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Worlds Collide by Michael Winges

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 10,284
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Pairings: James/OC, Harry/Ginny, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire

First Published: 01/19/2012
Last Chapter: 11/14/2012
Last Updated: 10/10/2018


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Maggie Frace was an average Muggle: an American music major who was creating a name for herself. But when a letter from Hogwarts, asking her to teach, shows up on her doorstep, she gets thrown into a world of magic and fantasy. The only problem is that a new Dark Lord is rising, and her body guard is the annoying, supermegafoxyawesomehot James Potter. Oh joy.

Chapter 1: Chapter One
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Hey Guys!

So I've had this idea in my head for a while. I hope you enjoy it! And y'all better leave comments on what you think! Don't forget to watch for updates from my other stories! I love y'all! Also, I will only do one Disclaimer in this story! UPDATE: I am completely rewriting this story. I hope all of you enjoy!


Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. Nor am I Starkid. I also don't own any of the songs. I own anything you do not recognize.

Chapter One


Maggie Frace sighed, taking a seat in her rather expensive leather chair in her Chicago apartment. It was summer, so shorts and a tank were acceptable to wear around the place. Her white and pink TOMS sat by the door, where all of the newspapers she'd missed over the last two months. Touring was rather hard for her - it was the reason that she could never have an animal. Well, the animal she wanted.


Being an international pop star was quite taxing at times.


You heard correct: Maggie Frace was Autumn Summers, lead singer of the band Preview Premiere. Yes, the group was more alternative, but they played on all of the pop stations, for some reason. Having a music education degree from Arizona State University helped out in the industry, surprisingly enough. But that wasn't important right now.


Maggie had just picked up her tea from the end table next to her when a knock sounded from her door. Groaning, the twenty-three-year-old placed her mug down and stood up. Probably another fan who found her address. She loved her fans, but they could be obnoxious from time to time. Peeking through the peep-hole, she found that this was not the case. She opened the door.


A young man with raven black hair and hazel eyes that hid behind wireframes was standing before her. He wore a black, tailored suit that fit him almost too well - it showed off all of his assets. He smirked down at her, a brow quirked. Swallowing, Maggie blushed, looking down. Which she rarely did anymore.


"Miss Frace?" The man asked. She looked up at him in shock. He was British. British people rarely visited her. He also knew her real name, which surprised her and terrified her at the same time.


"Yes?" The smirk transformed into a smile. He stuck his right hand out.


"James Potter," he said. She took James's hand to shake. Instead, he lifted it to his lips, kissing the back of her hand. Player, she thought immediately. Seeing that she was not impressed, he righted himself, still smiling. "I have some important business to discuss with you. May I come in?" Maggie stepped to the side cautiously, making sure that he was in front of her at all times. He seemed to sense her apprehension, because he turned around, taking off his jacket to reveal a white button down shirt. "This is a nice place you have here, Miss Frace."


"Maggie," she blurted out. He cocked his head to the side, confused. She walked over to him, smiling tightly. "I haven't been 'Miss Frace' for quite some time. I assume you don't like being called 'Mr. Potter,' correct?" He smiled down at me again.


"You assume correctly... Maggie," he said. "May I sit?" He asked, gesturing toward the leather chair. She nodded, although she had wanted to sit there. "'Mr. Potter' is my father's name." She sat down on her couch, facing him as much as she possibly could.


"Wouldn't it be funny if his first name was Harry," she remarked. James flinched but quickly recovered.


"Maggie, I am here to discuss a couple of items with you." He reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve a letter. "First, I have a position for you. It's a teaching position at a very prestigious school in the middle of Scotland."


"Sounds interesting. And a lot like Hogwarts," Maggie said, the latter of which more sarcastic. James looked down before continuing.


"Which brings me to my second and third items of business." He looked back up at her. "It is at Hogwarts." She just stared at him in shock, before laughing.


"Good one," she said. "But seriously, though. What is the name of the school?" James sighed before continuing.


"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," he said. "It's real."


"Prove it." It slipped out of her mouth before she could really think about what she was saying. He blinked before reaching into his other jacket pocket, producing a wand.


"What kind of pet have you always wanted?" He asked. Maggie just stared at the wooden stick in his hand. He waved his hand in front of her face, prompting her.


"A pit bull," she said. He smiled before pointing his wand at one of the pillows on the couch. One moment, it was a white pillow; the next, it was a pit bull puppy. Squealing, Maggie picked up the pup, laying it in her lap. "You're a wizard!" She froze, looking back at him. "Are you Harry Potter's son?"


"Bugger," he muttered, sitting back in the recliner. He ran a hand over his face. "Yes, I am Harry Potter's son. Yes, he's head of the Auror department. Yes, I am an Auror. No, I do not get special treatment."


"I wasn't going to ask you any of that," she said defiantly. James rolled his eyes. "So why does Hogwarts want me?"


"There are two main reasons that Hogwarts wants you: they need to fill a teaching position, and for your protection." He readjusted his sitting position so that his elbows rested on his knees. "There is a new Dark Lord - Lord Mortuus."


"Lord Death?" Maggie asked, incredulous. "At least Voldemort had a somewhat original name." James chuckled.


"Anyways, he actually has a huge penchant against you," he explained. "He wants to kill you."


"What?" She shrieked. The puppy started squirming, so she put it on the ground. Looking back at James, she felt fear for the first time in a long time. "Why?"


"Well," he started. "You are an international star. You actually have a huge following in the Wizarding World. But we have no idea why he is targetting you. Flitwick has asked for you to come to Hogwarts for your safety." Maggie sat there for a moment, thinking.


"I assume that I am teaching Muggle Studies," she said. James chuckled.


"Again, you assume correctly. At least, that will be part of your job. You will also teach music. Here." He handed finally handed her the letter in his hand. "This is a better explanation." She took the letter tentatively before opening it.


