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The Queen Hybrid (you belong with me) by dracgonrose

Format: Song fic
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 7,307
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Slughorn, Snape, Lucius, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/OC, Draco/Pansy, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/OC

First Published: 06/12/2012
Last Chapter: 06/29/2012
Last Updated: 06/29/2012

danyelle has away of getting into danger at hogwarts she meets draco malfoy 

Chapter 1: Violet meets Draco
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I stared out the window as the train began to move. I wasn’t, excited, really. Just glad to be leaving home. I had my robe on already, with my hood up, just waiting.

I listened as everyone piled in. I was hoping no one would sit with me, but then again, I highly doubted it since I was sitting all the way in the back. People rarely sat back there.

Seats filled in quickly and there must’ve been more kids on that year because I could hear kids getting closer. Still, I wasn’t moving.

“Oh great! We get the back of the bus!” I could hear someone exclaim.

I looked up into the reflection of the window, and to my surprise, it was Malfoy.

“Well, what are you waiting for?!” I heard him exclaim. “Get in before someone else does.”

I turned my head more, hoping that he wouldn’t notice me.

“But Draco, what about…” I heard a girl whisper.

“Oh shut up!” He snapped back. “Looks like they’re in Slytherin so it doesn’t matter, just sit!”

I sat there, uncomfortably, hoping that I could stay hidden the entire ride. I could feel Malfoy’s eyes staring me up and down. Normally, I would snap at him or something, but I didn’t want to make a scene, not then.

“Hey you, are you awake over there?” Malfoy asked. “Hello?”

I stayed still.

“Humph…” He grunted.

“So Malfoy, what did you do this summer?” That girl asked, who I assumed was Pansy since she never left his sight.

“Same thing as always. Nothing new…mostly stayed home, playing Quidditch and what not. I mean, with dad…working…and all.” He said.

“Death…eatering?” Goyle asked.

“Shh!!” Malfoy leaned over and smacked Goyle on the head.

“Sorry!” Goyle exclaimed.

They were talking for a while, about things they did over the summer. Their stories seemed to drag on forever. I felt like getting up and just walking out, but I sat there, and listened.

Suddenly the door swung open.

“Can we help you?” Malfoy sneered.

“Umm…well, I’m looking for Danyelle Taylor.” A familiar voice said.

“ You honestly think she would be here?” Malfoy asked.

“Well” the girl started, “If you see her, tell her that if she doesn’t come find Ash Maybell, then I will be forced to publish every page of her diary.”

“Touch my diary and I’ll spill your secret about Draco Malfoy.” I turned my head.

“D…Danyelle?” Ash asked.

They all stared at me, surprised. I got up to walk out and Malfoy began to open his mouth to say something.

“Don’t!” I snapped. And walked out.

“Thanks’ a lot for that.” I said.

“Wha…? I didn’t think you would actually be in there.”

“Yeah? Well, neither did I. Now, what do you want?”

“Well, we have new robes this year, so, I just need you to help me hand them out.”

“To the Slytherins’ ?”

“Right. There’s quite a few boxes so, just try to hurry. Here, take this box and start down there.”

“Sure.” I said walking away holding the box.

I took my time, I didn’t feel like going back and getting another box. Besides, it kept me away from Draco, so I was fine.


The only problem was, that the box was never ending. I just kept pulling and pulling out robes. Maybe it was because I was going so slow. I don’t know, but I was getting pretty hungry. Luckily, the lady with the cart full of candy was coming by. Hollering the same thing she always does.


She stopped in front of me and smiled.

“Anything dear?” she asked.

“Um, yes please.” I put down the box. “One chocolate frog.”

I searched through my pockets as she handed me the frog.

“Here you are dear.” She said with a smile.

“Oh shoot!!” I exclaimed. “I seemed to have lost my money.”

“I’ll get this.” I heard someone say.

I looked up, and saw Malfoy.

“Oh, well here you go deary. What a nice boy.” She said walking away.

Malfoy reached out to hand me the chocolate frog. I just glared at him.

“I don’t want it.” I said sharply. Then picked up my box.

“Oh come on. It’s just chocolate. No harm.”

“Coming from you? I don’t want it.” I repeated.

“I’ll be a bother if you don’t take it.” He grinned.

“More than usual? I thought that was impossible.”

“Oh, you’re real witty. Well, I guess I’ll just have to follow you until you take the chocolate.”

I ignored him and continued passing out robes as he followed. It didn’t seem like he would give up.

