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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012

Format: Novel
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 96,410

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Narcissa, Draco, Ginny, Neville, James (II)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, Neville/Luna

First Published: 03/17/2013
Last Chapter: 11/11/2015
Last Updated: 11/11/2015

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Hermione never meant to fall in love with him, she never meant to forget to use protection, but her life is changing at a rate she can't keep up with because ever since Ron broke her heart, she's a different person.

Chapter 1: Caught Red Handed
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It is two years after the wizarding war and Lord Voldemort's death. All the Death Eaters besides Narcissa (because she saved Harry's life) and Draco Malfoy are currently incarcerated in Azkaban prison for life. Being set free, Draco Malfoy is nearly taken into custody with the rest. Harry Potter saves him by a thread by telling the wizarding court he is innocent and was forced to perform the doings of Voldemort by his father, Lucius. He is let off with three years of probation and sent into training to work for the Ministry. 

 The year following the war, Hermione Granger returned to Hogwarts with Ginny Weasley's seventh year class to finish her schooling. She is the only one from their group of friends and one of just a few of her seventh year classmates who decided to come back and finish. Hermione didn't regret her decision at all as she passed her N.E.W.T.S with flying colors, was Head Girl, graduated with honors, and had a job offer to the Ministry for the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures by the time she graduated.  Ron and Harry were both offered a job at the Ministry right after the war without N.E.W.T.S.  Molly Weasley fought with all her power to convince Harry and Ron to go back to school with Hermione but they declined to listen to her opinion.

 Ron did not go straight into the Auror field but waited awhile to enter the Ministry and helped George (who is now married to Angelina Johnson and is doing a bit better after Fred's unfortunate death) with Weasley Wizard Wheezes. After figuring out the store is not where he wants to be the rest of his life, he then decides to go his own way and follow his best friend Harry Potter into the Auror career path. 

Harry is a very talented Auror since he knew most of the spell-work he needs for the career already and has advance skill in catching dark wizards. He is now considered as one of the best Aurors. Some even compare him to having as much skill as Alastor Moody to which Harry does not agree.

To no one's surprise, Kingsley Shacklebolt was elected as the next Minister of Magic and is the best one there has ever been yet. 

After a year of engagement, Harry and Ginny got married at The Burrow the summer right after the war in the backyard.  They now live in a beautiful country home just a half hour out of London. 

Hermione and Ron also found love for each other after the kiss in the Chamber of Secrets and got engaged the summer after Hermione graduated from Hogwarts. They now live in a Muggle apartment complex in downtown London.
It has now officially been a year since Ron and Hermione got engaged and this is where their story continues... 


Hermione opens her chocolate brown eyes and gazes at the blurry alarm clock located on her night stand beside their king-sized bed. Ron was supposed to be home two hours ago at midnight and it is currently two in the morning. Hermione knows that sometimes closing at the office as an Auror takes a while but never this long, and it is now the second time this week that he has came home late!

Finally, after Hermione drifts back off to sleep it is three-thirty when she wakes up again with a start to find Ron sneaking into their shared bed. His red hair is tousled and he wears a sheepish look on his face, almost as if he hoped she wouldn't stir.


Ron jumps at her response, giving up on sneaking slowly into bed, settles to lay down, and looks obviously guilty as he does so. 

"Sorry Hermione, I had to close up the office alone again tonight... and uhh... I couldn't find the key and then the guard's alarms wouldn't go on right. Just a shitty bloody hell of a night. I tried to get home earlier, I did! I promise you!"

"Ron you had the same problem on Monday night. Honestly, has no one offered to help you out? Have you not talked to Harry?" Hermione asks sternly, sitting straight up in bed and looking him in the eyes for any sign of a lie.

"I am a little clumsy at these things. You know that, love." Ron replies nervously. But Hermione knows that this is not Ron. He is never late by two or more hours and he never hesitates when telling Hermione what happened at work. Something fishy is going on...

The next morning, Hermione awakes and Ron is already gone. They have been fighting lately but not intensely. There is no reason for this unusual behavior from him and she knows when he is acting different than normal, having known him for all of his adolescent life.

Feeling down about the whole incident last night, Hermione calls Ginny to ask if Harry and Ginny want to meet her in Hogsmead at The Pub. Ginny agrees of course so Hermione quickly styles her bushy hair into an elegant bun and walks quickly out the door to the taxis on street level.

When Hermione arrives at Hogsmeade and enters The Pub, Ginny waves her over enthusiastically. This is the second time they have visited the new place and so far they are quite impressed with the service.  

"You look sad Hermione, what's up?" Harry asks his best friend as she sits down. He can tell she is not acting herself. 

"Well Ronald has been acting weird, have either of you noticed?" Hermione inquires them, hoping for an answer that can somehow comfort her so she can quit this anxiety over nothing.

"Yes." Harry replies with a tight frown. "He hasn't really been talking to me much because he seems to be busy at work training the new employee."

 "And who might that be?" Hermione haughtily questions, glaring at Harry.

"Lavender Brown. We hired her last week and Ron has been training her since then. She is most likely going to be his assistant." Then Harry pauses with a puzzled look on his face, "has he not mentioned this to you?" 

 Hermione shakes her head and scowls. "No! He hasn't in fact told me he hired his ex-girlfriend onto the Auror Department! In fact we haven't been talking lately at all come to think of it!" 

How can Ron keep this from me knowing how I felt about Lavender? Hermione asks herself mentally.

"Harry, you're pretty close with the head of the department, can't you do something about her being there? You should know I don't want her near "won-won"!" She muses angrily quoting with her fingers Lavender's nickname for Ron. "She makes me want to vomit!" 

Ginny giggles awkwardly across the table from her, feeling the same way. 

"I'm sorry. I was sure he would have told you. I mean, she was the best fit for Ron's assistant position because she was really good at her interview. We don't discriminate employees just for being ex-girlfriends, Hermione, as you should know! We decided a week ago that she most likely will be Ron's assistant because of her skill in paperwork and amazing skill in spells we use within the Auror Department. You know how Ron is; he needs assistance most of the time. The head, Arnold, and I interviewed her and agreed she would be the best fit for what we are looking for the position. I'm sorry if this upsets you. Maybe he meant to tell you but just has been too busy and hasn't?" Harry explains while noticing Hermione's daggers of eyes piercing him again. Luckily she soon pulls her gaze back to the butterbeer and doesn’t take out her wand like Harry fears she would.

"How could I be so stupid? I am supposedly the brightest with of our age!" Hermione bellows loudly, throwing her butterbeer back on the wooden table they sit at and making a table full of elderly wizards look alarmingly their way.

"Calm down! Stop acting like a jealous teenager, you are being a little immature. Ron loves you, Hermione! All he ever talks about is you when he visits home!" Ginny cuts in, trying to comfort her friend but at the same time annoyed with her carrying on.

"Ginny, how would you feel if Harry hired Cho to be his possible assistant and he had been coming home two to three hours late saying the same excuse every single time?!" Hermione asks irritably as her hands tremble against the cold glass she was holding. She is irritated that they are treating her like she is mad for worrying about this. 

Ginny decides to close her mouth after that and Hermione takes this as her queue to leave. She pushes her drink away and storms out the clinging restaurant door to apparate. 

Ginny and Harry watch her leave, not believing what they just heard. There is a possibility Ron and Hermione's relationship is in danger and that shocks them after all the time they spent finding out that they wanted to actually be together. 

But Hermione feels in her heart something is wrong, something she doesn't know and has to find out. Something that will change a lot of feelings and possibly even change her life.


The house feels cold and empty as Hermione enters it. She slowly walks into their room and puts down the picture of Ron and herself happily kissing on her nightstand.

She then proceeds to slowly put on her nightgown and slide into bed, twirling her wand in her hands thinking of what painful spells she can use on Ron if she does in fact find out he was cheating. By midnight she is crying from thinking about the possibility of his betrayal and falls asleep.

 Not to her surprise, Ron once again sneaks into bed a little late but this time manages to be home at two. He kisses Hermione on the cheek lightly and rolls over to instantly fall asleep as usual.

As soon as Hermione hears him loudly snoring beside her she decides what she needs to do... she needs to go through Ron's owl mail so she can find the answer. She realizes that she sounds immature about this whole thing, but the constant feeling that Ron is betraying her trust has been nagging her ever since last night. 

Slipping almost as slow as a snail out of bed, she walks out of the bedroom after turning around to make sure he is still fast asleep. Hermione then walks to their linen closet in the entrance hall where she knows Ron stores all his mail and after digging around she finds a dusty pile hiding under a leather jacket of his. 

Grabbing them with trembling hands, she walks into the bathroom to privately go through them. She feels quite bad for not trusting him and having to go through his mail but there is an urgency there that she can't ignore. He's hiding something and she is going to find out what... And sure enough there is a letter from none other than Lavender Brown sitting three letters into the pile. It seems to stare Hermione in the face intimidatingly. 

Her heart palpitates as she opens the seal which is unwrapped already so obviously it was read: 


 I am thrilled that they are considering me as your assistant. I am honored to be a part of the Auror Department and excited to spend more time with you! The sneaking around has got to end so we can actually be a real couple. I just hope you end things with Hermione soon like you so desperately want to. I mean who would want to be with know-it-all Granger anyway? She has been so shady since the war but hasn't she always been like that? Cocky, I think would be a more fitting word. 

 Anyway, since we have been seeing each-other for three months now I think it is time to consider leaving her. You told me the other day that you don't love her so why suffer when you have me to come to? I can't really deal with sharing you any longer. 

I hope that they hire me for sure and I can't wait to heat up those supply rooms with our hot lovin' ;) The other night was amazing by the way. 

 With love,



P.S. Don't tell Harry about us because Hermione is sure to find out with how nosy she is about your business!  

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It was my first fanfic and I KNOW that it has quite a few spelling, grammar, cannon, and ect. errors but I am currently working to re-edit all of them. It will be the same story of course but there may be new things and changes added here and there and definently some more details.
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Chapter 2: Gone
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After managing to get mostly everything: their TV, loveseat, all of her cooking supplies, her pillows, all of her clothes, her bathroom supplies, her books, and every other single thing she owns in their house; she finally puts Crookshanks in his cage and is ready to depart.

Before leaving, she sits at the kitchen table and takes out her mobile phone that her mum gave her for Christmas the previous year and decides to call Ginny to let her know she was about to be on her way.

I won’t even leave him a letter. Let him wonder, she mentally decides, and then picks up her phone and dials Ginny to ask if she can move in for a while. Ginny, being like her dad and interested in Muggle artifacts, got a cell phone from Hermione for her birthday the past year and was ecstatic about it.  

“Hermione, are you okay?” A light feminine voice asks when she answers. 

“Yes I am fine. But I do have a question for you.” Hermione states as confidently as she can muster. 

“Yes?” She sounds worried now.

“Can I come stay with you and Harry for a while when I look for a new place?” 

Hermione can hear the gasp in Ginny’s voice on the other side of the mobile, “What the hell happened Hermione?!” 

“No time to explain because he will be here for lunch. I need to leave now and will explain when I get there,” clarifies Hermione.

“Well alright, I guess. I really hoped you both would work things out,” mutters Ginny with a disappointed tone. 

Hermione then hangs up the phone and examines the apartment once more to see if she forgot anything. Hesitating, she picks up a dusty picture of them passionately kissing. Her brown hair is practically surrounding him and both are smiling in the kiss. She remembers that day like it was yesterday…

 Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Ron went to visit Paris the summer before last for Harry's birthday and Hermione had brought a camera to get pictures with that her mum gifted to her.

In front of a beautiful majestic lake surrounded by spring flowers, there was a bridge that viewed all of Paris and the Eiffel tower in the distance. Hermione had wanted to get a picture of them there in that very memorable and amazing moment with the scenery right behind them.

After Ginny agreed to take the picture, Ron suddenly got on one knee and proposed to her. 

"Hermione Jean Granger, you are beautiful, smart, my best friend, and I have loved you since the first day you annoyingly barged in to our compartment on the Hogwarts Express. Will you do me the honors of marrying me?" Hermione remembers every word, and how his legs shook out of control as he bent down on one knee. He looked as though he would feint at any moment.

Ginny then started snapping many pictures including the one she was looking at now.

Hermione remembered started to cry after screaming "YES!" And the two hugged and kissed as Ginny and Harry overlooked the moment, obviously happy for the two of them. 

Finally gaining all the courage she possibly can, Hermione steps outside of what was Ron’s and her apartment and attempts to shake that memory off of her mind even though it is planted there forever. 

She looks back briefly at what she is leaving and feels tears well up in her eyes again. She just can’t believe this man who she trusted with her life and has loved her since he met her had done such a horrible and heartless thing such as this. How could she ever forgive him? 

With one last look, Hermione finally steps on her sidewalk near her porch to apparate.

She arrives at the pretty country side home of Ginny and Harry. It is drizzling steadily and Ginny is sitting on the front porch rocking their newest addition to the family, their first, baby James Sirius. She gazes at Hermione with a frown as Hermione walked down their long driveway. 

Ginny motions for her to sit by her on their bench when Hermione arrives at her side and she does just that. 

“Now that you’re here, what did my brother do?” Ginny demands in a hushed voice. Hermione then looks down at her legs and the tears she was holding at bay starts to fall again.

“Ginny, he cheated on me with Lavender Brown and has been for at l-least three months,” chokes Hermione.  

Ginny then stands straight up and her face looks like it is on fire with the anger radiating from her. “I am going to kill him! Take the baby!” She screams at Hermione as she hands baby James to her. 

“GINNY, no! He doesn’t even know I left so just drop it. I want him to find out I know on his own,” begs Hermione, grabbing Ginny’s arm to force her to sit down.  

Ginny’s brown eyes are blazing, “How can he?” 

“That’s what I am asking myself.” Hermione whispers, tears increasing in flow, making a small puddle onto her jeans in her lap.

Ginny then sits back down and takes back baby James, looking at Hermione with sad eyes, not knowing what words of comfort she should use. 

“I’m so sorry, Hermione. I never thought he would betray you. He loves you so much,” affirms Ginny.

Following the talk between the girls, the day goes on with much talking and crying.

Hermione feels so grateful that Ginny is here for her to help, even though this is her brother they are talking about. Ginny is completely on Hermione’s side and is ready to have a serious conversation with her brother, possibly ending with some painful spells.

Hermione’s phone rings all day like crazy. And when she knows Ron is home for lunch, she doesn’t even think to answer it. There will be no talking to Ron unless she has no choice and she regrets giving him a phone as well. It is just a month ago when Ron became so intrigued by Hermione's phone that he wanted his own to communicate with her faster. 

Rain starts to pour as Hermione starts setting up her stuff in Ginny and Harry’s spare bedroom, the second biggest one in the house. It is beautiful with a turquoise color to the walls and a silver and turquoise duvet comforter. It also has its own master bathroom with a huge marble white bathtub and a gigantic walk in closet.

When everything is placed and stored where Hermione wants them in the dresser and closet, she lets Crookshanks out of his cage. Already used to coming to Harry and Ginny’s, the orange fur ball of a feline makes himself comfortable on Hermione’s love-seat in her room and falls straight to sleep, probably tired from today’s events as well.

At six in the evening, Hermione is washing up for dinner when she hears the front door open and she frantically looks to see who it is from her bedroom door. To her relief it is just Harry, and he comes in and kisses Ginny, sitting his huge briefcase down on the coffee table in their humungous living room.

Ginny whispers to her husband in a hushed tone, “I have to tell you something. Things have changed up a little today.” 

Hermione joins the both of them in the living room, where Harry and she share greetings with each other.
Harry looks at both of them with a confused look on his face. “Did something happen? Hermione, what are you doing here?” 

Ginny and Hermione gives Harry all the details about what happened and Harry does not seem intensely surprised.

“I knew it! I knew something was fishy with them. She had been in his office more than she should be and for many hours on hours of the day when she has her own office. Wow, what an arse,” spits Harry. “But I can’t exactly stop being his friend, you know that. I am on your side through all of this though, Hermione. I will have a little chat with him.” 

Poor Harry hates when this happens, he absolutely hates being between his very best friends.

When they finish dinner, Hermione walks back into her bedroom for some alone time. Her phone then starts to ring again. She glances at it and sees that Ron has now left twelve voicemails and sixteen missed calls and counting. Soon after Hermione returns to join the couple in the living room, Harry’s phone started to ring too. 

Hermione doesn’t want Ron to know where she is, and tells Harry to answer and lie.

“Hello Ron…”…“No, she isn’t here. She stopped by awhile back but didn’t tell us where she was leaving to…”…“No Ron, I don’t know why she left, she and Ginny were talking but Ginny won’t tell me…”… “Found out about what?”…“That was wrong of you Ron… I bet she did leave then.”…“Yes mate, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” Harry hung up the phone and hugged Hermione. “He feels horrible and he seems to be falling apart but it is his fault. Don’t go back to him Hermione, I mean it.” Harry whispered to her threateningly, grabbing her hand for comfort across the coffee table between them. 

Hermione nods to thank him. She feels like she can cry but the tears won’t start because she has been crying all day and feels there are no tears left.

The bed feels warm as she lay in it later that night. The rain hits the window softly, just right that she can fall right asleep.

Her phone is turned on silent but lights up with Ron’s calls every hour or so. 

She has dreams of Ron that night... dreams of their first year in Hogwarts, the first night she felt her crush on him, the first kiss in the Chamber of Secrets after destroying that horocrux, and the proposal. They keep coming and coming and wouldn't stop... 

Chapter 3: An Odd Meeting
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The morning starts out much like the day before as it is raining heavily still.

Hermione opens her eyes and glances at the clock and it reads 10:45. Did she really sleep in this late? She is usually an early morning riser, always waking up at the crack of dawn to read a good book and watch the sunrise.

“Hermione, Ginny has breakfast ready, you hungry?” Harry asks through the door in a booming voice. He doesn’t open it in case she still wants privacy.  

It is a Saturday so Harry is off, luckily Ron is not. 

“Yes, I’ll be there shortly,” she mumbles groggily. She still feels like she can sleep a few more hours, maybe it is exhaustion from the stress.

Getting out of bed is hard because it is so comfortable, almost as comfortable as her bed was in the dormitory at Hogwarts. It has to be memory foam, something Muggles sell to make their beds very fluffy to where your body practically molds into the bed itself.

After finally making herself get out of bed, she slides on some sweatpants under her night gown and finally walks into the kitchen. 

Ginny prepares cinnamon flavored pancakes with maple syrup. Hermione, feeling very hungry from not having an appetite the day before because of all the stress, piles up five pancakes on her plate. She eats almost all of them as Ginny chuckles from across the table as she breastfeeds the baby.

“You hungry there?” jokes Ginny.

“Yes I am actually,” chuckles Hermione, wiping maple syrup off her lips with a napkin.

As she finishes, she ponders in thought of what she is going to do today.

“Ginny, what are you plans for today?” She asks curiously.

 “Taking James to the Healer for his four month checkup at St. Mungo's, why?” 

“I am thinking of going to Diagon Alley to the Flourish and Blotts bookstore to get some time to read and clear my mind,” explains Hermione. 

“That sounds like a good idea. Maybe Harry will go with you?” Ginny wonders, glancing at her husband who is standing in his work attire looking out at the pouring rain from the back French doors.

“Not today Hermione, I have stuff to do. Like go speak to your fiancé or ex-fiancé I should say, and catch up on a few cases, sorry.” Harry tells her, frowning.  “If it wasn’t for that I would definitely spend the day with you.”

“What!?” Hermione and Ginny gasp in unison.

“Yeah, I am going to meet him for lunch in Hogsmeade. I want to have a talk with him and see what his side of the story is.”

Hermione grows furious in a second's time. “His story? Harry, do you think I made this up?!”

“No Hermione, not what I am saying at all! I want to talk to him about this because I feel it is wrong what he did and I want to know why he did it!” Harry defends himself haughtily. He grows irritated at how Hermione attacked him the way she did.

Hermione glares at her best friend and then slowly forces herself to calm down as she realizes he is not against her, “Well, thank you. Just keep him away from me.”  

Hermione, hiding in her bedroom after the argument, wonders what to wear out of the house as she digs through her dresser and picks out a fall colored plaid button up and skinny jean outfit. Why look too dressed up on a rainy day? Besides fall wear is cute with rain boots.

She brushes her frizzy brown hair and then puts some moose in it to ease it up which makes her hair look wavy but she knows it will frizz anyway because of the rain. 

As she glances at herself in the mirror, her thoughts travel to Ron again, what is he doing right now? Does he miss her? Or does he even realize why she left? She then feels disgusted at thinking about even missing him and shakes her head at herself.

She glances at her cell phone for the first time today… sixty missed calls, forty five voicemails, and one hundred text messages. Not wanting to even read them or listen to Ron’s voice, she turns her phone completely off. She needs peace today. 

It is already noon when Hermione is finally ready to leave to Diagon Alley. She is looking forward to a day alone just buried in books because books have always been her therapy.

“Have a good day Hermione!” Ginny says to Hermione as she picks up her wand lying on their kitchen counter while preparing to leave.

“Will do Gin, I won’t think of Ron once! Or I'll try not to,” states Hermione weakly. 

“Good, don’t, you should be on the lookout for other men! There’s plenty of fish in the sea besides my git of a brother,” instructs Ginny with half a grin. 

Hermione smiles at Ginny’s suggestion but doesn’t feel quite right at the thought of looking at other men yet, not one day after a breakup with the man she swore would be her husband. 

The rain starts to thankfully let up as Hermione steps on Harry and Ginny’s front porch, she then apparates to Diagon Alley.

The street full of shops that used to be bright and colorful seems dead and dull with barely any visitors when she arrives next to her favorite bookstore. There are just few wizards and witches walking the streets but it doesn’t surprise her as the weather has been horrible and Diagon Alley hasn’t been the same since the war.

She walks into the bookstore, getting a small feeling of excitement that she often gets when she knows she is about to read a good book.

“Hermione dear, what a pleasure, do come on in!” Madam Frances, the new owner of Flourish and Blotts exclaims as she sees her.

Hermione smiles in greeting and says hello a bit shyly because she hoped no one would really talk to her today. She then finds a book and sits in the coziest chair there. Not to anyone's surprise, she is reading Bathilda Bagshot’s History of Magic yet again. 

An hour passes of intense reading when Hermione feels someone staring at her from behind. She finally turns around and to her shock; Draco Malfoy is sitting just chairs away from her, eyeing her with curious gray eyes. 

He shyly looks back down at his book when he notices her looking back at him and his pale face flushes. 

Hermione blushes and looks back to her book as well, not knowing why Malfoy would even step foot in her favorite bookstore but even more shocked that he was looking at her

This goes on for another hour as Draco continues to glance at Hermione and can’t seem keep his eyes off of her for some unknown reason. He can't believe he is indeed looking at the mudblood from his school days because she looks so different... almost beautiful. 

Hermione looks behind her once again and sees him staring and has had enough.

“Hello Malfoy, may I help you?” She asks sharply. She is sure he is just thinking of an insult toward her, but he is probably having trouble since they haven’t seen each other since the war. But he has never looked at her like that before, like he is now, as though he is interested in her.  

He clears his throat after a few moments of silence and answers finally. “No, you can’t.”

Hermione huffs in disapproval. “Okay then, keep your beady little eyes off me then, Malfoy,” sneers Hermione, rolling her eyes and returning to her book.

“The same Granger that I remember I see. You haven’t changed one bit!” He replies back, amusement in his voice. He stands up and walks boldly to sit in the chair next to her to her horror, “where happens to be your Weasleby? Stuffing his face somewhere?”

“Actually Malfoy, I don’t know or give a damn where Ronald is right now!” Hermione venomously snaps back, this is the last straw. She has come to not think about Ron today and have some relaxing reading time to herself! Malfoy just violated both of those plans.

“Wow, hostility detected there. How can you talk about your precious red head like that?” Taunts Draco, he can see he is getting under her skin and is enjoying it.

Hermione’s anger is boiling inside her now so much that she loses control over what her mind wants to say (which is that it is none of his damn business) and what her mouth is now going to say. “Malfoy, he cheated on me, okay?! He had been for three months while we have been engaged for a year! Now you know so leave me the bloody hell alone. Please? I came to relax today not to be reminded of the arse he is!” 

Draco feels taken aback and immediately embarrassed at bringing up this touchy new subject. 

How could Weasley cheat on her? I mean look at those chocolate brown eyes, look at that perfect figured body, he thought, but he refrains himself from thinking this and comes back to reality. “Well, why would you want to be with such a low person like that anyway if he hurt you?” 

Hermione looks into Malfoy’s stormy eyes and wonders whether he is seriously being nice to her or trying to offend her somehow like he used to.

He has really grown up, she thinks silently, looking over his muscular figure and blushing a little as she does so.

“I… I don’t know Malfoy maybe because I loved him, or thought I did anyways,” proclaims Hermione distantly, only just realizing he asked her a question. 

Draco truly doesn’t know what to say back as an insult because she looks so very sad. So upset that he almost wants to comfort her.

And to his surprise, to make her feel better instead of hurt her further (like he used to want to) he mentions a personal thing going on in his life. “Well, my girlfriend of a year, Astoria Greengrass, left me for another man too, so I somewhat know how you feel and I am sorry you are going through it too.”

Hermione looks at him questionably. “Well at least someone knows how I feel, Ginny and Harry are all happy in their little perfect world and then there’s Ronald and I. No one of my friends really understands because they all are in happy relationships.” She pauses for a moment and says sarcastically, “wow Astoria Greengrass the model? That was probably a hard one to leave.”

Draco shakes his head, denying it. “No, she was a stuck up girl who only cared about money, friends, her looks, but she never cared about me. She left me for a famous Quidditch player, whom has more money than myself I presume. I gave that girl my all and she changed me for the better, but I realized it was because she was so horrible. I realized I was the same as her and that’s part of the reason why I changed.”

"I thought your family had more money than anyone in London put together,” states Hermione snidely with a smirk.

"My parents do, yes. But these days things are different," answers Draco, sadness lacing his voice. 

"Well uh, thanks for the talk but I honestly have got to get going. Loads to do today,” lies Hermione, closing her book to put it away and standing up to head toward the door. 

But he stands in front of her as if to stop her when she heads for the door, shocking Hermione.

“Granger, how about we have lunch? I am not the same guy I used to be and I want to sort out my differences with you. I am trying to err... change I guess you could say. I'd rather not end up in Azkaban like my father did.”

Hermione looks at Malfoy as though he has two heads.

Malfoy wants lunch with me? What the hell has gotten into him? Didn’t he hear that Ron and I just broke up? Maybe he just really just needs a friend too… She considers all the things that could go wrong if she says yes. Paparazzi snapping pictures of them since they are both two famous wizards, Malfoy trying to trap her so he can harm her in some way, but suddenly she shocks herself by saying, “erm, sure I guess?” She can’t believe this is actually happening.

The rain is cleared up and clouds sit lazily and dark in the sky as Draco and Hermione walk down the street of Diagon Alley in the crisp cool air. Stares follow them as everyone knows who they are and that they are known enemies.

Hermione is still currently in shock at whom she was about to have a meal, resulting in her silence. 

“Let’s go to The Galleon Grill, they have the best chicken. Chicken is my favorite.” Draco suggests with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Sure.” squeaks Hermione, noticing for the first time how Draco didn't even have robes on but regular clothes. How odd indeed it was to see him like this, in Muggle clothes and with a good attitude. 

When they enter the restaurant which is the newest addition to Diagon Alley, Draco and she pick a small booth that they can face each other in.

Draco notices the light of the lamp hit Hermione’s eyes just perfectly and notices how her eyes have a beautiful golden tint to them. It makes him want to keep staring but he forces himself to look away because he didn’t want to scare her and she is staring back. 

But at the same time, Hermione was noticing Draco’s handsome high jawed face, and was looking into his stormy gray eyes as they made contact with her brown ones.

One question is eating at her though and she can’t avoid asking it any longer, “Malfoy why did you bring me here? You hate me.”

Draco looks up at her again and then back down at the menu distantly. “No, I have never hated you but I was literally scared of being nice to you or even Potter or Weasley. I mean look what my family would say, you three aren't the kind of people my family would ever associate with.”

Hermione took this into consideration but it doesn't make sense. “Then why are you talking to me now?”

“Because Hermione the war changed me and I don’t give a damn what my parents think anymore. I don’t have any hate for mudbloods left in me because I felt that day it didn’t care what kind of blood we had, we all fought for the same cause. Also, I just ended my crappy relationship with my horrible girlfriend I want to be a changed man because of her too. I want to show you that I am not someone like my father. I never particularly liked you but today I…feel differently.” Draco explains rather quietly.

“You feel differently how?” Hermione questions at him, this is just rubbish. He can’t change in two years!

“Hermione, when I saw you today. I thought you were beaut-“

Hermione’s eyes got big and she blushes a deep pink.

“I mean,” he continues after a deep breath as he realizes what he almost said, “we have all changed. And I think we should all try and get along now. After all, we are adults.” Draco says seriously.

Hermione is silently in shock for a little while and when their food comes they eat in silence.

Lunch seems to take a shorter time than usual and Hermione is quite ready to leave because she wants to be in her room to process everything that happened between Malfoy and herself today. 

“I’ll pay.” Draco says after the waiter drops off the bill.

“No, I will pay for mine,” protests Hermione. 

“No I will pay for ours Granger, no questions asked,” demands Draco. Hermione then keeps quiet and lets him take the bill.

“Thank you,” she whispers to him as they leave the restaurant.

“No problem, I should do something nice for you since Weasleby broke your heart I presume,” says Draco with a grin.  

Hermione nods in silence and just keeps walking without grinning back, looking at her feet. It is late afternoon by now. 

"I would like to owl you. Where are you staying?" Draco asks out of nowhere. 

“I am living with Harry and Ginny on 1294 Giddens St. in Wembley, UK, a little ways out of London in the country. Goodbye now, Malfoy,” fare wells Hermione, not believing everything that just took place.

“You don’t want to talk a little more? Maybe go for dessert?” He wonders hopefully. 

“No, I need to get home. Like I said, I have loads to do today.” 

Hermione then re-thanks him for the late lunch and apparates back to Harry and Ginny’s. She had just shared a civil lunch with an ex-Death Eater and didn't even think to harm him once. The world is definitely different now. What in Merlin’s name is going on?

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Chapter 4: Goodbyes and Hellos
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Hermione knocks on Ginny and Harry’s door and waits, hoping that they haven’t already heard anything. With them all being so well known, it is very possible.  

Ginny opens it and to Hermione’s surprise she stops her in her tracks. “Ron’s here, he wants to talk, and I think you should give him a chance to speak,” boasts Ginny, her brown eyes begging.

“No, I told you that I am not doing this Ginny!” Booms Hermione as her heart skips a beat in sudden anxiety.

She just can’t face Ron right now, no matter how much he wants to talk to her. So she steps back and starts walking the other way, practically having a panic attack because this is all so new to her, hating Ron.  

Perfect timing Ronald, always ruining a good mood, she thinks sourly.  

Ron notices her walking away from the kitchen table through the entryway and comes immediately after her.

Hermione keeps walking… faster and faster until she breaks into a full sprint. Finally, she gets to the corn field behind the Potter's property, and Ron, who is running too, grabs her arm out of nowhere and Hermione throws it off of her angrily saying, “Don’t you dare touch me!”

“Bloody hell Hermione, just hear me out damnit!” Ron cries out in distress, his breathing shallow from the intense running out to where they are.

Hermione shakes her head in denial and turns away. She sits on the ground like a child and grabs her knees in anger while refusing to look at him, not knowing what else to do. 

Please just hear me out!” He screams desperately. 

Hermione jumps to her feet and faces him, her heart racing and face flushing with anger. “HEAR YOU OUT?! HEAR YOU OUT, RONALD?! I DON’T NEED TO HEAR THIS, I HEARD YOU OUT! I READ THE OWL!” Hermione bellows. He tries reaching for her but she once again throws his arm away, this time even harder.

“Ronald Weasley if you try touching me even one more time I am going to use the Cruciatus Curse and I’m NOT JOKING!” She grabs her wand from her jean pocket and points it at him, digging it straight into the area of his neck where his jugular is.

 “You broke my heart, Ron! If you still love me then how COULD YOU?! HOW COULD YOU, RON?!” Hermione is then lost for words and her eyes start to fill with hot, angry tears.

Ginny and Harry watch in awe at their porch. “What do we do?” Ginny whispers to Harry. 

 “We can’t do anything, Gin-” answers Harry. “Just wait for things to fizzle out I suppose.”

“I loved you, I really loved you!” Hermione cries to him into her hands, resting them and her head on her knees and sitting in the grass again away from Ron, losing control. 
Ron is lost for words, how did she get ahold of his mail? How could she have found out? He hates himself and wants to die at this moment. Seeing the girl he loves so upset, falling apart, is almost as bad as seeing Fred dead. He is the worst man alive right now because he did this to her after he promised himself to her with a ring. 

 “Hermione, please listen… I am so, so sorry I cheated, it will never ever happen again. Blimey, it only happened twice! I hate myself for this Hermione. I hope you know that!”

Only twice huh? Once is enough! I sure hope you do Ron because you are never getting me back,” sneers Hermione through gritted teeth. Her tears were gone and anger now fully takes its place. “You have Lavender and I hope that makes it okay!” She then gets up, dusts herself off, slaps Ron with all her might, and walks silently toward the house where Ginny and Harry are still standing with their mouths open. 

 “Hermione… please don’t.” Ron begs weakly, rubbing his right cheek where she hit him. 

“No Ronald, we are done and I have no reason to speak with you any longer!” Hermione screams behind her as she walks into the house. 

Ginny then takes this queue to run after Hermione and Harry runs after Ron.

“Ron, I’m sorry mate, but you shouldn’t have done this you know.” Harry said, approaching his best friend in the corn fields.

“My life is over-” moans Ron sadly, his eyes finally filling with tears as realization hits him. 

“No, it isn’t Ron, maybe she will take you back. It may take months or years but if you love that woman it’s worth it fighting for her.” Harry says, laying his hand on his friend’s shoulder. 

“Harry, I have loved her since I laid my eyes on her in our first year. How… just how could I have done this to her?” 

"You shouldn't have Ron, but we are all human and make dodgy decisions at times in our lives that we regret." Harry answers wisely, remembering his break up with Ginny in sixth year. 

Meanwhile, Ginny follows Hermione upstairs and opens up the door that Hermione had just finished slamming in her face.

Hermione is then found with her face buried in her pillow, weeping loudly now that she thought she is alone. 

Ginny picks her up by her shoulders and hugs her in her pale arms. “I’m sorry Hermione. You can stay here as long as you need to and I will make sure you get everything you need.”

“Oh Ginny, I am so lucky to have you as a friend, I love you and Harry.” Hermione sobs into her hands, humiliated she is being like this in front of her best friends. She hates showing her weak side because she shows it only very rarely. This was one of those times.

“Harry and I love you too Hermione. I love my brother too but he has done something I will never forgive him for. He is a heartless asshole who deserves nothing but you leaving him right now,” comforts Ginny, petting Hermione’s light chestnut hair as she lays her forehead on Ginny’s shoulder. Hermione nods in agreement but remains silent.  

After about thirty minutes, Ron is long gone and Hermione is starting to feel better, she even offers to hold the baby while Ginny takes a bath and Harry works on Auror assignments in his home office.

Little James has eyes just like Ginny's, a soft brown. His hair is dark like Harry’s but has a little red tint to it as well. He also has Ginny’s nose and Harry’s mouth. 

“You’re such a precious boy. So sweet-” coos Hermione at the baby’s handsome face. He smiles, two dimples showing themselves.

Hermione hears a tap on the window and turns to see a brilliant black owl perched there. She lays James on a baby blanket and walks over to the window, grabbing the letter off of the owl's tiny yellow leg. She then starts to read:


I had a good time with you at lunch today and I was hoping we could stay somewhat civil. Maybe at some point maybe we can even become friends. 

Would we be able to meet again? If so please respond. 

Without Hermione’s awareness, Ginny was out of the bath and is sneakily looking over her shoulder. 

“Hermione you can’t be serious right now. Malfoy of all people?” Ginny asks quietly so Harry can’t hear. “I know I told you to look for other men, but that did not apply to Death Eater men!”

Hermione rolls her eyes and hands Ginny James to get a better look at the letter. 

“Yes Malfoy, we saw each other today in Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley,” explains Hermione, blushing. “It was nothing, Ginny.”

“And what did you two do in Diagon Alley might I ask?” demands Ginny. 

“He wanted to go to lunch so I agreed to it. We actually had a pleasant talk and decided for now on things will be different. We agreed to try this unity thing without judging one another anymore. We had a lunch without dueling each other or cursing at each other once! I think he wants to try to be friends,” explains Hermione, shrugging.  

“Or maybe more than friends?” Ginny teases, laughing at the thought of innocent Hermione with Draco Malfoy.

I agree. We should meet again at the same place, tomorrow. 

–Hermione G. 

Hermione folds the small piece of parchment neatly and ties it to the owl's leg as it was tied before. The black barn owl then takes off with a satisfied hoot when Ginny feeds him a treat. 

“Please don’t tell either Harry or Ronald I am even speaking with him,” begs Hermione nervously.

Ginny promised she would not tell Harry yet without her permission and definitely not Ron. Ginny owes Hermione anyway because when Ginny first found out she was pregnant with James, she asked Hermione not to tell Ron until she was ready.

That evening, when Hermione finally settles into bed, her fight with Ron starts to haunt her. Ron is truly sorry and she can see it in his eyes. But he will never be fully forgiven, and she never can be with him again because she can’t trust him anymore.

She realizes suddenly that she still has on the golden ring with the white diamond on her left hand, so she quickly takes it off and throws it into her night stand drawer. 

“Won’t need that anymore,” whispers Hermione sadly to herself. 

Weirdly, she isn’t that sad anymore today. When she took the ring off it was almost a relieving feeling, like a weight off of her chest but she can’t really explain why. Maybe Ron just wasn’t meant to be her husband. Maybe someone else is.

Draco’s face drifts into Hermione mind, shocking her… she can never possibly even think about being with someone on the other side.

But he saved us, he didn’t point out it was us in Malfoy Manor that day, his mother is the reason Harry is still alive, he never wanted to kill Dumbledore or anyone for that matter, and he is not evil. He just did it because of his family, became a Death Eater, she found herself arguing with herself mentally. Draco isn’t a bad person he had just done bad things.

But it was always his choice, her conscience argues back. He didn’t have to do those things.

As she lays in bed, she decides to listen to the rain that just started to fall again outside. She can also hear little James crying and Ginny’s soothing voice attempting to comfort him. Oh how she hopes that she will have that one day too. She thought she had it, or at least part of that. But now it’s gone…


“Hermione, wake up!” Hermione awoke with a start to Ginny’s brown eyes gazing at her.

“What Gin? Is everything okay?”

“Yes, just wanted to ask if you could watch James for a few hours? I’ll pay you 50 galleons!” Begs Ginny and she adds quickly, “Sorry it’s so sudden.”

Hermione groans and sits up, thinking hard whether she even has the emotional capability to watch a small child for most of the day.

“Yes I can. But can I invite a friend over?” Hermione asks, remembering she told Draco they'd meet in Diagon Alley again. It felt odd asking if he can come over, but everything is unfamiliar anyway to Hermione right now in her life.

“Oh I guess so. I still can’t believe this,” chuckles Ginny, rolling her eyes.

Ginny starts to leave the room but then turns around. “Breakfast is ready, by the way!” 

Hermione sniffs and could smell bacon, eggs, and coffee. She then gets herself up and gazes groggily at her rough appearance in the mirror. 

“Oh boy, I look exceptionally beautiful." She laughs at herself as she looks at her fuzzy, bushy hair. 

Ginny already has a plate all ready for her as Hermione makes her way into the kitchen and sits at the table with Harry as he is busy scarfing down eggs and he looks up at Hermione. “’Mornin’, Ginny ‘ooks so ‘ell! Doesn’t she?” Hermione laughs at him because being around Harry for so long, she actually comprehends those words.

“Mm, Ginny you do cook wonderful. This tastes amazing!” Hermione exclaims as she starts eating her own meal.

“I only learned from the best,” admits Ginny as she uses her wand to levitate food to her own plate.

“So where are you going today Ginny?” asks Hermione out of curiosity.

“Oh, I am going shopping with mum because she wants a girl’s day. She called me this morning and is really torn up and thinking of Fred today with his death date nearing, so she asked me if I wanted to get out of the house with her, just us I suppose,” explains Ginny with an apologizing expression. 

“I see, well I hope you have fun. Don’t worry about me, I don’t feel like going out anyway,” remarks Hermione kindly to her friend.

Harry, after levitating his dirty dishes into the pouring water and soap in the sink, he hugs Hermione, kisses Ginny, and then leaves for work while commenting on how Ron is still so torn up and doesn’t know if he will show up to work for a while.
Regrettably, this statement causes Hermione’s thoughts to go back to Ron. But she realizes she hasn’t even thought of him until someone mentioned him and she didn’t really miss him. Or was she forcing herself not to think of him?

“Hermione, you okay?” Ginny asks, waving a hand in front of her face.

“Yes, just realizing I don’t miss your brother.”

“Well, I don’t know if he was right for you anyways, even though you guys love each other and I don’t completely believe you that you don’t still love him. You shouldn't think of him though,” asserts Ginny.

“See Gin, I think I lost my love for him when I saw that letter- I just knew that it was over for good. We started being disconnected for a while even before that, but that, that was the last straw,” musters Hermione with a following sigh.

“Well, he deserves it!” Spat Ginny, disappointed at her brother.

“Anyways, I am going to go ahead and apparate to mum’s. Good luck with Malfoy and please take care of my son, he gets up at about nine.” Pleads Ginny, as she straightens up her blouse and gives Hermione a pat on the back before departing. 

“Okay, have a good time,” implied Hermione. 

Then Ginny was gone and Hermione is alone again and realizes she forgot to write Malfoy to let him know to come to Harry and Ginny’s place.

She owled him quickly and to her surprise he replies within an hour to say he would be there soon. 

Hermione quickly runs off to her bedroom to find what clothing she should wear to hang out with him in. As she picks out a V-neck collared Chevron patterned shirt that fit her skin just right and blue jeans, she starts to question herself. Should she be doing this? Be friends with an ex-Death Eater? 

Her heart was racing as time went by and she knew soon Malfoy would be arriving. She kept glancing at the clock and then at the door until…

knock, knock, knock

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Chapter 5: The Visit
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knock, knock, knock 

Hermione scrambles from the front room to the front door to see Malfoy standing at the other side of the door and she opens it. She can’t figure out why she is so nervous just to see Malfoy but all she knows is that she is. There stands Draco Malfoy in faded blue jeans and a light blue Henley. It still shocks Hermione to see him wearing anything other than black robes, black pants, and shirt. Hermione can't deny that he looks quite handsome.  

“Well, hello Hermione. You look very pretty.” He compliments as Hermione stands back to let him through the large doorway into the entryway.

“Hi Malfoy, you look great yourself. By all means, come in!” She tries her best to act confident and normal but it really feels like her insides are leaping around. She wonders if she should have trusted him to just come to one of his worst enemy's house but so far he doesn’t seem threatening. 

Draco looks briefly around the first floor of the beautiful country home and then sits on the white leather living room couch to gaze into the blazing fireplace across the room, not quite knowing what to say next. 

“Where are the Potters today?” He asks curiously, looking around as though Harry would pop out from a room at any moment.

“Ginny is with her mum and Harry at work.” Hermione answers, sitting right next to him on Harry and Ginny's couch as well. 

Draco can’t stop looking at Hermione. She looks so beautiful, he thinks to himself. He gazes at her long eyelashes, chocolate brown eyes, and her slender ivory body. Hermione doesn’t notice because she is awkwardly staring out the window at the pasture of corn, wondering what to say next like he is. Then a crying interrupted their silence and Hermione jumps at the sudden sound.

“Oh, James! I’ve nearly forgotten!” She exclaims, jumping up and running into a room in the back of the house. She is gone for about five minutes as she quickly changes James’ diaper with a flick of her wand and throws the soiled diaper away.

Soon she returns to where Draco is seated but this time with a little baby that looks just like Harry but with eyes like Ginny.

“This must be your son?” Draco asks in complete shock, not expecting Hermione to already have a child of her own. He always thought her to be respectable of religion, therefore not having a child until wed.

“Oh no, he isn’t mine! This is Harry and Ginny's son and I am watching him. That’s why you had to come here,” explains Hermione. She then puts the tiny babbling human in his swing that magically swings back and forth by itself after Hermione mutters a spell at it. She then returns to her seat next to Malfoy. 

"A little young to start having children isn't it? I don't want a child until I am at least thirty,” comments Draco.  

“So why did you want to see me again so soon?” Hermione asks, ignoring his last question smiling.

Draco’s heart skips a beat at that smile, he isn't sure why, he has seen her smile before, but never at him.

“I’m not sure, I just did. I want to get to know you better because all I have ever known is your know-it-all side. Something just made me want to get to know you,” explains Draco shrugging. 

Hermione nods to acknowledge she understands and gazes briefly at Draco, she never noticed how his eyes shine like a stormy ocean, or how he smells like spearmint toothpaste. 

Draco feels rather awkward as he notices Hermione staring at him and he decides to smile at her, making her blush a deep fuchsia. He looks deep into Hermione’s eyes. “Hermione… can I tell you something?”

“Yes.” She whispers as though it is hard to breathe. She feels butterflies in her stomach and this is the first time she ever got butterflies for someone other than Ron.

“I think you are beautiful despite you being a mudblood,” says Draco quietly.

Hermione felt anger rising but realizes just in time that this is his way of complimenting her, maybe the only way he knows how. “Well th-thank you Draco. I guess if that is a compliment?" 

Draco turns red. "Sorry for calling you that. Yes, it was meant to be a compliment." 

"Don't worry about it," dismisses Hermione, waving his comment away from her brain. 

There is a hushed silence that only little James broke with his cooing. “But Astoria is way prettier than me, obviously,” states Hermione of out nowhere, surprised at herself by letting herself sound insecure.

Draco shakes his head in disagreement. “Not compared to you, you have the whole package.”

Then the air feels very thin all of a sudden and before he knows what is happening, Draco leans into Hermione and their lips meet. Five seconds after he tenderly started to kiss her lips, she pushed him away. 

"I can't right now, Malfoy. Not yet,” panics Hermione. She couldn't believe Malfoy of all people just tried snogging her two days after her break-up with Ron! 

Hermione's thoughts rushed a million per minute as she awkwardly looked out the window while pulling up the straps of her shirt which was now revealing her cleavage very much and Draco noticed. "We mustn't do that in front of the baby and I just ended my relationship two days ago." She realizes how dumb that sounds but she is so flustered her brain isn’t functioning right.

“James is a baby; I hardly think he will tell anyone,” he chuckles. “And your relationship ended with Weasley cheating on you so there's no reason for you to be upset that I kissed you.” Draco mentions coolly, disappointed that they have to stop because he was really into it; he stared at her chest not being able to help himself.

Hermione rolls her eyes noticing this and then sits back down on the white leather living room couch. 

Draco just looks at her in thought. Was she regretting kissing him? Should he try again or would she possibly slap him? Did he make a move on her too fast?

A sound of a door closing echoes throughout the sitting room, causing Hermione and Draco to jump on the far ends of the couch from one another.

“Oh damn, Harry’s home for lunch-” whispers Hermione and Draco gets up quickly to ask to use the toilet. 

Harry has no clue about Hermione talking to Draco at all since the war and it would not be the most likeable thing to Harry since the two of them were still not on friendly terms.

“Hey Hermione, wow you look quite nice. What are you dressing up for?” Harry asked her, smiling and sitting in an armchair after dropping his things off in the entryway as usual.

Hermione just smiles and doesn’t answer as she hears Malfoy's footsteps entering the living room again and just as fast as he smiles, Harry’s smile turns into a glare.

This is going to be interesting. 

“Malfoy, what the ruddy hell do you think you are doing here?” Harry sneers at Draco and stands to take a step toward him. His hand flies to the wand pocket in his Ministry robes and he points it straight at Draco's chest as soon as he has it out.

“He’s with me Harry. Please! We have been talking and we are friends now! Ginny gave me permission for him to come over today,” beckons Hermione without a breath, stepping in between the two with a hand on their broad chests.

Harry disapproves, Hermione can tell by his face, but calms down. “Malfoy, this is odd… thought you were against us completely. What about your mum and daddy? They wouldn't like you being here now would they?”

Draco shook his head and smirked. “No Potter, I am not against all of you as you can clearly see as I have just been snogging your best friend and talking to her.”

Harry’s eyes widen and look at Hermione in disbelief as though he really wants to say something, she can see disgust in his eyes and she starts to feel completely humiliated.

Hermione turns redder than she ever thought she could as she knew what Harry was thinking. It was something probably like: What about Ron, her fiancé of a whole year? What about working on her like she said just yesterday? Was Hermione even capable of thinking clearly after so much hurt from Ron? Probably not, and that's probably why she even thought to talk to Malfoy. 

Luckily James broke the tension with crying and Harry went over to greet him and change his diaper again instead of saying what he felt like saying to Hermione, which was not pretty.

Hermione and Draco continue to sit on the couch as Hermione awkwardly tries to keep her distance from Malfoy in front of Harry’s watching eyes, making the tension even thicker in the air.

But Harry can’t help but feel so upset about this and gazes with an angry look at them together. He just can’t believe what he just heard, Hermione and Draco… snogging? Friends? They hated each other just two years ago.

“I guess time really does change people,” boasts Harry, half way smirking at Draco and Hermione.

Draco clears his throat and speaks, “Potter, I have changed in many ways that you could never imagine. The war changed me as it did everyone else, but I was never a bad person. I just did bad things influenced by my family. That’s no longer me; I have grown up and learned who I really want to be and I happen to possibly like Granger now. Does that not prove how much I’ve changed?”

Harry sits down across from them in the armchair with James. “I believe it Malfoy, just don’t hurt my best friend or you will pay. That’s all I have to say! And you make your own choices in life,” he says snidely, looking at Hermione and then glaring back at Malfoy. 

Hermione can’t believe this is all happening within a couple of days of Ron’s and her split. It makes her feel guilty, but why should she feel bad? He cheated on her! She has every right to be with another man after they aren’t together anymore, even if it was Ron’s worst enemy, which kind of made it more enjoyable to be honest. 

After Harry leaves for work again when his lunch break was over, James is being entertained on the floor with his magic broomstick toy, so Draco and Hermione can have some more time to talk.

Hermione looks to Draco with questionable eyes. "Why would you like me Draco? Aren't you afraid of what your family would think?"

"No, I am not at all because I don't care about the whole “blood-traitors” or “muggleborns” prejudice anymore. That judgment of mine died with Voldemort," states Draco, looking seriously at Hermione.

"Good, I like you better that way!" Hermione says seriously.

"Blimey, I hope so-" breathed Draco as he grins.

Draco then starts to describe how he felt when he watched Voldemort or a fellow Death Eater kill or hurt someone he knew, or anyone for that matter. How much pain he felt when he saw their lifeless, crying faces after they were killed, or a person in so much pain they couldn't even speak but looked to him as they begged for help.

"I never belonged as a Death Eater Hermione, I was just so afraid that I would be killed or disowned by my family if I left. There is no going back once you join, they made me join," said Draco, shaking his head in disbelief of what the past held.

"Well that was the past Draco, this is the present. None of us ever thought you had it in you to kill, and we appreciate you for that. We know your father and how harsh he can be," Hermione said, taking Malfoy's hand.  

Hermione decided to talk about her side of the war and all the pain that they felt too, and how she could sort of forgive Draco, but not the rest of his side. She told him every detail about how she found out about Ron and how much hurt Ron had caused her. And they both ended up laughing about happier things in the end of the conversation. Draco discovered that he loves Hermione’s laughter and smile.

After things went silent again, Draco had to think. Did this really just happen? Did he have a whole conversation with Hermione Granger without insulting her? 

Astoria never would have sat here and listen to him like Hermione just did. She would always come up with some reason to stop talking about his problems by turning the conversation about her.

It was time for Draco to leave and Hermione didn't want to see him go, she liked talking to Draco. It was nice talking to a guy without fighting about something like she used to do with Ron at the end of their relationship. She used to talk to Harry like this but since he married Ginny he hasn't been quite there to talk to Hermione much anymore.

Draco hugs Hermione tightly and she hugs him back and kissed him on the cheek. He says his fare wells and he went to leave and Hermione stood waving on the wooden front porch, he then apparated home, leaving her alone with baby James once again.

After he is gone for good, Hermione walks into the living room in a daze and lies on the couch next to where James is still lying on his back playing with his baby toys. Did Draco Malfoy and I just share this intense talking session and I kissed him too? My enemy? What am I doing?

Does she like Draco Malfoy?




Chapter 6: The Cat's Out of The Bag
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It has been four days since the unexpected kiss between Hermione and Malfoy, and she hasn’t heard a word from Draco since. She has now started to wonder if snogging Draco Malfoy was a mistake and that he was just using her. Maybe he just needed a quick shag since he hasn’t had one in a while? She doesn’t know.

What is up with him, not talking to her for four days? Malfoy has been known to mess with people's minds in the past and she is not the type of girl to fall for things like that. Or did she just fall for it?

All these things rush through her head as she sits silently rocking back and forth on Harry and Ginny’s front porch, watching the fluffy cumulous clouds rush across the sky on this fair weathered day. 

After telling Ginny about Malfoy’s and her visit, Ginny felt that Hermione should give their friendship a try, despite the old feelings about the person he used to be. 

“He sounds like he really has changed,” Ginny had stated that night, squeezing Hermione’s shoulder in support with a smile. Hermione is grateful that at least one of her friends approve.


(Draco’s POV)

Malfoy sits quietly in his room, listening to his mum talking to their house-elf in the kitchen about Lucius. She is sobbing again as she does almost every day since his father was sent to Azkaban. 

He can barely stand to hear his mother crying like this every night and every morning. She is depressed and Draco feels constantly helpless. She only cries for a brief time every day, but it still really bothers him.  

He has always somewhat disliked his father because of his yelling and occasional abuse. Because of this, he doesn’t really mind his presence not being here. With this being said though, he doesn’t like seeing his mum so upset. He never understood how his mum still continues to love his father after all he has done, but it goes to show how strong love can be. 

