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The Art Of Being Ally by potterfan310

Format: Short story
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 17,745
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Harry, Neville, Ginny, Blaise (M), Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 01/09/2013
Last Chapter: 05/15/2013
Last Updated: 05/15/2013

I am Ally Longbottom and I currently have sever major problems in my life:

7. I'm failing Herbology.
6. I think my dad is having an affair with the Quidditch teacher: Madame Wood.
5. My twin brother Frankie constantly drools over my best friend Dom.
4. Said best friend is madly in love with her sister's fiancé: Teddy Lupin.
3. I'm pregnant.
2. There are three possible fathers.
1. I Have NO idea which one it is.

Yep I'm officially screwed. Sixth year is definitely not going to be good.

Chapter 1: Prologue: Ally
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Well I just heard the news today,

It seems my life is going to change,

I close my eyes and begin to pray,

Then tears of joy stream down my face

Arms Wide Open ~ Creed 



The weather was boiling and I was wearing denim shorts which were feeling a bit tight and one of favourite yellow tops, my blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. While my friends have been enjoying themselves at various relatives houses or being in France, I've been stuck at home in the pub with my parents, siblings and the regulars.

Actually that's a lie, as I'm not currently stuck at home, I'm currently in the muggle world in a chemist buying a home pregnancy test kit. I picked it up off the shelf and went to the counter, the lady behind smiled at me and said, "That'll be three pound, ninety-nine, please." as she put it in a bag.

I handed her the money and she passed it to me, as I left the shop she called, "Have a good day."

I cursed silently under my breath as I walked down the crowded street back towards the pub stuffing the bag in my shorts pocket. I looked around making sure no muggles were paying attention and slipped through the door. The pub was surprisingly busy for midday but then again it's nearly the end of August so parents and kids are getting school supplies.

I hoped that neither of my parents were around so that I could sneak into the toilets un-noticed. As far as I could see they weren't, thank god, but I did notice some of the regulars'. Carrie aka The Cougar was sat in the corner a bottle of red wine held tightly in her left hand and a glass full of the red stuff in her right. Normally Carrie comes in after seven (on Friday's and Saturday's) not midday, mainly because that's when all the young lads are out. Her brown hair wasn't in it's usual neat bun and there was a red patch on her white shirt, her grey jacket falling from around her shoulders and a hazy look on her face.

As I passed the bar I saw sloppy Joe sat at the very end, half a dozen beer bottles in front of him. I feel pretty bad for him, he's only twenty-five and his wife recently divorced him after running off with her PA. He barely see's his four year old son nowadays, He's in here most afternoon's.

I was too busy looking around for my parents that I bumped into Hazel Finnigan as she came out of the toilets.

"Whoops, sorry Ally." She said as she steadied me so that I wouldn't fall over, which is something I tend to do alot.

"Sorry." I muttered, "Wasn't paying attention."

"Are you ok?, you look really nervous." I nodded as I looked up to see her Hazel brown eyes looking at me, a worried expression on her face. "Ally are you sure your ok?"

Should I tell her, I mean we're pretty close. She lives in the flat above Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley with her daughter Lacey who was one in June. Her parents (Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan) are close friends of mum and dad and we've know each other since we were little. And she know's what it's like, she was only sixteen when she got pregnant with Lacey.

I signalled towards the toilets and she got the message and followed me in there. The white walls were peeling slightly, a yellowish tinge towards the top where the sun came in.

"Ally, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Hazel asked once I had shut the door behind me.

I pulled out the brown paper bag that contained a white box with a stick inside. The stick which currently determines what the rest of my life is going to be like. I handed it to Hazel without saying a word and she gave me a funny look.

I watched as she opened the bag to revel a pregnancy test box. Her mouth dropped open, "Al are you pregnant?"

"Um , yes, no. I don't know. But I do know that I'm two months late, I've been sick and I'm tired which is so unlike me."

"It's best to get it over with trust me." Ze told me as she handed me the box.

I sighed as I went into one of the cubicles and did what I had to. There was a knock on my cubicle door just after I had peed on the stick and Ze's voice said, "Ally, I'm really sorry I've to go and pick up Lacey from mum and dad's. I promised I'd be there at half twelve and it's just gone one. Good luck Al and owl me if you need to talk."

I sighed as the door shut, I put the stick on top of the loo roll holder and left to wash my hands. Looking in the mirror my eyes darted to my stomach, after drying my hands I turned back to the mirror. I stared at myself again and then turned to the side, even though my yellow top was quite loose over my stomach I swear it was more rounded than normal, I looked as if I had curves. And according to my calculations if I am pregnant then I'm about a two months gone.

I'll be sixteen and pregnant, a school drop out and living with my parents and siblings. Oh and the father may or may not be in the picture. Not only am I dreading what this test says but I know I have to tell my parents soon. When the press gets hold of this there'll be a field day. I can see it now 'Oldest daughter of war hero Neville Longbottom, pregnant at sixteen. A clear example of  today's generation.'

Urgh, that's what people will think, they'll think that I'm some sort of stupid teenage who purposely got pregnant but I didn't, it happened accidently.

I lifted my top up and poked my stomach as though I was expecting something to happen. It was pretty round and my shorts looked they could be a bit bigger. I heard a creak outside and pulled my top down quickly and re-entered my cubicle. I closed the toilet seat so that I could sit on it and pulled my legs up so that my knees were under my chin.

I shut my eyes for a moment and tried working out how long it had been since I peed on the stick. I re-adjusted myself and sighed, I'm meant to be a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake, I'm supposed to be courageous. If my dad can chop the head off Voldie's snake which was the last horcrux then surely I can look at a pregnancy test.

I picked up the stick and closed my eyes. I know what I'm going to do if I am pregnant, I think I've known since I first realised I had missed my period last month. I'm keeping this baby no matter what, even if mum and dad kick me out, even if I have to live in the muggle world, even if I'm a single mum. No matter what this is my baby and I'll love it forever.

I was too chicken to take a test when I first realised and I've put if off until now. When I was sick I told mum it was sun stroke and the other times that I must have ate something funny.

Maybe this baby will have my blonde hair and blue eyes or they'll look like they're daddy. I pushed that though aside quickly, that is not something I want to think about right now.

Opening my eyes I looked down at the white plastic stick, a little pink plus sign staring up at me. This can't be happening, I got my wand out and poked the stick hoping that it would magically change. Sadly it didn't.

I'm sixteen and pregnant. And that's not even the worst thing, the worst thing is there are three possible fathers and I have no clue which one it is.

Sitting in the Leaky Cauldrons' grotty toilets with a stupid positive pregnancy test, yep this is the life.

Bollocks, this is so not how I imagined my summer holidays to end.

A/N I know I shouldn't be starting another story *whoops* but I just had to. This came to me one night back in November 2012 and I started writing away/making notes and here it is the first chapter. Enjoy :D



Chapter 2: Chapter One: Ally
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Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble,

Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep,

But I've made up mind, I'm keeping my baby,

I'm gonna keep my baby

Papa don't preach ~ Madonna


It's been a week since I found out I was pregnant, I still have to tell my parents and the possible fathers. All I can say is that I blame my twin brother Frankie, it was his stupid idea to have one of the parties, that stupid end of fifth year party.

The other parties were because it was James Potter the second's birthday and my best friend Dominique Delacour-Weasley's sister Victoire had recently got engaged to Teddy Lupin so they had a party to celebrate. I also blame the stupid person who thought it was a good idea to have the parties three days in a row: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I know I shouldn't blame them, I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have been such a stupid slut and slept around. I should have more common sense than that but when you're offered alcohol on top of the alcohol you've already had there's no saying no.

Those three parties, lots of alcohol, three different boys and no memory of which boy on which night means I have no one clue as to which one is the father. I would try asking them but I can't just walk up to them and ask 'did I sleep with you at this party' and I can't say it through a letter either.

"Alice, lunch is ready." Mum called.

I hate it when I get called Alice, yeah ok it's my real name and I was named after my grandmother but I prefer Ally and I have since I was seven. Aside from the fact mum called me Alice, I have to tell them today. I have to do it now, today is the last day that dad is at home, because he's the headmaster he leaves a day before school starts. I left my room and made my way to the our kitchen which is painted bright yellow and took my usual seat at the big table.

My other siblings Tegan, Jayden, Caleb, Summer and Frankie were already at the table. Dad walked in levitating four plates, with mum just behind him levitating another four. I muttered "Thanks." as a plate gracefully landed in front of me. Mum had made lasagna with chips and I got a funny feeling in my stomach which made me feel sick. I tried to forget about it and started to eat, "This is yummy mum." I commented as Frankie and Jayden stuffed lasagna and chips in their mouths, it almost looked like they weren't even chewing the rate they were going.

Halfway through I gave up eating, I couldn't because I was too nervous. I started to move bits of lasagna around my plate. Then I felt the feeling again and this time I knew I was going to be sick. I run from the room and just made it to the bathroom in time.

How on earth am I going to tell them, should I just come out with it or leave it for a while. Then again if I leave it I'll be back at Hogwarts soon. I mean I can't let my parents find out that I'm pregnant via Hogwarts gossip can I?

No that's just terrible, I have to do it. I have to do it today. I can't put it off any longer, they have to know. Argh why the hell did I get pregnant? Why did I have to be so stupid to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol and to have sex and with three different guys. I swear I should be on one of those muggle chat shows that deal with problems like this as well as stupid things like 'My ex-husband microwaved our hamster and now I want custody of our cat.'

Why can't my life be simple, If I hadn't slept about I wouldn't be in this mess right now. I wouldn't be throwing up and I certainly wouldn't be freaking out about to tell my parents.

"Alice are you ok?" Mum called through the door.

