs (that actually jumped about for a bit) and so, so much more!

"Sorry, but may I ask you something?" Rose asked, as I was taking the unusual food from Scorp.

"Of course, ask away" I replied beaming, so thankful someone had finally said something.

"Umm, well, it's just, how do I say this without sounding bigheaded", looking at Albus questioningly, and with a shrug back she continued, "Oh Merlin, I'll say it straight then, you weren't surprised when you met us, most people bombard us with questions, how come you haven't?"

I was taken back a bit and was speechless; I mean how do you answer that? Luckily Scor came to rescue, well, sort of, "Seriously? Not everyone knows who you are. And why should they? You. Are not your parents." He snidely replied.

Again I was simply shocked. "How dare you speak to Rose like that, you don't know what it's like, everywhere we go, it's all we get, questions. Just because your father... Ow! Rose!" And with a stomp on his foot from Rose, Albus stopped arguing and turned to face the other way.

"Sorry, (is that all this girl says?) it's just difficult, I understand Scorpius, it must be similar for you. It's just really refreshing being in a room with someone for 5 minutes and not have a million questions thrown at me" Rose finished, looking somewhat disappointed.

"I'm sorry (wait, is this contagious), but am I missing something here?" Looking around at each of them in turn, expecting a simple answer. How wrong I was, how wrong indeed, (okay. It must be).

I then had a full blown description of the wizarding war, of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger (married to a Weasley), Ginny Weasley (now Potter) and Draco Malfoy, of everything that every young witch or wizard is grown up knowing about. Something of course I'd missed but was eventually caught up on.

"So, let me get this straight" I started, after all 3 had added pieces and remarks over the story. "Your parents were involved in a wizarding war, a big one, where this guy, Voldemort, threatened to kill off pretty much everyone, including Harry, Ginny (Al's parents), Ron and Hermione (Rose's parents), who were part of the Order of the Phoenix, the main force against him. Although Draco (Scorpius' father), under the influence of his father and with the risk of his family's lives at stake. Had to act on the 'bad' side to keep everyone he cared the most about safe. Harry then defeated Voldy, and everyone lived happily ever after. Then, here comes Scorp, Al and Rose because their parents all survived and because they did, I'm on this train or else I'd just have been a 'special' muggle forever?" I confirmed.

"Yes" they all chimed, causing me to grin widely, it was a lot of knowledge

"So, what house do you guys want to be in?" Rose asked.

Okay, houses? I figured there would be houses, but their names? That's beyond me, out of all the things they could have told me, they didn’t tell me about this!I feel SO stupid right now... Wait everyone's looking at me... Come on... Mental telepathy... Don't fail me now... Someone, anyone?... Yes! Albus' face then turned from slight confusion of my rather concentrated face to a gasp, mouth-wide-open-how-could-we-be-so-stupid face.

"Livy! Sorry, you don't have a clue about the houses do you? Merlin, Rose! (Giving her a slight shove), they're Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff" He declared.

"Okay... That doesn't help me much, what, am I just picking by which name I like best?" I encouraged, thinking surely that wouldn't be the case.

"Right, well, no. First there’s Gryffindor, that's where the majority of our family were put into, they're all meant to be really brave and daring with nerves of steel. Then Ravenclaw, they are meant to be a bunch of genius’ and are generally quite witty too. After that there's…." Rose explained.

“Slytherin, where a larger majority of my family are, they are all meant to be cunning, power hunting people with great ambitions. And finally Hufflepuff they’re the friendliest people you will ever meet, loyal, patient, kind and hard working." Scor continued, finishing Rose's sentence.

"Well, that makes more sense, well, I won't be a Ravenclaw and a doubt I'll be in Slytherin, no offence to your family or anything Scorp. (Shooting him an apologetic look, once getting a nod, I continued). I reckon Hufflepuff; they sound my type of people!" I decided, before quickly adding "not that you guys aren’t" to make sure I hadn’t offended anyone They all laughed, so I think I was let off the hook.

"Don't worry about it. I’d really like to be a Gryffindor, follow in my parent’s footsteps" Rose reassured me.

"Really? It would make no difference to me whether I'm in Slytherin or not, I just don’t really mind, my Grandma though, she wants Slytherin blood in my veins." Scor shrugged.

Al then remarked, “I want to in Gryffindor, James has been bullying me for the whole summer over what house I'll be in, but I'm pretty sure it'll be Gryffindor... Well, it should be, right?" He preached, I think trying to convince himself as well as us.

"I’m sure you will be, if you're that concerned, can’t you ask to be put in Gryffindor? But anyway, I've always been incredible at predicting things; I'm going to make a guess what houses you'll be in, Gryffindor Ally Wally. Rosie Posie, you seem more Ravenclaw from my basic understanding. And Scorpy, Slytherin, you already know you want to be an Auror, I don’t know exactly what that means, but it sounds ambitious. (He'd explained this to me earlier). And me, Livy Divy, I do think I'll be in Hufflepuff, I don't have the striking qualities of the other houses." I announced.

Rose starting laughing and said, "what's with nicknames? Rosie Posie, Livy Divy, Ally Wally and Scorpy? What?!” she paused for a moment, then grinning mischievously at me, “But you're on, that's a bet, a sickle you're wrong about one of us"

"Deal" we shook on it, "although, I've not been wrong for as long as I can remember, so bear that in mind when I win” I smirked then continued, “But what's wrong with my nicknames?! Do you not like Rosie Posie? Do you prefer Dosie Rosie? Or Rose Petal?" I replied with a good certain amount of sass!

"No, no more nicknames, my dad calls me Rose Petal and therefore Rosie Posie is the best if you have to, but just Rosie works too!" Rose jokingly agreed.

"We'll remember that later then girls, on my signal, (a giant 'special' hand wave was shown), meet me at my table and you can exchange those coins!" Al intervened, "Scorp, you wanna piece of this as well?" He grinned,

"Sorry Rose, but I'm almost certain Livy Wivy is right, so I'm in too on Livy's side." he revealed.

"Oooh, exciting! But I reckon that, Scor, you'll be in a different house and Rose, how could you not a Gryffindor? So, you're on, a sickle each you're all wrong" Al insisted, adamant he was right.

The rest of the journey consisted of games, more chatting and having quality bonding time with the three people I was about to call my best friends. Each of them persuading me of this fact as each minute went on, convincing me that this was going to be a really great friendship as I was slowly falling in love with them all. By the end of the journey, I was sure that they would be stuck with me for life and I was sure that they wouldn’t mind it at all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Hogwarts!)

And true to my thoughts, I was right!
To get up to Hogwarts we had to go on beautiful little boats across the black lake towards the most magnificent place I'd ever seen and to think I'm going to live there for most of the year expect some holidays, was the most staggering thing to feel. We were then ushered inside to the Entrance hall where we stood in anticipation for the sorting. Al kept looking from the floor to the ceiling avoiding all eye contact with everyone and murmuring words to himself I couldn't quite hear. Rose's ears were starting to get quite pink and her cheeks flushing, indicating to me that she was beginning to feel the nerves. Scor appeared calm and collected but by the way he kept sending me reassuring looks, I got the feeling he was nervous as well. I, on the other hand have a way with not looking frightened, there is seriously something wrong with me if I look distressed in some way, so naturally, I just looked normal, other than the fact I was twiddling with my hair slightly more than usual. Professor Longbottom appeared and put us all in alphabetical order for the sorting, breaking the news to us that it was a hat. This I wasn’t really expecting.

As an 'A' I was first on the list, walking towards the stool, I felt myself concentrating too much on walking because I was worried of falling and embarrassing myself.

The sorting hat was placed on my head and said "Ah, I see, very loyal, and a hard worker, yes, you'll do well, it's got to be... HUFFLEPUFF!"

The hat was gently pulled off my head by Professor Longbottom, revealing the biggest, most smuggest grin anyone had ever seen plastered on my face. I was directed to the Hufflepuff table and looked towards my three new friends and found Al still wasn’t paying anyone any attention, Scorp was winking at me, grinning at the fact we were winning the bet already and Rose positively beamed at me (did I mention how god damn adorable this girl is, she cares so much). My attention then turned back to the sorting, awaiting the result of everyone else's house placements.

It was a while before they got down to the 'M’s, P’s and W's', so several people went into all for houses; Liberty Jones joined me in Hufflepuff as well as George Davies. When it finally got to 'M', I was beginning to get bored, I can't deny though, after "Malfoy, Scorpius" came out of. Professor Longbottom's mouth, I jumped out of my skin.

I think I might have been more nervous than he was, he sauntered up to the stool and eased himself onto it, the Hat went over his head and pondered for a slight moment, until shouting "SLYTHERIN", I wasn't sure what his reaction would be, but relaxed after the hat showed a smiling boy who searched the crowd to give me a smile before retreating to the very loud bench on the far side.

It wasn't long before "Potter, Albus" was spoken and silence occurred in the whole hall, an extremely nervous Al slowly walked toward the stool.

The hat was placed on his head, the suspense was building and building as we waited a moment before the hat finally cried "GRYFFINDOR".

An ecstatic boy was found under the hat and Al jumped off the stool, jumped down the stairs and into the arms of an older boy who looked just like him, then sitting down on the overexcited bench which happened to be facing me and shot we a grin as big as the Great Wall of China is long, but by seeing me he then remembered our bet and reduced himself to a quick nod and solemn look before returning to giant grin and turning to his brother.

It was an even longer wait for Rose which I could tell was taking its toll on not only her but myself, Scor and Al, as we all couldn't wait for the result, it was such a shame that she was a 'W', my result was instant and the boys was over before we knew it, but poor Rose had to stick it out to near last."Weasley, Rose" was also a show stopper, silencing the crowd completely.

She composed herself and walked over to the stool, where the sorting hat was placed over her head, resulting in almost as long of a wait than Albus. It seemed to ponder for a bit before proclaiming, "RAVENCLAW".

This resulted in a winning bet for me and Scor, which meant enormous cheers from the both of us as well as the Ravenclaw table (we looked a bit odd). With a giant grin on her face she went to sit down looking over at each of us with a small grin, looking at ease with herself once more.

Professor McGonagall, as headmistress, then spoke a few words of encouragement for the year ahead, reminding the older students of the rules as well as letting us know them first time. I can honestly say I didn't listen and still don't know half the rules of this place, but still, I had bigger things on my mind, this was going to be the next seven years of my life, a long time! It was so strange the anticipation of all the new and exciting things I'd be learning was just plain silly. I loved it! I mean wouldn't you? I was told only a month ago that I was a witch... A witch! And I wasn't even one of those evil old hags that muggle children know as witches. Before I could even begin to listen, Professor M had stopped and the biggest, most delicious looking and smelling feast appeared in front of my eyes.

"I love magic" I whispered contently to myself.

After eating what felt like my house and home and my next door neighbours house and home, a disturbing sight was brought to my attention, well, mine and a majority of the schools, it was Al and his supposed to be subtle in some way signal.
He was stood up, waving his arms about like a mad man, jumping up and down like he had ants in his pants, basically looking like he had too much sugar. On this signal, I told my new 'puffer' friends, I'd be back momentarily and went over to Albus who seemed to have moved, (so much for that). I scanned the whole hall, finding him sat with Rose, I began to walk over, when suddenly felt a shooting spark in my sides and turning around I found Scorpius stood there and not saying a word started walking alongside me to the others.

We reached them and said a quick hello we demanded our money, "Cough up then my friends" I stated.

Scor nodded in agreement and stuck his hand out to Al, "Okay, okay” (again?)

Rose sighed handing over a sickle to the two of us. Simultaneously, (how in sync are we?), we faced Al, who seemed determined to avoid our gaze, reluctantly handed over the money, which we quickly pocketed.

"Okay guys, I'll see you all in the morning, I expect we'll be escorted to our common rooms soon" Scorp sighed a bit and waved, leaving.

"He's probably right, I'll see you guys tomorrow morning, can't wait for classes, I'm so excited!" I exclaimed, "Bye, sleep tight Rose Toes, Gally Ally!" And with a wink I left, looking forward to the days ahead.

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Chapter 2: The Wotters
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In Hufflepuff, my year consisted of three other girls, Emma, Louise and Liberty and five boys, Jack, Harry, George, William and Austin. Much smaller than any year I would have been in if I hadn’t gone to Hogwarts, much, much smaller. I had so much fun with these guys, my bed was the furthest to the right, next to the bathroom and opposite the doorway, Liberty's bed was next to mine, and she was so great! She was half blood and so already knew about everything because she has two older brothers, who were in third and fifth year, (and judging by how stunning Liberty is, they were going to be gorgeous). Therefore we stayed up for ages and talked all about our new classes and she tried to teach me about Quidditch, but I kept getting confused. I figured I'd ask Rose about it the next day.

Thinking of Rose I then remembered that I didn't have any time to ask about Rose and Al's family in more depth, all I knew was they were related and Al had a brother. Of course, I was to find out that they weren't alone, that they had many cousins, which was kind of hinted to on the train, but not until I met most of them did I understand. They must have done it for a reason, maybe not make me intimidated, I suppose they get that a lot.

So, the next morning I woke up and found light streaming in through the windows, it was six in the morning, I've always been an early bird, meaning once I'd seen the time, I got up. Normally I would go for a walk around the wood next to my house, but not knowing my way round this place I decided against it. I got up, and truly took in my surroundings, I looked around the comfy circular room, the four, four poster beds sat in a semicircle, with a bedside table in between each. The drapes on the beds were yellow (not too bright, but still not that nice to look at), with black moons and stars all over it. At the end of each bed were wardrobe dressers, they have magical qualities, letting you put anything and everything in it. Then into between my bed and the bathroom, and the door to our dorm and bathroom were dressing tables. The furniture was all a light wood and made you just feel at home, a lovely feeling when you're a tad home sick. I hopped into the shower, got myself ready, feeling a tad strange in a robe but somehow really comfortable.

Once dressed I moved downstairs to the common room. The room was circular, and looked SO comfy; it had loads of cushions all over the sofas and chairs that were overly squishy. The walls were a pale yellow and had a row of past heads of the house all along the top of the walls, the flooring was light wood, it had 3 separate fireplaces that were always blazing giving a warm feeling to the room and had a constant smell of food, as the entrance is just next to the kitchens. There were plants everywhere, different herbs and flowers were on every windowsill. On the wall without a fireplace there was a corridor with a room to each side and then a staircase at the end, which only led up a few stairs, into a tiny reception room where there was another couple of stairs to your left but other than that 6 more doors that led to more dorms, belonging to the boys and more the other steps leading to the girls dorms. I sat down on a little armchair closest to one of the fires, and snuggled up comfortably and nodded off again.

Before I knew it, I was being shaken awake by Liberty, or Tea as she prefers, telling me it was time for breakfast. I went down with her sat at the table and ate most of my breakfast when I was quickly ushered away to the Gryffindor table by a swooping Albus. I was placed into a seat in between Rose and Al, with Scorp on the other side of Rose.

I remember when I first met most of the Hogwarts population, a.k.a the Wotter Hogwarts students. There were just so many of them, I wasn't expecting it at all, Rosie and Al mentioned there was a few of them and Scorp joked saying that was a small understatement. I seriously thought he was joking when he said there were over 10 of them all together!

"Oi" Rose screamed over her extremely loud cousins, (she always had a way with words that girl, something I found came from her darling Dad). A sea of ginger hair, along with the old black or blonde head, turned to face us. "This is Livy Adams and Scorpius Malfoy, both really great friends of mine and Albus'" Rose stated matter-of- factly.

There was then a chorus of enthusiastic "Hi Livy" that came from them all... And a rather unenthusiastic "Hello Scorpius" or "Malfoy" that came from the slightly disgruntled but acceptant group of cousins.

I wondered what that was all about and resulted I'd ask later, as what was coming next, I was not expecting. I then had a long list of introduction given by Al, "Livy, now, I'll take this slow, and don't expect you to get them all right to start with; this is Victoire, Dominique, and Louis, their brother and sister to each other".

"Victoire, Dominique and Louis, great to meet you!" I exclaimed, seriously overwhelmed but so happy to meet them. They all smiled at me, probably thinking I was too hyper.

These three siblings were the most amazingly radiant and enticing people I had ever met, the eldest and youngest were blonde and Dom a red head. The two girls with long flowing hair, Dom's eyes constantly sparkled whereas Vic's seemed to twinkle, and Louis with short, yet floppy hair, his eyes were bright and bold, making you melt, once looking at him. I later found out that it was because of their part-veela heritage that made them look so irresistible.

Next came George Weasley's kids "and this is Roxanne and Fred, also brother and sister" Al continued.

"Victoire, Dominique, Louis" I muttered under my breath, "Roxanne and Fred, easy enough, nice to meet you two as well!" I said, again, probably too excitedly.

Roxanne had simple beauty with long flowing dark hair, perfectly falling just below her shoulders with gorgeously big eyes, her brother Freddy, was respectively as handsome, but with shocking ginger hair flopping just above his eyes which somehow made you question your sanity! I now know that this guy is simply mad, but just so loveable!

Al then turned to his brother and gave a 'lovely' introduction "and this here Livy, is my idiotic, apparently heartthrob of a brother, James" shaking his head disapprovingly and giving his brother a push making him fall slightly.

James then started to blush and gave Albus a small shove back, saying very sarcastically "Gosh Al, you're so sweet, I wouldn't say I was a heart throb, you're making me blush up red like a tomato, but nice to meet you Livy".

I replied with a huge grin on my face (he really was quite gorgeous even if he was only a second year- that sounds wrong, but looking back, I was blown away by him the very moment I met him) "yeah, um, nice to meet you too". James' hair was pretty much the same as Al's but with age, looked A-maz-ing. His eyes were a brown, and gazed hopefully into your soul, every time you looked at the boy.

Rose then caught me off guard by announcing it was test time, then with a blink of my eye, all the Wotter's had changed seats, just to throw me I might add! I then thought very carefully and went around the table listening off each of their names,

"Louis, Roxanne, Victoire, James, Fred and Dominique".

"Yay! You got it all right! Whoa for someone who didn't even know us, that was pretty good!" Dominique shouted as James lifted me up and spun me round, causing me to squeal at the top of my lungs.

Once both of my feet were firmly planted on the stone floor of the great hall, Al brought me back to reality simply stating "Although, that's not all of us, next year Hugo and Lils will be coming up and dear Vic here will be departing, plus you haven't met Teddy and he's pretty much family, oh and there's Moll and Luce, they'll be coming up when we're in third year”

I take back what I said before, that was overwhelming, they had such a big family! Victoire I found out was a Ravenclaw like her little brother Louis and Rose, all of them were the brains of the group, thinking through things rationally and never rushing into things they weren't sure about, except perhaps when they listened their dear family. Everyone else was in Gryffindor, all very brave and proud of it but also were quick to just do something spontaneously. I seriously count my lucky stars Vic was a Ravenclaw, being the first official Wotter, she had powers you wouldn't believe over the others, and still however maintained a great relationship with everyone which was really sweet.

Even though they were in different houses and turned out to be very different in themselves, each member of the Wotter family had one thing in common. How much they loved each other. And how much they truly, genuinely cared for one another, whether that was beating up the first boy who broke Roxy's heart or simply remembering each other's birthdays and getting them exactly what they wanted. (One thing, I have to admit is so difficult, there are loads of them and you can't keep track sometimes). I instantly fell in love with this big happy family,
little did I know then, as a wee firsty year, that they'd be just like my family as well.

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Chapter 3: The Third Year and The Unexpected Experience
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Over the years, we found that, somehow, we must have been separated at birth... All four of us. We took almost the same subjects when it got to our OWL's and NEWT's, we shared a lot of interests and quickly spent a lot of time together. We all shared a love for Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions. Albus and I shared a love for Muggle Studies, something he inherited from his Grandad Arthur, and I just loved the way wizards looked at everyday objects! Whereas Rose and Scorpius absolutely loved Transfiguration, both of them were way too amazing for their own good at that subject, very helpful for me, as I was always awful at it. We always found time to study because Rose was constantly fretting over some sort of test, exam or homework, this was a good and a bad thing. We also found time for lounging about by the Black Lake or the ‘Famous’ Wotter sleepovers.

I remember once when we took an unplanned trip into the Black Lake. It turns out that Al and Scorp tried to get back at 'the ultimate pranksters of Hogwarts' since Fred and George Weasley, James II and Freddy II. Freddy and James had turned Al and Scor's robes pink with kittens on it, which was funny to start with but they removed it eventually (well they got Roxy to do it after promising to help her out sometime whenever she needed a more devious mind than her own). Before that Scorp figured that they could quite easily get rid of that but once the pink was removed from the robes, the person whose robe it was, their hair turned purple! That was hilarious, they couldn't get rid of it, everyone tried but nothing would work, it just changed colour every time, like a rainbow show, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, pink, all the colours you can think of...Well, that was until Rose threatened to send an owl home to her Aunt Ginny, who even now has the record for the best Bat Bogey Hex. That caused Roxy to finally do it.

Of course Al and Scor didn't agree with that, they wanted to win the right way. It was their fantastic idea to prank them back, A-man and S-man, did not make a good move. They were never going to come out if this untouched, they took weeks to plan it all, and were desperate to get back at them, they even paid Dom (they tried Roxy first but she said no, on account it was her brother, but Dom said it'd be hilarious and even though she loved them, they were annoying sometimes!) to help them and perform the deed as it was quite advanced. James and Freddy were turned into an ostrich every time they tried to talk to a girl who wasn't related to them... It wasn't too bad though, the effects wore off after 30 seconds of them changes. Their faces were such a picture afterwards, they were so shocked, mouths wide open, they didn't know what was happening at all. It took a couple times of ostrich before they realised someone had done something and found out what was triggering it. Saying that though, they were incredibly fast at deciding who did it, simple really.

Al figured this out fairly quickly and thought that going by the lake would get them away from the two rather angry fourth years. But when that wasn't good enough, Rose and I were their (in the end) wet solution.

"Scorp! I told you this was a bad idea! Seriously, why did I let you talk me into this?!" Al screamed as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him until he reached Rose and I, who were, not only two minutes ago, taking in the summer sunshine and chatting about everything and anything, PEACEFULLY.

You see, Rose and I were sunbathing on a summer's afternoon because exams were still on for the older students, therefore meaning we had nothing to do, and due to the fact it was a simply beautifully sunny day, we thought that the best place to be was by the lake. We were just wearing shorts and a vest, as it was so hot, and were taking in the view if Hogwarts and putting the world to right, occasionally moving into the shade of the Oak tree next to us.

This is where they found us- Scorp, catching up spluttered "when did you get so fast?" completely ignoring everything Al had previously said.

Al, with a look, just one look, said more than enough words, stating 'Are-You-Actually-Serious-Fix-This-NOW.

"Fine, fine, chill out. I think we lost them anyway."

This time all of us shot him a look saying Really?-James-Fred-really? It didn’t take long for Rose and I to realise why they were running.

"But you know just in case we have to cause a distraction... Livy? Rose? Can you swim?" Scorpius said carefully, as if he was coming up with a plan as he spoke.

"Yes..." Rose and I chimed hesitantly.

Scorpius' stormy grey eyes lit up and his concerned face turned into a beautifully huge grin, "Wonderful! I'm assuming they know you can Rose? (And with a nod from Rosie he continued). Not you though Livy? Surely they don't know that? (a shake from me resulted in a bigger grin and flattery). Okay then, my favourite bestest friend and the most amazing actress in the whole wide world, will you do me and Al a favour?" Scorpius pleaded with me.

"Of course dear friend of mine, whatever you need!" I said sarcastically, "just don't tell anyone... If anyone asks I had nothing to do with anything" I added quickly.

Everyone nodded at my stern command and carried on relaxing in the beautiful summer sun, with the only sound was the faint laughter of other students further along the lake as well as Scorp and Al whispering almost suspiciously (I really should have called up on that when I saw it).

AGAIN, my quiet afternoon was disrupted, and this time, it was seriously changed. James and Fred launched a surprise attack on our boys... It wasn't pretty, there were hexes flying everywhere for a while, but eventually, and this is the point I got angry.
Al and Scorp gave each other a quick nod and then were off throwing themselves towards me and Rose and then... Al picked me up in a firemans lift, (Scorp was right earlier... Something had changed...When did he get so strong?), then threw me into the Black Lake, jumping in after me, and Scorp doing the same thing with Rose.
(Okay, seriously, when did they get so strong? Do you reckon it's Quidditch? I hadn't really noticed a difference before, not in me anyway, currently a chaser on the Hufflepuff team, but maybe there was something, Al, I suppose, had been going to loads of extra Quidditch practises towards the final match, and Scor. Maybe that was it, but Merlin! That developed quickly!)

In the shock of things, I spluttered but then realised what they were doing. A brilliant distraction! James and Freddy, cared about me like a sister, another cousin, so to see me like this would cause some distress. It might even cause James to ruin that perfectly styled bed-head look! (I think during the hexes, Scorp or Al sent the counter curse to them, therefore when proceeding events happened without anyone turning into an ostrich).

I then threw myself into a very convincing role of an innocent drowning girl, then being saved by a (still very handsome) angry brother... James, bless his cotton socks he jumped in, splashed Al rather a lot but very quickly, then he scooped me up and placed me on the side of the lake. Encouraging me to breath, which of course I was doing just fine, but appreciated the effort. While he was doing this Freddy joined us and the others scrambled out of the river themselves. Rose was now shouting at Scor for throwing her into the lake without telling her first. But one thing I suppose none of us thought of was that James would get angry, well not that angry.

James was now angry at Albus for a whole different reason.

"Albus Severus Potter, how dare you do that to your best friend, didn't you know she couldn't swim, I mean, seriously, to get away from me?! I'm your brother, I wouldn't have been too harsh on you!" James utterly screeched at Albus, who throughout the whole speech tried to but in several times and explain, with unsuccessful attempts.

But after James had calmed down (no help from Fred though, I might add, who had gone into panic mode after seeing me like that, crazy kid!), I explained everything, although he wasn't happy about it, he was considerably happier once I'd said I could actually swim. So, Lovely Livy to the rescue I suppose!

Although from all of that, I did get a cold shoulder from James for about a week, but eventually he caved in. I have insanely convincing puppy eyes! After we'd got out, and calmed James and Freddy down, they wandered off to go and get dry and probably chat up some girls, who didn't give a damn about whether they were ostriches earlier on in the day.

In doing this, Rose and I were left doing the shouting, "and you couldn't have told us about the exact plan I suppose?" Rose asked with a certain amount of sarcasm in her voice.

"Yeah, that would have made it so much more difficult wouldn't it Rose?" Adding the same amount of sarcasm, I continued.

"Of course Livy, that would have been a pain... Really hard to let people in on a plan they were involved in" Rose exclaimed, getting angrier by the second.

Rose and I, at the start were stood a good enough distance away from them, but as our anger increased, we were getting closer and closer, meaning by the time Rose had finished that last sentence. We were practically standing on their toes, me straight in front of Al looking up, sternly into his big green eyes... That looked a really bright shade of green, sparkling in guilt, trying to trip me up in the deep, sweet, puppy eyes. Wait. No. What? I'm angry, why am I looking so deep into his eyes? Stern looks back on.

"Care to explain?" I started, looking from Scorp to Al.

Both of them simultaneously looked at each other, and back at me. Apparently using some sort of mental telepathy that I couldn't intercept, because Al began to talk, looking me in the eyes,

"Look, I'm sorry, it was Scorp's idea to create a distraction, he thought of the idea and checked it with you. Then he started to tell me about it, that's why we were whispering by the way. I said not to tell you exactly what was happening, as you already sort of knew because you agreed Liv. But it's my fault, not Scorp's honestly".

By the simple but sincere what he was looking at me, I could tell he was sorry, but I could also tell he was lying. He was such a good friend to Scorp, it was almost too cute, Al was always conscious of the Slytherin reputation his family had. And how this had assumed this in Scorp without really knowing him, so he would always do what he could to show how much of a good guy Scorp was. Of course, Rose couldn't quite see this because he was looking me in the eye the whole time, still millimetres away.

"Well, that's good and dandy then isn't it, but wait, actually, it's not, Livy agreed, I did no such thing!" She pointed out, hitting Scorp on the arm several times.

"Rose, Rose, seriously calm down" Scorp said trying to sooth her.

But again, a bad move S-man. Al, the master of looks that said a million words, shot him a DID-YOU-ACTUALLY-JUST-TELL-HER-TO-CALM-DOWN-YOU-IDIOT look, expressing to him, that, that is never a good move and took over.

"Rose, you're right, but we needed you too, it wouldn't have been so convincing with just Liv, sorry, we are, really." Al explained.

"I'm so, so, sorry Rose, but I knew you could swim and thought it'd be a laugh" Scorp said, hoping he could win her over.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. So, we going to just stand here, or? We're wet already, might as well, take another dip, it’s warm enough!" Rose squealed, pushing a very surprised Scorpius into the lake, and jumping in after him. I began to laugh at the situation, Scorp had started to splash Rose who had taken on the challenge, and I reckon was winning.

I turned to look back at Al to share the laughter, when I realised we were still really close and his laughter was booming into me, making me feel funny inside. But again, I was caught off guard when I was being lifted up and thrown into the lake once more (this seeker business of his has really made him fast). This time though I was more ready and no longer needing to play the part of a damsel in distress, meaning, no sooner was Al stood at the side laughing hysterically, was he being dragged into the lake by me. Once he'd regained his surroundings he was off after me, I beginning a natural swimmer was very fast and difficult to catch up, so eventually gave up and let him catch me. At this point he gathered all the energy he had a jumped on me pushing me further underwater, letting me up, several moments after, when I was physically exhausted. Feeling sorry for me Al, having caused my issue, helped me up onto the side where we sat, being joined by the other two, for the rest of the afternoon, chatting and drying off slightly.

That was the first time I noticed Al, like properly, more than a friend. Though, I never acted on it, I was a third year, I didn't want to get involved in any of that crap for a couple years. It was also the first time I noticed Rose and Scorp's love-hate, relationship, I figured there was bound to be something there. Of course, I didn't take it as that then, I just thought it would be interesting how long they'd be friends before they killed each other.

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Chapter 4: Our Protective Boys and Jealousy
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As best friends, Rose and I, completely loved gossip, boys and more gossip. Rose of course pretends she hated it, because most of her family was the gossip. But as I was no real relation, I could get away with shouting gossip about and filling in Rosie when I saw her. Given that she was always in the library though, Rose also had plenty of gossip, when people will learn that the library is a silent place and finally understands that if you are the only one talking you will be listened to, I will never know. It certainly hasn't happened yet! Me and Rose rarely had time for gossip and boys though, as we were constantly followed round by two very annoying and occasionally very protective boys as best friends.

I remember once in third year, when we were just starting to get into boys and didn't see them as people of the opposite gender... But with way more germs. Rose and I completely fell for the two most gorgeous boys I had ever seen, I mean, one was part Cormac (mine, after Rose said something about her mum... I can't remember) and the other part Wood. Granted they'd never go for us. We were in third year and they were in fifth, but a girl can dream right? This is when we first got a taste of just how protective these boys were.

That night we were sat in the Slytherin common room, all four of us on the two chairs, closest to the fire, the only fire. Granted the common room was large and really quite cold because it was on the lower ground and next to the lake, meaning to boys dorms, directly opposite the entrance and slightly to the left, down the stairs, were dark and cold because their windows looked out into the lake. Whereas the girls dorms looked over the water’s edge as they were up the stairs. The common room was grandly decorated with ancient antiques and posh looking items everywhere, whether it was an ornate chair you were sat on, or a lavish table you probably shouldn't have your feet on, everything always looked pristine, and not very inviting, it was generally not very comfortable you see.

Anyway, on this particular Saturday evening, Al and Scorp were sitting on the chairs properly, whereas, me and Rose were sat on the arms of said chairs, with our backs slightly leaning against them, while looking at each other and talking animatedly about the day’s events.

"Did you see him today Rose, did you actually see him, I was fit to burst, he looked GORGEOUS! I would have eaten him if I didn't think cannibalism was wrong!" I joked.

"I know, I know, Ben did look great, but did you see Alex, HE looked even better today... Really hot... Pity he has a girlfriend really" Rose agreed.

At this point, Scor who she had been leaning on suddenly jumped up after he caught on what we were saying, (normally the boys either have their own conversation or zone out most of the time, we tend to go on and waffle a lot). His sudden movement caused Rose to fall backwards onto the chair, and somehow (don't ask me how) flip over the other arm of the chair, causing her to land on her bum facing us.

"What was that for smart arse" Rose huffed, getting up and sitting on the chair properly, crossing her arms and facing Scor.

"Sorry, forgot you were leaning on me. But what's this about thinking Alex Wood is 'hot'?" Scor quoted.

Al, who was quite slow sometimes, had finally stopped laughing at poor Rose and jumped up in his seat, although unlike Scorp, he caught me before I could fall. "First off, that's how you treat a friend Scorp; you try and make sure they don't fall! Second off, what?! Who’s 'hot'?" Al shared.

"Thanks by the way Al, I didn't really want to head the same way as Rose. And really? We talked about them all the way through Hogsmeade today, all the way back, more at dinner and finally, quite a lot this evening. And you're catching on now?" I wondered. Seriously these guys could be dim.

"You’re welcome Liv. All day? Did you notice that, I didn't?" He asked Scorp.

"Of course I didn't, why'd you think I caused Rose to fall, for fun? Anyway, they're not allowed to like boys yet. They'll break your hearts, no need for you two to have any involvement with boys for a long time, possibly never." Scorp replied.

"Wait, excuse me? We can't do what? Who are you two to say what we can and can't do! Me and Livy can do whatever we want" Rose protested, starting to cause a slight scene in the common room, as people were starting to look.

"In case you haven't noticed Rose, I happen to be your best friend, and Al, don't you remember, is your cousin." Scorp retaliated.

"You may be my friend, and he may be my cousin but that gives you no right to tell me what to do. It's not as if I even stand a chance, he's a fifth year and has got a girlfriend, bet you didn't listen to me when I said that earlier" Rose testified and by the end had lowered her voice, making it sound just disappointed.

"I'm just looking out for you Rose, both of us are, we care so much, of course about you too Livy. Rose, honestly, I bet you could easily out do any girls in fifth. Easily. I promise." Scorp confessed, trying to comfort her.

"Scorp you big softy, where'd that come from? I know you care but you don't need to try and control all of my life, because, trust me, I'm not going to let you do that" Rose justified, getting up and giving him a hug.

As Rose and Scorp were arguing Al had come back to sit of the chair we normally shared, this time sitting on the arm himself, leaning on the back of the chair this time, trying to comfortably watch the show, unfolding before our eyes. Once Rose had forgiven him again, and hugging him.

I leaned forward and whispered in Al ear, "I don't get how he does it, every time, she just melts, she can't stay mad at him for longer than 5 minutes at a time!”

Al chuckled to himself before claiming "He does have a way with words, they have each other wrapped round the others little finger. Have you noticed, Rose goes all quiet, and Scorp caves for it. Every time." He whispered this back, making me smile, realising he was right.

Rose and Scorp were now talking about transfiguration, so we continued. "You know I'd do the same for you. I'm always here for you Liv. Always, you name it, and I'll be there to look after you. If I over reacted I'm sorry, I just don't want you to be upset. Ever." Al assured me, still whispering, and now looking me directly in the eyes.

"I know, I know Ally. Don't worry; I will take you up on that offer one day. I'm always here for you if you need anything as well though Ally" I whispered back, feeling a strange warmth inside of my stomach, he makes me smile so easily, helps me out all the time.

He's great, my Ally Wally. He gave me an awkward hug, sitting on arm of the chair, smiling ridiculously as well. Then joining in the conversation with Scorp and Rose who were now talking about our potions essay that was due in a couple days.

Seriously I don’t know why he has to always have an argument with me, like always. I can’t believe we’re at it again, and this time it’s stupid, I don’t understand why he can’t just accept this!

“Anyway, they're not allowed to like boys yet. They'll break your hearts, no need for you two to have any involvement with boys for a long time, possibly never." Scorp replied.

"Wait, excuse me? We can't do what? Who are you two to say what we can and can't do! Me and Livy can do whatever we want" I protested.

Starting to cause a slight scene in the common room, as people were starting to look, I hate causing scenes, people keep looking over! Being me, a Wotter, means I get constant attention. I actually hate it; I’m like my mum in that way, me and hundreds of eyes staring in my direction is never a good thing. I went to a muggle primary school and I was an angel in the nativity, unfortunately, I was the only angel that had to speak, it meant that the front row was almost drowned in my tears and one poor kid was covered in my puke. But anyway, I’m angry at Scorp.

"In case you haven't noticed Rose, I happen to be your best friend, and Al, don't you remember, is your cousin." Scorp retaliated.

"You may be my friend, and he may be my cousin but that gives you no right to tell me what to do. It's not as if I even stand a chance, he's a fifth year and has got a girlfriend, bet you didn't listen to me when I said that earlier" I testified and by the end had lowered my voice, making it sound just disappointed.

Ha! See how you like that Scorp! I’m disappointed, because I am, although, that always pushes him over the edge, I reckon I could win this one!

"I'm just looking out for you Rose, both of us are, we care so much, of course about you too Livy. Rose, honestly, I bet you could easily out do any girls in fifth. Easily. I promise." Scorp confessed, trying to comfort her.

Damn. Damn, Damn! He’s done it again; I can’t stay mad at him, he just promised, I’m going to have to give in to it. It’s those eyes, I just get lost in them, those stormy grey eyes. And look at his little face; he’s pulled puppy dog eyes on me again!

"Scorp you big softy, where'd that come from? I know you care but you don't need to try and control all of my life, because, trust me, I'm not going to let you do that" I justified, getting up and giving him a hug.

“Don’t you think transfiguration was really interesting today?” Scorp asked, smirking as if he knew he’d won. The cheek! Oh well.

I went to answer but as I parted from Scorp and stole a look at Al and Livy, nice and snug there guys, whispering to each other, looking back at Scorp I found that he was watching them all the same... We’re so nosey. I sat back down, claiming the chair this time to ensure that I didn’t take another tumble; Scorp then chose to sit on the armchair leaning against the back of the chair.

“Why can’t they just realise they’re perfect for each other” I commented leaning down to talk to me quietly so they couldn’t hear.

“I don’t know. Hopefully soon” Scorp replied.

“Yeah, preferably before I have to meddle!”

“Let’s hope so! Oh, there looking back. So Rosie, what about that potions essay?”

“IT WAS TORTURE” Al decided, way to ruin your cute little moment there Al. Good going!

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Chapter 5: The Sleepover
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By our fourth year, Torie, Roxy and Dom had left Hogwarts and Hugo, Lils, Moll and Luce had arrived. Louis was now a seventh year and Quidditch captain for the Ravenclaw team, James and Fred were now in sixth year and were happy about not doing anything for a year, still troublesome little boys though! Hugo and Lily were now in their second year, they are just lovely, Lily is a loud, spiritual, and jaw dropingly stunning girl, her gently cascading red locks looking oddly like her mother's and her wide green eyes looking exactly like her fathers, Lily (with exception to Rose) was my favourite Wotter girl, she just got me. And Hugo Weasley, a quiet yet charming member of the Weasley's family, he is like his mother in her bookworm qualities but his father had given him the ability to completely discard study, and have some fun! His dark brown eyes gave a sense of a certain amount of reserve behind them but his trade mark ginger hair gave him the edge. Molly and Lucy had now come up and really surprised me; I'd met them briefly before but still. They are twins... Nothing about them is the same other than there last name and eye colour. Moll' is fun and high- spirited, with a definite Weasley prankster streak as well as red hair which is, much to her parents dislike, in a pixie haircut, short but sweet, her angelic brown eyes however completely tone it down. Luce, the absolute opposite, almost silent, but joins in with her insane family all the same, has a heart of gold, and whose read such a large amount of books it could challenge the total of Hermione Granger. Dainty brown oval eyes, with mid-length brown hair which is constantly tied up in a simple pony tail, sums her up really rather well.

Even though we'd lost 3 Wotter's that didn't make any difference, the annual Wotter and special guests sleepover still happened and this year I was invited! Everyone comes, including the famous Teddy Lupin who was now officially going to be part of the family because he and Torie were now engaged. It was the eldest Hogwarts resident Wotter who organised the sleepover each year and found ways for the others to get into the castle. This year it was Louis’ turn to transform the room of requirement to his own standards, the beauty of it, was each year, you'd have a different scene to sit in. Although in the case of getting everyone else into the castle was easy, the invisibility cloak James inherited from his Dad, but shared with everyone, was used to get everyone around the castle. Getting them into the castle was even easier though, George Weasley, knowing about the Hogsmeade entrance to Hogwarts through Honeydukes, bought the lot, to make sure that his kids and the rest of the Wotter's had access to everything they need. So, the older cousins would drop into the shop, have a quick chat to the happiest and funniest staff you'll ever met (George won't have it any other way), and nip into Hogwarts that way. But wait at the end for James to escort them. It always ran smoothly, everyone appearing in at pretty much the same time, those who go to the school, had Al and the Marauders Map that Teddy had given him, as he was no longer in Hogwarts and still wanted his father's legacy to live on, you see, Teddy, is not a born Wotter but the most delightful substitute. Teddy Lupin, is half, super kick-ass metamorphmagus and half fascinatingly tranquil shenanigan, with an astonishing mind. His hair can be of any colour under the sun, he can have any look about himself. Merlin, he can be divine in looks, but also turn himself into an old man if desired! It's great, he entertains everyone, and tries to look after everyone too as the oldest Wotter, bless him, he's so cute!

This year it was decided that the sleepover would be on a night in May, Scorp and I had been given a special invite for the first time. I was way more than just excited! I got new pj shorts and was ready to have the time of my life, of course I was organised days before and Rose was beginning to become annoyed as I asked a lot of questions,

"Rose, so what does the room of requirement look like? How come I've never heard of it?"

“Livy, it differs, it doesn't look the same every time you go in unless you want it to. You can make it contain whatever YOU want, and look exactly what YOU want it to look like." Rose replied.

