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Format: Novella
Chapters: 30
Word Count: 40,821

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, George, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Seamus, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Hermione, Harry/OC

First Published: 10/02/2011
Last Chapter: 04/19/2013
Last Updated: 04/19/2013

     “Oh Georgie,” she whispered, her voice shaking. “He’s gone.”  My heart stopped for a split second. I had been expecting this, so why did it feel worse now. I sank onto the floor, shaking uncontrollably.
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Chapter 1: Unhealed
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My eyes blurred over as I knelt down to Fred. He couldn’t be dead, my second half, my partner in crime. Every laugh we had, every joke we ever played gone in an instant. I felt my knees collapse, the tears sliding down my face.

I looked up for a split second just in time to see Harry run away from our group of mourners. Right now I couldn’t care where he was going or what he was going to do, all that mattered was that Fred and I escape this chaos right this second.  I looked back down at Fred, his glassy eyes staring, unseeing in my own. My head started spinning, and everything went black.


My eyes fluttered open to a dark room. I lay still for a second the event of the previous day came flooding back to me. It couldn’t be true. Fred couldn’t be dead. Maybe it was just a dream.  Maybe it wasn’t over. I grabbed a nearby jacket and felt my way to the window.  As I opened the curtains a stream of light flooded into the room I shared with Fred. His bed empty, the sheets ruffled as usual. There was no telling if he has slept there the previous night. 


I opened the door and was greeted by silence. There was definitely something wrong. Our house was usually filled with noises, but today there was nothing.  I crept down the stairs stopping on the second last one. There, at the table, sat my mother her head resting on the long table. I stepped down on to the final platform, the wood creaking beneath my feet and she looked up. That’s when I knew it must have happened. Wordlessly my mother got up from the table; her pale face streaked with tears, and wrapped her arms around me. I felt numb. I couldn’t cry, couldn’t speak, I just stood there listening to her sob.

     “Oh Georgie,” she whispered, her voice shaking. “He’s gone.”  My heart stopped for a split second. I had been expecting this, so why did it feel worse now. I sank onto the floor, shaking uncontrollably. 

      “Where is he?” I croaked. “Where is Fred? I want to see him one last time.”  My mum did not speak only pointed towards the shed. I got up and left silently, not sure whether I would be able to take seeing him or not.


 The stones crunched under the shoes that I had thrown on passing through the back door. I had reached the shed. Taking a deep breath I turned the handle of the door and stepped inside. There wrapped in a white cloth lay the body of my twin brother.  Still, unmoving, lifeless. I fell to my knees and just sat there staring into the unseeing eyes of Fred. It could have been seconds, minutes or even hours that I stayed by his side when I heard footsteps coming towards me.  A small hand came to rest on my shoulder and Ginny crouched down beside me.

    “Come on George,” she said sounding as if she had been crying. “Fred’s funeral is tomorrow and we need your help.”  She then stood up pulling me with her and led me back to the Burrow, where the rest of my family would be waiting.


As we entered the room I looked up to see not only my family sitting around silently, but also Harry and Hermione sitting either side of Ron. Ginny went to join them leaving me standing in the door way all eyes on me. My father was the first one to speak.

Taking a deep breath he said, “This is the worst time our family has had. We lost a family member yesterday and he will not be forgotten.” I stopped listening there my eyes finding the clock resting on the mantel piece. Six of the nine hands were pointing at home. Two others pointed at travelling. The last one kept changing between all the points as there was not one that said deceased. The sound of my name being called brought me back to reality. My mum was the one calling to me. Her eyes met mine, full of tears. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again.

   “George,” she said softly. “Go upstairs to bed. We will sort all this out. I will wake you in the morning in time to leave.” Her voice caught on the last word as I stood up slowly and made my way up the stairs. Pausing in front of the door to the room I shared with Fred I kept walking up to Percy’s room where I let myself in and collapsed on his bed. Suddenly exhausted I drifted off to sleep.



The door creaking open, I tiptoed down the narrow hall way to my bedroom. After a few hours of staggered sleep I could tell that, that was all I was going to get. Taking a quick glance over my shoulder I turned the handle and stepped inside the small dark room I shared with Fred for as long as I could remember. The moon shone brightly through the window giving a spooky effect to the already dreary room. It was exactly how I left it this morning. I took a few steps stopping at the end of Fred’s bed. Lowering myself down onto it, I felt sudden warmth. There lying on his pillow was a long piece of parchment and a quill. My hand shaking I picked up the quill and began to write. Later that day I would give the speech to my friends and family.


I woke up to a tap on the door. I lifted my head off the pillow and a few seconds later my dad’s head appeared around the corner.

     “It’s nearly time to go,” he said tears in his eyes. “Quickly get changed and we will be leaving in half an hour.” With that he disappeared again. Taking a deep steadying breath I eased off Fred’s bed and opened the cupboard. Lying there was a set of black dress robes. I quickly changed into them and started slowly down the stairs. The sight that greeted me was not pleasant at all. There sitting at the table were Ron, Harry and Hermione, all of them pale and dressed in black. Sitting not so far away were Percy and Ginny looking the same way. It was Percy who broke the silence. “Come on,” he stammered.” Mum and dad are waiting outside. Everyone got up slowly and made their way outside leaving me alone with Ginny. Without speaking she took my hand, gave it a squeeze and pulled me gently to where the others were waiting beside the car.


The car trip to where Fred’s funeral would be held was long and silent. Hermione had used an undetectable extension charm on the small car so it held our family of eight plus Harry and Hermione.  I stared out the window at the sun and blue skies of the day. The weather seemed unfitting for the day’s events. We finally arrived at the cemetery. It was a beautiful place. The hill sides surrounded by flowers and long green valleys. I opened the door and carefully climbed out. A sea of faces greeted us. Straight away I spotted Luna and Neville sitting at the front of the crowd. I searched my robes for my wand and drew up a chair next to Luna’s. No one spoke as the rest of my family took a seat in the front row. Then it started.


I sat there numbly listening to the priest speak about how today we were not grieving a loss but celebrating a life. Then the speeches began. First my mum got up, hardly able to speak. Between sobs she told some stories of the jokes Fred and I had played over the years. Ron went next and he told the story of how when he was three years old he had accidentally broken Fred’s toy broomstick. Fred had then turned Ron’s teddy bear into a spider for revenge. The story brought the tears that were threatening to spill down my checks over the edge. Ron then went on to produce a toy broomstick as a replacement for the one he broke.


After a few more speeches it was my turn. Feeling uneasy I stood up in front of the crowd, took the sheet of paper I had written on out of my pocket and began to speak.

   “Fred was my twin brother,” I began shakily, my voice thick and wobbly. “He was my best friend. Through thick and thin he was always there for me. When times were at their darkest he was there by my side.” I looked up for a second before continuing. “Now you’re gone who can I turn to? Who is there for me? I lost not only my brother but my best friend and co-prankster. Now every time I look in the mirror I see you. Every time I use my voice I hear your voice with mine. And I just can’t help but think, why you? Why wasn’t it me?” With that I scrunched up my speech and sat back down. There was complete silence for a second, as if no one knew what to do. My dad then got up and began his speech.


I felt sick as a list of names of the people who had given their lives in the battle of Hogwarts was read out. I didn’t realize how many people had died. Among them were Tonks, Lupin and so many more. A small hand slipped into mine as the last name was read out. I looked down to see Luna’s teary, blue eyes looking sympathetically into my own. I was startled but also warmed by this simple gesture. She then slipped a wand into my free hand. I looked at her for an explanation.

   “It’s Fred’s,” she whispered as if she was afraid of how I would react. “I couldn’t leave it there. I didn’t know what to do with it except give it to you.”

   “Thanks,” I stammered, looking down at all that was left of my brother. “I think I’ll just keep this safe.” Luna gave my hand a squeeze as I stood up. I looked down one last time.

   “Promise to write to me,” she said standing up. “You need a friend at a time like this and I’m here for you.” With that she walked off her long blonde hair blowing behind her in the wind. I found myself gazing after her, transfixed by the image.

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Chapter 2: Cracking
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I stared into the crackling fire. The flames warming my face. It had been less than three months since the funeral and Fred’s absence was beginning to take its toll. I would often forget that he was gone and race to tell him something only to find he was not there. The smallest things would remind me that he was gone. I couldn’t bear to look at the clock sitting on the mantel piece, Fred’s hand still changing every few seconds. Fred’s bed was as he left it the day he died. I found it almost unbearable to be in that room and was now sleeping in Percy’s room.


A loud crack brought me out of my daze. I looked back up at the glowing fire, shocked to see a face looking up at me. Luna’s face.

   “You haven’t forgotten have you?” she said. “You promised to write and here I am three months later without a word.” I just looked at her, well her head, trying to find the right words to answer.

   “I wanted to write,” I croaked my voice weak from the lack of use. “I just didn’t know what to say.” She looked at me quizzically. She then said “Well that’s why I’m here. To help you find the words. You are invited to come and stay at my house for a while.” My heart ached to say yes but I just wasn’t ready.

“I’ll think about it,” I said getting up to leave. Luna’s head disappeared with that. I stared at the place her head had vanished from. Unsure of what to do I grabbed a jacket, pulled it on and half ran out the door, into the night.


I didn’t know where I was heading, all I knew was that I running. I stopped at the end of a steep ascent, looking around. In the light of the moon I could see that I had ended up on the top of Woodwind hill, Fred’s favourite place in the world. I walked down the winding path towards the circle of rocks right at the top. I sat down on top of one, staring into the night. It was a perfect night, not a cloud in the sky. I remember sneaking up here on nights like this with Fred. The moon was half full but as bright as a light. A flash of movement caught my eye. I looked around searching for the source of movement. A shadow from behind a nearby tree suddenly shifted. “Fred,” I immediately thought, my eyes darting towards the shadow again. Someone stepped out from behind the tree. I saw a flash of blonde hair before breaking down.


   “George, George,” a voice sounded in my ear. “It’s only me, Luna.” I felt her small hand come to rest on my shoulder.

   “I thought……Fred,” I managed to say before breaking in to uncontrollable sobs. I felt shattered. For a minute I really thought he was there. I looked up to see Luna standing over me a worried expression on her face.  

   “You have to come with me George,” she whispered. “You need to get away. Staying here isn’t doing you any good.” Unable to respond I let her move me to my feet and pull me off the ground. She led me down the winding path to the Burrow. I felt the pain in my heart as I watched her walking silently next to me. The reality that Fred was not there with us was overwhelming.


We arrived at the Burrow to find my mother and father standing there waiting for us, standing side by side.

    “Luna,” my mum finally said breaking the silence that had formed. “What are you doing here?”

    “I’m here to get George,” she said looking directly at them. “I want him to come and stay with me for a while. He isn’t coping here.” My mum and dad exchanged a worried look. Finally my dad spoke, “We realised that Luna. Everyone here is grieving but for George it is different. We think it would be a good idea for him to get away for a while.” I just looked at the ground. They were discussing me like I wasn’t even there, like I didn’t get a say in what was happening. Luna spoke to my parents for a few more minutes before turning to face me.

  “It’s all sorted,” she said. “You will come and stay with me for a while. Go and get your stuff and then we will leave.” Without replying I made my way up the stairs.


I reached the top of the stairs. I couldn’t see any one around. I walked a short way until I reached the still closed door of the room I used to share with Fred. I stood for a few seconds before grabbing the handle and swinging the door open. Taking a deep breath I prepared myself to go in grab a few things and then quickly leave. I walked hurriedly in and threw open the wardrobe. I grabbed a few random pieces of clothing and threw them on my bed. Reaching down to retrieve my suitcase from under the bed I stopped short. My eye caught the mirror leaning against the wall. I stared for a moment at my refection, identical to Fred’s. A tear rolled down my cheek as I slowly walked up to it. Without thinking I punched the glass, shattering it into a million pieces. I looked down at my hand, covered in blood. It didn’t hurt. Not as much as loosing Fred at least. I chucked the final things in my suitcase, zipped it up and ran out the door, slamming it behind me. Taking a few seconds to compose myself I walked down the narrow stairs completely forgetting my wounded hand.


When I arrived back down to the sitting room I was surprised to see not only Luna and my parents waiting for me, but Harry Ginny, Ron and Hermione as well. They looked up as I entered the room.

   “What happened to your hand?” asked Ginny looking at me as if searching my face for the answer. I looked down at my hand shocked to see that blood was still dripping from it.

   “I…I… umm,” I stuttered not wanting anyone to worry, but of course everyone was.

    “I punched a mirror.” I finally managed to get out, my eyes finding Luna’s blue ones. No one said anything for a moment until my mum started fussing over it. Once it was clean and bandaged up nicely, Luna and I said our good-byes and apparated to the hillside near her house.
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Chapter 3: Descent
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We landed on a hillside overlooking a small cottage lit with light. Without letting go of my hand Luna led me towards her home. Stopping short of the door I could tell something was wrong, something out of place. I looked down at Luna to see her staring at the murky brown door. I knew she could feel it too. My hand shaking, I reached for the door knob and turned it until the lock clicked. The door creaked as I pushed it open. Luna had her eyes shut tightly. Taking a deep breath I stepped inside pulling Luna with me. Looking around me at the small but cramped room nothing seemed out of place.

   “Dad,” Luna called out in a timid voice. “I’m home.” A soft thump from the upper floor was the only response. Luna darted up the circling stairs, disappearing from view. I followed her two steps at a time, arriving in the doorway to see Luna kneeling over her father.


The sight was horrible. Mr Lovegood was lying sprawled on the floor surrounded by a puddle of blood, his face pale and clammy. I carefully stepped over the crumbling bricks on the floor and knelt down beside Luna. She had her wand out and was silently sealing the cuts that covered her father’s body. She suddenly sighed and looked up at me tears running down her face.

     “I’m sorry,” she stammered. “This was supposed to help you but it seems like there’s tragedy everywhere.” With that she waved her wand making her dad hover and lay down on the nearby bed. I looked down at the puddle of blood covering the floor. Suddenly it vanished from view. I looked up to see Luna standing beside me, the remains of the blood soaking up into her wand.


Luna and I sat waiting in the cold, plastic chairs in the waiting room at St. Mungo’s. After we found her dad in that condition I suggested we bring him here to get checked up on. I looked at her beautiful face, all pale with tears running down her cheeks. I knew I had to be the strong one at the moment. I reached for her hand and gave it a small squeeze. She gave me a watery smile and opened her mouth to speak when we were interrupted by a small coughing noise.

    “Miss Lovegood?” a nurse asked looking at Luna. She stood up and nodded pulling me with her. “Your dad is ready to see you. But only you.” I let go of her hand as she walked down the hall with the nurse.


I stumbled back to the abandoned chair and sank into it. The war was over. All things bad in the world were supposed to stop. So why had this happened? Why Luna? I shut my eyes trying to get my brain to shut up.

     “George,” a soft voice interrupted my thoughts. I opened my eyes slowly until they landed on the source of voice. Hermione stood watching me, Draco Malfoy standing a few feet behind her.

     “Hermione,” I said standing up abruptly. “Why are you here? Did something happen to mum or dad or Ron? And what is he doing here?” I added realising Malfoy was still standing there.

     “George, nothing happened to them. I’m here with Draco, his mother is injured.” She looked at me sheepishly when Malfoy came forward and took her hand. I looked at their hands clasped tightly. Last time I checked Ron and Hermione were together and now this. I guess I missed a lot in the past few months. Hermione spotted me looking at them together. I opened my mouth to speak but Hermione beat me to it. “Two weeks,” she said answering the unspoken question. I nodded and sat back down Hermione sitting next to me.




No one spoke but Malfoy and Hermione kept exchanging looks between them. I sat there awkwardly wishing I was anywhere but there. Finally Luna came back looking exhausted. She stopped standing directly in front of us. Her blue eyes flickered from Hermione to Malfoy before finding my own. She didn’t seem fazed by the fact that they were holding hands. Then it struck me. She must have found out when she came to get me.

     “He’ll survive,” she finally whispered. “But for now I would like to go home.” With that she murmured goodbye to Hermione and Malfoy and left without a second glance. Hermione looked at me, her big, brown eyes searching mine for answers. I just shook my head and followed Luna out the door.


I arrived outside the hospital and looked around for Luna. She was nowhere in sight. I started to panic slightly. She wouldn’t have just left would she? I walked around aimlessly until I could no longer see where I was going. Reaching into my pocked I found my wand and whispered, “Lumos.” Light streamed from the tip of my wand, lighting my surroundings. A figure sat hunched over on a bench not too far away. She had long blonde hair that flowed behind her.

     “Luna,” I whispered before making my way over to where she sat. She didn’t even flinch as I lowered myself onto the bench. She stared ahead of here into the darkness, not speaking. I took her hand and apparated back to her house.


When we arrived back, Luna dropped my hand and made her way to the kitchen. I looked around at the lower floor. It was bright with lots of windows and colours everywhere. Directly ahead of me was a big shiny mirror. How didn’t I notice it before? I stared at it, looking at a perfect reflection of myself, and what Fred used to look like. I heard a clatter as Luna came back into view. She stared into my reflection, holding a tray with tea on it. Slowly she took a step forwards placing the tray on a nearby table. I took no notice of her walking towards me; all I could see was Fred. She placed her small warm hand on my shoulder and wrapped her free arm around my waist pulling me away from the mirror. I was suddenly very aware of her body pushed up against mine. I felt my heart beat a bit faster, but just as suddenly she let go turning towards the mirror again and banishing it from sight. I looked at my feet as she handing me my cup of tea. The soothing feeling of it in my stomach made me feel tired. I put the mug down and sat on a nearby couch, my eyes drooping. I felt myself drift into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4: Improvement
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I awoke to the smell of something burning the next morning. Luna stood at the stove with her back turned towards me. I stretched my arms over my head and yawned. She turned at the sound of my yawn, looking directly at me. There were dark circles under her pale blue eyes. It was obvious she hadn’t slept the night before. I walked up behind her and looked down at the burning mess in the frying pan. She sighed loudly and flicked her wand, the burning mess disappearing.