“So what was that secret you were talking about earlier?” He asked.

“None of your business!” I snapped.

“Well, if it was about me, then it must be somewhat my business.”


He put the chocolate in his pocket, then reached out and took the box from my hands.

“Continue.” he said smiling.

I started walking.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked.

“Well, I’m pretty bored, and I’m tired of listening to Pansy ask me the same questions over and over again. Besides, she’s too easy for me, I need a challenge. Plus, I want to know why you were hiding.”

“I wasn’t hiding!” I snapped again. “I was there first, then you came and I knew that if you saw me you would make a huge deal out of it. And I didn’t feel like punching you in the face today.”

“Oh.” he said laughing. “I see.”

I stopped and turned around reaching for the box.

“I can handle this myself. And you can go find yourself a different CHALLENGE.”

He refused to let go.

“No, besides, I said I’d be a bother if you didn’t take the chocolate. And I’m not going to find a challenge like you.” He said.


“Ughh! You’re making a big deal out of a piece of chocolate! And I don’t want anything to do with you!!” I yelled.

“I’M making a big deal out of it?! You just won’t take the chocolate that YOU wanted! And not wanting me is the whole idea of a challenge.” He yelled back.

“Just give me the box!”

We were pulling back and forth at this point.




“Ugh!! Let…GO!”

Both of our hands slipped off the box as the box fell to the ground spilling the robes on the floor.


“Oh great!” I exclaimed.

Malfoy reached down to help me.

“Don’t!” I shouted quickly. “Just go!”



He gave me a sorrowful look, then slowly walked away. I stayed there, mumbling to myself as I picked up the robes. I couldn’t understand him. He was being…weird. Not like himself, especially to me.

I continued handing out the robes until the box was finally empty. Then I decided that I would just go back and sit with Ash, but I had to get my stuff. So, I brought back the box, changed into a new robe, and went to get my luggage.

I swung the door open. No one said anything. They just stared at me.

“You know, you don’t have to ignore me.” Malfoy spoke.

I acted as if he said nothing and started getting my stuff. Something caught so I pulled harder until it finally gave and sent me backwards on Pansy.

“Ew!! Get OFF!!” she yelled pushing me forward.

“Hey! Watch it!” I turned around.

“Wait.” Malfoy pointed to the other seat. “Pansy, you go sit over there, I want Danyelle to sit next to me.”

Pansy looked shocked. Like she didn’t know what to do. I think if she could, she would’ve killed me.

“I’m not sitting there.” I said.

Pansy looked relived. “See. She doesn’t even…”

“Shh! Pansy, move. Violet, sit.”

I looked at him surprised. “No!”

He looked at Pansy, “Move.” Then at me, “Sit.”

“No.” I repeated. Then I grabbed my stuff and walked out into the hallway. I could hear him after me.

“Danyelle!” He shouted.

My footsteps got faster, until I found Ash. I started putting my stuff away when Draco swung the door open.

“Danyelle, please!” He begged.

“Oh, hi Draco!” Ash said smiling.

I rolled my eyes.

“Please!” He kept begging.

“No!” I exclaimed.

“Look, we don’t have to go back there, just please let me show you something.”

I glared at him and sighed. “Fine.”

A look of relief came over him. He took my hand and led me out the door and down the hallway gripping tight.

“Draco, where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” He said smirking.

We were going ALL the way towards the back. Finally, we stopped in front of a big black door.


“Shh.” He whispered.


He pulled a key out from his pocket and opened the door.

I looked in and was amazed. It was like another part of the train I had never seen before. It was like a lounge area, decorated with all kinds of furniture that was black, green and silver.

“What is this?” I said in amazement.

“My dad had this put in for me and my friends to hang out in. It’s a bit small, but it works.”

“Then how come you and Pansy and them aren’t in here?”

“Well, they don’t know about it yet.” He smiled.

“So then, I’m the first to see this?”



He looked at me and smirked. Then he led me over to one of the couches to sit.

“Well,” he started, “I have to tell you something.”

He looked at me, and I could tell he was hiding something. I got more and more nervous as we sat there on the couch, him holding my hand. I pulled back and refused to look him in the eyes.

“You’re not going to, freak out or anything right?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes. “What?”

“I really do envy you, you know?” He started. “You’re the only person I know that’s not head-over-heels for me, and that, interests me, and I like it.”

I said nothing, just sat there, shocked. Breathless, wordless.

“I know you pretty much hate my guts, but I’m determined to change your mind.” I could sense that he was very confident in himself.