He tries to get his mum’s sobbing off of his mind and turns his thoughts briefly about the day Hermione and himself shared that moment kissing in the Potter house. He remembers how right and perfect it felt when his lips met with her soft ones. For the first time in a long time, he felt hope in his heart.

But what would mum think of him liking a mudblood?

She would probably disown me and force me to break-up with her and go chasing after Astoria as she always has, Draco thinks, playing with his wand in his hands as his eyebrows wrinkle up in thought. He can’t make his mum any more upset than she already is right now. 

But wouldn’t she just want him to be happy? He doesn’t know what to do. He wonders whether he should just tell Hermione he only has feelings about her as a friend and lie, or sneakily date her behind his family’s back. He likes Hermione, that is for sure, but is she worth the punishment he will get from his family? His father would be especially harsh if he ever gets out of Azkaban if he found out his only son is dating a mudblood.

He has not talked to Hermione for a few days because he wanted time to think about everything and decide if this is the right thing to do. He would be in trouble for even associating with her, much less dating her. 
Oh, how the war has changed him. He would never have looked at a muggleborn before now, he definitely would have never snogged one, especially when a pureblood and beautiful woman like Astoria was in his life, or was. But she left him for another man and he hated her personality and never saw a future with her in his whole time with her. He always felt there was something more for him out there.

He can’t just hide his feelings for Hermione, so it was either his mum gets over it after he confides in her or he will sneak around her and be with Hermione if they ever did turn into a couple. And he hopes they will, even though he knows Hermione is still torn up about Ron. But Draco knows his looks and charm would take over a Weasley any day. If he gets Hermione, Weasley has no chance to get her back.

Maybe at this point his mum wouldn’t even care who he's with because of how torn up she is. She doesn't mean to not pay attention to Draco but it was like he isn't even there to Narcissa since his father left.

It all happened so fast with Hermione, and he still doesn't understand why the feelings developed so quickly for her. Maybe they were there the whole time? It may have just taken two years away from her and the rest of her group of friends to acknowledge it and grow up. Despite his rude remarks all the time, he did always find himself looking at her and he never realized why. He never questioned it either, because the hate that his family helped drown him in for mudbloods and blood-traiters since day one had blinded him for all of his childhood.  

He has to talk to Narcissa. After all, he barely has anyone else besides his friend Blaise Zabini to talk to, who is known to still be prejudice about mudbloods and half-bloods just as much as Death Eater father.

But today is not the day to talk to mum, thought Draco, imagining himself telling his mother and her reaction with her being upset already.

He has a lot of thinking to do but he knows what he wants- but the question is, can he make Hermione like him too?

This may be the one thing in life he may not get if she doesn't want him as well because he knows how strong willed Granger is. Hermione is not like other girls, such as the ones who threw themselves at him and swooned every time he walked past. Hermione always seemed to just look right through him, but he doesn't blame her. After all, he was the enemy and treated her like rubbish in the past.  
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione woke up early to help Ginny clean the house. It is just the two girls and baby James at home today. It is also a warm sunny day and Ginny has all the windows open. A breeze makes the white, thin curtains in the living room wisp back and forth. 

“Draco hasn’t written me since I last saw him. Maybe I was getting the wrong signs,” states Hermione, plopping down on Ginny’s loveseat to take a short break from dusting the bookshelves. 

"Hermione, don’t worry,” assures Ginny with a smile. “Has Ronald tried texting or calling you?” 

“Of course, he has non-stop,” complains Hermione, looking at her lap. She doesn't want to think about Ron.

“He’s really upset, you know. He is staying with mum and sometimes George for now. Mum says he is acting depressed a lot since you and he broke up last week and comes home late drunk, she knows he's really messed up. You know how he usually has the emotional range of a teaspoon? This really means things to him,” said Ginny, frowning as she thinks of her brother.

Hermione’s heart felt a jab of guilt seeing Ginny's frown for Ron, she still loves and cared for Ron, but she can't let herself feel bad because Ron did this to himself. 

“Ginny, I love and care for your brother, but… I just can’t bring myself to be in love with him and trust him ever again. After all it has just been about a week since I found he cheated on me. Doesn’t he have Lavender?” 

Ginny looks at her and shakes her bright red head, “He left her the night after you guys broke up. He told her his love for you will never change and he hated her for making him cheat on you.”

“That's barbaric!” Hermione bickered angrily, “that git! I read the owl! He brought her on Ginny and Ron is the one at fault!”

“Hermione I believe you, calm down!” Ginny yells as she feels offended.

Hermione feels immediately bad for yelling at Ginny but is still mad that Ron lied and said that rubbish, making himself look like the good guy. 

“You are kind of acting like Harry when he was possessed by Voldemort,” chuckles Ginny. Hermione can’t help but laugh with her at this comparison. 

Harry comes home from work that evening but brings unexpected company with him. 

Hermione rolls her eyes as she watches her ex-fiancé, Ronald Bilius Weasley walk into Ginny and Harry’s house. 

Ginny gives Ron a hug, glaring at Hermione as she walks away from him as if to tell her to be nice

To Hermione’s horror, Ron walks over and sits directly beside her as if she’s the reason he came. 

“Hey there,” he drawls quietly.

“Hello,” answers Hermione, looking anywhere but at him.

“How have you been?” He asks.

“Fine,” she mumbles, not desiring to talk to him.

“Can we go outside and talk?” Ron asks hopefully. “Please?” He adds when she sighs loudly.

“Erm, I guess so,” says Hermione sharply while making sure not to look at him. Ronald doesn’t deserve for her to be nice to him right now.

They walk onto the Potter’s front porch and sit down on the wooden rocking bench. Hermione gazes into the horizon watching the sun get lower in the sky resulting in a sunset of colors of burnt orange and purple. She observes that it is getting towards twilight as Ron just stares at her, searching for the right words to say.
“I see you took your ring off,” points out Ron sadly as he looks at her left hand sitting on her lap.

“Yes I did! Why, did you not expect me not to?” retorts Hermione.

“Have you been okay?” Asks Ron, changing the subject.

“Yes, more than okay,” she spat back in a lie.

“Really? Well I have been awful,” confides Ron. 

“Good!” Hermione says, raising an eyebrow at him, her brown eyes almost black with anger.

Ron is then silent for a good five minutes afraid to ask her a question that is eating at him. He then says pretty fast, “Are you seeing someone else now?” 

For the first time this evening, Hermione looks at Ron’s blue eyes and her eyes soften as she sees his face. His eyes have dark bags under them, and his skin shows wrinkles of stress on his forehead. He looks even worse than he did after Fred died. He looks as though he aged twenty years, as though he is not twenty, but is forty.

Hermione is aware that Ron knows her like the back of his hand, and she knows that there is no hiding from him. Just like there was no hiding when Ron cheated on Hermione, as she could sense his odd behavior as soon as he started hiding from her.  

“Not seeing, but talking to someone,” she confirms without hesitation. She observes as Ron’s ears turn bright red, this is never a good sign. 

He clenches his fists and looks at his lap. “I-I guess I can’t say anything against that.”

“No Ronald, you can’t!” bellows Hermione as she glares at him again.

“Who is it then? Is it that git Krum again? Or is it that McLaggen bloke?!” Ron asks as he starts to get more aggressive looking, imagining Hermione with another man. 

She wonders if she should tell him the truth. He’s going to find out eventually anyway.

“No neither of them,” whispers Hermione, looking away from Ron and out at the sunset again, not wanting to look at Ron’s face. 

“Who then?” he investigates gruffly.  

“It’s Malfoy.” says Hermione very quietly in a hushed whisper.

“Who?” Ron asks a second time, not believing what he thought he just heard.

“Malfoy!” Hermione yells louder. 

Ron’s mouth flies straight open in shock and he loses it. “He’s fucking dead!” He yells. 

He suddenly starts to shake all over, his ears are now a dark violent purple and he now stands up and tries to figure out what do next. Should he hate Hermione? Or should he just kill Malfoy?
Harry sees this and rushes outside but is too late, Ron is absurdly mad, madder then Harry or Hermione has ever seen him in all the nearly ten years of knowing him. 

He grabs the closest rock he can find and throws it across the Potters’ front yard, impressively far. “HE WILL BURN IN HELL!” Ron bellows, turning to look at Hermione. She sees a massive amount of hurt in his eyes, possibly more hurt than she felt when she caught him cheating.

“Ron! Ron, calm down!” Harry yells helplessly as Hermione just watches in silent shock from the porch swing where she hasn’t moved from. Ginny now joins her husband in trying to stop Ron from doing anything else.

Ron pushes them violently away and Ginny falls to the ground. Harry checks to make sure she’s okay while Ron apparates; and he’s gone, just like that. 

“Where do you think he went, Harry?” Ginny wonders in a panic, frantically looking at her husband.

“Malfoy Manor I’ll bet-” guesses Harry, shaking his head in disbelief of what just took place. 

“Well, he didn’t take that well at all did he?” Ginny says with a frown. 

“I need to find him. He may do something stupid,” insisted Harry and with a crack, he’s gone too.

Hermione can’t believe what just happened in front of her. She especially can’t believe she confessed to Ron that she’s talking to Malfoy. How she managed to get those words out, she doesn’t know. 
(Harry’s POV)

Harry apparates into the front property of Malfoy Manor. He then spots Ron near the front gates, screaming at the guards and demanding they let him in to see Malfoy. 

“RON!” Harry yells, “Don’t do this! You can’t get in there! Leave it be.” 

(Draco’s POV)

Malfoy looks out the window after hearing a commotion going on from his bedroom. 

“Who the hell is that?” He asks himself aloud. 

He is home alone tonight and never particularly likes unknown company, especially with the past company coming around his home all the time. Luckily there was a protection charm put on the front gates after Lucius was taken to Azkaban so no one can get in. The Death Eaters used to know how to get through, but not anymore. There are guards that Lucius hired in his absence as well for Draco and Narcissa’s protection. 

Draco walks to the front door and asks a guard who is standing in the front yard who is screaming at the gates, and if the guards know who the two men are. But as Draco stands and listens, their voices start to sound familiar. 

“I shall find out sir,” the guard replies, and he then walks off toward the two guards by the gate to investigate. 
“Malfoy, I will kill you!” Draco hears someone say. Then Draco knows who is at his gate as he recognizes the raspy, angry voice of Ronald Weasley. 

The guard comes back. “That is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, sir.” 

“Thank you. Don’t let them in please, Weasley wants to kill me,” directs Draco to guard. Hermione must have told him. This will be good, he thought. 

“As you wish,” says the guard in return.  
(Harry and Ron’s POV)

Ron continues to shake the gates and yell at the two guarding men’s faces, thinking of nothing but tearing Malfoy to shreds. “That git is trying to steal my fiancée! Let me in damnit! Blimey, you blithering idiots!”

“I’m sorry, Mister Malfoy has denied your allowance of entry,” the man tells Ron, trying to keep a straight face while he glances at his partner.

Hours pass by it seems as Harry sits on the edge of the gates, letting Ron do his thing. Ron is still determined but is finally growing tired of screaming. 

“I give up,” gloats Ron, sitting next to Harry in the grass, breathing as though he ran a mile. All the fire is finally out of him and sadness is settling in.

“I never thought she would ever go that low. I mean, mate, that’s the worst she can possibly go. I’d rather her be doing three sums with Crabbe and Goyle than snogging Malfoy! Okay, no, but still. Draco Malfoy though, really?” 

Harry, smiling slightly at this comment, catches himself and lays a hand on his friend’s shoulder in brotherly support.

“I hate that this happened Ron, but she is her own person and has a right to whom she wants to see. Hate to say it mate, but you cheated. That's the worst possible thing you could do to her in your relationship,” points out Harry. "Draco has changed a bit and now I guess Hermione and he are friends." 

Ron turns to Harry in disgust. “Changed? That’s rubbish because once a Death Eater always a Death Eater in my book! How do you know he has changed might I ask, Harry? Have you talked to him since the war?”

Harry pauses for a moment, thinking if he should tell the truth or lie. “Well-”

“Spit it out Harry or I’ll strangle you!” Threatens Ron, Harry thinks he might actually mean what he just said by the look on his face which is contorted with rage.

“He was at Ginny’s and my house the other day when I got off for my lunch break. I caught him visiting with Hermione and found out Ginny gave her permission to invite him over while Hermione babysat James,” confesses Harry, preparing for a punch as he squints his eyes. 

Ron put his head in his hands. “My own sister…My own best friend…” he whispers, feeling betrayed.

“I can’t take this; I need to go home to our apartment to process all of this. It is the only thing that was really Hermione’s and mine together!” Ron apparates away without another word, leaving Harry alone.

Harry stands up and watches the Manor for a few minutes, wondering if there is anything going on inside of it. He then thinks of the memories of their last visit. He absolutely hates the place in front of him.  
(Draco’s POV)

Draco sees Ron disappear and then decides he wants to talk to Harry. He walks back onto his porch and apparates to the other side of the fence, causing Harry’s hand to fly to his robe. 

“Malfoy you scared me!” Harry exclaims, relaxing his hand and removing it from his pocket. 

“What was all that nonsense about?” Draco wonders curiously. “I heard my name many times.”

“Ron found out about you seeing Hermione, and he is pretty upset. That's all and I need to go,” says Harry to Draco.  

“He cheated on her! How does he have the right to be upset? Can you tell me, Potter?” Draco spat at Harry angrily. 

Harry says before departing, “agreed Malfoy! I know that he did wrong, ok? But he's still my best friend, like Hermione is to me!”

“Potter, I think I might like her,” confesses Malfoy, looking at Harry for a response. 

“She is a very likeable woman,” comments Harry as he looks at Draco in surprise that he is confiding this in him. “I am okay with this Malfoy, but if you ever lay one hand on her or hurt her emotionally I will let Ron murder you and I will help him. We all know who you used to be, and what you were capable of. Don’t ever forget that! And there is no one hundred percent proof that you're any different than you were two years ago when you were a Death Eater,” barked Harry. He then apparates and leaves Draco alone.

“I won’t hurt her,” he says quietly to himself. Part of him is terrified he will, but he has better control over himself now than he ever has. He won’t hurt her.  

Chapter 7: A Night at The Pub
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Ron walks into Hermione’s and his apartment flat, glancing at everything around him. It was so empty, so wrong.

Just a week ago, they loved each other, and then he had to go and screw it up by messing around with another woman… his ex, Lavender, because of being drunk and upset about a silly little fight that could have been easily solved if he had tried to fix it.

“How could I be so stupid?” Ron screamed to no one, punching his fist into the wall leaving a gaping black hole. He feels like throwing everything and demolishing the apartment, but this is all he has left of his recent memories with Hermione.

Ron thought he hated Malfoy before, but never really wanted him dead. Now he wants Malfoy slaughtered and the love of his life back. But he will never break Hermione’s heart again by wounding her new relationship, he respected her as much.

He just hates himself so much right now, he has even thought about committing suicide a couple times in the past week. But he has too many people to live for, and if he ever gets Hermione back, what good would it do to kill himself? And how would his mum react to losing two sons?

All he can really do for the best for him right now is go to work, try to get over Hermione (even though he knows it would take a long time and he isn't sure he really wants to), and maybe he'd find a new gal for backup for now. He will have to act numb when he sees Malfoy and Hermione together and save the falling apart for home when he’s alone. He knows one thing for sure, he will wait for his chance to snatch her away again from Malfoy's pale, evil arms. Ron just knows that Draco isn't actually a changed man, he will break Hermione's heart and she will then come running back to him, Ron. He will be here when she comes back, but he can't stand waiting...

Ron has considered within the last week about giving up the lease on their apartment and moving back in with his mother, whom is very upset with what Ron did, but always welcomes him into her loving arms. Or, he thinks to himself, he can just quit the Auror Department at the Ministry and move back in with George to help him with Weasley Wizard Wheezes, but he loves working with Harry as an Auror... he loves being in the spotlight almost as much as Harry now, he isn't just "Harry's mate" anymore but almost like his actual sidekick, after all, he did destroy one of the horocruxes two years ago and now he's almost as high up as Harry in the Auror department, but not completely. 

As for tonight, he is going to the bar. After tidying himself up a bit, he apparates to The Pub in Hogsmeade where plenty of women he could hit on are drinking as well, as it is a Saturday night and he is ready to drink away his pain for a little while.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione lay in bed in intense thought. She thinks about how much she hates to see Ron so angry and upset, she still loves Ron. These new found feelings for Malfoy overtook the feelings for Ron though, and she has the best feeling about Malfoy, but she just can’t explain why the ex-Death Eater suddenly charmed her so much. She is hard and always was hard to please, but in her eyes if Malfoy really has changed, she'd give him a chance at a possible relationship.

She hears her bedroom door creek open, Ginny must’ve got baby James Sirius to sleep.

The pretty redhead sits beside Hermione’s head and looks at her. “I’ve just been thinking about how Ron needs to live with his consequences. I’d kill you if you went back to him right now and I hope you aren’t thinking about it. Of course I wish none of this happened and that you two were still together. But life gets in the way of things we plan sometimes. But remember, everything happens for a reason.”

Hermione smiles at her friend, she loves Ginny so much like a sister, and she is always there for her. Also, Ginny always has the best advice. She is definitely her mother’s daughter.

Ginny and Hermione started to talk and laugh a little about things unrelated to the current situation happening.

Harry shows up at the door, wondering where his wife had run to as he wants some alone time with her since the baby is asleep early. Ginny then follows him out, leaving Hermione alone to think again.

Her phone vibrates loudly and to her dismay it is a text from Ron.

 I want you happy Hermione, do what makes you happy, I screwed up, and I deserve what I get.

Hermione wants to reply and give him comfort like she always would in the past. But she can’t bring herself to do it and she feels that is the best way to go. Why did this have to happen?

It was meant to, Hermione confirms with herself as she nestles into her comfortable duvet and tries to sleep.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron is busy drunkenly hitting on a girl he remembers from school who was in the Hufflepuff house and in his year before they left Hogwarts, though he had no idea what her name is.

“What is your name, beautiful?” He asks her, putting an arm around her.

“Emily, Emily Riker,” she replies.

Emily Riker has beautiful long curly black hair and piercing mint green eyes.

She is very good looking, Ron notices as she starts to be all over him.

They are both a bit tipsy on firewhiskey now, and the bartender hesitates to listen when they both keep asking for more.

“I hope you aren’t riding broomsticks home tonight,” the bartender comments as he gives Ron his fifth drink with rolling eyes.

"Well mate, if you have been through what I *hiccup* have been through. Then you would be *hiccup* drinking too! Leave me alone," snaps Ron at the bartender as Emily just gazes at him with a drunken smile. 

Eventually Ron ends up leading Emily by hand out of the pub, and they apparate together to what was Ron and Hermione’s downtown apartment.

They snog for what seemed like hours, and then Ron starts undressing the girl. He notices how pretty Emily is, but as he looks over her body, flashes of the memory of Hermione’s naked body go through his mind.

Seeing Hermione’s brown eyes as he looks into Emily’s mint green ones make him stop for a moment and feel as though he had frozen while looking into Emily’s eyes...

 “What’s wrong?” The girl asks.

“N-nothing…” Ron whispers, as he makes a move on her to cover up what just happened.

It seems as soon as they get there to the apartment, their clothes are off and they are shagging. During it, all Ron can think about is how it felt so different with Hermione. He wants his Hermione back. But somehow this fake making love with another girl is making his wounds not hurt for a moment or two. And being drunk almost took the pain away completely. 
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione slept well during the night, and woke up at about ten a.m. Ginny had asked if she wanted to go shopping the night before and to cheer up, Hermione decided that she would go.

After getting her bath robe on, she smells Ginny’s cooking once again. This time it was French toast and the night before she wasn’t hungry and it has caught up with her. So as soon as Hermione gets in the kitchen, she piles up her plate with the toast. She needs to remember to eat...she is starting to get skinny...

Ginny hasn’t started to cook until she moved out of the Borrow and when Ginny and she had first got married and moved, Harry was forced to eat quite a lot of burnt meals. But now her skills have increased very much and even Ron will come over occasionally for his sister's cooking. 

Harry has already gone to work by now, and baby James lays in his swing, cooing away.

“Feel better this morning?” Asks Ginny, smiling at her friend.

“Yes, though I would like to see Draco.”

 “He was comforting his mum, wasn’t he? That’s what you told me the other night?”

“Yes, she’s really torn apart about Lucius and new lengthened sentence.”

“I bet, poor ol’ Lucius, I feel so bad for him,” retorts Ginny sarcastically and Hermione laughs.

 “Well, we will just have a gal’s day then, sound good?”

“Sounds very good!” Hermione agrees, smiling widely at her friend. “I fancy that idea.”

After breakfast Hermione gets dressed in a colorful Muggle sundress. It was getting even warmer and more spring like today so she thought this would be appropriate. She then braids her bushy hair to the side and grabs her flip flops. By the time she is done Ginny already has James in his car seat and the two were ready to go.

“Ready?” Wonders Ginny.

“Sure am!” Hermione answers in response.

On the way, Ginny makes fun of Hermione’s Muggle wear, but Hermione doesn’t care because she is comfortable.

The girls decide on going to Hogsmeade and shop, taking Harry and Ginny’s barely used new Ford Anglia because Ginny is not comfortable apparating with James quite yet with him being so young.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron wakes up and looks at the naked girl beside him and is taken aback by what he saw, he barely remembers the night before but the memories slowly creep back to him as his headache gets worse from the hangover he now has. And he feels so angry at himself, isn't this what landed him in the spot he's in now? Getting carelessly drunk?

“Hello Ronny! Good morning,” Emily says, rubbing his cheek.

 “Hi,” Ron said blankly, the emotional pain from the night before seemed to start to hurt again.

Ron stays quite distant from Emily but doesn’t want to be rude, so offers to take her out for breakfast and then hopefully depart from her. So they get up, get dressed, and decide to go back to Hogsmeade for breakfast.

Before apparating, Ron briefly thinks of when Hermione and he used to do that every weekend when he was off on Sundays, like he is today. He shakes the thought off with a frown and pretends to enjoy being with this girl whose name he only knew since yesterday. 
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione and Ginny goes into a little wizard baby store for James first, and looks for cooler clothes for him for when it gets warmer into spring and summer.

They have the cutest magical toys there. Ginny buys a play wand for James and lots of little toys and even another little broomstick although James will not be using it for quite a while longer. Being done, they check out and head into the street to continue shopping.

As they turned down a corner, they see a shocking view. There is Ron with a girl from Hermione and Ron’s year, Emily Riker.

They basically run into each other, and Emily looks at Hermione with a disapproving glare, she must know about her and Ron’s past like everyone else. Ron looks exceptionally embarrassed and his ears and face turn pink with shame.

“Emily, this is Ginny, my little sister, and this is my fiancée… I mean my ex-fiancée, Hermione.”

“Yes, ex!” Hermione corrected him pretending to smile snidely.

“Oh of course I know her,” Emily spat glaring at Hermione, and she nods politely at Ginny, who glares at her for making this comment about her best friend.

Ginny asks the questions to Hermione’s relief, because Hermione wants to know just as badly as she.

“So when did you two get together?” Ginny asks, pretending to be friendly to Emily and just innocently curious.

“We just were with each other at The Pub last night and then have been with each other since,” Emily says proudly as she clings her arms to Ron's waist.

“And that was it!” Ron says in a fast pace, causing all three girls to look at him. Emily makes a hmmph sound.

“Let’s go, bye Ginny, and erm, Hermy, is it?” Emily said too enthusiastically and giggles stupidly, taking Ron by hand.

Hermione and Ginny can truly see Ron isn’t willing to go as he looks back at Hermione as Emily drags him away.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron feels so embarrassed, he just ran into his ex-fiancée whom he still loves with his one night stand who was rude to her. Now Hermione probably thinks of him as a man whore, great he will never get another chance. At least Malfoy wasn’t with her; it would only have made it worse.  

Ron keeps thinking as Emily drags him, he is so hurt that he lost Hermione, he wishes he didn’t do what he did and wished there was some, any way he could get her back and be with her instead of next to this girl he barely knew. All he can think about was her. But something inside him feels like he already lost her completely.
(Hermione’s POV)

Weirdly, Hermione doesn’t feel too bothered by her encounter with Ron and his rude one night stand, despite Ginny's remarks about Emily.

"She acted like she owned him, Hermione. Ugh, I am ashamed of my brother... I thought he was better than this, you were the best for him, and he’s just so stupid for doing this to you!"

But Hermione isn't listening, she was deep in thought...

She must really not be in love with Ron anymore because it only bothers her a little what she saw. 

He really hurt her with his actions by cheating. Or was she just lying to herself? She misses Draco, and wishes he could have been here for that encounter with Ron; she would have loved to see the look on his face then. 

Ginny gave Hermione a quick everything’s okay hug and they then pop into another store. This one had cute clothes and even lingerie in it.

 Hermione has an odd urge to buy some new panties, maybe for an occasion with Draco if it ever did come up? She wants to at least look cute, and seeing Ron just now gave her an inspiration to do this, something she never did for him. She convinced Ginny to buy some too.

Even though Ginny just had baby James, she doesn’t have one stretch mark on her body and looks as fabulous as ever!

They both buy two new pairs of lingerie and different kinds of clothes.

 Hermione feels surprised in herself; it is usually Ginny that tries to get her to buy stuff like this.

What’s up with me? Hermione thought to herself. Hermione is acting like a totally different person, but what was normal anymore? 

The two girls were finally done shopping by noon and leave for home.

Harry is home for lunch and picks up his son and plays with him as soon as the girls arrive home. Ginny kisses her husband and then goes to put her clothes away.

Hermione goes to put away her clothes as well and she happens to glance at her phone which had just lit up with a message.

I want to see you tonight. –Draco.

Hermione is happy because she has wanted to see him too.

Sounds great, but where? She waits for his response.

This may sound like I am pushing you into something and I promise I’m not. But would you like to come to London with me to Diagon Alley, have dinner, and maybe sleep in a hotel room? We can get separate beds if you wish. I feel like I just want to see you.

Hermione smiles at this and lays on her bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking about it. She is feeling kind of daring, maybe the pain she feels is a good thing and is making her more of a rebel, maybe it is changing her for the better.

We can get a one bed room. That’s okay with me. I would love to see you tonight.

Maybe she will put her new lingerie to use tonight? 

Ginny watches Hermione questionably when she bounces on her heels to the living room in excitement.

Oh boy, what’s gotten into you?” She asked, Harry looks at Hermione as well.

“Okay, don’t judge me, promise?”

 “Promise!” Ginny assures her. Harry just rolls his eyes because he knows what this is going to compose of.

“Draco and I are going to dinner… and…” Ginny motions for her to go on by waving her hand. “Sleep in a hotel room for the night.”

“Merlin Hermione,” disapproves Harry, shaking his head and looking back at the TV he was watching sighing deeply.

“Ooooh boy, Hermione Granger is going to sleep with an ex-Death Eater! Wow, never tagged you as a rebel,” Ginny said, laughing. But her husband doesn’t think it is funny at all, he turns the TV off, slams the remote on the coffee table, and leaves the room fuming without another word.

“Don’t let him bother you, he just cares about you,” Ginny says as her smile fades. Hermione's does the same.

Hermione then returns to her room and starts to pack for the night.

She packs an outfit for tomorrow and a sexy lingerie night gown for tonight that she just bought today. She cautiously slips into her lingerie undies after getting undressed and looks at herself in the mirror.

Not too bad, she thought as she examines her figure in the full length mirror.

The rest of the afternoon passes rather quickly, and sooner than she expected there was a knock on the door..,

Harry walks out of the bedroom he was in and answers unwillingly, he still isn’t exactly at all on friendly terms with Draco yet but he was nice to him for Hermione to his face.

“Come on in Malfoy,” Harry stammers, stepping back so he could come in.

Draco steps in and greets Ginny.

“Where’s Hermione?” He wonders.

“Here,” Hermione quietly says to him from her bedroom doorway.

Draco is immediately stunned at how she looks.

She’s wearing a sparkling red dress with black high heels to complete it, and her hair is in beautiful silky waves.

Ginny had helped of course, and smiles at her work well done. Harry even catches a look and Ginny notices and glared at him for a second. 

“You look beautiful!” Draco exclaims, reaching out his hand for hers.

She grabs it and looked at her friends, “Well, see you later then?”

Harry and Ginny nod.

“Have a good night! Use protection!” Ginny yells after them and Harry just closes the door and Ginny and he return back into the house.

The unexpected might happen between them tonight... was Hermione really ready to do this? Or was it just her hurt talking? She doesn’t care, she wants to just be with Draco Malfoy tonight...Death Eater or not a Death Eater, tonight she was going to be with him. And with that, they apparated into the cool night.

Chapter 8: The Merchant Inn
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Draco and Hermione apparate into an empty street, everyone is either inside the buildings eating or having drinks, as it is about seven in the evening. They did not have to enter through The Leaky Cauldron anymore since the war, because it is being remodeled after its destruction from the war and they can apparate straight into Diagon Alley.

Draco holds Hermione’s hand tight as they walk toward the very finest hotel in Diagon Alley named The Merchant Inn. This hotel is one that was rarely ever visited by middle-class wizards and witches and is never spoken of unless you are a ‘high-class wizard’ such as the Malfoys.

They enter the building and Hermione gasps at the beauty of the magical hotel. The walls are full of sparkling clear crystals, there are floating lamps everywhere, and the ceilings looks just like the Hogwarts ceiling, imitating the weather. Currently the ceiling shows them a fair sky with fluffy cumulous clouds and swaying palm tree leaves with the sound of waves as though you are laying on a beach.

"This is brilliant," breathes Hermione. “I never knew it existed.”

“One Presidential Suite, please?” Draco asks of the tall female receptionist.

 “Yes Mr. Malfoy, my pleasure,” answers the woman while batting her eyelashes at Draco, someone they recognize from Hogwarts but neither of them knows her name.

Hermione looks at Draco. “Oh Draco, you didn’t have to get a Presidential Suite! How did she know your- oh never mind, of course!”

He just grins proudly in return and says, “Hermione, being a Malfoy has its perks. But erm,” he pauses, looking ashamed. “I’ve slept with her before.”

She rolls her eyes in return to this, well that won't ever change about him... his Malfoy pride. And of course he slept with her and doesn’t remember her name. Hermione hopes he won’t just forget her if he ever sleeps with her.   

About five-hundred galleons later, they head up to their room to drop off their luggage.

Hermione continues to be so in awe by the beauty of the expensive hotel. Of course, being with Ron, she had never been to anything more than a regular old motel with him if they spent the night somewhere new.

Their room happens to be on the very top 100th floor, they enter it and Hermione feels this can’t get any better as she looks out at the beautiful skyline of London from the balcony where she can spot every building.

There is a huge California King sized bed with sky blue Egyptian Cotton sheets and a feathered down white comforter. She glances into the bathing room and there lays a huge Jacuzzi bathtub for two in there with too many different soaps and scents to count.

“Wow,” whispers Hermione, still in shock.

“Father takes us here every once in a while, or used to before he went and got himself locked up in Azkaban,” Draco brags, sitting Hermione’s and his stuff down on one of the black dressers.

“Well you certainly got an impressive room for us to stay in, I was expecting something different,” chuckles Hermione. But she knows well that everyone knows the Malfoys and that’s why they had this amazing setup of a bedroom for the night.

"The Malfoys don't settle for any less than this," Draco boasts to Hermione's annoyance. 

“Ready for dinner?” He then asks her.

“Yes I’m starving!” Hermione exclaims, resting her hand on her growling stomach. 

The two makes their way downstairs and decide on an Italian restaurant called Enzo’s which stands right across from the hotel and then as soon as they sit down, order their drinks.

Hermione asked for a Raspberry Margarita with an extra kick of rum and Draco a Fire Whiskey and both will have at least four servings of alcohol in the whole time they were there.

Hermione notices their waitress was none other than Katie Bell. She looks grown up now and very beautiful. Her long brown hair was past waist-length and she is now taller and much more mature looking. She peers at them with huge brown eyes, not knowing what to think of what she sees in front of her. 

“Hello Hermione! What can I get for your dinner this evening?” Katie asks with a roll of parchment and quill in front of her in her hand, ready to be written on. 

“I would like the Marcy Italian Spaghetti please?” Asks Hermione politely.

“Great, and for you Mr. M-Malfoy?” Katie asks of Draco, she then looks taken aback by him and looks at Hermione in shock with wide eyes as if to ask for an explanation.

Hermione swallows hard when she remembers her sixth year when Draco cursed Katie with the necklace in the toilet room of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. She decided to calm down and remember that this is in the past and Malfoy is nowhere near like that anymore...or he didn't seem like he was. 

Draco orders his food and Katie walks away very fast as if she was ready to get away from them. Hermione looks down at her lap and frowns.

“Everyone is shocked to see you with me Hermione, I understand if you are embarrassed. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” says Draco apologetically, embarrassed for her. He puts his hands in a fold and looks at her with his gray eyes in a concerned way, wondering what she will say next.

Hermione smiles, hoping it will reassure him it will be fine and she doesn’t care anymore, although she does just a little bit, but she won't let him know that. “Draco, it doesn’t matter what people think, I am not embarrassed or ashamed."

“Yeah but I hate what I used to be- no one knows me for who I am now,” he trails off with a deep, upset voice.

“Draco, we are going to have a good night, stop it you!” Hermione tells him playfully kicking his foot under the table, making him jump.

Draco couldn’t help but smile back. I mean how could I not smile at that beautiful face?

“Hermione-” Draco starts but he loses confidence in what he is about to say.

She looks him in the eyes, “Yes?” He hesitates nervously as he plays with his fingers.

Come on just spit it out, idiot, he thinks to himself.

“Can you do me the great honor of being my girlfriend?” He finally spits out, his heart racing. 

Hermione blushes a deep red and she thinks for just a moment, actually for a good ten minutes, this was unexpected. “Yes Draco, I would love to be.”

“Then I have this for you,” he continues, pulling out a little box to Hermione’s surprise. Hermione is a little confused. He isn't about to propose…surely not? That would be barbaric. Please don’t, she thinks nervously.

It is a beautiful band with a small silver diamond and he slides it on her right hand with a determined smile.

“This is my promise ring to you that as long as we are in this relationship together I will never cheat on you or hurt you, not now and not ever. I have never given this ring to any other girl, not even Astoria. You are a very special woman, I am lucky to have you be my girlfriend and I wanted to show you we would not end up like you and Ron if we lasted as long.”

“Oh Draco, it’s beautiful!” She exclaims as she leans in to give him a quick peck on the lips. “Thank you!” The only gift Ron has ever bought her is her engagement ring, but she knows Ron is horrible with gifts.

She can’t believe that Draco was sweet enough to get her this beautiful ring just to be his girlfriend, how un-Malfoyish.

Just then Katie arrives with their food and without a word places the plates on their table.

“Nice to see you Hermione and um, Malfoy.” She squeaks before quickly disappearing again with an awkward curtsy.

“I was surprised you agreed to do this tonight, I was afraid you’d think I was moving too f-fast,” says Draco as he hiccups, drinking his firewhiskey at quite a rapid rate, getting a little drunk now. 

“No Draco, I needed to get out anyways. Besides, I really like you despite the person you were in the past. Who cares if this seems fast? We're happy,” gushes Hermione, nodding to him as she feels the alcohol now starting to take advantage of her as well. Her vision is starting to blur and she starts to feel light headed. 

Draco smiles a very happy grin at this, the biggest smile Hermione has ever seen from him. Before, in their school days, Hermione ever only saw smirks on his face.

Such a handsome smile, she thinks, not being able to help but to smile back.

During the rest of dinner they order about two more drinks and end up a little drunker then they planned to be, laughing at each other nonstop at little things.

Katie returns with their bill and gives Hermione a little hug before leaving their table in a hurry once again. “Have good night!” She says again, looking Draco up and down before departing their table, her eyes narrowed.

As Draco watches Katie walk away, he suddenly notices Astoria at the very back of the restaurant with a very buff and an older than himself male who has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Steven Draught, the Keeper for the Chudley Cannons, Draco recognizes the man with a shudder. But he notices that it doesn’t affect him anymore like it first did when Astoria left him, he has Hermione, and he can watch Astoria with another man all day, every day.

He doesn’t care that Astoria is piercing him with her dark hazel eyes. Draco knows by the look on her face that she has seen everything taking place. It gives him pleasure to see her evil looking smirk as she watches him with another woman. And he can tell she sees the ring he just placed on Hermione’s finger and got kind of emotional while her boyfriend looked at her like she was mad.

Draco then snogs Hermione in a show-offish kind of way, and Hermione glances and notices Astoria too and as soon as they break apart smiles at Draco shaking her head.

“Oh what fun,” she laughs loudly, rolling her eyes. Usually this sudden move would startle her or hack her off, but she is now past drunk and being under the influence makes her a lot more vulnerable to things.

Hermione feels a little intimidated by Astoria who has beautiful green eyes and long, silky brown hair that looked like it was so easy to tame, unlike Hermione’s bushy hair. Astoria also has long, tan legs and had the body of a supermodel.

She feels plain next to Astoria, the model from Draco’s recent past. But she didn’t agree to come here with Malfoy to feel jealous of Astoria. After all, there was no expectation that they would ever be boyfriend and girlfriend at all. So Hermione just decides mentally to let things play out as they're meant to.

To their dismay, Astoria acts like she is about to come over but her boyfriend stops her. Draco just smirks at her and she doesn’t take her eyes off him still, her pathetic lips pop out in a pouting face, similar to the one Bellatrix Lestrange used to make.

Draco notices this and thought about how evil his aunt was, he chuckles when he thinks of how Astoria would have made a perfect daughter for his evil Aunt Bella.

They decide to leave after paying the bill. Something makes Draco eager to get to their hotel room and it is not Astoria, or maybe part of it was as she would not take her eyes off of them and looked like she wanted to throw something, perhaps a curse, in their direction.
(Astoria’s POV)

Astoria watches Draco and the girl she thinks she might recognize walk across the busy street to the hotel through the window. They are laughing and flirting as they go on their way, faking it to purposely hack Astoria off and she knows it.

Her boyfriend, Steven, sees her gazing after the two of them and calls her out on still caring for Malfoy as she has clearly left Draco for him.

“I don’t care for him, they are just trying to make me jealous,” claims Astoria, and she then continues to eat with her new boyfriend, trying to hide her feelings for Malfoy as her heart hurts watching him with a new girl looking happier than he ever did with her. She thinks how much wealthier she will be for leaving Draco for Steven, as her new boyfriend is a professional Quidditch player while Draco just works part time at the ministry. Big upgrade to her, but her father still wishes her to be with Draco Malfoy, as his father was good friends with her’s. And honestly, part of her wishes she was still with him too as this Steven guy seems to be full of himself at times.  
(Draco and Hermione’s POV)

It seems like forever when Hermione and Draco finally gets to the hotel room and they open the door. As soon as Draco opens the door, he grabs Hermione and puts his lips to her’s like he was planning it all night.

She accepts this even though this surprises her and moves slowly closer to his body as well; being a bit drunk like they were made this a little more even enjoyable, and why not make a rash decision or two?

She feels so happy and so great in this moment that she may even let him go further tonight than she would ever think of letting someone go on a first night together. After all, she did say one bed and not two; she knew this would most likely happen. Plus she remembers she’s wearing cute underwear.

In fact she decides she would let him go as far as he wanted, being drunk helps this decision. Her mind is convinced she needs his loving tonight to relieve the pressures she has been going through with Ron, with everything… and if it was with Draco Malfoy, so be it. 

Draco tests her by feeling up her body and Hermione lets him, when he realizes this, he slowly starts undressing her as they continued to passionately kiss, deeper and deeper every moment.

Hermione lets out a quiet moan as Draco proceeds to kiss her neck. Soon Draco has her down into just her lingerie, and he stops to look at her for a moment and examines her body.

“You’re so beautiful,” he growls seductively as he hungrily kisses her stomach and moves down it to her thighs.

Draco can’t believe he is doing this with Granger, a mudblood. There’s no question that he must have liked her for quite a long time but just never wanted to realize it because he hated her for her blood.

He continues to snog her, the alcohol clouding his brain of all fully conscious thoughts and Hermione now takes her turn to start undressing Draco, and soon he is only in his boxers. Draco then holds onto Hermione’s waist and guides her to their bed for the night. He hoists her half naked body on top of him as they continue kissing.

Hermione starts to get nervous, she is about to have sex with Draco, whom she just started courting with, on their first date. But with the alcohol taking effect on her body and the pain in her heart, she doesn’t quite second guess it as Draco starts to pull down her lacy black thong. And she can’t refuse him, it feels too nice, he is too tempting and doing too many pleasurable things to her and before she knows it he has her bra off too and she is starting to pull off his boxers.

Draco then picks Hermione up a second time and puts her head on the pillows where she will be most comfortable. He slowly moves closer and closer to her body until she can feel his full bare skin on her’s.

They slowly and passionately start to have intercourse in their drunken state. Hermione is in a daze and feels like this was her first time because it feels so good.

Already, Draco makes Ron look like an unexperienced adolescent with his bed skills. Hermione wonders whether if this was because Draco probably has a lot of experience with other women. Whatever the case, the past doesn’t matter to her as long as he is with her right now.

Draco thinks about how amazing this is. How beautiful Hermione is, and how much he just doesn’t want this to ever end tonight. He loves the way Hermione’s body feels against his. She is so gorgeous and he just can’t take his eyes off her. He looks at her breasts, her stomach and the rest of her body, naked beneath him now as they change positions and she sighs in satisfaction.  He wishes now that he realized how amazing Hermione is years ago.

As they continue, Hermione examines his muscular body, and thinks about their past as she moans loudly in pleasure. They hated each other and now here they are having intercourse and are a brand new couple. This all happened so fast but it just feels right.

They enjoy their selves so much as they both lay with each other, breathing heavily now from all the action they endured the last forty five minutes.

Draco doesn’t want to give up this moment and Hermione feels the same way, she smells his hair and his skin, and they smell of wonderful cologne.

They continue to hold onto each other for another ten minutes, and Draco silently grabs the blankets and lays on his side of the bed looking up at the ceiling in shock.

Hermione lays on the opposite side of Draco now and is still in a daze from what just happened, still trying to gather every memory she just had and felt the alcohol make her thoughts blurry. She leans into Malfoy again and lays her head on his chest, listening to his heart that is beating intensely.

He wraps his arms around her and wants say he loves her, but he doesn’t want to say it too soon. Because he doesn’t know for sure if he loves her yet anyway.

Instead of him saying words he doesn’t want to regret, they started snogging again, which lasts about another hour.

Hermione then snuggles into his body tiredly as he takes in her flowery scent and the warmth of her naked body next to him.

All he wants to do is just be with her right now. He can never see them apart anymore. Astoria is like a history book to him now in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts, that year with her meant nothing anymore. Not with his beautiful new girlfriend lying sleepily beside him.

“I am so sorry for who I was in the past Hermione and I hope for now on everything will be so much better for us both. I hope you are happy even though Weasley cheated and broke your heart,” whispers Draco to her, playing with her hair and shaking his head in disgust at the thought of Ron.

“I am happy,” she quietly whispers back with a huge yawn, she hasn’t felt so relaxed in what seemed like weeks.

Hermione finally gives out and falls asleep with a smile on her face. Draco silently watches her sleep for half an hour and rubs her bear back as he thinks everything through and tries to remember every feature of her when they made love.

He feels like he is falling for Hermione Granger, the muggle born girl he used to hate. He then starts to fall asleep… his memories of the night still replaying in his mind but then his eyes shoot wide open again as he realizes neither of them thought to use protection.

But surely, he thinks, Hermione being the bright witch that she is had thought of that long before they even got close to sleeping together and used a contraception charm. Or he hopes she did... he prays she did.


A/N: Well, they did it. They slept together. Did you all expect that to happen?
I know they are moving fast, but they are happy anyway. I hope you like the new revised version of this story so far. It needs alot of editing. Now onto the next 22 chapters D:


Chapter 9: Morning After
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Hermione opens her eyes. She jumps for a moment not realizing where she is because it is so unfamiliar and she is naked. She squints her eyes at the sunlight coming through the opened curtains as she realizes she has a throbbing headache from her small hangover, still feeling a little tipsy.

She then feels Draco’s warm skin against her’s and smiles as she looks him over. He looks so wonderful while he’s sleeping, like every trace of pain of the past is wiped off of his face. He looks so innocent, almost like a child. 

The intercourse and everything last night now feels like a groggy dream. It seems like it wasn’t real, but she slept better than she has in the past month!

After about another hour of Hermione messing with Draco’s hair, twisting it around in her two fingers, he finally wakes up, wondering where he is at first as well.

“Good morning Hermione,” breathes Draco, also with a headache from the night before. He is also still a little tipsy as well, but can remember bits and pieces the night before. One thing is for sure, he remembers Hermione’s naked body and the way it felt inside her.

“Good morning Draco,” coos Hermione in return, grinning at him and then kissing his cheek.

“What would you like to do for breakfast, are you hungry?” Wonders Draco.

Hermione nods. “Yes, I will make us some breakfast and we can just stay in. Besides, we both have headaches. We will go home in a few hours but not yet.”

Draco agrees with her and helps Hermione decide to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Something she isn’t the best at is cooking; she is good at everything else but that. Luckily the hotel room has all the supplies they need and she has her wand so she gets up, wraps a white fluffy robe around her, and heads to the kitchen.

She wouldn’t have made a good Muggle, so she was grateful to be able to go to Hogwarts so she can use magic to cook now. But the food is so far going quite well to her fortune; she tries to remember Ginny’s instructions from one morning when she went over the steps to make this exact meal from scratch.

“Smells amazing,” comments Draco as he finally gets out of bed and walks into the huge hotel room’s kitchen where Hermione is.

“Ginny has been teaching me a few cooking skills, she cooks so great because her mum taught her,” compliments Hermione of her friend, flipping the pancakes with her wand as she sprinkles a bit of cinnamon on them. “Me, not so much, so it’s a good thing I have a wand and I’m not a Muggle. I am a foul cooker for the most part...”

Draco just laughs and sits down at the table, looking up and down at Hermione who just has the robe on and nothing underneath, making him want to do quite similar things he did last night. But he shakes these feelings off of his brain, he wants to be a gentleman and not take advantage of her as he took advantage of so many women before.

“Did you have a good night last night?” He wonders, getting up and slipping a hand around her waist.

“Why yes, Mr. Malfoy, the best ever although it was foggy,” she giggles, blushing from him asking her this.

She keeps looking back at him as she finishes cooking and he grabs silverware and plates to set up their tiny hotel table then comes back behind her to hug her to him again.  

Last night still feels like a dream to them both, and they can both remember most of it but not some of the details… last night was a dream that, two years ago, would be a crime to die for.

The two of them being together in the years of Voldemort’s control, the Death Eaters, and his father being around still, they would have both been slaughtered and his Father, Lucius may have been glad to do it himself.

A pureblood, especially such a high class one like Draco with a mudblood would have never been allowed in Voldemort’s eyes.

Draco shudders at the thought of this as Hermione sets his plate down in front of him as he imagines what horrible things would happen to them if it would have come to that.

He could barely watch when Bellatrix tortured Hermione those two years ago in his home, so he can’t even fathom to imagine what she would do to Hermione now, for sleeping drunkenly with her most prized nephew.

Draco, his mind troubled, decides to start packing as Hermione finishes her breakfast. When the breakfast is done they sit down together again in the sitting room and laugh about old stories from the past, making Draco feel a bit better about what he was thinking.

It is in the past, he can now like and love whom he wants now that Voldemort is gone. Getting his mind off of things, Draco tells Hermione the whole Astoria story and why he doesn’t have any trace of feelings for her anymore.

The two talked like old friends and Hermione likes the easiness with him. She feels she can talk to him about anything.

With Ron it used to seem like she had to walk on egg shells. He would always come up with a silly comeback and never took her seriously, which she never liked about him.

“I’m going to wash up,” says Hermione after she flicks her wand to clean the dishes. She keeps the wash room door open as she fills up the Jacuzzi bath tub and takes off her robe.

Draco sits on the living room couch and looks at her bare back silently. Seeing her undressed is like watching a goddess in his eyes. She slides into the bubbling bath water as Draco wonders if he can join her. She curiously looks at him. “Come in then,” she tells him seductively. He didn’t need to be told twice.

Draco walks into the bathroom and slips off his boxers. He then gets carefully into the bath with Hermione as she slides into the embrace of his body in the hot water.

This movement seemed to set off fireworks inside him… he starts to kiss her again like he did the night before. She accepts a little hesitantly and backs off a bit, not letting it go any farther. She had already let him go too far in the state she was in the night before.

“Thank you for last night Draco, and for this morning, for everything but I do not want to do this again today, we should’ve waited,” she whispers into his ear.

“No problem, I would do anything for you Hermione. Besides, last night we were drunk and having fun, calm it down,” says Draco, kissing her neck which she tries to slip away from once again.

The water gets colder and they decide it is time to get out and get dressed. They get out and dry off, then after a few more minutes of packing they are ready to leave.

“I guess it’s time to go,” groans Draco with a frown.

“I guess so,” replies Hermione, grabbing his hand as he kisses her forehead.

Even if they are the oddest couple that can ever be paired together in the history of the wizarding world, they feel happy at this moment and they won’t let anyone ruin it.

All the past loathing was let go last night, and neither of them regret it for a second except that they went too fast perhaps. Last night was the best night the pair of them had ever shared with someone else. And they never imagined it to happen beyond their wildest dreams.

After talking for a brief few more minutes they say their fare wells for now and apparate to their own homes, wondering just what the hell they just did, and what the hell happened the night before. They are still trying to gather all the memories because they were both drunk and not thinking straight.

Ginny is startled when Hermione apparates on her front porch.

“Hermione, come in! Tell me about it!” It is a Monday so obviously Harry was at work. The girls sat on the living room couch after Ginny puts James in his swing.

Hermione decides to bare all and tells her every detail that the previous night held. The whole time, Ginny’s mouth opens in shock and never closes.
“Oh my-” She says after Hermione is finished. “I hope this is the right thing! You’re moving quite fast, Hermione,” Ginny says, smiling at her best friend with a concerned expression.

“Oh Ginny, I know it is. But Ron and I are over, I am heartbroken because of him, and Draco is filling up the holes Ron left inside my heart and this moment I am really happy. Draco and I are officially dating, look at my ring. I do remember this part of the night very clearly!” Hermione exclaims, holding out her right hand, showing Ginny the glowing ring on her fourth finger.

“Blimey, that Malfoy boy spoils the ones he wants doesn’t he? Maybe he really does like you,” Ginny jokes, “that’s prettier than the ring Ron gave you, but don’t let him hear me saying that!”

Like his name was tabooed, similar to Voldemort’s in their seventh year, Ron and Harry walk in at that very moment. Harry is surprised to see them there.

“Ginny, I thought you were going to Molly and Arthur’s?”  

Ginny shakes her head. “No I was just talking to Hermione about her night with Draco! Mum and dad are busy.” And Ginny realizes she just said too much.

 Ron’s ears are turning a dark red again, but he seems to contain himself with all the strength he has. Harry also rolls his eyes and stands stiffly beside Ron.

“Can I possibly have a word with you, Hermione?” Ron asks to Hermione’s dismay. Hermione agrees as she does every time he asks, and follows Ron outside to the porch again.

He is very angry at what Ginny said, but he keeps his cool as he speaks to Hermione. He has to or she will never take time to talk to him, he wouldn’t be able to handle that. He might possibly really go mad then if Hermione refused to speak with him.

“Hermione, I want you to know that I still love you very much. I am not sure why I chose to cheat on you but it was the stupidest decision I have ever made. You were everything to me and still are. I guess when we started fighting that night and Lavender came in I just went mad when I got drunk like that. I regret it with every piece of me… I would love to have you back but I don’t think I can get you back, can I?”

Hermione is silent for a few moments and looks into Ron’s eyes. He looks hopeful and kind of scared but she knows he is about to really hurt him with what she is going to say.

“Ron, I am with Draco now. As of last night, he's my boyfriend. I love you too, but I am not in love with you anymore. You chose to take those feelings away from me when you cheated on me with Lavender. You know you always have a choice to say yes or no, and you chose yes with her. I must not mean as much to you as you think I do. Otherwise, you would have never even thought about cheating on me. I am now in a relationship with Draco and I saw you are with Emily Riker anyways, so I wish you the-“

“No! She isn’t my girlfriend ‘Mione and never will be! She is a backup and replacement. I am so torn apart. How can you even like someone like Malfoy? You act like you don’t remember one bit of the war!” He accuses, raising his voice at her as his fists clench.

Please don’t call me that nickname anymore Ronald-” sneers Hermione, closing her eyes as if he cursed at her.

It brought back memories of them when he used her nickname...memories she doesn’t want to remember on this day that she is somewhat happy for the first time in over a month.

Hermione then looks into his face again which is filled with disgust and disbelief; he looks as though he had just saw his brother dead again.

She decides to answer his question. “Because he loves me for who I am and he is sweet and compassionate. Yes we have been together for not but a few days but I feel he is the one for me to be with right now and you know as well as I Ronald that all of us do the best we can in blocking out the war. It is the worst thing that has ever happened in our generation and I am quite sure that no one wants to think about it much.”

Ron sits back and looks at his feet without another word. The silence between them is unbreakable. Then Ron suddenly mutters, “I thought that would be me…”

Hermione grows sad, seeing Ron so upset broke her heart even though it shouldn’t.

“No Ron, it can’t be you now because you took that decision away from me. I am so sorry but I can’t forgive what you did, I can only be your friend now. That won’t ever change. I wanted it to be you Ron, don’t you understand? But you did the most unforgiveable thing someone can do to their loved one, especially a person whom you supposedly l-loved since you were eleven and were due to be m-married to!” She states, her voice cracking as her lip quivers. 

Hermione can’t see the pain in Ron’s eyes any longer; she also doesn’t want to cry in front of him. She will not show him that weakness. She decides she has had enough and gets up to walk in the house as a tear escapes down her cheek.

Ginny walks past her after squeezing Hermione’s hand and proceeds outside to comfort her brother who pretty much looks like he wants to die right there and right now.

Hermione walks into her bedroom and lays down, she doesn’t want to let the tears come but they did anyways. Letting go of someone so dear to her is the hardest thing she ever had to do. Luckily, she has Draco now even though what Ron did still hurts.
(Draco’s POV)

Draco sits silently on his front porch, chatting with one of the guards while enjoying the warm spring night when he sees a girl apparate by his front gates.