"Okay, so, what happens when we get there, to the wall I mean, there won't be a door will there?" I persisted.

"Well, we go up to the wall, where the door will appear on the seventh floor and pace 3 times, asking for what we desire, of course Louis will be there already, so we'll open the door to find him." Rose answered, she really is quite patient.

"What will it look like? What do you do while there?" I asked another question, thoroughly interested.

"It changes every year, whoever is the oldest here, gets to design the whole sleepover, what we do, where we sleep, what it looks like, everything! Like in our first year, when Torie did it, it was a beach themed, she will always love the beach, because she spent most of her childhood in Shell Cottage and her grandparents live on the coast of France. It was beautiful; the floor was a sandy yellow, and squishy under our feet. There were double water beds, we had to share because she did it as a bonding exercise, we spent the whole time, and making fun of each other especially Torie for making us do it. We had the best time and shared all our worries and troubles, sending Torie away from Hogwarts with a lasting connection with each of us, something she was worried about. I still owl her every two weeks, to tell her about everything going on, I love her to bits, she's one of my closet cousins even though there's 5 years between us". Rose reminisced.

"That sounds beautiful I'm actually super excited now! I wonder what Louis will do! This'll be great!" I announced, thinking of all the amazing things that could happen!

When Friday the 26th May came around, I was super ready and excited, before curfew I went up to Gryffindor tower with Rose, Luce and Scorp, set up with our pjs in a bag ready to be put on just before we went out. I was ssssoooo over excited, I practically skipped over to the Wotter clan in Gryffindor tower, and I jumped onto Al's lap, who was significantly surprised, but accepted it anyway,

"Is someone excited?" He grinned, I nodded vigorously in reply.

"Good! We're going to have a great time Liv, I promise, you'll love it" he declared, giving me a huge squeeze of a hug, which I returned best I could.

Rose, being the organised one, had set an alarm after I was a pest all day, when that went off, it let us know that in 12 minutes we would need to be there, saying it was time to get our pjs on, and for James to go and start the process of collecting Teddy, Torie, Roxy and Dom, one by one because you can't really fit more than two fully grown people under it. I leapt from Al's lap and was taken to Lily's dorm, where I would be getting changed with her and Rose, while Luce went to her sister’s dorm. I came back down wearing, my new pjs, a pair of light purple shorts with a large flower on the right leg and a blue vest, with a quote of Dr Seuss saying 'a person is a person no matter how small' in white, swirly writing, a present from Al this Christmas, making fun of my height, but I loved it anyway, Dr Seuss is the most inspirational person ever! Feeling very comfortable, I walked into the common room, with Rose, wearing a pair of blue bottoms and a light blue t-shirt, saying, 'Do not disturb... I'm not a morning person' in the middle, in dark blue writing, and Lily, who was wearing a pair of yellow shorts and an old baggy Quidditch shirt of James. Apparently we were the last ones there, Moll was there wearing a tiger onesie, Lucy there in grey joggers and an oversized white top, Al, in red and orange checker pj bottoms and a rather tight red top, Scorp in black bottoms, with a plain green t-shirt, Fred was there in striped blue bottoms and a purple t-shirt. Everyone else was either there or getting their now.

"Okay then guys, you finally ready, no one’s outside at the moment, so this as good a time as ever!" Freddy stated.

"Let's do this!" Moll and Luce chimed together, maybe sometimes they are similar, it must be a twin thing.

I was stood with my hands on my hips waiting for those with the map to lead, when through my arms, slipped Al's and Scorp's on each side, with Rose on the other side of Scorp. Apparently they had decided to make this night live up to my expectations, even if they had to do it themselves, starting with the journey!

We had to run most of the way, because Al trusted Fred with the map for the night, and he got too interested in turning into a ninja rather than whether anyone was coming. Even Al and Rose couldn't save that moment, we ran, but that's okay, it was quite exciting. We got there and Al who got there first, was pacing for the last time, a door appeared a big beautifully elegant door. Rose walked forward and gave the door a push, revealing an exquisite room. And 5 other people, James, in joggers and a plain orange T-shirt, Teddy similarly dressed with a black top on. Torie had a big shirt of Teddy's and 3-quarter length trousers, Roxy was wearing a very oversized Holyhead Harpies top that she was wearing it as a night dress, Dom was wearing a pair of pink shorts with a red vest top, and Louis was wearing modest blue striped pyjamas. Rose walked in and immediately got attacked into a big hug from Torie, Freddy walked in and started to shout at Roxy for wearing just a top. Moll got into a debate about Quidditch with Dom and Luce got a huge hug from Teddy and then Torie as well, who both had a big soft spot for the youngest Wotter. Lil strutted into the room, impressing her brother by wearing his top, Rose then dragged Scorp inside to be introduced to the room of requirement. Leaving me and Al stood outside, he pushed me slightly, guiding me into the room with some reassurance, I suddenly got nervous, thinking that it wouldn't be everything I hoped.

How wrong I was, it was astonishing. Louis designed it in the most dazzling way, it was charmed so we could see the stars outside, feeling as if we were camping under them, the ground felt like grass under my feet, just without the dirt, the walls around were also charmed to give us the impression we were in the great outdoors, it was over whelming. The beds were camp out beds and seeing as there were quite a lot of us, we had to share double beds, Torie and Luce, Moll and Lily, Me and Rose, Dom and Roxy, Scorp and Al, Hugo and Louis, leaving Fred, James and Teddy to share a particularly large bed because of the odd number. These beds had the softest covers you will ever feel, it was so comfy. We settled down in the appropriate beds in the inner or outer circle, after saying hi to everyone and catching up, Louis had simply planned this to be a catch up, to make sure everyone talks to everyone at some point during the night. The only trick being that the beds did this for us, after 30 minutes, each bed would move around, allowing you to talk to the next pair of people. A genius idea really!

Me and Rose had a great time talking to everyone, Torie was ecstatic about her engagement and answered more questions than we asked, while Luce sat and talked about all her new classes, that she was the best in each. Moll and Lily also had a lot to share, mostly just planning the next prank they were going to play on their next victim, getting each of us to be a part, ensuring they couldn't get complete blame. Me and Rose just talked generally, there wasn't really much to say. Dom and Roxy were telling us all about their new jobs, Roxy was about to take over the Hogsmeade branch of WWW, while creating new products there. Whereas Dom had become a dragon tamer and had gone to live with her Uncle Charlie, therefore see told us about him as well. When we got to Al and Scorp, we gossiped about what we'd heard from everyone else because we didn't have anything to tell each other! Rose was of course really interested in her little brothers studies, as well as pretty much every aspect of his life, because she didn't see him enough, and Louis expressed his want to become a member of Gringrotts like his Dad. Teddy, also got bombarded with questions about the engagement, although, just how he proposed was asked repeatedly, Fred and James of course got bored of this and started to tell their own tale of how it happened in the end. Thinking about it poor Torie and Teddy didn't even get asked about their jobs, Victoire is an Auror, working with her Uncles Harry and Ron, but Teddy is an unspeakable, so I suppose he couldn't have told us too much... But family have codes, so he tells us enough!

After we'd had a chat to everyone, Louis had another treat for us, the beds then changed coming together in a big circle and joining so we were all lay next to each other. In the middle was a special bonfire that wouldn't burn through the floor, it was so great and next to each of us, there was a hamper of sweets and Marshmallows to roast on the fire were produced.

"I love magic" I whispered, still being overwhelmed by the whole scene that had just in folding

"Me too Liv" a whisper replied, which I found to be Albus', I grinned in return, realising that Al was now next to me.

We spent the rest of the night, on Louis request roasting marshmallows and eating to the point, a bathroom appeared in the corner, so Molly could go and throw up, ahh the little firsty doesn't know when enough is enough! We talked and talked and eventually started to play truth or dare... Dear oh dear, being one of the only people who weren't related to everyone else, meant that a lot of questions were thrown to me, truths and dares, I think to see how I reacted.

"Livy... Truth or Dare" Torie asked.

"Truth" I confidently replied

"Okay, who’s your favourite person in the room? I've always wondered which one you liked best, other than Rose, Al or Scor"

"You of course! (With an eyebrow raised, I carried on) Okay, no offence everyone but, Lils, you remind me of the perfect little sister I always wanted, Peyton's a pain in the bum" I confessed, with that answer, a grateful and surprised Lily shot up and ran over everyone's bodies to get to me and jumped onto me, engulfing me in the biggest hug ever.

"Oh my Merlin, you babe! Love you too Livy!" She bellowed in my ear.

I retuned the hug and with that she was back hopping over everyone, tripping over a still slightly ill Molly and landed on top of a slightly disgruntled Roxy who threw her off, making her land on the floor with a large BUMP, causing Roxy to get a slap on the arm from James and making him run to pick her up and check she was okay. We played to the early hours of the morning, finding out that Dom had a boyfriend called Nicholas, James had yet another girlfriend could Annabelle, who actually he had kept for over a week, she could be a keeper! We thought that Lucy had made little progress with friends as she can be very shy, but we were very wrong, Rose let slip she had loads of friends, therefore we got to learn all about it. Fred was dared to give Peeves some tips on who exactly to cause trouble to, Lily's dare... Apparently Hannah Williams did not like the fact, Lily was a Potter, jealously creates green monsters. Scorp told us all about how he didn't like to be associated with the Malfoy's but explained how his Dad had changed his ways and his Mum was practically an angel, of course Me, Al and Rose already knew this because we'd met Astoria, who treated us like her own while we were at Scorp's. Teddy was dared to go and have a chat with the fat lady until he convinced her to let him into the common room, which while in there brought back James' lucky underwear to show he had succeeded.

"Ally Wally, truth or dare" I asked Al,

"Truth Livs, I pick truth" Al returned.

"Oooh, well, let's see how you'll react when I ask you this then shall we. Whose your crush at the moment, and don't lie, there's got to be someone!" I encouraged.

"No one, seriously, none of the girls do anything for me at the moment" Al smoothly expressed.

"You’re lying! You're such a bad liar Al; you can't be a Potter and related to James without liking someone constantly!" Rose scoffed.

A pillow came out of nowhere and hit Rose in the head, after Rose shouted "JAMES!" And threw it back at James, all the attention was returned to Al.

We must have sat there for 5 minutes until Al finally exclaimed, "Fine, I do like someone but I'm telling you, well, not unless you have some veritaserum."

"WHAT!!!" Everyone cried out at the same time, causing a 10 minute laughing fit after.

"Okay, okay, we'll let you get away with it once, but only once Al, so who’s next? Livy, I reckon it's time for a dare for you and I've got a good one" Dom claimed, now, I was slightly worried; Dom had a reputation of serious dares, that could ruin everything!

"I dare you, as the only girl to not be related to us, you have to kiss each boy in this room, as long as it's okay with you Torie?" Dom confirmed my theory.

"Fine by me Dommie!" Torie replied.

"Fine... But don't expect me to enjoy it!" I laughed.

I then got up and starting with Teddy, then Louis, James, Fred, Hugo, Scorp, and ending with Al, being able to return to my bed easily after. To show I was no wimp, I kissed almost all of them with complete ease, but I'm not going to lie, there was something about approaching my best friends with puckered lips that was insanely strange. It was a feeling I'd never experienced before, kissing Scorp was strange, but not too different from all the others. Al though, was different, I felt something else, a shock that affected my whole body, that kiss was cut short because if it, I was stunned and went to lie back down.

"Oooh! Good on you girl! Most special guests haven't kissed those who brought them! But you did the dare to the very end!" Dom excitedly declared.

This confused me, I was sure Rose would have brought me with her, but I didn't kiss her. Wait, that can only mean, but that'd be a bit odd. Al asked if I could come, well, bless him, he must have thought I'd enjoy it.

When the morning came, we'd had about 2 hours sleep, and we were all eager to sleep more, pretty much none of us are morning people! We said goodbye to those who weren't allowed to stay and went to our respective houses and then dorms. I was on my way out of the room of requirement and was down the hall, having said goodbye to everyone, when I was aware of someone saying my name,

"Liv, Livy, Olivia, Olivia Adams!" I turned to see Al running to catch me up, therefore I stopped and waited.

"Did you just call me Olivia?" I hinted once he was by my side.

"Maybe..." Al hesitated.

"You know not to do that!" I scolded him.

"Oi! If you're going to be like that, then I won't offer to walk you to your common room, like I was about to!" Al suggested, sounding quite offended.

"Well, in that case. You can stay! I love having a walking buddy Ally Wally."

"Good! Because I love being your walking buddy. So, did you have as much fun as you expected, Louis did really well this year!"

"Oh my Merlin, it was amazing, I had so much fun, your family is simply fabulous, I love them all so much, I'm so glad I befriended you and Rose, my life would be so boring without you Ally!"

"Trust me, I know what you mean, my family can be a handful, but I wouldn't have them any other way, ever, I wouldn't trade them for the world. And I'm glad I befriended you as well, Liv, your one of my best friends, without you and Scorp, I reckon I'd be a different person, and that is not a good thing!"

With this I stopped in the middle of the corridor and hugged him, "that's the cutest thing anyone's ever said to me" I consoled in him, we then continued walking, after that random outburst,

"That's what I'm here for Liv! To make you happy, to make you feel good! You know, I'm the one who asked if you could come, well, you and Scor. I knew you'd love it! Plus I buy you nice things; you’re wearing that top I bought you!" Al exclaimed, as if I was being stupid to think that's never happened before.

“Whoa! Does this mean you were right? Merlin! This has got to be some sort of break through!"

"Really?! Thanks for that Livs! Okay well, I'll have to say goodbye to you here then"

"No! Don't leave! I didn't mean it Al!" I pleaded.

"Chill out Liv, look where we are." Al grinned, looking around; I found I was outside the Hufflepuff common room, "I would never get rid of you like that! And I hardly ever take you seriously! You have that tone of voice when you're kidding!" Al chuckled at me.

I pretended to take offence saying "fine, well fine, I'll see you later then!"

"I was joking Liv! But I will see you later, you crazy chick!" with that I looked him in the eyes and gave him a wink, giving him another hug, I disappeared into the comfy, cosy place I call my common room with only a "see you at lunch, Ally Wally, I won't be awake till then!" shouting back at him.

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Chapter 6: The Aftermath and the Unexpected News
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True to my word, I wasn't up till then, actually I wasn't up until 3 in the afternoon, and I wasn't woken up naturally!

"Wake up, wake up, wake up!"
"We've been waiting for you to wake up for hours!" Scorp, Al and Rose screamed at me.

"Aaarggg, leave me alone! I'm trying to sleep!" I grunted back

"Nope! Never!" Scorp bellowed in my ear.

"How'd you get up here? I didn't know you had the password, wait how'd you two even get up here?" I grumbled, turning to face them, "So? Stop looking at me like that! What you never woken up a girl before, it takes me an hour to get ready in the morning" I demanded.

"We have our ways, Liv! I heard the password last time, and it's probably best you don't know how we got up here" Al answered, "and you look fine" he quickly added, hoping that would be a good enough.

"Wonderful! Well, what was it you wanted? I'd like to get back of sleeping if you don't mind" I critiqued.

"Hey! Little miss grumpy pants, we just wanted to check you hadn't died, but now you're awake, do you fancy going for a walk around the black lake, or whatever you want really, I suppose you've got homework to do, we could do that together!" Rose joked.

"I'm starving! I need to eat!" I decided,

"Good old Livy, always hungry, but lunch is done, Oooh! That means a visit to the kitchens, I love it!" Scorp indicated.

"Let's do it! Just give me 20 minutes to have a shower and get changed, you guys can chill out in here or go into the common room, whatever" I said with high enthusiasm jumping out of bed.

It took me a bit longer to get changed than expected, about 40 minutes, and Rose was too hungry to wait so went down to the kitchens before everyone else , inpatient she is when food is involved, only waited 10 minutes. We then went to the kitchens and then the black lake, because that was much more appealing than homework, we have the whole of Sunday for that! It was going great; we were discussing what happened at the sleepover. That's when it happened. I wasn’t sure how to react at all; I was surprised to say the least. Both Al and Scorp had girlfriends, well not girlfriends, but dates! In the space of time that it took me to get changed, they got dates, with girls in MY dorm, with Emma and Louise. SERIOUSLY! I wasn't really impressed and completely surprised and by the look on Rose's face, she didn't know either and was equally shocked.

It all happened like this, Rose and I had just finished talking about Torie and Teddy, something apparently the other two weren't listening to...

"So, Al, I've never had that conversation with you before, it was strange for you to almost tell your entire family before me, who was it then? You can tell me" Scorp explained to Al

"Us" Rose and I added.

"No, I can't, sorry guys but I'm not telling you all in the open, people could be listening!" Al declared.

"That's a load of bull. Does that mean it's not Louise then?" Scorp asked.

"Louise? As in my dorm mate Louise? What about her Al?" I questioned,

"Ummm, nothing really, well it's only, you were taking so long, and we got bored, then Emma and Louise came in, they started talking to us, and one thing led to another, and well, we may have asked them out." He said all too quickly.

"Wait, we? Scorp, you asked Emma out?" Rose demanded

"Maybe, well, yeah" he replied hesitantly.

"And when were you going to tell us about this, this is big news! I bet they ran out of the room and found the first person they came across to tell them!" Rose exclaimed.

"Seriously, we've been walking around from ages!" I added.

"What?! Why are you two so sensitive, we would have told you at some point, didn't think it was that big a deal! What's wrong with you two?" Scorp inquired.

"Nothing's wrong with us! Nothing at all, we're just taken back, we thought we'd be the first people you'd tell, like immediately after it happened. That's all". I started angrily but proceeded to be calm by the end, sounding disappointed.

"Yeah, we just didn't expect to hear the big news hours after, thought you'd at least brag about it all to us. Or asked us what to say, how to act. Something." Rose agreed, joining me I'm disappointment and a solemn look.

Causing the two boys to look sad and ultimately look guilty, "look Rose, I didn't think it'd be this big of a deal, we were going to say something, at some point, honest. That doesn't mean you won't help us though does it? Because we're still going to need our girls to look after, and out for us. Make sure we don't do anything stupid or stuff like that." He admitted.

Staring into Rose's bright blue eyes, with his stormy grey, of course like normal, Rose gave up, giving him a hug, just the fact that he said he needed her was enough. I reckon there's something between them, whether they like it or know it yet.

"Why is it that every time they argue, one or the other, bales and gives up so easily" Al spoke softly in my ear, standing quite close, close enough for me to feel the body heat emitting off him.

"I think it's got something to do with the disappointed tone and flattery" I spoke back, just a carefully, not looking at him.

"Does that work on you? The flattery, you know, you really didn't look bad this afternoon when we woke you up, you always look beautiful, no matter what the time of day" he whispered.

"It works a little, but seriously, I share a dorm with these girls, it'll be constant talk of you two and if it goes wrong, the classic, him or us deal! I don't want to deal with that! Not that I've got much of a choice. I always thought you'd ask my opinion first." I answered, testing the disappointment tone on him.

"Well, I'm sorry, constant talk of me does sound painful! (Sometimes he's so like his brother) but Liv, it was a spur of the moment thing, it's just a date. By the way, I always thought I'd ask your opinion on it though, I did" he defended.

"It will be! And a date means a lot more to a girl than a guy, especially with you, I mean, you’re a Potter that means something, you've got to be careful mister!" I laughed in a somewhat serious tone of voice.

"Okay, okay, fine, I'll be careful, happy now?" He finally gave up sounding defeated.

"Very!" I assured him, giving him a big hug, causing him to pick me up and spin me.

"Although I don't think Louise will be if she's sees that" Scorp joked, setting us all off on giggles!

Okay, there is no way in hell that he is going to get off with this that easily! Just laugh along Rose, won’t last long. I’ll talk to him later.

We spent the rest of the afternoon sat around, doing nothing in particular really. I actually did get everyone to do at least bit of homework, they may have been disgruntled (and didn’t bother sugar coating it when they told me), but at least now they didn’t have to do it last minute and end up doing to bad job! It balances it out really! We separated at about 9 because (somehow) Livy was still tired and needed more sleep, therefore deciding to hit the hay earlier than normal.

I got back into the common room, hopped into the shower, getting ready for bed. I put on my Pjs and got comfy on my bed, reading a book, my mum’s rather tattered copy of Hogwarts: A History, I love that book, I’ve read it cover to cover, WAY too many times. I could probably recite it for you right now, but, don’t worry, I won’t, and I also won’t stop reading it! I was lay there, when I realised I wasn’t at all tired and wasn’t even beginning to be. So, I thought, now was a better time than any to have that little talk with Scor. I crept out of the common room, basically becoming a ninja and managed to get the Slytherin common room with little trouble. That was until I got to the entrance and found that they had changed the password. This caused problems.


The door swung open, revealing a very disgruntled third year,
“Will you PLEASE just shut up?! I’ve opened the door, go and find the bloke yourself!” he sighed.

I’d done it again, caused a scene that is. Merlin, I bet the whole of this house thinks I’m insane. Oh, well, what do I care really? Uh-oh. Did I just tell them all Scorp’s middle name? I wasn’t supposed to do that... oh well. They won’t say anything. They were too busy being annoyed with me to listen to the last bit. It’s all good! Okay, where is this kid. I walked to his dorm and knocked on the door.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I asked before opening the door. I once opened it without knocking... let’s just say I was scarred for life by Jason, the poor kid who shares a dorm with Scorp.

“Yeah, what’s up? Oh, hey Rose. Did you want Scorpius?” Tyler, Scorp’s other dorm mate said, appearing in the door way.

“Hiya Tyler, it’s been a while. How are you? And yeah, I do”

Tyler put his head back round the door, “I’m good, how you have been? Well, we’re all descent, so come on in, Scorp’s gone to bed, but you know the drill. Wake him up if you need to. No-one else is asleep”

“Cheers Tyler! I’m glad you’re good. And you know same old, same old. I’m alright” I smiled, walking into the dorm and waving a hello to Jason, Alex and Shaun.

I crept over to Scorp’s bed and opened to curtains around one side of his four poster bed. He looked so sweet and innocent in his sleep, well, tough luck Scorpy, I gotta talk with you. I really was past shouting; it took a lot of effort to do that. So, the only thing I could do was jump on him!

“WHAT THE HELL! I’M UP, I’M UP! WHERE’S THE FIRE?” he screamed, jumping up, causing me to fall of the bed. I swear I have so many bruises from this kid.

“Calm the heck down Scorp! It’s me!” I moaned, while sat on the floor.

“Sorry Rosie, I didn’t mean to do that. But Merlin Rose! A simple Scorp wake up would have worked too you know!” He laughed, helping me up and gesturing to a seat on his bed opposite him (so we were sat head to foot).

“I know, I know. It just took so much effort shouting you before someone finally let me in. They changed the password you know!”

“Oh, sorry. Did I not tell you?”

“No you did not”

“Yeah, well, I’m sorry. Rose?”

“You should be! Scorpius?”

“You know you’re in your pjs right? Like you must have walked all the way here, in your pjs and love, those certainly are some adorable kittens you have on your trousers!”

“Oh My Merlin! No! I completely forgot, I was getting ready for bed when I realised I wasn’t tired. So, I decided to come and find you!”

“Oh well! What’s done is done! So, is there a particular reason you came and woke me up? Or did you choose at random who you were going to come and bother?”

“Hey!” I joked, hitting him in the arm, “Yes there is a reason I came to see you. We need to have a chat”

“Well, nice to know I’m wanted. What’d you want to talk about Rosie Posie!”

“Oh dear. You need to spend less time with Livy, her awful nicknames are rubbing off on you Scorpy!”

“Oh and you’re one to talk!”

“Yeah. I am. Anyway, I needed to talk to you. I’m kind of sorry for the way I over reacted earlier. Because I did, not too much but all the same, I know I did.”

“I accept your apology. I suppose it’s fair enough you did that though. I mean, if I were a girl, and my best friends had asked someone out, without me knowing, heck, without me knowing that they even knew their names. I’d be annoyed and probably act the same way. So, don’t go doing that to me. Just saying”

“Yeah, you have to understand, it sort of stung a bit. The fact that probably the whole of Hufflepuff knew, besides Livy, knew before I did. It hurts a little bit. But you know, you have to understand that I care about you a lot, you’re like one of my best friends, I want what’s best for you, even if I have to tell you straight that, say, I hate your date”

“I know Rosie. I already feel bad, don’t make it any worse. I know as well though, that you care, because I feel the same about you. This is a two way street love! Wait. What. You hate my date?”

“No! No! Nooo. That was an example. Okay. Well, maybe there was a bit of truth in it. But that shouldn’t sway you really”

“What? Why?”

“Well, it’s just she’s really two faced. I’ve got to know her a bit through mine and Livy’s sleepovers. And she can be a real bitch. She puts on a facade most of the time, a simple, ‘cute’ look about her, but I’m pretty sure that’s not her”


I gave him the Really?- Is- That- It look.

“Wow. I.Uh. I. What? She seemed so nice.”

“My point exactly”

“Okay, well, not that I don’t believe you but I think I’ll go on the date and see how it goes. Don’t go worrying about me. I’m a big boy”

“I understand. It is your decision after all”

“Good! I’m glad you think so! I’m so lucky to have you Rosie. Honest. I am!”

“Oh. I know Scor. I do.” He looked quite shocked and hurt, “Oh come on, you love me really!”

“Of course I do!”

“I love you too!”

He laughed and pulled me into a huge hug. I sat down next to him now, and talked to him for most of the night. In fact, we even fell asleep like that. I swear down though, I felt a kiss on my forehead before I fell completely asleep. I probably imagined it!
But still.


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Chapter 7: Our Advice, The Date and The Assumptions
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To both mine and Rose's delight, the Hufflepuff common room was avoided at all costs by the boys’ right up to the day of their date. They really didn't know how to react when it came to girls, to Rose and I it was all a matter of how quickly it ended, we were both still sour, but tried to keep it in. Not that it worked for long. We ended up giving them our best advice. One night we were sat in the Ravenclaw common, next to the fire, something we had a habit of doing every night, once again, we were sharing two chairs, you see we don't want to hog all the space. That night though, Rose and I were sharing a chair facing the other two. Al and Scorp had finally admitted they knew nothing about what they had got themselves into and had asked for help,

"Fine, we'll give you a bit of advice, but you'll have to learn from trial and error about the rest." Rose debated,

"That's fine, great, even. Perfect!" Scorp agreed sounding very relieved.

"Okay, Number 1. Make sure you ask her what she wants to do for the day, but when she says she doesn't mind. Take control and suggest a plan for the whole day. Showing you were just being polite and really have a whole day planned and ready" Rose started.

"Yep! Number 2. Figure out whether she's a hand holder by getting really close, as in you can feel her breathing almost in sync with yours, if she reaches her hand out and brushes yours it's your invitation to hold it. If she makes distance, don't bother, some girls don't like being so close, I don't see it but you know!" I continued.

"Oooh! That one was good. Number 3. If she seems really interested... And only if you do too, bring her to meet us properly, as in she’s with you sort of thing. If you’re not interested and neither is she, just take her to Honeydukes or something. If she is interested but doesn't deal well with coming to see us two, then?" Rose encouraged.

"She's no one we want to be with?" Scorp replied. Al nodded in agreement, looking as if he was making a mental note of all of this.

"Good! Well done! Number 4. The last one? Yeah, the last piece of advice we'll give you. Now, ensure you compliment her, ask about her and laugh at her jokes. But only if you find you're interested, if not you're leading them on, and we may have to kill you for that! Louise is one of those girls who LOVE to be complimented so bare that in mind, she will also get upset if you don't laugh at her jokes and can be quite self absorbed. Whereas Emma is the opposite, make sure you understand that, it's important to know her this way or else you'll make a fool of yourself and the date will end in 20 minutes, but also it could give you an escape route. So, you, are, welcome!" I finished.

"Thanks Rosie! Thanks Livy! That's really great!” Scor gratefully accepted, coming over to give us both a big hug together, as we were squashed into the same seat. Leaning over Rose's side and whispering something in her ear that I didn't quite catch.

Al did the same after Scorp, but this time, putting his head on my side whispering, "Thanks Liv, what would I do without you?"

"Drowned yourself in the black lake" I suggested. He pulled back shaking his head at me and pointing a wink in my direction, which a returned with a small laugh.

The dreaded day of the date arrived all too quickly, it was a gorgeous day and because of that, me and Rose almost stayed at the castle, blowing off Hogsmeade, thinking we could always visit Roxy any other day of the week, even though exams were approaching fast, we could. Rose, bless her, was worried about exams, and persuaded me to go anyway, saying that it was a girls trip and we would go all girly for just one day. The boys left at 11, so, I tried to sleep in till then, even though I was meant to be with Rose at this time but, of course, without success, I was awoken at 8:30 by Tea throwing a pillow at me. Only because she was bored and sick of answering Lou and Em's questions about what to wear, and in waking me up, gave her a great excuse to go back to bed, she hated mornings at weekends she normally wakes up at 12! And as I am the best friend of both Scorp and Al, I was bound to know! I was not happy about this, not at all, I decided that they'd both hear about it later, and pretended to be thrilled and excited about this situation I was in, (I don't reckon I'm happy enough to be a Hufflepuff, maybe a good actor of a cunning Slytherin would have suited me better!) even though I wasn't going on a date, we also decided to dress me up, because the other two got a turn.

Emma went with a pair denim blue shorts, with a one shouldered jade green top, that made her look even skinner than she was, with a pair of blue ballet flats to go with the bag she'd picked out. Her chestnut brown hair was carelessly thrown into a high ponytail, setting off the look. Louise, had gone for a short, high waisted pink skirt, which made her legs look like they went on forever, with a plain white vest, and a pair of white simple sandals, to go with her cross body bag, also white but with pink flowers on it, toning the outfit together. Her hair though, was loosely curled and cascaded down her back, reaching about the middle. I had gone for my favourite summer day dress, a strapless maxi dress, with a large flower pattern on it, worn with a cut off denim jacket and wedges to give me height, my hair being gathered to the left and waved very slightly.

At the appropriate, yet fashionably late time of 11:10 we walked up to the entrance hall, where Lou and Em had arranged to meet Al and Scorp, as well as me meet Rosie. I wasn't worried about her not being dressed up because I knew Rose always did the same thing when the sun came out, and I was right, she was also wearing a dress, but a short floaty one that faded from blue down to green. We left each other at the top of the stairs, separating towards our 'dates' for the day, (that's right, Rose is my date... Our ship name is Rovy!), Rose and I had decided that we would meet in the entrance hall and have lunch in the castle before going, we didn't want to intrude or look like we were stalking them, because let's face it, we would have done! We ate and enjoyed a leisurely walk down into Hogsmeade, choosing that we could always go back on the carriage on the way back if we were loaded up with stuff and if we felt the need.

By the time we arrived we were pretty much exhausted but had shared much gossip of the goings on of the morning. Although, we carried on, we visited Honeydukes, and got some of my favourite Fizzing Whizzbees, WWW and got some free stuff because Rose is a Weasley and I might as well be, we visited the new cute boutique, called Lav's One Stop Witch Boutique, it was so cute, I stocked up on all my witchy make-up products, that literally got rid of all blemishes, made your eyes glisten etc, in a second. As well as getting a new pair of shorts and Rose bought a new top. We went into pretty much all the places available in the Hogsmeade, apart from the Hogs Head and Madame Puddifoots. That place is a complete cringe, pink... Everywhere, that's just irritating. So, after we'd shopped until we could drop, we went into the three broomsticks for a well deserved butter beer. I went to sit down while Rose ordered the drinks; I sat us in the corner, took my coat off, and surveyed the room. That is when I thought I was going to throw up. Rose came back, saw my face and turned to that direction, behind her, however immediately turned back round with the same disgusted look. In the corner opposite were Scorp and Emma. Kissing. Something I had not expected. Although thinking about it, we should have done. We both completely ignored this, and began to talk about our purchases of the day, comparing deals and stuff like that. Until Al walked in, with his arm around Louise, being so close it was almost unreal, Scorp, like us, saw them and invited him over to sit with him. Then, we turned into green monsters, they looked so happy; they seemed to be enjoying themselves, having fun on their dates. I'm just glad that Al didn't do anymore than hold her hand or else I would have had to go over a smash their heads together. Why I was jealous? I have no idea. Rose though, I did, she looked devastated, and I felt for her, I really did. So, our day was ended prematurely, going by carriage back up to the castle.

We went into Ravenclaw common room, knowing that the boys can never be bothered to answer the question to enter after a long day in Hogsmeade. We then sat there for the whole of the evening, and me not being able to even think about returning to my dorm that night, slept in Ravenclaw common room, with Rose having a sleepover, she even leant me some pjs at midnight when we figured I wouldn't be leaving as I was falling asleep where I was lay on a sofa. An oversized top and some shorts, not really thinking about what they were I wore, although, neither did Rose, she just dragged some stuff out of the wardrobe.

I woke up in the morning around 6, leaving Rose a note, I left for a walk without bothering to get changed or take my shopping with me, thinking I'd get it later. I strolled all around the castle, and eventually outside, where the sun was beginning to shine. It shone and revealed Louise, I'd never noticed that she was a morning person before, actually I knew she wasn't.

So, I came to the assumption that she had something on her mind; I sat down next to her, saying "Lou? You okay?"I turned to look at her, seeing she was somewhat upset, I shuffled closer and put an arm around her, "What happened?" I spoke softly, while giving her a hug.

"You didn't come back last night" she sniffed.

"Me and Rose lost track of time, I fell asleep in her common room, why's that an issue?" I asked, coming out of the hug.

"Are you mad at me? Is that why you didn't come back?"

"No! Of course not, why would you say that?"

"It's just, it's just that, you're with him all the time, and he talks about you a lot, I just figured you'd be mad at me" she confessed to me.

"He's my best friend! Of course I spend almost all my time with him! I spend little time away from him, that's probably why he talks about me a lot, we have every experience together!" I exclaimed possibly a tad too defensively, sliding away from her.

"I knew that. I know you're best friends; it's just the way he talks about you, looks at you. I just thought there might be something there. You know I'd never do that to you, we may not talk a lot Livy, but I care, I've known you four years now, I've always liked you, you're attitude to life, the way you can relax in front of boys, never shy away from anything. Livy, I guess the reason I'm sat outside at 6:30 in the morning is because I envy you"

"What?! How could you envy me! That's ridiculous!" I blurted.

"It's not, for the reasons I just said" she calmly stated.

"Yes, it is, by all means, my life isn't perfect, I am not comfortable in front of boys, Al and Scorp aren't boys in my eyes. Well, they are. And I'm aware they are. But there more like my brothers, that's why I'm so carefree around them!" I announced, again a tad too defensively.

"Fine, whatever, that makes sense I suppose. So, you're sure you’re not mad at me?" She asked hopefully.

I almost screamed "No" in her face and ran away, yet my pride overcame me, so I ended up saying, "yes, I'm sure. Now you still haven't given me a good enough reason why you keep asking me if I'm mad!" Laughing with her.

"Well, it's just, Alaskmeoutagain" she murmured a load of gibberish.

"Huh?" I prompted,

"Al asked me out again" she whispered, turning her head to look at me in the eyes, her blue ones sparkling in the fresh morning sun.

"Oh" I slumped back slightly, trying not to think this through too much. "Well, that's great! Good for you! Good for both of you I suppose, he must have had fun!" I added all too quickly.

However, apparently she was finished, "but, I have another problem, Scorpius, he didn't ask Em out again. She's really upset and I just can't be happy around her, its stressing me out."

I gasped, this time I was allowed to be a little shocked, "I'm sure she'll be happy for you eventually, just sit with her through the pain for a while, give her a load of chocolate and her world will be sunny again soon, don't you worry!" I advised, standing up, Louise followed suit and before running off to do so, gave me a hug and gratefully accepted me advice,

"Thanks Livy, you give great advice!"

Then leaving me standing there. Alone. With only my thoughts again. To help me digest all the new information I had been given in the last 10 minutes. This amount of information, I decided with myself, needed food to help understand, so instead of facing the world, in Rose's pyjamas and probably bed head hair style, I tripped down to the kitchens.

I reached the portrait of the fruit and tickled the pear, quickly turning my back to it, ensuring none was leaving my common room at the same time. One thing I wasn't expecting though was a voice to appear from behind me, that wasn't high and squeaky, like the house elves, but deeper, like a boy’s voice, a very familiar one in that as well.

"Why have you got one of my old Quidditch jerseys on?" I turned quickly, being caught off guard and fell over my own two feet, landing in the owner of the voice's arms.

Looking up, I found it was Al, I let out a sign of relief, stood up, shook myself off and commented, "What are you doing down here?"

"Hey! I asked you first, where'd you get that Jersey from?"

I looked puzzled and said, "Rose gave it me it last night, we were both falling asleep in her common room, so she went to her dorm changed into her pjs and gave me some, this being the result!" I swirled round, giving him a chance to see what I was wearing.

"Right, that explains why, but why did she give you one of my old ones?" He asked again. I turned to see my reflection from the back in one of the overly polished, very large stoves, seeing that indeed, he was right, the t-shirt had large writing across the back saying A. POTTER

"Oh! Merlin! I didn't realise, but it’s okay, I don't think anyone saw anything, Great merling Merlin! I hope she didn't see it, she can't of, she was so happy when she left. Don't worry Al its fine." I explained very quickly.

"What? Whose she? Was it Lou? Are you sure?” he hyperventilated

"Yes, to all, its fine, she would have said something!" I reassured him.

"Wonderful! Merlin, you did give me a shock! And in answer to your first question. Eating and thinking, you know that helps me. And I'm assuming it's the same thing for you?" I nodded, to say yes, and asked the nearest elf for pancakes with ice cream.

"Yes Miss Adams" chirped my favourite elf, Squeak.

"Sorry Squeak, I didn't mean to ignore you. I hope you're well?"

"Of course Miss, not to worry. I am well thank you, and you?" She accepted.

"I'm not going to lie; I'm suffering from over thinking! Nothing those pancakes can't fix though! Oooh! And maybe, yeah, could you get me some butter beer and a treacle tart please." I asked sweetly.

"Of course, anything Miss!" she replied and with that went off in the mass of elves.

Leaving me to turn my attention back to Al, getting onto the stool next to him, "So, what's got your knickers in such a twist that’s making you sit in here? Eating a huge pile of pancakes, with, are those strawberries?" I giggled with him.

"Yes, they are strawberries, thought I'd go a bit fancy, not as nice as the ones in my garden though. But that's not the point, I only saw you briefly yesterday, you'd left before I could speak to you, at every point I could have done. It was weird... I've got something to tell you. I'm not sure how though." I cut him off before he could say anything else, accepting my pancakes and other food related items.

"Thanks Squeaky, don't worry about it, honestly, as I said. I've seen Lou, she told me. I mean, I wish it was you who had, but I saw her first, she looked really upset, so I comforted her. And she told me that you arranged another date? Is that it?" I informed him.

"Oh. Well, I suppose that means we don't have to have THAT conversation. But I'm going to tell you anyway. Liv, I had a really great time on my date, mostly due to your advice. Everything went super well, and at the end, I just thought, well, why not? And then there was nothing I could argue with, so I asked her and she said yes! I would have brought her over to speak to you and Rose, you were there when we arrived but before I knew it, you were out of the door." He reminisced.

"Well, good for you. I'm glad, you know, I just want you to be happy, and I love Lou, I've been her dorm mate for almost 4 years. This is great news!" I verified, feeling slightly sick and stuffing my face.

"Really? I was soooo worried, I went up to Hufflepuff this morning and neither you nor Lou were there, I freaked out and then came here to think" he relieved on me.

"Oh Ally Wally, you wimp! What happened to you? When’d you become so soft? I'm glad you were thinking of me, I don't know why. But as your best friend, well, your best girl who’s your friend, I will support you in anything you do. Unless it's stupid, then I'll tell you, and not talk to you until you stop. But that isn't the case here. Don't worry about it!" I teased, giving him a squeeze of a hug while stealing one of his strawberries, "You're right; it's good but not as good as your mums".

He nodded vigorously while stealing some of my treacle tart and my ice cream, as well as taking a swig of my butter beer! I slapped his hand to stop him taking anymore, "Hey! What's up that for?!"

I gave him the Did-You-Actually-Just-Ask-That?-Ask-My-Plate look.

"Okay! But you stole a strawberry! So, Liv Div, what are you thinking about? That made you come down here in pyjamas, looking like that?" He hesitated, looking up and down me.

"Excuse me?" Giving him my signature, Think-That-Through-Again-Does-That-Answer-Your-Question? look.

"Sorry, but seriously, what's bothering you? What can't you talk to Rose about? You were with her right?" He questioned once more.

"Nothing. Seriously?! (I exclaimed after being shot the Really?-Don't-Believe-You look) Honestly, everything's fine. I just. Well, my conversation with Lou was a tad overwhelming. She announced you two were going out... Something I figured you would have told me. Sooner than this morning. And she told me she'd escaped outside to be excited about you two because Em was really upset, Scorp didn't ask her out again. Shame, but if he's not in it, it's better to get out. Don't want her to be more crushed later down the line. I'm just a little surprised. That's all." I blurted out in the end.

"Oh" he sighed. I gave him a puzzled look, because I was genuinely confused about his lack of speech. "I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say. Liv. You've managed to make me speechless, you've actually done it!" He joked making me uneasy.

"Don't joke with me! This seriously messed me up. In one day. One day!" I examined his face which had now changed, taking this with the upmost severity now.

"Liv. I am sorry though. I'm sorry I decided against going to see you when you weren't in Hufflepuff last night. I'm sorry, I didn't catch you first, but I didn't think for one moment that you'd see Lou before seeing me. I know Scorp did that to Emma, but she wasn't his type, I don't think she could be because we both know who he’s got permanently got on his mind, whether he's realised that or not. I'm sorry Liv that you're shocked but you knew I was going to go out with her." He finally explained.

"I know." Was all I could say. Nothing more, nothing less.

I had finished my plate and Squeaky had taken it away, leaving me no reason to stay, I had thought over everything, and now I could go. Without saying anything else, I turned to leave, going towards the exit, where I felt a tug at my arm.

