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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25

Format: Novel
Chapters: 43
Word Count: 122,372
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Fluff, Romance
Characters: Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC

First Published: 10/07/2011
Last Chapter: 09/03/2012
Last Updated: 09/03/2012


'love is a war worth fighting for' they told me
'war is a fight for something we love' they told me.
seveteen years old, with the world on our shoulders.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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September 1st, Seventh Year.

James Potter pushed his trolley past various platforms whilst trying to reach his destination. His best friend was constantly trying to be a little bit in front of him, trying to get ahead a little. It was infuriating James because he knew Sirius Black was just doing it to annoy him. Sirius turned around and grinned at him the minute the past platform eight, James grinned back and started to run, trying to avoid any passing muggles himself and Sirius raced towards platforms 9 and ten.

James stopped to catch his breath, of course Sirius had beaten him, there was no way Sirius would lose. Even though James was fast on a broom, Sirius was of course the better runner. With his beater strength and big build, Sirius could run faster than anyone James knew.

James also had an athletic build, but the build of a chaser instead of a beater. The build of a Quidditch captain, finally. James was a tall boy, with messy black hair, which stuck up in all the wrong places, he wore glasses on the end of his crocked nose. His best friend, practically brother; Sirius, had flicky black hair which swept across his forehead, almost as messy as James’s but didn’t stick up in places. They were both good looking boys, and two of the most popular boys in school. Most girls were part of an adoring fan club, which James found slightly weird yet slightly flattering.

Sirius adored the attention, he bathed in. James liked the attention but he would rather have the attention of a certain person who insisted not to give it to him.

James was drawn from his thoughts as he heard Sirius wolf whistle, James looked as he saw Rosie Chaplin and Alexandra walked towards them, well towards the barrier, but the two boys were stood in front of it.

“Do that again Black and I’ll shove my fist so far down your throat it will be impossible for you to repeat that noise” Rosie snarled, her long brown hair in a long plait down her back.

“Charming” Sirius grinned, Alex rolled her eyes and avoided Sirius’ gaze.

The pair were still on awkward terms since Sirius dumped her near the end of sixth year, after almost a year long relationship, he didn’t explain why but James had a pretty good idea, they were just praying Alex never found out. James suspected Sirius was still crazy about her, but she was with a sixth year now, and refused to even talk to Sirius.

They were both extremely similar, came from the same background. Both had been placed in Gryffindor house, coming from Slytherin family, both had run away from home. Sirius to James and Alex to her Grandmothers or most summers she spent with Lily Evans.

“Looking forward to our last year?” James asked.

Alex looked up, “Should be interesting” she smiled, trying her long blonde curly hair up into a pony tail.

Alex was a friendly person, but Sirius brought out the worst in her, he drove her insane. James smiled back at the two girls.

“Yeah, Jamie’s very excited, our little boy got made head boy” Sirius teased, tweaking James’s cheek, James blushed instantly and Alex and Rosie gaped at eachother and then exchanged a knowing smirk.

“Interesting” Alex repeated, smiling slightly.

“Can we go through now” Rosie asked impatiently, jerking her head toward the barrier, which Sirius was leant against.

The invisible entrance in between platform 9 and 10 was called platform 9 and ¾ you had to take a run at the wall to get through to the scarlet express.

“What’s the magic word?” Sirius teased.

“Avada Kedavra?” Alex snapped at him, her temper obviously rising.

Sirius raised his eyebrows and smirked at her, “Try again”

She glared at him, “Sirius Black please would you move the fuck out of the way” she said sardonically.

“Temper, temper” Sirius smirked, but he moved anyway

Alex gave him her most sarcastic smile before pulling back her trolley and running at the wall at a full speed. A second later she had disappeared and the muggles around them were none the wiser. Rosie followed after her, not as fast but still at a run.

“Ready?” Sirius grinned; James nodded as his best friend took a run at the barrier.

Seconds later he had disappeared and James paused before running through, he took a last look around the muggle world, he wasn’t going home for Christmas, he never did. He would see his parents probably at the end of this year, the next time he saw this platform he wouldn’t be coming back.

He took a quick run at the wall, closing his eyes like normal, he always feared the collision with the wall. But like usual a second later he was stood back on platform 9 and ¾ ready to board the Hogwarts express. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar flick of red hair boarding the train.


“Lily” somebody called, Lily Evans whipped around. Her long red hair blowing in her face, as she stepped off the train; after putting her luggage on board, the source of the voice threw her arms around Lily’s neck surprising her, but Lily returned the hug of her best friend.

Louise Edwards was a tall, slim girl. She had short pale blonde hair, which reached her shoulders. Her huge blue eyes were dazzling in the light. Louise was a bubbly girl, who was quite bookish but very friendly. Lily had met her on the first day of Hogwarts, during the feast at the great hall.

“Good summer?” Lily asked, after she pulled out of the hug. Louise nodded.

“How about yours?” she asked.

Lily shrugged, “Too much Petunia” she smiled, “and Vernon” she shuddered.

Louise gave her a sympathetic smile, before the two girls made their way to the train, Lily helped Louise drag her trunk onto the train, when asking her where her wand was Louise simply grunted she had accidently placed it in her trunk.

The two girls scanned the train for their other two friends. Walking up and down the aisles a few times they came to the conclusion they had gotten there first. Lily looked out the window in scan of them but the two girls were nowhere to be seen.

Grabbing a compartment, Lily chatted happily to Louise about her appointment of head girl. Louise was to take over Lily’s prefect position alongside Remus Lupin, which Lily guessed Louise was secretly happy about. Louise had liked Remus since fourth year, Remus was a friendly boy and it was impossible to dislike him. It was a pity he was friends with two arrogant boys like Sirius Black and James Potter, who Lily despised.

“LILY” she heard somebody gasp, Lily and Louise’s heads swivelled to the door.

She saw Alexandra McCord and Rosie Chaplin both stood there, Alex was gasping for breath and her long dark blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail, her green eyes sparkling. Alex and Lily had similar eyes, Lily’s were brighter than Alex’s but Alex was still stunningly beautiful. Rosie was grinning, leaning against the door frame, her brown hair in a brown plait and her brown eyes looking extremely tired.

She smiled at her two best friends as they grinned at her and Louise, “We have something to tell you” Rosie grinned.

Lily frowned, “What?” she asked curiously.

“Nice to see you too” Louise interrupted, pulling a face at Alex.

“Sorry Lou, was America good?” Alex grinned.

“I’ll tell you later” she rolled her eyes, “carry on” obviously sensing Alex and Rosie were eager to share their news.

“You might want to sit down” Rosie announced.

“Im already sat down Ro” Lily said impatiently.

Rosie grinned cheekily, “Oops, you’ll never guess who head boy is?” she smirked.

Lily raised her eyebrows, her heart thumping a little as she saw the looks on Alex and Rosie’s faces. Their smirks, their urge to burst out laughing, their teasing attitude, Lily’s heart physically stopped beating and she felt her face go white.

“Not, not, not” she stammered, unable to make words.

“Potter” Alex snorted, her face splitting into a wide grin, Lily’s eyes widened.

“Has Dumbledore drank too much fire whiskey?” she screeched.

Potter, James Cocky Potter. Head boy, she had to work with him. James, seriously? James. The boy who claimed he was in love with her. Yes, that’s what he said, that he was madly in love with her. She always snorted at this, she didn’t believe him. He was going to be impossible to work with. James Potter, she wanted to scream.

It would be impossible to work with Potter, with Potter. She felt her temper rise, and she was getting even angry. Thank Merlin; they didn’t have to share dorms, only a common room. How much Potter could she take?

“Lily, come on, we need to go to the heads carriage” Louise sighed, after half an hour, “stop laughing you two” she snapped at Rosie and Alex, who were still grinning.

They had been laughing ever since the train left the platform, which was twenty minutes ago. It was now time to go and face her doom, her fate. To face what she dreaded. This year was going to be very interesting.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2
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James was sat in his compartment with Sirius when Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew entered. They had stayed with James for the first part of the summer but gone home after a month. Though James would never tell them this, he did actually miss them.

Remus was tall, with sandy blonde hair and a scarred face. Remus was normally an open book, except when it came to one thing. Remus had lycanthropy, a disease that whenever the full moon was about Remus turned into a werewolf, it was a shame as Remus would never normally hurt a fly. The boys had come up with quite a clever way to keep him company though, Peter, James and Sirius had learnt to be animagi. James a stag, Sirius a dog and Peter a rat. As animals they were in less danger around a werewolf and for this Remus was grateful.

Peter was a short, plump little boy. But still a popular Marauder like the other three. The marauders, that’s what they called themselves and what most people called them. The boys were known for creating trouble and mischief around Hogwarts, much to the Professor’s dismay.

“Louise wrote to me and said she was joining me as prefect” Remus said coolly, James raised his eyebrows.

“So?” he asked, wondering what the point in this conversation was.

Remus sighed, “So, Prongs, that means Head Girl this year, alongside you is Miss Lily Evans” Remus smirked.

James’ eyes lit up. Lily Evans, the girl of his dreams. The one girl who wouldn’t give him the attention he craved from her. He had wanted her for six years now, but she ignored him and generally snapped at him. She believed he wanted her for a game, to prove something but when was she going to learn he wanted her for her.

“Lily” James grinned.

“This could be interesting” Sirius said echoing Alex.

James smiled slightly as he looked out the window. He didn’t mean to annoy her, but he ended up driving the girl crazy. He wished she would like him as much as he liked her. It killed him to see her with another boy. She was seeing a boy called Paul Withers at the moment, almost for a year now. James despised the Ravenclaw, he drove him insane, the boys said it was only because he was dating Lily which was mostly true, but Wither was Ravenclaw captain and Ravenclaw had won the house cup last year.

“Prongs, heads meeting, come on” Remus said clicking his fingers in front of James’s face, James nodded and stood up.

“Have fun darling” Sirius teased as the two boys left the compartment.

Pushing their way through the train, a lot of people giggled when the two boys passed. Remus was adored just as much as James and Sirius, but unlike them he didn’t sleep around so most girls paid more attention to the two sluttier Marauders.

Remus slid open the compartment door to the Heads Compartment, the compartment was practically empty except for Lily, Louise and a few other prefects. James scanned his eyes around the compartment, luckily it was free of Slytherin’s, for now.

“Evans” James beamed; walking over to her with Remus, “did you have a nice summer flower?” he smiled.

He noticed her cringe at the nickname, which made him smirk slightly. She hated the nickname he had given her, ever since second year when he had started calling her that she would scream at him, but she had started to endure it, still hate it, but endure it.

Lily glared at him, as Remus and Louise made a face at each other and walked over to talk to the Hufflepuff prefects, “Who did you steal that badge from then Potter?” Lily snapped.

James rolled his eyes, “The owl that sent it to me in the post over the summer” he said innocently.

She sighed deeply and met his eyes. His deep brown ones, mixing with her bright green ones, she raised her eyebrows, “I am begging you Potter, stay out of my way” she said firmly.

“That’s impossible flower, we’re going to have to spend a lot of time together, if we want this to work” he said smugly.

She sighed again, and handed him a sheet of paper, “Here is the prefect sheet, you can start off the meeting when the others get here, don’t blow it” she added, as she walked over to Louise.

James frowned at the sheet of paper, listing all the prefects;

7th: Remus Lupin & Louise Edwards
6th: Mary McDonald & Terry Rush
5th: Hanson Patil and Katie Brown

7th: Amos Diggory & Mary Abbott
6th: Harry Macmillan & Amelia Bones
5th: Daniel George & Carrie Figgs

7th: Mae Chang & Josh Corner
6th: Sam Young & Aromelda Griggs
5th: Marrietta Goldstein & Jothanthon Hash

7th: Severus Snape & Bellatrix Black
6th: Narcissa Black & Vincent Goyle
5th Amelia Avery & Regulus Black

He sighed in impatience at the Slytherin names, hoping Lily had gotten them wrong. He detested pretty much all of the Slytherin’s, he didn’t know Amelia very well, but her brother he did, and Avery was disgusting. Sniv and Bellatrix, prefects? Suppose Dumbledore had to pick somebody didn’t he.

The compartment door opened one last time and in slithered Severus Snape, Regulus Black and Bellatrix Black. Snape glared at James after shooting Bellatrix a quizzical look, she merely shrugged and looked at Lily and Louise in disgust.

James stood at the front with Lily and cleared his throat, “Im James Potter, this is Lily Evans and um we’re your heads, this year” he said confidently.

Remus grinned at him, before Snape called out, “Your head boy? What has that crack pot old fool been smoking this time?”

Bellatrix screeched with laughter at Snape’s pathetic joke. James merely raised his eyebrows, resisting the urge to hex Snape into oblivion. He just smiled sardonically and continued with the presentation.

Lily took over half way through, James was impressed with how well she handled it. She presented everything confidently and part the way through her talking, he realized he had been staring at her constantly, he diverted his eyes to where Remus and Louise were sitting, who both smirked at him.

Finally the meeting was over, and James turned to Lily and smiled at her. She raised her eyebrows sceptically at him and sighed slightly, walking over to Louise. James rolled his eyes at her retreating back.


“I know” Lily said through gritted teeth as Louise told her James had been looking at her the whole way through the meeting.

She had felt his eyes on her, which she found slightly infuriating and distracting as she had been so tempted to meet them. For the love of Merlin why? She didn’t know.

“Flower” she heard somebody called, she whipped around.

“What?” she snapped at him, he grinned at her.

“That was a good meeting I thought wasn’t it my love” he smiled.

He had blown it, her temper had risen, “Firstly Potter, I am not your love, so do not ever, ever call me that again, ever” she snapped, “second if you do anything to piss me off this year I won’t stop at hexing you no way, I will jinx those balls off along with that tiny dick, and thirdly I don’t care how great you think you are, how many people love you or how good looking you are, I am not putting up with your crap” she finished.

But he was smirking at her, she frowned at him, “What?” she hissed.

“Im good looking am I? Why thank you Lily flower” He beamed at her.

“You didn’t let me finish” she said hotly, why didn’t she think before she spoke? He was never going to let this go.

“I think you did finish, I let you speak. Now, I think Lily loves James, Lily loves James, Lily loves James” he sang, “Lily loves James, Lily loves James-”

“SHUT UP POTTER” she cried, sending a few fifth years running out of the compartment and causing Remus and Louise to step away from their two friends.

“Alright flower, keep your wig on” he grinned, bending down to pick up his bag, she sighed and went to grab hers.

Just as she was about to leave the compartment with Louise, he stopped her again, “Flower, would you let me take you to the first Hogsmeade trip?” he beamed at her.

She glared at him, “Of course not Potter” she said harshly.

He shrugged and grinned at her, “Always another time” he smiled, running past her, Remus rolled his eyes and grinned at the two girls, following his friend out of the compartment.

“Does he live to infuriate me?” Lily sighed, Louise nodded and smiled at her.

“It’ll get better, you need to learn to ignore it” she said sympathetically, Lily sighed again and followed Louise down the train back to their compartment.

“Why are you here?” Alex asked when the two girls got back, the pair of them were munching through all the food the lady had obviously brought round on the trolley and Rosie had a chocolate frog moustache.

“Where else would we be?” Louise frowned, leaning against the door frame.

Rosie looked up impatiently, wiping away her chocolate, “The heads compartment of course, we were about to head there, come on before the marauders get it” Rosie reminded them.

They made their way through the train, Lily in front. Her mind spinning at the thoughts of having to work with James Potter for a whole year, at least when this year was up, she would never have to see him again.

Alex’s groan snapped her out of her thoughts. Lily didn’t have to ask after she slid open the compartment door to see the Marauders lounging about all over the sofas.

“See you made yourselves at home” Rosie scoffed, looking at James and Sirius who were sprawled out over two sofas.

James looked up, “Needed to get comfy” he grinned.

Lily rolled her eyes, out of habit of course. Every time he spoke she seemed to just roll her eyes in disapproval, even if he made a valid comment, which Lily would never admit if he did of course.

Sirius rolled over onto his back and stared up at the sky. Lily heard Alex tut in disgust at his laziness. Lily smiled slightly, Alex claimed she couldn’t stand Sirius, but Lily secretly wondered whether Alex just wanted him back.

“Right, well we will keep out of your way” Louise said, after a moment of silence.

The boys looked like they were about to say something when the compartment door slid open again. Lily turned around and beamed instantly. Paul Withers walked inside, just behind him was Daniel Pain. Paul was Lily’s steady boyfriend of almost a year, she smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the lips as he hugged her, she hadn’t seen him all summer, which was different for her. Daniel grinned at Alex and hugged her around the waist. Even though Daniel was a year younger he was much taller, he had a stocky build and short blonde hair with big blue eyes. He was Gryffindor like the four girls but unlike Paul who was Ravenclaw, even though Paul was a seventh year like them he got on well with Daniel after spending time with him, Lily and Alex. Paul was much taller than Lily, he was slim with short brown hair and grey eyes which were quite stormy.

“What are they doing here?” Paul frowned, looking at the marauders.

He didn’t exactly get on with the boys. Being Ravenclaw Quidditch captain and James and Sirius being on the Gryffindor team, there was a sort of rivalry there. Lily didn’t really care as she cared very little for the two boys.

James sat up and rubbed his eyes, as if he had been sleeping, “The heads compartment isn’t just for the head girl and her friends” he said firmly, “the head boy can use it too” he said afterwards, before lying back down and looking up at the ceiling.

“He’s head boy?” Paul whispered, looking shocked.

Lily groaned slightly and nodded sadly, Paul rolled his eyes and hugged her slightly. The pair of them sat down in a booth with Alex, Daniel, Rosie and Louise, trying to ignore the marauders.


“Exploding snap?” Remus asked him, James turned his head to look at his friend; he hadn’t really been paying any attention to what Remus had been saying whatsoever.

“Pardon?” James said, yawning.

Remus raised his eyebrows, “Do you want to play exploding snap?” he asked slowly.

“Oh, yeah sure” James grinned, watching Sirius open the packet of cards.

Exploding snap was simple really, if you were unlucky it could burn off your eyebrows, if you were lucky you got away with a few scorch marks.

James looked at Sirius, following his best friends gaze/glare towards Alex who had her head rested on Daniel’s shoulder, whilst he kissed her lightly on the head, and stroked her hair. Daniel Pain was sat on the edge of the booth, and Alex was in between him and Rosie. Sirius was practically glowering at the sight of the couple.

James sniggered, Sirius snapped back, and glared at him, “What?” he snapped.

“Nothing, Padfoot” James said, lowering his voice, he added, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you jealous before” he grinned.

Sirius poked his tongue out at James, “Very mature” Remus said dryly, not even looking up from the pack of burnt cards. The game had finished about ten minutes ago, after Peter lost his eyebrows.

James directed his gaze out the window, trying to keep his attention away from Lily and Paul. He would not allow himself to get jealous. Especially after seeing how jealous Sirius looked, if Lily caught him with a look like that on his face, she was bound to give him some sort of snappy remark and he really couldn’t be bothered to fight with her any more.

Loud squeals of laughter snapped James out of daydreams, he rubbed his eyes and looked over to where the girls were sat expecting to see one of them laughing at something stupid the other had said, suppose thinking about it none of them were a squealing sort of person. However when he did look over Daniel Pain was rolling around on the floor, erupting in fits of giggles.

James’s eyes widened as Pain didn’t seem to be able to stop laughing. All the girls looked bewildered and Paul looked as if he was trying to bite back a laugh, James’s confusion when he looked over at Sirius, who was red in the face with laughter and slipping his wand back into his cloak. James rolled his eyes, but the look on Sirius’s face was priceless, James couldn’t stop once he started. Of course when Sirius and James started laughing, Lily’s head snapped up and she glared at them.

“Very clever” she snapped at them, “Care to tell us the counter curse for rictumsempra Potter?”

James breathed slightly and wiped his eyes and looked at her, “Pardon flower?” he asked, he saw Paul narrow his eyes at the nickname.

“The counter curse for the spell you just performed on Daniel” she said coldly, “rictumsempra” she added, James frowned.

“Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions flower, I’ll have you know I didn’t perform any curse on Daniel” James said truthfully.

Lily’s eyes narrowed, “Well give me a reason to believe you” she snapped at him.

Sirius sighed, and pulled his wand out of his robes, “It was me Evans, breathe. Want to check?” he asked, jerking his head towards his wand.

Lily glared at them before shaking her head, and slumping back down in her seat, and slipping under Paul’s arms. James turned to Sirius and smirked at him, they both glanced back over to see Alex looking at Sirius curiously.

It was funny, that was probably the first time they had had eye contact in months, without snapping at each other whilst doing so.


Lily pulled herself out of Paul’s arms, “I have to go and help the first years” she told him softly, he nodded and kissed her lightly on the head, “see you tomorrow?” she asked, he smiled and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Of course” he whispered, she grinned and got up.

She sighed at the sleeping Marauders on the other side of the compartment, she walked over to them, drawing her wand she walked up to James. She jabbed it slightly into his leg, then his arm, but all he did was shift a little and turn over. She sighed slightly and jabbed his cheek harder than before. His eyes snapped open and he looked up at her tiredly and grinned.

“Lily flower” he yawned.

She rolled her eyes at the nickname she despised so much, “We have to go and help the first years out onto the platform” she told him, he nodded and stood up.

“Hold on” he mumbled, drawing his wand and aiming it on Sirius.

Lily frowned in confusion, suddenly a jet of water erupted from James’s wand, soaking Sirius in cold water. The boy jumped up and screaming, waking everyone in the compartment up. James could barely contain his laughter, he was practically shaking when Lily had to drag him out of the compartment.

“You’re so immature” she told him, frowning disapprovingly.

“It’s called fun flower, you should try it sometime” he said coolly, before jumping off the train onto the station at Hogsmeade.

Lily sighed and rolled her eyes at the boy who infuriated her so much, she hopped off the train, directing the first years towards Rubeus Hagrid, the school game keeper. He gave her a hearty wave before pushing the first years towards the boats. Lily didn’t envy them getting into the boats in this freezing weather, she looked around the station for her friends; they seemed to have gone on. She sighed at the sight of the last carriage waiting, occupied of course by the marauders.

Gathering her pride she walked over and got in, without saying a single word to any of them, the carriage was just about to leave when somebody’s shouts stopped it, all five of them peered over to see who the shouts belonged to, it was only when James cursed under his breath that Lily put two and two together.

Severus Snape, looked up at them all in disgust and climbed into the carriage, not looking at any of them, maybe in fear of catching something, “great” he mumbled, “carriage with Gryffindor’s and a Mudblood” he added.

Lily rolled her eyes, she knew he would never look her in the eyes and say that word to her, ever again. Not after last time. James however never took the word that lightly, “Ten points” he snarled at Snape.

“Congratulations” Sirius said sarcastically, “first time a house has been in the minuses before we even reached the school” Sirius applauded, “Sniv, to celebrate you could wash that beautifully greasy hair of yours” Sirius added cruelly.

Lily frowned at the cruel nickname the boys used for him, as much as she disliked Snape, she despised that nickname. It was cruel and there was no need for it, the marauders, just needed somebody to pick on, to seem powerful. However it was not as if Snape was perfect, he bullied just as much as the boys, sometimes even more.

“Ten points for cheeking a prefect” Snape sneered at Sirius, Sirius’s facial expression was priceless, he looked shocked and angry at the thought of Snape taking away points from his house.

“Slimy git” Sirius mumbled.

“Five points” Snape added coldly, Sirius gaped at turned to Lily who shrugged, she couldn’t do anything about it, Snape was perfectly able to take away as many points as he pleased as long as they were for reasonable reasons.

The carriage drew to the castle, Lily sighed and hoped out. Hoping to get away from these five boys as soon as possible, this was going to be a very interesting year.

Chapter 3: Chapter 3
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As Lily walked into the great hall, her first instinct was to look up at the bewitched ceiling, which was like a window to the night sky. Lily smiled at it, it was a clear night, the air outside was chilly, the stars shone brightly through the great hall. The candles held up by magic were above their heads and the warmth Lily always got here came back to her again. She smiled; it had never felt so good to be home. Looking up at the heads table she saw Dumbledore talking happily across the table to one of her favourite teachers Professor Slughorn. McGonagall’s place was empty; she was obviously meeting the first years, in preparation for the sorting.

Lily spotted her friends sat talking quietly, catching Paul’s eye from the Ravenclaw table she beamed at him, he grinned at her and continued talking to his friend in sixth year. She joined her friends who all greeted her warmly.

“Sorry about that” Rosie said apologetically, “they weren’t too bad were they?” she asked, jerking her head down the table, to where the Marauders were sitting.

“They were hell, as per usual” Lily said sweetly, pulling a face. Rosie smiled at her and Louise looked to the back of the hall brightly.

“Here comes the first years” she smiled.

Lily sighed in relief, they looked so nervous, looking around the hall in awe. She remembered vividly her first feast in the great hall.

She missed Severus, Gryffindor of course was a great house, it was the one she had been secretly hoping for. No matter how many times she told Severus she wanted Slytherin just to make him smile. But now she wished she was with him, instead of stuck here with those two arrogant boys from the train. She looked at the girl next to her, the girl turned her head and beamed at her.

“Hello, im Rosie” she smiled, “and this is Louise” she said jerking her head across the table at a blonde girl, who looked very nervous, the pair of them had obviously been talking before, Lily smiled at her.

“My name is Lily Evans” she smiled, the two girls smiled at her, “Are you parents wizards?” she asked after a few minutes of curiosity getting the better of her.

Rosie nodded, “Me mams a muggle born and me dads a pureblood you see”

“My parents aren’t” Louise said quietly, “im a muggleborn”

Lily smiled, she wasn’t alone, “And me” she beamed, Louise looked slightly happier as if she had been having the same worries as she had.

“I don’t want to talk to you” she heard somebody snap, she looked up the table, a small blonde girl, she looked similar to Louise, was shouting at one of the boys from the train, she looked close to tears.

“Alex, come on you’re my best friend” he tried.

She sighed, “They’re going to kill me” she said a little quieter, “Sirius they’re going to kill me” she added.

He looked at her sympathetically and gave her a quick hug, “I know, but they’ll kill me too” he told her, “we knew it was going to happen, I think even they did, plus who wants to be in stinky slytherin anyway” he joked, Alex’s face lit up a little.

She smiled slightly at him, but got up anyway and moved down the table a little, taking a place next to Louise who looked absolutely petrified. But Alex looked even more scared and miserable.

“Is everything ok?” Lily asked softly.

Alex looked up and nodded, “I got sorted into Gryffindor” she said softly, “I come from a Slytherin family” she added at the look of confusion on their faces, “So does Sirius” she said jerking her head towards the boy, “Our parents are going to go mental”

Rosie gave her a sympathetic look; “Gryffindor is way better than Slytherin” she smiled.

Alex smiled at her slightly, “they’ll call me a blood traitor, but I had no choice” she said sadly, she sighed and rubbed her eyes and looked up, “Im sorry, I’ve been really rude, what’s your names?” she grinned, looking brighter or trying too.

“Im Rosie, this is Lily and that’s Louise” she said confidently.

“Hi, im Alexandra, but call me Alex or Al, whatever” she said sounding a lot more cheerful.

“It’s nice to meet you” Lily said politely, Alex looked positively thrilled at her politeness.

Lily had had a great feast and she didn’t feel herself even needing to catch Severus’s eyes the whole way through the meal, as she was way too busy talking to her new friends.


The first years stood nervously in front of the hat and Sirius sighed in relief, James looked at his best friend and grinned at him, Sirius was clutching his belly as if the pain of not eating was killing him; even though he had eaten practically the whole trolley on the train.

“Oh come on, hurry up, I want me some food” Sirius said darkly.

“Shut it, we’re missing the song” Remus snapped, Sirius glared at him but directed his head to the front, James followed suit and they caught the end of the song.

'So put me on your head
From everything you've ever thought
From all those books you've read
There’s nothing i can't see
Just try me on and try me out
I’ll tell you what house you'll be’

The great hall erupted into claps and cheers, and Sirius did a loud wolf whistle. By the end of the sorting, there was twenty new Gryffindor’s, sixteen new Hufflepuff’s, nineteen new Ravenclaw’s and twenty one new Slytherin’s.

“Two words” Dumbledore boomed, as he stood in front of the hall, so every single student could see him and here him, he paused whilst everyone waited, “Let’s eat” he said cheerfully.

Sirius let out a loud cheer and started madly clapping. Some girls started giggling and whispering, some boys through him glares after looking at girls who were looking at him and the Slytherin’s all turned their noses up at his loud outburst. Dumbledore however chuckled slightly before retreating to his seat.

“I missed home” Sirius said, spraying food all over Peter who was sat opposite him, Peter cringed as he wiped away a piece of beef from his shoulder, “sorry Wormy” he mumbled, swallowing his food, “But creepy Kreacher never cooked like this when I was at home, why couldn’t he have been like the house elves here” he said, shovelling half a pork chop in his mouth.

“You’re a vile boy” Rosie called down the table, all the boys looked up to see the four girls had been watching them, Lily cringed in disgust as Sirius gave them a smile, showing all his food. Alex smirked slightly before returning to the conversation.

By the time pudding was over Sirius looked ready to explode, James grinned at his best friend and Sirius put his hand on his stomach. Remus shook his head, smiling and Peter as usual looked quite confused.

Dumbledore cleared his throat so loudly the whole hall went quiet and looked in his direction, he smiled at them, “Welcome back or to the new first years, welcome, I hope you find your stay pleasant and welcoming” he smiled, “I won’t keep you long, I would just like to congratulate our new head boy and girl, James Potter and Lily Evans, I hope you do us proud” he beamed at them, James grinned at Sirius, who was raising his eyebrows, “now a few words to rest your minds before you go to bed, kiwi, umbrella and radish” he beamed, “now pip pip, off to bed”

A loud rumble in the great hall as everyone stood up and got up, some first years were frowning at Dumbledore as they exited but Sirius look positively over the moon as they headed towards the teachers table. James had told them not to bother coming but the three boys had insisted.

“Minnie” Sirius said clapping his hands, McGonagall turned around and scowled at the nickname, “did you have a fabulous summer?” he asked sweetly.

“Mister Black, I suggest you follow Mister Lupin and Mister Pettigrew to your common room” she said strictly, Sirius pouted, “unless you wish to have detention on the first day back, cleaning Myrtles bathroom”

Sirius’s eyes widened and he muttered a goodbye to James before following Remus and Peter swiftly out of the hall. Sirius detested Myrtle, she scared the wits out of him since third year when she had spied on the boys when they were planning a prank in her bathroom, nobody ever went in there, and she jumped out on Sirius, since then he refused to go anyway near her bathroom.

James turned around to see Lily walking towards the front, just as Dumbledore reached them, “James, good summer I assume?” he asked politely.

“Great thanks Sir” he grinned just as Lily reached them she avoided James’s eyes and looked straight at Dumbledore.

“Right, I will make this short as you probably both want to get to your dormitories as soon as possible, the heads common room, there is a portrait of an Eagle, a lion, a snake and a badger in the corner underneath the stairs to the girls dormitories, this is the entrance to your common room, you will pick the passwords, but you must inform the other of the password” he said shooting James a glance, “I trust you will hold prefect meetings, hold school events and sort out patrols” he said, the pair of them nodded, “good that’s all, goodnight Miss Evans, Mister Potter” he nodded toward them, before walking off out a door James had never been through before.

The pair stood there awkwardly for a minute or two before Lily coughed slightly and started to walk towards the exit of the Great Hall. James looked around feeling bewildered before following her, she walked swiftly and quickly as if refusing to even look at him, but he was much quicker and eventually he caught up with her. He didn’t say a word, frightened of infuriating her, but when they reached the portrait hole door, neither knew what to do.

“Have you got the password?” Lily said turning to him, looking impatient.

“If I had the password do you think we would be out here right now?” he asked, just as impatient.

Lily sighed and sat down on the step, “Great” she muttered, “this is just great, stuck out here with you” she said harshly.

James frowned, “You know you could at least try and act civil Evans” he snapped at her, his temper getting the better of him.

She looked up shocked, he had never actually snapped at her before, but why should she deserve special treatment? Just because she was perfect, she looked as if she was about to say something back but she bit her lip and turned to face the stair well.

James sighed and leant against the banister, he didn’t know how long they were sitting there when he heard somebody come up the stairs, he looked down to see Peter walking up towards them, “Wormtail” he sighed in relief, “Where have you been?” he added, frowning.

Peter held up the map, “Kitchens” he said quietly, “Need the password?” he asked, James nodded and Lily stood up, dusting off her skirt, “nobility” Peter said to the fat lady’s portrait.

The fat lady smiled and opened up, Lily stalked in front of the two boys and pushed her way into the common room, James and Peter followed behind. To James’s surprise, Sirius and Remus were sat in front of the fire with Rosie, Alex and Louise. James noticed Lily scowl slightly before reluctantly joining them. James grinned to himself as him and Peter went to sit with them.


Lily did not want to sit with Potter and his friends. Sitting herself down next to Alex who looked as miserable as she felt, she smiled slightly at her best friend, Alex raised her eyebrows and jerked her head at Sirius, who was looking a sixth year girl up and down, the girl was giggling furiously and Alex looked ready to explode. Lily rolled her eyes and squeezed her best friends’ hand.

Sirius turned his direction away from the girl and back to the group, Lily noticed Alex catch his eye before looking away stubbornly. Sirius rolled his eyes and turned to James, Alex flicked her blonde hair out of her eyes and turned to him, “What was that?” she snapped, Lily bit her lip slightly.

Sirius looked up, “What was what?” he asked.

Alex raised her eyebrows in scepticism, “What did you just say to Potter?”

“None of your business” he said quickly.

She glared at him, “Come on Sirius, spit it out” she sighed, “I can tell you’re dying to say, so just get it over with”

He grinned slightly, “I said your ass looks good in that skirt” he said wickedly.

Lily looked at Louise who had bitten her lip, they both looked at Alex who looked ready to scream at him, she stood up and walked over to him, Sirius also stood up. He was taller than her, and stronger but his temper was nothing compared to hers.

She smiled slightly at him before lunging her foot right down on his, he gaped in pain, just before she drew back her hand and slapped him hard across the cheek. She turned on her heel and stalked up to the dormitory. Lily smirked slightly before following her out of the common room, Rosie and Louise behind her.


“I probably deserve a lot worse than that” Sirius said darkly, clutching his cheek as he sat down on the sofa. James rolled his eyes and looked at his best friend.

“Punched by a girl” James snorted.

“Shut up Prongs” Sirius snapped, “She’s not a wussy girly girl is she? She plays Quidditch” he reminded them.

“She’s the seeker” Remus reminded him, “Probably the least violent on the team” he smirked.

Sirius rolled his eyes, “Don’t out smart me on Quidditch Remus”

Remus held his hands up in mock defeat and grinned wickedly at Sirius, “You’re whipped, letting her get away with that”

Sirius sighed, “Im not whipped, are you confusing me and Prongs again Moony?” he said, sending a wink James’s way, who snorted slightly, “You know, I just need to get laid” he whined slightly.

“You’re unbelievable Padfoot” Remus scoffed, “you were with Al for almost a year, and you only had sex with her? Well we assume you slept with her” Remus said raising his eyebrows, Sirius looked away, Remus gaped, “You? You lasted a year without sex, whoa” he grinned, “or did you?” he added darkly.

“What happened in that time is my business, not yours Moony, I will not give into your jibes” Sirius said happily, “tomorrow, we are going down to the Quidditch pitch” he said changing the subject, “up for it Moony?” he asked, as if forgetting Peter was there.

Remus looked away, “sorry im studying, with Louise” he added softly.

Sirius grinned, “Moony’s in love” he teased.

Remus sighed, “Shut it Padfoot” he said, sounding exasperated.

“Oh will you just get it over with and tell her” James said, leaning back on the sofa, he was bored of this talk all he wanted to do was talk about Lily.

“I can’t Prongs” Remus snapped, “I can’t have a girlfriend” he reminded them.

Sirius scoffed, “You’ve had girlfriends before” Sirius pointed out.

Remus took a deep sigh, “Yes Padfoot, I know I have, but I have never liked a girl as much as I like Louise, so I’d appreciate it if you let me deal with this” he snapped, before throwing himself down onto a chair.

Sirius grinned at James. James rolled his eyes, Remus and his condition, when was he going to stop it controlling his life. However neither James nor any of the other boys knew a girl with light blonde hair had been stood over the stairs, at that particular moment she had just managed to catch the end of Remus’ sentence.

Chapter 4: Chapter 4
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Lily yawned and stretched. Sun was pouring into one of the two Gryffindor girls dorms. Lily looked around. Louise was ready to leave for class, as usual, half an early. Rosie was snoring softly in her bed and Alex was rubbing her eyes. Lily gave her a weak smile, and Alex grinned back; obviously a lot happier this morning than she had been the previous night.

Lily sat up and looked around and to nobody’s surprise, their two dorm mates were applying their make-up. Alisha Reed and Jasmine Hanson; best friends, both; pretty, tall and skinny. They were also the two bitchiest girls in their year. Neither liked the other four that much. Jasmine has a special dislike for Alex though, as she had been sleeping with Sirius before Sirius and Alex had gotten together. Alisha had never really liked Lily as she had had a massive crush on Potter since third year.

Lily looked to her right, Louise was shaking Rosie awake. Rosie was protesting profoundly as Louise was repeating her name and shaking her covers. Lily stumbled towards the bathroom, deciding it was probably not the wisest thing to be late on your first day of being head girl.

When they were all ready, the four of them decided to head downstairs to the Great Hall for breakfast, “I missed home” Alex smiled, as she put a slice of bacon on her plate.

“No, you just missed the cooking” Lily laughed, watching her best friend shovel more and more food onto her plate, “Merlin, you’re almost as bad as Sirius” Alex obviously decided to ignore her comment by shoving some toast onto her plate.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner are my favourite lessons” Alex said simply.

Rosie sniggered, “Ladies and Gentlemen may I present the female marauder” a few girls’ heads snapped up as she said the word marauder, Lily rolled her eyes slightly and Alex poked her tongue out at Rosie whilst shoving a pancake into her mouth.

At that moment a group of Slytherin’s walked into the great hall. Amongst them was Sirius’ younger brother, Regulus Black and Alex’s younger sister, Clementia McCord. Alex gaped as she saw her sister slip her hand into Regulus’, followed by a snigger. It wasn’t a lie that the younger Black and McCord siblings were not as good looking or as popular as their brother and sister.

“Owl posts here” Louise said, drawing their attention away from the Slytherin’s. The first years all looked up in excitement as hundreds of owls swooped in the great hall, Lily looked around for her owl, but there was nothing there. But a white envelope was dropped in front of Alex, as her owl Georgia landed on the table next to them.

Louise dropped some bread in front of Alex’s owl and the black and white owl snipped away at it happily, before swooping off toward the Owlery.

“My mother” Alex muttered, the other three all pulled faces. Alex’s mother barely ever wrote to her.

Alex’s eyes scanned the letter quickly, her eyes quickly filled with tears and gaped at the letter, she was frozen to the spot. She handed Lily the letter and wiped her eyes.


Well im not going to lie and say I or your father missed you over the summer, you bring shame to this family. I hope you and that pureblood traitor Black are very happy together, he has brought shame to his family just like you have. Being in Gryffindor brought shame to us but being a blood traitor almost made us die of embarrassment, why you couldn’t be like your sister, being in Slytherin just like the rest of us. I do not want you to bother her this year, it is her O.W.L year.

This is not all I was writing to you about, your Grandmother was murdered the early hours of this morning. Death eaters finally got her. She was just like you Alexandra. A blood traitor.
I do not know where you are to live now.
Do not think about coming here for Christmas.

Jacqueline McCord.

“She didn’t even put Mother” Alex whispered, “I know she hates me, but this much” she added, “she was her mother”

“Alex” Lily said softly, but Alex stood up before she could continue.

“I need to go and see Madam Pomfrey about something” she said quickly, grabbing her bag and walking straight out of the hall, pushing past the Marauders on her way out.

The boys came over to them, Lily sighed slightly as James sat next to her and Sirius on her other side. Remus took a seat next to Louise, who blushed slightly.

“What’s up with her?” Sirius said, through a mouthful of bacon sandwich, “Slap to many people? Hurt her hand?” he joked.

Lily raised her eyebrows and Sirius frowned at her, she merely handed him the letter. Sirius frowned as he read it all the way through, he sighed when he got to the end.

“Her mother is worse than mine” he muttered, handing the letter back to Lily, he paused, “should I talk to her?” he asked.

They all shook their heads, “Let’s just give her some time” Lily said, grabbing her bag.

The three of them got up, their time tables had been handed out. Louise and Lily had potions with Alex, if she showed up, and Rosie had a free lesson.


"You know what flower?" James Potter said in what he thought was an exceedingly charming manner, Lily however disagreed.

"What Potter?" she huffed, standing over her cauldron, she was starting to get sick of him. This year, just like last, he spent most of his potions lesson in front of her cauldron, harassing her, well he called it flirting, she however disagreed.

"Im going to rearrange the alphabet so i can put u and I together" he said with a flirty wink, she thought she was going to be sick.

"Charming" she muttered, ignoring him, throwing a few lacewing flies into her potion, "shouldn't you get back to your work?" she snapped, as he was still stood there, facing herself and Louise.

She missed Rosie and Alex, they would always tell him to piss off. But Louise was too busy watching Remus with a dazed expression on her face.

"I'd rather watch you work" he grinned, "You’re so beautiful flower" he added.

"That's lovely Potter" she said still ignoring him, he was really starting to get on her nerves now, and she had a strong desire to slap him.

"So Lily, as im single and you're single...” he started, she frowned at him.

"You know perfectly well I am not single Potter" she snapped, he sighed.

"I hoped you'd forget that" he said pouted she raised an eyebrow.

"Well, let's forget about him and go on a date anyway" he suggested, grinning.

She turned her nose up at him, “I don’t think so Potter, but thank you for the offer” she added sarcastically.

“Come on Evans, you know you cannot resist this” he said cheekily, she raised an eyebrow and paused, before;

"Potter" she said sweetly, "go back to your potion and stop harassing me" she smirked, he pouted, "aw did the poor baby get upset?" she teased and he nodded, "would you like a kissy from Lily?" she mocked, his eyes lit up and he nodded eagerly, she snorted, "goodbye Potter" she said shooing him away, he cursed under his breath and stalked back to his table.


Lily walked into the dormitory, at the end of the day. Rosie and Louise had stopped by the kitchen, to pick up some muffins, to cheer Alex up with. She had not showed up for lessons all day. Lily saw her best friend sat on the window sill, staring outside looking lost.

“How are you?” Lily asked softly.

Alex turned her head, and smiled sadly, “I guess it helps, we only got to know each other recently” she said quietly.

“She was still there when you were growing up Al” Lily told her.

Alex nodded, “I know, but after first year, Mum stopped me seeing her, and when I ran away, she was there, so it’s not like she’s seen me grow up I guess” Alex said softly.

Lily nodded, “She’s in a better place now” Lily said softly.

Alex looked out the window, and nodded, “Lily” she said after a minute or two, “where am I going to live after school? I can’t bunk of you all my life” she added.

Lily sighed and sat down next to her, “I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I was thinking maybe me, you, Rosie and Louise, well we could buy a flat in London” she suggested quietly.

Alex’s eyes lit up and she smiled at her, “That would be so perfect” she said, throwing her arms around Lily.


The four girls were sat in their dormitory; to her dismay the others had given Alex the homework and notes from the day so she didn’t fall behind. She was now copying out Lily’s potion notes, word for word. Not really learning anything, but she would never tell Lily that.

“Some um, I heard something yesterday” Louise said, breaking the silence in their dorm. Alisha and Jasmine were using the bathroom, so the girls had the dormitory to themselves.

“Oh yeah what was that?” Alex asked, as she idly flicked through Lily’s book. Why did she write so many notes?

Louise coughed, “Well, I over heard Remus, saying something to the others” she said, she paused, “about me” she added.

Alex’s eyes snapped up, excitedly, “what what what?” she asked, a grin on her face, Lily sniggered and grabbed her book back, “oh yeah thanks Lil” Alex said, not taking her eyes of Louise, who was blushing furiously.

“Oh just that, well, um he said, that he had never liked a girl as much as he likes me” she said quickly, Alex’s eyes lit up and she grinned at her best friend.

Rosie was grinning and Lily smiled and shook her head, “Oh come on Lou, you like him, he likes you, invite him to Hogsmeade” Lily said.

“No way I couldn’t do that” Louise said, blushing furiously.

“We could make it a group thing?” Rosie suggested, Alex frowned at her, “us and the marauders?”

Alex scoffed, there was no way she was going into Hogsmeade with Sirius Black and James Potter, Lily didn’t look too pleased about it either, “I’ll go in with my boyfriend thanks” Alex smiled, grabbing another book.

“Please Al, come on, he can come too, I just need you there” Louise pleaded, “I really like Remus” she begged, “pretty please”

Alex snapped the book close, “Fine, fine” she sighed, “Remember when you used to be quiet” she smiled slightly, picking the book back up again.

Louise smiled, but it was quickly wiped from her face when a cough at the doorway interrupted them, “you like Remus?” Alisha sneered, Louise went bright red.

“What’s it to you Alisha?” Alex glared at her, Alisha raised her eyebrows.

“Because Jasmine likes Remus” she said simply, as if that settled the matter, as if she had won.

“But Remus likes Lou” Alex said, smiling at her.

Jasmine stepped into the dorm, putting her stuff onto her bed, “Don’t worry about it Alisha, these lot, they can’t let other people have the marauders” she said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Alex snapped at her, though she was pretty sure she already knew.

“Oh im just talking about fifth year, when you thought it would be fun to steal my boyfriend from me, remember that McCord?” Jasmine sneered.

Alex raised her eyebrows, “I don’t ever remember stealing anyone from anyone” she snapped at her.

“Oh get off your high horse McCord” Alisha snapped, Jasmine raised her eyebrows.

Alex glared at them, “I don’t have time for your pathetic remarks” she said dryly.

“You think you’re so great don’t you?” Jasmine snapped, Alex raised her eyebrows, pulled a face and shook her head, “You think Sirius is so desperately in love with you that he’d do anything for you? Well you know what he wasn’t” they were trying to hit her where it hurt, but she wasn’t going to let them get to her, “if he loved you as much as he said he did, he wouldn’t have met me that night, in the broom cupboard, begging me not to tell you, pleading me” she said with a smirk, Alex lifted her head up, determined not to show any emotion, “you’ve always wondered why he broke up with you right? Maybe it’s because he wanted something better” and with that, she stalked out of the dormitory with Alisha at her heel.

Alex was frozen, she didn’t think she was able to move, her head was spinning. Of course that was what had happened, why had she never known that? The truth was she did, she just didn’t want to ever admit it. He had treated her like a fool and he knew he had, and the thing was she had let him.

“Alex” she heard Lily say, but she sounded far off and distant, “Alex” she snapped, coming closer, Alex rubbed her eyes and saw her three best friend staring back at her, they were sat on the end of her bed.

“I don’t” she mumbled, her eyes filling with tears, “I don’t know what to say” she whispered, letting them slowly fall down her cheeks, Louise grabbed her hand and squeezed it whilst Lily put her arms around her.

“You don’t have to say anything” Rosie told her.

“He treated me like I was a piece of dirt” she muttered, “we were together for a year” she said softly, “a whole year" she extracted her hand away from Louise and wiped her eyes, Lily took her arms off her shoulders, “He treated me like a fool, how could he think I would never find out?” her temper rising.

“Because that’s Sirius, he thinks he can get away with anything he wants” Louise growled.

“No way” Alex said, standing up, the others looked up at her in bewilderment, “there is no way im going to let him win his stupid little game” she snapped, wiping her eyes she headed straight for the dormitory door with Lily, Louise and Rosie behind her.

She stood at the top of the stairs, looking down on the half full common room, for a week night it was quite busy. Just where she thought they would be, the marauders were sat by the fireplace and to her anger Jasmine and Alisha were with them, Jasmine curled up next to Remus who looked extremely uncomfortable and Alisha with her hand on James’s knee.

Alex took a deep breath and headed down the stairs her friends behind her, her stomach full of butterflies as she reached the fire. The boys and Alisha and Jasmine looked up, the two girls exchanged a knowing smirk.

“Hey” James smiled, looking at the girls, but his smile turned into a frown, when none of them sat down or said anything, “What’s going on?” he asked confused.

Alex looked Sirius straight in the eyes, “What the fuck goes on in that tiny little brain of yours?” she snarled at him, he frowned and stood up.

“What the hell are you talking about?” he said, looking confused and angry.

“What possess you to lie to somebody? What do you get out of it?” she snapped, “A thrill of being secretive, a thrill of knowing secretly you’re crushing somebody’s heart Sirius, tell me”

He looked even more bewildered as he took another step towards her, “Alex, either explain what you’re going on about or piss off” he retorted angrily.

She took a deep breath and pointed at Jasmine, “Is what she’s been saying true?” she fumed, Sirius looked at Jasmine and frowned, “Is it true that in the year we were together you slept with her” Alex said slowly, tears threatening to spill out of her eyelids.

Sirius sighed and looked to the ground, “She’s lying” he muttered.

Alex gasped, “I can’t believe you’d lie to me again, I don’t believe you, I know when you’re lying, now why can’t you look me in the eyes and tell me the truth” she cried, “for once in your life Sirius, tell me the truth” she paused, “look me in the eyes and tell me you did not sleep with her when we were together” Alex whispered, he didn’t look up, “please” she added, a single tear spilling over her eye.

He looked up, “I can’t” he mumbled.

“You can’t what?” she croaked.

“I can’t look you in the eyes and say that Alex” he said sounding ashamed.

She bit her lip as more tears drizzled down her cheeks, she was perfectly aware the whole common room was watching their confrontation, “Please tell me you’re kidding” she whispered, “please tell me this is one of your jokes that isn’t funny Sirius, I don’t want to believe it, please” she said, practically begging him.

He shook his head, “Im so sorry Al” he mumbled.

She took a step away from him and shook her head, “No, I can’t believe I trusted you” she said clearing her throat, “You broke us Sirius, that’s why you broke up with me wasn’t it? Because you wanted her, so why don’t you have her? there's nothing standing in your way anymore right?” she snapped.

“Alex that wasn’t the reason” he said firmly, “the guilt was eating away at me”

“You should’ve told me” she cried, “we could’ve worked it out, we could’ve fixed it” she shouted at him, more tears falling down her cheeks, “I can’t believe I trusted you” she added.

“You had every right to” he said not as clearly, as if he didn’t believe what he was saying, she snorted.

“I had no reason, you told me you had changed” she snapped, “I should’ve listened to people when they said all that was going to happen was I was going to get hurt, because they were right” she cried.

“Im sorry” he repeated, feebly.

She shook her head, “No you’re not, you’re just sorry you got caught, if you were sorry you would’ve told me after it had happened” she told him.

“Alex, I wanted to be with you, in fact I still do” he told her, she gaped at him as more tears trickled down her cheek, she was starting to feel physically sick, “Please, forgive me” he said trying to take her hand, she pulled it away.

“Don’t even bother” she whispered, “you’ve seriously blown it this time Sirius” she told him.

“Alex” he said softly.

“No” she hissed, turning away from him and walking up to the dorms where she curled up in bed and sobbed into her pillow, hoping the tears would drown away the memories of the day.

the first twenty chapters are currently being re-edited, some chapters will be completed some may not, if the writing styles seem different it is only because i am re-editing them! sorry for the terrible writing of some of the later chapters which have not been re-edited

Chapter 5: Chapter 5
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“Did you want something?" Rosie snapped at a pair of fourth years whispering and pointing at Alex.

It seemed the whole school now seemed to know about Sirius' little antics. Alex had been getting stares and whispers following her where ever she went.

"Ignore them Al, they’ll move on to something else soon” Lily tried to smile at her friend, who was in the worst mood she had ever been in.

“I wish they'd find something else to talk about" she mumbled. 

Lily smiled sadly at her friend, she had never seen Alex like this, Alex was the strong one, she never cried, she never showed hurt. She was the one who would go and hex the boys that had made her friends cry, they never thought it’d be the other way round. 

"you know, i don't think i've felt this miserable since i found out i couldn't have a grindylow as a pet when i was five" Alex sighed, Lily snorted.

“So, changing subject who are we all taking to hogs-”Rosie started but was interrupted by two girls walking towards them with two huge smirks planted on their faces.
“Ladies” Alisha smirked.

“What do you want Alisha?” Louise spat,

“Now, now, now don’t be bitchy” Jasmine scowled. 

“We’re about as bitchy as you are a virgin” Alex muttered, Louise sniggered.

“We were just wondering how our dear Alexandra was doing after last night’s traumatic events” Alisha continued ignoring Alex’s comment.

"Why don't you go and swap make up tips with the squid” Rosie snarled at them.

"but by the looks of it you've already done that" Alex pointed out, lying down.

“Okay, touchy subject, so who are we all going with to Hogsmeade?” Alisha cut in. 

“Leave" Rosie roared at them.

“well, I know who im going with myself” Jasmine said ignoring Rosie, “He said yes as soon as I asked, well I don’t blame him I mean look at me”.

“Let me guess, would it be one Sirius Black” Louise muttered not really paying attention, her attention was on her charms homework.

“No, dear, no, I don’t want Alexandra’s scabby left overs” Alex snarled at this, “No I am going with one Remus Lupin” Jasmine smirked.

At this point Louise’s head shot up, she gaped at Jasmine who smirked.

"Wh-What?" She spultured. Lily was confused, she thought Remus was crazy about Lou.

"He seemed keen to go with me, i guess you lot think to much of yourselves, assuming every boy loves you" Jasmine said raising her eyebrows.

Louise snapped, she jumped up off the ground drawing her wand, Jasmine copied, they were circling each other like birds of prey, this could only end badly Lily thought to herself.

"IMPEDIMENTA” Louise shrieked, Jasmine just managed to block it with ‘PROTEGO”.

People sat nearby were just getting up to watch, people hadn’t seen entertainment like this since the Marauders used to taunt Severus severely.

“ENTOMORPHIS” Jasmine smirked, but her smirk was quickly wiped away when Louise blocked it with a silent shield charm.

“STUPEFY” Louise screamed, which luckily only missed Jasmine by an inch.

“LOUISE, what are you DOING?”

They all looked away from the duel that was going on to see Remus running down the slope followed by the rest of the Marauders, Sirius with his hands in his pockets looking very uncomfortable, Lily looked at Alex, but she had her eyes fixed on the ground, she was blushing and her eyes were filling with tears again.

Lily looked at Louise and caught her muttering something that sounded like “Avis”,

Lily gasped she saw three yellow birds appear out of nowhere, nobody else seemed to notice as everyone was either staring at Alex, Sirius, Remus or drooling over Potter, who was glancing at Lily and nervously running his hands through his hair, she rolled her eyes, she hated it when he did that.

“Louise, what are you doing? You’re meant to be a prefect? What the hell is wrong with you?” Remus fumed.
“What the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with you?” Louise shouted.

“What do you mean?” Remus said in a normal tone again.


“I can go to Hogsmeade with whomever I like thank you very much” Remus retorted coolly.

Louise was fuming and also she was embarrassed; she had just admitted her feelings not just to Remus but to half the school as well.
“Oppugno” she muttered. Lily groaned knowing what would happen, obviously Remus did to as he muttered, ‘Protego’.

“10 points from Gryffindor and you will be serving detention tomorrow night with McGonagall” Louise shot him a death glare and stormed up to the castle. Sirius moved towards Alex and started with;

“Alex, can we please talk”

Sirius was suddenly up in the air, Lily had silently cast levicorpus on him, the girls snickered and followed Louise back up to the castle, ignoring Sirius’ pleads and shouts as Potter obviously hadn’t said the counter curse.

“Edwards!” Sirius said his voice full of glee.

James sniggered; he and Sirius were hardly ever joined by another person who didn’t want to sit there and just smile at them or giggle at them. 

“Get away from me Sirius, or I swear to Merlin, I will hex you into oblivion, you disgust me right now” Louise snarled.

"Jeez, someone’s touchy, and hey im not a disgusting person” Sirius smirked.

“No you just have a disgusting personality. Sirius, you are the second last person I want to talk to right now, Potter you are the third ok?” Louise snarled at them.

“Whaa? What did I do?” James stuttered.
“Oh, apart from harass Lily for six years? I don’t know?” Louise glared at them. They sat in silence for about an hour, until Sirius decided to break the pleasurable silence James was enjoying at that moment.

“So, who is first?” Sirius smiled.

"What?” Louise snapped

“First; on your list, who you don’t want to talk to?” Sirius glance at James, swapping knowing glances. Louise grunted.

“Ah, Moony” Sirius smirked, James chuckled, Remus and Louise were perfect together but of course they were both idiots like himself and Sirius when it came to relationships.

“Why is he going with her to Hogsmeade” Louise sighed after another 30 minutes of silence. She gasped, James laughed she had obviously not meant to say this out loud.

“We don’t know Edwards” James smiled at her.

“Jealously” Sirius muttered,

“How do you mean?” Louise glared at him,

“Louise, he saw you the other day talking to that Ravenclaw sixth year, flirting he thought, I dunno, guess he was angry and upset” Sirius replied, ignoring her glares. Suddenly Louise burst out laughing.

“Jason? You mean Jason?” she chuckled, “guys, that’s my sister’s boyfriend, she’s a muggle, so last year I asked Dumbledore whether she could come up to Hogsmeade for the day, she bumped into him down by the Shrieking Shack and they got on great, I do not like Henry” Louise started laughing again.

“Oh Remus, is such a twat” Sirius chuckled.

“Im still angry with him though” Louise went back to looking angry and annoyed and James noticed a little upset.

They spent the rest of the detention in silence, up until midnight when McGonagall came back and said Louise could go but James and Sirius had to stay for another hour, James groaned as muttered his goodbyes to Louise.

“UGGGGHHHH” Lily heard Louise scream as she came back from her detention, luckily Jasmine and Alisha were heavy sleepers, but Lily, Rosie and Alex not so much.

“What’s the matter?” Alex groaned.

"Remus is such a, oh my god, words cannot even describe how angry I am with him” Louise shrieked.

“Speaking of angry, Sirius keeps trying to talk to me and it’s driving me insane” Alex moaned.

Lily was starting to get sick of all their boy drama, it was tiring her out, but speaking of boy drama she hadn’t seen Paul in days, she suddenly felt guilty, but tried to brush it off and listen to her friends complaints.

“Oh my god, you guys have such problems, boys that fancy you!” Rosie groaned, “at least you get a look in from boys, I don’t get any attention whatsoever. This conversation carried on for about 15 more minutes before Lily finally snapped.

“Will you stop moaning? i mean they're boys, move on" Lily raged.

All three of them stared at her, she had never raged at them before they were shocked and looked slightly angry, Lily suddenly regretted what she had said.

“You know what Lily? Just because you had ignored your boyfriend since we’ve come back to school and you don’t care about our problems only yourself, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same ok? You’re not the only one with problems, okay maybe they're not huge problems but they matter to us! If you can’t respect that then why are you our friend?” Alex snapped at her.

“Stop being so caught up in yourself Lily, you don’t give any consideration to anyone else but you, okay? I mean us, Paul, James-”Rosie interjected

“POTTER?!” Lily screeched, “Are you joking?”

“No she’s not joking, maybe think about his feelings once in a while, he was perfectly lovely to me at detention tonight, made me feel better about Remus, something you have hardly done once!” Louise growled. 
Lily gasped her friends had never spoken to her like that before, she had never been so hurt in her life, not even when Snivellus had called her a Mudblood or Petunia had called her a freak. Her friends has always stuck by her when she needed them, they had always taken her side over Potters because they were her friends, she was shocked. 

“Fine” Lily started, “if that’s the way you feel, then I’ll sleep in the common room tonight, I won’t spend any more time with people, that blatantly don’t like me”

Lily grabbed her duvet and walked out of the room, heading down the stairs she couldn’t stop the tears rolling down her cheeks as she tried to snuggle up onto the sofa.

At about half one she woke up by the portrait door opening, she sniffed, and tried to wipe her eyes. But her cheeks were still damp.

“Who’s there” She said trying to sound brave.

“Don’t panic Lils, it’s only us” Came the charming voice of Sirius Black probably with James Potter, Lily was not in the mood for the Marauders.

“Why you sleeping down her anyway?” Potter interrupted.

“Hadafightwivmefriends” Lily muttered.

“Aw Lils, what happened?” Sirius smirked,
“I don’t wanna talk about it, especially with you two” Lily sniffed.

“Well you can’t sleep down here Lil, come on” James said.

"Of course i can" she snapped at him, he raised an eyebrow.

"No you can't you can stay in our room" he told her, she turne dher nose up.

"There is no way i am sleeping in a room with you Potter" she sniffed, he rolled his eyes and grabbed her hand.

Before she could object he was leading her up the stairs. She was suprised how quickly she gave in to his persusaion.

“HELLOOOO MARAUDERS” Sirius shouted.

“We have a lady in the house” he continued when Peter and Remus woke up, Lily chuckled.

"Hmm" she muttered glancing around, "it's not filthy" she mused, Peter snorted.

"No Moony's a neat freak" he mumbled, Remus threw a pillow at his head before burying his head in his pillow.

"Now Lily" James said turning to her, she raised an eyebrow, "you can have my bed" he said gesturing to the bed, she gaped at him.

"There is no way i am sleeping in the same bed as you" she said disgustedly, he clutched his heart in mock hurt.

"That hurt my love, no, i'll sleep on the floor" he told her, her scowl softened.

“Potter, that’s not fair on you” Lily muttered.

“I insist” James smiled at her genuinely.

Lily smiled back, ‘was it possible?’ she thought, ‘James Potter, has a soft side’ she led down on the bed and grinned at his pillow.

"Night Lily darling" James cooed from the floor.

"Night dear" Sirius called from the bed next to her, she rolled her eyes.

"Night Marauders" she mumbled.

Chapter 6: Chapter 6
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Lily walked alone down the corridors, to meet her boyfriend. She hadn't spoken to Alex, Rosie and Louise in a a few days and she missed them dearly. But both sides had to much pride to aplogize.

She really wanted to tell them about her conversation with Paul that morning. But she obviously couldn't...

“I mean, I just can’t believe my sister is getting married I mean finally” Paul had been telling her, “of course you’ll be my plus one right Lily” Lily had nodded at him and smiled.


“it just you know makes me think about our future Lil, and you know think about our wedding” Paul had continued suddenly looking shocked with himself he said shut up and finished his breakfast, but Lily could not stop smiling.

She walked towards where he was waiting for her, he gave her a swift smile which she happily returned.
“Look Lil, im so sorry, I can’t hang out now” Paul said smiling at her softly.

“Ok” Lily muttered.

“Petal, you know im sorry, and I know you’re having a tough time with the girls at the moment but it’ll all be okay” Paul said to her not meeting her eyes.

“I know, well okay, shall I meet you in the entrance hall at about 10 ish tomorrow for Hogsmeade?” Lily glance up at her boyfriend, he nodded and walked away smiling.


Lily made her way back to the dorm, passing Rosie, Alex and Louise on the way shooting them glares, she heard Rosie sigh and shout her name.


But she ignored them. She didn't want to talk. She just wanted to be left alone.


The next morning Lily was first up, last night in the dorm had been awkward, her friends had barely said one word to her and to top off her bad mood she had a heads meeting with James that evening and could not deal with Potter at that moment.

Lily ate her breakfast quickly and made her way to the entrance hall to wait for Paul, after ten minutes she saw him coming, laughing with a few of his friends and wave goodbye. She couldn’t help but notice his smile waver when he saw her but she chose to ignore it and smiled at him.

“Shall we go then” Paul muttered, not sounding as nearly as cheerful as usual.

Lily nodded following her boyfriend into Hogsmeade. They spent the first two hours in an uncomfortable silence. Until they left Honeydukes sweet shop, Lily decided to strike a conversation with him.


“So, when have Ravenclaw got Quidditch try-outs?” Lily asked even though she didn’t care.

“Few weeks” Paul replied shortly, he wasn’t usually so short with her, she was hurt, she wanted to know what she had done.


“Okay Paul, what’s going on?” Lily finally snapped.


“Nothing” He muttered.


“Paul stop it and spit it out” Lily fumed, she hated being lied to.


“Look I didn’t know when to do this, it never seemed like the right time” he said awkwardly

Paul sighed and stared at her, Lily had butterflies in her stomach, fearing what he would say.


“Lil, look im sorry, but I just don’t think it’s working anymore” Paul said bluntly not meeting her eyes.

“What? 24 hours you were talking about marriage and now what?” Lily fumed.

“I met someone else, she just kinda took my breath away, I met her in yesterday, im sorry Lily” Paul said looking at his shoes.

Lily’s eyes filled with tears, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she muttered ‘okay’ and walked off, she did not want to go back to the castle as it would feel cold and lonely but she could not stand going into the three broomsticks as everyone happy moods would make her feel worse.

She made her way down the road to the shrieking shack by herself tears rolling down her cheeks looking at the floor, lost in her thoughts she bumped into someone.

“Lily?” She heard Rosie’s voice from above her; Lily looked up she saw her three friends staring at her, smiling. Lily couldn’t handle it she burst into tears.

“Lily? What happened? Where’s Paul?” She heard Louise’s kind voice even though she wouldn’t look at them.

“He broke up with me, for another girl” Lily spluttered wrapped in Alex’s warm hug.


“Oh Lily, we are so sorry for everything we said to you” Alex murmured into her hair.

“Im sorry too” Lily coughed.


“Pauls a jerk, I mean that girl he was holding hands with yesterday, assuming that’s her isn’t even pretty” Rosie joked. Lily’s head shot up.


“You knew?” Lily said her eyes widening as her friends shifted uncomfortably.


"We um saw them yesterday" Rosie muttered.

“You saw him? And you didn’t tell me? Thought it’d be funny if I was treated like a fool, I could’ve broken up with him!” Lily raged at them.

“Lily we’re sorry, we just kinda assumed when you walked away from him you'd broken up but when we saw you leaving with him htis morning it was too late” Louise whispered.

“No your not sorry” Lily screamed, “and you say im caught up in myself and don’t care about anybody else, if you cared about me you would’ve told me whether we were arguing or not, it's never to late”.

“Lily, we didn’t want to hurt you” Rosie said simply but sadly.

“now it's to late” Lily glared at her friends and made her way to the shrieking shack again, tears rolling down her cheeks, wanting to be alone.

But of course she wouldn’t be. Of course Potter and Black were there holding some parchment muttering something to each other. Lily started to turn around until Potter looked up from the parchment and stared at her, smiling. Lily too tired to glare at him smiled back, tears still rolling down her cheeks, hoping Potter wouldn’t notice.

“Lily what’s matter?” Potter said concernedly, Lily glanced at Sirius who was raising his eyebrows at her also.

Lily gave in, she sunk onto the nearest rock and started to tell them, by the end of her story James was stroking her hair and Sirius had her in a huge bear hug. She smiled at them, tears rolling down her cheek. In a way she knew Paul was right, they had only been back a week and she had spent hardly any time with him, he was right, she didn’t feel the same around him anymore.

“Lily, he’s a prat, he had no right to treat you like that” James said sympathetically.

“At first he was talking about moving in together and getting married and suddenly he wants to be with another girl, how could he” Lily said shaking.

“Right, that’s it, nobody treats our friend like this” Sirius said raging.

"Friend?” Lily coughed.


“Lily, at the moment you have lost all your other friends, you slept in our dorm the other night, believe it or not, Me, Paddy, Moony and Wormy are your friends like it or not, you’re stuck with us” James chuckled. Lily laughed and nodded.

“Now come on” Sirius barked, James ran after him grabbing Lily’s hand, they jogged into Hogsmeade.

“Where are we going?” Lily whined.


“To teach that loser a lesson” James snapped.


“Where will he be Lily?” Sirius growled, Lily didn’t object she was so angry, she thought he deserved anything he got.


“Three broomsticks” she muttered. Luckily they were outside the three broomsticks already, so not much walking left for them to do.

Sirius marched up to the door a chucked it open, making such a loud bang everyone looked up from their butterbeers and firewhiskeys to stare at him, some girls giggling. Lily saw Louise, Rosie and Alex in the corner staring at James and Sirius with open mouths.

“Sirius dear, what are you doing slamming the door like that?” Rosmerta asked him.


Sirius ignored her, her eyes scanning the room for Paul, suddenly Sirius’ eyes landed on him.

“You!” Sirius barked at him, “outside now”. Paul didn’t need telling twice, he got up from his butterbeer, shooting an apologetic glance at a girl sat with him, and Lily assumed this was the girl.

“You lot too, come on” James shouted pointing at Louise, Alex and Rose.

They followed him out of the pub whilst Sirius shouted at everyone to stay put and if they followed them, he’d hex them all into oblivion. Luckily nobody followed.

