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The Sidekick by Peaches and Knives

Format: Novella
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 68,169
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 07/26/2012
Last Chapter: 02/11/2014
Last Updated: 02/11/2014

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My name is Chase Longbottom. My best friend Rose Weasley is pregnant with Scorpius Malfoy's baby at the tender age of sixteen, but all I can think about are Louis Weasley's abs. 

Yup, I was born to be a sidekick. 

Chapter 1: And So it Begins.
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Crap. My knee was bleeding.

Why, you may ask? Because I scraped my knee climbing through my best friend, Rose Weasley’s window at ten at night.

Again, you may ask, “Why?” Well, I am trying to save her from her livid father who just learned that she was pregnant at the age of sixteen with Scorpius Malfoy’s baby. Yeah, things are usually weird around here.

My name is Chase Longbottom- no, I am not a boy. But, considering the amount of attention I get from the male species, I might as well be a boy.

“YOU ARE NOT MY DAUGHTER!” Uncle Ron shouts at Rose as he bangs on her door, Aunt Hermione trying to hold him back. They aren’t my real aunt and uncle, my family is just so close to the Potters and Weasleys that I’ve been taught to consider them family.

“Chase! You’re finally here! Take me away!” Rose prolongs the last syllable, and then grabs me by my shoulders and starts shaking me. How did this girl get laid?

Oh right, her perfect hair, face, and body. Not to mention the fact that she’s smart, nice, and pretty much perfect in every way.

Not that I’m secretly envious of her. Because that would be stupid; the sidekick is hardly ever jealous of the main character. Unless we’re talking about a TV show, of course, in which there’s usually one episode where the sidekick hears voices in their heads about how jealous they are of their much cooler counterpart.

I have this issue with relating real life to fiction.

“Chase! Snap out of it! We have to get going before Dad gets his wand and breaks through the door!”

“Yeah. Okay. Sorry,” I climb back out the window, making my movements very precise and obvious so that she can follow me exactly as I crawl down the roof to the gutter, where I hop off and hang by just my arms. From there I use my hands to shuffle down to the farthest side of the roof, where I swing my feet around so that they catch onto the shed, from which I jump onto the ground.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I just did that in skinny jeans. Skinny jeans, I should add, which are now quite ripped and bloody in the left knee area.

“Chase! Um, well I’m wearing a sundress. So I’m just going to jump and you catch me, kay?”

“Wait Rose no-“

Next thing I know, I’m on the ground with one-hundred-and-five pounds of Weasley on top of me. And no, unfortunately I am not talking about Louis Weasley. But hopefully Louis weighs more than that. I mean, he has to, with all that muscle…

“Okay, Longbottom, you better be thinking about Louis again, because otherwise I’m kind of creeped out by the fact that you are making those googly eyes whilst your pregnant best friend is on top of you.”

“Oh!” I sit up, causing Rose to roll onto my lap, “You just jumped off a roof with a little person in your uterus!”

She stands up and straightens her dress. Err, Rose does that, not the fetus. Not really sure about the gender there seeing as she’s only a month pregnant.

“Eh, it’s okay. Uncle George told me that when my mom was pregnant with me, she fell down a flight of stairs, and I turned out fine!”

I look at her sideways like she’s crazy, but she just giggles.

“ROSE WEASLEY, WHERE ARE YOU?” We here Uncle Ron’s voice come from her room above. He must’ve gotten in.

“Let’s get out of here,” I state obviously, as is my sidekick duty. We run to my tiny old car and hop in, and I speed out of the driveway and onto the street. I try my best to go fast without completely disregarding the speed limit.

“So, tell me Rose,” I look at her for a second to give her a half smile at our shenanigans, “D’you think that your dad is angrier that you got knocked up, or that Scorpius Malfoy was the knocker?”

Rose gets a goofy grin, “Really, Chase, knocker? And he’s definitely madder that it was Scorpius. If he found out that I was carrying the child of Ollie Wood or Billy Finnigan, he’d probably throw the baby shower himself.”

Tiredly, I give a snort, “Ollie and Billy. They end with the same syllable.”

“Oh no, you’re making jokes about phonetics. Chase, honey, is the insomnia back?” My best friend leans over to look at me as I watch the road.

I bite my lip, “We’re here.”

Ol’ Faithful, as I call my car, screeches as we reach our destination, the crap shack also known as the Leaky Cauldron, also also known as where I live. Yes, I live above a bar with my mom and dad. Sounds cool, huh? No, not really.

“You sure Uncle Neville and Aunt Hannah will be okay with this?”

 “You know that all they want is to be the ‘cool parents’.”

Rose nods, still staring ahead. Sure, on the car ride here we were all giggles and laughs, but I could tell that everything was really starting to hit her. It’s still weird for me to think back on when she told me.

Hogwarts Girl’s Dorm, Friday Before Winter Break, Morning Before Classes

“Chase. I need to talk to you,” I’d never seen my best friend so pale.

I knew I had to find some way to cheer her up before she said whatever she needed to, that’s what the sidekick does, so I smiled at her, “Oh Merlin, Rose, are you Sixteen and Pregnant?” I tried to joke about the cheesy show we love to hate.

But then her eyes went big, and she turned from pale to a weird greenish color.

My throat felt hoarse as the realization hit me, “Are we skipping classes today?” Suddenly, everything in the world felt so real.

Rose just nodded, her pretty face strained like she had something stuck in the back of her throat.

“So,” I said as we sat on my bed facing each other, the morning air feeling crisp even indoors, “I’m going to assume it was Scorpius?”

She nodded again.

“How many times did you guys… y’know. Fuck?” I asked it bluntly, not embarrassed by my curiosity. My bluntness usually always made her laugh, and it seemed to do some help because it looked like she swallowed whatever was stuck in her throat.

“Just the once. The night after we took that test in potions.”

Of course. It made sense, Rose and Scorpius didn’t used to even like each other. But then the competitiveness they had with grades started to give them some weird kind of high, and when puberty hit it all got transferred into sexual energy. After they snogged the first few hundred times, they realized that they also had emotional feelings for each other and started dating. Honestly, I’m shocked they didn’t sleep together earlier; they spent half the O.W.L. season last year clinging to each other like hippogriffs in heat.

 “Didn’t you use protection?” I asked the obvious question, my sidekick duty.

“The condom broke.”

“Oh,” At least they tried to be responsible.

Rose did the noddy thing again.

“Are you going to try and tell your dad it’s a Virgin Mary situation?”


“What?” I tried to look innocent, “An elaborate and blasphemous lie seems like it’d be a lot easier than actually telling your dad on Monday, and then having to spend an entire two weeks with him.”

She rolled her eyes at me, “Chase, you know I hate to say this, but we have to be serious. And, if my dad takes it bad, I can just come and stay with you at the Cauldron.”

“Of course you can, you’re always welcome.”


And here we were.



“I really like that dress,” I say, little compliments are good for cheering Rose up.

“Thanks, Chase.”

I open the door of the bar and walk in. I wave hi to all the locals, Big Carter, Pete the cobbler, One-a-day Susan, and Young Scotty. Big Carter was about 6’6”, and thin as a nail. Pete the cobbler was the oldest man on Diagon Alley, a jittery drunk that didn’t lose his shakes after the prohibition ended. One-a-day Susan was a lonely housewife that would come here every day in her Sunday best and order just one glass of wine, and then just sit there with it. After hours she would suddenly chug the wine and walk out. But Young Scotty was probably the saddest of them all; only twenty-four and already a drunk. He works at the pet shop during the day time, but during his off hours he just sits in the bar and drinks his life away.

The saddest part about it is that he’s Teddy Lupin’s best friend. For the entire first year he started coming here, two years after they graduated from Hogwarts, Teddy would be in here almost every night trying to get his friend off his sorry ass. But it never worked. Eventually, Scott became a regular, and people started calling him Young Scotty.

I hop over the bar to the door behind it that leads up to our apartment; Rose softly walks around the bar in the most ladylike way I’ve ever seen someone act in a dive like this.

But that’s how Rose is; without her class, she’s nothing. That’s why she’s the protagonist and I’m the sidekick.

We walk up some steep stairs and reach another door, and behind it we find my parents in the living room.

“Hi, Chase. Rose, what are you doing here?” Mom asks.

“Guys,” I start, I know Rose doesn’t have the courage to say it, “Rose is pregnant.”

Chapter 2: Vomit of Both the Food and Word Sorts
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I love those times when you wake up naturally, and the sun is shining through the window and your linens all soft and fresh smelling…

 I do not love those times when you wake up on the floor to the sound of your best friend vomiting violently into your toilet.

I rub my eyes and walk over to Rose to help hold her hair. And, of course, she manages to still look gorgeous while puking. I look in the mirror, my hair is up in a greasy bun and my face is all oily. That’s how I look every morning, while Rose wakes up looking like a fashion model.

She finally finishes and flushes, rushing immediately to the sink to rinse the taste out of her mouth, “Chase, I am not cut out for this shit.”

“Heh, whatever happened to not cussing while there’s a child inside of you?”

“Morning sickness fucking happened, okay?” Rose snaps at me.

“Woah, that had better be the hormones talking. Rosie-Baby, you don’t usually curse like a sailor or, well, me, and that’s what’s so cute about you,” I pinch her cheek, “When you cuss, you're just some random badass red-head walkin' 'round town.”

She throws me a glare, but the smile can’t stay off her lips, “I hate you.”

I give her a big hug, “I love you too. Even though you kind of smell like barf.”

“Ugh you’re right!” She pulls away and shrieks, “I need to take a shower! Scorpius is coming here today to see me!”

As she frantically starts undressing, we’ve known each other way too long to be shy, and hops in the shower I remember the question I’ve been asking her non-stop, “Have you told him yet?”

For a second all I hear is the sound of the shower running, but finally Rose speaks up shakily, “I was going to do it today.”

“Good. He should have been the first person you told, not me.”

“I know, I know,” She sighs, “Will you… Will you come with me? Y’know, be there when I tell him?”

“I was going to meet up with Louis, but I will if you want me to. What are you so scared of?”

The shower stops and I see Rose’s arm reach out and grab her towel, “I don’t know what I’m scared of. I guess I’m just afraid that Scorpius isn’t going to want me anymore.”

“Rose, that’s absurd. That boy is crazy for you, and as long as there’s a properly functioning brain in your head Scorpius will always want you.”

 She smiles at me, but I can see the worry still in her eyes.

I take my turn showering and we get dressed, Rose looking gloriously girly in a floral blouse and a little ruffly skirt. I look perfectly sidekick-ish in a graphic tee with some clever saying and denim shorts.

We walk out of my room and into the kitchen. Mom is downstairs working the breakfast crowd, but Dad is sitting in the kitchen reading the Quibbler, the wizard world’s most accurate newspaper. The lady who ran it, my Aunt Luna, was a good friend of Dad’s and so he always read it.

“Er, um, hello,” Dad says awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with either of us. He’s been acting awkward like this since he found out about the pregnancy; my guess is that he still sees us as little girls and can’t handle the fact that either of us is old enough to get knocked up. He tries to be the cool dad, but I know his paternal instincts are kicking into hyper-mode right now.

“Hey Dad,” I grab two bagels from the bread box, “We’re going to go meet up with Scorpius and Louis, okay?”

“Sc- Scorpius?” Dad’s eyes go big, and he immediately looks at Rose, “You guys are going to be with Scorpius?”

Rose squeaks a little as she realizes my dad’s thought process, but I come to her rescue, “Don’t worry, Louis and I will be there the whole time. Besides, Scorpius is a good kid.”

He nods, and we leave.

We walk down the stairs, and I almost burst out laughing at what I see. Scorpius, bless his little heart, is sitting smack in the middle of Big Carter and Pete the Cobbler.

“Tell me, boy,” Pete says in his jittery old voice, “What are yeh doin’ walkin’ ‘round in them ugly sneakers? If yeh want some good quality shoes, yeh come on down tah mah place, Pete the Cobbler’s. I can make yeh some real nice pairs of shoes tah impress the ladies with.”

“Pete, don’t try to get the boy’s business, he probably likes his ugly sneakers,” Says Big Carter in his deep, but always kind voice, “I bet he’s already got himself a nice lady.”

Scorpius speaks up, “Actually, I do, and she’s staying here for the week. You’ve probably seen her, she has beautiful big brown eyes and pretty red hair?” what can I say, the boy is smitten.

“Oh, you mean Rose!” Big Carter laughs his hearty laugh, “Why, she’s right there!”

Scorpius turns and sees the girl next to me, and I swear his smile is a mile wide. He rushes over and takes her in his arms and plants a kiss in her hair, then takes a step back, still failing to have noticed me, and starts talking a mile a minute, “Rose, it’s so great to see you! When you said in your letter that you were staying at Chase’s place I was confused, but then you invited me here and I realized you came here for me! Because when we’re here there are no judgmental fathers to keep us apart, so I planned for us to have a very nice romantic day and a picnic and I even rented us a room here just in case,” He flushes red, “you wanted to, you know, again.”

I snort, “I don’t think you guys are gonna be doing THAT again anytime soon.”

Still blushing, he looks at me as if he just realized I was there, “Oh, hi Chase. Wait, what do you mean?” He looks at Rose, “What does she mean? I mean, if you don’t want to anymore that’s okay but…”

Rose, who’s been standing there stunned this whole time, puts a finger on his lips, “Scorpius, sweetie, you talk too much. There’s uh, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

Just then my world stops for a second, because at that moment there is a very perfect blonde veela boy walking through the door. A year older than me, Louis could not be any more of my dream man than he already was.

“Hey, Chase!” He calls when he sees me. He’s the only person that notices me before noticing Rose when he walks into the room. And boy, does he know how to walk into a room.

“Hi, Louis,” I say at the same time as the bar locals. They all love him just as much as I do, since he’s always coming here to visit me. In a strictly platonic way, of course.

He casually throws his arm around me, “How’s the insomnia?”

“I knew it was back!” Rose shrieks, “You should have told me!”

I shrug, “Louis only knows because he continues to I.L. me after you’ve fallen asleep,” I.L. meant Instant Letters, which is where two people enchant their parchment so that when they write on one it appears on the other. All the teens are using it nowadays.

“Have you told Scorpius yet?” Louis asks Rose.

Her eyes go big, “How do you know?”

“The entire Weasley family knows after all the shouting Uncle Ron was doing the other night.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Scorpius asks.

I cut in, “Let’s go find somewhere better to talk about all this.”


We sat awkwardly in silence under the shade of a beautiful big olive tree. It was behind the ice cream store from which we’d just come, and was perfectly private for our conversation. Louis and I are sitting next to each other, as usual, and like always I can’t help wondering how he’s been one of my best friends for practically our entire lives and still hasn’t been able to tell I was in love with him. Maybe he could, but he just ignored it. After all, guys never go for the sidekick, and Louis was the type that definitely deserved a leading lady. I mean, I can practically see his six pack through his messily-worn white button up, and that was not the type to go for second best.

“So, um, what’s going on?” Scorpius asks, innocent as a puppy dog. It’s funny, because Rose told me he’s pretty wild in the sack, nothing like his usual OCD self.

“Rose, tell him,” I push her gently.

“Um,” the syllable stumbles out of her mouth, “Scorpius, remember how the, ahem, condom broke?” Scorpius goes pale in anticipation for what she’s about to say, “I’m pregnant.”

“But, uh, how will this affect our grades…” he mumbles airily before full on passing out.

Always with the dramatics.

The three of us quickly get up and bend down to make sure he’s all right, and Rose starts giving him panicky kisses on the face hoping that he’ll wake up.

“Rose, honey, he’s a teen dad, not Sleeping Beauty,” I tell her and tenderly try to pull her away so he can get some air.

Out of the corner of my eye I see Louis smile at my joke, but I’m too preoccupied trying to calm down my crazy and pregnant best friend to really get enjoyment out of it.

“Louis, find a brown paper bag for Rose, she’s hyperventilating!”

He looks around quickly, panicked, and runs back to the ice cream shop. He retreats back here with the bag, and I give it to Rose who immediately grabs it and starts breathing in and out of it. Finally, Scorpius comes to, and Rose throws the bag aside to throw herself onto him and hug him tight.

Foggily, he manages to let out a sentence, “If it’s a boy, there is no way we’re giving him any of my family names. We need a Malfoy kid with a normal name.”

Rose pulls back from the hug, her eyes watering slightly and a smile creeping onto her face, “You mean you want to keep the baby? And stay with me?”

His eyebrows furrow, “Of course I do. Rose, I’ve always wanted for us to get married and have kids. We’re just going a little out of order… And a little sooner than I expected.”

She starts kissing him passionately, and they make out for about a half a minute.

Louis and I stand there awkwardly with our hands in our pockets, not wanting to disturb their little family moment.

We finally split them up when they start whispering arithmetic equations to each other seductively, though, because we don’t need them to make another baby right here on the sidewalk.

“Er, Chase,” Rose says, wiping her smudged lip gloss off her face, “I know Uncle Neville didn’t want Scorpius and I to be alone, but do you think that you could give us just an hour to talk about everything?”

I shrug, “Take two hours; I hear they’ve just released new ancient runes books at the book store.”

They smile at each other excitedly, and run off hand in hand.

Louis and I start walking back in the direction of the Cauldron together.

“So,” I say nonchalantly, it’s always easy to be around him, “Are they the perfect couple, or what?”

He smiles, “They are meant for each other, if anyone around here is going to have a baby they’re probably the best suited.”

I snort, “They’re probably buying a bunch of parenting books, like they’re studying for some big test.”

“Knowing them, if they thought that having a baby was a test there would probably be another one on the way soon after.”


“Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout, Chasey Whasey?” He asks me using a lame nickname.

“I’m thinking about how it would be if I were pregnant. If you were an outsider looking in, and I was pregnant, who would you assume the father was?”

Louis shrugs, and discreetly steps a little closer to me, “If I was an outsider, I would probably assume that I was the father.”

I stop walking completely, my heart skipping a beat, “Do you mean you as in… you, or you as in the outsider?”

He takes another step closer to me, and his breath smells like caramel, “I mean me.”

His eyes go big as if he’s suddenly realized that we’re almost touching, and he quickly turns and starts walking again. I take a deep breath, dazed, and catch up to him.

“Why would you think it was you, Louis?”

He doesn’t look back at me, obviously feeling awkward, “Er. Well, y’know, I’d assume that we were… err… friends with benefits. Or whatever. ‘Cause we’re always hanging out and stuff.”

“Well… It’s a plausible idea,” did I just say that? Was this entire conversation really happening? Usually Louis and I just playfully argued about random stuff, like our favorite candy! Not the idea of us sleeping together! Although, I can’t say I’m complaining at the thought.

This time Louis is the one that stops short in his tracks, “It is?”

“Well, um, yeah,” I say, but then I’m afraid I’ll scare him so I add on, “But, like, just as friends of course. That casual type of thing.”

He turns around and really looks at me for the first time since the subject was brought up.

And then he kisses me. 

Chapter 3: Train Ride with Wonderboy
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After about ten seconds of full-on kissing, Louis pulls away, turns around, and starts pacing with his hands on his head.


“I’m sorry Chase, I’m sorry…”


All that slips out of my mouth in reply is, “Blargejepah.”


“What?” He turns back and looks at me.


I don’t know what to say, “What?" 


“Chase, I’m so sorry. That shouldn’t have happened. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again,” he walks back over to me and wraps me in a hug.


“Err… Okay?”


“Well,” he’s still hugging me, “This is awkward.”


I nod, still mostly in shock.


“You’re too quiet. Cuss or something.”




“Thank you.”




He slowly pulls away from the hug, “This is still pretty awkward.”


“Wait a second,” I find my voice, “Why can’t we snog?”


“Because,” His eyebrows furrow like he’s thinking, “We’re good friends.”


“And? You’re my friend, I willingly give you my body, but you don’t accept my gift? Is there something wrong with me?”


He chuckles, “Chase, you’re not a gift. You’re a human being. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, and that’s why we can’t snog anymore.”


“That makes sense,” I sigh sarcastically, walking past him.


“I’m sorry! What do you want me to say?” He catches up to me.


“I want you to stop acting like a fuckin’ chick!”


“I’m not acting like a chick! I just love being around you, and I don’t want things to change!”


I look up at him sideways, “Sometimes, change can be good.”


“And sometimes it sucks. I mean, look at Rose and Scorpius. They’re without a doubt the two brightest kids at our school, but now they’re going to be teen parents. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t exactly in their plan.”


“I hate plans.”


He looks at the ground, “Then I guess you don’t want to hear mine.”


I grin up at him, “You have a plan?”


“I’m in my last year at Hogwarts; of course I have a plan.”


“And how long have you had this plan?”


He blushes, “Since I was twelve.”


“Mmm hmm. So, what is this big plan?”


“I’m not going to tell you now!” he throws his hands up in the air, “You’re just going to trash all over it!”


“No! I promise I won’t trash all over it!” I show him my fingers so that he knows they’re not crossed.


He throws his arm over my shoulder, “I’ll tell you someday, okay? I’ll catch you by surprise so I know you won’t trash on it.”


I sigh, “But I’m so impatient!” I draw out each word real long.


“That’s what makes it fun.”


I playfully push him, “Asshole.”


He pulls me back in under his arm and we continue to walk. This is how things usually are for us, minus the amazing snog and the awkward talking. We just fit together, and it’s simpler than anything else in my life.


Or at least it was before he kissed me and told me he had a plan in life.


What was his plan? I know he’d always dreamed of being Minister of Magic one day, he even interned under Uncle Kingsley during the summer. But besides that.


I’m guessing that he’ll want a wife and kids. But he probably would want some stereotypical cookie-cutter politician’s wife that looks great in pant suits, not a sassy loose cannon like me who would die without denim shorts(although I’m guessing I’ll eventually grow out of that stage, I don’t want to be forty and wearing short-shorts). And what kind of sidekick marries a politician, anyways?


What am I doing, thinking about marriage? I’m only sixteen, way too young to worry about that stuff.


And that’s when it hits me. I have a choice in that matter, but Rose doesn’t. She’s stuck with the life in front of her, and even if she does become some great apothecary or professor or whatever, it’ll be a far larger struggle than whatever I end up doing. No matter how perfect her baby daddy is, or how pretty her baby comes out, she’ll still have to fight for any life she wants to have.


That’s why she’s the protagonist; because she knows that, and yet she’s still happily keeping the baby. I would never have the strength or bravery to ever go through something like that, and that’s why it’s me that’s the supporting character. The same with Louis; he has that amazing drive in live that just makes you know that he’s the hero. My best quality is my loyalty, the same quality that you see in all the sidekicks; never the heroes.


“A sickle for your thoughts?” I realize that Louis had been amusedly watching me think this whole time.


“Make it a galleon and you got yourself a deal.”


He chuckles in that sweet Louis way, “Sorry, don’t happen to have one on me. But how about I buy you a soda?”


“Gee, Louis, I don’t know. Buying me soda-pop? Isn’t that taking things a little too fast? We aren’t even going steady yet!” I give my best girl-from-the-50’s imitation to mock his said hatred of change between us, and it makes him laugh.


“Chase Longbottom, never in my life have I met anyone like you.”


I spent the rest of our walk to the Humphrey Belcher Café trying to figure out if that was a good thing or a bad thing.


Finally, we were on our way to the train station to go to Hogwarts, my home and native land.  Did I just steal that last bit from the Canadian national anthem?


Next to me, Rose was practically jumping in her seat. Hogwarts was the one place in the world she was free to see Scorpius whenever she wanted, and since they were both prefects it was pretty likely that they were going to be seeing a lot of each other.


“I’m sorry your mother couldn’t make it,” Dad said from the driver’s seat, “she had another doctor’s appointment.”


I nod. My mom had been sick for a while now, but things were finally starting to look better for her. We pull up to the station and Rose hops out, super excited. We get our trunks from the back, and start rushing towards platform 9 ¾.


My best friend stops in her tracks when she sees the crowd made up almost entirely of red-heads, spotted with the occasional head of black or blonde hair.


Aunt Hermione is suddenly right there, her arms wrapped around Rose and tears streaming down her face, “Rosey, honey, I’m so sorry, we should’ve been more supportive of you!”


Uncle Ron walks over too, hands in his jacket pockets, looking slightly ashamed of himself, and then begins a speech that’s obviously been scripted by his wife, “I’m sorry too, Rose, I overreacted. You too Chase, I’m sorry Rose had to impose on you because of my lack of support,” he looks over at me; he was always in favor of my tomboy-ness and lack of boys hanging all over me.


“That’s alright, Uncle Ron.”


He gives Rose a hug when her hysterical mother finally lets go of her, and then turns back to me, “Where’s your dad?”


“Back there somewhere,” I motion back to the car, and momentarily feel bad for leaving my dad all alone. But then I remember that he’s going to continue to be my herbology teacher just as he has for the last five and a half years, and the feeling quickly leaves.


Uncle Ron goes to find Dad so they can talk about boring stuff and what not, and Aunt Hermione takes Rose over to the family. I don’t want to be intrusive on their little goodbye party, so I just stand there kind of awkwardly.


“Hi, Chase,” I hear a voice from behind me, and I turn around with a smile hoping that it’s Louis. But it turns out to just be Danny Boot, kind of the daredevil of Hogwarts. He had skater hair and often wore a beat up leather jacket, but besides his bad-boy look he was actually more of the friendly, always in good humor type. Strangely enough, he was Scorpius’s best friend, despite their contrasting styles.


“Oh, hey Danny.”


“You look like you were expecting someone else.”


I half smile, “I thought you might be Louis.”


“Sorry, he’s over there talking to Macey Ackerly.”


I whip around, Danny’s right. Macey’s back was against the wall, Louis just inches away from her with his hand leaning on the wall behind her.


I hear the word, “Slut,” escape from my lips.


“I guess Macey Ackerly does kind of get around,” Danny shrugs.


I look back at him, “I was talking about Louis. Yesterday he kissed me, said that he’d never kiss me again, and then started trying to act all normal again. It was bizarre.”


“At least he kissed you,” Danny shrugs, “It’s pretty obvious that you like him, so I’m guessing that was nice.”


“It’s obvious to everyone except him! That boy just can’t take a hint.”


“Then why don’t you just tell him you like him?” The brown-eyed boy says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.


I sigh and throw my hands up in the air dramatically, “Don’t you see? People don’t just not notice things for no reason! He doesn’t feel that way about me, so his brain makes him oblivious.”


Danny scratches his head through his chestnut-colored hair as he looks at me, as if I’m a crazy person that he can’t figure out.


“You think a lot, huh?” He asks.


“Yes, but never about the important things.”


“I can see that. But Chase, if Louis doesn’t see you the way you see him, he must not realize what he’s missing out on,” Danny says though I don’t really hear him, I’m too busy internally freaking out as Louis leans in to kiss Macey Ackerly.


“Man-whore!” I say very loudly, but duck behind Danny as Louis turns to see who said that. I didn’t really feel like talking to the stupid veela boy at the moment, although I guess I didn’t seem to mind shouting insults at him from across the train station and then hiding behind a boy who sagged his skinny jeans. That really wasn’t all that attractive, especially seeing as Danny’s boxers were green plaid. I hate green.


“Chase, why are you trying to pull my pants up?”


“There is no use in you wearing a belt if you’re not gonna use it!”


Danny laughs, “I mostly just do that to make my old man mad.”


I eventually let go of his jeans and walk back to his front-side, “Did he still kiss her after I yelled at him?”


“Just a short one, and then they walked onto the train together.”


“Holy shit, the train leaves in five minutes and we’re not on it!”


The boy shrugs, “Let’s go then. I know Rose sits in the prefect compartment with Scorp, and I don’t think you’re really up to chilling with Louis and Macey Ackerly at the moment, so we might as well sit together.”


I shrug back, “Sure.”


We hop on the train and find a slightly empty compartment, with the exception of Lorcan and Lysander Scamander who are passed out on the floor. They always do that; they won’t come out of this comatose state until the train stops at Hogwarts. May Merlin bless their strange little souls.


We sit down, and I relax a little as the train starts to move. Who cares if Louis would rather do the tongue tango with Macey Ackerly than hang out with me? He’s a popular seventh year, I’m surprised he’s stayed around me this long.


And I’m no Macey Ackerly, she’s one of those girls that you have to include her last name when you talk about her because she’s just that popular. I’ll never be one of those girls, especially since I always try my best to keep my last name out of conversation. It kind of sucks having a dad who’s your herbology professor, co-owner of the Leaky Cauldron, AND a famous horcrux destroyer.


Plus, what the fuck kind of name is Longbottom? My bottom is actually unfortunately small, if no one’s noticed. Oh, right, no one has noticed.


“What are you thinking about?” Danny asks me.


“Have you noticed my butt?” I ask back, not really realizing I’m speaking out loud.

“What?” He looks at me like I’m crazy.


“I didn’t mean to actually say that.”


He laughs, “Good, because that question is a fucking double edged sword. If I’d said yes, I would sound like a perv, but then if I’d lied and said no then it would be almost like an insult to your barely-there ass.”


“…thanks I guess?”


Danny thinks for a second, “I’m sorry. I don’t really have a filter.”


“How come you and Scorpius are friends?” I can’t help but blurt out the question I’ve been wondering for five and a half years, “You guys are nothing alike. Scorpius is a goody-two-shoe know it all who’s usually super nice but goes crazy when given a bottle of Windex. You’re a care-free slacker who spends more time doing stunts on your ghetto-ass broomstick than actually going to class.”


“And you think nobody wonders the same question about you and Rose? She’s a sweet, innocent girl who’s freakishly polite and has a weird obsession with wearing dresses or skirts. You’re crazy, foul-mouthed, and do you EVER wear shoes that aren’t converse?” Danny retorts quickly, causing me to realize that Rose and I are seriously polar opposites.


“My shoes are comfy…” I look down at my old, beaten up gray converse that I’ve had and worn almost every day since fourth year, despite my mother’s efforts to get me in “lady shoes”.


“This conversation is beginning to bore me,” Danny says bluntly with a yawn.


“Well then! I didn’t realize I was so un-entertaining!”


“I think I might start calling you Beige Paint as a nickname.”


“No! If I had a nickname, I’d want it to be something cool, like T-Rex or Genie Bra!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll call you… Taxi.”




“Because that makes you sound like a prostitute, which is a funny thought. Plus, whenever I see you, I can shout, ‘Hey Taxi!’ like I’m in New York or something.”


I narrow my eyes at him, “No.”


“Hot damn you’re intimidating!” he pretends to be scared of me, “I got it. You’re Baby Buns. Y’know, because your ass is small.”


“That is the stupidest nickname ever.”


“I’d like to see you think of a better one! C’mon, think of one for me.”


“Alright, you’re…” I try to think of a nickname for him, and then remember once in second year when Danny’s mom sent him to school with fourteen loafs of wonderbread, and he ate so much he threw up, “Wonderboy.”




I smirk, “If I have to be Baby Buns, I get to call you something that makes you reminisce about how kids made fun of you for six months straight!”


Danny looks at me sideways, “You have a fucked-up mind, Baby Buns.”


“I’d rather have a fucked-up mind than flooding the boy’s lavatory with my stomach juice, Wonderboy.”


Our banter continued like this for the rest of the ride, especially when Danny “jokingly” recommended that we just change into our uniforms there in the compartment together, after which I made sure to give him a nice kick in his twig-n-berries.


We get off the train, Danny limping a little bit but still insisting that it was “worth a shot”. We meet up with Rose and Scorpius, and the four of us hop into our carriage, drawn by invisible things that my dad claims to be able to see ever since the war.


“Did you two have a nice ride together?” Rose inquires sweetly.


Danny smiles, “Actually, yes, except for the part when Chase tried to make me a soprano for the rest of my life.”


“Oh, hush, Wonderboy, you know you deserved it.”


Scorpius snorts at my nickname for Danny, recalling the bread incident.


Danny makes an obscene gesture at his best friend.


“Chase,” Scorpius ignores the gesture and turns his attention to me, “How was your alone time with Louis yesterday? Did he make any moves on you?”


“He kissed me,” Rose and Scorp smile big, “And then he took it back, apologized, and today I saw him playing tonsil hockey with Macey Ackerly.”


“That slut!” Scorpius says, almost femininely.


I grin, “If Rose wasn’t knocked up, I would seriously doubt your claimed sexual orientation.”


“Rose is pregnant?” Danny looks like he’s about to throw up.


I turn white and look at the red-head and blonde, “He didn’t know?”


Scorpius sighs, “He does now.”


In contrast to my suddenly pale complexion, Danny is beginning to turn a horrible tomato red, “What the fucking hell? You fucked Rose and didn’t even fucking tell me? And now she’s fucking pregnant! Holy fuck!”


I’m going to throw out a guess that Danny cusses more when he’s mad.


Coincidentally, we reached the castle right at that moment. Danny hopped out of the carriage angrily and steamed away, leaving the three of us with no idea what to do.


I turn to Scorpius, who seems shocked, “Why did he freak out so bad?”


“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I think he might just be mad that I lost my virginity before he did, he’s always considered himself to be such a badass and now I’m the one who’s had sex first.”


“That makes sense. If I were him I’d be mad, especially since you’re such a tight-ass,” I nod, and Scorpius rolls his eyes.


“You don’t think he’s going to tell everyone, do you?” Rose almost squeaks.


Scorpius and I shrug worriedly, not really sure what Danny’s going to do. He’s usually so laid back and forgiving about everything, it’s weird that he got so upset. But, when I think about it, Danny does have a reason to be mad. I obviously don’t want to get pregnant, but the whole my-best-friend-having-sex-first thing is kind of a lot to deal with.


On one hand, the fact that she does have a fetus inside her now even though they used a condom scares the crap out of me. On the other hand, there are people all around us having sex with no consequences, and the way that Rose is closer to being one of them than I am kind of irks me. The fact that she lost her virginity first is a fact that will always be true, and that’s something that both Danny and I have to come to terms with now.


But I guess he just isn’t.


Scorpius walks Rose and I to our common room, on the way we blandly greeted the people who stayed here over Christmas holiday that are desperate for something to do. Rose and Scorpius politely deny invitations to wizard chess, exploding snap, and orgies in the forest. Okay, maybe I added the last one on, but if you could see how starved of entertainment these kids were you would think that’s what they were asking for too.


Just as the two of us walk into the Gryffindor common room, some timid little first year comes up to me shyly, “Are you Chase Longbottom? I was told to give this note to whatever brunette chick is walking next to Rose Weasley.”


I nod and snatch the note from the kid’s hand, purposely violent, and the kid runs away looking like it’s about to cry. Hey, if someone doesn’t toughen those things up, they’re going to get eaten alive by the Slytherins.


I open the note:


“Hey Baby Buns,

Sneak out tonight at 12 and meet me on the astronomy tower. I need to talk to you.



“Well,” I start, and Rose steals the note to read it herself, “It looks like I’ll have to steal James’s invisibility cloak again.”

Chapter 4: Butting In
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“Oh Chase! Yoohoo!” I hear a high-pitched voice calling me as I sit in the common room, turning over Danny’s note in my hand trying to figure it out.


I turn to see a girl with perfectly tanned skin, jet black hair that you wouldn’t know was dyed if you hadn’t seen her a year ago but was perfectly styled, amazing light blue eyes, and a cute little stud nose ring. Macey Ackerly.


“Can I help you?” I ask her.


“Well,” She begins, and I can see the minty blue gum in her mouth as she talks to me, Louis hates that, “I heard that you’re like a super skilled D.A.D.A student, and have been wanting to be a teacher’s assistant for the professor, but couldn’t because you’re not a seventh year.”




“As you most likely know, my dad has an important position on the school board. Anyways, Louis was telling me how much you really deserve this so I recommended to my dad that he allow Hogwarts to make an exception for you, and after looking at your record he agreed! But only because we have some new professor this year and Father thought some guidance from a student might be useful to a new teacher.”


For a second, I just sit there in shock. This was why he took up a sudden interest in Macey Ackerly, I of all people know that he absolutely can’t stand girls who let their gum show when they chew it. He was trying to make up for what happened the other day; some kind of bizarre yet sweet apology.


“Wow, Macey, thank you!”


“Don’t thank me, thank Louis! It was all my idea, of course, but Louis really encouraged me to go for it!”


That boy really does belong in politics, he not only convinced Macey Ackerly to do such an amazing thing for me, but he made her think it was her own idea.


“Just, um, thanks!”


“Don’t mention it! I have to go now; Nicole is going to give me a manicure!”


Either Macey had about ten different friends named Nicole, or there was one Nicole that somehow looked completely different every time she flanked Macey as they walked down the hall.


Anyways, Macey walks away, and suddenly there’s a red-head on my lap giggling.


“Someone’s in a good mood,” I can’t help joining in on her laughing, though I’m not sure what we’re laughing for.


“Just had an amazing snogging session in the closet. Of course I’m in a good mood. So,” she pokes my nose, “What’s up?”


“I discovered that Louis became a hooker for me.”


“What?” Rose hops off my lap and on to the seat next to me, a smile on her face encouraging me to continue.


I explain to her what happened with Macey.


“That is SO cute!”


“In a way I guess… But I’m still mad at him. He could have at least given me a heads up that he was going to use his tongue to get me ahead in life.”


She rolls her eyes, “Oh, come on! Cut him some slack! That boy dated a girl who lets her gum show when she talks for you; you know how much he is positively disgusted by that.”


“True. Plus he’s afraid of girls who dye their hair because he thinks it’s going to rub off all over him. What a noob.”


“A noob who went through that for you!”


Our conversation is quieted as Louis walks into the common room, and as he walks past us says, “Can’t talk now guys, I was just hanging out with Macey and need to go take a shower before her hair dye starts showing on my skin.”


“It doesn’t work that way!” we both shout after him, but he disregards us and continues up the stairs.


“Are you going to tell him you know?” She asks me once he’s gone.


“I guess I probably should thank him. I’ll tell him tomorrow at breakfast, we always eat breakfast together on weekdays during the school year.”


“Alright! So are we breaking into the seventh year boys’ dorm tonight at 11:30?”




“Yay! I love feeling like a secret agent!”


I laugh and poke her tummy, “Good luck doing that when your belly is the size of a basketball.”


“I know,” her smile turns soft as she puts her hand on her stomach, “I hope I don’t knock over a bunch of stuff every time I turn around.”


“It will be interesting for once to see you not be as graceful as a ballerina.”


“Pregnancy is going to make me moody, clumsy, awkward… I’m turning into you!” She laughs ecstatically at her own joke.


“Yes, yes, laugh it up. I’m not the one that’s going to be faced with uncontrollable gas in a few months.”


That shuts her up.


Aw, Louis is so cute when he sleeps. Wow, that sounds really creepy.


“Tell me again, why aren’t you the one picking the lock?” Rose asks me, sitting on her knees breaking through James’s padlock with a bobby pin. He may have made it immune to magic, but he had no protection against simple muggle tricks Aunt Hermione and Uncle Harry taught us.


“Because I’m the lookout.”


