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Wizarding Around the World by writersloverpotter

Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 21,826
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Scorpius, Albus, Rose, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Rose/Scorpius

First Published: 03/18/2012
Last Chapter: 07/20/2015
Last Updated: 07/20/2015

There is a new program at Hogwarts and lucky for Albus Potter, he has been choosen to partake in this new international program this year. Albus will never be the same once the international students invade.

Chapter 1: Prefect and What?
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It was a clear, cloudless, sunny summer day outside the Potter’s cottage at in Godric’s Hallow. In the backyard two teenage boys were flying around on broomsticks. Albus sped pass the old apple tree that concealed the tree house that his father built for him and his two siblings, James and Lily.

“Slow down Albus.” His mother screamed from down below. Ginny poked her head out of the kitchen window. Albus flashed his mother a smile and sped off into the distance. Right behind him was his older brother, James. James and Albus were racing on their broomsticks around the yard. Albus held the Potter’s record for being the fastest rider in the family. He never let James forget this. As both boys rounded the old apple tree to the finish line of the race, Albus let go a burst of speed and sprinted to the finish line; finishing at least thirty seconds before James. He flew to the ground, dismounted his broom, and collapse on the soft, green grass next to his broom stick as he waited for James to fly to the ground. James landed next to his younger brother just moments later.

“Rematch. Now.” James huffed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I won. Get over it.” Albus said as he stood up. Albus had just turned fifteen years old. He was almost 6 feet with brilliant green eyes and a tuff of untidy black hair that he inherited his father. He had on a light yellow t shirt with cargo shorts which fit perfectly on his muscular frame. He had no shoes on. James, on the other hand was seventeen years old. He was well over six feet with light honey brown eyes that he inherited from his mother and the same tuff of untidy black hair as his father. Unlike the muscular frame that his younger brother has, James was lanky. Albus picked put his Firebolt 2000 and began to walk towards the cottage.

‘Stupid Git!” yelled James from behind as Albus entered the cottage. As soon as he stepped in the kitchen, the smell of baked chicken and boiled red potatoes hit his nostrils. His stomach rumbled as his brother came rushing in behind him. Ginny was cooking in the kitchen and was being assisted by her daughter, Lily.

“Mum, it smells great in here. You are almost as great of a cook as Nana Weasley.” James spoke as he sat at the kitchen table and threw his dusty broomstick upon it.

‘Ewww James. Get your broom off the table.” Lily screamed as she prepared to set the table. She was the miniature version of her mother. She was short, slender, had vivid, blood red waist length hair falling in loose soft curls down her back. Lily also had her mother’s light honey brown eyes even though they were almond shaped like her father’s.

“Awww calm does Liles. I am only tuning up the broom a little bit.” James said to his sister as he smiled at her but the smile quickly vanished from his face as she gave him a death glare. James quickly gathered up his broom and hurriedly rushed out of the room. Lily smile to herself and continued to set the table.

“Albus go wash up for dinner and make sure you tell your brother and father the same. Merlin knows that those two are so forgetful and would come to the kitchen table absolutely disgusting if they weren’t constantly reminded.” She told her youngest son as she removed the chicken from the oven. “Oh, hurry please. Your father and I have to give you guys your Hogwarts’ letters at dinner.” Albus left out the kitchen. He dropped off his broom in the living room and went into his father office room. The setting sun was filling the room with light. Harry was sitting behind an enormous desk directly in front of the window. He was deeply consumed with writing a letter when Albus entered the room.

“Hey dad. How was work?” said Albus as he plopped down on the couch that was next to bookcase. Albus glanced around towards the portraits that lined the wall next to the bookshelf. They were portraits of his grandparents, Lily and James Potter, and Sirius Black, Harry godfather. At the moment they appeared to be sleep. Harry looked up from the letter he was writing. He smiled at Albus.

“Work was good Al. We are busy right now trying to figure out who is petrifying muggles in South Sheffield. Its taking ages to get this paper work done but we are managing.”

“Awesome. Mum said wash up for dinner by the way.” Albus said as he began to get up. From behind him, he heard a voice say “Did someone mention food?” Albus turned around to see James Potter I staring back at him eagerly. Albus laughed

“Yes Granddad James. Mum just finished cooking dinner and ordered me to get dad and James for supper.” James ran into the portrait that was next to him.

“Sirius! Wake up. It’s dinner time. Sirius! ” James was shaking Sirius Black roughly out of his sleep.

“James you fool, we can’t eat food. We are nothing but portraits you git!” Sirius said sleepy as he was coming to his senses.

“So! That does not mean that we can’t look at all the delicious food that Ginny prepared. Get up you buffoon!” James dragged Sirius out of his portrait and out of sight. Harry and Albus roared with laughter as a soft female voice began to speak.

“Sometimes I worry about your father, Harry. He acts as if I did not feed him well when we were alive.” Lily looked back at her son and grandson, who both inherited her eyes.

“Dad is a piece of work Mum. But that is why I love him.” replied Harry once he calmed himself enough so that he was able to speak. Albus was still giggling to himself.

“Yea he really is. See you boys at dinner.” Said Lily and she strolled out of the portrait. Albus left the room and went upstairs to get his older brother. He knocked on the door

“Come in” James screamed from inside his room. Albus entered inside James’s bedroom. James had all of his belongings spread out over the floor. There was rubbish and random pieces of parchment all over the bedroom floor. The smell of dirty clothes lingered throughout the whole room. Albus could swear that food was molding away in the corner over by the closet. James was sitting at the foot of his bed reading a letter.

“Your room smells like rotten eggs.” Albus said. He was holding his nose as he walked further into the room. James glanced up for his letter.

“That is the smell of manhood little bro. You will experience it one day. What brings you into my room anyway?” he asked.

“Mum said wash up for dinner.” Albus replied. He sat at the edge of the bed and attempted to read over James’ shoulder. James shoved Albus off of his bed.

“Get lost git. This is a matter of personal business.” James pocketed the letter. Albus walked out of James room and walked down to the hallway to wash his hands. Albus rushed out of the bathroom and ran down the stairs to the dining room where the rest of the family was waiting for him. As he entered the room, he glimpsed at his grandparents and Sirius Black in the portrait on the opposite wall.

“Albus take your seat.” Harry called from the head of the table. Once Albus took his seat everyone at the table began to dig into the meal. The table was silent for several minutes. Finally, Ginny broke the silence.

“Kids, your Hogwarts letters arrived by owl this afternoon.” Ginny pulled out a parcel from her apron. She handed the letters to her children. Lily squealed.

“Yay! I am allowed to go into Hogsmeade this year. I am so excited. Wait till I tell Samantha, Emily, Libra, Roxanne and Jordan..” Lily re-read her Hogwarts letter over. Meanwhile a look of complete shock came across James face. Ginny was the first to notice.

“Jamie poo, what’s wrong? “ A look of concern came across Ginny face when James did not respond right away.

“James Sirius Potter, answer me this instant. What is in the letter?” Ginny demanded from her eldest child. The figures in the portraits and the rest of the family looked at James as he began to speak.

“Well mum and dad, you will be please to know that Professor Jemison has named me Head Boy this year.” He said in a quiet voice. There was complete silence at first, and then Albus broke the silence.

“You, Head Boy? I guess the rumors are true. Jemison is completely off his rocker. Who in the right mind would name James Head Boy after the numerous pranks you pulled and countless detentions you had at Hogwarts? This must be some kind of joke.’ Albus snatched the letter out of his brother hand. As he took it out of James’ hand, a badge fell out of the letter. Lily ran around the table to pick it up. The badge was small and sliver. The Hogwarts’ crest was on it with the letters HB encrusted on it in crimson and gold. Under the letters, Lily could make out James’ full name written in cursive.

“It isn’t a fluke Al.” she shoved the badge in her brother’s face. A big grin spread across her face. Ginny’s eyes were full of tears while Harry got up to go shake his son’s hand.

“Congratulation James! Your mother and I are so proud of you. You know this deserves a celebration.” Harry hugged his son and was immediately pushed out of the way as Ginny began to suffocate James in a bear crushing hug. James nearly fainted in his mother’s grasp before Harry was able to pry his wife off of James. After everyone settle back in their seats, Albus was the last person to open his letter. He as he opened his letter, two badges fell out of the parchment. Albus read his letter a loud.

“Dear Mr. Potter, I am pleased to inform you that you have been named the male 5th year prefect for the noble house of Salazar Slytherin this school year. I trust that you will accept the position and treat it with the upmost respect.” He sat the letter aside and picked the emerald and sliver badge. It had the crest of Salazar Slytherin in the background and a large sliver “P” on the crest. Ginny got teary eyed again and began to get up to give her other son a bone crushing hug. However, Albus stopped her right in her path.

“Mum, I haven’t finished yet.” Albus picked up the other badge and turned it over in his hand. Instead of bearing the Slytherin coat of arms, this badge carried the Hogwarts’ crest. On the badge was the letters S.A. and Albus’s name written under it. He placed the badge to the side and continued to read the letter.

“Mr Potter, I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to represent Slytherin house as the OWL year student ambassador as part of the international affairs study program. This year Hogwarts, Drumstrang, Beauxbatons, and Salem Wizarding Academy will be implementing a new curriculum that is to include international studies of different wizarding nations along with completing their OWLs. Each school is to select four OWL year students to represent their schools. These students will play host or hostess to the respective students that they will be paired up with from the other schools. These select students will also travel to these school and participate in classes for two weeks per school. After visiting each school, the ambassadors are responsible for teaching their fellow peers the customs of each culture to prepare for their OWL in June. In June, all OWL year students will meet at the International Magical Embassy in Amsterdam where there will be a banquet that will put their knowledge of other cultures to the test. This will determine your OWL grade. This is a significant honor Mr. Potter and your fellow professors and I believe that you will do your best in representing Hogwarts with all its glory. You are required to meet at the Ministry of Magic on July 14th for a mandatory orientation meeting along with the other student ambassadors, Professor Jemison, and the Minster of Magic. Hope this find you in good health.” Albus finished and just stared at the letter in amazement. The entire family was quiet. James was the first to break the silence.

“So you are telling me, you get to place host to some foreign kids, travel the world, and go to a party and get an OWL for it. That’s rubbish! Why they couldn’t do that when I was a fifth year? I would have made a great “ambassador” James was slightly upset. Ginny burst out in tears

“Alby, I am so proud of you.” She nearly smothered Albus until Harry pulled her off him. Harry hugged his son.

“Make us proud son” he whispered in his ear. Albus was extremely excited about everything that was upcoming this year.

Chapter 2: Grumpy Mornings and Running Errands
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June passed uneventfully as Albus anxiously waited for his orientation session at the ministry. To pass the time, Albus focused on coming up with play moves for the upcoming Quidditch season. Playing seeker, Albus was able to gather numerous information and different types of plays from his father, Harry.

“So dad, can you explain the Wronski Feint once again?” asked Albus. He was sprawled out on the floor of his father’s office with parchment and his many playbooks everywhere. Harry sighed, got up, and walked around the desk.

“Albus you should really get ready for bed. Tomorrow is your orientation session at the Ministry and I know you would prefer not to be late tomorrow.’

“But dad, I am so close to winning the Quidditch House Cup this year from James. I know Slytherin can beat them.’

“Al, bed now!” Albus signed and collected all his parchment on his father’s floor. His grandfather began to speak.

“I know you are upset Albus but really, Slytherin never really had stood a chance in defeating Gryffindor.” Albus faced dropped at his words. Harry was just about to open his mouth to retort however it was Lily who spoke first.

“James Charlus Potter! How dare you say such hateful and uninspiring things to Albus, your grandson?” Lily Potter walked into her husband’s portrait fuming. James looked into his wife’s eyes practically cowering at her feet at every word she spoke. Luckily, Sirius stepped in to save his best friend.

“Lily, what I think James meant to say is younger brothers normally don’t beat their older brothers in Quidditch so Albus might have to work extra hard for that Quidditch cup this year.” Lily eyes were narrow slits as they faced Sirius. James nodded his head mercifully and kept repeating “Yea! Yea! That’s right.” With a final nasty look at James, Lily strolled back into her portrait and continued her reading.

“Good Night Dad. Good Night Grandmum Lily. Good Night Sirius.” Albus strolled out the room. He swore he heard his Grandfather call after him but he didn’t look back. His dad was right, he should be focusing on his session tomorrow at the Ministry. Quidditch will just have to wait.

“Albus. Albus. ALBUS!”

“Whatisgoingon?”Albus sat up bolt straight in his bed. He wiped the crust out of his eyes to see his mother standing over him.

“Al, it’s five. Time to get up and get ready.” Ginny turned around and walked out of the room.

“But, I don’t have to be to the Ministry till 9:30” Albus cried but his statement fell on deaf ears. Cursing under his breath, Albus stumbled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. He slammed the bathroom door shut and proceeded to take a shower, brush his teeth, and wash his face. Half an hour later Albus walked back into his room where his mother was once again.