        “I’m sorry,” she croaked at me. I looked down into her glistening blue eyes. She was a small thing. She was at least a foot shorter than me. Her long blonde hair falling in dead knots around her shoulders. I put my arms around her small figure and held her as she sobbed.

       “Come on,” I whispered into her ear. “Get dressed and we will go and visit your dad.”


We apparated outside St. Mungo’s hospital to find a crowd of people standing outside the entrance. I exchanged a look with Luna. I took a closer look at the crowd. I could make out a couple standing slightly off to the side, one with platinum blonde hair, the other with out of control brown hair. I took Luna’s hand in mine and lead her over to where they were standing. Without letting go of Luna’[s hand I spoke.

      “What’s going on?” I asked Hermione. She turned around her eyes glistening with tears.

      “She’s gone,” she whispered. Draco wrapped his arms around her waist. They looked so perfect together. It was funny I always imagined Hermione would end up with Ron, but now I could hardly see it.

      “She passed early this morning,” Draco croaked. “The news couldn’t wait to find out what happened; now the staff won’t even let me in too see my own mother.” I felt so sorry for him. I knew only too well how it felt to loose someone se close.

      “Mr Malfoy?” a voice came from behind us. “You can come and see her now.” Taking a deep breath Draco and Hermione walked through the door, leaving us gaping after them.


After half an hour of waiting, Luna and I were escorted in to see her father. He was lying on the hospital bed, barely moving. There were cables and wires attached to his body. Luna collapsed down beside him, taking his hand in hers. She started whispering in his ear. I felt out of place just standing in the corner watching them. My mind wandered to Fred. All I knew about his death was that Bellatrix Lestrange had killed him during the last hours of the war. My mother had then gotten her revenge and killed her in return. I looked up and found myself staring into a perfect replica of Fred. He stared at me in the same way, tears rolling down his cheeks.

     “George, are you alright?” Luna said, her voice sounding close to my ear. I looked away from the mirror and looked at her. She looked worried. I shook my head and pointed to where I had seen Fred. Luna walked over and took down the object. I then realised it was a mirror. I sunk down to the ground, shaking again. Why was I such an idiot? Why did this have to happen when Luna needed me the most? I felt her slide down beside me and wrap her arms around me. We sat there for who knows how long, just sitting.


A hurried beeping sound interrupted the silence of the hospital. I raised my head to find Luna already on her feet at her father’s side.

     “Nurse!” she cried out her voice rising in panic. A young doctor ran into the room. Luna stood aside as he started checking his heart monitor. After a few excruciating moments the doctor turned around.

      “Everything is good,” he said walking out of the room. “He should be awake soon.” I looked at Luna. Her face lit up at the news. She raced towards me right into my arms. I felt her warm breath on my neck as she laid her head on my chest. I looked down at her smiling slightly for the first time in weeks. Something good had finally happened. If not to me at least it was to someone I cared about. I lifted her head and she looked at me through her deep blue eyes. Feeling as if this was the only thing I had control over I bent down and kissed her.

Chapter 5: Fading
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Weeks passed and neither Luna nor I mentioned the kiss. We visit the hospital every day and now Luna’s father had nearly made a full recovery. He was sleeping on the couch after insisting I take his bed for my stay. Aurors regularly come to the house to investigate the crime. They have reason to believe it was a left over death eater from the war but have no evidence of it. Luna became the perfect daughter cleaning and cooking every day. She was like a robot. I began to miss her. She was always busy and when we were alone she would find something she needed to do. I felt myself sinking further into loneliness.


I was sitting in Mr Lovegood’s bedroom when a loud knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. Luna entered the room carrying a tray full of biscuits and tea. Without speaking she laid it down on the bed and began to pour tea into the mugs. She handed me one of the mugs and sat down on the edge of the bed.

      “We need to talk,” she finally said, taking a sip of her tea. I looked down into the brown tea in my mug. I knew this was coming. “I’ve been thinking about what happened at the hospital the other week. It was unexpected.” I looked up at her. She was staring out the window at the rolling hills. Sensing my eyes on her face she turned towards me. I looked into her eyes searching for what might come next. She looked back at me, her eyes glistening with tears.

     “I’ve thought so much about it I’m losing sleep. There’s just so much going on at the moment with my daddy, the war, and all the deaths and not to mention the fact that I’m going back to Hogwarts in two weeks. I just want someone to hold me and tell me it will be all right. And I think you might be able to help me with that, we can help each other.” Smiling she took my hand. My heart skipped a beat at our skin’s contact.

      “I would like that,” I said breaking the silence that had formed. Luna’s face broke into a smile as she drank the rest of her tea.


I watched Luna as she slept. Watched her chest rise slowly with every breath and then sink in again. Her light blonde curls cascading around her shoulders, a few stray curls sticking to her face. A knock sounded at the door. I looked up to see Mr Lovegood standing in the doorway, smiling slightly at the sight before him. I stood up slowly, making sure not to disrupt Luna’s sleep.

      “This is the first proper sleep Luna’s had in ages, she has become the ghost of a girl, up at all hours of the night.” Mr Lovegood said, his voice raspy, but you could not mistake the fondness it held for Luna. “She doesn’t know it but I watch her every night. She checks on me every half an hour, making sure I’m alright. She stands outside your door listening for noises you might make in your sleep.” Seeing the look on my face he added, “She knows you have nightmares. My Luna is very observant.”

      “That’s not exactly true,” Luna’s sleepy voice came from the bed. “I sometimes check on you every hour, and I do get sleep. It just hasn’t been easy.” With that she hopped off the bed and came to stand next to me. Mr Lovegood gave her a look before glancing at me and making his way slowly down the stairs again.




Luna’s P.O.V


I awoke to the sound of my father’s voice. He was standing talking to George, who was listening intently. I could catch snippets of their conversation; it was obvious they were talking about me. I listened some more before speaking up.

“That’s not exactly true. I sometimes check on you every hour, and I do get sleep. It just hasn’t been easy." I finally interrupted.

I felt George’s eyes on me so I hopped off the bed and went to stand next to him. He was at least a head taller than me, with a skinny but not scrawny body. I looked at my father. He gave me a look that clearly said, ‘Don’t do anything stupid,’ before glancing at George and leaving the room.


When the last sound of my father’s footsteps sounded out I took a step closer to George and wrapped my arms around waist. He pulled me closer burying me in a warm hug. I smiled up at him before pressing my lips to his. He stiffened a bit before relaxing into the kiss. I felt his tongue brush against my lip. I hesitated before granting him access to my mouth.

This was like nothing I ever felt before. It was like fireworks exploding in my mouth. George’s tongue was moving with mine in a sweet harmonious dance. I pushed my hands against his toned stomach. I could feel the warmth of his skin through his thin shirt.

George was a gentleman, not like any of the other guys you see around. He would keep one hand on the small of my waist, never once straying any further down, the other one tangled in my hair. It was nice not to be groped like I had seen Ron do to Lavender so many times. No wonder she left him. He was not a very nice person.


A loud pecking at the window interrupted our make out session. I pulled away reluctantly and looked towards the window where a large, brown, barn owl was sitting on the window sill. Looking at George I walked over to the window and opened it to let the owl in. Surprisingly he hopped straight passed me and landed where George was standing. The owl lifted his leg up and George took the letter attached to his leg. As he read the letter, his face paled. He looked up at me, his green eyes swimming with tears.

         “It’s the joke shop,” he said holding the letter out for me. I quickly skimmed over the contents of the letter. It was from the Ministry, they wanted George to sell the joke shop.

        “I’m not making enough money to keep it going, I have to sell.”

        “Oh George,” I said, wrapping him in a tight hug. “It’ll get better.” I rested my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He lent down and kissed my forehead before sighing.

      “I’ve got to go and sort this out.” With that he disappeared leaving me staring at the spot he vanished from.

Chapter 6: Limitations
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George’s P.O.V



I apparated to outside the Ministry of Magic. Wizards and witches were bustling around like nothing had changed since the war. But of course everything had changed. People died every day but this war was just pushing it over the edge. Now I had to not only give up my brother and best friend but my joke shop as well.

I surveyed the scene before me, looking for a familiar face but no one looked familiar. The letter I received said to go to the Department of Magical Property to speak to Kingsley about the joke shop. I walked swiftly into the building, stepping into the first elevator I saw. Pressing floor two, the metal bars swung shut and the elevator went clanking up.


We arrived at the second floor. It was a large place with doors lining every side available. I walked along the left looking for Kinglsey’s name plate. Finally at nearly the end I saw his door. I knocked, waited a moment then let myself in. Kingsley was sitting at his large brown desk, surrounded by paper work.

       “Ahh, George,” he said standing up and shaking my hand. “Please come and sit down.” I took a seat in the white armchair, staring at the paper. Kingsley laughed when he saw my stares. “You are my last client. I’ve been promoted to Minister for Magic.” He looked quite proud when he said that.

       “Congratulations,” I said looking up at him.

       “Now George I have summoned you here to talk about your plans for the joke shop you and Fred owned together,” Kingsley said getting straight to business. He was looking over some sort of official document which I assumed held the documents of the joke shop. He looked up at me waiting for my reply. A big lump formed in my throat and I swallowed before answering.

       “I hadn’t really thought about it…I mean we didn’t really plan on it…Fred…going I mean,” I stammered looking down at my hands.

       “Of course you didn’t,” Kingsley answered kindly. “Now your brother Ron has offered to look after it for now with the assistance of Miss Lavender Brown and Percy. Until you recover that is.”

       “That’s fine,” I agreed standing up. “If that is all I shall be on my way. Good day Minister.”

        “Please call me Kingsley,” he replied, ushering me to the door. I waved a quick wave before exiting his office and disapperating back to Luna’s house.


When I arrived back at Luna’s house I was surprised she was nowhere in sight. I wandered up the stairs and knocked on the door to her room. Soft voices floated out through the closed door. I pushed it open and saw Luna knelling down in front of her fireplace. Ginny’s voice floated up from the fireplace. I looked over Luna’s shoulder to see Ginny’s head nestled in the flames. The girls laughed one more time before Ginny’s head disappeared from within the fire. Luna turned to face me with a smile on her face.

       “We are having a party, a sort of back to Hogwarts party,” she said standing up and walking over to me.  “Ginny and Harry are coming along with Hermione, Draco, Ron and Lavender.”

      “Lavender?” I asked puzzled.

      “Yeah, she and Ron got back together shortly after Draco and Hermione got together. My dad left about ten minutes ago to visit some of his family and won’t be back for three days at least.” I walked over and sat down on Luna’s bed. This was interesting. I wasn’t sure how this party was going to turn out, but I was still excited.

       “Come on, we need to get ready. The others will be here in about half an hour.” Luna said walking over and pulling clothes out of her cupboard. I took this as a cue to leave and went down to find something to wear myself.


Music was pumping through the lower floor of the house. I watched couples dancing in time to the music. There were Harry and Ginny simply holding each other and swaying in time to the music. Then there was Draco and Hermione doing a complicated waltz around the room, whispering to each other. Finally there was Ron and Lavender. This was not a pleasant sight for onlookers. They were even dancing anymore. They just stood there snogging each other messily. Their hands wandered their bodies, without limits. The couple suddenly stopped what they were doing. Ron whispered something into Lavender’s ear before pulling her upstairs. I faintly heard the bathroom door lock and a loud squeal before a silencing charm was placed on the upper floor.


A small tug on my hand broke me out of my observation of the room. I looked down to see Luna standing next to me. She looked absolutely stunning, wearing a mid-thigh purple dress. Here hair hung loosely, falling perfectly down her back. She wore no make-up but still had flawless, white skin.

       “Dance with me,” she said pulling me onto the floor. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I encircled my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. The song changed into a slow, romantic ballad. Luna looked up at me and smiled. I bent down and kissed her briefly. She kissed me back with so much passion I didn’t pull away. Luna’s hands dropped from my neck. She ran her hands down my back stopping just short of my bottom. I shivered as she hesitated before carrying them further down stopping only when she reached my bottom. Her hands felt so natural there. I lifted one of my hands up, tangling my fingers in her hair. A red light crossed my vision. I felt the waist of my jeans become restricted.

     “Bathroom,” I muttered to Luna before breaking away and darting up the stairs.





Luna’s P.O.V



I turned and watched George sprint up the stairs. He couldn’t have been going to the bathroom. I knew for a fact it was already occupied. I looked over at Ginny. She was locked in a tight embrace with Harry, as were Hermione and Draco. Taking a deep breath I walked up the stairs to look for George. I didn’t know where to start so I started in my room. I opened the door to find George standing with his back to me, rearranging his pants. I smiled slightly before shutting the door behind me. George turned to face me. His face went red when he saw me standing there.

        “Sorry I left you down there,” he said taking a seat on my bed. I went over and sat next to him. He looked so scared just sitting there.

        “Was I taking it too fast?” I asked, abruptly worried that I had been taking our relationship too fast.

        “No, not at all,” George said turning to face me. “I’m ready to take it further if you’re ready.” I felt my breath catch in my throat before lying down on the bed pulling George with me.


George pressed his lips up against mine. He kissed me all the way down the side of my neck, only stopping when he reached the thin strap of my dress. I unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders and discarding it on the floor.

George sat up on the bed, bringing me with him. His hands slid down the back of my dress. His hands found the zip and he slowly started unzipping it. He pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders and gasped. He looked back up at me, his eyes never leaving mine. I suddenly remembered that I had hadn’t worn a bra due to the style of the dress. I quickly slipped the rest of my dress off and threw it onto the discarded pile of clothes. I abruptly realised the enormity of what I was doing and sat up quickly.

      “I…I’m not ready for this yet,” I stammered to George.

       “Luna, it’s fine. I’ll wait until you’re ready.” He said passing me his shirt to wrap around my half naked body.

       “I’m going to have a shower.” I said hopping off my bed and walking into my bathroom.

 I took a deep breath and turned the shower on. I peeled off my clothes and stepped into the steamy shower, letting the warm water pour over my body.
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Chapter 7: Starry
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Georges P.O.V



I lay on Luna’s bed watching her walk towards her bathroom. I sighed heavily. Things had gone too far, too fast. A flash of doubt crossed my mind. What if she doesn’t like me that way? Had I pushed her too far? Was this the end to our relationship? Did we even have a relationship in the first place? I closed my eyed and tried to block out the thoughts of our break-up. How would she do it? Would she regret it? I suddenly felt suffocated. All around me was Luna. I rolled off her bed and, not caring that I had no shirt on, raced down the stairs and out the front door. I didn’t stop when I heard Harry call my name, I just kept on going. I only stopped when I reached the nearby lake side. I needed someone to talk to, but the only person that I wanted to talk to wasn’t here. I felt a tear slide down my check as I sat down next to the lake.


       “Fred if you’re listening I want you to know that I miss you so much,” I said staring up at the starry sky. “I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve lost every one that was the most important to me. If you were here you would know exactly what to say. Now I don’t even know if I have Luna anymore. Do you miss me Fred? Why did you have to leave? Our life was just getting started and now it’s over.” The tears were sliding down my cheeks faster now. Everything that I had been bottling up was now spilling out. “Are you happy, Fred? Am I becoming happy too fast? What do I do!” I yelled the last part, throwing a rock into the river. Water exploded up from the river, forming into the shape of a fox, Fred’s Patronous.



  “What are you doing George?” Fred’s voice came through the Fox’s mouth. I gaped up at it shocked. “You aren’t supposed to be so sad. Yeah, I’m gone now you have to move on. I’m so sorry I had to leave you like that. But take care of Luna, that one’s a keeper.”

       “Fred?” I was astounded. The fox nodded his head. “But how can you? I, I mean you’re gone forever.” Fred’s Patronous just shook its head and smiled at me.

       “I don’t have any time left but just remember that I love you and be happy. Good-bye Georgie, never forget me.” The tears were sliding faster and thicker down my cheeks now.

       “I love you too, bye Freddie,” I managed to choke out as Fred’s Patronous floated up into the starry sky, where it made a constellation of a running fox.


I collapsed against the grass again. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. But it had to have happened though. I was covered in water; the river was still in waves. I ran my fingers through my soaked, ginger hair. Since the war it hadn’t been cut at all and now curled just under my ears. I looked up into the stars, the tears now dry on my cheeks. The fox was still there, not moving at all. I knew it must have been real.

       “That was beautiful,” a voice from behind me said. Luna stepped out from behind a nearby tree. She wore short purple tights and a large grey sweater. Her feet were bare and her hair hung loosely to her waist, still dripping water. Even in her casual clothes she still looked stunning.

       “I saw what happened. I read about it once. It only happens when a connection between twins is so strong it can’t even be broken by death. The deceased twin appears only once when their twin is in their greatest need of company. Now I only wonder why you need him so badly.” Luna came down and sat on the grass next to me, leaning on my shoulder despite it still being wet. I sighed and looked down at her. She really was beautiful.

       “You,” I said simply. “I stuffed everything between us up and needed someone to talk about it too.”
       “You did nothing wrong,” she said, putting her arm around my waist. “In fact you did everything right.” With that she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.


I awoke the following morning to a tickle on my cheek. I opened my eyes to find Luna half lying across my chest. I saw a flash of green on my cheek. I wiped my hand across it to flick off the leaf that had settled there off. I shifted slightly and Luna rolled off my chest, still sound asleep. I sat up rubbing my neck. It was stiff from the position I had slept in the previous night. I stifled a yawn behind my hand and looked down at Luna’s sleeping body. We had stayed out the whole previous night just talking. I felt closer to her then to anyone else alive. No one could ever replace Fred though. I still had a massive hole in my heart, but Luna dulled the throbbing pain of it.


