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Make You Feel My Love by DeathCabForCutie

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 20,566
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Draco, Teddy, Scorpius, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC

First Published: 08/27/2012
Last Chapter: 10/22/2012
Last Updated: 10/22/2012

Final Chapter to 'Rumor Has It,' and, 'Don't you Remember'

"Here's the thing," Rose began furiously, her face set. "I lost him once, I thought I was going to lose him twice, but I won't lose him again."

Chapter 1: Breathe Again
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July 6th 2029


Scorpius was taken aback when he woke up in a room, tied to a bed, in nothing but his boxers. His first instinct was to break free of the hold, but whoever roped him up did a proficient job. After several failed attempts Scorpius didn't even manage to loosen the hold. He tried to think back to how the hell he could have gotten in this position. For a brief, fleeting second he thought maybe Rose had put him in this situation. But that hope died viciously as he gray eyes looked around the dingy, unused guest room. He knew Rose would never leave him in this dirty of a room. His obsessive need for order was already gnawing at him more and more as he was trapped there.

As he looked around, he felt his brittle chin scratch his shoulder. Frowning, he remembered he had just shaved the day before. There was no reason in the world that his facial hair should be that long. It was almost as if he'd gone two days without shaving. That couldn't be right. But his stomach was completely empty and his mouth was dry.

The last thing he could remember was leaving Rose to go find James. He was looking in his flat…and then he couldn't remember anything else. There did seem to be a bump on his head…

Before he could call out to find out exactly what the hell was happening, Rachel Levitt walked through the door and sat on the edge of the bed. Her long blonde hair was perfect as it flowed down long past her chest.

"Rachel?" He croaked in surprise.

"Hello Scorpius. I hate that we have to meet again in this way," She shrugged, feigning sadness. "But after your little girlfriend and most of her family survived the last strike, I'm afraid we are here again."

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "But you…you helped us."

"I did, to give up my Wizard's debt to Albus and Rose, but that debt is gone now so I have absolutely no loyalty to either one of them."

"Albus is dead."

There was a flash of emotion in her eyes, just a flash, but then it was gone. She returned to her collected exterior.

"Yes well, he is a Potter. That was bound to happen eventually."

"What do you want?" He snapped, sensing the danger he was in.

"I don't want anything."

"Then why am I here?!"

Rachel frowned. "Because they want to hurt you."

"Who are they?!"

She didn't answer. Rachel stood up and left the room.


August 17 2029

Today marks the sixth week that Auror Scorpius Malfoy, age 24, has been missing. Sources say that his disappearance is not linked to any cases he was working and is more likely to be related to the recent breakout in Azkaban. His family, previously a prominent pureblooded family, has swayed far from the dark prestige it once held. So the question is whether it was perhaps an old enemy of Draco Malfoy that has captured his beloved only son?

Scorpius Malfoy lived alone in a two bedroom flat, but it was heavily rumored that his girlfriend, Auror Rose Weasley, daughter of Hermione Granger and the deceased Auror Ron Weasley and niece of Head Auror Harry Potter, was about to become his fiancée. Ms. Weasley has given no comment to the prophet, but those close to the twenty-four year old insist that they were headed for the altar. One friend of Rose's even mentioned, 'they were soul mates.'

Although it's no secret that Draco Malfoy has done a great deal of damage to the Death Eater community, could it have actually been the on again off again relationship with one Rose Weasley that signed Scorpius' death sentence?

Astoria Malfoy frowned, an expression that made her beautiful face crease, revealing her age. Taking the Daily Prophet in her hand, she walked into her husband's study with a heavy heart.

"What is it?" He asked softly, looking up at his wife.

She threw the Daily Prophet down at the desk and waited for him to finish reading it. "Rose is going to kill her."

"That is hardly a concern-"

"She's on edge Draco! Don't you see that? Weeks without hearing a scrap of news about Scorpius has sent her over the edge!"

His steel eyes locked on his wife. "But that's not-"

"He was going to propose." She stated flatly, crossing her tan arms. "Now I know you have always had an opinion of her because of her family, but as soon as Scorpius bought that ring she became our family too. She will go to the depths of hell for my son, and that means we will do the same for her."

Draco Malfoy opened his mouth to retort something, but after one look at his wife he quickly changed his mind. "What do you want me to do? I have every contact I have looking for him. Even the Weasley girl has done everything she can to find him…I can't stop this reporter from writing whatever she wants. There's nothing I can do."

"Her name is Rose, and what I'm asking is that…" Astoria's big hazel eyes filled with tears as her body shook. "What I'm asking is that you support her, because if anyone will find him it will her…I need her to find him…I need-" Her speech died as she was overwhelmed by tears.

Draco Malfoy rose from his desk, his receding hair pushed back as he moved to embrace his wife. He knew she needed to put her faith somewhere. She needed believe that someone would find their son and bring him home. At first she believed the Aurors would do it, but after several failed ventures her trust in them had died. Now the only person she believed would fight as hard as she and her husband would to find Scorpius was Rose. It took a few weeks for her to see it, but once you've been around someone enough you begin to see the core of who they are. And Astoria saw that it was literally killing Rose Weasley that Scorpius was out there somewhere and she couldn't find him.

Soothing his wife, Draco rested his arms on her shoulders and cradled her face into his chest as he rubbed her back. Draco felt numb. At first he wanted to just inform the authorities and figure out a plan, somewhere to put his excess energy. But now, weeks later he had nowhere to put his raw grief, so he did the next best thing, he repressed it.


In a dark London alleyway that the deep heat of the summer seemed to avoid, Rose Weasley walked into an abandoned building. Her red hair was tied back in a tight braid bringing out her pale skin and freckles. As she moved quietly through the building, her face was rigid and completely focused. Her face had aged considerably in the past two months. The lines in her face were more pronounced and her eyes were colder than before.

It took a moment for her to get to the floor she needed and when she did, she found her Azkaban escapee right where she expected him to be. This wasn't the usual target. He was a high level security risk, and was on the most wanted list, but Rose didn't hesitate for a second. She was the youngest Auror to be at her standing. Though she had little seniority, in the past two months she'd nabbed countless murderers and convicts to the point where she'd been promoted, twice. This was her life now, and she'd become ruthlessly good at it.

The man, Luke Ripley, had murdered six witches after robbing them blind. He was 34, tall, with dark hair and very suave. Ripley knew exactly how to talk a woman out of all of her savings, but after running into Rose twice, once in prison and once escaping from custody, he had learned she wasn't that type of woman. That wasn't the case at first. Initially, he thought maybe he could work her into getting him out, but after seeing how thoroughly aloof and unfeeling she was, he stopped bothering. Then when she almost caught him, as she was the only one smart enough to figure out his plot, he began to loathe her.

"Weasley," Luke Ripley snarled as he turned around. "If you know what's good for you, you'll turn around and walk out."

She grinned an unpleasant grin. "I've never really done what's good for me."

"I've heard. So is catching me another suicide mission?" He asked, not bothering to grab his wand.

"I doubt catching you is that dangerous," She said, circling him like a hawk. "We've caught you once, I'm sure I can do it again."

He sneered as he looked down at her. "You can try."

"Yes, I can."

There was a beat of silence. In that silence all that was heard were cars driving by and summertime bugs chatting and then there was a loud thunderous crash that was perfectly on time. For only an instant Ripley shifted to see what it was, but in that split second Rose had him disarmed and caged in robes.

A year ago she would have been victorious. Six months ago she would have been excited beyond belief. Two months ago she would have grinned so hard her face would have hurt. But now, at this moment, she barely cared.

"Who was with you?!" Ripley cried out in shock and disgust looking around the room, waiting for her partner to show up.

Rose gave him a sad smile. "No one. I set those fireworks up before I came in here."

As she transported him to the Ministry, she knew he was figuring her out, that she in fact didn't have a partner and hadn't been assigned one since Scorpius was taken. No one wanted to work with someone that had no regard for her own life. They wanted someone brave, committed, and a good worker, but not someone whose entire life had become their work.

After successively dropping Ripley in lockup, she apparated to Lauren's flat. She had promised her she would check in and have some tea. Rose didn't understand why Lauren bothered seeing her at all. They only made each other more depressed than they were before they saw each other. Still, the need for the label of friendship lingered in the air so Rose went.

Answering the door, Lauren looked incredibly worn. Her blonde hair was swept off her face by one of her old Hogwarts headbands. Rose almost smiled at the nostalgia of it all, but she didn't.

"Did you see?"

"See what?"

Lauren pulled her sweater farther over her shoulder as she handed Rose the day's Daily Prophet. Rose walked into Lauren's flat, her eyes digging into the paper with perfect distain. Once she saw the headline, her already darkened face tint red with anger at the words.

Rose ripped up the Daily prophet to shreds and chucked it into Lauren's fireplace. Lauren moved to her couch, curled up into a tight ball and eyed her best friend; she looked remarkably like a cat at that angle. She was trying to be considerate to Rose, but she knew, as any friend would know, that any effort she made would be worthless. It was all good in theory, but for a while now Rose had been long past listening to anyone.

"Can I get her fired?" Rose asked with a dark tone that she now used with casual everyday speech. "I mean I have to be able to get her fired, right?"

"I doubt it. It's not against the law to write guesses."

Rose chewed her lip bitterly and then looked at Lauren. "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Lauren lied. "We've been broken up for three weeks now so I'm through the worst of it."

"I still think it's a bloody waste. Why did you guys break up in the first place?"

Lauren pushed her blonde hair out of her face and her jaw tightened. "I'd rather not talk about it. I understand you're furious…because you're always furious now, but my past relationship is not something I'd like to relive."


"Aren't you supposed to be headed for a meeting right now?"

Rose swore as she checked her watch. "Merlin…you're right. I'm sorry, I should have been here earlier. I didn't expect my paperwork to take so long. I'll see you tomorrow." She paused, her face softening for a minute. "I'm sorry…I'm not trying to dump any of this on you…"

"It's fine Ro. Go to work."

Rose felt a wave of guilt rush up from her spine and creep up her throat as she looked at her disheveled best friend. She knew Lauren was broken and hurt from her break up with Hugo, though she'd be the last person in the entire world to admit it. They had ended things on uneasy terms and it was clear that neither one of them were really okay with how things were. Rose didn't know if it was because they both still had feelings for each other or because they had never really got closure, but either way she couldn't really care. On some level she cared, in the same way she'd always care about the welfare of kittens and puppies, but right now feeling anything other than anger hurt too much to process.

She'd been broken too badly to be repaired; now she just functioned as a part of society. She went to work, she ate, and she slept. Rose did everything she was supposed to do. For the rest of her life she could do this, helping others, doing the right thing, but taking joy in nothing. Until she got some kind of closure on Scorpius, she'd always just coast through life, starring at unlocked windows and doors, wondering if today was the day he'd wander back through. And until that day, she'd never give up on him or stop looking for him.

For a while she convinced herself it would be different if the situation had been different. If they'd had years of happiness together, if he'd died, or if they'd simply broken up, it wouldn't be as bad as this. The worst part was the lack of choice. Neither of them had chosen this so she found it impossible to walk away from.

At first people of all walks of life were coming up to her saying they were sorry, saying they understood. She wanted to slap them. She wanted to strike them down with every fiber of her being until they truly felt as cut open and raw as she felt every single moment of the day. But she didn't, because in spite of herself, she still had hope. Hope that each day would be the day that she heard something, saw something, felt something that told her that he was alive, that his heart was still beating. But every day came and went, and she heard not a single thing. There was not a trace of evidence to let that little piece of hope rise in her. So the hope began to erode, like an ocean does to the land, until the land is worn away.

