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An A for Albus by Scarlet_Fay

Format: Short story
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,894

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Humor, General
Characters: Harry, Dumbledore

First Published: 04/07/2004
Last Chapter: 03/06/2005
Last Updated: 03/13/2005

A Occulmency lesson with Dumbledore gone horribly wrong. Harry finds himself traped back in the time with Dumbledore the first-year! Now Harry finds himself faced with two challenges . To get back to his own time (back then they had no Quidditch). And to help his new young friend Albus fend off bullys so he can pass his first year at Hogwarts. Please R/R

Chapter 1: The Broken Dummy
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Chapter one, The Broken Dummy

“Concentrate Harry.” Dumbledore seemed to be saying for the thousandth time. Although Harry was sure he would never be able to get this; Dumbledore seemed confident.
They were in Dumbledores office. It was around six’ o’clock and Harry was about ready to give up on Occlumency. For weeks now he had been working on these lessons with Dumbledore and they had gone smoothly, until now. They had moved into a section of Occlumency Harry just could not grasp.
“Entering into the mind of another; with out there knowledge.” Dumbledore had called it. Harry had a much shorter and to the point title for it, but he was not about to mention that aloud.
Harry was convincing that the problem was with the old dummy they were using. Dumbledore had constructed what looking like the mirror image of a man with build in memories. Harry was supposed to be able to retrieve these memories out of the dummy without it feeling anything. If the dummy did feel anything, he would scream.
The scream was what was really starting to get to Harry. It was not just a normal, “Ahh!” but a blood curdling screech. It was starting to give Harry a headache. Dumbledore seemed unaffected by this. He continued to smile as coax Harry on. “Try again.” He would simply say every time Harry made a mistake, and Harry would try again.
Carefully, slowly, Harry closed his eyes and stretched forth his wand. He was determined to make it this time.
Going through someone’s mind looking for memories was a lot like a mental game of pickup sticks. Harry crept through the mind of the dummy until he found the one he was looking for. The fuzzy cat one. Mentally grasping it Harry took it in his mind and began to gently pull it back.
A shriek rose from the dummy making Harry’s eyes snap open and his head throb. Throwing his hands up and giving an exasperated moan, Harry turned to Dumbledore. “Why is this not working?” He said through clenched teeth.
Dumbledore smiled. “You must concentrate harder. Your going very well considering how much practice you have not had. Try it again.”
Harry sighed and turned back to the dummy. He closed his eyes and began concentrating.
A sudden shriek came from the dummy. It caught Harry by surprise. He hadn’t even raises his wand yet, and already the thing was screaming. The thing in front of Harry continued to scream, its limp body bouncing up and down, smoke began curling from the neck of it as if whapped hard against a nearby shelve. Objects went flying everywhere.
Dumbledore had his wand out. “Acourtious Repara!” he said giving his wand a wave. Within seconds, the dummy was dead on the floor. Stepping over to it, Dumbledore heaved it onto a nearby chair and pulled its head off, which connected to the neck by a small hinge at the back. Dumbledore studied the inside neck of the man doll. He replaced the head and turn back to Harry. His face looked grieved, “It seems my old friend is dead.” His frown changed to a smile as he dumped his “old friend” on the floor. “No matter, you will continue your practice on me.” He sat in the chair.
Harry did not care for this idea. He now wished that it were Snape teaching him again. If something went wrong and Harry messed up Snapes brain, he would not be as heart broken. Harry’s face didn’t cover his worries.
“Its alright,” Said Dumbledore, “Just concentrate.” He closed his eyes and folded his hands in front of him. A sly smiles sat on the olds wizards face.
Harry hesitated, but then he figured Dumbledore would not probably let him do this if he did not have a way to stop things if they got out of hand. Harry closed his eyes and began concentrating.