He leaned in closer to me and I shot up off the couch and ran out the door. I didn’t hear him behind me so I assumed he was still sitting there thinking that he was an idiot.

I couldn’t stop running. I didn’t even know where I was going. I just wanted to get away.

Once I stopped, I decided to go back with Ash. When I came through the door I just sat down right next to the window.

“What happened?” Ash asked me.

“Nothing, I just want to sleep.”

I kept thinking about Draco. I was very confused, I didn’t even know what to think. I was just, shocked I guess.

When I fell asleep, I had a dream. I was walking around Hogwarts when suddenly I was pulled into a closet. Next thing I knew I was standing there with Draco. Then before I knew it, he leaned in to kiss me…then the train’s whistle blew.

“Danyelle…” Ash shook me. “Danyelle, it’s time to go.”

I rubbed my eyes and yawned. I managed to force myself to get up and get my luggage and drag myself outside.

Everyone was there trying to get through to where they needed to go. All the first-years were standing around looking confused, not sure where to go. Everyone else was greeting each other talking to people they didn’t see on the train.

I saw the first-years heading off to the lake to take off on the boats, so I decided to follow them.


I just love watching the first-years head off to Hogwarts. It reminds me of my first year. The most amazing feeling ever.

I was standing there, watching the boats, until I was interrupted.

“Are you avoiding me?”

I jumped, it was Malfoy.

“What do you want?” I asked in an annoyed tone.

“Five minutes.” he replied. “Please.”

“For what?”

“Just to talk.”

“Look, I have to go.”


I started to walk away. Some part of me wanted to stay, but I couldn’t bring myself to turn around.

When we finally got up to the Great Hall, I sat on the far end of our table. As far away from Malfoy as possible. I just couldn’t wait to leave. All I saw from the corner of my eye was Malfoy looking at me and not talking to anyone. I tried not to look at him, but I found it extremely hard.

Dumbledore gave his speeches, the first-years were sorted into houses, and then, the feast began. It went on for what seemed like hours and hours. And every second that passed, I dreaded it more and more.

Finally we were dismissed to our common rooms. I went straight up to the girls bedrooms to get settled. I did anything possible to avoid Draco. When I was done, I laid down for a while and eventually fell asleep. When I finally woke up, everyone else was sleeping. So I decided to go downstairs and start up the fireplace. I sat down just thinking. I couldn’t understand what was going on with Malfoy. It was just so confusing. And that dream, what could it possible mean? Maybe I wanted it to happen…but then wouldn’t that mean that I was interested. No. I didn’t even want to think about that. I despised him, there was no way I could be interested in the slightest.

I decided I needed to take a walk. So I snuck out to the dungeons and on to the Grand Staircase. I figured the dungeons themselves wouldn’t be safe, with professor Snape lurking the halls.

I was walking for quite sometime. After a half hour I decided it was time to get back, so I headed back to the dungeons. As I was walking, I was suddenly pulled into a broom closet. Someone turned on the lights and next thing I knew, I was standing in front of Draco Malfoy.

We looked at each other. Neither of us knew what to say.

“You’re confused aren’t you?” He asked me.

I nodded.

Then, without warning, he pulled me closer and kissed me.


For a minute I lost myself in the kiss, then coming back to my senses I pushed him away and ran as fast as I could back to my bed, and fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning trying not to think about what happened last night. I was only worried about my classes, and the fact that I had Potions class first. I hated Potions! I was never any good at it. It was something I never wanted to do, mainly because I knew it had nothing to do with my plans for the rest of my life. Even though I didn’t know my plans, I just knew they didn’t involve potions. Besides, I dreaded it more with Professor Snape. He always had a stick up his a** boo-hooing about not teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.

I got downstairs and I didn’t see Malfoy, so I was pretty relieved.

When I got to potions class, there was only one seat left, and it was right in front of Malfoy. So I sat down trying to act like I didn’t see him.

“Ok class, let’s see who can get through this day without hurting themselves.” Snape said in his usual, annoying, uncaring voice.

He went on talking about some potion he wanted to start off with as sort of a…review. Although I wasn’t sure what it was exactly because I was too busy thinking about Draco. Especially since I could feel him looking at me. Then I started thinking about his eyes and how dreamy they were. Then I shook my head and reminded myself how annoying, conceited and nasty he was. Then I realized he was also quite gorgeous. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and I was hating myself for it. Then, five minutes later, I hated myself even more.

