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Format: Novella
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 4,128
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Characters: OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 03/08/2012
Last Chapter: 03/30/2012
Last Updated: 03/30/2012


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Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.


{Quote used from X-Men (2000), produced and created by Marvel Comics. It is the first line, spoken in voiceover by Professor X}

Chapter 1: I: Float Like a Butterfly
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The butterfly beat its wings, the vibrant red and blue blending together to create a deep purple. It launched itself off of the flower, fluttering around the bushes until it found another resting place. I watched it carefully, observing its every movement, knowing that I had to get this right. I took a deep breath, taking one last look at the wings. I quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching, and then -


"GIN! GIN IF YOU ARE NOT UP IN 5 MINUTES I SWEAR YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT!" I woke up with a shock, my heart beating out of my chest. I could hear the angry footsteps of my sister Loraine stomping around downstairs, and decided to humor her by getting up. I looked at my clock and groaned. 'Why does she have to wake me up at 8 in the morning?' I thought. I could already feel my dream slipping away from me, and I sighed. I could never remember my dreams, and they always left me feeling like I was missing something. But I can never remember my dreams long enough to figure out what they mean.


I pulled back my covers, shivering as the cold air from my fan hit me like a wave. I let out a groan, and I guess it was loud enough for my sister to hear because there was a bang from underneath my floor, and I heard more yelling. I rolled my eyes, and trudged downstairs. As I entered the kitchen, Loraine turned away from whatever she was nurturing on the stove, and gave me a strange look. 


"Since when have you decided to start listening to me?" I shrugged, not really willing to give her an answer until I had eaten something. She frowned. "By the way, when did you get new contacts?" I gave her a inquisitive look. In case you hadn't noticed, I don't speak often. "Well, yesterday you had green eyes, and now they look like a dark purple." For some reason that color seemed familiar, but I didn't know why. I acknowledged her observation with a grunt. She gave a small huff of frustration, and turned back around. Curious, I walked over to the small mirror hanging on the wall.


At first I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I looked like I always did in the morning; fiery red hair (which was of course dyed) in a mess, light reed lips that always seemed to be too small, and thin, dark eyebrows. I then realized however that Lori was right. My eyes, yesterday a misty green, were now a deep purple. I can't say I knew how my eyes changed color, exactly, but I also couldn't say I didn't like it. 


"Ginnifer, come sit down, breakfast is ready." I slowly walked to the kitchen counter and sat down on one of the stools. Lori looked at me and frowned again. She should really stop doing that, it's bad for her skin. "Gin, can you please say something? I know early mornings are tough for you but I can usually get you talking within 3 minutes." She looked at me hopefully. After a few seconds, she turned back around, slouching. I immediately felt bad.


"Oh, right, I'm sorry. I completely forgot that without human contact within the first 10 minutes of being awake you will spontaneously combust," I said. She turned back around, her signature smile on her face. "Well good morning to you too sunshine!" I never should have spoken. 


I could tell that today was one of her 'peace and happiness for all' days, so I quickly looked around fro something to distract her. Luckily, that thing was thrown against my door, making a large thumping noise that made me jump.


"Oh look, the paper's here!" said Lori, running excitedly towards the front door. 'Is this how all 23 year olds act?' I wondered. She soon came bouncing back in, frantically trying to free the newspaper from its plastic wrapping. I was happy to let her continue to fail, but I unfortunately shared her love of the Daily Prophet. To a lesser extent, of course. I took the paper from her hands, and gently pulled on the plastic. It fell off like water off of ice. Lori look embarrassed, but I honestly didn't care at the moment. I tossed her the fashion and gossip sections, and sat back down. 


The front page of the Prophet, as usual, was grim. More news about Muggles and Wizards murdering 'Changelings' or Changers, as I called them. After years of conflict between Muggles and Wizards after the publication of the Wizarding World, peace had finally been negotiated, and for a short while, everything was quiet. But apparently Merlin had other ideas. Soon these strange…things…started popping up. Normal teenagers suddenly developing strange powers that were unexplainable by magic. Kids who could control the elements, or shape shift without being an Animagus, etc. Thinking up a pathetic fear that the 'Changelings' would decide to band together and fight, the Wizarding and Muggle World began rounding them up, locking them away and making it all look like an accident.


Of course, the Changers didn't appreciate that, and a large portion of them went into hiding. Now, they have somehow figured out a way to track down other Changers, and bring them into hiding with them. The Ministry retaliated by coming up with a 'test' to see if someone was a Changeling or not. I didn't really believe the test worked, but I guess I was grateful that the Ministry Workers hadn't come to our house yet. The test may be fake, but it could still produce a false positive. 