“Mum, I think I can dress myself.” Albus was becoming really annoyed with his mother hovering around him so early in the morning. However, Ginny wasn’t backing down.

“You are supposed to wear your school robes. I pressed and iron your robes, your sweater vest, your black slacks, and your white button down shirt. I bought you new Slytherin ties and dress socks. I also polished your shoes. Please care when you are getting dress I do not want you looking a mess before you even step foot out of the house.” And with that Ginny walked out of the room. Although Albus was still frustrated about his mother smothering habits, he however was becoming annoyed about the wardrobe choice the Ministry decided to make them wear for this session. He got dress quickly and hurried down the stairs for breakfast. In the kitchen he met his father, mother, and the house elves Kreacher and Dizzie.

“Morning.” Albus grumbled. He slammed himself down at the table and grab the toast and jam and began to eat. Harry looked up from the Daily Prophet.

“Good morning son. I warned you to go to bed early last night” Harry chuckled over to his newspaper. Albus grimaced at him in response. He shoved a piece of toast in his mouth and reached for the orange juice.

“Master Albus, would you care for your favorite cereal this morning?” Kreacher walked up to Albus. Out of all the Potters, Kreacher was very fond of Albus. Albus loved Kreacher in return and treated him as an old friend

“No thanks mate” Albus smiled down to Kreacher as Kreacher walked away to continue make breakfast for the rest of the family.

“Mum, why did you wake me up so early?” Albus groaned towards his mother.

“You are up early cause you and your father will be going to Hogwarts early travel with Professor Jemison to the Ministry. Your father also has to go into the Ministry this morning for a staff meeting and I will not have you traveling alone to the Ministry. It is far too dangerous.”

“Don’t worry Al. It will be fun, just like old times.” Harry clapped his son on the shoulder as he stood up. Albus nodded his head. He did enjoy going to the Ministry with his father when he was younger. He always had fun in Kingsley Shacklebolt’s office, the Minister for Magic. Also any time he would have gotten bored, he would go across the street to visit Diagon Alley. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad

“Finish up you breakfast” Ginny sad hurried to her son. Albus stuffed the rest of his toast in his mouth and rushed out of the kitchen before his mother could say anything. He met his father in the living room.

‘’Ready to go dad?” Albus was dying to get away from his mother. Harry chuckled as he threw on his royal purple Head of the Department Ministry robes. He flattened down his already untidy hair before he tried to put his cap on.

‘There is no use in trying to flatten down that hair. That hair has been that way for 40 years and nothing is going to change that, unless you go bald.” Ginny walked out of the kitchen with her apron hovering two brown bags in front of her.

“Thanks love. Have a good day.” Harry gave his wife a kiss on the both cheeks. Ginny turned to Albus

“I wish you didn’t have hair like your father.” she tried to flatten down his hair but Albus jumped out of her grasp.

“Mum, it’s fine. Can we go now, please?” Albus couldn’t wait to get away from his mother.

“Fine. Have a great day son.” she gave him a hug before turning to Harry.

“Remember to be home early for dinner. We are meeting Annalisa, James’ girlfriend, for dinner.” she said to Harry.

‘Just Annalisa right mum? Not Annabel also?” Albus hoped she wasn’t invited to dinner. Annabel McMillan is this really annoying girl at Hogwarts that have an extremely large crush on Albus. “I believe James invited her younger sister to dinner. He said that you two were great friends.”

“Stupid git.” Albus mumbled. Harry and Albus walked out the front door. When they got to the end of the drive way, Harry held out his hand.

‘Let’s go” Albus grabbed his father’s arm and with a swish of the cloak, Harry and Albus apparated. After a few seconds, the Potters landed outside of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Albus face brightened up

“I really missed this place.” He said to his father as they began to stroll through the tiny village as the sun was just beginning to raise over the village

“I know what you mean. Some of my best and worst memories happened right here in this village. Ron and Hermione stuck by me all throughout it though.” Harry was reminiscing as they got to the edge of the village. Albus notice this and Harry began to slow down his walking pace.

“Dad!” Albus yelled

“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that . Let’s go.” Harry and Albus walked the path that lead to Hogwarts chatting about random things that came to mind. As they approach the gate, Flich was waiting at the gate to let them in. Albus let out an audible groan.

“Same way I feel son, same way I feel”” Harry chuckled and kept approaching the gate

“Mr. Potter.”Flich said as he opened the gate and stood aside so the Potters could pass

“Hello Mr. Flich. All is well at Hogwarts?” asked Harry as the gate closed behind them. Albus remind quiet. He really didn’t like Flich much after serving numerous detentions with him since his first year. Flich didn’t answer the question. Instead he led them up to the castle. When they got to the great oak front doors to the castle, a man with light honey brown wavy hair, rectangular glasses, and sweeping silver robes was waiting for them.

“Harry!” said the man with an extremely thick Irish accent

“Faegan!” the two men shooked hands.

“How is life at the Ministry? Has anything slowed down since I left nine years ago”

“Nope, but I am sure that the Department of International Magical Cooperation missed their old Head of department.”

“Me too. I wondering if that is the reason that have called me into this little meeting today. That or they want to make sure the students of Hogwarts are on their best behavior. But we know that they will represent the school well.” At this point the man turns and acknowledges Albus.

“Good morning Mr. Potter.”

“Good Morning Professor Jemison” they both shook hands. Albus had great respect for Professor Jemison. He was always a fair kind man.

“Well, we better not linger any longer. The Ministry waits. Jemison held out both hands. The Potters grabbed them and they disapparated.

Chapter 3: Meeting at the Ministry
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After a few seconds of tightness and feeling stuffed through a rubber tube, Albus, Harry, and Professor Jemison landed in the Atrium. Albus took a couple of seconds to straighten up his clothes and attempted miserably to flatten his hair. His could only imagine how his mother would react if she could see his appearance right now. He frowned to himself as he turned around and followed his father and the Headmaster into the lifts.

“Where are we going now?” Albus asked. The Ministry of Magic always fascinated him ever since his first visit to his dad’s office when he was 5 years old.

“Well, I have a meeting this morning with the other heads of departments and the Minister of Magic. I will be escorting you and Professor Jemison to the Department of International Magical Cooperation where you will be meeting your other fellow classmates. From there you will meet with the other representatives from the other schools and their Ministers of Magic and other ministry officials.” Albus stomach gave a sudden lurch. He has been waiting for days to meet everyone else who will be a part of this program. However, he wondered what the other students will be like? Who were the other Hogwarts students that get to participate with him? Will he feel home sick when it comes time to visit these other schools? Will he accepted by the other students at the schools? Numerous questions were racing through Albus’s mind when the lifts pulled to a sudden stop.

“Level Five: Department of International Magical Cooperation” said a cool female voice. Albus, Harry, and Professor Jemison stepped off the lift and walked down the corridor into a large open area. The room had numerous windows that help filled the space with sunlight. Paper memos where flying everywhere. In the middle of the room was a long wooden table, similar to the staff table at Hogwarts school. There were chairs surrounding the table. Three students and their parents were already sitting at the table.

“This is where I leave you guys. Kingsley and Seamus will be with you in a few minutes after the meeting.” Harry shook the Headmaster’s hand. He then turned to Albus.

“Good Luck son. You will be great.” Harry hugged Albus and walked back to the lifts.

“Shall we Mr. Potter?” Jemison gestured to Albus to lead the way over to the table and Albus gladly took the lead. As they approached the table, Albus recognized the three Hogwarts students that were stilling at the table. His face showed a mixture of emotions. It lit up at the site of two of the students. However, the site of the last one made him scowl.

“Alby!” a fiery red head girl came running up to him and engulfed him in a massive hug. There was only one person that was allowed to call him Alby and it wouldn’t upset him. After the girl release him he smiled down at her.

“Rosie! I didn’t know you were chosen to be in the program” Albus said to his cousin. Albus and Rose were the same age but Albus was taller than her. She had waist length auburn hair that was bushier that ever. Her eyes were a crystal blue; her face was covered in freckles around her nose, and she was very slender. She was really pretty. Rose was one of Albus’s best friends even though she was a Gryffindor. They have been best friends as far as Albus can remember.

“Well mum and dad wanted to wait till the dinner at the Burrow to announce it to the entire family.” Rose gestured over to her parents. Albus waved over to his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. They returned the gesture and walked over to the lifts and left. Rose and Albus chatted as they stroll over to the table so that they can join the other students. By the time the two cousins reached the table, the remaining parents already left. Only the students and Professor Jemison, who was currently examining some of the portraits on the wall, remained in the enormous room.

“Albus!” a blond boy in Ravenclaw robes yelled. Scorpius Malfoy has been Albus’s best friend since their second year. He was tall and muscular with sliver eyes and white blond hair. He stood up and walked over to the cousins. Rose blushed fiercely when Scorpius approached.

“I am going to go talk to Annabel” Rose mumbled before she hurried away. Scorpius glanced at Rose before he turned back to Albus. Albus swore he saw his best friend blushed.

“Hey mate. How has your summer been so far?” Scorpius asked

“The same as usual. Racing James in the backyard and laughing at him when he cries because I beat him. Lily, Samantha, Roxanne, Emily, and Jordan being extremely annoying with their constant girl chat every day. I swear I can’t wait to go to the Burrow in August to finally get away from it all.A whole week of nothing but relaxation” The Burrow was Albus’s favorite place. He loved the quirkiness of his grandparents’ house.

“Yea, tell me about it” Scorpius chuckled as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Father has been working Leo and me to death at the firm. He is always saying that he will not have us wasting our summers away doing trivial things. I swear if it wasn’t for today’s meeting, I will probably be filing away stupid law documents and listening to boring conversations with his ancient law partners.” Albus laughed at his best friend. Scorpius hated working at the Malfoy’s Magical Law Firm during the summer holidays. However, Mr. Malfoy wants his sons Scorpius and Leo, Scorpius’s younger brother who was a third year at Hogwarts and had a twin sister, help him run the firm when they graduate from Hogwarts. Scorpius didn’t want to work at the law firm; Scorpius dreamed of being a Healer once he leaves Hogwarts but he didn’t have the heart to tell his father.

“How about you come to dinner at my house tonight? Mum is preparing this big dinner for Annalisa this evening. It’s their first time meeting her. Plus she is bringing along Annabel and I can really use some backup.” Albus grimaced at the mention of her name. Scorpius chuckled slightly.

“Sorry mate. We have to go to a charity gala tonight for Libra’s Sophisticated Young Witches group tonight. I am her escort.” Scorpius pouted. Albus was about to reply when he heard a giggle. He turned around

“Oh. Hi Annabel.” Rose and Annabel McMillan were standing in front of him.

“Alby, why didn’t you tell me you were participating in the program? We received our letters over a month ago and you could have owled me at any time.” She looked at him with her honey brown eyes and spoke to him in her whiny voice. Annabel was really pretty. Her brunette hair hung in loose waves down her back. She had a Hufflepuff ribbon in her hair. She was short and curvy. Normally Albus would have found her pretty attractive. However, her overbearing personality scares him a lot.

“Sorry. I was going to owl you after the meeting today and give you the full details.” He said as he hurriedly went to stand by his cousin. Scorpius and Rose giggled at them.

“That’s alright you are forgiven. Anyway we have more important things to be excited about. I get to meet your parents tonight at dinner.” Annabel squealed and hugged Albus again. Albus looked over at his two best friends with a pleading look on his face. Rose and Scorpius shrugged at him.

“Students can you please take your seat at the table. The other schools are arriving now.” Professor Jemison shepherd the four teenagers over to the table. Albus sat between Scorpius and Annabel. Professor Jemison took a seat next to Rose just as the lift doors open again. A small mousey girl appeared also.

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute of Magic.” She read of a piece of parchment. A short stout man with expensive silk robes stepped off the lifts with four students in thick red wool robes.

“Why we didn’t get an introduction like that?” Scorpius whispered into Albus’s ear.

“Because our Ministry Of Magic is hosting the meeting, therefore we don’t need one.” Annabel said before she was shushed by Rose. Annabel threw her dirty look but remained silent. The newcomers approached the table. The short man walked up to Professor Jemison

“Faegan! It is so wonderful to see you again.” He said heartily as he shook the headmaster’s hand.

“But of course Nikolai. I haven’t seen you since our days at Durmstrang. I am glad to see that they have picked a well-qualified person for the position of Headmaster. I was honestly beginning to get tired of all the Headmasters who wanted to bring the Dark Arts overall curriculum back to the school” Jemison then turned to the four students sitting down at the table. “Students this is Professor Nikolai Batalova, the Headmaster of Durmstrang and a former classmate of mines.” He then turned back to the headmaster.