“Mum, someone is here for you!” Draco yells to Narcissa, who is somewhere in the huge manor. Narcissa replies back and she then apparates to the end of the yard to let whoever it is in.

Then the women both apparate back to the porch. Draco does a double take when he sees who the girl is. In front of him stands his ex-girlfriend, Astoria Greengrass.

Narcissa gives her a hug and walks in the house after saying, “I’ll let you two talk, and I think some sorting out is in order, son!”

Draco sits back further into his front porch seat and tries his best to ignore the woman in front of him.

“Draco, sweety, how are you?” Asks Astoria with a smile, as though nothing has changed between them. This is the usual way she acts though when they see each other occasionally in public, she runs over to him and tries to hug him and he pushes her away every time.

“Good, never better! Why do you want to know Astoria?” He sneers at the beautiful girl, who is offended by his question, her rosy red lips in the pouty face again Draco despises so much.

“Draco, you love me, you didn’t want me to leave you! I didn’t mean any of it! I promise! I shall leave Steven for you and we can go back to the way we were! Just like we both would like. He has the money, but Draco, you have the charm and money although he has more money! And we both know you don’t really fancy that girl, I mean, of course you wouldn’t ever go so low…what are you playing at? It's all just an act I am guessing?”

Draco gets up and walks toward her. “NO! You aren’t leaving him for me Astoria, in fact I gravely dislike you and would rather you leave me alone and never talk to me again. And shut up about my girlfriend!” She backs away, offended and slightly surprised as Draco has never yelled like this.

“What, it’s that filthy mudblood, huh? Did her nasty looks steal your heart? Oh my goodness what will my father say? What will yours say? You aren’t going to marry me anymore and are going after a mudblood because I left you for Steven for this brief break? Oh Draco, I never thought as little of you as I do now! I saw you with her last night. THAT WAS BLOODY DISGUSTING, YOU SNOGGING HER! I know that secretly you still want me, I know you will come crawling back to me eventually, and oh Drakey, I will be waiting, there’s not a doubt in my mind that the sorry little mudblood will eventually disgust you again. I know you are just torn up about your daddy and probably aren’t thinking straight. I mean Draco; they want us to get married! We must always fulfill our father’s wishes, am I correct? Oh Drakey, how I miss you, you are so much better at so many things that Steven isn’t,” she preaches to him as though she has been preparing everything she says to him for days. Draco just scowls at her in return and remains silent.

Draco sits back down and looks out at the horizon, trying to contain the anger that this woman puts inside of him as she does all the time, even when they were together. “Yes Astoria, I am now with another woman. A muggle-born witch who is the smartest woman alive, she is beautiful, bold, passionate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her if I am to stay with her! I don’t quite care that our fathers wanted us to marry, you can’t exactly make love work with someone you don’t want to be with, and you have to love them. And I have never loved you Astoria, and refuse to be with you ever again.”

Astoria’s eyes fill with tears and she slaps Draco’s face very hard. “You are scum Draco Malfoy, and you never talk like that about a mudblood, you are pureblood! Or maybe she has contaminated you! You have been with her for just a week, I mean seriously, there is no way this is for real, and this is barbaric Draco, daddy will hear about this!”

“I had liked her for quite a while actually, Astoria. But lot like you and my family made me blind to it back in Hogwarts, making me hide my true feelings by treating her like Goblin’s piss. Of course I never realized it!” Draco says to her. He is now so tempted to throw a curse at her that he clenches his fists aggressively so he won’t hurt her.  

Astoria pretends she doesn’t believe any of this nonsense and leans in to kiss him. “I know you still love me Draco, don’t be silly.”

“LEAVE ASTORIA!” He bellows at her taking out his wand, walking backwards away from her. That was it, he can’t take it anymore, if he has to hurt her to get her to leave, he will.

She looks at him in disbelief and then laughs out loud at him and says, “screw you, you aren’t even half the man Steven is you foul git! Have fun playing in the mud you arse!” She then apparates before Draco’s spell made it out of his mouth to curse her.

“Draco, what was that about?!” Narcissa demands from him, having heard the commotion from inside and had walked outside to find out what is going on.

“I was fighting with Astoria. There are some things I have to tell you,” confesses Draco. He then leads his confused mother inside and sits her down in the drawing room.

He tells her about Hermione, falling for her and possibly maybe even loving her and what Astoria did to him and what Ron did to Hermione. Everything… He never tells his mum a thing about his private life and regrets it now, so he just let it all out.

Narcissa looks disgusted, but then straightens her face up for the sake of her son.

“Draco, I am so grateful to them for keeping you alive during your sixth year and I shall never forget that. Though she is a mudblood and we have had a past with her and I don’t approve of her, I am not going to do what my parents did and force you to choose what kind of person you should love,” she explains grabbing her son’s hand. “I hope she treats you with love and respect, I hope she loves you for who you are. I know Astoria was not the best for you Draco, but I never said anything because I thought you loved her and she was very pretty and pureblood, she was actually your father’s pick for you, he talked her father into getting her to talk to you.”

“Figures that Father would do such a thing,” Draco sarcastically says. His mother rolls her eyes and sighs heavily, her brown eyes searching her only son.

“She was horrible mum,” complains Draco, shaking his head at the relief of her leaving.

“I know. Well I suppose let Hermione know that she is welcomed here anytime you would like her to be, I don’t know how your father will react to this but it won’t matter anyway unless he breaks out of Azkaban again. But I still don’t like her because of her blood status, I am sorry. Our family friends will not approve either, I can’t change too much Draco, not this fast, it will take time,” says Narcissa to her son, squeezing his fingers in her’s.

The “friends” were the Death Eaters who are all sitting in Azkaban. Draco rolls his eyes in anger but didn’t say anything negative toward his mum. She is ok with him being with Hermione just because he wants it so much, and for that he is grateful. He then decides to write Hermione:

Astoria came and we had a fight and I told her about everything with you and that she had to leave. I also told my mum because she was worried about all the commotion. Blimey, what a night… -Draco

He ties the letter on his black owl, Martin, and sends him on his way to deliver the letter to Hermione even though it is short.

Chapter 10: A 'Sticky' Situation
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A month passes since Hermione last talks to Ron that night and after her night at the hotel with Draco. Hermione is sitting quietly on Harry and Ginny’s front porch and rocks James as he cries, fighting his sleep as Hermione tries to get him to take a nap.

Ginny is in the kitchen making a simple hamburger helper and Harry is in his home office again, doing Auror work as usual as he brings his work home from the Ministry a lot of the time, so he is usually cooped up in his office with a quill and pile of paperwork.

Hermione starts to ponder whether she should ask Ginny or Harry about what Ron has been up to in the past month since they last talked. But why should she care? He hasn’t bothered to contact her. She wishes things could be easier and that their friendship would just clash back into place even though there’s so much pain between them.

But she knows well that her life lately isn’t ever that easy or predictable. If it was predictable, would she be where she is now? Dating an ex-Death Eater who happens to be her past enemy and being separated from someone she swore she would spend the rest of her life with. 

Since their night together a month ago, Hermione had seen Draco about five times, a few times in the Ministry, where she works in The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and where he works in the Department of the Improper Use of Magic Office. They try to have lunch together at work most days but sometimes it’s impossible as one of them are usually having a busy day.

They have not had sex since the night in the hotel, and Hermione wants to keep it that way for now. She doesn’t feel quite right making love to Malfoy a second time yet as it has only been a couple months since they decided to be together. In fact, she wouldn’t have shagged him that night if she wasn’t drunk.

Hermione even went to visit Narcissa for the first time who is obviously grieving the death of her sister, Bellatrix, and depressed about her husband being in Azkaban. The woman wasn’t her usual judgy self like she had been a couple years ago, and Hermione realizes that it wasn’t so bad meeting Draco’s mum even if she obviously would rather her son be with a pureblood witch instead of her.  

Hermione also discovers in the visit that Narcissa has recently reconnected with her last living sibling, Andromeda Tonks, the wife of the late Ted Tonks and mother of Nymphadora Tonks. Andromeda adopted Teddy Lupin after his parents’ death. Bellatrix and Narcissa disowned Andromeda when she married a muggle-born man, but now that the war is over Narcissa realizes she judged her sister wrongly.

When Hermione was present that day in Malfoy Manor, even though Narcissa acted somewhat nice to Hermione, she caught her glaring at Draco every now and then when he was close to her. But Hermione expects this behavior from Narcissa, she is just relieved Bellatrix is gone or it would have been a much more complicated visit.

She can only imagine what Bellatrix would act like, seeing her nephew cling to a mudblood. Especially after seeing how she treated her own sister, Andromeda, as though she was a mudblood herself.

The night is warm and it starts to sprinkle as James finally falls asleep in Hermione’s arms. Hermione sighs as hears cattle mooing in the distance. She thinks of how much she enjoys the countryside. It is very relaxing at Ginny and Harry’s compared to Ron’s and her old apartment in downtown London where there is always music playing, sirens going off, and too much excitement for a quiet bookworm like Hermione. The city is just not the right place for Hermione and when she does eventually move out of Harry and Ginny’s place, she plans on investing in a country home like their’s.

Ginny’s dinner smells amazing to Hermione as she wafts the smell into her nose while passing the kitchen to sneak baby James to his bedroom to lay him in his cradle.

As soon as she lays the small child in his bed, Hermione gets an odd sensation of random nausea in her stomach as the meat makes its way into her nose again from his open doorway. She cups her mouth as she runs to the nearest toilet-room and empties the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. She vomits until there is nothing left in her stomach and sits on her knees to wipe her face with a piece of toilet paper.

 “Hermione, are you okay?” Ginny asks as she shows up behind her in the bathroom as she heard her vomiting.

Hermione realizes she feels completely relieved as if the vomiting never happened and looks at Ginny with confused eyes. “That was odd.”

Ginny hands her a hand towel and just watches her to make sure she is okay before returning to the kitchen to cook.

“I don’t what that was about; it came out of no where!” Hermione exclaims, wiping her mouth off and then setting the dirty towel on fire with her wand once she’s in the kitchen again.

“What made you sick?” wonders Ginny.

“The smell of meat, it just came into my nose and all of a sudden I had to vomit! That was terrible! I love hamburger helper. How very odd-” says Hermione, sitting on the loveseat in the living room.

Ginny sits next to her and looks at her friend with concerned eyes because this reminds her all too well of herself in a certain situation. “Hermione, when was your menstrual period?”

“Why? I’m not sure, over a month ago- OH GINNY!” Hermione throws her hands to her face in panic as all color drains from her face.

Ginny looks to her with a confused expression and demands an explanation. “What? Tell me!”   

“Draco and I d-didn’t use pr-protection when we did the deed, we were drunk but I don’t remember either of us putting on the contraception charm although we were snockered so I may not have remembered anyways. Oh Ginny, what was I thinking? So s-stupid to even sleep with him on the first date! We need to go to a muggle store, now.” Hermione starts crying and shaking as she mentally beats herself up for her mistake. 

“Oh no-” Ginny breathes. “Let me get Harry’s plate made and we will run to the store after we eat, I hope it’s not what we think it might be!”

Hermione nods, so terrified that she loses her appetite and walks outside into the night again to sit alone on the porch swing as Ginny and Harry eat dinner. Mostly, she is afraid she already knows what the test will say but hopes with all of her heart that she’s wrong.  

At dinner, Harry notices Ginny acting fishy and notices Hermione is not at the table.

“What’s going on?” asks Harry of his wife curiously.

“Nothing,” says Ginny, as Hermione joins them again after about five minutes of alone time outside.

“You act like I don’t know you and Hermione. What happened?” Harry demands again looking hardly at the two women.

“Harry, we may tell you later. Now is not the time,” answers Ginny, glancing at Hermione whose face is as pale as the tablecloth in front of them.

“Blimey Hermione, can you not trust me anymore? Am I not your best friend since now you have Ginny all the time and I stay somewhat busy?” He snaps.

“Harry, this is something I need to be sure of before I go off and telling everyone in the world. Including you! This is a woman’s business Harry,” snaps Hermione back.

Harry looks taken aback. He has no idea though what is happening or what is going on with her but is done asking. He decides to keep his mouth shut for the rest of dinner but watches Hermione with wondering eyes, trying to read her. But that has always been next to impossible.  

“Can you make sure James doesn’t cry in his bed when Hermione and I run to the store?” Ginny hesitates out.

“Sure, but why are you going to the store this late?” questions Harry.

“We just have to get a few groceries,” fibs Ginny, grabbing Hermione’s hand and the two of them depart out the front door leaving a mess on the table which is not like them.

Harry cleans up the dining room and thinks that it can’t be what he thinks is possibly going on, Hermione wouldn’t be so irresponsible, especially with Draco Malfoy of all people…

The girls rush into the gas station store not far down the road and Hermione grabs the best pregnancy test that they have on the market. She walks shamefully to the counter and pays for it with her Muggle money and the girls then leave as fast as they came.

Hermione wants to be home to take the test, so they make the trip back home. The trip seems to take forever to the girls and Hermione just watches the sky race by as Ginny speeds toward home.

They did not fly the car this time, they came from a small Muggle town where the gas station sat at the edge, so they didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, and a flying car would certainly cause that. That’s the last thing Hermione wants at this moment is extra attention.

As they are almost home, Hermione is not looking forward to having to pee on the stick.

Ginny keeps asking questions about it, as she has never even heard of a ‘pregnancy test’ before and wants to see how it works. She seems so curious that she reminds Hermione of Ginny’s father, Arthur.

Usually a witch will go to St. Mungo’s and get a potion test done by a Healer or make a potion themselves. But Hermione was raised as a Muggle and she remembers her mother being pregnant with the little sister of Hermione’s that she lost when Hermione was only six. She had gone to the store with her mother to buy a pregnancy test and feels that using the Muggle way will be much faster than making a potion by hand.

(Draco’s POV)

Draco hasn’t heard from Hermione since about six and he starts to grow concerned, as she has been texting him almost non-stop. Hermione bought Draco a mobile phone a few days ago so they can communicate faster and spent the whole afternoon teaching him how to use it even though he was a bit against getting a mobile phone at first because it was going too far out of his norm.  

He feels a sense that something is going on with his girlfriend but doesn’t want to raise alarm, so he patiently lays in bed as he waits for her to text him again and thinks about her and their night in the hotel once again.

That was the best night he has ever had with a girl even though he was drunk, he did not regret what he did. Astoria has nothing against Hermione with her looks, not one single thing. Astoria’s beauty looked dull compared to Hermione’s to Draco… Hermione has the natural beauty that radiates off of her. 
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione walks into her bedroom’s toilet-room and she pulls out the test to read the directions, which basically said unwrap and urinate on it. It was digital so it can’t be mistaken. But, then again, she realizes, it isn’t magic either.  

She sits on the toilet and urinates on the small stick, her hands unsteady and shaky… she finishes and then stands up and sits the test straight on the counter face down as she doesn’t want to look at it just yet. She is quite glad she could do this in the comfort of her own bathroom.

She paces in the bathroom back and forth for five minutes before looking at the test. Her heart skips a beat, “pregnant” it reads.

She falls to the ground and starts to sob into her knees with the test in her hand. Her fall makes a clunking sound that alerts Ginny outside the door.

Ginny starts to knock hard on the bathroom door in panic, thinking she feinted or something to that capacity. She hears the crying when she knocks again, “Hermione let me in, now!”

Hermione unlocks the door with her wand and Ginny sees her tear stricken face, knowing what it means. She grabs the test out of her best friend’s hands and whispers, “oh fuck.”

She then sits next to her friend on the floor and guides Hermione’s head on her shoulder as she cries. Ginny still curiously looks at the test as she comforts Hermione, thinking about the hole her friend has just dug for herself. “It will be alright. It will all be alright, Hermione.”

Hermione then gets angry, mostly at herself. “No, it won’t be, Gin. He will probably leave me! We have been talking for a little over a month! We had sex and we forgot to use a contraception charm because we were drunk and dimwitted at the moment. Yes we have started out our relationship well but this is still something I would have never imagined Ginny, how could I have done this? Ron and I will never be friends again, he will hate me! Oh Ginny! Bloody hell what am I going to do?”

Ginny just hugs her friend tight and stays silent. Her heart aches for Hermione, and even her poor brother, who she knows still loved Hermione with all his heart. When he finds out she’s pregnant, he will be broken far worse than he is now.

Harry walks into the bathroom and knows exactly what happened when he sees the test in her hand. He stands in the doorway and just says, “Hermione, it will be okay.” His best friend, the brightest witch of her age has made the biggest mistake of her life, sleeping with Draco Malfoy. And although Harry agrees he’s a better person, he still has done bad things in the past. Now he has got his best friend knocked up, something that will be hard to forgive and forget.

Hermione thinks that she needs to tell Draco and get it over with. But how? She definitely doesn’t want to tell him by phone. She really wishes she didn't have to tell him at all, but of course she does because he’s the father. So she asks Ginny if she can use her clumsy but adorable small Owl, Susie. She writes with a shaking hand:

Dear Draco,
I have some stunning news to tell you. I don’t know how you will take it but I need to see you right away. Please meet me at Hogsmeade in the picnic area near Honey Dukes. This is too important for a text, but you text me back that you will meet me.
Love always, -Hermione

She then sends the owl off to Draco and sits on their living room couch, waiting on his response and trying not to cry.

(Draco’s POV)

The owl barely takes any time to get to Malfoy and he is surprised to see it. Who is this from? Apparently it is for him, not his mum as it has his name on the front of the letter. The chestnut brown barn owl lands on his shoulder after Draco extracts the letter from her tiny leg.

He takes out the letter and reads it aloud. Then heart sinks.

“Oh no,” he breathes. She is either going to tell him that they are over, she doesn’t like him anymore and regrets everything or… oh no, he needs to see her now. He takes out his phone and texts that he is on his way to Hogsmeade at once.

When Draco apparates into the little picnic area Hermione has told him to meet her, there isn’t a sign of her yet and this makes Draco quite scared of what is to come. It must be very serious, Hermione is never late for anything, and she is always on time before anyone and always has been.

Then a loud crack sounds and there she is, standing right in front of him, looking downfallen as though the world is falling apart.

He can see that she is shaken up and has been crying, her usually smooth looking brown eyes are swollen and her soft porcelain face is damp with tears.

She sits next to him on the bench and looks to him seriously in the face. “Draco, before I tell you this, I loved the last few weeks we have spent together. I really think I have really started liking you. I hope we can continue seeing where this goes. But this might be something that will really, really shock you…”

”So you aren’t leaving me? That’s what had me terrified!” Draco says like a child, holding onto her hands now in relief but trying to comfort her at the same time.

But he notices there is something in one of them, a stick like object, it is white and has a word on it he can’t read.

He lets go and looks at her in the eyes. Of course he doesn’t know what the object is because it is obviously something a Muggle uses, but the one word on it he will understand and it will change his life forever in just a matter of a few minutes.

“I am not leaving you, no. But we made a mistake and now I have to tell you something,” she says fear in her voice. She then holds up the little stick in front of his eyes so he can see more clearly. “Pregnant."

"Oh bloody hell," breathes Draco, feeling the color run out of his cheeks and soon he is chalk white. Little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, sometimes little mistakes come with big consequences.

Draco Malfoy is going to be a father to Hermione's child. How unexpected. Draco Malfoy, high class pureblood wizard is going to be a father to a half-blood child. Oh what will the family think? Draco dreads telling anyone. His life may just be over. 

A/N: So, it happened. Draco and Hermione are pregnant together, something no one would ever think would happen in a million lifetimes. I am almost halfway done editing the story! Ugh!!! Please re-read the story if you read it before as it is going to be much better! Please leave a review!


Chapter 11: The Revealing to Ronald
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Hermione walks into Harry and Ginny’s home after her talk with Draco, feeling shocked about the whole thing but relieved Draco promised he won’t leave her.

“How did it go?” Ginny asks curiously, a pained look on her face. By the expression she is wearing Hermione guesses she didn’t expect it to go well.

“Well, Draco doesn’t seem like he is going to leave me but you can never be sure with him. He’s going to stay right now even though we made a huge mistake,” says Hermione, ashamed in herself for letting herself go that night like she did.

“I’m going to be a mum, Ginny,” whispers Hermione, her brown eyes wide and looking into space as if in a trance.

“It’s hard, but such a rewarding job to be a mummy, and no matter who the baby’s father is and if you guys last, everything will be okay as long as you love and care for that baby,” assures Ginny, smiling at her best friend.

One thing Hermione can’t believe is that this was supposed to be her and Ron in the near future, not her with another man who she decided to try courting because Ron broke her heart. It is Ron’s fault that they were not getting married and having a baby of their own.  Hermione tries to fall asleep with difficulty thinking of what her baby will look like, her heart palpitates from the stress of the night and her regret for ever sleeping with Malfoy, although he is her boyfriend but is still well… Malfoy. And everything is still so new and unfamiliar.

When Hermione wakes the next morning as she sits up a wave of nausea overcomes her immediately and she bolts for the toilet.

Great, is this going to be my life now? Me and the toilet? She scrambles to the bathroom and spends a good ten minutes in there vomiting as she did the night before.

 Finally, the nausea passes and she walks into the kitchen to join Harry and Ginny. “Good morning little momma!” Ginny said in a sing-song voice beaming with a smile, seeing where she had just been.

Hermione’s face was sheet white and her eyes look watery, Ginny remembers when she was in her place. It wasn’t too long ago either. She wishes inside that this would be her true niece or nephew, but unfortunately her brother made a stupid mistake, and now so did Hermione… 

Hermione smiles sheepishly at her, “Not one just yet!”

“Ah, you’re still in shock. I guess that expected though,” says Ginny with a squeeze of her shoulder.

Instead of a warm breakfast, everyone eats cereal and that is fine with Hermione with her stomach feeling the way it does.

After she finishes her last bite, she notices Harry staring at her with sad eyes. 

“I know what you are thinking Harry, who is going to tell Ron?” She asks him. 

Harry nods in response. “I just don’t know how to break it to him Hermione. This will be news almost as bad as his brother dying. Malfoy impregnated the love of his life; can you imagine how he will feel?” Harry replies with saddened eyes, not making any eye contact with Hermione anymore, he is not very happy with her choice that she made.

Hermione feels sad when he says this, more sad news that would break Ron’s heart to do with her.  She’s not only dating another man but having an unexpected baby with another man, with an ex- Death-Eater, the one man Ron would rather die than watch Hermione with. This is the least thing she ever looked forward to in her whole life, telling Ron about this. She is afraid he may die of a heart attack at that very moment.

(Draco’s POV)

Draco wakes up from a deep sleep, he gets out of bed and wonders how he will tell his mother that he is about to be a father.

When he walks into their huge kitchen full of servant elves, his mother is sitting at the huge black marble dining table reading The Daily Prophet. Since the war just had normal news in it from the wizarding world, no more bad news except for just occasionally, at least not for the last two years since the war had ended.

“Draco my sweet, how are you this morning?” Narcissa pipes up, noticing her son walking in the room.

“Good mum I guess, I have something important to tell you,” he spits out, very nervous and trembling from head to toe.

Narcissa Malfoy puts down her paper and glares at her son. She has an immediate feeling it is about Hermione and she was quite sick of this little phase her son was in because she had been unusually nice and thought it would end quite soon. She wishes he would leave her already and go back to Astoria, the pretty pureblood whom had rich parents and had a family very similar to theirs; her son would be in deep water with Mr. Greengrass if he didn’t, the Greengrass family may even be a darker family than the Malfoys. Either way, Narcissa knew her son was in trouble by the look on his face, deep trouble.

“What is it now Draco?” She wonders, her eyes glued to her son’s in obvious annoyance.

He nervously played with his thumbs, “Well uhh… Hermione and I well…slept together one night mistakenly because we were kind of drunk and didn’t use any type of protection, and now…erm, well… she is pregnant with my child, I am going to be a father.” Draco doesn’t look his mother in the eyes when he told her in the fastest pace he ever spit out. It was probably a good thing because her glare would probably kill when she looks at him.

 “Draco this is such a mistake, you are only twenty! What are you going to do? And how do you know it isn’t that Weasley boy’s? Hasn’t she trolleyed around with him in bed at times for quite a while? Weren’t they even engaged to be wed?” She stands up in anger, staring down at her son.

“Mum it is my responsibility and I am sorry, I know many people will be upset with us. It was a…erm, accident, we made a serious mistake mum, believe me it was not purposely,” He apologizes.

“Draco, no child is an “accident” only a blessing. But with a mudblood? I can’t believe it Draco; I wonder what your Father will think of you and Granger having a child together, he will surely not be the happiest of people. Hmmph! I do like the girl even though she’s muggle-born. At least your child is going to be pureblood! What about Astoria? Are you really not ever going to try to work it out with her?”

Draco rolled his eyes, he is so sick of hearing about all the pureblood garbage and about his ex whom he hates with a passion, hasn’t his mom agreed with him being with Hermione just days before this? He doesn’t care about that magical blood crap anymore after seeing all the blood slain at the war, he is sick with himself how he was before, even though he knew he was raised like that by his parents, his Aunt Bellatrix, and the rest of the Black family from day one.

“Actually mum, it will be a half-blood child! And even if it was a Muggle, it will still be loved in my eyes! And I want nothing to do with that little Greengrass twit and I will not be treated as father treated you all my life! I don’t give a damn whether her father wants to kill me or not. I told you how I feel and you obviously didn’t really accept it and just acted like it! You are acting no better than your bitch of a sister Aunt Bella right now, mum.” Draco snaps back.

 His mum’s eyes widens with anger and horror as Draco storms off and slams his hollow bedroom door, making the windows even rattle in the big kitchen room.

 “Draco Malfoy! Come back this instant, do not talk to your mother like that!” Narcissa screams at the top of her lungs, but Draco had already slammed his bedroom door behind him after running up the stairs and away from his mum, who he did not at all want to be around at that moment.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione sits in her favorite spot on the wooden porch swing as she sees Ron walking down the drive way.

 “Oh damn Ronald, why do you always show up at the worse times?” She asks herself, getting up and running to ask Harry what to do.

“Don’t tell him yet. He will freak out, he has been doing enough of that lately! We will tell him when the time is right!”
But Ron is already in the house. “Flip about what mate? Tell me what?”

“Oh, hi Ron, erm, nothing…” Harry tries to say without revealing anything.

Ginny is feeding little James in the living room reading a magazine about her Quidditch team that she was on during the summer and occasionally throughout other seasons, a seeker for the Holyhead Harpies. So it is just Hermione and the two boys in the kitchen alone. Hermione sits awkwardly on a bar stool, looking down at the table.  

Ron starts getting angry. “I am so sick of people keeping shit from me since her and I broke up!”

Harry just looks at The Quibbler on the table and Hermione is anxious and wondering what to say.

“Tell me!” He roars, looking at Hermione for answers.

“I’m pregnant Ron! I’m pregnant! Okay?!” Hermione then runs to her room as fast as she can and slams the door behind her.

“That’s just BLOODY WONDERFUL HERMIONE!” He yells, which makes James cry in the living room and Ginny sighs loudly at her brother and throws down her magazine.

“Thanks Ron, he was JUST going to sleep!” She yells at him as baby James started to cry again.

Ron sits at the table ignoring Ginny and as though nothing happened but his wrists were clenched.

“Who’s child is it Harry? Did she say it was mine?” Ron asks hopefully, looking at his friend with sad eyes.

“Ron, its Malfoy’s child and I am so sorry. We think it is his because you said you haven’t been in bed with her for months,” Harry whispers quietly, looking up at his best friend with grieving eyes, he isn’t happy with the situation at all.

Ron doesn’t look mad anymore, he just looks defeated and very sad.

“Well, that’s just great. So I really am losing her for good. This is my entire fault, if I never cheated she would never have even looked at that git much less sleep with the ferret. I know it’s my fault Harry, no one else’s. I now know that there is no chance of ever being with her again and that she is probably going to always be with Malfoy now!” Ron looks like he would cry, but he doesn’t feel like crying, he just feels severely depressed. “I still hate the git! He was still on his side, the side that killed my brother!” He adds, hoping Hermione would hear him loud and clear.

Hermione is listening through the crack of the door. She is happy Ron finally realized it was all because he cheated, and that if it wasn’t for that she would still probably happily be with him. She opens her bedroom door and walked back out to him and sits by him at the table.

“Ron, can we be friends? Like old times?” She asks, knowing this sounds desperate. Ron looks at Hermione with pained eyes.

 “I don’t hate you Hermione and I want to be anything you want but I don’t know if we can be anything just yet. Just know I will always love you… no matter who you or I are with. No matter whose baby you are having, no matter who you marry. You are beautiful and deserve much better than I, who cheated on you. That doesn’t change the fact that I wish Malfoy died back in The Room of Requirement when Harry went and saved him! By the way Harry, I did tell you back then that if we die for him I’ll kill you, well this is pretty close to being just as bad.” he says, looking at Harry for a moment who looks back up with him with his concerned green eyes.

Hermione takes a chance and hugs him. “Thank you Ron, I needed to hear that from you. I will always love you too. Please know if you didn’t cheat this would have never happened and I am not surprised to hear that from you, because you don’t know Draco now.” Says Hermione, giving a little grin, but her face is still grim.

“It just needed to be said, and I am quite sure I know him quite well, well enough to despise him and still hate him for getting the girl I love pregnant and also being on the side that killed Fred!” he loudly answers back, ruining Hermione’s uplifted mood.

“Ron, we were drunk, it was a mistake!” Hermione cries desperately. Ron ignores her.

Ron then turns toward Ginny without saying another word to Hermione as though he didn’t want her to see his face.

“Ginny, mum wants you to come over tonight, she wants some company with you and wants to see baby James. I’ll be with George at his store tonight,” he says to his sister calmly, but you can see the storm clouds building in his eyes.

 “Okay,” she squeaks out, surprised from her brother’s calm composure.

“Well I need to go. Later everyone,” He then apparates right on the spot with a loud crack. He doesn’t look at Hermione again.

Harry, Hermione, and Ginny are stunned by Ron’s response to Hermione’s being pregnant with Malfoy’s baby. They are also very worried with what he is going to do with himself. It can’t be too much of a good thing that he didn’t show much emotion, they all know Ron. And they know that this is the last thing Ron ever wanted to hear from someone’s mouth. He doesn’t fool them, he is about to break down.

Hermione worries he might try and kill Draco with his own two hands. It isn’t like Ron to hide his anger and she could see it boiling along with his sadness in his face.

Oh how she hates the mistake she made, but she has to be strong now that she made it. Now she has to tell her parents, the next big milestone.


Hermione knocks on her parent’s door at around four p.m. it is raining again and the air is kind of cool as she waits at their door, wrapping her jacket tighter around her.

Hermione’s mother, Jean Granger, opens the door and hugs her daughter. “Oh Hermione, how nice of you to drop in and visit. Are you okay?”

 “Yes mum, I am fine. Where’s daddy?”

“At work still, why?” Jean asks her daughter. Hermione never shares much of her private life so something big must be going on.

 “I have something to tell you guys and it might stun you,” says Hermione, following her mum to their couch.

“Oh honey, you can tell me now,” assures her mother, sitting up straight getting ready for the news.

 “I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I’m pregnant mum,” says Hermione quietly and quickly.

Jean Granger threw a hand over her mouth. “Oh honey, who’s baby? I thought you and Ronald broke up.”

 “We did, the baby is my new boyfriend’s whom you haven’t met yet. I am so sorry mum,” Hermione apologizes, looking down at her knees shamefully.

 “Oh don’t be ashamed Hermione. You’re twenty and capable of being a wonderful mum although I do wish you waited until you were married first but things always happen.”

“Thank you, I know I made a horrible mistake by doing this.” Confesses Hermione, hugging her mum to her as she starts to cry. All of her emotions have always never been hidden from her mum as she is her true best friend and Hermione tells her everything.  

“Is it that Ronald Weasley chap?” Jean Granger asks curiously.

 Hermione feels a twinge of sadness in her heart. “No mum, it’s a boy named Draco Malfoy.”

Her mom gasps and Hermione feels even worse that she remembers Draco’s name. “Hermione, didn’t you say he is one of the bad ones?”

Hermione remembers telling her mum about her loathing of Draco before now.

 “No, he’s much better now. And I think I might grow to love him, he’s grown up now and is a gentleman now. Even though he was harsh to me, I don’t think he ever meant it. I was harsh to him too,” defends Hermione.

 “Oh Hermione, good, but I hope this is the right thing for you. Wow, a baby, I can’t believe it! I’m going to be a grandmum!” Exclaims Jean excitedly as she hugs her daughter tightly again. She then mumbles, not believing it, “my only baby is having a baby.”  

This is one of the times when Hermione is appreciative at the fact that her parents only have the slightest clue about the world she lives in, and everything she has been through.

A normal witch’s parent who knew of all the specs of the wizarding world and whom is good and bad would probably want Malfoy to be the last wizard courting their daughter. Hermione stays for just awhile longer and then apparates back home after promising her mum it is okay if she tells her father.
(Draco’s POV)

Draco’s yelling at his mum gives him a good feeling about himself, he really is changed. He has learned how to care and defend someone else besides just his family.

Finally, he has some peace to himself as he lies on his huge bed. He thinks deeply of his new found relationship with Hermione and imagines what the child will look like.

Will it have his eyes? Will it look like her? Boy or girl? It doesn’t matter because he loves this child already, even though this happened so fast for him. They have only been together a month after all. But he has known Hermione for years, so it isn’t like they just met.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione falls asleep on Ginny’s couch and is awakened by Ginny and Harry walking through the door with baby James. 

“Evening Hermione!” Ginny greets with a smile on her face.

“Where have you been?” Hermione asks sitting up to look at her two friends, feeling groggy still.

 “Mum’s, she made dinner. You were gone so I didn’t even try to get ahold of you. I knew you were telling your mum the news and Ron was there sulking anyway before he left to George’s or wherever he went. How did that go by the way?” Ginny wonders.

“Good, surprisingly good!” Hermione says with her spirits heightened. She is so happy things went so well with her mum, and she is getting used to the fact she was pregnant now. She is starting to come to terms with her mistake.

Everything happens for a reason, Ginny’s words from that night Ron broke her heart echoes through Hermione’s head.

After Ginny and Harry gets James settled down, they go to bed. Hermione soon does the same, even though it is quite early, she’s exhausted.

Her thoughts then turn to Ron, wondering if he was okay and hoping that he isn’t hurting himself right about now and that George is being a good comfort to him.  

Chapter 12: The Confrontation of Draco Malfoy
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Ron decides to apparate back to his apartment for the night after having dinner at the Burrow instead of leaving to his brother’s store in Diagon Alley. Weasley Wizard Wheezes is running just as well as it was when Ron left it for the Ministry last year. It may be even better now that George’s wife, Angelina, has retired from her professional Quidditch team to join George at the joke shop and took care of the money management of the store, trying her best to fill Fred’s spot. She succeeded financially, but sadly not physically. No one can take Fred’s place in George’s heart.

The truth is, Ron just doesn’t want to see anyone right now, especially such a happy couple together such as George and Angelina. It’s already hard seeing how happy Harry and Ginny are. Luckily, his family kept their mouths shut about Hermione when he went to visit and eat dinner tonight. This was a relief, as he expected them to nag him about her as they usually do.

Ron hears an odd shuffling of footsteps as he walks into the living room of his apartment.  Emily Riker stands staring at him with a smile and it turns to a frown as soon as she sees the look on his face when he sees her. He completely forgot he let her stay in his apartment when he was at his mums for the past week except when he would come back and have sex with her just to get Hermione off of his mind. He even gave her a key and now regretted it greatly because here she is in the worst of times, staring him down with her attractive icy green eyes.

(Emily’s POV)

She looks at him curiously, she hasn’t known this man long, but she knows him well enough to tell when he is upset, he was upset this after they ran into Hermione that day after breakfast in Hogsmeade but she has a feeling this is worse. Something else happened. Did they get back together?
(Ron’s POV)

“Hi Ron, erm, what’s wrong?” Emily inquires of him, her eyes looking him up and down in wonder and a little bit of nervousness.

Ron sits in the only remaining recliner in the apartment across from Emily who sits on the carpet floor and doesn’t say a word, his breathing is deep and his heart beats very fast. He starts to sweat from blind rage as his thoughts travel to Hermione’s pregnancy, his muscles trembling. He knew it was just a matter of time until he broke down about it… but he tried to save his breakdown for when he is somewhere alone, like in their old apartment.

Too bad she is here to witness it, it’s her fault for being here, Ron thinks, about to lose control over himself.  

“Ron?” Emily asks again, worrying about him and she stands up to walk over to him and comfort him.

 “WHAT?” He screams back, she jumps at his sudden yelling and backs away, her eyes wide.

“What is wrong with you?!” Emily wonders, keeping her distance from him.

HE GOT HER PREGNANT! I WANT TO KILL HIM!” Ron simply screams at Emily.

She then sits back down on the carpet farther from him than she did before, “Who got who pregnant?”  

“DRACO MALFOY, THAT PIECE OF SCUM, GOT MY HERMIONE PREGNANT!” Ron bellows, standing up now as he grabs a glass vase filled with dying flowers as Hermione had not tended to it since she moved out. He takes his wand out and screams “reducto!” and it explodes with a crash, glass and dirty water going everywhere, including on Emily.

Emily stands up after getting hit with glass and backs up to the wall, laughing coldly, “Oh Ron, I knew you still love her! I thought you said you were over her and you would maybe give us a try!”

“SHUT UP!” Ron screams, throwing the coffee table over now, crashing two vases to the floor. “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME, OR HER, OR OUR STORY so shut it Riker! I said no damn such thing! I never said I don’t love her anymore!”
(Emily’s POV)

Emily starts to get a bit scared of him. After all, she has only have been around him for a week, sleeping around with him and that’s about it other than going to school with him and never talking to him in the past. Now he’s crashing around the house like a mad man. What if he hurts her?

She does slightly like him though, she knows that as much. Even in school she found him attractive and she never would have thought she would have a chance with him as he was rather popular after the war.

Maybe she shouldn’t have spoken to him that way when he’s in this rage. It is time to leave so she grabs all of her belongings that she brought in her week of staying here and screams, “screw you Ron! Call your friend Harry Potter to come deal with you! I’m leaving, this is rubbish! I thought we liked each other!”

 But Ron was so upset and shaking that Emily is afraid that he may kill himself or something when she leaves. She decides then to stay for a while longer.

“Why does this make you so upset Ron? Why did you break up in the first place? Isn’t there a reason you aren’t together now?” Emily asks, now feeling like she needs to comfort him despite his yelling.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron is blind with fury and sits back down on the recliner before he destroys something else and hurts the girl in his apartment.

“I cheated on her and she left me. I don’t blame her, but I still love her. I made the ruddy decision to cheat on her after a few shots of liqueur each time we fought with my ex Lavender! After that she somehow meets up with Malfoy somewhere, bumps into him I reckon. Now they’re an item, and they are pregnant now apparently after just a month or so together, I only just found out! I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!” Ron screams again, not looking at Emily now as Malfoy’s stupid face is invading his mind. Malfoy taking Hermione’s clothes off as he, Ron, has so many times before him, Malfoy’s lips on Hermione’s ivory skin. He is the first one who ever slept with Hermione, Malfoy is the second. How, how could she do this? He now doesn’t see anything, basically just black, cold anger.

“Just leave damnit!” He yells at Emily as he comes back to reality. “I only slept with you because I am hurt. I don’t give a damn about you, I care about Hermione and I can’t have her. No, I didn’t ever like you and I am using you!  I’m sorry I guess you are the second woman I hurt in a month! Just go before I hurt you more with my words or even physically on accident! Please, just get out!” Ron bellows his knuckles white from clenching his fists so intensely.

“FINE! Good thing Hermione did leave you, I can’t believe you did that when you knew you had the best you could ever get! I have seen you two back in school and even though you were friends everyone knew you two would get together and get married someday! You were the cutest of couples, and for you to go off and ruin that? That’s just pathetic! And sad, I don’t feel bad for you!” Emily says, raising her tone.

She then picks her stuff up a second time and leaves, feeling sad because she did fancy Ron and has since the last year in Hogwarts when he was somewhat of a hero to the wizarding world next to Harry Potter.

But Emily was an easy girl, she would find someone else soon…  

Ron doesn’t know what to do with himself, thoughts of just using the killing curse on himself sounds quite like the best idea. But he could never do that...

He can only imagine his mum’s grief after losing Fred already. He sat there on the couch and looks emotionally at the empty apartment as he has so many times in the last month or so. His grief of losing his brother, losing the love of his life because of his foul choices, and breaking her heart were almost too much to bear.

Can he possibly go the rest of his life so upset with everything? He feels like this will never get better and feels like the end of the world. Ever since he found Hermione was gone, and her belongings cleaned out from their flat, he felt lost because she was his reason for living.

He wants so much for this to be Hermione and his baby somehow, and it could have been. Maybe it is who knows. Maybe that miracle of a baby would save their whole relationship if it is his child. But Hermione and he had refrained from sleeping together for months before they broke up, she simply didn’t seem interested in sex with him anymore even though he was. So he went out for drinks to cover up his lust and failing relationship with his fiancée and found Lavender in to have sex with in the meantime.

He then played along with liking Lavender to please her, to have someone to go to when Hermione and he fought. And yes, Lavender was always there for him, craving attention from Ron. They always ended up drunk and having sex. That was their routine when they were together after he and Hermione had fought. When they worked together, they also met up in his office and had multiple make out sessions, always ended by a person knocking on the door in fear of getting caught.

 Lavender, since Hermione finding out, has been still trying to get him to talk to her, even though he’s told her to piss off each time, she hasn’t given up on making him talk to her.

But why did he have to cheat on the love of his life? Why did he go so low? He knows Hermione still loves him too and probably didn’t expect to fall for Malfoy. This is his entire fault, not Hermione’s, not Malfoy’s, no one else’s. Just Ron’s.

Malfoy has taken Ron’s place in life because he chose to screw his place up. He could be expecting this baby with Hermione right now, happy, with his family, with Hermione and a little baby. The only purpose of his living is now with his enemy.

He suddenly decides… he needs to talk to Malfoy, he needs to tell him to take care of Hermione, he needs to make things right. Yes, he hates Malfoy and rather him be dead, but now that the love of his life is with him, he needs to be talked to. There is no other thinking about it.

Without stopping himself, he apparates to Malfoy Manor where the same guard from a few weeks ago is there again, already walking toward Ron and looking at him through the fence with a glare.

 “Name please?” The guard asks, looking at him in disapproval.

 “Ronald Weasley, here to see Malfoy. I am not here to hurt him, just to talk to him!” Ron begs with his voice, trying to act somewhat sane at the moment.

The guard then nods and starts walking toward the huge castle-like mansion.

The night is cold and cloudy, Ron didn’t bring a jacket, and he feels the hairs on his arms stand up and goose bumps forming. Ron’s heart is still beating fast from earlier as he rehearses in his head what he wants to say to Malfoy.

The guard seems to take ages to return.

“Come in then,” the guard grunts, opening the tall black gate.

Ron shudders as he walks closer to the manor, the dark memories of two years ago when he, Hermione, and Harry were captured and brought here replays in his mind. He remembers it like yesterday, the terror in Hermione’s scream as Bellatrix Lestrange carved mudblood into her arm, and nearly killed her with her black knife, as Harry and Ron stood across the room from her in horror.

 He keeps walking on the gravel past a fountain and didn’t even realize he is to the door already when… “Weasley, can I help you?” Asks a silky and deep male voice.
Ron jumps with a start from his thoughts and terrifying memories as the person that he hates most in this whole entire world stood in front of him, talking to him. Ron forces himself to hide his anger because if possible, he wants this conversation to be civil.

“Malfoy, I wish to speak to you,” Ron drawls in a deep, threatening tone. Ron examines Malfoy for a split second and notices Malfoy is now much taller than him now and has gained a lot of muscle. He isn’t the same scrawny kid he knew in Hogwarts. His hair is also a little more grown out and softer looking, also a darker blonde than the ridiculous bleach blonde it had been back in school.

 “Come in,” Malfoy approves icily, holding the door wider for him to enter. Ron hesitates but accepts the offer.

The manor’s front walkway is just as Ron remembers when he was dragged in here, very dark black with white and black tile.

“Follow me to my room,” Draco directs him. Ron unwillingly follows Malfoy, he doesn’t know whether the urge to kill him is going to make itself known, or if he will actually be able to talk to the git.

Right, the protection of Hermione, don’t let yourself go Ron, Ron reminds himself, his fists clenched together at his side still as he forces himself to remain calm.

Draco leads Ron up the dark, sleek, black stairs. His room is on the fifth floor of the manor, he has the whole floor to himself basically. The bedroom is a dark forest green and silver, it has Slytherin banners and old Slytherin scarves hanging on the walls, exactly the type of room Ron guessed he would have. The bed is huge and has a black comforter with green pillows decorating the bed.  

He notices a Malfoy and his parents smirking in a picture on his bedside table and also in what looks like a brand new frame is a picture of Hermione laughing and looking up from a book.

 Ron swallows hard when he sees this, fighting his urge to hit Malfoy and holding back sudden tears that come with an uncomfortable lump in his throat. He takes a very deep breath and looks at the man he loathes in front of him once again.   

“So Weasley, what would you like to speak about?” asks Malfoy, amusement lacing his voice as he motions for Ron to sit in the armchair near his bedroom’s fireplace.

 Rich git, Ron thought hesitating to sit on a sleek, black leather recliner.

“I want to speak about Hermione,” says Ron quietly as though this was a business meeting, folding his trembling hands together and looking into the fireplace which he observes is made of black tile and the fire makes the tile shine.

Ron breathes in and out, trying to not let Malfoy see not one feeling of his seeping out. It is keeping all he has in him to compose himself this way. Though, his blue eyes are squinted up in a glare.

Draco is utterly surprised Ron is keeping his composure and hasn’t tried to disarm him and kill him yet, he did expect it to come eventually still though.

“What would you like to know?” Draco wonders calmly, holding tightly onto his wand in his coat for protection.

“I want to know how you two ended up together!” Ron bellows.

Draco sees that Ron is getting angrier, an old feeling of pleasure arose at his girlfriend’s ex-fiancé’s anger and he kind of feels as though he wants to raise the tension.

“Listen, I am very sorry about her leaving you and her being with me now. But she has a good reason for leaving you and it is none of your business about us, Weasley!” Draco barks with a tone of being proud of it, wanting to make Ron feel his loss as in Draco’s eyes he does deserve it.

Ron stands up suddenly as Draco pulls his wand out but hides it at his side.

“Malfoy, you bloody git! I want to know! Can’t you see I’m trying not to kill you right now? I am trying to talk to you civilly for once!”

Draco just nods as Ron sits back down to his surprise and says, “Okay, fine Weasley!”

 He then pauses as he takes a breath and starts. “So one day in Flourish and Blotts I saw her. She came in and looked very upset, I watched her pick up a History of Magic and she sat down three chairs away. I curiously watched her because she has grown so much and looked so beautiful. She wasn’t the same girl I saw two years ago, of course I occasionally saw her in The Daily Prophet with you or Potter, but seeing her in person was not the same by any means. Apparently she felt my stare and turned and then yelled at me for looking at her-“

 “Yeah, she doesn’t like people staring at her- it’s one of her insecurities especially after the war, you should have just talked to her instead of staring at her like a bloody stalker!” Ron interrupts.

Draco wants to say something back but stops and continues after another breath. “So when she yelled at me I got up and taunted her a bit like the past, just saying she hasn’t changed even though she obviously has. I then asked her about where you were and if you were stuffing your face, she then began to look sad again and I almost thought she was going to cry. Then she told me how you cheated on her for three months. I felt bad so I asked her if she would like lunch. I have changed since the war Weasley you see, and I don’t want anyone to feel the same about me as the past-”

 Ron snorts, interrupting him, causing Draco to glare at him.

He continues. “We went to lunch and exchanged addresses; we then started to talk more and even see each other. Eventually I asked her to be my girlfriend one night and she agreed. One night we went to the best hotel in Diagon Alley and that’s the night we conceived our child. We have been officially together for almost two months. We were drunk when we made love, it wasn’t a completely on purpose thing that we had intercourse that night,” Draco brags, smirking.

 “OKAY!” Ron bellows, trembling even worse, if that is possible. Ron fights the urge to punch Malfoy in the throat or use the Cruciatus Curse on him. He looks Malfoy dead in the eyes. “I so badly would rather you be killed then talking to you right now as I fight the urge to hit you. And I don’t give a damn whether you are “changed” or not. Your side still killed Fred! Now you are taking the love of my life! I HATE YOU Malfoy and that will never change! You better treat my Hermione with respect, and better never hurt her or I will kill you!” Ron spits with a venomous sounding tone.

Malfoy snorts and laughs at him. “Yeah says the guy who cheated on her and broke her heart in the first place. And let’s get one thing straight Weasley, I was never a real Death-Eater mind you. I followed my parents around or they would have disowned me and Voldemort would have had me killed! You have no idea how abusive Father is to my mother and I. And for now on, you have no business being in mine or Hermione’s business. I also despise you for hurting her so badly and now she is my Hermione, not your’s any longer so I don’t want you to refer to her as your’s any longer Weasley! I love her and I damn hope she loves me and you can’t do a damn thing about it!” Malfoy snarls.

Then Ron suddenly attacks him out of nowhere and hits him with an Oppugno Jinx. A Quidditch quaffle that sat gathering dust in Malfoy’s open closet suddenly comes crashing into Malfoy’s ribs. Malfoy falls to the ground as it has hit him in the stomach hard but he gets back up again. He then holds out his hands in surrender as Ron angrily puts the Cruciatus Curse on him, feeling he has not felt enough pain yet.

 “Crucio!” Ron chants, not regretting it for a second.

Ron smiles as he watches Draco writhe in pain on the floor of his own bedroom. He feels evil pleasure by the pain he is causing the man in front of him. But then he realizes what he did and counter curses the curse at once. Hermione is going to hate him now.

“Hermione would kill me if I h-harmed you Weasley! So just l-leave before I do!” Draco yells at him, clutching his stomach which is in a horrible amount of pain from the quaffle crushing his ribs and he feels weak from the curse Ron had just bestowed upon him, but he would not tell anyone about the curse. 

“Fuck you Malfoy for taking the love of my life! That should have been my child inside of her, not your child! You should have kept your pants zipped! In fact, maybe it still is my child, who knows!” Then Ron leaves the room and a couple moments later a door slams downstairs. Draco watches him go outsides his fifth story window, happy he just hurt him but didn’t kill him. Thank Merlin his mum wasn’t home, she probably would have killed Weasley in a second.

Since a person can’t apparate inside the property besides Draco and Narcissa, they have to walk out the gate to do it if you weren’t a part of the family or household or usual group. Draco holds back his urge to curse him as he leaves because he knows how Hermione will be upset with him if he hurt Weasley.

Draco decides he won’t tell Hermione about what happened tonight, he would save it for the following day. But no one will know Ron used the Cruciatus on him, which was just not called for. Draco is too strong of a man to admit it hurt him. He is actually in shock that Weasley even had the guts to walk up his driveway. That wimpy Weasley even had the nerve to come to his house and face him himself at all. He must really love Hermione. But... he cheated on her. He deserves to live with it. And Hermione is his, all his. Or he hopes she is.

Chapter 13: Painful Memories
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Molly Weasley is standing at the front of the Burrow using her wand’s magic to pull weeds from her flowers in front of the house when she hears a sharp crack in the distance. She looks up in alarm as she sees her youngest son walking down the dusty driveway toward her, wearing a smile on his face.

What did he do? Wonders Molly, her son hasn’t smiled this way ever since Hermione left him so he must have done something.

She glares at him through her spectacles, her curly un-tamed hair flying out as the wind whips it around when Ron finally approaches her.

“Hi mum, how is everything?” Asks Ron lightly, looking slightly guilty but pleased with himself.

“Fine Ron, what have you been doing now?” Molly investigates. She hopes that he didn’t get into any trouble.

Ginny, who is in the kitchen helping her mum clean up after lunch, hears her brother and mum talking through the open window and after a glance towards James to make sure he is okay laying on a baby blanket, she heads outside to meet them.

“What did you do Ronald?” Ginny asks, her brown eyes blazing at him, trying her best to keep her calm. “I know you went somewhere last night, now where did you go? You weren’t at George’s, he owled mum this morning asking what happened to you coming to his place for the night.”

“It’s no one’s business where I went or where I go because I am almost twenty-one years old. I think I have the right to control my own bloody self!” Ron booms, automatically growing defensive as Ginny has this effect on him.

What did you do, Ronald?” Molly asks, this time dangerously as she knows he did something for sure now.

“I just had a talk with Draco Malfoy that is all!” Ron declares.

“Did you hurt him?!” Shouts Ginny, concerned for Hermione’s boyfriend.

“Maybe a little but not really, he seemed alive still when I left earlier unfortunately,” answers Ron, confidence in himself showing.

At that moment, Harry walks into the tiny kitchen where Molly and Ginny are rounding on Ron.

“What’s going on?” Harry asks, amusement in his voice as it looks like his best friend is in trouble again.

“I went to Malfoy’s and jinxed him, that’s all! I didn’t kill the stupid git even though I wanted to. We had a talk because I wanted to tell him to take care of Hermione.” Ron explains to the three of them.

Harry can’t help but feel impressed in Ron’s courage to go to an ex-Death Eater’s house just to talk to him about taking care of his ex-fiancée.  

“I also kind of used the Cruciatus Curse on him for a few minutes,” admits Ron as though he is actually ashamed in himself. Part of him is as Harry’s face changes from amused to angry immediately.


She grabs his ear and drags him into the living room as if he is a small child and throws him on the nearest couch she can find.

Harry watches his friend get disciplined by his mum with disapproving eyes as he wonders whether or not he should think about charging his best friend or suspending him from his service at the Auror office. He knows his best friend is in pain, but that is not a reason to use an illegal curse.

"Ron! Do you know what this could mean?" Harry asks, now rounding on his friend for the first time.

"Charge me then! Do whatever, mate! I cursed the one man in this world that really deserved it!" Ron yells back at his friend.

“You are suspended from work, Ron, for a month! You can’t do that kind of stuff just because you’re mad at someone. That’s what the Death Eaters used to do, and not people like us!” Harry tells him, angry at Ron for doing this. “You’re an Auror, Ron, did you not even think of what could happen if you used a curse? You’re getting off easy, I could have charged you!”  