Dear Miss Frace,

My name is Filius Flitwick. Yes, I am the former Charms professor in the Harry Potter novels. It is with great pleasure and honor that I extend an invitation to you to come to teach at my school. We have recently lost our Muggle Studies professor, and we also have a need for a new music professor, seeing as I am nearly eighty-three years young. It would bring me great honor to have you here as a professor for both. The students will love you.

We know that you are in an internationally acclaimed band. We will allow your group to perform at certain points during the year, but if you accept this position, you will not be able to perform as much as you are used to.

It is because of your stardom that we wish to have you. Lord Mortuus - the new Dark Lord - believes that muggles are the root of all evil, and has been killing them in large, public capacities. He has a hatred towards you in particular, which is shocking to the entire Wizarding World. He has openly said that he will kill Autumn Summers if it is the last thing he does. We would like you to work at Hogwarts for your protection. You will also be assigned a bodyguard - James Potter.

Please let me know if you wish to accept the position. I eagerly await your reply.


Filius Flitwick

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Maggie set down the letter on the couch next to her, ignoring the puppy now playing with her foot. James stared at her, a bemused look on his handsome features. In her state of shock, she asked the first question that came to mind.


"Can I get you anything to drink?" James smirked at her.


"Got anything strong?" She stood, heading toward her liquor cabinet. She pulled out her lone, nearly full bottle of bourbon and a tumbler. She poured the amber liquid into the glass, filling it about halfway. Just like he used to like it. She returned a moment later, handing him the drink. He took a tentative sip, humming at how good it tasted. "Where did you get this? It tastes like heaven!" She smiled, still reeling.


"I got it in Scotland on a trip." That was all he would get. He just nodded, setting the glass down next to her mug of tea.


"You should try British tea. It's truly marvelous." Maggie nodded again.


"So I've heard."


"Have you thought of an answer?" This brought her back to reality. Her childhood dream was coming true, but not in the way that she thought.


"Of course I have," she finally responds. "I would love to work at Hogwarts. I just don't know how to tell my team that I'm quitting."


"Just say that you need some time," James said. She knew that that would be her answer all along; she just didn't know if she could say it. They would be heartbroken. But Lee would understand. As would Drew and Vic. It was Lola, her manager, that would freak. The band needed a break, anyways. Touring for four years was starting to take a toll on them. The entire group wanted to take a break - they've been talking about it for months.


Nodding in understanding, Maggie stood up and walked into her workroom. It was where she did her best writing - whether it be music, letters, novels, or poems. It was her space. James followed her into the room, which made her feel confined.


"May I have a minute alone, please?" She asked, wrapping her arms around her. He nodded, giving her a weird look. He closed the door as he left. Scurrying around the messy room, she found a pen and paper, scrawling her response. She asked if they could meet at Windsor Castle to speak, being comfortable with that area of the U.K. She emerged from the room, pulling her phone from her back pocket. She shot her team a text, asking to meet them at the bar down the street in about thirty minutes. As she entered the living room, she found James playing with the puppy. The scene made her stop. He looked so at ease in her living room, like he belonged there. The thought startled her. She hadn't thought that way since...


She wouldn't think of him right now. He was just a bad memory of her dark days. Shaking her head, she walked over to the couch, plopping down on it.


"So, you're my bodyguard," she said, sighing. "I have a feeling that you'd be assigned to me whether or not I'd accepted the position."


"You are, again, correct," he said, shooting me a cheeky grin. Rolling her eyes, she continued.


"Do you have a cover or something?" This made him blush. It was odd, seeing someone that she just met blush. He muttered something unintelligible under his breath. It was Maggie's turn to smirk.


"Sorry, what?"


"I have to pretend to be your fiancé," he said, not looking at her. She froze again. She had sworn off men for at least another two years. She couldn't handle the thought of being with someone else at the moment.


"It would only be for the public eye, right?" She could handle a fake relationship. She just couldn't handle a real one right now. When James nodded, she exhaled. "Thank God." She paused, thinking about it. "Or should I say, 'Thank Merlin?'" This made him look at Maggie, laughing. She stood up, running a hand through her long, brown hair. "I need to get ready to meet my team. We should leave in about five minutes." Nodding, James stood, picking up the puppy.


Less than five minutes later, Maggie and James arrived at the Pub, as the sign outside said. It was a poor copy of an English pub, which James found hilarious.


"You Americans and always trying to copy us Brits," he said, smiling. They had left the puppy at her apartment, James transfiguring another pillow into a cage and her mug of tea into a bowl of food.

Once they'd spotted the other members in the back, James stopped her.


"We have to convince everyone that we're together. Not Autumn Summers, but you, Maggie," he whispered with an urgent edge to his voice. She glared up at him, setting her jaw.


"If we're supposed to convince everyone, then you should probably put a ring on it." James looked startled before he pointed at the chain around her neck. Her eyes widened. "No. No fucking way. You can't -"


"It's either that, or we don't meet them," he whispered, clearly annoyed. Sighing, she finally ripped off her old engagement ring, placing it on her finger. It still fit perfectly, which irked her. James smiled cockily down at her before placing his hand on her waist, guiding her towards the group. Maggie plastered a fake smile on her face.


"Hey, guys," she said, drawing their attention. They saw the ring on her finger and looked at James. Of course they would notice. "What's up?"


"You tell us," Lola said coolly, glaring at James. She and Vic were the only two who seemed unhappy about the fact that James was there. Lee actually hugged her.


"Congratulations," he cried into her ear. Maggie jumped at the sudden contact but hugged him back in earnest. Lee and Drew were together (happily married) and loved it whenever she had a boyfriend. They would tease her, but they were actually happy to see her happy. Getting engaged... again... must have made them extremely happy.


