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Jaded by giftofthenymphs

Format: Novella
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 13,491
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire
Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, OC/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/14/2012
Last Chapter: 08/25/2012
Last Updated: 08/25/2012


It's back to Hogwarts and things aren't likely to go as smoothly as everyone hoped, especially when Rose Weasley goes missing. However, it's hard to concentrate on what matters most when you're a crazy hormonal teenager.

"Could we please put your pathetic love life on hold for a second and worry about rescuing our cousin, James?"


Chapter 1: The Station
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I hated the way everyone always gawked at me. Yeah, I get it. I was stood here with the famous Harry Potter, and I was his son – who happened to look exactly like him. Dad never got tired of it, he was always flattered by people coming up to him and congratulating him on his extraordinary work. Killing the Dark Lord and all. I never meant to sound ungrateful or anything, it was just bloody irritating. The first years and their parents were staring at me absolutely dumbstruck. And by staring at me, I meant staring at me stood with my father and siblings. And my oh so large extended family that were bound to come and add to this terrific scene any moment. Though I think a lot of the females present were staring at my brother, though I don’t know what they saw in a man slut like him. James looked a lot like me, only taller – I was the shorty of the family, either that or my little sister Lily was just freakishly tall, as she was nearing my height at a pace way to speedy for my comfort – and he had brown eyes instead of green. He always managed to look effortless and handsome, and I had to work hard to make sure I didn’t look like a troll before I left the house. My hair had its own fun little hobby of standing up in various directions, it looked good on James, but it made me look ridiculous.






Kings Cross was bustling as usual, Muggles totally oblivious to the vast amount of magical folk present at the current time. I was never quite sure how they didn’t notice large ensembles of teenagers and parents slipping straight through what appeared to be a solid brick wall. I figured Muggles were a bit dim. I remembered back to my first day, when I'd taken that first frightening step through a solid wall, and how astounded I'd been at the sight of the crimson train on Platform 9 ¾, I'd stood there staring at it for quite a while in total awe, and even now I couldn’t decide if the damn thing was ugly or beautiful.




It was nowhere near eleven yet, but the platform was still crowded. James had gone off hunting for prey, or rather a willing girl he could slip back into his dormitory later on. He could have been a little more subtle about it considering our parents were watching him with scornful eyes. But subtle had never been his thing. He was flirting with Laurel Jordan again, or perhaps she was trying to convince him that they should pair up as ‘friends with benefits’ more often. Laurel was an awful vindictive Slytherin, giving a bad name to the rest of us. Daisy Wheeler and Sophie Wood – having just walked through the wall and witnessing the scene – burst into a fit of giggles. I had come to find myself almost friends with the two girls. They were in the year above me, and below James, and they were nice enough. Daisy was too pretty for her own good, and it often got her in trouble, not that she couldn’t fend for herself. When I first met her at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall on my very first day at Hogwarts, I’d labelled her as a prissy, uptight bitch. Sure she was rich and her family was pureblood, but she wasn’t always stuck up her own arsehole, especially as the years had gone by. She was one of those girls that other females instantly despised, figure of a model, long wavy blonde hair and smouldering brown eyes, but once you’d spent five minutes within her presence, she was impossible not to love. Sophie was different, a lot shorter than Daisy, only coming up to her friend’s shoulder. She had defined cheekbones and dark brown curly hair with just a hint of red in it, given her Irish descent. She also had shocking green eyes, that always reminded me of our neighbour’s cat in Godric’s Hollow. Sophie was also a fine Quidditch player, an amazing chaser. Anything that made Slytherin look good, I was happy with.




The next person to catch my eye, diverting my attention from my brother and his new playmate, was my cousin Louis Weasley. He was in my year, only in Ravenclaw, not that being in different houses stopped us being good friends around school. He looked a hell of a lot older than fifteen, and the kid was a genius, if only he applied himself a little more. Having spent so much time with Fred while he was growing up, the rebellious side of him was brought out a little more than was healthy. Due to him, Ravenclaw often lost a lot of housepoints, something that the rest of them weren’t so fond of him for. He tousled his dark hair – it’d been blonde last time I’d seen him – and attacked me in a bear hug. He was only a little taller than me (I would reach six foot one day) but he had a massive presence which made him seem a lot bigger than he was.




“Lou-Lou, do us all a favour and piss off would you?” His older sister, Dominique said fondly, playfull nudging her brother out of the way and greeting me with a hug. Louis scoffed at her. Dom was slender, but short, and very elegant. There was something about her demeanour that was intriguing and mysterious, it was less defined as in Victoire, although they looked basically the same, the only difference being Dominique was a natural brunette, though there were visible undertones of Weasley red coming through. I had a feeling she dyed it occasionally, probably stealing Louis’ product, not that she’d ever admit it. Victoire quickly followed Dominique, though heading first for my parents instead of me, most likely to protect their innocent little ears from a tirade of swears that would undoubtedly come pouring out of Louis’ mouth soon enough. The kid had a bit of a problem when it came to swearing. Victoire had graduated Hogwarts the previous year, and was already working underneath the Chief Healer at St Mungos, she definitely hadn’t been sat on her arse all summer.




I was taken aback slightly when Bill and Fleur approached, to notice that Teddy was nowhere in sight. Teddy and Vic had been practically inseperable for as long as I could remember, except for when Ted had to go away for matches, he played Quidditch for the Falmouth Falcons, but as far as I was aware he didn’t have a scheduled match for another month.




I cast the thought aside as I noticed Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey approaching, several steps ahead of their daughters, apparently arguing. Over something petty no doubt, the two of them never shut up. I wasn’t surprised that Molly looked aggravated. Lucy was the more laid back of the two, her hair was as orange as it could possibly be, it was short and uncared for in a way that still looked respectable. She was wearing an overlarge hoody and some scuffed denim jeans, looking oddly downcast compared to her fiery older sister. Molly’s hair was short too, only not as carelessly dejected as her sister’s; it always looked prim and proper, as did its bearer. She was wearing an expensive looking fitted dress that I thought was too formal for the simple occasion of returning to Hogwarts. Lucy propelled herself onto Louis back, and he let out a gasp in response, struggling to steady himself. It was very rare to ever see Lucy or Louis without the other, they were as close as two people could be. While her sister was animatedly catching up on what couldn’t be more than a few days’ worth of gossip with Louis, Molly tried to avoid the calls of Lorcan Scamander, as he tried to battle his way through the crowds. She buried herself in a dynamic conversation with Dominique and Victoire. 




I was nearly knocked off my feet as the blonde idiot I called my best friend hexed me from just a few feet away. How stupid it was of me not to see this coming. Ever since Scorpius and I first got sorted into Slytherin together, we’d greeted each other with the odd harmless curse here and there. We’d both gotten our fair share of bruises from this tradition. We’d never gotten into much trouble for it, even though we were underage and outside of school. Must be my Potter charm.




“Hey, dickhead, how’s the old ball and chain?” I asked draping my arm around his shoulder as he fell into step next to me and we navigated our way far from the crowded space around my parents. He pulled a face at me, before staring longingly off into the distance, it was then I could tell that she was coming.




Only seconds later, a certain redhead cousin of mine threw herself into the arms of my best friend, and they began cackling loudly in a way that made my ears want to explode.


“Scorp! I’ve missed you so much, hey, don’t-“ Rose shrieked as he began tickling her violently.


“I may vomit,” I said, making a faux retching sound, even though I knew I was being ignored. Uncle Ron, who was standing just a few feet away with Hugo and Aunt Hermione, didn’t look impressed. My father was accepting enough of my friendship with Scorpius, but Rose’s dad was a whole other story. Ron absolutely despised Scorpius, which I thought was unfair. When Ron starting moving closer with an angry expression on his face I knew things wouldn’t go down too well.


“Get your filthy hands off her, you little git.” Ron shouted. Everything within a billion mile radius went silent. Rose glared and Scorpius tried hopelessly to compose himself.