"I'll be out in a minute." I said just before I threw up again. I hate myself right now I really do. I flushed the toilet and rinsed my mouth out with water before re-entering the kitchen to find them all staring at me, even out cat Mr Whiskers looked up from his food bowl.

"Mummy, is Ally sick?" I heard my eight year old brother Caleb ask just as I walked in.

Mum looked at him, "I'm not sure baby. Alice are you ok?"

I rolled my eyes when she called me Alice but nodded, "I'm fine now but..." I trailed off unsure of what to say. Am I really going do this now, can't I leave.

No, you need to do it now, A voice in my head ordered me.

But I don't want to.

But you have to, it's better to do it sooner rather than later.

Dad frowned at me, "Alice is there something going on?, are you in trouble?"

I was brought out of my thoughts and said, "You could say I'm in trouble of sorts."

"Alice Hannah Longbottom, what is going on!" Mum yelled causing Frankie to stop shovelling food into his mouth and to start paying attention to us.

"And I don't think it's a stomach bug." I said as I tried to put it off a little longer.

"What are you on about?" Mum questioned,  "What's not a stomach bug?"

I sighed, "Why I just threw up and have done for the past few weeks, why I've been off my food or moodier than normal."

Mum looked at me and I could see she was working it out, "No! Alice please tell me that you're not pregnant."

Summer chose that moment to spit out her food which landed on dad and Caleb moved his arm and hit his glass spilling orange juice all over the white table cloth.

I stood up quickly, "I can't." I whispered.

"I didn't hear that Alice, can you repeat yourself?" Dad asked me as he wiped whatever Summer had spat at him off his sleeve.

In a louder voice I said, "I said I can't because I am."

Jayden said happily, "Ally's having a baby." Frankie stared at me like I had just announced I was an alien or something, Tegan's mouth was hanging open and mum and dad didn't say anything although they looked angry.

I had done it, I had actually told them. I took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant and I'm keeping this baby." I told them whilst fighting back the tears, I looked at dad, "Daddy say something, please." I said in a small voice.

He stood up, "How could have been so stupid?" He questioned, "You're sixteen. You shouldn't even be having sex let alone getting pregnant." Dad yelled.

"I thought you were smarter Alice, I taught you the contraceptive charm. You knew it so why didn't you use it." Mum said in a low voice. "Alice you're sixteen, you can't raise a baby."

"I practically raised Summer whilst you were running this god damn pub. Half of the time I've spent here has been looking after this lot as soon as you felt I was trustworthy enough." I told her as I pointed at my siblings who were all looking from me to mum and dad, as though they were watching a tennis match.

"Don't you dare talk to your mother like that." Dad roared and out of the corner of my eye I could see Summer's face. She looked very confused and I could see her bottom lip quivering and her eyes welling up.

"So don't treat me like I'm a child. I've dealt with things most kids haven't and you know. When you want me to do something you treat me like an adult and now all of a sudden I'm a child again." 

"You're sixteen Alice, you're not of age and you're certainly not old enough to have a baby." Mum told me.

"I know how old I am, stop bloody reminding me." I yelled, "I told you didn't I, I wasn't going to but I did. I was shit scared about telling you, about how you would react. And look can you blame me."

There was a whimper and Summer started to cry.

"I can't deal with this, I can't deal with you Alice. Not right now." And with that Dad left the room.

"That's right dad, run away like you always do when things get tough." I yelled and then a minute later I heard the door downstairs slam.

I felt a tear slide down my cheek and I wiped it away, my own father has left because I told him I was pregnant. My own father hates me right now and that hurts, especially since I'm daddy's girl.

Mum stood up and I saw that she had a disappointed look on her face, "Oh Alice." She sighed, "I think you and I need to have a little chat. Frankie clean up, Tegan watch Summer, Jayden and Caleb..." She paused as she thought of something that wouldn't result in them fighting or breaking something and then said, "You can help Frankie." Mum motioned for me to follow her down the hall, which I did. She ushered me into her and dad's room and I sat on the bed as she shut the door.

Mum didn't come near me, she stayed over by the door, "Oh Alice, what are we going to do?"

"We? I told you I'm keeping it, no matter what." I said in a low voice as I wiped away another tear.

"This isn't going to go away Alice, unless you..." She trailed off.

I glared at her, "No, no way."

"Well then adoption it is."

"No, mum I told you. I'm keeping it, I'm keeping my baby. You can't tell me what to do, it's my body, it's my life."

Mum came over and sat on the bed next to me, "Alice, don't you see. What about Hogwarts, what about your education, what about your future?"

"I'll drop out if I have to, I'll get a job and my future is this baby. So I'm a little young, mum there are girls out there younger than me who have gotten pregnant or have children. I'm not the only one."

Mum just looked at me and sighed, "Who's is it may I ask?"

I shut my eyes and whispered, "I don't know."

"Sorry didn't catch that."

I lifted my head up and said a little louder, "I don't know. There were three parties at which I was rather drunk and three different boys. I'm not sure which one it is." I admitted.

"Let's not tell you father that, why couldn't you have used protection Alice? I taught you the contraceptive spell last year. Or why couldn't you have not had sex, you're only sixteen as it is."

"Mum I know ok, I know the spell, I know I shouldn't have had sex. I know that I'm only sixteen, I know that I'm pregnant and I know that I've messed up. I don't need telling twice." I said as I stared at the blue walls which made me feel like I was outside, how I wished I could be anywhere but here right now.

"Are you going to tell them? I presume you know who they are." Mum asked.

I nodded, "I suppose I'm going to have to. And I'll have to mention that there are two other possible father's. Oh god everyone's going think I'm a slut." I cried.

She didn't say anything, I knew she was thinking the same thing. "I'm guessing that the 'heat stoke' and 'dodgy food' were cover ups for morning sickness?" Mum asked making air quotes as she said heat stroke and dodgy food.

"Yeah." I replied.

"How far are you?"

"I think I'm about two months."

Mum's jaw dropped and her blonde hair that was pinned back, was slowly coming undone, "Two months, when did you find out?"

"Two days ago." I replied.

Mum stood up abruptly which caused her hair to fall around her shoulders, "I need to find your dad, will you and Frankie be ok watching the others."

I nodded, "Sure." She left the room as did I. I entered my room which was painted bright yellow to represent my bright, happy personality and flung myself on my bed. There was a knock on my door and I looked up to see Frankie stood there with Summer in his arms.

"Hey Al." He said, "So who's is it?" He asked as he came and sat on the end of my bed. Summer wriggled herself from her arms and crawled up to me, with a smile on her face. I pulled her onto my lap, I just can't refuse cuddles off my three year old sister, now can I. "So who's is it?" Frankie repeated, "Do I know him?, is he in our year? Did he force himself on you, because if he did I'll kill him."

"Frankie shush, I can't tell you whose it is because I don't know myself. Yes you know them, two of them are in our year and the other is the year above and no none of them forced themselves on me, at least I don't think they did. We were both drunk, so don't go saying they're to blame because we're both equally to blame, it takes two to tango. Ok."

He looked at me and started to do a great impression of a goldfish, I tickled Summer which made her giggle and said, "Look at Frankie, doesn't he look like a fishy."

"Fishy!" Summer yelled.

"What do you mean, there are three." He asked snapping out of his fish trance.

I tickled Summer again and replied, "Yes, there are three. Now can you drop it. I'm not telling you who they are until I've told them myself."

At that precise moment there was a crash from the kitchen and Frankie went to investigate what ever Jayden and Caleb had done, meaning I was left with Summer. "Where's mummy?" She asked looking up at me with her big blue eyes.

I smiled at her cuteness, what with her blonde hair in little bunches and a pretty pink dress on she could easily be mistaken for a doll if she sat still long enough (Fat chance, she's always running around.) "She's gone to get daddy." I told her.

"Where's daddy?"

"He's gone to the shops." I lied.


As much as I love her, she can be annoying sometimes. "To get some ice-cream." I said quickly. "Do you want to watch a film?"

She nodded eagerly and crawled off my lap. I found one of her favourites which is about a lion and put it on. Since mum is half-blood she likes us to have parts of the muggle world around the house. She clapped happily as she snuggled amongst my pillows. "I'll be back now Sum."

I closed my door behind me and went into the kitchen to see what damage the boys had done. "Where's Tegan?" I asked as I saw my three brothers, two of them covered in lasagna and the other looking very annoyed.

"Dunno." They shrugged in unison.

I rolled my eyes at them, "Just clean this mess up or mum will kill you." I told them as I went back down the hall to bang on Tegan and Summer's bedroom door. "Tegan, open this door NOW!"

The door opened and I saw my fourteen year old sister crawl on her bed and grabbed her pillow, to which she was sobbing into, a bit of parchment next to her. "Hey, what's wrong Teeg?" I asked as I went and sat by her, pulling her into a hug.

"H-h-h-e b-broke u-u-up w-w-with m-me." She sobbed. "B-b-because h-he l-likes s-s-someone e-else."

I sighed as I picked up the parchment and read over it, I never liked the stupid prat: Corey Mclaggen who she was dating, I always thought he was a bit of a slime ball. I pulled her closer and stroked her brown hair (she follows dad), "It's going to be ok Tee, trust me. Things will get better for you, you'll find another boy, a nicer boy. Mclaggen was a bit of a prat to be honest."

She smiled weakly at me, "He wasn't worth it, just think about it like this: on the plus side you're young, free and single now you no longer have that slime ball but on the down side you're going to have to put a with a hormonal sister for the next couple of months."

Tegan laughed as we broke apart and looked at me through tear stained lashes, her chocolate brown eyes wide, "That's true, although I don't think you can be any worse than you are now."

I laughed as did she and I hugged her again, "You can either watch a dvd with Summer or help me sort the boys out." I knew her answer without her actually saying it and took her to my room where Summer was practically glued to the TV. "I'll get you ice-cream now." I whispered as I chucked her a box of tissues before closing the door once more.