"What did you want to talk about," Lola asked, seemingly grumpy. Maggie sighed before introducing the group to James. Lola didn't even acknowledge him, which surprisingly upset Maggie.


"I need a break, guys," she finally admitted. Everyone stared at her. "We all do. We've been around each other for so long, I think we just need a break from each other. I don't want to end up hating you guys."


"What?" Lola screamed. All of them jumped back in surprise. "You are not quitting on me! I worked too damn hard to -"


"I'm not quitting, Lola!" Maggie yelled back. "I just don't want us to get to that point. Besides, I have a wedding to plan." She added the last part for extra measure. Lola glared at her.


"So what are you going to do?"


"I'm going to teach at a private school in Scotland," Maggie replied. This stunned Lola into silence. Drew spoke up next.


"We've been trying to adopt a baby, or do the whole surrogate route, but with us on tour, we haven't been able to." He turned to Maggie, a teary smile on his face."Thanks to you, we can now have the family we've always wanted." This made Maggie smile and return the hug to Lee. James smiled at the group.


"Please stay in touch," Maggie said. "You are all invited to the wedding. You know you are." With that, she gave her bandmembers one last hug before walking out of the bar. She spotted a mailbox on the way back to her apartment, dropping off her letter to Flitwick into it. James flashed a flirty smile in the direction of some blonde girls, his hand still on the small of her back. She saw it and smacked him.


"Oi!" He exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head. "What was that for?"


"We're supposed to be a happy couple, remember?" She said through gritted teeth. He had the audacity to look ashamed.


"Sorry, love," he said. The nickname made Maggie flinch. It did not go unnoticed by James.


"You okay, love?" She didn't flinch this time, but looked everywhere but at the man next to her.


"Let's just go home. I need to pack." With that, they went back to her apartment (where they found a torn up couch and pee stains all over the carpet).

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
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Dear Reader,

I'm back! After an arduous and highly emotional senior marching season, I am glad to say that I am back! I've missed all of you dearly! The song in this chapter is "Always" by Panic! at the Disco. Please enjoy and don't forget to review! P.S. There were spacing issues that occurred: I apologize profusely.


Chapter Two



James stretched languorously, letting his muscles tighten and flex. Auror training had done wonders for him. He’d gone from scrawny yet charming to ripped and seductive in months. Quidditch had helped only minutely. Women had flocked to him before, but now they came to him like lemmings to a cliff. He felt a warm, soft object pressed against his left side, trapping his arm. Rolling onto his back, he opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the room’s brightness. Everything was white, and the sun coming in through the open balcony doors was only making things brighter. The lamé drapes that hung from the door and the canopy bed swung gently in the breeze. He looked over to the chair in the corner, where his black tuxedo lay all over it. Upon closer inspection, he found a white ballgown on the ground. James sat up suddenly, removing his arm from underneath the warmth.

He’d gotten married yesterday. James Potter, playboy, heartthrob of the Wizarding World, had gotten married. The memories of the previous night bombarded him. He’d married the love of his life. He remembered the ceremony and surprising her with his own vows. He remembered her walking down the aisle, and he’d wanted to pass out from her beauty. She was so beautiful, and her father and himself were blubbering like idiots. Their mutual friend presided over the ceremony, and at the end, had given them a huge pause to tease James. He’d kissed her with so much passion that people started coughing. And the reception had gone off without hitch. The food was delicious, the music was great. His personal favourite part was taking off her garter - a primarily American tradition, but he’d been all too happy to oblige. He’d gotten a preview of what he’d get that night.

James glanced over his left shoulder, smiling. There was his wife, his beautiful goddess. She was curled up under the plush white comforter, her normally straight hair still tightly curled. She was as beautiful. Her tiny yet curvy frame fit perfectly with his. He leaned over her, sweeping her hair away from her shoulder and neck. Dipping his head, he began leaving sloppy, open-mouthed kisses along her jawline. By the time he got to where her pulse was, she was moaning softly with pleasure. Her eyes flutter open, finding him. Her eyes were filled with lust and love. He moved her to her back so that he could look at her.

“Good morning, Mrs. Potter,” he murmured. His voice was husky and deep. She smiled up at him.

“Good morning, husband,” she said. Her voice sent shivers down his spine. She ran her perfectly manicured fingers over the sensitive spot on his neck. She knew just which buttons to push.

After about thirty minutes, the couple had calmed down enough to just admire each other. His wife began humming a song as she ran her fingers through James’s hair. Chuckling, he grabbed her hand, placing a kiss on her palm.

“What are you singing, Maggie?” She just smiled at him before singing the chorus of the song.

“It was always you, falling for me, now there’s always time, calling for me…”

“Panic! at the Disco, love? Really?” She just shook her head, rolling her eyes.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll stop singing,” she threatened. That shut James up. He kissed her nose. She began to speak again, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy admiring his wife. Suddenly, he heard something odd - a soft, feminine voice.


He sat up, looking around. It sounded like Maggie’s voice. But she was sitting right there, in front of him.

James, wake up…

“James?” He turned back to his wife, who was looking at him in concern. He shrugged it off, pulling his wife into his side, kissing her…

James woke up with a start as he found himself kissing the same woman who’d starred in his dream. Bugger. He pulled away slowly, seeing the shock on her face. The two turned away from each other, both blushing. He thought about what had just transpired.

Maggie was not his. He was her fucking bodyguard, for Merlin’s sake. He shouldn’t be feeling this way about her. It’s completely unconventional, and unprofessional. His father would have his head. Besides, James Potter did not settle down, let alone fall in love. It was never in his plan. He was too into his job, and one night stands. Women were fine with that.

...But why did he feel so disappointed about it all? He didn’t love her. He couldn't. For one thing, it was way too soon. They'd only known each other for a week, for Merlin's sake! He also never had a steady relationship. Witch Weekly was going to have a field day.