“Ok, so I’m going to give you all the ingredients, and if you just follow my directions, you should have no problem.”
I felt like an idiot. How could I have just completely ignored the directions? I was in for an interesting day.

He walked around passing things out. I looked at everything hoping to get some idea of what the potion was, but the more I thought, the more confused I got.

“Let’s go Danyelle, we don’t have all day.” Snape barked.

So, I picked up a small vial and poured it into the small cauldron. A little puff of smoke came out and Snape looked at me suspiciously. I just smiled and continued adding stuff in like I knew what I was doing. I picked up another vial with some red stuff in it and poured that into the mix. Suddenly, it started bubbling, and I got nervous. Trying to stop it, I started throwing more stuff into it, not even mixing it in just sort of frantically throwing things in making it worse. More and more bubbles began to pour out of the sides so I covered the cauldron with the top but it made it even worse.

I stepped back afraid something would explode. The top began to rise and then, the worst happened…it got higher and higher, until finally…


My entire cauldron exploded into a million pieces! People were hiding under tables avoiding the flying pieces of metal. I looked at Snape and could see the rage in his eyes.

After the clean-up, he dismissed everyone except me and Draco.

“It seems pretty clear to me, Miss Taylor, that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing. Now, this is the first grade of the year and I don’t think you will be happy with your first average being a zero! So, from now on you will be working with Draco, starting with this one. Neither of you will leave this room until the project is done. Understand?” He sneered looking at me.

I nodded.

“Good.” He said, walking off, leaving me and Draco there, alone.

Draco looked at me and rolled his eyes smirking. I glared at him.

“Don’t even say anything. Let’s just get this over and done with.” I sat down as he grabbed all the ingredients along with a new cauldron.

Step by step he walked me through everything. Then I realized that I was completely off in what I was doing. We didn’t talk about anything except the project.

Once we were finished, I helped him clean up and I got ready for my next class.

“Thanks.” I said finally.

“It was nothing.” He answered.

I started to walk away.

“Danyelle. Please talk to me.”

I stopped for a second, but then continued walking.


The rest of the day I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was thinking about him earlier. I tried keeping him out of my mind but the more I tried, the more he refused to go. I needed a way to keep him off my mind.

Even when we went to the Great Hall for dinner, and even though I sat away from him, it didn’t help. He kept staring at me, trying to mouth off words, but I just acted like I didn’t see him.


After a while, two girls came running up to me. I had never met them before, but they seemed excited to see me.

“Hey, hey you!” The first one started. She had short, blonde hair, and her robe said Slytherin. “Aren’t you the girl that made that HUGE explosion in Snape’s class?” She asked.

“Yes…” I said slowly.

“Awesome!” She exclaimed jumping up and down. “See Alex! I told you.”

“Whatever Misa.” Alex said rolling her eyes.

Alex had very long, very wavy, very brown hair. Her robe also said Slytherin.

“Mind if we sit with you?” Misa asked smiling.

“Um…sure. Go ahead.”

“Cool!” She replied. “So, how did you get the explosion to work anyway?”

“Well, it was sort of an accident.”

“Are you serious?!” She asked shocked.

“See, it’s not as cool unless it was on purpose.” Alex spoke.

“Oh shut up! Explosions are explosions!” Misa argued.

Alex rolled her eyes.

“Don’t mind her.” Said Misa. “What did you put into the mix?”

“Well, I’m not even sure really. I wasn’t paying attention to the ingredients.” I replied. “I was just putting in whatever I was given.”

“Oh, that’s cool. I was just hoping you’d know ‘cause I’ve been trying to make a huge explosion for years. Somehow, something always goes wrong.“ Misa answered.


“Yeah, that’s why I stopped helping you.” Alex looked at me. “She tries a potion every single year. I used to help her until one year she accidentally spilled some of her half-done potion on me and the next day I completely broke out with pimples ALL over me!! And the year before that something spilled on me and I was walking around with my hair dragging on the floor.” She exclaimed.

“Hey, the pimples weren’t that bad, we were able to get rid of them!” Misa argued.

“Yeah, but the hair was torture.” Alex said.

Misa started laughing. “Remember that day that you tripped on your hair and fell down the stairs!!”

“Oh ha ha.” Alex rolled her eyes.

I giggled. “Wait, couldn’t you have just cut your hair?” I asked.

“Oh, believe me, I tried. And it wouldn’t go. I had to wait like a month until it finally started just falling out until it reached the natural length.” Alex answered.

“Oh, that sucks.” I said.