Harry is so mad at Ron that he decides it is his time to leave. He is very angry at his friend and doesn’t wish to speak with him anymore right now. So he gives Ginny, baby James who is still on the baby blanket sleeping a kiss, and hugs Mrs. Weasley before he leaves home. Luckily Hermione is at work and won’t know about everything that happened last night until Draco tells her if he didn’t already.  

Mrs.Weasley glares at Ron very angrily, her looks can literally kill right now. But as Ron starts to look sad, her looks soften.

"Ron as you probably know, Hermione probably does still love you and is lashing out by dating Malfoy because of her heartbreak. You on the other hand ruined the life that was basically laid out in front of you by cheating on the girl you love! I can't believe my own son-" Molly then trails off, she looks like she could cry. She thought Hermione as a daughter already and is very sad that she won’t be marrying into the family anymore.

Ron rolls his eyes at his mother and ignores everything she said about him cheating. He feels everyone should see it as a mistake anyone could make when a person drinks. He is heartbroken too and no one seems to care.

 “I second that about Hermione, I reckon her head is so confused now that I messed up that she probably isn’t thinking clearly. I know bloody well Malfoy would be the last guy she would get pregnant with about two years ago,” responds Ron. But then by the look on his mum's face, he kind of regrets breaking the news, maybe it will get the attention off of him though at least.

 Molly’s eyes open widely. “Pregnant? She’s pregnant with his child?”

Ginny glares at her brother as though she wants to kill him. Molly looks at her daughter in awe, and Ginny nods to confirm what Ron said. “Yes mum, it’s true. I was actually going to tell you later when the time is right, but Ronald spoiled that for me! And he is quite hardly the innocent one here! He is the one that cheated on Hermione in the first place and caused this whole ruddy mess! And he just used the Cruciatus Curse on somebody!” Ron rolls his eyes at his sister.

 “Oh dear, Lucius Malfoy’s grandchild is in Hermione’s womb…my son using an unforgiveable curse that his best friend might have no choice but to charge him for-” Molly sighs loudly and into the living room recliner, putting her head in her hands.

Ginny feels that she needs to stand up for her best friend and her boyfriend no matter how much loathing of Malfoy there was in the past. “Mum, Draco has… erm, changed. He is a lot different now than he used to be! I’ve seen it myself.” In response, Molly just looks up at her daughter like she is speaking parseltongue.

“Ginny, they were Death-Eaters and they were a part of the lot that killed your brother!” Molly is soft hearted but when it comes to the death of a family member, that’s hard to forgive. No matter who did it, he was on the side that did.

Molly knows Draco was never really evil, but she knows that Draco stood by the Death Eaters for a ling time when they killed or when they performed tasks for Voldemort. She would not tolerate being friendly to such a person like that unless proved otherwise that they are sorry for what they did and are now different.

“I know but mum, the war changed everyone and Draco never was a real Death-Eater!” Ginny protested. “He changed sides at the end, remember? He knew he wanted to be on our side the whole time.”

“Not a real Death-Eater my arse!” Ron yells at his sister. The little happiness from successfully telling Malfoy off and jinxing him fades as he is sick of hearing that he wasn’t a Death-Eater and is changed. “That’s rubbish, he chose to treat us that way in Hogwarts, he was the first one who called Hermione a mudblood in our second year and that was the first time I saw her cry! He didn’t seem “changed” at his house earlier. He provoked my anger like he always had! He is Lucius Malfoy’s son, remember Ginny? He deserved the curse I did to him a great deal!”

“Ron, that’s probably because he knew you want to murder him! And who gives a dime who his father is? He is more kind now, he told Hermione the war has changed him and he hates everything he has ever had to see, he himself has never done any of it. He only was forced to watch because of his mum and dad! Besides, he makes Hermione happy!”

James breaks the tension as he wakes from the yelling and starts to cry so Ginny leaves the room to pick him up off the blanket to rock him.

Molly shrugs and looks at Ron. “I won’t believe this until I see it myself, but I am not Hermione’s mum, and you did not do a very fair thing to her Ronald. You hurt her heart, and she is only acting out! Now that she acted out she made a mistake and is having a child with Malfoy! It could have happened to you too you know! Messing around with those rowdy girls when getting drunk off your bum!”

Ron just looks at the table in front of him, his face grim; he knows his mum is right. And he hates hearing about this over and over but it was the cold, hard truth. He realizes he deserves for it to be thrown in his face. This is the first time his mum even mentioned Hermione in front of him since he told her they broke up.

Ginny says her goodbyes and leaves Ron and Molly alone since Arthur is still at work. Hours pass full of tension and Molly can barely look at her son as she starts to cook up dinner before her husband gets home.

Ron leaves his mum alone in the kitchen to retreat to his old bedroom where he has decides to stay for now on and close the lease to Hermione and his old apartment.

Hermione takes a nap as soon as she gets off work and wakes up hearing Harry in the kitchen attempting to cook dinner. After seeing that her clock says it’s almost six in the evening, she slips her pajamas on as she fell asleep in her work clothes she was so tired, and wraps her hair up in a messy bun because her bushy hair fell out of her neat hairstyle as she slept and walked in the kitchen.

“Hi Hermione, I am attempting to make us dinner. Just some chicken and chips,” He tells her, concentrating hard on the food with his wand.

“Harry, I could have made us dinner! But that’s sweet of you.”

 “No Hermione, you needed your rest. You were asleep for nearly four hours.” Harry says, glancing at her stomach then looking at the pan again.

This irritates her for some reason. “Harry, you know I am the same person right?” She doesn’t want her best friend in the whole world to feel differently about her, which would break her heart.

 “Yes Hermione but to be honest I am just surprised and not very happy with your choice of a new boyfriend, or the mistake you made that night that resulted in you having Lucius Malfoy’s grandchild. But I still support you and love you just the same,” admits Harry, stopping his cooking to look at Hermione through his round spectacles with a serious expression.

Hermione frowns at this and feels ashamed. “I’m so sorry Harry. I was so stupid for drinking that night, drinking can do bad things to good people. You know that wasn’t like me, the stuff with Ron just had me so messed up.”

Harry hugs her as he sees he upset her. “Hermione, I trust you more than I trust anyone besides my wife. You are the smartest witch I know no matter who you choose to be with. If you really feel this way about Malfoy, and feel he treats you right, then so be it. I know you are also one of the strongest women I know. I will try my upmost hardest to accept it and be on friendly terms with Malfoy. After all, his mother is the reason I am alive today! Even though she is not the friendliest of people she must have a good heart.” Harry says trying to make the conversation positive and letting go of her to continue to concentrate on cooking.

Hermione looks down at the pan and her thoughts go back to him looking at her stomach, feeling a bit offended. “Harry I am pregnant, not disabled. I can cook,” but then she is suddenly hit with a wave of nausea because a whiff of the chicken crosses her nose as she got closer to the pan and she makes a beeline for the closest toilet.

When she returns five or so minutes later, Harry smiles at her. “You can cook eh? Doesn’t seem like it!” Hermione giggles in return, a bit embarrassed

“Oh Harry, you are always going to be my best friend. Promise me that,” she says with a sad tone, using her wand to levitate a couple of plates and silverware for Harry and herself to eat with.

 “I will always be your best friend Hermione. It will all eventually come together again and maybe you and Ron can be friends again too,” Harry sighs, unsure of the truth in his words. He feels down about the whole situation of being between his best friends again. This time is far more serious than other times though. He wants the two together again, whether friends or lovers, he doesn’t care but it is just too much for Harry to deal with right now.

Ginny arrives later and goes to bed in a bad mood after James falls asleep. Harry and Hermione go to bed as well and don’t ask Ginny what’s wrong as she looks like she doesn’t want to talk about it or she’d tell them.

The next day, Hermione and Harry are alone again as Ginny is at the Burrow with Molly once again.

Ginny calls Harry and tells him to meet them for lunch at the Borrow and to bring Hermione if she didn’t already have plans. Hermione agrees and after Harry and herself go to Diagon Alley to look for an anniversary present for Ginny as Harry and her anniversary is coming up soon, they apparate to the Burrow.

Molly hugs Harry as soon as they walk up to her where she is waiting on the front porch. “Hello son in law,” she then turns to Hermione, and pauses to look her up and down and smile. But this smile was not her usual warm, welcoming smile; this smile looks as though there is something behind it that means she isn’t too happy with Hermione.

She then embraces Hermione despite the odd smile she gave her. “Oh Hermione, what a pleasure to see you dear. Congratulations on your little one!” Hermione then lets go of Molly and looks at Ginny with confused eyes.

Ginny mouths, “Ron,” and then turns to Harry who has his arms reached out for his son after kissing his wife’s forehead.

Hermione feels disappointment in herself as she knows that Molly disapproves of her actions, and Molly has always been like her second mother, she doesn’t want her angry at her.

“I’ve missed you Mrs. Weasley!” Hermione exclaims, smiling at her. Molly smiles back halfway.

“You too sweets, now let’s get inside then, come on!”

They walk inside the house with Hermione first, Ron is in the kitchen already serving himself with his mum’s chicken and dumplings into an old bowl.

Ron grins at Harry as if nothing happened last night. “Hi there Harry, mum’s meal is going to be amazing and hey Hermione.” Hermione is surprised Ron already acknowledges her presence; she thought it would take a while before that could ever happen.

“Hi,” she says back unsure of how she should react. She notices Molly doesn’t talk to her much as they make their way down the buffet line to get soup and biscuits, though she hasn't talked to Ron at all either and shoots him a glare every chance she gets.

Hermione sits at the table across from Ron and looks up at him for a moment, feeling a twinge of pain in her heart. This feels like old times, she thinks solemnly as she suddenly feels a ball of emotion well up in her throat. She swallows hard, causing Ron to look up.

“You okay?” He asks with concern. Hermione feels she will start crying if she looks at him so she nods and starts to eat without having to answer him.

The family talks like usual around the table but Hermione stays silent, feeling sad about all the changes that have taken place and having mixed but excited feelings about Malfoy’s and her new relationship and baby on the way. Hormones from her pregnancy must be messing with her emotions.

Ron also stays silent, knowing almost everyone in the room is still mad at him. Hermione notices Ron looking at her every once in a while but he tries not to because he didn’t want her to notice.

He also starts to think about the old times while sitting around the Weasley table, when it seemed as easy as breathing. It was a place everyone laughed and joked, a place where everyone was together. But not now, now it was full of tension. All because of the ruddy decision he made in The Pub. He wishes he could take it all back with every piece of himself but what’s done is done. There would be no tension at the Weasley table if everything was back to the way it was...

He stares at Hermione for a good while through the rest of the lunch and examines her. She looks saddened, kind of similar to him, but she has someone and Ron doesn’t. So why does she look sad?

Ron knows that Hermione might still love him, and that this dating Malfoy was just an act of covering it up in the beginning. But in that act, she has made a mistake and now has a baby on the way. Now she really is with Malfoy, and Ron has lost her… probably for good.

Lunch is now over and everyone ends up sitting in the living room. Hermione sits on the loveseat and Ron sits next to her.

This surprises her and she looks at him asking him hesitantly, “How have you been?”

“Not the best… I went and talked to your little boyfriend last night to make sure he treats you right.” Ron confesses, anger suddenly rising up in him for an unknown reason.

Hermione grew angry immediately. “You did what?”

“I just had a little chat with him and we got into a small fight because he was snide to me and I jinxed him but he’s fine. I just wanted to tell him to take care of you!” Ron says defensively, hoping this will make her happy.

“You jinxed him, Ron? Really?!” Hermione bellows, hacked off now.

“Yes, I’m sorry Hermione I did. And you know what? I wanted to kill him but I held my anger back and just let it out a bit only when he started to get like an arse toward the end. He started saying you two are none of my concern and things like that!" Ron retorts back.

Hermione stands up. “Ron, I’m sorry but we aren’t any of your concern! You cheated on me, remember?! Obviously you didn’t care about me in the first place or you would have never done that! You have no business going to Draco’s and starting a fight with him!”

Hermione, not being able to take another fight with him, got up and walked outside even though everyone’s eyes were are her and apparates to Malfoy Manor without saying goodbye to anyone.

“I did too care about you, more than you know!” He screams after her. Everyone looks at him now and can’t help but feel a little bad for him.

 “Ron I am so sorry that this is happening. I hate what you did, I hate the choices you and she made but your choices now have consequences. You know I’d rather you two be happy and together but Ron, with the choice you made I am not sure that’s possible-” Molly says, just looking blankly at her son, not knowing whether or not she should comfort him or slap him again.

 Ron picked up a plastic container and throws it across the room in anger, declares he is going to George's and leaves Harry, Ginny, and Molly alone.

Chapter 14: Don't Worry, Everything Will Be Alright
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Hermione apparates in front of the black Malfoy Manor gates and smiles at the guard who stands by the opening.

 “I am here to visit Draco, please?” She asks the guard politely and he nods and opens the gate for her.

As she walks down the long gravel driveway the thoughts of today echo in her head. Ron is so broken, and she hates it. But she can’t just comfort him. He broke her heart and he ruined the chance of being with her forever. She is now happily with Malfoy, and did not care whatsoever what others thought or felt about it. Not even Ron, who was the love of her life.

Draco walks out on the front porch and sees Hermione walking down the gravel walkway toward him and wonders if something is wrong.

“Hello beautiful, what brings you here?” He asks. And she just hugs him and he holds her tightly.

“What are you upset about?” Draco asks, seeing how she seems to be holding back tears.

 She shook her head in an I don’t want to talk about it kind of way and Draco takes her hand and leads her into the manor as Hermione notices the bruise on his face.

It is about three in the afternoon now and luckily Narcissa is off with a friend so they have the place to themselves. Draco leads her through his home and onto their back Oakwood porch area where there is a fancy outdoor table and chairs viewing a large pond with ducks and a fountain that is lit up, setting a romantic scene for the couple.

“This is beautiful,” breathes Hermione, taking in the scenery. “This is so bright compared to the inside of your home.”

“Well you can see why this is pretty much my mum’s spot.”

The Malfoy’s elf, little Elaina walks outside five minutes behind them. “Master Malfoy, what will you and Ms. Granger like for drinks? If you’re thirsty of course,” squeaks the little elf.

“I would like just a butter beer and for you?” Draco replies and looks at Hermione.

“I would like a fire wh- erm never mind… just orange juice please but I definitely fancy a firewhisky right about now,” laughs Hermione when she almost orders an alcoholic drink. She almost forgot she is pregnant.

 “Goodness, have you forgotten?” Draco asks her playfully.

“Almost, it’s just still so new to me!” Hermione admits back. Her face then soon goes grim again.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asks a second time as she did not answer the first. Hermione sighs in response, obviously not wanting to tell him her feelings as she looks up at the sky.

“I promise I don’t love Ron anymore, but he was always my best friend way before I loved him and he is just so sad all the time. I hate it.”

Draco nods and holds her hand in comfort.

“Ron is so lost without me but I am not sorry about that because he cheated on me. So I don't quite give a damn how he feels,” Hermione comments, her eyebrows lifting up in enthusiasm to what she is saying. But the truth is she does care how he feels because she still cares about him as a friend very much.

“Right,” Draco agrees.

“Well, as you know, he probably told you about our little visitation last night?” Draco asks, grinning at the thought.

 “Yes, did he hurt you? He told me how he tried to anyway!” Hermione pipes up, suddenly examining Draco with her small cold pale hands.

“No, just a little. He surprisingly just threw a jinx and a Quidditch Quaffle at me instead of the Killing Curse and he did use the Cruciatus Curse on me but I am perfectly fine,” Draco assures her, holding up his shirt revealing the huge bruise on his stomach near his ribs.

"He used the CRUCIATUS ON YOU!? I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!" Hermione jumps out of her seat and Draco does the same to stop her.

"Don't worry I'm fine! It will just be more fighting if you go after him you know that. Just calm down!" Draco assures.

“But I can’t just let him do that to you!”

“Hermione, I will be fine!” Draco yells.

“So what was said?” Hermione asks curiously, rubbing his bruise for a moment and forcing herself to calm down as he sits back down and calms down as well.

“He asked how we got together, the whole story. At first I told him it was none of his business and he got all defensive on me so I decided to go ahead and tell him…”

“It isn’t his business!” Hermione adds, annoyed. “We discussed this at the Burrow just a little while ago over lunch!”

“I know. Anyways I told him the entire story how we got together. I also told him I changed and he thought that was hilarious and snorted at me. After I was done he started to tell me off, saying not to hurt you or he will kill me and stuff. He called you his Hermione, and that kind of hacked me off. So then I started talking back to him, and he jinxed me and put the curse on me. When I got back up and surrendered to him because if I did something to him I know you would be upset, so he then cussed at me a little more and left,” Draco tells Hermione, trying to reveal to her he really wasn’t bothered at all by the incident. 

Hermione looks out at the pond frowning, hating everything happening. “Thank you for not hurting him, I may not be in love with him anymore but I still wouldn’t want him hurt, and definitely not you!”

“No problem, I know this is hard for you, and I know you may still love Weasley. I can only hope that I am above him to you because I love you Hermione. That is a lot coming from me because my family never really knew love. I never knew love besides the love from my mum until we started to be together a month or so ago. It doesn’t matter to me because our relationship is the most important thing to me now and our little baby growing inside of you of course. I still can’t believe we are having a child,” Draco distantly trails off, glancing at her stomach for a second then swallowing hard.  

Hermione then looks intensely at Draco and gives him a peck on the lips before putting a finger under his chin for him to look at her as he is looking down at his knees.

“I love you too Draco, don’t worry about me loving Ron, he broke my heart and cheated on me. After knowing me since the very first day at Hogwarts and all that we have been through and proposing to me in front of the Eiffel tower, he just totally and completely ruined everything that we had. He was not only my fiancé but he was my best friend and it hurts me that even the friend I had was taken away but at least I have you now Draco. You sealed up my wounds for me when they almost wouldn’t be able to be sewn. I love you and I have for quite a while now. And yes I still have a special spot for Ron, but it has changed back to the old feeling of loving him as a best friend even though we aren’t even friends instead of a soul mate and future husband. I can’t ever go back to him after what he did to me. I feel that for you now, wanting to be your girlfriend and to make you happy and if you never hurt me like he did, I don’t ever seeing that feeling leaving,” Hermione assures him finishing with a smile and she starts to kiss him again but this time more passionately.

(Ron’s POV)

Ron is still at the Burrow with his family and Harry who is now of course his family too being his brother-in-law but still his best friend. It is now early evening, almost twilight and Harry tries to get Ron’s mind off of Hermione as they play a game of Quidditch. It has been a year since their last game at the Burrow, and Ron was actually enjoying himself.

The evening is cool like the whole day was and the stars slowly start to light up the sky with little clouds scattered every now and then on the horizon.

 Ginny has little James lying on a fluffy blanket on the dewy grass and she sits beside him, watching her husband and brother play the game, happy to see Ron smile for the first time in a while.

Molly is inside cooking dinner now and Arthur has just arrived home and is chatting with her about an open position in his department that he might offer Hermione once it becomes fully available.

Ron looks over his lawn and remembers a time when Hermione sat right there next to Ginny, gazing up at him with pride that he was hers and she was his. She would playfully correct Ron on his form, even if she was lousy on a broomstick and wouldn’t admit it. Not anymore, Ron thinks. He refuses to let his thoughts drift to Hermione again though after that, sick and tired of hurting so much. He wants to have an okay night with his best friend and play his favorite sport in the whole entire world even though he isn’t the best at it still.

“It’s getting dark, let’s call it quits,” states Harry, his Firebolt starting to descend to the ground with the quaffle in his arm.

Ron nods although he doesn’t want to stop because this is the most fun he has had in a while.

They walk into the Burrow and Molly smiles at them all. “Have fun?” 

“Yes! I won, yet again,” Harry jokes, and Ron playfully punches his shoulder as the smell of sweet potatoes, corn, and pork chops drift into their noses.

“Yum!” Ron compliments with a smile, “so good smelling mum. I can’t wait to eat.”

Molly grins and pinches her son’s cheek. “Anything to make you smile, my son!” She says to him.

Ron follows Harry and Ginny into where they are in the living room and notices Ginny is on her mobile phone. “Who are you texting Gin?”

Ginny hesitates to say the name. “Hermione.”

 “What’s she up to?” Ron asks curiously. Why do I care? He asks himself.

“She’s at Draco’s.” Ginny replies shortly.

“Oh, wonderful.” Ron comments.

“Mate, don’t even ask those questions then if you don’t want to know,” Harry lectures him. “It’s just setting you up to be upset again.”

“You’re right Harry. I shouldn’t ask about her.” Ron agrees.

He wishes Hermione can just get out of his head; he wishes he can realize he can’t have her back. But it is kind of impossible right now. How can you erase nine years of friendship with someone? And when you fell in love with that someone? When you lost your virginity to that someone? Ron, stop, he disciplines himself mentally as he feels himself growing depressed again at these thoughts.

Molly frowns at her son. “It will be okay Ron, you will find a nice girl for you someday but that was a foul thing of you to cheat on her and use that curse last night! Not the way I taught my sons and daughter to be raised!”

 “Mum, don’t start again please,” Ron begs. She rolls her eyes in response.

The rest of their evening goes by pretty quietly. Ginny and Harry eventually apparate back to their home to put James to bed and Ron sits and talks to his mum and dad about his depression about Hermione and her pregnancy with Draco.

Arthur is quite supportive of Ron, but agrees with everyone else that Hermione has her own life and own choices, and Ron was not good to her by cheating. He also thinks that Malfoy has really changed too, he has seen him in the Ministry, and he is much more gentleman-like, but of course Ron didn’t want to hear one bit of that.
(Draco and Hermione’s POV)

Draco and Hermione are still talking on his back porch as they eat the dinner that Elaina graciously prepared for them when they hear a loud crack.

“Mum’s home,” Draco mumbles, rolling his eyes. Narcissa walks into the backyard where they are.

 “Hello children, how are you tonight?” Narcissa asks without any emotion on her face.

“Fine mum, how was your day with Ms. Carrow?” Draco asks.

Hermione winces at the name and shivers run through her arms. She was almost killed by Miss Carrow in the war, her husband is dead, maybe they are grieving together, who knows.

“Fine, it went well. I told her your news about you and her and she was not happy but, hmmph, not a surprise! Because who is?” Narcissa snarls, looking at Hermione up and down. Draco glares at his mother as Hermione realizes Narcissa is going to act like her old self around her tonight.

“Stop it mum!”

“I was not doing a thing Draco! I am going inside, see you shortly!” She mumbles, returning into the manor.

Hermione looked at Draco. “Why does your mum hate me?”

“She doesn’t hate you. She is trying but is having a hard time coming out of old ways, though she’s coming around slowly,” Draco sighs, then adds, “plus she wanted me to stay with Astoria.”

Hermione rolls her eyes. “Great, just wonderful Draco!”

“Hermione stop, don’t worry about that! I hate that girl, more than anyone! Please believe me! Don’t be jealous, please?” Draco pleads with her, regretting even bringing that up.

Kissing his cheek, Hermione smiles and decides to shake off her silly jealous thoughts. “I’m not, just hope your mum and I get on better terms eventually.”

 “You will, she is still recovering from the war as well. Remember Father was very harsh on us and made us feel and think like him, he’s a very dark man. Luckily I turned a leaf after the war but my mother, not so much yet. She also had Bellatrix as a sister.” Draco reminds Hermione. Then he decided to change the subject. “So, how far are you in your pregnancy?”

Hermione hasn’t thought about that, she realizes. “About six weeks I assume, but I need to go to the doctor to find out for sure.”

Draco looks at her, confused.

“A doctor is someone in the Muggle world who medically takes care of people…just like a Healer,” Hermione laughs. Draco also laughs and comments, “Guess you need to tutor me on some things.”

Then someone walks outside the house. She must have come home with Narcissa or right after her. “Oh, how disgusting!”

The high pitched voice of Astoria Greengrass sounds as she walks over to the table they are sitting at and looks Hermione in the face. “You foul little bitch! Do you think you can go out with my by boyfriend behind my back and the press not have it all in the Daily Prophet?”

She slams a paper on the table,


 Rita Skeeter is of course the author of this one. There is a picture of Draco and Hermione together on their very first lunch date the day they met up in the bookstore. There is not much dirt on them, basically the fact that they were seen together and that it drew questions and blah blah blah. This is a surprise that this was all with all of the Paparazzi sneaking around the 'famous' Golden Trio and Draco Malfoy 'son of a Death Eater that got free' these days.

Hermione just looked at Draco, not answering her.

 “Astoria, what the bloody hell are you doing here?” Draco sneers violently.

 “Draco, shut up, let the mudblood answer for herself, she does have a voice, right? She’s supposedly smart, like you said?” Astoria asks with just as much venom in her voice, looking back at Hermione with her piercing sea green eyes.

She is so beautiful it is terrifying to Hermione. How can Draco even think about being with her when he had this? She must be part veela!

Draco stands up and gets between Hermione and Astoria.

“LEAVE, NOW!” Draco bellows.

 Astoria kisses him on the mouth in front of Hermione, to which she gasps at.

Draco pulls out his wand after violently pushing her off of him.

“NO! DON’T DRACO!” Hermione screams, he stops mouthing the curse, but he did not take the wand from Astoria’s face.

Astoria laughs coldly. “So the little muddy girl does have a voice? Do you know how much shit he has said about you in the past?” Astoria spits at Hermione. “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into Granger! We are dark, pureblood wizard and witches here, way above you, and you have the nerve to steal Draco from me, tsk, tsk! My father will have you both slaughtered when he returns from Azkaban, I reckon his father will help as well!”

Draco puts down his wand and grabs Astoria’s arm to make her look him in the face.

 “Astoria, we broke up a long time ago. We are not together and will never be again, why can’t you possibly get that through you head? We are having a child together, Hermione and I. And I love her despite the blood-status she is!” Astoria backs away with a huge open mouth and goggled out eyes.

“YOU MATED WITH THAT FILTHY BITCH!? SHE’S HAVING YOUR BABY!” Astoria screams running over to Hermione and slapping her face with great force.

 Luckily then, Narcissa arrives outside as she hears the commotion. “Astoria! Quit at once, you need to leave them be! You told me you were coming to make friends with them not kill his girlfriend! Not only is she my son’s new girlfriend, that’s my grandchild in there and despite his or her blood status she/he is I will protect my family!” Narcissa yells, grabbing Astoria by the sleeve and making her come inside and leave.

After some yelling between Narcissa and Astoria, Hermione and Draco hears a door slam and Astoria crying very loudly and dramatically walking up the driveway before apparating, the echoes of her loud high heels on the concrete fading with her.

Draco runs over to Hermione's side, still shaking with anger and hugs her.

“Are you okay?” He asks, putting his hand on her face so he can look into her eyes.

“Yes,” She says in a whisper.

“I hate her,” Draco says, shuddering at the thought of her.

 “She isn’t the nicest woman on the planet,” Hermione agrees, grinning a little.

 “I am so sorry she slapped you. I am happy my mum put a stop to it. Maybe she went to speak with her parents. I am sure Mr. Greengrass wants me killed but he is in Azkaban with my father so he may not even know about all this and if he did, so what…” Draco tells Hermione.

She smiles at him. “Draco, I am thankful for all the changing you have done. And for whom you are now. I would have never though this in a million years would happen, us together. I thought I would be with Ron forever. No joking, but that shows how life goes sometimes.”

“I never saw myself with Astoria forever, I just saw myself with her for the moment because I was lonely. Really I was. I knew the right gal was somewhere out there, just had no idea who. I wasn’t waiting patiently for that gal either. But hey, she and I bumped into each other in a bookstore. What a love story,” Draco says, giving Hermione a peck on the forehead as she laughs at this.

“And we were enemies, not caring if one or the other died,” Hermione states.

 “No, I never wanted you hurt, I always hated seeing you upset, even if I did the upsetting, and I just about lost it when I watched my Aunt Bellatrix torcher you that night. I think it was a long time coming Hermione and I always found your bookworm personality sexy, but I was a Death Eater then, of course I could never ever admit that to myself. It took two years of changing and finding myself to see you in that bookstore and feel that real attraction to you for the first time,” Draco tells her with a serious expression on his face.

 “I never wanted you hurt either, though I never really liked you. I really hated you,” Hermione admits honestly.

 Draco doesn’t feel offended, he realizes he deserves that.

It gets to be about midnight and Hermione is growing quite tired. After talking, they walked up to Draco’s room and snogged for a good hour or so.

“Would you like to stay here?” Asks Draco hopefully.

 “No, I may soon but not right now. I will see you soon. I love you,” Hermione says as she grabs all of her belongings. She says her fare wells for now and apparates home. As soon as she arrives home she basically just jumps right into bed, she is so tired from the day’s events. She falls right to sleep.


Chapter 15: Love at First Sight
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A crack of thunder rattles the whole bedroom. It’s raining again? Hermione wonders, blinking her just now opened eyes toward the window seeing the countryside swaying in the wind and rain blurring the window. The usual nausea comes over her when she stands up too fast and she vomits in the toilet. And as usual the wave ends right after she relieves herself.

Harry must have gone to work because it is just Ginny and James in the house besides Hermione. Ginny is passed out on the couch with James in her arms. He must have woke Ginny up too early for her liking this morning, that’s the thing about babies and Hermione should enjoy her sleep when she has it. About three weeks has passed since she last went to the manor and spent time with Draco since Hermione has picked up quite a few extra shifts at the Ministry to save money for the baby. Ron has even stopped texting her and she hasn’t seen him in over three weeks either. This kind of makes Hermione a little sad but she doesn’t want to admit it to herself.

Maybe he is over her now for good. But surely he isn’t this easily, even though they had a screaming argument the last time they saw each other. Luckily she is starting to come to an agreement with herself, she can still love Ron but hate him for his actions, and be completely in love with Malfoy and not feel guilty about it.

A week ago Hermione made a doctor’s appointment at a Muggle OB/GYN office in downtown London and today is the day she is to go. Of course it has to be raining.

 Draco has no idea what this place is or what goes on there but he agreed to go because Hermione had told him that he would see their baby on a screen, and this was enough to make him go, he tried not to think about the Muggle prospect of it even though Hermione has been helping him be more open to stuff such as this.

Lucius was never really there for Narcissa when she was pregnant with Draco so he really wants to show Hermione and prove to himself that he really is not anything like his father.

This had been one of his fears in the past, he has always been somewhat afraid that he would turn out just like Lucius. Luckily now he realizes he is nothing like him and has turned out to be a good man so far even though he did agree to join the Death Eaters, but he never really wanted to.

It is three in the afternoon when the couple departs off to the city, and Draco is a bit more nervous by the hour to be introduced to such a different environment.

He has never stepped foot in a Muggle territory before except to watch the Death Eaters kill because all his life it was basically 100% prohibited to be around or interact with any Muggles.

Instead of apparating like usual because they didn’t want to get any unwanted attention, they catch a bus. Hermione giggles at Malfoy as he looks at the people on the bus and all the passengers getting on.

“It’s so odd to think that not one of the people besides us on the bus know how to perform a single spell,” Draco whispers to Hermione, smirking at a couple that sits across the aisle from them looking at a map of London.

 She snorts in laughter. “Actually, it’s quite common. I grew up like that if you forgot. And how do you know they aren’t a witch and wizard? You can’t tell just by looking at a person.” She tells him and he smiles back, embarrassed that he had said that and afraid he might have offended her.

The bus ride is a good forty five minutes long and Draco has begun to get bored. “I never sat so long in my life,” he complains to her, feeling antsy.

 “Oh Draco, seriously? That’s barbaric,” Hermione barks, getting kind of irritated with him rolling her eyes and looking out at the passing vehicles.

She is quite relieved when the bus pulls into an area with many medical Muggle businesses because Draco had started talking foul about the Muggle’s clothing and ways that they talk and it is getting on her nerves. Even if he doesn’t admit it, he still did have a bit of his old ways in him too and not just his mum, he is still so much better than he ever was in the past so she forgives him for this.

“OB/GYN? What does that mean anyway?” Draco asks.

 Hermione sighs, “Obstetrics, it’s a baby doctor.” She feels like she is back in Hogwarts answering dumb questions her classmates had no idea about the answer to.

 “Oh,” Draco simply says as they walk into an office where there are all kinds of pregnant Muggles and even some babies around. Draco walks straight to the seat looking wildly around at the other people as Hermione walks to the receptionist who is an attractive woman in her mid-twenties with blue eyes and bouncy blonde hair.

 Hermione finishes registering and sits to wait next to Draco. “I’m nervous to see the baby, but excited!” Hermione confides in Draco, taking in all the excited couples around them, feeling that way too.

Draco is too much in awe of the different things around him to acknowledge what she just said.

A friendly nurse with auburn curls comes out while looking at a clip-board in front of her, barely acknowledging them as she calls, “Hermione Granger!” When they rise and walk toward her, she motions for them to follow her and they did so.

They arrive into a room with a sonogram machine after the nurse takes Hermione’s height and weight. “Dr. Reek will be in shortly!”  The nurse exclaims after taking Hermione’s blood pressure.

 “Wow, this stuff is all so interesting, they can actually see babies on here!” Draco asks, pointing at the machine.

“Yes,” answers Hermione with a smile. She finds it kind of adorable he is learning all these new things.

The doctor knocks, comes in, and asks Hermione a lot of questions about her health history and if she has ever been pregnant before. Hermione answers them as Draco looks on, shocked by all this still.

He wonders why the “doctor” dresses like this but decides he better not say a thing because he knows Hermione would be embarrassed.

Then the doctor picks up a big probe off of the sonogram machine and tells Hermione to lift her shirt up to reveal her tummy, which is already a little bloated looking with a tiny bump. The doctor applies some gel on her and starts to scan for the baby…. Then they saw their little one…

“Baby is ten weeks along it looks like from my measurements, and heartbeat is strong at 156 beats per minute. Congratulations to you both the baby is healthy,” he tells them. He then puts away the probe and tells Hermione she can sit up. “You will see me again in a month and please call if there are any complications or questions. You may go by the front desk to make your appointment; it was nice meeting you both.”

 Hermione’s eyes welled up with happy tears, she is so happy everything was going so well! Seeing the baby makes it so real for her, she really is going to be a mum!

 Draco’s face lights up when he sees his child for the first time. “Blimey, that’s my baby, my child... oh my god...” He says as the doctor leaves the room, looking as though he may have been about to cry.

The doctor gives Hermione pictures of the baby and after a quick few last questions they leave her room in smiles and Draco grabs her hand as they leave the doctor’s office.

Hermione is so annoyed with the way Draco acted earlier that she decides that they will apparate after all. So after avoiding some people standing around, they go behind the building and apparate to the manor.

Hermione is so shocked about seeing her baby and so happy, she can barely contain her excitement and wants to show the world the photographs of the baby inside her.

Draco even took out the pictures in front of his mum. “This is your grandchild,” Draco says proudly revealing the picture to Narcissa.

Narcissa can’t help but smile, “Oh how precious!” She even hugs Hermione and this shocks her a bit.

Hermione then says goodbye to Draco and apparates to the Burrow where she knew Ginny is today with her mum, and she fears her presence for too long may upset Narcissa’s upbeat mood anyway.

It was still raining when she arrives and knocks on the door.

Ron answers still in his Ministry robes, he must have just got home since he started back at work today after his suspension from using the Cruciatus Curse on Draco, and Hermione’s heart sank. She wishes he wasn’t here right now.

“Hey Hermione, come in,” he mumbles quietly without really looking at her.

Ginny and Molly are sitting in the living room talking with tea in their hands before they both look up and greet Hermione.

“You look excited! What’s up?” Ginny asks. Hermione cautiously looks at Ron.

 “Don’t worry I won’t say anything or interrupt.” He says as he walks into the living room and sits down as well.

Taking this as her queue she pulled out her ultrasound pictures, “I got my baby looked at today, I am about ten weeks!”

 “Oh, how precious! Let me see!” Molly bursts, enthusiastically coming over to get a look.

  “Oh ‘Mione!” Ginny squeals, jumping up and down as she peers at the tiny square pictures as well. You can already see a tiny human forming.

They all hear a door slam all of a sudden as Ron leaves the house and is now sitting on the steps of the front porch.

This causes Hermione to stop celebrating. “Mrs. Weasley, I just don’t know what to do or how to act around him!” Hermione confesses to her frowning.

“Oh honey, he is going to stay like that for a while no matter how you act. But he has to realize that he doesn’t have you because of his mistake,” Molly says gravely, hugging Hermione.

 “He knows this should be our child, and that we should be happy, and about to be getting married still!” Hermione says starting to cry. “And I would have rather it been him than Malfoy any day just three months ago! But he broke my heart and I can never fully forgive him for what he did! And I know everything happens for a reason, and that’s why this happened between us and I am with Draco! And I’m not doing it just to hurt Ron! I’m sorry I have been holding this in so long and haven’t talked to anyone fully about it. I do still love Ron, but I am in love with Draco more and we are having a child together now. I wish I could just fix Ron’s wounds but it’s impossible! He can’t fix mine either! He did the unforgiveable act in a relationship, he cheated on me!” Molly keeps on holding onto Hermione as she cries, she hates this was such a happy day and then Ron had to go on and ruin it for her.

Ron hears the whole thing with the window being open, he holds back angry tears. He doesn’t hide his feelings like he used to, these were too hard to hide and he knew every word Hermione said is true.

He is starting to realize now that Hermione now belongs to another man because of his actions alone.  Slowly he’s accepting it even though he refuses to. His heart is broken, but it is because of what he did and not Hermione. She deserves a man who treats her right, and Draco has been treating her right. He treated her right too until just recently when he got stupid and cheated on her.

Ron wants to make everything okay again, and so did Hermione but this was a hard task to uphold. Hermione is pregnant with no other than Draco Malfoy’s baby... This is a fact he totally can't stand... The same sleek blonde-haired scrawny boy back in Hogwarts that they hated from Slytherin who taunted them almost every day has his Hermione pregnant and possibly has her heart now. Ron can never be on friendly terms with Draco, no matter if every member of his family was. He has done too much damage in his life.

Hermione is done pouring her heart out to Ginny and Molly and just sits grim-faced on the living room couch now. Thinking about everything, how happy she is with Draco but honestly did miss Ron some, the baby she loves so much already in her womb, and what she wants to do in her life but now has to wait because of the baby. She decides she will continue to work at the Ministry. Luckily her department is a very long way away from Ron’s and she never has to see him there or Lavender for that matter. 

Ron comes back in the house and sits on the couch next to Hermione to her amazement. Suddenly, he is hugging her.

 “I miss being with you Hermione, but even more I miss our friendship,” He says with his blue eyes searching her for her response.

 “Me as well, I miss our friendship…” Hermione whispers, kind of edging away from him but still looking into his eyes. The familiar cologne of Ron’s wafted into her nose, she misses it. She misses his crazy sense of humor. She misses being his best friend. But she can no longer be his lover no matter how bad he wants her to be again.

“I will do my best to support you because I love you and I want to be friends again,” Ron says to her.

“Thank you,” Is all she manages to get out. Ron then kisses her on the cheek and then walks upstairs.

Hermione looks toward Molly and Ginny.

 “Well, erm, that was nice of him!” Ginny awkwardly says, both her and her mother has open mouths at what they just saw.

“This is a mess,” Hermione confesses to them.

Ron lays in his bed thinking about Hermione and how he just couldn’t seem to stop being depressed. So depressed he feels there was no meaning in life anymore. He doesn’t like this feeling and wants someone to love him again.

Maybe it is time to give it a try with Emily Riker again? She is a nice girl even though she was rude to Hermione, and she did stay there with him until he told her to get out.

But then Lavender popped in his head again as she did even when he was happily with Hermione but fought. He had told her to piss off after Hermione left, but something in him missed her. After all she is beautiful despite the marks on her face from Fenrir Greyback.

Her ringlets have now relaxed more and her blonde hair is shinier than it was back in Hogwarts. Her blue eyes still were bright as ever like the sky. She can never ever replace Hermione but she is someone he always really was attracted to and went for. He thought about just settling with her because it is the best thing for him to be away from the thoughts of Hermione for a while. But can his and Hermione’s friendship be mended if he is with Lavender, the girl he cheated on her with?

He doesn't really care anymore but something has to make him feel better.

Chapter 16: Moving On is Hard To Do
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It is nine in the morning on a crisp, cool spring day, a couple weeks after Hermione had showed his family pictures of her and the Malfoy’s baby and the image hasn’t left his mind yet as if she had burnt his brain with it.

He keeps looking down at his phone with saddened eyes and doesn’t know if this is the right thing. Doesn’t he like Lavender? He did cheat on his fiancée with her so there must be some sort of feelings for her. Should he talk to her? He thinks Lavender might even love him although he has never loved her. He has always loved Hermione and probably always will. Lavender is beautiful, he has always known that. Her blonde, elegant ringlets that flow down her think back and bright blue eyes that always makes his heart skip a beat. Her dimpled smile and her vanilla perfume.

His heart beats fast as he sits in on the rusted wooden swing on the back porch of the Burrow that his father built just a year ago. The wind is strong and wisps his blazing red hair tightly around his forehead. His heart is defeated right now, but he no longer feels sorry for himself because he did this to himself, and now it is time to move on from Hermione because she no longer wants to be with him.

Lavender seems like the perfect second girl for him besides Hermione, she always has been. Because he can’t be with Hermione anymore, it just isn’t going to happen. It was over, they were over. Even if she wants to ever be back with him, the thought of her with Malfoy will always be on his mind.

He needs to stop staggering in the past and look forward. He is Ron Weasley; he is not a weak person. He is squeamish sometimes, wimpy sometimes like with his fear of spiders. But he is not weak as he did help his best friend defeat the darkest wizard of all time. He has been through hell and back at his tender age of twenty years old.

Swirly gray clouds settle over the horizon, more storms must be in the forecast as they are frequently lately. The weather matches how he feels, sad but determined. It looks like a storm is coming and as if it will be raining all day once again.

Finally Ron brings up all the courage he has inside and flips open his phone, finding Lavender’s name as he sits in a debate once again for another ten minutes if this is the right thing. He has seen Lavender at work lately and she just stares at him with sad eyes every time she gets the chance. She must still like him even though he told her to piss off. He bought Lavender a mobile just as Hermione did him so they can stay in contact without Hermione knowing when he was cheating on her.

He clicks on her number and the dial tone starts to ring. “Hello?” A light, confused voice answers.

“Hi, uh, Lavender, erm… it’s Ron.”

“Oh hi. Are you okay?” Lavender asks with concern in her voice.

“Yes I’m fine, how are you?” His voice is a little shaky.

“Good I am getting by, why have you called me? I am at work,” she tells him. Her tone laced with surprise.

 “I want to have a talk with you tonight. Can we have dinner?” Ron asks her, his heart sinking. He wishes he can go on a date with Hermione and prove how wrong he is and sorry, but she will never agree to that now.

“Sure, of course!” Lavender squeaks in excitement. “Great!”

Ron is smiling now for the first time in months. “I’ll pick you up at your house at seven.”

He feels a little ray of hope. Like maybe he can be happy again. Even if it isn’t with the person he really loves.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione awakes from a deep sleep. She had a dream last night about her baby being a little girl. Draco and she gazed at their newborn with affectionate eyes in the dream, but Ron looked sadly though the nursery window next to Ginny and Molly. Why is Ron still in her dreams?

The rain is pounding hardly on the window and wind whistles severely through the cracks. Suddenly there is a snore from beside her, and she jumps as she forgot she had stayed overnight with Draco for the first time as he has finally convinced her to.

She turns and admires his masculine figure as he sleeps. His muscular body surrounds her and it gives her a feeling of pleasure and happiness. She lifts her hand and rubs his cheek with her thumb, then leans in to kiss his cheek.

He grunts in surprise and opens his eyes in startle, whispering, “Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning love,” Hermione answers, blushing a little as she has never used those words before. “I had a dream last night that we had a baby girl,” she gushes, smiling ear to ear.

 “I would love a little girl,” Draco comments, smiling hugely and rolling over to face Hermione.

“Me too,” Hermione agrees, beaming.

“What would you like for breakfast?” He asks.

“I can cook,” Hermione tells him, her brunette hair surrounding him as she lies atop his broad chest. She hears his heart beating into her ears. Quickening as their skin touches.

“You are my guest and my mother is gone. Besides, the elves cook our breakfast so what would you like?” Draco scowls in annoyance as he sits up, making Hermione fall off of him and back onto her fluffy green pillow.

Hermione rolls her eyes at his tone. “Fine, scrambled eggs and sausage! But you have to cook it yourself, not the house-elves. It will make it more… special.”

Draco rolls his eyes as he knows of her ‘save the house-elf campaigns’ and sits up to get out of bed, pulling on his pants as Hermione goggles over his half-naked body. Pregnancy hormones are crazy lately for her. He then walks out of the room, leaving her alone to find Elaina to teach him how to cook breakfast.  

Hermione stays lying down as she hasn’t been nauseated yet this morning and doesn’t want it to start, so she waits to see if Draco will bring her breakfast in bed...

About thirty minutes later, he brings it to her on a marble white tray but she is fast asleep again. He clears his throat, making her jump out of her slumber.

“Oh, thanks. I’m sorry, guess I may still be a bit tired…” Hermione apologizes with a yawn.

Draco chuckles to himself. “Well you are in the process of making my child, and I can only imagine that would be a tiring job.”

Hermione laughs in reply at this, he never will get over his conceitedness, she knew that much.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron apparates to Hermione and his old apartment for one of the last times since he plans on giving up his lease to move back in with Molly and Arthur. He paces throughout the apartment, thinking of what he will think to say to Lavender tonight on their first date since the breakup with Hermione.

His heart sinks as he wonders of what Hermione will think when she sees him with Lavender again. But she can’t say anything because she is with Malfoy, the enemy and the one they always loathed. It makes him sick to even think of them together. About him touching her, making love to her, it makes him want to throw up. He wants to take back everything, but he can’t, he just has to take a step forward now and Lavender is the start to the new leaf. He likes her a lot, and she is the only one he can ever see himself with besides Hermione.

The day passes on as thunderstorms progress all day just as Ron predicted, and when a quarter to seven arrives, Ron gets dressed in his best clothes and apparates to Lavender’s house in London where she lives in a town home with her roommate, Cho Chang, Harry’s former girlfriend before Ginny.

When he knocks on the door, Cho answers shyly, “Oh, hi Ron.”

“Hello Cho, how have you been?” Ron asks her politely.

 “Good! Erm, let me go get Lavender, I am sure she’s almost ready.” Cho says with a huge smile. Then she disappears to the back of the small house.

Ron steps inside the small two bedroom house, where Cho, her boyfriend (who is also former Gryffindor mates with Harry and Ron) Dean Thomas, and Lavender all share a home. He has only been here once before, on one of the nights they snuck around.

Lavender walks into the entryway where Ron waits, and all of his thoughts disappear- She walks down the short flight of stairs in a bubble gum pink dining dress. She looks absolutely stunning as it hugs each one of her curves and her makeup is done perfectly. Hermione escapes from his mind as he steps forward to take her hand.

“I’ve missed you Lav,” he says without realizing, hugging her to him.

Lavender giggles and kisses him on the cheek. “You ready to go then?”

 Ron takes her hand and leads her out into the rain as she holds an umbrella over their heads. They apparate to Diagon Alley in front of Enzo’s Italian Eatery where is a line in front of the restaurant. As they walk nearer they see the last people in line are a couple, a man with shaggy blonde hair and a barely pregnant woman wearing a red dress and elegant bun. Apparently, Draco and Hermione have also decided to eat dinner at Enzo’s tonight to Ron’s horror.

Ron’s heart starts to palpitate, this is the first time he has actually seen them together and his anger starts bubbling inside him like hot water.

Lavender notices he looks upset and squeezes his hand. “What is wrong?”

Ron starts to breathe rapidly as he watches Draco lightly rub Hermione’s back as they continue to wait in line to be seated; this makes him blind with rage.

“Ron!” Lavender whispers loudly looking at them and back at Ron. “Do you want to go somewhere else?”

Ron suddenly comes to his senses, he is working on getting over Hermione and he is on a date with Lavender. If he was alone Malfoy may not be moving right now, but Lavender is with him and he wants to keep her now for the health of himself- he needs another woman in his life.

“Well, look who it is!” Says Draco’s drawling masculine voice. Hermione also turns around in shock when she sees who is behind them.
(Hermione's POV)

“Hi Ron, and erm, Lavender,” Hermione says politely, smiling at them even though she feels stunned. When she sees Lavender, the memory of Ron’s actions flood back into her mind. She turns around, her heart racing. Draco keeps chatting to them, and Hermione knows Ron probably just wants to hit him.
(Ron's POV)

Ron tries to keep his anger under control as he clings onto Lavender, not even listening to Malfoy as Lavender notices Hermione’s little bump from the side.

“Hermione, are you pregnant?” Lavender asks in shock, interrupting Malfoy’s sentence entirely.

All of them face Hermione and Hermione turns around once again, her face a dark red. She just looks at Lavender blankly for a moment before answering.

“What? I was just wondering!” Lavender states, thinking Hermione is offended and hoping she isn’t pregnant but just gained a few pounds.

 “Yes, I am pregnant Lavender, about twelve weeks along,” Hermione admits in a sharp tone.

“Congrats to you!” Lavender lies with a fake, excited smile. But she then looks at Ron and glares.

After Draco takes Hermione’s arm when they were called for a table, Lavender digs into Ron’s arm with her finger nails and makes him stop from moving forward.

“Oy! What the hell?!” Ron yelps in pain.

“Ronald! Is she pregnant with your baby?!” Lavender whispers fiercely.

“No Lav! It’s Malfoy’s! They have been together quite a while now and we haven’t slept together in months by the time we broke up!” Ron says fast, he can see Lavender wants to hit him hard.

She relaxes when he says this and grabs his hand softly again. “Good because I am not about to go on a date with someone whom currently has another girl pregnant!”

Ron frowns. “Well it isn’t mine Lavender-”

Lavender looks at him with piercing eyes. “And you are upset about that?”

He hesitates. “No! No way Lav, let’s go, people have cut in front of us now.”

“I never liked her Ron.” Lavender sneers at Ron.

The couple catches up to the line, falling quite behind since Lavender stops him. He wants to scream back at her that he doesn’t give a damn whether Lavender likes her or not, Hermione is still the girl he loves, no one can change that… but he doesn’t say a word.

Ron notices that Hermione doesn’t turn around to look at Lavender and Ron again as they are led to their seat. Unfortunately, they are seated quite closely together and Ron starts to watch Draco’s every move, Lavender luckily doesn’t notice.

He watches how he touches Hermione so gently. Hermione laughs at him, kissing him back. She really is happy… he doesn’t want to ruin her happiness; a great sense of jealousy overcomes him again. He wants to be where Draco is… this just isn’t right or fair to watch Draco live the life he is supposed to be living.

Lavender clears her throat bringing Ron back to reality and he looks at her.

“So what is it you wanted to talk about tonight?” Lavender asks with a smile.

“I want to talk to you about us,” Ron tells her quietly.

“Us? What about us?” Lavender looks at him, waiting for a good answer.

Ron then focuses just on Lavender and reminds himself what he wants now. Her blue eyes pierce his lovingly and it reminds him that he’s here for her right now.

 “I want us to get back together. You see, you are beautiful and I want to be with you again. I want to treat you well, and be your boyfriend for real this time. I am sorry for how I took advantage of you, and how I just told you to piss off… I do like you.”

“Yes!” Then Lavender kisses him all of a sudden, Ron accepts. He notices Hermione look down on him as she passes them to go to the toilet room. She looks sad. Does she still feel something for him too? But… that doesn’t matter anymore; she is pregnant with another man’s baby.

Lavender looks at him after a short moment of silence. “You are acting a bit weird, Ron. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Then their food comes and Ron drinks his firewhiskey quite fast Wincing as his throat burns.

He starts coughing, making Malfoy turn around and laugh at him. Ron wants to throw a curse at him and Lavender watches with daggers for eyes.

“Ronald, stop looking mad at him just because he is with Hermione!” She says sharply, clearly hacked off.  

Ron looks at Lavender and shakes his head and lies. “No Lav, you know my past with Malfoy! I told you I am with you now!” She believes him luckily and quits accusing him.

Finally they finish dinner after Ron looks at Draco and Hermione off and on for an hour and his insides are still inflamed with anger but he controls it. They leave before Draco and Hermione to apparate to Ron’s apartment as soon as Ron finishes is fourth firewhiskey.

Chapter 17: Out With the Old, In With the New
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Ron and Lavender crash through the front door of Ron’s apartment, like their lips and tongues are glued together. They kiss passionately, like the two of them have been waiting for this for centuries and they finally found each other.

Lavender, obviously in charge of things, takes Ron by the shoulders and throws him on his bed. She undresses him and then strips down into her pink lingerie she put on especially for him.

Ron likes the way she looks and grabs her slender body so she can kiss him again. Hermione finally escapes from his mind and Lavender takes her place… for now.  He now takes control from there and pulls her body under him as he slowly and nervously takes off her lingerie. They start shagging on Ron’s abandoned bed, and Ron is actually having fun, enjoying himself.

When they are finished, they lay motionless in his bed under the comforter and sheets that he and Hermione used to share. He quietly rubs his rough thumb across Lavender’s bright olive skin as she stares up at the ceiling, her blue eyes smiling as she has finally gotten what she wants.

She suddenly breaks the silence between them. “I love you Ronald Bilious Weasley. I always have. You have always been the only boy I have ever had feelings for. When you left me when we were sixteen, it truly broke my heart.”

He looks at her and then looks up at the ceiling, he doesn’t say anything back because he can’t lie and say he loves her when his heart is still with someone else.

“Aren’t you going to say it back?” Lavender asks, her bottom lip quivering as she looks over at him.

Ron turns to stare blankly at her and he then just looks back up on the ceiling. “You too,” he says gruffly but obviously without true feeling.

“Th-thank you!”  She says, feeling relieved and wiping a pathetic tear that has fallen down her cheek. “I am so happy to be with you again. I can’t help but be so worried you still love her.”

“I’m sorry I hesitated,” Ron honestly whispers to her, hating himself for being such a git and turning to her again to look at her.

“You said it back that’s what matters!” Lavender answers him, smiling and moving in to kiss him again. He snogs her back and then they break apart.

Ron just has to get over Hermione! It just has to happen for him to move on with life and with another woman.

