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Lucky by Sam_I_Am

Format: Novel
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 23,193
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: OC/OC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/16/2013
Last Chapter: 07/28/2016
Last Updated: 07/28/2016


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"Maybe I'll get 'Lucky' tonight?" said Albus cheekily, throwing yet another pun on my name in my face.

I sighed, rolled my eyes, and turned back to my Fundamentals of Healing book.

Move to London for a Healing internship? Not part of the plan.

Befriending the Potter/Weasley clan? Inevitable.

Let Albus Potter know his charm was starting to work on me? Never.

Chapter 1: An Introduction of Sorts
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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid London. Rainy, gloomy, and grimy.

Now before you christen me as a hater, I would like you to know that London brings out the worst in everyone. Doesn't it? No? Damn, tough crowd. Okay, fine. I'm a hater. First step, is admittance I suppose.

Yes, I'm a whack job that talks to herself while sloshing through the rainy, busy London streets to get to St. Mungo's for my few classes and rounds. Healing School does that to you, it takes normal, sane, social people, and turn them into complete nutters. Great, I just used "nutter" in a sentence. Stupid London is rubbing off on me.

Let me explain. My name is Lakshmi Andra. Call me Lakshmi and I'll Crucio to the next century. I prefer Lucky, and the occasional Luck. Don't push it though. Lucky works just fine.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but I hate London. Before this, I was a happy child who attended Ilvermony and then was graciously accepted and completed her schooling at The New York School of Healing on an advanced track, earning me a Healing title at the ripe age of 20. (Not bragging or anything, but only, like, a 113 witches and wizards get this honor of entering the school and completing their schooling in such a short time. No, I am not a brainiac....who are we kidding, yes I am.)

So why am I in London? Lovies, the question will be answered soon! Patience, children, patience.

Onward with my pathetic tale of my pathetic life, explaining why I'm in pathetic London..

So I was a happy and successful American Healer-in-training. More details? My father is the founder of the main American wizard bank, Divitiae, and runs the main branch which is located in my hometown of Chicago. My mother is the Healer General of the United States of America and works under the Wizarding President. I have an older brother, Nikhil, who, like my father, went into finance and manages the branch of Divitiae in L.A. My younger sister, Nila, sought a job in politics and works under the Wizarding President as a consultant, and is in New York. I had the unfortunate fate of loving Healing, and followed my mothers footsteps.

As glamorous as this life sounds, it was a quiet one. My parents kept us out of the public eye for the most part. However the social pressure that stared at us in the face was huge. Connections that my parents accumulated over the years from their prominent positions were never less than over abundant. The world was ours. Of course their wildest dreams came true when their children fulfilled their every wishes, earning top spots in their respective fields.

What was not part of the plan, was receiving the intern spot for Healing at St. Mungo's. When applying for internships, I made sure to apply to my favorites, Miami, L.A., New York, Boston, Dallas, and if course, my beloved Chicago. My mother, had the brilliant idea of applying to St. Mungo's.
As a joke, she said.
The chances of getting in were slim, she said.
We won't send you that far anyways, she said.

News flash. She lied.

The opportunity was a once in a lifetime shot. It would be silly to chose The Asclepius Healing Center in Chicago over St. Mungo's. No matter how much I cried and screamed I was going. My last name was Andra; not attending the greatest Healing Institution in the magical world was not an option for me.

So here I am. Thousands of miles away from my hometown, my family, and my usual life. All alone in London. Curse Healing. Why did I pick this career?! Oh, that's right, I love helping own fault.

I walked into St. Mungo's grumbling about the weather and whining like usual. Realizing I had about 20 minutes before I was needed, I sauntered downstairs to the cafeteria.

"Wonder when you'd turn up." A familiar voice said.

I turned around. Rose Weasley was staring at me. I smiled. Rose was one of my fellow interns and in the past month I had been here, she had been angel sent by Merlin and literally my one and only friend.

"Lovely day," I said tonelessly

Rose laughed and threw her arm around me

"Why are you so bitter Luck?" She chuckled

"Hmm I'm not sure Rose. Maybe because I don't belong here?" I retaliated

Rose frowned. I had upset her. She grabbed my coffee cup from my hand and started tending to it, just how she knew I liked it.

After a few moments of silence she said,
"Lucky, though you're new here and you hate it, I am so glad you're here. Sure, I've heard about you, since from a prominent Wizarding family from America and all, but being with you is different. You're one of the few people who know what it's like being in the limelight. You get it Luck. I love having you here. Though we barely know each other, we've become close Lucky. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I thank my lucky stars every day that you're here." she tapered off, stirring the enormous amounts of sugar that I preferred in my coffee, obviously hurt by my blatant hatred to my circumstance.

"That use of 'lucky' better not have been a crack at my name.." I smirked at her, my mood significantly lightening and my heart swelling with affection at the brilliant red head in front of me.

She smiled back, glad that I understood and accepted her sincerity.

"Come on," I said, throwing her arm over my shoulder again, grabbing my coffee from her hand and taking a swig of it. It was perfect. Typical Rose. "I've got patients to see with my best friend"

Rose smiled appreciatively. She was right, in the short amount of time I had been there, I had found a lasting friend in none other than Rose Weasley.

Rose and I strolled into the the intern area. We were a part of a team of 8. The rest of the 6 a nice way...freaks. It was no wonder Rose and I bonded so quickly. Of course, as Rose mentioned before, we had known of each other. My family's prominence in America was not unheard of. And whoever didn't know of the Golden Trio and their children would have to be living under a rock.

"Good luck," Rose grimaced at me. I sent a sympathetic look her way and we parted ways to go check up on our respective patients.

My assigned section was Gold-3 on the second floor. Rose was Gold-5; on the same floor but on the other side. Silently I thanked our moderator, Healer Harris for separating us. Rose and I together on rounds would be thoroughly unproductive..

My patients seemed to be doing fine and rounds only took about 20 minutes. I walked back to the common area of the Gold Floor. Rose was already there, eating a bag of chips, with her feet propped up on the counter, leaning back as if she had a finished her seventh night round. That reminded me...

"Rosie you have night rounds this lovely evening?" I asked batting my lashes in her direction.

"No. And though I love you Lucky, I am not sitting with you through another night round." Rose bluntly said.

"Whyyyyy?" I whined

"Because." Rose firmly said.

"Do you have a date with Scorpy?" I fumed.

"Shut up." Rose glared, but then started laughing.

I should've known. Usually Rose was good about staying with me, as she knew I was afraid of being on night duty alone. But if dear ol' Scorpius pulled her away, she had no choice.

They were sickeningly sweet to each other. They started dating their sixth year of Hogwarts and have been together ever since. I harassed them to tie the knot already. Rose firmly stood to the fact that 21 was too young. I thrived off their romance. Unfortunately I had as much romance in my own life as a rock. But I suppose a rock had more game than I did.

"You really need to get a life." Rose said jokingly

"Too right you are Rosie posie," I replied.

"Luck, I'm serious. Get out there! You of all people would be able to snag a bloke...look at yourself in the mirror love," Rose said steering me to a mirror across the hall.

I looked. I was attractive. Like Rose said, being in the limelight trained me to take pride in my appearance. Ever since the dark times of my awkward teen appearance had faded away, my looks had been my first impression on people.

I was tiny, only 5'4 and very skinny. I looked about 5 years younger than I actually was, however this was fixed with makeup, dark makeup that lined my prominent dark brown, almost black eyes, that dominated my face. I had caramel skin that kept its color year round because of my Indian ethnicity. My hair, which was a shiny black, came to rest around my mid back.

"Yeah I suppose I'm IGHT." I smirked

"Cut it out, you Yank." Rose retaliated.

I chuckled. Sure, I had relationships in the past. I dated the Seeker of my school's Quidditch team until I graduated and he broke up with me for his Quidditch career and my Healing School dream. During Healing School I was involved with another guy; nothing serious, and we ended it when I came here. The truth was, I didn't want to just date around. I wanted passion, fire, someone to sweep me off my feet. A prince, who would do romantic shit, like read poems and deliver flowers. Someone who was mature and would take care of me. Someone I would proudly show my parents. Someone near perfection, a true gentleman.

I envied Rose. Scorpius and her were so deeply in love it made my stomach churn with excitement. It was like watching a engrossing romance but live. But besides, I didn't need a relationship and wasn't going to settle unless I got my fairy tale in male form.

The day went by with not much hassle. A witch came in with a few feathers spurting from her back and there was a wizard who had a severe cut on his leg from trying to heal his own Splinching disaster.

Soon it was time for Rose to go on her date with Scorpius.

Bah humbug.

"So this is it. You're leaving me here. Alone. I knew this day would come. I'm being abandoned." I dramatically carried on.

"Oh shut it," Rose smiled at me. She hugged me and patted me on the head. Gathering her stuff she turned back to me, "if you have any trouble, get at me, yeah?"

Get at me? I was rubbing off on her.

"Sure, sure Rosie posie," I mused at her.

She left with a smile and a wave.

I sighed. I hate night rounds.

I finished what seemed like my 29th round of the night and sat back at the main area. I was starting to doze off when I heard a loud BANG, followed by a crash.

This should be good, I thought to myself.

I adjusted my Healing robes and started hastening to the general direction of the commotion.

"Sir I'm going to ask you one more time to please get back on the bed. You need to stay the night to make sure your vitals are stable. It's common procedure!" An exasperated MediWitch was saying to someone.

Curious, I grabbed the thin curtain material that separated me from the argument, and listened closely to what the problem was.

"Like hell I will! Listen here blondie, there's nothing wrong with me! I was out clubbing with friends, was clearly passed out, and my lame mates decided it would be easier to drop me off here than my flat or drag my unconscious body along with them!" A man was furiously trying to explain.

At that precise moment the curtain was ripped across. I didn't realize I had such a tight grip on it until I went flying along with it.

I braced myself for the impact of the hard, cold floor, but it never came.

Instead a pair of strong arms were around my body preventing me from falling on my ass. I tentatively opened my eyes and was greeted by sparkling green, almond shaped eyes.

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Chapter 2: The Art of Healing
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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.

I stared for a minute into the green abyss and then leapt onto my feet as though I'd been electrocuted. How embarrassing. I was the Healer here! I should be doing the saving!

"Is there a problem here, Gladys?" I said, turning to the MediWitch and avoiding the gaze of the man in front of me at all costs.

"Yes, Healer, Mr. Potter here refuses to sit still!" She complained, "maybe you can explain to him?" Gladys started slowly moving backwards and scuttled away.

"But...I...wait!" I cried after her.

Pull yourself together, you whimp, I said to myself and turned to what seemed to be my patient of the night.

Composing myself and taking on a professional manner, I turned back to my patient grabbing his half completed chart and addressing him.

"So what brings you here today...Mr. Potter?" I asked, referencing the chart.

Patient Potter had need incredibly silent during all of this. I looked up at him to record his answer and he stared dumbstruck.

Did he hit his head or something? I thought wildly...

"Mr. Potter? Is there a problem? Can you hear me?" I tried again

"Huh? Oh yeah..." Potter stirred, coming out of his daze.

"Okay then," I continued, "so what brings you to St. Mungo's tonight?"

"You have beautiful eyes Healer Andra." Potter blurted out

"Excuse me?" I blanched. What the hell is going on?! He must've hit his head. What was wrong with him?

"Your eyes. They're beautiful. Your name's Lakshmi isn't it? Lucky, right?" He rattled off.

I stood there stunned. What the actual fuck? I was used to people knowing who I was, even here in London but this was a twist.

I stood there gaping like a fish for a minute, composed myself, and then continued one more time.

"Mr. Potter, why are you here tonight?" I asked again, my voice weak.

"Oh that," Potter started, "yeah, um. So my mates wanted to go clubbing tonight. Louis and I had a bet who could take the most shots and I won. But then Hugo bought me a celebratory beer, or maybe two..anyway, eventually the blokes wanted to leave. And I remember being really tired and just laying down on the then I ended up here!" He finished.

I stared a little longer. Then found my voice.

"Okay here's the deal Mr. Potter, you're going to have to stay the night, but I won't take your vitals since you seem to be quite functional. I will however put in an Intravenous Drip for the night while you sleep so you can have a healthy fluid level in your body." I said all this whilst setting up the IV Drip and pushing him back on the bed.

He was silent again. I stuck the needle in absentmindedly, still thinking of his outburst, him catching me, his comments towards me, his tale, and his green eyes.

"Okay. There, you're done and set for the night. I'm on duty tonight so if you need anything, just prod your wand on this button and I'll be right here." I explained to him, handing him his wand and motioning to the button.

"I hope you have a comfortable night. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance," I started walking out.

"Hey thanks," he said to me, "oh, and Luck?" I turned and faced him, "not just your eyes are beautiful, babe." He said grinning at me.

I stared for a minute and then closed the curtain and walked back to the main station.

The nerve of this man! A stranger! Saying these things? Though he was probably strange. Is this how the youth in England behave?

"Oi! Luck! If my daft cousin Rose and my best friend Scorp turn up tonight by chance, could you tell 'em I'm here!" I heard Potter scream at me.

My face drained of color. How could I be so stupid?! And I call myself a Healer?! How could I not have made the connection?! After all, how many Potters were there in the world?!

