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Cruel Intentions by Flaming Seeker

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 25,299
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Humor, Young Adult
Characters: Fred, George, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 05/08/2013
Last Chapter: 08/22/2014
Last Updated: 08/22/2014

 "The day you become a color is the day I date someone" Oliver's words rang true in my  head. This bet had gone too far, "But that's the fun of it" Angelina assured me. 

Being boring was fun, maybe being bad was even better, that is, until now.

Chapter 1: The Bet
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“This isn’t happening.”

“Ellie, everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

“No Katie, it’s not. I’ve never skipped before. “

“Ellie, calm down. It’s nothing. You even told me nothing happened that night.”

“I lied.”

Hold up, this isn’t really as bad as it looks. It wasn’t my fault at all. Okay, it’s as bad as it looks, but this isn’t the full story! I was tired of being plain, ordinary, and “a dull gray” as the Oliver Wood calls me. I wanted to be interesting and crazy. It started out fine! Nothing bad was supposed to happen. I guess it goes to show that cruel intentions have cruel results.

But then again, it’s been the craziest year of my life; I wouldn’t take back one minute of it. Except… well…. you know…

I’ll start at the beginning. I’m Brielle Jessica Ramsey, 6th year Gryffindor. I’m chaser on the Quidditch Team and top student in my year. I’ve never lost house points; I’ve only gained them.

I don’t really live up to the Gryffindor reputation, but I do enjoy a party every once in a while. But a party on a school night? No thank you, I like my sleep before potions the next morning.

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the Gryffindor reputation before. Us Gryffindors, we’re known for our access and our drugs. Whatever you want, we can get. If it’s on the market, we’ve smoked it. If it’s been brewed, we’ve drunk it. Now, not all Gryffindors are like this, me for example. I have never done drugs before. Well, other than that one time in fourth year when Fred and George spiked my fire whiskey because they thought it’d be funny. Honestly. Those two are something.

Anyway, Hufflepuff. These kids seem not so smart and innocent on the outside, but really, they know how to party. Every single Hufflepuff over third year isn’t a virgin. I think it’s a rite of passage or something. They are the sex gods of Hogwarts. Some of them even out do Draco Malfoy, and I’ve heard Malfoy is incredible. Hufflepuffs make for a great party.

Despite popular belief, Ravenclaw parties suck. They don’t participate in illegal activities and believe parties should end at curfew, which is 10. Ummm, that’s when the parties really get going. They are the most innocent and pure of Hogwarts.

Slytherin, oh Slytherin. The Slytherins think that they are so classy. Their parties aren’t much better than Ravenclaw, but when they attend a party, that’s a different story. The Slytherins don’t go crazy, but they enjoy themselves. They don’t really do drugs with us, but they do drink. Their idea of a good party is to sit around with cocktails and discuss finer points of why purebloods are better than muggle borns. Real classy.

Back to my story, it all really started at the Welcome Back feast I guess. We were all talking about our summers and plans for the year.

“George and I spent all summer hauled up with the family, as usual, although I did charm some muggle girls in town. She seemed to think my magic tricks were almost like real magic!” Fred and George smiled at each other.

“You two are going to get in so much trouble one of these days. Your charm won’t get you out of it either.” Katie Bell, my fellow chaser said.

Katie is in the same year as me and obviously the same house. She’s the girl of the group. Her favorite color is pink and she only wears ruffles and flowers. We all know that she has a thing for Roger Davies, but she won’t admit it. Besides, Oliver never lets us date people from other Qudditch teams. It’s “fraternizing with the enemy.”

Our third chaser is Alicia Spinnet, who is again, the same year as us. She has a temper worse than anything. But if you catch her in a good mood, it makes up for it. Alicia doesn’t date, which is a shame because she has all the Gryffindor boys lined up.

Our two beaters are Fred and George. They are one soul sharing two bodies. As the pranksters they are, their favorite pass time is messing with Oliver. We all enjoy it because it makes practice much more enjoyable.

Our seeker is Angelina Johnson; she has the fastest time in the school for catching the snitch. 5 minutes 48 seconds. She’s quiet when you first meet her, but as her friend, I can personally say she never shuts up. She fits the Gryffindor rep, as does the entire team.

Finally, our keeper, and captain, Oliver Wood eats, breathe and lives Quidditch. If he had his way we would be practicing all day and half the night. He’s a looker, but is too involved in Quidditch and so oblivious that he doesn’t date.

“You’re right. It’ll be our good looks that’ll help.” George gave her a wink and dug into his steak and kidney pie.

“It’s a wonder why you two don’t have girlfriends.” Alicia said and rolled her eyes. “My summer was good. Other than the fact that Oliver made me go to Quidditch camp with him. It was the single worst part of my summer.”

“If you didn’t want to go so much then why did you go?” Oliver asked.

“Oliver, it is impossible to say no to you. You would not stop asking.”

“If you don’t want to play this year, I can always bench you.” Oliver threatened. All of us went silent. Next to Oliver, Alicia was the second most Quidditch fazed person in Gryffindor.

“Not play? Not play??” Her voice was slowly rising. “Oliver I am the best chance you have this year at winning the house cup and you want to sit me?”

“Calm down Alicia. I was joking.” Oliver said quickly sensing an explosion coming on. Alicia is the one person Oliver is scared of when angry. Heck, we’re all scarred of her when she’s angry.

“Oh. Okay. Phew. I was worried you had really lost it for a second there.” Alicia sat back down in her seat and went back to her dinner.

“Well, other than the horrors of Qudditch camp, how was your summer?” Katie asked Alicia.

“The same. No snogging, no sneaking out, no drinking. Nothing exciting. My parents are too uptight. What about you Ellie? You’re parents are super chill. Anything exciting happen?” The group turned on me with excitement in their faces. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows I’m innocent and pure. I don’t do anything, hence the prank fourth year.

“My dad and Tiffany, not my parents. That bitch is my dad's girlfriend, she will never be my mother. But you guys are hilarious.” I responded.

“Yeah, I don’t know what we were thinking. Ellie having a good summer? Impossible. She’s too boring.” Angelina said. She laughed and nudged my shoulder.

“I am not boring! I just…don’t enjoy the same activities you guys do. Drugs and alcohol don’t have the same effects for me.”

“How would you know, you’ve never tried them.” Alicia questioned.

“Maybe I have tried them!”

“Ellie, come on. The day you become a color is the day I date someone.” Oliver said.

“A color? What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked. I’m not that boring. I’m a color! I’m just not as flamboyant as everyone else. I’m a nice pink, or maybe a light blue color.

“You’re a gray. Simple, solid, plain. You live inside a bubble of a world Ellie.” Oliver said.

“I do not! I can be wild. I’m a color when I want to be.” Hmph, I’m not boring.

“Hahahaha, sure Ellie. You aren’t a color. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you make the rest of us colors pop!” Oliver smiled at the thought

“Is that a challenge?” I never ever turn down challenges.

“Oh no, Oliver you know what happens when Ellie is challenged. This never ends well.” Katie put her head in her hands.

“Maybe it is. What are you going to do about it?” Oliver asked.

“I’ll prove to you I can be a color. I am not a gray.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“Hey wait, George and I want in on this. We don’t think Ellie can be a color by the end of the year.” Fred got excited and his stupid Weasley grin grew on his face.

“You guys give Ellie no credit, she can totally do this.” Angelina said. As much as I liked her taking my side, I was sitting right there!

“Um hello? I’m right here!” I said.

“We know Ellie. So what are the stakes?” Oliver asked. Stakes? This isn’t what I wanted this year at all.

“Better question what’s the time line? Also, what’s described as a color? We need a mediator.” Angelina said, “Katie! Be our mediator?”

“No way am I getting involved in this. This is your battle, not mine.”

“Come on guys. Please, I really don’t want to do this! I’m fine being me! I know I’m not a color and maybe I’m okay with that.” I really didn’t want this to go through.

“See? I told you she’s a gray. But now she has a new status of being a wimpy gray. Is that how you want to be known Ellie? As a wimpy gray? Who never does anything new?” George asked. His eyes bore into mine and he phrased the words so I had to respond.

“I am not wimpy! I just like quiet.”

“Oh that is such a lie! You want to be bad and you know it.” Angelina smirked. Maybe I do want to be bad, but maybe that’s not for me. I’ve never gotten into serious trouble before, and if I have my dad could always pay someone to keep it quiet. My trouble was never bad enough though. Okay, no lies, I want to be bad, I’m just…so…not bad.

“But…” I stammered, not knowing what to say. She got me. She knew it too.

“Moving on, Alicia, you be our mediator.”

“I thought you’d never ask. I decide by the end of the year if she is a color or not.” Alicia said and she sat up a little straighter. Alicia loves to be in charge of things, it makes her feel important.

“More importantly. When we win, you two, have to go streaking AND skinny dipping in the lake, in broad daylight, on the last day of exams.” Fred and George said in unison, with identical grins on their faces.

“Okay, but if we win, you three have to do all our laundry, and we each get to pick one girl, from any house, that you have to go on a date with.”


Before I could recover from my shock, and horror, Angelina shook their hands and said, “Deal.”

What did I get myself into?

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Chapter 2: Colors
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“Angelina you arse!”

“Oh calm down Ellie, what’s the worst thing that could happen?” Angelina thought I was overreacting, as usual.

“I don’t even want to think about it.” Streaking and skinny-dipping isn’t the worst, but it’s pretty bad. I’m not a color, being a color involves being daring, brave, all of the qualities of Gryffindor I don’t have. Why I’m a Gryffindor, I’ll never know.

I let out a sigh and lay facedown on my bed. This year was going to be a long one.

“Wake up!”

I rolled over in my bed and moaned, “Five more minutes.”

“I don’t think so sleepy head! Breakfast started a half hour ago and class start at 8:30. Let’s get a move on.” A bubbly voice floated above the moans and groans of all the still sleeping girls.

I heard a crack and a gust of cold air came into the dormitory. “Now Alicia, that wasn’t very nice! Reparo.” I looked up to see that Alicia had thrown something at Katie, but missed and it went out the window.

“Katie, you are way to happy for it being 7:30 in the morning. I thought we agreed that we didn’t wake each other up before 8.” Alicia said as she sat up and dragged her self out of bed. She stifled a yawn, “Its 7:30, not 8.”

“No silly, we agreed on 7:30. Remember?” Katie replied, completely unfazed from having things being thrown at her.

Alicia threw her a death glare and shuffled into the bathroom.

“We’ve been here for a month and you think she’d get used to you waking us up.” Angelina said as she pulled on her uniform.

“Correction, we’ve been here for 6 years and none of us have gotten used to Katie waking us up.” I said. Every morning Katie wakes us up with her chipper morning attitude, none of us really appreciates it.

Katie left to go into the common room and Angelina whispered, “I don’t understand how she can not realize we don’t enjoy her waking us up.”

“You want to tell her? Break her little heart? Be my guest.” I think Katie actually looks forward to waking us up every morning.

“I get your point, well, only a year and some left right?” Actually it’s two years considering its only October of our 6th year, but I didn’t say anything.

Five minutes later we were all ready and we headed down to the Great Hall. We entered the Great Hall and saw Oliver and the Weasley twins.

“Don’t you all look… happy?” George said as we sat down.

“Don’t even go there.” Alicia said; she takes waking up early the worst. She sat down in a huff furthest away from everyone.

I sat down next to Oliver and he smirked my way. “What’s that for?”

“What are you talking about Ellie?”

“That look you just gave me.” I’m not hallucinating; He did give me a look.

“Oh that? It was nothing. You guys going to the party tonight?” Oliver asked.

“Yes.” Alicia and Angelina said at the same time I said, “No.”

“Ellie don’t be ridiculous, we’re going to that party.”

“Come on guys, a Halloween party? Really? It seems a little childish. Not to mention I don’t really go to parties.”

“Is that surrender I hear?” Fred asked with a glint in his eyes.

“What are you talking about Fred?”

“Don’t tell me you forgot already?” George said.

“What are you talking about?” I was so confused. They weren’t making any sense.

“Alicia! That counts as surrender! We win!” Fred and George said in unison.

“No way! We didn’t forget, we’re just getting started. You guys better be there tonight to see our victory and to crash and burn.” Angelina cried out to Oliver and the twins. “Come on Ellie, we’re going to be late for class.” She grabbed my arm and we started to leave the Great Hall as Oliver stood up.

“We’ll be there, don’t worry.”

“I wasn’t” Angelina said and she all but dragged me out of the Great Hall.

“What the hell was that all about?” I asked when we were out of earshot of the Great Hall.

“You honestly don’t remember?”

“Um, no. I probably blocked it out of my memory because it was so horrible. The way all of you are going on about it, I don’t know if I want to know.”

“The bet Ellie. You being a popping lime green by the end of the year?” Suddenly it all came back. Yeah, I had blocked it from my memory.

“Damn, I forgot all about that.”

“Now that you remember, we’re going to that party tonight. We’re also skipping History of Magic last period today to get you ready. You need to look hott.” Angelina said.

“No, I can’t skip a class.” I’ve never skipped class before.

“God, you should be a bloody Ravenclaw. Live a little! George was right; you’re going to be hard to crack. But don’t worry, I’m up for the challenge.” Angelina said suddenly full of energy, “Come on, we’re going to be late Transfiguration.”

We entered the classroom just as the bell rang; I slid into my seat next to Oliver and Angelina into hers next to Katie.

“How is it that you two left before me, but got here after me?” Oliver leaned over and whispered as McGonagall started the lesson.

“Don’t even ask.” I whispered back.

“It’s about tonight isn’t it.”

“I’m trying to listen here Wood.” God he’s distracting.

“Ramsey, you aren’t going to win. You’re too much of a goody two shoe. Just give in now. Save yourself from embarrassment.”

That got me mad, “Are you saying that I can’t go out of my comfort zone? For your information Wood, I want to go to this party tonight. It wasn’t Angelina’s idea; it was mine. By the time this bet is over, and we win, you’ll be eating your words.”

“Alright Ramsey, whatever you say. But did you even ask Alicia what she thinks a color is?”

“No why?” I honestly didn’t think it was important.