"Liv, is that it? Is that all you're going to say?" He pleaded with me.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't."

He pulled me into a hug, which I returned but not as I would have done two weeks ago. Al figured I'd go to the common room and gave me his jacket, saying that it could cause problems if I had his name on the back of my jersey. I wasn't his girl. I wasn't anyone's girl. I took the jacket pulled it on and left, going straight to my dorm and then straight into the shower. Feeling this strange experience didn’t need to have happened. Wishing, no one had seen me, hoping. But it was fine, everything was fine.

The next few weeks were all the same, I tried my hardest to avoid Al and my dorm. Spent more time with Rose and Scorp, which was nice, but not the same as before. Not that I needed to worry, because we had our end of year exams coming up, meaning studying was important, and that's exactly what I did all the time. Without Al to distract me, I had no excuse to have a break or stop for a bit. And ended fourth year with amazing results.

Al and Lou, ended up having several dates, and when the last day came, were still dating. I'd got more used to it, but the constant, "I miss her/him", was annoying. It was strange, but I'd got used to not talking to Al as often, but I still missed him. I missed him most when Rose and Scorp argued I had no one to talk about it, and if it lasted longer than five minutes, alone, I had to sort it all out. Which was challenging, I was being told that I was favouring people, being unfair; however I wasn't, at any point. It was just doing difficult; I just missed him, missed him helping me, missed him looking after me, and missed him just being there next to me. When it came to the holidays, it was difficult again. We left Hogwarts after another year, and my sister finished Beauxbatons (she'd read about them and found that she'd much prefer going there... So that was it... We sort of live in France, but I stay with my Grandma Linda and Grandad Roger when I'm 'at home' from Hogwarts) a couple days after. Peyton and Mum came down immediately and spent the first 3 weeks with me, but then returned to France and owled me almost every day.

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Chapter 8: The Summer
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For the rest of the time, I did my homework and visited Rose and Scorp a lot, I was invited to all the Weasley events, and was even a special guest at one Malfoy event, both of which, were amazing and I had the best time with my friends, dressing up and dressing down all the time, for whether I was meeting Scorp or Rose.

The Malfoy's were always very hospitable and took great care of me, Astoria was so sweet, almost treating me as the daughter she never had, giving me tips on how to give my hair volume, to how to talk to guys, she knew my mum wasn't around a lot, but was also very aware she wasn't my mum, so kept everything to an acceptable level. Always saying however, that if I ever needed anything, she was there for me. Draco, being just a kind, but also rather sarcastic, making the time I spent with him any Scorp funny because of the banter the two of them shared, he always managed to make me laugh, sometime just by the look on Scorp's face while Draco teased him! They invited me to a very high brow, charitable events that were taking place at Malfoy Manor, where Mrs Malfoy lived (Scorp's Grandma Cissy). I got to dress up in a beautiful gown and be Scorp's 'date', he got all dressed up too in a cute little suit, we had a great time. I got introduced to so many people I lost track, and even created a fake laugh, to keep up with all the rich people! It was just hilarious; I learnt how to waltz as well! Scor happens to be a wonderful teacher and dancer in fact, I was hopeless to start with but I really got the hang of it in the end!

Rose and I were very aware that Livy felt really out of place towards the end of the year. By the time
Summer came round; she’d spent every living moment in the library, so Rose and I made a pact to make sure Livy wasn’t alone very often in the holidays. Unfortunately, this proved quite difficult. Livy can be a very stubborn child, this is not helpful at all. We sent letters to her everyday to make sure she was okay and inviting her over. She was probably sick of us really, not that we cared about that; we cared about her too much for that!

Guess what? I’m going to tell you anyway.
My Mum and Dad are holding another charity event in a couple days for something to do with poor, or ill, well, unfortunate people basically, I can’t remember who!
And now, guess what (again)? I’ll tell you that as well.
You’re invited! It’s great; you get to dress up all nice and be my date!
I’ll pick you up on Saturday night at 6 pm.
You better be ready! Or else I promise I will bring you back to mine in your loungewear if I have to!
See you then,
Scorpy (Just for you)

I received this back,

My dear Scorpy,
Well... I don’t really have a choice then do I?
I shall be ready for you at this time!
Buy me some chocolate though... and I may be more co-operable with you.
Just saying Scorp. Just saying my friend!
So, I’ll have to be all posh? Long dress, hair, make-up done properly and all the jazz?
I need to know! A couple days is not a long time!
Reply soon!

With this, just to make the poor girl smile, and knowing that she probably would have been difficult, I sent this with a large pack of chocolate frogs and this short message,

I hope you enjoy the frogs, and be nicer on Saturday!
Yes... As it always is...Posh, is how you can describe it. All that jazz included.
I’ll see you soon,
Scorpy (again... be nice)

I went round to hers on the Saturday night, at 6 exactly; fooling into her grandparent’s living room (they were hooked up to the network when Livy moved in). I was all dressed up as well, in my little suit, (Mum hates dress robes). I stepped out of the fire to find her waiting for me,

“Livy! You look amazing!” I smiled, giving her a hug. She looked simply divine, she had a long to the floor length deep purple one shoulder dress, wearing her hair in a simply bun with one strand of hair on either side of her face, complementing the look nicely.

“Awwww, aren’t you sweet. Thank you. You look very handsome yourself!” she laughed hugging me back.

I stood and posed for many pictures, both magically and muggle. Eventually leaving to the party, we arrived, thankfully with time to spare, the party started at 7, I picked Livy up early to ensure time for pictures and stuff like that. My mum fussed over Livy a bit and my Dad had a relatively simple conversation with her, and charmed my tie to match her dress.

“Are you ready guys? This is it, it’s almost time! It’ll go pretty much like this; the press will be here with cameras at the ready throughout the arrival, then the cameras will disappear for the rest of the evening, although you may have questions asked by the writers throughout the evening. So, relaxed and have fun you two!” Mum explained, giving us each a gentle stroke on the arm, reassuring us and maybe even her that the evening would go well.

“Yes, make sure you have fun but nothing more alcoholic than butter beer please. Make sure you act appropriately, this should be important to Astoria, if it all goes well. It’ll be fine though, I’m not worried about you two at all. Just thought I’d mention it though” he reassured us, showing he wasn’t trying to scold us or anything like that.

“Of course, Draco, no need to worry and Astoria it’ll be fine. We know the drill! We’ll have a great time won’t we Scorpius?” Livy persisted.

“Yes. Indeed we will. It’ll be smooth Mum” I confidently remarked.

It was suddenly time for the doors to be thrown open, and sudden flashing lights, the clicks of cameras slightly deafening us. We posed, all of us. Livy included as part of the family, for a large amount of time as we had to look at different cameras, and then posing with different people, me and Mum, me and Dad, me and Mum and Dad, me and Livy etc. All I could hear was the sound of cameras and Livy, constantly muttering under her breath, “Oh My Merlin. This is unbelievable, truly unbelievable”. I smiled wider when I heard this; she was just in shock and in awe of my life, of Rose or Al’s life, because this sort of occasion happens often for us.

We went inside, and greeted guests for the next 40 minutes, directing them to the ball room. Once that had finished, we collected a drink to quench our thirst as our throats hurt a lot after so many greetings.

“Scorp?” she asked

“Livy?” I answered

“I can’t dance... just thought I’d warn you”

“Yes you can! I’ve seen you dance loads of times before!”

“Not like this, I can’t dance slowly, like a waltz or anything like that”

“Oh! Well that’s fine. I can teach you!” I decided, starting to drag her towards the dance floor.

“No. No. No! Not right now!” she squealed as she squirmed out of my reach.

“Excuse me. Scorpius Malfoy? Am I correct? And if my sources prove at any use, you’ll be Olivia Adams?” someone interrupted our argument, to Livy’s delight, she replied

“Yes, that’ll be him and I”

“Wonderful! I’m Elizabeth Kenning, writer for the Daily Prophet. Very pleased to meet you both, you don’t mind if I ask you some questions do you?” She wondered.

“That’s fine. Makes no difference if it’s now or later, right?” Livy answered.

“Fantastic! I must ask. Are you two together? Everyone’s wondering” she revealed

“No! Scorpius is one of my best friends and I love him like a brother but nothing more. Sorry, that’s probably not much of a story” Livy apologised.

“Oh. Well, no matter. You’re best friends then, I expect you get up mischief within those Hogwarts walls?” she assumed.

“Not really. We study a lot actually, Hogwarts is important to set up the rest of our lives. But don’t get me wrong, we know how to have fun when we need to!” I confessed.

“Very good. Scorpius, you must be very proud of the event. I hear the decoration was down to you? It looks fabulous by the way. Would you say you were proud of your parents? Of being a Malfoy even?” She complimented.

“Thank you. I am very proud of my parents, I probably don’t tell them enough actually, but I really am. I would also say that I’m proud of being a Malfoy; my Dad has spent most of his life making the Malfoy name respected once more. I’m incredibly proud to say I’m his son, to say I’m my Mum’s son as well. I love my family, and hope to bring respect to the family name as I grow as well.”

“That’s very touching. I must also ask, if your ‘date’ here happens to be your best friend. Is there a different certain girl you’re making your move on?” At this point Livy burst out laughing and had to excuse herself, saying something about another drink. “I know that Rose Weasley, daughter of two thirds of the golden trio, is also someone you are close to” she finished.

“No. There isn’t anyone. Rose is just another friend. Sorry, that’s probably not very interesting but there really isn’t anyone”
“Not to worry, I’ve got enough. Thank you for your time Scorpius”

“You’re very welcome” I replied and with that she left to hassle someone else.

Livy came back not long after with a drink for herself as well as me. We chatted for a bit, drinking our drinks until I got bored and decided it was time for a dance lesson.

“Livy, now it’s not that difficult really. If you’re a guy it’s much harder because you have to lead. But don’t worry about that, because you’ll never have that problem!” I joked, pulling her toward the dance floor.

“Scorp! I don’t want to know.” She replied, trying to get away from me without much success this time.

“I have to dance, this is partly my party. I need a partner and that’s your job! Come on” I smiled, pulling her up so she was standing straight and putting one hand on her waist, the other in her hand. “Just follow my led, or let me drag you round, whichever will work”

We danced for quite a long time, Livy trying to keep up with me, and I must admit, did a very good job. She may have trodden on my feet a couple of times but I didn’t mind. I got a genuine laugh from her, with a smile to match, making me feel as if I had succeeded in cheering her up some more. By the end of the night, she proved herself to be quite the natural actually.

“Scorp! I think I’ve got” she giggled as I spun her round.

“Merlin! I think you do!” I laughed with her.

“My feet hurt, when’s this song going to end?”

“Livy, this song just started. Do you want to dance your way out?”

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge, lets do it!” she exclaimed, realising we were in the middle of the floor.

We managed to sneak out with a certain amount of ease. We then retired to a set of chairs in the corner by the buffet table, helping ourselves to an endless amount of snacks. When it got to almost midnight, Livy realised her grandparents would worry if she didn’t return soon, so we found my Mum and Dad, bid them goodnight and left. I took a genuinely, properly happy Livy home and then went back to Malfoy Manor, and went to my suite there to go to sleep in my playroom I used as a kid, feeling very fulfilled and happy with myself.

As well as this, I spent loads of time with Rose, at her house, the burrow and mostly every member of the Weasley's household. Hermione, I love her, she's the most inspiring woman you could ever hope to meet. She's beautiful, bushy hair and all; she's so caring, and thoughtful. But most importantly she's a genius, incredibly intelligent, I think she should have been a Ravenclaw but after all the stories Ron, Hermione and Harry told me, Gryffindor is where she belonged. She is much like Astoria, simply because of their ability to so simple invite me into their families, to treat me like their daughter and simple look after me completely. It made me feel warm inside, made me feel like I was part of something so much bigger. Ron is just too funny, I think it makes him bigheaded but I can't help it, he has me in stitches all the time, his stories are fascinating, his job is really exciting, so the stories there are amazing but also the whole war situation makes for good stories too.

So, all the time I spend with them, I'm dressed down and relaxed, like, we went to the burrow for Roxy's birthday. Had a great time, even though we weren't allowed to have any of the strong stuff, we still acted tipsy and had loads of fun with Rose's Aunts and Uncles as they had more and more to drink. It was really funny, in the end they all sang happy birthday to Roxy about 6 times, and when we told them they'd done it before, they just laughed at us and carried on, thinking we were crazy. It was a simple event which ended in children taking parents home, allowing them to return to the right home and safely! That night I stayed with Rose, was quite funny, Ron was very drunk... We heard some... Different stories about his life. All resulting in awkward glances between everyone, including Hermione who wasn't very drunk and had a lot of orange squash to sober up and look after us properly! Not that we needed to be looked after, Hugo had gone to bed, reading or something, and Me and Rose were both 14, so old enough to look after ourselves really. We spent the whole night talking about everything and anything. That was when she finally let slip she fancied (had a crush) on Scorpius. I was SO excited, I jumped around a lot but didn't scream because it was quite late, but I would have done! She just sat there and laughed at me, thinking I was crazy, but I could also see how relieved she looked, like she thought I'd be upset, how wrong she was!

I visited Al occasionally as well but only with Rose and Scorp. Al alone was still the friend I loved, he joked with me about Rose and Scorp, and it was just like old times. Although when he was with Lou, he was different, he didn't relax when he was with me, he just felt stiff. Like he shouldn't have been with me or around me with her, it was strange and felt odd. His laugh wasn't the same either, which I missed, but most of all I felt out of place, Scorp and Rose were being all cute and awkward together and Al and Lou were lovey dovey, all, of the time.

This meant that when fifth year came around, I found myself a boyfriend.

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Chapter 9: The Train Ride to Hogwarts- Fifth Year
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We returned on September 1st on platform 9 and 3/4, my Granny and Granddad brought me this year and were really overwhelmed, and stayed only until I got onto the train, just to take in everything to the full and jump ship as soon as possible, (they are really quite old). I got on the train, went to our usual compartment and got comfy, it wasn't long until everyone else had come, I then left the train fast to say a quick hello and goodbye hug to both sets of my pretty much adopted parents, all of which told me to stay safe, have fun and enjoy the year, I also got a study hard from Hermione who gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and saying she would see me at Christmas, "when I must stay" with them. After this I jumped back into the train and went back to the compartment. When I got there, I found Rose, Scorp, Al, Louise, Emma and Tea. I was surprised to see them all there but was also thankful to have more people to talk to when things got awkward with Al and Lou.

It was a really great journey overall, we played a couple games of exploding snap. We talked all about our summers, all of which were kind of the same- family stuff with visiting friends occasionally. I went off to the loo half way through the journey because I seriously have a tiny bladder; I can't go over 2 hours without going to the toilet! On the way back, I walked into someone, I accidentally walked into Joe Stevens, he's a really quite draw dropping Slytherin in my year, now fifth, which is the year boys grow up a bit and start to look sooo much fitter, (it's just a fact!). He’s got dark brown hair swept over his head in a flopping sort of way, his eyes were a wide brown to match, he’s Slytherin’s seeker, so is very athletic, giving him a nice body and he is about the same height as Rose. So, over all is a great catch!

So, I basically I stutter for a bit, and somehow still receive compliments and in the end, get asked out! I don't even know how, it's really odd, I thought the conversation was awkward but apparently, I was really pretty, and seemed like a good laugh, thus I was asked out. On the first day of term, like literally September first!

I got back to the compartment with the biggest, cheesest smile ever on my face. Causing everyone to wonder what was happening, I did try and keep it to myself, didn’t last long of course. I have the worst poker face in the world, and can’t keep my own big news to myself for long.

“What’s got you all smiley?” Rose asked me not long after I’d sat down in front of her.

“Nothing! Can’t a person smile anymore without having their motives questioned” I exclaimed.

“Not if their smiling like that missy! I haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time” Scor decided

“Hey! That’s not fair! I smile all the time!” I defended.

“You do smile a lot, but not like that! And don’t avoid the question, what happened between you going to the loo and coming back here!” Rose demanded this time.

“Okay, Okay! I’ll tell you!” I admitted, now having everyone’s attention, Rose, Scor, Tea, Al, Lou and Emma all staring at me. “Well, basically, I was on the way back from the toilet and I walked into Joe Stevens” I began

“Joe Stevens... as in the one I share a dorm with? What happened do I have to give this kid ‘the talk’ Livy?” Scorp interrupted.

“Shhh! Don’t go all big brother on her yet! This is exciting! What happened then Livy?” Rose beseeched hitting Scorp on the arm.

“We then got chatting and apparently Joe always thought I was really pretty and stuff like that” I continued

“’And stuff like that!’ Merlin Livy you’re such a romantic!” Tea teased me, interrupting me again.

“Tea! Don’t be so harsh, she’s giving us the basics, obviously she got a lot of compliments!” Emma explained for me.

“Yeah, I did, don’t make me go through all of them it’s embarrassing! And then he sort of asked me out. We’re going out the first Hogsmeade weekend” I ended.
“Awwww!” Rose, Tea, Em and Lou chimed together.

“Seriously, I mean seriously! That’s not cute, that’s awful, I am going to have a chat with this kid, where is he? Where’d you bump into him Livy?” Scorp declared standing up and leaving.

“Scor! You can’t do that now!” Rose shouted after him, “Can you guys come and help me find him, whe he gets like this, and he’s fast!” Rose asked, dragging Tea, Em and Lou to help her, as she ran out of the compartment.

This mean that only Al and I were sat in the compartment, after a couple minutes of silence I got impatient, “Will you please just say something!” I practically screamed at him.

“Oh, sorry, just thinking this through. So, you’re going to go out with Joe are you?” He said.

“Yeah, I guess I am. But you know; now we can both be in relationships! We could double date!” I laughed sarcastically, nudging him in the side, like old times.

“Yeah, double dating sounds great!” he replied in equal amounts or sarcasm in his voice, laughing with me, he pushed me back, causing me to fall off the seat.

“Oi! That’s not fair, you’re stronger than I am! But, I’m heavier than I was before!” I continued to laugh and jumped onto his lap, causing him to squeal (very manly).

“Okay! I give in! Now get off me!” Al gave in.

I leapt off him, and laughed at the sense of relief on his face. We sat there for only a few moments before everyone came back in, restraining Scorp, who was grumbling about how he would get him later. The rest of the journey was pretty much just more talking and more games being played.
Once we got to school, had the feast, and got back to the dormitory, my final night before school was spent talking about Joe and Al. It was actually quite awkward talking about my best friend, well, was my best friend, not so much anymore of course, in the way we were. Rating Al by hotness? Really? I can’t do that, but alas, this is what I have to deal with in my life! The next couple of weeks went past fairly fast, I wasn’t worried about avoiding anyone, actually, I spent more time than I had in a long time with Al and Lou, and Joe even joined us when we were in Slytherin common room, a couple times. Everything went pretty much back to normal, or almost how it used to be. That was until my date.

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Chapter 10: The Date, The Helpful That Is Rose and The Revelation Courtesy Of Lily
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It was the end of September when the first Hogsmeade visit finally arrived, I was really quite excited, I planned out what I was going to wear with my Puffer girls and Rose the night before, as Rosie stayed over for a sleepover! It was decided I was to wear a maroon long sleeved top with a scooped neck, a pair of navy skinny jeans, black boots and a short black coat with a belt to highlight my small waist, as well as a maroon leather oversized bag and a navy scarf. I was very happy with this gorgeous outfit and felt so confident as I strutted up into the entrance hall. Joe was stood across from me, wearing a simple blue t-shirt with a pair of black jeans and a button up coat that made him look sophisticated. He looked great, that made me get an even bigger head, and him the same.

"Hey!" he smiled giving me a hug, picking me up and spinning me round,

"Why hello!" I smiled back, hugging him back.

After he'd dropped me down, he began "Right, are you ready to go sweet cheeks?!"

"Of course. But never call me sweet cheeks, ever, again!" I grumbled.

We took the carriage down to Hogsmeade and chatted all the way there with ease, we visited the shrieking shack, where he found an excuse to hold me close, holding my hand in the process. It was really cute, but didn't feel very comfortable; it was strange and made me go almost rigid. Once we'd freeze our butts off in that odd moment, we went to the Three Broomsticks, where he bought me a butter beer like a gentleman, and we sat alone, for a while before everyone else came.

"Thanks Joe, you're such a gentleman!" I sarcastically stated.

"Don't worry about it m'lady!" He joked back.

He slowly pursued my hand, and held them both entwined on my lap peacefully; I snuggled into him, feeling more and more relaxed.

"So, how come you never asked me out before?" I wondered aloud.

"Livy, Livy, Liv." I flinched at the word "Liv" no one called me that, no one other than Al.

"I never noticed how funny, cute, sweet and beautiful you were until this year. When you walked into me, something clicked; I had some sort of epiphany!" He answered.

"Aren't you such a soppy arse? But that is really adorable, thank you!" I giggled, giving him a small hug; I looked up at him and smiled.

But then to my surprise, he came closer and closer to me, finally when reaching me, kissing me gently on the lips, only quickly, but still. I looked him straight in the deep brown eyes, with a small look of shock, which he answered with a wink, causing me to set off in a giggle fit partly because he was tickling me but also I got all nervous. After the tickle fit, I looked up to see Al, just stood there, I'm not sure how long he'd been there or what he had seen. All I knew, was it wasn't good, a bad thing. I slid slightly away from Joe who hadn't realised what was going on, but when he did, had a face similar to Al's, it was difficult to figure what to do next. I ended up saying my goodbyes to Joe and then shaking my hand in front of Al until he awoke from his trance and stormed out.

"Al! Al! Ally! Stop! Please! What's wrong?! Why are you running away from me?" I screeched after Al. "Albus Severus Potter! Stop! Now!" I screamed, finally stopping, trying to catch my breath, (running after a seeker, is hard work). Using his whole and full name eventually made him stop.

"What Liv. What is it you want?" he practically bellowed into my face.

"I. I just. I just wanted to make sure you weren't angry. I wanted to understand why you ran out a minute ago." I somehow calmly glowered at him.

"What do you mean? Why would YOU care about me? Why don't you go and kiss your boyfriend some more!" He actually shouted at me.

"Is that it? Is that actually it! Just because I'm the happiest I've been for months! Just because I'm finally happy? Just because I'm with someone who actually cares about me? With someone who doesn't argue with me, who doesn't ignore me when he gets a girlfriend" I started to yell, ending in a disappointed tone.

"Don't you dare do that to me; Scorp may fall for that tone. But I won't! I'm not going to feel guilty for something I haven't done!" He yelled back.

"Wait. What the hell! Don't even try and pretend you haven't done those things" I barely managed to speak back, starting to cry in the middle of Hogsmeade.

"I haven't done any of that. You're just jealous of what Lou and I have!" He spoke back spitefully.

"Fine! Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not but what happened to being my friend. What happened to I hate seeing you upset, I can't stand seeing you cry, you're here to make me happy? Was that just a load of crap you made up to make me feel better about myself? You absolute arse Albus. Don't even bother trying to fix this. Okay? When you realise later, that this is all a mistake. Don't bother running back to me. Because I won't be there." I declared in a final sort of way, storming in the direction of the castle.

Once having reached the castle, I stumbled down into the kitchen, where I knew both the food and elves couldn't judge me, and drowned myself in tears and cookies and cream ice cream. Not being disturbed until Rose came in, "Livy! I can't believe what happened? Have you been here since? Are you okay? I came as soon as I'd heard" she squealed, not allowing for breath. I just looked at her not able to speak, but letting her know I still needed her to be there. She understood immediately, pulled up a stool beside me, and let me use her shoulder to cry on, whispering comforting words into my ear. We sat there for a couple of hours, Rose then came up with the idea of a sleepover for the two of us, in the one place, we never need to be found in, the place we could create to whatever we desired. The room of requirement. At first, I hated the idea, but once we'd got there, I found it was perfect.

First off it was a beautiful tranquil purple, like everything, the walls were a light shade of a lilac purple, the floor had a fluffy deep purple rug that looked comfy enough to sleep on there and then. There was a set of plum squashy armchairs, and a soft sofa to match, right in front of a huge fire that was roaring making the room warm and cosy. There was a big bed, like a giant bad, you could've fit about 6 people in it, with a simple purple bead spread and throw. My favourite bit was the fridge/freezer in the corner filled with sweets, chocolate and ice cream. Comfort food to the rescue! Everything reminded me of something,

"I love magic, it's just like my old room, well, it was never this big, but it's almost the same as the room I had when we lived in Birmingham, all of us, Me, Peyton, Mum and... Dad" I commented, falling onto the sofa where Rose had already made herself comfortable.

"It's lovely, it really is. I'm sorry, it reminds you of your Dad, and it must be hard" Rose comforted.

"Don't be, it's the way life is, but don't get me wrong, I miss him every day but he's out of his misery and in a better place now. And hey! I have bigger boy problems right now!" I resigned, getting up for more ice cream.

"You're right! Now, what happened? This room seems to have calmed you down quite a bit! In fact, maybe it has a charm for that" Rose exclaimed.
We sat next to each other on the sofa and I began to tell her what happened, "Okay, well, I was on my date with Joe, joking around, he'd just kissed me and we were having a tickle fight in the middle of the Three Broomsticks."

"Wait! Oh My Merlin! Did you just say you kissed that boy! This is big news! How was it?!" Rose interrupted.

I shot her the This-Isn't-The-Time-Rose look and she apologised, "Sorry, you're right. You’re in the middle of a story, but you do have to tell me, once we've sorted all the out!"

"Okay. As I was saying, we'd just finished our fight, when I looked up and saw a frozen Albus. Just looking at me, not able to say a word, or move or anything at all. So, I edged away from Joe, said a very quick goodbye, and ended our date abruptly. And waved my hand in front of Albus' face or about 5 minutes, but then once he'd gained the use of his body, he stormed out, I ran after him, shouting his name, I had to go full blown whole name to get him the stop. I tried Al and Ally first, but I got nothing" I continued.

"He ignored you? After you were just concerned about what he'd do, what he'd say? That's outrageous! I mean really! Wait. Did you just say you tried Ally?" Rose confirmed.

"Yeah. I did." I replied solemnly.

"And he still didn't answer. You're the only person who calls me that. Not even my Aunt Ginny calls him that. I heard Louise call him that in the holidays, he had a fit! Said she couldn't call him that. Ever. He must have seen you kiss Joe! Oh my Merlin, this isn't good. Not good at all. You know how they are!" Rose hyperventilated.

"I thought I did, Rosie, I really did. But I didn't expect him to turn around, once he finally stopped and start throwing insults at me! Trying to make me look like the bad guy! Rose. It hasn't been the same, not since Albus and Louise started dating. Haven't you noticed? It's been awful, not the same. I haven't been properly happy in months, but then Joe came along and he was nice to me. I fell for it. I needed a friend, a guy friend. I needed to replace Albus. I had you and Scorp, and for a while, it was nice. But then I'd miss him again, the way he was with me, the way we joked. All of it, I missed him. Then it wouldn't feel right again. In the summer it was nice, I spent time with you and Scorp and everything was good again. Until I was reminded of Albus of how I wasn't spending as much time with him. You know. I didn't get one owl from him during the summer, not one Rose. We used to owl each other every day. I have a drawer in my room, purely for his letters. You haven't even written to me that much, you share a drawer with Scorp. I missed him. Then we came back and everything was becoming normal again, almost as it used to be. But then I had to go and ruin it didn't I?" I released everything negative feeling I'd had for months.

"Livy! I didn't know, why didn't you tell me? Actually it doesn't matter. I'm here for you. I am. I love you to bits Livy, you know that right? I'm glad I've made things easier honey, but you should have come earlier, we should have had this conversation a long time ago, I need to have a word with that boy. Do you want me to go and fetch Scorp, we could tell him, and then me and him can go and have a word. Scorp'll be on your side for sure. And I could go and get Tea? She could come and sit with you." She planned out.

"Rose that sounds like a great plan, could you go and get Lily though, instead of Tea, I just don't need any puffers taking sides, or acting suspiciously." I asked.
"Lily? Of course. I'll be right back. Okay? Please don't drown yourself in ice cream though while I'm gone. I'll be as fast as I can." She said as she dashed out of the room.

Lily ran in, in her pyjamas, seriously out of breath, "Rose, Scorp, gone to Al. Rose. Said. You. Upset. What's. Wrong?" She stuttered.

"Lils, catch your breath, I fine. Well I'm not. It's just your twat of a brother. I'm not sure what happened. I'm not even sure why I'm so caught up with this. Or why he got so angry." I confessed.

"Livy. Okay, Al is the problem, what's he been idiotic about now?" Lil resigned to the knowing of how annoying and alike her brothers are.

I went into the story, swearing that I'd wouldn't tell it again, throughout the whole story, there were gasps and mutters about the death of Albus. After I was finished, she scooted very close and pulled me into a big hug.

"Livy babe, I'm sorry I'm related to this jerk but I promise Rose and Scorp are probably beating the crap out if him. What I can tell chick is you've got feelings for him. Again, I'm sorry, but you are." She carefully put out into the open.

"I know. I've got it bad haven't I? It should feel weird talking to you about this Lil, but it just doesn't, you really are like a sister to me, you talk things through with me, just like Rose. You're both just so amazing to me, even though I don't speak to you as much; you still ran all the way here, just to see what was wrong!" I commented.

"Don't give it a second thought; I know you'd do the same for me. But you do, have it bad, I reckon it's been happening for a while now, not sure how it begun, but it definitely did, you've fallen for him. And, don't shot me when I say it, I think Al has feelings for you to, and he just won't admit them. I should know, I'm his sister but he's been different since. Louise came along, acting weird; Mum noticed it too during the summer, told me to write to her and tell her what was happening. She'll be thrilled to hear about this, finally give her an excuse to step in and tell him to act his age, get a grip and don't play you about. She loves you Liv, honestly she does, treats you like her daughter. She was so disappointed when you only came over once in the holidays, she kept asking about you, and no one knew anything beside Rose. She was really worried, almost came round to yours to check how you were. But Aunt Hermione rang for a chat and you were with her, that put mum at ease for a bit. I hope she sends him a Howler. That'd be funny!" She got distracted and leapt into a tangent.

Nevertheless I understood what she meant, she was really sweet and actually made me laugh, making me feel a hundred times better.

"Your mum's amazing! I reckon a howler really could brighten my day. Wait. Oh. My. Merlin. Did I just? I did didn't I? I didn't even know!" I shot right up, now practically jumping around the room, "I just said! But I'm right. You're right. I do. I fancy Al. I really do. I fancy the pants of that kid. How come it took so long to realise? I'm so stupid. So incredibly stupid. Why didn't I realise? Jealously is a bad thing. That's what I am. Jealous. How could he go out with someone that wasn't me? And last 4 months already! What even is that?" I flopped down onto the bed with a new sudden realisation.

"Lil. You know what that means though. Don't you? It means you were wrong; he doesn't like me, anymore than you do. Maybe not even as much. Defiantly not now anyway. He's been going out with Louise for months, I told him never to lead a girl on. He promised me Lily. Obviously he feels something for her." I somewhat calmly stated.

"First off, it probably took you so long because you didn't know what you had before you lost it Livy. You didn't realise because, you were so happy, to content with you and Al being friends. Being exactly what you were. Second off, it just took him even longer, because you only just found someone else, he didn't know what he'd miss until it was gone as well. Message of the story, you are both as bad as each other and shouldn't have taken for granted what you had. Mostly Al though." She explained.

"But Lily, what if you are right? Then what happens? What happens now?" I asked her, feeling sorry of myself.

Lily then moved from the sofa and joined me on the bed, getting me to sit up; she let me put my head on her shoulder, and whispered, "I wish I knew. I really do chick.” We sat like that for a while until we fell gently backwards and fell asleep.


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Chapter 11: The Accident and Repercussions
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I awoke the next morning by gentle pushing, "Livy, Livy, you going to wake up?" A voice persisted.

"Yes I'm going to wake up. No, not right now" I grumbled at them.

"She’s defiantly okay Rose, don't worry, she's tell me to go away" the voice told Rose.

"Ahh, crap. Rose is worried. What happened?" I asked in my morning forgetful way.

"Livy, wake up properly, I don't want to go through it with you. Open your eyes and see where we are" the voice that I now knew belonged to Scorp answered.

I stretched and opened my eyes, feeling very lethargic, noticing that this wasn't my dorm, and realising what had happened.

"It actually happened didn't it? It wasn't a dream, well a nightmare?" I disappointedly mentioned.

"Dear old Livy! The young with a broken heart! I'm afraid it is true. Alas, I have had a chat with Albus and have excellent news. He's in the hospital wing!" Scorp exclaimed (trying to sound well educated).

"What?!" I shouted, well, that was one way of getting me up.

"Chill out! He's my best friend, I wouldn't do that. His Quidditch captain (James) decided that he wanted to start practicing now, early start. They're worried they might lose again. Ravenclaw have an awesome team this year, and of course so does Slytherin! Anyway, he fell of his broom, his heart wasn't in it and he wasn't paying attention, a bludger came out of nowhere hitting him off the broom. He's all high on potions and sleeping right now. But Madame Promfey says he'll be fine once he wakes up." He revealed.

"Thank God! Merlin Scorp, you scared the skin off my bones!" I screamed throwing a pillow at his head.

"Ow! Now get up and get dressed! I think there's a room of clothes over there, Lily woke up and wanted to get changed. She's gone now by the way, told me to give you a hug, but I don't think I will now you've thrown that at me." He responded sounding very hurt.

"Don't say that S-man!" I laughed, wrapping him in a giant hug, to the point that he was struggling to breath.

"S-man? What have I told you about that name?" He warned.

"Oops! I forgot!" I smiled, skipping over to the room of clothes, significantly more happy.

"Boom! I'm dressed! What did you want me to get up for anyway?" I for some reason excitedly asked.

"Nothing in particular Livy, just didn't want you to stay here all day. But we did want to talk to you. Fancy a wonder down to the black lake? Might want to grab a coat." Rose smiled, perhaps a bit too nicely.

"Okay, let's go! I don't know why, but I'm feeling sooo much better now, I had a great chat with Lily last night, you know, after I'd got a grip thanks to you Rose. I'm completely aware of myself! I fell of Al; I'm still falling for him. It feels so great to say it." I giggled, hugging Rose ever so gratefully.

"Merlin! Did you just admit it? Damn. Scorp, I owe you a galleon. But that's wonderful! I'm so glad you're feeling better though! Awwww, you and my cousin, you and Al, that's just too cute!" Rose squealed, handing over the money to Scorp.

"Yeah! I like the sound of that; I just can't believe it though. Wait! Did you two have a bet going on?" I said defensively.

"Just a little one Livy. I bet you'd admit it to our faces without little conviction. Whereas Rose her, thought we'd need to weasel it out of you, just like we had to do with Al. But you better believe it girl, when you two sort all the rubbish out, he's going to treat you better than anyone." Scorp shared with me.

"Well! Isn't that nice! Let's go on the walk!" I declared, swinging my arms around each of their shoulders. Making them look like my bodyguards or my outrage. Whichever really. They made me feel really comfortable and safe.

We walked down through the entrance hall, out the front doors and down to the black lake. We conjured some cushions and sat down under our favourite tree beside the lake. Once there, Scorp and Rose exchanged a couple of looks, worried, and annoyed, before Rose finally spoke,

"Okay, Livy. We need to tell you something."

"Go on then, you're making me feel nervous!" I joked. A stern, non-joking face took over both of their faces.

"You know when Rosy and I went to see Al last night. Well, we set a few things straight, asked him questions, some questions he asked too. But one thing we got out of him. Eventually. Was the fact that, he suddenly realised yesterday, when he saw you and Joe, that he fancied you. He found out that was the reason he was so protective, that was why he cared so much about you, because he could be falling in love with you. And so, figured he couldn't be with Louise, so, he's got to break up with her. Right? Yeah, well, as he's still in the hospital wing, he couldn't do that. So that hasn't happened yet" he admitted.

"Well, that's not too bad. That makes sense. You had me worried then!" I acknowledged. "Wait! Did you just use the word love? What? How? Huh?" I hyperventilated.

"Breath, Livy, look at me and breath." Rose reassured me, putting an arm around me.

"But that's not the end of it. Well. Basically, now we know this is a big deal..." Rose started to explain,

"But we don't want you to freak out or anything." Scorp finished Rose's sentence (so cute!).

"It's just, Madame Promfey said that he hit the ground pretty hard and there's a possibility he won't remember what happened in the last couple of days." Rose finally spat out.

"Does that mean he won't remember our argument? That's great!" I remarked,

"Yeah, but it also means, he may not remember the chat we had with him, or the fact he realised his feelings for you" Scorp explained.

"Oh. Right. So everything goes back to the way it was. Nothing changes; I spent a whole night crying over something he won't even remember. Nothing will be fixed either. He just won't know anything. He's not going to break up with Louise. Does that mean I can't say anything either?" I whimpered.

They nodded.

"Does that mean you guys can't either?"

They nodded.

"Oh" was the only thing I could say, before the flood gates opened again.

"Now we know how he feels, we know it'll happen eventually. Plus, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but your argument was pretty much the talk of the school. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone knows by now. He'll find out eventually" Scorp tried to comfort me.

"Also, it means you have a choice on what to tell him your date. It went well or badly. Because you've got to figure this out, Joe is just bewildered. Everything is all up to you" Rose confirmed.

I gave them my best HELP- ME look, not being able to speak, this meant a suffocating hug from the two of them.

"I promise Livy. Everything will be okay." Scorp proposed

"We'll make sure of it" Rose added, squeezing me tighter.

I finally got a grip and suggested we go and see if Al was awake. The situation we were in may be mucked up but I still cared, plus Rose hadn't seen him yet. We walked up to the hospital wing and entered, Scor leading the way because he'd already been up once. We walked up to his bed and found him alone and awake.

"Alright mate?! We hear you had quite a fall?" Scor announced as we approached.

"Not too bad to be honest, Poppy fixed me up easy enough!" He answered back laughing.

"Are you sure, what'd you break?" Rose worried.

"As I said, I'm not okay, bad at all, Poppy fixed me really quick, broke my right arm and leg. But it knocked me out, the hit. So, she was really worried, just like you, she worries too much Rosie!" Al insisted.

"Good! I'm glad; it really gave me a shock!" Rose joked, sitting on one side of his bed.

"So, Poppy said I may not be able to remember anything from the last couple of days. And I think she's right. Last thing I remember it was Thursday." Al remarked.

He doesn't remember.
He doesn't know.
This could be challenging.

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Chapter 12: The Confessions and The Return of the Awful Nicknames
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“Well, you haven't missed much then! Only a couple days! I was worried it was going to be a lot worse than that Al!" I may have said too quickly, because each word was stabbing me as I spoke them, taking a seat next to the bed.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. So what happened? Hogsmeade was on Saturday right? Anything interesting happen Scor?" Al sought after any information.

"Umm, Rose and I had a pretty uneventful time. So nothing much really!" Scorp replied, feeling slightly uncomfortable and sitting on the edge of Al's bed.

"Oh, well, that's no good! How about you Liv? Anything interesting happen? Wait. You went on that date didn't you! Actually, I don't want to know. Spare me the details!" Al laughed.

Yay! Dodged that bullet didn't I? Thank Merlin! And that laugh, I'm so glad to hear that laugh; it's so amazing, contagious.

"Fine! I won't tell you!" I laughed with him, sticking my tongue out at him.

"So, I fell off my broom?"

We nodded

"Is Adele okay?" He asked.

"Who?!" We blurted out

"Did I just say that out loud?"

"Umm, yes. So, who's Adele?" Scor insisted

"My broom" he muttered.

"Adele is the name of your broom?" Rose taunted

"You actually named your broom? I teased

"Your broom's a girl?!" Scor mocked.

"Yes! Okay, fine! My broom is called Adele, yes that means it's a girl! But the important thing is... she's okay right?" Al testified.

"I'm sorry Al, but Adele. Well, Adele isn't very well. How can I put this in a nice way? I can't. She's crushed" Scor admitted.

Poor Al, his face fell, he looked as unwell as Adele, "Huh? Where is she?" Al whispered, as if he'd experienced a huge loss.

"In your dorm. Don't worry, it hasn't been touched by anyone but James" Rose comforted him, patting him on the arm.

"Yeah! Speaking of James! This is his entire fault! He's captain! He made me do the practice. He destroyed Adele! Where is that git? You can tell he cares about me! He didn't even stay at my side until I woke up! It's only been what, a couple hours?!" Albus ranted.

"Sounds like a plan, let's get James! Do you reckon Aunt Ginny will send a howler? That'd be hilarious!" Rose exclaimed.

"That would be funny, not going to lie!" I chuckled.

We talked for a couple hours, about random things really, nothing special, nothing significant. The subject of my date didn't even come up. We stayed until more people came to see him, Louise came, and moaned on about how she should have been told that he was awake, but I wasn't really listening. We left, retiring to the Ravenclaw common room, trying to predict how Al would find out about our argument.

"I just don't know! He didn't give me chance to tell him! He asked and then went back on it immediately after! It's not my fault it didn't even come into the conversation again!" I defended myself.

"I know, I just think maybe it should have come from you or at least one of us!" Rose appealed.

"I suppose you're right. But what can we do now?" I resigned

A sudden movement from Scor meant that he had either been hit by lightening or he had an idea, "You could just go and see him" he simply stated looking at me.

"Care to elaborate, dear Scorpy" I asked.

"Scorpy? The return of the bad nicknames from times gone by? But anyway, we could go and get the invisibility cloak, letting you go to the hospital wing, I expect Poppy would have kept him over night. So, you can go and have a chat, alone with him" he explained.

"That's a great idea Scor! Let's do it!" Rose smiled

"Fine! I'll do it! Better sooner than later right?" I accepted.

With that, they both left their chairs and went down to Gryffindor tower, we gave the password and Scor went up and found the cloak, while Rose and I chatted to the Wotters. When he came back down, we stayed for a while, then leaving, under the cloak, taking Rose and Scor to their houses, because it's always risky moving about after curfew. I then made my way to the hospital wing. And successfully, frightened Al.