“I am over Hermione, Lavender! Please believe me that I am working my hardest to not even do as much as think about her for now on. I have to admit it was a very bad mistake what I did to her with you. I am kind of upset with you for that but that’s okay now,” Ron states not meaning to say the last part.

“Upset with me!?” Lavender asks angrily.

“No, no, I mean with us both. I should have not ruined my relationship by cheating, I should have just-” Ron starts but she interrupts.

“What?” Lavender asks, glaring at him.

“Broken up with her…” He lies to Lavender.

“Yeah, you should have! But Won-Won that’s in the past and you need to move on with me now. It’s time,” Lavender says, desperately wrapping her legs around him.

“Okay Lav, can you not call me won-won?” Ron snarls in annoyance, making her back away from him a little in offense.

“Yes, sorry Ron, forgive me, and I am sorry I helped ruin your relationship. But you wouldn’t be with me right now, you would be with her. So I am sorry but not sorry! You know I have always wanted you!” Lavender tells him with a squeaky voice, annoyed that he won’t look at her straight in the face.  

(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione gazes up at the ceiling of her bedroom. Why does it upset her that she saw Ron with Lavender? Hasn’t she suspected it since he cheated on her with Lavender that they would get together? If she is with Draco why does this bother her so badly?

Maybe her feelings for Ron weren’t gone, but when she imagines herself with Ron again it doesn’t work out because of how he cheated on her. She wouldn’t ever forgive Ron for breaking her heart, it is just too low of a thing that he did. But she does forgive him for his actions.

Even though she knows she still has feelings for both men, she is happy she doesn’t have to pick between the two because she is having Draco’s baby and not Ron’s. Ron is also with Lavender again, which makes Hermione want to never speak to him again. But since she is with Draco she doesn’t want anyone to know this still hurts her. Not even Ginny.

Ginny and Harry had already gone to bed by the time she got home, so she didn’t get to tell Ginny of the night’s happenings.

She walks directly to her beaded hat in her bedroom now. There is one item she didn’t get out of there when she moved in with Ginny and Harry, Ron and Hermione’s picture in Paris when he asked her to marry him. She picks it up and holds it to her chest. Being alone, she decides to just let her feelings all out for the first time. She lies back on her bed and holds the picture up in front of her face, tears well up in her eyes and she starts to cry.

The thoughts about the cheating, heartbreak, and the break up creep into her mind. The night in the hotel room with Draco, her pregnancy, Ron being with Lavender at the restaurant and looking okay.

But she knows Ron hasn’t moved on, he still has the same look in his eyes that he did when they were together.

She sobs her heart out while she holds the picture, she screams into the pillow. Maybe she just needed to cry, all this was held in too long and it is time to let go of Ron for she can never be with him again. Missing Ron, liking Draco so much, it all is so crazy important to her but it’s scary how it has all changed so quickly.

Hermione thinks of how she loves what kind of man Draco has become, she loves his muscular body, and his shaggy blonde hair, and she even loves his little scruffy facial hair he now has on his chin. When he kisses her, it tickles her face.  She really and seriously does love Draco, and frankly she does want to be with him more than Ron because she was never one hundred percent happy with Ron anyways. It is comforting to remember that.

Ron never listened to her the way Draco does, he never laughed at her jokes, he made fun of her smartness at times, it was in a cute way but it was also annoying. Of course Draco did too but he confesses it is one of his main attractions to her. Ron would have been a wonderful father to her child, but Draco will be an amazing dad.

Hermione finally realizes, she does not want to be with Ronald Weasley, she wants to be with Draco Malfoy, and that’s okay! Even though he was a Death Eater, even though his mum and dad are some of her least favorite people, she wants to be with him, Draco Lucius Malfoy, the father of her child.
(Ron’s POV)

Ron lies awake, motionless in his bed while Lavender snores beside him. He glances at the alarm clock; it is already three in the morning. His eyes then gaze around the apartment and he thinks how he has never seen just how empty it really is… Like all the life that was in it before was taken when Hermione left. Knowing he can’t be with Hermione again almost for sure because she was having Malfoy’s baby kills him. Of course something can always happen, but that is as much of a chance as Harry breaking up with Ginny for Luna, just because of how much damage he knows he caused Hermione.

Maybe he can have another chance down the road? But Malfoy has to ruin that all by coming into her life at the perfect moment, when she broke up with Ron. Ron can see Hermione has already fallen for Draco Malfoy, the ex-Death Eater, part of the reason his brother was dead. 

But there is always a chance Draco will start acting like his old self, Ron almost bets his life that he will. And when Malfoy does start acting like the old Draco Malfoy again then Hermione will come running back to Ron. Or will she?
Ron looks at Lavender’s sleeping figure in deep thought. He does not love her and feels bad for leading her on. Maybe he will eventually grow to love her like she loves him. But right now he is too wounded to think about loving another woman.

He decides tonight that he will stay together with Lavender for a while to see where it goes with her. He does have chemistry with Lavender. After all, he did date Lavender before Hermione. He drifts off to sleep, having work in the morning.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione awakes to an alarm clock, it is seven in the morning and it is one of the days she has to work at the Ministry. She hasn’t been in a few weeks, wanting to avoiding Ron. Luckily, she makes her own schedule.

Luckily Draco also worked at the Ministry part-time in the Improper Use of Magic Department on the fifth floor and he is not too far from her work, which is on the fourth floor, The Department of Regulation and Control for Magical Creatures. 

Hermione still wants to go to work; she loves her job despite having to be in the same building as Ron and Lavender. She protects the magical animals of the wizarding world, something she has been passionate about for a long time, ever since she was a little girl she protected and cared for animals.

This was why she refused Harry’s job offer to work in the Auror office with him and Ron for now. Now she is happy she doesn’t work there, but it may have avoided Ron’s cheating all together if she had an eye on him all day.

Hermione walks into the lady’s toilet-room and flushes herself down the toilet as she always does when going to work for the last year and a half.

Draco stands waiting for her by the fireplace where she walks out of. He startles her because she doesn’t expect him. He grabs her hand and they start off toward the elevators.

Hermione glanced around for Ron, wanting to avoid him at all costs. Sure enough, there is Ron and Lavender walking perpendicularly to them, crossing the big Atrium of the Ministry. He must feel Hermione’s stare because he looks straight at her and they make uncomfortable eye contact. Hermione feels like freezing but she keeps walking and forces herself to look away from him. Ron continues to gaze at her as her and Draco near the elevator.

Many people greet Hermione and Draco as they walk, but some glared at them. A few of Draco’s past acquaintances and fellow ex-Death Eater’s siblings, daughters, or sons that knew the Malfoys shake their heads in disgust as they see Draco holding Hermione’s hand and her newly pregnant stomach. Although she isn’t showing too much she knows it is getting a little more noticeable.

Hermione’s acquaintances also glare but when they got in front of her they wave and some even congratulate her on her pregnancy and hug her.

Finally the couple walks into the elevator. Just as it is about to go up, Hermione notices Ron watching her still as Lavender and he sits on a bench and she is chatting away to him while he barely listens. Hermione shakes her head and then looks away.

Draco notices Hermione looking and he mutters, “Weasleby… blithering idiot.” Hermione glares at him for a moment but looks away before he notices.

Hermione’s floor comes up and she steps off after giving Draco a peck on the lips to which several people grunt at in disapproval.

Being their first time in the actual public, it didn’t go too rough; they expected a little more drama to unfold, like Pansy Parkinson to jump out of the shadows and do something harsh. But she is working in the Department of Mysteries, and is rarely ever seen around the Ministry. She is now engaged to Zabini, so her Draco crush days are over fortunately to Draco.

“Hello Hermione Granger! Where have you been?” Susan Bones, Hermione’s co-worker and ex-classmate asks as she gives her a quick hug.

“Busy getting over Ron and making Malfoy’s baby,” Hermione jokes. Susan, not the judging type, just laughs.

Luna Lovegood joins them, her blonde hair just as long as ever and still having that clueless, dreamy look on her face.

“Well, hi Hermione! Haven’t seen you in ages it seems. I just got back from traveling the world! Neville and I keep talking about how we need to double date with you and Ron!” She states in her bubbly voice but excited voice. Hermione looks at Susan with a frown.

“Luna, they broke up. Ron cheated on her,” Susan explains to Hermione’s rescue, annoyed at Luna’s dottiness.

Luna blushes while noticing Hermione’s small baby bump. “Oh I’m so sorry. How terrible of him! I hope your baby will still be in good hands with you both and you can get along for it! Congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way. I heard from others you are pregnant but I haven’t seen you in person yet.”

Hermione hesitates before saying anything. Obviously Luna is clueless of the current situation since she’s been away with Neville. “Luna, erm… I am with Malfoy, this is his baby.”

Luna does a double-take. “Not Draco Malfoy?!”

This causes a lot of people to look at them. Luna realizes she attracted everyone’s attention and she grabs Hermione’s arm and tugs her in Hermione’s and her shared office and slams the door.

“What are you thinking? Has a nargle been in your head?!” Luna has always been known to believe in odd creatures.

“No Luna, I like Draco. We met in a bookstore and became friends, and about a month ago I became his girlfriend,” Hermione awkwardly tells her quirky friend.

“So… Draco Malfoy is… good now? Or have you gone rebel? Are you still one of us?” Luna questions.

 Hermione giggles. “No, Draco has changed since the war and he is very good now or I’d like to hope so. I am still friends with you all and would never dream of going to the other side.”

 Luna sits with her eyes looking blankly at Hermione. She then says out of the blue, “Well, I always thought he is rather attractive.”

Hermione just smiles at her silly friend.

A knock on the door startles the girls in mid conversation. A large gray headed man with small spectacles comes in the room with a piece of paper.

“Hermione Jean Granger?” The man asks.

 Hermione answers him. “That’s me, what would you like Mr. Perkins?”

He turns to look at Hermione. “I have a job offer for you from Arthur Weasley and myself for you to join the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office, please consider it, it will do us a lot of good.”

He hands Hermione a very long letter from Arthur himself:
Perkins and I have discussed that you would be the best fit in the position we are looking for in the Misuse of Muggle artifacts office, you see you have a very smart sense when it comes to Muggle objects. I have always known this and I know that you enjoy working with animal laws, but please think about it…

The letter goes on and on to explain what position she would have and what kind of work she would do day to day and ends with Arthur basically begging her to take it. This is something new to think about…  But she just doesn’t know about this.

Chapter 18: Questions..
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Hermione stares at the small letter, four hours after Perkins delivered it. She sits at her desk after a long session of talking on the phone to a witch named Gabriella Stone who has an abnormal amount of elves whom she doesn’t take care of properly. It is up to Hermione what actions the Department takes, but her mind is too occupied to think straight.

Luna is curious as to what the letter says and looks over her shoulder. “Oh how we would miss you Hermione, you love it here in this office!” Luna exclaims.

“I know Luna, I know, but Arthur promised me some great stuff and you are leaving again soon anyway-” Hermione retorts matter-of-factly back.

She thinks about how this would affect her pregnancy, this is a full-time job being offered to her, not part time and she would be on her feet and on investigations a lot. Being in her second trimester at fifteen weeks now, she is a little less tired but is gaining a little weight.

The pay sounds nice and she will get to work with another passion of her’s, working with Muggle artifacts and arresting people who try to mess with them wrongly, helping to keep Magical Laws obeyed. She would also help out with the Aurors every now and then.

The biggest downfall of this is that the office she would have is just a few steps away from the offices that the Aurors have, and that means she would see Lavender and Ron all the time. She really doesn’t want to go through that awkwardness every day, but frankly she really doesn’t care anymore.

Luna stares at Hermione which is getting on her nerves. “What are you going to do?” Luna asks, obviously not wanting her good friend to leave.

“Luna, I will need time to think about it,” Hermione states sharply.

“Sorry for bothering you, I will be leaving now to go and meet and talk to that woman with all the elves. Thanks for your help today with the case Hermione. I will take over from here. I would go and get checked for nargles, you aren’t acting like yourself,” says Luna, she then walks out of their office looking at Hermione quite seriously, to which Hermione giggles at when her friend is out of the office. This is Luna trying to be rude.

For the first time after arriving at work, Hermione has peace and quiet since she got here and her day at work is almost over. At six o’clock, she locks up her office, not hearing from or seeing Luna after she has left to see the elf keeper. She didn’t expect to know the outcome of the case until tomorrow.

Draco sits and waits for Hermione at the entrance of the elevator on her colorful floor of the Ministry. He is frowning and looks rather bothered.

Hermione walks to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek, something he barely notices. He also doesn’t look down at her at all, as if he is trying to think of how to say something to her. 

“What’s wrong?” She asks, worry filling her heart.

 “Nothing, let’s go,” Draco snaps in a low tone, standing up and walking into the elevator. Hermione just looks at him on the way down and he doesn’t look at her once.

Once they got off the elevator, Hermione questions him. “Draco, tell me, please?” She beckons. She just knows something must be wrong.  

Draco looks at Hermione finally. “Zabini, that’s what.”

“Oh no, what about him? What did he say to you?” Hermione wonders. 

Draco scowls and shakes his head at her angrily. “We will talk about it outside!”

Hermione quickens her pace to get out of the building so she can speak to Draco without a lot of noise.

They step outside into the sunny evening near the entrance of the Ministry and Draco looks at Hermione to tell her what happened.

 “He told me he doesn’t want to be partnered up with me in the office anymore because of me sleeping with a mud-blood piece of rubbish and that he doesn’t consider me a friend anymore because I am a disgrace to him and the rest of the purebloods. Apparently the Carrows told his father we are together because my mum has been in contact with them still, so now Dean Thomas and I are partners!” He pauses and then narrows his eyes at Hermione accusingly, “he also says he thinks that your baby is Weasley’s not mine and that I should get that cleared up! He says that he may have seen you kissing him in The Pub last Saturday!”

Hermione’s jaw flies open in disbelief. “Do you believe him?!” She can’t believe what just came out of his mouth. How he would even question that, she doesn’t know.

 “No, I don’t! But it isn’t true, is it? Actually, I don't know who to believe!” Draco admits, not knowing whether to believe his best friend or Hermione.

“NO! I WOULD NEVER SLEEP WITH THAT CHEATING RED-HEADED GIT AGAIN! You did believe him Draco!” Hermione is hacked off now, how can Draco question this if he knows she loves him like he does her? The past… that's why, she realizes.  

Hermione notices that Ron had heard her and instantly starts to feel bad for her choice of words. He stands against a wall not far away from them after talking to a co-worker from his office and is now eyeing Hermione with sad eyes.

Lavender walks out the doors moments later and he turns to her and says slowly, “Let’s go Lavender.” He grabs her arm and walks away, not looking at Hermione again. Lavender goes with him, questioning why he is in such a hurry. 

“No I didn’t, Granger! I am just making sure. I didn’t really question it, but I need to know. Maybe we should take a break for a few days, and I can brush this off of me,” Draco breathes, looking at the sky, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

Granger again is it?! Fine Malfoy, I’ll see you around!” Hermione concludes, turning away and walking back inside so she can go home to Ginny and Harry’s.
(Draco’s POV)

Draco watches her go and regrets what he just said, how can he let Zabini get to him so badly? How can he let Hermione go so easily? The girl he loves now and is having a child with… he can’t.

“Hermione!” He desperately yells at the doors. But she is already gone.  He decides to just go home and let Hermione breathe for a day or two and then he will contact her with an apology because he truly doesn’t think she committed this abomination. Or maybe they should stay apart for just a little while? He doesn’t know how this kind of thing worked.
(Hermione’s POV)

Hermione walks out of the Ministry lavatory wiping tears from her eyes, her pregnancy makes her even more emotional and she hates it because she is strong; not like this, crying over a stupid man.

 How can he doubt her? She thought that they trust each other completely despite the rough past they had, although they haven’t been together long. Why did he let Zabini’s accusation get to him so easily? Had he even defended her? Maybe Draco hasn't REALLY changed like she originally thought. 

She is in full blown tears when she arrives to the front porch of Ginny and Harry’s after walking down their driveway where she apparated.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny questions frantically when Hermione opens the front door.

“Draco wants a break because Zabini called me names and ended their friendship over me. He also told Draco he saw me kissing Ron and it started a fight between us!” Hermione sobs into her friend’s shoulder. "Zabini is just doing this because he hates his friend dating a Muggle-born and doesn't want Malfoy around me!" 

“Were you kissing Ron?” Ginny questions, her eyebrows rose.

“No she wasn’t kissing me…although I wish she wa-” Ron gloats, suddenly showing up beside them.

“Ron! Shut it!” Ginny interrupts. He must have apparated right behind Hermione.

“Where’s Lavender?” Hermione sneers angrily at him.
Ginny is surprised with Hermione’s tone, is she jealous of her brother’s girlfriend?

“She went home. Let’s talk Hermione, I just want to talk to you,” Ron whispers gently, looking at Hermione.

“Okay, I guess. I wonder what you've have got to say to me today!” Hermione bellows, trying to stop fuming. She wonders just what he was going to try now that Draco and she had their first fight.

“You two go, I’ll make us supper,” Ginny says wanting to give them alone time, giving Hermione a quick hug and leaving them by closing the house door.

Ron and Hermione walk toward the end of the driveway. They don’t want to apparate anywhere so they decide to sit in a shady area on a wooden bench beside the Potter’s pond where they are hidden by tall wheat grass.

“Did he end things with you?” Ron questions curiously.

“No, he just wants a break. Zabini gave him a hard time at work about his being with me and he was very upset. Also Zabini said he saw us together at the Pub kissing just to get Draco to not want me,” Hermione tells him, watching the water which looked fiery with the setting sun reflecting off of it.

“Well, I am very sorry that your boyfriend is scum and has gits for friends-” Ron tells her.

“Ron, don't call Draco scum, this is all just so new to him! But I guess it’s good for him to cool off for a few days maybe it’s for the best,” huffs Hermione.

 Ron looks at her tiny baby bump. “You’re getting bigger,” he notes, touching her belly briefly with his hand, making her jump.  

“Yeah, I am… every week I seem to gain two or so pounds, this baby is making me fatter,” she jokes smiling.

Ron just looks at her for a moment, he misses her so much. The sun hits her eyes to where they look like a golden brown.

“You are beautiful no matter what Hermione,” Ron comments, smiling at her for the very first time since their break-up.

Hermione feels kind of flattered by this surprisingly. “Thanks Ron, I guess.”

They sit silently after that; the awkward compliment he gave her created some unwanted tension. They just continue looking at three ducks following each other in the water.

Ron has so much to say to her, but knows that nothing he says will make a difference in what he did. He knows she was too far gone. Maybe Malfoy won’t come back to her, but he highly doubts that.

Hermione turns and notices Ron gazing at her. She starts to cry when she thinks about how everything is more questionable and messed up than she ever imagined.

“Why are you crying?” Ron asks, concerned.

“Well Ron, I am pregnant. Also, I am with Malfoy and love him but I still also have feelings for you which I hate because of what you did to me. I think about us still and I hate that because I am happily with Malfoy, and I have to watch you every single day with Lavender and it makes me sick-“

Ron kisses her, interrupting her. She kisses him back, fighting mentally to get away and stop but she doesn’t want to. He then starts to kiss her more passionately and lays her head on the grass as he continues snogging her. This goes on for a good five minutes until Hermione finally pushes him off of her and stands up, “Ron, go!” She yells at him.

“But… why?!” He asks, coming toward her again, eager to make this his moment with her like old times.

 “GO AWAY!” Hermione yells at him angrily. "You shouldn't have taken advantage of my emotional state Ronald!"  

Ron, taken aback, got up and wanting to obey her, walks away from her frowning and then apparates to her orders back to the Burrow, not wanting to ruin anything else between them that he hasn't already ruined.

She just kissed Ron, what had she done?

What a horrible day… what would Draco say about this? He won’t know about this if they get back together… it was kind of an accident, she isn’t thinking straight after all of today’s happenings.  

Besides, Draco and she are on a “break,” there’s no reason to tell him. Ron is her ex-fiancé, it was so hard not being able to ever kiss him anymore when she used to everyday for a while. Luckily she only thinks of this rarely. But she has to admit, it was kind of nice, kissing him again. Maybe to get some closure? No... He took advantage of her hormones and crying. 

(Draco’s POV)

Draco looks at the picture of Hermione on his nightstand as he lay in bed. Who cares what Zabini said? Hasn’t he expected something like this to happen sooner or later? Zabini has never been the best friend to him anyways; he never treated him quite right.

He is so mad at himself for saying what he did to Hermione. He was absolutely hacked off with himself. And how could he question her about Weasley? He was one of the ‘first responders’ to her heartbreak, he saw her in the bookstore just a couple days after she found his letters and saw how much he broke her. Hermione is one that is hard to break and he knows it.

He picks up his phone and texts Hermione before he is too late:

I am so sorry for today, I did not mean it. I know that you no longer fancy Weasley. I was just so upset that my best friend would be so horrible to me but if lose him, so what. I love you Hermione, which will never change. Consider the break over… I am so sorry I acted so immature.


Hermione feels her phone vibrate at midnight as she lay motionless on her bed, she has been thinking about the kiss with Ron and how she felt something for him still but felt the kiss was closure for him and her. The new love for Draco that overtook the old feelings for Ron almost completely, she realizes this just keeps repeating countless times in her head. It’s like she is making herself be convinced for some reason, like she isn't convinced it was truly real.

She looks at the message on her mobile and smiles for the first time all day.  It is still Draco who she wants now, Ron broke her heart. She needs to remember that. Wondering if she should text him back or just let it be for now and let him realize she won’t just let slide what he did to her today, she decides to ignore his text for now and falls asleep.

Draco stares at his phone, no text back. This causes him a little worry, what if she was with Weasley right now?

Oh stop it Draco, she’s pregnant with your child and she’s not a whore, she is probably asleep and mad! Draco thinks to himself, putting his phone on his nightstand next to Hermione’s picture and after texting her goodnight with no response he turns over and falls asleep as well after staring at her picture.


Hermione dreams of Ron and Draco fighting for her. There are different moments in the dream, a few which she was snogging Draco, and a few scenes where she was snogging Ron. Then the boys were at a duel with each other as Hermione cried in the background, clutching her pregnant stomach. Her dreams then changed to where she was at the Burrow with all the Weasley family and Harry, Ginny, and James. She was holding up her engagement ring and was showing it off to the whole family. But then the dream changed again to the altar of a church everyone was there, all the Weasleys, the Potters, all of the dead loved ones in ghost form.

Even Dumbledore was there; in fact he was the one marrying them, Aberforth Dumbledore of course, but his brother Albus stands by the ghost form of Fred.

Hermione is walking down the aisle in a white, flowy dress as her beautiful glittery train sliding along behind her. She expects to see Ron up at the altar and looks up as she walks up the stairs in front of the church congregation. There is Draco Lucius Malfoy staring down at her with a beautiful baby girl in his arms.

The baby girl has on a white dress and has a head band with white roses clinging to her blonde hair which is not very thick, the baby has gray eyes like Malfoy and a smile like Hermione’s. The baby girl looked to be about six months old or so. She is the most beautiful baby Hermione has ever seen. Was this their child?

Hermione reaches out for the baby in her dream and then she wakes up with a start… there is no more questions about whom she really loves or what she wants. But should she go for it? Or just stay single?

Chapter 19: An Almost Lethal Interrogation
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A few weeks since Hermione and Draco’s fight passes and Draco awakes in the morning with a start. His mum looks down at him with her dark eyes at his bedside in a glare. “Draco, we need to talk, now!” She tells him.

“What about?” He wonders, sitting up in his bed to look at her. There’s panic in her eyes as her pupils are huge as if she is scared. Narcissa has never came into his room like this unless he has granted her permission. 

“We have visitors and they are concerned and want to speak with you. Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you, son. Come downstairs at once, please before they come up here,” demands Narcissa of him. 

 “They?” Draco asks with a frown, he can only guess who they mean. But aren’t they all in Azkaban? No... It can't be who he thinks it is. 

Nervousness fills Draco’s stomach at what is waiting for him downstairs. How can he not be scared? This is what he has feared ever since he has started being interested in Hermione. His mum is not one to stop people from coming into the household, no matter who they are.

How did they escape? Am I the reason?
Draco wonders to himself.

Draco sends his mum out so he can get dressed and then walks down the stairs to meet her in the drawing room. To his horror he sees some of the old Death Eaters he recognizes staring at him from the long black table where they had their last meeting with Voldemort.

The lights are dimmed and there are only about ten of them to his fortune, he fears the whole lot has broken out just to come torment him about Hermione; luckily that is not the case. The ones who were captured and sent to Azkaban that had been in hiding after recently breaking out are all sitting in front of him. His father is not one of them. 

The Carrows are the closest to the seat in which he is signaled over to sit in, siblings Amycus and Alecto. Alecto Carrow’s husband had died in the wizarding war so he is not present. Blaise Zabini with his father sits near the end of the table and another whom he doesn’t recognize sits by his mum, he looks a little like Dolohov but he can’t be sure. This feels like a horrible flash back of Draco’s old life, like a night mare. All ten of them stare seriously into Draco’s eyes as his heart palpitates but he feels very confident and knows he can't let them break him. 

Alecto Carrow speaks first, standing up on her ugly black heels and walking toward him, reminding Draco of his late sister Bellatrix. “We are happy to see you again Draco, we recently broke out of Azkaban. I am quite sure they don’t even know yet except for the few guards that discovered it because of Amycus’ lovely memory charm. I expect the most of the rest of us will break out soon and there are so many of us that the guards probably won’t miss our presence. We are here because we are a concerned family and have been wondering if it is true you are dating a mudblood?”

Draco looks her dead in the eyes which are a threatening black. “Yes, it is true,” Draco asserts, glaring right back at her without any sense of fear even though his stomach is in knots.

“Isn’t she Potter’s best friend and was to be married to that blood traitor Weasley?” Her brother, Amycus asks in disgust two seats away from Draco.

“She is no longer is involved with Ronald Weasley and not even much with Harry Potter,” Draco answers them in a threatening voice.

“That’s not what I saw!” Grunts Blaise Zabini, smirking at him.

“Shut up Blaise, what you said is rubbish! Don’t even speak to me for you have betrayed our friendship!” Draco spits to his ex- best friend in anger. Blaise’s father glared at Draco threateningly.

“Is she really pregnant with your child? And the child will be half-blood?” Alecto asks in disgust, pacing back and forth near Draco’s seat as if she will pounce on him any moment.

“Yes, the baby is my child. We slept together and she is my girlfriend so nothing is wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong with my child being half-blood!” Draco says rolling his eyes. “Didn’t this end in the past with the war?” Draco snarls at the group, getting up and slamming his chair into the table.

 “You are not a traitor, Draco Malfoy!” Blaise’s father shouts at Draco. “You are Lucius’s son, and he will be very disappointed in you for this!”

“I guess I am a traitor. I am not leaving the one I love because of this stupid and old, useless rubbish you lot still have going on. Voldemort’s dead, the war’s over! Get that through your ruddy thick heads, he isn’t here to protect you and you can’t do anything or you will be put back into Azkaban! I am dating a muggle-born get over the facts of it and piss off! And screw my father and the worthless man he is!” With that Draco walks out of the drawing room and out the front door, apparating before anyone can stop him.

When he is gone, the Carrows and Dolohov put down their wands, which they were about to use to kill Draco out of anger. Narcissa gasps and yells at them. “Not my son! He doesn’t mean it, I assure you! Please believe me, he hasn’t been right since Lucius has been incarcerated and this phase of his will pass.”

“Lucius will want to hear about this at once,” Dolohov hisses at Narcissa.

“My son can love who he likes if she ends up being the one he loves. Draco is his own person and I never had that choice but I am letting him!” Narcissa screams back at them.

“Yes, but he is not a part of us anymore. Draco must be killed, or banned,” Alecto tells her with a hand on Narcissa’s shoulder. “We certainly don’t want to kill Draco, we care for him as though we are all family despite our master being dead.”

“Well, Alecto, he isn’t a part of this anymore anyway. The war has changed him greatly for I have never seen such change in my son as I have in the past two years,” Narcissa tells them, her eyes filling with tears.

“Enough! He will not be a Death Eater any longer if we ever get our lot going again, especially if he has a half-blood child and a mudblood of a girlfriend! We do not want to hear the unnecessary details, Narcissa, spare us!” Dolohov yells with venom in the words he speaks. “Your son is a disgrace to our kind like your cousin Sirius was and your sister Andromeda still is! Apparently it runs in the family!”


Draco knocks on Ginny and Harry Potter’s door, still trembling from the anger the Death Eaters provoked into him. Harry answers, looking to Draco in shock as his face is as white as the curtains in the sitting room. “Malfoy, are you here to see Hermione? Are you okay?”

“Yes, but Potter, I want you to know that the Death Eaters are attempting to be at large again. I was put on trial today just for being with Hermione. They are non-threatening and weak, but are still there. Apparently they broke out of Azkaban again!” Draco states to Harry breathlessly, not believing he just turned the people he used to call family in and it didn’t bother him a bit.

Harry blinks and just stares at Draco. “Erm, thanks mate for the information. I will report it once I get back to work, do you know who they are?”

Draco pauses, thinking, he didn’t even really pay attention to the faces. “The Carrows, that’s all I remember, and the Zabinis, Dolohov, they are the only ones I recognized.”

Did Potter just call me mate? Draco thinks to himself as Harry invites him to sit on the sitting room’s couch as he goes to fetch Hermione.

Draco notices by the smell that Ginny is cooking pot-roast and vegetables for them for lunch and it smells amazing.

Hermione walks out of her bedroom with sweat pants and a loose t-shirt on. Her belly bulging out more than ever as Draco has not seen her since their fight as he wanted to give her space.

“Hi Draco, what brings you here?” She asks walking toward him, not smiling even though she is hiding that she is happy to see him.

“Hey Hermione, we need to talk,” Draco tells her, standing up to hug her but she rejects him.

“Okay,” Hermione agrees, barely looking at him. The couple walks onto the front porch, funny this was where she always ends up talking, and they sit down on the rocking bench.

“Hermione I love you, and it doesn’t matter what Blaise thinks or the rest of the ex-Death Eaters. I can care less, I am done with them, and I have been since the war. It just took today to realize it for sure. I am so sorry I haven’t talked to you in the past month.”

“Its fine, but I am just happy you didn’t get into trouble and I hope that you really have changed. And what do you mean? Are they out of Azkaban?” Hermione asks, her eyes fill with worry.

“I am changed for good, I swear. And yes, they are out of Azkaban, some of them just about ten. They came and interrogated me this morning. I got up and left and the Carrows and Dolohov stried to kill me but my mum screamed at them as I was leaving. They were too late anyway because I apparated after telling them Voldemort’s gone and to basically grow up,” Draco tells Hermione, feeling a bit proud of himself. Before, he never would have stood up to some of Voldemort’s most loyal followers such as the Carrows and Dolohov. But Voldemort is dead, what does he have to worry about?

“Well, I am proud of you, you aren’t just saying you’ve changed,” Hermione praises, she then gives him a quick kiss and smiles, truly happy to be with him again.

“I was asked to join the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office the same day we took a break, Arthur Weasley asked me,” Hermione tells Draco with a shrug.

“Excellent! Are you going to take it?” He wonders, knowing this would bring more money for the baby even though he is rich as it is.

“Erm I am not so sure. I may get really tired because I help the Aurors out too and I will only get bigger. I may just wait until after we have the baby. Or maybe I will finish my half-way done Auror training and just be an Auror after the baby’s born,” Hermione tells him, looking down at her growing bigger by the day belly and placing her hands around it.

Draco looks down at it too. “Wow, I still can’t believe that’s my baby in there,” gushes Draco with a smile.

“Next week we will get to find out if it’s a boy or girl, I already think I know what the baby is though. I keep dreaming it’s a girl,” Hermione giggles.  They hear a sharp crack not far from them in the middle of Hermione’s sentence.

“I am so happy for you guys,” Drawls a deep voice in an obviously mocking way. Ron Weasley steps onto the porch, eyeing Malfoy as he does.

“What are you doing here Malfoy?” Ron asks with narrowing eyes.

“He’s my boyfriend, Ron. Did you forget?” Hermione sneers.

“No, not hardly. Oh and I am sorry for kissing you a few weeks ago. That must have been a mistake if you guys are back together and you kissed me back!” Ron says snidely to Hermione, glancing at Malfoy and then walking in the house fighting the urge to throw a curse at Malfoy. 

“Did you really kiss him?” Draco asks in a low, angry tone, his gray eyes darkening in jealousy.

“He kissed me, but then I told him to go away! He’s so immature for bringing that up, it was nothing,” says Hermione desperately, she can’t take Draco being mad at her again.

He surprisingly isn’t mad. “I was un-necessarily mean to you that day and you were hurt and not thinking straight. Especially because he heard we went on a break and came here to try and get you back. Of course, do you expect any more from him?”

Hermione nodded and then leans in to kiss him. “Thanks for not being mad, because I really was not thinking clearly the day he kissed me. I thought you were going back into your old ways and that made me terrified.”

Draco hugs her to him, “Never. I am staying the new man I am, and I will care for you and my child in the right way. I will never be anything like my father. I will never question it again after this morning, besides I think they’ll ban me anyway.”

“Draco, you were never like your father and never will be,” Hermione whispers in his ear and then kisses it.

Ron watches from inside through the window. “Damnit, I was for sure that would work.”

“What?” Asks Harry questionably.

“I told Hermione I am sorry I kissed her, and that ferret git isn’t even mad at her!”

“Did you really kiss her?” Harry asked.

Ron nods and smiled. “That day we went out by the pond after her and Draco went on a break, yes.”

“Oh Ronald! Way to mess with her mind!” Ginny scolds him, stomping her foot in anger.

“Sorry, I meant the kiss Ginny. She did kiss me back, I wasn’t lying,” Ron admits, frowning and going away from the window to start getting food.

“She’s pregnant and hormonal and you just mess with her like she’s a dog or something!” Ginny yells at him. 

“Maybe he is not such a bad guy-” Ron whispers to Harry who just joined him at the buffet line, ignoring his sister’s comment.

Harry shrugs. “Just be friends with her again already! Just friends!”

“That’s how it’s going to have to be, but I can’t stop loving her,” Ron says miserably, looking at Hermione again who is smiling up at Draco happily. “I want that back,” He mumbles as he watches still.

“That’s life sometimes, Ron. Do you think my life turned out how I expected it? You are with Lavender, try and remember that and try and make it happen. Though not in your office at work, because you both are about to be suspended for that nonsense by the other Auror members!” 

Ron laughs. “Whatever mate, I have to try to make it somehow.”

"Well that doesn't mean you have to 'try and make it' in my Auror office!" laughs Harry. 

“Well, then we might have another person pregnant, won’t we?” jokes Ginny. Ron just glares at her.

Hermione grabs Draco’s hand and leads him inside to the food line making it obvious that she is not bothered by Ron’s comment outside. Ron is trying his best to ignore her now as well.

“You should bring Lavender over sometime,” Hermione tells Ron mockingly as he passes her to go to the table. He gives her a deathly glare and sits next to Ginny and James.

“Enough about her, Harry and Hermione! I don’t want to speak of her right now!” Ron yells at them.

"But Weasley, you have the guts to kiss my girlfriend? Why don't you want to talk about her? Don't you owe some kind of apology to her for kissing another man's woman?" Draco snarls.

Ron stands up and pokes his wand into Draco’s cheek. Harry is too fast and pushes Ron away. "Quit! Or I will have you suspended from work again!"

"Fine, but this damn git deserves it! He seems to forget she was my fiancée first, when she hated him!" Ron bellows, hating the fact that Harry is his boss right now. 

"Shut up Weasleby! You screwed that up, didn't you?" Draco provokes back. 

Ron lunges for Draco but Harry got the best of him again. 

"Ron, Malfoy, STOP!" Harry yells at the both of them. 

"Fine!" Ron screams back. Draco just rolls his eyes and takes a bite of roast.

The group finishes their dinner and Ron is trying to leave right after his last bite following saying bye to Ginny and Harry and glaring at Hermione and Draco. But Harry insists they leave to the Ministry at once to sort out finding the Death Eaters that broke out of Azkaban again and Ron agrees to go.


The only reason why Harry isn’t worried is because they have no one to answer to anymore now that Voldemort is gone and therefore is not too much of a threat. But they need to take care of this as soon as possible before more Death Eaters escape.

Hermione doesn’t care Ron rudely left without a word to her. She is hacked off with him for mentioning the kiss in front of Draco. He has no right to do that, especially if he is with Lavender Brown again and courting her right in front of Hermione’s face. She feels that the little friendship that they had built again was torn down when they kissed and tonight when Ron faced Draco again.  

The table is silent most of the rest of dinner until Ginny decides to strike up a conversation about the Death Eaters who were at Draco’s that morning. Draco tells the girls the whole story, and Ginny is impressed.

“You said that in front of them for Hermione? To Alecto and Amycus Carrow?” Ginny asks him in awe, remembering the two lethal Death Eaters from her sixth year in Hogwarts.

“Yes, I did because I will not let them control my love life too, the war is over,” Draco states seriously as Hermione beams at him.

“Malfoy, that’s impressive! Hermione, you must have caught a good one,” Ginny laughs, winking at her best friend.

Draco smiles at Ginny’s praise of him half-heartedly, but what is mostly on his mind is that his father might be coming home soon if Potter doesn’t stop the break-out. If Lucius comes out of Azkaban, he will probably kill Draco himself.

“It will be okay, Harry will catch them. Don’t worry he always does as he is the best Auror they have ever had,” Hermione says about her best friend, noticing her boyfriend’s worried face and wanting to reassure him.

Draco sure hopes so. But he has never been on Potter’s side before so he doesn’t know what to expect.  He never imagined himself being on his father’s side again though, he knows that much. But he has a terrible feeling he will have to make that choice again soon... If he has a choice. 

Chapter 20: Escaped
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 It is four weeks after Harry had first found out about the escaped Death Eaters when he and Ron apparate to the Ministry after using those weeks to gather all information possible. Ron is excited to be helping Harry but is currently complaining about having had another meal the night before with Draco and Hermione.

“Am I going to have to be around that bloody couple all the time now? I can hardly take it Harry, I see her all the time and it’s hard to get over her when she’s right there!” Ron complains, but Harry doesn’t listen at first. 

“It is over with you and Hermione and you need to realize that. Now shish up so we can concentrate on what to do!” Harry responds to his best friend, waving his hand to quiet him. There is a time for life outside of work and it isn’t right now.

“Right, sorry, so how are we going to get the lot back to Azkaban?” Ron asks, remembering why they are at work after hours on this night.

“Well, we have ourselves a new mission to find them and it probably won’t be easy,” Harry tells him, grabbing the Daily Prophet which he has been reading it every day to try and find new information his Department may have not caught already. There is nothing in the paper that points to any other Azkaban escapes. This leads Harry to think that Kingsley, who is the Ministry of Magic, knows nothing of the escape of the Carrows, Dolohov, Zabini, or the others.

Knowing that Kingsley has no phone as mobile phones aren’t popular in the wizarding world still (Harry, his immediate friends, and Draco are the only ones he knows that have one) Harry decides he will have to cast a Patronus to get ahold of Kingsley. He will have him come into the Ministry at once even though he probably already is home for and resting for the night. It is now nearing seven in the evening.

Harry sits in the comfy black chair in the head office of his which is very large and decorated in his favorite things. A picture of Ginny and Harry right after they had brought baby James home is his favorite and it sits right beside his computer. There are also pictures of the Weasley family on the walls, and even a picture of Harry and his cousin Dudley Dursley (who is on friendly terms with Harry now but Harry still doesn’t really talk to Vernon and Petunia), and many other pictures of various important things in his life. His office is lined with many important books such as some of Hermione’s favorites which she suggested of course, A History of Magic.

Ron follows Harry in and sits on a couch in the corner, staring silently at the picture of Hermione, himself, and Harry back before the war. They are sitting near the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room and laughing like old times in the photo, and it gives Ron a jab of sadness, why couldn’t they go back and fix things in life?

 “Expecto Patronum!” Harry’s stag of a patronus leaves the room in a flash to give Kingsley the message he had just conducted.

“Ron, we have to get Draco to come here with us, put your differences aside for the night. Kingsley will want to know everything he saw,” Harry tells Ron.

Ron’s face immediately turns angry. “Bloody wonderful, let’s invite your new friend to the party then!”

 Harry ignores his comment and picks up his mobile phone to call Ginny as he does not have Draco’s number, not really caring to. Draco agrees to come and is on his way to meet them in the Auror office.

Suddenly a strong knock on the door startles the two boys.

“Come in,” Harry beckons.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, as tall and threatening as ever, storms into the large office looking angry he was summoned at such a late hour.

“What is going on Potter?! Where’s the Malfoy boy?” Kingsley asks with his gruff voice, looking frantically around the room. Harry eyes Ron as if to say told you!

“Here sir.” Malfoy’s soft voice drawls, coming from the door. He walks in and joins Ron on the couch. Ron immaturely stands up and walks to the very far side of the room to sit again, as far away from Malfoy as possible on a recliner.

Harry looks at Ron with a scowl, will Ron ever grow up?  

“Who is it did you see Malfoy?” Kingsley questions him, towering over him like a skyscraper.

“There was Dolohov, the Carrow siblings, and the Zabinis, that is all I remember as I did not recognize the others for they were not in the inner circle like my family. Amycus Carrow tells me that more is probably going to come out soon, they have a plan to breakout I assume,” Draco answers Kingsley, thinking hard on what all the woman said to him that morning when she interrogated him in his own home.

“Just wonderful,” sighs Kingsley, “I thought we were done with this mess.”

“So did I Shacklebolt,” Harry adds, shaking his head.

“I hoped they were too, I have no desire to see Father right now or ever again. It has been so nice without him,” Draco adds while Ron looked at him and snorts, not believing Draco would never want to see his father, who he used to threaten people back in Hogwarts with all the time.

“Potter, we need to go to Azkaban now to investigate the cells there. Malfoy, Weasley, you come as well, that’s an order,” Kingsley directs, looking seriously at the boys.

“Why me sir?” Draco asks, not desiring to go because he knows who is still there.

“You are an ex-Death Eater Malfoy, you can help us out by trying to think how they do,” Kingsley states.

Ron snidely says. “Still seems like a Death Eater to me, once a Death Eater always a Death Eater in my book!”

“Shut it Weasley, would you just stop?” Draco turns and yells back at him.

Kingsley is also glaring at Ron, Harry just rolls his eyes and picks up some documents that they need to bring to Azkaban with them, pictures of all the Death Eaters in capture that they could look at and check off who was there and who was not.

Draco feels uneasy about the trip to Azkaban. What will the Death Eaters say when they see him with Weasley and Potter? What will Father say to him? He doesn’t have much time to think about this because Kingsley has already ordered them to get ready and leave. He knows he is in trouble already by Lucius because of how he treated the Death Eaters this morning.

They walk to a place in Harry’s office where there isn’t much room but the most they could get, and put one of each hand on top of another’s hand. Then before they knew it they are spinning in air and then land on a ledge near the wizard prison, Azkaban.

The prison looks as scary and unwelcoming as ever. There are many Aurors and other Ministry personnel surrounding the property like ants, and there are ten guards near the entry way armed with swords and other weapons as well as wands. There are no longer dementors after the war because they can’t be trusted after so many of them turning sides. Kingsley found some Aurors and interrogated them with Harry by his side.

The scenery of the ocean and horizon was rather majestic and breath-taking as Azkaban is in the middle of the ocean. This is Draco and Ron’s first time here, and they both feel equally terrified of what is inside and didn’t know what at all to expect. Ron stands and watches the ocean deep in thought as Draco decides to just stand by Harry and wait to enter as much as he didn’t want to, he did like to help out on the good side now.

Harry leans into Draco’s ear and whispers. “I know you are worried about what your father might say so if you want you can pretend you loathe me still, I’ll understand.”

Draco shakes his head smirking, not taking his determined eyes off the entrance as he is scared. “No, it’s fine. I already crossed the line with them by being with Granger and I don’t care anymore, the war is over.”

“Still doesn’t change how I loathe you!” Ron adds, joining them again.

“Weasley, no time for that now! If I hear one more comment from you then you are suspended from the Ministry for a month! Don’t forget I still have my eye on you for assaulting Malfoy the first time!” Kingsley bellows at him, making Ron shut up.

Harry pushes Ron to walk ahead as Kingsley leads all four of them toward the entrance.

Kingsley walks in first into the prison with Harry at his heels, Draco and Ron somewhat lag behind, their hearts palpitating. Ron glares at Draco the whole time they walk forward.

“Speed up Weasley you snail!” Draco says impatiently but quietly as Ron hesitates to enter for a moment. Ron looks back at him dangerously but does say anything again within Kingsley’s hearing range.


Hermione and Ginny finish their dinner and Hermione levitates the dishes to wash as Ginny breast-feeds James. She then lays on Ginny and Harry’s couch, stroking her swollen stomach which is even a little bigger now than two days ago.

“What do you think they are doing?” Hermione asks Ginny thoughtfully.

“I would guess they went to try and catch the Death Eaters, what they do best,” Ginny answers with a shrug and a little grin, thinking of how hard-working her husband is.

Hermione feels a pang of worry; she hopes they were all okay. She hopes Lucius doesn’t hurt Draco.

“Hermione, you said yourself, Harry’s the best, they will all be fine so stop your worrying,” Ginny reassures her, seeing her friend’s concerned eyes.  


Draco and Ron do a double take when they see what is inside, Harry has to urge them to keep walking and start doing their job.

A man that Harry recognizes from the Auror office shakes his and Kingsley’s hands. This man, named Mark Hinkler, stays permanently within Azkaban to keep watch on most days and he gives Kingsley the report about the Death Eater’s escape and how he and his men believe it happened. This visually angers Kingsley because he feels if they were doing their job no one would have escaped. There are so many jail cells, too many to count, and they are mostly all filled with Voldemort’s ex- followers. How are they going to find the right ones?

The walls are wet and dirty, and the place is very noisy with the calls from the Death Eaters. Most of the cells smell of sweat and dung.

“Bloody hell,” Ron whispers out loud.

Harry and Draco turn to look at him, but Draco is in awe as well. He is thanking Harry and whoever fought for him in his trial that day very much now in his head.

Kingsley stops walking and turns to look at Draco. “Malfoy, tell me, if they escaped through the wall last time, how could they have escaped now? Had your parents ever mentioned anything on their tactics?”

Draco thinks hard, it is hard to though because he starts to hear his name being shouted to his horror and he refuses to look up to see who all was shouting at him and tries his best to block it out. “Erm, no sir, Father mentioned once that a few had escaped from the windows somehow.” 

Kingsley nods and then looks at the windows; sure enough there is a broken window just feet away from them. They walk toward it and discover it is neatly cut, so it must’ve been broken by wand. Kingsley examines the window. “This must be how. This window has no bars. We must double check all have bars on them now and we still have to go looking for the other lot that escaped!” And he did a spell to seal all the windows with very thick black bars, similar to the ones that were already on the cells.

But Draco isn’t listening, he hears his name come from a familiar voice. Harry and Ron are both looking at Draco as well to see how he reacts to his father screaming at him.

Draco, my son! You are here, oh my wonderful boy! You came to get me out of here!” Lucius cries out, clutching to the rusty bars of his cell.

Draco coldly looks at him without any facial expression and didn’t move.

“Come here son, please?” Begs Lucius, tears coming from his eyes now.

“Go see what he says,” Beckons Harry to Draco.

Draco listens to Harry and walks slowly toward his father. He arrives at the cell and looks into his father’s face. But the man in front of him doesn’t look like his father anymore. His usual long blonde hair is much longer, dirty and graying and he has a beard almost as long as his chest. The only thing Draco can recognize is the gray eyes that are identical to his.

Lucius clutches his hands to his son’s face.  A couple of Aurors who are very nearby race to Draco’s side but Harry sends them off on their way because he knows Draco needs to see his father whether he thinks he does or not.

“I miss you and your beautiful mum. It’s so good to see you and I am sorry how I ever treated you both! I can’t wait to break free of this wretched place, I’m so glad you came to get me!” Lucius cries to his son, melting down to his knees.

Draco’s eyes grow big and watery, he does not want to cry, and he hates his father but at the same time does not like seeing him this way. He is still his family as much as he hates to admit it.

“I’m not here to get you Father, I can’t. I’m sorry-” Lucius must not have heard him because he then carries on conversation.   

“Draco, tell me what has been happening with you,” Lucius cries, desperate for communication. His body leans pathetically against the cell bars as if Draco is about to open them.

Draco looks at Ron, Harry, and Shacklebolt who are still examining the prison with the prisoners pretending they aren’t listening. The Death Eaters still shout and scream at them and threaten death upon them if they don’t let them out.

They aren’t paying attention so Draco decides to tell his father things he wanted him to know. “Father, I have changed since the war. I am not a Death Eater anymore and never really was,” He starts, pausing to show Lucius the mark on his left arm which is just a scar now like his father’s. But Draco has crossed his out as much as possible. “I am in love with Hermione Granger, a muggle-born, and we are having a baby. I rather you stay in here and die than come back out and hurt mum and me like you always have. That’s what’s going on with me! I believe you deserve to be in here father,” Draco spits at his father, standing to walk away but he is too slow.

Lucius punches Draco in the nose and breaks it and then grabs Draco’s throat. “How dare you, you snotty little prick? How can my own son mate with a mudblood? How can you turn your back on us?! You are no son of mine!” Lucius is now choking Draco, his hands are very tightly wrapped around his throat and Draco is turning purple and losing oxygen fast. He screams for help but it only comes out with a grunting sound and Lucius holds on for a good five minutes, there are no employees around.

Luckily Harry notices what is going on and he hit Lucius Malfoy with a Jelly Finger curse, causing Lucius’ fingers to fall like jello back onto his hands. Lucius then looks at his son, and down at his hands, not believing what his hands just did to his son and feels ashamed.

Draco immediately falls to the concrete floor and loses consciousness. His nose bleeds badly and dark bruises form around his throat. Lucius screams pointlessly that he is very sorry and keeps repeating himself over and over again, crying.

“Draco! Draco wake up!” Screams Harry as the Death Eaters around him jeer and yell at him, “Potter! YOU WILL DIE AT OUR HANDS WHEN WE LEAVE THIS PLACE we will revenge what you have done to Him,” repeatedly as they shake the cell bars and spit at him.

Draco is not coming to, and Kingsley finishes his task at barring the prison windows and runs to Draco’s aide.

“If only Hermione was here, she’d know what to do, but with her being pregnant she would probably die of a heart attack seeing him this way so we will leave her be. No one tell her until we get there, she’s too vulnerable to deal with this!” Harry yells at Kingsley, who takes Draco up into his huge arms, placing Draco’s wand back in his wand pocket because a nearby Death Eater, who happens to be Yaxley, reaches out and almost grasps it in his hands after it had fallen.

They leave the inside of the prison to a quieter outside and lay Draco on the ground, his father screams for him as they leave and the Death Eaters just laugh at Lucius as he reaches out for his son who is no longer in sight.

“He’s a traitor anyway, let him die Lucius! I heard what he said!” Yells Thorfinn Rowle in disgust.


Ron thinks hard of some of the spells Hermione used in the past, but he can’t, even though they lived together for a year. He just can’t remember and he wishes he could because he is actually saddened by watching Draco nearly grasping for his life for those few moments, just imagining how Hermione would be devastated if the father of her child died. Wow, Ron really cares for Hermione…

Finally, after about thirty minutes of trying to wake him up after surrounding him, now outside of the prison on the cliff’s floor, Draco wakes up. He coughs up blood and then vomits, this concerns Kingsley so he feels that he should be taken to St. Mungo’s.

“I’m f-fine; really Shacklebolt there’s no need!” Draco pleads but to no change of heart as Kingsley tells Harry and Ron to apparate to St. Mungo’s at once while he calls for a thestral because Draco is not strong enough to apparate.

The boys did as Kingsley told them but decides to make a stop first. The thestral arrives to Kingsley in a nick of time. Kingsley Shacklebolt adjusts Draco onto the animal and then slides in behind him, holding him steady as they take off.

After about an hour, they finally arrive at the hospital to an awaiting Ron and Harry, and Shacklebolt escorts Draco in after feeding the thestral meat and sending it on its way.

Draco thinks of how he dreads Hermione hearing about this happening and her being pregnant and worried about him.

The Healers escort him in, taking him away from Harry, Ron, and Shacklebolt and performing spells to repair his nose at once. Well, this is the last place Draco expected to be on this night… he planned a nice night with Hermione. Looks like plans would have to be postponed because Kingsley is not letting Draco out of his sight ever since they had left Azkaban and now he is being admitted into St. Mungo’s.

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Chapter 21: A Trip To St. Mungo's
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Hermione and Ginny fall asleep in the living room after Ginny puts James to bed. They tried to stay up and wait on the men but were unsuccessful. It is about midnight when Harry and Ron walk into the house in a hurry, making the girls jump off of the couch and love seat in terror with their wands drawn.

“Draco! Where is he?!” Hermione asks, frantically looking around and noticing her boyfriend is not present with the other two men.

Ron just looks at his feet silently and Harry speaks first. “Well we went with Kingsley Shacklebolt to Azkaban to try and figure out how the ten of those Death Eaters escaped and-”the girls both gasp loudly when Harry pauses.

“Did they take him?!?” Hermione screams, clutching a hand to her face and one to her belly. Ron snorts at her and shakes his head sneering, “I wish.” Hermione gives Ron a horrible death glare in return. 

“No, he went to talk to Lucius in his cell and they talked for a few minutes so we left them alone. I urged him to go and talk to him. Then suddenly I heard a lot of yelling from Lucius and I ran to see what was going on-”

“Go on!” Hermione yells at him her bright brown eyes wide.

“And he was busy strangling Draco after breaking his nose. I am guessing Draco said something harshly to him and it must have hacked Lucius off, I am not sure! But he was trying to kill his own son, I know that much.”

Hermione looks terrified and her eyes are still huge. “Is he okay though?”

“He’s at St. Mungo’s. Kingsley brought him there and we left just now. He’s fine, but they won’t let you in now since it’s so late. Let us all just go to sleep and go to see him in the morning,” Harry states, pecking Ginny’s lips after he finishes speaking as he feels happy they made it home safe and sound.

Hermione is so relieved that Draco is okay. She feels very tempted to leave to St. Mungo’s tonight but decides not to because she is very tired. And she knows the Healers really would turn her away like Harry says they will. So after saying goodnight to everyone she leaves the rest to go off to bed. Her energy seems to be gone in her twenty-second week of pregnancy and she is getting more tired by the day it seems. She drifts off to sleep quickly as if nothing bad happened this night.