“Stop staring at my cousin while he sleeps, it’s just creepy.”


“I’m not staring at James.”


“I’m talking about my other cousin.”


“Oh. Okay.”


The lock finally breaks; Rose snatches the cloak, grabs my wrist, and books it out of there.


“So,” She says smugly as she walks me to the door, “How long do you think this make out session—I mean, secret meeting, is going to last?”


“Not long at all, since it isn’t a make out session,” I scoff at her, “He probably just wants to talk about some stuff that he doesn’t feel comfortable going to Scorpius about.”


“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel comfortable kissing Scorpius in the way of the French, either, so I guess you’re right.”


“Okay, you only get one more.”


“You’re gonna get the Wonder-tongue!”


“That’s enough,” I sigh at Rose’s giggling.


I swoop James’s cloak over me, and am on my way.


As I walk, I start thinking about the possibility of Danny wanting to be more than friends. I’m not really sure how I feel about that, I’ve never really thought of anyone that way except for Louis. Even when we were little I somehow had feelings for him, though I don’t think at the time I understood why I used to get upset every time he chose to play wizard’s chess with James and Freddie instead of dolls with Rose and me. Maybe, if Danny even did feel that way about me, it’d be a good idea to try something new… to get away from the Chase who’s always running after Louis Weasley, and just be Chase.


I reach the astronomy tower, and expect to see Danny standing there dramatically staring off into the distance, but instead he’s doing tricks on his broomstick. He’s one of those kids who put footholds on his broom for maximum stunting.


“Ahem,” I alert him that I’m here as I take the cloak off.


“Whah-“ he makes a sharp turn at the noise, falling off his broomstick.


“Sweet Merlin!” I shout, and run over to make sure he’s okay.


I bend down and put his head on my lap; he stirs back into reality, “Well that hurt.”


“Fuckin’ Wonderboy! Don’t scare me like that!”


I scared you?” he chuckles at me, “I didn’t see you falling off any broomsticks out of fright!”


“That’s because I don’t ride any punk broomsticks,” I’m suddenly very aware of the fact that that his head is still on my lap, and by the look on his face he’s just noticed the same thing.


I cough awkwardly and stand up, almost making him hit his head on the floor. But he catches himself in time, and also stands up.


“So,” I start, still awkward, “What’d you want to talk about?”


He’s starts to slowly move towards me until his face is just inches from mine, “Actually, I was kind of hoping there wouldn’t be much talking.”


Wonderboy goes in for the kiss—


“Chase! What the hell are you doing?” I hear a boy’s voice, and knowing my luck, it’s pretty obvious who it is.


Danny curses under his breath as I turn around to see just the person I expected, “Louis! What are you doing here?”


“James saw that his cloak was gone and suspected you, so we borrowed Albus’s map and tracked you here—wait, why am I the one doing the explaining? What are YOU doing here?”


I stumble for words, but before I can answer Louis realizes that Danny is still right next to me, one of his hands still on my hip from when he was about to kiss me.


“You, you’re Danny Boot, right?” Louis is obviously struggling to stay calm, “James told me about you. Get out of here, now, or I’ll tell Chase why you’re really here.”


Danny gives me a guilty look before hopping on his broomstick and jumping off the side of the building.


I stand there silently, not sure what to do now. On one hand, Louis just completely cut off my make out session with Wonderboy when he was just kissing Macey Ackerly yesterday. On the other hand, the Macey Ackerly thing turned out to be weirdly sweet, and apparently James knows some bad secret about Danny that made him feel guilty enough to leave. I’m not really sure whether I should hug Louis or punch him in the stomach.


And now he’s standing there, staring at me with an unreadable expression.


“What?” I ask him, confused.


“Are you wearing… Perfume?”


I realize that I’m blushing again, “Rose put it on me…”


“Oh,” He still has that look I can’t figure out, “It’s, um, nice.”




He just furrows his eyebrows, nods, and starts to walk away.


“Louis, wait!” I start walking beside him, “What just happened?”


“I asked if you had perfume on, and you said that Rose put it on-“


“Louis,” I look at him straight on, “You know what I mean. What just happened with Wonderboy?”


“Wonderboy?” once again he has on that face that I just cannot see through, “I wasn’t aware you guys were on, um, nicknaming terms.”


“There’s a lot of things you aren’t aware of,” I say quietly, but he doesn’t respond, just keeps walking.


I grab him by the shoulder and turn him around; he’s a lot stronger than I am and probably wouldn’t have turned around if he really didn’t want to, but he did.


“Talk to me! Why did you make Danny leave?”


“You guys were about to kiss.”


“So? You’re allowed to snog other people and I’m not?”


“Macey wasn’t just using me to—“


“No, Louis, you were using her. Thanks for that, by the way,” now it’s my turn to start walking away, but I think that my face is pretty easy to read at the moment.


However, I have almost no willpower, and so just before I round the corner I turn to take a peek at Louis. He’s just standing there watching me walk away, that absolutely unreadable expression still on his face.


“I have to pee! NOW!” Rose practically shouts at me before classes the next morning.


“You went to the bathroom an hour ago!” I groan. My first class was D.A.D.A and I didn’t want to be late to my first day as a Teacher’s Assistant.


“Well I have to go again,” she gives me a glare that would intimidate Moldyshorts himself.


“Why do you have to be so… Pregnant?”


“I’m only 6 weeks along!”


“But the symptoms are obviously showing,” she’s giving me that scary glare again, so I walk with her to the bathroom.


On the way, I see Scorpius and grab him by the collar, “You! You’re the one who impregnated her, and so YOU’RE the one who should be escorting her to the bathroom fifty times a day since YOUR child is the one messing with her bladder!”


He nods; his eyes are huge in fear at my hostility. I turn back around to go to my class while he takes his baby mama to the john.


I walk into the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and the first thing I see is Louis and James sitting in the front row, watching me. Of course. I should have known Louis would arrange it so that I would T.A. for the class he was in.


The Weasley boy gives me an unsure smile, obviously trying to figure out if I’m still mad at him. I bite my lip, not really sure myself.


            That’s when the new professor walks in, and I realize that I am still mad at Louis.


            Why? Because the professor is Teddy Lupin, the extreme hottie that every girl in the Potter-Weasley family has had a crush on at one point or another. And I’m very much enjoying the incredulous look that appears on Louis’s face when he realizes that I’m going to be Teddy’s T.A.


“Hello, class,” the blue-haired hunk begins, “As you know, Professor Waters had to leave in the middle of the year for her brain surgery. And so, I’m your new teacher, Professor Lupin.”


He hands out a questionnaire for the class to fill out. As they do so, he walks over to me.


“Hey Chase,” he smiles, but then his voice becomes more quiet and serious, “How’s Scott holding up?”


“Scott?” At first I’m confused, but then I realize who he’s talking about, “Oh! You mean Young Scotty.”


He winces at his best friend’s moniker, “Yes. Young Scotty.”


“Oh, sorry. Yeah, he’s fine. PTC—err, I mean Pete the cobbler—just made him some nice new shoes. And Big Carter convinced him to buy a cat. And my dad said that a few weeks ago, Young Scotty got One-a-Day-Susan to say something besides ‘Wine, please’—“


I stop myself short when I see the pained expression on Teddy’s face.


“But, um, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses soon,” I cough awkwardly, like I do.


“It’s okay, Chase, you don’t have to say that for my sake,” it’s then that I see Louis over Teddy’s shoulder, watching us from his desk as if curious about what we’re talking about. I, very maturely, stick my tongue out at him. That makes him look back down at his parchment, caught in the act.


And then I realize that Teddy is looking at me like I’m crazy. I start to explain, but I decide to just skip it. He knows as well as anyone that I’m a psycho.


“So, Teddy—I mean, Professor Lupin, what should I do first?”


“Umm,” He shuffles through his desk for something that I can do, “Here. I want you to write the answer key for this test.”


I look at it and nod. The material on it was a piece of cake.


I take a seat at my desk and begin. My desk was really just a table in the corner of the room, but I was pleased at how it was bigger than the regular students’ desks.


I finish writing in all the answers quickly, and sit back a second to look around. James, who was as skilled in this department as I was, was already finished with all his work before everybody else. I could tell he was anxious for the first class with the new professor to be over so that they could start actually doing stuff instead of using a quill and parchment.


He catches my gaze and then uses his eyes to signal to look at Louis, who is so focused on his work it’s almost funny. I stifle a laugh, and mouth to James, “I.L.”


He nods, and takes out a piece of parchment for us to Instant Letter on. I take out my own parchment, and we tap our wands on it twice in unison.


Within seconds, we begin writing our conversation; whatever he writes appears on my paper, and vice versa.


J.S.P- What happened last night?


C.A.L- Like Louis didn’t already tell you.


J.S.P- Well, yes, but I want to hear your side of the story.


C.A.L- The jist of it is, Danny found out that Scorpius and Rose rode the hobby horse together, he got mad. Then I got this note from him saying to meet him on the astronomy tower, I went and he was about to kiss me, and then Louis showed up and made him leave, which made me mad. Did I leave anything out?


J.S.P- Please don’t ever say “hobby horse” while talking about my little cousin. Also, you forgot the part when Louis noticed your perfume.


C.A.L- If you look up right now, you’ll notice that I’m glaring at you.


J.S.P- Yikes, you look like Rose did the other day when I commented on her over-active bladder.


C.A.L- That’s a sensitive subject for her.


J.S.P- I can tell.


“Alright, class,” I look up from the parchment as Teddy begins talking, “Class is going to end in about five minutes, since you’re all done with your work I’m going to dismiss you a little bit early. Have a nice day everybody!”


I see Louis get up and give me a look like he wants to talk to me, so I grab my stuff and book it out of there. Both of us had free period right now, so I decide to go to the bathroom. He can’t follow me in there.


I walk into the lavatory, and wonder if Rose is there. It’s a pretty frequent location for her at the moment. However, I quickly realize it’s empty, and go into a stall.


Just then I hear someone come in, by the sound of it two girls.


“I know, I absolutely hate her!” I know that voice… it belongs to Posey Parkinson-Johnson, the Macey Ackerly of the Slytherin world, except that she’s mean and even worse of a gossip.


 I stand up on the toilet and try to make my breathing as quiet as possible; the last time I had a run-in with Posey I ended up having to be held back by Louis AND James just to not punch her in the throat. Neither of them is here at the moment, so the last thing I want is for her to know I that I am.


“Ugh, I know! Who does she think she is, taking the most dateable sixth year in Slytherin and keeping him all to herself when there are so many hunks in Gryffindor?”


“Um, Nicole, get a brain! All of the Gryffindor hunks are related to her!”


Holy shit! I was over-hearing Posey Parkinson-Johnson and her faceless Nicole crone talking crap about Rose!


“That’s true… But not all the Slytherin boys are bad! Danny Boot is cute and mysterious, and you said he was a great snog before he dumped you—“


“Nicole! Shut up! You don’t need to remind me of a relationship that lasted like two days!”


Note to self: If Wonderboy tries to kiss me again, I’m making sure he scrubs his lips first. I probably should have thought of that anyways; Danny’s dated most of the girls in Slytherin, and at least a quarter of the girls in each of every other house. Strange how it’s Louis I called the man-slut. But, like Louis, Danny’s still got his morals; from what I hear he’s always super respectful, even to the girls who didn’t want him to be.


“But, yeah, I totally gave him a chance to feel me up, but like, all he wanted to do was hold my hand or cuddle or something,” Posey’s nasally voice echoes throughout the restroom.


Case in point.


“We totally got off topic!” The Nicole cackles in a way that sounds like she’s trying to be cute, “What were you saying about the Weasel girl?”


“Oh, right! As I was saying, I think that Rose and Scorpius may have hit a rough spot over winter break, ‘cause like I noticed that she’s been super moody lately. And, don’t tell anyone, but I overheard Justin Arthur saying that Scorpius gave him a box of condoms with only one missing, because apparently he didn’t need the rest. My guess is that he put his spoon in Rose’s pudding, she didn’t like it, and now there’s more trouble in paradise than they can put up with.”


“Ooh, juicy! But how do you know that she’s not, like, preggers or something?”


“Don’t be silly, Nicole. Anyways, I decided that I’m going to be the straw that breaks the thestral’s back. It’s pretty much clear to me that they’re going to break up, so I might as well just push things along, for their sake. That way, Rose is free to be with her freaky family and the weird brunette that hangs around them, and I get Scorpius to myself.”


“What are you saying?”


“What I’m saying is that I’m going to steal him from her.”


“Ohhh! Okay! I get it now! But how are you going to do that? He likes goody-two-shoes girls, like Rose, and you’re like—“


“Like what, Nicole?” I can almost hear the glare on Posey’s face.


“Well… You’re kind of a sluhhh—good person. Heh… heh… ahem.”


Hah! One of the many Nicoles almost called Posey a slut to her face! Serves her right, wanting to steal my best friend’s boyfriend! It’s things like this that make me want to punch her in the throat so bad.


Posey scoffs and I hear her stomp out of the restroom (as good as anyone can stomp in hooker heels) and the Nicole scuffles after her.


Well fuck. I can’t tell Rose about this; I need to go find Scorpius. 


And I need to figure what the hell is up with all these Nicoles!

Chapter 5: Love Potion
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“SCORPIUS!” I’d already annoyed some Slytherins into letting me into their Common Room right after classes ended, and I was now banging on the door of Scorpius’s dormitory, “SCOOORRRRPPPPIIIIUUUUSSSS!”

“Who the hell is—“ the door opens, but instead of a blonde boy there stands a Wonderboy, “Oh, Chase. Err, hi?”

I stand there stupidly with my mouth open for about a minute; this is the first time we’ve seen each other since he almost kissed me.

“Is Scorpius in there?”

“He’s sleeping,” from the look of things, Danny had been sleeping too. His hair was messy, his face just the tiniest bit unshaven, and his voice had that rough, tired tug on it; he must’ve skipped classes today.

I shift uncomfortably, “Okay, well can you just send word to me when he wakes?”

Wonderboy starts to nod, but then looks me in the eye for a second, “If you wanted, you could just stay with me until he comes around.”

For some reason, I feel like it’s not Scorpius he’s talking about just now, but I find a small grin creep onto my face, “Sure. Why not?”

I see my same grin mirrored on his lips, and he takes a step back so I can walk in.

The first thing I notice is Scorpius’s perfectly made bed, and I look at Danny questioningly.

“He’s sleeping in the bath tub. Can’t stand to have an unmade bed unless it’s necessary.”

I nod; it’s tough for me to say anything with the way he’s looking at me.

He sits down on his bed, and I sit down next to him.

“What do you want to talk about?” he’s about a foot away from me, but I can feel his body heat.

I feel myself leaning closer to him and I really can’t believe what I’m about to say, “While we’re waiting… why don’t we finish what we started?”

Our faces are inches apart, but it’s him that closes the gap.

His mouth is warm, and it makes my face feel hot. At first his lips are timid, but about thirty seconds into the kiss they surpass mine in speed. I don’t really have time to think, but after a while I notice his hands beginning to travel; slowly up my hips, but when they reach my ribs I push them away, continuing the kiss. He tries again, and again I push away. He must realize this is a lost cause because now he’s repositioning me so that I’m lying down and he’s over me, our bodies pressed together. Now that we’re in a more comfortable position, his hands start to try for a third time, and once more I don’t let it happen. He pulls away from the kiss and gives me a look I don’t understand, and he’s just about to say something—

“Woah, sorry, didn’t realize I was interrupting something…”

I turn to see a sleepy looking Scorpius in the bathroom doorway, and my foggy brain is instantly snapped back to sharpness.

I sit up quickly, forgetting about Danny who in turn falls off the bed.

Wonderboy’s eyes are big as he pops off the ground, “Scorpius! Err, Chase wanted to talk to you!” he points at me, and I’m still sitting on the bed looking like a confused puppy or something.

“Really? Because it doesn’t really look like she does.”

“No, Scorpius!” I spring up onto my feet, “I do need to talk to you! I just got, err, distracted,” I glance shyly at Danny, whose goofy grin is a mile wide.

I grab Scorp and run out of the room, turning back just in time to smile at Danny before closing the door. He just happens to be checking out my backside at the time.

“Why are you so red?” Scorpius asks once we’re in the dungeons outside their common room.


“Woah! Hey! Sorry! Didn’t realize I would offend you or something.”

I grunt, “It’s okay, sorry.”

“So what did you want to talk to me about?”

“C’mon. We can’t talk about it so close to your common room.”

“Okay? So… You and Danny?”

“What about me and Danny?” my face is probably about the shade of a lobster right now, so I keep my head down as we walk out of the dungeons.

“Do you like him?”

I look up at Scorpius’s kind face, “Does he like me?”

“I think so,” he nods, then bites his lip, “he doesn’t really show interest in girls like he has for you. Not usually, I mean. It’s sudden, though, I don’t think he ever really paid attention to you like he’s started to just recently. But now he definitely has—I see him look for you when we walk into a room at the same time I look for Rose. He gets excited whenever we’re going somewhere and we know we’re going to see you guys there.”


“Wait a second. Why aren’t you smiling?”

I shrug.


Once again I look up at Scorpius, and he’s looking back down at me with eyes full of understanding.

He knew I was thinking about Louis.

“Scorpius, you’re the brother I never had.”

He smiles, he seems to like the sound of that.

“Where are we going anyways?”

“Here,” I stop him, stare at the wall for a second, and watch as a door appears.

“Jiminy Christmas! How do you know where the Room of Requirement is? I thought the staff was supposed to keep it a secret!”

“Staff? As in, my father? The man that raised me?”

“Ah. I understand.”

I push him inside, and look around to see a cozy square room, with lots of cushions and a nice fire to sit down next to and talk. Perfect.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Little Miss Longbottom?”


He looks puzzled, “What about Posey?”

I sit down on the floor of pillows, and he does the same, “She wants to steal you from Rose. She, like most people here, has no idea about the baby and thinks that you guys are just going through a rough patch. The way she was talking, and knowing how terrible she is, I think that she’s going to try and slip you a love potion and then once you’re under her spell try and make woopie with you—“

“But that’s impossible, love potions legally can’t make you want to sleep with someone. I doubt Posey would risk going to Azkaban just so that she could play on my joystick.”

“Nice one. But anyways, don’t you see? She figures that once you’re in ‘love’ with her you’ll WANT to dip your pen in her ink. Get it?”

“Oh! I understand. Don’t worry, that won’t work.”

Scorp’s confidence confuses me, “You do realize that you’ll be under the influence of a potion? You won’t even remember Rose exists. How do you know you won’t give in? You ARE of the male species, after all.”

“First, let me say that I will never, ever forget about Rose, not even for a second,” his voice is serious, but calms down, “And I know that Posey won’t get my engine running because, well, she doesn’t know how.”

I give him a “what the hell is that supposed to mean?” look.

“Err, well, what I’m trying to say is, only Rose knows the, ahem, specific way to get me, y’know, going.”

“Oh! Like what? Does she read history books to you or something?”

Scorpius blushes and looks at the ground, but shakes his head no.

“Does she recite facts on the anatomy of a pine tree?”


“Well what does she do?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Because I’m a nosey person and if you don’t tell me I’ll just be terribly curious forever. It’s a disease.”

“Fine, fine,” he sighs, “But you have to swear you won’t tell anyone… and don’t laugh! This is embarrassing stuff.”

I put both my hands up to show that my fingers aren’t crossed, “I promise.”

“Okay, okay. When Rose is feeling, y’know, playful, she… she… um, well, she tickles me. She says she ‘likes the sound of my giggling’,” his face is now tomato red, and he refuses to take his eyes off the ground.

At this time, I just have to stare at the wall to keep my expression straight. I’m not sure if I want to laugh more because of the absurdity of what he’s said or purely the fact that he and Rose are so extremely perfect for each other.

“You’re trying not to laugh, aren’t you?”

I take in a deep breath and shake my head no, but it’s so forced I might as well just be saying yes.

“Go ahead, you can laugh, I don’t care.”

For a little more than a minute I’m rolling on the floor with gut-busting laughter, unable to control myself. Once I finally catch my breath, I look at Scorpius seriously, and then start laughing again. This time takes two minutes, but once I’m done I’m done.

“Alright, so what are we going to do about Posey?”

He takes a deep breath and recovers from his embarrassment, “The popular thing to do the last couple of years when secretly making potions is to go to the lavatory nearest your common room. Posey’s the type to follow fads, maybe you can get in there and switch her hair or whatever for someone else’s. Someone that won’t try to take advantage of me when I’m under the spell…”

“I could do it. I have absolutely no romantic feelings towards you whatsoever, especially after the bit of information you’ve just shared with me.”

“What about Danny?”

“What do you mean?” I furrowed my eyebrows, how did Wonderboy fit into the equation?

He gives me an ‘are you serious?’ look, “You guys were just kissing! I don’t think he would appreciate his best friend suddenly acting like he was in love with you.”

“He doesn’t own me. And it’s not like we’re even dating, I mean if he asked me out there might be a problem, but he didn’t.”

He gives me that look again; that understanding look that meant he knew I was thinking about Louis. And again, he doesn’t bring it up.



“You should probably go check the lavatory now, Posey’s impatient and dinner will be soon. Perfect opportunity to slip something in my drink.”

I nod and run out.

I was right, Posey was making a love potion. I watched as she put the ingredients together from under James’s cloak—I still hadn’t given it back yet.

Now she was walking away from the potion to go to the restroom, leaving me the perfect opportunity. I identified a brunette hair carefully placed on a little dish next to the potion, plucked out my own and switched the two. Once Posey was done doing her business she finished the potion, including adding my hair, and put the pinkish clear substance in a little vial. She walked out and started out towards the Great Hall, not knowing that I was silently trailing behind her.

Hot damn did she look like a hussy; does that girl know that there is such thing as heels below five inches tall? Or skirts above five inches long, for that matter?

I take off the cloak after getting into the crowded Great Hall and luckily nobody notices me. I look around for Scorpius and see him, and I start to walk towards him but stop short when I realize who he’s with. Him, Danny, James and Louis are all standing in a little group in the corner of the room talking quietly. Well, this would be fun.

“Hey guys!” I intrude on their little conversation in the most awkward way possible. The way they were standing Scorpius and James were next to the wall, so I wound up smack between Louis and Danny. Just my luck.

“Hullo Chasey Whasey—“

“How’s it goin’ Baby Buns—“

They both greet me in their usual ways, but at the same time so that right after it happens they both get silent and start looking back and forth between each other and me. I cough awkwardly.

“You guys can’t say I wasn’t reluctant about both of those nicknames…” I mumble.

James starts shaking his head, “Way to go, Chase.”

Louis and Danny both start to defend me, again at the same time.

“Err, you go,” Louis nods at Danny.

Danny shakes his head, “No, you first, I insist.”

“I was just going to say that Chase isn’t to blame for our, err, situation. I mean, we’re all mature here, we all know what happened between Chase and me and what almost happened between her and Danny. Let’s not act like children.”

Wonderboy agrees, “Let’s just move on to something new, there’s no point in dwelling.”

“Fuck this.”

Everyone looks at me, slightly surprised but kind of not (it is me we’re talking about after all), but I continue talking, “Louis, don’t talk about me like I’m not here. And Danny, don’t just stand there letting Louis think that you and I didn’t snog in your bedroom today when you, me, and Scorpius were all there for that happening. And you know what, if I weren’t obliged to be here by one of you for a secret mission, I would be stomping away right now!”

Before any of the four guys can say anything in reply to my little outburst, Posey is squeezing in between me and Louis, pushing me into Danny. She’s holding two separate glasses of pumpkin juice, and I see Scorpius twitch in anticipation for being drugged.

“You guys look thirsty!” She smiles tightly, “Do you want some juice? Here, Scorpius, take one.”

Scorp starts to decline, but Louis speaks up, “I’m actually really thirsty,” he holds out his hand for a glass, and Posey, thinking she’s smooth, starts to hand him the other one. But in the tight space of the corner, her elbow somehow got bumped, and the two drinks went up into the air.

By some crazy miracle, she managed to dive and catch the drinks, though I’m pretty sure she happened to punch James in the face in the process. Also, after the crazy mix up, it was almost impossible to tell which cup was which.

“Nice catch,” Louis smiles, he has a tough time thinking badly of anyone, even Posey, “Can I have that drink now? I haven’t had one since Quidditch practice and I’m parched.”

“Errr…” Posey looks anxiously back and forth between each goblet, but finally just hands Louis a random one quickly after realizing that he was looking at her funny. Posey Parkinson-Johnson could not have people thinking she was weird.

Louis gulps it down. She quickly hands the other one to Scorpius, stares at him until he gulps it too, and then she just walks away without a word.

“Oh! I’m no longer obliged! I can stomp away now!” I smile and stomp away. Behind me, James has a bloody nose, either Scorpius or Louis has just consumed something that will make them fall in love with me, and Danny just looks confused.

I see Rose picking through her food, occasionally looking at it like she’s starving and then quickly switching to looks of disgust as she goes through cravings and distastes.

I’m just about to go sit with her when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn and see Louis. Before he says anything, I take a second to really look at him. As always, he’s well put together; his dark, ocean-blue eyes look well-rested, his sandy blonde hair is clean and styled, and his soft, pink lips are… well, let’s not get too far into things.

“I want to talk to you about something,” He bites his lip.

I nod and walk with him outside the Great Hall.

“So, what is it?” I ask, hoping to Merlin that Louis didn’t get the love potion.

“…You and Danny kissed?”

“I know you said he’s got some weird secret but I really don’t think it’s any of your—“

“I don’t really care about that right now, because all I can think about is that you were kissing someone else. And I know now that I don’t want you kissing anyone else,” he’s moving closer to me now, “I only want you to kiss me.”

He’s so close that he could easily kiss me now, but I know he won’t do that without knowing that I want it first.

This is so unreal that it takes a second for it to fit in my brain that he’d gotten the love potion. I turn my head away; I don’t want it to happen this way.

Louis looks hurt, but nods, “I get it. I had my chance and I wasted it. But I just wanted you to know,” he gently pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear, “That I’m not going to stop trying. It’s my turn to chase you now.”

This confuses me, but he walks away before I can stutter a word out. That’s not exactly how I expected someone under the influence of a love potion to act.

“CHASE LONGBOTTOM,” Scorpius bursts through the doors of the Great Hall, “I LOVE YOU!”

Wait, what? If Scorpius got the love potion, then that means…

Oh shit.

Chapter 6: Boys Are Stupid
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Beautifully made chapter image by &thereshegoes @TDA 



“What the fuck do you think you're doing, Scorpius?! Why you hittin' up Chase when you're already gettin' tail from my sister? Huh? You wanna go, homie? Do you even lift?” Hugo, the wannabe ghetto and small for his age fourth year, starts shouting at Scorpius who’s just confessed his ‘love’ for me.


“Hugo!” I shout, “Calm yourself! This is just a mix up, someone was trying to give Scorpius a love potion and I sabotaged it! He is still very much in love with Rose!”




He narrows his eyes at Scorp, who is staring at me with a dreamy look in his eyes but besides that being harmless, “Fine. But if he fucking does anything to  hurt her, I will fucking bust a cap in his sorry ass.”




“Yeah, yeah, sure. Also, I’m probably not one to talk, but if I were you I’d lay off the cuss words, you're a little young. And pull your fucking pants up, nobody wants to see your fucking boxers!”




“Chase! Just get off my fucking case, you chill?”




“You are a troubled little boy.”




He shrugs, “I can act however I want, I’m related to Louis, James, Freddie, and Albus, which makes them ovaries explode!” He makes exploding sounds, along with matching gestures.




I slowly start to shuffle away with Scorp following me, talking to Hugo always makes me a little scared about the sanity of our future generation, “Err… Sure… Good luck with all those combusting reproductive things, I guess…”




“You can bet I’ll get them shawties on their knees in no time, ‘cause I’m a fucking mofo,” his voice starts to fade as I begin running away, and I’m pretty sure he’s just talking to himself now, “’Cause then I’m just like, yolo! Who needs  manners when I got that sweet-ass swag…”




I’ve finally run far enough away that I can no longer hear his crackly, still-going-through-puberty voice, and from there I walk to the Room of Requirement.




“Chase, did you know that, if you were a ceiling fan, you would be a very nice ceiling fan?” Scorpius winks at me flirtily.




“Oh how CAN I resist your charm?” I roll my eyes at him. I then open the door of the Room of Requirement, push him in, and then lock it from the outside. I then set an alarm on my Spiderman watch; it would be very bad if I left Scorp in there forever without any food or water. Kind of reminds me…







Oh well, I’m over it. I didn’t like the way Taco would eyeball me anyways.




Maybe I’ll get a new one and name it Penny-




“Chase! Hey, Chase!” I turn around and see Wonderboy running in my direction.




“Oh, hullo.”




“What was all that back there?” he catches up to me, and we start walking together, “I mean I heard you explaining to Hugo the whole love potion thing, but, err, what was going on with Louis just before that? I mean not to pry, I’m just,” he looks at the ground, embarrassed, “Curious.”




“Alright, I guess you have the right to know since just a few hours ago you and I were kind of sharing saliva,” we share a shy grin, “Uhm, Louis kind of told me that he wants to be with me, but I thought he was under the influence of the love potion since Posey got those drinks mixed up, so I turned him down. But, now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I think that turning him down might have been a good idea, at least for now anyways, since he’s had so many chances to be with me and he’s turned down all of them. And then that leads me to you, which is confusing on all levels because on one hand you were straight-forward with me and made it clear what you wanted from the start, but on the other hand it might be pretty messed up to get with someone else right after Louis literally opened up and told me he wouldn’t give up and plus there’s that weird secret thing that I still have no idea about and-“




My rant is interrupted by Danny’s lips, rough on my own. He pulls back for a second, looks around, and then swoops us into a nearby broom closet, continuing to kiss me. At first I just go along with it, but I soon push him away from the kiss.




“I’m sorry,” he smiles, still close to me, “You just really needed to stop talking.”




“Oh,” I struggle for words for a second, his lips are always so warm it’s like it melts my thoughts into a bubbling mess and it’s really making my head hurt, “I think that, before we kiss anymore, you should tell me your secret. I don’t think Louis would have made a big deal about it if it wasn’t important.”




“For once, can we stop talking about Louis? And the secret doesn’t matter, I just really want to be here with you, in this moment, right now,” he kisses me again, and again my brain malfunctions at the heat. Maybe Danny’s right, maybe I should just relax and let things happen how they happen… I mean, he’s like me. He’s a sidekick, but he accepts that, and instead of busying himself with stupid dreams about some other leading lady that he could probably get if he wanted to, he wants me, and it actually makes sense. Maybe, for once, I should do what makes sense.




His hands, which are on my hips as they usually are when he kisses me, begin moving downward and then slowly onto my ass. I allow this to happen, but only because my brain is foggy and it doesn’t really even feel real. After he has his fun there, he slowly begins to lift up my shirt. This doesn’t even register in my mind until my bra is exposed, at which point I quickly pull away from the kiss.




“Danny, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”




“Come on, Chase, why not? Why shouldn’t we just get it over with?”




“Because I don’t want to!”




“Don’t worry,” he stubbornly puts his hands back on my ass and begins kissing my neck, refusing to back off, “You’ll be glad we did it once we’re done. And then everything can be good.”




“No, Danny, stop it! I swear I’ll fuckin’ knee you right in your naughty bits!”




Before the boy can stutter out a word the door we’re leaning on opens and we topple out onto the floor of the corridor just outside the broom closet. Just as quickly Danny is pinned against the wall, Louis holding him there with his wand pointed at his throat.




“Woah! Hey, man, back off!” Danny struggles against Louis, who is both taller and better built, “Don’t get all bothered just because she chose me over you!”




“Hey! Both of you! Stop it!” I hop up and pull them both away from each other, something that with my strength Louis obviously allowed me to do, “I didn’t choose anybody!”




“Chase, you don’t understand,” Louis starts, looking at Danny with more enmity than I knew he even possessed, “You don’t know what he wants.”




“I think it was pretty obvious what he wanted,” I indignantly tug my shirt back down.




“Tell her,” Louis ignores my remark and nods to Danny, “Tell her the truth or I will.”




Danny exhales, his expression pained, “Okay, okay,” he turns to me and looks me in the eyes, “Chase, you have to promise me that you won’t say a word until I’m completely finished talking. Please?”




“Alright, I guess…?”




“I’m in love.”








“I said not to interrupt me! Now don’t go getting too excited, because, well, it’s not with you. It’s, erhm, well, uh, I’m in love with Rose. I have been since first year. I was always too shy to tell her, or even Scorpius for that matter, and then in third year I decided I would. I went to go find her but on the way, I heard her giggling coming from inside a broom cupboard. When I opened it, I found her and Scorpius having their first snogging session. I pretended I was cool with it, but on the inside I was heartbroken. As you know, they started dating in fourth year, and that’s when I started going out with girls all over the school trying to find somebody to help me get over her. I did that for the last two years, but it never worked. And then when I found out that she was pregnant, with his baby, I just couldn’t handle it. I grabbed my broomstick—riding it helps me think—and went up to the astronomy tower to figure out what I would do, because I knew I had to do something. I decided that maybe if I slept with someone, it would help me get over her. And then I thought about you, and how much fun I’d just had on our train ride together, and I realized you were perfect. I mean, you’re funny and pretty, and if we did it then there would be no way Rose wouldn’t find out about it. I know, it sounds terrible, but just please, Chase, try to see things from my point of view here!”




I rack my brain, but I can’t seem to think of any way to put how I feel into words right now. So, to give me more time to think, I look at Louis and shakily ask, “How did you find out?”




Danny answers for him, “The summer before third year, I almost told Rose. I went to the Potter-Weasley house—it’s only a few blocks away from mine—with a bouquet of flowers and was going to throw pebbles at her window, but then I chickened out. James found me sitting in front of their neighbor’s yard by myself, hyperventilating, and I told him everything. Since then he’s always been there for me when it comes to Rose, but he didn’t particularly like the plan that involved me seducing you. I guess he told Louis.”




Louis nods, the story must have sounded about right.




I still have no idea what to say, and I start to feel a throbbing pain in my throat. My eyes start to prickle, and I realize I’m about to cry. Louis realizes the same thing, and I’m instantly wrapped in his arms so that Danny, or anyone walking by for that matter, won’t see me. He knows that I don’t like anybody seeing me looking vulnerable.




“I think you should probably leave now,” He says quietly to Danny. I don’t hear Danny reply, just footsteps walking away as I bury my face further into Louis’s shirt.




“Do you want to sneak into the kitchen for some ice cream? You know all of us Weasleys are tight with the house-elves.”




I nod, but I stay where I am for him for a little while. When I finally feel ready, I pull away from him and take a deep breath, wiping my tears away. He’s looking off down the hall; not at anything particular, but just because he knows he’s no exception to my hatred of people seeing me cry.




“Okay,” I mumble, and he looks at me to give me a half smile before throwing his arm around me just like he used to and walking with me to the kitchen.




“I feel used,” I say, almost without emotion.




“Don’t worry; I’m not the type to say I told you so.”




I look up at him and can’t fight the smile, “You realize that by saying that, you’re saying ‘I told you so’, right?”




He shrugs, he’s smiling too, “Well I did tell you so.”




I laugh and lean into him a little bit more. This feels just like the old days, before Rose was pregnant, before I had three boys all revealing feelings for me in one day, whether the said feelings were real or not. It’s hard to swallow the fact that the “old days” were just two weeks ago.




“This doesn’t change anything,” I say decidedly, even though I know it might ruin our moment, “This doesn’t change the fact that I’m not going to just forget everything and run off into the sunset with you.”




“I know. But it also doesn’t change the fact that I’m not going to give up on you.”




That makes me smile a bit, but at the same time I know it’ll be hard to resist him. But I’m so tired of all these fucking feelings, I have a feeling even Louis is not going to make me change my mind about this.




We get some ice cream, and after thoroughly eating my feelings we walk back to the common room. Along the way we don’t talk much, but it’s a comfortable silence that I could only really enjoy with Louis.




“CHASE! ERMAGERD YOU SMELL LIKE ICE CREAM, WERE YOU EATING ICE CREAM? Ugh that makes me want to vomit! But strangely it makes me want some ice cream… Why did I eat all those pixie stix? Is sugar bad for babies? Sweet Merlin I hope not! Oh hey, you’re not mad at Louis. That’s cool. You guys should just like get married. Oh! What if the four of us went to Vegas and had a double wedding! That would be amazing!” Rose is suddenly in front of me, talking a mile a minute.






“Rose! Hush hush, now. C’mon, we’re going upstairs and I’m giving you a sugar detox,” I sigh and take her wrist to bring her to our dorm. As I’m walking I turn and mouth ‘thank you’ to Louis. He points at himself, and then makes a heart sign with his hands, and then points at me. I roll my eyes and continue on my way; this is definitely an interesting twist to my life.






“And then we went and got ice cream,” I finally finish telling my best friend every single thing that happened today, which is a lot. Rose was eagerly listening despite having to suffer through a terrible sugar crash.




She sighs, “Well, THAT’S sure a lot to take in. Hey,” she lightly pokes my wrist, “What happened to your Spiderman watch?”




I look down and realize my wrist is quite naked; not really surprising seeing as the thing was on its last leg. But why is that ringing some kind of alarm in my head…












Twenty minutes later, I walk back into the dorm out of breath and flop down on my bed.




“Did you get him?”




“Yep. It was pretty creepy, the room made a framed picture of me and he was cuddling with it as he slept.”




Rose shakes her head, “Why couldn’t you have just put one of MY hairs in the potion?”




“I think Posey would have noticed if her hair had suddenly turned red. Plus, I didn’t really want to tell you the situation until it was handled so that you wouldn’t get too stressed out,” I sit up and start playing with the skin on Rose’s elbow, “And I don’t think that boy could handle being any more in love with you than he already is. He’d probably have a literal heart attack.”




“Hey, stop playing with my elbow skin! Not nice! And I guess you’re right. I just don’t like the idea of Scorpius thinking about my best friend that way. It makes me kind of understand where Danny is coming from.”




I look at her, “Rose, he was using me. All he wanted was to sleep with me so he could get back at you or something.”




“I’m not saying what he did was right!” she gives me a look, “I’m just saying I get where he’s coming from. I mean, if Louis and I fell in love and you could get back at him by dippity-doo-da-ing James, would you?”




“First of all, that’s an extremely creepy thought seeing as you and Louis are first cousins. Secondly, I’m pretty most girls attending Hogwarts have had their doo-das dippitied by James.”




Rose laughs and shakes her head, “Actually, don’t tell James I told you this, but he’s a virgin.”




My jaw drops, “No way, I’ve heard at least fifteen girls say they’ve knocked boots with him! And that’s just this term!”




“He told me that he’s just waiting until it ‘feels just right’. So basically, what he’s doing is taking these girls to his dorm, and then when it doesn’t feel right he tells them he has ‘too much of a soft spot’ for them and then tells them he doesn’t want the other girls to know she’s any more special than them because it’ll break their hearts, so it’d be best if she just led on like he parked his Plymouth in their garage of love.”