Arriving back at the office, she walked through the Auror security and went to her desk. Before, her friends, colleagues and relatives used to visit her, but they didn't bother anymore. They knew it only would set her off.

Grabbing her paperwork, Rose headed into the conference room for her next assignment.

"Auror Weasley, you will assist Aurors Roberts and Andrews on this mission," Her uncle told her coldly as if he was speaking to a disobedient inferior officer he had no personal relationship with. "Then you will all report back to me when this mission is completed."

The three Aurors nodded and planned to meet by the elevators in fifteen minutes. Knowing that the other two Aurors probably didn't want to be anywhere near her, Rose took her time meeting them. She decided to get a cup of coffee before she left to waste some time. When she got there she saw Roberts and Andrews and moved to turn around when she felt herself being pulled into their conversation.

Rose caught one of them saying, "You know Potter's been a right prick for the past two months."

Another responded in a more sympathetic voice. "Well his kid was killed."

Her whole body shook with uncontrollable rage and it took every ounce of what little self-control she had left not to go into the next room and throttle the two men's throats.

"It has to be worse for Weasley though. You know they've sent her on almost fifty missions this month? I think they're trying to keep her busy."

The rude one said, "More like they don't want her around. You've seen her lately. She looks like one wrong look from someone and she'll rip their head off. Though I'm sure I could take her."

The other man laughed. "I'd pay a lot of galleons to see that."

"Don't get me wrong though, with all that raw rage she's got going on under those tight little outfits. I wouldn't mind shagging-"

Rose walked in, with an emotionless smirk on her face. "Lloyd, I would really love it if you would get me a coffee before we go. Do you mind?"

Lloyd Roberts was so shocked that he jumped and his brown eyebrows disappeared behind his forgettable brown hair. Jake Andrews snickered, flashing a smirk of his own at his colleague's face.

Lloyd nodded. "Uh…Yeah sure."

"Thank you so much Lloyd," Rose told him without an ounce of warmth in her voice. She moved to stand next to Jake.

Jake gave her a knowing smirk. "You did that on purpose."

"You have no proof," She said, letting out a very small laugh. Pausing, she shook herself and gave him a look.

"What?" He asked, raising his hands in innocence.

Blinking, she rubbed her eyes. "Nothing, sorry."

What was wrong with her? He'd said something funny and she'd laughed, but at this point she was so crazy she didn't understand herself anymore. Was she mad because he'd made her laugh? Or was she mad because she didn't know why she did?

Jake Andrews was two years older than she was. He was taller, with rich brown hair and deep blue eyes. A few months ago Rose remembered her coworker Jade saying he was the hottest guy in the department, and Rose could see why. Andrews had this easy smile and an every-man attitude that fit him in with any crowd. About two weeks earlier he had taken two days off of work. He had said it was a family emergency, but Rose didn't buy it. She always thought it was an unscheduled vacation, but never said anything because it wasn't her problem.

"You okay?" Andrews asked, sincerity beaming from his deep blue eyes.

Rose forced on a smile. "I'm fine."

"Glad to see you can still lie," he said, clapping a hand on her shoulder.

"Who says I'm lying?"

He snorted and shook his head. Then he lowered his lips to a centimeter away from her ear. "I did."


A shiver went down her spine as he walked away. It wasn't his voice that made her nerves stand on end, it was the way he had said it. There was a confidence in it that Rose hadn't been expecting. She watched Jake walk over to his desk with his coffee and grab his cloak. Roberts came into view with a coffee for her and an uncomfortable smile.


"Here Rose." He handed her the coffee.

She forced a smile on her face. "Thank you Lloyd. Shall we go then?"


When Lloyd looked the opposite way Rose dumped out her coffee and headed into the elevator. She was never a big fan of coffee and she didn't trust that Roberts wouldn't spit in it or do something to it. Roberts and Andrews stood in front of her, blocking her from the front of the elevator. Shielded from sight Rose let out a silent slow shuddering breath. A slow trickle of sadness passed through her. This time it had nothing to do with Scorpius and everything to do with Albus. She and her cousin used to plan times when they could meet on the elevator so they could get some cousin time in. It was ridiculous how covert they felt about the whole thing. Back then they'd laugh when people noticed the regularity of it. But now the elevator felt empty and lifeless with only the memory of what had been.


After work, Rose went to the cemetery where her father and cousin were buried. She cleaned the area up, added some flowers and then just sat there in the grass. Tears didn't come. All of her tears were gone. She didn't need to cry anymore. It was a purpose that she seemed to have outgrown. As she sat, her knees curled up into her chest, her head on her knees, she looked at the tombstones distantly. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone going to another tombstone, but she didn't bother to look at them. If she had she might have noticed they were watching her.


 But she didn't know, and there was no way she could have known, that it wasn't some stranger; it was her cousin, James.


Two months earlier he had made a promise to find Scorpius and he said he wouldn't return until he succeeded. His beard grown in from his time abroad and he had a few more scars, but he finally had an answer for his cousin. Walking towards Rose, he finally had an answer for her, but he knew it was not what she wanted to hear.



Authors Note:

Song in the Summary is Breathe Again By: Sara Bareilles. Thank you for reading! This is the start of the last installment of this saga. If you are confused It goes, 'Rumor Has It,' 'Don't you Remember?' And now, 'Make You Feel My Love,'  PLEASE REVIEW! I need feeback.

Chapter 2: The Fighter
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July 26th 2029


Scorpius let out a sharp breath of relief, as the cruciatus curse was taken off of him. His forehead wasn’t gracefully glistening with sweat, it was thickly sticking to him, draining him of what little water he had left in his body. Shattered breaths rattled around inside of him as he crawled onto his back.


He didn’t know what day it was, or what time, he was even having trouble remembering the year. They’d been tortured for so long he didn’t know what it was like to wake up and not be in constant pain. All he wanted was to figure out what the wanted. If he knew what they wanted, then maybe he could work out a way to get it to them. Anything to make them stop setting the very core of his bones on fire.


This man, the man that he’d come realize was in charge, was short with pitch black eyes and the darkest hair Scorpius had ever seen. He seemed to radiate a kind of madness that only grew with each encounter. Like he was waiting for the moment Scorpius would wake up and be completely broken. Though he didn’t know why this was happening to him or even sometimes who he was, he knew that point was growing nearer and nearer with everyday.


“I’m not going to ask you single question. You want to know why?” The man sneered. Then he lowered himself until he was right in front of Scorpius. His breath scorched Scorpius’s already boiling face.

“Because no one is ever going to find you when we are done with you. You are going to be beaten every day until we break you, and not just your body either, no…. We are going to break your spirit. So by the time we kill your half-blooded bitch, you won’t even have it in you to stop it.”


Half-blooded bitch? He wondered distantly who that was. His mind kept grasping at the figment of an idea and then as soon as it grew close enough for him to grab it was gone. Scorpius’s eyes, so light in the moonlight, were unfocused and confused.


A loud laugh sounded in the dungeon Scorpius was being held in. Scorpius shifted very slowly on the grime and hay covered floor he was laying on.


“I don’t know why I bother to talk to you. You’re already gone.”

“Why…” Scorpius groaned and found he couldn’t continue.

The man said, “Do you remember your name?”

Scorpius frowned and after a few moments he shook his head. “No…I don’t.”

“Well this will be fun…” The man sneered.

August 17 2029


Rose looked up and gasped when she saw James Potter walking towards her. Before she could say a word, she threw her arms around him and hugged him firmly. He kept waiting for her to release him so he could give her the bad news. But the longer they stood there the tighter her grip on him became. She couldn’t stand to release him for even a moment for fear that he, like every other male her life would be ripped from her.


After a moment James wrapped his arms around his dearest cousin, and saw there were tears on his shirt. He didn’t know if she was just happy to see her or if she had just been through so much that even the sight of him broke her.


“Hey,” He said to her as he rubbed her back soothingly. “I’m okay.”

She pulled back sniffling, her blue eyes big and puffy from crying. “When…When I didn’t hear from you...”

“Hey,” He tipped her face up and forced her to look him in the eye. “I’ve got two arms two legs, and I’m still dead sexier than every member of our family.”

An unwilling laugh brushed her lips as he grinned. “Prat.”

“Yeah,” His grin faded as disappointed loomed in his eyes. “You’re going to be mad at me.”

“Why? What went wrong?” Her voice grew with panic.

“I found where they were holding him, but he wasn’t there…”

“How do you know he was even being held there?” She crossed her arms, as she bit the side of her lip.

“I interrogated one of the guards and after some…coaxing-“

Coaxing?” Rose’s eyebrows rose in criticism. “James you’re an Auror, please tell me you didn’t break the law.”


James had gone through a lot in the past few months, losing his brother was something it had taken him leaving to get through. Here all he saw was his little brothers face wherever he had gone anywhere around London.  Before then he was never without a joke or a grin on his face, but times had made him grow more serious.


“Rose, I wasn’t authorized to leave. Anything I did was off the books.”

Rose felt a wave of guilt. “I’m sorry. I didn’t intend for you to get in to any trouble…”

“It’s Scorpius.” James shrugged, his words gaining much weight.

“So, what did you find out?”

“He was there for almost a month. They almost drove him insane.” James’s voice grew quiet. “But the guard didn’t know what happened to him. He seemed to think they moved him, but he was unsure…He seemed to be confounded.”


Rose had been holding on, to this flimsy sheet of hope. Her hands dug into the silky edges, making her palms bleed as she refused to let go. But at the sound of this news, or lack there of, she unintentionally let go to what little she’d been holding onto. Her little face, looked so incredibly vulnerable. She looked not like a strong, independent 24 year old girl, but a lost little girl.


An unforgiving wind brushed through the cemetery, swiping some strands of Rose’s frizzy red hair into her distant face.


Her eyes started brimming with searing tears. Before she even spoke, her throat began to shake. “James…I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate everything you’ve done. Because honestly you’ve gone above and beyond anything…” Rose’s voice weakened in sincerity.

“But I need a straight answer James. Either he’s alive or he’s dead. If he’s dead, fine. Just fucking tell me. I will set up the funeral, I will tell his parents. I will …” Her hands began to shake, which grew to her legs and then finally her face. “I will figure out some way to get through it okay? I don’t know how. I don’t have the slightest clue, but I will figure it out. I’ll just…” The tears came quick and steadfast. “Just give me a straight fucking answer. Just something to go on.”


The breath that had been lingering her throat caught onto the side of her throat and slid down the rest of the way uneasily. That was the way her life seemed to be going. No matter what she did, no matter how much she adapted she just always seemed to be a step closer to the edge. Over that cliff was a freefall of unyielding depression. And she was trying to hold onto herself, she was. Her whole life didn’t revolve around a man. It was just that she’d been through so much, if she lost Scorpius…


She knew in ten years she would have gotten through it, but now, she couldn’t see how that ever could be true.


“I’m sorry Rose,” James apologized, his voice low and full of regret. “I don’t know what else to do.”

She nodded, but she was trembling too hard to give him a verbal response.

“I’m going to go check in at work…I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Once again she nodded. This time she turned away. Even though he’d already seen that she was crying, she couldn’t handle looking at him right then. He thought about hugging her or just staying with her for a few minutes, but James knew Rose better than anybody, and he knew that right then she needed to be alone.


“I’m sorry Rose.” He whispered again before apparating away.


