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Demons v/s Wizards by Loversam1999

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,195
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Neville, Luna, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Cho, Draco/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Ginny/OC, OC/OC

First Published: 01/16/2013
Last Chapter: 02/22/2013
Last Updated: 02/22/2013

 Hogwarts is back and so are the students. But with new people have come to Hogwarts but they are not wizards or witches but their demon's. Four demons will be the heads of the houses.New classes will begin, 

Evil is back, from the wizarding world and the demon word. 

Will demons and wizards work together? Will enemy become friends or lovers? Will the  Demon world and the wizarding get along? 



Chapter 1: The Demon World...
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In The Demon World.....

Artemis is alone, looking at her reflection in the river until shippo (little fox demon friends with Artemis) comes and sits next to her. 

"Artemis, you know people are getting killed. And as princess you know you have to help those  students from the magic school?" Shippo says


"shippo don't tell me what to do and don't call me princess,  I hate the name!!! just (sigh) forget it. I'll figure something out" 

"look I know you hate the word princess but one your a girl and two your a Lovewar. So just think of something fast and good" said shippo and left with a pop.

Artemis was not into the girly stuff. She grew up with her brothers. She a girl with boy talent. Artemis past is so dark and full evil. She can't even smile. She never knew the meaning of love or happiness. She never understand why even Inuyasha (her second older brother) got married.

"don't think to hard you will give yourself an headache"said Rena

Rena was same like Artemis but she knew how to be girly sometimes and she knew what was happiness and love meant. 

"Hey Rena. what are you doing here? Your meant to be in the North?"said curiously Artemis 

"what? can't I  visit my demon cousin?Plus where is that pedo...? 

"monk? What did he do?"

"he was following me and pinch my ass!!!" said Rena furiously

"I will sort him out or sango..."

Sango walks in with an angry face on. Artemis and Rena stared at sango while she walked out of the area. 

"thanks bye" said Rena as she ran with a hurricane around her.

"Yeah bye. What do you want Rin?"

"Time is wasting on stupid stuff...are you going to help those student? Sesshomre is already furious with this demon that killing everyone" said Rin as she fade away slowly.

'what I'm going to do? Why is me that got help? Why is me that got be the hero? For god sake I'm a demon I kill only!!!' Artemis Thought

"Everyone needs a hero...even if we are demons. You know as your older brother I taught you everything but not everything About the another world"

"where like kagome use to live? Like before she got married to inuyasha....?"

"Yes and no...the people in the the another world have secrets like some people can be wizard or witch...(sigh) this demon which is killing other innocent demons killed our father when your born, you see that demon wanted power but evil power and he wanted your power...but..."

"Father killed him and died because he was wounded badly...just like my dreams... I was right it was all my fault..."

"Don't you dare say it was your fault because it was not...your a very powerfully girl but that's why he after you and that why he killing everyone to make you weak." sesshomru said. 

" I'm never weak, i never show my fear sesshomru..." artemis replied confidently. 

"i know but you need to help those students before they die for no reason." 

"fine i will help...." she replied back......



its not great but i was really bored so i started making a story up...

btw, all new characters are from This program called "Inuyasha". i mashed it up... also there is Dramione story and other romantic story for everyone...

please comment back... btw sorry if i got spelling wrong or anything like that, i ain't brilliant at story-writing. 


Chapter 2: A New Start....
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 -At king cross, With the Weasley; Hermione; Harry and the Others-

1st of September,platform  9 and 3/4 was full of cheerful children, hooting owls and family saying their goodbyes.  Hermione was smiling outside but inside she knew she couldn't talk to her parents, she said her goodbye but not her finale. When Hermione need someone to talk but no one understand, she goes and  visit her parents grave. 

Ron and Ginny said they're goodbyes to their family and joined Hermione and Harry to go inside the Hogwarts express. They found Luna and Neville and Cho inside a compartment, Harry opened the door and sat down, Ron doing the same action. Hermione told everyone that she had to go to the Head Compartment to meet the head boy and Professor McGonagall. 

Hermione walked inside the compartment and saw.....


Draco was staring at the window, getting a clear view of all the students. His eyes lit the moment when he got a glimpse of Hermione. Blaise was not it to all this love crap. However, he always had crush on Ginny Weasley but never had accept the feeling. Draco knows that Blaise has on crush Ginny and Blaise knows that Draco is in love with Hermione. 

Draco looked a Marcus who was plucking the strings on his guitar. Marcus loves his guitar, he got on his 11 birthday before his dad past away. Blasie was closer to his mother then to his father but Marcus was the opposite. But  both of them loved their parents. After the war, they were able to be a proper family but without their father. 

Draco was very different he loves his mother. He hates his father, he also glad that he died! He and his mother were able to live without getting worried of what his father is going to them. Lucius abused Draco and Narcissa. Narcissa only stayed with Lucius because of Draco.Narcissa has no objection of Draco love. She was really happy for him knowing that he was going to be happier without his father setting him with mindless pureblood slutty girls.

Draco was listening to Marcus plunking the strings on his guitar, When they all heard the door slid open seeing Hermione Granger standing there in front of them. Draco stood up in a flash with love in his eyes, staring at Hermione. While Blaise and Marcus just looking at Hermione and Draco making comments in their heads. 

"Are you guys going just stand staring at each other?" Marcus said. Blaise nodding in agreement. 

" Hi Malfoy and Zabini's....." calmly said Hermione, while sitting down with her suitcase and bag up on the rail above their heads. 

"Hi Hermione" Replied Marcus and Blaise at the same time

"How are you Hermione?" Draco said in a whisper but everyone was able to hear what he said. 

"um...I'm good....the war is over so I'm happy that i don't need to worry about getting killed from you-know-who." Said Hermione, looking at Draco 


"SO....your head girl that good " Marcus said, ending the silence

"yeah,I'm happy that I get to be head girl I always wanted-"

Draco cutted her off "wanted to be head girl since 3rd year...sorry" looking around the compartment trying to look at Hermione

"Mal-Draco, We're both Heads so let's forget what happen in the past and become friends or be civil" Said Hermione 

"Ok Hermione. Hi I'm Draco Malfoy and you are?" Said Draco with a small laugh. 

Hermione laughed "Hi Draco I'm Hermione Granger. Nice to meet you.!" 


I wrote this chapter because I'm bored. its half term for me. so yea...

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