Lily didn’t feel nervous at all, she was shocked to see how angry James and Sirius looked.

“Apologize” Sirius barked at Paul, threatening him with his wand.

“I met someone else, why do I need to apologize for not leading Lily on?” Paul retorted. Alex snorted, Lily thre her a look and she bit her lip.
“You are joking? You led her on the moment you mentioned marriage that very same morning you met another person. You led her on the moment you agreed to go to Hogsmeade with her even though you met someone else” James spat.


“What do you know about treating girls properly Potter? You sleep with a different girl every night” Paul spat back.

“Lily isn’t an ordinary girl Paul, and she deserves to be treated like royalty not like scum, so unless you want to be upside down in the air, I suggest you apologize, your choice” James roared at him.


“Sorry” Paul muttered Lily ignored him; her cheeks were bright red from James’ words. Paul was let go and made his way back into the pub.

“You three” Sirius snarled at Lou, Al and Rose. Who looked ashamed of themselves?

“Your meant to be Lily’s best friend, now if you ask me, your not acting like it, I know you’ve apologized but I still think you should be embarrassed to do what you did” Sirius continued.

“You know what Black? I love how you’re teaching a boy about how to respect girls” Alex spat.

“You know what Alex?” Lily spat, “just leave it now, He was an idiot; he’s apologized god knows how many times, stop bringing it up and making every conversation about you, im actually sick of it”. 

Lily turned away from her ‘friends’ and headed up to the castle and heard Sirius and James behind her.

“Lily” James shouted and she turned around.

“Lily, you okay?” Sirius smiled, Lily nodded she had never been so grateful to have two weird friends.

“Where are Remus and Pete? And Alisha?” Lily asked curiously.

“Remus is with Jasmine and Peter has loads of studying to do” Sirius chuckled.


“Alisha sent me an Owl to say she was ill” James smiled at her.


They made their way up to the castle in silence, until Lily remembered something.

“James!” Lily shrieked, “We have a heads meeting, we might as well do it now” James nodded.
“Paddy meet me in the heads common room in an hour okay? And if Pete and Remus are back invite them too?” James said turning to his best friend. Sirius nodded and made his way up to his dormitory. As James and Lily made their way to the head common room.



“Okay, So Halloween ball? Christmas Ball? Graduation Party? Hogsmeade once a month? Is that it?” James sighed after 50 minutes of hard work.

“No you didn’t miss anything, god lots of parties” Lily giggled.

“More chances for me to invite you to them” James chuckled. Lily shook her head with a smile on her face.


“You okay?” James asked her, he had been worried about her, and he had never seen Lily look so hurt and betrayed. He just wanted to cuddle her and stroke her hair and tell her everything would be ok.

“I guess” Lily sighed, “Just hurt y’know?”

“It’s going to be okay Lily” James smiled.

“Let’s hope” She smiled at him.

“I promise” She chuckled at him.

“Optimistic much?” She giggled,

“Pessimistic much?” He grinned. She smiled and sighed.

“ No just realistic... Thanks James” She said hugging him, it wasn’t an awkward hug like he had expected but a friendly one that was interrupted by his stupid friends.


“Weeeeeeell, what’s going on her Prongsie?” Sirius smirked. James jumped holding his heart.

“Pads, you gave me a heart attack” He grinned. “Just cheering Evans here up” He continued smiling at her, she was bright red, he chuckled.

“Hey” Lily smiled at them, “finished your studying yet Peter?” he shook his head looking annoyed with herself, Lily chuckled at him sympathetically.

“How did your date with Jasmine go Remus?” James asked awkwardly.

“Fine, um” Remus said shooting looks at Lily, “she’s going to be my girlfriend, well we’re going to see how it goes anyway”. Lily smiled at him, they sat in silence for a few minutes before Lily got up and started to make her way out of the room.

“Well, I guess I’ll just go” Lily said awkwardly, James looked at her for a moment and self-consciously put his hand through his hair.

“Naa, you don’t have to go Lils, I mean what are you gonna do?” Sirius asked.

“It’s ok, I’ve got to go to the library anyway, but I think im going to use the heads bathroom here first” She smiled at them, “Wait before I go why, Prongs, Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail?” she grinned.

“Ah, that’s for us to know and you to never find out, unless you agree to go out with Prongs here and he will not keep any secrets from you” Sirius smirked.


“I’d rather not know” Lily chuckled.

  Sirius gave a low whistle.

“Ouch that hurt flower” James chuckled as Lily closed the bathroom door.

“Quick save Pad” Remus chuckled.


“Well, I wasn’t exactly going to splurt it out was I?” Sirius muttered.

“I was just worried Peter would let it slip out of his big gob” James whispered,

“Oh yeah, what was I exactly going to say. Oh those are our nicknames because we’re illegal Animagi, Stag, Ra..” Peter scoffed.


“SHHHH” Sirius and James hissed at him cutting him off, luckily the walls were thick and Lily wouldn’t hear.

But little did they know the walls were not as thick as they had hoped, and they did not here the small gasp coming from the bathroom as Lily Evan’s had her ear pressed against the door trying to hear them talk.

just let me know what you think:), what's good, what's bad? anything, im always up for constructive criticism.

Louise sighed and closed her eyes. She was sat in the busy common room. Herself, Rosie and Alex had grabbed the sofa's by the fire and Louise just needed to close her eyes for five minutes, in peace and quiet...

"Remus please" someone cried as the portrait door flung open, Louise's eyes snapped open and she groaned.

"Jasmine, just leave it" Remus snapped.

Louise turned around, behind her stood a very cross looking Remus Lupin and a very distressed looking Jasmine Hanson. Followed by a very pissed off looking Sirius Black and a skeptical James Potter. Louise saw Lily raise her eyebrows at the boys entering the common room.

"I swear, he kissed me, i'd never kiss him, not over you" Jasmine begged, Alex snorted.

"Sirius" Remus said turning to Sirius who was glaring at her, "do you Marauder swear she kissed you?" Remus asked impaitently, Sirius nodded.

"Course i do Moony, Marauder swear" he said putting his hand to his heart.

"Then i believe you" Remus said simply, turning to Jasmine.

"Buh-bye" James said, shooing her off, she scowled.

"He might be lying" she protested.

"He's not" Remus said, Jasmine glared at him.

"How do you know?" she snarled, "he's lied before, you heard everything the other night, he's lied to her loads" she said pointing a finger at Alex who showed her a different finger back.

"Drop it" Alex sighed, laying her head down on a cushion, "im trying to sleep, im meant to be relaxed" she added.

"He's not lying, we would know, it's a spell" Remus explained, Jasmine gaped.

"Slut" Alex muttered, Louise snickered.

"Shut your mouth McCord unless you want me to hex it shut" Jasmine spat venomously, Alex held her hands up in mock defeat.

"Better go and change my pants, think i just shat myself" she mocked, getting up and heading up to the dormitory, Jasmine rolled her eyes.

"Please Remus, i don't like him" she pleaded.

"I think it's best you just leave" Remus said awkwardly, Jasmine gaped then turned on her heel and stormed upstairs.

Louise sighed, she picked up her bag and walked past the Marauders, heading for the library. Rosie behind her, she was sick of all the drama.


James watched Remus watch Louise walk out the common room. As the portrait door closed, Remus sighed and walked up to the dormitory. 

James sighed and flopped on the sofa next to Lily and Sirius, Peter was sat facing the fire reading Transfiguration Today.

Sirius was writing a letter to his brother Regulus, James could see a bit of it over Sirius’ shoulder, it said things like. ‘I hope you and your death eater friends burn in hell’ ‘tell the olds, I couldn’t be happier living with James’ ‘tell them im friends with mggleborns just to piss them off’ ‘in fact tell them me and my PUREBLOOD girlfriend broke up and im dating a muggle’. James sniggered silently, Sirius loved pissing off his brother and his parents it was his favorite hobby.

James glanced at Lily, she was writing her Potions essay. ‘That should be easy for her’ James thought, ‘best at potions in our year, well her and Snivellus’.

“Hey Sirius, when your done abusing your family! Want to go have some funny, Marauder style?” James raised his eyebrows at his best friend who had looked up from his letter.

“Do you mean fun with the ladies?” Sirius said with a wink, “or fun as in; dying Snivelly’s hair yellow?”

“As in pranks Sirius!” James reminded his best friend.

“Hey what about me?” Peter said turning around looking annoyed.

“Sorry Pete, thought you were too wrapped up in that book, sure come on I’ve been planning this prank for ages and it involves the Slytherin’s, let’s go get Remmy as well it’ll cheer him up I swear” James, Sirius and Peter leapt up, forgetting Lily was there.

“Wait, where are you going?” Lily said looking up from her book, she obviously had not been listening to their conversation otherwise they’d be straight in detention.

“Aw come on Lils, you know I love you but I can’t risk getting detention” James moaned.

“But I can’t sit here all by myself can i?” Lily groaned.

“Well maybe if you didn’t piss of your friends” Sirius joked, Lily shot him a death glare.

“Aw come on, how long will you be?” Lily asked curiously.

“Depends” James shrugged.

“Well where are you going?” Lily asked inquisitively. James raised his eyebrows, “I won’t give you detention” Lily muttered.

“Unbreakable vow it” Sirius hissed. James looked shocked and stared at Sirius.

“How very Slytherin of you Padfoot” James mocked.

“I was kidding, Slytherin Prank of course” Sirius chuckled.

Lily raised her eyebrows at them, but said nothing she turned to face the fire her eyes on her book, the three boys stood there awkwardly until Lily turned around.

“You can go now” she told them, they grinned at her and ran up to the boys dormitory, Remus was sat facing his headboard in a world of his own.

“MOOOOOOOONY” Sirius yelled at the top of his voice, Remus jumped obviously oblivious to the fact that they had just walked through the door.

“What?” Remus snapped.

“Slytherin Prank it’s gonna be great, I pwomise it’ll cheer you up, they’re all coming out from last lesson, come on Moons” James said in a pleading baby voice. Remus chuckled and sighed; he got up off his bed and grinned at James and Peter.

“James Potter you are head boy" Remus said sternly, James shrugged and Remus chuckled following them out of the dormitory.
They were finally out of the common room, walking down the staircases, they had walked past Lily who had told them to not to get in to much trouble, they had poked their tongues out at her, maturely of course, and ran out of the common room.


“Right” Sirius cackled, “There’s a couple of Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s in this huge group as well, so what do you want me to do about them”.

“Umm dunno, leave them there, I think it’ll only affect the Slytherin’s but I think Daniel Pain and Paul Withers are in that group so it won’t matter if we get them as well” James chuckled.

“Kay what do you need me to do Prongs?” Sirius grinned at his friend.

“I actually need you to make a show of yourself so the Slytherin’s don’t move, ideally they need to shout stuff at you and stay put, and can you do that Pad?” James asked him, he turned around but Sirius had already disappeared.

“HELLO PUREBLOOD FREAKS” Sirius yelled, and just to his luck all the Slytherin’s turned around to face him.

“What do you want you filthy blood traitor?” Someone shouted out, Sirius grinned.

“Reg? Reg was that you? Blimey Reggie I haven’t see you in weeks, how’s the parents?” Sirius smirked at him when Regulus had made his way out of the crowd.

“What do you and your filthy blood traitor friends want Sirius?” Regulus spat, coming out from the crowd and to Sirius’ glee the Slytherin’s were looking from himself and Regulus intently, they weren’t going anywhere.

“Aw come on Reg don’t be so blunt” Sirius said pretending he cared.

From the side of him he heard James mutter an incantation and Sirius stared at Regulus and noticed his tie and badge had turned into Gryffindor colors and the Gryffindor badge was on the side of his cloak, Sirius barked out a laugh even Lily sniggered and tried to disguise it with a cough. What was funnier is that the Slytherin’s hadn’t noticed.

“What’s so funny?” Regulus sneered.

“Not much Reggie, how’s mum?” Sirius snickered.

“Seriously ill actually Sirius” Regulus spat.

“Oh shame, well send my get well soon’s” Sirius smirked.

He looked Regulus up and down, his eyes landing on his shoes, Sirius started to laugh again at what he saw, he averted his eyes upwards boring them into Regulus’. Regulus had obviously not noticed that his shoes and every other Slytherin’s had turned bright maroon and gold.

“Sirius you’re a pathetic excuse for a Black you know that?” Regulus scoffed

“Well Regulus you are a pathetic excuse for a slytherin you know that?” Sirius was practically peeing himself with laughter.

All the Slytherin’s robes were maroon and gold with the Gryffindor lion on the back, their trousers were bright pink as well. They had been Gryffindored. They had finally started to notice when James had changed the color of their robes but before they had been oblivious to it and they were shrieking some of them muttering incantations, but the spells weren’t wearing off. To Sirius’s delight Snivellus was amongst them and he looked absolutely ridiculous.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter ran back to the common room, collapsed in a chair wetting themselves with laughter and telling Lily what happened and as they had expected Lily looked very stubborn and strict.

“You could’ve been caught” she muttered, Sirius groaned.

“This is why girls don’t get told about pranks Prongs, I don’t care how much you love her” Sirius whined. James sniggered.

“And something might’ve gone wrong” she continued.

Sirius threw a cushion at her and it hit her on the face, she growled but shut up. They sat in silence all doing their own thing for about an hour. When the common room door opened and in walked Rosie Chaplin, Louise Edwards and Alexandra McCord. Sirius groaned and sunk lower in his chair, Lily got up and walked out the common room, probably towards the library and Remus went up to the dormitory.

“Wow ladies, you’re doing great for friends, your presence makes your ‘best friend’ leave the room and head to the library, it makes Remus leave the room and go to his dormitory and you make Sirius feel uncomfortable” James mock applauded them. Rosie glared at him.

“Shut up Potter” she snarled.

“No in fact I have freedom of speech and at the moment you three are not in my good books, all of you have upset Lily, Edwards you have hurt Remus and McCord whenever you come into a room my best friend squirms so much obviously afraid he’s going to be punched or screamed at in front of everyone, at the moment you girls are looking very Slytherin, you should be ashamed of yourselves” James growled at them.

“He has a point” Sirius said sitting up, jumping to James defence, “my family would be impressed with the way you three are acting, having an argument with a muggle-born, one of you rejected a half-blood and another one of you punched a ‘blood traitor’ my mother would happily take one of you three under her wing” he snarled at them. They all looked shocked especially Alex who it probably hit the hardest.

“Piss off Black” Alex muttered angrily storming past him, but Sirius grabbed her arm and spun her around, he was strong he looked her right in the eyes and glared at her.

“I don’t even know what the hell happened to you, you used to be so nice and sweet and now have a look how you treat people Alex, the way you’re going you’ll end up like our parents, bitter and rotten, so don’t tell me to grow up or grow a pair, when Im not the one who needs to do the growing up” Sirius glared at her.

Letting go of her arm, he walked up to the dormitory after Remus followed by James and Peter, leaving Alex stood their very, very confused.

“Lily? Lily are you even listening to me?” James said clicking his fingers in front of Lily’s eyes.

They were supposed to be having a heads meeting, but Lily was zoned out, in a world of her own. James had tried getting her attention many of times but she seemed not to be listening. James was starting to get sick of it.

“What? Oh James im sorry” She apologized rubbing her forehead.

“Lily are you alright?” James said looking at her concernedly.

For the past few days ever since the confrontation in the common room between the Marauders and Lily’s friends, she hadn’t been there but Peter had immediately filled her in much to James’ disappointment and she seemed to be very dazed and not focusing on anything.

“Yeah im fine” she said a little too cheerily. James looked at her suspiciously. She sighed, “I miss them.”

“I know you do” James understood.

“But I can’t forgive them, not yet anyway” Lily sighed.

“I think they understand” James told her.

“I think they’re beginning to understand less and less” Lily muttered more to herself than to James, but James heard her anyway.

“Lily, they miss you like crazy” James said matter of factly, “I mean who wouldn’t” he added with a wink, she blushed and his hand went automatically to his hair ruffling it up.

“Ughh” Lily groaned, “that’s not fair, this fight is affecting me too, but I didn’t think it was affecting them so much, now I feel guilty even though I’ve done nothing wrong”.

"Well stop feeling guilty" James ordered, Lily raised her eyebrows.

"Top advice there from James Potter" she smirked, he grinned at her and wrapped her in a hug.

“Right” Lily said blushing as they pulled away, James grinned wickedly, “Umm so the Halloween ball is in two weeks and we have lots to do”

“No, the prefects have lots to do” James contradicted her.

"We have to help" she said in her head girl voice, he rolled his eyes.

“Fine, but no way am I working with any Slytherin’s” James snorted. Lily giggled, he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Did you just giggle?" he smirked, she blushed furiously and picked up a book, quickly changing the subject.

About half an hour later Lily sighed and James lent back on his chair feeling relieved that the meeting was over, they sat in the heads common room in silence for about 15 minutes when James heard a voice shout;

“PRONGS” Lily jumped,

James grinned, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his hand held mirror. Lily moved to sit next to James obviously wondering what was going on, James held up the mirror to his face and Lily gasped, the grinning face of Sirius Black was looking back at them.

"Padfoot" he chuckled.

"Evans" Sirius nodded, Lily smiled weakly.

"What the hell" she whispered, when she gotten her voice back.

"Tell you later" James smiled.

"Prongs" Sirius snapped, James rolled his eyes.

"Oh sorry Paddy my patient friend, did you want something?" he asked sarcastically, Sirius grinned.

"What's our plans for this evening?" Sirius asked, James shrugged.

"Nothing" he paused, "why?" he asked curiously, Sirius winked.

"Just don't expect me back at.." he paused, "in fact don't expect me back to early that's it" he grinned before disapearing, James rolled his eyes and pocketed the mirror.

"That's how you and Black plan things without being in the same room" she muttered, James snorted.

"Didn't know you payed so much attention to me Lils?" he grinned cheekily, she punched him playfully on the shoulder.

"i always thought when i saw you with that mirror, you were just being vain, arrogant Potter" she smirked, he grinned.

"sometimes i was" he smirked back, she snorted and he got up and waved her goodbye as he walked to his detention, smiling.


“Hey Alex can I borrow your black pencil skirt for Hogsmeade?” Louise shouted form the bathroom.

Louise waited for an answer and never got one, so eventually she made her way from the bathroom and back into the dorms, Alex was sat on her bed deep in thought.

Louise pulled on her pajamas and looked at her best friend who looked like she was trying to figure out a really awkward potions question.

“Earth to Alex?” Louise snapped. Alex looked up at Louise her eyes filled with bewilderment.

“What?” Alex snapped back.

“Can I borrow your black pencil skirt for Hogsmeade?” Louise asked her.

“What do you think Black meant when he said I used to be so sweet and kind? I mean I have changed that much?” Alex asked Louise sadly, completely ignoring her question, Louise sighed.

“Alexandra McCord you are the kindest and sweetest person I know ok? He only see’s the side of you that you are around him and that’s not your best side but that can only be expected whenever you see him your just angry, I mean after everything he’s done, I honestly don’t blame you” Louise reassured her.

“I don’t know what to do” Alex groaned.

“Talk to him?” Louise suggested.

“W-w-what?” Alex spluttered

“Talk to him? Do it now, he’s not with James because James is in detention and Peter is down at Hagrid’s doing detention for filch in the forbidden forest, Sirius is probably only with Remus, just ask to talk to him on his own, he’s probably in the common room and if not try again tomorrow?” Louise smiled at her best friend.

"You sure know a lot about the mighty marauders you claim you dislike" Alex shot at her, Louise rolled her eyes and pointed to the door.

"go" she said stubbornly, Alex groaned.

“Fine I’ll do it, but im in my pajamas” Alex whined looking for an excuse not to go.

It was only 8:30 and only seventh years were allowed out past nine and only until half past. Alex grumbled before turning on her heel and heading out of the dormitory, Louise sniggered

“Hey what about the skirt?” Louise shouted at her, earning a very loud swear word.


Much to Alex’s annoyance Sirius was sat on a chair by the fire with Remus; they were deep in conversation about something or other, ‘it could be worse’ she thought, ‘he could be sat with James or Lily’ so Alex took a deep breath and walked over to them.

When she approached them, she coughed and they both turned their heads and looked up at her, she smiled weakly, Remus gave her a genuine smile back and Sirius just grunted to her presence and turned back to face the fire, Alex rolled her eyes and Remus mouthed ‘Sorry’ before hitting Sirius on the shoulder and giving him a look.

“What” Sirius shot at Remus, Remus glared at him and looked up at Alex, “Oh sorry McCord would you like something?” Sirius asked her sarcastically, Alex rolled her eyes and took a deep breath, stedying herself.

“Sirius I was wondering if I could have a word?” Alex muttered, “please” she added.

“I have nothing to say to you” He shot at her, Remus rolled his eyes.

“Sirius, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important” Alex pleaded.

“Alex piss off?” Sirius sneered at her.

“After everything you have done, you owe just this!” Alex retorted she knew it was low but she had no choice left.

“Library?” He mumbled. Alex nodded and followed him out of the portrait hole, looking back a Remus who smiled at her and turned back to his book.

She was strangely self-conscious that she was in her pajamas, but then again Sirius had seen her in her pajamas before, but that was before they felt awkward around each other.

Before she knew it they were at the library entrance, Sirius opened the door and motioned her inside. Alex blushed and walked in, walking straight into Madame Pince who squawked something about ‘pajamas in a library were totally unacceptable’ Sirius sniggered and Alex giggled.

They walked down a few aisles until they found one which was empty, Sirius sat down at a table first and Alex followed suit, sitting in her seat uncomfortably she could feel Sirius’ eyes on her but she could not bring herself to look into his eyes or she thought she would burst out crying. She was just about to start speaking when Sirius beat her to it;

“Do you still have your necklace?” he asked her.

She looked up at him shocked finally meeting his eyes, they were a cool grey they looked totally calm and for a moment she saw the love and affection flicker in his eyes which used to be there every day when they were together, it quickly went and his eyes just showed annoyance and a little bit of hatred. She looked down at the table again, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Yes” she muttered.

“Do you ever wear it?” He murmured, she shook her head, she looked down again, wanting to run, run from him, but she gripped her chair, determined to not be a coward.

“Sirius” she started, she paused he was still watching her “im sorry” she finished, he looked shocked, he reached out and grabbed her hand, she looked up at him, he was staring at her intently.

“Why are you sorry?” Sirius asked her shocked, running a hand through his hair.

“I’ve been a bitch” she muttered.

“I was the one who cheated on you, not vice versa” Sirius told her.

The moment he said that Alex started to sob, he looked shocked and stayed put for a minute but eventually he got up and walked round to her and held her in his arms, she kept crying feeling her tears soak his white v necked shirt, he stroked her hair and after about 10 minutes they finally pulled apart.

Alex looked up at him blushing he looked back at her, their eyes meeting and suddenly he leant forwards and Alex did not stop him, she let his lips crash against hers, she felt fireworks and felt everything she had felt almost 7 months ago, she opened her mouth and felt his tongue slip inside.

She kissed him back intently for ages before realizing it was wrong, she had a boyfriend for Merlin’s sake, a boyfriend who she had been with for 5 months but he was also a boyfriend she didn’t feel like this with, but this boy had cheated on her, treated her like scum, she couldn’t forget that.

She pulled back and felt tears in her eyes again, he groaned as he felt her pull away, she gasped and ran, she ran from the library, she ran from Sirius, she ran all the way to her dorm, she was alone, she rummaged in her trunk and found what she was looking for, she sat on her bed and started crying, she hated herself for what she did to Daniel and how she kept messing with Sirius.


“Sirius? How did it go?” Remus smiled up at him as he walked through the dormitory doors, he had left the library about two minutes after Alex, “You’ve been gone ages, I think um, I think Louise went to look for you, I didn’t see Alex come back in”.

“WHAT THE HELL” Sirius shouted kicking the bedpost, not noticing he had left the door open and a couple of fourth year girls stood around the door giggling and swooning, he glared at them and slammed the door.

“Whoa Padfoot what’s going on?” James snickered, emerging from the bathroom; Sirius had not noticed he was there, obviously getting back from his detention with Binns early.

“Binns let you go early then, it’s only 09:15” Sirius said, desperately trying to change the subject, he looked at James who shook his head, Sirius cursed himself, his conversation diversion might’ve worked on Peter but not James or Remus.

“I got there early didn’t i? And anyway, Moony told me about you going off to the library with Alex” James smirked.

“Shut up Prongs” Sirius snarled, James held his hands up in mock defeat, sniggering.

“Come on Pads, what happened?” Remus asked him kindly as Sirius flopped down on his bed in a huge mood.

“I snogged her” Sirius barely muttered.

“You bogged her? You stuck her head in the toilet, Padfoot” Peter said shrilly.

“Snogged her Wormtail, I snogged her not bogged her” Sirius snapped.

James burst out laughing, Remus smirked at him. Sirius glared up at both of them, wondering what they would say next.

“So what’s the problem?” James asked when he had finally caught his breath.

“The problem Prongs" Sirius snarled, looking up, "the problem is she is a stroppy cow, the problem is she has a boyfriend and the problem is is that i can't seem to get her out of my fucking head" Sirius yelled angrily. Remus looked at James. Sirius didn’t blame them for looking concerned Sirius did not get hung up on girls.

“So how did it happen?” Remus asked kindly.

“she cried, i comforted her, we snogged" he said bluntly, into his pillow.

"Padfoot, i think maybe you should give up, that's what you told me once, and look at where i am now" james said with a smile in his voice.

James was right, he had ignored Sirius' advice and now him and Lily were getting on perfectly. Sirius was going to do the same.


“RIGHT TEAM, WE HAVE A MATCH IN A WEEK OR SO AND WE NEED TO START PRACTICING” James boomed over the chatter they all shut up and looked at him, he felt strangely powerful he smirked at Sirius who was standing in his beaters kit, James had the perfect team, all he needed to do was get them up in the air, “right mount your brooms and get up there” he yelled, his team soared up in the air.

Ten minutes into practice and they were doing great, Sirius and their other beater Ed Groome worked great together, bludgers were soaring everywhere, Alex almost fell off her broom and Sirius shot her an apologetic look.

The chasers, himself, Terry Rush and Georgia Patterson were scoring as many goals as possible when his keeper William Daniels wasn’t in the way of the goals and when he was they couldn’t score any he was that good and Alex, his seeker had caught the snitch six times in ten minutes, they were unbeatable, James could see it now they would slaughter Hufflepuff and then Ravenclaw and then Slytherin.

An hour and a half into practice James called them down to the ground and congratulated them all, he could see it now, the house trophy was in their hands.

“I miss Lily” Rosie muttered to Louise whilst they were sat eating breakfast.

“Me too” Louise agreed, looking at Remus who had just come down to breakfast, “she always knew what to say, I mean Alex is not sleeping or eating I don’t know what to do”.

“Give her time, I suppose” Rosie shrugged, “I mean we don’t know what happened between her and Black but neither of them seem to be taking it well, I sit by James in Divination and he said Sirius hasn’t been eating either and this is Sirius we’re talking about, I mean it’s Friday for Merlin’s sake, it happened Wednesday, it’s the Halloween Ball next week and she is not missing that, we’re picking out our costumes next week”.

“She’ll be fine, she wouldn’t miss the Halloween Ball for anything” Louise reassured her, Rosie smiled at her, their friendship group was falling apart and Rosie didn’t know what to do anymore.

Lily still wasn’t speaking to them, Alex was meant to be going to Lily’s for Christmas but that seemed unlikely now. Louise and Remus still weren’t talking and even though she denied it, Louise seemed more miserable than ever. Suddenly Sirius Black and the Marauders walked into the Great Hall and Sirius had a giggling Hufflepuff fifth year girl under his arm, Louise sighed and glared at his back.

“Poor Alex” Rosie muttered, as the Hufflepuff fifth year sat down next to Sirius and he started to kiss her viciously. Rosie rolled her eyes and looked back at Louise who was staring open mouthed at the door of the Great hall; Rosie followed her eyes and gasped.

“Oh god” Rosie murmured, her eyes landing on Alex McCord, who was stood at the entrance of the Great Hall in her school uniform, having not of come down to breakfast for a few days and not going to class either. It seemed ironic that they both had picked this day to get over their issues but they had both done it in different ways. Rosie looked at Alex whose eyes were locked with Sirius’s. Alex turned away and walked straight out of the great hall, Sirius hung his head and looked ashamed and pushed the girl off his lap and pointed to her table, she looked upset and hurt but he didn’t seem to care. Rosie stood up grabbed a couple of muffins for Alex and walked towards the Marauders followed by Louise.

“Potter, Lupin, Pettigrew… Black” Louise said coolly but with venom. Remus looked up at her and glared, James nodded his head, Peter ignored her and Sirius went bright red and tried to sink down in his seat.

“What do you want?” Remus spat, Rosie was shocked Remus had never been like that to anyone, the rest of the Marauders had turned their heads to stare at Remus with open mouths.

“What?” Remus hissed at them.

“Well Moons there no need to be disrespectful” Sirius said nonchalantly but with a smirk on his face obviously seeing his best friend blow up and get angry was not a regular thing..

“Oh you can talk about being disrespectful Black” Rosie shot at him; Sirius looked up at her looking slightly ashamed of himself.

“What did I do?” Sirius asked casually, James snorted but tried to disguise it as a cough when Sirius turned to glare at him.

“Leave Alex alone Black, I mean it” Louise snarled, looking more vicious than she ever had before, Louise and Rosie turned to leave, when Sirius stood up and said;

“Hey, she knows me alright? She knows what I do, she knows I cheated on her, she knows what im like ok? So don’t call me disrespectful when she has a boyfriend, kisses me back and then ignores me, if she wants something to happen, she has to come up to my face and say it, she can’t expect to sit around waiting for her when she has a boyfriend, I don’t hang around waiting for a girl to fall in love with me, im not James ok?... sorry mate” Sirius hissed at them, James chuckled and Remus looked shocked, Louise shook her head and walked out of the great hall, Rosie followed her, dreading the chat with Alex that was about to happen.


“Im such an idiot” Alex muttered as Louise and Rosie handed over her breakfast muffin and their sympathies. Nobody else apart from Lily, who was blatantly ignoring them, was in the room, so Alex was free to let out all her frustrations.

“No Al, you’re not an idiot, he is ok? He will never be happy with just one girl, whereas you can be happy with just one boy, you’re way too good for him” Louise reassured her.

“I hate him, I can’t believe him, I can’t believe it, he’s just expecting me to run to him, saying ‘oh Sirius, I love you, oh Sirius you’re so hot, oh Sirius I beg you take me back’ I mean who does he think he is?” Alex fumed, Rosie snickered and Louise grinned.

“He thinks he’s great, he thinks you’ll fall at his feet Al” Rosie told her.

“Well he doesn’t know me very well” Alex murmured, “Ugh, I can’t believe I snogged him the other day, I can’t believe it” from across the room, they heard a small intake of breath, like a tiny gasp, Alex looked over at Lily who was brushing her hair.

“Got something to say?” Alex spat, she knew this probably wasn’t helping the argument part of their friendship but she was angry and she needed someone to take her frustrations out on.

“No, just the fact that you’re blaming everything on him again have you ever stopped and thought that maybe you’re doing some of the damage too?” Lily retorted as she walked out of the dormitory door and down to the common room, probably heading to class.

“Why is she always right?” Alex groaned as they headed to Transfiguration.


“And your N.E.W.T.S are the most important exams of your life….” Blah blah blah, McGonagall was droning on and on and on, ‘they said this about the O.W.L.S’ Alex thought, she was sat next to Rosie who was picking nail varnish off her nails and looking completely lost, Alex was lost in her thoughts when something screwed up landed on her desk, she looked down at it, it was a note, she looked up and Sirius Black was looking at her when she caught his eye he looked away, ‘typical’ she thought, she opened it up, McGonagall had ‘popped’ out the room for ten minutes whilst they copied notes from the text book but had cast a silencing charm on the room, so nobody could speak, Alex picked up the note and opened it, Rosie was looking at it to curiously.

‘Please meet me at lunch? We need to talk!’ Sirius’ scrawny handwriting was already annoying her

‘No’ she scribbled back in her loopy handwriting, chucking it back to him, she started her work, hoping he wouldn’t write back, but quickly another piece of paper hit the desk.

‘Fine, if lunch isn’t good, meet me sometime at Hogsmeade tomorrow?’

‘Black get the picture, I don’t want to bloody talk to you’

After that the notes were becoming continuous.

‘We need to talk about what happened’

‘I don’t think we do’


‘Oh Sirius your so kind, I really want to talk to you now’




‘Shut up’

‘We’re not talking we’re writing’


‘Comeback stealer’

‘Great comeback’

‘So will you meet me?’

‘I guess I can meet you outside the shrieking shack at 3.30 tomorrow?’

‘Sounds like a plan Dan’

‘Don’t be late Jake’

‘Never am Sam’

‘Sirius that was crap’

‘I couldn’t think of any others’

Alex could practically hear his whining voice. She chuckled to herself, well she did until McGonagall was standing above her whipping the note out of her hand, Alex groaned she hoped she didn’t read the note out to the class, rumors were bound to go around about what Sirius Black and Alexandra McCord had been up too behind everyone’s back’s including that Hufflepuff slag’s black and Daniel's back.

‘Oh bugger, Daniel’ Alex thought.

“Miss McCord and Mr Black, I do not wish you too discuss your personal lives in my class please see me at the end” McGonagall said sharply. Alex groaned, Sirius chuckled, she shot him a death glare,, luckily he shut up.


The last 40 minutes of Transfiguration had gone by so slowly Alex was pretty sure McGonagall had put a spell on the clock so time would go slower. Finally the end of the lesson came, Rosie had offered to wait for her but as it was lunch Alex had said she would meet her in the Great Hall as she would not be talking to Sirius until tomorrow and that was unlikely to happen. Alex got up out of her seat and made her way to the front of the class with Sirius walking behind her, McGonagall was writing notes down and Alex could see the note her and Sirius had been writing was right next to her. McGonagall looked up at them,

“Well, would you care to explain?” McGonagall asked them. Alex blushed.

“Well Minnie, see me and Al here are having a little bit of a teensy problem” Sirius smirked, Alex hit him.

“I do not care for your personal issues Black” McGonagall said harshly, “I care to know why you thought writing notes to each other was more important than doing your Transfiguration notes”

“Well see Minnie the thing is, me and Alex here are both pretty tip-top at transfiguration so we just assumed ‘Ah what the heck’!” Sirius shrugged. Alex gaped at him.

“No professor that’s not it honestly” Alex said hastily, McGonagall silenced her with a look.

“You will both receive a week of detention, meet in the library tonight at eight you will cleaning until Madam Pince says you may leave, Mr Black you will receive an extra two days for not using my correct name constantly, that will be all” McGonagall said abruptly not looking up at them.

Alex turned to look at Sirius wondering if they could leave, Sirius shrugged and made his way out of the classroom, Alex closely behind him. They did not speak a word to each other on the way to the Great
Hall, until they reached it.

“Alex, im really sorry for getting you in tr-” Sirius was interrupted by a boy shouting Alex’s name.

“Alex, hey I haven’t seen you in a while” Came Daniel’s voice sweeping her into a hug and kiss, Alex blushed she pulled away but when she did Sirius had disappeared and Alex couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.


“Sirius and Alex kissed eh?” Lily asked James on their back from Muggle studies, Remus, Sirius and Peter didn’t do muggle studies so it was just the two of them and they were early. James didn’t mind he enjoyed lily’s company.

“Yeah, well it’s not hard to believe, I mean its obvious Sirius still likes her” James scoffed. Lily smiled at him.

“What’s going on with Remus and Louise? I would ask him but it’d feel pretty awkward” Lily asked him, James shrugged to tell the truth Remus wasn’t open to speak about it and James didn’t blame him, everything between him and Louise was pretty awkward they sat together in Ancient Runes as well and all Remus had said was that it was the only hour of his life where he had literally wanted to kill himself over and awkward situation, James had been sympathetic but secretly thought Remus was over reacting

Him and Lily walked in a comfortable silence on the way back to the common room, when they opened the door, they could hear Alex’s voice and Louise’s voice talking really loudly, practically shouting at each other and Rosie going ‘shouldn’t we take this up stairs’ desperately. James and Lily walked towards the crowded common room where everyone was staring at Alex and Louise who were bright red shouting at each other.

“YOU BITCH” Alex screamed at her.

“YOU CAN TALK YOU SLUTTY COW” Louise retorted, James looked at Lily who had her mouth wide open.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU TOLD HIM” Alex screamed, lunging at Louise, luckily she was held back by Rosie who looked terrified.

“I DIDN’T TELL HIM, I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND US” Louise was shouting at her. James felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around and Sirius and Remus were stood behind him, Sirius smirked and mouthed ‘girl fight’ whilst Remus looked confused and mouthed ‘what’s going on?’. Lily had turned around as well and had shrugged tuning back to the argument.




“I SAID A MILLION TIMES I AM SORRY” Louise shouted at her as Alex made her way out of the common room.

Louise burst into tears and ran up to their dormitory followed by Rosie. The Marauders and Lily made their way to the good chairs by the fire.

“I feel like I should go up there” Lily sighed after they had been sat in silence for ten minutes.

“I’d leave it Lily, give it time” James smiled at her. They sat in silence, each to their own thoughts.

“Hey Lily? Can I talk to you?” Remus asked her politely. Lily nodded , they both got up and made their way over to the window where they were speaking in hushed tones, eventually Lily nodded and they made their way back, James was curious but he would ask Remus later, they sat in silence for the next few hours, everyone doing their homework, until Sirius got up and said something about his detention for McGonagall and made his way out of the common room.


“Right I want all the books put back in their original places and I want this library clean and tidy, you can leave when your done” Madam Pince told them sternly. Sirius sighed; him and Alex made their way to an aisle and started cleaning. They were cleaning in quiet for about five minutes when Sirius decided he would break the uncomfortable silence.

“So, you and Louise arguing eh?” he knew it was a long shot for her to answer but he decided it was better than nothing.

“She came and found me after we argued” Alex replied to his surprise, “and we made up, we’re best friends we said some stuff we didn’t mean, sorry I shouted it out, I mean I was just angry” Alex said apologetically.

“It’s fine” he paused, “Pain okay with you then? Didn’t dump your sweet ass or anything?” Sirius smirked as she threw a book at him.

“No, he forgave me” Alex said simply, Sirius tried to brush off the feeling of disappointment.

“Ah shame, no chance of us shacking up in a broom closest later on then?” He grinned cheekily.

“Har Har, there wouldn’t be a chance even if I was single Black” She said dangerously.

“You like to think that” He chuckled, she threw another book at him.

“Ow, that hurt” he moaned sarcastically, the book hadn’t even hit him but Alex looked pleased with herself.

“So Alexandraaaaaaa” He said breaking the silence, she clucked her tongue impatiently, Sirius grinned, “Where are we meeting tomorrow for our little chat?”.

“Black if you wanna talk, talk now ok? I can’t be bothered to meet you tomorrow I’m not going to Hogsmeade” She told him, barely listening.

“Fine, it wasn’t that important anyway” He taunted her, knowing she would react.

“No tell me” She snapped, he raised his eyebrows moving towards her, he knew this was dangerous territory but he didn’t care, she turned around to face him, they were standing less than 12 inches apart, he could feel her breath but he ignored it, continuing to smirk at her angry face.

“Nah, it’s not that important” he breathed teasing her. She sighed, he smirked.

“Come on” she muttered.

“Don’t lose sleep over it Al” he winked.

“Just tell me” she urged.

“I’ll tell you, for a snog” he joked, she glared at him.

“Piss of Black” she hissed, trying to push him away, he grabbed her arms and pulled her closer.

“Go on McCord, I’ll leave when you can prove to me you don’t want me here” He smirked at her.

“I don’t want you here” She growled.

“See that’s funny, I think you do” He taunted at her, “Go on kiss me to prove to me you don’t feel something” he teased, she paused, “I dare you” he hissed.

To his shock, she leant forward and kissed him, exactly like last time when he had kissed her, he didn’t pull away he kissed back, smiling in between kisses, and then she pulled away.

“See nothing?” She spat, Sirius raised his eyebrows at her and grinned.

Pulling her back into a kiss, he kissed her lightly on the lips many times, he could feel her smiling in between kisses just like him, he deepened the kiss, he moved his hands to her waist then to her hair, he felt hands on his chest, it was just like when they were together, he didn’t want the kiss to break, she pulled away, not looking at him, blushing though.

“Daniel” She murmured, “I can’t, im with Daniel, and your with that slutty Hufflepuff”.

“Lisa” He spat, suddenly angry, angry that it obviously meant nothing to her; he wanted to yell at her, yell at her about what she did to him.

“Oh im sorry, must I learn all the names of the girls you cheat on? Because I can’t forget that’s what you did to me” She raged.

“You are not the person I always thought you were” He growled at her, moving away from her, he picked up a stack of books and put then on the shelf, they spent the rest of the night in silence, but he could hear her sniffing must of the time, like she was crying, he felt guilty he just wanted to go over there and comfort her, but he couldn’t, it’s time he moved on, he wasn’t going to turn into James, pining over a girl who would never notice he existed.


Lily made her way into the Great Hall, she spotted James and Sirius sat together talking in hushed tones, they were sat in their Quidditch uniforms, today was the Quidditch match Hufflepuff v Gryffindor. Lily walked towards them, they were talking tactics, she rolled her eyes and sat down next to Sirius and across from James. He looked up at her and grinned. She felt her heart skip a bit, she was not sure why but when he grinned at her like that she wanted to melt. She smiled back at him and he ran a hand through his hair.

“So Evans, are you coming out to watch today?” He said loudly with a grin on his face, the whole hall was shouting and getting excitable, even the Slytherin’s and Ravenclaw’s had taken sides.

“Course” she said simply, “I just hope Sirius falls off his broom again this year because I missed it last year” she turned to the messy haired boy next to her who gave her a sarcastic smile and then winked at her.

“Come on Prongs, shout to the team and lets go” Sirius said enthusiastically, Lily knew he couldn’t wait to get out there again, Quidditch was James and Sirius’ life. James stood on the table and raised his voice.


The team all got up it was made up of; Terry Rush a sixth year who was a prefect, Lily liked him he was nice and polite, he was a chaser along with James and Georgia Patterson a fourth year who had long dark hair which she frequently tied up into a bun and looked a little like Professor McGonagall but she was good at Quidditch, Sirius Black and Edward Groome were beaters, Edward was a fifth year he had a build similar to Sirius but was no way near as good looking, William Daniels was the keeper he was one of the best keepers Gryffindor had had since 1962 according to McGonagall, Will was a seventh year like Lily he was friendly and great at Divination and was keen to help her when she was stuck and Alex was Gryffindor’s seeker, she was quick and light and usually Gryffindor won within minutes.

After breakfast people had started to make their way down to the Quidditch pitch, Lily followed, she was alone, she noticed Rosie and Louise walking together, giggling and chatting, she felt sadness run through her and she felt lonelier than ever before. She stopped and turned towards the stair case making her way up to the library, she was almost there when she bumped into a tall boy with sandy hair who had a stern look in his face.

“Sirius and James will kill you, if they find out you weren’t there Lily” Remus said folding his arms across his chest in a prefect manner, Lily sighed.

“I’m not up to it” She muttered. Remus looked at her, his stern look leaving his face and sympathy arriving on it.

“Come on, let’s go down together, Sirius may fall off his broom again” He smiled at her.

Sadly Sirius did not fall off his broom, but Lisa, Sirius’ girlfriend from Hufflepuff did, she was a seeker just like Alex, when she fell off, Alex looked like she was about to fall out of the air with laughter. The score was 220 - 110 to Gryffindor and the party in the common room afterwards did not finish until about midnight.

Chapter 10: Chapter 10
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It was a week until Halloween, and James Potter, as usual, some things about him had not changed, had taken every chance he had got to ask Lily to the Halloween Ball which was for third years and up, like Hogsmeade.

He had finally given up as Lily had agreed to go in a group with Him, Sirius and His date, Remus and Peter; who couldn’t find a date. Lily couldn’t lie, she missed female company she missed Rosie, Alex and Louise her bestest friends in the world. They had tried apologizing but Lily had never felt so betrayed by people so close to her.

After the first day of classes that week Lily was sat in the library doing her DADA homework when Louise walked in, Lily ignored her but she had promised Remus she would talk to her about him and Jasmine and explain it all to her.

Remus had fallen so hard for Louise it was unbelievable. So Lily got up out of her seat and walked to the aisle Louise had just gone down.

“Hi” Louise smiled, noticing Lily was there.

“Look, im not here to mend our friendship” Lily muttered, Louise smile dropped and looked hurt, Lily almost regretted what she had said.


“Im here to talk about Remus”

“What about Remus” Louise snapped

“Oh come on Louise, I know you like him” Lily whined


“Well, he likes you, Jasmine was a mistake he admits it now, come on we all know Remus doesn’t usually make mistakes, but he was bound to make one, and he wants to put it right”

“By doing what” Louise scoffed.

“I dunno” Lily shrugged.

“Well tell Remus to get over it and himself” Louise shot at her.

“Hey this is not my problem it’s yours and his, so don’t talk to me like that” Lily snapped at her.

There was a pause, both of them wishing they hadn’t said some things to each other, missing each other dearly.

“Lily” Louise started, tears welling up in her eyes, “I miss you”

Lily burst out crying at this. As did Louise, she flung her arms around her.

“Im so sorry” Louise muttered.

“Im sorry too” Lily cried into her shoulder.

“No we should have told you, we miss you so much”

“I wish you had, I’ve spent the last month and a half hanging around with either nobody or The Marauders and they’re ok company, but man boys are boring” Lily chuckled. At that moment the Library door swung open and Alex and Rosie walked in.

“Come on Lou, we’ve been looking for you everywhere, Halloweens next Monday and my mum has sent the catalogue for us to order our costume” Rosie yelled, the walked around the corner and Lily almost burst out laughing at their shocked faces.

“LILY” Alex cried.

“We missed you so much” Rosie started crying.

“We’re so sorry”

“I love you guys” Lily smiled at her best friends.

“We love you too Lil, now do you have a date for Halloween?” Rosie asked

“Why, you offering?” Lily asked her best friend with a wink,

“Ha, ha, No!, you’re not my type Lils” Rosie joked, “Come with us in a group, Me and Lou don’t have dates, Al is going with Daniel so come with us?” Rosie smiled at her.

“Or you guys come with me?” Lily replied.

“What do you mean?” Louise asked,

“Im going in a group with The Marauders” Lily rolled her eyes, “Potter asked me, but I said no, so I said I’ve go in a group with Him, Remus, Peter and Sirius and His Date” Lily glanced at Alex, but her face was set in stone.

“Okay, that sounds fab” Rosie laughed, “But Al, you have to come with us in a group with Daniel!” Lily laughed.

“That’ll piss Sirius off” Lily giggled.

“Sure thing” Alex grinned, but Lily noticed her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Okay, let’s go and order our costumes” Rosie yelled, running out of the Library with Madame Pince screaming at her about how she should go Azkaban for yelling in her sacred library. Louise ran after her giggling.

Alex was about to go after them, when Lily stopped her.

“Al, im so sorry about what I said to you in Hogsmeade back in September and what I said to you in our dorm and every time I’ve acted like im Sirius’ side, I didn’t mean it, you had every right to snap at him after what he did to you, and im always 100% on your side you know that right?” Lily asked her best friend.

“Of course Lily, im sorry I was bitch, he was just sticking up for you, which is something I should’ve done” Alex smiled back at her, giving her friend huge hug.

“Let’s go get our costumes im going to be a cat” Alex giggled, “how about you?”

“Fairy” Lily smiled, Alex chuckled.

Lily had missed her friends so much.


“Lily, we are meeting the Marauders, Sirius’ date and Daniel on the 3rd floor in 20 minutes and you have only just got out of the shower” Rosie shouted.

“Calm down I didn’t wash my hair I only need to fling my wings and dress on” Lily smiled picking up her cardboard fairy wings, Alex shook her head.

“No, you can’t wear those Lily” Alex said to her friend. Lily stared at her putting her dress on, what was she thinking.

When Lily had her dress on, Alex putting the cardboard wings on Lily’s back and tapped them with her wand. Suddenly the cardboard wings turned into a pair of glittery white angel wings which matched her green thin strapped dress, which ruffled out down to just above her knees. Alex always was the best at Transfiguration, another thing her and Sirius had in common but now the colour of her dress matched her eyes.

Alex was wearing a tight black cat suit and she was wearing black ankle boots with her long blonde hair curled to past her chest, she was wearing tiny ears on the top of her head.

Rosie was dressed as spider, she had bought a black costume with eight legs, and her brown wavy hair had been straightened and tied up in a ponytail at the top of her head.

Louise was dressed as a princess she was wearing a floor length purple dress which made her bright blue eyes stand out, she had a small crown on the top of her head and had curled her normally straight blonde hair, into cute tight ringlets.

“Well, well, well don’t you look like a slut McCord” Came Jasmines sneering voice, her and Alisha were dressed as pixies and Lily’s opinion they looked like house elves instead. Alex was obviously thinking the same.

“What are you two meant to be? A pair of house elves?” Alex scoffed.

“Nah Al, they look more like the goblins that work in Gringotts” Louise spat.

“Shut up Edwards you filthy little man stealer” Jasmine hissed at her.

“I did not steal your man Jasmine, Remus broke up with you, I am not dating Remus, you two can’t seem to get it through your thick sculls that people are not stealing your boyfriends, your boyfriends are dumping you for people who aren’t a pair of pathetic little slags” Louise raged at them.

Lily opened her mouth in shock, Alex snickered and Rosie grabbed their arms and they ran out of the dormitory giggling.

The girls made their way down to the Entrance hall where they saw the boys and Sirius’ date who was a Hufflepuff sixth year by the name of Jessie Figgs, Carrie Figgs sister. James was dressed as a Merlin, which made Lily chuckle, Sirius was Dumbledore, Remus was a Knight, which was ironic as Louise was a Princess and Peter was dressed a rat.

To Lily’s surprise and amusement Sirius’ new girlfriend was dressed as a Cat a very slutty cat in fact and Daniel was dressed as a vampire. When they walked down the stairs Lily saw Remus’ mouth drop open at the sight of Louise, Sirius was practically drooling over Alex and James was beaming at Lily. Lily looked at Alex, who was grinning at Daniel, but shooting glares at Jessie.

When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Louise glared at Remus and linked arms with Lily, Lily chuckled at her friend’s stubbornness.

“So shall we go in then” James smiled.

“Uh, you guys go on in, I need to talk to Louise” Remus muttered.
Lily looked at Louise, Louise smiled and nodded and mouthed ‘five minutes’.

The Great Hall looked amazing; cobwebs were draped from the ceiling with plastic spiders which were hanging of them bewitched to move and wish every a happy Halloween, the ceiling was showing a very clear night sky, there were tables scattered around the room as they would be eating before the actual dance, the tables were draped in white table clothes and had candles in the middle of them, the whole hall was being lit by candles. Lily had never seen it look so beautiful other than Christmas.

They made their way to their table which would include; Lily, James, Remus, Louise, Rosie, Peter, Sirius, Jessie, Alex and Daniel. They sat down chatting amongst themselves, they were just talking about the Slytherin Quidditch team. Alex was going on about how she would kick the new Slytherin seekers arse whilst James kept shouting ‘hear hear’. When Louise and Remus came in and to nobody’s surprise they were holding hands.

“What exactly happened during your little ‘chat’ Remus?” Sirius winked at him, Lily giggled.

Louise went bright red and Remus put his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek, Lily looked around the hall and there she saw Jasmine glaring at Louise, they would not hear the end of this.

“We just decided that we were arguing and being jealous for no particular reason” Louise glared at Sirius. Sirius chuckled, Lily looked around the table and felt strangely alone, a Ravenclaw sixth year had just come over and started whispering in James’ ear he was raising his eyebrows eagerly, Rosie had got up to go and talk to a cute Hufflepuff seventh year from Charms class, Sirius and Jessie were cuddled up talking, Alex and Daniel were chatting to each other whilst Alex was sending jealous glares at Jessie and Louise and Remus were completely loved up now. Lily sighed; they had been planning this for weeks but now, oddly she just wanted this night to be over.

“I will not keep you from your food much longer, I just wish to say this Happy Halloween” Dumbledore smiled at them, he winked at Sirius as Sirius gave him a thumbs up.

When they were finished eating the food, the tables and the chairs magicked away and everyone made their way to the dance floor.
After about 3 songs, Lily had been dancing with a cute Gryffindor sixth year, when she noticed Alex and Daniel arguing.

“Al? You ok?” Lily said smiling at her as Daniel stormed off.

“No, the idiot says he’s bored, tired wants to go to bed as he has a tiny headache” Alex raged, “I wanted to dance, now im gonna have nobody to dance with I can’t even dance with any other boys as he will see it as a personal offence”.

Dance with me and Rosie and when there’s a slow song on, we just won’t dance” Lily suggested to her. Alex nodded in agreement, luckily it was a fast song next and for the next 5 songs they were all fast.

Until a slow one came on, Alex glanced at Lily and Lily nodded her head to the edge of the dance floor, until she was tapped on the shoulder.

“Hey Flower, can I have this dance” Came James’ voice, Lily sighed, Alex giggled.

“No Potter” Lily muttered.

“Hey, I thought we were past this; I hate James thing now?” James grinned awkwardly messing up his hair again as usual, Lily blushed she was beginning to like his hair more messy, she ignored the butterflies in her stomach not really knowing why they were there, “Come on just as friends? I won’t even try to kiss you I swear”.

“Fine” Lily sighed as Alex nodded to say it was ok, Lily was just about to follow James to the dance floor, when she saw Sirius walk over to Alex.

“Wanna Dance?” He said with a cocky tone in his voice, he was smirking at her and Alex was glaring at him.

“No” Alex sighed
“Come on Al, we’ve both got nobody to dance with, I mean come on, we can be friends surely?”

“I wouldn’t go as far as friends, not after detention the other night, but I’ll dance with you” Alex agreed. Lily smile, she made a mental note to ask Alex about detention.

Dancing with James wasn’t all that bad, he was a terrible dancer though, but then again so was she. They were laughing the whole way through the song.

“So where’s Jessie then?” Lily asked whilst dancing,

“Ill, gone back to her dorm, left Sirius looking like a lemon” James replied,

Lily turned to look at Alex and Sirius who were very close, they were talking and Alex kept grinning, then suddenly Sirius kissed her and Alex did not refuse. Then Alex pulled back and mouthed something like ‘oh my god’ and ran out of the hall.

“Im sorry, I’ve got to find her’ Lily apologized to James.

“I understand I need to talk to him too” James said to her.


“AL WAIT” Alex heard Lily shout, Alex stopped and turned, tears rolling down her cheek, she seemed to be crying a lot recently and in public too.

“I kissed him, the third time since we’ve been back, I’ve cheated on Harry three times” Alex muttered.

“I saw” Lily replied
“Why? Look what he did to me, im a mess because of him, I don’t love him, I mean I can’t love him, it hurts too much to love him”

“It hurts to love Alex”

Alex started crying, ‘what is wrong with me’ she thought, she needed some air.

“Come on let’s go sit in this classroom and chat yeah?” Lily smiled at her. Alex nodded, she could hear the music from here, she just wanted to sit and talk. They made their way into a classroom which they thought was empty, until they opened the door and shouts and yells stopped them, but they weren’t just any shouts and yells. Alex turned on the light.

“DANIEL?” she fumed, “what are you doing with her” pointing at Jessie, Sirius’ date, Alex didn’t an answer she already knew.

“Alex, it didn’t mean anything we only kissed, I was on my way back to the dorm, I didn’t lie to you or anything I love you Alex” Daniel pleaded, Alex looked at him, it hurt that he had done this to him, especially with Sirius’ girlfriend, but she couldn’t break up with him. She had done the same.

“It’s okay” she said ignoring Lily’s shocked face, “I forgive you’’.

“Now get out of here you little skank, and don’t worry I will be telling your boyfriend you cheated on him and Sirius Black does not like to be made a fool of” Alex snapped at her as she ran out the door.

Alex kissed her boyfriend and said goodnight, she made her way up the staircase to the Gryffindor common room, followed by Lily who still had her mouth open, when they got to the common room, she flopped down into a chair next to the fire and Lily sat next to her.

There was hardly anyone in the Gryffindor common room; it was only 11 o Clock, only 1st and second years were up as everyone from third year and above was down at the night before Halloween, ball. Lily had explained that they had to have it on the 30th as they couldn’t have it on Halloween night because of the Halloween feast.

“Alex? Please tell me you’re not really forgiving him?” Lily sighed.

“Of course I am Lily, how could I not? I did exactly the same thing as he did tonight, if people find out about it that I have dumped him because he kissed another person and then they find out I did the same thing, how hypocritical will that make me look?” Alex chatted away.

“I guess, but what if he does it again because he got away with it the first time?”

“Then it’s over” Alex said simply.

“You know everyone will know again, tomorrow, and it’ll be similar to the buzz when you found out about Sirius?”

“Oh shit, I don’t think I can deal with being humiliated again” Alex groaned.

“Don’t worry; it’ll die down in a few days.

“So you and James?” Alex winked at her best friend.

“Shut up, we’re acquaintances” Lily groaned, trying not to blush as she could feel her face going red just at the sound of James’ name, ‘gosh what was happening to her’.

“It didn’t look that way”

“Shut up” Lily snapped at her, Alex chuckled, “actually I was dancing with a cute Gryffindor Sixth year and he invited me to Hogsmeade next time and I agreed” Lily continued very matter of factly.

Alex smiled at her, they continued to sit there and talk till about 2 in the morning, most people had come in, it wasn’t till just gone two when the Portrait of the Fat Lady opened for the last time and in walked, Sirius, James, Peter, Remus, Rosie and Louise n’ Remus. Alex and Sirius looked at each other.

“Right well im off to bed, night guys” Alex fake yawned and marched up to the dormitory. She fell onto her bed but didn’t sleep; she didn’t hear the others come in for a few hours.


“What’s going on?” Louise asked as Alex had gone straight upstairs,

Lily sighed she might as well tell them, the whole school would know probably tomorrow.

“Alex, um, saw Daniel cheating on her earlier this evening” Lily said awkwardly to Louise, James, Sirius, Rosie and Remus as Peter had gone to bed.

“WHAT?” Sirius yelled, “im gonna beat him to a pulp”.

“Don’t act so fast Sirius, he was snogging your girlfriend” Lily added in, “and she forgave him”

“What why?” Louise spat,

“Im not going to say the reason as it’s down to her, but Sirius don’t act like you think she’s a fool, you know why she forgave him, for the same reasons you should forgive Jessie” Lily put in. James nodded at his Sirius, Lily smiled at him, and Potter had actually helped her out in an awkward situation.

“Is she ok?” Rosie asked.

“Let’s go see her” Louise added, kissing Remus goodnight. They made their way up the stairs, but when they got up there Alex was ‘asleep’.

Chapter 11: Chapter 11
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Disclaimer: All original characters belong to J.K, the only things I own are the story lines I’ve made up and Alex, Louise and Rosie, this disclaimer is carried out through the story.

“You know Sirius is still crazy about Alex right?” James asked Lily on their way back from lunch.

“Of course I do, I reckon she probably likes him still too, she just won’t admit it” Lily smiled.

“Some people are so stupid” James replied, laughing.

“Whose stupid Potter, you?” James turned around, standing behind himself and Lily, was; Snivellus and Avery.

“What do you want Avery?” James spat, standing in front of Lily.

“Not much Potter, just going for a walk” Avery retorted.

“Ah you’re taking the Mudblood for a walk? Where’s its lead and collar?” Snivellus smirked.

“Don’t call her that” James fumed.

“I’ll call her whatever I want” Snape grimaced.

“Come on James there not worth it” Lily snapped.

“Yes Potter, listen to the Mudblood” Avery taunted.

James ignored them and followed Lily to the common room. When they got there James sank into a chair.

“Full moon tonight” Lily muttered, James hesitated he knew she was interested in astronomy, but….

“Yeah, poor-” James stopped himself, realizing what he was about to say.

“Poor who?” Lily asked curiously,

“Poor you, another full moon on a night we don’t have access to the astronomy tower because there’s a class so, no studying it tonight eh?” James saved. Lily looked at him with curiosity.

“How’s Remus feeling? I heard him tell Louise that he wasn’t feeling very well and he might pop down to the hospital wing later”

“Oh worse I think, yeah poor, poor moony” James sighed,

“Why is he always ill?” Lily mused,

“Not always ill, his mum is as well, I think he inherited like a weak stomach or something from her and he gets really bad headaches often so does his dad so I assume-”

“Cut the crap James, I know, im not an idiot. I know” Lily snapped

“Know what dear?” James said sleepily, eating always made him tired.

“I know Remus is a werewolf” James’ head snapped up at this point.

“How?” He whispered gaping at her.

“He ‘disappears’ at every full moon, after the full moon he spends days in the hospital wing, white as a sheet and in 5th year that boggart turned into the moon” Lily said matter of factly.

“Does Louise know?” James muttered to her.

“I don’t know” Lily shrugged, “but I won’t tell her or anyone”.

“I trust you Lily, but you need to talk to Remus” James replied.

“I will, I promise” Lily swore.

“Anyway on a lighter note, I know it’s a bit early but what are you lot doing for Christmas” James smiled at her.

“Well Alex is coming to mine as she has no home at the moment; Louise and Rosie are going home too”

“Well how about you all spend Christmas at mine?” James asked her

“What? James?” Lily said shocked,

“My parents are going skiing in France, I don’t know why don’t ask, so it’ll just be me and Paddy, and he’ll drive me insane I swear all he goes on about is; James I want food feed me, James im bored entertain me, James im tired carry me to my room, I’ve invited Remus and Peter and I’ve asked Louise and Rosie they can all come, so it’s just you and Alex now, how about it?” James noticed her suspicious face.

“Come on Lil, I have a mahoosive house, okay, not boasting or anything? You’d have your own room or you can share with one of the girls whatever ok, come on Lily it’ll be fun” James reassured her. To his surprise Lily laughed.

“Of course I’ll come James; I just wanted to watch you beg” She giggled, “Im sure Alex will come, as long as she’s out of Sirius’ way”. James grinned at her.

They sat in silence for about half an hour just enjoying each other’s company as they both had a free period and their friends didn’t. James started to think about his plans for that evening, probably meet a girl and hook up in the Room Of Requirement (R.O.R). He then started thinking about Lily again, then something sprung to mind and without thinking about it he started talking.

“Lily?” James asked,

“mmm?” she replied.

“Are you a virgin?” He asked curiously before he could stop himself. At this she sat up and stared at him with her mouth wide open.

“Why would you ask that?” She asked shocked.

“Curious” He shrugged,

“Why would I tell you Potter?” She fumed,

“You are, aren’t you?” he winked, “its ok, im happy being your first” he got a slap for this, he deserved it., he ran his hand through his hair messing it up again, he always did this around Lily when he tried to impress her.

“As a matter of fact Potter im not a virgin, not that it’s any of your business” she hissed at him. This made him wake up.

“You’re not? Who?” He asked suddenly, this made her laugh obviously she noticed his jealousy.

“I was with Paul for 8 months Potter, what you thought, I mean we’re almost eighteen, and what, you thought all we did; snogged and held hands” she smiled.

“Well I didn’t think you slept together, Lily Evans you dirty little girl” James chuckled, forgetting his jealousy.

“Har Har, and how many girls have you slept with this week?” She grinned at him evilly.

“Fair enough, truce?” he winked at her.

“Truce” she agreed.


“OF COURSE” Alex squealed, “Shame Sirius will be there really” she smirked.

They were up in the dormitory, Lily had just told Alex about their Christmas plans and she had wrote to her parents apologizing but as it was her last Christmas with her friends she would love to spend it with them as she didn’t know where they would be next year with a war going on. Alex had also told her about the library and Lily hadn’t been surprised one bit.

“This year is gonna be good” Rosie chuckled.

“What has happened to us?” Lily laughed, “I mean in 5th year if you ever had guessed would be spending Christmas with the Marauders I would have laughed you and hexed you out of the building”.

“I know, it’s weird, I guess things change” Louise smiled.

She was writing notes to Remus who was in his dorm, just down the corridor, some would say it was cute, Lily, Rosie and Alex said it was irritating.

“Alex? Will you come with me to the Owlery?” Lily asked after about 15 minutes of silence, Rosie was doing her Divination homework and Louise was still writing to Remus. Alex was sat on her bed looking slightly upset and confused. Her friend nodded and followed her out of the dorm.

When they got to the almost empty common room, the only person in there was James Potter who was musing over Potions notes, Lily again felt butterflies in her stomach, feeling weird and confused, Lily ignored him and turned to her friend.

“What’s going on?” Lily muttered to Alex, not wanting James to hear them.

“Nothing” Alex replied sharply,

“Alex your my best friend, please do not insult my intelligence and lie to me” Lily hissed.

“Black” she muttered.

“I may be reading and you may be whispering, but I have very sharp ears and can hear every word you are saying, what has Sirius done now?” James said loudly not even looking up from his Potions notes.

“Where is everyone? And why aren’t you with them” Lily snapped at him.

“Dinner, i wasn’t hungry, Sirius is at the kitchens, Peter with him and Remus is being lovey dovey” James replied, still not looking up.

“Right, well we’re off” Lily replied sharply dragging Alex out of the portrait hole. They walked up to the Owlery in complete silence. Both of them to their thoughts.

When they finally reached the Owlery Lily turned to her friend and waited.

“Well?” She said impatiently.

“What?” Alex snapped, Lily raised her eyebrows at her, “Sorry, I just, im a bit on edge after the Halloween ball”.

“After what happened with Sirius and with Daniel?” Lily mused.

“Why is it every boy I go out with cheats on me?” Alex uttered.
“Alex, don’t blame yourself” Lily said softly.

“Do they hate me or something? Am I just unlovable? Can no boy ever be happy with just me? Am I that shit of a girlfriend?” Alex whined.

“Oh Alex, none of that is true, you know that” Lily reassured her friend.

“Do I? Lil, I think I...” Alex started.

“You think you what?” Lily asked her nicely.

“I think I still love Sirius, no I don’t I can’t. No I hate Sirius I hate Sirius I do, he’s a pathetic excuse for a boy, he’s a heartbreaker and a prick and I hate him” Alex whispered looked ashamed of herself.

“That’s okay, I mean, he still loves you” Lily smiled.

“Noooo, I shouldn’t love him, I mean how did he treat me? Like shit! I hate him” Alex groaned.

“Alex, it’s going to be ok” Lily soothed.

“I need to break up with Daniel” Alex muttered.

“To be with Sirius?” Lily asked shocked.

“No, I need to get over him, but I can’t let Daniel treat me like that, and I mean I snogged Sirius remember, I feel so guilty, I mean I snogged him, yeah ok he snogged another girl too, but I feel so guilty because when I snogged Sirius, I felt fireworks Lily, fireworks, I feel so guilty, I can’t be with one guy and snog another, that’s slutty, im not Jasmine or Alisha” Alex continued.

“Aw, Al it’ll all be o-”Lily was suddenly interrupted.

“Well, well, well, Alexandra McCord is a slut, I mean I guess we already knew from what you wore the other night” Alisha came out from behind an aisle of owls, smirking.

“Alisha” Alex gasped.

“Well, that’s what you get for stealing my best friends boyfriend, it’s time you paid the price” Alisha glared at her.

“Alisha please, please leave Daniel out of this, please don’t tell anyone about Sirius, please do you know how much it’ll kill Daniel, and please don’t tell people about me hating Sirius or loving him, don’t tell anyone what I said about him, he’ll hate me for ever” Alex pleaded.

“No, you’re a slut Alex and you deserve to pay the price, plus I’ve gone off Potter now and I quite fancy the look of Black, so anything that keeps you two away from each other” Alisha smirked.

“Alisha please, im sorry I ‘stole’ Sirius from Jasmine, please I’ll do anything” Alex begged.

“You wish, I’m going to expose you for the girl you really are, getting all shitty with Sirius because he cheated, but you do the same to Pain, you are lovely really Alex” Alisha snarled at her.

Before walking out of the Owlery. When she had gone Alex sank to the floor and burst into tears, Lily put a comforting arm around her friend and let Alex sit there and cry.


The next day, everything was round school, Alex had been to see Daniel that night and told him the truth, she hadn’t broken up with him, Alex had decided that neither her or Daniel was a quitter and to Alex’s luck he had agreed with her. Alex said he had been angry but he had forgiven her.

Alex hadn’t told Rosie and Louise that she had snogged Sirius but the next day everyone knew. In the morning Alex had lied and said she was ill. So Louise, Rosie and Lily made their way down to breakfast. Lily nervously hoping Rosie and Louise wouldn’t find out about Alex hoping Alisha hadn’t said anything. But Lily was unlucky, sadly.