“Maybe you should ask her, then you wouldn’t be so confident that you’ll win.” He maintained eye contact with me as McGonagall call him out, “Wood, would you please pay attention?”

“I am Professor, you were just talking about the difference between switching spellings and human transfiguration.” McGonagall seemed satisfied with the answer and went back to her lecture.

Oliver didn’t try talking to me for the rest of the lesson. I couldn’t focus, all I could think about was what Alicia thinks a color is. Alicia isn’t exactly the purest of people; her definition could be someone like her, or worse.

“ALICIA!” I cried as I ran into the Great Hall three hours later. She looked up from her seat at the table between the twins.

“Hey Ellie, what’s up?”

“Come outside, I need to talk to you.”

“Ellie I’m eating can’t it wait until tonight?”

“No, it can’t.” I grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the Great Hall. I didn’t let go until we were safe under our favorite tree by the lake.

“Okay ouch. That hurt a little. What on earth is so important that you have to drag me out here for?”

“What’s a color?” I asked breathless.

“Um, a property of an object that-“ Alicia looked really confused.

“No, for the bet! What is a color?” I interrupted.

“Oh that! Well, you have to be completely outside of your comfort zone. Since you’re single you need to have a boyfriend or at least a few hookups. You need to be known by people whom you’ve never talked to. Let’s see what else? I mean, everything that you aren’t is a color. Bold, daring, brave, creative, and not to mention you have to be completely crazy and do crazy wild things.”

Shit, I can’t do this. “Oh fuck, why Alicia why?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Why would you make being a color that hard? Don’t you see I need to win?”

“Come on Ellie, It’ll be so much fun! Think of it as…never mind, no encouraging words here. Sorry El, but I’ve made up my mind. I’ve already told the guys what a color is, they even helped me come up with it.”

“Alicia! Why would you let them help you?”

“They offered…”

“Yeah, but they knew getting me to do stuff like that will be impossible!” Damn it! That’s why Oliver had that smirk on this morning. He knew that me winning this was going to be impossible.

“No, it’s not impossible. Ellie, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this bet is already changing you. Last year you would have fainted if I told you to run into the Great Hall shouting my name, and you just did that.”

“Yeah, but that’s one thing. Being a color is completely different.”

“I have faith in you El okay? You can do it. Between us, I’m secretly rooting for you. But my answer at the end of the year will be completely unbiased.”

Psh, as if that were possible. Alicia and I made our way back up to the castle in silence. I was lost in thought of what Angelina was going to make me do at the Halloween party tonight.

“See? Cutting class isn’t that bad!”

“No, I just have piles and piles of guilt on my chest right now, no big deal.” Angelina and I were sitting in the bathroom off our dormitory; we’ve been there for what seemed like hours while Angelina fixed my “excuse for hair”. It was just past dinner and we were both getting hungry.

“Alright, now hold still. I’m going to go get us some food.”

“Great, I’ll come with you.”

“NO! No one can see you until I’m done. You have to look amazing and no one gets pre glimpses. I’ll be right back, I promise.” Angelina said and she left.

Since 4 this afternoon Angelina has been all over me, trying to make me ‘presentable’ for tonight. I haven’t seen my reflection since 7:30 this morning and I’m dying to see what I look like. Maybe a quick sneak won’t hurt.

I turned around and in the mirror I couldn’t see anything, the glass was so fogged up there was no reflection. Of course.

About a half hour later, thanks for being quick Angelina, she came back with food for both of us. I ate like a mad man, I didn’t eat lunch and my breakfast got cut short this morning, again thanks Angelina. Normally, I never let anything between my food and me.

“Please, eat faster.” Angelina said with a hint of sarcasm.

“I’m sorry, I’m starving since someone cut my breakfast short.”

“What happened to lunch huh? You never showed up.”

“I was handling something.”

“See? It’s not my fault.” She smiled and said, “Its 7 now which leaves us two hours to finish you up, get myself ready and make our way down to the room of requirement.”

“Who’s throwing this party again?”

“Hufflepuffs. The only house I would consider attending a party they host.”

Hufflepuff, god only knows what’s going to happen tonight.

Two and a half hours later Angelina and I descended the staircase to the Gryffindor common room where Katie and Alicia were waiting. As soon as they saw me their jaws dropped.

“Damn, Ellie. You look hott.” Katie said.

“Wow, Ellie. See? I told you this isn’t impossible.” Alicia said.

“So I’m a color?” I asked hopefully.

“Not even close.” Alicia responded.

“Let’s go, we’re past fashionably late, and I want everyone to see how hott Ellie is before they get to drunk.” Angelina said.

On our way out of the common room I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. Damn. My hair was half up half down with loose curls, and it looked redder than usual. My blue eyes look electric with the pounds of makeup Angelina used. But it all looked flawless and even almost natural. I was wearing my red off the shoulder tight shirt tucked into jean shorts with black ankle boots. Not to be conceited, but I looked hott.

“El, stop checking yourself out and let’s go!” Alicia said.

“Sorry guys, I’m not used to this.”

“Well get used to it. This is your new look.” Angelina smirked.

Maybe being a color won’t be too bad. Stepping out of the entrance to the common room I tripped and landed flat on my face. Alicia, Angelina and Katie erupted in laughter.

“Shut up.” I said as I stood up. My face was bright red.

“Oh calm down! All of us have done it. You aren’t a really lady until you’ve tripped in heels.” Katie said as she helped me up.

“Remember that time when I tripped in those stilettos, in front of the Hufflepuff 5th year guys in our fourth year? I was so embarrassed.” Alicia said.

Oh yeah, I remember. It was hysterical. Alicia couldn’t get up because her heel was stuck in the mud and all the guys laughed at her. Sometimes we still make fun of her for it. “Haha. I remember that. At least only you guys saw this.”

“Yeah so no complaining.” Alicia grumbled.

We all laughed and continued our trek to the Room of Requirement in silence. I was silently freaking out. What if people think I’m a whore? What if I make a fool of myself? I thought to myself, what if… All these what ifs, I can do this. I’m a Ramsey. Ramseys don’t give up.

We got to the Room of Requirement and Angelina stopped us. “Ellie, you can do this.” Damn, it’s like this girl is reading my mind. “Don’t freak out. We are all here with you.”

“God Angelina, we’re not getting anywhere just standing here.” Alicia said impatiently.

“Let’s go break some hearts.” Angelina said gave one last hair flip and opened the doors.


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Chapter 3: One Mistake and A Bucket Full of Regrets
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Every head turned, most voices dropped to a whisper, and that was all because of me. Every guy’s eyes were on me, and I broke out in a sweat. This isn’t what I signed up for. Oh god I can’t do this.

“Remember what I told you.” Angelina whispered in my ear. Did I mention that in addition to a makeover so gave me an assignment? One that I’m not entirely comfortable with? Oh shit this is too much. Angelina sensed my hesitation and gave me a slight push.

Taking a deep breath I walked over the twins and Oliver. I slowly dragged my hand across Oliver’s chest and said, “Close your mouth sweetie, you’ll let all the flies in.” I turned around and walked away shaking in my boots.

People started talking again as I got my self a drink. OF BUTTERBEER not fire whiskey. Angelina came up to me, “That was great! You did it almost better than I would have.”

“Never again. I’m not even kidding right now. Never again. I can’t believe I did that, I almost fainted you know.” I’m still shaking.

“Oh calm down Ellie! Relax, you showed them you can be interesting and crazy; now go have fun. We’re starting a game of Truth or Dare in a little while, I expect you to play.” With that Angelina sauntered off into the mess of people dancing.

I stared at Angelina’s retreating back, Holy shit, if this is anything like the rumors, I won’t make it through the night. I thought to myself. Suddenly Alicia came by me and grabbed my butterbeer out of my hands. She replaced it with a red solo cup (cliché I know) and whispered, “Don’t say I never helped you” and walked away.

I took a small sip and almost gagged. This is not me, never was and never will be. I don’t care about this stupid bet anymore, I’m done. I turned around and walked straight out of the Room of Requirement.

Alicia’s POV

“Hello boys.” Damn these guys were looking good. I could vaguely here myself and my speech was slightly slurred. Not that it mattered, everyone was drunk, not just me.

“Hey Alicia.” One of the boys, I’m not really sure who, said to me. He wrapped his arm around me and said, “This is the kind of girl I like, someone who is fearless!”

I’ll show him fearless. I grabbed him and dragged him out to the dance floor. But before I could really show off my moves, someone grabbed me from behind.

“SOS. Ellie left.” They said. I turned and saw through my blurred vision that it was Angelina.

“Fuck that. I’m having fun, go away.” I attempted to say, who knows how much I got out.

“Damn. Katie let’s get her out of here. She’s completely wasted.” Angelina said to Katie.

“No, I want to stay. I’m fine I only smoked a little and I didn’t have almost none fire whiskey.”

“Come on Alicia, time to go. It’s late anyway.” Katie grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the Room of Requirement.

“What the hell? I was having fun!” I yelled at them. Why weren’t they understanding? I was on top of my game, if I leave then… All of a sudden my tongue was glued to the roof of my mouth and I couldn’t talk at all. They brought me down to the kitchens, I didn’t object much, and I really do like food.

We entered the kitchens and only a few house elves were still awake considering it’s about 2 or 3 in the morning. I mean who cares what time it is when chocolate éclairs are on the line.

Angelina was talking to one of the house elves while I went on the hunt for the chocolate éclairs.

After I found the éclairs a house elf took it out of my hand and replaced it with some drink in a glass.

“What the fuck, I want my damn éclair.” No one takes away my éclairs. No one.

“Drink this miss. Then you can have the éclair.” The house elf said to me.

“Drink it Alicia, don’t be a coward.”

I looked at the bright green drink skeptically. My friends wouldn’t poison me, I’m sure of that. I assumed this was going to get me even more drunk than I was now so I took a gulp.

SPLAT. I sprayed the green crap everywhere, that shit tasted horrible! Some had already gotten down my throat though.

“That’ll do thanks Rosie.” Katie said to the house elf. Rosie did a deep curtsy and ran into a room off the side of the kitchens.

“What the fuck did you just give me?” Maybe they are trying to poison me!

“A drinking remedy.”

“Funny, it didn’t taste alcoholic.”

“No, not like that. Give it a minute, you won’t be drunk any more.” Angelina said.

“But I like being drunk.”

“I can’t believe you bitches dragged me from that party and made me become undrunk.” I said while lying on the floor of the Gryffindor common room.

“I’m sorry, but there’ll be other parties I promise. For now we need to focus on Ellie.” Katie said; she was curled up in the armchair closest to the fire.

“So why am I here? I’m not on your side. I’m not on any side, I decide who wins in the end.” This is so stupid.

“Bullshit. You want us to win as much as you want to win the house cup this year.” Angelina said. She’s right of course, about the house cup, not about wanting Ellie to win. I’m not sure how I feel about that just yet.

“Alright, let’s say I do want Ellie to win, how would I help without being biased.” I asked.

“Coach her. Come on Alicia, you’re probably the biggest whore in Gryffindor, give her a few pointers.” Katie said pointedly.

“Hey! I take that as an insult!” Angelina said.

“I’m sorry. What do you want me to say?”

“I believe we’re tied in being the Gryffindor whores.”

“Ha-ha. True. We’re looked at as the same.” I replied. I don’t really care about being a whore. It makes everything fun! “But you just want me to give her pointers? Honestly, I don’t think she wants them.”

“When the time seems right, make your Alicia magic!”
“You want me to seduce her?!”

“What? No! Help her! Why would I want you to seduce her?” Angelina looked horrified in the firelight.

“I don’t know that’s why I asked.” God, these girls. Suddenly the common room was too crowded for me. Yes at 3 in the morning with only the three of us awake. “I’m going for a walk.”

“At 3 in the morning?” Katie asked.

“Don’t judge me. I like my late night walks.” I stood up and walked out of the Common room. Now all I have to do is watch out for the prefects and teachers.

I was walking around for about 10 minutes when I suddenly heard footsteps around the corner. I dove behind a suit of armor, but not quickly enough.

“Alicia Spinnet, what on earth are you doing?”

A bright light shone in my eyes and dread filled every fiber of my being. Of all the times I’ve snuck out or done things I shouldn’t have in certain unmentionable places, I’ve never been caught. Now, on the one night I’m sneaking out without cruel intentions, I’ve been caught. Ironic isn’t it?

“I-I don’t know what to say.”

“You can say, I’ve been played.” The light lowered and I saw Oliver and the Weasley twins standing above me. I breathed a breath of relief.

I stood up and smacked each of them upside the head. “That’s what you get for scaring the crap out of me.”

“You should have seen your face Alicia it was priceless.” Oliver said. His speech seemed fine and he wasn’t swaying like Fred was. Oliver was always able to hold his liquor well.

“Oliver, I know you like to talk, but Fred and I need to go lie down. I think we had a bit much to drink tonight.” George said. He and Fred were leaning on each other and swaying together.

“Alright let’s go. I’ll walk back with you guys.” I said, happy for the excuse to go back to the common room.

“No Alicia they can make it back on their own. Anyway I want to talk to you.” Oliver grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

“Um. Okay. George, if the girls are still up tell them I’ll be along soon.” I turned back towards Oliver and we set of away from the common room.

Once Fred and George were out of sight I turned towards Oliver, “where are we going and what did you want to talk to me about?”

I thought we’d go down to the lake.”

Oliver didn’t say another word until we got to our favorite tree by the lake.

“What is this all about? I swear you’re acting as strange as Ellie.”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. This bet.”

“You aren’t going to convince me to help you boys cheat.” I see what he’s doing. It won’t work he doesn’t know my weakness.

“Leesh, you don’t understand. I can’t lose this bet. Angelina is going to make me go out with Terry Caufield.”

“Aw, Terry’s not that bad. Besides the fact that she’s a foot taller than you, is a complete and total bitch, hates everything, is really ugly and is missing a tooth. It won’t be too bad.”

“Alicia, please.”

“Not going to happen Oliver.” I turned around and started walking back towards the castle. All of a sudden I felt Oliver’s arms around my waist and he whispered in my ear, “What if I make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

Oliver kissed my cheek and spun me around so I was facing him, “Oliver what are you doing? This isn’t you.”