“That’s genius!” I marvel at James’s brilliance, “Especially since none of the girls he hooks up with are self-respecting or intelligent!”




“That’s the reason he gets them in the first place,” Rose shrugs.




Right now, I have a new level of respect for James Sirius Potter. I always thought he was egotistical, manipulating, and a man-whore, but now I know that he isn’t a man-whore! Either way, he’s still one of my best friends.




I hear a light ding. I step down onto the floor to grab my book bag, which I dig through until I pull out the piece of parchment I was using this morning. Speak of the devil; James was continuing our I.L. session from earlier.




JSP- You up?




CAL- Yes, we were just talking about you.




JSP- Good things, I hope?




CAL- Depends on your perspective. But from mine, yes.




JSP- Crap, that sounds conflicting. But thank you, I suppose. Anyways, can you girls come over here? Lorcan made Louis eat a suspicious looking pastry and now he’s acting straight cray-cray.




CAL- Sure, I’ll be right over.




JSP- Oh, and one more thing?




CAL- What?




JSP- Don’t forget to wear that perfume you had on the other night.




CAL- Um. Why?




JSP- You positively must smell nice for Louis when he becomes sensible again! I will not allow for you to reek of tacos or whatever it is you had for dinner! Unless it’s bacon, in that case you’re set.




CAL- I hate you. We’ll be over in a sec.












“A Scamander twin fed Louis a strange dessert and now he’s gone loopy and junk. Want to go help James the Chaste out a bit?”




She rolls her eyes, “Louis is always too nice too resist things people offer him. I remember one time a strange man offered him candy; good thing the man turned out to be a buddy of Uncle George, or else the boy might’ve been done for. Sure, let’s go!”




And we’re off, Rose telling more of the story and me silently wondering how I’m affiliated with such a happily dysfunctional family. 

Chapter 7: Poison and Breaking Windows
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Lysander Scamander is a strange boy. He rides his broomstick backwards and can name every type of aglet in existence. Stranger yet, however, is his evil twin, Lorcan. Lorcan likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and poisoning people’s food. Although McGonagall has made sure that he has no access whatsoever to anything lethal, he likes to slip anything he can into food or beverages to make people uncomfortable. And so I suppose that in some twisted way it makes sense that when James accidentally stepped on Lorcan’s foot in the hall and scuffed his shoe, he would give James’s best friend and roommate a fruit tart which would cause Louis to monotonously insult anyone that spoke to him. Oh, and it also gave him an awful case of the hiccups.  

When we reach James’s and Louis’s dorm, the door is already slightly ajar.


Rose pushes it open, and inside we see Louis lying face-up on his bed with his feet hanging off, James and Hugo standing there staring at him worriedly, and Lorcan curled up in the corner, unconscious.


At the sound of us coming in, James spins around and rushes towards us, “I’m so glad you’re here! He can’t talk without—well, come over here and see.”


Rose walks over to him and sits down on the bed, looking down thoughtfully at her cousin, “Hey Gooey-Louis, you alright?”


“Your disturbingly red hair irritates my eyes, and I find the use of the childhood nickname you used to help pronounce my name when we were young annoying,” he finishes the insult with a hiccup.


My jaw drops, and I look over at James who shrugs and says, “He called me a man-whore who has little reason to live life except for snogging every female thing that resembles a human being and has a heartbeat, between random fits of hiccupping. I found it kind of endearing.”


 “Strange… He usually comes up with every excuse he can for your man-whore-ness,” I’m pretty weirded-out at seeing Louis this way.


Hugo walks over to us and sulks, “He told me my kicks were uncool.”


“He also said you were obnoxious, naïve, and a butcher of the English language,” James adds.


The young teen ignores his cousin, and looks at me, “I wonder what he would say to Chase.”


 “I don’t think I really want to know,” I admit.


We look back over at Louis and Rose, who has decided to give talking to her cousin one more try, “Louis, I know this isn’t you talking…”


“You try to cover your fear of having a *hiccup* baby by acting normal and it *hiccup* weirds everybody out. The entire family has *hiccup* been watching you and waiting for you to *hiccup* snap, and we all still *hiccup* are.”

Rose’s eyes go puppy-dog style as she silently walks away from the hiccupping boy, “Don’t do it, Chase. It just isn’t worth it.”


James and Hugo swallow their curiosity and exchange it for rationality.


“Holy guacamole…” we hear a faulty murmur from the corner as Lorcan begins to wake up, rubbing the back of his head. James begins to angry stalk towards the peroxide-blonde, but Hugo wisely holds him back.

And so instead I go towards him, “Who do you think you are? You can’t just go around poisoning people all the time! And people say I’M irrational? Do you realize what kind of hurt you might have created? Why don’t you just stop with the stupid poisons and, I don’t know, make some friends? Now, before you say anything else, just tell us the antidote and get the fuck out!”

Lorcan sits there for a second, speechless. Hugo starts to slowly applaud my outburst, but I suspect whatever looks James and Rose gave him made him instantly stop. Lorcan stands up hesitantly, looks me in the eyes, and, in the most immature voice he seems to have, says, “Well, Longbottom, I think you more than anybody have access to any antidote.”


“What? How?”


He laughs a sudden and awkward yet still evil laugh, “Only your father can show you the way!” and with that throws something on the floor and disappears in a puff of smoke.




“Chase, if you don’t mind, do you think I could go get the antidote from your dad? I really don’t want to be in the same room as Louis anymore, at least until he’s cured,” Rose asks me sweetly.

I nod at her, “Sure, go ahead. Take Hugo with you, you guys could use some sibling bonding time,” Truth was I did want someone to keep an eye on her like Louis said. I’ve been so caught up with my own stupid drama that I haven’t even thought about the fact that Rose is going through something like this and acting completely normal.


The pair left. I looked at James, whom I suddenly realized was staring at me with piercing eyes.




“You have to see what Louis tells you. You may not want to admit it to yourself, Chase, but you and I both need to know what he says. You can’t deny the curiosity.”


I give James a stubborn face. He was right. I had to know what Louis would say to me, even though I knew whatever it was would be hurtful.


I slowly took step after step until I reached Louis. I looked at his unusually blank eyes, “Louis? Is there- is there anything you want to say to me?”


He hiccupped, and nothing more. Not a word. He had nothing to say about me. I turned to James, who had a confused look on his face at first, but then nodded as realization came over him.


“He can’t think of a single bad thing to say about you. That kid is whipped.”


All I can do is stand there. I have a feeling that in a little while I’m going to be uncontrollably happy, but at the moment I’m completely stuck in shock.


James speaks again, “After that, you’ve got to give him your Chasey-love. If you can let him sit there and quietly hiccup at you and not agree to go out with him once he’s back to normal, then you’re even weirder than I thought. Besides, it’s obvious you guys have had eyes for each other forever now.”

“I don’t know. I literally JUST got done with whatever was happening with Danny, and I’m still kind of beat up about it. Louis isn’t the type of guy you start dating when you’re heartbroken over someone else.”


The shock is starting to wear off now. I can tell this by the way my heart rate increases at the thought that Louis and me dating is actually a possibility. And a possibility that is my choice!


“He’s my best friend. I know better than anyone that he wants more than anything else to just be there for you. Please think about giving him a chance sooner than later, instead of torturing him?” 


James is being overdramatic, but I still agree, “I’ll definitely think about it.”




“I can’t believe I said all that,” Louis rubbed the back of his neck ashamedly after Rose and Hugo came back with the antidote.


I wave it off and continue to nibble at the candy bar I’d found in my jacket pocket, “I’m sure each of us would have said worse.”


“Chase,” he seemed to just now process the fact that I was here, “What did I say to you?”


Before I have to say anything, James cuts in, “She didn’t talk to you.”


“Oh,” he nods, “Good. I would feel awful if I’d said something to you, too.”


“Especially after the way she told Lorcan off for poisoning you!” Hugo exclaimed to his older cousin, “I’m sure she would have killed him if he hadn’t run away.”


“What?” Louis seems alarmed, “You yelled at a boy notorious for poisoning people over every little insult?”


My eyes go big, “Oh. Right.”


He sighs, and then looks at me again, “Chase, where did you get that candy bar?”


“I found it in the pocket of this jacket I borrowed from Rose,” I motioned to her, “It’s probably just something she was keeping in case of sudden cravings.”


My best friend shakes her head, “Honey, I didn’t have any candy bars in that jacket.”


Oh crap.


I immediately throw the candy bar on the ground, and start stomping and jumping on it.


“Uhmm,” James puts a hand on my shoulder to get me to stop, “I don’t think that’s going to stop whatever Lorcan put in it from working.”


“What are we going to do?” I start freaking out, “Who knows what kind of weird voodoo that creep put in my chocolate!”


Rose starts trying to calm me down, “It’s okay, it’s okay! Hugo, James and I will go track down Lorcan and figure out what it is! You stay here with Louis for now and stay out of trouble.”


I find myself on the floor rocking back and forth in the fetal position, but nod at Rose’s idea. The three of them leave, and Louis looks down at me with a worried expression. A very sexy worried expression, I might add. I stop rocking so that I can get a better look at him.


He’s wearing jeans that fit him nicely—very nicely, with his usual button-up dress shirt that he rolls up the sleeves of, and I see his under shirt, a white wife-beater, showing through underneath. I start to slowly get up and walk towards him, feeling as if I’m in a dream.


“Ch-Chase?” his eyes are the size of dinner plates, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Like what, Gooey-Louis?” I use the childhood nickname that I’d always found adorable, and somehow made it sound… seductive? I was definitely not myself at the moment.

He swallowed nervously, obviously unsure of what to do, “This is just because of that candy bar you ate. It isn’t real,” He seems more like he’s trying to convince himself of this than trying to convince me.


“This isn’t real?” I stand on my tippy-toes and plant a very small, delicate kiss right on the side of his neck.


He takes a sharp breath, and then pushes me away softly, “It’s just not right. I can’t take advantage of you while you’re like this.”

Passion overtakes me, but not in a good way, as I angrily take off my shoe and throw it hard enough to break the window, “Kiss me, damn it!” I shout at him.


Terrified, he quickly brings me back close to him and says, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know you would react like that!”


“Neither did I,” I was calm again now that we were close, but my want for him was still burning, and so I went back on my toes again, this time reaching for his lips.


This was the second time we ever kissed, but the last time was quick and unexpected. This time, I was dizzy and confused but at the same time my senses were heightened and passion was coursing through my veins. Basically, I felt like a drugged up version of a girl in some romance novel. A heroine on heroin, if you will.


His lips were slow and deliberate, but not hesitating to reciprocate every move I made. My knees were starting to feel weak, so I threw my arms around his neck and jumped up, my legs wrapping around his waist. This deepened the kiss, and he seemed to completely forget his reluctance from before. Not once breaking us apart, he walked towards the vanity dresser, setting me down on it so that he had more control.


Keeping my legs around him, I let my arms fall from his neck so that they could feel his shoulders, his chest, and, there they were, the buttons of his shirt. I unbuttoned them one by one, and finally took his shirt off completely. He still had the wife-beater on, but I planned to change that—


“Chase!” Hugo slams through the door, “The candy Lorcan gave you is going to make you go crazy and break stuff unless you get some major nookie—“


He stops short when he sees Louis and me intertwined, caught in the act, Louis’s shirt on the floor, his undershirt tugged halfway up. James and Rose rush in behind him, James bursting into laughter and Rose hurrying to cover her little brother’s eyes from the sight.


I feel the same rage of emotion from when we had to stop earlier, causing me to slap Louis across the face, knock over a lamp, and throw a hairbrush with enough force to make a dent in the wall. Then, I get dizzy and everything just kind of turns dark.


“When d’you think she’ll wake up?” I hear a boy’s voice, and realize it belongs to James.


“I don’t know. I’m still curious as to why Louis thought it was a good idea to kiss her back, with the state she was in,” Rose sounds irritable.


“The girl broke a window, for Merlin’s sake! It wasn’t exactly a request when she told me to do it, what was I supposed to do?” Louis replies in a defensive tone.


“Don’t try and act like you didn’t enjoy every second,” Hugo’s adolescently awkward giggle is apparent, “I mean, sure wouldn’t be upset if Chase tried to get a ride on the Hugo Express! It’s pretty obvious she has it bad for us Weasleys, after all.”

I hear three face palms occur, and decide it’s probably time for me to open my eyes now.

 “CHASE!” Rose attacks me with hugs once she sees I’m conscious, but the first thing I’m immediately aware of is the amazing and familiar smell of whatever bed I’m lying in.


“Uhm, where am I? And what exactly happened?” I asked sheepishly.


“You tried to jump Louis,” James says blatantly, and Louis elbows him in the ribs, “Ouch! What? It’s true! Not that he was complaining. Although the part where you left a perfect red hand mark on his face from slapping him might have been a little too kinky.”

The memories all rushed back, “Holy mother of fuck sauce!” 


“There’s the Chase I know!” Rose has still yet to stop hugging me, “You’ve been lying here unconscious in Louis’s bed for an hour now…”


“Oh, that’s why it smells so good,” I thought to myself. Wait, why are they all looking at me like that? “Merlin, did I just say that out loud?”


“Yep,” Louis laughed, and I think I even detected a slight blush. Great, now I had the blushies as well.

“Anyways,” Rose coughed at the awkward silence that ensued, “When we went to get the antidote for Louis, your dad told us to have you go to his office in a little bit. I think now would be a good time.”

“Okay,” I start to get out of bed, but stumble a little, and Louis is immediately at my side to help me steady myself.


James stifles a laugh and pretends to sneeze, making it sound like the word “whipped”, causing the two of us to blush once again.


“I think I’ll walk Chase there to make sure she’s okay,” Louis says.


Under her breath, Rose says, “Big surprise.”


“Stop it, you guys!” I groan, “I know I’m probably the last person that should be saying this, but can we please try and be a little mature? Now, where’s my shoe?”


We all look down at my shoe-less left foot, and then at the shoe-sized hole in the window, and then not one of us can hold back the laughter.


Louis and I walk side by side down the corridor, our hands occasionally brushing each other as we go but neither of us pulling away when they do.


“Sorry about slapping you,” I break the non-awkward silence, “I wasn’t exactly myself.”


“Sorry I let you kiss me,” He sounds equally guilty, which I find absurd.


I laugh, “I’m not sure if you noticed, but I didn’t exactly mind that part.”


“I’m not sure if you noticed, but neither did I,” this time when our hands brush he takes a hold of mine, and I’m not arguing.


“So… What does this mean for us?” I ask, unable to stop myself.


He opens his mouth to answer, but then we reach my dad’s office, “We should go in. We can talk about this later.”

I sigh and reluctantly agree. I open the door.

“Dad?” I ask the form in the big chair behind the desk, but once I get closer I see the devastated look on his face, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Without a word, he hands me the letter that changes everything.  

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I’ve had a major case of writer’s block, but somehow I had enough sudden inspiration due to a bet with a friend to write this so I won’t complain ^_^ feel free to write quotes, favorite parts, favorite characters, and predictions in the reviews to help keep me inspired! I love you all, thank you for discovering this story with me<3

Chapter 8: Don't Get Pregnant, Kids
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Dearest Nevvy,




            As you very well know (better than anyone else, I suspect), I was sick for five years, and just began my recovery a year ago. Lying on my deathbed, I couldn’t help but realize… My life isn’t how I always wanted it to be. I didn’t expect to get pregnant and then married and end up running some old bar for the rest of my life. And I have to admit that while you and Chase were at school this school year I’ve been doing some… partying. Anyways, I’ve met someone great—Daryl—and he’s really helped me to find my inner light. I think you would like him; he says that teachers are the poets of The Man. I’ve done some soul searching and have discovered that Daryl is my soul-mate. I love you and Chase, but this life just doesn’t belong to me. I’m tired of being trapped to a bed. Daryl and I are moving to Santa Cruz, California. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take all of our furniture, but I’m sure Molly will let you stay with her until you can afford some new stuff. Tell the locals I said au revoir!


                                                            With love,


Your(soon to be ex, but let’s focus on the positive) wife,         








We all knew this was coming. Okay, maybe not this exactly, but something. My mom has been going crazy lately with the partying, ever since she’s gotten her health back and her hair has grown into some cute pixie style. And now she’s running off to America with some hippie guy named Daryl.


But, no matter how expected it may have been, the second I read that letter in my father’s office I instantly had this inescapable feeling of being… unwanted. It was no secret that I wasn’t exactly planned, my creepy Uncle Jimmy (on my mother’s side, of course) never hesitated to remind me that I was the result of a drunken one night stand. But never once have I felt like she honestly regretted me being born.


I look up at my dad, and then over at Louis, and then I just kind of can’t speak. Louis gives me a questioning look, but I can only shake my head. I’m too numb to even speak.


I notice that we’re walking somewhere, just my dad and I.  I wonder where Louis is. Next thing I know, we’re in McGonagall’s office. Why is time passing by so quickly?


“Of course it’s fine for the two of you to take the week off!” I think I hear the old woman say, “I am so sorry, Mr. Longbottom. No, Chase doesn’t need to make up all of her work, she can just be excused. Sixth year isn’t all that important, anyways.”


There’s some more conversation, but I can barely register it. I realize that I’m now in front of a fireplace, and I’m expected to step into it.


I walk in and in a deadpan monotone say, “The Burrow.”


As soon as I’m out of the fireplace Molly Weasley has wrapped me in a huge hug that only she can give, “Oh, my darling Chastity!” that’s the official name on my birth certificate, but that was really only to please my Grandma Abbott. Nobody calls me Chastity, except old people. But I’m okay with these old people; Arthur and Molly are like the loving grandparents I never had.


Some more stuff happens, still in a blur, and I look at Molly’s face and realize she’s asked me a question, “Would you prefer a guest room or Louis’s room?”


Louis has been living with his grandparents ever since he and Aunt Fleur got into a huge argument when Louis was in fifth year. They’d long since made up, but he liked it at the Burrow far too much to move back. Regardless, it would have been a very short move, since the entire Potter-Weasley family has used their vast sums of money to buy out the area, so they all live within ten yards of each other. His sister lives here too, Victoire and her four year old daughter, Gabbi.


Rose wasn’t the first Weasley girl to get pregnant as a teenager. Victoire had barely graduated when she got pregnant. Everyone thought it was Teddy’s daughter, but she sadly admitted that it wasn’t, though she didn’t tell us whose it was. It broke poor Teddy’s heart, seeing as he was practically in love with her.


“Louis’s,” I answer Molly’s question softly and without a second thought. I needed the kind of comfort you just couldn’t get from a guest room.


She smiles, and I think she understands my reasoning, “I have some of Ginny’s old pajamas. You can borrow them until Hannah sends your clothes over.”


I nod as I’m handed a soft pair of flannel P.J.s. They’re nice and warm. Louis’s room has a Queen sized bed with neatly made navy blue plaid bedding, matching curtains, and posters all over the wall of cool muggle musicians like The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Cream. His carpet is made of the same soft, beige carpeting that covers the house. I sigh, I would definitely be able to fall asleep in here. I’m not sure if I would have if I were in some lamely decorated guest room.


The closet door is as covered with posters and magazine cutouts as the walls are, and I feel the first emotion I’ve felt since I read the letter: curiosity.


Making sure to close the door behind me so that Arthur and Molly don’t think I’m some kind of creep, I quietly open the closet door to peek inside.


And, somehow… I start laughing uncontrollably. Taped to the inside of his closet door are so many pictures of One Direction it’s almost unbelievable. I knew Louis was into muggle bands and all, but I didn’t know that included boy bands.


I don’t know how, but I was still laughing. I, who five minutes ago wasn’t sure if I still even possessed the ability to smile, was on a giggling rampage. Louis Weasley, a popular, athletic, seventeen year old boy, was obsessed with One Direction. This was pure gold. I decided right then that I would never tell anybody, not even him, about this. It was too sweet to share, this moment of just sudden happiness and laughter. This moment that could only have been caused by something having to do with Louis, of course.


I eventually tire myself out, and crawl into his bed. It smelled the same as his bed back at Hogwarts, but it was much more comfortable. I turned the light off, closed my eyes, and tried to block out all the bad thoughts.



I was swimming in a pool. I was under water, but I didn’t need to come up for air. It was amazing; there were thousands of different types of fish around me. But they were made of… pancakes? And why was the water suddenly syrup? I start swimming away just in time to escape the bacon shark.


My eyes flash open. I’d been sleeping, but the smell of breakfast had woken me up. I sit up and stretch, remembering where I was, and why I was here.


I also notice something that wasn’t there last night—a piece of parchment on the nightstand. I pick it up, and see that it’s an I.L.


R.L.W- Hey, hun, it’s Rose. I heard what happened, so I had Grandma Molly set up an I.L. for us just in case you wanted to talk about it. I’ll have it with me all day, so just write whenever, yeah?




I run over to Louis’s desk and quickly find a quill and some ink, he won’t mind if I use it. I don’t know what to say, so I write the first thing that comes to mind.


C.A.L- I think your grandmother called me Chastity.


R.L.W- CHASE! YOU WROTE ME! THIS IS SO EXCITING! But, urhm, totally not exciting, due to the present circumstances. I mean, well, how are you holding up?


C.A.L- Surprisingly, I’m actually… not that bad. Yesterday I was really just numb, and nothing felt real, but I think that I really don’t mind that much. I didn’t like seeing the way she hurt my dad anyways, always going out and never wanting to spend time with him anymore.


R.L.W- Really? That’s great, I guess. Did you get stuck in one of the boring guest rooms at the Burrow?


C.A.L- Well…




C.A.L- It’s not a big deal. And I really don’t know what’s going to happen with us, anyways.




I sit back a second and look at what I’ve just written. It was so… true. I didn’t want to be in a relationship right now. It was just the other day that I was practically groped by Danny Boot, whom I was actually starting to have feelings for, and then that stuff with Louis not saying anything when he was poisoned, and now all this with my mom… I’m a sidekick! I shouldn’t have to deal with all of this drama! Now was not the time for me to get a boyfriend, whether he’s perfect and sweet and funny and has a six pack or not.


R.L.W- So… You DON’T want to date Louis?


C.A.L- Not now, Rose. Not when I’m like this. Louis deserves better than that.


R.L.W - The two of you are so frustrating! First he spends most of his life denying the fact that he has feelings for you when he so obviously does, and now once he actually admits it you’re too angsty to date him.


C.A.L- And that’s another thing! If he likes me so much, why did it take me snogging another guy for him to realize it?


R.L.W- Chase, you and I both know it’s not like that. If he only wanted you so that no other guys could have you, why didn’t he go for you when you were with Albus?


Oh. Erhm, I guess I should mention that I dated Al Potter in fourth year… People rarely remember it, though, seeing as it wasn’t all that interesting.


C.A.L- Puh-lease. That barely counted as a relationship.




C.A.L- Huh. What is it with me and your cousins, anyways? Next thing you know James will be revealing his undying love for me or Freddie will snog me in a broom closet or something crazy like that.




R.L.W- You’re getting off subject!


C.A.L- Yeah, well anyways, the smell of your grandma’s pancakes is calling to me. Bye, now!


R.L.W- Grr! You make me angry, kid!




I fold up the piece of parchment and put it in the giant pocket of the pajamas I’m wearing.




Following the magnificent smell of buttermilk pancakes, I soon reach the kitchen where my dad and Molly are sitting and drinking tea, deep in conversation.

“Of course I did, but you know I wouldn’t have asked her if I didn’t think it was right—“

Molly quickly interrupts my dad when she sees me at the bottom of the stairs, “Chase! Darling, grab a plate! I’m so used to cooking for so many people that I’ve made quite enough for an army. Dig in!”


She wasn’t lying when she said she’d made a lot of food. I thank my lucky stars for the fact that I rarely gain weight (I usually curse it for my lack of curves) no matter how much I eat.


“So, do you want to go with me to Diagon Alley today to pick out new furniture? I’m sure your taste in décor is far better than mine,” my dad asks me distractedly as I devour some scrambled eggs.


“Sure, Dad. We need to go anyways, the locals must be going crazy with the bar closed and all.”


“Actually, Young Scotty called last night while you were sleeping. He said that he caught Hannah on her way out, and when she told him the news he was really put out. He called to ask if he could run the bar as a type of manager when we’re at school, and said he didn’t need any pay as long as he could live in our guest room. I guess he got laid off from his job at the pet store, and couldn’t afford his apartment anymore. I told him of course he could, and he started this morning.”


“Wow, that’s great,” I take a sip of chocolate milk, “When we get back I ought to tell Teddy that Young Scotty is getting off his bum and actually doing something with life.”


“Chasey!” Four year old Gabbi runs down the stairs and into my arms, “When did you get here, Chasey Whasey?”


She’d once heard Louis call me that, and thought it was so hilarious she’d been calling me that ever since, “Hey, Gabbi Wabbi. I got here last night, but it was late. You were already sleeping.”


Gabbi was a beautiful little girl, with the Weasley blue eyes. Her hair was blonde, but dirty blonde, unlike her mother who had the Delacour sandy blonde hair.


Victoire walked down the stairs after her daughter, “Gabbi! Stop eating Chase’s bacon!”


I laugh, “I really don’t mind, I have to go get dressed anyways,” I turn to Molly, “Thanks for breakfast, it was the food of the gods.”


I pick Gabbi up off my lap and set her down. After I get dressed, my dad and I floo ourselves to the Cauldron.





I take a sip of my tea; I’d been up since four, unable to sleep. Molly had just woken up now and found me sitting at the table in the kitchen. She’d made me the tea and sat down to talk to me about what was on my mind.


“It’s not Hannah, is it?” She asks me wisely.


“What do you mean?”


“Come on now, Neville. My kids tell me everything. I know that you only married Hannah because she was pregnant, and I know it was after a one night stand. That’s pretty common knowledge. But I also know that the one night stand happened because you were trying to get over someone else. Your daughter doesn’t seem to be the only one that has a thing for blondes.”


I look at the ground, blushing, “Who told you that part?”


“Hermione. But that was years ago. Honey, I know it might be too soon, but Luna is single.”




Shaking my head, I sip some more of my tea, “She’s not single, she’s widowed. Rolf didn’t leave her, he died. I could never understand the pain she must have gone through.”


“He was poisoned by the mafia twelve years ago when the twins were only three. I’m sure she’s ready to get out there again. Besides, it was always obvious that you were the one she really loved,” Molly smiles warmly and puts her hand over mine.


“Then why did she marry him? Why didn’t she marry me if it was me she so obviously loved, like you say?”


“Does the reason why she did it matter? Just talk to her. You need to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow anyways, isn’t that where the Quibbler is published? Just go find her at work, stop by and say hello.”


I sigh, “Molly, Hannah just left me. Whether I felt that way at first or not, I did grow to love her. I’m not quite over it yet.”


“Oh, good heavens Neville, I’m not asking you to pledge the rest of your life to Luna! I’m just saying that she might be a good friend to have at a time like this. She understands you like nobody else does.”


The old woman was right. No one quite got me like Luna always did; she saw what others didn’t. She thought I was a hero before I killed that snake. And then… she got engaged to someone else.


I was twenty-two. Luna had just come back from her trip to study Moon Frogs in the rainforest. She’d been gone for five months, and during those months I decided to tell her my true feelings for her. We were meeting for lunch at some café on the Alley.


I walked purposefully, although I had to slow down when I saw her. She looked beautiful; the trip had made her skin tanner and her hair even blonder. She was wearing a hat and dress that made her look like the heroin of some old ‘40s muggle movie, and I felt myself fall even deeper in love just at the sight of her.


“L-Luna,” I stuttered out, I still hadn’t fully grown out of my teenage awkwardness, “Hi.”


“Neville!” She grinned big, standing up to hug me, “It’s been far too long.”


“Yes, it has. Listen, Luna, there’s something I need to tell you before I lose my courage. I’m—I’m in love with you.”


Her face softens, and a look of sadness sweeps over her, “Oh, Neville. Why didn’t you tell me before I left?” Her eyes start to water, “You should have told me before I left.”


“Why?” I feel sick and confused.


She sits down, and I do the same. She takes off her hat and wipes the tears from under her eyes, “Neville, I met someone. On my trip. We’re—we’re going to get married.”


“Oh.” My heart drops. I don’t know what to say. The girl I love loves someone else, and there’s nothing I can do about it, “I have to go. I’m sorry, Luna. Goodbye.”


I get up and walk away, unsure of what to feel, of what to think. What do most people do in this situation? In books, whenever the main character is feeling down, he goes to a bar and has a drink. I decide to give it a shot.


“Remember,” Molly continues, “She may have been the one to get engaged first, but you’re the one that ran off to the Leaky Cauldron and took someone else home the second you found out.”




“I didn’t go there with the intent of taking Hannah home!” I defend myself, “I just stopped by for a drink, and then I saw her. I hadn’t seen her since Hogwarts, and there was a lot of firewhisky and reminiscing. Is it really my fault that one thing led to another? How was I supposed to know she would get pregnant?”


This is the first time I’ve seen Luna since I revealed my love to her. It’s only been two months, and yet my entire life has changed.


It was an accident. I was walking down the road, and I happened to pass by a bridal shop. Through the window, I immediately see her. She… She looks beautiful. It’s the only way to describe her in that dress. She sees me too, and I know I can’t walk away with a clear conscience. I walk into the store, hearing a bell ring when I open the door.


“Neville,” once again, she smiles that big grin at me, “I’m so happy to see you.”


“I’m glad to see you, too. Are you here alone?”


“Hermione and Ginny will be here in an hour. So, how are you?”


“Well, I’m, erh, I’m engaged too, now.”


“Really?” Her expression drops, but she manages to regain her smile again, “To whom?”


“Do you remember Hannah Abbott? From school?”


“Yes, I do. She was… a lovely girl. Why so soon?”


I look down at the ground, ashamed, “She’s… pregnant.”


“But it was your choice to propose to Hannah once she told you about the baby. Didn’t you still love Luna?”


“Of course I did, but you know I wouldn’t have asked her if I didn’t think it was right—“


Molly interrupts me, and I realize that Chase is at the bottom of the stairs. She eats breakfast, gets dressed, and then we’re off to the Leaky Cauldron.


I’m pleased to see that Young Scotty has everything taken care of; he’s wiping the bar down when we walk in.


“Chase!” The locals all shout once they see her, and she happily gives all of them hugs. Hannah never liked that a bunch of drunks were like family to Chase, but I’ve always loved it. She’s a free spirit, like her mother; nothing like me as a kid. Everyone always says they see so much of me in her, but I know that she’s much better than that.


Big Carter is talking to her, “Scorpius is my new pen pal! We’ve become good friends. That was so nice, what you did for him with the love potion,” the big softie begins to tear up, like he does so often, “Even though you did leave him locked in that room for hours.”


Chase laughs, “You? And Scorpius? Pen pals? Weirdly, that makes a lot of sense.”


She finally seemed to get back to normal. She was so distant all day yesterday, I was worried. I could tell that Louis was too. He was a good kid; I knew he would always protect her. I remember a couple of years ago, when Chase started dating Albus, overhearing Louis calming telling the younger Potter boy all the terrible things he would do to him if he ever hurt her. Honestly, it was pretty awesome. I never told Chase, though, because I figured it wasn’t really my business.


We leave the bar and start walked down the Alley; the furniture store was all the way at the other end.


“So, Molly tells me you slept in Louis’s room last night,” I chuckle, knowing that she probably only did it so she wouldn’t sleep in some lonely guest room like I had to. But she and I liked to mess around with each other, so I said it like she had some ulterior motive.


Her face turns bright red, and she absentmindedly says, “Fuckin’ blushies!”


Her eyes go big when she realizes she’s cussed in front of me, but I just laugh, “You do know that I’ve heard you cuss before? Merlin, you’ve been doing it since you could talk. Your mom always blamed it on me for cussing around her all the time when she was pregnant with you.”


Chase snorts, “You? Cussing? Sorry, Dad, but you don’t exactly come off as the swearing sailor type.”




“Yeah, I know. After the war I took it up so that I could maintain whatever ‘bad boy’ reputation I thought I had. It’s a tough habit to quit.”


She gets a thoughtful look, like she’s considering something, “Maybe I should stop cussing. So that Rose’s baby doesn’t do it.”


“Wow. This is weird.”


“What?” She gives me a questioning look.


“It doesn’t feel like that long ago that your Aunt Hermione was telling your Uncle Ron to stop swearing because she was pregnant with Rose. And now you’re going to stop because Rose is pregnant with her own child. That makes me feel really old!”


“Oh,” My daughter smiles, musing over the idea of me being old.


  A/N: I’d like to start off by saying that I have never been exposed to a parent leaving, so HUGE apologies if I didn’t represent Chase’s emotions right. I kind of justified it by thinking that the Longbottoms aren’t really your average kind of people. Also, I’d meant for the entire story to be from Chase’s point of view, but I cheated a little bit for this chapter. Sorry for the sad chappie, I tried to not make it super dark. As usual, I’d love for you to review with favorite parts, quotes, predictions, and what you would like to see next. Thanks for reading! x

Chapter 9: Unfinished Business
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Perfect chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @TDA



 “Okay,” Dad smiles up at me as he crosses the last bit of furniture off the bottom of our list, “We are officially done buying all the necessary furniture we need for the Cauldron. But it is almost sunset, so we’ll probably have to stay at the Weasleys’ for one more night, and then spend the entirety of tomorrow setting up the furniture.”

“Should we go back now?” I yawn; it’s been a long day.


He mutters back to me, “Actually, I was thinking we could stop by the Quibbler office. I haven’t seen Luna in a while…”


This is odd. Dad has always liked being around Luna, but I can’t remember the last time he went out of his way to see her, except maybe back in the days before her husband Rolf died.


“Alright,” I shrug, “Why not?”


I can’t really read the expression on my dad’s face, but it’s a cross between a genuine smile and a look of pure fear. What is going on??


Walking to the Quibbler HQ, we joke and laugh like we have been all day. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent this much time with my father, and it’s actually been really nice.


And now we’re walking right by the place where Louis kissed me on that fateful day. This is where the drama and confusion truly began.


“Chase?” Dad puts a hand on my shoulder, “Are you okay? Why are you staring at that spot and hyperventilating?”


“Uhh, no reason,” I shake it off and try to get some control over myself, “Let’s keep moving.”


The Quibbler office isn’t hard to miss; it’s basically a perfectly square building painted bright purple. We walk in, but the secretary seems to have already left for the day. Just as we’re about to leave as well, we hear a crashing noise followed by a very loud swear come from inside the door marked Luna Lovegood-Scamander, Editor in Chief. Fancy.


Dad knocks on the door, “Luna? I know you’re the only one that can curse like that.”


The door flies open, “NEVILLE!” Dad is quickly enveloped in a bear hug that could rival even that of Molly Weasley.


Luna is vibrant and fuller of life than any other woman in her thirties I’ve ever met (not implying that 37 is old), and the air around her is just refreshing, as if it’s from some other world. Her light blonde hair is long and wavy; she’s wearing an old looking long sleeved black shirt and beat up old capris, both of which are covered in paint.


After a lingering hug with my father, she quickly moves on to me, “Oh, Chase, you’re really growing into a beautiful young mattress-tulip!”


“Errh, thanks?”


Dad motions to the office behind the door, “What’re you up to in there?”


“I decided to paint a mural on my wall!” Her smile is a mile wide, “Come and see!”


She runs back through the door to show us, and we follow her.


And inside on the wall there’s… Well, the only way to explain it is as a picture of Elvis Presley giving birth to a squirrel. Like, no joke. Talk about surrealism…


“Why aren’t the two of you back at Hogwarts?” the woman asks curiously, sparing us the displeasure of having to tell her what we thought of her painting. Although my father actually didn’t seem to hate the mural all that much. But hey, he’s always liked weird things.


Dad coughs and regains the awkward posture of his youth, “We, uhm, we had to leave. Family emergency…”


“Is Hannah alright?” Luna sounds almost pained to ask the question. Though she always tried to be friends with my mother, Mum never really took much of a liking to her, though I couldn’t guess why.


“Oh, she’s definitely doing alright,” I mutter under my breath, a little resentfully.


“Chase!” Dad scolds me, and then looks at Luna, “Hannah… Hannah left us. She took all the furniture so we’re in the Alley buying replacements. We thought we could stop by while we were here.”


“Oh,” Luna looks sympathetic at first, but then looks at my dad and some kind of understanding seems to take over her, “Oh. You’re… You’re not with Hannah anymore.”


HOLY CHEESUS. I suddenly put together the pieces and figure out what’s really going on here. And, oddly enough, I think I like it.




“Yeah, Chase?” he drags his eyes away from the meaningful glances he was sharing with his lady friend.


“Would you mind if I went outside for a bit? The paint fumes are giving me a headache. But you two can stay in here and catch up,” I smile and leave.


Bang. Crash. Clang.


I groggily opened my eyes, and had to remember where I was. I looked around and, squinting through the dark, recognized my light teal walls and smooth wood floors. I was sleeping in my own bedroom for the first time since that disastrous winter break. I turned over to look at my digital clock, the light of which practically blinded me. It was 11:38 P.M., which meant that for the first time in months I had actually been able to fall asleep at a decent hour.


The night before, after we got back from Diagon Alley, had been our last night at the Burrow. After that we spent the day putting together all of our new furniture, and we planned to go back to Hogwarts tomorrow.


I heard it again: the crashing noise that had woken me up. I throw aside my duvet and begin tiptoeing down the stairs in my holey old pajama pants and over-sized t-shirt. I see a light on in the bar kitchen, and quickly go to investigate.


Peeking around the corner, I see a confused looking young man with dirty blonde hair making some cocoa on the stove.


“Young—I mean, Scott, you scared me,” I walk in and sit down on a stool next to him.


“Hey, Chase. Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I can never sleep at this time of night.


I stretch and yawn, “It’s okay. I’m a light sleeper. Just last night Victoire woke me up right around this time, except she was making tea.”


“Really?” he bites his lip, “That little girl of hers, what’s she like?”


“Gabi? She’s crazy. If you’re ever at the Burrow and you notice bite marks in every one of the table legs, I can tell you all about her teething stage,” this makes Scott chuckle, “No, but really. She’s the sweetest little girl; always thinking of others before herself.”


“That’s… that’s great. I mean, it’s a real bummer about how it affected Teddy and all…”


I get up and begin to make myself a small sandwich, “I guess, if you think about it that way. But I think it happened for the best. He was way too into her; better he got his heart broken quick instead of it getting drawn out. Personally, I feel bad for Victoire.”


“Why?” Scotty gives me a questioning look, “She’s the one who went off and slept with some idiot the second she got a little confused. Why isn’t she to blame?”