And there clear as day, on the now completed chart in my hand, was the name: Albus Severus Potter.



I sat at my station dumbstruck. I imagine my expression was that of Potter's a bit ago. I shook that thought out of my head. No. Albus Potter was not saying that to me. That was the alcohol talking. Just no. But then again, from what I had heard about him, this was typical. 

Of course I knew who he was. Now. 

The infamous Potters. 
Harry, the savior of the Wizarding World. 
His brilliant wife Ginny. The aunt of my best friend?! 

And of course the children. Now this was a story. Tabloids loved them. They were the reality family of the century. 

Lily, the youngest, a model, who was successful and breathtaking with her height and her stunning red hair and deep brown eyes. 

Then the boys. James and Albus. 

James, the dark haired, golden eyed heartthrob, who had won every girl's heart over with his roguish smile and mischievous ways. He took after his namesake and followed James Potter Senior's footsteps to the tee. Infamous prankster, he had settled down from the public eye, calming down under the firm eye of his longtime girlfriend.

Now, Albus was a different story. Ever since James left the social scene, Albus created enough drama for the both of them. Apparently, he never was like this, a shy kid who was a small Slytherin; he was usually the forgotten kid in the media's eye. However, earning a spot on the house Quidditch team and growing up to have the same devilish looks as his brother, if not better, the attention soon went to his head. 

Jet black hair, lopsided smile, tall frame, tanned, toned skin from constantly playing Quidditch and piercing green eyes, Albus was every girl's fantasy. And boy did he know it. 

Rumored to be with a different girl every week, he was a notorious player and party boy. He was always flipping off the cameras, stumbling out of clubs drunk, or making out with some celebrity. Constantly on the verge of doing something scandalous, Albus Potter was trouble. 

Lost in my reverie, Joan, one of my other fellow interns came up to me. 

"Lucky?" She said in a mousy, timid voice, almost as if she was afraid of me, "your shift's ended. You can go now." She said and cowered. 

I told you. Healing School messes you up. 

"Okay Joan, thanks." I replied. It was about 3 in the morning now. I had about 7 hours and then I'd have to come back. At least at that time Rose would be with me. I would have to consult with Rose about this situation. She would know what to do. Also talking to Scorpius might help. After all, he was Potter's best friend. 

I gathered my stuff and slung my bag over my shoulder. I walked past Albus Potter's bed on my way out. He was fast asleep. Still in a daze, I made my way to my apartment. 

What just happened? 

All I knew, is I know Albus Potter is trouble. Nothing but trouble. 




I awoke to a loud thumping at my door. I shot up from my bed and glanced at the time. It was only 8. I still had two hours. 

Grumbling, I made my way to the door of my apartment. (No. It is not a flat, nor will I ever refer to it as that.) I open the door to a poised Rose Weasley. 

"Hey." I mumbled, letting her in then scampering off to my bed and burying myself back into the covers. 

Rose laughed and perched herself at the end of my bed. She was already dressed and ready for work. Nasty habit of hers, always being punctual and organized. 

"I heard you met my cousin yesterday?" Rose inquired. 

I groaned into my pillow. I had conveniently forgotten about my encounter with Albus Potter until now. 

"Yeah. I attended to him last night when he came in after passing out from his clubbing," I answered to Rose. 

Rose had a grin on her face that was almost devious, 

"Well I heard that he proposed to you and you fell into his arms and now you two are going to live happily ever after..." She said cackling. 

I glared at Rose, "Excuse me?!"

Rose burst out laughing, "That's what Al told Scorpius this morning!"

I gaped at Rose, noiselessly and furiously, "WHAT?! No! Is he out of his mind?!"

Rose just laughed harder, "He also said you were the most beautiful thing he's seen, and then went on and on about how you saved him." 

I frowned, "Well, I gave him fluids that's about it...."

Rose stopped chortling and just smiled at me, "Lucky, relax. This is Albus we are talking about. You know my cousin. When is he ever serious? Knowing Albus, he will try to get with you, being the man whore he is. He'll say anything to get you, trust me. Not that you're not beautiful!" Rose quickly backtracked. 

I just laughed, "That's what I thought Rose. Don't worry, I know of Albus, and his ways. I'm not going to fall for him. Not my type." 

"I just don't want him to hurt you. Don't worry, he'll get over his little obsession with you soon, and then you can find your soulmate and have a double wedding with Scorpius and I and then we can have kids around the same time and be neighbors and everything!" Rose quickly rattled off. 

"Whoa Rosie posie. Chill." I giggled at her. 

"Get ready, Albus Potter's new toy," she shot back. 

I sighed at her and got out of bed to get ready for my day. 

How strange. I had suitors before in the past, I just shot them down and continued on with my life. Either they weren't what I was looking for or I just didn't want a relationship at the time. My problem was that I had created my perfect scenario in my head and I wouldn't budge until someone literally swept me off my feet. All I had to do was nip Albus in the bud and I could continue with my quiet life and he could go back to being a womanizer. All would be well. 

I contined thinking about this as I got dressed. Soon, I joined Rose and walked out of the door ready to encounter my day after the last night.



We entered the hospital like usual. Checking the charts while clocking in, I realized today was an easy day. I had only three patients to see. 

Entering in the third and final patient's sector, I heard roaring laughter. Bracing myself, I pulled back the curtain. It was none other than my patient from last night accompanied by his best friend, my best friend's boyfriend. 

"I was wondering if and when you would turn up, my savior," Potter grinned cheekily. 

I stood there frozen while Scorpius chuckled and Albus simply smiled. 

"I, um, hello Mr. Potter. Your charts say that you're ready to go? You should've been discharged about 2 hours ago. Is there a problem?" I asked, confused why he was still here. 

"Oh yes, there is a problem Luck. I didn't get to see you, so I decided to hang around until you came back," Potter explained simply. 

I just stared. Is this man for real? 

"Don't you have work?" I blatantly asked. 

Scorpius burst out laughing at my bluntness and irritation. Albus just observed me curiously and kept smiling. 

"Love, I play for Puddlemere United. I'm their Seeker. Plus seeing as I'm the best Seeker in the league currently, I don't need practice. I'm my own boss. I decided taking the day off and and seeing your pretty face was more worth my time," Potter replied, staring at me in a bemused way. 

"Right," I said shortly. This was too much. Potter was delusional if he thought that this actually worked on females. "I'll just get you another IV Drip and the MediWitch will install it. After that though I advise you go home," I finished, using my most clipped professional tone. 

"Why can't you stay here and nurse me back to health?" Albus said, almost pouting. 

I sighed, "Goodbye Mr. Potter." I walked out of the sector, closing the curtain behind me. 

"Damn. Scorp, you can't deny...she's hot." I heard Albus say. Scorpius just chuckled. 

I sat back down at our main area and rubbed my temples. Albus Potter was too much. Remember, Lucky, just be firm and he will get bored eventually, I reminded myself. 

I opened my eyes to Scorpius grinning down at me.

"Alright Lucky?" He said smiling at me. 

I groaned, "He's really something isn't he?" I asked 

Scorpius knew exactly what I meant. 

"Well, yeah, he's Al. You're all he's been talking about since I've seen him. You've got to give him credit, he usually doesn't obsess over someone like he's doing right now."

"Oh I feel so flattered," I replied scathingly. 


Rose was back. Her face lit up when she saw her boyfriend, she rushed into his arms and they kissed tenderly. 

I didn't know if I wanted to melt or vomit. These two were too much. 

"How is he?" Rose asked

"He's fine. Just a little love sick. But you can ask Lucky here about that," Scorpius said, smiling at me. 

"Guys stop. Just no." I groaned. 

"In his defense, he's got it bad, Rose. Usually he plans out how he's going to approach a girl and the whole plot to get her in between the sheets," Scorpius explained, "but this time he's helpless. All he can do is babble about how shaken up he is since he saw you. He has no idea what to do. He's so clueless! It's nice seeing the womanizer be so stumped. He's thoroughly smitten." 

"Oh please Scorpius, don't be ridiculous. You realize who you're talking about right?" Rose chastised, not hearing any of this. 

Yes, this was THE Albus Potter, who treated girls like notches on his bedpost. 

The same Albus Potter who waited all night for a girl and is currently stumped on how to get her and can't think about anything else but said girl. 


Chapter 3: Game On
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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.

I retreated to the women's locker room and hid there to compose myself. I had been told by guys that I was something special, someone worth fighting for, but Potter was just a manwhore who had nothing better to do.

Firm, Lucky, firm, I thought to myself, giving myself a silent pep talk. Why was I hiding? This was my hospital, my work place. Who was Potter anyways? A patient? He would be gone by lunch, and get bored by tomorrow.

I confidently walked back to my post and started my paperwork. I had gone through about fifty charts, stretched and looked up. I nearly had a heart attack to the sight I was greeted with. A pair of sparkling green, almond shaped eyes.

Albus Potter.

"How long have you been standing there?!" I asked exasperated, hand over my heart.

"Since about the 20th chart. Your hair is so shiny you know that? I just like watching you, love." Albus answered, as if his actions were justifiable.

I just stared at him bewildered. What the actual fuck?

"Listen, we got off on the wrong foot," Albus continued, "I'm Albus Potter, but you can call me Al. I'm a Seeker for Puddlemere United. My parents are Harry and Ginny Potter, formerly Weasley. I have and older brother James and a younger sister Lily, and a huge extended family that would take too long to list off. I had an accidental hospitalization last night, but I'm glad, because it put me in the path of the most beautiful girl I've seen in a while," Potter at least had the decency to look away when confessing this part. I also thought I caught a hint of pink in his cheeks. Oh god. Was Albus Potter blushing? In the presence Mwahaha. Lucky. Do. Not. Get. A. Big. Head..... Too late.

"Anyways, you're Lakshmi Andra, known better as Lucky. American born and raised, daughter of the American Healer General and the founder of Divitiae bank, and now a successful Healer who is here in London for an internship at St. Mungo's." Albus continued, looking straight at me this time. But he wasn't finished.

"So Luck, what do you say? Dinner? Tonight?" He asked the dreaded question. I was wondering when it would come up. Seems like he came up with his approach, as Scorpius put it.

"I'm busy." I said quickly, and turned my head back down to my charts.

"Oh? Okay, tomorrow then? Or the next day, I don't mind. When are you free? Where do you live?" He rattled off the questions and pulled out a piece of parchment. He seemed almost...flustered.

I sighed, not looking forward to this.

"Listen, Albus, you seem like a great guy, but I'm okay. I'm sorry I have to turn down your dinner offer but it's okay, you don't have to do that." I explained to him.

"I'm not trying to do you any favors Lucky," Albus answered.

This seemed harder than I thought.

"I don't mean to be rude-" I started.

"Which is usually followed up with you saying something rude," Albus mused, smirking.

This kid would not drop this.

"You're not my type." I said bluntly, turning once again to my charts.

"And why's that?" Albus challenged.

"I'm just not looking for anything right now!" I said to Albus, annoyed at his persistence.

"Ah, sure you're not. Just go on. One dinner." Albus smirked at me, starting to relish in my lack of comfort.

"No." I retorted.

"Whatever you say love. You will go with me eventually. I'm not taking no for an answer. Just know this," He said, leaning into my face, piercing me with his emerald eyes, "I love challenges. And you'll be certain that I'm not letting the girl of my dreams get away from me." He finished smirking at me and flicking his jet black hair out of his eyes.

I was frozen. I saw a no hint of a joke in his eyes. What if he was serious?

"Oh and Luck?" He asked while starting to back away slowly, "name one good reason why I'm not your type?"

I didn't need to answer the question, but at this point I was annoyed beyond belief and wanted to prove to Potter that he was the last thing I needed.

"I want someone who's mature, smart, romantic. Someone who will be my rock, my savior. Someone who is loyal and won't ever falter. A man who thinks his world revolves around me. Someone who would give up their world to be in mine. A guy who will bring me flowers, take care of me, and be my prince. Someone who will sweep me off my feet," I finished fiercely, knowing that Albus was and never could be that man.

Albus smiled at me and flicked his hair out of his eyes once more, burying his hands in his dark jean pockets.

"But love, I swept you off your feet already. Remember how we first met?" He said, grinning broadly. He turned and sauntered off.

My jaw dropped. He literally did "sweep me off my feet" yesterday.

Well, shit.



I retold the story to Rose, flustered and extremely cross. Rose just laughed. 

"Lucky, trust me, we all know Al. He's all talk! Once he gets over the fact that you're not throwing yourself at him, he will back off!" Rose maintained, sure that this plan would work. 

"But he's so cocky and annoying!" I wailed. 

"Hey Lucky, would you rather have a star named after you or a display on the big screen at Al's next Quidditch match?" Scorpius asked me, simultaneously wrapping his arms around Rose from behind and kissing her cheek sweetly. 

I refrained from cooing and gaped at them. 

"Ugh, err, NEITHER!" I screeched. 

"That's what I told him. He just doesn't know how to get to you in a 'romantic' way that will blow you away," Scorpius explained. 

"Tell him to leave me alone!" I demanded 

"But ladies and gentlemen, guess what? This might be the longest Albus Potter has EVER, and I mean EVER, liked a girl," Scorpius announced. 