I decided that I did not want to continue to listen to Lori muttering about how hideous someones shoes were, and walked outside into the sunshine. It was rare to have a nice day in London and I wanted to get out before it disappeared. We were one of the few lucky people that could afford to live in the English countryside, and I was met by the chirping of birds and the buzzing of the bees. I sat down on one of our wooden benches overlooking the garden, and tucked my legs under myself. I relaxed, something I didn't do often, and lost myself in the paper. I must have been sitting outside for half an hour when a butterfly landed on the page I was reading. I reached a hand out to shoo it away when I saw the color of its wings. They were red and blue. I was hit with a sudden sense of deja vu; and for once, I knew where it came from. The memories of my dream came rushing back to me, and I felt something twinge inside of me. 


My vision went fuzzy, and I stood up abruptly, startling the butterfly. The bench tipped over, making a loud crashing sound. The butterfly flew away, taking my dream with it. Lori came rushing out, drawn by the sound of the bench. 


"Oh my god, Gin are you ok? I heard a crash." I nodded, still feeling slightly shaken. Lori frowned, as if she knew I was lying. "C'mon, let's take you inside, you don't look ok." I didn't feel ok, but I couldn't let Lori know. As she led me back inside, I realized that the butterfly that landed on my paper was sitting on the overturned bench, as if it were watching me. Looking at it sent a nauseated feeling through me, and I looked away, allowing Lori to lead me to bed. I suddenly felt dead tired, even though it was only 9:00 am. 


"Le-let me up," I mumbled. "I-I need to visit Darry, and-" Lori cut me off with a gentle shushing noise.


"You're going no where. Mom and Dad left me in charge for the weekend and I'm not letting you go out when you're very clearly sick." I rolled over as a response, admitting defeat.


"Tell Darry I won't be able to meet him. And tell him the bird is disguised as the milkman. He'll know what I mean." I suppose Lori understood me, because she gave a small laugh and walked out of my room. As soon as the door closed, my eyes slowly shut, and I felt the relief of sleep hit me.



(3rd Person)


Somewhere many miles away from Ginnifer and Loraine DeLiguires' house, in a small cottage by the sea, a man was pondering a daily report, his mouth set into a frown. He flipped through the pages, his displeasure visibly growing. He reached the last page, and surprise filled his features. The picture of a smiling young girl filled the page. The first thing that grabbed his attention was her hair, but he tried to focus on the words rather than the picture. He knew this girl, but he didn't remember where he had seen her. Ginnifer DeLiguire: Age 16. Sent out a pulse of electromagnetic waves at precisely 8:46 a.m, hinting at the possibility of a Change being awakened within her. Will require further investigation. DeLiguire. He knew that name.


He stood up abruptly, startling the men standing by the door. They watched as the man frantically gathered his papers, already getting out his cell phone. A sense of urgency filled the man. He had to get to this girl before They did. Judging by the power of her shockwave, this girl had abilities that would be very desirable to the wrong people. He stuffed his papers in his briefcase, nodding at his men to walk with him. They rushed to his car, climbing in the front seats. The man got in the back, dumping his files into the hands of his waiting assistant. 


"Get to 37 Coldwood Road. We have a possible Class 4 undiscovered. Get there now." The driver gave a curt nod, and pressed on the gas. As the car roared away, the man looked out the window, only hoping that he wouldn't be too late.

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Chapter 2: II: Metamorphasis
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When I woke, I had a pounding headache. My entire body felt like it was being crushed by a block of lead, and I couldn't breath through my nose. I groaned, which set off a fit of coughing that make my body burn. Once the fire in my body returned to a dull ache, I risked opening my eyes. 


There was no pain, but I could only see colors and shapes. My door clicked open, and Lori walked in. I'm guessing her face showed pity, which I hated to be looked at with, but at the moment all I wanted was to feel better. 


"Ginnifer?" I cringed at how loud her voice was, or at least seemed to be. "There's someone here to see you." I didn't want to see anyone. I just wanted to feel better. I just wanted-


"Hey Ginny." I take that back. If I could have smiled, I would have.


"Darry, you're here…" I murmured. The shape I now recognized to be my best friend walked over to my bed, and I felt it bend as he sat down on the edge of the mattress.


"Of course I'm here, I couldn't leave my best mate to suffer alone could I?" I tilted my head to look at him directly, and my vision cleared up ever so slightly. He was wearing his eyemask, as usual. 


Darry had a rare condition where his eyes were overly-sensitive to light, and any exposure would cause his eyes to burn and bleed. He wore a special black sleeping mask at all times and carried a walking stick wherever he went. He'd never even seen me before, only knowing me by the description I gave him. 