Dumbledore let out a shriek making Harry jump. “Just kidding,” He laughed, his gray eyes sparkling. “Please, continue.” Harry, now sort of annoyed, closed his eyes again.
Dumbledores mind was much more complexes than that of the dummy. Memories and images were stored in what seemed to be mile and miles of piles. So many years of experience sat in front of him. Passing Dumbledore short-term memory Harry continued back toward his long term ones. He stopped when he saw one of himself. As a small first yeah Harry saw himself trying on the sorting hat. Harry looked terrified, His glasses big and buggy on his face. “What a nerd!” Harry thought jokingly.
Moving even farther back, he found memories of his own parents. He stopped and watched these. He didn’t want to stay to long. He didn’t want Dumbledore to feel he was prying too far into his mind. He turned to look for a memory to draw when he saw something catch his eye.
The goblet of fire, Harry was seeing the goblet of fire. Dumbledore stood over it. Surrounding him was what seemed to be a tall grove of silver spikes. Dumbledore was a fourth year claming the goblet of fire. He had never mentioned this before.
Harry had found Dumbledores school years. Briefly Harry watched Dumbledore as a seventh year getting his first kiss from a brown haired girl with buck teeth. This made Harry laugh, How shy they looked together. Like a cute sort of puppy love. Harry did wonder who the buck toothed girl was as he moved one.
Other Memories had Dumbledore sneaking out of the Gryffindor tower at night with a group of boys. So, even the wise old wizard had a rebellious streak in him when he was young.
After shifting through several images of young Albus Dumbledore getting in trouble, getting detention, flirting with girls, Harry found one that looked safe to try and remove.
Young Albus Dumbledore, sitting in a classroom in Hogwarts. He looked no older than eleven. He was bent over a large textbook and his parchment and quill. His brow furrowed as him mouth moved, wording the essay he was writing.
Harry studied him for a moment. He was fascinated on what he saw. Albus Dumbledore looked, well, small and nerdy. His blues eyes, however, were bright with life and vigor. Harry wished he could have met this boy. So unknowing of the things that would happen to him.
Suddenly the door to the room Young Albus was sitting in burst open. A group of boys walked into the room. One of them had bright red hair and freckles scattered his face, which was round and pudgy. His deep brown eyes scanned the room, looking for trouble. He wore a Ravenclaw crest on his robe.
“Hey Albus, Whatcha doing?” He said, about four boys grouped around him.
The Redheaded boy snatched the parchment up from under Dumbledores scribbling quill. His brown scanned the paper.
“This is terrible!” he said. Young Albus tried to make a snatch at it but he held it away from him. “Look at this boys,” he voice changed to that of a baby mocking one. “Widdle Albus is writing his potions essay.”
“Give it back.” Young Albus tried to make another snatch at it. “Thaths mine!! Jacob…pleaths!” Young Albus spoke with a very bad lisp. He stood while the taller boy held the paper high over his head, making the small boy jump for it.
Young Albus spoke with a very bad lisp. The group of boys all laughed in unison. They continued there torture for awhile then the red headed boy said, “You write just as bad at you speak.” The boy said turning away with the paper. “You suck a looney Albus.” With that, he crumpled the parchment and tossed the half done essay into the unlit fireplace. All the boys laughed again and walked out the door.
Tears burnt in the young boys eyes as he turned back to his desk, “I hate you Jacob Weasley!” he whispered. He went to the fireplace and pulled out his crumpled black parchment from it.
Harry felt bad for the poor boy. Compared to the other boys, he was much smaller than they were. It was not fair. Harry had the urge to go after those boys and make them come back and apologies, but then remembered this was only a memory.
He decided he wasn’t going to take this one back with him. He did not want to bring an unhappy memory back to Albus. Harry turned to find another memory when all that stood before him was a stone wall.
“What the…!?” Harry said in shock.
The small first year at the fireplaces head shot up. His face was tear-streaked.
He looked at the strange black haired boy in front of him.
“Who are you?” he said wiping the tears off his face.
Harry didn’t say anything, he just looked back at the boy in shock.