As they reached the common room. Sirius was down there yelling at James fuming. He noticed Louise, Rosie and Lily walk down the stairs and rounded on them.

“Where is she?” He yelled.

“Who?” Louise asked curiously.

“Alex, where is she? How dare she say that stuff about me? How come everyone knows about the Halloween Ball? How come she says she can’t stand me and then she hates me and im a prick and all that bullshit?” Sirius yelled. Of course Alisha only included the bad stuff about Sirius.

“Lily what’s going on?” Rosie asked Lily, who had kept quiet and was the only one who didn’t look shocked.

Lily explained, to them and they all stood there with open mouths. Except Sirius who was fuming and banging on the girls dormitory and yelling abuse at Alex.

“Sirius come on” James shouted.

Sirius gave up and followed James, Remus and Peter out of the common room and to DADA with Louise, Rosie and Lily just behind them, muttering between them. Everyone was staring at Sirius and pointing and whispering.

After classes were finished that day, Lily and Rosie (Louise was with Remus), brought some food up to Alex.

“Alex, are you ok?” Rosie asked her nervously.

“Sirius hates me” Alex muttered to her pillow.

Lily sat on the edge of Alex’s bed and made her sit up; she gave her a huge cuddle.

“Do you want to go sit in the heads common room?” Lily asked her friend.

“Yes, I need to get out of this dorm, but I can’t stand to sit in that common room” Alex moaned.

“Come on then darling” Rosie soothed her.

They made their way down the stairs enduring some of the whispering and pointing. Unfortunately as they got to the bottom of the stairs, Alisha and Jasmine were at the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh look it’s the slut” Jasmine scoffed. Alex went bright red and muttered something like ‘im not a slut’.

“Leave her alone Jasmine” Rosie fumed.

“Why? She can go around accusing me of being a slut but she’s banged Sirius when they weren’t even together” Jasmine snarled.

“I snogged him ok? I never ‘banged’ him; I’ve actually never slept with Sirius, not that’s any of your business” Alex snarled back, she was being the old her again, Lily noticed, standing up for herself.

“Never slept together? You were together eight months were you not? You a virgin or something Alexandra” Alisha smirked.

“Im not actually, at the time I was, anyway why am I telling you this? Just piss off?” Alex snapped.

And with that the girls made their way down to the heads common room, where they were alone. Lily knew why. It was a full moon.

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Chapter 12: Chapter 12
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“Only month and a half until the Christmas holidays” Sirius grunted whilst they were sat in the hospital wing visiting Remus.

He was still shattered and weak after last night’s events. It was normal for this to happen after a full moon. Sirius kept trying to make conversation, but James was too tired to continue the conversation.

“Only a month and a half until we stay with you James” Peter squeaked. James just grunted in reply, he wanted to sit in silence he was so tired and he had patrols tonight with Lily.

“Prongs what the hell is wrong?” Sirius barked at him almost waking Remus up.

“Nothing, shh” James snapped at him.

“I haven’t seen you this mopey since the middle of fifth year when-”Sirius stopped and paused, looking quickly at James probably hoping what he had just said had flown over his head.

“Shut up Sirius” James barked at him.

“Pardon?” Peter whispered, quickly jumping to Sirius’ defense as usual.

“Pardon what Pete?” James snapped at him, whilst Sirius stood there open mouthed.

“You called Pad, Sirius, you haven’t full named him between us four, since second year, and that was before you know our animagi or unless you count fifth year when you know” Peter said in an undertone.

“So what?” James retaliated.

“So what have I done?” Sirius fumed, his face looking ready for a fight but James noticed a bit of hurt and sadness in there, sometimes he could feel himself and Sirius growing apart.

“nothing, sorry, just tired” James muttered, not looking at any of them, he could feel his face getting hotter and his eyes filling with tears, he couldn’t cry in front of them, they would call him a baby.

“Im going, to common room, stuff to do” James muttered stiffly.

He could feel Peter’s and Sirius’ eyes on his back, he could still feel the tears in his eyes he tried to blink them back but they rolled down, luckily everyone was at lunch, he turned into a corridor and came face to face with Lily Evans. He tried to dodge past her quickly in the hope she didn’t see his tears.

“James? What’s wrong?” he felt her hand on his shoulder, it was warm and comforting. He sighed and sat on a window sill and buried his head into his hands.

“Umm allergies” he muttered to her.

“Don’t lie to me” she put an arm around his shoulder, “what’s happened?”

She sounded concerned and James had no reason not to trust her. So he told her what had happened in the hospital wing, of course leaving out the Animagi bit.

“Ooook, so you and Sirius? You’re growing apart?” She asked him, he nodded.

“James, I think that might be in your head, I mean looking at you two together it doesn’t look like it, but if you feel like it is happening, talk to Sirius he may feel the same way, I mean you two are practically brothers, you can tell each other anything, but I don’t get what this thing was in fifth year?” Lily asked him casually but curiously. James sighed and started the story;

“So fellow Marauders minus one, shall we head to the ‘kitchens’?” James chuckled, walking through the common room door; they always called the shrieking shack the kitchens in company.

But as he walked through the portrait hole door, he noticed something very wrong, he could see Peter yelling at Sirius and Sirius yelling back, but he couldn’t hear, someone had cast a silencing charm. He walked up to Peter and tapped him on the shoulder and dragged them both up to the dorm.

“What the HELL is going on?” James shouted at them.

“Sirius is a twat that’s what’s going on” Peter yelled, James was shocked Peter had never acted like this around them.

“Whoa Pete, chill out, what’s happened?” James asked Sirius and Peter calmly. Sirius just muttered whilst Peter looked ready to sock him one on the nose.

“Sirius told Sniv how to get past the whomping willow and into the shrieking shack, he told him about Remus” Peter fumed.

“YOU DID WHAT?” James screamed at him, Sirius went red and muttered something about a joke. James ignored him and grabbed the invisibility cloak and chucked it over himself.

“Pete, stay here, don’t let him go anywhere” Peter nodded.

James ran out of the dormitory, out of the common room and headed straight towards the whomping willow, he hit the leaver and ran down, he heard a snarl, and Remus had just transformed. He prayed Snape was okay. He ran and ran and when he got to the end of the tunnel, he chucked off the cloak seeing Snape and dragged him underneath. Snape was petrified, he had seen Remus.

James dragged Snape all the way towards Dumbledore’s office, where he launched into this story about how all four of them had tried to kill him. James just told Dumbledore the actual story and luckily Sirius only got detention every Monday-Friday for the rest of the year, James had been expecting Azkaban. Dumbledore had made Snape swear not to breathe a word to anyone and luckily Snape had agreed. When James got back to the common room, nobody but Peter and Sirius were down there. Sirius stood up and James punched him right on the nose.

“What happened?” Peter squeaked after he’d got over the shock of James punching his best friend.

“Snape has been sworn to secrecy, no thanks to you Sirius” James spat.

“But you saved him right?” Sirius muttered.

“Yeah I did, but Remus won’t just care about that, he’ll care that his ‘best friend’ has told someone else about him when we swore we wouldn’t, he’ll care he almost murdered another pupil and he’ll care that it’s the fact Snape of all people knows” James shouted at him.

“Im sorry” Sirius murmured.

“Oh don’t say sorry to me you dickhead I don’t care about your apologies, it’s Remus you need to apologize to and if I were him I would never forgive you, because it wasn’t even me who was involved in that ‘prank’ and I’m not going to forgive you” James spat him with such hatred in voice, Sirius looked shocked.

“James...” Peter whispered.

“No, he can’t treat people like that and I won’t let him” James snarled on his way up to the dormitory leaving a startled Sirius frozen in the common room.

Remus had forgiven Sirius a week later, but James it had taken weeks, he had stopped hanging around with the rest of The Marauders, he spent time on his own. People would whisper in the corridors every time Sirius tried to talk to James, but James just shoved past him.

Eventually Sirius and James had both got detention and they were cleaning the Great Hall, when James had walked over to Sirius who was next to the water bucket, James had tried to ignore him but Sirius’ upset and alone face had made James realize that they were best friends and Sirius had made a mistake.

They had embraced and both said sorry. The next day it was like everything was forgotten, but James always thought about it when him and Sirius had a little disagreement.

“Wow” Lily muttered, “I never would have even guessed that”.

“I know” James replied, “He can be a complete idiot”.

“I mean I knew he hated Severus but wow” Lily looked shocked, James didn’t blame her.

“Look can you not tell the others, not even Louise even though she knows about Remus, Sirius felt so guilty about that night, he still does, the least he needs is more people hating him, I mean; His family, All the Slytherin’s, You, Rosie and Louise, Alex…” James finished.

“I don’t hate him” Lily gasped, “I couldn’t hate him, I know what he did was wrong, but I couldn’t hate him, I mean you, Remus and Peter don’t hate him, how could i? I mean im angry about what he did to Alex yeah sure, but I don’t hate him and im pretty sure she doesn’t either”.

“Thanks Lily” James said looking at her.

Their eyes met and they just stared at each other for a really long time, until James leaned in and to his surprise Lily followed suit. It was the most amazing kiss James had ever had, fireworks and everything you were supposed to feel when you kiss someone even though it didn’t last very long. Lily quickly pulled away and gasped.

“Lily im sorry” James muttered.

“Me too” Lily replied bright red in the face, she wasn’t looking him in the eyes.

“Let’s just forget about it yeah?” James said quickly and Lily nodded, he chuckled gave her a hug and they made their way up to the common room without and awkward moment.


Sirius made his way up to the common room, ignoring all the glances at him. Alex’s stupid rumors were still going round school, he couldn’t believe after everything they’d been through she’d do that. He shrugged the feeling off and focused on James.

What had he done, I mean all he knew that he and James were not as close as they were before his stupid moment in fifth year and that had been ages ago. Sirius felt guilty whenever he thought about it. He pushed open the portrait hole.

Luckily James was sat in his arm chair by the fire reading his transfiguration homework with Lily Evans sat on an arm chair next to him doing her potions homework. Luckily there was no sign of Alex, Rosie or Louise. Sirius took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa next to James, James barely looked up at him.

“Prongs?” Sirius asked meekly.

“Yes?” James’ reply was croaky and sounded like he had been crying.

“I’m sorry” Sirius looked at his best friend.

“For what?” James muttered not looking up from his book, Lily nudged James and glared at him. So James looked up at Sirius with a non-plussed look on his face.

“For that night in fifth year, when I told Snivellus” Sirius muttered assuming Lily probably already knew.

“You’ve already apologized for that ages ago when it happened” James snapped.

“And I’m apologizing again and im also apologizing for the fact that because of that, me and you are no way near as close as we used to be” Sirius said weakly.

James grunted and looked back down at his text book obviously pretending Sirius was not there. Sirius sighed and tried again.

“Prongs, i-i-I mi-mi-miss you” he muttered, he finally got it out and he could feel his cheeks reddening as Lily looked like she was about to cry.

“Awwwwwww” Lily burst out “Come on James, you have to forgive him I mean look at him, he feels so bad”

“Paddy I miss you too mate” James wrapped his arms around Sirius in a huge bear (man) hug.

“Right” Sirius said after their emotional moment, “Let’s go die the Slytherin’s hair Gold and Red, for GRYFFINDOR” James chuckled and followed his best friend out of the common room.


“Hey Lily” Alex smiled at her best friend who was curled up in an arm chair reading a muggle fantasy.

“Hey Al” Lily said putting down her book and smiling up at her friend.

“Want a chocolate frogy?” Alex teased, Alex knew Lily loved chocolate frogs but she was rubbish at hitting them before they jumped away.

“No” Lily muttered, Alex chuckled.

“Much staring and whispers today?” Lily mused.

“No, it’s all pretty much died down” Alex replied, that was a lie, there had been lots of staring, it was meant to be a weekend.

Alex could avoid people but it was like people were following her just so they could whisper about Sirius. Alex hated it every time he saw her, he just glared at her. She ignored it, he wasn’t worth it, but they were going to James’ in just over a month and it’d be really awkward if they still weren’t on speaking terms.

“Yeah I believe you” Lily snorted.

Alex blushed; Lily could always tell if she was lying, better than Louise could. It was weird Louise was meant to be her bestest friend in the world, but recently Louise seemed more interested in Remus. Alex and Lily were growing closer, they had always been best friends but Lily’s bestest friend had been Rosie and Alex was seeing less of her too. ‘Ah well’ Alex thought, ‘maybe this is what happens when you get older’.

“Ah well, I’ve had worse, I mean it happens to me, I think people just love gossiping about me really, I mean I don’t blame them” Alex said sarcastically, “no seriously I wish people would find someone else to talk about I mean it all happens to me doesn’t it and every single time Sirius seems to be involved I mean; Dumping me for ‘unknown reasons’, me punching him in the nose, cheating on me and now all the stuff going round about what I said to you privately some of it I didn’t even mean”.

“Oh yeah it’s all my fault people talk about you McCord” Sirius voice came from behind her and he sounded nasty and angry. Alex sighed.

“Eavesdropping much?” Alex spat.

“Bitchy much?” Sirius retorted.

“You know what Sirius, I am not going to pick a fight with you, and because Alisha is sat over in that corner listening to every word we say and I do not have time to confront that bitch okay so leave it” Alex retaliated.

“Hey, leave my girlfriend out of this” Sirius raged at her.

At that point Alisha got up, obviously looking for a moment to get up and poke her nose in to the argument, just as she got up to join, Louise, Rosie and Remus came in, Remus stood by James and whispered something in his ear and James just shrugged nonchalantly. Rosie and Louise stood by Lily, ready if their friend needed them.

“Girlfriend?” Alex spat.

“Yeah, problem?” Alisha smirked.

“Stay out of it Alisha” Louise snarled.

“Make me Edwards” Alisha growled.

“Don’t make me hex you” Louise said drawing her wand, luckily Remus went over to her and grabbed her wand and held her back just as James expelliarmused Alisha.

“How long for?” Rosie asked Sirius.

“A few days why?” Sirius shot at her. Rosie shrugged and muttered something like ‘enjoy it whilst you can then Alisha’. Alex snickered.

“You do know she started those rumors about us? She was the one who told everyone what I said!” Alex snarled.

“Bull” Sirius glared at her.

“True, Sirius I was there” Lily said. Sirius ignored Lily his eyes on Alex, this made her uncomfortable.

“I didn’t even mean it when I said I hated you, I was trying to convince myself I didn’t lo-” Alex stopped, she hated telling her feelings, especially in front of a crowded common room and as she did have a boyfriend.

“You didn’t what” Alisha taunted. Sirius had gone bright red and muttered something like ‘leave it’.

“No I want to hear her say it, I want her to be embarrassed, how dare she accuse me of things I didn’t even do, how dare she make a fool out of you and of my best friend” Alisha snarled.

“Go on say it, I dare you” Alisha snickered.

“Wow you really should’ve been a Slytherin shouldn’t you?” Louise snapped.

“No I just want her to be revealed for the bitch she really is, everyone thinks she’s so perfect well she’s not, she’s a cow, a slut, a bitch and virgin” Alisha taunted her.

“Im not a virgin” Alex raged.

“No? Well I asked Daniel and he said you and him still haven’t slept together, hmm why not?, you claim you and Sirius never did, you were never with anyone in between Pain and Sirius, so who did you sleep with McCord” Alisha spat.

Alex went bright red; everyone would know she was a liar. Louise had slept with Remus and they’d only been together a few weeks, Lily had slept with Paul and Rosie had slept with some guy she met on holiday. Alex was the only virgin out of her friends, she wasn’t ashamed of it, but she had lied and now everyone would know.

“Just so you know, now. I actually do hate you Sirius Black” Alex muttered before turning on her heel and walking up to the dormitory where she lead on her bed and cried, she cried, she ignored Sirius’ knocks at the door, she ignored Lily trying to open her curtains even though Alex had put a hex on them so only she could open them.

She ignored Rosie and Louise’s pleading voices. She ignored the fact that her parents hated her. She ignored the fact that her younger sister wouldn’t look at her even though they used to be best friends. She ignored the world.

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Chapter 13: Chapter 13
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It had been almost a week since the confrontation in the common room, and it was Friday last lesson and Lily couldn’t wait until the weekend. Alex was complaining about Sirius again, Lily sighed, she loved Alex but when was she going to realize her and Sirius belonged together, if she went running to him saying she wanted him and her to work, he would say yes in an instant. At least that’s what Lily thought. The Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was still a few months away, just after they got back from Christmas and Alex had been training like crazy.

“He’s been an idiot Al, but forget about him, I mean Hogsmeade tomorrow, can we find some dates pleeeeeeeeease” Lily begged her friend.

“I’ll save you the time Evans im right here, im single and ready to mingle, but only with you” James added with a wink.

“Oh hi Potter” Lily grunted, she wasn’t in a very James mood.

“Oooh touchy Evans what’s going on?” James smirked.

“Not much, Hogsmeade tomorrow and no dates” Lily sighed.

“Well I have a date” James said modestly.
“Who?” Lily snorted.

“I dunno hold on, HEY HANNAH? WANNA BE MY DATE FOR HOGSMEADE?” James shouted across the room to a Hufflepuff seventh year who nodded and smiled, she was very pretty not all girly and giggly Lily noticed she was Ravenclaw’s seeker. She had dark brown hair down to her shoulders and dark blue eyes.

“Mr Potter back to your potion” Slughorn shouted at him over the noise.

“Subtle James” Alex chuckled.

“Subtlety is my middle name” James winked at them.

Lily snorted and continued with her potion.

“So ladies are we excited about coming to Casa de James in about a month?” James smirked.

“Should be good” Alex smiled at him, Lily nodded.

“Okay doke, well I’ll leave you to your potions ladies” James said as he walked off with a wink at Lily.

Lily rolled her eyes; she could not believe she was friends with him now. She supposed he had gotten better and he was nicer, he was definitely good looking, how come she had never noticed it before.

“Everything ok with you and Daniel?” Lily asked her friend once James had gone.

“Yupp everything’s great we’re doing great, I do, I do love him Lil” she smiled, Lily laughed, Alex’s relationship with Daniel had been going uphill since the Halloween Ball.

“Really I thought you were too cold hearted to fall in love McCord?” came Sirius’ annoyed voice.

“What do you want Black?” Alex muttered not really looking him. Lily was surprised she hardly ever called him by his surname.

“We need to talk about Halloween” Sirius said casually.

“I have nothing to say to you” Alex said coolly.

“Fine, then I guess this is what we’ll do, we’ll forget the fact that we were together for eight nearly nine months, we’ll forget the fact that before we came here we were best friends, let’s forget everything shall we?” Sirius spat at her.

“Sounds good to me” Alex replied. With that Sirius stormed off and went into full snog with Alisha, but to Lily’s surprise Alex didn’t seem to notice.



Then he lowered his voice and said to Lily, “right I better go sit at the Ravenclaw table, you stay up here and wait for your date, ok?” Lily grinned at him and nodded. He made his way to the Ravenclaw table, Lily had never seen James look so in charge. After ten minutes everyone had picked from the hat, so Lily raised her voice and shouted.


After fifteen minutes everyone had found their partners Lily had Peter which made her feel a little awkward at least she had a friend and not a Slytherin.

Lily and James had to do this for another two hours with everyone from third year and up. It was a long day.


“So who’s everyone got?” Rosie asked casually, herself, Lily, Louise, Alex and the Marauders were sat in the heads common room.

“Well me and Alex are paired up” Remus chuckled, Alex laughed, Louise didn’t seem to mind that, Alex being her best friend, Rosie assumed it was ok.

“Snivellus” Louise muttered, and Sirius and James burst out laughing, Louise shot them death glares. Lily giggled.

“Me and Pete got each other” Lily smiled. Lily got a friend so that was okay, funny it was Peter though.

“I got Hannah” James beamed, Rosie raised her eyebrows, this was the new girlfriend Lily had been telling her about.

"I reckon you jinxed that" Remus said darkly.

"If i had jinxed it Moony i would've ended up with Lily" he said sending a cheeky wink Lily's way, she rolled her eyes and returned to her magazine.

“Jasmine” Sirius said darkly.

“So much for different house pairings” Rosie chuckled.

“Who’d you get Rose?” James asked her.

“Alex’s boyfriend, Daniel Pain” Rosie laughed, Alex chuckled.

“I don’t care as long as I can dance with him at some point Chaplin” Alex winked.

“Oh Al im pretty sure you and him will be doing more by the end of the night” Rosie smirked, the boys had gone back to their own conversation and were barely playing the girls attention anymore.

“Come off it Ro” Alex smiled, “anyway, it might not be the first time if we did” all the three girls heads shot up at this.

“Are you serious Al?” Lily gaped at her, Alex blushed.

“After Hogsmeade the other day” Alex giggled.

“You slept with him?” Louise said loudly, Alex threw her a look and Louise smacked her hand over her mouth just as the four boys looked at them, mouths open.

“What?!” Sirius glared, he seemed shocked and mad.

“Uhh” Alex said nervously.

“Come on guys not again, you were being civil” James moaned. Lily sniggered.

“You’ve slept with him?” Sirius said eyes widening.

“Uh-oh” Remus muttered, Louise shifted uncomfortably in his lap.

“So what? We’ve been together for ages, and I was the only virgin, im sick of people treating like a loser” Alex retaliated, she was obviously trying the angry approach to Sirius’ outburst instead of the calm one.

“Oh so this was about proving a point?” Sirius shot at her.

“No it was that I was finally with someone who treated me right and cared about me, and I was ready” Alex spat at him.

“Oh but I didn’t care about you and didn’t treat you right?, I mean at first! You didn’t have sex with me?” Sirius raged at her.

“I can have sex with whomever I want Sirius” Alex shouted at him storming out of the common room and running up to the dormitories.


“What shall I wear?” Rosie moaned.

Flinging her long sliver dress on her bed and looking at her purple one next to it they were both gorgeous but she had no clue which one to wear. The silver one was backless with a halter net and flowed down to her feet, but the purple one was strapless and went down to her knees.

“Purple one; it’ll compliment your eyes!” Lily shouted from the bathroom.

“Yeah it might do that or it might make you look like a giant grape Chaplin” Jasmine sniggered from her bed. Rosie ignored her and pulled on the Purple dress with matching purple pumps.


“Shall I wear my red which goes to the floor or my white one which is quite tubey and it emphasizes my bum?” Louise mused.

“God Lou, someone wants Snivellus’ attention” Alex sniggered picking up the white dress.

“Red dress it is” Louise muttered.


“Where’s my pink dress with the thin straps Lou?” Alex shouted to her best friend who had just got out of the shower.

“Oh my mum sent me an owl saying you left it at mine in the summer, sorry I completely forgot, but I want you to wear your Black short one which goes down to your knees and it like ruffles out a bit, but not too much” Louise shouted back.

“Good idea” Alex cried.


“Lily what are you wearing?” Rosie said to her.

“Umm green one which goes to my knees, it’s short sleeved, it flows out at the waist” Lily muttered grabbing her dress out of her trunk.
The girls rushed around doing make-up and hair, when Louise said she only had five minutes till she had to meet Snape.

“Where are you meeting him?” Lily asked her.

“Entrance hall” Louise said bitterly, she obviously was really dreading it, and Lily didn’t blame her.

She grabbed her purse and ran out the dormitory and down the stairs.
“Poor girl” Rosie muttered, Lily chuckled.

“Where are you two meeting your dates?” Rosie mused.

“Umm me and Alex are meeting Pete and Remus at the Fat Lady’s Portrait” Lily smiled, “how about you?”

“Im meeting Daniel” Rosie chuckled, “In the entrance hall in two minutes, oh shiiit two minutes better dash, love ya both, don’t worry Al I’ll give him a snog from ya” Alex laughed at her.

“Come on Al let’s go, we’re meeting Pete and Remus in 3 minutes” Lily shouted to Alex who had just gone to the loo for the third time in 10 minutes.

“Kay” Alex said almost differently to normal, she seemed on edge and different.

“Alex what’s going on? Why are your eyes all bloodshot?” Lily asked her friend curiously.

“I feel really ill” Alex said sleepily, Lily frowned at her.

Alex looked down not meeting her eyes. Lily tried to work out what was going on until Alex ran to the loo and threw up.

“Alex, oh my god, what’s happened to you?” Lily gasped.

“Just feel ill” Alex muttered, looking dizzy and very ill.
“Don’t lie to me” Lily told her.

“Just feeling ill, Madam Pomfrey said its something to do with my blood” Alex said more to the floor than to Lily.

“That’s because you probably don’t have any blood left” Lily hissed, lifting up Alex’s wrists.

There were slashes everywhere, not deep cuts, but horrible ones, they were pink, like they were fading but she must of lost a lot of blood.

“How long has this been going on for Al?” Lily asked her shocked.

“Few months” she muttered.

“Since when?” Lily asked again.

“Since me and Sirius split, since I started going out with Daniel, even more since I cheated” Alex said tearfully, tears were falling down her cheeks, Lily sighed.

“Alex, he is not worth this, please stop, please” Lily urged her, Alex nodded.

“I’ll try” she whispered.

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Chapter 14: Chapter 14
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When Lily and Alex had got to the Great Hall with Peter and Remus, apologizing that they were late. Most people were there, it looked beautiful. Snowflakes drifting from the ceiling, everything a snowy white, Christmas lights hung up everywhere and the Christmas tree were massive, decorated from head to foot with lights and decorations. It looked magical. ‘How ironic’ Alex thought.

She looked around and saw Jasmine sat at a table with Sirius whilst Alisha was shooting her death glares. Remus started to make his way to that table followed by Peter and Lily, she grabbed his arm.

‘Um Remus, where are we going?” Alex asked him.

“That table” Remus replied nonchalantly.

“Why?” Alex said almost desperately. Remus stopped and turned to her and chuckled.

“Because it’s our table Al. Me and you, Lily and Peter, Sirius and Jasmine, James and Hannah, Lou and Severus and Rosie and Daniel” Remus chuckled.

Alex smiled, trying to hide her disappointment that Sirius would be on that table.

Remus laughed and they walked to the table only to be greeted by a very happy to see Remus and some fellow Gryffindor’s Louise and a very cheerful Daniel who greeted Alex with a kiss.

Lily sat down next to James who was sat next to Hannah who was sat next to Snivellus who was sat next to Louise who was sat by Remus who was sat by Alex who was sat by Daniel who was sat by Rosie who was sat by Sirius who was sat by Jasmine who was sat by Peter who was sat by Lily.

“Great a tale full of Gryffindor’s, which include two Mudbloods, a few blood traitors and The Marauders and a Hufflepuff” Snape muttered.

“Be careful you don’t get your hair in your soup Sniv, that’ll give it a greasy taste” Sirius spat. Alex grinned, she respected Sirius for standing up for his friends, he looked up her and noticed her grinning at him, he smiled back and she blushed and looked at her soup.

“Alex, a bit of your hairs gone into your soup” Lily giggled; Alex chuckled and wiped her hair on her napkin whilst Snivellus said.

“Be careful McCord there’s a bit of blood traitor in that soup now” Snape jeered.

“Don’t call her that” Sirius snarled.

“You can’t talk much Black being a Blood Traitor yourself” Snape continued.

“Call her that again and I will dunk your head so far in your soup you won’t ever see the outside world again” Sirius snapped at him viciously.

“Oh trying to kill me again Black?” Snape muttered.

Sirius went bright red and muttered something like ‘shut your greasy mouth’ whilst Remus and James glared at Snape, and Alex looked at Sirius with a confused look on her face he smiled at her and tried to brush it off.

“Witches and Wizards” Dumbledore beamed, when the feast was finished. “I hope you enjoyed your feast, I would now wish for you to stand up whilst the house elves clear away the tables and make your way to the dance floor with your partner”. The tables and chairs vanished and music started to play and people danced.

“Alex? Would you like to dance?” Alex heard Daniel’s voice she hadn’t danced with him all night, ah well they had only been dancing for an hour.

“I would love to” She beamed at him.

After about seven songs Alex made her way to the drinks table and bumped right into Sirius Black.

“Sorry” she muttered.

“S’ok” he murmured. She was about to pass him when he spoke to her.

“Al, don’t listen to Sniv, your not a blood traitor, your just a pureblood who finally did the right thing” Sirius smiled at her.

“So are you” she smiled back.

“Thanks” he chuckled.

“Well see ya” Alex grinned at him.

“Wait a sec” He said before she turned around, “Can we be friends again? I mean we’re going to James’ in about a week and I don’t want things to be awkward” she nodded and smiled, she turned around to get her drink grinning to herself, wondering why she ever did all those things to feel better about Sirius.


“Hey Lily?” Lily turned around from dancing with Remus, Louise, James and Peter to see her ex-boyfriend Paul Withers smiling at her, she smiled back at him, she had nothing against him, he hadn’t been very nice towards the end of their relationship but otherwise he had been the perfect boyfriend, he was gorgeous to, just looking at him made her legs go to jelly.

“Hi Paul” she smiled, she would try to be civil.

“Can I talk to you” he paused, looking at Louise who was glaring at him, Peter, Remus and James were giving him evil eyes, “alone”.

“Sure” Lily beamed.

She wasn’t sure why she was being so cheerful. He led her to two seats on the edge of the room and they sat down, he looked at her and kissed her, she was so shocked but she didn’t pull away, she couldn’t lie she had sort of missed him out of the corner of her eye she saw James stood their glaring at her, she closed her eyes and opened them and he was gone. She felt strangely guilty. Lily suddenly pulled away.

“Sorry I just had to, I mean, Lily I missed you so much” Paul said desperately.

“What happened to your girlfriend?” Lily snapped.

“She was nothing compared to you, come on give me another go? Please” Paul begged.

Lily was about to say no until she saw James out of the corner of his eye snogging Hannah practically having sex with her in the middle of the great hall. She felt a pang of jealousy in the pit of her stomach and looked at Paul.

“We can give it a go” She said to him trying to smile. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her again.

Lily kissed him back, remembering when she kissed James this was nothing like then, when she had kissed James it was like fireworks she tried not to admit it, but it had felt like fireworks and kissing Paul felt like nothing, she tried to ignore it and remember that James was player and Paul was lovely. But the truth was James treated her better than Paul ever had. But Lily still ignored this and continued to kiss him.

She was shocked, she couldn’t admit it, but she was falling for James Potter, she didn’t know how, and she didn’t know why, but she was.


“YOU CAN’T SERIOUSLY BE DATING PAUL AGAIN?” Louise shouted at her when they had gone to the toilet. Lily smiled at her friend sadly.

“He likes me Lou” Lily said sadly.

“He treated you like a bag of shit” Louise fumed.

“Louise he is the only boy in this school that wants to be with me, it’s Christmas and all my friends have boyfriends, Rosie’s met this cute Ravenclaw sixth year that she’s crazy about, you have Remus, Alex has Daniel, Sirius has Alisha, Peter was trying to chat up a fifth year earlier and she was into him and James has Hannah. I don’t want to be lonely anymore Lou, im sick of it” Lily had started to cry.

“But Lily there are so many great guys out there, so many guys better than him” Louise whined, but putting a comforting arm around her friend.

“Yeah but all the great guys I want to date seem to have given up” Lily started then gasped smacking a hand over her mouth and burying her head in her hands.

“Lily?! Oh my god Lily, you like James, you do don’t you?” Louise chuckled.

“Shut upppp! He has a girlfriend Lou” Lily whined, standing over the sink looking into the mirror

“Yeah he does so you better stay away from him Evans” came the voice of Hannah Parkinson. Lily looked in the mirror Hannah was standing in the doorway of a cubicle; Lily had forgotten to check to see if anyone was in the cubicles.

“Hannah what you heard” Lily started.

“I know what I heard Evans, if I hear you’ve been making a move on my boyfriend, me and him are doing quite well actually so you know what, don’t even bother telling him how you feel or I swear to Merlin I will hunt you down and hex you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week” Hannah snarled. She flicked her brown hair over her head and walked out of the toilets. Lily stood there frozen; Louise put an arm around her.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go to James’ this Christmas with you guys, I can easily go home it’s not too late” Lily muttered.

“Noooo, you do that and that bitch has won, Lily you deserve to go as much as anyone else” Louise reassured her.

“Sure?” Lily asked her friend.

“Of course I am sure im always sure, and Lily I don’t care if the boys are there this Christmas we are going to have a girly holiday ok? less boyfriends and more mates ok?” Louise smiled at her as they made their way out of the toilets.


Louise got into a bed and breathed, after a long night, she could hear James and Sirius snoring on the floor and Lily breathing heavily. It had been a horrible night; Louise couldn’t believe what she was hearing when she woke up.

“Who’s shouting?” Louise groaned as she sat up.

She could hear Lily cursing under her breath and Rosie yawning, she sat up and looked across at Alex’s bed, Alex was thrashing about in her sleep, shouting and screaming. Louise got straight up and rushed across the room. Alex was sobbing now as well as screaming and crying, her words started to become much more noticeable to hear, Lily was stood at the foot of Alex’s bed frozen and Rosie was trying to shake her awake but Alex seemed to be having a fit. Alisha and Jasmine had also started to wake up and both looked shocked and a little bit scared. Alex was becoming much easier to listen to now.

“What’s she saying?” Lily sobbed.

“Shh” Rosie hissed.


“Oh my god, Alex wake up please wake up” Lily shouted at her, shaking her awake, but nothing seemed to work.


“Right that’s it” Louise said loudly over Alex’s shouts, she was surprised half of Gryffindor house hadn’t heard. Louise had started to make her way out the door before Rosie shouted to her;

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think? To get Sirius” Louise told her. Alisha giggled probably at the thought of her boyfriend seeing her in her nightie, although he’d probably seen her in less than that before anyway.

“How the hell will he get in here?” Rosie shouted still trying to calm down Alex, who was still trashing about, not shouting as much anymore.

“If anyone can do it, the Marauders can” Louise said halfway out the door, she stated to run, Alex had started shouting again. Louise ran down the corridor and found Sirius, James, Peter and Remus’s room, she flung open the door and ran to Sirius’ bed, slapping him awake.

“Sirius wake up, please wake up” She muttered, he just rolled over in his sleep and groaned.

“SIRIUS” She screamed, he jumped up, she heard groans from the other Marauders but ignored them, and she needed Sirius now.

“What’s going on?” Remus said groggily from his bed.

“Sirius, I need you now, it’s Alex, you have to come, come on” she yelled pulling him out of bed.

“What about Alex?” Sirius asked her pulling on his top and shaking James awake whilst Remus shook Peter awake.

“She’s having a horrible dream and she won’t wake up, it’s scaring us, she keeps shouting for you and her grandma, she keeps asking you not to die and asking you to save her” Louise said panicky as the Marauders followed her out the door and back to their room.

The boys cast a few spells and ran inside, Sirius was ignoring Alisha’s giggles and hellos. He ran straight over to Alex and grabbed her hands and started to shake her as the other marauders, Lily, Louise and Rosie stood by her bed looking shocked.


“Sunday Ladies, what shall we do?” James asked Lily, Alex, Rosie and Louise, as himself and the rest of the Marauders made their way down to the common room.

“Oooh, it’s snowing” Lily squealed, James grinned.

“Right that’s settled annual snowball fight of the year” James smiled.

The group made their way onto the grounds and split into two teams. Lily, James, Alex and Sirius vs Remus, Louise, Rosie and Peter. They were hitting each other with snowballs for about an hour, until Lily threw one at Remus and it missed and hit (to James’ delight) Snivellus in the face. He was making his way up from the lake with Avery and Bellatrix. Sirius growled, glaring at them. James had never thought he looked more like a dog, when he wasn’t in his animagi form; he was baring his teeth and snarling at them.

“Oi Mudblood hit any of us again and I’ll come over there and Crucio you” Bellatrix snarled.

“Sorry Bella, she probably didn’t realize hitting him would offend you. So when did you crazy kids get together?” Sirius taunted, “Hey Sniv, we’ll be cousins in law”.

“Grow up Black” Bellatrix snapped, “you’re not my cousin, you filthy blood traitor”. Sirius was obviously about to retaliate when two voices distracted him.

“Oi Snape, I needed to talk to you about something, don’t just scuttle off in the morning yeah?” Came the voice of Regulus Black, Sirius’ sixth year brother, James looked at his best friend as did Alex, but a new voice came which made Alex’s head snap up.

“Bella, I have your shoes up in my dorm just say when you want them back” Came the voice of Clementia McCord. Alex’s eyes went into slits and she glared at her sister. James saw Lily look at Alex with a look of worry on her face.

“Ah are we having a conversation with the Blood Traitors and The Mudbloods. Potter, Black, Alexandra, Evans and Edwards. Oh and there’s a few halfsies in there too. Lovely” Clementia smirked.

“Don’t you dare call my friends, Mudbloods, Halfsies or Blood traitors you little brat” Alex snarled, Sirius had to hold her back.

“Dear oh dear, temper, temper” Clementia taunted, “the rumors going round about you sis, they’re disgusting. Little slut, well if you and Black get married you can have little blood traitor babies”.

“They’d be better than your kids any day because they wouldn’t have your nose” Alex snarled at her.

“But then again, you lot obviously don’t care about noses because I hear you-know-poo hasn’t got one” Sirius sniggered.

“Don’t you dare insult the dark lord” Regulus growled.

“The Dark Lord is it? I thought it was Voldemort? You know what im going to create my own group of followers” James said turning to his friends, “Just call me Lord Potter guys” They sniggered.

“Think your funny Potter?” Regulus spat at him, drawing his wand.

“No, just fairly amusing” James rounded on him, with Sirius at his side.

“Piss off Regulus, go on and send a letter to Lord Voldieboobs and tell him how many Muggle-borns you’ve tried to scare shitless today and failed.” Sirius mocked.

Regulus muttered something to the others and they all made their way back up to the castle, but not before Clementia turned around and spoke to Alex.

“Your dead to me Alexandra” she spat.

“You’ve been dead to me along time” Alex said coolly.

I’ve just finished the whole story, but im in the process of writing a prequel and a sequel because I need stuff to write about, its exactly sixty chapters long:’).

Chapter 15: Chapter 15
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Disclaimer: all rights go to J.K she’s the genius, im just borrowing her amazing ideas and creating my own story line with them:) and a few new characters:).


Pushing in a book, Madam Pince shouted at her again, cursing her saying that that book didn’t got there, Alex cursed under her breath. It was a Saturday and whilst everyone else was out watching Slytherin v Ravenclaw Alex had detention in the library, she looked up at the clock she had been here for hours.

She was in a bad mood too, she and Daniel had had an argument and she felt tired as Madam Pince was the worst person to have to do your detention with. About an hour later, Madam Pince finally said she could go, Alex sighed in relief, she was almost hoping to catch the end of the match but walking out of the library and past the staircase which led up to the Ravenclaw common room she heard cheering and loud noises, assuming they had won she continued to walk.

The castle was empty, most people would be in their common rooms celebrating or commiserating. Slytherin would be commiserating together. Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor would all be celebrating the fact that Slytherin lost.

Alex decided to take the long route back, walking along the third floor corridor she saw muddy footprints leading round the corner, curiosity winning her over she followed them. Walking round the corner she bumped straight into Sirius Black.

Falling on the floor banging her head, she cursed under her breath. She rubbed her head and pulled herself to a sitting position, Sirius was stood over her, smirking. She raised her eyebrows as he leant his arm down to pull her up, she sighed and grabbed it.

“Fancy seeing you here” he grinned, she glanced down at his shoes which were covered in mud, obviously seeing her looking at him she answered her curious expression, “I had a fly around on my broomstick after the match, Slytherin and Ravenclaw aren’t the only houses who get to fly today” he shrugged, Alex smiled.

“Anyway why aren’t you in the common room celebrating the fact that Ravenclaw won” Alex asked him, he shrugged.

“I celebrated differently” he said mischievously.

“And how would that be?” she sighed.

“I chucked Dungbombs in the Slytherin changing rooms” Sirius grinned, Alex snorted and smiled at him.

“Haven’t seen you around in a while” he added, she shrugged, “why weren’t you at the match?”

“Detention with Madam Pince” she said grumpily.

“Ha, what for?” Sirius chuckled.

“Shouting in the library and throwing a book at Rosie” Alex said with a small smile, Sirius grinned at her. Not his normal smirk, a genuine grin which he hadn’t given her since they were together, her heart skipped a beat.

“I haven’t properly spoken to you since you had that dream” he said quietly, she frowned.

“It was just a dream” she shrugged.

“Alex it was horrible for us” he told her firmly.

“For you too?” she asked, biting her lip, he nodded, she sat down on a bench in the corridor, “it was horrible to have, I just kept seeing you die and then I couldn’t find you and then I started panicking and when you woke me up I imagined what it would be like if you actually died and I just couldn’t handle it” she said shaking slightly, he slipped his arm around her, she didn’t shrug him off, there was nobody around, no more rumors.

“Imagine how I would feel if you died?” he told her, “I’d avenge anyone who murdered you” he said fiercely, she gave a nervous chuckle and looked at him.

His grey eyes melting into her green ones, she bit her lip nervously, she rarely felt nervous around Sirius but she couldn’t deny she had butterflies. He took his arm off her shoulders and slipped his fingers into hers and leant forward and kissed her furiously, gently but deeply. She smiled in between his soft kisses and kissed him back, he pulled her up from the bench.

“Sirius” she whispered, he groaned.

“Don’t talk” he murmured, kissing her neck.

“Sirius” she said again a little louder.

“What?” he groaned, pulling himself away from her, looking pissed off, she smirked at him.

“Sirius, should we?” she said gesturing her head to the broom cupboard they were next to, he grinned mischievously at her, and her heart skipped a beat.

He kicked the door open and continued to kiss her, she followed him inside kicking the door close behind her, she kissed him deeply.

She fiddled with the zipper on his navy hoodie, pulling it down and ripping it off him he fumbled with the zip on his jeans whilst still kissing her. He was stood in his V-necked white t-shirt, and his unzipped jeans. She pulled off her zip up maroon hoodie she was officially freezing in her jeans and strappy navy top, but she continued to kiss him.

She ran her hands through his hair, he slipped his round her waist. She moved her to his back and under his t-shirt, pulling it off over his head, he must’ve been freezing but he didn’t seem to mind, he started kissing her neck and she gaped at his chest, she had seen it before but not in months. He was much more buff, he now had a fully formed six back and his muscles seemed to of gotten bigger. He stopped kissing her neck and pulled back to look at her, he saw her gaping at his chest a winked at her.

She poked her tongue out at him and flung her arms around his neck, kissing her deeply on the mouth, she opened her mouth letting his tongue find hers. He kissed her sweetly, as the kisses got deeper and more tender, guilt started to sink in.

She never felt this with anyone other than Sirius, why couldn’t she just stay with Sirius, she loved him. No she didn’t she loved Daniel, she had a funny way of showing it. She pulled back from Sirius and looked him in the eye and gave him a sad smile, he chuckled nervously.

“I think, we got carried away” he mumbled, she nodded.

“What are we doing?” she sighed slipping down to sit on the floor, he shrugged.

“Sexual tension” he grinned, pulling his shirt over his head, she had one last gape at his body but sadly he noticed, “want me to keep it off Al?” he winked, she poked her tongue out.

“We’re both with people, but this always ends up happening?” she murmured, he sat down next to her his shirt still off, putting a comforting arm around her.

“It never goes further, every teenager does this, it happens, nobody is perfect, stop beating yourself up over it” he whispered in her ear.

“I sure give you a lot of stick over something I’ve done too, im such a hypocrite” she sighed, he snorted.

“You’re no way near as bad as me, and you know it, plus I don’t think you could ever bring yourself to cheat on Daniel fully, it would kill you, you’re not a bad person, you’d never be as bad as me, you just got carried away, you wouldn’t sleep with someone else, it’s not you” he told her, she sighed resting her head on his shoulder whilst he stroked her hair.

“You know…” she mumbled not wanting to be any louder, lifting her head up to look at him.

“What?” he whispered back.

“I think I’ll always love you” she barely whispered, he tightened his arm around her and kissed her softly on the cheek.

“Same here” he sighed, “I do love you” he muttered, she rested her head on his shoulder. Both comfortable just being next to each other, they didn’t move for what felt like hours.


Alex walked up to the dorm wondering what Sirius had got Alisha, probably nothing yet. Last year Sirius had gotten Alex a beautiful golden heart shaped necklace, which engraved on it changed from Alexandra McCord to I love you. Alex loved it, she hadn’t worn it in a while, she would wear it to the Christmas feast tonight, and Professor Dumbledore had told everyone to wear their pajamas and Santa hats. It would be hilarious.

She tried to forget about how guilty she felt, her and Sirius had decided to forget about this as they had been getting along so well.

About two hours later Alex pulled on her pajamas, Lily and Rosie had just gotten back from the library, Alex saw Lily slip a book into her bag called something like ‘It’s a Full Moon’. She was probably studying Remus’ lycanthropy Yes Alex knew about that, she figured it out in fifth year, the same time as Louise and Lily but hadn’t told anyone and Remus had told her just before he was about to ask Louise out. Alex didn’t care he was still Remus, kind, sweet and little shy.

“Alexandra McCord, we haven’t seen that jewelry in about eight months, is it a special occasion?” Rosie shouted sarcastically from the doorway, pretending she had never seen it before.

Louise gasped and Lily snickered.

“Sirius’ necklace eh?” Louise said with a wink.

“Shut up, he asked me the other night at the ball, if I ever wore it and that’s the second time he’s asked and he hoped I did because it looked nice on me” Alex blushed, deciding not to mention earlier to her friends.

“Alex is in loooooooooooooooooooooooooove” Rosie giggled.

“I have a boyfriend remember and he has a girlfriend!” Alex said quickly.

“But honestly do you wish he didn’t?” Lily laughed.

Alex blushed and ignored them; she would not discuss Sirius anymore. She pulled on her checked pajama bottoms and her strappy maroon top, whilst Lily pulled on her long black bottoms and her white strappy top, Louise pulled on a long-sleeved green top and white three quarter length bottom and Rosie chucked on a short sleeved purple top with grey strippey bottoms. The girls made their way down the stairs only to bump into James, Sirius and Remus. Peter was in bed with a cold.

Remus was wearing long pajama bottoms with a grey baggy short sleeved top and James and Sirius were wearing long bottoms Sirius’ brown and James’ Dark blue and they were both topless. Alex came over a bit red and was aware her mouth was open, Lily who had also gone red hit Alex on the back of her head. James and Sirius were both fit boys, they had six packs and muscle. Alex had seen Sirius shirtless earlier but seeing him again made her blush thoughts from earlier coming back to mind. Alex thought she’d faint; obviously she had gone red as Louise was staring at her giggling, as they made their way down the stairs.

“What were you staring at Al?” Louise whispered.

“I wasn’t” Alex snapped. Remus chuckled and Alex went even redder.

When they got down to the feast Lily sat facing James, Louise faced Remus, Rosie sat next Alex and to Alex’s embarrassment she was facing Sirius. She tried not to look at him because every time she did she ended up staring at his body, so she looked at her plate and fiddled with her necklace.

“Nice necklace” Sirius grinned cheekily at her, she looked up and blushed, it was odd, she never bushed around Sirius, and she had never felt embarrassed around him before.

“I like it” was all she said, Sirius grinned at her she didn’t know why but Sirius made her feel special, he made her feel like she was the only girl in the world. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned around and Harry was beaming at her, she flung the necklace behind her neck only showing the chain.

“Hi” she grinned at him, pushing the guilt out of her stomach.

“Hey I just want to give you your Christmas present, but I don’t want you to open it until Christmas day ok?” he grinned at her, she nodded a smile planted on her lips, she leaned up and kissed him very lightly on the lips, trying to forget about Sirius even though she was pretty sure he was watching them.

“Merry Christmas” she shouted at him as he walked back to his place further down the table.

She turned back around only to see Alisha sat in Sirius’ lap, they were practically eating each other. Alex could feel jealousy rising in her, the feast was over, and she ripped off the necklace and chucked it at Sirius. She got up from the table and ran to the common room, curling up in an arm chair she burst into tears. He had no respect for her whatsoever.


“LESS GOOD LOOKING MARAUDERS WAKE UP” James shouted to his friends.

“Shut up Prongs and go back to sleep” Sirius practically screamed at him.

“No can do Paddy, the Hogwarts express leaves in 2 hours and we need to be up and ready and so do the girls, so Sirius if you get up now you can have the pleasure of coming with me to wake up the girls who will be in their pajamas” James said with a wink. Sirius sat up.

“Coming” he shouted running out of the dorm followed by James, when they got to the door, Sirius cast a few spells and the door opened and in they walked.


Alisha woke up at the sound of her boyfriend in the room. She looked up and saw James and rushed over to him, James groaned as he knew what she would say.

“James, please, please, please can me and Jazz stay at yours this winter. I want to spend Christmas with Siri” she begged.

“Sorry Alisha but I think it would be weird you being my ex and Sirius being Jasmines and frankly these four don’t like you” he said gesturing to Lily, Rosie and Louise who were up and to Alex who Sirius was trying to drag out of bed, Alex still wasn’t speaking to him after yesterday and Sirius was a little confused to what he had done.

“Oh James call me Al, it’s a new nickname im trying out” Alisha said nonchalantly. Alex sat straight up at this, looking ready to kill and slaughter her prey.

“Pardon? Call you what?” Alex asked Alisha.

“Call me Al” Alisha smirked.

“Um you’re kidding right?” Louise scoffed, Alisha shook her head and Alex lost it.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY LIFE OR SOMETHING?” Alex screamed waking up Jasmine.

“What are you on about?” Alisha pretended to play the fool.

“OH MY GOD I HATE YOU” Alex screamed at her, she lunged for Alisha luckily Sirius caught her and held her back.

“Alex calm down ok, go have a shower or something” Sirius told.

Alex glared at him for a second but eventually walked into the bathroom.

“Right, Lily, Rosie, Lou and Alex who is not here right now, we will meet you in the Great Hall in an hour do not be late, Sirius will cry if he misses breakfast” James announced.


“Al? Are you ready to go meet the boys for the train?” Lily shouted, they had finished breakfast about half an hour ago and were now getting there stuff ready. Rosie and Louise had already gone down and Lily was waiting for Alex.

“Yeah im ready” Alex grinned.

“Good, so um, are you going to talk to Sirius about what happened at the feast” she asked her curiously.

“Thanks, and I dunno it’s getting harder to be friends with him” Alex replied. Lily shook her head

“Alex? Can I talk to you about something?” Lily asked her curiously.

“Sure, do the others know?” Alex replied casually.

“Well Louise found out at the dance and I told Rosie the other day” Lily said slowly.

“Is this about your liking James?” Alex replied coolly.

“How did you know?” Lily asked her face bursting with redness, thank god they were the only two left in the dorm.

“Rosie told me” she answered nonchalantly, she didn’t even seem surprised.

“Lil, she thought I knew” she continued. “And no im not surprised because, I know you. and Louise told me about what Hannah said to you, ignore her she’s a bitch”.

“I like James and you like Sirius again wow” Lily muttered.

“Oh shut up Lil, no I don’t I love Daniel” Alex snapped, her cheeks going red this made Lily laugh. She grabbed her trunk and her owl and followed Alex down the stairs, out the common and towards the entrance hall.


They were last to arrive when they got there Hannah was giving James a huge hug and kiss before giving him his present and glaring at Lily, Lily looked away pointedly. She finally gave him one last kiss and walked away. But then ‘lucky’ Lily, Paul turned up, he handed over her present and gave her a kiss goodbye as he was apparating like Hannah back to his parents’ house from Hogsmeade, Rosie mimed being sick, Lily hit her.

Lily promised she’d owl hers to him as it was at the bottom of her trunk. Finally when Daniel and Alex had said goodbye, Rosie and Lucas (the sixth year she was with at the dance, he like Jasmine, Alisha and Daniel were going by portkey) and Sirius and Alisha had said goodbye, they made their way down to Hogsmeade station, it wasn’t a far walk, Lily was walking with James and Alex, whilst Sirius, Louise and Peter were talking and Rosie and Remus were chatting about something to do with DADA.

When they finally got on the Hogwarts Express they grabbed a compartment all to themselves. Nobody seemed to bother them, so they chucked their luggage onto the luggage racks and sat down. Everyone seemed to be in the festive mood, everyone but Alex and Lily. Alex was moping about Sirius but when asked if she was ok, she muttered something about a headache.

Lily was annoyed with herself that she had ever agreed to be with Paul again and that she thought James might’ve given up on her after the Christmas Dance, she sighed and joined in with the conversation on whether Sirius would make a good dog, she chuckled, nobody seemed to understand why he was talking about it except James, Remus and Peter.

“Ohhh come on I’d be an excellent dog” Sirius bragged. James chuckled

“Right then Sirius” Lily smirked.

“Come on I mean how good of a dog would I be? I reckon in my past life I was a dog, siriusly, pardon the pun. Like in his past life James would’ve been a stag, you know all proud and thinking he’s like royalty or something which he’s not” Sirius continued to talk as James hit him over the head and shot him a warning look

“And Pete right Pete, he would’ve of been a rat or a mouse, I mean look he can do an excellent impression of one, so why couldn’t I of been a dog” Sirius moaned as Peter stuck out his front teeth, Lily gasped, everyone looked at her.

“Sorry, feel a bit sick need air” she said on her way out of the compartment.

Peter was a rat; James was a stag and Sirius must be must be a dog. She had finally worked it out, after all this time, guessing that James and Peter were a Stag and a Rat; she had never had a clue about Sirius but of course Sirius a dog. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize she had walked straight into someone.

“Oops sorry” Lily muttered, looking up at them. “Oh it’s you”, she groaned, he was the last person she wanted to see now, in fact he was the last person she ever wanted to see really.

“Move out the way you filthy little Mudblood” Severus Snape spat at her.

“When we get back to school that will be 10 points from Slytherin for language” Lily retorted.

Snape glared at her and sauntered back into his compartment. Lily couldn’t help but remember in fourth year when he had gotten a little friendly with Avery and she had lost it.

“Why Avery? He’s freaky Sev!” Lily had whined at him for about the tenth time.

“Leave it out Lil” he spat.

“Hey don’t get funny with me, just because you made friends with a death eater” Lily had retorted. Snape looked at her wide eyed and mouth open.

“You can’t just accuse people of things like that Lily” He told he shocked.

“Well im sorry, but I saw him try to use dark magic on Potter the other day and im telling you, you don’t want to hang around with people like him” Lily had moaned at him.

“What’s Potter got to do with this?” Snape had snarled at her.

“Oh it’s because I am so in love with Potter it hurts and I honestly care what happens to his precious self” Lily had said sarcastically.

“I see you hang around with the mighty Marauders a lot more than before Lily” Snape hissed.

“Oh grow up Sev, Alex thinks Black is good looking plus they used to be friends, she wants to get to know him again, trust me I don’t ever choose to have contact with Potter, plus Remus is alright” Lily had reassured him.

“Remus Lupin im pretty sure he’s a...” Snape had started.

“Drop it Sev, I know your theories and I don’t believe them for a second, your just being stupid” Lily had warned him.

It was funny because from that day on Lily had started to watch Remus a bit more closely it wasn’t until fifth year until she figured it out but she had watched him and made note of when he disappeared. She pushed Severus out of her mind and made her way back to her compartment ready to join in with the Christmas festivities.

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Chapter 16: Chapter 16
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It had been a long train journey and James was pretty sure it was almost the end he couldn’t wait to show them his entire house, James could tell Sirius was excited about showing the girls the Potter House too. Remus and Pete had seen it before, James sort of wished his parents would be there to, but he knew his mum would be very embarrassing about Lily, and James was trying to convince himself he didn’t feel that way about her anymore.

Things were going good with Hannah and James would like to keep it that way, he could tell Hannah had a problem with Lily but he tried to brush it off and just tell himself that maybe it was a good thing they weren’t friends otherwise things would be awkward, plus she was back with that prick Paul, she obviously didn’t want him if she was going to be with a boy who treated her like shit again. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the train coming to a halt.

They were at platform nine and three quarters, it was weird to think when they would arrive here again they would never be going back to Hogwarts.

“Right children” James said clapping his hands together when they were stood in a group on the platform with their entire luggage, “we will be apparating, I will apparate with Pete as it is likely he might get confused” he said shooting his short, nervous looking friend a grin, Peter smiled back, James turned back to the group a continued “Sirius will apparate with Rosie and Remus will apparate with Louise. Sirius and I will come back for Lily and Alex, right boys, apparating into the living room please” with that James was gone.

A few seconds later he was standing in his living room with Pete, they dumped their luggage down and shoved it to the side as Remus and Louise appeared and doing the same thing and a second later Sirius and Rosie appeared, Rosie picked up the luggage and carried it to the side.

“Right Prongs when you’re ready?” Sirius grinned, James grabbed onto his arm and they apparated back to the station where Lily and Alex stood looking freezing, James beamed at Lily when they saw them.

“Right Padfoot you apparate with Miss McCord and I shall take Mrs Potter here” James winked at Lily who hit him, “Im kidding Lils, im kidding, it’s not like that anymore sweet” he winked at her, she shook her head and smiled at him.

“Im not apparating with him” Alex said shocked, James rolled his eyes.

“Oh what the hell” Sirius groaned, Alex frowned at him.

“Alex you are apparating with him get over it, right Paddie see you on the other side” James saluted Sirius who saluted him back.

A few seconds later he and Lily were standing in his living room surrounded by Remus, Louise, Rosie and Peter. They stood back waiting for Sirius and Alex who arrive just shortly after them, the minute their feet touched the floor, Alex shoved away Sirius arm but he pulled her into a huge bear hug, which she reluctantly returned.

“Right if everyone will follow me, except you Padfoot, you can go to your room I know you missed you television” James snickered; Sirius mouthed ‘thanks’ and ran off.

“Television? You do know that’s a muggle thing right?” Louise asked curiously.

“Yes I am aware, Sirius practically begged for one from me for his birthday so I and my parents bought him one as a joint present” James chuckled. Louise grinned.

“Typical Sirius” Remus muttered jokingly.

“Hey Moons and Pete? You’ve got the same room as last year, so if you wanna go on up and get settled you know where they are” James told them, Pete smiled and made his way up, Remus gave Louise a kiss and followed him up there. James turned to face the girls.

“Right ladies you are all on the third floor, boys are on the second, if you need us just shout, you have separate rooms but they are all conjoining unlike us boys, so if you need each other you are right there” James smiled at them.

They nodded and followed him to the third floor. They reached the first room which was painted purple, he opened the door, it had a massive double bed which had Rosie’s name engraved in the wood on it.

“Miss Rosie Chaplin, your room” James smiled at her, Rosie squealed and ran in dumping her stuff on the bed, she ran back out and flung her arms around James’ neck.

“Thanks, I love it” She squealed.

“S’alright, it’s conjoined to Louise’s room, which is the room we shall be seeing next, all the rooms change to how the person wants their ideal room to be” Rosie shut her door and followed them to the next room which was painted cream and had lilac stripes painted over the cream, James looked at Louise who had her mouth wide open.

“James I love it” She smiled, she walked in put her stuff and down and lay on her bed which also had her name engraved on it with a small heart doodled on the side with Remus’ name in a heart and had Lily’s, Alex’s and Rosie’s names wrote in small letters continuously along the top of the headboard, it looked very similar to her room at her own house just a lot bigger “bloody comfy too”. James chuckled.

“It joins to Alex’s room, so if you would all follow me” James smiled them.

Alex’s room had been painted maroon, also her favorite color, it was similar to the other two’s apart from the color and the large Scarlet and Gold banners hung up, celebrating Alex’s house pride and the large drawing of a golden snitch on one wall. Alex’s reaction was pretty much the same to the others, she had squealed and given James a hug.

“It’s joined to Lily’s room” James added as he motioned the girls to follow him to the final room, he opened the door, the room was emerald green and painted behind the double bed was a large white Lily. Lily gasped. James turned to look at her.

“My mum painted this when I told her about you in second year, this is the only bedroom which stays the same” James blushed, Lily smiled.

“James I love it, it’s gorgeous, it’s… wow” Lily smiled at him.

“It joins onto Rosie’s and Alex’s room. You’ve all got your own bathroom, I’ll be downstairs if you need me just shout” James said heading down the stairs, he looked out the window, it was snowing.

‘This will be the perfect Christmas’ he thought.


Lily was unpacking her stuff in her beautiful room; James said he would send up his house elf when it was time for dinner. Lily hoped it was soon she was starving. She looked around her room and opened the door which led to Alex’s room and to her surprise Louise and Rosie were sat in there as well, whilst Alex was unpacking, they were deep in conversation about something and Lily felt annoyed they hadn’t asked her to join as well. Lily cleared her throat all three of them jumped around looking shocked to see her there.

“Sorry am I interrupting something?” Lily asked angrily.

“No” Louise replied casually, “We were just talking about what we’d all got you for Christmas that’s why we didn’t invite you to join our conversation” Lily scowled Louise had practically read her mind. Lily looked at Rosie who looked like she was trying to choke down a laugh, Lily smiled at her, Rosie smiled back, she joined them on the bed and they were deep in conversation when a knock at the door made them all jump. Alex went to answer the door.

“Excuse me mam but Master Potter requires all his guests to come down for dinner” The little house elf squeaked.

“Of course” Alex smiled at her.

Alex was always overly nice to house elves as her parents had treated her house elf like scum and Alex had always felt really bad for her. They made their way down the stairs following James’ house elf, they got to the boys floor, when Alex stopped.

“Hold on” She smirked, Lily glanced at her curiously, Alex had made her way into Sirius’ bedroom, Louise giggled they followed her, they were all curious to see what the boys bedrooms looked like.

They had just made their way inside and were starting to look around, Sirius had a unusually clean room, it was painted gold and deep red, Gryffindor colors, he had Gryffindor banners pinned up on the wall and draped round his bed he also had a couple of muggle magazines chucked on the floor and some photos pinned to the wall, one of him and the other Marauders, a few of him and James, the group photo that was on Alex’s headboard and One of him and Alex kissing and holding hands. Alex walked over to it and tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t come off, she sighed Lily walked over to her, feeling sorry for her.

“Sticking charm” Alex muttered, Lily put an arm around her shoulders.

“Find anything interesting?” Came Sirius’ casual voice from the doorway, he was stood there with James both smirking. Alex went bright red and walked to the window, Lily, Louise and Rosie turned to face them.

“Just having a look” Rosie shrugged, “We were going to look at all of them, how did you know where we were?”

“James’ house elf Amarietta came down and said you had taken a detour to Master Sirius’ room” Sirius grinned cheekily, Alex turned to face them, “So we thought we’d get some amusement out of it, we’ve been watching you for a while”.

“Photo won’t come off eh Al?” James chuckled. Alex flushed and shook her head.

“Come on, I wanna eat” Sirius whined pulling them all out of the door.

“All you do is eat” Rosie smirked.

Sirius hit her playfully on the shoulder. They made their way down to James’ dining room which was huge but Lily wasn’t surprised, Remus and Peter were already sat there waiting for them, Lily sat down next to James and Rosie, when they had all sat down, their main course appeared magically in front of them.

“Couldn’t be bothered with starters, Sirius said they were a waste of time, he said let’s just dig in why fuck around with a bloody starter” James said doing an impression of Sirius, Sirius chucked his chicken leg at him but James put up a shield charm.

“Ha, very clever” Lily smiled.

“Well I am the clever one out of me and Sirius” James said proudly, he got another hit on the head with the chicken wing for that but this time forgot to put up a shield charm. When dinner was over, they made their way into the lounge where they sat and chatted for ages.

“Right children I’m off to bed” James chuckled.

“Night James” Came the replies of six of them, all but Sirius who cooed;

“Night Jamie Darling.”

Lily giggled.

James chuckled and they heard him make his way up the stairs, Lily watched him go up and turned to face everyone else and to her surprise they were all watching her with smirks on their faces.

“What” She asked nonchalantly.

“Has he got a nice bum Lil?” Sirius smirked, Rosie chuckled at this. Lily went bright red.

“I don’t know what your talking about Sirius” She said playing the fool.

“Oh I think you do, checking out Prongsies bum were you?” Sirius retorted mischeviously.

“I was not” Lily replied hotly.

“What were you doing then Lily?” Peter squeaked, Remus laughed.

“Lily do you like him?” Remus asked her kindly.

“No I bloody don’t we’re just friends” She snapped at them.

“You’re in love” Sirius said simply.

“She is” Louise squeaked, Remus laughed.

“Louise” Lily squealed shocked.

“They were going to find out soon enough, and they won’t tell anyone because you’re going to tell James yourself, right boys?” Rosie said dangerously, they all nodded.

“I am not in love with James Potter” Lily hissed at them as she made her way out of the living room and stormed up the stairs.


The next few days flew by, on the 23rd of December; James said he needed to get some shopping so Lily and Alex offered to go with him. He had to buy Hannah’s present which he had forgot and he couldn’t find anything to buy Louise either. So the girls had offered to help.

“So what do you actually want to get Hannah?” Alex asked James as they were walking round the local muggle shopping Centre.

They hadn’t got time to go to Diagon Alley and James had been afraid he might bump into her there and that would’ve been awkward, Alex had to buy some flowers today anyway, on the 28th of December she would be visiting her Grandmothers grave, that would’ve been her birthday.

Luckily her Grandmother was buried in London and that’s where James’ house was, also on boxing day they would be looking at cheap four bedroom flats in London and so would the boys, they had decided they would buy the cheapest one and renovate it with magic, they all wanted to live near each other too.

“I dunno like a really nice necklace or something, we’ve been together like a month and we’re quite sirius, pardon the pun” James joked, Alex looked at Lily who was looking at a beautiful golden necklace with a large green emerald in the middle, she looked a little sad and Alex assumed this was because of James but she didn’t say anything.

“How about this one” Lily suddenly said picking up a silver locket and on the front it said mine. Alex had to admit it was beautiful and James seemed to think so too as he grabbed it out of Lily’s hand and muttered ‘thanks’ and ran to the till, Lily burst into tears and ran out of the shop.

“James?” Alex yelled, he turned around, “We’re going to the loo meet you back here in like 15 minutes k?” he nodded and Alex ran after Lily.

She was in the toilets on the bottom floor of the shopping center when Alex eventually found her, nobody else was in the toilets, so Alex sat down next to her and put and arm around her.

“Really seems like he’s given up doesn’t it?” Lily sniffed.

“With you? Never, you’re the love of his life” Alex reassured her. Lily shook her head.

“Not any more” She whispered, “he said they were serious, he’s buying her jewelry, Sirius only bought you jewelry when you’d been together for like four months, and you two were serious, I mean if he’s buying her jewelry now they must be like you and Sirius”.

“Well then they’ll break up like me and Sirius too” Alex chuckled.

“But look at you and Sirius now, you’re both with people and you’re crazy about each other” Lily muttered, “What if they break up and me and James got together but he still liked her”.

“That won’t happen, it’s different you and James are meant to be together” Alex smiled.

“So are you and Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“I’m pretty sure it’ll all work out for the best” Alex said hugging her.

Lily sighed, Alex stood up pulling Lily with her, Lily wiped her eyes so it didn’t look like she had been crying and the two girls walked out of the bathrooms to find James who had bought the necklace and was waiting for them on a bench.

“Where the hell have you been?” James scowled at them as they walked over to him, he paused, “Lily have you been crying?” Alex looked at Lily, who was bright red, Alex knew it was times like these her best friend would need her, so she came to her defense.

“There was water all over the floor in the toilets, Lily slipped and hit her back, she landed really awkwardly on her leg too, luckily there were no muggle’s around so I could do a couple of healing spells” Alex made up. James looked convinced.

“Are you ok?” He asked Lily, she nodded, Alex tried to hide her smirk.

“Right let’s go get Louise’s present and you’ve got your flowers?” James added to Alex, she smiled and nodded so they made their way to a clothes shop, James sat on a beanbag whilst the girls tried to find Louise a nice top or something.

“Alex over here!” Lily shouted from the other end of the shop.

“Ooh that’s nice” Alex said.

“What’s nice?” Came James’ voice.

“She would like this” Lily added.

“Ok, whatever you think, she’s the hardest to shop for, I got all your presents weeks ago, but she’s hard” James added hastily.

“Well she’d love this” Lily smiled. It was a beautiful bracelet with different shaped stars coming off it, it was simple but pretty and a perfect present to give a friend.

“Okay, I’ll go pay, see you in a minute” He said with a wink.

“James we’ll meet you outside” Lily yelled at him. Alex and Lily walked out the shop, deep in conversation when they bumped straight into someone.

“Oops sorry” Lily said looking up at the women who they had bumped into, Alex recognized her slightly, she was tall and thin with bleached blonde hair, she was with a large man who appeared to be the same age as her, probably her boyfriend, “Oh” Lily continued.

“Don’t look at me like that you little freak” Petunia Evans spat at them.

“Look at you like what?” Lily retorted.