She fell to the ground, bruising her knees as she let out a strangled sob. Rose wanted to punch, kick, hurt anything, anybody, just to stop the deep and bitter agony that was spreading across her heart. She wished he’d never came back. She wished she’d never fallen in love with him. She’d wished she’d never been born. But all these wishes were faint and meant absolutely nothing. Her thoughts were vicious and full of shattered heartbreak. The only clear thought on her mind was that she had to get to Scorpius’s flat.


It was dusty and quite warm in Scorpius’s absence. She’d been coming here every once in a while since he’d been taken. In the back of her mind she wished with everything she had that he would walk in. Her deepest desire was for him to come in and complain about the mess, to be so flustered about the disarray his flat had been left in that he would instantly start cleaning. Rose would have given anything to see that again. But as she stood there she heard nothing, not creaking floorboard, nor a door swinging open, not even the beat of her own heart.


Tossing her wand onto the bedside table, Rose curled up into his bed. It still smelled like him, which only made her heart hurt more. Eventually, after her crying became so violent it began to physically hurt her, she emerged herself in the bed like a protective cocoon, unwilling and unable to leave.

Her pulse was racing, as ropes winded around her, binding her down to the ground. Her red hair stuck to the sides of her face, as she looked out again at Scorpius. He was standing in front of a man Rose had never seen before, but still somehow looked familiar to her.


“Isn’t this what it all boils down to anyway?” He sneered as he loosely brandished his wand at them. “The fact that you two refuse to stay away from each other no matter what it does to you? Others might call it admirable, but it sounds stupid to me. I mean she’s fit, but really Malfoy you gave up everything for a woman? You’re pathetic.”



The next morning, Rose’s alarm went off quietly next to her. At first she wasn’t quite sure where she was. When it hit her, she felt like she’d been punched. Still, she forced herself up. She had never called a day off work in her life. Though today would be the most reasonable day to do so given the state of things, she didn’t. If she stayed here she wouldn’t eat and if she didn’t eat, she would never move. Using a strength she didn’t have, Rose made herself get up.


She told herself to just sit up, then stand up, then change her clothes. Everything was step by step. Anything past that was too much for her. She was halfway out the door when she caught a look at herself. Her face was gaunt, and almost lifeless. It pained her, but she didn’t know what she could do to improve that. The only thing she could think to do was to keep moving. Malice and coldness hardened around her heart, like a protective incasing. That seemed to be the only way she could survive.


As soon as she arrived at work, she felt numbness took over her until she couldn’t think or feel anything. Once she got to her desk she saw her cousin James sitting at his regular desk, there didn’t seem to be any repercussions put on him. He did say he was leaving, but still it wasn’t authorized. It seemed for once his surname did him some good. She almost smiled at him, but she didn’t.


In the distance she saw her uncle coming towards her. The man had barely spoken three words to her since Albus’s death and every single one of those words had been work related. It seemed as if today she was going to add at least a sentence or two more.


“Rose,” He spoke briskly, not looking her in the eye. “Come with me.”

Frowning, she stood and followed him a few rows down to Jake Andrews desk.

“Andrews here is your new partner."

Her Uncle said, “You’ve been without a partner for over a month. It’s regulation to reassign you.”

Rose didn’t even look at him or at Andrews. “Fine.”

Then without another word to either one of them she walked away.


It was rude, and incredibly inconsiderate, but she was going through too much to handle this. She couldn’t help the growing feeling of paranoia that was growing on her like a three-foot leach, sucking the life out of her until she became dizzy and saw nothing but enemies everywhere. She was furious.


Rose knew she was at work. She knew she should be in control. She knew that her credibility and any respect her employers had in her would be lost if she stepped even a toe out of line. Rose was quite aware of her circumstances, but she had reached the breaking point. Her uncle treated her like garbage to the point where he reassigned her without a single hint of warning. He even went far enough to trap her into this by telling her in front of Andrews.


Her very veins shook with rage, as she clenched and unclenched her palms. Slamming against her ribs violently, her heart grew more and more bitter. Setting her face, Rose grabbed her wand and stormed through the aisle way to her uncle’s office. Her eyes were set; she was running on pure adrenaline. Gone was any sense of control. She wanted to do something, anything to feel like she was doing something. They could fire her, they could kick her out, she didn’t care. Nothing mattered anymore.


James thankfully looked up from his desk just in time. As soon as he saw her face, he instinctively dropped his quill and leapt to his feet.

“Come on Rose,” James physically took her by the arm. “You don’t want to do this.”

“Oh really?!” She practically screamed. “Because I think I do.”

“Rose, think about what you’re doing-“

“I am! For the first time in a while I just don’t care. I’m not going to sit anymore and take it-“ She began fueled by growing hate.

James didn’t let her finish. In one quick swift movement he threw her over his shoulder and walked her flailing body out of the office. Everyone around stared but they both didn’t care. Finally when James reached the filing closet he opened the door and threw her in.


“Are you insane? Are you trying to lose your job?”

“Don’t you understand? Don’t you get it? I’m-going-insane!” She cried out unable to hold it in any longer. “I can’t do this anymore! Any of it! I thought I could! I thought I was tough, but I’m not…” Her voice broke and then she was crying, “I’m weak, and I can’t fight this anymore. I can’t James…I just can’t.”

His face grew very somber as his own eyes looked on the verge of tears. He stepped forward and put his hands on her shoulders. His voice was soft and earnest, “You don’t have to do anything Rose. If you want to quit do it. If you want to leave the country do it. Anything you want to do, do it…Just please do something.”

“I don’t know what to do,” She sobbed not able to look him in the eye. “What am I supposed to do?”

“You need to stop doing what you think you’re supposed to do Rose. It’s killing you. You need to do what you need to do.” His grip on her became firm. “Search inside yourself, you know what that is.”


The answer wasn’t clear, but Rose knew where to start. She had to cut off the parts of herself that were dying. It was just too hard for her to keep holding on. She would never truly give up on Scorpius, but there was nothing more she could do.


James took her home and she wrote a note saying she was taking the week off. There was not the slightest chance of denying it now. Rose couldn’t be at work right then. She needed what small amount of closure she could get in the only way she knew how.


She’d looked everywhere for him, and done everything she could to find him. But she was left with nothing but this loaded box that she couldn’t bare to open.


Her fingers rubbed the velvet covering feeling completely destroyed by it.

The box said so much and meant even more to her. It was a box full of the possibilities of what they could have had. A box she couldn’t cope with owning any longer. In order to survive, to be able to wake up every morning without hating herself and everyone else around her, she needed to be as far away from that box as humanly possible. 

So she knocked on the Malfoy mansion right after sunset. The decision she was making was rumbling around her stomach making her anxious and nauseous at the same time. In her hearts she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but in the same instance she knew that she had to do this.


A small house elf named Firny answered the door, her face lit up with recognition upon seeing Rose’s face. “Madame Weasley?”

“Hi,” She echoed hollowly, “I’m here to see Mr. Malfoy.”

“He’s in his study Firny can take you,” She offered, her large brown eyes filling with sympathy.

Rose nodded and followed the kind little elf.


As she walked portraits and photos of young Scorpius grinned up at her. Every time she saw another one it was like breaking a window in an abandoned house, everyone could see the damage, but no one had the power to stop it.


Draco Malfoy was sitting at his desk when they entered, he looked a mixture of disgruntled and surprised at her presence. Her courage was slipping, any moment she might throw this whole idea out and just crawl into her bed away from everything. So before he could ask why she was there she acted.


She handed the box to Scorpius’s father, her eyes filled with burning tears. “I can’t hold onto this.”

“I don’t understand,” He asked in a bewildered tone. “This is yours.”

“No it’s not. He never gave it to me. It’s not mine.”

“Draco darling-“ Astoria said as she walked into the room, but as soon as her eyes caught onto Rose her gorgeous face turned to confusion. “Rose?”

“I can’t keep this.” She insisted.

Astoria frowned, her heart shaped face filled with sympathy. “Rose-“

“No,” Rose choked out a sob. “I can’t hold onto this. Maybe he meant to give it to me and maybe it was going to be mine, but he didn’t and I don’t know when we are going to find him, but he might not be the man that wanted to marry me when I find him…. And until we know I want you to keep it.”

“Okay.” Mr. Malfoy took the box. “I’ll hold onto it until he gets back.”

Rose let out a pent up sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

Then she turned and walked out.

July 30th 2029


Blood, so much blood was spilled. Scorpius should have been dead. His body laid flat on the floor, still. There he was wearing nothing but his underwear. His back was perfectly muscular and exposed to display the vivid scarlet lashes on his back. His head was cocked to the side and his bruised hands clutched his battered ribs. His skin was boiling and his bright blonde hair slicked back from sweat. There was no sign of life in him other than the hard throbbing pounding of his heart.


The door shook and swung opened. He didn’t move or even flinch when someone came in. Or when they kicked him in the leg. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel it. Scorpius had just adapted to it in a way that was almost inhuman.


“Are you guys even sure he’s alive?” The guard called as he kneeled down right next to Scorpius. Pulling his wand out of his pocket he pointed it at Scorpius’s throat.


Scorpius’s eyes cracked open, a rattling breath left his lips and then his legs swung out of nowhere knocking one of his captors over. The man’s wand dropped and Scorpius snatched it.


Pain was his companion, he grew to not fear it but expect it. Though his body was broken, he still held onto his survival instincts. He whispered a spell and ropes appeared out of nowhere to wrap the man up. Scorpius didn’t know how he knew the spell or how long it worked. All he knew was he had to get out of there.


Panting, Scorpius crawled out of the room, and then managed by some miracle to make it out into the hallway to a door that led out. He was in agony; his body was a weight anchored to the floor making him drag his wrecked limbs across the dirty floor. Two guards saw him and shifted to move towards him. Scorpius raised his wand and whispered a spell that knocked them both off their feet. Boldly, Scorpius pushed himself out the door, into the bright glaring sunlight of the day.


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Chapter 3: Say (All I Need)
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August 20th 2029


Rose stayed huddled in her bed. She still hadn’t moved an inch out of her brother’s guest bedroom and today was the day she was going to do so.


There was the most disgusting shirt in world lying on her bed. For the past few days, instead of getting up and getting a tissue, Rose simply used the worn striped shirt. After a day or so the ugly snot invested shirt became her only comfort in the entire world. It didn’t judge her. It didn’t cruelly remind her of everything she was without. It didn’t tell her how good she still had it.


No one had to say it but after a certain point she could see it was all on their faces. Albus wasn’t able to keep his life. Rose did. She got to keep her family, her friends, and though it hung by a thread she still had it, which was more than Albus and Scorpius did.


She didn’t care if she had no right to be unhappy. It wasn’t something she could control anymore. The only thing she did know was she had to leave this room. Her goal was to cry until there was nothing left, and she’d done the best of her ability to do that. Now she just had to get up, and move on as well as she could.


Before she moved out into the kitchen, she took a bath. Lying there, completely vulnerable she let out shuddering breaths. Rose fell under the surface of the water. Under water away from everything was the only place she felt safe. For a split second she stayed under the water for too long. A rush of adrenaline, shot up through her forcing her body up and out of the water.

“Get-a-grip,” She whispered to herself. “You can’t just live underwater.”

“Rose?!” Her brother called through the door, his voice strained with noticeable worry.

She laughed at him, her cheeks hurting. “I’m kind of busy bathing Hugo.”

“Oh…Alright…I just…I didn’t hear anything for awhile.”

“I’m fine Hugo. I’ll meet you in the kitchen in a bit.”