"You're bluffing," I said, shaking my head, "besides we only met about 12 hours ago!" I finished, consulting the time. 

"It's true though," Rose explained, "he's so used to getting girls, using them, and then moving on to the next one in a couple hours."

"Not even Albus Potter works that fast!" I retorted, snarkily. 

"Oh but I do, love." A voice behind me said. 

I swiveled around in my chair and encountered Albus Potter standing there, yet again.

"Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear," Rose said, nodding her head at her cousin. 

"Ah, Rose darling, I'm not here to visit you but rather your delightful new friend," Potter said, eyeing me. 

I sighed, "Why are you here?"

"Could you at least pretend to be happy to see me?" Albus mused at me. 

"I would be if I hadn't just seen you a few hours ago. Haven't you anything better to do?" I said, exasperated. 

"Luck, babe, I left, went to Quidditch practice, and thought about you some more, so all in all it was a very productive day." Potter said winking at me. 

I was thoroughly disgusted. "So I heard," I snapped at him, "on that note, listen here, you do ANYTHING extravagant, I will make sure you will be admitted back here but in the Critical Care Department," I threatened. 

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Potter said cockily. 

"Potter I swear..." My patience was waning as I pointed my finger in his face. 

"Love, if you want to play doctor-patient with me, all you have to do is ask, I'm more than willing..." Potter muttered to me, pulling my finger out of his face and slipping his fingers into my hand. His hand was massive in comparison to mine. I felt more like a small child than ever. However, it was warm and my always cold fingers were attracted to the warmth. 

"Jeez your hands are tiny! And cold! Not that I'm complaining.." Potter said, not tearing his emerald eyes away from my own brown gaze. 

I quickly realized my hand was still relishing in the comfort and warmth of his hand. I pulled away as if it was diseased. 

Potter chuckled, "Not only that, all of you is tiny, Luck. You're adorable," he finished trying to snake his hand back into mine.  

I made a strangling sound, flapped my arms, and backed away. Potter would not play with my head. I refuse to allow that. What had he done anyway? Nothing but state the obvious! Of course I was tiny compared to him. Barely 5"4, I came up to the chest of his 6"1 frame. 

"Anyways, enough of this suggestive talk, Luck, you'll be making me blush soon," Potter said, "I came here with purpose! But I suppose all my brain function goes out the window when I see you," he said, eyes twinkling at me. 

"So, Lucky Andra? Will you go to dinner with me?" He said valiantly, producing a deep purple calla lily and presenting it to me. 

I was in shock. The boy was persistent. Quickly thinking, I replied,

"I have night duty." I said weakly. 

"No you don't. I asked Dr. Harris. You had night duty last night. Next time you'll have it will be in a week." He said simply, still smiling his signature grin. 

"You asked Dr. Harris?!" I squawked. Dr. Harris was our Head Healer who ran the intern program. Though he was very wise, he had a reputation for making or breaking intern's lives.  

"Of course, I'm Albus Potter, Luck. And if Albus Potter politely asks his boss if his girlfriend will be available tonight for dinner, he's not going to hide it from me," Potter said, eyes twinkling at me. 

"YOU ASKED HIM WHAT?" I screeched. 

"Relax, Luck. Anyways, tonight? Hawksmoor?" He asked, piercing me with his green eyes. 

I stood there dumbstruck, unable to speak. 

"Shit, Luck, you know I would love to stay here with you forever but my mum wanted to see me today and talk to me about last night's events," Potter said and continued with, "maybe you should come with! I'll ask Harris to let you off for the rest of the day? And you can come and meet my family?" He said all of this excitedly. 

I continued to stand there soundlessly. 

"No?" Potter stated, "okay then. I hope I see you tonight then," and then incredulously, he leaned forward and placed a tender kiss to my cheek. 

If possible, my eyes got wider with shock. Who did this kid think he was?! 

Me still frozen and soundless, Potter started to walk away until the one question on my mind arose, but not from my lips. 

"Hey Al!" Rose shouted at her cousin's retreating back, "How did you know Lucky's favorite flower, color, and restaurant?" 

"I have my ways!" He shot back, without turning around, continuing to walk down the hall and towards the exit. 

"Boy, he's got it bad!" Chuckled Scorpius. 

I was still frozen. 

Chapter 4: Awkward
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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.


Needless to say, I did not go to dinner that night with Potter. How dare he? How dare he thrust himself upon me?

Ah, but you didn't exactly stop his hand from holding yours the first time did you? a voice in my head said.

So I have slow reflexes! I justified.

You liked it, my head countered

No I didn't! I firmly said.

Yes, you did, it taunted.

But, I thought, stubbornly.

Deeeeeniallllll! It sang.

This is play boy Albus Potter we are dealing with! I thought to myself, not by any way a potential man of my dreams!

Ah, but, he has been trying to change for head said wisely.

It was true. The tabloids had no stories about Albus since our meeting about a week ago, which for Albus' record was earth shattering. Scorpius also said that he had not gone out with the lads since that night and any girl that approaches him has been promptly shot down. Scorpius strongly believed it was my doing, and that Albus had changed.

"He's calmed down, Luck; he's definitely not the same Al. And you know why.." Scorpius said to me one day when he came to pick Rose up.

"Scorpius, I'm sorry, but a week is not going to change 21 years of insanity that has been Albus Potter. I'm not going to fall for it. Let's face it Scorp, he's an eternal play boy. This is a just a phase. A week does not change a person. Soon he will be back to his whorish ways." I retorted, turning back to my charts.

"Sometimes time doesn't's more than that. Sometimes the right person just comes into your life and everything changes. You want to be their everything and you'll do anything to do that..." Scorpius muttered.

This was the story behind Scorpius and Rose. He had been bred to hate her and vice versa. However a friendship struck up regardless. And soon enough they both didn't care what the world would say, as long as they were together.

I sighed. This wasn't happening. I was Lucky Andra. I am not the type that this happens to. I am a hard working Healer. And I'm a strong woman who don't need no man. And don't you forget it.

"He's almost turned back into the original Al," Scorpius confessed quietly. I had heard about pre-party boy Albus. He has been a quiet, shy boy. The same boy who befriended Scorpius so many years ago when they both had been sorted into Slytherin. Of course, time and James' doing changed him into this monster, but according to Scorpius this was in fact the phase. Scorpius remained firm that the true Albus was the same and this socialite Albus was just him "filling the void", trying to gain the approval of his brother and stand up to the expectations of his fame. Scorpius also believed that this had become a bad habit and I was just what he needed in his life to get back on track and find his true self again.

I maintained that this was all complete bullshit and that he would run for the hills the moment I slept with him. Not that I ever would but hypothetically...

But you totally want to...I mean look at him... My mind was back to being independent.

Shut up. I retorted. I had no better comeback. My head was right. He was a very attractive man.

Rose conveniently took no sides during this eternal battle between Scorpius and I, with the occasional interrupting input of my brain. She was convinced that Albus was a wild child and not good for me, however agreed that this behavior from him was definitely odd and had not been seen since his pre-party days. My best friend was a spineless whimp who couldn't pick sides. Typical.

"Just think about it," Scorp asked, closing the argument for the day, as Rose and another intern walked towards the main area.

"Hello to my two favorite people!" Rose squealed when she approached the desk.

She had been on a roll the past week, plowing through patients like a champ. I, however, had been practically idle. Harris had taken Albus the wrong way and cleared my entire work load completely so I could be free. Scorpius and I were suspicious. Word on the street was that Harris was a huge Puddlemere United fan, and Scorp swore he saw Harris in the VIP box for the game that Albus desperately asked Rose and Scorpius to bring me to last Friday. Again, I couldn't deny the fact he was trying relentlessly.

The intern with Rose, Candice, came up to me instead,

"Hey Lucky, this was dropped of for you," Cross eyed Candice said, depositing a purple calla lily on my workspace.

I sighed. This had been the seventh calla lily. One for every day of the week. Each one contained the same message hanging from the stem.

"Dinner tonight? 7? The Hawksmoor?


I tossed the note and the calla lily down on my bag.

Scorpius and Rose looked at each other before Rose started,

"You know Luck..." She started cautiously, "maybe you should just go with him? Poor kid's been tearing his hair out..give him a break. I know he's a player, but he's my cousin. He's not a bad guy really..." She finished, tapering off.

Suddenly my mind was in overdrive. Going and proving that Albus and I were not compatible? Maybe this dinner was just what I needed to show him that I was not going to budge. Then maybe he would move on and leave me alone. As I thought about this, I made up my mind. This would be my new approach now.

"I just might.." I said, lost in thoyght.

Scorp and Rose looked shocked at me and then at each other. They probably thought I lost my mind or was cracking. I took out a piece of parchment and wrote down in purple ink, sending Albus my answer,


It was weird. I was getting ready for a date for the first time in months.

It's not a date, I corrected myself. Thankfully, my brain was not intervening.

I decided to play it simply. I had been to Hawksmoor twice since my stay in London. First with my family when they came to see me off. And then when Rose wanted to treat me. It was one of the nicest restaurants I had ever been in.

Wearing a mauve colored dress that came up to my knees and bunched up by my waist and had free sleeves, I looked classy. I chose to pair it with chunky black jewelry in the form of a necklace, huge bracelet, dangling earrings, wedge ankle boots, and a clutch. My hair was slickly pulled back in a ponytail an my makeup was dark and made my eyes intense. I must say, I was pleased with myself that I still had it in me. I looked good.

Suddenly, my fireplace flickered. I was getting a Floo call. I walked over to it. It was my parents.

"Baby, how's everything? How many patients have you been seeing? Are you eating? Why are you dressed up so nice? Are you going out tonight? Where are you going? With who?" A series of questions streamed from both of my parent's mouths.

"Good. Depends on the day. Obviously, Mom. I'm going to dinner, yes. To that one restaurant, Daddy. And with a friend." I answered calmly. I decided to spare them the gory details about tonight. Parents, ya know? I wasn't sure how they'd react to be honest, especially if I told them I was going to dinner with Albus Potter.

Suddenly, an owl flew into my living room and dropped a scrap of parchment. I picked it up, it simply read,

"Sending a car to get you. Be ready in two minutes.


I crumpled up the paper. I turned back to my family,

"Listen, I have to go. But things are going great here. Don't worry about me! I hope you're all well. I miss home." I said hurriedly

I walked towards the door,

"Bye guys." I said opening the door just as the intercom to my apartment blared, saying there was a car waiting for me.

"Are you going on a date?!?" My sister screeched as I walked out of the door.

Oh boy. I was for sure going to be grilled for this later.

I climbed into the car. The driver introduced himself as Henry and explained that Mr. Potter was already at the Hawksmoor, waiting. As I contemplated why he didn't just come get me himself, the car started and drove to the restaurant.

It was a short drive. The driver helped me out, as I stumbled across the street and into the restaurant.

I walked in and before I could ask where Potter was the hostess interrupted me,

"You must be Lucky? You're exactly how he described you," she said warmly.

Bewildered, I followed her through the crowded restaurant and into a secluded corner, which held a table for two overlooking London and Potter sitting there perfectly at ease.

How romantic. My heart almost fluttered but then I reminded myself that this was Potter. I wasn't going to deny the fact that he looked good though. Damn. He looked polished with dark jeans, a deep gray button up top and a skinny black tie. He stood up as we approached the table.

"Ah there you are. Thank you Camilla." He smiled politely at the hostess dismissing her.

"Anytime Albus. If there's any way I can assist you, it would be my pleasure!" She replied, batting her eyelashes and sticking her chest out, openly flirting with him. He must not have noticed or maybe he chose to ignore it, which came as a shock to me. Instead he turned to me and helped me in my seat and then sat across from me.

"You look beautiful," he said simply

I didn't exactly know how to respond. It was a bit much. His actions, this restaurant, everything. And the fact that he looked great didn't help. His eyes were the color of grass tonight and they looked almost unnatural.

"Your eyes. They change color?" I blurted out.

He smiled, "Yeah. Depends on the lighting, what I'm wearing, my mood. I know, it's weird.." He tapered off, looking away.

"No. They're...wonderful." I admitted absentmindedly.

"Really?" He said smirking. Oh no. "You like my eyes?"

I rolled my eyes, "Don't flatter yourself."

He chuckled. He seemed different. More calm. Less cocky. Mature.

I froze. I couldn't be considering this could I? No. I was just stating the fact that he seemed semi human, instead of walking around considering himself to be a demigod.

He was quiet, just staring at me. Almost as if he was drinking me in. I felt my face heat up. That was the good thing about being Indian. Blushing didn't show. Win.

He suddenly reached over and gently pulled my hair out of its ponytail.

"I like your hair when it's down." He explained, and then went back to observing me.

I was silent, thanking god he couldn't see my blushing.

"Um. So how did you know all my favorites?" I asked shyly, trying to make small talk.

"Oh that. It was easy. The restaurant was figured out because Rose still her calendar up in her apartment and she jotted down your dinner date. So I thought you liked it. The flower I assumed because you remember the picture of you that you gave to Rose? I saw the calla lilies in your hand and guessed it'd be your flower of choice," he explained.