“I would like to introduce you to the Student Ambassadors for Hogwarts. This is Miss Rose Weasley, Miss Annabel McMillan, Mr. Albus Potter, and Mr. Scorpius Malfoy. These students are among the brightest in their Houses and among their year and will do an excellent job in informing the students of Durmstrang of our customs.” Professor Batalova smile at them.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. Here is the student ambassadors of Durmstrang.” He gestured to his four students to come and stand next to him. Albus examined the students. Now that they removed their wool robes, Albus could see their uniforms. Each student had on blood red sweater vests and white button down dress shirts. Albus noticed that the color of their ties were different and the emblems on their sweater vests were each different. He thought that this may be because of the different houses at Durmstrang. The males had on khaki pants and the females had on khaki skirts that stopped above their knees and woolen tights. Everyone had brown dress shoes on also.

“This is Danila Krum, Afya Nosov, Anatoliy Rubin, and Dmitriy Krum.” The students nodded their heads at the mention of their names and took a seat. The girl name Ayfa Nosov sat next to Scorpius and smiled at him He smiled back at her and stared at her.

“Scorpius! Stop being such a pig!” Rose scowled at him. Scorpius blushed back at Rose before he spoke.

“I am NOT a pig Rose Ginvera Weasley. Just because some guy is not drooling over you for once does not make me a pig.” Scorpius responds. Rose stood up to continue to argue with Scorpius. However, before Rose could respond, one of the Durmstrang boys approached her.

“Excuse me miss, but this fell out of your pocket.” He held out a small silver locket. Rose gasped.

“Thank you so much. My father gave me this the day I was born.” Rose looked up into the boy’s eyes. They were a dark green and crinkled when he smiled at her.

“Sorry I didn’t get your name?” Rose felt breathless as she stared back into the boy’s eyes as she sat back down. She felt heart melt as she looked.

“Dmitriy. Dmitriy Krum.” He flashed his smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Rose Weasley.” She whispered.

“Krum! Come take your seat. Beauxbatons delegates are about to enter.” Batalova commanded. Dmitriy let go of Rose hand and went to sit beside the other boy from Durmstrang. The girl that Scorpius and Rose were arguing over scowled at her and the turned to face the lifts. Scorpius looked murderous.

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.” The woman read off the same parchment. A woman with copper skin stepped off the lifts. She had on a pale blue dress that flowed behind her. Her hair hung in a loose braid that stopped at the small of her back. Albus thought that she was very beautiful. Just behind her, stood four students who were wearing pale blue peat coats. They approached the small queue.

“Welcome, Madame Pombert. I hope your travels were good.” Jemison shook the woman’s hand

“These are the student ambassadors for Beauxbatons.” She pointed at the students. The students had on peat coats with the school emblem, although the girls’ were longer than the boys’. The boys wore long sleeve shirts made of a thin material under their peat coats, black slacks and hard bottoms. The color of their shirts was different and there were different crest on their shirt. Albus figured this was because of the house difference once again. The girls meanwhile, wore the same type of shirt as the boys but they also had on black thigh length skirts, thin tights, and sliver heels.

“Ava Laderouter, Bouvier Castonguay, Ciel Quessi, and Dominique Weasley.” She stated as the students took their seats at the table.

“Dom!” Rose squealed. She ran around the table to hug her cousin.

“Rosie! You are doing this too? This should be fun. I missed you over the summer. Spending the summer at Grandmere and Grandpapa mansion is so boring. I can’t wait to go to the Burrow in August.” Dominique hugged her younger cousin. She flipped her strawberry blonde hair over her back. She then notices Albus.

“Hey Sev. How are things?” Dom asked Albus. Dominique is the only person who ever cause him Sev.

“It’s good Dom.” Albus loved Dom but she was much closer to James. They still had loads of fun together though

“Now introducing the delegates and Headmaster of Salem Institute of Magical Education.” The woman disappeared once again. A woman in a black suit stepped off the lifts. She looked stern. Four students followed her off the lifts. They walked to the table and stood behind their chairs. Jemison did not get up and great the headmaster this time.

“Good Morning. I am Dean Aasera Johnson and these are my students.’ She pointed to the students. Each student had on black and white letterman sweaters with a big sliver “S” embroidered on the right side of the sweaters. Other than that, the students didn’t wear a uniform, more like muggle clothing Albus observed. As the children began to take their seat, she stated their names.

“This is Ethan Roberts, Jayden Young, Sophia Murphy, and Juan Gonzales.” The students looked around and observed the other ambassadors and headmasters at the table.

“They sure do have a haughty expression on their face.” Rose whispered to the other Hogwarts students. Albus, Scorpius, and Annabel all nodded in agreement. Just then the lifts opened for a fifth time and out stepped a small group on Ministry officials. At the front of the queue Albus saw Kingsley Shacklebolt talking with a short, stout, muscular man in light blue robes that resembled his father’s ministry robes. When they approached the front of the table, Kingsley made a podium appear and two rows of chairs appear behind him. The remaining adults took a seat and Shacklebolt began to talk.

“Welcome students and headmasters to the British Ministry of Magic. We hope that your visit and trip here was a good one. I am Kingsley Shacklebolt; Minister of Magic. I would like to introduce the two officials that will oversee the entire project.” He pointed to the two officials that were sitting the closet to him “Mr. Erik Folland; the International Prime Minister of Magic and Ms. Kamila Andal Head of the Department of International Magical Education.” The audience clapped as the man Kingsley was speaking with approached the podium first.

“Welcome and congratulations to each and every one of you students here who are sitting in front of me right now. You guys represent the best and the brightest that your respective institutions have to offer.” Albus saw all the American children poked out their chest. He fought hard to hold back his laughter. “This year the International Ministry of Magic alongside with the Departments of International Magical Education and Magical Cooperation wants to incorporate a new amazing opportunity for the students apart of the magical world. To describe more of the program to you, Mrs. Andal will come to the podium and speak.” Prime Minister Folland took his seat and an elderly frail woman took the podium.

“Hello students. This year we are beginning a new international affairs program to the magical education realm so students from other countries will be able to interact with each other from around the world. For the inauguration of this program, we select the four most well renowned magical schools in the world; Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Drumstrang Institute of Magic, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and Salem Institute of Magical Education. The success of this trial determines whether the program will continue and whether we will extend it to other schools.” She clapped her hand “Well now let’s get down to business.” Mrs. Andal waved her wand and little light blue pamphlets landed in front of each one of the students. Albus looked over his. At the top of the page listed four students, each from a different school.

“The students’ names that are written across the top of your pamphlets are students you will be working with for the duration of this program. Will you please get up and meet your group now.” The students got up and began looking for their partners. Albus began searching for his group. The girl from Durmstrang approached him.

“You’re Albus Potter, correct?” she asked.

“Yes. And you are?” Albus asked her. She smiled at him. Albus noticed that she had a really pretty smile

“I am Danila Krum.” She held out her hand and Albus shook it.

“Nice to meet you.” Albus replied Just then two other students approached them.

“Bonjour. My name is Ciel Quessi from Beauxbatons.” He shook Albus and Danila hand. His name sound vaguely familiar to Albus.

“Aren’t you Dom’s boyfriend?” he asked him

“Yes, I am dating Dominique Weasley. How do you know her?” Ciel asked quite defensively

“I’m her cousin, Albus Potter.” Albus said quite smugly

“Oh, well it is nice to meet any family of Dominique. She is such a lovely girl. I already met her parents.” Ciel said conceitedly. Albus could already tell that he wasn’t going to like this guy.

“Oh, you mean Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur? They are quite nice people when you are on their good side. They get along with just about anybody. Wait till you meet the rest of the Wotter clan.”

“Oh, I will. Dominique invited me to stay at the Burrow next month to meet the rest of your family. She said all the children stay at her grandparents’ house the month before they return to school.“

“Good luck with that.” Albus stated and he left it like that. All of the male Weasleys were protective of their female family members. James was particularly more protective of Dominique than any other family member except Lily of course. James is going to have a field day he privately thought to himself. Albus turned to the other student that was standing there. She was extremely pretty Albus thought. She was about a head shorter than Albus in her heels. She was wearing a button down silk black blouse under her letterman jacket. She had on a pair of dark blue jeans that hugged her very curvy body and a pair of close toe black pumps. Her curly blonde hair was sitting on top of her hair in a messy bun. She had a gorgeous white smile. Albus stared at her till she started looking awkwardly at him.

“Sorry, my name is Albus Potter and you are?” he held out his hand so she could shake it

“Sophia Murphy from Salem” Albus thought her American Southern accent was extremely cute.

“Nice to meet you.” said Danila. Ciel just nodded and her direction and went back to starring at Dom. Mrs. Andal called the group to order once more.

“You take your seats next with your group. Now in front you are the schedules of the times you will be meeting at your respective schools. “Albus glanced down at the schedule.

October 17th-October 31st: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

January 8th- January 22nd: Durmstrang Institute of Magic

March 17th- March 31st: Salem Institute of Magical Education

May 8th- May 22nd: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

“Great. I get to play host first” Albus thought to himself.

“You will take the same classes that the ambassador for the school is taking unless otherwise prescribed. For an example, Hogwarts and Salem ambassadors will not be taking Dark Arts courses at Beauxbatons and Durmstrang since it is not a part of the curriculum of their home school. You will have the opportunity to take an additional elective class. You will discuss your course pickings later in the summer. Also ambassadors will be sleeping in the same chambers as your group; this includes the host of the respective school also. The main objective of the program is to encourage international unity. When traveling to the host school, you are expected to wear the same style of uniforms as the students in the school. No exceptions. Since Hogwarts is the first school on the list, the ambassadors of Beauxbatons, Salem, and Durmstrang will be getting their robes fittings done before they head back home. The other fittings dates for the other school dates will be announced accordingly.”

Just then Dmitriy raised his hand. He was sitting next to Rose who was blushing extremely hard at the moment.

“Yes Mr. Krum?”

“How are we supposed to pay for these clothes? This is going to be quite expensive.” He asked

“That is an excellent question. There is a fund set aside at the International Magical Embassy for the program. This fund will be split up between the four schools and this will pay for any out of pocket expenses that may come up during the year.” Mrs. Andal said. “Are there any more questions?”

The room remained silent. Mrs. Andal continued with her speech.

“In addition to the regular courses that you will be taken, you are required to take a culture class of the respective country you are staying in. These classes will meet at the Ministry of Magic in that country and will be taught by the Heads of the Department of International Magic Cooperation. I would like to introduce them to you now.” She turned and four ministry officials stood up and made their way to the podium.

“Here we have Mr. Seamus Finnagian from the British Ministry of Magic, Mr. Viktor Krum from the Bulgarian & Russian Ministry, Mr. Bellamy St. Andre from the French Ministry, and last but not least Ms. Amy Spencer for the American Ministry.” There a general round of applause for the Heads of Departments before they took their seat once again.

“You will meet every Saturday with the officials from the Ministry from 9am- 5pm to ensure that you have thoroughly gone over everything that needs to be taught. And yes, student ambassadors have to meet at these meetings also. This will ensure that your group is united and that you could help along the way. Lastly, with the information that you learn from these session you are expected to convey these to your fellow houses. This is important because you and the rest of your year will have An OWL grade for this.”

Sophia lightly brushed Albus’s arm as she raised her hand. Her touch sent shivers down Albus’s spine.

“Yes Miss. Murphy?” the woman asked

“What about the ball at the end of the year?” Sophia asked

“Ahhh yes. The ball will be in Amsterdam. You will play host at the ball. This is a kind of “thank you” for your participation. More details will be given once it gets closer. Well this concludes our meeting. Please take your pamphlets home and study them more and I will see each and every one of you on October 16th at Hogwarts.” The Ministry officials got up and left on the lifts. The other members of Albus’s group were discussing something when Sophia walked up to him.

“So Albus.” Sophia turned to him. He blushed


“How long are you going to be at the Ministry?” she asked.

“Well my dad works here so I will be here all day.”

“Would you like to go catch lunch with us?” she pointed towards Danila and Ciel.

“Sure. Let’s go” Sophia grabbed Albus hand. Albus blushed a little but Sophia didn’t notice. They were heading towards the lifts when Annabel came running up to them

“Albus!” Albus stopped right in his tracks. Annabel looked at Sophia and grimaced at her.

“Well, would you like to introduce to me to your new friend?” she said in a slightly cold voice.

“Annabel, this is Sophia. Sophia this is Annabel”

“Hello.” Annabel said. Sophia dropped Albus hand as Annabel ran to Albus’s side. Albus thought a sad expression crossed of her face but it wasn’t there no more.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” She held out her hand for Annabel to shake but she ignored it.

“Want to do lunch with Rose Scorpius and me?” she asked in a whiny voice. Albus hates when she does that.

“Actually I am having lunch with my group so we can get to know each other better.”

“But you have all year to spend with them.”