That’s a lie. Oliver isn’t a man whore, but he has slept around a little bit. He’s not the relationship type. I’m just surprised he’s using this to get what he wants. Again, another lie. I’m a sex addict, Oliver’s becoming one, why not?

“Don’t lie to yourself Alicia.” He snogged me full on the mouth. Damn, this boy is a good kisser.

I broke away, “How is this going to help you?” Was what I wanted to say but before I got the chance to speak Oliver pressed his mouth on mine again. All thoughts left my head as Oliver pushed me up against the trunk of the tree. We slid down to the ground as Oliver started to unbutton my shirt.

I wasn’t thinking of how this was going to compromise our friendship or even how wrong this was, I only wanted more.

Ten minutes later I looked into Oliver’s eyes and he said, “I got you Alicia. You’re mine.”

It finally dawned on me how he just won the bet.

Oliver’s POV

Yes! Not only did I lay the hottest girl in Gryffindor, I just won the bet. One word: blackmail.

The look on Alicia’s face was priceless. She must be beating herself up right now, but honestly, I could care less. I never lose bets. I guess it must be my competitive side coming out, but this bet wasn’t going to change that.

“You do it?” George’s voice floated through the darkness as I entered the dormitory.

“Gentlemen, we just won this bet.”

“Fred’s out cold, but we can tell him in the morning. This is great.”

“I would have never made the bet if I thought Ellie could actually change.” I said. When I saw Ellie at the party tonight, I had to admit, she looked hott. This was really the first time I thought that I wasn’t going to win this bet. Ellie as a color is something that I would have never thought could happen.

“Nah, I figured she would be able to do it. I wanted to push her to see if she could. I have to say, if this bet changes Ellie, we’re going to have some real fun this year and next.”

“So we’ll just have to push her beyond her limits.”


The next morning we went down to breakfast and found all the girls sitting at the table. Fred and George placed themselves between Angelina and Katie while I sat down next to Alicia.

“How was your night last night Alicia?” I said with a smirk. Call me mean, but this is the first time I’ve ever had something over Alicia, and I was going to flaunt it.

“Jackarse.” She whispered in my ear. Then she stood up and stalked out of the
Great Hall.

“What’s her problem?” Katie asked.

“I just asked her how her night was, I didn’t say anything bad.” I said innocently, “Why don’t you go talk to her?”

Katie stood up and followed Alicia out of the Great Hall. Fred and George snorted into their oatmeal and Angelina threw the three of us a dirty look. “What the hell is going on?”

“Calm down babe, you’re over reacting.” Fred said and he put his arm around Angelina. She huffed, threw his arm off her shoulders and followed Katie and Alicia out of the Great Hall.

This day is off to a good start, it’s not even 9 and we’re left with just Ellie.

“So Ellie, you made quite the impression at the party last night.” I said.

Her face turned bright red and she bowed her head to look at the floor.

“Don’t be like that, it’s a compliment El, not an insult.” George said.

“Well thanks then. I’m sorry I’m not used to people complimenting me, it’s not like you guys have ever complimented me for the six years we’ve been friends.”

“That’s not true.” I objected. We’ve complimented her!

“Yeah, what about that time-“ Fred started.

“Or the other time with that hairpiece-“ George continued.

“Or when we had… that thing… at the place…” I tried. Nope, never.

“Thanks guys. Love you too.” She was smiling so we assumed she didn’t care, “I’m not one to take compliments very well anyway.” She said, “Anyway, what’s the deal with Alicia. I know you three know something.”

“It’s nothing, we just got into a little spat last night. I’m sure she’s still mad about it.” I said quickly.

Ellie gave me a look then said, “She is hot tempered. Well, I apologize for whatever she said. She was pretty drunk last night even before I left.”

“We saw you leave early. Why?” Fred asked.

“I just… didn’t feel like partying last night.” We could all tell she was lying. I stole a glance at the twins and we were all thinking the same thing, maybe I didn’t have to sleep with Alicia. Now thinking about this whole bet and everything, I do feel kind of bad about it all. I mean this wasn’t her idea in the first place.

“Listen, Ellie. I feel really bad, thinking about all of this now. We practically threw you into this bet. If you don’t want to do it, we can call it off.” I said; the twins looked at me dumbfounded. What the hell? Was written all over their faces.

“Are you trying to get me to give up? I won’t let you win.” She had a look of determination on her face.

“No El, we’re calling a draw.” I said, hoping she would take it. Secretly I could tell this bet was going to get out of hand before long.

“Um… I mean… are you?” Her face was full of confusion and after a few seconds something dawned on her and the look of determination came back, “Is this surrender I hear? Be happy I’m refusing to accept it now. You boys are in for the ride of your life.” She stood up and sauntered out of the Great Hall leaving the three of sitting at the table with looks of absolute shock on our faces. It had finally dawned on us that maybe we weren’t the only ones playing with cruel intentions.


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Chapter 4: Christmas Surprises
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I walked out of the Great Hall wished, no begging, that I could go back there and accept the draw. But Angelina and Katie made me swear not to give up. I can still remember it as if it were last night; oh wait, it was last night.

“Listen, the guys are going to try to sway you Ellie. You have to stay strong.” Angelina told me.

“Angelina, I don’t want to be in this right now, if they offer a way out I’m going to take it.”

“No! Trust me this won’t be as bad as it sounds.” Katie pleaded with me.

“Katie it already is.”

I was jolted out of this ‘flashback’ when I stepped into the common room. When I crawled through the portrait hole, I stepped into a war. Well, girl war. Two third year girls were standing across the common room yelling at each other. Not mentally prepared for this, I flipped out.

“What the bloody hell is going on?!” I screamed, shutting them both up.

“That, that bitch just stole my boyfriend!” One of them said.

Seriously? THAT was the reason for waking up half the castle on a Saturday morning, especially when that certain half of the castle was hung-over from the night before.

“You girls are thirteen years old, and you’re worried about boyfriends? Please, mature a little. Go take this petty little fight somewhere else, because honestly, no one wants to deal with something as pathetic as this. Seriously? Act your age, not like a whore.” I snapped at them, leaving them speechless. They hung their heads and scurried out of the common room as fast as they could.

I shook my head in disbelief where did that come from? Wow, I’m never THAT bitch who gets involved in fights. Maybe this bet really is changing me.

Anyway, as I was saying before, they made me swear to go through with this bet in exchange for helping me get Cormac McLaggen.

Oh, shit. Pretend I didn’t say that. It’s embarrassing enough having Angelina, Katie and Alicia know I have a crush Cormac, let alone the whole school. Or worse, him. I can’t help it; the heart wants what the heart wants. I mean have you seen his eyes? They are beautiful; when I look into them I can feel myself getting lost…

Okay, sorry. That’s the end of that. Not another word. Except that Cormac doesn’t even know I exist so I need the girls’ help. Okay done, from now on we’ll call him… cake. Cake, good, I like it.

So anyway (again), I made this promise to the girls and no matter how tempting Oliver’s offer was I couldn’t take it. It was also the fact that Angelina wanted to screw with Oliver and the twins. This bet was turning into a full-fledged attack; coming from both sides. I fear more for my personal safety then if I lose this bet right now.

I was sitting in the common room lost in thought (again) when I heard a tapping at the window. It was my owl Bruce Wayne (my friends and I went to a muggle movie over the summer, and I’m obsessed, it’s a problem). “Hey Wayne.” I said as I opened the window and retrieved my letter. It was from my dad.

Hi Brielle,
Just checking up on you at school! How is everything? Are the Weasley boys giving you a hard time again? If so just tell me and I’ll come out and sort it all out for you. Just kidding! I can see the look on your face right now.

I also wanted to tell you that I want you home for Christmas. I know you were planning on staying at school, but there are some things I want to discuss with you. No worries it’s all good things!

I also realize it’s early December, but I wanted to get you before you made any Christmas plans to stay at school with your friends.
Hopefully you haven’t yet. (They are more than welcome to visit over break).

I hope this letter finds you in good health and I look forward to seeing you in a month!

Lots of love,


Ugh, Brielle. He’s the only one that ever calls me that. Other than my mom. But, she’s not really in any position to be calling me Brielle. Or should I say calling me at all.

“What’s this?” Fred came over and grabbed the letter out of my hands. He read the first line and looked at me with a grin on his face. “Brielle? Here I always thought your real name was Eleanor.”

I grabbed the letter back and said, “Come on Fred, you’ve known me for six years. You heard my name at the sorting.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like I remember or was much less paying attention.”

“Of course you weren’t Fred, I wouldn’t expect any less from you.”

“Ha-ha good. By the way I would love to visit you over break.”

“I’m sorry what?”

“I’m coming to visit you over break.” Fred said again.

“Where did this come from?” I asked completely dumbfounded.

“Your dad invited me.” He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’m sorry, my father? When did you speak to him?” I asked.

Fred gave me a look and motioned to the letter in my hands. Oh right, what my dad said. Well, it looks like I’m having visitors over break.

“Bye Ellie! Have a good break. I’ll see you when you get back, don’t be too crazy.” Angelina said to me as she hugged me goodbye.

“Oh trust me, I think my Christmas break won’t be crazy at all. I’ll be sitting home with my dad making and eating fudge with the occasional visit from Tiffany.” I shuddered at the name. Tiffany is my dad’s girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. My dad likes her, but I can’t stand her. I’m not too worried because it isn’t that serious.

With one last hug, I boarded the train. Quickly I found the compartment with Fred, George, Oliver, Katie and Alicia in it.

“Ah, Ellie. We were just about to send out a search party for you.” George said.

“No I’m fine don’t worry. I was just saying bye to Angelina.”

“I feel so bad that she’s staying at the school while the rest of us are going home. I wish she could’ve stayed with me.” Katie said.

Pretty soon Katie and Alicia were talking about their plans for break, Fred and George were discussing the best ways to sabotage their older brother Percy and Oliver fell asleep.

My thoughts drifted as I stared out the window. Angelina was staying at school because both of her parents were visiting her older brother in Cambodia. He’s over there doing charity work, or bank work, or maybe something with dragons? Who knows, Angelina doesn’t really talk about it.

Everyone else is going home for Christmas, and everyone, except Oliver and Katie are visiting me. Oliver’s working at some qudditch camp and Katie’s family is vacationing in America for two weeks. She’s really excited but I don’t see how America is going to be all that interesting. Now if it were somewhere like Fiji or the Bahamas I’d understand.

All too soon the Hogwarts Express pulled into Kings Cross and it was time to say our goodbyes. We got off the train and went through the barrier towards muggle London.

“Have fun at your camp Oliver. Don’t be too harsh on those kids, we know how you like to make people cry.”

“Don’t say that Ellie. Have I ever made you cry?”

“Not yet, but I’m waiting for it.” I said with a smile. Oliver laughed and walked away.

“Bye Ellie! I wish I could come visit you, but I’ll be too busy partying with those Americans!” Katie squealed as she wrapped me in a bone-crushing hug.

“Don’t party too hard. I’ll see you when you get back. Send me an owl and maybe we can meet up if it’s not too late.” I said, giving her just as painful a hug.

“We’ll see.” She said as she bounded away towards her parents.

“My turn.” I turned and saw Alicia with her arms open.

“You don’t need a goodbye, I’m seeing you in like, three days!” I said.

“I want a hug anyway!” Alicia and I hugged and she too went towards her parents.

“Well, as much as we want to stay.” Fred said.

“Our mother is waiting for us.” George finished.

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you two in a week.” I hugged both of them and I turned and went to find a taxi.

“Brielle!” My dad exclaimed when he saw me coming up the front walk.

“Dad!” I said, equally as excited. He gathered me in a hug and said, “Wow, you look great honey! I’m so happy you decided to come home for Christmas.”

“It’s not like I had much of a choice.” I said under my breath.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Nothing.” My dad took my bags into the house and I followed him.

Dad dropped the bags in the front hall and went to go find
Tiffany; of course she’s here. Home sweet home. I live in a Spanish Villa in England. My room is all the way at the top. But I have to say it’s the best room. I have the whole floor to myself. It’s not really a floor; it’s more of an extension to the house.

I brought my bags up to my room, with only a little bit of trouble. I collapsed on the bed finally glad to be home. As much as I love Hogwarts, I love my house too. It’s right on the coast, so in the summer the beach is wonderful. In the winter it snows, but only a little. Just enough to make my house look like a gingerbread house.

“Brielle!” My dad’s voice rang throughout the house. Groaning I got up and made my way back into the foyer, and not finding them, made my way into the kitchen.

“Brie Brie!” Tiffany squealed and she ran over to give me a hug. Mid hug she must have felt me stiffen up and she let go. “It’s so good to see my little Brie Brie again.”

“My name is Brielle. Not Brie Brie.” Tiffany’s been calling me Brie Brie ever since she and my dad first started dating. Tiffany is this peppy petite blonde, who has a never-ending supply of energy. She’s 39 and my dad is 45. She’s not a gold digger, trust me, she has just as much, if not more, money then my family has. But the whole relationship just sickens me.

“How’s school going? What year are you again? 4th?” Tiffany asked.

“6th.” God, I hate this woman.

“Oh that’s right! I’m sorry. Brie Brie you just grew up so fast! I remember my days at Hogwarts.” Tiffany was going to start reminiscing again.

“Right, didn’t you graduate last year?” I know it was rude but I wanted to get out of there.

“Brielle!” My dad scolded me.

“Sorry Tiff, you just…look so young!”

“That’s alright Brie, I understand.” She pinched my cheek in what she thought was an affectionate manner.

“How about we go to that restaurant on Main Street that you love so much?” My dad asked me.

“No thanks dad, I’m kind of tired from the trip, rain check?” All I wanted to do was get out of there as fast as I could.

“Sure thing pal.” He kissed me on my head and I walked out and made my way back up to my bedroom.

I should’ve gone out to dinner with him and Tiffany, but I really didn’t want any ‘news’ tonight. I don’t know what it is. But I have a feeling it isn’t good. As long as I avoid Tiffany and him together, he won’t be able to tell the two of us. We’re probably moving or something. But still, I’m avoiding the problem.

“Brielle!” My dad’s voice called from the depths of our mansion. Excited I squealed and slid down the banister between the second and first floors into the foyer.