“Sorry, Mr Weasley. Didn’t see you there…” he pulled an awkward expression, before turning to Rose and kissing her on the cheek, “I’ll catch you later then, Rosie.”


Scorpius walked away, sending me a I’ll-see-you-later-if-I’m-still-breathing look. I turned my attention to my cousin, she didn’t look impressed.


“For Merlin’s sake, Dad! Why do you have to ruin everything!” Rose yelled, before storming off straight past him, boarding the train with Louis and Lucy following behind her, totally unaware of the scene that had just unravelled before their eyes. Hugo gave his father a sarcastic look, before applauding him. “Well done, Dad. I think that’s a new record.” With that, Hugo left, and I pretended I wasn’t still stood there on my own totally dumbfounded. As I turned to rejoin humanity, I heard Hermione slap her husband on the arm and mutter something about common decency. I made a mental note to myself to check on Rose when we were en route to Hogwarts. 





Chapter 2: Misfortune
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“Come on, Rosie, lighten up!” Scorpius trilled, nudging my arm. I continued to glare out of the window, but leaned into him slightly to let him know his gesture was appreciated, but at the same time suggesting he shut the hell up. I was still extremely annoyed at my father, there was no need to take it out on Scorp, I knew, but I was never a very nice person when I was irate like this. My so-called Father had some sort of issue with Scorpius that stemmed from his parentage. So what, Scorpius’ father used to be a Death Eater? Big deal. Scorpius was a nice enough guy, and surely Dad could grow up a bit and accept the fact that I, Rose Weasley, was dating Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Mum always made a big deal about not judging people because of who they were related to, because not every child is a clone of their parents, believe it or not.






Scorp and Al were being idiots as usual, trying to crack jokes and slip me the gross flavours of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans. I was having none of it. Usually, I’d joke along with them, but not today. Louis and Lucy were a great deal more bearable, the two of them lost in their own conversation of how they’d spend the next few weeks, wild James Sirius Potter style parties in the Room of Requirement, getting stoned on the Astronomy tower. I’d much rather not have to overhear such conversations, and I sent them death glares when they tried to convince little Hugo to join them. Hugo was a quiet kid, very introverted and preferred to keep to himself and focus on his studies. Some said he was a bore, but once you got to know him, he was probably one of the nicest people I knew. People never gave the kid enough credit.






The worst part of returning to Hogwarts was the long train ride on the Express. It was about as boring as was humanly possible, it’d been fun the first few times – staring out the window, gawking at Muggle creatures we passed and joking around. Sure it was a good time to catch up, but when half the school is related to you, and you already know all their business, there’s not much to talk about. There was also the fact  that I got ridiculous motion sickness, I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d thrown up in this very compartment - the grossed out look of my friends and relatives as they cleaned it up with a quick charm was always the same. It was fair to say that train journeys didn’t really agree with me. I usually tried my best to fall asleep, and get it all over and done with in a jiffy, but that hadn’t worked this time. I’d been far too annoyed to relax my muscles and drift off against Scorp’s shoulder. So I settled for glowering at my reflection and trying desperately to keep the contents of my stomach firmly where they were.


I tuned out the mutterings of the others in the compartment. Al and Scorp were hooting and tossing sweets at each other, brains of a pair of five year olds, Lucy and Louis trying to subtly convince Hugo to join their gang of misfits, which was hardly a gang, really. Usually their infamous posse involved the two of them and Katarina Zabini, and occasionally a few others from their year who were feeling rebellious, cutting class together and trying to avoid detention. The pair of them were awfully good liars and forgers, the amount of notes signed by Madame Pomfrey they’d faked over the years was preposterous. There were about two hours of this left to go, so I busied my mind with thoughts of Hogwarts, my second home, from the delicious array of food at the feast, that my brother always ate far too much of, to sneaking into the kitchens with Lucy and Louis from time to time, while my best friend Georgia Hoffman - whom I hadn’t seen so far today - whined and complained about how we might get caught. Severely lacking in Gryffindor courage if you ask me. Louis and Lucy were always great fun to hang out with, and Albus and Scorp often joined us when we’d gone swimming in the Black Lake after curfew and then spent the next week scrubbing the grubby suits of armour as punishment. The rest of us didn’t cut class as much as Louis and Lucy did, but they were both Ravenclaws and would have no trouble catching up on the heaps of work they’d missed, if they had it in them to bother. This year being OWL year, I feared for them a little. They always got passed end of year exams with flying colours, which annoyed the hell out of the rest of us who worked so hard and hardly ever achieved as they did. In the eyes of Percy and Audrey, Lucy was Little Miss Perfect; it never failed to surprise me how unaware they were of their daughter’s antics, and never even saw through Molly’s half-arsed attempts at covering for her younger sibling. Fleur and Bill, however, were fully aware of what Louis got up to, and had given up trying to calm his rebellious side, hoping that it’d all play itself out in due time. I highly doubted that Louis behaviour was a phase, though.






“Rose! Rose! Rosie!” Scorpius said gently, shaking my shoulders trying to grab my attention. I wasn’t aware that I had been ignoring him, I heard him, but I wasn’t paying attention. He calling my name was just a niggling noise at the back of my mind, something that could be easily tolerated and pushed aside.


“OI, WEASLEY!” Albus yelled, playfully smacking me round my head. I blinked a few times and narrowed my eyes at him, he responded with a coy grin. Arsehole. I thought about hexing him for a second, and decided against it. Uncle Harry wouldn’t like me so much for that, and I’d rather stay on Harry’s good side, it did have its benefits.


“Rose, we have to go get changed.” Lucy chimed, tossing my uniform at me and giving me an impatient stare. I shook myself further out of my reverie and gave her a smile, getting up to follow her out of the compartment, smacking Al’s shoulder as I went. He pulled a face at me and Scorpius laughed. Mature.






We weren’t the only students rushing to get changed at the last minute, with a glance out of the window I saw we were about half an hour from Hogsmeade station. I hadn’t noticed the sky grow darker, it was now a foggy dark grey, last time I’d paid attention to it, the sun was still high and there wasn’t a fluffy white cloud in sight. Lucy and I pushed past the crowd of frightened first years, moving forward hastily to see what had been holding them up. I knocked a third year boy out of my way and saw Rheagan Goldstein leaning against the entrance to her compartment, already changed into her Gryffindor robes. Rheagan was the definition of beautiful, she was tall and curvy, with ridiculously long legs, she had long chocolate brown hair that fell, dead straight, down to the small of her back, and big dark eyes that I always found rather intimidating. She didn’t have that kind of atmosphere about her being though; she gave off a sweet vibe and hardly ever frowned. She was frowning now, though. My idiot cousin, easily a head taller than her, was arguing in a hushed voice. Rheagan didn’t look to be having any of it, which only infuriated James further. He was leaning against the door to the compartment, his face too close to hers than could possibly be comfortable for either of them. Rheagan hissed profanities in response and I saw something I hadn’t noticed before. Laurel Jordan flicked her perfect jet black hair and turned away with a triumphant smile. I knew this scene had been her doing; she loved creating arguments between people, something that irritated everyone to no end. Her favourite victims were James and Rheagan. She was infatuated with James, and even though the two of them would be two perfect slutty little peas in a pod, James felt absolutely nothing towards her. To him she was only good for a quick shag every now and then.






I tried not to think about that too much.






So what would Laurel do in retaliation? Mess up his relationship with the one girl James had ever loved. Rheagan Goldstein. It didn’t make much difference, Rheagan had had enough of James back in third year, and to say he’d had commitment issues was a slight understatement. Even at the tender age of thirteen he had no problem sleeping around half of the school. So that ended his relationship with her, after just six months when she’d finally gotten fed up of giving him second chances. He’d spent the last four years hopelessly trying to win her back. In a way I felt sorry for him, I’m sure it wasn’t entirely his fault he was a disgusting man whore. Some people thought it was kind of pathetic, while some of the crazy singletons thought it was romantic and secretly wished it was them. I’d often heard them calling Rheagan insane for turning him down.