"You asleep" I asked Al, who was just lay on his bed, while still invisible.

He jumped with a freight saying, "Yes, yes I am", looking away from my direction.

I took this opportunity to sit on the chair I had sat in earlier, taking to cloak off, I said "Well, I'll just come back later then" and with that he turned and found it was me, casting a quick charm he learnt from his Dad, to ensure no one heard us.

"Oh, it's just you! You scared me for a moment then!" He laughed, hitting me in the arm

"Oh, why thank you, that was a lovely greeting! Hi to you too!" I joked.

"You know I didn't mean it like that!"

"Yeah, I do, I was just kidding!"

"So, is there a reason you've travelled so far after curfew to see me? Or did you just fancy a walk?"

"That is an excellent question! Why am I here?"

"Liv. Get to the point"

"Okay, well, let's do it this way. Anyone told you anything more about Friday or Saturday?"

"No. Why? What happened that I need to know about? My memory's coming back now though. Friday is much clearer now."

"Oh well, I better get this over with before you remember Saturday"

"Liv, you know you can tell me anything, just say what you need to say"

"Okay, wellwesortofhadanarguementinthemiddleofhogsmeadeaboutthefactthatikissedjoeandwasfinallyhappybutyouwerentanditallendedverybadly" I murmured very quickly.

"What?! I didn't catch a word of that. Slower this time Liv"

"We sort of had a big argument yesterday"

"We did?" He asked seriously shocked sounding.


We sat in semi silence for a bit, I say semi because all I could 'hear' was the constant working of Al's head, trying to figure out the events of the Saturday. I felt really bad, but decided it was better coming from me.

"You know, Louise hinted something like that earlier. I thought nothing of it. I mean it's me and you. We don't fight." Al finally spoke.

"We don't speak to each other a whole lot anymore" I reminded him "I've probably spoken to you more times today than I have in the last 4 months put together!"

"What happened?"

"With what? Our argument? Or the fact we don't talk anymore?"

"Our argument"

"Oh. Well, basically, I was on my date, and well, this is worse the second time round. Well, he kissed me, and then we were joking around, he was tickling me and whatever. But the next thing I knew, you were there looking at me, almost as if you'd seen a ghost"

I had a bewildered expression coming from him

"Oh, yeah, it's a muggle expression, don't worry about it. Anyway you were frozen solid; I got up and waved my hand in front of your face. I just wanted to know if you were alright! And you stormed out!" I wept slightly, "telling this story a third time doesn't make it any easier you know"

Al, being the Al I used to know.
Scooted aside on his bed and offered me some space next me. I gladly took it and he wrapped his arm around me, trying to comfort me.

"I understand. But why are you upset, that wouldn't have made you cry, I know you Liv"

"Well, I chased after you, screaming all the variations of your name I could think of until you finally stopped. You asked me what I wanted and I said that I wanted to understand why you were so angry. That's when it properly started, you then threw insults at me, and shouted how I should go kiss my boyfriend so more. Defensively, I then threw back how you didn't like the fact I was my happiest in months, that finally someone cares about me. Okay. And this is the bit that got me; you said 'you're just jealous of what Lou and I have'. I was crying now and barely managed to speak, I said something about, what happened to never wanting to see me cry, or being here to make me happy. All the stuff you said last year. And I may have admitted that maybe I was slightly jealous. But by the end, I'd gotten so angry, I got significantly louder and told you that when you did realise that you were wrong and you wanted to speak. I wouldn't be there... But you know, you fell off your broom, I couldn't very well not come and see you"


"Yeah, it wasn't a very pretty scene to be honest. It's also sort of the talk of school."

I then turned to look at his face, trying to read the emotions off. This proved difficult as he'd gone blank again. It was a few minutes before he spoke again.

"I can't believe I did that to you, I really can't. I'm sorry Liv. You really do mean so much to me. Honestly. I did mean everything I said last year by the way. I wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true. I must have gone into over protective brother mode. I'm sorry"

"Don't worry about it; I'm just glad you know now. Right. Well, now you do know, I better go to sleep, and so should you. See you in the morning" With that I pulled the cloak on and said only "Don't worry, I'll give it back tomorrow".

On my way back to my dorm, I thought through everything he'd just said. Over protective brother mode. Over protective brother mode. That's no feelings, he isn't falling for me. He might have been yesterday but not today. Well, life just likes to mess me up. I've decided.

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Chapter 13: The Truths in Herbology and The Full Names
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“Can I PLEASE leave now?” I asked, begging Poppy this time.

“Yes. Just make sure you eat and drink a lot today, and come to see me if you feel the slightest bit unwell” she replied.

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

I skipped. That’s right, skipped out of the hospital wing and down the stairs to the Great Hall. “Scorpy! Rosie!” I shouted as I walked into the beautiful hall.

“Merlin! If it wasn’t for the deeper voice, I would have sworn you were Livy then! Are the nicknames some sort of disease, always recurring?” Rose joked

“They must be. I just hope we don’t catch it Rose!” Scorp joked right back.

“Speaking of that gorgeous girl, where is she?” I smiled, thinking about her and, well, generally, just her.

“We don’t know. We last saw her yesterday night, after we convinced her to go and see you” Scorp revealed

“Oh. I thought she’d be here. Did she not come and wake one of you up to tell you what happened? She left last night, really fast. Like, she told me about our scream fest on Saturday but then that was it. She left”

“She did what? What did you say to her? What happened?” Rose exclaimed.

I then recounted what happened, “...So, then I said I must have gone into over protective brother mode and she left”

“What did you say?” Rose hesitated, exchanging looks with Scorp.

I woke the next morning and took a shower, and got ready for the school day ahead. I went down to breakfast earlier than most people, it was just me, a couple of Ravenclaws and Professor M. Pretty boring really, I ate and left, thinking I'd go a place no one would think to look for me, in Herbology early. I love Herbology, but never have I been good at it, that's why I disliked going; I chose it though in OWL, hoping I'd get better. I walked in just as Professor Longbottom was about to leave for breakfast,
"Oh. Hello Livy. I didn’t expect to see you so early!" He pondered

"Sorry Sir, you don't mind if I stay do you? I haven't got anything else to do before class" I asked.

"No, not at all. In fact, did you want some Herbology help? I won't be long" he wondered

"I could always do with some Herbology help!" I laughed.

"Don't say that, you're improving everyday!" he argued, "I'll be right back" he smiled as he walked away.
I set up on my bench, sorting out all my stuff, not really thinking of a lot, when I got a freight.

"BOO!" Someone shouted in my ear, coming up behind me and clutching my sides.

"Ahh!" I screamed turning round to see Al.

"Albus Severus Potter! What the hell was that for?!" I defensively shouted at him.

"Oooh! Using full names are we? Fine. Olivia Marie Victoria Adams, what are you doing here?" he said with the most serious face he could muster.

"I'm here for Herbology? What about you?" I inclined for an answer.

"Just letting Uncle Nev know I'm okay before lesson starts" Al simply answered.

"Oh, okay. Well, he's gone down to breakfast, said he wouldn't be long though" I informed him.

"I must have just missed him! I came from there! Oh well! I'll just have to keep the lovely lady Livy company while I wait for Neville to come back.”

Wonderful, one of the people I’m trying to avoid comes to stay with me, wonderful! “How gentlemanly of you good sir” I replied very sarcastically.

“Hey! Don’t go all sarcastic on me. I need to talk to you” he decided.

My mind simply went into overdrive. Oh my Merlin, keep calm Livy, remember to breath, you don’t know what he’s going to say. Okay, we’re calm. Now answer. Oh yeah, right.

“Okay well talk away then my friend”

“Okay, well. You know I said Friday came back to my memory? Well. Um. Well”

I must have a gift, one of the only people to ever make this kid speechless, let’s help him out, “Yeah?”

“Saturday started to come back pretty much after you left last night. You must have jogged it or something. And, well. I’m sorry Liv. I don’t know what happened to me. But I have a feeling I was jealous maybe. You know, Jealousy creates green monsters, always a bad thing”.

I say that, like, I always say that! Wow, maybe we are more in sync than I ever imagined, green monsters. I say that. Merlin’s pants! I forgot to go and tell Joe it was over, because I can’t lead him on, that’s Rule Number 4.But that’s beside the point, listen to him.

“I didn’t mean a word of the insults, I swear, it was the green monster getting all angry. I would say, I’d never think you were jealous, but you sort of admitted that you did. But I didn’t mean it to come out all spitefully. And I most certainly don’t want you to go and kiss your boyfriend some more. Maybe even in a more then overprotective brotherly way. I mean...”

God damn it Longbottom! He was then kindly (sarcasm) interrupted mid- sentence in our heart to heart conversation by coming back in. He really was quite fast, but really? He had to interrupt, didn’t he? Story of my life right here folks!

“Al! Are you okay mate? That was a nasty fall you had there. Remind me of a similar fall your Dad had...”

I could tell by the polite head nods and occasional “Ooos and Ahhs” that Al had pretty much zoned out. He loved his family so much but the fame that came with it? Not so much. Al was usually quite confident with his friends and in Hogwarts. He’s really just a little smart arse who wants to get through life as easily as possible, to be nice to others, have fun and all that jazz. It’s a shame really that as soon as he leaves the comfort of Hogwarts walls or his home, he’s immediately watched. I feel sorry for his whole family really; all the Wotters have it the same.

When Neville finally finished, Al smiled, “That sounds really bad Uncle Nev but at least he was alright! Don’t go worrying about me though. I’m fit and dandy gain only broke a couple of bones and Poppy fixed them in an instant, she said I may have had a small amount of memory loss but everyone has helped me jog it. So, I still remember your awesome Herbology lesson last Friday!”

“Great! Oh, and I am sorry Livy. Lesson will start in a bit; maybe breakfast took a bit longer than I thought. (Your story more like Nev!). But Al’s here, so he can help you out if you need something quick. Now poor Rose had to drop Herbology because she simply couldn’t fit it in her timetable for OWLs. Al is top of the year!” Neville exclaimed.

I nudged Al when Nev said that and his grin just got wider, that kid is such a sucker for compliments!

“Thanks Uncle Nev! You know I’d never be this good if I didn’t have a Uncle whose been teaching me since I was 5 though! Anyways, I’ll help Liv with anything she needs” he complimented right back. Neville just blushed and retreated to his office.

“Look at you! Top of the year! We’ve got to go and tell Rose and Scorp! It’ll be great, they’ll be so proud!” I laughed at him, well, with him.

“Not now! Class is about to start! Plus, I’m not done talking to you yet! But, we’ll have to wait until after class. You’ve got a free next right?”

“Okay, Okay! Al, my timetable happens to be the same as yours, remember? Of course I do!” I laughed again, greeting my Herbology buddies as they came in and started to take their seats around me.

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Chapter 14: The Finished Sentence, The Wotter's Issue and The Many Letters
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After a really quite uneventful lesson, where I might add, the highlight being, I got a question right and got Hufflepuff 10 points! I left, forgetting that I still needed to talk to Al, but luckily a hand grabbed mine in amongst those heading back to the castle. However this hand took me away from the warmth of Hogwarts castle and out into the cold by which the black lake lived. Why it’s our favourite, ‘I’ve got to tell you something’, place. I have no idea, so don’t even bother asking. It freezes your butt off.

"Liv" Al spoke softly, turning so he completely faced me and looked straight into my eyes. "I had a little chat with Scorp and Rose, late Saturday night. I bet you know that. But I remember that now. And, well, they made me realise something that I didn't even think was possible, not even that morning did I think this. But once it came to me, it became so obvious."

"No offence or anything Ally, but could you get to the point" I interrupted.

"Right, the point. Well, I found out why I was jealous. Liv, I think I may have fallen in love with you"

He, he, he. He does. Are you sure? Wait. You've got to reply. Go on. Say something. Anything!

"Did you know that a banana may not actually be a fruit but a herb in disguise?"

Good one brain. Oh Merlin! He looks all confused, almost heart-broken. This time, say the right words.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to, Umm, say that. I. Umm. Oh to hell with it! Al, I think I feel the same way. Actually, since I spent most of Saturday night crying over you. I'm almost positive I do."

"You do? I mean you really do?! That's such a relief! But you know what Liv? I didn't know that about bananas!" He laughed.

He then, with an amused look on his face, leant forward, kissing me softly on the lips. And do YOU know what? It was magical, like even real magic couldn't recreate that! The butterflies I so often felt when he was near, exploded, causing a feeling that I can only describe as what it must feel like to really be on cloud 9. It was so easy, and felt so right. But the main thing was, on that day, I found my spark, like fireworks going off. All in one, simple, small kiss.

We parted, and smiling right back at him, I commented, "Well, you learn some new everyday Ally!"

Al was just about to return, probably with a smart remark, but wasn't able to because his large barn owl, Aphrodite, appeared, spreading her large wings to fly and stopping right in front of Al. She was carrying a letter, which Al kindly accepted and with a stroke, and with that Aphrodite was off, heading toward the owlery. He shot me a small apologetic look but continued anyway, realising it was just me and he could be comfortable with that.

"It's from Mum, wonder why she's owled me in the middle of the day. She doesn't do that unless something's wrong, what could be wrong?" He worried, opening the letter.

Hiya Al,
It's only Mum. Sorry about having to tell you this in a letter my darling but I've got to tell you sooner rather than later. It's about Nana Molly. Before you panic. She's okay now, but she did have a stroke today. The Healers say that she is lucky, that there's no lasting damage and she'll be up and about in no time. Although, she does have to stay in St. Mungos for a bit, I’ve arranged with Minnie that you can floo from her office any time today, to our house. All of you. Meaning you can have a couple days away from school. Don't worry about relaying the message. I've sent one to both your brother and sister, and everyone else to their sons and daughters. I'll see you in a bit Al, be strong for me okay?
I love you.
P.S Minnie says the password is Butterscotch.

He simply handed me the letter, unable to speak himself. So, I spoke for him.

"Al, do you want to head back up to the castle?"

A nod confirmed.

"Okay, I'll take you up to Gryffindor, see if everyone's there and find anyone who isn't. Then, you can all go to Professor M's together. Does that sound okay?"

A nod also confirmed that. Therefore that was what happened.

It turned out all I had to do was take Al up to his common room, where we found everyone else. It was all very sad, Lily was wrapped up in a hug from James who immediately turned around when Al walked in and engulfed him into the hug as well, and Hugo was being squished by Rose. Louis was in charge if Luce, who was silently sobbing into his shoulder, Fred was trying to calm down Molly. Scorp was stood to the side, which is where I headed, giving him a hug as well, I always loved Nana Molly, she had the best food for miles around, and always gave great hugs as well. Scorp was the first to speak, suggesting they went up to Professor M's office, which they all thought was a great idea, all traipsing off, with their arms around younger siblings or cousins, whispering comforting words to each other.

The days went by and they still didn't come back. I owled both Rose and Al, so did Scorp. But we didn't get much of a reply, just a simple, don’t worry, we're okay, see you soon. Nothing special, nothing interesting. Although, it didn't stop me worrying, in fact, it made it worse. I was upset myself because of it, I couldn't even imagine what they would feel like. I wished on all my 11:11s, the shooting star I saw, and even said a prayer, for them all, I can be quite sentimental sometimes. Me and Scorp were all a bit lost to be honest, the Wotters made up our friends, so without them, it was really odd. We noticed it. Well, everyone did really. It was damn lot quieter and I visited the Gryffindor common room, to see a friend (Rydel), for a bit of help on a Muggle Studies essay that I really couldn't be bothered to do, my heart just wasn't in it, well, anyway the common room was empty without them all, laughing, joking, chatting.

Scorp tried his best though, he knew that I was an emotional wreak about the whole Al thing and that I loved the Wotters so much it would have been hard for me to deal with them not being there. I knew he was the same though; maybe he wasn’t as close to the Wotters as me but Nana Molly had always looked out for him and made him feel comfortable. And, well, then there was Rose. I knew he loved her more than anything in the world. In fact we did several things to keep our minds busy, one of them was a trip to the room of requirement, although it made us think of them, it was good because then we didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty when we enjoyed ourselves without them.

Scorpius POV-
“Hey Livy” I smiled, walking into the Hufflepuff common and stopping her in our usual place by the fire on the Wednesday night

“Scorp! I need you to help me with my Defence homework. I’ve lost the ability to use my brain” she pleaded with me

“Sure. Which one is it? The one about the patronus?” I foolishly agreed

“Yes! I just can’t do it” she confirmed, handing me a piece of parchment and a quill.

“I’m not doing it for you!”

She gave me the puppy dog eyes

“Fine. I will. But you’ll have to write it out again before tomorrow, it’ll be in my hand writing!” I gave in. It didn’t take long though, I was finished by the time Livy had told me what had happened in muggle studies that day

“So basically Professor Hall got an electric shock, you should have seen her hair though, it was sticking up in more directions than Al’s!”

“Is she okay?”

“Oh yeah, she’s fine. Poppy fixed her fast enough”

“Oh good. Done!”

“Yay! You know I love you right? Rose would have made me do it myself” she finished sounding quite sad

“I know. You haven’t got to do anything do you?” I tried to cheer her up

“No. That was it” she indicated to the parchment she was placing in her bag

“Right. Do you want to go on an adventure then?”

“I always do. I’ll just put my bag in my dorm” she ran and was back before I knew it


“Ready. Where are we going?”

“To the room of requirement”

“Okay. After you brother” when were alone I’ve found that Livy has a thing of calling me her brother, I don’t mind of course because it’s incredibly endearing but it does make me smile. I love her so much, she’s part of my family, my little sister.

“Thanks little sister”

When we got to the room of requirement, I wasn’t really sure what to ask for. So what I asked for was a room where you can forget everything you need to forget for a while, without losing the memory completely. I walked three times in front of it, a door appearing in front of me, I opened to door and let Livy go in first.

I wasn’t sure to expect but what I found seriously wasn’t that. The room was huge, and I mean size of a Quidditch pitch huge. It was amazing. Half was a lounge area with a pensieve in the middle of a series of different comfy seats. The other a playground, an actual playground, only we could use it. Although it wasn’t really a playground, more of a ball pit, a giant, ceiling to floor, adventure ball pit. There were four floors, each tall enough for me to stand up in. There were three slides, one a tube going from the top to the bottom, another, a plunge sort of death style slide that literally went horizontally down in a straight line from the fourth to the bottom floor, and then a little baby slide from the second to the bottom floor. It was amazing, I felt like a little kid in a teenagers body.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” Livy squealed, jumping straight into the ball pit, just like any other kid would have done at the age of 5.

“No way.” I stood still admiring my mind for coming up with this, well, and thanking the room

Livy’s face much brighter than before shouted at me from the top, pushing her face right up to the netting which allowed no escape so she couldn’t fall, “Come on then!” she beckoned me

Although before I could even try to get up to her she was sliding down the slide meeting me at the bottom of it, “Weeeeeeee!” she giggled as she came down. “Sorry!” she apologised once she’d bashed into me, “this is just amazing. We have to bring Rose and Al here. This is the best!”

“Let’s do it then Livy!” I laughed.

We spent a good hour, possibly more running up and down, sliding down the slides, even climbing up the slides, and simply just mucking about. It was really quite funny and in every way it was perfect for chilling out. After that we choose seats opposite each other and figured out what the pensive would do.

“You know, I bet if Rose was here, she could tell us! Actually, I think Al’s told me something about a pensieve, even he could bloody tell us how to use it!” Livy complained

“Yeah, I think Rose has told me something about it too. I can do this though” I decided

“You’re right, you’re constantly with Rose, and you actually listen to her. How do we get this thing to work? Actually do you reckon it’s empty?”

“It’s defiantly empty; it’d look more interesting if it was full. I think. Wait.” I stuttered, pulling my wand out putting it to my head, thinking really hard on a particular memory, moving my wand away.

Nothing happened.

“What was that for?” Livy asked looking thoroughly perplexed

“I was trying to get a memory out! This thing should seriously come with instructions!”

“I know. Well, this is no fun”

“No. Sorry about this. We’ll have to figure this out and come back another day” I said getting up and heading for the door

“Sure. Thanks by the way. You know, it means a lot that you’d come in here and make a fool out of yourself in a ball pit.” She thanked, following me

“You know I’d do anything for you”

“I know. I just wanted to make sure you know I’m grateful”

“I already knew that”

“Had to make sure” she smiled, giving me a hug from behind, so her head was resting on my back

“No need” I replied, turning round to give her a proper hug

“Love you”

“Love you too” I said pulling away from the hug and turning in the direction of my common

“Piggy back!” she laughed, jumping on my back

“Fine...” I grumpily accepted her weight and changed course, carrying her to her own common room

“Here you are then Livy”

“Thanks Scorp”

“Sleep tight” I waved, going to my own common room

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” She waved back, heading into her common room

Livy’s POV-

It wasn't until 4 days after that they gave me a proper reply,
Hey Livy,
Please stop worrying we're all fine! Nana Molly is now out of hospital, and is back to normal. Mum says we shouldn't have any more days off but Dad persuaded her that we could have tomorrow off, there's no real point right? I mean it's Friday! But we will be back on Saturday at some point. I do hope I haven't missed too much, now everything's calmed down, I really worried about what I've missed, it's OWL year Livy! I'll catch up quick enough, I'm sure! Al though, I doubt it! I'm sorry you feel all lonely without us but you have Scorp! We didn't leave you completely on your own but we will return soon, so everything will be the same again.
Oh, that reminds me, I know that Al talked to you on Monday. What did he say? What did you say? He won't tell me! I need to know soon or I swear I will explode, that or I'll hex you both until you tell me! So, either through this response or immediately after I come back, it's your choice dear Livy!
Okay, well, I'll see you in two days and give you a full update on what happened, but until then, calm down, study hard and try not to miss me too much!
Love you,
Rose xxxxx

I replied to Rose saying,

Rose Weasley!
I was physically going to come and find you if you hadn’t replied! Thank Merlin! I’m incredibly glad she’s okay. Tell your Mum not to worry about it, between me and Scorp we have all the notes you need! Yeah, we may have to force Al to catch up but don’t worry I’m ready! Send my love to your Mum and Dad by the way, especially your Dad though; give him a big hug from me.
I know I have Scorp, but it doesn’t feel the same and obviously I need my Best Friend to be with me!
Oh, and Al, he just admitted that he liked me... No big deal! Okay. It’s a huge deal! But no more details until you come back, after I’ve talked to Al and Lils (both need to talk to me).
I will try and do all of the previously mentioned but I may not be able to live without you for another day!
Love you too Rosie Posie
Livy xxxxx

And I got a letter from Albus saying,

STOP OWLING ME! Merlin woman, it seems you're a bit eager to see me! (I'm joking by the way... If that's not already come through).
I hope you're okay. We all are, so don't panic. I'm not sending you this because it's bad news, because it's not. Nana Molly says Hello, and thank you for wishing her well, but there was no need to worry that much! In response to your Hello and hope you get better soon, that you wrote in every letter I've got in the last 4 days, twice a day. Not that I don't like hearing from you, because honestly, it was good to hear you were okay and I didn't have to worry about anything else!
I bet Rose has sent you a letter too, so this might be new news but it might not, anyway, we're all coming back on Saturday at around midday, so you can meet us in Scorp's common room if you like, I've had enough of my family over the last couple of days, Slytherin will be the one place nobody is! (Of course I don't mean Rose though).
I shall see you soon, okay? Please tell me if the password for Slytherin has changed, we won't be able to get in otherwise!
Until then,

P.S, You can still owl me tomorrow if you like; after all, you won't see me!
P.P.S, I need to talk to you again, sorry things got all distracted last time. But we really need to sort this stuff out.

I replied stating,

Albus Severus Potter!
Answering now are we? If you answered me, you wouldn’t have been spammed with owls! (And, Yes, I caught the sarcasm).
I’m not panicking anymore, buy seriously, if something is wrong, or even if something isn’t, OWL ME, ALWAYS! I’m happy that you’ve told her, and so glad she’s better!
It’s okay, I owled you both, so it makes sense I get the same information! Slytherin it is! I’ll see you there!
I will indeed see you there, chairs by the fire; I’ll save you a seat Ally Wally! Yeah, it has, the password is Python. So very original, but who am I to judge, Hufflepuff is BadgerPride. Don’t even ask.

P.S. Chill out, I will if you like, but remember, I love to get an answer!
P.P.S. Okay, well, can it wait until later, I can meet you in the Kitchens after we leave Slytherin Saturday night if you like? I need to talk to Lily as well; I’ll do that in the afternoon though.

I was so so so relieved to hear the news, but in my haste to see if anyone would answer during the week I even wrote to Lil, who replied at the same time too, (I had three owls visit me in the space of five minutes. I got a few weird looks!)

Hiya Livy! The big sister I never had!
I'm so glad you wrote to me, I need to talk to someone, who I'm not related to when I get back. (I'm telling you this before I forget). Everyone here is in the same boat, we understand each other a bit too well, I need someone to sit and listen. You don't mind do you? And... Well... There's this boy too.
Back to the subject at hand. Calm the heck down chick! We are all perfectly okay, even Nana Molly. We all say Hi and chill out we'll be back on Saturday! It's only been a week girl! You'd think it was a month or two! Although, we all are so grateful you were thinking of us, and as I said, everyone, and I mean everyone says Hi, I asked everyone what they wanted to say, and it turns out they all wanted to write a paragraph (including Mum, Dad and all my Aunts and Uncles), so, I summed it up to Hi. You'll see most of them soon enough, they can tell you themselves!
Well, I'll love and leave you,
See you on Saturday for our chat!
Lils xxx

I replied to Lils in a similar way to the other too, it was cute she wanted to speak to me!

Lily Luna Potter! The little sister I wish I had!
Took you a while to reply love! Although, it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad everyone is okay. Give your Mum and Dad a big hug from me. I’m so extremely happy you’re all okay then, and feel so special that everyone wanted to say something to me! Well, those who aren’t going to see me can always Owl me!
I’d be honoured to be the one you talk to, that sounds great. I’m happy to do it for you darling. I’m always here for you, whenever you need me, anytime of any day! Sounds exciting, I’m looking forward to it! I’ll sort it out with you when you get back!
Livy xxx

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Chapter 15: The Return of The Wotters and The Conversation With Lils
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“Scorp! Scor! Scorpy! They’re coming back today! They are! It’ll be great! I can’t wait to see them! Al is coming back! Rose is coming back! TODAY SCORP! TODAY!” I shouted as I skipped around him.

“Livy! I know, I know! They’ll be coming back later today, but it’s only been a week! Surely you can live without them for that long! I know it’s been hard but Hey, you’ve had me!” he laughed back at me.

We didn’t really have much to do that day, therefore we spent the time sat in his common room, chatting about random things, and craning our necks every time someone walked in.

They came at roughly 12:30, they simply walked in, causing me and Scorp to check who it was, and upon their arrival both of us, having exhausted all conversation, jumped up, partly to do with the fact that it was them, the other part, because they were new people to talk to. I squealed and ran straight at Rose, my best friend, entrapping her in a huge hug. While Scorp went to Al and gave him an awkward man hug thing.

“ROSE! My bestest friend in the whole wide world! I’ve missed you so so much! Don’t ever do that again, take me with you!”I shouted

“LIVY! MY bestest friend in the whole wide world! I missed you too! I will take you, but hopefully there won’t be a next time. But I will anyway.” She shouted right back at me.

I turned to Al, who seemed to know what was coming as he ran off. Not that that was going to stop me though. Although he didn’t run for long, he stopped and pretty much just let me strangle him. I didn’t stop running and jumped up, so he had to pick me up, so with my legs wrapped round him, he gave me a huge hug back. This while Scorp had picked up Rose into a hug as well and was spinning her round slightly.

“ALLY! I’ve missed you so so much too. Please, don’t do that again. I can’t deal with it!” I exclaimed

“Liv, I missed you too. Honestly I have! I won’t ever again, don’t worry about it.” He promised, placing me back on the ground.

“Good! Ooh! It feels like a reunion! Group hug guys!” I decided.

I was then squashed by the 3 most important people in my life. Feeling at ease once more, we sat in our usual place, this time, Al and I sharing a seat, and Scorp and Rose sharing one. We sat and talked about this that and another, not doing much until we went to dinner, all laughing and having a good time. I felt happy, safe, and right again. I sat next to Rose on one side of the bench on the Ravenclaw table, with Al opposite me and Scorp opposite Rose. It was great; my Rosie Posie was back to herself, back to us, trying to get me to remember EVERY DETAIL of ALL THE CLASSES she had missed. I couldn't do it, so simply turned round and hugged her.

"What's got into you?" Rose joked.

"I've missed you is all" I smiled, giving her a squeeze.

"I missed you too, but stop it or else I'll cry all over you" an over emotional Rose gave me a squeeze back and retreated back to her shepherd’s pie.

Ally Wally was than laughing at me for being so soft,
"Seriously Liv, it's been a week! What has gone wrong with you?" He laughed.

"I don't know! Apparently you two mean more to me than we ever thought! And don't pretend you're not jealous, you want a hug too right Ally?"

"Shocking! Maybe... Maybe I do..."

"Hey! You going to be nice or do you not want the hug?"

"I meant to say, you mean so, so much to me too. I missed you so much!"

Rose then leaned over to me and whispered, "He actually did, loved getting those letters from you. His face lit up every time!”

"Well, that changes things then dear Rose."

"Wait what? What changes things?" Scorp asked, thoroughly confused as I stood up and seemed to walk off

"I just told her something about Al" Rose answered, once again turning back to her almost demolished pie.

"Rose! What did you say? Where'd she go?" Al panicked

"Chill out Al, Rose won't have said anything bad. She'll be back soon" Scorp decided.

Rose nodded and helped herself to more food (that girl is such a Weasley, so much like her Dad when it comes to food!)

I had to walk around the whole table to get back; we were sat in the middle so it took a while! I walked up behind Al, unnoticed by anyone and wrapped my arms around him.

"Merlin!" He jumped, spinning his head round as far as it would go, and upon seeing me relaxed, "Liv! I got my hug"

"You're so intelligent sometimes Ally, you know that right?" I giggled. He laughed, turned around, and somehow pulling me onto his lap. "Oi!"

"Don't pretend you don't love it" Al smirked, that James Potter smirk, a week with his brother and this is what I have to deal with!

My back and head found themselves leaning against Scorp, who was now being stopped from eating. I lay back, so he could see my face and mouthed "Help me"

By which he replied by brushing all the excess hair out of my face and saying "No chance, you said you missed him and now you've got him back, you should be grateful!" He pushed my head back up right and continued to eat.

I was then full on in Al's face, so he barely spoke "Liv, we really need to sort this out, we'll go by your plan, okay?" Kissing me on the cheek. Kissing. Me. On. The. Cheek.

What happened next I can barely believe actually happened in real life.
There was a small but hear able collective gasp by many people in the room.
Followed by many heads turning in our direction, as in I could physically feel there stare.
As well as several mutters.

It was first the A.S.P fan club, secondly it was all the people around them, and lastly it was pretty much the whole room.
ALL watching me, and Al.

"Did he just?" Rose spluttered.

"Did you just?" Scorp managed to speak.

"In the middle of?”

"At meal time?"

"In the middle of?"

"I think so" I silently said with a small nod.

"And they all?" Scorp realised.

"All of them?" Rose resounded.

"Now there?"

"All of them?"

"Yeah" Al actually managed to say.

"Oh my Merlin, Great Golly Gosh" I blurted

"Livy, you're still sat on him" Scorp reminded me.

I practically jumped off him and accidentally walked into the person in front of me. Who just happened to be Lily, with James not far behind, meaning poor Lily didn't get pushed over, as he caught her. I on the other hand stumbled slightly, before being caught by Al, who I swear down, he must be part ninja, or wwwwaaayyy to good at Quidditch.

"Thanks" both Lily and I chimed, before bursting into a fit of giggles once Lil had shouted "jinx". I'm such a child sometimes!

"Um, Al, can I, Um, have a word" James stumbled.

"Sure, I'll see you later guys" he replied, giving a wave to me, Rose and Scorp.

"See you later mate" "Bye Al" was their dismissal, as dessert had arrived and was a very big chocolate fudge cake with ice cream, Rose's favourite.

"Livy! Can we have our chat now I'm done with dinner, and to avoid anymore stares in your direction, I reckon that's a good idea to leave, don’t you?"

“You, my little red head are a life saver.” I informed her, giving her a small hug. “I’ll see you in a bit guys, back in Slytherin? Or what?” I asked Scorp and Rose.

“Yeah, we’ll just go back to my common room, that’s where Al will assume we are. See you, Rose says Bye too, but, well, she has cake. You know how it is” Scorp resigned to the fact Rose was never going to answer for herself.

“I know” Lils and I shrugged, walking out of the Great hall, where thankfully, the eyes stopped staring into my soul.

We walked to the room of requirement, where it, upon Lily’s request, created a simple relaxation room, with bean bag chairs and a big warm fire.

“Okay Lils, little sis, what do you need to talk about? I’m for advice and that stuff, but I’ll also just sit and listen if you like. Whatever, whichever. Talk away.”

“Okay, well first off. There is the whole Nana Molly thing, you don’t mind, do you? I just need you to sit there and listen. I really want to get this off my chest, and you are the only one I can tell, you’re the only one with a close enough connection with my entire family, that will understand, without being my family, well, not yet anyway.”

“I’m here, for whatever you need lovely. Anything at all.”

“Okay. Well, when we first got home, everything was really wrong and strange.
And well, it felt uncomfortable, we weren’t the Wotters. It didn’t feel like it anyway. I think my Mum noticed it as well, and when everyone was camping out at our house all together but pretty much silent. I snuck off to my room to think things over and stuff, you know? When I got there, I found my room exactly how I left it. My mum hadn’t done anything to it, I felt so at home and comfortable in this one room. My mum must have noticed I’d left so she came and found me. She sat in a bean bag, like the one you’re sat in and I sat in one like the one I’m sat in, and we just sat there, for a while in silence. Then she spoke.
‘“My little Lily Luna, are you alright darling? I’m assuming this isn’t what you thought you’d be doing on a Monday night. In fact I bet you were doing your divination homework last minute, making them up before you got my owl. Am I right?”

“Maybe... You know I hate Divination, but you can’t blame me, you and Dad hate it too. I know Al likes it a bit, but I’m not going to say anything to him.”

It went quiet for a bit before I spoke this time.

“Mummy, I’m scared. Is Nana Molly going to be okay? I can’t imagine her not being around”

“Lily Luna Potter, you have every right to be scared. Come here darling.” She motioned me closer, so I was on her lap, we sat as we used to when I was little, when I needed to be comforted or read a story, I really am a Momma’s girl through and through.

“Your Nana Molly, is so strong, there isn’t a part of my mind that doubts her. She’ll get through this, if it was anyone else, I’d question it, but not Nana Molly”

“Are you sure? She’s quite old isn’t she? Are you sure she’ll be able to cope with this one?”

“Baby girl, she gave birth to 6 boys before she gave birth to me. That’s a lot of pain darling. I was her little girl, the first daughter from a Weasley in generations. I was her little miracle. So, if I don’t believe in her, who will? If she can go through two wizarding wars, raise seven kids, all your uncles, as I’m sure you can imagine were quite a handful. She can survive this.”

“Mummy, Nana Molly always tells me how much you mean to her, and how thankful she is of you. She always tells me to look after you, her little Lily Lou, her little solider, she says I remind her of you all the time, especially when I have to keep Al, Jamesy under control. Are we going to see her tomorrow? I think I need to tell her something.”

“She says that? A lot?”

“Of course. She always tells me how proud she is of you”

“Oh Lily! You’ve made me feel so happy. You know, I’m so proud of you, I don’t tell you enough. But I am, always. And, yes, we’re all going tomorrow. Although since our family is so big. They’ve asked us to come in separate times. All of your Aunts and Uncles saw her today. So, we’ll be taking it in turns to see Nana Molly with our kids. I can ask if we can go first, if you like. I’m sure everyone will understand.”

“Thanks Mummy, I’d really like to go and see her first. I do need to tell her something, desperately. And Mum?”

“Good, I’ll ask once I’m finished with you! And yes?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too darling. Both me and your Dad love you so much”

“Thank you. I really needed this chat. I feel a lot better now” I smiled, standing up. She followed suit and tucked me into a Mummy Bear Hug, only letting go when I begged because I could no longer breathe.’”

She explained all this to me, getting slightly teary. I moved my bean bag closer to her and pulled her into my best big sister hug. She then continued,
“’I was woken up the next morning, by Dad,

“Lily sweetheart, time to wake up. We’re going to see Nana Molly this morning. Sorry if it’s early, I don’t know how long it takes you to get ready. I know your Mum will be up soon”


“Now come on Lily Pie. Your Mum said you wanted to tell your Nana something. Don’t you want to do that anymore?”

“No. I do. I do. I’m up! When have we got to go? “

“40 minutes or so.”

“Oh, well that’s plenty of time. I had a shower last night; I don’t think Jamesy did though. Have you woken him up yet?”

“That was probably a good thing then Lily Pie. No, I haven’t I was going to wake him up in about 10 minutes”

“Oh. Well, I’d recommend you do that now. It takes him forever to shower and do his hair. Much longer than me”

“Well, I ought to go and wake him up then! See you in the hall at about 9:30 sweetheart”

“See you then Daddy! Now hurry up! Jamesy will be really upset if he doesn’t look good!”’

We both laughed at this, knowing about how clueless Harry can be and how long it takes James to get ready. Lily then spoke about her visit to Nana Molly.

She looked really annoyed. She was told to stay lay down, something that was impossible. So, she comprised with the being able to walk around occasionally, be able to sit up and see ALL of her family, as soon as possible.

“Nana Molly!” I shouted in the most appropriate way possible in a hospital, going back to being a child again.

“Are you okay?” James asked, very concerned,

“What’s going to happen?”Al asked, just as concerned as his brother, with both of them trying to act older and braver for my sake.

“Lily! Al! James! It’s so good to see you! Don’t go worrying about old Nana Molly! James you’ve got your NEWTS coming up and Albus you have your OWLS and Lily dear, you’ve got your end of year exams! Those are things you should be worrying about, especially at your young age. What’s going to happen you ask Al? Well, the healers heal me and I go home, spick and span, good as new!”

“Thank Merlin!” all three of us decided, all of us proceeding to shout “Jinx” after.

“Mum!” James and I resigned, where as Al went for “Dad!” as we began to argue which one of us had won this time.

That was until Nana Molly stepped in, “Kids! I don’t think either of you won that one! Now, do you lot mind, I want to talk to each of my grandkids separately. Let’s start with the oldest. Jamesy, you’re up!” she smiled at us, pointing towards the door.

We stepped out and let her have some space with James, we sat in the waiting room for quite a while, Dad, Mum, Al and I, talked about this and that for this time. Until James came back, sending Al to Nana Molly.

“What happened? What did she say?” I questioned James,

“She said some really nice stuff, but she said I couldn’t tell anyone” he said, falling out of his tough big brother facade, into a little boy, crying slightly.

“Jamesy” he smiled slightly, as I called him ‘Jamesy’, just like I used to do when I was little.
I stood up and gave him a hug, like the adorable little sister I am, calming him down, “It’s okay. If it was nice things she said Jamesy, then she means them. Jamesy, please stop crying. What happened to my tough biggest brother, who spends ages on his hair and tries to appear perfect all the time? Not that he needs to; he’s perfect anyway in my eyes”

“Lily pad, it’s okay. I’m fine, you’re right. I’m always here, looking out for my Lily Pad and my Alby to look out for and after. You are so sweet Lils. I love you.”

“I love you too Jamesy” I stated, giving him another hug

Which was interrupted by our embarrassing parents who started to “Awwww”. “No don’t stop. Look at that Harry, our babies being nice to each other!” Mum beamed.

“I know Gin, what will happen next, our boys sharing a heart to heart moment” Dad joked.

“That or pigs will fly!” Mum laughed, they think they’re such hilarious, sarcastic people. Shame they’re not really.

“Haha very funny” I sarcastically returned.

“Yeah Lily pad’s right, that was way too funny” he laughed, breaking into a fit of fake laughter that, in the end we all joined in.

We only stopped when Al walked in and went straight towards Dad and into an awkward, Al and Dad hug. Apparently it makes them feel better but I can’t see how.

“I think that’s your cue Lils, we’ll be here when you get back” Mum spoke softly to me, gesturing towards the door.

I walked out of the door, and into Nana Molly’s room. “Merlin Nana, what have you done? You’ve broken both of my big brothers, how did you do that?!” I giggled.

“Simple my little Lily Lou, be an old women in a hospital, wishing the best for her grandkids.” She replied, looking slightly sadden by the truth.

“Nana, don’t go doing that. We already know how much you love us.”

“Oh, but Lily, I think I do. You know, I’m getting older. And darling, I’m not going to shield you too much, my stroke gave everyone something to worry about and be afraid over, I’m just as scared as everyone else is. But something I’ve learnt, that I’m passing onto you, is that no matter what, you have to stay strong, for the sake of your family. This is vital; you can break down sometimes honey. I don’t expect you to be a robot. I’m going to pass this down to everyone, so you can always count on someone, I promise.”

“Okay. I can do that, and I will for you”

“And Lily, I’ve got another thing of you my dear, I am so very proud of you, you are one of the youngest of on my grandkids, but you look out for everyone, you keep everyone in check. I know I tell you a lot but you remind me so much of your mother when she was your age. She somehow had power over all her brothers, just like you. And I couldn’t have wished for a better combination of your Mum and Dad to make their little girl. For you, I want to tell you something else I learnt. No matter what people say, you are perfect, and what you do makes you who you are. And if people don’t like that, they are not worth your time.”

“I love you Nana Molly, I do, I will always, no matter what, have faith in myself. But please stop talking like this; you’re going to be okay. You are going to be okay, you said it yourself.”

“I love you too Lily Lou. But this has made me realise that I’m not always going to be here. So, I need to do this now. I do.”