He looked at her again. She was scrawling in a notebook, her black sweater rolled up to her forearms. She had a crease in her eyebrows as she worked - on what, he wasn’t sure. Her brown hair was in loose curls, with a red knit cap on top. Her makeup was minimal, making her even more beautiful. The light pouring in from the plane’s window made an ethereal glow cast upon her. No wonder he’d dreamt about her. As if she could sense him, she turned back to him.

“What?” She asked, curious. He shook his head, looking at the book in his lap. Howl by Michael Winges, which was one of his favorites. It was surprisingly good for a romance novel - a perfect balance between romance and action, with a little bit of paranormal in it. He saw Maggie smiling out of the corner of his eye. It was his turn.

“What?” She opened her mouth to respond, but the captain came on, announcing their arrival into Heathrow. She closed her notebook and pen, handing them over to James. He’s volunteered to be the pack mule for the trip out. Once he’d placed the items in the bag, he looked at her expectantly. “You were about to say something?”

“Oh. I was going to tell you that I know the author,” she said with a smug smile. “She’s fabulous.”

“Michael Winges is male. You realize that, right?”

“Actually,” the woman across the aisle to James said. “Michael Winges is female. Have you not read the bio?” Before he could answer, the woman procured her copy of Howl, handing it to him. He looked at her: she was older, maybe in her thirties or forties. Definitely a businesswoman. Blonde. He was about to send her a wink out of instinct but thought better of it. He opened the well-worn book to the back, and a black and white picture of a woman in a mask that covered half her face looked back up at him. She had dark hair and dark, playful eyes - that was all he could tell. He handed the novel back to the woman, thanking her. She had finally stuffed it away as they landed. They arrived at the gate soon afterward. Maggie stood up as soon as the sign came off, her head barely touching the overhead compartments. James pulled out his knapsack and the small duffel that she had brought as her carry on. He stepped out of the way to let her through. When she’d tried to grab her bag, he pulled it out of her way. Sighing, she took her purse and jacket and walked out in front of him. Which was a poor decision on his part. She just had to wear those jeans, and those heels. He bit his lip, feeling his pants grow tighter. The woman next to him chuckled.


“Sweetheart, you have it bad.” Then she pushed him in the direction of the exit.

Maggie waited for him at the exit, looking around her in awe. The look made him think of the dream that he’d had. Shaking his head, he walked over to his fake fiancée slowly, the bags slung over his shoulder. He liked the smile on her face. He really had to stop thinking about her in a romantic setting. She turned to him expectantly.

“Where to, honey?” She said. James sighed before pointing towards the sign that said “Baggage Claim.” She blushed, nodding, and started walking ahead. Again, he stared after her, following the way her slight curves filled her sweater and her jeans quite nicely. And the heels… she was now up to his ear in heels, as opposed to at his shoulder at normal height. Shaking his head once again, he ran to catch up to her.

“How do you know Michael Winges?” He asked, trying to keep his voice neutral. She smirked playfully at him.

“She and I are rather close,” she said. He looked into her eyes, and it clicked. Maggie suddenly looked panicked and brought her hand up to cover his mouth. They had stopped walking, and people were currently bumping into them, but neither cared. “Don’t say anything,” she whispered. He nodded slowly, numbly. Sighing, she let go of him and started walking again. “I can show you the original manuscript if you’d like,” she said nonchalantly. This time James started fumbling for words. He sounded like he was a little kid.

“You mean - I can’t - what -”

“Don’t. Say. Anything,” she hissed. He shut his mouth, but the excitement was almost too much. They arrived at their respective Baggage Carousel, and Maggie paid for a cart for their bags. James had sent most of her items over ahead of time. The only things that they did bring were two of her suitcases and Tucker, the pitbull. Unfortunately, the airline hadn’t let Tucker on the actual flight - “Pitbulls are not allowed to sit on the plane, ma’am. They scare people.” - so they’d had to put him in a kennel underneath. Maggie had cried at first. Now, she seemed like she was about to burst from her anxiety. As soon as she saw the carrier, she rushed over to grab it. A high-pitched bark emitted from the depths of the cage, indicating that Tucker was, in fact, quite alive. She opened the carrier, allowing the small, blue-grey dog out. It lapped at her face, making her laugh. People stared at her, James included (albeit for a different reason). But she didn’t care: all she could think of was the pup in her arms. She babbled to the puppy like it was a human baby. “Hey, there, baby! Mama was so worried about you! Daddy was silly the whole ride.”

James heard this last part as he grabbed one of the suitcases. It made him pause and look at the woman before him. She was holding the dog in her arms as it gnawed on her fingers. She looked up at him, a joyful gleam in her eyes. He couldn’t help but smile at the scene. Her joy was contagious - the whole vicinity around her was smiling at her. She just had that kind of effect.

“Daddy heard me, didn’t he?”

“I’m ‘Daddy’ now?” He asked. Maggie rolled her eyes.

“Of course you are. It’s our dog, James,” she said as if this information was obvious. In the week that he’d known her, he’d learned that he should just learn to accept things that she said. She turned back to the puppy, now lolling its head over her arm as she scratched its tiny belly. As soon as the last bag was picked up, they headed out to the car that James had. She’d tried, yet again, to take some of the things from James, but he stopped her, telling her to just take care of Tucker.

“You have your hands full with the pup,” he said. She seemed uncertain, but then Tucker decided to whiny when he saw food. She stopped at a little sandwich shop, asking for some grilled chicken sandwich with nothing on it and a water in a little cup. James paid for it before she could - he didn’t know why. He just did it. The puppy consumed the food and water happily, tail wagging the entire time. As soon as it was done, the couple traveled towards the garage. James put everything into the trunk - he’d used magic to expand the trunk space. She put Tucker in the back seat, finding an old newspaper to have him sit on. Everything was settled in a couple of minutes, and they were on their way.