“Elle!” I heard a voice scream my name.

“Alicia!” I called back with just as much excitement. I dismounted the banister and hugged Alicia.

“Woah Ellie, at least let me put down my bags!”

“Sorry, sorry. You’ve just saved me from the most boring break in the history of the world though, I have to be excited!” I’m not even kidding. For the past three days I’ve done nothing except spend my time on the beach with the crazy tourists and lock myself in my room. Tiffany has been spending so much time here, she should just move in. I’m kidding, no one wants that; except my dad and her.

“I forgot how much I love the Ramsey Mansion.” Alicia said when we got to my room.

“Ha-ha. You are more than welcome to move in, we have the room.”

“I might just take you up on that.”

“Okay, so you have two choices of where you want to sleep. I set up a guest bedroom, the one you like. Or we can share my bed up here.” I knew the answer already, we’ve been doing the same thing ever since she first came to visit me and we were both terrified of the dark.

“Do you really need to ask?” Alicia gave me a look.

“I was being polite! I didn’t know if you were sick of me yet.” I laughed and went into my closet, “Get changed, we have traditions to uphold.”

Twenty minutes later we were dressed in bikinis and sundresses sitting in my kitchen. It’s tradition that whenever one of the girls comes to visit me we go for a swim in the ocean and spend the night on the beach, pulling an all-nighter no matter what the weather is. Not only is it fun, but we also spend the whole night talking and getting closer, so we maintain our bond of friendship. It’s better when it’s all four of us, but you can’t have everything.

“I want pasta.”


“I haven’t had pasta since the summer, Hogwarts’s pasta sucks. You also make the best homemade sauce.” Alicia said.

“All right, fine. Homemade pasta sauce with angel hair, just the
way you like it.” I said smiling. I love making my pasta sauce. I never get a chance to make it because my dad hates tomato sauce.

While I was making dinner for both of us, Alicia went around the kitchen getting snacks for us for tonight. All the usual; cookies, sodas, chips and of course her homemade cookie dough.

We finished eating and made our way out to the beach. Not many people were out there, only tourists taking pictures in the snow or on the dunes. No one was crazy enough to take a swim.

“Beat you in!” Alicia yelled, pulled off her sundress and ran into the water with me right behind her.

Together we dove through a wave and came up shivering.

“Is it just me or is it a little colder than last time?” I asked through chattering teeth.

“La-last time we did th-this it was the mi-middle of summer. O-of course it’s colder.” Alicia responded equally as cold.

“How long have we been in here?” I asked.

“Only like 2 minutes.”

“Damn.” In addition to swimming we have to stay in for at least 15 minutes. Unless it’s a hurricane, then our tradition is allowed to be broken.

“How did we get this tradition again? It’s not really healthy, considering we’re freezing ourselves and then we’re going to gorge ourselves sick with junk food.” Alicia asked.

“I don’t even know. You guys used to only visit in the summer. That’s why I guess.” I replied.

We sat (swam I guess) in silence for the remaining time; there wasn’t really anything to talk about with a wave interrupting us every other minute. After 15 minutes we sprinted out of the water and dried off.
“It may be crazy, but it’s very satisfying afterwards.” I said as I changed into my sweatshirt and sweatpants.

“We’re insane. If the boys saw you now they would be calling you a color.”

“It’s different when it’s just you and me or just the four of us. I can’t be crazy on demand!” I said. It’s true. When you let me be myself I will surprise you.

“This whole bet is just messed up.”

“I completely agree. The only reason I haven’t backed out is because of Cormac.”

“I still can’t understand how you have feelings for him. Yeah, he’s really attractive, but he’s a year younger than us.” Alicia said as she dove into her cookie dough.

Taking some I said, “His attractiveness makes up for his age. Anyway, age is just a number when it comes to love.”

“Woah! Slow down there girlie, you might hurt yourself. Ellie Ramsey? In love? Is it true?”

“I never said I was in love!” I picked up some sand and threw it at Alicia, “I said age is just a number when it comes to love. I’m not suggesting anything. Changing topics, what’s the deal with you and Oliver? You two seem mad or something at each other.”

“No, we aren’t mad at each other.” Alicia didn’t look me in the eyes so this must be serious.

“Come on Leesh, you know you can tell me anything.”

“You have to promise you won’t tell Angelina.” Alicia looked scared, almost, hurt. I’ve never seen her look like this before; she’s always been the strong one in our group.

“I swear on our friendship that I won’t tell her, or Katie.”

“I slept with Oliver.”

Silence. This was not what I was expecting. Why would Alicia do that? She knows that if Angelina finds out that it’s the end of our friendship; maybe forever.

“Ellie? Say something. Please?” Alicia looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Why?” Was all I could say.

“It was just the heat of the moment. Oliver was so tempting and I tried to say no, but he wouldn’t listen. Then when he kissed me, I couldn’t pull away. It was better than a dream. But now I regret even taking that walk with him.” Alicia started crying and I moved closer and hugged her.

“It’s fine, Angelina won’t find out. I promise.”

“No. That’s the thing. Oliver is threatening to tell Angelina if I don’t make them win this fucking bet.” Alicia was crying harder. I didn’t know what to say so I sat there hugging her.

Finally I said, “We’ll fix this. I promise. I’m not sure how yet, but we will. You saved my neck third year and now I’m saving yours. I can’t believe he’s using that for blackmail. We’ll get him back.”

“Oh god I feel like an idiot. First making that stupid mistake, and now crying.” Alicia broke from our hug and wiped her tears.

“Don’t you dare feel stupid! I would be crying too if I was in your situation. You know Angelina might not care all that much too.” Alicia looked at me and laughed. That’s a lie; Angelina would murder her.

Last year, we were in our 5th year, Angelina and Oliver dated. They were really serious and together for a long time, almost a year. Surprisingly he didn’t hurt her or cheat on her, they just fell apart. They broke up at the end of the year, and decided if they would get back together when school started up again in the fall. Oliver decided halfway through summer that he didn’t like her anymore, so they decided to just be friends. Everyone knows that Angelina still has feelings for him; she was really cut up when he officially ended it. Oliver knows she stills likes him. Angelina is going to be so mad, for example, back in 3rd year, she and I liked the same guy. She didn’t talk to me for two months when he chose me to be his partner for a Transfiguration project. The only reason she started talking to me again was because Alicia convinced her it wasn’t my fault. But if she got that worked up over a stupid project imagine what she’ll do to Alicia.

We sat on the beach for the remainder of the night. For the first time ever we didn’t fall asleep. We stayed up all night and talked about everything.

“I miss this.” Alicia said as the sun started to come up.

“I miss this too. We need to have a sleepover when we get back to school.”

“Elle, we sleep in the same dormitory.” Alicia laughed.

“I mean the four of us, in the room of requirement. We can do our traditions!”

“We don’t have an ocean, and we might get in trouble. But other than that I love the idea Ellie.”

“Since when has getting in trouble ever stopped you?” I asked.

“It never has.” She agreed, “Let’s ask the girls when we get back, but I’m sure they’ll love the idea.”

“Yay! Now I’m excited to go back. We should probably go back to the house now, it’s getting late, or early?” I said.

“You mean your mansion.”

“You call it a mansion, I call it home. What’s the difference?” Alicia and I laughed. We packed up our stuff and made our way back to my house.

“Bye Ellie, if you need me at all owl me. Maybe you can come stay at my place if you need to.” Alicia said as she hugged me goodbye.

“Thanks Leesh. These past two days were a good break from my dad and Tiffany.”

“Oh don’t be dramatic. Tiffany isn’t too bad Brie Brie.” Alicia smirked and dodged the pillow I threw at her, “Calm yourself. I’m kidding. Like I said, you are more then welcome to spend some time at my house. Don’t give the Weasley twins too hard a time when they get here okay?”

“I promise I won’t. See you in a 10 days.” After one last hug Alicia got into the car and drove away.

“I love your little friends! The two of you are so cute!” Tiffany bounded into the foyer after Alicia left.

“Fuck you.” I whispered to myself.

“Sorry, did you say something?”

“Two words, one finger. Figure it out.” I left Tiffany standing in the foyer with a blank expression on her face.

I was halfway up the stairs when she shouted after me, “Love you too!” She gave me a thumb up. How stupid do you get?

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Chapter 5: Christmas Surprises Part 2
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“Brielle, I want to talk to you before your friends get here tomorrow.” It’s three days after Christmas and the Weasley’s are arriving early tomorrow morning.

“We’re talking now! What more can you ask for?” I said racking my brain for an excuse to leave. For the past week I’ve been using all my best excuses to avoid this conversation. Unfortunately I’ve used all my excuses.

“Let’s go for a ride.”

“But it’s 7, it’s almost dark.”

“Let’s go for a ride.”

I used to love riding with my dad. We own two horses that we board in a stable about 10 minutes away from our house. When I was little he would take me over there three times a week. Twice for riding lessons and once so the two of us could ride together. I inherited my mother’s horse, Scout. My dad’s horse is Wilson.

We drove in silence towards the farm. In fact, we didn’t speak until the horses were bridled and we were riding.

“Race you to Willow Meadow.” My dad called out. Willow Meadow is my favorite spot on the whole farm. It’s a meadow filled with only Willow trees, my dad and I used to go there all the time.

“You’re on!” I called back. “Let’s kick his arse.” I whispered in Scout’s ear.

Scout and I thundered alongside Wilson and my dad at breakneck speed. We were neck-in-neck until the end where I jumped over a log and dad went around it.

“And we are victors!” I shouted as Scout panted heavily and bent down for a drink of water from the stream. Wilson came over next to us for water as well.

“I knew the day you’d finally beat me fair would come. I just didn’t know it would be this soon.” My dad said, also out of breath.

“Get used to it dad, I’m only getting better.”

My dad just smiled.

“What?” I asked; he was giving me a weird look.

“You remind me of your mother.” Oh no, not this conversation. Is this what he wanted to talk to me about?

“You’re getting so big, you really need a motherly figure in your life.” He continued cautiously.

Oh shit. No no no no. This is not happening.

“Tiffany and I are getting married next summer.”

I couldn’t take anymore. I didn’t want to hear it. I nudged Scout and we cantered back to the farm. The whole ride back I couldn’t even comprehend what made my father decide to get married at his age. He loves my mother; he can’t just abandon her like that.

I got back to the stables, handed Scout to one of the stable hands, apologized best I could and got in the car. My dad started to teach me how to drive, so I took off home. He can apparate, not that I’d care if he couldn’t. His darling Tiffany would come get him.

I parked the car in the driveway and ran up to my room. Once I was safe in my room with the door locked behind me I let it go. I let out the tears I’ve been holding for almost 10 minutes now. There was a soft knock on my door, “Brie Brie? Are you okay?” Tiffany’s voice called out.

I didn’t respond, everything I want to say to her I can’t. Not only because I’m out of place to say it, but as of next summer I’m her daughter and as her daughter there is a level of respect to be maintained.

But I have to defend my mother, my REAL mother’s name. Her status. Her life. My thoughts drifted as I soon fell asleep.

Suddenly I woke up as if someone dumped a bucket of cold water on me. I looked at the clock: 1:00 am. The witching hour. I feel alive at this time.

Slowly I opened the door onto my deck. I climbed over the railing and down the side of the house onto the lower deck. Once on the lower deck I took the stairs to the path to the beach. Our house if built so the side of the house is either a bunch of different levels and has small areas almost like footholds, or different leveling decks that are all connected, expect for mine of course, and my dad’s.

Once on the beach I could breath easy again. The hardest part of sneaking out isn’t the actual sneaking out; it’s remembering to stay calm both during the sneak out and the morning after.

I sat down on the dunes and got lost in thought about my dad and Tiffany.

All of a sudden someone sat down next to me. “Couldn’t sleep?”

“Not a wink.” I replied.

“George is out cold. I saw you on the deck and decided to follow.” Fred said.

“I’d be surprised if you didn’t.” Fred always knows where I am. Wait, Fred? George? “What the hell are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to get here until tomorrow!”

“Calm down! Do you want to wake everyone up on the beach?” Fred looked around.

“Sorry. I’m calm. Why are you here?”

“We came early to surprise you. But you were out with your dad. When you got back, we decided not to bother you. Your dad told us that he told you about him and Tiffany.” Fred put his arm around me, “It’s going to be okay you know.”

“Is it Fred? Is it really? Because that…woman… is now my mother. There is nothing I can do about it.” I said holding back tears.

“Ellie. There may not be anything you can do about it, but how many months out of the year are you home for? Two? After school move out and get a job. Start your life! You don’t have to stay home forever.” Fred said. There was no humor in his voice; he was looking me in the eyes. “She may be in your life, but she doesn’t have to be a part of it. You decide who’s a part of it, not in it.”

“I feel like my dad is betraying my mom though. How can he forget about her? How does he not feel guilty for what happened?” I asked, oh crap, now I’m crying.

Fred turned so we were facing each other, “You can not blame yourself for what happened. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault.”

“I told her I never wanted to see her again. I told her to go away forever!” I practically screamed. I’ve never told anyone this before, but once I started, there’s no stopping me.

“Ellie. Your mother was sick; there was nothing you could’ve done. She had to go to St. Mungo’s.” Fred grabbed my hands, “Don’t you dare feel guilty.”

“She lost the will to live.” My voice was now barely above a whisper.

“It happens. There’s nothing you could’ve done. You were her life and soul.”

“It’s his fault. If he didn’t file for divorce none of this would have happened. He took me away from her.” It was my dad’s entire fault.

“You were 7! It’s unhealthy for a 7 year old to be around that.” Fred refused to look away.

“My dad couldn’t love her and now he can’t love me. He’s replacing both of us. What did I do wrong? Why am I so unlovable?” I was crying harder all the feelings and thoughts I’ve had bottled up for years finally spilling out.

“Ellie.” Fred tried to get my attention but I was listening, I couldn’t stop crying. “Brielle.” He said a little louder. I fell silent.