“Nana Molly, can I ask you something?”

“Of course”

“Nana, I know you’ve been through a lot crap in your lifetime. How did you manage to stay so strong? Your whole family fell apart when you were so young, but then you built up your own, you made your own life all over again. And ran a little house, with little money and loads of people, effortlessly, how did you even do that?”

"I stayed strong when I was young, and now actually because I had something worth fighting for, I had my future, I had your Grandad Arthur, I had everyone who I cared about, I had the positive feeling on my side. I got older and then I had my family, my boys and my baby girl, I had to do whatever it was that made it possible for them to live, they were my reason to keep fighting and stay strong, it didn't matter in the end what I was fighting for. I was purely fighting to make sure they didn't have to, not that they listened of course. But I did it to keep them safe, to look after them. And then a little birdie told me that my Freddy wouldn't want me to crumple under the reality that followed the war, so I carried on, and you know who told me that? It wasn't George, he was told the same thing by the same person. Your Mum, little Ginny Weasley, reminded us that Freddy wanted light at times of dark, wanted a smile even if it was surrounded by frowns. Would want us to live our lives, and you know what? We did just that. That's how I stayed strong my Lily Lou. That's how." She justified, getting slightly teary.

"You are by far one of the bravest women I have ever met, you know that Nana. I'm so proud of you and I know Mum is too. She probably doesn't tell you enough, but she is. I promise."

I found a place on her bed and just sat there hugging her for a while until she said "Lily, could you go and fetch your Mum for me. I need to tell her something"

I nodded, crying slightly and left the room, going to the waiting room, where I found my family all looking up at me with sympathy written across all their faces.

Mum, was the nearest and brought me into another hug, I felt so comfortable until I remembered she was next, "Mum?"

"Yes" she muffled in my hair.

"Nana Molly needs to talk to you"

She exchanged looks with Dad, pushing me away slightly and looking me in the eyes, then asking, "Are you sure? Nana Molly did this with us yesterday"

"I'm sure"

With that, she placed me in my Dad's arms and left.

"Daddy? She said she's worried. She said this was just in case. But I don't believe her, she's always so strong. I asked her how and I still don't understand. She told me to be strong. To always believe in myself. Why is she doing this?"

"Everyone's worried Lily. Everyone. But it is all just in case, she will get through this. Easily. But we all have to believe in her, and we all need to be strong for her"

Mum almost ran in requesting Dad to come with her, telling us not to panic, so once again. I was pushed into someone else's arms, but this time, I knew they weren't going anywhere.

My Mum and Dad are always so busy, Dad's job keeps him busy and although Mum has more time, she always has something to do.

But the two people in my life that aren't going anywhere are my brothers. Both Al and James, have time for me whenever, care about me, and are always there. At least one of them, always.

"Lils, she is going to be okay. We're not going anywhere, so don't even waste time thinking about it. Seriously, we're not. Everything will turn out fine" Al looked at me straight into the eyes, while I was trapped in a James hug, and held my hand, stroking it with his thumb.

"Lily pad. Relax. I promise that it's nothing to worry about and she's just turning into a loopy old lady and wants to share her life lessons with us" he spoke softly, letting out a small smile at the end, stretching me out so I could look into his eyes and trust him completely. He and Al then took in turns saying comforting things, and going back to the protective big brothers I needed.

“I can't explain to you the bond we have, but it's almost magical. I love them so much, and I hope nothing takes them away from me, because I need them, I really need them. I needed to tell someone all of that Livy, thank you so much for listening; I can actually feel the weight falling off my shoulders. Thank you so much.'", She gratefully finished.

"I never quite realised how close you three are" I confessed.

"Yeah, it's strange. But true. Every word”

"It's beautiful. I love you guys, you know that right? I'm always here for you, any of you guys. All of you. You can spread that to all of your cousins if you like. They're the closest thing I have to a family. Way closer than my actual family."

"Livy. You know we already feel like you're part of the family; don't even bother changing your name or even marrying Al! You’re just about mad enough to be part of us!"

I ignored the comment about Al and said "You absolute sweetheart! You guys are officially stuck with me forever then! That settles it!"

“Okay, so conversation number 2. How’s this special guy then?” I teased.

Lily went bright red, the trademark Weasley tinge, redder than their hair! It’s not particularly attractive, but it is very enduring. “Lysander Scamander”

“As in the son of your name sake. That Lysander?” I repeated

“The very same”

“As in the twin to Lorcan”


“As in the one you’ve known since you were a kid?”

“Yes! Merlin Livy, how many Lysander’s do you know?”

“Just the one”

“Then what was the need for the questions?”

“I just wanted to clarify! So, when did you realise? How did this happen?”

“Well, it happened a couple days before the whole Nana Molly thing. Basically, we’ve got even closer recently; he’s a Ravenclaw you know, so he’s been tutoring me in Divination. You know I hate that subject! And well, one thing led to another and we just talked a lot, it was so comfortable. I loved it. So, do you see my problem? It’s a strange transition.”

“Yeah, almost your entire family hates that subject... wonder why?” I said with the up most sarcasm, “That’s well cute by the way! If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, and it’ll be comfortable as well. Just see what happens. It’ll be great, and it’ll happen when you least expect it as well. Don’t think of it as a problem!” I advised.

“Are you sure that’s how it will be though?

"I sure hope so. I mean. Now Lils, please don't freak out and don't tell anyone because I haven't even told Rose yet. But I'm going to have to tell you to justify this."


"Yes... Okay. Yes!"

"Merlin's giant underpants! Are you serious? Are you full on deadly serious? This is huge!"

"Yes Lily. I am serious. And yeah, I know it's a big deal. It was only a little kiss, only lasted a couple of seconds. But dear Merlin was it perfect! It so was. So I promise, if this is meant to be, between you and Lysander, it will just happen on its own. Don't force it, or wait for it or expect it. Just let life go on."

"I can't believe it! You kissed my brother! You kissed my brother. Ew! And you're telling me about it! Don't ever do that again. I'll take your word for the whole Lysander thing. Just never speak of this again!"

"Okay. Okay. Now, I really need to tell Rose. Meaning you don't know yet okay? You're a good actor right? You don't know until everyone knows, got it?"

"Yes ma'am! I'll see you later Livy!" She walked off, with a visible skip in her step. Mumbling "this is so exciting!" as she went.

I then went to Slytherin, hoping to find Rose. I was going to have many conversations that night!

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Chapter 16: The Talk With Rose and The Get Together
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 "Rosie? I need to talk to you! Actually you too Scorpy. But separately. Or together actually."

"Oooh! Goody! Let's do it separate, Scor's already heard about Nana. Don't want to bore him!" Rose explained, visibly excited.

"Yeah and I already know about the you know what, with you know who" Scor revealed.

"What with who?" Rose demanded

"Nothing... You'll find out very soon!" I teased

"Don't keep me out of the loop!" Rose stropped

"Would you like to know now? It's my common room, so you can leave. But Al will be here anytime. I won't be on my own for long!" Scor asked, clearly wanting Rose's strop to be over very soon.

"Yes. Yes. Yes! Come on Livy! Thanks Scor, see you in a bit!" Rose squealed dragging me out of the room.

"Okay Rose, I'm coming. I'm coming!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Rose! Did you see what I just did?
Sorry, I really am" I apologised, stopping to help up the poor person I just accidentally pushed onto the floor up.

"No worries. Merlin Rose! Why would you do that?" Once up I found that it was Al.

"Oh! It's you! I'm not as sorry anymore! But Rose, calm down I'm coming, don't stand there like that. Wait a minute woman!" I reminded Rose, who was now stood with her arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Nice to see how much you care! Wait. Where are you going? Where's Scorp?" Al questioned.

"I honestly have no idea where this woman is taking me but I do know Scorp is waiting for you in his common room" I managed to reply as I was dragged away once more.

I was pulled up stairs until we reached the Ravenclaw common room, I didn't see how this was any different to the Slytherin common room, but I was not going to argue with her. She answered the question with ease and pulled me up into her dorm, allowing me to only throw a quick wave to Lucy who was busy with some sort of homework.

Rose sat me down on one side of her bed and cast the muffliato charm, so even if they wanted to, her dorm mates wouldn't be able to hear a thing. She sat down opposite me and declared, "Well, you probably know what happened with Nana Molly, you spoke to Lily, but I'll tell you later what she said to me. Now, we need to talk about 'you know who and the you know what', care to explain what that means?"

"Oh. That. That's just nothing. Well, something. Okay. Like a huge something. Just you know. Don't freak out or shout or squeal or anything like that okay?"

"Okay. Sure. Whatever. Just bloody tell me already!"

"Me and Al sort of kissed. And I broke up with Joe. He didn’t really seem to care actually. So, you know." I said, looking away and bracing myself for whatever Rose was about to do. Although when nothing happened I looked back.

Only to find Rose welling up, "You did? When? How? Oh my Merlin, this is so perfect"

"Yeah. We did. Monday. After Herbology, before he got the letter about Nana Molly. Well, we were talking over everything, about us. And one thing led to another really."

"And then he left for a week? You haven't talked to him yet have you? I DO NOT want to hear complete details because this is my cousin we are talking about. But tell me something"

"Yeah, he did. No, I haven't, not yet anyway. He's next on the list after a quick word with Scorp I think. Rose, it was perfect, I felt lighter than air. I think I may have felt the spark as well"

Rose then began to cry, quietly and peacefully but none the less, she was crying, "I knew it! I knew there was something there, that one day you'd realise you were perfect for each other. I knew there'd be fireworks. I just knew. I'm so happy for you Livy, honestly I am. These are tears of joy I promise"

"Rose I love you, you know that right? I'm so so glad you feel like this, I think this could be it, I really do."

"I know, I love you too" we then proceeded to hug it out for a while before Rose started talking about Nana Molly, another sensitive issue, but this time we conjured tissues just in case,

"Lily must have told you she spoke to us separately, so, I'll tell you what she told me. She explained how in her life time she's experience a lot.”

‘"My little Rosie. I'm so incredibly proud of you, you're so much like your mother, she was always so studious and polite when she was young, in fact nothing's changed. But you have qualities of your fathers that make me want to squeeze those cheeks of yours. He cared so much about his family, still does, and he always will. One more thing, Ron has the most amazing friends, so caring, thoughtful, something that will help you through your entire life, Hogwarts creates the most beautiful friendships and makes you realise that your soul mate has been with you since you were 11. That's a wonderful thing you to have in common with him, it's great that you have people to look after you, to look out for you and to be there for you. You never know Rose, like me and your Grandad, Ron and Hermione, Ginny and Harry, George and Angela just to name a few, you may even find your soul mate. You know, whatever Ron says or does to poor Scorpius, he really is a lovely, polite, young man who would do nothing but treat you well, I'm sure of it. So, don't worry about bringing him home as more than a friend, your dad will understand. Even if it is only eventually.”

“Nana Molly! Thank you so much, you know I love my family loads, and to be compared to the best parts of my parents is just so nice to hear. You’re right; I have the most fantastic friends in the world. But I’m not sure what you mean. Scorpius and I are just friends.”’

“OH MY MERLIN! YOU WHAT? YOU? YOU? YOU WHAT?” I practically screamed, good job no one could hear us really!

“Why are you shouting? What happened?”

“You said that to your Nana. I thought there was something there. You said so, that there was something. Even if it was only little there was something”

“Well, there is. I’m pretty sure I’m hiding it okay though, aren’t I?”


“I didn’t! You haven’t let me finish! You interrupted remember?”

“Don’t bother Rosie. I know, it’s written all over the way you look at him. And in fact through the way he looks at you.”

“I’m sorry Nana. Are you sure? I’ve never noticed that he looks at me any different to anyone else”

“That’s because he only ever does it when you’re looking the other way. But my piece of advice to you is never be afraid to go against your family when you feel it is right. You’ve got a big family darling, there will always be someone who disagrees with your judgements or heart’s desire, so don’t let them stop you. I also don’t want you to be afraid to admit what your heart wants. I want you to promise that you will do both of those things for me”

“I promise. I’ll never be afraid of what my family says and one day, soon, hopefully, I’ll bring him home as more than a friend.”

“Thank Merlin! I was worried for a moment there!” I exclaimed

“See, I’m not a horrible human being! But I do need your help, what am I going to do about this!”

“Leave it to me! What are best friends for! I’ll figure it out, Al and I will sort it out. Easy. You won’t even know it is happening. I’ll be your wing woman and Al can be your wing man! It’ll be great!”

“Hey! Speaking of young Albus. I’ve told you everything you need to know, and you’ve even got a plan! You need to talk to him, like now! Actually, now is good. I’m done, we can talk more tomorrow! Go and find him!”

“Okay, okay. I’m going! See you in the morning when Operation Best Friend Get Together comes into action!”

“See you then, I can’t wait!”

I wondered out of her dorm and down into her common room, where I found a half asleep Lucy reading. I convinced her she still had time tomorrow to work and it’d be okay if she went to sleep early. Having taken her up to her dorm, I left the Ravenclaws and headed to the Slytherins.

“Liv, you alright? I was just coming up to see if I could find you. We need to talk about, well, us” Al somewhat awkwardly said, as I found him halfway up a staircase.

“Ally, I’m great! I was about to come and find you. Great minds think alike right? Anyway, where’d you want to go and chat?” I beamed

“The kitchens? I don’t mind”

“To the kitchens then Ally Wally!” I giggled, pointing down the stairs; he laughed a grabbed hold on said hand once I’d returned it back to my side.

For a split second, I thought this as strange, that this was Al. My best friend. But found it was so comfortable, almost as if my hand was meant to sit in his, I carried on. I squeezed his hand slightly as a reassurance that this was a good thing. We reached the entrance to the kitchens, tickled the pear and found fewer elves than usual. Dinner had finished so it made sense that there was less busy, but Squeak was still there,

“Hiya Squeak, we’d like a big bowl each of cookies and cream ice cream please, with toffee sauce and...”

“A can of whipped cream please” Al smiled, having finished my sentence.

“Certainly Miss Adams, Master Potter, anything at all” Squeak replied, disappearing to set up this request.

“Thanks Squeak” Al said, accepting his ice cream, while he sat in our usual place. We really did visit that place way too often.

“Okay before we start talking about this (I gestured the air between us), I was just talking to Rose, and this is one of the reasons I’m in such a good mood. She says she wants to go out with Scorp!” I revealed, not wanting to start THAT conversation just yet.

“I was just doing the same, well, reversed, but still”

“You were? So he does?”

“And she does?”

“Yay! This makes life so much easier!”

“Yep. Ready to be a wing woman?”

“Only if you’re ready to be a wing man”

“Oh. I am!”

“Good! Well, all we have to do is convince them that they are perfect for each other. Then you can get Scorp to ask Rose out. All of this without them realising properly, simple enough right?”

“Not that simple. Scorp is sure that Rose will reject him”

“No way. She’d never do that. Okay, so we have to get them to catch each other, mid way through those glances they give each other. Show them that both of the fail at arguing with each other. It’s bound to make them understand!”

“You’re right. Operation More Than Friends is a go”

“Really? I went for Operation Best Friend Get Together”

“Oh. Well, how about we change it completely, Operation Scorose?”

“Yes! Operation Scorose is officially a go, put into action tomorrow morning!”

“Great! So, Liv. Um, have you been to Hufflepuff today?”

“No, I spent most of the day in Slytherin, then we all went to the great hall, and after that I went to the room of requirement with your sister, back to Slytherin, to be dragged to Ravenclaw, to here. I’ve been around a lot today, but not in my own common room since I woke up. Why?”

“Damn. You don’t already know.”

“Know what?” I asked, helping myself to a particularly large spoonful of ice cream.

“I broke up with Louise earlier”

“You did?”I spluttered, choking on my own ice cream.

“Merlin Liv! You were meant to take that well!” he joked, tapping me on the back.

“I am. I really am. Just I didn’t realise you’d do it so soon”

“Well, neither did I. That’s what James advised me to do; he told me it was for the best. So, I took a leap of faith and followed his advice. He basically told me not to mess you about, and if I wanted to be with you. To make it possible I could.”

“When did James get so smart? I mean he’s right”

“I know, it’s strange. I think it’s got something to do with Annabelle, she’s amazing. He’s still going out with her; we all love her, even Mum. I reckon she’s got some sort of influence on him, it’s for the better really”

“Awwww, that’s great. Wait, does that mean that you broke up with Lou because you wanted to be with me?”

“Only if that’s what you want”

“Of course it is!” I announced, getting up and full on kissing him on the lips, my hands on either side of his face. He seemed shocked for a moment, but accepted it quickly enough, deepening the kiss, his hands reaching my waist, pulling me closer. We only stopped when we needed to breathe.

“Liv?” he asked, making space between us, looking me directly in the eyes.

“Yeah” I managed to speak, becoming lost in his eyes.

“I need to ask you something before I bottle it. Will you please go on an official date with me?”

“Did you just ask me out?” I asked, being caught off guard and in complete shock

“Yes. Was that not clear?” he answered, incredibly confused

“Well, yes it was. I’m just in a state of disbelief”

“Don’t be” he smiled, getting closer and kissing me once more, this time, gently, reassuring me this was all real.

This time when we broke apart, it was my turn to smile, “I would be honoured”

“Are you sure? Those looks we got earlier, they’ll just get worse and you’ll be followed everywhere.”

“Are you trying to talk me out of this?”

“No! Merlin no. Please don’t let this stop”

“Then I can handle anything with you.”

“Thank Merlin. I’ll meet you in the entrance hall, 6 o’ clock on Tuesday”

“Oooh! What are we going to do?”

“It’s a surprise. Now, please don’t take offence to this, but, I’m really tired. I’m going to bed”

“Fine. You had some late nights? I had to put Lucy to bed before I found you. I’ll see you in the morning”

“See you then” he smiled, kissing me on the cheek before disappearing from the kitchen. Now, please don’t judge me, but I may have done a very small victory dance before bidding the house elves goodnight, and retiring to my dorm.

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Chapter 17: The Two Of Us Need Help
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I woke up the next morning with a huge grin on my face and a brother in my face. “Why hello Albus!” he smiled down at me.

“James! I did it!” I beamed, sitting straight up and banging my head on his.

Rubbing his head James smirked, “Which one little bro?”


“You did? You finally did?”

“I did”

“How did it go?” he asked, sitting down on my bed.

“Louise didn’t take it too well. She cried quite a bit. But I managed to smooth it all out and we’re going to be ‘friends’”

“Good going kid! How about Livy?”

“It went more than well.”

“Congrats Al! I’m so happy for you; I always thought Livy was something special. From the moment I saw you two together”

“When you get so soft James? Is it Annabelle? What’s she done to my big brother!”

“You know what Al, I think it is her. Anna is so good for me, I swear she’s made me a better person, just from spending more time with her. But I’m still your annoying, tough big brother, that’s never going to end!”

“I’m glad. Annabelle is great. We all love her. It’s great to see you like this.”

“You look as if your life just got a little brighter as well. Just make sure you don’t mess this up. And maybe ease her in. The Potter fan clubs can be brutal. Although, she has been your friend for a long time, I bet half of them have been pairing you together for years!”

“It did, it really did. I won’t. Well, I’ll try my best not to muck this up. I want this. She’ll be fine, my Liv is head strong, she can do this”

“I don’t doubt you. Not one bit. Right, I’ll leave you alone now, I just thought I’d see how you did, because I do care you know”

“Bye Jamesy. Thank you so much big brother!”

“See you Alby!”

He left and I got up, got ready, and then left for the Great Hall. I reached the entrance and saw my early bird sat eating breakfast with Scorp and Rose.

“Liv!” I screeched across the room.

Her face completely lit up, she laughed and joined in, “Ally!”

I practically leapt over to her, reaching her, I sat next to her and planted a kiss on her cheek, resulting in a gasp,

“Are you two?” Rose gawped

“Yes” we confessed, exchanging looks with each other and answering at the same time.

“Are you actually?” Scorp sought after.

“No. We’re just joking” Liv remarked

“Yeah, completely joking” I smirked

“Don’t go all sarcastic on us!” Scorp joked

“Oh we are sorry. But please don’t make a big deal” I asked nicely.

“We won’t. Don’t worry about us. Maybe worry about everyone else...” Rose promised

We looked around to find people talking behind their hands, newspapers or books, indeed all looking at us. I quickly turned round to face Rose and Scorp once more, I found there face was quite sad, almost upset for us; I turned toward Liv who looked quite white. I became quite protective then, and really worried about Liv, I put one arm around her waist and slid her closer to me.

She snuggled in close and whispered into my chest, “I’m not sure if I can do this, the constant stares. I’m so sorry. You know I really thought this was going to work” and with that she got up and left.

“I’ll go. You stay, have breakfast.” Rose half smiled

“Right. Okay. Come and tell me as soon as. We’ll probably be in my common room” I answered.

I left the hall quickly, avoiding everyone’s gaze, running to the black lake; I sat under our favourite tree and summoned a coat and pillow. It didn’t take Rose very long to catch up with me, I never thought it would really, she did the same as me and sat down next to me.

“I know it’s difficult. But honey, you’re going to have to deal with this. You know exactly what your heart wants, you need to follow it” Rose reminded

“You’re right. I know you’re right. Why are you so right?” I admitted

“I’m sorry we happen to be related to the most famous man in the wizarding world. If I could change it, get Uncle Harry to be just Uncle Harry, you know I would”

“I know. But I thought I’d never notice. I even said last night that I’d be able to do it. But I thought about it. A lot. And now I’m seriously not so sure.”

“But Livy, you have dealt with us for 5 years. Why is it different now?” she spoke softly, now moving in front of me and looking into my eyes, testing my eyes for the truth.

“It’s different because I’m involved in a proper way now. It’s different now because I’m sort of kind of possibly in love with the guy and I’m scared!”

“You are?”

“I think so. Like I said, I thought about it a lot last night. Everyone went to bed so early! I had a lot of time to think!”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure Mum slipped something into our drinks to make sure we had a nice night sleep.”

“Yeah, she must have done. I put Luce to sleep last night and all!”

“Livy? Do you want to know what I think?”

“I really do”

“I think that you are just afraid of everything. I think that you will be absolutely fine because you are so strong. I think that you are simply just panicking and when you finally go out with the idiot I call my cousin, it will be perfect and everything you want it to be. Therefore making you overreacting right now, but that’s okay because I love you anyway and I know that Al is probably incredibly worried about you right now. You should have seen his face”

“You do?”

“I do indeed Livy. I think you just need to calm down and everything will be fine. And I tell you what, if you need some help or advice I know a choice of six people who would be happy to drop everything and talk to you about it”

“I can’t think of anyone who would do that for me”

“Who would possibly do that for you? My Mum and Dad love you to pieces and are Harry Potter’s best friends. My Aunt Ginny is Harry Potter’s wife, and also loves you to bits. Astoria would be happy to come to talk to you; her marriage choice caused a lot of confrontation. But if you don’t want to talk to adults, I have two more choices, one is in the same situation as you and the other gives the best advice in the world and is the most intelligent person I have met. Annabelle, James’ girlfriend is a sweetheart and I’m sure will talk to you and Torie would come over in a flash if we need her”

“Do you really reckon Torie would come down? I would talk to Annabelle but I don’t know her well enough, it’d be weird. I also would talk to an adult but they’re all busy people”

“Yes. I’m sure she would. We could pop into Hogsmeade and have a chat with Roxy and ask her to get Torie, she could spend her a patronus, that’d be quickest”

“Yes! Rose, you really were put in Ravenclaw for a reason!”

“I know honey! Let’s go do it!”

“What, right now?”

“Better now than never right?”

We left our comfy positions outside and left back up to the castle, escaping behind the statue for Gunhilda of Gorsemoor on the third floor, creating a new and improved corridor to Hogsmeade (apparently Severus Snape had to destroy all of the exits during the wizarding war). We took this all the way to WWW, poke our heads up at the top to be greeted by the staff who were sorting boxes in the cellar. We walked up to the main store and found Roxy not doing much in the staff room,

“Roxy! How are you?” Rose asked entering the room

“I’m good Rosie, Livy, how are you two?” she replied

“We’re okay thanks” I answered her, smiling slightly.

“Livy is having Al issues... She’s not sure if she can deal with our life in the limelight” Rose revealed

“Ah. And you need to speak to Torie, am I right? You defiantly didn’t come to see me, I give crap advice. But I will say this, the light may be blinding in Hogwarts, but sweetcheeks in the real world, people have better things to do with their lives than talk about you 24/7. Actually that’s not even mine, Torie told me that. So sorry if you get that again later” Roxy observed

“Could you please send her a CICE (Cousin in case of emergency) message please?” Rose pleaded

“Of course I will little Rosie!” Roxy laughed, and with that she drew her wand and out of this came a strong and glistening cheetah that leapt out of the room at an alarming speed just like you’d imagine a real cheetah to do.(The cheetah said "CICE- Petal and Olive”)

In that moment a chinstrap penguin swam into the room saying "CICE- Sandy 30, thanks Fiery Heart"

"She'll be here in 30 minutes, you don't mind if we crash here for a bit Roxy?" Rose asked

"Nah. Make yourselves a home, I got to get to work, I'll get someone to bring you a hot chocolate" Roxy answered, leaving us alone.

I sat, thinking of what just happened, burning with questions, until one popped out, "You guys have code names?" I blurted out.

"Yeah. I'm Agent Petal, Roxy is Agent Fiery Heart and Torie is Agent Sandy. Torie, Roxy and Dom made them up when Dom and Roxy were 8 and Torie was 10. They decided instead of talking about us and letting everyone else know, they'd make up names, of course a couple have changed since then, theirs for example, Roxy was Agent Princess Rox and Dom was Agent Dolly D, not as cool at their age but Torie kept hers. Although, now it's like a code, so the people around us don't know what we're on about if we send important messages to each other"

"That's clever! So, I have one too?"

"Yeah, anyone deemed important enough has one. Annabelle has one too; it's Agent Banana, like Anna, Banana. See what we did there?"

"Yes... It's ingenious! I love it! So, what's everyone else's?"

"Teddy is Mr. L
Louis is. Mr. Smarty Pants
James is Mr. Bedhead
Freddy is Mr. Trouble Maker
Al is. Mr. Little P
Hugo is Mr Little W
Dom is Strong Eyes
Lily is Pad
Luce is Thing 1
And Moll is Ben
Actually, even Scorp has one, it's Mr. Light bulb"

"Why is Moll Ben? Wait, Luce is Thing 1? Is that a Cat in the Hat reference?"

"Yeah. We loved the Cat in the Hat when we were little, hence Molly, the second twin was not labelled Thing 2 but Ben"

"Ah. Even more intelligent. I tell you what a 10 year old with two 8 year old coming up with that is bloody brilliant!"

"I was put in Ravenclaw for a reason!" A voice appeared behind us, we turned to find Torie, "I'm early. Don't panic. I didn't need to do much at work, so my lunch break is early and longer!" She smiled as she caught Rose look at the clock.

“Sounds good to me!” Rose laughed, giving her older cousin a big hug.

“It does indeed. Thank you so much for coming to see us!” I smiled also giving her a hug

“Scorpius is Mr Light bulb because of his hair. I know you’re wondering” Torie simple stated,

“How’d you know that?” I gasped

“I have powers you should fear Agent Olive. I’m a trained bad-ass! Okay, well, why am I here? No offence but I’m thinking this may or may not take time to explain and I’m not prepared to take a chance. Who wants to go to The Three Broomsticks for a butter beer on me?” she justified.

“Yes!” we simultaneously exclaimed.

We left shouting a goodbye to the staff and Roxy, making our way out of the shop, leaving to The Three Broomsticks, and got into a booth ordering the drinks as we walked into the almost empty pub.

“So, do divulge my dears, I’m all ears!” Torie invited us to explain, getting comfortable in her seat.

“Livy, this is you. I’m just her for support really, and the fact I’m related to the advice giver” Rose encouraged

“Okay. Well, basically, I think I might, kind of, completely, and utterly, be falling in love with Al, you know that right?”

“No! I knew you liked him and that he liked you, but I didn’t know it was this much!” Torie shrieked

“Oh, well. Yeah, that. And basically, I need to talk to you. I thought I’d be able to deal with the attention that comes with being with one of you people. I mean, you guys are Wotters; seriously being friends with you guys gets me attention. But going out with Al, that’d get me hate mail from the A.S.P fan club! I promised him that I’d work through it; I don’t know why it’s freaking me out so much. It’s not as if I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

"You feel all concuss of the eyes staring into the back of your head?"

I nodded

"You feel like people are judging you?"

I nodded again

"You feel scared about the feelings you have towards Al don't you?"

I nodded once more.

"You're afraid of this all being real right?"

"Absolutely, completely, I didn't expect this at all"

"So, it's the change, you're worried it might damage what you have already?"

"Of course, I love everything right now. I practically love Al but I don't want to mess things up"


"Wait. Where'd that all come from?" I asked bewildered about what had just happened.

"You Livy, have just been influenced by my powers in being a bad-ass. It's a gift really. You just told us exactly what's bothering you. It's not the people, it's the change. And I tell you what, that's a common thing. Most people hate change, but without change, we'd never move on in life, experience new things, enjoy life at all. So, what you have to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into the game."

"Woah! Do they teach you speech making as well?"

"Nope! That's all me"

"Well, everyone was right. You are the one to come to with a problem. I'm just scared. But that's something I can deal with. Easy. We'll figure this out"

"Together" Rose added

"She's right, when you're with one of us. You're with all of us. We have to look out for each other Livy, it's important to have a good family support around here, or all hell breaks loose!"

"I know. That's why you're all so close. I envy that; I do"

"Why would you envy it? You're part of it. Only special people get agent names Livy. That's a big step, we all vote on it and everything it's a big process. Of course, for you it was easy, we did it last year, we had to make sure, that's why it wasn't earlier, but you were on the list for a while!"

"Really? You know, I never realised quite how much you guys care about each other until this weekend. You really are like a support system and there is always someone there to help you out if you need it"

"We know. We're pretty blessed. To be honest though, it was Aunt Ginny's idea to have a little gang sort of thing with all of us. She always said she was close to her brothers, but wished us to be
even closer, even if there were loads of us. She planted the agent thing into our heads!"

"Well, then she's a genius, I'll have to tell her!"

"Yep. So this means that we are all here for you. We all care, and we all want this to work for you. Have chats with everyone else if need be. Just I want you to focus on getting what you want and being happy doing it. We are all here to give you support, not just Rose, not just me, not just Al, not just Lils, everyone. Just ask"

"I will. Don't worry. I will."

"That was simple enough! Now go and make a little boy happy!" She laughed, getting up
I followed suite, giving her a hug and saying "thank you so much"

She gave me a small wave indicating how it was nothing.

"Cheers, Torie, I don't know what we'd do without you!" Rose

"You'd be fine. I have faith in you. Now, I must be off, see you guys soon" she turned, disappearing with a pop.

“Are we happy now?” Rose smiled, asking me the question, even though she knew the answer

“Very. Thank you Rose. I really don’t know what I’d do without you!”

“You’d probably of drowned in the black lake. Only joking, you’d be fine!”

“I said that to Al only last year. I remember that was when he started to go out with Louise”

“Speaking of the devil, you want to go and sort all this out?”

“Yeah. I do”

“Great, I’ll go and get Roxy so we can go and say goodbye”

She wondered out, and moments later I saw a turtle patronus glide past me. It turns out, this was James’, telling Roxy and Rose a message.

“CICE- Fiery Heart, Done, Mr Bedhead”

“What’s that mean?” I asked Roxy

“Just James, saying he’s had a word with Al. It’s all good, you can go back now!” she answered

“Well, then we will! We’ll come and visit soon, okay? Lots of love!” Rose laughed, giving her older cousin a hug

“Yeah, thanks Roxy, you’re a life saver! And by the way, Torie didn’t say it. So great advice! See you soon” I added also giving her a hug. Then leaving back through the basement into Hogwarts.

I left breakfast but long after Rose and Liv, having been completely shocked and bewildered about the whole situation that had just unfolded in front of my eyes. Scorp said he had work to do so he went to the library, so I decided to go and bother James.

"James! I need to talk to you now." I shouted bursting into my common room and seeing him on the other side with Annabelle.

"I know. Want to go up to the astronomy tower to chat?" He screamed back, making his way through everyone with Annabelle at his wake being dragged along by the hand, smiling at him.

"Yes. But how did you know?"

We began walking, saying nothing until we reached the deserted tower and sat down near the edge, where he answered my question, "I got a CICE from Rox, it seems Torie was rained in for some advice with Livy and Rose via Rox only moments ago actually"


"What happened Al?" James gave a weak smile to me for assurance.

"She got afraid. The attention got to her. In one day. I thought we could do this, I really did."

"She did? I'm slightly surprised”

“Yeah, I know. Me too” I said solemnly

“It’ll be okay little bro. She’s a goodun’, Mum and Dad seem to think so, everyone approves. You know if our family thought for one moment she would hurt you, they would think otherwise. Or even if they thought she wasn’t worth, no one would have ever wasted their time on her. But they did, you did. Mum, Dad, Lily and I love her. As well as you, you know that. Focus on it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You are, I know you are. But...”

“...Would you like my opinion?” Anna asked, genuinely concerned and wanting to help

“Yes. I’m so confused” I sighed exasperatedly

“Okay. Well it sounds as if she’s just scared of what’s to come. I was just the same, obviously not as dramatic” she justified, shooting a reassuring look to James who seemed to have panicked a bit, squeezing her hand a little tighter. Not to sound soppy, but, I think those two are meant for each other, they are so in sync with each other.

“She probably just needs to calm down and realise that no matter what she thinks now, everything will be fine, and get better, because if this is what she really wants, it will work. I promise Al, it will be okay, she knows what she wants” she then came closer to me and gave me a hug, whispering into my ear, “and that’s you”

“Thank you Annabelle, thank you so much” I muffled into her hair. She withdrew, sliding back into James, who was sat next to her.

“Please Al, don’t call me Annabelle, that’s way too formal. Call me Anna, just like everyone else”

“Okay, thank you Anna. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it. Now are we happy? I should really go and do my homework.”

“I’m very happy”

“Great! See you in a bit Jay” she exclaimed, kissing him on the cheek. He blushed and envy ran through me, as she left the room,

“Is it wrong that I am incredibly jealous?” I commented

“No. I’d be jealous too” he admitted

“Don’t lose her. She’s perfect for you. You know that, we all love her”

“Yeah, I won’t try. I would never try”

“Good. James because you need her, you are significantly nicer when she’s around”

“Hey! I was always nice. But enough about me, go to the WWW entrance to Hogwarts, I’ll send the word to Rox”

“Okay. Thanks a million Jamesy”

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Chapter 18: The Date and The Interruption
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Once we'd figured it all out, times became easier. Al and I became centre of the media for a bit, we were their favourite hot new couple. It was great... (Notice a lot of sarcasm). It was annoying, incredibly annoying, people followed us everywhere we went, asking us questions, taking our pictures in unflattering lights. But you know what? We were happy! So stuff them! We became out done by Scorose though, after they finally got together on New Years, it was beautiful, fireworks physically went off. They did it all on their own as well, operation Scorose pretty much died on its arse because they just didn't listen to us, well they did but were too stubborn to listen properly at the start.

We went on dates, it turns out that Al and Scor never needed our advice at all, they planned the most perfect dates and treated us like princesses. But it was never that different between us, we were still the same us when it came down to it, it was mostly the same as every other year was, the four of us. Studying a lot (Scor got one point less than Rose, Al did really well and I got the best scores I'd ever had in OWLs. Turns out Al is a great influence on me), relaxing and having fun doing it.
When the going got tough with them, or us, or anyone in the family really. We all got tougher, dealing with it all together. It was all fine until the wedding, well, after the wedding.
But first of course, other things got in the way... mostly my own big mouth.

Sixth year- March- 1yr 6months (18months after Aliv had begun)
"Guess who?" Al put his hands over my eyes.

"Hum, now who would be sneaking up on me, without scaring me at breakfast on a Saturday morning?"

"It's a difficult one I know, but guess"


"Nope, she's sat next to you"


"No, he's opposite you"

"I don't know anyone else! Oh, wait. Is it my Ally?" I joked, turning round to face him, receiving a small peck as a hello.

"You are an awful guesser, you know that right?"

"Oi you! I'm just an extremely amazing actress"

"Of course you are darling" he smiled kissing me on the cheek as reassurance and to make sure he didn't get a telling off.

"You got to be nicer to your girlfriend Al, you'll be on rocky ground if you keep making comments like that!" Scorp warned.

"Oh yeah, sorry Liv. So you are aware of this special day Liv? I know you're a bad guesser but you're good with dates. Dom's birthday is?"

"30th of Feb. And yes, I will have you know, the date is the 15th of March, a very special day"

"Yes, I do believe it's been one year and 6 months since we started to go out"

"Indeed it is! So?"

"So what?"

"So, what have you got planned?"

"Not a lot really, was just going to take you for a walk and see what happened"

"Oh. Okay, now or?"

"Now is good"

"Okay, well, see you guys later"

"Bye" they said, not looking away from each other (they are so damn cute!)



"So so"

"So so" (it returns! And I have it too? The repetition of words return)

"So so so"

"So so so"

"Okay. No more of that. Where we heading then?"

"Towards the black lake?"

"Oh, yeah, sure"

We journeyed on towards the black lake pretty much it silence, just with my hand in his, swinging as
we walked. We reached the black lake and decided this was a good as place as any to take a short break.

"Liv?" He asked turning towards me

"Ally?" I smiled, turning to face him, seeing a sincere look of admiration in his eyes that has always made me blush.

"You make me so happy. You know they right?"

"Only because you tell me all the time! But you know, you make me feel better than good, you're such a good influence on me, I'm a better person now"

"You were always a good person. You've never changed. You're still the same Liv to me!"

"You keep telling yourself that!"

"Honestly though, the past year and a half gave been amazing and I owe that to you"

”I owe you the same thing, so we’ll call it even?”

“Sure, sounds like a plan. Now would you like me to take you to your actual planned out present?”

“Yes!” I squealed, jumping up from my seat and grabbing hold of his hand

“Hold your horses Liv! I’m sorry but I’m going to have to blindfold you though”

“Really? Ooh this is so exciting!” I laughed, allowing Al to place a blindfold over my eyes

Al took hold of my hand and moved in very close to me, allowing me to feel his breathing pattern, making mine match. We walked this way for a very long time, up and down a hill, over many different obstacles, eventually stopping.


“Yes” I suddenly was squeezed through the fabric of the world, disapprating, leaving with a faint pop.

“That was horrific, when you said are you ready, this isn’t what I expected”
“You really need to warn a girl specifically”
“Albus? Are you even there, I’m taking the blindfold off. You’re frightening me”

I took the blindfold off carefully and slowly, hesitant of what could be around me, of what could happen when it came off. The blindfold revealed the most beautiful place, it looked almost like paradise. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was paradise, in front of me. I wasn’t sure where I was, but I knew I was truly memorised.

“Albus Potter”

“Olivia Adams”

“Thank you” I beamed, without even looking at him.

“You are more than welcome beautiful” he moved so he was in front of me. “We’re in the forbidden forest by the way. The nice bit, Teddy found it when he was in his fifth year; this is the exact place where he proposed to Torie. Only my family know about it, just us kids though, no adults know about it. It’s our place.”

“It’s beautiful, the little lake, the trees, the perfect picnic patch on the grass. It’s perfect”

“I thought so”

We sat around for a while, had a chat. Took in the scenery, it was a really lovely day, so we went for a little dip in the lake, it was very cute. We spent all day there, well, until we got disturbed.

“Al? Is that a...?”

“Yeah it is”

“Is that from Rose? Or Scor? It’s so difficult to tell, why did they have to be soul mates?!” I joked

“Rose I think”

“CICE- Petal. ASAP. Mr. L and Sandy” the African Elephant spoke in Rose’s voice.

“Oh crap. Crappy crap.” Al frantically started to pack everything up.

“What? What does that even mean?”

“Teddy and Torie, they’ve come down to go through wedding stuff, they have some sort of news”

“Oh, Merlin. We better get a wiggle on then. We need to be fast though. Accio broomsticks” I smiled, seriously surprised that I’d come up with this and catching the brooms as they came to me.

“You are my saviour” Al exclaimed

“A genius you might say?!”

“My perfect girlfriend, brains and all” he had finished packing up and kissed me, making me blush incredibly. He took the broomstick from me and mounted it saying “I might be a while, you’re welcome to come, but don’t worry about rushing. See you”

“Love you” it blurted out of me before I could even stop it, he was already in flight, and I don’t think he heard me.

Although how couldn’t he, I basically shouted it at him. But he hasn’t stopped. Crap. What does that mean? What does that even mean? If he heard me but ignored me, that would mean I just ruined this relationship, saying it too early. But if he didn’t hear me then its okay, nothing’s changed. How the hell do I know whether he did or not. He’s not going to confront me about it. Getting onto my broomstick, rising high to able to see my way back. I reached the Quidditch pitch figuring I may as well put my broom back to its home in my locker. I stopped, thinking where I could go from here. I need to talk to someone. Who won’t be busy, all Wotters are out of the question. Do I bother Scor? Yes, I need to, now.

“Mr Lightbulb. I need you. Quidditch pitch. Now please. Olive” I send a patronus out to Scorp, my Giant Panda Bear waddled off, slow but steady.

“Livy? Are you okay? I’m on my way” Scorp’s Asian Elephant appeared in no time, his voice sounding panicked.

“LIVY? Where are you?” Scorp screeched at the top of his lungs from the edge of the pitch

Having moved myself to the middle of the pitch I shouted back “I’m right here. Calm down you big lug”

He practically ran as fast as a broom would have taken him to me, he got to me realising I was neither crying nor hurt and began to relax, “So, what’s up? I was so worried, what was so important you had to send me a patronus and not come to get me? Even though you seem in no state of pain or upset or anguish. Expect the fact you’re sat in the middle of the pitch, which is not something you do normally”

He sat down next to me and I answered him, “First off, I send code names to stop attention, the patronus already sparks suspicion, why use my name? Second off, I couldn’t be bothered to come and find you, but I do need some advice, and I guess Rose is busy, so here you are”

“Sorry, I was worried, don’t use it again unless you’re in some sort of major emergency! Thanks for the fact I’m second best by the way. But since I’m here and I’ve got nothing better to do, what is the reason you need someone?”