The next morning comes quickly. Hermione opens her eyes and she gasps. Ron is sitting on the opposite side of the room staring at her.

“Ron, you scared me! What are you looking at?” Hermione asks him with an annoyed tone, sitting up and looking at him.

“Just looking at you, okay? I was engaged and due to be married to you, is it wrong to look at you?” He asks in a quiet, relaxed voice.

Hermione just rolls her eyes at him and stands up, luckily her nausea is long gone now but hunger has seemed to take its place. She immediately leaves Ron alone in her room and walks to the fridge to try to find something to eat. She grabs cereal and then swishes her wand to get it ready as he walks in and sits at the dining table. She then sits at the table too, feeling awkward as this is the first time she has spent the night in the same house as Ron since they broke up. And they were all alone, no one is up yet.

Ron’s feelings are hurt because she used to let him look at her all the time. Damnit, I have to get over her, I need to realize we’re over, he thinks to himself, just looking blankly out the window, shaking his head.

It is a sunny morning, only about eight. Hermione can hear Harry getting out of the shower in the nearest bathroom, and to her relief, he enters the kitchen just a few moments later fully dressed in Ministry robes.

“Ron, are you okay?” He asks his best friend who is still staring as he levitates the cereal to pour in a bowl like Hermione did moments ago.

“Yes, I’m fine, have no choice but to be,” He answers getting up and glancing at Hermione, who is looking back at him with sad eyes.

He then says, “I’ll be waiting for you outside Harry so we can go to work.” And he is then gone from the house. Harry eats his cereal in a hurry and joins him.

Hermione is supposed to go in for her one day of this week, but she decides to take it off to be with Draco. Besides, she is still thinking about her job offer from Mr. Weasley which she is going to decline most likely because of wanting to finish her pregnancy before advancing to a higher demanding job.  

She finishes her cereal and walks to her bedroom to get ready. She doesn’t know what to wear; her pants are all too tight now, all but her sweat pants. Her little baby bump sticks out in between her pelvis and she can no longer see her feet. Feeling agitated, she just chooses her sweat pants and a t-shirt to wear. She braids her brunette wavy hair to the right side where it rests lightly on her shoulder, and she is ready to go see Draco.

She enters the kitchen after going down the stairs and Ginny is now up feeding James.

“Hi! Off to work?” Ginny asks, smiling at her friend.

“Like this? No, to see Draco,” Hermione answers, gesturing at her clothes.

“Oh, yes, I forgot. Well, have a good day then,” Ginny wishes to her friend. “Soon you will be too big to apparate by the way, that’s why I have the car because I stopped apparating at about twenty-five weeks. You can use it when you need it.”

Hermione smiles at her friend, says “thanks” and walks outside into the driveway and apparates.

St. Mungo’s looks just like what she remembers it looking like in her fifth year of Hogwarts when they came to visit Arthur Weasley after Nagini’s attack on him.

It is brightly colored, and the people that work here have bright robes as well. Seeing her pregnant belly, some of the Healers look at her with concern that she is there for herself as she walks toward the front desk.

“May I help you? Do you need our assistance?” A lady asks with square-like spectacles and curly blonde hair, who is sitting at the desk with a quill and parchment.

“No ma’am. I’m here to see Draco Malfoy, he arrived last night.” The Healers around her sigh in relief. Babies are a mystery to Healers, of course except to the Healers who are specially trained for babies. 

“Oh, well in that case it looks like he’s up on the second floor, in room 208,” the woman answers, looking at her documents with Draco’s name neatly written across them.

“Your name madam?” She asks Hermione.

“Uh, Hermione Granger?” she hesitates to ask to which Hermione nods and then walks away. Some of the visitors around her start to whisper things like “Death Eater” “Potter’s friend” “Pregnant with his child or Weasley’s?” and other various things.  

Hermione ignores the gossiping people and gets on an elevator; she is so used to it by now anyway and it is a surprise if she goes somewhere without a person whispering about her. She arrives on the second floor and walks to Draco’s room. To her horror, Narcissa Malfoy is already there with him by his bedside. Hermione does not feel like seeing her right now after hearing she let Death Eaters come in and interrogate Draco. But when did she ever feel like being around Narcissa?

The woman turns around at the unfamiliar footsteps. “Oh, Granger, how nice to see you,” says Narcissa unenthusiastically. Hermione just nods in reply; walking to Draco’s other side to grab his hand.

“You’re okay, aren’t you?” Hermione asks him, smiling at him lovingly.

Draco smiles back at her. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m getting out in a little while.”

“Yes, I’m taking him home in just a bit. They are working on his discharge,” Narcissa pipes in, making Draco look at her.

“Piss off about it mum, she’s my girlfriend. I can go home with her if she likes,” Draco barks, his voice quivering. His neck is still swollen with bruises from his father choking him.

 “Daddy didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sure Draco,” She suddenly says as if trying to convince herself, looking at her son’s swollen nose and neck.

“Sure he didn’t, he didn’t all the others times either according to you,” Draco admits sarcastically. “I told him off and told him about me and Hermione and basically that I didn’t care for him because of how he treats us.”

Narcissa makes a sound and shakes her head. She then glares at Hermione but then suddenly softens when she looks at Hermione’s mid-section.

“My grand-child is getting bigger,” Narcissa says changing the subject quickly, staring at Hermione’s baby bump now and smiling to Hermione’s surprise.  

“Yes, about twenty-two weeks now,” Hermione replies back, putting a hand on her belly and rubbing it.

Draco motions for her to come near him, she does and he puts his hand on Hermione’s belly as well.

“My baby,” He whispers, smiling very big.

“Yes Draco, our baby. No one else’s,” Hermione repeats, putting his pale hand over her’s.

And she gasps, as she feels a movement from inside her for the first time where both of their hands rest on her stomach.

“Oh my God!” Hermione screams out.

Draco sits up, worried as his hand flies off of her. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?!”

“The baby moved! I think that’s what it was!” Hermione gushes, her eyes wide with excitement.

Draco smiles and leans in to kiss her belly. Hermione can’t help but keep smiling with happiness of what she has right now, in this moment. She strokes his cheek as he sits back up, his hand on her stomach once again.

Narcissa smiles at the moment her son and his girlfriend shared, she starts to see why Draco is fighting so hard for her and for his baby. She thinks about when she was pregnant with Draco, Lucius never affectionately touched her stomach like that. This made her proud of the man her son is.

Maybe she should let go of her old feelings and judgments as well, after all, the war is over and the other Death Eaters are most likely not coming back from Azkaban. Now she is a grand-mother, her very first grand-child will be here soon.

Hermione remembers her appointment the next day; they will get to find out the gender.

She looks up at Narcissa. “Would you like to come and see what the baby is tomorrow? It is at a Muggle OB/GYN but Draco went before. It didn’t bother him much.” Narcissa looks at Draco; her face looks like Hermione just asked her to jump off of a bridge. Draco nods at his mum and she hesitates.

“Y-yes, I’ll come with you,” Narcissa agrees in a whisper, her face is red with stress as she thinks of what Lucius would say to her if he found out.

Hermione can’t believe she just asked Narcissa Malfoy to accompany her at a Muggle doctor’s office, but what is not changing now that the war was really over and Voldemort really gone?

“Good,” Hermione squeaks awkwardly, then sits beside Draco and smiles at him again.

Draco looks at Hermione in a no way kind of way with big eyes. Hermione giggles and Narcissa looks at her again.

“Granger, y-you aren’t so bad for my son,” Narcissa stumbles out, sounding like she had just said something she was keeping a secret. 

Hermione looks at Draco’s mum with a shocked face, he does the same. “Thank you Mrs. Malfoy, I appreciate that. You are a good mother and I hope I can be somewhat like you to this baby.”

Narcissa grins broadly. “Thank you, that makes my heart happy that you think I’m a good mother.”

“You’re one of the best,” assures Hermione.

Things really are changing around the wizarding world. Narcissa Malfoy is going with them to a Muggle doctor’s office, Hermione is with Draco Malfoy, an ex-Death Eater and having a child with him, something Hermione never would have foreseen, and Ron is out of her life and they are on bad terms. After the war everything changed for better and for worse.

A very large Healer with a toothbrush mustache and a goofy toothed smile walks into the room and introduces himself as Draco’s Healer, Troy Whitehert. He explains that Draco has nothing majorly wrong with him anymore and that they had fixed everything the previous evening. He puts some paste on the bruises to heal them and tells them that they can leave after making Draco sign a lot of papers. The Healer also congratulated them on their baby after telling Draco that he can’t apparate for a week or so.

Hermione and Narcissa helps get Draco’s things together, and Narcissa keeps a distance from Hermione, still feeling awkward and wrong about what she had said to her.

They walk out of the hospital and Narcissa says her goodbyes and promises to meet them in the morning deciding to let him go with Hermione as Hermione wants Draco to come home with her for the evening.

It is only around two when they got a taxi and by three they are walking up the driveway of Ginny and Harry’s.

The baby, now that it has started to move, keeps moving every now and then, surprising Hermione every time.

Ginny is excited at the news that Hermione can feel kicking now and she feels her stomach. Feeling a weak kick, she gets excited and jumps up and down.

Ginny and Hermione together cook spaghetti while Draco entertains baby James on the Potter’s sitting room floor.

About an hour later like every night around six, Ron and Harry have arrived at the house. Hermione somewhat wishes Ron wouldn’t come over because he makes things awkward and the tension between him and Draco stresses her out every time. But Ron seems to be in an okay mood and even greets Hermione, but of course doesn’t acknowledge Draco, which irritates her.

Everyone eats the dinner and tells the girls that they enjoyed it. Ron then says he is going to visit Lavender and leaves. Ginny tells Harry to put James to bed and then washes the dishes with her wand as Hermione and Draco sit on the couch. Draco cuddles her body to his.

“I hate hospitals, I am glad I got out. Father barely hurt me anyway,” Draco states.

“It looks like he got you good,” Hermione observes, grinning at her boyfriend trying to cover up how badly his father hurt him by strangling him.

Ginny and Harry goes to bed not too long after Harry finally gets James to sleep, and Draco and Hermione go to bed as well.

Draco is so fascinated by the baby’s kicking and him being able to feel it sometimes with his hand that he starts to directly talk to Hermione’s baby bump.

Hermione then proclaims she wants to sleep and Draco and her roll over, cuddling. They then fall asleep, Draco rubbing her tummy, both of them excited about finding out what the little bundle of joy is the next afternoon.  Both feeling more in love with each other than ever.

Chapter 22: Expecting A...
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Hermione’s eyes open up before Draco’s and she shakes him awake as soon as her bedside clock reads nine in the morning.

 “Wake up! We have to go to the doctor! Today’s the day to find out the baby’s gender!” Hermione exclaims, excitement filling her heart.

“’Kay,” Grunts Draco sleepily and then he rolls over the opposite direction.

Seeing that Draco still does not budge, Hermione leaves him alone for the moment and looks for something acceptable to wear. She knows Draco had had a hard day the day before, being strangled by his own father and ending up in St. Mungo’s. All because he told his father how he really felt.

Ginny had dropped in some maternity clothes in Hermione’s room the night before last that she wore when she was pregnant with James. Hermione is very happy because she can’t fit into any of her usual clothes anymore. Being twenty-three weeks today, her belly is growing bigger by each day. Her little one is already awake and kicking, not seeing the baby on screen since ten-weeks, she really is curious to see what the baby looks like now. 

Hermione finds some adorable denim maternity shorts and a cute floral top. Her baby bump is more defined than ever this morning as she looks at herself sideways in the full-length mirror. Draco opens his eyes finally and looks at his girlfriend, who’s examining herself.

“You look so cute pregnant,” Draco suddenly compliments, making Hermione jump.

She blushed, “Erm, thanks!”

“No problem, it’s what I live for, complimenting you, after I said so many horrible things to you in the past-” He mumbles, sitting up now. His shaggy blonde hair is sticking up like he had rubbed a balloon on it, making Hermione giggle. He tries to tame it with his hands to no avail and gives up as Hermione mutters a spell to make it flatten.

Hermione then leaves Draco alone in her room to get dressed and walks into the kitchen where Harry is sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee and eating toast. It is Saturday, so he is off of work.

“Good morning Hermione!” Harry exclaims, seeing her happiness radiating off of her.

“’Morning Harry!” Hermione exclaims back, picking up her mobile phone and dialing her mum’s number.

“Hi mum, will you meet us at the doctor’s office? Yes we find out the gender today…Draco’s mum is going to be there too! Ok love you mum, bye!”

Harry chokes on his coffee as he looked at Hermione in shock. “No way!”

“Yes way, I know it’s hard to believe! Narcissa Malfoy has agreed to come to a Muggle doctor’s office to see her grand-child on the sonogram!”

Harry chuckles. “I never knew her much but I KNOW two years ago that would never have happened in a million years!”

“No, not at all. I would not have been having a baby with a Death Eater two years ago either, that would have been quite rightly barbaric I must say,” laughs Hermione as she levitates the waffles from the toaster onto the empty plate in front of her. She then uses the accio spell to get the syrup and margarine as well and makes up her waffles as she notices Draco is in the room with them now.

He frowns at her comment and feels offended at her joke. He grunts, “’Morning,” to Harry and then grabs the cereal for him to eat, not bothering to use any magic either.

Hermione feels bad for what she said. “I’m really sorry Draco I didn’t realize-”

“No, it’s true what I was. I am not that man anymore, so I’m not ashamed. But I’d rather it not be rubbed in my face that I made mistakes in life, because who doesn’t make mistakes?” Draco sneers. He then resorts to eating his cereal in silence, frowning.

Ginny then walks in the room with a squirming seven-month-old. “Hi guys, good morning love,” she greets Hermione, Draco, and Harry, kissing her husband and handing James to him so she can also get herself breakfast.

“What are you off to do?” She asks Hermione, noticing her clothes.

“I hadn’t told you? We are off to find out the gender of the baby!” Hermione exclaims, forgetting she didn’t tell Ginny last night.

“Oh, I want to go!” Ginny says, turning to Harry then. “Can you watch him for a few hours?”

Harry smiles and says jokingly. “Of course I will, he is my son too, Ron’s coming over with Lavender at one, he just texted me.”

Hermione frowns at this and exclaims, “Just great!” Draco looks at her questionably, Hermione just shakes her head and tries to forget about that and move on with the happiness of finding out the gender. Harry and Ginny know why it still bothers Hermione to see Lavender, but they don’t say anything. There is no question that she too still cared for Ron.

Draco already called his mum and confirmed where they would meet. It was nearing eleven now, the appointment is at twelve and they have an hour drive with some usual traffic and flying since Draco can’t apparate. They are meeting Jean Granger and Narcissa Malfoy at the doctor’s office, Narcissa will apparate and of course Jean would drive, she lives close to the doctor’s office.

Ginny is not as thrilled about going when she hears Draco’s mum is going too. They don’t have the best past, Ginny tried to curse her during the war.

It is time to go so Ginny, Hermione, and Draco jumps into Ginny’s Ford Anglia and leaves for downtown London. The ride seems to take forever. Draco drives and Hermione sits up front with him as Ginny snores in the back seat and jumps awake when they arrive at the doctor’s office. Draco lands the car a block away in a hidden location, not wanting to attract too much attention. He then drives normally to park the car in a parking spot in front of the Muggle doctor buildings.

Narcissa and Jean are standing at an awkward distance near the entrance, Ginny and Hermione can’t help but giggle at the differences of clothing. Narcissa is wearing black wizarding robes as she always does, her wand is tucked away but you can tell she is different than the rest of the people around, and Jean Granger is wearing jeans and a blue blouse. Draco now wears normal Muggle clothes as well when he isn’t at school or work, they all do, but some witches and wizards prefer robes all the time unless they go somewhere where you require Muggle wear.

The mums don’t really talk at all, Narcissa keeps her distance away from Jean and comes to Draco’s side at once when he arrives. “I feel very off from everyone else Draco, I don’t know if I can stay,” she nervously whispers to her son.

“Mum, you need to stay this is one of the most important moments of my life!” Draco tells his mum, “I’m so glad you came!”

Narcissa nods and stays for her son, entering the Muggle doctor’s office. Jean, a bit more obnoxious than Hermione, excitedly squeezes her daughter’s hand as they walk in, Hermione just smiles at her mum.

Ginny decides to strike up a conversation with Mrs. Granger and they sit and talk about Hermione’s baby and bet on the different genders as Hermione registers for her appointment.

It doesn’t take too long for the nurse to come and get Hermione, the whole lot of them walk through the door. People notice Narcissa’s clothes and start to whisper, luckily she doesn’t notice.

After they weigh Hermione and measure her belly, they are led into a sonogram room and Ginny and Mrs. Granger still are talking. Narcissa awkwardly sits in the corner and Draco sits right up by Hermione, not really saying as much as a word to anyone else in the room to no one’s surprise.

The doctor comes in and greets everyone, and after gazing at Narcissa for a quick few moments, making her blush, he straightens up and talks to Hermione. “Now, today we will find out what the little kiddoe of your’s is by sonogram and we will do a few blood tests. This is one of the most exciting times in a pregnancy, I’m glad you brought your family with you that always makes it so much more amazing and real.”

Ginny is squealing from excitement and Narcissa is glaring at her in annoyance as the doctor applies the goo on Hermione’s swollen stomach. Narcissa then watches closely, even though she won’t admit it, she is impressed with this Muggle doctor.

He takes out the sonogram scanner and lays it on her belly to move it around. The two mums gasp and Ginny says, “Aww!” Narcissa is even getting excited now and is looking very curiously at the screen.

“There’s a head-” he moves around so they can see the width of the baby’s head and then measure the squirming baby’s width and length of it, “There’s the heartbeat-” the heart beats very strongly and they can hear it like a thumping pair of drums. A tear comes to Hermione’s eyes and she is suddenly nervous to find out what her baby is but has been awaiting this moment for what seems like ages. “And it’s a-” he moves it around so he can see better between the baby’s legs, even though the baby is squirming you can see for sure that the baby is a- “GIRL!” The Doctor exclaims, “Congratulations are in order, you are having a bouncy baby girl!”

The mums cry out in joy and Ginny tells Jean Granger, “Told you! I was right! My son, James, already has a wife picked out for him!”

Draco is smiling so big and kisses Hermione’s forehead as Hermione is crying in tears of joy.

“I had dreams it was a girl, I knew it, my baby girl…” Hermione says dreamily, rubbing her stomach.

“Daddy loves you,” Draco whispers, leaning close to her stomach.

Hermione just smiles at him and wipes her tears away, this all just felt like a dream to her, all of this.

The Doctor does the blood tests he needs and then leaves after saying their next appointment is at thirty weeks.

Everyone is so excited, even Narcissa hugs Hermione and kisses Draco’s cheek, “I always wanted a little girl, now I will have my very own grand-daughter,” She gushes.

The lot walks out of the room, Hermione pays the cashier, and they then leave the doctor’s office to stand in the parking lot.

“Goodbye and congratulations!” Narcissa says, still feeling awkward around all the Muggle population around her and hurriedly walks off back to her apparating spot.

“Thanks!” Hermione replies, beaming. 

“Oh Hermione, I love you sweety, and that little girl. It’s so nice to meet you Ron, I feel like I know you already!” Jean Granger says, and everyone goes silent.

Hermione’s cheeks inflame, Malfoy frowns, Jean notices the silence and looks at Hermione, then she remembers.

“I am SO sorry! Draco, I’m sorry, silly me- it is so nice to finally meet you. Hermione speaks so highly of you, and you too Ginevra! Oh, how silly of me I feel so stupid!” Then Jean Granger, embarrassed from the mis-naming Hermione’s boyfriend, hugs everyone and leaves in a hurry like Narcissa.

Draco looks down since Hermione’s mum called him Ron, though she tries to cheer him up. “Let’s go shop for some clothes in some Muggle children stores!”

Draco and Ginny agree to go with her. Hermione is so excited that she knows she is having a baby girl so she can pick out a name now and get clothes for her. They enter a store called Tiny Tots Unlimited: Baby and Toddler Clothes. It is lined with rows and rows of baby clothes from newborn until three years old.

Ginny and Hermione run to the girl’s aisle and start picking things out immediately while Draco sulks behind them, not liking the environment and wanting to leave the store. But today is a special day as he just found out he is having a baby girl. So he tries not to let the Muggles around bother him, that is something that he has not been able to let go yet, Muggle disliking. He always has wanted a little girl first; he already knows he is going to raise her much better than his parents raised him.

The girls buy the baby many things and goes to checkout to Draco’s relief because he is ready to get home with Hermione to celebrate. He has decided he would stay with Hermione for a while, but would she be okay with this? He hasn’t asked her yet…

They finally finish and climb back into the Ford Anglia. They then fly back to Harry and Ginny Potter’s. Hermione then remembers what awaits them there as they get out of the car. She frowns as they walk inside, holding Draco’s hand tightly. Her baby girl kicks in her ribs, making her extra uncomfortable.

“Hi there everyone! Long time no see!”  A high pitched voice pipes up at them right when they close the large front door behind them. Hermione doesn’t even look up; she doesn’t want to look into Lavender’s face again. But Lavender hugs Hermione and then examines her baby bump, “Getting bigger! Wow!” Lavender squeaks excitedly as if they are old friends that haven’t seen each other in ages. 

Draco, oblivious to Hermione trying to ignore Lavender, blurts out, “Yes, she’s twenty-three weeks today and we are having a little girl!”

Hermione rolls her eyes at Draco just as Ron says a little too happily, “A girl, how nice (hiccup).” Ron is drunk again, obviously.

“A little girl, I still can’t bloody believe our best friend Hermione’s having a baby!” Harry cheerfully says.

“I know, it’s hard to believe, but she’s coming soon so be ready!” Hermione answers, smiling at her friend, hiding her annoyance of the presence of Lavender.

“Maybe it’ll be my turn soon!” Lavender says, giggling.

Everyone falls silent and looks at her. “Not anytime soon!” Ron blurts back, and then burps loudly.

Hermione violently rolls her eyes at Lavender’s comment and then all turn their eyes to the drunken red-head bum on the couch. Obviously he was not looking forward to their announcement.

Ginny sees her brother drunkenly on their couch and accuses Harry. “You let him have drinks Harry?! You know he’s been struggling with it!” Hermione has not really even been aware that Ron has been drinking more than usual until now.

“No! Lavender brought them for dinner and Ron snuck them and started drinking them by bottle!” Harry defends himself.

“Ginny, it’s (hiccup) fine! Shut it!” Ron assures his sister.

“Yeah, he does this every time he’s off now and we have a night without any plans!” Lavender says bluntly.

Ginny and Hermione look worriedly at Ron, who is laughing at nothing. 

“Every time? And you let him?!” Ginny yells at Lavender.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was not supposed to happen!” Lavender yells back at Ginny.

“Well, quit being witty and start seeing that he shouldn’t be drunk all the time!” Ginny screams back, “You know he’s still head over heels for Hermione and he gets drunk because he doesn’t have her, Malfoy does, and she’s having a baby with another man! Of course he does it on purpose! Stop letting him!”

“Fine, I’m sorry and he never loved her, if he did then why are we here now?” Lavender retorts back, looking at Hermione with piercing eyes.

“Lavender, drop it!” Harry chimes in, knowing his wife is very skilled in doing spell work when she’s mad, and Ginny is visually very close to pulling out her wand but after Harry says that she refrains and picks up James. She talks to him, trying to calm down.

Hermione just cuddles Draco on the couch and doesn’t say anything, embarrassed that Draco has to hear all this and hiding what Lavender said saddens her but she doesn’t dare show it. She feels bad for Draco, how must he be feeling being around all these Gryffindors, and being around Ron, Hermione’s ex-fiancé who cheated on her not long ago with the girl screaming at Ginny, Lavender. Hermione looks at him and he is awkwardly playing with his mobile phone. Probably, like her, pretending not to hear any of this. If Hermione gets into it, it would put stress on her and the baby, so she chose to just stay out of the argument with Lavender.

The night drags on and Lavender buys a pizza for supper and they all eat in awkward silence.  Ron’s alcohol is taken away and Ginny makes him drink three bottles of water so he starts to sober up. Ginny even apologizes to Lavender, who clearly does feel bad. Draco and Hermione kind of sit in a corner at the kitchen table and Harry and Ginny sit with them. Lavender and Ron sit alone on the couch.

 James is already in bed and it is nearing eleven at night so Lavender announces her and Ron are leaving to his apartment. This made Hermione cringe, he still has their apartment? When it was just theirs, the first thing they got together? And he’s staying in it with another woman? Hermione breathes in and out like twenty times trying to contain herself from saying anything in front of Draco and said bye to Lavender and Ron normally with a forced straight face.

Ginny and Harry goes to bed shortly after and Hermione and Draco lay in her’s. Hermione doesn’t seem quite right and Draco notices.

“What’s wrong?” He asks.

“N-nothing,” She lies, trying not to cry.

“I hear your voice cracking Hermione, now tell me!” Draco demands of her, raising his tone. He doesn’t like when she keeps things from him, this is something he has about him now since he had been lied to so many times as a child.

Hermione lets it all out. “R-Ron still has our apartment! It m-makes me s-so angry! He ch-cheated on me with h-her and he’s staying in our old apartment with h-her? I’m not sad, I’m angry, I just d-don’t know how to express how angry I am in any o-other way!” Hermione says, bawling now.

Draco just hugs her to him. “It’s wrong, I agree Hermione. But as long as you no longer pay him any money and it’s under his name, he can stay there all he wants.”

“Y-yes but, that’s n-not right to stay in there with the woman he ch-cheated on me with!”

“Shhh,” Draco beckons, trying to soothe her. “Remember Hermione, we just found out we are having a little baby girl, think about that-”

Hermione nods and wipes her tears on the comforter, trying to control the crying and thinking about her baby.

“Let’s talk about names!” Draco suggests, trying to make her feel better.

Hermione already feels better, she hasn’t even thought of a name yet! She turns toward Draco and snogs him. He is surprised but snogs her back she then breaks from his lips and just looks at him, deep in thought.

“I love you Draco Malfoy,” Hermione whispers to him, saying this still feels shocking to her. But it feels so right.

“I love you too Hermione Granger, and our baby girl,” Draco answers back.

Her tears stop coming now and all she thinks about is her baby girl and a name for her now. They are silent and Hermione is still deep in thought, Draco decides he will let her pick out a first name and he will pick a middle name.

“How about… Arabella?” Hermione asks Draco.

“Yes, that’s beautiful, Arabella Nymphadora Malfoy,” Draco answers, smiling big. "Honoring one of my cousins who died too soon for her middle name." 

“That’s perfect,” Hermione whispers dreamily, imagining her little girl like the one in her dreams. Beautiful little Arabella

Chapter 23: Blood Is Thicker Than Water, Except When Love is Involved
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It is raining for the first time in weeks when Hermione opens her eyes the next morning. Baby Arabella is already kicking her, and that’s what woke her up. She looks at Draco, who is still fast asleep, his blonde shaggy hair resting over his closed eyelids and long brown eyelashes.

Her excitement still doesn't fade that her suspicion about her baby being a girl is true. It makes her honestly proud. She already can imagine what her little one will be like. Hopefully a bookworm like she was, everyone would know her as Hermione’s little girl, smart and beautiful. Hopefully strong like Draco.

Draco interrupts her thoughts with a kiss on her cheek. “’Morning,” he mumbles. 

“Hey there,” Hermione whispers to him, smiling.

“I have to work today,” Draco says, starting to get out of bed.

“Well, I don’t want to go to work today. I’m too tired. I will go another day soon and I also don’t feel like everyone staring at me. I will finish my Auror training, and I decided that’s the job I’ll do after Arabell’s born,” Hermione states, grinning and then getting out of bed herself. She will stay and relax today at Harry and Ginny’s.

“That will be good, and Arabell will be her nickname?” asks Draco.

"Yes," replies Hermione with a glowing smile. 

Draco gets dressed as Hermione makes her bed, staying in her pajamas. Soon they walk in the kitchen together where Ginny of course is just finishing her cooking. Today it is cinnamon rolls, all homemade from scratch.

Draco and Hermione sit side by side on the bar stools. Being twenty-three weeks, Hermione is not comfortable sitting on such a hard and unstable chair, but she doesn’t stir.

“Good morning!” Ginny says brightly, putting plates under Draco and Hermione’s noses and plopping two cinnamon rolls on each plate, adding scrambled eggs to them as well. Hermione digs in immediately, Draco watches her, amused.

Ginny giggles, “You can definitely tell she’s eating for two!”

“Shut it Ginny!” Hermione chuckles, trying not to laugh as she wipes icing off of her cheek with her finger.

They then eat in silence, and Ginny says all of a sudden when Hermione finishes her last bite, “Ron and Lavender broke up again.”

Hermione rolls her eyes at the news. “Wow, talk about an on and off again couple.”

“I think they’re made for each other, they are pathetically both dim-witted,” Draco adds.

Ginny and Hermione both glare at him. “My brother isn’t that bad, he just makes stupid choices sometimes.” Hermione nods in agreement to what Ginny said. Draco scowls.

They have not heard anything from Harry as far as the small breakout from Azkaban. Nothing is in the papers either. It seems that Kingsley just concludes the bars on the windows will keep the rest in and while the other Death Eaters are nowhere to be found, which raises worry in the wizarding world.

Harry and Draco both kiss the girls goodbye and apparate to the Ministry, oddly together. Draco chats but Harry doesn’t speak much back, he still doesn’t particularly like Draco. He has a feeling about him, and not a good one.

Hermione and Ginny chat and laugh, mostly talking about their crazy men. And they also gossip about Lavender too and how she’s probably in The Pub, drinking off her sorrows.

“Well, let’s go shopping and visit your mum,” Ginny suggests, as they have been pondering what they should do today.

“Sounds good, let me call her,” Hermione states, picking up her phone. Her mother agrees to meet the two girls and James in a Muggle mall near London.

Hermione showers and gets dressed in a loose blue halter top and some khaki maternity shorts. She is getting bigger by the day still, and Arabella kicks constantly. Ginny comments on how cute Hermione looks. Ginny has also dressed up for a warm occasion with simple flip flops, denim shorts and a tank top. They watched a movie for a few hours before departing to London.

The girls get all comfortable in the Ford Anglia after they eat grilled cheese sandwiches at about noon. Hermione’s mum loves shopping so she is totally up to the offer and has said to meet her at the entrance of the mall called Sikes Center Mall.

After about twenty-five minutes of flying, the Ford Anglia lands on a rural side street near the mall. Hermione and Ginny pull into a parking space at last near the entrance like her mum requested. Jean Granger, dressed in sweat pants and a sporty top and sneakers, waits for them with a smile. Ginny gets out and hugs Mrs. Granger and then whips to the back seat to get James, who was eight-months old today and is starting to coo and babble more.

“Oh what a cutie!” Jean exclaims, pinching James’ cheeks and he laughs as she tickles him, “This must be the baby girl’s future husband!”

Ginny laughs at this, “Yes, I’d like to think that! That would be cool. Although I don’t know about him having Draco Malfoy as a father-in-law,” jokes Ginny. Hermione glares at her and she quits laughing about it and the women fall silent for a few moments.

“The baby girl’s name is going to be Arabella Nymphadora,” Hermione says out of nowhere as they walk into a baby store after walking the halls for a while. Jean and Ginny made “aww” sounds.

"After Tonks, it’s beautiful, Hermione!” Ginny affirms with a sad smile, looking briefly at the bump extending out of Hermione’s pelvis.

“Arabella, my first grand-daughter, how charming. For a little while Hermione, I was worried you wouldn’t ever want to bare children, as bookworm and anti-boys as you were in your early teenage years!” Jean tells her daughter.

Hermione burst out laughing, “Things change mum, obviously.”

“That they do!” Jean agrees, picking up some frilly pink dresses for baby girls with bows to complete the outfits.

“I want a girl someday,” Ginny states, looking at all the booties they had which were ballet shoe like and came with adorable socks.

“I want a boy someday!” Hermione says back, smiling at her friend.

“Well maybe we will both get what we want then,” Ginny says with a shrug.

“Well, I always wanted two children but we could only seem to have one, Hermione is enough,” Jean says, hugging her daughter. Hermione chuckles at this, “Wow mum, way to make me feel loved.”

They find baby Arabella a good amount of some very cute, pink, frilly, glittery, you name it clothes and Hermione and Jean went to check out as Ginny takes James and walks to the boy section.

Hermione, feeling a little tired from walking so much, wants to sit on a wooden bench that sits in the middle of the stores.

Jean sits next to her. “Are you happy baby?” She asks her daughter, reaching out for her hand.

“I am mum. I am happy; I hope it stays that way.” Hermione truthfully says, smiling.

“Does Draco treat you well?” Jean wonders, her brown eyes looking into her daughter’s as they matched perfectly.

“Yes, he’s a bit ornery at times, but he is great mum, I truly like him a lot, maybe even love him.”

“Good,” Jean states, looking at the mall customers walking by.

As they sit there, a group of women come by and asked to feel Hermione’s tummy, and ask her questions like, when are you due? And things like that. “In the fall, it’s a girl and her name is Arabella,” Hermione says to a group of giggling Muggle college girls as they look at Hermione’s baby belly. After a while the questions and stares got annoying and luckily Ginny is done and they depart to some different stores.

They walk for two more hours before they finally start to get really tired.


Draco Malfoy sits in his Improper Use of Magic Office’s break room eating his late lunch that he has just bought from the cafeteria downstairs, a House-Elf Homemade Tuna Delight. It has been a busy day and it is nearing around three o’clock. He is just finishing when quick footsteps enter the room.

“Malfoy, I have to tell you something and you aren’t going to like it,” A familiar voice sneers.

Draco turns around and Dean Thomas is looking at him. Dean and Draco have become great friends in the past few months; he is one of his favorite co-workers and is usually his partner since Zabini betrayed him. They do a lot of assignments together.

“What’s up Thomas?” Draco asks, thinking it would be just another ol’ assignment that they wouldn’t enjoy.

“It’s about Hermione,” Dean says, sitting next to him looking upset. 

Draco stood up like a bullet shot off. “What’s wrong? She okay?”  

“Yes, she’s fine. But you might not be after I tell you this.” Draco’s face falls, and he just stares blankly at Dean as Dean pushes him to sit back in the chair.

“I went to visit the Potters the a few days ago-” Dean starts.

Draco waves his hands, “Go on!”

“And Ron Weasley was there-” Dean pauses, hesitating.

“And?!” Draco is getting impatient now.

“They were snogging, and Ron was saying “our baby” and referring to Hermione’s stomach. She was agreeing with him…” Dean says frowning.

Draco looks at him, searching for any signs that he may be joking. This is not funny at all. They have just found out they are having a baby girl yesterday, and he doesn’t think Hermione would ever do something so horrible. Not the girl he knows. No way.

Dean does not have any hint of joke and his face and is still frowning. “I’m sorry mate. I know you really like her, but she has been with Ron nine years before you, you know? And I heard them saying they conceived the baby the night before they broke up and-“

“Stop Thomas, just stop, get out!” Dean looks at Draco with fearing eyes.

“Out! NOW!” Draco yells at him.

Dean stands up and leaves Draco alone in the break room. It is nearing his time to clock back in so he stands up and breathing very hard, walks out of the break room and back into his office which luckily is a private one. He can’t believe it, it can’t be true.

 He looks up suddenly and sees a brown haired man he seems to recognize whipping around the corner across the room and Dean sits in his office across from Draco, looking mental. Was that Dolohov? No... Surely not…his eyes were playing tricks on him.

 Draco Malfoy is actually hurt. He has never felt so upset before and he can’t believe that he has done this entire changing, falling for a muggle-born, and now he is getting karma for it.  He never felt vulnerable or hurt when he was his old self. Maybe being this new, nice Draco Malfoy is a mistake.

The rest of the day is an awkward one. Dean walks into Malfoy’s office asking about an assignment that they were currently sharing a partnership on. He asks a question as though they had not had the previous discussion about Hermione in the staff break room that afternoon. But Draco is so upset from the news he gave him, he doesn’t think anything of it.

“You okay Malfoy?” Dean Thomas asks.

“Sure, brilliant!” Draco says angrily, not believing Dean would even ask him this. After Draco told him all the details about how he feels for Hermione and suddenly, Dean had this news and now he’s acting like everything is okay. Dean looks at him questionably. “Well then, I’ll see you later mate, have a good night. Tell Hermione hi.” What just happened? How odd

Draco watches him go with a cocked eyebrow. He wonders what this is about but decides not to think anything of it. But all he knows is he was upset and very hurt that the girl he now loves isn’t really the girl he thought she is at all. He isn’t really about to be a father to a baby girl. Ron Weasley is. Hermione has hurt Draco, badly. For the first time ever.  


Hermione and Ginny return home after having dinner with Mrs. Granger, it is nearing six and the boys should be back soon. Ginny makes them some simple macaroni and cheese and ham sandwiches. But at six o’clock, only Harry walks in the door.

“Hey Hermione, Ginny!” Harry greets, sitting at the island on a bar stool.

“Hi Harry!” Ginny says, kissing her husband and plopping macaroni on his plate.

“Where’s Draco?” Asks Hermione. 

Harry looks at her. “I saw him leaving, thought he’d be coming here.”

“No he isn’t here, maybe he went to go see his mum, he has been staying here a few days,” States Hermione, looking at her phone.

No texts or calls from Draco at all. Hermione texts him, asking him where he was. She waits but there is no answer.


Draco walks up to the gates of Malfoy Manor; he is not going to see Hermione tonight. He doesn’t want to see Hermione at all. He wants to stay as far away from her as possible. I guess this is what he gets for falling in love with a mudblood. His heart broken. Karma. Maybe he shouldn’t’ve changed into this ‘nice’ guy. Nice guys get hurt. Maybe that’s why he was so cold and mean in the past.

When Draco nears the entrance the guard says, “I don’t know if you want to go in there. They’re back-”

  Draco’s heart lurched, THEY? As in his Father might be in here? But how? He watched himself as Kingsley put the bars on the windows, but maybe he’s wrong... maybe there was another way they are escaping. Only the strongest Death Eaters would know how to fool the Ministry by breaking out of there, only the most lethal and powerful ones.

Draco takes a deep breath and walks into the manor. To his horror, his past stands before him like a flashback only it was the present, they really are back. He can see into the drawing room and there is a table full of black, robed Death Eaters. They escaped Azkaban. But what is their purpose? Voldemort is gone.

“Draco!” A cool voice calls.

Draco spins around, sure enough, there is Lucius Malfoy. He walks toward his son slowly.

“Hi Father,” Draco says in a fake somewhat excited tone.

“Draco, come here,” Lucius beckons darkly. Draco walks toward him. Lucius takes his large, pale hand and slaps Draco across the face, causing the Death Eaters to all stand up and look at them. “How could you be with a mudblood? How can you talk to me the way you did?” Lucius simply asks.

“Yes, I wondering that myself,” adds Yaxley coldly, who is standing next to his father all of a sudden. Astoria’s father is also by Lucius, glaring at him dangerously without words.

Draco feels as though he could pass out but comes to and stands straight up to look at his father but doesn’t say a work and just glares at him, not answering his question. Luckily Narcissa comes into the entrance room to the three men at the right moment. “We are about to start. Hello Draco, sweety.” Draco is stunned as he looked at his mum. He wants to know how the hell all the most valued Death Eaters are now in his house. Again.

Draco walks into the room with the Death Eaters and takes a seat next to his mum, where he always sat during meetings. Everyone is staring at him and whispering. What was going on? What is the meeting about? Surely not about him, he hopes not.

The man Draco recognizes as Rodolphus Lestrange, his uncle who was his late aunt Bellatrix’s husband stands up before them all.

“We HAVE ESCAPED!” He roars. There is much applause and jeers around the table.

“Bella would’ve been so proud!” Rodolphus then says, his yellow teeth showing as he smiles, you can tell they don’t have tooth brushes in Azkaban.

“Quiet you pathetic bimbos, now let’s get started!” Rodolphus says, looking at his brother in law, Lucius.

“I am happy that we are all back! That was the worst two years of my life!” Lucius says, smiling at his fellow Death Eaters in relief. “Now, the plan...” Draco straightens up and listens closely, wanting to know everything.

“We don’t need to worry about the others, they are weaklings any way and prove no help in helping the Dark Lord when he was alive, bless him. So I think us for now would be fine. However, we must have a leader. I would love to take the position-“

“NO!” Growls Yaxley and Rodolphus in unison.

“My wife was his most loyal; I shall take the position since she is now deceased!” Rodolphus yells.

“No, I have the best reigns on the Ministry, I should be leader!” Yaxley protests as his blonde/gray braid sways as he fidgets with his silverware in frustration.

“We will have a vote!” Dolohov yells, “I would like to nominate myself as well!” The Death Eaters around him cheer him on.

Draco can’t believe this was happening, they are going to try to go at large again. They are trying to get a new leader in Voldemort’s place. No, he can’t let this happen! But he has no choice, he has to sit there or he will simply be killed.

His thoughts drift to Hermione, he loathes her at this moment, and he doesn’t want to be anywhere near her. This is the best place to be to stay away from her and the rest of the Golden Trio, with his old ‘friends’. Maybe he will pretend to be like them again. He looks at his Dark Mark tattoo, it prickles in pain. 

“All in favor for Yaxley!” Screams Lucius. Only eight Death Eaters raise their hands.

“For Dolohov!” All but Draco and another Death Eater raise their hands.

Draco grunts in amusement, Dolohov is mental; he doesn’t care who is in front of him when he works spells. He is heartless; he can be the next Voldemort if he really amounts to it.

“For me, Lucius!” Half raises their hand. “And for Rodolphus!” Twelve raised their hand. “So, Dolohov, looks like you won this,” Lucius sneers, disgusted and jealous.  

Dolohov smiles in a twisted way. “Yes, looks like it. So as your new leader, I want to share what the plan is with you all…” he pauses to get a breath, “We still want to kill Harry Potter, he killed the Dark Lord! He is head Auror now who thinks he can control us even more! He needs to die!”

Dolohov says this in a way that makes chills go up Draco’s spine. He feels bad about this; he actually has started to like Harry and the rest of them since he has been with Hermione. Hermione… oh God, what will they want to do to her, she’s pregnant! He doesn’t know for sure whose baby but he doesn’t want her harmed, even if what Thomas said is true.

“The two friends of his need to be murdered as well, that Weasley and Granger are their names? And anyone who associates with Harry Potter! No one is spared this time!” Dolohov continues, licking his lips in hunger for Harry’s death.

Narcissa looks at her son in horror, shaking her head sadly for him. Draco feels as if he could cry. “No!” Draco says, loud enough for a few people to hear around him. Then everyone turns to him.

“Draco…” Dolohov said with an evil smile, “I forgot you are here!” Draco falls silent; all color from his face disappears. They are going to kill him. He just knows it.

“Are you still with the mudblood Draco?” Asks Dolohov, standing up and walking to Draco’s chair, laying a cold hand on his shoulder.

Draco’s heart feels like it can jump out of his chest, “N-no sir.” As Draco says that, the memories from yesterday, talking about the baby’s name come rushing back, his or Ron’s baby, they didn’t know for sure. Now they want to kill her, the girl he loves. The pain is unbearable to imagine that. “But… you usually don’t harm pregnant women, she’s erm, pregnant and that’s all I was saying s-sir,” Draco says lousily, trembling.

Lucius looks at his son with a silent rage, he knows what his son has done and he is not happy. He then also pipes up, “Draco, that was never a rule, and it isn’t going to be now. If we find Granger we are going to kill her, and her friends,” Lucius says to his son coldly.

Draco is now turning green, he feels sick to his stomach and jumps up from the table, running to the nearest bathroom and emptying the contents of his stomach in the toilet bowl. He sits by the toilet, breathing hard and holding a hand to his forehead, beads of sweat roll down his pale face. This can’t be happening, they aren’t supposed to ever be back. But of course, he knew they would eventually come back and try to revenge Voldemort’s death, but this soon? It has only been two years!

Draco stands up, he feels like he will fall over again though. There is a light knock on the door. “Draco, sweety, you okay?”

“No mum, you should know I’m not okay!” Draco answers back, opening the door and looking into her face. “Mum, how? How are they here?” Draco questions his mother, sweating bullets.

“They escaped after killing an Auror named Seamus Finnigan and stealing his wand, apparently the man was new and the other employees didn’t even recognize he was missing, they got rid of his body you see, Dolohov did.  Dolohov was the one who killed him by his hand, he strangled the man and stole his wand and kept it hidden until security for the night was lessened and that’s when the first lot escaped. Then he went back last night to help release the others. The security is less strong now that they removed the dementors, thinking they have less to worry about, but obviously that was a mistake that Kingsley made, because look where we are now!” She pauses and examines her son, “Let’s go to your room and talk.”

They walk upstairs quietly, not wanting anyone to hear them. Draco’s stomach feels a pang of grief, Seamus is a good friend of Dean Thomas, and he only just started working as an Auror after working for another company for the past two years. It sucks knowing someone his age, who just started their life, has died.

But then… “Narcissa! Where are you? Where’s Draco?!” Lucius’ voice echoes off the walls in his yell. 

“Here, coming, Draco just got sick!” Narcissa casts her son a worried look and they both return to the drawing room. But when they are going back in Lucius grabs his son by the neck and drags him to a dark spot under the stairs.

 “Lucius!” Narcissa gasps.

Lucius punches Draco hard again right in the temple, causing Draco to black out and fall almost against the wall.

“It’s the Weasley boys baby Father! N-not mine!” Draco says as soon as he opens his eyes again.
Lucius put down his fist, which he was about to hit Draco with again. “Okay, you better be telling the truth Draco, I swear, if you let me down this time, I don’t know I might have to let Dolohov ki…”

”Lucius, stop, please!” Narcissa begs desperately, tears staining her eyes now.

“Fine!” Lucius says snidely to his wife and then he throws Draco to the ground, hard. 

Narcissa comes to her son’s side again, helping him up as Lucius disappears into the drawing room once again. “Draco honey, it is your baby, Dolohov put Dean Thomas under the Imperius Curse today in the Ministry, and he was disguised! But Draco you can’t be with Hermione right now! It’s far too dangerous!” Draco nods, tears staining his eyes now as well, he feels weak. And sick after throwing up and then getting punched and thrown to the hard ground. But he is happy what Dean told him isn’t true, he had had a feeling. He is the father to this baby girl. To Savanna Isabella. And he has to protect her and Hermione, and the rest of the Harry Potter clan… he cares for them... He has never cared for anyone before like this, they are real friends. Even if some of them still don’t like him.

Draco stands up next to his mother who is supporting him. “Draco, we have to go back in there and pretend nothing is going on with you, they will kill you Draco,” Narcissa begs, panicking.

“I know mum, I will do okay. I will act as one of you guys again and pretend to hate Hermione. I will protect my baby and her. I will because I am not my father.”

Narcissa burst into tears and hugs her son to her. “That you aren’t Draco, you are a good man. Your father was one day, but now… I don’t know, he just isn’t good anymore at all, never has been since the Dark Lord’s re-rising,” she pauses to wipe her tears and looks at her son, “Draco we have to go back in, let’s go.” Draco agrees and follows her into the drawing room again, his head pounding. Still feeling nauseated.

Dolohov is still speaking; he does not acknowledge Draco and Narcissa when they walk back in. They sit back in their seats and didn’t say a word. “Kill Harry and his friends, if possible. If not, we will not stop trying to find him, we can’t let him live when the Dark Lord is dead. We need to start tonight.”

Draco can’t stand it. He has to leave to warn Hermione and the rest of them what is going on. He has to go now before it’s too late.

Chapter 24: To Run, Or Not To Run
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Draco looks around at all the many people dressed in black wearing hard faces, and they are all busy being very focused on Dolohov. Since he is by his mum at the end of the table, maybe he can make a run for it without anyone knowing. He just has to get to Hermione. Now.

“Bathroom, again,” He whispers to his mum and she nods. But Narcissa knows by the look on his face where he is really going.

“Be careful Draco, come back after you warn them,” She whispsers quietly so no one, not even Lucius beside her on her right, can hear her.

He stands up and walks very slowly to the door. “Malfoy, where are you off to?” Yaxley, who is sitting across from him, asks with a smirk.

“Bathroom Yaxley, sick.” Yaxley nod but doesn’t removes his eyes from him and Draco breaks into a fake run to the bathroom. But he really closes himself up in a large closet and apparates. With it being near the drawing room, he doesn’t care if anyone hears him as long as he gets out of here.

His heart is beating fast and he holds back tears as he walks up to the Potter’s door.

Knock, Knock, Knock.

He knocks hard, and to his relief, Harry Potter opens it.

“Malfoy, what the-?”

“They’re b-back! All of them!” Draco says loudly, trembling. He is also breathing hard, sweat dripping, as his color runs out of his face.

“Draco come lay down!” Harry demands, worried that he is just going mad. Draco shakes his head in response and feels sick again, he turns around and vomits on the lawn.

“Malfoy, come on, come inside!” Harry begs, getting a little more desperate as to what has Malfoy in this condition.

Draco can’t stop thinking how there is no time. He has to get them out of here for they are going to start searching for Harry and everyone tonight.

Hermione sprints in the room, hearing Harry say Draco’s name.

“Draco where the hell have you- oh my God! What has happened to you!?” Hermione races to Draco’s side, bringing his body to the couch to lie down. He accepts, hesitantly. He needs to tell them everything that’s happening. Harry brought him a glass of ice water and Draco sits up to drink it as Hermione supports him.

“Long day… I have so much to tell y-you…” Draco hurries in a whisper, “But there’s no time! We need to go somewhere safe, NOW!”

Ginny, who was in bed races out into the sitting room. “Why do we have to leave? What’s going on, Harry?!”

Harry looks at Draco’s face. “Is it what I think it is?”

Draco nods. “All of them. Back. I will explain later as they are probably searching for all of us now, we have to go!” Draco urges them. Ginny runs to get James and Hermione just gapes at Draco in horror.

“They hurt you,” Hermione observes, tears coming to her eyes as examines her boyfriend. “They know about us.”

“No, no, father hurt me.” Draco dismisses, shaking his head. Hermione casts a spell to heal Draco’s bruises.

“We’re in danger again and the Death Eaters are back. They’re going to hurt us.” Hermione realizes, crying, holding her baby belly now.

 “I won’t let them,” Draco promises, grabbing her hand which is like his, shaking.

Harry is silent this whole time, he calls Ron and lets him know to meet them at the Burrow and calls Molly to have her start protecting charms around the whole Burrow like they did to hide in it seventh year.

After everything is done… Harry directs, “Let’s go.”

They can’t risk going in the Ford Anglia, the Death Eaters could probably track that in an instant. So they decided to apparate. Draco holds Hermione tight as he grabs Harry’s arm with his other, who is clutching onto his wife and son.

James is screaming when they land, he has never apparated before. Ginny comforts him with a soothing voice. The lot walks into the house where Ron, Arthur, George, Angelina, and Mrs. Weasley sit in the living room.

“Hi you all please do come in!” Molly sighs, not cheerfully but relieved they are there.

Arthur looks at Draco a little suspiciously. “I assume you have information?”

Draco swallows hard as he sits down next to Hermione on one of their three loveseats.

“Arthur, he looks terrible, let the poor boy breathe first!” Mrs. Weasley tells her husband.

Ron just glares at Malfoy, George and Angelina just watch silently.

“No, Mrs. Weasley, I am fine now,” Draco says frowning up at her. “I will tell you all I know.”  He then breathes for a few minutes, trying to figure out how to word what he is going to say.

“I went back home tonight because I was leaving Hermione,” Draco starts. He feels Hermione move away from him with a glare.

“Why?” She wonders.

Draco doesn’t answer but just keeps speaking, knowing his explaining would answer. “I was leaving her because Dean Thomas came in on my lunch break telling me he saw Hermione and Ron kissing one night when he visited Ginny and Harry’s and that they were referring the baby as to their baby, when I was under the impression that the baby is mine and Hermione’s-”

 “She is ours!” Hermione cries out, staring at Ron for a moment with a deathly glare before Draco continues.

“And I believed him, he is a good mate of mine at work and I didn’t think he’d lie to me. Well as he went back into his office, I saw a brown-headed man quickly leaving the Department. I later found out it was Dolohov and he was trying to get me to leave Hermione by making Dean do this under the Imperius Curse-” Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and Hermione gasp.

“Anyway, I go home because I was leaving Hermione as I was under the impression she was cheating on me with Ron. That this baby being mine was all a big lie because she was hacked off at Ron for cheating on her. When I got there, a guard warned me to not go in. He said, “They’re back.” I knew what he meant by that, but being curious I went in anyway and my Father met me and slapped me for seeing Hermione, then the meeting started-” Draco takes a deep breath, “and they appointed a new leader for the Death Eater’s in Voldemort’s place. They chose Dolohov. Dolohov starts the meeting, and the meeting is about… Harry…”

Everyone turns to Harry in horror.

“Not again!” Ginny gasps, tears coming to her eyes now.

“Yes, Ginny unfortunately we knew this would happen...” Harry tells her, hugging her to him as she hugs their crying baby.

Draco, feeling queasy still continues. “So they are on a mission starting tonight to come and find Potter, and kill him to revenge the Dark Lord. It will be like the past all over again, except with a weaker ruler, Dolohov.”

Harry does not look fearful; he just looks kind of hacked off. “How did they escape?” 

 Draco shakes his head, frowning, “Dolohov killed Seamus while he was on the job by strangling him and stealing his wand, I guess he was near enough to the cell that he could do that…”

“Seamus Finnigan?” Hermione asks in shock, her hand clapping onto her mouth in shock.

“Yes, Seamus Finnigan,” Draco repeats.

“Damnit!” Harry yells, standing up and throwing the empty plastic cup in his hand in anger. “He was a good guy! He only just started being an Auror last week! He just got through with training and he is one of our classmates!”

The group grieves for Seamus for a few moments before speaking again Ginny and Hermione start to cry.

“You know Harry that they don’t care what he is or where he works, they just kill, they wanted to get out and they did; at least you know how they did it now!” Arthur says as Harry sits down next to Ginny again.  Harry shakes his head in grief. Hermione looks tearfully at Draco, wanting to know more.

