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A Life of Luxury and Lies by MollyMalfoy

Format: Novel
Chapters: 23
Word Count: 70,774

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Pansy, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 08/14/2013
Last Chapter: 09/05/2014
Last Updated: 09/05/2014


When Hermione Granger discovers her true identity new relationships are made and old ones fade, friends become enemies and enemies become friends but can you trust anyone in a life filled with luxury and lies...

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Chapter 1: Chapter One: A New Face
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It had been three since she had returned from the Burrow after staying there for a couple of months with her best friend, boyfriend and the rest of the Weasleys, in order to recover from the traumas of the war that had occurred mere months ago. But now she was back. Three weeks she had wallowed in this hell hole. Three weeks she had been in the dismal place she had to call home.

Her stories of skii trips to France and Mediterrainean Cruises during the summers away from Hogwarts were exactly that. Stories. Fictional, make believe stories. Well that was what she liked to think. In actual fact they were down right lies. Despite what she told everyone in her world, the magical world in which she belonged, her life at home with her parent was far from perfect. Her parents were distant and cold. She knew they didn't love her, she had known this since she was very young. The fact that they forced Hermione to call them by their names rather than Mum and Dad was proof of that. Colin and Jane Granger may act like perfect parents and do 'parent things', such as buying school equipment, food and clothes for their only child, but it was clear to anyone that they were not overly fond of their daughter. In fact, one could say that they regretted ever conceiving her and that fact was not more clear to anyone than Hermione.

 However, the reasons for her parents' strange behaviour and her loveless upbringing were unknown to anyone, including her. As a little girl she thought they simply didn't know how to love her properly but as she got older she knew that there must be something else. Maybe it was her. Maybe she wasn't the daughter they dreamed of having. She may be the top of her class and the smartest witch of her age but maybe they didn't want that. She often thought that her parents wished they had had a pretty little air head for a daughter, just to show off to their friends and family.

Hermione knew she had never been the most attractive girl in the world. In fact she wasn't very attractive at all. Her hair was the bane of her life, causing her endless amounts of stress and bullying due it's mass of bushiness. Her eyes were a dull brown and her skin almost looked yellow. To add to that she had gained a few pounds this last year too. Sneaking into muggle takeways and taking the greasy food whilst hunting horcruxes this last year had seen to that. She wasn't fat by any means yet she wasn't as thin as she used to be and she knew it. It was whilst pondering about her parents and her appearance that she heard the knock on her bedroom door.

"Hermione, are you up yet? Colin is going to work soon and you haven't been down for breakfast. He would like to wish you a Happy Birthday before he leaves", her mother had called stiffly through the door.

Ah yes, today was her birthday. She would undoubtedly get her usual perfume, make-up, CD's and books from her parents, Colin and Jane, and then later she would have to suffer through some stuffy meal while they made small talk with her and she would have to lie and gush about how much she just loved her presents. Apart from the books, she usually hated the rest of her gifts. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful, just that it was clear her parents hardly knew her at all.

With all this in mind, Hermione pushed her light blue duvet off her body and climbed out of bed. The brightness of the white walls hurt her eyes as she opened them, just as they did every morning. She hated her room. It was so dull and plain but Jane and Colin had decorated it themselves while she was at school so she could do nothing but act grateful when she had returned home from her second year. In her oversized t-shirt and shorts, Hermione padded to her en-suite bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth before she went downstairs for breakfast.

It was as she looked into the large mirror above her sink that she noticed someone else staring at her. It couldn't be. She was the only one in the room and this person looking back at her definitely wasn't her. 'But then where's my own reflection', she thought. Being the bright girl that she was, she quickly realised that this was her reflection, yet it was so different to the one she had seen for the last 18 years. 'Maybe if I just looked in a different mirror, things will be back to normal', she thought in denial but when she reached her full length mirror she was even more surprised. Now not only could she see the drastic changes in her face but in her body too. Her podgy longs legs were now sculpted and toned and her size seven feet were now dainty and small. Her stomach was flat and her waist was considerably smaller yet her bust must have gone up a size. She was at least a C cup! Above her tiny frame was a beautiful heart shaped face. Her pale white skin glistened in the morning sunlight. It was so white she looked like she was made of procelain. Hell, she could give Draco Malfoy a run for his money with how pale she was! She stared at her tiny button nose and rose red plump lips but gasped when her gaze fell on the reflection of her eyes. Covered by curling thick black eye lashes were large crystal orbs. She had never seen eyes so blue. She was sure they were electric. They looked even brighter when compared the jet black hair that framed her face. It fell just above her hips and was pin staraight rather than the mess of curls her previous hair had been.

As her eyes scanned her body again she couldn't help but notice the scars she had gained from the war were still as visible as ever. The scar from the small stab wound under her neck and the letters forming the word 'mudblood' on her arm, all done at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange at Malfoy Manor, could still be seen. She hated the scars. They reminded her of all Harry, Ron and she had suffered before and during the war. All the pain they had endured and the loss they had experienced. Yet she never covered them up. As ugly as they may be, she wasn't ashamed of them. Although the time they were carved into her skin kept her awake and plagued her dreams during the night, she wasn't embarrassed by them. To her the scars were proof. Proof that she and her two best friends whom she loved the most in the entire world had battled and won. Proof that they had made their world a better place. Proof that together they had vanquished the evil that threatened their lives everyday. She hated the scars but she couldn't deny that they gave her a sense of pride, even if that pride was laced with sorrow, pain and loss. Yet even though they still marred her appearance, there was no doubt that she was beautiful.

'I can't believe it! What on earth has happened to me? Maybe someone slipped me some polyjuice potion while I was sleeping? Or maybe I'm still sleeping and this is just a dream?'. The endless possibilities made her brain function at a deathyly speed. She had never been so confused. She didn't know what to do. What could she do?! She had gone to bed an average boring girl and woken up as a 5 foot 3 stunner! So, she did the only thing that made sense. She screamed. She screamed until her throat ached and tears swam in her eyes. She screamed until Colin and Jane walked into her bedroom and asked what all the fuss was about. As Hermione turned to look at them, a look of understanding passed through her parents faces. 'Understanding? UNDERSTANDING!!'.

"What the hell is going on?!". She had meant to keep that last part in her head but her confusion and anger at her parents' reactions to her sudden change in appearance forced her to shout out loud.
"Hermione, there is no need to curse!", Colin reprimanded. "If you just sit down we can talk about this. There is a perfectly logical explanation to this so sit down, be quiet and listen. You might want to prepare yourself aswel, you're going to be in for a shock".
In a trance like state Hermione did as she was told. Sitting on the edge of her small single bed she looked up at her parents waiting for them to continue.
"Well, you see the thing is", her mother started, "You're adopted, Hermione".
The words just kept repeating in Hermione's head going round and round. She couldn't believe it but at the same time she wasn't surprised. She had never felt like she belonged with the Grangers and now she knew why.
"Before we set up our own dentistry, Jane and I used to be detective inspectors in the police force. When we got married we decided that the adventure life just wasn't for us so we became dentists and set up our own practice. We had never wanted children but one day our old boss came to visit us. He said that they had a baby that needed looking after by trustworthy responsible adults as she was in grave danger and that he would like us to look after her and raise her as our own for her protection. We weren't so keen at first and wondered where her real parents were. We were told that they were alive but they could not look after their daughter as that would mean putting her in danger. After to some persuasion we agreed and that is when you came into our lives, Hermione. A few days later our ex boss returned with a letter from your birth mother saying how thankful she and your father were, how we have just saved her baby girls life and that they love you, more than life. She also wrote that you were from a special family. A family of witches of wizards and that you had glamour charm placed on you to hide your true identity which would remove itself when you became 18. Of course we believed it to be nonsense and thought we had taken you from a derranged lunatic or a drug addict. However, our boss explained everything. Everything about the magical world. How it is real and how only people high up in the goverment and police, like him, are aware of it. Naturally, we were sworn to secrecy and were made aware that you would most likely be the same. Hence, why were not all that shocked when you received your Hogwarts letter when you were eleven. As you turned 18 today, the charm seem to have worn off like your mother said it would. So no you know".

Hermione didn't know what to say. She was angry. Angry that they hadn't told her sooner. Angry that she had spent so long feeling like she was not good enough and unloved by the people who were supposed to love her more than anyone in the world. She was even more angry at the fact that she had people out there somewhere who actually loved her and her 'parents' had kept her from them. However, she was also curious. Who were her parents? Colin said they were magical so that means she's a halfblood or maybe even a pureblood. Do they live in Britain? Did she have siblings? What were her family like? Were they nice? Oh, she hoped that they were on the right side of the war. She hoped that they hadn't perished in the war like so many others she loved.

"Who are they? My family", she asked. She didn't care that this was the first thing she said. Knowing them two they were probably expecting a thank you for them taking her in. Well, they hadn't been loving but they had taught her some good values, like it being wrong to lie. So, she would not lie. She would not thank them for giving her a miserable life. It was only when she went to Hogwarts that she had actually started living and felt like she had a purpose in life. It was no thanks to them. None whatsoever.

"Your mother and father are called Seline and Andre. We were also told that you have a brother, well, a twin actually. His name is Blaise", Jane replied.
'Blaise? Blaise? Where have i heard that name before? Wait! No. It can't be!'.
"Wait, what are there last names? Well, my last name too I suppose. That is strange. I can't imagine having a different last name".
Colin chuckled a little a that statment and looked up at Hermione through his dark chocolate eyes.
"Well if you think that's strange, think how strange it will be when you have a new name all together. Your name was changed to Hermione for your own protection. Your actual name is Sofia. Sofia Narcissa Zabini".

She couldn't breathe. She was a Zabini. She was part of the rich and powerful Zabini family. They had not supported Voldemort in the war but they hadn't supported Harry or the order either. Blaise was her twin! That was going take some getting used to. 'Wait! my middle name is NARCISSA! No way! I know the Zabinis and Malfoys must be friendly, Blaise and Draco Malfoy are best friends! But would my parents really name me after Narcissa Malfoy?!'. No matter how much it sickened her to be associated with the Malfoys, she knew deep down that was probably the reason for her middle name.

Just then an grand black eagle owl flew through the open bedroom window. Hermione, reached over and took the letter from the owl, noticing the Zabini family crest on the back, and opened the envelope with shaking hands. After a couple of minutes reading and re-reading the letter she looked up to Colin and Jane.
"My family are coming", Hermion said, "In an hour".


Chapter 2: Chapter Two: The Zabinis
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Thank you so much for reading the beginning of my story and for the reviews too! It really means a lot to me. I hope I have done this chapter justice all though I'm not too sure so reviews of any kind are welcome :) I hope you enjoy, Molly x

Hermione waited in her room, fiddling with the hem of her purple capped sleeve dress. She wasn't very comfortable in the garment due to it being, well, a dress, but she had had no other choice as it one of very few items of clothing that actually fit her now due to her change in appearance. Thankfully the dress now reached her knees whereas it had once rested on her mid thigh. Paired with a thin black waist-belt, tights and ballet pumps she looked very nice yet respectable which is the exact image she had wanted for when she met her new family. She knew the Zabinis were well off though and nothing she wore would be up to their high standards but she hoped that they would appreciate the effort all the same. They were due to arrive any minute and although she knew it was rude not to greet your guests when they arrived, Hermione didn't think she could stomach the awkward moment which would surely ensue once the Zabinis made their entrance. The thought of their first encounter may have made her nauseous but she couldn't help but wonder what her parents looked like. Did she look like her mother or her father? Who did she inherit the sparkling blue eyes from? And her ash white skin? She knew she looked like Blaise. After finding out he was her twin and gazing at herself for another fifteen minutes in the mirror it was startlingly ovbious they were twins. The had the same black hair, the same pale complexion and the same dazzling eyes. The only differences were that he was rather tall whereas she was rather petite and his nose was a little more pointed than her small button nose. The call of her name then interrupted these thoughts and Hermione knew that the Zabinis must have arrived.

"Hermione! It is rude to keep your guests waiting, come along", Jane called again from the bottom of the stairs.

Slowly and cautiously, she made her way out of her room and down the steps. She was nervous. More nervous than she had ever been in her life, and she had fought Death Eaters! However, curiosity urged her to continue forward and towards the Zabini family. A sharp intake of breath, a gasp and an 'Oh my merlin' were what greeted Hermione's ears when she entered her spacious living room. Taking her gaze from the floor, her eyes rested on 3 people. On the right, a tall man with large shoulders and dark ebony hair stood with his arm wrapped lovingly around a petite woman. He almost looked italian with his dark hair and high cheekbones but his skin was slightly lighter than one would expect. His green eyes sparkled as a thin coating of tears covered his irises. Hermione could see that many of her facial features and her hair came from the man who was undoubtedly her Father but her porcelain skin, bright blue eyes and height must definitely come from her Mother. This thought was confirmed as her eyes glided over to her. She was small, yet a good 2 inches taller than Hermione, with smooth chocolate locks and the same beautiful eyes and button nose that graced her pretty porcelain face. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she gazed longingly at her lost daughter. Her plush pink lips parted as a sound slipped out.


Hermione looked away at this. Uncomfortable with being addressed different from the way she had all of her life. She may not have liked her upbringing but she had been brought up being called Hermione and she couldn't fathom being called anything else. This was the name her friends called her. This was the name the people she loved called her. Actually, it was the name the whole wizarding world called her as it had been splashed across the Daily Prophet along with Ron and Harry's ever since the war ended. No. She would not respond to Sofia. She did not know Sofia and until she did she would not accept the name.

"Erm, i - it's, er, Hermione actually", she mumbled.

This seemed to sober the Zabinis up a little as they quickly cleared the saddened looks from their faces in an attempt to appear accepting of Hermione's decision.

"Of course... Hermione", the gruff but polite voice of Andre Zabini spoke. "It truly is wonderful too see you. We've been waiting for this day for 18 years. You could not possibly understand how thankful we are of you for allowing us into your home. Now, you must have questions or some things I am sure you would like to say to us and please do not fear, just speak from your heart".

"Maybe we should all sit down first. There is no use in us standing around now is there. I have laid some tea and biscuits on the table if you would like to indulge", Jane interrupted whilst leading the group to the couches and small coffee table.

The Zabinis took up the three seater sofa while Jane and Collin sat on the two seater and Hermione on the arm chair. After tea had been served all eyes turned to Hermione expectantly. She had so many thing she wanted to say, so many questions to ask but for the life of her she could not get them out of her mouth. She couldn't even make a sound. For the first time Hermione Granger, smartest witch of her generation, was stumped. It was then that she felt a concerned gaze on her and she turned towards its source. To say she was shocked was an understatement as she saw none other than Blaise peer at her. Anxiousness and pleading evident in the eyes that were identical to her own. All Hermione could do was grimace and turn away from him. After all, this boy had been part of the daily ridicule she had had to endure at Hogwarts by the Slytherins. He may not have said anything directly to her but he had been there when his fellow idiots did. He may not have come up with the scathing remarks that lead to her endless tears at night but he had laughed when the other Slytherins had and that she would not forgive. Everyone seemed to notice Hermione's display of dislike towards her twin and confusion donned their faces.

"Hermione, do you know Blaise?", came the voice of Andre Zabini.

At this Hermione turned back to Blaise, disbelief evident on her face.

"Seriously? How many Hermione's do you know?".

"Granger?!" Blaise exclaimed.

"Wait, you're Hermione Granger?". This was the first thing her Mother had said to her since she had arrived.

Hermione looked to her and nodded.

"But, everything you have done. Everything you have been through...", Seline whispered.

Looking at the three Zabinis all Hermione could see was grief and guilt. She had thought this might happen. She had guessed that they would feel like this, especially her parents. Harry, Ron and her's 'adventure' during the war had been repeated many times in the Daily Prophet and so they knew the heart ache, the pain and the loss she had suffered. They knew of the fight that the three teenagers had taken on and what it took from them. They knew how together they had rid the wizarding world of the cruelest evil their ever was.

"I don't want you to feel guilty", Hermione started, "You weren't to know and I'm sure if you did you would have helped or been there. What Harry, Ron and I did, what we went through, was a decision we made together and whether you were in my life or not I still would have done it and I would do it again in a heart beat. Ron and I would never leave Harry when he needed us and it was evident from the age of 11 that it would come to what happened. So, don't feel bad. You couldn't have done nothing to stop it". She looked specifically at her parents when she said this, hoping to convey the honesty she was feeling when she said these words.

"That means a lot, it really does. But I can't help the guilt at knowing how my baby, how my little girl, suffered so much and I could not do anything about it. Anything at all", Seline said. "However, I am also very proud. Proud of what you have achieved. Proud of what an amazing young woman you are and proud of how very talented a witch you are. I am proud of how extremely loving and strong you are as to do that for your friend takes great courage and strength and a vast amount of love and compassion. Most importantly I am proud that you, Hermione, are my daughter. I just hope that you will let me be your Mum".

The words were so raw and so emotional that they touched Hermione's heart in a way words never had. She was so touched that she could not help but to run into her Mother's arms and be enveloped into a bone crushing hug. A hug that spoke volumes. A hug that showed them that all was forgiven. A hug that showed them that they all had a future together. Together as a family. As they pulled apart, tears glistened on their cheeks. Both Mother and Daughter knew that they had just bonded in a way that was so real and so beautiful, even if it was due to Hermione's pain and triumphs in the war. The pair jumped apart as they heard the clearing of a voice.

"Sof- Hermione. I just want you to know that I'm sorry. So very sorry. I know that what my friends said and did hurt you and whilst I didn't say any of it I know that me being there and just going along with what they said was just as bad. I'm really not into any of the pureblood mania or anything like that. I never ever cared what blood anyone was but I was instructed to stay neutral during the war and before. Therefore, that meant blending with my environment and that is what I did. I didn't mean to cause anyone any pain, especially you, my sister. My twin. Please, please forgive me?"

Hermione turned to look at Blaise. She already had a cutting remark ready to launch at him about his obvious pig headedness at the fact that he thought she would just forgive him like that but the sight she was met with stopped her from voicing it out loud. His eyes were filled with so much emotion; regret, helplessness, love, sadness and anticipation. It astounded her how much feeling he could convey through them. She had forgiven him just by looking into them and seeing the real Blaise. Her twin, Blaise. So she smiled at him. Hoping that this gesture showed him that she had forgiven and forgot. The gesture was clearly enough as he strode over to Hermione in a second, engulfing her into his arms. It was strange at first, but she had to admit that after a while she felt safe with Blaise. Safe and loved.

"Well, now that is settled, I guess it's time we start to talk about Hermione's living arrangement and plan the big move", said Collin, rubbing his hands together as if to signal that they were ready to get through some business. It was disgusting really. That along with with smile on his and Jane's face made it seem as if they were excited to finally be free of Hermione.

"Wait, are you saying that you do not wish for Hermione to stay with you? Surely, you want to be part of her life still?", questioned Seline.

"We were under the impression that you would want her back once she turned 18, actually. Don't you think we have done enough letting her stay with us for the last 18 years. I would expect you both to be slightly more greatful of me and my wife for giving her a home?".

Hermione could see Andre Zabini connecting the dots on how Hermione had been raised from what Collin had just said and the fury that was crawling on to his face could have put Voldemort to shame.

"Do you mean to say that you have treated our Sofia, our little girl, as if she has just been a tennant for the last 18 years? That you have shown no love or affection for her? That she has been brought up questioning why her parents do not love her like they're supposed to?! I will always be greatful to you both for keeping her safe but you were asked to RAISE HER LIKE YOU OWN! TO SHOW HER LOVE AND RESPECT! TO GIVE HER THE LIFE THAT WE COULDN'T BECAUSE OF THE DARK TIMES OUR WORLD WAS IN!", Andre thundered.

"It's ok", Hermione began. "I can sort something out for where to go. I half expected this if I'm honest. Collin and Jane -".


Collin and Jane paled significantly at Andre's outburst. Hermione would have laughed if she had not been slightly scared herself. She was even more scared when he turned to her with fury still in his eyes.

"Sofia, go upstairs and pack your things. You are coming home".

Despite being ordered around and the slip of name, Hermione immediately went upstairs. She clearly got her temper from her Father and now knew what her friends were talking about when they said it was scary. At her surprise, she also began to pack. She had never felt like she belonged in this house so when Andre had said she was coming 'home', she couldn't deny the longing to go. She had never had a proper home and so she was excited to finally have one and most importantly, excited to have a home with a family that had quite obviously missed her and that loved her unconditionally. It only took her ten miutes to pack what she wanted. Her clothes didn't fit so there was no point in taking them. All she had was her toiletries, her photos and of course, her beloved books. All of which were packed into the small beaded bag which had been her constant companion on the horcrux hunt. She walked back downstairs into the silent, tension filled room.

"Well, we shall be taking our leave. Goodbye, Mr and Mrs Granger", spoke Seline Zabini. "Andre, Blaise, Sofia. Come.".

Hermione went to stand beside her new family, holding onto her Father's arm ready to apparate. She took one last look at Collin and Jane. She didn't have any words for them so she just nodded. After a moment they nodded back. Whilst hers was a thank you for taking her in, she took theirs to be an apology of what they didn't and couldn't give her. With a loud crack the Zabinis disappeared from sight and it was from this moment that Hermione knew her life had changed forever. Whether it was for the better or worse she did not know.


Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Belonging
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The sensation of being stretched and squoze through a bendy straw or tight tube will never be pleasant or natural. However, landing at the front gate of Zabini Manor felt more unpleasant and even more unnatural. The word huge just didn't quite cover it. It was humongous! The grand estate was set on a vast amount of green land which appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. The iron wrought double gates signaled the end of the stone drive way that went as far back as Hermione could see. However, she did wonder why they had a drive way considering they proabaly didn't know what a car even was. The manor itself was beautiful. The cream stone walls and black roofing gave the manor a cultural feel but the vastness of the three storey building, the architecture of the historical windows and the magnificent fountain at the front made it seem like it was fit for royalty. Through the cherry wood double doors and inside was the foyer. As expected it was huge. What Hermione didn't expect was for it to be circular. Two sets of staircases curved around the edge of half of the room, meeting at the top in front of a set of double doors. A diamond chandelier, in the centre of the ceiling, reflected multicoloured beams of light on to the bright white walls. Many doors led to some unknown depth of the manor from the foyer and Hermione couldn't wait to explore them.


"You've had a very stressfull day, darling. We'll show you to room so you can settle in and relax", said Seline while giving her daughter a warm smile. Hermione smiled back as Andre lead the way and everyone ese followed. "You're room is in the West Wing of the manor as is Blaise's. Your Father and I have the North Wing and the East Wing is where the guest rooms are. The elves live in the South Wing".


"You have house elves here?" Hermione asked, appalled by the fact that they might expect her to treat them like the other purebloods.


"Yes we do, they are very helpful to have, especially when we have a party or gala, and they are simply splendid cooks. Most are even good company for me during the day. When Blaise is in school and Andre is working, I often find myself in need of a friend and the elves are actually quite entertaining. Tiffany is my personal elf and Caggie will be yours", her mother responded.


"I don't want an elf. I'm very against the use of them actually. They're living creatures just like us and they should be free to choose what they want to do in life rather than live in servitude and obey orders everyday", Hermione stated, her disgust at how elves are treated quite apparent.


"I can assure you dear that none of our elves are mistreated if that is what you are concerned about. They are treated just like what human helpers would be if we were to have them. I think you will find that they actually enjoy living here".


At this Hermione didn't have much to say but Seline couldn't stop a giggle at hearing her daughter mutter something about 'not even paid wages for slave work' under her breath.


"Well hear we are. This is your room", Andre announced turning to look at Hermione. "I do hope you like it. We spent the last few weeks decorating it in the hope that we would be able to find you when you turned 18. If you don't we won't be offended, it can easily be changed".


Hermione turned to the double white doors. In glittering silver letters was the name Sofia which was surrounded by moving stars that flew around the letters like shooting stars and fire works. She turned one of the crystal door knobs and entered. At seeing her bedroom her breath was caught in her throat. Across the floor was a plush rich purple carpet that was unbelievably soft on her feet. The walls were white and thick purple drapes hung over three large windows that were spaced apart on the large wall in front of her. Although, the wall which was behind her white kingsize four poster bed was covered elegantly with purple sparkling flowers in which the stems curled and intertwined with one another artistically. The large bed had sheer purple hangings around the edge which were gathered to side with silver tie backs. On top of her silky purple bedding were white and silver decorative cushions. At the other end of the room was a magnificent white marble fire place with a large mirror above it that had her name in diamonds along the bottom. A purple sofa and two arm chairs surrounded it and a fluffy white rug lay on the floor in front. On the same wall but on either side of the fire place were two doors. Opening the one closest Hermione found an en suite bathroom which was decorated as the same theme as her bedroom and had a sink, toilet, large jacuzzi bath and a shower. She was amazed by everything she saw. It was all so grand but tasteful and girly but not overly so, just how she liked it. The biggest shock however, was through the second white door on the other side of the fire place. It was a walk in wardrobe complete with racks and racks of clothes, shelves upon shelves of shoes and a dressing table with a chair and mirror.


Hermione turned to her Mother stunned.


"But how? You didn't know my size or anything.".


"They're from a witch shop darling, they will change to fit when you put them on", her Mother smiled knowingly.


Hermione blushed a little for not realising this herself but she still couldn't shake off the amazement that she held for the room. Her room. "Holy Merlin! This is my room! I can't believe it", she thought. Looking up to her parents, she thanked them for a truly beautiful room. At this they smiled, proud of the fact that they had got it so completely right, and all three Zabini's left her to settle in.


Upon being left alone Hermione thought about how much her best girl friend Ginny would love this. However, thinking about this only caused her to panic. "She doesn't know, none of them do. Not Harry, Ron or any of the Weasleys. Will they accept me now I'm a Zabini? Will they know that I'm still the same inside? Or will they all just hate me?". The anxiety this caused her made her want to lie down so she climbed onto her bed and rested her tired eyes. It really was comfortable. "Hmm, I could get used to living in luxury", she thought, "Although I'd never become a spoilt pompous brat like Draco Malfoy who walked around with a royal stick up his conceited ass. I wonder what he would say now if he could see me. Living in this manor. Daughter of Seline and Andre Zabini. His best friends twin sister! Ha!". She actually giggled at that. Blaise telling Malfoy that 'mudblood' Granger, as Malfoy liked to call her, is his twin will be hilarious. It was with these thoughts that Hermione drifted off into sleep.




A light knock at the bedroom door awoke Hermione from her slumber. Opening her eyes, she saw her Father peer around the edge of the door.


"May I come in?", he asked.


"Yes of course", Hermione replied.


"Dinner is to be served soon but if you do not wish to dine with us I can arrange for your meal to be brought upstairs. I know it may be a little uncomfortable for you", Andre said as he stepped over to Hermione, who was sitting up on her bed.


"Erm, I think I will come down if that is alright? We may as well dive in head first".


Her Father chuckled at this, amazed at how so alike his daughter was to him.


"Yes we may as well. So, I take it you like your room then?".


"Yes, I love it", Hermione gushed whilst looking at her surroundings in awe. Immediately her eyes fell on the large diamond letters below her mirror that spelt out the name Sofia. Her name. Her Father soon noticed this and turned to Hermione with concern on his face.


"It was my Grandmother's name. Sofia. I loved her very much. She often looked after me as a child and she showed me the world as it truly is, with all of its love and kindness. My parents were often away, adding to the Zabini fortune, but I didn't mind as I got to spend more time with her. She was funny, caring and oh so loving. When she passed away I was devastated but I knew that I wanted to pass on the endearing qualities she bestowed upon me onto my own children. So, when you were born it felt only natural to name you after her. So that is how you, my angel, became my Sofia. My sweet sweet Sofia", her Father said.


Hermione noticed the love and sadness swirling together in his eyes. Now she knew where her name came from, it didn't feel as foreign to her. Now she knew why she was called Sofia, it didn't appear to be so daunting to be addressed as such. However, something stopped her from accepting the name and she knew exactly what that was.


"When Collin and Jane told me who I really was, after I changed, Collin said that my middle name is Narcissa. May I ask how that came about?".


"That is a name that your Mother chose. I am sure she would like the pleasure of telling you why she chose that name. So I will not take it from her. Please, feel free to ask her yourself though, I am sure she would love to tell you".


Hermione had the feeling that her Father was jus avoiding having to tell her himself but she did not press the matter further as Andre soon interrupted her thoughts.


"If you don't mind me asking, why is it that you do not wish to take your real name? I am not angry, a little saddened yes, but more curious to know your reasons why".


Hermione thought about it for a while before deciding to reply honestly.


"Because I don't really know that person. I am and always have been Hermione Granger, not Sofia Zabini. My friends don't know that person. Not Harry or Ron or Ginny. Not the Weasleys, not my professors, not anyone. Whilst it would be nice to change in order to hide from the media, I do not want to lose my friends over this. I have already lost so much already".


"But you have always been Sofia Zabini. Ever since birth", Andre countered. "You may not know everything you wish to right now but it is nothing that your Mother, Blaise and I cannot help you with. It sounds to me that you are not taking the name because you are worried how your friends will react. I know how important they are to you but this is your name and your decision. If your friends love you as much we all know they do, they will accept whatever you choose. Even if they do find it strange, there is nothing to stop you letting them call you what they feel comfortable with. Your name is something I have always been very proud of. When I announced you and Blaise to the world, it filled me with such honour and pride, I finally had my little Sofia. I will not push you or force you to take it but I wish for you to think about it. It would mean a lot to me if you took your rightful name, Sofia Narcissa Zabini".


Hermione thought about it. She wanted to fill her Father's eyes with pride once again but something inside her wouldn't allow her to take the name. Deep down she knew that she wanted to. She wanted to be a proper part of ths family and that meant taking her rightful name. Despite what she said, she felt like Hermione Granger was non-existent but she had clung to it as it was part of her comfort zone. The reaction of her friends if she told them she was a Zabini frightened her too. However, her Father was right, it would show how much she truly meant to them. It was the thought of Ron leaving her that scared her the most. He hated families like this; Slytherin families. But surely if he loved her like she loved him he would accept it. It was a part of her. It was who she really was. He would accept this, he loved her. She knew she would take the name, but there was just one thing that she had to know first.


"Why did you do it? I know the letter Collin gave me said I was in danger but what was it? What was it that made you both give me away? And why only me, why not Blaise?", Hermione questioned her Father, her eyes burning into his.


"It was very dark times. It was the first reign of He Who Must Not Be Named. We had heard through some contacts that You Know Who was looking for a child. A child who was clearly destined to be powerful and talented. Not just any child but a girl. A girl with a strong gene pool that would undoubtedly make them clever and strong. He had no use of boys as he believed he was the ultimate male wizard so any of their powers could not match or improve his own. However, he thought that the power of a girl may be something different. He wanted to drain the child of their powers and store them into himself before he went to kill Harry Potter. He believed it would make him more powerful. We were told by reliabe sources that You Know Who had a target. A young girl with a family he believed to be exceptional. He had targeted you. He wanted to take your powers which would kill you in the process. Your Mother and I were mortified. We couldn't let that happen to you so we came up with a plan. We told the world that you were dead. That you had died of pneumonia. That way it would indicate we didn't know anything of You Know Who's plans and keep you safe. We knew He would check though so we sent you away. We told the Minister of Magic our situation and he arranged for you to go and live with two muggles. We were not allowed to know where you were or who you were. We were only told that we would be notified when the glamour charm broke, which we were, by the arrival of an owl with an explanation and your address. The day we gave you way was the worst day of my life. Your Mother and I were so depressed but we had to take care of Blaise still and so life went on. We thought of you all day every day and we have waited 18 years to bring you home".


Hermione was in shock. Voldemort had targeted her. She had missed out on her family because of him just like so many others. At least she had got hers back though. The information her Father had just given her told her spoke volumes. They had not given her up because they didn't love her, but because they did. They had given away their only daughter so she could survive. If that wasn't love she didn't know what was. With that in mind she looked to her Father defiantly.


"That must have taken a lot of bravery and love. To give your child away like that. To give me away like that. I now know how important I am to you and to this family. I wish to take the name that you blessed me with 18 years ago. I wish to be Sofia Narcissa Zabini. I hope I make you proud, Father".


Her Father stared in shock. He hadn't expected her to take it. Not yet at least anyway. He definitely hadn't expected her to call him Father. It made his heart burst with joy at hearing her say that one word. He couldn't help the tear that ran down his cheek as he looked at his daughter. He took the remaining steps towards her and held her like his life depended on it. She was here. Here in his arms after all this time. His angel. His little girl. His baby. His Sofia.


After a few minutes they broke apart.


"Come now", her Father said, "Your Mother will have our heads if we are late for dinner".


With that, Father and daughter headed off to the dining room to enjoy their first family meal.




Dinner had passed by in a haze of happiness and laughter. After her Father had introduced her as Sofia and Seline had heard her address her as Mother, smiles could not be taken off the 4 faces of the Zabinis. It was after dinner that Blaise had asked her if he could show her something. She of course obliged and off they went through the many corridors of Zabini Manor.


"I think you will really like this", Blaise said as they turned down another hallway, "I'm sure it will make you feel even more at home".


With that, the twins reached the end of the corridor and Blaise pulled back two curtains that hung over part of the wall. Sofia gasped as she saw what was underneath. A huge painted portrait hung there of all of the Zabini family. Sitting at the right was her Mother. Her chocolate hair was piled onto her head and her silver robes stood out on the pal blue background. In her arms lay a small baby with bright eyes the same as her own. This baby, however, was a boy. Blaise. Standing next to them was her father. The pride he was feeling was so evident on his face as he glowed in his midnight blue robes. Cradled in his arms was another baby with dark hair and blue eyes, although a silver bow was visible in her hair. She couldn't believe it. This was her. Her as a baby with her family before they were forced to give her away.


"This is amazing", she gasped.


"I thought you would like it. I'm told it used to hang in the main foyer but Mother moved it after you were gone. Apparently it caused her too much pain. I have often caught Father down here though. Staring at you for hours. Talking as if you could hear him. It might sound like he is crazy but he isn't. I think it helped him to bare the burden to be honest and I think it made him feel like you were still a part of our lives even if we didn't know where you were", Blaise said.


Sofia couldn't take her eyes off the portrait. It truly was beautiful and most importantly it showed her that she really was part of this family. That she belonged here and nowhere else.


"I'm glad you like it. I thought it would be a good welcome home present and a birthday present", he smiled at her.


Sofia had completely forgotten that it was her birthday. Hell! It wasn't just her birthday anymore, it was Blaise's too! "Now that is weird!", she thought.


"I feel bad, I didn't even realise it was your birthday too".


"That's alright, you can get me an amazing present to give me at our party. Mum will no doubt be planning it as we speak so be prepared. It will be even bigger this year now that you're home", Blaise laughed.


"Oh fantastic! I just can't wait to be shown off like a prize pig to everyone".


Blaise smirked at his sister's sarcasm which only caused her to become annoyed.


"What are you smirking at? It isn't funny, I despise being the centre of attention".


"It's alright, sis, my good looks will definitely steal the lime light from you", Blaise winked.


Sofia laughed at this.


"We're identical twins you great buffoon! And I would definitely say that your huge nose makes me the more attractive one".


Blaise was dumbfounded by this which caused Sofia to burst with even more laughter.


"Yeah well at least I'm not the average height of a 4 year old, short arse", Blaise retaliated.


He was in fits of laughter at seeing his sisters red face and clenched fists. He was soon scarpering down the corridor after she lunged at him in order to get her revenge. Her reaction was her weakness though, now he knew the one thing he had over her. His height. "Ah, my sister clearly hates the fact that she is a midget. This will be fun", he thought.


"I don't think your short little legs will carry you fast enough to catch me you know", Blaise shouted over his shoulder.


"Well, I don't think your huge ego will allow you to get through that door anyway, you big headed ass!", Sofia shouted back.


"Now, now sis, I know you're the right height but there is no need to be infantile", Blaise smirked.




Downstairs, the two parents were sat in the lounge listening to everything. Looking at each other they shared a smile. Their family was once again complete and family life was just begining. Just how they liked it.


Chapter 4: Chapter Four: The Worst Kind Of Pain
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She had been at Zabini Manor for a week. A week was all it had taken for Hermione to accept her new life, her new family and her new name; Sofia. Life as Sofia was everything she had wanted and more. She had bonded with her parents exceptionally well but it was her relationship with Blaise that had taken everyone by surprise. They were inseparable and they got on like a house on fire. They argued and bickered just like any other brother and sister but the phennomenal connection they shared could only be present in the relationship of twins. It was so special and any one could see that they loved each other with every fibre of their being and would protect one another with their lives. It was whilst they were squabbling over a game of exploding snap that they were called to the tea room by their Mother.


"Now children, I want you both to be dressed and ready by 6 o'clock this evening. We have been invited to dinner by some very close friends of ours so I expect you to look nice and be on your best behaviour", Seline said. "Caggie will help you to get ready Sofia, she is waiting in your room".


Both children took that as an invitation to leave and headed off to their rooms to get ready. True to her word, Caggie was ready and waiting in Sofia's room when she entered.