“Look at me like I’m not a special and gifted person like you and your little freak friend here” Petunia snarled. Her boyfriend, Alex thought his name was Vernon, looked very confused.

“Nice to see you too Tuney, how’s Mum and Dad?” Lily asked politely.

“They’re fine” Petunia said sharply.

“What’s new with you?” Lily asked her.

“We’re engaged” Petunia said coolly.

“YOU’RE WHAT?” Lily yelped, surprised, “Im sorry your engaged? For how long?” she added quieter

“A few months now why?” Petunia replied casually.

“Thanks for letting your only sister know”

“Why do you care Lily? You’re off at that school pretending your so special besides I don’t know how to contact you at freak school, you might get a wedding invite nearer the time, but don’t get your hopes up” Petunia spat, before turning on her heel and walking out of sight. Lily looked shocked, but not upset.

“Lily are you ok?” Alex asked her kindly.

“Fine, a little shocked, but fine” Lily replied still looking stunned.

“She will invite you Lily, you’re still her sister”

“Not to her im not, im just some little freak who can perform magic tricks” Lily mumbled.

“You’re special Lily Evans and you know it” Said James Potter who was stood behind them and had been listening to their whole conversation, Alex turned around and smiled at him but Lily shook her head.

“Im not, my sister hates me, half the school hates me because they love you and im constantly called a Mudblood” she sighed, James put a hand on her shoulder, “Sometimes life would’ve been easier if I had been a muggle”. Alex gave her a sad smile and James wrapped them both in a bear hug before apparating back to his house.

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Chapter 17: Chapter 17
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WARNING: substance use/abuse  

“She said that? She didn’t seriously mean it though right?” Rosie asked Alex panicky.

the three girls were sat in James lounge watching the snow fall down the window, Lily had gone for a walk to clear her head, James, Sirius and Peter were playing Quidditch and Remus was sat on the over side of the room reading, Louise loved watching him he looked so peaceful, it was so hard to imagine he was a werewolf he was so quiet, kind and a little shy. Louise couldn’t help but feel she was falling in love with him very quickly, but she couldn’t tell whether he was feeling like that either.

“I don’t know, I mean I hope not, she’s such a talented witch and plus there’s not much she can do about it now is there?” Alex said reassuringly. Louise turned back to face them rejoining the conversation.

“It was probably just a spur of the moment thing, she’s upset about her sister and upset about James, give her time” Louise whispered not wanting Remus to hear.

“I just feel sorry for her I mean your sister doesn’t hate you and you’re muggle-born?” Rosie asked curiously.

“No me and my sister have a great relationship, there has been times but it’s just jealousy, I mean come on say we weren’t witches and we found our siblings were and they could do all these cool things with a flick of a stick we would be jealous, it’s just Lily’s sister has taken jealousy to a whole new level” Louise hissed.

“Her sister is a bitch” Alex said darkly.

“I know, I met her once when I went to see Lily a couple of summers ago and she opened the door and I said ‘Hi is Lily here, im a friend from school’ she practically spat in me face and slammed the door, I was like rude much?” Rosie added.

“I hope she’s ok” Louise said hopefully.

She stood up and made her way out of the room and into the kitchen, not to her surprise James and Sirius were in there pigging out even though dinner was in a couple of hours and James’ house elves were pleased to serve them.

“You two take advantage of them” Louise told them.

“Hey, they’re nice house elves you should meet mine, he’s disgusting, Kreacher his name is, all he says is ‘Yes Master Regulus’ ‘Of course Master Regulus’ ‘Anything for you Master Regulus’ ‘Master Sirius is a blood traitor brat’ ‘master Sirius had broken my mistresses heart’ he’s charming” Sirius chuckled, James nodded, Louise rolled her eyes.

“Do you guys know if Lily’s back yet?” Louise asked them.

“No, she still not back from her walk?” James asked curiously. Louise shook her head.

“Im worried about her, that thing with her sister earlier today confused her a bit I think” Louise said thoughtfully.

“She’ll be fine” Sirius said just as they heard the front door open.

“Im back” Came Lily’s voice from the doorway.

Louise walked out the kitchen and went to meet Lily, when she got there Alex and Rosie were already there asking if she was ok, Lily smiled and told them she was fine, to be truthful Louise thought she looked it, maybe the snow had done her good.

“Is it beautiful outside?” Louise asked her when they were all sat in Rosie’s bedroom.

“It’s gorgeous, how about us four go on a girly walk tomorrow?” Lily suggested.

“Yes let’s go on a girly walk” Alex giggled.

“Oh and by the way, I don’t wish I was a muggle, im so proud to be special, life wouldn’t of been easier for me im happy the way I am” Lily smiled. The girls cheered and had a massive group hug.

“So what’s going on with you and Jamesy?” Rosie teased. Lily blushed.

“Nothing and if im honest I don’t think anything ever will” Lily sighed.

“You need to make it happen” Louise told her.

“Im with Paul remember?” Lily reminded them, they all groaned Lily hit them, “Hey, he’s sweet, ugh I’ve got to be kidding he drives me insane” Alex giggled.

“You can do better” Rosie reassured her.

“Like who? The better people don’t want me remember Ro?” Lily shot at her.

“James loves you Lily” Alex sang.

“Sirius loves you Alex” Lily sang back, Alex rolled her eyes.

“Shut up, hey guess what, I got out the shower this morning and my necklace was on my bed, like just left there on my bed like I had put it on there, I haven’t thanked him, I just can’t bring myself to wear it again” Alex sighed rolling up her selves Louise didn’t blame her James had turned up the heating and it was boiling in here, Louise was just about to comment on this when she noticed some deep scars on her best friends arm.

“Alex what the hell is that?” Louise said shocked, pulling Alex’s arm towards her.

“Nothing” Alex muttered.

“Don’t lie to me” Louise hissed.

“Im not” Alex retorted.

“Where the hell did you get them?” Rosie asked her. Alex sighed giving in.

“I did them myself” Alex murmured, exchanging glances with Lily.

“Why?” Louise practically shrieked, “And did you know?” she added to Lily.

“Yes I knew, don’t panic she stopped a few days ago” Lily tried to reassure them.

“Well that makes me feel better” Louise spat.

“I started self-harming when me and Sirius broke up and I started doing it severely since that night we talked in the library, I also started taking drugs for a while but I have stopped that too, please guys I would’ve told you but I didn’t want to ruin Christmas” Alex pleaded, Louise looked at her, Alex looked hurt and broken, Louise had never seen her look so weak, Sirius messed with her head turned her into a person she wasn’t.

“Oh Alex you’ve been going through this alone” Rosie cried.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Louise asked her close to tears.

“Because I didn’t want to worry you, I’m fine now, honestly nobody else seemed to notice not even Daniel when we slept together, I just want to forget about them, I honestly do” Alex smiled at them, Louise rolled her eyes and shook her head pulling all her friends into a giant bear hug.

It was almost dinner time and James’ elf had come up to tell them James was serving fish and chips in the lounge on trays and would they kindly join him, Master Sirius, Master Remus and Master Peter. The girls made their way down to the lounge feeling hungry and ready to eat.


“Ladies” Sirius welcomed the girls who had just come from upstairs, Remus noticed that they all looked a little sad but were trying to look happy, Louise came and sat by him and he kissed her on the cheek.

“What’s up?” he whispered in her ear.

“Tell you later” She muttered back, Remus put his arm around her and kissed her on the head. Everyone was silent during the dinner the only noises were Sirius and James wolfing down their food, desert came and went silently. Everyone seemed to notice there was tension but nobody knew why.

“Right” Sirius cried, everyone jumped everyone was so used to sitting in silence, “let’s play magical truth, dare and kiss”.

“How do you mean, magical? I’ve never heard of it” Rosie said.

“Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist” Sirius shot at her, Rosie looked a little offended.

“Ok, I think what Rosie means is how is it magical and how do you play?” Lily asked politely.

“Well basically, it’s like muggle spin the bottle but the bottle is charmed if you get dare it won’t let you sleep until you do it, if you get truth and you lie your tongue will stick to the top of your mouth and we don’t know how to reverse it and if you get kiss well there’s no charm on that but Sirius will come up with a punishment if you don’t do it” James explained. Remus chuckled.

“How about if you don’t kiss the person you have to do a dare” Remus suggested.

“Sounds good Moony” Peter agreed, Sirius and James nodded, the girls shrugged and followed them into James’ lounge. Lily looked worried and Remus thought he knew why, Sirius was bound to ask about James so he pulled her to the side.

“Lily?” He asked her, she turned to look at him, “I’ll have a word with Sirius” she breathed and looked more relaxed, she smiled at him and mouthed ‘thanks’. They walked into the lounge where James and Sirius were sat down waiting.

“Padfoot? Can I have a word?” Remus yelled at Sirius from the door.

“Anything for you moonykins” Sirius grinned cheekily following him out of the room. They walked into the hallway where Remus turned to face Sirius.

“I know it’s all part of the fun of the game but don’t go asking Lily anything about James” Remus warned him, Sirius looked disappointed, “look Padfoot she should tell him when she wants to remember they both have partners at the moment so don’t mess with their heads you can talk to James about Lily but not vice versa”.

“COME ON MOONY” Sirius whined.

“Padfoot, it’s cruel leave it” Remus said dangerous, Sirius nodded but huffed and puffed all the way back to the living and when they got back into the lounge Lily raised her eyebrows at Sirius who stuck his tongue out at her. James raised his eyebrows in suspicion.

“What was that all about?” He asked curiously.

“Your Christmas present” Remus said before Sirius could answer, James looked satisfied as he jumped to the floor and pulled out the bottle. They were all sat in a big circle; Remus sat down next to Sirius and James, boys on one side girls on another.

“Right” James said excitedly clapping his hands together, “I shall spin first to decide who the bottle lands on, you know the rules are you ready?” Everyone nodded, so James span, it landed on Peter, who gulped nervously.

“Pete; truth, kiss or dare?” James asked him.

“Truth” Peter whispered, Remus felt a little sorry for him, Peter was a shy person and not good and doing dares, kisses or truths when they played this game.

“Okay doke, we’ll do an easy one first Wormtail, Have you ever fancied as in; had the hots for one of these four beautiful ladies? If so who?” James asked him excitement building up in his eyes, Remus rolled his eyes.

“Yes” Peter muttered, all the girls went bright red probably hoping it wasn’t them.

“Oooooooh who?” Sirius asked with a wink.

“Louise second year” Peter murmured.

Louise went scarlet and Remus burst out laughing, she shot him death glares but that made him laugh even more, Sirius and James were wetting themselves and Peter was blushing furiously. Lily was trying to hold back a laugh as was Rosie, but Alex looked exactly like Sirius and James. When everyone had finished laughing, they returned to the game.

“Looks like you have a bit of competition Moony” James chuckled.

“Shut up” Peter hissed, still blushing, Remus patted him on the back and Peter started to smile.

“Right Pete, spin” Sirius yelled.

Peter took the bottle tried to spin it and failed, it look three attempts to spin it properly and James and Sirius were looking pretty impatient by then, but eventually it landed on Rosie, who grinned.

“Dare” She smirked, James and Sirius gave her their impressed face.

“Umm you have to umm, wear a pair of James’ boxers on your head until your next go” Peter squeaked, James blushed, Rosie grinned and Lily laughed.

“Accio James’ ugliest pants” Sirius said with mischief wrote all over his face.

As quick as a flash a pair of bright yellow boxers with the words ‘too sexy’ wrote over the bum in a sicky green and bright green spots all over them came flying down the stairs. They fell in Rosie’s lap, she pulled them over her head and Remus reached over to grab his camera and snapped a picture of her.

“Okay” Rosie said as she spun the bottle, it landed on Alex; she bit her lip and smiled.

“Umm kiss” She said winking at Peter who went as red as a tomato, James sniggered.

“You have to kiss Sirius” Rosie smirked at her.

Alex’s face dropped and everyone sat in silence for about ten seconds wondering what the reactions would be, Lily started to giggle and James started to laugh hysterically, Alex glared at Rosie and Sirius puckered his lips towards her, she glared at him.

“Set yourself up for that one” Louise pointed out.

“See I just thought you’d be kind enough to choose anyone other than my ex-boyfriend” Alex snapped at Rosie who winked at her.

“Ah what type of kiss though?” James asked winking at Alex who growled.

“Snog? No tongues though” Louise suggested. A large grin spread across James’ face who obviously thought it would be hilarious to see his best friend have to snog his ex.

“Fine” Alex muttered, “Let’s get this over with”.

“Now, now darling don’t look to angry about it” Sirius chortled at her. Alex scowled and moved forwards. Sirius moved towards her too so they were right In the middle of the circle.

“Why is it you I always end up kissing” Alex hissed.

Sirius smirked at her before literally lunging into it, Alex looked quite shocked but went with it, everyone in the room started sniggering and laughing, Peter picked up Remus’ camera and snapped a picture. When they eventually pulled apart Sirius grinned at her and Alex blushed.

“Right Al, your go” Lily sniggered. Alex blinked and grabbed the bottle, she spun it and it landed on James who looked eager to answer.

“Truth” He grinned playfully.

“Kay, why did you never give up on Lily even though she turned you down all those times?” Alex asked him curiously, Lily looked down at her hands and James blushed.

“Um I guess it’s because um I hoped that she would um eventually say yes” He muttered.

Lily sighed and closed her eyes, looking like she’d rather be any place but here right now. James coughed and Lily looked up but not meeting his eyes, he spun the bottle and it landed on Sirius who looked excited.

“Dare” He grinned.

“Right Padfoot you have to sit there in the starker’s with just a pillow over your man bits for 15 minutes” James challenged.

Sirius who looked eager to do anything whipped of all his clothes and pulled a cushion over his privates in less than 30 seconds, all the girls were giggling and James was applauding him. Sirius reached out for the bottle and cushion fell off, Remus, James and Pete shouted at him and all the girls went ‘eww’ but Sirius didn’t look at all embarrassed he just grinned and pulled the cushion over himself again.

Rosie grabbed the camera and took a photo of Sirius grinning. He spun the bottle and it landed on Lily who looked panicked as it was Sirius who decided her fate, he raised his eyebrows at her and Remus shot him and warning look as Lily took a deep breath and whispered.

“Truth” Sirius eyes lit up, Remus could see why she had picked truth, she knew if she picked dare it would be horrible and if she picked kiss it would be James.

“Do you have feelings for Prongs?” Sirius asked quickly.

James’ head spun around as he had been chatting to Peter, all the girls stared at Lily with looks of worry on their faces obviously knowing she couldn’t lie. Remus looked at Sirius and caught eyes with him and shook his head, Sirius ignored him. Lily stood up.

“I don’t wanna play anymore” she muttered before heading out of the room and up the stairs.

James was staring at her with his mouth wide open, Sirius who had raised his eyebrows at her and the girls were glaring at him. Remus shook his head at Sirius who looked a little ashamed of himself, Sirius sighed and got up and walked out the room following Lily upstairs.


Lily ran to her room and could feel tears streaming down her cheeks, she had never been so embarrassed, Sirius had promised, now James would know, she didn’t want him to know she wanted to get over him, Hannah would murder her.

Lily let out a frustrated growl and threw her pillow across the room, the pillow didn’t do any damage and she still felt sick with anger, she sat down on her bed and put her head in her hands trying to ignore the sickness in her stomach. There was suddenly a loud knock on the door, Lily jumped fearing James’ voice coming from the other side, and she ignored it. The knock came again but this time it came with a voice.

“Lily” Came the deep voice of Sirius Black, Lily groaned and ignored him again.

“Lily, open up come on, Lily I know you’ve locked this door but I can unlock it so simply, I think you forget we can use magic now” He reminded her, she cursed him under her breath, got up and made her way to the door, she flung it open and Sirius was stood there with guilt written all over his face.

“What?” She hissed.

“Im sorry” He muttered.

“Is that all you can say? Im sorry? Seriously? That’s all, Sirius you promised you complete git, I was going to do it at the right time and now I can’t face him again, im humiliated” She snapped.

“Lily im honestly sorry but nobody wants you two to get together more than me, I just thought I’d speed up the process” he said cheekily, Lily sighed giving him a weak smile. He leant forward and hugged her she returned it.

“I am honestly sorry Lily, I’ll talk to him, I’ll convince him, if anyone can it’s me I swear, I’ll unbreakable vow you” Sirius insisted.

Lily smiled shaking her head. She said goodnight to Sirius and closed the door, she led down on her bed wishing that this night hadn’t happened and hoping everyone would’ve forgotten about it.

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Chapter 18: Chapter 18
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Chapter 18 - Drama Like Never Before

James rolled over so he was staring at a the blank wall in front of him, every so often he seemed to drop into a world of haziness where he was sure he was almost asleep then his stomach would jerk as his mind pulled him back into his thoughts and out of a world where he could forget about everything and maybe just dream for a while. His thoughts thudded against his brain angrily as he tried to forget them.

Did she like him? ‘No of course not James don’t be stupid, she never had done, she never will do you’re getting your hopes up for nothing’

Did he like her? ‘Of course you do, but you shouldn’t. Don’t get yourself into that mess again James, you could lose her friendship too’

The two questions kept repeating themselves but James never found a solution to them, he never found a way to make himself feel better he just kept thinking what if? What if she liked him, what if he liked her again even though he convinced himself he didn’t.
He really needed some sleep.


James Potter definitely was not the only one wide awake at 2am, Lily Evans was pacing. It was early yes, but sleep was the last thing on her mind at this particular moment, plus she had tried that it hadn’t seemed to have worked so she had resorted to pacing up and down her bedroom and contemplating what James thought and what might happen now.

Maybe she should go back to her parents for Christmas, if everything was going to be awkward it wasn’t going to be much fun for her or her friends plus James might be happier if she wasn’t there – in his house. But she wanted to stay, spending Christmas with her friends was something she had wanted since she was younger, she would discuss it with her friends on their walk later.

2:47 am, Lily cursed under her breath and flung herself on her bed burying her head into her pillow she tried to block out all her thoughts.
She really needed some sleep.


“Good morning Miss Lily” Amarietta the house-elf bowed as Lily entered the warmth of James’s kitchen, it was unsurprisingly empty, her friends were still getting ready, “Can I get you any breakfast?” she squeaked.

“I’m fine thanks Amarietta” Lily smiled, the house elf looked at her worriedly but said nothing else before departing down a flight of stairs which Lily assumed led to the cellar.

Lily sat up on a chair at James’s breakfast bar, she stared out of the window the snow was still coming down heavily the garden looked like it had been covered in a massive white blanket. The feel of Christmas was definitely here and as Lily pulled her scarf around herself tighter and small smile escaped her lips as she stared out into the wintery wonderland, something about the snow made her feel as if nothing else in the world mattered.

Somebody coughed behind her, she turned around slowly and her eyes landed on James Potter walking down the stairs, he was –to make things more awkward- shirtless, he saw her and quickly ran a hand through his hair messing it up. She rolled her eyes and turned back around as he entered the kitchen.

“So um” James said as he leant against the kitchen counter and faced her, “We’re having like pizza and stuff tonight, sort of a Christmas eve tradition, you lot gonna be around?” he asked.

Lily raised her eyebrows, “Of course we will be, why wouldn’t we?” James merely shrugged. The tension in the room wouldn’t even be able to be broken with a knife, Lily sighed, “James, look I-”

“Ready?” came Alex’s cheerful voice from the doorway, Lily nodded her eyes still on James who was holding her gaze.

“Uh yeah” she said quietly, standing up and grabbing her gloves.

“Where you going?” came another voice, Sirius swept into the kitchen and grabbed a bacon sandwich which was on the side waiting for him in one swift movement.

“For a walk in the snow” Louise smiled, Lily finally turned to face her friends, they were all dressed in jeans and winter wear just like her, Remus was also stood in the doorway his arm around Louise.
“Where’s Pete?” James asked changing the subject quickly.

Remus grinned slightly, “Padfoot made him come down here early to make him the bacon sandwich, so he’s gone back to bed”

James rolled his eyes at Sirius and Sirius shrugged and took another bite out of his sandwich getting tomato sauce all over his mouth. The girls sniggered slightly as it took him a few moments to realise before grinning lazily and wiping his mouth.

After a few minutes of discussing what time they would be back, Louise grabbed their arms and pulled them up the stairs and out the door much to Lily’s relief she didn’t think she could stand there for much longer and have an awkward conversation with James Potter. They headed down the road and took a route which lead to a snow filled field near the Potter residence.

The wintery blanket and the white sky made Lily feel even more magical than she knew she already was, Christmas always added magic to the year and as she usually resided in Scotland at Christmas she was used to the snow at Christmas and one may think she may not get as excited about snow as others but Lily Evans loved the snow.

The girls walked in silence for a while until Lily yawned, “Is it just me who didn’t sleep last night?” she asked tiredly.

“I don’t think I fell asleep until 4am” Alex said sleepily.

Rosie sighed, “Same”

Lily walked with her friends in a comfortable silence for about half an hour, enjoying the picturesque scene, their boots crunching in the snow and it was lightly snowing again, they walked through a couple of fields passing couples walking dogs. They got to one field and felt tired, so Alex transfigured her scarf into a mat big enough for all of them, they sat there for ages in silence feeling too tired to talk.

“I might leave tonight” Lily said softly, staring into the distance at the crisp white fields stretching in front of them.

“You what?” Alex choked, she had just taken a gulp of water and had managed to spit it out right next to Louise who did not look happy as she wiped her hand, Alex sent her an apologetic look before turning back to Lily.

“You saw how awkward it was this morning” Lily pointed out turning back to them, “I don’t want Christmas day to be like that” she said sadly.

“I’m going to kill Sirius” Rosie said through gritted teeth, Lily smiled slightly at her friends temper.

“It’ll be awkward if you’re not there. James will be moody, Sirius will feel guilty and we’ll be miserable” Louise told her.

“Lily, just try and act normal around him, if he realises you’re trying to do so, he might do the same” Alex told her, Lily shot her a sceptical look, “Please” she added.

Lily sighed, she nodded her head and smiled at them, she couldn’t leave them at Christmas even if she wanted to, she would miss them too much, she saw them every day at school they were her roommates, her family, not spending Christmas with them this year would be rubbish as they had been excited about it for months she would just have to put James out of her mind.

All she needed right now was her friends. She had sent Paul his present and a note saying they needed to talk when they got back to school, she wasn’t really sure what she was going to say but she was pretty sure she was not happy with their relationship and she was starting to think maybe it was time to end it, she thought they could rekindle everything they had at the start of the year but she was being naïve.

“I’ve told Paul that I need to talk to him” she sighed after a moment or two, Alex looked up at her hopefully and Louise sent her a questioning look, “Who am I kidding? It was never going to work was it, I was being naïve” she said laughing sadly.

“Finally” Alex smiled, Lily shrugged, “What I mean is” Alex said grinning, “It’s probably for the best” Rosie laughed slightly and Lily sniggered at her.

“You’re too good to be with somebody who cheats anyway” Rosie pointed out. They all went quiet extremely quickly, and the tension was back.

“You know when somebody cheats they can realise they made a mistake” Alex seethed, Rosie bit her lip and Alex looked as if she regretted snapping very quickly, “Sorry” she murmured, “Just on edge, tired” Rosie nodded and smiled apologetically and Alex smiled slightly back.

“Come on, let’s go back” Louise suggested, standing up. Her friends followed suit and Alex pulled her wand out and transfigured the rug back and the girls set off back to the Potter mansion.


“Pizza is literally my favourite thing in this world” Sirius said cramming some in his mouth.

The tension in the lounge was not as awkward as it had been this morning but that was because Sirius and Alex were staying away from each other as were Lily and James. Alex had sort of expected Christmas to be like this when her and Sirius were fighting but when they made up she had hoped that everything would be okay again.

“All you think about is food” Alex laughed, she was going to try to make conversation with him, they had kissed before, she just needed to forget about that, plus it’s not like they still had feelings for each other.

“Food is what keeps us living Miss McCord” Sirius said pointedly.

Alex raised an eyebrow, “No air is what keeps us living Mister Black”

“Im a wizard, what do I need air for?” Sirius said frowning.

“To breathe?” she offered.

“Touché” he said pointing his pizza at her before putting it into his mouth. She laughed slightly and picked up a piece herself.

Sirius hated being proven wrong and Alex loved the fact that she was the one who got to do it. Everyone sat in silence eating their pizza, James had started his last piece of pizza but was halfway through it when he gave a load groan and chucked it back in the box.

“Prongs you eat that pizza” Sirius said acting like a parent, James looked up at him pleadingly, “Don’t give me the puppy eyes, eat now, what are you a Marauder or a Mouse?” James sighed heavily, and made a grab for the pizza and stuffed it down his mouth; Alex was surprised he wasn’t sick he had eaten so much.

“Happy?” James said through a mouth full of pizza, spitting it everywhere.

“Ugh that’s gross” Lily muttered.

“No that’s normal Evans” James contradicted her, Lily rolled her eyes, James grinned at her, Alex smiled to herself, looked like they would be alright too.

“Normal is gross then Potter” Lily smirked.

“So we’re back on surnames again are we Red?” James winked at her, Lily shook her head and rolled her eyes again.

“You stared it” she pointed out.

“I finished it too” he retorted a smirk planted on his face. Alex noticed Lily fighting a smile off her face.

“Sorry James” Lily said with sarcasm.

“That’s better, now give James a hug” James tried his smirk still there.

Alex snickered, Lily looked at him knowingly and shook her head, smiling. But James moved towards her, grabbing her hand and pulling her up, Lily stood up to face him; blushing. James wrapped her in a huge bear hug, very much like the photo Alex had stuck to her headboard at Hogwarts. Lily giggled and Sirius stood up.

“Get a room” Sirius scoffed, “You have a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend” he said pointing at them both, they both pulled away from each other looking embarrassed, Alex glared at Sirius who just so happened to catch her glaring.

“What?” He snapped.

“You’re such a mood spoiler sometimes, leave them be” Alex smirked, the conversation in Alex’s opinion was light and jokey but Sirius obviously thought otherwise;

“And you’re such a bitch sometimes but I can keep that to myself” Sirius started.

“Hey, Sirius chill out” Remus said stepping in the middle of them, Alex had just noticed she had stood up to face him and glare at him.

“Remus leave it” Louise warned from the sofa, beckoning him to sit down.

“Have I done something Sirius?” Alex asked coldly.

“Not much, you just seem to enjoy going out of your way to piss me off” Sirius said coldly, she gaped at him.

“What is wrong with you? Gosh Sirius, you think you’re so flawless but you are far far from it” Alex told at him, he drew his wand. But it suddenly flew out of his hand, Peter had silently disarmed him.

“You’re one to talk you snotty little cow” Sirius raged at her, she was finally seeing a side of Sirius Black she had never seen before.

“Snotty little cow? Talking about me or your whore of a girlfriend?” Alex retaliated, Sirius’ eyes narrowed glaring at her with so much hate and dislike, Alex felt a little scared, but she was the only one with a wand, “How many times have you cheated on her? In fact, how many times have you cheated on me?” she spat. Everyone was looking at them intently, not bothering to break up this argument.

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand you little bitch” Sirius snarled.

Alex glared at him and drew her wand, Peter chucked Sirius’ back to him much to the annoyance of Louise, Remus and Lily.

“Expelliarmus” Alex snapped, Sirius dodged it.

“Confundus” Sirius shot back.

“Finite Incantartum” Alex stopped it, “Flipendo” she hissed and Sirius was knocked off his feet and thrown backwards, she slipped her wand in her pocket and glared at him as James helped him up but also removed his wand. Sirius rounded on her.

“Your pathetic” he taunted, she could feel herself getting hot with anger as he circled around her, “you think I think im perfect, your lost in your own little world, you think the whole world revolves around Alexandra McCord, I don’t even know you sometimes” he hissed, she had never heard Sirius be so cruel.
She snorted, “You don’t know me? That’s fantastic Sirius, because not many people do anymore. You know what I’m glad because every time you seem to think you know me again you step right in and fuck it all up” she snarled.

“You’ve always been a little cow who has to have her own way, Merlin Alex you have so many faces nobody knows you, stop being a bitch and grow up” Sirius yelled at her whilst she ran out of the room, tears streaming down her face.

She flung herself down on her bed and cursed him to hell and back. Wiping her eyes she stood up, she was so sick of crying and crying over a boy. This needed to end.


At midnight a light tap on Sirius’s door pulled him out of his doze. He wasn’t a heavy sleeper but really he had only heard it because he could not sleep, he groaned and ruffled up his hair as he pulled himself up and out of his bed.

He didn’t really want to talk to anyone he was angry with himself and angry with Alex so it would’ve been better to be left alone but obviously some people did not understand that he had thought bitterly as he flung open the door.


Lily pulled her dressing gown around herself tighter before tapping on the door of one of her friends rooms. She didn’t really know why she was there, but it could not wait until morning.

She knew it was late, but how late she did not know. Not until the door opened and she could see the clock shining from the light of the moon.

“I need to talk to you” she murmured.

Chapter 19: Chapter 19
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Chapter Ninteen - Princess in her Flowered Bed

He stood there in the doorway, his hair messy and his glasses crooked as usual. He rubbed his eyes slowly to make sure what he was seeing in his doorway was not his imagination. He frowned at the red headed girl slightly but smiled slightly before letting out a very loud and tired yawn.

“Lily” James said quietly, not wanting to wake anyone else up, “It’s midnight, what’s going on?”

Her red hair was tied up in a very messy ponytail, and she looked extremely worried and tired, “I need to talk to you” she said almost nervously, he frowned but nodded all the same and gestured her into his bedroom.

It was quite a simple room really, but you could tell James Potter lived there, an ol broomstick was in one corner gathering dust but James did not have the heart to get rid of it, a broomstick was to be kept for life, whether you still used it or not. Over the walls there were quidditch photos stuck up, ones of his favourite teams and some of just random quidditch players. There were also a lot of pictures of himself with the other Marauders and other friends at school, especially a large one of himself with the Gryffindor quidditch team in fourth year.

Lily stepped inside, he noted her taking in her surroundings before she sat down on the edge of his bed. He moved towards his desk chair and sat on the edge of it, facing the girl in front of him who had her head in her hands and her eyes closed.

“Lily, what’s going on?” he asked wearily, he could tell something was not quite right. What it was, was very hard to guess right now.

Because the Lily Evans he knew wouldn’t come to him of all people at midnight just for a chat, but then again the Lily Evans he knew said she would never fall for him and he was pretty sure that had happened. Or maybe he had just hoped it had happened. No, not again James, he was past that now, he was or he wanted to be.

“I don’t know” she sighed shaking her head and looking up at him, “What is going on James? I don’t know anymore. I feel like I don’t know myself anymore I don’t know what’s going on. Why am I with Paul? Why was I bitch to you all those years? And why do I suddenly feel very different to you all of a sudden, the minute you’re finally happy without me. Why do I have to come along and make you feel just as confused as I am feeling” she paused and looked at him with watery eyes, “Don’t pretend you’re not just as confused as I am, you’ve spent all this years trying to make me feel like this and now I do and you don’t want to make me feel like that anymore”

He took a deep breath and tore his gaze away from her it physically and emotionally hurt to see her like this, but he couldn’t tell her how he was feeling because he honestly didn’t know himself. He wanted to be with her he really did, but it hurt, it hurt to like her because she had always been the girl he could never have and it was always going to be like that whether they were together or not.

Lily let out a quiet sob and James realised one thing, he could not leave the girl he cared about more than the world sat there on her own sobbing, drowning herself in her own confused thoughts and trying to figure out what he was thinking, when he should be telling her and not letting her work things out for herself.

He moved to sit next to her on the bed and he put his arm around her, she rested her head on his shoulder and he put his head on hers, “Lily” he murmured, “please don’t hate me” he felt her shake slightly as she buried her head into his shoulder and started to cry again.


“What do you want?” he snapped a little more harshly than he had hoped to go for.

Alex bit her lip at the bite in his voice and Sirius felt instantly guilty, it was he who had been cruel to her that night not the other way round and merlin he had only done it because every time he looked at her he felt a rush of regret about everything that had happened and another wave of craving to kiss the girl he used to be able to call his girlfriend.

“Sorry” she murmured, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, when you’ve calmed down a bit” she said coldly, turning away from him, but he grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him, “What?” she snapped back at him.

“I’m sorry” he said sincerely, “what did you want to talk about?” he asked trying to sound as calm and polite as possible.

She shrugged and closed the door behind her, leaning against it she looked at him, “I guess I wanted to apologise, I don’t like it when we fight Sirius. And you’re right, I’m all those things you said I am” another wave of guilt, “But I only argue with you because I’m so angry at the fact that everything we had got messed up so easily and we didn’t even try to sort it out. Merlin Sirius, I don’t know” she said sounding frustrated.

He moved towards her, “You’re none of those things I said” he muttered.

“Why say something you don’t mean?” she said coolly.

He sighed, “Good Godric Alex, I don’t know. I was angry too you know, not just you. You don’t think I feel the exact same way, it’s my fault for Merlin’s sake every time I look at you I feel guilty and regretful. But more importantly I feel sick about the fact that I let you go without a fight and I lost you to someone who is ten times better for you, someone who is completely grounded and mature and treats you better than I ever did and I completely hate that” he paused, “Because you’re so beyond perfect Alexandra McCord and I’m not going to end up with anyone better for me than you and I really fucked it up this time”

She shook her head, “You don’t get it do you? You’re the only one I ever, ever wanted to be with”

Without even thinking about it Sirius took her head in his hands and placed his lips firmly on hers. He felt her return the kiss, putting his hands around her waist he pulled her away from the door and further into the room, he kissed her deeply like they had never kissed before, he felt a warm tear fall down her cheek and onto his own causing him to soften the kiss and he hooked his arms around her waist and held her into him.


Lily wiped her eyes, she was so embarrassed, she had just sat there and bawled her eyes out in front of James Potter and admitted how she had felt which was even more embarrassing she had also told him how he felt about her which made her want to physically cringe. She looked up at him, he was staring at the wall looking extremely lost.

“I’m just going to go” she said awkwardly starting to stand up but James grabbed her hand and shook his head, he stood up and turned to face her his hazel eyes boring into her green eyes.

“Don’t” he whispered gruffly.

“I need to” she said quietly barely audible not even sure if she had actually said it or not.

“Lily please” he said, she noticed the pleading tone in his voice, “You can’t walk away now”

She shook her head, “James, please don’t make this harder” she said her voice wobbling slightly looking at the boy in front of her.

He shook his head and leant down placing his lips on hers, kissing her passionately but softly, the kiss was warm and soft and she kissed him back craving his gentle touch. Quickly she pulled away, realising what she was doing was wrong, it wouldn’t stop there. She knew James too well and she knew the state she was in wouldn’t help her much. He looked down at her with his beautiful hazel eyes, wondering what her next move would be.

“Screw it” she muttered hooking her arms around his neck and kissing the head boy back.


“Alex” she heard a voice hiss, she groaned.

It was about 3 o clock on Christmas morning, she moved to her bedside table for her wand at silently lit it up, she look up and almost jumped, sat on the end of her bed grinning at her, was her boyfriend Sirius Black, he smirked when she jumped and she kicked him, he moved up the bed and she sat up staring at him.

“What? It’s 3 o clock in the fucking morning Sirius” She hissed at him.

“Happy Christmas” He grinned and pulled her in for a kiss, she grinned and kissed him back, smiling in between kisses.

“Is that all you came to say seriously? Sirius if the others wake up they’ll murder you, Lily’s a prefect and she doesn’t take that term lightly” Alex joked.

“I know she doesn’t how many times have me and James got detention thanks to her” He said rolling his eyes, “anyway, I came to give you your present, i know we said we wouldn't do presents, but you're special, you deserve it” he grinned at her, she smiled, she didn’t blush she never felt embarrassed around Sirius.

He reached in his robes and pulled out a small blue box, she eyed it curiously and opened it, inside wrapped in tissue paper was a golden necklace on chain, it was a small heart but in the light she could just about see it changed from Alexandra McCord, to, I love you.

It was beautiful, she gasped, her and Sirius had never said I love you before, she knew she did love him but she was embarrassed to say it to him. She looked up at him, he was genuinely smiling at her, she giggled, and he looked her in the eyes and kissed her.

“I love you Alexandra McCord” He grinned, she squealed and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him on the neck.

“I love you so much Sirius Black” she squealed.

He grinned at her and kissed her before, walking out of the room and returning to his dorm, she put the necklace on her side table and fell asleep with a huge smile on her face.


The sun light of a Christmas morning woke Lily Evans up, she looked around the room and realized it wasn’t her own, she looked next to her and there was the sleeping body of James Potter. She bit her lip nervously and rubbed her head, god she felt sick. She pulled herself out of bed and quickly pulled her pyjama’s back on, she heard a groan from the bed as she pulled on her top, she glanced at it and James was starting to sit up, she looked at the clock in his room, it was only 8 o clock.

“Hi” she murmured, sitting down on his desk chair as he pulled himself into a sitting position.

“Morning” he said quietly.

She could tell something was instantly wrong about the way he was acting, he wouldn’t look her in the eye. She could tell because she was doing the exact same thing. She felt her stomach drop slightly and her heart ached as she realised.

“You didn’t want that to happen did you? You don’t really want us to happen do you?” she said reading his mind, James finally turned to face her.

“I’m sorry” he muttered.

She stood up a little quicker than she would’ve liked too, “Don’t be” she hissed, “I should’ve seen it coming”

“Lily last night, you were in such a state. You didn’t know where your head was, let alone your feelings. I felt the same, we both knew what we had done” he said standing up, “we both knew we shouldn’t have done it, we’re both with people. Like you said yesterday I don’t want to make you like me anymore, because you’re right for once I am happy and me and you, if we were together it would be hard so messed up, we can’t go two seconds without arguing, do you know how much we would have to do just to go two seconds without snapping each other, we can’t be together. But I’m sorry” he said sadly.

“So that’s it is it? You’re just going to go back to her because it’s easy?” she said disbelievingly.

He shook his head, “She doesn’t make me chase her like you do, I’m moving on with my life and for once I’m extremely close to being happy”

“Fine James, move on with your life. That’s fine with me, put all this behind you, forget about everything that happened last night, and forget about how you really feel. Because you know what you said, close to being happy, but you won’t ever be not whilst you’re still fighting your feelings” she paused, “And just move on, and forget that you did the one thing you promised you’d never do” she said quietly, picking up her slippers.

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” he said she could tell his temper was rising due to the heated tone he was now speaking in.

“Hurt me” she whispered as she exited the room, when she had finally closed the door behind her that’s when the tears really came, not because he didn’t want to be with her not because she had slept with him but because she had finally lost something that could’ve made her extremely happy. She did not know the boy on the other side of the door felt the exact same way.


“We’re bad people” Alex murmured sitting up, Sirius sighed and lay back down.

“I was already a bad person, I’ve just converted you to the wicked ways” he grinned, Alex rolled her eyes but she did not laugh. She felt too sick with guilt to laugh at his ‘funny’ joke.

She took a deep breath, “I’ve changed so much. All I do is hurt people, don’t you care Sirius? We’ve just hurt people, Daniel, Alisha”

“They’ll get over it” he said, again sounded harsher than he probably would’ve liked too.

She turned to gape at him, “But, are you serious? Pardon the pun, is that all you can say? You just cheated on her” Alex said shocked, and then realization dawned on her, “Is that what you said to Jasmine after you cheated on me?” she asked hurt. He looked instantly guilty.

“Why do you always have to bring that up, I apologised” he muttered.

“Right before you slept with me” she said coldly, “That doesn’t look so good on your part” she added, he shook his head, “It was just Jasmine right?” she asked carefully, he looked away, “Sirius” she added.

“Just the once” He muttered, looking down at his pillow, she gasped, she had known Sirius for most of her life, she knew when he was lying, he looked up at her ashamed.

“Don’t treat me like a fool” she whispered, “don’t lie to me, and tell me the truth Sirius”.

“Twice” he barely whispered, she felt her eyes fill with tears, she had never felt so hurt and betrayed, “once at the start of our relationship and then once again at the end”.

She thought she was going to be sick, she pulled herself out of the bed, he tried to grab her hand but she shook him off. She couldn’t even look at him right now. How could somebody be so cruel? So careless about other people’s feelings?

“Who with?” she asked dangerously, staring at the door, her back to him, she heard him mutter his answer but she heard it loud and clear, “ALISHA” she screamed turning around at him he was now stood up just a few metres behind her, she grabbed a pillow from the bed and threw it at him, hitting him with it she felt the tears pour down her cheeks, she stopped and stared at him, “Jasmine and Alisha” she said venomously, “the two people I hate the most” she snarled, “How could you?” she yelled at him, she paused, “If you think I’m coming anywhere near you ever again you need to think again. I hate you Sirius Black” she snarled.

“Alex please, please don’t” he practically begged.

“How do I know you won’t it again if we got back together” she shouted at him, “No, this it” she muttered, turning her back on him she left him stood there by himself cursing the world.

Chapter 20: Chapter 20
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Lily’s p.o.v before Alex stormed out of Sirius’ room.

Lily ran out of James’ room. Her eyes filling with tears, she ran past Sirius’ bedroom but didn’t notice the raised voices coming from his room, her mind was on other things.

He lied to her. Her hurt her. How could he?

She let the tears run freely down her cheeks, as she got to the top of the stairs. She felt her knees give way and she sank to the floor. Sobbing.

Alex’s door opened and out walked Louise and Rosie. Lily didn’t have time to think where Alex was, as Louise and Rosie lifted her to her feet, and took her into Alex’s room.

“Lil?” Rosie whispered, “Lily what’s happened?” she asked, as they sat down on Alex’s bed.

“I-” she started, wiping her eyes, “James” she continued, “I slept with James” she managed eventually.

“Oh my god” Louise muttered, “What’s happened?”

“He rejected me” Lily wept, Rosie gave her a squeeze.

“What do you mean?” she asked softly, Lily sniffed.

“We slept together and then he told me he didn’t want to be with me” she cried, Rosie gapsed.

“He did what?” she fumed, Lily nodded.

“I can’t believe him” Louise said furiously.

Lily buried her head in her hands, wanting to escape the world. She was just about to excuse herself to her room, where she could crawl into bed and sleep when the door flung open.

Alex stood in the doorway, mascara underneath her eyes, still wearing her pajama’s, her eyes red and watery. She was shaking with rage and looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“Where the he-” Rosie started, but something dawned on Lily. The voices. She interrupted.

“Al did you spend last night with Sirius?” Lily gaped, and Alex burst into tears and nodded.


“He cheated on me twice” Alex sobbed, as she sat on the bed, with her friends.

“He did what?” Louise asked.

“With Alisha and Jasmine” she added.

“What a pig” Rosie stated.

“But what does Lil mean you spent last night with him?” Louise frowned.

Alex gulped, and told the story. She paused occasionally to sniff or to wipe her eyes. The more she got into the story the guiltier she felt.

“I feel awful” Alex mumbled, when she was finished, “I don’t deserve Daniel” she sniffed, Lily squeezed her shoulder, Alex looked up at her, she felt like she was looking in a mirror, “Lil? What happened?” she questioned.

“James” Lily mumbled, before telling her story, Alex gaped all the way through it, by the looks on Rosie’s and Louise’s faces, they already knew.

“Oh my Merlin, Lil” Alex said when she was done, Lily bit her lip and sniffed.

“And you told him? About Hannah? And everything?” she questioned, Lily nodded, Alex frowned.

“Im talking to him” Alex stated standing up, Rosie got up to as did Louise.

“So are we” Louise added, as they walked out the door.

“Stay here Lil” Rosie warned her, Louise nodded.

The three girls made their ways down the stairs. Lily sat at the top of them, Alex knew Lily could see them but they couldn’t see her which was perfect, she stormed past Sirius’ room, cursing under her breath as they walked past and reached James’ door.

She took out a fist and banged loudly on it, she heard footsteps from inside and a sleepy looking James came to the door, meeting three very red in the face angry looking girls. He smiled at them sleepily and Alex drew back her hand and slapped him hard on the cheek. He looked so shocked as he grabbed his cheek shouting out and cursing her, Alex placed a satisfied smirk on her face, which was quickly wiped away as Sirius came out of his room followed by Remus and Peter coming out of theirs, with confused and shocked looks on their faces.

“Prongs what the fuck is going o-” Sirius started before he came face to face with Alex, who looked away, she wanted to run back upstairs but she was here to stick up for her friend.

“You prick James Potter, you hurt her again and I will break every single bone in your body” Rosie hissed, he looked up at them still holding his bright red cheek as Sirius muttered a few healing charms, he seemed to get his voice back.

“You two, need to stay the hell away from us” Louise said dangerously pointing at James and Sirius.

“What the hell?” Sirius gaped.

“Don’t play the fool, you both need to learn to keep it in your pants” Rosie said angrily.

“Fuck off” James snapped at them, trying to slam the door but Remus stuck his foot in front.

“James, what is going on?” He asked him.

“Why doesn’t she realize she can’t treat someone like shit for 6 years and then expect for that person to still adore her” He yelled, obviously knowing Lily would hear him.

“Oh so this was all about proving a point” Rosie cried, “doing all this was just to make her feel all the crap you felt?” She continued, “that Potter is pathetic”

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand” James growled.

“Don’t play the fool and pretend you haven’t been leading her on for the past six years, the moment she starts to fall for you, you take advantage of that, sleep with her and tell her you want nothing to do with her, you swore to her you would never treat her like those other girls, she started to believe you James, and you fucked it all up” Alex shouted at him.

Remus, Sirius and Peter stared at James mouths open looking completely shocked.

“You come near her at all Potter and I swear to god you will be dead faster than you can say ‘im sorry’” Alex hissed, turning on her heel she made her way up the stairs to sit with Lily, who was sat there mouth open, listening.

“Who’s God?” they heard Peter mumble, but the others ignored him.

“Black you son of a bitch” Rosie growled.

“Hey don’t bring my lovely Mother into this” Sirius joked, Alex rolled her eyes.

“Alisha and Jasmine?” Louise fumed, “You slept with them both, you lied to her, I can’t believe you cheated on her twice” Louise added angrily.

“Padfoot” Remus said sounding shocked, Sirius frowned.

“Screw all of you” James snarled.

"Prongs, i think-" Remus started.

Alex heard a door slam, according to Rosie’s shouts all the boys had shut themselves in James room, and it seemed they had a lot to talk about.


When they were all ready, Alex, Lily, Rosie and Louise made their way down stairs, they decided to avoid The Marauders for the day and spend Christmas together, they would open their gifts in James’ conservatory hoping the Marauders would spend the day in the lounge. Alex had already informed the elves that the four girls would be going out for lunch as they didn’t want to eat lunch with the boys. They were sat in James conservatory opening presents.

“This is the worst Christmas ever” Lily muttered, sniffing, Alex sighed.

“I dunno, one year I was locked in my room after being hit with the cruciatus curse and deprived of food all day, I think it’d have to be a pretty shit Christmas to top that one” Alex smiled weakly, “but this is a close second” she added, trying to sound light.

Lily had got; a book from Peter and a book from Remus, a wand case from Sirius with her name engraved on it, a few muggle stories from Louise, a dress from her parents and Petunia, a top from Rosie and a necklace with her name on it from Alex and from Paul she had been given a heart necklace which was gross. James hadn’t gotten Lily anything, Alex could see Lily’s disappointment but she tried to push past it.

Louise had got; a silver bracelet from Remus, the bracelet from James, books from Sirius and Peter, a muggle mobile device thing from her parents (which Louise said she had no use for), an owl from Alex, an owl cage from Rosie and set of posh new quills from Lily.

Rosie had got; jewelry from Alex and Louise, a box of Bertie Bots every flavor beans from Sirius, liquorice wands from James, cauldron cakes from Peter, a book of hexes and jinx’s from Remus and a photo album full of moving photos from Lily and money from her parents which she could convert into muggle money for the flat they were buying tomorrow, also she had got flower ring from Lucas.

Alex had got; Bertie Bots every flavor beans from James, a massive box of chocolate frogs from Remus, Peter had gotten her a book of hexes they didn’t teach you in school, Louise had gotten her a blue skirt and a top, Rosie had gotten her a bracelet, Lily had gotten her a massive moving poster of her favorite muggle band and a necklace.

Alex had two more presents to open one from Sirius and one from Daniel, she picked up Sirius’ present, and it was a photo frame a picture of herself and him when they were younger flying on their toy broomsticks they kept whirring in and out of the frame. She smiled at it sadly and put it to the side earning sympathetic looks from her friends.

“I thought it had been destroyed” she mumbled, “my mother tore up every photo of us two the second we got put in Gryffindor, as did Mrs Black” she added sadly, Lily put her arm around her.

“Alex open Daniel’s present” Louise smiled at her.

Alex took it, it was a little box with a note attached to it saying; open the box first and then my message will reveal itself. Alex opened the box and inside it was a small golden ring with a huge white diamond in the center of it, it was beautiful, and she gasped, reading the note.

Dear Alex,
I know I am only sixth year and we must wait until I am finished Hogwarts, but we have been together a while now, and I feel so right with you, please.
Will you marry me? I love you so much.
Love Daniel xo.

“Oh my god” Lily gasped, “Are you going to?”

Alex gaped at the ring box not knowing what to say, her eyes filled with tears, tears of guilt and regret but also tears of love and sadness as her mind played her happy memory she used every time she would try and cast a patronus.

“Ignore her Al” Sirius told her, as they sat by the beech tree down by the lake, he pulled her into his lap and kissed her lightly on the cheek, she sniffed and wiped her eyes and gave him a watery smile.

“Alex, your sister isn’t worth it” he told her pointedly, she nodded and he kissed her again.

“I love you” She whispered to him, he smiled at her.

“I love you too” he grinned, she would never get tired of hearing that.

“You know when we’re done here, at the end of seventh year, our parents are going to do everything in their power to stop this, whether they’ve disowned us or not” she pointed out, he groaned.

“Al, we’re sixth years, lets not think about seventh years” he told her, she frowned at him, “ok” he sighed, “Al, they’re not gonna do anything, they can’t do anything, if you marry me” he told her, she gaped at him.

“What?” she gasped, he grinned at her.

“One day, you’re going to marry me, not yet, one day, I promise” he told her, she bit her lip and smiled at him.

“You wish Black” She teased “Im kidding” she smiled, “so was that a proposal I just got” she winked at him, he grinned at her.

“If you wanted it to be” he said cheekily, she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“One day” she smiled at him.

“Happy seventh month anniversary” he grinned, she raised her eyebrows.

“You remembered?” she said in mock shock, he winked.

“Course I did” he smiled, and slipped a box into her hand.

She eyed it curiously, and he smiled at her, pulling back the bow, she opened up the little red box, and to her surprise sat inside was a silver ring with a small blue sapphire in the middle of it, shining and glinting in the sun.

It was probably the most beautiful ring in the world, but she couldn’t say anything, she gaped at it, eventually she looked up at him, he looked nervous.

“Sirius” she whispered, but he interrupted.

“Al, it’s not a proposal” he told her, she relaxed slightly, “it’s a promise” he took the ring, and knelt on a knee, motioning for her to get up, she stood up, legs shaking.

“Alex, I love you, I swear I do, I never thought, ever, that I would ever do this, it’s not me, it never was, but when im with you I can see a future, I can see this happening, this isn’t a proposal but I want to promise to you that one day I will marry you” he told her, “will you accept my promise?” he added nervously

She stared at him in the eye, her eyes prickling with tears, as she tried to find her voice, he had never looked so nervous.

“Of course” she whispered, smiling, he grinned and stood up, slipping the ring on her finger, she squealed and threw her arms around his neck, not wanting to let him go.

“Yes” Alex smiled, she was happy with Daniel, “I am going to marry Daniel Pain” she grinned, her friends squealed, she ignored the guilt in her stomach and the voices in her head telling her she was only saying yes to forget about Sirius and put on her happiest smile.

“You’re going to what?” Came a voice from the doorway.

Alex turned, Sirius was stood there, leant against the doorway. She sighed and look at the others, "give us a minute?" she mumbled, they nodded and pushed past Sirius.

"You're going to what?" he repeated, she sighed and stood up.

"Im going to get married" She said coolly.

He frowned, "Why?"

"Because im in love" she snapped.

"Who with Al?" he hissed.

She glared at him, "that was a mistake, i didn't know how much you had lied to me Sirius, you're a bullshit liar, im done with this and im done with you"

"What's to say i'll keep my mouth shut?" he glared.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, "because if you tell him, i swear to Merlin i will never find it in myself to forgive you, we're done Sirius, we've been over a long time, that was down to you, now let me move on and live my life" she told himfirmly.

She was about to push past him when he grabbed her arm, "For what it's worth, im sorry" he mumbled.

"You're apologies aren't worth anything anymore" she told him.

Chapter 21: chapter 21
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I’ve changed my mind, im not writing a prequel as im running out of idea’s but im going to write a short story about the next generation which I will be uploading soon!

Christmas day and boxing day had been and gone, very quickly and James was sat in his room getting ready as they were all going out as a group to look at flats, it was the first time he was going to be around Lily since Christmas morning and the first time around the girls since Alex had punched him in the face.

“Prongs?” Came Sirius’ voice from the door, “We’re leaving in five minutes, get your arse downstairs, I think we’re gonna walk into town, it’s only a five minute walk, come on the girls are ready” James flung back the door and grinned at his best friend who shot him a grin back. They started to make their way down the stairs.

“Gonna be awkward today isn’t it?” James muttered when they were almost downstairs. Sirius just nodded and they made their way to the door where everyone was waiting.

James did not look at Lily and could tell she wasn’t looking at him either, he walked over to the door flung it open and walked outside, and they walked to the estate agents in complete silence. Everyone feeling to awkward to start a conversation.

They eventually reached the estate agents and were just in time for their appointment. They walked inside and they were pointed to a conference room where a muggle man in a black suit and sickly green tie was waiting for them.

“Hello, I’m Niall Yates, I’ll be your real estate agent, so you want two four bedroom apartments right?” Niall Yates asked, he was a friendly over enthusiastic man, the eight seventh years nodded, “You don’t want to move in until the end of June am I right?” they nodded again, “Righto, shall we go?” the group nodded again, anymore nodding and their heads would fall off.

“He’s got Slughorn’s looks and Lockhart’s annoying personality” Sirius shuddered, James chuckled a little.

“What’s a real estate?” Peter mumbled, James shrugged.

“Sounds like a disease” Sirius said under his breath and James snorted.

“By the look of his clothes looks like he has a disease” Alex mumbled walking past them, the boys chuckled quietly, as she walked forward and linked arms with Lily.

They walked to the first apartment it was a few blocks down, it had four bedrooms and two bathrooms and it was in their price range but it was in a grimy neighborhood, so he took them to a different part of London which was a little nicer, not posh but not as grimy, they looked at a few flats there until James, Sirius, Remus and Peter found one they were happy with. It had two bathrooms, four bedrooms a lounge which was joint on to a kitchen which would have enough room to put a table in as well, it was quite a grimy flat but they would be able to fix it with magic and as nobody else had offered to buy it, they bought it then and there.

They told the girls they would come with them to find an apartment to, well Remus told them they would, James and Sirius were a bit more reluctant and Alex and Lily looked reluctant to let them come, but Louise was happy to have Remus there. They walked down to the next street and there was an ok looking building with a flat available on the fourth floor on an six floor building, the flat was quite similar to the boys flat but not as grimy so there would less work for them to do, the girls bought it then and there.

The rent was low for both flats and they wouldn’t have to start paying rent until the moved as they were so grimy the people owning them were just glad to be getting rid of them. The group walked back to James’ house, but stopping at the tube station where the girls left as they were going to Lily’s parents to say Happy Christmas to them. James was secretly happy to be left of awkward silences but a little disappointed to not be with them.


Remus was sat at the table that evening with James, Sirius and Peter. The boys were pretty happy with their new flat, Remus hadn't seen Louise since they had left them, but it was now time for dinner and the four boys were waiting for the girls.

"Oh for Merlin's sake" Sirius groaned.

"What now Padfoot?" James rolled his eyes.

"Are they going to hurry up? I want my dinner" Sirius whined.

"We're here Black, Merlin" came a familar exasperated voice.

Rosie was stood in the doorway with Louise, Rosie had her eyebrows raised and was staring at Sirius with a lot of dislike on her face. Louise shifted awkwardly and nudged her best friend in the ribs.

“Where are Lily and Alex?” Remus asked when his girlfriend and Rosie had taken their seats, Rosie glared at James and Sirius before saying;

“They’re ill, they’ve gone to sleep” She said nonchalantly.

They had been back for a few house now, and the boys hadn’t seen the girls since they had arrived home a few hours ago. Lily and Alex had gone straight upstairs without a word said to the boys.

“Should I take something up to them?” James asked trying to be helpful.

“No they’re fine” Rosie snapped at him, James shrugged.

“Just trying to be helpful” he mumbled

“I think you’ve helped enough Potter” Rosie snarled.

James sighed and started poking his food with his fork. They were just starting their dinner when the door to the dining room opened and Alex was stood there in her pajamas looking tired and a little ill.

“Hey Alex” Rosie smiled at her, Sirius shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “thought you didn’t feel well”.

“Im fine” she muttered, not looking at Sirius, “im starving” she added, “James is there anything left?” she said smiling weakly at him.

“Yeah sure, hold on” He grinned, he walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and put it down in front of her, she tucked in, Remus decided he had had enough of silence.

“So are we still going to that muggle club on new year?” He asked. Sirius looked up hopefully.

“Course we are Moony” James grinned, “you girls still coming?” he added nervously.

“Yeah we’ll be there” Alex said not looking up from her food.

“Great roll on December 31st” James cheered, Remus laughed, James loved new year’s any excuse to go to a muggle club and get smashed because he could use magic on the bar man into believing he was eighteen.

“What have you lot got planned up until then?” Sirius said finally speaking.

“Um, well we’re going with Alex to visit her Gran’s grave” Louise started but she was interrupted.

“No we’re not, I don’t know where they’ve buried her, my mother won’t tell me, so I guess not” Alex shrugged sadly, the girls looked at her with sympathy, “So we’re not doing anything I think we’ll just relax”. They went back to eating their meals in silence.


It was 11 o clock and Alex McCord had just woken up, she was ready to have a shower and get ready for the day ahead, but when she got to her bathroom, she realized her shower wasn’t working. She didn’t know how to fix it with her wand, she was always rubbish at repairing spells, she didn’t want to wake anybody else up and she knew James had a communal bathroom on the boys floor. She sighed grabbing her towel and a strappy top and shorts because she couldn’t put jeans on after a shower.

She made her way downstairs, she reached the bathroom and had a shower, when she got out she pulled on her shorts and strappy top and tied her long blonde hair up in a loose bun and dried it with her wand. She made her way out of the bathroom coming face to face with an uncomfortable looking Sirius Black.

“Um, sorry, my showers broken” she muttered.

“Um yeah, so has mine” he mumbled.

“So I’ll just go” Alex said nervously.

Sirius looked uncomfortable, she was about to move when her bun came undone, she pulled another hairband out of her hair and started to do it up until Sirius grabbed her arm.

“What the hell is this?” He said shocked, pointing to her scars, Alex bit her lip and looked at the floor, he was the last person she wanted to see them, she pulled her arms back and started too uncomfortable fiddle with her engagement ring.

“Cat attacked me” she mumbled lamely.

“Don’t bullshit me Alex” He shot at her, “What are they?” she looked up at him.

“Why do you care?” She shot at him.

“Course I care! Have you been harming?” He said lowering his voice. She had never felt so uncomfortable; she nodded feebly, “What the hell made you do that?”

“You” she retorted, he looked dumbstruck, obviously shocked he had so much control over a person, “you see, you have nothing to say, so do me a favor Sirius, leave me alone” she hissed at him, storming up the stairs leaving him there staring after her.


It was a few hours until the group was going out and Lily decided to get in the shower, she closed her door behind her as she entered her bathroom.

After a long shower, she got out and dried her hair. Slipping on joggers and a baggy white top, she slipped back into her bedroom.

Her bed had been made and her clothes were on her chair and resting on her pillow was a little red box with a green ribbon around it.

She eyed it curiously before walking towards it, resting on top of the box was a little piece of paper which merely wrote Lily.

She frowned at it and picked up the little box. Opening it up inside was a pure golden necklace with a lily on it, she smiled slightly at her beautiful necklace and slipped it back into the box. She couldn’t bring herself to wear it, not yet anyway.


“Are we ready to partaaaaaay?” Sirius shouted when Louise who was the last person to get ready had come downstairs.

“Someone’s already drunk” Rosie smirked, Sirius shrugged.

“If I was drunk I’d probably be giving you all a strip tease at the moment” he winked, Lily caught Alex rolling her eyes.

“Right us boys have been to this club before so we know where it is, partner up ladies and apparate with a partner” James continued.

Obviously, Remus and Louise paired up and Rosie went with Peter reluctantly, so Lily grabbed Sirius and Alex seemed to relax and grabbed James’ arm. Quickly they were spinning into a ‘shut for repairs’ toilet inside the club, next to them Alex and James were there, Remus and Louise were suddenly appearing and Rosie and Peter were stood there waiting for them.

“Come on, we’re meeting; Alisha, Jasmine, Daniel, Hannah, Lucas and Paul in the club like now” Rosie yelled on her way out of the door, Lily made her way to Alex and grinned at her, they made their way into the club.

Lily was wearing a white lacy dress which had three quarter length sleeves and went to her knees, Alex was wearing a maroon short sleeved dress which went to her knees it was also lacy, Louise was wearing a high-wasted blue skirt and a white strappy top and Rosie was wearing a purple short sleeved silk dress that also went to her knees.

“So are you gonna end it with Paul?” Alex asked her awkwardly as they walked towards the group of people waiting for them.

“Yeah, now” Lily said bluntly, she smiled and waved to Daniel and Lucas as walked over to Paul, ignoring Alisha, Jasmine and Hannah, Paul smiled at her.

“Hi love, did you have a good Christmas?” Paul asked her trying to kiss her on the lips but she diverted it to her cheek.

“Um, can we talk?” She said nervously, he nodded and they walked to a nearby table, “look Paul, I liked you a lot but then when we broke up, it was sort of a relief, I mean I think I like somebody else and I just can’t be with you, im sorry”.

“Wow, um come on Lily I love you” He tried, she shook her head.

“No you don’t Paul” she said firmly, he frowned.

“Lily, I do, I love you” he urged.

“I don’t think you do, I don’t think we’re made for each other, I’m sorry” She said softly, he nodded and muttered ‘see ya at school’ and headed out of the club, a sudden wave of relief came over her as she made her way over to her friends and James, Hannah, Alisha and Jasmine.

“Done it?” Rosie shouted.

“Yes” Lily grinned.

“Done what?” Sirius yelled in between shots.

“Binned ‘im” Rosie shouted back, Sirius cheered and handed Lily a shot.


“TWO MINUTES UNTIL MINIGHT” Alex shouted to Louise. She continued to dance until people started shouting;

They all made their way outside to watch the fireworks from the hill where there was another party going on, most of them were sobering up as they had to go back to school tomorrow.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR” They all shouted, Alex turned around to kiss Daniel, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Happy new year the future Mrs Pain” he whispered in her ear, she giggled, she was about to say something back when she noticed everyone crowding around something or someone.

Daniel went inside to get more drinks with Jasmine and Lucas. Alex joined the crow of her friends they were all crowded around Sirius and Alisha, Alex shoved in next to Lily.

“Now, I wanted all my friends to hear this” Sirius said confidently, obviously drunk, putting his thumbs up to James who winked back at him, “Alisha Reed, I know we have only been together a few months but I am the hottest guy at Hogwarts and you ain’t gonna get better than me, so why don’t you just marry me?” Sirius yelled pulling out a ring from his pocket.

Alex stared at it, her mouth hung open. She could see the glint of a small blue sapphire, she bit her lip as she noticed the ring was the one he had given her, the ring she had returned at the end of sixth year, when they broke up. Her heart dropped.

Alex stood there, shocked, unable to move. She started to slowly retreat away from the group.

“Sirius, mate I think you are a little pissed” Remus told his friend.

“Naaah mate, I love ‘er” He said back slurring his words. Remus stepped back as James grinned and said ‘good luck mate’.

Alex felt dumbstruck she didn’t know what to do or how to feel, she felt like her heart was breaking into a million little pieces, the boy she loved, the boy who she had kind of been engaged to before was going to get married to the person she hated the most, with the ring he had given her.

She turned quickly and ran away from the group and apparated back to the Potter mansion, she wiped the tears away from her eyes but as she started to head down to the kitchen, it became very clear she was not alone.

Chapter 22: Chapter 22
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“Sirius engaged?” Rosie hissed as they tried to look for Alex, Lily didn’t want to admit it but she was panicking and she could tell Louise was as well.

“I’d of never of guessed” Lily replied honestly.

They had looked everywhere, in the toilets, in the club, outside, she might’ve gone back, but that was very unlike Alex, she wasn’t one to shy away from embarrassment.

“Maybe she’s gone back, I wouldn’t blame her, let’s give her some time, and she’ll come and find us when she wants to talk to us” Louise suggested.

Lily and Rosie nodded, they made their way back into the club and sat down at the bar, on a table near them Alisha and Sirius were snogging about their new engagement and every so often Alisha would start to squeal and giggle.

“Evans” Said a voice behind them, Lily turned around stood behind her was Hannah, Lily rolled her eyes and turned back to her friends, she was fully ready to ignore Hannah when a new voice came and instantly wound her up.

“Evans, my girlfriend was talking to you” James Potter hissed at her.

Lily ignored him as well, she continued to talk to Rosie and Louise who looked like they were about to pass out from laughing, the music stopped and the club went silent apart from people chatting loudly, “Evans” James said again, knowing she couldn’t ignore them any longer she turned around and raised her eyebrows.

“Oh didn’t see you there” She said casually, smirking at them, James narrowed his eyebrows and Hannah glared at her, Lily was beginning to get impatient with them just standing there, “did you want something?” she snapped at James, her usual temper rising.

“Just wondering if there was going to be a Valentines Ball?” Hannah asked sarcastically sweetly, “Jamie doesn’t know, so I thought I’d ask you” She added, putting her hand on James’ arm. Lily took a deep breath trying to keep her annoyance with them in.

“Yes there is, now is that all?” She replied, Hannah nodded and walked off, seeing some friends from school and engaging in conversation with them. James however stayed put and glared at Lily, “What?” she snapped at him.

“Stop being a bitch” James said simply, “and think about other people for a change”.

Lily felt hurt, she could feel the tears come to her eyes, she blinked them back down but unluckily it only made them fall down her cheeks, she hoped he hadn’t seen them in the dark club, but by his facial expression he definitely had.

“Think about other people?” She gaped, “what like you and her? Respect you two, what the girl who threatened me and the boy who used me” she growled, he stood there, not knowing what to say, looking guilty and awkward.

“Go to hell Potter” She hissed at him, before turning back to Rosie and Louise who gave her looks of sympathy and glared at Potter until she heard him walk away. They sat chatting for ages until a few muggle boys came up to them and started chatting them up.

“Sorry not single” Rosie said simply, smiling at them all the same, the boys looked at Louise and Lily, Louise shook her head, looking at Remus who was in a stern conversation with James and Sirius, Louise beamed looking like she was going to faint with how much she liked him, the boys turned to face Lily, one of them raised their eyebrows at her

“Uh im single” Lily beamed at them, one of the muggle boys grinned at her, Lily smiled weakly back, he wasn’t bad looking he had blonde hair and grey eyes, but he wasn’t James, he asked Lily to dance to a slow song.

“I’m Jake” He said over the music.

“I’m Lily” She replied loudly, he was a great dancer and over his shoulder she could James and Hannah dancing together, James kept standing on her foot until Hannah got stressed out and walked off the dance floor.

James looked like he was about to go after her until he looked around the dance floor and his eyes locked with Lily’s who was blushing furiously, her head on a random guy’s shoulder, James looked like she was ready to murder Jake, until he stormed off. Lily felt like she could cry right then and there. She wanted more than anything else to be with James instead of a random muggle.

“Your beautiful Lily” Jake whispered in her ear, she blushed but she didn’t feel anything, she didn’t feel excitement and butterflies like she did with James.

“Thank you” She smiled at him, he kissed her lightly on the lips, but she didn’t feel fireworks, she felt the urge to run and cry.


“Lumos” Alex whispered, not wanting to be heard, she sat on a step on the top of the stairs on the way down to the kitchen, making sure whoever was down there would not hear or see her, she could just make out their voices.

“Where are the Potters? Elf!” A high cold voice hissed, it sounded very snake like.

“Mr and Mrs Potter are on holiday for the Christmas holidays” Amarietta squeaked sounding very scared.

“Where?” Another voice said, it sounded like Lucius Malfoy he was a few years older than the eight seventh years, he was a known death eater.

“Amarietta must not tell” Amarietta wept.