       “George?” Luna’s voice sounded a few minutes later. She sat up rubbing her eyes, her hair falling behind her shoulders. “Did we stay out here all night?” I nodded and stood up grabbing her hand and pulling her with me, embracing her in a hug. We walked back to the house hand in hand. I pushed open the front door and it swung inwards to let us in. Luna and I stepped into the lounge room to find sleep bodies strewn everywhere. Draco and Hermione were entangled on the couch looking like two pretzels that had been baked together. Harry was lying on the floor spread out like a starfish with Ginny curled up in a ball on his chest. The only ones that were missing were Ron and Lavender. I exchanged a glance with Luna. She had an amused expression on her face. We crept quietly up the stairs to look for Ron and Lavender. We didn’t have to look far to find them. Ron sat, unconscious, in the narrow hallway with a thin sheet draped over his naked body, a beer bottle slipping from his hand. Lavender was underneath the sheet as well. She resembled a lump as only her foot was visible. I felt Luna shaking with laughter next to me.

       “We leave this house for less than twelve hours and look what happens.” She said doubling over with laughter. I joined her in her laughter as we started to clean up the aftermath of the party.

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Chapter 8: Lettering
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I stood watching Luna laughing with Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Lavender and Draco. Neville stood slightly to the side staring dreamily at Luna. I knew he still had feelings for her and I felt it hard not to glare at him. It was half past ten on the first of September. Luna and the rest of the guys were going back to their final year of Hogwarts. I watched as everyone said their final good-byes as they boarded the Hogwarts express. I felt someone watching me. I swivelled slightly and found Luna’s eyes in the crowd, staring into my own. She walked over to me, already in her robes, her prefect badge gleaming on her chest. She wrapped her arms around my waist when she reached me. I sighed and buried my face in her long, blonde hair. She pulled away and looked up at me. The force of her gaze was so powerful that I felt it difficult to look back at her. I felt my eyes sting with tears and she squeezed my waist again.

       “I’ll miss you so much,” she whispered, her voice shaking slightly.

       “I know me too,” I replied pulling her into a kiss. Her mouth tasted like strawberries and cream. I parted my lips slightly, letting Luna’s tongue slide between my teeth into my mouth. I suddenly remembered that we were not the only ones around and that the position Luna and I were in might not be suitable for company. I pulled away slightly, breathing heavily against Luna’s cheek.

       “You should go,” I breathed against her cheek. Luna pulled away, nodding. Her eyes filled with tears as she bit her lip, trying not to cry.

       “Bye, George. I’ll miss you,” she said stepping onto the train. “I love you.” With that she was gone.

       “I love you too,” I said, but my voice was drowned out by the whistle of the train as it pulled out of the station.



Luna’s P.O.V


       “I love you,” I said as the train pulled away. I couldn’t believe I was leaving George after we had so little time together. Out of the corner of my eye I saw George say something but I couldn’t hear anything over the whistle of the train. I felt my knees hit the floor as I fell on the ground shaking. The tears were flowing out of my eyes thickly. I felt a hand of my shoulder. I looked up to see Draco staring down at me, Hermione standing just behind him, her hand clasped in Draco’s.

       “Luna. Come and find a cabin.” He said pulling me to my feet and leading me down into a cabin. Hermione shot me a sympathetic glance before following Draco and I into a cabin.

        “Whoa, Luna you look like shit,’ Ginny’s voice came from the edge of the cabin. I looked over to where she sat snuggled in Harry’s arms and nearly burst into tears again. They looked so happy. I wished I could be doing that right now, but George was miles away now, and I wouldn’t see him again until Christmas break.


“Write to him,” Neville said. “I know you’re thinking of George, you look like you’ve been crying and you are about to again.” I looked at Neville. He was looking at me expectantly. I knew he still had feelings for me, but he was trying to be happy for George and me.

       “Thank you Neville, I think I will.” My voice sounded scratchy, great. Just give people yet another reason to call me ‘Loony Lovegood’. I took out a quill and began to compose my letter to George.


           ‘My Georgie,

                                       I miss you so much already and the train only just left King’s Cross. I cannot wait for Christmas break when I come home. We only have three months until we see each other again. That’s not a lot of time really. Please don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone, George. I would never be able to forgive myself again. Everyone here misses you and they wish you were here with us. Hogwarts was never the same without you. I feel like a piece of me is missing when I’m not with you. You’re the voice in my head telling me to stay strong.

Give daddy my love.

                                 All my love, Luna xoxox’


      “Come here, Pebbles,” I said taking my owl out of his cage. “Take this to George at my place and then bring his response to me” I tied the letter to his leg and let him out the window. The only thing to do now was to wait. I sighed and rubbed my hands against my thighs. It was going to be a long year.



George’s P.O.V



I picked Luna’s sky blue pillow up off her bed and hugged it against my chest. It was the exact colour of her eyes. She had been gone only seven hours and already I missed her. I flopped down on her bed and buried my head in the rest of her pillows. With Luna gone the emptiness in my chest was coming back. I felt more depressed then I ever had before. I rolled onto my back as a sharp object jabbed into my arm. To my surprise I felt nothing at all, even though my arm was bleeding. I patted Luna’s bed looking for the source of the wound. My hand closed on a shard of glass. It had the tiniest bit of blood on the edge from where it cut into my arm. I put it down on Luna’s bedside table and fell into a sleep full of nightmares.


I awoke with a start. My nightmares had never gotten this bad before. I felt along the bedside table, feeling for my wand when my hand came to rest on the shard of glass. I  ran the shard of glass along my arm, forgetting my promise to Luna. I felt my skin split open as blood started to slowly ooze from the long cut. I temporarily forgot my awful nightmares as I ran it along my skin again, this time cutting deeper. The blood was flowing more freely down my arm. A sudden tap at the window made me drop the shard of glass. I went over to the window to find Pebbles, Luna’s owl, sitting on the window sill, a letter tied to his leg. I pushed the window open and untied the letter from Pebbles’ leg. I read the letter Luna had written me. A drop of blood splattered onto the piece of parchment. I felt guilty already. She said not to do anything stupid and here I was, doing just that. I folded up the letter and cleaned and wrapped my cuts before writing back to Luna.


  ‘My Dearest Luna,

                                      Where do I begin? You’ve been gone less than a day and already I miss you like crazy. I hope you have fun at Hogwarts. Try not to miss me too much, but don’t forget me… ever. Tell the others to make Hogwarts as fun as possible and tell them all I love them, yes even Longbottom I guess, even Draco. And tell him that he and Hermione will be great ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl’. I'm sure she's already worrying about her exams as it is. No I won’t do anything stupid… well at least I’ll try not to. Write back as soon as possible. I love you.

            Always yours, George.



I folded the letter over, sealed it with a kiss and sent it on its way to Luna. God I missed her. It sure was going to be a LONG year.

Chapter 9: Chaotic
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Neville’s P.O.V


I walked a few metres behind Luna, watching her laugh with Ginny. Her long blonde hair swished out behind her in a rippling waterfall. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Unfortunately for me she would never be mine. I had waited too long to tell her how I felt and now she was with George Weasley. I had been in love with Luna ever since fourth grade. No one else understood her and we had become quite close. But when it came to our feelings for each other she never returned my feelings.


I sighed as we reached the Gryffindor tower. Luna had been given a special place in Gryffindor as payment for her help during the war. I followed Luna and Ginny into the Common Room and sat down across from the in the arm chair closest to the fire. Luna’s owl tapped on the window. It was now late November and Luna and George had been writing constantly ever since then. I watched Luna stand up and walk over to the window, where she let her owl in. I felt a pang in my heart as she unrolled the piece of parchment. A magical heart rose from the letter and drifted up to Luna’s dorm where at least a hundred more awaited. Ever since the start of November George had found a way to enchant the love hearts into the letter for Luna. Whenever I saw the blush on her face I knew that she had fallen deeply for him and I had no chance with her now.




Luna’s P.O.V


I felt Neville’s eyes on me as I read my latest letter from George. He was so sweet, everything I could ever have asked for. I knew Neville was extremely jealous of George and I tried not to rub it in his face.


I watched Pebbles fly into the darkness of the night. I must have spent hours replying to George, outlining every single detail of my life that he missed out on. I blinked my eyes once and felt tiredness overcome my body. I jumped as a hand suddenly rested on my shoulder. I turned slightly to see Neville standing slightly behind me.

       “Hi,” he said smiling at me, his cheeks going red in the light of the dim fire.

       “Neville, what are you doing here? It’s so late. Everyone else has already gone to bed.” I said as I observed the Common Room. The quietness of it made it seem spooky and lonely.

       “I know, but I couldn’t help notice that you hadn’t gone up to bed yet. I wanted to see if you wanted to talk for a while.”

       “Oh Neville, I would love to but I am actually really tired so I think I’ll just go to bed.”

       “Luna, please, give me a chance.” Neville looked at me with a pleading that I had never seen before in his eyes. I found it difficult to look at. It was like looking into the sun for hours on end. It was so unnatural, uncomfortable even. I felt his face getting closer to mine until I could feel his breath on my lips.

       “Neville, please, no,” I felt my voice begin to rise in panic, but Neville took no notice. It was only a second longer before his lips crushed against mine. The feeling was so wrong. Neville held me tighter, deepening the kiss. I went as ridged as possible, not responding to the kiss at all, praying that it would end soon. It was only when I felt Neville’s tongue forcing its way into my mouth that I realized that it was not going to stop any time soon. I shoved hard against him breaking the kiss.

        “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” I screamed at him before racing up the stairs in tears.


       “Luna?” Ginny’s sleepy voice came from our dormitory. We were the only ones in our room since we were the only year seven Gryffindor’s, apart from Hermione who had the Head’s tower, and Lavender, who was always with Ron, to return to Hogwarts for our seventh year. “Luna, what’s wrong?” she sounded more alarmed now that she was more awake. I flopped down on my bed in full-fledged tears. I couldn’t believe Neville could be so thoughtless. He knew I was with George now. Oh no! George. What would he say if he found out Neville had kissed me? I felt Ginny’s hand on my back trying to comfort me.       “Neville…kissed….me…told…no...” I managed to get out through sobs. I heard Ginny gasp as I threw my arms around her. I needed George now but he was so far away. I felt my heart breaking just at the thought of George finding out what had happened. He was coping so well and this would just be such a blow to his self-esteem.

       “Wow, I knew he had feelings for you but I never thought he would go this far. Would you like me to talk to him?” Ginny asked. I nodded before drifting into a sleep filled with nightmares.




Neville’s P.O.V


“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” Luna screamed at me before racing up the stairs to her dormitory, in tears. I knew what I had done was wrong, but to me it felt so right. I had needed to prove my point to her, that George wasn’t the only one for her and kissing her was the only way I could do that. I sat down on the nearby couch and stared into the fire, daydreaming about the day Luna and I would finally be together.


Footsteps coming down broke into my daydream and I turned and saw Ginny coming down the stairs, her face like thunder. I thought she was going to yell at me but when she spoke her voice was soft.

       “How could you, Neville?” she asked, standing directly in front of me as if to block any chance I would have had of escaping.  “Not only to Luna, but to George as well. You know what he’s going through. He lost his twin brother only half a year ago and now you’re trying to take the only thing that is making it better from him? I thought I knew you Neville, but I’m sorry. That’s just low.” With that she turned and walked back up the stairs leaving me staring after her in confusion.


I suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotions. My feelings for Luna and the frustrations that she did not like me back, anger with Ginny for interfering like that and disappointment in Hermione for dating the enemy. Everything was changing and sure I was glad that Voldemort and his followers were finished, but couldn’t it all go back to how it was before. Simple, easy. Now everyone was getting paired off and together and I was the one left out. With my thoughts swirling around my head I drifted in and out of consciousness all night.




Luna’s P.O.V


I awoke with a start when Ginny arrived back in our room. She came over and sat down on the edge of my bed.

       “I spoke to him,” she whispered smoothing back my hair like my mother used to do before she died. Tears sprang to my eyes once more. Everything was a mess. I seriously needed a holiday. Lucky for me Christmas break started in only a week. I looked up at Ginny. She looked exhausted. I smiled a thank you at her and was about to say something but was interrupted by the door banging open. Lavender burst in the door. Ginny and I looked at each other in shock. This was the first time since the start of the year that Lavender had come back to the dorms at night. I looked back to her, there were silent tears running down her face.

       “Ginny, Luna,” she said barely loud enough for us to hear. “I’m... pregnant.”

Chapter 10: Unforgivable
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 Luna’s P.O.V    


  “You’re what?” Ginny asked a shocked look upon her face. “Did you say you are pregnant?” Lavender nodded as she sunk to the floor, sobbing. I stared down at her. She looked so small and fragile, curled up in a ball on the ground. There was silence between, only being broken by Lavender’s choked sobs.

       “And is it Ron’s?” Ginny asked tentatively.

       “Of course it is. I mean how could this happen. We used protection and everything. Oh Luna, what am I going to do?” she wailed jumping up onto my bed. It was a bit crowded but I liked the comfort of the two girls.

       “I honestly have no idea. Have you told Ron yet?” I asked soothingly, putting my arm around the sobbing girl. Lavender shook her head.

       “No, he would dump me for sure.” Ginny looked shocked at this.

       “That’s it now with the help of Luna and me, you will tell my brother.” With that we escorted Lavender to the boy’s dormitories.


       “Lavender, what’s wrong?” Ron asked as we entered the room. I looked around to see that Harry and Ron were the only ones there. To my relief Neville had not yet come up. Lavender fell into Ron’s arms and Ginny had gone over to Harry’s bed where she had fallen asleep. Harry gave me a sympathetic look before climbing into bed with Ginny and pulling the curtains closed. I felt alone just standing by myself in the boy’s dorms. I took a step backwards, hoping to quietly leave, but Lavender pulled me back into the room and stood behind me. There was no way she was going to get through this by herself.

       “Luna? What’s going on? What happened?” I looked up at Ron, her resembled George so closely that it hurt to look at him. I pushed Lavender back at him. I knew she had to be the one to tell him her news.

       “Ron…” she whispered her voice cracking. “I’m pregnant.” I watched Ron pale as his eyes rolled back and he fell to the floor. He had fainted.

Lavender was beside herself. She said she shouldn’t have told him. She curled up on Ron’s bed and cried herself to sleep. Great, just leave me with all this. I flicked my wand at Ron, levitating him onto his bed with Lavender, before heading back to my own dormitory and trying to get some sleep.  


Neville’s P.O.V

I awoke for the seventh time that night to a dimly lit common room. I knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep that night so I sat up, rubbing my eyes. The events of that evening came flooding back to me. I had made a complete fool of myself in front of the girl I loved. That’s when it struck me. I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing. I had to fight for her, and I knew exactly how. I picked up my wand and summoned a blank piece of parchment and a quill to where I was sitting. Bitting the end of the feather slightly I began to compose my letter to George.


                     I am so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but I think it would be best if you heard it from me first. Luna and I have a thing. Yes, that’s right. She was a mess after we left for Hogwarts. Not eating or sleeping, practically beating herself up for leaving you. That was until I put her straight. I reminded her, what type of person you were and that you had probably forgotten about her. She snapped out of it, well at least I thought she had. That was until I found her tonight. She was writing a letter to you, with tears running down her face. I took pity on her and kissed her. She was shocked at first but then we ended up having a good old ‘make-out session’ as you may call it. Sorry to be the one to tell you this.

                                 Sincerely, Neville Longbottom.

Smirking I rolled up the letter and sent it on its way to Weasley. Since when had I become so heartless? It felt kind of good to be a bad ass; I mean someone had to take over since Malfoy had started dating Hermione. With that I threw the quill at the nearby couch, where the ink came splattering out, and stormed out of the common room.


George’s P.O.V

I finished dusting off the last photograph with a wave of my wand. I was so excited. Luna would be back the following day. It was the early hours of the first day of December and I was already confused with how I should be feeling. Should I be happy that I was with Luna and that this would be our first Christmas as a couple? Or, should I be upset that Fred was not here with us? A loud tap on the window interrupted my confused thoughts. There sat Pebbles with a letter on his leg. I felt my heart swoop as I read the letter from Luna. She was always so sweet and caring. I nearly grabbed a quill to reply to her before reading the P.S part. ‘P.S. Don’t reply George, that would just be silly since we are about to see each other again.’ I sat the quill down, smiling slightly, and went back to my cleaning the rest of the room instead.


Another loud tap on the window disrupted my cleaning. I looked up to see an unfamiliar owl sitting on the window sill. I went over and untied the letter from the owl’s leg. My heart dropped as I read the words on the page. I was so confused. How could this happen? Luna, cheat on me? She wouldn’t, would she? And Longbottom? This was entirely his fault. What did he mean by ‘the type of person I am’? I was still a freaking virgin! What did he know? I felt confined in Luna’s small house; even though I had only just arrived to clean it. I dropped the letter on the floor and disapparated.


I arrived on a cliff overlooking a beach. It was wild and dangerous. The waves would come hurling at the bay, crashing into rocks on the way, before whooshing back out and repeating the process. I felt my hair whipping across my face in the wind. I felt empty inside. The things that meant the most to me were slowly slipping away. First Fred, now Luna was leaving me. The emptiness inside me soon became pain. I looked down at me feet and felt around for the sharpest object I could find. I ran it all across my arms, in a series of short cuts. This time it was different though. The pain wouldn’t go away. Not even with blood dripping down my arm. Taking a deep breath I looked down. The drop was massive; surely it would be enough to kill me.

       “Here I come, Freddie,” I yelled before closing my eyes and throwing myself off the cliff. Everything disappeared.