“Look, its only lunch. Plus you are coming over to my house for dinner so I will see you then.” He gave Annabel a quick hug. Sophia grabbed his hand again.

“Let’s go.” She said and the four students stepped on the lifts. Annabel was scowling after them.

Chapter 4: Fun times at Fortescue’s
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Ciel, Albus, Sophia, and Danila entered into the atrium of the Ministry Of Magic.

“So Potter, what are some good restaurants to eat at here in London?” Sophia asked him

“Well, there is the Leaky Cauldron that Uncle Neville owns”

“And who in Merlin is Neville?” Ciel sneered

“Oh, Neville is an old family friend that fought with my dad in the war. He is the Herbology professor and Head of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts now.”

“And he lets students call him by his first name. I see professors in England have no respect or authority about themselves. If that were to happen at Beauxbatons, it would have been off with our heads.” Ciel interjected

“Isn’t that the French solution for everything?” Danila whispered. Sophia giggled. Albus rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth.

“He doesn’t let all the students call him Neville. The only reason I call him Neville is because he is my godfather and like an uncle to me. On course, you probably would have found that out when you came to the Burrow instead of opening your mouth and assuming nonsense about one of the most respected professors Hogwarts have ever seen” Albus retorted. Ciel sneered at him

“Whatever Potter. Assumptions are usually the facts that people aren’t willing to speak into existence.”

“And until those so called facts are proven, why don’t you stop being such a prick and shut your fat mouth before I shut it for you. I am starving and we need to help Albus figure out what we are going to eat for Merlin’s sake.” Sophia interjected. Ciel threw her an evil glare but remained silent. Albus flashed Sophia a small grateful smile, which she returned.

“There is also Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. They serve lunch and have some of the best ice cream in the world.”

“It sounds perfect. Let’s eat there” Sophia said

“That’s fine by me. I just want some food.” Danila responded. Sophia giggled and gave her a high five.

“I guess” Ciel murmured

“Great let’s go.” Albus led his group mates over to the fireplace. Sophia and Danila locked arms and were chatting away as if they were old friends. Ciel dragged behind the rest of the group. When the small queue reached the fireplace, Albus pulled out small drawstring pouch. Inside it contained floo powder. He pasted the pouch to the girls first. Sophia and Danila both grabbed a handful of powder and passed it to Ciel. He grabbed some powder and threw the pouch back to Albus.

“Make sure you pronounce Diagon Alley loudly and clearly.’ Albus instructed them. Danila and Sophia nodded while Ciel just rolled his eyes. Sophia stepped up to the fireplace first.

“Diagon Alley” she shouted as she threw the powder. A second later, she was gone. Danila went next and after her Ciel reluctantly went. Albus was the last to go. After a whirlwind of flames and passing different fireplaces, Albus stepped out of a fireplace at the entrance of Diagon Alley. He saw his group mates gawking at the street in wonder. Even Ciel couldn’t hide the excitement that was displayed across his face.

“This is beautiful.” said Danila. Sophia and Ciel nodded in agreement. Albus just chuckled at them.

“This is Diagon Alley; one of the best places to shop in the magical world. You have every type of shop imaginable here. Come on.” Sophia grabbed Danila and they hurried after Albus. Ciel quickened his pace behind everyone else. The four students began walking down the twisting and winding streets of Diagon Alley. They passed Gringott’s Wizarding Bank, Ollivander’s, Madam Malkin’s Robe Shop, and numerous other shops just to name a few. As the group rounded the corner of Madam Malkin’s, they came into Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. Albus led the queue inside. The shop was quite roomy and bright. Happy shoppers were enjoying their meals and ice cream. Young children were playing on the inside jungle gym. Albus led the group up to the counter. When he rang the bell, a teenage boy popped out of nowhere. He was tall and muscular. The boy had a head full of golden blonde waves. He had a splash of freckles across his nose.

“Al! How has your summer been?” the boy asked him. He had a perfect white smile.

“It’s been alright so far. I been stuck at the house with James and Lily but they are more bearable this summer. I can’t wait to go to the Burrow at the end of the month.” He turned to his group mates

“This is one of my best friends Holden Fortescue. We are in the same house at Hogwarts.” Albus said

“Which is what?” Ciel asked rudely

“Slytherin! Where you will make real friends. We are cunning folks who use any means to achieve our ends.” Holden pipped in. Holden eyed Ciel before he turned back to his best friend.

“I don’t mean to be rude or anything Potter, but why are two incredibly hot girls and one ugly prat that looks like a troll following you around?” Holden smiled at the girls who began to giggle and whispered amongst themselves. Ciel looked like he wanted to murder Holden for that comment.

“These are my group mates for the new international study program.”

“What program?” Holden asked him suspiciously.

“I will fill in later. May we have a table for four please out on the patio?” Albus asked

“How about a table for five? I am about to go on break and I would love to join you guys and get to know these sexy creatures right here.” Holden winked at the girls who continue to giggle at him.

“Fine. Just hurry up. We been at the Ministry all day and we are starving.” Albus said. Holden ran behind the counter and grabbed five menus.

“Follow me.” He led the queue passed the families and shoppers and out onto the patio. Everyone grabbed a seat. However Holden pulled out Sophia’s chair.

“A gentleman never let’s a lady pull out her own seat Ms…”

“Murphy. Sophia Murphy” she said in her sweet American Southern accent. Danila elbowed Sophia and they both began giggle. Ciel and Albus both snorted.

“Nice Fortescue” Albus called from the head of the table. Everyone took a seat at the table. Holden passed the menus around so that everyone would have one. Once everyone was nice and comfortable at the table, Holden began to speak.

“So what have you lot been up to today?” he asked Sophia as she scanned over the menu. She ignored his question. Holden cleared his throat. When she still did not respond to him, Holden cleared his throat once again but this time it was slightly louder. Sophia still not responded. Danila then nudged her in the arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?”she asked angrily.

“Holden asked you a question and you were ignoring him” she said in a slightly strained voice

Sophia then turned to Holden. She looked at him

“I’m sorry about that. I was just figuring out what I want to eat. I am starving. I haven’t eaten since we left DC this morning.”

“It’s alright love.” Holden picked up her hand and plant a light kiss on it. Both Danila and Sophia giggled. Albus stared at his friend in wonder. Ciel wasn’t paying attention at all.

“Ummm… what was the question again?” Sophia asked

“I was just asking what has everyone been up to today?” Holden smirked.

“Oh well we been at the Ministry getting info on the international affairs program.”

“And what is this program about?” Holden curiously asked

“It is something that you will find out more about when we return to Hogwarts in September.” Albus yelled from the head of the table. “Now will you take our orders before I hex you” Holden rolled his eyes at his best friend. He hopped to his feet and took out his pad.

“I suppose so. So what would everyone like to eat?” Everyone gave Holden their order.

“Alright, well I am off to work once again. But don’t miss me too much. I will be back sooner than you think.” Holden smiled and then walk off.

“Potter, is your friend always that obnoxious?” Ciel asked. Albus gritted his teeth but did not reply.

“So Sophia, tell us a little about yourself” he asked

“Well I am fifteen years old. I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I live with both my parents?”

“Are they both witch and wizard?” he asked

“Oh no. I am a half-blood.” Sophia heard Ciel sniffed but she ignored it “My ma is a witch. She is a ministry official in the Department of Magical Education. Meanwhile my pa is a muggle. He is a heart surgeon. They both are well respected members in both the muggle world and magical world. Papa is the head surgeon at the best hospital in Alabama. Meanwhile, ma rewrote the entire magical education curriculum for magical schools in America and everyone is following now.”

“Cool. How about siblings?” Albus asked her

“I have five siblings. Jackson Jr. is my older brother. He works at the Ministry with ma. Then there is Elise. She is a grade 12 student, 7th year as you English would say, at Salem this year. Then me. Last are the triplets; Karen, Joseph, and Mark. They will be grade 6, 1st years, students this year. Enough about me. What about you? Tell us something about the life of Albus Potter, the son of the world renowned Harry Potter.” Sophia said jokingly. Albus blushed and opened his mouth to speak; however Ciel spoke first.

“I believe Potter would find it rather rude if he didn’t let his guest introduce himself. After all if we want to read about his life, all we have to do is read Witch Weekly.” Ciel sneered. Albus was about to retort but he decided against it.

“I will go last. Ciel, Why don’t you tell everyone something about yourself.” Albus said through gritted teeth. He could care less about Ciel and his life in reality.

“Well, if you insist.” Ciel brushed his baby blonde hair out of his face. “I am sixteen. My family resides in Marseille. It’s a beautiful seaside town where most of the influential magical and muggle families reside. My maman is a housewife and Papa works in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He is the Head of the Department you know” he said puffing his chest out.

“So is my father but you don’t see me strutting around like Merlin.” Albus mumbled. Sophia and Danila giggled. Ciel however didn’t hear him.

“I am the oldest child. But I have two sisters. There is Josette, who is my twin and my love Dominique best friend, And little Marcelle, who is three.” He said

Albus honestly could not understand what Dom seen in a jerk like Ciel. Maybe it was his looks because it certainly wasn’t his charming personality.

“Excuse me but how are you the oldest and yet have a twin?” Danila asked. Sophia and Albus exchanged looks and stifled a laugh. Ciel glared at her before he answered

“I was born five minutes before my sister therefore I am the oldest” he said quite defensively.

“Someone sure has a stick stuck up their arse” she replied. Albus and Sophia were in a fit of giggle for about five minutes. After calming down just enough to catch his breath, Albus turned to Danila and asked:

“So what about yourself, Danila. Clearly you are a fun person to be around.” Danila smiled at Albus

“Life is wonderful ven you are the spawn of Viktor Krum and Petrova Porskoff. You guys try living vith these two Quidditch crazed nut chases as parents.” Danila shook her head at the thought.

“You family sounds pretty interesting though. Everyone loves your dad. He was one fo the best Quidditch players that Bulgaria ever seen. And your mum is awesome. My mum played her in a very intensive match when she was captain of the Holyhead Harpies.” Albus said.

“Cool. I wished I grew up in a house with Quidditch stars as parents. Quidditch is so much better than Quodpot.” Sophia huffed

“What’s that?” Ciel asked. Albus and Danila seemed interested also

“It’s sort of like the American version of Quidditch. It is very big back in the States. We have House teams and school teams. We compete with the other four magical schools in the US. We have a Quidditch course though for our foreign exchange students and for those interested in Quidditch in general though.”

“Cool” just then Holden came with their meals. After giving everybody their food he took a seat himself.

“Now that formalities are out of the way. I have this awesome story about Albus and I.” Holden began to tell the group the story. They spent the rest of the afternoon laughing at Holden’s ridiculous stories.

Chapter 5: The McMillians Come to Dinner
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“Children come downstairs. Dinner is about to be served and the guests have arrived!” Ginny yelled from the bottom of the stairs. James darted out his room and headed straight for the front door. He smooth out the wrinkles that were in his flannel shirt and made sure his jeans was in place before he opened the door.

“Hello beautiful…” he said to a tall slender girl that was standing at the front of the door. He bent over slightly to pick up her hand and kiss it. She giggled and smiled back at James.

“Why thank you handsome. I have to say you clean up pretty well yourself.” She replied. She had on a sage sundress with wildflowers tucked neatly behind her ear. Her mane of curly dirty blonde hair was held together in a bun. James pulled her into a tight hug and gave her a small peck on the cheek before he allowed both girls to cross through the threshold of the house. As they entered, Albus and Lily were walking down the stairs chatting happily about their upcoming trip to the Burrow. At the sight of Albus, Annabel squealed.

“Alby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She nearly bulldozed him over as she hugged him.

“Oh….Hi Annabel.” Albus said half-heartedly. Lily chuckled in the background as James and Annalisa shifted their feet awkwardly. Albus managed to break free of Annabel’s death grasp right as his parents walked into the room.

“Hello ladies.” Harry walked and shook both of the guest hands.

“I’m Mr. Potter. However, you can just call me Harry. All the cool kids call me Harry.” Lily scoffed audibly at this statement while James and Albus looked at him with a mixture of awe and embarrassment. Annalisa giggled.

“Thank you Harry. This is a very lovely home that you have here. I am sure that Mrs. Potter’s wonderful taste in interior design was the reason of this.” Ginny blushed fiercely at the compliment.

“Why, thank you sweetheart. And you call me Ginny.” She embraced Annalisa. James stepped next to Annalisa and grabbed her hand.

“Mum, Dad, this lovely and beautiful creature that stands before you is Annalisa McMillian, my girlfriend. Annalisa, well you have already met my parents but don’t buy into the rubbish they will tell about me.”

“Oh, like the time when you were 7 and you tried to flush Albus down the toilet because he didn’t want to share his toy broom stick with?” Ginny piped in. James face turned a brilliant shade of garnet as he mumbled something incoherently. Annalisa laughed at James‘s embarrassment before she spoke. “Don’t worry, we won’t tell her any of those stories.”