"Hello, Miss Sofia. Caggie is here to help you get ready for the dinner tonight. Mistress Seline has asked me to lay out some outfits which you are to choose from", the small house elf sqeaked.


Sofia looked at the outfits with distaste; they were all dresses. Very lovely and no doubt expensive dresses but dresses none the less. Upon seeing Sofia's expression, Caggie let out a small chuckle.


"Mistress Seline said that you would not be overly fond of the outfits she picked but I am to tell you that Mistress has instructed Caggie to 'squash you into the blasted dress' if you do not cooperate". The elf's cheeks had gone slightly red at this but Sofia just laughed. Trust her Mother to use such creative means in order for her to wear a dress.


"Alright then,what have we got?", Sofia asked, smiling down at Caggie. She had accepted that the use of house elves in this house was not going to change and after seeing them treated kindly she did not object.


Caggie pointed to the 3 dresses laid out on Sofia's bed. The first one she saw was a definite no. She may be in Gryffindor but the red was just too bright, it actually hurt her eyes. The next one was far too girly for Sofia. It was shiny and pink, puffing out far too much at her waist and landing at her knees. The final dress, however, was so much to Sofia's liking that she quickly grabbed it and went to change in her walk in wardrobe. Upon her return Caggie gushed.


"Miss Sofia, you look so beautiful".


Sofia blushed at this and walked over to the full length mirror at the back of her dressing room. The dress really was beautiful. It was purple chiffon that reached her knees and had three quarter sleeves that had a row of diamonds around the edge at the end. The dress elegantly crossed over her chest and went in at her waist where a thin diamond belt was placed to emphasise her figure. The rest of the dress flowed gracefully to her knees. Paired with the thin diamond headband and strappy silver heels Caggie had given her, Sofia looked beautiful and elegant. Sofia was slightly worried though, she was sure everything she was wearing was worth more than her whole wardrobe that was hanging at the Granger's. A knock at the door soon took her out of her reverie and her Mother soon entered.


"Oh my darling, you look truly divine", Seline gasped with a tear in her eye for her beautiful daughter. "Now, I have something else that will finish the outfit perfectly. Well two things actually".


Seline pulled out a wide black box which held a silver tear drop diamond necklace and a diamond bracelet.


"My Mother gave me these when I turned 18. I know your birthday was last week and the party isn't for another few days but I couldn't resist. I knew you would choose this dress and these will finish the look off perfectly", her Mother explained.


"Wow. They truly are beautiful", Sofia responded, not taking her eyes of the exquisite pieces of jewellery.


Her Mother smiled at this and moved behind her to place the necklace around her neck and then the bracelet on her wrist.


"They are even more beautiful now they are on you", she smiled. "Now come, your Father and Blaise are waiting in the foyer. We are to apparate to the dinner so we better hurry or we shall be late". With that, they left Sofia's room and headed to the foyer.


"Oh my Sofia, you look wonderful", her Father complimented. "Now take my arm, you will have to side along apparate with me".


Sofia took the offered arm and soon experienced the squeezing sensation that she hated so much. Floo travel was so much better.


After a few seconds they arrived at the black front door of a very large manor. Sofia couldn't shake the feeling that she had been here before but for the life of her she could not remember when. A house elf soon opened the door and took the guests into the grand foyer. It was just as grand as hers at home although the walls were cream, the chandelier gold and the room reactangular.


"Pippin has been told to escort the guests to the parlor closest to the dining room so if you could follow me please", the elf said politely, bowing to the ground.


During the walk to the parlor, Sofia still couldn't understand why she felt like she had been here before but put it down to a sense of deja vu. Maybe she had dreamed of a place like this.


"Presenting Master Andre Zabini and Mistress Seline Zabini and their two children, young Master Blaise Zabini and Miss Sofia Zabini", the elf announced opening the double doors to the parlor.


When the Zabinis entered Sofia froze. The faces of three people looked at her smiling while walking over to greet her Mother and Father. They were faces that Sofia had wished she would never see again. Faces that were part of the terror that plagued her mind in her sleep. Faces that she detested. They were the faces of the Malfoys.


"Now, you must be Sofia. I cannot tell you how long we have waited for this day, the day that we could finally see our beautiful goddaughter again", Lucius Malfoy said, smiling at her with such love and happiness.


"Love and happiness! Lucius Malfoy does not know what love and happiness are! How dare he look at me like tha-! Wait! Did he just say goddaughter! Holy shit, the Malfoys are my godparents!". At this Sofia felt sick. These evil vile people were her godparents. They were the epitome of evil second to Voldemort and she hated them. All of them. Her disgust was more than apparent to everyone else as they all looked at her confused. All except Blaise. He knew she would react like this. He had tried to warn his parents but they would hear none of it.


"Sofia?", came the voice of Narcissa Malfoy, "Are you alright, dear?".


This only made Sofia snap.


"Alright? ALRIGHT?! I am in the same bloody house as the most vile people to ever walk this planet! DO YOU THINK I AM ALRIGHT! You people made my life hell! Especially YOU!", she screamed, pointing a shaking finger at none other than Draco Malfoy. "You made my life at Hogwarts a living nightmare and you stand there smiling thinking we are going to be friends! YOU'RE ALL BLOODY DELUDED! I detest everything this family represents! I detest every single one of you! I fought against your discrimination and idiotic beliefs since I was 11 and it was people like you that took away my friends and my family! I HATE YOU!".


Her normally white skin was red after her outburst. Red with anger and rage but everyone else only looked shocked. After a moment of silence Lucius Malfoy finally spoke up.


"Sofia, I do not know what makes you feel these things towards me and family but please believe me-".


"Well I'll enlighten you all then shall I! Two of you are Death Eaters which is worse than SCUM! None of you seem to have anything to say now but before you all had plenty! About the stench of my dirty blood sickening you! How I should BOW DOWN to you all because you were all so superior! Oh, and then there's few times you actually tried to kill me and my friends! Does the Department of Mysteries ring any bells Lucius?!".


Lucius paled significantly at this. He had indeed fought against this girl but he was still yet none the wiser of her identity before she had returned. Sofia caught on to his confusion and scoffed.


"I'll give you another clue then shall I? How about this. I WAS TORTURED, ALMOST TO DEATH, BY YOUR GOD DAMN DERRANGED RELATIVE IN YOUR BLOODY DRAWING ROOM! SEE THIS AND THIS!", she exclaimed pointing at the scars on her arm and neck. "THIS IS A REMINDER OF THE PAIN THAT I HAD TO ENDURE IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN BUILDING! A REMINDER OF THE TORTURE THAT YOU ALL WITNESSED AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT! You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You're nothing but cowards and scum".


Everyone in the room had gone a ghostly white as realisation and horror crept into their features.


"Granger..", came the whisper of Draco Malfoy.


Sofia couldn't say anything. She was out of words. She didn't want to be in this room any longer and so she ran out of the door away from the monsters that had caused her so much pain. It was only when she was half way down a different corridor that she realised she had no idea where she was or how to get back. Back in the parlor, the tension was still thick.


"What have we done", Lucious Malfoy said, shame eveident in his voice. "She hates us. And she has every right to".


"We can't give up", whispered Narcissa. "She's our goddaughter. We have to show her that we have changed. We have to show her how much we love her and how much we have missed her".


"Where did she go?", asked Draco.


"She went right, towards the east wing I think", was Blaise's reply.


"No", Draco said with fear in his grey eyes. "No, no, NO!".


"What's wro-", but Andre Zabini was cut off mid sentence as a piercing scream filled the air and Draco ran out of the room. Lucius and Narcissa soon caught on and followed their son. The sight they were met with would never leave their minds. Sofia was knelt on the floor, crying and screaming, running her fingers along the dents in the stone floor. The dents Sofia herself had created with her fingernails the last time she had been in this very room, as Hermione Granger, when she was tortured by Bellatrix.


Blaise quickly ran over to his twin but he could not stop the screams that came from her mouth. Images of the night she had been here last were flashing through her mind. The pain she had felt then was reliving in her very bones and she could do nothing to escape it once again.


"STOP PLEASE! I HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING! HARRY! RON! HELP ME!", she screamed over and over. Nothing could get her out of the trance like state she was in. A few minutes later she felt two sets of hands on her arms and she screamed even more untill she finally passed out.




She awoke to the startling blue eyes of her brother that were laced with concern and guilt. Remembering the ordeal of last night she quickly sat up and took in her surroundings. What she saw shocked her. Her parents were stood close to her and around the room were Mr and Mrs Weasley, George, Ginny, Ron and Harry. She was at the Burrow. "How on earth did I get here?".


Blaise swiftly picked up on her confusion and answered her questioning gaze.


"We couldn't seem to get you out of it last night and you just kept screaming for Harry and Ron, so I flooed here to get them. After you passed out, we brung you here".


She turned and looked at the two people she loved the most in the world. However, the expression on their faces were not ones that she wished to see. Harry was hard faced and his mouth was in a grim firm line. Ron just looked at her in disgust and it broke her heart. Her boyfriend, her first true love was looking at her like she was filth. Her family had clearly informed them of what had happened and their reactions were the ones that she had feared the most.


"Please", she said quietly with tears in her eyes. "It's still me, I'm still the same".


Harry looked at the floor away from her unsure of what to do and in disbelief that what the Zabinis had told him was clearly true. Ron's reaction said it all though. He scoffed at her words, shook his head and stormed out of the room. Harry swiftly followed him and Sofia turned to Ginny.


"Ginny?", she pleaded. But the red head just looked away, apprehension and sadness visible on her freckled face, and went after the two boys.


Sofia dropped her head into her hands, crying softly. Her worst nightmare had come true. Her friends and her boyfriend had all rejected her. They didn't even want to be near her. She was sure she heard the sound of her heart breaking into thousands of pieces. Just when she thought she could not go through anymore pain she felt the worst pain of all. The pain of knowing that the people she loved, with all of her being, hated her.



Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Acceptance
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Here's chapter five, like four it's not very long but this chapter has a crucial part to the story in it. I hope you enjoy, please review :)



The silence was deafening as Sofia stood against the wall of the kitchen in The Burrow. Harry, Ron and Ginny were all sat around the wooden dining table, all boring holes into the walls and cupboards with their eyes. None of them looked at Sofia. None of them could believe that this was their Hermione. None of them wanted to accept it.


"I know this is a shock. Believe me I know", started Sofia. "But I'm still the same on the inside. I'm still the girl you have known since you were 11. I'm still me".


"We know. It's just hard to accept", came Ginny's reply. "It will just take a while to get used to is all". She glanced at Sofia and gave her a soft smile.


"Like hell we will accept it!", Ron shouted indignantly. "You're a ZABINI! SLYTHERIN DIRTBAGS! You are not the person we know and love anymore whether you like it or not! Look at you, you don't even look the same! You look like one of them. It's disgusting!".


Sofia was horrified by this. Her own boyfriend, the person she thought she was going to spend her life with, would not accept her. He despised her. However, it seemed like she wasn't the only one who disagreed with Ron as Ginny stood up and stood at Sofia's side.


"That is completely out of order Ron! Just because her looks have changed doesn't mean her heart has. She loves you and you can't even give her a chance! Well I will! Hermione is our friend. She's been there for you and Harry through thick and thin. You probably wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for her. Yes it will be strange at first but I'll be there for her!". At this she turned to look at her dear friend. "I'll be here. No, I'll be here.. Sofia".


"How can you Ginny! What about our family, our pride? Fraternising with Slytherins will put you to shame, it will put all of us to shame. It's just wrong! She's not even called Hermione anymore! As far as I'm concerned she never even existed, after all she is a Zabini by birth", Ron spat. "I will never have anything to do with her".


"You're the one who is wrong, Ron! So much for your Gryffindor loyalty!", Ginny bellowed back.


"I could never be loyal to someone like her!".


Through all of this Harry had not said a word. It was only when he heard Sofia's soft voice say his name that he looked up. As much as he agreed with what Ginny said about Hermione, he couldn't bring himself to accept her yet. Her face was so much like her brother's that it made him sick.


"I can't do this. Not yet, Hermione. I think you should leave", he stated with a note of finality in his voice.


Sofia's heart ache at these words quickly turned to rage and she rounded on both of the boys.


"You know after everything I have done for you boys I honestly expected a little more support. This is hard for me too! Imagine waking up on your birthday and finding yourself looking completely different with a whole new family who you never even knew! I guess it's just too much to ask for you to be there for me when I need it! And you call yourself friends. Oh and Ronald, good luck finding another girl who will put up with your pig like eating habbits and dense conversation".


With that, she turned around and walked to the door but not before turning back to say her final words.


"And my name is Sofia, not Hermione".




As soon as they had apparated back to Zabini Manor, Sofia ran to her room and dived onto her bed. She couldn't quite believe what had just happened but the reality soon came crashing down on her. She was alone. After everything she and the boys had gone through together, they had thrown her away just like that. She now had no friends, apart from Ginny. "I really should owl her and say thank you. Maybe she would like to come to mine and Blaise's birthday party". This thought still left her hollow and empty though. Harry and Ron wouldn't be there. They would never be there for any of her birthdays now. They would probably stop Ginny from coming too.


A loud pop startled her from her thoughts and she looked around to find Caggie stood close to her bed.


"Caggie is sorry to interrupt Miss Sofia from her thoughts but Master Andre and Mistress Seline would like you to come to the lounge", the house elf said.


Sofia groaned at this and got up to make her way to her parents. Upon entering she saw the solemn looks on their faces and knew that whatever was about to happen would not be good. She took a seat on the sofa across from them and looked at them expectantly.


"Sofia", her Father started, "We would like to talk to you about the Malfoys".


"I think you found all you need to know last night", she responded, her voice hard.


"You're Mother and I were devastated to hear what had happened to you at the hands of Bellatrix LeStrange, and in Lucius and Narcissa's home no less. Had we known, we would never have taken you there and for that we are truly sorry".


Hermione nodded her head at this in acceptance at their apology. After all, none of them were to know.


"However, you should know that the Malfoy's truly did change during the war, even before you were brought to their house. By the time Lucius realised what he was doing to his wife and son he was in too deep. He tried to seek help but no one would believe him. Instead he did all he could to protect Narcissa and Draco from the atrocities of the war. On the battle field at Hogwarts, Lucius did not participate, in fact he tried his best to help the light. It is for these reasons that he was not sent to Azkaban but instead given 3 years of wand probation and a large fine. As for Narcissa and Draco, they were dragged into the dark arts by Lucius before he changed his ways and they could do nothing to escape should they have faced death".


"Just because he decided it was wrong does not change the things that he did before. He tortured people like me, well people like who I believed I was; muggle borns. I don't care if they have supposedly changed. Nothing will ever make me forgive a man like that", Sofia stated. She hated Lucius Malfoy and she was not about to have her opinions of him changed.


"Despite their past, the Malfoys really are genuine and kind people. They were brought up with all of that pureblood tripe so you cannot blame them for their old beliefs", her Mother began. "They have always been very dear friends of ours and have helped us through many difficulties in the past, especially when we had to give you away. They were also devastated when that happened as they are, after all, your godparents. Please give them a chance".


"Look, I can just about stomach Narcissa as if it wasn't for her Harry wouldn't be alive but do not expect me to even give Lucius and Draco Malfoy a chance. I detest them more than anyone else in the world", was Sofia's reply.


"Sweetheart, all we ask is that you try to look at them through our eyes. See the people that we see. If you try but cannot then we will all accept that, no matter how heart breaking it will be for them".


Sofia rolled her eyes at her Mother's words. "The Malfoys heartbroken, I highly doubt that". Seline saw her daughter's reaction though and spoke again.


"Do not roll your eyes like that Sofia. The Malfoys do love you very much and have missed you just as equally. They were extremely fond of you, especially Narcissa. She really is one of my only true friends. She has a very kind heart and would do anything to protect those that she loves. She is quite a laugh as well I might add. All of these are qualities I wished my own daughter to have and that is why I decided to name you after her. That is why your middle name is Narcissa".


So her original thoughts on her name were true. She was named after Narcissa Malfoy. She was not at all surprised but the knowledge that her assumption had been correct made her a little nauseous.


"Look, I will give Narcissa a chance as she proved herself when she saved Harry's life but the other two will never be a part of my life. There is too much history and too much hatred there to forgive and forget".


In response, her parents just nodded with grim looks on their faces.


"Your Hogwarts letters have arrived too", her Mother added.


Taking this as her cue to leave, Sofia headed for the door. On her way she realised that she had no idea where her Mother would have put her letter and so she turned back to ask. Just as she was at the door she stopped as she heard her parents say her name in what was supposed to be a private conversation.


"Sofia will never agree to this, Andre, what are we to do?", Seline said, clearly in a lot of distress.


"We will have to give it time, Seline".


"And after that?! What if she still doesn't want to know? What if she will not accept?".


"She has to", was the solemn reply of Andre, "She has to, or it will all be over".


Sofia's brain buzzed with annoyance. "What on earth were they talking about? What do I have to know and accept? What will be over?". These questions ran through her mind all the way back to her room. Upon her return, she noticed that her Hogwarts letter had been placed on the mantle of her fire place. Due to the dramas of the war, all seventh years were to return to Hogwarts to complete their final year and gain their NEWTS. Thankful for the distraction she proceeded to open the letter.



To Miss Sofia Narcissa Zabini,


I am glad to see that you are returning to Hogwarts in order to finish your education. As usual, term will start on the 1st September and the Hogwarts Express will leave Platform 9 and 3/4 at 11:00 am from Kings Cross Station.


Attached to this letter is a list of books and equipment you will need for your seventh year at Hogwarts. Due to the change in your circumstance it is also essential that you purchase a first year tie to wear on the first day back as you will be resorted at the start of term feast.


Hoping you are well,
Professor M.Mcgonagall
Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


P.S: I figured that you would not like the position of head girl as you may have enough on your plate and would like a chance of a stress free year at Hogwarts for once. However, if you would like the position do not hesitate to send me an owl.


Sofia didn't care about not getting head girl. Her headmistress was right, she did have enough to deal with, but she could not get 4 specific words out of her head; "you will be resorted". The thought sickened her. She did not want to move house and into another one. The thought of being in Slytherin shook her to the core. "No that cannot happen. I'm still the same so I will be in the same house. I'm a Gryffindor, nothing can change that". However, she could not shake the uneasy feeling that had made itself at home in her gut.


This feeling was only made worse when she remembered the conversation between her parents that she had overheard just ten minutes before. Although she felt at home with her family, she could not help but wonder what her Mother and Father were hiding from her and why.


Blaise soon interrupted her thoughts as he barged into her room and made himself comfortable on her bed.


"Got your letter then?", he smiled.


Sofia only nodded with distress staining her features.


"What's up? Don't you want to go back?", her brother questioned.


"Of course I do, it's just that, well, my letter said that I have to be resorted. I even have to by a first year tie to wear on the first day".


Blaise guffawed at this, his usually pale cheeks flushing red with mirth.


"What are you laughing at? It isn't funny, I don't want to change house!", Sofia demanded, outraged.


"It's not that", Blaise said between gasps of air, "It's just- first year tie- you'll fit right in, you're probably about the same size as them!". With that he laughed even more. He soon shut up, however, as Sofia hurled a cushion at him.


"Yeah well, at least I don't look like the BFG!", she shouted at him. Blaise only looked confused though, he had not grown up reading muggle books. "Oh never mind, you wouldn't understand. Anyway, what do you want?".


"It's time for lunch and Mum and Dad want to discuss the plans for our birthday party next week".


"Great, this should be fun", she answered sarcastically.


"Wait untill Mum is trying to put you in a big pink fluffy dress", Blaise smirked.


"Not a chance! I would rather chew my own arm off than wear anything like that".


"What's wrong sis? I think you would look spectacular, almost like a giant flamingo".


"You're such an arse, do you know that?", she scorned.


"Yeah, but that's why you love me", Blaise replied, flashing his brilliant white teeth.


"Yeah, like a hole in the god damn head".


"Sofia, that is enough with the cursing. It is not lady like and very rude", came the reprimanding voice of her Mother. Sofia had not realised that they had reached the dining room door but Blaise clearly had as he smirked at her for getting into trouble.


"Now first off Sofia, I want to talk dresses. You have to look fabulous for your party and I think I know just the thing", Seline stated.


Sofia rolled her eyes and glared at Blaise as he began to impersonate and walk like a flamingo behind their parent's backs. Oh she would get him later.


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Chapter 6: Chapter Six: Meeting Of The Foes
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It was not the sound of her alarm that awoke Sofia that morning but rather her Mother's incessant nagging.

"Come on Sofia, I won't ask again. It's time to get up. Your party is today and we have lots of things to do. I expect you to be down for breakfast in 15 minutes".

Sofia groaned and rolled out of bed. She had forgotten today was the day of the party. The day she would be paraded around a room full people she didn't know in a ridiculously fancy dress. After washing and brushing her teeth, Sofia headed down for breakfast. She didn't even bother getting changed, it was too early for that.

She was surprised to find her parents and Blaise in the lounge and not the dining room. She was even more surprised to find two stacks of presents piled high in middle of the floor.

"Happy Birthday, darlings", her Mother beamed, "We know your birthdays were a few weeks ago now but due to what happened neither of you got a chance to open your presents so we thought we would give you them today".

"Wow, there's so many", Sofia replied in awe of the many gifts her parents had got for her.

"No use standing there like a gaping fish, get stuck in!", said Blaise.

20 minutes later and the twins were both done with unwrapping and were thanking their parents for their belated birthday presents. Sofia had never been given so many gifts before. Her parents really had gone all out. She had received shoes, clothes, make up, an advanced potions set, new parchment and quills that had her name inscribed on them in silver letters, heaps of chocolate frogs, licorice wands and fizzing whizzbees, new red winter robes and piles of books that she had only ever dreamed of having. She had also been given a black eagle owl which she had named Jewells. Her parents had also surprised her with a muggle 50 inch flat screen television, complete with dvd player and dvd's. The best present of all was most definitely the charm bracelet her father had given her. It was pure white gold and had numerous charms attached to the chain.

"It was my Grandmother's, the one that I told you about named Sofia. Whenever a momentous occasion occurred in the family she would add a charm. For example, on the birth of her children, her wedding day and so on. When she passed away she gave this to me and told me to give it to my daughter, should I ever have one", her Father said as she took it out of the box.

"Thank you, Father. It's amazing", was Sofia's reply.

"I'm glad you like it. I also added an extra charm just for you".

Upon closer inspection, Sofia noticed a charm which was made of her initials, SNZ, that were intricately weaving into each other. A diamond love heart was also dangling off the bottom of the Z.

She ran over to her Father and engulfed him into a hug.

"I'll treasure this forever", she whispered to him. "It really does mean a lot to me, Dad".

This was the first time she had ever referred to her Father as Dad. She knew Blaise called their parents Mum and Dad but she had felt the need to be slightly formal with them since she met them. Now, however, she knew that she was a true part of this family and her family was a part of her. She felt no concerns about talking to them or addressing her parents so comfortably as it felt natural.

Blaise and his Mother looked on at the affectionate display between Andre and Sofia, both with smiles on their faces. For Blaise, this had definitely been the best birthday ever. Not only was he going to have an amazing party and had been given everything he wanted from his parents but he had also got his sister back. His twin. Sofia's absence over the years had been a gaping hole in his family and nothing could fill it. Ever since he could remember his Mum and Dad had spoken of her every day, telling him how much they loved her and that one day she would be back. They said she was the other half of Blaise, what with her being his twin, and that when she returned the family would be complete again. They were so right. Blaise did feel complete with his twin back where she belonged. She was his other half and he could not be happier that she was here, back home at last.


To say that Sofia was stressed was an understatement. She had been in and out of numerous dresses, had her hair tugged here, there and everywhere, almost choked to death from the amount of powder that was being slapped onto her face and was nearly blinded by a damn mascara stick! She was not impressed by the stylist team her Mum had hired to get them ready for the party. "I'll tell them what they can do with their bloody eye liner pencils and make up brushes, they can stick them up their-"

"All done!", smiled the make-up artist, distracting Sofia from her creative thoughts. "Now you can go and look in the mirror. I must say, you look simply gorgeous".

"Not if I have half of the orange crap you've got smeared all over your face piled onto my skin", Sofia thought.

When she reached the mirror, she immediately took that thought back. She was far from egotistical but even she couldn't deny that she looked good. A diamond flower was placed on the left side of her hair pushing it back. The rest was left to flow in loose curls down to her waist. Her skin looked flawless, her lips plump and shiny and her luminous eyes were surrounded by thick mascara and black and grey smoky eye shadow. It was her dress that took her breath away though. Silk spaghetti straps covered with tiny diamonds ran over shoulders, crossing over her back and meeting the dress again just below her arm pits. Pale silver fabric made up the rest of the dress, it was so pale that it was almost white. It shone in the light as tiny crystals and clear sequins glistened. The material was so elegant it almost looked like lace. Two triangular pieces of the beautiful fabric covered her chest and a row of diamonds were placed underneath her bust. From there the dress flowed straight to the ground, almost appearing as if it was air like and floaty. Matched with the diamond necklace and bracelet her Mum had given her and a pair of studded earrings, she truly was a vision.

"Well don't you scrub up well", Blaise smirked as he walked through Sofia's walk in wardrobe.

Sofia turned to him, laughing as she noticed the colour of his clothes. His tux was a shiny grey and his shirt was black but the tie and cuff links were the same silver as her dress.

"Well don't we look a right pair. Mum clearly missed out on dressing us in matching clothes when we were younger", she commented.

Only just realizing what his sister had noticed, Blaise ran to the mirror.

"What the hell! Why would she punish us this way? What did we ever do wrong? We look like class A tools! As if we don't look alike enough as it is, she has to try and make us into some sort of zoo attraction!", he exclaimed.

"Now Blaise, you and your sister look wonderful. You should be grateful that you have such nice outfits to wear", came their Mother's voice. She always seemed to have a habit of creeping up on people when they were talking about her, it was slightly scary. Blaise just shook his head, still staring at the mirror in disbelief.

"You're Father and I are going to greet the guests in the foyer. You will enter the Grand Ballroom through the double doors when you are announced in 45 minutes. You should both know that the press will be there for the first half an hour. They're dying to get the scoop on your return Sofia. Your Father notified them this morning and he alone will speak to the reporters and explain what happened, so you will not have to. I do ask that you smile gracefully as you enter as many photos will be taken", Seline continued.

Sofia would have been shocked and thrown a fit had she not expected it. She knew the news had to come out somehow and she had had a feeling that it would be tonight.

"Caggie will come to collect you both when it is time". With that said, Seline left the room.


Time seemed to fly by in Sofia's room as she and Blaise waited to be called. Before they knew it, they were stood at the double doors, waiting to be announced.

"You ready for this?", Blaise asked his sister, linking his arm with hers.

"Ready as I'll ever be", was her reply.

Through the double doors, the twins heard the loud voice of the leading musician announcing their arrival.

"Presenting Master Blaise Hector Zabini and the long awaited Miss Sofia Narcissa Zabini".

The doors flew open and Sofia would have been shocked at the amount of people in front of her had she not just heard Blaise's middle name. To be blunt, she found it hilarious. She quickly earned a swift elbow from her brother as they descended down the steps but all she could do was smile even more, trying to keep the laughter inside of her. Even the bright camera flashes could not do anything to get her out of her moment of giddiness. Their Mother and Father met them on either side at the bottom of the stairs and Andre began to tell the press everything about her return. After the constant questions and photographs, the media's half an hour time limit soon ran out and the party started.

Well for Blaise and Sofia, it started after an hour of being pushed around the ballroom by their parents, in order to greet and be introduced to every guest there was. Sofia felt extremely uneasy after this though as a few surnames of the people she had met were stuck in her mind. "Dolohov, Rookwood, Avery, Macnair, LeStrange. Those were the surnames of Death Eaters. Death Eaters that I fought against. What on earth are their families doing here? At my birthday party!".

"Slightly overwhelming isn't it", came the cheerful voice of her brother, "Meeting all of these people and not having a clue who they are. I'm guessing that is what the face is for?".

"Erm, yeah, something like that", Sofia replied.

"Come on, I want to introduce you to some people".

Blaise took her hand and lead her across the dance floor and through the large circular tables that were dotted around the room. On the right hand side of the room, sat around one of these tables, were people that Sofia didn't particularly want to see.

"Pansy, Adrian, Daphne, Theo, Astoria, Vinnie, Greg, this is my twin sister, Sofia", Blaise announced to his group of friends, the pride he was feeling was visible in his eyes. "Erm, you've already met Draco", he added just as Sofia spotted him sat in between Vincent Crabbe, whom she assumed was Vinnie, and Pansy Parkinson.

"Woah, she looks like you but with long hair", was the thick reply of Gregory Goyle.

"That's because she's my twin sister you dolt. You know, identical twins!".

"It's weird", Goyle replied, disbelief on his face at what he was seeing.

Sofia let out a laugh at this. She didn't think she had ever met anyone quite as stupid as this and she found it highly amusing.

"It's nice to meet you, Sofia", smiled Daphne Greengrass. Her blonde hair fell around her heart shaped face and Sofia could see her mile long legs through the slit in her dress as she stood up. At first, Sofia thought she was going to hit her or something, until she leaned towards her in an attempt at a hug. Sofia returned it stiffly. Daphne seemed nice and she hadn't been one to make fun of her at school but she was Pansy Parkinson's best friend, surely she was just as mean.

"Erm, it's nice to meet you too, er Daphne".

"Blaise told us a few days ago about everything that happened and who you were before", continued Daphne. "We all got together and decided to be honest with you when we met you. We know that you were Hermione Granger and we know that you are not overly fond of us but we just wanted to say that some of us never called you at school because we don't believe in that pureblood crap. The only reason there was any animosity was because you was a Gryffindor, it's just how things were. The rest were forced to act the way they did by their families. If they didn't it would have led to being outcasted or much worse".

Sofia just stared at Daphne, impressed by her boldness but not by her excuses.

"What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry. We're all sorry, honestly. We hope that you can give us all a chance. We're really not the people that you think we are", Daphne finished.

Sofia looked at all their faces. All were full of hopefulness and anticipation but also fear of being rejected, even Crabbe and Goyle whom she thought could only feel one emotion at a time or they might spontaneously combust. She turned to look at Blaise and saw the pleading in his eyes, silently hoping for her to accept his friends and give them a chance.

Turning back to Daphne she responded, "I can't say that we will all be the best of friends but I'm willing to try if you are".

Relief could be seen on all of their faces and Sofia swore she saw Pansy Parkinson smile with excitement. She sat down next to Blaise and conversation began.

"So, are you excited to go back to school? We are, we really missed the place deep down", Daphne asked as Pansy vigorously nodded her head.

"I suppose so, I mean the syllabus for the new classes are meant to be really interesting, much more so than our previous years", was Sofia's reply.

"Trust you to be excited about what we're going to learn!", Blaise laughed.

"Well I don't have that much to be excited about right now", Sofia glared.

"What do you mean?", asked Pansy.

"Ah, our little Sofia has to be resorted at the start of term feast. To say she is not looking forward to it would be putting it nicely. She even has to wear a first year tie", Blaise smirked.

"Well that's alright, you will blend right in! You're bloody tiny!", laughed Theodore Nott.

"That's exactly what I said!", Blaise exclaimed.

Sofia did not find this funny. Theo and Blaise clearly thought they were the jokers of the group.

"Yes well, I would have been taller if some selfish git had given me space to grow and had not taken up all of the room with his big head and overlarge nose in our mother's womb", Sofia shot back.

Theo spat his drink all over the table at this and everyone else was in hysterics, even Draco Malfoy had laughed. Blaise, however, went bright red.

"Mate, you just got owned by your sister!", shouted Adrian Pucey.

"I'm glad to see my Sofia is making an impression on you all", came Andre Zabini's voice. "I am very surprised that none of you have asked such a fine young lady to dance yet though".

Sofia's cheeks burned at this and now it was Blaise's turn to laugh.

"Draco, I'm sure you would love the honour of dancing with my little girl".

Draco actually looked mortified at the prospect of dancing with Sofia. He knew that she hated him and she had good reason to but he also knew that it would be incredibly bad manners to decline.

"Erm, yes. Yes of course", he stammered back.

Sofia looked to her Father with indignant eyes. She was not going to dance with Malfoy.

"Now, now, Sofia. It would be very rude of you to object now that Draco has expressed his wish to dance with you", Andre told his daughter.

Sofia glared at her Father, stood up and took the hand that Malfoy was offering her.
On the dance floor, her face was hard. She couldn't believe her Father had made her do this, with Draco Malfoy of all people.

"I'm sorry too you know. I wish I could take back the hurtful things I said to you", said Draco.

"No you're not. You're just sorry that I'm your best friend's sister", Sofia hissed.

"It isn't that, truthfully. After third year, I never wanted to say those things to you but I had too. I had to do what my Father said and that meant degrading and disrespecting anyone that wasn't a pureblood. I really did change. Please believe me? Or at least give me the chance to show you that I've changed?", he asked.

Ignoring the sincerity in Draco's eyes, Sofia responded, "It's a little late for the apologies, don't you think? I can't stand the sight of you. Being stood right here is making my skin crawl. How dare you ask me to give you a chance, after all that you have done to me and after everything you have said! You've got some nerve Malfoy".

Unable to be near him any longer, Sofia pulled her hands out of his and took her leave. However, lying in bed that night, she could not get the image of his face out of her mind. His normally cold eyes were so sincere and sad. He looked like he was ashamed of himself. It was for this reason that Sofia almost forgave him. Almost.


Chapter 7: Chapter Seven: Home
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The scarlett steam train gleamed as brightly as it did on the day Sofia first saw it. However, this time she didn't feel the excitement that had been present every time she had seen it since. Unlike her previous years, she was to board the Hogwarts Express with her brother not her friends. She had seen Harry, Ron and Ginny on the platform before getting on the train but she was met with a glare from Ron and ignorance from Harry. Ginny provided her with some small comfort though as she flashed her a smile before loading her trunk. This year was going to be very different and as she sat in the carriage with Blaise and his friends, the nerves of what was to come only ate away at her more.

"You know, you'd think they would get bored of walking past and staring at you through the window", commented an irritated Pansy.

"I know it's like you're some sort of celebrity", added Daphne.

"Well, she did help to save the wizarding world and has now been outed as a Zabini", said Theo.

"Still, people don't have to stare and make her uncomfortable everywhere she goes".

Pansy's words were very true. Sofia did feel uncomfortable. Everyone seemed to want to get a glimpse of her and it made her nerves soar even higher. To her surprise, it was Malfoy who had the initiative to get up and close the blinds on the windows of the carriage. She could not bring herself to thank him though.

"So, are you nervous to be resorted?", questioned Theo.

Sofia had learnt that Theodore Nott was a very outgoing person and, despite old opinions, very easy to get along with.

"Extremely. No offence to you guys but I just can't see myself in any other house. Gryffindor has been my home for as long as I have been here and I love it", Sofia replied.

"What about Potter and Weasley though? I thought they weren't speaking to you?".

Sofia had also learnt that Adrian Pucey liked to put his foot in it and had a knack of making situations awkward. Thankfully, Blaise broke the tension that had engulfed the carriage and asked Sofia how she would be getting to the castle.

"Thankfully I don't have to go up with the first years, but I do have to wait for them and enter the hall with them. It's going to be mortifying".

"Just pretend it's your first day again. You shouldn't have a problem with that", Blaise smiled.

Sofia understood this to be one of his jokes about her height and threw a chocolate frog at his face.

"You better hope that I'm not in your house, or I'll make your life hell", she threatened.


Walking into the Great Hall had to have been one of the most embarrassing experiences of Sofia's life. Not only was she with a group of children who were 7 years younger than her but her brother and Theo had been right. She did blend in. The majority of the first years were of a similar size to her. It was excruciating to watch Blaise and Theo's faces alive with laughter at her expense. At least Professor Flitwick was smaller than her. As new deputy head, he was leading Sofia and the first years down to the front of the hall where they waited to be sorted.

As her last name began with Z, Sofia was the last to be called. She distinctly remembered being nervous but excited the first time the sorting hat had been placed on her head but this time all she felt was fear. She looked out over the crowd of students and saw Ron and Harry looking at her with interest. She knew what they were thinking. This would tell them if she was the same inside as she had claimed. If she was, there was no doubt she would be put back in Gryffindor. If she wasn't reunited with her old house, they would think she had turned bad and they would hate her even more.

"It's good to see you again Miss Granger or should I say Zabini. Yes, yes you have accepted your true name and I can see the brilliance that is waiting to unfold. Your bravery and loyalty are still present I see but you have the blood of a Zabini and still such a brilliant mind, there's no doubt about that. Hmm, a difficult choice I must admit but I can see only one option for you". The sorting hat paused and to Sofia it felt like hours but just a second later the sound of its voice shouted out to the room...


She immediately looked over to her old friend and ex boyfriend. Harry was white with shock and Ron looked like he had never seen something so vile. If it were not for the hundreds of eyes looking at her she would have cried. She could hear the sound of the Slytherin's clapping and cheering but it was quiet compared to the fast beating of her heart that pounded in her ears. She sat down next to Blaise who put his arm around her, trying to comfort her as best as he could. He knew she had wanted to stay in Gryffindor and he knew that this would only push Potter and Weasley further away from her. He had seen the look on their faces when the sorting hat had shouted Slytherin and it had sickened him to see their reactions, especially Weasley's. So much for Gryffindor loyalty, they were just a bunch of pig headed hypocrites.