“I may or may not have just told Al that I love him”

“How did you manage to be unsure?”

“Well, I sort of blurted it out when he left for a Torie/Teddy wedding thing. He was in the air and leaving when I said it”

“Oh. Well why is this a problem? I’m just not seeing the issue here”

“He didn’t say anything”

“He didn’t? Well then he didn’t hear you”

“But Scor, how can you be so sure?”

“I just am. Please don’t ask me anything else. I may be a good liar but never have I been able to get anything past the three most important girls in my life, my Mum, Rose and you. So, please don’t make me ruin this”

“Ruin what? Wait. Scor, I love you, you know that right? And I know you can’t lie to me but why can’t you tell me?”

“Livy, honestly, you don’t want to hear it from me. It’s not my thing to tell”

“Scor. Please, do I have to beg? Because you know when it comes to it I will”

“Please don’t. I’m not going to tell you”

“Fine. Actually how about this, if we play a bit of one on one Quidditch, and I win, you tell me”

“And if I win?”

“That’s your call”

“Ooh, well this could be interesting. Tell you what, if I win, you will be my personal helper, whatever I need, whenever, for an entire month”

“Oh, It’s on my friend”

“It’s on my sister from another mister”

“Okay, never say that again, my brother from another mother”

“Yeah, this does not suit us well. You are on, let’s play. I’m ready to win this thing!” we both broke into hysterics, heading back to the lockers, getting our gear on, and getting ready to play.

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Chapter 19: The Quidditch Games
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 “Damn you Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Damn you!” I screamed, landing back on the floor

“Ha! In your face Adams. That’s what you get for being cocky at the start”

“I cannot believe I just lost, I was up. I had 110 points!”

“Maybe so Olivia Marie Victoria Adams but I caught the snitch. Therefore my 150 points top trumps your 110!”

“That’s not fair; you have longer arms than me. I am not being your slave”

“I think I phrased it personal helper”

“I don’t care. I’m not being your ‘personal helper’ or slave or any other way you can think of saying it”

“Okay. Fine. But only because you are my favourite person on the pitch”

“I’m the only other person on the pitch”

“I know. But I’m not making you, so deal with it”

“Okay. I suppose I can deal with that”

I huffed and puffed, and continued to try and persuade Scor to tell me, however, I failed. I forget sometimes how loyal that kid is, actually, then I forget how cunning ad stubborn he is as well. That’s where I fall, I’m stubborn, but my kind nature kicks in stopping me from staying strong for too long.

Towards the end, when I was losing, and couldn’t think of anything else, he became distracted, “Yeah. Sure.” His response to me now, “Who’s that?”

“I don’t know.” I decided squinting my eyes to see, “Oh my god” I pulled Scor in front of me to use as a shield, “its Al and Rose”

“I thought we went through this. He didn’t hear you”

“Okay. If you’re sure”

I stood away from Scor, leaving me simple stood next to him, although he did give me a squeeze of the hand before he turned his hand into a wave, beckoning them towards us. “Al! Rosie!”

Rose grabbed her broom and they made it to us in double quick time, “Hey baby” Al bent down from his broom and kissed me on the top of the head. “How about Aliv vs Scorose?”

“Oh, you are on my baby cousin” Rose announced

“Baby cousin? Okay. You’re going down red head” Al taunted

“Don’t worry Rose, I just won one game. I’m not afraid to make it two-nil” Scor defended

“Let’s do this thing. Ally. You better be in the zone there is no way I’m going to lose again” I said determinedly

“I’ve got you’re back Liv. Let’s do this” Al agreed

We did really well, it was quite a silent game actually, (expect the whole cursing at each other), we literally just spoke through looking at each other. Scorose did not last long, Aliv was clearly the winner. We won by 50 points in the end, so technically it was anyone’s game, we still won though. My amazing chaser skills and Al’s seeker skills was a perfect match, compared to Scor’s keeper skills and Rose’s chaser skills. It turns out I am a suckish seeker and Scor’s not too much better, therefore when you’re faced with Harry ‘Youngest Seeker’ Potter son, you’re doomed. Good job we didn’t go girls vs boys, Rose and I would have been screwed. Don’t tell them though. They’ll never let me live that one down.

“No way! No way! (She doesn’t do it as often now!) Is this even possible? Scorpius Malfoy, how did we lose? Hmm?” Rose requested an answer.

Fortunately for Scorp he didn’t encounter Rose’s wrath, he has a way with her, and he simply kissed her and offered to take her to the kitchens of a sympathy snack. She (Weasley hunger won) gladly accepted and well, this all happened before we reached the ground, as when this was happening, we were congratulating each other.

“Ally! You did it! I’ve never been more proud of you!” I exclaimed

“We did it! You did amazingly! You have immense Quidditch skills, have I ever told you! They’re great! I love you!” he laughed

I froze. Those last three words had me transfixed.

“You... you... do?”

“Of course I do” he solemnly stated

“I love you too”

“Thank Merlin!”

“You didn’t hear me earlier did you?”

“Heard what?”

“No, you didn’t! Thank Merlin!”

“Okay. I’m thoroughly confused”

“Don’t be. Honestly, I’ve been panicking over nothing. It turned out to be great though”

“I’m glad it did”

“Me too”

“I LOVE LIV ADAMS” he screamed into the almost deserted pitch

“ABOUT TIME MATE” Scor shouted back

Al picked me up and spun me in the same way James did in my first year. Only now I felt safe, comfortable, at ease. In the place I hoped to be in forever. I wrapped my legs around his waist and (found yet again his strength confusing) after we’d stopped twirling, regained steadiness, he looked up at me. That was the point I was fully sure of everything, I found in those green eyes sparkling in the evening moon shine. Security. He looked at me in the way I always imagined my boyfriend to look at me, the endearment, the caring, searching eyes. He was perfect. My perfect Ally Wally.

I simply smiled at him, but he must have understood, read my mind, know me that well. I don’t know, but he knew what was going on in my head and smiled back in the same way, telling me that he felt the same way. I leant in, kissing him full on in the mouth. It was beautiful, well, perhaps it got a bit too heated and he had to put me back on the ground. We went back into the castle, going to Gryffindor common room, to a deserted dormitory belonging to Al, and let’s just say, we are well and truly in love. (And we used protection... so no new babies coming our way).
Don’t worry.
What I will say though is we have a wedding. Teddy and Torie are indeed getting married at Easter next year, seeing as they still needed to plan and Torie really didn’t want a winter wedding, because she hated the cold. The warmer the better but they didn’t want to wait too long. Thus an Easter wedding, while we were all off school and could come as well without taking any days off.

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Chapter 20: The Wedding to Put All Wedding's to Shame
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7th year.
It went so incredibly fast, first year felt like a week ago. None of us wanted to leave. None of us felt old enough to leave, everything was going so quickly. All our professors were constantly telling us that the year would go fast but we never believed them until it was already past Christmas, that was the first scary sign the our journey at Hogwarts was almost over.

We tried to live life moment by moment. Our Head Boy and Girl were Rose and Scorp, no one was really surprised but Scorp made history, he was the first Slytherin head boy for decades. Of course his parents were proud and Rose’s were of her as well. It was wonderful. We had powers like you wouldn’t believe. I say we because really even though Al and I weren’t Head of anything, but life now we were friends with those who were, became considerable easier! What was even scarier though was that Teddy and Torie’s wedding got even closer until the day was here.

The date had finally arrived after a year or so of planning (27th March 2023) and it was the most beautiful day, it was amazing how perfect the day was. They were to get married in a marquee at the Burrow, just like Torie’s parents had, although now without the worry of death eaters arriving. They had an Alter, a white arch with pink roses twirling around the two sides; this was at the end of a lot of long stretch of seats, all white and fragile looking. The gap in between the two rows of seats was covered in bark, giving you the impression of the woodland floor, Teddy’s idea.

Torie’s bridesmaids were her best friend Faith, Dom, Rose and her cousin Felicity (her Aunt Gabrielle’s daughter who was 18, a year younger than Dom). Teddy had his best friends Matt and Harry, as well as James and Albus. The girls were dressed in pale pink dresses that went up just past their knees, with Faith (the maid of honour) having a small belt around her waist with a flower attached to the left side of it. The boys however had simple black tuxedos on, with a pink flower attached to match Faith’s, as well as ties, expect Teddy who simply had the flower. Torie’s dress, well, what can I say about Torie’s dress, it was perfect, just like the day, Felicity designed it (she’s a worldwide renowned designer, even though she’d just left school, she learnt everything she needed to at school and even started her business before she’d even left. She does special witch designer clothes mixing magic with clothes, like invisible pockets to hold wands etc).

“Livy! You’re here!” Rose exclaimed as I walked into the burrow through the kitchen which was infused with smells, 3 hours early for the wedding

“Of course I’m here! I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” I excitedly jumped up and down as I checked out Rose’s dress

“Livy, you’re a bit early aren’t you sweetheart? It’s nice to see you of course but still” Hermione questioned walking into the kitchen to check on some sort of food.

“Yes Hermione, I am. I thought I’d lend an arm or a leg to anyone who needs it! Plus, I’m really excited to see Torie; I hear she’s going to be more stunning than ever!” I smiled

“That zee iz” Fleur appeared grinning wider than anyone I’d ever seen anyone do before

“I would never have doubted it! Could I see her before I begin to help out?” I pleaded

“Of course Livyy, zee would be ‘appy for you to do zo” she granted in her French accent.

“Livy, I’ll take you up” Rose offered

“Thanks Rosie!” I accepted, following her up the stairs, “You look amazing by the way, really amazing” I complimented.

“Thanks but I’m nothing next to Torie, or Dom for that matter. Damn their Veela genes!”

I laughed, entering what I’m pretty sure was Bill’s old room. Although I didn’t make it past the entrance.

“Look who I found in the kitchen!” Rose walked in ahead of me, stepping aside to reveal Torie

“Livy! Bit early aren’t you? I’ve only just got the dress on!” Torie giggled

“I. Well, I. Merlin Torie! Your Mum was right! You look, well, you look. Stunning! And not like your normal stunning. Like drop dead, I think I need to stand as far as possible from you stunning, just so I look half decent!” I stuttered

“Livy! Thank you so much!” She smiled, looking almost teary, “Come ‘ere!” she wrapped me in a hug

“It’s alright. I’m only speaking the truth!” She let me go and twirled for me, she had a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. It was made of a beautiful material I don’t even think I know the name of (it must be magical), but it had a definite lace layer on the top. The dress was fitted to her hips where it flowed outwards, flowing further at the back to create a train. She hadn’t done her hair yet, but her makeup was done, only subtle but the slivery eye shadow made her eyes twinkle even more.

“You’re just too much! Stop before you make me cry! I’m already an emotional wreck! I had to send Mum out and told her not to send Dad in for a couple hours!” Torie resigned, “Rose, where’s Dom gone? I haven’t seen her since she put on her dress.”

“I’ll go find her, I think I saw her and Faith go down into the sitting room when your Mum came in. Do you want to come and help me find her Livy?” Rose decided

“Thanks Rosie, you have been such a gem today!” Torie accepted

“I’ll send them up” Rose then left with me in tow, we closed the door behind Torie and went downstairs to find Dom. “DOM! WHERE ARE YOU? TORIE WANTS YOU!” Rose screamed as we walked down the stairs.

“I’M HERE! WHAT DOES SHE WANT?” Dom screamed back, coming into view, “LIVY! IS THAT YOU? IT’S GREAT TO SEE YOU GIRL!” she continued to scream up the stairs

“She wants you to go upstairs” Rose stated as we got to the bottom of the stairs where Dom was shouting from.

“Okay. Livy, I’ll catch up with you in a bit, yeah?” She smiled, hugging me and then wondering upstairs.

“DID SOMEONE JUST SAY LIVY?” a voice shouted appeared from one of the many landings

“YEAH, SHE’S HERE!” Rose shouted back

“WILL YOU LOT SHUT UP?! WE’RE SORTING OUT A WEDDING HERE! 2 AND A HALF HOURS REMAINING PEOPLE!” Angie shouted from somewhere, (Weasley weddings, I have found, are a family event down to the last minute. Everyone helps, bar no one; they all work to their strengths)

“Sorry Aunt Angie” both Rose and the voice belonging to Al said feeling guilty.

“You should probably go see what he wants. He’ll be in Aunt Ginny’s old room I expect.” Rose thought aloud

“Thanks Rose, I’ll be back in a bit to lend a hand, I’ll meet you in the sitting room” I arranged

I walked back up the stairs, not going as far last time, but still, I found Al in the doorway of his Mum’s old room. He was smirking at me, I left him for 3 days and once again, spending time with his brother has brought out the smirk.

“Hello Beautiful” he smirked at me as I came closer to him, I reached him and he kissed me softly on the lips “you really do look great, I’ve missed you” he smiled down at me as I had snuggled up against him in a hug. I forgot to say, I was already dressed in a simple navy, flowery dress that reached just above my knee.

“I missed you too” I spoke into Al’s tux, which made him, look a lot older and very handsome, “I missed your hugs the most though” he tightened his arms around me as I nestled my head in the crook of his neck. “Actually speaking of hugs, I need to go and see Nana Molly in a bit, I need a hug from her, it feels like forever!”

He laughed and I could feel his chest bobbing, with genuinely happy laughter, “Fine, go and see her, I’m only your boyfriend. No matter though!”

“Al! You know what I mean!”

“I do. So, you excited about today?”

“I’m always excited for a Wotter event. They’re the best kind!”

“I’m glad you are! They are pretty good. I’m sorry I can’t sit with you but everyone said you could sit with Lily who was more than happy for you to sit next to her with all the family in that special section at the front”

“It’s fine, I get to sit and watch you instead, although I may be needing a hug afterwards, weddings make me cry. It’s a shame Scorp couldn’t come, but I’ll be safe with Lily, she’ll look after me! Bless her little cotton socks!”

“She really will. She absolutely adores you”

“I adore her as well, she’s such a sweetheart. You’re so lucky to have her”

“Not as lucky as I am to have you”

I blushed, hard, at this. But thankfully a voice once more boomed “KIDS! ANYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN THE WEDDING WE NEED YOU IN THE MARQUEE FOR A BIT. THOSE WHO AREN’T THE SITTING ROOM NOW! COME ON PEOPLE LESS THAN 2 HOURS REMAINING!” Angie was going into serious, it’s business time mode.

Al just gave a look saying We-Should- Really- Go- Women- In- This- Family- Get- Mad. I accepted this fact, kissed him and walked downstairs, him following me. Once we reached the bottom he went left and myself right. I found myself helping with the food, sorting out the tables that would magically appear after the ceremony, fixing dresses, last minute hair fixtures and putting people in the correct seats, making sure I saved enough seats for all of the Wotters that were running about The Burrow.
The ceremony was beautiful, the each wrote their own vows, both of which made me cry my eyes out, thankfully Lily had tissues.

“Torie, I've known you since you were born, I've watched you grow up, and I’ve slowly fallen in love with you. You were my best friend, my girlfriend and in only a few moments you will have been my fiancée, becoming my wife. I love you so much, we have grown up to together, learnt new things together, remembered old things, done pretty much everything together and I couldn't be happier. It surprises me every day that you chose me, the weird kid with blue hair, when you could have chosen anyone at all because no one can say no to those beautiful eyes of yours. I vow to you the most stunning person I have ever seen, our families and friends as witnesses, to be your best friend, the person you look to for advice, the person you need to hold onto if you’re scared, the person you tell everything to, the person you can relive almost everything with, the person who will try not to argue with you or tell you you're wrong, the person who is there for you constantly. Always and Until the End.” Teddy promised

“Teddy, you've made me cry and now you're in trouble because my makeup will be ruined but still. You're my lifelong best friend, you're my childhood sweetheart, you're the guy I used to wish was mine, you're everything I want, everything I need and are practically part of my family anyway, we may as well make it official. I love you more than life itself, I'd do anything for you and would happily do it. I'm so glad you asked me to become a Lupin because I have several diary pages with Victoire Lupin scribbled all over them and I'm not ashamed to say its a great name, I've always thought so. I now vow to you my soon to be husband that I will do anything for you whether it be morning or afternoon, I'll never stop loving your different coloured hair and looks because it's what's in your heart that counts, I'll remind you of your promises, I'll make you you're always on time, I'll make sure you never further another birthday and help you buy the perfect gift for everyone including me if you need me too. I will do all these things and more for you and with you. Always and Until the End.” Torie promised.

After these I looked over at Al, tears falling down my cheek, he smiled straight at me looking as though he was about to cry too. I smiled back and put my thumbs up to him, making him laugh slightly while he did that back. I’d just turned around to see Lily roll her eyes and hand me another tissue. She’d brought Lysander by the way; he was sat on the other side of her, holding her free hand tightly, as Lily, I could tell, was going to cry at some point. The ceremony finished with soon after that with a kiss as man and wife, were all asked to vacate the marquee following this to take part in pictures, but mainly so the charms were done to transform the area to make a dance floor and tables.

When we were allowed back in we sat down to a delicious meal thanks to a very busy Nana Molly and the speeches were made. They were very funny; Teddy and Torie were such beautifully adorable children and got up to a lot of things while they were little! Mr and Mrs Lupin celebrated their first dance to the same music as Bill and Fleur when they got married; they cut the cake and even managed to get a conversation with everyone at least once. Al and I had a great time talking to everyone as well, I was introduced to the extended Wotters and old family friends I’d never met before, it was really nice actually, I got on well with everyone, even if I do say so myself. I caught up with Dom as we discussed earlier, she’s was really excited to tell me about her promotion, she was now in charge of even more dragons and had a nice burn on her thigh to prove it (which of course, she didn’t mind showing me). I had a quick conversation with Roxy as well who now has a very stable boyfriend and was looking forward to moving into his flat. I saw Louis as well and he said that his new job at Gringrotts was going really well, and he loved it although getting up every day to his Dad being his boss was a tad annoying and the sooner the man retired the better. I danced with James for a bit and Fred, seeing as I saw them at school often there wasn’t anything major to talk about. I saved Hugo while Rose was interrogating him and found he loved Care of Magical Creatures at school which I was pleased for him with. I chatted with Moll and Luce for a while too and they just argued pretty much the whole time I talked to them.

Actually, I’ve said ‘I’ throughout the whole of that, but actually it was Al and I who was talking to everyone and in between we danced and had a drink occasionally. It was lovely; we had such a cute time, there was hardly anytime we were alone the whole night, so many people who wanted to talk to us. Eventually the night drew on and people left which meant goodbyes and making sure people had their little goody bags, especially those with kids. Though after all that it was really just family left, this meant a Wotter party until the early hours of the morning. It was so much fun; I love that family so very much. They’re all hilarious and it was great to see everyone, I was completely welcome as Al’s girlfriend. In fact, I wasn’t treated any different, it was perfect. Well, that was until Rose brought me back to reality.

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Chapter 21: The News No One Expected
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Scorpius who had come as well but only to the after party, (his Dad had organised something for that day that he couldn’t get out of), left at about 1 in the morning. We all said goodbye to him and he left perhaps a bit drunk but nonetheless was okay. Al disappeared for a while to see a member of his distant family that was also leaving, this left Rose and I. We both went into The Burrow for a bit to sober up (using the potion created to do such the thing). We settled onto Ron’s old bed to have a chat about everything really. This is when Rose told me something I couldn’t quite understand at the time, and perhaps could have handled better initially.

"Livy? I need to tell you something." Rose hesitated

Just from that hesitation I knew something was wrong. "Yeah"

"Don't get mad at me. I would have told you sooner, but I just don't have the courage. There's a reason I'm not in Gryffindor, really there is. I just didn’t know how to put it or when to say it. There is never a good time to say something like this. I mean, I almost told him. I haven’t told anyone. I should have, I will. I’m going to. I just need help. Livy, this is where you come in. I need to tell someone. I just..."

"I won't get mad. I promise. But will you hurry up and tell me. You're stressing me out here"

"I'm pregnant"

"You're what?" I shook my head, trying to comprehend what she had just said.

"Pregnant. With child. Baby on board. Up the duff. Knocked up. I don't know how to make it any clearer."

"Sorry. I'm sorry. It's just. Well, are you sure?"

"Yes. Yes I'm sure. And, well don't curse me for this, but I have been for months”

“You’ve what?”

“I have been for 4 months”


“Yes. But keep your voice down”


“Please. Livy. Please”



“OKAY. FINE. BUT. WHAT? I MEAN WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WAIT, I’M SORRY, WHAT HAPPENED 4 ENTIRE MONTHS AGO?” (thank Merlin we were almost in the attic and everyone was outside or else people would have asked questions)

“Okay, well, when two people love each other”


“Sorry. It’s just. This is hard. I’m beyond stressed. And I’m so afraid Livy. I’m so, so afraid of this.”

“Rosie. I’m sorry. Come here.” I apologised pulling her into a hug (told you I could have handled this better) “It’s just. I’m angry you didn’t tell me sooner. But honestly Rosie Posie, I’m so glad you did. How did this happen? Merlin. It is Scorp’s, right?”

She nestled in closer to me, nodding her head.

“And you haven’t told him”

She nodded again, starting to cry.

“It’s okay. It’s all going to be okay. I promise. It will”

She sat up and looked at me, make up all over her face, and said with the upmost serious face, “But how do you know that? I haven’t told anyone for 4 months because I’m terrified of what people might say. I’m incredibly worried. I need to tell him Livy. But what if he just dumps me?”

“Our Scorpy Worpy? I mean, your Scorpy Worpy? Never. Never would he ever do that. Sure, he may handle it like I did to begin with. But it’s half him”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He’s like my brother, you know that. I know for a fact what my big brother is like, and he would never, ever, desert you. Now shh. Let me get you all cleaned up. And we can go and face the world. Then tomorrow. We can figure everything else out.”

“Okay. One little step at a time”

“One baby step at a time Rosie. We can do this.”

I got her cleaned up then we went downstairs, and in passing the crowded Weasley clock, I found it was now 2 in the morning, and we’d had a surprisingly long chat. We found Al and I announced it was probably best if I went home.

“Livy. You can’t leave. Stay. Mum and Dad won’t mind. You can stay with us. We can get out the blow up bed and put it in my room” Rose pleaded

“Yeah, send a note to your Nan and then go to Rose’s house. I’ll come round tomorrow. We can make a day of it!” Al added

“Wait here. Wait, no. You go and say bye to everyone. I’ll go tell Mum we’re leaving and do the rounds as well; I’ll meet you by the exit.” Rose decided

Al and I then did the rounds, saying goodbye to everyone, we saw Mr and Mrs Lupin last, “Teddy! My new official family member” Al laughed, giving him a man hug.

“Al! My almost little brother, but my now official family member!” Teddy drunkenly smiled, accepting the hug.

Torie and I rolled our eyes at them and turned to each other, “Torie, I must say, you still look stunning! Congratulations by the way! It’s so great you two are married!” I smiled, giggling at Teddy and Al who were now dancing, (Only God knows how they got to that!)

“Thank you! Victoire Lupin has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I’m literally on cloud 9, I couldn’t be happier right now!” she revealed, pulling Teddy into a kiss.

“Aww,well, we only came over to say goodbye and hope you have an amazing time in Hawaii! Don’t forget to write when you get back, we’ll have to come and see you!” I decided

“We won’t forget! See you then! Bye!” Teddy replied. We hugged both of them, and parted from them, retreating from the marquee.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Al kissed me goodbye.

Rose appeared just as we broke apart saying, “Let’s a go go amigo!”

We then left, leaving Al to find his own way home. Rose and I flooed to her house, a big house on the edge of Stratford, it has 4 bedrooms, each with its own en-suite. They also have a downstairs shower room which includes a toilet, but as well as that on the first floor there is a decent sized kitchen, a small dining room, a study with enough books to last a life time and 2 reception rooms (one a tiny room with a fireplace and the most comfortable chair ever, for reading books in. The other room, a large living room). Throughout the whole house there are both muggle and magical appliances, it’s a great mix, the use of muggle appliances means those younger can do things almost as quick as those who can use magic!

Anyway, I wrote a letter to my Grandparents telling them that I’d be staying with Rose for the night and the majority of tomorrow, giving the letter to Rose’s owl Twilight, asking her to just leave it on the kitchen table. In the time it took me to do that Rose had found the bed and had accidently woken up poor Hugo while trying to pump it up.

“Sorry Hu’, you can go back to bed. I’m just trying to pump this up, Livy’s staying the night.” Rose apologised

“It’s okay Ro, just get on with it. Night.” He stated, walking out of Rose’s room and almost into me, “Oh. Hi Livy” he waved tiredly at me, “Bye Livy” he continued waving behind his back.

“Night Hugo!” I waved back

Rose popped her head through the doorway wished Hugo a good night, “Sweet dreams little brother” he continued to wave as he walked into his room, going back to sleep.

Rose once again retreated into her own room and I followed her, she’d resorted to using magic to pump up the air bed. And had even laid some pjs for me to wear on top, (this time I got one of Al’s old Quidditch and was actually allowed to wear it, as well as a pair of shorts). We both got changed and both snuggled into our beds.

“Night Livy. I love you. Thank you so much” Rose thanked

“Night Rosie. I love you too. One baby step at the time” I reminded

“One baby step at a time” Rose repeated sleepily, trying to make herself feel happy once more and falling asleep.

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Chapter 22: The Important People Know
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I woke to the sound of Rose and morning sickness. That’s right a vomiting noise coming from her bathroom woke me up. I rushed up to her and held her hair back as she threw up what looked like everything she’d ever eaten. Once finished, she slumped up, her back against the bath, wiping away the sick from around her mouth, and looking at me, her eyes more tired than usual.

“I’ve gotten used to it” Rose final said, once I’d flushed the chain and put the seat down on the toilet so I could sit on it.

“You are so much stronger than you believe you are” I goggled at her

“Maybe. Although I have to sit like this for a while after, I get the shakes”

“Not today”

“It must be you”

“That’s right. You’re not alone anymore. You never should have been”

“I know” she looked at the floor, not making eye contact

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” Hermione’s voice can from the other side of the door

Rose then looked at me, panic in her face. I simple inclined my head toward the door, not giving her the answer she wanted

“Honey, do you need a glass of water. Livy? Are you in there too? Anything I can help you girls with? I was walking past the door and heard someone being sick”

I had two choices here. Tell Hermione everything was okay. Or drop Rose in it. I chose drop Rose in it, 4 months she’s had. I figured a push wouldn’t hurt.

“I’m fine Hermione, it’s Rose” I sadly mentioned, opening the door to show Rose on the floor. Slipping out of the door as Hermione entered, sticking my foot in the door so it wouldn’t close, but also to show Rose I hadn’t left her.

Rose POV-
“Oh, Rose. What’s wrong?” Mum worriedly sat down next to me putting a supportive arm around her.

“Everything, Mum. My whole world is upside down” I revealed looking straight into her eyes, but quickly ducking under her arms after just like I’d used to do when I was little and upset, being close enough to hear her heartbeat always comforted me.

“What do you mean everything?”

“I’m pregnant. And Mummy I’ve never been so scared in my life”

“You’re pregnant?”

I nodded into her, not really sure what to say for myself as the tears started to fall

“And you’re sure?”

I nodded again, now speaking into her dressing gown, “I’ve only told Poppy at school when I found out. Oh and Livy last night. I’m four months pregnant”

“My darling baby girl, why didn’t you tell anyone until now? You know you can tell me anything Honeybee. Is Scorpius the father?” I smiled slightly when she used her nickname for me from when I was really little. Although realising the situation I was in, found the frown once more.

“I was just so so frightened of what everyone would say. I thought I’d be disowned by everyone. Yes, Scorp is its Dad”

“I would never ever disown you” Mum got me to look at her and spoke this sternly to me looking me straight in the eyes, “But of course, I’m glad you’ve told me now. That’s what’s important here. And at least it is your boyfriend that has got you pregnant”

“My reasoning just sounds so silly now; I was just worried you’d think less of me. And, well, Dad.”

“Your Father, well, you know how he is. But he’ll come round. We just have to tell him now, just like you need to tell everyone else. I think maybe you should start with Scorpius. If your Dad gets angry and pays him a visit, and he doesn’t have a clue, well, poor boy won’t have the slightest head start.”

“I just don’t think I can though Mum. I don’t know how to put it in words”

“Well, you just told me. The words ‘I’m pregnant’ would be my first choice. And I’d go with you for support, or even advise you to take Livy. But somehow two people knowing before the father doesn’t seem like the best way to start the conversation”

“I have to go on my own then?”

“Yes Honeybee, I think you do”

“Okay. Can we have breakfast first though, I could eat a house”

“Sure! I’ll get your Dad up and get him to make your favourite waffles shall I? I’d do it myself but they never turn out like his”

“Thanks Mum, I love you”

“I love you too Honeybee” with that she gave me a big squeeze and left the room.

I got up and followed my Mum out of the room and into mine where I found Livy sat on my bed, flicking her wand to deflate the airbed and fold it up. I smiled at this, thinking that for once in 4 months, it was going to be okay. Even if it was just Livy and I, well, and Mum. Everything was going to be okay.

“She took it well” Livy looked at me, smirking like she’d planned the whole event and was very tempted to say ‘I told you so’

“Yeah, she did. But she isn’t the problem And neither were you. It’s everyone else I’m worried about telling” I moaned as I sat down next to her

“One baby step at a time”

“One baby step at a time, I just took another. I’m doing well!”

“Even if you do say so yourself!”

“Absolutely!” I laughed and Livy joined in, we must have sat there for a while laughing. It got to the point where I couldn’t remember why I was even laughing. We only stopped because I heard Dad calling that breakfast was ready from downstairs. I jumped up and threw a dressing gown at Livy and put one on myself.

We headed downstairs for waffles, with syrup, and blueberries, then second helpings and 2 slices of toast. For me that is, but seriously, I am a Weasley, and eating for two. Livy could only eat one helping of waffles and almost passed out because she was so full. She’s skinny though that one.

Once I finished eating we both thanked Dad for breakfast and went back up to my room. We were just about to get dressed when there was a knock at my door.

“Come in”

“Morning ladies. How are we today?” Al walked in with a similar smirk to his brothers and actually similar to the one Livy gave me this morning. Walking straight over to Livy and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Just fine Ally. And how are you this fine mornin’?” Livy asked, putting on some sort of voice which I think was meant to sound like a cowboy.

“Well little lady” trying, but again, failing to put on an accent, “I’m bloody fantastic!” he laughed, giving the awful accent up.

“What’s got you so happy this morning Al?” I asked, curious of what it was

“I’m not sure. I guess I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning!” he answered

“Wonderful. Well, we were just about to get dressed. I’ve got to find some clothes for Livy and then find some for myself. So, if you don’t mind. Bugger off for a bit and we’ll see you downstairs” I told him

“Charming! I’ll go and bother Hugo for a bit then! I haven’t seen him in a while” he smiled, wondering off to find and bother my poor little brother.

We found clothes and got dressed fairly quickly and went downstairs to find yet another person had arrived, apparently Al had not bothered Hugo but gone and got Scorp to bother.

“Hello Beautiful” he smiled as soon as he saw me, giving me a small peck on the lips

“When did you get here?” I asked smiling up at him

“Literally a few moments ago, Al came and got me. I think we’re all going for a walk down to that little cafe you like and then onto the big hill.”

“Ooh! Sounds great! We’ll just put some shoes on and go then!”

We all set off to the quaint little cafe in the centre of town called ‘Treat Village’, Hermione used to take Rose and Hugo down into the centre of the muggle town when they were younger, every weekend and would never leave without having a cake or biscuit from ‘Treat Village’. Rose introduced us to this little place in our third year and ever since when we found ourselves at her house and visit here was never denied. Of course then we made our own tradition to then, once full of cake, we’d walk up the big hill you could see in the distance through the cafe window. It always takes us a while, but as we walk and talk it never seems too long. We rest under the shade of the large oak tree that sits at the top of the hill. And really, we don’t do much at all.

As we walked up the hill, at some point, Rose and I seemed to be slower and the boys seemed to be a fair way further up the hill. I took this opportunity to talk to Rose, “I think maybe you should tell him” I practically whispered to her

“I can’t Livy”

“Now is better than tomorrow”

“But what do I say”

“We’ve been through this”

“One baby step at a time”

“That’s right. Always, just one baby step at a time. You just give me a signal, scratch your nose. And I’ll take Al away”

“But I’ve got to tell him too”

“Not today you don’t. Two people in one day, on your own. That’s a large baby step. But I know you can do this”

“I can’t do this”

“You have to; I’ll literally just be lower down the hill. Not far. Just shout if you need me”

“Okay. But only because I have to.”

“That’s good enough for me”

Al and Scor seemed to have realised we were lagging and had stopped; we caught up with them easily and walked up the rest of the way together. We sat, just talking for a while when I saw Rose scratch her nose at me. I could not have been prouder of her, honestly, she is so strong.

“Al, could you just come with me for a bit” I asked, smiling down at Al as I got up.

“Of course gorgeous” he smiled back getting to his feet and wrapping one arm around my waist

“We’ll just be a bit lower down the hill. Won’t be long. See ya in a bit” I waved at Scor and Rose, smiling widely a Rose who was going slightly green.

Scorpius POV-
“Bye” I waved back at Al and Livy as they disappeared down the hill.

I looked back at Rose, smiling to myself about how lucky I was to have her. However I realised she was really quite green, so asked, “Rosie, are you okay? You don’t look very well”

“I’m fine. Well, sort of. Well, I am fine. But, well, I need to tell you something. And well, I hope that’s fine. Because it might not be fine, and well, that would be an issue. But me in particular, right now, am fine.” She answered in a very unsure way

“Are you quite sure? What do you need to tell me? We tell each other everything”

“We do, don’t we. Well, there’s this one thing. That well, I haven’t really told anyone. Only the people who need to know. Actually not even all of them. You’re top of the metaphorical list and I haven’t even told you”

“What haven’t you told me Rose”

“Well, it’s just, you know on your birthday. Actually it wasn’t your birthday, it was your party and after, well, you were there, you know what happened”

“Yeah, I remember, what about it?” I asked getting increasingly worried

“Well, I found out, that you know that condoms are 97% effective and the contraceptive spell is 99% effective. And we used both. Well, the thing is that sometimes they don’t work”

“Rose, what are you trying to say?” I asked now beginning to think the worst

“Scorp. I’m pregnant”

I didn’t know what to say, my mind was racing. I’m not old enough to be a Dad. I’m not mature enough to be a Dad. I haven’t even left school. What was my Dad going to say? My Mum would probably have a heart attack.

“Huh?” was all I could say

“What do you mean ‘huh?’ I’m pregnant with your child. Is that clear enough for you?”

“Since November?”

“Yes, four months”

“And you never told me? You never thought I may have needed to know any sooner? I mean that’s half me. And I’m not the first to know? I bet Livy knows and Al probably. Why didn’t you tell me sooner Rose? We tell each other everything. We did tell each everything. But I guess my girlfriend forgot to mention the fact she carrying my child inside of her. Must have slipped your mind? Well?” I was distraught, I couldn’t believe it, I got angrier by the minute, demanding an answer to my many questions

“I wanted to tell you. I just didn’t know what to say, how to put it into words. Al doesn’t know and Livy only found out last night. She’s had less than 24 hours of knowing it before you. I swear. It never slipped my mind, every time I saw you for the past 4 months I’ve wanted to tell you. But I’ve never had the courage to do it. I didn’t want to ruin anything between us. I love you and I didn’t want you to dump me like fire wood, now I was part of a package deal. I just didn’t want things to change. I didn’t want to come to the conclusion this was real. I’ve started showing slightly, so now I know it’s real. I have to face up to the facts. Telling you is the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I’m been more afraid of this conversation than telling my Dad. I just. Well, I just. I don’t even know anymore” She answered me, tears falling down her face.

Still sitting away from her I asked, “Livy knows. Who else knows?”

“Poppy. I told her as soon as I found out. And I told my Mum this morning after she heard me throwing up. I haven’t told anyone else. Well, expect for you. I kept it a secret until I couldn’t anymore”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“I don’t know. It depends”

“Depends on what Rose?”

“What you want”

“Why would it matter what I want?”

“You said it yourself. They’re half you. Besides if you leave me, I can’t do this on my own, well, I’ll have to figure something out”

“Why would you ever think I’d leave you?”

“Because, well, I don’t know. This isn’t exactly the position we want to be in. It’s easier for you to tell me to go away and have nothing to do with me, forgetting everything that’s happened”

“I’m not going to leave. But maybe you’re right. It’s not the situation we wanted to be in. Have an abortion then”

“Have an abortion? YOU WANT ME TO HAVE AN ABORTION?” Rose shouted at me, the tears now lashing down her face.

“Rose? What’s happening?” Livy’s voice came from lower down the hill, obviously she heard her screaming

“DON’T BOTHER LIVY. IT’S SORTED. HE WANTS ME TO GET RID OF IT” Rose screamed down to her, bitterness in her voice.

“I never said that. I didn’t mean. But, you said yourself. I thought that’s what you wanted me to say. That you didn’t want to be in this situation. That’s the only way out”

“Maybe I don’t want to be in this situation. But I am, I’ve always been told that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is what is meant to be. And if you don’t want to be part of this, or even suggest I cancel it. You’ve got another thing coming. I’ve just realised that maybe fate did this to me to help me out, to show me maybe there’s another elephant out there that loves me more” Every word she said stung me and with that she walked away.

I slumped against the tree, feeling sorry for myself, only able to hear Livy pleading with Rose to see reason, it then getting fainter as she followed Rose storm away. Next thing I knew though, Al had come up and sat next to me. Thoroughly confused as he was, I told him.

“She’s pregnant. Rose is. With my child”

“I gathered, I just can’t believe it”

“Neither can I”

“I was so angry moment ago. You know, I really would like to curse you. A lot. But I don’t have my wand. So, then I’m thinking, punch him in the face. But honestly, you’re my best friend and you look as if both things have already happened to you. I think Rose may have done that already, so I’ll let you off”

“Rose didn’t do either. She just spoke to me. But I think I may have ruined everything because each word she said stabbed me in the heart”

“Pregnant women get hormonal you know. I think you just have to find the right words and sort this out”

“You think?”

“Despite whatever she may have said. She needs you more than ever right now. She’ll give in”

“I hope so Al”

“Me too”

With that brief heart to heart conversation we stood up and wondered back to Rose’s house, only to find Hermione outside the front door, telling us it was best be left immediately, taking us to the fireplace and bidding us both goodbye. I went home and escaped to my room, I didn’t leave for days unless I needed the loo. I only left because I had a visitor who pleaded with me until I gave in.

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Chapter 23: The Situation Continues and We Sort it out
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I spent most of the afternoon trying to persuade Rose to come out of her bathroom, and then persuading her to go downstairs, and then persuading her to forgive Scorp. Although in doing this, she had a fit at me, which did not go the way she wanted because her Dad came home and heard everything from the next room. Once he’d come in though they were screaming at each other, Hermione tried to calm both of them down and Hugo rescued me, taking me to the fireplace.

“Sorry. Well, you know how they are. It’s probably best you leave. I’ll try and calm them down, and when that doesn’t work. I’ll leave Ro alone for a while and she’ll more than likely to owl you then. If not, owl me and I’ll try and sort it out for you” Hugo resigned

“You’re much too old for your age. You know that Hugo?” I reminded him

“Yeah. Well, what you going to do? We’ll see you soon I expect”

“Make sure you stay out of trouble little man, I’ll see you then!” I smiled, ruffling his hair and jumping into the fireplace, flooing home.

Upon reaching home, I chatted with my Grandparents, then escaped into my room, getting changed into my loungewear, a pair of joggers and baggy T-shirt, thinking I wouldn’t be going anywhere for the rest of the day. I then went back downstairs with my favourite book, snuggling up on the sofa in front of the fire. However I must have gotten really comfortable because I fell asleep. I was awoken in the morning my Rose’s owl Twilight, Hugo was right, she was apologising.

I’m so incredibly completely sorry for everything. I didn’t mean to argue with you. I think it’s the hormones, but I know that’s no excuse really. I just. Well, I didn’t think that was how Scorp was going to react. I’ve been hoping for months that he’d just turn around and tell me this was great and he would never leave my side. But no. That’s the opposite of what happened. He told me to get rid of the baby. I don’t think I can do that. Honestly. I just don’t think I can. But that’s beside the point, I’m sorry for lashing out on you. It was unfair of me. I love you so much. I can’t lose you too. I need you. And hey, I told 5 people in one day. That’s one giant baby step. Not that I meant to of course. You sorted out Mum and Scorp, as well as Al sort of, but don’t worry, I’ll take credit for Dad and Hugo. So actually, maybe you were right; one baby step at a time may work a lot better. If you hadn’t already guessed things with Dad didn’t go too well, Mum calmed him down a bit, but he left the room. Hugo followed him and they had a chat. Hugo came back alone though, he said Dad was going for a walk. He hasn’t come back yet. I won’t lie Livy, I’m worried about him. But still. It’ll be fine. I won’t carry on. I’ll see you soon. I’ve got to go and tell a couple people today, Mum and I thought it was best, the Potters are first on the list and where I’m going today. Slow and steady most certainly is not the way I’m going. Although I have had 4 months and done nothing, so technically, I must have passed the point of going slow.
I’m sorry,
Lots of love,
Rose xxx

I replied quite simply saying,

I accept your apology. Don’t worry about me anymore. Focus on the next hurdle. You can do this. I believe in you, always have, and always will. One baby step at a time, that’s the only way forward. Everything will work itself out, I promise.
Love you too,
Always here,
Livy xxx

She had bigger things to worry about than me, so I let this one slide. I love her to bits and am not prepared to fall out with her over this. Although now, I needed to sort out Scorp, and on my own, because if Rose is with the Potters, I can’t very well steal Al. I made breakfast for everyone and ate it with them, then saying I’d be out for the day. I didn’t bother getting changed as I only really spent a couple hours in the clothes I was wearing the day before. Anyway, I was only going to see Scorp and what did the Malfoy’s care about my appearance. I flooed into his house and had a brief chat with Astoria before heading up to Scorp’s room. I tried and tried for days to get him to open the door, I tried to force my way in, I tried bringing Al and all sorts of different people to leave and her would not budge. It wasn’t until the 3rd day I tried I even got a spoken response.