We talked for a while. They both seemed like really cool people, although Misa seemed a bit hyperactive. The funny thing was, they were total opposites. I mean, Alex was so quiet most of the time, and so much more serious. She was a bit sarcastic though, and I thought she was funny.

The whole time we were talking, I tried not to look at Draco, but sometimes I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, they noticed.

“So…Danyelle, that Draco Malfoy is pretty dreamy yeah?” Misa asked.

I laughed. “Um, no. He’s just, got me really confused lately.”

“Oh, what do you mean?” She asked.

“Just, it’s complicated. I’d rather not say.” I replied.

“Fine, I’ll just have to find out for myself.”

“Good luck.” I said with a laugh.

During the rest of the dinner, we joked around a lot, which helped keep my mind somewhat off of Draco, so I was happy.

We hung out the rest of the night, and by the time everyone else fell asleep, we were in the common room sitting in front of the fire just talking.

Suddenly, Pansy came running down the stairs, enraged.

“What’s going on with you and MY Draco?!” She yelled angrily.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“He couldn’t stop talking about you all day! What’s going on?!?” She repeated.

“Nothing is going on, and since when is he YOUR Draco?” I asked.

Misa and Alex just kept looking at us.

“Well, nothing better be right, because Draco is mine. So DON’T get any ideas.” She started to walk away, then she turned around and looked at me. “Actually, I don’t even know why I’m so worried. He would NEVER go for someone like you.” She sneered.

I laughed. “That’s funny, since he hasn’t left me alone since last night when he kissed me.”

Pansy’s face dropped to the floor. I swear I could see smoke pouring out of her ears and fire burning in her eyes. She opened her mouth. “He wouldn’t…” She whispered in disbelief.

“Oh.” I started. “But he did.” I said with a smirk.

She stormed back upstairs.


Misa and Alex busted out laughing.

“I think someone’s jealous!!” Misa said.

“Of what?” I asked. “There’s nothing going on. I want nothing to do with him.”

“Are you sure?” Alex asked.

I paused and thought for a moment.

“No.” I finally replied.

At that moment, I realized, I secretly wanted him.

“So have you figured out what you’re going to do?” Misa whispered, as Professor McGonagall kept talking about the new Transfiguration spell we were learning.

“No, I mean, I like him, I really do. I just don’t want him to know that.” I whispered back.

“Oh! It’s like you’re his secret admirer! How sweet!”

“Shh!” Alex shushed from the back.

Misa made a face and I laughed a little.

“Now, we’ll practice this more tomorrow, you’re all dismissed.”

Everyone grabbed their things and quickly headed for the Great Hall. It was time for lunch and everyone always wanted to be the first ones there.

“Misa! Alex! Don’t wait up for me, I just have to go put my stuff away. I’ll catch up in a minute.” I yelled.

“Okay!” Misa yelled back.

I had ran down to the dungeons and to my room to put my stuff away as quick as I could. Then I headed straight to the Great Hall.

As I was heading down the last set of stairs, I could see Pansy standing right there staring at me.

“You LIED TO ME!!!” she yelled.

“About what?!” I exclaimed.


“Look, I don’t know what his deal is okay, but I want nothing to do with him.” I said.

“DON’T LIE TO ME!!!” She screamed.

Next thing I knew she stormed up right in front of me and with in two seconds I felt her hand come straight across my face.

My jaw dropped, and I glared at her through my hair, eyes full of rage. I wasted no time. I swung my fist around and hit her right on the side of her face. She fell to the floor and stumbled to get up.

“Oh, what’s the matter?” I taunted.

She glared at me and began to lunge forward, but around came my other fist, and met the other side of her face sending her backwards yet again. Now, she was reeally angry. She stared at me, then lunged at me again. All I did was step to the side and watched her fall. Next thing I knew, there was a crowd of people surrounding us. From the corner of my eyes I saw Misa and Alex pushing through everyone to get to the front for the best view.

“You know, you’re really not even worth it. So why should I bother. If you want, you can continue fighting yourself.” I turned around to walk away.


The first thing that had happened, was everyone gasped, then I could feel my hair being yanked from behind. With all of her strength, she pulled as hard as she could and sent me back. Except, I didn’t fall, I just lost my balance. When I turned around, her fist came and hit me right on the side of my mouth knocking me over.

When I got back up, I wiped my mouth, then I noticed that I had blood on my hand. Everyone gasped. I glared at her, again, and as she went to hit me again I punched her right in the nose and she landed on the ground. When she looked up, all I saw was blood dripping from her nose.