“I can’t wait to hear all the hilarious stories that you have to tell about.” She gave James a one arm squeeze. The attention then switched from Annalisa to Annabel and Albus.

“Albus, you aren’t going to introduce your guest to us?” Ginny asked him.

“She wasn’t invited here by me.” Albus mumbled under his voice

“Excuse Me?” Ginny asked

“This is Annabel, An….acquaintance of mine from Hogwarts” Albus said in a monotone voice.

“Albus, why are you being so modest? We are actually friends….great friends.” Annabel spoke up.

“Really, I haven’t heard Albus mention you at home or at school when he talks about his friends and the vivid adventures he, Scorp, Holden, Louis, and Dean often get into.” Lily asked her in the kindest voice that she can muster. Lily love to pick on her older brothers; however she does not like to see other girls make them feel uncomfortable. They are invading her territory; in Lily’s mind.

“Because small child, I am too important to Albus for me to hang out with his rather common friends. But being a second year, I am pretty sure that you can’t grasp that concept. It’s for the older students sweetie” Annabel said slightly nasty to Lily. Lily reached inside the pocket of her dress and pulled out her wand and pointed straight at Annabel’s face

“LILY LUNA POTTER!!!!!!!! PUT YOUR WAND AWAY AT ONCE! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR OUR GUEST.” Ginny screamed at the top of her lungs. Annabel looked terrified. She had heard of that the youngest Potter had inherited her mother’s ability to Bat-Boogey Hex anyone and it terrified her secretly. Lily put her wand away. As she put it away, her stated,

“I am a third year now thank you very much. You might want to choose your words carefully next time McMillian.” And with that she stalked out the living room and into the dining room and took her usual place at the table. James and Annalisa hurried after her; slightly confused about the situation that just occurred before them.

“Sorry about that honey. Lily is very headstrong.” Ginny clasped her hand on Annabel’s shoulder. Albus secretly wished that Lily would have hex her. He made a mental note to get her the biggest box of chocolate frogs next time he went to Diagon Alley. Harry and Ginny led the kids into the dining room to eat dinner. When everyone sat down to dig into the meal, all was quiet for 10 minutes.

“So Annalisa, Are you ready to head back to Hogwarts for your seventh year?” Harry asked her.

“Please call me Lisa for short. Yes Mr… I mean Harry. I am ready to head back to Hogwarts. I have been named Head Girl at Hogwarts this year.”

“Congrats! I am sure Ernie and Romilda are very proud.” Harry said with a mouth full of potatoes. Ginny scowled at him.

“Harry, how many times must I say do not speak with your mouth open. You are setting a bad example for the children.” Ginny glanced around the table to see James doing the exact thing that his father was doing.

“The beef is amazing mum” he said with a mouthful of beef stew. He sprayed Lily with the meat juices and she screamed.

“Eww! Gross!”

“James!” Ginny yelled at her eldest child

“Sorry mum.” James said pleadingly. Annalisa sat laughing at him while Annabel had a look of utter disgust across her face. James had to be the most disgusting person to her. He may be attractive but she never really understood why her big sister fell for him in the first place.

“So Albus how was your meeting at the Ministry this morning? Who are some of your other classmates that will be participating with you this year?” Ginny asked him

“It was extremely long but I can’t wait to begin in October. I got to meet some really amazing students this morning like this girl name Sophia Murphy.” Albus sat in thought for a second and reminisced on lunch hour with her before she Ciel, and Danila had to leave and go get fitted for their Hogwarts robes. The afternoon Albus spent with his new group members quite refreshing to honest.

“Who else from Hogwarts is participating Al? I’m pretty sure that you can’t be the only one Hogwarts have to depend on for the program; in that case we will all be screwed.” Lily said as she passed the mashed parsnips to James. Albus rolled his eyes at his younger sister.

“Scorp, Rosie, and Annabel here are the other delegates this year.” Albus replied as he ignored his sister’s last comment.

“Rose I have high hopes for but the rest of you guys will doom Hogwarts for an eternity. “ Lily responded. The subject was quickly changed before another argument was started.

“I can’t wait to go to the Burrow. I miss Grandmum Weasley’s cooking.” James said

“I miss Roxanne and Molly. We have a lot of stuff that we need to catch up on.” Lily added on

“I miss being able to fly through the countryside at my own free will. Oh, and beating Fred and James in Quidditch matches with Louis” Albus dreamily said

“And while you guys are listing all the things you miss most about the Burrow, I hope you guys complete all your summer homework because your father and I have absolutely no problem with making you guys stay here for the remainder of the summer if not.” Ginny said as she interrupted her children’s daydreams.

“You can’t do that! You will be breaking a Weasley’s tradition. We always go to Grandmum and Granddad house in August the week before school start to be with all our cousins. By us not going, you are making us side with the Dursley side of the family!” James retorted back at his mother. Albus and Lily both shook their head agreeing with their older brother’s statement. Even Harry secretly agreed with him. The Potters have the Dursley family over occasionally now that Dudley’s twin boys, Mark and Josh, attend Hogwarts but, to Harry, being called a Dursley is still the lowest form of insult anyone can have.

“Plus this is the only time everyone gets to meet Annalisa this summer at once. You know how hard it is to get family together outside of Christmas, Easter, and summer.” Everybody went quiet at the table and stared at James as he turned to Annalisa.

“Annalisa, do you mind accompanying me to the Burrow tomorrow to meet the rest of my family?” he asked her.

“Yes! Yes! I would love to James.” She said

“Aww.” Lily squealed “Jamie is in love!’ Lily started singing. James didn’t matter because he knew that part of this was true,

“Under one condition though.” Someone interrupted from the far end of the table. Every head turned to see who had spoken.

“Yes Annabel, what would be that condition?” James asked her. “Seeing that you were not invited to the Burrow, it’s weird that you are making conditions.”

“Well now that is what I am about to address. You must invite me. Lisa and I go everywhere together and I am pretty sure mum and das wouldn’t be happy if I let slip that she will be going to stay with her boyfriend for the reminder of the summer.” Annabel said sweetly. Everyone looked at Annabel as if she was crazy and conniving but to Annabel this move must happen to complete her ultimate goal over the school year ; to finally become Albus S. Potter’s girlfriend.

“Fine, you can come. You will be Albus’s problem not mine anyway.” James answered. Albus put his head down hard on the table. This is surely going to be the longest month of his life at the Burrow.

Chapter 6: Home Sweet Burrow
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Chapter 6: Home Sweet Burrow

The early morning sun rays began to peak through the crimson curtains in Albus’s bedroom. Everyone in the Potter household was sleep; everyone except Albus that is. It was the morning that James, Albus, and Lily were to leave for Burrow and Albus was too excited to stay in bed. He has been packing and repacking his belongings and making sure that his chores were complete. No one or nothing was going to keep him away from the most wonderful place on Earth, not even his mother over compulsive need to have everything perfect. As he packed his Quidditch playbook away in his runt sack, he heard a tap at his window. He ran over to open it and his snow white owl flew in. Tied to its legs were two rolls of parchment. He untied the letters and fed owl treats to the owl.

“Thanks Lucille.” Albus patted the bird on the head and watch her fly out the window. He carried the two letters over to his bed and plopped down. He broke the seal to the first letter and began to read it:

Dear Albus,

Thanks for letting me borrow your copy of Hogwarts: A History. This has got to be the best book that I have ever read. I read it to the triplets sometimes and now they are trying to convince both Ma and Pa to let them go to Hogwarts instead of Salem. They have said no but the triplets are determined to change their minds. How is Godric’s Hallow. Is it hot there. Mobile is deadly hot. I swear I will die of a heat stroke before the term begins. I have been working that the hospital alongside with father this summer as a candy striper. He is so excited to see that one of his children had taken an interest in medicine I am just trying to get away from Elise and her maniac self. However, I want to be a healer when I leave Salem but I want to practice both muggle medicine and magical medicine so I have been taking muggle high school classes so I can attend college when I graduate from Salem. Hope all is well on “the other side of the pond” as you Brits say. Make sure you write and tell me about the Burrow. It sounds amazing.

Love and apple pies,

Sophia Murphy

Albus laughed at the fact that Sophia found Hogwarts; A History the best book she ever read. They have been corresponding ever since the meeting at the ministry. Albus told her about the disastrous dinner with Annabel and how Lily tried to hex her. She found this quite funny. Putting her letter aside, the picked up the other letter and recognized the familiar handwriting and began to read.


Mum convinced Dad that he was being an uptight prat and convinced him that we need some fun time this summer. Mum asked your Nana Weasley if we could send a week with you guys at the Burrow abs she said yes. Just found out this morning and had to write you right away and tell you. See you at the Burrow.


“Yes!” Albus screamed. He jumped up and down on his bed.

“Why are you screaming? Get down and come help with breakfast.” said when walked into his room. Albus jumped down off the bed and hurried after his mother. .

As Albus stepped out the car, he could hear the chattering of people inside. The grove near the lake behind the house looked marvelous in the sunlight. The smell of homemade ice cream filled the air. Bliss came over Albus as he ran around the car to pull his trunk out the back of the car.

“Honey, the children are here!” said an woman. Suddenly, an elderly old couple came bustling out the back door. The woman hurried down the stairs as fast as her feeble old legs could carry her and ran straight to the Potter Family.

“Harry! Ginny!” she ran up to her daughter and son-in-law and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi mum. How are you?” Ginny said

“I’m wonderful. Ever since your father retired from the ministry, we have been having a relaxing time traveling Europe. I loved Italy. It was a little sad to end the trip.” said Mrs. Weasely.

“Well, I’m pretty sure my brothers would agree with me in taking the children home so you and Dad can continue your trip” Ginny said. James, Albus, and Lily turned to protest.

“Of course not, this is our favor part of the year. Having all our grandchildren under the same roof. It bring back memories of all seven of you guys living here.” Mr. Weasley said fondly.

“Mum, it was seven of us. There are fifteen of them.” Ginny corrected her mother

“Actually twenty-one; I invited the Malfoy children over to spend the week and Teddy and Victoire are staying also.” Mr. Weasely corrected his daughter.

“As if that is any better.” Ginny said. Her mother ignored her comment and walked over to her three grandchildren

“James!” she embraced him and kissed him on both cheeks.

“Nana! Don’t ever leave me with mum again. She doesn’t cook as well as you do and she makes me clean up everything at home.” James whined playfully to his grandmother . Ginny shot a dirty look a her eldest child.

“Don’t work about that now. You are here. Now when am I going to meet his girlfriend of yours. You know she has to have my stamp of approval.”

“Saturday for the celebration. She and her sister will be here.” James said.

“Lily, you look so much like your mother. I bet all the boys are falling over you.” Albus, James and Harry let out and audible scoff.

“ Only if they want to die a slow and painful death.” James responded . Lily rolled her eyes as her grandmother went over to Albus.

“How are you my love?” she asked him

“I'm better now that I am here “ he replied she kissed his and lead the family inside

“So else is here?” James said

“Ron and his family, George and his family and the Malfoys. Charlie, Bill, Percy, and Teddy will be here in a little while.” they enter into the kitchen.

“Hey guys. Harry you treating my sister right?” Ron said as the small family came in the kitchen. Albus walked out the kitchen to put his trunk away in his uncle Ron’s old room. As he approached the door, he heard two people arguing inside .

‘Rose! You barely know the guy. For god sakes, he doesn’t even go to Hogwarts! You can’t trust some Durmstrang bloke because he is apart of some stupid program with you.”

“First of all, me and Dimitriy do is correspond about our on going summer plans. He is a friend! A pen pal! Nothing more than that. Second of all, why do you care so much? I am not your side chick or play thing. We are friend and not even good ones at that because all we seem to do is bicker and argue about trivial things. "Silence engulfed the room. Scorpius didn’t reply. Albus decided to end the awkwardness between his two friends.

“Scorpius! Rose! How are you guys?” he walked into the bedroom, pretending not to just have overheard the argument that just happened.

“”Great.” they both said unbelievably. Scorpius was sitting on a bed near the window. Rose was leaning against the bedroom wall near the door.

“Scorp, I am so glad your father finally got that stick out of his arse and let you guys have a real summer for once.” Albus chuckled as he began to put his belongings away.

“I know.” Scorpuis replied ‘Mum really laid it on him this morning when they were arguing. She said she didn't want any snobby children and we deserved to live for once. She was always my favorite you know. He looked around the room and noticed four beds.

“Who else is in this room mate?” Scorpuis asked Albus.

“Just you, me, and Louis thank God.” he replied

“And Ciel” Rose interjected

“Who?” Albus and Scorpius both said

“Ciel? Dom’s boyfriend? Your group mate?” Rose looked at both boys as if they were crazy.

“Oh the French pompous git.” said Scorpius as Albus groan

“I forgot he was coming. I really preferred to not see him until October. His voice makes my skin crawl.” Albus said as he plopped down on his bed.