As soon as Hugo walked away she snorted and rubbed her face with her pruney fingers. “Merlin…Even he thinks I’m mad …ugh.” Rose let out a low breath, before pulling herself out of the bathtub and throwing on some sweats.


“Eat,” Hugo ordered as soon as she entered the kitchen pushing a bowl of cereal towards her.

Humoring him, she took a large spoonful and chewed it down generously. “Satisfied?”


“I’m going to go looking for a flat today.” She announced before getting another spoonful and taking a bite.

“Looking like that?” He asked before he could stop himself.

Rose let out a small laugh, the sounding foreign in her own ears. “No…Do I look that bad?”

“I never said that.” Hugo answered evasively, his eyes betraying him. “Don’t do that thing where you put the words in my mouth.”

Raising her hand in innocence, she scoffed. “I didn’t say anything, your face did.”

“Oh!” Hugo reached over finding an eyelash on her cheek. He held it out to her like they did when they were kids. “Make-a-wish!”

“I don’t want to Hugo.”

“Come on,” He grinned, attempting to tease with her.

A shadow passed over her face. “Don’t Hugo.”

“Come on!”

“You want me to make a wish? I just want to know that he’s alive,” She told her brother honestly. “That’s it. That’s all I want…but it seems that no matter how much I want that. It’s not going to happen. So I’m going to sit in here, and make myself cry until I can’t feel it anymore.”

Hugo looked at a loss for words.

“I love you Hugo and I’m honestly trying to get it together. I know mum’s owled you all worried about her baby Rose, but I promise I’m doing everything in my power to get myself together. And I’m not trying to hurt you…but that’s the truth.”

“Rose,” Hugo said tipping her face up to face his, “You can stay as long as you want.”

“Thanks Hugo.” Rose smiled weakly, “But I have to get my own place.”

Hugo frowned thoughtfully. “Just bring someone with you.”

“I don’t need-“

“I know, but what if you need a second opinion on the place?”

Rose could see by the earnest look on Hugo’s face that she wasn’t going to win. “Fine…I’ll see if Lily can take a late lunch. Alright?”

“And if she can’t, bring mum. You know she’d love to put her input in.” Hugo told her kissing her forehead like their father did when he was alive.

“Fine I will.”


Rose changed into her clothes, and found they were baggier than usual. She pushed that thought from her mind and grabbed a quill and some parchment. Then after some considerable hesitation, she owled her mother and asked her if she was free. Though she had intended to choose Lily to come with her, she quickly realized that she couldn’t take Lily. Not yet. Lily was sweet and kind, but she was also self involved and harsh. If she didn’t approve of how Rose had been acting, today was not the day she wanted to hear it.


Her mother replied quickly and energetically and within the hour she met her down at the café down the street.


“Rose,” Hermione Weasley, hugged her daughter. “Honey, I’ve missed you.”


Warmth spread through her body the longer she was in her mother’s embrace. Her mother was small, but strong and the longer she held onto her the better she felt.


“Now,” Her mother whispered pulling away, and pushing her hair away from her face fondly. “What kind flat do you have in mind?”


August 27th 2029


Her things were all boxed up and her bags were packed. She didn’t want to leave her brother’s flat. There was a consistent comfort there that never seemed to fade, but she needed to go. If she stayed she’d become codependent to the place, unable to walk on her own. Rose needed this.


Somehow in midst of her depression she managed to track down a flat available and go shopping for furniture with her mother. It took longer than she had estimated. To Rose it should have as simple as seeing something and buying it, but she hadn’t factored in the fact that all of her previous furniture had actually been Lauren’s extra furniture. So it took a considerable amount of time to find things she actually liked. It helped that she brought her mother. Hermione Weasley was quite resourceful, and insightful, she knew her daughters taste well enough to point her in the right direction.


Standing in her jeans, and brown leather jacket, Rose looked at her pouting brother with a smile.


“Hugo,” She laughed squishing his cheeks. “Quit looking so sad. You know you will be visiting me all the time.”

“Oh I know,” He grinned affectionately and tugged his older sister into his arms. “But I kind of liked you moping around, it gave me a project.”

Rose scoffed and smacked her brother off her. “You really know how to make me feel better."
“It’s what I’m here for.”

“What are you up to this week?” Rose asked sitting down on his couch.

Hugo stretched his long fine toned body while yawning. “I have practice all week. We have a game next week. You should come.”

“What day?”

“Saturday at 7.”

Nodding, Rose shrugged, “I’ll be there. I’ll go with James.”

“Good,” Hugo smirked good-naturedly running a hand through the silky hair they didn’t share. “He needs to get out.”


Flicking her wand, Rose shrunk all of her things so incredibly small that it all molded into a small box that fit in the space in her jean pocket.


“I’ll see you later okay?” Rose told him.

Hugo’s smile faded, as looked down at her with an unexpected amount of anxiety making her heart turn.

“I’ll be okay …” She reassured him softly. “I promise. I’m honestly doing better.”

“I know…I just-“

Rose’s face became serious. “You aren’t dad. It isn’t your job to take care of me or to protect me. It’s not anyone’s job.”

“It might not be my job.” He said, “But it is someone’s job.”

Shaking her head, she threw her arms around him and enclosed him in a tight hug. “From now on, it’s my job alright?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Three hours later, Rose hadn’t finished putting away her stuff, she wasn’t even close, but she had to go. It was too hot for a jacket so she left it on one of her brand new dinning room chairs and left for a nearby wizard going coffee shop.


The next day she was expected to head back into work, and she finally felt that she was ready to go back. She wasn’t over Scorpius and she probably never would be, but she was going to put that aside. If the day came when she did hear another lead on him or found something that could help find him, then she would be equipped to go after him. In the state she’d been she wasn’t fit to help anybody.


But before she could get back to work and put the pieces of her life together she had to apologize to Jake Andrews first. So in act that killed her pride and brought out the good manners her mother had instilled in her she asked him to get a late lunch to explain herself. After all, she had no idea how long she was going to end up working with him and he had no doubt had probably formed nasty assumptions of her already. It was best to knock those out of the way and start as fresh as possible.


“Thank you for coming.” Rose gave him a very obligatory smile as he sat down across from her.

Leaning forward, he nodded. “What would you like to discuss?”

“I just wanted to clear the air and apologize for any confusion I might have caused.” Rose said in a clear concise voice. “I wasn’t trying to attack you. It was…” She paused shifting in her chair as he stared her dead in the eye. “I apologize if my behavior came off negative in any way and I promise I will be professional from this point on.”

Jake wet his lips and nodded, never taking his eyes off her for a second. “I understand.”

“Thank you for being respectful.” She said in the tone of surprise. “I appreciate that.”

“Why do you looked so stunned that I’m respectful?” He asked bluntly, his attitude much more to the point than Rose remembered him being.

“I…” She gaped not sure how to respond. “I just know what people say about me, and…I didn’t mean to insult you.”

Andrew’s face seemed indifferent, but his eyes were guarded and undeviating. “You didn’t insult me.”

“Okay…” She felt uncomfortable and completely out of her element.


Everyone had been tip toeing around her, but now that Andrews was put up to being Rose’s partner it appeared he wasn’t going to baby her. She didn’t mind it, it was kind of refreshing really, but she was just surprised by it. She always pegged Andrews as two faced, but the man that sat in front of her wasn’t but. His deep blue eyes looked her as if he knew everything about her, and yet his face looked liked he didn’t know more than the man across the way about her.


“I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow then."
“I suppose you will.” He responded with a smile that would have charmed half the witches in London. Rose was unphased. She simply grabbed her cloak and apparated out of the pub.


August 29th 2029


Rose threw her body back against a brick building; her breathing was heavy and erratic as hot sweat trickled down her spine and down her very bottom of her back. Her eyes grew wide, as the dark make-up under them smeared and became messy. It didn’t matter anymore. They’d already been made. She was going to wait exactly three minutes and then if she didn’t hear anything from Andrews she was going to leave. That was the deal they struck when they began this mission.


Their covers were blown from the minute they walked into hotel. The hotel secretary looked at them funny, like she knew something they did not. It bothered her immediately, but she shook it off putting it off as first day back jitters. The concierge couldn’t possibly know what they were doing there. They had the perfect alibi after all.



When they drifted into the elevator hand in hand, Rose tensed up. Andrews smirked at her wrapped his arm around her like any husband would his wife. The move was so natural Rose almost forgot it wasn’t planned. Once the doors closed, Andrews pulled away and looked at her with concern.


“You alright?”

“Did she seem off to you?” She asked keeping her tone even.

He shook his head, his dark brown hair now a deep auburn color. “She was a bitch, but most of them are.”

Rose’s eyebrows shot up. “Women or hotel concierges?”

“Both,” He teased.

“Yes, I’ve heard your reputation with women.” She nodded curtly.

“What? You don’t approve?” He asked amused by her lack of enthusiasm.

Rose shrugged her fake black hair swaying in it’s tight ponytail. “I’m not your mother. You can do whatever you want.”

“But you don’t find my attractive do you?” He asked boldly and curiously.

“If you want my honest opinion then no, I don’t.” She cut him down easily and sharply. “But that doesn’t matter.”

Jake shrugged his big blue eyes filled delight at her indifference. “It does if we are supposed to be madly in love.”

“Well Andrews, you said I can lie well,” She began her voice and face devoid of any emotion. Then as soon as the elevator stopped, everything shifted, it looked as though she was a lovesick newly wed. “And you were right.”


An hour later, Rose was in their targets hotel room searching his things for evidence. She thought she found something, and she was about to signal for Jake when she heard someone blast open the main door to the suite. Stuffing what she had found into her pocket, Rose dove under the bed just in the knick of time and kept perfectly still.


“I saw the girl come in here!” One of them shouted furiously.
“Then,” A female breathed, “She’s still here. LOOK EVERYWHERE!”


Rose watched under a break in the covers, as one the women’s guards headed into the bathroom while the other headed straight for the closet. It was only a matter of seconds before they found her. She knew that it wouldn’t be difficult for them to do so. So she needed to a distraction, and then she needed to run like hell.

Crawling slowly over to the edge of the bed, she positioned her body in an extremely low crouch; the tip of her nose grazed the floor as she waited for her opening. The women didn’t move, she stood in her abnormally high heels, blocking the doorway from any clean get away. Rose swore silently and decided she had no choice. There was no time to wait, she had to get out now. First she pointed her wand at the bathroom, and nonverbally set the door on fire. The man from the closet, rushed over to check out the damage and in that second Rose barrel rolled out from under the bed and shot a spell at the woman sending her flying back against the wall.



One man ran to come to the aid of the woman and the other ran after Rose. She bolted out of the room and out onto the balcony. Thinking quickly she backed up and took a running jump to the opposite window. She was about a foot short of her goal. Her hands slipped on the railing and she almost fell. Her heart dropped as she clawed at the steel gate fighting to hold on, and prevent herself from falling well over a hundred feet to her death. The rubber souls of her flats dug into the bottom of the fencing, and without a second of hesitation, she flung herself over the barrier and broke into the next room. The tips of her ribs were raw from the way the adrenaline was ramming her heart out of her chest, but she didn’t stop. The man was good, and quick on her trail, by the time she made it out of the room, he was already on the balcony.


Rose ran through the hallways as fast as her body would allow her. Her arms and legs swung so viciously it looked more like she was trying to slice the air itself. By the time she made it to the stairs she made it look like she was going to run down them, but instead she flattened herself against the back of the door and when the man rushed through it she slashed her wand and sent the unknown henchmen to his death.