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Chapter 11: Sincerity
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 Luna’s P.O.V



The train ride back to King’s Cross was quiet and uneventful. I felt more alone than ever and couldn’t wait to be back in George’s arms.

Ginny was asleep in Harry’s arms. Lavender and Ron were together somewhere, talking about everything that had happened between them. Draco and Hermione were staying at Hogwarts together as both Draco’s parents were dead and Hermione’s were still in Australia.

And Neville, well Neville had been acting strangely ever since he kissed me. He looked smug whenever he saw me, like he wanted to jump my skin at any second. He was always getting into trouble now; spending most of his time in detention.

It was like I didn’t even know him anymore. I hadn’t heard from George since that night either, but I had told him not to reply. I sank into a doze, wishing the train ride would go faster.


Finally the train pulled up at the station. I took my time getting off the train. I didn’t want to be caught in the rush and loose George.

 Families were reuniting all around me as I pushed over to a group of red heads. I looked around at everyone’s faces, but George was not there. Suddenly a pair of arms came down on me, knocking me backwards. They let go and I looked up to see Arthur weeping down at me.

       “Luna, it’s George,” he said before grabbing my hand. I felt sick. What had happened? I felt my heart lurch as Arthur and I disapparated.


We landed outside St. Mungo’s Hospital. I looked up at the massive building and knew that George would be in there. Whether or not he was alive I did not know. Arthur grabbed my hand and pulled me in the sliding doors. At the desk sat a pretty receptionist.

       “George Weasley?” Arthur asked in a fearful voice. The receptionist nodded.

       “Floor seven, corridor 3, room 129,” she said pointing us towards the lift. This place really was massive.


We finally arrived at the waiting room near where we were told George was. I felt numb inside, like this wasn’t real. Like it was my worst nightmare and I couldn’t wake up. I still didn’t know whether he was alive or not and from the look on Molly’s face neither did she. As soon as she reached her she fell sobbing into Arthur’s arms.

       “Molly dear, what happened?” Arthur asked, pulling away from Molly slightly to look into her eyes.

       “Oh Arthur, my poor baby,” she sobbed. I knew this must have been hard for her, she had lost one twin already and now she was in danger of losing another.

       “He…jumped off a cliff. He’s in surgery. It turns out some things can’t be fixed by magic,” she whispered. I collapsed to the floor. What? But he seemed to be coping well in his letters.


  “YOU!” Molly suddenly yelled, pointing a wobbling finger in my direction. “This is YOUR fault! If it wasn't for you my little boy wouldn't be in this situation!” I felt so confused. How was this, my fault? It suddenly struck me; Neville. George must have found out that he had tried to kiss me.

       “Molly, what are you talking about? Luna has done nothing wrong. In fact she has been helping George through.”

       “HELPING?!” Molly was in a rage suddenly. She pulled a letter out of her dress pocket and shoved it in Arthur’s face. “How is THIS helping?!!” Arthur quickly skimmed the letter before handing it to me.

       “Luna is this true?” his voice was calm. I took the letter with shaking hands. As I read the letter my heart dropped. Neville had sent George a letter claiming we had a love affair. I shook my head and dropped the letter to the floor. I then began the long story of what had happened at Hogwarts these past few months, leaving out the part about Ron and Lavender.


Molly, Arthur and I sat for what seemed like hours in the waiting room. We were soon joined by Ron, Ginny and Harry. They too sat in silence, waiting for something to happen. Finally a nurse came out of the room.

       “I don’t know if he will make it or not,” she said gravely to Molly. She started sobbing into Arthur’s shoulder again. “You can go and see him if you like, one at a time to say your goodbyes if you think they are necessary.” With that she left us sitting there in shock. Arthur was the first one to speak. “Luna, you go first. I’ll stay here with Molly until she is ready to go in.” I nodded thanks at him before lifting myself off the chair and walking towards George’s room.


I entered George’s room and nearly ran right back out. There he lay in the middle of a cold hospital bed, with wires hooked from him to heart monitors and other unidentifiable things. His face was severely bruised, his lips were swollen and there was a deep cut running down his jaw bone. I moved my eyes down his body and saw both his arms bandaged up as well as his left ankle in a cast. He looked awful. I felt so guilty that it was my fault that this had happened to my angel. I lowered myself down onto the edge of his bed and began to talk.

       “George, my love. I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. I love you and no one else. There is something not right about Neville. He has been acting so strangely for the past month. I missed you so much and could not wait until today. And look where we are. This is my entire fault. I never should have left you. Thanks to me now you are on your death bed. Please don’t leave me, George. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


 I took his hand between both of my own. They were ice cold. I began rubbing it between my fingers, watching his face for any signs of change. His eyes were closed, yet his still looked like he was in a lot of pain. I leant over and pressed my lips to his forehead.

       “I love you,” I whispered, my eyes brimming with tears. I squeezed them shut, trying to contain them, but they overflowed from my eyes, onto George’s swollen skin. I leant back again, still holding onto George’s hand and was amazed at what I saw. The wounds my tears and lips had touched were disappearing.

       “The power of love.” A voice said from the door. I looked up to see Hermione standing in the doorway, watching us. “When one’s true love DNA touches the others wounds, if they are in a fatal condition, it will start to heal most of their injuries. Of course not everything will be healed, but this is the best we can ask for. The process takes about three hours.” I looked down at George again and began pressing my lips to any part of him I can reach. Hermione smiled. “That won’t help. It will take all the time it needs. Now come here.” She whispered, taking me in her arms. Molly sent for you. She is anxious to see her little boy.” We left the room almost immediately. I threw one final glance over my shoulder at George. Already he looked better than he had before.


Hermione let go of me to alert the nurse of the change in George’s healing process and I went to get Molly. After she left I sank into one of the plastic chairs. It wasn’t long before I was bombarded with questions from Ron, Ginny, Harry, Arthur and even Draco looked worried. I suppose he never was bad. He just had the wrong upbringing.

I assured them that he would survive and that Hermione would explain everything in more detail. When she entered everyone started asking her what had happened. She jumped into a full on discussion on what had occurred in the hospital room. She sounded like a bloody text book. If the current situation wasn’t so serious I may have laughed and told her so. Instead I closed my eyes for a second and felt myself drifting into a plagued sleep, full of nightmares.

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Chapter 12: Heartbeat
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“Mummy, mummy, look at me,” The little blonde haired girl yelled from where she played in the fallen leaves. It was a younger version of Luna; she must have been about nine years old.

       “Not now my Luna,” her mother said smiling. She was standing in our large back yard experimenting with her magic. Suddenly a loud bang interrupted Luna’s playing. She looked up startled to see her mother lying on the floor covered in blood.

       “Mummy!” the little girl screamed racing over to her mother’s side. Luna shook her mother but she did not wake. Her father soon came running out of the house and collapsed at his wife’s side.

       “Erin, Erin, sweetie, please, wake up… No please don’t leave me.” But she did not wake. Luna started crying as her father threw himself across his wife’s lifeless body, sobbing heavily.


       “Luna,” a sharp voice pulled me out of my nightmare. “Luna, wake up.” There was a tugging on my hair and I opened my eyes to see Ginny standing over me.

       “What time is it?” I asked blearily. The room was dark; the only source of light came from Ginny’s lit wand.

       “Just after four in the morning, you were screaming and crying in your sleep. Do you want to talk about it?” I shook my head. I had, had this type of nightmare before. It was always the same scene.

       “Oh, and by the way George is awake. Mum and Dad are with him now.” Ginny added before walking over to where I guessed Harry was lying and curling up next to him. I felt my heart skip a beat. He was awake? What if he didn’t want to see me? I got us slowly and headed in the direction of George’s room.


I arrived outside George’s room to hear soft voices talking. One of them was much hoarser than the other. I guessed this was George’s voice. Taking a deep breath I pushed the door open. Arthur was asleep in the armchair in the corner of the room. Molly was sitting in the chair next to George’s bed. She looked tired and her eyes were swollen, I guess she must have been crying. And then there was George. Oh, George. He was still bandaged up pretty heavily and he looked like he had been crying as well. I cleared my throat and Molly looked up at me.

       “Oh Luna dear,” she smiled. “Arthur and I will leave now.” She got up, shook Arthur awake and they both left the room.


       “Luna,” George croaked, looking up at me. I felt tears prick my eyes. I nodded and took a seat next to George.  “Mum told me everything.” I looked down. George’s eyes were sparkling with tears again. “I’m so sorry.”

       “Don’t be silly George, this isn’t your fault.” I scolded him. He looked so fragile just lying there unmoving. “I missed you so much.” I put my hand in his. He squeezed my hand as if I was the one that needed comforting, as if I was the one who nearly died.

       “Do you know why you are awake,” I asked George. He shook his head the tiniest bit and then winced in pain.

       “Hermione told me about it. It is called the power of love or something like that. She said it is where one’s true love’s DNA touches their soul mate’s wounds they will start to heal themselves. When I was in here earlier today, you looked about ready to die. I was crying and my tears hit your wounds. They started to heal slowly, and now you are awake.”

George didn’t speak the whole time I was explaining. When I got to the part about soul mates his eyes widened.

        “Does that mean…” he trained off looking sheepish. I nodded, knowing exactly what he was going to ask.  George swallowed and shut his eyes.

       “Get some rest George, you need it. Also think about what I just told you.” George’s soft snores soon filled the room. I smiled slightly before taking a seat in the big armchair in the corner of the room.


George’s P.O.V

I awoke to a sharp pain in my leg. The room was dark but I could clearly see Luna’s bright blonde hair. Luna. Sigh. I felt so stupid for believing she could do that to me and the extreme lengths I went to , to try and escape the pain. I am so glad that I failed my task. Of course she couldn’t cheat on me. She’s Luna. My Luna. Not Neville’s mine. And she was the reason I was healing so well. Her words kept swirling around in my head. Soul mates. Luna and I together, forever. It had a nice ring to it. Mrs Luna Weasley and Mr George Weasley. I felt myself smiling in spite myself. Luna, my wife. I thought she was the one, now I know for sure. Of course she would have to finish school before we could get married, but there was no harm in planning. I had my heart set on it now. As soon as I got out of this place I would go shopping for an engagement ring. With this thought planted firmly in my mind I was able to forget my pain and fall back asleep.


Hours later, I awoke again. There was no pain to wake me this time, only the most beautiful girl I had ever seen sitting next to me. Luna smiled down at me, as she took my hand.

       “Hey, gorgeous,” I smiled. My injuries were fading faster now that Luna and I were touching, I could move my arm again and I could feel my leg healing itself. It didn’t hurt, but it was a weird feeling. Luna didn’t say anything, but she leaned down and kissed my forehead. My heart sped up at the contact of her lips. I wasn’t the only one that noticed. Luna looked up at my heart monitor, which had increased rapidly and let out a small giggle. I felt the heat growing in my cheeks.

       “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, George.” She said, still smiling.

       “Luna?” I asked. She looked back down at me expectantly. I looked into her deep blue eyes. “I love you.” There was a moment of silence, before she replied.

       “I love you too you silly boy,” she replied, smiling as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips this time. Neither of us payed much attention when my heart monitor started going wild.

Chapter 13: Bluebird
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 “George, are you ready to go?” Luna asked as she reached for my hand. I nodded and got up from the hospital bed. I had been in hospital for just over three weeks and Christmas was growing near.

I still hadn’t done any shopping for anyone and it was less than a week away. I wanted this Christmas to be the best one yet, since I had caused everyone so much pain.

I just couldn’t shake the feeling deep inside me. The feeling that Fred was not with us. Of course I knew he wasn’t with us, it just struck me that he wasn’t going to be coming home for Christmas

. I smiled at Luna one more time before we simultaneously turned on the spot and disapparated.


We arrived in Luna’s bedroom in a matter of seconds. I still couldn’t bear to return to the Burrow. It was full of too many painful memories.

I looked over at Luna. She was already making her bed. It was late at night and I could tell she was very tired.

       “Sleep with me George?” she asked softly, turning to face me. I just stared at her. Sleep with her? Of course I wanted to, but I was only just out of hospital.

Seeing the look on my face Luna giggled slightly.

       “Not like that George.” She said. I felt my face burning up. Of course that’s not what she meant. She smiled at me once more before heading into her bathroom to get ready for bed.

I took a deep breath and looked around me. Luna’s room was very unique. There was her large queen sized bed in the centre of the room, which was painted a pale blue.

On the opposite wall to the bed were five paintings. These were not magical as they did not move. They were portraits of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna. Linking them all was a piece of golden string. Taking a closer look I saw that it made up the words ‘Best Friends Forever’. 

I quickly looked around the rest of Luna’s room. It was very simple, a large walk in wardrobe and a bedside table.

An image on the bedside caught my eye. I bent down and lifted it up. In the frame was a picture of a beautiful woman. She looked a lot like Luna.

       “It’s my mother,” a voice said, startling me. I whirled around nearly dropping the photo in the process. Luna was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, wearing a short pink nighty.

I felt my breath catch in my throat as Luna crossed the room.

       “She died when I was nine.”

It was then I realised how much she really did understand what I was going through. She had lost a mother. I couldn’t bear to lose my mum.

I set the picture down and enclosed Luna in a hug. I felt my heart speed up and the warmth of her small body against mine. I pulled her onto the bed with me, letting my hand slide down to her thigh.

       “You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” I breathed. She smiled and shook her head slightly before leaning in and kissing me.

I kissed her back before sighing into her lips and letting my head fall onto the pillow. I was exhausted after being in the hospital for all those weeks, and tomorrow was a busy day.

Luna, sensing my exhaustion, snuggled into my arms and shut her eyes.

       “Goodnight George,” She whispered.

       “Goodnight Luna,” I replied, shutting my eyes and immediately falling into unconsciousness.




The next morning I woke before Luna. She looked so peaceful so I decided to leave without waking her. I quietly got up and threw on the first thing from my trunk.

As I was walking down the winding stairs I was stopped by Luna’s father.

       “George,” he began his voice raspy. “Where are you going?”

       “Christmas shopping sir.” I replied. He chuckled at this response.

       “There is no need to call me Sir, George, we are practically family.” His words triggered something in my mind. I gulped as I looked into the old man’s face.

       “There was also something I needed to ask you.” I said, my voice quavering slightly. Mr Lovegood nodded at me to continue.

       “It’s about Luna. I wanted to ask your permission to make her my wife.” I stumbled on the last words. Mr Lovegood looked at me through his glasses. I couldn’t read his expression.

       “Well, George I can’t say I haven’t been expecting this. Luna does talk to me you know, and she is quite in love with you. She also told me about the healing power she had over you. The same thing happened with Luna’s mother and I. You see, we were young and I got into a bit of trouble and landed myself in St. Mungo’s. She was crying next to me and the same thing happened with us.”
He stopped suddenly staring into the distance as if remembering that exact day. Just as I was wondering if I should leave he spoke again.

       “What I am trying to say is that I give you permission to ask her to marry you. And I have the perfect thing for you as well. Follow me.” He said taking slow steps back up to where I knew his room was.


When we arrived, Mr Lovegood walked over to his wardrobe. Very slowly he opened a draw and took a small object out. He walked back over to me and handed it to me.

I opened the small box to find a beautiful ring nestled in the satin.

It was a simple piece of jewellery, not to big, not to small. Just a pale blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds resting on a thin silver band. It was perfect, the blue matched Luna’s eyes perfectly. The same colour as a Bluebird, I always thought

       “It was Luna’s mother’s engagement ring.” Mr Lovegood said watching my face. “I have kept it hidden all these years hoping that someday I would be able to present it to the perfect boy for her, and it looks like I found him.”
       “Thank you,” I said, feeling the sudden urge to hug him. Mr Lovegood, as if sensing my urge, patted me on the back.

       “Look after my girl. Now I believe you have some shopping to do.” With that he left the room. I took one last look at the ring, before pocketing it and apperating to a small muggle town.

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Chapter 14: Comfort
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Luna’s P.O.V


 I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. I sighed and sat up. I couldn’t believe how unbelievably well things were going at the moment.

George was finally out of hospital and we are more in love than ever, and to top it off it was Christmas Eve. I had always loved Christmas, but this year it would be more special than usual.

George and I were having Christmas Eve dinner with my daddy and then heading over to The Burrow for Christmas lunch. It would be the first time George returned to The Burrow since coming to stay with me.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see Daddy standing in my doorway with a tray full of breakfast.

       “George has gone last minute Christmas shopping,” he said setting the tray down on my lap.

       “Thank you Daddy,” I said glancing at the clock on my bedside table. It read 10:54am. I was shocked that I slept in so long.

       “You’re welcome my Luna,” he said, planting a kiss on my check. “Now I am going to wrap presents for tonight so don’t leave your room for a bit.”
I nodded, picked up my fork and started eating. It tasted amazing. Bacon, eggs and toast, my favourite.


I took a long shower after I finished my brunch. It was now just after one. I wandered back into my bedroom to find something to amuse me until Daddy was finished downstairs. All my gifts were already wrapped and stored in my wardrobe.

I bought something for everyone in the Weasley family, except for George. His was something special. I also bought some for my Daddy, Fleur, Hermione, Draco and Lavender.

I went over to my small bookshelf and pulled out a book. I lay down on my bed, fully intent on reading it when a loud crack sent the book flying out of my hands.

George appeared in the middle of my room, his arms full of shopping bags.

       “Luna,” he breathed, setting them on the floor and launching himself onto my bed. I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the edge of my nose. I hadn’t seen him this happy since Fred died.

       “Look what I bought.” He said leaping off my bed towards the bags on the floor.

He started pulling out item after item telling me who they were for. I stopped listening after the first couple, only nodding when he looked at me for my approval.

       “And this is for Fred.” He said, pulling out a massive box of joking products. I felt my breath catch in my throat. This couldn’t be happening. Not now.