“There’s more-” Draco looks at them all and holds out his left arm, the Dark Mark is starting to grow again, it isn’t just a scar anymore, and it is almost to its original size.

“NO!” Hermione cries out, scooting away in horror with her hands over her mouth again.

“I will be your spy. I have to pretend that I am apart of them to see what’s going on, but only for a little bit, until around the time the baby’s due. Hopefully we can have them rounded up by then; there are only twenty or so of them!” Draco says as Harry nods.

“Thanks Draco,” Harry thanks him.

“I knew you were still a Death Eater!” Ron yells, disgusted by seeing his Dark Mark again.

“No Ron, he isn’t he is doing us a favor!” Mrs. Weasley assures her son.  

“Are you sure we can trust you?” Arthur asks him with a serious face, eyeing him.

Draco looks at Hermione and her baby bump, putting a hand on it. “I have a family to protect; I am on your side. I will even do the Unbreakable Vow.” The girls gasp, Ron is even impressed. “Blimey,” Ron said his eyes wide.

“No, not needed Malfoy, we trust you,” Harry says to him.

Arthur, Mrs. Weasley, George, and the rest of them nod in silent agreement.

Malfoy feels good, he has people that trust him to do something good. Not bad like for example, killing the best Headmaster Hogwarts ever had like he had to do back when he was a part of them for real in his sixth year when he just started.

Eventually everyone starts to go to bed; Harry and Ron have A LOT to do the next day. Everyone goes to bed except Hermione; she wants to talk after everyone else goes to bed. Ron hangs around awhile but when he realizes they won’t talk in front of him, he finally goes to bed. Draco looks Hermione in the eyes, and the first thing he does is kiss her. He kisses her passionately, like the first time in the motel room.

“I love you,” She whispers. “I love you too, more than anything,” Draco promises, kissing her forehead and putting a hand on her stomach.  He could feel a slight movement of kicking. “And I love Arabella,” Draco says, smiling proudly of the thought of his daughter.

“Are we going to be okay?” Hermione asks, worried.

“Yes…” Draco whispers.

“Are you?” Hermione asks, frowning.

“I don’t know Hermione,” he admits.

Hermione put her head on Draco’s shoulder. “I think you will be, just don’t let them catch you. Don’t tell them this is your baby, please.” Hermione pleads, “It would only put her in danger, and you, and me.”

“I know it would. I already lied and said it was Ron’s, although I didn’t want to,” Draco confesses to her, not even wanting to think about having to tell anyone it is Ron’s baby again.

“Well, that was good of you to protect all of us and agree to spy on us even though you will be going against your own family,” Hermione says, sad for him.

“My mum is on my side, she knew I was coming to warn you,” Draco reassures her.

“Good,” Hermione whispers. 

“Hermione, you need to go to bed. And I have to go back before I get killed,” Draco says, giving her one last kiss on the forehead and helping her stand up off of the couch.

She obliges and sleepily walks up the stairs with Draco. Draco brings her into Ginny’s old room and helps her get into her pajamas before tucking her in bed and kissing her.

“I will visit, I promise. It isn’t too long I will be away. Keep Weasleby’s hands off of you, please,” Draco asks of her.

“Don’t worry, I will. I would never cheat on you Draco, don’t think that for a second,” Hermione promises.

“Good. Same here, bye Hermione. See you when I see you.”

Then Draco leaves her side and goes downstairs to apparate back to Malfoy Manor.



He apparates into the bathroom he is supposed to be in and walks out of it. The drawing room is empty now. Only the house elves remain to clean up after the meeting.

It is nearing dawn; Draco can see a tint of light blue in the east from a huge window in the entrance hall.

“Draco, you had me worried, are you okay?” Narcissa asks, she comes down the stairs in her night robe.

“Yes mum, fine,” Draco reassures her.

“I’m so sorry this is all happened again…” Narcissa says, and she truly is sorry, Draco can see it in her eyes.

“I knew it would eventually,” Draco sighs “I am going to be a spy for Father’s lot, but I WILL NOT kill anyone.”

“Son, I am sorry for beating on you tonight, but you being with that filthy mudblood, you deserved it!” Lucius’ voice drawls now from the stairs.

Draco doesn’t answer him, “Mum I am tired, I am going to bed. Goodnight.” Then Draco walks upstairs to his fifth floor bedroom, he has missed his big bed. But he misses Hermione even more.

He wakes up later in the day, at around two. He can hear voices downstairs and scowls, he knows that they were back for yet another report. Of course his father opens the home for the wonderful guests once again as their headquarters. Draco wishes his father was back in Azkaban.

After texting Hermione a hello message then deleting it, he gets up to get dressed in his old black Death Eater robes. He grins when he sees she texts him back almost right away, but got a little sad when he realizes this is how it would be for a while with his new found love with a muggle-born, they would only be able to communicate by text, and even that was risky.

Yaxley and his father were deep in conversation when Draco nears the stairs, he holds back to listen.

“If your son is frisking around with that worthless piece of dirt, he should be killed. He is a blood traitor if what I have been hearing is true. I will not accept a blood traitor in the same room as myself. I value myself as much. I don’t care if he is your son; find out what he is involved in. Maybe we can use him to get to Potter,” Yaxley sneers coldly, looking up at Lucius with wide eyes.

Like Hell, thinks Draco, he is not their puppet anymore.

“I can assure you my son is in no such group of friends, he would never touch Granger or associate with Potter, you know what my son is capable of!” Lucius says.

“That’s not what I heard, Malfoy! And your son is just a coward, if you remember three years ago how Severus had to kill Dumbledore when it was Draco’s job from the Dark Lord himself!” Spits Dolohov, walking to meet the two men.

“In fact your son announced to us just the opposite of that when we came to interrogate him about the bushy haired girl! I say let him stay, and watch him closely! His every move!” Dolohov says, eyeing Lucius.

“My son is no coward, Snape simply took over his task, and he felt the need for attention. Watch him if you must but you won’t find a thing,” Lucius tries to convince the two Death Eaters.

Draco feels this is the time to intervene. “Good day, Yaxley, Dolohov, and Father.” Draco then walks down the five flights of stairs as the men stare at him.

“Draco, get in the drawing room at once,” Lucius demands of him, pushing him with force toward the entrance.

Draco obeys thinking of how well he can hide his relationship with Hermione, his child, and wondering how he can pull this spy thing off. He has to be as convincing as possible. He has to act involved with the Death Eaters, dress like them again, do tasks they ask him to, do the worst all while leading them as far from Hermione and the rest of the Potter clan as possible. Draco hates this, but he has to do this to protect whom he cares about now. And he doesn’t care about his father. That was one thing that is certain.

The drawing room is filled with everyone who was here the day before.

“Hello Draco,” Rodolphus greets his nephew, taking a seat near Narcissa.

Draco nods back and stares at the table in front of him which contains lunch. Not being quite sure what the Carrows brought for them to eat this time as it looks disgusting, he eats. They always bring the food for the gatherings, most of the time the food is not very good.

Soon Lucius, Yaxley and Dolohov take their places as well. Dolohov sis at the end of the table and clears his throat. Everyone turns to face him. “Harry Potter was nowhere to be found last night. We looked at his old headquarters Number 12 Grimmauld Place; we looked in the forests around here. So we simply just need to keep looking. He is reported as a trainee not far under the Head of Auror Department but with the heavy security at the Ministry as I saw the other day…” he glares at Draco, “I don’t think we can approach him there, but we can try waiting for him to leave work. We need to try everything.”

Draco rolls his eyes. He knows they have no way of finding them with all the protection they have in place right now.

“Something to say Draco?” Yaxley drawled from across him.

“N-no, nothing at all,” Draco says, looking at him with cold eyes.

“Obviously there is something or you wouldn’t have rolled your eyes. Do you know something?” Yaxley asks, as the other Death Eaters start staring.

“No. I know nothing, last thing I heard Potter and his friends were out of the country, not sure where or what they are doing,” Draco lies.

 “Lies…” Dolohov breathes, suddenly standing behind him.

 “No Dolohov, I am telling the truth,” Draco sneers childishly, looking up at Dolohov.

 “If you say so young Malfoy, do not forget the time we met you in here in that evening and what you announced to us… Now, what is everyone’s next strategy on the Potter boy?” Dolohov asks, now circling the table.

“We track him!” Yaxley says suddenly, “We try everything we did when the Dark Lord was present!” There are many nods.

“Great Yaxley, you are one of the most loyal people I shall answer to,” Dolohov praises, smiling at him.

“DO NOT speak like he did Dolohov!” Yells Amycus Carrow, “You can’t simply copy him, he was perfect, and you can never amount to how he was!”

“I know this Carrow, thank you!” Dolohov sneers. “But I can do my best.”

Draco hates being here. He has now entered hell once again.

Chapter 25: Confessions
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Two weeks pass since Hermione has last seen Draco. Oh yes, he texts her, but that is not the same as having him beside her. Never in a million years would she think herself, Hermione Granger, would miss an ‘acting Death Eater’ boyfriend of her’s, Draco Malfoy. For she thought in just a few months she would be marrying Ronald Weasley, but instead everything changed right in front of her, like the London skies in spring. 

But she loves Draco. It is not yet as strong as a love she used to have for Ron of course, but it is there. Draco is Arabella’s father and even though it was a mistake that night by not using contraception she never would call her daughter growing inside her an ‘accident’ or a ‘mistake’, no matter who the father is.  

Hermione sits in her favorite spot, Ginny and Harry’s porch swing, watching the gray clouds race by. It is raining again, as it has been almost four days out of the week. Her hair whips back and forth in the wind, which is quite breezy, but luckily the porch shields her from the downpour. 

Ginny and Harry are gone to the Burrow, still staying there for their ‘safe spot’.  She has to admit she feels a little lonely even though she requested to come to the Potter property to stay for a few days. But she is hoping if she is here alone Draco will come and see her. He knows she is there because she texted him that she is. At least soon she will have her little one to keep her company even if Draco has to be gone to do his ‘duties’ with the Death Eaters to keep them alive. She wishes that they never came back, but she knows Harry is working very hard on getting them back into Azkaban. 

Crack. Hermione looks near the front of the Potter property as she hopes to see Draco walking toward her. But it is Ron Weasley, with sopping wet red hair around his forehead. 

“Hey Hermione,” He greets, coming to sit beside her. “Where’s my sister and Harry?”

“They are still at the Burrow I just wanted to come here for a few days,” Hermione says, still looking out at the rain. She doesn’t want to look at Ron, because she is afraid every time she looks at him old feelings will threaten to lurch inside of her and she knows this is only because she doesn't know where Draco really stands.

“Why? To get away from me? Seeing if he will come visit you?” Ron questions, disgust coming across his features.

 “That’s none of your business Ronald,” whispers Hermione, closing her eyes as she tries to avoid biting his head off.

 “That is a little dangerous of you to be here all alone when you are very pregnant Hermione!” Ron scowls. 

“Oh well, Ron! It’s the only way I can maybe s- never mind…and plus you lost the job to take care of me quite a few months ago!” Hermione retorts venomously back. 

“How are you?” Ron asks. He looks at Hermione, wanting to change the subject because he can’t stand another fight and feels hurt by her last comment.

“I’m fine…” She lies. “How are you?” 

“Oh, I’m good I guess. I’m back with Lavender,” Ron tells her, now looking out at the rain as well and shrugging his shoulders. Drops of rain drip off of his chin and pour down his face as he holds onto a pillar, not wanting to make Hermione feel too uncomfortable distant wise.

“You don’t look too happy or thrilled about it,” Hermione observes, now searching him and not noticing any happiness when he mentions Lavender’s name.

“I’m not particularly in love with her, but I do like her a lot even though I wish she was you,” Ron says honestly, the hurt laced in his voice. 

“Well, I’m sorry Ron,” Hermione apologizes, looking away from him again.

“It’s okay, Lavender is a good woman. But she’s not you, that’s all. But I need to get over that,” Ron says, shaking his head and looking out at the rain again.

 Hermione doesn’t say anything as she sometimes feels the same way about Draco, wishing she was still with Ron with Draco being gone as a ‘Death Eater’. The old feelings have been arising a little within her heart again lately no matter how much she tries to conceal them.  She blinks the tears away and refuses to look at Ron, she doesn’t want him to see her face and she forces them to subside. 

 “How’s the baby? How far along are you now?” Ron inquires; glancing at Hermione’s swollen stomach.

“I am almost twenty-five weeks, so we are getting closer every day. She kicks now, like crazy,” Hermione mentions, grinning at the mention of her baby. That is the one thing that can always soothe her, the mention of her little one. 

“Well, you look very cute pregnant,” Ron compliments her.

“Thanks,” Hermione replies with a grin.

“You’re welcome. We should get going back to my mum’s. It’s best if you come back there, it’s not safe here,” Ron tells her, standing up and putting out a hand for her to take.

“But it’s raining, I don’t want to be sopping wet,” Hermione complains, not budging.

“Come on ‘Mione, let’s go! Draco isn’t going to come here.” Ron beckons, not liking the idea of her being there alone.

She hates the mention of her nickname he used when they were together, but she doesn’t say anything this time because she kind of misses it. She decides to listen to her ex-fiancé and grabs his hand and they then apparate.

The Burrow is a welcoming scene for Hermione; she has wanted to be alone for the last few days being depressed about Draco’s rejoining despite him just being a spy. In that time, she discovered that being alone is probably not the best thing for her. Ron and she are both wet as they walk inside the house, it is warm in there with the wonderful smell of roasted chicken cooking.

“Hey Hermione!” Ginny greets, coming to hug her best friend and then looks at her brother suspiciously. “Hey Ron, where were you two?”

“Your house, I went there because I didn’t know whether you guys were still here or not, I haven’t been here for about a week. I have been with Lavender at the apartment and with George at times,” Ron explains.

Hermione feels more and more frustrated every time she hears the mention of Ron and Lavender together in their old apartment. But she doesn’t wish to start a quarrel, so she keeps quiet about it.  

“Well I have a surprise, he came here looking for you,” Ginny says to Hermione, pointing towards the back porch.

Hermione feels her heart racing. Draco came to see her after two whole weeks! Ron scowls and rolls his eyes at his sister for ruining everything he is trying to do as Hermione waddles excitedly toward the back of the Burrow after a hello to Molly and Arthur. She walks in on Harry and Draco talking about what is going on with the Death Eaters. He smiles when he sees her and Hermione feels the butterflies all over again. 

He stands up and hugs her to him. “It’s almost over, Harry is about to get them,” Draco whispers to Hermione.

“Good, I’m glad!” Hermione says because she hates that she has to be scared again. Not only because she’s Harry Potter’s best friend, but because she is now the girlfriend of Draco Malfoy. 

Draco then gets on his knees and kisses Hermione’s stomach. “Daddy loves you Arabella,” Draco whispers to Hermione’s now exposed baby belly as he pulls her shirt up gently across her skin. He then says, “You are getting bigger- in just two weeks, even. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Hermione smiles at his sweet words. Draco smoothly rubs Hermione’s bare skin. 


Ron sits on the living room couch and has a clear view of Draco and Hermione, as much as he hates Draco, he respects him for taking care of Hermione. He can clearly see Hermione really loves him, even though they haven’t been together for as long as Ron and Hermione were. Ron feels pain in his heart when he sees Hermione so happy, but he knows it is for the better. He knows that she deserves someone who will never cheat on her, someone who is not him because of that very reason. So he should just be with Lavender now, really be with her. 


Hermione can’t stop smiling, seeing Draco makes her feel so happy, happier than she ever felt with Ron. So much confusion- and her pregnancy hormones don’t help! 

As Draco hugs Hermione to him, he feels so happy as well, he really does love Hermione Granger and nothing can change that. He has fancied her since the third year of Hogwarts when she punched him, that impressed him beyond measure, but before now he would never mention it to a soul, especially because he never realized it himself. He missed her the last two weeks he hasn’t seen her. 

The rest of the night passes quickly, and Draco can’t stay. He has to stay only until about midnight, and then get back to the manor before anyone notices his absence. He hates leaving her. Especially in these times, while she is very pregnant with his child. 

He kisses Hermione goodbye and then apparates again back to the manor. But something startles him once he was there… Mr. Greengrass and Yaxley stood before him, “Where were you, Malfoy?” Mr. Greengrass sneers.

“I was at-” Draco starts.

“You know what, it’s no matter. I know your secret, so does many others. So you need to confess so we can just put you into custody in your own dungeons. We know everything. My Astoria told me. I know you are having a baby with that filthy mudblood, and that you are with her, have been for a while.” Mr. Greengrass says darkly.

“No, I’m not, that’s the Weasley boy’s child, he’s with her!” Draco shouts, trying to act confident, not showing Greengrass how he has started shaking.

  “Don’t lie to us little Malfoy, you know you shouldn’t have told the five of them that morning about this if you wanted it to be a secret!” Says Yaxley, shaking his head as he joins in.

“Why are you here at midnight anyway?” Wonders Draco.

“We were just leaving when we ran into you here!” Yaxley grins. “We just finished another meeting, in fact you should come into the drawing room, Dolohov wants a word. Where are your robes, boy?” Yaxley asks as he grabs ahold of Draco’s shirt and starts dragging him into the drawing room. 

Dolohov is talking to Draco’s father when Yaxley and Mr. Greengrass drag Draco in the room.

“Son, what are you doing? I thought you were in bed!” Narcissa asks, panicked, from Lucius’ side.

“Yes, where were you?” Lucius wonders.

“He just apparated back here! So he must have not had to go to bed early, like he told us, he went and visited his girlfriend I reckon!” Mr. Greengrass answers.

“No I wasn’t!” Draco yells, angry.

“You should be with my daughter, you scum!” Mr. Greengrass yells in Draco's face.

“QUIT THAT AT ONCE!” Lucius yells, “Only I can discipline my son!”

“Bull! He broke my daughter’s heart!”

“Your daughter left me Mr. Greengrass! And I am grateful!” Draco drawls in a bored voice.

Lucius and Mr. Greengrass start yelling at each other. Narcissa clings to her son, pulling him into her protection, knowing this might get ugly. But Draco pushes her away gently and then stands between the yelling men. 

“I AM WITH THE MUDBLOOD and I love her!” Draco screams, he can’t hold it in any longer. “I AM ALSO HAVING A CHILD WITH HER, AND IT’S A GIRL. WE ARE NAMING HER ARABELLA NYMPHADORA MALFOY! NO ONE IS GOING TO FUCK WITH MY DAUGHTER OR MY GIRLFRIEND! I AM DONE PRETENDING TO BE ONE OF YOU! I WAS NEVER ONE OF YOU!” Draco bellows as his face turns a dark red. His father looks dumbstruck, Dolohov is laughing, and Yaxley just looks disgusted.

“I told you Lucius, he'll come back... this is just a phase!” sneers Dolohov, still laughing. 

Yaxley has his wand pointing at Draco and is mouthing a spell, Narcissa screams at him to lower his wand, crying and begging Yaxley and Lucius. Lucius is livid, shaking from head to toe in anger now. He grabs ahold of Draco's ankle and apparates with him where Narcissa won’t see. 


Draco screams back. "I AM NOT YOU FATHER! YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHO I LOVE OR CAN'T LOVE! IF YOU DON'T ACCEPT YOUR OWN SON FOR WHO HE LOVES THAT'S YOUR DEAL FATHER, I'M DONE WITH YOU! You are DEAD to me!!" And Draco starts to walk toward the Burrow since he directed them there and knows Lucius can’t see it. 

Everyone inside the Burrow hears the commotion and looks outside, Arthur sees Lucius' wand point at Draco's back but Arthur runs with his wand out to the porch and- “Stupify!” Screams Arthur. Lucius Malfoy freezes, his blue eyes look stunned as Arthur walks toward them.

Harry follows Arthur and said “Accio cuffs!” Two very heavy-duty hand-cuffs come whizzing out of the open door between Ron and Hermione who just walked out on the porch.

Harry cuffs Lucius as Arthur tends to Draco, calling for Ron to help bring him in the house. Then Harry screams for Hermione as she is the best with the memory charms. Hermione walks farther outside and stares into Lucius’ eyes, he looks her up and down with what looks like would be a disgusted look.

Obliviate!” Hermione chants, tears still coming out of her eyes, thinking about how all this was because of her. Lucius is clearly wiped of memory, Harry grabs Lucius and apparates to Azkaban right after she finishes. 

Hermione walks briskly into the house to her boyfriend, who is a mess laying on the couch. His face is pale and he is shaking from anger from screaming at his Father. She lays her head on his chest; she can hear his racing heart. “I’m so sorry!” She keeps repeating.

Draco shakes his head and puts his hands to her face and whispers to her, “It isn’t your fault I fell in love with you Hermione.” Hermione gives him a watery smile and then kisses him on the lips gently.

“Well, one Death Eater down!” Ron comments as everyone just looks at him, he is staring at Draco. 

Eventually everyone settles down and starts to go to sleep, Harry still isn’t back though. 


The next day, Draco feels weak still and he lays in bed where he and Hermione slept. Ron leaves to be with Lavender again, but everyone else is still there, wondering what to do next. 

Harry is back from Azkaban and reports that Lucius put up a huge fight but is back in Azkaban to the happiness of Draco. Draco worries about Narcissa though, what is she doing? Is she okay with Draco and Lucius not there? 

Harry looks through all the files he brought with him, wondering how he can get everyone back into Azkaban and leaves for work. 

The rest of the day nothing really happens, Draco is really down in the dumps with Hermione tending to him all day and Ginny and James just stays around Molly and Arthur. Hermione sulks all day, feeling bad for Lucius yelling at his son because of her, because he is with her. 

But it isn’t their fault that things happen. Things sometimes people can’t explain. Like how two of the most unlikely people fall in love and now don’t want to ever be apart when before you had to pay a million galleons if even to get them in the same room for a long period of time. 

Hermione’s thoughts briefly float to Ron and their conversation last night. If Ron never cheated on her, there is no doubt that she would still be with him now, possibly carrying his child, and wearing his wedding band that he gave to her. But no, fate had other plans. 

Draco is looking up at Hermione who is watching the wall in thought, he feels concerned about what she is thinking. Does she dislike him again because of him even pretending to be back with the Death Eaters? Did she still really love him does she feel stuck because now he’s got her pregnant? He wishes he could read her mind. But reading her is like reading a blank paper, Hermione has always kept things she wanted private, very private. That’s one of the things Draco likes about her, she has always been so strong. Stronger than anyone he knew. 

Hermione feels Draco looking at her and she grins at him in return, he grins back and she leans in for a kiss.

“I love you,” Draco breathes, hoping she believes it.

“I love you too,” Hermione answers back confidently.

Draco starts to think… if he stays here, with them, and stays with Hermione it will only get them killed. He needs to go back and stay away; he can’t let his feelings get ahold of him. Maybe that’s why he never let himself feel in the past because that’s what his Father made him think like. But now it was important, the woman he loves and his first child was in danger. 

Hermione looks at him with concerned brown eyes, she knows that there is something that is going to happen that she doesn’t like. 

Draco stands up and kisses Hermione’s forehead as she lies in bed reading a book. “I have to go back,” Draco says. “You will be killed if I don’t. We have to not be together for now. We have to pretend we broke up. And that I hate you again. It’s the only way we can both live and go on to have a normal, happy life later… I’m sorry…” 

Hermione feels tears welling up in her eyes, of course more complicated things were going to happen. How can she deal with him acting like the dick he was in the old days but know he actually loves her? But did he love her? Or was this all an act? She starts to wonder… wouldn’t he just stay if he really loved her? 


Gees... how bout Hermione's crazy hormones? Would she just make up her mind? The story is getting kind of close to the end.. but there's alot more to go don't worry. So tell me... what do you think Draco is going to do? Is he going to be the gentleman we all think he is and stay by Hermione's side and protect her? Or is he going to leave Hermione to rejoin because he is afriad for their lives like the old Draco would? Tell me what you think :) Leave a review in that lonely gray box. ;) Thanks so much for all of you that have been reading along the way. I hope the story is coming together for you!! Keep reading and reviewing.

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Chapter 26: Ministry Mishap
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 “I have to go Hermione. I love you,” Draco murmurs, his eyes watery as he tries not to cry. They have had a long talk this morning about what has to be done and how they will have to act toward each other now. He expresses to her that he doesn’t want to do this, but he HAS to. He doesn’t want to leave her side but at this point this is the only way he knows she will be safe.

Hermione watches him leave and doesn’t say she loves him back because she doesn’t really know if those feelings are true anymore now that he has decided to leave her. It is mid-morning now and the rain pours again across the countryside as she watches out the front window and realizes she has never felt so alone. Ron cheated on her and broke her heart and her new (or ex?) boyfriend has to pretend to hate her again. What the hell is she supposed to do in her almost third trimester state? Cry? No, more like be angry, because she has cried enough already.

Ron walks down the stairs at almost that very moment and sees Hermione sitting on a couch alone and he then walks to her side. “He will be returning soon Hermione,” Ron attempts to comfort.

“No he won’t. We are broken up Ron,” Hermione sighs as she wipes her eyes. She then finishes, “That’s how it has to be now.” She then stands up and walks into the bedroom where she has been staying in at the Burrow and lays on the bed as she holds her tummy and looks at the ceiling, feeling her little girl kick away. She absolutely has to do what is best for the baby girl growing each day inside of her, Arabella, as it is not her own safety that concerns Hermione’s anymore. If she has to protect Arabella by not seeing her father when he ‘acts’ a Death Eater, then she won’t see Draco anymore until it is safe again.


Draco’s heart beats very fast as he apparates onto the front doorstep of his home, afraid of what he might meet on the other side of the door. This place has never felt like home to him, but it doesn’t now for sure. 

He thinks deeply of the conversation with Harry the previous night before he came back and got beaten by his father. Harry described in detail last night what Draco has to do to lure them back toward Azkaban to help him and the rest of the Auror Department out. He is still Harry’s spy, but not even Hermione can know. Still in thought, he opens the door, and sees that luckily it is just his mum who runs to greet him.

“Draco! Thank goodness you are okay!” Narcissa collects her son into her arms. He can feel her heart beating fast and she is sweating

 “Where Lucius?” She questions about her husband, her eyes widely scan the front property through the open door where her son just entered.

“Back in Azkaban,” Draco hesitates to say, he knows this will break her heart. Her hands drop from around his middle and her dark eyes pour into his as tears started to form.

“I love your father Draco, but I just don’t think that I want him here around those sorry excuses of wizards. I’d rather him be there in Azkaban to be honest as much as I hate to s-say it, he’s s-safer there,” Narcissa sobs.  

“Mum, I had to leave Hermione tonight,” Draco mumbles, a lump forming in his throat as this is the first time he has said it out loud.

She hugs him to her again disregarding her own feelings for a moment and thinking of just her son. “You aren’t actually leaving her Draco, you are protecting her. They want her and your baby Arabella killed without your knowing. They are trying to find the best way to find her so it’s best that you leave their side for now.”

“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” Draco screams out at her, stepping out of her grip with his eyes aflame.

“Shish Draco! I know, but they won’t find her, don’t worry, I also have a hand in it,” Narcissa whispers, glancing toward the back of the entryway to make sure no one is standing there.

“Why be quiet?” Draco asks, he thought it is just them there, his heart starts palpitating nervously again. 

“Dolohov is here in the backyard talking and so is Yaxley.  The rest has gone off on Potter search,” Narcissa answers as she rolls her eyes.

“Barbaric-” Mumbles Draco.

“Yes, it is all very upsetting,” Narcissa admits wiping her eyes. She then says something that shocks Draco. “I like your girlfriend Granger. I really do, I think I am finally healing from everything I have ever hated about different blood status because we are all witches and wizards in some way. Maybe it’s my granddaughter coming that has me all mushy.”

Draco chuckles at this as his heart warms at the mention of his baby girl. But it also makes him more desperate for this to be over with so he can be there when the baby makes her appearance. 

“Mum I have to pretend to hate Hermione again and pretend she’s with Weasley. I can’t stand the fact of that because I don’t want her hurt again mum,” Draco confesses, anger bubbling up inside of him at what his duty is. He hates this because he knows this will indeed hurt Hermione, he saw the look in her eyes and wonders if after all this is said and done, if she will still be there. Draco places his head in his hands and sits on the cold, black marble stairs. 

“Well Draco, you are protecting your child and your girlfriend and she must know this. She knows that you aren’t really one of us, a Death Eater,” Narcissa comforts.

“I know. Mum, I wish I didn’t have to do this,” Draco clarifies, shaking his head.

Narcissa sits next to her son and places a pale hand on his left knee. “You are doing the right thing and I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you,” Draco replies honestly. 

“Little Malfoy! You join us again!” A deep voice chants from somewhere near them. Draco and Narcissa look up as Dolohov makes his way toward the both of them.

“So, did you leave the little bitch or what? Ha, she isn’t so little these days according to you!” Dolohov bickers, smirking.

Draco almost punches him, but contains his anger as he remembers what he has to do… “Y-yes, I left her. She went back to Weasley, for good.”

“Good, well welcome back! I was about ready to have you killed along with her! Like I told your father, I knew you would grow up and do what a real man should do.” Dolohov booms, his laughter echoing off the walls.

Draco stiffens even more if that is possible, fighting the urge to attack the man. Yaxley approaches and stands next to Dolohov. “Prove that you are not with her any longer and we will think of not killing you!”

Draco is lost for words, what the hell does he say? “Erm there is no way to prove Yaxley. Only my word,” Draco admits, looking back and forth between the two burley men.

Yaxley laughs out loud and looks at Dolohov for response, expecting him to pull out his wand on him, but the man didn’t. “I believe the boy,” Dolohov mumbles to Yaxley.

“You do?” He questions back, stunned.

“Yes. He is the son of Lucius, he doesn’t lie. Speaking of Lucius, where is he?” Dolohov questions, looking toward Draco once again.

“Potter got him…” Draco drawls with a smirk, pretending to be angry about it by pursing his lips as he says Harry’s name.

“Damn. No wonder you seem angered…” Dolohov whispers under his breath.

“Oh well, like he was of much use anyway,” Yaxley chuckles. Draco stiffens again, he hates his father but he doesn’t appreciate others talking down about him. 

The rest of the day passes by and Dolohov sits Draco down to explain the plot to ‘get Potter.’ Draco agrees (or pretends to) to do the job Dolohov assigns to him, which is to interrogate anyone associated with Potter in a threatening way. He is supposed to go to the Ministry the next morning and start this. 

Draco is all too happy to crawl in bed as he slides off his clothes down to his boxers and wraps himself around the cotton sheets to continue sleeping for a few hours before he needs to go to work. He misses Hermione so much already, now that he has the person he truly sees himself with, he does not want to lose her. Out of what seems like thousands of girls Draco has kissed, dated, or slept with, Hermione is the only one who ever stood out. 

The next few hours come fast as the alarm on Draco’s phone chirps away. He blinks at the sunlight coming through the blinds and glances around at the empty spot in his bed. He gets up and dresses and then sits in a chair beside his window to look out over the hills. He is not going to hurt anyone today like Dolohov wants him to, but just question, if the opportunity comes up. But he already knows everything that has to do with Potter so he will just be asking fake questions. 

After eating food made by their little house-elf, Draco sets off toward the Ministry.  When he arrives, he sees Hermione from a distance standing with Potter and Weasley talking before they separate into the entrance areas since it is men and women in different stalls. She must have decided to come into work despite getting bigger every day to get her mind off things. It makes his heart ache, seeing her and not being able to touch her or even acknowledge her. How is he going to do this? 

He walks into the bathroom where the gentlemen flush themselves into and did just that. He arrives on the floor where the Atrium is and starts to walk toward the elevators. 

Draco sees Hermione now again but this time by the big fountain. Ron and Lavender are making out in front of everyone with her beside them as she looks purposely away, disgusted. This makes Draco angry, he knows that would bother her, shouldn’t Ron? 

Harry is seen talking to another Auror not far from them. Hermione looks Draco’s direction and they meet eyes. She gives him a little grin and then turns around; at least he knows she still cares for him. But he hates that they can’t show affection toward each other right now. 

Then Draco remembers his job and starts to walk toward the elevator again and enters it. He knows that he has a job to do, but he is not looking forward to being a jerk again to people. Maybe he will just interrogate a person a day at work when he comes. He glances at his left forearm, his scar from the tattoo is starting to enlarge again, and he truly is right back where he doesn’t want to be.

He walks into his office and someone follows him in, he hopes it isn’t anyone from the ‘Death Eater’ family. 

“Hey Draco, how goes it mate?” Dean Thomas asks, settling himself in one of Draco’s chairs across from his desk.

“I have been much better,” Draco answers truthfully.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound too good, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I can talk about with you. Other than the fact Hermione and I are broken up and she’s having my daughter in just a short three months or less,” Draco gloats.

“Broken up? Why? Ron screw things up for you?”

“No! Nothing like that, that part I can’t speak with you about,” Draco tells him.

Dean looks annoyed, “Ok, whatever.” Then Draco realizes it is the perfect time to have an ‘interrogation’ with his friend. 

“Do you speak with Potter still?” Draco asks out of nowhere.

“Yes, why?” Dean wonders, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I was wondering what he has been up to.”

Dean looked at him with questioning eyes, “He has been trying to plot how to get the Death Eaters back into Azkaban. You know this!”

“I know, just wondering. Has he got any plot going yet?”

“Uhm, yeah mate, this is Potter we are talking about. The one that destroyed Voldemort!”

“Don’t say his name!” Draco sneers, chills going down his spine.

“What? You’ve been saying it! Besides he’s dead! What’s gotten into you?” Dean asks, glaring now suspiciously.

“I know but just don’t, and I don’t know what’s gotten into me!” Draco booms, feeling old angry feelings and not knowing why. It’s that damn tattooed Dark Mark probably, which is stinging on his arm.

“Well, I’ll catch you later, I have things to do in my office,” then Dean stands up to leave. Draco watches him go, upset with himself. At least he got his first “interrogation” done for Dolohov. The sooner he can get this over with the better. 


Hermione sits in the office of her department, feeling numb. Her baby girl’s father is at the Ministry today probably doing dirty work for the Death Eaters and she is newly in love with him still and she can’t help it. At least she knows that he isn’t a true Death Eater, that he is just protecting her. But it still hurts and she doesn’t know if she can stick around for too long if this continues. 

Hermione kindly decides to decline Perkins and Mr. Weasley’s offer so she is still currently working in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She plans to finish her Auror training after little Arabella is born. 

“Good morning! You and Malfoy look down today! I saw him earlier talking to some of his co-workers with a frown on his face,” Luna points out, dancing over to the desk and hugging Hermione as she avoids squishing her enlarged pregnant stomach. 

“We are kind of down, we are kind of taking a break for now,” States Hermione blankly.

“What? But why so close to the little one’s due date?” Luna’s eyes twinkle in concern. 

“There’s still a little bit of time left. Bad timing I assume, things are happening Luna. We may have to fight again.” 

Luna looks dumbfounded, “But Voldemort’s gone!” 

“Yes but others are trying to take his place,” Hermione explains sadly. 

“I knew that would happen, those dumb people!” Luna admits, sitting at her desk beside Hermione’s.

“Yes they are quite horrible, and they are forcing Draco to join again or we both die. That’s why we are taking a break, until Harry figures something out because it is too dangerous for us to be together. They hate me of course.” Hermione tells Luna, glad to talk to someone about this because it is all swirling around in her head.

Luna is an old member of the DA, Dumbledore’s Army, so Hermione can share things with Luna. And thank goodness because she isn’t about to sit down and have a normal conversation like this with Ron after seeing him snog the insides of Lavender’s mouth all morning.  

Susan Bones walks into the room with The Daily Prophet in hand. She places it on Hermione’s desk, and Hermione’s jaw drops as her day swirls in an even more horrible direction. A picture of Malfoy and her leaving the OB/GYN office at their first visit is right there in front of her. 


          We all know that our precious Golden Trio have broken up for the time being, and that Hermione Granger has been seen with Draco Malfoy more than once after the break up with the dear red-head Ronald Weasley. But sources say, SHE’S PREGNANT! And her baby bump proves it! Being with the youngest Malfoy in and out of Diagon Alley and around London, we think she might be dating him. But being with Ron Weasley not too long before the youngest Malfoy and Granger got together in Diagon Alley for the first time (Our latest article featuring them), it could be Weasley’s baby too? “I think its Weasley’s!” Ex-Girlfriend of Jr. Malfoy,  model Astoria Greengrass stated while she shopped in Diagon Alley a few days ago. Other sources say Malfoy’s. But of course we can’t be 100% sure! The couple left together from a muggle OB/GYN office in London holding pictures. But is Miss Granger keeping something from our youngest Malfoy? Maybe so! Stay tuned as more information will come! 

Hermione slams the paper down and looks up at the girls peering at her. “This is rubbish!”

“Tell me about it!” Luna agrees. Her usually soft face twisting in anger.  

“Just what I need! People questioning if I am a slut!” Hermione can’t take it, she stands up and grabs her things to leave. 

“Hermione, you have to work sometimes as you haven’t worked in over a month! Don’t let this bother you!” Luna calls after her. But Hermione doesn’t care, she is angry. 

Draco sees Hermione storm out of the office as he happens to be looking over the balcony on his lunch break and runs down a flight of stairs to meet her.

“Hermione what’s wrong?” He asks, grabbing her arm to stop her storming away. 

She turns around. “Everything Draco! Me not being able to see or talk to you! And now this!” She shoves the paper in his face and he reads it, his eyes blazing with anger.

“Oh just bloody wonderful,” Draco mutters under his breath. 

“Yeah, now I’m a slut to the public! Great!” Hermione starts to walk away but Draco holds her there, and hugs her. She cries into his shoulder as the rest of the department looks on around them, peering out their office windows.

“I love you,” Draco whispers.

“You too, now you need to go. You hate me again, remember?” Hermione demands, stepping away from him and wiping her tears. 

Draco rubs Hermione’s belly for a moment, kisses her once more and then walks away even though he doesn’t want to. 

“Stay away from me Draco!” Hermione yells after him. 

Draco spins back around to see her storming off. Did she mean that? Or is she just saying that for the public? He stands there as he watches her board the elevator. 


Hermione doesn’t know whether or not she meant that either, she was torn between her happiness and the safety of her daughter. Those words kind of just escaped her mouth.  

The last person she wants to see stands near the fountain and walks quickly towards her as Hermione leaves the elevator. 

“Hermione! What is this rubbish?!” Lavender Brown screams at her. Her dirty blonde hair all tangled as though she was running to find her with the Daily Prophet in hand. 

Draco starts into a run toward the elevators as he knows he needs to get down there to stop Lavender. 

“Lavender, the baby is not Ron’s, Rita Skeeter is talking rubbish!” Hermione says in a fierce whisper, walking right past her. 

Lavender does not accept this, she grabs Hermione’s arm and spins her around to slap her. Hermione’s face goes totally horrified.

“STOP AT ONCE!” Screams a voice, Ron is seen running over and beat Draco to the girls.

“Lavender! Quit now!” Ron protests, but Lavender is too mad, she is about to punch Hermione in the face but Draco gets ahold of her just in time.


“Don’t call her that!” Screams Malfoy and Ron in unison and then look at each other with a glare. 

Everyone is gathering to watch. Harry now hears of the fight and is running toward scene as well.

“Go Malfoy! I’ve got her!” Harry says to Draco, who is now trying to hug Hermione who rejects him. 

Draco doesn’t want to leave Hermione’s side; he wants to make sure the baby and her are okay. But he knows people were watching and word would travel to the Death Eaters fast. He turns to leave, defeated with the choice of leaving her side again or die. 

Harry leads Hermione to the fire place and holds her hand as they floo out to the Burrow.

Draco leaves as well, not wanting anyone to question him, and people are trying, that’s for sure. 

Lavender sits at the fountain, pathetically crying as Ron comforts her, assuring her it really is Malfoy’s baby, not his. Everyone is glaring and making snide comments at her for trying to harm a pregnant woman. 


When Harry and Hermione arrive back at the Weasley’s place. Hermione just sighs loudly, “I am so sick of this.”

“Of what?” Harry wonders.

Ginny sits in the living room, playing with the baby. “What happened?” She wonders.

Hermione is still mad and didn’t say a word so she just hands Ginny the Daily Prophet. Harry, not seeing what the fight was even about leans over Ginny to read it as well.

“That foul little cockroach!” Ginny says, obviously angered by this.

“Yep, Rita’s making me a slut now! I’m pregnant with Ron’s baby but lie to Draco that it’s his, that’s barbaric! Lavender slapped me and made a scene in front of everyone at the Ministry! What a great day!” Hermione yells.  “And I can’t even see my boyfriend because he’s off with the Death Eaters pretending to be one so we don’t get killed. Oh my, what have I gotten myself into?”

Hermione sighs loudly again and lays on Ginny and Harry’s living room couch. Baby Arabella is kicking violently as she seems to sense her mum is upset. Hermione, feeling calmer when feeling this, rubs her belly and smiles.

“Just think about that baby girl who is coming very soon,” Ginny beckons, smiling when she sees Hermione’s grin, wanting to get Hermione to calm down.

“She’s my everything already!” Hermione exclaims, imagining her in her arms. She just has to be strong, she is nearly a mother now.

She throws the Daily Prophet in the fire burning across the room and attempts to forget about it. 

Chapter 27: Unto Us A Child is Born
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Draco Malfoy’s gray eyes stare at the ceiling at four a.m., as he is not able to sleep. He hasn’t been sleeping for weeks as thoughts of the safety of Hermione and their unborn child, Arabella, stay in his thoughts constantly.

He has not seen Hermione now for over a month so he knows she is getting close to her due date. He has been off with the Death Eaters pretending to search for Harry, and Hermione hasn’t even tried to contact him. He also doesn’t see her at the Ministry anymore. Is it worth the effort of pretending to be with the Death Eaters again? Will it even protect Hermione anyway? Or is he just trying to protect his own self? 

He tosses and turns as rain hits the window like bullets. His heart is beating fast, so fast that he can hear it against his chest. The papers are still coming and going, talking about Hermione’s pregnancy and questioning whose baby it is. But people are starting to ignore it, it is old news now. Besides, people are aware that the Death Eaters are at large again and are more worried about that than anything. Draco hates himself for some of the things he is doing with the Death Eaters again, he is about to be a father and he does not wish to be anything like his own. 

He stands up out of bed and looks around. Finally, he makes his decision that has rushed through his head for the past month or so. He is going to leave the Death Eaters to go find Hermione and stay with her for good. Acting out of adrenaline, he quickly finds his old Hogwarts trunk, empty now after these last few years as it just gathers dust on the head of his bed. He gathers all of his small possessions and uses the Accio spell to get the bigger items all into his chest. 

Draco knows there is a good amount of Death Eaters downstairs, but he doesn’t care if they hear him, and he doesn’t care if his mother is disappointed with his leaving. He told himself many months ago that he would never be a part of anything with the Death Eaters again. 

He expects Hermione to be at the Burrow as she is so close to term now and still in protection of the Weasley’s house. He decides that’s where he will go first so Draco hides in his large bedroom closet and puts a firm hand on his trunk to apparate. 

The Burrow looks the same as ever but Draco observes it looks oddly empty as he drags the trunk closer to the house. Arthur Weasley walks out the front door as he hears the sharp crack from Draco’s apparating. 

“Malfoy, what brings you here?” He asks darkly with slits for eyes.

“Hermione, I want to see her.”

“Well, you have just missed her. Harry and Ginny have rushed her to St. Mungo’s because the baby’s coming, she’s only thirty one weeks and Hermione requested St. Mungo’s instead of that Muggle doc- or whatever they call them.” Mr. Weasley says, his eyes wide in worry for the girl he once thought would be his daughter-in-law.

“You’re barking! I’ve got to go! She’s having our baby and no one thought to tell me?” Asks Draco angrily.

“No, we assumed it was over between the two of you and she told us not to contact you,” Mr. Weasley says disapprovingly. He shifts as he realizes how important this must be to Draco. “But since you’re here, bring your stuff in Malfoy and I’ll take you with me I was about to be on my way. We have all been up with her all night as her contractions started at around nine last night.” 

Arthur walks out to where Draco is standing to help him pick up the heavy trunk and bring it in. “Blimey, this is heavy!” He comments.

“Yes sir, all my stuff is in it. I ran away from home,” Draco informs Mr. Weasley.

“You did what Malfoy? Do you have any idea what kind of danger that puts you in? The danger it puts us all in?” Arthur tells him with a shake of his head.

“Yes, I made myself a promise sir, and this is me keeping it. I promised myself that I will never be anything like my father or have any part of the Death Eaters after I changed sides at the end of the war.”

“You’re a good man Draco,” Arthur praises, clapping a hand on his shoulder and grinning.

“Thanks, now let’s go see my baby.” Draco directs. Arthur nods and then grabs his arm. They then apparate.


St. Mungo’s is basically dead at this hour, no witches or wizards walk in and out of the hospital this early in the morning. 

Arthur and Draco walk inside quickly and run onto the closest elevator. They then click the button that they desire to go to the St. Mungo’s Labor & Delivery floor. Once they arrive on the floor they hear screaming, Hermione’s screaming. 

Draco runs immediately into the room to her side since it is the closest room to the elevator, and Ginny and Molly already stand on the other side.

“Draco! What the bloody hell are YOU DOING HERE!? AHHHHH!” Hermione yells at him and then cringes in pain.

“What’s happening?!” Draco screams at Ginny for an explanation.

“Relax! It’s called contractions, it means she’s getting closer to pushing the baby out. The Healers are a bit concerned, she’s only thirty-one weeks so Arabella may need to stay in the hospital for a little while.” Ginny warns him.

Draco looks around and sees that Arthur has joined a terrified looking Ron and a sleepy Harry in a nearby waiting room above where Hermione’s head is. Luckily a charm makes it so no one in the waiting room can see anything.

“I want him out!” Hermione bellows, pointing a finger at Draco.

“Hermione, baby, no. I left them tonight for you,” begs Draco desperately, but the red-head cuts him off.

“Draco, this isn’t the time or place, just leave and go sit up there with them! Now!” Ginny demands, shaking her head at him as she continues to be Hermione’s support.

“Fine, just let her know I am here for her!” Draco tells Ginny.

“Will do,” Ginny agrees. 

Draco walks up some stairs and into the room with the other men where they have a clear view of everything going on besides where Hermione’s private areas are. Ron glares at him and Harry nods in a tired greeting.

“What are you doing here at three in the morning?” Harry wonders groggily.

“I ran away, I refuse to be around any of them any longer because I am not a Death Eater and never was. Besides, all they are doing is trying to find you but I knew exactly where you were all along and never said a word.”

“Thanks for that, I have all the best Aurors in hiding around the hospital in case any of them turn up,” Harry affirms with a smile. “They caught a few before you got here. I got most of them back in Azkaban.”

“How?!” Draco asks, gawking.

“Well, you said you ran away? They tracked you and came here just moments ago. As you and Mr. Weasley entered the hospital they followed you but the Aurors were too fast,” says Harry.

“So who’s left?” Wonders Draco.

“I believe just your mum and we don’t count her.” Harry says with a proud smile.

“Potter, you just became my best friend. Thank God for them being gone! I didn’t even hear anything!” Draco tells Harry, patting him hard on the back.

“They train the Aurors well,” Harry says confidently with a wink. 

“All but me Potter. You forgot about me,” a cold voice hisses from the shadows in the back of the waiting room.

Arthur, Harry, Draco, and Ron stand up and point a wand at the voice. The man, Dolohov, walks out of the shadows with his wand pointed at Hermione who is currently walking around the room in pain. Ginny and Mrs. Weasley watch Dolohov in horror now from the other side of the glass, trying not to let Hermione see them so she won’t be even more stressed.

“Don’t you dare!” Draco threatens.

“Draco, you were never the brightest apple of the batch were you? You don’t just leave us and expect to live, do you? You know the rules young Malfoy. Yaxley, go ahead, Lucius will understand.”

Then a second hidden voice whispers, “Avada Kadavra!”

But Draco ducks quickly and the spell hits Dolohov who is on the other side of the room instead of Draco and he drops to the ground with a thud, dead.

“Stupify!” Ginny screams from the room with Hermione, the spell breaks the waiting room’s glass and hits Yaxley square in the chest. 

“Of course DEATH EATERS WOULD BE HERE AT MY LABOR!” Hermione screams, angrily looking at the commotion. Harry and Ron can’t help but exchange a small fit of laughter.

Yaxley is frozen and Dolohov is dead. Hermione’s Healer for the night, Healer Tompkins, walks in the delivery at that moment and screams when she sees the two Death Eaters and broken glass.

“What just happened?!” The Healer yells at everyone.

“We took care of it, just a couple of worthless Death Eaters. One who’s dead and one who has a one way ticket back to Azkaban,” assures Harry.

“Good! We don’t need that rubbish in here when the girl is trying to push out a baby!” The plump little woman squeals and waddles over to Hermione’s front as she lays back on the table.

“Lay down honey, it’s almost time for you to push! Ahh, is this your boyfriend?” Healer Tompkins asks looking Draco up and down, who just rejoined Hermione’s other side. Hermione then glares at Draco and is silent for a minute.

“Y-yes…” Hermione almost whispers.

“Come over here honey, you need to hold her hand,” Healer Tomkins directs as she leads Hermione over to the hospital bed, “You all need to leave.” Ginny and Mrs. Weasley then both leave the room and Healer Tomkins closes the door and pulls the blinds with her wand on the window of the delivery room. 

Draco stands by Hermione’s head and grabs her hand very firmly. She looks at him and whispers, “You broke up with me, remember?”

“No I didn’t… not really,” Draco tells her sadly.

“Sounds like a break-up to me! Or felt like it anyways!” Hermione angrily replies.

“Okay honey, it’s time to break your water because it doesn’t wish to break on its own.” Doctor Tompkins tells Hermione. She then waves her wand and a gush of fluids comes out of Hermione’s womb from where Draco can’t see.

He doesn’t want to know what everything looks like on the other side of the blanket as he has never seen a baby being born before and knows nothing about it. That’s something they don’t teach in Hogwarts. 

Hermione then starts to push after the Healer waves her wand again.

Draco has never been more nervous in his life. “You can do this Hermione,” Draco tells her, stroking her hair. She still glares at him.

“I’m here because of you!” She yells at Draco angrily, making him back away in surprise.

Healer Tompkins grins at Draco. “They always say things they don’t mean in this situation.” 

Hermione is getting close, Draco can sense his baby girl was about to be here. His heart is pounding and he is repeatedly talking to Hermione as she pushes hard and her usually soft face is red, sweaty, and concentrated. Then he hears it, a cry, his baby daughter’s cry. He feels tears escape from his eyes as the Healer gives the crying baby girl to her mother for the first time as she cleans all the blood and fluids up with her wand off of mother and baby.

Hermione’s eyes are shining with tears as well and her face is a mix of happiness and exhaustion. “She’s beautiful!”

“Yes she is,” Draco agrees.

“I love you,” Hermione gushes toward Draco with a smile, caught up in the emotion of the moment.

“And I love you!” Draco replies, tears still pouring down his face as he reaches for Arabella’s tiny hand. He is surprised in Hermione’s change of mood, Healer Tompkins was right.

But Healer Tompkins takes her away from the both of them and they both look on with fear as she says, “She’s only thirty-two weeks, we need to take her to the Ill Wizard Infant Ward just to make sure everything is okay!”

“No!” Hermione and Draco scream in unison as Healer Tompkins and a nurse together takes the incubator containing the crying baby away from her parents. 

Draco comforts Hermione, “Arabella is fine, I assure you she is!” Hermione cries but with this time with worry for her daughter. She can’t afford to lose her daughter. 

Sure enough they come in with her thirty minutes later and Healer Tompkins hands the baby to Hermione. “She’s great, perfect actually. Very healthy beautiful baby girl and even though she’s early the magic we have for preemies is great. I’m glad you came here and not to the Muggle hospital! She’s five pounds and fourteen ounces and eighteen inches long!” 

“Arabella Nymphadora, you’re the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen!” Hermione whispers to her baby, holding her to her chest and smiling at the weight and measurements. 

Draco is now speechless as he realizes this baby girl is a part of him. She is really his daughter. He can’t believe he did all this bad stuff in the past and he feels like he doesn’t deserve anything good. But what he has right in front of him is perfect. A woman he loves with all his heart and a little girl who is a part of him. Nothing else matters to him but the girl laying in the hospital bed and the tiny human in her arms. 

Suddenly he feels the urge to do something… he looks into Hermione’s eyes and asks, “Will you marry me Hermione Granger?” 

She is dumbfounded and looks Draco in the eyes. “Draco I… just had our baby!” 

“Yes I know! And I love you and her with every single thread of my heart!” Draco declares with a huge smile on his face. “I don’t have a ring yet but we can pick you one out when you leave!” 

Hermione looks deep into his eyes as she can tell he really means that he loves her. She has known that he does, but the things he had done in the past she didn’t know what she should say, did she really want to marry an ex-Death Eater?

“Yes, I will marry you Draco Malfoy.” Hermione says, shaking the negative thoughts away and smiling.

Healer Tompkins smiles and says a quick, “Congrats!” and then leaves the room feeling awkward .  

Draco takes the baby in his arms and kisses her cheek as he walks to the waiting room to show the Weasleys and Potters his new pride and joy. 

“Oh my god she’s so beautiful!” Mrs. Weasley and Ginny squeal, running to see the baby.

“Yes she is, she’s just perfect!” Draco agrees. 

Ron watches from a little distance and Draco can see he looks very downfallen. And he’s right as Ron feels like he can’t take it much longer. He can’t help feeling that this should still be his baby. If he didn’t cheat on Hermione, it would’ve been his daughter. 

“I’ve got to go, beautiful little one you’ve got there erm… Malfoy…” Ron says distantly. Everyone turns to him.

“Ron where are you going?” Ginny wonders with a concerned face.

“I-I’ve got to go!” Ron says furiously, almost slamming the door as he leaves. 

“It’s okay, I knew this would be a little hard on him,” Mr. Weasley assures Draco.

“Yeah, I know, I’m surprised he even came,” Draco admits to Arthur.

“She’s my best friend, but I love her, and this is hard! Of course I am going to be here for her though,” says Ron, having heard their words.

“Thank you Weasley,” Draco thanks.

“For what?” Ron scowls.

“For being there for her-” Draco says with a small grin. 

“Always,” Ron says. “And by the way, I still hate you but you aren’t so bad. Congrats on your daughter, I really have got to go. Lavender’s waiting.”