Curse my portrait I had given Rose. He was right. I pictured the portrait in my mind's eye. Me in a white dress, holding a bunch of calla lilies, in a green field that had grass the same shade as Albus' eyes.

"I considered nicking the picture actually, but Rose would've noticed," Albus admitted smirking his signature smirk and looking down. I was amused now. Was Albus Potter actually embarrassed to be saying this? It seemed so.

"And purple? That was a guess. The day I was watching you sign charts, you were using a purple ink quill..." He finished.

He was right on all accounts. He had done his research well. I sat there shocked. The waiter came up and requested our drinks.

We both placed orders for water. As he was walking away Albus asked another question,

"Sir? If you don't mind could we please have an allergen menu?" He said motioning to me.

My jaw dropped. How had he known?

"How..?" I asked, speechless.

"Rose." He explained "She warned me about your allergies. Eggs, huh?" He said.

Damn Rose. She was helping him!

"I've had them since I was little." I explained.

After a bit of a struggle, him refusing to eat anything I was allergic to (a sweet gesture, regardless of the fact that it was Potter), and me finding a pasta with no egg noodles, we placed our orders.

We sat in silence for a bit. I was starting to relax, glad he wasn't openly throwing himself at me and had calmed down. But maybe this is all a ploy.

Suddenly Albus started fidgeting. Tapping his foot, loosening his tie, drumming his fingers on the table.

I couldn't help myself, "Is there a problem?" I asked.

"Uh, no." He said flustered, "Your, um,'s not resting against the table...that's my leg." I looked down. Indeed, my leg was up against his.

My cheeks heated again, "Oh god, I'm sorry!" I hurriedly scooted away.

"No no, it's fine." Why were we awkward? This must been the Albus that Scorp missed. I, however had been like this since birth. Queen of awkward.

"I'll be right back okay?" He said getting up. He walked a couple feet, turned and gave me a heart stopping smile, then walked away.

What was wrong with me?! Heart stopping?! No. This was Albus Potter. But this new Albus was different. More tame.

As I battled with myself internally, the whore-stess Camilla came back.

"Damn where did he go?" She asked, realizing it was only me at the table.

"I don't know," I replied, feeling a twinge of annoyance.

"Ah no matter. I guess he's yours isn't he?" She said to me.

I made a small noncommittal noise with my throat.

"You're a lucky girl, you know that?" She continued, "He literally has been sitting here every night this week, waiting if you'd show up."

My jaw dropped. He's been coming here just in case I showed?

"This is the Potter table. Did you know that? It's reserved for the family. James always brings his girlfriend here. Rumor is Harry Potter proposed to his wife Ginny at this exact table. They've bought out the table for decades," she explained to me.

"Albus however never brought a girl here. Until now. He always took them to clubs or bars. Always a new face. Always used to see him at least 4 times a week. I bartend at a club a couple blocks from here for the extra money," she rattled on, "I haven't seen him there for a bit though. I guess you're why. Suppose every guy has to settle down eventually. You must have him pretty good. You guys make a gorgeous couple." She finished.

"We aren't together." I stated.

"Oh? Well either way, you're the one who's got Albus' heart I suppose. You're a really lucky girl." She said, walking away.

My head was reeling. He had waited for me? He had stopped his ways? Where was he anyways?

I started walking towards the back, searching for him. I found him, talking on his phone.

"...I can't Scorp! You don't understand! In her presence I sound like an idiot! I can't think! I can't function! She makes me so nervous! I keep thinking I'll fuck it up!" He said into the phone.

I smiled, "Albus?" I called out to him.

He abruptly ended the call and looked at me.

"Come back to the table," I said smiling and tugging on his arm.

He smiled, following my lead, slipping his hand into mine. This time, I was fully aware of it too.

I didn't pull away.

The dinner went by fast. Once we had calmed down a bit and ate and talked it flew. Too soon it seemed, he was helping me out of my seat and into his own car.

"Albus?" I asked, "why didn't you pick me up?"

"Um, I just went straight to the restaurant..I wasn't sure you were going to show.."

The white Benz SUV suited him. He grabbed my hand in the car. For the second time that night, I didn't pull away.

Like a gentleman, he walked me all the way up to my apartment. I rummaged for my keys. I turned to him and smiled.

"Thank you for tonight." I said shyly.

"Anytime." He said smiling.

"No, you can't come in," I said jokingly.

"I wasn't going to, love." He replied calmly, kissing my cheek and walking back down the stairs.

I sighed. What was happening.


"I just like holding his hand!" I protested to Rose, "it's big and warm and comforting!"

I was explaining the date to Rose at lunch a few days later, after composing myself. She was ecstatic.

"Sure, Lucky. You like him. You like my cousin!" She said gleefully.

"I dunno Rose. It's still Albus." I said hesitantly.

Sure, Albus was charming and was..better. I was still skeptical. Not sure that putting my heart on the line was the exact way to go about this.

"He's changing Luck. For you! I never thought I'd see the day!" Rose said, clapping excitedly, "Everyone's noticing it too!"

It was true. The whole Potter/Weasley clan had commented on it to Rose. All Albus' friends were glad he was being normal again.

"Tell ya what?" Rose said, "My birthday's coming up, right? Let's go clubbing! We can observe his behavior there! They say alcohol brings out the truth!"

She was right. I agreed to her plan. We then took off to work.

I went through my patients and then returned to my main station. To my surprise, Albus was sitting in my seat.

"You got two calls. One from the nurses on the Red floor. They said a patient you transferred to them is going home today. And then another call was from a boy named Albus who wanted to know if you wanted to grab dinner tonight?" Albus said cheekily.

I sighed. He was quite the charmer when he wanted to be.

"Fine I suppose I can go out to dinner tonight.." I feigned irritation. I smiled. He smiled and then slipped his hand in mine.

To the outside world it would have looked like we were dating. Since that night of dinner I had grown comfortable with holding his hand. Like I said before, I enjoyed the feel of it.

While I was contemplating this, Rose shouted to us,

"Oi! Love birds! We're going out clubbing for my birthday! Clear your schedules! Next Friday!"

Albus and I looked away from each other, embarrassed.

More like awkward birds.

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Chapter 5: Facing the Clan
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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.

The next few days passed by with few drama scenes. The occasional dinner with Albus and a few visits from him during work. He had been better than ever, not even looking at females anymore. It was odd. Even the tabloids had noticed something was up.

Soon the day of Rose's birthday party came about. I went over to Rose's house to get dressed.

I had only gone clubbing once before. I felt it was trashy to dress sluttily and grind on men you didn't know. But this time I was going to observe Albus' behavior. It was simply for..experimental purposes...

And you're secretly wishing you'll grind up on him, my mind intervened.

I ignored it, focusing on getting ready.

Rose looked hot. She was wearing a deep navy strapless dress that was tight and had sequins all over. Her deep red hair was curled and let loose to hang around her shoulders. Her makeup, silvery and alluring, made her blue eyes pierce into my soul.

"Damn Rosie. You're definitely getting some tonight!" I said, taking her hand and twirling her around.

She then dragged me to introduce the whole clan. All the Weasley kids were here getting ready.

First was Victorie. Though she had produced a son and two daughters she looked beautiful. She didn't look a day older twenty, with her strawberry blonde hair and her brown eyes. Her black dress was classy and formal, looking professional but still allowed her to have fun.

"You must be Lucky, the girl of the hour. We're so glad that you came into Al's and our lives." She said sincerely giving me a hug.

James' girlfriend Felicity Halvadare was there too. Dark brunette, she was dressed in bright green. She was stunning.

"I remember when a Potter fell for me," she chuckled, "you can't say no! Hopefully Albus keeps you around, I like you! And from what it seems, he's gonna keep you for a while." She finished, winking. No wonder James loved her. She was funny and beautiful. Typical.

Next was Dominique Weasley. Blonde hair and navy eyes, Dom was the epitome of grace and beauty. Wearing a silver dress she looked stunning. From what I heard from being prepped by Rose, she was Albus' best friend.

She looked at me stonily. "Listen. Albus really likes you. If you hurt him, bad things will happen..." She said seriously. "But I have to thank you. Because of you, I have my best friend back!" She said brightening and giving me a hug.

I felt a pang in my chest. Was I using Albus? I was leading him on, not liking him yet and seeing where the wind would take us? Was it possible that he liked me as much as people said?

I pushed the thought out of my head as I met Molly and Lucy and Roxanne.

Molly and Lucy looked identical. Both with red hair and blue eyes, they were so pretty. They wore different shades of gray dresses and looked stunning. They hugged me and started chatting animatedly about what I did at the hospital.

Roxanne was totally at ease, the definition of cool. She was not wearing a clubbing dress. Instead she was wearing leather shorts, tights, and a gold top with gold boots. She clearly was confident and just radiating. She smiled at me and said,

"Damn. Al has good taste."

I was beginning to like this bunch.

Lily Potter was the only one missing. She apparently was at a photoshoot in Singapore.

I was surprised how well I got along with the clan, how open they were with me. I still felt guilty however over what Dom had said to me.

Rose screeched, "Lucky we only have 30 minutes to get you ready!"

The whole group rushed at me.

After 20 minutes of primping, I resembled nothing less than a hooker. I was forced into a tight black skirt, a red flowy tank top, and a black bandeau bra that was clearly seen through the top. My hair was poker straight and swayed to my mid back. My make up was dark and smoky. I was forced into heels that made my 5"4 figure almost 5"10.

"You look hot." Dom stated plainly.

"Get it!" Roxanne shouted.

Everyone else started wolf whistling or cat calling.

Suddenly the boys came in. Teddy snaked his arm around his wife's waist, planting a kiss on her forehead. They were so in love it was sickening.

Dom's boyfriend, Damin Smith, a chaser on Albus' Quidditch team grabbed her and led her to a corner to make out. Those two, I chuckled.

Roxanne's boyfriend and her Hogwarts sweetheart, Alex Thomas, grabbed her hand and sat her in his lap on the couch.

Molly and Lucy were going stag, always finding a line up of suitors at clubs.

James snuck up behind Felicity and spun her around, planting a kiss on her mouth. They looked like something out of a fairy tale.

The best couple however was Scorpius and Rose. Scorpius did a double take when he saw her, resulting in his jaw dropping and his eyes widening to the size of Galleons. He then took her hand and said, "You look beautiful." And then she kissed him passionately, so passionately I looked away, chuckling.

"Might I say, you look stunning?" A voice in my ear said.

I knew that voice and turned. I was facing Albus. He looked heartbreakingly beautiful, wearing a dark wash jean, a black dress shirt and a red bow tie.

"Hey we match!" I said feebly, the sight of him making me slightly weak.

"Hey you're not a midget!" He exclaimed, taking note of my shoes and approving of my height.

"Shut up," I said, grasping his hand...for stability of course...

"Let's go." He said, tugging me along with the others.

This should be an interesting night.


We reached the club. I was clutching onto Albus' hand. These heels weren't the best choice of footwear and I needed Albus for stability.

After a particularly awful twist of my ankle, I fell into Albus. He promptly caught me but left his hands on my waist.

"You okay?" He asked, his eyes practically smoldering.

Unable to speak, I just nodded. I gulped. Focus, Lucky.

We got to the bar, Hugo, Rose's brother was already directing other friends and taking charge of the party.

"Hey Lucky!" Hugo bounded forward, kissing my cheek.

Albus stiffened and cleared his throat pointedly.

"Whoa Al, I was just greeting her, relax!" Hugo chortled.

I shook my head and finally went to go socialize.


After a couple hours the party seemed to be in full swing. Everyone was dancing and grinding and fully intoxicated. I stood off to the side chatting with random people, sipping on a flute of champagne.

I was not a heavy drinker or partier by any means.

Suddenly Rose appeared, clearly intoxicated.

"LUCKY! Can you please marry Albus? He loves you! And I think you love him! Are you having fun? Why aren't you dancing? Come talk to me!" Rose slurred.

I chuckled. She didn't know what she was saying or doing.

"Alright alright! Ill come with you!" I laughed and walked with her back to Scorpius.

"You should keep a better eye on your girlfriend!" I shouted and winked at Scorp.

"I love her! I can't wait to leave here if you know what I mean," Scorp wagged his eyebrows suggestively, planting a sloppy kiss to Rose's lips.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

"Listen to what Al's saying! He's been talking about you all night!" Rose screamed at me and pulled me to where Albus was, surrounded by a crowd of girls.

My heart tightened and I braced myself for what was happening.

"...she's got this dark flowy, shiny hair ya know? All I wanna do is touch it! It looks so silky! And her eyes? They're like doe eyes. How anyone could resist them I don't know. And her smile? She makes me go weak. And I barely know her but she's got a ridiculous effect on me! So no ladies, I cannot dance or drink with you tonight! Even though I'm not taken officially, my heart already is! I have to prove to her! I have to be good! She will be mine!" Albus finished, swaying.

Though they looked dejected, The girls all smiled, laughed, and clapped at Albus' valor. My heart swelled. He was really trying.

Rose then vocalized what I was thinking,

"See Lucky? We were right! He does care about you! He's doing this for you!" She finished, clapping her hands excitedly.

I smiled, speechless. Now was my turn to have some fun. With Al.