“You are the most lovable girl I’ve ever met.” I looked up and Fred was close to me, he was looking at my lips, clearly thinking the same thing I was. We leaned in and he wrapped his arms around me, “Don’t ever say you aren’t.” I buried my head in his shoulder and cried. We stayed like that until the sun came up over the horizon.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? You just proved that even the strongest of us are human.” Fred said as we were walking back to the house. I smiled to myself, “I’m so embarrassed.”

“Ellie don’t be. We all have skeletons in our past that creep up and attack us at some point. Before you know it George and I will be breaking down.” Fred and I laughed. We entered my house and went into the kitchen to find George sitting at the island.

“Morning you two. Some late night fun on the beach I see.” George winked. Fred and I laughed. George knows, probably better then anyone, that Fred and I are just friends, always were always will be.

We sat and talked and ate breakfast, catching up on what has been going on since we last saw each other. My dad walked into the kitchen with Tiffany and kissed me on my head. I stood up quickly and said, “Have you two been in town yet? Let’s go there today.”

“Alright, I just want to shower. Be right down.” Fred said and he left.

“Brie Brie, you know your father loves you, he’s doing this for you.” Tiffany sat down next to me and put her arm around me.

“Oh, so the whore knows all about me now that she’s marrying my father. News flash, just because you are marrying my dad does not mean you’ll be my mother.” Tiffany’s mouth was wide open and I stood up and went upstairs to wait for Fred. George quickly followed me.

“What the hell?” George said once we were out of earshot of Tiffany and my dad.

“I don’t like her.”

“Clearly. I’ve never seen you like that though. You’ve always been the nice one.” George responded.

“I know. I’m just fed up right now.” I leaned against the wall and slid to the floor outside of Fred and George’s room.

“I get that. But maybe you’re looking at this the wrong way Ellie. She’s trying to be your friend. Can’t you at least try? For your dad?” George asked. He has a point.

“I don’t need a friend, I have enough of those. I need a mother.” I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth.

“Fred might be a while, you should go talk to her.” George said.

“You know your brother gave me the exact opposite advice last night.”

“I’ll bet that’s not all he gave you last night.” George said with a wink. I laughed and grabbed his hand to help me stand up.

“You’re hilarious George. I guess it won’t hurt to try. But you’re right. I’m not usually a bitch, this really isn’t like me.” I said defeated. I walked back downstairs where Tiffany was still in the kitchen.

“What do you want now?” She snapped at me. I could tell she had been crying. It never occurred to me that maybe she really wanted a relationship with me.

“I wanted to apologize. But not anymore.” Searing anger passed over me. I need a mother, but I don’t want her as my mother. I stormed out of the kitchen and made my way up to my room. I changed and brushed my teeth and went downstairs into Fred and George’s room.

“How’d it go?” George asked me when I entered the room.

“It didn’t. I do not want her in my life.” I said as I collapsed on the chair in the corner in their room.

“Ellie you can’t keep shutting people out.” At that moment Fred came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to go.

“Ready? Let’s go.” I said happy to not have to answer George.

“It’s all going to catch up to you, you know.” George called out after me. Shh! I’m trying to tell my conscience it won’t.

I tried to ignore George as I flounced down the stairs. Luckily we made it out of the house and off the grounds without running into my dad or Tiffany.

Fred. George and I spent the rest of the day and well into that night in town. We went window shopping, playing tricks on muggles (a LOT of witches and wizards live here so we don’t get in trouble) and making fun of the tourists.

“Still can’t sleep?”

“You know me, I’m a night owl.”

I sat down next to Fred on the dunes, the same place we were last night. “You and your brother are so different.”

“Everyone says just the opposite.” Fred smiled while playing with the sand.

“He’s a morning person, you’re a night owl. He told me to mend things with Tiffany, you told me to ignore it. Hard to believe the two of you are really inseparable.”

“We accept each other for who we are. We don’t try to change each other. Now about your Tiffany problem, you have to decide what you want to do about her.”

“I have no idea what to do about her though. I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me.” I said.

Fred smirked, “Are you sure you don’t like her? Or is it resentment for your mother? Ahh, don’t listen to me; I’m the ginger with a track record the size of your house. I have no idea what I’m talking about.” I laughed and we sat in silence.

After a few minutes Fred shifted uncomfortably and broke the silence, “You know, the other night, on the beach,” He started.

“Yeah?” I think I know where this is going.

“I think I was going to kiss you.” Silence. This is the first time I’ve seen Fred Weasley speechless.

“But you didn’t.” I said, not sure what else to say.

“You’re so confusing Elle. I honestly have no idea how I feel about you. You’re not like other girls.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Ha-ha. I can’t figure you out. I swear, it’s this bet.”

“How is this bet making you’re feelings get all messed up?”

“It’s almost like this bet isn’t changing you, it’s just bringing out a side of you only the girls have seen.”

“To be honest, I’m more comfortable with the girls than when I’m with the guys.” I said avoiding Fred’s eyes. He won’t stop searching my face and it’s making me slightly uncomfortable.

“I have to say, I think I’m liking this new you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind then.”

“But don’t change just because of this bet.” Fred’s voice suddenly became serious.

“What do you mean? This bet is why I’m ‘becoming more comfortable’ with you guys.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this damn bet has turned into a battle between Oliver and Angelina. We’re pawns in their chess match.” Fred sighed, this is too much drama for me to handle.

“Why does our friend group have to be so messy?”

“Because we wouldn’t be friends if it wasn’t.”

One day. ONE DAY. One day left of this madness. Ever since the Weasley’s left I haven’t spoken to my dad or Tiffany. Thank god I leave for Hogwarts tomorrow. I was lying on my bed when the letter flew onto my lap. Tiffany. Of course she wouldn’t have the guts to bring it up to me and face me, but then again, I wouldn’t be able to either.

I quickly opened it up and read it.


I have soooo much to tell you guys when I get home. America is amazing! Even if it is full of muggles. Very attractive muggles I must say.
The real reason I’m sending you this letter is because Alicia told me about what happened. With your dad I mean. We’re all here for you. So don’t do anything stupid. Just kidding! I know you won’t do anything stupid, but I’m still checking up on you.

I want to tell you that it was tough when my mom got remarried, but in the long run it’s worth it. You just have to keep an open mind. Leesh told me that you’re shutting them both out completely, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I know you really don’t like Tiffany (trust me, we know) but it sounds like she’s trying to have a relationship with you. Maybe if you don’t want her as your ‘mother’ figure, she can be your friend.

I can see the look on your face right now. But please give her a chance. No one else may see it, but I can see the pain in your eyes. Tiffany only wants to help. I feel for you, and you’ve been different ever since your mom died, we (the girls) can all tell. The only time you’re really yourself is when you’re at home, with us, on the beach.

That’s why I almost agree with this bet, you’re getting yourself back on your feet. Maybe this will take you further, who am I kidding, of course this is going to take you further than you’ve ever gone, but think about the things you did when you’re mother was alive. True we were barely 8, but how many times did we get caught doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing?

Please think about what I’ve said. We all care about you, and we are all getting worried. See you in a week. Well, by the time you get this letter, see you tomorrow, or later today? One or the other.


Katie Bell

Give her a chance…

What Katie said really got me thinking. Tiffany is marrying my dad no matter what I have to say about it. She really isn’t as bad as she could be. I mean, she could be my big sister. Kind of.

I guess it’s time to mend things. Damn. I hate when I’m wrong. I hate apologizing.

I stood up and made my way to the basement where Tiffany was.

I have no idea how it happened, but Tiffany and I were sitting on the couch crying and hugging an hour later. I had apologized and so had she. She said that she didn’t know how to treat me, seeing how I’m 16 and all that. I told her that I’m just as confused, but maybe we can work through it together. Well, it all snowballed from there.

I’m now friends with my new step-mom, the girls are going to have a sleepover when we get back to school, and I think I can go through with this bet. Finally, everything is back where it should be.

“ELLE!” I heard someone cry and I felt a hug, thing, attack me from behind. Katie may be small, but she has almost as much power as Oliver does when he’s mad at someone.

“Katie! How are you? Oh wow, you’re so tan! I guess those Americans don’t have fake tans.”

“No, it’s just New Jersey that has the fake tans. But tell me about you! How’s the home life?”

“Thanks to you, I’ve patched everything up with Tiffany. We had a great bonding night last night. Honestly, and if you tell anyone about this I’ll deny it, but I wish I patched things up with her sooner.”

Katie attacked me again and squealed, “I KNEW IT! Ah! Yay, Elle you have no idea how happy that makes me.”

“What makes you so happy?” A voice broke us apart.

“Angelina!” Katie and I cried. We had a group hug when the fourth member of our team broke in, “It’s not a group hug without me, or have I been exiled?”

The four of us stood in a circle and hugged until the train signaled that it was getting ready to leave. We boarded the train and found an empty compartment. “Has anyone seen the males?” Katie asked.

“They’re probably scheming in some compartment about sabotage in this bet.” Angelina said.

“About that, Elle and I have been thinking.” Alicia started.

“That’s never good.” Katie smiled.

“Funny! Anyway, we want to continue our tradition at school. The sleepover one.” I continued for Alicia.

Silence, then, “I love the idea! That sounds great!”

“I can’t wait!”

Just then, the boys walked in and sat down. Oliver and Angelina made eye contact, and then Oliver and Alicia made eye contact.

Fuck, I forgot about that small problem. I guess things weren’t as good as I thought.

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Chapter 6: A Sleepover with a Twist
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“I’m so excited! The last time the four of us were together for a sleepover was summer of 5th year. We have so much to talk about!” Katie squealed.

It’s the second weekend back from winter break and we decided to hold our sleepover now. Call us crazy, but we love our midwinter dips in the lake.

“You know, earlier I heard the guys talking.” Angelina said.

“Really? Funny, yesterday I heard the guys talking at dinner. Strange world we live in where people talk huh?” I said sarcastically.

“Is that really necessary?” Angelina asked.

“Sorry, it’s a reflex.” I shrugged.

“Anyway, as I was saying. I heard the boys talking about having a boys’ night tonight. I’m not sure what, but they have something planned.” Angelina said.

“No way. Tonight is about us! We’ve had enough of boys recently.” I practically yelled.

“Keep it down! You want to get caught?” Alicia shushed me. We were on our way to the Room of Requirement.

“Sorry, sorry.”

“But Elle, if the opportunity arises…” Angelina whispered.

“We’ll see.”

Tonight is a disaster in the making. We set up in the Room of Requirement and here we are sitting by the lake, in the snow, wearing nothing but our bikinis. Everyone is excited, except Alicia and I. We know heartbreak and torment is coming, but neither of us wants to admit it. We keep reassuring each other and ourselves that everything is going to be fine.

“Who wants to go in first?” Katie taunted. I knew she meant the lake, but deep down all I could think of was the pain. Tonight may sound fun, but who knows how it’s going to end. Wanting to get this over with I dove in without my usual protest.

I surfaced to the girls on the edge cheering me on silently. The three of them then joined hands and jumped in together and swam over to me.

“Let the night begin!” Angelina cheered and pulled me under the water. Alicia and I pushed all thoughts to the back of our minds as we ambushed Angelina. We were having so much fun in the water we didn’t notice three people walking towards where our clothing was.

15 minutes later the four of us made our way back to our clothes, only the find them gone.

“Shit!” Alicia said shivering. Angelina and I were too busy laughing while Katie was crying to hear people jump down from the trees.

“Looking for these?” Fred, George and Oliver were holding our clothing.

“Give it back. This isn’t funny.” I spat at them. It may be rude, but I’m standing in freezing cold, dripping from head to toe and they won’t give me back my clothes. Not cool.

“Calm down Elle. Here.” Fred handed me my clothes.

“We’re bored, it’s a Saturday and no one is having a party. We wanted to see what you girls are up too.” Oliver said.

“We’re having a girls’ night, sorry no boys allowed.” Katie wrapped herself in a towel.

“You sound like you’re 12.” George laughed, “What do you have planned for the rest of the night? Talking? Kitchen raid? Honestly, you girls need a better tradition.”

“This has been working for us the past 8 years, so if you don’t mind.” Alicia grabbed my arm and Angelina’s arm and brushed past Fred and George.

“Yeah, the last 8 years, how old are you girls now?” Fred asked; Oliver put up a hand to silence him.

“Just hear us out Leesh. It won’t hurt.” Oliver said. Alicia let go of Angelina and I and turned towards Oliver.

“Alright. 2 minutes. What do you have in mind?” Alicia crossed her arms leaned up against a tree.

“A scavenger hunt.”

“A scavenger hunt?” I asked. Really? I mean, they’re fun, but, it’s like this bloody bet.

“Yes, a scavenger hunt. Let’s make this night interesting. We made a list because we knew you girls wouldn’t be able to resist. Here, take a look.” Oliver handed me a sheet of parchment but Angelina grabbed it out of my hands before I could look at it.

“House elves… ooo the Slytherins? That’ll be fun… We’re in.” Angelina said and folded the paper and put it in her pocket.

“Alright rules. Team has to stay together. No magic to get the items. Meet back in the common room at 2 am. Start at 11 and that gives us 3 hours, more than enough time.” Fred said.

“What does the winning team get?” Katie asked.

“They get to rewrite the rules of the bet.” I said quietly. Everyone stopped and stared at me. “What? You didn’t have anything better planned, did you?”

“I like it. Winning team gets to rewrite the bet. Have fun losing ladies.” Oliver said with a smirk and the boys disappeared into the dark going back up to the castle.
Alicia turned towards me and was about to say something, but before she could I whispered, “You can thank me after we win.” A look of realization passed over her face and she gave me a hug. “I told you I’d help.” I whispered.

“Girls, lets go back to the Room of Requirement and regroup. We have three hours and this list is not easy.” Angelina commanded.

1.) Golden goblet signed by four house elves

2.) Sword from a suit of armor

3.) Butterbeer bottle from Hog’s Head

4.) Menu from the Three Broomsticks

5.) Underwear from a Slytherin (opposite gender)

6.) Something unopened

7.) Something shiny

8.) Professor McGonagal’s grade sheet for first years

9.) Redecorate the Great Hall or, if already done, redecorate the Gryffindor Common
Room (Magic allowed to move furniture only)

10.) (This one’s for Ellie) Cormac McLaggen’s qudditch robes

“His qudditch robes? Redecorate the common room? This is going to be impossible.” I said in disbelief.