During the feast, Blaise and his friends tried to get Sofia to eat something and join in with their conversation but she merely pushed her food around her plate and didn't utter a single word. Heading back to Slytherin House, Blaise had had to grab hold of her as she almost wondered in the direction of Gryffindor Tower. It seemed as if she was on auto pilot.

As Sofia stepped through the portrait of a silver serpent, she couldn't help but feel shivers run up her spine. It was cold in the Slytherin common, not warm like in Gryffindor's. The carpet was green, not like the red in her old commn room. The sofas and chairs were not soft and squishy as in Gryffindor but dark green leather with silver stitching. The mantle around the fire and the small tables around the room were black marble, not the cherry wood she had seen so many times up in her old tower. She would never get used to this. This did not feel like home. This wasn't her home. Her home was up in Gryffindor Tower with her friends. She soon came back to reality with this thought though. They were not her friends anymore. In fact, she could place a good sized wager on the belief that the whole of Gryffindor probably hated her now. Their Gryffindor Princess had turned dark and the Golden Trio was no more. Her life at Hogwarts was never going to be the same and for the first time since she was 11, she did not want to be here. She wanted to go home. Her real home where her parents were. The home where she was loved and where she belonged as Hogwarts was no longer that. Hogwarts was not her home.


With the help of Pansy and Daphne, Blaise forced Sofia to come down to breakfast the next morning. Classes started today and he worried for his twin. He knew people would have some things to say to her and he wanted her to have a least some energy to take them on.

"So, Sofia, what classes have you got?", Pansy asked after their timetables had been handed out.

"Advanced Defense Againt the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Advanced Transfiguration, Advanced Charms, History of Magic and Advanced Potions", Sofia replied monotonously.

"Really? Oh look, I'm in your Charms and Daphne is in your Transfiguration".

Sofia just smiled, she didn't feel like talking. She just wanted to be alone. Blaise looked on at her worriedly. He had scanned all of his friends' timetables and figured that Sofia was alone in Defense, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and History of Magic; all of which she had today. Either Pansy or Daphne were with her in Charms and Transfiguration and the only one to look out for her in Potions was Draco. The rest of her classes he had with her. He just hoped that Potter and Weasley were not in any of the lessons where he and his friends weren't. He doubted it though, surely the two dimwits would not be in advanced classes.


Blaise could not have been more wrong. Sofia entered the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to be met with a glare from none other than Ronald Weasley. She quickly seated herself at the back of the classroom alone and waited for instructions from their new Professor, Professor Larkin. She tried her best to drown herself in her work but she couldn't ignore the constant stares and the horrible remarks that were being thrown her way during the lesson. She was the first to finish her work and went to the front to hand it in to Professor Larkin. As she went to sit back down she was not met with her stool as she had expected but the cold hard floor. Lavender Brown had quickly swiped it from beneath her as she was about to sit. The whole class roared with laughter and Sofia was nearly brought to tears. It was not just the Gryffindors who had turned their back on her but the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs too. On her way out, she was barged to the side and shoved into the wall and doorway by most of the students. The scathing comment that came from Ron was worse than the physical pain though.

"Traitor", he had said, as he walked passed her out of the classroom.

The rest of her lessons passed much the same. In Ancient Runes, students had thrown paper balls at her, performed trip jinxes on her when she was walking around the classroom and whispered spiteful words whenever she was near. Arithmancy saw the effects of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Itching Powder as Romilda Vain had thrown it at her when Professor Vector wasn't looking. The fact that he had told her she may have an infected rash only added to her humilation. History of Magic once again brought the return of Harry and Ron. She was still itching slightly and Ron smirked.

"What's up, all those Slytherin scumbags getting under your skin or have you just caught one of their diseases?".

Parvati Patil snorted with laughter at this and the rest of the class soon joined in. Harry just acted as if he hadn't seen or heard anything.

Sofia didn't go to dinner after classes finished. Instead she ran all the way to the Slytherin common room with tears streaming down her face. She wasn't even looking where she was going and soon crashed into something solid and hard. After landing on the floor for the 100th time that day she cried even harder.

"Sofia, what's wrong?".

She looked up to be met with concerned grey eyes, the eyes of Draco Malfoy. She did not want to cry in front of him but she just couldn't stop. Draco's eyes scanned Sofia's body. Her skin was bright red in most places, she had some bruises on her arms and her eyes were puffy and blood shot.

"Who did this to you?", he asked.

"Everyone". She didn't know why she replied but she did and she couldn't stop herself. "Everyone kept tripping me up and laughing at me. Lavender pulled my chair from under me, Romilda Vain threw itching powder all over me and Ron called me a traitor and asked if I was diseased!", she cried inbetween her constant sobs. "And they all just laughed, everyone. It was horrible". With that she broke down completely.

Draco was angry. Angry at how everyone had treated her so horribly after everything she had done to save their world. Angry at how people showed so little respect to his best friend's twin. Angry that such a strong and fearless girl had been reduced to this. He felt like throttling every single one of them but he could not leave Sofia. She was still curled into a crying heap on the floor. He tried to get her to stand up and walk with him but it was as if she was paralysed. So, he did the only thing he could. He picked her up and carried her bridal style to the common room. Upon entering, he laid her on the couch and sat so her head rested on his thigh. He was going to leave her and sit on the arm chair but she would not let go of his arm and so he waited for his friends to return from dinner as she drifted off to sleep.


Blaise was frantic as he entered the common room. Sofia had not been at lunch or dinner and he had no idea where she was. Seeing the back of Draco's head leaning against the top of the sofa he called out to him.

"Mate, have you seen Sofia? I can't find her an-".

"Shhh!", Draco reprimanded whilst he pointed his finger down to where he sat.

Blaise walked around the sofa and saw his sister lying on the couch, with her head resting on Draco, fast asleep. Just like Draco, he too noticed the bruises and the blotches of red on her skin. The tear tracks were also still visible on her cheeks. He didn't think he had ever been so furious in his life.

"Who?", he asked in deadly whisper.

"Everyone", Draco replied, just as quietly. "She said everyone had been tripping her and throwing things at her. Weasley called her a traitor and said she was diseased, some girl threw itching powder at her and that whore Lavender Brown pulled her chair from under her in class and everyone just kept laughing at her".

"I'm going to kill them! All of them. With my bare hands!", he said angrily, trying to keep his voice down so as not to wake his sleeping twin.

"She was a mess, mate. She ran into me and was just crying on the floor. I couldn't get her to get up so I just carried her here, hence...", he trailed off, explaining there obvious position.

Pansy, Daphne, Theo and Adrian had arrived mid conversation and heard most of what had occurred.

"You should take her up to bed", Pansy said. "She sleeps in the bed next mine and I could hear her crying most of the night. I don't think she got a wink of sleep".

Blaise nodded his head at Draco. He would have carried her himself but he was too angry to concentrate on anything, no matter how small the task was.

Pansy followed Draco upstairs and showed him which bed was Sofia's.

"I'm sure she will appreciate you being there for her, Draco. You never know, this could be the first step into her forgiving you", Pansy said. She knew it upset Draco that Sofia would not give him a chance but she knew that he would not allow himself to actually be upset as he thought he deserved every bad word she said to him and every hateful feeling she had towards him.

"I hope so", Draco replied, not taking his eyes of Sofia's sleeping form.

When they returned downstairs, everyone was sat listening to Blaise.

"From now on she doesn't go anywhere alone. We can work around what lessons we have with her and our free periods to make sure someone is always with her when she walks from class to class".

"What about in the classes she doesn't have with us?", Draco asked.

"There won't be any of what happened today going on once we've taught them a lesson and believe me, we will be teaching them a lesson".

Grim determination set in on all of their faces. They may not be loyal like Gryffindors but no one messed with one of their own and got away with it. They were Slytherins and Slytherins were experts when it came to revenge. They didn't get called cunning for no reason.


Chapter 8: Chapter Eight: To Be Green and Wet
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The Hogwarts students could not seem to stay on their feet the next morning at breakfast. Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors alike were falling over left right and centre as the Slytherins laughed uproarously. The next burst of enjoyment from the green and silver clad students was after Pansy Parkinson floated not a packet but a large sack of Weasley's Whizard Wheezes Itching Powder and let it drop all over Romilda Vane. Her skin was soon coming out in redness and sores, much to the Slytherin's delight. It was Draco Malfoy's turn next. He noticed Lavender Brown about to sit down and quickly vanished the part of the bench she was about to sit on. As she landed on the floor, her cheeks burned scarlett and the Slytherins jeered even more. Blaise soon spotted Ron Weasley and his moment of revenge came at last. With two swift wand movements, the red heads skin was full of boils that were erupting like volcanoes as yellow puss oozed out of them. Next, he felt a burning senesation run across his forehead as the word 'traitor' appeared there in thick red letters. The Slytherins could not contain their glee at this as tears rolled down their faces.

"YOU!", Ron shouted, pointing a scabby finger at Blaise. "You did this to me, you scumbag!".

"I don't think I did Weasley, maybe you just caught a disease. I bet your house is riddled with them", was Blaise's swift reply.

Realisation swept over Ron as he caught on to the fact that this was revenge for what he had said to Blaise's sister.

"Sticking up for your pathetic little sister, I see. Where is she then? Can't she defend herself? I guess not, what with her being a low life traitor".

"You dare talk about my sister like that!".

With a swish of his wand, Blaise sent Ron flying through the air and the Slytherins smirked as they heard him land with terrible bang.

"If any of you so much as look at my sister the wrong way, I swear to Merlin, your lives will not be worth living anymore".

Shrieks and screams could be heard as the gang of Slytherins exited the Great Hall. They would get some serious detentions for what they had just done but it was worth it when they turned around to see the faces of the other three houses. Laughter rang through the air from the Slytherins at what they saw. Every single student, apart from those in their own house, had been turned green. This was not just any green though, this was Slytherin green. This was a lasting symbol to make sure they did not forget what would happen to them if anything else happened to their Sofia.


Sofia decided to miss breakfast that morning through fear of the other students tripping her again or throwing food at her. As she lay in bed, she mulled over the events that had occurred in the past month. She was happy with her family. She loved her parents and Blaise but she still could not get the nagging conversation out of her head that she had overheard her parents having, the day after the visit to Malfoy Manor. It upset her to know that they were hiding something from her and it frustrated her not knowing what that something was. There was also the lingering question of why the families of Death Eaters were at her birthday party. She knew the Malfoys would be there but she had assumed that they would be the only dark family to be present. Thinking of the Malfoys brought her thoughts around to last night. Draco Malfoy had actually helped her. He had listened to her and comforted her when she had needed someone. He had shown her a side she never knew he had. A side which proved that he was capable of being nice and being able to actually care for someone. He didn't have to carry her back to the common room and he didn't have to stay as she fell asleep on him whilst clinging on to his arm, but he did. She thought of the sincerity in his eyes when he spoke to her back at Zabini Manor. It was because of this and the kind nature he showed her last night that led her to make up her mind. She was going to give Draco Malfoy a chance. "And Merlin help him if he proves my decison to be wrong".


Sofia was slightly late to Advanced Potions but Professor Slughorn did not mind. She was about to go and sit by herself when she noticed Draco Malfoy sat at the back of the class alone. Reminding herself that she was going to give him a chance, she went and took the seat next to him.

Draco was irritated when he heard someone pulling the stool back to sit next to him but when he looked up he was shocked to see Sofia. She gave him a small smile and began to look around the room. It seemed like she really didn't know what to do or say to Draco but after a few seconds she spoke up.

"Malfoy, why on earth is everyone green?", she asked him, confusion written all over her face.

Draco couldn't help but laugh at this, this was the first time they had ever began a civil conversation and the first thing she asked was why everyone was green.

"Well, after what happened yesterday we couldn't very well do nothing. We caused quite an uproar at breakfast", he smiled smugly."Wait untill you see Weasley, it's bloody hilarious".

The infamous Malfoy smirk grazed his features as he said this, but for the first time in her Hogwarts life Sofia did not have the urge to knock it off his face. She wanted to feel bad for Ron and everyone else but she couldn't lie to herself. They didn't care about her. They were all horrible to her yesterday and so she rejoiced a little inside at the work of her brother and his friends. She rejoiced even more as Ronald Weasley walked into the classroom with Harry.

She could not believe what her brother had done to him and the look on Ron's face only added to her humour. Looking over at Draco, she found he was already looking at her with mirth dancing in his eyes. After a split second the two burst out into laughter. They could hardly breathe as they looked on at Ron and tears leaked from their eyes as the boil faced red head stormed from the classroom.

"That, is a classic", Sofia gasped between fits of laughter.

"Good, right?", smiled Draco. "They'll all think twice before pulling any stunts like yesterday again".

At his mention of last night, Sofia cleared her voice, slightly nervous about her next words.

"Erm, Draco, I just wanted to say thanks for last night. You didn't have to help but you did and well, it meant a lot that someone was actually there after everything that was said and done yesterday so, yeah, er, thank you. And I would like to give you that chance you asked for. That's if you still want it, that is", Sofia stammered.

Draco smiled as he noticed the use of his first name. He was sure it was the first time she had ever said it. After hearing her stammer and stutter, her discomfort became very clear to him. Instead of reassuring her it was fine, however, he smirked. He knew she wouldn't appreciate the mushy stuff he could have said to make her feel better and he was sure she would think he was lying if he did come out with all that soft hearted crap so he decided to have a laugh with her instead.

"I know I'm handsome but I honestly thought you were immune to my god like charm. Judging by your incessant stammering and fidgetting hands, I guess not".

Sofia was shocked at first, but soon realised that Draco was just having a joke with her. She knew that this was his way of her letting her know that they were going to try and be friends and she was glad that this was his method of doing so. Anything else could have lead to a very awkward moment and, if she was honest, she couldn't stand any of that mushy heart felt rubbish.

"Now, now, don't get too ahead of yourself Draco. I was simply shocked that you could actually converse with others above your IQ range. I was under the impression that you were as thick headed as Weasley".

It felt strange to refer to Ron this way but she knew that this would annoy Draco to no end. Which it did, but it intrigued him also. No one else in his house was quite as intellectual as he and now Soifa was here he had someone who he could have some challenging banter with.

"I think you will find that it was you who was not able to form a coherent sentence so if any one has the brain of a troll here, it is you,".

"As long as my troll like body parts are inside my head I'm ok. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about you. Seriously, have you looked in a mirror lately?", Sofia smirked.

"Really? Attempting to insult my deplorably good looks? I didn't think you could stoop that low".

"Wow, just when I thought you couldn't possible get any more vain you come out with that. I'd watch myself on the way out if I was you, Draco, you might get that ever inflating head of yours stuck in the door way".

Draco stared at Sofia with mirth in his eyes. True, he could not think of anything else to say back to that but he knew he would win their next little verbal banter because he definitely wasn't going to let her win twice!


Daphne, Pansy, Blaise, Theo and Adrian were all in the common room after finishing their classes for the day. As the portrait opened they were all surprised to hear the sound of laughter entering the room along with two of their friends.

"I can't believe we just saw her itching her arse crack! That was hilarious!", laughed Sofia.

"I nearly choked when you shouted chocolate fingers to her", replied Draco, his face alive with laughter at the memory.

"Yeah well, she deserved it. I must thank Pansy for throwing a sack of itching powder at her, it provided us with more entertainment than I think she anticipated".

"I still can't get over her face when you said that to her, I thought she was going to explode. Oh, hi guys", Draco said, as he noticed their group of friends sitting around the common room.

"I see you have cheered up", Blaise smiled at his sister.

"Yeah, I've had a right laugh with Draco today. We just saw Romilda Vane suffering from the effects of George's itching powder, all thanks to you Pansy".

Pansy smiled back at Sofia with a face that said 'well, I am amazing'. Whilst this may have made her appear to be conceited, the Slytherins knew that this was just part of Pansy's sense of humour. As Sofia got into conversation with Blaise, Pansy sent a knowing smirk towards Draco. In response he winked at her. She knew that it meant a lot to Draco that Sofia had forgiven him and she knew just by watching him that he already liked her, more than a friend should. "Well, he certainly has his work cut out with this one. I think Draco Malfoy has actually met his match".


The next day, Sofia was wondering around the edge of the Black Lake. She had just managed to slip away from Blaise, Draco and Theo and had decided to come outside for some much needed fresh air. She knew her brother and her friends had been going to extreme lengths to make sure was never alone when walking around the castle and she also knew that they meant well but after two days of it, she already found it suffocating. She was took out of her reverie as she realised that a group of girls had encircled her. Looking up, she saw the faces of Lavender Brown, Parvati and Padma Patil, Romilda Vane, Demelza Robins, Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones. Her heart dropped to her stomach as she realised that she was severely outnumbered with no way of escaping.

"Well if it isn't the Slytherin whore. Finally got rid of your babysitters?", Lavender asked scathingly.

Sofia tried to cut through the circle but was blocked by Parvati's arms as she pushed her back into the centre where she landed on the wet grass.

"That's right, get on the floor where you belong you filthy traitor", sneered Romilda.

"What's wrong, Soo-fiii-a?", Hannah asked, dragging her name out as if laughing at it. "Don't you have anything say, or can't you talk without the permission of your fellow dirtbags?".

The rest of the girls sniggered at this.

"Look I have never done anything to any of you, some of you even used to be my friends. Just let me go and I won't say a word about what has happened", Sofia tried.

"Is that a threat?", Padma asked darkly as all of the girls stepped closer to her.

In response Sofia drew out her wand but she was not quick enough. As soon as her hand had gone into her pocket, she had felt a set of hands on her front. Lavender had stepped forward and pushed her as hard as she could. Sofia flew through the air and landed with a splash as her body broke through the surface of the Black Lake. Underneath the water, she thrashed and kicked, trying her best to get back to the top and get some air. It was not going to happen though and she knew it. Sofia Zabini knew a lot of things but one thing she did not know was how to swim.


Draco ran out of the castle and onto the grounds. They hadn't even noticed Sofia was missing until 5 minutes ago. Draco had the feeling she had slipped away from them out of choice but they could not cross out the possibility that she may have been taken by a student as some sort of sick joke. Searching frantically, he soon heard a scream and splash. He turned just in time to see her jet black hair and white skin before she was submerged by the water. Looking next the lake's edge he saw a group of girls laughing. He would deal with them once Sofia came out of the water. "Wait, she should be coming out by now, why isn't she coming out?". Before he had a chance to think about anything else, Draco removed his cloak, jumper and shoes and dove into the lake. As he swam further down into the depths of the lake, he finally spotted her. She was not moving but being carried by the gentle current of the water. He grabbed hold of her and tried to swim back to the surface but found that her clothes were weighing her down. He quickly removed her robes and shoes and pulled her up with him.

After crawling onto the river bank, Draco noticed that Sofia was unconscious. Her pale skin had a greyish blue tint and her eyes were shut. He rolled her onto her side and patted her on the back hard. After a few tries, Sofia's eyes jerked open and she coughed up all the water she had swallowed whilst in the lake. Draco let out a sigh of relief and leant over Sofia to make sure she was ok. Her teeth were chattering and her body was shaking. Draco found that for the second time this week, Sofia could not be moved from the floor. Once again, he scooped her up into his arms and headed off to their common room. He couldn't help but notice the black lacey under garment that was visible through her now transparent shirt and covered her with his cloak to protect her modesty and provide her with some warmth.

"You better be careful", she said inbetween her shivers. "I could get used to being to carried around like this".

Draco laughed as he set her down in front of the warm fire he had just lit.

"I don't mind, you're lighter than a bowtruckle".

"I hope that isn't another jab at my petite stature".

"Now, would I ever insult you in such a way?", he said after performing drying spells on their clothes.

Sofia merely raised her eye brows at him. Noticing her still shaking body, Draco sat leaning against an arm chair and behind Sofia so that his legs were on either side of hers and wrapped his arms around her body that was still tucked away in his cloak.

"Anyone would think you like being close to me, Mr Malfoy", Sofia teased as she leaned back into his embrace, glad of the warmth he was providing.

"Actually, I rather detest it. I mean the stench coming from your arm pits is rather unbearable", he countered smirking.

"It's not as bad as your dog breath that is currently polluting my air supply", she joked back.

"It's a good job I have no plans to kiss you then isn't it, although, watching you wretch and gag may be quite entertaining".

Sofia gave a soft laugh at this.

"Hmm, you wish you could kiss me though".

"I'd rather not get too close to those yellow teeth of yours".

When she did not reply he thought he had won their round of banter but when he looked down he saw that her eyes were closed and she was sleeping peacefully with a small smile on her face. Thinking back to what she had said, Draco couldn't deny that she had been right. He would like to kiss her but he knew she was not nearly ready for anything like that. They had only just become friends. "I bet she's an amazing kisser though. With those soft rosy lips how could she not be?". It was with these thoughts that Draco too drifted off to sleep.


After hearing from Daphne what had happened to Sofia, Blaise, Pansy, Theo, Daphne and Adrian ran to the Slytherin common room to see what damage had been done. When they arrived they were not met with an upset Sofia as they had expected but a sleeping one instead. In front of the slowly dying fire was Blaise's twin who was snoozing in the arms of Draco Malfoy. The group smiled as they noticed Draco's arms wrapped protectively around her small body. Her short legs lay over Draco's own and her head lay on his chest as Draco's rested on top of hers.

"It looks like some people are getting along quite nicely", spoke Pansy, with a smile on her face.

"Yeah", replied Blaise, secretly glad that his best friend and sister were getting so close. They both deserved to find some one special after everything they had both been through in the last few years.

"Bets on how long it takes for them to get together?", smirked Theo.

The group then sat down to talk money, taking care not to wake the still sleeping duo on the floor.


Chapter 9: Chapter Nine: Opening Up
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It was late Saturday morning as Harry Potter made his way through the many corridors of Hogwarts. He knew she would be in the library as she had been in the library around this time every Saturday they had spent at Hogwarts for as long as he had known her. He knew Hermione Granger better than anyone in this entire world and she knew him just as well. She had been his rock all the way through the war and his voice of reason during his years at Hogwarts. He loved her more than life itself but on a strictly platonic level. She was as close to him as a sister and he thought of her as such. He had spent the last couple of weeks living in regret, sorrow and longing. Regret for not supporting her when he should have, sorrow for the friend and sister that he had lost and longing for her to be back in his life. He had missed her terribly and today he was going to make it right.


Sofia's head snapped up in confusion. She hadn't been called that name for so long and it was strange to hear it now, after months of being called something else. Her eyes soon landed on Harry and she grimaced at the sight.

"That's not my name", she said stiffly whilst looking back at her book.

"I know, I'm sorry, it's just old habbits and well, it's hard to let go", responded Harry.

Sofia looked back into his eyes at this. Harry had just told her a small part of how he was feeling and it made her want to know more. She directed her eyes to the chair next to her and looked back at the boy she had known since she was 11. Getting the hint, Harry took the seat.

"I take it you're here for a reason", she stated.

"Yes. I came here to apologise". At seeing her sceptical look he quickly added, "And to explain".

"Well go on then". She didn't care about sounding harsh. As much as she loved Harry, he had hurt her by not being there for her for the past few months.

"I'm sorry, I really am. When I first found out I didn't believe it but then when you woke up and confirmed everything that the Zabini's had told me I was in shock. A million things kept running through my head. I kept thinking about them being Slytherins but I knew that wasn't important, I mean, look at Severus Snape. He was in Slytherin and he was the bravest man I ever knew. Then I kept thinking of Blaise being your twin and I just felt like I was being replaced. I thought of you as my sister and I still do but it hurt to know that you had a real brother, a brother who had the same blood as you and not just a pretend one like me. Then I looked at you and saw how you had changed. It killed me to know that I was never going to see my Hermione again. Never again would I see her laughing face or her red cheeks when she was angry. Knowing that just made me feel sick. I felt like you had died and looking at the new you stopped me from believing that you were there inside. Then you went and got put in Slytherin so I thought that you must have changed inside and the Hermione I loved was really gone forever. Watching you around school showed me that you were just the same though. Finishing your work first. Spending most of your time in the library. The only difference was that you were sad and I knew exactly why. I almost strangled Ron when we got back to Gryffindor Tower for calling you those things. Every time I saw other students being horrible to you I wanted to get up and rip their faces off b-".

"Then why didn't you?", interupted Sofia.

"Because I was weak. I still felt replaced. I still didn't want believe that it was you and I just couldn't bring myself to accept it. When I heard about what Lavender and the other girls did to you though I was outraged. I went to the Hospital Wing to see if you was there but you wasn't. I even brought some strawberry flavoured calming draught because I know how much you're scared of water and that's your favourite flavour".

Sofia smiled at this. He still knew her like he did before. Before she had changed and been reunited with her family.

"What has made you change your mind then?", she asked. If she was to forgive Harry she had to know why he had his sudden change of heart.

"Because I miss you. You've been part of my life for the last 7 years. You've been there for me when no one else has. Even when Ron left, you stayed with me and I knew how much you loved him. Year after year you risked your life to help me even when I asked you not to. You put yourself in so much danger simply because you were my friend and, even though I felt guilty for dragging you through all of my mess, nothing in the world meant more to me than having you by my side. You were there for me when we lost the people closest to us because of Voldemort. Fred, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore, Sirius. When we were on the battlefield, I prayed so hard every second for you to be ok, for you to live. It would have killed me if I had lost you that day. I was so relieved to see your face after I defeated Voldemort. I couldn't afford to lose anyone else and you were the most important person in my life. You still are. You're my best friend and you're the only sister I've ever had. I love you".

Both had tears in their eyes when Harry had finished. Sofia leapt into his arms as they cried into each other. They sat together for what seemed like hours releasing all of their tears. They cried for the times that had nearly cost them their lives, they cried for the terrible ordeal that they had had to endure during the war, they cried for the people that they had loved and lost, they cried for the absence that had been present for the last few months, they cried for the forgivness that had been given and accepted, they cried for the memories of their beautiful friendship, they cried for the good times that they had yet to come but mostly, they cried for the eternal love that they had for one another; the love of a friend and of a sibiling.

"It's so good to have you back, Harry", Sofia wept. "I missed you so much".

"It's good to be back, I missed you too".

"If you still want to call me Hermione, that's fine you know. Everyone else calls me Sofia but I understand if you don't feel comfortable with it".

"Well if that's your name then that's what I'm going to call you. I can't say I won't slip up sometimes and call you Hermione by accident but I'll try my best", Harry replied. "It is a little weird though. Harry and Sofia, Sofia and Harry. Best friends Harry and Sofia".

They both laughed at Harry's attempt of trying to get used to her name, but his last sentence stumbled upon the elephant in the room. They soon sobered up as the realisation that they were no longer a trio set in.

"He will come around eventually you know. He just can't seem to get his head around it. I think he's a little jealous too if I'm honest", Harry said softly.

At her confused look he spoke again.

"Well, the Weasley's have never been well off and we both have, especially me with the money my parents left. When we were rewarded by the ministry I think he finally thought we were on a level footing with money, at least with you, but then you turn out to be a Zabini and that made you richer than all of us. It made him feel as if he was once again the poor one and the one who was left out. The media had a field day with your story and despite his fame from the war, the press have always been more interested in me than him, and now you too". This last part was said with a grimace on Harry's face. He hated how much the press tried to invade his life.

"But that's so superficial", she replied.

"I know, but you know how Ron is. He can sometimes resemble a green eyed monster. I'm sure he will begin to see what I see. He will come around, he just needs some more time".

"I hope so", Sofia resonded sadly.


Sofia practically skipped into the Slytherin common room after her talk with Harry. She was on cloud 9 and no one could bring her back down. She had her best friend back, the boy who she thought of as a brother. Harry was back in her life and she couldn't be happier.

"What the hell have you been on? You look like a cheshire cat", laughed Blaise as Sofia came into view.

"You really do have a way with words, do you know that?", Sofia responded sarcastically. "Actually, I just came back from the library an-".

"Only you could get this excited from spending most of the day in the library", sniggered Theo.

"If you let me finish, you will know what I'm so happy about".

"Please do continue to entertain us", drawled Draco, his infamous smirk on his face.

"I just spoke to Harry an-"

"What the hell did he do?!", demanded Blaise.

All of the boys started to rush over to Sofia at this as if to check no physical harm had come to her.

"You've been crying! I can see the tracks on your face. I'm going to kill that-".

"For the love of Merlin! Will you all SHUT UP!".

Not used to Sofia's loud voice, the boys flinched and immediately sat back down.

"Before you all got up like a bunch of bumbling idiots, I was going to say that Harry came to apologise to me and we sorted everything out".

"Then why have you been crying?", Blaise asked disbelievingly.

"We had a long talk and things got quite emotional. Believe it or not, Harry and I have been through a hell of a lot. No one else in this world could ever understand what we went through together. You couldn't even begin to comprehend the bond that we have. Going through near death experiences together tends to give you that. Seeing his body when Voldemort said he was dead was the worst moment of my life. The pain was so excruciating. I just wanted to curl up next to him and die with him. We lost people who we both loved in the war and believe me, winning came with such a price it almost wasn't worth it. We were there for each other when no one else was. At one point we were the only people in each others lives, for months actually. Sharing an experience like that, no one will ever know what that feels like".

The group had gone silent at Sofia's words. The girls even had tears in their eyes. They had never heard her talk about the war. Not even Blaise. To hear even a small part of what she went through made them feel for her so much. They now understood why she had forgiven Harry and, even if they didn't like him, they knew that the relationship he shared with Sofia was strong and infinite. It would last forever and nothing could break it.

"It sounds like you really have something special", said Pansy, breaking the silence that hung in the air. "Have you ever spoke about the war to anyone before?".

"Not really. I never had any close friends apart from Ron and Harry but we were there when everything happend. We never really felt the need to talk about it, it was too hard. Just before was the first time Harry ever metioned it. Hence the tears".

"You could talk about it to us if you want?", asked Daphne.

"I don't know, it's rather personal. It was something that Harry, Ron and I went through together. It would be strange saying it to other people".

"Just think of it like telling a story. You don't have to if you don't want but it might help you get it off your chest and come to terms with things".

The fact that it was Vincent Crabbe who had just said this astounded every single one of them.

"Vinnie, did you actually just say something intelligent and heart felt?", Theo asked with his face a mirror of shock.

At this Vinnie's cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

"I think he's right actually. Maybe it would be good and I'm sure you would all like to know about our 'adventures'. I have to ask though, please do not let anything I tell you go as far as this room. Harry, Ron and I are not ready to let the world know what truly happened yet".

All of the Slytherins agreed and Sofia began her story. She told them of the prophecy which had led to Voldemort targetting Harry. She told them of the reason for Harry's survival when he was just a small baby and the fight for the Philospher stone. She told them how Harry finally found a family with Sirius untill he was cruelly taken away. She told them of Snape and his love for Harry's Mother. She told them of the night Ron had left them alone. She told them of the Horcruxes and how they were all destroyed. She told of them of the Deathly Hallows and how Harry had once had all 3. She told them of the many months they had spent on the run. She told them of the night they went to visit Harry's parents in Godric's Hollow and of the statue and sign they had seen in front of the ruined house. She told them of the special relationship between Professor Dumbledore and Harry. She told them of the people they had painfully lost and lastly, she told them all about the night of the battle at Hogwarts from the perspective of Harry, Ron and herself. She told them everything.

Almost 3 hours had passed by the time she was finished and everyone was teary eyed. Daphne and Pansy were openly crying and Sofia was struggling to keep it in.

"That was..", Theo started, in awe of what he had just heard.

"Yeah", said Adrian in an equally trance like state.

"I can't believe everything you went through. Everything you fought against. All 3 of you", cried Daphne.

"I actually feel for Potter. To lose all of those people", sobbed Pansy.

"It's unimaginable", Draco whisphered.

"Why did you do it?", asked Blaise. She had told them everything she had done with Potter and Weasley but not why. At this question, everyone looked up at her curiously. They too had wanted to know why.

"Because they're my friends. Every year at Hogwarts we went through so much together and every year we all became closer because of it. When Harry decided to look for the Horcruxes, he didn't ask Ron and I to come. We chose to. Harry was our friend. Our brother. We went through everything together and we would rather have died than let him go alone. He needed us and we were not going to fail him".

"So you risked your life, for all of those years, for your friends?", Theo questioned.

"Yes. Yes I did. And I would do it all over again if I had to. Just as I would do it for any of you".

The defiance in her startling blue eyes as she said this statement sent shivers down their spines. Just by looking into those crystal orbs, the Slytherins could see just how much she meant what she had said. She would do it all again. They were in awe at her bravery and loyalty and could not understand how she had not been placed back in Gryffindor. They could see how fiercely she loved her friends and how much she would do to protect them. What shocked them the most was the she had said she would do it for all of them too. Looking at each other the Slytherin friends all nodded, thinking the exact same thought; "And we would do it all for her too".

Sofia left the bathroom and walked into her dorm to be met with the sight of Pansy, Daphne, Millie Bulstrode and Giorgina Napleton (her other two room mates) styling their hair and putting on their make up.

"Are you four going somewhere?", she asked in puzzlement.

"No", Pansy replied, "Us five are going somewhere. After what you told us all earlier, we decided that you need a little fun in your life and we are not going to take no for answer".

"Oh, I don't know", Sofia said hesitantly.

"You're coming whether you like it or not. I've left you an outfit on your bed and Giorgie will take care of your hair and make up. Come on, it would be rude not to take advantage of the fact that 7th years are allowed out to Hogsmeade on nights out and I've heard the new nightclub their is mental".

Despite her protests of wanting to stay at the castle, 45 mintes later Sofia found herself with her make up applied, her back combed hair curled to perfection and her body in one of Pansy's dresses.

"Girl, you got one fine ass!", shouted Millie jokingly.

Sofia laughed but did feel slightly self conscious. The dress was a cobalt blue and extremely tight, or 'fitted' as Pansy liked to say. The neck line went down into a v showing off her curvacious chest tastefully and stopped mid thigh. Looking at herself, Sofia could understand why Millie had said what she had. It really did make her behind stand out.

"Come on, we'll go to The Three Broomsticks first and then head over to Moonfire when we've had a few drinks", said Daphne.

The girls walked out of their dorm and down the steps to their common room. Sofia wobbled slightly in the black platform heels she was wearing but soon got used to them.

"And where do you think you lot are going?", asked Draco. He had clocked the girls trying to sneak out of the common room in the corner of his eye.

"Out", smiled Pansy, feigning innocence.

"Not dressed like that you're bloody not!", shouted Blaise. He was clearly talking to Sofia and the other girls smirked at his protectiveness over his twin.

"I beg your pardon?", Sofia asked, raising an eye brow as if to dare him to tell her what to do again.

"That dress is far too short and so low you can see your lady things! People will think you're a-a, well, a tart", he blurted out.

Sofia scoffed at this and the girls burst out into a fit of giggles.

"I'm sure everyone will think she looks beautiful, just like we do. Don't you agree, Draco?", Pansy smirked. She just loved making Draco squirm.

Sofia looked over to him and blushed slightly. Draco was practically drooling over her but his face was still in shock.

"Yeah, erm sure, yeah, I mean yes, beautiful", he stammered, not taking his eyes away from her chest.

Blaise looked at him horrified and smacked him around the back of the head with his hand.

"Mate, that's my sister!", he exclaimed.

"Well, it's not my fault she's fit!".

As soon as Draco realised what he had said his face turned into one of pure horror. He hadn't meant to say that out loud.

Sofia nearly had to put her fist in her mouth to stop herself from crying with laughter. Blaise's furious face and Draco's embarrassment was just too much to handle.

"Well, we'll be off now boys, have a nice night", Daphne teased as the girls headed towards the exit.

Sofia couldn't resist that chance to humilate Draco further and turned back to him just before she walked through the portrait hole.

"Bye Draa-co", she smiled coyly, laughing further at the reddening colour of his normally pale cheeks.

"Well, that was fun", Giorgie giggled as the girls made their way across the entrance hall.

"It was hilarious. That is one the only times I have ever seen Draco embarrassed", laughed Daphne.

"Well if you think that was fun just wait for tonight. It. Is. Going. To. Be. Madness", smirked Pansy. With that, the girls apparated at the Hogwarts gates, ready to start their night of intoxication and fun.


Chapter 10: Chapter Ten: A Planned Life
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The five seventh year Slytherin girls awoke one winter morning feeling tired and sick. They had been out last night as they had several times after their first night out back in September. Their monsterous hangovers were now kicking in full force and the loud noise that was currently present in their room was not a welcome guest.


"What the hell? GET OUT!".


"I'm going to get up in a minute and HIT YOU IN THE GOD DAMN FACE!".



Sofia opened her eyes to see what all of the racket was. Blaise, Draco, Theo, Greg, Adrian and Vinnie were running around the dorm and banging metal pans together while screaming at the top of their voices. She would have joined in with the shouting match that was going on if it was not for the pounding sensation she had in her head.

"ALRIGHT, WE'RE UP!", bellowed Daphne.