I walked towards him, and though it sounds cheesy, I tossed my hair and had my hand brush against him. He knew who it was. I walked to the bar and ordered a shot of Patron, feeling his eyes on me.

After I downed the drink, I turned and walked back to the dance floor. I started to sway. Suddenly a pair of hands found my waist,

"You know it's not fair to tease. A man can only have so much restraint..." Albus growled in my ear.

I moaned, the alcohol in my system. I swayed moving my body against his. Feeling him, wanting him.

Soon a few open mouthed kisses were being planted on my neck, my hand fisted in his hair, my back to him.

It wasn't a want anymore, it was a primal need.

Too soon, Rose stumbled into me,

"We're leaving! Wee!" She said, stumbling towards Scorpius, both of them looking disheveled.

"Maybe we should take off too..." Albus whispered in my ear huskily, pulling the lobe through his teeth. I shuddered, knowing what would happen if we went home together.

"My place is closest," I whispered back.

We clasped hands and walked out.


Maybe the alcohol wore off while we walked, but suddenly the world started to slow down. The fire had dulled, and though I was fully aware of his burning presence next to me, I wasn't filled with lust anymore.

I was worried what scenario we would encounter when we reached my apartment.

Albus seemed calmer as well, rubbing small circles on the back of my hand.
We reached my apartment and I struggled with my keys. His steady hands unlocked it, pulled me in with him, and then locked the door behind him.

At this point I was a nervous wreck. What was he going to do?

He let go of my hand, pulled me in, and we were chest to chest, leaning his forehead on mine.

"I'm going to sleep on the couch okay?" He said, kissing my forehead, releasing me, unfolding a throw blanket, rearranging some pillows, and plopping himself down. I stood frozen. Within two minutes, he was out.

I retreated to my room. Albus Potter never failed to surprise me every day.

I woke up to the sun shining through my window. I stretched. And then scampered out of bed.

What time was it?? Did I have work?? What day was it??

I breathed, the events of the day and night coming back to my mind.

Today was the weekend. No work. Breathe Lucky, breathe.

And then to my horror, I realized I brought home Albus Potter after an evening of, *ahem* seductive dancing.

Oh brother.

I went into my attached bathroom to take a look at my appearance. My hair was a mess. I still had makeup from the night before smudged on my face. Disgusted, I rewashed my face and then brushed my teeth. Pulling a comb through my hair, I brushed it away from my neck. I gasped and dropped the comb, inching closer to the mirror, praying that it wasn't true.

I had two large hickeys.

I remembered the feel of Albus dancing on me. The kisses, er, lovebites, he made on my neck.

What was happening to me?

I made my way into the living room of my apartment. The blanket Albus used was folded and the pillows of the couch were back in place. There was no sign that he had been there at all. If I hadn't known any better and didn't have the clear proof on my neck, I wouldn't have believed he was there. He was gone.

Suddenly, I heard a clatter coming from the kitchen. I pulled out my wand and cautiously walked towards it, silently cursing my decision to live alone. I pushed open the door.

It was Albus. Albus Potter in my kitchen. Albus Potter making breakfast.

"Hey love," Albus greeted me warmly, turning to face me and place a kiss on my cheek, "I didn't want to wake you. Here I made a pot of coffee the way you like, there's some orange juice on the counter, and I cooked up some bacon and prepared some toast. I know you like it with honey," Albus rattled off, handing me a plate.

Albus Potter was cooking me breakfast in my own kitchen.

"I didn't make any eggs. You know how hard it is to make breakfast food fitting your needs, love?" Albus said wiping his hands and pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

"You changed." I accused, noticing his change of clothing from last night through my inability to speak because of this display. He was wearing basketball shorts, a pair of Nike sneakers, and a plain white thin tee shirt. I tried not to focus on how form fitting the tee shirt was and how his abs and other various pectoral muscles could be seen.

"Yeah, I did." He said putting his glass down and surveying me. "I didn't want to wake you so I Apparated to get clothes and prayed you wouldn't wake up to me being gone. I didn't think you'd wake up. You like to sleep in."

I just stared at him, in awe of his actions, stunned by this new Albus.

"Eat your breakfast, love." He said noticing I hadn't touched my food.

I frowned.

"Love, I know you don't like breakfast. But it's the most important meal of the day. My mum always said so. My whole family believes it. Maybe if you'd eat, you wouldn't be this tiny!" He joked at the end.

I smiled at his concern and then started to eat. Albus helped himself out with a piece of toast.

After we cleaned up, Albus started to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked, taking a concerned tone that didn't mean to come out. Shit, I sound like a clingy girlfriend.

"Don't want me to leave?" Albus said cheekily. Ah there we are. Now there's the cocky Albus I knew.

"I have to go, love. Quidditch players don't get off days. I have a game Tuesday. I need to practice." He explained in a tender voice.

He pulled me into him. My small frame fitting perfectly, circling his muscular arms around me.

I felt safe.

"I'll see you soon." He said, planting a small kiss on my cheek, staring deep into my eyes.

His eyes were a light green today. The color of jade. My stomach started screaming.

"Bye." I said softly.

He walked out. I collapsed on the sofa. Screw cliches. I was weak knees by his intense eyes.

Albus Potter had me good. And I swore to myself I wouldn't let this happen.

He was just going to hurt me.

But I had no control in the matter anymore. I was his.

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Chapter 6: fallingforyou
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(Everything you notice is the wonderful works of my girl JK. The title of this chapter is a 1975 song I love. And everything else is simply coincidence)

Albus had left for all of 30 minutes. I was still stuck in the same place that he had left me at, the foyer of my flat. What. Was. Happening. I didn’t want to think about it, so I cleaned.

And when I said I cleaned, I CLEANED. I scrubbed the floors, I swabbed the kitchen, and I went with a wet towel and wiped down everything. My neurotic cleaning lasted about an hour when a knock at my door was heard. I pushed my cleaning gloves off and strode towards the door.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I muttered to myself, as the incessant knocking continued.

Rose Weasley was at my doorstep, looking more disheveled than I had a couple hours ago.

“Water,” she croaked, “I need water.”

I chuckled, “Hung over are we Rosie posie?”

“Shut up.” She moaned clutching her head and throwing herself on my couch.

“Hey! Watch it! I just cleaned that!” I said tersely.

“Oh, wow, look at you being all homely.” She spat at me, clearly in a bad mood.

I smiled and ran to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. I came back to her cuddled up and groaning.

“What happened?” I asked, amused to see her side of the night

“Well, at least I had a superb birthday…” she stated, “So basically, I had way too much to drink, I am never drinking again, and Scorp and I are dying.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. “Fine, why don’t you take a nap and heal up and I’ll continue cleaning, how does that sound?” I gently told her. She whimpered in agreement.

I continued cleaning. A couple hours after that, I went to see if Rose wanted soup and she was already up, surprisingly.

“The boys are out of practice, I guess, so I’m going to see them and go to my parents’ house,” she said hurriedly, trying to pull herself together, “Do I look horribly hung over?”

“Nah,” I said, “you look a ton better.”

“Thanks,” she said, grabbing her stuff “I’ll see you tomorrow then, cheers.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t say ‘cheers,’ in the state you’re in,” I pointed out.

“Too right you are, Luck.” And she was off.

I continued to clean. 10 minutes later there was again, a rapid knocking at my door. I pushed my hair out of my face and ran to the door; Rose must’ve left something and doubled back.

It was Albus, drenched for what I assumed was the rain outside. One thing I was right about. Rose was outside. But not the person. Albus was holding at least a dozen red roses, grinning stupidly but having the decency to look a little shy.

My jaw dropped. I was in sweats and looked a mess, rubber gloves donned and all.

“W-what are you doing here? I thought you had practice? And Rose just mentioned that your family was all getting together for dinner or something?” I stammered, choking almost.

“I decided to ditch,” Albus said, shrugging.

“You’re still wet, I refuse to let you in here, I’ve been cleaning and I don’t want the apartment to get dirty, it’s a thing of mine…” I prattled on and on, not knowing what to make of the situation before my eyes.

“What, then? You want me to strip? I didn’t think we were at that stage of our relationship yet?” Albus teased, smirking even harder.

“W-what? No! That’s not what I meant! I meant that, oh God…” I rushed out, as Albus started lifting his shirt, with the hand that wasn’t obnoxiously carrying the roses.

“Relax.” He said more seriously, reaching for his wand, drying himself off with a simple charm. I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Can I come in now?” Albus asked me, flashing me a very charming smile. I sighed again, almost wistfully, hating that he was so beautiful.

“Fine.” I grunted out. My insides were screaming with happiness as I tried to compose my face into one of indifference and cool. “But take your shoes off, I don’t want mud everywhere.”

Albus kicked off his shoes, and leapt onto the couch, sprawling his tall frame everywhere. I put the flowers in a vase. He got them, I might as well enjoy them, I suppose, I thought with a smile.

“You know, you just missed your cousin.” I stated, picking up some cleaning cloths to wipe my windows.

“Which one?” Albus asked, laying his head back and taking a couple of deep breaths, “Your ‘apartment’ smells lovely by the way,” he stated, closing his eyes and smirking, again. It seemed as though that stupid smirk would never leave his stupid face.

“One, don’t make fun of my vernacular, and two, Hugo.” I said, trying to hide my smile, as I turned to the windows, waiting for his reaction.

“Wait, WHAT?” Albus leapt up from the couch, “Why? When was he here? What did he want? Where did he go? How long was he here?” He rushed out, an annoyed look on his face as he held the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger.

“He came to ask me to dinner,” I said, not facing him yet. He was so predictable.

“I’m going to kill him,” Albus said simply, making a movement to get up and stride to the door.

I couldn’t help myself; I burst out laughing and turned to face him.

“I’m kidding, he wasn’t here, Rose was though, she was highly hung over and then she left, like I said before, to visit family.” I said with a goofy grin.

“Oh.” Albus said, with a blank look on his face. He turned pink “I just thought… never mind. You guys seemed to hit it off when we went out so I didn’t know… It’s fine,” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck, having the decency to look away, embarrassed.

I was gleeful. It was mean, I know it. But it was worth it. I was cruel for torturing the poor kid, but he made it so easy. I turned back to my windows.

“Damn,” I muttered; I had forgotten my spray for the windows in the kitchen. I turned to make my way to it, but ran head on into Albus who was right behind me. We toppled over and fell on the couch, me beneath him.

“Owwwww…” I whined, “I need to get the cleaning supplies Al, c’mon!”

“I forget how small you are when I’m not with you all the time,” Al breathed on top of me, his cocky demeanor seemed to have melted and he was studying me through dark emerald eyes, unlike the jade that I had seen this morning. For once I was silent, staring back into them.

“I like when you call me Al, but why do you tease me? It’s mean.” he asked in a small voice, sounding almost hurt.

“I could ask the same question,” I whispered back.

“Why are we speaking so softly?” he said, breaking out into a big smile, which I reflected.

At that moment, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled his face down to mine. I kissed him.

For a second, Albus seemed like he was in shock. And then he reciprocated, enthusiastically, to say the least. He was everywhere. One of his arms were above his head, supporting his body weight so he wouldn’t crush me, the other was around my waist pulling me closer to him. My hands flew to his untidy black hair and knotted themselves in them holding him in place so I could feel his hard lips on mine. My lips detached themselves and started to explore his defined jaw, his tense neck, and the top of his strong chest, lips tracing his prominent collarbone.

And just like that, he flew off of me, back to a sitting position. I propped myself up. He was breathing heavily, head in his hands.

“You’re going to be the death of me, I swear.” He said, moaning into his hands. We both finally caught our breath.

I didn’t think I was that bad of a kisser, and I was rethinking that moment. I shouldn’t have done that. He probably HATED that. There you go again Lucky, I thought. Ruining everything as per usual. I waited for him to say something.

He finally lifted his head and looked at me. His eyes weren’t as dark as they were before we kissed. They looked at me, studying me, they had questions.

“Albus…” I said softly, the look of hurt spreading to my face. I couldn’t hide it this time.

“No, no no no. No.” He said, moving towards me, cupping my face in his overly large hands. “You’re upset.” He stated, judging my look, seeing the tears almost spilling out of my eyes.

“You didn’t like it.” I said quietly, a single tear falling. He quickly wiped it. “I gotta go get the window cleaner, the windows, they need cleaning,” I stammered, trying to get up.

“Quite the contrary, actually.” He said back in a frank voice, meeting my eyes, though I tried to pull away. “I just have to ask you a few things before we continue.”

“Okay,” I said, carefully, gaining back my composure.

“Luck, we don’t have to define this just yet, I know that it’s soon and I want to get to know you, really, I do, but before we do all this, I want to ask… well I want to just know… this isn’t a game to me, ya know? So I would like to make sure that this isn’t a game to you. I like you, God, I really really like you. And I don’t want to go through with all this if this is a game and Lord knows I know how games work, and I just don’t want you to play with me. I don’t think that I could handle it if you did that to me. I know that is unfair of me to ask and I shouldn’t expect an answer so soon, but I have to know. I need to know. I can’t bear to get closer to you and have it be a joke you know? And for the first time in a really long time, I am being serious with you. So I need an answer.” He said, all very rushed and flustered.