“The thing is,” I tiredly take a bite of my sandwich, still not quite awake, “I don’t think it was just some random idiot. Last night I got her talking about it, and though she wouldn’t name names this is what I got from it: she thought she was in love with Teddy, met someone else, realized what love really is, cared too much about Teddy to break it off right away, got pregnant, and then whoever it was she really loved flaked out the second she told him about the pregnancy.”


“Wait,” Scotty gives me a serious look as he steals a piece of my sandwich, “Are you saying that she was in love with Gabi’s father? She didn’t think it was just some stupid one night thing?”


By now I’m starting to get suspicious, “Scott, do you know who Gabi’s dad is?”


“No,” he shakes his head decidedly, “How would I know? I’m just the best friend of the guy she dumped.”


He gets real quiet, and I decide it’s best to just leave it at that, “Okay, then. I’m going back to bed. Have sweet dreams of whatever it is you want in life.”


“Yeah, you too.”


I walk down the corridor of Hogwarts, completely exhausted from my week of total drama.


“CHASE!” Before I can even turn around I’m bombarded by the crazy ginger girl, hugging me so tight someone might think I was a pool toy she was trying to deflate.


“Chase Chase Chase Chase! You’re back! You’re back! I’m so happy you’re back! The only person I had around was The Impregnator. Oh, by the way, I decided to start calling Scorpius The Impregnator. Get it, ‘cause he got me pregnant and all? Ugh everyone missed you! Me and Louis and James and Freddie and Scorpius and Al and Molly and Lysander and Maylin and Ollie and even Danny—“


“Okay! I get it! All of our friend missed me! Rose, if you do not calm down I will steal your bird watching notebook and give it to Professor Binns again—wait, what’d you say about Danny?”


“NO! NOT MY RIVAL ORNITHOLOGIST! That man is the fiend of the bird watching universe… Oh, and I meant to tell you, Danny kind of apologized to us all. I didn’t want to buy it, but he did seem really sincere. Although I thought it was kind of shitty of him to do it when you weren’t here, since you’re the one that really deserves an apology.”


“Heck yeah, I am!”


“…Did you just say heck?”


“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I decided to stop cussing. Y’know, for the sake of the baby.”


Rose’s jaw is practically on the floor, “Holy crapparoni! One week away from Hogwarts during the school year and suddenly you’re over Louis and have stopped cussing!”


“You’re over me?” I feel like I can’t breathe when I realize that Louis turned the corner to overhear us at exactly the wrong time.


“Louis,” despite the terribly inconvenient circumstances, I can’t deny how amazing it is to see him. Ever since I had to leave I’d thought about him, talked about him with Rose over I.L., and even slept in his bed. But nothing felt better than seeing his face: the actual reality that was Louis Weasley.


“I never said that,” For some reason tears were starting to well up in my eyes, though I hadn’t cried since the whole Danny Debacle.


Rose takes her cue to leave, “Uhm, I think you guys need to have a very long conversation that I should definitely not be a part of. I’m going to go find The Impregnator and make him feed me carrots or something,” she slips away down the corridor.


Louis walks slowly towards me, and once again his face takes up that unreadable expression he had that night on the astronomy tower, “What’s going on, Chase?”


He’s about a foot away from me now, and for some reason I feel the need to take his hands, so I do, “Louis, you know how I feel about you.”


“Do I?”


I raise an eyebrow, “Have I not made it obvious?”


“Well… Not really. You’ve been giving me mixed signals for years now. I almost lost it when you started dating Al. And then at the Alley, when you said we might be friends with benefits, I was really confused. I didn’t know if that meant you only wanted it to be physical, or if you actually wanted more. And then I couldn’t control myself, I had to kiss you, which I then realized just made everything even more confusing. I thought that dating Macey would be the best thing; I would be doing something nice for you, and also trying to see how you would react. It was really stupid, actually, trying to make you jealous like that. You were right to call me a man-whore.”


“You heard that?” I felt the blushies take over.


He chuckles, “Hiding behind some punk and trying to pull his pants up isn’t exactly an ideal hiding spot. Which brings me to Danny. When James told me Danny’s secret, I almost went and hit the shit out of him right then and there. But I calmed myself and figured you wouldn’t fall for his whole ‘bad boy with a soft side’ act. When I saw you with him on the astronomy tower, I realized I was wrong. I talked to James about it, and he told me to just tell you how I felt. So I did. Obviously, that didn’t work out so well…”


“I thought you were under the spell of the stupid love potion!” I interrupt, but he gives me a look that says Let me finish, so I decide to just shut up until he’s done.


“And then, when I found you and him in the closet, his hands all over you like that… I honestly considered transfiguring him into a pig, since that what he was on the inside. But I knew you wouldn’t want that, so I stopped myself. And then we got ice cream,” he smiles a little bit, but then swallows and starts to blush, “And when you got poisoned and kissed me like you did… That kiss has been all I could think about since you left. That, and the way I would kiss you once you got back. But now… You really think I know how you feel about me?”


I pout, “I’m sorry. I guess that since everyone else always acted like it was so obvious, I thought it was obvious to you, too. I thought you were choosing not to notice because you didn’t want me like that.”


He sweeps a strand of my hair behind my ear, “Wanting you is all I’ve ever done. Although I have a feeling you’re about to tell me something I don’t want to hear.”


“Louis,” I shake my head, “I’ve been chasing you for so long, it’s almost like my life is defined by you. I’m not Chase; I’m always just the weird brunette that follows the Weasley around, or that girl with the crush on Louis Weasley. I need to make a story for myself. If we’re together now, I don’t know that I’ll ever be more than just a sidekick.”


Sighing, Louis nods. But before he lets go of my hands, he leans down and gives me the softest, most tender kiss I’d ever experienced. It ended far too quick, having only lasted a few seconds, and I found myself reaching for more when he pulled away.


Instead of going back to the kiss, he brings his lips to my ear so he can whisper, “I meant it when I said I wouldn’t stop chasing you.”


And then, abruptly and in his dramatic Louis fashion, he just walked away, leaving me alone in the middle of the corridor unsure of what just happened.


A/N: Sorry the chapter’s kind of short, I didn’t want to cheapen it by trying to stretch it out any further ^_^ anyways, you know the drill: thoughts, predictions, quotes, favorite lines, all that stuff that helps me keep writing! Thank you for all your support so far, keep reading and reviewing! x 

Chapter 10: First Kiss
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 A/N: So, as a type of filler chapter until I finish developing the next official chappie in my brain, I decided to do a little collection to help both me and you get to know the characters a bit better. And so, I’ve written the first kisses of all the main characters of The Sidekick. Enjoy!

The First Kiss of Chase Alice Longbottom


            “Chase,” my mother called to me, “Come on, little moonpie, it’s time to get going!”


            I ran down the stairs, to where my parents were about to floo over to the Burrow for one of the many summer barbecues held there every year. I was more excited about this one than I had ever been before, for one reason and one alone: I, at the age of fourteen, had just gotten my first boyfriend. This would be the first time I’d seen Al in a week, though we’d I.L.ed nonstop since he asked me out at Bill and Fleur’s house (I never called them Aunt and Uncle, since Fleur thought it was improper for someone who wasn’t even slightly related to them).


I couldn’t get rid of the butterfly-like sensation in my stomach. Sure, Albus wasn’t perfect; he hated cussing and couldn’t climb trees for crap. But he was cute, nice, and seeker on the quidditch team. What more could a young witch ask for?


I stepped out of the fire place and into the Burrow. Since it’s in the living room, where all the adults hang out, I first have to go through the standard procedure of polite greetings and awkward one-armed hugs that comes with family get-togethers. I know that Al is probably with Rose, so I go upstairs to the old playroom where we usually hang out. I walk in to find Rose sitting on a beanbag, sobbing her eyes out, with Albus, James and Louis awkwardly trying to comfort her.


Sighing, I go to the nearest cupboard where we stash peanut butter and spoons for situations exactly like this.


“Where’s Molly?” I ask them; she was the girl closest to our age and should be here right now.


Fifteen year-old Louis was the first to answer, “At Ollie’s house. The Woods are out on holiday and left him with the house all to himself.”


I make a sound of disgust. Don’t they know that that kind of activity as a teenager can lead to pregnancy? Leave it to overly hormonal kids like Molly and Ollie not to think about something like that. I know that girls like Rose and me are far too smart for things like that.


Handing Rose the peanut butter, I begin trying to calm her down, “It’s okay, honey, it’s okay. That dress is so pretty. What’s wrong?”


“It, it, it’s Scorpius,” she sniffs loudly, “We’ve been snogging for a year now but he still won’t ask me out properly! Why can’t the git take a hint?”


I wave it off, “You probably won’t end up with Scorpius, anyways; he’s kind of weird. Remember last year when we had to face that Boggart in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and his turned into a dust bunny?”


This makes her stream of tears stop as she lets out a giggle, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I mean, what did I expect? We haven’t even started fourth year yet, am I really supposed to have already found the love of my life?”


“That would be so unrealistic,” I nod in agreement, “So, you okay?”


“Yeah, I guess. Do you know where my bird-watching notebook is? I need to write about a Peregrine falcon I saw earlier.”


James and I exchange glances; we knew she’d kill us if she found out we’d given it to Professor Binns again.


“No idea.”


“Not a clue.”


“Hm. How odd. I haven’t seen it since we left school,” she gets up and wanders off to find her odd little notebook.


I finally have time to acknowledge my boyfriend, “Hi,” I give him a sweet smile.


“Hi,” Albus grins back at me.


“Hello,” Louis mutters bitterly, but for once I don’t really hear him. He obviously had no romantic interest in me, why shouldn’t I be with someone who actually does?


“Oi, I think we should go, err, do something else,” James nudges Louis, looking out for his younger brother who obviously wants alone time with his new girlfriend.


Louis gives James an alarmed look, “What? Why do we need to leave? I really think the best idea would be to stay here. Maybe play a nice game of monopoly.”


James’s expression says, I’m not joking, let’s leave NOW. Louis gets the hint, and reluctantly exits the old playroom with his cousin.


“So,” I smile, “I guess we’re alone now.”


“Yeah,” He nervously grins back, adjusting the collar on his tee shirt, “I guess we are.”


On the inside, I sigh. Was this boy not getting the hint that I wanted to suck face with him??


“Maybe you should… I don’t know, kiss me?” I say bluntly. Bluntness is my thing.


He goes kind of pale and swallows; obviously scared he’ll mess up our first kiss. But he takes a deep breath and gets a look of sheer determination, obviously ready now.


Albus leans in tilting his head a bit to the right, and I do the same. Finally, our lips meet, and it’s just kind of… awkward. His mouth is warm and uncomfortably wet, and I remember that he licks his lips when he gets nervous. Great.


We pull apart, and just kind of look at each other, and though neither of us would admit it for half a year, that kiss could sum up the entire relationship with one word…




The First Kiss of James Sirius Potter


I meandered down the corridor, bored out of my mind. I’d decided to skip Defense Against the Dark Arts that day, it was pointless in second year anyways. After all, I’m twelve years old. I don’t need The Man telling me what to do.


Okay, now I’m starting to sound like Chase’s mom.


Wandering along, I decide to go through the courtyard to go sit under the tree by the lake. It was a lovely autumn day, still warm from the summer. I did see that there was someone already under the tree, but I didn’t take much notice until I got close enough to see that it was a girl.


She was pretty; she had raven black hair and exotic Asian features.


I casually sat down next to her, “Hi, there.”


“Hello,” She replied pleasantly.


“What’s your name?”


“Maylin. Yours?”


“James. Are you supposed to be here?”


“No, I should be in potions. You?”


“I ought to be in D.A.D.A right now.”




“You know, Maylin, I find you quite attractive.”


“You’re not so bad yourself.”


“Would you like to kiss?”


“Have you ever kissed someone?”


“No, have you?”


“Nope. I suppose it’s fair, then, and there’s really no reason we shouldn’t.”


I smiled. I liked this girl; she was casual and laid back. Most girls would make a huge deal out of something like this.


We kissed, and that was that.


“Kissing quite agrees with me,” I nodded to myself.


“Me too. I like it. What’s your last name?”




Maylin turns and looks at me, “As in, James Potter? Son of Harry?”


“The one and only.”


She starts giggling, which confuses me.


Still laughing, she decides to take mercy on me by explaining her amusement, “I was your first kiss, right?”


I nod.


“My mum was your dad’s first kiss.


My jaw drops; I know the story too well, “You’re Cho Chang’s daughter?”


“The one and only.”


“Wow,” I can’t believe the coincidence, “That’s… That’s kind of weird.”


Maylin smiles, “Agreed. This will be our first and last kiss?”


“Definitely. But I do like you,” I flash a crooked smile and hold out my hand, “Friends?”


She takes my hand and shakes it, “Friends.”


The First Kiss of Rose Lavender Weasley


Scorpius Malfoy. That silly, over-competitive, conceited, arrogant, obsessive-compulsive git. The one day my mum lets me go to the bookstore by myself, and I see him here. Second year had just ended, and I’d thought that for the first time since September I would finally be free of him. But here he was. I was so glad I’d be seeing Chase at Shell Cottage the next day, so I could spend the whole time complaining to her about him.


“Weasley? What are you doing here?” he asked, trying to sound meaner than he actually was.


I rolled my eyes at him, “I’m buying a pet elephant, Malfoy. What do you think I’m doing at a bookstore?”


“I only meant—ergh! Why are you so frustrating? You just make me want to… You make me want to…”


“Clean some windows?” I smirked at him. I’d annoyed him enough to know that he cleaned when he got stressed.


“Yes! I mean, no, but, well, yes. What are you looking for, anyways, Weasley?” he frowned and leaned on the bookshelf next to him.


Biting my lip, I tell him, “Achievements in Charming.”


Scorpius snorts.


“What?” I glare at him, not sure why I care so much about what he thinks.


“Nothing. I was just thinking about how fitting it is that you learn a little about charm,” the last word rolled off his tongue tauntingly.


I scoff at him, “You’re one to talk! Even the Monster Book of Monsters could teach YOU something about charm!”


This makes him mad, and he resorts to name calling, “Ginger!”








“I heard Professor Binns has seen more birds than you!”


“I heard you cry when you get dirt on your pants!”


“I secretly think you’re actually really pretty and nice!”


“I really kind of want to kiss you right now!”


Next thing I know, Scorpius’s arms are around me, his lips pressed to mine. And let me tell you, he’s much better at kissing than he is at arguing.


Also, Professor Binns has not seen more birds than me.


The First Kiss of Louis Dauphin Weasley


“Tag!” Twelve year-old Chase tapped me on the shoulder when I wasn’t looking and then ran away. Laughing, I ran after her, sand kicking up behind me.


I was thirteen, and Uncle Ron and Neville decided to come over to Shell Cottage to watch the footie game with my dad. They brought the kids along so that Mom, Aunt Hermione, and Hannah could have a girl’s day over at Rose’s house. Now me, Rose, Hugo, and, of course, Chase were having fun playing tag on the beach while Victoire and Dom sat in their rooms listening to music or looking through magazines or whatever girls do.


Just before I caught her, Chase whipped around, a pretty yet smug smile on her face, “No tag-backs.”


Sighing, I instead run after Rose, who I catch quickly. She’d had her mind elsewhere lately.


“This is boring,” I groan, “C’mon, Chase, let’s go swimming.”


They’d all grown accustomed to wearing their swimsuits under their clothes when they came here, just as I’d grown accustomed to putting mine on before they came.


“Alright,” she grins, and we both strip down to our bathing suits and run into the ocean, yelling like savages. It wasn’t weird; we’d been doing this forever.


Behind us, Rose runs over to where she left her book and plops down to read it for the tenth time. Hugo, the easily distracted kid he is, falls over and starts rolling around in the sand for no apparent reason.


After we get tired of just running around in the waves, Chase and I start splashing each other, until finally she tackles me and it turns into a full-on wrestling match. Eventually I let her pin me, since I know she won’t give up until I do. Looking up at her, her hair a wild mess and a crazy grin across her face, I just can’t help but notice how… pretty she is. I’ve kind of known I like her like that for a while now, but it’s times like this that I’m sure I do.


Still looking down at me, her smile turns to a look of wonder, and I know that she’s thinking like she always does. If I don’t say anything, she would stay there for hours, just thinking and not even realizing it.


I’m suddenly aware of how this would look if anyone were to see us, and I decide it’s best if I interrupt her thinking session, “Chase?”


“Oh,” she seems to just notice that she’s been on top of me this whole time, and she quickly rolls off, lying on her back next to me, “Sorry.”


I chuckle, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”


We lay there for a while, the sun warming our entire bodies, “Chase?”


“Yeah?” she replies sleepily, yawning.


“Never mind,” I chicken out, like I always do when I want to give her a complement that might be taken romantically.


“O… K…” she replies, still sleepy.


But why do I always chicken out? We have fun together, for all I know she could like me back that way. Before I know it, I’m leaning over her, lightly pressing my lips to hers, both of which are still slightly salty from the seawater. It’s nice and sweet, and it feels right somehow.


I pull away, and her eyes are fluttering closed. She was falling asleep, and probably wouldn’t remember it. I decide it’s probably for the best; maybe her not remembering our first kiss was a sign that I shouldn’t like-like her. Looking at her, though, I shake my head and realize that’s not possible.


Lying back down, I close my eyes and also doze off. After a nap of maybe five minutes, I’m awoken by a rough tap on my shoulder.


“Tag,” Chase laughs at me, “You’re it,” she runs off back into the waves.


 Smiling, I do what I always do. I chase after her.


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Chapter 11: Faith in the Independent Woman
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One, two, three, four, five. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


It was around four in the morning. I lay in my four poster bed, my hands stretched out above me as I counted my fingers; insomnia was never fun.


Biting my lip, I went over my earlier encounter with Louis again and again in my head. I knew I’d made the right decision, but it was still difficult. Everything was changing, like I’ve always thought I wanted, but now I realized that I wanted things to slow down. That’s why I told him I couldn’t be with him right now, I just hope to Merlin that he’ll still be there for me when I’m ready for him to be.


My thoughts are interrupted by the noise of some scuffling and a soft whimper, “Chase? You awake?”


Rose’s tone scared me, so I get up and rush to her bed immediately, “Of course I’m awake. I’m Chase.”


She was sitting up in her bed, her face ghostly pale with fear, “I’m bleeding.”


“Did you cut yourself?” I was confused.


“No, Chase. I’m bleeding.


I put together the pieces; Rose was pregnant. And she’s bleeding.


“Oh my gosh. C’mon, we’re going to see Madame Pomfrey,” I take my best friend’s shaking hand and walk her to the infirmary.


Luckily, Madame Pomfrey was up getting a late-night drink of water when we got there.


She asked us what was wrong, at which point we both looked at each other in horror. We would have to tell her the truth, which meant she would probably end up having to tell McGonagall. But this was an emergency.


Rose takes in a deep breath, “Madame Pomfrey, I’m pregnant.”


The nurse’s face immediately softens, “Oh, dearie. How far along?”


“Eight weeks.”


“And why have you come to me at four thirty in the morning?”


Rose softly explains, her voice weak and shaky.


After a few more questions and a quick examination, Madame Pomfrey smiles warmly at the pregnant girl who, at the moment, seemed more of a child than anything, “Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal at this stage. Your baby is going to be fine.”


Rose nods and smiles, silent tears rolling down her face, and I give her a hug of relief.


“Do your parents know, darling?” Madame Pomfrey asks.


“Yes,” she wipes away one of her tears, “But Scorpius hasn’t told his. They’re not quite as… accepting as my family.”


“You know I have to tell the Headmistress, it’s my job. I’m sorry if you were hoping to keep it a secret a bit longer.”


“It’s okay. It had to happen eventually.”


The nurse looks at her watch, “It’s about five now, that’s when Minerva usually wakes up. Would you like to go now?”


“Okay, as long as Chase can come. And do you think we could go get Scorpius, too?” Rose was obviously hesitant, more due to nervousness than the rumors of the alleged craziness that ensued whenever the Headmistress and nurse were together.


“Of course, dear.”


We begin to walk out of the infirmary, when I notice something I hadn’t seen on the way in. On a corner bed was a girl with a broken ankle, Madame Pomfrey must’ve thought she was asleep. I squint my eyes to see who it is, and it’s… Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.


Posey Parkinson-Johnson is lying there, gaping at us, having just heard the entirety of Rose’s pregnancy scandal. I know I quit cussing, but let me tell you, something has definitely just hit the fan. She probably got that broken ankle from those stupid hooker heels. HAH.


“Rose,” I whisper tensely, and motion to Posey with my eyes. Rose had just been regaining her color, but it was gone just as quickly when she realizes that the one person in the school that absolutely hates her, not to mention the biggest gossip in the history of Hogwarts, knows everything. This was definitely bad.


My best friend says nothing, merely looks at the ground as if to focus harder on getting to Scorpius as quickly as possible. I hated this; I hated for her to hurt like this. I hated when she didn’t get to be the silly, happy, adorable girl that is Rose Weasley. And if we’re being quite honest, I had more than an inclination to make sure Posey had more than just a broken ankle. But I know that won’t help anything, since she would just twist the story to make herself seem the martyr.


“That’s a pretty nightgown,” I whisper to Rose, and for a second she smiles.


Rose has one arm intertwined with mine, one with Scorpius, and her head is leaning on his shoulder.


“Well, Miss Weasley, Mr. Malfoy, I can’t say I’m not disappointed in you,” McGonagall looks at them wisely, “However, I also can’t say that you aren’t the two best equipped students here to raise a child so young. The two most intelligent kids to attend this school in a long time, both from well-off families, and both obviously very devoted to each other.”


“Thank you, Professor,” Scorpius gives a humble half smile, “That means a lot from coming from you.”


“Just remember, I will have to discuss this with your parents. Both of your parents, together. This is a big deal. I’m glad you came to me, though.”


There’s a silence for a while, and I notice Professor McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey looking at me, and then at each other, and then nudging each other like school girls.


“Umm… What?” I ask, really unsure of what’s going on.


“You ask her,” Madame Pomfrey whispers and giggles.


McGonagall shakes her head, also giggling, “No, no, you ask her!”


“Ok, ok,” the nurse looks at me with big eyes, “Minerva and I are very… plugged into the gossip around the school. And, well, we were just wondering…”


The Headmistress interrupts her impatiently, “Who’s a better kisser, Louis Weasley or Danny Boot? Or is Albus Potter a contender?”


The fu—I mean, what?? This was… odd to say the least.


“Uhmm… Louis, I guess?” I feel obliged to answer the question.


“I knew it! In your face, Poppy!” McGonagall does a victory dance. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS GOING ON?


Grumbling, Madame Pomfrey slips the Headmistress a sickle, “I figured it was the Boot boy since she kissed him on her own, the second time that is. With Louis, the only time she kissed him was when she was poisoned by the Scamander boy; the other two times he kissed her.”


I feel slightly extremely terrified right now, “One of those kisses occurred like, twelve hours ago! How do you guys know all this?”


“I am Headmistress. I know all,” McGonagall is still giggling, “Oh Merlin, Poppy, I can’t believe you bet against someone who’s part veela!”


“Don’t you know anything, Minnie?  Being a veela has nothing to do with how well they kiss!” Pomfrey rolls her eyes dramatically.


“Regardless, Louis is a Weasley. Don’t you remember what Molly told us that one time? I mean, WOW! Who knew?” once again they erupt into giggles, this time playfully slapping each other.


I guess they’ve gotten a little… different in their old age. *cough*.


“Oh, Minnie,” the nurse catches her breath and lowers her voice as if it would stop me from being able to hear her, “We still need to ask Louis about Chase versus Macey Ackerly. Although I think we both know how that one’s going to turn out,” she leans over and whispers to Rose and Scorpius as if I were half deaf, “We had to flip a coin to see who had to be on the side of the bet going for Neville’s kid.”


We stare at the two old women, all three of us kind of horrified, until finally Scorpius speaks up, “Yeah… Well, we’re going to go sleep now. It being Saturday, and us being teenagers and all… We sleep a lot, so it’s, it’s a valid excuse.”


I roll my eyes. He really sucked at getting us out of things.


We somehow manage to escape the room, and Scorpius starts to laugh a bit, “I knew there was a reason Teddy told me to run if I ever saw the two of them together!”


“Why were they betting against me?” I pout, “I have fancy lips! I swear! I could easily be a better kisser than Macey Ackerly!”


“Danny says you’re okay,” Scorp smiles reassuringly.


“Just okay?”


 “Well, nobody’s perfect.”


I pout some more. Did Louis think I was only an okay kisser?


My pouting immediately stops when I notice Rose’s somber expression, “Rose? Are you alright?”


“Yeah,” She whispers monotonously, “I’m fine.”


Scorpius and I exchange a look, and I ask if she wants some ice cream.


Lip quivering, she nods.


“I’m going to go wake Louis, the house elves love him,” I leave the couple and half-jog to the common room, and then up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory.


The faintest rays of the sunrise stream weakly through the window, lighting Louis up just enough so I can see him sprawled out on his back, dead asleep.


I go up and nudge him, “Louis, wake up.”


He stretches and half opens his eyes, “Chase? I thought I was awake, how am I still dreaming?”


I sigh impatiently, “Stop being adorable and get the dickens up!”


“Dickens? Huh? What time is it?” he sits up dreamily, rubbing his eyes.


“Doesn’t matter. You need to get up and get Rose some ice cream. Peanut butter, too. She had a scare with the baby.”


Louis is suddenly very awake, “Is the baby okay? Is she okay?”


“Yes, it was a false alarm, but now McGonagall knows. And so does Posey.”


“Just let me get dressed real quick,” he throws aside the covers and gets up, and, of course, he sleeps in his boxers. Curse that six-pack.


“Holy fu—I mean, uhm, please put a shirt on. I’m trying to boycott your body, here,” I give him my Are you kidding me? face.


Chuckling, he walks over to his dresser and puts on some clothes. I have very bittersweet feelings about this.


“Where’s Rose?”


“With Scorpius, by the kitchen waiting for us.”


As we walk through the corridors, he looks down at me with a sly smile, “Y’know, last time we walked somewhere together, we held hands.”


“Last time we walked somewhere together, I had just snogged your brains out. A little bit different, yes?” I stubbornly reply. He obviously did not plan on making this easy for me.


“Well, there’s a broom closet right over there, if that’s what you mean,” he really seems to enjoy antagonizing me.


“Ugh, I am SO done with broom closets. I mean, how cliché is that, anyways?”


“Almost as cliché as falling for your best friend.”


At this I have no snarky reply; I can only stare at the ground and try not to let him see me blush.


He sighs, “Chase, I get why you don’t want us to happen just yet. But I’ve felt this way for far too long; I wasn’t kidding when I said I wouldn’t quit. So you might as well just give up now and let me kiss your face off.”


“No! I have to do this, for myself. I told you why. Maybe I should just start highlighting my unattractive qualities, so that you’ll stay away for a little while.”


Louis snorts, “Good luck with that. I love your unattractive qualities.”


“Grah! Stop it! Just stop being so gosh darn cute!” I stop and turn to face him, “If you say one more sweet comment I will dye my hair!”


“No! Fine, you got me this time,” he crosses his arms and pouts, but then begins to stifle a smirk, “I can’t say anything sweet, but can I say something spicy?”


I throw my arms up and start walking again, “Louis Weasley, you will be the death of me!”


He chuckles and we continue to walk until Scorpius sees us, “Merlin, Louis, what’d you do to Chase? She looks half insane.”


“I’m charming,” Louis smiles cutely, “Also she saw me shirtless.”


“And she’s still boycotting? Damn, Chase, even I might consider giving into that six-pack!” Scorpius giggles like Minnie and Poppy.


I shake my head, “How did you ever get my best friend pregnant? Speaking of which, Rose, honey, how are you doing?”


Rose, who’s on the ground leaning back against the wall, shows no emotion, “Fine. I’m fine. Just get me some ice cream.”


“I’m on it,” Louis flashes a confident grin and strolls through the kitchen door. About two minutes later, he comes out with a bowl of ice cream for each of us, Rose’s much larger and covered in whipped cream than the rest, “I got us all ice cream. Here, Chase, to help you cool down a bit,” he winks.




“Actually, I meant cool down from being angry at me. But that works too.”


I glare at the veela boy, “You’re really getting on my nerves.”


“I promise I’ll stop if you just agree to be my long-term girlfriend! That’s all I ask.”


Rose laughs between spoonfuls, “This is adorable,” she looks over at The Impregnator, “When do you think they’ll get married?”


“At this rate? I say that by next month Louis will be the one we’ll call The Impregnator.”


“Does no one believe that I can resist Louis?” I groan.


They all look at each other, and then at me.

 “I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN. I WILL SHOW YOU ALL!” I pick up my ice cream and run away.


Sighing, I throw away the paper bowl I’d finished eating Louis’s stupid ice cream out of and head up the stairs to the dorm.


I open the door and find—James and Maylin on my bed kissing. I did not need this.


“I thought you guys said you were done with this,” I groan, “Your random fits of kissing are too much for one person to handle!”


“Sorry, Chase,” James drags his lips away from Maylin’s, “You’re the only one that knows.”


“Yeah!” she agrees, “Where else were we supposed to go for a snog this early in the morning?”


“You wouldn’t have to go anywhere to snog if you would, oh I don’t know, stop keeping it a secret?”


“Don’t worry,” he smiles confidently, “This is our last time doing this. We promised each other!”


“YOU. SAY. THAT. EVERY. TIME,” this was not helping my already sour mood.


Maylin shakes her head, “We mean it! We both love the freedom of being able to get with whoever we want, whenever we want. Besides, we’re way too good of friends to snog anymore. It’s just weird, y’know?”


“Where have I heard this before?” I mockingly scratch my head, “Oh, yeah, I remember. That’s something like what you said the last time. And the time before that.”


She rolls her eyes and begins to tie her raven-black hair up into a bun, “So we gave in a couple of times. We’re seventh years now, far too mature to let it happen again.”


“Didn’t it just happen? Like right now? Like wouldn’t you still be smashing face if I hadn’t just walked in? Merlin, you two are perfect for each other,” I sigh and sit down on my bed next to them.


“You usually don’t get THIS mad about this kind of thing, and Louis wasn’t in his bed when I woke up,” James sits criss-cross applesauce and looks me in the eye, “Tough stuff?”


I lean back on my pillow and sigh, “People don’t respect me.”


“What are you talking about?” Maylin lies on her stomach and props her chin on her fists, “Everyone respects you!”


“Everyone except the important people! The Headmistress, the school nurse, The Impregnator, my best friend, and, worst of all, Louis!”


Now James rolls his eyes, “Stop being a drama queen, Chase. Scorpius idolizes you, Rose depends on you, and do you really think Louis would ever want to date a girl he didn’t respect? And let me tell you, he definitely wants to date you. He’s my best friend; many hours of my life have been wasted listening to him discuss the subject. So suck it up and get your shit together!”


Sitting there, I’m left in total shock. I just got told off by James Sirius Potter, “Wow. You’re—you’re right. When did I become such a baby?”


“Louis’s beauty hath made you effeminate,”* Maylin smiles sweetly.


James flashes her a grin, “And in your temper soften'd valour's steel!”*


I groan, “Sweet baked potatoes, only you two would be quoting Shakespeare right now. Darn weirdoes. This was a bad week to quit cussing.”


“Ahh, no wonder you’re so grumpy,” he muses, “You’re going through withdrawal.”


“I’m not going through withdrawal, you banana slug! Okay, maybe I am. Help me, guys!” I sigh and throw my hands over my face.


“Go for a snog with Louis,” they agree, “Always releases tension for us.”


“Did you not hear the part where I was complaining about nobody having faith in the fact that I can stay away from him? I mean, for Merlin’s sake, just this morning I saw him with no shirt on and still managed to resist! James, you’ve seen his abs.”


“You’re dedicated, I’ll tell you that,” he nods.


Maylin sighs sassily, “Just keep it a secret! It’s worked for us for four years now.”


“No offense, guys,” I try to put it softly, “But the last thing I want is for Louis and I to be as messed up as the two of you.”


“But we like being messed up!” James argues, “It works for us.”


“We’re already messed up enough. Let’s not add to the damage.”


Throwing her hands up, Maylin sighs exasperatedly, “And you say we’re the stubborn ones!”


“Not wanting to jump into a relationship with a newly discovered love interest that’s also your best friend is not the same as denying since second year that you have feelings for the one person on earth willing to put up with you! At least I admit that I would like to date Louis someday!”


James shrugs, “I guess we’re all just lost causes.”


After about twenty minutes more of arguing with James and Maylin about their dysfunctional situation, Rose comes into the dorm.


“Sorry, Chase,” she sighs, “I should have defended you back there.”


I shrug, “I’m over it. Besides, you were going through a tough time.”


We hug it out, and she looks at James and Maylin suspiciously, “Why are you guys on Chase’s bed?”


“She was upset,” James smoothly lies, “We followed her up here to comfort her.”


“Chase wanted the two most endearingly insensitive people at Hogwarts to comfort her? When it comes to emotions, I don’t think you guys can do much more than quote classic literature.”


“Oh, no, Rose. Please don’t insult them. They’re going to bring out Fitzgerald,” they knew that Rose was the only one that really got annoyed by their creepily in-sync quoting, and enjoyed bugging her with it.


I knew it was too late the second James opened his mouth, “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one…”**


“Just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had,”** Maylin finishes off with a giggle.

Rose and I give each other a look. There was something seriously wrong with them.

James suddenly hops up, “Maylin!”

She hops up too, “What?”

“It’s seven o’clock!”


“You have a breakfast date with Timmy Greensfield! You can’t be late, what will he think?”

Maylin smiles and gives him a peck on the cheek, “Thanks, Jamesie! What would I do without you?” and leaves.

Once she’s gone, James looks and us and grins, “Isn’t having friends great?”




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*Quote from The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the play by William Shakespeare.

**Quote from The Great Gatsby, the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.    

Chapter 12: The My-Best-Friend-Impregnated-the-Girl-of-My-Dreams Club
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It’s funny, that small second that occurs when someone calls your name. It happens so quickly you don’t have time to even recognize the voice of whoever it is. You just automatically turn, like some kind of acquired instinct.


And that’s why I turned around when Danny Boot called to me in the corridor on my way to first period.


When I see him, giving me a hopeful half-smile at the end of the hall, I roll my eyes and continue walking towards Teddy’s classroom. However, as we all now know, Wonderboy isn’t exactly the type to give up too easy.


“Chase! Please, Chase, just talk to me. Give me a chance!”


“I did give you a chance, remember?” I remark sassily, trying to walk faster.


He catches up with me anyways, stepping himself in front of me and then stopping so that I would have to stop and listen to him, “C’mon, it wasn’t THAT bad.”


My jaw drops, “You told me that you were only interested in me so that you could get in my pants because you’re in love with my best friend. Not exactly your standard first date material.”


“Well,” he shrugs sheepishly, “We never did go on a date. I didn’t exactly handle things right. Truth is, I was crazy emotional about the whole Rose thing, and before that I didn’t really know you all that well. From the outside, you just seem like this crazy weird chick that tags along with the Weasleys because she can’t think much for herself. But the more we talked, the more I was with you, the more I realized what a creative, hilarious, and independent person you are. Basically, I really fucked up my chances with an amazing girl.”


“Heck yes you did, you mother flipping butthole!”


Danny looks at me like I’m an alien.


I scoff, “I stopped cussing, okay, Wonderboy? Not that it’s any of your business!”


“You’re absolutely right. It’s none of my business. But, Chase, please, just please give me one more chance!”


“Really, Danny? I have Louis effing Weasley on my waiting list for a date right now, what could possibly make you think I would give you another chance after the way you treated me?”


“It doesn’t have to be a date,” he’s bringing out the puppy-eyes, “Just talk to me. We can study together in the library after school. Is there anything less romantic than being surrounded by dusty books while under the watchful eye of Madame Pince?”


“Anything less romantic? Like getting groped in a broom closet? Yeah, no thanks,” I start to walk away.


“Chase, I wouldn’t need you for that anymore anyways, even if that waswhat this was about. I, I—it happened.”


I stop and turn around, and from the look of pure guilt on his face I have an idea of what he’s talking about, “You mean you…? With someone else?”


“Well obviously with someone else. I think you might notice if it were with you,” Despite his joking, he looks miserable. And five minutes ago I would have slapped myself for saying this, but I don’t like how sad he looks.


“Fine. I’ll meet you in the library after school today. But only if you promise there’s no lying, no plotting, no ulterior motives. Everything is on the table.”


Wonderboy crosses his heart, “Scout’s honor.”


“You WHAT?” Louis is in total shock.


I shrug, “What’s the worst that can happen? Don’t worry, Louis, I promise that I have no romantic feelings left for him whatsoever. Not that you could do anything even if I did, anyways, since I’m independent and all.”


I’d told everything to Louis and James during class while Teddy spent what seemed like hours trying to help Billy Finnigan perform a standard charm without setting the classroom on fire.


“Actually, I’m kind of on Chase’s side with this,” James looks up from whatever it is he’s writing, “I’ve been Danny’s confidant for years. He’s actually a good guy when he’s not going crazy. And he had good reason to, too. I mean, come on, Louis. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t over react if I got Chase pregnant.”


Louis shudders, “Merlin, don’t say things like that. Fine, fine, go to your rendezvous with Danny Boot. Just please, be careful? I don’t want him to hurt you again.”


“Don’t worry, I won’t give him the chance to,” I nod and smile at the blond.


“Okay, good. And maybe before you go I should kiss you for good luck?” he gives me a wicked smile; this boy was serious about not giving up.


I chuckle, “The whole reason this all started was because you kissed me at Diagon Alley. Maybe it’s more of bad luck?”


Louis shakes his head, “Kissing you should never be associated with the word, ‘bad’.”


James feigns gagging noises, “Sweet mother of pearl, I feel like I just fell into a giant pile of unicorn crap. You guys need to stop with your non-relationship mushiness.”


“Hey, it’s not me!” I throw my hands up defensively, “Louis loves his words. Remember when we were really little and he convinced Freddie not to eat that ten-year-old bowl of tapioca? He was so persuasive that ever since Freddie has been terrified of pudding. And to this day Louis has loved using his words to change things. But I will not submit! So blame this silly kid, not me. I’m just an innocent victim of Louis’s mouth!”


Despite James’s laughter at my summarization of Louis’s love for linguistics, Louis himself seems to remember his frustration, “I still don’t think it’s a good idea for you to meet up with the bread kid.”


“Trust me, I’m almost as reluctant as you are. But I really need to know the whole story before I can even start to get things figured out. And once I have things figured out, I’ll probably be a lot more likely to want a boyfriend.”


Louis suddenly appears determined, “You know what? You meeting up with Danny might not be such a bad idea.”


Sighing, I realize that I will never understand how this annoyingly attractive weirdo could want to be with a sidekick like me. But hey, who’s complaining?


I notice that Louis is asking me a question, “Where are you going to meet him?”


“Oh, no,” I shake my head, “You and Rose both get that insane wannabe-secret agent mentality! If I tell you, you’re just going to treat it like some espionage mission and spy on me.”