I re-entered the kitchen and wished I hadn't, I swear my brothers were never house trained. None of them can wash up or even clean up and don't get me started on the pig sty's they call their room's. I think the black squid is cleaner than them. "Stand still." I ordered them making them stop what they were doing. I whipped my wand out and started muttering some of the house hold charms mum taught me. Even though she likes muggle stuff she hates the cleaning and does it using charms such as the folding charm and the hoovering charm. Mum also charms things like the dishes to wash themselves or for lunch/dinner to serve itself.

I love magic and within five minutes the place was a lot cleaner, although the dishes still needed to be put away. Thinking that they couldn't be trusted with that I did it and sent them off, Jayden and Caleb left but Frankie didn't. I set about getting ice-cream for Tegan and Summer whilst he waffled on, "Ally I know your listening, who are the father's? Just tell me and I swear I won't go too insane on them, maybe just a broken bone here or there. Please Ally, I'm your brother, I'm your twin brother."

I pushed passed him levitating three bowls of chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles, "I'm not telling you and as your twin sister I'm telling you to piss off and leave me alone. Now I'm going to spend time with my sisters."

I opened my door and was ambushed by Summer who wanted her ice-cream, I was so glad I hadn't been carrying them otherwise chocolate would have landed all over my nice cream carpet. I must say in the past however many minutes I've been gone Tegan has deffinetly perked up a bit, Summer does have that effect on people. She can cheer you up in an instant.

"You ok Al?" Tee asked as I snuggled next to her on my bed. "I mean what are you going to do?"

"Tee I'm fine and like I said I'm keeping this baby. But can we drop the subject and enjoy the film, I'd rather not speak about boys or babies any more today."

She smiled at me and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching films until mum came home. Without dad. Mum stayed in her room for the remainder of the afternoon and didn't come out until five o'clock when she set about making us sandwich's.

"Mum, sit down. I'll make them." I offered.

"No Alice, it's ok." She told me, scraping her hair back out of her face.

Tegan then came over and took the plates over to the table before calling Jayden and Caleb who were playing on their muggle games console in their room and Frankie who was sat on the sofa watching TV. Summer was watching her favourite film for the second time today in my room. I went in and asked, "Hey Sum, mummy's made some sandwich's. Do you want some?"

"Yes pease!" She yelled. "Now pease Ally!"

"You've got to sit at the table." I told her.

"Food now!" Sum yelled putting her arms up for me to pick her up.

I went over and switched off my TV before scooping her up in my arms causing her to giggle like mad. "Come on missy moo." I carried her into the dining room and sat her on one of the chairs before going to help mum, again she shooed me away and told me to rest.

"Mum will you look at me!" I yelled causing her to jump.

She turned around slowly, "Alice, please just sit down. We'll talk later."

I sat down reluctantly as she put a plate of ham sandwich's down in front of me. I only ate the bread and butter, I really don't think I could have stomached the ham. After dinner Frankie went downstairs to help Cara and Luke run the pub whilst Tegan took Summer to the park as it was still light outside. Jayden and Caleb went back to their room to play their game leaving me and mum alone in the kitchen.

"Mum, you've barely said anything to me since you came back. What's wrong?"

"Your father's gone and I can't find him all because our sixteen year old told us she was pregnant." Mum snapped at me as she washed up.

"I get that your disappointed in me, I get that you probably hate me right now. But right now I need my mum and dad more than anyone else."

"You're right I am disappointed, but I don't hate you. I need time to adjust about the fact my eldest daughter is having a baby with some random guy."

"It wasn't some random guy, I know who they were. I just don't know which night I slept with which guy."

"Why don't you go for a walk or something Alice, I need time to clear my head." Mum told me.

"FINE!" I yelled, I left the room slamming the door behind me and then left the flat. I ran downstairs and through the pub avoiding bumping into people. Frankie must have spotted me as he called my name but I ignored him and carried on.

I pulled my wand out and tapped the bricks, as I watched them part to reveal Diagon Alley. I made my way down the street which was surprisingly crowded considering the shops would be shutting soon and prayed that Hazel was in. I stopped outside the red door next to Quality Quidditch supplies and knock rapidly, the door was pulled open by Hazel who had a sleeping Lacey in her arms.

"Come on in Al." Was all Ze said as she ushered me up the stairs. I caught sight of myself in the mirror at the top and saw I had black lines running down my face and my eyes were red. "Sit down Al." Ze said as she carefully place Lacey on the sofa next to me. "Do you want a glass of pop?" She asked.

I nodded as Lacey moved in her sleep. Her brown hair was in little bunches and it was clear that she looked like Ze, they have the same face, mouth and eyes. "Thanks." I said as Ze handed me an ice cold glass of lemonade.

"What happen Ally?" She asked after a minute.

"I told mum and dad. Dad left and is no where to be found and mum, well she told me to leave so that she could think."

Hazel came and knelt in front of me, "Look at me Al. I promise you everything will be allight, they'll come round eventually. And if it all goes pear shaped you can stay with me."

"Thanks." I muttered as Lacey's eyes flickered.

"I'll be back now, just going to put madame here to bed."

I smiled as Ze left the room with Lacey, I'm pretty sure if Ze can survive Hogwarts whilst being pregnant and be a great mother then I can as well. I stayed at Hazel's until nine, which was when I decided it was time that I went home as I still have to pack for Hogwarts and see if mum will talk to me.

I gave Hazel a hug on her doorstep, "Thanks Ze."

"Any time Ally and I mean anytime. You're like my little sister, so if it's eleven at night and you need a chat come round."

I smiled, "Bye Ze." I called as I walked back up the street and towards the pub. When I got it Frankie was still behind the bar and instead of serving people he was chatting to Luke, I slipped passed and made my way upstairs. I entered the living room to find Mum curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine in her hand, the empty bottle on the coffee table and the TV on.

"Mum, I'm home." I whispered unsure if she was asleep or not. No reply. "I'm home." I said a bit louder, still no reply. I walked over to her and saw that she was just staring gormlessly at the TV.

"You're grounded Ally." Was all she said, "Go to your room and be quiet Summer and Caleb are both in bed."

As I entered my room, I purposely slammed the door shut, making a lovely 'crack' as it collided with it's door frame. I flung myself onto my bed fully clothed and hugged my pillow. Today hasn't been the greatest day, but at least mum and dad know. I just have to tell the three possible daddies. Well that should be fun.

Note the sarcasm.

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Chapter 3: Chapter Two: Ally
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These times will try to define me,

And I'll try to hold my head up high,

But I've seen despair here from the inside,

And it's got a one track mind

These Times ~ Safetysuit



"ALLY WAKE UP! HOGGY WARS TIME!" Came a very loud voice from a rather small person. I saw a little blonde head running around my bed. I shut my eyes again and tried to ignore her, "ALLY WAKE UP!" She yelled again.

"I'm up, I'm up." I muttered sleepily in hope she would leave after seeing I was awake.

"No Ally, wake up!" Summer insisted.

I sat up and yawned, "I'm awake Sum." She came over and gave me a sloppy porridgey kiss half on my mouth, half on my nose and left. I slowly collapsed and snuggled back under my quilt. I haven't seen dad since I told him I was pregnant and he left, the first time I'll see him again will be at the feast. It's just been me, the annoying lot I call my siblings and mum. I haven't even seen Dom yet since as soon as she was back from France she went straight over to The Burrow to see her Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur and then left for home again to pack.

I've missed her weirdness, her friendship and her blonde ness, believe me that girl has a lot of blonde hair on her head. The one thing I haven't missed is Frankie drooling over her. All he does is sit there gawping at Dom's arse or her boobs and it really annoys me. I've tried charming him so that his vision goes funny and disorientated when he see's Dom but all I did was make him see giant yellow spots for a week. I got in trouble for that even though it was Rose who cast the spell as it was 'too advanced for me' as Dom put it.

I managed to persuade Summer to leave me alone so that I could get dressed. As I got out of bed I checked the time and saw that it was only seven o'clock. Great I'm awake four hours before the school trains leaves. Over the past few days I've been thinking about telling the boys and I've decided on how I'm going to do it. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen off my desk and wrote their names down and then the numbers, one, two and three.

I ripped each of them so that they were all separated and looked around for something to put them in. I spotted my old goldfish bowl on my shelves and went and grabbed it. Putting the names and numbers in together I shook the bowl before putting my hand in. First out was the number two, I stuck my hand back in and pulled out Albus Potter. Next was number one and Cole Zabini and lastly number three and Fred Weasley.

I now have the order in which I am going to tell them that I'm pregnant. I have to get it over and done with, sooner rather than later. I crumpled the bits of paper and threw them in my bin before going to take a shower and getting dressed.

At eight I was actually fully awake, dressed and sat at the dining table nibbling on toast. Summer was sat next to me and quite happily making her toy pony jump over things like the jam jar or butter dish. I smiled at her wondering whether my little one would be like her, then the thought occurred to me. Summer is going to be auntie at three years old, she's going to be an auntie before she has even started nursery. Bloody hell.

"Alice can you make sure your trunk is ready and ask Frankie to bring it through, you shouldn't be lifting it in your condition." Mum said to me as she entered the room carrying a pile of clean washing. "Oh and add this in, it's just come out the wash." She added placing my clothes and underwear on the chair next to me that didn't have Summer on.

I nodded since my mouth was full of toast. Mum hasn't spoken to me properly since I told her and I don't think she's going to either. I get that she's pissed but surely she's over the fact that I am sixteen and pregnant and that she is going to be a granny at forty-two already. It's not like dad can avoid me at school, he teaches me Herbology and he's the headmaster.

"Can you please make sure that you're ready by ten o'clock as we're leaving at five past."