I looked at him. I heard the sincerity in his voice; saw the doubt in his eyes. He looked like a small boy with a crush. I saw the way his eyes changed color based on his mood. His jet black hair, darker than mine even, was sticking up as though he had been electrocuted, not much help from my hands messing it up a couple minutes ago. I saw the hard line of his lips as they pursed together. Those lips… anything that came out of them seemed so sweet. I would follow that voice anywhere.

I leaned forward and kissed him again. Less passionately, but with more purpose. I pulled back from the quick kiss, but let my hands run through his hair. And just looked at him.

“Does that give you an answer?” I said, getting up to get the window cleaner for what seemed like the 10th time.

I came back to a smiling Al, my smiling Al, “Here, let me help you, you know damn well you won’t be able to reach the top window anyways,” he said. I punched him. “Was that supposed to hurt?” he said, tickling my sides. I screamed with laughter.

From the outside world, we looked like the epitome of happiness. And if I knew then what I would know in just a few short weeks, I would have pressed pause….

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Chapter 7: The Month with Al Potter
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Day Two:

It was still raining. It felt as though the rain would never lighten up. Albus promised that we would do something this afternoon, seeing as my schedule had been lightened so much; I had today off for a change.

“Hey,” I greeted Albus inside, not caring that he was soaking wet, kissing him on the cheek. His whole face lit up and turned a light shade of pink. In his hand was a huge basket.

“Hey, so… yeah, basically my brilliant plan was foiled by the horrible rain that seems to never let up in this country. I was going to take you on a picnic.” He explained, holding the basket up higher. “But, we can do it right here, on the floor of your flat, and I promise you it wont be lame.”

I laughed, “Of course it’s going to be lame. But I thank you all the same for putting so much thought into this, thank you.” I said, stretching up on my toes to kiss his cheek again, sending his skin into a flush once more.

We spread out and ate, talking about the upcoming week, discussing our plans like any normal couple would. Ah, my brain interrupted, you guys aren’t a couple yet are you. I hushed it, and buried the thought deep into my subconscious.

“Anyways, I was thinking, you should come to my Quidditch match at the end of the week. I mean if you can’t it’s fine, but I would like if you were there, it would be cool to see you there and I want you to see me play, but it’s okay if you can’t no big deal…” Al said all this very fast. I noticed that this was a tactic that he had adopted if he was saying something that was very important to him.

“Hmm… I would love to,” I said, earnestly.

His whole face lit up and we continued to dig into our sandwiches and salad while the storm poured down outside.


Day Five:

It was the day of the Quidditch match. Rose and Scorpius would be joining me. We all met up at Rose’s house before heading out.

“Just a minute!!” she shrieked, “I cant find my United flag!!”

Scorpius just rolled his eyes and checked his watch, “We are going to be late,” he chastised.

Al had already been there for 2 hours. They do warm-ups before apparently. He told me this the day before.

“You will love it. Scorpius and Rose always come. Some times my family does too but they won’t be there tomorrow. Lily had some thing to take care of or whatever.” He said to me, sitting at my kitchen counter as I put away dishes from our dinner. “I of course, will be there a couple hours ahead of time, so just come whenever, and let me know if you can’t go or something comes up, yeah?”

“It sounds awesome Al, I will be there, so quit worrying!” I said to him, exasperated. I could tell that he thought that I wasn’t going to show, but we were way past that at this point. “I’m going to have to ask Rose if she has any gear. I only have American Quidditch apparel…” I said, not quite meeting his eye, embarrassed.

Al had an odd look on his face. He looked away out my window and was rubbing his neck. Ah ha! Potter always did this when he was embarrassed or hiding something. Hmmm…..

“Al.” I said sharply, pulling him out of his reverie.

“Oh, uh, right. So I was thinking, and you totally don’t have to do this, but like you said you don’t have anything to wear…” he said, pulling out a navy blue jersey with gold words on the back. The words read: POTTER and the number seven. It was his jersey.

“It’s just a practice jersey,” he said hurriedly “you don’t have to wear it! I have loads, I’m pretty sure Rosie has one too, and it’s no big deal…”

I was in shock. “I’ll wear it.”

He beamed.


We arrived at the pitch with ample time. Rose and Scorpius took their seats at the top part of the pitch.

“Here,” Scorp said, handing me a pair of binoculars, “this will make looking for your boyfriend much easier.” I rolled my eyes at him, visibly, and took the binoculars.

On the pitch through the lenses, I saw Albus. He was different. Gone was the cheerful boy that I was accustomed to. He was serious, jumping up and down out of nerves. He also was stretching and had a clenched jaw, making it all the more defined. His eyes were sullen and his forehead was home to two very scrunched up eyebrows. There was no other way to put it: he looked hot.

“Al!!! Up here!!” Rose screamed, to no avail.

“We’re playing Pride of Portree today,” Scorpius explained. “They are a huge rival of United. It’s a huge game for him.”

And at once, I was nervous too.

The game was a thrill. Every time it seemed that Puddlemere was leading, Portree made a come back. Twice Al was almost knocked off his broom. Once because of well aimed Bludger and another by a disgusting foul from the other team’s seeker.

Then suddenly, Puddlemere dropped. The score was 150-290. The Portree fans were sure it was over. They were all standing on their feet.

Scorpius groaned. “Good luck dealing with him after this,” he said to me, “he gets very unpleasant when they lose.”

I looked through my binoculars and saw the figure that was Albus Potter circling like a hawk.

I turned to ask Rose a question, and all of a sudden, the pitch was screaming.

“Look at him go! Look!” Rose screamed, her grip on my arm almost cutting off my circulation.

The Snitch was right at the bottom of the pitch, almost touching the grass. Albus had seen it and was hurtling straight towards it. To make that catch without a scratch would be impossible. The other team’s Seeker was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh God. Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Rose was chanting.

“THAT’S A WIN!! UNITED WINS 300 TO 290!!!” The announcer bellowed. Puddlemere were all huddled on the ground jumping up and down.

“Well, that was a good match to watch indeed!” Scorp said gleefully. I was still in shock.

“Is he okay?? Oh my God, no one showed him! Did he hurt himself after that dive?” I screeched. Rose laughed, “Why don’t you go down to the locker room entrance and check? If you are SO concerned.” Again, I found myself rolling my eyes and making my way to the locker rooms with the guidance of signs.

I stopped. At least a hundred reporters were outside; there was no way I was going to be able to get through this lot.

“Excuse me!” I said, loudly “I’m a Healer, going inside to, you know, check on the team!”

“Miss! Miss! Was Potter injured? Is there any hospitalization needed?” they all screamed at me, like vultures.

“No comments will be made at this time before thorough assessment.” I said, surprising myself. I did well for my first press encounter.

I didn’t go all the way in the locker room. I paced in the hallway outside. The players started filing through. They all were so tall and high off of their win that they didn’t really pay attention to the small human standing outside.

After about 10 players exited the locker room, I started heading back out. Maybe he took a back way to avoid the media, I thought to myself.

“Hey. Hey midget!” I heard an all too familiar voice call at me. I spun around and was greeted by a slightly damp haired Al with twinkling eyes and the cheekiest smile I had ever seen, but other than that completely unscathed.

“H-How? How did you do that without an injury?” I said in a shocked voice.

“I guess I was kind of showing off for someone,” he murmured, hand on the wall behind my head and leaning into me.

He bent down and closed the gap between us, grabbing my waist and pulling me up to his height, lips meeting mine. My hands tangled into his jet-black hair that was fresh from a quick shower. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. He groaned and deepened the kiss, turning it into all tongue and teeth, him fighting for dominance, pressing my back into the wall and us getting lost in our own little world.


Day 11


“What is this, WHAT IS THIS?” I said to Al, exasperated, throwing down the tabloid cover story that had a blurry picture of us.

“Relax, honestly you can’t even tell that is us,” Al said, perched on my couch in sweat pants and shoveling ice cream in his mouth.

“That’s not the point Al!” I cried to him, freaking out while he found this whole situation completely amusing. Maybe it was just stress catching up to me.

“Luck, can you go and change? Those hospital outfits that you’ve started to wear are really grossing me out.” Al said, licking his spoon happily.

I sighed. For the past week, I had been switched to Children’s Ward. I should have cherished my light workload when I had it. Don’t get me wrong, I love children! They just are ten times harder to take care of than regular sized people. Today I was covered in vomit. Yesterday, it was mucus. The day before it was blood from a wound.

Al on the other hand had taken to staying at my apartment all day. I didn’t know if I was taking this as a good thing or a bad. It was nice having him come over in the morning and have someone to come home to at night. It was also nice having someone to look after my apartment and do light work around the house. If there was one thing Albus Potter was good at, it was handiwork. Every day I would come home to my lights working, my leaks fixed, and my windows less creaky.

The downside was that he was eating me out of house and home. This was extremely problematic because I would come back late every day around 9, starving.
He was currently polishing off the last item left in my kitchen: ice cream.

“I made dinner,” he mumbled, through a mouthful of chocolate chip. “It’s not much but it’s on the counter,” he said to me. He’s an angel, and I take back every bad thing I said.

I scarfed down the sandwich he made for me at record speed and went to my room to change. It was surprisingly dark as I felt my way around trying to find clothes in the dark, when I saw it.

It was only for a second. I thought it might’ve been a figment of my imagination, but it was there. I saw it. I was too bright of a witch to be imagining things. I screamed.

Albus ran to the room, discarding his ice cream.

“Luck? Hey, is everything aright?” he said, looking me right in the eyes.

“I saw someone in the window.” I said shakily, pointing at the window where I had previously just seen the silhouette.

“Lucky,” Al said to me sternly, “we are 3 floors up, no one would be right at your window,” he finished, striding over to it and looking down “I see nothing there, love.”

“I’m telling you, I saw it. Al, I swear. It was the face of this kid I went to school with at Ilvermony. I swear I saw it Al. He was there.” I said, somewhat shocked.

“I think you’re just tired. The little beasts wore you out,” Al said to me, soothingly rubbing my arms and looking me in the eye.

I was unconvinced. The kid from school wasn’t a bad kid or anything, just a little weird, but still, no one wants to see someone in your window. I realized that Al was right. I must be going crazy.

“You’re right” I said, grabbing my clothes, “I’m going to change…”

I changed and brushed my teeth, still slightly jumpy. I was in pajamas and walked out to my small living room where Al was ready to head out for the night.

“Okay, goodnight you scaredy cat,” he joked, kissing my forehead. He strode to the door, prying it open.

“Al?” I said, in the smallest voice, “Do you… um. Do you think you would… err… Al could you stay the night? I’m still kinda spooked…” I whispered, shifting my weight from one leg to the other.

Al looked at me with serious, calculating eyes. He slammed the door shut and locked it saying, “Of course, get the stuff out for the couch, I’d be happy to.” He said, good-naturedly.

I was still rocking on my feet, “No, like, I meant would you stay the night with me?”

“Lucky, I don’t understand, I already said…OH.” he said, finally getting what I was trying to say, “Uh, yeah, sure, yeah.” He finished, awkwardly.

“Cool.” I said shyly.

Five minutes later, we were crawling into bed. We gravitated towards each other.

“I’m only staying if I can be big spoon,” he said, settling into his claimed position.

“Nope,” I said, turning to face him, “no can do, I’m big spoon, turn over.”

“No way.” He said, green eyes annoyed.

“I’m kidding.” I said, bending down to give him a light kiss on his lips. His eyes fluttered shut. “Goodnight” I whispered.

Cuddling with him lulled me to sleep within minutes.


The next morning I woke up on my own from the light outside. I checked the time and it was only 6. I turned and was greeted by a shirtless Albus Potter.
I blanched. WHY. WAS. HE. SHIRTLESS? This I couldn’t take. I spent a minute or so just drinking him in. He was so peaceful looking as he slept. The seriousness wiped away and the cockiness absent.

“You know, it’s creepy to stare,” he mumbled, a smile creeping onto his face. I turned to face the clock. It was 6:10. My “minute” was a bit misjudged.

“I can’t help it!” I said hastily, turning the other way, “Why are you naked, Potter?”

“You begged me to make sweet love to you last night, don’t you remember?” he said, arms snaking their way around my waist.

“WHAT?” I said, spinning around fast and getting caught in the sheets. He laughed.

“Yeah, I wish. No, actually for someone who is always cold when awake, you’re like a furnace when you sleep. I was melting!” he said, exuberantly.

I rolled my eyes and made a move to exit the bed. If I was up, I might as well get ready. I was once again met with arms snaking around my waist.

“Don’t go.” He whispered into the back of my neck. “Stay here with me.”

It took all it had in me to answer him and not succumb at that minute.

“Al, stop! You know I have work. Think of the kids,” I said to him, enjoying his touch way too much. He unwillingly released his grip, groaning.

I could get used to this.


Day 20

“Okay, so that couple, has been married for 36 and a half years right? And they have 4 sons and no daughters, so obviously the wife is a little sad about that since she has no girls. But every week, her husband takes her out on a little outing, especially since all her sons are out of the house. They are getting ready to retire but he just can’t seem to quit his job at the bank.” Al said, glancing over at the elderly couple next to us.