Unfortunately for Laurel, I wasn’t in the mood for her fucking up my cousin’s life even more than he’d fucked it up himself right now, just as she’d been doing since he dumped her after six weeks of trying to get over Rheagan four years ago. She was persistent, I’d give her that. I pulled my wand out of my back pocket, and threw the first spell at her I could think of. It narrowly avoided hitting James as he tossed his raven head back finally looking like he was about to give up. Laurel stumbled as the hex hit her. She screamed.


Actually, I think to say she screamed is a bit soft. She shrieked the foulest blood curling noise I’d ever heard in my life. And I highly doubted I’d ever hear at that particular frequency again – not that I wanted to. I’d hit Laurel Jordan with the Furnunculus Curse, and ghastly boils began to sprout all over her perfect olive skin. I wish I’d been able to say that I was safe after this. But obviously that wasn’t going to happen.


“You BITCH, Weasley!” she yelled, pulling her own wand out of her green robes. “Sectumsempra!”





Chapter 3: Devious
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Laurel's POV


I was going to kill that rotten bitch Weasley. How dare she humiliate me like that! Especially in front of Potter, she’d pay for it. I’d be sure of it. I would make sure she lived to regret messing with Laurel Jordan. I think I managed to get her back quickly enough, though. I was far from happy that I’d had to be dragged off the train and all the way up to the hospital wing with students unable to peel their eyes away from me. Even covered in gruesome boils, I was a damn sight more attractive than any of them, I was sure. Weasley had a thick gash across her neck, I’d hit her jugular with my curse. I smiled to myself. That was going to leave a permanent scar, and if it didn’t I could always keep making new ones until it did. Or she died. I would have been happy with either. She was faint and drowsy by the time we were at the hospital wing, I hoped that meant she was on her way out. I could figure out a way to patch things up with Potter. If nothing else, the fact that I was a great shag would have him crawling back in no time. He’d get over the loss of his relative.


Potter hadn’t been too impressed with me for using such a “destructive” curse on his precious little cousin, but I’m fairly sure it’d be a good warning to him that if he angered me, I could inflict some pain. Potter, I’m pretty sure, had stormed off straight to his dormitory, leaving his younger brother and the Malfoy kid with little helpless Rosie. Pity.




Madame Pomfrey had rushed straight to Weasley on our entrance, ignoring me completely, other than silently ordering me to take a seat with a flick of her hand. I thought I was more important and clearly in greater need of medical attention, besides Weasley deserved what she’d gotten. At first the old witch hadn’t made the connection between the two of us being involved in the same incident. Dumbass. Someone was clearly a Hufflepuff.




“Miss Weasley, I’ve only ever seen one curse before capable of damage such as this. Who cast it?” the old bat had croaked, only for Weasley to shout some profanities and point at me. When Pomfrey turned around, I gave her a sweet smile. Dear old Poppy muttered something about the Headmaster, but I ignored it. After all, I was only acting in self-defence. Nobody makes Laurel Jordan ugly and gets away with it. Professor Flitwick could crawl up his own tiny arse for all I cared.




Just as she mentioned him, the dwarf that was our loyal headmaster, Professor Flitwick, stormed into the room in a rather amusing way. The old fellow had a thing for perfect timing. His height however, didn’t really help him much. It made him seem more comical rather than threatening.




“What is going on here?” He yelled. Jeez, for such a small guy, he had a set of lungs on him. I don’t think he even expected an answer, because he kept screaming about tarnishing the reputation of Hogwarts, before turning to Weasley and demanding information. Weasley’s little brat of a brother and Potter’s sister gave each other a worried look, before moving out of the doorway to sit on the bed next to our little Rosie’s.




“That bitch tried to kill me!” Rosie bellowed back at him, she tried to stand, but Pomfrey shoved her back down onto the bed, muttering about blood loss. Flitwick turned around, as if he hadn’t previously noticed my presence. He glowered.




“Well, well, Miss Jordan. I think this must be a new record for you. You’ve already put a fellow student in the hospital wing and school hasn’t even started yet.” Oh, yes, I had a strong reputation here at Hogwarts for putting several annoying little nippers in the hospital wing. Last year, a second year ended up in St Mungos because I’d hexed him so hard for not completing my Potions essay to a reasonable standard. I never did find out what happened to him. His family tried to sue me or something, but settled with Flitwick giving me detentions for six months and disallowing me trips to Hogsmeade. I still went, of course, using the secret tunnel Potter had showed me during our fling in third year.




“I was purely acting in self-defence, Professor.” I said, smirking. “As you can see, I got the worse end of the deal.” His mouth opened in shock, as if to say are-you-freaking-kidding-me and looked between the gash on Weasley’s neck and the gross looking boils that had popped up all over my face. Rosie just narrowed her eyes, as did the rest of her pathetic little kin. And they thought I was the bitch.



“Never in my time at Hogwarts have I ever seen such disgrace, Miss Jordan. One hundred points from Slytherin! And fifty from Gryffindor.”



Albie and Scorpie, the darlings, jumped off their seats and began protesting, before a look from Flitwick silenced them. “You’ll pay for this, Jordan!” Potter mouthed menacingly as he backed out of the hospital wing, followed by Scorpius who had stopped momentarily to plant a kiss on Weasley’s cheek. How revolting.



“Detentions for a month, both of you!” Flitwick yells, and when Weasley begun to protest he barked an order at her to shut the hell up or something and stormed right out of the room, casting a charm behind him that left my face totally boil free. At least he goes out in style.




“You two can go now, straight to the Great Hall. And for the love of Merlin don’t kill each other.” Pomfrey wheezed as she finished bandaging Weasley’s neck and returned to her office looking like she couldn’t really give a tiny Pixie’s arse if me and Rosie killed each other. She just wouldn’t want to do the paperwork.




I’d rather not have had to walk with Weasley, since I hated her and everything, but some things in life just can’t be escaped. So we walked to the Great Hall in stony cold silence for a few minutes, until she gave up glaring and silently cursing me to hell or whatever.




“It’s all your fault, you know!” She’d stopped walking, maybe expecting me to come to a halt and acknowledge her. Instead she just shouted and my retreating figure like a moron.




“You say that like it’s a bad thing, Weasley.”




“You always fuck everything up! And…and it’s not like you don’t do it intentionally. What good do you get out of ruining other people’s lives?”



I turned around to face her. “When you get rid of all the idiots, the world’s a better place.” I smiled at her, she looked infuriated. She kept opening and closing her mouth as if to say something, but instead she just looked like a retarded goldfish. So instead of standing there watching her gawk at me, I headed off towards the Great Hall without her.




“James doesn’t want you!” Her voice came booming behind me, echoing off the walls through the empty corridors. I stopped, not because she’s gotten to me or anything. More because of the shock that she said anything, and that it came so loudly. “He’ll never want you, Jordan! Not as a friend, not as a fuckbuddy, not as a lover or anything like that. Get your fucking twisted little brain around it, JAMES SIRIUS POTTER LOVES RHEAGAN KATHERINE GOLDSTEIN.” I scoffed and kept walking, shaking my head and flicking my hair behind my shoulders. I knew that if I turned around I’d be greeted by an angry expression on a face as red as the girls hair. So I left it. As far as I was aware, she didn’t follow me. She might’ve gone straight back to her dormitory, ignoring Pomfrey’s orders. Naughty. Or she might have spontaneously combusted, I didn’t really care either way.




As I opened the massive oak doors leading into the Great Hall, a sort of hush fell over the crowds of people, and they all stared at me. Probably wondering how I managed to be so beautiful on such a regular basis. If you’ve got it, flaunt it and make others jealous, as Mother used to say. I noticed Wood and Wheeler roll their eyes and sigh, exchanging a sarcastic comment, quite possibly. I approached them, tapping Wheeler more forcefully than necessary on the shoulder. She gave me a dirty look but moved up to take a seat between her and Kasper Zabini. Dominique Weasley looked about ready to burst, not even able to control the redness in her face, or the tension in her muscles.