"I'm sorry I couldn't meet you today." I managed to get out. He laughed softly.


"It's ok, I'd rather you stay in bed and rest." He paused for a moment. "I got your message, and brought the items you wanted." I gave a sigh of relief.


"Just put them on my dresser, I'll look at them later." I rocked slightly as Darry stood up. His silhouette slid over to the block I'm guessing was my dresser, and set a small box on top of it. Inside the box was a secret that I worked hard to keep. I trusted Darry with it, and that was only because he could not see. What I had was something only I wanted to see, something no one else should look at.


My bed dipped in again as Darry sat down, and he stroked my hair. I made a small noise of appreciation, which I guess Darry understood because he squeezed my hand.


"Darry, I wouldn't be touching me. What if I'm-" I stopped, feeling the sudden overwhelming urge to vomit. I gagged, and managed to get out that I was going to throw up. Darry picked up a small paper bag lying tucked underneath my bed and quickly held it under my chin. 


I gagged again, and this time I threw up. But something was wrong. My mouth was dry, and it felt like something was fluttering inside my throat. I coughed and choked, giving one last heave to get whatever was in my throat out. As it finally fell out of my mouth, I felt the sudden urge to scream. It was a red and blue butterfly, its wings faintly fluttering. 


"Gin? Gin are you alright?" I shook my head, forgetting momentarily that Darry could not see me. He shook me again. "Gin, are you ok?"


"No," I choked out. "No I'm not ok. Darry, I just threw up a butterfly." I felt Darry freeze. His silhouette stood frozen, so still I could not even see him breathing. 

"Darry? Are you still with me?"


He moved suddenly, making my heart jump. "We need to leave, right now." He picked me up, and I let out a groan. He did not seem to notice, and felt his way out of the room.


"Darry, what are you doing? Why do we need to go? What about Lori?" I mumbled. Darry hushed me, and I flinched as I felt the crisp Spring air hit me. Somewhere in the distance I heard the sound of a car, and I wondered who would be driving anywhere near us at this time of day, seeing as we lived in the middle of nowhere. Darry seemed to hear it too, and he picked up his pace. 


"Darry, put me down! What do you think you are doing?" I groaned. He again hushed me, making me feel like a chastised child. He made his way over to his car in a miraculously short amount of time for a blind man, and sat me in the back seat.


"Gin, I'm sorry to be doing this without an explanation but I really need to get you out of here. They're coming." Well that did not sound good. Darry was never one to be serious, so I knew by his tone that he meant business.


He hopped in the drivers seat, and that is when I realized the problem.


"Darry! You're blind! How on Earth can you drive a car?!" He answered me by pulling off his sleeping mask. I gasped, waiting for the cries of pain to come. But they never did. I was shocked, my mouth opening and closing like a fish. 


Darry shot me an amused but serious look. "Alright, now I guess you know my secret. I'm not really blind. But that does not matter right now, what matters is getting you to safety. And whatever you do, don't look me in the eye." He muttered something incoherent, either that or I wasn't paying attention, and we roared out of the driveway.


"Darry, you never answered my question. What about Lori? Where are you taking me and why do we have to leave?" This time he dignified me with a vague answer.


"I need to get you out of here. There's someone coming that I'm pretty sure you would not want to meet, and I think he's intent on meeting you." He again muttered something about a shockwave which made absolutely no sense to me. I opened my mouth to protest when another wave of nausea hit me. I grabbed the nearest thing to me and promptly threw up into it. This time there were no butterflies.


Darry surprised me again by turning off the road and heading towards what looked to be an abandoned trail. I didn't talk for fear of throwing up again, but touched Darry's shoulder lightly. He acknowledged me.


"We can't drive on the main path, we're screwed if they find us. I'm taking you down one of my old trails I walked when I was younger. I know a shortcut that will get us to safety. Unfortunately I can't tell you exactly where we're going, but you'll find out soon enough. For now just get some sleep, you look like you need it." I couldn't argue with him there. 


I lay back on the seats and shut my eyes. I opened up my senses, allowing myself to be lulled by the rumble of the engine and the sound of Darry's light breathing. I forgot how freaked out and sick I was, and just let go. Soon I was out like a light.




I woke with a jolt as the car ran over a rock. The sky was dark, and I could faintly hear the crickets chirping outside of the car. I sat up slowly and stretched. Miraculously, I felt completely better than I had a few hours ago. My head was clear and I felt light and free again. 


Darry had his headphones in and was completely oblivious to my waking up. I looked out the window to try an see if I knew where we were, but all I saw was darkness. 