He pouts, so I look at James, who sort of fell out of the conversation. I realize that this occurred because he’d begun with Maylin. Sneakily, I snatch the parchment away from him to see what they’ve written.


M.C.S – What are you doing?


J.S.P – Being forced to listen to Louis and Chase’s dysfunction. What’s up?


M.C.S – Let me rephrase the question. What are you doing during lunch today?


J.S.P - …Kissing my best girl friend?


M.C.S – Good answer. Chase’s room?


J.S.P – Um, duh!


M.C.S – Sometimes I wonder if maybe Chase is right, and that we shouldn’t constantly sneak in her room to snog.


J.S.P -  "Teach not thy lips such scorn, for they were made for kissing, lady, not for such contempt."*


M.C.S – Stop it! That quote barely even applied to the situation and yet I’m still blushing in the middle of Advanced Potions. Are you still going out with Casey Carlisle tomorrow?


J.S.P – Yeah, why?


M.C.S – You should borrow Louis’s blue button-up shirt again, it looked really nice on you when we made out after your date with Steph Martin last month.


            I grunt, “James! No! Not in my room again!”


“What?” Louis asks curiously, and snatches the paper before I can protest, “Hey! You borrowed my shirt? No wonder it smelled like Maylin,” he crosses his arms and pouts. He didn’t much like James borrowing his things.


“You know about James and Maylin?” I ask. I’d thought I was the only one that knew.


“Yes. I’m James’s best friend, he can’t keep a secret from me. You and I are the only ones that know, though.”


“And you approve of it?” I don’t know who I was kidding by even asking this, Louis would never admit that James lives up to his player reputation.


He shrugs, “You and I were almost friends with benefits, remember?”


“But that was to cover up the fact that we liked each other as more than friends. Don’t you at all think that’s what’s going on here?”


James laughs, “Don’t be stupid, Nutcase Chase. Maylin and I obviously don’t feel that way. Can you imagine how weird that’d be? The son of Harry Potter and the daughter of Cho Chang falling in love? Come on, be realistic.”


I give Louis a look, “Are you buying this?”


“Obviously not,” he says, “But they’re way too stubborn to admit it anytime soon, so there’s really no point in trying.”


Sighing, I give up just as class ends. Teddy walks to the front of the class, saying normal teacher phrases like, “I’ll see you all tomorrow,” and “Don’t forget to study,” and “Louis I know you already have six of them but can you PLEASE tutor just one more student? You’re so effective!”


No, really, I’m serious. Somehow, no matter the subject, Louis can spend ten minutes tutoring someone with a 32% GPA and turn them into someone with an 89% GPA. Like I said, the boy likes to talk, and he’s good at it too.


As everyone is leaving, I stay back to talk to Teddy. I walk up to him while he’s shuffling some papers, “Hey, have you talked to Scott?”


“Yes!” he smiles at me and even laughs a little bit, “Thank you so much for taking him in! He has a real job, he’s stopped drinking, and everything is actually starting to get better for him.”


“I’m glad he’s doing well,” I furrow my eyebrows a little bit, “How did it all start, anyways? When did he just decide to throw his life away in the first place?”


“I can’t exactly recall… Ah, wait, I remember, it was right after I found out about Victoire being pregnant. That’s why it was especially hard for me at the time, because it felt like the two people I cared about most were falling apart,” Teddy admits obliviously.


I, however, was slowly putting together the pieces. Nothing could turn a person to drinking like getting your best friend’s girlfriend pregnant.


“What was Scott’s relationship with Victoire, anyways? I mean, were they friends?” I decide to investigate further before making any immediate assumptions.


“They never really talked to each other unless they needed to, I guess. There was always some kind of weird tension between them, like they had an unspoken disliking of each other. It was pretty odd, now that I think about it.”


Tension. Victoire and Scott had tension. Poor, sweet, unsuspecting Teddy.


“Do you have any ideas of who Gabi’s dad is?” I switch gears.


“Why all the questioning?” Teddy asks, more out of curiosity than suspicion, “Shouldn’t you be going to class?”


I shrug, “I have free period right now. And you don’t have a second class today, because the fourth years are all at a self-esteem boosting assembly at the moment.”


He contemplates my words, and then nods, “Okay, I’ll answer your questions. I guess it’s natural for you to want to know about things like this. Honestly, I had no idea who Gabi’s father was. My first thought when she told me she was pregnant was that it was mine, but I knew she wasn’t because I had just gone out of town with the Potters for a month. Besides, the one time we… uh, we used… uh, erm…” he trails off, turning red.


“Okay, I get that it wasn’t you. No need to go into details,” I sigh and bite my lip. Should I tell him about my suspicions?


Finally, Teddy seemed to be catching on, because he turns very serious and his voice deepens when he says, “Do you know whose it is?”


“I have an idea. But I’m not sure, I don’t want to assume since it’s not really my place to do so.”


“Chase, you’re a smart girl. I know you wouldn’t be telling me this if you didn’t have valid reasoning. Just say it,” Though he wouldn’t admit it, I could tell that the subject alone gave Teddy pain. But it was his right to know.


“I was just thinking that maybe it might be a possibility that… Scott is Gabi’s father? You can’t deny that they look alike, and it would explain his sudden loss of ambition in life. The other night I was talking to him and he started asking about Gabi, and then shut me out when I asked if he had any idea who the dad was. And you said they had tension, but maybe it wasn’t the bad kind of tension, if you get what I’m saying. I’m wondering if the reason they hardly talked to each other was because they were trying to avoid whatever it was between them, but then when you went on holiday for a month… stuff went down,” I blurt it all out at once.


Teddy sits there, no clear emotion registering on his face. After a minute of speechlessness, he finally begins to speak, “Oh. I… thank you, Chase. You kind of really have a good point.”


“Err, you’re welcome?” I shift uncomfortably where I stand. The pain in the air was practically tangible.


He gives a half-hearted chuckle, “You know what the sad part about all of this is?”




“I’d meant to tell you this earlier, but I’d invited Scott here to help me out with class for a day. He was brilliant at D.A.D.A in his time; he beat even me for top of the class. He’s going to arrive late tomorrow night and be there for classes all day Wednesday,” Teddy finally starts freaking out, “What am I going to do? How am I supposed to feel about a situation like this? Should I be angry, or just sad? Should I expect him to apologize when I tell him I know? I just don’t… I can’t…” he takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye, “They don’t teach you about this kind of thing in the school books. They prepare you for everything except life itself.”


I frown. Teddy was my friend, and I wished I could help him. And that’s when I figured out what to do, “You do private tutoring, right?”


The young man looks at me like I’m insane. I probably am.


I approach Danny in the library, not at all tentative. He smiles at me expectantly.


“So, are you ready to start talking?” His voice is excited, like a little kid being allowed to sit at the adult’s table during Christmas dinner.


Giving him a flirtatious grin, I grab his hand, “Come with me.”


“What?” He appears pleased but puzzled, “What happened to no funny business?”


“Just come with me,” I giggle. I knew this was the only way to get him to do what I want, no questions asked.


Wonderboy hesitates, but then I bite my lip and he instantly allows me to bring him wherever. MJ, Molly Jr., had taught me that trick – for some reason, the lip-biting thing was a show stopper.


Silently, I tow Danny behind me through the corridors. Occasionally, he’ll begin to talk or ask a question, but I simply turn around and give him a flirty “Shh…”.


He gives me a puzzled look when we stop in front of the closed door of a classroom. I cutely smile at him, squeeze his hand, and whisper, “This is all the apology you need to give me.”


In one swift motion, I open the door and pull the two of us inside. Teddy is sitting at his desk, trying to figure out what on earth I’m doing, “Chase? Is Danny the student you thought might need afterschool tutoring?”


Wonderboy stands there, dumbfounded, and I reply, “Actually, I was hoping the two of you could tutor each other. Welcome to the My-Best-Friend-Impregnated-the-Girl-of-My-Dreams Club! The first meeting starts now!” I flash them both my most mischievous grin and run out of the room, hoping with everything I have that they’ll be the key to helping each other’s problems.


Once I’m out, I whip around and press my ear to the door.


“So,” I recognize Danny’s voice, “What the fuck is up with Weasley chicks?”

Smiling, I walk away, knowing that I had just created the start of a beautiful friendship.  


*Quote from Richard III by William Shakespeare




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Chapter 13: The Irony
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“Breath in, and out. Breath in, and out,” I use as calming a voice as I can while Rose hyperventilates into a brown paper bag.




I try and hide my frown, “I’m not sure. Maybe Posey has finally gained some compassion, and that’s why the entire school doesn’t know about your pregnancy.”


“HA. HA HA HA. HA HA HA HA HA!” Rose begins to sarcastically laugh in a maniacal manner, somehow managing to do so into the paper bag, “Have you ever met Posey? You DO realize that this is the girl that started to giggle evilly at the end of A Walk to Remember. Who DOES that? I mean, what could she possibly be planning by not going around and telling everyone I have a bun in the oven?”


“Okay, okay,” I exasperatedly run my hand through my hair, “I’ll go get Scorp and we’ll have a talk with her. Capiche?”


“Capiche,” Rose squeaks as she puts pink nail polish on her paper bag to make her breathing prettier.




“SCOOORPIUUUUSSS!” I bang on the door of the Slytherin boy’s sixth year dormitory after trudging all the way there from the Gryffindor common room.


Wonderboy opens the door, “Fucking Baby Buns! You have got to stop doing this.”


“Just don’t expect the same result as the last time I knocked on this door,” I wiggle a finger at him accusingly.


He winks, “I may not expect it, but I’ll never forget it.”


Why do I never get mixed up with guys that know how to keep their thoughts to themselves?


“Anyways,” I drag the word out, “Have you seen any tall blonds walking around cleaning stuff?”


Danny laughs, “Scorpius went back to his class real quick to grab something he forgot. Want to come in and wait?” he motions behind himself casually.


Actually, it’d probably be better if we stayed right here,” I narrow my eyes a little bit. I still don’t completely trust him.


And so we stood there in the doorway, drowning in awkward silence. Suddenly, something occurs to me.


“Who did you…?”




I shift awkwardly, not looking him in the eye, “You said that you… y’know. Lost your v-card or whatever the magazines call it these days. Who… Who was it?”


“Oh,” he also seems to lose the ability to keep eye contact, “Let’s not talk about that… I was in a really bad place at the time.”




More awkward silence.








I look up at him, “For what?”


“For having me talk to Professor Lupin.”


“Really? You mean it all worked out?” I can’t suppress a smile.


“Yeah, actually. I think it helped us both get, what’s the word? Closure. We’re going to talk again tomorrow after classes. It gave us a lot of perspective, y’know?” Wonderboy shrugs.


Before I can respond, I hear a voice coming up the stairs, “Danny! I swear to Merlin if you walked on my side of the dorm without taking off your shoes again I will tell everyone about the time you had a nightmare and came to cuddle with me in my bed—CHASE!” Scorpius doesn’t realize I’m standing right there until he reaches the top of the stairs, “I mean, erh, we never cuddle! We’re macho men!”


Danny has a major case of the blushies, and Scorpius’s eyes are the size of the bathtub in the prefect bathroom.


I take a moment to decide whether I’ll take advantage of this. Nah, not right now, now is the time for helping Rose.


“I will most definitely blackmail you guys with that later, but for now I need you,” I point dramatically at the Impregnator, “To help me find Posey.”


“Posey?” Scorpius leans his head back a bit and looks down at me like I’m crazy, “Why would we want to find her?”


“Rose wants us to figure out why word about the pregnancy isn’t all over the school.”


“Pregnancy?” A head with shoulder length brunette hair pops out of the seventh year boy’s dorm door, “Who’s pregnant?”


“Holy crap, Posey!” Wonderboy exclaims, “What the fuck are you doing in there?”


She shrugs and steps out, wearing only some guy’s oversized t-shirt and no pants, “I was… hanging out with a friend. Anyways, what on earth are you talking about? Why do you need to ask me about someone being pregnant?”


Posey always speaks so civilly when she’s not around her friends. She almost sounds relatable. I step forward and look her in the eye, “We know you overheard everything that night in the infirmary.”


“Huh?” She somehow still looks confused, “I was in the infirmary when I twisted my ankle, but I don’t remember hearing anything juicy. I sleep with my eyes open—“


“We know you know Rose is pregnant! Wait, what was that about sleeping with your eyes open?”


Posey’s jaw drops so far it makes me question the possibility that she’s a literal snake along with her obvious metaphorical title. However, I don’t have much time to examine the matter, because I’m busy tackling Scorpius Malfoy.


I suppose we’ve made the hallway outside the Slytherin boy’s dormitories a bit chaotic. Scorpius is screaming bloody murder, Danny is freaking out trying to hold me back as I yell and kick to try and get at Scorp, and Posey is running in circles around the three of us shouting something like “the Weasel is preggo with my man”. People are rushing up the stairs and out of their dorms to watch. Apparently it takes a Gryffindor to make this place interesting, since this kind of thing happens in our common room at least once every couple months and the only people that really care are the creepy little first years.


Finally Professor Slughorn, the absolutely ancient and noticeably flabby Head of Slytherin, shows up and pries us all apart with his cane, “Alright, alright, break it up! This is more dangerous than dentistry! What’s the problem here?”


“ROSE WEASLEY IS PREGNANT!” Posey yells smugly. Suddenly, everything is silent, and everyone is looking at us. Scorpius is still on the floor, looking up at me helplessly. Danny still has his arms around me from trying to hold me off, and he seems to be frozen with shock. Posey is just standing there with her arms crossed, a smirk on her face.


My lip quivers a little bit in defeat, but I tell myself that now is definitely not the time to start crying. Slowly, I disrupt the stillness and take Danny’s arms off of me and offer my hand to Scorpius. He takes it and I help him up and the three of us, still quiet as bricks, shuffle past a gravely silent Slughorn, down the stairs and out of the common room.


We start walking out of the dungeons, though I don’t think any of us have a destination in mind. I look up at Scorpius; I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so sad. In the most sisterly way I can, I reach out and grab his hand.


He’s caught by surprise, but then shakes my hand free, “Thanks, Chase, but we don’t need any more rumors started right now,” his voice is pained, and I know he blames himself for this muck.


Danny still hasn’t said a word.






“Do you want to go talk to Teddy right now?”


He looks at me gratefully and nods, running off down the hallway and leaving me with Scorpius.


“Hey,” I say softly to my unofficial big brother, “It’s not your fault that Posey’s a butt-nugget,” he doesn’t laugh, “There’s no way you could have known she sleeps with her eyes open. I mean, who DOES that?”


“It is my fault though,” he almost whispers, “I’m the stupid one that got Rose pregnant in the first place. I wish I didn’t have to put her through this.”


“Getting her pregnant isn’t your fault either. You used protection, it just turned out faulty. You couldn’t have prevented fate.”


Scorpius shakes his head, “It’s more than that, though. Ever since I found out about the baby, I feel like I can’t do anything right. No matter what it is, I know I’m probably disappointing Rose somehow.”


I can’t help but laugh. He looks at me like I’m mentally ill, so I explain, “Rose is so crazy about you, and you don’t even realize it. You can do no wrong by her.”


He doesn’t respond, but I see a small smile appear on his face. We walk some more, and Scorpius seems to be done thinking angrily at himself since he brings up another subject, “Danny told me about what you did for him and Professor Lupin. It’s awesome and crazy how they’re bonding over this.”


“Yeah, yeah it is…” I’m suddenly lost in thought.


I brought Wonderboy and Teddy together because Danny was having a tough time with Rose’s pregnancy… Scorpius is now having a tough time with said pregnancy… Scott should arrive here some time tonight…


“Chase? What’s on your mind?”


“I think there’s someone I want to introduce you to later…”


I reveal my plan to him until we reach the Gryffindor common room. We then walk solemnly up the steps to the girl’s sixth year dorm, preparing ourselves to tell Rose about the events that have just occurred.


We walk in and find her in a light doze on her bed, her freckles standing out in the soft afternoon light. I look up at The Impregnator; neither of us wants to wake Rose up, but we know we have to. Softly, I nudge her, and her eyelids flutter open.


“Chase? Scorpius? Did you guys talk to Posey?” she yawns, barely conscious.


I begin to tell Rose what happened, but Scorp stops me and stands up a bit straighter, “Chase, I’m sorry but this is my mess and I think it’d be best if I talk to her about this by myself.”


Rose is definitely awake now; my jaw drops and I blurt out, “Since when did you grow a pair? I’m sorry, I mean—seriously, when did you grow a pair?” We were both shocked. Obviously, Scorpius was a sweet, caring guy, but never has he so firmly told us what he wants in such a… manly tone.


He furrows his eyebrows that suddenly appear thicker with masculinity, “I’m serious. I’m taking responsibility and I need to talk to Rose alone, whether it’s what you guys want or not.”


Still completely shocked, I look over at Rose to see if she’s hearing this, only to realize that she’s practically drooling at the testosterone her boyfriend is exhibiting, “Yeah, Chase, maybe you should leave…”


I narrow my eyes at them but walk towards the door, “Fine, but you two better stay off my bed.”


 After leaving, I decide to head to Teddy’s classroom to see how Wonderboy is holding up. I casually walk into the classroom, and at first the two members of the M.B.F.I.t.G.o.M.D Club don’t notice me.


“I think that before you can even decide if you want to try you have to tell her who it was,” Teddy is saying.


Danny sighs, “But you know she’s going to freak out, she’s the queen of freaking out.”


“Who’s the queen of freaking out?” I ask, an eyebrow officially raised.


“Chase!” Wonderboy stands up and gives me a friendly smile, “Did you tell Rose yet?”


“Nah, I was about to but then Scorpius interrupted me and started acting all macho and now they’re back in our dorm probably doing a whole lot of—“ I immediately cut myself off when I realize that, behind Danny, Teddy is very dramatically motioning for me to stop. I remember that this probably isn’t the best thing to talk about with Wonderboy, so I finish my sentence a little differently than I’d planned, “…talking. Boy, can those kids talk! Heh…”


Danny looks at me like I’m a grocery store hobo on a yacht, but shrugs it off and turns to Teddy, “Do you mind if I leave with Chase, Professor Lupin?”


“No, not at all. And please, call me Teddy.”


Wonderboy giggles girlishly, “Okay, Teddy.”


Wow. Somebody has a bro-crush.


Danny grabs my hand casually and runs out of the room with me in tow. Once we’re out of the classroom, the whiplash from his dramatic exit has given us both a bad case of the giggles.


“Wonderboy,” I manage between laughter, “You are so weird.”


“I’M the weird one here?” he points at himself exaggeratedly, “This is coming from the girl that likes to draw faces on the back of bald people’s heads when they’re not looking.”


I’m just barely starting to recover from our giggle-fest, “Hey, is it so bad for me to put into action what everyone thinks about doing?”


“I’m pretty sure it’s not that common of a thought…” Danny bursts my bubble.


We hear footsteps, and I turn just in time to see Louis rounding the corner, walking with Macey Ackerly who’s talking a mile a minute. I feel jealousy poking at the inside of my brain, but I know that they’re just friends so I smile at Louis, “Hey!”


Louis just kind of gives me a look, that same one I can never understand, and then turns the next corner he can, the talking machine called Macey Ackerly keeping in step with him.


I stand there, not really sure what just happened, “That was… weird.”


Wonderboy stays silent, staring in the direction they walked off to.


“Danny?” I wave my hand in front of his face, “Do you know what that was all about?”


He shakes his head and comes out of his stupor, “Huh? What do you mean?”


“Louis ignored me. He never ignores me.”


“Oh. I didn’t notice. Sorry.”


“Let’s go catch up to them. I need to figure out what that was.”


I run forward and around the corner they’d turned, eventually catching up to the former couple.


“Louis!” I touch his shoulder and he turns around, “What happened back there?”


He shrugs, and I know that he’s mad at me because he knows that I HATE when I ask people a serious question and they only shrug in response.


“Can we talk?” I ask, and realize that we’re standing next to the Room of Requirement when a door appears right next to me.


“Fine. Sure,” he shrugs again, and I drag him through the door, leaving Danny and Macey Ackerly standing outside, both looking extremely uncomfortable.


Once I close the door, Louis looks at me like I’m crazy, “You wanted to talk… in my bedroom?”


It was true; I’d just imagined the most comfortable place I could think of.


“Why are you mad at me?” I get straight to the point.


He shrugs.




“When were you in my closet?” He looks horrified and a violent shade of deep red.


“When I slept in your bed, duh. Anyways, TALK TO ME.”


“You slept in my bed…?” He begins, but the look I give him must convince him to start talking, “Alright, so I’m mad at you. But you broke your promise.”


“What promise did I break?”


Louis sits down on his bed and looks up at me, “I saw you in the library flirting with Danny. I didn’t want to believe it, but then I saw the two of you alone in the corridor laughing like it’s nineteen-ninety-nine.”


“That’s what this is about? Louis, I didn’t lie to you. Nothing happened.”


“Don’t treat me like I’m stupid, Chase. I saw you biting your lip when you talked to him.”


“I bite my lip all the time.”


“Not like that you don’t,” he shifts in his seat and looks at the ground.


Wow, maybe that trick was a little too effective, “Louis, you have to trust me.”


“How can I? It’s not like this would be the first time you couldn’t keep your pants on around Danny!” He looks like he regrets the words after he says them, but I still felt just as much of the hurt.


My face goes dead serious, a sure sign that I’m trying to hide my emotions, “First of all, you know I never had sex with Danny or anyone for that matter, if that’s what you’re implying,” I stray away from my usual euphemisms just to make Louis cringe, “And secondly, I did this all because as soon as it was over I was going to give you a romantic surprise kiss and finally agree to be your girlfriend. But good luck expecting that to happen now!”


Louis is now just sitting there silently, not even looking at me, processing all the information I’ve just told him. I, however, don’t care, as I show when I walk out of the room and purposely leave the door very wide open when I wrap my arms around Wonderboy and kiss him with all of my angry passion. Danny doesn’t seem to mind.


Once I’m done with the impromptu mini-make-out-session, I turn around, look at Louis and his unreadable expression, and walk away with Danny’s hand in mine. And yes, if I’ve not made it obvious, I am the epitome of anger at the moment.


I burst through the doorway of my dorm just as Scorpius is buttoning his shirt back up.


“Out! Both of you!” I shout. Appearing scared out of their minds, Rose and The Impregnator hurry out of the room, leaving me with a frightened yet content Wonderboy. I shut the door behind them and put a locking charm on it.


I turn around and look at Danny, “What are you waiting for?” I ask, “Take your clothes off!”


What?” He doesn’t look unpleased, just confused.


“You heard me. We are doing it. Right here, right now. Any objections?”


“Chase, trust me, I know from experience that this isn’t the right thing to do when you’re angry—“


“I don’t fucking care what the right thing to do is!” I yell at him as I struggle to take my top off, “We are going to fuck. FUCK! Holy shit, it feels good to talk freely again.”


I realize that I’m coming off as pretty psycho. And, at the moment, I probably actually am. But I’m already taking my pants off so it’s too late for me to start caring now.


Now, standing there in my bra and underwear, I look up at Danny, “Are you going to take your own clothes off or will I have to do it for you?”


He slowly and unsurely starts to take his shirt off, more for the cause of me not strangling him than anything, but then starts talking again, “Chase, you know this won’t be my first time. Don’t you even care who it was?”


“Not anymore,” I shake my head and decide to go help him, “But you more than anyone should understand what I’m doing here.”


“By ‘what I’m doing here’, do you mean unsuccessfully trying to undo my belt buckle?”


“Seriously, why the fuck won’t this unbuckle? And no, I mean doing this out of anger, spite. Now that I think about it, I think you may have gotten it right. We should have done this the first time you tried.”


“No,” he puts his hands over mine to get me to stop violently trying to unbuckle his belt, “It’s good that we didn’t. And I’m not sure if we should now.”


“Well I am sure. This is how it’s happening,” With that, I stand on my toes and kiss him just so he’ll stop thinking.


We get pretty into the kiss, and I push him back onto my bed, going on top of him to continue the kissing.


“Chase,” my name rolls off his lips so that I feel it on mine.


“Louis,” I hear it the word escape from my lips before I even know it’s going through my head, and both Danny and I instantly stop kissing.


Slowly pulling my face away from his, I get off of him and sit down on the ground at the foot of my bed, my knees pulled up to my chest, “I think you were right, Wonderboy. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”


He crawls off the bed and sits on the floor next to me, just hugging me, and in his calm, sweet voice he tells me, “It’s okay. I didn’t want it to happen like this, anyways.”


I lean my head onto his shoulder, and within seconds I discover that there are tears streaming down my face. And, somehow… I start chuckling.


“What?” he looks down at me, “What’s so funny?”


“It’s not so much funny as it is ironic. I’ve cried very few times at this school, but this term I’ve cried twice. The first time I cried into Louis’s shoulder because of you, and now I’m crying into your shoulder because of Louis.”


“Maybe you should reconsider your taste in guys,” he jokes, and we’re both laughing.


After our light chuckles die out, he’s silent for a second like he’s thinking about something before he speaks again, “I wasn’t going to do it, you know. I wasn’t going to let you go all the way with me today.”


“You weren’t?”


“First of all, we didn’t have protection. And it would just be way too confusing if you got pregnant and Louis joined Teddy’s and my ‘club’. Also, I couldn’t stand the thought of being with you when you obviously still love someone else. In fact, being with you in spite of him.”


I take a moment to consider this. I knew Danny was right, of course, but there was something he’d said that had caught my notice. He’d said that I love Louis. I’ve used the word before, but with much lighter connotations. Do I love Louis? Okay, I think we all know the answer to that one.

“Thanks,” I hug Wonderboy, the superhero of the day, and he doesn’t even need to ask why.  


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Chapter 14: The Seer/Motivational Yoga Master
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 “And did you know that Harry R. Drackett invented Windex in 1933? Back then it was one hundred percent solvent, and highly flammable, so it had to be sold in metal cans! Obviously they reformulated it after the second muggle world war when modern surfactants were introduced…”

When I walked down the stairs with Wonderboy and Rose gave me the ‘we are going to have a serious conversation about whatever the fuck just happened’ look, I decided it would be beneficial for me to casually mentioned Windex and set Scorpius off on a very informational rant about his favorite product. She wouldn’t get a word in for at least a half hour, which gave me plenty of time to escape. I make it out of the portal hole, and then book it to Teddy’s office. As I run, I try my best to block out the violent whispers I hear from everyone I pass about Rose’s pregnancy.


Seeing as I’m not exactly in practice of profuse running, I’m half bent over gasping for breath by the time I get there. Once I finally regain the ability to function as a normal human again, I knock on the door.


“Chase,” an emotionally exhausted looking Teddy says my name tiredly once he opens the door, “Come on in. Scott and I were just having a very… long conversation.”


I walk in and see Scotty sitting on the edge of Teddy’s desk, staring at the ice cubes in the glass of water he’s holding. He takes a second before looking up at me, but once he does he gives a sheepish half smile, “Was I really THAT obvious that night in the kitchen?”


“Scotty, I wasn’t even half awake and I managed to read between the lines.”


“We’ve been doing so much serious talking, I am beyond glad to have you here to lighten things up,” Teddy sighs with relief, “Best friends should have pointless conversations about lamps and chainsaws.”


“Not about being the father of the girl we both love,” Scotty agrees casually.


“What?” this was news to me, “Scotty, obviously I can figure out that you were into Victoire and gave her some sugar and all that, but I’m really oblivious to the situation here. You were in love with her?”


The two best friends give each other a look, but Scott speaks for himself, “Yes. At first we didn’t like each other, since I felt like she was hogging Teddy and she thought I was just Teddy’s loser friend. But then we became potions partners and started talking a LOT, and then when Teddy made us start hanging out more so that we would get along… I don’t know. I just kind of fell for her,” he looks at Teddy again, though this time it seemed more meaningful, “You know what I’m talking about. It’s tough not to love her.”


Teddy nods, saying nothing. This was weird.


“Anyways,” I interrupt what I assume was them having flashbacks of picnics or whatever with Victoire, “Teddy, I want an M.B.F.I.t.G.o.M.D Club meeting.”


He gives me a look, “I didn’t know you were a member?”


“I’m not, but… Oh, fuck it, I need to talk to somebody about this and according to Wonderboy you’re a good person to talk to about these things. I got really mad at Louis and tried to fornicate with Danny!”


Scott almost spews the water he’s drinking and goes into a coughing fit, and then looks at Teddy. Teddy shrugs, “Teenagers, man. You get used to it,” he turns his attention to me, “You guys didn’t actually…?”


“No. I said Louis’s name while in the moment and stopped, but Danny said he would have stopped me anyways. You know who it was he was with first, don’t you? That’s what you guys were talking about earlier when I walked in?”


“Err, I really think that’s something you and Danny should talk about. To be honest, I don’t think you’ll be quite happy about who it is…”


I try and think. I don’t exactly have a lot of enemies at the school.


Scotty is starting to seem slightly interested in my teenage drama, because let’s face it, there’s a reason there’s so many cheesy high school soap operas, “Why were you mad at Louis?”


“He thought I was snogging Wonderboy again.”


“So to show Louis how absurd it was that you would snog Danny, you… snogged Danny?”


I frown, “It made sense at the time. I dunno, angry girl logic. But either way, he should trust me! I was ready to finally give in and be his girlfriend, but he had to go and fuck it all up with his stupid jealousy!”


“I thought you’d quit cussing?”


“Too difficult. I’m now only refraining from the fun words when I’m around Rose. But back to the problem at hand!”


Teddy shakes his head at me, “Are you saying you wouldn’t be jealous if you saw Louis flirting with Macey Ackerly?”


I remember the surge of envy I’d felt just seeing them walking together, but then I think of something else and raise an eyebrow at Teddy, “You talked so in detail with Danny that he even told you about the Macey Ackerly thing?”


“Yeah. I mean, we talked about a lot of things. I guess she sort of came up,” Teddy trails off as he gets distracted by the time on his watch, “It’s time to go to dinner. Chase, would you like to walk with us, or are you embarrassed to be seen walking to dinner with a teacher?”


“Are you kidding? Most of the girls in the school have a crush on you, and even some of the boys. I’ll be the envy of Hogwarts.”


The entirety of the Great Hall was buzzing, and it seemed like everywhere I looked people were whispering and looking at Rose. My best friend sat at the Gryffindor table between Hugo, who was glaring daggers at everyone that looked their direction, and James, who had his arm protectively around his cousin as she meekly picked at her food. The sight practically broke my heart. I walked over and sat next to Hugo, because Louis was on the other side of James and I most definitely didn’t want to sit by him at the moment. I looked over at the Slytherin table and saw Scorpius looking miserably helpless, despite what appeared to be Danny’s efforts to cheer him up.


Just then, McGonagall walked up to the podium at the front of the hall, and everyone hushed simultaneously. A grave expression across her face, she began to speak, “As we all very well know, there are some… rumors circulating through campus. Many a professor have complained today about this unfortunate case of gossip disrupting the peace of the school, a matter which concerns me as Headmistress. After a meeting and faculty vote, us staff here at Hogwarts have decided to invoke a week of self-bettering events. This means that, beginning on the upcoming Monday and continuing until the next Friday, a series of character-building activities will be replacing your usual curriculum,” she pauses as a wave of murmurs pass over the Great Hall.


Once the hall is back to silence, McGonagall continues, “We can only hope that this unprecedented action might help all of you to become a more considerate and less impetuous group of adults. Thank you, you may all continue with your meal.”


After that, I don’t think anyone was feeling very hungry.


“Character-building activities?” James voiced, “What does that even mean? And is it to help less kids get pregnant, or to help everyone stop being such terrible gossips?”


“It might be a mix of both,” I shrug, cutting my pork chop into bite-sized pieces before I eat it, “I mean, I’m sure there’s been girls eating for two at Hogwarts before. But because Rose and Scorp are well-known and intelligent, it’s caused the biggest stir since Borden Cattermole got that face tattoo. Obviously, that’s something else for them to worry about.”


I pause halfway through taking a bite of pork chop because I realize everyone is staring at me, “What?”


Maylin, who’s seated across the table, speaks, “Are you, um, okay? I mean, I wasn’t there or anything, but from what I hear you weren’t exactly this calm an hour ago.”


“Louis and Rose say you were angry as fuck!” Hugo exclaims, always the rational intellectual.


I calmly take another bite off my fork, “I’m fine. In fact, I’m looking forward to some character building. Rose, honey, are you okay? Why have you been looking so green this entire time?”


“Only a week and three days until the Malfoys come and we have to tell them everything,” she squeaks, not taking her eyes off of the table.


“Well, think about it this way. At least you’ll get a week off from normal classes to get a chance to relax before then?” She says nothing in reply, and I realize that will probably just give her less opportunity to keep her mind occupied.


As I’m looking at Rose worriedly, I notice Louis giving me an inquisitive look. I raise my eyebrow, as if to say, You got a problem?, but he says nothing.


The next few days seem oddly normal in comparison. Scotty and Teddy were perfectly at ease despite the newfound turbulence in their friendship, and Scott helped out the class on Wednesday without a hitch (although I did forget to get Scorp and him together). Louis and I continue not speaking to each other, and in first period I keep myself entertained with I.L.s to Rose or Maylin rather than talk to him. Danny and I have somehow formed a normal friendship, including nice conversations about potions assignments rather than the random snog sessions that used to represent our relationship. Gossip about what would occur the upcoming week seemed to almost completely overshadow talk about Rose and Scorpius, which allowed them to act like themselves again. Rose had bounced back to her sunny disposition for now, and The Impregnator was enjoying frequent broom closet meetings with her when he wasn’t happily scrubbing floors or ironing clothing. 


On Sunday night, some pieces of parchment were pinned to the wall just inside the Common Room. Upon investigation, it was discovered that it listed all of our names and appointed us where to go the next morning for character-building. I assumed it wasn’t an accident that I was in the same group as the Potters, Weasleys, Scamanders, and also Maylin. They knew it would be best to keep all the troublemakers in one room. Unfortunately, the room we were assigned to go to for bettering ourselves was the divination classroom. Who better than a crazy old hippie in her sixties to teach us to be good people?


The bulletin told us to wear clothes we felt comfortable moving around in, and I knew we would be in for some weird stuff. In her old age, Trelawney had gotten way into yoga, which actually seemed to be working for her since she was at least sixty-five and probably had better abs than I did.


The next morning Rose and I walked there together, her in yoga pants(which only went past her knees, so they were more like capris) and a tank top, while I was comfortable in volleyball shorts and a tee-shirt. Rose had twisted her hair into a cute knot on top of her head, but I just settled for a classic ponytail. My hair wasn’t very good at following directions.


While she appeared cute, Rose looked slightly sickly to me. Her face was slightly grayish, and her eyes seemed more sunken and puffy than usual.


“Are you alright, Rosey-Toesy?” I ask, concerned, as we walk through the corridors, passing other students similarly dressed to us.


“Yeah, I’m fine. Just feeling a little queasy. Nothing unusual.”


I’m not sure if I quite believe her, but we’ve just reached the Divination Stairwell and I decide Rose doesn’t look well enough to talk and climb the monstrous amount of stairs at the same time.


Roxanne catches up to us just as we begin ascending.


“Hey, guys,” the fourth year smiles at us, seemingly unfazed that Rose is the reason we have to go to this thing in the first place, “What do you think Trelawney’s going to have us do? I hope we don’t do trust falls, because this family is full of the type of people that will let me fall for a laugh…”


She talks the entire rest of the way up, even during the momentary pauses when Rose has to stop and catch her breath.


We finally reach the classroom, in which the desks (McGonagall had finally made Trelawney get rid of the tables and armchairs about ten years back) were pushed to the side of the room, creating a big space in the middle. The people there already are Louis, Fred, Albus, James, and Maylin (who all obviously walked together), Lysander and Lucy (also most likely walked here together; they’re good friends), and Hugo and Lily (they’re best friends, too). The only person missing was Lorcan, who casually walked in a few minutes after us. He walked over to join Lucy and his brother, and Roxanne left us to stand with Hugo and Lily.


Though I wasn’t entirely knowledgeable in the littluns’ drama, it was pretty widely known that the reason Lucy hung out with Lysander and Lorcan was that she and Lily didn’t exactly… tolerate each other. It’s not like either of them were bad, or mean to each other, they were just two very different people forced to have very similar lives. Growing up, people would always get them mixed up, considering they were the same age and had close sounding names. I guess it built up resentment or something.


Rose and I walk over to James and Fred, who have just parted from the little group to have a private conversation, but they hardly acknowledge us.


Fred asks politely, “Hey, mate, you don’t mind if I ask Maylin out, do you? I mean, you guys are just friends?”


“Well, I mean, we are just friends. But I don’t know if I really want YOU to date her…” James looks uncomfortable.


“Why not?” Freddie tilts his head to the side, slightly hurt.


“Freddie, I love you, but James obviously doesn’t want you dating her because you sleep with every girl you date,” I say, rolling my eyes. Next to me, Rose nods.


“Hey! It’s not like I sleep around. I date exclusively. Is it really my fault that I always get the same results?”


James shakes his head, “But why with my best friend?”


“She’s really pretty, and funny too. Great personality on that one. Why do you care so much if I have relations with her? She’s dated loads of other guys!” Freddie points out.


Before James can reply, whatever other conversations everyone in the room were having died down, and I looked up to discover that this was because Professor Trelawney had walked in.


 And, not surprisingly, she had on a bright, tie-dye sweat-suit, her frizzy graying hair was pulled back into a ballerina bun, and she held a disgusting looking protein shake in her hand. Ladies and gentleman, this was what our divination professor had become.


“Children,” she cooed in her eternally misty voice, “Please, choose a desk and sit for the moment,” we do as she says, each taking one of the desks pushed against the wall, “As you’ve probably just noticed, when you sat a piece of parchment will have appeared before you. Do not yet write on it, for this will be your first assignment of the week. It is like your little Instant Letters, except every student in the school will be writing to an anonymous pen-pal. You will be expected to write every night, but be warned, the parchment is enchanted to not allow you to say anything that might give a clue as to your true identity. The pen-pals are selected randomly, and yours could be anybody in the school. Now that you have those, place them with your things and stand in a circle in the middle of the classroom.”


Silently, we do as she says (although it’s more of an ugly oval than a circle), and I find myself between Maylin and Rose. Next to Maylin is Albus. Rose is next to Lily, who I like. She has spunk; she’s the type not to care what others think of her.  


“Good. Now, I must start by informing you that I have just now charmed this classroom so that you can only tell the truth, so you cannot lie even if you want to, despite the fact that what I hold now has the very same power,” I notice that in her left hand she’s holding a weird, rounded rock thing, “Starting with Hugo, we will go in order, first saying something about ourselves, and then something about the person to our left, and finally something about the person directly across from us. This stone will not only make you say it quickly, but also make sure you say the first thing that pops into your head when you look at whoever it is you speak of, so don’t waste your time trying to decide beforehand what you will say. The Stone already knows.”