Chapter 2: A Punch in the Nose is Better than A poke in the eye with a Sharp Stick
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Chapter 2

Harry stared at the boy, “You can see me?”
Young Albus looked from side to side as if he expected to have a prank pulled on him. “Of courthe I can theee you! He finally said. “What do you think? That I’m blind?”
The lisp in little Albus’s voice was extremely distinctive. His face toughened into a tight pout that Harry found to look more cute and intimidating. He smiled and folded his arms in front of him.
“No, I don’t think your blind.” Harrys eyes looked around the room. It looked much like Professor McGonagalls Classroom. He felt as if he was in Hogwarts, yet something told him he was not. “Where am I?” Harry asked mostly to himself.
“Your in the Tran’th’figuration room.” Young Albus replied curtly. After thinking it over he then added, “Dummy!” Young Albus then stood and began to gather his things that sat at one of the desks.
Harry wasn’t sure if he cared for the tone of this young boy. Professor Dumbledore or no, he really did not have a right to speak to Harry that way. He folded his arms and stood in front of the door. “I don’t like being called a dummy.” Harry said, he was trying to sound though but he really was amused. “Its not nice.”
Tears began to well up in Young Albusses eyes. Harry was taken aback. This kid really is a wimp he thought, but no sooner was the thoughts in his mind than young Albus suddenly punched him in the nose.
Harry cried out in agony and grabbed his face. Albus, being very small, easily got past him and ran down the corridor.
“Bloody Hell!” Harry kissed as she felt the blood run down his face. If the kid had enough guts to do that to a complete stranger who was, and looked, much bigger and older than him, why couldn’t he have done that to that other red head kid earlier?
Harry quickly ran out of the room after the boy. Yong Albus had stopped at the end of the hall and was looking back to see if the big boy had followed him. When he saw Harry he yelped and ran on.
“Wait!” Harry shouted as he ran after him. He was sure he looked a mess with blood dripping down his face as he chanced this first year though the halls. What would Hermionie think?
Harry passed by groups of students, all clumped together waiting for there next class. Not any of them gave Harry a look. In front of him, Harry could barely make out the image of the sandy haired boy scrambling around the groups of people. “Wait!” Harry shouted again. He wasn’t as limber at the boy as he knocks and bumps the groups of people around him.
Turning a corner, Harry stops suddenly. In front of him stands Albus, and in front of him is…Professor Snape? At least, what looks likes Professor Snape his face shape and was rounder, and he was broader than the Professor Snape Harry know, but other than that he looked exactly like him.
“Albus Dumbledore!” The Snape look alike raved, He grabbed the boy by his ear, and continued, “If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a hundred times, no running in the corridors!”
“Ah!” Young Albus said as he was yanked by the ear, “but Professor Snape, you don’t understand! This other boy…”
The Professor shook the boy by his ear. “No excuses! Detention!”
As Young Albus was lead away, he spotted Harry. He glared at him as Snape dragged him out of sight.
Harry stood where he had been, gasping to catch his breath. Now what? He looked around the corridor. This was definitely Hogwarts. He turned and began to walk back to the room he had come from. Harry was glad that his robes matched those exactly of the surrounding students. Other than the blood running down his face, he fit in well. No one seemed to notice him. Everyone was deep in conversations.
“Did you hear about what happened? A bomb dropped right out of the sky!” One of the boys were saying. “Kapowie!”
“Near DiagonAlly?” Another boy was saying.
“They say the muggles are at war with each other.” A girl said nearby, “And that London’s under attack.”
“Do you think the Ministry of Magics going to do anything about it?” Her friend asked.
“I don’t know,” the girl replied, “But my dad say…”
Harry kept on walking until he reached the room he had been in. Professor McGonigals room saw across from a long hallway full of windows. Those windows looked out over the Quidditch field.
Looking outside, Harry was astonished to see where the six large hoops that usually stood for the Quidditch field was missing. In addition, behind the hoops where the forbidden forest would have stood, rolling hills spotted the horizon.
Okay, this is really strange, Harry thought as he turned away from the windows. Right behind him stood a girl who Harry has seen before. He suddenly recognized her as the brown haired, buckteeth girl he had seen Dumbledore kissing in his memories.
“Excuse me.” Harry said as he stepped past her.
She didn’t seem to have heard him because she stepped to the window Harry had been looking out and leaned out it. Resting her chin on her folded arms she sighs. Another girl with blond hair and deep blue eyes skipped up to her.
“Hi Polly!” the girl chimed. The blond girl seemed to be full of life and energy. She jumped up onto the window ledge and swung her feet. “Jacobs looking for you!”
The girl named Polly sighed again. “Of course he is. Only two weeks into the school year and already Jacob is telling everyone he is my boyfriend.” She stood up and looked at her friend, “I’m not his girl friend Kendal! I don’t even like him that way.”
Kendal grinned. “I never said you were. Stop shouting at me, go shout at him, he deserves it, after that prank he pulled on Albus at the feast.” She stopped and waited for her friend to reply, but she just kept staring out the window so she continued, “Even though it was pretty funny.”
Polly looked at her, “Pretty funny? Dropping his frog into Albus’s soup is pretty funny?”
Her friend stopped smiling, “Well no… not really.”
Rolling her eyes the girl looked out the window again. Her friend, Kendal, studied her, “Are you worried about you dad?”
Polly shook her head, “My dads tuff he can handle this. Even if he is a muggle he posses qualities of a wizard, he…” Her voice trailed off.
Jumping down from the window, Kendal leaned against the wall and looked outside at the rolling hills that surrounded Hogwarts, “I’m worried about me dad too.”
What year is this? Harry wondered. He turned away from the girls and entered into the room. To his surprise the Professor Snape look-alike was in there. Holding his hands in front of him like he had walked into a pit of snakes, Harry backed out of the room.
Harry continued to rome the halls. He wasn’t really worried for some reason about his predicament. He felt that when he found Young Albus, all would be set right. In the meantime, he would just hang out. No one seemed to notice him anyways.
Later that evening Harry hung out in the Gryffendore common room. Not knowing the password to get in, Harry just followed through the entrance with a group of Gryffendores. He waited for Young Albus to come back from his detention.
Finally, the small boy appeared in the room. Harry walked up to him. “Hi.” He said, trying to sound cheerful.
The boy glared at him, “What do you want?”
Harry stopped, He had hoped the boy would somehow send him back to his own time, “Well I’m…uh… I’m Harry.” He rubbed the back of his neck.
“Yeah? So?”
Harry was at a loss of words, “And I…um… want to be your friend?” the words sounded children he knew, but what else could he say?
“Uh-hu…” Albus looked at him skeptically. “You want to get out of my way?” She small boys arms were full of books. He presses past Harry. Harry scowled after him. If he had had his wand, he probably would have put a leg lock spell on the rude little kid.
Unfortunately, His wand had been left back in his own world and time.
Young Albus continued past the couches and chairs of the common room and up the stairs to his dorm room. As he went, boys from a nearby table yelled at him. “Hey small fry! Seen any good frogs lately?” They all laughed and made frog noises at him. The small boy continued up the stairs alone.
Harry watched after him. Didn’t this boy have any friends? The thought left his mind as he realized, how was he going to get home? Confronting Albus hadn’t worked, and he didn’t have his wand. He was stuck! Stuck in time maybe forever if he didn’t find a way out soon!