Most people would have let out a sigh of relief or taken a moment to rest, but Rose knew better. The longer you sat and counted your blessings the quicker they were taken away.


So she ran down three flights of stairs flipped her jacked over, pulled her hair out of its tight bun, brushed through it and waltzed into the staff room like she belonged there. Not a single soul looked up. To them, she could be a new maid that was about to change for their shift. In a hotel this big it was easy to get clouded in the crowds of faces.



Jake was supposed to be finding some intell of his own five floors down, but now that Rose had been made she didn’t know if that affected his mission or not. As she sat in the ladies bathroom, fully clothed with no intent to use the restroom, she began to worry that he’d been caught. Though Andrews wasn’t the best Auror in the ministry or even the best Auror she had ever worked with she knew he usually be counted on to handle his own problems by his career profile. The longer she sat there the more danger she was in. So she had to trust that he would get out and meet her at their rendezvous point.



In less than five minutes she had successfully changed into a maid’s uniform and left out the front door completely unnoticed. Once she was past the building, she curved around the building, took off the maid’s uniform and dumped it in a dumpster behind the hotel. Leaning against the brick building her anxiety and sweat began to build as she checked her watch urgently. She was supposed to leave if he didn’t show up within three minutes of the deadline. No exceptions, no excuses. But she couldn’t. Andrews wasn’t her favorite person in the world, but he was her partner. And she didn’t know why, but she knew that he would wait for her. It was risking her job to go against procedure, but as the scorching August heat began to grow in temperature, she found she couldn’t leave.


Procedures were made to ensure what little safety the Ministry could. Rose knew they did it for a reason and that these rules were for the good of all Auror’s. It wasn’t that she didn’t clearly understand and respect the operations and causes for her job. It was that there was an unspoken commitment to her partner that went a step farther than her commitment to her job. If they’d been partners for longer she would have known better what to do and she wouldn’t have so conflicted about it. But this was her second mission with him and she didn’t have the faintest idea what to make of this.



“Weasley,” A voice laughed making her jump and pull out her wand. Jake Andrews had a long gash on his forehead and he was limping a little, but he still had the sense of humor to raise his hands in innocence. “You stuck around.”

“Merlin!” Rose scoffed healing his forehead, “What happened?”

He waved her off with an exhausted sigh, as she threw his arm over her shoulder and began trying to help him walk. “Just got out of hand. I’ll explain more later. Let’s just get out of here.”

“Are you sure you can apparate?”

“Yes, let’s go Rose.” He said in an exasperated voice.


Rose paused and looked at him, before shaking her head and apparating back to the ministry.


August 30th 2029


“Seriously!” Rose groaned, clutching her face in agony. “It’s like my face is just a magnet for pure evil…Is my eye swelling up?” She cried out in pain.

Jake put his arm around her and guided her into a nearby restaurant easily. “We’d like a booth in the back and a bucket of ice, please.”

“I swear that guy came out of nowhere!”

“You’ll be fine.” He snorted handing her a bucket of ice.

Rose laughed bitterly under her breath. “Your eye isn’t swelling up to high hell.”


Jake unwrapped his napkin expertly, shoved some ice in it and gently applied it to her face. The gesture was meant to be simple, she could tell, but from the moment he scooted over and moved his hand to her face the context of the situation because unnecessarily heated. Though she felt uneasy about it, she didn’t move. He was trying to be nice and she was doing her best not to run from it. Even though every impulse is told her to flee from any form of kindness from him.


“Thank you,” Rose said finally taking the napkin out of his hand and pressing down on her swelling eye.


A few tables over a man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. It was clearly meant to be simple and impulsive, but Rose couldn’t feel anything, but bitter contempt for the both of them. How cliqued was it to do it in a crowded restaurant with everyone watching? At that moment you didn’t care about your love for the other person. You just want to show off that someone wants to marry you, because who wants to be the jerk that says no in front of a room full of people?


“Oh Merlin,” Rose growled in absolute disgust.

Andrews glanced at her with an odd expression. “You really hate people that are in love that much?”

“No,” Rose said shortly, but then she continued as he gave her a look of disbelief. “The setting…that proposal…” She shook her head, and lowered her voice. “He said being with her would be enough.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

She gave him a look and scoffed. “Would you like the person that you are being asked to spend the rest of your life with to say that you’re, ‘just enough?” She shook her head, the sharpness in her face lessened as she spoke. “You say that you have enough butterbeer. You say you have enough clothes. When you love someone it should never be enough. You should always want more of them, of what you have together.”



He looked at Rose. He saw her pale face, darkened by heaviness that seemed to grow on her with time. She was tough; she could kill a man with her bare hands without even trying. Many people knew that so they avoided her to keep their life expectancy up. What they didn’t see was that she was very smart, and extremely insightful, and more than that she had a big heart. No one with the dedication and drive she did would waste their time and their life fighting evil if they were themselves evil. But it was more than that, because Rose truly believed that she could improve the world. If she just pushed a little farther, if she just worked a little faster


The next question was soft as if it was almost barely spoken. “Why’d you fall in love with him?”

“Who?” Rose asked hoping he was asking about anyone but Scorpius.

He gave her a knowing look. “Malfoy.”


She hesitated for a few moments, her face loosing all harshness and becoming tender. The answer wasn’t easy as she thought it would be to think of. Her mind cranked through the memories they shared over the many years, until she found an answer to his question.


“He snuck up on me,” She laughed for the first time in months thinking of Scorpius’s smirking seventeen-year-old face.


“At the time it kind of felt like everything was crushing down on me…It wasn’t, I was just being a teenager I suppose…but then I fell in love with him. And ever since I can’t give up on him, I won’t give up on him…Something in my heart won’t let me let go of him...” Rose admitted quietly, her eyes off focused on something distant.


“I’m sorry,” She apologized with a laugh as she snapped back out of it. “I’m just vomiting my personal life all over you.”

“It’s perfectly alright.” Jake flashed a smile, his eyes warm with a tint of something Rose didn’t recognize. “I’m just getting to know my partner, which is good. I should know the person who has my back.”


Rose smiled, a genuine real smile, her hand still pushing frigid eyes into her inflammated cheek.


August 16th 2029


Scorpius snuck into Jake Andrews flat and waited till he returned home. It had taken him a long time to get this plan together, and it had taken him even longer to be healthy enough to execute it. He wasn’t embittered or crazed, he was focused and perfectly in control. They had tried to break him, and for a moment they had, but now he had a plan. And the minute he gained that organization there was nothing that could stop him.


“WHAT THE-“ Jake clutched his heart, panicked, “Malfoy?! …Mate everyone’s been looking for you-!”

“I need you to do me a favor or a lot of people will get hurt.”

Jake frowned, “I don’t understand…what’s going on? How did you get that scar?”

“I need you to go away for awhile.” Scorpius stated firmly, everything from his face to his perfectly relaxed.

“…Malfoy…I don’t know what happened to you,” He whispered seeing the large thin scar on Scorpius’s face and cringing. “But you need help mate…I have a job. I can’t just go-away-“

“I don’t have a lot of time to explain this to you.” He said as matter-of-factly. “You will go and someone will take your place.”

“Who will be me then?” Jake played along for a moment just to see where Malfoy would take it.

Scorpius sighed, and sat up straighter. “I will.”

“How the hell are you going to do that?” He laughed in disbelief as he reached for his wand. “You’d have to work with everyone and let them believe you’re still missing. You’d have to be me, and have to look at Weasley everyday.” Andrews shook his head in fear. “There’s no way you could do that Malfoy. I’ve seen you two together…”

“You’d be surprised how well I can lie.”

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Chapter 4: A Drop in the Ocean
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"HELP!" Rose screamed as loud as she could, as the water level around her grew higher and higher. Her make-up smeared, and the binds on her wrists cut deep as she struggled against them with all of her strength and might. "SOMEBODY HELP ME!"


Soon the water rose to her neck, Rose thrashed violently in the water, the metal binds on her wrists slamming against the wall as the water around her hands filled with blood. Finally, losing any sense of control over herself, she sobbed hysterically as she screamed. She was scared shitless. Andrews was told to leave after a certain time as was she if they didn't find one another. And if he didn't find her she would die.

The water rose and rose around her, and her neck pulsed as she was filled with paralyzing fear. This was it. The end.

Scorpius woke up early, and crawled out of Jake Andrews bed to his kitchen. He missed his bed; it was warm, comfortable and despite it's size he had very little space in it. Jake Andrews bed was spacious with thin sheets and endless freedom. Scorpius didn't like it. Though he'd spent most of his life sleeping alone, he found it was harder to do now that he knew what it was like to be with someone else.


What was harder though was going through the day doing everything in his ability to become someone else. Sipping his coffee, he dropped polyjuice potion in it and after a few cups, his pale skin, light eyes and bright hair darkened. His body changed, his muscle thinned and he grew an inch and a half. Soon he was completely transformed. He finished the last drop of his coffee and scowled as he thought of what to wear from Andrew's wardrobe.


Getting dressed is such a simple process most of the time. You wake up and just pick out whatever you feel like wearing that day, but when you become someone else the whole thing becomes complicated. You have to think of what they would want to wear and why. Most imposters miss the why, and that's why they were so easily caught. If you don't know why someone chooses a blue blazer over a brown suit jacket, than you really don't know them at all. And there were people who knew Jake Andrews, who would know that his favorite color was blue and he hated wearing black, Scorpius's favorite color. So he had to watch and be careful.


It was easy deceiving Andrews friends. They were stupid enough to believe him when he said the reason he didn't get an inside joke was because he was tired. Sure Jake Andrews did work hard, but there was no reason for that to mean he suddenly didn't understand jokes between him and his friends. There's no amount of exhaustion that can erase that.


The hard part was walking around changing every natural instinct he had. He couldn't walk around like he would walk, with long purposeful strides. He had to take short rapid choppy steps, which would have looked ridiculous on Scorpius's body, but actually worked with Jake Andrews taller, thinner form. Also there were more little things that drove Scorpius absolutely mad, for instance, how Andrews was left handed. Half the day he'd have everything else down; the walk, the talk, the eating habits, the bad habits, but one thing he just kept messing him up was the natural reflex to use his right hand. Thankfully nobody noticed. As long as he did everything else right no one looked at him twice.


It wasn't way to spend his days. It was tiresome, and really boring, but he had to do it. They were going to come back, and they were going to tare the ministry apart. If he didn't do this his family would be endanger, Rose would be endanger, and that was something he'd rather die then allow that to happen.


So he sat in another man's house, in another man's clothes, in another man's body and another man's life until the time came that he could be himself again.

"Rose, my wedding is less than a week away," Kelly breathed anxiously as she paced the room. "I'm going barking over here!"

"Alright, alright cool it." Rose told her soothingly, as she took the wedding plans out of Kelly's white-knuckled death grip. "Let me hold onto this before you break it."

Rose guided Kelly to a chair, and pushed her long dark hair out of Kelly's face. "I want you to sit down and calm down. You get six days off a year and I don't want you wasting one of them on hysterics."

Kelly sighed and put her head in her tan hands. "I know! I know! I just…I want everything to be perfect. We are spending so much money and I just…"

"Shhh…It's okay. You just have to breathe alright?" Rose rubbed her back soothingly. "I have everything covered. All you have to do is jump into your dress and take a little walk down the crimson carpet."

Lauren laughed as she lounged comfortably on Rose's couch. "Yeah, Kell, you're going to going go mad if you keep this up. The wedding is supposed to a happy occasion. 'member?"

"I'm quite aware of that Lauren," Kelly said sharply, as she rubbed her temples.