“Maybe this will loosen your tongue” the cold voice hissed, “Crucio” Amarietta’s yelps and screams could’ve been heard from miles away, when she finally stopped screaming the cold voice laughed.

“Where are their son, and his friend Black?” Lucius Malfoy threatened Amarietta with his wand.

“Master James and Master Sirius are enjoying new year with their friends” Amarietta whimpered, Alex felt so sorry for her, she wanted to whip out her wand, but she knew she had be silent or it could result in her death.

“Where?” Lucius Malfoy snarled, Amarietta sniffed.

“Amarietta does not know, and if Amarietta did she must not tell” she said shakily.

“Maybe that McCord girl and the Lupin boy are with them, they would make valuable death eaters” The cold voice spat, “Well Elf, we are done with you…. AVADA KEDAVRA” the cold voice said almost lazily, Amarietta fell to the floor, her eyes shining with tears, the snake like man and Malfoy disapperated and Alex gasped. Before she went down she knew she must do something.

“Accio trunks” She hissed, all eight trunks came flying down to the bottom of the stairs, she knew they were all packed; she put her wand back in her pocket before apparating back to the club.


“You blew it the other night James, don’t come crying to us about her dancing with a muggle now, you should’ve grabbed the chance whilst you had it” Remus said firmly, James snorted.

“I don’t want the chance, I don’t want her” he said unconvincingly.

“Whatever” Sirius sighed, pulling shots towards them, he was sick and tired of moaning and complaining and wanted to get drunk, “can we drink to not being stuck with those two anymore, all they do is lead to drama” he said, talking about Alex and Lily, James nodded and lifted up a glass, but they were interrupted.

“SIRIUS, JAMES, I NEED YOU NOW” Came Alex’s petrified voice, Sirius turned to see his ex-girlfriend running towards them, tears streaming down her panic drawn face.

“What’s going on?” James asked quickly.

“Death eaters, your house, Amarietta dead, you know who” Alex panted.

Before they knew what was going on, she had grabbed their arms and they were apparating, seconds later they were standing in the kitchen of the Potter Mansion, Sirius gasped, Amarietta was lying dead on the floor in front of them, in a flash, Sirius scooped her up and carried her to James’ lounge where they placed her on the sofa and Alex conjured a blanket and put it over her.

“Sirius call the Auror office, I’ll apparate back to the club and get everyone, Alex summon everyone’s possession’s from their rooms and put them in the trunks, we need to get back to Hogwarts as soon as the Auror’s arrive, if they were looking for us, we’re not safe here” James said sharply before turning and disapperating quickly. Sirius grabbed the Potter’s muggle phone and dialed the number, Alex went into the hall and started summoning.

“Umm, Auror Headquarters right?” Sirius said to the telephone, they sounded shocked, they usually only got muggle’s ringing this line.

“Yes, is everything alright son?” A deep voice came from the other end, Sirius recognized it, the man was Kingsley Shacklebolt, he had been in 6th year when they were in first, Sirius knew he was an Auror now.

“There’s been a death eater attack at the Potter Mansion, they didn’t kill anyone of us, but they were looking for us, they tortured and killed a house elf” Sirius said quickly.

“We’ll be there” Shacklebolt said before hanging up.


“Accio Remus’s possessions” Alex muttered.

Nothing came flying down but his case rattled he had obviously packed, the same happened with all their stuff, apart from James’ broomstick which he had forgotten. Suddenly Alex was not alone in the hall, standing with her was four Auror’s including Mad Eye Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt, who started talking away in her and Sirius’ ear, luckily James showed up with Lily, Louise, Remus, Rosie and Pete and everyone was taken into James’ lounge for questioning whilst the Auror’s took away Amarietta’s body.

“Right, you lot” Alastor Moody said when they were done with interviewing, “grab your trunks and apparate to Hogsmeade, McGonagall will be waiting for you outside the three broomsticks, they’re expecting you, it’s not safe for you here anymore”.

The eight seventh years walked into the hall and grabbed their trunks and quickly apparated on the spot just outside the three broomsticks where McGonagall was waiting for them, she was silent and led them all the way to the castle in silence, when they got to the castle entrance Alex had never felt more relieved she had never missed home more and this way she wouldn’t have as many awkward confrontations with Sirius.

“You may all go to bed, apart from Mr Potter, Mr Black and Ms McCord, to the headmasters office, I know it’s 3:30 am, but he is waiting for you, the password is Malteaser” McGonagall said sharply,

She turned left to her office and Sirius, James and Alex made their way to Dumbledore’s office, Alex felt like she was following them mostly, she had only ever been to Dumbledore’s office once before in 5th year after she received all O’s on her O.W.L.S and he wanted to congratulate her in person, before she knew it they were stood outside the golden Gargoyle.

“Malteaser” James said confidently, the gargoyle moved to the side and a stairway opened up and they walked up it, they came to a large door, Sirius stepped forward and loudly knocked, he pushed it open and walked inside, James followed suit, Alex followed them sheepishly.

“Sirius, James and Alexandra” Dumbledore smiled at them, James and Sirius grinned back, Alex smiled still in shock from this nights events, “I have heard everything from the Auror’s I was curious to your points of view?” Alex sat down and told him everything she had heard when she had apparated back to the house; Sirius had his hands on her shoulders all the way through her story.

“Well, the Auror’s are taking care of everything now, your parents have been informed James, they are just glad you are all ok” Dumbledore informed them, “they’re fine as well” he added, James breathed, Alex could tell he had been worrying, she smiled at him, “I think it’s safe to say you need to sleep, would anyone like a mint imperial?” they shook their heads and got up.

They walked back to the common room in silence, when they got there, Sirius turned to Alex, he looked like he was about to say something, then obviously remembering they newly hated each other, he scowled at her and followed James up to the dorm, Alex walked up to the dormitory where her three friends had already fallen asleep, she sunk into her bed, it had been the longest day of her life and she was ready to go to sleep and forget about it.


Chapter 23: Chapter 23
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“She was pissing me off anyway” James snapped.

Hannah Parkinson had just left their table after James asked her leave after she said Remus looked like shit, after the full moon. All the boys sat in an uncomfortable silence, shifting nervously in their seats.

“Well, on a lighter note” Sirius grinned, “Let me eat” he grabbed two chicken legs and half a foot long baguette whilst Peter sat there staring at him in astonishment.

“Padfoot how can you eat all that?” Peter squealed.

Sirius shrugged and tucked into a ham sandwich which he swallowed practically in one. James chuckled grabbing half a baguette for himself and demolishing it in about a minute, Remus chuckled and rolled his eyes. Luckily Louise showed up before he could start criticizing them about eating too much.

“Hi” She smiled kissing him on the cheek and plonking herself down next to him, he beamed at her, “How much have you eaten today?” she grinned at Sirius; Sirius looked up at her, his mouth full of crisps.

“Not much” he mumbled spitting crisps everywhere, James laughed.

“Lovely Black” Louise made a face, Sirius grinned a crispy grin at her and returned to his food.

“Hey it’s a specialty” Sirius said simply.

“Really? I thought your specialty was sleeping with girls and then breaking their hearts” came the irritated voice of Rosie Chaplin behind them, she wasn’t as quite as forgiving as Louise had been, “oh no wait that’s you Potter, you just like to cheat on them Black” she said bitterly.

“I sleep with girls, I eat, I prank, I date girls, I eat, I prank, I am a man of many talents” Sirius said ignoring the jibe.

James snorted and grabbed his bag, the bell went for first lesson of the afternoon, he had transfiguration with the rest of the Marauders and Louise was going back to the common room first to grab her books, Rosie was going with her, so they said goodbye to them and carried on walking.

“Do you love her Moony?” Peter asked casually on the way to transfiguration, the three boys turned around and gaped at him, Peter wasn’t usually one to ask about feelings or talk about them, he blushed and Remus grinned.

“Yeah” He shrugged, James stared at him shocked, Remus had never mentioned anything before, Sirius also looked a bit shocked, Remus obviously noticed their shocked faces as he blushed, “I haven’t told her though” James hit him over the head with his transfiguration book.

“Moony, you’re a bigger idiot than Padfoot” James told him, they turned to Sirius who was muching away on a cauldron cake, James shook his head grinning, how could he eat so much.

“Hey I’m not an idiot” Sirius protested, “Well, not that big of an idiot anyway” he said, he was staring at something, James followed his gaze and his eyes landed on Alexandra McCord who was stood with Lily Evans just laughing and chatting, James smirked and hit his best mate over the head, Sirius flushed and looked at the floor, “Yeah so you should tell her Moony” he muttered to his feet, James sniggered and Sirius looked up at him glaring, he drew his wand, James drew his.

“Tarantellegra” James smirked, Sirius yelped and dodged it, “Very Gryffindor Padfoot” James sniggered, but he didn’t notice Sirius hit him with the Jelly Fingers curse, James swore under his breath as he dropped his wand and Sirius dropped to the floor in fits of laughter, James walked over to Remus asking for his help but Remus couldn’t stop laughing either, eventually he gathered his breath and turned James’ fingers back to normal.

“Accio wand” James hissed with Remus’ wand in his hand, when his own was back to him he chucked it back to Remus, whilst Sirius was wetting himself, “Locomotor Mortis” James said silently and before Sirius knew what was going on he had fallen back to the floor with his legs attached together.

“Prongs, you prick” Sirius snapped at him, James grinned at him.

James turned around and grabbed Sirius’ copy of Quidditch through the ages, thinking very hard about the Quidditch Pitch he whispered ‘portus’ he put a time limit of 15 seconds on it, he dropped it to the floor, Sirius growled and moved towards it, the minute he touched it, he disappeared, everyone looked shocked James and Remus however could not stop laughing, knowing Sirius had a bind on his legs and could not walk all the way from the Quidditch pitch to McGonagall’s classroom was very amusing.

Eventually McGonagall turned up asking where 'Mr Black' was, everyone just shrugged. They made their way into the transfiguration classroom. James sat in his usual seat alone as Sirius was ‘absent’. McGonagall was talking about animagi; James luckily didn’t have to listen as he knew all about animagi anyway being one.

“The spell used to turn an animagus into its original form is the Homorphus charm... Ah Mr Black, how nice of you to finally join us” McGonagall said bitterly, Sirius was 45 minutes late, James snickered, Sirius glared at him and walked towards his seat next to him.

“It took 35 minutes for someone to find me, you tosser” he hissed, James sniggered, “then I had to run here, when did you learn that spell?” he added sounding a little bit impressed, James grinned and mouthed ‘tell you later’ as McGonagall was sending them evils.


“I’ve had an idea” Rosie was saying, they were walking from Herbology, one of the only classes the four of them did together.

Lily was tired, they had a free period, not many people were out, most people were up in their common rooms or in class, the four girls were walking past the potions storage cupboard when Rosie had announced she had an idea.

“Yes Ro? What is it this time?” Alex sighed, Lily smiled, Rosie always had a ‘great’ idea and it usually failed.

“Well” She said stopping, they stopped to face her, “You were telling me about the James and Sirius and that portkey yesterday, well I can’t be bothered to walk all the way to the common room, so let’s just make a portkey, Louise or Lily can turn it into one, whoever has studied it and we could be back in the dormitory in seconds, we just need to keep lookout” Rosie grinned, Lily raised her eyebrows, Rosie noticed her skeptical looks, “Come on Lil, live a little” Louise giggled, Lily rolled her eyes.

“Let’s do it” Alex grinned.

“Fine” Lily sighed, they sat on the floor hoping no teachers would come along, Alex was their lookout.

“Right” Louise muttered pulling out her book; they had decided she would do the spell as she had read a lot on portkey’s and Remus had explained to her in potions how James had done it, “umm…” she muttered to herself whilst reading.

Lily leaned against the wall, her thoughts on James, as usual, she knew he had a free as well, she wondered what he was doing, probably something with that stupid Hannah, Lily found herself automatically glaring and turning her nose up, James was too good to be with a bitch like Hannah. Lily was never mean about people, she was quite shocked with herself, but Hannah had threatened her.

“Someone’s coming, quick we’re not meant to be wandering the corridors and even we’re caught making illegal portkey’s we’ll be in detention for the rest of the year” Alex hissed sprinting down the corridor to them, Lily looked up and grabbed the handle of the potions cupboard door whispered ‘alohomora’ and pulled them all inside.

“Colloportus” Rosie whispered, pointing her wand at the door when they had got inside the door automatically locked itself.

“I wanna see who’s there, I can hear their footsteps they must be at the top of the corridor, Lou carve a small hole in the wood” Alex urged quickly. Louise sighed and grabbed her wand.

“Deletrius” she muttered, making a small hole big enough for one eye to fit in. Luckily it did not make a noise, Alex shoved Louise out the way and stuck her eye up to it, she gasped.

“What?” Lily muttered, Alex didn’t pull her eyes away, she just shook her head.

“Lily don’t look” Alex hissed.

“Why?” Lily murmured curiously. Rosie shoved Alex out of the way, she put her eye to the hole and gasped.

“Jeez, Lil don’t” Rosie muttered.

But Lily had shoved them both out the way and put her eye up to the peep hole, she repeated their gasp, a little too loudly, she had to duck because Potter and his girlfriend, Parkinson were stood outside the door practically eating each other and they heard Lily and had turned around, Lily braved herself to look up again, they had continued their ‘feast’.

“Eww” Lily giggled, her friends breathed in relief, Lily found it more amusing than upsetting.

“Get a room” Louise giggled when she got to the door, she moved away from it again, going back to the book they were turning into a portkey, she had started muttering spells.

“If we’re not careful they might try and use this room” Rosie hissed, Lily bit her lip and gave Louise her most panicked face, Louise glared at her and continued to mutter to herself.

“Right, it hasn’t got a timer on it, so let’s get out of here” she hissed at them, Lily raised her eyebrows at her and then nodded to Rosie whose eyes were still on James and Hannah.

“No” Alex suddenly muttered, the other three girls looked at her in confusion, she noticed their curious expressions, so she continued, “let’s play a little Marauder prank on the chief Marauder himself” she smirked, Lily grinned and Rosie squealed.

“Let’s aguamenti them, come on lets, pleeeeease” Rosie begged, Alex nodded her head and pulled out her wand and aimed it in the hole making sure it was pointing directly at Potter and Hannah. Lily giggled as Alex whispered.

“Aguamenti” all you could hear was squeals and shouts, the girls laughed silently as Potter would recognize their laughs, Alex had a peep through the hole, “they’re soaked” she giggled, James was shouting and trying to open the door, Lily looked through the door

Putting her bright green eye to the little hole was a bad idea, he frowned slightly and stopped shouting, he brought his face closer to the tiny hole and look straight into her eye. She gasped quietly and drew back.

"Go, go, Go" she hissed, all throwing themselves onto the portkey.

They landed in the dormitory; luckily Alisha and Jasmine were in class so if anyone asked they’d been there the whole time. They all fell about on their beds laughing. When they had finally got a hold of themselves, Alex stood up and moved toward the door.

“Let’s go, Peter and Remus are down there so if we walk down, talking loudly they’ll notice we’ve come down from the dorm, so when James comes we’ll have witnesses to testify where we are and good job you got rid of that portkey Lou” Alex told them.

Louise grinned and the girls followed her out the door, Lily was pleased with herself, Potter had looked hilarious soaked and shocked, they made their way down to the common room talking loudly and luckily Remus and Peter looked up smiling at them. They sat down by the fire and joined them.

“I thought you were up there” Remus smiled, kissing Louise on the cheek when they got down there.

“Yeah, we went straight from class and did our homework up there, so we could enjoy our free time” Louise beamed at him.

She was an excellent liar and people would believe anything she said, Remus smiled at her and returned to his book, Alex and Louise led down by the fire deep in conversation, Rosie was playing exploding snap with Peter and Lily grabbed a book called ‘Tales of Beedle the Bard’ it was a story book, full of fairytales, Alex had leant it to her as Lily was muggle-born she had never been read them.

She was getting into one of the stories when the portrait door opened and in walked a soaking James Potter; he was bright red in the face and cursing under his breath. He looked at them and walked over; Lily ignored him and went back to her book, smirking a little.

“James” Remus said shocked, “what the fuck happened to you?” he checked outside obviously to see if it was raining, Lily down at Alex who was trying to hide a laugh.

“Someone aguamentied me and Hannah, when we were well you know” he added hastily, his voice was full of anger; Lily raised her eyebrows, her eyes still on her book. Suddenly Alex let out a loud snort of laughter, Lily looked at her she was bright red in the face and was laughing a lot.

“Is something funny McCord?” James snapped at her, Alex shook her head, sniggering, “go on spit it out?” Alex glared at him.

“Oh dear poor Jamesy he got a tinkle bit wet when he was snogging his bitch of a girlfriend” Alex said sarcastically, “Looks like you finally got what was coming to you Potter, maybe next time don’t act like such a two faced man whore” Alex said sweetly to him, James glared at her, his eyes widening, realization was obviously kicking in, luckily for them, he had no proof.

“You four” he hissed, glaring at them, Lily looked up at him and found his eyes on her, he let out an angry snarl, “you did this, you lot did it” he snapped.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about James” Rosie said nonchalantly, returning to her game.

“Cut the crap Chaplin” James shot at her.

“James, im sorry but we’ve been here the whole time” Louise shrugged, Remus raised his eyebrows as James looked at him.

“Sorry mate it’s true, I saw them come down from the girls dormitories, when did this actually happen?” Remus asked him.

“About 15 minutes ago” James muttered, Remus shrugged.

“They were up there, sorry mate, they never even came in through the portrait, and they went up there straight after class” Remus told him returning to his book. James glared at them; Lily knew this was her time to shine.

“I know they did it” James snarled.

“How could we of? Some of us can’t work portkey’s you know” Lily sighed not looking up from her book, Rosie giggled and Alex sniggered, Louise had a huge grin on her face. James bent down from behind the sofa, his face red with anger and he muttered in Lily’s ear.

“Heads meeting now” he hissed, before storming to the heads common room.

Lily sighed, putting down her book, she waved goodbye to her friends and reluctantly walked towards the heads common room. When she got in there, James was pacing up and down an angry look on his face.

“Fucking hell Evans” He snapped at her, Lily had the strangest urge to laugh at him, he was being so ridiculous.

“What’s the matter Potter?” She said innocently, knowing it would drive him insane, he let out a frustrated growl.

“What is your problem?” He hissed. She snorted at him.

“What do you mean?” She asked him with nonchalance in her voice.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He glared at her, she rolled her eyes.

“Not everything is about you Potter” she replied calmly, keeping her temper in for a change.

“YOU AGUAMENTIED ME AND HANNAH!” he roared, still pacing.

“Like I said before, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, I was upstairs the whole ti..”

“Bullshit” James interrupted her, “you’re a talented witch Lily Evans, I don’t doubt that, you could make a portkey in an instant and it would go wherever you wanted it too. And if you seriously believe i wouldn't recognise your eyes for two seconds then you're kidding yourself” he hissed.

“I’ve never made a portkey in my life” Lily said truthfully, ignoring his comment about recognising her eyes, James snorted and took a step towards her.

“Jealous Evans?” he taunted, Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Of you and her?” she snorted, “you’re the perfect couple, the bitch and the man whore” she said nastily, before stepping around him and stalking out of the common room.


The common room was practically empty, it was one o clock in the morning, it was a Saturday tomorrow so Louise and Remus were up studying and talking, when Remus had finished his homework he let out a large yawn, Louise looked up at him and giggled, she put her homework away as well and joined him on the sofa.

Louise wouldn’t admit it but she was tired, she was eager to go to bed but her and Remus hardly ever spent alone time together. She snuggled up to him on the sofa, he yawned again and stood up, and Louise raised her eyebrows at him.

“What?” he asked sleepily.

“Well, im tired too, but I wanted to spend time with you” she whined, she hated whining she sounded like a five year old, but she did really want just to be with her boyfriend.

“Go to sleep then dear” he smiled, he leant in for a kiss but she diverted it to her cheek, she was ticked off. He lifted his head up; he didn’t look amused he looked exactly how she was feeling.

“What was that?” He snapped, she widened her eyes at him, Remus had never snapped at her whilst they had been dating.

“I say I want to spend time with you, as in my boyfriend, and you get up and head off to bed. What is wrong with you?” Louise retorted, going red with anger.

“Lou, I’m shattered” he muttered, she gaped at him.

“Fine” she murmured, “go to bed” he looked at her guiltily, obviously knowing he had done something wrong.

“Lou” he started.

“No, go on Remus if you’re so tired” she snapped.

“I wanna talk to you too” He told her, she ignored him.

Glaring at the wall, she felt tears in her eyes, she blinked them away, her and Remus never fought, she was also angry because she loved him, she loved him and he wouldn’t tell her he loved her, she was waiting for him to say it all the time, but people were always around, sometimes she didn’t believe he loved her at all, she could feel the tears slowly falling down her cheeks, Remus had noticed them too.

“Love, what’s the matter?” He asked gently. She shook her head.

“Do you even like me?” She whispered she was doubting everything.

“Of course I do, how could you say that?” He asked shocked.

“Well we’ve been together, three and half months and well, I mean you’ve never said or shown any indication of… well I don’t know I mean im so confused…” she was babbling and she knew it, Remus chuckled and put his hand under her chin and kissed her gently but deeply, she smiled in between kisses.

When they stopped she looked up at him, feeling embarrassed about crying in front of him, she was about to say something but he held his hand up to interrupt her.

“Lou” He breathed, he sounded nervous, she felt nervous too, “Louise, I love you” he whispered, she smiled, happy tears were running down her cheeks, she flung her arms around his neck.

“I love you too” she whispered in his ear, he pulled away from her smiling but sadly, “what?” she said noticing his smile.

“I need to tell you something” he muttered

Chapter 24: Chapter 24
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Just to let you know we're about 1/3 of the way through the story now, probably just over, hope you're enjoying it:) i get quite a bit of feedback anyway but i would appreciate some more, any thoughts. Thanks!

“I know” Louise told him, Remus gaped at her, he felt panicked how had she known, he looked into her cool, reassuring blue eyes and relaxed a little, “I’ve known since fifth year” she answered his question before he had even asked it.

“Louise I mean you must…”he started, he was going to say ‘hate me’ but she interrupted him before he could.

“I don’t care” she said bluntly, he looked at her shocked, how could she not care, he was a monster, “Remus, I’ve known for almost two years and I haven’t stayed away from you, I’m not going to abandon you because of your ‘furry little problem’ she said smiling, he looked up at her and smiled back at her, “I love you, remember?” she reassured him, he leaned forwards and kissed her.

“I love you to” he beamed at her.

He kissed her on the head and made his way up to his dormitory, left to his own thoughts, he had never felt so much relief in his life, the girl he loved, knew he loved her and she didn’t care that he was a monster, he walked into the dorm and was very surprised to see them all awake, he walked in and they grinned at him.

“Moony” Sirius greeted him with a mischievous smile; Remus grinned back at him and sat on his bed grinning to himself.

“Someone’s happy Moons?” James smirked, Remus smiled at him, “what happened?”

“I told her everything” Remus shrugged, James gaped.

“N-not everything?” Sirius stuttered.

“Not the animagi thing Rem?” Peter said hastily, Remus shook his head and they relaxed.

“Nah, just about me being a werewolf and that I love her” Remus shrugged.

“Aww Moonykins, you little sissy” Sirius mocked him, Remus threw a pillow at him, it hit Sirius over the head and he fell on the floor.

“Ow, Moonywoony that hurt” he squeaked sounding like Peter.

But he was quickly up rummaging through James’ trunk, he pulled out the Marauders Map and a silvery cloak, which was James’ invisibility cloak, “right Filch is in his office, Mrs Norris is on the third floor” Sirius muttered to himself. “Right James, im borrowing these, stay awake Marauders, I’m getting food for our little pranking planning session” he pulled the cloak over himself and he was gone, Remus sighed and led down, he hadn’t noticed it before but he was starving, hoping Sirius wouldn’t be too long, he relaxed on his bed and started planning a prank with James which they had been doing before he walked in.


Lily could feel herself falling asleep, she knew she must stay awake but she had hardly got any sleep the night before, as she was still angry with Potter over the portkey incident. They had transfiguration again and McGonagall was still going on about animagi, she glanced over at the Marauders each doing anything but studying or listening. Sirius was scribbling away on a little piece of paper, Remus was daydreaming, Peter was looking around the room nervously and James had his head on the desk. Lily guessed they didn’t need to listen as they knew all about animagi anyway.

“Becoming an animagi without ministry help is very dangerous and can end in very serious injuries” McGonagall was saying. Lily saw Sirius turn to smirk at James, who grinned back. Lily shook her head and turned back towards McGonagall, who had finished her speech on illegal animagi and was now reminding them of the spell Avis.

“I know this is a fifth or sixth year spell, but we need to revise it before your N.E.W.T’S in a few months, the incantation is Avis, which conjures a small flock of birds from your wands, no doubt many of you know the charm which Avis is followed by, if I see anyone using such charms in my class, they will leave” McGonagall said strictly her bottom lip, thinning, “partners” McGonagall added.

Lily got up and walked over to Rosie who was smiling at her, Alex was stuck with Peter as Louise had ditched her for Remus and she did not look happy about it.

As usual James and Sirius had gone together and were deep in discussion about something that obviously was not the spell and McGonagall had noticed and was not impressed, “Potter, Black I think you’re a pair that needs splitting up, if you want to actually get some work done today” McGonagall said sternly.

“Well see Minnie, we already know this spell…” James had started but McGonagall put a hand up to silence him.

“Mr Black you will be with… Ah Miss Chaplin” McGonagall told him, Rosie’s face fell and so did Lily’s heart knowing where that left her, “And Mr Potter with Miss Evans… NOW” She snapped looking at James’ annoyed face, Lily groaned, McGonagall looked at her a little sympathically and lowered her voice, “I’m sorry Miss Evans, it is not your fault but theirs” she said before walking off to scold Peter who was doing the incantation completely wrong, he kept saying Navis instead of Avis.

Lily hit herself on the head and walked over to James who was sat on his desk looking as miserable as she felt. When she arrived over, he looked up at her and rolled his eyes, she glared at him as he stood up. He turned to face her, she looked in his eyes and felt herself almost melt, she shook her head and mentally hit herself, she hated him remember.

“Right Evans, I don’t particularly want to talk to you so let’s get on with this” He muttered not looking at her, she felt her temper rise again, she decided now was the time to take her anger out on him as they had a while left of the lesson and nobody would notice them.

“You know what Potter I don’t particularly want to talk to you either, so why don’t you shut up and get on with it” she hissed, knowing he would retaliate as he always had to have the last say.

“I don’t really understand what I have done to make you hate me so much Evans” he snapped at her.

“You don’t understand?” she scoffed, she could hardly believe what she was hearing.

“No I don’t” he said simply.

“You’ve done everything in your power to make me miserable Potter” she seethed.

“Like what?” James snapped.

“Im not even going to bother” she snapped.

“Sorry” he said rolling his eyes.

“Stop being so sarcastic” she snapped again.

“Oh let it go Evans, stop snapping at me for everything” James glared at her.

She glared back but ignored him, her mind wandering, as she watched him do the incantation, at least he pays attention sometimes, her mind wandering back to the animagi talk, she suddenly had an idea, an idea to make him squirm and feel uncomfortable and she could control the conversation very, very easily.

“Potter” she said casually, he looked up at her annoyed, “Can I copy some of your notes about animagi?” she asked him totally casual, as he shifted about in his seat, trying to think of an answer.

“Copy Alex’s or Louise’s” he replied, she sighed.

“I asked them, their notes didn’t make much sense” she told him. He groaned.

“I didn’t get any notes” he muttered. Lily raised her eyebrows, this was her time.

“Why?” She asked him in mock shock.

He shrugged, "didn't need to"

“Why do you already know it all or something?” she asked whilst flicking her wand and trying to say the spell silently.

“Yeah” he said casually, she could feel herself loosing this conversation to him.

“You know what Potter, I was thinking and don’t you think Black would make a great dog as an animagus?” she asked nonchalantly, she saw him look panicked and then trying to relax.

“I guess” he replied, drumming his fingers against the table.

“And Pettigrew would be a good rat or mouse” she smirked, he looked up at her eyes widening then quickly trying to hide his startled expression, she twirled her wand a little and stared completely away from him as she continued to talk, flicking her wand every so often to add some nonchalance to the conversation.

“What animal would you be good as Potter” she mused noticing his panicked expression, she snickered silently and returned to her thinking face, “a stag” she said finally, he gaped at her, “yup, you’d be a good stag, hey that’d be good then your nicknames would sort of match up to your animagus forms, you know Prongs a stag” she said smiling slightly, she could feel power on her side again, she felt like her old self.

He looked like he was about to drop off his seat in shock and worry, “hmm that would be good” she saw him look up at her; she smirked at him slightly letting him know she knew something.

His mouth dropped open and luckily for her the bell went and she got to leave him there looking like that, she had total control and she loved it, it was just like old times.

She smirked at him again, grabbed her bag and raced out of the classroom, not bothering to wait for Alex, Rosie or Louise as Rosie and Alex had detention with McGonagall now and Louise would be with Remus as it was the last lesson of the day, she made her way to the heads common room where she knew she could get all her homework done and out of the way.

“Chivalry” she smiled when she reached the fat lady. The portrait door swung open and she walked towards the heads common room portrait, “Marauder” she muttered, James had picked the password for this week, the door opened and she walked inside the empty common room, she sat down on the sofa pulling out her potions homework.

“Hmm, what’s a sweetened, aromatic solution used as medicine called?” she said aloud drumming her fingers against her potions book, “elixir” she muttered jotting it down, the portrait door swung open loudly making her jump, dropping her book, quill and homework.

She cursed under her breath as the portrait door swung shut again but the intruder had not left, she bent down and picked up her things and put them on the table, she stood up turning to face James Potter who looked angry, confused and a little shocked, she planted his legendary smirk on her face for a change, she raised her eyebrows questionably as he looked ready to explode.

“Something wrong?” her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“What do you know?” he hissed, she gave him a confused look she was going to make this conversation very difficult for him as he had made her life difficult from the moment she had met him.

“Umm I know a few things; I know how to prepare potions, how to turn a bird into a water gob…” she started before James interrupted her.

“You know what I mean” he hissed.

“No James I don’t think I do” she said casually. She knew at this point he knew he’d either have to tell her or leave and of lost the argument which he could never bring himself to do.

“What were you talking about with the animagi thing” he said bluntly.

“That’s all it was, why? Something you want to share?” she grinned at him nastily.

“I know you know Evans so why don’t you have your moment and just say it” he glared at her, she felt angry as he knew what she was trying to do, there was no way she was going to give him the satisfaction of her giving in.

“James, honestly I do not have a single clue what you are going on about” she said innocently, he snarled and walked towards her.

“Don’t mess with me Evans, just say it” he spat.

“I don’t want to say it” she said smugly, “I want you too, and then we can see whether we’re both thinking the same thing” she said raising an eyebrow.

He gaped at her, "Get off your high horse Evans and stop being such a stuck up little princess and say what you want to say and get over it" he hissed.

She felt her tempper rise “Show me” she snapped.

“Show you what?” he said mocking her, she glared at him.

“Show me or I’ll report all three of you to the ministry” she retorted, she knew it was a low blow but James Potter just made her so angry, he gave her his most skeptical look.

He narrowed his eyes at her, "you wouldn't dare"

She raised an eyebrow, "care to challenege that?" she smirked, "prongs" she added satisfactually.

He raised his eyebrows and stood there for a moment, having a silent debate with himself. He finally sighed giving in, Lily felt extremely pleased with herself. He put down his wand and in a second she saw James Potter transform into a fully grown stag, even though she’d know she couldn’t help herself gaping, eventually she grinned, the stag walked up to and looked up at her, she smiled.

The stag glanced up at her and poked her gently on the arm with his antlers, Lily giggled, it didn’t hurt just tickled. The stag walked around her and nuzzled the side of her, she stroked its head and sat down on the floor next to it.

At that moment the portrait door swung open again and she turned to face it, seeing Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin stood there looking shocked. The stag stood on its hind legs and transformed back. Lily also jumped up and looked away from James.

“PRONGS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Sirius bellowed. James looked at Sirius and then looked at the floor.

“She already knew” he muttered, Lily felt slightly awkward.

“How?” Remus asked curiously, James shrugged and they all looked at her.

“Remember when I wasn’t talking to my friends and I was spending all that time with you?” Lily asked, they all nodded, “well that day in Hogsmeade when you two” she said to James and Sirius, “threatened Paul with your wands and yelled at Alex, Ro and Lou, and then we had a heads meeting” she said to James, he nodded, “and well you all came in at the end and I said I was going to the loo well I was but I heard Peter through the walls” she added, Peter blushed furiously and watched the floor. Sirius hit him over the head.

“Well done Wormtail” he snapped.

“You all started talking about it first how I was meant to know she was listening” Peter shot back glaring at Sirius.

“She could’ve told anyone” Sirius hissed.

“She wouldn’t of” Remus said, they were acting like Lily wasn’t there.

“How do you know?” Sirius asked him furiously.

“Ask her” James said simply, they all turned to Lily, who rolled her eyes and stared back.

“Of course I haven’t you think way too little of me” she snapped, barging past them and walking to the Gryffindor Common leaving four very confused Marauders staring after her.

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Chapter 25: Chapter 25
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The castle was quiet tonight, the cold air slipping through the gaps in the walls. Oh how Lily longed to be in front of the common room fire right now.

She hated patrols, especially now, especially with Potter. It was so much easier when he was obsessed with her and she hated him than now when they had slept together and he had rejected her.

She just wanted to cry just looking at him. She was still feeling really ill. She sighed slightly and rubbed her forehead nervously, he ran his hands through his hair quickly. She smiled slightly, she missed that.

After a while she could feel his eyes on her, she ignored it but it was starting to make her feel very uncomfortable.

“What?” she snapped, he glared at her and turned away from her.

“Nothing, jeez” he muttered, she rolled her eyes and started to count five minutes before he interrupted her again, “How is everything then Evans?”

“Why do you care?” she snapped at him.

He snorted and turned to face her again, she eventually followed suit and faced him too, her glare set in stone, but staring into his eyes made her want to crumble, she brushed off the butterflies in her stomach and focused on something else, but Christmas Eve kept coming back to her.

“I love you Lily” he had whispered in her ear between kisses, she could feel herself crying, “It’s always been you”

“Im so sorry” she whispered and kissed him wrapping her arms around his neck.

“For what?”

“All these years, all those times when I would just reject you like you were a person without feelings” she sobbed, he kissed her harder and she gave in.

“I love you Lily” he muttered to her.

She could feel the tears come to her eyes and she was blushing, before she knew it they were rolling down her cheeks, she turned away from him, hoping he hadn’t noticed. He acted as though he hadn’t he didn’t come towards her but she could still feel his eyes on her.

“Evans, are you?” he asked nervously.

“Crying, yes congratulations Potter” she snapped, wiping her tears away.

They sat in silence for a moment, neither of them daring to speak to each other.

“You- you” she sniffed, the tears rolling down her cheeks, “you lied to me” she finished.

“When” he asked softly, she felt her cheeks go red.

“That night” she barely muttered, she heard him stand up and make his way towards her, she looked out of the window, she couldn’t bring herself to look at him again.

“I didn’t” he whispered, she snorted wiping the tears away from her cheeks, she turned to face him, his face was very close to hers, she pushed him away and stood up, not wanting to be near him.

“Yes you did everything you said was a lie” she hissed. He looked taken a-back.

“It was not” he protested.

“If it wasn’t a lie, how come we’re here now?” she asked him, he hung his head and she walked away from him, around the corner.

As she sharply turned the corner she could hear whispers coming from the next corridor. She kept as quiet as possible, desperate not to make a single sound.

“Just do it” she heard somebody snap, she frowned slightly, “im serious Snape if you don’t get the little Mudblood then I will, and I won’t show mercy”

She recognized Avery’s sharp voice.

“In broad daylight?” Snape snarled.

Avery sighed impatiently, “that’s what I’ve told you to do, if there is any chance the order find out about the attacks, if they are in broad daylight it’ll make us seem more dangerous, not caring who see’s and what not”

“Give me time” Snape said, he sounded like he was gritting his teeth.

Lily held her breath, hoping they wouldn’t come round this corner, eventually she heard footsteps growing further away from her. She sighed, she knew one thing, she better watch her back.


Lily and her three friends walked down the snowy streets of Hogsmeade, the night before there had been a snow storm but they still managed to make their way into the small village, it looked so beautiful covered in snow, Lily couldn’t wait until Valentines, even though she did not have a date yet, but all the same she would go into the village anyway and just have a wander around, lots of people never had dates and still went in. Lily walked watching her feet, watching the foot prints her shoes made in the snow, sadly she did not look up in time to realize she was about to bump into someone.

“Oops sorry” she said looking up.

She locked eyes with the boy and she automatically blushed, she wanted to pull her hat down over her face, she was trying not to let herself act that way around him anymore, she looked across to her friends who were stood there awkwardly, Rosie and Louise were in conversation and kept glancing at Lily but Alex was glaring at Sirius Black.

“Maybe watch where you’re going next time” James Potter said arrogantly.

“Maybe watch where your going” she said stiffly, she knew it was a lame comeback but James made her act like a total idiot.

James rolled his eyes and sidestepped her and continued to walk, Sirius and Peter followed him. Remus was not there as Louise had told Lily he was studying in the library catching up on a lot of homework.

When they had gone Lily let out a frustrated growl, her friends turned towards her giggling. They walked into the three broomsticks where the Marauders had just gone into, when they got inside it was warm and cozy and they picked a table furthest away from the boys as possible.

Alex got up to get the butterbeers which was unlucky as Sirius had just got up to get theirs, when she saw him coming Alex turned her nose up and faced the counter, as she was ordering four butterbeers they took a while to come and Lily could see Sirius trying to make conversation but Alex pointedly ignoring him. Eventually Alex paid and grabbed the butterbeers; she glared at him and made her way back to the table.

“What did he want?” Louise asked curiously, Lily was glad she asked because Lily wanted to know the same.

“Trying to be friendly but it’s a little too late” Alex sniffed, she shook her head and smiled at them, “I don’t want to talk about him, honestly” she told them, they smiled at her before returning to their previous conversation.


“Sirius, oh Sirius” Sirius turned around as did James.

Alisha was running towards them, they were still sat in the three broomsticks, James groaned and turned back to his butterbeer, he wasn’t going to lie he was not the biggest fan on Sirius’ fiancée. When she reached the table, she pulled up at a stool and threw her arms around him, Sirius looked bored already and James and Peter were sick of her always popping up.

“Did you want something?” James said harshly, Alisha glared at him.

“Just wanted to see my boyfriend, problem Potter?” Alisha snapped, James frowned at her, but shrugged and returned to his butterbeer. Luckily Sirius came to the save.

“How about we just meet up later, say room of requirement around 10ish?” He said with a wink, she giggled and nodded, jumping off her stool she ran off not before Sirius slapped her on the bum.

“Why are you with her Padfoot?” James sighed once she was out of sight, Sirius shrugged.

“She’s alright”

“But no offence Padfoot she’s a bitch” Peter squeaked, James snorted into his butterbeer, Sirius chuckled.

“I know Pete, but until I found the one then she’ll do” Sirius grinned.

“Or until the one realizes she likes you back?” Peter said causally, Sirius hit him on the shoulder and James started to laugh, Peter hardly ever contradicted any of them especially Sirius.

“Shut up Wormtail, you make me sound like James” Sirius muttered.

Peter grinned at James who gave him an approving look before hitting Sirius round the head. James glanced behind him and Lily Evans and her friends were making their way out of the three broomsticks, probably back up to the castle, James turned back towards his friends and joined in with the rest of their conversation.

“When’s the next full moon?” Peter asked eagerly.

“Two days after valentine’s day” James replied. Sirius squealed and Peter looked excited.

“Not that long” Sirius grinned.

“Not that long dear Padfoot” James chuckled as Sirius choked on the rest of his butterbeer.

“You know Moony is not actually studying today” Peter piped up, James turned to look at him curiously.

“Whaddaya mean Wormtail?” Sirius said through a mouthful of froth.

“I mean, he told me at breakfast that he thought we could use some basic pranks which we’ve never tried before because we thought they were too basic, but they are effective, but he said he was going to research putting a load of basic pranks together and creating a big prank” Peter said sounding impressed.

“Well it’s about time the perfect prefect controlled the prank” James said with a hint of glee in his eye.

“When are we planning on doing this?” Sirius asked curiously, Peter shrugged.

“We’ll ask him later” James grinned.

“Anyway, I say we head to the shrieking shack, some of the Slytherin’s might be hanging around there and James you’ve got the cloak, we can charm snowballs at them, it’ll be a laugh” Sirius said jumping about eagerly, when Peter and James nodded he dashed out the door and towards the shrieking shack. James rolled his eyes at Peter who chuckled and they followed him out of the door.


When they had got out of the warmth of the three broomsticks the girls didn’t really know where to go, they felt crowded in the hustle and bustle of Hogsmeade, so Rosie had suggested to go and sit down by the shrieking shack as not many people went down by there and they could just chill out and have a chat, the girls agreed and followed her, Lily was in a bad mood, she hated to admit it but she just wanted to be with James, she could always feel herself thinking about him and when she was with him however much they argued she wanted to be around him.

She couldn’t help thinking how everything had changed, a year ago she would’ve never considered falling for James, she could feel herself falling for him harder and harder, she suddenly felt hot and realized she was blushing, she stopped thinking about James and continued down the path to the Shrieking Shack, luckily nobody was there when they got there and the girls could sit and have a chat. They had been talking for about 10 minutes when Louise decided to bring up the name she didn’t want to hear.

“Apparently, I heard Alisha and Jasmine say, so it might not be true, Potter and Avery got into a bit of a duel on Tuesday and that’s why Avery hasn’t been in class, he’s still in the hospital wing, James apparently stunned him three times, he got a month detention for it” Louise told them, Lily snorted.

“I don’t doubt that for one second” Rosie chuckled.

“Stupid Potter” Lily hissed under her breath.

“You love him Lily” Alex teased; Lily felt her face go very hot and get very angry.

“I do not love arrogant Potter, he is an imbecilic idiot, I absolutely hate him, sometimes I actually think I prefer Severus Snape to him” Lily spat.

She knew it was harsh, but he made her so mad, but she also knew that not a word that had just come out of her mouth was even a little true, of course she didn't prefer Snape, for all she knew he could be planning her murder. Her friends looked at her skeptically also not believing it either, she was about to say something when she heard footsteps behind her, her heart sank, she knew her luck, she needn’t of turned round to know who would’ve been standing there.

“Prefer a muggle-born hating, budding death eater to me, eh Evans?” came James Potter’s angry voice.

Lily bit her lip and turned around, his face was bright red and angry, his fists were clenched and one of them was around his wand, Sirius Black looked ready to take her eyes out.

“James, I didn’t mean, I was just…” She started lamely. He snorted.

“Save it” he hissed, before turning from her.

“James” she shouted, she could feel the tears coming to her eyes, he ignored her and walked away from her Sirius and Peter following, she crumbled to the floor sobbing, her friends put their arms around her but she continued to cry, James would never forgive her after that, “I think I do” she sniffed.

“Think you do what sweetie?” Rosie asked kindly. Lily inhaled sharply.

“lo-lov-love him” she burst into tears again, her friends brought her up and made her stand up and threw their arms around her, whilst Louise whispered in her ear ‘we know’.


It was about 4 o clock, they had been in Hogsmeade for hours now, Lily had tried to stop thinking about James but it was hard, a year ago it was the other way round, Lily shouting at him and blowing up on him but now she knew how it felt to be rejected, she just wasn’t sure she could handle it for six years like he had done. Her friends had been really sympathetic and they were making their way towards the castle.

“Hey, shall we go and visit Hagrid?” Louise suggested, they all agreed, Hagrid was an awful cook but his company was very enjoyable and he was always happy to see them, and at the moment Lily was in the mood to be cheered up.

So they made their way into the school grounds, their boots crunching in the snow, they made their way to Hagrid’s cabin, they were about to knock when they heard voices coming from the inside, they pressed their ears up against the door and sure enough they could make out the voice of James Potter, then Remus Lupin and then Sirius Black.

Alex inhaled sharply and dragged them out of the way of the door, they went round the back of Hagrid’s hut and crouched down by an open window and sat there listening. Remus was with the boys now and even though he would keep things in order Lily did not want another encounter with James and Alex certainly didn’t want one with Sirius. They crouched round the side of the cabin, being able to see the door but still being able to hear them talk too.

“’Av ya got o’er yur Lily Evan’s ‘bsession yet James?” Hagrid chuckled a deep laugh. Lily strained her ears to hear.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me anymore” James said confidently, Lily’s heart dropped she buried her head in her hands.

“He’s lying, he talks and thinks about her all the time” Sirius chuckled, Hagrid laughed.

“He likes to pretend he’s over her, but he isn’t, are you Prongs?” Remus sniggered.

“Shut up” James hissed.

“She’s a good ‘un” Hagrid said with a smile in his voice. Lily could tell James was blushing.

“Aw Pwongsie is bwushing” Sirius teased.

“Shut up Sirius before I hex you” James spat. Sirius let out a bark like laugh.

“I ‘eard Avery is in the ‘ospital wing” Hagrid said sounding amused.

“He provoked me” James protested, Sirius snorted.

“Nah he just hexed him and then stunned him, a lot, because Avery was talking to Snivellus, umm I mean Snape about Evans calling her a filthy you know what” Sirius explained, Lily grinned, James had stuck up for her. Hagrid chuckled.

“Well we better be off, see you soon Hagrid” Remus said, the boys shouted goodbye, the girls edged nearer towards the door to see them come out and to know when they could go and knock on Hagrid’s door without the boys knowing they’d been watching and listening.

“Right, I’ll see yous lot later, I’ma let Fang ou’” Hagrid said opening the back door.

Sadly the girls did not think much of Fang bounding out the door, the boys made their way out the door shouting goodbye to Hagrid, the girls almost went unseen when Fang bounded round the corner seeing them and jumped up on Rosie’s back who screamed in shock and fell on Louise who fell on Alex who fell in Lily, it was like human dominoes and sadly their screams did not go unnoticed, as the boys turned around and saw them spread out on the floor. The boys were in fits of laughter, they couldn’t control it.

Lily could feel herself flushing, and she was drenched in snow and was now freezing and embarrassed, she buried her head in her hands and could feel Louise laughing as Remus pulled her to her feet. Rosie jumped up and just as Lily was about to stand up, James Potter was stood in front of her offering her his hand, she flushed and grabbed it and he pulled her up, she muttered a thanks and turned behind her where Sirius was trying to pull Alex up but she hit his hand away a jumped up herself.

“Spying on us ladies?” Sirius said with a wink, Rosie shrugged and grinned.

“Might’ve been, might not of been” she grinned, they made their way to the castle deciding they were a little bit too embarrassed to go and see Hagrid.

“And why was that?” Remus chuckled; Louise buried her head in his shoulder.

“We were going to see Hagrid but then you lot were there and we didn’t exactly want to go in with you, because well you know and so we just decided to listen” Rosie said nonchalantly. Lily looked at James who was bright red in the face.

“And it was going perfectly until Fang was let out” Lily sighed a grin on her face, Sirius chuckled.

“Did you um hear everything we um said?” he said uncomfortably, Lily would’ve done anything not to be there at that particular moment.

“Yupp” Alex said with a smirk at James, he groaned and hit his hand against his forehead, they walked in silence until Alex saw Daniel and waved goodbye and ran off, Sirius was watching after her, Lily sniggered, he looked at her.

“What?” he snapped.

“You love her” Rosie teased sniggering; Sirius glared at them and ignored them.

“Shut up Chaplin, don’t be so irritating” Sirius said feebly, which made Rosie laugh even more.

“At least im not in love with someone when im engaged” she smirked, Sirius stuck his tongue out.

“At least I don’t perv on peoples conversations” he retorted lamely.

“Touché” Rosie grinned, Lily frowned.

“We weren’t perving we were curious” she protested.

“Yeah sure” James snickered, Lily rolled her eyes.

“We were” she said stubbornly.

“Ok Evans we’ll let it slide this time” he chuckled, she growled.

“Whoa Evans, growling is not attractive” Sirius teased, she poke her tongue out at him, “Very mature” he added, she pouted.

“Aw leave her alone” Remus joked, she smiled at him.

“Avery’s in hospital wing then?” Rosie asked curiously, James shrugged.

“Very head boy of you” Louise grinned.

“Hey it is head boyish to defend the head girl” Sirius said coming to his friends defence, Lily smiled, “even if he has got detention for a month for stunning Avery five times”

“Five times?” Lily gaped, “we heard it was three” James looked secretly impressed with himself, Lily shook her head, she saw the old James Potter for a second.

“Nah, it was five” Remus chuckled. They were inside now, making their way towards the common room where they would part and pretend this conversation had never of happened, sadly.

“Spirit” James sighed and the portrait door opened, they walked inside, they looked at each other awkwardly and Louise and Remus made their way to the fire and Peter and Rosie followed them, Sirius headed up towards the dorm and James and Lily were left stood there, feeling very awkward.

“Um, I think im just going to” She muttered awkwardly, pushing past him.

“Lil? Where you going?” she heard Rosie call.

“Feel ill” she mumbled, not caring whether Rosie heard or not.

It was true, recently she had been feeling ill all the time. She sighed as she pulled open the dormitory door and crawled into bed, hoping to be swallowed up.

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Chapter 26: Chapter 26
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Lily flicked her quill across the piece of parchment sadly, she had never felt so rough. Professor Norton was booming on about this patronus and that patronus and she had never felt more exhausted. She let her eyes flicker to Alex next to her, but to Lily’s amusement had her head on the desk and was softly snoring, Lily snickered and elbowed her friend gently.

“Dementor” Alex cried, sitting straight up, Lily giggled as did the rest of the class, Alex grinned slightly not a bit embarrassed, “Sorry Sir” she added smirking, Norton rolled his eyes and turned back to the board.

‘Oops’ Alex mouthed at Lily, who rolled her eyes and smiled at her friend.

That had brought her mood up a little, she turned back to her parchment and continued to scribble down notes, until a piece of paper hit her on the head, she turned around to see Sirius Black grinning at her, she raised her eyebrows at picked up the paper.

The paper merely said, Can we copy your homework for potions? She rolled her eyes and turned back around.

“No” she hissed, Sirius pouted and James looked up from his notes and glanced between his best friend and Lily before raising his eyebrows and looking back down.

“Please Evans, Slughorn will make us clean the dungeons if we don’t have it” he whispered back.

She raised an eyebrow skeptically, “good” she hissed turning back around, tuning back into Norton’s lesson.

“PATRONUSES” he boomed, Lily sighed, “I want you to practice them for homework, for a week today, and that’s the end of our lesson, have a good day” he finished, before turning around whilst the class scooped up their books into their bags.

Lily smiled at Alex and gestured towards the door, it was their last lesson of the day and the pair of them had decided to study in the common room as they were both shattered.

Louise and Remus were off to the library and Rosie was pestering James and Sirius on how to sneak into Hogsmeade, so she could go with Lucas.

“Radiator” Lily said as they got to the fat lady, who smiled at opened up.

They climbed through the portrait hole and noticed that the sofa wasn’t free, Sirius, Peter and James were huddled by the fire, talking in low voices. There was nowhere else to sit so Alex shrugged and walked over, Lily followed reluctantly, they sat in two arm chairs opposite the three boys, trying their best to ignore them.

“Evans” she heard Sirius whine, she looked up from her textbook and raised her eyes.

“No Sirius” she said stubbornly, he gave her puppy dog eyes, “Don’t try that one on me, it’s not going to work, do your own homework you have until tomorrow” she reminded him.

“But Evans, it’s really really hard, please” he pouted.

“Sirius, no” she said tiredly, she was sick of the marauders and she had never felt so exhausted.

“McCord” he tried.

Alex snorted, “Don’t even bother asking” she told him, not looking up from her book.

Sirius slumped and turned back to Lily, “Evans, you look awful” he said.

“Thanks Sirius” she said dryly, he grinned at her.

“I meant you look ill” he said, she sighed.

“I feel it” she said coldly, turning back to her book.

She closed her book and stood up, shoving it into her bag, she felt a wave of dizziness overcome her as she stood up, her head was pounding hard and she felt like she could throw up.

“Lily, Lily” she heard Alex say, very distantly.

“Evans, can you hear us?” she thought it was Sirius.

“Lil, Lily, we need to get her to the hospital wing” she heard James say panicked, the last thing she heard before the world went black.


She woke up a few hours later, her head pounding, she tried to open her eyes but her vision was a little blurry, she could make out six figures surrounding her bed. She blinked slightly and they came into focus.

“Rose, Al, Lou” she mumbled, grasping her head, she heard somebody give a sigh of relief.

“Hey, we’re here too” she heard Sirius mumble grumpily, she rubbed her eyes slightly and James and Sirius came into view, she smiled slightly.

“Sorry” she said weakly.

“That’s fine, I copied your potions homework anyway while you were out, so you can be angry with me now” he said smugly, she rolled her eyes but couldn’t be bothered to scold him, her eyes flickered to James, he gave her a weak smile, she narrowed her eyes slightly, his eyes were red and puffy as if he had been crying.

She opened her mouth to say something but he stood up quickly, “I’ll be back later” he mumbled, before grabbing his bag and heading out of the hospital wing, she groaned slightly and closed her eyes.

“Miss Evans, its best if you keep your eyes open, in case you pass out again” Madam Pomfrey said, busying around her, “now drink this, you’ve got wizards flu, this is all that can help, I want you to drink two sips of it and then your friends need to leave so you can sleep”

She sighed and look two sips of the potion Madam Pomfrey had stirred up for her before groaning at the taste of it and closing her eyes. She heard her friends mumble goodbyes as they headed out of the Hospital Wing, but she had never wanted them here more than she did now, now she was left alone with her thoughts.


‘I didn’t want her to see me cry’ he thought, as he stormed through the castle out onto the grounds, he wiped his eyes of any remaining tears as he flung his bag down onto the grounds and leant against a tree.

His conversation with Sirius hadn’t exactly gone to plan, he was furious with his best friend but more furious with himself.

“James, we need to go to Defence” Sirius had sighed as they were stood in their dormitory.

James had turned and rolled his eyes, “Why are you so fussed about getting there so quickly, we have twenty minutes until it starts” James pointed out.

“I know, but I need to copy Evans’ potions homework don’t i?” he had reminded him.

James scowled, “why her homework?”

“Why not her homework? She’s the best in our year” Sirius told him, James raised his eyebrows and Sirius paused, “You’re serious? You don’t want me to ask her for help just because you’re pissed with her?”

“Yes” James said bluntly.

Sirius snorted, “you’re the one who has been a complete ass here James, not her, so grow up and man up”

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand Sirius” James threated, Sirius raised an eyebrow.

“I do understand what’s going on James, im not Wormtail, I know what’s going on with you and her, and if im honest you’re in the wrong, not her, you’ve been acting like a total ass James, and you know it, you’re not acting like yourself, you’ve been disrespectful and cruel towards her and its about time somebody told you that. We all think it, Rem is too nice to say so and Pete is too scared, well im neither of those things so im going to say it bluntly, you don’t even deserve her” Sirius fumed.

James gaped at his best friend, “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSSINESS” James yelled.

“It is my fucking business James, you know it is, she’s a great girl and you’re a great guy but what the hell has gotten into you recently? This is not James” he said gesturing towards James, “You know its not, something is going on you’re not telling us which is making you into this person, the anti-James. James sort yourself out, because you’re going to lose forever and we both know you don’t want that” Sirius said before walking straight out of the dormitory without a backward glance.

What annoyed James even more, was the fact Sirius was right, he hated that. He knew he was in the wrong and he hated himself for it. He had never wanted to run from something before but when Lily had wanted him at Christmas, he had panicked, he had never thought about it if she had agreed to be with him, he had always focused on flirting with her, never being with her. And he had known all along he would’ve been a terrible boyfriend to her, so his first instinct was to push her away not wanting to hurt her.

But he had only hurt her more. He was a cruel human being, he knew he was, he was the worst person in this school, he didn’t deserve to be a Gryffindor, he wasn’t brave, he was a coward, his father would’ve been disappointed in him.

He grabbed his bag and got up, knowing what he had to do. Today he was going to turn everything around, he was going to be a new person and he didn’t want to even remember the James Potter he had been recently, because that guy was a prick.

Walking through the grounds, he knew where she would be, she always there this time on a Thursday. Walking to the Owlery, he headed up the stairs, and opened the door into the tower. He was right, of course, she was just sending a letter off, she turned around at his presence and beamed at him, her smile dropped when she noticed his sad smile and started to look nervous.

He gestured to a bench, she nodded and sat down next to him, “Hannah” he said quietly, “im so sorry” he whispered.

“It was never me was it?” she mumbled, “truthfully was it?”

Looking into her eyes he shook his head, “you deserve so much better, I don’t deserve anyone, im so sorry”

“James” she said softly, “When you win her back, don’t let her go again” she said, to his surprise.

“I won’t” he said honestly, “I promise”

Hannah stood up, “she loves you James, you just need to remind her of it, you need to prove to her, you’re the person you were before, she needs reassurance and reminding, it’ll take time, but you’ll get there” she said quietly, before heading out of the Owlery, leaving James to his thoughts and his plans.


Lily opened her eyes, she didn’t know how she had been asleep for, but she felt shattered, looking up there was a figure stood over her bed, she rubbed her eyes and James’ face came into focus, he smiled sadly at her and she sat up ignoring her thumping head and heart. He took a seat.

“You alone?” she asked quietly, he nodded, “where is everyone?”

He didn’t take his eyes off hers, “dinner” he said softly, she nodded slowly, “how do you feel?” he asked.

She shrugged, “like I’ve been thrown off the astronomy tower” she sighed, he chuckled nervously, “why are you here?” she asked.

He gulped, “to apologize” he said quietly, she frowned and waited, “I don’t know how to explain how I’ve acted Lily” he said putting his head in hands, “not like a Gryffindor that’s how I’ve acted, I’ve been an ass, I don’t even expect you to forgive me, I just hope you’ll accept my apology” he paused and she waited, “I was scared, I was a coward, I never knew how to treat you like a girlfriend I was never prepared for that, I panicked, I pushed you away hoping it would hurt you less but I’ve hurt you so much more, I didn’t want to be your boyfriend knowing it could end in tears, I couldn’t break you, I respected you too much, but I’ve disrespected you, I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve anyone, if I could I’d take it all back, and re-do it all, I’d treat you like a princess. I ended things with her but I should’ve done it sooner, the minute I knew you liked me I should’ve jumped at the chance, because any boy would be lucky to have you Lily and I hope he makes you happy” James said sadly, standing up.

Lily nodded, not knowing what to say. James sighed and turned away from her, walking out of the hospital wing. She felt the warm tears stream down her cheek, she hated him for it, but respected him for it, nobody else would have the confidence to admit what they had done was wrong, but she wanted him to fight for her, she wanted to scream after him, but she was exhausted.


“Im sorry Padfoot” James said, standing over his best friend, Sirius, Remus and Peter were sat in the common room talking when James turned up, James had promised he’d start again today and apologizing to Sirius would help, Sirius looked shocked.

“W-Wh-What?” he spluttered.

“I broke up with Hannah, apologized to Lily and im apologizing to you, im starting again, I don’t want to be that guy anymore, I want to be the guy who deserves a girl like Lily, the guy who you can be proud to call your best friend, the guy I can be proud of not ashamed of, im starting over” he finished.

Sirius grinned at him and stood up giving him a manly hug, “im proud of you mate”

“That was deep Prongs” Remus chuckled from the sofa, Peter threw a cushion at him.

“Give him a chance, he’s starting over, how many of those emotional speeches have you made today James?” Peter grinned.

“Two” James smirked, “one to Lily which was much longer and one to you Paddy”

“Did she forgive you?” Remus asked.

James shrugged, “I wanted her to think about it, I left giving her time, I don’t blame her if she doesn’t, I just think she deserved an apology after everything, but I’ve changed for good this time, James Potter is back and he’s a new man” he grinned.

“Im proud of you” Remus said.

James smiled, “I just hope Lily see’s that side of me, I’ll spend forever making it up to her, and this time im not lying” he said solemnly.

I hope your respect for James has increased, and hope you liked this chapter, and for all of you worrying, Lily was not pregnant don’t worry;)

Chapter 27: Chapter 27
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Four days later, Lily was completely better and had been discharged. She felt awake and healthy again. Her friends had been to see her each day and even though he never spoke about apologizing again so had James. It was if they were starting again, as friends. She was still thinking over his apology wondering whether to forgive him or not, but at the moment they were getting on like a house on fire and she didn’t want to say or do anything that might ruin that.

She didn’t completely trust him, not yet. She always scared one thing might knock him back and turn him against her again, but she learnt to calm down and a bit and just forget about it all.

Valentines was in just under two weeks and it was all her friends seemed to be going on about. They were sat in the heads common room at the moment, on a Monday night with Peter and Remus whilst they waited for James and Sirius.

Alex was still a little cautious around Sirius, not knowing where she stood with him, but she had learnt to bite her tongue and not make any snide comments around him.

“We’re back my bitches” Sirius called as the heads portrait door swung open, they all turned around, James and Sirius were carrying platefuls of food.

“We need enough food for an all-nighter if Miss Evans is going to master that patronus charm and finish other homework in one night and we’re going to help you” James said, setting down the food.

Lily raised her eyebrows, but Alex jumped in, “Lils, we need to master the charm too, we’re staying up until everything is finished, no objections” she grinned.

Lily smiled weakly, “Ok, let’s get started then”

“Miss Chaplin you first” James said curtly.

“I’ve been practicing for a while, and I can do a corporeal one now, sorry guys I know we were going to wait but I was excited to see what it was” she shrugged.

“Just do it” Sirius said between mouthfuls of pizza, Lily grinned as he chucked her a donut.

“Expecto Patronum” Rosie whispered, her eyes closed.

On cue a graceful swan, soared out of the end of her wand and circled her. Its silvery glow lighting the room, Rosie smiled at giggled, but focused on the swan. It swam around the room gracefully, before Rosie flicked her wand and it disappeared.

She turned around and blushed whilst they all applauded.

“Rem, Lou” Sirius said, the pair of them nodded and stood up.

“Remus actually taught me the other day and I wanna try a corporeal today, I’ve done a fully fledged patronus, just want a corporeal” Louise shrugged, they all nodded.

“You can do one?” Lily asked Remus, swallowing her pizza, he nodded.

“Us three taught ourselves in fourth year, Pete learnt in fifth” he shrugged.

Louise looked at the three girls and then turned to Remus and closed her eyes, “Expecto Patronum” she said clearly, her face screwed up.

A large foal bounded out of the end of her wand, it galloped gracefully around the room, as Louise opened her eyes she giggled. Smiling at her patronus and looked positively pleased with herself, suddenly a large wolf had appeared, Lily looked towards Remus who was grinning, she hadn’t even heard him mutter the incantation. The Foal stopped and looked at the wolf, the wolf led on its back like a dog playing as the foal gracefully soared around it. Louise smiled as she flicked her wand, Remus grinned at her and kissed her lightly on the head as the two Patronuses disappeared.

“Miss McCord, you first or me?” Sirius asked curtly.

Alex shrugged, “together?” she offered politely, Lily was impressed with her friends politeness, Sirius nodded.

“Expecto Patronum” Alex whispered, wisps of silver came out of her wand.

“What were you thinking of?” Lily asked as Alex groaned.

“Leaving home” she mumbled.

Sirius gave her a sympathetic look, “it wouldn’t work because you link it back to your family, think deeper” he urged.

She closed her eyes and screwed up her face “Expecto Patronum” she whispered and after a few seconds the light from her patronus lit up the warm common room, it was a shield, there was no doubt about it, but Alex looked disappointed as she opened her eyes and flicked her wand, “I wanted a corporeal” she sighed.

“Think deeper” James told her, she nodded.

Closing her eyes again she took a deep breath and said the incantation loudly and clearly. A small puppy flew out of the end of her wand, she opened her eyes a little as the patronus light filled the room, the puppy jumped up and down playfully before running around her and darting around the room playfully. Alex giggled slightly.

“Expecto Patronum” Sirius said clearly, whilst Alex’s puppy jumped around the room, Alex still focused.

Sirius’ black shaggy big dog joined the puppy, chasing it around the room, it put its paw on its tail playfully and the puppy ran around it, chasing each other’s tails happily. Lily looked at Alex who was smiling slightly, Sirius looked quite happy. The two Patronuses, matching as well as their owners did too.

“Evans, Potter, your turn” Sirius grinned as he flicked his wand, James got up and Lily followed.

“I’ve never tried before” she said quietly.

James turned to face her, “just let your memory fill you up, don’t focus on anything else. You’re the brightest witch in our year you can do it Lil, just focus” he told her solemnly.

She smiled gratefully and nodded, “you first” she whispered.

He grinned and muttered the incantation. To nobody’s surprise a stag galloped out of his wand, the stag soared around Lily and James, the bright light surrounding them. Lily giggled, she felt happy, she hadn’t felt this happy in a long time.

She focused entirely on this moment as she said the incantation, “Expecto Patronum” she said clearly and loudly.

Before she knew it a silver doe was circling her, the doe happily soared around her, then stopped facing James and his stag bounded over to them, the stag soared towards the doe and the pair circled eachother cautiously before playfully nuzzling eachother.

Lily flushed beetroot and dropped her wand, the doe disappeared as did James’ stag. He was red in the face as he flicked his wand.

She turned to face Alex who was trying to bite back a giggle, Sirius was wiggling his eyebrows and the rest were just smiling at them.

“Other homework?” Lily asked, quickly changing the subject.


“Lily, wait up” she heard somebody call behind her, she turned around swiftly and saw James running towards her, she smiled slightly, she hadn’t been on her own with him since she had gotten out of hospital.

“Hey” she smiled, they were back on friendly terms.

He grinned at her, “I just wanted to talk to you”

She nodded, “ok, grounds?” she offered, he nodded and they headed out of the castle.

Walking out onto the Hogwarts ground, Lily glanced down at the lake, it was a cold day but the sun was out, the squid could be seen resting on the bank of the lake, first years were sat around it looking intrigued.

James gestured towards the beech tree, Lily nodded and followed him there. They sat down facing eachother, Lily leaning against the tree. James said looking uncomfortable and nervous. She raised her eyebrows and he cleared his throat.

“I just wanted to apologize again” he started, she shook her head stopping him from continuing.

“James don’t” she said quietly, his face fell, “James I accept your apology I do, it’s not good to hold grudges against people and I don’t want to leave at the end of this year knowing you’ve tried to get me to accept it and I haven’t and I honestly forgive you, I know why you did it and I know you’re angry with yourself. But stop punishing yourself James, everyone does things that are wrong, it doesn’t make us a bad person James, you need to stop beating yourself up over it, I accept your apology” she told him solemnly.

“Thank you” he said quietly.

“But I can’t forgive you” she said softly, he nodded, “not yet, you need to give me time, I can’t trust you, I just need some time James”

He swallowed and nodded, “I just wanted you to know Lily, that I know I’ve said before that I’ve changed, well I was naïve I was wrong, I hadn’t changed, now is time for change I want to be a better person, you're the kindest, most sweetiest, most beautiful girl i've ever met and I want to be the guy that deserves you Lily”

She smiled sadly, “I want to be the girl who deserves you” she whispered.

He frowned and asked her what she meant.

“Well, I’ve been horrible to you for six years, I think we forget that, you were cruel for not even two months, you’re giving yourself a hard time when six years seems to balance it out doesn’t it?” she said sadly, “im sorry though, we’re both as bad as one another, we need to feel like we deserve one another before we can sort this out James, it’ll take time, but we’ll get there” she told him.

“Eventually” he smiled before grabbing her hand and pulling her up.


Alex walked through the corridors, she had agreed to meet Daniel outside the potions supply cupboard, she felt her stomach fill with butterflies as she knew what she needed to say to her boyfriend.

Seeing him leaning against the wall, his arms folded and his hair out of his eyes, he looked so relaxed and casual. But looking at him didn’t make her heart skip a beat, she didn’t feel the same anymore.

“Al” he grinned, pulling her into a hug and kissing her lightly on the lips.

“Daniel” she said softly and sadly, he pulled away from her.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

She sniffed and gestured towards the bench, “I don’t know how to start” she said quietly, he nodded and leant backwards on the bench, “im a terrible person” she whispered, tears filling her eyes, “I don’t deserve you, you’re sweet and kind and perfect and im a liar, manipulative and a cheat” she said truthfully.

She felt him lean forward and put his head in his hands, “what are you trying to say?” he mumbled, looking up at her, she noticed his eyes were watery with tears.