James liked to drive faster than what was considered legal, but he never got caught. The sheer speed terrified Maggie, though, as they sped down the M25 towards Surrey.

“James, you’re speeding,” she whispered, gripping the seat. He chuckled, not decelerating in the least.

“It’ll get us home faster,” he said, pressing on the gas again. Tucker was asleep in the back seat. Maggie turned to look at the puppy, smiling softly. “Do you like him,” he asked. She turned back around to look at James.

“I love him,” she said softly. “Thank you, by the way.” He looked at her briefly before turning his eyes back to the road.

“Why do you say that?”

“You gave me the pet that I’ve always wanted,” she explained. “I could never get one because of my schedule, but you gave one to me. Thank you.” James blushed - for no reason - at this, ducking his head.

“You’re welcome,” was his sheepish response.

They arrived at James’s small townhouse in record time. Once they’d parked, James looked at Maggie who was staring at the townhouse. “Welcome home, love,” he said softly. She flinched, and James had enough. “Okay, what is wrong with calling you ‘love?’” She sighed, pulling her cap from her head.

“My ex called me that,” she said softly. That startled James - he thought it was a primarily British thing to say. “He was… not a nice guy… if you know what I mean.” He nodded but didn’t turn away.

“Maggie, you need to get over this,” he said. “You have to get used to it. It’s what I’m going to call you from now on. So get used to it.” She nodded before exiting the vehicle. He sighed, exiting after her. She took the puppy up to the front of the house. Making sure that no one was looking, James pulled out his wand and made the suitcases disappear into the house. He hoped that she could handle sleeping in the same bed as him. It was part of the assignment - at least, he'd told himself that. He walked to the front door, fishing in his pocket for his key. He finally reached it when he got to the top step. He reached up to find the spare key and handed it to her. She placed the key in her purse as James unlocked the door. As soon as the door opened, he scooped her up bridal style. Again, he had no idea what he was doing; he knew he just had to do it. She squealed as her feet were swept from underneath her.


"What the hell, James?" She almost dropped Tucker, who barked happily from all of the excitement. He shrugged, kissing her on the lips.

 "We need to keep up appearances," he said, stepping into the entryway, looking around. The living room and kitchen to the right and steps to the left, leading to the second floor. He set her down and went back to the mailbox, procuring the mail. He rifled through it, checking on what he'd missed. A couple of magazines, a few letters of congratulations, and a letter from the Auror's office. He found it strange that they would contact him: he was supposed to keep a low profile. Placing the rest of the mail on the table in the kitchen, he opened the letter began to read it.
















 Dear Mr. Potter,




 We have some news about your situation. Your disguise may be compromised - someone overheard you speaking at the airport in America. Please take this marriage license filled out before Miss Frace begins teaching school at Hogwarts.

Good luck,

Harry Potter

Head of the Auror Office

Ministry of Magic

P.S. Congratulations, Son.


"Shit," he said, throwing the letter and delving into the envelope. He produced two silver rings - one larger than the other. "Fucking Merlin's Beard."

"What's wrong," Maggie said as she entered the room. She saw the rings and crossed her arms over her chest. "Let me guess - our cover was blown?"

"No - well, kind of," he said. "Someone may have overheard us in America, so the Office wants us to up the ante." She remained silent for a moment, thinking. After a long sigh, she came closer.

"Well, looks like we have a wedding to plan." James blanched.







 "You're okay with this?"









"James, I don't have a choice," she said, not meeting his eyes. He looked at her with pain evident on his face. "You're lucky that I have a dress already." This was news to James. "Please don't ask why. It's... it's just too hard to talk about. I'll call my mom." With that, she walked into the living room, pulling out her phone. He followed her out, watching her carefully. He was normally terrible at reading people, but he got a sense that she was anything but fine. He wanted to comfort her, make everything better. Instead, he settled for leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen, watching this beauty walk around his living room. She was still in her heels, which amazed James. She spoke as calmly as possible, trying to calm her mother down. "Mom, I'll be fine. Just invite the family and friends. No, don't explain why. Just say that I found the one. I know, they won't believe it, but they need to deal with it. No, mom, I have to stay here. Yes, mom. I love you, too." She paused, her face draining of color before morphing into disgust. "Ew! No, Mom! I'm not going to have children! And even if I did, I'd bring them to America every once in a while to see you guys." Another pause. "I have to go, Mom. Love you. Bye." She hung up. James was affronted by her last comment. No, he never had any intentions of marrying and having kids. But Maggie was quickly changing his mind on both topics - although, he'd deny it if anyone asked.









James pushed off the doorframe and made his way over to her, wishing he knew what to do. He would have to figure that out tomorrow.









"C'mon," Maggie said after a few moments. "We need to meet Flitwick."










It took them a couple of minutes before they actually got to Windsor Castle. As soon as they got there, the short professor approached them enthusiastically.








"Greetings, Miss Frace!" Flitwick nearly shouted. Maggie smiled and shook his hand.
















"The pleasure is all mine, sir," she said, turning on her charm. James followed suit.










"Hello again, Professor." He mussed up his hair as his old Headmaster chuckled. Maggie actually led the way to a small restaurant that was out of the way - Wagamama. She looked so comfortable here in England; in fact, if James hadn't known she was American, he would have thought she was another native. A beautiful one at that. He sat to the right of her at one of the long tables, placing a protective arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to her temple. She smiled, playing her part rather well. A waitress came over and took their orders - a bowl for James and Maggie, and one for Maggie's new employer. The young girl had tried flirting with James, but he forced himself to look at Maggie. 









