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I See by keri111

Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 2,039
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Pairings: Harry/OC

First Published: 04/08/2012
Last Chapter: 05/01/2012
Last Updated: 05/01/2012

  I have always been able to see into the future. in fact i can do it in my own will, but it usually doesn,t work out that way. what do you do if you have to give up everything, get it back, and find you have to lose it all again?

Chapter 1: Choosing
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AN: Whatever you recognize is J.K. Rowlings. The rest is mine. Read on! Oh its sorta a recreation of the Triwizard tournament.
( Destiny's POV )
I come from a long line of Seers. My name is Destiny Taylor. I am in my 6th year at Hogwarts. I have extremely black hair, that falls perfectly past my shoulders, and down my back. My eyes are a pasty blue, and my skin is extremely peachy. I am pretty well - rou nded for my age, and my best friends are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. They are the only ones that know of me being a Seer, apart from Dumbledore and Voldemort, and I intend to keep it that way. Today I nearly fall asleep in potions,

" Destiny, " Hermione says gently, " Your potion is over boiling. " I awake with a jerk, and moan. I had a dream, no, nightmare about Voldemort again. What hell. Hermione waves her wand over my potion, and it is fixed. I grin,

" Thanks, Hermione. " I say, but Harry has a concerned look on his face. I sigh, that look is always on his face. Exspecially when I'm involved. See, Harry isn't the only one that Voldemort wants. No other Seer's can see into the future the way I do. Something has prevented them from seeing Voldemort's future, but, it hasn't affected me and it won't. I just know it. And that's why he wants me. So he can use me, then kill me. Mucho Grande. Potion ends quickly and I pack up as fast as possible. I walk out of the room and stop, my eyes change and I have a vision.

' I am walking down the hall. Little do I know Voldemort is around the corner. He has a, well his mouth is in a ' U ' shape anyways, smile on his snake - like face.

' Destiny Taylor, ' He says, smirking.

' What do you want from me, I have nothing! ' I cry out.

' You have... ' He doesn't get to finish though because someone slaps me on the face, and I am on the ground. I am all sweaty and pale, I feel extremely weak to for some reason. When is this going to happen? Harry helps me sit up, and looks extremely worried,

" Destiny, What did you See? " He says quietly. Erg, why must that boy know EVERYTHING? He knows when I'm hurt or angry. I tell Harry all of it, but most of all, I really want to find the end.

" But it doesn't make sense, Harry. What do I have? What? This is going to drive me nuts! " I say, frustrated. They have no answer, so, we walk back to Gryffindor common room. I spend the rest of the day, deep in my own thoughts. My face in my hands, if only I could... that's it! I ran in the girls dorm, to my room, and sat up in my bed. I relax, but not for long. Hermione comes and sits on my bed, shaking me gently,

" Destiny. Destiny, Wake up! Professor Dumbledore has an announcement. " she says, as she shakes me. I roll over.

" About what? " I whine. She shrugs her shoulders and jumps off my bed. I quickly run a brush through my hair and tie it in a ponytail. We meet the boys in the common room and head out. Just as we take our places at Gryffiondor table, he starts.

" The school's Board of Governors, has decided to have another Triwizard tourament. It will be the same as two years ago, same rules apply. You must be 17 to enter. These task will be dangerous, perhaps even more than the two years before, which is why we ask that, even though you are of age, if you cannot handle it, please do NOT enter. " Many a people, winced, at the sound of it because of what happened in the last tournament. Although, this piece of information got everyone gossiping and barely anyone noticed when he dismissed us. As we walked,

" This stinks! Why always of age? " Harry snarls, waving his arms in the air. It surprises me to see him like this,

" Harry its OK, " Hermione says gently, " Why - " But I interrupt her,

" I think I know its stupid! But you know, considering people are out to kill us, Harry, - " I stop and drop into Harry's arms. I have another vision; ' Harry and I make it through all the ferious tasks they've put in our way. We've already gone through three, but we can't see a portkey.

' Harry, ' I say feeling confused, ' Aren't there only supposed to be three tasks, not four, ' We make it through the Dementors, boggarts, but at the end; there's Voldemort. ' I snap out of the vision and relize my eyes are wet and I'm in Harry's arms. I look up at them in disbelif,

" We can't do this. " I get out of his arms, and quickly march back to our common room and sit on the comfy seat by the fire. I twist my fingers in my hair. The next day, in The Great Hall, when everyone is seated, Professor Dumbledore makes his announcment,

" This week long, those of you, of age, make enter now, or away from prying eyes. I also advise those not of age, not to try this. There will be three champions." Its a little obvious to me because, Prof. Dumbledore is a great wizard! He will put jinxs and such on it of course. Many others, as I look around, don't take heed to his warning, ( Ronald ).

Everyone is once again summoned to The Great Hall. We have just gotten up, so many of us don't look so good. I manage to run a brush through my hair, and tie it into a ponytail, before coming down. I bite on my lip, and feel nervous as we come down. I know that most of the seventh years have probly entered by now. Too bad we aren't of age but... There's something about this tournament. I know it isn't good and I know who will probobly be involved. Hint, Hint. The first name,

" Marcus Flint, " The Slytherin's cheer, as he walks up, while others groan.