Realisation dawned on George’s face when I didn’t say anything. He looked down and bit his lip, trying to hold back the tears. I crouched down and put my arms around him.

       “George…” I started, but he shook his head.

       “It’s fine Luna. I just forgot.” He croaked lifting his head off his arms and waving his wand over the presents. Just like that they were all wrapped in sparkling paper. He sighed and wrapped his arms around me once more.

       “I love you, Luna.” He whispered, kissing my ear.

       “I love you too,” I said leaning against him. We stayed like that for the rest of the day.




       “Luna, Dinner!” My dad’s voice came from down stairs. I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror, adjusted my dress one last time and headed downstairs.

George and my Daddy were already seated at the small dining table, the Christmas feast set out before them.

       “That looks great,” I said, taking a seat beside George.

Christmas Eve dinner was fantastic, but then came the best part. Presents!

We gathered in the small hallway where the Christmas tree was, I suspect it is full of Nargles. George and I had decided to keep our presents for each other until the next day, so gift giving went quickly.

I got my Daddy a miniature replica of George’s joke shop, and George got him a new copy of ‘The Tales of Beadle the Bard’.

Daddy got me an orange Pygmy Puff, who I named Purple. George received a pair of pants. This confused me slightly, but George looked happy with them.

After saying thank you and goodnight, George and I headed up to bed, to get a good night’s sleep for the long day that awaited us at The Burrow.




We arrived at The Burrow the next day armed with presents. This was a big step for George, returning to the place that held so many painful memories.

We were greeted at the back door by Molly.

       “Oh George, Luna, you’re here.” She said ushering us inside. “Everyone else is here so we can start with presents.” I glanced up at George as he put his arm around my waist.

We stepped into the lounge room to find Bill sitting with a very pregnant Fleur beside him, Percy with a very prim girl sitting beside him. I could only assume this was his girlfriend. Ron and Lavender were sitting slightly off to the side, their heads close together. Lavender’s hand kept fluttering down to her stomach. Harry and Ginny were standing talking to Arthur in the middle of the room, and finally Hermione and Draco were sitting on a couch looking very out of place.

Molly came in and clapped her hands. “Okay everyone presents time. Don’t worry about waiting for everyone to be watching just hand presents out until there is no one left.” I looked around to find everyone scattering over the room. George squeezed my waist before walking off towards his mother.

       “Merry Christmas Luna,” A voice came from behind me. I turned to see Ron standing behind me. He and Lavender must have separated for the time being.

       “Merry Christmas Ron.” I smiled leaning in to hug him. “This is for you.” I handed Ron his gift.

       “This is for you.” He handed me a small gift before ripping into his gift.

       “Wow, Luna, thank you,” he said holding up the small Deathly Hallows pendant I got him.

       “You’re welcome,” I smiled carefully opening the present he bought me. I held up a long, light blue dress.

       “Lavender picked it out. It is from both of us. A bridesmaid’s dress.” I looked up at him, then across the room to Lavender. Sitting clearly on her ring finger was a large ruby ring.

        “Ron, that’s great,” I exclaimed giving him another hug. The grin on his face was massive.

       “It was nice talking to you, but I must continue with my circle of gifts.” I nodded as he walked off with a bounce in his step.


A few hours later and ten people later I finally got to see George alone.

       “Merry Christmas, Luna,” he said kissing me deeply and handing me a small package. I opened it to find a gorgeous necklace with a tear shaped sapphire dangling from the end.

       “It’s beautiful, George,” I whispered squeezing him in a hug.

       “Nothing is as beautiful as you, Luna,” he murmured, taking the necklace from me and fastening it around my neck.

       “I have something for you as well,” I said handing him the large package. He opened it and gasped. Inside it was a scrapbook I made of photos of him and Fred. He looked up at me, his green eyes glistening with tears.

       “Thank you Luna, just….. Thank you.” He croaked pulling me in and holding me to his chest.

       “Luna? George?” Molly called. “Dinner is ready.” I looked up at him, kissing his tears away.

       “Come on George, let’s go.” I said taking his hand and leading him out of the house. It certainly was turning out to be an interesting Christmas. Then again, there is no one like the Weasleys.

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Chapter 15: Reflection
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 I had never been to a Weasley feast before, so I was intrigued by the scene before me. Before anyone was allowed to even think about eating there were announcements and speeches.

 First were Ron and Lavender announcing their engagement. I could only assume that they had told everyone about Lavender’s pregnancy, as Molly wanted them to get married as soon as possible.

Next were Hermione and Draco, looking nervous.

       “Everybody, Draco and I would also like to announce that we are moving in together after we are finished Hogwarts.” I was not shocked by this. The pair was inseparable; like a match made in heaven. And of course due to the war, school finished earlier than usual for the seventh years. Instead of finishing in June like the rest of the school, our graduation would be held on March the 15th.

Finally after a few more announcements we were allowed to eat. The table was massively long and filled with delicious food. Everyone was immersed in their own conversations except for George.

He sat there quietly picking at his chicken, his eyes darting to the empty chair next to him. That was the place that Fred was supposed to sit.

I didn’t feel hungry anymore. I sat watching George push his food around his plate absentmindedly. I glanced up for a second to see Molly looking at us with tears in her chocolate brown eyes. I motioned to the house and then to George. She seemed to understand as she nodded and went back to her previous conversation. I squeezed George’s hand and pulled him up, leading him away from the feast up to the house.


George’s P.O.V


Christmas was always my favourite time of year, that was until Fred died. This was my first Christmas without him and there was a gaping space next to me where he should have been.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore Luna grabbed my hand and gently pulled me away from the table, leading me back to the house.

I wasn’t paying attention to where she was leading me until we stopped in front of a closed door. It was the door to the room I shared with Fred. I looked at Luna startled that she would bring me here of all places. She smiled at me reassuringly and pushed open the door. I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

It was just how I remembered it. Same two beds, same wardrobe, same everything. Even the glass from the mirror I smashed. Of course not everything was the same. Fred was missing, and that was something that couldn’t be replaced.

I slowly walked over to Fred’s bed, running my hand down the dusty sheet. It seemed like no one had come in here since the funeral.

I looked back up at Luna. She was standing in the doorway, a slight smile on her pink lips. She came over and wrapped her arms around my neck. I buried my face in her hair.

       “I’ll give you a minute,” She said, stepping out of the room but leaving the door slightly ajar.

I looked down at Fred’s bed again. His Weasley sweater still lay on the edge. I picked it up, rubbing my finger against the ‘F’. It still smelt like him, the same musky scent. A tear dropped onto the blue fabric. I suddenly felt disappointed in myself. Fred wouldn’t have wanted this. After all we had been through he wouldn’t have wanted me to waste my life away.

I backed out of the room, still clutching Fred’s sweater to my chest. When I backed straight into the door I turned and ran straight into the bathroom, not even pausing when Luna called my name. I reached the basin and stared intently into the mirror. I didn’t recognise the person staring back at me. My hair was long and manky, hanging just short of my shoulders. There were dark circles under my eyes, and my cheekbones stuck out, looking as if they may break through my skin at any moment. And worst of all, were my eyes. Once they were full of laughter, now they just looked dead. I knew things had to change.

       “Luna?” I called, hoping she was still standing outside the door. I had no idea why she was with me, she was gorgeous of course, and I looked like crap. But I wasn’t complaining. I needed her, without her I was nothing.

Luna appeared in the doorway. She smiled at me slightly before coming to stand behind me. I turned to face her and kissed her forehead.

       “Can you pretty please with Merlin’s pants on top cut my hair for me?” I asked wrapping my arms around her waist. She nodded and turned me around, not questioning my sudden change in attitude. I was grateful for this. I didn’t think anyone, not even Luna, could possibly understand.

Luna whipped out her wand and started muttering under her breath. I felt my hair get shorter and shorter until it was the perfect length. I turned around and looked at her again. She simply was breathtaking.

       “Marry me, Luna?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself.  She looked up at me again, her blue eyes glinting with confusion.

       “Not now I mean, of course you will have to finish Hogwarts first, but I just wanted you to know that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I was rambling now. Luna was smiling at me now, the confusion in her eyes gone.

       “Of course George, I love you too, but I expect a proper proposal.” She said jokingly. I laughed along with her, but of course I was going to take her seriously.

       “Now come on, we have to get back to dinner.” She took my arm and led me back out the door.


Luna’s P.O.V


George and I headed home after finishing dinner and desert. His words kept wringing in my head, and I found it hard to concentrate on anything else. I didn't know what marriage would mean, or how long my forever would last, with my test results. Molly asked if I was all right a few times, and I told her I was just tired. After the fifth time she asked me this I announced that George and I were leaving.

George and I apparated straight home, stopping in the kitchen to say goodnight to Daddy, but he wasn’t there. I checked the rest of the house, but it looked like he hadn’t been there all evening. I went back to the kitchen to check one more time when a note sticking on the fridge caught my eye. I walked over and read it. 

‘My Dearest Luna,

                               So sorry for the late notice, but an old friend of mine is in town with his family and we are catching up tonight so I won’t be home until later tomorrow night. Be safe with George. I trust you.

                Merry Christmas, Love Dad.

I put down the note and turned to see George standing in the doorway. This was it. Tonight would be the night.

       “We’re alone,” I said seductively biting my lip and pushing George up the stairs on impulse.


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Chapter 16: Entwined
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Halfway up the stairs I dropped George’s hand.

       “Race you!” I called down to him, sprinting up the stairs. I heard the thundering of footsteps as George chased after me.  Giggling I raced into my room, flinging my shirt of as I went. Just as I passed through the door a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

       “I win,” I smirked, squeezing his muscly arms to my stomach, his shirt already off.

       “No fair, you cheated,” he whined, kissing my neck.

      ”Yes I did.” I said, turning around his arms. He grinned down at me as I stepped away from him, grinning at him teasingly. He groaned and stepped forward, wrapping me in his arms once more. A loud hoot at the window startled George, knocking us both onto my bed. He grinned down at me, and leaned forward to kiss me. I laughed into the kiss and he pulled away placing kisses all along my jaw line and neck, positioning his body over my own. I reached up, undid the fly to his pants, and lowered them down to reveal a pair of pink silk boxers. I kissed the side of George’s neck as he unzipped the back of my skirt and edged it down my legs.

I gasped and ran my hands through his hair. “Luna…” He moaned into my neck. He slipped one hand behind me and carefully un-hooked the clasp to my bra, I groaned as his finger ran over my shoulder as he started to slip it off. He seemed to realize what was happening between us and lifted his head to look at me, his sparkling green eyes boring into mine.

”Is this alright?” He whispered, and I nodded, leaning my head forward to kiss him as he gently pulled away my bra, taking it completely off.

       ”If I lose something then you have to too.” I murmured, slowly running my hands down his back and over his hips until they reached the waistband of his boxers. I edged them inside and slid them down his toned legs. He let out a whimper as he disentangled himself from his pants while I pulled my knickers down to save the hassle. When he turned around he realised I was completely naked and his eyes widened slightly as he smiled shakily.

        “Touché.” He murmured leaning to forward positioning himself in between my legs once more as he kissed me, edging his tongue against my lips, our bodies entwining.


George’s P.O.V


Luna’s fingers gripped my shoulders and she raised her hips to meet mine, drawing our bodies closer together. She whimpered my name, burying her head into my chest. Her eyes fluttered at the feeling as we moved together, in a dance full of love. She groaned and kissed me deeply before pulling away from my lips, and whispering things in my ear as we moved together as one. I groaned her name as she turned me onto my back. I gasped as the warmness spread through my body.

Luna slowly stopped kissing me and lay across my stomach, placing her head on my shoulder, trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. I sighed and gently pushed my wet hair away from my face, my eyes fluttering up to look into Luna’s gorgeous blue eyes. She kissed my forehead and closed her eyes, resting her head against my chest again, her cheek burning hot. I rubbed my hand in circles across her back, watching as her eyes drooped and finally fell shut. I smiled contently at the beautiful girl lying in bed with me and soon drifted off to sleep.


I woke to find the bed cold and deserted. Luna had vanished, taking all of last night’s passion with her. I grabbed my boxers from where they lay abandoned on the floor and wandered down to the kitchen.

Luna stood with her back towards me, dressed in a tiny deep purple dressing gown, her long blonde hair falling in long, knotted curls down her back.

       “Good morning,” I whispered in her ear, placing my hands on her waist. She jumped slightly at the sound of my voice, but continued what she was doing. I peeked over her shoulder to see she was cooking French toast, my favourite.

       “That looks great,” I said, stretching my arms over my head while going to set the table. Luna merely nodded not once taking her eyes of the meal before her.

Once I finished setting the table I sat down and picked up the paper, skimming the headings. Luna quickly joined me and we tucked into our breakfast, chatting mildly.

Breakfast was soon over and Luna went upstairs to take a bath. Wanting to surprise her, I grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard and two glasses and set off to the bathroom. I creaked open the bathroom door to see Luna sitting there in the middle of the bathtub, covered in bubbles. She smiled when she saw me and gestured for me to come in.

       “Hi,” she smiled, waving her arms in the bubbles surrounding her. “Join me.” I sat on the edge of the bath to remove my boxers and stepped into the hot bathtub with Luna.

       “What time will your father be back?” I asked suddenly worried we would get caught. Luna let out a little giggle and moved around so her back was leaning against my chest.

       “Not until later tonight,” she replied, popping the cork off the bottle of wine and pouring herself a small amount. I sighed with relief and poured myself a glass as well, being slightly more generous than Luna was. I wrapped an arm around her smooth stomach and raised the other to my mouth. Luna sighed and leaned back against me. At this moment I couldn’t be happier.


Luna’s P.O.V


I lay back against George’s muscular chest and sighed. Things should have been perfect, they were meant to be perfect. So why weren’t they?
George started combing his fingers through my matted hair. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. Tears started dripping from my eyes, I just hoped George wouldn’t notice, but of course he did.

       “Luna, sweetie, what’s wrong?” He whispered turning my body around to face him, worry sparkling in his eyes. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, no more secrets.

       “George,” I started, my voice choked up. He shouldn’t have to go through this, not now. After all the pain he had been through this would just be the icing to his pain.

       “I have cancer.”

Chapter 17: Shock
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 George’s P.O.V



       “Wh…what?” I stammered. I had heard the words come out of Luna’s mouth, but they didn’t register in my mind. Luna turned to face me, tear marks staining her cheeks. She nodded and I looked at her, silently pleading for answers.

       “When you were unconscious in hospital they took some tests. They just wanted to make sure that I didn’t have Insomnia or something like that since I was spending so much time awake while you were there. But instead they found Leukemic cells in my blood.”

I gaped at her. This couldn’t be true, not now.

       “Hey don’t cry,” Luna soothed, wiping the tears that were running down my face. I grabbed Luna’s hands in my own, capturing them to my face.

       “How can I not?” I whispered looking directly into her eyes. Luna opened her mouth to say something but a voice coming from down stairs stopped her. It seemed that Luna’s father was home early.

       “Don’t worry, I’ll go.” I said, kissing Luna gently on the lips and carefully stepping out of the bath. “I need some air anyway.”
I quickly dried myself; put my boxers back on and walked into Luna’s room. I threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt and thundered down the stairs, unable to stand the sobs still coming from the bathroom. I reached the kitchen to find Luna’s dad sitting at the table with his back turned to me. I cleared my throat and he turned to face me.

       “Umm… Luna’s in the bath,” I croaked, aware that tears were still streaming thickly down my cheeks.

       “She told you, didn’t she?” He asked his voice full of pity. I nodded and gestured towards the door.

       “I’ll be back for dinner,” I said half sprinting out the door. I apparated away, my thoughts all mixed up in my head, making it hard to tell where I was going.


I felt my feet hit solid ground again and I opened my eyes to see where I ended up. Standing right in front of me was the most colourful shop I have ever seen, the joke shop. I looked around wildly, but no one seemed fazed by my sudden appearance.

I took a deep breath and pushed open the door to the shop. Looking around me I saw it was packed with people. I looked towards the counter to see Ron standing there. He caught my eye and just stared at me. He was still looking after it.

       “George.” He started and was immediately at my side. “What are you doing here? Is everyone okay?”

       “Yeah, just fine.” I murmured. “I’m going upstairs.” He nodded as I walked over to the cramped staircase in the corner of the room, dodging Lavender on the way, her baby bump finally showing.

I reached the top of the stairs pausing in the tiny kitchen before inching down the narrow hall to where the doors to my room and Fred’s were. I briefly considered just going into my room, but Fred was the one I wanted to see, the one I needed to see, so instead I pushed oped the door labelled ‘Fred’.

I looked around Fred’s room. It was exactly the same as I remembered it, a mess. I walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. I ran my hand along the soft green fabric, trying to imagine what Fred would say if he was here. I flopped back against the bed. A loud crumpling of paper came from directly beneath my head on contact. I felt under where I was lying and my hand closed tightly around a crumpled piece of parchment. With shaking fingers I began to smooth out the parchment. I recognised Fred’s untidy scrawl covering the page. With my eyes still blurry with tears I began to decipher the writing.

              ‘Voldemort, what a lame excuse for a human being.’ It started off. ‘This war is ALL his fault! None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him. It is going to happen now, and I don’t know whether I will survive. I promise to protect my family with everything I’ve got, especially George. My emergency Galleon just went off. It is time. I hope that no one has to read this, that everyone survives, but life isn’t fair. I wish that I could come home and just set this on fire, but if I can’t I ask whoever is reading this to tell my family that I love them and goodbye…’

I finished reading the note and looked up to see mum standing in the doorway, watching me with her eyes full of tears.

       “Ron flooed me,” She said coming and sitting next to me on Fred’s bed. “He was worried as to why you would just turn up out of the blue.” I nodded to show that I was listening and handed her Fred’s note. I watched as her eyes skimmed over its contents and she started to cry.