“Do you want something? Or are you constipated?” I snapped at her, her mouth fell open and she could barely help but start yelling.




“What the fuck is wrong with you, Jordan? Do you have some sort of sick need to make everyone else’s lives hell? WHERE IN THE NAME OF MERLIN DID YOU LEARN THAT SPELL ANYWAY!?”



Weasley had silenced the entire Hall, even the teachers leaned in slightly to hear my response. I cast my memory back to fourth year, after charming rocks to pelt themselves at some first years I’d had to serve detention with Professor Heyes – just about the creepiest professor that ever lived. He’d lost something with a long name that I couldn’t pronounce, and told me to find it for him in the room where everything is hidden. Seriously that’s all the information I’d been given. It wasn’t much to go on. He decided to send a house elf with me so I wouldn’t go astray. Considerate old chap, isn’t he? How was I supposed to know where the fuck that room was? And then it just kind of appeared. The door, I mean. So naturally, I went through it and found what resembled a much cluttered loft space with high ceilings and useless crap everywhere. Very dark and dingy, and everything looked charred and it smelt a bit like smoke and bad deodorant mixed with the prominent smell of yuck. I found the book just lying there, it was all gross and tattered, and usually I wouldn’t even consider touching it. The idiot house elf was intrigued by it, though, and found it of some importance. It was an old NEWT Potions text book, covered in scribbles and belonging to some strange person who had the nerve to call himself a prince. Come on, who does that? Being the endearing and curious person of such high intellect I am, I flicked through the pages with great care to make sure all the shit that radiated from it didn’t ruin my manicure. I found the spell just written there on one of the pages, it didn’t say what it did or anything, and I swore I’d find out. It only jumped back into my memory when the bitch Weasley attacked me. For all I knew it could have spurted out rose buds – that would have been fitting. How was I supposed to know it would nearly behead her? It was funny though. A good laugh to tell the Grandkids.




“Stumbled across it.” I smirked, Dominique looked fit for murder.




“You’re an awful bitch, you know that?”




How original of her. Like I haven’t been told that ten times a day since I was seven.




“I actually quite pride myself on that, actually.” After all, being a bitch meant people were scared of you, and naturally they’ll do anything to get on your good side for the most part. It’s a fun life.


She made some sort of animal-like screeching noise and lunged across the table, narrowly missing my cheek with her three inch talons. It’d been Daisy who grabbed Dominique’s arm and stopped her from attacking my beautiful face. I wasn’t quite sure why she did it, nor was I grateful since I could have done as much myself, but Dominique’s face was just about the funniest thing ever. It was a little distracting.


Flitwick cleared his throat, and stood on his podium that he barely managed to peek over the top of.


“Welcome to the start of a wonderful year at Hogwarts.” Not likely. “I’m sure you’ll all have an eventful year. Please make note of extracurricular activities that I encourage you all to take part in.” He wishes. “There will be house competitions in these areas that will win points for your houses and help you towards winning the house cup at the end of this magnificent year. I must also bring attention to sixth year Apparition classes that will begin in October; all information can be found on the notice boards in your common rooms. As usual I must warn you to stay away from the Forbidden Forest at all costs. Members of staff have been warned not to enter either, so if you end up lost and alone within its boundaries very few will be willing to help you.” Some of the staff quite obviously disagreed with that, especially the former Gryffindors, and it was quite obvious that they were under orders not to enter the Forest themselves. I imagined only that oaf Hagrid would go in there every so often. Maybe I could trick Weasley into getting in there somehow…

Chapter 4: Rebellious
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It was dead foggy and cold, even by Scotland’s standards. Seeing as it was early September, there should’ve been a bit more sun. From the Astronomy tower all you could see for miles was the rolling hills and the Black Lake, hardly anything stirring in the air or concealed in the low clouds. Considering it was nine in the morning, it was a miracle that Louis and I were up at all. Even if we were cutting class. Transfiguration was always such a bore, though. Creepy Creevey was about as messed up as a professor could be. He always went on about how his brother was killed in the Second Wizarding War. I lost any sympathy I had for him after second year. He rambled about how if his brother had known the stuff he was teaching us, he would’ve survived. I highly doubted that was true, since Colin Creevey was killed by crazy blood sucking Death Eaters or something. Maybe not the bloodsucking part, but still I don’t think being able to turn a goblet into a rat would have helped him much there. That would’ve been some trick. Of course I could sympathise, it must really suck to lose a sibling – but one’s quota of patience for idiots only stretches so far.






I had no idea how Louis had managed to sneak in so much booze, he had an entire trunk full of beer, vodka and cigarettes. It was also quite impressive how he’d managed to get it all up here, although he was hardly a weedy little thing. We was quite well built, or he would be once he lost the little bit of puppy fat that covered him. The Astronomy tower wasn’t the easiest place to get to, especially when carrying 30 cans of beer and a 50 pack of cigarettes. Not to mention those little shots of vodka. Louis had a way of getting out of trouble, we both did, which was impressive. His parents knew about him smoking and drinking and he always made a big deal about how they didn’t care. Of course, they did care and want him to stop, but he was too blind to see that. He was under the crazy idea that they were all about control. I’d been present the time they found out about a year ago, and only a dimwit – like Louis, incredibly clever but lacking severely in common sense – would miss the obvious reason behind his parent’s actions. Yeah, they’d been hard on him, but wouldn’t any parent?












We were sitting in Louis’ room, it was covered in posters of Muggle rugby teams, you wouldn’t believe that Louis loved sport as much as he did. He used to be quite the player, I’d never had it in me to watch Muggle sports but he seemed competent enough. He was a fine beater, but didn’t care for joining Ravenclaw’s team, much to the disappointment of every competitive Quidditch-loving member of our house. He wasn’t really a fan.






It was the first day of the summer holidays, Louis trunks were still unpacked downstairs – both of them. We’d just come out of third year with flying colours despite doing approximately nothing but cut class and smoke for half of the year. Everyone at Hogwarts knew what Louis and I got up to – not that they approved –  once Uncle Neville even caught us, he let us off easy though, with a few empty promises thrown in there. My parents wouldn’t figure it out if it hit them round their arrogant heads with a big fat broomstick. They had this insane idea in their mucked up minds that I was a flawless human being. Same for The Molz-Machine (making up unflattering nicknames for my older sister had become quite the pastime), they thought she was a little angel. I scoffed at the thought.






“LOUIS WILLIAM WEASLEY, GET DOWN HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND.” We heard Aunt Fleur scream, interrupting our reminiscing of the year just past. I was surprised Aunt Fleur wasn’t screaming in French, she liked to do that. “Cette petite merde, je vais le tuer!*” Maybe I spoke too soon. I knew enough French to know that that meant something along the lines of “*That little shit, I’ll kill him!” which seemed fitting for the situation. I heard Uncle Bill trying to calm her down, which was surprising since it was usually Phlegm – erm, I mean Fleur – trying to stop my part-werewolf uncle from killing his family. We all liked to think she did a pretty good job of it. Well, none of them were dead, were they?






Louis’ face visibly paled, he pretended to be cool and rolled his eyes as if nothing bothered him. I knew for a fact he was shit scared of his parents, which was why he kept to himself in his room and acted like a shy little thing whenever they were around. Normally, Louis’ parents would wait until I’d gone home to tear their son to shreds, but I’d convinced Mum to let me stay here for two weeks of the holidays. I’d thought that was a good idea until now…






The scene downstairs really was something. Victoire and Teddy were curled up on the arm chair by the fireplace whispering and pretending they were oblivious to the situation. Dominqiue looked insane, she was whispering something low and fast in French that I assumed was something along the lines of “please don’t kill my little brother.” It was unlikely Fleur would listen to this. And she was usually the calm one.