“Give him a chance guys. Maybe you will like him when you get to know him. You didn’t like Scorpius when you got to Hogwarts.”

“That’s because I thought he was the spawn of a death eater scary ferret prat.” said Albus

“And I thought he was an arrogant, pretentious, big head toe rag who thought he ran everything because his daddy saved the wizarding world.” said Scorpius

‘But we put out differences aside second year when Binns put us in detention together. Our bromance has been going strong ever since.” Albus concluded. He looked at Scorpius

“I love you man.” Albus said as he faked cried

“I love you too bro.” said Scorpius. Rose scoffed at the two of them.
“Let’s go downstairs and be more sociable.” Rose said. The two boys followed her out the room.

Chapter 7: Today isn't my Day
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“James! Albus! Scorpius! Fred! Leo! Louis! Hugo! Charlie! Chris!” Mrs. Weasley called after her grandsons and their friends from the bottom of the stairs. There was slow stirring from the floors above her. One by one each of the boys she came walking out onto the landing of the various floors their bedroom was on.

“We need to the garden degnomed. Get up, get breakfasted, and head into the yard with your grandfather.” she demanded of them.

“But it is summer vacation!”James proclaimed as the rest of the boys began to protest the early morning labor that was being forced upon them.

“We are suppose to be relaxing, playing Quidditch, and chatting up girls.” Fred responded back

“Louis, Scorp, Rose, and I were suppose to go and Diagon Alley to check out the new racing brooms.” Albus whined while his the friends shouted their agreement for behind him. Despite all the pleading, their complaints fell on deaf ears.

“Nope, we will be cleaning the house today for the party tomorrow. Every year we go through this.” she responded

“I could have stayed at home if I wanted to be do chores.” James mumbled under his breath. His grandmother threw him a death glare and he quickly averted his eyes to particularly interesting spot on the dusty landing floor.

“Not another word. Get down stairs now.” and with that Molly Weasley walked away to check on the progress her granddaughters’ progress in cleaning the kitchen and laundry.

“Al, have you seen Rose yet?” Scorpius asked him while he Louis and Albus walked back inside the room to get dress. Louis grabbed his shirt and rushed back out the room, leaving the two boys alone.

“Nope, She is probably with Chloe though. Why mate?” Albus asked him. Scorpius turned red when Albus faced him.

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to finish a conversation with her.” he responded while quickly gathering his bathroom things so he can make a quick exit from the room.

“You mean the conversation, or should I say arguement about that Krum guys you two were having  the day we arrived at the Burrow?” Albus responded

Scorpius stopped in his tracks and turned to face his best friend. He began to twist his ring around his finger and bite is lip as he faced him. His cheeks turned pale and he began to sweat slightly, and when he opened his mouth he stuttered.

“How did you know about that?”

“I overheard you guys.What is going on with the two of you? You guys have been acting very funny since the end of term feast.” Albus asked. He thought back to the warm June Night when he was chatting with Laura Collins about the Transfiguration final that Professor Finn had given them. I was a particularly nasty theory exam on animal transfiguration versus animaguses. Just as Laura finished explaining her mistakes she made on the exam, he spotted Rose walking in looking disheveled and out of breath. She averted her eyes and grabbed the nearest plate and filled it with roast and potatoes and began to eat. Scorpius came in not much after acting the same why Rose was.

Scorpius’s face turned from a pale yellow to a bright pink at the mention of this.

“Nothing. Why would you think something happened?” Scorpius shifted his feet nervously and stared down at the ground as he continued. “ I just don’t think Krum has the best intentions at heart. Come on, what would any 16-17 year old guy want with a 15 year old girl anyway?”

“They could just be friends for all we know.” Albs pointed out

“Rosie doesn’t need anymore friends.” Scorpius responded back. Albus just ignored him.

“Rose is just trying to get to know her groupmates. I’m doing the same thing. Sophie and I write each other to talk about what’s going on.”

“But do you write to your other group mates? Scorpius sneered back, seething with anger that his best friend did not understand the seriousness of the situation. Again, Albus choose to ignore this comment.

“Rose is a big girl, she will be fine. Come on let’s go downstairs and get breakfast before James and  Fred eat it all.” Scorpius walked out after him still upset but grateful that he dropped the conversation.

After a quick breakfast, all the boys went out into the yard to help degnome the garden. Teddy and Mr. Weasley were already in the garden covered in dirt as they were re fertilizing the snarlguffs, aconite, and belladonna. As Albus walked up to his god brother and grandfather, he held his nose because they both smelled of dragon dung.

“Boys” the old red hair man boomed out. His face was covered in soil and soaked in sweat. His blue eyes beamed over his horn-rimmed glasses as he gazed out over his grandsons and the Malfoy boys.

“Its seems as if the gnomes have hibernated here this summer. Molly has ordered us to clean it out some we can pitch the tent for the party tomorrow.” he pointed out toward the overgrown garden. The gnomes could be seen wrestling one another in one of the bushes.

“Teddy will be breaking up guys off into groups of two so we can get the work done faster.” He continued as he walked over to the nearest stump and took a seat. Teddy called the boys over to the Mandrakes he was tending to near by.

Teddy was a very handsome young man. He had his mother’s twinkling eyes even though they were green like his father’s. He was tall and lanky. At the moment his hair was overgrown, jet black, and unruly. He was flashing his signature smile, the smile that was reminiscent to the the mischievous smile of the Marauders. He pushed the hair out of his face.

“Hey guys.” Teddy spoke as the group of boys drew closer to him.

“So Ted, what does Nana Molly want to do?” Hugo asked him

“Just degnome the garden and repot the plants.” he wave causally over the unruly garden. A collective sigh resonated throughout the group.

“The quicker we finish the faster you guys can go have fun.”Teddy bribed them. Everyone cheered up considerable after that. Quidditch was the favorite pastime of the Wotter clan.Teddy quickly divided the group of boys up and everyone proceeded to complete the task that was set from them. By noon, the unruly garden was somewhat tamed as the boys trudged their way back up to the house. As Albus and Scorpius came walking up the hill, the spotted Dom, Rose, and Chloe having a very animated conversation with a tall blond boy.

“Isn’t that the bloke who is your groupmate from Beauxbatons?” Scorpius pointed out as they drew closer. Albus surveyed the boy more closely. He had a sun kissed arm draped casually over Dom, who was snuggled up next to him. Rose and Chloe was staring at him in awe at his perfect white teeth  as he talked. His blond hair was slicked back and Albus could sense the pride radiating off of him from hundreds of miles away.

“That’s Ciel. I forgot Dom said he was coming to stay at the Burrow also.” Albus groaned. Scorpius chuckled as they approached the girls.

“Afternoon ladies.” Scorpius shouted from behind the girls. Dominique, Rose, and Chloe jumped at the sound of his voice.

“Do that again and will curse you into next year.” Dom sneered at him and turned away to face her two male cousins.

“You not going to speak Sev?” her attention turned to Albus as she gestured towards her boyfriend. He still looked angry about what  Scorpius just did.

“Hey Potter.” Ciel muttered. His narrowed eyes were shooting daggers at him.

“Quessi. Having a good summer?” Albus asked as he set down next to Rose. Scorpius sprawled out on the ground to rest after working hard in the garden all morning.

“It has been great so far. I was just telling my love and these two beautiful girls here about my stay at my grandparent’s villa just outside Versailles.” the three girls giggled. The guys looked at each other repulsively.

“I’m sure it was wonderful. I bet you would rather be back there than here in the English countryside.” Albus continued the conversation.

“Of course not. This is a million times better.” he said gazing into Dom’s eyes. She gave him a kiss on the cheek. Albus wanted to gag but he stopped himself from doing so.

“Albus, do you mind showing Ciel to his bed in the guys room?” Dominique asked. “Nana Molly said you guys will do it.”

“Sure, why not.” he stood up and Scorpius followed him towards the house. The three boys walked in silence as neither of them wanted to talk. When they entered the backyard, the smell of food hit their noses. Albus stomach began to grumble. Mrs.Weasley, Hermione, Victorie, and Ginny were in the kitchen preparing lunch

“Hi Mum.” Albus said when he entered the kitchen.

“Hi Al. Hi Scorpius. How is your mother sweetheart?” Ginny asked as she prepped the pear and blue cheese tart.

“She is well. Mum is appreciating the time off at home now that she doesn’t have three bored teenagers running around the house for the summer.” Scorpius chuckled as he walked around the counter to give Mrs. Potter a hug.

“Oi, keep your hands of my mother mate. She happens to be a happily married woman to the saviour of the universe.” Albus said jokingly. Scorpius laughed at his friend when Albus pretend to curse him. Ciel mumbld under his breath.

“And who are you young man?” Hermione asked as she peeled the carrots and handed them to Victorie to wash off. He nervously cleared his throat before he addressed the women.

“Ciel Quessi, madam.” he said. He went to everyone woman in the room and kissed them on the hand.

“This is Dom’s boyfriend, Aunt Hermione.” Victorie said after Ciel gave her a hug.

“And Albus’s groupmate.” he added as he walked around the counter back to where the boys stood.

“Albus you never told me this.” Nana Molly said. “And here I was worried about him fitting in with everyone else. Surely you Al, Scorpius, and Louis will be great friends in no time.”

“I doubt that.” mumbled Albus. Scorpius fought back a chuckled while Ginny glared dangerously at him.Scorpius noticed this.

“Maybe we should show Ciel his room now.” Scorpius said as he nudged Albus and pointed towards his mother. Albus lost all color in face when he saw his mother’s face. Scorpius pushed his best friend out of the room. Ciel followed after them. Albus magicked Ciel’s trunk up stairs. Everyone reminded quiet until they reached the landing. Ciel was the first to break the silence.

“I don’t appreciate your tone of voice and unnecessary noises back in the kitchen Potter.”Ciel said from behind them. Scorpius turned around and sneered at him and Albus tightened his grip around his wand but didn’t acknowledge him otherwise.

“Your family may see you as a “golden boy” but I know the truth about you; you’re nothing but a scrawny, arrogant, big headed prat who is riding on his father’s fame.” he continued with an evil grin on his face. Scorpius turned around quickly and pointed his wand at Ciel’s throat; his face red with anger.

“Scorpius! Don’t! You curse him and we both will have to face mum’s wrath.”Albus said as he tried to lower his best friend’s arm. Ciel was cowering slightly but he held his ground. He didn’t budge.

“Come on mate. This piece of filth isn’t worth it.” Albus persisted.  Scorpius finally lowered his wand. However, his eyes was still trained on Ciel.

“Fine.” he said to Albus, not looking at him. “But remember this Quessi, Albus may not do anything and you may have this family fooled with you politeness but i know the truth and i have no qualms with hexing you to oblivion.” Scorpius sneered. A door opened on the landing on the landing and a strawberry blonde hair boy with freckles poked his head out of the door.

“Al? Scorp? What’s going on out here. I’m trying to catch some zzzs.” said the boy. All three boys looked at him. He noticed Ciel.

“ What are you doing here?” the boy walked outside the bedroom. His Chudley Cannon T-shirt was wrinkled along with the matching pajama pants. Ciel walked pasted Albus and Scorpius roughly and approached him.

“Watch it Weasley! We wouldn’t want another encounter like Easter.” he sneered as he pushed past him inside the bedroom. A few seconds later, Ciel was out of the room and back down the stairs.

“I hate that prat.” Louis said as he walked back into the room with his best friends. Scorpius was seething.

“Join the club. We have to get him back and may just know how to do it.” Albus said as he closed the door behind them.

Albus was suddenly awoken by a scratch at the bedroom window. He stirred slightly as he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. However, the scratching grew louder and louder. A pillow flew across the room and knocked him on the head.

“Make it stop.” came the muffled voice of his youngest cousin, Chris. Albus cursed under his breath as he got out of the bed. It was hot in the attic, his unruly hair sticking to his face along with his sweaty t-shirt sticking to his body. He wiped the excess sweat off his face and slowly shuffled to the window where the source of the unwelcome noise. He eventually made it to the window and opened it. The cool, dewy, summer morning air felt pleasant against his face. Albus stood there for a few minutes allowing the morning air to cool his body as Lucille flew in. She perched herself on the old desk and obediently stuck her leg out waiting patiently for her master to remove the letter. Albus quickly rummaged through his trunk to find extra owl treats before he removed the letter. He glanced at the handwriting on the letter and sleep quickly left his body as happiness took its place. He clumsily open the letter and began to read it.


We all know that Ciel is a right prat. He shouldn’t have said those things to you because of who your father is. You can’t help that your is the most powerful wizard of all time. I’m pretty sure he is jealous and the fact that your family can’t see is crazy.  It was good that you told Scorpius not to attack him. It’s not good to awaken the wrath of your mother based on all the stories you told me so far about her. At least tomorrow will be the last day you will have to put up with him then is back to Hogwarts for you guys.