She stumbled up as quickly as she could, screamed at the top of her lungs, and as soon as she was gonna go for me again, Draco ran in to stop everything.

“Pansy!!” He yelled. “What the bloody hell are you doing?! Just stop!!”

Everyone looked surprised. Especially me.

She just stood there, saying nothing, just staring at me, breathing heavily.

“Go!” He yelled at her.

She didn’t want to argue with him. I could tell. Poor Pansy didn’t want to give Draco any reason to be angrier with her. So she just turned around and stormed off into the Great Hall.

“What are you all looking at?” Draco shouted.

Everyone scattered back to what they were doing Misa and Alex just stood there, in shock and too excited for words.

I laughed. “It’s okay. You can go. I’ll be right there.” I said.

They just nodded and walked away.

Draco turned to me. “You alright?”

“I’m fine, it’s your girlfriend you should be checking. You’re the whole reason she started this. Just forget it. Forget us, it’s not gonna happen.”

“Of course not, because you’re not letting it.”

“I could let it if I wanted to, but I don’t.”
“That’s a lie and you know it.”

“Look, just forget it. Please, for her sake, because next time she starts something, not even you will stop us.”

I walked into the Great Hall and people were cheering. I could see Pansy all the way in to corner crying to her friends.

I took my seat across from Misa and Alex and they just looked at me.

“That….was….AWESOME!!” Misa exclaimed.

“I KNOW!!” Alex exclaimed. It was the first time I had ever seen her excited.

“And then when she punched you in the mouth!” Misa said.

“Oh!! And then you punched her in the nose!!” Alex started.

“Too bad we couldn’t blow her up with a potion!” Misa blurted.

Me and Alex gave her a confused look.

“No, Misa.” Alex said rolling her eyes.



“Fine!” Misa said hanging her head.

I laughed.

“So,” Misa started. “Have you decided yet?”

“Kind of, I guess. I don’t want him to know anything. It’ll be hard enough with him alone ‘cause he’s not gonna give up, but it’s ten times harder with Pansy watching my every move.”

“You know, I don’t get you. Why don’t you just tell him you like him? Screw Pansy.” Alex said.

“BECAUSE!!! I don’t want him having that satisfaction!” I exclaimed.

Alex looked at me funny.

“What?!?! That doesn’t make any sense! You like him, and he likes you. What does it matter?” She asked.

“Just think about it. He’s already conceited enough. If he’s really that serious about it, he’s gonna have to work for it.” I smirked.

She rolled her eyes.

Misa gasped. “I just thought of something!”

“What?” I said.

“What if, he starts playing pranks on you to try and get Pansy off your back so that he can secretly like you?!” She exclaimed.

Me and Alex looked at her.

“Misa, you think to much.” Alex said.

“Whatever! You’ll see, you’ll all see! Then maybe you’ll start listening to me!”

“Yeah, maybe.” Alex answered.

Misa glared at her.


“Well, if he DOES start to play pranks on me, then I’ll just have to play them right back. For now, I’ll have to stay as far away from him as possible. Which, won’t be easy since he’s now my potions ‘buddy’.”

Misa and Alex busted out laughing.



They exclaimed between laughter.

“That bad, huh?” Alex asked smiling.

“Oh shut up! It’s only because of the explosion.” I said.

Misa suddenly got serious.

“Oh, well that’s understandable. Explosions are cool, professors obviously aren’t.”

Alex was still laughing.


Once she stopped, we finished our lunch and continued with our day. I had Flying lessons next, which was one of my favorite classes. It was the only thing I liked about going to ‘school’.

Madame Hooch had us go through the basics before she had us do some laps.

“Now, I want everyone to form a line, and one by one you will all take off and fly a few laps around the field. Is everyone ready?”

We all mounted our brooms when suddenly we were interrupted.

“WAIT!” A faint voice called out from behind.

Everyone turned around to see Malfoy running, broom in hand. I could see Madame Hooch rolling her eyes.

“I have a note!” he exclaimed as he ran up to Madame Hooch trying to catch his breath. She looked at the piece of parchment then nodded to him.

“Very well, right behind Miss Taylor.” She said.

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. He smiled and me and gave me this kind of ‘what’s up?’ look.

“Is everyone ready now?” She asked looking at Draco. “Good. Ready, set, GO!” She blew her whistle and everyone took off.