“SCORPIUS HYPERION MALFOY. SCORPIUS MALFOY. SCORPIUS. SCORPY. SCORP. SCOR. S-MAN” I screamed into his door, whilst banging on it as well.

“Have you really resorted to S-man?” Scorp asked, sounding as if his was simply sat on the other side of the door, facing away from me.

“This is what it’s come to S-man. I had no choice. You’ve been ignoring me for days”

“I know. I’ve been here too”

“So why answer me now?”

“I’m bored”

“Well, that’s good enough for me I suppose”

“Wonderful! I’m not letting you in though”

“Fine. Be that way. But at least I’m not shouting anymore. Your Mum will be glad” I said, sliding down to sit with my back against the door, facing the other side of the hallway, just as Scorp was doing on his side of the door.

“So am I”



“Why are you still sat in your room? It’s been 3 days”

“Because I don’t know what else to do”

“I could think of a couple things”

“You know what I mean Livy”

“No. I really don’t”

“I’m in shock. I’ve ruined everything with the most important person to me. I’ve wreaked every chance I have to being with Rose. I know I have. I don’t know what to do”

“Hey! I thought I was the most important person to you!”

“Livy” he replied in a flat tone

“Yeah. Okay. Sorry. Not able to joke yet. I get it. Sorry”

“It’s alright. I just need some advice but after that I’d like a joke. Honest”

“Fair enough. I promise you haven’t ruined everything with Rose. She needs you, no matter what she said. She needs you more than ever now”

“Al said that”

“Yeah? Well great minds think alike my good friend”

“I suppose so. You think she’ll take me back?”

“Yeah. I honestly do. You’ll just have to plead a bit. And offer to help. A lot. With everything”

“Do you think that’s enough though?”

“I know it is. Where do you think I am when I’m not screaming your door down?”

“At home?”

“Nope, with Rose. She’s managed to tell almost her whole family”

“Without me”

“Yeah. Without you. Her Mum’s been there every day and you know what, Ron gave in yesterday. Although it’s probably a good thing no one could get into your room. He came round a couple days ago”

“Somehow I’m quite relieved I can be melodramatic”

“Maybe it was for the best. We wouldn’t want your beautiful face damaged now would we?”

“No, of course not”

“Yay! You joked!”

“You gave some advice. That was the plan”

“I guess you’re right. Are you going to open the door now?”

“I suppose I have to”

“Too right. Just wait...” although before I could finish my sentence, telling him I needed to get up before he opened the door, it flew open. “Oww! What is it with you and inflicting pain on unsuspecting girls” I groaned rubbing my head and thankfully accepting the hand Scorp was offering me to help get me up now I was lying flat on the ground.

“Sorry. I must have some sort of talent for it”

“I wouldn’t call it a talent.”

“I said I was sorry!”

“I know but my head would argue that we don’t care” I looked up at him, my figurative big brother, he looked as if he’d been crying, “Everything will be okay. I’m sure of it” I told him sincerely.

He nodded weakly at me, trying to avoid eye contact.

I stepped closer to him, not leaving eye contact with him, even when he tried to break it. The more he tried to avoid me the more impatient I got. I eventually lost patience and told him straight, “Scorpius Malfoy. Will you just look at me?”

He did as asked and I continued, “Thank you. I said everything was going to be okay, right?”

He nodded

“And you believe me don’t you?”

He nodded once more

“Good. So why the hell are you still moping about in front of me?”

He shrugged

“That’s not a good fucking enough answer”

He stared at me, mouth wide open

“Pardon my French. But if that’s what it takes for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself then let it be”

Again nothing, expect his mouth closed slightly

“I could slap you round the face?”

“That won’t be necessary” he replied, gaining the use of his voice


“I’m sorry”

“I’m not the person you should be telling that to”

“I know”

“Then are we okay? And are you going to sort this all out?”

“Of course. I will” he decided, hugging me, “Thanks Livy, when did my little sister get so smart?”

“I was always smart. Just not at the smart people things” I smiled into his shirt

“Of course you were” he laughed, kissing the top of my head.

I squeezed him a little tighter, thinking about how everything was going to change now, “I love you Scorp. Promise me you’ll always be here for me. Even when everything changes. Promise me” I requested looking up into his grey eyes that were slightly red due to his crying.

“I promise Livy. I need you, haven’t I just proved that to you. I love you too” I then looked back away from him, letting a tear fall onto his shirt as my pressed my head into his chest.

“Good. That’s good. And Scorp?”


I turned to look at him once more, a big grin on my face this time, “If you have a daughter, will you name her after me?”

He laughed, pulling away from me, “No! It’d be confusing if she had the same name as her Aunt!”

“Oh my God! You’re right! I’m going to be an Aunt!” I exclaimed, jumping about the room

“You sure are!” he laughed, joining me in jumping

“And you’re going to be a Dad!”

“That I am!” he proudly announced, having stopped jumping around the room.

I spent a little longer with Scorp, sending him to sort things out with Rose before I decided to tell Al the good news. I reached the Potter house finding a seemingly empty mansion.

“Hello?” I sought out, shouting for an answer while entering the hallway, “Anyone home?”

“Livy? Is that you darling?” Ginny asked from one of the many reception rooms

“Yeah it is Ginny, where are you exactly?” I smiled to myself, thinking I still get confused in this house

“Just here” Ginny appeared from one of the many doors, “How are you my lovely?” she politely wondered, stepping aside from the doorway, allowing me to follow her into a sitting room and letting me make myself comfortable on a nearby sofa

“I’m really wonderful thank you. I’ve just been with Scorp, he’s gone to find Rose and sort everything out. I finally persuaded him to drop any stupid ideas he had and leave his room. He’s such a drama queen sometimes! But how are you?”

“I’m much better now you’ve told me that. I must say everyone’s been really worried about Rose, but knowing Scorpius is going to be right there beside her. Well, I guess we don’t have much to worry about. How long was he in his room then?”

“3 whole days! He can be really melodramatic when he wants to!”

“Sounds like he can be, never really struck me as that sort of kid. But then again, I always seem to be surprised nowadays!”

“Mum. Mum! Have you seen my jumper? I’m going round to Jennifer’s house” Lily’s voice boomed as if it was quite near

“Last time I saw it you were wearing it Lils” she answered her daughter, “Lil, before you go, say hello”

A rather disgruntled Lily popped her head around the door, “Hello” she almost groaned, “Oh. It’s you!” Lily smiled, “I didn’t know you were coming round!”

“Neither did I” I admitted, “I only decided moments before I was here!”

“Still, if I’d have known, I wouldn’t have told Jen I was going to go over!”

“Don’t worry about that! I see you all the time!”

“Yeah. But...”

“No buts, don’t worry about it. I’m having a great time talking to your Mum!”

“Oh. Well. Yeah. Do you want me to take you out to Al?”

“If you don’t mind Lil, that’d be great. Not that I don’t love talking to you Ginny”

“Don’t give it another thought love. Go and find him. Although, Lily, do me a favour and get Livy a coat, it’s a bit cold outside” Ginny smiled

“You don’t need to do that, I’ll be fine!” I denied

“Nonsense, you’re only wearing a vest top!” she firmly told me

“Come on then Livy chick!” Lily took me by the hand a guided me out of the room, collecting me a jacket and taking me outside. “They’re playing Quidditch in the orchard, Al, James, Dad, Uncle Ron, Hugo, Dom, Louis, Fred and Rox. 4 v.4. It was 5 v. 5 until I had to leave, Louis had to sit out.”

“Let me guess, is it Al, Rox, Dom and Ron in one team. Meaning James, Fred, Hugo and Harry are in the other.”

“You’re good at this guessing stuff! Whose team was I on?”

“Al’s team”

“Woah! You know us too well! Louis will love it now you’re here, you can take my place!”

“Great! I’m always up for a bit of Quidditch!”

Every time I enter the Orchard I smile, the trees are tall enough to play Quidditch without being noticed, not that it matters much, the Potters own this property in the middle of nowhere. It’s a beautiful place. I’ve always loved it.

“Right, you know where to go from here, I really should be going to Jen’s. But make sure you come over again!” Lily remembered, bringing me back to reality.

“You know I will Lils, you know I will” I reassured her as she walked back towards the house.

I walked to the edge of the pitch, and once again was lost in my thoughts. I’d gotten distracted once more. I found that with this family I was easily distracted by my original goal. I came here to see Al, but it must be at least half an hour since I arrived and only now was a close enough to speak to him. First I had a great chat and catch up with Ginny, letting her know exactly what I’d come to tell Al first. After that Lily got me talking and made me promise to come back, not that I wouldn’t have done. This is one of my other homes, I love it here. I’ve always felt so happy and welcome while here. Now I realised I was going to have to play before I even spoke to Al, so there’s another thing in the way. I walked onto the pitch and went to cross the pitch when I was stopped.


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Chapter 24: The Telling of Everything and Everyone Gets There Say
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“I come in peace!” I laughed as I was suddenly surrounded by people landing all around me, “Sorry. I heard you needed another player. So here I am!”

“Livy! I didn’t know you were coming!” Al exclaimed, giving me a hug

“I also hear I’m in your team” I smiled

“That you are, Louis, back in play. Let’s do this!” Al quickly resumed Quidditch mode “Accio broomstick” a broomstick zoomed toward me and I caught it, “Right my little chaser, you are now my third faster than fast chaser lady. Rox and Dom are with you, they’ve both got the ability to be beaters as well, so watch out for that. Otherwise, it’s all good. We’re down by 30 points at the moment, so I’m counting on you right now okay?” he whispered to me

I nodded, “Let’s do this Ally” I jumped onto my broomstick enthusiastically, pecking him on the cheek before shooting upwards.

We spent the next two hours playing until finally we won. It was close; I’m not going to lie. Dom, Rox and I were a machine, the point’s just kept coming in, so poor Hugo didn’t stand a chance of defending his goals. We used a technique which basically left one of us incredibly free, we constantly switched the person who was to look like they were going to score and switch pretty much in the last second. One time it changed so close I was practically sat in the left hoop when Dom threw me the quaffle as she was nearing the right, everyone around her. Saying that, Ron still hasn’t lost his touch, the other team had almost no chance of scoring any goals either. Their only hope was for Harry to catch the snitch before Al and fast, but even then it was going to be close with the amount of points we were ahead by. That was it in the end though; Al and his Dad were neck to neck when it came to the snitch. Al caught the snitch. Although, not that I’d tell him, but I think his Dad may have let him win.

“Yes! We won!” Dom screeched, jumping up and down, hurtling towards me as I had now touched down to the ground

“Livy! That was amazing!” Rox screamed as she too came running towards me from the other direction

“We’re a team; I wouldn’t have been half as good without you two!” I complimented at the same time as being squashed into a hug by both Rox and Dom who seemed to reach me at the same time.

“Kids you did great! Ha! I told you I was going to win this time Harry!” Ron exclaimed, rubbing it in Harry’s face that he had won

“Thought we going to lose for a moment back there guys, my three chaser ladies, you out did yourselves!” Al gratefully spoke, joining in on our hug

Once we’d calmed down and were finished rubbing it in the other teams faces, we all went back to the house and found Ginny had prepared some snacks for her 10 hungry Quidditch players as she put it.

“So, what brought you here in the first place Liv?” Al asked me as we made our way up to Al’s old playroom, now a ‘teen retreat’ as Harry and Ginny named it.

“Actually, I came to see you. I have some Scorose news”

“Really? You came to see me?”

“Hey, I know it’s surprising but I thought I’d better come and see my boyfriend at some point!”

“Good. So, what’s happened with...?”


“Did you finally get him to leave his room?”

“That I did. He was so afraid. Looked just like Rose did when she first told me”

“But he’s going to go back to her now isn’t he?”

“Of course. No matter what, he’s a good person. You and I know that better than anyone”

“You’re right. It’s just, it didn’t sound promising. I still don’t understand how none of us could get in”

“I know. I may have to ask him for the spell he used”

“Absolutely. It could come in handy someday”

We reached the old playroom and sat down with everyone else, chatting with everyone else about this and that, there was quite a lot of people in such a small room so I was sat on Al’s lap. This made it easy for him to whisper to me, “Do you think it went well with Scorp and Rose?”

I must admit, I’d been wondering the same thing. I think maybe I expected some sort of conformation when it was done, when it was all sorted. “I’m sure of it”

“Do you really believe that?” he asked, knowing I was uncertain

“I hope so” I admitted, snuggling into him further

“Me too. Maybe we should go and see. Is that too much? I’m really nervous”

“I am too. Maybe if we go and see if your Uncle Ron has gone home yet?”

“Sounds good. Up you get!” he decided, pushing me off him, put getting up fast enough to catch me when I started to fall. He must be part ninja; I’m going to have to ask Ginny about that. I’m really clumsy on my feet though. It’s a wonder I can play Quidditch. Although actually that’s in the air, so maybe that’s why I can.

“I’ll see you all soon, okay?” I bid my goodbyes to everyone

“Bye Livy!” a collection of voices said to me.

“Mum! Dad! Where are you?” Al shouted through the house

“In the parlour Al, what’s up mate?” Harry shouted back, this house really is too big, they should have some sort of system.

We went to the parlour and found everyone was still there, including Ron. “Nothing actually Dad, we just wondered if anyone had gone home. Or, heard from Rose?”

“No one’s gone home yet kiddo. And no word from Rose, were you expecting something?” Harry said

“Not actually Harry. Just wondering. Ron, would it be okay if we went to yours to see Rose?” I asked politely

“Go ahead, in fact if you see Hermione, tell her everyone’s here and she might as well come over to” Ron granted

“Will do. Thanks Ron!” I smiled, hugging him goodbye

“Not at all Livy. You did a great job in Quidditch earlier by the way. I think you could go far” Ron complimented me

“He’s right you know. You show great promise” Harry agreed, accepting my hug

“I wouldn’t say that. But thank you all the same. Oh and Ginny, thanks for the snacks earlier, I forgot to say but it was great” I smiled, hugging her as well

“Don’t mention it darling. Anytime” she appreciated

“I’ll come by again I expect before Easter is up” I waved and exited the room heading for the fireplace, Al in tow.

We got to Rose’s house to find an empty dark house, apparently no one thought to put on many lights, expect for the kitchen.

“Hermione! How are you feeling? I know how stressful the last couple of days have been” I asked

“Hello sweetheart. I’m a lot better than the other day thank you. It’s been a stressful couple of days, at some points both Rose and I were in such a state. But everyone knows now. Well, everyone but our lovebirds who are still on their honeymoon. So, I think a lot of the hard bit is over” she answered

“Ah, that’s good to hear though. I’m glad everything’s more relaxed now, tensions were very high. Oh, by the way, Ron and pretty much everyone else are at the Potters, he says you should come over”

“I’ll just finish up a couple things here and I’ll go over, thank you dear”

“Anytime Hermione” I said, leaving the room, before Al caught my hand

“Aunt Hermione, is Scorp here?” Al wondered

“I’m not sure dear. He may have left but I don’t know” she resigned

“Oh, okay. I’ll probably see you later” Al waved, walking off and dragging me with him

“I’ll see you tomorrow I aspect Hermione!”I laughed in the process of being dragged away

We reached Rose’s room and knocked, “Rose?” Al questioned

“Yeah?” she answered

“Scorp?” I asked

“Maybe” he answered

“Can we come in?” I requested

“Who is it?” Scorp replied

“What do you mean who bloody is it?” Al demanded

“I’m jok...” he almost managed to say before I interrupted

“It’s your baby’s favourite bloody Aunt and Uncle nitwits! Now, can we come in!” I blurted

“Yes. You may” Rose allowed us in.

We walked in and found Rose and Scorp sat on her bed, so we lent against the wall opposite her bed, “Are we all sorted then Rosie?” I hoped

“All sorted Livy. Everything is going to be okay. And who says our baby is going to have you two as its favourite Aunt and Uncle?” Rose joked

“Umm, we do?” Al stated as if it was the obvious

“They’ll have loads of people to choose from though” Scorp reminded

“Not if we have anything to do with it” I said with the upmost seriousness

“Oh. She is not one to mess with. I think maybe we should warn everyone Rose” Scorp addressed Rose, with the same serious look on his face

“Maybe so. I think it’s probably for the best” Rose said, restraining a laugh

“I’ll get on to it right away” Scorp said, getting up to leave

“But you know, she won’t even be a proper Aunt, heck Al wouldn’t be a real Uncle either” Rose pretended we weren’t in the room and telling Scorp

“Hey! But at least I’ll be family!” Al moaned as if he was a child and also pretending I wasn’t in the room

“You’re right Al. I guess you can be their favourite cousin” Scorp realised

“But Livy though. She’s got nothing” Rose basically breathed, trying very hard not to laugh at my very disgruntled face, as I was giving them all ‘The Look’.

“That. Is. Not. Fair. I’ll love that kid more than anyone! I deserve to be their favourite Aunt, even if it isn’t official. But actually, they don’t have one. We can just tell them I’m related to you Scorp! I’m like your little sister anyway! It’s perfect. It’s decided. Done!”

“Chill out Livy. No one’s taking that away from you. But I don’t think we can lie to them” Scorp observed, as Al brought me into a hug and Rose burst out into a fit of giggles.

“Hey! It’s not funny!” I protested, trying to stop the giggles escaping me as well

“Of course it’s not” Scorp told me, laughing quite hard himself

“He’s right” Al agreed, coming away from me to hid his own laughter

“Okay. Maybe it is a little funny!” I gave up, all of us laughing our heads off for about half an hour.

“Okay, okay” I stuttered, trying to catch my breath

“Right. You’re right” Rose spluttered also catching her breath, “Oh My God!” she suddenly regained the use of her voice and sat up clutching her stomach.

“What? What is it?” Scorp spoke panic in his voice

“Rose? Are you okay?” Al said jumping into over protective cousin mode

“They’re kicking” she smiled, taking Scorp’s hand and placing it on her stomach.

“Hello Baby. Did you hear all the commotion? Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Al were laughing with Auntie Livy. She’s going to be your favourite okay?” Scorp talked to Rose’s slight bump

“Merlin! They kicked again!” Rose jumped once more

“No way! They already know I’m the best!” I excitedly crossed the room in order to put a hand on her stomach, “Hey Baby, it’s Auntie Livy. No matter what Mummy and Daddy say, I am really related to you and your official Aunt. Don’t listen to them. They’re kicking again! He or she loves me! Al! Put your hand on”

“Guess what Baby boo, if you haven’t guessed already. I told Daddy, and he’s going to stay with us, isn’t it great! I love you Baby” Rose smiled towards her tummy

“I felt it. They love their Mummy too! Congrats Rose. I know I haven’t yet said it, but I think you deserve it” Al wrapped Rose into a hug, “I love you Rose, you too Baby” Al admitted to his cousins.

The rest of the holidays went by really fast, nothing much happened, everyone was adjusting to the fact Rose was going to give birth in a matter of months. It was very mixed in opinions, of course the Aunts and Uncles, were all very polite about it, they didn’t express their actual opinions, well not in front of everyone else, I could tell.

Rose’s Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur were over the moon, I mean, they understood the situation Rose was in, still being in school and everything but could only find positives. Rose was in her seventh year, so had almost finished, she’d be finishing in June and the baby wasn’t due until August. She was smart and could easily do her exams and be pregnant. Plus they’d get a great grandchild! They loved having little ones about and seeing as no one was little any more, a new addition was the only way, and Rose was providing that! As well as that Nana Molly was never shy in telling everyone how much she liked Scorp, and now she loved him. Knowing that it was him who was the father made everything better in the old ladies eyes, she was incredibly happy about the news to say the very least!

However James had a small fit to start with but I think that was purely because he didn’t expect his baby, studious cousin to get pregnant. In fact I think he used the phrase “What next? You’re going to tell me Lucy’s expecting triplets?”, personally, I found this very funny when I heard it. Although I was told at the time he was very angry, it didn’t last long though, he’s okay and says he’s always there if she needs him. I think he did it to show a good example for Al and Lil, I know that Ginny and Harry were proud of his maturity towards it. Expect they were proud of all of them really, they thought poor Scorp would have had a beating but when he was untouched, they beamed as he had put his friendship above his anger. And Lil, well, she was just excited, shocked, but all the same, she couldn’t hide the part of her who loved kids.

Then there was Roxy and Fred, they took it in the same way as each other, really shocked, they just didn’t expect it. But Roxy offered that if she ever needed any help while a Hogwarts she’d round in a flash and Fred said much the same as James but instead of freaking out, he sat there in silence while Roxy fussed.

Lucy and Molly were surprised; Moll immediately started joking about how she couldn’t believe it was Rose and not Dom, Roxy or Torie who got pregnant first! Luce didn’t really say much, she just ignored Rose for a while, thinking it was very irresponsible for her to be pregnant.

Rose told Dom and Louis when they went to tell her Uncle Bill and Fleur, Louis was shocked to start with but promptly put on his sensible head and reminded everyone that Scorp and Rose were soul mates, just like Lily Evans and James Potter, so a baby was going to happen at some point. So, wasn’t bothered it was now, rather than later on in life. Dom had an absolute fit apparently, much worse than James. She started asking loads of questions about how stupid she had to be to get herself into this situation. But as soon as Rose explained how she had used protection and it was an accident they baby was even coming. Dom calmed down considerably, and once she saw how vulnerable Rose looked, well, she melted and agreed with her brother, that everything was going to be okay.

I was there when Rose told Teddy and Torie, bless they literally just got home to their little flat on the outskirts of London, when we owled them asking when they’d be back. It was the day before we went back to Hogwarts after our two week Easter break and of course then when they replied they were back, well, Rose, Scorp, Al and I flooed right over!

“Teddy?” Al asked as he step into the little flat, expecting them to be sat in the kitchen to our right or in the lounge which was right in front of us, however they were in neither places

“Torie?” Rose asked

“Sorry guys. When we said we’d just got home. We really did just get home” A much tanned Teddy said, coming out of the bedroom, “Tor is just putting everything away, she won’t be long though”

“Sorry. We just needed to come and see you” Scorp mentioned somewhat nonchalantly

“You did? Well, it’s always good to see you all, and it doesn’t matter. We couldn’t wait to come back and see everyone. Harry mentioned in one of his letters to be prepared for a possible 4 teenagers showing up on my doorstep!” Teddy said, making us feel less tense

Torie then walked in and saw us all still standing in front of the fireplace, “Well, park your bums down. Can’t have you standing there like lemons can we! What’d you need to tell us then?” she laughed

We made ourselves comfortable on the corner sofa; Scorp sat down, with Rose next to him sat in the corner and Torie next to her. Teddy on the other side of Torie, leaving me and Al to sit on the floor opposite each other, me leaning on the sofa where Rose’s legs would have been if she hadn’t tucked them into her and Al where Teddy’s should have been if he hadn’t stretched them out onto the rest of the prolonged bit of sofa.

“Well, it’s really got nothing to do with us, we just wanted to come and see you, didn’t we Al?” I replied, kicking Al, who nodded

“Yeah, they’re just here because they’ve got nothing better to do, and, well, Mum got called into work” Rose added

“What would you need your Mum for?” Teddy wondered aloud

“Well, to tell you the news. You know you’d think after telling so many people it would be easier to tell. But it’s really not” Rose spoke, trying to figure out a way to tell them, “Okay, well, I’m. We’re.” She shot a look at Scorp as a plea for help

“We’re... having a baby” Scorp finished for Rose, I physically gasped, that took a lot of balls to do.

“You’re what?” Torie asked, seriously in shock

“I’m pregnant Torie. Now please don’t freak out” Rose warned

“I’m not freaking out. I have faith in you. I thought I’d already told you that” Torie calmly spoke, grabbing hold of Rose’s hand and stroking it with her own thumb

“How long has it been?” Teddy questioned, not as relaxed and as Torie at all

“I’m four months along, but I didn’t tell anyone until last week”

“4 months Rose?” Teddy sounded just as astonished as everyone else

“Yes. I was afraid. I was worried. I didn’t know what to do. I was confused. I was, still am, incredibly hormonal. I’m not even sure what was going through my mind”

“Oh. Rosie my little girl! There’s no need for you to feel like that! We’re here for you, right Teds?”

“Thanks Torie” Rose started to weep slightly, a couple of tears falling down her cheek

Torie removed one of her hands from around Rose’s and wiped the tears away, “No need to cry darling, right Teds?” she turned this time, facing her husband now, “Teds?”

Teddy didn’t look quite right, he was looking straight at Scorp and he didn’t seem to be blinking, he looked as if his heart had been ripped out of his chest, he simply nodded after Torie’s third attempt to catch his attention.

“Could you excuse us for a second? I need to have a quick word with you” Torie justified, letting go of Rose and grabbing Teddy’s hand taking him out of the room and into the bathroom

We simply looked at each other, Al and I exchanged looks of worry, but put on brave faces to look at Scorp and Rose, trying to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. They walked away to have a private talk although as the flat was so small and bathrooms echo the noise of speech, we could hear them word for word.

“Teddy Lupin. What was all that about?” Torie demanded

“What do you mean? What happened to you?” Teddy requested

“I am being supportive. I’m not trying to change things that have already happened. Obviously she’s keeping the baby or she wouldn’t be telling us Teddy. Isn’t that obvious”

“Maybe. Well, only because you’ve told me. But it’s Rose. She’s so bright. She’s so like you. She could achieve big. She could have done so well in life. I guess I just don’t want her life to be thrown away so young Torie”

“It wouldn’t be. She’ll find a way. You said yourself she’s bright because she is, she’ll go onto to do amazing things when the baby grows up”

“But you know everything’s easier if you start young”

“I do. But I also know that Rose can do anything if she puts her intelligent mind to it”

“Maybe she can. But it’ll be so difficult. Do you think she actually knows how difficult this is going to be?”

“If she doesn’t she’ll find out soon enough. It’s not as if we know any more than she does though!”

“We do! We’ve been here for the birth of every younger cousin or sibling. We know how it is”

“We have no idea Teddy. I was 8 and you were 10 when Moll and Luce were born. That’s hardly old enough to know what’s going on and those two are the youngest!”

“Fine. But we do have more of an idea than she does, she was 3!”

“She’s not stupid!”

“I know she’s not. That’s part of my argument!”

“Then stop treating her like a child! She’s of age! She can make her own decisions”

“I’m not!”

“You are Teddy. I know you just want what’s best for her but there’s nothing you can do for her”


“No buts. I know you don’t want anything to change. You can’t do anything this time Teddy”

“What if...”

“We are not adopting their baby or going along with any of your other stupid ideas”

“I wasn’t going to say that... Okay, maybe I was. It’s a good idea!”

“No it’s not Teddy!”

“But Torie we have to do something!”

“And we will. We’ll be here for them! Rose deserves that!”

“I know. You’re right”

“I know I’m right. I still don’t know why you bother to argue with me!”

“Neither do I. I never win. Why did I marry someone who was always right?”

“Because you couldn’t survive life without me. Oh, and you love me”

“That was it! And you agreed because?”

“I couldn’t survive life without you and I love you too”

“Not as much as I love you though”

“I may have to argue that one with you!”

“Oooh! One argument I have a chance to win!”

“No way Teddy! Not right now! We’re entertaining if you remember rightly!"

“Oh yeah”

They came out hand in hand and grinning at us. We’d all been facing the door, making sure we heard clearly, so with the slightest move of the door, we sprung back to our original positions and when they came into view properly, turned, acting surprised and smiled at them

“I know you could hear us. It’s written all over your faces!” she told us knowingly

“Sorry. It’s not hard to overhear” I giggled slightly over the situation we were in

“I know, although this saves me repeating myself” Torie laughed

“The point is, we’re here for you Rose, and you Scor. If you need us, you know where to find us” Teddy promised

“Thank you so much. That means the world to me!” Rose jumped up from her seat and trapped both of them in a big hug, “Really? I’m so glad you feel this way! I was so worried!” she confessed

“She was worried about telling everyone. It took her long enough to tell us!” I answered their non verbal question, (they gave me the Was-She-Really?-That-Worried- About- Us look)

“Yeah, but she’s got nothing to worry about. This baby’s going to be so incredibly spoilt, by their parents but everyone knows with the amount of family they’ve got, they’ll be beyond spoilt!” Al added

“They’re right you know” Scorp smiled, taking Rose in one of his best hugs

“I’m sorry we came just after you arrived. We’ll leave you two alone. I just really needed to tell you this. You’re the last to know, and I’m so sorry you are by the way. But it’s your own stupid fault for honey mooning for 2 whole weeks! I forgive you though, don’t worry!” Rose babbled

“Well, I’m so glad you forgive us, missy. But there isn’t anything for you to sorry for, honestly. We’ll see you at the Train Station tomorrow, we’ve both taken the day off and are coming to see everyone off” Teddy revealed

“Great! We’ll see you then!” Al laughed, getting into the fire and flooing back to Rose’s house.
We all followed and left poor Teddy and Torie in peace.

Hugo, when he actually got chance to think about it by the way, was quite upset, thinking everything was really bad and he was going to be left out from now on. So, he went to Rose and questioned her.

Rose POV-
“Rose? Can I talk to you?” I heard Hugo knock and ask from the other side of the door.

“Come on in Hu’” I granted, “What’s up little brother?” I smiled, patting onto the bed next to me

“Rosie, well, umm” he stuttered

“Hu’ ask me whatever you like, I’m pregnant. Not alien” I joked

“So, it’s an accident, isn’t it?”

“It? Hu’ again, there is nothing alien about them. They’re a he or a she. As soon as I know I’ll tell you. But yes, this little bubs was a complete and utter accident. No planning involved” I tapped my stomach gently

“Sorry Rosie. What are you going to do then?”

“I’m going to keep them”

“You are?”

“Of course. It’s a little bit of me. I can’t kill a fly, let alone destroy my own baby”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that”

“I’ve spent a long time thinking about it, I didn’t think like this at the start”

“How come it took so long for you to tell us. Honestly”

“Well, to be honest. I didn’t find out until I was already 2 months pregnant. And then because I was so far along I panicked thinking everyone would think badly of me because I didn’t know until it was really late. Then I figured the longer it was before I told people, the less hassle it was before I had the baby. But then the longer I left it, the more afraid I became, the more worried and frightened I was. Then I noticed a bump in the mirror and that was it. I had to tell someone. And Livy was the person I was alone with first”

“Oh. But why were you so worried? We’re family. What’d you think we’d do, throw you out of the house?”

“Yep. That exactly”


“Yep, but I think that was my hormones speaking”

“Oh, okay. Rose you know that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what”

“I know Hu’. I know. You know, you’re far too mature for your age”

“I’ve been told. I think it’s the Mum in me”

“Right you are. It probably is. I love you, I’m sorry if I’ve made everything change”

“Love you too. But change can be good sometimes”

“Let’s hope this is one of those times, yeah?”


“So, my baby is going to have a very mature Uncle?”

“I guess so. But you know I still have Dad in me, we’ll have loads of fun!”

“Of course! I wouldn’t doubt it! Happier now little brother?”

“Much happier, big sister. I’ll leave you now, thank you” he smiled a genuine smile, giving me the first hug I’ve got from him since he was much younger.

I squeezed him and perhaps held onto my growing up little brother a bit longer than he hoped for, realising that everything was changing once more, and my little Hugo, wasn’t so little anymore. “No need to thank me!”

He left me to my thoughts and my buba. “Did you hear that bubs? You’re going to have great fun with your Uncle Hugo! He’s not going anywhere, actually no one is. Mummy and Daddy will always be here. And Uncle Hugo, he’s your only real Uncle, but you’re going to have loads of fake ones. Including Uncle Al, he’s Daddy’s best friend and my cousin, so he is a relation, but he’s going to look after you too with Auntie Livy. She’s fake as well, don’t listen to her, she’s not Daddy’s sister. But she is your official honorary Aunt, she’s Mummy and Daddy’s best friend and don’t tell her, but I think she’s going to be your cousin soon. She’ll marry Uncle Al for sure. I’m prepared to make a bet with you for it. Love you bubs”

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Chapter 25: The Official Viewing
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We went back to Hogwarts the day after our chat with Teddy and Torie (I’m going to call them Vidy from now on... I just made it up because writing both names is getting silly), it wasn’t very eventful. A pregnant Rose wondered off for the Heads and Prefect meeting with Scorp and came back with both her and his arms full of food, having hijacked the cart at the very start of the train and basically wiped it clean. She sat and offered us some which we took but when I say some, she let us have one item each, because she’d already inhaled the rest. We got back to school and our NEWTs just kept getting closer, it was so strange time just went really fast. One exciting thing we did do though, we go with Rose to get a sonogram and tell the sex of the baby at her 5 month mark, she was huge by then. She waddled everywhere they went and was about x4 the size she was, I mean she’s always been quite thin and for her to be that big and round took some serious getting used to.

“Rose! I cannot believe we’re going to see the buba!” I exclaimed

“Our little bubs. They’re going to be beautiful!” Scorp smiled

“Are we finding out whether it’s a girl or a boy today?” Al asked

“We’re going to see the bubs, but honestly you’ve all seen the pictures from before” she then exchanged looks with Scorp who nodded and she continued, “Yeah. We can know the sex. No I do not want to know what it is”

“What? I thought we were going to” Scorp stressed

“I know, but still, I think it’ll be more exciting if we don’t know” A hormonal Rose finished that argument

Scorp who has long since learnt not to argue with a pregnant Rose did not argue back. I mean it’s hard to win against her when she isn’t hormonal, so seriously, imagine her in this state!

“Well, there you have it! I’m just happy to see the buba! No offence Rose but your huge, imagine how big the baby is!” I laughed

By the time we’d had this conversation we’d arrived in the hospital wing and Poppy was ready for us.

“Rose, how are you? Is your morning sickness better now you’re taking that potion? Make yourself comfortable on the bed, if two of you would stand on the left and one on the right, it’d make my life easier” Poppy bombarded her with questions

“That potion is a gods sent. Honestly it’s made the sickness almost disappear, thank you. And I’m feeling great. My hormones are all over the place and I make a decision four hundred times before I actually make it final” Rose confessed, undoing her blouse and taking it off leaving only her vest that was barely covering her tummy.

“That’s perfect normal Rose. Hopefully that’ll ease before your exams, you should be okay though” Poppy reassured

“Thank Merlin!” Rose let out a sigh, sitting on the bed and lifting up her vest so we could see the entirety of her swollen stomach.

Al and I took the left, me standing close to Rose and Al standing behind me, holding my hand, leaving Scorp on the right, holding Rose’s hand.

“Okay Rose, you know the procedure. Mister Malfoy, Mister Potter and Miss Adams, I’m going to place some gel on Rose’s stomach and wave my wand over it. Once that has happened, if you could direct your attention to this screen (she pointed to a screen that had just appeared next to her), it will project the picture of the baby”

I gave a small excited squeak causing everyone to look at me strangely. “Sorry. Carry on. I’m just excited... Sorry.” I awkwardly apologised, causing Al to squeeze my hand and then stroke my thumb

“It’s quite alright Olivia” Poppy assured me, “Ready then?” she asked

We all nodded

She then proceeded to put the gel on Rose and wave her wand over it, the picture was blurry to start with, well, I thought it was.

“Would you like to know the sex of the baby?” Poppy wondered

“No. Yes. No. No. We’re going to let it be surprise” Rose decided

“Okay. Would you like me to show you what we can see? It can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking at” Poppy offered

“Yes please” Rose accepted

“Right. Oh yes, you’ve picked a good day, the baby is really cooperating with us. Here you can see their toes” Poppy pointed towards the bottom right corner of the screen

“Little toes!” Al spoke quickly without thinking

We looked at him and he blushed somewhat, I knocked my shoulder in his arm in a teasing way and the blushing disappeared.

“Yes. Little toes. And here you can see a hand. Oh and if you look here, you can see the baby has their thumb in their mouth. I’ll freeze it on this picture and leave you, I’ll be back with a couple of copies in a moment” Poppy somewhat excitedly

“Their sucking their thumb!” Scorp repeated, not sure what else to say

“If that’s not cute, I don’t know what is! Rose you’re little buba is adorable!” I cooed, tears falling down my cheeks (I was so overemotional... I’m surprised I wasn’t pregnant!)

“Livy, you’re crying! Our bubs is cute, don’t you think Scorp? There isn’t a doubt about it!” Rose smiled, a couple tears falling down her own cheeks, while she pulled her vest down and put her blouse back on

“Our bubs is more than cute. Gorgeous I think the word is, just like their Mummy!” Scorp admitted

“Al? You’re a bit quiet. Are you okay?” she turned to look at him properly, “Al, are you crying as well?” she amused herself

“No... I’m not crying. I’ve got something in my eye. But, Rose, I’m really proud of you, you know that right?” Al revealed, tearing up and coming in close behind me, wrapping both arms around my waist and putting his head on my shoulder.

“Al! Now you’ve got me crying! Well this is a mess!” Rose laughed

“Sorry. But you needed to know. That baby is one lucky kid, their parents are such amazing people” Al rounded off

“Thanks Mate. You know that means a lot” Scorp thanked Al, who nodded recognition back

“Here we are. How many copies do you want?” Poppy came back, waving a picture at us

“Well, theirs, one for me, you, my Mum and Dad, your Mum and Dad, both sets of my Grandparents, and both sets of your Grandparents” Rose said, starting to count on her fingers

“9 please” Scorp stated
“6 please” Rose simultaneously spoke

“What? That’s not right” Rose defended, Scorp then leant in, whispering in her ear something that wasn’t audible to anyone else.

“Right. 9 copies please!” Rose smiled, trying to cover up this confusing situation

“Of course, here you are. Gemino” she passed Rose 9 copies

“Thank you so much” Rose thanked, getting up and waving goodbye, beckoning us to follow her

We went back to Ravenclaw common which we did more often thanks to Rose’s lack of mobility, we visited Gryffindor occasionally if we couldn’t be bothered to wait on her, she has loads of cousins who would get her whatever she needed. We chatted about non sense really for a while, doing homework and such like that. However as the evening grew later, Rose made us stop, saying she and Scorp needed to ask us something important.

“Livy” Rose spoke softly

“Al” Scorp spoke smiled

“We need to ask you something”

“Really important”

“Okay. Tell us then!” I told them getting impatient

“Right. Would you two...” Rose started

“ us the honour of...” Scorp carried on

“...being the baby’s godparents?” Rose finished

“Rose?” I barely managed to speak, looking to her, “Scorp?” I asked, turning to him.

They both nodded, in that way parents do to prove they really do mean what they’re saying

“Of course, of course I will! It’d be me doing the honour, not you! I can’t believe it!” I burst out, crying for the second time in that day.

“You will?” Rose asked, jumping up and hugging me

“There’s no way you can stop me” I laughed

“You trust me enough to be your child’s godparent?” Al asked, still in a state of disbelief

“You’re my best friend. I’d trust you with my life” Scorp simply stated, like it was obvious

“Then I would be more than happy to do it for you” Al agreed

“Yay!” Rose exclaimed, moving on from me to Al, “Oooh! I almost forgot. Here!” she excitedly passed us both a piece of paper

“It’s the baby! Thank you! Hey! I’m officially involved now! This is my god baby!” I practically screamed, in an overly excited way of course, now having stopped crying

“Of course, you didn’t think we’d leave you out did you?” Scorp confessed

“Apparently not!” I replied

“So, there are normally three godparents. Who’s the other one going to be?” Al questioned

“We have to wait to see, the third has to be the same gender as the baby, and well, we don’t know that yet. So, we’re not sure yet” Scorp revealed

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Chapter 26: The Going Back With Help
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“Livy. Wake up” Al gently whispered in my ear, playing with my hair as well

“Livy. You need to get ready” Rose stated using her best mum voice she’d been practising

“No. I don’t need to get up until 11” I moaned at the pair of them

“I don’t care. We did leave you until 9. Besides it’s a nice May Day and everyone’s getting stressed out because of exams. So we have a surprise for Al and Rose, don’t we?” Scorp tried to remind me of something,

“We do?” I questioned, still lying in bed, but opening my eyes to find Scorp grinning at me

“Yeah. We do. You remember that time? We went to that room? There was that thing? And we said we’d take these guys?” he tried again to jog my memory

I began to sit up; focussing only on what Scorp was trying to tell me. When it hit me, the room of requirement, the place we went to when Rose and Al were at home when Nana Molly was ill, “Ooh! The place we went in Fifth year?”

“That place exactly” Scorp sighed, probably thanking the gods that I had realised what he was on about

“Then what are we waiting for” I jumped out of bed enthusiastically

“You beautiful, are still in your pjs” Al pointed out

“Right. I promise I’ll be quick, I’ll just get changed” I went straight to my wardrobe and grabbed a pair of jeans and a random T-shirt, then making my way to the bathroom, where they still talked to me

“In fifth year? That was ages ago! Has it really only just come to mind now?” Al wondered

“It only just came to me last night” Scorp admitted

“I completely forgot! We got so distracted when you came back” I commented through the door

“Fifth year? Where were we then?” Al pondered

“Fifth year was when Nana Molly had her stroke. It must have been then. Right?” Rose answered

“Yep, that was it. I was so excited you guys came back it completely skipped my mind! Actually you really should have remembered earlier Scorp! It won’t be as good now. Rose won’t be able to do most of it in her condition” I sadly spoke

“Oi! It’s not my fault. But she’ll be able to figure out the other bit!” Scorp reminded me

“Merlin! You’re so right! This is going to be great!” I exclaimed, opening the door.