Chapter 3: The Girls Bathroom
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~A VERY VERY quick update. Sorry I havent posted for awhile. I've mostly been working on my other fan fic Survivors of the Darkness. If you dont have anything better to do, why dont you go check that one out!~
-Scarlet Fay

Chapter Three

Having no bed to sleep in that night, Harry slept on one of the Gryffindore couches. He hoped that no one would question him about his odd choice of sleeping arrangements. The next morning, Harry awoke by the force of someone sitting on his chest. “HGFF!” he grunted as he felt the weight. An older boy and girl, who looked to be about in there fourth year, jumped off him. Harry realized that the two had been about to make out. Now, they both stared at him in disbelief.
“Umm…Hi?” Harry said as he pulled himself to a sitting position. The two other Gryffindores continued to stare.
“Did you feel that?” The girl said sidelong to the boy. He nodded his face was white. “Do you think its one of the ghosts?”
“Oh come on!” Harry practically shouted, “Don’t tell me you cant see me!”
The boy turned to the girl, “Lets go to that empty class room in the eastern tower.” He leaned towards her and wiggled his eyebrows up and down. She bit her lip and nodded. Taking her by the arm, the two walked out the door, giggling.
Harry was annoyed. “You mean to tell me,” he said to no one in particular, “that I’m trapped here, and cant get help from anyone?!” He stood and stretched, “Great, just great.” Judging from the light outside, it was about five in the early morning of a Saturday. Harry felt his stomach growl and realized that he would need food. This newfound time traveling thing did not exclude any of his bodily needs. He needed to find a way to get food without someone else freaking out about him. “Great,” he repeated.
“Who are you talking to?” a voice behind him said. Harry turned around and saw Young Albus leaning against the wall that leads up to the boys’ dormitory. His arms were folded and he seemed a picture of pure mischief. “You slept down here on the couch?” he unfolded his arms and walked towards Harry, “I’ve only been here a few week’th with the re’th of the fir’th years but I know I haven’t th’een you before then. Who are you?”
Harry knew how stupid it said before he said it, “I’m from your future. I don’t know how to get back and I really need you help.”
Young Albus looked him up and down, then his eyes widened, “Your…you’re one of those th’psychos that they talk about in the daily prophet!” He backed away, “You stay away from me! Just stay right there until I-I find someone…” he ran towards the door, his long robes tangled up around his legs and made him stumble.
Harry rolled his eyes, “Wait!” he followed the boy out the door and down the corridor. This chase thing was getting old.
He didn’t have to go far though, soon Harry was stopped by the sudden form of the Ravenclaw boy and his cronies hovering over Albus.
“What do we have here? Its Albus the frog eater!” they laughed.
Another one of the boys crossed behind him, “Hey frog eater, had any good FRONG lately?”
Harry scoffed, “Is that really the best you can come up with?”
All the boys stopped suddenly and looked around. “Who said that?” the one named Jacob said, after a moment he smiled and looked at Albus, “Nice one frog eater. Lets see what else you can say while we hang you down the old well outside.”
“That wasn’t me!” Albus protested, the boys were surrounding him now. “It was that older kid over there!” he pointed an accusing finger at Harry.
The other boys looked at where Harry stood and then at each other and then back at Albus. “What do you think we are? Stupid like you?” The boys laughed again, “I want to hear you say the word, go on frog eater say stupid correctly and we’ll let you go.” They were ganging around Albus now. Slowly he stepped back until his back was against the wall. The small little kid looked terrified.
“thh-thsupied…” Albus said timidly. The boys let out another howl of laughter.
“I’ll give you one more chance. Say it again…” Jacob was egger to humiliate the small boy.
Harry couldn’t stand it any longer. He tapped the first year on the back, “Stupid.” He said when the boy turned around, and sent a fist into the middle of his face. Jacob flew backwards. The other guys looked on in shock.
Grabbing another of the boys by the collar, Harry lifted him and flung him off his feet. “Go pick on somebody your own size!”
Not having to be told twice, the boys scattered off, leaving their leader Jacob Weasley where he lay.
Harry grinned as watched them run. He wished someone had done that for him when his cousin, Dudley, and his cronies had bullied him.
He looked at Albus, who was staring wide mouthed at him. “They…they couldn’t see you!” he stammered. He looked Harry up and down, “but I can see you.” He rubbed his forehead, “am I going insane?”
“I told you.” Harry said, “I came here through your memory and now I’m stuck here and I want to get back.”
Albus continued to stare at him and then shook his head, “Na-uh! No! I’m not falling for another prank.” He looked down at the writhing Jacob, “That’s not very funny Jacob.” He turned to go, but Harry quickly grabbed him by the back of his robe.
“Its not a prank! I really am trapped here.” Harry said, “What do I have to do to prove it to you?”