I was trying to enjoy myself, and just relax, but it was pretty hard since Malfoy just kept following me trying to keep up. I started to annoy him by leaning forward a bit every time he got closer. Finally, he caught up with me and we were flying side by side.

“So?” he said cooly.

I kept my eyes on what was in front of me while Draco kept looking at me. I started smiling when I saw what awaited him ahead that paid no attention to.



Right into a brick wall. I tried not to laugh while he fell to the ground. Luckily we weren’t too far up so the fall wasn’t too bad.

“SMOOTH!” I called down as Madame Hooch ran to help him.

I decided to go down and see if he was okay. Once I got close enough to the ground, I hopped off and walked over to where Draco was laying down, next to his broom.

“Well, looks like Mr. Malfoy might need a bit more practice on how to keep focused while on a broom.” Madame Hooch said sarcastically. “Danyelle, could you help him up to the hospital wing and have Madame Pomfrey check for anything unusual.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, he’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“Danyelle, please.”

I let out a big sigh. “Fine! Let’s go.”

We managed to get him to stand up, but he was a bit wobbly. So I put his arm around my neck, and mine around his waist and dragged him off.


“Nice going genius.” I said.

“Hey, one good thing came out of it.” He answered.

“Oh yea, and what would that be?”

“Being this close to you.” He smirked.

“Oh, I think I might gag.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh come on. You can’t tell me you’re not enjoying being this close to me, not even a little bit?”

I stopped walking, then without warning I let him drop to the ground and kept walking. “Let’s go, you can limp the rest of the way there.”

“Ow! I’ll take that as you weren’t enjoying it.” He answered.

“Hey! You are pretty smart.” I said sarcastically.

He struggled to stand, but finally caught up with me.


We finally go to the Hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey gave him some kind of juice that was supposed to help with the pain.

“Just take this once a day and you should be fine in no time. You’ll probably have quite a few headaches though, but other than that, you can go.” She told him.

“See, I told you, you would be fine.” I said. “Oh, and can you make it to the common room without walking into a wall?” I smirked.

“Shut up!” He exclaimed. “I’ll be fine.”

We were walking down the staircase as people were walking by. Everyone kept looking at us and laughing and giggling and I could tell how annoyed Draco was getting.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t take long for word to get out, huh?” I asked.

“No, it doesn’t.” He said angrily.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m sure people will be too afraid to say anything to you about it.” I told him.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t talk about it when I’m not there.” He answered hanging his head low.

“Aww, are you going to cry now?” I joked.

He glared at me as we continued to the Dungeons to the portrait of our common room. Our day was over anyway, so we had no where to go, so when we got back we just sat down in front of the fire to relax. Draco let out a big sigh when he sat down.

“Feel better?” I asked.

“Much.” He replied. “Thanks for helping me.”

“Hey, you helped me with my potions. So consider us even.”

“Ok, so I just wait until you blow something else up to get close to you again?” He smirked.

“Oh yea, you’re real funny!”

Two first year Slytherin girls walked in giggling. They walked up to me smiling.

“Danyelle…” One of them started. “Could we ask you something…privately?”

“Umm…sure.” I said, getting up from the couch.

We walked over to a corner of the room where Draco couldn’t hear us.

“So what’s up?” I asked. They looked at me as if embarrassed to ask.

“Well, we were just wondering…is it true that you knocked Draco Malfoy off his broom?” They asked excitedly.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “Where did you hear that?”

“Everywhere! Everyone is talking about it! So is it true?!”

“NO! Not at all! He just, wasn’t watching where he was going and just, flew into a wall.” I answered.

“Oh.” she said disappointed. “Thanks.” And they walked off.

I sat back down next to Draco.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

“Well, apparently, people think that I knocked you off your broom.”

“WHAT?!” He exclaimed, with a surprised look on his face.

“Yeah, silly isn’t it?”

“Damn straight it is!! I’ve got a reputation, and I doubt you would be the first person to change that.” He said.

“Wait a minute, it sounds like you’re saying that I couldn’t knock you off your broom even if I wanted to.” I said irritated.

“Of course not! You’re a girl.”

My eyes widened, I was surprised he even said that. “So, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh come on! Like I have to tell you!”

I looked at him puzzled.

“Girls wouldn’t be strong enough to do that. They’re not supposed to do that.”



“Keep it up and I just might start agreeing with people.” I said with a smirk.

“Oh come on. Guys are just supposed to be stronger than girls. It attracts them, right?” he smiled.

“You can keep trying, but it will get you nowhere.” I said getting up. “I’m gonna go find Misa and Alex.”

