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Whispers of the Night by blackballet

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,388

Rating: 12+
Warnings: No Warnings

Genres: Action/Adventure
Characters: Albus, Rose

First Published: 07/10/2013
Last Chapter: 07/10/2013
Last Updated: 07/10/2013

Albus was seriously getting on my nerves tonight. If we did lose the Challenges, it would be because of him. 


Written for 'Names With no Faces' Challenge

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Chapter 1: Whispers of the Night
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 I splayed my arms out against the wall, trying to stay as flat as possible so I wouldn't be found. There were only three of us left, and we were playing extreme hide and seek. The last person caught got to jinx the seeker, and choose the game for the next round. One thing I learned from my mother was to never let other's get the better of you because you're the underdog. I also learned not to get a big head because I was one of the smartest in my year. Albus was the seeker, and I knew he'd been seeking me out personally. I beat him last round in gobstones, and he wouldn't let me get away with that. 

I cast a charm that let me know if anyone was near me. No one showed up on the radar, so I turned the corner, and ran into the broom closet across the hall. There was a small crack in the door, and I peeked through it to see if anyone else had gotten captured. I saw either Lorcan or Lysander, I could never tell the difference, where I was hiding before and I knew he would be caught soon. Albus was on my trail, so any place I was previously wasn't safe. There it was, I thought, as Lysander or Lorcan was hoisted upside down by a Levicorpus and Albus ran past him to find the other Lysander or Lorcan. Merlin, could Mr. and Mrs. Scamander thought of harder names? 


I snuck outside of my closet, and looked both ways to make sure the coast was clear. I slinked down to the left, the opposite direction Albus went. It was already too late when I realized that's exactly what he'd want me to do. I whipped my head back to where I came from, and saw a small blonde head running towards me, arms flailing, hair flying. 


"Rose! We have to go, Albus is coming this way!" Lorcan or Lysander, I still didn't know, grabbed my hand and we ran down to the dungeons, and hid behind a large statue of Salazar Slytherin, which I assume was in front of the entrance to the Slytherin common room. 


"Sorry," I said, apologetically and out of breath, "Lorcan or Lysander?" 


"Lorcan," he answered laborously, pointing to his eyes which were a deep brown, instead of blue like Lysander's I suppose. 


"Oh, right. I've got to remember that, sorry mate." We peeked out from behind the statue, and saw nothing but the dark hallway. I cast the spell I had used previously to find Albus, and saw that someone was hiding in the closet that I was in when Lysander was found. Why would Albus be in the closet, I wondered, turning to face Lorcan with an open mouth. It had just dawned on me when I saw the dark brown hair of my cousin Albus standing where Lorcan used to be. I began to run as fast as I could, realizing it would be useless. 


"Petrificus Totalus," he shouted from behind me. I felt my body freeze up all at once, and I fell easily to the ground with a thud. I cannot believe he got me like that, I thought, as I lay on the ground motionless. I heard him finally walking up behind me, and I swaer I could almost feel my body shaking in anger.


"I bet you're wondering where the bloody hell I got Polyjuice, huh?" I was wondering exactly that, and it was unfair how he knew everything. 


"It's alright, Rosie, calm down. You did win. I got Lorcan about ten minutes before you, five after Lysander. About the potion, you seem to have forgotten who my father is. See you in about" he said, pausing to look at his watch, "three hours. You'll get your jinx, then the next round begins. I can't wait to see what game you'll choose," he called back, as I struggled to free myself from the curse, and he walked away happily. You won't get the best of me again, Albus Severus Potter. 







I brushed my jumper off when I finally got free of the curse, and stalked back up from the dungeons in anger. We were to meet in the Great Hall after every challenge, and the winner of the last challenge got to pick the next. That was me, I thought proudly, and held my chin up as I entered the monstrous room. I heard applause as I entered, and some of my housemates were whistling for me. I took a small bow for my victory, and stood at the front of the Hall, in front of the teachers who were surveying the challenges. I picked up the piece of parchment that was on the pedestal that Headmistress McGonagall usually stood at, and looked at the options for the challenges. I knew just which one would be perfect. It was a teams challenge, and I knew I could win this one. 


"Duelling," I shouted to the hall of third years, and some groaned while others cheered. All of the students were grouped based on house, and we had a big duel between houses in the courtyard. All of the kids began filing out, and I went to stand with the Gryffindor team. I would be on Albus' team once, just this once. 


"Hey, cousin," he said, shouldering me. "Nice choice up there. We're the best duelers here." 


"Don't be so cocky, Albus," I scoffed, crossing my arms. "There are plenty of good duelers in the other houses."


"Sure, Rosie. I'm sure you thought that. You're a walking statistic, you base your information on logic."




And twenty minutes later, he proved me wrong. Almost all of the Ravenclaw's were eliminated, and all the Hufflepuff's and Slytherin's were. It was mostly because some of the Hufflepuff's were too timid, and the Slytherin's did not play by the rules at all. There were about half of the Gryffindor's left. Sometimes bravery came in handy, I thought as a tall Ravenclaw shot an Expelliarmus at me, and I had to duck to avoid it, causing the spell to hit Albus. 


"Sorry cousin," I yelled to him, almost sarcastically. We had a love hate relationship, you could say. 


The numbers quickly dwindled down for Gryffindor after Albus got out. Unfortunately, he was an excellent dueler. Finally, it was just me, Lysander, and Lorcan left. Oh no, this was about to get very difficult. 


"Come over here, Rose," either Lysander or Lorcan called. I kept the mantra, Lorcan brown, Lysander blue in my head as I walked over to him. 


"No Rosie! Don't go near him! That's Lorcan, he'll disarm you in a second," either Lorcan or Lysander said. Oh man, these eyes were really difficult. Lysander was in Gryffindor, and Lorcan was in Ravenclaw, obviously. 


I stood, the three of us at a stalemate in the center of the courtyard. The two boys walked in front of me, and stood beside each other, both pleading desperately that they were Lysander, and that the other was Lorcan. The Ravenclaw was playing both of us, and I'm pretty sure the real Lysander wasn't sure who was who either. 


"Alright, shut up," I yelled. The two boys shut their mouths at the same time, a look of panic on both their faces. Which one was blue, and which was brown again? 


"On the count of three, I'm going to curse one of you, and, depending on who I hit, the other will either curse me or celebrate with me." I looked them both in the eyes. Lorcan blue, Lysander brown. Maybe?


"One, two, three," I whispered to myself, not even realizing that one of them was already disarmed. I looked up on three, and saw just the tip of a wand. 


"Sorry, Rosie," Lorcan or Lysander said, as it went too fast to discern who before I saw a purple light and was knocked down on to my back by a Stupefy. I heard someone cheering, most likely not the Gryffindor's. I shook my head in shame as Lorcan (maybe Lysander) helped me up. Great job, Rosie. Now you have to deal with Albus' mood all night. It wasn't my fault, anyway. It was way too dark to tell between brown and blue.