Fleur jumped, literally leaped through the air, at Louis like she was about to tear his head off. I think she would have if Uncle Bill wasn’t holding her back. It was quite frightening. The last time she’d been murderously angry before that had been Victoire’s pregnancy scare – which basically boiled down to Vic’s inability to read Muggle pregnancy tests.






“Mama, please!” Dominique shouted, shooting Louis an apologetic look. It’d clearly been her to have accidentally sold us out. She couldn’t hold her tongue sometimes. Louis’ trunk was open on the floor of the lounge, clothes and books spilling out of it to reveal the contents beneath it. Alcohol and tobacco. Lovely. Fleur wrestled out of Bill’s grasp, he seemed to just have given up. He was obviously disappointed, but he was more of a live-and-let-live type of Father, who encouraged his kids to make their own mistakes – within reason – and help to guide them on the path to enlightenment. Or something. To my surprise, Fleur didn’t move, she grabbed a packet of cigarettes and a six pack of cider we’d spiked with vodka (not that she needed to know that) and threw the cigarettes at him, Louis narrowly dodging out of their way. She dropped the booze and just glared for a few moments. At both of us, not just Louis. I’d seen that glower aimed at several people before, but it’d never been directed at me. It was more than a little scary.






“What in the name of Merlin do you think you’re doing?” She said, quietly and menacing. Louis made no move to say anything, just glared at Dom.






“Mama, really there’s-”






“Shut up, Dominique! LOUIS!” She screamed, noticing Louis had been rolling his eyes in my direction in response to his mother’s rashness. “Why have you been smoking? Drinking? Throwing your life away!?”






“It’s none of your business.” He said, hardly audible. I knew the reason Louis had started this, and I knew why I’d joined him. He wanted to do something rebellious, to make his parents notice him. He’d tried getting into trouble at school, even with the Muggle police and the Ministry, it seemed ignoring him was all they ever did. Smoking was his own way of defying his parents, ignoring how they ignored him and showing them that he could have been so much worse than he used to be. I’d seen how the Delacour-Weasley’s treated their daughters compared to how they treated Louis. Victoire and Teddy were always together, and had been dating since forever and always had interesting stories to tell. Vic very much bullied Louis as a kid, which was why they weren’t nearly as close as they could have been. Dom and Louis were close, but she was always so loud and witty and sarcastic that Louis often got lost and forgotten about in the whole scheme of things. That was basically the reason I’d joined in, we’d always been close and we went from venting about our families to “throwing our lives away.” Personally, I’d been sick of being the goody-two-shoes while Molly got all the attention.






“What?” Fleur said darkly, daring him with her glowers not to respond.






“It’s none of your business.” He said louder, waiting for the cascade of verbal abuse that was bound to come pouring down on him any minute. I saw him cower slightly, letting a little bit of fear show itself in his features. Instead, Fleur didn’t say anything. I looked away –  she was scaring me somewhat. Then I heard a crack.






I could’ve sworn it was somebody Apparating, it sounded as such. I turned to see what had happened, who’d joined us in this fun family affair. Everyone looked shocked. Dom had her hands concealing her gasps shaking her head and refusing to look anywhere other than at her own feet while tears visibly brewed in her eyes. Victoire and Teddy had both turned round and looked equally as shocked, sending each other nervous glances. Ted whispered something to Vic, and she retorted with a uneasy shake of here head. Bill looked furious, but like he couldn’t decide who to aim his anger towards. He just stood there as if he was struggling to breathe. He took a step back, running his hand through his greying red hair and turned to leave the room, punching a wall as he left. Fleur looked about fit to murder someone. The way her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail made her features look a mile more foreboding. Finally, I turned my attention to Louis, he was turned away from Fleur, his hand to his cheek, swearing under his breath. The noise hadn’t been someone Apparating, it’d been the crack of skin on skin as Fleur had slapped her son square round the face. Must’ve hurt with the sound it made. I didn’t quite know what to do or say, nor did anyone else, apparently.






After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Louis said what he’d wanted to say to his parents for years now. I remember times when we’d sit in the basement at my house, writing in a notepad that was charmed so that nobody else could read it, all our feelings toward everyone we hated – or did at the time. I still had that tattered old book somewhere. “It’s none of your business because you don’t care.” His voice cracked slightly, and he took a calming breathe and coughed twice. “I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted for a son; I don’t mean to be a disappointment. Believe it or not, I don’t fuck everything up on purpose. I just want to be me…I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m sorry…I’m…just sorry.” His eyes shone with tears at that moment but he bit hard on his lip, determined not to cry, and continued. “If you hate me, that’s fine. I’ll go and I won’t come back, I’ll fuck up my life elsewhere and…” he wiped a traitor tear off of his cheek “I won’t bother you again. I’m s-sorry.”






And they were the most sincere words I’d ever heard escape Louis Weasley’s mouth. I could tell that it took all of Louis’ might not to break down into tears. Even though he pretended to be tough, I knew he was just an insecure little boy inside. I’d never seen him cry before that, and never again since, he never showed any sign of weakness, he always looked like he couldn’t care less about anything. After that he ran straight up to his room and locked the door, refusing to let even me in. We never talked about that day again.












Okay so maybe they didn’t handle it well. After Louis had told them everything, they changed towards him. They offered to take him to rehab, get him a therapist, use some Muggle home remedies to fight addiction. He could barely go five minutes without getting attack of hugs from Fleur, and of course manly hugs from Uncle Bill. He refused to stop drinking and smoking, though. It did become clear that Louis’ parents cared about him more than he’d realised, they’d tried their best to help him – he just ignored them. Shunned them and all their help. He didn’t want it. He never drank quite as much as James did (how Harry hadn’t managed to get that one under control, I would never know) he was sensible enough not to do himself too much damage. He knew his limits, and unless he was in a shit mood, or upset, he’d never go too far overboard. He once described it as an itch, an itch to rebel. Who wants to conform when rebelling is so much fun? And it’s fun not to be what people expect you to be, almost like a release.






Katarina Zabini was with us. I’d never really had time for her, but she was great fun – if not a bit annoying. She was a bit of a newcomer to our little group – or pairing. She was awfully irritating when pissed, though. She’d have half a shot of vodka, or a can of lager and already be off her face, unable to control her fits of giggles as she spilled all her secrets to us. It was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes she was putting it on a bit. Louis and I just liked to make fun of her more than anything else.






We didn’t really care about her petty secrets regarding the long list of boys she claimed to have flings with; most of it was bullshit, anyway. Even Molzer had had more flings than that girl ever would. Generally, the opposite sex was repulsed by her. She had a gigantic snaggle tooth and high cheekbones which she attacked with luminescent blusher that made her look like something out of a Muggle horror film. Her hair fell in frizzy tight afro-curls barely beyond her shoulders, and she’d often pull clumps of it out which led her to wearing very questionable wigs that would look better on a garden gnome. She had thick-rimmed glasses that she didn’t need to wear, as well. Seriously, who does that? If the girl made a bit more of an effort in the right way, she could be very pretty. It’s just she was a bit delusional.






“…so after I told Ashton we couldn’t be together anymore…” Louis and I exchanged a glance. Aston Casey was a boy in our year in Ravenclaw – our house – with striking blue eyes and curly blond hair. He had a jawline to die for. He shared a dorm with Louis, and since I snuck in there a lot, unable to bear Vanessa Levi anymore, I knew for a fact that Ashton would never touch Kat with a barge pole. “…I went back to Lorcan and he refused to talk to me, kept pushing me out the way and I was like ‘well, you weren’t kicking me out of bed last night, were you Lorcie?’ He mentioned Mol, y’know? Can’t remember wha – ”






“Wait, Kat. What was that about Lorcan?” I noticed that her voice had gone all high pitched and squeaky, something she did when she was annoyed with something that was actually truthful. And she was sliding the ugly fake gold ring up and down her poorly manicured finger – another habit of hers. Kat’s black eyes looked different too, all watery like it actually bothered her and she was about to cry or something.