"Okay okay." Rose intervened, giving them both dirty looks. "Let's dial this back a bit and calm down. Alright?"

Both Kelly and Lauren nodded.

Rose sat down across from Kelly and sighed. "I have to get to work for a bit-"

"I thought you weren't working today!" Kelly shrieked, in blind panic.

Holding her hands out to soothe Kelly, Rose's eyes widened. "I took a half day…I have to go finish up paperwork. I will be back around dinner time." She shifted her gaze to Lauren, "So Lauren is going to take you out to see a muggle movie, and-"

"Oy-!" Lauren protested sitting up quickly.

"AND!" Rose continued her eyes narrowing at Lauren, "You two aren't allowed to talk about the wedding at all."

"Thank you Merlin." Lauren whispered under her breath as she ruffled her disheveled blonde hair.

Kelly's mouth snapped open, most likely to uninvited Lauren from the wedding entirely, but Rose swept in and picked them both up out of their chairs.


"I think you two need some fresh air."

"But-" Lauren began in a small whining voice.

Rose locked eyes with her and growled. "Lauren-Ann, don't push me alright?"

"Fine fine," Lauren conceded after the use of her middle name.


Rose eventually herded them both out of her flat and headed to work. Her patience was thinning with the pair of them. Lauren was still miserable and hadn't dated anyone since Hugo. Over the past few weeks her annoyance with Kelly's insistent talk about her wedding had grown to the point of outward aggression. It wasn't her intention to be jealous, Lauren wanted Kelly to get married and she wanted her to be happy, but to see them together and have to deal with it all the time just made it unbearable to her. Kelly to her credit wasn't trying to put her wedding in Lauren's face. She even went as far to suggest Lauren bring a date, but Lauren took this an offense like she would be seen as sad and pathetic if she came without one.


As far as she was concerned they were both being ridiculous. Kelly needed to realize that no matter how many preparations she made the whole wedding could go to hell, so she might as well just relax and enjoy it. Rose felt that Lauren, on the other hand, should just stop being an idiot and talk to Hugo. Whatever the hell had lead to their breakup was stupid if it wasn't enough to make their feelings for each other subside in the slightest.

Once she got to work she pulled out the muffins she baked at home and put them by the coffee station in the staff room. Before she could leave she saw Jake Andrews walk in all tall and lanky and take one.


"What are you upset about?" He asked bluntly gesturing to the food.

Rose frowned, confused on how he could know that. "I…nothing…What makes you say that?"

He flinched as if he thought he said the wrong thing. "You just…er look upset."

"No…" She laughed at herself. "I do bake when I get worked up…Uh I guess my best friend's wedding is just stressing me out. How could you tell?"

"I saw the cookies from last week, and the cake last month…" He drifted off not looking her in the eye as he took another muffin.

"Yeah well…" She shifted awkwardly blushing and scratching her hairline. She saw a flyer for the mandatory Ministry ball the next night and decided to move the conversation to something else.


"We seriously have to go to a dance?" She scoffed, crossing her arms pointing at the flyer. "How can they make this mandatory? We are adults! How can they make us do anything."

"It's a Ministry ball," Jake Andrews shrugged unconcerned as he took a bite of his muffin. "I'm sure it will be a laugh."


Rose eyed him with a nasty look on her face. Of course for guys it was a laugh but she was going to have to spend two hours getting ready for it. And since she didn't have a single motivation in the world to go it made the whole idea repugnant to her.



"Nothing." She lied shifting away from him.

"You know," He started a smirk forming that didn't quite look right on his face. "You say you have no problem with me."

"I don't." She countered walking out of the staff room to her desk.

He snorted follow her lazily. "You should tell that to your face."

She smiled unwillingly, turned and nudged him. "Come on, we have loads of paperwork to do and I'm sure you have much better things to do than stand here and wonder what I think of you."

"And what if I don't?"

"Then you have a sad pathetic little life." Rose scoffed as she eased into her desk chair.

He eyed her, the smirk still visible. "What is it wrong for someone to want you to think well of them?"

Her teasing tone was gone, and she frowned, her eyes downcast on her work. "No one should care what I think of them. I'm nobody and I will accomplish very little. My name will be put on that plaque with all the other Auror's that died in battle, and my family will mourn me, but that is all." She looked up with a very forced smile. "So there's no need for anyone to get a their panties in a twist over me."


His hand twitched as if to grab hers, it was a flash, but then he put his hand under his desk and began working. Rubbing her eyes, she forced herself to believe she had imagined it. Jake Andrews would never comfort Rose Weasley and he most certainly wouldn't do so as a reflex. She had to have been seeing things.


"You alright Weasley?"

She nodded not bothering to look up.

Aiden, Rose's long ago boyfriend came strolling over to her desk, a big goofy grin on his face. "Hey Ro."

"What are you doing here?" She checked her watch. "Aren't you supposed to be in a conference in Japan right now?"

"Nah," He said plopping down in his desk chair. "I don't have that until Thursday. What are you up to?"

She gestured to the piles of folders. "Paperwork until March."

"So you couldn't possibly ditch this for a bit and do lunch with me?"

"I could," She began, "But I won't…Maybe later on this week?"

Aiden looked disappointed but he nodded all the same.

"How did your date go by the way?" She asked politely.

"Fine," He shrugged unconcerned by the whole thing. "How about you?"

Andrews didn't look up, but Rose noticed that he stopped fidgeting like he usually did while he worked when Aiden asked that particular question. "What do you mean what about me?"

"It's been three months Rose, it's almost the end of September." He said with a heavy sigh. "When do you think you're going to get back out there?"

Rose's face sharpened in anger. "If you think I can just put a dress on, go on a date with some guy when I don't even know if Scorpius is…" She let the sentence die as she forced herself to look back down at her paperwork.

"Okay, but what if he is alive, and well, and he's just out there dating and living his own life? I'm not saying it's likely as the whole ministry's on the look out for the bloke, but-"

"He wouldn't do that." Rose told him firmly. "He might be alive and he might be in hiding, but he wouldn't be going on dates out on the town like some idiot."

Aiden pushed his dark hair out of his face. "How do you know?"

"Because I know him." Rose said softly, her voice tender, but full of unwavering conviction.

Across from her she saw Jake Andrews smile for a second, this time she knew she saw it, but she didn't have the slightest clue what he could possibly be smiling about.

"What if his body is found?" Aiden asked worriedly, leaning forward towards her. "Then what?"

Rose swallowed the bitter unhappy feeling that just crawled up her throat at the thought of it. She turned away from Aiden and sighed, "Until that happens I have no idea what I'll do, but I do know I'm not going to suddenly go out with every bloke in town."

"I know. I know. I'm just concerned is all. I want to make sure you're happy."

She forced a smile on her face. "I'm fine Aiden. Now why don't you go get back to work huh? I'll see you tomorrow at the magnificent ball."

"You're going to that?" He laughed in disbelief. "You? Miss-I-Hate-All-Social-Gatherings!"

Rose laughed and flashed him a smile. "I have to, we all do."

"What color is your dress so I can find you?"

"It's just a simple little white dress I found when I was shopping with Lily."

"We'll I'll see you there." He kissed her forehead and left her to her paperwork.


She tried to go back to work and she did do some of it, but Rose's attentions wavered as memories started popping up in her mind.


"What most of your dates don't wear neon headbands and no make up?" Rose scoffed sarcastically.

"Shockingly no. They actually care how much of a resemblance they share with a sprawling duck."

She held back a laugh at that and instead gave him a look. "Well, what am I supposed to wear?"

"Not grandma's old sweater and a pair of fisherman jeans." He told her authoritatively.

"What? And I should be dressed like you? Who wears black on a first date?!"

"Clearly," Scorpius began snidely, "Someone who values the wear of a good tailor."

She rolled her eyes. "Fine. You know what? You're right."

"That only took seven years for you to discover that."

"Well since I'm such a slow learner and you CLEARLY have a better fashion sense then me why don't you go pick out my outfit?"

Apparently, that was not what he was expecting to hear. "…What?"

"Well since you are so superior to me in everyway," Rose stopped to smirk, "Then you should have no problem picking out something as simple as something for me to wear."

It took a second, but then he scoffed and walked past her. "Whatever Weasley."

"Chicken shit."

He spun on his heel and gave her a thoughtful glance. "What are you playing at Weasley?"

"I'm going to keep challenging you because you Scorpius Malfoy seem to think that you can do anything. And I'd like to see you prove that."

"You're on Weasley."


"Weasley?" Jake called waving a hand in front of her face.

She blinked and looked around sharply. "What?"

"We have to go, there's a meeting."

"Oh…" She nodded putting away her files temporarily. "Thank you."


She followed Jake to the staff room and stood in the back with him away from the leering stares of some of the other Aurors. There were a few that liked her and were friendly with her, a fair few that was respectful to her out of memory of her father, and then there was an obnoxious number of young male Auror's who went out of their way to bother her.


Jade, the only girl in the room Rose actually liked, moved through the crowd and leaned against the wall next to her.

"You alright Rose? You look like you're dazed."

"I'm just out of it. I haven't been getting enough sleep or something like that I suppose." She shrugged nonchalantly. "How are you?"

Jade's white smile popped against the contrast of her dark skin. "I'm good."

"…Who is he?" Rose asked knowingly.

"Who is who?"

Rose laughed and crossed her arms across her chest. "The guy that has you smiling so big."

"Oh he's a nobody."

"How many dates have we had with Mr. Nobody?" Rose teased her nudging her side.

Jade blushed, a very minor change in her face's coloring. "Three."

"Well I'm happy for you." Rose told her promptly giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

Harry Potter walked into the room, and promptly said, "I'm going to keep this short and to the point as I'm sure you all have more important things to do than to talk about this bloody ball, but I have to say this, show up and for the love of Merlin please don't embarrass this department."

Jade snorted under her breath to Rose, "Like last year when James did a handstand because he was so pissed on firewiskey?"

"His father wasn't even mad at him," Rose smiled at the memory.

"Meeting over," Harry announced promptly walking past them.


Rose laughed at the bluntness of the meeting and followed the herd of people leaving. Jake caught her arm and pulled her aside.


"We just go a lead on the McKibbon case."

Rose frowned, and a rush of guilt rose in her stomach as she thought of the dinner she wasn't going to make with Kelly and Lauren. She wrote them a quick explanation, grabbed her cloak and followed Jake into the elevator. As the metal doors shut, her mind once again drifted off, this time the memory was a few months later than the first, at much different time in their relationship.

"Okay," He declared before planting one more firm kiss on her urgent lips. "Now I have to go."

"I know," she pouted standing on her tiptoes to be eye level with him. His hands winded easily around her slender waist. "I know you do."

Rose reluctantly kissed him, and walked him to the door. He opened the door and walked out the door without another look at her. It was the first flat Rose ever had and she shared it with Kelly. It was a small little two bedroom flat with a long winding hallway that was impossible to apparate out of. In order to apparate people would have to walk all the way down the hallway and go to the stairs. The process was practical because then they would be able to put spells on the door to avoid anyone they didn't want to see. But for Rose and Scorpius it just made the situation harder.


They were right in the middle of their teenage infatuation. It was at the stage where it was unbearable to be a part and unthinkable to leave each other, but they had to. He lived and worked in America, she lived and worked in London. There was no way at the time that either one could relocate. So every time he visited, Rose had to watch him walk down the hall knowing it could be days, weeks until she saw him next.