" Angelina Johnson, " Gryffiondor table clap and shout in glee.

" Cho Chang, " The Ravenclaw's cheer. It takes a few minutes before the next paper pops out, but there are two. Prof. Dumbledore looks at it in bewilderment and reads the names, his voice is that of surprise,

" Harry Potter - " Hence the gasping,

" And Destiny Taylor. " And more gasping. Harry and I look at each other's faces,

" Did you - " Comes from his mouth, but I complete his sentence,

" - Put your name in? " I am so confused. The look on our faces prove that we didn't - But who did? Dumbledore interuppts my flow of thoughs,

" Champions, please meet in my office. " He says firmly. We get up, not bothering to wave good-bye to Ron and Hermione, and walk to his office. I am nervous as I go up there. I still remember my vision. Although, should I tell Dumbledore?

Chapter 2: The first task
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Preparation and the first task
A/N : Yes, this is sorta of the Triwizard tournament, just, my version. Also, what you don't recognize is mine, what you do, is J.K. Rowlings. Just a reminder, I plan on making this chapters longer too! Please review! Also if I haven't been updating is cause I'm working on other stories too. Thanks!

I'm so stupid! I decide on the last second not to tell Dumbledore, because, well I don't know. He asks us if we entered our names, we both say no, and he let's us go. We spend our day practicing defense spells and such. I've gotten good with the parrying of spells, but Harry can't get it. Ron and Hermione believed us, when we told them, but the rest of the school is half and half. We have the first task tomorrow. When we go to bed, I just cannot sleep. So, I take a spell book, full of jinxes and charms, and sneak into the common room. I fall asleep, book open, and head in arms. Later on everyone wakes up, and takes their showers, while Ron, Harry, and Hermione wonder where I am. I wake up feeling groggy. I take a look at the clock...

' Frick! ' I think to myself, as I get ready. We quickly run to our first class of the day, and luckily it is; Potions. Snape's lip curls as we come in,

" Late. 10 points from Gryffindor, Potter, Taylor, Weasley, and Granger. " As we take our usual table, I scowl at Snape. He resumes his lecturing,

" As I was saying, before the famous Triward champions strut in - " I saw Harry's hand clench, so I grabbed it, and I felt him relax,

" - The... " and all I really hear is, " Blah, Blah, Blah... " As soon as he is done with his lecture, we leave and breeze through our classes today. We pratice new spells, and the ones we've already learned. I feel so so nervous about this task. And I still don't know what it is. We change in the Quiddich changing rooms, ( our colours representing each of our houses ), go out to the Quiddich field, and are told what the task is.

" The first task is Dueling. " says Fudge, wrinkling his nose. He goes on,

" You will duel Ministry represenatives. Good Luck. " I look around and see whom everyone else is dueling; Flint is with the biggest, Angelina is with a midgit, Cho is with your average Joe, and Harry is with Kingsley. As I look over the others, I barely notice my own opponant. Oh great! Tall, sharp face, blonde hair... hmm I wonder who that is! Lucisus Malfoy?!? Crazy! Are they trying to kill me? He gives me a look of discust, as if I could never guess why! We start.

" Confundus! " Malfoy hurls the spell at me. I do a quick sidestep and go back to my spot. It is clear that he is impressed, aswell as the judges and such. I dodge his spells,

" Immobilious! " I shout, it hit hims, then to finish,

" Expelliarmus! " His wand flys out of his hand, and I catch it. I am the first to finish, and the judges look at me approvingly and a tad bit amazed, as I sit beside them. In this order, they get them, Cho, Harry, Marcus, then Angelina. They sit beside me and as our names are called up, we get our points.

" Destiny Taylor. " Is what I hear, when I stand up. I look at the judges points, ten, ten ten, ten. A total of 40 points. The highest score you can get. Cho gets 38, Harry, 35, Marcus, 27, and Angelina gets 25. I feel so happy, considering I just got the highest score! That was pretty great for the first task. Everyone cheers as we leave to change in our rooms. When we get out everyone is there, Harry and I become enveloped in hugs. Yeah, we did do pretty great. It was a pretty easy task although. I am praised by teachers, ( Not Snape of course ), and other students. We are able to leave the swarm of people, and make it to our dorms. As I am in bed, I can't help but think about my earlier vision. I really don't wanna get to the last task. I fall asleep, dreaming of tasks and Voldemorts.

The next morning, I wake up surprisingly early. I still have two hours before I go to class, and everyone else is still sleeping. I take a long, hot, shower. I magickly dry my hair, and straighten it with my wand. I put my robes on, grab my books, and read more about the different spells as I go on. This one, ' Conjunctivitis ', catches my attention. The more I read up on it, the more I like it. Nice. I'll save it for later. While I'm reading, Hermione, surprisingly, comes out of bed, and takes a shower. She meets me in the common room,

" Hey, Destiny, " She says, looking at me and yawning. I look up at her and smile,

" Hi, " I say, immediatly returning to my book.