At seeing her advancing on them with her wand in hand, the boys quickly ran out of the room. Pansy was not a morning person at the best of times.

"Those boys are going to be the death of us".


"Eurgh, I feel terrible", whined Daphne.

The group of Slytherins were sat in the carriage on the Hogwarts Express, waiting to get home to their families for Christmas.

"Well that will teach you not to go out drinking all night then stumble in at 5 o'clock this morning, laughing and screaming. I'm surprised the Gryffindorks couldn't here you in that blasted tower of theirs!", said Draco.

"At least it wasn't as bad as the time when we came into your room and Sofia was sick on Blaise's bed", commented Daphne.

"Or the time when she tried to get undressed in the common room and shouted at you all saying you were in our dorm", Pansy added.

"Alright guys, enough with the embarrassment thanks", Sofia sighed. She had no energy left after last night and the previous talk of vomit had made her stomach churn.

"You all look ridiculous by the way", Blaise stated.

As was usual after a steaming night out when the girls were not allowed to wallow in the privacy of their own dormitory, Pansy, Daphne and Sofia all had their hair scraped back into a pony tail or high bun and wore large sunglasses which covered half of their faces.

"I know!", Greg agreed, "Why the hell are you wearing sunglasses? It's snowing outside".

"Trust me, you do not want to see what is under these glasses", muttered Pansy as Sofia and Daphne nodded their heads in agreement.

"So come on then, what went down last night? Anything exciting?", asked Theo.

"You should be asking Sofia that, I'm sure she has some 'exciting' things to share".

"I can see something interesting coming out here", Theo laughed, "come on Sofia, spit it out".

"Our little Sofia was the object of desire of a certain dark haired stranger last night".

"Daphne!", Sofia reprimanded.

"What? He was hot", she defended.

"Oh he was. You practically had a free night out too, he was buying you drinks all night.He even slipped his address into your purse so you could owl him!", Pansy laughed.

"What's up Draco? Why the long face?", Daphne teased as she noticed the murderous look in his eyes.

Draco Malfoy did not want to be listening to this conversation and he certainly did not want to know about Sofia's rendez-vous.

"Yeah Draco, don't you want to hear all about Sofia's latino lover?", Pansy smirked smugly, knowing she was getting under Draco's skin.

"Yeah, because Draco really wants to hear about other guys hitting on the girl he fancies".

Adrian Pucey had once again put his foot in it.


Zabini Manor looked magnificent in all of it's Christmas glory and Sofia had loved spending the last few days catching up with her parents and having some much needed quality time with them. After having an excellent time unwrapping her many presents that beautiful Christmas morning, she was currently getting ready before the Malfoys arrived to have Christmas dinner, much to her chagrin.

"Now Sofia, I want you to remember what we agreed to last night", her Mother said.

Sofia rolled her eyes and thought back to the conversation she had had with her Mum last night.

"The Malfoys will be joining us for Christmas dinner and drinks tomorrow evening as they have for the last 20 years", Seline told her daughter.

"Oh fantastic, I just can't wait", Sofia replied with sarcasm dripping from every word she said.

"I know it will be difficult for you but I would like it if you gave Lucius and Narcissa the opportunity to prove to you what lovely people they are and how much they care for you".

"Fat chance of that", Sofia snorted.

"Lucius and Narcissa are very dear to your Father and I, they are your godparents and you mean a great deal to them, Sofia. You found it in your heart to forgive Draco, and you hated him just as much as Lucius, so I know you can do the same for his parents".

Sofia didn't have much to say to this. She had forgiven Draco and she had found that, whilst he was still spoiled and egotistical, he was also caring, funny and a great friend. 'And possibly something more', she thought.

"All we ask is that you give them a chance. They would give you the stars if they could so please just try?", her Mother asked.

"Fine, just don't force them into my life so quick. If this is going to work it will take time", she unwillingly responded.

"Really? Oh Sofia, you don't understand what this will mean to them!", Seline exclaimed.

"I haven't forgotten, Mum, but I hope you haven't forgotten what I said too", Sofia replied to her Mother's earlier statement.

"Of course not. Now, I think I just heard the bell on the floo signalling their arrival so come on, we must get downstairs".

Sofia found that her Mother had been correct as she walked into the lounge to find the Malfoys sitting on the cream and gold embroidered sofa.

"Lucius, Narcissa, Draco! It's so wonderful to see you and Merry Christmas to you all", Seline greeted.

"It's great to see you too, Seline, and of course little Sofia", Narcissa said, cautiously smiling at the raven haired girl.

"It's nice to see you too, Mrs Malfoy", Sofia responded, smiling uneasily at the elegant woman.

Her Mother beamed as the rest of the room paused in shock for a second at Sofia's words before Narcissa spoke again.

"Oh, please call me Narcissa. Mrs Malfoy reminds me of my Mother-in-law, a venomous woman who I am not particularly fond of".

Sofia couldn't help but laugh a little at this. Her Mother had been right when she had told her that Narcissa had a good sense of humour.

"Before we have dinner I thought it would be nice to exchange gifts", Seline suggested to the room.

"Of course, Lucius would you hand them out please?", Narcissa asked her husband.

One by one Lucius handed out the gifts as her Father gave the Malfoys theirs. As the elder Malfoy came to the last present he paused as he pulled it out of the bag, looking at Sofia with uncertainty and then to her Mother and Narcissa. Seline nodded her head and Lucius handed the gift to Sofia, smiling warmly.

Sofia took the gift and reciprocated a small smile. She could not bring herself to speak to him yet and was scared about what would slip out of her mouth if she opened it.

After taking off the gift wrap, Sofia held a book in her hands with a slightly confused face. The words on the pages were all handwritten and the cover was just parchment. It was like someone had just made it themselves. Upon closer inspection she let out an audible gasp at the writing on the front:

'Pride and Prejudice,
First Edition,
Handwritten by myself;
Jane Austen'.

Sofia couldn't believe her eyes. Here, in her hands, was the first ever copy of her favourite novel. It was the copy that Jane Austen herself had put together, made and written all by her own hand. This was created before the first ever book!

"But how?", she said looking at Narcissa, disbelief and shock etched into her face.

"It was all Lucius", she smiled.

Sofia looked over to the blonde haired man, who looked rather uncomfortable and nervous, with the same question burning in her eyes.

"Well, I remember your Mother mentioning it, saying that this was your favourite. Favourite er, book that is. I figured that you would already have the book, so I, well, I found this and I er-, well I thought you would like it. You do like it?", he stuttered.

Sofia couldn't help but feeling a little drop of guilt at Lucius' unease. She also couldn't stop the huge grin that spread across her face.

"I love it!", she exclaimed.

Lucius let out a sigh of relief, pleased that he had managed to do something good for his treasured goddaughter.

Sofia's blue met Lucius' grey again as she looked him in the eye and spoke.

"It really is amazing and you must have spent a hell of a lot of money and gone through an awful amount of trouble to get this. Thank you, Lucius".

Lucius nodded his head and smiled graciously, silently thanking Sofia for giving him a chance.


Sofia was helping her Mother find the magical camera in the library when she found herself itching to burst. She had constantly felt like this around her parents since she had arrived home and found that she couldn't take it anymore.

"Mum, would you be mad if I asked you something that you probably don't want to hear?", Sofia cautiously asked her Mother.

"Of course not, darling, you can ask me anything you know. I'm always here for you. What's troubling that pretty little head of yours?".

"You see the things is, well, after the incident at Malfoy Manor and you and Father spoke to me about Lucius and Narcissa, well erm, after I left I came back to ask you where my Hogwarts letter was and I, er, sort of overheard your conversation with Dad", Sofia stuttered.

Seline Zabini froze. She knew exactly what conversation Sofia had heard and she knew exactly what it was about. Due to her Mother's lack of response, Sofia spoke again.

"I didn't mean to overhear, I really didn't but you were talking about me and I couldn't help it. You said I had to accept something. What were you and Dad talking about?".

After a long pause, Seline answered her daughter.

"This is not a matter that I should discuss with you alone. Come with me".

The two headed back to the lounge where the Malfoys, her Father and Blaise were sat having drinks.

"About time!", joked Andre, but at seeing his wife's expression, he soon faltered and his face displayed worry.

"It's time. Sofia overheard us talking after we went to dinner at Malfoy Manor. We have to tell her".

Sofia saw her Father's normally tanned skin pale and, to her shock, so did the Malfoys'. To be frank, they all looked like the world had come crashing down on them.

"Sofia, sit down", said her Father.

After a little hesitancy she sat, knowing that she was not going to like what was about to come.

"Before I say anything, I want you to promise that you will not interrupt and listen to our reasons for what we are about to tell you".

She reluctantly nodded her head and waited for her Father to continue.

"When you were born you were so perfect. You truly was the most beautiful baby we had ever seen and we weren't just being biased, everyone thought so. Your picture, and Blaise's too, was all over the media and people just couldn't get over how beautiful you was. When Draco was born it was the same. He too had the limelight thrown upon him with his grey eyes and blonde hair. It was only natural that people believed you two were a match made in heaven", he started.

"I don't understand. What has any of this got to do with Draco?", Sofia asked. She was so confused. She had no idea where this was going.

"As I said", Andre carried on, ignoring his daughter's interruption, "it was only natural that people believed you two were a match made in heaven and it was only a matter of time before we believed it too. Just weeks after you were born, when we knew nothing of You Know Who and his plans, we came up with an idea. It was brilliant. We ensured our children's happiness and united our families all at once".

"What do you mean united our families? You're confusing me, I don't understand?", Sofia asked, clearly perplexed.

Realising his daughter had forgotten her promise to not interrupt, Andre sighed and cut to the chase.

"You and Draco are betrothed".

The silence was excruciating. All eyes were on Sofia but she appeared to be frozen. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide. It was as if she had been carved out of stone and the expression of shock and horror had been sculpted on to her face. However, the statue soon smashed and came to life.

"Tell me that this is a joke. Tell me that none of you did this", she breathed as she stood up.

"Sofia, we only wanted what was best for you. It seemed-".


"Sofia, please", her Mother begged, "we thought it would be a beautiful union".


As she looked into his troubled eyes she saw the asnwer staring right at her.

"You knew. Oh Merlin, how stupid could I be? This is why you were so nice. This is why you helped me that day and when I got pushed into the lake. YOU KNEW!".

"It wasn't like that. Sofia, please listen to me", Draco said as he stood to try and reach out to her.


"Sofia, please calm down. We need to talk about this", her Mother pleaded.


The only noise to accompany this statement was the door as Sofia slammed it on her way out.

Tears streamed down her face as she entered her room. Not wanting to be in the house any longer, she grabbed a handful of floo powder and threw it into the fireplace.

"Parkinson Manor", she choked.

Blaise and Draco entered her room just in time to see the green flames dying down. She had gone.


Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven: Letting Off Steam
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"Sofia, what are you doing here?", Pansy asked, shocked to see her friend in her foyer. She had come as soon as she heard the signal for the floo but nothing could have prepared her for the sight that was in front of her. Strands of hair were hanging from the intricate bun Sofia had in her hair and her make up was smeared down her face as tears poured from her eyes.

"They lied to me. All of them. I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to go", she said as she burst into a fit of tears.

"Oh no, come on. Come upstairs with me. We can talk it out", Pansy soothed as she guided Sofia up the many flights of stairs to her bedroom.

After calming her down so she was able to speak, Pansy sat and listened to the events that had occurred just minutes ago at Zabini Manor.

"I mean, he knew, Pans, he actually knew about it! Everything was a lie! And I don't know who my parents and the Malfoys think they are, forcing us together like that. It's disgusting!".

"I hate to be the one to break it to you, babe, but arranged marriages like this aren't uncommon in pureblood families but I can understand why you're so upset. You're independent and, from what you have said, arranged marriages in the muggle world just don't happen", Pansy said, looking at Sofia with sorry and concerned eyes.

"Well, are you arranged to marry anyone?", Sofia asked, disappointed with what Pansy had said.

"No, but my sister was. It's usually the oldest that gets the arranged marriage. She lives in France now with her husband", Pansy responded.

"I didn't know you had a sister".

"Yeah, she's called Pria. She's quite a bit older than me though, she was 12 when I was born".

"What was she like when she found out she had an arranged marriage?", Sofia asked, curious as to whether she wasn't the only one who disagreed with the concept.

"She said as long as he's good looking, rich and has a good sense of humour then she's happy. She also asked for 3 years together before the wedding".

"And what's she like now? Isn't she angry that she didn't get the chance to fall in love with someone of her own free will?", Sofia questioned.

"She's happy. I think she's in love with her husband now, if not they're very fond of each other in that way. They're even expecting a baby soon".

Sofia looked down, not pleased with the answer that she had been given. "Is that what they expect to happen with Draco and I? To learn to love one another? To get on with it with no complaints? To have children and be happy?".

"I know you don't want this but it's not really like you have a choice is it? And be honest with yourself, you know you like Draco as more than a friend. I can see it in your eyes. You have chemistry and we all know he likes you too", Pansy said.

"I keep thinking it's all a lie though, that he was just that way because he knew".

"I don't think so. I know Draco and if he doesn't like someone, he tells them. Just because he's betrothed to you doesn't mean he has to pretend to like you and trust me when I say he wouldn't. If anything he would make it even more clear that he hated you", laughed Pansy.

At seeing Sofia's confused eyes, she sighed.

"Look, let's not think about it tonight, it is Christmas after all. Let' go out. You can drink your sorrows away and forget about everything for a while".

"You know what, that actually sounds like a good idea", Sofia smiled though it didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Come on then, I'll lend you some clothes again as I'm guessing you don't want to go back home", Pansy snorted.

"You guessed right", Sofia replied and laughed along with her friend. "Pansy, I just wanted to say thank you, for tonight. I hope I didn't ruin your Christmas".

"Don't be stupid, I was bored shitless downstairs with my parents and don't apologise, I'm glad you came to me, it's what I'm here for".


A few hours later the girls were dressed up to the nines and looking gorgeous. They were also very drunk. Sofia had already drank her body weight in fire whisky, shots and cocktails in the night club they were in. Despite the state she was getting into, Pansy did nothing to stop Sofia. She needed to let off some steam and this was a good way to do it so, as any good friend would, she followed her lead and got just as drunk.

"Eurgh, skank alert!", slurred Sofia.

"Where?", asked Pansy, who's eyes were a little unfocused.

"There!", Sofia shouted, pointing a finger at none other than Lavender Brown.

Lavender herself noticed Sofia's glare and stalked over to the girls with Parvati in tow.

"Look what we have here, Slutface and Whoreface", Lavender said in a sickly sweet voice.

Before Pansy could open her mouth, Sofia beat her to the punch.

"That's really original Lavender, did you come up with that by yourself or did your dense as shit boyfriend help you?".

All of the girls were shocked by her outburst, even Pansy, as she had never stuck up to them before when they had taunted it her.

"You're just jealous that my Ron left you for me. He clearly saw that he needed to up his standards", Lavender shot back.

Pansy and Sofia couldn't help it. They burst into laughter at Lavender's statement. It wasn't that they were big headed but, to put it lightly, Lavender Brown was no runway model.

"Sh- she actually thinks th-that she's an up- up- upgrade", Pansy panted between her giggles.

"Left, for, her!", Sofia struggled between her laughter.

Sofia ceased her giggles and looked back at Lavender.

"He left because he can't handle change not because he wants you, you dimwitted bimbo!".

"That's not true, he told me!", Lavender shouted as her cheeks tinged red.

"I'm sure he did, doesn't mean it's the truth though does it", Sofia smirked.

"Why you little bitch!", Lavender shouted as she lunged for Sofia.

Sofia saw it coming though and before she could even think about it, she swung for Lavender and punched her straight in the face.

"Don't you dare try and touch me! Believe me I'll get you back ten times worse", Sofia whispered in Lavender's ear who was sprawled out on the floor.

"We better get out of here before secuity come and carry us out", Pansy laughed and the two girls quickly exited the club.

"That was amzing!", Pansy exclaimed.

"It felt fantartistic", Sofia smiled.

Both girls had used what little intellect they had left forming coherent sentences to Lavender so their words were now unintelligible to say the least.

"You, are my bestiest friend", Pansy announced as she slung her arm around Sofia's shoulder and the two girls stumbled down the street.

"And you're mine, Pansy Parkinshton".

The two girls then burst into fits of laughter about nothing in particular and continued to walk to the floo at the end of the road.

"You coming my house?", Pansy slurred before they stood in front of the night guard.

The floo station they were at was built for people on nights out so that they could get home safely.

"Naa, should pribly go home. Parnents will be worried".

"Good luck. Come to mine if need to tomorrow", Pansy said as she stepped into the floo and told the officer where she wanted to go.

She disappeared into green flames and Sofia followed soon after.


Sofia couldn't stop laughing to herself as she attempted to climb the stairs to her room. She found it hilarious that her legs weren't doing what they were supposed to and making her fall all over the place.

"What the hell are you doing?", Blaise asked from the top of the stairs, clearly irritated that she had woken him up.

"Going to bed, what d'you fink I'm doing", Sofia slurred.

"You're drunk".

"Great osvation, Blaise".

"You can't even talk, or walk by the looks of things. Who were you out with?", Blaise demanded.

"None of your bishness, now move", Sofia said as she finally reached the top of the stairs and began walking to her bedroom.

"You do know that that isn't even your room", Blaise stated as Sofia walked over to his own bedroom door.

"So?", Sofia asked.

As she began to turn the door knob Blaise reached out to stop her but it was too late.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?", she shouted as she saw Draco Malfoy lying on the blue sofa in Blaise's room.

"Er, sleeping?", Draco replied.

"I fink it would be good, nope not good, brilliliant if you got out of here and crooled back into your hole", Sofia said smiling as if she had just had the best idea in the world.

"What?", Draco asked confused.

It was only a few seconds later that he realised that Sofia was not drunk but absolutely wasted.

"Sorry mate, it seems like my sister has had a few too many tonight", Blaise apolgised while glaring at Sofia angrily.

"Actually, your sister has not had 'nough", Sofia said as she pulled out a bottle of firewhisky from her clutch bag. She had taken a trip to the pantry before coming upstairs.

She unscrewed the top and began chugging it down. She was so drunk she couldn't even feel the burning sensation in her throat.

"What the hell are you doing? Give that to me!", Blaise shouted.

He dived forward to grab the bottle but Sofia put up a fight. The drink spilled onto his blue carpet before he eventually wrenched it out of her hands. Unfortunately, this only led to her falling backwards, hitting her head on the corner of his draws and landing on the floor.

Blaise looked shocked at what he had done and seemed unable to move. Draco quickly ran over to her to see if she was alright.

"Sofia, are you ok?", he asked as he crouched next to her.

"Move, going to my room. Blaise is an ass", she grumbled.

However, she soon found that she could not get up from the floor without falling. The bang to head she had just suffered made her extremely dizzy to the point where she was seeing double. Despite her complaints Draco scooped her up, as he had become accustomed to doing lately, and took her too her room.

"It's the one just across from here", Blaise said as he looked guiltily to the floor.

"Mate, it wasn't your fault. She's pissed as a fart", Draco ensured his friend before walking out of the door with Sofia in his arms.

He sat her down on the edge of her bed and began to take off her shoes.

"How do you even walk in these?", he laughed.

She was a little reluctant at first, but soon answered him.

"It's a talent".

"I'm sure you have many of those", Draco smirked.

Sofia just couldn't resist that smirk. It used to make her want to punch him in the face but now it made her weak at the knees. It was a good job she was sitting down.

"Yes, I do. Some of them hidden", she replied as she smirked back at him.

Draco couldn't believe what she had just said. He knew exactly what she was implying by talking of her 'hidden talents' and he was finding it very difficult to keep his control. If she was sober he would have had no problem with carrying on this conversation but she wasn't and Draco was definitely not going to take advantage of her intoxicated state.

"You should get changed and get some sleep", he said as he stood from his kneeling position on the floor.

"Ok", she said, smiling coyly at Draco.

Draco was in shock and in awe. Sofia had slipped off the short black dress that Pansy had lent her and was currently stood in her amethyst lacey underwear. His mouth went dry at the sight and it took all the strength he could muster to tear his grey eyes away.

"I should go", he stated.

"But I want you to stay", Sofia said as she looked at him with puppy dog eyes that also promised him a night of fun.

"I can't", Draco struggled to say. His eyes were once again glued to her curvacious but tiny body.

"You can", she whispered as she came forwards and stopped right in front of him.

The air between them was so electric, it actually seemed to have a life of its own. Their quickening breaths and thumping hearts were the only things that could be heard. The moment was so intense that Draco couldn't help but get caught up in it. As she stood on her tip toes and leaned towards him, he met her half way. Her soft red lips touched his and the tender kiss soon heated up. He begged her for entrance to her mouth and she willingly obliged. An all at war soon emerged as their tongues teased one another, licking, sucking and stroking. Sofia's arms went to Draco's neck and her hands got lost in his silky hair. Draco pressed her into him with one hand and picked her up with the other. Her legs wrapped around his toned torso as he carried her over to the bed and stradled her.

Their hands explored each others body. Draco's caressed her skin while Sofia's made their way down, across his smooth abdomen and down to the waist band of his boxers. She began to tug at them and Draco used all the strength he had just to utter a single word.

"Stop", he breathed.

"Why?", she asked as she continued to kiss his neck and collar bone.

"I can't do this. You're drunk. You'll hate me in the morning".

With that, he got off her and went back to Blaise's room but not before giving her a soft, lingering kiss.


Sofia woke up to her alarm which told her that she had to go down to breakfast soon. As she washed and changed into her black skinny jeans and blue chiffon blouse, she hoped beyond all hope that the Malfoys had gone home. Not only did she not want to talk about yesterday but she didn't want to see Draco. She may have been drunk but she remembered every minute of last night and what transpired between the two of them. She remembered the softness of his lips, the scent of his cologne and the feel of his hands all over her body. She knew that she had wanted him and she knew that she still did but she was thankful to him for walking away last night. It really did show that he had morals and good ones at that.

As she entered the dining room her hope died out as she saw all three Malfoys sat at the table. Breakfast had been laid out buffet style and the smell of scrambled egg and greasy bacon and sausages was making her sick but she still sat down in the vacant chair which was unfortunately next to Blaise and across from Draco.

"Good morning sweetheart, how are you feeling?", Seline asked Sofia worriedly.

"Ok", was her short reply. She hadn't forgiven them for their actions.

"Angel, we need to discuss last night", her Father said.

"I went to Pansy's", Sofia responded, sure that her Father was asking about her whereabouts.

"I see. I was, however, talking about what happened before you left".

"Oh", was all she said.

"We need to know what you think", her Father continued

"You know exactly what I think", she answered stiffly, still staring into her mug of coffee as she had been doing since she sat down.

"Of course, I should rephrase that. We need to know what you are going to do".

"Well, I'm obviously not going to let you all die of shame by a refusal am I", she said spitefully. "Pansy told me all about these arranged marriages last night", she added in explanation as to her decision.

Everyone looked away from her as they took in what she had said. Despite the way in which she had done it, she had essentially agreed to marry Draco.

"In that case we need to discuss plans and preparations f-".

"We're not bloody getting married next week!", Sofia exclaimed, "There definitely will be no need to plan anything right now, I mean you forced this on us so you could at least give us a couple of years".

A sickening pause came after that in which Sofia knew that she was not going to get what she had asked for. There was more to this and she knew it.

"Spit it out then, why can't we wait?", she asked with her teeth clenched in anger.

"The bethrothal is meant to be carried out before the youngest of you is 19", came the voice of Lucius Malfoy. He was tired of having to see his best friend give all the bad news to Sofia so had to step in. "Draco is 19 in October so that leaves nine and a half months".

"Oh, well this is bloody fantastic isn't it! If you'll excuse me", she said as she pushed her chair back and stalked off to her room.

"She hates us", whispered Seline as she put her head into her hands.

"I told you she would react like this", said Blaise, "She prides herself on her independence and ability to go out and get what she wants in life. You all basically just took that away from her".

The Malfoys were quite shocked at how well Blaise knew his twin but they knew that his words had been right and so had Seline's.

"She just needs some time", said Andre as he stared at his drink pensively.

"Well, I think Lucius, Draco and I will take our leave. Thank you for having us, it's our house next year", Narcissa smiled as she stood from her chair and looked a her best friend.

"It's our pleasure, Narcissa. We shall see at the New Years Ball?", Seline asked.

"Of course, we wouldn't miss it for the world".

After a few more words of goodbye the Malfoys left, already anticipating the spectacular event that was the Zabini New Years Ball.


Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve: The New Years Eve Ball
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It was the Zabini New Years Ball and the manor was hectic. The guests were due to start arriving in 20 minutes and the tables were yet to be set. Orders were being shouted left, right and center and Seline Zabini looked as frantic as one could get.
"Blaise, will you please stop pranking the house elves and where on earth is your sister?".

"She's still upstairs, I'll go and get her", Blaise replied, glad of an excuse to get away from his Mother's incessant nagging.

"No, I need you to make sure the band is all set up and see that the champagne fountain is being tended to. Draco, would you be a darling and go and fetch Sofia? She needs to be here to greet the guests", Seline asked.

"Of course", Draco replied.

On his way to Sofia's room Draco was a little nervous. The last time they had been alone together in her room they had kissed and almost done more. He still remembered every curve of her fantastic body, the feel of her skin on his and the sweetness of her breath. It was hard to forget when he had been craving her touch every day since. Once he arrived he knocked on the door.

"Come in!", she called.

Had she known who it was she would have told him to wait. The last time he had been in here was still fresh in her mind and she thought that she might pass out just from the memory of it.

"Oh, it's you", Sofia said, shocked that Draco was in her room.

Draco couldn't speak. She looked phennomenal. Gold crystals covered her chest where the dress started in a sweetheart neckline. A gold sash, that was paler than the colour of the crystals, wrapped around her body underneath her breasts and then the same shiny material flowed to the floor in an A-line shape. Her hair was pinned up in curls at the back of her head but her fringe was swept to the side. Her skin was glowing and her make-up was flawless. She looked radiant.

"Is there something that you wanted?", asked Sofia, slightly breathless by the way that Draco was looking at her.

"Yes, you".

"Yes, your Mother said that you need to come downstairs as the guests should be arriving soon", he replied, though his thoughts were very different.

"Oh, I'll be down in a minute, I've just been trying to get this damn bracelet on. It's so difficult with one hand you see and-".

She stopped as Draco had taken her hand and fastened the 15 carat gold bracelet, that she had been blabbering on about, around her wrist.

"There. It's beautiful", Draco said, as he finished.

"Yes, you are", Sofia whispered.

At realising slip, her cheeks turned red and her eyes widened.

"I mean, erm, I-I-, what I meant to say is", she started.

Draco smirked and raised an eye brow at her, loving the flustered state he caused her to get in. She would never understand how cute it made her look.

"Yes?", he asked with his smirk still in place.

"I meant to say that, er, well, that-".

She was instantly cut off by his lips on hers. Unlike their last kiss, this was slow and sweet. As his arms made their way around her, Sofia melted into his embrace. His lips were so soft and she could have got lost in his kiss. She was sure his cologne was the smell of heaven and the sweet taste of peppermint in his mouth only added to this belief.

Both were breathless as they pulled away and stared into each others eyes. Draco put a hand up to her face to move a piece of her hair that had fallen down. When he finished he left his hand to linger on her cheek.

"Beautiful", he breathed.

Sofia could have stayed lost in his eyes forever but she knew her Mother would have a fit if she didn't get downstairs.

"Come on, my Mother will have our heads if we don't hurry up".

"You might want to stay away from Blaise by the way, he's going to have another fit when he sees that your Mother has colour co-ordinated your clothes again".

The two shared a laugh at this until Draco took her hand and they headed to the foyer.


Sofia had the same uneasy feeling that she had after meeting all the guests at hers and Blaise's birthday party and it was for the same reason. The surnames of Death Eaters that she had fought against in the war were swimming around her head. Rookwood, Avery, Macnair, Dolohov, LeStrange. She couldn't fathom why their families were here again. She knew everyone who was anyone was going to be here as the Zabini New Years Eve Ball was a massive event but the families of Death Eaters were hardly part of the elite.

"What's going on in that head of yours? You look like you might spontaneously combust".

Sofia turned around to see Draco smiling at her. He handed her a glass of champagne and the two walked around the room. They soon came to a set of double doors that led outside and they stepped out into the beautiful gardens. The night was cold but the gardens looked fantastic. Fountains were flowing and fairies could be seen in the bushes. Lanterns filled with muliticoloured fire flies were hung around the trees and the air smelled of roses and freshly cut grass.

"Come on then, what's wrong?", Draco asked as he looked at Sofia's troubled face.

"Nothing, I'm just not to keen on these fancy parties", she lied.

Draco chuckled at this.

"I didn't think these events would be your kind of thing".

"That obvious is it?", Sofia laughed.

"Not really, it's just who you are. You're more down to earth, it's not in your nature to be amazed by the glitz and glamour of this society", he smiled.

"And what would you know about my nature, Mr Malfoy?", she joked.

"Well, Miss Zabini, I know that you're a fierce friend and insanely loyal and caring. Why else would you have risked your life to go with Potter and Weasley? I know that you love to learn and read, but then again everyone knows that. I know that you like to seem strong and tough but that's just the outside. On the inside you're quite sensitive, you let me see that at Hogwarts that day. I also know that you're incredibly forgiving, after all you gave me a chance. I know that you're extremely witty and actually quite funny as you're the only one who can keep up with my cunning banter and keep me entertained. I also know..". He paused as he leaned in to whisper in Sofia's ear. "...that you have one scorching hot body underneath that dress".

She could actually feel him smirk against her ear and this only added to the heat she could feel growing on her face.

"Do I know enough?", Draco said.

Sofia could only nod her head and gasp as Draco leant down to kiss her lips for the second time that evening. They had kissed three times now and each time Sofia felt like she was flying. His kiss was magical. There was just no other way to describe it.

When the kiss ended, Draco stroked her cheek with his thumb.

"I know that your not happy with what our parents did but I also know that you've accepted it. It may seem a little strange to ask this as we know what will inevitably happen, but I'd like to anyway so, Sofia, will you be my girlfriend?".

For the second time, all Sofia could do was nod. When she saw Draco's dazzling smile, however, she stopped her nodding and smiled too.

"You know, conversations usually consist of two people talking", Draco grinned.

"What do you mean?", Sofia asked, confused.

"Well, you've been stood their nodding like a tool or smiling like a cheshire cat for the past five minutes", he laughed.

"Well you're just charming aren't you", Sofia said sarcastically. "Come on then, you wanted me to talk, what do you want to talk about?".

"20 questions? Rules are you have to answer any question asked and answer honestly?", he asked.

"Alright then, you go first", she agreed.

"Ok, er, why have you never learned to swim?".

"I'm scared of water", she replied embarrassedly.

"Why? And this can be my second question".

"I nearly drowned once when I was little. It was quite horrible so I never went into another pool or anything ever again", she answered. "My turn and I get two questions. Who was your first proper girlfriend and why did you split up?".

"Giorgie Napleton and because she shagged Marcus Flint behind my back. That's why she's never with you girls when you're with us", Draco said. "Now, who did you lose your virginity with, if you have?".

He smirked as he said this, knowing it was something she would not want to share.

"Viktor Krum".

"Are you serious?".

"Why would I not be?", she asked.

"Wow, that's some first time", he responded.

"Yep. So, what are you scared of the most?", Sofia continued.

"Small spaces. What's your favourite colour?".

"Purple. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?".

"In your knickers", Draco responded as he smirked and winked at a blushing Sofia.

"Has anyone ever told you how sexually orientated you are?", she snapped.

"Yes actually. You just had two questions though", he replied.

"You are just unreal", Sofia laughed, "Come on, people will wonder where we are. Let's go back inside".

With that, Draco took Sofia's hand and they went back to join the party.

"There you are! Been having some quality time have we?", Pansy smirked as she saw Sofia's and Draco's intertwined hands. "Come on, I'm absolutely dying to go to the bathroom".

With that, Pansy pulled Sofia to the guest toilets.

"Just give me a sec, then you can tell me all about yourself and Draco", she smiled as she headed into one of the cubicles.

Sofia laughed and headed into the next cubicle. She couldn't stop smiling after her encounter with Draco. He was right, they did know where this would lead to but he still asked her to be his girlfriend like he would have under normal circumstances and she was happy that he had done so. She was worried that their inevitable wedding would seem like a business deal but now she knew it wouldn't. It helped that they actually liked each other romantically too. Her thoughts were interrupted by the voices of two women who had just entered the bathroom.

"I hate to say it but that Zabini girl is gorgeous. Such a beautiful face and a petite litle figure too", one woman said.

"Tell me about it. Did you know that she's the Granger girl though? I heard through the grapevine that she was the one who obliviated my Antonin that night the ministry was taken by the Dark Lord", the other woman gossiped.

"Yes, I know. Hermione Granger, brains of the Golden Trio. It's disgusting that a Zabini of all people helped to take the Dark Lord down. Seline and Andre must be disgraced".

"I'll bet Andre is. She may be a Zabini but she will always be that Granger bitch to me".

"Too right and trust me when I say that that girl has a lot of enemies who are simply biding their time before they get their revenge".

With that, the two women left the guest toilets.

Sofia felt sick at hearing these words. She was correct. The surnames were not just coincidental. These were the families of Death Eaters and this woman was related to Antonin Dolohov. The fact that they had said that there were people waiting to get their revenge on her made her stomach churn. She felt the same kind of fear that she had felt in the war. A fear that she thought she would never have again. A fear that set her nerves on edge and sickened her to the core.

She walked out of the toilet cubicle and splashed cold water on to her face.

"Did you hear that?", she said as she saw Pansy come out of her cubicle.

"Yes", Pansy replied as she looked to the floor worriedly. "They were probably just making idle threats and trying to make themselves look good".

"Yeah", Sofia agreed but she couldn't shake the deep sense of dread that shook her very bones. "I'm going to get some air, I'll see you back inside".

Sofia left the toilets and quickly headed into the nearest door she could see. After igniting the lamps with her wand, she realised that she was in her Father's study. She had never been in here alone and wasn't sure if she was allowed to be but she couldn't go back out. She needed a few minutes to gather herself and settle her nerves.

While looking around the spacious study, Sofia noticed a door handle that was on one of the wooden panels that covered the walls. Curiosity took over her as she pushed the handle down and went through what she supposed was meant to be a secret door.

She ignited the lights in here too and was shocked by what she saw. Unlike the rest of the manor, this room was dark and eerie. The walls were dark green and the air was cold. She walked over to the book case that was next to her and read the spines. "'Dark Magic Uncovered', 'It's A Dark World', 'The Unforgivables', 'Torture Treats', but these are all full of dark magic", she thought. As she moved around the room she saw a glass cabinet. In it was a human skull, a gothic looking pendant, what appeared to be a shrivelled foetus and an ancient looking book.

Sofia turned to the far wall, not able to look at the cabinet any longer, and her breath caught in her throat. Three mannequins stood their with black robes hanging off them. Above them were gold plated masks. Death Eater masks. As Sofia got a closer look, she saw plaques on the wall above each mask. The first read 'Augustus Zabini, Devoted Servant and the second said 'Silas Zabini, Loyal Follower'. Sofia's stomach dropped as she read the third. Her eyes read it and read it but it still wouldn't sink in. Tears poured down her face as she looked back to the plaque that read 'Andre Zabini, Faithful Supporter'. Her Father was a Death Eater.


"Blaise, I'm telling you, the way that woman said it was eerie, it was like she knew something no one else did", Pansy said after telling Blaise and Draco what had happened in the toilets.

"Well, where's Sofia now?", Blaise asked.

"She left after hearing it, she said she needed some air".

"You mean to say that after hearing that, you let her go off on her own!", exclaimed Draco.

"I didn't let her! She just went!", Pansy shot back.

"Look, I'm usually no Daddy's boy but I'm going to tell my Father what happened. He can find her and show her that nothing will happen to her", Blaise said.

"And you're sure he can do that are you? In case you haven't noticed, this place is full of the families of Death Eaters that want her blood!", Pansy screeched.

"Who's blood?".

Andre Zabini was behind them and he was looking rather perplexed at Pansy's words.

"Dad, I was just coming to find you", Blaise said.

After a couple of minutes, the three teenagers had told Blaise's Father what had happened and were on their way to his study. Andre had told them that he had a map of the house and it would show him where any one inside was.

As they stepped in, his face paled. The secret door in his study was open.

"No! No, no, no, no", he said as he ran to the door, praying that Sofia was not the one had found this.

His prayers were not answered though, as the group entered to find Sofia stood in front of the Death Eater outfits at the back of the room.

Pansy gasped as Draco and Blaise, like Andre, paled considerably. They both knew what was in here and they both knew about Andre's past.

"Angel, please, do not look at that. Come outside and I can explain", Andre said cautiously.

Sofia turned around so fast at her Father's voice that the others actually jumped. Her wand was in her hand and held out in front of her.

"Explain what? I think this is pretty self explanatory!", she shouted.

"Angel, please. It is not what it seems", Andre begged.

"Really? That is your name is it not?", she said while pointing to the gold plaque.