“Im saying that I’ve been unfaithful, I’ve cheated and im sorry, but I don’t deserve somebody as kind and loving as you, you deserve so much better Dan” she said tearfully.

He looked stunned as a tear trickled down her cheek, she sniffed and wiped the warm tears away from her cheeks, “wow” he mumbled, “Just, I mean, uh who?” he asked quietly.

She shook her head, “Daniel” she whispered, tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Black?” he snarled, “you slept with him?” he fumed, she had never seen calm Daniel so angry, as he jumped off the bench and glared at her.

She burst into tears and nodded, “im so sorry”

“Save it Al” he spat, “When did this happen?” he asked.

She sniffed, “Christmas Eve” she whispered.

“AND YOU AGREED TO MARRY ME THE NEXT DAY?” He yelled, Alex sobbed and buried her head into her hands.

“Im sorry” she cried, “I wanted to forget, I was happy with you, he cheated on me, im so sorry” she whispered, slipping the ring off her finger into his hand and closing his hand around it, “somebody else deserves this, somebody who is true to you” she whispered.

“You know what Alex” he mumbled, looking her in the eyes, “you and Black. You deserve eachother” he said angrily, before turning away and walking away.

She didn’t know why but that’s when the tears came stronger, she broke down into floods and curled up into a ball, sobbing into her hands.

Sobbing from hurt but from relief too, she didn’t feel guilty anymore and like everyone else she was ready to start again.

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Chapter 28: Chapter 28
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Valentines countdown, one week. Lily was going into Hogsmeade with Alex, who had broken up with Daniel and was single too; the pair of them had some things to talk about, naming James and Sirius.

Sirius had broken up with Alisha the day before after she had lied to him about sleeping with a Ravenclaw boy. Sirius hadn’t seemed to bothered about the break-up but Alisha was distraught she had stormed into the dormitory screaming at Alex, blaming it all on her.

Alex didn’t seem to bothered and ignored her accusations, and had simply waved her hand and walked out of the dormitory and did not return for a few hours.

Lily was sat alone in the dormitory, re-thinking her day. She had met a nice boy earlier, he was Ravenclaw seventh year, she didn’t know how she had never met him before, his name was Henry Goodford, they had talked for a while and he had mentioned Hogsmeade. But she wasn’t getting her hopes up.

Plus she was wondering whether she wanted to go with him or not, especially with her mind completely occupied on James at the moment. She sighed and turned the page in her book, wanting to distract her mind.

A was a small tap at the window, Lily looked up to see a non-familiar owl waiting for her at the window, she wondered if it belonged to Jasmine or Alisha, but opening up the window she extracted the letter and it clearly said her own name printed across in neat writing.

Tearing open the envelope she carefully unfolded the beautifully written letter. Scanning her eyes across the page as she read the message read;

Dear Lily.
I am not going to write a long letter and waste your time.
But I wanted to say that you are the sweetest loveliest girl I have had the pleasure of meeting.
And because of this, I would like to ask you on a date, on Valentine ’s Day.
Meet me outside the room of requirement at 1 o clock.
Thank you.

The single kiss, the compliment, the blank space where the name should be. It was all so confusing. Two people crossed her mind when she read this letter, one was Henry obviously, he had mentioned Valentines and ‘the pleasure of meeting’ could suggest someone she had just met or it could be James, James who had tried for years, who had given up and then tried again.

There was that chance. But no, James wouldn’t she had made it perfectly clear just to give her time. She let James slip from her mind as she returned to her homework, but the one thing that left her wondering, would she be disappointed if it wasn’t him?


She told her friends about the letter, none of them thought James would bring himself to be hurt again. But they were all excited at the prospects of a new boy.

“Al?” Lily asked when they were sat in the library, studying.

“Mmm” Alex said, not looking up from her book.

Lily closed her own book and faced her friend, “who are you going with to the Valentines ball?” she asked.

Alex flushed scarlet and looked up, “Who says im going with anybody?” she said hotly.

“Nobody say’s that Al, im just saying” Lily said coolly.

Alex sighed, “Sorry Lil, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I don’t want to go alone” she said sadly.

Lily gave her a sympathetic look, “Maybe you should talk to Sir-”

“No” Alex cut across sharply, “never, no way”

“Al, you ended things with Daniel, even though you swore you weren’t a quitter, something else must’ve affected that decision other than guilt” Lily said simply, Alex was quiet, “plus he broke up with Alisha, there’s nothing stopping you two now”

“Lily, I’ve made so many mistakes, too many, but I’ve learnt so much from them, sometimes I think it would be easier if I made some more” Alex sighed.

“What have you got to lose?” Lily said quietly, looking her best friend in the eye.

Alex raised her eyebrows, “Everything, Lil, everything, my dignity, my respect for him, my friendship with him, everything” she whispered, “he could cheat on me again, we could break up, for good, so much could go wrong.

“Maybe you need to stop thinking about what could go wrong, and start thinking about what could go write” Lily said solemnly.

Alex sniffed, “Maybe im trying to be realistic”

“And by doing so you’re making yourself unhappy Al” Lily said sharply.

“Who cares? Eventually I’ll be better again” she snapped.

“Maybe you won’t be, because he’ll move on one day, and what if you can’t? You’ll never be happy if you don’t do something about it”

“Maybe you need to take your own advice Lil, because maybe if you stopped holding onto the past too you could finally accept how you feel about James, I know you’re scared, so am I, but if it doesn’t happen for you two, then the rest of us haven’t got much chance either” Alex said bluntly, standing up.

“Just think about it Al” Lily said quietly, not meeting her friends eyes, Alex nodded and walked out of the dormitory, without a backwards glance.


“Prongs, Prongs, where the hell are we going?” Sirius hissed.

It was pitch black and he was leading Sirius through a part of Hogsmeade neither of them had been to before

They had just bought some firewhiskey off Madam Rosmerta and stocked up on their sweets from Honeydukes. Peter and Remus weren’t with them tonight, Remus had patrols with Lily and Peter had scampered off before they could even invite him.

“Calm down Paddy, it’s just a quick way to get to the shack” James reassured his best friend.

He heard Sirius sigh, “why are we going to the shack?” he asked sounding impatient.

“Because Padfoot, I think we’d be pushing our luck to go through Honeydukes again, so just shut up and follow me” James hissed.

He heard Sirius huff impatiently as they made their way behind the shops, James was one hundred percent sure on where he was going. But he wasn’t bothered, that’s what made it fun. The crisp February evening was chilly but the boys were wrapped in jackets and had put a spell on themselves to keep them warm.

James was about to turn around and ask Sirius if he had the map when a loud, clear voice broke the crisp silence.

“Shut up, somebody might hear us” the voice snarled.

James turned around to face Sirius as they crouched behind a wall, he put a finger to his lips and Sirius nodded sharply, before they turned their attention back to the voices.

“Who’s going to hear us in Hogsmeade this time of night?” came Snape’s greasy voice.

“Snivellus” James heard Sirius say through his teeth, barely audible.

“How did you get out of the school undetected?” said the other voice.

“Potter and Black” Snape said coldly, James raised his eyebrows, “I’ve seen them jetting down the whomping willow and coming back with Hogsmeade supplies, who ever thought those two would come in handy” he sneered.

“That’s the two Gryffindor blood traitors right?” the voice asked, there was a pause where James could only assume Snape nodded, “the dark lord is very interested in having them on our side, heard rumours on them being very valiant fighters, whether they’ll join or not is the question”

Snape sniffed angrily, “What did you want to see me about?”

“The attack, in a few months and the one in a few weeks” the voice said sternly, “we need all hands on deck, so let the others know, the dark lord trusts you Snape, don’t let him down”

“Does it look like im going too” Snape hissed.

There was a long silence before, boots could be heard crunching in the gravel and walking away. James turned to face Sirius and gestured him forwards.

The pair of them jogged until they finally reached the shrieking shack. Slipping down the passage way on the way to Hogwarts, that’s when they felt safe to really talk.

“Snivellus” Sirius snarled.

“What the hell are they plotting?” James said curiously.

Sirius clucked his tongue impatiently, “I think it’s an attack Prongs”

“Thanks Mr Obvious” James said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Do we tell Dumbledore?” Sirius asked ignoring his jibe.

“Tell him what? We snuck out of the grounds to buy firewhisky, heard Snape talking to someone we didn’t know about an attack which we have no details for” James said dryly.

“Alright, Merlin, someone’s on edge” Sirius sighed.

“We’ll just have to keep an eye out Padfoot” James said.


“Evans, Evans wait up a second” Lily spun around.

To her surprise Hannah Parkinson was running towards her, Lily frowned slightly but waited anyway. Hannah reached her and smiled slightly.

“I wanted to talk to you” she said, Lily nodded but didn’t move.

“Well?” she said impatiently.

“I wanted to apologize, im sorry I threatened you and acted like a total bitch towards you, it’s partly my fault you and James grew apart and im sorry for that, I drove him away from you, but you have to understand that in my defence I was threatened by you, I knew how he felt about you and I was still with him. I didn’t do it out of cruelty I did it because I was scared to lose him” she said sadly.

“And now you have” Lily said bluntly.

“I was so scared to lose him I ended up pushing him away” she sighed, she paused, “are you two together?” she asked.

Lily shook her head, “he asked, but im running out of reasons to trust him”

“He’s crazy about you” she pointed out.

Lily shrugged, “I know, and I think I feel the same, but it’s hard you know”

“But Lily, one day you’ll find you’ve ran out of excuses on why you should say no” Hannah told her, before smiling and walking away.

Lily sighed and headed back to the common room. Her thoughts on James and then Valentines. She stormed up to her dormitory where to her luck her friends were all sat, talking.

No sign of Alisha or Jasmine, which was good.

“I need your help” Lily snapped as she flung her bag down.

Alex lead back on her pillow, “what about?” she asked coolly.

“Valentines” Lily sighed.

“What about Valentines?” Louise asked.

“James, Henry, I don’t know who I like and its confusing me, I thought I liked James but do I want James can I trust James? And then there is Henry who was really nice but hasn’t said a word to me since, and when I think about going on a date with him I then feel instantly guilty about James” Lily ranted.

“I have an idea” Louise grinned, diving for her trunk.

She eventually came to surface and pulled out a small dice. The others frowned at it in confusion, but Lily merely raised an eyebrow.

“What the hell is that?” Rosie asked impatiently.

“It’s called a dice, it has numbers on it you use it for muggle board games” Louise pointed out.

“Why do you have one?” Alex asked.

Louise sighed, “for situations like this” she told them, “ok Lily, 1,2,3 you go with James, 4,5,6 you go with Henry. It’s simple” she said.

Lily’s heart skipped a beat, her happiness depended on one role of the dice, “ok” she swallowed nervously.

Louise shook the dice for what seemed the longest time ever, eventually she threw the dice onto the bed. It seemed to roll forever but eventually landed on a clear 5. Lily didn’t know why but she felt her stomach drop.

“How do you feel?” Louise asked turning to her.

Lily shrugged, “that’s fine” she lied smoothly.

“How did it feel?” Louise asked, “You’re disappointed aren’t you?” she smiled.

Lily nodded, “why are you smiling?” she asked annoyed.

“Because that’s the point you don’t really have to go by the dice, if you’re disappointed with the result you pick the other option it’s simple, it lets you know the result you really wanted in the first place” Louise said smartly.

“That is extremely clever” Rosie said from her magazine.

“You can’t run from your feelings anymore Lil” Alex said softly.

Lily gave a simple nod before retreating to her bed.


“Hey Sirius” she called, she saw him turn around and frown slightly, but he still stood there and waited for her.

“Al” he greeted coolly.

“I wanted to talk to you” she breathed, clutching her side. She had ran all the way from the dungeons to catch up with him.

He raised his eyebrows, “About?”

“Me, and you. Us” she said quietly.

She had butterflies. Alex wasn’t the type to get nervous; only around Sirius was when this really happened.

“What about us?” he sighed.

“I want to start over” she said bravely, “I want to be friends again, I miss it. How it used to be, when everything was simple. If Lily and James can do it, why can’t we?”

He stared at her for a moment or two, a fixed expression on his face, as if considering her options. Then to her surprise his face broke out into a grin, “course we can Al” he grinned at her.

“R-Really?” she said shocked at his optimism.

“I missed it too” he said quietly, she beamed at him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He returned her hug.

Somehow she didn’t realise when he said I miss it, he meant you.

Chapter 29: Chapter 29
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Lily yawned and woke up, her stomach full of butterflies. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ she thought to herself. She had decided if it was Henry who had sent her the note, she would go there and apologize, it was not fair on him if she liked James still.

She got up and looked around the dorm. All the beds were empty, there was a note pinned on Alex’s bed saying.

Rose and Lucas gone into Hogsmeade as have Remus and Lou. Me, Sirius and Pete are just leaving and James went earlier. Jasmine and Alisha have also left, so you have time to yourself. Have a fun day.
Tell me about it later.
Al xo

Lily smiled, it was about 11:30 she had ages until she needed to get ready to leave for the room of requirement.

After lounging around for an hour, she had a quick shower and slipped on a pair of grey tights and black high waisted skirt and a baggy white top of Alex’s which she was sure her friend wouldn’t mind her borrowing. She slipped on some brown pumps and let her red hair hang loosely down her shoulders.

She skipped out of the common room, and walked down the staircase to the corridor where the room of requirement was. Her tummy full of butterflies and her heart thumping against her chest, she slowly turned the corner.

She stopped in her tracks facing the room of requirement, nobody was stood there, but there was an envelope pinned to the wall with her name on it. She looked around but the hallway was empty, with everyone from third year and up at Hogsmeade, she frowned slightly but walked towards the wall.

She smiled to herself and opened it up. Instructions on how to get inside the room. She closed it and slipped it into her pocket.

She walked past the wall three times, desperately thinking ‘I need a place to meet somebody’ she paused in front of the room and opened her eyes a little.

The door was there, clearly and ready. She grinned and opened it, walking into the room of requirement.

She was greeted by a shock. It was completely silent, except for the crashing of waves, against the sandy beach that had appeared, the room was warm and the beach stretched out for ages. But half of the room was split off into hills, and the other part was a beach. She smiled slightly, it was perfect. But nobody was there.

What did she do? Did she call out for James hoping it wouldn’t be Henry? Or call out for Henry even though it might be James. Or it could be somebody completely different.

She only worried for a second though, when she saw a Gryffindor tie swinging from a tree. She breathed slightly and smiled in spite of herself.

“James” she called out, bravely.

“Hold on” she heard him yell, from what sounded like far away.

But a minute later, he came out of the trees in the hills. Grinning at her, he walked toward her, she bit her lip and smiled as he took her hands.

“I was so worried you wouldn’t come” he murmured.

She sighed, “I was worried it wouldn’t be you” she said truthfully.

“Well it is” he grinned, “and today im going to prove to you why we should be together” he said bravely.

“Oh really?” she smiled, he nodded and took her hand, leading her towards the beach.

“Coming in the sea?” he grinned as the reached the edge.

She nodded and slipped off her tights, he was already way ahead of her running towards the water, “James” she yelled, running after him.

“Last one in is a rotten hippogriff” he teased, stepping into the water.

She shrieked as she ran into the cool water, he grinned at her and picked her up, lifting her onto his back, “James” she squealed.

“Don’t be a wuss Lily” he grinned, spinning her around on his back.

“Im not a wuss” she said stubbornly, “I just feel dizzy” she squealed as he continued to spin.

“Fine I’ll put you down” he sighed, but she could hear the smile in his voice.

“Thank you” she smiled as she landed in the water up to her knees. He was still grinning at her, “what?” she asked shyly, he shook his head and took her hands in his.

“You’re beautiful when you smile” he said quietly, barely audible over the waves, but she still blushed.

Standing up on her tip-toes, she stood up slightly to lean up and kiss him lightly on the lips, but before she could a huge wave came and crashed over them, knocked the pair of them over into the water.

Lily couldn’t stop laughing at the shocked look on James’ face, his surprised expression as he fell and hit the floor. She didn’t care she was soaking wet, from head to toe. She had her wand to dry her off. James was also soaking, he grinned at her as they both stood up.

Getting out of the sea was easy, getting onto the beach the sand stuck to her feet. James conjured a gigantic towel and Lily got out her wand and waved it over herself, drying herself instantly. She then waved it over James, who she knew hadn’t exactly mastered drying spells just quite yet.

Lying down on the huge towel, she closed her eyes slightly as she felt James lie down next to her, she immediately felt comfortable. She lay her head on top of his arm as he cuddled her close to him.

“Lily” he murmured.

“Mmm” she said quietly.

“I want to explain” he sighed.

She cuddled closer to him, “James you have”

“But you haven’t fully forgiven me yet” he mumbled.

She sat up and he followed suit, “It’s hard”

“Because I haven’t explained as much as I would’ve liked to” he tried.

She nodded, “Ok, go ahead, im listening” she said quietly.

“I don’t know why I did it, I wasn’t myself, you know that, I was my fucking pride Lil, I was sick of being treated by you in that way for six years that I finally had an opportunity to treat you like that back and for some pathetic reason I seized it, and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, I shouldn’t have done it, it wasn’t brave of me, or courageous, I don’t deserve to be called a Gryffindor, I don’t. I don’t deserve your forgiveness or anything, all I want is a chance, to make it up to you, I will spend the rest of our lives making up this month to you, this horrible month I will spend forever making up to you, I don’t know why I’ve been acting like this, I hate myself for it, trust me you cannot hate me more than I hate myself and with Hannah, it was never her, I don’t know why I bothered, it’s always you I swear, I don’t want anyone else. I don’t know why I thought I did” he explained.

“James” she said softly, putting a finger on his lips, “James, I forgive you. But don’t ever say you don’t belong in Gryffindor, you’re one of the bravest people I know James Potter, where dwell the brave at heart” she finished quietly, intertwining her fingers in with his.

“Remember, on the train, that’s what you said, you said ‘Gryffindor, like my Dad’ you always knew you belonged here, and you still do, don’t ever doubt an 11 year olds word” she teased.

He smiled at her, “thank you” he said softly, she shook her head.

“Anytime” she whispered.

He slowly brought his lips to hers, slowly and softly he planted his lips onto hers. She smiled against his warm touch; the kiss was light and quick, but perfect.

“Wanna walk?” he offered, she nodded and stood up, taking his hand.

The pair of them walked all around the hills, the whole afternoon. Talking and laughing catching up on all the times they had spent apart, both craving each other’s company, wanting to know every bit of detail of what had gone on between them, since their fallout. Lily felt the conversation came naturally to her; it wasn’t forced, it just sort of happened, as if she could never stop talking.

“Look at the time” James gaped when they reached the beach again, “the dance is starting in an hour”

“And…” she said shyly.

“And I was going to ask you, but you don’t seem to be jumping for joy about it” he teased.

She rolled her eyes, “I would love to go with you” she smiled.

He grinned at her and kissed her lightly on the head, she smiled and turned to leave, “Hey Lily” he called and she turned around, he fumbled around in his pocket for something and eventually pulled out a small box, “open it when you get back to your dorm” he grinned.

“James, what have you done?” she asked quietly.

He shook his head, “I didn’t get you anything for your eighteenth, so think of it as a birthday present” he smiled, she beamed at him.

“Thank you” she smiled, he rolled his eyes and grinned at her.

“I’ll meet you in the common room in just over an hour, I’ve just got to do something first” he told her, she nodded and skipped out of the room of requirement.

Fiddling with her box, she walked up to the common room. Everyone was rushing about the corridors, coming back from Hogsmeade. She reached the fat lady and slipped inside, as the portrait door was half open of somebody who had slipped in before her.

She walked up to her room, ignoring everybody else. She didn’t notice Sirius, Alex and Peter sitting by the fire, but slipped up to her dorm instead.

Sitting on her bed, she fiddled with the box. Opening it up, inside was another velvet box with her name engraved on it. She smiled and slowly opened it up. She gasped at what was in it, tears filled her eyes.

“Wow” she whispered as she fingered the green emerald necklace she had admired at Christmas, with its golden chain. She remembered that day, the day he had bought Hannah her present, he must have bought it then and never given it to her.

It was beautiful, she smiled at it fondly, she didn’t even notice the door opened as Alex walked in.

“James?” Alex grinned, Lily nodded as Alex picked up the necklace.

“I remember that day, I never saw him buy it, it’s beautiful, did he make today perfect?” she smiled, Lily nodded again.

“The best day I’ve had in a long time, I’ve never felt so happy” she sighed happily, “everything went perfectly, we went to a beach then on a walk, in the sea, we talked for hours and he invited me to the ball tonight” she smiled.

“Are you sure it’s time to forgive him?” Alex asked solemnly.

Lily breathed and nodded, “He’s made some mistakes, everyone does, but deep down he’s a good person”

And she wasn’t lying, she could see the good in James Potter, even when he couldn’t see it in himself.

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Chapter 30: Chapter 30
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The great hall was full of students. They had decided to let third year and up go. The tables were decorated with red table cloths, all the house banners were hung up around the room. Pink hearts were scattered over the table and every so often a few would throw themselves up in the air like confetti. Silver chairs replaced the normal house benches and the red tables were small and circular, seating ten per table.

Instead of the usual candles hanging thread less from the ceiling, Chinese lanterns were hanging instead, illuminating the hall in a dim, cosy light. The head table had disappeared and in replacement there was a stage a band Lily had never heard of, was playing them music.

Girls were floating around the room in ball gowns, boys in suits and teachers in dress robes. Lily was wearing a deep blue, thin strapped dress which went to her knees, her red hair was hanging loosely and her make-up made her bright green eyes look brighter. She was wearing her new necklace from James, which went with her dress perfectly.

Lily stood talking to Sirius, Alex and Remus whilst James got her a drink. She could not stop smiling, she seriously thought somebody had charmed a smile on her face as it would not disappear, Alex kept nudging her and winking.

Sirius, Alex and Peter all didn’t have dates. Sirius didn’t seem to bothered but he kept winking at other boys’ girlfriends, Peter kept desperately scanning his eyes around the hall hoping to catch somebody’s eye and Alex seemed as happy as anything to be single. But occasionally Lily would spot her take a glance at Sirius.

It got worse when Daniel entered the hall with a Hufflepuff fifth year on his arm, Alex’s eyes narrowed and she flicked her hair over her shoulder in annoyance.

“We’ve been split up for not even two weeks I swear” Alex huffed in annoyance.

Lily had merely rolled her eyes at her best friend’s temper and had joined in Sirius and Louise’s debate about whether care of magical creatures was or was not a valid subject.

James came back over carrying a butterbeer for herself and one for Sirius who had begged him for it. James smiled slightly at her as he handed her the drink.

“Pete, what are you doing?” Sirius frowned, wiping away his butterbeer moustache.

Peter’s head snapped up, he had been scanning the room once again, “Trying to find a girl to dance with” Peter mumbled embarrassedly.

Sirius sighed, “Just find the one you like whose not with someone and ask them to dance, it’s not hard”

“I don’t like anyone Sirius” Peter whined.

“Then ask anyone who’s not with someone Pete, just dance with somebody instead of standing there drooling at any girl who walks past” Sirius said, sounding half exasperated, half amused.

Peter nodded and stepped towards Alex, Lily didn’t even expect what was going to happen in the next few minutes, “Al-Alex w-would you like t-t-to da-a-ance?” Peter stuttered nervously.

Alex raised her eyebrows in surprise, and opened her mouth to reply before Sirius cut in, “Sorry mate, but she’s with me” he said territorially.

Lily gaped in surprise, Alex frowned and turned to Sirius, “Im not here with anyone actually” she said dangerously.

“I don’t care” he said through gritted teeth, “you are now”

“Who said?” she said hotly.

“I did” he grinned.

She tapped her foot impatiently, “you never invited me” she scowled.

“Would you go to the ball with me?” he asked cheekily, she raised her eyebrows, “Would you like to dance?” he asked sweetly, she sighed and smiled slightly.

“Fine” she said tiredly, but Lily could tell she was trying to hide the happiness from her voice.

Lily watched her two friends walk towards the dance floor, as Sirius tried to put his arm around Alex who pushed him away jokingly. James put his arm around her and kissed her lightly on the head, attracting a few stares and whispers from people. But Lily was too happy to care anymore.


They were done dancing, Sirius grabbed her hand and pulled her through the crowds of people and out of the hall doors. They walked through the empty entrance hall and out onto the grounds. It was a cool February evening and Alex didn’t want to admit she was a little bit cold.

He let go of her hand once they were completely alone on the grounds, you could slightly hear the music coming from the dance but only faintly as they walked through the grounds in silence.

“So why are we out here?” she asked quietly as they continued to walk.

“Just wanted to get away from the music” he replied, “to talk” he added.

“About anything in particular?” she sighed after a few moments silence.

“Heard you broke up with Daniel” he said softly.

She shrugged in the dark, he probably couldn’t see but still, “Yeah I did”

“And you told him? About new year?” he asked.

“Yeah” she said simply.

He didn’t say anything for a while, “Why did you? Thought you were happy?” he said almost coldly.

“Not really, I thought I was, I liked to think I was. But I wasn’t. There was always something telling me I moved on to quickly, I got engaged to quickly, im not even eighteen yet for Merlin’s sake. I deserve to live my life just a little before I get engaged, plus the guilt didn’t help, I didn’t deserve him, I don’t deserve anyone. Sometimes I don’t think I deserve to be happy, because im such a terrible person, look what I did to Daniel to you, to eve-”

But Sirius cut her off, “Don’t say that, you’re not a terrible person, you know that, what have you honestly done wrong apart from make one mistake? What did you do to me Al? Nothing, absolutely nothing, look what I did to you, I made you into this person who doesn’t think she’s good enough for anyone, when she is” he told her.

She smiled slightly, “you didn’t do that do me, when we were together I never felt enough for you” she said sadly.

“I was never perfect enough for you Al” he mumbled sadly.

“I didn’t need the perfect one, I needed somebody to treat me like I was the only one” she said coolly.

“Which I didn’t” he muttered.

“No you didn’t” she said coldly.

“So what are we doing here now Al?” he snapped, “Why did you agree to dance with me? Why are you here now if I treat you so badly?”

“One day Sirius you’re going to come looking for me and I’ll be far gone” She hissed, “I’ll be so over you and you would’ve blown it because all you do is keep me waiting, keep me expecting on what is going to happen and it’s driving me insane, I don’t have a clue on what’s going on inside of your head!”

Before she could rant anymore, he placed his lips firmly on hers without saying another word. She was about to push him off and shout about how he couldn’t just kiss her when she was mad, but she gave in at his warmth and smiled against his touch.

He pulled away from her, and grinned at her, she raised her eyebrows, “What was that?” she said quietly.

“I wanted to do it, so I did” he shrugged, she frowned.

“Well where does it leave us?” she sighed.

“Al, I don’t really want to dive straight into a relationship, after just ending whatever I had with Alisha, and you with Daniel” he said awkwardly.

She nodded slowly, “What do you propose we do?” she said quietly.

He took her hand in his, “we can do this, but with nothing attached to it, I mean, god I don’t want to sound like a dick, I mean you can see other boys” he sounded almost resentful, “and me other girls, but we still like, uh I don’t know how to put it” he said awkwardly.

“I’ve never seen Sirius Black lost for words” she giggled, he grinned at her, “do you mean hook up?” she teased.

He nodded and sighed, “just until we figure this out” he said softly.

She smiled and nodded uncertainly, “Yeah” she whispered, “sounds perfect” she lied.


She curled up in the arm chair in the common room. James was sat next to her on the sofa, reading the daily prophet, she had slipped off her shoes and she was still wearing her dress. Most people were still at the dance and others were in bed, the common room was practically empty.

She poked James with her foot, out of boredom. He looked up from the paper, chucked it on the floor and adjusted his glasses, running a hand through his hair.

He patted the sofa next to him and she smiled and got up, slipped underneath his arm, he kissed her on the head.

“Lil, before we do this properly, I want to do it properly” he said suddenly.

She frowned, “what do you mean?” she asked, sitting up.

He ruffled his hair nervously, “I mean, like I wanna take you to Hogsmeade, on a date, I want to start from scratch like normal couples, I don’t want to dive into it, I want to do it properly” he smiled.

She beamed at him, “I would honestly love that” she said truthfully.

He grinned, “Really?” he asked, she nodded, “next Hogsmeade trip?” he asked.

“It’s a deal” she smiled before getting up, he kissed her lightly on the head before they both departed to their dorms, with smiles on their faces.


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Chapter 31: Chapter 31
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“That’s stupid” Lily said simply.

Alex rolled her eyes and flicked the page of witch weekly. She could feel her friends eyes on her still. She looked up and she was right, they were still staring disapprovingly at her, she sighed and closed her magazine.

“It’s what he wants” she pointed out.

“Is it what you want?” Louise asked.

Alex shrugged, she had told them about everything that was going on with Sirius. They weren’t very approving about it, and as Lily had put it, it was bizarre and could only end in disaster.

“It’s not what you want, we can tell” Rosie said frowning.

Alex shrugged again, “stop shrugging” Louise snapped.

“Just talk to us” Lily said quietly, sitting on her bed.

Alex sighed quietly, “I don’t know how I feel, It’s different, that’s it. It’ll work out, it’s different, but what’s life if you don’t try new things”

“But you’re not trying new things, you’re repeating your past. Have you ever thought maybe it’s time to let him go and move on?” Rosie asked.

Alex nodded, “Daniel, I tried. It didn’t work”

“Friendship often ends in love Al” Louise said, “but love never in friendship, not true friendship at least. Never”

“It can do” Alex said quietly.

Lily shook her head, “Rarely, it barely works. You can agree to be friends, but it’s never true friendship, like after you and Sirius broke up did you honestly ever feel like he was a true friend?”

Alex shook her head, “not really”

“You need to be careful where this is going Alex, is it worth risking it all?” Rosie asked.


“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Remus mumbled, Rosie shrugged.

Sirius scoffed, “Of course it is Remmy, go with it”

Rosie sighed and followed the two boys down the corridors. She didn’t know why she had agreed to come with them. Valentines had been almost three weeks ago, she remembered when everything had been less stressful, she had been thinking about this when Sirius had come rushing into the common room urging James and Remus to come with him, James had politely declined, so Sirius had turned to Alex and Rosie grinning. Alex raised her eyebrows and declined happily, Rosie however out of her own stupidity had agreed to come.

“Why isn’t James here?” Remus asked.

“Mentioned something about staring at Lily whilst she studied” Sirius smirked.

“The usual excuse then” Remus grinned.

“Why am I here? And what are we doing?” Rosie asked impatiently after a few minutes of silence.

“Aw come on Ro, thought you liked sneaking around” Sirius grinned.

“I do, but not when I don’t know what it’s about, you’ve told Remus, come on Sirius” she begged.

Sirius raised his eyes at Remus who nodded, “I overheard Sniv talking to some boys in the Great Hall, Slytherin’s of course about some meeting down here, im curious and thought it’d be funny”

“You don’t think it could be dangerous?” Rosie said nervously.

“What’s dangerous about it?” Sirius said casually.

“I don’t know, budding death eaters, all agreeing to meet and we’re going to follow them” Rosie scowled.

“I still don’t get it?” Sirius said innocently.

Rosie sighed and followed him down the corridor. He was fumbling over something, which Rosie could only assume was the map. Remus was shining his light down the corridors. As it was quite late, and they did not have James’ invisibility cloak to hide them today, they just had to be careful.

“Found them” Sirius grinned cheekily.

Remus rolled his eyes, “I am not here to prank I am here to find things out and help, not for immature, childish reasons like you Padfoot”

“Yeah sure, whatever Moony, shh, shh, they’re in there” Sirius pointed to a classroom door.

“Well how are we going to hear them Padfoot” Remus said impatiently, Sirius shrugged.

The door handle opened and Rosie widened her eyes, she shoved Sirius and Remus along to the next corridor. They heard the door open and close and the patter of people’s feet.

“Severus?” Somebody said clearly, “you will be ready? In two weeks?”

“Of course I will” Snape said somewhat angrily.

“The dark lord wants the Mudblood captured, he said her and that Potter boy will be of useful information. But capturing Potter will be far too dangerous, to many people protecting him. Go for the Mudblood Evans” the other boy said sternly.

“Of course” Snape said quietly.

The swishing of cloaks down the corridor, indicated that the Slytherin’s had departed. Rosie turned to Sirius and Remus who were both gaping.

“Where is this attack happening, we need to keep Lily away” Remus said sternly.

“We know just as much as you do Moony” Sirius sighed.

“Should we tell them?” Rosie asked.

Sirius shook his head, “Dumbledore” he said quietly.

Rosie nodded in agreement, “He’ll talk to them”

“Me and Rem will go now, Rosie get yourself back, and take the map” Sirius told her, handing her the map, she nodded and waved, taking herself back to the common room.


“Chocolate frogs, Bertie botts, mint imperials, liquorice wands” Sirius panted as they reached Dumbledore’s office entrance, “um, um REMUS HELP ME” Sirius yelled, “ECLAIRS” he shouted remembering the weird muggle desert Lily had spoken about at new year.

The gargoyle to his surprise opened, he sighed in disbelief and ran up it, followed closely behind by Remus. He threw himself up the stairs and slammed hard on Dumbledore’s door knocker.

The door opened and he was greeted by a very calm looking Dumbledore, who was smiling slightly at the two boys. He was dressed in sea blue robes and his half-moon spectacles were as usual placed on the tip of his nose.

“Come in boys, Miss Evans, Mister Potter, Miss McCord and Mister Pettigrew have been waiting for your arrival for quite sometime” Dumbledore beamed at them cheerfully.

And sure enough walking further into the office, Sirius saw Alex and Lily sat on two chairs talking quietly between themselves and Peter staring around the room in awe, with James’ eyes firmly placed on Lily like usual.


They had been called out of the common room at this time of night to go and see Dumbledore. All sorts of thoughts were flying around her head. Her parents, her sister, an attack, her friends, to many things.

Dumbledore still hadn’t told them what was going on. But when Remus and Sirius showed up he welcomed them in happily and sat the six of them down in front of his chair. Alex and Lily had the two seats and the boys stood behind them.

“You are probably wondering why you’re all here” Dumbledore smiled.

Sirius stuck up his hand, “Actually we came to talk to you about something Sir”

“You were going to tell me the Slytherin’s are working with Voldemort to plan an attack at some point and Miss Evans and Mister Potter here are targets, am I wrong?” Dumbledore asked politely.

Lily gaped but Sirius merely shook his head, “Im sorry Sir, what?” she gasped. James put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, she felt sick.

“Miss Evans when you and James here were picked to become Hogwarts heads, it made you closer to me and the authority of Hogwarts school therefore slightly closer to the ministry, the death eaters need information and they figure their easiest way is to get it out of the two heads” He said simply.

Lily nodded slowly but still felt scared, “I still don’t understand why we are still here” Alex cut in.

“Ah yes” Dumbledore said, pausing for a second, “the order of the phoenix” he said simply.

“The order of the what?” James frowned.

“Sounds like a club” Sirius piped up.

“It is an order” Dumbledore said solemnly, “made up of wizards and witches, aurors and ministry officials wanting to fight against the dark forces, against Voldemort, resistance against death eaters. It is unlinked to the ministry, but many ministry officials chose to join up, I run it. Some of your family members may have heard of it” he suggested.

They all shook their heads, “Miss McCord and Mister Black im sure your parents would’ve” Dumbledore pointed out, Alex snorted, “but probably from the wrong sort of people” he added, they both nodded, “I have called you here as I think you young six witches and wizards are all capable of fighting the dark forces, I think you can do it. I believe in you, it’s whether of course you chose to participate, because it means commitment, not backing out, but it also means fighting for what you believe in” he finished.

Lily swallowed, thoughts spinning around her mind, it would be dangerous yes, but for the greater good. She would be protecting muggle-borns like herself, she would be fighting for lives. She didn’t need to think anymore, “Yes” she whispered, before anyone else could, “I want to fight” she added louder.

James squeezed her shoulder, “Me and Padfoot are in” he grinned.

“I can commit, I want to do it” Alex said clearly and boldly.

“I need to think” Peter squeaked, Dumbledore nodded understandably, “im worried about the safety of my family” Peter added quietly.

“Of course Mister Pettigrew, as you would be, take your time” he smiled.

“Im in, I can fight, sure can’t do much else after school ends” Remus said confidently, Lily squeezed his wrist.

“We’d be happy to have you Mister Lupin” Dumbledore beamed.

“Sir? What about Rosie Chaplin and Louise Edwards?” Lily asked curiously.

“I will be holding a meeting this summer, for others to join but for now we chose members, please do not mention it to anyone, not even them, not around other people, it is far too dangerous for others to find out about” Dumbledore said seriously.

They all nodded, “Great, when Mister Pettigrew decides I can let you know when the first meeting is, but for now I shall bid you goodnight and pip pip sleep well” Dumbledore said cheerfully as they exited his office.

Thoughts filled Lily’s mind about the order of the phoenix, where did they hold their meetings, how did they fight, who was part of it. James joined her side and started to talk to her happily about the order, but her mind was otherwise occupied.


“Pur sang” Peter whispered, and the door slid open.

He crept into the Slytherin dormitory, it was empty. Of course it was, it was two o clocks in the morning. He had snuck out of bed to come here; he had the map and everything. The Slytherin common room always made him feel cold, the stone floors and the leather sofa’s not as welcoming as the Gryffindor fireplace and the comfy cushions. But he was accepted here.

He walked up towards one of the seventh year boys dorms and tapped slightly on the door, waiting to be let in. The door swung open and stood in the doorway was a tired looking Lucius Malfoy.

“This better be good Pettigrew” he hissed, beckoning him inside.

Inside the dorm, Avery, Mulciber, Snape and Goyle were all tiredly pulling themselves into sitting positions. Severus Snape looked the most pissed off and was rubbing his eyes tiredly whilst sneering at Peter. Peter had never understood why Snape disliked him so much; he was much less welcoming than the others. It was probably because of how Sirius and James treated him.

“What is it then Pettigrew?” Lucius said wearily.

Peter stood forward nervously and cleared his throat, “Im sure you’ve heard of the order of the phoenix” he said timidly, all the boys nodded, “Dumbledore has asked myself, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alexandra McCord and Lily Evans, to join” he said nervously.

“And what did you say?” Lucius said coolly.

“I said I’d think about it” Peter said nervously, “I think I could be of great use, I have been spying for over a year, I could spy on the order easily, I could do it” he urged.

Lucius nodded, “The Dark Lord, would be pleased to have somebody fully on the inside, right in Dumbledore’s core, if you do it Pettigrew, I want updates the minute you hear something, no holding back or I will make sure you will be punished” Lucius threatened.

Peter swallowed and nodded, “Of course” he whispered.

“Why would Dumbledore want you for the order?” Snape sneered, Peter turned to face him.

He shrugged, “Why do you care? Im spying that’s all the matters” he said coldly and to his surprise firmly.

Lucius gave him a respectful look, one he had never used on Peter before and dismissed him. Peter scurried out of the dormitories, he remembered when he had been asked to fight for the opposing side.

He had been in Diagon Alley, buying his new school supplies before sixth year. His friends had wandered off to look at broomsticks, he had had no interest in joining them. He couldn’t fly, he did not enjoy flying, there was little point.

He had been cornered by Malfoy, Avery and Mulciber. They had all asked for information on Dumbledore, information Peter had little knowledge on. Eventually they talked to him about the Dark Lord, how he would be the next rising thing. Peter had been amazed at the power The Dark Lord had, the power he could have.

Peter knew which was going to be the winning side at the time, he didn’t want to be on the side which was going to lose. He had picked then and there, the side he would be fighting for. He was not going back now.

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Chapter 32: Chapter 32
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Alex giggled as he levitated another dungbomb and threw it at a fourth year. They were sat in the common room before defence against the dark arts. Her friends were out on the grounds, but she had decided to spend some time with him.

“Sirius” Jasmine purred.

Alex and Sirius both turned around, Jasmine had been sat watching them talking, for Merlin knows how long. She was batting her long eyelashes at Sirius flirtatiously and was smiling at him in a way only Jasmine could call seductive.

“Yeah?” he said coolly, Sirius wasn’t one to pick up on hints straight away.

She batted her eyelashes again and Sirius’ eyes lit up, Alex frowned, “We have class in ten minutes” she reminded him, trying not to let her jealousy slip into her voice.

He shrugged, “I’ll meet you there Al” he smiled, before kissing her lightly on the cheek and heading out of the common room followed by a jealous looking Jasmine, who kept turning round and throwing Alex scornful looks.

Alex sighed, why did he always do this? As if he wanted to show off, he kissed her and then went off to shag some random girl. Alex wondered what Alisha would think if she knew her ex-fiancée was sleeping with her best friend.

Alex wasn’t going to be the one to tell her that was for sure. She gathered her books and decided it was about time to head to defence against the dark arts. Her friends had decided to spend this free lesson on the grounds. Which she had politely declined their offer in joining them to spend time with the boy who had just ditched her for another girl.

She slowly made her way to the classroom; people were starting to crowd the halls now as they made their way to their next class. She pushed all the way to her lesson, getting there Lily, James and Rosie were stood outside talking quietly. She smiled at them and pushed a little more to reach them.

They greeted her kindly; they continued their conversation about patronuses until Lily asked the question Alex really hoped she wouldn’t have to answer.

“He went off wi-”

“Right class in you come” Professor Norton interrupted.

Alex breathed; she didn’t want to have to tell her friends Sirius ditched her for another girl. She was already mad at herself and at him; she didn’t want to have to be angry with them too especially not to tell them in front of James.

Sadly her hopes of them not finding out were crushed when everyone had taken their seats, Alex and Lily in front James and where Sirius would be sat, Sirius came barging through the door with Jasmine underneath his arm.

Alex tutted, underneath her breath, Lily snorted disgustedly and threw Alex a sympathetic look. Sirius took his seat next to James whilst Jasmine strutted over to her place, earning lots of jealous looks from a few girls who still admired James and Sirius. Alex noticed Alisha looked far from pleased; she looked away pointedly as her best friend took the seat next to her and refused to look at her or talk to her. Alex never thought she’d admire Alisha’s self-respect.

The lesson droned on and on without Alex listening, Professor Norton was going on about that Dementor and this grindylow.

The bell finally went and the seventh years were delighted that it was their last lesson. Alex slipped out the door, ready to avoid Sirius when she saw he was already outside waiting for her, with James and Lily. They gestured towards the grounds and Alex reluctantly followed.

Sirius slipped his arm around her neck, “Hogsmeade soon” he smiled.

“So?” she said stiffly, not bothering to hide her annoyance.

“Thinking about going with anyone?” he asked.

She slipped out from underneath his arm and stopped to face him, “I have an idea who I might like to go with” she smiled slyly.

He grinned, “As do I”

“Well I wish you all the luck with asking her” she smiled.

He raised his eyebrows and grabbed her hands, “Are you trying to play hard to get Al?” he sighed.

“Nope” she smiled.

He looked relaxed, “good, then go with me?” he asked.

She stepped back and extracted her hands, “Sorry Sir, I had someone else in mind” she said challenged, before turning away from him and heading straight back towards the castle, ignoring his shouts of WHO?

Her only problem now was, she needed a date for Hogsmeade.


Alex walked up to her dormitory, she had a long day and lying to Sirius about finding a date for Hogsmeade she now realized was a bad idea.

She didn’t want to seem weak to him, that he could get any girl but she only had him. Pathetic, she knew, but understandable.

She creaked open the dormitory door, but she was greeted with something she was not expecting. Alisha Reed was led on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. Alex coughed awkwardly, her and Alisha had never gotten along and Alex highly doubted Alisha would want to see her right now.

Alisha sniffed and turned over, pulling herself up into a sitting position, she gave Alex a weak, watery smile. Much to Alex’s surprise.

Alex threw her bag down on her bed, she didn’t really know what to do, but she couldn’t leave her there sobbing to herself, “Are you ok?” she asked awkwardly.

Alisha nodded and wiped her eyes, Alex frowned noticing a few red marks on her wrist, “what’s that?” she asked.

“Carpet burn” Alisha shrugged it off.

Alex scoffed, “What made you do it?” she asked trying to sound as nice as possible.

“If you think I did it because of Sirius, I didn’t. Im not that pathetic to do it over a boy” Alisha said hurriedly.

Alex felt her stomach flip, she couldn’t flip at Alisha, she didn’t know. But all the feelings she had had for a while made her feel pathetic enough without being told it too, “it’s not pathetic to do it over a boy” Alex said coolly, sitting on Alisha’s bed.

Alisha frowned, and Alex sighed, rolling up her sleeve, showing the faded red marks, Alisha gasped, “im sorry” she whispered, “Because of Sirius?”

“And Daniel, too much stress and guilty, I thought punishing myself through this would help, but it messed Sirius’ feelings even more, it drove me into a worse place to where I had been before” Alex explained.

Alisha nodded, and they sat in silence for a minute, “Jasmine, is the reason” she mumbled, “she keeps putting me down, saying im fat, im ugly, that no boy will ever like me, that Sirius chose her over me, because she’s prettier and more interesting and that im fake and I have no other friends other than her” Alisha sniffed, wiping her eyes again.

Alex sighed, “None of that’s true, I know we’ve never exactly gotten along, but Sirius didn’t pick her over you, he tends to go back to his comfort zones, he’s back with her because he knows she’ll take his shit, whereas you shouldn’t” she told her, “you should have never agreed to marry him Alisha, he slept with me a few days before” Alex whispered.

Alisha gaped, “he what?” she said softly, “he cheated on me?”

Alex nodded, “im sorry” she said truthfully.

Alisha shook her head, “and me” she paused, “How can one boy be so cruel?” she whispered.

“In respect to him I think he’s trying to change” Alex sighed, “not doing a very good job of it” she mumbled.

“You like him still?” Alisha asked.

“I wish I could say I didn’t” Alex said sadly, Alisha looked confused, “we’ve got that relationship where it’s “casual” nothing attached” she mumbled.

“That’s going to drive you insane” Alisha pointed out, Alex nodded, “talk to him”

“He doesn’t want anything more” she whispered.

“Then leave him” Alisha said as if it was the most simple thing in the world.

“I’ll kill us, he’d hate me, I already have too many people who hate me already” Alex said miserably.

“You’re miserable, you need to do something, you’ve built your bridge now get over it” Alisha said confidently, “are you on speaking terms with Daniel?” she asked.

Alex shook her head, “no” she mumbled.

“That’s the first thing you need to do, apologize, like adults and talk, not get back together, but if you mature that relationship, you can talk to Sirius” She told her, “once you’ve spoken to Daniel, speak to Sirius, you’ve already got me back on your side, you’ve only got two down, if Sirius snaps at you, then he’s not worth it, you’ve tried the best you can, leave it, you just need to try” she smiled.

Alex nodded, “thanks Alisha” she said getting up, “and if you want you can always spend time with us, instead of Jasmine, if that’s any easier?” she suggested.

Alisha smiled, “I’d like that”

“And if you ever want to talk about that” Alex said pointing to her wrist, “you can, I understand” she told her, Alisha nodded.

“Thanks Alex” she smiled, Alex shrugged and smiled back, walking out of the dormitory.

If she was honest, she never thought she’d find a friend in Alisha Reed.


Alex walked into the great hall, it was dinner, she spotted Daniel sat with his friends in sixth year at the Gryffindor table. Of course, where she had expected him to be, she didn’t know why she felt so nervous. She took a deep breath and headed over to them. His friends all looked up at her and smiled, Daniel turned around and frowned.

“Can we talk?” she asked awkwardly, he nodded, grabbing his bag.

“I’ll see you later” he mumbled to his friends, following her out of the hall.

She felt the butterflies in her stomach increase as she felt him walk next to her. They exited the hall and walked into the entrance hall. They stopped and she gestured towards a bench, he nodded and followed her.

They sat in silence for a bit, until Daniel coughed awkwardly, “What was it Al?” he sighed.

She looked at her feet, “I wanted to apologize” she mumbled, looking up at him, his big eyes were on her, usually she would’ve felt butterflies of excitement, but she felt nothing.

“About?” he said coolly.

“Everything, im sorry, I shouldn’t have done any of that, im a terrible person, I never deserved you Daniel, the way I treated you was unforgiveable. Cheating on you was a mistake, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, I threw everything you’ve ever given me back in your face. When you kissed that girl at the ball last year, it was as if I thought he did it so why can’t I? And that was wrong of me, im truly sorry, but I don’t want to leave at the end of this year knowing I haven’t done the best I can to make up for my mistakes, I want to be proud of the person I am” she finished.

He nodded, “im grateful for your apology, but I think we both know we were never going to work, not after you and Sirius, when I proposed it was wrong, it was too soon, I guess we’re both to blame for us not working out, I wish it had worked out, but you have too much history, which is not your fault, you had a life before we met and so did I, we didn’t tell each other enough”

“You’re right, but im still sorry, I think I ruined it a lot more than you did Daniel, and im not here to get back together, it wouldn’t work and you’ve moved on and so have I, but I don’t want you to hate me for what I did, I don’t think you can be as angry at me as I am” she sighed.

“I forgive you Al” he said softly, “I should’ve let you explain when you told me this, I respect you for telling me about this face to face though, it took a lot of courage, guess that’s why you’re a Gryffindor” he smiled, stroking her cheek, “im going to miss you though” he said softly.

“I’ll miss you too” she whispered.

“I wish it could’ve worked” he said sadly, she nodded and gave him a teary smile.

“Me too” she mumbled.

He stroked her cheek one last time before leaning in and kissing her lightly on the lips. Alex wished she could’ve said she felt something with the boy who always treated her perfectly, but she didn’t. She smiled at him as he pulled away and he picked up his bag, walking away from her, she wiped her tear filled eyes and stood to get up.

Picking up her bag she looked up to find herself meeting eyes with Sirius Black, who was leant against the wall across the entrance hall, not looking very happy.

She smiled slightly at him, but he did not smile back. The butterflies in her stomach rose as she walked towards him, she thought about Alisha’s words, she did not want to lose Sirius, this is the boy she wanted to be with but not like this anymore.

She smiled again as she reached him but he just raised his eyebrows at her, she frowned, “what?” she asked.

“Back with Pain then?” he asked impatiently, his eyebrows still raised.

She sighed, “no” she said simply.

He snorted and walked away from her, out of the door and out onto the grounds, obviously ignoring the sky getting much darker. Also the rule that students were not supposed to be wandering the grounds at this time, but she still followed him.

“What?” she said angrily, in reply to his snort.

“Why did you kiss him then Al?” he snapped.

She smirked, “Jealous?” she teased.

He snorted, “Answer the fucking question”

“It was a goodbye kiss, that’s it Sirius, why do you care? You’re off shagging every other girl in school every five minutes” she snarled.

“That was the deal” he snapped, “nothing attached”

“Maybe I don’t want that anymore” she fumed.

He raised his eyebrows, “somebody’s had a change of mind”

“Change of heart” she said coolly.

“So you don’t want to be together?” he frowned.

She snorted, “We’re not even together Sirius, will you just stop this, you’ve been banging on for ages how you want us together! But it’s not fair, just making me wait because you know I will. Well im done, im tired of it, it’s either all or nothing” she said simply.

He nodded slowly, “Im not perfect Alex, im not good enough for you, we both know that, I can be the perfect boyfriend” he said quietly.

“I don’t need the perfect one, I need somebody to make me feel like im the only one, not all of this crap where I have never felt so shit about myself” she said sadly.

“Im sorry” he said simply.

She shook her head, “you know what Sirius? Don’t bother apologizing, it’s about time we went our separate ways, im done here, I don’t need this, this is it now, im done waiting and pissing about with our relationship. You’ve really blown it this time” she finished.

He ran a hand through his hair, “I think you’ve handed out to many chances Alex” he told her.

“My mistake” she said coldly, before walking away from him, shivering she walked back into the castle.

The tears only really came when she curled up in her bed, she had finally lost him, he didn’t even care and that’s what really hurt.


Kicking his trunk in anger, he was shaking with fury. He felt physically sick, he had never wanted to scream this badly. He was such a prick, why didn’t he stop her? Why did he let her just walk away? He could’ve had her. His stupid pride.

James entered the room and took one look at his friend and gave him a sympathetic smile, “im sorry mate” he mumbled, “Lily told me”

“Im so fucked up” Sirius growled.

“No you’ve just fucked up” James told him.

“How do I fix this Prongs?” he sighed, “she hates me”

“You need to prove to her, you’re meant to be together, go to Hogsmeade without a date, don’t sleep around, if you want her you need to show it” James said.

Sirius nodded, “I let her walk away, without saying a single thing”

“She knows you’re not good with words” he joked.

“She said I really messed up this time” Sirius sighed.

“You have, but you can fix it Paddy, I know you can, just give it time” he grinned, Sirius smiled and nodded.

It was about time he showed her how much he truly cared, because this time he wasn’t going to ruin it, he would never forgive himself if he did.

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Chapter 33: Chapter 33
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“Did I mention you look beautiful today?” James asked nervously, as they walked on the long chilly walk to Hogsmeade.
Lily smiled slightly, brushing her red hair out of her eyes, “Three times” she smiled.
He blushed slightly, “Well you do” he grinned, slipping his fingers into hers.
The walk down to Hogsmeade was shared in comfortable conversation. James chatted away about Quidditch practices and matches. Whilst she listened happily, her hand still intertwined with his. As they reached Hogsmeade the village looked the same as always, busy and full of people running around, laughing and chatting.
Lily had never felt so comfortable around someone as they talked and chatted, however her mind slightly wandered to Alex, who was going into Hogsmeade on her own. Remus had decided to go with Louise, Sirius and Peter were going together, Rosie was going with Lucas. Lily knew Alex desperately had wanted to go with someone, but she was going to meet them all at two o clock. Lily and James had said they would probably go, they were meeting in the three broomsticks for a butterbeer.
James turned to face her, pulling her out of her thoughts and back to happy reality, “Where do you want to go first Miss Evans?” he asked sweetly.
“Don’t mind” she shrugged, “Where do you want to go Mister Potter?” she smiled.
He shook his head, “No, this is your day you’re deciding, come on”
She paused, “Honeydukes?” she asked.
He raised his eyebrows, “Was that a question or an order?” he asked.
“An order” she grinned, he beamed at her and slipped his hand back into hers.

“Come on then” he smiled, walking towards the shop.
As they entered they were greeted with strong smells of sweets, ice-creams and chocolates. Students were running around happily, daring each other to try cockroach clusters, paying for red lollypops and liquorice wands. Chatting and laughing as if there was not a single thing wrong in their worlds.
James had pulled her down an aisle that was empty, everyone had left it as they all seemed to be too busy at the front of the shop. He pointed to a bunch of sweets that looked horribly like cockroach clusters. She pulled a face as he picked one up.

“Dare you to try it” he challenged, raising one eyebrow.
She snorted, “No thanks, I’ll pass” she said simply.
“Come on Evans, are you a Gryffindor or not?” he teased, she rolled her eyebrows at him.
“Fine, I will if you will” she said firmly.
He raised an eyebrow in consideration, “Fine” he said, accepting the challenge.
He handed her a sweet, she pulled a face at it whilst he sniggered light heartedly at her, “Together?” she asked, he nodded.
She took the cluster and put it in her mouth, the taste was disgusting but determined not to spit it out, she chewed it, it was if it was never ending. Eventually she took her final swallow and coughed slightly, she looked at James who had gone a slight shade of green, he spat it out into a tissue and vanished the tissue with his wand. Lily smirked at him.
“That is the vilest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth” he spluttered, wiping his tongue.
“Haven’t you snogged Jasmine?” Lily teased, James smirked at her.
“Lily Evans, meow” he grinned, she shrugged and grinned cheekily at him.
“Anyway, you lost” she smiled, “So, you can buy the butterbeers” she told him.
He gaped at her, “I didn’t know there was a deal” he smirked, she grinned at him, “You’re washing away my pride here Evans”
“You can wash the rest of it down when you buy me that butterbeer” she said sweetly, skipping to the next aisle.
It was also empty, Lily didn’t blame people from not coming round here, it’s where all the cheap out of date sweets were kept, it had a funny smell but in the very top of the wizarding war things were starting to get more expensive and money was low.
She didn’t hear him walk up behind her, she barely felt him brush past her until she looked up. His long greasy hair in his eyes as usual, his hooked nose pointed in the air, looking down on her as if she was dirt, well to him she was, his sallow skin looking as greasy as his hair, the way he looked at her as if she wasn’t bearable to look out.
“Evans” he said coolly, she felt her temper rise, it was a long time since they had been on first name basis, he had stopped trying to win her over now.
“What do you want Severus?” she said coldly.
He raised his eyebrows, a small smirk placed on his face, the same smirk that a year ago belonged to James Potter, “Having a nice day?” he asked, still smirking.
“Why would you care?” she asked, her temper still rising.
“Just wondering” he said casually, “enjoy it whilst you can” he added, he paused slightly as thoughts rushed around her brain, “enjoy time with Potter whilst you can” he smirked, slipping into the next aisle.
Her heart raced, as panic fled through her, James, where was James? He hadn’t come after her, what had happened? She ran to the next aisle, the aisle where just five minutes ago they had been laughing and joking and all sorts, he was gone, he had disappeared. She felt her face drain from colour as more thoughts flooded her mind.
“James” she called nervously, no reply, “James” she added louder tears in her eyes, “James” she yelled.
Somebody grabbed her shoulder, she jumped, her heart flew out of her chest. She turned around as the tears fell from her eyelids, “James” she sobbed, putting her head on his shoulder and her arms around his neck, as he stroked her back.
“What’s the matter?” he asked, pulling her off him, she wiped her eyes and breathed in relief and gave him a small smile.

She slowly started to explain the last five minutes, her short moment of panic. How he hadn’t been there, Snape’s conversation and the slight threat in his voice.
“Where were you?” she asked.
He grinned, and pulled something out of his pocket, “I bought you these” he grinned, she looked at the bag, it was full of hundreds of different sweets, loads.
“Aw” she smiled, and hugged him again, “James, that’s so sweet” she blushed.
He shrugged, “You just have to give me half of that liquorice wand, im dying for it” he grinned.
She nodded, “Of course” she said, rolling her eyes good naturedly.
He tucked a small strand of her hair behind her ear and she blushed instantly, damn her pale skin, he grinned at her obviously noticing her cheeks flush and leant down and kissed her lightly on the lips. For a few seconds she craved more but as he pulled away she felt herself sigh softly at the cruel reality. They weren’t together yet, not just yet, almost but not quite. He smiled slightly at her before slipping his hand into hers and walking out onto the open street.
“Where now?” he asked her softly.
“I don’t mind” she said, he gave her a look, “Oops sorry im choosing, right forgot, um” she looked at him, he was itching to go to Zonko’s she could tell, “James, let’s go to Zonko’s then” she suggested.
His eyes lit up, “Are you sure?” he asked eagerly.
She rolled her eyes at him, “I am one hundred percent sure” she grinned.
They spent ages in Zonko’s, James picking up things and laughing at them whilst Lily rolled her eyes and smiled at him, after a while she was getting slightly bored and it was almost time to go and meet the others. James seemed to notice she was itching to get away, so he led her out of the door and onto the street.
“We have one more place we can go to before we meet everyone else” James said simply, “Where do you want to go?” he asked.
“Would you hate me if I said I needed to go to Scrivenshaft's?” she asked, he rolled his eyes.

“Yes, yes I would” he grinned, she shot him a nervous look, “of course not Lily, come on let’s go get your quill”
She started to walk forward but he put a hand in front of her to stop her, “Hey Lil, fancy a ride?” he grinned.
She gaped at him, “James Potter, that is disgusting, we’re not even officially together, why would you suggest that?” she gasped.
He looked at her for a minute and then burst into fits of laughter, he was red in the face and practically crying by the time he looked at her again, “Jesus Lily get your mind out of the gutter” he teased, she blushed instantly, “I meant a piggyback you silly witch” he grinned.
She went even more red and looked at the floor, “Oh” she mumbled, “Ok” she said sheepishly, he pulled her up on to his back.
“Anyway don’t sound too disgusted” he said, she could tell he was grinning, “I’ve seen it all before” he teased, she hit him lightly on the head.

“James” she whined, he snorted slightly and then broke into a run.
She laughed as he raced down the street looking like a complete idiot, they were attracting a lot of attention but she was laughing too much to care, as they reached the end of the road where Scrivenshaft's was, she jumped off his back and back onto the road.
He smiled at her and took her hand again, and directed her into the shop. She could tell the minute they got in there James was instantly bored, however she still spent a while looking for a quill, trying to be as quick as possible, eventually she picked out a long white one with a silver tint to it, after paying one galleon, two sickles for it they exited the shop.
She looked around, she had never seen Hogsmeade so quiet, there was barely anyone around, however Scrivenshaft's was round a corner and Lily was sure the minute they got back onto the main road people would appear again. But as they walked up the road she could hear shouting she looked at James nervously.
“Don’t let go of my hand” he muttered, “promise”
She nodded and squeezed it, as they turned around the corner past the post office, a red jet of light flew straight at them, she threw herself to the floor pulling James with her.
Looking up she saw wizards and witches aiming spells at people in long cloaks, people wearing masks. Lily had never been more certain about death eaters. She looked at James who nodded at her, breaking her promise she let go of his hand and whipped out her wand.
They both ran into the battle, as spells flew everywhere, her first defence was aiming a stunning spell at a death eater who was using the cruciatus curse on Jasmine Hanson, Lily had never liked her but experiencing that pain can’t have been pleasant.
She looked to her left where Alex was duelling a tall death eater, she was spending jinx after hex at him but they didn’t seem to be working. Lily flung another stunning spell at the death eater knocking him out instantly. Alex grinned at her gratefully and turned to advance on another battle.
Lily looked around to see James running toward her, “Lily watch out” he yelled, she ducked without even thinking as a jet of green light flew over her head and hit another death eater in the back. James ran at her, grabbing her arms and kissing her deeply on the lips.
She pulled away almost instantly, “Not really the time or place James” she said, catching her breath.
He shrugged, “Just remember whatever happens, im crazy about you” he told her.
Alex dodged her third cruciatus curse, somebody wanted to see her in pain. She hadn’t had a killing curse flung at her yet, but it was only a matter of time knowing her luck.
This was a crap end to a crap day. She had spent the day alone, wandering aimlessly around the shops, feeling bored and useless. Alisha had decided not to come into Hogsmeade, Alex almost decided not to but she was seventh year, how many more of these trips were left? However she had spent the day miserable, just like she had predicted.

A red jet of light flew over her head and she spun on the spot sending a jinx at the death eater who had aimed it at her.

She looked to her left where she saw Peter out cold, she aimed her wand at him and muttered, "Ennervate" his eyes blinked open and he looked up at her sleepily, he nodded in gratefulness and walked slowly back into the battle.

She rollled her eyes slightly, she didn't hear the death eater yell the deathly curse at her, she didn't see Sirius run at her with a look of pure fear on his face, she just felt him tackle her to the ground. She looked up in shock to see the killing curse fly over her head.

Gasping for breath, she looked to her side where Sirius was led next to her grabbing his leg, "fuck" he cursed, his leg was bleeding, it had a massive gash in it.

Alex looked around, standing up, careful to dodge any spells, she pulled him up, with great struggle, and dragged him into an alleyway, which was out of sight and empty. She could hear the shouts and the spells, but they were out of the way.

He sunk to the floor, grabbing his leg in pain. She felt a stab of sympathy shoot through her, she bent down and pulled off her white t-shirt, slipping her Gryffindor hoodie over herself, she ripped the seam of the white top and wrapped it around his leg, she tied it up like a bandadge.

He looked up at her gratefully, "Thanks" he said quietly.

"You saved my life" she said softly, not looking him in the eye, "it was the least i could do" she added.

"I had to" he said, "i wouldn't cope if you died" he continued.

She suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable and awkward, she just wanted things to go right away, like how they had been in sixth year, without all the lying and cheating.

He looked as if he was about to say something, but she cut across him, "the fight has stopped" she said, "i'll help you out to the street" she added before he could say anything, he nodded as she helped him up and into the street.

Hogsmeade was empty, except the odd person running about, Lily, James, Remus, Louise and Peter were stood talking.

"Where's Rosie?" Alex asked, as she helped Sirius over to the them.

"Daniel got injured, she's with him at te castle" Lily said, clutching James' hand.

"Alright mate?" James nodded at Sirius who rolled his eyes.

"Bloody fantastic thanks" he said dryly, as the seven of them made their way up to the castle, James and Remus taking Sirius.

"Good day?" Alex asked Lily softly, as the boys chatted away, herself, Lily and Louise dropped to the back.

Lily blushed, "Until the end of course" she told them, Alex grinned, "What's going on with Sirius?" Lily asked.

Alex sighed, "I think i know what i want now, finally" she said.

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Chapter 34: Chapter 34
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“Oh please” she sighed, looking him straight in the eyes, “Expelliarmus” she cried, catching him off guard, he was thrown backwards and landed on the floor a few steps behind, good job Madam Pomfrey had fixed his leg otherwise she might’ve felt guilty about almost knocking him out.
“Good job Miss McCord” Norton said, clapping slightly, Alex flushed, “More work please Mister Black” he added, “to the back please, Mister Lupin and Mister Potter you’re up” Norton announced.
Alex followed Sirius to the back of the room, he was rubbing his arm slightly, which in her opinion made him look slightly pathetic. He leant against the wall looking slightly bored, Alex couldn’t blame him, all their friends were at the front awaiting their turn to duel.
“Black, it can’t be that bad stop being such a girl” she snapped after seeing him rub his arm again, for the fourth time in two minutes.
“You didn’t have to be so bloody violent” he muttered angrily.
She snorted, “Not my fault your brain doesn’t expand enough to let you learn a simple shield charm” she retorted swiftly, not batting an eye.
He looked stumped on what to say to that so he merely opened and closed his mouth a few times before cursing under his breath and turning away from her.
“Silenced the great Sirius Black have i?” she said smoothly.
“Why are you so determined to pick a fight?” Sirius snapped at her, she raised her eyebrows, but said nothing.
Yes she was trying to pick a fight, because she wanted to talk to him, she wanted to talk about their feelings for once, about Hogsmeade, about the things they almost said, about him cheating and lying, about her ending things with him the other week. She wanted to tell him how she was feeling, about how she finally felt ready and how she wanted to figure things about with him.
She looked at him, he was still watching the front of the class, with a fixed gaze as if he was being stubborn to not look at her, she sighed slightly. She tapped her foot impatiently, wanting to annoy him.
“Can you please stop that?” he said, through gritted teeth, turning to face her, she raised her eyebrows.
“Does it annoy you Black?” she asked innocently.
“Extremely” he said coldly.
“Then it’s working” she said simply and started tapping louder.

“Shut it McCord” he cried, attracting the stares of the rest of the class, Alex smirked slightly as Norton turned his gaze on them.
“Black, McCord, outside” he snapped.
Alex widened her eyes at him, shocked about being sent out too, Sirius smirked at her and stalked out of the room, with a grin on his face, obviously pleased she was also being punished, she clucked her tongue impatiently and followed him out almost reluctantly. When she reached outside the classroom door, he was leant against a pillar facing her, his annoying smirk still plastered on his face.
“What?” she said coolly, but he didn’t wipe his smirk off his face, in fact he looked even more pleased with himself.
“Haven’t seen you get in trouble in a long time McCord” he said, his smirk disappearing, “you’ve changed, that’s all” he added, as if he thought if he said it, it must be true.
“I disagree” she said smoothly, “I think I just grew up” she added coolly.
He nodded, as if considering her point and closed his mouth and stared at the door. They sat in silence for a few minutes; she didn’t dare to look at him again. She got the impression she had upset him, ever so slightly, whether he admitted she had or not, she felt as if that had happened and she didn’t like the feeling.
“Im sorry” she muttered, he looked at her and raised an eyebrow, he looked confused so she decided to elaborate, “For trying to pick a fight, for being so cold, im sorry” she sighed, looking at the ground, she wasn’t the best at apologizing especially not to Sirius, it always made her feel so uncomfortable.
“Alex, what do you want?” he asked softly, sitting down next to her, she shrugged.
“Honesty” she mumbled, “I want a bit of honesty in my life for once” she sighed, leaning her head against the wall, he put his hand on her knee where her hand was and squeezed it sympathetically.
“Come on” he said, standing up, she frowned as he pulled her hand up and she stood next to him.
“What?” she asked.
“Let’s go” he grinned, walking down the corridor, there was still half an hour of D.A.D.A left and if they were caught, they were killed.
“Sirius, if we’re caught we’re going to be killed” she hissed, he rolled his eyes and pulled something light and silvery out of his cloak.
“I borrowed James’ cloak earlier and forgot to give it back, come on you want honesty right?” he asked, she nodded, “then you need to come with me” he said, flinging the cloak over the pair of them, she frowned but followed him anyway.
They walked slowly down the corridors and down a few flights of stairs in silence before Alex realised he was heading towards the entrance hall and she was just following him. As they reached the entrance hall the house crystals shone in the sun, Slytherin ahead of Hufflepuff who were ahead of Gryffindor who were ahead of Ravenclaw. Alex was desperate for Gryffindor to win this year, their final year.
He walked out onto the grounds, the cloak still round them. The sun was beating down and the lake glistened in the cool March weather. A group of first years were further down the grounds, holding brooms, obviously having another flying lesson. Alex smiled remembering their first flying lesson.
Madam Hooch, a fairly young training instructor walked around the group of nervous looking first years. Alex glanced at her new friend Lily who looked absolutely petrified looking at the broom in front of her. Alex grinned at hers, she had ridden before and had loved it, and she couldn’t wait to get up in the sky. Sirius Black and James Potter looked just as eager but Peter Pettigrew looked close to tears.
“Has anyone here ever flown before?” Madam Hooch asked, in a cool voice.
Multiple hands flew up into the air, including Alex’s, Sirius’ and James’. Madam Hooch nodded and the first years dropped their hands.
“I want you to say UP clearly and when the broom flies upwards grip it tightly” she said, looking at each of them individually.
“That’s what she said” Sirius sniggered, he was stood opposite Alex, James sniggered with him and Alex threw them her most disgusted look.
“Quiet Black” Madam Hooch boomed, Sirius bit his lip trying to keep back the sniggers, “Off you go then” she said, encouragingly.
“Up” Alex said firmly and confidently, the broom soared into her hand, she smiled proudly, Lily’s broom hadn’t even moved, “don’t be afraid of it, say it with confidence” she told her.
Lily nodded and took a deep breath, “Up” she said confidently, the broom slowly flew into her hand and she smiled nervously. Alex could tell Lily was not excited about getting into the sky, she had admitted she was nervous of heights.
“Now” Madam Hooch said, as they all had their brooms in their hands, apart from Peter who was growling at his now, “Miss Evans” she said turning to Lily, “And Mister Potter” she said turning to James, “I want you both to hover, just above the floor” she said, Lily’s eyes widened in fear.