“Let’s go then shall we? Let’s see if I can’t figure what every it is I need to figure out!” Rose got excited

“Woah there Rosie. Calm down. We don’t want your blood pressure to rise too much” Scorp decided

We were on our way up to the room of requirement by now, “He’s been to see Poppy a couple of times, just so he knows what’s happening and what to do with Rose” Al confessed to me, as we were walking up the final staircase

“You’d never of guessed, he sounds just like one of Rose’s pregnancy books she’s made me read just in case” I joked

“One second” Scorp started to pace in front of the wall.

Rose’s POV-
A large door erupted out of the wall; I opened to find a playroom. Well, a ball pit and on the other side, a pensieve

“Oh. Wow. How did you even create this?” I asked, curious of how they came up with these two random things

“I asked for was a room where you can forget everything you need to forget for a while, without losing the memory completely” Scorp answered

“Wow! How come you wanted to forget everything?” Al exclaimed and then joined the conversation

“Livy was miserable and we needed to forget about everything for a while. It got her mind off things for as long as she needed” Scorp admitted

My motherly instinct came over me; I pulled Livy into a hug, “Bless you. You’re adorable. Now, go play. The three of you. I know you’re all itching to do it!” looking at them with a sincere smile, and they ran off.

I sat on the edge, like I was dipping my legs into a pool or the Black lake; instead I was kicking about balls and then throwing them at my friends occasionally. Until Livy came to sit with me and we watched our boys.

“Hey there my pregnant friend. I’m sorry you can’t play too. Put you know, once bubs comes along, this’ll be your life” she smiled, waving her hands out in front of her as a visual picture of what she was saying.

“Honestly, I don’t mind. It’s good to see you all having a laugh. It’s making me laugh”

“Good. It’s surreal really. All of this. Don’t you think?”

“I know. I mean, We’re still in school but we have this room, with a ball pit in it!”

“You’re right. But that’s not what I meant”

“What the fact that we’re in seventh year and still get excited over a ball pit? We really are children sometimes”

“Right again, but not what I meant. I mean, this is going to be your life all over again, the bubs will see to that!”

“Oh, yeah” I remembered, stroking my stomach, “well, I may be going back to this, but I’m going to be a Mum Livy. I’ll be the mad woman running around after her kid, looking frantic because I’ve taken my eye off the little one and they’ve now disappeared under the balls. It’ll be so different”

“Maybe so. You’re going to be one of those young hip Mums though! You won’t look as strange jumping into the ball pit. Plus, you know the bubs will call her awesome Aunt Livy if they want to go out to the ball pit. I guarantee it, they won’t want their Mummy and Daddy. They’ll want Aunt Livy and possibly Uncle Al”

“But of course only because you two are a package deal right?” I offered


“Did you hear that buba, Auntie Livy is going to take you out! Only if you don’t want to be with Mummy and Daddy though, so of course you won’t be doing that”

“You keep telling yourself that Rose! Okay, do you want to see if we can work this pensieve? Because Scorp and I didn’t have a bloody clue!”

I laughed, taking a seat next to Livy around the pensieve, Al and Scorp joined us shortly.

Albus’ POV-
“It’s a pensieve right? Rose, just like the one Dad talks about?” I asked Rosie

“Yeah. That’s it. Usually it takes a powerful wizard to use this. But surely we can do it, why else would they put it here” she answered

“So, do you know how it works? I mean, how you get the memories out of you?” Livy wondered, looking between the two of us

“I’m not so sure. Rose, you’ve read something, right?” I requested

“Let’s see. I think I may have done” Rose held her wand to her temple and muttered something, “Memoria” and with that a blue wisp erupted from her head where she placed it into the pensieve.

“You did it. I told you she’d be able to Livy!” Scorp told Livy

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. What memory is it Rosie?” Livy dismissed what Scorp had said

“”We’ll just have to see, won’t we Rose?” I said

“Right you are Albus. After you” She agreed, gesturing me in first.

I dipped my head in, then finding myself falling into a vast expense of liquid which one moment ago didn’t appear nearly as much or as deep. Livy appeared next to me, then Rose and finally Scorp.

I looked around and found we were in The Three Broomsticks where we held Scorp’s 18th birthday party. The banners were exactly the same, I mean. I could see us putting them up.

“Do you reckon he’ll like it?” Rose asked, sounding incredibly nervous.

“I know he will” Livy answered, rubbing her arm slightly before Rose got distracted with some out of place cups.

“Christ Rose. I forgot what you looked like before you were having the baby!” I let slip

“Al!” Livy wacked me in the arm, “You can’t say that! Anyway, shut up! I’m watching!” Livy scolded, sitting down on a seat in the corner with Rose.

“He’s coming, everybody hide!” I announced

Scorp comes through the door with his Mum and Dad, “Come on then dear, I’m sorry we dragged you away from your friends but really. They see you every day!” Astoria laughs

“She’s right, you’re only 18 once son. We wanted to see you” Draco agreed as they passed the threshold

“SURPRISE!!!!” everyone shouts, jumping out from their hiding places

“Happy Birthday Scorp!” Me, Livy and Rose grin as we come towards an astonished Scorp

“Did you guys do this?” he stutters, his mouth still wide open

“Yes! Do you like it?” Rose persists

“Of course!” he thanks picking Rose up and spinning her round slightly, placing her back on the ground and pecking her on the cheek.

“You!” he laughs pointing at Livy,

“Me!” she laughs too, “We thought we’d do something special!”

“Thank you so much” he genuinely seems happy and thankful

“No worries” I say nonchalantly, “We even have cake! Nana Molly baked it for you. She says Happy Birthday too by the way” I say with much more enthusiasm.

“Look at your little face!” Livy teases me, “Actually look at both of your faces!” she teases Scorp

“I was surprised! It was the best birthday party though. Thank you” Scorp justified

“Yeah, we know. You told us every day for about a month after! That cake has got to be the best she’s ever done I swear” I confessed

“Wasn’t it just? I’m hungry now. I’m not even sure how long this memory is” Rose admits just as the scene changes to later in the night

“Livy! How much have you had to drink?” Rose demands, a huge party going on around her

“Not much Rosie!” Livy tried to convince Rose

“Are you sure?” Rose asked once more, not believing her one bit

“Yes, yes, yes!” Livy’s words slurred somewhat, “You know, you have beautiful eyes, have I ever told you that?” she continued, clearly quite tipsy

“No, you haven’t. But thank you” Rose, clearly very sober said

“And I love you, you know that though don’t you?” Livy seemed quite upset

“That I know. I love you too” Rose comforted her

“Good. ‘Cause I do.” Livy decided, “Have you seen Ally? I need to tell him I love him too” she continued, getting up from her seat.

“Woah there!” Rose stopped her, “You sit here and drink this” she passed her a cup of water, “I’ll go find Al” she got up, “Don’t. Move.”

Livy laughed, and we followed Rose, “Al! There you are!” Rose shouted to compete with the music on the centre of the dance floor.

“What?” I questioned

“Come with me” Rose shouted once more dragging me off the dance floor.

We started walking away and the music got quieter, “Where have you been?” she somewhat crossly demanded

“Here. Where else would I be?” I wondered, thinking that was obvious

“Well, do you know where Livy is?” she stopped briefly to give me The Look.

I looked around in the vast crowd, “Not a clue” I got slightly worried

“Good job I know then isn’t it?” Rose said in her I told you so voice, continuing into the gradually thinning out crowd.

“Yeah” I admitted, “What happened to her? She went to the loo and I got distracted, did you know our entire family is here?”

“You’ll see. Of course I bloody know whose here. I invited them! And you read the list and told me I wasn’t missing anyone, you idiot” Rose got slightly angry

“Sorry” I apologised

“Apology accepted” she said, “Hey! How’s the birthday boy?” she laughed, kissing her boyfriend, it turns out Scorp got to Livy before we did.

“He’s fine. This one though. Just told me she loved me twice in the space on 3 minutes” he was clearly sober as well,

“Ally! I love you as well, did you know that?” Livy smiled, standing up and falling into my arms

“I do know that. But guess what?” I teased

“What?” he head jerked up fast and she looked me straight in the eyes with wonderment

“I love you more” I smiled back,

She tried to move, but fell back on me.

“I’ll take her back up to school. Make sure she goes to bed” I decided, telling Rose and Scorp

“Are you sure? We’ll come with you” Scorp offered

“Nah. Don’t bother, I’ll take her. You enjoy the party, the night’s still young!” I laughed

“Take care of her. Make sure she drinks a lot of water and there’s a pick me up potion in her trunk. We put it in their earlier just in case” Rose told me

“Right. Well have fun. We’ll see you tomorrow!” I started to walk off, helping Livy walk

“Bye guys!” giddy Livy said, calling back, “Make sure you use protection!” as we left

The scene continued.

“Fuck. Why isn’t it stopping? We all know what happens if this carries on much longer” Rose fretted pointing towards her stomach

“Merlin. I DO NOT want to see that. Let’s get out of here” I exclaimed, taking out my wand, waving it around until we were back in the room of requirement.

“I can’t believe I said that. I don’t even remember that!” Livy laughed in a state of disbelief

“Oh I remember that clearly. That’s why I’m so sure that bubs here was an accident” Rose laughed as well

“I don’t remember being so tipsy!” Livy continued

“I do! You told me you loved me about 50 times before we got back to your dorm. I swear the word lost meaning after the third time!” I joked

“Well, that was interesting. We should get one of these. It’s well cute. I’d forgot how happy you were that day” Rose smiled

“Me too actually. It’s a good forget me not help” Scorp replied

We then realised the time and found we needed to get Rose started toward her lesson or else she was going to be late. A relaxed, waddling Rose getting to her lesson quite a bit early is considerably nicer than a stressed, angry with the constant buzz of people trying to push her out of the way, waddling Rose getting to her lesson very late is extremely grumpy.

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Chapter 27: The Betting and The Thinking Of The Future
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One night we were sat in the Gryffindor common room relaxing slightly because we didn’t have another exam for 3 days. We had chosen this spot in because poor old Rose was getting very irritable with her hormones and with the baby two months away, we weren’t going to argue with her. But this, along with our NEWTs meant that Rose either wanted to study, or do something she couldn’t. With this brought much abuse to anyone who was near, and then the only solution to fix this was to do things for her, get her food, do her hair or makeup all nice, or just keep up a very good or interesting topic of conversation. Which Al, Scorp and I had run out of days ago, therefore her family got the brunt of the abuse on the days when we could just not keep up with our studying while she was constant moaning.

“Rose! How are you today?” Lily bounced into the room

“I’m fine! Will people please stop asking me if I’m okay! I’m pregnant not dying!” Rose started off on one.

Luckily, Lily doesn’t care a lot and says “Merlin Rose don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m only asking! Anyway if you’re going to be like this. I’m not going to tell you what I organised for you today!”

“What? You organised something? For me?” Rose got quite teary; her hormones are all over the shop.

“Yes. Yes I did. Now, would you like to come with me and see your cousins or would you like to stay here on your own and moan to yourself, because I’m taking Livy, Scorp and Al with me” Lily stated

“I would like to come with you guys”

“Okay. Then come on! James should have organised everyone to be there by now!”

“James?! No way!” Rose got excited

We made our way to the room of requirement which upon arrival we found to be decorated like a baby shower. It was really sweet, but I was quite disappointed that I hadn’t come up with it myself. Of course, as we entered Rose burst into tears and I had to immediately sit her down and ignore everyone to make sure she kept her blood pressure down.

“Rose! Look at all the gifts you’ve got. And look everyone’s here. They’ve come to see you and the buba! Now, stop crying and say hello to everyone. Get a grip woman! We’re having a baby in two months and if we can’t get through this it’s going to be hell. So, come on!”

“You’re right. Let’s do this!” Rose got her confidence back, and then got bombarded by everyone basically; I didn’t talk to anyone until they’d all said their hellos.

“Rose! Look at you!” Torie came over and gave her cousin a big hug

“You just wait. You’ll be this size soon enough!” Rose smiled, (oh, did I forget to mention. Vidy are having a baby, it’s due early December. It turns out they were pregnant when Rose finally got round to telling everyone the news. So, they released the news after they were sure about 3 weeks later)

“Fudging hell Rose! You’re huge!” Dom came over, sporting some new injuries

“Why thank you Dominique. It’s really wonderful to see you too!” Rose joked

“Louis, look I told you she’d be huge. She just isn’t the type to be so thin but pregnant” Dom shouted over to her younger brother

“Okay Dom, maybe you’re right. You know it’s true what they say Rose, pregnant women do give off a certain glow. You look amazing” Louis complimented

“Thanks Louis. I don’t feel amazing. This little thing weighs a tonne!” Rose laughs off the compliment; I don’t think she took one until the baby was born

“It looks like it should do. I’m so glad men can’t get pregnant. Aren’t you James?” Freddy came to say hi

“You should count yourself lucky Freddy. My hormones are all over the place as well if you didn’t already gather that from my entrance!” Rose admitted

“I think you’re right. We may have dodged a bullet being guys! How are you though Rose?” James asked sincerely

“I’m doing quite well actually James, I’ll live anyway!” Rose replied

“WHAT? I nearly got my head ripped off a minute ago for asking how you were! That’s not fair Rose!” Lily defended

“Lil, I’d watch what you’re saying. She’ll kill you if you step over the line. I reckon you’re quite close” Al joked

“God Rose. You really are hormonal! Hi by the way. I hope you are well. It’s a shame you don’t visit your brother a lot” Hugo laughed

“I wouldn’t say that Hugo, she’ll be with you for the whole of the summer before she has the baby! She’ll be on your watch then! Good luck my friend! I’ve had her for a couple times and I’m not going to lie. It’s been stressful. Not that I don’t love you coming to see me though Rosie. Because it’s really good to know you’re safe and sound” Rox interjected.

“Thanks Rox, I come to your common room all the time Hu’, you’re just never there!” Rose argued

“I am too!” Hugo argued right back

“No. You’re not!” Rose persisted

“Okay. Okay. No more of that!” I decided, jumping in between them and waving my hands about

“Yeah. She’s right! We’ve got cake Rose, fancy some?” Lily agreed, stepping next to me and pointing towards a small table next to a huge table of presents

“It’s chocolate... I baked it with Nana Molly yesterday after work...Sounds good doesn’t it?” Torie tempted Rose

“Yeah. I really would like some cake!” Rose gratified

We sat around on the tables and ate a lot of cake. Then we watched Rose and Scorp open all their presents. It took a while. Especially because all the parents turned up and more tables were created for them and the presents! The baby now has enough close for 3 changes a day, a cot, a changing table, all the stuff you need to change a baby, enough toys for an army of babies to use and so much more. It was quite unbelievable. As soon as Ron and Hermione turned up, as well as Draco and Astoria, Al, James, Anna and I chose to give up our seats so they could sit with their kids as they opened all the presents. We took our seats just a table away from them with Dom and Freddy. There we proceeded to whisper throughout out the presents, stopping to awe at them occasionally.

“Livy. I’m holding a bet to whether the baby’s a boy or a girl. You want in?” Freddy whispered to me from beside me

“Oi, it was my idea. You’re just in charge of the money” James told me

“So, you want to bet on it? Since they aren’t going to find out we thought it’d be good fun to bet on it” Dom made a point of saying she was involved too

“Even the parents have put bets on” Rox added from behind me, “Honest” she promised holding her hands up like she was at gun point when I turned around in disbelief

“I reckon it’s going to be a boy. I bet a gallon on it” Al confidently said, passing Freddy the coin

“Really? I don’t think so. It’s defiantly a girl” I smiled, looking at Rose who was holding up a miniature top that says ‘I love my Mummy’ on it, “Awww!” I giggled

“I went for the same” Lily said as she passed me to bring Rose another gift

“Me too” Anna agreed

“I’m sure it is” I decide

“How sure?” James asks, his eyebrows high

“Three gallons I’m sure”

“Oooh! I think this just got interesting people!” Freddy joked, much louder than we had been talking before

Rose confusedly stopped admiring the new cot and joined everyone else in staring at Freddy

“I’m mean look. They’ve got a cot. That’s important that is.” He nodded, trying to cover it up

“Nice save there” Dom laughed, elbowing him slightly

Once we had opened all the gifts, everything went to general chit chat. Everyone had something to say, or tell, we tended to entertain big groups of people at once with every conversation. Everyone was really well and was enjoying life which was great to hear. We even managed to have a huge chat that pretty much concerned everyone. Well, everyone had a view.

“So, have you two been thinking of any names?” Angie asked

“A few” Rose answered

“What?” I let slip

“Yeah, how come we don’t know about this?” Al joined me, I guess having the same thought as me

“Sorry. We’re just not sure. We were going to ask you later actually” Scorp apologised

“Oh well. What are they?” Molly exclaimed, clearly all the women in this family are much more excited than the men.

“Well, there’s Mira, for a girl” Scorp started

“And Leo for a boy” Rose smiled around

“Awww!” was the resounding noise that followed

“Those are beautiful” Ginny smiled

“Truly. Little Leo! That’s well cute!” Rox grinned

“Mira iz a really lovely name Rose” Fleur complimented

“Thank you! We have some more as well, like Electra or Chara” Rose added

“Those are really interesting names. Where did you get those from?” Lucy asked, genuinely interested in the origin of the names

“Well, we’re following the Black family tradition of naming their children after stars” Scorp mentioned

“Oh, Scorpius! That’s wonderful!” Astoria practically jumped up from her seat in saying those words

“You’re grandmother will be pleased son” Draco nodded towards his son who nodded back.

Rose grinned at Harry, knowing that he never really had got over his godfather’s death and would be very pleased with this, “It is very endearing” he said, trying to find the right words and settling for these

“Thank you. All of you. It narrows the list of names down considerably. Especially since I’ve never really been Astronomy’s biggest fan” Rose confessed

“It’s a good job I enjoy it!” Scorp joked

When the party ended there was the matter of saying goodbye to more than 20 people who were either disappearing from the grounds or going their spate ways around the castle. This, again. Took a while. Ron and Hermione took all the babies things, as for a while Rose is going to live at home once she’s had the baby. Once it was all over and everyone had finally gone the four of us sat around and talked for a while about the baby and the future.

“So. Have you guys thought anything more about what you’re going to do after we finish school? What with the baby and all” I asked

“Well, I’m going to stay with the baby for the first year of their life and then go into St Mungos to become a healer like I was going to before, just maybe a night school version in a year or two” Rose somewhat sadly stated, rubbing her stomach

“But I’m going straight into Auror training with Al. I should be done with that by the time Rose goes into night school” Scorp revealed

“Oh. Does it really take that long to become an Auror?” I wondered aloud

“Yeah. It’s serious. I mean Auror’s save people. They can’t do that overnight. It’ll take about two years” Al reminded me

“I didn’t think of it like that. You know, I’ve applied to do so many things. But I really don’t know what I want to do” I confessed

“Livy! I thought you figured this out weeks ago! Weren’t you going to go into Magical Law Enforcement?” Rose exclaimed, clearly worried

“I know that’s what I said. But, I was thinking and well, I can’t see myself sitting behind a desk all day. Talking about boring stuff and sorting out other people’s problems. I can’t be bothered to deal with that. I can’t deal with my own problems!” I admitted

“But, well, you have to know. Livy we’re leaving in a week! You need to know what to with the rest of your life!” Rose insisted

“But I don’t know what I want to do Rose!” I complained

“Okay. Well, we’ll help you then!” Rose decided

“Right. So, what are you good at?” Scorp tried to help

“Nothing!” I gave up

“That’s not true. You’re amazing at Muggle Studies” Al offered

“Because I’m Muggleborn Albus. I deal with that stuff every day!” I said, because this really was the reason

“Okay. There are so many things you’re good at!” Al frantically waved his hands in the air, trying to think of something

“You’re really good at Potions” Scorp justified

“But I’m not being a Potion Maker. I don’t want to work in St Mungos. No offence Rose” I covered it up

“None taken, fine. You’re wonderful at Defence Against the Dark Arts though” she replied

“But what can I do with that other than become an Auror or go into Magical Law Enforcement? Nothing!” I said, getting thoroughly depressed

“How about Quidditch then? You pretty damn awesome at that!” Scorp smiled

“No one wanted me! I didn’t get offered a single placement at the final Quidditch match! I may be good but not good enough” I sadly said, “This isn’t working, I’ll just stay here forever. Or, no, I’ll come and stay with you Rose; I’ll help look after the baby!” I decided finally

“That’s it!” Rose exclaimed

“What’s it?” Al asked the question we were all wondering

“That! What she just said!” Rose excitedly

“Rose. You can’t possibly think that Livy’s going to stay with you and look after the baby with you” Scorp tried to bring Rose back to reality

“No. Not that. The thing she said before that” Rose flapped her hand in my face

“What? I’ll just never leave Hogwarts?”

Rose nodded

“What use is that going to be!” I asked, confused

“Rose! You’re a genius!” Scorp exclaimed, they obviously have some sort of non spoken connection

“But they only hire old people!” Al, was obviously in this as well

“No they don’t plus she’d have to train!” Rose justified, and it seemed to be right because the other two agreed

“But she’d have to stay here. Forever.” Al sadly said, sounding just as disappointed as me

“Maybe so” Rose said in the same way

“Still. She’d have to agree. She may not even like the idea. And then she’d have to find a subject” Scorp tried to cheer them up

“SHE, would like to know what her boyfriend and her best friends are on about? Don’t sound so sad before you know the answer! What you chatting about people!” I threw my hands in the air dramatically

“Oh. Yes. Of course. Well, what if you didn’t leave Hogwarts? What if you taught here?” Rose grinned, as she knew I’d like the idea

“That’d be amazing! I’d happily never leave! But guys, honestly, if anyone has the ability to teach here, it’d be you people. I’m not smart enough to embark wisdom on kids!” I laughed at the idea of kids actually coming here to be taught by me.

“Oh but Livy, you’d be older, you’d have to train. Probably dependent on subject and then go into teaching, you’d be older and wiser by the time you got round to it!” Rose told me, as if she’d been planning this for weeks

“Yeah, you’d be at least 22!” Al laughed too

“That’s not very practical is it though? I’d be living off pretty much nothing until the age of 22, when, if I got a job, I’d have my accommodation and food paid for! And still earn money! What am I meant to do for four years?” I moaned

“I’d be in the same position, Livy” Rose mentioned

“But that’s different isn’t it? You’ll have Scorp and your parents to support you and the bubs. The buba being the obvious difference there”

“Well, yeah. I will have a baby but... but...” Rose stuttered

“Exactly. My family aren’t exactly jumping through hurdles to help me. My Mum replied yesterday to say she was coming to graduation. Oh, and the minor detail that she’s got a boyfriend whose coming too, who’s dying to meet me. Even though she didn’t even give two craps when I said I wanted to introduce MY boyfriend to my own mother” I ranted

“I thought your Mum replied weeks and weeks ago. I had no idea. I just figured she’d met Al, or at least hinted she wanted to” Scorp confessed

“How would you know? It’s not as if I talk about her a lot. She didn’t want anything to do with me when Dad died. It’s never been the same since then” I don’t know what came over me but a million emotions came over me and I started to cry, “You guys know that. You are my family.” Crying more.

Al came over to me stood me up, and pulled me into a big hug, comforting me with warm, heartfelt words. “Liv?”

I nestled further into his shoulder

“Liv. Look at me”

I moved my head out looking into my boyfriends eyes filled with sympathy for me

“You’re right. We are your family”

I looked away from him slightly. Seeing Rose and Scorp, their eyes also filled with sympathy for me, Rose tearing up slightly

“And I for one, am never going away” Al stated

He held me strongly until I looked at him once more.

“I promise” he smiled

“Pinky promise?” I said, with a smile, letting my shoulders relax significantly

“Pinky promise” he repeated, smiling a bit wider

“Besides. We’ll be fine. We’re going to need someone to decorate our flat, and I’ll be super busy with training, Auror training is the most full on of all types, of course” Al prompted me for an answer

“Our flat?” I stammered

“Only if you want” Al presented

“Of course I do! My God Ally! This’ll be amazing! I don’t have to worry about a thing if I have you!” I was simply beside myself

“We’ll start flat hunting as soon as we leave then!” Al said, beside himself as well

“Awww!” Rose and Scorp said in unison like they were our parents

“This is just perfect!” Rose declared, standing up, “But in all seriousness Livy, if something like that ever happens again. Do not keep it a secret little missy! We’re here to help, to look after you, help you. All you have to do is tell us” Rose brought us back down to earth

I walked over to her, giving her a hug saying, “You’re going to make a great Mum Rose”

It was then her time to cry

“I know she will” Scorp agreed, touching her shoulder and allowing her to hug him

“Okay. So maybe we’ve had enough emotion today?” I joked

“Maybe not. Rose...” Scorp started

“Don’t you dare” Rose quickly interrupted, apparently finished with her last emotion

“What?” Al asked, seemly out of this ‘in head’ conversation

“Scorpius Malfoy. Don’t you dare ask me what I think you’re going to ask me” Rose continued, ignoring Al’s question

“How is it you know what I’m going to say?” Scorp laughed

“I don’t know! But I am not having you propose to me because you’re all hyped up on emotions!” Rose said stubbornly

“You were going to propose!” I burst out with a hint of disbelief in my voice

“That means not at graduation, in the middle of birth, Christmas, Birthdays and Valentines days. At none of these events are you able to propose” Rose extended, ignoring me this time

“Okay. Okay. Fine! I promise I won’t. But don’t be surprised if I ask you at some point” Scorp went with Rose’s requests

“He’s not wrong” Al agreed

“It’s bound to happen eventually” I added

“Good! Okay. Now, that’s enough drama!” Rose giggled

“You’re right! Happy Baby Shower Rosie! We’ll see you later” Al congratulated, taking me by the arm and walking out of the room

“Cheer up Rosie! I’ll see you later” I smiled, and with that we left. Thinking of the future and how everything really was going to be okay!

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Chapter 28: The End of Hogwarts
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So, that's the end, the finished result, we got good grades, we had an even better time, we tried to live life to the full and gave everyone hell, okay we were a pain, most teachers will be glad to be shot of us as well as some of the other students!

"And now a few words from your head boy and girl of the graduating class" Professor M said, waiting patiently for my Rosie and my Scorpy to make their way to them! They both stood with a quick look to Al and I, then making their way towards the podium in the centre of the stage.

(And back to our start once more. I guess this is the story of my Hogwarts times. It’s been a long winded explanation of what happened. But I hope you’ve enjoyed it...)

“Well, what can I say, we're done, 7 years of education, 7 years with the same people, sharing a dorm with them, sharing a common room with them, sharing a desk with them in Potions. It's been an amazing 7 years and I've grown somewhat attached to this place, the people in it, whether close to me or not, have made some sort of difference. The castle itself holds some many fantastic memories, the times I've laughed, the times I've cried, the times I've studied so hard, the times I've slacked off for a bit, and the times I've really done nothing at all. The Halloweens and Christmas', the 7 first days back and the 7 last days of all. All these days have affected me and given me life lessons and memories that I will treasure forever. This graduating year means a lot to mmee, my, my, my best friends I've made here, my boyfriend as well, I'm so sorry this is ending, I'm going to miss every... Everything so much. I'm sorry, I can't carry on, I've got a huge speech but I'm afraid I'll either soak the front couple of rows in tears or bore you all to death, so Scorp?" Rose finished, stepping aside slightly and gabbing hold of his hand for support. Apparently pregnant women don’t have very strong legs.

And Scorp began, "my fellow peers of Hogwarts, what am I suppose to say, Rose has pretty much stolen everything, so, I'll make it up. Like Rose and everyone else in this year, I've got more than my fair share of memories within these walls, good and bad, but all equalling as important as the last. I've fallen for girls a couple of times, and now I've fallen in love. I even got told I was going to be Dad! I've been on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the last 7 years but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Here, with these people sat behind me, I have truly felt at home, here I have found myself, here I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. This place is important to me, important to us all. I'm going to miss everyone here, my dorm mates will finally be able to have their rooms a mess, but I warn you guys, you'll never be able to find anything. I'm even going to miss my professors, some of which have seriously helped me in more than one way; I'd like to thank them all for believing in us. I'd also like to thank my friends and everyone else's friends as well as their families, for supporting us when times got hard, for giving us advice and a push in the right direction. I wish everyone good luck for the rest of their lives, but still, don't lose touch people! And to leave you all, I have one question, for the very inspiring and very emotional young lady stood next to me. Rose, I know you said not to propose, and I promise I'm not, but it's the day of graduation, our last time in the castle, so please, please will you and our bump move in with me? I need you as much as you need me Rose Weasley, possibly more than you need me actually. I love you to the moon and back, and I always will, until the end. I’m going to make a Malfoy of you but let’s start small, yeah?"

"Scorpius Malfoy our bump and I will always love you too and would love to move in with you! Us until the end. I promise. Now can I please sit down, I’m losing the feeling in my legs!"

“Of course Rosie. So, from the three of us here, we wish everyone sat behind us luck in life, with a prosperous future in front of each of you we don’t doubt it. Oh, and thank you.” Scorp finished looking up and around as if he was thanking the castle itself as well as everyone in it

And cue the tears, so many tears...
I looked out into the crowd after that moving speech, now ignoring Minnie, I don’t know what she said at all. I saw Hermione, crying slightly, small tears of absolute joy, flowing down her cheeks, she looked so proud of her only daughter, growing up and leaving school. I saw Ron, holding his wife’s hand, comforting her, in his eyes, all I could see was the proudest Dad in the entire world, his little girl was the best in the year and still managed to be rather like her Dad, he was so happy, it was just pouring out of him. I saw Harry and Ginny, looking equally as happy for their niece, actually come to think of it I saw George, Angie; Percy, Audrey; Charlie; Fleur and Bill looking all so happy for Rose. Expect I could tell Harry and Ginny had bigger grins, because their little boy, youngest son was growing up too, sure James had already left but it different for Al, I could tell the person sat next to me was going to be amazing in life, but a slight worried look on all the parents faces were quite unnerving. Every parent wanted the best for every kid sat around me, but it is difficult, and everyone knows it. I saw Astoria as well, she looked so sweet, weeping so delicately, her tears so faint, her smile so wide, she was more than proud of her only child, her little boy. Draco looked equally as proud, but looked so strong and confident in his sons ability it was almost cocky, but I understood. Scorp finished with so high of grades, he basically matched Rose, the daughter of Hermione Granger and a Ravenclaw, you could really understand where Draco was coming from.

Then surrounding their parents was our generation of kids, a pregnant Victoire was in tears, but smiling through them, next to her Teddy was laughing at his wife and smiling happily. Dominique and Roxanne were laughing as discreetly as possible while James and Fred were making fools out of themselves the whole time, trying to make us laugh while we were on stage. Louis was smiling politely, clearly impressed by Rose and Scorpius’ scores in their exams. Then there Hugo and Lily, both sat next to each other, giggling about James and later I found out laughing about how emotional we were and how they couldn’t believe it considering how strong we appear. (I reassured them that I’m nowhere near strong and cry like a baby at a good movie!) Molly and Lucy were there too, cheering along with the rest of them, waiting for the day it was their turn to leave. They don’t know how lucky they are to be so young and not have to. I’d switch places with them no questions asked. Nonetheless they all looked so happy and please for us as well.

I looked over at my Mum, sat there with her new boyfriend, crying her eyes out. That woman is so over emotional, over everything! But I love her to bits (sometimes), she, like everyone else’s parents, wants the best. She cares about me and Peyton so much. I passed with great grades, way better than I ever thought possible, something poor Mum still couldn’t understand but Hermione helped her out and now she’s so very proud. After looking over at mum, I scanned the crowd of my peers around me, making me feel very sentimental, Rose and Scorp were right, almost all of these people made a difference to me. I love all of them a little bit, in my own little way for each of them. That was the moment I snapped, I heard Minnie say it was “the end of an era, the end of your education”, she was right; it really was the end of an era. I sobbed into Al’s shoulder, for the rest of the speeches, I was still crying when I got my certificate. For this I even received a small hug from Minnie and a sympathetic smile, before she sent me back into the arms of Al, who happened to sit a seat before me and therefore got his certificate just before me. We all got huge applause from everyone, especially Rose, Al, Me and Scorp; we had the Wotter population behind us!

It was perfect. Everything was so cute; afterwards we went through the crowd and found our big family waiting for us. We were congratulated by everyone and received many hugs in order to cheer us up, not that we needed cheering up, we just needed to stop crying, especially Rose and I, for about an hour we couldn’t even look at each without bawling our eyes out, we are so bloody emotional! For that hour we literally had to be separated, passed along to talk to different people while they made sure we avoided each other until we’d composed ourselves completely. After this Dom fixed mine and Rose’s faces (a trick she picked up from her cousin Felicity who was developing a line of makeup now),and then we posed for picture after picture. I have one that is just beautiful; it’s a magical photo of the four of us. Al was on the end with his arm around me, Rose on the other side of me and Scorp on the other end. As it’s magical, obviously it moves, you couldn’t make it up the shot it captured, (astonishingly) simultaneously Al and Scorp both turned to us from our original, posing, smiling positions and kissed us, quickly (because our families were around but still), it makes for a great picture. Although there’s another one and isn’t so much beautiful but makes me laugh, it was supposed to be a picture of Rose and I but turned out to be another of us all, the boys came up behind us just before the picture was taken. They let us know in time and pulled faces to the camera, Al has his hand, like bunny ears behind my head laughing, Scorp took Rose’s hair and made it into a moustache for himself (making his hair and moustache contrast dramatically... not a good look S-man). Then as the picture moves you have us laughing and then Rose sticks her tongue out facing the camera and I blow my face out, making myself turn into a monkey, holding out my ears as well. We are quite the bunch!

We left Hogwarts the day after on a special Hogwarts express, meaning our parents left to only be reunited with us in the next day. On the night of graduation we all had a special graduating meal in the great hall with the rest of the school. It was amazing!
And then that was it.
Hogwarts was behind us.
And our future was ahead of us.

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Chapter 29: The Epilogue
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26th August 2028-
Maia Electra Malfoy’s 5th birthday-

“Where’s the birthday girl?” I shouted into Rose and Scorpius’ house, on the edge of England, almost in Scotland.

“Auntie Livy! Uncle Al!” Maia, a very excited 5 year old, with shocking blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous freckles due to her pale skin exclaimed.

“Look at you princess!” Al exclaimed as she ran into his arms, where he spun her around, placing her back on the ground slightly dizzy

“Am I mistaken, or are you a little Rapunzel?” I crouched down to my goddaughter and played with her dress

“Yeah! Nana Mione (Hermione) got me a whole set!” she took us both by the hand and started to walk into the lounge, “I have, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and... Mummy, what other princess dresses did I get?” she asked Rose as we walked into the lounge

“Nana Mione and Grandad Ron spoiled you didn’t they? Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. You keep forgetting that one” my best friend, and obviously all knowing Rose smiled at her daughter

“And Belle from Beauty and the Beast” Maia repeated

“Well, that is impressive. But because you’ve gotten so many presents from everyone else” I laughed, looking around the mess of new things in the lounge, “I bet you don’t want these ones from your Aunt Livy and Uncle Al” I pretended to take her presents away

“You’re right. Why doesn’t Aunt Livy go and take the presents back to the shop” Al teased

“No! No! No! I want my presents!” Maia demanded

“Maia Electra Malfoy! Where have your manners got to young lady!” Scorp appeared scolding his daughter

“Sorry Daddy. I mean, please Auntie Livy and Uncle Al, can I have my presents” Maia corrected herself

“Good girl. You’re very lucky Maia. Make sure you say thank you” Scorp reassured her, if it seems strange that neither Scorp nor Rose have said hello, it’s not. They’re super busy and very used to the two of us just wondering in and out. As long as they know we’re around to look after Maia they’re not bothered. (Expect when we took her out once without telling them... it didn’t end well. We have to tell them now).

“Of course Mi. Here you go” I grinned, passing her the presents

“What’d you think then princess?” Al asked as she ripped open the presents

“You got me exactly what I asked for!” Maia giggled as she opened the biggest one, an old fashion dolls house

“It sure is! How about your other things?” Al persisted

“Oooh! Mummy look! Princess shoes! And necklaces! And bracelets!” Maia jumped up to show Rose

“What do you say?” Rose reminded

“Thank you!” Maia thanked, kissing us both

“Now you lucky little girl. Go and take your presents up to your room we’ll we tidy up” Rose asked

“Yes Mummy” Maia obediently disappeared dragging the big house with her

“You two spoil her rotten! Honestly, you shouldn’t have!” Rose moaned to us

“What are we for, if not to spoil our goddaughter?” I insisted

“Yeah, it’s not as if Hayley doesn’t do it either!” Al complained, Hayley Thomas is girl a couple years older than us, but she’s known Rose since they were little, and they’re really close, she’s Maia’s other godmother.

“Not as much as you two!” Scorp added

“But still, you can’t complain! We’re just upset we don’t get to see her so often anymore. We miss your little girl like crazy when I’m at Hogwarts” I complained myself

“It’s a shame. It’s been amazing spending time with her while we can!” Al backed me up

“I know. And I’m sorry we can’t come and see you more often. You know how it is, we just don’t have the time anymore” Rose went off on one

“Rose. We know. But think about it in this way Livy, in six years time, you’ll see our daughter more than we do!” Scorp reminded

“So true. But I miss the baby who used to sit on my knee and giggle at pretty much everything. She’s too big and knows too much to sit on my knee for longer than a hug. It’s not fair. When’d we get so old?” I asked

“I don’t know. I can’t believe my buba’s so big! It’s unreal; she’s 5 Al, 5 years old!” Rose had a mild panic

“I know Rose. She’s so clever just like her Mum and so caring just like her Dad. You guys have done such a good job. Honest” Al reassured her, looking at his best friend as well

“He’s right. You’re amazing parents! And I can’t wait for your wedding! It’s going to be so much fun!” I excitedly mentioned to reassure them further.

“I know. I know. We haven’t talked about anything else since you came back for summer holidays!” Rose laughed

“I’m sorry. It’s just huge news!” I exclaimed

“I know!” Rose briefly let down her Mum act, “Right, now will you help me get everything ready for my little madams birthday party?” she continued, resuming her role of Mum just as her daughter came in

“Do you like it?” she waltzed up to the four of us and did an elegant spin, all made up with necklaces, bracelets, the shoes and the dress now.

“Just beautiful” Scorp greeted his daughter

“Stunning baby girl” Rose complimented

“Gorgeous” Al picked her up

“Just like a princess Maia” I granted her, “Show us your best princess wave then?”

She then proceeded to wave her best wave, imitating the queen,

“Now that is a wave. A perfect little princess” I praised

Al put her down and she walked off, entertaining herself, while we helped Rose and Scorp perfected the house for a fairy princess 5th birthday party.

Once everything was sorted and ready, people started to arrive.

Vidy came with their 4 (almost 5 as I was told) year old son, Noah and their 2 year old daughter Clémence, or Clayer for short.

Dom, and her now husband Nicholas are still going strong but are too focused on their jobs to have kids yet. They live near her Uncle Charlie in Romania, where they are both amazing dragon tamers.

Louis it turns out is in a serious relationship, well, engaged to a girl named Elizabeth, who is truly a hit with the family and pregnant with their first child.

Roxy and her husband Jason have a 3 year old twins, non identical, a daughter Lola and son Logan who couldn’t be more similar if they were the same person. Both are good as gold on the surface but get into all sort of trouble if you’re not watching them!

Freddy currently has a girlfriend called Beau who’s American and is actually taking this relationship seriously; I think this caring prankster has finally met his match.

James and Anna are truly meant for each other. They haven’t bothered to go any further than boyfriend and girlfriend, but they do have the most stunning daughter, Ashley, who has the biggest brown eyes ever.

Lily and Lysander are still together, and personally, I couldn’t be happier for them! They are so adorable together, I mean Lysander’s a bit of a weird one, but he puts up with Lily, so we’re thankful for him.

Hugo recently got a new girlfriend, Penelope, who is pretty much the opposite of him and brings out the fun side of that little kid who’s too old for his age. He’s also a pretty amazing Uncle and loves Maia to pieces and sees her all the time.

Molly hasn’t got a boyfriend at the moment, and to her parent’s disgust, got several tattoos and a couple piercings. She doesn’t sleep around though; she just hasn’t found the right guy yet... Or at least that’s what we tell Percy and Audrey.

Lucy on the other hand is still the opposite, she has a boyfriend called Alexander, who not everyone knows about yet, she’s too nervous. In fact, I think it’s just Vidy and Scorose who know officially (Rose told me *holds hands up innocently*).

Then there’s Scorose, well they, of course, they have Maia and are getting married next summer. Rose is a healer at St Mungos and Scorp is an Auror, so they have pretty hectic lives, honestly I don’t know how they do it!

That leaves Al and I, well, obviously we’re still together but nothing else has happened. I don’t have a ring or a child. What I do have is the position of Defence Against the Arts teacher, Professor Adams. Al is an Auror like but unlike Scorp took the option to go on missions occasionally. This suits us rather well actually because while I may live in Hogwarts, we do have a modest little house in Hogsmeade where Al spends his time when he isn’t away (which is only ever in term time). I may worry about him like crazy but I have my work to throw myself into when I get nervous. We live a simple little life, but when he is home I work it so I don’t have to stay in the castle and go home for a couple nights to spend time with him.

It’s perfect.
And that’s us I suppose.
For now anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this bit.
I’m sorry it’s been a while.
I miss you every day Dad.
Lots of Love,
Your Little Livy xxx

Folding up her 29th letter of her most recent chapter to her life Livy placed the letter in an envelope. Sealed it and placed it the dainty box she keeps in the drawer of her bedside table. Locked the box up once more and closed the drawer. Then getting up from her bed, she left the room without looking back, knowing in her heart that in doing this, she could never really lose her Dad. Smiling to herself, she found her boyfriend had returned from a mission and ran straight for his arms, locking into a well deserved embrace with him.

“I missed you beautiful” he confessed

“I missed you more” she argued

She smiled slightly sadly, squeezing him tighter as if she never ever wanted to let go.

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