“This list is not impossible, just difficult.” Angelina assured me, “What time is it? We start at 11.”

“Five of 11 right now.” I replied looking at my watch.

“Okay, we can get some things in here.”

“No we cant, no magic remember? The room of requirement qualifies as magic.” I said, no magic, unfortunately that includes the Room of Requirement.

“Damn, that makes this list so much harder.” Angelina complained.

“That’s kind of the point Angelina.” Katie laughed.

Alicia stepped up from looking at the list, “Alright let’s assign roles.” She said taking control in her usual Alicia style. “Katie, be our time keeper. Angelina keeps the list, make sure we get everything, and I mean everything. If there are two things we can get at one place, you better tell us. Elle and I will get everything.”

We accepted our roles in silence and waited for Alicia to tell us where to go first.

“I can’t do everything! Angelina that’s your job!”

“Calm down, it’s just a scavenger hunt.” Katie laughed.

“We have a chance to fix this bet so we win, it’s a little more then a bloody scavenger hunt.” I knew the real reason why Alicia wanted to win so badly, but I wasn’t going to say anything.

“Alright we should probably redecorate first, that’ll take the longest. Either that or get into Hogsmade.”

“Let’s go to Hogsmade, that’s further and we can work our way back so we don’t run out of time.” Alicia agreed with Angelina.

“I can barely see how do you expect me to find the Three Broomsticks?” I whispered angrily. We’re in Hogsmade, searching for the Three Broomsticks, but it’s so dark out we’re having trouble finding it.

“I think we missed it because the Hog’s Head is up there. Let’s turn around.” Katie said.

“No! We need stuff from Hog’s Head too. Let’s keep going.” Angelina said.
We reached the entrance to the Hog’s head in silence. “Alright Angelina, what do we need?”

“We need a butterbeer bottle. Who wants to get it? Alicia or Elle?”

“We’ll both go, it’ll be a two person job.” I said. Leesh smiled at me and pulled out her wand. She opened the door and cautiously crept inside. I snuck behind the counter and began to look for the butterbeer.

“This place is disgusting.” I whispered as we raided the cabinets. Dust and grime were everywhere, spiders hung from the ceiling and cobwebs dominated the whole pub.

“Ech!” Alicia screeched. I slapped my hand over her mouth before she woke up the bartender. “Leesh! Quiet! It’s only a spider.”

She took my hand off her mouth and nodded breathing heavily. “Sorry.” She mouthed. We continued our search through the cabinets. They were all filled with dirty glasses and firewhiskey, but nothing else.

“You think the boys got here and took all of them?” Alicia whispered.

“No, they couldn’t have, there weren’t any footprints in the snow.” I replied.

“Where could they be? We’ve checked in all of the cabinets.”

“I’ll go look in the basement, don’t come. Judging by the looks up this floor, the basement is most likely crawling with spiders.” Alicia smiled and stepped back from the door, “I’ll wait here for you.”

I carefully went into the basement, dancing my way down the stairs to avoid the creaky steps. I got to the basement and I was surrounded by dozens of crates almost all unopened. I looked through the opened ones and, bingo! Butterbeer. Spider webs and dust coated the bottles and the crates. I made a mental note to never ever come here for a drink, or come here in general. I grabbed a bottle and danced my way back up the stairs.

At the top I found Alicia waiting for me with a grin, “You find it?” I nodded and her grin grew. “Let’s get out of here.” I whispered. We crept out of the Hogs Head.

“You two took forever! We need to pick up the pace if we’re going to get everything in time.” Katie said stepping out of the shadows where they were hiding. “Come on, Three Broomsticks next.”

Alicia and I fell out of the pub laughing and motioning for the girls to run. Confused they stood there until we ran by and they saw Madam Rosmerta waving her wand at our backs, “And stay out!” She yelled.

Together the four of us sprinted to the outskirts of Hogsmade. We were panting and doubled over when we collapsed from laughter, “She was waiting for us!” Alicia said between gasps. “Someone tipped her off that we were coming!”

“Oh no! So you couldn’t get the menu?” Katie panted.

“No, I got it as she tried to stun us. She didn’t get a good look at our faces either which is good.” I said. Laughing we started walking towards the castle.

“What time is it?” Alicia asked looking at Katie.

“Calm down Alicia, we have plenty of time! Let us catch our breath!” Katie said while panting.

“I want to finish early so there is no chance that they can win.” Alicia said.

“Alright! It’s… Midnight.” Katie said.

“Midnight! Oh no, we only have 2 hours left and so much to do!” Alicia complained. She started to walk faster through the Hogwarts courtyard. “What’s left on the list?”

“Um, Sword from a suit of armor, something unopened, something shiny, golden goblet signed by the house elves, underwear from the Slytherins, Professor McGonagal’s grade sheet for the first years, we need to redecorate the Great Hall, and Ellie’s favorite.” Angelina smirked, “We have plenty of time Alicia don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried. Not at all.” Alicia lied, she had worry lines all over her face.

The rest of the group looked at me telling me to go talk to her. I’m the only one who can calm her down when she gets like this.

I ran to catch up with Alicia and grabbed her arm. “Angelina and Katie can you guys go look for something unopened or something shiny?” They nodded and went into the castle.

“What are you doing Ellie? We need to help them, we need to win this!” Alicia tried to pull away but I held my grip.

“No, what you need to do is calm down. You are getting really uptight about this scavenger hunt. Calm down! Angelina and Katie are going to find out soon that something is up. If we lose tonight, it won’t matter. I promised you that I’d figure something out, and I will.” I could feel the tension release from Alicia’s shoulders.

“You’re right, I’m sorry. You know how I am, I get caught up in stuff like this.”

“You just need to breath, remember that you have me behind you. The girl who singlehandedly destroyed the most corrupt relationship in our school. The girl who turned the Hufflepuff Common Room into a full-fledged forest. The girl who did all of that, and no one knows it was her. Do you trust me?”

Alicia smiled at the memories, “I trust you.”

“Then let’s go find Angelina and Katie. We decided to make our way towards the common room, that’s where we agreed to meet if we ever got separated.

Just then Katie and Angelina ran out of the common room with huge smiles on their faces. “We got stuff and we know how far the boys are.”

Alicia looked at me and smiled, “That’s great! What did you guys get?”

Katie handed over a sword from a suit of armor.

“Another check off our list!” Angelina squealed and wrote it down on the list.

“What else?” I asked.

“This.” Katie revealed a textbook wrapped in plastic.

“A DADA textbook?” I asked confused.

“No, something unopened. It’s George’s textbook.” Angelina said with a huge smile on her face.

“That’s genius!” Alicia squealed with delight. “Now something shiny. Any ideas?”

“What about a mirror? There’s one in the Great Hall we can take.” I offered.

“A mirror isn’t shiny.” Katie said.

“Yeah it is. That’s how we see our reflection.” Alicia came to my defense.

“Let’s go.”

Crouched outside of the Great Hall we hear voices from inside. What do we do? Angelina mouths to me.

Wait. I mouth back.

Sounds like Fred and George and Oliver. Alicia mouthed.

I nod in agreement, take a deep breath and open the doors praying that a teacher wasn’t standing on the opposite side of those doors.

“Look who it is.”

I open my eyes at the sound of Oliver’s voice. Phew, thank god.

“Looks like you ladies got here too late. Have fun redecorating the Gryffindor Common room.” George laughed. I looked around the Hall for the first time and my eyes widened in shock.

Holy shit. Red and Gold streamers covered the walls from ceiling to floor. The Gryffindor emblem from our common room was where the head table should’ve been. Instead it was suspended upside down from the ceiling. Three of the four house tables were pushed to the back of the hall while the Gryffindor table stood in the center. Balloons and huge rubber balls littered the floor.

“We agreed no magic! You cheaters! That’s against the rules.” Alicia practically screamed. Her face was turning red and tears were gathering in her eyes.

“Since when do we follow the rules?” Oliver asked innocently.

“Fine then this scavenger hunt is off.” I said before Alicia could say something she would regret later.

“That’s a forfeit.” Fred smiled.

“No it’s not, you guys cheated, so we automatically win.” I fight back.

“Cheating isn’t against the rules.” The boys laugh and run out of the Great Hall before I could respond.

“This isn’t cool. First Madam Rosemerta and now this?” Katie gave Alicia a hug and looked at Angelina and me. “Where do we go from here?”

“We fight back just as hard.” I picked up a mirror from the wall, turned around and walked out of the Great Hall pissed off.

They want to play? They picked the wrong girl to play with.

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Chapter 7: Katie's Secret
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I stormed from the hall; they wanted to play dirty? I’ll play so dirty, they won’t know what the hell hit them.

“Ellie! Calm down! Think before you act! Don’t be irrational.” Katie whisper yelled as she ran behind me.

“Trust me, if you want to win this, you won’t try to calm me down.” I turned a corner sharply and raced my way towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

Panting and out of breath, Alicia and Angelina were waiting at the portrait when Katie and I got there.

“Secret- secret passageway.” Alicia said clasping a stitch in her side.

“Ellie, what’s going on?” Angelina asked doubled over.

“She’s in her mood.”

“Wait, the mood? THE mood?” Alicia asked, “This is great! We’re so going to win now! No one calm her down!”

“Oh shut up!” I whispered angrily as I pushed past them and climbed into the Gryffindor common room. I stood by the entrance looking around. It was eerily quiet; I’ve always seen someone in the common room. Without people, it looked lonely.

“So what’s the plan?” Katie whispered.

“They didn’t say any rules on how to redecorate.” I said with a smile. Alicia appeared by my side and said, “I know that look, and I agree completely.” We smirked at each other and got to work.

An hour later the four of us stood in the middle of our new creation. Looking around I couldn’t wait for tomorrow morning to see everyone’s reactions.

“We are genius. I can’t believe we just did that, and got away with it!” Katie squealed.

“SHH!” Alicia and I said at the same time. Katie blushed as we giggled.

“Let’s go! We only have 45 minutes left and we still have to get a goblet signed by house elves, underwear from a Slytherin, Professor McGonagall’s grade sheet and Cormac’s quidditch robes.” Katie said, much more quietly this time.

“Give us two minutes to admire our handiwork, I mean, look at this place!” Angelina said in awe.

We completely redecorated the common room, and got the boys back for their cheating prank. We brought all of their stuff, their beds, trunks, clothes, everything down into the common room, and set it up like their bedroom. We put the common room furniture back in their room.

On the wall, we hung black and pink streamers, as a reminder of who the better group is (cough us cough). We also completely littered the floor with the pink and black balloons. As a little revenge (more personal) we hung all of their underwear from the ceiling, with a charm where only a girl could get it down. Gosh I love being female.

“Okay, I’m good to go now.” Angelina said. Once we were outside of the common room Alicia stopped us.

“I think we should split up, it would go much faster, and since we’re kinda disregarding the rules now…” Alicia said.

“I agree, Angelina and I will go together and Alicia, you and Katie can go together.” I said. No way in hell was Alicia and Angelina going together, and Alicia and I were together last time, fair’s fair.

“Okay, that works.” Alicia said, reading my mind. “Katie and I will get the grade sheet and the golden goblet. You two get the underwear and the qudditch robes.”

“Meet at the Common Room at ten to two, that’ll give us enough time to go over everything.” Angelina said, then we split and went our separate ways.

“What do you want to get first?” She asked me.

“Let’s just go get the Slytherin underwear, that’s closest to where we are.” I said with a sinking feeling, there was no way we were going to be able to get in without a password.

“Don’t worry, I have the password.” Angelina whispered to me as we approached the entrance.

“Goo-. Wait. How do you have the password?”

“Um, well, it’s a funny story actually.”

“Yeah?” I asked with a smile.

“I hooked up with a Slytherin last week before you and Katie got back from break.” She said with a wince.

“Wow, can’t keep you off the boys can we? For once it came in handy.”

Angelina smiled, said the password and we got in. I’ve never been in the Slytherin common room before, and it was a shock. It was green and I mean venom green. I felt poisoned as soon as I walked in.

I looked around at the black furnature, glowing green. I was beginning to feel sick. “Let’s get the underwear and get out of here, I feel sick.”

“On it.” Angelina disappeared up a staircase and in a flash she was back holding a pair of, wouldn’t you guess it, green boxers.

“Who’s are those?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, I grabbed the first pair I saw.” Together we left the common room and bolted (as quietly as we could) to the Quidditch field.

“Shit, we have ten minutes to get back to the common room.” Angelina cursed.

We walked into the Gryffindor changing rooms and looked for Cormac’s locker.

“Damn, what does this kid keep in here? It smells like someone died! Twice!” I clutched my nose and my eyes began to water. I’ve never been near his locker before, mine is on the other side of the room. The smell has never reached me before. Maybe that’s why he’s alone in this corner.

“Still think he’s attractive Ellie?” Angelina smirked in my direction.

“People can’t control how they or their stuff smells. Yes, I still think he’s attractive. Now hurry up and grab his clothes, I need to get out of here before the smell permanently affects my brain.” I grabbed what I could and sprinted out of the locker room. “I still think he’s attractive, but that will forever change my views of his personal hygiene.” I wiped my eyes on my sleeve.

“We have ten minutes to get to the common room.”

“You- bloody- hell- arse- I-…no.” Alicia was red in the face with anger at us. We got there just as the clock struck two, right behind the boys.

“Calm down Leesh, we aren’t late.” I panted. “And we got everything we needed.”

“We’ll be the judges of that.” Fred said slyly.

“Let’s exchange stuff and we’ll judge each other.”

I gathered the boys’ things and laid them out.

“Golden Goblet signed by four house elves.” Check.

“Sword from a suit of armor.” Check.

“Butterbeer from Hog’s Head.” Check.

“Menu from Three Broomsticks.” Nope.

“You guys are missing the menu.” We all smiled to each other. We just won.

“No we didn’t. Here look.” George said, he lifted up his shirt and sure enough, there it was written in Sharpie on his chest. Damn.

“Underwear from a Slytherin.” Red, lacy, definitely a Slytherins. Oliver probably got it.

“Something unopened.” A condom. Of course. Again, it was probably Olivers, or maybe Freds. One of the two.