“Good, I suppose, but I feel like they look more like a religious couple. You never said anything about their patterns of religion or politics, plus he also looks like a dentist, look at his hands!” I said lightly, taking a sip of my water.

Two more Quidditch games had been won. We were celebrating the second. Al had taken to calling me as his “Good Luck Charm”, pun intended. Multiple other sleepovers happened, with strictly just sleeping. Every morning it got harder and harder to leave the bed with his dopey smile luring me back in. Tonight however, we were playing a game that we were really fond of. People Story. We would pick people in our midst and narrate their whole life to each other. Points were awarded to the one who came up with the most creative stories.

“Oh, sod off, that was a good one, and you know it,” Al said, taking the bill for our dinner, getting ready to leave. He pulled me up out of my chair and was escorting me out into the heart of London.

“Okay,” I said, scouring our path for our next victim of our silly little game, “how about her, Al, haha how about her?” I said, looking and chuckling at a girl who was approaching us going the opposite direction.

The girl looked comical to me. It was evening and rainy yet she was wearing a cheetah print, skintight dress that barely reached the tops of her thighs. The front had a plunging neckline, and her skin was very exposed. Her hair was almost silver but one could tell that it was bleached, since her roots at the top of her head were a few shades lighter than my own dark hair. Her makeup was extremely tan in comparison to the skin exposed by her neckline, and her lips were an unflattering orange color. One of her fake eyelashes was longer than the other by an obnoxious amount. Her legs ended in strappy-heeled sandals that were making her teeter around, flapping like a bird.

“Uh…” Al stiffened and looked very uncomfortable, “that’s some girl that I slept with ages ago, and she won’t leave me alone and she’s coming over here, oh God…” Al groaned.


“ALBIE BABY!” The fake blonde simpered, subtly knocking me aside and kissing his cheek. She left an ugly orange imprint on it. My blood boiled.

“Why haven’t you returned my owls?” She pouted, lipstick smearing on her chin.

“Well, you know why Janice.” Al said awkwardly, rubbing the spot where he felt the cheap lipstick’s mark.

“Oh Albie, Daddy doesn’t mind! In fact, he would love to see you around sometime! Have a drink with me and all, come by the house, you know you’ve been there before,” she purred.

“Actually Jan, I haven’t been to your house other than the inside of your bedroom to be honest.” Al said frankly.

“Albie, really, I miss you, we had a good time together didn’t we?” she said, sticking out her chest in his direction.

Albus looked so uncomfortable, but continued. “You know Jan, I got to take a raincheck, I’ll see you around,” he finished, starting to walk in a straight line, me still stationary in shock.

“Call me!” she screeched at his back, teetering in the opposite way.

I stalked after him, “Care to explain?” I said crossly.

“Don’t,” he said tersely, “it was a long time ago and a mistake.”

“And you just happened to ignore me the whole time?” I pressed.

“Luck, listen, I slept with her a couple of times, and she started showing up everywhere I was so it just kept happening. Soon it became creepy and obsessive. So I stopped. Her dad now is a co-owner of Puddlemere. My team. Granted, I used that as an excuse to stop seeing her, but she’s the one who made him buy in, so that she can stalk me some more,” he said, pinching his nose with his fingers. He was getting a headache.

“I see,” I said, curtly, “and you just didn’t bother to mention that you were seeing someone else? It didn’t occur to you that I was right there?”

“Oh, sod off, you’re acting like a jealous bint, it doesn’t suit you,” he fired back, annoyed, “it’s not like that.”

“Screw you.” I said in a low voice.

I stomped away.

It’s not like that. Good to know Albus Potter, good to know you were wasting my time.


Day 25

It had been five days since I last saw him. I was in hell. I hadn’t had a goodnights sleep since the night of our little spat. But to be fair, he hadn’t tried to reach out to me at all.

“So,” Rose prodded, “are you at least coming to the match tonight?”

Today was the last match for Puddlemere. One of their Chasers was having a major operation within the next few months, so even though they had qualified for the Cup by a long shot, their strong team had decided to take the high road and forfeit. This was the last game of the season until next year, when they would surely play for the Cup.

“I don’t know Rose,” I said to her. Albus and I had still not spoken to each other. Rose and I were walking out of work. She was getting ready to go to the pitch right after.

“Oh, come off it, Luck! He’s miserable! You’re miserable! You both are just too proud to say it! And you know damn well that he will be disappointed if you don’t show. You know he plays better when you’re there!” she cried out at me.

“Rose,” I said, sternly, “I’ll go. But I’m not waiting around for him after or anything, I’m just going to be there with you since Scorp isn’t going today.” I explained. I was still stung from our fight.

“Thank you, thank you thank you. You won’t regret it!” Rose said. We parted ways.


The match was not going well. We were loosing to the Appleby Arrows 180 – 0. It was dreadful. Albus had diverted their Seeker twice just in time, or else they would have suffered a horrific loss.


It happened in a flash. Suddenly there was a huddle of Puddlemere players, coaches, and MediWitches on the ground.


My mind went blank. No, no no no no no. Al, get up. My mouth went dry and my knuckles were clenched so hard they were turning gray. I leapt from my seat and sprinted down to the pitch, ignoring Rose’s pleas to stay put.

“Move out of the way! I’m a Healer for God’s sake. MOVE!” I was screaming past everyone, fighting to get close to him.

He was on the ground wincing in pain, yet he saw me coming about 100 feet away. We made eye contact for a split second before he leapt up and signaled to his team. They were huddled up and chanting.

Just as quickly they were back in the air.


As soon as those words left the announcers mouth, United had scored, not once but twice. Al was circling with a look of brute determination.


Al had caught it. The fans erupted.


“You sure make one hell of a Seeker,” I muttered to myself, finding Rose, and heading home.


I had just gotten home, exhausted both emotionally and physically from the rollercoaster of the week, climaxing with the game. I was just about to look for some romantic, sappy, NoMag/Muggle movie that I could watch when there was a soft knock on my door.

It was Al.

“Hi.” He said shyly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Come in,” I said, allowing him through the door.

“You came,” he stated, settling on the couch, throwing his bag to the floor.

“I told you, I wouldn’t miss it.” I fired back.

He was silent, just looking at me.

“But it isn’t like that,” I said, seething. I knew how to be petty. It was one of my strong points.

“What? Oh God, no,” Albus said, face in his hands, “This is why. You totally misunderstood what I meant that night. I meant it was nothing with her. It wasn’t like that with her.”


“Listen, Luck, I’m a guy, we do dumb shit, we say stupid things, and we sure as hell don’t think before we say things,” he prattled on, “It’s you,” at this moment he got up and faced me, cupping my face in his hands, “It’s always been you, its always going to be you.” He said, kissing my lips softly.

“I-I, I’m sorry,” I wailed, “I just get so jealous! I mean look at you Al, Christ, looking like you do, with all your stupid fan girls and fame; I can’t even look at you without my heart stopping.”

“Good to know,” he whispered kissing me again, scooping me up and carrying me to my bed.

He laid me down. The kisses were getting deeper and I felt drunk off of them, yet totally aware of everywhere his touch was. I took his shirt off and straddled him, looking at the bruise.

“I stopped at my Uncle George’s house. He’s got a really good bruise remover cream,” Al explained, showing how the bruise wasn’t nearly as bad as it should be, “it doesn’t hurt much at all.”

I kissed the area where it was, greeted by a sharp inhale from Al. I kissed all the way up his chest and traced his collarbone with my tongue.

“Don’t’ worry, I felt all of that,” Al chuckled, breathing heavily. I straddled again, and started to unbutton my blouse. Al frowned and pulled me down to him.

“Hey,” he said, somberly, “we don’t have to do this,”

I froze, “Oh” I said, looking away embarrassed.
“No, I want this,” Al said, almost moaning, “trust me I want this,” motioning to a protrusion touching my thigh that I was suddenly well aware of, “but we don’t have to, that’s all I want to tell you.”

“I want to,” I whispered in his ear, biting it softly. He inhaled sharply again and flipped us over.

“Okay then, your wish, my command,” he growled, using his long fingers to unbutton.

Soon we were bare, drinking each other in, ready, our breathing both ragged.

“You’re sure,” he asked, barely able to choke out the words, “You are absolutely sure?”

“Yes,” I breathed onto his neck. “Please.”

He grinned a devilish grin, did a Protection Charm, and we got lost.


The next morning I was greeted by Albus’ long fingers tracing patterns on my very naked back.

“Goodmorning,” he mused, pressing his lips to my back, “you smell nice.”

“Ew, I’m sweaty, I need to shower,” I said back to him, appalled, turning to get a good look at him and shoot him a disapproving look

He groaned, “Please, put a shirt on, before we waste the whole weekend by repeating the events of last night.”

“Oh like you’d be complaining about that,” I said cheekily to him, winking and reaching for his shirt that was discarded on the floor.

“I hate you,” he said, hands over his face, rubbing his eyes, “I told you, you were going to ruin me.”

“Technically, you ruined me as well,” I pointed out, “and are you going to react like this every time we have sex?”

“Everytime?” he said back, “so there for sure is going to be multiple rounds of this?” he grinned.

“You JUST said….” I started my bickering session with him, but was rudely interrupted by a rapid knocking at my front door. I scampered to get it. It was Rose.
“Why are you not dressed? Never mind, I need to talk to you, it’s important.” She said, marching to my bedroom, where we would have all our serious talks.

“Wait, uh, Rose no!” I stammered. It was too late.


Albus was grinning from the bed, the sheets strategically placed on his chiseled body to show that he was indeed not wearing anything.

“Hey Rose.” He quipped.

“Get out,” she said, rubbing her temples.

He wrapped the sheet around himself and put some bottoms on. I was still wearing his shirt.

“I guess I can’t force you out of that shirt now, can I?” he mused, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“No, I don’t think you can do that right now,” I whispered back.

“Well, I guess I can just go home shirtless…” he started, being serious.

I didn’t like that, my jealousy getting the better of me. It showed on my face and I gaped like a fish.

“Relax, I’m Apparating straight to my house. No ladies will see my body, don’t worry.” He said to me catching my drift, “I take that back, you’re actually cute when you’re jealous.”

I scowled

“Okay, you girls have your little talk,” kiss, “I’ll come over later tonight,” kiss, “Let me know if you want me to come over earlier,” kiss, “I’m staying the night again.” Big kiss. “Bye.” He finished, disappearing on the spot.

I was blissed out.

“I don’t know whether to be disgusted or to cry with happiness,” said a voice in the corner. I had almost forgotten Rose was there.

“Anyways, what’s going on?” I said to Rose, sitting down at the edge of my bed.

She chewed the inside of her cheek and fidgeted with her hands.

“What?” I pressed, “Did you and Scorp have a fight?”

“No,” she said, looking away. The whole family had a bad habit of doing that.

“Spit it out,” I said to her, frowning.

“I’m pregnant.”


Chapter 8: Curiosity Killed the Cat
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(DISCLAIMER: Anything you recognize is JK Rowling’s or a coincidence/I will explain my inspiration for this twist in the next chapter. Also there is a quote from The Great Gatsby in here)

“Did Rose cry?” Albus asked.

It was about the 500th question he had asked pertaining to Rose’s visit earlier today.

“I told you! It’s not my story to tell!” I mumbled and then spat in the sink. We were getting ready for bed. Albus was kindly taking off the decorative pillows from my bed while I was finishing brushing my teeth. My mind wandered to this morning.

“I’m pregnant.” Rose blurted out.

I was silent and in shock. After about 3 minutes of not saying anything, Rose began to cry, a steady stream of tears pouring down her face.

“Lucky? Lucky, you can’t tell anyone yet. Scorpius just knows. I haven’t told anyone. You have to swear that you wont say a word.” Rose begged.

I was still silent.

“Lucky, say something, please,” she moved closer to me and put her head in my lap, sobbing profusely.

“What are we going to do?” I whispered to her. I was nervous for her. And if I was nervous, I could only imagine how scared Rose was.

“We always use a Protective Charm. Always,” she sputtered, wailing in my lap while I caressed her hair, listening intently to every word that was coming out of her mouth, “But my birthday. That night. We came home and we were drunk and stupid and we must not have taken precautions and it just happened, we didn’t think that anything would happen! It was one time! We just forgot…” her other words were incoherent and the sobs took over.

“Rose,” I said in a small voice, “What. Are. We. Going. To. Do?” I asked more firmly.

“W-what?” she said tearfully,

“WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?” I yelled breaking into a full panic and ranting, “You need to go in and see a Healer specialized for this! And work, God, we are going to have to find you a different, more safe part of the hospital. And we have to look up all the vitamins and shit you have to take, we for sure have to map your diet out. And your parents, what are you going to say to them? You are keeping it right?” I finished, looking at her.

“Of course I’m going to keep it,” she said calmly, “Scorpius is the one for me. I can’t imagine having kids with anyone else. I just didn’t think that it would happen like this, obviously. But I can’t get rid of it. What if it becomes the next Albus Dumbledore or, like, makes the next Sorcerer’s Stone?”

“Okay,” I said, “then I think the first thing we need to do is tell your family. Jesus, this is going to be difficult, there is so many of them,” I noted, mentally, “and we are going to have to make an appointment to get you checked out. Lord knows that we need to make sure this goes as smooth as possible.”