“Okay this is ridiculous!” Harry was standing in front of the girls bathroom. It happened to be the same bathroom that moaning Murdell would occupy in another sixty years or so. Albus stood, leaning against the other wall. His arms were crossed in a determined pose.
“It’s the only way I’ll believe that no one can see you.” He said.
Harry looked at the small first year, and then at the door in front of him. A moment before a group of girls had just walked into there, and truthfully, Harry felt extremely nervous about go in there. He knew that no one would see him, and he had been in there before, it was just…it was the GIRLS BATHROOM!
He turned back to Albus, “This is really immature.”
Albus smiled a buck toothed grin, “Well, if you don’t want to do it…” he turned as if he would walk away.
“Alright, alright I’ll go!” Harry opened the door in front of him, “you really are tough for a kid that let people bully him around.”
Albuses eyes narrowed, “You should mind your own business!” he snapped. He folded his arms again. “Are you going or not.”
“I’m going.” Harry said as he walked into the bathroom. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He and his friends would never have thought of doing such an immature thing. But then again, they had never really had the chance to sit back and think of things to do in there first year anyways. Or in the years following for that matter.
The bathroom looked much the way it had when Harry had been in it during his second year. Girls sat around the mirrors laughing and talking. None of them had noticed the door open and close by its self.
Harry recognized those two girls from the day before.
“He so handsome!” one of the girls was saying. “I love his red hair.” The girls all agreed.
The girl names Kendal chimed in, “I know! And he asked Polly to walk with I’m next Friday night.”
Polly’s face turned bright red. “We’re just partners in levitation class.” She said softly.
Harry walked past the group of girls and into one of the stalls. Snatching up a small piece of toilet paper, he turned and headed for the door. He realized that the room that had been full of constantly chattering girls was now silent. Stiffening, Harry turned around and saw all the girls looking at him, or rather, the piece of toilet paper he held in his hand.
Quickly he opened the door and stepped outside just as the squeals started. The girls who had been in the bathroom came spilling out after him. Bunching the toilet paper up in his hand, Harry leaned against the wall as they past him.
“There’s something in the girls bathroom!” one of them was screaming.
Albus walked forward. A huge grin was spread on his face.
“They didn’t see me!” Harry said defensively.
“I know” he said “Did you get it?” Harry held up the piece he had collected. “Alright then, I believe you know.”
Harry sighed and rolled his eyes, “Thank you.”
Young Albus looked him over, “If your from my memory, then why don’t I remember you?”
“I’m from your memory from when you were older…or you get older…” Harry rubbed the back of his head, “Its sort of hard to explain.”
Albus didn’t hesitate, “You mean, you have some through my memory from when I was older back to this time?”
Harry looked at him, “That’s exactly it.” He had forgotten that this was Albus Dumbledore.
“And now you need to get back to your own time.” Albus nodded. His brows furrowed, “I think I know someone who might be able to help.” He turned and walks away.
Harry followed close behind him. “How is it,” he asked after awhile, “that you don’t hesitate to boss me around, but you let those other guys bully you.”
For a moment, Harry thought Albus was going to snap at him, but he just pulled on his long robe and said, “Jacob Weasley is smart.”
Harry looked shocked, “Your smart.”
Albus shrugged, “No I’m not, I don’t get A’s. Jacob gets A’s.”
The logic of this baffled Harry. He had never gotten strait A’s either, yet that didn’t make him feel that he was inferior to anyone else. Had this boy really set his mind to thinking that he needed to base his worth on a letter?
“I don’t get strait A’s either.” Harry said.
“I know.” Albus said frankly.
Harry raised an eyebrow, “And how did you know that?”
Albus stopped and looked up at him, “Its obvious. There’s just something about a person who gets A’s and a person who doesn’t.”
“Getting strait A’s really isn’t all that important.” Harry shrugged as they continued to walk.
“Yes it is.” Albus said flatly.
Harry paused for a moment, “I’ll tell you want, You help me and I’ll help you. Lets find a way to get me home again, and I’ll help you get you’re A.”
Albus smiled his bucktoothed smile up at Harry. “Deal!”
Harry smiles and walked on with him. For the first time, Harry felt like he was looking out for a little brother, a little brother who bossed him around, but still a little brother.
Now its my turn to teacher Albus Dumbledore. Harry thought as they walked. The thought made him glade we would be able to return the favor, but also worried. Would he live up to the job?