“Hey, you’ll give in, one way or another. I’ll try whatever I need to, even if I have to humiliate you into going out with me.”

“Blah blah blah! Have fun with your bruises.” I called back.

“Watch yourself Danyelle!”

“Yeah, yea.”

As I walked away, I thought about what Draco said, that he’d be willing to humiliate me to make me say yes. Then it made me think of what Misa said.

But he wouldn’t actually play pranks…or would he?

Chapter 2: Draco Meets the Queen of Hogwarts
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It was my first year at Hogwarts. I was a 3rd year student. I was on the hogwarts express sitting in my compartment with my pet lycan, wolfy I was singing to a song on my phone, when all of the sudden Draco Malfoy and his gang came in and started messing with me. "Well look who we have here." Draco said. "What's a beautiful girl like you be doing on a train like this?" I looked at him and didn't say anything. "Tell me a little about yourself." He said as he sat next to me. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" wolfy said. "Relax wolfy" I said. I took out my songs that I have writen and started singing. draco was surprised that I could sing so well. "Wow your really good." he said. "Thanks" I said. "So do you remember me Danyelle?"

Draco asked. "Ummm should I and how do you know my name?" I asked. "Our dads are best friends." He said "And my dad was right you are the prettiest girl in Hogwarts." I blushed when he said that. "I may be pretty but I don't know who you are and I'm not good with talking to strangers." I said. "Draco Malfoy is my name meeting a pretty girl is my game." He said. I just giggled and smiled at him. He told me everything about hogwarts, his friends, and enimies.We finally arrived at hogwarts. The carriages took us to the school.

Draco's POV: We walked to the great hall and everyone staired at Danyelle. "Draco why is everyone stairing at me?" she asked me as we walked to the front. "I don't know." I said. "Danyelle go to the front and get sorted." I said as I sat down with my friends. "ok" she said.

Danyelle POV: I walked up to dumbledor and he said out loud "Welcome queen Danyelle." I looked at him and said "Queen Danyelle?" "Woah there has to be a mistake I mean I'm not queen." Everyone looked at me. "Yes you are Danyelle." a man said. I turned to see who said that it was my own father. "Dad what are you doing here?" I said. "Well I knew you were gonna say I'm not queen." he said. "Dad how could this be, I can't be queen of hogwarts, it's imposible." I said. "Nothings imposible Danyelle." He said. "How is this posible... I don't..." *sigh* I said. I got out my  lyrics and sang them out loud. Everyone was amazed of my singing. I looked at Draco and he looked jealous but smiled at me. He walk torwards me and said "Danyelle would u like to be my girlfriend?" "I would love to be your girlfriend Draco." I whispered. He smiled at me I smiled back at him. People were stairing at us. Wolfy lead the way to the slytherins dorm. We entered the common room and sat on the sofa. "Danyelle?" Draco said. "Yeah Draco." He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" wolfy said. "What is it Wolfy?" I said as I looked around the room. Then lucius and my dad appaered out of nowhere. "Dad!" Draco and I said as we stood up. "What are you doing here?" I asked "I see that you 2 are together now." My dad said laughing. Wolfy got infront of me and Draco and growled at lucius and my dad. "That's weird she never used to do that unless......" I sniffed the air "Danyelle what is it?" Draco asked. "Unless voldamort was here or there's a full moon or there's danger near by." I said shaking. Draco held me in his arms. "Shhhh Danyelle." He said. "Draco take good care of her son." my dad said. "I will sir."  He said. "Please call me Charlie." My dad said. "Ok I will Charlie." Draco said. I giggled and said "Dad usually you don't get along with my boyfriends." I said. He looked at me and said "People change Danyelle." "Good night guys." Draco and I said as they left.

The next morning. Draco and I both woke up "Morning Draco." I said "Morning Danyelle." Draco said. We both walked to the great hall together. Everone staired at us as we walked into the great hall. "Danyelle...." Draco said. "I know Draco don't say it." I said. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Wolfy said. "Wolfy cool it." I said. "rooooaaaar!" Wolfy said. "Whats gotten into her Danyelle." Draco asked. "Wolfy!" I said. "Come on Wolfy." We left the great hall and I put Wolfy in my dorm. "Wolfy what has gotten into you?" I said. "I guess I got jealous." she said. "that's no excuse... wait what did you just say?" I said. "Did you just talk?" "Yes I've always known how to talk Danyelle." She said. "Am I the only one that can understand you Wolfy?" I asked. "Yes." She said.