"So, we should discuss how this year is going to go," Flitwick began as soon as the waitress left. He pulled some papers out of his jacket pocket. "This is an example of our lesson plan sheet and a schedule. As soon as possible, please fill out both and send them back to me. Also, I have a catalogue of banned objects for the next year, as well as our musical library." He produced two booklets from another pocket. "Please review them as soon as you can." Maggie picked up the musical one, opening it to the first page. It took her less than five minutes to read through it, which amazed James; he was lucky if he could get through a section of the newspaper without drifting off.








"Sir," she said as the waitress brought out their food. "There are only magical pieces in here. Would it be alright if I included some Muggles ones?"












"Of course," he said ecstatically. "This is exactly why I hired you. You know how to include everyone." He took a sip of his broth. "You're going to do well in this school." 








They moved onto different topics, such as school performances, in which Maggie said that she would perform by herself sometimes. She did not feel comfortable bringing the rest of her band to Hogwarts, but Flitwick assured her that they would be alright.












"We would hide the magic for that night," he explained. "It would be for Halloween or Christmas, of course. And maybe Easter, too." They continued talking until it was well past time for the group to head out. Maggie shook Flitwick's hand again, smiling broadly.









"It was nice to finally meet you, Professor," she said.










"Oh, please, child, call me Filius," he said. He suddenly perked up. "The professors normally have a before school banquet, so that we can meet all of the new recruits. You and James are allowed to come. Speaking of James," he said, turning towards the younger man. James straightened up, but never took his hand off of Maggie. When they had stood up, he placed his hand on the small of her back. "Madam Hooch, unfortunately, passed away recently. We desperately need a new flying instructor. Are you up to the challenge?" This caught James off guard. He loved Quidditch: why not give it a try?









"I would be honored, Professor," he said, shaking his elder's hand.






















"Please, both of you, call me Filius. All of the other professors do." With that, the group parted ways. Once they reached his townhouse - their townhouse - Maggie pulled out a huge stack of papers from one of her bags. Apparently, she had been okay with the sleeping arrangement. She handed the stack of papers to James, who looked down at the title.
















First Draft








By: Michael Winges








He looked back up at Maggie, but she had turned towards his dresser, placing her belongings in the drawers. As soon as she was done, she retrieved one of his shirts from the drawer.








"I need pajamas," she said as she went into the bathroom. The little minx...









James decided that she was going to be the death of him. As soon as she returned, he knew she was. The two got into bed with Tucker, who wound up sleeping between them all night. James began to read the original draft for his favorite novel but fell asleep soon afterward. The document would have to wait until tomorrow.



Chapter 3: Chapter Three
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Dear Reader,

I am so excited! I have SO MUCH TIME now that marching band is done! Now, with that being said, I will only be focusing on one story at a time for the next few months. The other stories are going to be edited, but I will NOT be adding chapters to the other ones.



Chapter Three


Every year, on July 31st, there was a great birthday celebration for Harry Potter at the Burrow. Molly Weasley would invite over the entire family and “special guests,” as she called them. George and Ron would spend time decorating the place while Ginny and Hermione helped out in the kitchen when Molly wasn’t being neurotic. Fleur would help chorale the young ones, ensuring their safety and entertainment. Bill, Percy, Audrey, and Charlie would discuss politics of any kind. The grandchildren would all hang out in the backyard, while the great-grandchildren ran past Fleur at any chance they got, most of the time running to their uncles and aunts. Victoire and Teddy were married, so they had a little girl and boy - twins - named Charlotte and Nathaniel. Charlotte took after her mother and Nathaniel took after his father, but they had Grandma Tonk’s ability.

All of the fond memories of year’s past flowed through James’s head as he walked around the townhouse, looking at all of the paperwork on their coffee table. It had been a month since Maggie had moved in, and they had fallen into quite a routine - she would fill out paperwork while he would work from home as best as he could. Maggie was really throwing herself into the wedding, which surprised James. He never brought up her ex, but it kept niggling at him. He knew that this person was a hard part of her life, but he needed to know. He would find out at some point. He watched her as she poured over some form or another, clearing his throat. She looked up at him abruptly.

“Yes, James?” she asked. He smiled at her, pushing any emotions he had towards her down.

“We should get going soon,” he said, glancing down at his watch. The party started at seven, and it was almost a quarter to six. She nodded, placing all of the paperwork into a neat stack on the table. Tucker bounded over to James, trying to jump into his arms. He was getting bigger, and the neighbors were starting to complain about him making noise while they were gone. James had to cast a silencing charm on the whole place whenever they stepped out without him. He picked up the dog and started petting him, making Maggie smile. They placed Tucker into a makeshift playpen and put his favorite toys with him. Ensuring he wouldn’t escape, they locked the front door and apparated to the outskirts of the Burrow. The building looked just as she’d imagined it - tall, lopsided, with a hint of magic. She gave James a huge grin.

“This is incredible,” she whispered in awe. He smiled at her, crossing his arms.

“Just wait until you meet everyone,” he said, taking her hand and leading her to the door. He knocked as soon as they were on the porch. Maggie took a stabilizing breath. “You okay?” James inquired. She nodded.

“Just a little nervous,” she said, giving him a faint smile. Her ruby-coated lips were tantalizing. She wore a black and gold, sleeveless dress that came down to just above her knee. Her hair was in a knot at the back of her head and she wore minimal makeup. Just looking at her made him double-check his attire. Nice blue jeans, a blue button-down shirt, and black sneakers. Nodding his head in approval, he looked up as Molly Weasley opened the door. Her hair was much greyer than Maggie had anticipated, but everything else about her was just as she expected - plump and motherly.

“James,” she exclaimed, throwing her arms around her grandson. She smelled of sherry and cake and was slightly red in the face. “Glad you could make it! And I see you’ve brought a friend.” The older woman turned to Maggie, who waved back in response.