       “Oh George, this isn’t your fault.” She whispered sensing what I was thinking. “There was no way to prevent what happened and you can’t keep beating yourself up about it.” I turned and sobbed into her shoulder as she put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. I felt my body shaking with silent tears as I clung to my mother.

Finally I looked up at her, dreading what I had to say. “Mum, Luna has cancer.” I sobbed all over again. She looked at me again before wrapping me in a mammoth hug.

       “Let’s get you back to the Lovegood’s.” She said a short while later, her voice thick with tears. I nodded wiping my eyes against the sleeve of my shirt and standing up wobbly. Mum followed my suit as we headed back downstairs to find the shop empty, the sky outside dark. I had no idea how late it had gotten and I had promised to be back for dinner.

I stood waiting quietly next to the door as Mum spoke in hushed tones to Ron, Lavender and Percy. I guessed she was explaining what had happened to them.

Finally she reached me, took my hand and turned on the spot and we vanished.


Chapter 18: Disintegrate
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Luna’s P.O.V



George left me sobbing in the bathtub. I what he was doing was the right thing, but I can’t help but feel more alone than ever. I heard him thunder down the stairs and exchange some words with my dad, before the door slammed shut. I knew he had left.

The bubbles surrounding me quickly dispersed as I polished off the remains of the wine. Before I knew it the water, once so warm, had turned cold. Sighing I stepped out of the tub and wrapped the second fluffy towel around my dripping body. I stumbled blindly into my room, pulling on the first item of clothing my hand touched. The alcohol was already having an effect on my system. I probably shouldn’t have had anything at all to drink, but I was dying anyway so it shouldn’t matter. No! No, I wasn’t going to die. I couldn’t do that to George or my father or anyone for that matter. I had to fight it.

I took a wobbly step back and collapsed on my bed. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to trap the tears threatening to spill onto my cheeks.

Suddenly, I remembered the owl at the window. Glancing up to look I realized it had vanished, a letter sitting in its place. I jumped off the bed, staggering slightly before making my way slowly to the window. Thoughts of what could be written in it swirled around my head, when suddenly it struck me. It would be from St. Mungo’s. I reached out and grabbed the letter. Sure enough sitting in the top left hand corner was the hospitals crest.

With shaking hands I turned over the letter. I ran my finger under the flap until the seal broke. I pulled the letter out and read it.


Dear Ms Lovegood,

The file containing your blood tests have gone through to the ‘Serious Blood Condition Ward’. We need to operate to remove the cancer cells as soon as possible, if possible. In the past many cancer patients have had the cancer cells in their bodies removed successfully. It is unfortunate that we found the cancer cells at such an advanced stage, and it is unlikely they will be able to be removed safely.

Please be at the St Mungo’s Serious Blood Condition Ward on the 14th January at 1:15pm.

Regards Tania Gordern

Senior Secretary, Serious Blood Condition Ward.


I sighed and refolded the letter. This wasn’t the news I was hoping for. Everything just kept getting worse. Oh, and on top of that George left me when I needed him the most. I mean I understood that he needed space, but it was getting dark now, and I was beginning to get worried.

I grabbed my wand from my bed, casted the anti-drinking spell on myself and began to walk downstairs, the letter still clutched in my sweaty hand. I reached the kitchen and threw it on the table. Without looking at my father I walked over to the stove and started working on dinner.

       “Oh Luna,” he whispered. I guess he read the letter. “What are you going to do?”

       “I’m going to fight it.” I said through gritted teeth. “I have to, for you and George.” I turned away from the counter and faced Daddy. He opened his mouth to say something when a loud crack outside the door interrupted him. I rushed to the door with my wand raised.

Slowly I unlocked the door and pushed it open to find George and Mrs Weasley standing there.

       “George!” I screamed jumping on him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me into the air. I buried my face into his chest as he sat me down on the ground again.

I crumpled to the floor suddenly overcome with emotions. George couldn’t see the letter. That would be pushing it over the edge, knowing that I had little chance of survival. I heard George kneel down next to me. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and pressed me to his chest, picking me up and carrying me back into the kitchen where my daddy and Mrs Weasley were waiting. I looked up and saw Mrs Weasley with the letter in her hand, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. I glared at my father and he shrugged apologetically at me. I looked up to see George standing, arms still around me, watching his mother suspiciously. This wasn’t good.


George’s P.O.V


I stood with my arms still around Luna’s shoulder, watching my mother wordlessly read the letter. I looked down at Luna to find her staring at me, fear apparent in her eyes. I untangled my arms from around her and took a step forward.

       “George, please.” Luna croaked, but I ignored her, my eyes set on the letter clasped in my mother’s hand. I held out my hand for mum to give me the letter but she just grasped it tighter, exchanging a look with Luna’s father.

       “Give it to me please.” I said taking a step closer.

       “George…” Mum whispered shaking her head slightly. “I-“

       “No!” I interrupted her. I was suddenly outraged. “You can’t keep things from me, especially not this. Luna is my life now, my everything and I need to know what that letter says.”

I turned to look quickly at Luna. There were tears streaming down her face. I knew whatever was in this secretive letter wasn’t good.  Her eyes shifted off mine and she nodded, just the slightest tilt of her head. I turned back around to face Mum again. This time, with slight hesitation, she held the letter out for me. I grabbed and quickly read it, my heart sinking with every word written. I had to be strong, for Luna if not myself.

       “This can’t…” I trailed off seeing the look on Luna’s face. Of course she wasn’t taking it well, I mean who would. And I left her.

       “Come on.” I said lifting Luna off the chair and ascending up the stairs. “It’s been a long day.”

We reached Luna’s room and I lay her down on the bed, climbing on after her. I put my head on the pillow next to her and kissed her forehead.

       “I’m so scared.” Luna whispered, fresh tears escaping her eyes. I felt a lump rising in my throat.

       “I know.” I pulled Luna to my chest, drawing circles on her back as she cried herself to sleep.

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Chapter 19: Promises
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 As usual St. Mungo’s was crowded. It was the day of Luna’s operation and I was there with her, as her father had commitments prior to this. We took the lift up to the level eleven, where the ‘Serious Blood Condition Ward’ was. We approached the front desk where a rather frazzled man sat.

       “Name and time of appointment?” He asked distractedly. Luna looked up at me, worry apparent in her eyes. I squeezed her hand and she turned back to the secretary.

       “Luna Lovegood. My appointment is at two fifteen.” She said in a small voice. The secretary looked up at us for the first time.

       “Luna, George?” He asked hesitantly. I looked down at him. I couldn’t believe it, could it really be?

       “Seamus?” He nodded laughing. I stood there gaping at him. I hadn’t seen him since The Battle of Hogwarts.

       “What are you doing here?” Luna asked him. Seamus explained that after the battle he had come looking for jobs and ever since had been a secretary at St. Mungo’s, in the ‘Non-magical Injury Unit’, but due to circumstances was covering for another Woman who usual worked here.

       “Speaking of which, Dr. Somme should be with you soon. I have to get back to my proper job. Good luck.” With that he left us alone in the waiting room.

       “Can you believe it George?” Luna said to be as we took a seat in the cold plastic chairs. I shook my head and pulled her close to me. Luna snuggled into my chest and closed her eyes.

       “Miss Lovegood?” A voice interrupted us. We looked up to see an old woman standing in the doorway. “This way please.” We both got and started towards the door.

       “Only family sir.” She said looking me up and down in disgust. What a bitch. I could just leave Luna alone with her.

       “Sorry, doctor but he is actually my fiancé, therefore I would like to have him with me.” Luna said professionally.

 I stifled a laugh as the doctor glared at us but made no further attempt to stop us.

       “In here and change.” The doctor said rudely slamming the door to a small room behind us.

       “What a cow.” Luna laughed as she pulled her clothes off. Although I had seen her naked before I would never get over how beautiful she looked. I took a giant step towards.

       “Hello.” I smirked wrapping my arms around her naked body and pulling her into a kiss.

       “George, I love you but not now.” She mumbled against my lips and pulling away to change into the horrible night gown that waited for her. I sighed and dropped my hands to my side.

The door banged open without warning just as Luna finished tucking her clothes away. The old doctor looked at us suspiciously, as if expecting us to be in an intimate position, instead of being on the other side of the room to each other.

       “Are you ready for your operation Miss Lovegood?” She asked ushering us quickly out of the small room. Luna nodded slowly and reached for my hand. We followed the lady out of the room, back into the corridor and into a slightly larger room, with a hospital bed in the middle of it. Luna climbed up onto the bed and lay down with her head on the pillow. The doctor walked over and started hooking Luna up to all sorts of machines.

       “Alright Miss you have five minutes until the medicine will make you unconscious. Time to say goodbye to your… fiancé.” The doctor sneered before walking out of the room. I took a deep breath and looked at Luna all hooked up to everything. She looked so small and fragile it hurt to look at. I walked over and took her cold hand in mine. She smiled weakly at me.

       “George,” she said her speech slowing as the antiseptic began to take over her body. “Promise you’ll stay.”

       “Promise,” I choked, tears forming in my eyes as Luna’s eyes fluttered shut. The door opened as the old doctor, plus a few other people strode in.

       “You have to leave now mister.” One of the younger doctors said. “This procedure will take three to four hours so you can come back and see her tonight.”
Taking one last glance at Luna I left the room and went back into the waiting room.




       “Mr Weasley?” A voice asked I stood up to see the young doctor standing in the doorway to the waiting room. Luna’s operation had started two hours ago and I was getting anxious.

       “The operation is going well, but will probably take another three hours.” He said. I nodded and sat back down as he left again. Those had been the longest two hours of my life. The hours crept alone like a snail and I still had to wait three more hours to see her. I lifted my head to look at the ceiling when I caught a glimpse of someone rushing through the door. It was Seamus. He looked around the empty waiting room before his eyes found me.

       “George.” He said hurrying towards me. “You have to come. It’s Ron.” I started at him. What was he on about?
       “But Luna…” I trailed off. I had promised her I would stay, even if she was in her operation.

       “No, George you don’t understand. He is dying. You have to come…your family…Lavender.”
I was torn between the two. Seamus was looking at me desperately. Surely Luna wouldn’t mind if I was back when she woke up.

       “Luna will understand,” Seamus said as if reading my mind. “Now come on!” I took one last glance down the hall to where Luna would be and raced after Seamus.


Seamus and I arrived to find my whole family plus Lavender, Draco and Hermione in the waiting room.

       “George.” My mum came barrelling into my arms. “I’m…sorry sweetheart…drag you away…Luna…Ron…” She trailed off sobbing hysterically. I looked over to where Lavender was sitting, clutching her massive stomach and crying silently into her hands. Seamus walked over to her and put his arms around her shoulders. Lavender turned and sobbed into his chest. I looked around and realized that everyone was crying. Dad took a step forward and pulled me away from the crowd.

       “While Seamus was going to get you the nurse came and gave us some horrible news.” He sobbed to me. “There was nothing they could do. Ron was killed in a car accident.”

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Chapter 20: Outlook
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I sat next to Lavender in the crowded waiting room, her sobs the only sound in the room. I was still in shock. Ron couldn’t be dead, not brave, little Ron. It was heartbreaking knowing I would never get the chance to tease him again, knowing that he would never meet his own child. A doctor appeared at the door.

       “Miss Brown, Mr and Mrs Weasley, you can see him now.” I squeezed Lavender’s hand as she eased herself off the chair and followed mum and dad out of the room. I looked over to see Seamus staring after them. ‘Odd.’ I though as he shook his head and fiddling with his watch.

       “George, Luna will be out of surgery in a few minutes.” He said looking up from his watch. I nodded at him as I walked towards the door. Just as I reached the other waiting room the young doctor that had spoken to Luna and I came in.

       “Mr Weasley?” He asked looking up from the clipboard he was holding, his eyes emotionless. I nodded and walked towards him. This was it; the moment my future would be decided for me.

       “The operation was a success. You can go and see her now.” He said his face still stony. My face broke out into a grin. I hugged the doctor before turning down the hall, practically running in search of Luna’s room.

       “Third door to the left Mister!” The doctor called in a stern voice as I fumbled around in the hall. I grinned as I turned the door handle. All I could think about now what that Luna, my Luna, was going to be okay. I entered the room and my smile quickly vanished. Luna was lying dead still in the middle of the room. Her face was pale and she was hooked up to all types of monitors. I heard a small coughing noise from behind me and I turned to see the doctor standing in the door frame.

       “Mr Weasley, Luna is going to be all right, but she is still recovering from the operation. You ran off before I could tell you that she might not wake for some time.” I looked back at Luna, who hadn’t moved one bit. The doctor nodded at me and left the room. I went over and sat on the edge of Luna’s bed, placing her hand in mine. It was ice cold. I drew circles over the back of her hand and stared at her face. Even in her state she still managed to look beautiful.


I don’t know how long I sat next to Luna on the bed. I stared at her, willing her to wake up. The only movement she made was the rising and sinking of her chest as she breathed.  A noise came from down on the bed. I looked down to see Luna looking at me. She was awake!

       “George, George what happened?” She croaked squeezing my hand. I looked at her, confused to what she was getting at.

       “I can tell something is wrong, George. I can see it in your eyes.” Her voice was stronger this time.  Of course she knew something was wrong. She knew me just as well as I knew myself.

       “It’s Ron.” I whispered, not wanting to overwhelm her with the news. “He’s gone.” Luna’s eyes filled with tears as she squeezed my hand. I looked down, unable to stop my own eyes from welling up.

       “Sir you have to leave now!’ A harsh voice came from the door. Luna and I looked up to see the bitch doctor standing slightly in front of the door.

       “No.” I glared at her. “I am staying right here.” I looked down at Luna to see her nodding weakly.

          “Fine!” The doctor snapped slamming the door shut as she stormed out of the room. I smiled at Luna and swung my legs over so I was lying on the bed with her. She snuggled into my chest as much as she could and sighed softly.

       “Good night George.” She closed her eyes. I pressed my lips against her forehead.

       “Good night my love.”




       “Are you ready to leave miss?” A doctor asked Luna as we walked out of the front door of St. Mungo’s. Luna nodded and took my hand.

       “Now remember no vigorous…exercise for three more weeks.” The doctor winked at us. I felt the tips of my ears going bright red. I knew what he was insinuating.

       “Of course not Sir.” Luna said in a sweet voice and we walked away from the hospital.


We arrived at the Burrow a short time later to find Hermione, Ginny, Lavender and to my surprise Seamus waiting for us. We each took it in turns to hug everyone before taking a seat in the sitting room

       “So Lavender, how far along are you?” Luna asked her in a quiet voice. The subject of Lavender’s pregnancy was almost a touchy as the one of Ron. Lavender’s eyes filled with tears as she gulped for air.

       “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” Luna whispered, but Lavender shook her head.

       “No it’s fine Luna. I’m eight months and two days.” She croaked. I noticed Seamus’ eyes hadn’t left her face ever since we got here. It hit me suddenly. I knew what was going on.

       “Seamus can I talk to you for a minute.” I asked as the girls shared a moment. He nodded and got off the couch. I followed him out and motioned for him to go upstairs.

       “Yes George.” He asked leaning against the narrow wall of the hallway.

       “You still have feelings for Lavender, don’t you?” I questioned looking directly at Seamus. His face visibly paled as he fidgeted with the sleeve to his shirt.

       “Is it that obvious?” He asked his brown eyes darting from mine down to the ground.

       “Yeah it is. But just don’t make a move on her. She is pregnant with my dead brother’s child and she isn’t going to get over it for a while.” Seamus nodded.

       “I know. I just want to be here for her as a friend and once she is ready to move on I will help her. All I want is for her to be happy, even if it is not with me.” I nodded as we came back down to join the girls.

Chapter 21: Drifting
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 It was the morning of Ron’s funeral and I was standing in the middle of Luna’s bathroom doing up my belt. Everyone apart from Lavender, Seamus and I went back to Hogwarts the next day. They had less than two months until they graduated. I can’t believe I won’t get to see him walk across that stage with Ginny and the others. It just hasn’t registered that he is gone yet. I guess that's why today was so important to us; the closure on Ron's death.

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts and I turned to see Luna standing there looking stunning in a black dress.

       “Luna, you look amazing.” I breathed wrapping my arms around her waist. She giggled softly.

       “So would you if you put a shirt on.” I pretended to look offended while pulling my arms through my long black shirt.

       “Come on it’s time to go.” She said taking my hand. I sighed as we apparated away.


The graveyard was already packed with people when Luna and I arrived. Hundreds of people had turned up to pay their last respects to one third of the golden trio. Luna and I walked through the crowd searching for a familiar face.

        “Look there’s Seamus!” Luna half-shouted over the noise, dragging me towards him. I looked over to see him standing there with what my father had told me was a guitar (some muggle thing that they played to make music, or so he said).

        “I didn’t know you play guitar.” I said once we reached him.

       “Chicks dig it apparently.” Seamus laughed shakily, his eyes darting towards where I knew Lavender must be. I just looked at him.

        “Lavender asked me to dedicate a song to Ron from her since she knows I play.” He finally said. I exchanged a look with Luna just as Mum told everyone to take their seats. She seemed to have figured out what was going on as well.


The ceremony was short but sweet in the end. Every single person that showed up to pay their last respects to him had something nice to say. Finally it was Seamus’ turn to go up and speak. I watched him walk up to the podium with his guitar slung around his back. His speech started off just like everybody else’s; saying that Ron was a true hero, but then it went on.

       “Ron Weasley was a hero.” He started. I could tell everyone thought it was just going to be another boring speech about him. But of course they were wrong.

        “I lived with Ron ever since I was eleven and although we were never the best of friends I thank him. I thank him for showing me true friendship, I thank him for always being able to make everyone laugh but most of all I thank him for my life. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron barrelled into the Death Eater I was duelling. The duel was close and I was losing. That’s when Ron barged into him, allowing me a second extra to defeat him. I don’t think he realized it but still, I owe my life to him, and now it is too late.”