I nodded again, turning around to get a better look at her and swallowed before saying . "Mum, how are we getting there?" I asked.

"I'm driving." Was all she simply said.

"Look at me Ally! My ears warm." Came Summer's innocent voice.

I turned back and saw Summer with my clean lacy pink bra draped over her head, she hopped off her chair before I could get it and started to run around the table.

"Hi Mrs Longbottom, Ally." Came a voice that I recognised all to well, potential baby daddy number two. I turned to see Albus Potter stood there in scruffy jeans, scuffed trainers, a blue t-shirt and his hands in his pockets. He was definitely tanned and his messy black hair looked even messier than normal.

Summer had already run infront of them and as she came back to run past me, I managed to stop her and make it look like I was picking her up but really I was grabbing my bra back and tried stuffing it in my pocket only to realise leggings don't have pockets. I then stuffed it in my hoodie pocket and succeeded before letting go of Sum who whizzed off to god know's where. I turned back to Albus who was stood there with Frankie who was grinning like an idiot.

I blushed hoping that Albus hadn't A) realised what was on Summer's head and B) that it belonged to me. I haven't spoken to him since the night and I haven't seen him either. Frankie normally goes around to the Potters in the summer but Albus and the entire Potter/Weasley clan had gone to France for a family holiday as well as the fact Dom's auntie was getting married.

Anyway did I mention Albus and Frankie best friends.

Yep I'm totally screwed when Frankie finds out that his best friend possible knocked up his younger twin sister.

"Hi," I managed to say as I picked up the rest of my clean clothes, "Got to finish packing. Bye Albus." I rushed to my room quickly, anyway why is he here at this time in the morning when Frankie will see him later. Why couldn't he have stayed at home.

Five minutes later there was a knock at my door, I turned to see Albus in the doorway looking at me.

"Ally can we talk?" He asked.

"Ok." I said slowly unsure of whether I wanted to or not.

"I know I haven't saw you since the party but I just wanted to make sure things were ok with us and that Frankie doesn't know."

I was really tempted to ask what party but I resisted as that will lead to more questions and when he knows the truth he'll probably think I'm a slut.

"Everything's fine." I managed to say. "Why would I tell my older brother who I sleep with, it's none of his bloody business." I shut up quickly and turned my back on Albus as I packed my robes into my trunk.

"Ally are we still friends, because your acting more weirder than normal."

I turned back to look at him with a smile on my face, "Of course we're still friends."

He smiled back at me and pulled me into a hug which was unexpected. When we broke apart he said, "See you on the train Ally."

"Bye." I mumbled as he left my room. No sooner than I heard the door go downstairs, Frankie was stood at my door.

"You ready?" He questioned.

"Just got to pack three more things and yes I will be. Why was Al here?" I asked casually as I packed shoes.

"He came over to drop off something he borrowed from me at the beginning of the summer."

At that point Summer crawled through Frankie's legs and looked up at him, "Summer?"

We both laughed, aww bless her she thought Frankie was on about her. I really am going to miss her, even if she does wake me up early and give me porridge kisses.

"No Sum, I didn't mean you." He said as he picked her up.

"I come Hoggy Wars with you." Summer said as she smiled at both of us.

"Just eight more years Sum and you'll be able to." Frankie told her.

I packed the last of my stuff and shut my trunk just in time to see Summer frown and yell "NO NOW! My Ally no go to Hoggy Wars."

"Hey Frankie, take my trunk to the car please and I'll take care of Sum."

He nodded and put Summer down (who then came and attached herself to my legs) before pulling out his wand and making my trunk float out the room. I looked up at my shelves and saw what I was looking for, a little snow globe with a miniature Hogwarts castle inside.

"Hey Sum, you know you don't want me to go well what if Hogwarts came to you and the you could always see me."

"Yes please Ally." Summer said as she let go of my legs.

I reached up and got my snow globe, when I was little and dad had to go back to Hogwarts to teach he bought me and Frankie one each. Telling us to look at it if we ever missed him and if we wanted to see him to look at it and we would. I didn't believe it until one September I saw a little figure come out of the castle doors, looking closely I saw that it was dad.

Somehow he had charmed it so that whenever someone you loved missed you or wanted to see you they would show up in the globe. I handed it to Summer carefully, "You have to be very, very careful with this Sum. Whenever you miss me or want to see me look inside here ok. I'll always be with you Sum and I'll be back at Christmas."

I got a crazy grin off her and a hug, "Thanks Ally, Love you."

"Love you too Sum." I said as she left my room, carrying the snow globe very carefully. I smiled to myself and wondered would I be like this with my own child. I've always looked after Summer even when she was a newborn baby and mum had to run the pub or if she just needed time to sleep or clean. From the age of ten I can remember I've normally looked after the other's, especially in the summer or in the holidays. Will I be as good a mum to my baby as I was big sister to my siblings.

"Alice, are you ready?" Mum called.

"Coming." I replied as I took one final look around my room and left, locking the door behind me with my wand. I do not trust Caleb and Summer in my room, last Christmas when I came home I found our cat Mr. Whiskers (I named him when I six, ok) looking very annoyed at the fact he was wearing my old dolls clothes and that he had a toy mouse tied to his tail, in my wardrobe. I also found a pile of frogs spawn in my bed and a dead mouse (courtesy of Mr. Sprinkles) under my pillow. I never leave home now without locking my bedroom door, Merlin knows what will happen.

The flat was empty and when I got down I found mum stood outside our front door, "I just need to see Hazel." I told her before rushing off through the pub, out the back and down the street.

I knocked on the red door and within seconds Ze answered, "I had a feeling it was you, it's September first."

I followed her upstairs and found Lacey sat in her playpen, "I haven't got long but I came to say bye. I'm not home until Christmas now."

"Lacey will definitely miss her auntie Ally," Ze smiled, "And I'll definitely miss my little sister." She pulled me into a hug.

"Ahh!" Lacey yelled.

I picked her out and gave her a kiss and cuddle, "Bye bye Lacey, see you at Christmas. Be a good girl for your mummy." I added as I handed her to Ze.

"Ally, make sure you see Madame Patil as soon as you get to school ok. You have to find out how far you are and she needs to check you over. Owl me if you need anything and the dates of your Hogsmeade weekends, I need a trip to Hogsmeade sometime." Ze told me as she sat Lacey on her hip.

"Thanks Ze." I said pulling both her and Lacey into a hug. Ze locked her door and walked me back down the street and through the pub with Lacey, mum looked at me as if to say 'your late' but I ignored her.

"Hazel, how are you?" Mum asked. "I can't believe Lacey's one, she's grown so much."

"I'm fine thanks Auntie Hannah." Ze replied, "I know, I can't believe it myself. Before I know it she'll be off to Hogwarts."

Mum laughed as she got into the car, "Take care both of you and tell your mum to pop in sometime, I haven't seen her in ages."

"Will do. Bye Ally."

I waved to her and Lacey as we pulled off, out of the corner of my eye I could see Summer in her carseat, in her hands was the snow globe and a grey rabbit. I smiled as I leant my head on the window and watched the world go by.

We eventually pulled up outside King's Cross and mum parked the car. I got out first along with Summer as she wanted to come with me and went and got two trolley's for mine, Frankie, Tegan and Jayden's trunks. As I crossed the car park, some idiot nearly knocked Summer over.

"OI!, watch it." I yelled at them.

They were a tall, dark haired teenage boy. He looked at me and sneered. I then realised who it was: Cole flipping Zabini, potential baby daddy number one.

"Do you mind, you nearly knocked over my little sister." I told him.

He shrugged, "She shouldn't have been in the way."

"She's three years old!" I cried.

"Ally farted at breakfast." Summer said happily as she clutched her grey rabbit tightly in the hand that wasn't holding mine.

Cole scoffed and carried on walking without a word. I looked down at my baby sister, where the hell had she got that from. I wasn't even at breakfast. "Summer, it's not nice to say things like that."

She giggled and made her rabbit walk up my arm. I managed to get two trolley's and took them back to the car, where everyone was waiting. Frankie and Jayden's trunk's went on one trolley and mine and Tegan's went on the other. Despite mum's worries and warnings Summer ended up sitting on top of mine and Tegan's trunks, along with my owl Sparky and Tegan's owl Blinky in their cages.

Frankie and Jayden haven't got an owl, or even a cat or rat. They're 'too cool' for pets, in other words because their boys they don't want to be seen with a pet. Idiots, Frankie always ends up wanting to borrow Sparky, I don't see why he couldn't have gotten an owl.

I went on ahead with Tegan and Summer, as I went through the barrier I felt sick. I passed the trolley to Tegan and ran off, I found the guard's office and promptly threw up next to it.

"Are you ok Ally?" Came the voice which belonged to potential baby daddy number three: Fred Weasley.

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and so wished that the ground would open up. What is today, throw Ally into awkward moments with the three possible fathers day. Great just great. I turned to see Fred looking at me with a worried look on his face, "I'm fine, breakfast didn't agree with me that's all." I lied.

"Here Ally," He said handing me a packet of tissues.

"Thanks." I said as Tegan came over minus Summer, thank god.

"See you on the train Ally." Fred called as he left.

Tegan smirked at me, "Boy got it bad for you."

I frowned, "What are you on about Tee?"

Tegan pulled her brown hair up into a ponytail and smiled, "Ally, it's so obvious. He likes you, Fred like, likes you."

I stared at her dumbstruck, "Fred's just a friend, Tee." I told her as we walked down the platform to where mum and the other's were standing.

"I don't feel so good." Jayden was saying as we walked up. "I don't want to go."

"Jay, you'll be fine. Everyone's nervous when they start Hogwarts." Frankie told him.

As you might have guessed Jayden's about to start his first year at Hogwarts and he always feel's ill when he's nervous. I gave him a hug, "Jay, I promise you'll be fine. We'll look after you."