"Yes but please, Angel just cal-".

"STOP CALLING ME THAT! I'M NOT YOUR GOD DAMN ANGEL! I'M NOT ANYTHING TO YOU ANYMORE! YOU MAKE ME SICK! YOU'RE WORSE THAN SCUM! YOU'RE A DEATH EATER!", Sofia screamed as more tears ran down her cheeks, she was practically hysterical.


Both boys had the decency to look ashamed at this but it did nothing to calm Sofia.


When she finished her tyrade of hate, she ran through the middle of Pansy and Blaise and out of the door. She flicked off her heels as she heard footsteps coming behind her and ran as fast as she could to her bedroom. Once she was in she threw locking charm after locking charm at the door to stop any one from getting inside. She grabbed her small beaded bag and began stuffing necessities into it. Clothes, toiletries, books, underwear, it was all in there. She heard banging on the door, a sign that they had broken through some of the charms. Knowing she didn't have much time left, Sofia grabbed a handful of floo powder and threw it into the fire before disappearing into green flames.

Just a minute later her bedroom door burst open and Draco, Blaise, Andre and Pansy ran inside only to find it empty.

"But, where is she?", Andre asked.

Tears streamed down his face and Blaise's eyes filled at the sight. In his 18 years of life he had never once seen his Father cry and it broke his heart to see it now.

"She's gone", croaked Draco.


The Weasley's had been enjoying their family New Years Eve feast when they heard the signal for the Floo.

"I'll go then shall I?", sighed Ginny whilst rolling her eyes.

She was in shock when she saw Sofia standing in the middle of her living room.

"Hermione", she still hadn't got used to the name Sofia, "what are you doing here?".

Sofia turned to see Ginny in front of her.

"Harry. Get Harry. I need him, now".

At seeing the state her friend was in, Ginny did not ask questions but immediately called for Harry.

" 'Mione! What's wrong", asked Harry, he too was having trouble remembering the name change but Sofia didn't mind.

"I need somewhere to go, to get away", she said hurriedly.

"Well you can stay here but-".

"No, they'll check here. I need somewhere where no one but us lot can go. You know exactly what I'm talking about!", Sofia exclamied frantically.

"Hermione, what's wrong? You're scaring me now", Harry asked worriedly.

"Harry, please? Just hurry and I'll tell you when we get there".

Harry then ran upstairs only to come back down again minutes later.

"I've got the key. Gin, tell everyone I'll be back soon".

Harry gave Ginny a swift peck on the lips before he and Sofia apparated to Grimmauld Place.



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Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen: Friends
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Grimmauld Place was still as dusty and dank as ever. The portraits of the Black family and the heads of house elves still lined the walls and Sofia saw the claw footed coat rack that Tonks had tripped over so many times in the summers they had spent here. The smell of hot chocloate filled the air as Sofia and Harry sat around the kitchen table sipping the warm drink that Harry had made.

"What happened? You look like your world has just imploded", Harry asked as he eyed his old friend with concern.


"It has. I can't trust any of them, Harry. They're all just stuffed full of secrets and lies. They make me sick", Sofia answered monotonously.


"What do you mean? What secrets? What were they lieing about?", Harry questioned.


"My Father. He's a Death Eater", she replied as tears once again poured down her face.


"Are you serious? We have to report him!", Harry exclaimed.


"I knew that would be your first reaction and I agree but, please, just give me a little bit of time?".


"Of course. So, how did you find out?".


"I found a secret room in his study. It was full of dark books and artefacts then at the back I saw the robes and the masks. Hanging there like they were his pride and joy. It's disgusting. They saw me in their; Draco, Father, Blaise and Pansy. I don't think Pansy
knew but Blaise and Draco definitely did".


"So, it's Draco now is it?", Harry asked. He tried to cover his distaste with a smile but Sofia saw through it.


"Oh he's more than that. Thanks to our parent's we're betrothed. We have to get married before he turns 19".


"WHAT? THAT'S RIDICULOUS", Harry shouted, standing up from his seat.


"I know, but there's nothing we can do about it. Trust me I checked. We have formed a relationship recently though. He even asked me to be his girlfriend tonight. I said yes but not anymore. He kept this from me, they all did".


"I'm so sorry about how everything has turned out for you. After the war, I really did think that everything would be good in time".


"So did I", Sofia replied, "I was so happy when I found my new family, I really was. In time I loved them just as much as they loved me but it's all gone now. I can't stand them".


"You should get changed, 'Mione. You don't look to comfortable in that dress, as nice as it is", Harry smiled at his friend, hoping that it was ok for him to keep calling her the name he knew her by. He had told her he would try an call her Sofia back at school but she would always be his 'Mione.


Her smile back answered his question. It was alright. After Sofia got changed the two sat in the drawing room of Grimmauld Place and talked and laughed all the way into the night. It was as if nothing had changed and Sofia loved it.




The next morning saw Blaise, Draco, Daphne, Pansy and Theo sitting in Blaise's room at Zabini Manor. Pansy had flooed them to come over after Sofia's disappearance so they could work together on how to find her. They had checked at the Granger's, The Burrow, Hogwarts and all the inns and hotels in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade but she was no where to be found.


"I hate to say it but she's a bright girl. If she doesn't want to be found, she won't be", said Theo. They had been thinking of places she could be for hours now and had come up with nothing.


"Well, she has to be somewhere! She can't have just disappeared off the face of the earth!", snapped Blaise. He was trying to appear calm and collected but he just couldn't take it anymore. On the inside he was a mess. He had watched his Mother and Father fall apart last night and it hurt even more that he missed Sofia just as much.


"Mate, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive, all I meant was that where ever she is, she will have covered her tracks well. It wouldn't surprise me if it was unplottable".


Everyone sat and soaked up Theo's words. He was right and they all knew he was. Their only hope was that Sofia would return to school when they did.


"Wait, unplottable!", Daphne said as she stood up from the sofa.


"Yes, it means you can't find it", Draco said as he rolled his eyes. He was not in the mood for Daphne's stupidity, he just wanted to find Sofia.


"No, somewhere unplottable! Don't you guys remember? When she was talking about the war!", Daphne explained.


"Have you had a bang to the head or something?", Theo sarcastically asked.


"No! When she was talking about the war, Sofia said that she, Potter and Weasley went to that house because no one would be able to find it because of the charm that was on it!".


"Daphne, you are bloody amazing!", Blaise yelled as he picked up Daphne and kissed her on her forehead.


"One problem though guys, it doesn't matter that we know where she might be, it's still unplottable. Even if we tried we wouldn't be able to see her", Pansy voiced.


"No, but she'd be able to see us", said Draco. "She said that the house was on a street called Grimmauld Place, I've heard of it through my Mother before, it was her Aunt's. It's in London. All we have to do is go there. We won't be able to see her but she'll be able to see and hear us".


"Come on then, what are we waiting for?".




Sofia was sat on the couch reading. Harry had left for the Burrow a few hours ago but was due to return soon. As if hearing her thoughts, she heard the front door open and close and footsteps in the hallway.


"Harry, I'm in here", she called.


The fact that it was not Harry who walked into the room shocked her but not as much as the person who was standing in front of her.




"Yeah, er, Harry said you was here. I just thought I'd come by", Ron Weasley said as he ran a hand through his hair nervously.


"Oh right, well that was nice of you", Sofia said.

She didn't really know what to say to him. She wanted to be angry at him but when she looked into his soft blue eyes she knew that she wouldn't be able to. She had been friends with this boy since she was 11 and if he was ready to apologise to her, she was ready to forgive him.


"Harry told me what happened. He tried not to but I sort of forced it out of him", Ron started,
"I'm sorry".


"What for?", she asked.




"It would help if you were a little more specific, Ronald".


Despite her cutting tone, Ron smiled at her words. She was still the same Hermione he knew. The fact that she had just called him Ronald told him that.


"I'm sorry for being such an ass. I was the biggest jerk ever and I was so mean. It makes me feel sick. Those things that I said to you. I really am sorry, 'Mione. I just didn't know how to cope with it all. It felt like you had died!".


"So you should feel sick, I would never have treated you like that. However, I do sort of understand why you couldn't accept it, but that's only because I know you so well. You're lucky we've been friends since we were 11, Ronald Weasley".


At seeing her smile, Ron sat on the couch next to her.


"It's still weird, knowing we're not going to see your old face again", Ron said with a hint of sadness.


"I know, it's even more strange for me", Sofia replied understandingly.


"Harry said that you don't mind if we call you Hermione instead of Sofia? I know that Sofia is your name but I just can't let go of Hermione", Ron asked.


"It's fine Ron, honestly", Sofia smiled.


"So, betrothed to Malfoy, eh?".


To her surprise Ron was laughing when he said this.


"Yes, thanks to my parents".


"I went mad when Harry told me, as you can imagine. He was right though, there's nothing you can do about it I suppose".


"Who are you and what did you do with the old Ronald Weasley?", Sofia laughed.


"Well, if you must know, a certain someone has opened my eyes a little to my 'pig headedness' as you like to call it".


"Ooooh, a girl!", Sofia exclaimed.


At seeing Rons reddening features she giggled and probed more. She had gotten over the fact that her romantic relationship with Ron was over long ago, it was just his friendship that she couldn't live without.


"Come on, tell me! Who is it?".


"Alright, but you have to promise you won't laugh!".


"Ok I won't laugh", she responded.


"Well, it's Luna. Luna Lovegood", Ron said as he looked around the room in unease.


Sofia was shocked at first. She hadn't seen that one coming.


"I'm happy for you Ron, really. You and Luna both deserve all the happiness in the world".


"Thanks, 'Mione", Ron smiled.


"So, what happened with you and Lavender?", Sofia questioned.


"We broke up. I never really liked her. She was just there after you went", he said, "I heard about Christmas by the way, good punch!".


Sofia laughed at this remembering the night that she had seen Lavender in the night club.


"Well, she deserved it!".


After a moment of comfortable silence, Sofia spoke up again.


"I'm glad we're like this again, Ron. I've missed you".


"I've missed you too, 'Mione".


The two then shared a hug, both glad they had their best friend back.


"Er, 'Mione is someone shouting your name?", Ron asked as he looked over to the window.


After taking a minute to strain her ears, Sofia too heard the shout of her name. Looking at each other confusedly, Ron and Sofia stood up and looked through the window. Sofia gasped as she saw Blaise, Draco, Theo, Pansy and Daphne stood outside on the square across from the house.


"Sofia, we know you're here somewhere! We just want to talk to you, please!", Blaise shouted.


"Come on, Sofia, we're not leaving untill you come out!", Pansy hollered.


"How did they even know to look here?", Ron asked Sofia.


"I told them some things about the war, they must have remembered!", Sofia gasped.


"At least they can't get in", Ron offered.


"Yeah, doesn't look like they're going to go away though".


"I can go and tell them to bugar off if you want", Ron suggested.


"No, then they'll know for definite that I'm here. Just leave them to it, they'll get bored and go home eventually".


So, Ron and Sofia continued their conversation, ignoring the shouts from outside.




Despite what she believed, Sofia had been wrong. Blaise, Draco, Theo, Pansy and Daphne had only left at midnight and had returned again the next morning and the morning after that. Harry and Ron had been staying with her and the three were currently sat around the fire in the drawing room.


"This is turning into a joke", Ron snapped, "You'd think they would have given up by now!".


"I know, I can't believe they're still here!", Sofia exclaimed. She truly was surprised.


"They know they're going to see you at school so why bother with all this when you've made it clear that you're not going to go out there?", Harry said.


"Right I've had it! Come on, Harry. This is your house, we're telling them to leave", Ron demanded.


"But they'll know I'm here!", Sofia protested.


"They know anyway!", Harry retaliated.


"Fine, just don't go getting into any fights!".


Knowing they would have hell to pay for and a half an hour lecture from their friend if they did, the two boys agreed and headed outside.


"Look, someone just appeared on those steps!", Pansy squealed.


However, the Slytherins' happiness was short lived as they saw Harry and Ron walk down the steps of the house.


"I don't know what you think you're going to achieve but this is my house and I would appreciate it if you stopped shouting like lunatics and leave", Harry stated.


"We'll leave when Sofia comes with us", Draco snarled.


"You've been here for three days now. Shouldn't that tell you that she's not coming out?", Ron barked.


"So she is inside!", Blaise exclaimed.


"Yes she is and she isn't coming out. She doesn't want to see you. Any of you", Harry stated as he looked across the group.


"You can't tell her to stay inside!", Daphne shouted.


"I haven't! It was Hermione's choice to come here and Hermione's choice to stay inside. If she wanted to be found, do you think she would have decided to come here?", Harry asked.




"I don't know if you've noticed Potter, but her name is Sofia", Draco hissed.


"She doesn't have a problem with it so why should you? She'll always be our Hermione!", Ron yelled.


"Oh, you suddenly care now do you, Weasley?", Pansy asked incredulously.


"I've always cared! Me and 'Mione sorted things out, not that it's any of your business!".


The Slytherins would never admit it but this was a kick in the gut for them. Sofia had found her best friends again, the two people that knew her the most in the world. What if she didn't need them anymore? What if she just went running back to the two dunder heads and forgot about them?


"Listen Weasel King, Sofia is MY sister and I am not leaving here without her!", Blaise shouted defiantly.


"You're going to have to!".


All eyes looked towards the steps of number 12 Grimmauld Place where Sofia was standing.


"I'm not coming with any of you. I've had enough of hearing your voices screaming and shouting outside of this house all day for the past three days! Take the hint and leave!".


"Sofia, please...", came Draco's voice.


Sofia couldn't bring herself to look at him so instead she looked at her brother.


"Go home. All of you. I'm fine here and I'm happy with Harry and Ron".


The group had nothing to say to that. They all knew that no matter what they did she would not leave and come with them. She was back with her friends now and it killed them to go home without her. Their only hope was that she would return in time.






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Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen: A Broken Search
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It was three o'clock in the afternoon and Seline Zabini was still in her floor length silk night dress and her matching robe. She was never one to be seen around her house in her nightwear, much less so at this hour of the day, but today her brain and her body could not function, not even to do the menial task of getting dressed. She had hardly slept for days now and food just wasn't her concern. She could only remember feeling like this once in her life before and the memory of that was one she constantly tried to repress every day. It was the day she had been forced to give her only daughter away. She had had to hand over her beautiful baby to strangers knowing that she would not be able to see her angel grow up, that she would not get to watch her transform from a girl to a woman, that she would not even get to create any memories with her at all. Seline never wanted to feel like that again but here she was, feeling much the same as she did all those years ago.

Standing at the large bay window in her personal tea room, she let a lone tear fall down her porcelain cheek. She had spent may nights and days in here with her daughter once she had finally returned home. Seline had shown her heirlooms she had saved for her over the years, told her stories of life in Zabini Manor and had even began to teach her how to play the piano. They were never interupted by the men in their family for they knew that it was their special time. Their mother and daugther time, where for a few hours they were the only people in each other's lives. They were the only people to love and care for and they were the only people who mattered. Now, though, that was gone. Her daughter had vanished as if she had never even returned. Seline had even thought that maybe she was going insane. Maybe her daughter had never even come home. Maybe she was still out there, still unaware of her true heritage, of her true family and of her true mother but as soon as she thought this she was reminded that this was not the case.

It was more proof to her than a reminder as what she saw could not be disputed. There, hanging on the pale pink wall of the tearoom was a large frame. Seline had hung it herself a few months ago. She had been elated when she had done it for this was her most treasured and most favorite object she now had. If her house was burning to the ground, she woud ensure that this did not perish with it as in the hand carved cream wooden frame was a photograph. It pictured herself smiling with so much pride she practically glowed. Her arms encircled a girl with ebony hair and pale skin. Her blue eyes shone just as brightly as Seline's own and her smile shone even brighter. This was what proved to Seline that she had not dreamt her daughter's return home for this was photographic evidence. This was her prized possession. This was a photo of herself with her daughter on the first birthday she had ever been able to spend with her. The two smiled as Seline hugged her and they laughed as she squoze her too tight. Seline remembered never wanting to let go of her in that moment and now she wished that she hadn't. If she hadn't let go then her daughter couldn't have left. If she hadn't let go her daughter would still be here, at home and in her mother's arms.

This thought caused Seline to choke. She held out her arms as if expecting her beloved angel to be there but all she was met with was empty space. Her arms drew closer as she hugged her own body and sunk to her knees in the empty tea room. No more could she hear her daughter's tinkling laughter or the sweet music they had played together. Now all she could hear was her own sobs as they racked through her body. Her daughter wasn't here and she wasn't coming back. As Seline Zabini came to this realisation she could only manage to choke out one word inbetween her strangled cries.



"I'm just going to have to go", Sofia sighed.

She and the boys had been trying to figure out how she could get her trunk and belongings for Hogwarts from the manor without having to actually go there.

"I'm telling you, you could just accio them all here!", Ron exclaimed for the tenth time that afternoon.

"As I've already told you, I don't think muggles would take to a trunk flying through the air!", Sofia said exasperatedly.

"We could always go for you", Harry offered.

"I couldn't ask you to do that. I wouldn't put it past Blaise and my Father to tie you up and keep you hostage untill you told them the location of this place".

"Well, why don't we all go together? We can help you get in and out faster and your parents won't want to cause a scene in front of your friends".

"I suppose you're right. I was planning on getting Caggie to pack for me though, then it would all be done in a flash so hopefully my family wouldn't be able to get to my room in time".

"Who the hell is Caggie?", asked Ron.

"My house elf".

Harry and Ron stared at her in disbelief.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. I told them my views and went to great lengths to ensure that all the elves were happy at the manor and that they were treated fairly!", she admonished.

"It's not that, although we are surprised that you of all people have one", Harry said.

"Well what are you both staring at me like that for?".

"Hermione, are you stupid?", Ron asked, "We've been sat here for bloody ages trying to work out how to get your stuff and you have a bloody house elf!".

"Yeah so?", Sofia asked, confused as to where Ron was going with this.

"Merlin, I thought you were meant to be smart. Call her you idiot!".

"Oh. I didn't think of that! Ron that is brilliant! Luna is definitely having a good effect on you", Sofia smiled.

At this, Ron smiled shyly as his ears turned red.

"Aww look, little Ronniekins is in love", Harry joked as Sofia laughed along with him.

"Shut up you two and just call your frigging elf", Ron grumbled.


Within seconds Sofia's beloved house elf appeared in front of her.

"Miss Sofia, Caggie is so happy to see you!", the elf squeaked.

"Thank you, Caggie, it's very nice to see you too", Sofia smiled, "I was wondering if you would be able to pack all my belongings that I will need for Hogwarts into my trunk and bring them back here as fast as you can?".

"Of course, little Miss, Caggie will do anything but Miss Sofia should know that the manor is very sad without you. Master Andre and Mistress Seline are most upset", Caggie said softly.

"I know but I just don't want to go back home yet, Caggie. If anyone asks how I got my belongings you may tell them the truth but please do not bring my parents, Blaise or anyone else here, Caggie", Sofia replied.

"Of course, Miss Sofia. Caggie will be back shortly".

With that, Caggie disappeared with a loud crack.

"Nice elf", Ron laughed.

"She's actually very sweet", Sofia retaliated.

"So, what are you going to do at school? You can't exactly avoid them when you share a common room with them", Harry asked, clearly talking about Draco and Blaise.

"I haven't figured that one out yet", Sofia sighed.

"Well you better hurry up, we're going back tomorrow".

"What's it like in there anyway? I mean, I know me and Harry have seen it before but to live in there. It must be weird", Ron questioned.

"I hated it at first. I just kept comparing everything to the Gryffindor common room and it made me hate it even more. I soon made friends though and it became alright, it's actually not too bad when you get used to it", Sofia answered.

She looked up the see the glum faces of her two best friends. She knew they had wanted her to tell them that she hated it and wanted to go back to Gryffindor. Right now, she wished she could do that, but she wouldn't lie and tell them it was awful.

"I didn't want to move houses you know, even though you two weren't talking to me", she started, "Gryffindor was my home, it was where I thought I belonged and I miss it so much. I really do".

Harry smiled at this but Sofia knew that Ron was just bursting with a question he wanted to ask her.

"Why did you get put in Slytherin? Did the sorting hat tell you?".

"Yes. It said that I was still loyal and brave and had a brilliant mind, but it is the blood of Zabini that runs in my veins. It said it was a tough decision. I think it was a decision between my heart and my heritage and it chose the latter".

Sofia had never told anyone that but she was glad she had shared it with Harry and Ron. This seemed to confirm to them that she was still the same. If they were honest, they were now just putting the reason for her current house down to her family. Their Hermione was still the same and they couldn't be happier.


Meanwhile, at Zabini Manor, Narcissa Malfoy headed back into the lounge after seeing to her best friend. The Malfoys had come as soon as Blaise flooed to their home after finding his Mother in her personal tearoom. Narcissa had never seen someone in so much emotional pain. It saddened her beyond belief to see how broken Seline Zabini was. She had gently coaxed her to her bedroom and had given Seline a sleeping draught, for she knew her friend needed to get away from her troubles for a short while.

"How is she?", Lucius Malfoy asked.

"She's sleeping. She won't wake for a good few hours now".

Andre Zabini stood at the window in the lounge with a grave expression adorning his features.

"This is all my fault", he whispered.

"Andre, do not be hard too hard on yourself", Narcissa comforted.

"Too hard? Because of me my wife is in pieces and I have never seen my son so lost and heartbroken! Because of me my daughter has left after only being in our lives for a few months and because of me she won't be coming back!".

Silence ensued the room after Andre's outburst. Blaise sat on the chaise longue soaking up his words. He didn't for one minute hold his Father accountable for Sofia's departure because he knew the truth behind the room and behind his past.

"This is not your fault, Dad. Yes, maybe you should have told her to begin with and been honest from the start but we all understand why you didn't. We know you couldn't bare losing her after just finding her again. Please, do not blame yourself. We will find her and she will come home", Blaise said.

Andre was astounded by the fierce determination he saw in his son's eyes, that were so much like his wife's. He had told Blaise about Sofia ever since she had been given away. Blaise was raised knowing that he had a twin and he was raised knowing how special she was. However, nothing could have prepared Andre Zabini for the bond his children already shared. They were as close as twins could be and it was so beautiful to watch but now he had ruined that. The guilt he felt consumed him just as much as the sadness and heartache he felt for his missing daughter. His sweet, sweet Sofia was out there somewhere and it was his fault she wasn't at home with her family.

It was at that moment that Draco walked into the lounge where Blaise, Andre and his parents were sitting.

"Caggie has just returned. She said Sofia asked her to bring her her school things but she is not allowed to tell us where she is".

He couldn't stand the pained looks in everyone's eyes. It was yet another blow to the system as Caggie was their last chance at finding Sofia before they went back to school. They had hoped that Sofia would call her and then Caggie could tell them the location of her hiding place but Sofia had been too smart for them. They should have expected it as, after all, she was the brightest witch of their age but they had hoped with everything they had that she would not have forbidden Caggie to tell them of her whereabouts.

"Well, at least you know she is going back to school on Sunday", Lucius smiled.

"And what use is that?", Andre spat.

"If you know she is going back then you know where she will be at 11 o'clock on Sunday or failing that, you know she will be at Hogwarts for the weeks following", Lucius announced.

Realisation dawned on the elder Zabini's face. Of course, just beause they couldn't find her now didn't mean he couldn't find her ever again. He could go to King's Cross and talk to her before she got on the train or even go to Hogwarts. Either way he was going to talk his daughter and he was going to fix this.

However, Andre Zabini had no luck finding his daughter on Platform 9 and 3/4 the following Sunday. He searched everywhere, even boarding the Hogwarts Express to search for her before it left the station, but no matter how much he tried his sweet Sofia was nowhere to be found. He watched as the train left the station somehow knowing that his daughter had evaded him on purpose and somehow knowing that she was on the train that was now disappearing from his sight.

He crumbled inside as he comprehended the fact that today he had failed to reunite his family once more. Now, he had to go back and tell his wonderful wife that he had failed. Knowing the tears that would befall her beautiful face because of him, Andre Zabini went home to his wife as a broken man.


"Have you seen her yet?", Draco asked Blaise who was walking back into their compartment on the train.

"No, I can't find her anywhere. I'm guessing you didn't have any luck either?".

"No", was his solemn reply.

Neither boy knew that Sofia was sat under Harry's invisibility cloak in a compartment with the boys and Ginny.

"Look, she has to be here somewhere. Caggie took her school things to her and she wouldn't have asked for them if she wasn't coming back", Pansy assured.

"She might be able to hide on the train but she can't exactly hide once we're back at school. We'll see her at the feast", Daphne added.

"I suppose so, I just miss her you know. I just got her back and now she's gone again", Blaise said as he looked out of the window.

It was rare for any of the Slytherins, let alone Blaise, to show any emotion like this so the fact that he had done so made the others feel for him. Sofia may have been their friend but she was Blaise's twin and they couldn't even begin to imagine the pain he was going through right now.

"She'll come back to us", Daphne whispered as she put a comforting hand on Blaise's leg. "I know she will".


The group of Slytherins did see Sofia during the feast but she was sat at the other end of the table with Giorgie and Millie. No matter how much any of them tried to catch her attention she wouldn't give it to them. When the feast had ended they had all scrabbled to their feet to try and get to her but found that she had already gone. She was not in the common room either so when Pansy came back downstairs after checking their dormitory they all looked to her in anticipation.

"She's in there alright but she won't speak. She's actually cast charms around herself so she can't hear us and if we try to get near her bed they just force you back and believe me there's no getting through them with magic either".

The group let out and audible sigh.

"If she just let us explain she might understand!", Blaise shouted.

He was not used to feeling sadness so he dealt with it in the only way he knew how; by being angry.

"She's so fucking selfish! She won't even give us the chance to explain! Why does she always have to be so up her arse and be all fucking high and mighty all the time! DOES SHE NOT KNOW THAT PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES? SO WHAT IF EVERYONE ISN'T ALL SWEETNESS AND LIGHT LIKE HER! WE CAN'T ALL SAVE THE GOD DAMN WIZARDING WORLD!".

Blaise threw one of the green lamps, which was around the common room, to the other side of room where it smashed against the wall. The rest of the Slytherins flinched at his actions and his words. They had never seen their friend break down like this and it scared them.

"It's nice to know your opinion Blaise, I'll bare it in mind".

All faces looked up to see Sofia stood at the bottom of the staircase.

"Sofia, I-I didn't mean that, ju-".

"Yeah I'm sure you didn't. And for the record, I did give you all a chance. I gave you a chance when I came home with you all to the manor. Any of you could have come clean and told me or given me this explanation that you keep banging on about but you didn't! Yes, I would have been mad at first but at the very least I would have respected you all for telling me! I could have given Father a real chance after knowing all of the facts but no! You all had to keep it from me and let me believe that we were some lovely happy family. Well what a joke that is!", Sofia exclaimed.








Sofia stopped at this and the room went deathly silent. In a way she didn't want to believe Blaise because that would mean she had made a terrible mistake but she could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't lying. She knew him like the back of her hand and she knew that his words were the truth.

"We tried to tell you but you just left", Blaise said softly.

"But why did you all lie? You said that all of you had been neutral during the war", Sofia asked confused.

"We were, Dad didn't want any part in it at all but the only way he could get out of You Know Who's ranks alive was to pass information to Dumbledore. Mum and I did nothing, we didn't support anyone. I know you of all people will see that as a coward’s way out but it's the truth".

"But. Oh God, what have I done? I told him I hated him", Sofia whispered as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Oh Sofia", Blaise started as he pulled his sister into a hug, "he understands, we all do".

Blaise stroked Sofia's jet black hair that was the exact same as his as she cried into his chest.

"Shhhh, come on, you don't want us all to think you’re a sissy now do you?", he said, trying to cheer his twin up.

"You really do have a way with words", she laughed through her tears.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Draco, who was staring at the scene before him. It was then that Sofia realised that she had one more apology to make.

"Draco, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did. I-It was wrong and, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to but it just came out. I didn't know what I was saying, my mouth was just spewing out words and I couldn't stop an-".

"Has anyone ever told you how much you can blabber on sometimes?", Draco interrupted as he smirked at Sofia.

Her face broke out into a huge grin and she ran to Draco who caught her in his arms, lifted her up and hugged her to his chest.

"It's good to have you back", he whispered.

"It's good to be back", she replied as she leaned in and kissed him.

"Mate, that's my sister! Go and do your business elsewhere!", Blaise shouted, horrified at the sight of his best friend and twin.

The two laughed as Draco put her back on her feet but Sofia's happiness was short lived.

"Blaise, what shall I do?" she whispered.

"He's our Father, just show him you still love him", Blaise smiled.

With that, Sofia set off to the Headmistress's office to see if she could go home next weekend. She had to see her Father and she had to do so as soon as she could.



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Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen: Wishes of the Heart
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The bitter January air hit Sofia’s skin like a razor slashing through her flesh as she disapparated from Hogwarts to Zabini Manor. She had been given permission from Professor McGonagall to return home for the weekend and she had a sneaky feeling that the Headmistress knew why. Surprisingly, Sofia hadn’t needed to use the many arguments she had prepared in her head to convince her professor to allow her to go home but now she was here she almost wished that McGonagall had said no. She felt sick as she trekked up the huge driveway to her home. What if her parents were mad at her? What was she going to say to them? How was her Father going to react to what she had to say to him?

The questions buzzed in her head as she walked through the grand doors and into the manor but the atmosphere silenced them. It was quiet. Too quiet, even for a place as big as Zabini Manor. The air seemed to hang with sadness, almost like there was no life in her home. For a few minutes, Sofia just stood there frozen. She couldn’t feel the warmth and happiness she normally felt at home and it was beginning to scare her. As she slowly made her way across the foyer, she began to think that no one was in but then she heard it. A tiny noise in the distance sounded and she walked towards its source. Her ears guided her to her Father’s study and she stopped outside. The last time she was in here hadn’t gone down all that well and the memory of it was filling her with trepidation but, as the sound of glasses clinking rang into the dismal air again, she mustered up her Gryffindor courage.

Sofia opened the door soundlessly and peered into the study. Inside, she saw her Father as she had never seen him before. His hair was uncharacteristically out of its pristine place and his tanned skin looked pale and sallow. His tie hung limply around his neck and the top buttons of his grey shirt were scruffily undone. In his left hand he held a small glass of firewhisky and in his right hand was a photo. Sofia could place a good sized wager on the fact that the photo was of her but as she saw her Father’s eyes all thoughts of bets flew from her mind.

They were the saddest eyes she had ever seen. The golden sparkles that were once flecked around her Father’s pupils had gone. The only thing that shone in them was a thin layer of unshed tears. His chocolate irises no longer held pride, happiness or love. Instead, they were laced with sorrow regret and guilt all of which seemed to be held together by the purple bags that circled around them. It was clear to anyone who saw Andre Zabini that this man was broken.

As Andre envisioned a dreadful life without his only daughter, he raised the crystal glass to his lips.

"I don’t really think that’s the answer, do you?".

The glass shattered on the wooden floor as Andre jumped in fright. He had been so engrossed in imagining his daughter never coming home that he hadn’t even seen her arrive but when he did he jumped out of his seat and flew over to her.

"Oh, Sofia. You’re here, you’re back", he gasped.

His smile was short lived though as he saw the evident feeling of betrayal on Sofia’s beautiful face.

"I mean, well, I’m guessing you want to talk?".

Sofia sat down on the black sofa that was in the corner of the room as she took off her cobalt coat and looked at her Father.

"Why did you lie to me?" Sofia asked as her eyes bored into her Father’s.

Andre looked down to his feet as the words had tumbled out of Sofia’s mouth. He shouldn’t have been so naïve to think that Sofia would had forgiven him already when he hadn’t even given her an explanation, however, the disdainful look in her eyes hurt him beyond repair.

"I- I was ashamed", he croaked.

"Is that it? Is that all you’re going to say?" Sofia asked disbelievingly.

"It’s all I can say. Sofia, you stood up for everything that is right in this world and you risked your life doing so. I couldn’t fathom for one minute how to tell you that I had once been part of the very reason you almost died and with the very people that nearly killed you".

"But, I’m your daughter. Don’t you think I deserved the truth?!".

"Yes, more than anyone, yes. But no matter how much I tried, no matter how much this annoying voice in my head kept telling me that you’ll find out eventually I just couldn’t do it".

Sofia looked at her Father outraged. She knew that he hadn’t willingly joined the Death Eaters that he had never wanted part of it and it was her judgment on him of that that had been her terrible mistake. However, the fact that he had essentially lied to her was eating her away.

"I know you were pushed into it, I know why that room is there and I know you did everything you could to get out", Sofia said softly, "but I just can’t understand why you lied. I fought for fairness and equality in this world and right now you’re not being fair. Obviously you’re ashamed, I get it, but that isn’t a good enough reason to lie to me".

Andre quickly deduced that Blaise must have told her about his past and he quickly realised that Sofia had forgiven him for the misdemeanours of his life that he couldn’t have helped but that was not why she was here. Sofia was not here to tell him that his past didn’t matter now she knew the truth. She was here because he had hurt her by lying and she wanted answers.

"I don’t know what I can say", he whispered.

"For the sake of Merlin! YOU ARE MEANT TO BE MY FATHER-"



He hadn’t meant to shout but the sound of Sofia implying that he was no Father of hers affected him in a way that no words ever had. Knowing that his daughter would leave if he didn’t open his mouth, he swallowed his pride and he told her what she wanted to know.

"Sofia, I’ve always been ashamed of my past and that I just didn’t have the courage to say no but when I found out who you were, what you had done and achieved… I was so proud but at the same time it my made my shame even more excruciating. You, my little girl, had not only had the courage to do what I didn’t but you had the courage to go out there and defeat the evil that I was a part of. Whether it was by choice or not is irrelevant, I was still part of it. I was only just coping as it was but to tell you the truth about what I had done, well, I don’t think I could have handled the shame then. It would have killed me".

"But you know me, you know that I would have understood!", Sofia cried as tears leaked down her porcelain skin.

"I know but I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you. We had only just got you back. Sofia, you and Blaise are our entire world. Without you our lives have never been whole and then when we got you back, I didn’t want to ruin it all again. It would’ve destroyed your Mother and you and Blaise became so close so fast I didn’t want to do anything to threaten that. I know you might see that as selfish but I just- I didn’t want to hurt you, any of you".

Sofia watched as the man in front of her pleaded with his eyes for her to understand. Tears poured down his face as he tried his best to be honest with her. As she watched her Father struggle not to break down in front of her, she decided that his best was enough. His actions still hurt and he had created a stain on their relationship that could not be removed but she understood. She understood that he was not a liar, he just wanted to protect his family. He wanted to protect her from any pain he might have caused, even if his protection did end up reaping the opposite consequences.

As she stood up, she took his hand in hers and squeezed it.

"I’m still not happy with what you did, but I think I can understand why you didn’t tell me".

A watery smile graced Andre’s features as he knew that this was Sofia’s way of telling him she forgave him.

"You know, you truly have a heart of gold", he said as he placed a loving hand on Sofia’s face, "I’m so sorry for causing you this pain, angel".

"I know", Sofia smiled.

With that, Father and daughter hugged as they knew that everything would be alright.


The Slytherins had decided to keep away from the cold that Saturday and stayed in the warmth of their common room. Crabbe and Goyle guffawed as they played exploding snap, Adrian and Theo were engrossed in a game of chess and Pansy and Daphne were entranced by the latest celebrity gossip inside ‘Witch Weekly’. Draco and Blaise lounged on the green leather sofa as the troubles of the week washed away from them.

"Have you heard from her?", Draco asked Blaise.

"Not yet, I’m hoping either her or my Father will write soon", Blaise replied, "I wonder how they’re getting on?".

"You mean you’re wondering if Sofia hasn’t turned you Father into a tea cosy after hexing him to within an inch of his life".

The two shared a laughed as they knew that this could be a very real possibility. Sofia may appear sweet and calm but her temper was a force to be reckoned with when something set her off. Blaise wasn’t at all unwilling to say that his sister scared him to death when she was angry.

"So, you two discussed any wedding plans yet?", Blaise smirked, knowing that this was a sore subject.

"Shut your face!", Draco sighed as he threw a cushion in Blaise’s face.

"Come on, don’t get your wand in a knot! It’s not like it isn’t going to happen", Blaise smiled.

"I know", muttered Draco as a grim expression set on his face.

"What’s up? Don’t you want it to happen?".

"It’s not that, I’m just not sure she wants it to happen. I mean, she was brought up by muggles. To her arranged marriages are just preposterous! They aren’t common like they are to us. What if she backs out or spends her life regretting it?".

Blaise could see that this was something Draco had been aching to get off his chest for a long time and it actually pained him a little to see him in such turmoil.

"Look, I’m not going to pretend I understand and Sofia’s that much of a psycho sometimes it’s impossible to guess what she’s feeling", Blaise said as the boys sniggered at his words, "but it’s not like you two aren’t seeing each other. You both like each other, maybe even love each other, so what’s the matter? We can all see that the pair of you are made for each other, you’d probably end up getting married anyway!".

"I suppose you’re right", Draco smiled.

