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A New Dawn by keri111

Format: Novel
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 1,966
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 04/15/2012
Last Chapter: 04/25/2012
Last Updated: 04/25/2012

Dasiy McGarth thought she was an average normal girl. She was so wrong. She meets Harry Potter, and finds out about the world of magic - one she can be included in. What with werewolfs, friend betrayal, and Voldemort on the loose. Its hard NOT to get killed. Can she manage? A story of adventure, love, and battle. This story will be a novel. Or at least I'll try to make it into one.

She makes it into... A New Dawn.

Chapter 1: Meetings and a Werewolf
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~ Chapter 1 ~
A/N: This story is basically about Daisy, but I will do some different points of views in the begininng of this story.
My name is Daisy McGarth. I am your normal, ordinary girl... I think. I am fifteen. My birthday is July 31st. I look like most ordinary girls. My hair is a light, soft brown, with natural blonde, skinny, highlights running down my back. My skin is peachy, and my face is blemish free, which is really just luck. You would be amazed on a day like today...

" Hi, Daisy, " says Jake Abermathy. I smile at him. Jake was, is, and always has been my best friend. We are at our lockers, gathering our books. I groan to him,

" I really hate Civics! It's a killer course, and sooo boring! " He doesn't reply, but just grins at my answer. I could hardly blame him, exspecially if I was a bloody genius. But, sadly, I'm not. We walk to class, but not before we pass by Kassandra Fredricks. Oh, I could just strangle that girl! She is our school's gossip girl, and she hates me, all because Jake is my friend. I mean, I only like Jake as a friend, nothing more. Sadly, she doesn't seen to get that. Boo hoo, I'll cry about it later. As we get into class, Jake and I find seats toward the front of the room. I usually zone out right about...

" Now, back to the war in... " Now. Class is over before I know it, which feels seemingly odd... but I shrug it off. Not a big deal, and I sure as hell am not going to complain. I zone out.

' I am battling ... with magic!?! This is crazy! And... who is that? His face is ... not human. He's a wolf? But that doesn't make sense... and his eyes. They're brown... Like... ' Jake nudges me,

" Daze? Daisy? You've got to wake up. " I awaken and become familiar with my surroundings. Strange ... And how the heck did I fall asleep in class?!? OK, dumb question. And that was a weird dream... No. Nightmare.

" Oh, Jake. How long have I been out? " I groan, rubbing my eyes. He looks at me strangely,

" Just a few minutes... Why? " Why does he find that weird? Who cares. I look around. My class is filing out, and Mr. Jacobson gives me a stern look. Oh, bugger! He gives me the finger, ( to gesture me to come to him, not whatever else you might think ), and I slowly walk to him.

" Yes, sir? " I say in my sweetest voice. It works on Jake, and my parents. To no luck, it doesn't work on this grouch. Then I sit down, as he goes on with his lecture, I only hear his last part.

" - Detentions every school night of the week. " What! Seriously? Was I that bad? The look on his face says otherwise. Poo. He's no fun. Old fart. I trudge out of the room, and as Jake see's the expression on my face, he knows immediately. Smart boy. See, the girls, ( Whom I call his " Fangroup, " ) tiptoe behind him, and I give him my warning look. He knows immeidiately and he moves towards me, just as the girl is about to grab him. I clutch my belly, as the laughter, that is meant to be held in, avalaunches out of me. The girl sort of spins and falls, landing in a heap on the ground.

" Sorry -, " Jake says modestly walking past her. I can't help but add,

" Get a life. " I grin, as I walk past, although I don't see her pick up her book and throw it at me. And she is on the softball team, so it is going pretty fast. But, this is weird, the book stops directly behind me and makes a thudding sound on the floor. I turn around, and look couriously, although her face looks shocked.

' Odd, ' I think to myself. ' Why would she act like that? ' I eventually shake it off my mind as school unravels and it becomes summer. Ahh! The summer warmth, ( Which is actually blisterin heat, ) and breeze... What could be more relaxing? A walk. A day away from Private Drive would be a break. I throw on some shorts, a T-shirt, and some sandels. I put my hair is a ponytail, to keep it out of my face. I walk to the nearest park, where a boy, probly my age, is a sitting on a swing. His hair is messy, black, and all over the place. When I gaze into his face I see his gorgeous eyes, ( I mean, come on! Who doesn't like eyes that green? ),

" Hi, " I say cheerfully. He blinks, as though I am an illusion. I give him a questioning look, that makes him blush. Well... OK then.

" What are you doing out here? " He asks me, grinning sheepishly. Do I have a pimple or something?

" It's nice weather, " I joke,

" Everyone likes the blistering heat, don't they? " I go on, grinning at him. He doesn't reply, but I see him laughing inside. We become great friends after that. Another day, when we are in the park, we hear an explosion. We decide to follow it, foolishly. We are eventually in an alleyway, where we see a man. Blood drips from his mouth, as he bares his pointed teeth.

" Harry Potter - " I wonder how he knows this guy,

" - and his girlfriend. " Whoa, What the hay? Harry steps protectively in front of me. I don't have to much room between me and Harry, as we are backed into a wall. I am slightly squished by Harry. I don't understand what really is going on, but it seems as though Harry does.