“Lorcie Porcie?” she said sadly, retaining a tone of anger in her voice. “We hooked up.” She made a point of emphasising the ‘up’ and dragging it out for what I could only assume was dramatic effect. “Then he just like…y’know. Left.”


“You do realise, Kat. That Lorcan happens to be dating my sister!” I said menacingly, practically snarling. Louis, I could tell, was secretly hoping I’d eat her alive. Doesn’t everyone?


“Yeah, Mol-Mol!” Kat giggled. “The fat one!”






Then I slapped her. Left an unholy amount of pink powder on my hand, but it was worth it. Molly was far from fat, she was curvy in a way that everyone female envied, which made her have no trouble with the boys. Often they just wanted a shag, though. It made it hard for Molzer, so she generally just kept to herself not daring to let relationships get in the way. That was, of course, except for Lorcan – the idiot she happened to be in love with. I knew for a fact that Kat was jealous of her physique, she’d said so just last night, in that sober-but-still-ridiculously-annoying-high-pitched-voice when she’d joined the Ravenclaw table for dinner. Her brother had told her to ‘fuck off because you’re too ugly to be a Slytherin.’ Charming. Kat was painfully skinny, and being as shockingly tall as she was (nearly six foot) it looked horribly unhealthy.






It wasn’t long before she was giggling again, holding her cheek and laughing ‘ow’. Weird chick, that one. “It doesn’t matter anyway.” Kat said. “I’d rather get with Albus.” She hissed as she said my dear cousin’s name and burst into a fit of uncontrollable chuckling and fell back against the stone floor. Me and Louis shared a look – we could easily have whole conversations this way – and pulled a face. We both knew how that budding romance would end.

Chapter 5: The Girl
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Katarina Zabini had to be the most annoying person I had ever met. She was obviously a mixture of tipsy and hungover I suspected Lucy and Louis were to blame for that. Either that or she was just mentally challenged. To say she was all over me would be a bit of an understatement, and Lucy and Louis kept glancing over from their place at the Ravenclaw table and making kissy faces whilst laughing at the unfortunate situation I was in. Scorpius had been sat in her place about five minutes before, only he left to be with his precious girlfriend at the Gryffindor table. My precious cousin. Merlin knows how he kept up with her, Rose happened to be a right piece of work (albeit James was worse), even her own parents admitted so. Although Rose was intelligent and hard-working, taking after Aunt Hermione of course, she was also very intuitive and fun to be around when she wasn’t ripping anyone’s head off. She swore like there was no end when her fiery temper was set off – the scene with Laurel had been rather calm compared to some of the situations I’d seen her in before. She had a bit – okay a lot – of a temper, and she was immensely high maintenance as she was always stressing and was impossible to please, despite the fact she was incredibly sentimental and never really had a longing for material possessions.








I was perfectly happy to make conversation with the sixth years, had I not been forced to deal with an intoxicated Kat – most of the Slytherins in my year didn’t like me, Scorpius was the exception. I wasn’t quite sure why that was. Kasper, Kat’s brother, liked me and we hung out on occasion when Scorpius wasn’t present and I didn’t fancy talking to anyone related to me. Kasper got on with everyone – except his sister, he was a bitch to her – he was popular and currently dating Shae Blythe. Shae was a nice girl, quiet and cunning, hardly ever speaking unless spoken to first, but when she did open her mouth it was often something wise and meaningful that made us all question our places in society. She was one of those people who was always referred to using both her first and last names, you never called her just Shae, it was always Shae Blythe. She had a small round face with massive grey-blue eyes and whispy white-blonde hair. It was rumoured she was somehow related to the Malfoys, but that would have been ridiculous. She was tall and lean, shockingly perceptive. She could figure out anything and everything, she was clearly some sort of prodigy.










“Al, are you ignoring me?”


Yes. “No, Kat, it’s just-” I scrambled for words, but was saved by the strong voice of her brother. Kasper looked nothing like Katarina, he had a strong jawline and was very stocky and well built. He could crush a wand in his fist, or kill someone with a single blow. I doubted he could ever hurt even a Flobberworm if he tried.


“Kat, leave the lad alone. Get over yourself.” That was downbeat compared to the kinds of abuse he usually hurled at his irritating younger sibling. I shot him a thankful look as Kat turned back to her pumpkin pie and huffed dramatically. Louis and Lucy looked a mixture of shocked and disappointed as they turned back to a conversation they were having with the Casey kid.








My heart stopped momentarily, then picked up its pace at double speed as my gaze focused in on Giselle Macmillan seated at the Hufflepuff table as she threw her head back in laughter. Dammit I said to myself you’re supposed to forget about her, remember? The song of Giselle’s laugh chimed through the crisp air like a beautiful chorus of bells, catching my attention. She made forgetting about her so bloody difficult. Giselle was the definition of beauty, and I found myself gawking at her like a blithering idiot more often than I cared to admit. She was shortish, just about scraping around five foot four, which I appreciated since people were ridiculously tall these days, my own sister reaching five foot eight, which was only two inches shorter than me. Giselle was also slender, her perfect body curving slightly in just the right places. Her hair fell in soft golden blonde curls around her oval face and complimented her spectacular ocean blue eyes with such grace it made my heart hurt. Her whole demeanour was entirely effortless, she wore no make-up whatsoever and her cheeks always had a pink tint to them, not once had I ever seen her not smiling. She was just brilliant, unconfrontational and loyal. Her and I sat together in Charms – I struggled to get through a single lesson without embarrassing myself somehow, but I liked to think she considered me her friend. Friend. As in friendzoned. Forever. Sigh.








Maybe she liked me, she could like me. Other people liked me. Kat liked me (Louis had slipped me that obvious piece of information just before dinner), other girls had liked me such as Vanessa Levi, Heather Brentworth Halle Finnegan and Rose’s best friend Georgia Hoffman. The problem with those girls, though, was that they didn’t know me. Vanessa was a bit crazy, and I was pretty sure she only wanted me for the Potter name. Heather was…Heather. She was tomboyish and quite frankly rather boring. Halle was quirky and gave off a luminescent, happy light that annoyed me a little bit. However, the only one I actually knew reasonably well was Georgia Hoffman, she had different coloured and styled hair every week and it was hard to keep up with. She was just as much as a pain in the arse as Rose, except Rose was my family so I kind of had to love her. I was under no such obligation with Georgia.








It was possible that Giselle fancied me, she always acted friendly towards me, I knew she liked me as a person at least, and she knew me better than any girl who wasn’t my immediate family. You’ve been friendzoned, sucker. The creepy stalker-ish thing was, I could see it. When I looked into the future and saw myself happy – I saw myself with her. Her, a nice little cottage in the countryside with ivy growing up the walls and flowerbeds surrounding every area, it would be a place with hardly anyone for miles around so the kids could practice magic and play Quidditch unseen by Muggles. Kids!? Whoa, Al. Kids? Yes, kids. They’d be twin girls, not identical. One of them with Giselle’s radiant blonde curls and green eyes, and the other with untidy black hair and striking blue eyes. That would be perfect. Not to mention all the sex. I am a guy after all. Okay, Al you’re officially a crazy pervert.








I snapped out of it and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach as Maxwell Boot sat down next to her, throwing a possessive arm around her shoulders and smothering her in kisses. Oh yeah, I remembered she has a boyfriend. Well, that put a damper on my fantasy. I was overcome with a sudden dreadful pang of jealous as the ugly green monster reared its fat head inside of me.






“I hope you drown you rotten bitch!”


“I’ll kill you, you whore!”


Looked like Dom and Laurel were at each other’s throats again. I turned my stare away from Giselle’s beauty and the fun she was clearly having with her exquisite boyfriend – who, may I say, was far more brawn than brain – to glare at my cousin in disapproval of the death match she was having with Hogwarts’ resident slut.