"I’m Blaise Zabini, I’m always right", Blaise joked.

"Err, I think you’ll find that’s your sister. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone as annoyingly right all the time!", Draco said exasperatedly.

"Try living with her! You think she’s bad here you want to see her at home! Seriously, it’s like living with a mad woman. One minute she’s high on life and the next minute she’s chasing you around the house trying to set you on fire or turn you into a garden gnome!".

Draco couldn’t contain himself as he burst into laughter at the astounded look on Blaise’s face and the image of Sofia trying to curse Blaise whilst running through the halls of Zabini Manor.

"You can laugh all you want, mate, just remember it will be my turn to laugh when she’s living with you".

Blaise smirked as Draco’s face fell and he realised one thing that he had over Draco. Blaise may have to put up with his sister’s craziness now but Draco had to put up with it for the rest of his life once they were married.

‘Oh, this will be fun’.


Sofia ran up the stairs after her Father had held in her in arms and told her that her Mother needed to see her. She knew that her Mother would have been upset when she left but nothing could have prepared her for what he Father had said. Sofia had never felt so guilty in her life when she was told of her Mother’s heartbreak. The two had grown as close as Mother and daughter could get while Sofia had been at Zabini Manor and it saddened her knowing how much her actions had hurt the woman who she loved the most in the world.

She panted for breath as she reached her parents’ suite and, unlike her cautious entrance into her Father’s study, she burst through the door shouting for her Mother.

"Mum! Mum!".

Seline scrabbled from underneath the silk duvet as she heard her daughter’s urgent calls. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Sofia was there right in front of her. Just when she had lost all hope, her Sofia had come home.

"Mum", Sofia breathed, as she dived onto the huge bed and into her Mother’s arms.

"Sofia! Oh, you’re back! My little girl, you’re here", Seline cried as she held her daughter close to her body, just as she had wanted to days ago in the tearoom.

"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left without speaking to you. I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m so sorry, Mum".

"Oh, hush now. You’re back and that’s all that matters", Seline smiled as she laid her head atop of Sofia’s and stroked her jet black hair.

"I missed you", Sofia whispered.

"I missed you too, honey. More than you could possibly understand".

"I think I can. I felt like I’d lost my right arm without talking to you".

It was the truth. Amidst all of her determination to stay away from her Father and Blaise, she had always felt guilty about shutting out her Mother too. Her Mother didn’t deserve it, Sofia knew that she wouldn’t have told her simply because it wasn’t her place, but Sofia thought that she would have been the one to persuade her to come back home. She had missed her so much that it had physically hurt but now she was here that pain had ceased. She breathed in the familiar smell of her Mother’s perfume as she held her close and Seline noticed when she held her tighter.

"You really have missed me, haven’t you".

It wasn’t a question but a statement acknowledging that they truly had missed each other just as equally.

"Of course I have. You’re my Mum".

Those three words were enough to make Seline Zabini’s heart swell with joy. Of course she had always been Sofia’s mother but to hear her say those words made her feel on top of the world. With a new rush of excitement she looked back down to her daughter.

"Come on then, seeing as you’ve managed to persuade your Headmistress to let you come home, what shall we do?".

"I just want to say here", Sofia replied as she cuddled to her mother and got comfortable under the duvet.

Seline’s heart melted as her daughter expressed her wishes to clearly stay as close to her Mother as possible. She remembered Blaise often crawling into her bed when he had come home after sleeping at a friend’s house or had a nightmare when he was little and it always saddened her that she would never be able to comfort Sofia in that way. How wrong she had been for here was her daughter, clinging to her as if her life depended on it, just wanting the same love and affection that Blaise had wanted when he was just a small boy.

"Okay, we’ll stay right here just as you wish", Seline beamed, "but tomorrow we’ll have a big girly day. Shopping, lunch maybe even the new spa that’s opened. What do you think?".

"I’d like that", Sofia replied softly.

It was then that Seline noticed her daughter was swiftly falling asleep. She smiled as she held her sleeping daughter in her arms, trying to remember a more peaceful moment in her entire life. But she could find none, in fact, the only thing she did find was that if she could stay in this moment forever she most certainly would. Just her and her baby, back in her arms where she belonged.

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Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen: An Involuntary Crash
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When Sofia arrived back at school that Sunday evening nothing could have wiped the smile off her face. She had spent an amazing weekend with her mother and even her father at some points too. Pansy and Daphne were insanely jealous of the fact that she had been to Madame Zulo's spa and Blaise was not impressed that Sofia had been treated to all manner of things.

"You got new robes? AND shoes?", he exclaimed as Sofia showed the girls the things her Mum had purchased for her.

"Yepp", Sofia replied, "And wait until you smell this perfume, Pans".

"Perfume too? What else did you get?!", Blaise continued to shout.

"Well, I got some new books too but I didn't think any of you would be really interested in them", Sofia continued to ramble.

"Wh -what? Well where's my mine!".

The group snickered at Blaise. He often joked about Sofia being 'infantile' because of her petite stature but if anyone was infantile in that relationship, it was most definitley Blaise.

"I don't know, ask Mum and Dad".

"You mean they didn't get me anything?".

A look of aghast adorned his face. If they were honest, the rest of the group, minus Sofia, understood fully where Blaise was coming from. They had all been raised the same; spoilt and rich but with graciously good manners and etiquette. However, even with this understanding, they couldn't help but to laugh at Blaise.

"Ignore him, he's just upset he's not the favourite sibling anymore", Draco smirked as he leaned back on the sofa with Sofia tucked neatly into his arms.

"Shut up, Draco. At least I have a sibling!", Blaise raged.

"Ouch. You know that was such a good one. It really did pull at my heart strings. Seriously, I'm trying to hold back the tears here", Draco retaliated as his voice dripped with sarcasm.

Blaise only huffed as it was more than probable that he would spit something out even worse than what he had just said if he opened his mouth again. After a minute of waiting for anything else to happen, the Slytherins went back to their activities; Pansy and Daphne were admiring the products Sofia had brought them from the spa, Blaise was brooding in the arm charm and the rest of the boys were sat on the floor having a game of exploding snap. On the green leather couch, Draco lounged with his arm wrapped lovingly around Sofia.

"I take it you had a good weekend then", he smiled as he tenderly moved a piece of her ebony hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

It was little things like that which made Sofia melt. His small gestures were what showed her how much Draco cared. It also helped that whenever her skin was in contact with his, she felt like she was on fire. Her cheeks blushed and she was sure it spread throughout her body. Draco elicited a reaction in her like no one ever had, and she loved it.

"It was great! I had such a good time with both my parents actually. Father took me to this little chinese place on the north side of Diagon Alley, you should see it, Draco, it's wonderful".

Draco smiled at her enthusiasm. She remembered Blaise telling him how nervous Sofia had been around them all when she had first come home to Zabini Manor, but she had quickly fitted into their lives and grown very comfortable with them very fast. Draco only hoped that this would be the case when she spent her life with him.

"I'm glad you had a nice time and made up with your Father", Draco said.

"Me too. It took a while but we got there", beamed.

As the night grew on, the couple soon found that they were the last students in the common room but they didn't care, the could have stayed wrapped in each others arms all night. During a comfortable silence that they had slipped into, Draco noticed a look of worry pass Sofia's face.

"Just watching you is truly amazing you know", Draco continued as Sofia looked at him confused, "You wear so many emotions on that pretty face of yours. Come on, what's wrong?".

"Oh it's nothing", Sofia replied as she tried to brush off Draco's question.

"It's obviously something is wrong if it's making you look like that. You can tell me anything you know", Draco said as stroked her cheek with the back of his two fingers.

Deciding that Draco was right, she began to talk. She just hoped that she wouldn't hear something she didn't want to.

"It's just, I keep wondering, w- would you feel the same way about me if, if I still looked the same?".

Sofia looked anywhere but at Draco while she asked this and she twisted her hands nervously in her lap. Draco was shocked. He had expected her to say something about their looming nuptuals, not this. He had never imagined he would ever see her looking so vulnerable, she was the bravest person he knew after all, and it saddened him a little to see how insecure she seemed to be about herself.

"So, this about the way you look?", Draco asked, he wanted to make sure he was answering the right question before he responded to her.

"Er, sort of, I don't know. I just can't help but to think that we wouldn't be the same if I still looked how I used to or if I still had my old name", she rushed.

She hated talking about her emotions to anyone, but Draco had a way of getting you to open up to him, even if it did make her slightly nervous.

"Ah, I see. You think that I wouldn't want to be with you if you still looked like Hermione Granger and was called that also. Interesting".

"What's so interesting?", Sofia asked curiously.

It was the first time she had looked at Draco since she had started talking. It made him chortle inside that it was her curiosity and thirst for knowing everything that had eventually made her make eye contact with him.

"I don't know if you realised but Hermione Granger and Sofia Zabini are exactly the same person", Draco whispered with false glee, as if he had just told her the world's biggest secret.

As Sofia still looked on confused, Draco elaborated on his words.

"Believe it or not, you're still exactly the same as you were before. You're an insufferable know-it-all who spends most of her free time with her nose in a book and you have a temper which could rival McGonagall. Yeah, you don't look the same and if I'm honest you do look better than you used to, but you weren't exactly ugly before either. In fact, after the Yule Ball a lot of lads had their eye on you", Draco smirked at his last words.

"Oh", Sofia replied shocked, "Wait, but if I'm still the same, why do you like me? You never liked me before?".

"I never really disliked you. You only annoyed me because you beat me at all the tests we had. If anything you were quite impressive".

"Well, it didn't seem that way when you were calling me names", Sofia muttered.

Draco had the decency to look guilty at that. He would never forgive himself for targetting her throughout their school years. In all fairness though, how was he supposed to know that she was his future wife?!

"Look, you know I was just doing that to keep up the pretence and I've already told you how sorry I am", Draco said softly as he took her hand in his.

"That still doesn't answer my question though".

"Whether you were still called Hermione or not I would still be with you, whether you look the same or not I would still be with you and whether you act the same or not I would still be with you. Sofia, the only reason I can like you now is because you gave me the chance to. You're actually still quite annoying sometimes and you can be a somewhat psychotic too, but now I know all of the good things about you as well and it's everyone single one of those things that make me love you".

He hadn't planned it. He hadn't meant for it to slip out of his mouth but he couldn't help it. Draco had never said that to anyone before, apart from his mother, and he was surprised at how easy and natural it felt. He might not have meant to say it, but he certainly didn't regret it.

"Wh - I - you love me?", Sofia gasped.

Draco Malfoy smiled as he looked into Sofia's bright blue eyes. Most other boys would have been embarrassed or nervous having just professed their love to someone, but this was Draco Malfoy and Draco Malfoy didn't do nervous.

"Yes, I love you. I love you for you, not who you were before or who you are today, just you. The same you that's been there forever".

Sofia couldn't believe her ears. She never thought for a second that those words would come out of Draco's mouth but now that they had, she didn't think she had ever heard a more beautiful sound. He loved her. He loved her for who she was, not because of what she looked like and he would love her still if she hadn't changed her name.

"I love you too", she whispered.

The words were so quiet, almost inaudible, but Draco heard them. Truth be told, he hadn't expected her to say it back so soon but he was alright with that. He didn't want her to say it if she didn't really feel it but he knew she would never do that. It was this knowledge that made his insides leap with joy. She loved him and she meant it.

The couple leaned in and kissed a tender kiss. It soon turned more passionate as Sofia felt the caress of Draco's tongue on hers. It never lost its softness though and the two felt magical when they pulled apart. Knowing that they didn't really want to leave each other right now, Draco summoned a thick blanket, from the opposite couch, and placed it over himself and Sofia. After more loving kisses and sweet words, Draco and Sofia drifted off into a blissful sleep together both with small smiles on their faces.


"Come on, love birds!", Daphne shouted.

"Wakey, wakey!", Theo hollered.

Upon hearing the noise, Draco and Sofia groggily opened their eyes.

"Alright, we're up!", Draco snapped.

He actually wasn't one for sleeping in late, but he hated beng woken up by anything other than the alarm clock he set himself.

"Well, don't you two look cosy", Pansy smirked.

"Shut it, Pans", Sofia smiled as she lazily threw a pillow towards her friend.

"Wait until Blaise sees this", Greg snickered.

"Until Blaise sees what?".

At hearing her brother's voice, Sofia jumped from the couch and out of Draco's arms, instead standing stock still next to Pansy with a horrified expression adorning her features.

"Until Blaise sees what?", he asked again as he came around the corner to stand in front of the sofa.

It only took one look at Draco still lounging like he didn't have a care in the world and his twin sister's dishevelled hair and yesterday's uniform to figure out what his friend's had been talking about. If that didn't give it way, the look of sheer mortification on Sofia's face did.

"You two! On the couch? Eurgh, that's disusting!", Blaise exclaimed.

The group didn't do well stifling their laughter. Not only was Blaise's face a picture but Sofia's normally pale white skin had tinged red.

"We didn't do anything!", she defended, "We just slept!".

"Yeah, together. Eurgh, you know this is my common room too! You could have gone somewhere a little more private. What if I had seen you?".

Blaise's eyeballs almost bulged out of his head at his own statement.

"There was nothing to see! We didn't do anything! Draco, your input would be appreciated!", Sofia demanded as she rounded on him.

Draco smirked at Blaise as he knew this would wind him up to no end but after seeing the glare Sofia was throwing at him, he swiftly changed tactics.

"Don't get your wand in a knot, mate. I have bit more class than not to do it on the common room couch".

That seemed to satisfy Blaise, although he still had a fowl look across his face. It was almost as if he had just eaten something rather unpleasant.

As Draco came to sand next to Sofia, she looked up at him to say thank you but as soon as her eyes hit those stormy grey irises all her memories of last night came. She smiled dreamily as he smirked at her, knowing she was about the exact same thing he was. Draco loved her. Draco loved her. Draco Malfoy loved her! She was on cloud nine and it was clear for everyone to see. Nothing could bring her down now.

"Well, I'm going to go and get ready!", Sofia beamed as she practically skipped up the staircase.

Draco laughed at his girlfriend Pansy walked over to him with a devious smile.

"Are you sure you didn't do anything last night? She certainly has a spring in her step this morning".

"Now, now, Pansy, you know I never kiss and tell".

She chuckled as she knew from his face, rather than his words, that he had not been intimate with Sofia that night. She was left baffled as though, as she couldn't figure out what he had done that had made her wake up so happy. Usually, Sofia was a nightmare in the mornings and only came round after their first lesson of day. 'Well whatever it was worked, at least a don't have to put up with a grouch all morning', Pansy smiled to herself.


Sofia bounded into her dormitory after leaving the group downstairs. All the way through her shower and her morning routine did she have the same smile plastered on her face. There was nothing that could take it away from her. As she finished putting her fresh uniform on, she noticed that an owl was stood at the window. Quickly opening it, she let the bird in out of the cold.

"Well, aren't you beautiful", Sofia cooed as she stroked its grey feathers, "What do you have here?".

Pulling the scroll from the owl's leg, Sofia was surprised to find that the letter was addressed to her. She thought it was most odd as she didn't recognide the owl. Her parents were the only people that really wrote to her and this definitely wasn't their owl. In addition, she didn't recognise the handwriting either. She was sure she would have recognised it had she seen it before because who ever this letter was from had the most impressive penmanship.

Unravelling the scroll with curiosity, Sofia began to read.


I hope this letter has found you well and that you are excelling and behaving at school. I am writing to let you know that your parents, Narcissa and I have begun preparations for yours and Draco's wedding. Your mother has been fretting over writing you this letter for weeks so I have taken the initiative and done it myself as I believe you may appreciate my being upfront about the issue. It has been planned that the ceremony and celebrations afterwards will be held at Zabini Manor, rather than at my ancestral home, as we believe that you would prefer it there. It is also an idea that the two of you wed in the summer, perhaps July or August but that is your choice. So far that is all we are prepared to decide but of course if you do not share these wishes they can easily be rearranged, after all this is your wedding and it should be yours to plan. However, we felt that you may need a little nudge to get things started. Please correspond sooner rather than later as your family are very much anticipating your reply. I would say feel free to write any of your thoughts and opinions in your correspondence but I have no doubts that you will. I hope this is not too much of a shock.

Sending love,
Your Godfather,
Lucius Malfoy.

For a second she couldn't breathe. Despite agreeing to marry Draco she hadn't ever thought of the actual wedding itself. She didn't know whether to laugh about the situation or cry. She had to give some credit to Lucius though, she was actually glad it had been him to write this letter as her parents' statements of worry and constant excuses would only annoy her. She just couldn't get the words out of her head though. 'Wedding'. 'July or August'. 'Preparations'. This was all too much. She had to get out of there and clear her head. She needed to be away from everything and everyone that reminded her of her upcoming nuptuals. With that she quickly changed and ran from the dormitory looking for two certain boys.

"What's got her wand in a knot?", frowned Adrian Pucey as Sofia barged past the group of Slytherins and quickly exited the common room.

"I don't know", Blaise said as he and Draco both looked at the now closed portrait hole.

Draco was more than confused. Just twenty minutes ago Sofia had been grinning her face off and skipping around the place in happiness, what he hell had gone so wrong?

"Maybe we should go after her?", Draco asked.

"Or maybe you shouldn't. The girl clearly wants to be alone so let her be. She has enough going on without you two making things worse", said Pansy.

"What do you mean she has enough going on?", Draco questioned.

"Look, just give her some space. If she wants to talk to you she will now leave her alone".

At seeing Draco's crestfallen face Blaise attempted to comfort his friend, "What did I tell you, mate? Absolute psycho. High on life one minute and crazy as hell the next".

Despite their small chuckle, Blaise and Draco couldn't shake the feeling that Pansy knew something they didn't. Little did they know that Pansy had just seen the letter Sofia had received, after she had ran upstairs to see what had caused Sofia's sudden change in mood when she had left the common room. After reading the letter, she knew Sofia would need some time away from them to gather her thoughts.


"I thought I'd find you two here", said Sofia as clambered over the quidditch stands to get to Harry and Ron.

"What are you doing here?", Ron asked with a smile on his face. He had missed his friend so much it hurt so it was nice to have her with them.

Despite her smile, even Ron noticed that something wasn't quite right with the girl in front of him and he was about as in sync with his emotions as a quaffle.

"Come one, what's wrong?", Harry smiled as he put a comforting arm around his best friend.

"Still can't fool you two, huh?".

"Never in your life", Ron said as he came and sat on her other side.

"I just needed some time away from them".

"Is this about your Father?", Harry asked.

Sofia had told Harry and Ron the reason for that awful room in her Manor but she hadn't since seen them to tell them how things had gone with her Father.

"No, I went home at the weekend, as you know. We're alright now", she answered.

"Well, if that's not it, what's wrong? Come on, it's us two. You know you can tell us anything".

She sighed as she spoke the words that she had not wanted to admit out loud.

"I received a letter from Lucius Malfoy this morning, my family and Draco's are currently planning our wedding".

After a moments pause Ron spoke up.

"I see, and how are you feeling?".

"Lost, confused, in a state of utter disbelief I don't even know where to start. I mean it's not like I'm bothered about them making the decisions, in fact I think I prefer it, it's the fact that these decisions are being made at all. I know I agreed to marry Draco but I never envisioned doing the whole wedding thing, I never even stopped to think that it would really happen".

"I hate to say it 'Mione but you knew it would happen some time", Harry tried to reason as softly as he could.

"I know I just - argh it's making me so angry!", Sofia exclaimed, "I feel like I have no control over my life and I know Draco and I are together and we probably would be even without this bethrothal but the fact that I'm practically being thrown into this and not doing things at my own speed is actually making me resent them, even Draco and it's not even his fault! I completely ignored him today because when I looked at him I just saw myself being stood there saying my vows to him but not meaning them because I don't want say them like this and it's making me hate him!".

With that she broke down into tears. Despite their hugs and words of encouragement, Sofia seemed inconsolable but inside she was thankful. Thankful that Harry and Ron were there with her in hour of need just as they always would be.


Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen: Gone
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Draco had become increasingly worried over the last few weeks. He had hardly seen Sofia in that time and it was killing him. She had avoided him and the rest of their friends as best as she could. She hardly talked to them in lessons, she didn't spend any time with them in the common room as she always made excuses to go to bed early and she often skipped meals. He couldn't remember the last time she had eaten properly and it was beginning to show. Her skin was even paler than usual and her tiny frame seemed even smaller. She had constant bags under her eyes and he hadn't seen her smile in so long it was beginning to feel as though she never would. He knew she was spending most of her time with Potter and Weasley or alone in the library but he was giving her the space that Pansy had said she so desperately needed.

"Look she'll come around just give her some time", Daphne assured him as they watched Sofia leave the Great Hall after aimlessly pushing her food around her plate.

"I just don't understand what's wrong with her. Why won't she let me in and help her? After that night I thought she was happy, that she trusted me!".

"What did happen that night?", Theo asked.

The whole gang of Slytherins had been dying to know what had happened, the night before they had found the couple asleep together on the sofa, but neither Draco nor Sofia had ever told them.

"Nothing", Draco huffed, "I just, I just thought that things would be better than ever now. I don't even know what's wrong with her!".

There was a shock as Draco slammed his palm on the table. Being a master of his emotions, Draco rarely got angry so it was more than intimidating when he was. The group tried to avoid eye contact with him untill he calmed a little. It was then that Blaise spotted the guilty look on Pansy's face.

"Right, I've had enough of this! Pansy you know something and you're going to tell us right now!", Blaise exclaimed. He too was getting worried and angry at Sofia's behaviour.

At seeing the concerned and irate looks in her friends' eyes, Pansy decided that she had to tell them despite what Sofia would feel about it.

"Alright", she sighed, "A few weeks ago Sofia got a letter from Lucius. Your families have begun planning the wedding".

"I don't understand, she knew this was going to come sooner or later. What's she so upset about? She loves Draco so why doesn't she want to marry him?", Blaise questioned.

"I haven't spoken to her either but I don't think it's that she doesn't want to marry him. I think it's that she doesn't want to marry him this way", Pansy replied, concentrating with all of her might on not looking at Draco.

"But why hasn't she said anything? Why won't she talk to me about it?! I mean out of everyone you'd think that I'd understand a bit more than anyone what she's going through! WHY WON'T SHE OPEN UP TO ME?!", Draco shouted.

At seeing several eyes look at him from down the table he quickly glared at them and turned back to Pansy but he wasn't ready for what he saw inside them.

"She blames me, doesn't she?", he whispered.

"I don't know, Draco, she won't talk to me either".

"Maybe she hasn't but that's what you think too isn't it?".

After looking down at her hands Pansy decided that in this case it was best just to be honest.

"I don't think she blames you, Draco. I think maybe you remind her the most about the fact that she hasn't been able to have the whole fairytale like she dreamed. She has her prince charming alright but this isn't how she imagined it happening. I think it's making her feel, I don't know that it's -".

"Making her resent me", Draco finished.

There was a stiff pause in which Pansy didn't even have the heart to lie to him. She was only going on gut feeling and instinct but Draco had said what Pansy had been thinking for a week now and Pansy was usually right.

"To hell with this! I'm going to find her and she will talk to me! I'm not taking no for an answer!".

With that Draco stormed from the Hall in search of Sofia and he knew exactly where he would find her.


Sofia sat reading in the back of library as Harry and Ron played a game of wizard's chess next to her. She liked this. It was just like old times back in the Gryffindor common room. She hadn't realised how much she had missed this until now but it was all becoming familiar again. She had spent a lot of time with them in the last few weeks, as she tried to avoid Draco and the rest of their friends, but she still spent ample amounts of time alone. She liked it that way though. She often found it a little amusing that she was doing everything in her power to avoid her own boyfriend when there were girls out there simpering for the attention of their partners and girls who constantly complained about being negelcted by them. At the same time, however, Sofia knew that she was being selfish and even a little cruel but she just didn't want to admit that. No, she was fine here in the libaray spending time with her best friends.

The slamming of a door suddenly broke her out of her reverie and as she looked up she saw the last person she wanted to see standing in front of her.

"Sofia, I've had enough of this please just come and talk to me!", Draco said as he grit his teeth willing himself not raise his voice at her.

"If she wanted to talk to you she would have done so by now so just leave her alone!", Ron exclaimed as he and Harry jumped out of their seats to defend their friend.

"No! I am not leaving until you come and speak to me! I'll stand here all bloody night if I have to!".

"What is going on here? I will not have all of this racket in my library, now shut up or get out!", came the stern voice of Madam Pince.

"I'm sorry Madam Pince, it won't happen again", Sofia apologised to the librarian, "Guys, I'll find you later", she added as she looked at Draco and walked out of the library.

He swiftly followed and soon they were in an abandoned classroom down the corridor.

"What do you want?", Sofia sighed.

"What do I want? You haven't spoken to me in weeks and the first thing you say is what do I want! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IN MERLIN'S NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU!".

He had promised himself he would never raise his voice at her but he couldn't help it. Her statement felt like a punch to the heart and he was beyond being reasonable.

"Nothing is wrong with me just leave me alone", Sofia replied monotonously as she tried to walk out of the door.

Draco quickly realised what she was doing and blocked her exit.


"I've already told you I - am - fine! Now move!".

She tried to fight with him to get through the door but he was too strong for her.

"YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Please, Sofia, I thought you loved me? Just let me in!".


There was sickly pause in which Draco and Sofia stared at each other in shock and horror at what had just been said.

"Draco, I -".

"Save it. You know you could have come and talked to me about any of this but instead you chose to bottle it up and look what it's turned you into! I was going to give you this next week but as you hate me so much it seems I won't be needing it!".

He then took something out of his pocket and threw it at the wall. After one last look he left the room slamming the door on the way out. He was so consumed with rage that he couldn't even think to comprehend the consequences of actions. As for Sofia, right now he didn't care. He thougth he knew her but clearly he didn't. How could she just turn so cold on him after he had told her he loved her. And she had said it back! He didn't understand and right now he didn't want to. Right now he just wanted to be angry.

Back in the classroom, Sofia sank to the floor on her knees and cried. She had been crying a lot lately but never had she felt like her heart was going to burst into thousands of pieces. She shouldn't have said that and she knew it. She didn't hate Draco she just hated that they were being forced into something that would have come to them so perfectly anyway. Somehow, in her heart of hearts, she knew she and Draco were made for each other and she knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. She would have happily married him and they would have gone on to live blissfully. Now though, their upcoming marriage was tainted with pressure and she hated that fact. As she curled up on the floor her head landed on the object Draco had thrown at the wall. She picked it up realising it was a box and her curiosity spared her on to open it.

Inside was the most beautiful thing Sofia had ever seen. Two thin silver twisted bands ran along, at a small distance from each other, around to meet a flawless diamond in the centre of them. It shone and sparkled in a way Sofia had never seen, she couldn't help but gasp at it. It was a huge stone that must have cost a large fortune but it was not tacky or over the top like some she had seen. In the top lid of the box was a thin white piece of silk that read 'Pure, just like your heart'. More tears poured from her eyes as she realised that this wasn't just a ring, this was her engagement ring that Draco had planned to give to her. Upon this realisation Sofia couldn't take it anymore. She picked herself up and ran from the room. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Through the castle and out into the night she only stopped when her legs burned and her lungs ached for oxygen. Leaning against a tree, gasping for breath Sofia looked up to see where her feet had taken her.


The next morning saw the the group of Slytherins waiting in the common room, with the exception of Draco who was still in his dormitory. They had all decided that enough was enough. Sofia was making herself sick instead of dealing with what was going on and they weren't going to allow it anymore. Today they were going to get to the bottom of her problems and they were going to fix it as she clearly wasn't doing a good job of it herself.

"What's taking her so long?", wondered Theo.

"I know, she's usually up and out by now", commented Daphne.

"I'll go and see what she's doing", Pansy decided as she walked up to their room.

Seconds later she had ran back down the stairs in a panic.

"Guys, she's not there! Her bed is empty and it hasn't even been slept in!".

"But, where is she?", asked Blaise stunned that he was not aware of his sister's whereabouts.

Despite her distancing herself away from them the last few weeks, Blaise had still made a point to know where his twin was at all times.

"Where is who?".

Draco had decided to choose this moment to come downstairs. The group looked at him, none of them wanting to be the ones to tell him that Sofia was missing. Draco was an intelligent person though so it did not take him long to realise that they were talking about his girlfriend.

"Where is she?".

"We don't know", Theo said, hating to be the one to have say this to his best friend.

"What do you mean you don't know?", he said getting more irritated and anxious by the second.

"Her bed is empty, it hasn't even been slept in", Pansy commented.

Draco's stomach plumetted. If she hadn't slept in her own bed then whose had she slept in? As soon as that thought came to him it vanished. He knew Sofia and he knew she would never do something like that. If that was the case though, the question still remained; where was she?

"Well, have you checked around the castle? With Potter or Weasley?", Draco asked.

When Daphne shook her head he continued, "Well, I guess we start there then".

With that, the group started the walk to Gryffindor Tower, checking the library, the Great Hall and the Astronomy Tower on the way but Sofia was no where to be found. Once they had reached the tower Blaise began banging on the portrait of the Fat Lady who was protesting that he stop.


"What the hell is going on?!", came the voice of Harry Potter as he and Ron came out of the portrait hole, shutting it behind them.

"Sofia, where is she?", asked Daphne.

"We don't know. We haven't seen her since you made her go and speak to you!", Ron argued as he threw a dirty look at Draco.

"Listen here Weas-"

"STOP! This is not the time for arguments. Potter, Weasley, we can't find her and her bed hasn't been slept in. Please, if you know where she is just tell us?", Pansy said getting straight to the point.

"You mean she's missing?", Harry asked with concern written all over his face.

"Oh well done, finally caught on have you", snapped Draco.

"This isn't helping anyone! You clearly don't know where she is but do you know where she may have gone? Please, Potter, she's my twin and I know you love her just as much as I do, so please just tell me?", Blaise pleaded. He would be reasonable with anyone that might know where his beloved sister was.

Harry could see the desperation in his eyes and he knew that if they didn't find her soon, that desperation would be mirrored in his own.

"I don't know where she is. Have you checked everywhere?", he replied genuinely.

"Of course we have do you think we're idi-".

"Draco, just shut up!", Blaise raged.

He was in no mood for any petulance. The fact that his sister had disappeared and no one knew where she was was setting him on edge. He didn't know if it was because he was her twin, but he couldn't escape the awful feeling in the pit of his stomach which told him that something terrible had happened.

"Right, well, I suggest we all split up into pairs or something and check everywhere again. We can cover more ground and search more than one place at the same time in case she's moving around", Potter said.

The Slytherins were astouned for a minute. No wonder Potter won the war, he was a born leader and ready to help anyone in need.

After discussing who would look where, the group set off in search of Sofia. After an hour they all reconvened in the back of the library. They had received some very odd stares, as Gryffindors and Slytherins were just never seen together, but they weren't affected by this at all. They didn't care what people thought or what they said. They had searched for an hour with no luck and it was begining to cast constant doubt over their hopes of finding Sofia.

"Look, she has to be somewhere. She must be moving around, we'll have just missed her", Daphne tried to persuade.

Realising her tactics of encouragement, Pansy attempted to join in.

"Yeah, we just need to look again. Maybe go off on our own intead of pairs this time?".

"If only we could just get something that would let us see the whole school at same time", Theo voice glumly.

It was then, that moment right there, that Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley felt more stupid than they had ever felt in their entire lives.

"Shit", Ron mumbled.

"The map", Harry gasped.

Neither one could believe that they had failed to remember the map that was one of Harry's most treasured possessions.

"What map?", Blaise asked he stood up and looked at the pair of Gryffindors.

"The Marauders Map. I- It's mine. It's shows that whole of Hogwarts and where everyone is inside".

Harry winced as he knew the explosion that was about to come.

"You mean to tell me that all this time we have been running around like headless hippogriffs and you could have looked on this god forsaken map within minutes!", Draco fumed.

"Sofia could be out there somewhere and you could have found out if she was still in school or not hours ago!", Blaise raged.

"Look, I'm sorry. I just forgot-".



There was silence as the Slytherins comprehended just how much Sofia meant to Harry Potter, and judging by the look of agreement and determination on his face, how much she meant to Ron too. They had known they were close as Sofia had told them but it was something else completely to see it from the other side. It was astonishing. None of them had ever seen a bond so strong, especially when the three weren't even family.

"Sorry, Potter. Just get the map please. Better to look at it now than never".

Harry nodded his head as he and Ron turned to exit the library. Just as they did so, however, they were stopped by the sound of screech owl entering through the open window next to them.

It swooped in and dropped a letter in the middle if the students and then quickly zoomed away again, it clearly didn't want a reply. All eyes were on Draco as he bent down and unrolled the parchment. They knew whatever was written wasn't good as the group of students literally saw Draco's face drain of all colour. Their worry only increased when they noticed Draco's hands had started to shake.

Blaise snatched the letter off him and the group of Gryffindors and Slytherins gathered around him and read the fateful words.

'If you want her, come and get her.

Blaise's eyes filled up as he realised that his sister had been taken. She was not simply avoiding them and strolling around the castle but she had actually been taken. Someone, some evil, putrid being had come and kidnapped his twin. He felt like the life had left his body as he struggled to breathe. He couldn't cope with this. How could ever imagine going home without her? How on earth would he tell his parents that she had gone? As he thought this, the events of the Zabini New Years Ball came back to him as he remembered Pansy telling him about the women in the toilets. They weren't joking when they said that someone wanted Sofia.

Draco was having a similar battle in his head after reading the note. Why? Why had this happened? Why would someone just swoop in here and take her. The one person that he loved wholly was not there anymore, all because some sort of monster had decided to do this. He knew straight away what this was, as he recollected the night of the Zabini New Years Ball. This was revenge. Revenge for the great things she had done during the war. Everyone knew she was the brain behind it all, Potter himself had just admitted that to them, so it was no wonder they went after her first. It made his skin crawl to think that some despicable ex death eater had hold of her somewhere right now. He just wanted her to be here with him. He didn't want to face this but he knew he had to. All he really wanted was to be back on that couch when he told her that he loved her.

Everyone seemed to be in a trance like state until Daphne's voice pierced through the thick silence.

"R.L? But who is R.L?", she questioned as tears poured down her face.

Harry choked as he struggled to get the words out of his mouth. He knew who it was. He was the only death eater devious and cunning enough to escape Azkaban, as that's what he must have done. The rest of them were a bunch of idiots, blithering around without a leader to follow so he had no doubt that is was him who took the initiative to take over. He had no doubt of who the monster was who had taken his best friend...

"Rudolphos Lestrange".





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Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen: A Dieing Wish
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Sofia awoke feeling like a sledge hammer was being pounded into her head. As she reached up she felt the sensation of something wet and sticky. Looking at her fingers she realised that it was blood. Once her eyes started to focus and her brain kicked in, memories of the previous night came flooding back to her.

'She looked up and saw that she was in the Forbidden Forest. She hadn't even realised that she had ran this far but eager to get out of there she turned around ready to run back to the castle. However, she was met with a body much larger than hers and as she looked up she saw a face that she had never wanted to see for the rest of her life. The cold black eyes of Rodolphos Lestrange were staring down at her.

"Not leaving so soon are you Miss Granger, or should I say Zabini?", he smiled.

It was the most sinister smile she had ever seen and it shook her to the bone. She was not going to let him know that though.

"What are you doing here? You're meant to be in Azkaban".

"Ah, it's amazing what loyal 'friends' are willing to do for me. Taking my place in Azkaban was a very, noble, thing to do. All for the greater cause though", he drawled.

"And what greater cause is that?".

"Revenge!", he exclaimed with a mad glint in his eyes.

Before Sofia even had chance to reach for her wand, her body froze and she fell to the floor.

"Oh am I going to have some fun with you", Lestrange snarled as he kicked her in the head and her world went black'.

Staring at her surroundings she realised, with no uncertainty, that she had been kidnapped by none other than Rodolphos Lestrange. It was clear that he had got somebody to take his place in Azkaban somehow and now he wanted revenge for what she, Harry and Ron had done to his precious 'Dark Lord'. Despite the pounding in her head she got up to survey her surroundings. She was in a small, dark room. The black and green wallpaper was torn and peeling and the room stank of damp. The rotting wooden floorboards creeked as they moved and the sound of the door opening made her freeze on the spot.

"Ah, awake already I see. Master Lestrange will see you now".

Sofia couldn't believe it. There in front of her was Fenrir Greyback. He was meant to be dead.

"You're not seeing ghosts", he growled "but you may be one yourself, very very soon".

He then lunged at Sofia and wrestled her to the ground. The weight of his body was so overwhelming that she didn't really stand much of a chance.

"Mmmm, fresh blood and such soft skin. I do hope Rodolphos let's me have you in the end, that's after he's finished with you of course", he laughed manically as he blindfolded Sofia and dragged her from the room.

Her body ached after the journey to Lestrange. Greyback had let her legs and feet hit every stair as he pulled her down them and banged her into every wall and door. She was soon thrown on to hard stone floor, landing on her knees with her hands tied behind her back.

Sofia's blindfold was ripped off and she was forced once again to look into the murderous face of Rodolphos Lestrange.