Absolute horror passes over me when I look up to see that Louis is right across from me, and he’s looking at me with the same terrified expression I probably have. Will I say something horrible about him? Or will my mushy side take over? What if I say something mushy and he says something horrible? Or worse, what if it’s the other way around? Then how will I look?


Professor Trelawney passes The Stone to Hugo, and he instantly begins talking at rapid speed, “I’m Hugo and I don’t really think I have as much swag as I claim to. Next to me is Roxanne, who is one of my best friends but I really hate how she flirts with fucking EVERYONE,” the cussing only encourages Trelawney’s smile at the effectiveness of her weird rock thing, “Across from me is Lysander who needs to let go and punch his brother in the face like he so obviously wants to.”


Lysander’s eyes go big, but then he just looks annoyed when he realizes Lorcan is playing with his nails and not at all paying attention to what’s happening.


Hugo quickly passes The Stone to Roxanne, who also begins talking at lightning speed, “I’m Roxanne and all I really need is attention. To my left is Lily, who I love as a best friend but secretly resent for being more famous because of her last name. Across from me is Lucy who I wish wouldn’t ignore the idea of friendship with me just because I’m best friends with Lily.”


Lily’s turn, “I’m Lily and I tell people how I feel about them, even if it’s mean, because I hate the idea of anyone talking about me behind my back. Next to me is Rose, who everyone else idolizes even though I actually think Chase is the coolest, but she never notices. Across from me is Lorcan, whose personality makes me want to vomit, but he already knows that.”


Now for Rose, “I’m Rose and all I want is a perfect life with Scorpius and my baby, but lately the idea seems farther and farther away. Next to me is Chase, who won’t talk to me so all I know is that she’s angry at the only boy she really wants to be with and she may or may not have slept with Danny Boot. Across from me is Fred, whom I don’t understand why he has to screw every girl he dates when doesn’t he know that if a girl gets pregnant it will ruin her life?!”


I stop being shocked by what’s been said long enough to feel terror about whatever it is I might say, now that it’s my turn. Oh, Merlin, here it comes, “I’m Chase and I swear I never slept with Danny or anyone for that matter and hot damn this rock thing I’m holding terrifies me more than cartoon crickets. Next to me is Maylin, who is secretly snogging James but only Louis and I know. Across from me is Louis, who is a really good kisser but I’m super mad at him for being overly jealous.”


I hand it to Maylin and take a deep breath. I can’t decide if that was better or worse than what I’d feared.


Maylin is now speaking, “I’m Maylin and I date a lot of guys to hide any real feelings I might have. Next to me is Albus, whose adorable face I want to squeeze and also punch because he read my diary, the cute little prat. Across from me is James; kissing him is the best part of my day, even though I keep saying I’m going to stop.”


I smile a bit because I was right and also it’s Al’s turn and he’s across from Professor Trelawney, “I’m Albus and I’m not really as shy as I act, it’s just easier to not try and take the attention away from James. Next to me is James, who snogs a bunch of girls instead of dating the girl that draws hearts around his name in her diary. Across from me is Professor Trelawney, who gives me the secret yoga lessons that are the reason I almost have a six pack.”


Now James’s, “I’m James and I date around because I’m afraid of rejection from the one girl that really matters. Next to me is Louis, who has been going insane lately because of the roller coaster that is Chase Longbottom. Across from me is Maylin, who I’ve always kind of known I was in love with.”


Honestly, I can’t say that one surprises me. But I stop caring because it’s Louis’s turn, “I’m Louis and I’m starting to really question if I want to be Minister of Magic someday. Next to me is Fred, who’s one of my closest friends but I swear if he ever even thinks about dating Chase like he was about Maylin earlier he will have the same amount of ears as his dad. Across from me is Chase, who I slightly regret being angry at because if I wasn’t we would probably be dating right now but I’m also still really mad at her and she’ll probably be even angrier at me when she realizes I know who Danny slept with and didn’t tell her.”


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Chapter 15: Chase and Louis Tell a Story
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She made me sit in the corner. Professor Trelawney made me sit in the corner. All I did was yell profanities at the top of my lungs and try to punch Louis Weasley in the face, which I think was rightly justified considering the situation. I certainly didn’t deserve to get put in the corner. This isn’t primary school, for Merlin’s sake!


“Okay, Miss Longbottom, now that we’ve finished our activity with The Stone, are you ready to come and be a big girl with the rest of the group?” Trelawney asks me condescendingly.


“Yes,” I grumble despite the pout still on my face. I feel like a six year old. But it’s Louis that’s acting like one! He’s the one that didn’t tell me something that he knew I deserved to know.


“And also, because of this incident, I have decided that it would be healthiest for you and Louis to automatically be partners in any two-person activity we participate in. Maybe that way you two just might learn to get along,” she doesn’t notice James muttering something about Louis and I knowing how to get along just fine, “Now, come and join us,” she called me back into the oval-circle-thing.


“As I said to Miss Longbottom,” she continues, addressing everyone now, “We will do some partner activities, beginning now. Choose your partners, everybody!”


I notice Maylin and James being quick to partner up with people other than each other, probably not eager to discuss everything that’s just been revealed. I’m glad, though, because Maylin is with Rose. I love the Weasley family, but most of them aren’t excellent at navigating through crazy, hormone-induced emotions. This is probably for the best.


Reluctantly, I trudged over to where Louis stood. He had his arms crossed, watching me walk over with that stupid expression he gets that I will just never understand the meaning of. His hair was perfect, as usual, except for one tiny strand sticking out to the side that I really wanted to fix for him. I feel my hand instinctively start to reach up, but I immediately slap it back down. Fixing someone’s hair isn’t the way to show you’re angry at them.


“Did you just slap your own hand…?” are the first words he’s said to me in days.


“Yes. I did. Just be lucky it wasn’t your face,” If no one’s noticed, I’m not always the best when it comes to snappy remarks.


The stupidly attractive boy sighs, “You know none of this is my fault, right?”


“Are you implying that it’s my fault?”


“I didn’t not imply it,” he says before thinking for a second, “Wait…”


“Hah! You didn’t make sense!” I take relish in aggressively laughing at him.


He furrows his eyebrows, “You’re one to talk. You speak more nonsense than anyone I’ve ever met!”


I glare at him, but Trelawney speaks up before I can reply, “Children, children! Please stop talking, now is the time for building of character! Now, here’s what you’ll be doing; you will be creating stories together. One person will begin a sentence of the fictional narrative you’re designing yourselves, and the other will complete the sentence. You will continue to do so until either your story is completed or I tell you to finish.”


Louis and I look at each other, both unsure. He finally starts to stutter a bit, but then speaks, “Uh, ladies first.”


“Louis, if you wanted to have good manners, you’re a bit too late,” I narrow my eyes at him, “You start.”


He narrows his eyes back at me, “Fine. Once upon a time, there was a very, extremely stubborn girl.”


“Unfortunately, the girl became caught up with a boy that didn’t know his place,” I quip easily.


“The boy had the right intentions, but the girl was too caught up with a little toy she’d acquired to notice, even though the toy was dangerous,” Louis was obviously referring to Danny.


“That toy needed help getting fixed, what was the girl supposed to do?” I find myself beginning to fume again.


“Maybe give the boy a heads up as to what she was trying to accomplish by playing with the toy right there for everyone to see?” He was losing his temper as well.


“She didn’t need the boys permission! She’d already assured him that she didn’t want to play with the toy anymore, and the boy should have trusted her about that!”


“He did trust her! It was the toy he didn’t trust! She’d hurt herself playing with it before, how could the boy know she wouldn’t hurt herself again?”


“He couldn’t! But it was her decision, and the boy should have respected that! He should have told her the secret that the toy never did.”


He’s silent for a second, looking me over as if making sure I’m still Chase. When he finally does talk, his voice is quieter and less angry, “We’re not telling a very good story.”


I give him a look with a bit of longing in my eyes but mostly anger, “Really? I think it’s quite the satire.”


“Why are you so stubborn?”


“I’m no more stubborn than you are!”


“Well maybe that’s the problem!”


“The problem with what?”




The word affects me more than I thought it would, “What are you trying to say?”


“I don’t—I don’t know.”


“No,” I say, “You know perfectly well. And I know you’re thinking it. If we can’t manage as slightly romantic friends, how would we ever survive a relationship? We were perfectly fine as just friends.”


“That’s not what I’m thinking at all. We’ve always had fights! Friends or more than friends, that’s something that’s never going to change. It just seems scarier now that we know just how much there is to lose.” I’m surprised Trelawney hasn’t noticed our lack of storytelling. Maybe she figures we’re creating an elaborately intense dialogue.


I shake my head, now only able to look at the ground, “You should have trusted me. I’ve always trusted you, but now you’ve gone and kept something from me that was my right to know.”


“You wonder why I didn’t tell you?” I’m still not looking at him, but he sounds sad, “You act like you don’t care about him, but then why do you have this burning need to know whose pants he got in?”


“I don’t have a ‘burning need’, okay? I just—I don’t—I can’t…”


“Can’t what? Can’t let the idea go? Can’t let him go?”


“No!” I groan, “When will you get it through your thick skull that it’s you I want?”


“When you apologize and go on a date with me.”


I’m taken aback at first, but then I smile, “Fine, that’s easy. You apologize first, and then I apologize for whatever it is you think I did wrong, and then we go to Hogsmeade, where we will most likely just snog the entire time.”


“Exactly. Except you apologize first. I’ll apologize too, if you really think it’s necessary, but I think it’s only fair that you start us off.”


“Um, that’s funny,” I laugh even though I really don’t think it’s funny at all, “Now you go ahead and apologize and we can do the snogging part even sooner.”


His playful expression turns slightly more serious, “Chase, I think I’m being pretty fair—“


“That’s quite enough, everyone!” Trelawney interrupts us, “Most of you have finished your stories by now. Wasn’t that… enlightening? Working together to create something so wonderful, yet so easily taken for granted as a story? Ah, children, that is the beauty of art. It’s a powerful thing; did you know that DaVinci was a great seer? It is also well known that—oh, my, I’m sorry, dears. It seems that our session has ended for the day. Convenient that these motivational seminars only last half the day, yes? Now off to lunch, the lot of you! And do not forget to write to your anonymous pen pal tonight, it is your only homework for the week!”


I turn around quickly to Louis and say, “We don’t talk until you apologize,” and before he can get in a word of reply I spin back around and walk over to Rose and Maylin.


“Let’s go,” I tell them, and they know better than to question me when I’m in one of my angry-at-Louis moods.


We’re about a quarter of the way down the big staircase when I find control of my temper. I realize who I’m walking with and what just happened.


“So, Maylin,” I smirk and decide to have fun with this, “Who in that room is secretly in love with James? I can’t seem to recall. It couldn’t be you, could it? I mean, after all, nobody would predict that. Oh, wait, I DID.”


“Oh, shove it. There is a good chance that you have fully and completely screwed me over! I mean, think about it. James and I suck at talking about our feelings, and seeing as Hugo and Roxanne were in there, word about him and I liking each other or whatever will be all over the school. That means that not only will James not have the balls to make an honest girl out of me by starting an actual relationship, but every other guy in the school will be too afraid of getting pummeled by the Potter-Weasley clan to even look at me.”


“Oh. I’m sorry. Although, I wasn’t the one who said anything about actual feelings, just that you two were snogging. The rest was all on James and slightly you and Albus.”


Rose sighs, “None of it was anyone’s fault! Nobody meant to say anything up there, the room was enchanted. So just get over it already, okay?”


Maylin and I are slightly taken aback, but we give each other a look of agreement to just listen to Rose on this one.


I consider telling them what went down between Louis and me during story-telling time, but decide it’s pointless. He and I are just as angry at each other as we were before today; it’s just a bit more official and a lot more painful.


“Do you guys want to go back to the dorms first or straight to lunch?” Maylin asks.


“Straight to lunch,” Rose replies easily, “I’m starved.”


Lunch had been quiet and awkward. I sat now in the dorm room, laying stomach-down on my bed. In front of me are my ink and quill, along with a hardback textbook underneath the Pen Pal Parchment so that I have something hard to write on. My mystery writer has already written:


Them: Hello.


Me: Hey, mysterious pen pal person.


Them: One question. What the fuck are we supposed to talk about?


M: We’re allowed to cuss on this thing??


T: I guess so. I kind of did that as a test run.


M: That’s cool, I guess. So are we even allowed to state whether we’re a boy or a girl?


T: Well, I just tried to write my gender and the parchment sprayed ink at my face, so I’m assuming no.


M: Doesn’t that slightly defeat the purpose? I mean, couldn’t I just go around the school looking for an inky face?


T: I’ve got the feeling that I’m not the only person to try and write something about themselves.


M: If we’re not allowed to write about ourselves, what are we supposed to talk about?


T: I have no idea.


M: But I’m soooo bored. I’m going to go find something less mediocre to do. Talk to you tomorrow, mystery kid.


T: Oh thank Merlin, I’m bored too. See ya.


            Well THAT was utterly pointless. I make a mental note to try and think of more interesting topics to talk about with my mystery friend.


            As I’m putting the stuff away, Jenny Corner and Sienna Khan walk in. They’re our only roommates, though they never seem to be around. I guess they’ve gotten pretty into the party crowd, because on the occasion that we do see them they either look like they’ve come straight from a rave or like they have a deadly hangover. Rose and I don’t mind, because they’re actually really nice. The only times we actually mind having them as roommates are on the rare times that they bring their boyfriends in late at night. *shudder*


            “Hey, Chase,” Sienna gives me a friendly smile, “Haven’t seen you in a while. Bummer that you and Louis are fighting.”


“What?” I ask, alarmed, “Who told you Louis and I were fighting?”


Jenny responds, “Danny and I grew up with close families. I don’t talk to him that much, but when I do we talk a lot,” Sienna nudges her and they both giggle.


“Oh,” I can officially say I’m completely confused, “Do you guys… um… hook up?”


“Chase!” Jenny laughs, “You know I have a boyfriend. Danny and I tried dating once, it was just weird. He’s like a brother, you know?”


“Yeah, I get it. Well, um, I’m going to leave now. Bye guys, see you in a month or so,” I give them a salute and slip out the door.


I stroll through the Common Room and out into the corridor, trying to decide what to do. Since we didn’t have classes today, I hadn’t seen my dad, so I decide to go to his office. I mean, not that I have to see my dad every day or anything. That would be totally lame. Cough.


There are a lot of people walking, but I notice that Macey Ackerly is walking by herself. Macey Ackerly is not the type to walk by herself, so when she sees me she immediately catches stride next to me.


“Hey,” she smiles.


I politely smile back, “Hi, Macey. What are you doing without, um, Nicole or whoever?”


“Oh, Nicole Q. and Nicole S. are studying in the library. Anyways, I’d been meaning to talk to you.”


“About anything specific?”


“No, actually, I just had been thinking that you have a lot of potential.”


This puzzles me, “What do you mean?”


“Chase, obviously you’re not the most popular girl in your year. Not even close. But I think you just might have what it takes to take my place when I finish Hogwarts next year,” Macey Ackerly looks at me expectantly.


“Excuse me?” I’m still trying to wrap my head around what on earth she’s talking about.


“I’d always thought that it would be Rose that would be the ‘It’ girl next year, but obviously she showed she didn’t have what it takes when she went and got fertilized,”


“Now I don’t think—“ I begin to defend Rose, but the unnaturally black haired girl doesn’t seem to notice.


“But then I realized just how much you and I had in common, and I knew that you’re the perfect lump of clay for me to shape into a real leader for Gryffindor.”


“What exactly is it that you and I have in common?” I could honestly think of nothing. She had blonde hair (before she dyed it, anyways), blue eyes, perfectly pale skin, and a nose ring that I could never pull off. Meanwhile, my hair was long, brown, and unevenly wavy at the ends, my eyes were confused about whether they’re brown or gold or green instead of just being a pretty, solid color, and my skin refused to be either pale or tan, just awkwardly in between. We definitely weren’t doppelgangers, and don’t even get me started about how different our personalities are. From what I know of her, anyways.


“Obviously, we have the same taste in guys! You know I dated Louis, and he’s told me about the complicated but cute relationship you two have. And I’ve noticed that you and Danny have become good friends, I’m sure he’s told you about him and me,” she lowers her voice, “Don’t tell anyone, but he was my first time. I’d planned on it being Louis, but he wasn’t the least bit invested in our relationship, which I now know why—“


Macey continues talking, but I stop listening. I can’t breathe. Danny did it with Macey Ackerly. That’s why he wouldn’t tell me. That’s why Louis wouldn’t tell me. Danny hadn’t slept with her in spite of Rose like he’d originally intended, he’d done it in spite of me. It all fit.


“—and you don’t mind me still being friends with Louis, right?”


“What? Um, no.”


“Oh, right, I’d almost forgotten that you two were fighting. I guess I’ve kind of become his confidante now that he can’t talk to you about everything. So anyways, what do you think about becoming my protégé of popularity?”


We’d just reached my dad’s office, “Probably not, Macey.”


“I’ll take that as a maybe!” she says as I slip through my dad’s door, leaning on it after I slam it shut. There’s a lot going through my brain at the moment.


“Hello?” My dad’s voice calls from through the door opposite me, the one that leads to his living quarters.


“It’s me, Dad,” I yell back, “I’m just going to chill in here for a sec, okay?”


“Sure,” he says, “When you feel like it come in and I’ll microwave us some dinner.”


I roll my eyes. He’d learned a microwaving spell and had been living off ramen noodles and Salisbury steaks ever since.


Taking a deep breath, I try and gather myself. I was still having trouble believing that Danny had gotten intimate with Macey Ackerly just to hurt me. Obviously he regretted it afterwards, but that didn’t matter. The deed was done.


Sinking to the floor, there’s only two people in the world I want right now. One is pregnant and has bigger problems of her own, and the other isn’t talking to me because of a stupid fight.


I look up and see a pile of letters on my Dad’s desk. They definitely didn’t look official, and my brain was searching desperately for something to think about other than Wonderboy and Macey Ackerly doing the horizontal hula. Standing up shakily, I walk across the room and pick up the first letter in the pile. My dad wouldn’t mind, he’d spent my whole life assuring me that he would never keep anything from me (it wasn’t until I was older that I understood that he felt it was necessary considering the ass-load of secrets and lies my mother had built up).


Despite my current disposition, a small smile comes to my face. It was a letter from Luna. I sort through the pile and see that they’d been writing nonstop since they saw each other at the Quibbler HQ. So far none of it was romantic, but I was crossing my fingers that the second Dad got over Hannah he would go for her. The happiness it would bring him would definitely be worth having the Scamander twins as stepbrothers. Dad obviously really cared about Luna, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual, I don’t understand why anything should keep them apart.


As I think this, something slowly clicks in my head.


“Chase?” Dad calls, “You still out there?”


“Yeah, Dad. Sorry, I can’t stay for dinner, I have to go. I’ll come back tomorrow.”


With that, I put the letters back where I found them and rush out the door.


An unnatural source of energy powers me as I run through the Common Room and up the stairs. I burst into the boy’s seventh year dorm, where I see James and Maylin having an argument while Louis lays on his bed, obviously bored with their fighting.


“What do you mean, you didn’t mean it?” she shouts, “The Stone was fucking enchanted!”


“Everything was going just fine until that stupid stone—“


I quickly interrupt James midsentence, “Guys, can you deny your feelings for each other somewhere else, please? I need to talk to Louis.”


At first they look offended, but then they seem to realize I’ve given them a chance to ignore the subject a bit longer and they silently shuffle out of the room without any objections.


“Chase,” Louis says as he stands up, “It was Macey that Danny—“


“I know,” I cut him off, “I don’t care.”


He gives me a confused look as he walks closer to me, obviously prepared for another argument.


Instead, I say, “I’m sorry,” I take a step closer, “Can we go on that date now?”

He smiles and, for once, doesn’t say a word. He just leans down and kisses me. 

Chapter 16: Louis the Male Prostitute
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“Yeah, Chase the Face?”


“Will you do that cute braid thingy on my hair for me?”


Rose whips around quickly, taking her toothbrush out of her mouth, “You only have me do your hair on special occasions. Why is another day of motivational classes special enough for the cute braid thingy?”


“I just want to look nice is all,” I shrug, “Plus, it’ll make my hair all wavy for my date tonight with Louis.”




I shrug for the second time this morning, “We made up and made out. I would have told you last night, except when I came in you were already asleep. Who goes to sleep at six o’clock, anyways?”


“Over-worked pregnant girls,” Rose says indignantly.


“Oh,” I sit down and look up at her with my best sad look, “Will you please help me look pretty for your kinsmen?”


She can’t hold back a giggle, “Sure. After all, it’s not every day you get a veela boyfriend!”


I roll my eyes modestly and she does my hair, along with forcing me to wear a very excessively effective push-up bra.


“Rose! I am not wearing this!” I shout to her as I try to shove my usually nonexistent boobs back into my tank top.


She pouts, “Please? It’ll be so fun to make Louis have a stroke in the middle of the divination classroom!”


I groan, “Fine. But only because you have a child inside you and I feel bad.”


She smiles big, “Yay! I knew this embryo would come in handy!”


“No, really, Louis, you have to try this water!” James is exclaiming to his best friend just as Rose and I walk into the classroom.


Louis sighs, “Fine, fine. Although I don’t see how this kind of water would taste any different than any other brand—“


As he takes a sip out of the fancy water bottle, his eyes drift over to where I’ve just walked in and he spews it all over James.


“What the hell, man?” James shouts before turning around to see what Louis is looking at, “Oh, hey, Chase is finally showing off the twins!”


Louis elbows James hard and suddenly finds interest in the floorboards.


And I’m just over here blushing like mad, pretending I didn’t see all that.


“Namaste, children!” Trelawney crows as she saunters in, “It’s time for our next activity!” Taking out her wand, she waves it and mouths an enchantment, “I have charmed the room to directly relate your ability to balance with the balance of your own personal lives. Basically, if you’re unhappy, you fall. Now, flamingos everyone!” She demonstrates by grabbing one of her legs and balancing perfectly on the other one.


Everyone looks around uncomfortably, but we do the exercise. I carefully grab my ankle and pick up my leg. To my relief I stay balanced, though I am wobbly.


I look around the room to see how everyone else is. Hugo is flawlessly balanced and trying to have a conversation with Lily and Roxanne, both of whom are struggling to stay standing. To my shock, Rose only has a wobble just like I do, as do Louis, Albus, Lysander and Lucy. Freddie and Lorcan are as perfect as Hugo and Trelawney. The only two who seem to have absolutely no balance whatsoever are James and Maylin. They keep tipping over completely.


Finally, James grunts and stops trying. Instead, he walks over to Maylin and angrily says, “Just this once,” before pulling her up into a heated, long lasting kiss. He then pulls away and walks back to his spot, leaving Maylin standing there speechless.


Needless to say, neither of them had trouble balancing after that. Although they did start to violently avoid eye contact with everyone, especially each other.


“Okay, okay, that’s all with that,” Professor Trelawney is obviously confused at the sudden PDA, “The next thing we’ll be doing is another partner activity. You are going to find your partners and tell each other where you see yourselves in five years. This should help you to figure out what priorities to focus on in your life now. You may begin!”


I walk over to Louis, really happy to be with him but also feeling awkward because thanks to Rose there is a lot of me being shown that should stay inside a shirt.


“Um, hi,” he coughs.


“Yeah, yeah, I know. My boobs. It’s Rose’s fault, so just keep your eyes up here,” I joke, and his laughter eases the awkwardness.


“So,” he looks into my eyes and the cuteness of his face kind of makes me want to faint, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”


“I have no idea. It’s actually really terrifying how little I know what I want to be. Especially when my best friend has her entire life planned out, even with the surprise baby attack.”


“Yeah,” he bites his lip and I try not to sigh out loud, “It’s… rough not knowing for sure what you want to do with your life.”


Suddenly, I remember something I hadn’t noticed yesterday (I was too busy trying to punch his adorable face), “When you got The Stone, you said you didn’t know if you wanted to be Minister of Magic anymore. Why? I thought you had it all figured out.”


Louis chuckles halfheartedly, “When you grow up with your mum always telling you what you’re supposed to be, it can be easy to believe. But that’s just… not me.”


I look at him sadly, “What about your plan?”


He looks surprised, “You remembered that?”


I open my mouth to respond but I’m interrupted by the Yoga Professor, “Okay, students, that’s more than enough time to discuss your hopes and dreams! Gather back in the circle, please. And stay near your partners,” I do this gladly, “What we shall do next requires that I teach you a very advanced spell. I would not be risking this if I had not made sure beforehand that every child here is a capable young sorcerer. If performed correctly, you will be enchanting your partner to fall into a deep sleep. Once in this sleep, they will have dreams of what they truly love or desire,” she looks at a watch that is literally just drawn onto her wrist with a sharpie, “Hmm. We only have time for one partner. But if you wish you can come in after lunch; I’ll just postpone yoga with Albus,” the Potter boy groans, and then blushes.


Trelawney continues, “The thing that makes this spell so special is that it accesses not only your own memory, but the memory of those you love or desire. This means that your head will be filled with not only thoughts from your head but also the memories of the people you want most,” With that, she teaches us the spell. It’s simple enough, but I know that I’ll probably muck it up somehow.


I give Louis a look. He smiles and says, “Let me guess, you don’t want to be the one to perform the spell?”


“Your head is far too cute to accidentally combust. Besides, this is more in the Charms area, and the only subject I’m not crap at is D.A.D.A. I think you’ll probably be far more successful.”


He puts his hand on my head and ruffles my hair like I’m a little kid, “Don’t worry, I won’t make your head combust. Also, you might want to pull your shirt up, because Hugo is starting to drool.”


I quickly follow his advice. I wink up at him, “Don’t act like you didn’t like it.”


 “Hey, I didn’t say anything. In fact, I think you left the entire male population of the room unable to say anything.”


That’s when I get mad because I’m blushing again. What’s up with me getting the blushies this term??


“Just take out your wand so I can sleep already,” I mumble, most groups in the room already had a sleeping person.


I lay down on the floor and he takes out his wand. Carefully, he says the enchantment and waves his wand over my head.


Instantly, my brain slows down and my eyelids feel heavy. Next thing I know, everything is black.


Slowly, words and images begin fading in an out of my vision, some through my eyes and some from the thoughts of others. It gets to the point where I can’t think; only hear the words and voices and memories, in no apparent order, just jumbled and beautiful.


“Of course I have a plan”. “I’ll tell you someday, okay?”


I look down at Chase, excitement coursing through me. Was she actually saying that she wanted to be friends with benefits with me? It wasn’t everything I wanted, but I still couldn’t believe this, “It is?” “Well, um, yeah,” she says and then quickly continues, “But, like, just as friends of course. That casual type of thing.” I can’t help it. I turn and look into her eyes and I just have to kiss her.


But that’s how Rose is; without her class, she’s nothing. That’s why she’s the protagonist and I’m the sidekick. Rose pulls back from the hug, her eyes watering slightly and a smile creeping onto her face, “You mean you want to keep the baby? And stay with me?”


“No! Fine, you got me this time,” he crosses his arms and pouts, but then begins to stifle a smirk, “I can’t say anything sweet, but can I say something spicy?”


“Well that hurt,” I say. She’d scared me and made me fall off my own fucking broomstick! However, I’m now very aware of the fact that my head is on her lap, and I look up into her big, light brown eyes just as she says, “Fuckin’ Wonderboy! Don’t scare me like that!”


I don’t know how, but I was still laughing. I, who five minutes ago wasn’t sure if I still even possessed the ability to smile, was on a giggling rampage. Louis Weasley, a popular, athletic, seventeen year old boy, was obsessed with One Direction. This was pure gold. I decided right then that I would never tell anybody, not even him, about this. It was too sweet to share, this moment of just sudden happiness and laughter. This moment that could only have been caused by something having to do with Louis, of course. I eventually tire myself out, and crawl into his bed. It smelled the same as his bed back at Hogwarts, but it was much more comfortable. I turned the light off, closed my eyes, and tried to block out all the bad thoughts.


After our light chuckles die out, he’s silent for a second like he’s thinking about something before he speaks again, “I wasn’t going to do it, you know. I wasn’t going to let you go all the way with me today.” “Thanks,” I hug Wonderboy, the superhero of the day, and he doesn’t even need to ask why.


But why do I always chicken out? We have fun together, for all I know she could like me back that way. Before I know it, I’m leaning over her, lightly pressing my lips to hers, both of which are still slightly salty from the seawater. It’s nice and sweet, and it feels right somehow. I pull away, and her eyes are fluttering closed. She was falling asleep, and probably wouldn’t remember it. I decide it’s probably for the best; maybe her not remembering our first kiss was a sign that I shouldn’t like-like her. Looking at her, though, I shake my head and realize that’s not possible. Lying back down, I close my eyes and also doze off. After a nap of maybe five minutes, I’m awoken by a rough tap on my shoulder. “Tag,” Chase laughs at me, “You’re it,” she runs off back into the waves. Smiling, I do what I always do. I chase after her.


I take a moment to consider this. I knew Danny was right, of course, but there was something he’d said that had caught my notice. He’d said that I love Louis. I’ve used the word before, but with much lighter connotations. Do I love Louis? Okay, I think we all know the answer to that one.


I jolt awake, sitting straight up and gasping for air. I find myself hyperventilating, but Louis is instantly at my side.


“Hey, Chase, are you okay?” He tries to calm me down, “What is it?”


I catch my breath, and take a second to remember where I am, “I just—I don’t know. That was weird.”


Louis is obviously trying not to smile, but he just can’t help it, “Did you… Did you dream about me?”


I easily grin back at him, “Yes. A lot.”


“You want to talk about it?”


“How about tonight?” I say, unable to hold back the edge of excitement in my voice. I still couldn’t get over how happy I was about the date, and the fact that I now knew the sweet story of Louis being my real first kiss I was even more ecstatic.


My smile falters when I realize something. I hadn’t only dreamed memories of Louis. I’d seen Danny, too, both through my own eyes and through his, just like Louis. There weren’t as many of him as there were of Louis, but the fact that there were any was a very big deal. I really want to talk to Rose about this.


“Where’s Rose?” I ask. I see her looking bored next to a sleeping Maylin.


Maylin jerks awake, and I notice that the instant she’s conscious she glances nervously in James’s direction. She probably didn’t realize that he’d been looking at her since he woke up, too. The stupid, reluctant lovebirds obviously both had nothing but memories of each other. They really need a good, heavy, cliché broom closet snog, because this whole trying to avoid each other thing is starting to give me a chronic headache.


“I just can’t believe you’re not over Danny!” Rose whispers loudly before shoving a giant forkful of macaroni salad into her mouth. We were at lunch, but had made sure to sit at the end of the Gryffindor table by ourselves so we could talk about this. I did not want Louis finding this out like that.


“I am over him!” I argue, “My subconscious just doesn’t know it yet.”


“Well you better get over him! I’ve already decided in my head that February 3rd is officially National Chase and Louis’s First Date Day. I was even thinking about making it an international holiday.”


I sigh, “Should I tell Louis about this tonight? I really don’t want to ruin it, so I won’t tell him. I would tell him the day after, but I also don’t want to ruin the day after our first date. And if the date is good we’ll probably have another one later this week, so I can’t tell him then. I can’t tell him all next week, because who does something like that on the week leading up to Valentine’s Day? And then if I wait two weeks to tell him, it’ll just seem suspicious, so I might as well just not tell him at all.”


Rose is staring at me, “Wow. If I knew you were so easy to convince we would be in a rock band called Bleu Cheese Monday.”


“It’s not that I don’t think the name is lovely, it’s just that neither of us have any musical talent!”


“Hey! I’m a skilled piano player—“


“No you’re not,” James smiles as he plops down next to me, “You can’t even play Hot Cross Buns right.”


“Shut up,” Rose crosses her arms indignantly, “That’s a complex piece of music.”


I groan and begin to repeatedly bang my head on the table.


“What’s wrong with her?” James asks.


Rose begins to reply, “In her dream she—“


“No!” I sit up and quickly throw a bread roll at my best friend, “Don’t tell him!”


“Ouch,” she rubs her forehead, “You could have just said so. No need to throw baked goods.”


“Besides,” I look at the Potter boy suspiciously, “He’s only here because Maylin is sitting by Louis and he’s trying to avoid her at all costs.”


“I don’t love her, okay?” James exclaims a little bit too defensively.


Rose shrugs smugly and takes on an eerily spot-on Trelawney impersonation, “The Stone never lies, child!”


James and I both shudder; that was weird.


“But—but, what if my feelings changed directly after saying that?”


I roll my eyes, “You SO love her. Why are you avoiding it?”


“I don’t want things to be different,” he frowns and looks at the table, “I’ve seen how she is with guys. At the beginning of a relationship she gets all excited and fluttery at the thought of him. But then every time we hang out she gets less and less interested, and then moves on to the next guy. She’ll probably just do that to me, and then we can’t be friends like we are once we’re broken up.”


Rose and I can’t help but burst into laughter. When James give us an extremely confused look, Rose explains, “Honey, does what Maylin does with guys sound familiar at all? Maybe like exactly how you are with girls? You said that every time you hang out she gets less interested, have you not realized that it’s because in her eyes they’re becoming less and less of what she wants in comparison to you? She’s in love with you. It’s plain to see.”


James opens his mouth like he’s about to say something, but then stays quiet.

Rose smirks, “That’s what I thought. So, if you don’t mind, Chase has a date and I’m going back to Trelawney’s class with Maylin so I can have a psycho dream, goodbye my silly cousin.”


I walk Rose to the staircase of the Divination Tower, and after she leaves I have an entire hour and a half before my date. I decide that I should probably find Wonderboy and talk to him about Macey. I’m still pretty damned mad about that.


I knew that Scorpius had Runes Club around this time on Tuesdays, so I figure Danny is probably hanging out with the burnouts. What? All schools have the tripped-out kids; Hogwarts is obviously not an exception. They basically just hang out in the courtyard and smoke crushed bezoars; admittedly most of the burnouts are Hufflepuffs (think about it: Huff-le-puffs? Head of house is the herbology teacher? Their animal is a fucking badger?). Wonderboy doesn’t get high with them, he just likes to hang out and talk about philosophy or whatever.


I walk easily into the courtyard over to the burnouts who are in about three or four little groups, each of about five people, under a huge olive tree. As I walk over my friend Luke Conway, a good looking seventh year with an everlasting goofy grin on his face, sees me and instantly wraps his arms around my torso and pulls me into a really tight and personal hug, “Chase! I never see you around anymore!”


Luke and I had become good friends when we were potions partners in third year. To be honest, I kind of had quite the crush on him back then, but that was before I realized that despite his cute face and surprising intellect he would go nowhere in life; he was kind of the unofficial leader of the burnouts, and he just didn’t care enough.


“Hi, Luke,” I smile up at him, the attractiveness of his face battling with the strong smell of bezoar smoke coming off his clothes.


“You know, Chase,” he puts his arm around me, “I always liked you. If you ever want a place in my business, just say the word and you’ll start off at the very top.”


“Err, no thanks,” I blush, “I would be terrible at, y’know, selling drugs.”


“Alright,” he winks, “Just call me if you ever change your mind. It’s good money. Did you need something?”


“Yes,” I say quickly, “Is Danny here?”


“You mean you didn’t just come here to see me?” He flirts jokingly like he always has with me, “Nah, I’m kidding. Yeah, Danny’s right over there with Leo and Chloe,” he uses his thumb to point, and I see Wonderboy sitting there laughing with two kids that are smoking.


“Thanks, Luke!” I give my old friend another hug and walk over to Danny.


He grins when he sees me, “Baby Buns! What are you doing here?”


“Can I talk to you?”


“Sure,” he shrugs and gets up. As he walks over so that we can talk alone, I look him over again and again trying to figure it out. What is it about him that is keeping me from just completely and totally loving Louis alone? Why is it that a little piece of me still wants him?


Once he reaches me, I try and think of something to say, but for some reason my first instinct is to slap him.


“Ow,” he brings his hand up to his cheek, “What the hell was that for?”


I know that I can’t tell him I’m angry at him for being in my dream, so I think of my other perfectly good reason to be mad at him, “You slept with Macey Ackerly just to spite me.”


Guilt is instantly on his face, and his voice is sad, “Who told you?”


“She did.”


“Oh,” he looks at the ground, and then up at me, “So… What now?”


I realize I hadn’t really planned this out very well, “Um, I don’t know. I guess I’ll leave now. I have to get ready for a date with Louis,” it’s not until I see the look on his face that I see just how much that hurts him.


I knock on the door of the seventh year boys’ dormitory.


“She’s here!” I hear James whisper loudly from inside, “Stop fidgeting with your hair!”


I hear Louis coughing, and then his voice also in a hushed whisper, “James! Stop spraying all that cologne on me! She’s going to think I’m a gigolo!”


“That just means you need more cologne! She might have some cash on her!”


“For Merlin’s sake, this is our first date! I’m not selling her my body!”


“Are you suggesting that you would consider prostitution on, say, your fourth date?”


“No! Just put the cologne down!”


I cough, “You know, you guys aren’t very effective whisperers.”


James shushes Louis, “Dude, I think she heard us!”


“Be quiet! She obviously heard us!” Louis opens the door with a nervous smile, “Uhm, sorry about that. James is a git.”


“No, it’s fine,” I smile, and reach into my purse, “Will I have to pay for the date too? Or just the bedding process?”


Louis’s face goes red and James guffaws behind him, “Ah, man, she heard you call yourself a gigolo!”

“Obviously,” I roll my eyes, and then grin. Louis looks fantastic. I mean, he looks fine. And yes, I just said that. Great, I should stop thinking now, “Okay, Louis, let’s go.”  

Chapter 17: A Bad Start
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“Holy shit,” I breathe out, holding Louis’s hand as I see the date that he’s set up.

When we’d left his dorm, the first thing he did was take my hand, lean down to give me a quick kiss, and tell me I look beautiful. At the time I found myself struggling to remember why it took so long for this date to occur. This question came back to mind as I stood at the opening of the Quidditch Pitch, gaping at the picnic Louis had set up in the middle. I see him looking down at me, smiling at my reaction, and I hate to burst his bubble but, “Louis, it’s February,” I had already been shivering under the wool cardigan I was wearing over my dress and leggings.

He catches my drift and hurries to take off his jacket and wrap it around my shoulders, “Sorry. I guess I’ve always kind of pictured our first date to be during the summer months.”

He’d pictured our first date. I think that if someone were to check my heartbeat right now their stethoscope might explode.

“Where do you learn to be so stethoscope-explodingly perfect?” I ask as we stroll to the frozen-over picnic.

“Stethoscope…? Wait, you think I’m perfect?” he laughs, “I’m stubborn, jealous, I talk too much, I can’t make up my mind about anything, I have a pathological fear of chewing gum, and the only thing in my life I’m sure about is you.”