“You nearly killed my cousin, fuckhead!”


“She deserved – ”










The Great Hall went dead silent. I ogled a bit, unable to comprehend what had just happened, I sent nervous and confused glances around, to see everyone else going the same. Kasper started clapping his hands together and shaking his head with a wide grin on his face. My mouth fell open. The scream of telling Dom and Laurel where to go had come from none other than the quiet Miss-Polite-and-Perfect Shae Blythe. She glanced around awkwardly, avoiding everyone’s shocked stares by focusing her eyes on the ice cream she hadn’t touched. Daisy and Sophie then burst into loud guffaws and the Hall broke back into conversation all of a sudden. I had a feeling everyone would appreciate Shae Blythe’s outburst, since both Laurel and Dom would be sulking to themselves for a good while from now on.












Most days drawing was my solace. Dumb, right? I had a bit of a talent, apparently. I discovered my so-called gift in this field when I was about seven, and entertaining Lily with a drawing competition. Of course, Lily had been disappointed that mine was loads better than hers, and went crying to Mum. Instead of reprimanding me for not letting my darling sister win, Mum spent the next few months skipping around the house (and wherever she went) boasting how her son was going to grow up to be a famous artist. I guess she’d thought I was useless before then. I’d thought my portrait of Albus Dumbledore was mediocre, but everyone else seemed to think it was an uncanny resemblance – especially considering it’d been drawn by a child.








Nowadays, I took my sketchpad and charcoal pencils practically everywhere I went. Right now I was sketching a semi profile of Giselle – erm, can you say stalker? – the way she looked when I met up with her in the summer, while curled up in my favourite arm chair in the Slytherin common room. It’d been a garden party at the Potter’s, so naturally I asked her to come. I was shocked she’d even turned up, she must have had nothing better to do. She looked stunning. She’d straightened her hair that day and matched it with a flowered hairband. I remembered the way she’d hugged me – probably only out of politeness – when she turned up at my doorstep, having to raise herself slightly on her tip toes to wrap her arms around my neck. She’d been so nervous to meet my family, and couldn’t stop stuttering when she conversed with Dad. Our father’s had been friendly acquaintances at school, but hadn’t seen each other since their Hogwarts days. I pictured Giselle in my mind – I prided myself on my photographic memory – her oversized denim jacket, the may necklaces she wore, the vintage sundress, all the way down to the soft kink in her straightened hair as its affects began to wear off.








Uncoloured, the sketch looked fine, but I liked to add a bit of light to my drawings. I was just adding in the ocean shimmer in Giselle’s sparkling eyes when I was suddenly scared shitless. My sheer manliness shocked me sometimes.






“Hey, Al!” a voice chimed as a blonde head appeared on my right side. I panicked for a second, thinking it was Giselle, but sighed when I remembered Giselle’s hair was curly, not wavy like Daisy’s. She was leaning over the back of the arm chair, one hand on its arm and the other on its back as she leaned close to see what I’d been drawing.


“What’s up?” a separate voice rang in the air as I was faced by a round face and brunette curls on my other side. Dammit, I was being attacked by both wings.


“Ooooooh,” Daisy teased, “whatcha drawin’ Allie?”


“Looks like the Macmillan girl to me, Daiz.” Sophie joined. Crap. I really should’ve seen this coming.


“Aw, little Albus Potter has a crush!” Daisy ruffled my hair and I snapped the sketchpad shut and grunted. Then they both started pinching and tickling me. Merlin, they treated me like I was a child they were being forced to babysit. I was pretty sure they viewed me as a younger brother. It wasn’t long before they had me pinned to the floor as they abused me. I couldn’t help but giggle – in a manly way, of course – along with her.








A bang halted the three of us as Scorpius came sprinting through the entrance to the common room looking rather ruffled. Still in his uniform, he clearly hadn’t returned to the dormitory since dinner. He looked a little unhinged, he was shaking uncontrollably as unshed tears of panic and stress fell out of his eyes. His hair was messy, covered in dew and a few blades of grass, I tried to ignore the bruise-like shape on his neck that I hoped to Merlin was not a love-bite given by my dearest cousin.






“She’s gone!” he screamed. “R-Rose is gone!”

Chapter 6: Missing
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“What are you on about, Scorp?” Al looked at me cautiously, as if he were scared I was about to flip and kill someone. In truth, I was just tired. I wanted to sleep just to forget everything – kind of like death without the commitment. I knew that was where I’d end up if Rose didn’t return soon. Sounds silly doesn’t it? To say that I’d die without her. But I wouldn’t know what to do…Rose was my everything. My father barely gave me the time of day, my mother…well I was pretty sure she was on the road to insanity. They’d flipped out when I told them I was dating Rose after third year. I barely spent any time at the Manor anymore, in the Christmas holidays I usually went to Al’s and tried to avoid Rose’s dad when he inevitably made an appearance. In the summer I tried to get out of the house as much as possible. I didn’t really have the best relationship with my parents, and Rose was the only thing I’d ever been certain about in my life. I was positive I wanted to be with her forever.



Al was quite a sight, pinned to the floor of the Slytherin common room by two sixth year girls. I wasn’t sure how he’d gotten there, nor did I want to know. Daisy and Sophie were surprisingly strong considering their dainty frames, but Al should’ve been able to fend them off. He either didn’t want to, or they’d taken him by surprised. I hoped it was the latter.



“SHE’S GONE, AL!” He took a moment to think. It seemed like years, I just stared at him with panic-stricken eyes praying to Merlin he wouldn’t kill me for losing his cousin.



“Gone where?”



“I don’t fucking know!” I yelled, taking out my anger and fright on him, I knew it wasn’t fair but I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and look like the pathetic idiot I was until Rose came back. She’d sit down next to me and stroke my hair, playfully hitting me because I was being so daft. I had a thing for getting worked up about things where it wasn’t needed, but I could tell something was really wrong here. I didn’t like it at all.



Daisy altered her grip on Al’s shoulders, sitting up on her knees and covering her face with her hands. Sophie looked frozen, she’d already rolled off of Al and was now stood behind the arm chair they’d likely thrown him out of – it was his favourite. Al jumped to his feet, looking me straight in the eye, placing a firm hand on both of my shoulders. I prepared myself for the onslaught of harsh words and most likely several punches to the jaw.



“We’ll find her.”



No injuries as yet, we were off to a good start. Everything else was a blur, he tugged my elbow as if coaxing me to follow as he asked Daisy and Sophie to join, telling them to round up Lucy and Louis from wherever the hell they were, while the two of us headed to Gryffindor tower. We would re-congregate at Flitwick’s office, alerting as many Professors as we could along the way. I wasn’t sure how I made my feet move in front of each other, but before I knew it we were sprinting down moving staircases, portraits yelling profanities at us for being out past curfew. Merlin knows how we weren’t spotted by a teacher or even Peeves or that intolerable cat Mrs Norris. Al muttered the password, it sounded like a distant mumble to my ears, and the Fat Lady made some sort of disapproving comment as we pushed past her. I guessed she still disliked us for being Slytherins. Stuck in the past or what?



I’d spent a lot of time in the Gryffindor common room, but it looked so innocent now. They didn’t know a thing. Hugo was sat on the window seat with an oriental girl called Amica Chandy in his year, she’d transferred here from a school in Japan last year. His best friend Conan Wood, Sophie’s little brother, was nowhere to be seen. Lily was talking to Molly and Dominique – who I was a little shocked to see since she didn’t usually stay in the Gryffindor common room past curfew – apparently indulging in some deep gossip, on the floor by the fireplace as the roasted a few marshmallows in unconventional flavours -  a recent Bertie Bott’s invention. James was sat on the stairs obviously flirting with Emer Kent – a pretty Irish girl with auburn hair and catlike green eyes. Everyone sent us a surprised glance for a second, before visibly coming to their own assumptions regarding our presence. They apparently took my disgruntled appearance as some sort of tipsy stupor. Not that that would be past me. Al whispered to me to get Molly, Dom and Lily while he went for Hugo, and would afterwards tackle James and see if he would budge from his lady friend.