Scorpius took a few steps and Rose watched from the doorway still in her sleeping clothes as tears surfaced in her eyes. It took all of her energy not to be pathetic and chase after him. Most times she lost control and chased after him, snogging him a few times before begrudgingly letting him go. He never turned around on his own. Rose never asked why, but she could tell it was because it was taking all his energy to leave in the first place. If he turned around even for a second he might not leave at all.


But that day was different because he heard her sniffle. The other times he was so focused on moving forward he had not, but on that day he did. The small soft sound reached him and sliced through his heart. And for the first time he turned around and Rose saw that she was right about him. His face was broken, and full of unshed tears as he had been trying to hold it all in. Scorpius took a few steps forward, before dropping his bag and rushing towards her. He couldn't bear to think of her crying, and more than that he couldn't stand to hear it.


"Don't cry." He begged her, his eyes hardened, as the glimmer of tears appeared in his own eyes. The tips of his thumbs wiped the tears away from her reddening eyes.


She broke and threw her arms around him. And after a seconds hesitation she threw her legs around him too. Trying to show with every squeeze, every touch, every embrace just how deeply he loved her, Scorpius buried his face in her hair and clenched his eyes closed.

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" Rose declared knocking him clear off his feet and planting kiss after kiss on his face.

He laughed, his face alive with joy and untainted delight. "I love you too."


There were other men, she could specifically remember their names, only that they had chased her for years, trying to capture her attention. Scorpius was the only one who never had to do that, because from the moment they kissed seven years ago he had taken her heart fair and square. It was odd, but whether they were aware of it or not, every day they were apart it felt like they'd spent the whole time still fighting to be together. Maybe there are some relationships you just aren't meant to forget no matter how unhealthy it is for you to dwell on them.


They apparated to an old Scottish castle and the butler lead them to a balcony to wait for the man that had information for them on a cold case they were working. The castle wasn't well kept up, the walls looked brittle and so breakable. Rose just wanted to get this done as soon as possible, finish her paperwork and go hang out with Kelly and Lauren. She didn't want to think about Scorpius anymore. She didn't want to think about what Aiden had asked her. She didn't want to think about where he was or if he was even alive at all. All she wanted was to keep moving and avoid that part of her life all together.


Of course she couldn't do that, but the idea was so beautiful that it caught her off guard. As they waited for the lord of the castle to appear Rose sighed.


Staring out at the skyline, she rested her arms on the cement railing and asked Jake, "Do you ever just have flashes of your life? Like your brain is just processing what is and what has always been in your life?"

"Like what?" He asked matching her stance.

She shrugged, "Just little baby moments of time that you have with other people that seem so common at the time, but are the things you hold onto later."

"Yeah…I think we all do that."

"Mr. Andrews?" The butler announced, his crisp Scottish accent breaking their conversation. "Lord Swan will see you now."

Rose and he walked forward through an extremely large and dusty library. She felt that something was strange about this place and wanted to investigate further.

"So," She said under her breath, "Can you deal with Lord-what's his-name for a bit?"

"Where are you going?"

She shrugged, "Take a look around…There's something weird about this place…I'll meet you at the entrance in a half hour."



As soon as Scorpius figured out Rose wasn't where they were meant to meet up he searched the old broken down castle for her. It had taken him only ten minutes to take down the old fat Lord's statement, and it had taken ten minutes of his life to realize that they didn't need to come in the first place. The man provided no new information to the case; he merely repeated the statement two other people had made.


The longer he looked the more paranoid he became. He traveled down one of the older more cobwebbed staircases calling her name, glancing around for her. Finally he hesitantly stepped into an odd room, it was a room like any other but he could see it originally was used to be a large bathroom from the large pipes a ledge around the edge, and dug in cavern that was filled with water that had to be at least thirty feet deep. That's when he saw her.


He had moved onto the platform out of curiosity and found her underwater. It took him a split second to realize her situation; at first he thought she simply fell in. His mouth opened to say a joke, but soon he saw her thrashing around underwater, never getting far. Then the expression immediately dropped off his face and without another single thought he leapt into the water. She was still conscious but only just. Her body convulsed as she fought to escape. She reached out to grab him, but he was just a few feet too short. And soon, the air that had been struggling in her lungs had given out and she stopped struggling.


Her hair was drifting through the water, and her eyes had slipped to a close, as her now limp body drifted through the water. She looked like she weighed nothing at all as the only thing keeping her from floating to the surface was the steel bindings that trapped her in the first place.


Scorpius didn't give a shit about protocol or his mission or anything else in the entire world. Everything inside him cried out in matching shrieks of uncontrollable and unearthly pain. His muscular arms cut through the water viciously as he fought to get to her. As soon as he did he slashed his wand through the water and helped her free from her hold. Her body drifted forward, her head dropping to face the floor as an invisible anchor lifted her to the waters surface.

He pressed his lips to hers, forcing the oxygen in his body in hers, but she was lifeless and unmoving under his grip. Scorpius didn't wait, he wrapped a protective arm around her waist and shot them both up to the ledge at the waters surface.


Gasping, as his body slammed against the wet ledge surface, he pushed her onto her back and immediately used every spell he could think of to get her to wake up. And when that failed he began performing muggle CPR.


"No," he kept saying. His eyes wild and mad with fear. "No, you can't do this! You are not allowed to do this! Do you hear me Rose Weasley? You are not allowed to die on me!"


She choked, a small splutter of a cough that rose from her small stomach to her throat, spitting out a small amount of water. The color slowly began to return to her face, and Scorpius let out a rather large sigh of relief.


All the hope he had inside of him, any happiness, contentment, or anything remotely pleasant about him resided purely on her survival. When he thought she had died, even for those few seconds, it was like the life had been sucked out of him too leaving him dry and worthless to the world. But now, he sat with her head in his lap and a wide blissful smile on his face looking into bright blue eyes.


"Andrews," She snorted, pushing herself up shivering as she did. "Don't start getting goofy on me. I'm alright…I am...Did you catch them?"

He snapped back into character and frowned. "Who?"

"Rachel Levitt, and some man." She gulped, her eyes full of panic as she trembled. "They snuck up on me... disarmed me and locked me down there as they turned on the water."

Scorpius's chest tightened. How could he have been so stupid to let her walk around a strange castle by herself and not think anything of the false interview? This was a trap. The Death Eater revivers had planned this to get Rose out of the way.


"Are you okay?" He asked unable to hide the fear in his voice as dried them both with his wand.

She nodded, "I'll be okay. I just want to get out of here."

"Come on then," He lifted her up to her feet. "I'm going to have a word with Lord…whatever."

"I don't think that idiot knows anything." She told him.

He bit his lip, "Why did you come down here in the first place?"

"I heard music playing. I thought it didn't make sense. I should have known something was more than just off."

Scorpius looked at her face. "Come on. Let's get out of here then."

"Wait," She grabbed his arm to stop him, her red hair frizzing and sopping wet. "Thank you ...for saving me."


After almost losing her he lost track of his priorities. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to tell her who he really was. He wanted to throw this whole charade out the window and just hold her. All he wanted was to feel her steady heart beat against his chest and know she was going to be okay. But he couldn't. This act, this seemingly random act of violence was specific, was a sign that he couldn't be Scorpius Malfoy. Right now he had to stay in the dark. And no matter how much he wanted to be with her he had to wait, until she was safe.


So he simply said, "You're welcome." And they apparated back to the Ministry.


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Chapter 6: Heartbeat
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"I need to talk to you," Rose stated, tugging on her uncles arm like she had when she was a child. The difference was she wasn't going to give him the option to turn her down. "Right now, uncle."

Her Uncle Harry's eyebrows furrowed as he glanced down at her. "Rose-"

"No," She told him sharply and quietly. "You can hate me all you want. You can think I killed Albus for as long as it takes for the pain of his death to go away…I. Don't. Care." Rose insisted her voice completely still. "I need you to come with me…right, now."


Twelve Hours Earlier…


Moving into the office that morning was like heading into the jungle wearing packets of meat with nothing but a stick to protect her. She was trained in a lot of things through her job. Rose Weasley didn't have a lot of skills other then book smarts and Quidditch when left Hogwarts. When she was eighteen she had no idea how to defend herself, how to deceive someone and most importantly how to tell if someone was deceiving her. But now, at 24, she saw the devils everywhere and finally she had really found one, right under her nose.


Her first objective was to write down as much pieces of evidence as she could, without the fake Jake Andrews noticing, but she knew it was nearly impossible. If this guy had been copying her real partner, then he had to know her well. He had to know when she was acting strange and he had to be writing down her motivates as well. So this had to be played perfectly, as if she wasn't living her life, but playing her life as a role. And since she had never thought of her life like that, it was a bit of an… adjustment.


"You alright Rose?" Fake-Jake asked her in this stiff, but concerned voice.

She nodded and did what she would do if the last part of last night hadn't happened. "…I'm fine Andrews…You honestly don't have to worry about me," Rose pinched the bridge of her nose, "I'm fine."

"You know that tonight we have to go to the ball with our partners right?" Andrews reminded her shifting the conversation away from her.

"What?" Rose was honestly thrown off by this piece of information. "When was that decided?"

"Last week…You were at the meeting."

Rose frowned, and remembered blocking out her Uncle's words because of her frustration with him. "I wasn't listening."

"Well…uh…um, what color is your dress?"

She looked right across the desks separating them, and said, "White."

For a moment, he paled, but then he asked, "A white gown?

"Yes," And then she said, "What?"

He shook his head and avoided her eyes, his chest tightening in an emotion she couldn't decipher. "Nothing."

Looking over her caseload for the rest of the week, Rose thought of why he would have such an expression. Why would a white dress almost seem to… rattle him?

"Yes," An elegant, but crisp voice cut through her thoughts from a few desks over, "I'm here to see Rose Weasley."


Rose twisted around in her chair to see Mrs. Malfoy standing only a few feet over, her soft brown hair twisted in a knot on top of her head. Instantly she leapt to her feet and went to her side.


Rose told one of her colleges, "Thanks Matt, I have this." Then after that she placed a hand on Mrs. Malfoy's back and guided her aside. "Astoria," Rose blinked, "Is everything alright?"

"Rose, I have to tell you something, but," She gulped and glanced around anxiously, "Not…here," Mrs. Malfoy whispered.

Nodding, she said, "Alright…Come on," Rose moved her along and told the Fake-Jake, "I'll be back later."

Fake-Jake said nothing, but Rose saw a flicker of emotion behind his eyes at the sight.


Evidence #4:

The sight of Rose Weasley with Astoria Malfoy makes the culprit jumpy when has no reason to be.


"What has you so startled?" Rose whispered as she brought Astoria into the Auror's side of an empty integration room.

"Rose," She gulped, suddenly looking jumpy and very nervous, "There's been movement in Scorpius's bank account."

Freezing Rose said, "…What…what do you mean there was movement?"

"I didn't notice it at first," Astoria Malfoy whispered as she sank down into a nearby chair, "You told me to look for anything strange…to you know, keep track of his finances and then I saw this morning that for the past three months small amounts of money were being funneled out of his account every minute…The amount was…just so small I didn't see it…"

"Shhh…it's okay," Rose soothed her, as she rubbed small circles into her shoulders. "You weren't supposed to do anything but let me know as soon as you knew and you are doing exactly that right now."

She shuddered as tears escaped her eyes, "I know…I know."

"Astoria, look at me," Rose told her softly as she bent over to get eye level with her. "This is good news, they can't get into his account without him."

"Yes they can! They can torture him…or. Or. They can…" Her voice died off when a seemingly endless stream of tears began falling down her face.