“Something Shiny.” A ring. Wait. A ring? That’s my ring! They took my ring!

“You assholes! This is my ring! You were in our room?” I yelled at them.

“It’s not the first time we’ve been in your room.” Oliver reassured me, “Anyway, it’s not like you didn’t go in ours.” He motioned to all around him. We smiled. True.

“Grade for First years.” Check, in her handwriting and all.

“Redecorate the Great Hall.” Check, we saw that a little while ago.

“Cormac McLaggen’s robes.” I pulled out of the pile a pair of gloves. It counted, we never said the whole outfit, and the gloves were part of it.

“Well, you guys got everything.” I turned around and said.

“So did you.”

“So what now.” Katie asked.

“How about we compromise? We both get what we want?” I offered. “Or we both get nothing?”

“No, it’s all or nothing here. We aren’t done. Let’s do a tie break.” Oliver had a menacing glimmer in his eyes. He got scary like that sometimes, but mostly with quidditch.

“Now?” Katie had a strained look on her face.

“Yes now.” Oliver replied.

“No. Later. We want to go to sleep. We’ve had enough running around tonight. We’re going to sleep.” I said sternly. I laced my arms through Katie and Alicia and together, with Angelina, we made our way out of the Common room.

“Wait, are we invited? I kinda don’t want to wake up with the entire house staring at me.” George asked.

We all looked at each other then nodded, “Of course you guys are. It wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“I think we have a new tradition.” I whispered to Alicia.

“I can’t decide if I like it or if I hate it yet.” I nodded in agreement.

“Elle, you asleep?” A hot, musky voice whispered in my ear a few hours later.

“No.” I breathed back.

“Come with me.”

Blindly I stood up to follow the mysterious voice in the pitch black. I staggered around for a minute, and then arms reached out and caught me. I almost screamed in surprise.

“Sh, don’t wake up the others.” Only one person would be this awake at this hour, Fred.

I let him grab my hand and lead me out of the Room of Requirement, through the hallways and out towards the lake. It was a miracle how teachers didn’t catch us, and how we didn’t get lost in the dark. It couldn’t be past 4 am.

I felt him let go of my hand once we reached our tree by the lake.

“What’s going on Fred?” I asked, I could barely see for one thing and it was so early my brain wasn’t functioning. I was not really in the mood.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“So you decided to wake me up and drag me out here?”

“I like our morning- er- midnight, talks. It’s relaxing.”

“You only say that because last time we had one I completely broke down.”

“No, I like them because I see a different side of you, and I like that side.”

“Is Fred Weasley hitting on me?”

“No, I’m just saying, I like the different Ellie. You seem different. All the time. It’s a good different though.” He whispered staring out across the lake. “I just noticed that’s all.”

“Thanks? I guess?” I didn’t know what else to say. There wasn’t really anything else to say.

“How’s everything with Tiffany?” He broke the silence.

I sighed, “It’s good, we talked through everything. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about her though.”

“You’re 16, you aren’t supposed to know how you feel about anything. That’s why we’re all here. They group us all together so we can be confused together. That’s also why we’re so far away, we’re dangerous.” Fred said.

I started laughing. I couldn’t stop. I laughed until my sides hurt. I laughed until I couldn’t speak anymore. When I finally calmed down I said, “Wow, I haven’t laughed like that in a really long time.”

“I am known for my humor.” Fred smirked, eyes still searching the lake.

“That you are.” I whispered to myself. “Hey Fred.” I said a little louder.

“What’s up?”

“I lied.”

“About what?”

“I couldn’t sleep either.”

The next morning I woke up to arguing voices. Groaning I rolled over and opened my eyes slightly, Katie and Fred, go figure.

“Katie, stop meddling in things you don’t understand.”

“Then help me to understand them Fred!” Katie shrieked.

“No! It’s none of your business!”

“She’s my best friend, of course it’s my business.” Katie pointed at me when she said that.

“I don’t understand girls.” He muttered, grabbed his stuff and stormed out of the room of Requirement.

“What the bloody hell was that?” Oliver asked sitting up in his sleeping bag.

“None of your business.” Katie said. She stopped, her face turned red and she hung her head when she realized. She walked over to me and said, “Ellie, what’s going on between you and Fred?” She asked quietly.

“What are you talking about? Nothing is going on.” I replied sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

“Cut the crap, I saw you two this morning.” Her blue eyes bore into mine.

“If there was anything there, then I wouldn’t tell you would I?” I said back, my eyes boring into hers this time. “It’s not any of your business.”

“I’ll find out eventually.” She said, and returned to her sleeping bag.

I slammed my head back into the pillow. Shit, Katie always sticks her nose into things that should just be left alone. There is nothing going on between Fred and I. We are just good friends, that’s how I feel about him and how he feels about me. She just doesn’t understand because I’m closer to him than I am to any of the other boys.

Taking a deep breath I got out of my sleeping bag and began to clean up my stuff.

“Elle! No breakfast?” Alicia asked motioning to the kitchen that just appeared.

“No, she going to spend some personal time with Fred.” Katie said loudly, everyone got quiet after she said that.

“If you HAVE to know, I was going to do the homework I’m behind on in Transfiguration. But I think I’ll stay for breakfast now.” I shot to Alicia staring at Katie the whole time.

“Elle, you don’t have to stay.” Alicia said quietly.

“No I want to stay.” I said louder, still staring at Katie.

“No, clearly you don’t want to stay! Just go be with Fred.” Katie shouted at me.

Just then, Angelina swooped in grabbed my arm and Katie’s arm and rushed us over to a door. “Don’t come out until you are best friends!” She said with a smile, then pushed us in and closed (and locked) the door behind us.

“That…that….witch with a b!” Oh Katie, true Katie. She never curses, she can’t curse. As soon as she said that I started to laugh. Then Katie started to laugh. Then she hugged me and our laugher turned into crying.

“I’m sorry I’m being a witch with a b.” Katie said as she calmed down.

“I just understand why you care so much.” I sat down on the floor cross-legged and Katie sat across from me.

“Looking back now, I don’t have any right to be mad at you because one, I have no idea what’s going on and two, I didn’t tell anyone this.” Katie looked down at her hands.

“What are you talking about Katie?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“I have a crush on Fred, and I thought you and him…he clearly likes you. I thought you liked him back. I got jealous.” Katie wouldn’t meet my eyes, “So when I saw you two go out this morning, I got angry. But you had no idea that I like him, so I really had no right to be mad.”

“What happened to Roger Davis? I thought you had a crush on him.”

“I just think he’s attractive, I played it up so Fred and the boys wouldn’t find out. And I guess I didn’t want anyone to find out.

“Why not? We’re not going to judge you! Fred is kind of attractive. But don’t worry he’s all yours. I promise nothing is going on between us, and now that you told me that, nothing will be going on between us.”

“Are you saying that you like Fred?” Katie looked at me for the first time in the conversation.

“No, I don’t like Fred, but if feelings do develop, I’ll make sure they don’t. I’ll put in a good word for you.” I smiled.

“Now I feel so evil. I’m sorry.” She muttered.

“Don’t be.”

“Forgive?” She smiled and looked up at me.

I laughed. “Forgive.” I said. We grabbed hands and helped each other stand up. “Angelina! We made up! Let us out.” I called through the door.

“I don’t believe you!” Angelina called back.

“How on earth are we supposed to prove it to you then?” Katie rolled her eyes as she called back.

“I-“ Her voice faltered and it was silent for a moment. Then the door swung open, “I expect everything to be good between you two, no tricks.”

Katie and I both laughed and walked out of the closet, “Are we allowed to eat now?”

Alicia put food on a table and said, “Absolutely not! Some one needs to tell me what the bloody hell just happened!” Alicia towered over the table with her hands on her hips and glared at Katie and me.

I saw Katie glance at Oliver and George who were sitting down to eat. “We’ll tell you later.” She said nervously.

“No, you tell me now or neither of you get breakfast.”

“Leesh, we’ll tell you later.” I said sternly, trying to communicate with my eyes. She caught my glance and her eyes softened, “Oh, so it’s about- OH!” She said coming to the realization. She moved aside and let Katie and I sit down. “But I expect every damn detail.” She whispered to me.

“Holy shit, Katie you arse!” Alicia said when Katie and I finished telling her what happened.

“I know I know. I’m completely at Ellie’s mercy until we’re even.” Katie muttered with her head hanging low.

“Calm down Katie, it’s really not a big deal. Next time just wait until I’ve had my orange juice and I can comprehend what’s going on before you attack me.” I sighed.

“I can’t make any promises.”

“You realize that you just gave me permission to do whatever the hell I want to you if that ever happens again.” I said and Katie looked up with her mouth in a perfect O.

“Um, then I’ll do my best.”

“So will I.” I smiled and we hugged.

“How cute, but I’m very confused, why didn’t you tell us Katie?” Angelina cut in. I almost forgot she was here.

“I didn’t want you guys to tell anyone, especially Fred.”

“Seriously? You think we would do that?” Alicia asked.

“I didn’t know! You have to be careful with these kinds of things.” Katie went silent for a minute, “Are you guys mad at me?” She asked.

“What? Why would we be mad at you?” I said shocked.

“Gosh, don’t be so dramatic Katie!” Alicia said while cleaning off her bed.

“You’re funny Katie.” Angelina winked.

Katie’s shoulders relaxed as she breathed out, “Phew.” I heard her say just barely.

“Moving on, the boys are incessant about this rematch from the scavenger hunt last night.” Alicia said as she continued to clean the area around her bed.

“I think we should just let them come up it. Honestly it’s too much trouble to worry about. They’ll forget about it eventually.” I said.

“Yeah, if we’re lucky.” Alicia responded.

Monday morning, bleary eyed and yawning the four of us shuffled into the Great Hall. We froze in our tracks when we saw the boys, who are usually worse off then we are, bright eyed and cheery waving at us from across the hall.

Confused we went over and sat down with them, Oliver making room for Alicia. Alicia absentmindedly sat next to him. I sat down across from them next to George and Angelina. I saw Oliver put his hand on Alicia’s thigh and her eyes got wide. I quickly looked to see if Angelina had seen, she hadn’t. Alicia leaned over and whispered something in Oliver’s ear; he only shook his head and smiled.

Angelina looked over, saw the hand and got a confused look on her face.

“Something wrong Angelina?” Oliver asked.

“Yeah actually, why are you hitting on my best friend?” Her voice was steady, steady and dangerous.

“I’m not hitting on her. Babe you didn’t tell her?” Oliver said to Alicia who starred blankly back, “We’re dating now.”

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Chapter 8: The Tiebreak
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The crowd dispersed as soon as I opened the door. I grabbed his hand and dragged him back out to the center of the common room.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "It's getting late and if I want to keep up my," I paused and made eye contact, "good girl act, I should go."

I stood up to leave but he grabbed my wrist, "You were amazing by the way." He said, not at all whispering, "You might want these back though." He said holding up my lacey underwear.


Ok. Wait, there is a perfectly good explanation as to why I had sex with...nevermind, there really isn't.

***12 hours before***

"So are we going to the Hufflepuff party tonight?" Katie asked while brushing out her short blonde hair.

"Yeah, if we don't it's an automatic forefit. We can't forefit, the stakes are way to high. And besides, we haven't been out since the sleepover and that was almost three weeks ago." I stated without looking up from my copy of cosmo. The room went silent and all I heard was a creak of the floorboards. Looking up I saw Katie, Alicia, and Angelina surrounding my bed with concerned looks on their faces.

"Ellie wants to go out? To a PARTY?" Alicia asked in disbelief.

"Are you feeling okay Elle?" Angelina felt my forehead.

"Oh stop! I'm tired of sitting in. Anyway, don't we have a bet to win?"

Angelina, Katie and Alicia piled on to my bed and were looking over my shoulder at my Cosmo.

"Maybe if you're lucky you'll be swapping V cards with someone tonight." Angelina laughed and podged the pillow I threw at her.

"I'm proud of being the only virgin in this room thank you very much!" not really, but I knew if I told them that then I'd lose my V card faster than I could yell rape. Anyway, I value my virginity.

¨Don't deny it, you want to join the club.¨ Alicia laughed and gave me a sultry look.

¨But hopefully not for a while.¨

¨Have you even had your first kiss yet Ellie?¨ Katie asked.

¨Yes I have! I'm not a complete prude.¨

¨Who was it with?¨ Alicia sat up against my headboard and asked.

''Um...well, that name should remain...unnamed." I said quietly, I hadn't ever told anyone this, and I certainly wasn't going to tell them. But I can't lie to them, they're my sisters.

"You have to tell us! We'll make you a deal, we'll tell you who we lost our virginity with if you tell us who your first kiss was with." Katie squealed.

"Ugh, okay fine. You are all arses. Please don't get mad. It was Oliver." The room went silent and I closed my eyes, prepping for the storm that was approaching.

"Who here hasn't hooked up with Oliver?" No one said anything. All of us has done something with him.

"How far did you go with him Elle?" Katie asked me.

"Just a kiss, nothing more." I said.

"We all know that Angelina lost her virginity with him, Katie went to second with him in year 3 or 4 and I went to third with him." Alicia said.

"Wow, Oliver is a man whore." I stated.

"I think he's hooked up with every girl at this school."

"That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. I can't believe people like him. Sorry Angelina." Katie said.

"Wait, Katie and Alicia, who took your virginity?" I asked suddenly, they needed to keep up their end of the deal!

"Oh, well... no judgements. But I lost it with the guy who is a year above us. Mark is his name." Katie's face got red.

"An older man? Damn, I'm impressed." I said shocked. honestly I didn't think Katie had it in her. "What about you Alicia?"

"It's kind of embarrassing. I lost it with...okay, no judgements. I lost it with George." Alicia practically whispered. She hid her face into my pillow when she finished talking.

"What?!" We all cried out at once. Really? George?

"It wasn't anything romantic, we were talking about it one day. We decided that if we do it, then we should do it with someone we care about. So who's better than our best friend? It kinda just happened after that. Nothing changed between us, we agreed to stay friends and that it wouldn't ever happen again. I knew Katie and Angelina lost it, and I didn't know about you Elle, but I didn't want to be the only virgin in our group." Alicia said all of this with her face in my pillow.