“I can’t” she mumbled, “I hate being off the ground” she added, James sniggered and Alex glared at him.
“Don’t be so mean Potter” she snapped, Lily looked grateful.
“Baby Evans, can’t get off the ground” he smirked.
Lily’s eyes widened in anger, she wasn’t as shy as she looked, “Shut your mouth Potter before I shove this broomstick down your throat” she snapped, James looked taken a back as if he had never had somebody speak to him that way before, he then looked impressed.
Alex assumed that was the day Lily really truly caught his eye.
“Alex” Sirius muttered pulling her out of her memories, she looked up, they were stood facing the whomping willow, it was as still as a statue and Sirius was pocketing his wand.
“Didn’t know you had mastered silent spells Black” Alex smiled.
He shrugged, “You coming” he said, walking towards the tree.
Alex stopped dead in her tracks and shook her head, “No, I can’t go in there” she muttered, “You said it leads to the shrieking shack! Sirius there’s rumoured to be a monster in there, Hogsmeade sometimes hear yowling, groaning and howling, people even say it may be a wer-” she stopped noticing the obvious look on Sirius’ face and realisation dawned on her.
“A wer what Al?” he smirked.
Alex rolled her eyes, “It’s Remus they can hear?” she asked smiling, he nodded.

“Plus you’re a Gryffindor and you’re safe with me, come on” he said, pulling her down the passage way.
She suddenly felt extremely safe, safer than she had ever been before, Sirius made her feel safe and she didn’t know why. He just did. It was a long walk down the passage way, Sirius had removed the cloak and they walked in silence, just the sound of each other’s footsteps making noise. The tunnel was slightly eerie and Alex didn’t love it but hope lit a fire in her stomach as she saw a light at the end.
As they reached the end of the tunnel, Sirius walked up some stairs and she followed, noticing there was a doorway, they slipped inside. The room wasn’t much it had a broken bed, a piano and an old looking armchair, which she sat down on whilst Sirius leant against the piano.
“What is this all about?” she asked, smiling slightly, “All the way down here for what may I ask?” she asked lightly.
He grinned, “Honesty” he said softly, folding his arms, the light shining on him.
She looked at him properly, for the first time in weeks. Without avoiding his gaze, she stared at him. He was definitely good looking, there was no denying that, his Quidditch built muscles looked even bigger as he crossed his arms. His dark black hair, flipped across his forehead occasionally fell over onto one eye, making him look even more mysterious than ever before.
“Ok” she said slowly, “What do you mean?” she asked.
“I want you to tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone and I’ll tell you my biggest secret” he said simply, her eyes widened, one thing, all she had to do was trust him.
She sighed and looked at him, bringing her legs to her chest, she hugged them against her and leant on the chair, “The summer that’s just been, after we broke up, before I left my Mother locked me up in the cellar, and sent my Brother down to kill me” she whispered, “he used the cruciatus curse on me several times and left me unconscious, he dropped the keys accidently and when I woke up they were still there so I left” she whispered.
She had never told many people about her elder brother, he was a death eater and hated her guts more than her sister did. She hated talking about him, it made her feel sick.
“You should’ve wrote to me” he mumbled, she snorted.
“After you dumped me?” she said lightly, smiling weakly at him, he shrugged, she shook her head, “Your turn” she added.
He sighed, “I have something I need to show you” he told her.
She frowned but before she could answer he had disappeared, she wasn’t looking at tall, handsome Sirius Black, no. She was looking at a large, black shaggy haired dog, not her ex-boyfriend. She gaped for a few minutes at the dog, who stood completely still. He walked towards her, and put his paws on her knees and bared it's teeth in what only Alex could've guesses was meant to be a grin.

The dog took it's paws off her and walled back to the piano, transforming back into Sirius, who smiled slighty at her, he looked slightly nervous.

"You're an anigmagus?" she choked, overcome with shock, he nodded simply, "when? how? what? why?" she spluttered, to many quesions filling her up.

"Start of fifth year" he said simply, she nodded, "took years" he added, "my animagus is a dog, like my patronus, and because keeping Moony company during a full moon is safer as animals" he continued.

She nodded again, "Padfoot" she said slowly, he grinned, "Prongs" she added, "a deer?" she questioned, James' patronus flicking into her mind.

Sirius shook his head, "A stag" he said simply, "don't say deer around James" he grinned.

"Wormtail?" she frowned.

"A rat" he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So who else knows?" she asked, the shock disappearing.

Of course Lily figured out, before she and James had gotten together. Sirius had told her the story. But other than Lily she was the only one who knew, which in a way made her feel slightly special.

"You trust me that much?" Alex asked shyly.

He nodded, "You wanted honesty" he said, "here it is Al, you know everything about me now" he explained, "what else?" he asked.

She frowned, "What?" she questionned.

"What else do you want?" he asked.

She siged, "Too talk about feelings" she said sadly.

He nodded understandingly, "Ok" he said slowly, "here goes" he muttered, holding her hand and pulling her up to stand with him, he slipped his fingers into hers before looking her straight in the eyes, "to me, you're the most beautiful girl in the world, and i let you walk away from me, I want what you wanted, i should've said something" he paused, "you've been through a lot of shit and I can't promise that I can fix all your problems, but I can promise you won't face them alone. I've mucked up a lot in the past, i know i don't deserve another chance but im hoping you'll give me one" he finished, his eyes hadn't left hers.

She looked at him for a minute, "All or nothing" she whispered.

He nodded, "All, everything this time, just me and you" he told her, "i promise" he added.

She smiled slightly and held out her pinky, he rolled his eyes and smiled at her but linked her pinky anyway. 

If you truly love someone, accept their past and leave it there, move on, forget everything that's happened. Have a fresh start and learn to trust them again, trust they will learn from their mistakes. 

As she looked into his stormy grey eyes she found what she was looking for, the same light that was in it when they were together, the twinkle she adored and missed oh so much.

"What do you say McCord?" he grinned.

She rolled her eyes, "I guess it could work Black" she smiled slightly, her stomach filled to the brim with happiness.

two hours later

"Was Norton mad?" Alex yawned, flicking through Witch Weekly as the eight of them sat in the heads common room, she was leant against the arm chair Sirius was sat on.

"You're dead" James said, throwing pieces of paper into the fire looking bored.

"Great" Sirius said sounding completely unbothered by this.

They sat in silence for a few minute before Alex remembered something, "Hey Lily" she said, turning to her best friend who raised her eyebrows at her.

"What?" Lily asked suspiciously.

"Have you been on a broom since first year?" Alex asked curiously.

Lily flushed slightly, "No, i hate heights" she reminded her.

"You hate heights?" Sirius gaped, "Prongs it's not going to work out she hates flying, you're wasting your time" he joked, Lily threw a piece of paper at him.

"Not since?" James gaped, "You haven't been on a broom?" he asked.

Lily shrugged, "Im a wuss when it comes to heights" she sighed.

James's eyes lit up and his face changed into a familar smile, a smile he only used when he had a plan and usually a mishevious plan.

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35
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“James, do we have too?” she whined, shivering slightly, she was wearing light blue shorts and a baggy white top, which she had tucked into her shorts, probably not suitable for this time of year especially at Hogwarts, but she had put a charm on herself to keep herself warm.

But he seemed to ignore her, she sighed quietly and looked around the grass around them was, shining in the evening sun, it glistened slightly. The air was cool, with a slight breeze; her red hair was glistening under the orange sunset and waving slightly in the breeze. She looked around her, she and James were alone. She assumed most people were at dinner.

He still seemed to not have heard her, as he was stood away from her looking around, she walked over to him and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. He turned around and beamed at her.

She slipped her arms around his neck and looked up at him with her big green eyes, he looked at her for a moment and sighed, and “Come on Lily” he told her.

“James” she mumbled, he smiled at her and kissed her softly on the lips for a few seconds.

“Yes we have too” he told her firmly, “How are you ever going to learn if you don’t try?” he asked her slipping his hands into hers.

“I don’t want to learn” she reminded him, but he just ignored her.

Unlocking his fingers from hers he leant down and handed her the broom, “But there’s only one” she said, cocking her head to one side in curiosity.

He raised his eyebrows at her, “You thought I’d let you go up there on your own?” he grinned, she smiled slightly at him, her butterflies increasing slightly, “Come on Lily, im not that mean” he added, still grinning at her.

“Will it hold of us?” she asked nervously.

“Of course it will” he said, “my broom is made of steel” he grinned.

“It’s made of wood actually” she corrected, her eyes twinkling, he smiled and rolled his eyes at her light heartedly.

“Come on then Evans, if you’re so clever, let’s see how well you fly” he challenged.

She took a deep breath and gathered her courage together, she was a Gryffindor for Merlin’s sake, ‘Don’t be a coward Lily’ she thought bitterly, she gave James a small smile and he grinned at her, he stepped onto the broom and motioned her to get on the back.

“James” she tried on last time before she did so, but he shot her a look of pure determination and she shut up instantly, not bothering to even try and say anything else.

She climbed onto the broom behind him, before she even had time to get comfy the broom gave a jolt and they were whizzing towards the sky. She took a sharp breath and grabbed James’ waist, “James, slow it down” she said, trying to keep the panic out of her voice as they sped upwards, faster and faster, the broom slowed down slightly but was still going far too fast for her liking.

They soared extremely high, soon they were level with the goal posts, Lily braved herself to look down, her heart jumped, but she felt so safe with her arms around James, she didn’t feel as if anything was going to happen, he was in control and she trusted him. She really did, she trusted him.

“Like it Lily?” James called back to her, even though they were right next to each other, the wind was rushing in their ears.

“I guess it isn’t that bad” she admitted, she heard him chuckle slightly.

The next minute he zoomed forward, out of the Quidditch stadium and they were out on the grounds, of course the grounds were empty as it was early evening and the sun was still setting. He hovered over the forbidden forest, she looked out over it, it stretched for miles, the end of it was unclear, Lily just usually assumed it didn’t end.

James took a serve and headed towards the castle, he brought the broom over the towers and through the courtyard, she laughed as he took quick swerves and dipped slightly or made sharp turns, upwards and downwards.

Lily didn’t know how long they had been flying for when he finally brought the broom to a land back on the Quidditch Pitch, it was also dark, the sky was a red orange and the almost full moon was out. She expected Remus was dreading it right now, probably panicking slightly but still trying to keep a cool head.

She stepped off the broom as did James, and he turned to grin at her, she smiled at him, “Think you could try it by yourself?” James asked.

She widened her eyes, “What now?” she asked nervously, he nodded at her, she gave him a nervous smile, she wasn’t ready for it, but she wasn’t going to be a coward, not now, a look of pure determination on her face she said, “Pass me the broom”

He grinned at her in an approving way as he passed her his broom, she took a deep breath and stepped on it, gripping it tightly, she aimed it towards the sky and quickly sped off, she didn’t want to go this fast. The broom sped into the air and it took her a while to gain control of it, when she managed to she hovered again by the goal posts and looked down.

James was looking up at her, she couldn’t see his facial expression, as it was almost dark and he was just a small speck right now, she waved slightly and sped off again. She had decided she loved flying, it made her feel so free, she understood why James spent so much of his time doing it now, you could fly for hours and just feel so at peace with the world. Especially as there was nobody at here right now, just time to think and feel really calm.

She looked down at the boy stood on the Quidditch Pitch he was facing the ground now, looking at something, she grinned slightly and sped down quickly. Flying down next to him, she hovered above the ground and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around quickly, as if ready to grip his wand as his hand hovered by his pocket. He relaxed when he saw it was her and beamed at her.

Leaning down she kissed him firmly on the lips, one hand on the broom and her other hand around his neck, he slipped his around her waist. The kiss deepened, they had never had a kiss this passionate, after a while she pulled away and sped off again, looking behind her she saw him grin after her.

Taking one last fly around the quidditch pitch, she brought the broom down to the ground again, and stood next to James who smiled at her in approval. The sun had completely set now, it was almost pitch black, however the lights from the castle allowed them to see each other.

He leant down and kissed her softly on the lips, “Im proud of you” he murmured, she blushed slightly, and pulled away from him.

“Thank you” she smiled, slipping her hands into his.

“Uh Lily” he said, after a moment of silence, she looked up, “You’ve got a grass stain on your white top” he said, as if trying to bite back a laugh.

It was as if he couldn’t contain himself for much longer, because when she groaned in annoyance he let out a loud snort and burst into deep chuckles. She rolled her eyes at him and sighed slightly, “Great, it’s huge” she sighed.

He grabbed his stomach and calmed himself before, pulling off his own top, “Here, have this” he chuckled, chucking the scarlet Gryffindor top at her, as he stood there half naked.

“Look away” she muttered.

He raised his eyebrows at her, “What? Why?” he whined.

She poked her tongue at him, child-like of course, “James, turn away” she instructed, he pouted but turned away from her anyway.

Pulling off her grass stained white top, she pulled on his baggy Gryffindor one. She tapped him on the back and handed him her white top, “You can wear this if you like” she grinned, he rolled his eyes at her

“Im fine thanks flower” he grinned, she rolled her eyes at the nickname she hadn’t heard in ages, the nickname that still annoyed yet in some weird way, comforted her, “But if you’re incapable to carry it, I’ll help” he smirked, shrinking the top with his wand and pocketing it, she smiled gratefully at him

“You’re going to walk in the castle, wearing nothing” she said, arching an eyebrow at him – showing her disapproval of the idea. She knew why she didn’t want him too, because of his stupid little fan club, would fawn all over him and it would make her cringe, she wasn’t jealous, only slightly.

“I’ve got the cloak Lil” he grinned, pulling it out, “plus, we are past curfew anyway, it’s 10 o clock, come on” he grinned.

The trip back to the castle didn’t last very long, much to Lily’s disappointment, she knew the minute they reached the common room, she’d exit to her dorm and James to his, she didn’t know why but she was suddenly craving more and more time with him.

As they reached the fat ladies portrait, James mumbled the password whilst the fat lady scolded him about clothes and indecency. James stood there and endured it for fifteen minutes before they finally entered the empty common room.

Lily wasn’t surprised it was empty, it was almost eleven now, by the time they had reached the common room from the Quidditch Pitch, they’d had to sneak past Filch, and endure the fat ladies ranting’s about how the two heads were meant to be respectable adults.

James had pocketed the invisibility cloak as the common room was deserted; there was nobody to gawk at him. Even though it was only eleven, most people wanted to be up and early for the next day’s Hufflepuff v Ravenclaw game, so most people usually hit the hay on the night before a quidditch game, due to fear of oversleeping and missing anything.

As they reached the top of the stairs, where Lily was to exit to her dorm and James to his, they saw a note pinned on his door.

Wormtail ate some funny cheesecake in the kitchens, me and Moony are staying in the hospital wing with him over night, might see you, might not, don’t fuss.
Hope you had fun with Evans

James grabbed the note and pocketed it and grinned slightly, “Stupid Peter” he chuckled, Lily smiled slightly.

“Right, well goodnight” she smiled.

“Night” he nodded, she looked at him for a minute before smiling again and turning away to head back into her dorm.

As she entered her dorm, she gave a small sigh. Crappy end to a perfect day, nothing at all, wasn’t even a kiss or anything, she hoped slightly, a little bit he might’ve wanted to be her boyfriend, just maybe. But nothing, at all.

“How did it go?” Alex asked from across the room, Lily forgot her dorm mates would be there too. Alisha, Alex, Rosie and Louise were sat by the window talking whilst Jasmine was sat on her bed, glaring at all of them, and occasionally looking down at the magazine she was reading.

“It went fine” Lily tried to smile.

“Uh-Oh” Rosie said, not looking up from her feet, she was using the muggle nail painting kit Lily had bought her for her birthday, “That means something went wrong” she added.

“Nothing went wrong” Lily said, slightly forced.

“Uh Lily, why are you wearing a red top, that looks way to big for you?” Alisha giggled.

Lily gaped, she forgot she was wearing James’ top, she realised what this must look like, “No, we didn’t- I mean- ugh” Lily said, as her friends burst into giggles.

“Slut” she heard Jasmine cough, Lily turned to face her a frowned.

“Pardon?” she asked, Jasmine arched an eyebrow.

“You’re not even together and you’re sleeping with him, you used to go on and on Evans, about how he slept around and now look at you, you’re just another one of his girls” Jasmine smirked, before standing up and walking into the bathroom.

Lily felt slightly taken aback, what was Jasmine’s reason to get all shirty with her? It wasn’t her place to judge herself and James’ relationship, especially as there wasn’t one. Plus maybe she was right, was James just using her like all those other girls. Like Hannah, took her on a few dates, shagged her a lot, got with her seriously then cheated on her, then dumped her. He had told Lily she wasn’t one of those girls.

“Lily” Alex said, snapping her fingers in front of her face, “Ignore her, she’s bullshitting, as usual, you know James, come on” she tried.

But Lily shook her head, “I’ve just remembered he has my top, I’ll be right back, I just need to grab it” she uttered, Alex nodded and Lily left the room.

Her heart racing slightly as the tapped on the boys dormitory door, he might’ve gone to see Peter in the hospital wing, she hoped he hadn’t she just wanted her top back, she may or may not say anything to him, probably not – best not.

The door opened and James came to it, wearing a navy blue v-necked top and his navy jeans, his glasses were crooked and he looked slightly tired, he gave her a tired smile, “Hey” he smiled, “Everything ok?” he asked concernedly.

She realised her eyes were brimming with tears as she stood there and looked at him. Man she had really fallen for him, and what if he did just play her? She didn’t think she could cope.

“I-uh, came to get my top back” she choked, he frowned and then nodded, walking inside the room, she followed and pushed the door closed behind her as he fumbled around, by the fire. Where numerous clothes were lying, he finally picked it up and handed it to her.

“Here, you go, you may wanna leave it out for the house elves” he suggested, she nodded gratefully but didn’t say a word, “Lily is everything ok?” he frowned.

Before she could really stop herself she launched into the story of what Jasmine had said, and how she felt – leaving out the bits how she was waiting for him to ask her about being her boyfriend, he leant against the bed post and listened without saying a word, whilst she rambled on and on. After ten minutes of her continuous talking, she finally stopped and just sighed slightly.

To her surprise he was grinning at her, she frowned, “It’s not funny” she snapped at him.

“It is quite” he chuckled, she glared at him and he moved towards her and put a hand under her chin and kissed her softly on the lips, “Lily, haven’t I proved to you that I don’t want you to be one of those other girls, the reason we’re not together yet is because I said I wanna take it slow” he told her, she couldn’t help herself – she pouted slightly, “Don’t pout Lil” he grinned, “doesn’t mean im not crazy about you” he reminded her, she sighed and nodded.

He leant down again and kissed her lightly on the lips, just as he was about to pull away she slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, just like on the quidditch pitch. He seemed shocked slightly, but he put his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss.

He pulled her up slightly and she hooked her legs around his waist, they hadn’t kissed like this since Christmas, Lily felt her heart race a million miles as her hands ran through his hair and his hands underneath her bum, holding her up. She jumped down from him, her hands still round his neck and her lips still crashing against his.

He pulled away slightly and grabbed her hands, and pulled her down onto his bed, to her surprise she obediently followed. He crashed his lips back onto hers; deepening their kiss further, Lily felt her hands go to his shirt as she lifted it over his head.

“Lily” he whispered, as she pulled her lips off his, her heart stopped slightly, had they gone too far? He obviously noticed the panic flicker across her face as he chuckled softly, “I was just going to pull the curtains” he grinned, she smiled and nodded.

‘Way to ruin the moment James’ she thought light heartedly, as he pulled the curtains shut, he turned to face her again and she pulled off his glasses and kissed him again. He ran his fingers through her long auburn hair and pulled her on top of him.

She fumbled about slightly with the button on her shorts, but pulled them off quickly. Until she was just in her pants and James’ quidditch top and he was in just his jeans.

He kissed her deeply again, his hands running along her legs and hers still in his hair as she lay over him, he continued to kiss her. It looked as if it was about to go much further when they heard the door creak open.

“Prongs” they heard Sirius call out, Lily pulled away from James and widened her eyes at him and bit her lip, James rolled his eyes and let out a soft groan.

“Shh” James barely whispered and leant up to kiss Lily again.

“James, I know you’re in here, you never close those curtains” Sirius snapped, James clucked his tongue impatiently and kissed Lily lightly on the lips, before James had time to reply, Sirius had whipped open the curtains.

“MY POOR VIRGIN EYES” He screeched.

“Padfoot” James yelled, as Sirius gave out a quick bark like laugh and snapped them shut again, Lily went bright red in embarrassment as she realised she was still in her pants and James’ top.

She rolled off James and sat on the bed, out of Sirius’ view and slipped back on her shorts and smiled slightly at James, before opening the curtains again, to see Sirius leant against his bed post, smirking at them. Lily rolled her eyes at him.

“Alex was obviously wrong when she said Lily wasn’t in a good mood” Sirius sniggered, Lily threw him her worst look and James stood up, pulling his top back on.

“Right” she said awkwardly, “I better go” she muttered.

“Tut-tut Prongs, Peter is in the hospital wing, throwing up all the food he’s eaten in his life and you’re here shagging Evans’ brains out” he grinned wickedly.

Lily gaped at him, “That was not what we were doing” she said, blushing furiously.

But both boys gave her their most sceptical looks, “Please Evans, how else could you explain lying on top of him in your pants” Sirius grinned, “unless you were measuring his-”

“Padfoot, that’s enough” James snapped, Sirius winked at a scarlet Lily, “Sirius, could you give us a minute?” James asked, Sirius smirked again and nodded.

“Try and keep your pants on this time Evans” he grinned, Lily growled slightly, but Sirius just barked with laughter again and exited the door.

Lily turned to James, she was still blushing furiously but James gave her a slight smile, “Sorry” he mumbled, putting his glasses back on his nose

“It’s not your fault” she told him.

He shrugged, “Maybe, that wasn’t the best idea” he told her, “I mean we’re not even together yet, not exactly going slow right” he chuckled nervously.

She was starting to get sick of it, she was eighteen and so was he next week, she didn’t want to take things slow anymore, she had liked him since before Christmas, and he had liked her since forever. They had slept together at Christmas, why did they have to take things slow? Why couldn’t they be a normal couple finally?

She shook her head at him, and laughed exasperatedly, “You know what James?” she sighed, “I accept the fact you want to take it slow, but what if I don’t?”

He frowned, “I thought that’s what you wanted?” he asked.

“No that’s what you wanted” she cried, “What were you waiting for James?” she asked.

“For you to trust me again” he snapped at her.

“I do James, I do trust you, so if I trust you and you me why can’t we be in a relationship together? We shouldn’t have to make excuses why can’t it happen?” she yelled.

He paused slightly, “Why can’t you give it time? Wait” he told her.

“Im done waiting for things to happen, I want to live for the moment for once James” she said coldly, “Why do I have to wait?”

He didn’t say anything, so she shook her head, grabbed her top and left the room, leaving him standing there after her and again she was wondering how a perfect day could turn out that way?

don't worry about Lily and James, it's just one of those things i need to happen for them to realise they're meant to be together:)

I also wanted to recommend my two favourite stories at the moment.

I hate that I love you – Harry and Ginny fanfic by Harry and Ginny.
Wishing On Planes – Marauder fanfic by PatronusOwl

Im just addicted to these:D

Chapter 36: Chapter 36
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Moste Ponte Potions, A Guide to Self Defence, Hogwarts a History; no, Alex did not need any of these books; the library had nothing on dark magic. It wasn’t she wanted to learn any dark magic, she wanted to know what spells had been used against them at the Hogsmeade attack, because she was certain a lot of them were dark spells.

Sighing, she moved along to the next aisle, pulling out a book called The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts (edition 1) behind it was an old, dusty looking book, with a ripped cover, it looked extremely battered, Lily would not have been impressed. Curiosity getting the better of her, she pulled it out and blew off the dust.

Taking it too an abandoned table at the very back of the library so she wouldn’t be disturbed she opened it up. It was very rare Alex spending her free periods in the library, but she was bored and Lily had told her to go and make herself useful instead of moping about.

As she wiped the dust off it, a faded covered had the title; Dark Deeds, printed on it. Alex frowned slightly as she opened the book, scanning down the index two things jumped out at her; Ancient Jinxes and Hexes and Horcruxes.

Opening the book at Horcruxes first as she had never heard of a horcrux before. As she turned the page so many terrifying things jumped out at her, the explanation of Horcruxes was disgusting and inhumane. She slammed the book shut, not wanting to think about it. How could somebody make a horcrux? Was immortality really worth all of that?

A tap on the shoulder made her start, she turned around to glare at the boy who sat himself down opposite her and pulled the book towards him, “Sirius?” she asked, he looked up, “have you ever heard of a horcrux before?” she questioned.

He gave her a dark look, “Not thinking of making one right?” he asked.

She gasped, “No the whole idea is despicable and inhumane” she said shocked.

He grinned, “Just checking Alex” he smiled, “Yeah Dumbledore got rid of the books on them because he hated them, but looks as if he forgot one” he said, drumming his fingers on the book Alex had in front of her.

“Maybe we best give this to him” Alex said quietly.

Sirius nodded, “Put it out of a Slytherin’s reach” he said darkly, raising his eyebrows.

“You don’t know, bet Slytherin’s aren’t the only people who fancy immortality” she told him pointedly.

“I guess you’re right” he shrugged, as she slipped the book into her bag.

“What are you doing here anyway?” she asked curiously. Sirius Black in the library – out of choice, that wasn’t something you saw every day.

“Came to talk to you” he said simply.

She arched an eyebrow sceptically at him, “About what may I ask?” she said quizzically.

He sighed, “Our two best friends” he said bluntly.

She thought this might be the reason. It was Wednesday, Lily and James had spoken since Saturday, it was James’ birthday on Friday and if they hadn’t made up by then James wasn’t going to have a very cheerful eighteenth birthday. With Lily mad at him, with him mad at Sirius, and Peter and Remus not really knowing what to do.

“So why is he mad at you?” Alex asked curiously, she hadn’t actually had a chance to sit down and talk to Sirius since the shrieking shack; they were yet to receive their detention from Professor Norton.

In reality Alex was slightly confused what was going on with her and the shaggy haired Marauder, one might think they would be together after the shrieking shack, after everything they said Alex had thought they were too, but in a way they had been avoiding each other, as if they were both slightly confused on what was going on in their relationship.

“Because if I hadn’t barged in on them when they were almost having sex, they may not have argued” Sirius said impatiently, “No they would’ve just shagged then argued, but he doesn’t listen to his wise, whimsical best friend” Sirius sighed.

“He’s ignoring Remus too?” Alex smirked.

“You’ll pay for that one McCord” Sirius grinned, Alex raised her eyebrows at him mockingly.

Sirius stood up and walked round to her chair, smiling at her sweetly, he pulled her up holding her hands. Her stomach filled with butterflies until he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder. He leant down and grabbed her bag too, whilst she hit him on the back.

“Sirius Black put me down” She commanded.

“No can do Miss McCord” he snickered, as he walked swiftly over the library, Alex lifted her head up, she realised all she had been doing was staring at his bum, everyone was staring at them, Madam Pince looked completely disgusted at such childish behaviour.

Alex thought she heard her mutter, “No wonder those two weren’t made head boy and girl” Alex snorted as Sirius started to run, he pushed open the library doors and ran out.

Alex was still thrown over his shoulder, as he walked swiftly through the castle he started waving to people, girls were throwing her dirty looks as she kept slapping him on the back, begging for him to put her down.

“Black, put me down” she cried, slapping him hard on the bum.

“Ooh McCord I like it when you do that” he said cheekily, smacking her bum too, she laughed slightly and slapped him on the back again as he started to walk out onto the grounds.

It was a warm, sunny day especially for March, the grounds were busy and as Sirius walked down to the lake people were shooting them funny looks and a lot of girls were glaring at Alex, who couldn’t stop laughing.

He paused by the lakes edge, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” he pondered.

“Sirius, don’t you dare” she cried, “I’ll never speak to you ever again” she warned him.

“That’s a chance im willing to take” she could’ve sworn he was grinning.

“Sirius, I’ll do anything I swear, please” she begged, he grabbed her waist and lowered her back down onto the ground and grinned at her.

She smiled at him, “I wouldn’t chuck you in the lake” he sighed, still grinning.

She rolled her eyes at him, he leant forwards and kissed her lightly on the lips, she wrapped her arms around his neck, as he deepened their kiss. They hadn’t kissed like this in a long time, passionate and perfect. His hands were still around her waist, holding her to him.

After a minute or so, she pulled away and smiled slightly at him, he grinned at her and leant forward and kissed her head, “You beautiful girl” he murmured, pushing a piece of hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.

“You childish boy” she teased, he winked at her.

Somebody coughed, they turned around Georgia Patterson from the Gryffindor Quidditch team was stood there, grinning at them. Alex blushed slightly, as Sirius took his arms from around her waist and slipped one of his hands in hers.

“Hey Sirius, I’ve just seen James and he said if I saw you he wants to meet you in the common room, to talk” Georgia informed them

Sirius groaned, “What have I done now”

“Thanks Georgia” Alex sighed.

“Thanks” Sirius said, as Georgia turned away and walked back to the castle, Sirius turned back to Alex and looked slightly torn.

“Go and find James” she commanded, he nodded and kissed her softly on the lips again.

He pulled away and started to walk up the hill towards the castle, “Friday” he yelled back, she frowned at him, “We’ll talk about you and me” he grinned, before breaking into a run towards the castle.

Alex smiled to herself and picked up her bag, she had a feeling that soon everything was going to start going right again, maybe, hopefully, probably everything would turn out alright.


Lily groaned as she sat in her dormitory, her owl had just come through the window, carrying two envelopes, they were lined with a purple trim and her name and Alex’s were written in swirly black writing, which she recognised to be her Mother’s.

Opening the letter she saw her sisters hand writing. It was written in silver and the letter was extremely beautiful yet formal.

Dear Lily Evans

You are invited to the marriage of:

Petunia Evans
Vernon Dursley

To help them celebrate their special day and join in their celebrations as they embark on the journey of a long and happy marital life.

Do hope you can make it.

Friday 13th April.

At the bottom her Mother had wrote in her neat handwriting:

Lily dear, you may bring a guest, your sister however insists a male, she says make sure he’s suitable and don’t embarrass her, I know you wouldn’t but she watched me write this, love you dear, hope to see you soon, we’ve cleared it with your headmaster, he said he’d let the four of you go as you’re all very responsible, he seemed to know who your guests would be, don’t know how, I assume you’re bringing Paul. See you soon, love Mum x

Lily sighed softly just as the dormitory door flung open, she looked up to see Alex beaming at her, something had put her in a good mood, but Lily was in a selfish mood and was too annoyed to ask at the moment. She handed her the letter before Alex could look at her own.

“Petunia invited me?” Alex snorted.

“My Mother invited you, you’re more special to them than you think” Lily reminded her, it was true her Mum had said on many occasions how Alex was like a member of the family.

“This is the first Friday of the two weeks, we could get the Knight Bus there and then come back the following Wednesday of the second week” Alex suggested, Lily nodded.

“It’s going to be a long holiday” Lily groaned, Alex smiled sympathetically.

“I’ll be there” she reminded her.

Lily nodded, “Very true, but so will Petunia” she pointed out, Alex smiled at her and sat down on the edge of her bed, she looked lost in thought for quite a while.

Her eyes snapped back into focus and she looked at Lily with an excited grin on her face, “I’ve got an idea, if Petunia’s wedding is on the Friday, she’s getting married down in Devon, near the beach, how about on the Monday the others come down, the boys can stay in James an Sirius’s hotel room, and Rosie and Louise can stay in our room” Alex said happily.

Lily raised her eyebrows at her best friend, “James” she said slowly.

Alex sighed, “You’re taking him” she ordered, Lily snorted, “You’re not taking Paul, who else are you going to take?” she said sceptically.

“Nobody” Lily sighed, leaning against the wall, where she was sat on the windowsill.

“Petunia said you have too” Alex said in a sing song voice, sitting down on her bed. What had gotten her in such a good mood?

“So?” Lily said tiredly.

“My God Lily” Alex snapped, “Stop being so depressed, go and make up with James, it’s pissing me off, you two are obviously crazy about each other, you basically argued about wanting to be together, it’s ridiculous” she paused, “Im happy for once and you’re raining on my parade” she moaned, Lily raised her eyebrows at her, “Not to be insensitive” she added meekly.

Lily rolled her eyes, “Sirius?” she asked.

Alex grinned and nodded happily, “He kissed me” she said gushed, “and we’re going to talk on Friday” she squealed with happiness

“Finally” Lily grinned, she paused, “Friday?” she frowned, Alex nodded.

“You’ll go right?” she asked almost nervously.

Lily shrugged, “Maybe” she muttered, standing up and pocketing her letter; she moved towards her bed and laid down on it.

“Lily” Alex said softly, “Talk to him”

Lily shook her head stubbornly, “It’s not time yet” she snapped.

“It’s his birthday in two days, and if you’re not speaking he’ll have a crap day” Alex reminded her, Lily sighed, maybe she was right, maybe. Lily didn’t tell her this, she curled up in bed and thought it over, she had time to talk to him, when she gathered her pride and just got it over with.


“Wakey Wakey birthday boy” he heard Sirius coo in his ear.

James waved his arm in the air, and to his luck he hit his best friend right in the face. He heard Sirius yelp as James felt himself whack him right on the nose. He heard Remus give a soft chuckle and Peter was checking Sirius was ok. James rolled over and yawned slightly, he opened his sleepy eyes to see his three friends stood over his bed.

Sirius who had obviously recovered from his ‘injuries’ was shaking a large box at him, Remus was grinning so James sat up and rubbed his eyes and grinned at his friends.

“Morning” he said sleepily, “What’s the time?” he asked.

“Six o clock” Sirius said excitedly, James growled slightly.

“Six o fucking clock Padfoot?” he glared at him, Sirius nodded and jumped onto the mattress like an excited child at Christmas, he was still holding the parcel eagerly.

“Jamie, it’s your birthday” he said happily, James rolled his eyes at him but led back anyway and raised his eyebrows at Sirius, who grinned at him and threw the present at him, “I love presents” he squealed.

James snorted and grabbed the present, pulling of the paper inside was another layer of paper, James rolled his eyes at his best friend who grinned, pulling off the next layer there was another layer, and a layer after that, and another, and another, and another, and another. Then finally James got to the last layer, ripping it off he opened up the present, inside was a large box of Zonko’s everyday pranks and a broomstick kit, stuff like polish and all of that.

James grinned gratefully at his best friend, “Thanks Padfoot, it’s perfect”

Sirius grinned back, “I’m perfect” he elaborated.

“Don’t push it” James said not batting an eye, Sirius poked his tongue out at him immaturely of course.

Remus coughed and James turned to him, “Basically, our present, mine and Pete’s is a joint one, well and Padfoot too, all three of us contributed, the girls helped us pick it out, at Christmas, you said about when you were little your Dad taught you how to play the guitar”

James cut him off, “The muggle instrument?” he asked quickly.

Remus nodded and James grinned, Remus then pulled out a large package and handed it to James, Peter’s eyes widened in excitement and Sirius looked even more excited than before.

Ripping open the paper and the box it was in, a large beautiful guitar was lead on the bed now, James smiled at it, it reminded him of home and his parents, he could remember it quite well but he had never had a guitar to himself.

“Thanks guys” he beamed at them, they shrugged at the same time, like brothers would, knowing what the other was thinking, nothing changed.

“Cost us an arm and a leg” Sirius said mockingly sternly, James raised his eyebrows, “but it was worth it for you” Sirius said in a singing voice.

“This is probably one of the best birthdays I’ve had” James grinned.

“It’s going to get so much better” Sirius smirked, “There’s a whole lot more to today than you think” he grinned.

thoughts? I’m not sure how I feel about this one, I enjoyed writing the Sirius/Alex, but not 100% on the Lily bit, it was nice to write from James’ p.o.v for a change:-)

Chapter 37: Chapter 37
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sorry, sorry, sorry for the long update, I’ll explain at the bottom:-)
song in summary, Gabrielle Aplin - Never Fade my inspirtation for le story


Some would describe it as a perfect spring evening. The end of a week, a Friday, two days of relaxation, nothing to worry about; that was not true for Lily Evans. All she could do was worry, it was Friday, meaning James’s birthday, and she had avoided him all day – unwilling to face an awkward confrontation. She had now taken to the grounds unwilling to spend time in Gryffindor tower in fear of bumping into him.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this; they weren’t supposed to argue like this. Six o clock on a Friday evening and she was sat outside, on the Quidditch stands alone and feeling as miserable as anything.

The sky was on fire tonight, the sunset behind Hogwarts was made up of oranges and reds and the world’s prettiest colours, illuminating the evening sky. There was a slight breeze in the air, but Lily pulled her coat around her tighter, letting her hair whip around in the breeze. The quidditch pitch was empty, good that was how she liked it, alone and peaceful.

She looked towards the beautiful Scottish castle which she called home. Lights were a lit in the Gryffindor tower and in several classrooms as the sun started to set. She saw a figure moving from the castle into the grounds. They wouldn’t see her here, she was better left alone at the moment anyway.

She reminded herself of only a week ago when she had been here, laughing and joking with James, she had been terrified to fly but now she would give anything to be up in the air with James by her side. It looked as if they would never make up, and that thought terrified her – she hated to admit it but she had honestly fallen head over heels for James Potter; a thing she had sworn on her life she would never do.

The figure had slipped inside the Quidditch Pitch, Lily put her hand to her eyes and looked down. She didn’t know if he had seen her, but their eyes locked for a second or two and she assumed straightaway he had. Maybe he wouldn’t bother her, maybe, hopefully – probably not. His black hair was as messy as always, she noticed him run his hands through it, messing it up nervously. He was still staring at her, as if expecting her to do something, expecting her to go and talk to him.

Slipping out of the stands and onto the beautiful green pitch she walked towards James Potter, he was wearing dark blue jeans and a white top and he had his arms crossed across his chest as he watched her walk towards him.

“Hey” he muttered when she reached him.

She coughed awkwardly, not really knowing what to say, ‘hey’ was a bit casual for the situation they were in at this particular moment. She just raised her eyebrows at him and nodded, still stuck for words they stood in silence for a minute or two.

“Happy Birthday – I guess” she said quietly after a few moments of uncomfortable and unbearable silence.

He nodded and shrugged, “Happy’s not really the word” he said softly, not meeting her eyes, she nodded, “want to take a walk?” he asked her, she nodded again, she cursed herself, like a nodding dog, why couldn’t she say anything.

They slipped out of the Quidditch stadium and onto the grounds, it was starting to get slightly dark but herself and James continued to walk in silence, until they stopped by the black lake. He stood still staring out at it, neither of them saying a word.

“I’m sorry” he murmured, she widened her eyes at him.

That was the last thing she had expected him to come out with, she imagined a long argument where neither of them would apologise. Both being stubborn she didn’t even consider him apologising first, she was lost for words.

He watched her startled expression and chuckled, “What?” he asked.

She gaped at him for a few moments, before she finally found her voice, “Yo-You’re sorry?” she managed to choke out.

He nodded, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault anyway, I mean you were right, I was pushing it further and further away because I wanted it so desperately” he paused, “If that makes any sense?” she nodded, “anyway, we’re finishing here forever soon and then it’ll be harder to start new relationships, I don’t want to wait anymore, I’ve been waiting six and a half years, I don’t want to move slow” he told her, looking straight into her bright green eyes.

She let a small smile play on her lips before nodding, “I’m sorry too, for arguing, yes we have an argumentative relationship, but at least we’re not one of those couples who are too scared to be themselves around eachother, always having to mind each other, so scared of saying the wrong thing in case the other person is slowly falling out of love with them. James we’re not afraid to say what we think and I like that, I don’t want anything or anybody else, this is it now” she told him firmly.

He grinned at her and took her hands in his, “This is worth fighting for” he smiled, “this war, us, we can fight for us and fight for what is right, it’s going to be difficult, we’re in the midst of it right now. But Lily it’ll be so worth it in the end” he stated.

He pulled her into him, so her head was on his chest. Happiness filling up inside her as she hugged herself to his chest, “We’re really going to make it?” she asked softly.

“I promise” he whispered back.

“JAMES POTTER THAT LOOKS A BIT TOO INTIMATE FOR MY LIKING” somebody shouted, Lily pulled herself off James and looked up towards the castle.

Why? Why did Sirius ruin every perfect moment? She had to smile though, as he ran down the hill followed by Remus, Alex, Louise, Peter and Rosie. They were all carrying bags off stuff and Sirius reached them and put his hand on his stomach and grinned at them.

“Thanks Padfoot” James said dryly, slipping his arm around Lily’s waist.

“My pleasure” Sirius said once he had gotten his breath back.

Lily frowned, “What are you all doing here?” she asked, as her other friends reached them and smiled.

“The girls have a massive picnic blanket and we have food, and it’s a special occasion, so we are having a gathering” Sirius grinned, as Alex set the picnic blanket down.

James grinned at them and Lily smiled, helping Alex lay out the blanket, the others started to sit down and lay out the food. James took a seat down next to Lily as she leant against the tree facing out towards the lake as their friends chatted happily round them.

“You two made up then?” Louise asked, with a slight smile.

Lily shrugged, “It was about time” Alex put in, her mouth full of bread. Sirius sniggered slightly as Alex took a large swallow.

The group sat in silence whilst they ate. Lily sat in James’s arms and Alex and Sirius both stuffing their faces as much as possible. No wonder they belonged together, they were so alike. Louise was lead down on the floor next to Remus, they were whispering to each other; both in a world where only the other existed.

After they had eaten the group began to get more talkative, James and Sirius were laughing about something that had happened at Quidditch training whilst Rosie and Alex were trying to explain something to Peter who looked extremely confused. Remus was listening to James and Sirius, who were still laughing and almost tearing up at their hilarious conversation. Lily and Louise lead against the tree watching their friends.

“Hey Prongs, look” Sirius said, pointing to the sky.

It was lit up with millions of different colours, vibrant reds and oranges, forget me not blues, shimmering greens, bright yellows, deep violets and many more. Fireworks had been lit, and judging by Sirius’s grin, somehow he had managed to do it. Lily laughed as a huge one exploded spelling out the word MARAUDER.

When the fireworks display ended it was pretty much pitch black, but Alex had brought out some lanterns and it was light once more. Lily didn’t know how long they were out there chatting, laughing and joking around.

By eleven o clock, she was snuggled in James’s arms, wearing his hoodie. Louise was asleep in Remus’s lap and Alex had her head on Sirius’s shoulder as he stroked her hair whilst talking.

“If we’re caught we’ll be killed” Lily yawned, as James hugged her around the waist.

“Cleared it with Minnie” Sirius replied lazily, “She agreed – eventually” he said with a cheeky grin.

Alex groaned, “You and your conniving ways” she scolded.

He smirked and shrugged, “What can I say, I’m brilliant” he grinned.

“Don’t flatter yourself” she joked, and he hit her lightly on the shoulder, before kissing her lips lightly, Lily smiled at them and pulled James’s top tighter around her.

The perfect stories always have the saddest endings. The best memories, are the ones that can never be repeated. The greatest friends are the ones that you are more likely to lose. But the true romances will last longer than you could hope for.


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Chapter 38: Chapter 38
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Chapter 38 - The New Hope For You

It was going to stop soon, the rain, she knew it would. It always did. But as it started to fall onto her long blonde hair and the storm did not lighten up she still however did not have the willpower to move. There was something about the rain that made her feel alive, made her hope for a better day because after the storm comes the sunshine.

And sure enough as she thought it would the rain slowed down and after the rain came the rainbow.

The rainbow illuminated the previously stormy grey sky, it was mid-afternoon and now the sun was peeking through the clouds. It danced in pretty lines and shapes on the damp glass which was now glistening underneath the sun but still wet from the rain.

She wasn’t aware how long she had been sat outside when the sky cleared and the sun started to set and the sky was now colours of beautiful orange and reds, dancing in the sky creating shapes around clouds and almost as bright as fire. She realised it was probably quite late when people started to leave the grounds to fill themselves up, full on a delicious evening meal, she however could not find the strength of will to move herself from this perfect spot.

She felt somebody sink into the place next to her on the bench; she did not have to turn her head to realise who it was. She sighed and leant back against the bench, watching this very rare beautiful sunset.

There was a long silence before her companion said anything, “Why aren’t you at dinner?” the marauder mused casually.

Alex shrugged slightly, “I’ve been here all day, and I couldn’t leave. It’s rare you get a beautiful day like this” she explained, a small smile played upon her lips. She turned to face the seventh year, he nodded understandingly.

“It’s rare such a day can put someone in such a good mood, considering the state of things” Sirius said quietly. Alex sighed again and put her head on his shoulder, “You know” the Gryffindor boy murmured in her ear, “We haven’t talked yet” he added, Alex gave her final sigh and lifted her head off of his shoulder and swivelled around on the bench to face him, he did the same, both mirroring each other by pulling their knees to their chest and looking at each other.

Alex looked into his stormy grey eyes, not really knowing what she was looking for, Warmth? Comfort? Hope? Love? Affection? Before when she had looked she had never found anything, usually just a haze of confusion but this time she found it all, his eyes locked on hers she felt reassurance and smiled nervously at him.

“Have you ever wanted to ask a question but didn't because you knew your heart wouldn't be able to handle the answer?” Alex asked him slowly, withdrawing her eyes from his and looking down to the floor.

Sirius paused and she looked at him, he looked as if he was deep in thought his eyes were scanning the grounds whilst he thought of his answer, finally he turned his gaze back to her, “Is that how you felt before you found out that I cheated?” the beater asked her without batting an eye, Alex nodded again like a nodding dog she didn’t say a thing, “you hated me” he mumbled, “that’s what I couldn’t deal with, but I deserved it, I deserved worse” he added, dropping his gaze to the floor, all of a sudden becoming interested in a bug that was moving across the grass beneath their bench.

“I never hated you” she said clearly and confidently, “I was disappointed in you, look Sirius if I had hated you or never cared about you after what you did I wouldn’t have argued with you so much, because I wouldn’t have cared what would I have argued about?”


“Have you been hiding something from me?” The Quidditch Captain expressed throwing himself down on the sofa next to his studious girlfriend, her head lost in a book, she looked up at her boyfriend, frowned slightly and then re-entered the world of her book where she lost herself in long words that James would not understand even in his wildest daydreams.

She sighed, closing the book after about five minutes of James just sat there staring at her awaiting her answer, “Pardon?” she yawned, pushing her hair out of her eyes.

“I found this” James said waving a piece of parchment in her face, Lily’s eyes widened when she realized what it was and James clucked his tongue impatiently as he anticipated her excuse and her defence but she merely bit her lip and just stared at him for a few seconds.


Sirius frowned at her a confused sort of expression placed upon his usually impassive face, “So you didn’t hate me and you still don’t?” he asked warily.

“I’m cautious of you” she said quietly turning to face the sunset again, she felt him turn too but she didn’t face him, she knew his face would still hold a bemused expression perhaps even more so.

“Cautious” the seventh year repeated slowly, “cautious” he said again, “you don’t trust me?” he asked her.

She paused, thinking over her answer was a tough one, it caused her to think about how she really felt and she tried not to do that much anymore, with feelings came complications, “No, I do trust you. I don’t trust your constant need to sleep with as many people as possible” she added a small smirk upon her lips as he let out a loud groan of annoyance.

He sighed and stood up, not facing her she couldn’t help but notice she might’ve annoyed him a little bit, “I’m sorry I failed as a boyfriend” he said, not turning to face her still, she stood up too, standing next to the tall Gryffindor.

“You didn’t fail” the blonde said quietly, “until you just stopped trying” she added sadly. Sirius took a deep breath and looked at her.

“So what now?” he said, his usually relaxed grey eyes and calm expression was now looking peeved and he looked as if he had been deeply offended in some way, “After all of this, we just stop we realise that there’s no point in trying anymore” he said firing up at her, she raised her eyebrows as he continued, “for fucks sake Alex, when is this going stop?”

She glared at him, “I haven’t done anything wrong, im telling you how I felt. What to be in a relationship with you I have to keep my mouth shut now? Keep quiet, suffer in silence”


He had made her angry; she flicked her dark red hair out of her eyes as she wiped her eyes, still staring at him and him at her. James was trying to look calm but every so often panic flicked through his beautiful hazel eyes which Lily usually sought comfort from.

“The reason I didn’t tell you about Petunia’s wedding was because I didn’t want to panic you” she said through gritted teeth, not taking her eyes off of the Head Boy, “not because I was planning on meeting somebody else there, not because I was really going to take Paul or anything, good Godric James you are so paranoid” she snapped, flinging her arms in the arm in infuriation.

“Panic me?” he repeated angrily, “Panic me? How in Merlin’s name would that panic me?” he shot back at her, “Why would I be panicked? You think Family freak me out, Lily why the hell would that bother me?”


“What now?” Alex asked quietly once they’d both calmed down, the sunset was disappearing now and the sky had become colours of blues and purples, the stars made the whole sky look like diamonds in the dark ocean. Curfew would be soon, but that was at the back of both Seventh years’ minds right now.

Sirius sighed and placed himself back down onto the bench his companion followed suit and they sat there for a few minutes without saying a word to eachother. Sirius was watching the ground again, the same bug that had been there earlier was still wandering around, every so often making an attempt to climb up the bench but Sirius would idly flick it away.

“Why does everything have to be so complicated with us?” Alex murmured when he didn’t say anything.

Sirius took a deep breath; “Because we care about each other too much” he said simply, Alex smiled slightly.

“Really where did you get that idea from?” she smiled, turning to face him, he rolled his eyes at her but grinned all the same, “I’m kidding” she added nonchalantly, “But maybe the arguing needs to stop, not just for us. But think about our friends, they hate it. We’re being selfish just because we get some sort of weird buzz out of arguing with each other. It doesn’t mean they do” she told him, turning to face the deserted grounds again, “I hate arguing with you” she added after a few moments of silence. He nodded.

“I know, me too” he said before standing up, he turned to face her this time and took her hand pulling her up with him.

A small smile was on his face and his eyes held that calm reassurance again instead of anger and annoyance. Alex relaxed, everything felt the right again. As it did a year ago; without the lies and the cheating, she didn’t feel panic in her stomach anymore, like she used to too often.
His hands slipped into hers again and he squeezed them in a reassuring way as they looked at eachother. Sirius’s smile had turned into a grin as Alex smiled at him.

“Stop grinning at me you idiot” the latter snapped good naturedly at him, he smirked at her and she poked her tongue at him.

“Very mature” he teased, she pulled a face at him, as he leant down and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Like before” she whispered, there was something about a whisper that she loved, it sounded so peaceful so calm yet somewhat secretive, “But without the complications. Just me and you?” she asked not withdrawing her gaze from him.

He chuckled slightly and grinned at her before nodding, she smiled, “If we manage to make it back to the common room without being brutally murdered by Filch, considering we are half an hour past curfew” she said to her boyfriend. He shook his head, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the castle.

“I know a short cut, plus Filch is probably doing god knows what with that bloody cat” Sirius said darkly, Alex sniggered slightly and followed him inside.


The common room wasn’t too busy, most people were minding their own business and studying as after the break exams would be just around the corner and most people weren’t like the marauders who constantly left their studying to the last minute.

James and Lily were now sat on two separate arm chairs avoiding each other’s gaze and looking extremely stubborn, “As I’ve told you a billion times Potter, it’s my sister, you know what she’s like” the latter snapped at the dark haired marauder sat opposite her.

The former tutted slightly and turned his eyes back to his girlfriend who was tapping her foot in annoyance or impatience, he couldn’t decide, "Lily I don’t care what your sister is like. I’m not a complete doormat, it’s not like she’s going to make me feel shit or anything. It’s me” he reminded her.

Lily sighed and looked distant for a while as if contemplating this thought, James was James of course, he had spent the last six years of his life not letting people walk all over him he had done that to be people. It was highly unlikely Lily’s sister was going to scare him off, but that’s all that Lily worried about, that he’d be scared off.

James raised his eyebrows awaiting her final decision, she finally looked at him and smiled nervously, “James I want you there, Im just worried” she admitted, James rolled his eyes and then raised his eyebrows at her, “James” she said sweetly as he smirked at her, “do you want to come with my sister’s wedding with me?” she asked.

“No” he said simply, picking up the quidditch magazine in his lap and flicking idly through it, she stared at him for a few minutes, her mouth wide open she stared at him with wide eyes.

“What?” she spluttered.

He looked up and smirked slightly, “Course I’ll come Red, I’d love too” he grinned.

Lily stood up and put her hand on her hip, and frowned at him, “Red? New nickname? Gave up on sweet?” she teased.

He stood up too and walked towards her grabbing her hands in his, “You love it” he murmured cheekily.

“Mmm?” she mused; he nodded and kissed her lips softly.

For a few blissful moments it was just the two of them, lost in a little world of their own. A world filled with fireworks and sunshine a world where both their lives were perfectly safe and neither was in danger. It wasn’t until his best friend brought them back to reality again.

“Prongs, stop you’re going to get Evans pregnant” somebody shrieked across the room. The Head Boy groaned and pulled away from the Head Girl, and shot a glare at Sirius Black who was stood by the portrait hole, his arm around Alex.

“Why does he always do that?” Lily whined as Sirius and Alex made their way over to the fire. Alex grinned at her and flopped down onto the sofa.

Sirius sniggered, “Because Red I am a comical genius”

Lily snorted in exasperation, “The only thing comical about you is your grades” she shot at him.

Sirius poked his tongue out at her, “I’ll have you know Red I got an O in that transfiguration essay” before the former turned to James.

“And really? Does this stupid nickname have to catch on?” Lily sighed impatiently.

James shrugged and flopped down on the sofa down next to the other Marauder, “Padfoot made it up, you have to admit it’s slightly catchy” he said sending a wink her way, she rolled her eyes and turned to her best friend who was now flicking through James’s quidditch magazine.

But before Lily could say anything a familiar sneering voice echoed across the common room, it was the type of voice that sounded like finger nails on a chalk board, “McCord” Jasmine Hanson called, Alex looked up and turned to face the stairwell leading up to the seventh year dormitories, “A word” the former added, her eyebrows raised.

Alex sighed and stood up, Sirius looked up at her but Alex shook her head and gestured to Lily to follow. The pair of them walked towards Jasmine who beckoned up the spiral stairwell towards the dormitory.

“Was it really necessary for Evans to be here?” Jasmine scorned.

Alex just nodded simply, “What do you want?” Alex sighed; a small smile flickered over Jasmine’s face as she watched Alex anticipating the answer.

“A deal” she said coolly, her eyes ablaze with excitement and triumph as if the thing she was about to announce was something she had been dying to say for a very long time.


The corridors were dark on this cold night, the sky full of a million lights revitalizing the clear sky. But he hadn’t left the castle; he didn’t care what the outside looked like right now. His wand was gripped in his hand in case of disturbance, in case of being caught. You could never be too careful these days, especially given the situation.

His feet tapped against the stone floor, breaking the eerie night silence. It was cold; he could see his breath in the air every time he exhaled nervously. The two boys hadn’t met privately for a long time, Sirius was cautious; he had the map and his wand. Lying to his friends he had mentioned something about the kitchen, they hadn’t questioned him.

He stopped suddenly, a name was moving towards him on the map. He nodded to himself before pocketing it. Grasping his wand he waited, he could never be too careful. He didn’t have anyone with him, neither did his companion, but Sirius could never be too careful.

“Sirius” Regulus said coolly as he turned around the corner, Sirius merely nodded at his brother. His brother had much shorter hair than him, almost shaved, whereas Sirius’s flicked over his forehead, Regulus kept his short. He was wearing a green hooded top and jeans, Sirius a red one and jeans.

“What do you want?” the latter asked quickly. Regulus had sent him a note asking to meet early that day before Sirius had decided to find Alex, Sirius had almost declined, almost.

“I’ll get straight to it then” the Slytherin snapped.

“Good because to be frank Reg I don’t understand why I’m here really” the Gryffindor retorted coldly.

Regulus raised his eyebrows a smirk appeared on his face, “Not here to catch up with your brother?” the fifth year sneered.

“Just here to hear what ever shit you have to say” The eldest said shortly, his eyes narrowed as he surveyed his brother with extreme caution.

“I detest blood traitors and Mudbloods” he paused and Sirius growled slightly, “but you’re my brother” he sighed, “sadly” he added, a twinkle in his eyes, as if he found this amusing, Sirius disagreed, “and you’re friends with Mudbloods, Sirius there’s a plot, I can describe what it is, I’m already in danger here, but you are your friends are in danger. You’re being targeted, you, McCord, Potter, Lupin, Pettigrew, Evans, Edwards and Chaplin, you lot specifically, especially the mudbloods” he stopped again, whilst Sirius bit back a retort “we’re not close Sirius, me and you, and I’m sorry about that, but just watch your back” he murmured.

Sirius tapped his foot impatiently, not battering an eyelash, “Is that all?” he asked calmly, still gripping his wand.

“That’s all” Regulus said quietly, Sirius nodded and turned away from his brother, walking towards the staircase which he knew would eventually lead him to the common room, “Hope to speak to you soon” he thought he heard his brother say quietly, he thought, it was barely audible, might’ve said nothing at all. Hoped he’d said nothing at all.

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Chapter 39: Chapter 39
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Chapter 39 - High and Mighty

Songs were written for feelings like this, sometimes Lily felt as if confusing songs were written to make people feel even more confused about how they were feeling. Clearing her head wasn’t the best idea considering she had invited Rosie and Louise along for the walk and all they were talking about – well arguing really, was that apparently that the new lead singer for The Goblins was hotter than the lead singer from The RockSpell. Lily honestly did not care, she was worried about Petunia’s wedding and was worried for Alex after her confrontation with Jasmine last night.
“Where shall we walk then?” Louise asked pulling Lily out of her thoughts as they reached the edge of the forbidden forest.
Lily shrugged but before she had a chance to answer her extremely chatty best friend swooped in with what she thought was a great idea, “Let’s try the forest” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.
“It’s forbidden for a reason” Lily reminded her in a sing-song voice.

“Yeah and it still looks creepy in the day time” Louise added.
Rosie snorted and stared at the pair of them sceptically, “Come on we’re Gryffindor’s and this our final year to have a peek at what’s in there” she paused and stared at them, “You’re not scared are you?”
“No” the pair of them chorused. Rosie raised her eyebrows then and Lily sighed, “Fine, after you” she said gesturing towards the forest. Rosie grinned and started to make her way inside.
Lily followed her, with Louise closely behind. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter came here at night all the time, if they could do it so could she, especially in broad daylight. Surely it wouldn’t be that bad. The three girls didn’t notice two pairs of eyes on them, watching them enter the forest with extreme caution.

the night before
“A deal” she said coolly, her eyes ablaze with excitement and triumph as if the thing she was about to announce was something she had been dying to say for a very long time, Alex raised her eyebrows at the girl she had shared a dormitory with for almost seven years now. The girl she knew nothing about except for the fact that she would do just about anything to destroy Alex’s life.
“What sort of deal?” Alex said cautiously, constantly en-guard.
“We’ll get to that in a moment” Jasmine said waving her question away. It looked as if Jasmine had a lot more to say than to just talk about this so called deal. Alex took a deep breath and regarded the seventh year girl in front of her, “I want to talk about Black first” she said.
Alex clucked her tongue impatiently, “This is repetitive, I’m so sick of having this confrontation with you Jasmine. Please move on” she said wearily.
“You’re the one to lecture me about moving on when you’re going back out with a boy you broke up with almost a year ago” Jasmine shot back.
Alex tutted, “A boy I was with for almost a year at the time, there’s a slight difference” she pointed out.
The atmosphere between the two girls was tense and Lily had moved to her bed whilst Alex and Jasmine stood facing each other. A variety of emotions on each girls face, anger, panic, hurt and determination, it was simple to pick out which girl showed which emotions.
“You know McCord, your friends, Sirius and other people think you’re so great, so perfect. But in reality you’re just a slutty bitch” Jasmine snarled. Alex almost gasped but made no noise, her mouth hung open and she stared at her adversary for a few seconds.
“You know you really need to learn when t-”
“And another thing” Jasmine said speaking over Alex as if she had not said a word, again. “You’re a mess, Sirius does not need to get involved with somebody like you. You’re a liar. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship” Alex snorted at this. “Plus you’ve got baggage McCord”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Alex asked coolly.
“A past, a fucked up family, messed up relationships and I heard rumours that you cheated on Daniel” now she had crossed a line, she had no business bringing in Alex’s personal life. Alex took a deep intake of breath before saying anything at all; she took a minute or two to compose herself before saying anything.
“If you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind and share it with your big mouth” Alex said simply. Lily gave a low whistle across the room, both girls looked at her, both had forgotten the head girl had been present at that particular moment, she had kept so quiet.
Jasmine stood there for a few moments, looking slightly dumbstruck, her eyes were wide and she stared at Alex with the most upmost dislike on her face, as Alex let a small smirk appear on her lips. In seven years she had never seen her roommate lost for words, and she had to admit she was very pleased she had been the one to get her to shut up.
“You know what Jasmine” Alex snapped quickly as the triumph inside her faded away and she registered for a few seconds that this girl in front of her wouldn’t stop at anything to get what she wants, “I’m so tired of you, what is it you want?”
“You know what I want McCord” Jasmine said jubilantly, “What I’ve always wanted” a twinkle in her eye made Alex’s heart stop, for one second, it might not have happened at all.
“Still?” The latter whispered, “After all these years? You still want Sirius?” Lily let out a loud groan as the words came out of Alex’s mouth.
Jasmine nodded and small smirk on her face, “And let’s just put it this way, this time I’m serious. So here’s the deal McCord, all you ha-”
“You know what Jasmine I love that sound you make when you shut the fuck up” Alex interrupted loudly, Lily let out another low whistle, Alex’s head shot up she had forgotten her best friend was there for a moment Lily looked as if she was about to giggle, but Jasmine however looked dumbstruck at Alex’s snappy retort and interruption. Alex didn’t care she was sick of being controlled by this girl, always being put down and been bitched at.
“Pardon?” Jasmine spluttered, trying to redeem herself but failing miserably.
“I don’t want to hear this stupid deal; I don’t give a flying hippogriff. You just can’t stand the fact that you’ve lost everything, Alisha, Sirius, everyone’s respect. Nobody cares anymore, seriously give up because I’m not making an idiotic deal with you, you can try whatever the hell you like but do you really think that that will get people to like you?” Alex said incredulously, “I don’t think you really believe that”
Jasmine stood there for a few moments staring at the girl in front of her. In the past two minutes Alex changed completely, she had regained her confidence, put her foot down and stood up for herself – something which she had not done in a long time. This was her, this was how she used to be, everything was going to change now and for once it would be for the better
“This isn’t over McCord” Jasmine snarled through gritted teeth before pushing past the blonde haired seventh year and exiting the dormitory.
Alex raised her eyebrows at the head girl who was sat on her own bed with crossed legs and biting her lip, not in a nervous way but as if she was trying to bite back a laugh. Alex smirked slightly and Lily snorted.
“I think it might be over” Lily assumed.
“I doubt it” Alex sighed, leaning against the bed, “But she’s not going to win this time” she paused, “plus there are bigger things to worry about, we’re in the middle of the war and all Jasmine Hanson cares about is who she can shag” Alex sniggered, Lily rolled her eyes.
“Typical” was the last word muttered in that room before the two girls made their way back down to the common room to join their very curious boyfriends.

present day: The Marauders
“I’m bored” Peter grumbled.
Sirius snarled for the fourth time, but it had been the fifth time Peter had complained how bored he was. James sighed but ignored the comment and continued to walk deeper into the forest. They had come this far before, but never in the daytime and never as humans, usually as animals. It was much safer as animals.
“Then go back to the common room” Sirius snapped when Peter repeated himself for the sixth time.
Peter glared up at the shaggy haired marauder, “It’s boring there too” he shot back. Sirius sighed.
“Pete, we’re bored everywhere, it’s a nice day, it’s our last year, we’ve never explored the forest as humans” Sirius pointed out, regaining his patience with his friend.
“We haven’t done a prank in ages” Peter pointed out, after a few moments of blissful silence and Sirius had to restrain himself from sighing or groaning again as his friend broke the silence he was so desperate for.
James luckily took the answer to this one, “We’ve been short of inspiration for a while, but we’re planning one for after the Easter break. We’ll work on it as soon as possible” James replied, a familiar twinkle in his eye Sirius only saw when he was talking about pranks.
“Yeah” Sirius said loudly, “And apart from our end of year one, it will be the best we do a-”
“Shh” James said quickly and sharply, cutting Sirius off instantly, he looked bewildered at his best friend but James’s eyes were occupied, he scanned the area around them, as if he was looking for something, “a thought I heard somebody, a male’s voice” he said in a low whisper.

Trees arched over their heads blocking out any possible sunlight, it was around midday but the forest was practically pitch black, “Lumos” Lily muttered, illuminating the tip of her wand, Rosie and Louise copied her in sync with one another and the tips of their wands seemed to create a slight warmth in the cold forest, probably one of the hottest days they’d had so far this year but the forest, blocking out the source of warmth, was freezing cold.
“How come Alex didn’t come?” Rosie asked Lily and Louise who had been with her about an hour before their walk.
Louise looked around cautiously before answering, “She- um, was writing a letter to her Mother about something she wouldn’t mention”
Lily shrugged when Rosie sent her a questioning look, “I guess she wanted to keep it quiet” she suggested. Rosie tilted her head from side to side as if she was considering this but not agreeing with it.
The three girls kept quiet and continued to walk, Lily hoped they were getting closer to a more open area where the sunlight would shine through the cover of trees and maybe she would be able to take off her coat. Finally after about half an hour of walking in the dark they reached a clearing in the forest where the it was much lighter than before.
“Nox” Louise whispered, and the others did the same.
Lily sat herself down on a fallen down tree and the other two sat down next to her. It was such a beautiful day, she wished Alex had been here to join them.
“Um” Rosie said breaking the silence and the prefect and head girl looked at her, “I was just thinking, how are we going to find our way out?” Rosie asked, trying to keep the slight panic out of her voice.
Realisation sunk in, Lily of course had not thought of this. Why had they not thought of this? They were going to be lost in the forest forever. Louise let out a loud groan and buried her head in her hands whilst Lily’s mind raced through possible ways to get themselves out.