“My name’s Maggie,” she said. “I’m the new Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts.”

“An American,” Molly replied before hugging her. “I’m Molly Weasley. James never mentioned you.” Maggie chuckled.

“Well, everything happened so fast,” she said, unintentionally playing with her ring. Molly caught the movement and looked squarely at James.

“James,” she whispered. There were tears in her eyes. “Does this mean…”

“Yes, Nana,” he said, smiling back. “I’m finally settling down. But don’t tell the others yet. We’re telling everyone at dinner. Dad’s already approved it.”

“Can I tell your grandfather, at least?” She begged. Before he could respond, Maggie jumped in.

“Of course you can,” she said. “We just want to surprise everyone tonight.” Molly nodded, moving to let them through.

“Yes, yes, of course,” she said. “Oh, Merlin’s Beard! What an exciting day!” She kissed Maggie’s cheeks. “Welcome to the family, dear.” She then bustled off into the kitchen, humming to herself. James laughed at his grandmother.

“Nana Molly is a lightweight,” he commented. Maggie sent him a mock glare.

“I think she’s sweet,” she replied as James wrapped his arm around her shoulders, guiding her to the living room. Everyone had already arrived, so the entire house quieted as they saw the couple enter. The entire room was packed with Weasleys and Potters. Maggie was so lost that she had no idea where to begin. An older man with raven hair approached her. He looked so much like James that she knew who it was instantly. Her attempts at not being star-struck were failing.

“Hello, James,” he said, smiling at his son. He turned to her. “Glad to finally meet you, Maggie.”

“It’s an honor, Mr. Potter,” she said, smiling politely and gaining her senses. She stuck out her hand to shake, but Harry pulled her into a hug.

“Welcome to the family,” he whispered in her ear. “I’m sorry about your circumstances, but you are in the greatest care.”

“I know,” she said as he pulled away. “Thank you.” She turned to James and nudged him. “Give him the gift.” Sighing, he pulled out a rather large package from his pocket. The package would have been heavy had James not put a spell on it. He handed it to his father, smiling.

“Happy birthday, Dad,” he said. Harry pulled his son into a one-armed hug.

“Thank you, son.”

“Excuse me,” one of the several red-haired women said. The small group turned toward her. “Is someone going to explain who this is?” Maggie stepped forward, addressing the group as a whole.

“I’m Maggie,” she said. “I’m the new Muggle Studies and Music professor at Hogwarts. I’m also James’s friend. He asked me to accompany him tonight.”

“If you’re James’s friend,” the same woman said, crossing her arms. “How come we’ve never heard of you?” Maggie sized up the other woman. Although she was shorter than the other woman, she knew that she could match wits with her.

“Well, I can’t speak for James himself on that part,” she began. “But I did just move to the U.K. And I know James because we bumped into each other at a bar in L.A. while he was working a case. I looked him up when I was moving, and he’s been my tour guide ever since.” The woman seemed to want to question further, but a blond man put his arm around her.

“Easy, Rose,” he said. “Don’t scare the poor girl.” He approached her and smiled. “I’m Scorpius Malfoy. That’s my wife, Rose. She’s a bit of a hot-head. She works at the Ministry in the Hall of Prophecies. I’m a Healer at St. Mungo’s.” He stuck out his hand, which Maggie gladly took.

“Nice to meet you,” she replied. An impregnated strawberry blonde woman approached her next with a blue-haired man following behind with a toddler on his hip.

“Hi,” she said, smiling. “I’m Victoire Lupin. This is my husband, Teddy. And this little one is Nathaniel. He’s almost two. Charlotte is running around somewhere.” As if on cue, a girl with bright pink curls barrelled into the room, Teddy clumsily chasing after her. Victoire and Maggie chuckled before Victoire moved to let others introduce themselves. They all shook hands, and the rest of the family introduced themselves. Charlie’s life partner, Ricardo Sorigno, introduced himself, as well.

“I’m an ally,” Maggie said. “If you or Charlie ever need anything, please let me know. I actually do a lot for the LGBT community.” He smiled.

“Grazie, Signorina,” he said.

“De niente,” she replied, surprising him. Hermione approached them next.

“Hello, Maggie,” she said, smiling. “So, you’ve just moved here. Must be so terrifying.” Maggie shook her head.

“No, actually,” she said. She turned her head towards James, hopeful that she was portraying a sense of love. “James has really been helpful.” He smiled at her, dipping his head. She returned her attention to Hermione. “Plus, I love the U.K. I’ve always wanted to visit again.”

“Well,” Hermione started. “I’m glad you’re here.” She then hugged Maggie before moving on. At that point, there were only two people left to meet - Arthur Weasley, and Ginny Potter, the latter of which terrified Maggie. Arthur smiled down at Maggie excitedly.

“Hello there, Miss Maggie,” he said, shaking her hand. “I hope my grandson is treating you right.” She giggled and nodded.

“Yes sir,” she replied. He scoffed, waving his arm in dismissal.

“Come now,” he said. “None of that ‘sir’ talk for me. Please, call me Arthur.” Maggie nodded again. “Now, you say you’ll be the new Muggle Studies and Music professor at Hogwarts. Where did you study?” She felt James flinch beside her, but she ignored him.

“I studied at ASU,” she said.

“Where on earth is that?” Arthur asked. “I’ve never heard of such a wizarding school.” Maggie blushed. She knew that everyone was listening quietly, even though they were all having their own conversations. There was bound to be an outburst.

“That’s because it’s not a wizarding school,” she said. She took a deep breath to steady herself. “I’m a Muggle.” While Arthur seemed to be excited about this, Rose stormed out. James cursed and followed her outside. Everyone else turned toward Maggie.