"Leesh, we're happy that you found someone you could do that with! It's a lot better than a hump and dump if you ask me." Katie laughed and pulled Alicia out of the pillow.

"Yeah, that's why we did it!" Alicia laughed. "So, swiftly changing topics, we should probably get ready for that party now." I laughed and got off my bed.

"I'm not too excited to see what the guys have planned for us tonight." I muttered mostly to myself.

"I'm sure it won't be too bad, I mean, what's the worst that could happen?" Katie asked while digging through her trunk.

"That's what makes me afraid, every time you say that, it gets this whole thing gets worse." Alicia said as she threw a shirt at my head. "Wear this. It's going to look super hott on you."

I picked up the shirt and went into the bathroom with my outfit. After I changed I sighed, Alicia would give me a shirt like this. It was bright red tank top with built in bra and a zipper down the front. I also had on, black skinny jeans and flip flops.

I walked out of the bathroom to gasps all around, "You look amazing Elle! Damn, you need new clothing."

"Haha, you guys are funny. Let's just go, we're late as it is." I said grabbing my wand and sticking it in my wand pocket on my pants. (Best spell ever, thanks Fred)

We left the dormitory and common room and made our way to the Hufflepuff common room. "Who knows the password?" I asked.

"Here, Cedric gave it to me." Alicia said, repeated the password and when the door opened, music, smoke, and a stench of firewhiskey reached our noses. I took a deep breath and followed the girls in.

We found Fred, George and Oliver and they pulled us to a corner. "Alright ladies, here it is. Whoever completes this first, wins. Fred has to have sex with Britney by the end of the night. Ellie has to have sex with Cormac by the end of the night."

Chapter 9: Fred's Secret Hideaway
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Everything around me froze. I couldn’t stop staring at Oliver’s face when he said that I had to shag Cormac by the end of the night. Does he know who I am? Crazy I can do, but this.
This is mental!

On the other hand Fred looked just as shocked too. After he regained his composure he turned to Oliver, “What the hell Oliver?! You said Tiffany not Britney.”

“George and I agreed that it would be harder for you to hit up Tiffany, so we chose Britney for you.”

“Woah woah woah. Fair? You call this fair? No. If Ellie has to sleep with Cormac, then we get to choose who Fred has to shag.” Alicia got defensive.

“I agree. It’s only fair.” I replied. Those sick bastards are going to pay.

“Fine, who do you pick?” Fred asked looking slightly scared.

“Pansy Parkinson.” The four of us said at the same time. Fred scared look turned into a horrified one.


“Then you forfeit. We picked Pansy, so if you two don’t shag by the time everyone leaves, we win.” Katie shot back to Fred.

“No we agreed that you have to shag them by 2am. No later.” Oliver said.

Fred gave us all a look of disgust and stalked off. We all smiled. “Alright Elle, you can do this. Don’t worry, don’t panic. I mean, you were planning to lose your virginity to him anyway right?” Angelina had dragged us to a corner to talk.

“You’re right. This is for the good of the group. I can do this.” I said, but on the inside my little voice was telling me to run as far away as possible and to never come back.

“Then go talk to him!” Katie pushed me in his direction. I took a few steps towards him, then everything went black.

I woke up in a corner of the Hufflepuff common room with Katie, Alicia, and Angelina surrounding me. “Wh-What happened?” I asked holding my head. I had a shooting pain going through.

“You fainted.” Katie whispered. I shook my head and groaned.

“Guys, I lied, I can’t do this.”

“You think? Don’t worry, we’ve seen you sober and we’ve seen you drunk, so we know that you have a better chance getting him when you’re drunk.” Alicia said and pulled out a bottle of firewhiskey.

I groaned again and pushed her away, “I think I freakin’ have a concussion, I’m not

“Oh calm down.” Angelina said and she took out her wand. She pointed it at my forehead and I immediately felt better.

“What did you just do?” I asked rubbing my forehead.

“A healing charm. You’re all better, now get out there and win us this tiebreak!” Angelina handed me the firewhiskey and helped me up.

“Lord help me.” I whispered and brought the bottle to my lips.

“Ellie, are you sure you’re okay with this?” Katie asked with concern filling her eyes.

“Positive, it’s going to happen sooner or later, right?” I replied, hiding my shaking hands in my jean pockets. “I just have no idea how to do this.”

“We’ve got your back, 100%. We’ll be with you every step until that bedroom door closes.” Alicia smiled reassuringly.

“Leesh, you aren’t allowed to be helping us. Go party, we can handle it.” Katie said.

“I’m not going to be mediator for long after tonight. I don’t care that I’m going against the rules, at this point, I’m on your team.” Alicia glared at the boys who had each found a girl and were dancing with them. Fred already had his hands on Britney, and that got me mad.
Guys have it so much easier.

“Come here.” Alicia grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to her. She untucked my shirt and unzipped it just enough so a peek of my black lace bra was showing. “Now go take a couple shots and I’ll get the slut off your man.” I stared back at her thinking she was talking about Fred. But I watched her make her way around Fred and towards Cormac. He was dancing with another girl, a year below us and a Hufflepuff.

I walked around for a few minutes looking for shots to take when Cormac came up to me.
“Hey you. Alicia told me you were looking for me.”

I smiled and said, “I hear that you are the top shot taker in your year, is that true?”

“It is, why do you ask?” He leaned in to hear me better, and I could smell the firewhiskey on his breath.

“I challenge you. I think I can take more shots than you.”

“You are so on.” He grabbed my hand (sending butterflies up my spine) and led me towards a table surrounded by people. “Make room! We got a shot challenger!” Cormac shouted to clear a path.

Sitting on either side of the table Cormac and I each had 6 shots in front of us. “Whoever finishes first wins!” Cormac told me. I nodded and got ready. “Ready? GO!” A bystander shouted towards us.

At once Cormac and I downed shot after shot. Less than 20 seconds later Cormac slammed his last glass down on the table just seconds before I could. “Shit!” I shouted in defeat.

“Damn, I’ve never seen a girl keep up as well as you before.” Cormac slurred his words.

I smiled back, “Then I guess I’m one of a kind.” At this point the alcohol was starting to set in and my confidence shot through the roof, just what I needed. “Let’s dance.” I said as a new song came on.

“What?” Cormac shouted, unable to hear me. Instead of replying I grabbed his hand and brought him into the mess of people dancing.

Without any hesitation Cormac pressed his body against mine and together we began to sway to the music. I reached up and ran my hand through his hair, then turned around so I was facing him. Cormac put his hands on my hips and moved them closer to his. As we continued to grind against each other, Cormac leaned down and whispered in my ear,
“You are gorgeous Ellie. How come I never noticed you before?”

“I’m not very outgoing. But recently, that changed.”

“And that’s not a bad thing.” Cormac smiled, “Wait, you’re that chaser on the Gryffindor team aren’t you?”

“You know what? You talk to much.” Then I grabbed his neck and pulled his lips towards mine. Once they connected he put his arms completely around me. Fireworks were going off in my head screaming, ‘Success! Win! He’s kissing back!’

We continued moving back and forth to the beat while we snogged, not caring about the heard of people dancing around us. It wasn’t until his hands began to wander when I felt self-conscious (Despite the alcohol flowing through my system). Just my luck someone bumped into Cormac spilling firewhiskey all over his back. Swearing he said, “Let’s take this back to our common room, what do you say?”

“Best idea we’ve had all night.”

As soon as we got through the portrait hole he attacked me. His lips crashed onto mine and his hands were all over my body. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me up to his dormitory. Once we were safely inside he laid me down on his bed and climbed on top. I took off his alcohol-drenched shirt and threw it on the floor.
“Careful El, that’s my favorite shirt.”

“It looked good on you, but it looks better on the floor.” I said as I started to unbutton his jeans.

His hands trailed down my zipper, exposing my stomach. “Oh El.” He moaned then pulled my head up to kiss him again.

“Ellie. That. Was. Amazing.” Cormac panted lying down next to me on his bed.
I turned towards him and said, “You weren’t too bad yourself. Now I know why everyone compares you to Oliver.”

“What do you mean?” He asked turning to face me.

“I’ve heard Oliver was good, and I’ve heard that you’re going to give him a run for his money. You two are basically legends in Gryffindor. Now I can confirm just how, special, you are.” I said with a wink.

“I’m honored that you believe that. I must say, you aren’t the little prude that everyone thinks you are.”

“Well that’s- wait, what?! What is everyone saying about me?” I almost shouted.

“Calm down Ellie. It’s just that you were never the type of person who went to parties or got drunk, or even hooked up with someone. But you certainly proved many of us wrong tonight.” Cormac replied getting softer and then finally leaning in for a kiss.

“No, don’t kiss me. I’m not happy about this. Cormac, I should go. Thanks for an awesome night though.” Before he could say another word I got out of his bed and began to look for my clothes.

“Ellie, don’t be like that. Come on, just ten minutes ago you were begging for round two!”

“Not anymore.” I said and all but slammed the door behind me.

“Oh my gosh you scared me.” I almost screamed when Fred, George, and Oliver appeared
out of nowhere when I got to the bottom of the stairs.

“You lose.”

“What are you talking about? It’s…..” I looked at my watch, “2:45.” My face fell, I couldn’t do it. I was too late.

“Lucky for you, I was able to complete my task.” Fred said and a pair of lacey red underwear out of his pocket and threw them at me.

“Ew. I don’t want those.” I threw them back at Fred.

“So we win. We want to keep all the rules of the bet."

I threw the three of them a dirty look and retreated to the girl’s dormitory where I was sure Alicia, Katie, and Angelina were waiting up for me.

“Those dirty cheating-“

“They didn’t cheat Alicia.” I cut her off in a monotone voice. “It’s completely fair.”

I had just finished telling the girls all about tonight and what happened, from the gritty details of Cormac and me to the awful defeat from Fred.

“So Alicia is still making the decision.” Katie grumbled.

“Unfortunately.” I replied, just as upset. I stood up and stretched, “I’m going for a walk.” I said and left the dormitory.

I walked down the stairs and out of the Common Room. As soon as I left the common room a hand clamped over my mouth and another hand wrapped around my waist. I was dragged behind a tapestry into a secret corridor. It was too dark to see who my ‘attacker’ was, but I was fighting with every ounce of my strength. Once I got my feet in place I grabbed the arm around my mouth and tucked my shoulder. I heard and ‘oomph’ and I opened my eyes to see Fred Weasley lying on the ground at my feet.

“Oh shit! Sorry Fred, oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” I bent down to help him up.

“Damn Elle I had no idea you could do that.” Fred said rubbing his shoulder in pain. “I don’t think I ever want to get into a fight with you.”

I laughed weakly and put my hand on his shoulder. “You sure you’re okay? Want me to take you to Madam Pomfrey?”

“Elle, it’s 3 in the morning, no story would cover for what just happened. We aren’t even supposed to be out.”

“Oh shit, that’s right. Well, if it still hurts tomorrow I’ll take you.” I said still rubbing his shoulder.

“Okay, thanks Elle.”

“So, why did you scare the living crap outta me?”

“I sw you leaving and I was wondering if you wanted some company.”

“You couldn’t have been a normal person and asked me? Instead of being a super creeper?”

“Being a super creeper is more fun.” Fred responded with a wink.

I laughed, “It is until someone gets hurt.”

“Oh don’t be a party pooper.” Fred laughed.

“I am not a party-“

“What? What’s wron-“ “SH!” I whispered and put my hand over Fred’s mouth. Footsteps were slowing getting louder as what I assumed was a teacher, approached us.

“We need to get out of here.” I whispered and Fred nodded. He took my hand and dragged me down a corridor. He stopped at a tapestry and pulled it aside, revealing…a brick wall.

“Fred, this isn’t a time for games.” I whisper yelled at him, my hand growing sweaty in his.

“Trust me Elle.” He pulled out his wand and tapped a few bricks and then the wall slide away to reveal a small opening, just barely big enough for the two of us. “Get in.”
Fred and I both went in and he closed the wall and let the tapestry swing back to hide us.

“Wow, this is like a two way mirror.” I whispered in awe. We could clearly see the hallway, but they couldn’t see us.

“What’s that?” Fred asked.

“It’s like…it’s a muggle thing.” I chuckled to myself.

“Is that Snape?” Fred asked as the figure following us approached the tapestry.

“Yeah, I think it is. Damn, we’re lucky.”

“Sh!” I put my hand on Fred’s mouth again to shut him up. I didn’t let go until what felt like hours when Snape left. “Wow. That was insane.”

“Welcome to the night life Ellie.” Fred chuckled.

“Oh stop pretending you’re a badass. I know you still sleep with your childhood stuffed bear.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that!” Fred feigned a hurt look on his face.

“I didn’t say there was.”

“You implied it.”

Silence. Awkward, horrible silence. It also just occurred to me that I was still holding his hand. Quickly I let go.

“What? Afraid I have cooties?” Fred laughed and tried to take my hand again.

“No, how do we get out of here? It’s getting kinda hot.” I started feeling around the wall
we came in and then I felt Fred’s hands on my waist.

“Fred, what are you doing?” Just then his lips came down on mine. I pushed him away,
“Fred! What the hell.”

“Ellie, just shut the fuck up for five minutes and kiss me.” Not saying anything I searched his face to see if he was serious. What the hell, I was still semi drunk. Fred leaned in again and I met him in the middle.

I’m not expecting fireworks, or sparks, because whoever said that things like that exist when you kiss, has a serious mental problem. I have never experienced fireworks, and I know I never will.

After what seemed like seconds Fred pulled back. “We should get going if we ever want to wake up in time for lessons tomorrow.” I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against Fred’s. “Ellie…” He whispered.

“I know, you’re right. It has to be like 3:30 by now.”

“Actually it’s half 4.”

“What?! We need to go. The girls are probably very worried about me.” I frantically said. Fred opened the wall and held the tapestry open for me. Together we ran back to the common room.

Before I went up my stairs and Fred his I stopped him, “Hey, don’t tell anyone about what just happened. Please?”

“I won’t I promise.” Fred smiled and pulled me into a hug.

We broke apart and departed to our separate dormitories.

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