There was a moment of silence from the crowd. I looked over to see Lavender sitting there sobbing. I guess no one had known what Seamus was going to say.

       “Now Lavender has asked me to dedicate a song to Ron from her. This is called ‘Gone Too Soon’ by Simple Plan.”

Seamus grasped his guitar and began to sing.

       “Hey there now, where'd you go?
You left me here so unexpected."

Seamus  was strumming his guitar with his eyes closed. I felt light headed as I listened to the words of the song.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to trap the tears. I pressed my hands to my ears to try and stop the song getting through. I mean, there was nothing wrong with his singing, just the words.

"Like a shooting star, flyin' across the room, so fast so far you were gone too soon."

At last I managed to block out all the noise. I was left to sit in my own silence as Seamus finished the song.

With a flourish he finished the song. I felt my heart drop as the crowd applauded his performance. Not only was this song relevant to Ron, but also to Fred.

I felt Luna’s hand squeeze my own as my eyes prickled with tears. I dropped my head down so no one could see the affect the song had on me. Minutes, if not hours passed as Luna and I sat there, unmoving.

I finally looked up to see that the large crowd had left and all that was left were Luna and I.

       “George I need to ask you something.” Luna spoke up. I sighed and nodded, hoping it wouldn’t be more bad news.

       “Do you want to visit Fred’s grave?” She whispered hesitantly as if she was afraid of how I would react. I was shocked. I didn’t realize that Fred was buried here. I did want to see him though, so I nodded and let Luna lead me over to a tombstone. On it read: 

                                                         R.I.P Fred Weasley.

                                      Best friend, Co-prankster, Loving Brother.

                                                     1 April 1978- 2 May 1998.

I knelt down in front of it staring at the engraved marble. It really was beautiful. I felt a tear trickle down my face as I saw the amount of flowers that surrounded the headstone. I pulled Fred’s wand out of my pocket as well as my own. With shaking hands I lay Fred’s wand among the flowers. I knew that was where it belonged. I then picked up my own wand and waved it. Out of nowhere a bunch of flowers appeared. I caught them with one hand and laid them down, tears now flowing freely down my face.

A small hand enclosed on my shoulder and I looked up to find Luna had returned. I had no idea how long I had stayed with Fred, but I guessed hours since the sky was now darkening.

       “Come on George, we have to go home now.” I nodded and stood up. Taking one last look at Fred’s headstone I wrapped my arms around Luna’s waist.

       “Thank you.” I breathed into her ear. I knew she would understand what I meant. She nodded and gripped my hand. I shut my eyes as the familiar feeling of being sucked into a pipe enclosed me once again.

Chapter 22: Unexpected
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 After everyone had left for Hogwarts I felt myself spending most of my time at the Burrow with Lavender. We had become quite close in the weeks that had past and her baby was nearly due. I think I was as excited as she was.

Seamus was almost always there as well. He spent more time with Lavender than I did. I admired that boy. He never tried anything with her. He was there for her as a friend and never anything more, and I respected him for that.




There was a loud knock at the door to the Burrow. Only Lavender, Seamus and I were there so I went to answer it. I opened the door and stared at the person who stood on the doorstep. I felt hatred bubbling up inside me as he smiled wickedly at me and stepped inside without even being asked.

       “Afternoon Weasley.” He smirked looking around.

       “Longbottom.” I said stiffly. “What do you want?” Longbottom didn’t reply, he just walked swiftly to where I knew Seamus and Lavender would be waiting for me to return. I hurried after him and arrived just in time to see the shocked looks on their faces. Everyone knew what he had done to Luna and me. So what was he doing here?

       “Oh Lavender, how sad it is that poor Ronny had to die so suddenly, especially with a child on the way.” He said sarcastically. Lavender looked like she was about to burst into tears. I glared at Neville as he continued.

       “What a tragic accident, except that is wasn’t an accident.” I stared at Longbottom as Lavender went pale. He was kidding, right?”

       “What do you mean Longbottom?” I snarled going over to where Lavender and Seamus were sitting, both looking horrified. I sat down and put my arm around Lavender’s shoulder.

       “Oh yes, you should have seen his face; priceless! He looked so confused when I veered his stupid muggle transportation thing off the road. I can remember it so clearly, especially the part where he screamed for Hermione to save him.” Longbottom was laughing cruelly now. Lavender leaned back against me. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. I caught Seamus’ eye. He looked like he was about to cry as well. It was at this moment I realized how much he loved her.

       “Oh what’s wrong Lavender?” He smirked. “Did you really believe that Weasel really loved you? No of course he never stopped loving Granger.” I felt overcome with rage. How could he just arrive here out of the blue and say that shit to my family?!? I jumped up and pushed Longbottom against the wall, my wand pressed to his neck.

       “How dare you.” I snarled. A look of fear came across his face before it changed back to the horrible uncaring one he now wore.

       “How dare you come in here, after all the pain you caused me and say something like that?” I backed him further into the wall. “Give me one good reason good reason why I shouldn’t just kill you right now.”

       “George!” Lavender gasped. I turned my head slightly to see her clutching her stomach. “My water just broke.”

       “This isn’t over Longbottom.” I snarled, punching him hard in the nose before racing over to where Lavender was breathing heavily. I grabbed her hand and helped her walk as quickly as possible to the Floo Network where we flooed to St. Mungo’s.




I paced back and forth in the waiting room. Lavender had been gone for over four hours now and the others hadn’t arrived from Hogwarts yet. I was waiting all by myself, since Lavender had, strangely enough, asked Seamus to go with her and my parents were at home dealing with Neville.

I ran a hand through my hair as I continued pacing.

       “George?” A familiar voice came from behind me. I turned around to see Luna standing in the doorway. “George, where is she?” Luna came rushing towards me. I caught her in my arms before releasing her quickly.

       “In the delivery room.” I replied. “Seamus is with her.” Luna raised an eyebrow at me before rushing off again.

       “George?” Another voice said. I looked up to see that Harry, Ginny, Draco and Hermione had followed Luna in. My eyes focused on Hermione. She was standing there in Draco’s arms. It was obvious how in love they were, but I had to tell her.

       “Hermione, can I talk to you for a second?” She nodded as we headed towards the far corner of the waiting room.

       “Hermione, did you know that Ron was still in love with you when he died?” I asked, cutting right to the chase. Hermione visibly paled as shook her head. I then went on to explain to her what Longbottom had told me.

Tears were running down Hermione’s cheeks when I finished the story. She shook her head.

       “But how? He was so in love with Lavender…” She trailed of still sobbing quietly. I knew this must have been hard for her to hear, seeing as it too her so long to get over Ron in the first place. I felt a hand on my shoulder as I opened my mouth to reply. I turned around to see Draco standing there staring at Hermione lovingly.

       “I’ll take it from here George.” He said softly wrapping his arms around her. I knew that somehow Draco knew exactly what was going on.

       “I love you Draco.” Hermione whispered clinging to him. Draco smiled as I walked off.

       “I love you too beautiful.”


Luna’s P.O.V


I trudged into the waiting room to find five sleeping forms over the place. There were Ginny and Harry huddled together in the far corner. Then there were Draco and Hermione fast asleep on the floor at their feet, and then there was George; all alone in one of the plastic chairs. Not wanting to wake the others, I tiptoed over to George and kissed him on the nose. He opened his bright green eyes and jumped slightly.

       “Gosh Luna, you scared me.” He whispered standing up and kissing my properly. My heart stuttered at the contact of his lips. I smiled into the kiss, pressing my tongue against his lips. George granted me access immediately as our tongues entwined together. I had missed the taste of him so much and I wanted more. I pressed my body closer to his as he pushed me into a wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I felt something hard against my thigh as George pulled away from me.

       “Luna, not now, we are in a hospital.” I suddenly remembered the reason we were here; Lavender.

       “Follow me.” I whispered dragging George out of the room with me.


When we arrived in Lavender’s room she was asleep with her baby lying on her chest, Seamus sitting in a chair next to her bed, staring at her. I dragged two more chairs over and George and I sat down. I lifted Lavender’s baby off of her and handed her to George.

       “Meet Isobelle Luna Brown.” I whispered as George looked down into her perfect face. She looked exactly like Lavender, with the exception of her bright blue eyes.

       “George, Luna?” Lavender’s croaky voice came from beside us. She had finally woken. “Will you two please be her god parents?” I felt my eyes well up with tears as I nodded along with George.

       “Of course Lavender.” I said, taking Isobelle from George and handing her back to Lavender.

       “I’ll go and get the others.” Seamus said. I had forgotten he was there. He stood up and kissed Lavender on the head before exiting the room. I raised my eyebrows at Lavender as she blushed slightly. A loud squeal came from the doorway. I assumed the others had arrived. George squeezed my hand as we backed up to let everyone through. We watched as everyone oohed and ahhed over Isobelle, our miracle from out of the blue.

Chapter 23: Devious
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 George’s P.O.V



Two weeks had passed since Lavender had given birth to Isobelle and Neville had vanished.  Valentine’s Day was in two days and I was worried he might make an appearance. Everyone had gone back to Hogwarts, but since Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday they had a Hogsmeade trip. I was all set to surprise Luna and I had the help of Lavender, Seamus, Ginny, Harry, Hermione and Draco. Luna had no idea what was going on.




Valentine ’s Day came and Lavender, Seamus and I apparated to Hogsmeade with baby Isobelle.  They both wished me good luck as I walked to a secluded part of Hogsmeade, right near Zonko’s. As far as I knew, only Fred and I knew about it, we had never seen anyone else there before. I leaned against the old willow tree, turning the small box in my pocket over and over in my sweaty hand. Now all I could do was wait for Luna to arrive.

       “Fred, I remember the first time we found this place. Please don’t be mad at me for showing it to Luna. She is so special to me and this is the place I need.” I mumbled running my hand down the bark of the tree. I felt some of the nervousness leave me as a gust of warm wind ruffled my hair. I smiled.

       “Thank you Fred.” I thought as I sunk down against the tree.


Luna’s P.O.V


I walked down the path to Hogsmeade by myself. Everyone else had already left in couples and I was meeting George there. I arrived at The Three Broomsticks, but George was nowhere in sight. I looked around to see Lavender and Seamus sitting in one of the booths waving at me. I walked over to them to see Isobelle sitting between them, sucking on Seamus’ thumb.

       “Hey guys, have you seen George?” I asked. Lavender nodded and handed me a piece of folded parchment. On it was neatly written:


‘Luna, my love this is a little hunt

To find me you will have to go out front

Luna, my love you are so sweet

Go to a place that you can buy treats’


I refolded it and turned back to Lavender.

       “George gave this to you?” I asked as she nodded again.

       “All around us are clues to help you find him, have you figured out the first one?” I thought for a second before it hit me. Honeydukes!

       “Thank you Lavender, Seamus! I have to go.” With that I ran out of The Three Broomsticks.

I arrived outside Honeydukes out of breath. I opened the door and was hit by a load of sweet scents. My eyes searched the store and finally found Draco and Hermione at the very back of the store, snuggled together.

       “Hello Luna.” They said together when I reached them.

       “Hey guys, have you seen George?” Hermione smiled and handed me another piece of parchment.


Luna, my love you’re so smart

One of the many reasons you have my heart

Go and look where shrieks can be heard

And get your next clue off of your bird’


       “Thank you guys!” I yelled as I sprinted out the door. I knew what this one meant straight away. I ran through Hogsmeade towards the Shrieking Shack where I found Pebbles sitting on a fence. I was shocked that George had been able to make him stay there. I ran over to him and untied the letter from his leg.


Luna, my love this task was so long

Thank you for coming and being so strong

Go to the place where the jokers shop

There you will find your clue on top.’


“On top? I hope he doesn’t mean on the roof.” I thought to myself as I headed towards Zonko’s. I opened the door and squeezed inside. It sure was packed. I inched through the crowd and walked up the stair to the second landing. I looked around and saw Harry and Ginny waving me over.

       “Hey guys, do you have anything from George?” I asked as I approached them.

       “Sure do Luna.” Harry said cheerfully handing me a piece of parchment.


‘Luna, my love you are so near

You don’t have to listen to what you can hear

Come around the back and find the big tree

That is the final step to reaching me’


Finally! This must be the last clue. I race out of Zonko’s and walked around the back to find a single willow tree in the middle of a meadow filled flowers. I had never seen anything like it before. I walked towards the tree. Stellotaped to it was a large envelope. I pealed it off gently and lifted the seal. Inside were dozens and dozens of tiny hearts and one massive one. I took it out and turned it around. Written on it in large letters was ‘I LOVE YOU’.

       “Marry me?” I gasped and turned around. George was kneeling in front of me, a beautiful ring in his hand. I nodded, tears welling up in my eyes as I jumped on him.

       “Yes…Yes!” I yelled kissing him on the cheek. Tears were running down my cheeks freely now as George slid the ring onto my fourth finger. I lifted it up and admired it. It was beautiful; a blue sapphire surrounded my diamonds. I suddenly realised something.

       “George, is this my mother’s ring?” I asked as I cuddled into him. He nodded and took my hand.

       “Your dad gave it to me just before Christmas, but I had never found the right time to give it to you. Also it matches your eyes.”

       “I love you George.” I murmured before kissing him deeply.


Neville’s P.O.V


I watched as Weasley and Luna sat in the meadow behind Zonko’s. A voice came from behind me and I turned around to see Pansy standing there.

       “Now Longbottom, you know what you have to do.” She said turning me back to face the couple. “Just kill them both and I can lift the imperious curse off you.” I nodded and walked away from her into the meadow.

       “Longbottom!” Weasley exclaimed jumping up and standing in front of Luna. “Stay away from us!” I laughed and pointed my wand at them. I watched as George backed Luna into the tree, shielding her with his body.

       “Any last words?” I sneered drawing closer to them.


George’s P.O.V


I pressed my back against Luna as Longbottom advanced on us. I had been so stupid and forgotten my wand. Longbottom pointed his wand at my chest.

       “Say goodbye Weasley.” He snarled. I put my arms around me holding onto Luna tightly. I squeezed my eyes shut waiting for the spell to come; the one that would end it all.

       “Stupify!” I heard a voice scream and opened my eyes to see Draco, Hermione, Harry and Ginny running towards us. I turned around and took Luna in my arms. She was shaking hard, tears of fear slipping down her cheeks this time.

       “Luna, shhh. It’s okay, I’m here now. No one is going to hurt us.” I stroked her hair, kissing her tears away.

       “How did you know where to find us?” I asked turning to Harry.

       “Ginny and I were leaving Zonko’s when we saw Pansy with Neville. We snuck up to them under my Invisibility Cloak and listened to their conversation. Turns out that Neville here is under the imperious curse and Pansy was ordering him to kill you both. We ran to get Draco and Hermione just in case we needed back up.” Harry explained.

       “The imperious curse, really?” I asked taking hold of Luna’s hand. She had stopped crying now and was looking on intently. Harry nodded and walked over to where Draco was tying Neville up.

       “Don’t worry guys; we will take them to the ministry. Why don’t you head back to the castle?” Hermione said wrapping us in her arms. “Oh and congratulations.” She winked taking Luna’s left hand in her own, examining the ring. I felt my cheeks burning as Luna smiled.

       “Thanks Hermione.” I smiled as Luna and I headed back to the castle.

Chapter 24: Finally
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Luna’s P.O.V


‘Dear Mr Weasley and Ms Lovegood,

In regards to the letter you sent to us, we have held a hearing for Mr Neville Longbottom and Miss Pansy Parkinson. The charges that have been set are as such:

Miss Parkinson confessed, under the influence of Veritasyrum to placing the imperious curse on Mr Longbottom and forcing him to kill Mr Ronald Weasley, due to the fact that he killed her father in the Second Wizarding War. She has been sentenced to 25 years to life in Azkaban.

Mr Neville Longbottom has confessed, also under the influence of Veritasyrum that he knew nothing of what Miss Parkinson had planned for him and is in Magical Rehab for three weeks. He is no longer a danger to anyone and will be returning to Hogwarts for his seventh year graduation.



Jake Walmbirss.


I sighed as I unfolded and refolded the letter and stuffed it inside my robes. I had read it so many times that I had it memorised. It was the day of Graduation, and I still hadn’t seen Neville anywhere.

The Great Hall was packed with parents, friends, students and teachers and it was impossible to pick a face out of the crowd. I kept my eyes to the front, not looking around at all. I had no idea what I would do if I saw Neville, so I tried to block it from my mind.

Finally it was time to accept our diplomas. The ceremony had already taken a couple of hours for speeches and now the entire seventh year had to be called up individually. We would be called up in alphabetical order by last name, meaning Neville would be right before me. It was when the ‘J’ section was being called that I turned to my side to find the seat next to mine occupied at last. He looked no different to the last time I saw him, except for his eyes. The evil spark that was once there was now replaced by a sorrowful look.

I found myself staring into Neville’s face until he stood up and walked onto the stage. I shook my head quickly to compose myself and followed him up once my name was called. I walked up and accepted my diploma from a beaming McGonagall and sat down to watch everyone else receive theirs.

After every single year seven student had received their diploma, Professor McGonagall stood up again.

       “As some of you may know, we lost a dear student this year.” She began. I looked around uneasily, trying not to meet anyone’s eye. I saw Harry, Ginny and Hermione doing the same thing.

       “Ronald Weasley was a dear student. He took a big part in the Second Wizarding War and was killed tragically in the New Year.” I looked down at my hands, tears blurring my vision as the speech continued. I felt a hand on my arm and looked up to see Neville looking at me for the first time that day, his eyes also full of tears.