"Welcome back Miss Zabini, I must say I have missed you", he smirked.

"I'm afraid the sentiments can't be returned", Sofia spat out.

She may have been in a worse position than he was but if she was going to go down, she wasn't going to go without a fight. She may be in Slytherin now, but she was a Gryffindor at heart and she always would be.

"Tut tut. You have become a very beautiful woman, it's a shame you still have that filthy mouth", he said as struck her on the side of the face.

Her cheek burned and she could already feel the bruising coming up as she replied, "It's not as filthy as your wife. How's she doing by the way? Oh yeah, she's dead!".

She was pulled to her feet as Lestrange grabbed hold of her hair from behind. His broad shoulders and muscly arms ensured she was held firmly. She could feel his stubbled face on the side of hers as he breathed in the scent of her hair.

"I wouldn't let that mouth run away with you if I was you, you never know what the consequences might be, Sofia", he whispered as he let his tongue run over the edge of her ear.

"I know enough about you to know what the consequences will be", Sofia hissed as she kicked him hard in the shins.

He threw her onto floor and she landed on her back. His shaved head loomed down on her as he stared at her with disgust. She couldn't hep but think it ironic that he would look at her like that, as it was he who smelled and looked putrid. His expensive robes did nothing to disguise what the tortures of Azkaban had clearly done to him.

"Oh, I don't think you do! CRUCIO!".

Sofia writhed in pain but she refused to scream out loud. She remembered her screams the night that Rodolphos' wife had tortured her at Malfoy Manor. She remembered the utter satisfaction on Bellatrix's face as she laughed in mirth and glee at the sheer agony she was inflicting on the girl beneath her. Sofia would not give any death eater that satisfaction again and that included the murderous animal that was in front of her.

"It doesn't seem as if we have a screamer! Don't worry I can fix that. Come on out men, come join the party!".

Sofia looked around, confused and still dizzy from the pain. It was then that she saw more death eaters, who were meant to be in prison or dead, as they formed a circle around her.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Have some fun", Lestrange declared.

Turn by turn they all caused Sofia some excruciating pain. Whether it was by means of the cruciatus or by physical means, they all had a go and her resovle was slowly dwindling. She would not scream though. Even if it meant death, she would not give them what they wanted.


Blaise, Harry, Draco, Ron, Pansy, Daphne, Theo, Adrian, Greg and Vinnie were all sat in the Room of Requirement trying to figure out a plan to find Sofia and bring her home.

"Lestrange Manor was demolished after the war so they can't be there, they had another property in Scotland, maybe they could be there?", Draco voiced. Bellatrix and Rudolophos were his Aunt and Uncle and he knew where that house was.

"It's a good thought, but I've just heard Kinglsey talking to McGonagall. The Aurors have checked there and it's completely empty", came Ginny Weasley's voice as she walked through the door.

"Weaslette! What are you doing here?".

"Hermione is one of my best friends, did you really expect me to just sit back while she's missing?".

Both Draco, Blaise and Ron were ready to protest to her help but the death glare she sent them soon shut them up. They knew the fiery red head was a force to be reckoned with and Draco distinctly remembered the effects of her infamous bat bogey hex. Harry knew her too well to even try and stop her.

"Well where else could they be?!", Blaise yelled getting more and more frustrated by the second.

Every minute they spent here meant his sister was getting closer and closer to death. It sickened him that she might be in pain somewhere. Somewhere where they couldn't find her and by the looks of things here, they never would. It didn't help that he had been the one to break the news to his parents, after the Headmistress had called them to her office. His Father didn't even move at first and his Mother was inconsolable. She had broken down right in front of him. It wasn't nice seeing one's parent lose it like that, in fact it was unbearable to watch. Thankfully, it was his Father who had finally snapped out of his daze and taken action, gently persuading his wife to pull herself together for their daughter's sake. Since then, they had been doing everything they could to help with the hunt for Lestrange and Sofia.

"What about any friends the Lestrange's had? Or other family?", Daphne suggested.

"Yeah Malfoy, what about their family? Your favourite uncle isn't lodging at yours is he?", Ron glared.

Draco was ready to pummell him into the ground before Harry shot up and stood in the middle.

"Ron, that was bang out of order! They all want to find Hermione as much as we do! She's going to be Malfoy's wife for Merlin's sake and Blaise is her twin so if you're not going to be helpful just get out!".

The whole room was shocked with Harry's words. He had essentially defended Blaise and Draco against his own best friend. The Slytherins were anticipating an explosive brawl when they were astonished to see Weasley bow his head in shame. It seemed that Luna Lovegood really had had a good effect on Ron as he soon sobered up.

"Sorry", he mumbled.

He may not have said it with any emotion but the group could tell by his eyes that he really meant it. They all disliked him, but they knew deep down that, like them, he would do anything for Sofia.

Blaise nodded his head as the group silently agreed to get along for the sake of his twin.

"Now, they have to be somewhere. We just need to work out where so come on, we can't give up!", Harry said as he took charge, urging everyone to carry on thinking.


Sofia regained consciousness and found herself in the same room she had woken up in after she had been taken from the forest, only this time she felt even worse. Her body was screaming with pain and she could still hear the laughing and taunting of the death eaters in her ears. She was in so much agony that she couldn't even move. Tears slowly formed in her eyes and her body shook from the cold. Despite the protesting of her limbs, she sat up to take her cloak off and wrapped it around her as the rest of her school uniform was not doing a good job of keeping her warm. It was then that she felt something hard in her pocket.

Taking the object out she realised that it was the ring that Draco had thrown at her. 'Draco'. Her heart ached for him. She regretted the last things she said to him so much that it hurt her more than any cruciatus curse had ever done. She was going to die here and the last thing she had said to him was that she hated the fact she had to marry him. It destroyed her knowing that she was going to die having never told Draco just how much she did want to marry him, that she was just angry with their parents for betrothing them. She hoped with every fibre of her being that Draco didn't hate her, that he still wanted her even after what she had said. She hoped that he loved her like she loved him. She wished she coud tell him how happy he made her and how much she adored him.

A faint smile adorned her features as she remembered the night in the common room. He had told her he loved her that night and she had never felt exhilaration like it. Draco always made her feel as if she was the most special human being in the universe. It was as if no one could or would ever compare to her. She was truly unique and he loved her all the more for it. No one had ever made her feel like that before and she thought she would never experience a feeling better but then he told her he loved her. She literally soared when those words came out of his mouth. She didn't know if he had planned to say them or not but that didn't matter to her. All that mattered was that he had said them. She hadn't expected it but she was beyond thrilled that he had. They were the three words that consolidated their relationship. They were in love and there was no better feeling in the world. Now though, she would never hear those words again. She would never watch as his grey eyes sparkled liked diamonds as he looked at her and told her he loved her.

With these thoughts she opened the box and put the ring on her finger. It looked even more exquisite there than it did in the box, but that was not why she put it on. If she couldn't tell him she still loved him while she was alive then maybe, if they found her after she had been killed, he would know when she was dead. He would know that she loved him with every fibre of her entire being and that she did want to marry him more than anything in this world. Just by looking at the ring on her finger he would know that. She smiled a little as she admired the ring. His ring that made her his forever, even after she had left this life.


Draco was leaning against the wall away from the others. He couldn't take this anymore. They had been at this for hours and been in constant contact with the search party trying to find her outside of Hogwarts but not a single scrap of evidence had been found. Aurors were searching every possible place they could think of and Andre and Seline Zabini were rallying their own sources together to try and find their daughter. Despite their best efforts though, they were no where near finding Sofia and it was slowly but surely breaking him.

"We'll find her Draco, you have to believe that", came Pansy's soothing voice as she put a tentative hand on Draco's back.

"You can't know that. She could be dead for all we know".

Draco choked as the image of Sofia's lifeless body came into his mind. He felt like he was going to fall but Pansy soon steadied him and they slumped to the floor next to each other.

Pansy had known Draco all of her life and never had she seen him cry, but now, here he was breaking down in front of her. She held on to him like her life depended on it and cried with him. Sofia had become her best friend and it killed her knowing that she was in such terrible danger. She couldn't even being to imagine how Draco and Blaise were feeling.

"I didn't tell her I love her, Pans. After we fought, I didn't tell her that I still loved her. What if she doesn't know that she's, she's my world", Draco sobbed.

Her heart broke for him so she mustered all the strength she had to try and get him out of his state of despair.

"You will tell her, Draco, when we find her. And you'll tell her again every day after that. You'll tell her again on your wedding day and you'll tell her again when your children are born. You'll tell her you love her when you go to bed at night together and you'll tell her when you leave for work in the morning. You'll tell her when you come home and she's sat there with her head in a book. You'll tell her when she's flipping her lid because you forgot your anniversary and you'll tell her when she's wandering around the house in one of your shirts that you just bought. Draco, you'll spend the rest of your life telling Sofia that you love her but right now she needs you. She needs you to be strong and not give up because she needs you to find her. She needs all of us".

Pansy's words seemed to have gotten throught to him as Draco wiped his eyes, stood up and brushed himself down.

"You're right, Pans. I'll go and tell Weasley I love him before I give up on her".

With that the twosome walked back to the group.

"Have we got anything yet?".

"Nothing", came Ron's glum reply.

Silence settled over the group of students as their resolve slowly lessened. Right now, it seemed futile to even continue searching but they all knew that they would search until the end of time for Sofia. She meant something different to each and every one of them but she was just as special to all. Despite the lack of headway they were making, the all knew that somehow, some way they would find her, even if they died doing so.

Just then the crackling of the fire against the far wall caught their attention. Suddenly, the flames turned green and the head of Andre Zabini appeared there. They had all thought it strange how the Room of Requirement was somehow linked to the floo network, as all fires were meant to be accounted for at the Ministry of Magic, but that fact was not important. Not while Sofia was in such peril.

"Blaise!", Andre shouted.

"Dad! What is it? Have you found her?", Blaise gushed as he ran over to the fire.

It was apparent by the look of anguish on his Father's face that this was not the case. Whatever his Father had come to tell him, it was clearly not good news.

"The Aurors have been scouring Hogwarts for any sign or trace of her and they found something".

"What is it? What have they found?".

It killed Andre to have to deliver such terrible news to his son but he knew that Blaise would never forgive him if he didn't share everything he knew with him.

"It was in the Forbidden Forest, on the ground next some trees".

"What was it?", Blaise asked, hoping that the thing his Father was talking about was not his worst fear.

"Blood. Sofia's blood".

The colour drained from Blaise's face as he comprehended his Father's words. It may not have been the worst possible news they could hear but it was almost as bad. Now they knew that wherever Sofia was, she was hurt. Someone had been so vile and cruel as to injure his sister. She may be strong but it was Blaise's duty to protect her and he couldn't help but feel as if he had failed. As Andre Zabini's face disappeared from the fire, Blaise turned to the rest of the group.

Pansy and Daphne were crying. Potter and Weasely had grim worry etched onto their features and the rest wore dwindling expressions of hope. He locked eyes with Draco and he knew Draco was feeling much the same way as he was right now. They felt sick and they felt helpless. Sofia was hurt somewhere with injuries they did not know anything of. Was she currently writhing in agony? Was she fighting for her life? Was she even still alive? They did not know the answer to any of the questions that resounded in their heads but they would be damned if they didn't find out soon.


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Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen: Fighting for Something
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The group of Gryffindors and Slytherins made themselves comfortable in the Room of Requirement once again that next morning. Their hearts were heavy as no extra news of Sofia's whereabouts had been found. They had immediately become irritated with sitting around and waiting so they had all gone down to the Forbidden Forest earlier to help the Auror team search for more clues.

Draco had nearly lost it when he had arrived there and witnessed what it was the Aurors were doing. They held long white sticks which they pushed into the ground as they walked. He knew what those sticks were for. They could detect if something had recently been buried and they were used to feel for things under the shrubbery were the ground was hidden from view. They weren't looking for Sofia. They were looking for her body. It made Draco sick that they had given up hope so soon. The reassurances that it was only protocol did not do anything to ease the putrid taste that arrived in his mouth. It wasn't just him either. Weasley had gone off on one too and he was pretty sure Blaise would have done so had he not been so shocked.

Not being able to handle the sight that befell their eyes, they had headed back to the room they had begun to feel accustomed to being in. An intense silence rang throughout the air as each pondered the implications of what the Auror's were doing. Pansy, Daphne and even Ginny were crying as they could not get the image of a lifeless Sofia out of their minds. The boys all felt sick with what devastating news could arrive any minute if anything was found. They didn't want to think of it but they couldn't help the notion consume their entire beings. Everyone was lost in their own train of thought and all had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness as they thought of Sofia and her fate.

Out of nowhere, a loud crack sounded in the silence, shaking the students from their reveries. They were all startled by the intrusion as the oddest thing appeared.

"Kreacher! What are you doing here?", asked Harry, thoroughly perplexed.

"Master! You must come quick! Kreacher saw them! They don'ts know Kreacher was there and they don'ts know Kreacher is here! Master, you must stop them!", came Kreacher's urgent voice.

"Kreacher, slow down! What are you talking about?".

"They are there, in the noble of House of Black, well, the noble House of Potter Kreacher is not sure if Master Harry has changed the name, Master, bu-"

"Kreacher, who is there?!", exclaimed Harry.

"The Death Eaters! With Master Lestrange!".

The whole room froze. It was the last place they ever expected. The last place on earth they would have thought of but thanks to Kreacher they now knew. Sofia was at Grimmauld Place.


Banging on the roof of the Noble House of Black could be heard as the group of Death Eaters looked to their leader for instruction. It was almost sickening to see how their every move and every decision was dictated to them. It was even more revolting as they gazed upon Lestrange like lost puppies, admiring his every disgusting quirk and warped belief.

"Go and get the girl, it seems her friends are trying to break through the barriers", Lestrange barked.

Within minutes Sofia had been dragged once again to what she was guessing was a basement. The shuddering cold and the many stairs she had been pulled down gave so much away. Lestrange turned on her as she lay in the middle of floor, just having had her blindfold removed. She wanted to stand up and look him dead in the eye but she just couldn't. She wanted the familiar feel of an expression of grim determination and courage to settle on her face but she couldn't even manage that. Her breaths were raspy and her body convulsed in agony. She was just barely hanging on so it was all she could do but to lie there and await her inevitable doom.

"It seems the search party has arrived. I must admit I thought it would have taken them longer to find you but then again, we are in Potter's house", Lestrange grinned as he flashed his mouldy black teeth to her.

"Potter's house? What on earth is he on about? Oh my Merlin, I'm in Grimmauld Place!".

"But, how did you even get in here?", Sofia attempted to cry.

If anyone was to overhear their conversation, they'd think Sofia was simply asking about the weather judging by her tone of voice. She had no energy to shout or even raise her voice. Her tiny body had been put through too much torment and torture for it to handle. Her brain seemed to be the last thing working reasonably as she had now figured that the reason for her blindfold was so that she did not recognise her surroundings. However, she had no idea how they had even entered Grimmauld Place to start with.

"A little legilimency while you were out cold certainly did the trick", Lestrange cackled, "we thought it would be more than humourous that you three, the three who somehow managed to vanquish the Dark Lord, were to die in the great Harry Potter's own home".

At Sofia's frightened expression Lestrange carried on talking.

"Oh yes, you three are going to die. Potter, that Weasley and you. Did you really think that you would come away from this unscathed? That you would go on to live your pathetic little lives after you destroyed the most powerful sorcerer to ever live?".

"In case you haven't noticed, people now say that Harry Potter is the greatest sorcerer to ever live. You and your cronies don't stand a chance!", Sofia shouted, draining the last morsel of energy she had left.

She couldn't seem to muster up the strength to defend herself, but when someone was threatening the lives of her friends she could summon all of the stamina she needed to. Her little victory at sounding somewhat courageous was short lived though, as Lestrange wiped the last ounce of vehemence she had within her.


Her body burned with unbearable pain once again. She knew she couldn't take much more of this. She was hours if not minutes away from death. No matter how much she pushed herself, the unbearable pain seemed to be getting the better of her. She couldn't concentrate on anything else but that for it was impossible to ignore. The feeling of being thrown into fiendfire and having a thousand knives plunged into you at the same time was excruciating. Sofia couldn't help but to release a small whimper as her world began to darken.

"You three are going to pay for what you have done and when Potter and Weasley get here, you're going to sit there and watch them die before you beg me to take your life too. You might be a Zabini now, but you'll always the mudblood witch Hermione Granger to me!", Rodolphos thundered as he yet again commenced his torture on the fragile Sofia.


"They've put up anti-apparition barriers. We need to apparate around the corner then go in through the front", Harry decided as he returned back to the gates of Hogwarts.

"But won't they be expecting that?", Daphne nervously questioned.

"Yes. They know it's our only way in so when we get there don't even waste a second. I want everyone in with wands out and shouting spells before the door even opens. They might be prepared for our arrival, but they won't be prepared for immediate action, if anything they'll think we'll be planning or trying to sneak in without them knowing".

"Wait Potter, are you sure it's wise for you and Weasley to go? I mean, the only thing we've managed to figure out is that it's clearly a trap to get you two there as well?", asked Pansy.

She did not want to see anyone die, not even them. The thought of seeing anyone breathe their last breaths made her want to vomit all over the stone dirt track they were stood on.

"Do you actually think we care?!", came the voice of Ronald Weasley, "Do you actually think I care if I go in there and get killed?".

The whole group were stunned as Harry and Ginny too wore the same defiant face as Ron. They had never really heard anyone speak so candidly of dying and it was discomforting yet encouraging at the same time.

"I think you should start realising that I would do anything for that girl. I'd trade places with her right now if I could!", the red head continued, "I don't mean to sound patronising but this is all new to you lot, we've been doing this since we were eleven. Risking our lives for each other, saving each other! I'd happily sacrifice my own life for her and I know that, even though I wouldn't want her to, Hermione would do exactly the same for me!".

It was then that the group thought back to the night in the common room, when Sofia had told them of the Trio's battle in the war. They remembered her exact words as she spoke from that pure heart of hers, 'and I'd do it all over again if I had to, just as I would do it for all of you'.

The Slytherins looked around at each other, each hearing the same voice in their minds and they nodded. She would do it for them so they sure as hell were going to do it for her.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!", Blaise demanded, anxious to get to his beloved twin before it was too late.

With fierce looks of determination Blaise, Draco, Ron, Harry, Pansy, Daphne, Ginny, Theo, Adrian, Vinnie and Greg all apparated to Grimmauld Place.

As they huddled under Harry's now enlarged invisibility cloak in front of the door, Harry whispered as silently as he could.

"One, two, three, BOMBARDA!".

The cloak was thrown off them as the group hurled inside the ancient house of Black, already throwing curses and defensive spells at the waiting Death Eaters.






Spells were being thrown left, right and center as the battle raged on further and further into the house. They had already taken out a few Death Eaters but in return, they had also taken out Adrian, Vinnie and Greg who were either unconscious or lying under the rubble that was previously the floor above. Draco had narrowly avoided a green jet of light just as he tackled the Death Eater who was torturing Blaise with the cruciatus. He helped his friend up and pulled them behind a dislodged bookshelf after stunning the attacker.

"Blaise, come on! We have to find her", Draco hissed.

With that the boys left their hiding place and began hurling spells at the oncoming Death Eaters as they slowly made their way to the door. They managed to slip out unnoticed as they saw their friends continue to battle. The house was a maze of corridors and passage ways and the more dead ends and empty rooms the boys found, the more panic stricken they became. They must have been searching for a while as they noticed that the fighting seemed to have moved throughout the house as screams, shouts and bangs could be heard on every floor.

Draco and Blaise continued to run as fast as their legs could carry them in search of Sofia. In their fast pace, they only just managed to stop themselves from colliding with Harry and Ron, as they rounded the corner the boys were just about to turn down.

"Have you found her?!".

"No, but we need to keep looking!".

It was then that Blaise noticed something that Ron was carrying.

"What is that?".

"I found it upstairs, she must be in here somewhere but she can't be good we need to hurry", Ron urged.

Blaise grabbed the item off Ron and found it to be Sofia's school robe. It was tiny compared to his. As he looked at it, he remembered teasing Sofia during the holidays that she would fit in with the first years at the sorting ceremony. Looking at the robe it wasn't hard to see why. It would probably fit half of them. Despite the fond memory, a sickening feeling made itself at home in his stomach as he noticed that the robe was torn in places and worst of all, it was drenched in blood. There was no point in even hoping that it would be someone else's, that Sofia had somehow fended off her attacker and it was his blood that soaked through the black material. Blaise knew in his heart that this was the blood of his twin, the same blood than ran through his veins, and it terrified him at how much pain had been inflicted on Sofia.

Not wanting to see it anymore, he threw it on the floor and the four boys set off down the stairs to the basement. It was the only room that hadn't been checked and they found it odd that no Death Eaters were to be seen here. They swiftly reached the metal door and ran inside. What they found was horrifying and it would forever be etched into their memories.

Sofia was lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Her face was bloody and bruises could be seen all over her body. Her school tie was nowhere to be found and the front of her blouse was ripped in places, exposing her blackened ribs. Her crystal eyes were closed as she lay there unmoving.

"NO!", Blaise ran forward to his twin but it seemed there was an invisible shield around her, for as soon as he hit it he was thrown backwards into the wall.

"How nice of you to join us Mr Zabini and you too young Master Malfoy, however, your presence here is unnecessary. It's them two that I want", came the snarling of voice of Rodolphos Lestrange.

He soon appeared from around a corner, glaring at Harry and Ron. His menacing eyes never left Harry's as he and Ron glared back with hatred.

"My sister! What have you done to her?!", Blaise screamed, terrified at the state of Sofia's lifeless body.

"She only got what she deserved, my dear boy. It is a shame though, I had hoped she would be alive to watch her friends die", Lestrange said disappointedly as he rolled Sofia's head around with his foot.

"Don't touch her!".

"Now now Draco, you would do well to remember your place", Lestrange hissed.

"My place is with her!".

"Aww don't tell me you have fallen for the girl! Such a pity, you were destined for so much".

"I'm destined for her, now give her to me!", Draco bellowed.

"Not on your life!".

A cloud of black smoke engulfed the room as three Death Eaters appeared and the fight broke out again.

"I'm coming for you Potter!", Lestrange barked as he advanced on Harry.

"Come and get me then!", Harry yelled back as he started shooting curse after curse at Lestrange.

The duel raged on around Sofia as she still lay there on the floor. The four boys fought with all their might but it seemed as if the Death Eaters were too skilled for them. It was with luck on their side that the rest of the remaining group hurtled through the door and joined in, helping their friends defeat the evil that was keeping them from Sofia.

Despite their increase in number, the Death Eaters still managed to wipe out Daphne and Theo, leaving only Ginny and Pansy with the four boys but even that didn't last long. Ginny's red hair could be seen sprawled on the floor and Ron had disappeared between some fallen cupboards. As Harry turned around to help his friend he was not prepared for hands grabbing his hair and a wand being thrusted into his neck.

"Gotcha", Lestrange snarled.

As he looked the other way Harry noticed that Blaise, Draco and Pansy were all in similar positions with the other Death Eaters.

"Now, I suggest you all watch really closely and remember it well because this is the day that the Dark Lord is avenged. This is the day that Harry Potter dies!".

The fateful words began to come from his mouth. The cruel evil spell that ruined families and caused so much devastation. The spell that took away someone's life. The spell that killed. But it didn't come, it never did. Before Lestrange could finish, his body froze and he fell to the floor.

Draco, Blaise and Pansy took the Death Eaters shock at what had happened and it used it against them, taking advantage of it and stunning them. After magically binding them the foursome turned to look behind Harry.


She was still lying on the floor but in her shaking hand was a wand. The wand that just saved Harry's life as she cursed Lestrange before he could kill her best friend.

"Draco, Harry", she whispered.

Talking was clearly too painful for her as her words came out in gasps of breath.

"It's ok, we're here", Harry soothed.


After his momentary shock at seeing his sister awake, Blaise ran over to her where Sofia was resting her head on Draco's legs.

"Blaise, I'm sorry. I- I'm so sorry".

"Don't be silly, you have nothing to be sorry fo- Sofia!".

Her eyes were flickering as she struggled to fight for her life.

"No! Don't go! Sofia you have stay awake. Sofia look at me! LOOK AT ME!".

Draco's desperate voice rang through the house as he begged Sofia not to go.


A ghost of a smile appeared on her face as she looked into his stormy grey eyes.

"Sofia, come on, stay awake. Stay awake for me please! Just keep looking at me! It's going to be ok, we're going to get you out of here where you'll be safe. Please, just don't leave me!".

"Draco?", Sofia said, her voice fading every second, "I love you".

"I love you too, Sofia, more than you'll ever know", Draco cried as he lowered his forehead to hers.

As he looked up, ready to speak words of comfort to her he froze. Her eyes were closed. He screamed her name over and over. He shook her body, desperately trying to wake her as Blaise broke down on her other side but no matter how much he shouted and no matter how much he tried, Sofia would not wake up.



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Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty: The Aftermath
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The days since the battle at Grimmauld Place had been the worst days that Draco and Blaise had ever experienced. No one smiled. No one spoke. Everyone was just in pain. They were all aching from the sadness that clung to their hearts.

They had just been to visit Daphne and Theo and were now on their way to the canteen in St Mungo's. Some of their friends had been hit with very dark and nasty curses the night that they had stormed over to Grimmauld Place. Daphne and Theo had been hit the worst but they would be ready to go home in an hour. Ginny Weasley had also been hit with a particularly evil spell and after being in a critical condition for the first two days, she had finally been allowed home yesterday. Draco and Blaise had even been to visit her in hospital, along with Pansy. Although no one spoke of it, the Gryffindors and Slytherins felt a certain connection now, after the ordeal that they had been through.

Blaise brought over two black coffees for himself and Draco as they sat at a table together. The Daily Prophet's headlines flashed at them as the newspaper lay before them. The escaped Death Eaters were now back in Azkaban under extra security. That wasn't enough for Draco and Blaise though and it made them sick. Rotting away in Azkaban was too lenient of a fate for the scum. They wanted them to suffer, they wanted them to die. It made their skin scrawl thinking that those people still lived on the same planet as them and that they were in the same country as them, even if it was in a high security prison.

The cheap coffee tasted like tar in their mouths but they continued to drink it. They would do anything to try and keep themselves busy, to try and take their minds off what was going on. Blaise's Mother was inconsolable and his Father was slowly breaking although he was trying to keep strong for his family. Lucius and Narcissa tried to tend to the Zabini's every need but even they couldn't disguise the heartbreak and worry they were feeling.

The boys just stared at anything and everything. They weren't people who displayed much emotion and they didn't see the use in talking about their pain. They both stared unblinking, wondering what had gone so wrong in their lives. Their silent words were interrupted by the voice of a raven haired boy.

"Malfoy! Zabini! Quick, hurry!", Harry Potter shouted as he ran back down the corridor he had just appeared from.

Draco and Blaise sprang to their feet as they ran down the same corridor and through the double doors that led to Room 2994.

Inside, they saw thick lashes flickering as two eyes struggled to open for the first time in almost a week. A sound emitted from a heart shaped mouth and the group of people moved closer to hear what it was.


It was the quietest of whispers they had ever heard but it was enough for them to know what had been said.

At seeing his son not taking action, Lucius Malfoy nudged Draco to the side of the bed. Mr and Mrs Zabini, Blaise, Pansy, Harry, Ron and the Malfoys all stared at him with eyes full of hope. He just prayed he could do enough.

"It's alright, I'm here", he whispered as he held onto the pale bloodied hand that was laying near him, "you're safe now".

He felt a squeeze on his hand so he continued to whisper, leaning closer to the bed.

"Come on, I know you can do this. You're the strongest person I know. We're all here, we just need you to open up those gorgeous eyes of yours. Come on, wake up and I promise to get you the biggest chocolate cake you've ever seen and all the books you could ever imagine", he continued softly as he stroked her soft ebony hair with his free hand.

"You take your time, I'm not going to leave you".

As he ran his fingers along pale porcelain skin, Draco saw two things he never thought he'd see again. The most beautiful crystal orbs were staring up at him.

The room filled with tears, smiles, gasps, sobs and laughter. She was awake. After days of no sign of waking up, after days of waiting and persuading the doctors to keep the life support charm running she was awake.

Draco couldn't help himself, he leaned down and took her into his arms. Her face was still bruised and dry blood coated her cuts but he had never seen a more beautiful sight in his life. There she was with her eyes open, breathing and alive. His Sofia was finally awake.


Blaise had always seen his twin as a very mature and level headed girl but what he had seen at the hospital clearly showed him otherwise. After just two days of being there, Sofia had thrown the biggest tantrum he had ever seen in his life, and his best friend was Draco Malfoy! His sister had begged to leave St Mungo's but after her wish was constantly refused she had somehow mustered the strength to turn her bed over and smash a vase after which she stomped her feet and cried until she had gotten her own way. He was sure that they had only let her leave just to get rid of her. Either way she was now quarantined to her bedroom were the healers had demanded she stayed on bed rest for the next two weeks.

"How's my tiny twin feeling today?", Blaise smiled as he walked into Sofia's bedroom with a tray of pancakes for her.

"The same as yesterday. Bored as hell!", Sofia fumed.

"Come on, it can't be that bad! Mum's had me washing dishes for making the houselves' beds disappear".

"That's your own fault, you shouldn't be so mean to them", his twin reprimanded.

"Well, you're still sick so I can't very well come and pick on you now can I!".

"I suppose that is a perk to being bedridden but come on, Blaise, I'm so bored! Please, please, please, just take me out somewhere?", Sofia begged.

She had been trying this for a week now. He had to admit he felt sorry for her but if she took a turn for the worse because he snook her out of the house, he'd never forgive himself. She still wasn't one hundred percent after the torture she had endured at the hands of Rodolphos and too much too soon could be catastrophic for her. Her body had not healed as fast as her mind had but Sofia just would not accept that.

"I've told you once and I won't tell you again. I am not taking you out until you're better", Blaise said, playing the stern brother routine.

"Fine!", Sofia huffed as she dug into the pancakes Blaise had brought for her.

Every time Blaise came into her room he brought food for her. For a week her body could not cope and rejected any food that Sofia put into her mouth. It had been horrible watching her violently throw up for hours every time she tried. Now, her sallow cheeks were finally getting fuller again and she was on the mend.

The sound of the floo bell rang in her room and Sofia looked to Blaise.

"Ah, seeing as you're so bored, I thought I'd surprise you", he smiled.

One by one all of her friend's stepped out of the fireplace. She hadn't seen them since she had been back at home so Blaise was right when he said it was a surprise.

"It's so good to see you!", Pansy squealed as she came over to hug Sofia.

"After Blaise said how bored you were we thought we'd come and cheer you up!", Daphne explained.

"We come bearing gifts too", Ron grinned who had also brought Luna with him.

"Guys, thank you! You really didn't have to though!", she said as Theo, Pansy, Daphne, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Vinnie, Greg and Adrian placed their presents around her.

One by one she opened them receiving teddies, cards, chocolates, a stationary set, new slippers and pyjamas and even a new handbag.

"But this is so expensive!", Sofia said stunned as she picked up the designer handbag she had been given.

"Well we wanted to get you something special so Ginny and I went shopping and decided to put our money together. It's from both of us", Pansy smiled.

"You two went shopping together!", Ron exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah, Parkinson's alright once you get to know her!", Ginny smiled, as she and Pansy laughed at the use of her last name.

"No seriously, we get on well", Pansy added.

"And it helps that Pansy doesn't spend most of her time in Flourish and Blotts when we go shopping".

"Hey!", Sofia said, catching on that Ginny was aiming that at her, "Books are far more interesting than clothes!".

The group chuckled at this but Sofia soon wore a frown as she realised that someone was missing. Everyone else smiled at each other as they realised who she was looking for.

"Missed me?", came the cocky drawl of Draco Malfoy as he leaned against the doorframe to Sofia's room.

He had been stood there for a little while and also knew who she had been looking for when she had finished opening her presents.

"Not one bit", Sofia replied but everyone could see her glowing smile once she had laid eyes on him.

"I expected as much. Well, you won't be wanting this then will you?", Draco smirked as he waved the purple and silver package in front of her face.

Sofia tried to grab it, eager to get the gift wrap off it. She knew exactly what was beneath the paper as, whether by owl or bringing it himself, Draco had brought her a book every single day since she had woken up. So far they had been new books she was surprised she had never read or limited editions of some of her favourites but no matter what they were she loved them all. When she had finally been able to eat again, he had been true to his word and brought her the biggest chocolate cake she had ever seen. It was the most delicious one she had ever tasted too. However, instead of buying her hundreds of books on one day, Draco said that he would bring her a new book everyday for the rest of their lives so she would eventually have more books than she could ever imagine. She was still in shock that he was sticking to the promise he had made when she had began to awaken that day in St Mungo's.

"Give it to me!", she cried.

"Only if you say please", Draco teased.


"There you go".

As soon as he held it out Sofia snatched it out of his hands and quickly tore off the paper.

"I love it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!", she exclaimed, cradling her limited edition signed copy of 'Hogwarts: A History' to her chest.

"Seriously, is this not freaking anyone else out?", Adrian asked the group.

"I know, how do you get so excited over a book and one that you've read thousands of times already?!", Theo added.

Sofia glared at the pair as everyone else chuckled or shook there heads with smiles on their faces.

"Now, seeing as you're bed ridden, we thought we'd get bed ridden with you!", Daphne announced.

Blaise, Draco and all of her friends magically changed into their pyjamas and piled into the bed with her. Despite Sofia having a huge bed, it was still a squeeze as there were so many of them but everyone managed to make themselves comfortable.

"Caggie! We're ready now!", Blaise called.

Sofia's beloved elf appeared in her room with a mound of fizzing whizbees, bertie bott's every flavour beans, ice mice, liquorice wands, pumpkin pasties, blood lollies, chocolate frogs and pitchers full to the brim of pumpkin juice. After laying them out in front of them with antispill charms Caggie disappeared as the friends said their thanks.

"Now, I believe this is your favourite!", Harry said as he pulled out the dvd 'The Little Mermaid'.

Sofia smiled as the dvd was put in and the picture appeared on the huge flat screen her parents had bought her for her birthday. Adrian and Theo were fascinated by it, what with them being purebloods, but everyone else was used to it by now having come around so often. As she lay in between her brother and Draco with her friends all around her, Sofia couldn't help but feel happy. Happy and lucky to have such wonderful people in her life.


"Come on, we should let her rest, she hasn't been sleeping very well", Blaise whispered as the group tiptoed out of Sofia's room and into his own, careful not to wake his sleeping twin.

"Why hasn't she been sleeping well?", Harry asked concernedly as everyone got settled in Blaise's bedroom.

"She's been having nightmares. Bad ones", Blaise replied.

Harry and Ron gave each other a knowing look. They knew what sort of nightmares Blaise was talking about as they to had spent many sleepless nights with Sofia after her terrible ordeal at Malfoy Manor.

"Can I ask you guys something? I don't mind if you don't want to answer but I'm just curious", Pansy asked Harry and Ron.

They nodded in response so she continued on.

"How does it feel? Growing up with someone, going through so much with them then having them change like Sofia has?".

"Well", Ron started, "as you know, I didn't take it at all well at first and let me tell you now I've never been so ashamed of myself in my life about what I did at the start of term. It was just so hard. It was like our best friend, our Hermione had died. She had just gone she wasn't there anymore. Imagine if Daphne or Malfoy died. Well, that's what it felt like. But then Harry came around and I started to see what he saw. I saw Hermione. She may not look like Hermione, she may not even be called Hermione but there was no denying it was her. Spending hours in the library, finishing her work first and fretting over homework and exams that were months away. She was Hermione and as soon as I realised that, I was ok with it".

"But why do you still call her Hermione?", Draco asked.

It was a question he had been dying to know for ages.

"For starters she said we could call her Hermione and secondly because she is Hermione. She's Sofia too but she's also Hermione. She's still the person that she used to be, she just looks different. Think of it like us and the Americans, 'tomayto' tomato. Exactly the same things, just with different names", Ron finished.

The Slytherins were surprised that Ron Weasley had come out with something as wise and logical as that. Hell, Harry and Ginny were surprised that those words had come out of Ron's mouth!

Draco nodded his head in response and the rest of the group smiled at him. That was a good enough answer for him and he was more than ready to accept it. It was Blaise who broke the silence as he began to laugh.

"Are you sure she's still the same person? I mean did you SEE that tantrum she threw at St Mungo's?!".

"I thought the girl had gone back a few years! It was like she was five!", Pansy remarked.

"Trust me, that is not the first and that definitely won't be the last!", Harry laughed.

"I know! You should have seen her when we threw her colour coordinated revision planners in the bin!", Ron shouted, still mortified by the blasted things Hermione had made them in Hogwarts.

The group burst into laughter at this.

"She actually made them for you?", Theo cried.

"Yeah, it spoke and everything!".

"Homework that is late will lead to a terrible fate!", Harry mimicked.

Draco and Blaise were nearly crying at this.

"And don't even get me started on our sixth year! She sent a flock a birds at me and had them almost skin me alive!".