He gave me a weak smile when we broke apart, "Thanks Ally."

I noticed that the trolley's containing our luggage were now gone and were probably being loaded onto the train as we speak. Mum, Caleb and Summer hugged us one by one. Summer was hugging my knee's as mum pulled me close.

"Take care Alice, Make sure you see Madame Patil and owl me. I'm sorry about the other night and this morning. It was just a shock that's all, your still my baby girl Alice even if you're my oldest baby girl."

I smiled, "Thanks mum, love you."

"Love you too." She whispered, "Take care all of you and I expect owls off each of you." She added.

I looked down at my legs where Summer was holding on for dear life, "Sum, can let go please."

"No, my Ally is staying." She replied.

"Sum, I have to go. Remember what I said about the snow globe, I'll always be with you." I said as I looked at mum hoping she would get her off me.

"Do you want to wave to Alice, Frankie and Jayden?" Mum asked her.

"YES, YES, YES!" Summer replied loosening her grip on me. Mum picked her up and she squirmed in her arms before she starting waving at us like a loon.

"Bye." We all called in unison before getting on the train. Frankie went off to find his friends and I found and empty compartment for myself and Jayden to sit in. I waved once more to mum, Caleb and Summer and watched as Sum wriggled out of mums arms and tried to run down the platform as the train left.

I sat down once they were no longer in view and we were out of the station. I then stood back up, before I do anything else I have to tell Cole Zabini he is a possible father first.

"Jay, I need to go do something. I'll be back really soon, I promise." I told him. Jayden nodded in reply and kept on looking out the window.

I left the compartment and made my way down the train in search of Zabini. It didn't take long and I walked up to the compartment that my brother and his two best friends (Albus and Scorpius Malfoy) normally sit in, along with the other boys from his dorm. Zabini was just about to enter when I said quietly, "Zabini I need a word."

Well here goes nothing, I'm about to tell potential baby daddy number one. Good luck to me.

A/N DUN,DUN,DUN... Alas the father's are revealed, did anyone see that coming.

Chapter 4: Chapter Three: Cole
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I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me now,
Flew me to places I'd never been,
Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground

I Knew You Were Trouble ~ Taylor Swift

My father was in work and my mother was at home. The driver Charles had parked up leaving me in the car whilst he took my luggage through the station and onto the platform so it could be loaded onto the train. When he came back there was a brief goodbye before he left, allowing me to do as I pleased. The stupid Longbottom girl and her weirdo sister had bumped into me as I made my way into King's Cross, I didn't stay to see what happened and carried on towards the station and platform.

I went through the barrier as normal and entered the train which was packed with stupid first years. As I was about to enter my usual compartment that contained Jackson Goyle and Terry Host who are my closest friends and the other sixth year Slytherin's: Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy and Frankie Longbottom, when the stupid Longbottom girl called me.

"Zabini I need a word." She said quietly.

"Yeah you can have one, bye." I told her.

I saw her roll her eyes and I made to enter the compartment when I felt her hand on my arm. I turned to look at her, "What?"

"I said I need to talk to you." She said again as she pulled me down the train into an empty compartment.

"What about this time, did you fart on the platform." I joked as she shut the door behind her.

Longbottom glared at me, "No, I need to talk to you about the party."

I smirked, ahh yes, the party. It was a great night, all the girls were falling at my feet and the best thing, they were all drop dead gorgeous and worth kissing.

"Zabini," Came Longbottom's voice.

I snapped out of it, "What?"

"The party, I need to tell you something." She paused before carrying on, "Thing is I'm pregnant and it's possible that this baby is yours."

I looked at her, "Possible?" I questioned.

She nodded, "There were three parties and three boys, it's possible that you're the father."

I looked at her, there is no way she's pregnant. It's not the first time I've been told I could be a father either. I dated Daisy Parkinson last year, when I broke up with her she told me she was pregnant. I didn't believe her of course, she's a liar and she's said it before to other boys. Of course she wasn't pregnant but it still scared the shit out of me. My father would probably have killed me if she was, even though she's a pure blood, father isn't that fond of her mother: Pansy Parkinson and I don't think he could handle it if he had to be related to her somehow.

"Your lying." I hissed. "Your not even sure who's it is you stupid slut."

Longbottom looked annoyed and put her hands on her hips, "I'm not lying Zabini, believe me I've been throwing up for the past month and a bit and I have a positive test to show for it. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant."

I shrugged, "I don't care Longbottom. So why don't you run along back to your friends."

"How can you say that, you could possible be a father and you're telling me to run along." She yelled at me, her eyes going glassy.

I shrugged again, "Like I said I don't care. You were nothing but a shag to me Longbottom, not even a good one I might add. You were drunk and could barely string two words together, like you were going to stop me. Like I said nothing but a shag to me. I don't want you or any kid you may be having. That is no child of mine." I yelled at her.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks, crying girls don't scare me. Why do they turn on the water works at the first sign of things going wrong.

"I HATE YOU, YOU VILE PIG!" She cried at me as Potter, Malfoy and Longbottom two walked passed.

Longbottom two ripped the door open. "What the hell is going on in here?" He asked, looking from me to his sister and then back to me.

"He's a vile pig!" She cried again, "He took advantage of me when I was drunk." Longbottom said to her brother, tears dripping down her face.

Frankie looked at me and then headed straight for me, I felt something hard hit me and I could then taste blood in my mouth. Fuck, he had punched me.

"That's for my sister, you fucking pervert." He yelled at me before throwing another punch in my direction which I ducked and then threw a punch back. It was only when Potter and Malfoy stopped him that he stop hitting me. They dragged him out of the compartment leaving me with a very bloody face. The Longbottom girl had already left, good riddance.

Stupid git, I thought. It's none of his business, I don't care whether she's his sister. He doesn't need to know. I sat down on the seat and held my nose waiting for the blood to stop. The door opened and looked up to Jackson and Terry coming in, along with Terry's owl.

I frowned at them and Jackson said, "They kicked us out the compartment, Longbottom's seething. What the hell have you done to piss him off?" He asked.

I let go of my nose to see if it had stopped but it hadn't, "I slept with his sister." I told them truthfully.

"Bloody hell!" Terry cried.

"He beat you up because you slept with his sister?" Jackson questioned.

I shrugged, "Something like that."

I didn't mention that she was pregnant, I didn't need them knowing that it could be mine. I would never get a girl then if they though I was a father.

"Was she any good?"

I shrugged again, "Not really."

"You should go see Madame Patil about your nose when we get there." Jackson suggested.


I stayed sat with my head forward, waiting for the blood to stop. I think Longbottom broke my nose, the amount of pain I'm in. Terry pulled out some muggle game thing but threw it down on the side once Jackson got out his game of wizards chess and they started to play. Leaving me with my thoughts and the pain in my nose.

A/N One daddy down, two more to go...

Chapter 5: Chapter Four: Ally
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I gotta get back to Hogwarts,
I gotta get back to school.
I gotta get myself to Hogwarts,
where everybody knows I'm cool.

Goin' Back To Hogwarts ~ Starkid 


I ran from the compartment not sticking around to see what damage Frankie was doing. I was nearly knocked over by a blonde as I made my way to the compartment I had left Jayden in. It took me a few seconds to realise who the blonde was, their hair was medium length instead of being long and they had a very tanned look to them. It was Dominique, my best friend, except she looked way different to when I had last saw her at the beginning of the summer.

"Ally, what's wrong honey." Dom asked as she pulled me into a hug.

"I've messed everything up." I sobbed into her shoulder, "And now I'm stuck with three idiots for the next seven or eight months."

Dom held me at arms length, "Ally what do you mean, next seven or eight months."

Since we were close to the toilets I went in first and pulled her in, getting her to shut the door behind us. I closed the loo seat and sat down putting my head in my hands. "I'm pregnant, Dom." I said in barely a whisper knowing that she wouldn't hear me.

"What was that Ally, I didn't here you."

"Dom you're my best friend and you have to swear that you won't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you." She nodded, "I'm pregnant Dom and there are three possible fathers."

Her mouthed dropped open, "Holy shit Al! Who?"

I shook my head, "Can't tell you who the other two are just yet, but I just told Zabini."

Dom looked shocked, "Cole Zabini, blimey Al, he may be a looker but he sure isn't friendly or daddy material."

I laughed as I wiped away some of my tears, "I know Dom, I know."

"So what are you doing then?" She asked as she swayed left and right.

"I'm keeping it of course. So far I haven't seen dad since he left the other night and mum is still kinda freaked out but I think she's ok with it. And if all else fails Hazel said I could live with her and Lacey."

"How are Ze and Lacey?"

"Both fine, Lacey's growing so fast and it's so un-real how much she looks like Ze." I replied.

Dom put her hands out to stop herself from falling on top of me, I chuckled and she looked daggers at me. "So when do I get to know who the other two daddies are?" She asked after she had steadied herself.

"Once I've told them."

"Anything else I need to know now Al, before we leave this lovely place."

"I don't think so, apart from that I need to see Madame Patil as soon as possible."

Dom unlocked the door and we left, the corridor was slightly crowded and out of all the people who could have seen us coming out of the toilet, it was Dom's cousin James who spotted us and thought he'd come and annoy us.

"Ahh it's my favourite cousin and her friend, " He said as he came over and pulled us into a hug.

"James get off us you idiot." Dom snapped.

"What's got your wand in a knot Domi. What were you and the lovely Miss Longbottom up to in the toilet ehh, something you're not telling us Dom." James joked as he followed us down the corridor.

"As pretty as Ally is, unlike you James I don't bat for the other team." Dom told her cousin who then pretended to clutch his heart as if he was heartbroken.