“A Muggle?” Arthur said, oblivious to the shock in the room. “Oh, please, can you tell me the function of a rubber duck? I’ve been dying to know for years.” Everyone finally broke from their stupor and laughed. Maggie noticed Molly standing in the corner with a whisk in her hand, smiling.

“There really is no function for a rubber duck,” she replied. His smile started to fall off his face. “They’re just used for entertainment purposes. Primarily for children.” At this, he brightened back up.

“You must tell me more about Muggle devices,” he said.

“Dad,” Ginny said, tapping him on the shoulder. This seemed to kick-start his memory and he moved along. “Maybe another time, then.” He left with a wink, making Maggie and Ginny laugh at his antics. “He’s always been this way,” she said before turning to Maggie, who kept her smile plastered on her face. “Well, now. It seems I finally get to meet you.” Before Maggie could even respond, she was pulled into a deep hug. “I’m so sorry about your situation. You are more than welcome in this family.” She pulled away.

“Thank you, Mrs. Potter,” Maggie responded. She was floored by her kindness. Ginny laughed.

“Call me Ginny,” she said before leaning in. “Or Mum. Since you’ll be a Potter soon enough,” she added with a lowered voice and a wink. With that, she left to join Harry and Hermione. It was then that Maggie remembered Rose and James. The door that they had gone through led to the backyard, she discovered. She found them yelling at each other.

“I can’t believe you,” Rose said. “A Muggle? Don’t you want to have magical children?” Before James could reply, Maggie butted in.

“For someone whose grandparents’ are Muggles, you’d think you’d have more respect,” she said, crossing her arms. Rose glared at Maggie.

“What do you know about me and my life,” she egged on.

“You’re stubborn, like your father,” she said. She saw Rose flinch, but she continued. “You’re smart, like your mother. And you are fiercely loyal, which I get. And brave. You’re probably a Gryffindor, right? Well, don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt James. He’s the kindest soul I’ve ever met. Stubborn as hell, but kind. And smart. He stands up for what he believes in. And on top of all of that, your opinion does not stop my feelings for James. No ones do.” She was breathing heavily. She didn’t know if it was because of the emotional strain it took, or how true her words were. James placed his hand on her shoulder, his eyes watery.

“Do you really feel that way about me?” he asked. She turned to him, smiling.

“Yes,” she said. He placed his hand on her cheek and kissed her forehead. Although she knew he was pretending, it felt real. And she enjoyed it; she wouldn’t admit it until later, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. They heard Rose sigh and walk towards them.

“I guess you’re right,” she said. She looked at Maggie. “I’m fiercely loyal and stubborn as a mule. But I don’t want to see James get hurt.” Maggie smiled.

“I understand,” she said. “Trust me. I’m probably the least of your worries when it comes to James.” Rose nodded and smiled. Just then, Molly called out for dinner. Since the sun was still up, they could make out the giant tent set up for the celebration. Everyone grabbed a seat at the table. There was even an extra seat for Maggie. She sat in between James and Hugo, who was playing a game on his handheld device. She turned to him. “What game are you playing?” He looked at her like she was an annoyance.

“Ocarina of Time,” he responded in a bored tone.

“I love Zelda,” she said excitedly. “Ocarina has one of the best plotlines. I think that Sheik was a wonderful character, and the bond between Sheik and Link is incredible.” This made him perk up.

“I didn’t peg you for a gamer.” She smiled and winked at him.

“A girl’s gotta keep her secrets.” Food magically appeared on her plate as James levitated ham onto it, along with potatoes and various loaves of bread. As soon as everyone had food on their plate, Harry stood up with his Goblet in hand. Everyone turned to him.

“Because we have a few guests,” he said, looking at Albus’s date, Shelby, and Maggie. “I’ll just remind everyone that this is the part for speeches and announcements. As per tradition, I’ll go first.” He cleared his throat.

“Get on with it,” Ron heckled. Hermione shot him a glare from across the table. Harry laughed it off.

“This year, I’m excited to be able to sit with friends and family. I thank Merlin every day for this opportunity. But, we can’t forget who we lost during the battle. May we always remember them and may they always be close.” He lifted his glass, along with everyone else, and they toasted. As soon as everyone finished, he continued. “Now, I believe my son has an announcement to make.” He sat down as James stood. Molly and Ginny were beaming. He cleared his throat.

“As some of you know,” he began. “I’ve been dubbed the 'Most Eligible Bachelor in the Wizarding World.’” He was greeted with chuckles and smirks. “Well, I’d like to officially announce that I’m off the market. I've found the love of my life, and she has already agreed to marry me.” There was a collective gasp as Maggie raised her left hand, where a solitaire diamond, white gold ring sat. The crown was facing outward, and it had a diamond in the heart. “Maggie and I will be getting married in three weeks.” He turned to Molly. “Maggie has done most of the preparations. We just need a place to host it.” Molly held up a hand, smiling.

“Say no more,” she said. “The wedding will be here in a few weeks’ time. I’ll sit with Maggie tomorrow and we can go over the details.” Maggie nodded, smiling.

“Thank you, Mrs. Weasley,” she said.

“Please,” Molly said. “You can call me Nana Molly.” Everyone clapped in excitement - even Rose. As soon as the applause died down, Ron stood up.

“As all of you know,” he began. “Hermione and I are no longer together.” Everyone glared at him except for Hermione.

“It’s alright,” she cut in. “He ran this by me first, and I’m okay with it. I respect his decision.” Ron nodded at Hermione in gratitude.

“Well, I’ve been seeing someone,” he continued.

“Please tell me it’s not Lavender,” Harry mumbled, rubbing his forehead. Maggie caught a glimpse of his scar. Ron’s chuckle brought her back to the present.

“No,” he said. “His name is Andrew. He’s the new innkeeper at the Hog’s Head.”