“You are the best,” Rose said, flinging herself at me, fresh tears appearing and wetting my shoulder. I rubbed her back until it died down.

A few hours passed by as we planned and plotted how we were going to go about this. We talked and talked; she asked about Albus and even cracked a smile at the fact that we had slept together, but didn’t want to know the details. After all, he was like her brother.

“Oh, and Lucky?” Rose asked, grabbing her coat, ready to leave. The temperature had dropped, Christmas was less than a month away. Honestly, Rose’s news couldn’t have come at a better time. We were due for a long break because of the upcoming holiday season. “You can’t tell Albus. Not yet at least,” she begged, her blue eyes boring into me. I nodded. She was off.

“Is it life threatening?” Albus’ current question pulled me out of my thoughts. He was already in bed with his head propped up on his arm, looking at me.

“No!” I said exasperated, “She will tell you herself okay? So just wait!” I removed my clothes from the day and tiredly crawled into bed in my underwear. Al froze, not used to seeing me this way yet. I crawled up to him and gave him a few light kisses.

“You know,” he said, in between my forward movements, “this is really unfair of you. You’re using sex as a diversion tactic to make me forget about the situation at hand.”

I didn’t deny it, and continued to explore his torso with my lips.

“Fine,” he said, rolling his eyes with a smile, “can’t say it’s not working.” He then dived under the covers and we giggled, continuing on.


The next few days were the hardest of my life. For one, besides Rose, Albus was my only friend. Keeping a huge secret from him was killing me. Secondly, Rose and I were still apart at work. We were kept busy until the last possible second. Finally, it was the last day of work. Starting December 1st, we were allowed 6 weeks holiday.

“Rose,” I said, “I’m going to crack. I swear. It’s so hard.” I was dangerously close to telling Albus. There had been too many close calls since we spent almost every waking, non-working minute together.

“Well, we can tell him soon,” she explained nervously. Her parents knew the situation already, as did her brother. Her father was furious. Ron Weasley had always hated that his daughter was dating Scorpius Malfoy in the first place. Mr. Weasley and Mr. Malfoy went to school together and did not get along. Scorpius’ dad was not happy, however his mother was elated to be gaining Rose as a part of their family. Astoria had always been very taken with Rose.

“Good,” I said. The day was bitterly cold, however, we were excited to have a bit of time off.

The night was uneventful with Albus. We made dinner and acted like a domesticated couple. I made up my mind that I would have to ask to have the relationship talk soon.

The next morning Al woke me up to kisses and breakfast in bed. We sat happily eating toast even though my displeasure for food in the bedroom was ebbing away at my soul. This just made Albus chuckle more.

After a whole morning of doing nothing, we somehow ended back up in bed. Albus was adoring the quality time that we spent together this way and was thrilled that nearly all my walls came crumbling down for him.

“I told you that I would charm the pants off of you, didn’t I?” Albus growled in my ear. I could do nothing but moan in response as his chiseled body was pressed against mine.

He kissed my neck, tugging at the skin there. I shivered.

“Tell me what’s going on with Rose.” He breathed against my neck.

I frowned. “You can’t,” I panted out, “ask me questions… like this…” I moaned, him kissing down my chest and my abdomen.

“Fine,” he said, continuing to kiss every inch of my skin. This continued on for a few minutes.

“You would think,” Albus said, panting hotly, “that we would get bored of this and would actually do things during the day.”

“It’s still a relatively new activity for us,” I fired back at him, kissing along his jaw.

He rolled over and pinned me down, taking his turn to shower me in more kisses, this time with more force.

“Al,” I whined, “Please, I can’t take it anymore, I need it.”

He looked at me with impossibly green eyes; so dark they could almost be black, and started.

“Ah, shit,” he said, abruptly stopping, “Damn Protection Charm,” he muttered, reaching for his wand.

“Yeah,” I breathed out, “Wouldn’t want to end up like Rose.” I said, shuddering at the thought.

Al froze. I froze. Oh no…

“What did you just say?” Al asked, his voice deadly low.

I blanched and gaped like a fish.

“Nothing,” I said quickly, “what I meant was…”

“No.” Albus said, cutting me off, “I heard you. End up like Rose. That’s what it was about wasn’t it? Rose is pregnant. That bastard.” Albus said, dangerously calm and making his way out of bed.

Way to kill the mood, I thought to myself.

“Al, stop, you aren’t supposed to know,” I scrambled to put my clothes back on at the pace that Albus was doing so; he was furious and not answering me.

“Where are you going?” I pleaded with him, struggling to put on shoes as he thundered around my apartment, trying to gather all his things. I knew what he was going to do: Apparate. At the very last second, I caught his arm and was sucked into a vortex.

We ended up at a large house. The words, “The Potters” were engraved on a small brass plaque on the left side of the door. Albus rushed inside. I ran behind him. This was his family’s home.

“Hey Al!” A middle aged black haired wizard who looked like an older version of the boy who I had grown fond of was sitting in the front room, accompanied by another middle aged wizard with red hair that was graying around the edges. Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley, both clutching cocoa in their hands on this frigid afternoon

“Where are they?” Albus said, with gritted teeth. The two elder men glanced at each other nervously. They knew immediately what Albus was talking about.

“Where’s who?” Al’s dad said, feigning a look of innocence. Al scoffed and stormed further into the house. I remained frozen in front of Mr. Potter and Weasley.

“Shoot,” Harry Potter frowned, “Let the cat out of the bag did you?” he said, good-naturedly to me.

“Eh, don’t blame you,” said Mr. Weasley, Rose’s dad. I had met him before on several occasions. “In fact, I thank you, Lucky. I’m not quite sure why she didn’t tell him. Everyone else already knows.”

I rushed off to find Albus, catching a glimpse of him storming out of the kitchen.

“Al, honey, wait!” It was Rose’s mom. “Oh hello, Lucky dear,” she said to me with a warm smile, rushing after Al. I was then face to face with a red haired witch with sharp eyes. She stared at me a curious expression on her face. My eyes widened. This was Albus Potter’s mother.

“So.” She said to me, no trace of a smile on her face, “Finally.” The look of curiosity continued. I timidly smiled, which she reciprocated. “Nice to finally put a face to the name of the mystery girl snogging my son.” She said, breaking out into a full smile. I was mortified, breaking my gaze from her.

“YOU BASTARD! SHE’S LIKE MY SISTER!” The sound of the exploding voice came from the living room. Mrs. Potter and I rushed in there, Mr. Potter and Rose’s dad quickly following.

A riled up Albus was facing a pained looking Scorpius. Rose was standing with her hands outstretched in front of her boyfriend.

“I TRUSTED YOU!” he screamed, the vein in his neck popping out amongst a few very noticeable hickeys. “YOU ARE – I MEAN WERE – MY BEST FRIEND!” Al shouted at Scorpius with his knuckles clenched.

“Al, sweetheart,” his aunt approached him, putting a comforthing hand on his arm.

“No, Aunt Hermione,” he said, his voice shaking in rage.

“Al, don’t be a prat,” his mom said to him, rolling her eyes. Ginny Potter was too cool.

“You had it coming Rosie,” Rose’s dad said, “Why exactly didn’t you two tell him?”

“I’ll tell you why,” Albus said darkly, “They didn’t want me to know, just like when they were dating. Because Scorpius has always been after our Rose, haven’t you? Using me to get to her! And NOW HE’S GONE AND KNOCKED HER UP! THAT’S MY FREAKING SISTER-“ he dodged Rose and punched Scorpius square in the jaw.

“Albus!” Rose screeched, crying. “Stop it!”

“That’s enough,” Mr. Potter said sharply. “I will not tolerate violence in this house.”

Al was breathing heavily, blood dripping from his knuckles, which had been split open from the force of the punch. Scorpius was clutching his jaw in agony with Rose poking at it with her wand. He seemed as good as new within a minute. I rushed towards Al’s side and grabbed his hand, siphoning off the blood from it before it hit the floor and stained the carpet. I tapped twice on his knuckles to repair the wound. He was still breathing heavily.

“Hey,” I said in a soft voice, “look at me, look at me Al,” his angry flashing eyes met mine. I held his gaze until his breathing went back to normal, and he rested his head against my forehead. He was finally calm.

“Feel better?” Scorpius said darkly, still rubbing his jaw.

“Loads.” Al barked back.

They glowered at each other for a minute and then hugged, slapping each other’s backs. The family looked at them in shock.

“BOYS!” Rose sobbed, leaving the room in tears. Her mother rushed out after her, her father giving a wary look to the rest of us and followed, trailed by Scorpius.

It was finally just the Potters and myself. I suddenly was very nervous.

“So,” Mr. Potter started, “it’s quite cold outside, isn’t it?”

Of course. He was talking about the weather.

“Oh, Harry!” Mrs. Potter said, exasperatedly, “This is the girl that our son has been spending every waking minute with and you are speaking about the weather!”

Mr. Potter mumbled something under his breath about not wanting to intrude. His wife glowered at him.

“So, Lucky is it?” What do you do?” Ginny Potter asked me kindly.

We spent hours talking for the until mid afternoon; the sun was shining brightly through their huge windows.

“Oh dear! I best put lunch on, you will be staying won’t you?” Ginny asked me, smiling.

“What? Yeah, sure,” I said to her, warmly.

“Come on my dear husband, help me out!” she chuckled at Harry, who followed her back towards the kitchen with a tired look on his face.

“They like you,” Al said to me abruptly.

“Oh?” I said to him, with a small smile.

“They HATE anyone I date. Not that I bring those girls around here much. But they like you. They really like you.” He said, smiling at me.

I got up and started looking around the room. There were pictures of James and him in school Quidditch robes. Pictures of Lily in dress robes. A family portrait of the five of them. Then my eyes laid on a small picture. It was Al’s graduation picture I was sure of it. His parents were beaming back at me. Lily was standing next to him smiling. James was in it roaring with laughter. But what interested me most was a small boy next to Albus. He looked exactly like Albus, except miniature.

“Al?” I called out to him. “Who’s this? Is this a cousin I don’t know about?”

Albus looked at the picture. His jaw tightened.

“No one,” he said, turning the picture to lay face down on the mantle of the fireplace. “That’s no one.”

“He looks so much like you! It’s uncanny!” I said, looking at Albus.

“It’s no one,” he said sharply, exiting the room and going towards the kitchen. I followed him.

“Change of plans,” he said, suddenly in a strained and bad mood. “We aren’t staying for lunch.”

The family groaned.

“Oh come off it!” Ginny said, furious at her son, “Lucky wants to stay!”

“She would love to Mum, however, we have plans.” Albus said hurriedly.

We said our goodbyes and left the Potter House.

Suddenly we were Apparating and back in my small apartment.

“What was that about?” I said to him, looking at him curiously.

“Nothing,” he said, absentmindedly “I just remembered I have something to do,” he said.

“Oh, okay, I’ll come with you, let me just get a heavier coat,” I said, rummaging for a different coat.

“No,” he said, “I’m leaving for a bit, I’ll come over later maybe,” his mind was clearly elsewhere.

“Okay…” I said, suddenly very suspicious.

“Okay then, right, bye.” He left. He didn’t even kiss me goodbye.

It was then that I made the biggest mistake of my life. I followed him.

Albus was walking swiftly. Thankfully he didn’t Apparate. Two blocks from my place he entered a flower shop, emerging with bright red flowers in his hands. He was smiling brightly. My stomach dropped. He walked and walked and finally nearly 30 minutes later, was back at Godric’s Hollow. I didn’t even realize how close it was to my apartment. It was well hidden to be so close to London.

My teeth were chattering. My mind was racing to all kinds of illogical conclusions. Maybe he didn’t want me at the lunch? Maybe he was embarrassed of me. Maybe he was meeting up with someone else. That was the one fear that was plaguing my mind at the moment. He walked past his house and kept going. This made my last assumption seem the most plausible, the flowers only adding to my suspicions.

I followed him further, and suddenly he past a gate and stopped. We were in a graveyard.

“Hey buddy,” Albus said softly, talking to what it seemed like was thin air.

I quickly ducked behind a huge crumbling headstone and listened closely.

“So Rose is pregnant,” he said flatly, “by none other than my best friend. How fucked up is that?” he asked, bitterly. “They’re probably going to get married, so there’s that. Also, I’m sorry I haven’t been here in weeks. Things have been busy...” he said, defeated.

“Lucky and I are great. I know I haven’t told you all the details but I slept with her. She’s amazing. I think she really likes me. Well, not as much as I like her, but I’m working on it. I suppose I spend more time at her place than anywhere else, but that isn’t an excuse.” He sighed. I held my breath.

“The season is over. Ravik is having surgery so we aren’t playing further this year. But next year buddy, I promise, the Cup is ours.” This part he said with a harsh laugh.

I finally got the courage to peek from outside my hiding spot and straighten up, making my way closely to Albus.

My jaw dropped at the headstone. I froze and felt my heart pounding, blood coursing through my body. My stomach churned and my eyes prickled at the sight before me.

Arthur Cedric Potter
June 3rd 2017 – August 27th 2024
"All the bright, precious things fade so fast, and they don’t come back."

“Why are you here?” a quiet voice said to me.