I nervously approached the girls, unaware of what I was doing – I felt my limbs moving and my mind reeling but all I could think was Rose. Find Rose.



“Hey Scorp, not gonna lie to you. You’re a mess.” Dominique joked, nudging my leg from the position she sat in on the floor. “Marshmallow? It’s dragon flavoured.” She sent me a wink.



“You need to come with me.” I croaked, fully aware my voice was cracking and sounding grossly hoarse. “Rose is gone.” I continued, barely able to hear my own voice as it rang in the tender silence – even though it was only the three girls who were shocked into stillness. I glanced behind me at Al and Hugo. Hugo was clearly freaking as he stood up, nearly meeting Al’s height, with a worried look playing around his eyes. He looked back at Amica and touched her shoulder, making some excuse for why he had to leave. Hugo looked shockingly similar to Rose, all of their features were exactly the same but they could not be more different in personality. While Rose was rather loud and fiery, Hugo was the exact opposite – very quiet from what I’d known of him, he often kept to himself. I supposed living in a house with Rose had made him that way.



“We have to go.” I finished, nervously glancing all around the room. The girls exchanged a look before leaping immediately to their feet, leaving all the marshmallows where they fell on the red fluffy carpet.



Albus had somehow managed to drag James away from the Kent girl, and so we ran through the corridors, heading straight for Flitwick’s office. He was stood outside not looking exactly impressed with Sophie and Daisy where they stood with an uneasy looking Lucy and Louis.



“What the devil is going on here!?” he yelled as we all rounded a corner into sight.









Distant mumbles filled my ears, panicked and high pitched. I heard none of it. I’d fallen into a comfy arm chair in the corner of Flitwick’s office, Flitwick himself appeared to have given up as he sat behind his desk with his head in his hands – poor bloke was getting incredibly old, the stress could easily kill him, I thought. Everyone was talking over each other, and more people kept coming in through the fireplace. Al was trying to get everyone to shut up, possibly sensing that I was at the end of my tether with anxiety. He was surprisingly calm, even when I’d told him he’d known exactly what to do. I knew I could always trust Al not to freak, he had the heart of a true leader, but he hardly ever acted on it.



Flitwick was angry at me initially, disappointed with how I’d broken curfew and chosen to go so close to the Forbidden Forest with Rose. He didn’t waste much time being mad at me before people started appearing. First it was Fred and Roxanne partnered with George and Angelina who looked terrified that their niece would be lost forever. Since then, the Delacour-Wealsey’s along with Ted and an out of place looking Andromedra, Harry and Ginny, Audrey (obviously feigning utter horror) and a tense and twitching Percy had all arrived. Hagrid and Professor Appleby – Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher – were also here.



Al’s attempts at getting everyone to shut up were obviously futile, in the end it was Flitwick who silenced everyone, with his booming voice. It seemed so out of place coming from such a short person, he clearly put it on a bit.



“WHERE ARE THE GIRLS PARENTS?” He roared, just as Ron and Hermione stepped through the fireplace. Ron narrowed his eyes in my direction and clenched his fist. I instantly knew that this wouldn’t play out in my favour. He charged towards me with his fists, making some sort of animalistic sound, grabbing me by the scruff of my shirt and throwing me up against a wall, sending audible vibrations through the structure and causing several books to fall off of their shelves. “What the hell is wrong with you, Malfoy!?” he bellowed, just as his wife’s small arms wrapped around him, along with the arms of several other people present, and they began pulling him off of me. I was more than a little thankful. If I was being honest, Ron Weasley scared me a bit.



“Now, now,” Flitwick mumbled, rubbing his temples, “fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere here. Mr Malfoy, if you could.”



Here goes, I thought. I cast my mind back to not two hours ago…






The food at the Gryffindor table tasted so much sweeter than it did at the Slytherin one, but maybe that was because the essence of Rose’s raspberry lipgloss was still fresh on my tongue. There was hardly anyone left here anymore, they’d all gone back to their dormitories. Just me and Rose sat at the Gryffindor table along with some first years savouring every bite of their pumpkin pie. I was fully prepared to do the same, had Rose not dragged me by my hand outside into the crisp cold air of September.




She was pissed off again. She was always pissed off. I liked to think I was especially good at helping calm her down in most situations, but heck it got tiring. Usually Rose just wanted someone there to tell her how her life was so unfair and it wasn’t her fault. She knew it herself, but she liked the support nonetheless. We assumed our regular position by the beech tree, it was just outside of the Forbidden Forest, and a nice place to look over the Black Lake. Tonight the skies were clear and the moon was a beautiful silver crescent shape, its reflection made the lake look like solid glass. Not even a slight zephyr shook the night. It would have been very peaceful was Rose not pacing back and forth in circles around the beech tree, venting about her Dad. Quite loudly I might add.



“He can just never keep his bloody nose out of my fucking business, can he?”



I didn’t think it needed an answer, but because I was a little reckless I responded anyway. “Rose I don’t think your dad will ever like me.”



“He doesn’t fucking have to! He just has to accept the fact that I bloody do! I love you, Scorpius fucking Malfoy and there’s nothing he can do to change that!” Rose and her obscene language, true love if it ever existed. I stared out over the lake and slid down the side of the tree’s trunk into a sitting position.



“I don’t want to cause any problems, Rosie.”



“He’s the one causing problems, Malfoy!” Rose was such a sweet girl, really. “Argh! And Laurel too, how dare she! She’s been fucking up James’ relationship for years now. She’s just so bloody pathetic! She needs to wake up out of her daydream, James will never love her!” Rose continued to circle the tree, pacing and yelling. I’d given up trying to console her when she was on a tirade like this many years ago. She was insufferable, but I managed because after all I loved her to pieces. Even if she was insane. Sometimes I’d be on the wrong side of her assault, but nowadays I tried my best not to piss her off, really. It was best for everyone if we all just let her be.



Her words became a muffled sound in the back of my brain. I agreed and consoled when needed, but I hardly heard her words at all. I think she probably knew I did this; usually it didn’t bother her that much. When it did she’d ignore me for a few moments and not speak until she was sure I paid full attention. Hopefully today wasn’t one of those days, because listening to her ramble got a bit repetitive after a while.



I’d spent a few minutes staring at the lake, watching the Giant Squid’s tentacles slither in and out of the water. Doing this relaxed me, so much so that I wondered what it was like to be some sort of sea creature living in that lake. Everything would be calm and quiet, when the merpeople weren’t going crazy that was. But if you’re the biggest kid in the playground nobody would bother you, right? Then again life must be pretty dull for that squid, just swimming around eating kelp or whatever. Okay, Scorp, you’re going crazy. Here I was just thinking about life as a giant squid, that’s probably an early sign of insanity or something. I reluctantly dragged myself out of my reverie just in time to hear Rose’s angry words suddenly cut off. She was mad at me.



I turned, preparing myself for the look that could easily kill me and maybe some sort of violent attack. Not that Rose was especially violent but still. However, when I turned to face her, she wasn’t there. She’d been pacing around the other side of the beech tree so she was out of my sight. She was just…gone.






“I looked for her for a bit, but went straight to find Al.”



The room was quiet, I didn’t like it. I felt like everyone was judging me, blaming me for losing her. Dominique was the first to move. She made some sort of unattractive snort.



“I bet it was that skank, Jordan.”



“No,” Diasy shook her head.



“Laurel was in our dorm all evening giving herself a facial.” Sophie finished. “She went straight there after dinner.”



“Who could have taken her? Rosie wouldn’t just go off in the forest on her own! Especially with Scorpius right there.” Hermione said softly with a tone of worry in her voice. I hoped she’d be enough to stop her husband from brutally murdering me.



“Anything could have taken her.”