Chapter 4: Chapter 4, Professor Snape
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An A for Albus
Chapter 4

They were standing in front of Professor Snapes class room, down in the cold dungeons of the school. “We are going to get help from here?” Harry asked dumbly.
Albus looked at him, “Professor Snape in the best teacher here, in my opinion.”
“Professor or no,” Harry replied, “I don’t think we will get the help we need here.”
Albus rolled his eyes, “Well since you know everything…” his voice was sarcastic
Harry glared, “I never said I knew everything, but I think I know something about this subject!” he waved his hand at the stone door.
“Do you want help or not?” Dumbledore said with authority.
Before Harry could answer, the door in front of them swung open. To Harrys surprise, it was not the Snape look-alike he had seen earlier, but a black haired, blue eyed woman. She wore a deep, slivery blue robe, and a bandanna cloth tied around her head. She was smiling ecstatically as she looked from Albus to Harry.
“Hello Albus!” she grinned down on the small boy, “I though I heard you out here.”
Albus smiled and blushed, he looked down at the floor slyly, “Hello Professor Snape.” He said.
Professors’ eyes swayed to Harrys, and he felt a wave flow over him, like in side her eyes held the answer to everything. It was the same sort of feeling he had gotten whenever he looked into Professor Dumbledore eyes, only much stronger, and deeper. “And who is this?” she asked.
Harry felt himself melt under her gaze. She was also an extremely beautiful woman.
“This is Harry Potter.” Albus finally found his nerve and looked up, “He needs your help.”
Professor Snapes face turned serious, “Really?” she paused, and then looked down the hall in both directions. “Come in.” she whispered and steeped aside so the boys could walk past her.
The two boys hurried into the room as Professor Snape checked the hallways outside once more and then shut the door behind them.
Turning to the boys, Professor Snapes smile resumed, “Now, what do you need help with?”
Harry was amazed with how different the dungeon class room was. Light shone in from the open windows. It illuminated the perfectly organized masses of tools and books of every shape and size. Star charts hung on the wall to the right, and shelves of different type of teapots stood on the left. The tables that Harry knew so well from his Potions class were all bright and new, without a speak of dust on them. Things, that Harry did not recognizes, hung from the ceiling. They looked like long twisted mats of hair, and they never stopped writhing and swarming.
At the front of the class room was something that Harry recognized though, a pure white marble head of a man sat at the front on the Professors Desk. It was the same one Harry had seen in his Diviniations class with Professor Trelawney. It was covered with small black scribbles.
Looking up at Professor Snape, who had moved to her desk at the front of the class, Harry realized that she must be the Diviniation Professor.
She smiled up at them, “Why don’t you boy come take a seat?” They did, and she handed each of them a cup of tea.
Harrys stomach growled, he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday.
“Now,” Professor Snape took a seat across from then, “What seems to be the problem?”
“Its like this,” Albus began, “This boy, Harry, clams to be someone who has come back in time through my memory. I didn’t believe him until I saw that nobody else could…” he stopped and he looked from Professor Snape, to Harry, “Hey! Wait a minute! You can see him.” He turned on Harry he looked angry and hurt, “You tricked me!” He stood, his fists clenched in a tight fist. Harry was afraid he would get hit again.
“I didn’t!” Harry said quickly, “I walked into the girls bathroom. Do you really think I would do that for a prank?”
“I can assure you,” Professor Snapes voice was calm and dignified, “Harry is not playing a prank on you Mr. Dumbledore.” Her words made Albus stop and sit down, “This is, however, a very serious situation we have here.”
Harry looked at her, “What do you mean?”
Professor Snape leaned forward. Her eyes gazed past his own, down into the deepest most part of his soul. Her voice, a dark whisper, “Where you, by chance, playing with the subject of Occulmency Mr. Potter?” Her tone sent chills down Harrys spine.
“No,” Harry replied, “I was in a lesson with…a professor.”
Professors Snapes mouth opened slightly and she nodded. “Ah,” she said, “I see.” Her serious manor eased and she sat back in her chair. “It isn’t really all the unique, mind traveling I mean.”
“Mind Traveling?” both Harry and Albus said at the same time.
“Yes, Its quite a bran-new study really. For a long time, people had believed it had to do with the supernatural, and, in away, it does.” Professor Snape stood and crossed to one of her bookshelves.
“So, are you saying that Harry is a ghost?” Albus asked.
“Almost. What has happened, is that what would normally be Harrys ghost, o his spirit, as we in supernatural studies call it, has entered from his time to yours, Mr. Dumbledore, through your memory.” Turning back to her desk, Professor Snape dropped an open book in front of Albus. He picked it up, his face serious.
“That explains why others cant see him.” He said.
Professor Snape nodded, “His body is still in his time, but I’m afraid that, never before has anyone located a sprit long enough to sit down and have a chat.” She smirked.
“So, not much is known on the subject.” Albus finished for her.
“Not much.” Professor Snape agreed, “but I will do research on the subject for you, if you like.”
“That would be wonderful.” Harry was glad to feel like something, finally, could be done about his strange predicament.
Professor Snape smiled and nodded, making Harry melt again.
Albus closed the book and handed it back to her, “What do you suggest we do for the time being?”
“I suggest, Mr. Dumbledore, that you try not to draw too much attention to you invisible friend, and” she smiled coyly, “stay away from Jacob Weasly.”
Albus blushed and looked down at his hands again.
“Wait a minute,” Harry said suddenly, “How is it that you can see me if no one but Albus can see me?” he asked.
“Really Harry, you insult me.” Professor Snape said playfully, “I am the Divinations Professor after all.” She looked up past Harry suddenly. Her face lit up and she said, “Dearest!”
Standing in the doorway behind them, was the Snape look alike Harry had seen the day before.
He was gazing at Professor Snape with an expressionless look on his face.
“I would like to have a moment alone with my wife.” The Snape look alike glared at Albus as he stepped into the room.
Standing, Albus turned to go, “Thank you for you help Professor Snape.” He stepped cautiously past the Snape look alike
“Professor Snape.” He muttered as he passed him.
Mrs. Snape stood, and walked to her husband. She took his hand in hers. “You wanted to see me?” she beamed.
“Yes.” He replied, he smirked and took her into his arms and leaned in to kiss her.
Turning her face so that the kiss fell on her cheek, Mrs. Snape smiled at Harry.
“Oh, sorry.” Harry said and he moved pat them out the door.
As he did, he heard Snape say, “Did you hear something?”
“Hmm? No dearest. Now where were we?”