Rose wrapped her arms around the small, loving woman, and felt tears prick at her own eyes, she held the woman as she cried in terror and pain. All she wanted was her son to come home and Rose wanted more than anything to tell her that was the case. But she couldn't bring herself to give Scorpius's mother anymore hope. Hope was a fickle friend, it finds you when you need it most, but it also is the biggest liar. It tells you to believe, to tells you hold onto faith, and makes you think that somehow someway what has been lost will be returned to you. And sometimes it's true, sometimes if you put all of your trust and energy into something, it does work out. But usually it doesn't, and Rose didn't have the heart to break hers. So instead she said nothing and just held her almost…could have been, most likely should have been mother in law and said nothing.



Eventually she calmed down and gave Rose the paperwork so she herself could examine it. Rose didn't even look at; she slipped it into her purse to read later, away from prying eyes. Then, she walked Mrs. Malfoy out to the visitor elevator and gave her one last hug. Her pale arms cradled the small fragile woman, as she fought to control herself.


"I will come see you soon, to address it," Rose promised her in a broken whisper.

Unable to respond, Astoria Malfoy nodded, and gulped down the fresh batch of tears that were surfacing in her eyes.


A lot of things got to Rose, things that fell through the harsh barriers, into the tiny cracks that shot through her, breaking down any grasp she had on her emotions. She briskly stormed back to her desk and slammed down into her chair forcing herself to look at the paperwork in front of her.


"What happened?" He asked cautiously.

"Nothing," She snapped, not looking at him.

He said, "Wasn't that Mrs. Malfoy?"


This time she didn't have to fake the rush of emotion she was supposed to have. The tears were real, as were the shaky sentiment behind them. Her eyes hardened, his jaw tightened, and her finger nails dug so deep into her palm, a small prickle of blood ran from it.


When this was just about the job it was different. She could detach and think about it like it was a mission, focusing on simple tasks to fix the overall picture…But this was far too personal for that to ever have been possible. How could she have even deceived herself into thinking she was that cold? How could she have convinced herself that it didn't matter? They had systematically dissected her life and sliced it apart, searching for any vulnerabilities and in the process cut away any part of her life that she needed. Sitting there, staring at a stranger, all of the blood rose in her body, turning over and over again, scorching her cells until her very skin turned almost red enough to match her hair.


Rose couldn't last the entire day. For a few seconds she wasn't even sure if she could last another minute. All of her loathing and hate was curling around, buried deep down, fueling venom into her veins. Across from her was person pretending to be someone else for the soul purpose to crawl their way into her life like a leech, a horrible nasty little parasite.


And right then, she wanted nothing better than to seize him by the collar and slam him into his desk repeatedly until he begged, pleaded even, for mercy and forgiveness. She wouldn't stop. Not until he, whoever the hell this soulless…heartless, bastard was told her what he did with Scorpius and why he was doing this to her now.


The only thread, a small almost feeble thread, that held her back was Astoria Malfoy. Rose promised her that she would do everything she could. And right now that would be keeping her mouth shut until she knew who he was. If she tipped him off, if she hurt him, she may never find out anything, and in some ways that was so much worse then knowing the truth.


So, she clamped her jaw tight, and said nothing. She clamped her jaw tight so much her muscles began to ache and whine. For hours, Rose threw herself into her work. Using her anger and rage to rip through all of her work to the point where, for the first time in her career, she finished all of her work early. When she finally stopped, Rose looked down and saw a small bruise forming in the space on her hand she'd been gripping her quill with. Still fuming, Rose cleared her throat and realized she's skipped lunch.


"I'm leaving," She stated to the imposter, not looking at him.

"Where are meeting tonight? …For the ball?"

Rose looked at him for the first time in hours, barely concealing the hate lingering in her eyes. "7:00, front of the ministry, by the Albus Dumbledore statue."

"Why the Dumbledore statue?" He asked, his eyebrows rising, looking skeptical at the location choice.

She shrugged, no longer caring how she appeared to seem. "Just be there Andrews."


Rose moved to leave; the file Mrs. Malfoy shifted to the bottom of her purse, forgotten and waiting to be found until much later.


"Are you sure you want to go to this?" Lauren wondered aloud while she eyed her green gown in the mirror. "I mean I'm sure I can say you came down with something if someone asks."

"No," Rose said shortly, not bothering to see how she looked. "I'm fine."

"Well you look like you're about to go axe-murder crazy…but if you say you're fine…"

"I am."

Lauren shrugged, her long blonde hair touching the split in the back of her dress. "Okay."

"You look nice Lauren…Do you have a date?"

Her cheeks flushed, but she otherwise showed no other sign she was bothered at all. "Yes, he's a nice bloke, and not bad looking either."

"That's nice," Rose said stiffly.

"Look," Lauren sighed sitting down next to her, "I …well …I fancied your brother, but he's keen on pushing me away. And I'm not going to wait anymore. It's time I moved on and accepted that I…" She cleared her throat and a more resolved look focused on her pale, "That I deserve more."

Rose's face softened and she gave Lauren's hand a squeeze. "If that's how you honestly feel then I'm behind you a 111 percent."

"Why 111?" Lauren snorted, standing up to check her reflection one more time.

"Because," Rose muttered, leaning back on her forearms, "It's an odd number kind of a day."

"What do you mean?"

Rose shook her head.

"What Rose?" Lauren asked, twisting to look at her, "You seem…all angry and frigid."

"I just found out something today…I can't talk about it, but it's bothering me."

She sighed in disapproval, "That job of yours is going to eat you alive."

"I know. Believe me," Rose rubbed her face carefully avoiding the traces of make-up on her face, "I know."

"Well as long as you're aware of it."

Rose grabbed her purse and stood up. "Have you talked to Kelly?"

"She's owled me at least twelve times today…I think I'm more excited than she is to see this thing ended." Lauren said darkly as she grabbed her own purse and linked arms with Rose. "How about you Maid of Honor? Are you ready for it all to be over?"

Taking a brave breath, Rose fixed her posture and looked at her best friend steadily. "I'm ready."


Rose had a few ideas of how she would corner the fake-Jake. All of them were discarded as soon as she saw him. Lauren left her to go find her date. For a second, there was a small reel in Rose's head. It played out slowly. In the first movie she tortured him, throwing the consequences aside and no longer caring about anything or anyone else, but instead focusing on just causing him pain. A slow darkness crept over Rose making her believe in doing the most horrible things. It was possible, he hadn't seen her yet. Rose could just take him out and end all of it. Her collarbone shuddered and her lips trembled, people in their formal wear passed by her mindlessly, none of them knowing what was going on her mind. But then the image flipped to the next reel, the reel of Scorpius's face, smiling and even laughing. Blinking away tears, her fingers jabbed into her palm, once again drawing blood.


She had a choice. She always had a choice, but this time the thing driving her to hate this man, giving her impulse to kill was also the thing restraining her from doing so. Eventually the choice was taken away from her all together. Andrews eventually noticed her standing there and walked over with a smile.


Under that smile, Rose caught the flicker of concern, the flicker of uncertainty. How had she not had noticed for so long? The answer was because she never really looked at her partner at all. And that made her shittier than she could ever explain.


"You alright Weasley?"

Rose nodded, looking far too pale.


He held out his arm for her to link hers through. After fighting with herself for five seconds Rose twitched her arm through his and walked on. She hoped he didn't know her well enough to tell how deeply damaged she was. Maybe he didn't know her at all and he was just a placeholder to keep an ear out for information. Or that was at least what she told herself as they entered the massive ballroom.


The room was lit up in the most beautiful lights; there were hundreds of tables with the most beautifully dressed people Rose had ever seen. It caught her off guard and she was having a hard time getting any sense of clarity.


"I'll see you later," He told her, unlinking their arms and going off to talk to someone.


Rose didn't watch who he was going to talk to. She had to get a hold of her Uncle. It took her nearly an hour to find him through all of the people. By the time she did she'd been dragged into dancing twice, her feet were killing her and she was in no mood to take no for an answer. Her uncle could hate her until the day she died. It was no longer a concern of her how he felt about her.


"I need to talk to you," Rose stated, tugging on her uncles arm like she had when she was a child. The difference was she wasn't going to give him the option to turn her down. "Right now, uncle."

Her Uncle Harry's eyebrows furrowed as he glanced down at her. "Rose-"

"No," She told him sharply and quietly. "You can hate me all you want. You can think I killed Albus for as long as it takes for the pain of his death to go away…I. Don't. Care." Rose insisted her voice completely still. "I need you to come with me…right, now."


He opened his mouth to shut her down, to tell her that the was nor the time or the place, but he saw a fierceness in her eyes, a fiery spirit, which he knew she got directly from her mother and he found couldn't fight her on this one.


"Fine," Harry obliged, "One minute."

Rose lead him out to a hallway and whispered a spell to keep their conversation private. She let out a hasty breath and said, "I think my partner isn't really my partner."


"Someone has polyjuiced Andrews and taken his place."

Her uncle crossed his arms, "Where is your proof?"

"Uh…Well…You see…" She stumbled, but then she shook it away and said, "I just know alright?! I've been watching him all day and he isn't the same person. I'm completely sure of it! I will swear to the Minister of Magic-"

"People change Rose," He said darkly. "And without actual proof I can do nothing…Your word has no weight to it."

"You know!...You...You are such a git!" She snapped furiously stomping her heel for effect. "For someone who bitches that no one ever listened to you until it was too late you sure do follow in their footsteps!"


Rose didn't wait for his response; she raced back into the ballroom just as the slender, brunette head coordinator pressed his wand to his throat.


"Now then, witches and wizards! I ask all the single few of you to gather up, take a partner and dance."

"Come on Rose," Her ex-boyfriend said grabbing her hand and pulling her onto the dance floor.

"No! I don't want-"

Adrian shook his head, "I don't care. If I have to dance with Clara Franklin one more time I'm going to kill myself. I mean it. She's driving me mad Rose."

"Adrian-" She protested as he made her get into a dancing position.

"It will be over in three minutes tops," He told her soothingly. "Then you can go back to sulking over wearing a dress…you do look pretty by the way."

Rose groaned, "Adrian! This is a switch partner dance! In a minute I have to dance with another bloke!"

Adrian grimaced as the realization hit him. "Oh…My bad."

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Well I would be afraid," He began spinning her around, "If our time wasn't up."


All night Rose had seen Adrian dodging the most unpleasant and needy secretary in the room. His intentions were genuine, but that still didn't stop her from wanting to rip his head off. And she would have, if he didn't spin her right into her next dance partner's arms.


"I'm-" Rose began as soon as the next mans hand reached out for her. But she fell silent when he tossed her around and into his secure somehow… familiar embrace.


Rose gasped, her big blue eyes dilating as she looked up into the eyes of a stranger with Jake Andrews face. The whole night he'd been avoiding her as much as she'd been keeping an eye on him. But while they moved in a dancing formation, he gave her that look again. A look that was so unguarded and so unintentional that it slaughtered any of her defenses.


"I didn't know you could dance." He whispered above the soft tenors of the music as he forced himself to look away from her.

She gulped, thinking of her wand. "I can't…I'm just following you."

"You were worse with that other bloke."

"Well," She said furrowing her eyebrows, "I usually have a hard time following him…or anyone really I usually move on the offbeat…except with…"

He said, his lips a centimeter above her ear, "Except with?"

"Hey," She breathed her voice cracking, "I have to get some air. Can you come with me really quick?"

"Yeah." He stopped moving. "You alright?"

Rose nodded, with a forced smile, her body shaking.


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