Speaking of heading back to school, I leave for Salem in the morning. Unlike you guys, we head back on the 30th of August  so we can readjust to being back on campus. It’s usually the time the house leaders and Head Boy and Girl help the grade 6 students find their ways to their classes and dormitories. No one has time to be showing the new babies around the school on the first day. This year will be extremely hectic with the muggle high school courses on top of OWLs and this new program. Ma reckons I have taken on too much as usual but as Pa says, nothing worth having is easy to obtain. I always love he say that.

Hopefully you can get through this last day with Ciel without killing him. Have fun, safe travels back to Hogwarts, and see you on October 17th at Hogwarts.

With Love,

Sophia Murphy

Albus reread the letter twice before tucking it away in his trunk.

“Who's that?” came a voice from the bed closest to the bedroom door. Louis set up in his bed and stretched.

“Sophia.” Scorpius answered he made a face and Louis roared with laughter. Albus blushed

“Prat.” he said as he threw the pillow Chris threw at his towards Scorpius. He ducked and the pillow hit Ciel squarely in the face as he set up in his bed and stretched. The room grew quiet as everyone waited to see how he would react. Ciel face looked fit to murder. However, he justed rolled out of bed, grabbed his bathroom kit and stormed out of bed. Before he slammed the door, he mumbled the words heathens. Albus, Scorpius, Louis, and Chris collapsed in a fit of laughter as two newcomers entered into the bedroom.

“ Guess Sleeping Beauty woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”James said as he collapsed on his younger brother”s bed. Albus unceremoniously pushed him off the bed and he landed in a crumpled heap on the floor.

“Oi, that is no way to treat the head boy.” James said as pulled himself off the floor and sat on Scorpius’s bed.

“No one cares if you are head boy for the 5,676,4323 time.” Fred said. James shrugged

“So, what do we owe this lovely visit?” Louis asked as he began to make up his bed.

“Annalisa and her crazy cow of a sister are on their way to the Burrow for breakfast. Nana Molly wants everyone downstairs for breakfast pronto.” James said. Albus cursed under his breath.

“Language young man. You don’t want mum to wash your mouth out with soap again.” James said. He was referring to the time when Ginny caught him saying bloody hell. He wasn’t able to properly taste his food for two weeks.

“Great! Now I have two headaches to deal with. Merlin, this is going to be a long day.” Albus began to rummage in his trunk for clothes to put on. Scorpius clapped him on his shoulder.

“I don’t envy you mate. Ciel, I can manage. But Annabel, no. Women are a different breed in themselves.” he said

“Scorp’s right but maybe Rose and the girls can keep her preoccupied during the party tonight.” Louis offered as some form of comfort. Albus cheered up slightly at the mention of that.

“Yea, you’re right. I will pull Rose to the side and talk to her about that. Hopefully she will be distracted long enough so Ii don’t have to pay attention to her tonight.” he said as he put on his trainers.

After he finished cleaning up his room, Albus rushed downstairs to eat breakfast. As soon a he stepped into the kitchen, a loud shrill filled his ears as he covered them and searched for the source of the noise, a ball of brown hair lunged itself at him.

“Albus!  It’s been too long.” Annabel squealed as she hung onto his torso. Eventually, Rose came over and grabbed her friend off of him.

“Come, Annabel. Let’s go catch up and leave the boys in peace.” she dragged her off to join her the living room. Grateful for the brief moment of quiet and embrassed at what just happened, he grabbed a plate and shoved as much food on it as he could.

“Slow down son before you puke.” Harry said from behind his newspaper. Albus swallowed his food before he replied.

“Sorry Dad. I am straving.” he said once he caught his breath.

“So Harry, how is this investigation in South Sherifield going? I heard that the two wizards caught in the attacks go in front of the Wizengot next week?” Mr Weasley asked as he took his seat at the head of the table. As the adults engaged in the daily boring talk about what is going on in the Ministry of Magic, Albus hurried ate his food. As he got up to clear his plate from the table, a flash of green light could be seen from the living and thumping noise came from in front of the library.

“Get off of me Dean!” a boy yelled. There was a dull thump and someone swore really loud. By the time Albus reached the living room, his two best friends finally untangled themselves and brushed off soot on their clothes. A small brown skin girl stood off to the side, looking unbothered by the situation that was unfolding in front of her.

“Dean! Holden!” Albus said as he ran over and high fived his two best friends.

“Al! It’s been too long.” Dean said as he grabbed a seat near the window.

“Where is Lily?” the girl asked Albus. He really didn’t notice her at first.

“I think out back with Libra and Roxanne.” he answered. The girl ran out the room and out the back door to find her friends. He bumped into Scorpius and Louis as they entered the room.

“Scorp! Lou!” Holden said. The two boys acknowledged the newcomers

“It’s great to be together in the same room again. If i had to work in the shop one more day, Ii would probably offed myself.” said Holden

“At least you didn’t have to deal with a scream little sister all summer.” Dean said. Scorpius and Albus shook their head in agreement.

“Whatever” Holden said. He turned his attention to Albus.”Al, I notice that Annabel is here. So that must mean things are going well with you guys.” Holden said. The other guys roared with laughed as Albus aimed a pillow at his best friend’s head.

“I am joking mate!” Holden said once he got his giggling under control. Just then, Ginny walked into the room.

“Boys! The party is outside you know. Why don’t you go join your classmates? I saw Ciel outside sitting by himself. Why don’t you ask him to join “ Scorpius, Louis, Holden, and Albus let out an audible sigh.

“But mum, he has Dom to entertain him. That is who he came to visit anyway.” Albus retorted.

“Dom went into the village with Victorie and the other girls.” Ginny answered

“ Not our problem.” Albus said. He felt a sharp hit on the back of his head. He grabbed  onto the back of his head and his eyes began to water.

“Mum! What was that for?” he cried. His friends averted their eyes from Ginny and Albus.

“For being rude. Ciel is your classmate and you will treat him the same way you treat all your other classmates.” she said and marched out the room.

“Today just isn’t your day is it?” Scorpius said when Ginny left out the room.

“No it isn’t” Albus said. The boys got up and left out the living room.

Chapter 8: When The Going Gets Tough
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“ All Aboard! Final Call! Students all aboard!” yelled the conductor from the helm of the train. It was September 1st; the first day of term at Hogwarts. The hot humid air engrossed the platform 9 ¾ as students said their final goodbyes to their families and parents tried to squeeze in last minutes goodbyes and advice to their children. The Potters were all gathered outside one of the train cars. Ginny was saying goodbye to her children. Harry had to run to The Ministry for an emergency meeting.

“Now make sure you guys eat and write home often. You know your father and I get terribly lonely when you guys are away at school.” she was fussing over Lily’s clothes and Albus’s and James unruly hair.

“Mun, we go through this every year. We will be fine.” James said. Ginny ignored his comment. Ginny hugged Albus and Lily. James ducked offed onto the train before his mother can smother him. They claimed onto the train.

“Bye mum!” Lily screamed out the window. The train began to rolled out of the station as the three Potters began to search for empty compartments.

“James, Al. Aren’t you two supposed to be in the heads compartment for the meeting?” Lily asked as she stuck her head in a compartment.

“Well seeing as I am head boy, the meeting can not start without me so technically we aren’t late.” James said as they walked into an empty compartment. Albus threw his trunk and Lily’s trunk into the carrier sand set down in the seat. Albus hasn’t really spoken to anyone today.His mind is everywhere, the start of 5th year, O.W.L.s, the new international affairs program, and Quidditch. He kept replaying the conversation with his father and Nana Lily in his head.

“Dad, can I talk to you for minute?” Albus asked softly after he knocked on the door.

“Come In.” Harry responded. Albus entered his father’s study. It was four in the morning. The sun was still resting, his mother was downstairs in the kitchen cooking the Potter’s annual breakfast. (each year it seems like more and more food is added to the menu.) However, Harry was up working on his latest deposition. At the sound of his youngest voice, he raised his head and furrowed his brow.

“Sit down.”  Harry patted the seat next to him. Albus walked over to the couch snd took the seat next to his father. While Albus tried to collect his thoughts together, Harry starred at his son. After a few seconds, Albus started.

“Well Dad, I am nervous about 5th year.”

Harry chuckled. “I remember those days, but I was nervous for completely different reasons. What about 5th year scares you?”

“It’s the first year that I have real life problems to worry about. Rose and Scorpius are already driving me crazy with scheduling study time for the O.W.L.s. I am playing starting seeker, prefect, and this whole new ambassador for Hogwarts this year. I was fine with having all these titles back in June when it was in the distant future, but now that it is time to do these actual jobs, I feel like I am over my head.” Albus ran his fingers through his hair and stared blankly at the wall; engrossed in his own thoughts. Harry and Albus sat in silence for a little while; Albus scared of failure; Harry looking for the right words to comfort him. After about ten minutes, Harry got up and walked over to the portrait of his mother. He kneeled down in front of her portrait.

“Mum. Mum.” he spoke softly to his mother. Lily stirred from her sleep and finally woke up. She smiled back at him; looking back into those same piercing green eyes that she had.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Still not having nightmares about Veron are you?” she yawned and stretched.

“No mum. Albus here is having some doubts in himself and I figured you would be a better person to give him advice about his problems then me.” he said as he settled onto the ground next to his father’s portrait. James was snoring loudly into his ear.

“How am I a better person for Albus?” Lily questioned him as she stood up to smooth out her dress. “You are his father. I am sure you can give him wonderful advice about his problems.”

“You were the star student in school and juggled a lot of responsibilities and I…. let’s just say I took after Dad and Sirius in that department.” He said glancing at the two portraits that were on either side of him.

“This is true.” Lily chuckled. She turned her attention to Albus, who was still sitting on the couch; running his fingers through his hair profusely, lost in his own thoughts.

“Al honey come here.” Lily called out to her grandson. He slowly got up and walked over to her and sat down next to his father.

“Hi Nana” Albus spoke to her. He gave her a soft smile.

“Tell me what’s wrong sweetie.” Lily coaxed him.

“Well school is going to be terrifying this year. Prefect, Quidditch, Ambassador, O.W.L.s; I want to steal a time turner from the Department of Mysteries and be a first year where all I had to worry about was whether I would be a Slytherin.”

“Albus, sometimes you will have a lot of things on your plate and it will be hard but you have to remember to prioritize your responsibilities, work hard, and get your work done. What would you like to do after Hogwarts.” she questioned him. Albus sat in silence for a little while before he answered

“I want to work in the Department of International Magical Law.” he finally answered

“Well, you know that requires a lot of extra training after Hogwarts. However, before you even think about that you have to be great at what you do at Hogwarts. You have to be great, take pride in everything in you do, and I know you will do just that. After all, you are Evans.” she said

“I am a Potter though.”  Albus looked at his grandmother confused.

“Before I married your dear Grandpa James, my surname was Evans. We Evans are amazing people. You just have to believe in yourself. Your family already does; now, it’s your turn.”

“Yeah, what she said.” Harry chimed in after her speech. Lily rolled her eyes at him.

“You’re so much like your father.” she chuckled at her son. Harry put his arm around Albus.

“Everything will be alright Al, don’t worry.” Harry said as he got back up and went to the couch to do his work. Albus remained on that spot on the floor searching for comfort in his grandmother and father’s words.”

“Hello! Earth to Albus! Is anyone home?” Lily was screaming in his face and waving her arms frantically in front of him.

“What?” he said

“Your meeting. James already left.” Albus glanced down at his watch and flew out of his seat and down the hallway to the head’s compartment. He swung the door open and flew inside. Everyone looked at him. However, it was James who spoke first.

“Nice of you to join us Mr. Potter. I was worried that your personal affairs were more important than today’s meeting.” James said in a condescending voice.

“Well, if you would have told me you were leaving the compartment maybe I would been here on time.” Albus said in a strained voice

“Not my problem. Now if you could kindly take your seat so we can continue.” He directed him next to Lauren Collins, the female fifth year prefect for Slytherin.. Albus took the seat next to Laura and smiled at her.

“As I was saying, this year Professor Jemison has charged us with planning not only two major school events, but three.” he announced excitedly to the group of students. Immediately whispers broke out amongst the. Albus groaned under his breath.

“In addition to the Yule Ball and the Seventh Year Banquet and Graduation Ball, we have been asked to prepare a formal dinner the inception of the new international students a part of the new international Affairs program this fall.” Colin Dalton, the 7th year Slytherin prefect, hand shot into the air.

“The what?” he asked

“A new international affairs program that was added to the fifth year curriculum. It’s pretty much the Triwizard Tournament without all the blood and guts and with Americans.” James replied

“Seeing that all of the Hogwarts representatives were named prefect this year, James and I thought that this would be the perfect task for the fifth years to plan. Of course James and I will be here to guide you every step of the way but this will be the fifth years’ own personal project.” Annalisa spoke. All the fifth years looked excited; all except Albus that is.