Harry rushed to catch up with Albus, “How long have those two been married?” he asked.
“It was announced after the first year ceremony.” Albus replied. He was walking quickly.
A huge smile grew on Harry face, “A moment alone with his wife.” He mocked, “what a laugh. Im sure he needs more than a moment…”
“Oh grow up.” Albus said as he puched the doors to the grand door open.
In the hall, several students sat, gathered over the four house tables.
Albus didn’t hesitate to walks past the group of people at the Gryffendore table and sit near the front. No one else sat there.
Harry took the seat across from him, “So, whats the plans for today?” he whispered.
“Not to draw any attention to myself by talking to someone who isn’t there.” Ablus whispered back as he helped himself to a hard boiled egg.
“Oh…sorry.” Harry said.
“Hey Albus!” One of the older boys down the table yelled at him, he laughed and threw a bit of bread at him, “Eat any good flys lately?”
Harry sighed and tired to ignore the boy as did Albus. It was going to be hard to not draw attention to himself. Especially if people were going to keep treating Albus this way.

Chapter 5: Chapter five The End
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An A for Albus
Chapter 5 The Ending

Awakening with a start, Harry sat up to see Albus peering over him. They were in the Boy dormitory, and Harry sat in the same chair he had spelt in for the past few weeks.
So far, there was no news on how to get Harry back to his present time.

“What is it?” Harry garbled as he readjusted his glasses onto his face. It must have been about two in the morning, Albus was still in his night gown. He had a worn teddy bear in his arms. Harrys first thought was to comment on the toy, but his soar nose thought better of it. For some reason, he was the only one that Albus stood up to.
Albus hesitated before he sat down in the chair across from Harry, “Nothing.”
“Its nothing okay!” Albus snapped, he rubbed his hands together and looked around the cold room.
Harry knew very well that people didn’t just wake other people up in the middle of the night for “nothing”.
“Common. What is it?” He said more calm.
“I dreamt…” Albus sighed, “I just dreamt something. That’s all.”
“Oh it was a nightmare.” Harry smiled.
“No! It wasent!” Albus said, standing up.
Harry sighed and stood up, “Its no big deal really. Everyone has nightmares.”
“Not like this one.” Albus said. His lisp cracked and something about his tone made Harry stop.
He sat back down slowly, “What was it.”
“I don’t know. I just…sometime…in my dreams…I see this face.” Albus’s breath shuttered.
The scar of Harrys forehead burnt, but even if it hadn’t, Harry knew all too well the face that must be in Albus mind. “Tell me about it.”
Albus shook his head, his white face staring forward. “I cant.”
“I understand.” Harry said.
“Do you have any idea of…” Albus’s words drifted off when he looked at Harry. They both knew of the others thoughts. There was some unspoken evil that they each knew they would each have to face. One had faced it, the other would in the future.
For a long time, they sat silently in the dark.
“I dreamt he killed you.” Albus said. Harrys blood ran cold. “I’ve dreamt it for a long time. Every time I’ve try to stop him but…” He paused and looked to Harry, “Everything goes dark before I can see the end.”
Harry hoped what he felt this meant was not true. Was this the reason he had been stuck here. Was he here to learn that Dumbledore would not see the outcome of the final battle…
“Harry. You have to promise me something. I think if you do, the dreams will go away.” Albus said, his voice sounding an awful lot like the old Dumbledore Harry knew.
“Anything.” Harry said.
“If…if I never see the end of my dream, will you tell it to me someday. I mean, if we see each other when it is all ended?” Albus’s words were sleepy, and Harry thought he probably didn’t know what he was saying himself.
“I promise…” Harry said.