"Ahh my friend but if you were a Slytherin then you would." James replied as he tried to make a joke from the fact that Dom is a beater for the Gryffindor quidditch team.

"Oh ha ha, I wouldn't become a comedian any time soon James." Dom said as she hit him around the head.

I rolled my eyes at those two and smiled, trust James, he can always make me laugh. I slid the door to the compartment that Jayden was sat in, looking out of the window along with Fred who was pulling faces at him.

"Hey Jay." I said as I sat next to him as Dom and James followed me in.

Fred turned to look at us an said, "You know this kid, he's not very talkative is he?"

I rolled my eyes as Dom hit him and said, "Fred you idiot, it's Ally's younger brother. Of course she knows him, as do you."

Fred looked shocked and yelped, "Blimey, sorry kid. I didn't recognise you, I mean I haven't see you in years. Fred Weasley by the way."

"Jayden." My brother said shyly.

"Idiot." I murmured as James sat on Fred instead of next to him.

"Get off of me." Fred cried.

Rose Weasley: Dom, James and Fred's cousin came in with a book in her hand. "Hey guys, are you ok now Ally?" She asked as she sat next to the boys.

"Why?" Fred questioned as he shoved James off of him and he fell to the floor with a 'thump'. "What happened?"

"Something about a run in with Zabini." Rose replied as Dom gave her a filthy look.

James looked annoyed as he stood up and sat on the seat, "What did the little git do this time?"

"Yeah, we'll beat him up for you Ally." Fred chimed in as he rolled up the sleeves of his knitted blue jumper that had a yellow 'F' in the middle, to show his 'muscles'.

James jumped up from his seat which made him hit his head on the luggage rack, "Owww." He moaned, "Come on Freddie lets go beat him up." He said as he nursed his head.

Dom laughed, "I don't think you clowns will be going anywhere."

"Why?" They said in unison with identical looks on their faces.

"Because I believe Frankie got there before you." Rose told them as I looked out the window, wishing I was at Hogwarts already.

"Why, what happened?" They asked, both looking at me.

"I'd rather not say."

"Well whatever it was about, Frankie seems to have broken his nose, and I think he'll wake up with a black eye or two in the morning." Rose informed us.

I sighed, "Can you guys be quiet please, I'm not in the mood to talk and I really want to sleep."

"Sure thing Ally doodle." Fred sang as he conjured up a blanket and tossed it to me.

I muttered, "Thanks." As I wrapped it around myself and led my head back against the seat. Hogwarts better come quick enough, I have to see Madame Patil as soon as possible. I have to know how far I am and if there is anyway she can tell me who the father is with a spell or something.

My eyes were fluttering open and closed and within minutes they were fully closed, blocking everyone around me out and leaving me to my dreams.


"Ally, wake up." A voice from near my right said. I felt a hand on my shoulder shake me and tried to bat it away but it just went through thin air. "Ally come on, you've got ten minutes to change into your uniform."

I opened my eyes and found Dom's face inches from mine and I frowned, "Huh?"

"Come on sleepy head." Came Fred's voice from up above.

I sat up and realised I had been using someone's shoulder as a pillow, I looked to see who and saw it was Fred.

"Enjoy your nap? I do hope you didn't drool on my favourite jumper." He joked.

"I don't drool." I snapped as I spotted Noah Wood had joined us. Noah is one of my closest friends after Dom, and she shares out dorm with us. I tried my best to give her a smile and even though I didn't she smiled back.

James snorted, "Whoa, touchy. Clearly sleeping makes you cranky."

"Oh sod off James," I snapped again as I pulled my bag from the luggage compartment and left, heading towards the toilets. Once inside I got changed into my uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black skirt, Gryffindor tie and cardigan. Along with my robes.

I made to do up my the bottom buttons on my shirt and then noticed the tight lines running across it. I managed to do up a button and saw that it looked fit to bursting point. I tired the next one and saw exactly the same problem. I felt something trickle down my face, I sat down on the closed lid and pulled my legs up to my chest.

I sat there, just letting the tears flow. All because my stupid shirt won't fit. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it.

They knocked again but this time a voice accompanied it, "Ally I know your in there. Let me in please. I stood up and unlocked the door, Dom came in which make the toilet seem even smaller now there were two of us in here. "Hey what's wrong Al?" Dom asked as she knelt in front of me.

"My stupid shirt won't fit." I sobbed, "The buttons look like their fit to bursting point and my skirt is really tight."

Dom pushed a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear and smiled at me, "I'll be back now Ally." With that she left me. In a flash she was back and holding something white out to me, "Here Al, this shirt should fit."

I took it from her and she left allowing me to get changed, I looked down at my stomach which looked awfully round and sighed as I pulled it on. Dom was right, whoever's this was fitted me and it covered my bump. I unlocked the door and along with Dom we walked back to the compartment. "Who's shirt is it Dom?" I asked as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it Al." She smiled, "But come on we're at Hogsmeade."

"What about Jayden?" I cried out.

"He's fine, Rose is taking him to Hagrid and James and Fred have gone to get us a carriage."

I nodded and as soon as we got off the train Dom dragged me down the platform, I instinctively put one of my hands over my stomach to protect it from all the people around us.

"Oi! Dom, Ally." Called a voice.

I looked around and saw James hanging out of a carriage, I pointed him out to Dom and we headed to the carriage. As we got in I saw that Rose was in conversation with Noah who was nodding along.

"It's bloody freezing." Fred complained as he pulled his Gryffindor robe tighter around him and wrapped his arms around himself. I could just make out his tie slung loosely around his neck, hanging out of his Gryffindor jumper. I also noticed he didn't have a shirt on. I sighed as I realised who's shirt Dom had got me.

"I promise you can have your shirt back Fred." I told him as I sat down,"I'll even wash it for you."

He shrugged, "Don't worry Ally, keep it. Mum's packed about ten so it's no great loss."

James pulled Fred into a hug and called him a 'mummy's boy' which then resulting them playfully hitting each other. I stayed silent as we slowly made our way up to the castle. Rose kept shooting me glances and at one point she asked was there anything wrong.

I told her no and that I was still tired. I know I'll have to tell her and Noah soon, but I just can't bring myself to do it right this minute. The carriage jerked to a stop and allowed us to get out. Fred's teeth were chattering as we walked up to the huge school doors, I felt so bad for him considering it was quite chilly despite the warm weather we had been having lately. Then again Fred could just be being a little over dramatic.

I was glad for the warmth when we entered the entrance hall. Just as I was about to enter the Great Hall behind the others, it felt like a wave had washed over me and all I knew was that if I didn't get to a bathroom I would throw up everywhere.

I rushed off across the hall and down the corridor to the nearest bathroom. I just about made it as I flung myself in the first cubicle and the contents of my stomach came up. I sat back on the stone floor and leant against the wooden door, closing my eyes. I've told one of them and being in such close proximity to one of the others is so nerve wracking.

I have no idea how to tell Fred, what if it ruins our friendship? Or what if Dom and Rose hate me, knowing that I slept with two of their cousins. What if they disown me because I'm carrying either a Potter, Weasley or Zabini child.

I was sick a few more times and I was wishing more than anything it would stop. I've been fine for the past week, well I haven't been sick as much as I was and now the minute I'm back at school it gets worse again. Stupid Hogwarts, this place is cursed I swear.

Once I felt like I was no longer going to be sick I stood up and flushed the toilet. I left the bathroom and as I crossed the empty entrance hall I spotted my father hurrying into one of the unused classrooms.

I frowned to myself as I followed him, I hovered outside the door wondering what on earth he was doing. The door was open and I could hear voices from inside, a male which was dads and a female. Dad was pacing across the room and I could just see the woman's shoes from underneath the desks.

"Are you sure your okay now Neville. You can't just ignore her, I think people will notice if you start ignoring your own daughter." She said.

"I'm not going to ignore her, I'm just going to watch her. See who she hangs out with, what boys she talks to. See if any of them are too friendly with her. If she won't tell me who the father is, I'll find out myself." Dad said.

I heard a sigh and then the female voice said, "Please tell me you're not going to do anything drastic. Think of Ally and don't make a scene."

I frowned to myself, who the hell was dad talking to?

I heard what sounded like a kiss and I wrinkled my nose, surely mum wasn't in there? She should at the pub right now, either serving the usual crowd in the pub or looking after Summer and Caleb.

"Thanks for letting me stay love, I didn't know where else to go. Gran would have yelled at me to be a man. Even at my age she'll still tell me off."

I had to conceal my laugh as dad said that, it was true though. Gran still tells him off, mainly about the fact she doesn't get to see us alot. I felt the familiar feeling in my stomach and I rushed back to the bathroom.

Not alot came up and I sat back on the floor once I flushed the toilet. I put my head in my hands and started thinking that I would owl Ze and Lacey first thing in the morning. I can't remember if her sickness was this bad or not. I know when mum was having Summer, her sickness was terrible in the beginning but then it eased off.

I eventually left and crossed the empty entrance hall, the great hall doors were open slightly and as I walked in I saw I wasn't the only late person. Dad was trying to walk calmly down the middle of the hall to the staff table. The other teachers had stood up when he entered and were taking their seats as he stood on the podium and hushed for quiet.

I slipped in and walked straight to the Gryffindor table, I scanned it and found Dom, Noah, Fred and James sat close to the doors which meant I didn't have to walk far.

I sat down between Dom and Fred just as dad announced, "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts, those of you who are new and those of you who are old, welcome back. I won't keep you from the feast any longer, so enjoy the food." With that the food appeared and I was greeted by an array of smells.

I felt slightly nauseous again but I knew there was nothing left in my stomach to come back up, so I tried to push the feeling aside and reached for the basket of bread rolls.

"Have they been sorted?" I asked no one in particular.

"Yep." Dom answered, popping the 'p'.