“I’ve got it” Lily said after a few moments of silence, Louise looked up at her miserably and Rosie looked at her curiously, slight panic still in her eyes, “I mean I think I have, hold on” she muttered, getting up and looking around, both Rosie and Louise’s eyes followed her but neither joined her.
“Lily?” Rosie asked when her best friend said nothing at all but continued to walk, looking up at the trees.
“Have either of you two got any parchment and possibly a quill on you?” Lily asked curiously, her head still looking up a tree.
“Yeah because I constantly carry around writing supplies on non-school days just in case I want to do a bit of extra homework” Rosie said dryly, putting her head in her hands.
Louise however stuck her head up and pulled a folded up piece of parchment out of her pocket and rummaged in her hand bag for a quill, getting up she tapped Lily on the shoulder and handed the stuff to her. Rosie said there looking dumbstruck but smiled apologetically at her friend who smirked slightly.
“Right Ro” Lily said sharply, turning to her, Rosie looked up and nodded, “I need you to get that owl down, and bring him here” Rosie nodded, obviously not quite understanding Lily’s purpose of this yet but did as she was told.
Lily took a deep breath and grabbed the parchment and the quill, kneeling on the floor she put the parchment on the tree stump and started to write.
“There should be a little bit of ink there, but not much” Louise pointed out, Lily nodded but continued to write anyway.
Stuck in forest, with Rosie and Louise not sure how to get out,
In some random clearing, could be miles away from school
Please find us.
Follow the owl or use the map, whatever.
Lily x

She folded the parchment up and on the other side she wrote, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and/or Peter Pettigrew. Either one of them would do, just somebody to find them, she was pretty sure they would be able to, being regular visitors of the forest.
Rosie brought the owl over to her, “To James, Sirius, Remus and Peter please” she muttered putting the letter in the tawny owls beak, the owl hooted willingly and before they could say another word soared off into the distance.
Lily was about to open her mouth and say something but she was rudely interrupted, “Well, well, well if it isn’t the Mudbloods and the Halfie” a sneering voice said behind them.

“Prongs, I think you imagined it” Sirius sighed after three minutes of silence and following this supposed noise that James may or may not have heard.
James muttered something inaudible under his breath and Sirius made no attempt to get his best friend to repeat it, “Yeah maybe” James sighed, he had to admit it was very unusual for somebody else to be in the forest especially this time of day. It was probably a centaur, but he was going to admit that right now.
“Let’s head back to the castle, get some lunch with Moony” Peter suggested, James nodded as the started to go back the way they came.
Sirius clapped his hands together happily at the mention of food and James snorted, “Shame Remus didn’t come” he said breaking the moments silence after Sirius’s short moment of excitement.

“Can you blame him?” Sirius said doubtfully, “I highly doubt this is his favourite place in the world” he added.
James nodded and then shrugged, “I suppose” he muttered, they stayed in silence for a few minutes, neither saying anything.
Occasionally the silence was broken by the hooting of an owl or a scuttle in the grass but never by any voices, not again. James had to admit he was slightly disappointed he was sure he had heard somebody say something. He couldn’t make out at the time what it was but as he recollected his thoughts it sounded like, ‘They went that way’. Of course he was probably kidding himself, he hadn’t had anything dramatic since Hogsmeade and he assumed he was slightly bored in the forest in the day time.
Something fell from the sky and hit him on the head, a second later and owl swooped down in front of the three boys causing them to stop and look at it curiously. James turned around and looked at the ground, a piece of parchment was lying just behind him. He made a grab for it before the wind could carry it away. He found it strange that the owl stayed still and did not attempt to leave the three boys as soon as possible.
“What does it say?” Sirius asked, James shrugged before pulling it open.
James’s eyes scanned through the letter and he groaned slightly, “Louise, Lily and Rosie are lost in here, they’ve asked us to find them. Lily said the owl will take us to them” he muttered, eyeing the tawny owl warily.
“Come on then” Peter muttered, waving a hand at the owl, who took off and a slow pace and close to the ground. The three boys followed it grudgingly, back into the dark forest.

Lily drew her wand quickly as she faced the two Slytherin’s, Rosie already had hers out and Louise drew hers only a second after Lily had done so. Carrow and Avery stood there, their eyes glinting maliciously as they stood facing the three Gryffindor’s. Both had their wands drawn, and even though the Gryffindor’s outnumbered them, Lily knew the three of them had very little chance against the two Slytherin boys.
“Going for a stroll?” Amycus sneered, walking closer to the three girls who in sync took one large step backwards.
Neither of them said a word, they gripped their wands tightly, ready to throw a hex or a jinx at any minute just in case the two boys tried anything. All Lily hoped was that James or somebody had gotten their note and had chosen not to ignore it.
"I don't think that's any of your business" Louise snapped bravely but her voice trembled slightly as she said it.

"How dare you talk like that to me, you filthy little mudblood" Amycus growled, "Crucio" he yelled aiming his wand at Louise.

Lily closed her eyes as the jet of light hurled towards her friend she knew it was cowardly but she could not bare to hear Louise scream. But no noise came, Lily opened her eyes and looked at her best friend. Louise was pulling herself up she had obviously thrown herself to the floor the minute the curse left Carrow's mouth.

"Now, now Amycus let's play nice" Avery sneered maliciously, his eyes not leaving the girls, "And you three, drop your wands" he ordered the three girls.

"No" Lily said firmly, gripping onto her wand.

"Now now Lily Evans, remember what i said about playing nice, it applies to you too" Avery said walking towards her, Lily stood rooted to the ground determined not to show any signs of fear, "Let's put it this way Evans, you hand over your wand and i won't make you watch your friends being tortured" he said with a malicious smile, "Your choice"

Lily took a deep breath and handed her wand over to the Slytherin. He grinned baring his teeth and held tightly onto her wand.

"Same goes for you two" Carrow barked at Rosie and Louise who dropped their wands instantly and Carrow picked them up, "For Gryffindor's you're not very brave" he sneered.

Lily growled, "Come on Evans don't spoil that pretty face with a horrible noise, i didn't think even filth like you would growl" Avery taunted her.

He was stood behind her now she could feel his breath on her neck, she felt extremely sick and panicky.

"Such a pretty face" Avery continued, putting his hand on her cheek, but she shook it off almost immediately, "Shame  about your filthy blood" he paused, "If you ask me it's a good job Snape realised what you were when he did"

mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood mudblood

That was all Lily could hear going round her head at the moment in Snape's voice. She bit her lip, determinded not to give them the reaction they wanted.

"As i was saying, such a pretty face" Avery said loud enough to hear, "Shame it's wasted on James Potter" Lily was almost shaking with fury now, "James Potter maybe a blood traitor but his blood is purer than yours Evans, you may be pretty to look at but all you are to James Potter is a shag, that's all you were to Severus, and like him Potter will soon see you for who you are a filthy little mudb-"

"STUPEFY" Somebody screamed behind them, both Avery and Lily turned round.

The Head Girl ducked almost instantly but the Slytherin boy was too late, the stunning spell hit him square in the chest and he was thrown off his feet and into the middle of the clearing.

James Potter was stood at the edge inbetween two trees shaking with fury. Lily had never seen her boyfriend look so angry.

But before she did anything else she immediatly summounded her wand from Avery's hand. Carrow had his own wand out and was in the middle of trying to revive his fellow Slytherin and did not notice Lily's wand fly towards her. However he still had Rosie and Louise's, but more on that later.

"What the fuck is going on?" Sirius snapped, staring from Lily to Louise and Rosie and then to the two Slytherin's. Avery seemed to be awake and trying to get himself up, "Your letter just said you were lost"

Lily looked at James he was still red in the face and Peter had grabbed his arm as if he was worried the head boy would do something stupid.

"We were, they showed up just after" Lily hissed.

"I knew i heard somebody" James growled and Sirius looked at him apologetically. Lily however did not have time to question this as the two Slytherin's were facing them again.

The six Gryffindor's faces them, all gripping their wands, it was now six to two and Lily felt much much braver.

"Where's Alex?" Sirius growled.

"Dead" Avery smirked.

Sirius started to make his way forward but James held him back, "She's in the castle" Lily told him.

"You bastards" Sirius spat but Avery merely smirked again.

"How are we going to play this then Potter?" Carrow asked looking directly at James, glee in his eyes, "What are you going to do to stop us killing your little mudblood right in front of you"

Lily started to shake again, she wasn't sure whether this was with anger or fear. Sirius grabbed her arm as James was too busy as he now had his wand aimed straight at the two death eaters.

"Touch her or hurt her in anyway and i swear to Godric i will kill you right here" James snarled.

"The mighty James Potter would use a killing curse" Avery sneered.

James snorted, "I'd rather torture you to death, feel half the pain i'd feel if you  did as much as hex her" he threatened.

There was something about the way he said it that caused Avery and Carrow to exchange nervous glances, Lily thought quicky as the pair were occupied.

"Stupefy" she cried, sending the stunning spell at Avery again and just as she had hoped Carrow looked dumbstruck and before he had a chance to react Lily sent a stunning spell his way too, also knocking the Slytherin off his feet.

"Come on let's get out of here before they wake up" Louise piped up, like Rosie and Peter she had not said a word the whole time but had now managed to regain her confidence.

Rosie walked over to the two Slytherin's to grab their wands but before she did, she brought her foot down very quickly on Avery's noise.

Sirius took a sharp intake of breath, "That will hurt in the morning" he muttered before following Rosie back the way the boys had came.

Peter and Louise followed but Lily stayed back with James, he didn't look her in the eye but averted his gaze to the two unconcious seventh years.

"James" she murmured, touching his arm, he flinched slightly and still did not look at her, "James" she repeated, she knew what was on his mind, "I never even kissed Snape, i swear. Gosh the fact that they could even think-" she cut herself off not wanting to continue.

James finally looked at her and gave her a weak smile, "You're okay?" he asked, Lily nodded and put her arms around his waist leaning her head on his chest as he kissed her head softly.

"This is only the start of it" Lily murmured sadly, James did not reply but embraced her tighter.

Sirius stood in front of the magnificent entrance to Professor Dumbledore's office. The golden statue glistened in the candle light. James and Lily stood by his side occasionally shooting him or eachother curious glances, he han't told them why they were here especially after a day like this one, but he had told them it was important.

"Pepper Imps" Sirius said closing his eyes as the golden staircase revealed himself, his heart drummed against his chest. He was putting so much on the line here.

He started to walk up the staircase and his friends followed, still looking utterly bemused but following without questions anyway. They reached the door of Dumbledore's study and Sirius tapped twice on the door.

"Come in" they heard their Headmaster call from inside.

Pushing open the door the first thing Sirius noticed their professor sat behin his desk in ruby robes looking extremely tired.

He looked up as they entered, "Miss Evans, Mister Black, Mister Potter" he exclaimed, "What a lovely suprise" he sounded delighted, "Mint imperial?" he offered pointing to a bowl on his desk.

All three of them shook their heads in sync, "Actually Professor there is something i needed to warn you about" Sirius confessed and Dumbledore sat back in his seat gesturing for the seventh year to continue and he did.

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Chapter 40: Chapter 40
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Chapter 40 - Where Dwell the Brave at Heart

James watched as his girlfriend had her head in her hands and was shaking slightly as Sirius finished his piece of news. He felt so powerless; he couldn’t do anything as Lily sat there obviously petrified over something he had no control over. He put his hands on her shoulders and gave her a comforting squeeze because at that precise moment that was all he could do at the same time as processing everything that had just happened.
“Why does this keep happening?” Lily whispered more to the floor than to Dumbledore or the two boys, “Why do we keep hearing that we’re being targeted? When is this all going to stop?” she said pulling her head out of her hands and staring at the Headmaster.
James and Sirius looked up at Dumbledore, expecting an answer, expecting some sort of reassurance in his calm blue eyes. But Dumbledore just stared back at them, looking as lost as they did. He took a deep breath and shook his head.
“You three are three of the strongest students I have ever had in this school. You also seem to be the three that are going to be sorely affected by this war, more than most people. Sirius you have a Slytherin family who are determined to disown you or convert you to the dark ways. James you have a family history and connections that makes you almost untouchable by most people, but it seems that that makes Voldemort keener to have you on his side” he paused and turned back to Lily, “Lily, your blood status has made you a target ever since you were born whether you had been born witch or muggle, however due to your excellence in class and good reputation Voldemort may see you as useful despite your blood status” he stopped, and looked at them all, the calm look back in his eyes, “My point being that you are strong, strong enough to fight this. Strong enough to fight through this, despite all the pressure to join the other side you are strong enough to know what’s right”.
James looked at Sirius who was nodding slowly; nobody said anything for a while. He averted his gaze to another part of the room; James noticed a glass case with shining small bottles inside of it. He recognised it instantly; the pensieve glistened in the brightly lit office, James had seen pensieve before, infact he had used it before, but he had never seen as many memories stored as Dumbledore had.
Turning his gaze back to the centre of the room, he noticed the Headmaster’s eyes on him, he quickly regretted his nosiness and decided not to say anything, as he coughed awkwardly to break the awkward silence Sirius seemed to find his voice which he rarely lost.
“So what you’re saying is that we just need to be calm and patient and wait for our deaths” Sirius said angrily.
James shifted uncomfortably on the spot, Sirius had voiced what he was thinking but he would’ve never had dared to say it to the Headmaster. It was as if Sirius realised he had crossed a line when he averted his gaze straight to the floor. Dumbledore however did not get angry and stayed extremely calm.
He shook his head, “What I am saying Sirius, is that you three are strong enough to fight back, to fight for your lives” he told them, Sirius looked up and nodded slowly.
“Are you going to expel them?” Lily asked, “Any of them?” she asked, James assumed she was talking about Carrow and Avery, possibly Regulus and any of the Slytherin’s Remus, Sirius and Rosie had heard talking a while ago the day they got recruited for the order.
“The thing is Miss Evans” Dumbledore said, smiling slightly, “If I expel them I am encouraging them to join up to the death eaters, as they have no school obligations anymore. By keeping them here, even if it is only for a few more months I can still do the best I can to influence them to make the choices”.
Lily nodded understandingly, and for the first time James finally understood one of Dumbledore’s flaws. He was determined that everybody had good inside of them and he was positive that their good was stronger than their bad whether it was or not.
“Now” he said, clapping his hands together, his eyes lingering on James who realised he probably looked very distant, “I must bid you all goodnight, as in my old age you see I get more and more tired as the years go on” he chuckled softly as Lily stood up and joined James and Sirius, “Are you sure you wouldn’t care for a mint imperial?” he asked again, they all shook their heads, “Very well, pip-pip, sleep well” he said waving his hand as they made their way to the door.
It had been a very long day and the three teenagers were willing to see the end of it as soon as possible.

“Where were you?” Lily hissed, after she finished telling her friend the events of the day before. They were sat at the back of Professor Flitwick’s charm class, Alex hadn’t fully heard the whole events of the day before and she seemed to be very intrigued into what was going on, but Lily was more interested to know why Alex had been absent the day before.
“Lily, I was busy, it wasn’t anything important” Alex said, but she sounded distant and Lily knew better than to leave the conversation there, something was bothering her and Lily was going to get it out of her.
Lily snorted, “Alex what is going on? Were you sending a letter to your Mother?” she asked, remembering that it had been brought up whilst they were in wood, when they spoke of Alex’s absence.
“Yes” she said bluntly, not taking her gaze off of the front of the class to look her friend in the eyes, “I was, I’ve got some stuff going on with them at the moment. Don’t ask it’s too complicated, that’s how my family works, but it’s fine” she said reassuringly, turning to face Lily finally, she smiled at her but Lily saw right through it. But know she knew it was time to let her friend try to forget about it, “I’m fine, honestly” she added, flicking open her charms book on the page Flitwick had instructed.
“But?” Lily asked, she could tell there was something else bothering her friend too.
Alex looked at her, a guilty expression on her face, “But i’m not coming back this Easter” she mumbled, Lily gaped at her and Alex shrugged, “I’m coming to the wedding, I’ll apparate in the day before, but Lily I’ve got so much to catch up on. I’m not you, I don’t know any of this. Plus I’ve got so much going on, I swear I’ll be there for the wedding, and definitely the campout, Louise has told Remus and Peter, they’ve agreed and Rosie’s coming. There’s just one problem” Alex squeaked.
“What?” Lily frowned.
“I haven’t asked Sirius to the wedding or the campout yet” she said awkwardly, grabbing her quill and scribbling down notes. Lily had her eyes on her best friend, she tutted slightly, and Alex looked up, “I’m sorry, I never know how to bring it up”

"Just do it soon" Lily whispered as Professor Flitwick requested silent work as they wrote out notes from Charming Charms for Seventh Years.

Alex looked at her a mischevious smile on her face, Lily knew that look Alex had an idea, an idea Lily would not agree with it, but to Alex it would be a master plan. Alex's eyes flickered to the blank piece of paper in front of her and she dipped her quill into the ink.

"Don't you dare" Lily breathed, her eyes on Flitwick, "That's cowardly" she muttered.

"It's Sirius" Alex replied in a quiet sing song voice.

"Alex, no way you are asking by note. Ask him face to face" Lily hissed. 

Alex looked at her with puppy dog eyes, the same expression both Sirius and James wore when they wanted something, but she shook her head stubbornly, "fine" Alex muttered bending over the paper.

we need totalk
A x

Alex crushed the paper into a ball and when Professor Flitwick's back had turned to help a Ravenclaw who's book seemed to be flying off the table everytime she touched it, Alex seized the opportunity to throw the ball of paper at the back of Sirius Black's head. To both girls delight he actually rubbed the back of his head as if he was in pain. They noticed him and James lean over the note, the boys exchanged a look before Sirius scribbled on paper and threw it over his head without even turning around.


Lily exchanged a look with Alex it was obvious Sirius was now worried about the upcoming conversation. Alex sighed and cursed under her breath before scribbling back.

it's just about Lily's sisters wedding
A x

Again she screwed up the paper and threw it back at him but this time it landed infront of him and James they opened up the paper and Lily noticed Sirius relax slightly and he turned around to grin at Alex who smiled shyly back. Lily rolled her eyes, she caught James's eye, he grinned and poked his tongue out at her before turning back round to copy stuff out the book, she smiled slightly to herself, maybe this wedding wouldn't be so bad after all.


Saturday the seventh of April came by quicker than expected, it had all been sorted out; Sirius and Alex were to apparate to the Evans household for five o clock Thursday evening, Lily and James were to apparate from Devon back to Cokeworth to side along apparate with them so they could all attend the wedding on the 13th, Remus, Louise, Rosie and Peter were to apparate to the hotel in Devon Sunday night or Monday morning as Rosie knew the hotel, they would then camp out planning on returning to school on either the Thursday or Wednesday.

Lily had, of course, briefly informed her parents on all of this, they seemed happy enough and the more Lily was out the way the happier Petunia would be so it worked out for everyone.

So Saturday morning both James and Lily (already packed) bade goodbye to their friends and made their way down to Hogsmeade where they would catch the Knight Bus which would hopefully transport them to cokeworth.

"Looking forward to it?" James asked her after the payment of the Knight Bus was over and the pair had finally gotten used to the jolting of their stomachs everytime it turned a sharp corner or everytime it moved.

Lily snorted but smiled at him all the same, "Petunia's wedding? It's going to be hell and back, but in a weird way i am" James smiled at her but looked slightly confused, "You'll see" she said with a smile.

It was early evening when they reached Cokeworth, Lily had spend most of her journey dozing on James's arm whilst he hummed to himself or talked to her half-concious self. She had however enjoyed hearing his mumbling in her ear and was slightly disapointed when the journey ended.

The conductor threw their bags off the Knight Bus and the bus disapeared with a bang. They hadn't brought their trunks but both had big bags packed full of clothes. James picked up both of their bags and smiled warmly at her.

Lily smiled reassuringly back before bringing her hands to his face and kissing him deeply on the lips, she felt him drop the bags as he returned her kiss, his hands hooked to her waist he quickly decreased the space between them and held her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled against his gentle touch, he opened his mouth allowing their kiss to deepen much to her liking. After a moment or so much to Lily's displeasure James pulled away, he shot her a cheeky grin and picked up the bags again.

"What was that for?" he grinned as they started to walk towards Lily's house at the end of the street.

She shrugged, "Just to thank you for coming" she said shyly,"and for being you" she smiled.

He grinned in the darkness, "Come on Red we don't want my head to inflate anymore" he said quoting the phrase she had used many times over the years, she tutted at the nickname but rolled her eyes good naturedly.

Lily stopped as they reached the end of the road, "We're here" she murmured.

She stood infront of a very modern looking house, it had a very pretty garden full of many different flowers, a few roses and a lot of tulips but on the porch was a vase filled with crisp white lillies. 

This house is where our story really begins, this house is where a relationship between a girl and her sister will be brought to surface, where a couples relationship will be brought to the test and where a choice will have to be made. But importantly this is the house Lily Evans grew up in and this is the house Lily Evans will move on from.

Chapter 41: Chapter 41
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Chapter One - The World Of Muggles

The doorbell rang for the second time and James eyed it curiously whilst Lily tapped her foot impatiently against the floor. Her stomach did a back flip as she saw movement in the porch and a shadow moved towards the door. The door flung open and on the thresh hold stood a tall man with dark – almost balding- brown hair and bright green eyes which fell upon his youngest daughter almost immediately the minute he opened the door.

“Dad” Lily squealed happily dropping the only bag she was carrying and throwing her arms around her Fathers neck.

“Nice to see you too Flower” Mark Evans chuckled as he pulled out of his eighteen year old daughters tight hug, “Where’s Alex?” he asked.

Lily launched into an explanation about how Alex would be at the wedding but not before because she had a lot going at the moment. Her Father nodded understandingly before turning to James who had been stood in the doorway as Lily had followed her Father into the house, he looked quite nervous which was extremely abnormal for James Potter.

“Um- Dad this is James Potter” Lily smiled raising her eyebrows her stuck out his hand cautiously to shake James’s, “He’s my boyfriend” she added quickly.

It was her Father’s turn to raise his eyebrows at her, “What happened to Paul?” he asked bluntly, Lily widened her eyes at her Father.

“He dumped me” she said sharply, of course this was not exactly true – he had the first time but the second time it was sort of her, he did cheat on her but then again her him. Her father shot her an apologetic look before turning to James and smiling.

“You’ll have to forgive me James, my daughter doesn’t inform us of these things and then we end up in situations like these where I look extremely rude” he said tutting slightly, Lily merely rolled her eyes.

James let out a nervous chuckle, “That’s alright Sir”

After a few seconds of dithering about, Mr Evans suggested Lily show James where the guest room is and they were to deposit their bags in their rooms before heading to the kitchen where Lily’s Mother was discussing wedding plans with Vernon and Petunia – much to Lily’s disgust. Petunia was her elder sister, a tall girl with blonde hair, beady eyes and a neck like a giraffe, she was the complete opposite looks wise to her fiancée Vernon Dursley he was a rather beefy man with a little too much neck and a moustache that looked like somebody had stuck a gerbil on his face.

Lily grabbed her bags nonetheless and James picked his own up and followed her up the stairs. When they reached the first floor she directed him to the bathroom, pointed out her sisters room which had a large sign on the front saying ’No Freaks Allowed’ . Lily rolled her eyes and James snorted slightly, after pointing out her own room and her parents room, she took him along the corridor and directed him too his own bedroom. The room was slightly small with a single bed and a large wardrobe, it wasn’t much but it was only their spare bedroom.

“Of course it doesn’t change to fit the person’s personality” she said smiling shyly at her boyfriend who put his bags down onto his bed and turned to face her.

He grinned back at her but something about his smile did not seem genuine as she noticed it waver slightly and then watched him desperately try to cover it up. He smiled unsurely at her as she eyed him curiously. Putting her bag down on the floor she moved towards him.

“What’s the matter?” she asked trying to hide her frown.

He shook his head, “Nothing, I’m fine” he said not sounding at all convincing. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“James” she said softly taking his hand, “It’s me” she reminded him, he smiled slightly at her and fiddled with her fingers nervously.

“Nothing” he shrugged, “Meeting parents, this, it’s all new for me” he told her waving his hand in the air as if he was waving away all his problems.

She chuckled, “James you’re allowed to be nervous” she smiled, he raised his eyebrows questionably, “Really, people freak out. Just because you’re James confident Potter you don’t have to be confident all the time, you’re allowed to get nervous” she chuckled, he looked as if he was about to say something but she interrupted him – knowing what he was going to say, “I know you don’t normally get nervous, but you have no reason to be. My Dad didn’t glare at you the minute you walked through the door; that’s a good sign” she told him lightly.

“Why would he?” James frowned.

The head girl grinned slightly, “That’s what he did when he first met Paul” she said smugly a twinkle in her eyes. James automatically looked happier and grinned slightly at her before pulling her in for a hug; he kissed the top of her head lightly and then pulled away.

“Come on” he grinned, taking her hand and leading her out of the room the pair of them made their way downstairs where Lily’s mother, sister and future brother in law would be waiting.

Lily looked around her home, the hallways were full of photos mostly pictures of herself and Petunia, there was an odd few of Lily or Petunia with certain relatives or with their parents but a lot of either the two girl’s together or single ones. There were more single ones now as Petunia simply refused to have her photo taken with her freak of a sister; Lily wasn’t too bothered these photos were strange to her as unlike the ones she was used too they remained completely stationary.

She pushed open the door into the kitchen; James was right behind her as she did so. Her eyes scanned the room, her Father was leant against the breakfast bar drinking a cup of tea he was nodding slowly along with the conversation but looked extremely bored. Her sister was sat at the table scanning her eyes along pieces of parchment she was the conversation holder she was rambling on and on whilst her beefy fiancée sat next to her, holding her hand and murmuring something occasionally. Lily finally sought out her Mother who was sat at the very end of the table, Petunia would occasionally look up and catch her Mother’s eye and that seemed to be the cue for her Mother to say something interesting – she too looked ready to pass out of boredom.

Annabelle Evans had deep red hair and blue eyes. Standing up she would have been an averagely tall and thin lady, she was relatively young too due to the fact she gave birth to her first daughter at the age of twenty she was now around the age of forty but did not look a day over thirty.

She looked up as the door opened and her eyes lit up instantly, she stood up cutting Petunia off mid-sentence, “Lily” she said excitedly rushing to the door to wrap her youngest daughter in a hug, “Thank god” she whispered for only Lily to hear, she pulled away from her daughter and looked at her, “How are you? How’s school? How’s being Head girl? Is everything going well? How’s Alex? Rosie and Louise are they good?” she asked quickly.

“Mum, one question at a time” Lily smiled, “You’re giving me a headache” she added grabbing a chair and sitting down at the table, James followed suit as did Mrs Evans but she changed seats now too face her youngest daughter, “I’m great, school’s still magical, being head girl is stressful, everything’s going well, she’s fine she’s just got some family stuff to deal with and um-” she paused she had forgotten the last question.

“Rosie and Louise are great” James finished for her, his eyes twinkling. Her Mother’s gaze turned to James.

“Hello, I’m Annabelle Evans, but call me Annie” she smiled sticking her hand out, “And you are?”

“James Potter” he answered quickly, shaking her hand. Lily flushed slightly as her Mother’s eyes landed on her, Lily also noticed her sister sweep her gaze over her blushing face.

“James Potter” her Mother repeated slowly and curiously, “And you’re Lily’s new boyfriend?” she asked, James nodded her Mother smiled knowingly at her daughter and Lily shot her a death glare, “We’ve heard a lot about you” she said her eyes shining.

“Mum” Lily said warningly, but James turned to grin at her.

“Really?” he said not even bothering to keep the triumph out of his voice.

“Oh I wouldn’t seem too pleased” Lily shot at him, “I haven’t exactly been singing your praises for the last six years” she smirked.

“Why is that not hard to believe” James smirked back, Lily shrugged.

“You never mentioned James in any of your letters” Her Mother pointed out and Lily rolled her eyes again. She must stop doing that – it was giving her a headache.

“We haven’t been together for very long” she shrugged, “I thought I’d surprise you” she added teasingly and her Mother smiled at her.

“Well it’s nice to meet you James” she smiled and James nodded.

Lily’s eyes fell on her sister who had been sat back quietly as if she had been observing the situation her whale of a boyfriend was also sat there just staring at them. Vernon knew about Lily’s “abnormality” that’s how Petunia liked to put it anyway. Petunia had told him a few months ago which was a relief to Lily as she could now tease, if you will, them both.

“Tuney” Lily said sweetly, her eyes still on her sister, “This is James” she repeated even though she was sure her sister had heard his name being introduced.

She watched her sister’s eyes fall on her boyfriend; it was quite obvious Petunia was checking him out. Lily could tell, she watched every girl at Hogwarts do the exact same thing, her sisters eyes scanned James over and she blushed slightly as she caught his eye.

“This is Petunia” Lily continued, snapping her sister out of her somewhat trance, “And her fiancée Vernon Dursley” she added to James who smiled and nodded, neither Vernon nor Petunia had the decency to smile back or even nod politely for that matter. They just stared at James as if he was something dirty they had stood on.

“So James” Her mother said, breaking the awkward silence. Lily was thankful her Mother was good at doing that, “Lily did mention you’re head boy, you must be a valued pupil to be picked for Head Boy what do you study?” she asked curiously.

“I actually study all the same subjects as Lily” James replied, “You know- Defence against the dark arts, charms, potions, Herbology, transfiguration. Stuff like that” he paused, “All the subjects required to become an Auror” he finished.

“What’s an Aror?” Vernon frowned staring at James with his bulging eyes that could make him look slightly intimidating if he didn’t have that ferret stuck to his chin.

“An Auror” James said patiently, “Is a dark wizard catcher” he explained.

“Similar to a policeman” Lily said expanding on James’s explanation, both Petunia and Vernon frowned but did not press the subject.

“That’s what Lily wants to do right?” Her father said from the breakfast bar, Lily nodded and he smiled approvingly, “its good you want to do something good with your life James”

James grinned but her Mother interrupted before he could reply, “So James are your parents magical too?” she asked.

He nodded, “I’m a pureblood, so my whole family is magical” he explained, “but not the type of pureblood that thinks blood status matters” he added quickly and Lily’s mother laughed slightly and nodded.

“The only thing James thinks matters is Quidditch” Lily said with a slightly smile, James shrugged as her Mother shot them a questionable look.

“What’s quidditch?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.

James launched into an explanation on how the game was played, Lily occasionally stepped in linking it too muggle sports that her parents would understand, even Petunia looked slightly intrigued but one look at Vernon’s disapproving face she quickly rolled her eyes and looked away. Lily’s father had moved to the table too listen more intently to James’s rules of quidditch and Lily smiled slightly as she watched her Father and her boyfriend converse happily. Her Mother would gasp at points as if the sport sounded dramatic. James then went on to retell his own quidditch experiences and her father sat there in awe looking incredibly impressed and intrigued at this interesting yet dangerous sport.

“It’s played on brooms?” Vernon sneered once James had finished his fifteen minute talk, after fifteen minutes and that was all Vernon could say, James nodded, “How ridiculous”

“No more ridiculous than muggles driving cars, it’s what’s normal in both our worlds” he shrugged, Lily’s parents sat there looking very impressed and her Mother caught her eye and smiled slightly.

“Quidditch isn’t really my thing” Lily said after a minute or two.

James chuckled, “I’m pretty sure you only come to the games in hope that either Sirius or myself will fall off our brooms” he grinned.

“Hey that was ages ago” she retorted smiling all the same.

“Sirius?” Petunia frowned, “Is that a name?” she sneered, the tone of her voice mimicked her lardy boyfriend and she folded her arms.

Both James and Lily nodded in sync, “He’s coming to your wedding” Lily said sweetly, Petunia looked as if she was about to protest but Lily cut in, “As Alex’s plus one” she smirked.

“If he has too” Petunia muttered exchanging a worried glance with Vernon, as if they assumed somebody with a different name at their wedding would somehow make everyone assume that Petunia’s sister was of course a witch obviously that was the only reasonable explanation.

“On Wednesday morning” Her mother said changing the subject quickly before Lily could snap at her sister for almost insulting her friend, her mother knew her too well, “We’ll be leaving for Devon for the hotel to help set-up for the wedding and then the wedding is on Friday, Vernon and his family will be down on Wednesday afternoon. You mentioned Alex and Sirius will down on the Thursday, you also said that on the Sunday you will be leaving us to go camping with your friends, am I right?” her Mother asked.

“Yeah, if that’s ok” Lily said slowly.

Her Mother smiled knowingly, “Of course it’s alright Lily. You’re young, I used to love camping, and you’ll have a great time” she smiled, Lily grinned appreciatively.

“Right” Her father said after another half an hour of talking and Petunia desperately trying to fit more wedding plans in even though it was clear everyone else was extremely bored, “Maybe it’s time to get to bed, Lily and James have had a long day. It’s probably time for Vernon to be on his way and Petunia you need your sleep. So everyone off, night” her Father said.

They all muttered in agreement, Lily gave her Father a peck on the cheek goodnight and gave her Mother a quick cuddle before departing the room followed by James, the pair of them headed up the stairs in silence as they listened to the noise in the kitchen as people said their farewells. As they reached the top of the stairs where Lily was to go her way and James his they stood there awkwardly for a second.

“Night then” Lily smiled not really knowing what else to say.

But James rolled his eyes at her before moving towards her and taking her hands in his. He leant down slightly and placed his lips firmly on her own, she felt herself blush slightly as she kissed him back, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he slipped his around her waist pulling her in tighter towards him.

“Please get a room” somebody snapped behind them, Lily flung herself off James immediately, redder than ever she smirked slightly at him as Petunia shoved past them and into her own bedroom. This was going to be a very long week.


What was that noise? A sort of ringing in her ear, Lily yawned and turned over pulling the pillow over her head she hoped to block the noise out. However she failed as it seemed to echoing around her whole bedroom. She blinked her eyes open and growled slightly, flinging her arm out of her bed she hit around desperately wanting to break the muggle alarm clock that had woken her up at this early hour. It was ten in the morning for Merlin’s sake why did her Mother have the constant need to have her awake in the middle of the night.

She had been having a great dream too; James had been there so had all her friends. Voldemort had just been defeated and the war was over, everyone was alive and happy, it was the best dream she had had in a while, the first one that didn’t involve a scream and a flash of green light and a child’s cry.

She groaned as she pulled herself up into a sitting position and she yawned slightly, slowly pulling herself out of bed she stood in front of her full length mirror back in her home in Cokeworth. She looked extremely tired, she was wearing a baggy Gryffindor top with the lion emblem on it and long white pyjama bottoms, she pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail and spayed herself so she didn’t absolutely stink out the house. Grabbing her wand which she slipped in her boot like slippers she exited her warm bedroom and made her way downstairs.

James’s door was open as was her parents so she assumed they were all up, the shower was running so the bathroom was occupied. Petunia’s door was closed as usual, she closed it all the time as if she assumed Lily had some want to visit the room and steal all of her stuff the thing was Lily had no desire to enter her sisters bedroom which she was sure was probably not a pretty sight.

She walked into the kitchen which was completely empty, she looked around the door to the cellar was open and she could hear footsteps coming from the cellar which was only a few stairs down. One of her parents would be in there; she could only assume James was in the shower.

Grabbing a glass she poured herself a glass of water, standing at the sink she looked out towards the garden it looked so beautiful in the spring sunshine. Like English weather usually was this spring was a sunny one, Lily could only hope that maybe this year summer would be the same – she highly doubted it would be but she hoped nonetheless. The grass was shining the morning sun and sparkled as the rays hit the patches covered in the morning dew.

Before Lily could turn back around somebody grabbed her stomach, she almost bent down for her wand when she realised who it was. James linked his arms around her waist and spun her around. She smiled at him, he was already dressed and showered, his hair looked as messy as usual and his glasses were crooked. She giggled as she pulled them off his nose and put them on herself, she saw a blurry James grin at her.

“Suit me?” She teased, he still had his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck and smiled up at him.

“You look as beautiful as ever” he grinned back, kissing her lightly on the lips.

She smiled, “James your eyesight is awful” she said interrupting his kiss, he smirked and she pulled the glasses off herself and pushed them up his nose, “James is back” she said lightly, still smiling at him.

“Lily’s back” he murmured smiling at her still, he kissed the top of her head lightly, and “How can you still look beautiful in the mornings?” he teased.

She shrugged, “Natural talent” she joked, “Well this is quite good for me, considering it is the middle of the night and all” she added, putting her arms back around his neck.

“Lily love, its half past ten. That’s the morning flower, not the night” he smirked at her pout as she realised he was now trying to be smart.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s still too early” she whined, he grinned and kissed her softly again, she kissed him back, craving his touch.

“Your Mum’s getting ready, and your Dad has gone too goff” he said looking very confused as they broke their kiss.

Lily sniggered and grinned at him, “Golf James, golf not goff, it’s a muggle sport. Well I suppose you could call it a sport, it involves a ball” she considered.

“A ball?” James repeated frowning, “Just the one?” he asked, Lily nodded, “What’s the fun in that” he sighed.

Lily chuckled slightly and kissed him lightly on the lips again, “You are funny in the muggle world” she said softly, still smiling at him

“It’s all so different” he said not bothering to keep the excitement out of his voice and eyes, Lily laughed he was a child at Christmas, “Can I use the toaster?” he said his eyes widening, “I saw your Mum use It this morning. Please Lily, I won’t break it I promise” he said excitedly.

“Go on then” she laughed as her boyfriend pulled away from her and hopped excitedly over to the muggle appliance in the kitchen, he pulled out a piece of bread from the breadbin and stuck it into the toaster. He stood there for a few moments as if he was waiting for something to happen, he stared around the room in impatience and Lily laughed again, “James, you have to heat it up” she smiled, pulling down the leaver which caused the bread to heat up.

James grinned sheepishly and shrugged, “It’s fun all the same. Wait until I tell Sirius” he said happily.

They spent the next hour preparing their breakfast Lily showed James how to work the blender, the toaster, the fridge and many other muggle objects, she also promised later she would show him how to work, in his words “tellytone”. After about an hour whilst they were washing up their breakfast Lily’s Mother entered the kitchen.

“What are you two up too today?” she asked them.

Lily shrugged, “Might go for a walk around the village” she smiled.

“That sounds sweet” Her mother smiled as she grabbed her bag from the kitchen table, “I’m going to help your Grandmother go shopping for the wedding” she said rolling her eyes slightly, “Dad will be back at about four or five, Petunia’s going shopping with Yvonne. I also wanted to ask you a favour” she said, her eyes immediately filling with anticipation.

Lily eyed her Mother curiously, “What?” she said slowly.

“Well, tonight I was wondering if you and James, would maybe –um- mind going out for dinner with Petunia and Vernon?” she asked really quickly, Lily gaped at her Mother and widened her eyes.

She shook her head, “No” she said fiercely, “No way that will all end in disaster no way Mum” she growled.

“Lily, it’s really important to me that you and Petunia rebuild your relationship, or try too” she tried, Lily frowned, “Please, for me” she sighed.

“Fine” Lily muttered, she looked at James who was clearing away plates, in a world of his own, “For you” she added.

Her Mother smiled, “Thanks love, right have a nice day both of you, see you tonight” she said before grabbing her bag and exiting the kitchen, a few moments later the front door slammed and they were alone again.

“Dinner with Petunia and Vernon then” James mused, bending down and sliding some plates into a draw, “It’ll be fine” he said trying to sound reassuring as he looked up at Lily, she smiled nervously back down at him, “Promise” he smiled, “Unbreakable vow”

“You’re sweet” she smiled, giving him a hug, he hugged her tighter and she lay her head on his chest.

She really wasn’t looking forward to this meal; Petunia and Vernon were going to be practically unbearable. She had been right this was going to be a very, very long week and it looked like there was no escaping it.

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Chapter 42: Chapter 42
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Chapter Forty Two - Dinner With The Devil.

Warm tears spilled down her rosy cheeks, she sniffed and wiped her eyes. Her long red hair fell into her beautiful tear filled green eyes, flicking out of her eyes she grabbed a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her tear stained cheeks. She was so embarrassed, she had completely lost it.

Lily had been right though, that night had been a disaster and now she was sat on her own on a park bench weeping to herself. Petunia and Vernon had left and James had stormed off to god knows where and now she was alone in the freezing cold and the light from the sky was fading into a dark blue. Great and now it was raining, the rain started off lightly but after a few minutes it was pouring down and Lily’s clothes were soaked to her skin but she had made no attempts to move.

All she wanted to do was curl up into her bed but that day’s memory was echoing in her mind, repeating itself so she could work out where it really did start to go wrong, but it had been such a perfect day at first.

Six hours before:

Lily pushed open the door to her small home in Surrey, it had been a pleasant day and the sun was out. Of course she hadn’t spent her day in the sun, no her mother thought it would be a good idea that she went food shopping – which she hated. So after three hours of trailing around Tesco on her own she was finally back home. She had been set on going for a walk this morning but her Mother had rang the house phone about an hour after she had left asking Lily to get some shopping.

James had decided not to come and was going to hover the house which she thought was extremely sweet of him, of course it took her an hour to show him how the hover worked but all the same it was sweet of him to offer to do so.

“Hello?” Lily called as she pushed open the door with her back, her hands were full of heavy shopping bags which Lily thought might break her arm any second, “James?” she called as she walked into the kitchen finally flinging down the bags onto the table, she looked around but James was nowhere to be seen.

She sighed as she started emptying the shopping bags, he was probably upstairs having a nap, the boy could sleep anywhere and at any time of the day. It took about twenty minutes to do this and when she was finished she decided it was probably time to find her boyfriend who had made no appearance.

She made her way up the stairs and stood on the landing in front of James’s door, she tapped on the door quietly before pushing it open.

She smacked her hand across her mouth to stop herself from snorting. James looked a sight, he was led sprawled out on the bed, his face squashed against the covers, his mouth wide open and he was frowning, still in his clothes he was curled up and letting out soft snores. She smiled slightly and moved towards the bed, he didn’t even stir when she sat herself down next to his sleeping body.

“James” she whispered, he moved his head slightly and grumbled a little but a second later he was snoring softly again, “James wake up” he refused to move, he still lay there snoring, “James a treacle tart has arrived especially for you” she cooed in his ear.

His eyes flew open and scanned the room, for a second he looked as if he really believed her until he jerked his head up straightaway and stared at her pure anger in his eyes. He ruffled his hair as if the bed had somehow messed it up in a way that wasn’t messy enough for James Potter.

“You tricked me” he pouted.

She grinned, “Sorry”

“You look it” he said sarcastically flopping down on the bed again.

She leant down next to him and turned to face him, eventually he turned to face her too; “I’ll buy you some treacle tart when we go out later” she tried still smiling.

“That’s my girl” he grinned moving his head towards her and kissing her softly on the lips.

She pulled away from him quickly and sat up, “Come on” she grinned, pulling him up, “You can help me clean out my room”

“Then can we kiss?” he said hopefully, she rolled her eyes and he smirked at her before dashing out of the room and running down the landing and into her room.

As she reached her bedroom she kicked open the door and James was already sat on her bed waiting for her, she stood there and stared at him for a minute before bursting into laughter. She didn’t know when she stopped laughing or even, for a matter of fact, why she even started laughing. But the grin on her boyfriend’s face he wore when she opened the door made her realise how truly happy she really was and how this was the happiest she had been in a long time.

James stared at his girlfriend as she tried to stop herself laughing but as her beautiful eyes shone with tears of laughter and her red hair flicked in her face as she laughed he couldn’t help but laugh too. She was so beautiful and right now all that mattered was the pair of them.

James held her hands in his and brought his lips to hers. Lily stopped laughing immediately but simply smiled against his warm touch. She brought her arms around his neck and she felt him slip his arms around her waist and pull her closer towards him. He started to walk backwards and she stumbled forwards slightly, she felt him grin at her clumsiness but she ignored him and resisted the temptation to roll her closed eyes.

He grabbed her around the waist, lifted her up and placed her on her bed. He sat himself down in front of her, she knelt up and wrapped her arms around his neck again and continued to kiss him. The cliché of kissing somebody whilst sat on a bed always made a kiss seem much hotter and more passionate than it really was. Lily had always been one who had dismissed cliché’s but right now she extremely happy to be involved in one.

She leant down pulling James down with her, she was very aware her hair was probably going to be static from the bed but she really did not want to care about that right now. James’s body crashed down on top of hers and she could feel his heart thumping against her own, she also felt his breath quicken slightly. She pulled out of the kiss and stared into his hazel eyes which shone with warmth. He grinned cheekily at her and kissed her on the forehead before her hands made their way towards his shirt, she lifted it up and over his head as he continued to kiss her continuously on the lips softly.


Lily’s eyes flung open and she widened them in fear at James.


A pure panicked look shot over James’s face.


James rolled off Lily instantly and she jumped up off of the bed.

“Lily, are you home?” came Petunia’s bored sounding voice.

Crap where was James’s t-shirt, she remembered flinging it somewhere; she shot him a panicked look who seemed to be having the same problem.

Too late.

Petunia pushed open the bedroom door to see a very disgruntled looking Lily, who was annoyed at her sisters barging in and an awkward looking James who was stood there, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and shirtless.

Lily noticed her sister’s eyes linger over James’s body; she rolled her eyes, so what if he had a nice body? For all Petunia knew he could be a completely horrible person. Who was she kidding, why would Petunia care what a person’s personality was like, if he had money or good looks it did it for her.

“Did you want something?” Lily said coolly snapping her sister out of her little trance.

Petunia frowned, “Why hasn’t he got a shirt?” she asked her eyes ablaze, she looked as if she had just struck gold. Lily flushed; she knew Petunia would love to be able to hold something like this over her.

“What’s that your business for?” she snapped, Petunia just raised her eyebrows, “If you must know we went swimming” she said in a voice which she thought sounded calm.

“The pool is a twenty minute drive away” Petunia quipped, “didn’t have time to put a shirt on?”

“We apparated” Lily retorted, Petunia still didn’t look convinced.

“Whatever” she snorted, “That’s why you look like your hair has been rubbed with a balloon and why half of your top is un-tucked from your skirt but the other half isn’t” she said a smug look upon her face, “swimming” she smirked.

“Swimming” Lily snapped.

“If that’s what you freaks call it these days” Petunia sneered, Lily rolled her eyes, but out of the corner of her eye she noticed James sink to the bed and pull his white t-shirt over his head.

“What do you want?” Lily sighed.

“I just came to say you need to get your own way there tonight, there’s no way I’m sharing a car with you two. How’s that fair on Vernon?” she scorned.

“Fine” Lily said shortly.

“But get there a normal way. Don’t embarrass me Lily” Petunia said flouncing from the room and slamming the door behind her.

Lily snorted and turned around to face James who grinned at her, “That was close” she sighed.


“You know how to drive this?” James frowned staring at the old ford car in front of them as they stood on the driveway.

The sun was setting and it was a lukewarm night, Lily was comfortable wearing a white skirt and a grey sleeveless top, James was wearing smart jeans with a black v-necked top. Petunia and Vernon had left five minutes ago for the restaurant and Lily and James had agreed to meet them there, apparently Vernon had some good connections there and could get them a great table. Whatever a great table was.

“James, I’m muggleborn. I know how to drive a car” she sighed, opening the door and jumping into the driver’s seat.

James followed suit and sat down next to her in the passenger seat, he still looked confused, “Muggles have cars, but the ministry have cars”

Lily nodded, “James, they’re a muggle invention. Now come on we’re going to be late” she said as he closed his door.

She started up the engine and pulled out of the drive. It wasn’t really a long trip but Lily had felt like it had gone quicker than she had hoped and soon they were pulling up outside the restaurant. She slumped back in her seat miserably and stared at it, James sat there and stared at her, waiting for her to say something or do something. When she did not, he coughed awkwardly – she took no notice.

He put his hand gently on her arm and she turned to look at him, “It’ll be ok, I promise” he said reassuringly.

But he really shouldn’t have.

“So” Lily said cutting into her pork, it had already been an extremely awkward night, from the minute they had arrived, Vernon and Petunia had barely acknowledged their presence and when they had decided to speak to them Vernon had not stopped talking about his job, “Is your sister coming to the wedding Vernon?” she asked politely, she knew he had a sister from Petunia’s many endless talks about Vernon’s life which Lily cared little for.

“Oh yes” he said in an incredibly dull voice, Lily noticed when he talked he puffed his chest forward to make himself look important but Lily just thought he looked like a pompous idiot, “Marge is actually one of Petunia’s bridesmaids, she’ll be down tomorrow actually”

“Really?” Lily said a mock bewildered look on her face, “One of your bridesmaids Petunia? How many times have you met her?” she said raising her eyebrows daring her sister to retort.

“Not now Lily” Petunia muttered staring at her plate.

“Because you know I could’ve sworn Mum mentioned you only met her two or three times, that’s funny because it seems strange to have a stranger as your bridesmaid but not your own sis-”

“Enough Lily” Petunia snapped, looking up. She looked very hot in the face and she was glaring at her younger sister, and if looks could kill Lily was pretty sure, unless she suddenly became immortal, she was very far from alive, “Marge is going to be my sister in law” she said hotly.

“In law” Lily said in a sing song voice, quite childlike she had to admit but Petunia made her sink to levels that only one person had ever made her sink too before. Obviously not anymore.

He then spoke: “So Vernon, what was the company you worked for, again?” James Potter asked politely obviously trying to secrete the tension between the two sisters.

“It’s called Grunnings, it belongs to my Father” he said in a stuck up tone, James nodded, “What do you plan on doing then, after school?” Vernon asked stiffly as if someone had forced him to ask.

James shrugged, “Auror, probably” Vernon nodded. Lily frowned, they had actually told them all this the other night but she highly doubted they had been listening.

“Oh yeah” Petunia said coolly, “Policeman” she said as if it was no real importance to her or Vernon whatsoever.

“So Jason” Vernon said looking up from his empty plate.

“James” Lily said through gritted teeth but Vernon ignored her.

“I noticed you didn’t drive here, do you have a car?” he asked smugly, his nose already up in the air looking down on James as if he was a piece of dirt, “What type do you drive” he smirked.

Lily looked nervously at James, she knew how much he hated being taunted or looked down on, frankly because he took so much crap from Slytherin’s and handed out so much crap back he knew how it felt and he also knew how satisfying it was for somebody to pick on somebody else. James Potter was not one to let somebody else to feel satisfied by picking on him.

He smirked back slightly, “It’s a great model, sturdy, extremely fast. Everyone wants one; it can probably hold two people. Long and thin, made out of oak wood, extremely well-polished and not a twig out of place” he paused for effect, “they say it’s the fastest broom in the world, my new nimbus 1500” he looked extremely pleased with himself.

Petunia however did not, she shot Lily a death glare whilst Vernon sat there muttering about freaks. Lily sighed and rubbed her forehead, she did not trust herself to look at James in fear that she might actually start to shoot him her worst looks for trying to be smart and witty.

Vernon did not let the conversation lie there though, he was not going to let James Potter – a freak, get away with making him look stupid, no, if possible he would turn the tables and complete his original aim and make himself look much more superior than some silly boy who could perform a few magic tricks.

“So you can’t afford a car” Vernon said loudly, Lily noticed James’s eyes narrow as he debated what to say next, “I suppose I lot of your lot have to live off benefits then” Vernon mused, “I mean who employs people like you” he paused, “employment benefits” he added, “it’s people like you that are ripping our economy apart” he said a nasty grin on his face.

Lily really tried to step in and say something but Petunia shot her a horrible look and dared her too, Lily wouldn’t usually let this stop her but the image of her Mother flashed in the back of her mind: “Please, for me” she had said. Lily took a deep breath and said absolutely nothing. Of course this was not wise and later she would obviously regret it.

James leant back a little in his chair in a relaxed sort of manner before replying, “I think that’s true” he said slowly, “Loads of jobs you’ve never heard of will employ wizards, we have a whole world you know nothing about. Plus a lot of wizards have a lot of money anyway, passed down from wizarding ancestors, we keep it in our wizard bank; Gringotts. I could afford a car if I wanted, I’m actually from one of the most well-known and wealthy wizarding families there is, in my vault at Gringotts is a small fortune my parents have been saving for years, I know my moneys safe as it’s guarded by dragons, goblins and other creatures. I’m pretty much set up for life. I wouldn’t have to work a day of my life, unlike you” he said coolly, sat there still smirking.

Lily could’ve shouted out in annoyance but she bit her lip, avoiding saying anything still hoping somebody would change the subject, hoping that this wouldn’t turn into anything at all.

She was wrong: “What girl would want to marry a man who sat at home all day and did nothing?” Petunia snapped coldly, Merlin Lily hated to admit it but she was right, “I’m glad Vernon has a nice secure job, and doesn’t have to rely on his parents. It makes you appreciate life more” she retorted.

James shrugged, “I was pointing out that I am not infact broke or living off benefits, most pureblood wizards are extremely wealthy” he said arrogantly.

“James shut up” Lily said through gritted teeth looking down at her plate, though she knew both her sisters and James’s eyes were on her.

“What is Gringotts? What are you talking about goblins and dragons? They don’t exist” Vernon snapped he was red in the face, he looked extremely angry.

“Of course they do” James said loftily, he had finally gained back his superiority, and Lily really wished he hadn’t, “Muggles just don’t ever see them”

“What on earth is a muggle?” Vernon roared, he was obviously starting to get extremely sick of James’s arrogant attitude, to be honest so was Lily.

“Somebody who isn’t a-”

“Freak” Petunia spat.

“Witch or Wizard” James continued.

“Why on earth would anybody want to be somebody like you” Vernon sneered, “Pair of freaks, waving around sticks all day, talking rubbish about things that don’t exist. You’re the reason they invented crazy houses” he said angrily, he stood up quickly almost knocking the table over. Lily grabbed it to make sure no food went anywhere, “Come on Petunia, we’ll pay at the door”.

Petunia stood up straightened her skirt and made her way after her fiancée, “Petunia” Lily said quietly.

“Don’t talk to me” she spat, following Vernon out of the door and into the night.

The next few minutes were a bit of blur for Lily, the next thing she knew she was in tears and out of the door, leaving James at the table by himself. She leant against the wall of the restaurant and ignored the people walking past giving her strange or concerned looks; they probably assumed she had been stood up. She really wished that was the case.

The door to the restaurant flung open and out walked a red faced James Potter, she looked away from him. She was still angry, hurt and upset by the way he acted. Wasn’t he the one who promised her everything would be ok? But wasn’t he the one who had made everything go wrong.

“Lily” he said awkwardly.

“Don’t” she said bitterly, “just don’t James”

He sighed, “I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, he provoked me. I didn’t want that to happen”

Lily snorted, “Then why did it James, why did it?” she said angrily, “Why couldn’t you just ignore it?”

“Like you did?” he said coldly, they regarded each other for a minute, because they both knew he was right. She had made no attempt to stick up for him, “Whatever Lily. You can stand there and give me all the shit you like but in the end you hurt me just as much as I hurt you”

He didn’t say anything else he just left, just like that; he left her standing there on her own. The sky was fading into a-forget-me-not blue and Lily felt extremely lost. After a while she found herself making her way to the park she used to go to as a child, a park she went so many times with Petunia, with Severus and with many friends she had made at Muggle School.

Warm tears spilled down her rosy cheeks, she sniffed and wiped her eyes. Her long red hair fell into her beautiful tear filled green eyes, flicking out of her eyes she grabbed a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her tear stained cheeks. She was so embarrassed, she had completely lost it.

Lily had been right though, that night had been a disaster and now she was sat on her own on a park bench weeping to herself. Petunia and Vernon had and James had stormed off to god knows where and now she was alone in the freezing cold and the light from the sky was fading into a dark blue. Great and now it was raining, the rain started off lightly but after a few minutes it was pouring down and Lily’s clothes were soaked to her skin but she had made no attempts to move.

All she wanted to do was curl up into her bed but that day’s memory was echoing in her mind, repeating itself so she could work out where it really did start to go wrong, but it had been such a perfect day at first.

It had started to go wrong the minute Petunia had walked in on her James; her sister was put in a bad mood. Lily doubted her and Vernon were ever truly like that, sure they probably you know, but not spur of the moment; it wasn’t organised or normal enough for them.

Then when she hadn’t let them drive to the restaurant together, when James made a promise he didn’t keep, when Vernon talked endlessly about himself, when Lily started to irritate her sister, when James had to step in and stop a confrontation but caused one instead, when Vernon had asked James about his car, when Vernon had made an ignorant comment and James had fired up.

When Lily had blamed James for everything.

She finally left the park and made her way back to the restaurant and back to her car. James was nowhere to be seen, she didn’t worry too much he probably apparated back to the house and right now was probably in bed fast asleep. Petunia was staying with Vernon’s family tonight anyway, the last day she saw him before they went down to the Devon so Lily had no problems in bumping into her back home.

As Lily reached her house all signs of the sun had disappeared and the sky was definitely reflecting a night sky now. She parked the car up on the drive and made her way towards the house, for some reason the door was locked, she opened it up and made her way inside, she called out but nobody answered. Making her way into the kitchen the first thing that caught her eye was a note pinned on the fridge.

Hope you had a lovely night, your father and I have gone out tonight, we will be back by about midnight, meeting some friends in town.
See you in the morning.
Love you
Mum xx

Lily sighed, so she was completely only. She looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, 10:00pm. Fantastic.

She flopped down on the sofa in the lounge and flicked on the telly, she didn’t have a clue what she was watching, but then again she wasn’t really watching it anyway. About half an hour later the door went again, she didn’t even bother to move, she wasn’t going to let herself run to him. He obviously heard the TV as he pushed open the sitting room door. She didn’t look up but she did stand up.

“I’m going to bed night” she muttered, pushing past him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Don’t walk away” James said quietly, “Are we not going to talk?”

“Do you want to talk to someone whose obviously to cowardly to stand up for you” she retorted coldly.

James sighed impatiently, “I didn’t say that”

“You implied it” she quipped.

"I didn't mean too" he tried, "Look, Lily. I swear the last thing i ever aimed too do was to hurt you, i don't ever, ever want to do that. I'm not the person whose meant to, i'm the person who stops you from getting hurt. I got angry ok, he provoked me and maybe i shouldn't have acted like that but you know what you didn't try to stop it either"

She said nothing, so he continued:

“You know you hate being picked on by Slytherin’s for who you are, something you have no control over and what do I always do, whether you appreciate it or not, I always stand up for you, without fail. Then tonight when the same happens to me, for something I have no control over you sit there and say nothing at all” he fumed, he looked extremely bothered by this and then the guilt finally hit her.

“But, you-” she tried to put in but:

“I know I provoked him, but that doesn’t change the fact that you did nothing Lily, nothing at all” he snapped.

She stood there for a moment and regarded him, he was right of course. Merlin he was right, she was a terrible person she should've stuck up for him, he was her boyfriend, Petunia hadn't acted like much of a sister for years and there Lily was trying to defend her instead of James who honestly cared about her.

"I'm sorry" she whispered, sinking down on to the sofa, "I should have said something, it wasn't fair on you. Even though I don't agree with what happened, the way you arrogantly showed your superiority, I understand how it must have felt and because I did I should have said something. I'm really sorry" she said softly, she didn't expect him to forgive her then and there, she really expected him to get up and leave at that very minute, her eyes letting the tears spill down her cheeks at the very thought, she sunk to the sofa and buried her head in her hands waiting for the door to slam, waiting to hear the patter of his footsteps walking away from her. But instead she felt him drape his arm around her shoulders and rest his head on the top of hers.

He kissed the top of her head, "I'm sorry too, I shouldn’t have said all that, I shouldn’t have and if you want I’ll make it up to Vernon" he told her, "I'm sorry I promised everything would be fine when it wasn't and i'm sorry that was my fault. But Lily, sometimes I really don’t think I, or you, know what you want, you need figure out what’s going on with your sister, and I’ll be here waiting when you do. We just need to think" he told her.

She nodded, "Thank you" she whispered.

"Hey, when you got into this relationship you didn't think there was ever going to be an easy way out right" he grinned, "you're stuck with me for life, no matter what happens" he said kissing her temple again, she laughed slightly and wiped the tears away from her eyes, "We'll talk when we talk Lily, don't worry about it. I'll be here, forever" he smiled.

And even when he said that even Lily couldn't imagine that he was really going to stick to his word, because he really was going to be there forever, until the very end. She just needed time.

Chapter 43: Chapter 43
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Chapter Forty Three - Im Done

“Lily, come on we’re waiting to go” she heard Mother call impatiently from outside her open bedroom window.

Lily looked down onto the driveway; her Parents, Petunia and James were all stood there waiting for her. She caught eyes with James and looked away immediately, they hadn’t spoken much since the night of the dinner – well every time they had tried to talk she hadn’t exactly been able to string together coherent sentences. It had been easy not to speak to him too; they had both been studying in their rooms and had only seen eachother at meal times.

She sighed and grabbed her stuff; she had used a tricky charm to make sure the bag expanded to fit her camping stuff in as well as her stuff for the rest of this week. Her school books were in a separate bag and were put in the car last night without Petunia knowing otherwise she probably would’ve kicked up a fuss. She also had her owl with her and so did James but Petunia had done nothing but turn her nose up.

It was half past nine in the morning and Lily was absolutely shattered, she felt as if she could curl up in a ball and sleep, she hated getting up this early – it was not fun. Seriously didn’t they know it was practically the middle of the night to her?

She trudged slowly down the stairs and out the door; her Mother muttered something about taking her time and grabbed Lily’s bag and flinging it in the boot. Lily smiled hesitantly at James who nodded in her direction but did not say anything.

“Lily” her Mother said behind her and she turned around slightly, “You’re alright to sit in the middle, you and James, Petunia wants the back seat” her Mother said smiling slightly, their car was a seven seater for some reason.

Lily was rather hesitant about this, no of course she’d rather sit in the back on her own and just be on her own instead of having to make awkward conversation with James for the entire journey, but she smiled and nodded anyway and her Mother looked pleased – it was obvious Petunia did not want to sit anywhere near a pair of “freaks”.

Luckily the journey was not awkward at all, it appeared Lily’s tiredness got the better of her and the minute they left Cokeworth Lily seemed to drop off. Her Mother said later she wasn’t at all surprised Lily looked like she hadn’t slept in a few days.

Well of course she hadn’t when your boyfriend tells you: you need to think about a few things and practically reconsiders your relationship because of one stupid thing you sort of stop sleeping.

It was quite a long journey to Devon but she slept the whole way and finally they were there. She felt somebody’s hand shaking her shoulder lightly as the car came to a stop. She yawned slightly and opened her tired eyes and looked around.

“We’re here” James murmured. Her parents had already left the car and Petunia had climbed out the boot, they were at the back of the car pulling out the cases, Petunia was complaining and whining about something and Lily raised her eyebrows, “Um your sister found your spell books” James said smiling slightly.

Lily pulled a face, “Oh bugger, maybe I’ll go back to sleep” she said yawning slightly.

“You can’t still be tired?” James said still smiling, though it did not quite reach his eyes and his beautiful hazel eyes did not shine this time like they usually did when he smiled.

“I’m always tired” she sighed yawning again, James chuckled.

“Hey, have you-”

But her Mother knocked loudly on the window and Lily jumped, “Come on Lily, time to go both of you”

And with that the pair of them did not say another word to one another, they both jumped out of the car and grabbed their bags before following Lily’s parents into the hotel. Petunia had stomped on, her Mother had said it was merely nothing and she’d get over it, but Lily honestly did not care whether she did or not anymore.

All she could think about was what was he going to say to her? He was going to ask her if she had thought about what to do? He was going to check if they were ok? She honestly did not know and thanks to her Mother she probably wouldn’t get to know.

Lily was handed her room key and quickly made her way up towards her room, James was quite far behind her making his way towards his own. They parted ways with a see you later and that was that. Lily sighed slightly as she pushed open her bedroom door.

It was a simple room with two beds, one for her and one for Alex who would be arriving tomorrow, thank god. She really did miss her friends and in a few days Petunia’s wedding would be over and they would all be going camping and hopefully, hopefully herself and James had sorted things out by then. Hopefully.

She flung her bag down on her bed and pulled out a chair which was tucked underneath a small wooden desk and sat down. She pulled out some parchment and her quill and started her letter.

Dear Alex, Rosie and Louise.

I hope you get this letter before Alex and Sirius leave tomorrow otherwise it’s a pretty pointless letter. Sorry I haven’t written to you all, I’ve been sort of busy.

I really miss you and you may think ‘well how can she when she’s away with her boyfriend’ well let me tell you, because eugh, eugh, eugh, I have never felt so awkward in my entire life.

James is pretty angry with me, or he’s disappointed with me, I don’t know but we’re sort of not speaking, we didn’t have a massive argument but we had a falling out and then a long talk about how I needed to think about some stuff and figure out what I wanted. I don’t know, do you think he thinks I don’t want him? Oh Merlin this is such a mess.

I can’t wait to see you all, if I survive until then and James hasn’t thrown me out a window for being such an idiot.

Love you all.
Your dearest friend:

She sent the letter off with her bird Daisy:

“Get this to them tonight Dais, please” she murmured as Daisy soared off into the distance.

There was a knock at the door.

‘James’ she instantly thought, ‘please, please, please’

Of course it wasn’t, her Mother smiled at her from the doorway, “Just came to tell you dinner will be at half past six and until then you’re free to do whatever you please” she smiled, Lily nodded attempting a smile back, “Do you know what time Alex will be here tomorrow?” she asked, Lily shook her head.

“No sorry I don’t, early maybe, I don’t know” she shrugged, her Mother nodded, “Well I think I’m going to walk into the town” Lily suggested, grabbing her wand and sticking it in her bag, her Mother raised her eyebrows but said nothing, “I’ll see you later” she muttered, stepping out of the room and closing the door behind her.

“Isn’t James going with you?” Her Mum asked as she walked away from the room, Lily turned around and shook her head.

“He’ll probably be going to the gym or something, anyway I need a walk clear my head” her Mother looked as if she was about to say something else, “Bye Mum, see you later” she said slipping inside the lift and letting the doors close quickly before her Mum could say anything else.

She sighed and leant against the walls of the lift, she honestly had no intention of bothering to walk into the nearest town, dinner was in two hours there was really no point. She was going to wander around the grounds for a bit.

It was quite a nice afternoon and the grounds around the hotel were enormous, they had their own forest, of course nothing like Hogwarts but still massive. It’s funny how in a massive area you can still manage to bump into the person you have no intention of talking to one bit.

“Oh, you” Petunia sneered as the two sisters almost bumped into each other.

Lily raised her eyebrows, “What do you mean oh you?”

“Well, I don’t exactly have any reason to be speaking to you, so I’ll be on my way” Petunia scorned.

Lily stopped her however, “Um yes you do” she said coolly and Petunia raised her eyebrows, “You could apologise”

Petunia literally scoffed, she scoffed, “For what exactly?” and looked extremely perplexed, Lily gaped at her.

“For treating me like a piece of dirt the other night, for letting your fiancée stamp all over my boyfriend maybe” Lily cried.

Petunia turned her nose up, “Oh please Lily if you were so bothered about it surely you should’ve stuck up for him at the time”

“I was trying to make peace with you” Lily shot back.

“Why? What’s the point, I’ve made my choices no matter what you do Lily you’re not a sister to me anymore, when this wedding is over I will move in with Vernon and you and me will lead our separate lives. It’s quite simple really”

Lily gaped, “You don’t, you don’t mean that right?” she asked perplexed.

Petunia simply nodded, “And Lily I don’t care who you date. But honestly you and him, is it honestly going to last” she sneered mockingly, Lily knew she was trying to get a reaction, “because I really don’t see it”

“I don’t care whether you see it or not” Lily snapped back, “I’m happy, and of course it’s going to last”

“Until when? Next Thursday?” Petunia bit back, “I’d give you until tomorrow really, because I can tell when things aren’t working between a couple”

“We’re allowed disagreements, we’re allowed to argue but at the end of the day I still-” she stopped herself and took a deep breath.

“Still what? Care about him?” Petunia snorted, “That’s really not enough in the end, do you love him Lily? Can you see yourself ever loving him?”

“We’ve only been together about two months” Lily said glaring at her.

“Sometimes if you’re really meant to be with somebody that’s all it takes”

“How long did it take you?”

“Vernon told me he loved me three months after our first day” she paused, “But we’d liked each other a long time before that”

Lily’s stomach gave a jolt.

“Maybe I do, but you’re honestly no the one I should be telling” she retorted.

“I may not like you Lily and I may not want to call myself your sister anymore but I will give you one last piece of advice, when somebody looks at you like he looks at you sometimes you just know how he feels” Petunia said almost reluctantly.

Lily nodded, “Petunia” she said quietly and her sister raised her eyebrows, “I’m sorry about the way the other night went” she waited, she waited for her sister to say something, she waited for her to reply – but nothing.

“Ok” was all she said, before turning away.

Ok was that it, an apology back might have been nice. But Lily bit her tongue, what was she expecting for a full apology and a beg to get along again, no she let her sister walk away. She had made her choice and now Lily had to make hers.

Because she knew two things:

1. The relationship her Mother had hoped for with her and Petunia was never going to happen and for once Lily was ok with that – they had made their peace, Petunia was happy and so was Lily.
2. Lily Evans had finally fallen in love with James Potter.

But when one is not speaking to James Potter it is quite hard to tell him so.