The next day, Albus was called into Proffesor Snapes office. “Dear. I have found the solution to sending Harry back.”
Albus looked as if someone had told them they were going to shop of his left arm. Harry was surprised.
“I know. But Im afraid if Harry doesn’t leave, he will disappear all together.” Proffesor Snapes coy smile help sympathy in it.
“You mean. Permanently? Then what will happen in the future?” Harry asked.
“Then, you will be lost in time, and no one will ever know who you are.” Proffesor Snape frowned.
“What do I have to do?” Harry asked. He liked Albus and his world, but he new he needed to be back to his own time. He needed to find out the end of the dream.
“Its not what you do. Its what Albus does.” Professor Snape looked at Albus who lower lip was quivering, “You have to let him go.”
Harry stood up, “You mean, all this time, Albus was the one keeping me here!”
“Yes. He so desperately wanted a friend, that he called through the chain of memory and you, one of his best friends, ended here.” Professor Snape stood, “You know what to do Albus. I’ll leave you to alone.”
Harry couldn’t bring himself to look upon the little boy who now had tears running down his face. “All this time, I could have gone back and you kept me here?” Harry wasn’t angry, just surprised.
Albus nodded, he sniffed, not wanting to look Harry in the face.
Without a word, Harry walked from the room. Out in the hallway stood Jacob Weasley, his friends stood around him. They all had wads of paper rolled up in their hands.
Harry suddenly grabbed Jacob and lifted him off the ground.
All the boys faces grew wide, but none wider than Jacob, “You listen to me!” Harry said, although he knew the boy could not hear his words, “You are going to stop picking on Albus Dumbledore! I cant believe someone as great as him had to bring me back through time just so he could feel he belong! You should be begging to be his friend!!”
Albus walked out of the room after him, “What are you doing?”
Jacob saw him, “Albus! Put me down! Please!”
A group of kids came around the corner, each could not believe what they saw.
“Put him down!” Albus said. Harry dropped the boy on the floor.

A rumor spread through the school that a fist year had somehow perfect levitation. At dinner that night, Jacob Weasly was the first to ask Albus to sit with him, but Albus declined. He sat with Polly instead.

Albus looked allover for Harry, but he appeared to have disappeared into the crowd. He found him in the dorm, sitting in the chair he had always sat in.
“I don’t get it.” Harry said.
“Don’t get what?” Albus asked.
“I don’t get how people can judge someone who will grow up to be someone so important.” He said.
Albus shrugged, “I think…I think its because people do not judge on what they do not know.”
Harry looked at him, “That was very profound.” He had been feeling tired, and now he sat back. For awhile he had felt his energy fading.
“Good bye…”

Harrys eyes snapped open, Dumbledore, with his withered face and twinkling eyes stood over him, “Harry? Are you alright?”
“Albus!” Harry jumped up, “What happened? Oh wow…” Harrys legs gave out and he fell over just barely catching himself on a table.
“Steady.” Dumbledore helped him, “Well sir, I don’t normally let students call me by my first name but, if its in private.”
Harry studied him, “Do you…?” He stopped. Dumbledore had that No-ask-no-tell expressions on his face.
“I think the lesson is over for now.” He said simply, offering Harry a lemon drop.
“No thank you.” Harry said slowly, he opened the door to Dumbledores office, and looked back. He looked over the belongings the old man had obtained. He saw what his dear little friend had become. He thought of what will become. And, for some reason, he was not afraid.
He met Ron and Hermione at the foot of the Gargoyle staircase. “He kept you there a long time.” Ron said.
“Yeah.” Harry replied, they walked silently for awhile.
“Harry, is everything alright?” Hermione asked.
Harry stopped and looked at his two friends, never before had he been so glad to have them, “Yeah…everything’s great.” He smiled, he knew that whatever happened, his friends, ALL of his friends, would always be there.

The End