“Thanks Ron,” Draco says again. Ron looks up at him; did he just call me by my first name? 

Ron nods again and then leaves the room for good. Draco leaves the waiting room and goes back into the delivery room with Hermione. The nurses are just getting done with her for the moment and Draco hands the baby to her.

“Did they love her?” Hermione wonders.

“Yes, they adored her,” Draco smiles. 

“Arabella Malfoy, you are the most beautiful baby in the world,” Hermione whispers to the sleeping child. Everything makes sense now that her baby girl is in her arms. 

Chapter 28: Hospital, A Ring, and Awkward Situations
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Draco opens his eyes after a good night’s sleep and immediately looks over to Hermione, who they moved to her own hospital room overnight that accompanies a ‘father bed’ and ‘baby bed’. He thinks about just how lucky he is to have this beautiful woman and newly born child in his life when he doesn’t deserve it at all. He feels like the day before is just the best day of his life so far... Hermione Granger has agreed to marry him and Arabella Nymphadora was born. 

Hermione is still sound asleep and Draco doesn’t want to wake her so he quietly gets up off of his bed that magically folds up after he is done sleeping and sneaks over to baby Arabella’s incubator which is right beside Hermione’s hospital bed. This is her second day in the world and she can’t be more beautiful. She has skin as soft as silk and a button nose that looks like Hermione’s, her face generally looked more like Draco’s though. He just can’t believe she is his

He doesn’t regret for one moment that he changed his life for this beautiful woman. He always thought she was a special person, but he never knew after all the hate they had for each other before the war that he would be engaged and a brand new father to their child.

Right now nothing else matters but the happiness of Hermione and Arabella. And he doesn’t give a damn whether they are pure-blood, half-blood, or muggle-born. He is more than proud of his half-blooded daughter than anyone can be. 

Luckily, Dolohov is dead as of yesterday and Yaxley is back in Azkaban along with the rest of the Death Eaters because of Harry’s doing and fellow Aurors and Draco can’t be more grateful. They all could have died last night because of them, but the Aurors were just too fast to get to them before they could get to Draco, Hermione, and everyone else in the ward they were in of St. Mungo’s. 

“Did you sleep okay?” Asks a sleepy Hermione as she grins at her fiancé and daughter who sit near her in a chair.

“I slept well, thank you. Now what about you?” Draco asks her, getting up, handing her Arabella who is crying and kisses her on the forehead.

Hermione chuckles, “I didn’t sleep much because I had to breast-feed her all night off and on, but I slept okay. Just happy she’s here. And that we didn’t get killed last night,” Hermione tells Draco as she starts to breast-feed Savanna again who stops crying immediately. 

An hour passes and family starts to arrive again. To their surprise the first person to knock on the door is Narcissa Malfoy. Draco is happy to see her because he was quite worried about her being back at Malfoy Manor by herself with all the Death Eater activity. 

She seems in high spirits as her eyes soften at the sight of her granddaughter. “Oh Draco, she looks just like you, son. She’s beautiful,” Narcissa is almost teary eyed. 

“Thanks mum, we love her so much,” Draco proudly says with a smile.

“I am so proud of you for changing into such a great person. I was never the best mum, and your father never the best father. But I guess we did an okay job,” Narcissa says, smiling at her son.

“Mum you are a wonderful mother! And I know you will be a great grand mum as well!” Draco assures her.

“Can I hold her, Granger?” Narcissa asks Hermione, after smiling at Draco for what he said.

Hermione, a little emotional as well from listening to the conversation nods, “Of course.” 

Narcissa beams as she rubs her granddaughter’s cheek and stares at her non-stop. “I wish your father was here to see her. But he deserves being in there for now,” Narcissa tells the couple.

“Maybe he will see her someday when she’s a bit older,” Draco says.

“I sure hope so,” Narcissa agrees.

“Mum, Harry got all of them back in Azkaban, and Dolohov is dead,” Draco tells Narcissa, smiling.

“Oh thank heavens... I wasn't expecting them to be captured this quickly but thank goodness,” she says with a smile lit up on her face now but never looking away from her granddaughter.

“Yes, and we have no more worries. They tried to track me last night and ended up here and almost killed us, but Harry's Aurors were waiting and were just too fast,” Draco says proudly.

“Well, wonderful! I am glad. I hate that lot taking over our house. I only put up with it because of your father and used to be because of my sister, Bella, threatening to disown and kill me if I didn’t keep loyal to the Death Eaters,” Narcissa tells Draco as she shakes her head.

“I’m sorry-” Hermione says for the first time, knowing how hard Draco and Narcissa's lives probably is at times.

“It’s okay. But we are all okay now and you guys have a precious baby girl. Honestly Granger, I wouldn’t pick anyone else for my son. Astoria Greengrass is just a horrible girl like her family always has been. I always thought Draco had a thing for you anyway the way he talked about you. He talked negative things but I could always tell there was something else there. Mothers know their sons like the back of our hands,” Narcissa says looking up and actually looking Hermione in the eyes. Hermione blushes at what she says and turns to beam at Draco.

“Oh erm mum, there’s some news to tell you as well...erm... We are engaged as of yesterday,” Draco tells Narcissa.

“Lovely!” Narcissa says with a huge smile, “Congratulations!”

“Thank you,” Hermione shyly says, not expecting her to be so calm and happy acting about it. 

Savanna sleeps peacefully in her grandmother’s arms as Narcissa continues looking at her and examining her adorable features. Then a knock comes to the door.

"Hermione, I know you probably wouldn't want to know this. But she looks a little like my late sister Bellatrix in a way," Narcissa says. Hermione just grins, unsure of what to say to that and turns to the door. 

Mrs. Weasley and Ginny come walking in; Harry and baby James stay in the waiting room.

Narcissa, still a little weary of the Weasleys, gets up, hands baby Arabella to Hermione and says her goodbyes after kissing Hermione on the cheek and hugging Draco.

This didn’t surprise Mrs. Weasley or Ginny that she left. Narcissa knows Molly killed Bellatrix, and there will always be hardship there and they can probably never be friendly with each other.  

To everyone’s surprise they hear Narcissa talking to Harry outside, “Potter, I thank you for your services. I don’t know where we would be without you; I just wanted to let you know that.”

“Well Mrs. Malfoy, thanks very much!” Harry says, obviously shocked but grateful. 

Ginny wants to be first up to hold her ‘niece’. The Weasleys are more close to family than anyone to Hermione so she wouldn’t have it any other way. Mrs. Weasley hugs Hermione and then to his surprise, Draco.

“Oh Hermione, your daughter is beautiful. I am so grateful that nothing happened last night and that Harry and his men got everyone back in their rightful place as always!” Mrs. Weasley says with a smile.

“Thanks Mrs. Weasley, we were lucky. That’s for sure.” Hermione smiles. She then lights up. “Oh Draco and I got engaged last night.”

“Congratulations!” Mrs. Weasley and Ginny say. But Hermione knows that both of them are a little concerned what Ron will think about this. If her having Malfoy’s baby isn’t enough, her getting married to Malfoy would do him in for sure. 

“Where’s the ring?” Ginny asks jokingly, raising her eyebrows in a threatening glare toward Draco, “Did you even get her a ring?”

Draco rolls his eyes and smiled, “No but I am going to. Right now, if you guys don’t mind watching her and Arabella?”

“No problem, we can do that!” Mrs. Weasley says, grinning at Draco.

“Draco you don’t have to, we can wait!” Hermione protests. But he is already out the door and asks Harry and James to go with him. 

“Well, Narcissa sure surprised me!” Ginny says with a laugh as soon as Draco is out of sight.

“Yeah, me too. She really has changed too although she won’t admit it,” Hermione says. Mrs. Weasley nods in agreement. 

“So after you get out of the hospital, we need to start planning this wedding. I have communications with Andromeda since Harry is Teddy Lupin’s godfather. And I’m sure she can get Narcissa into the wedding planning. They are talking again, am I right?” Mrs. Weasley asks.

“Yes, they are talking again. Have been talking, Narcissa got lonely after Lucius went to Azkaban and Bellatrix died,” Hermione says, remembering a conversation Draco and herself had about this.

“Lovely,” Mrs. Weasley says with a huge smile. She loves planning things, especially weddings. 

Another knock on the door alarms everybody as Jean and Jeff Granger come in and Jean squeals, “Oh my god! Look at her!”

“Would you like to hold her?” Ginny wonders.

“Of course I do!” Jean says as she scoops up her granddaughter.

“Mum, dad, this is Molly Weasley, Ginny and Ron’s mum,” Hermione introduces her parents and Jeff shakes Mrs. Weasley’s hand.

“I’ve heard so much about you all, nice to finally meet you after all this time although we did meet for a short time Hermione’s second year. I know you guys are a huge part of our Hermione’s life and are a big reason why we got our memory repaired!” Mr. Granger says as he smiles at them.

“Oh, we love Hermione, we don’t know what we would do without her in our family,” Mrs. Weasley warmly grins at him.

“I understand if she didn’t have you guys, we probably would still be wondering around Australia like a couple of goons, not knowing we even had our precious Hermione. I appreciate your help in getting our memory repaired!” Jean tells Mrs. Weasley.

“No problem, I am just glad Arthur and Harry had the wonderful connections they did with our Ministry,” Says Molly.

“As am I!” Hermione adds.

Draco and Harry comes into the room with little James then, no one has heard from Ron after last night. No one but Mrs. Weasley, Harry, and Ginny in the room know they are engaged. 

Draco has a black box in his hand and he gets down on one knee beside the hospital bed as everyone smiles. Mr. Granger gawks because he doesn’t know who this guy is, and Hermione blushes a deep red.

“Hermione Jean Granger, you are the most beautiful witch in the world, the smartest, and most amazing girl alive. And I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. Will you do me the upmost honor of marrying me?”

"Did he just call her a witch?" Hermione's father asks Jean. She ignores him. 

“Yes! I will!” Hermione agrees again, and Draco slips the most beautiful diamond ring Hermione’s ever seen on her finger. The couple kisses each other passionately.

“Who is this, may I ask?” Mr. Granger’s voice gruffly asks, a little offended.

“Oh, Father, erm sorry… this is my fiancé, Draco Malfoy,” Hermione introduces him, smiling.

Mr. Granger doesn’t smile back, he was always protective of his daughter. “This isn’t the bloke that broke your heart months ago, is it?”

“No dad, this is the guy I’ve been with for quite a while after that,” Hermione giggles at her dad’s concern.

“Well congrats Mr. Malfoy, pleasure to meet you, I trust you treat my daughter well?” Mr. Granger asks, shaking Draco’s hand strongly.

“Y-yes sir, I will always treat her well,” Draco promises with a grin. He feels a little nervous with this being the first time he has ever met a girl’s dad besides Mr. Greengrass.

“Good!” Mr. Granger says laughing at Draco’s nervous face. 

“So Molly, I think me and you have some talking about their wedding to do?” Jean asks as she repositions baby Arabella who is fast asleep on her shoulder.

“Yes, we sure do!” Mrs. Weasley agrees excitedly.

Jeff Granger looks around the place with big eyes. “What’s all this stuff?” He wonders, looking at all the wizard medical supplies which were much different than Muggle medical supplies.

“Oh, just medical stuff,” Mrs. Weasley tells him, knowing she can’t tell him everything. 

“Do you like it?” Draco asks Hermione about the sparkling diamond ring.

“Yes, I love it!” Hermione says, she couldn’t believe it… she is Draco Malfoy’s fiancée and mother of his child, how did this happen?

Ron’s face flashes in her mind, she has a brief flashback to the day he proposed to her, but she shakes it off. Ron isn’t going to ruin this happy moment for her… or was he? 

Ron and Lavender walk into the room at that very moment.

“Hi everyone! Oh Hermione, the baby is so beautiful!” Lavender says with a big squeal, making Draco roll his eyes.

“Who is this?” Jean wonders.

“This is my ex-fiancé, Ron and his girlfriend, Lavender,” Hermione explains.

Mr. Granger knows that this was the guy that broke his daughter’s heart and he doesn’t acknowledge him at all.

“Hi Ron, nice to see you, and erm, Lavender,” Jean says awkwardly, managing to put a small smile on her face.

Draco and Hermione sense the awkward tension in the room. 

Thirty minutes pass and everyone is sitting around the hospital room. Mr. Granger glares at Ron a few times and Ron starts to notice, making him avoid his eyes. 

“Hermione, what a ring! Is that new?!” Lavender asks loudly. Leave it to Lavender to make things more awkward…

“Yes, err, Draco and I just got engaged,” Hermione announces with an awkward smile, glancing at Ron who makes a movement but doesn’t say anything. He avoids Hermione’s eyes though and looks as though he might punch something. 

“Ron, look at this ring! I want one like this when we get engaged someday!” Lavender says excitedly, getting Ron to look at it.

“Yeah… that’s a good one…” Ron says and then looks back down at the ground.

“Whatever. You’re so unromantic,” Lavender comments, rolling her eyes as she notices his attitude toward it.  

Molly doesn’t want Hermione overwhelmed with all of this and she knows better than everyone how awkward it is for Lavender and Ron to be here at the hospital along with her parents.

“Everyone, I think it’s about time we all leave and let Hermione rest with baby Arabella a little more,” Mrs. Weasley suggests.   

“I agree,” Draco pipes up. He is feeling the awkward tension as well and he wants Ron Weasley to be the last one to ruin this day for Hermione. 

Ron is the first one to stand up and without a glance at anyone else he starts toward the door as Hermione watches him.

Lavender rubs Arabella’s cheek real quick after Jean gives her back to Hermione and she too follows Ron out the door saying bye to everyone.

Jean and Jeff kiss Hermione and Arabella and leave as well. And last but not least, Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and Harry say their goodbyes as well. They have all been here awhile, it is now dinner time and Healer Tompkins is supposed to show up soon.  

Hermione takes a sigh of relief. Ron and Lavender coming just made everything way too overwhelming. Lavender has no right to be here. Especially on a day that is supposed to be happy and exciting. 

The plump woman that is Hermione’s Healer waddles in the room almost on queue and takes baby Arabella from Hermione after explaining that she needed to do some tests for the evening before she gives her the okay to go home the next morning. Hermione never wants to be apart from Arabella ever since she came into the world yesterday, but she understands and willingly lets Healer Tompkins do her thing. Besides, she knows because they use magic for everything here it won’t take long. She is actually grateful she had to come to St. Mungo’s instead of going to the Muggle hospital in London. 

After about an hour Healer Tompkins waddles back in the room with a big grin.

“She’s fine. I am so happy everything is okay since she was a preemie! She succeeded all the tests and she is ready to go home tomorrow!” The woman exclaims while handing Draco a bunch of papers.

“Congrats again on your engagement and I love the ring!” The witch tells them before handing the baby to Hermione again and saying her goodbyes. 

Hermione hugs her baby to her, “You are perfect baby girl and always will be. I’m so excited to take you home!”

“Speaking of home, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. A gift from my mum to us for our engagement. I talked to her earlier today when we were away from you I showed it to Harry and he approves as well.”

“What is it?” Hermione wonders what Narcissa has in store for them.

“A surprise,” Draco says with a smile at Hermione’s annoyance. She doesn’t like surprises. 

“You’ll find out tomorrow,” Draco tells her.

“Fine,” Hermione pouts, defeated.

“Ron doesn’t seem happy about any of this,” Draco says to Hermione.

“Did you expect him to be? I really don’t care anymore, he kind of deserves it. And I am not with you just to hurt him. I’m with you because I fell in love with you unexpectedly,” Hermione tells Draco, not really wanting to talk about Ron.

“Very unexpectedly. I am happy though to be with you, despite our rough past I’d say everything turned out perfect! Like it was just meant to be,” says Draco.

“Yes… it did,” Hermione says sleepily as she breast-feeds the baby again. When Hermione finishes, she places the baby in Draco’s arms and falls asleep almost immediately.

Draco knows she needs her sleep so he tries to be as quiet as possible.  

Baby Arabella’s eyes are wide open and looking at Draco. Her eyes warm Draco’s heart and soul.

He doesn’t want to be anywhere else but here… with his fiancé beside him and his precious baby girl swaddled in a pink blanket. He has never been so happy in his life. 


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Chapter 29: Draco's Surprise
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We get to go home today!” Hermione coos at her newborn daughter as she feeds her for the first time since she woke up that morning at nine a.m. The discharge process has already started and Draco leaves to get the surprise a little more ready for Hermione to get out of the hospital. 

He still doesn’t want Hermione to know what it is still, but she doesn’t mind. She has a feeling she really will love it whatever it is.

Baby Arabella’s little eyes stare up at Hermione as she lays her down after her feeding to get her dressed. Every time she looks into her daughter’s eyes it makes Hermione feel so happy inside, like she has won a prize, an amazing blessing. 

Draco kindly asks everyone to stay home today because he wants it to just be Hermione and himself today for the first time in the past three days or so. 

Healer Tompkins has been in and out all morning long with papers and Arabella’s birth certificate and ect. She comes in again and has Hermione sign her discharge papers, “You’re all set to go little lady. It was a pleasure taking care of you and little Arabella. Come visit us sometime soon!” 

“Will do!” Hermione promises as she gets the last part of the luggage together while baby Savanna now sleeps quietly in the incubator.

Draco shows up a little while later and helps by carrying all of Hermione and the baby’s things after picking all of it up with magic because there is quite a bit of stuff. They settle into the Ford Anglia after Draco makes sure baby Savanna is safely in her seat and Draco starts driving to the place where they are going. 

Hermione, curious, keeps looking around at where they might be going. When Draco sees her prying, Draco gives her a bandanna out of thin air and tells her to put it around her eyes.

 “But the baby, I have to watch her!” Hermione complains. 

“I’ll watch her, don’t worry. You can't see this until we get there.” Draco assures her. 

They park and Draco turns off the engine. He then gets the baby out who is now in her infant carriage, heavily on his arm, and the luggage. He then directs Hermione to go ahead and open her eyes when they are in right in the front of where he brought her. 

“Oh my God!” Hermione yells excitedly. “A HOUSE! Seriously Draco? How did you just happen to have this house!?” 

Before her stands a large size farm house on a lot of beautiful hilly land with a large river behind it and grassy pastures on the horizon for as far as they can see. It seems to not be far from Ginny and Harry’s and it is the color of off white with royal blue shutters. It is beautiful, a house Hermione only could ever dream about before now.  Hermione now looks at Draco with raised eyebrows, expecting an explanation. 

“Well, Andromeda had this a year ago but they moved and she told my mum about it, and here is our surprise, it’s all set up for us to live in!” Draco says.

“Oh my God, I love it! It's everything I ever wanted,” Hermione says excitedly as she starts to walk toward it with a huge smile.

“Well go have a look Hermione! It’s ours!” Draco tells her excitedly. 

Hermione walks to the door and opens it with Draco and their baby behind her. 

Before her there is a light blue living room with beautiful white furniture which includes white leather couches, a coffee table, and a white fireplace in front of her. Even a big screened TV is sitting on a stand. It is even complete with a baby swing for Arabella and a pile of baby blankets. Hermione loves it so much she is almost in tears. 

She walks into the kitchen which is a color of beautiful beige and it has the most modern oven, refrigerator, coffee maker, and all the nicest kitchen appliances you can think of to satisfy Hermione’s Muggle side of her. Draco was sure to tell his aunt and mum to include this for her. 

She moves into a bedroom in the back of the house that is decorated in different shades of pink for baby Arabella. They even have a beautiful white wooden crib with bedding of daisies and also a changing table to match, and a dresser filled with lots of pink, ruffly, and colorful baby clothes and stuffed animals. Hermione loves it so much! Andromeda and Narcissa did such a good job, she can’t be more grateful for what they did for herself and Draco. 

Then she almost completely breaks down when she sees Draco and her bedroom, it is the most beautiful bedroom she’s ever seen in her life. It is the color of turquoise and looks like an ocean almost, the comforter is a beautiful white down comforter and there is a bunch of pretty pillows and a huge master bathroom with a massive Jacuzzi tub as big as a small swimming pool. Fluffy white towels and wash cloths hung on a pole. Hermione brushes her hand across them and feels shocked at how soft they are. She even thinks their house may be prettier than Ginny and Harry’s but she’d never tell them that. 

“Do you love it?” Draco wonders, entering the bathroom behind her and looking around himself.

He too is completely satisfied with the size and look of the house. He always felt like Malfoy Manor could swallow him, and that was apart from the dark secrets and magic it held. He was definitely excited to get out of there as well. Although his mum declares she would miss him terribly, she agrees it was time for him to get a fresh start in life. 

 “Oh Draco, it’s perfect for us!” Hermione exclaims, a tear coming from her eye from the overall emotion from it. She takes baby Arabella out of the baby carrier and brings her to all the different rooms in the house. The baby girl listens to her mother’s voice, her eyes fixed on her as though she can understand as Hermione introduces the baby to her room.  

The things happening lately are amazing to Hermione. She is engaged with a beautiful baby girl and an amazing new house. Yes, even if it was Draco Malfoy she is engaged to, she’s very happy.

“Does anyone other than you and your mum know?” Hermione wonders.

“No just Harry. The Weasleys or Ginny don’t know either,” Draco says with a smile. “We can have a dinner party if you like to show it off tomorrow night. I can cook on our new grill, I'd like that. And don’t worry; I have only brought one house elf over here to help out with chores, Elaina. She wanted to come! So I let her,” Draco explains, knowing Hermione’s views on house-elf slaves.

Hermione just smiles, “I would love to have a dinner party, and I’ll invite everyone that I’d like to come. And okay, as long as she requested it! Where is she?”

Draco just laughs at this, expecting a lecture. “Yes ma’am. And she’s behind you, I told her you might object to her coming because of the way you view house elf slavery and she hid, not wanting to upset you.”

Then like she was called, little Elaina comes running in on Draco’s last word.

“Oh Miss Granger what a beautiful baby! Master Malfoy was telling me how wonderful she is! I can’t wait to babysit her when she gets older!” The little house-elf proclaims.

“Well I will definitely let you! Elaina, are you sure you want to serve for us? Because like Master Malfoy said, I do not tolerate any house-elf’s service unless you absolutely want to. Otherwise you’re free!” Hermione says gruffly. 

“Ohh nooo miss!” Elaina sobs on her front shirt. “Elaina loves Master Malfoy, I wanted to come with him, I have been with him since he was a small child and took care of him when his father did bad things!”

“Okay Elaina, good then, you are most welcome here but you do what you please. You are not our servant but our fellow housemate!” Hermione says with raised eyebrows. She then glares at Draco who nods in agreement as she cradled little Arabella on their living room couch now.

“I’ll take the baby and you can start on the invites for tomorrow night? If you want to that is...” Draco offers with a smile as he takes baby Arabella who makes sounds as if she is fussy now. Draco just kept speaking softly to her and the baby calms down at the sound of his voice, he dreamily says, "I just love our daughter."

Hermione smiles at the baby and then picks up her mobile phone to call Ginny.

Hermione tells Ginny about the dinner party tomorrow night and she says Harry and her would be there and tell Mrs. Weasley. Hermione then calls Ron; he hesitates but then says he’d be there with Lavender. Then Hermione calls Neville and Luna and he says they would be there as well, and Dean Thomas and Cho. And she calls her mum and dad, and they are coming as well. Everyone so far agrees and Hermione is very excited to show off their place. But she still questions if she is in a dream. Is this baby and house truly hers? 

Draco owls his mum, but he doesn’t quite expect her to show up unless Andromeda comes with Teddy and so they invite them too. But the owl that came thirty minutes later says she will indeed attend to both of their surprise. 

When the sun goes down, Hermione finishes her invites and then kisses Draco and stands up to take a bath in their new bathtub as he tries to rock baby Arabella to sleep for a nap. 

Hermione walks into the beautiful marble floor bathroom and turns on the water to what looks bigger than any prefect tub at Hogwarts. She turns on some of the soaps and then steps into the hot water. Her skin turns a light red from the temperature and she lays her head back to relax.

The hot water feels good because she is still a bit sore from labor of Arabella. Although the magic made everything cure, her stomach is just a little sore.


Draco sits silently in thought as he closes his eyes and relaxes while the baby falls asleep finally.

He is a bit nervous about the dinner party. He is afraid drama will unfold with everyone there. But he remembers this is a happy time and he wants to show Hermione how happy he is to be with her and be engaged to her.

Even though his Father was horrible while he grew up, his mum made sure to teach Draco how to treat a woman. Draco never truly listened to her until now, now that he's grown up. And he knows someone like him and someone like Hermione together will always spell drama with something or somebody. He won’t have it any other way if it means he can still have her and Arabella… he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them together. 


Hermione lays her head back into the warm water and lets it engulf her hair and face. She bathes and then after relaxing a good thirty minutes, she finally steps out. She puts on a white bath robe and walks to join her fiancé and daughter in the living room again. 

She smiles huge when she walks into the living room and sees Draco fast asleep with Arabella on his bare chest. Her heart swells as she thinks how much she loves her new little family.

She knows in her heart that it could have been with Ron, but everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why Ron and Hermione didn’t make it. She accepted that months ago now, even though sometimes she doesn't realize it. 

Draco hears Hermione walking in the living and he smiles at her. “I hope you had a good bath in your new bathtub?” He asks her.

She smiles at him, “Yes, I had an amazing bath.”

“Good,” He simply says and then gazes down at his daughter with a grin.

“I’ll put her to bed,” Hermione says coming to reach for the newborn baby in Draco’s arms.

“Okay,” Draco says as he looks Hermione up and down. She doesn’t have anything else on under her robe, and he enjoys the view of her bare cleavage. Her hair hangs loosely with curls around her shoulders.

“I’ll wait for you in our bedroom,” Draco says almost seductively, a bit tired and wanting some ‘alone’ time with his fiancée.  

Hermione kisses Arabella on the cheek before putting her inside her beautiful little bassinet-crib in her new bedroom. She is still in shock that this angel faced baby was actually hers.  She then walks into the bedroom she is to share with her fiancé.

She always felt strongly about being married first before sleeping together in a bed at night, but she is not the same Hermione she was two years ago. She had slept with Ron, and now with Draco in the same bed. Oh well. 

She takes off her bath robe, a little self-conscious about her body since she just had a baby, but she really has no stretch marks whatsoever and she is grateful for that for sure. Her body, because of magic, was almost to the size she was before the pregnancy.

Draco opens his eyes to see his future wife get in bed with him. He knew she was unclothed and he grabs her and starts to kiss her skin, not being with her like this since the night in the hotel. Hermione accepts as it has been so long since they made any kind of real contact.

Draco got on top of Hermione but was gentle because he knows she is still sore on her stomach. He kisses her and rubs his hands against all of her skin.

She sighs and kisses Draco passionately like she did the first night they made love
She lay next to him and sighs, saying that she was ready for bed since she just had a baby and can’t do any sexual activity. She thanks Draco again for the surprise house as she is so excited about it still and feels as though someone needed to pinch her awake. 

Draco kisses his fiancée one more time and then agrees that he will sleep as well, she is already totally asleep within five minutes. 

He is more happy than he had ever been.. Good things like this don’t happen to the Malfoys. 

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Chapter 30: Dinner Party and A Wedding
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 Baby Arabella wakes Hermione many times in the night to feed, so when Hermione opens her eyes the next morning she has bags under them. Draco is already awake and rocking the baby as he drinks a strong cup of coffee, as he is a bit tired as well because the baby woke him up with her crying as well.

Hermione pulls on the same white robe she wore after her bath last night and walks into the kitchen groggily to find something to eat.

“Already made eggs, ham, and bacon love,” Draco tells her as he follows her in the kitchen, the newborn still in his arms.

“Oh wonderful, thank you,” Hermione thanks smiling at him. “I guess it’s not so bad living with you. I’m surprised you can cook.”

“And why is that? I cooked for you once before,” He protests grinning.

“You are a Malfoy, you get your arse wiped twenty-four seven at home!” Hermione jokes with him.

“Maybe, but I wanted to learn how to cook when I was young so Elaina taught me and I told her I wanted to cook today,” Draco tells Hermione.

Hermione walks to him and kisses him on the cheek. “Well… Ron never cooked for me. I was always doing stuff for him,” Hermione complains matter-a-factly.

 “Well, you aren’t with Weasleby anymore for good reason!” Draco tells her with raised eyebrows.

“True,” Hermione agrees.

“So what do we need to get for our dinner party?” Draco wonders.

“Hmm… wedding bands, and food.”

“Wedding bands?!” Draco questions, his eyes widen as he looks at her in shock.

“Yes, why don’t we just elope tonight in front of our friends and family?” Hermione inquires with a huge determined smile.

“Erm, I don’t know. Everyone wanted to plan things-” he trails off, not feeling sure about this.

“Oh Draco, you and I aren’t about all the glamour and stuff with a normal wedding,” Hermione says, rolling her eyes.

“We have been engaged for two days,” He tells her, concerned what everyone will think but not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Draco, if you are ready, let us get married for our baby! Tonight!” Hermione pushes on, her face looking serious.

“You’re right, fine, who cares what anyone thinks. It's our bloody life,” Draco says, agreeing with her now. He realizes that it was going to happen in a month anyway.

“Brilliant, I’ll owl for one of the judges from the Ministry and then you and I can go find wedding bands,” Hermione murmurs as her heart races from excitement and adrenaline. She then picks up some parchment and a quill and starts writing a letter to the Wizarding Court. 

Draco doesn’t feel so sure about how they have been engaged for two days and now Hermione wants to elope. He knows one thing is for sure, Hermione is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, so why wait?  And who cares what the others will think? They are happy, in love, have a baby, and are ready to wed with each other in front of their friends and family tonight and for baby Arabella. He is just afraid everything is happening too fast and they will regret it later, but if it will make Hermione happy to elope tonight, so be it.

Hermione sends the letter off to the Ministry with Draco’s black barn owl and they wait for a response. She then calls Elaina the house-elf in the room to ask if she desires to help with the food. “Yes! Good heavens yes!” Little Elaina exclaims, scurrying off to the kitchen to gets started already since Hermione requests several types of entrees and a few appetizers as well.

Putting in so much effort, Hermione is surprised that she is getting things done so quickly being two days out from having a newborn baby. But she is excited to be Mrs. Malfoy as it will be like everything in the past made sense to get her to where she is today and not only that, but she will have the same last name as Arabella and Draco.

After a few hours of thought and after the owl returns with a yes from the Ministry, saying a judge will apparate there tonight  to marry them, Hermione decides she will confide in one person. Her chosen maid of honor since she has no sister, her best girlfriend, Ginny. She picks up the mobile and dials her number. She is a bit nervous as to what her reaction might be.

“Hello?” Ginny’s light voice answers.

“Hey Gin,” Hermione replies nervously.

“What is it Hermione, are you okay? Need help with Savanna?” Ginny wonders, a little alarmed.

“No it’s nothing like that. It is a good thing, but I hope you think it is too.” Hermione says rather awkwardly.

“Oh God Hermione, you aren’t pregnant again are you?” Asks Ginny as her voice threatens to rise.

“No! Isn’t that impossible when you just had a baby like the other day? Anyway… no… erm… we are err… going to get married-” Hermione tells Ginny, her nervous hand shaking the mobile phone. 

“I know that, I was there when he proposed to you both times,” laughs Ginny.

“No, you don’t get it. We are going to get married… Tonight.”

“WOW! Really? Are you sure you want to do this?” Ginny asks frantically. 

“Yes. With everything that is happening in our lives I think it’s the right time. I know he’s the one,” Hermione gushes as she smiles at Draco, who is already looking at her.

“Okay well I’ll go get the décor and be there at around three, sound good? Do you have the judge and everyone?” Ginny is in maid of honor mode and she doesn’t even need to be told that this is her role, she already knows. 

“Yes, I have everyone important notified and our house-elf, Elaina, is cooking. Thanks Gin! I don’t know what I’d do without you-” Hermione tells Ginny, sighing in relief that she isn’t mad.

“I don’t know either actually,” Ginny jokes. “Can I tell Harry?”

“Yes but no one else!” Hermione begs because she wants it to be a surprise to everyone else. Ginny agrees and they then got off the phone after the girls converse where to get the decorations at and decide to meet at a dress store at eleven, and it is already ten now.

Draco laughs at Hermione’s commitment to getting everything done quickly as he just rocks his sleeping daughter in the sitting room chair, barely doing a thing.

“I am going to ask Dean to be my best man because he has been the best coworker anyone could have.” Draco says suddenly.

“Good, do that,” Hermione agrees with him, knowing Dean is a good friend to many.

Draco owls Dean and asks him to be the best man and Dean replies within half an hour. Draco plans to wear black dress robes and Hermione wants to go buy a wedding dress even though it is traditional for a witch to wear dress robes as well.

Knowing Hermione generally doesn’t have much money to her name, Draco takes out a bag from the closet when Hermione starts to feed Arabella before she has to leave. He hands Hermione a thousand galleons and she accepts hesitantly of course after he begs her to take it.

It is nearing eleven and Draco agrees to watch the baby as Ginny and Hermione go to the Muggle bridal store in downtown London. Hermione kisses her daughter and Draco, she then walks to the front of the house and apparates.


Hermione lands in front of Blushing Bride Bridal Store and Ginny apparates there at almost the same time behind the building. The girls startle each other and laugh as they almost run into one another.

“I can’t believe you are getting married tonight!” Ginny booms excitedly, remembering why they are here after they get over their laughing fit.

“I know! I never in a million years planned to marry Draco Malfoy but funny how things change and how life plays out,” Hermione admits, smiling at the thought of being Draco’s bride as the girls walk into the bridal store.

“Oh how I want to get married again, these dresses are beautiful! I had to wear a secondhand dress robe that mum had!” Ginny exclaims, running her hands across a beautiful beaded wedding dress.

“You still looked beautiful,” Hermione compliments her friend, remembering Harry and Ginny’s wedding day well. And she isn’t lying as Ginny looked stunning on her wedding day.  

A bubbly, young woman with long blonde hair bounces over to them in large high heels. “Hello ladies! Who’s the lucky bride?”

“I am!” Hermione exclaims excitedly.

“Congrats, when is the day?”

“Tonight,” Ginny tells the woman, giggling at her face when she says that.

The woman does a double take. “Oh my! Girls usually come in at least three months before!”

“Well, erm, it was kind of unexpected,” Hermione apologetically implies.

“Oh honey, that’s okay. We will get you in a beautiful dress!” The woman promises, grabbing Hermione’s arm and bringing her into the wedding dress aisles.

“Is this your maid of honor?” The lady asks.

“Yes, she sure is,” Hermione says, smiling at Ginny.

“Oh sweety, go find you a dress as well!” The lady beckons toward Ginny, who then disappears to the other side of the store.

“So what kind of dress are you looking for?”

“Uhm I never thought about it,” Hermione starts in thought.

The woman sighs rather rudely. “Honey, we’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Okay well how about chiffon? Empire waist? Beaded?” Hermione asks, starting to imagine the dress she wants in her head. She tried on a few when she was with Ron but she can’t remember what the dresses were like, that seems ages ago.

“Of course!” The lady booms and she then disappears after giving Hermione undergarments to try on.

Hermione walks into the dressing room and applies the needed undergarments and waits. The woman doesn’t take long, as she lays two beautiful wedding dresses to hang on Hermione’s door to try on. Since Hermione doesn’t have much time to decide, she tells herself she will pick between these two unless they are ugly on her body. She did just have a baby the other day so she still has a post-baby pooch that unfortunately magic can’t fix unless you want to spend a lot of galleons.  

She tries on the first dress and it is mind-blowingly beautiful. Hermione absolutely loves it as it fits with her body perfectly and hides her new curves she gained with baby Arabella. She then opens the door of the dressing stall and walks into the room full of mirrors to see every angle of the dress.

It is perfect and Hermione didn’t think she would go with the very first one. But this one is just… stunning.

“You look gorgeous!” Ginny exclaims from the entryway standing in a beautiful royal blue dress. The dress compliments Ginny’s ivory skin perfectly and she looks amazing as her beautiful long red hair flows over her shoulders around her barely hidden cleavage.

“So do you!” Hermione says as tears come to her eyes. She looks at her friend and then at herself again, noticing this dress makes her look just as beautiful as her best friend.

“Don’t cry because you’ll make me cry!” Ginny demands, smiling.

“I’m not. I just can’t believe I’m getting married.” Hermione says, refusing to let the emotional tears come to her eyes.

“Me either! And to Malfoy!” Ginny says, adding a chuckle at the end.

“I know!” Hermione says, disbelieving it herself.

“I have mixed feelings, you know why,” Ginny admits with a somewhat watery smile as emotion takes over her as well.

“I know Gin but we can’t take back the past and what Ron did.” Hermione tells her, not wanting to talk about her ex on her wedding day.

“You’re right. We are sisters anyway!” Ginny says, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Forever, yes we are!” Hermione agrees.

“I hope our children will get married someday,” Ginny says, day-dreaming about the future.

“Me too, that would be so adorable!” Hermione gushes with a huge smile at the thought.

“He’s a year old tomorrow!” Ginny reminds Hermione.

“Wow, you’re joking.” Hermione gawks, not realizing how much time has passed by in the past year.

“I know I need to plan a party!” Ginny tells Hermione.

“You do, it will be fun,” Hermione agrees.

The woman interrupts their conversation. “Do you like the dress?”

“I love it!” Hermione tells her. “This is the one I think!”

“It looks absolutely stunning on you ma’am, but are you sure you don’t want to try anymore on?” The lady asks, surprised that Hermione picked the very first one she tried on.

“Yes! I’m sure this is it.”

“Okay, well I will take it up front after you are done trying it on. And you madam?” She turns to Ginny.

“Oh yes, mine too, I love it.” Ginny says, glancing down at her royal blue, chiffon, sweetheart necked dress. And it is hard to get Ginny in dresses so she must really like this one.

“Well you both look gorgeous. Go take the dresses off and I’ll meet you up front!” The woman says, clapping her hands.

Ginny looks at her watch, it is already twelve forty-five.

Ginny and Hermione return to the dressing rooms, undress, and then dress into their normal clothes. Then the girls hang the dresses back up like they should be and walk together up front to the cash-register.

Hermione’s heart is racing as she pays for the dresses. She feels like she is in a dream, she is truly getting married tonight to an ex-Death Eater.  

The girls leave the bridal store and walk into a shoe store that is near the bridal store. They find shoes for the wedding and then apparate to a parlor to get their hair done.

Hermione is so happy with how everything is working out so fast as she gets her hair curled into elegant ringlets and Ginny has her red hair pinned up in a beautiful bun. The ladies that do their hair agree to do the girl’s makeup as well and Hermione and Ginny look almost like models that walked out of a magazine when the stylists are done with them. Hermione chose a beautiful shimmery brown eye shadow and Ginny a beautiful blue to match her dress and they also have very prominent eyes because of the expensive mascara and eyeliner. Needless to say, the girls are ready for a wedding.

"We should be on Witch Weekly!" Ginny jokes quietly as she glances at herself in the mirror when they leave the shop. 

It is about two forty-five when the girls are done with everything appearance and dress wise. Hermione calls Draco to check on the baby and he says she is a little fussy but is currently sleeping so he gives her the go ahead to go with Ginny to pick out decorations. The girls enter a store called The Gathering and there is everything imaginable for a party, wedding, you name it in the Muggle store.

“This is bloody brilliant!” Ginny says, impressed as she looks around in awe. Having grown up in a pureblood family she only knew of things in the wizarding world until recently after the war when Harry and Hermione opened up their Muggle world to her as well as the rest of her family.

“I know! It has everything we need basically!” Hermione exclaims, feeling more excited as they walk farther into the store.

Hermione loves blue colors, mostly ocean colors such as aqua so that is the main colors the girls start looking for. They acquire many plates, spoons, forks, knives, drinking cups, plastic wine cups, and everything galore that will feed plenty of people at a short time’s notice.

There are also cute wedding party favors that say “I Do,” and “Me Too.” And there are mints of every kind and the girls pick out a bunch of them along with candy and different kinds of punch drink recipes.

Finally the girls get everything they need and the cost turns out to be quite extraordinary, but Hermione doesn’t care as she only hopes to get married once.

They pay and then walk behind the building to apparate back to Hermione’s beautiful new house. Ginny squeals as soon as they land in front of it. “Hermione, this is prettier than my house!”

“We love it, but I think your house is just as beautiful,” replies Hermione, truly proud of her new home.

“How did you manage to get such a cute house?” Ginny wonders, looking around in awe after greeting Draco and baby Arabella.

“My Aunt Andromeda’s old house, she gave it to us. She hasn’t been in it for over a year, but my mum and she made it perfect for Hermione and me. It was a surprise for her yesterday as I knew about it but she didn’t.” Draco explains.

“Well Draco, this is just amazing.” Ginny compliments with a smile, looking around still in utter amazement.

“Thanks!” He says as he hands Arabella to Hermione.  His eyes take a moment to look at his bride in a loving way. “You look beautiful Hermione.”

“Well thank you Draco,” Hermione replies, blushing. She still can’t believe that they are getting married tonight and that she, Hermione, is the one who suggested getting married so quickly. But it didn’t work with Ron, who she was with for a whole two years, so maybe getting married fast is the right answer since she has a baby with Draco and loves him dearly, more than she ever loved Ron.

“Let’s get to decorating!” Ginny exclaims to them, interrupting their moment as she is excited to finally get started after the shopping they have done all afternoon.

Ginny starts to decorate the whole house by herself as soon as she gets a design idea in her head. She first decorates the pillars around the house with streamers of blue and white, she uses her wand to put air into at least two hundred balloons, and she magically acquires a lot of beautiful roses and lilies to decorate the whole large house with. 

Hermione charms the bottle that Arabella is drinking to hold itself up and then she starts to help Ginny. Ginny, who has gladly taken over the role of decorating, tells Hermione to decorate the backyard if anything.

When Hermione walks outside onto the front porch, she stands silently and closes her eyes for a few moments and imagines exactly how she has wanted her wedding since she was five. She then puts her wand in front of her and makes her dream wedding happen.

Beautiful rows of seats covered in satin white appear along with white roses dangling lightly off the sides. An aisle runner covered in more flowers falls to the ground out of thin air and unrolls itself. An archway pops up at the end of the aisle where they will get married under... and now to her it looks like this will be the fairytale wedding she has always dreamed of. 

Hermione then sets up a Muggle stereo she finds in one of the closets. She casts a spell on it to make it play a playlist full of everything, from the Weird Sisters to anything but Mrs. Weasley's Celestina music that she blares into unwanting eardrums around Christmas. 

After the music starts playing itself, Hermione surveys the backyard a second time and realizes how happy she is that the weather is just perfect for a wedding. It is sunny and cool for the first time in what seems like ages as it has been raining a lot lately. 

She walks inside to help Ginny finish the house which now looks almost like a whole different place with all the colors of blue and white around. A table is set up with all different kinds of candies and another table has Fire-Whiskey, Pumpkin Juice, and the popular beverages people drink around the wizarding world. 

With the house looking beautiful already the wedding decor makes the house look absolutely stunning as Hermione and Ginny finally  finish up a few last touches and sit down to rest awhile.

After resting, Hermione digs through all the new clothes of baby Arabella’s and finds an adorable white and frilly long dress that Narcissa had given to her. It is long enough to cover her little feet where Hermione places socks to keep her warm in case it gets chilly. 

As the hours tick by Hermione gets more and more nervous.

She has many thoughts going through her head… is this the right time to get married? Should they have waited like they planned? Will any of the family be upset? Will the parents do their jobs even though the wedding is a surprise? Hermione doesn’t know. All she can do is hope and pray that everything works out like they hope and dream this evening.

The questions don’t continue for much longer because Dean arrives along with Cho. They are in awe at the decorations and they congratulate Hermione and Draco with warm hugs. They also love the house a lot! Cho and Ginny apparate together as Hermione goes upstairs to get ready to get the cake that Ginny ordered not long ago that is now ready for the event.

Harry and James arrive next. “Wow, what a beautiful household you guys have. Andromeda was telling me about this place one day and you guys really got it all perfect for a little family like your’s.”

“Thanks Potter,” Draco replies to him with a big smile. He is proud of it all, his baby, his about to be wife, and his beautiful house. He feels he doesn’t deserve any of it but he is grateful nevertheless.

Mr. Jeff Granger and Mrs. Jean Granger arrived behind Harry and they are in total shock at the decorations for this ‘dinner party’. They understand a little more when Hermione explains to them that they have decided to get married since all the friends and family will be here anyway. They are happy for Hermione but Jeff of course glares at Draco just a little bit.

Neville, Luna, Ron, and Lavender arrived next. “What a lovely place! It’s almost as though you guys decorated for a wedding!” Luna says with a big smile, complementing the house.

“Well, surprise, we are in fact getting married tonight!” Hermione announces to the group, giving Draco a big smack on the lips making Ron coil like a serpent.

“Do you really want to stay?” Ron asks Lavender as this is the very last place he wants to be. He had no idea that they are getting married tonight and it will break his heart to watch it.

Lavender who is oblivious to everything says, “Yes! Ron! Don’t be rude! I want to stay; it will be a beautiful wedding!”

Ron shrugs and just follows Lavender wherever she goes by hand. He wants to be anywhere but here watching the girl he truly loves being taken away… for good.

Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Weasley come in next. Molly is also expecting this to be décor for a dinner party and thinks it is a bit too much, but Ginny explains that it is a wedding as soon as she arrives back with the wedding cake. Mrs. Weasley expresses that she is a little disappointed that she didn’t help plan it like she wanted to. But she can’t have possibly planned anyway in just two days! She seems accepting after a while.

So far, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves besides Ron. The food starts to appear on the tables at about five-thirty as Elaina finishes all of the dishes and people start to munch on the appetizers. There are hot wings, crab cakes, pumpkin pastries and people get ahold of the drinks quickly too.

Narcissa arrives with Andromeda and Teddy about an hour into the festivities. When Draco tells her that they are getting married that evening, she almost seems to want to feint. But she doesn’t… she puts on a smiling face for them and tells him she is very excited for him and Hermione. She even asks if Draco can walk her down the aisle. Draco of course accepts to walk her down the aisle first, as he wants his mum to feel important in the wedding too. He wants her to know how grateful he is that she changed some of the things she used to do and that she’s here for them now. 

Hermione is excited to see Teddy; she hasn’t seen him since right after he was born. He looks a lot like Lupin and Tonks together and it almost makes her feel like they are present at her wedding through their little boy who is now almost three.

To Hermione’s surprise, many more people come than expected. The guests start calling more friends and different people arrive when they hear of the news that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are having a wedding tonight.

Even Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini show up to Draco’s dismay and Astoria tags along with Pansy and her fiancé, pouting at the fact Draco is not hers anymore or ever will be again and has a baby with another woman. Draco of course doesn’t care at all whatsoever that the three of them are there, he refuses to acknowledge them.

The night seems to be a very big success so far. People are talking, socializing and having a good time. All but of course Ron and Astoria, who have both been sulking and pouting the whole night so far.

Everyone starts taking seats and Hermione and Ginny go in to change into their dresses with the help of Mrs. Weasley and Jean Granger of course.

Jean squeals in excitement when she sees her daughter in her beautiful wedding dress and then starts to cry all in the same moment as Hermione looks absolutely amazing. Jean helps get Hermione’s shoes and everything on too and did one more touch of hairspray to her hair so her ringlets won’t have any chance of falling.  

Ginny and Mrs. Weasley soon join them in the room and Ginny is holding baby Arabella because Draco says she is fussing really badly and wants to eat. After feeding Arabella until she coos happily with a full stomach, Hermione makes sure her own daughter looks beautiful as well before they get ready to leave the master bedroom and Jean agrees to hold the baby until almost the end of the wedding when Draco wants her up there with them.

It is finally about time to start the ceremony, the mums both left with the baby after kissing Ginny and Hermione. Then Jeff Granger came to do a father’s duty, to take his daughter down the aisle.

Hermione views the whole backyard from the upstairs master bedroom and she notices Draco patiently waiting for her after walking his mum down the aisle.

Hermione’s heart starts to race and Ginny gives her one last big hug before the major music starts to play and all the guests are asked by the Ministry judge to stand up.

Jeff takes ahold of his daughter’s left arm and Ginny walks in front of them with a big, beautiful bouquet of white wildflowers identical to Hermione’s. 

This is the moment Hermione can’t believe is coming, the moment she will marry Draco Lucius Malfoy, the man she loves.

They have actually been through a lot when you put it all into play. They were all a part of the same war, and Draco and Hermione were victims worse than normal witches and wizards.

Draco was expected to be a part of the Death Eaters that day, but that was the day that he decided he wanted to leave the Death Eaters. Hermione was the best friend of the man Voldemort wanted, Harry Potter. The two have been through a lot to get here- the best day of their lives when they unite in marriage. Voldemort is gone, the Death Eaters are all locked up or dead and the both of them have finally found happiness. They wouldn’t want to be with anyone else in the whole wide world but with each other and Arabella. And tonight they are going to make it official.

Jeff Granger and Hermione walk slowly out of the double French doors that lead to the back yard. Ginny is about ten steps in front of them and she proceeds to make it to the altar directly across from Dean Thomas, who is wearing identical jet black dress robes to Draco’s.

Hermione doesn’t look up at first because she hates when people stare at her. But today is different because she is the center of attention and for good reason, she’s the bride.

She is still in deep thought of everything that they ever had to go through when they hated each other, when they started to talk, when they became a couple… Soon the emotion of everything that is happening and the general emotion of the wedding comes over her and tears gather in her chocolate brown eyes.

Braving the way she feels, she finally summons the courage to address her eyes forward and look at her groom who is smiling at her with tears in his eyes as well. Yes, they have been together for a short ten months, but that is all the time they needed to find their true selves and find out they are each other’s soulmates.

Hermione is soon at the middle of the aisle way, almost to Draco, and her heart feels like it will fall out of her chest. And like it takes all the time in the world, they finally make it to the front of the altar and Jeff Granger grins broadly at Draco as he hands his only daughter’s arm to him.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” The Ministry judge booms.

“I and her mother,” Jeff Granger replies. And then he walks back toward where his wife is sitting after shaking Draco’s hand roughly.

Draco’s gray eyes look straight into Hermione’s brown ones and Hermione can see in his eyes in that moment how much she means to him as she has never seen him cry before, not once in her life. His tears are happy tears as he keeps a firm grip on her hands as they face each other.

“I am here today to join Draco Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Jean Granger in the rite of holy matrimony by the city of London’s Ministry if Magic-” The judge starts.

Then he moves on to the vows, and Hermione and Draco say them to each other with a big smile on their faces. Hermione is crying a bit too by the time the vows are said. This is an emotional process for her… and she still can’t believe this is happening. But she is so, so happy to be standing right where she is.

The couple then exchanges wedding bands that Draco had picked up earlier that day with Arabella when Ginny and Hermione were gone. He did a good job because Hermione’s band goes very well with her beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Then as fast as it seems to start, Jean hands Arabella to Draco and big “AWW!” comes from everyone… the judge says, “I pronounce you husband and wife, Draco you may kiss your bride!” And Draco kisses Hermione passionately like he never kissed her before.

Then the couple makes their way down the aisle and stops to wait to thank everybody.


Ron doesn’t know whether to cry or to be angry, he has never been so upset in his life. But despite all the pain this causes him, he is happy to see the girl he loves get a happy ending even though he wasn’t in it because he messed it up.

Astoria cries the whole time and her boyfriend, who showed up halfway through the wedding, eventually announces that they are leaving because he can’t stand her doing this anymore. And the couple leaves as Astoria weeps about not being with Draco and losing him.

Even Pansy wonders how her boyfriend puts up with her, but she will never say that out loud. Pansy also feels a little sad that Draco is married because he married a mudblood and also she wanted him too since they had started Hogwarts but at least she has Zabini now. Pansy can’t help but be happy for the couple too.


The people start to get up and come and hug and kiss the couple and baby Arabella. Lots of “Congrats!” come from everyone and no one says anything negative to their relief.

After everyone has come through to hug Hermione and Draco, people start to get in line for the entrees Elaina had cooked, which is an amazing tilapia and different vegetables and finger foods to go with. Hermione is very pleased with how everything is turning out so far and they too walk through the food line to get their food.

Draco and Hermione Malfoy sit down and Hermione cradles Arabella as they eat.  The food is amazing in Hermione’s opinion. Draco isn’t much of a fish eater but he survives it.

Then it was time for cake, and Hermione and Draco cut their buttercream flavored cake and throw it in each other’s faces so much that they have to use their wands to get stains out of their clothing. People laugh so hard and take many pictures as they did the whole wedding and eventually people get out on the floor and started to dance to the music Hermione charmed the stereo to play.

Draco hands Arabella to his mum to hold and asks Hermione for her hand when a slow song comes on. Hermione gladly takes it and they join their friends and family on the dance floor.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy dance and dance until their feet are sore. People start leaving because it was nearing midnight now and everyone wants to get home and go to sleep.

Hermione starts talking with Luna and Ginny and Draco goes to talk to Harry and Dean.

Ron, not being able to take the emotional pain of being here dragged Lavender away from the reception a while ago but suddenly he shows up again and his face looks downfallen but confident as he says, “Congrats Hermione.”

“Th-thank you Ron,” Hermione replies, unsure of what to say.

“You’re welcome. And everyone thinks you look absolutely stunning tonight, as always.” He adds with a weak smile.

“Aww Ron, thank you.”

“Hermione, despite what happened between us I hope that me and you can be friends again someday. It is too painful right now because I am still in love with you. But one day I will get over this and put my big boy shoes on and come be your best friend that I used to be,” Ron tells her, hugging Hermione to him.

Draco watches him closely, he knows Ron is probably torn up and he doesn’t know what he might try with Hermione.

“Thank you so much for that Ron, it means the world to me,” Hermione tells him and kisses him on the cheek. Ron can’t help but smile as if he just got something huge off of his chest.

Ginny and Luna watch with softened expressions on their faces. Ginny didn’t expect Ron to come do anything like this, it was very sweet of him and made the wedding night that more special.

Soon it nears two in the morning and the crowd is generally cleared out all the way. Only a few remain and they said their goodbyes by two thirty.

Draco and Hermione put Arabella to bed and then go to their room get ready for bed themselves.
When they were finished and get into bed, Hermione lays motionless still in awe that this is still happening and it isn’t a dream.

“I love you Mrs. Hermione Jean Malfoy,  It feels so right to say that.” Draco says, kissing Hermione passionately.  

“I love you Mr. Draco Lucius Malfoy. And I always will.”

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