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Year 1: Destiny Taylor by keri111

Format: Short story
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,355
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC

First Published: 06/12/2012
Last Chapter: 07/17/2012
Last Updated: 07/17/2012

They say love can overcome anything... but it can also kill you. Harry falls in love again... and she is just like him. Destiny finds out more about her past and connections, with a little bit of fighting, quidditch and romance along the way. This tough girl will blow your mind.

Chapter 1: The Dark Lord
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CHAPTER 1: The Dark Lord

Well, my name is Destiny Taylor. I am 11 years old today, I have a scar on my shoulder, and apparently ' I was a stupid young child that ran into a broken door. ' Oh, and you can't forget my " dear dear " parents. Jacob and Missy Gurden. I try to stay out of their way as much as possible but, that doesn't stop them from hitting me. However, every mark they make, disappears after they leave me. They accuse me of using her make-up, or something stupid, but I never touch anything to cover up my injuries or brusies. Even I don't understand it.

" Destiny! " I hear Melissa screech. She is a year younger than me, 10, and she has somehow convinced herself that she is better and prettier than me. I have very light brown hair, side bangs, and it is long. My eyes are a light blue mixed with a green. Its like half an half. The ying and yang sign. I rush downstairs to do my morning chores. I do them without a word.

" Girl! " I hear him shout.

" Great. " I say under my breath, as I take the steps to my doom. My eyes widen, no one is there but... the house is... my chores are done. I don't understand... I mean I did... I didn't do that? The pigs in this house are way too lazy to even pick up a dish. Then I hear rumbling ( what was the point in a clean house again? )... plates and decorative dishes fall off their shelves, the wide ranges of lamps collasp in sparks, just barely missing me. Right by the door a man... or thing, or snake, appears.

" Destiny, I have been waiting to meet you. " The thing says, his red eyes never leaving mine. I feel chills run through my body, am I afraid? I know I shouldn't be.

" Who are you? " I say, standing up straight.

" How do you know my name? " The, well I'll call him a " man " for now, chuckles,

" Taylor, everyone in the wizarding world knows your name. And now it will be for how the Dark Lord defeated you. " I give him a confused look, cause, I mean seriously... Wizarding world? Dark Lord? Welsh????

" Look you're crazy, but I can take you to the hospital down the street - " He stops me,

" Oh, I am perfectly fine, Destiny, but you won't be. Avada Ke- " The " man " is blasted away away from me. I still don't understand anything, as another man with long white hair, a beard, and I think a wizard's cloak comes towards me with a worried face.

" I don't know Minerva - " I see the lady next to him,

" - she seems fine... "

" Oh, Albus, " The lady says,

" What if we hadn't gotten to her in time? " What are they talking about? I clear my throat,

" Excuse me... but what the heck are you talking about?!? " I try to stay calm, but there are weirdos in my house and I was almost killed, or something, by the way it sounds. The man gives the lady a serious look, as he gestures for me to sit down.

" This is Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, Deputy Headmistress, and I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are a witch. " Way to tell 'em, Professors. I still don't get it.

" So... so... why are you here? " If this is all true, do they really have the head of the school get the students, one by one?

" Well, I really didn't want to tell you this before we were at the school... but I see I don't have a choice. These people are not your parents, Destiny. Your last name is not Gurden, but Taylor, from your real parents. " I think they had expected me to be surprised, but I have always been different, and it is obvious that I don't look anything like them.

" OK. " I say, but questions swarm around inside of me,

" But who is that? And what were those words? What was he trying to do to me? " The man, Professor Dumbledore, looks weary at me, and I am afraid that I have asked too much questions.

" It is okay, Destiny. I understand that you are curious, but you must understand that I cannot answer your questions right now. It is not safe, not with Voldemort so near. Harry is already at the school where he should be safe enough. " He looks around, as though making sure no one has heard him,

" Can you pack your clothes, Destiny? " I blush furiously, cause they have never given me, naught a thing, to ever wear. I mean, just rags. I spit my words out in shame,

" I have nothing but these rags. "

A/N: I know its a pretty different begininng to the story, but I was at a writers block and this is what I got. Its been a while since I've been posting... so here you go! Please comment. :)

Chapter 2: visions
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I really didn't want to say that, cause really, it's stupid. And anyways, I can take care of that problem right away. Out of my hand, I sprinkle fairy dust. My rags turn into normal clothes, and I even create a trunk to carry it in!

" Maybe she's not a witch, Dumbledore... "

" She'll be OK, Minera. " I don't even notice their conversation as I look up,

" OK, I'm ready. " Just thinking about getting out of here is great. Now I have to know it. He offers his arm too me,

" The quickest way, Destiny. " I take his arm, and we quickly leave. Well, I find that I cannot breathe on the way, so I take gulps of air, as I find we are at another house. I look at the sign... Privet Drive.

" Why are we here, Professor? "

" You'll see, Destiny. " I follow them to the door, where he knocks. A pudgy man, much like Jacob, answers the door,

" Who are you? What do you want? " Not looking offended, the Professor steps in the man's house. I slip in just before the door shuts.

" I am here to see Harry Potter. " Says Professor Dumbledore, looking around the room. It is very well kept, not a smock of dirt anywhere. I see a skinny boy, he looks around my age, come round the corner. He has wild, short, black hair. Glasses, and his eyes are a vivid green. His bangs cover up something, although... I give him a smile, which he hesitently returns.

" What do yeh want with him? " The fat man asks, rather rudely at that. Dumbledore ignores the man, and looks to Harry,

" Can you come here, Harry? " Harry walks over quickly, but not before I see his bruise. A nice purpley black bruise, on his chest. Don't even ask how I noticed it there. I give a gasp, but not loud enough. When no one is looking, I take out my fairy dust, and blow it to him. It works its magic on contact. And above all amazing magic, nobody notices a thing, which I just find weird. Although, Harry does look like weight had just been lifted off of him, and quite a bit happier. I keep thinking to myself, although, this is horrible! They might be even worse, whatever they are to him, then the Gurdens. I feel extremely sad, just the thought of this kid being abused. Without a word, we are taken away from the house. I take huge gulping breathes of air as we land in a strange place. I seize up, and my eyes turn completely black ( I know this because it has happened while I was cleaning the bathroom mirror. ) I see the man snake thing. I see it happen very clearly, a mother, a father, and the cute little baby. And a flash of green light. My body relaxes, and I fall to the ground on my knees. My eyes are wet as I stand up,

" Destiny, what's wrong? " The voice belongs to Harry. ' I can tell him later ' I think in my mind. He's better over anyways.