" What do you want Greyback? " Harry says fiercly, waving his stick menacenly. Honestly. What is he suppose to do with a stick?

" You know soft girl meat pleases me, Potter. " He says, getting waaayyy to close, ( I can smell his breathe ). And girl meat? What? Is he a cannibal? Maybe. Probly. Hopefully not. Light shoots out of Harry's stick, and I find that weird. I bring reality to myself, as the other man and blasted to a wall. WHAT IS GOING ON? I feel utterly crazy, as Harry pulls me away. We run blocks away, to a local store. I am so confused.

" Harry, What just happened? " I ask him straight on. He looks around, making sure no one can evesdrop. He explains it to me quietly,

" That man, back there. He's a Werewolf, " Harry explains, and he doesn't give me enough time to gasp or reply,

" And I am a wizard. " He gives me a minute to process all this.

' OK... THIS IS CRAZY! ' Is all I can think. And,

" OK, then... " Is all I can say. This is so weird. He seems to know what is on my mind,

" But theirs something about you, " He goes on,
" Like a connection or something. I don't understand it. " I sort of know what he means, but I don't.

Chapter 2: The three D's
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~ Chapter 2: Harry's POV ~
Well, there is ... I just don't know though. I think she is a Witch, but I don't know, and it seems, neither does she. I clear my throat,

" So, have you heard of Hogwarts? " She shakes her head and I almost smack myself on the forehead. Of course she hasn't! Goodness. I explain it to her, and she laughs at the idea of the ghosts. I don't blame her. All the ghost movies in the muggle world are... You know... Scary. I don't know why I feel so drawn to her, but I am. It starts to get late out,

" I better get back, " She says, looking worried. I don't know whether I should tell Harry what I saw. When he turns around, I decide on the second,

" Wait! " She blurts out. He turns back around looking at me courisly.

" I've had visions... Is that normal? " I look at her. Well, if she can...

" I think... That you are a Seer. Not normal, but not weird either. " Dasiy tilts her head, in a questioning look. I take a look at my watch... Eight O' Clock! Already?

" OK ... " She says slowly,

" I have to go, Daisy. I'll see you soon, so we can go shopping for Hogwarts. You'll see. It's going to be great. " I leave her, with a questioning look on her face, and if she see's things like that, she must be a witch.

" Bye... " She calls out to me. September first could not have come faster. Before I know it, I've met up with Daisy, Ron, Hermione, and all the other Weasleys. Daisy and Hermione hit it off right away. Turns out Daisy likes reading and studying, just as much as Hermione. Although, I have a feeling her study habits will be different. A bit. As we have everything on the train, we take a compartment, and settle down.

~ Daisy's POV ~

I fall asleep, head against Harry's shoulder, ( Accidentally ) A few hours later, I have a dream. My mind wanders to Greyback attacking us. I keep thinking about the illegal magic. I haven't gotten a letter. That's weird. The day the Ministy of Magic doesn't give out a hearing letter. And if you are wondering, Harry told me every thing.

I wake up. It's nearly dark, but the dark doesn't mask what I see. Those black things, they make me feel cold. It's head bows down on me... I can remember...

" Daisy! Daisy, Wake up! " Says a panicked voice I recognize. I pop my eyes open, and sit up right away. I see flashing lights, too fast! I take deep breathes as they help me up into my seat,

" Wha - what happened? " I asks them groggily, rubbing my eyes. I already feel like I'm gonna faint. Hermione explains,

" Dementors. They are supposed to guard Askaban, " She says worridly,

" But they came here. I - I don't know why. " I bite my lip, and try not to think about them. I shiver. They freeze me to the bone. And those memories... No one talks for a while, until the silence is broken, by Ron,

" We should tell Dumbledore. And have some chocolate. " Hermione looks astonished, as though Ron never makes a good point. Ron blushes, and it clashes with his hair,

" What? " He mumbles,

" It was just an idea. " Hermione blushes too but ignores it,

" I'll go tell someone. " She leaves the compartment. Not much longer, the trolley rolls by,

" Anything dears? " Two no's, and a yes. And that is Harry's yes.

" I'll take handfuls of chocolate frogs, Droobles, Pumpkin pasties, and 4 jugs of pumpkin juice. " As she gives him the sweets, he passes it around. I look out the window. Why do those ... ' Dementors ' affect me, and scare me so?

" Hey. " He says softly in my ear. Scaring me for a second,

" Don't feel weak. Don't feel afraid. They did that to me, too. I was thirteen. It was terrifying, I felt weak, and frightened. You aren't not weak. And they are suppose to scare you. Don't worry about it. " His soft voice tickles my ear. I take a deep breathe, my voice breaks,

" I - I know... it's just... " Before we know it the train stops. I take Boo out. Boo is my familar... well sort of. She can't talk or anything and our bond isn't like if I die she dies or like we don't feel the same pain. Nothing like that. Luckily. And now I realize, Why were they here? That doesn't make any sense. Before I know it, we arrive at Hogwarts. Its more amazing than in " Hogwarts a History ". I take a look in at everything. I've never known that I am more like Harry Potter than I think.