Great, looks like I missed the sorting hats new song. I always love listening to them since they always change and sometimes I'll go up to dad's office and help him out with a few lines.

"And Jayden is a...?"

"A Hufflepuff like auntie Hannah." She told me.

I smiled, mum would be so proud that Jayden was in her old house. Don't get me wrong she was proud when me and Tegan became Gryffindor's and when Frankie became a Slytherin but I think because of it being her house she'll be extra proud.

Next to me Fred was scoffing his face with about six different foods and opposite James' plate was sky high with just about every food within his reach. "Boys." I muttered under my breath as I wondered how on earth they were able to each so much, yet stay so skinny. Stupid boy metabolism.

I could see Rose over at the Ravenclaw table laughing with her small group of friends, a few seats up her cousin Molly who's a third year was with her friends. Even though Rose is really smart like her mother, she is has a totally different attitude to being a Ravenclaw. Rose studies but she also likes doing fun things. Whereas Molly is a nerd through and through, it's like she hates fun and you'll always find her in the library.

Molly's twin sister Lucy is a Hufflepuff and they are total opposites. Lucy is so laid back compared to her sister and has been know to cause mischief here and there. My eyes wandered to the Hufflepuff table and I saw Lucy and her friends Mary Boot and Sean Davies sat opposite Jayden making conversation with him.

There was also a little black haired girl sat next to him so I assumed he had made some friends. I was glad that Lucy and her friends were talking to him. Maybe they'd take him and his little friend under their wing.

The others were all engaged in conversation and I was glad I didn't have to join in. I felt a sharp nudge in my side and I jumped slightly. Fred was looking at me with amusement and curiosity, "You okay Ally? You're not eating anything?"

"I'm fine," I lied, "Not all of us eat like pigs like you and James." I snapped. Dom and Noah both looked at me, "I'm fine ok, just not that hungry."

"Maybe you should go and see Madame Patil," Noah suggested, "She left earlier because a second year fell and hit her head when she saw the thestrals."

I nodded as I scooped some chips onto my plate, "Thanks Noah, I might go and see her in a bit."

They didn't say anything else about me not eating as I slowly picked at food, I hate feeling like this. I don't know how mum managed to do it five times. The others chatted amongst themselves as I was too lost in my thoughts. The desserts were out and I was staring at a deliciously mouth watering chocolate cake infront of me. I cut a huge slice and put it on my plate before adding three scoops of vanilla ice-cream.

"Looks like Ally got her appetite back." Muttered Fred as they all looked at me shovelling the cake in my mouth.

I felt bad because I wasn't using any manners but right now, no one was going to stop this cake from getting into my stomach. It smelt amazing and it tasted even better. I went back for a second helping and James looked at me funny. I frowned, "What?" He shrugged, "What?" I insisted.

"It's nothing, just that you told me and Fred off for eating like pigs and now your practically shovelling that cake in." He told me as he moved away from the table slightly.

"If I could, I would marry this cake. It's like heaven on a plate."

Noah was eyeing me suspiciously, "Ally are you sure your ok, I mean your acting..." She paused and I could see she was trying to put it in a nice way, "stranger than normal."

I shrugged as my mouth was full but Dom covered for me, "I think her aunt flow's come to visit."

Oh how I wish she had, I thought. Noah nodded and the boys exchanged looks of confusion and I swear Fred opened his mouth to ask who my aunt flow was but Dom just shushed him. I smiled to myself and silently thanked Dom from preventing such an awkward conversation, especially when we had just eaten. I was about to help myself to another slice of cake when all the food disappeared and I groaned.

A couple of the young kids looked at me but then turned to the front of the hall, Dad had stood up and took the podium and the hall fell quiet. "I am pleased to announce Olive Waters and Herman Thomas are head girl and head boy this year. The usual rules apply such as no sneaking out after dark and taking night time strolls in the forbidden forest." I noticed dad looked over at Fred and James as he said it and they grinned back at him, "Now that you are all fed and watered, off to your common rooms where a nice warm bed awaits you. Make sure you all get enough sleep as tomorrow is a busy day. Good night."

The head boy and girl along with the prefects stood up and started rounding up the nervous and excited first years. Knowing this would my only chance to go to the hospital wing to see Madame Patil while all was quiet I whispered to Dom and Noah where I was going since James and Fred were too busy reminiscing about their night time strolls.

I stood up and walked out along with the first years and prefects. I tried to blend in with the first years even though I stuck out quiet a bit because of my height. I headed to the bathroom since I really had to pee, I knew it was bad idea drinking all that pumpkin juice.

Once I had relieved myself I trudged up the grand staircase. Once I got to the first floor I hid behind a suit of armour to check that there were no prefects looking for first years that may have gotten lost (believe me it's happened, I was one of them). Once it seemed clear I headed towards the hospital wing. I started getting really nervous as I got closer and closer to the doors.

I pushed them open to see a raven haired girl in one of the beds who seemed totally out of it and had a thick white bandage around her head. Clearly she was the girl Noah had mentioned earlier. I walked down the ward to the matron's office and knocked.

"Come in." Came the matron's voice.

I pushed the door open and went inside. It was clear from the look on her face that she didn't exactly expect to me here. "I need to talk to you." I blurted out as she indicated for me to take a seat in the soft blue chair.

"Of course Alice," Madame Patil said as she got up and shut the door. Once she had sat back down she spoke, "I take it this is not just a visit to say hello, am I correct."

I nodded, "Well the thing is I'm pregnant. Well at least I think I am, I've had morning sickness, sore boobs and things don't taste right either. I took a test and it came out positive."

Madame Patil nodded but I could see in her eyes she was thinking I was just another stupid teenager, "Very well, if you could hop onto a bed I shall see. Do you have any idea how far you are?" Madame Patil asked as I followed her over to a bed.

I nodded, "I think so but I'm not sure." I told her as I took my robe off and put in on the side before getting up on the bed. I rolled up my cardigan and Fred's shirt, revealing my rounded stomach. I was still weary about the second year and I glanced over

Madame Patil noticed and pulled the screens around the bed and then went to get something. She came back with a bottle in her hand and she looked at me, "This will be cold." She told me as she squirted the gel like stuff onto my stomach.

I watched as the gel hardened and Madame Patil pulled out her wand and muttered something before tapping my stomach lightly. "If you are pregnant, which I think you are. It will turn yellow and if you're not it will turn blue."

I nodded as I stared at my stomach waiting for it to change colour. Sure enough after a minute it turned yellow. "You are indeed Pregnant Alice. I need to check the baby's heartbeat and check how far you are, is that ok?"

"Yes." I managed to say as she went and got a machine which I thought looked alot like a TV. Again she touched my stomach lightly with her wand and muttered something. The machine made a buzzing noise and the screen came on. In amongst the black I could make out a baby shape even before Madame Patil pointed it out.

She pressed a button on the machine and the room was filled with a rhythmic beating and I smiled to myself because it was just simply amazing. I could see Madame Patil's facial expression change and instantly I knew something was wrong.

"What's the matter?" I asked in a panic.

She looked from the screen to me, "How far did you think you were Alice?"

I paused to think about it, "Um about eight weeks, I think. Why?"

"Well," She paused as she tilted the screen so I could see it better, "I don't think your eight weeks, in fact your thirteen weeks."

"Thirteen weeks," I cried, "Are you sure? I mean is there any possible way that I am like eight weeks."

"No, I can assure you. You are thirteen weeks."

"Bloody hell." Am I really that far, I though I was only about two months but I'm just over three months. Aw hell. "Thirteen weeks." I whispered as I looked at the screen again and saw that the baby shape was moving slightly and it had it's leg in the air.

Madame Patil gave me a weak smile, "Everything seems perfectly ok with the baby. I believe you are due around March ninth, Would you like a picture?"

"Yes please." I said as she pressed another button on the machine and the next thing I knew she was handing me my scan picture and some paper towels. I wiped off the gel and rolled Fred's shirt down as well as my cardigan.

"Could you come into my office please Alice."

I hopped off the bed and picked up my robe before following her into the small room. She indicated to sit down and I did.

"Even though you have managed without any vitamins, I'm going to prescribe you some." I nodded as she wrote it down before carrying on, "Have you had any morning sickness?"

"Yes, it seemed to have stopped but then I was sick a few times earlier."

I could see it in her face that she was worried, "You come and see me straight away if you're sick again ok?" I nodded as she got up and went over to what must be the medicine cabinet and came back with a small pot. "One a day Alice. Also make sure that you eat healthy, try and aim for five fruit and vegetables each day. You should avoid liver, soft cheese, alcohol and other certain foods. I'll draw up a list for you, if you want to come and get it some time tomorrow."

"Thanks," I said with a smile and then I remembered my small problem, "Um Madame Patil is there some sort of spell that can tell who the baby's father is?" I asked cautiously.

She frowned, "Do you not know who the father is Alice?"

I looked at the floor as I said, "Well I know who they are, just not who's it is."

"Alice," I looked up to see her face full of confusion and disappointment, "What do you mean by they?"

I hesitated, "Um well there are three possible fathers, only one knows right now but I do plan on telling the other two."

Madame Patil sighed, "I see. As far as I know there is no such spell, however there is such a thing called DNA testing. But that will have to wait until the baby is born. It's a muggle procedure and is pretty much accurate. Do your parents know?" She asked.

I swallowed the lump in the my throat and nodded slowly, "I told them before I came back to school."

"How did they take it?"

I sighed, "Not that well, dad went off and I hadn't seen him until the feast and mum, well she's got mixed feelings but says she'll support me."

"Alice I've known your parents for years, I was in the same house as your father and I've seen you grow up. You're a good girl, how did this happen?"

I could hear it in her voice that she was scolding me, she's know since I was a baby. I had heard that tone before, back when Pravati was baby sitting us and I had tried to drop out cat Mr. Whiskers out the window to see if cats really did land on their feet.