He didn’t even realize how much he’d just contradicted himself, “Louis… I know this is probably the wrong thing to say right now, considering I never seem to say the right thing like ever, but… What are we doing? With us? I mean, all I’ve wanted for so long is to be with you but,” I look up and see he has no idea where I’m going with this, “You’re not going to be here next year.

“We can have some amazing, fantastic romance throughout this term and the summer, and we can joke and laugh and kiss and maybe even more than that but once September comes around I’ll have to come back to school and you’ll go off to wherever you want to go and find some beautiful woman who will seduce you and use your body and I’ll be left here to be swept up by Danny or Albus or Freddie and that’ll be my only choice in life because I’ll probably just inherit the Cauldron and get knocked up and—“

“Chase!” Louis interrupts me and sits down, obviously exasperated, “You’re not your dad, okay? So please stop trying to make his same mistakes, because obviously it all turns out the same way! I want you, and I thought you wanted me too. So if you really feel how everyone keeps trying to convince me you feel about me just sit down and enjoy this damned popsicle of a picnic because I need you to let me ask you to be my girlfriend like I’ve been planning to since we were kids!”

Speechless, I sit down on the blanket, which is slightly stiff from the layer of ice developing.

“Thank you,” he sounds relieved but still slightly frustrated, “Now, Chase Alice Longbottom, will you please just be my fucking girlfriend already?”

“Yes,” I smile, butterflies combusting in my stomach, “I’ll be your fucking girlfriend already.”

 For once, neither Louis nor I seem to have anything to say. We just look at each other and start to laugh, both overwhelmed by the fact that this has finally just happened.

We catch our breaths and our eyes meet. Louis leans in to kiss me, but just as his lips softly brush mine we hear a voice, “Chase! Chase, you need to hurry, it’s Rose!”

I jump onto my feet, causing Louis to fall on his face right beside me, “James?” I ask, “What’s wrong with Rose?”

James jogs over to us, “Wow, I hope you two weren’t planning to shag in this cold.”

Louis starts to say, “We weren’t going to—“ but James obviously doesn’t care since he quickly interrupts him, “Anyways, after lunch Rose went to Trelawney’s so that she could have one of those weird dream things. But now they can’t wake her up.”

Out of nowhere, Hugo pops up in the bleachers, “What’s wrong with my sister?”

“Hugo? What are you doing here?” I say as Maylin’s little sister, Song, pops up next to him.

“Hugo and I were spying on you,” Song says frankly, “But then we started talking about how much we both really like dolphins, which led to a discussion on the politics of pre-revolutionary France, and then we stopped talking altogether because we got, uh, distracted,” the two fourteen year olds look at each other and blush.

“Oh, Merlin,” I look at James, “Your little cousin and Maylin’s little sister are more capable of a functioning relationship than you guys are.”

Louis stands up, “Leave him alone, now’s not the time. We have to go see Rose.”

Hugo, Song, Louis and I follow James up to the Divination Tower silently. After we climb the stairs, we rush in through the door.

 Rose is lying on the floor, her face grayish and sweaty and her breathing quick and shallow. Her eyelids are shut but fluttering softly. At her side is Scorpius holding her hand, his eyes never leaving her.

The sad sight makes me think of the first time Rose brought Scorpius home to the Burrow.

Albus squeezed my hand lightly as we sat together laughing at some joke Freddie just told us.

James looks at me, “So is it true? Is she bringing the Malfoy kid?”

I nod, and Louis laughs, “I bet Uncle Ron is real happy about that. Is she dating him to get at her dad?”

I shake my head, “I don’t think so. From what I understand, she’s attracted to the way he argues with her or something bizarre like that.”

“By those standards,” Freddie says, “Chase and Louis ought to date. You were angry at each other, what, three separate times yesterday?”

Louis looked uncomfortable and I leaned on Albus, “Shut up, Freddie, I don’t understand her logic. I mean, Al and I never fight,” my boyfriend smiled down at me and gave me a small kiss. I ignore the lack of feeling in it.

“Okay, okay, let’s keep the P.D.A to a minimum,” Louis says, “It’s time for the pool.”

We all search through our pockets. Molly J. plops a sickle on the table, “I wager he breaks at Uncle George’s first joke.”

“No, no,” Albus puts down a sickle of his own, “He won’t break until Aunt Audrey takes a grab at his backside,” the male population at the table shudders all at once.

Louis lays down his money, “I say he lasts. At least makes it out the door, I can’t say he won’t break before reaching the street.”

“I’m with Al on this one,” Freddie puts his own bit into the pile.

James sighs and rubs the tiny bit of fifteen-year-old-kid stubble developing on his jaw that he’d just been boasting about, “I’ll agree with Louis. I’ve heard from Dad just how much of a game face those Malfoys can keep.”

They all turn and look at me expectantly. I think for a second, “He toughs it out until he talks to my mum. That’s when he breaks,” I set my sickle down with an air of finality, and everyone looks around uneasily. They hadn’t wanted to say it out loud, but they knew there was a good chance I’d be right.

A hush settles over the house, and Roxanne calls out from the window, “They’re here!”

It seems like the whole house rushes over to the window, but us teens are in front. Like the rest of the Potter-Weasley family, Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione lived within walking distance of the Burrow. They were late to the weekly family barbecue because they had to wait for Rose’s new boyfriend, the mysterious Scorpius Malfoy, to floo over. They were coming up through the garden, Rose and Scorp hand in hand, while her parents walked watchfully behind them.

Rose looks at the window and notices us watching. She gives us a hostile look and an obscene hand gesture when Scorpius isn’t looking, and we all rush back to seem natural before they walk in the door.

“Rose, honey!” Sweet Grandma Molly rushes over to hug her, “And this must be Scorpius,” she smiles and looks him over.

“Hullo, Mrs. Weasley. Your windows are so clean, what do you use?”

“Oh, darling, it’s this wonderful muggle product called Windex…” she leads him off, explaining to him the many uses of the blue liquid.

Rose rushes over to us, “So, what do you all think?”

We all look at each other wearily. As a family of hardcore Gryffindors, we weren’t really sure how to feel about Rose dating the epitome of a Slytherin. Louis says, “We haven’t really met him yet, so we can’t pass judgment.”

“Oh,” Rose only had to look at us and I could tell that just then she knew the way we were all thinking. After all, she was usually a part of our group of judgmental teens, laughing and poking fun whenever someone else brought a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the Burrow. But now one of our own had done it, and this was awkward.

Unfortunately, that was poor timing for Scorpius himself to saunter over looking slightly traumatized, “Uh, that was… weird. Your Aunt Audrey just—“

“Oh, Merlin,” Rose laughs, throwing on a game face of her own, “I forgot to warn you about her. She wasn’t too rough with you, was she?”

“No,” he laughs too, despite his obvious uncomfort.

That’s when Albus and Freddie simultaneously curse very loudly, scaring the already terrified Scorpius. Freddie says, “Our aunt squeezing your bum doesn’t make you want to leave?”

“Not even a little bit?” Al adds on.

“Err… No?”

And then Uncle George comes over, “Oi! You!”

“…me?” Scorpius’s eyes widen at the one-eared man pointing at him with an accusatory tone.

“Yes, you! You’re the reason! They told me that you were allergic to animal fur, and I had to put my dog down before you came over! It’s your fault little Peanut is dead!”

The poor blonde boy was horrified, “What? I’m not THAT allergic! Merlin, I’m so, so sorry!”

Uncle George narrowed his eyes, but his glare easily turned to a grin, “Boy, you should’ve seen your face! I thought you would wet yourself. Splendid reaction,” he ruffled the Malfoy’s curly locks and walked off to join Angelina and the other adults.

Scorpius appeared slightly fazed but altogether fine. He doesn’t seem to notice how intensely we’re all watching him.

“Oh, fuck it,” M.J. groans, “I’m going to Ollie’s house,” she flips Scorp off and disapparates.

Rose scowls at us. She had definitely caught on to our little bet occurring here.

I brush it off, “Al, do you want to go out back and admire the garden with me?”

Before Albus can even reply Louis cuts in, “Nope! No need for you two to go off by yourselves. Might as well just stay here.”

I roll my eyes. I really didn’t understand why Louis was so weird about Albus and me, especially considering he’d already had two ‘serious’ relationships since starting Hogwarts. It’s not like there’s any reason he should care about my love life!

“I’m sorry to interrupt your, err, conversation,” I only realize that Louis and I are having some sort of glare-off when Scorpius begins talking, “But my best friend lives around here and Rose and I had planned to have him over. Could one of you wait out front with me until he gets here?”

“Why can’t Rose go with you?” James blurts out.

She answers for him, “I’m on dinner duty tonight, and you know how Grandma is about us skipping our turns. Merlin knows what prompted her to start cooking manually.”

“I’ll go with you, Scorpius,” I say, “I’m obviously not allowed alone time with my boyfriend according to certain people, so I guess there’s not really any reason to stick around here.”

Louis betrays no reaction, so Scorp and I begin to make our way towards the front door.

That’s when a bony finger pokes him on the shoulder just before we reach the entrance.

“Hey, Mum,” I sigh. The woman standing before us looks healthy as an ox, no one would know that her luxurious brown hair is a wig or that her perfectly done makeup is the only thing hiding the near constant pain showing on her face.

“Hi, Mrs. Longbottom. I’m Scorpius Malfoy,” he politely reaches out for a hand shake.

She smiles at him coldly, analyzing him like she does with everyone, “Call me Hannah. Your face is a fun one to read; you’re a clean boy, aren’t you? Growing up with distant parents, I’m sure that’s what gave you the obsessive-compulsive need for everything to be perfect, perfect, perfect. Life isn’t perfect, sweetling. You better learn to take the curses as blessings, like I had to,” I swallow and look at the floor as she continues, Scorpius unable to break eye contact with her, “You think you’re the first outsider to come here and try to fit in? Even Chase knows she doesn’t fully belong here. They don’t want you, and chances are that you and Rose won’t last long enough for them to warm up. So stop trying, because life will never be perfect, and you might as well have fun in the process. I’m telling you that the smartest thing you can do is to just run from distance, run from perfection, run from life.”

Scorpius stares at her for a minute, trying to keep his expression strong. He summons up only five words, “Thank you, Mrs. Longbottom. Goodbye,” remembering his manners, he nods before he turns to walk out the door.

I’m close behind, “Scorpius? Are you okay?”

He spins back to me quickly, “I’m sorry, I have to leave. She’s right; I don’t belong here.”

I stop in my tracks; of course I’d made the right wager. But the stupid bet didn’t matter to me, “Don’t listen to her. She’s not really like that; she does that to everyone new. It’s just her weird way of deciding if you’re weak or strong.”

“So if I stay, I’ll be strong in her eyes?”

“…no,” my eyes find the ground again, “She thinks there’s courage in running away from things. She told me that’s why she liked the name Chase when my dad suggested it,” I look back up at him, “Kind of scary for someone with her illness, huh?”

He watches me for a second, and then gives me a big hug. It was unsaid, but the hug represented everything we shared; our distant mothers, our love for Rose, and our desperate desire for nothing more than to be accepted by this big, crazy family known as the Potter-Weasleys.

Maylin’s voice interrupts the end of my memory, “Song? Why are you holding hands with Hugo?”

“Well, we were spying on Chase and Louis’s date when I got cold. So Hugo warmed my face… with his face,” they giggle.

Maylin doesn’t look all too happy, but I guess she decides this is not the time or place for her to yell at her little sister for making out with the cousin of the love-of-her-life/arch nemesis.

“Where’s Professor Trelawney?” I demand as I rush over to Rose’s side.

“She’s in her study talking through the fireplace to the friend that taught her that spell,” Maylin tells me, “She’s trying to figure out how to wake Rose up, and why this is happening in the first place.”

A couple minutes later, Trelawney comes out, “Chase, Hugo, I’m glad you two are here. I’m afraid my friend did not know the answer to our woes.”

“What?” Hugo doesn’t seem happy, “What does that mean?”

“It means that, for now, there is nothing we can do. The Headmistress is at a two day conference, and there seems no other immediate answer thus far. I’m sorry, child.”

“Hold on,” I try to swallow my fear of what may be happening to my best friend, “Maybe I can find something in the books in the library. Louis can go with me, since he frequents there far more than I do.”

“I don’t see why not,” Trelawney says sadly and then notices that Louis’s hand is intertwined with mine, “But, just yesterday… you two… hated each other? Bah, teenagers. So off balance.”

Ignoring her, I hurry out the door with Louis in tow.

“This is a bizarre first date,” Louis mutters.

“Were you jealous when Al and I dated?” I ask, trying to distract myself.

“Umm… Is this a trick question?”

I laugh, “No, I am DONE being mad at you about jealousy. I was just thinking back; I never quite realized at the time if it affected you. As far as I was concerned, you were this ultimate sex god that I had absolutely no chance with.”

“Are you kidding? I wanted to kill Albus the first time you kissed. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be someone else as bad as I wanted to be him at that time.”

He was talking about my first kiss… Wait. No. It wasn’t, “Louis,” I whisper as I stop right in my tracks.


“Why did you never tell me that you were my first kiss?” I look up at him earnestly.

His cheeks go red and a slow, small smile forms on his mouth, “I… I was so happy that you were my first kiss, but I didn’t think you wanted me to be yours. I thought that you not remembering was a sign that it never should have happened.”

I take a moment to study his face. His eyebrows were thick in the best way, and I liked how the darkness of them contrasted with his fair hair just the perfect amount. He had the Weasley eyes, blue and beautiful. And then there were his soft, amazing lips. No, not his lips, my lips. From the very start they had been mine to kiss and mine alone, and I found it very unfortunate that I’d only just recently begun to take up this opportunity.

Finally, I speak, “It definitely should have happened. It should always happen. Except now, regrettably, because we really need to get to the library.”

We continue to walk. Maybe a couple of minutes have passed when I notice Louis smirking, “What are you so smug about?”

“I was just thinking about your rant earlier.”

“The one where a beautiful woman seduces you and uses your body?”

“Yes, but that wasn’t the part of the scenario I was thinking about. I seem to remember something about how we can ‘joke and laugh and kiss and maybe even more than that’. I believe we’ve done our fair share of joking, laughing, and kissing.”

My jaw drops and I smack him on the arm, “Louis! You are such a boy!”

“I’m joking, I’m joking! Although I’m not the one that referred to myself as an ‘ultimate sex god’. Just saying.”

“I really need to be more careful with the things I say out loud. You quote me like James and Maylin quote Shakespeare. Anyways, here’s the library, can we please stop playing the Let’s Mortify Chase Game?”

He smirks some more, I roll my eyes some more, and then we crack down on the books.

“Hey, Louis, I found something,” I say, “The Guide to Properly Controlling an Unruly Gentleman Friend, by Beatrix Vega.”

“That’s funny, I found something too. Forty-Six Easy Steps to Helping Your Friends Release Tension, by Seth Brown. I’m your friend just as much as your boyfriend, right?” Louis jests back at me and I make sure to try and not visibly swoon at the fact that he just called himself my boyfriend. “Wait,” he continues, “Come here, I actually did find something. Look at this.”

I rush over to look at the giant volume he has opened in front of him, Antidotes to Rare and Unsafe Spells, by Elle Gecko. His finger is pointed at one article in particular.

“It says, There is a spell that will, within seconds, bring instant sleep along with dreams filled with memories of your loves and desires. While it can be very fun and self-fulfilling, it is a rarely known fact that the spell can be hazardous to those that are ill or with child,”Louis looks up at me and then continues to read, “If one that is with sickness or pregnant were to be enchanted by the spell, it would result in a coma-like state that if not dealt with within 24 hours can be permanent. During said coma, the victim will suffer non-stop unpleasant memories and nightmares in place of the more satisfying memories of love and desire. To retrieve the victim from this fate, have them orally ingest this remedy.”

The page went on to list potions instructions. Louis and I look at each other, and a shiver runs down my spine, “She’s trapped in her own head, unable to wake up from terrible nightmares,” I say, “Please tell me we can make this potion.”

He looks over the instructions again, and then a second time, “Yes. It should only take about an hour to make. All of these ingredients are well within our reach, all except one. Arnican Syrup, it’s quite rare; I’d expect the nearest place that would sell it to be in Diagon Alley.”

“Then can’t we just floo to Diagon Alley, grab it, and wake Rose up?”

“We can’t leave by floo powder without permission from the Headmistress, who’s away on a conference. Maybe we can sneak out to Hogsmeade and I can apparate us there,” Louis says.

“Yeah, no. You had to take the exam for your Apparition License five times, and I’m not exactly in the mood for getting splinched.”

“What? You don’t think I can—wait, we don’t have time to argue about this. We just need to think…” he seems to get an idea, because he slowly gives me a mischievous look, “The Anglia.”

“No. No. No, no, no. Are you insane? That thing is wild; it hasn’t been driven in decades! Except for our uncles’ stories, we’re not even sure if it’s really out there!” I feel like I’m arguing with a brick wall, because he and I both know that this just might be our only choice.  

Chapter 18: We Tell Frichard About Our Wedding Plans
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It had been about three hours when the seemingly impossible occurred. Louis and I had been wondering around the Forbidden Forest shouting things like, “Anglia! Anglia!” and “Here Fordy, Fordy, Fordy!” for what seemed like forever.

We’re sifting through trees, bushes, and all types of shrubbery. It’s times like this I’m glad I have a herbology professor for a dad; I know the difference between safe plants and dangerous ones. That’s when Louis calls out to me, “Chase! Hey, I think I’ve found it!”

I rush over to where he is and, sure enough, there it sits. My Uncles had always described it as blue, but it was now brown with dirt and rust. Louis walked around to the driver’s seat door and slowly pulled it open. It creaks loudly, probably because it hasn’t been opened since Uncle Harry’s second year. We look inside and discover that the interior has been preserved surprisingly well; besides a layer of dust it’s not disgusting or anything. Unfortunately, there are no keys in the ignition.

I curse loudly, “Now what the fuck are we supposed to do? We can’t drive the car without keys. We’re fucked!”

“Wait, no, I know how to jump start,” Louis gently pushes past me, making sure to mischievously look me in the eyes as he does so. He goes down below the steering wheel and gets straight to business.

Sure enough, I soon hear a heavy rumbling sound emanating from the Anglia; Louis had done it.

“Should I be asking how on earth you know how to jump start a car? Or will that information result in someone busting a cap in my ass?”

Louis shrugs, a cute little smile on his face, “Sometimes, when James and I get really bored, we find muggles’ cars and go for… joyrides. It’s kind of fun. I just like putting the car back exactly how we found it; I usually even fill up the tank for them.”

Of course. Leave it to Louis to be a Good Guy Car Thief, “Well, erm, you learn something new every day. I guess today is the day I learn that my boyfriend is a fan of committing grand theft auto. At least you’re very polite about it.”

“The whole car-stealing thing is mostly James,” he admits, “But it really came in handy now, didn’t it?”

I roll my eyes, but smile as I get into the passenger seat of the car. I guess this was the closest thing to a “bad boy side” Louis would ever get, and I secretly kind of thought it was fabulous. This is all of the bad boy I need.

Louis puts his hands on the wheel and takes a deep breath, turning to look at me, “You ready?”

“I think you under exaggerated earlier when you said this was a bizarre first date…”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he pushes down on the accelerator, and I’m jolted back in my seat as we zoom forward… and upward.

“Where are you going?” Louis tries to catch up to my swift paste as I make a detour towards my bedroom.

We’d just endured a four hour drive that included witty banter, redundant games of I-Spy and Twenty Questions, and catchy songs from the seventies playing from cassette tapes I’d found in the glove compartment. Despite the occasional naps we’d take when switching driving shifts, I was dead tired by the time we parked on the roof of the Cauldron.

“You think we can pay for a potion ingredient this rare with pocket lint and some Abba tapes? Okay, the tapes are actually pretty great, but we need money. I have some saved up; it’s hidden in my room.”

He doesn’t reply.

I run into my room quickly and rush over to the rug in the middle of my  floor, which I kick aside. I go straight for the creaky board and pry it up with my fingers. Inside is my stash of galleons, “I’m going to take almost all of it with us, but that should do as long as we work together on the haggling.”

“What do you have all of this saved up for, anyways?” he asks as he helps me carefully put the floorboard back down and arrange the rug over it again.

“I was hoping to be able to afford a nice flat after seventh year. However, something is telling me that my best friend’s life is a bit more important.”

“Oh,” Louis looks guilty for even asking, but I give him a reassuring smile. It doesn’t seem to help much.

“What are you guys doing here? And at one in the morning?” Scotty asks us with a shocked expression as we stumble down into the bar.

Louis quickly replies, “I’m sorry, Scott, but there’s not really time to explain. Trust me when I say it’s for a good cause. We’ll be out of here shortly, anyways.”

Not waiting for a response, we run out of the Cauldron and leave behind a flabbergasted Young Scotty.

Wasting no time, we sprint up and begin banging on the doors of the apothecary next door.

After about five minutes of noisiness, some lights finally flicker on and the door creaks open. A young guy, maybe a few years out of Hogwarts, opens the door. He’s not very tall or thin in the slightest, but he seems nice enough.

“What the actual fuck do you two want?” Okay, maybe not.

“Sorry to wake you, sir,” Louis says, “But we need some Arnican Syrup. It’s a matter of life or death.”

He squints up at Louis, and then over to me. His eyes make me remember very quickly that I’m still wearing that stupid bra of Rose’s, and I instinctively pull Louis’s jacket tighter around myself.

“That won’t come cheap. How much money you got?”

I empty my pockets and show him my life saving life’s savings.

He steps aside, “Alright, alright, come in.”

We step inside to the musty apothecary and I set my money down on the table. Louis grabs my hand and gives it an assuring squeeze, though I have a feeling it’s mostly out of dislike at the way the man had looked me up and down earlier.

“My names Frichard, by the way,” the man says as he searches through some cabinets.

“You mean Richard?” Louis asks politely.

“No,” Frichard grunts, “I mean Frichard.”

“Oh,” Louis seems to need a minute to do some heavy thinking about this.

“So, Frichard,” I decide to change the subject, “Do you live here alone?”

Frichard begins to very delicately transfer a liquid from one vial to a seemingly identical one using an eye dropper, “No, my mum lives upstairs. But she usually just sleeps all the time. Either that, or play with her cats. Boy does she love ALL of those cats. You, know, the other day one of them had kittens? One of the other cats got jealous and ate the whole litter. Guess who has two thumbs and had to clean up regurgitated kitten?” Frichard uses his two thumbs to point at himself, “This guy!”

Err, well then. That’s not scarring or traumatizing in the least.

“Anyway,” Frichard continues before Louis or I have to say anything in response to literally the worst story I think I’ve ever heard, “Your Arnican Syrup needs to breath for a few hours before it’s safe to travel with. I recommend coming back at dawn. Hey, shouldn’t you kids be in school?”

I’m terrified for a second, but then Louis quickly picks up my slack with angel-like laughter, “Why do people always think we look like teenagers? Oh, no, I’m twenty-two and she’s twenty-one.”

“Well then,” Frichard smiles flirtatiously, “If you need a place to stay for the night, you can stay here.”

“Err, we’re um, together,” Louis says, obviously trying not to let his cute little jealousy show.

Frichard winks at Louis, “I’m flexible.”

“Okay then,” I immediately say, “Erm, no thank you. We really can’t, thanks for the offer though! We’re going to be staying at this lovely place next door called the Leaky Cauldron.”

“Eh, that place is a shithole.”

“Excuse me?” I twitch a bit, and Louis holds my hand tighter to remind me of where we are.

“I heard the lady that used to run it has been around the Alley a few times, if you catch my saying. Anyhow, the new kid they have managing it does well enough. I bet he doesn’t give you the same kind of hospitality ol’ Mrs. Longbottom did, eh eh?” Frichard laughs and winks.

I take a deep breath, trying to keep my cool. Louis’s hand is squeezing mine to the point that I think it has lost circulation, but it’s probably the only thing keep me from lunging at Frichard.

“Yes, well we’re good friends with one of the locals there so that’s where we’ll be staying,” Louis says.

For the first time, Frichard eyes us suspiciously, “What do you two need Arnican Syrup for anyways?”

Louis answers, “A Nightmarish Coma remedy.”

“Who do you know that’s stuck in one of those?”

“Actually,” I calm my temper and decide to start helping Louis in our deception again, “Our wedding day is in a week or so and our harpist is pregnant. She thought it’d be fun to go and have dreams about loves and desires and all that crazy stuff, and now we’re here spending the entire flower budget on some kind of weird syrup!”

Louis grins widely, and Frichard’s suspicions seem to go unconfirmed.

“We ought to get going, then,” I continue, “That room at the Cauldron isn’t going to occupy itself! See you tomorrow, Frichard.”

We hurry out of there, rushing to be away from Frichard’s beady eyes. Once we’re out we start laughing, and continue so the whole walk back to the Cauldron.

“Gosh, Louis,” I giggle, “Frichard sure did find your physique delicious.”

He’s still just grinning at me.

“What?” I ask, feeling my face to see if there’s something stuck to it.

“Oh, nothing,” he says, but then starts singing in a mocking tone, “Chase wants to marryyyy me, You want to marryyyy me!”

“Shut it! I only said that to further discourage him from forcing us into an orgy with him and his mother’s cannibalistic cats.”

“Sure, whatever you say. Do you really want a harpist at our wedding? I think that a bit tacky.”

I decide not to dignify that with a response.

“Alright, you two,” Scotty immediately stops us once we walk in, “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

We look at each other nervously, but somehow we telepathically decide to just tell Scott the truth. In his flowing Louis way, Louis tells the entire story.

“But there’s no vacancies tonight, what with the Tortoise Enthusiast Convention in town,” Scotty says.

I laugh, “Scotty, you do realize I live here? Unless you’ve rented my room out, I’m pretty sure we have a place to stay for the night.”

“Both of you? In your bedroom? You guys know I would usually trust you with something like that but Neville’s my boss and I don’t think he would be too ecstatic if he found out I let that happen.”

“Oh,” I realize his meaning, “Sorry, I hadn’t even thought about it like that.”

“I would sleep on the floor, anyways,” Louis suggests innocently.

Scott sternly crosses his arms.

“Fine, if we can’t stay here I guess the two of us can just take up in the Anglia for the night,” I shrug manipulatively, “I think there was a Barry Manilow tape in there—“

“Okay, okay,” Scotty gives in, “But only because I trust Louis on this. Sorry, Chase, but I’ve been in on those M.B.F.I.t.G.o.M.D Club meetings. I heard about how Danny had to buy a new belt.” Oh, great. Why did he have to bring up the belt in front of Louis?

“Don’t worry, you’ve kind of destroyed the mood for me now anyways,” Louis says glumly.

“See? Don’t worry about it. Not only is Louis all about honor and what not, but now he’s disgusted by the thought of me trying to jump Danny! If you’ll excuse us, we have to go get ready for bed, have a gigantic argument, and then go to sleep angry. Goodnight, Scotty!” I smile at him and start up the stairs.

And three, two, one…

“What was that about Danny’s belt?” Louis is climbing up the stairs behind me.

“Remember when you got all mad about me flirting with Danny in the library, and I got angry and went on a Wonderboy snogging rampage? Well, erm, I may have attempted some things and damaged his belt in the process. Hey, we had that fight in your bedroom! I remember because I just imagined the most comforting place I could think of. I sure didn’t imagine Danny’s bedroom, I’ve never even been in Danny’s bedroom, let alone sleep in it!” I find some blankets in the hall closet and throw them at Louis.

“Yeah, when were you sleeping in my bedroom again…? Wait, what? Stop trying to change the subject! What did you do with Danny?”

I start helping Louis to set up his little sleeping are on my floor, “Oh, get over it. You know I would have told you if anything had happened. Boyfriend or not, you’re still one of my best friends and I still tell you everything. I didn’t tell you this because, like I said, nothing happened. Something almost happened, but only because I was mad at you. And you want to know why it didn’t happen? Because I said your name.”

Louis stops in his tracks, “You said my name? Like, in the moment?”


He starts to laugh a bit, “You were kissing Danny, and you said my name?”

“Grow up,” I roll my eyes again and go into the bathroom to change into my pajamas.

“I’m sorry, Chase,” he tells me through the door, “But how would you feel if—“

I throw the door open, “If you ask me how I would feel if you had done the same with Macey, I swear to Merlin I will throw you out to room with Frichard for the night.”

Louis stays quiet.

I look at the clock. Again. It’s still one in the morning. And, no matter how tired I am, I still can’t sleep.

“Louis?” I whisper.


“Are you awake?”

“Partially, I suppose.”

“Come up here.”

He’s awake now, “Chase, you know Scotty said not to—“

“Get over yourself, I don’t mean for that. I can’t sleep.”

There’s no response for a second, but then he says, “I’m sorry. You know I would usually be there for you in a heartbeat but I promised to stay on the floor.”

“Oh,” I think for a second, “I didn’t promise to stay on the bed.”

He doesn’t say anything, so I crawl to the foot of my bed. Before I can carefully climb off, however, I lose my footing and fall straight onto Louis.

“What the—“

“Sorry! Sorry! I fell!”

“Merlin, you scared me,” he laughs, “Are you alright?”

“I think so. Slightly bruised elbow, but no casualties. You?”

“I’m fine,” he puts an arm around me, “I’m letting you sleep down here, but only sleep. Capiche?”

“Capiche,” I giggle. He smells really good. Like cinnamon and happiness and freshly cut wood. Heh, that rhymed.

“Hey, Louis?”


“Wood and good rhyme,” I start giggling some more.

He turns his head and in the dark I see him looking at me, “Oh no, not phonetics. Go to sleep. Now.”

“Can’t a girl make a joke about phonetics around here without being questioned?”

“Not if that girl has insomnia.”

“Hey, I have insomnia.”

“What’s bothering you so much?”

Ugh. He knows me way too well, “What Frichard said.”

“About the regurgitated kittens? Me too, I’ll probably have nightmares for a week.”

“No, about my mum.”


“The worst part was that everything he said was true.”

He wraps his arms around me a bit more tightly, “Your mum is a good person. You and I know that. But sometimes… People get pushed to a point where they think that if they don’t do things primarily for themselves then nothing will get better. She started doing what she wanted to do because she felt trapped and needed to be in control of something. Either way, her daughter turned out to be fantastic.”

I don’t know what to say to that. Instead, I crawl up closer to him until our faces are just inches apart. His breath smells like caramel, and he doesn’t seem to mind the closeness, so I close the gap between us. Pressing my mouth against his, our lips start to move in rhythm with each other and I find myself surprised that he hasn’t stopped me. Maybe he’s too tired to follow the rules. My hands move up and twist themselves into his hair, and he pulls my body closer to his. The kiss gets deeper and deeper, until my senses are so heightened that I can hear both of our heartbeats.

He groans and pulls away, moving me onto my side of the floor, “Chase, we can’t do this. You know that.”

“We don’t have to do anything. Let’s just kiss some more.”

He groans again, “Woman, you will be the death of me. You need some sleep, and so do I. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“Fine. But Louis?”


“Will you hold me again?”

I think I can hear him smiling, and he takes me in his arms again. For the first time since the night after my mom left, I fall straight asleep and don’t wake up until morning.

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Chapter 19: Maylin is in Love
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My name is Maylin, and I have serious issues. My best friend/potential love interest and I aren’t talking, I have a serious case of cramps, and Rose is currently in a coma.

I’ve been sitting on the floor in Trelawney’s classroom for hours now, and I know it sounds insensitive but waiting to discover the fate of a close friend is extremely boring. I don’t do boring.

Scorpius is asleep at Rose’s side, her hand still in his. Poor thing exhausted himself with worry. Freddie is snoring by Trelawney’s desk while Lily and Roxanne sleep cuddled up next to him. He’s been talking to me a lot lately; he’s actually a really nice guy despite his mischievous reputation. Above them on the desk is Hugo and Song passed out in each other’s arms, which I’m not too happy about. But I’ll talk to her about that later. Albus is asleep too; he has his head on the shoulder of… James. The only other person in the room that’s awake.

He looks up just then, and sees me looking at him. The second our eyes meet we look away, just like we’ve been doing all night. Slowly I look back up, and I see that he’s doing the same. He opens his mouth like he’s about to say something, but before he can I bring my finger up to my lips to shush him. I motion to all of the sleeping people in the room so he understands I don’t want to wake them, and then tip my head towards the door to suggest we go outside to talk. He nods, and slowly we both stand up. He gently lays Albus’ sleeping head down on the floor and opens the door for me like a gentleman. I want to laugh at the combination of James and chivalry.

He leads the way up to the top of the tower, and the cool outside air helps to clear my head; the sun has just risen, and it’s a beautiful view. I start to lose my confidence, but I regain it quickly when I recite the phrase that’s practically been my personal mantra the last couple days. I know James is in love with me, I have the power here. I am in control of this situation.

But then he runs his hand through his hair, and I instantly know I’m just as powerless to him as he is to me. “Don’t touch your hair like that,” I tell him.

“Why not?”

“Because I like touching your hair. It’s mine. Don’t touch it,” I tell him frankly.

He tilts his head defensively, “I’m sorry, is that why you’ve been avoiding me for two days now?”

You’ve been avoiding me! Chase was right, this whole making out without emotions thing is obviously not working. Where is she, anyway?” I somehow change the subject, slightly on purpose.

James sits down on the ground, “She and Louis went to the library and have been M.I.A ever since. For a while I thought they’d just gone into the Room of Requirement for to shag or something but after the second hour passed I knew that wasn’t it. There is no way Louis has that kind of stamina, especially with the way he drools after Chase.”

“Okay, okay, I do not need to hear about Louis’s stamina. Especially considering he’s now the boyfriend of one of my closest friends. But they wouldn’t do that, anyways.”

“You mean Louis wouldn’t let Chase do that. She obviously wants the L.”

“…Did you just—?”

“Yes. Yes I did just refer to my best friend’s man parts as the L, in reference to the fact that his name begins with an L. And yes, I quickly regretted that decision. I’m the type of person that learns things as I go.”

I lay down next to him and look up at the night sky, “So I guess that means you have no idea what to do about us now?”

James is silent. He’s still sitting up, so I can’t see his face. Finally, he says something, “I suppose I can honestly say that I have never accidentally confessed love to one of my best friends in front of my entire family.”

“Well, not your entire family. Just all of your cousins within school age.”

“Wow Maylin, that makes everything so much better,” his voice raises just to yelling volume, “Now can we please just figure out what the hell we’re supposed to do about the fact that I am completely in love with you? I have tried to stop but you know what? I can’t. So I’m just going to keep saying it. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! There, I’ve said it, I’ve said it five times, now can we please be us again?”

I sit up and look him in the eye, “Damn it, James! Why do you have to go and do that? Why do you have to be such an asscandle but then go and tell me these things that just drive me insane? What am I supposed to say to that? Because when I talk to you I don’t know what to say so I say these quotes that express how I feel but at this moment I can’t think of anything! Not Shakespeare, not Dickens, not Hemingway, and not a single one of the Bronte sisters have any words or lines that can express this deep, confusing hatred I have towards you! So please, if you can think of any quotes to describe how I feel right now, go ahead and throw it in!”

I’m breathing heavily from my rant, and James is looking at me strangely. He repositions himself so that we’re closer, and I have to look him in the eye; quietly but powerfully, he gives me the quote I’m missing, “I love you.”

He’s right. Oh my God, he’s right. An odd feeling of relaxation comes over me, and before I know it I hear the beautiful quote flow out through my mouth, “I love you.”

James smiles, and I smile, and he’s still looking into my eyes and for a second I’m sure he’s going to kiss me. He pulls back and brings his hands together in a clap of finality, “Right then. Now that we’ve got that messy bit out of the way, what are we to do with each other?”

“I could think a few things.”

“GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, MAYLIN. I’M TALKING ABOUT OUR LIVES HERE. Anyhow, want to be my girlfriend or something?”

Girlfriend. The teenage girl in me found that word so appealing. But then there’s another part that finds the idea of that so… boring. I mean really, James Potter and me? In a relationship? That’s just so bizarre.

“Oh, no,” he whines before I can say a word, “I know that look. Come on, Maylin. What’s wrong with being normal?”

“I just need to think, this is a big decision. It’s not like I’m deciding on what shoes to wear.”

I’d cut up my heart for you to wear if you wanted it.”* Great, now he was quoting Gone With the Wind.

“No,” I tell him and from the look on his face I think he thinks I’m answering his previous question, “I don’t mean No, I won’t be your girlfriend. I mean no, don’t use that quote. That’s from Scarlett to Ashley. I don’t want to be Scarlett and Ashley, and I don’t want to be Scarlett and Rhett either. Now that I think about it, there aren’t a lot of couples in classic literature that I want to be.”

“We don’t have to be anybody, May. Let’s just be us, together.”

“Where is this coming from, anyway? Two hours ago you wouldn’t even speak to me.”

“I saw Scorpius sitting with Rose. I would stay next to you, you know, if you were in a coma. I don’t think I would ever leave. And then I started to wonder why on earth I was leaving you when you’re perfectly awake.”

I give him a stern look, “Okay, you’re starting to sound like Louis with Chase in all this sweet talk business. I’m going to be straight with you, just like always. I want to be with you, but I don’t want to be stuck with the idea of everyone thinking we’re in a relationship,” I realize how heartless I sound, but this wasn’t the James I love speaking. I love the James that would laugh at this kind of gushy business and then, without warning, say some stupid pun and kiss my face off. Emotions were not his strongest suit, and they’re not exactly mine either; how am I supposed to handle all this?

“Then what do you want?” James looks at me with frustration, “You want me to admit how I feel, and then you get angry once I do. You don’t want to continue snogging in secret, but you don’t want to openly date me,” he adjusts himself so he’s on his knees and clasps his hands together prayer-style in his overdramatic James way, “PLEASE, JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME!”

“I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE, OKAY?” I shout back at him before taking a deep, angst-filled breath, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have everything figured out. I’m not Rose. I’m not Louis. I’m not one of those people who know exactly what they want and when they want it. In fact, my frustration about that fact is probably one of the reasons I’m being so terrible right now when you’re being so sweet.”

“Damn right I’m being sweet! It’s like… It’s like… You’re a Keeper, right?”

“But I’m a Seeker.”

“I know, but in my metaphor you’re a Keeper. Heh, I just realized the double-meaning in that. Anyway, I’m the Chaser, and I have this Quaffle of Love. But you won’t let me score a goal through the hoop of your heart.”

Leave it to James Potter to express his feelings to me through a Quidditch metaphor, “But you’re not throwing Quaffles. You’re throwing Bludgers.”

He makes an unintelligible groaning noise, “What, then? You know what, let’s just actually do what we’ve been trying to accomplish since second year. Let’s just be normal friends, no face smashing involved.”

“Fine with me,” I get up and stomp back down to the Divination classroom. If that’s what James wants, he can have it. I am done with him. Besides, he probably wouldn’t be completely clean to be with anyways. He’s definitely been with his fair share of girls here at Hogwarts. He’s constantly bragged to me about his conquests, and quite honestly I’m glad I don’t have to become one of them.