“Great, more work.” he mumbled under his breath. Rose hand shot into the air.

“So does that mean we will not be coordinating with the sixth years this year in planning the Yule Ball?”

“That is correct. With the inception of this new program, Jemison thought that it will be the prefect time to assign each year its own project as a way to showcase the  new emerging leaders in the fifth and sixth years. How well each person handle this task in count towards the consideration of Head Boy and Head Girl in the future.” the entire compartment was completely silent as the hung onto Annalisa’s every  word. “Sixth years will be in charge of the Yule Ball. Seventh years will be in charge of the Graduation Banquet and Ball. As Head Boy and Girl, James and I will be coordinating with the Headmaster and staff for the Battle of Hogwarts Memorial Program. Seeing as these are very important events that need a lot of planning ahead of time, each group must meet at least once a week to plan and with us once a month to monitor your progress. Fifth years, since your event is next month, we will be sitting in on your meetings every other week.” At that moment,  James stood up next to his girlfriend.

“Any questions?” he asked the room at large. When no one responded, he went on with the meeting.

“On to the next order of business.” James and Annalisa continued to schedule prefect rounds and went over the rules (and Filch’s new additions to them) before they were released. Albus and Scorpius walked out of the compartment and down the corridor back to their compartment together.

“I swear we are going to die of stress before the end of this train ride.” Scorpius said as he slinged his school back onto his back.

“Who are you telling? O.W.L.s, prefect duty,Quidditch (I already know Flint is going to be a tyrant this year) this new program, and now we have to plan events.” Albus replied as he pulled out a piece of bubble gum and plopped it into his mouth.

“But you knew we were planning events with the Yule Ball.” Scorpius responded back

“But we were paired with the sixth years. Usually they would plan everything and leave the fifth years with all the grunt work according to James. But now we have our own event to plan. I thought this could be the one thing that I could slack on.” Albus complained. There was silence between the two friends for minute or so. Then Scorpius spoke again.

“Have you thought about maybe playing reserve for Quidditch this year. I already talked to Inglebee about it. She yelled at me and cursed me but I reckoned she will get over it.”

“Seriously! Scorp, we have been training our whole lives to start for our teams. How can you just give it all up like that to play reserve? How can you ask me to do that?” Albus asked him incredulously as the stopped outside their compartment door.

“Because, my father told me I have to learn how to prioritize my life. It was either Quidditch or the new program. I somehow think my father would have murdered me if I gave up the new program for Quidditch. Besides, I can always start next year, this program is really more of a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have to make the most of it. and really should too.” He consoled his best friend. Just then the compartment door flew open and before either of the boys could realize what was happening, they were dragged inside by their best friend, Holden.

“Sorry for interrupting what I am sure was a touching moment but we were waiting for you to pansies to get back.” He said once he released Albus and  Scorpius. Dean was sitting by the window playing a game of exploding snaps with Louis.

“Hey guys.” Albus said as he throw in bag into the overhead storage and flopped down on the seat next to Louis. Seeing his best friends together definitely took his mind off his present worries.

“Al, why do you look so ugly mate?” Louis asked his cousin. Albus grimaced at him.

“The struggles of fifth year.” he said. Scorpius took a seat on the floor

“But the year hasn’t even started yet.” Louis stated.

“For us, it has.” Scorpius said. Louis, Dean, and Holden looked at each other with confused faces.

“Prefect problems.” Holden concluded. Louis shrugged his shoulders and continued his game with Dean.

“So who is the Slytherin girl prefect for our year.” Holden asked him

“Lauren Collins.” Albus said

“Pretty girl...nice arse. I am sure that I can get away with plenty of mischief if I turn the old charm on her.” Holden said to the compartment at large.

“Too bad for you but Lauren doesn’t go for pig headed boys. Besides she’s dating that seventh year Ravenclaw Jack and everyone knows he is the much better choice between the two of you.”came a voice from the door of the compartment. Rose was standing outside of the compartment with her best friends Annabel, Chloe, Alicia,and Meredith.

“Well Hello ladies.”Holden jumped up. The girls giggled at him.

“What do you want Rosie?” Albus asked

‘To join you of course.” she said sweetly to him.

“But the compartment is too small.” Scorpius said.

“You guys act like you never heard of magic before” Rose entered into the compartment.

“Step aside silly boys.” Rose whipped out her wand from her skirt , waved it and the compartment began to expand as it tripled in size. With a smirk on her face, she pocketed her wand.

“Undetectable Expansion Charm. Mum has been teaching a few new tricks this summer.”

“Impressive.” Scorpius said.  Rose blushed furiously as she walked by him.

“Thank you. Scorp.” she responded. The rest of the girls stepped inside. After everyone got comfortable again, Holden spoke.

“So, how was everyone’s summer? I already saw Rose and Annabel this summer so you can keep your fat mouth shut. However, Chloe,” he picked up her hand and kissed it. Chloe turn slightly pink and giggled,” How was your summer?”

“Oi, that’s my cousin mate.” Albus said warningly

“Mine too!” Louis screamed from the other side of the compartment. Holden and Chloe ignored them both.

“But you saw me at the party.” she simply said

“However, we didn’t to speak that night due to other things.” Holden told her. This seemed to satisfy her curiousity.

“Um well, summer was good. I spent the summer in Romania with my brothers and sisters with our dragan-crazed parents. Dad taught us how to tame and care the newborn dragons and to clip their claws.” Chloe spoke with such passion. I t was no secret that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and study dragons after Hogwarts.

“What about you Alicia?”Holden turned and asked her.

“Mum and Dad had me working in the pub all summer.” said Alicia said as she yawned and stretched across the chair.

“Meredith?” Holden asked lastly

“I was in America with my brother and his wife. We went to California, Texas, New York, and Florida.We been busy trying to find a new home for them before my niece is born.”

“Why America though?” Scorpius asked curiously.

“Because Broderick got a transfer there by the Ministry.” she replied back. At that moment, the trolley lady came by and opened the compartment door.

“Anything from the trolley dears?” the gentle old woman asked . Everyone began to digged in their pockets for spare money,

“Yes ma’am. Just a second.” Albus went around his group of friends collecting the money from them to buy their sweets.

“Thanks mate.” Holden said after Albus entered the compartment after retrieving the snacks. There was complete silence while everyone chowed down.

“Now that the beast’s belly has been properly nourished” Holden bleched as he made the wrappings from the sweets disappeared.  “How about a game of Expanding Snaps?” all the girls groaned.

“What?” he asked , looking around the compartment clearly confused.

“Is that all you play?” Chloe asked.

“It’s not only a great wizarding pastime but a national pastime as well.” Holden snapped back clearly offended that she didn’t like his choice of game.

“It’s boring.” Alicia retorted. All the girls nodded in agreement.

“Not as boring as looking through Witch Weekly reading about the newest shade of lipstick.” Holden retorted back. All the boys agreed with him.

“How about you boys play your stupid little games and we girls will just sit here and flip through out silly little magazines.” Alicia said.

“Would you guys quit already?” said a new voice that came from the entry of the compartment. The fifth years turned their attention towards the new person.

“You guys really sound like a bunch of stupid nethanderals arguing over Exploding Snaps and magazines.” the drawling voice continued

“No one asked for opinion Nott!.” Albus shouted Zachary Nott sneered at him.

“And one one asked you to speak you filthy little half breed.”All the boys jumped to their feet, wand drawn and pointed towards Nott. The girls all held their breath.

“Pretty rich for the boy whose parents are rotting away in the bowels of Azkaban. Has your father been kissed by a Dementor yet?” Albus shouted back. A red light hit Albus in the chest and caused him to fly back and crash into Rose.

“You will pay for that!” Scorpius roared he ran up to Nott and punched him squarely in the nose.

“Malfoy! Nott! Detention!” yelled Annalisa as she entered the compartment. James came inside after him to pull the boys apart. Annalisa helped Albus off of Rose, who had a few cuts and scraps on her. Albus was fuming. He wanted to get to Nott.

“Lisa can escort Nott back to his compartment where he will remain for the rest of the ride.” James said. She nodded and walked the boy back to his compartment as he clutched his bleeding nose.

“What happened?” James rounded on his younger brother. His normal carefree boy like expressions was currently lost in a fit of rage. To  Albus, James strongly resembled his mother at the moment; which was rare for him. This was not the time to cross him.

“Nott rudely interrupted our conversation calling us nethanderals.” Albus began.

“I don’t see how that could lead to you nearly crushing your cousin to death.” James responded back.

“He called me a half breed, wands were drawn, I talked about his parents, he shot a spell and it hit me. Scorpius went and him punched him in the nose.”

“Why didn’t you informed us about Nott?” Annalisa asked as she entered the compartment once more

“Clearly we were occupied at the moment!” Albus snapped back. Annalisa looked hurt at Albus’s tone of voice. Before she found the words to respond, James unleashed his anger on his younger brother.

“Hey!” James barked. “Don’t you dare take that tone with her! She is just trying to figure out why other measures weren’t taken.” James stepped closer to Albus. The room was deadly silent. All eyes were on the two of them.

“Well maybe your girlfriend shouldn’t ask stupid questions.” Albus snarled back

“Or maybe you should grow the hell up and start acting like the prefect you are!” James shouted,

“Oh that’s rich coming from the King of Pranks!” Albus maliciously laughed.

“That may be so but I grew up and took on my responsibility instead of running and crying to Dad and Nana Lily about not being able to handle responsibility. Blimey Albus you aren’t the only one with a lot of crap of their plate this year. Everyone is stressed. Wwe just are not picking petty fights and being rude to people who have been nothing but good to you.”

“Alright! I’m sorry!” Albus yelled

“Sorry is not enough! Twenty points from Slytherin for the fight and a week’s detention.” James told him. Albus jaw dropped.

“That’s not fair! I am a prefect!” Albus shouted back.

“Be glad that I am not recommending taking your badge or worse, writing home to mum.” and with that James grabbed Annalisa’s hand and left the compartment. Everyone was still quiet. They just stared back at Albus.

“What are you guys staring at!” he shouted at them. With one last look at his friends and cousins, Albus stormed out of the compartment. Mumbling obscenities under his breath, Albus search frantically for a place to clear his mind. He stumbled across the compartment of his younger cousins, Lucy and Chris, and another little boy he did not know. He knocked on the door.

“Albie!” Lucy ran over to door, opened it, and hugged Albus. Her two red pigtails were bouncing up and down as she looked up to her older cousin.

“Hi Lulu. Hi Chris. May Ii sit with you guys and your friend?” he acknowledge the little boy in the corner.

“Sure.” said Chris. Lucy grabbed his hand and lead him inside.

“We were just talking to Harry hear about what house he would like to be in at Hogwarts.” Albus took the seat next to Lucy.

“So like I was saying I really don’t know what house I would we to be in, I just it isn’t Slytherin.” the little boy continued. “I heard that You-Know-Who was a Slytherin so everyone in that house must be evil.”

“Hey! My sister Molly and Chris sister Charlotte are Slytherins and they aren’t evil.” Lucy responded back to the boy. She looked offended by his statement.

“And I am a Slytherin.” Albus interjected

“Yeah! And you know who Al’s father is?” Chris asked the boy. He shooked his blonde little head.

“Harry Potter! The most powerful wizard of all time! Now if Uncle Harry is Albus’s Dad do you really think that Albus can be evil? It’s in his genes to be good. He is a Potter and a Weasley.” Harry stared at Albus in amazement. Albus smiled at the little boy, he enjoyed js innocent reaction. How he wished he could relive his first year again.

“. Albie!” Lucy asked

“Yes Lu-lu.” he responded

“Can you tell us about your first year” she looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. Everytime she makes these eyes, it make Albus melt and he would do anything for her.

“Sure Lu. Alright you guys get comfortable. You are in for a long story.” For the remainder of the ride, Albus sat and told stories to the first years. Albus left the carriage when the train approached Hogsmeade. He went back to his original compartment to change into his school robes. Everyone had left the compartment except for Holden.

“How are you holding up mate?” he asked him.

“I don’t know. Maybe James’s right. That fight could have been avoided.” Albus set down after changing into his robes . Holden took the seat next to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not completely your fault.” Albus gave him a side glare.

“C’mon! We both know you said what you said to get a rise out of  Nott. You have been doing that since first year.” Albus nodded his head in agreement. “James may have been a right little git for completely blaming you but he is right Albus. It’s time to grow up.”

“When did you get so mature?” Albus chuckled.

“What can I say...I went from a boy to a man over the summer.” Holden said puffing his chest out. Albus doubled over laughing.

“Now that’s my best friend.” he said as Holden clapped him on the back.

“Come on let’s go get going before the good carriages are gone.” Albus and Holden walked out the compartment both looking forward to what fifth year would bring them.