I used to call her Auntie Pravati but now she's just Pravati or Madame Patil (at Hogwarts) since she never married. Although I did hear mum and Lavender gossiping that her and Dean are back together again.

I cleared my throat before saying quietly, "There were three parties and I was slightly drunk and I slept with each of them. But I don't know who at which party."

"You need to see you father since he's the headmaster, I suspect he'll have to inform Professor Mcgonagall as well."

"Thank you." I said as I hugged her, at first she was stiff but then she relaxed.

"Just doing my job Alice. Send your mother my love when you owl her, won't you."

I nodded as I left her office and walked down the quiet ward. I was just about to open the door when it opened by itself. I frowned but then saw Frankie and Albus were on the other side.

Frankie pulled me into a hug which took me off guard and I stood there awkwardly, "Are you ok?" He asked with a hint of worry in his voice, "Is the y'know ok?"

I rolled my eyes, "It's not a y'know, it's a baby and yes we're both fine Frankie stop worrying."

Al's green eyes grew wide, "B-b-baby?" He spluttered.

I looked at him and took a deep breath. Well here goes nothing, potential daddy number two is about to find out. "Yes a baby, I'm pregnant."

"Are you finally going to tell me who the father is?" Frankie questioned.

"I would if I knew who it was, there was three guys." I admitted and saw a look of shock on Al's face, even Frankie looked shocked and he already knew there were three, "I've told one and I'm about to tell the second."

Frankie furrowed his brows, "Where is he, or should I say they? I'll beat them to a pulp."

I placed a hand on his shoulder, "Frankie calm down, you've already beaten one of them up and I really don't think you're going to want to beat the next one up."

"Why?" He questioned as Al's green eyes locked onto my own blue ones.

"Because I slept with Albus." I blurted out. Frankie looked at me, then to Al who was slowly turning red.

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Chapter 6: Chapter Five: Albus
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Are teenage dreams so hard to beat,
Everytime she walks down the street,
Another girl in the neighbourhood,
Wish she was mine, she looks so good,

Teenage Kicks ~ The Undertones


I wondered why Frankie had gone ape shit over Cole, all I knew was that it involved Ally. I think she said he took advantage of her. No wonder Frankie went nuts, if that was Lily the guy wouldn't be able to walk right now, I'd have given him more than a broken nose.

As me and Scorp pulled Frankie off Cole, all I could think about was that night I spent with Ally, the night we had sex at the party. It was such a stupid thing to do, I mean she's my best friends twin sister. Clearly James got the brains in this family and that's saying something.

But then again, had she had sex with Cole? Or was he being his usual big-headed self and took advantage of her since he believes all girls like him. News flash, they don't.

Not long after the feast was over I saw Ally leave the great hall, probably going to the toilet I thought. We were sat talking and then suddenly Frankie noticed his sisters absence about ten minutes after I had and went over to the Gryffindor table to speak to Dom and Noah.

Gorgeous stunning, Noah Wood. Daughter of Oliver and Katie Wood, although Katie's surname was previously Bell. Both her parents are great quidditch players and even though Noah doesn't play on the Gryffindor team she is one hell of a chaser. That long flowing brown hair, those big brown chocolate eyes, that innocent face, that body which is...

"Ally's gone to the hospital wing, you coming?" He asked as he broke me out of my thoughts of Noah.

I knew I didn't want to be at the table alone, Scorpius had gone off to see if he try and win over Rose, so I agreed. I didn't know why I would want to, but I nodded anyway and followed him as he left the hall.

The castle was quiet as we made our way to the first floor, the odd portrait or two were welcoming us back and telling us the castle had felt empty over the summer. The double doors to the hospital wing were in front of us and we stopped, both looking at the doors and listening to see if we could hear something, or someone.

I looked at Frankie and he looked at me, together we pushed the doors open only to nearly fall into Ally. Frankie hugged her and I got lost in my thoughts as I remembered Ally was friends with Noah. Stupid of me really. I don't know why it hadn't come to me before, I certainly couldn't ask Dom to do it. She was my cousin and that would just be embarrassing if I told her.

I could just get Ally to drop hints around Noah, or find out if she would want to go on a date with me. I smiled to myself as the siblings talked, I'd have to make sure to ask her when Frankie isn't around, he'd probably laugh in my face if I told him I liked Noah. I already had a sneaky suspicion he thought I was gay like James, because I don't date.

Crazy stalker girls, screaming girls, girls who create 'ASP' fan clubs just don't do it for me. They can be as pretty as a picture and I wouldn't bat an eyelid, I prefer girls who like me for me and not because of who my parents are. Just like I like Noah for Noah and not her parents, I mean I already know them thanks to mum and dad. And even though I don't know Noah personally I'd like to.

I caught the end of Ally's last sentence and my eyes grew wide as I spluttered, "B-b-baby?"

Ally looked at me as though I was stupid, "Yes a baby, I'm pregnant."

"Are you finally going to tell me who the father is?" Frankie questioned.

"I would if I knew who it was, there was three guys." She told us and my face dropped, "I've told one and I'm about to tell the second."

I knew what was coming, why oh god why did I have to sleep with my best friends sister. As if to make things more awkward I groaned silently, thankfully neither of them picked up on it as the scenarios went through my head. Frankie was going to kill me for sure.

Frankie furrowed his brows, "Where is he, or should I say they? I'll beat them to a pulp."

I watched as Ally placed a hand on his shoulder, "Frankie calm down, you've already beaten one of them up and I really don't think you're going to want to beat the next one up."

Wait, did she say there was three guys? Mother of Merlin, is this my punishment for sleeping with my best friends sister. A possibility of being a father at sixteen to my best friends sister. Fuck.

"Why?" Frankie questioned as Ally's blue eyes locked onto my own green ones.

"Because I slept with Albus." She blurted out. Frankie looked at her, then at me.

"Dude that's my sister." Was all Frankie say in a rather calm way. "Seriously, that's like me going after Lily."

"That's wrong Frankie, Lily's fourteen. At least Ally's the same age as me." I pointed out in a calm voice, considering my brain was whirring away as I tried to process the information. Ally was pregnant, three possible fathers, I was one of them. Ally pregnant, three dads, me. It went round and round, over and over until Ally spoke.

"Frankie," She whispered, "Please, please don't take this out on Albus. It takes two people and I'm not sure if it is his but just think he could be your niece or nephew's daddy."

I swallowed the lump in my throat, I could be a father. Oh crap! Mum and dad. Never mind Frankie, mum's going to kill me. She'll kill me with her bare hands when she finds out.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked down to see Ally, "Albus say something."

I opened my mouth but nothing but nonsense came out, "Me, you, baby. Three dads. Fuck."

"I know it's a lot to take in but here," She handed me a picture, I glanced down at it and saw a baby shape, "There's the head and there's its body." Ally told me, pointing out the different parts as though she did this all the time.

I looked over at Frankie who was still, "I'm sorry mate." I croaked, "I never intended on this I swear. It just sort of happened."

He didn't say anything and walked off down the corridor. I exchanged a glance with Ally who sighed, "He'll be fine Al just let him cool off."

I handed her back the picture just as people started walking past, I pulled Ally into one of the little alcoves whilst she tucked the picture inside her robes, "This is really happening isn't it. I mean I'm not dreaming am I?"

She laughed, "Yes it's real Al and I'm really sorry I mean for not knowing whether it's you or not and for possibly ruining your's and Frankie's friendship."

"Don't worry about it." I told her since I couldn't think of anything else to say, "See you around yeah." Ally nodded and I stepped out into the crowd and made my way to the dungeons without looking back.

I hadn't saw Frankie on my travels and as I walked down the stairs to the entrance hall I realised that I may have jeopardised my friendship with Frankie for ever. I too no notice as I went down to the dungeons and as I stood in front of the brick wall I realised I had no idea what the password was. Jackson and Terry both came around the corner and I was thankful to see my dorm mates even if I wasn't that fond of them.

"Hey, do you guys know the password?" I asked and Terry nodded.

"It's Severus Snape."

"Thanks, you guys have a good summer?" I asked to see if I could stop my mind from replying all that had just happened over and over.

Jackson went through the passage first and as he went he said, "Pretty good I guess, some family moved in next door to me and they have a really fit daughter our age."

"Nice one mate," Terry yelled as he clapped him on the back, "Did you get with her?"

"Lets just say she's an excellent kisser."

I noticed Cole wasn't with them as they went over to see some of the seventh year boys, but I couldn't care less, he had hurt Ally and Frankie had hurt him. Serves him right, I thought. Then it dawned on me, Ally and Cole, Frankie hitting Cole because he took advantage. Fuck, Cole's one of the other dads. Well isn't this just great.

I trudged up the stairs and when I came to the door that said 'sixth year boys' I pushed it open and found Scorpius coming out of the bathroom pulling on his pyjama top. I walked straight past him, my trunk and the cage for my owl: Tawny and flung myself on my bed and yelled into my pillow.

"You ok Al?" Scorp asked as I got back up.

I nodded as I was trying to get my words together before I spoke, "I'm fine. I'm guessing things with Ro didn't go so well. Your face looks red." i pointed out to change the subject.

He shrugged like he didn't care but his voice was a different story, "Your her cousin Al, can't you put in good word for me. Find out why she doesn't like me and then tell her stuff so she'll like me."

"I don't see why you don't give up Scorp, you've been chasing her for nearly a year."

"But I love her Al." He said as he pulled back his green quilt and blanket before getting in his bed, "I've never felt like this about another girl, she's the one for me and I'm not giving up. Night Al."

"Night." I muttered in response as I opened my trunk to get my pyjamas. I got changed in record time and as I crawled into bed I was just glad that Frankie hadn't punched me.

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