Or am I? I think back on what Rose told me. Or what she had begun to tell me, before she interrupted herself to go and get herself stuck in a freaking coma.

I had been talking to her about James, and how I didn’t care about all this love junk because he was a man-whore anyways.

“Oh,” the red-headed beauty had said, “Maybe he’s not as easy as you think…” I looked at her like she was crazy, so she continued, “Oh, pooh noodles. Why did he make me swear to specifically not tell YOU? Let’s just say he’s not quite the stud he likes you to think he is.”

Before I had been able to question her further, we’d reached Trelawney’s classroom and it all obviously went downhill from there.

I walk into the classroom again now, ignoring the messy-haired boy coming in behind me. Fred and Albus have woken up; they’re sitting next to each other in quiet, casual conversation.

When they see us their conversation stops, as if they’re waiting for us to say something. Albus raises his eyebrow, “Well?”

            “Well what?” James’ voice sounds raspy as he sits down next to his brother.

            Al sighs exasperatedly, “Did you two go up on the roof to talk or did you just spend the whole time dinky dunking?”

“Dinky dunking?” I ask.

“You know what I mean. Fucking, whatever the kids call it these days.”

“Oh. Nah we didn’t do that. We decided we’re better off as just friends, for real this time,” James waves it off nonchalantly.

“Really? For sure?” Fred asks. I notice him looking rather fine this evening; his cappuccino-colored skin always makes his blue eyes sparkle in comparison. Plus, he’s a Beater which gives him quite a nice build if I do say so myself.

 “For sure,” I deadpan in reply.

“So it wouldn’t be entirely inappropriate if, after all of this mess with Rose clears up, you and I went to Hogsmeade together?”

I wasn’t exactly expecting that.

“I don’t know, Fred,” James shrugs, “She’s probably not quite over me yet. I mean she was really in to me.”

What the actual fug? “Actually, I am pretty sure I’m fine. I’d love to go to Hogsmeade with you. In fact, why not make it a double date? Sienna Khan and her boyfriend just broke up, and I know James was already quite familiar with her even when she was in a relationship. We should all four go together.”

James is giving me an odd look. Fred is smiling in happy ignorance. Albus has a look of pure fear on his face because he understands that he’s most likely sitting in the middle of a war zone.

Finally, James snorts, “And then maybe Al here can take Jenny Corner and her boyfriend.”

Albus tackles James quite quickly, and they begin wrestling like brothers do. It used to be that James would win in a heartbeat, but ever since Albus started doing yoga his body was tricked out.

“Does Al have a thing for Jenny Corner?” I ask Fred as we watch the Potter boys fight.

“I don’t know. It seems like it. I didn’t know he even knew her.”

“He shouldn’t like her. Jenny and Sienna are my friends and all, but Albus is too sweet for the both of them combined.”

“So you want James to date Sienna but you don’t even like the idea of Al having a crush on Jenny?”

“Yep, that about covers it. Besides, I’ve always gotten the feeling that Jenny has a thing for Danny Boot. So it’d just be confusing if she broke Albus’ heart for a guy, Danny, who had previously had somewhat of a romantic relationship with Al’s ex-girlfriend, Chase, not to mention I’m pretty sure he slept with the ex-girlfriend of Louis who is Chase’s current boyfriend.”

“What the fu—? This is confusing. Why can’t the people in this family date outside of our social circle?”

“I don’t know, I guess that’s just how things work at Hogwarts. You’ve always dated outside of the social circle, though.”

“Until now,” he gives me one of those crooked grins girls go crazy for. James does it better, a little voice in my head says. I make sure the other voices in my head gag that one with a sock.


I decide that asking what the fuck she was talking about isn’t my top priority at the moment, “Where were you guys? Did you figure out how to help Rose?”

By now she’s woken up everyone in the room (Rose obviously excluded), but Chase doesn’t seem to care as she and Louis rush forward to the sleeping beauty on the floor. Louis quickly takes a vial out of his pocket and hands it to Scorpius, who is extremely alert for someone that has been passed out for the last four hours. Without hesitation, Scorp gently opens the mouth of the mother of his child and pours the liquid in. And then…

Nothing happens.

The entire room looks at Louis and Chase questioningly.

“It’s supposed to take five to ten minutes for her to wake up. It will work, I swear,” Louis explains. Everyone groans. Nobody in this family was remarkable at being patient.

I watch Louis look down at Chase, and I see a smile shared between them. It wasn’t meant for anyone except for the two of them, but I saw it. It also doesn’t escape my notice that she was wearing his jacket. It was huge on her, but she was wearing it. For a moment, all I can see is James and me. Him smiling down at me like that, like he wants nothing more than to love me forever, as I’m wrapped in the warmth of his jacket. I shake myself out of the fantasy. You could have had that, stupid, the voice from earlier says, He asked you to be his girlfriend, and you said no. Whose fault is that?

This stupid voice is really starting to get on my nerves.

I go over and sit down by Rose’s still body. I really hope that whatever it is Chouis gave her works, because I really needed to talk to her about all of this. It used to be I would just keep it all to myself, but I suppose I’ve gotten into the habit of confessing everything lately. Usually, on the occasions when I do need girl talk, I’ll talk to both Rose and Chase. But Chase has been going through so much with her mom, and now that she’s dating Louis she’s so happy, Rose and I kind of made an agreement not to bother her with any of our problems. She deserves to just be happy for a while—

Rose’s eyes burst open, and she takes in a huge gasp of air as she sits up quickly. Looking around, obviously confused, she starts to sob right there. Chase seems to be moving in slow motion as she pushes everyone out of the way, in a rush to get to her best friend.

“Rose, Rose! I’m so happy you’re awake, oh I’m so happy it worked! Rosey Tosey, please don’t cry, please tell me you’re okay!”

“No!” Rose shrieks, “Get away from me!”

Chase looks hurt and confused, but she nods, “Okay, everyone, she wants some space.”

“No,” Rose says again, this time more pointedly at Chase, “Not them. Just you.”


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*Quote from Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell 

Chapter 20: The Fight
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 “Blargejepah?!” My attempt at an interrogative exclamation fails miserably, mostly because I’m so shocked. Rose is breathing heavily, the tears still running down her face from when she was crying just moments ago.

She inhales deeply, closing her eyes as she does so. When she opens them, she says through clenched teeth, “Will all of you please leave Chase and me alone for a moment?”

Terrified out of their wits, the Potter-Weasley clan quickly shuffles out of the room like a herd of scared sheep. The only ones left behind are Scorpius, who is standing next to Rose looking very conflicted, and Louis, who has yet to let go of my hand in some sort of a protective gesture. I’m still standing here with my mouth open like an idiot.

Rose glares at her cousin, “This isn’t your business.”

“You have no right to be angry at Chase, and frankly no good reason either—“

“She doesn’t need you to protect her, okay? She’s a big girl, Louis. Maybe you should let her handle her own problems for once,” she turns to the father of her unborn child, “I need you to leave too. I have to talk to her, alone.”

Unsure of themselves and both seeming somewhat offended, they walk out of the room silently.

“And then there were two,” I mutter under my breath.

“THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” inquires my sweet, pregnant best friend ever so politely.

“Me? What’s wrong with YOU? You wake up from a coma and all the sudden you hate me? Can you please somehow explain this phenomenon to me, because at the moment you’re coming off as quite the psychopath.”

“I’m crazy? I’m crazy? I’m pregnant, okay? I’m really super pollinated by Scorpius’ DNA. And guess what? You’ve barely even spoken to me since you found out! We used to be inseparable, but now the only times you even speak to me are when your two little boyfriends aren’t paying attention to you. By the way, leading my cousin on when you’re still into another guy? Yeah, I don’t exactly appreciate that.”

“Where is this coming from? You weren’t even hinting at any of this before!”

“I was trying to give you space since you were going through all that crap with your mom. But I just spent Merlin knows how long stuck in some kind of nightmare world where you were cheating on Louis with Scorpius and my baby had sixteen toes and weirdly resembled Nosferatu and I got a P on my exams! The last thing I need is a best friend who runs off and snogs random boys every time there’s a possibility of having to be alone with the pregnant girl.”

“Okay, first of all let me set the ‘snogging random boys’ part straight. I have only kissed three guys in my entire life, which I know is three times as many as you have, but most girls don’t usually go out and snag the future father of their children at the age of twelve like you did, okay? Secondly, if you had, oh I don’t know, told me you had a problem with the way I run my life, maybe I would have been a bit more open to your suggestions. However, it doesn’t exactly make me want to be the president of the Rose Weasley fan club when you spring all of this on me, out of nowhere, in front of your entire family!”

“Yeah, those three guys you’ve kissed? Two of them are my cousins and the other one was just using you get back at me! And do you really think I’m alone in all of this? Nobody feels like they can talk to you anymore except maybe Louis, but he’s just too blinded by this insane idea he has of how perfect you are. James and Maylin are in an outright war right now, but instead of talking to you like they usually would they’ve been coming to me. The other day while you were off hanging out with Danny, Hugo was looking for you because he wanted girl advice and didn’t feel comfortable going to anybody else, but obviously he couldn’t find you. And did you even notice what Lily said when she had the Stone? You’re her hero and you don’t even care. I don’t know what kind of crazy idea got into your head to make you think you’re a Weasley, but you’re not.”

My lungs lock up, and I feel like I can’t breathe. The room is suddenly gigantic, and my mother’s words are echoing in my head, You think you’re the first outsider to come here and try to fit in? Even Chase knows she doesn’t fully belong here. They don’t want you. I can’t take this, I just can’t take it. I rush out of the room, I need to breathe, there’s too many people standing outside the door. I push through them, I know these faces but I’m not one of them, and run down the stairs.

Rose wasn’t like this before. Why is she saying these things? She wasn’t like this. It’s because she’s a mother now. Being a mother has made her this way. Oh, Merlin, Rose, please don’t run away with Daryl.

I reach the bottom of the stairs and I know I should be out of breath but I’m not tired, I just need air. There’s air in the library, I’ll go into the library. I don’t feel okay. I don’t belong. I am just a Sidekick. Everything looks black.

Everything seems lighter now. I can breathe, but there’s faces looking down at me. I recognize them. Lily. Freddie. Albus. Louis.

I look up at them, my eyes big, “What happened?”

“You got in a big fight with Rose,” Lily says softly, “You rushed out and ran here, we ran after you and got here just in time to see you sit in the corner while still hyperventilating. I guess you blacked out; that happens sometimes with anxiety attacks.”

“Where’s everybody else?” I ask. The four cousins look at each other wearily, and I instantly know, “Oh. They’re with Rose. They chose to comfort Rose and not me.”

“Well, she was just in a coma,” Albus tries, “and pregnant. They’re probably more worried about her health than anything. But we’re here, doesn’t that count for something?”

My boyfriend (still not used to that), my ex-boyfriend, the resident womanizer of the family, and the sassy fourth year. I guess even this little ragtag team of friends was somewhat comforting.

“What time is it?” I ask, slowly standing up.

“Six A.M.,” Freddie says cheerfully, “One hour before class.”

I groan. I had been up all night; I was seriously considering skipping classes for the day.  But that’s when I remember there are no classes: only weird motivational seminars that are absolutely mandatory for all students. Great.

“Let’s go get breakfast,” Louis wraps his arm around me, “Maybe some food will help you feel better.”

The idea of eating, for once in my life, seemed utterly vile to me. Rose was my best friend, the person I trusted most, the single human in this world that I relied on more than anyone, and she hates me. I would probably start to vomit profusely if not for the lack of food in my stomach.

“Sure, I can eat,” I say, entirely to make Louis feel better. He gives me a suspicious look, but the five of us begin our walk toward the Great Hall anyway.

The names of the people, my friends, that chose to comfort Rose instead of me begin to involuntarily list off in my head. Maylin, James, Hugo, stop it, Roxanne, Song, Lucy, did I have no control over my own thoughts? Lysander, Lorcan. For some reason even the last two hurt, maybe because I’d recently started to think of them more as potential step-brothers rather than just the annoying twins that Lucy hung out with.

My slightly depressing train of thought is interrupted by a full-on collision with Wonderboy himself. I internally scold myself for how much better I feel just from seeing the warmth of his brown eyes.

“Oh sorry Baby Bun—“ he stops mid-sentence when he sees my expression, and then looks around at my somber little comfort party. Without a word, he puts his arms around me and pulls me into a hug; Louis will probably let this one slide.

Over my head, Danny talks to Louis as if I wasn’t even there, “What happened? What’s wrong with her?”

“She and Rose got into a big fight. It wasn’t pretty.”

“What? What could they have fought about that would be this big of a deal?” Wonderboy doesn’t seem to even realize he’s still holding me close to him, though his body heat is somehow comforting to me so I don’t really mind.

Louis hesitates before answering, and I wonder if it’s because he’s not sure about telling Danny about everything or if he’s hoping Danny will let go of me, “A spell went wrong and Rose slipped into a Nightmarish Coma. Chase and I got her the antidote in time this morning, but she was stuck in there all night. It brought to surface some resentments Rose had been building up lately, and I couldn’t hear any of it but it sounded like it all boiled over at once.”

Danny finally sets me free from his nice, warm hug, “What? Rose was in a coma? Where is she?”

“Trelawney’s classroom.”

Wonderboy looks at me, and then in the direction of the Divination Tower, obviously torn. Finally, his eyes rest back on me, “I’m sorry, Chase.” With that he jogs off in the direction of the girl he really loves.

Oh no, please don’t let Louis see how much this devastates me. I’ve caused enough damage; I pray to Merlin that the sharp pang of hurt in my chest doesn’t show on my face.

“Why’d he choose Rose?” Albus asks obliviously, “I thought he had a thing for Chase.”

Louis, whose expression is entirely unreadable, looks at me as if for permission. I nod, and Louis explains, “Danny’s been in love with Rose since first year. When he heard she was pregnant, he went crazy and tried to get with Chase instead. After I helped to stop that disaster from happening, he realized he still had feelings for Chase, but she obviously wasn’t having it so they decided to be just friends. And then she went and got herself a super fine hunk of a boyfriend.”

That last sentence almost makes me feel better about the entire situation, and I remember why Louis is better for me than Danny would ever be. For the first time since the fight, I smile up at my boyfriend. Grabbing his shirt by the collar, I pull him towards me. Grinning back at me, he leans down, his face mere centimeters from mine.

“Oh Merlin, you two are going to give me cavities from how sickly-sweet you are,” Lily rolls her eyes, and I realize it’s something I probably would have said about Molly J. and Ollie back when I was in fourth year. Maybe Lily actually is a younger version of me; she’s even best friends with the offspring of Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione. Looking at her now, though, I realize that she looks just like Rose. The long red hair, the beautiful face; if Lily had Aunt Hermione’s brown eyes rather than her father’s green, she could almost be Rose’s twin sister rather than her cousin. Fraternal twins, granted, but still twins.

Louis gives me a light peck before stepping away so as to not make everyone uncomfortable with our mushiness. I, once again, begin feeling the aching pain of being hated by Rose.

“Well, are we going to breakfast or not?” I ask blandly.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Freddie says, and we all herd ourselves towards the right direction once more.

The Great Hall isn’t too crowded; there’s maybe about five kids per table. However, they’re all bent over scrolls of parchment, writing fervently. I realize that many of the students back in the library had been doing the same.

“What’s everyone writing?” I ask as I sit down and begin to place some waffle sticks on Louis’s plate. He loved those, and it made me look like I was doing something.

Freddie answers, “They’re writing to their anonymous pen pal. We have until class begins to do it, so pretty much everyone writes to each other the morning before. We should probably do the same; with Trelawney’s goldfish-esque memory, she won’t remember that we had an extremely valid reason not to.”

We all take our papers out and begin to write while eating breakfast. Well, they eat, I just nibble on a baby carrot.

Me: Hiya there.

Them: Hey, I was starting to think you wouldn’t write.

Me: It’s been a rough night. I need something to distract me right now; tell me some form of drama that isn’t my own. Tell me your biggest secret.

Them: Yeah… you probably won’t want to hear about that. It’s really bad.

M: It can’t be much worse than how I’m feeling right now. Please?

T: Fine. Well… I’m kind of, sort of involved in an affair.

M: AN AFFAIR? Like you’re cheating on someone?

T: I won’t say whether or not I’m cheating on someone or someone is cheating with me, but you get the point. It’s bad.

M: Then why do you do it?

T: It’s just… hard to explain. I’ve tried breaking it off, but in the moment cheating doesn’t feel like cheating. And whenever this person kisses me or makes me feel special, I just get sucked right back in again.

M: Wow. I really hope they’re worth it.

T: Yeah, me too. So how about you? What secrets do you have?

M: I guess I can’t exactly dodge this since you just told me something really personal; plus, I kind of need to get this off my chest. I’m in a relationship with someone, someone I really care about, but I also have feelings for someone else. I try to stop, but I can’t. I mean obviously nothing has happened, but this other person just keeps making me feel things that I don’t want to feel for them. I would never ever cheat for more than just ethical reasons, but I can definitely understand where you’re coming from with the whole “want to stay away but you can’t” thing.

T: I really want to know who you are.

A flapping of wings distracts me, and I look up to watch as the morning mail comes in. To my surprise, a tired looking owl drops a letter down in front of me. And, judging by the handwriting, I know exactly who sent it to me.

“Who’s that from?” Louis asks after swallowing a mouthful of waffle sticks.

I breath in a deep gulp of air, “My mum.”

What?” Albus asks, “Chase, you’ve got to read it.”

“I don’t know. I’m scared.”

Louis looks at me carefully, as if trying to figure out how I’m reacting to all of this, “You don’t have to open it if you don’t want to.”

“No, Al is right. I’ve got to. I’m going to.” Carefully, I rip open the envelope. Inside is a sheet of parchment, the letter, and a weird little pellet thing.

I take a deep breath and open the letter. I decide that these friends are the ones that are going to be with me till the end, and that I want them to know what it says. They’ll probably know what to think of it better than I will. I read it out loud to them.

“My Dear Little Moonpie,

I’m so sorry. I’m SO sorry. I realize that you may never forgive me for this—and I’ve come to terms with that. All I want is for you to understand why I did what I did. Daryl is my soul mate and, even though he’s fourteen years younger than I am, I feel as though he’s the first person to truly see the real Hannah in a very long time. I wish you could meet him, but the comic book business is booming here in Santa Cruz and we won’t have time for a holiday back to England for months.

Anyway, I wasn’t quite sure how to show you how much I still love you, so I sent you a gift. You’re a wonderful young lady, and so I fittingly sent you the most skillful and majestic of gifts. Just tap the pellet with the end of your wand and you can meet your new pet; the shop owner said her name was Lady Francesca.

Love always,


I look up, dazed. She couldn’t have sent me a longer letter with more explanations? And now she’s trying to buy my love with an owl or a rat or something?

“Well?” Freddie smiles encouragingly, “Tap the pellet.”

Trying not to seem too disappointed by the letter, I decide I might as well. No one in our dorm had a pet; it might be nice to have a cat or something to keep us company. I take my wand out and lightly tap the little pellet.

The little thing begins smoking, releasing a mysterious tan gas into the air until it finally disappears with a slight pop. Next to where it was, however, is a full grown donkey.

“SHE SENT ME A DONKEY?” I exclaim before quickly clapping my hand over my mouth. A situation like this required as little outside attention as possible.

“Hey, she’s kind of sweet,” Louis grins cutely as Lady Francesca nudges him affectionately with her nose.

Lily looks shocked but excited, “We’ve got to get her up to your dorm before anyone sees her!”

A thought hits me and I whip out my wand, “Accio cloak!”

Within seconds, the invisibility cloak is in my hands.

“You’re going to put my dad’s cloak on a donkey?” Albus exclaims.

“Technically speaking, Al, it’s James’s cloak now. Don’t worry, she seems perfectly clean,” I drape the cloak over Lady Francesca, causing all but her hooves to seemingly vanish, “Let’s take her up to my dorm.”

“And then what?” Freddie asks.

I furrow my eyebrows, “I’m not quite sure.”

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Chapter 21: Changing Perspectives
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Crap. My finger was bleeding.

“Why is your finger bleeding?” Freddie asked.

“I got a paper cut on the letter Chase’s mum sent her.”

“Why did she even give you that?” He looks at me questioningly.

I plop down criss-cross applesauce onto the couch here in the common room. The two of us were sitting down here while Louis and Chase got Lady Francesca settled up in her dorm. I didn’t doubt that they wanted to go up alone for a reason: there was probably a lot he wanted told about whatever it is Rose was yelling at her for.

“She asked me to burn it for her. We probably shouldn’t do it in the fireplace here, though, she said she didn’t ever want to see it again and it’ll probably barely be rubble by the time she comes back down. Why don’t we go burn it in the Ravenclaw common room?” I get up and head towards the door.

Freddie follows me, “But what if we run into Lucy?”

I roll my eyes, “Despite what everyone seems to think, I don’t have a problem with Lucy. I have nothing against her. If she has a problem with running into me, I could honestly not care less.”

“I think you’re probably the least dramatic person in this absurd family,” he chuckles.

“Tell me about it,” I sigh; Hugo had once tried making Team Lily t-shirts, after Lorcan did make Team Lucy buttons, “It’s not that Lucy and I don’t like each other; we just don’t get along and don’t want to be friends. Our cousins seem to think that means we’re arch nemeses or something.”

“Our whole Potter-Weasley clan is a bit weird,” Freddie laughs, “That’s why, except for the occasional prank with James, I haven’t really involved myself with everyone. But I’ve come to realize that, despite all the craziness, our family will always be there for us if we need them. I decided I should really become more of a part of that.”

“And is dating Maylin a cause or an effect of that decision?”

He blushes and looks at the floor, “I guess you could call her further incentive.”

I smile at him and keep walking.

“Hey Lily?”


“You’re a smart kid. You don’t think I’m stepping on your brother’s toes with the whole Maylin thing, do you?”

“Albus? I know he’s good friends with Maylin but I don’t think he’ll mind,” I joke.

Freddie rolls his eyes, “You know what I mean. With James. He did kind of confess his love to her just the other day, I know he says he’s okay with me going out with her but I feel like it might be way too soon.”

I decide he deserves a serious answer, “Honestly, I don’t think James is okay with it. But if he doesn’t have the knackers to tell you that, then why should you be the one walking on eggshells?”

“You know what? You’re right. If James doesn’t want me to go out with her, he can say it to my face. Thanks, Lils, you’re pretty wise for your age.”

“Yeah, I know,” I grin at him. We reached the Ravenclaw common room and walked in. Apparently house rivalry had really gone down since McGonagall had taken down common room passwords.

“LORCAN, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU SPILLED ORANGE SODA ALL OVER MY DIVINATION ESSAY!” A huffing Lucy is the first thing we see when we walk in.

Lysander gives her a strange look, “Lucy, we don’t have classes this week.”

“IT WAS EXTRA CREDIT, OKAY? AND I WAS TALKING TO LORCAN,” the blondish-brown-haired girl’s pretty face is all red with anger.

Lorcan sips at his new cup of orange soda, “It’s fine, Luce. Just calm down.”

She sighs and some of the redness goes away, “You’re right, Lorcan. I’m sorry for yelling at you. We don’t even have classes this week.”

Lysander rolls his eyes before looking up to see Fred and me standing terrified just inside the door, “What are you two doing here?”

“Oh, um, hi Lysander,” I blush, earning a questioning look from Freddie, “Err, we just need to burn this letter in your guys’ fireplace.”

 “Sure…?” Lysander raises an eyebrow and stands up to hold out his hand for the letter.

“Erm, sorry, I think it’d be best if I burned it myself,” I tell him, “It’s a very personal letter.”

“Well we know nobody’s sending you any love letters,” Lorcan laughs.

“Oi, no need to be rude,” Lysander rolls his eyes again, “What has she done to you?”

“Well there was that one time she replaced my chili with warm dog food…”

“Be nice, Lorcan,” Lucy sighs, “Let her burn the letter and be on her way.”

“Hey, Lucy,” Freddie waves to his cousin while I go to throw the letter into their very neatly decorated fireplace.

“Hi, Freddie. I heard you asked Maylin out…? I thought she and James were a thing.”

“No, they had this big fight. They decided it would be best if they just stayed friends. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Maylin anyway, I’m pretty glad she and him are done with the whole on-and-off snogging thing for good now.”

“Okay,” I say once the letter is officially in ashes, “We can go now.”

Lysander looks at his watch, “It’s about time for our seminar. Why don’t the five of us walk there together?”

“Sure,” Freddie smiles, “Let’s go.”


I take a deep breath once I’m out of that stupid Divination classroom. Comforting Rose right now was not fun. I would prefer an emotional Chase to an emotional Rose any day, but Rose IS pregnant and she HAD kind of just been in a coma; it wasn’t really much of a choice.

But right now I had to face the consequences of a choice I did make: letting Maylin go and agreeing to ask Sienna out. Sure, I’d made out with Sienna before, but it had been the same deal as all the other girls in the school. We kissed for a while, it didn’t feel right, so I told her she was “too special to me” for us to go all the way. Was she still dating her boyfriend at the time? Well, yes, but is it my fault that she wanted to cheat on him? She was the one who came to me, after all. Okay, so maybe she had lied and told me beforehand that they’d broken up, and maybe I did feel kind of bad afterwards when I found out she’d been lying, but it was just one time. It’s not like I was her regular man-on-the-side or anything.

Now it was real, though. They had really broken up, I had really screwed things up with Maylin, and I really had to ask Sienna out. I looked at my watch; I had just enough time to find Sienna at breakfast before I had to come back to the Trelawney’s classroom.

I passed by a window and stopped for a second to look at my reflection; I looked like shit. My hair was even messier than usual and I needed to shave. Luckily, girls somehow love when I go with the whole bed-head and stubble look.

Suddenly, a conflicted looking boy collides straight into me.

“Sorry, I keep running into people today—Oh, hey James. Wow, you look like shit,” Danny Boot dusts himself off.

“Hey, Danny. Yeah, I know,” I sigh. Though I used to be close friends with the guy, he and I haven’t really talked since the whole incident with him trying to sleep with Chase in some sort of retaliation when Rose got pregnant.

“Were you just with Rose? Is she okay?”

“Uh, yeah. How did you know about that?”

He gets a guilty look, “I ran into Chase and them and they told me everything.”

My jaw drops, “You mean Chase told you about the fight and you left her to comfort Rose? Wow, that’s cold.”

“Yeah, I know,” he looks at the ground, “It seemed like the right choice at the time. But, I mean, how hurt can she really be? She and I may be friends now, but she did choose Louis over me. She’s dating HIM.”

“Right, and Rose is dating Scorpius. The difference is, despite whatever insane infatuations you may have, Chase is the one that actually kind of cares about you. But hey, you’re right. She’s the girlfriend of my best friend; I’m perfectly fine with you completely blowing her off so she can be happy with him. But she’s also one of my closest friends, and I don’t want a punk like you to hurt her like you have before,” Wow, why did I always sound so wise when I talked to Danny? No wonder he always came to me for advice.

Realization seems to settle over him, “You’re right. Rose doesn’t want me there, and now Chase probably doesn’t either. I think… I think I’m going to give them both some space for a while.”

I half smile and give him a pat on the shoulder, “There’s the Danny I used to know.”

“I’ll see you later,” he walks away thoughtfully, and I give a friendly salute.

I start to turn a corner when I stop in my tracks; Chase, Louis, Albus, Lily, and Freddie were just walking out of the Great Hall. Albus told the group he had somewhere to go, and the rest of them went off towards the common room while Al walked more in my direction.

“James,” Albus said in surprise when he saw me, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m about to go ask Sienna out. What was that weird clicking noise that was following you guys? It sounded almost like hooves.”

“Uhmm, not sure. Maybe it was one of the ghosts. How’s Rose holding up?”

“Oh, she’s fine. She cried a bit more after you guys all left, but Scorp calmed her down. When I left everyone had engaged in a friendly game of charades to help distract her. How about Chase?”

“I can’t really tell. She seemed like she was doing okay, but then she got a letter from her mum. You know how she is, it’s hard to tell if she’s taking it well or not.”

“Really? That on top of the fight with Rose and Danny taking off? Merlin, I should have gone with you guys instead of staying with Rose,” She had plenty of people there, and Scorpius was all she really needed anyway.

“Yeah. How did you know about Danny?”

“I just ran into him, he told me the whole story. I think I gave him some pretty good advice. Anyway, I really have to go find Sienna. Hopefully this will go fast.”

“Good luck with your freaky double date,” Al waves before walking off. I had too much on my mind to wonder where.

I finally make it into the Great Hall, and see Sienna in her usually place eating egg whites with Jenny Corner. I muss up my hair a bit more before walking over.

“I have to go,” Jenny winks just as I walk up, “I’ll leave you two to talk about whatever.”

“Hi, Sienna.”

“Hey, James. Sit down,” though she never lived there herself, Sienna’s mother was from Spain so her inflection always had just the tiniest twist of a Hispanic accent.

“Oh, I don’t really have time to sit. I actually just wanted to ask you something.”

Sienna was a pretty girl. She had light tan skin and long, wavy light brown hair, along with greenish hazel eyes. She was pretty, but she couldn’t quote Hemingway. She couldn’t make me laugh to the point of tears. She was too short. She had too wavy of hair. She didn’t have a face that showed me her emotions just like reading a book. Sienna was pretty, but she wasn’t Maylin.

“Really? What did you want to ask?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go on a double date, you and me with Freddie and Maylin.”

She smiles; she has dimples. Maylin doesn’t have dimples, “Sure, James, I would love to. Where and when?”

I give her all the information decided on by Freddie and Maylin, Maylin and Freddie, the perfect couple. But they weren’t, because Maylin and I were the perfect couple.

I remind myself that Maylin and I are just friends, despite the fact that I essentially put my heart on a platter and handed it to her. I guess she didn’t like the taste.

I smile a goodbye to Sienna, and she does the same. I decide I don’t like dimples and start on my way back to the seminar.


Setting up a nice little pen for Lady Francesca in the dormitory was easy. What was more difficult was the pain that came back once I was no longer distracted.

“What am I going to do?” I sigh, sitting down on my bed and putting my hands over my face.

I feel Louis sit down beside me, “You stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

I look up at him, “What?”

“I want you to feel happy again more than anything, but treating you like a wounded puppy isn’t going to do any help. A lot of crap is going on in your life all at once, but if you let it get the best of you then it’s all for nothing. You need to just suck it up and face it all like the brave Longbottom I know you are. You never really did take after your mum’s side, anyway.”

Gaping at him in astonishment, I start to smile, “You know what? You’re right. As usual, you are completely right. I can’t fix anything by moping around like this. Wow, this whole tough love thing you’re pulling is really attractive,” I lean up to kiss him.

“Not now,” he says between kisses, “We have to get to Trelawney’s.”

I groan, not wanting to take my lips away from his, “Do we have to go? I know I need to face my problems but do I have to do it right now?”

“These seminars are mandatory,” he says, though he doesn’t seem too eager to stop our little kissing session himself.

“Mandatory schmandatory,” I sigh, and he almost seems to give in.

Suddenly, his lips stop moving against mine.

“What is it?” I ask, very disappointed.

Louis starts to almost giggle, “I’m sorry, I just can’t do this with your donkey staring at us.”

I turn around to see Lady Francesca watching us very intently. Great, Louis and I have been cockblocked by a donkey. A few days ago I would never have thought I would ever be saying that sentence for so many reasons.

Sighing, I give in, “Alright, we probably should go to the stupid seminar.”

I give Lady Francesca a carrot and we head towards the Divination Tower. I notice Fred and Lily have gone from the common room, she must not have wanted to burn the letter in the Gryffindor fireplace. Smart girl.

“So I was thinking we should give our first date another try,” Louis says thoughtfully.

I laugh, “What? You mean all of your first dates don’t usually go like ours did?”

He rolls his eyes, deciding to ignore my comment, “I think we should just play it simple; it gives less room for disaster. How about Hogsmeade on Saturday?”

“Maybe we can actually have a normal evening together. It sounds absolutely perfect.”

“Of course it does. I mean you do totally want to marry me.”

“Are you ever going to let that go?” I can’t help but smile at his reference to me explaining our wedding plans to Frichard the live-at-home potion master.

“Probably not. Oh, I meant to ask you. I get that Rose was in a bad position and whatever she was yelling about was probably irrational, but what was she actually angry about?”

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. Why did he have to ask that? I couldn’t very well go on and say, ‘Nothing much, she was just angry at me for dating you while secretly hosting involuntary feelings for Wonderboy. So how about that weather?’ But I also have zero desire to start lying to him one day into our relationship, or at all really. Maybe I would just have to… omit the truth. That’s not nearly the same as lying. Is it?

“She was angry about some weird stuff that happened in her nightmares, like me having an affair with Scorpius and her baby being Nosferatu. Like you said, irrational things,” that wasn’t necessarily lying. It wasn’t the whole truth, either, but no one had to know that.

We continue walking until we’re just outside the classroom. I stand there staring at the door. My stomach didn’t just have butterflies, it had entire moth men fluttering around in there.

Suddenly my hand was enveloped in the warmth of Louis’s. I looked up at him, and he raised his eyebrows back down at me.

“Are you okay?” he asked. The familiar sound waves of his voice wafted around me, tugging me towards the reality I had to face. It reminded me of when we were kids, him standing right there beside me and whispering assurances into my ear like he always had when I needed to be brave. I don’t think I had ever understood until now just how much I had always needed him; I would never be the person I was today if he hadn’t been the angel on my shoulder all of my life. And yet I still felt the need to omit the truth from my guardian angel of a boyfriend.

“No,” I realize I’m whispering and I’m not sure why, “But I have to do it anyway. You were right when you said I need to face this. No matter what happens, things can always be worse. Let’s just hope the worse isn’t what happens right now.”

“Okay, I’m proud of you,” he leans down to kiss me on the cheek, and I feel his smile on my skin. Why couldn’t I just be happy with him? He was absolutely perfect, and yet my subconscious couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that Louis was all I needed. I couldn’t just have the angel on my shoulder, I had to go and add a devil named Danny too.

I let go of Louis’s hand—I didn’t deserve it right now—and walk through the door. I take in a deep breath of air and look around at the people I considered family, mentally preparing myself for whatever reactions they may have.

I had not been expecting everyone, immediately after seeing me, to push me into a corner alone with Rose and then rush off into the other corner acting like they hadn’t all just had an instinctual instance of sabotage. Fortunately, Louis and Scorpius hadn’t been in on the little family plot, so they were also standing speechless next to us.

“Well,” Scorpius shrugs with a smile as Rose looks at me with watery eyes, “I guess you two better get talking.”

Rose nods, “You two should go. There are things we need to talk about that are just between us.”

I give her a grateful look. She didn’t have to do that; she could have just told Louis right there and then about how I still had feelings for the very boy he’d saved me from and had lied about it to top that all off.

“Thank you,” I half whisper once they’ve cautiously left.

She looks at me sadly, “There’s really no reason for me to be so angry at you about this. Who am I to judge you for feelings you don’t even want to have? I just… It was so scary. The nightmares. When I woke up it took me a while to remember who’s good and who’s bad. But now I’m awake, and I know you’ll always be good.”

I’m overcome by relief, “Oh, Rose, I’m so glad to hear that. But I mean you weren’t unjustified in being angry; it’s a messed up thing I’m doing, and I know I need to tell Louis the truth, but I just can’t right now. I just got him after all this time, I’m not quite ready to let him go yet. With everything that’s been going on lately… I get why you’re mad at me, I’ve been stealing the attention that rightly belongs to you and you’re not used to that and neither am I—“ Oh no, why did I keep talking? Why did I have to add that last part? I knew this wouldn’t end well, what was wrong with me?

“Stealing my attention?” Rose blinks at me, “Is that what you think? That I’m some conceited egoist who can’t go a second outside the spotlight?”

“No! That’s not what I said! It’s just like, you’re the star and I’m the sidekick. And I like it that way. That’s how all friendships work; one person always outshines the other. And I’m fine with being the non-shiny one.”

“All friendships are not like that, and as far as I’m concerned ours definitely isn’t either. Every pair doesn’t need a shiny one, any two people with something in common can be best friends,” Rose states indignantly.

“You and I both know that’s not how friendship works. A dull person latches on to a sparkly person, they don’t need anything in common. I mean, think about Posey. If she had some shred of a heart you two would be like the same person. But do you want to go out for tea with the likes of her?”

“I’m sure if we had to we could get along just fine! What about you? You have nothing in common with Macey Ackerly, but there’s no doubting her ‘sparkliness’.  Maybe the two of you can have a slumber party! You could dish all about who has better hair, Louis or Danny!” she giggles sarcastically.

I pout like a little girl, “I could hang out with Macey Ackerly if I wanted to! I’d bet you anything I’d last longer as Macey’s best friend than you would as Posey’s.”

“Anything?” Rose raises her eyebrows mischievously, “How about Ol’ Faithful?”

My jaw drops. She wanted me to put my beloved car on the line?

“You think that car is the ugliest thing on the continent. Why would you want her?” I ask suspiciously.

Rose smiles sadistically, “It wouldn’t be so ugly if I were to reupholster the seats and go over that awful paint job with a nice pink.”

“Ew! You’ll go nowhere near her awesome black racing stripes!”

“It looks like a bumblebee!”

“It looks hella sick!”

“If by sick you mean unhealthy with illness then yes, hella sick.”

“Nobody insults Ol’ Faithful,” I glare at her before holding out my hand, “You’re on.”

We shake on it. She then looks at me with an unsure expression, “But does this, uh, does this mean… Can we still be friends again in the meanwhile?”

“Of course,” I smile, and then can’t help but laugh, “But I can’t be your best friend since that position is soon to be filled by Posey Parkinson-Johnson.”

Her nose wrinkles in distaste, “Right. Posey. Well, I guess we better go tell everyone that Hogwarts is no longer a war zone.”

We do just that, before having to sheepishly explain our bet to everyone.

Luckily, after all that’s been settled, I find myself sitting in a corner alone with Louis.

“It’s been an hour,” he says, “I don’t think Trelawney plans on showing up today…”

“Bummer,” I feign disappointment as I wrap my arms around his neck, “I guess this means we won’t get to participate in friendship ruining, coma-inducing activities for today.”

“Hmm, what on earth will we do instead?” Louis looks deviously around to make sure no one is watching us before pulling me into one of our usual amazing, mind-numbing kisses.

Except this time, it’s… not.

He pulls away and gives me an almost alarmed look, “That kiss was, uh… not our best. Here, hold on.”

He kisses me again, and then again, and then again. Each time it’s just as rather unusually awkward as the last.

“This isn’t right,” I frown after the fifth kiss.

“No,” Louis bites his lip, the gears in his head spinning as he tries to figure out what happened to our sparks since we kissed perfectly just a few hours ago, “No it’s not.”