The newly formed friends were in hysterics when Ron had finished speaking. They spent the next two hours reminiscing about old times, mostly about Sofia's time with Harry and Ron, before they said their goodbyes and everyone headed home.


The next morning came with sunshine as it filtered through the fresh summer air. It was with anticipation that Draco headed over to Zabini Manor, eager to get to Sofia and tell her the good news.

"Rise and shine, beautiful", Draco whispered as he gently shook Sofia awake.

"Hmmm, leave me alone", she mumbled as she hid under her purple pillow.

"Ok if you insist. I was going to take you out but if you'd rather sleep".

The reaction was one he expected, and a bit more.

"Wait! What? Out?!", Sofia exclaimed as she jumped from under the duvet.

"Yes, out", Draco replied with a smile.

"You mean I can actually move out of this bed and out of this room?!".

"Yes, now come-".

"YESSSSS! YES YES YES YES!", Sofia screamed as she jumped into Draco's arms, "I'm going out, I'm going out, I'm going out!", she sang, unable to contain her excitement.

Downstairs Seline, Andre and Blaise were sat in the lounge smiling at the comotion they could hear Sofia making.

"I take it Draco told her he's taking her out", Andre Zabini Smiled.

"Really, I would never have guessed so", Sofia's Mother replied sarcastically but on her face was a huge smile. She was glad her daughter was happy again.

"But where are we going?", Sofia asked Draco, jumping up like a little puppy.

"Out. Now, go and get ready and wear something nice", Draco smirked before he left the room and headed back downstairs.

"She wasn't too excited then", Seline smiled at Draco.

"You heard?", he laughed.

"The sound of happiness is never something to be frowned upon. No matter how 'hyper' it makes our daughter", Andre chuckled.

Draco was just about to speak when Sofia ran through the door.

"Mum, Dad, I'm going out!", Sofia announced.

"We know, sweetheart. Now, make sure you have a good time but be safe and if you start to feel run down you come straight home, do you hear me young lady?", her Mother warned.

"Yes, I promise! Now, where are we going?", Sofia asked Draco.

"All in good time. You ready?".


After giving her Mother and Father hugs and kisses goodbye, Sofia practically ran out of Zabini Manor, pulling Draco behind her.

"You know, that girl will never cease to amaze me", Andre smiled as he watched his daughter with love in his eyes from the window.

"She certainly is a character", Seline chuckled as she came to stand next to her husband.

"You can say that again! But she's our little character".

"Mmmm, our little Sofia".

Husband and wife stood at the window watching their treasured daughter until she and Draco disappeared from sight.



Well? I hope you all liked it! Of course I couldn't kill off Sofia but I hope I had you all in suspense, even if just a little bit! The next chapter follows straight on from Sofia and Draco leaving the house and it's one of my favourite chapters in this story so I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you all think by leaving a review. I really do appreciate them and I always reply :)

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Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty One: Questions and Answers
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Draco and Sofia appeared in a back alley, so as not to apparate in front of the muggles, and began to walk down the street hand in hand. Sofia soon figured that she was in London but she had no idea where Draco was taking her.

"Have some patience, we're almost there", Draco smiled.

He knew she was going to ask of their destination before she even opened her mouth.

As Sofia stared at him she couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked. His platinum hair was styled to perfection and his black fitted suit made him look ravishing. She could make out his toned defined torso underneath his black shirt and it made her blush. She couldn't believe that this man was hers. They may have been betrothed but she had come to terms with that mainly because she knew Draco would have loved her anyway, with or without the betrothal.

"Now, we're here".

The couple turned around and began walking up the steps to a huge brick building. Once at the entrance, Sofia knew where she was. She had spent most of her time here as a child. Once she was old enough to catch a bus by herself she had caught one here and spent all of her summers getting lost in the pages of another world.

"The British Library?", Sofia questioned.

"Yes, I figured that you of all people must have been here before so, aside from maybe Hogwarts and your home, this would be your favourite place in the world".

Sofia couldn't believe that Draco had brought her here and how he had easily deduced that this was indeed her favourite place in the world after Zabini Manor and Hogwarts.

"Wait, I'm excited and everything but aren't we a little overdressed for the library?".

"It's ok, I'm sure no one will see us", Draco smirked.

"Draco, this is the British Library. It's the biggest library in the entire world! It's always packed full of...".

Sofia and Draco had entered the library only to find that it was not full of people as Sofia had thought. It was as far from this assumption as humanly possible as the library was, in fact, empty. Instead candles were floating through the air everywhere she looked. Glass lanterns containing dancing fairies were atop of all the shelves and pink petals were covering the floor. Vases of lilies were placed on the tables and soft music was playing in the background.

Sofia couldn't move. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She couldn't believe that Draco had done this and he had done it for her.

"But- how?", was all she managed to say in her state of shock.

"I managed to pull a few strings and got a little help with the decorating. Do you like it?".

"I love it", she smiled as she turned to melt in Draco's embrace.

It was a soft a kiss but one she would remember forever, standing in this haven that Draco had created for her.

"Come on, dinner awaits", he smiled as he led her through the library where more flowers and candles could be seen everywhere.

As they walked into the domed area, Draco led Sofia to the middle of the room and onto a white platform. After a few seconds the platform moved and began to elevate through the open air towards the top of the dome but it stopped and rested, floating beneath the center of the dome with enough space from the top that both could stand comfortably. Sofia could see the whole library from here and all the intricate patterns on the dome itself.

With the click of his fingers a set table and two chairs appeared and Sofia and Draco sat down. Champagne had been laid out in the ice bucket and three small candles made the center piece.

"Shall we?", Draco smiled as he popped the champagne cork and filled her glass.

The silver lids disappeared off their plates and the two tucked into their starter. Draco couldn't believe how radiant Sofia was. She looked amazing in her dress. It was a more expensive one that her Mother had bought her on a shopping trip when Sofia had actually picked up a dress that she liked of her own free will. Black lace covered the top which had a sweetheart neckline and small capped sleeves. At her waist the lace stopped and white chiffon flowed to just above her knees. Paired with her black courts and curly hair, Sofia looked phenomenal and Draco knew it.

"You know we never finished our game of 20 questions, back at the New Years Eve Ball", Draco stated.

"Is that an invitation to start?", Sofia smiled.

"Is that a question?", Draco smirked.

"No, you can go first".

"Ok, who do you prefer, Potter or Weasley?".

Draco laughed as she threw her napkin at him. He knew she wouldn't answer but it was worth seeing her reaction.

"Obviously I love them both very much and both the same you dolt!".

"I'm joking, ok, who's your least favourite teacher at Hogwarts?".

"Definitely Professor Trelawney, the mad old coot!", Sofia replied.

"Merlin, you're harsh!", Draco laughed.

"Well, she's crazy! Anyway, on a scale of one to ten, how embarrassed were you when Mad Eye turned you into a ferret?".

Draco scowled at this which only made Sofia laugh more.

"Bloody 12! I've never been so humiliated in my life!".

Draco usually hated it when people brought that up but after seeing the smile on Sofia's face, he couldn't bring himself to be annoyed at her. In fact, he was beginning to find it rather funny too.

"Ok, admit that you got Madam Pomfrey to shrink your teeth to smaller than they were when I made you look like a beaver!", Draco sniggered.

"I will when you admit that you provoked Buckbeak", Hermione shot back.

"Touché", Draco grinned, "alright, now you don't hate us Slytherins anymore, who do you hate the most in Hogwarts?".

"Lavender Brown, easy".

They continued like this for the rest of the meal, finding out things they didn't know about each other and laughing at things they already did. They shared memories of their childhood and giggled at embarrassing stories they told one another. When they had just finished eating and drinking, Draco asked her one more question.

"Sofia, are you happy?".

She examined his face after he asked that question and what she found there startled her. Draco usually masked his emotions well but when it came to her, it seemed as if he wasn't able to. She could see the hope in his eyes that was laced with apprehension, anxiety, worry, fear and most of all love. She paused before giving the most honest answer she could give.

"More than you'll ever know".

That was all Draco needed as he stood up and brought Sofia to him. The table and chairs vanished so it was just the two of them on the floating platform once more.

"Dance with me?", his whispered.

She nodded her head in response and they began to sway to the slow music that had been playing in the background. After a few minutes Draco, looked at her.

"May I ask you something else?".

"Of course", Sofia smiled.

"When you were brought to St Mungo's and they finally let us in to see you I noticed something. Something that I'm pretty sure the others didn't but I saw it as clear as day", Draco started, "I noticed this, on your finger".

With that Draco pulled out a little black box from the inside of his pocket and opened it to reveal the engagement ring he had thrown the night that she had been taken by Lestrange.

"Well, I,I-".

"I'm not mad", Draco said gently, "I just want to know why you had it on?".

It took her a few minutes to compose herself before she decided what she was going to say. She remembered putting that ring on and she remembered exactly why she did it and now it was time to tell the man she loved.

"Draco, when I was in that house, I- I really though I was going to die. I was lying there locked in this room in pools of my own blood. I could hardly move I was in that much pain an-".

"Sofia", Draco tried to stop her before it became too much for her.

He could see the tears forming in her eyes and she had not yet spoken about that night before they found her. He didn't want to push her into saying anything she wasn't ready to say.

"Just let me finish, you asked me a question and I'm going to answer it".

She looked at him defiantly and carried on talking.

"I was just lying there unable to move because I was in so much agony but then I felt it. This thing in my pocket. I mustered up the strength to take it out and I opened the box and realised what it was. I had put it in my robes after seeing what it was back at school when we were arguing that night".

Draco looked guiltily down at the floor after this. He hadn't stopped blaming himself for Sofia's disappearance as if it hadn't been for him walking out of that room and leaving her, she would never have been taken.

"Do not blame yourself for what happened Draco, it would have happened at some point or another. He would have found me somehow".

"I know I just can't help it".

"Well, I don't blame you so you definitely shouldn't. Anyway, as I was saying, I'd already seen the ring at school and then I found it again at Grimmauld Place. I couldn't stop staring at it and I couldn't stop hating myself every time I looked at it. I couldn’t believe what I had said to you. I couldn't believe I'd actually said that I hated the fact I have to marry you and worst of all I thought that was the last thing I would have ever said to you. I honestly thought I was going to die and I would have done if it wasn't for you guys, I mean I almost still did. I never thought I'd see your face again and I didn't want you to think that I meant what I said. I do want to marry you and I wanted you to know that-".

"I don't understand, how does putting the ring on let me know that if you didn't think we'd save you?", Draco asked perplexed.

"I thought that if you ever found me, after I was gone, that you'd know by seeing the ring on my finger. You'd know that I did want to marry you because I wanted to and not because of a stupid betrothal. You'd know that I did want to spend my life with you and you'd know that I loved you".

Draco was stunned. When she thought she was going to die, when she thought that she was taking her last breaths Sofia had nothing but him on her mind. Her last wish would have been that she wanted him to know that she would have married him because she wanted to and she would have married him because she loved him.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her with more passion and love than he'd ever kissed anyone. He wanted to show her exactly how she had just made him feel. Judging by her breathlessness when he pulled away, he had done just that.


"Wait, I need to say something".

She nodded as Draco kept hold of both of her hands.

"I want you to know that I want to marry you too, not because of this betrothal but because I love you. You're the girl of my dreams, I never imagined that I'd get to be with someone as perfect as you and I still can't believe it. I honestly believe that, even without the betrothal, we'd still be standing here today. Sofia, I never thought I could love anyone as much as I loved myself but then you came along and you changed me. You made me fall for you in a way that no one else has or ever will. I love everything about you. I love your hair, your eyes, your lips, your touch. I love the sound of your voice, even your terrible singing, and I love your random ways. I love your geekiness and the way you insist on slurping soup off a spoon and I love the way you rub your eyes and stretch before you wake up in the morning. I feel like you make my whole life complete, which is why I need to know...".

Draco stepped back and let go of her hands. Before she could register what was even going on Draco had dropped down onto one knee.

"Sofia Narcissa Zabini, would you do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife?".

He had been waiting to ask her this all night. To hell with the betrothal, he had asked her this because he wanted to and not because their parents had planned their future. He had been planning this night for a while but first he had needed to know why she had the ring on at Grimmauld Place. He loved her more than life itself and now he had his answer to one question he just needed the answer to another. He just needed her to say one word.

"Yes" she whispered.

Tears were falling freely from her eyes as Draco put the ring onto her finger and picked her up, spinning her through the air.

"I love you, Sofia Zabini".

"And I love you, Draco Malfoy".

With that the couple shared their first kiss as an engaged couple and Sofia felt as if she had never been in a more magical moment.

What Draco had done was beyond perfect. She couldn't have imagined being proposed to in a better way. She couldn't have even imagined what Draco had done today but she was so glad he did. Granted they knew they were to get married anyway but that didn't matter to Draco and it certainly didn't matter to Sofia. She had said yes because she loved him, not because she had to, and now she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him.



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Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty Two: Goodbye To Where We Started
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The media was on fire at the announcement of Draco and Sofia's engagement. The couple had been splashed across the Daily Prophet and every other paper and magazine ever since they had told the world they were to be married. Cameras constantly followed them wherever they went and it was beginning to grate on their last nerves. Draco had been most furious when a swarm of journalists had nearly sent Sofia flying after ambushing them on the way out of Diagon Alley. Sofia had almost been scared of Draco himself when she saw him release his anger at the unrelenting press as she was reminded of the Draco she had known before this year. It seemed the whole world wanted to know about their relationship and they wanted to know the details of their wedding even more.

If the press weren't enough, Draco and Sofia were now facing the fact that that they were the hot topic of conversation between every person in Hogwarts. Their fellow students had been gossiping about the upcoming wedding for weeks now and it seemed that, as the end of their last year drew closer, everyone was becoming more desperate to find out the details of it before they left Hogwarts forever. Sofia wasn't sure if the end could come quick enough. She was sick of having to put up with the likes of Tracey Davies, a fellow Slytherin, cornering her in the corridors to ask her about her wedding dress. She wouldn't mind but she wasn't even friends with the girl! No, the sooner their wedding day came the better.

Sofia couldn't help but feel overjoyed the moment she woke up on that July morning, for every new day she welcomed meant she was a day closer to her wedding. On this day, however, her joy was short lived as she realised that this was it. This was the very last day she would wake up in this castle. After seven years of calling Hogwarts her home, she was now going to leave and never return. They all were. The thought overwhelmed her and she couldn't help but to let a tear escape from her crystal orbs. She knew that this day would come but nothing could have prepared her for the overbearing sadness she was feeling.

Hogwarts was not just a school to her. She had memories here, some that made her cry with laughter and some that made her heart cripple in pain. She had a family here too, one that she had built on friendship that she never wanted to let go of. It was with sickening nerves that Sofia climbed from her bed and got herself ready for the day.

As her small feet padded on the wooden floor, down into the common room, Sofia couldn't help but feel a small disappointment at the fact that she would be spending her last day in the Slytherin common room. She knew that was the house she was now a part of, but she had always imagined saying her goodbyes up in Gryffindor Tower with Harry and Ron. It seemed that her vision of that moment would not come true anytime soon though.

A small cough interrupted her musings, and Sofia turned to find Blaise smiling at her.

"Feeling a little lost?".

"You could say that", Sofia replied.

"I knew today would be hard for you. You, Harry and Ron have a connection to this place stronger than anyone has ever seen".

Sofia looked to the floor as tears threatened to flood her eyes once more. Blaise's welcoming arms wrapped around her small frame as he attempted to comfort his twin. It was an embrace that Sofia dearly needed.

"I got you something, to cheer you up", Blaise beamed.

Sofia was shocked as Blaise pulled out a small purple box. As she opened it she gasped in delight as she saw a small silver charm lying on the silver silk inside.

"I ordered it especially for you. I thought it would be a perfect addition to the charm bracelet Father gave you".

"Blaise, it's wonderful!", Sofia cried as she hugged her brother in thanks and surprise at her gift from him.

"Well, I figured with that, you'll never be away from here".

As Sofia attached the small silver Hogwarts model to her bracelet, she saw the truth in Blaise's words. She would never be away from Hogwarts, for it would always be in her heart.


All four of the House emblems hung from the sunlit ceiling of the Great Hall as students and families filled the vast space of gold wooden chairs. The seventh years were stood on the stage at the front while they waited for their Headmistress to finish her speech. It was bewildering for some to see tears glisten in Professor McGonagall's hazel eyes. They all knew why though, they could all feel it. It was the memories that engulfed them all as they stood there on their last day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"... and it is with great pleasure and sadness that I present to you the most respected and what will become the most remembered year group that Hogwarts has ever seen. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the class of 1999".

Applause rang throughout the Hall as parents and fellow students celebrated the year group that was the most remarkable year Hogwarts had ever seen. As silence began to reign again the Headmistress spoke once more.

"Finally, on behalf of this year's leavers, I would like you to welcome Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Sofia Zabini".

Sofia blushed as she stepped forwards with Harry and Ron. Despite the events of this year, the whole of their year group had thought it only fitting that she, Harry and Ron speak their parting words. It was a task that they were all honoured to have but one that came with such pressure and emotion.

The audience in front of them sat facing them, their eyes wide with anticipation. This was the first time the three had ever addressed an audience together. They had been begged to do so ever since the end of the war but they had always declined. Now though, the press huddled in the corner would get what they wanted because the trio knew, as they looked into each other's eyes, that this was it.

"When I was younger, I was always jealous of all my brother's. Apart from Ginny I was the last to go to Hogwarts. I used to beg my Mum to let me go early every single year. The stories my brothers told me made me want to come here more than anything. Their tales of adventure have nothing on mine though", Ron continued as soft laughs sounded throughout the Hall, "Never in a million years did I expect to go through what we did. We looked death in the face more times than I care to remember but we always came out on top. I wouldn't be the person I am today without these two stood next to me and, in my eyes, Hogwarts gave me them. I've had the same laughs in lessons as everyone else and made some genuinely happy memories but the one thing I thank Hogwarts for the most is my friends. They're my life, my existence and they always will be".

Cheers, applause and whistles could be heard at Ron's final words. Sofia and Harry did not join in though. They were too busy trying to stop the tears as the strength of Ron's words soaked in. They had never been so touched.

Sofia was quickly forced to recover herself though as the noise lessened and people waited for her to begin.

"In many eyes I'm a completely different person than I was for most of my time at Hogwarts but I can assure you I'm not. I'm still the same know it all that thrives off answering every single question in class and I'm still the same person that survived with these two. When I began Hogwarts I was terrified that I wouldn't make any friends. I remember thinking that even a group that didn't really like me but I could latch on to would be fine. I really didn't anticipate meeting Harry and Ron", Sofia smiled, "The three of us have done everything together. We've studied together, eaten together, walked to classes together, and been in detention together. Everything that best friends do together at school. But we've done more than that. We've fought the most grotesque kind of evil together, we've risked our lives together and we've survived together. We've even grieved together. The people we lost along the way of our journey through Hogwarts will never be forgotten, they will live in our hearts for eternity, but we also found people along the way that are still here now and that's all of you. I've read every single book in that library and achieved top marks in all of my classes every year, but the most important lesson that I've learnt at Hogwarts is that nothing in this world matters more than the love and respect we all have for each other because if we have that, then we have happiness".

There wasn't a dry eye in sight as Sofia finished. Hagrid was openly weeping and many mothers were dabbing handkerchiefs under their eyes. She hadn't expected such a reaction, all she had done was spoken from her heart. Finally, all eyes turned to Harry. The silence was almost unbearable as people prepared themselves to hang on to his every word.

"This place, this castle, it means the world to me. It was where I came alive. Before I came here, I had no idea about magic, I didn't know who I was, what had happened to me, who my parents were. I knew nothing. I think that was the first reason I fell in love with it. For the first time in my life I felt close to my parents. Despite everything that has happened here, I still feel the same way. People died in the very spots where we're stood now. Their bodies were laid down in rows on this floor but the magic of this school still lives on. I know that sounds morbid but it shouldn't be forgotten. Our friend's and our family died so that we could live without fear. So that we could stand here today and say that we did it. I realised, after listening to Ron's and Hermione's speeches, that our words aren't much of a representation of the whole year group. They're more about our own time here. I think after everything we've been through though it's understandable for us to do so. It's understandable because we are Hogwarts to each other. We've spent nearly every moment of our time here together. For seven years and the year of the Horcrux hunt we were constantly together. When someone says Hogwarts, I immediately envision this magnificent castle, the food, the ghosts, the magic but in every vision there are two constant things and that's Ron and Hermione. When I see Hogwarts, I see them. Albus Dumbledore once said Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home and it's true. That's because Hogwarts is everywhere. It's not just a building. It's a magic inside of us that connects us all but is different for each and every one of us. For me, Hogwarts is my friends, Hogwarts is these two", Harry finished as he looked at Sofia and Ron.

The trio fell into each other's arms as tears poured down their faces. They all already knew what had been said but to hear it voiced out loud from one another was overwhelming. Sofia couldn't help but think that Blaise was right this morning. She, Harry and Ron did have a connection with this place that no one had ever seen before and that's because Hogwarts had connected them in a way it never had before.


Sofia would have probably felt the same feeling inside of her that was screaming at her to latch on to Harry and Ron for as long as she could, but she knew that it was the words they had spoken just thirty minutes ago that was the driving force for her actions. She wasn't alone though. The two boys seemed to feel exactly the same way. It was for this reason that they had sneaked out of the graduation party, in the Great Hall, and were now wandering around the halls of their beloved school.

If one looked upon them, they would see three students walking aimlessly. Looking at everything the sacred school had to offer as if they were trying to memorise every archway, every moving photograph and every crack in every wall. That wasn't the case though. They were not wondering aimlessly. They knew exactly where they were going without uttering a word to each other.

Ghosts of smiles lay on their faces as they ventured down the third floor corridor to gaze upon the trap door at the end. They didn't say any words. They weren't needed. They just stared as the memories played through their minds. They only lingered for a while then the Trio went back the way they had come, to begin their path to the girls bathroom.

Harry, Ron and Sofia could still see the engraved serpent on the cool metal tap that marked the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Shivers ran up their spines as they remembered the near fatality of Ginny but they were finding a sense of ease whilst taking their own personal tour through the castle. Between each destination they never spoke. They just soaked in the beauty that was Hogwarts. It was even more beautiful from afar as they stood near the Whomping Willow. Experience alone had taught them not to get too close but it seemed they had pushed their luck as the tree started to get a little agitated by the sense of their presence. It was with this realisation that they began their stroll to the quidditch pitch.

Images of games, both watched and played, whizzed through their minds but it was the image of Harry returning from the maze with Cedric Diggory's dead body that overcame them. It had been the most dreadful night they witnessed, particularly for Harry, but once again the trio felt as if they needed to be here and remember just one last time. Not wanting to succumb to their tears, Harry, Ron and Sofia made their way back inside until they found the Room of Requirement. As they entered, they found the room just as it was back in their fifth year when their lives revolved around the DA.

They remembered how students of Hogwarts had come together to learn how to fight, they remembered the laughs as Fred and George tested their joke shop products at the end of every lesson and they remembered the look of sheer amazement and triumph on Neville's face as he mastered his first defensive spell.

After reliving those moments, they climbed to the highest point Hogwarts had to offer and gazed into the open air from the Astronomy Tower. The night that the world lost Albus Dumbledore will never be forgotten. It brought sadness even to the hardest of hearts but the Trio did not think of the bad in this moment. They remembered the goodness he had brought to their lives. They knew that without him they would not be standing here today. The wizarding world praised them beyond belief for their actions during the war but they knew they wouldn't have stood a chance without Dumbledore. As the last visions of his twinkling blue eyes flitted through their memories, Harry, Ron and Sofia made their way to their final stop.

The portrait swung open then shut as the three stepped into the home they had shared for many years. Sofia remembered being disappointed that morning that she would not be spending her last day in the Gryffindor common room but it seemed she need not have worried. The familiar warmth graced her porcelain skin as she embraced the red and gold. This was her favourite room in the whole of the castle and she relished in the fact that she was finally back here. Sofia remembered the first time she had ever seen the Gryffindor common room more than ever as she felt very much the same in this moment.

"So, this is it", Ron stated.

It was all they could do but stare around as the reality of their departure soon hit them. They tried to look at anything but each other as doing so would only give their tears permission to escape their eyes. The trio's resolve lasted all of ten seconds though. They soon found each other in a bone crushing as they longed to keep hold of one another for as long as humanly possible. Even as their embrace ended, they still didn't fully let go.

"I don't know why we’re being so stupid, we're still going to see each other all of time", Sofia sniffled.

They boys chortled in agreement and Harry added, "I know, it's not like we're saying goodbye to each other".

"Just to where we started", Ron smiled, "we still have the rest of our lives together, don't we, and everything that it will bring?".

Sofia grinned at Ron's words, as she looked out of the window to see Draco stood on the grounds with both his and her family. Every time she laid her crystal eyes on him, Sofia felt an overwhelming sense of admiration and love. She still couldn't believe that in just a matter of weeks she would become his wife. This thought didn't make her nervous though, as it would make most women feel. On the contrary it made her more excited than she had ever been and the truth of Ron's words rang clear through her whole existence.

"Yes, we certainly do, Ronald".


Chapter 23: Chapter Twenty Three: For All Eternity
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The weeks had flown by as Sofia and her family settled back into Zabini Manor. Their usually blissful days had been filled with meetings, food tasting, fittings and invite writing. Not a day had gone by, since leaving Hogwarts, that wasn't filled with something to hasten the preparations for Draco and Sofia's wedding. The only time Sofia had been allowed a moment to catch her breath was the weekend of her hen party. She had spent the two days under the sizzling sunshine in Cannes with her best girlfriends plus her mother and Narcissa. Fine dining, sun bathing and a spa trip filled the days while the nights were full to the brim with alcohol and partying in the most glamourous of clubs. After the trouble the girls had got up to that weekend, Sofia dreaded to think what had happened when Draco went to Vegas. It was all good fun though.

Now, just a week later, Sofia was finally feeling the disorientating nerves that came with being a bride-to-be. Her mother had been assuring Sofia, since the nerves had hit her, that it was perfectly natural to feel such a thing. Sofia only wished that they had hit her before the morning of her wedding day.

"Now, now I think it's time you gave that to me", Pansy coaxed as she tried to wrench the bottle out of Sofia's hands.

They had been up since 8:00 am to get ready for the wedding. Pansy and Ginny were already in their bridesmaids dresses and the former was currently trying to persuade Sofia to put down the bottle of champagne she had been necking for the past twenty minutes.

To say Sofia was nervous was an understatement. She was petrified and so far the only thing that had given her any comfort was alcohol. Admittedly, she was now feeling a little tipsy but the nerves were still there, twisting into a huge knot in her stomach.

"No! I need it! I won't be able to do this otherwise", she explained worriedly.

"Right! I've had enough!", Ginny snapped, "In a couple of hours you are going to be marrying the man you love and I will be damned if I let you turn up to your own wedding pissed as a fart!".

Sofia was shocked by Ginny's boldness for a second but then she remembered that this was Ginny Weasley. There was no bolder or upfront person on this planet.

"But Gin, I-".

"No! I will not hear another word of this, now sit down and let this really nice lady do your make up like she has been trying to for the last twenty five minutes! Pansy! Get the alcohol out of this room!".

"Yes, boss!", Pansy quipped and hurried to remove the several bottles of champagne from Sofia's bedroom.

"What are you looking so panicked about?", Draco enquired as he saw Pansy walk into the kitchen holding serveral bottles.

"Oh, I'm only trying to stop your fiancee getting absolutely wasted before her wedding!".

"That nervous is she?", Draco smiled.

He knew she'd be freaking out, even more so than she had over her exams and that had been scary enough, so he could imagine the disaster Ginny and Pansy were facing upstairs. This would have made most men nervous but Draco was not most men and to be frank he found the situation quite amusing and just as he had predicted.

"She'll be fine, just give her this", Draco said as he handed Pansy a large silver bag with a white bow on top.

"You really do think of everything don't you?", Pansy grinned as she realised that Draco had known full well that this was going to happen.

She was sure that Draco knew Sofia better than she knew herself.

"You sound surprised", Draco smirked.

Pansy just shook her head laughing as she headed back upstairs to the monster that was currently her best friend.

"You're going to poke me in the eye! Can you not just stop now?!", Sofia was arguing.

"Sofia, if you sit there and be a good little girl while Marissa does your make up then you can have this", Pansy cooed as if she was talking to a young child.

"What is it?", Sofia enguired at seeing the large silver gift bag Pansy had in her hands.

"A present from Draco".

Sofia's eyes lit up at this as she turned back to the make up artist and let her contiue to apply her make up.

It had taken just ten more minutes after Sofia had stopped her incessant nagging, and when her face was finished she jumped up and grabbed the bag from Pansy. Inside were two things; a large package wrapped in purple gift wrap and a green velvet box.

She ripped open the packaging of the larger parcel and found a plain black book. Inside she saw that it was filled with photos of her and Draco. Sofia smiled as she flicked through the pages, she hadn't even known that Draco had these. As she got to the end she noticed that there were several more pages and more could be added when one wanted to add more photos to the album. At the back was a small note that read 'an everlasting album for my everlasting love'. The statement brought tears to her eyes. It was written in Draco's handwriting and she knew from his words that she was his everlasting love.

As she moved on to open the velvet box, she couldn't help but to let a gasp escape from her lips. Ginny and Pansy too expressed their amazement at seeing what was inside.

There, lying on the velvet, was a sparkling tiara. The silver band held atop small pearls and crystals that were intertwined with diamond flowers. On the back she could see the Malfoy family crest engraved into the beautiful piece of jewellery.

"I knew I recognised that!", Pansy squeaked, "It's been in his family for generations, every Malfoy bride wears it!".

"It's gorgeous", Sofia whispered as she thumbed the antique tiara in her hands.

It was Ginny who took it from the box and placed it on Sofia's head perfectly over her immaculate hair.

"Gorgeous", she beamed, "Now, we just need to get that dress of yours on".


Draco was standing under the white canopy, that was covered with tiger lillies, at the end of the aisle. It was on this spot that he would be saying his vows to Sofia and despite his appearance he was a little nervous. He had just seen Seline Zabini come from the house and sit in one of the white wooden chairs on the front row. Tears were streaming down her face. She had clearly just come from seeing her beloved daughter. If the sight of Sofia reduced her Mother to this, he wasn't sure what would happen to him when he set eyes on his beautiful bride. He looked at Blaise as the orchestra began to play gentle music, who gave him a nod for encouragement, not that Draco needed it. He couldn't wait to call Sofia his wife.

Inside, Sofia was left with her Father as Pansy, Ginny, Harry and Ron exited Zabini manor at the sound of the music.

"I don't think I could be anymore proud of you than I am today", Andre Zabini said as he looked lovingly at his daughter, "Sofia, my sweet sweet Sofia, you look like an angel. I never thought this day would come but I couldn't be more happy that it has".

Sofia's eyes began to fill as her Father continued to talk.

"We waited 18 years to have you back in our lives and now that you're here I can honestly say that it has been worth the wait. You, my angel, are more perfect than I ever could have imagined and it gives me incredible honour to call you my daughter. You are the most precious treasure I hold in my heart and you always will be".

Sofia let go of her Father's hands as she jumped up to hug him. She loved her dad very much and to hear those words made her feel so loved she could burst.

"Now, are you ready?".

"As ready as I'll ever be", Sofia smiled as her Father took her arm in his.

Draco watched from the other end of the aisle, waiting in anticipation for the appearance of Sofia and her Father. Pansy and Ron were the first to walk down the white material, that was scattered with pale blue and silver petals. Pansy's dress stopped mid calf and the silk aqua fabric shone in the dazzling sun. Ginny and Harry followed after them, Ginny wearing the same dress as Pansy and Harry wearing a blue tie to match the dresses, like Ron. Draco loved the colour scheme. He had chosen it himself because it reminded him so much of Sofia's crystal eyes. As they reached the end of the aisle and went to stand on Sofia's side of the platform, opposite himself, Blaise, Theo and Adrian, Draco lost his breath as the guests let out a loud gasp.

Linking arms with her Father and holding a boquet of diamond flowers was Sofia. She was simply breathtaking. Her hair had been loosely curled and pinned behind her head, perfectly complimenting the tiara Draco had given her that morning. Her skin glowed with beauty as she began to walk with a gleaming smile on her immaculate face. The white dress hugged her body lovingly. It had a plunging neckline that modestly covered her chest as the dress skimmed her thighs and then flowed gracefully out to the floor, at her knees. Over her bare back was a panel of rich lace and thin row of diamonds ran along her shoulders where the dress stopped, exposing her bare arms.

She looked radiant as her Father gave her away and she stepped up in front of Draco. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face and she couldn't take her eyes off him. His black suit, white shirt and silver tie complimented him perfectly. Sofia never thought he could look so handsome.

The pair never lost focus of one another as the minister began the ceremony and asked Sofia to say her vows.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, when I first met you, I never would have imagined that we'd be standing here today but I'm so glad that we are. I've never met anyone who makes me smile more than you. I've never met anyone who makes feel so special more than you do. I've never met anyone who I need more than you and I've never met anyone who loves me more than you. This last year you have become my entire world and I love you more than the air I breathe. You're my whole universe and without you life just wouldn't be the same. I love you, Draco, more than anything or anyone I've ever loved in my life and I love you more than you'll ever know".

Draco had to stop his eyes from filling at Sofia's heart felt words. They had decided weeks ago that they would say their own vows but they would not be planned or pre-written, they would just speak from the heart. He had worried that words would fail him when this moment came but he need not have, because he now knew exactly what he wanted to say to her, right now on their wedding day.

"Sofia, I never thought that people could actually feel such strong feelings towards another human being, but you proved me wrong. You proved me wrong when you showed me what a beautiful place the world is and that it is beautiful because you are in it. You taught me how to love in a way that is so rare and undoubted and you taught me that just by being you. Life as I knew it is over but life as I want it is just begining. From now on, my life is you and it always will be. You are my everything and I love you, Sofia Zabini, more than you'll ever know".

Every female watching didn't have a dry eye in sight and even some of the men were shedding a tear or two. Most had never witnessed something so honest, so touching and so beautiful.

As Draco and Sofia exchanged their rings silver vines wrapped around their intertwined hands.

"Sofia Narcissa Zabini, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to honour and protect, to love and to cherish until death do you part?"

"I do", Sofia choked.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to honour and protect, to love and to cherish until death do you part?".

"I do", Draco smiled.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride".

The silver vines flashed gold and sank into their skin as Draco leaned forward and kissed Sofia. His wife forever more.


The party was now in full swing as more guests had arrived to celebrate the marriage of Draco and Sofia. The press had been and gone and the newlyweds had posed for more pictures than they cared to keep track of. Speeches had been made and much food and drink had been consumed. Now it was time for the first dance.

As they began to sway to the gentle music, Sofia beamed at Draco.

"So, how are you feeling, Mrs Malfoy?", Draco smiled.

"I've never been better, Mr Malfoy", she giggled.

She meant it too. She had never been better. In truth, she felt like she was flying, especially when Draco had referred to her as Mrs Malfoy. She couldn't believe that they were now married, that she was his wife and he was her husband.

"I don't think I've ever seen someone so beautiful", Draco said, "I almost couldn't breathe when I saw you. You look breath taking,".

Sofia grinned as a soft blush enveloped her cheeks.

"I can't believe you're mine", Draco whispered.

"Well, I am and I always will be".

"That's all I ask".

The pair swayed to the music just staring into each other's eyes. They couldn't believe they had done it. After everything they had been through here they stood, married.

Too soon the song ended and their guests filled the ball room with applause. As Sofia stood with her hand in Draco's, she looked out onto her friends and family with a sense of pride. Just one year ago she had been living miserbaly with the Grangers, never really feeling like she belonged. Now, she lived in her parents home with her twin brother. She looked upon their smiling faces and her heart swelled with joy. Her father, ever so loving and protective, and her mother, so beautiful and kind. She was astounded at how blessed she was to have such wonderful parents. Then there was Blaise. Her twin. Some people referred to their spouses as their other halves but that wasn't the case for Sofia. Blaise was her other half and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Draco and Sofia then turned to face the other side of the room where Harry, Ron and the Weasley's were stood clapping. They were the family of her heart. Despite the horrendous times they had been through and lack of emotion from her adoptive parents over the years, Sofia had never been short of love. She had been given it from them ever since she was eleven. They were everything to her as Hermione Granger and they still were now she was Sofia Zabini. Despite the huge change in her life this last year, they had always been there for Sofia and she knew they always would be.

The love Sofia felt from everyone she could see made tears glisten in her eyes. It took Draco only seconds to notice and he turned her to face him with her hands in his.

"Are you alright?", he whispered softly.

The words simply fell from her heart as she peered into the silver galaxies that were his eyes.

"I'm better than alright. I now live a life that's so luxurious Draco but, do you know what? None of it matters. I'd be happy living on the streets as long as I had everyone I need. My parents, Blaise, Harry, Ron, the Weasleys, Pansy and you. You're everything to me and I never want to be without you".

Draco smiled as the honesty of Sofia's words hit him.

"You'll never be without me. I'm yours forever".

"For all eternity?", Sofia smiled.

"For all eternity".



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