I tapped Darry on the shoulder and he started slightly, but gave a sigh of relief soon after. 


"Did you have good dreams, Sleeping Beauty?" I laughed, and he grinned. 


"Yeah, I did. Thanks for asking. By the way, where are we?" 


Darry's smile started to look forced. 


"We're heading south, there's a place where I know we'll be safe."


I knew there was something I was forgetting to ask; why the hell I was in the middle of nowhere after being horribly sick and delirious. I hated to get mad at Darry but I knew he wouldn't tell me anything unless I guilted him into it.


"Yeah, about that. Did you forget to tell me oh, I don't know, everything?! Why did you take me away from my sister and why are we out in the middle of nowhere, running from some man that you say is bad news? On top of that you won't tell me anything! Lori is probably worried sick and calling Mum and Dad, thinking I've been kidnapped, or worse!" I sat back on my seat, knowing that Darry was feeling the heat of my accusations. He was stonily silent, and I knew he was thinking carefully about what to say.


"I'm sorry that it had to happen this way, but you were too sick to defend yourself and I knew we didn't have much time. I have to say I wish we could have taken Lori, but when I carried you downstairs she was gone. If you want, you can call her. Just make sure to throw the phone out of the window when you're done." 


Not exactly what I was hoping for, but I'll take it. Darry pulled a small brown phone out of his pocket, and handed it to me. I begrudgingly took it, and dialed my sister's number. She picked up after two rings, her voice muffled by static.


"Gin! Oh my god, are you alright? Is Darry with you?" Strangely she sounded more concerned about who I was with rather than where I was. 


"Yeah, I'm alright. Darry's driving me someplace, I don't really know where. Or atleast he won't tell me." I looked pointedly at Darry, who said nothing.


"Well, at least you're alright. Look, I know this is going to seem strange but I need you to stay with Darry, and stay away from home. It's not exactly the safest place to be at the moment. I know where Darry's going and I'll meet you th------" Static filled my ear, blocking out my sisters voice. After a few moments the line went dead. My heart fell.


"How is she?" Darry's voice sounded from the front seat. 


"She's fine, but the line got cut after there was too much static. She said she'll meet us at our destination, wherever that is." Darry nodded. I curled up beside the window, and looked out. I could still see nothing. 


I was startled by the sound of my stomach rumbling, and Darry laughed, hearing it as well.


"I have some food in the trunk, I'll stop by the ditch up ahead." I nodded, happy Darry had finally consented to stop. He probably needed some time to stretch his legs anyway. 


He pulled up on the side of the road, and opened his door. 


"Stay in here, ok? I'll get what we need." After he had shut the door, I muttered, "You're not the boss of me." I turned to watch him as he walked around the car, but I could barely see him in the dark. The car shook slightly as he opened the trunk, and I heard rummaging. 


I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned my head. A small spot of moonlight came through the trees, illuminating a small patch of forest ground. The leaves of a bush were moving slightly, making my heart flutter. 


I slowly reached over and rolled down the window, sticking my head out of the window. I squinted my eyes. I leaned more, and my foot slipped off the seat, banging against the back of the front seat. The leaves stopped rustling, and I let out my breath. I pulled back, when I heard a bang coming from behind me. 


I whipped around, but all I saw was dark figures moving quickly behind the car. I rolled up the window, and ducked down under the seats. I lay still, listening to the sound of the conflict. It was strange; some of the noises were sounds of skin hitting skin, but some were unnatural sounds. Sounds of splintering wood, metal on metal, and loud popping.


Something slammed against the car, lurching me backwards. The car doors were ripped open, and I looked up to see the man responsible. A scream built in my throat as I realized what he was holding. It was a wand. 


He said something in what I recognized to be Latin, and a small jet of light shot out, hitting me in the chest. Suddenly I couldn't make a sound, and the scream died in my throat as soon as it had come. 


He grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me out of the car. I felt his arm wrap around my neck, and he started dragging me away from the road. I struggled to free myself, kicking and scratching. 


I couldn't call for Darry, and even if I could he would be occupied. I desperately searched for a way out of this, anything to maybe distract my assailant with. I twisted in the mans grip, and thats when I spotted it. It was a small gold and brown butterfly, sitting on a flower. I felt my desperation grow, and something told me to reach for the butterfly. I took one last desperate pull away from the man, and looked where I thought the butterfly's eyes were.


Something surged through me, and a sudden pain blossomed in my back. I dropped, and the world seemed to grow dramatically. The forest blurred, and the man who grabbed me was thrown backwards by some unknown force. I felt heavy and tired, and I managed one last look at my hands before I passed out. They were gold and brown wings.


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