       “I’m so sorry, Luna, for everything.” He said, his voice cracking as tears began to slide down his face. I squeezed his hand and leaned against his shoulder as he sobbed. This was the Neville I knew and loved, and now he had to live with the burden of somebody else’s actions.

       “I know.” I whispered, the tears falling freely down my face now.




George’s P.O.V

I stood with my back against the wall scanning the crowd for Luna. The graduation ceremony had ended over twenty minutes ago, and I was still to glimpse her.

       “George!” a voice rose from the crowd. I turned to see Luna hurrying towards me towing Neville behind her. I had read the letter that the Ministry sent me, and I knew it would be important to Luna for me to forgive him. Luna threw herself into my arms as Neville stood awkwardly behind us.

       “Congratulations baby.” I murmured kissing her temple softly. Luna grinned as I released her from my arms, taking her hand in mine.

       “Congratulations Neville.” I said leaning forward and shaking his hand. Neville looked shocked at my gesture, but quickly recovered taking my head in his.

       “Listen, George.” Neville began, releasing his hand and shoving it in his robe pocket. “I’m so sorry for everything that has happened this year. I’m sorry for the things that Pansy made me do to your family. I had no idea what happened to me and I was scared and confused.” I looked straight into his eyes as he spoke. I knew that his words were sincere.

       “It’s okay Neville, it wasn’t your fault.” I said as he let a breath out. I looked down at Luna to find her grinning up at me.

       “Ask him.” She whispered into my ear when I leaned down to kiss her. I suddenly remembered the conversation we had had earlier that month.

       “Neville?” I called as he turned to walk away. “Luna wants to invite you to our wedding, if you wanted to come, that is.” I said as he paused to look at me.

       “I’d like that.” He said quietly as he turned to walk away from us. Luna squeezed my hand and I smiled down at her. Looks like things were finally going to work out after all.

Chapter 25: Blame
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 Luna’s P.O.V



       “HEN’S PARTY!” Hermione yelled as her, Ginny and Lavender streamed into the house George and I had recently bought. I giggled as I shut the door behind them. It was two days before mine and George’s wedding and he was having a bachelor party at some club somewhere.

       “Are you ready to go?” Ginny asked as I rushed up the stairs to grab my purse. I hurried down the stairs to where the girls were waiting and smiled.

       “So where are we going?” I asked no one in particular. They all giggled simultaneously as Lavender grabbed my hand.

       “You’ll see.” She said, turning on the spot in time to Hermione and Ginny.


I opened my eyes to find us standing in front of a magical nightclub, very well known for its Bachelorette parties.

       “You didn’t!” I gasped as they led me towards the door to ‘Infamous’.

       “Hello boys. We’re the Lovegood bachelorette party,” Ginny said as a group of very fit men strode over to us.

The man that seemed to be the “leader” stepped up. “Which one of you lovely women is the lucky lady who is getting married?”

Ginny and Lavender nudged me forward. “She is.”

       “Well then, your chariot awaits you.” Purred the leader backed away to reveal, indeed, a chariot that was being held up by four very strong wizards. I gaped at in, my mouth unable to form a coherent sentence as they lifted me up and took me to a table at the back of the club.

The leader, whose name apparently was Ryley, took our drink orders when the others arrived at the table.

After we had received our drinks Ginny announced that they had some presents for me.

       “Me first!” She exclaimed producing a very light and plain-looking black cardboard box. I had no Idea what it could be and then it struck me: Lingerie.

I pulled off the lid and stared at the contents. Of course I was right. And oh, did it make me uncomfortable.

There was a very small scarlet lacy thing that didn’t look like it could leave very much to the imagination at all (not that that was the point) and there was a bra and panties set in the same material. Oh, and a black silk robe, that went only mid-thigh.

       “Thanks, I guess.” I said after a few moments of silence from the other girls. “It was certainly what I was expecting to find. I’m thinking that George will be very happy.” Ginny gave a sigh of relief as I shoved the box on the chair next to me.

       “I have one similar.” Mumbled a blushing Lavender as she handed me a oddly shaped package. I gave her a surprised glance before opening the gift. Inside lay an ugly looking photo album.

Lavender pulled out her wand and tapped the cover of the album.

It magically transformed. Instead of the mouldy green colour it was, it was now a creamy ivory with lace trimmings. On the front cover, it said “George and Luna’s Wedding Memories.”

       “This was really from Mrs Weasley and me, since we thought it was appropriate for you and George to start your life together with an album.”

       “Thank you! I hadn’t even thought of having an album dedicated to our wedding! Thank you so much Lav!” I squealed wrapping an arm around her tiny waist, now free from her pregnancy weight. I unwound my arm from around Lavender and turned to see Hermione observing me.

       “This one is a bit different. It is from Harry, Ron and I.” She said tears glistening in her eyes as she mentioned Ron’s name. “We had this planned to give to you since we went back to Hogwarts.” With that Hermione handed me a small navy blue book. I glanced up at her before opening to the first page.

It was a photo album. Of Fred and George.

       “Oh my gosh,” I whispered turning through the pages carefully.

       “I thought you would have liked to see Fred and George how they grew up. They were like second brothers to Harry and I both and we wanted to share that with you.” She whispered quietly, her voice shaking slightly.

       “Thank you ‘Mione.” I said pulling the three of them into a massive hug.


George’s P.O.V


I had left the planning of my Bachelor party in the hands of Draco, Harry and Seamus, so I wasn’t surprised when I found myself on one of the busiest streets in London, the street that held the nightclub I had prayed we wouldn’t go to. How were the guys supposed to know what the place meant to me; to me and Fred? I stood staring at the entrance as the other guys dragged me into the nightclub known as ‘Cameron’s Cove’.

We were greeted at the door by a very leggy blonde.

       “George? I didn’t expect to see you here.” She said looking at me with surprise. I just nodded as she led us to our table; conveniently the same table that Fred and I had claimed as our own. Suddenly I wasn’t in the mood for celebrating anymore. Seamus pulled me off to the side just before we sat down.

       “Is everything all right?” He asked looking concerned. I just nodded again and sat down. No words could describe this place to them. Not one of them would understand.

       “Can I get you boys anything?” Our host, named Bree, asked almost as soon as we were seated. This was when I found my voice.

       “Just the regular please Bree.” I managed to croak out. She nodded and scribbled something on her pad of paper.

       “Oh and George, I am awfully sorry about Fred. I shouldn’t have left things the way I did.” She whispered, her big hazel eyes filling with tears of pain and guilt. I smiled at her and told her not to worry as she whisked away. I turned back to see three sets of eyes boring into me. Of course now I would have to explain things to them.

       “When Fred and I left Hogwarts in our seventh year, things were going pretty well at the joke shop, well enough that we could have weekends and nights off. We started coming to this club to get away from the business. That is how Fred met Bree. She was our regular waitress and the two of them soon formed a romance. It wasn’t a relationship, but you could tell it was heading in that direction. Gradually things got harder for both the joke shop and the club. This put tension on all of us and they soon fell apart. Before the war Fred came to see Bree. She was scared and yelled at him to never speak to her again.” After I finished there was silence. All three men looked at me with pity. I shook my head.

       “Don’t feel sorry for me, it should be Bree. She blames herself for Fred’s death; Knowing that her last words to him were words of anger. She thinks that if she didn’t say that to him, he would have survived.” I could feel the tears in my eyes, threatening to overspill.

       “Would you like to leave?” Harry asked me. He, better than anyone, would know what I was going through. I nodded as we got up from the table just as Bree was returning.

       “I’m so sorry Bree, but we are going to have to leave now, you understand?” I said quietly to her. She nodded, her eyes brimmed red. I could tell she had been crying.

       “Bree, you have to understand that it wasn’t your fault.” I said giving her a quick hug before we exited.




I awoke to the sound of someone at the door. I flicked on the bedside light to find Luna slipping into her pyjamas and climbing into bed.

       “Are you just getting in?” I asked as she curled up against me. She nodded.

       “Why, how long have you been home for?” She questioned sitting up to look at me.

       “We lasted for about thirty minutes before coming back here.” I said quietly, playing with the fray of the blanket. Luna looked at me her eyes questioning me. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to slip past this so I went ahead and told her everything.

By the time I was finished tears were streaming down Luna’s face. I looked at her in alarm.

       “Luna, love, what’s wrong?” I asked as she sobbed against my chest.

       “It wasn’t Bree’s fault.” I rubbed my hand up and down her back soothing her quietly.

       “I know.” I murmured into her hair. Luna sat straight up and looked at me.

       “No, you don’t understand. It wasn’t Bree’s fault because it was mine.” She cried. I stared at her. She couldn’t possibly believe that she was to blame for Fred’s death?

       “It was my entire fault! I was battling a group of death eaters by myself and loosing badly when Fred and Dean Thomas came to my rescue. If I had of stunned the before they got there, then they both could still be alive. Instead they both died and I survived! Why not them?” Luna wailed pulling her knees up to her chin and rocking back and forth on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her shaking body.

       “Luna, it is not your fault. It isn’t our fault. It’s theirs. It’s all theirs.” I soothed as her cries turned to hiccups.

       “I love you George.” She whispered hoarsely.

       “I love you too beautiful.” I kissed her as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 26: Believe
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Harry’s P.O.V



I rattled my key around in the lock to the apartment Ginny and I shared. It was my lunch break and I had decided to surprise Ginny with a romantic lunch. Since I had begun my job as an Auror, there wasn’t very much time I had to spend alone with Ginny.

I walked into the apartment tossing my keys on the counter.

       “Gin?” I called out as I made my way through the small rooms. Just before I reached the door to the room Ginny and I shared the door flung open and Ginny came hurrying out, pulling a big grey jumper over her naked body.

       “Harry? What are you doing home?” She asked, glancing back over her shoulder.

       “I thought I might treat you to a special lunch. Why aren’t you dressed?” I asked observing her body.

       “I just had a shower.” Ginny mumbled under her breath, looking around distractedly.

       “You’re hair isn’t wet Gin.” I said starting to get suspicious as I looked more closely at her. “Why are you all red and sweaty?”

       “Harry…” Ginny started but was cut off by a voice; A male voice coming from our bedroom. I sucked in a quick breath and pushed past Ginny opening the door, ignoring all her protests.

There lying in the middle of our giant bed, covered in only a thin sheet was none other than Victor Krum. I stared at him for a moment until I felt a breath on my neck.

       “You’ve been cheating on me!” I roared turning to face Ginny, absolutely vivid. “I can't believe it! How could you do this to me; to Hermione?” Ginny just looked at me with no remorse on her face.

       “Leave then.” She said so quietly that I nearly didn’t hear her. “Go on leave!” She suddenly screamed. “You never loved me! NEVER!” I looked at her in shock as she raced past me falling right into Krum’s arms. I took a slow, controlling breath before I spoke again.

       “Get out of my house, and take him with you.” I said going to the wardrobe and throwing everything belonging to Ginny on the floor, tears slowly slipping down my cheeks. When I turned around Ginny was standing again.

       “I hate you Harry Potter, you and all your friends and all my family. This is the last time I will ever have contact with any of you!” She said in a menacing tone as I walked out of the room leaving all my memories behind.


George’s P.O.V


 Luna and I were sitting at the kitchen table reading a letter from Mrs Weasley when Harry arrived; looking like he had been crying. I dropped the letter outlining the final seating arrangements as Luna raced to Harry’s side.

       “Harry? What happened?” She asked tentatively placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry just shook his head gulping.

       “Gi…Ginny…is cheating…Krum.” He managed to gasp out before breaking down on Luna’s shoulder. I got up from the table and strode over to the fireplace fully intent on laying into my sister before Harry’s voice interrupted me.

       “Don’t bother George, it’s no use.” He said, managing to speak properly now. “I kicked her out after she screamed that she wanted nothing to do with any of us, not even your family, so I doubt that she will be at your wedding tomorrow.” I gaped at him. What did he mean she wanted nothing to do with us? We were her family after all.

       “What are we going to tell Hermione?” Luna asked after a lengthy silence. I looked at her in confusion before she explained herself. “It is golden rule in friendship that you should never date your best friend’s ex-boyfriend; especially not while cheating at the same time.” I thought about the bushy haired bookworm, who had been through so much in the last few months, not to mention the war.

       “We have to tell her the truth.” I said after a moment. “It wouldn’t be fair to keep something like that from her.

       “I’ll go.” Harry volunteered giving Luna a long hug and clapping me on the shoulder. “I’ll owl you when I tell her.”


Once Harry was gone Luna and I sat down at the table looking over the details once again.

      “Ginny.” I said suddenly remembering that we were now one person short, and nothing could be changed now. “We need someone to take her place and doing so will help Harry.” I said passing Luna the seating chart. Luna looked over it for a minute brooding and then scribbled a name down and passed it back to me. Scrawled neatly next to Harry’s name was ‘Bree’. Of course, who else would we ask?

      “Perfect.” I breathed squeezing Luna’s hand and standing up. “I’ll owl her.” I walked up the stair to where Pebbles was and wrote a quick letter to Bree explaining our situation. I was just about to leave when an owl landed on the window sill. I picked up the scroll of parchment and began to read.

       ‘George and Luna,

                               Everything is fine with Hermione. I am staying at her and Draco’s place until I buy a new house. I have also let your mother know about Ginny’s decisions. She is upset, but saw it coming. We will see you tomorrow.

       Love, Harry’


I scrolled up the letter and ran downstairs to give it to Luna.




It was nearly time for me to leave for Seamus’ house for the night when Bree’s owl arrived.

       ‘George,’ it read.

       ‘I would love to come to your wedding, I am so glad you invited me, there is just a tiny problem. I am having trouble getting a baby sitter for my one year old daughter, Karma-Lace, so I was wondering if it was alright if she came with me. I know it is a bit of a shock, but I would love for her to meet her family eventually, even if she never gets to meet her father.

Harry seems likes a nice guy, I’m sure I can get him to have fun.

      Lots of love, Bree.’


I gaped at Luna as she read the letter. Did I have to believe that Bree and Fred had a child?

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Chapter 27: Bound
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  George’s P.O.V


The wedding would begin in about an hour. My wedding. I knew I ought to be happy, but I was just not as happy as you would expect a groom to be. I was marrying the girl of my dreams in just a few short hours, but I still felt empty.

I kept thinking of Fred; of how he was not going to be there. He was supposed to be here, standing next to me as my best man as I got married. But he wasn’t and he never would be again.

I walked out into the garden behind the Burrow, and stopped short when I saw it. In the position my best man was supposed to stand, sitting on a tall stool, was a portrait of Fred.

       “I thought it was fitting that it was Fred.” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Seamus standing behind me, fitting in his best man’s suit still.

       “I didn’t feel right taking his place, knowing that is should have been him.” I gaped at him. Not Luna…

       “You…” I whispered lost for words for a minute. Seamus just nodded at me.

       “Come on. It’s time.” He said before I had time to break down again. I gripped Seamus in a hug before taking my place under the archway.


Luna’s P.O.V


       “Luna pear, it’s time.” I heard her father say from the other side of her door.

I took a deep breath and nodded to Hermione. Since Ginny had bailed on us, I was left with only Hermione as my bride’s maid. I watched as Hermione slid out of the kitchen where we were waiting for our cue.

       “Oh my baby, you look just beautiful!” My father said embracing me as we positioned ourselves in front of the back door to the Burrow.

       “Thank you daddy.” I whispered as he took my hand.

It was time.


George’s P.O.V


The garden behind the Burrow was, of course, decorated beautifully. A sky blue silk runner cut across the sky strung between trees, sprinkled with pale yellow rose petals. White and yellow rose arrangements were spaced strategically throughout the garden. It was simple, yet extremely elegant. An archway had been set up at the end of the aisle, covered in green ivy with white roses arranged in it, had little fairy lights strung across it. Luna and Hermione sure had done an amazing job on the wedding ceremony.


I looked nervously around waiting for the wedding march to start. The place was packed with people. Sitting next to Harry was, of course Bree. They looked like they were getting along well. I quickly glanced at Bree’s lap to see an adorable baby. I guessed this must have been Fred’s daughter. Before I could looked more closely the back door to the Burrow swung open and I saw Luna walk out… if you could call it walking, it was more like gliding. She looked absolutely angelic. The gasps of the guests were lost on his ears as Luna walked down the aisle, a vision of pale blue silk and glistening beads.

I understood the decorations perfectly now. Luna had designed them to match the colour of her dress to a clinch. The blossoming yellow flowers of her bouquet brought out the blush on her cheeks, and her blue pearl earrings matched her eyes and engagement ring flawlessly. I looked away from Luna for a split second to see that most of the crowd was following her with their eyes. I turned back to the front just as Luna reached me.


I looked into her eyes and was shocked to see that they were brimming with tears. For a moment, I panicked. She was regretting everything. She didn’t want to marry me. I had forced her into this to young and early in our relationship. She wasn’t ready.

My thoughts must have been etched on my face because when Luna took my hand she gave it a reassuring squeeze. I smiled down at the beautiful woman in front of me as we turned our attention to Kingsley, who was conducting the ceremony.


       “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today,” Kingsley’s deep voice boomed over the audience as I stared into Luna’s deep blue eyes.

       “You look beautiful, as usual,” I whispered to her in a voice only she could hear. Luna broke out in a cheeky grin as she squeezed our hands together.

       “And you look so happy,” She replied not taking her eyes off mine. Neither of us noticed that Kingsley had addressed us personally until a chorus of small chuckles from the crowd pulled us back to reality.

Luna flushed further as Kinglsey grinned at the two of us before I spoke.

       “I’m sorry, Minister, you were saying?” I said sheepishly turning to look at Luna again.

       “I asked if I could have the rings.” The teasing in Kinglsey’s voice could not be mistaken. Hermione stepped forward, took one of the rings off of Fred’s stool and handed the rings to the couple.

 And then Kingsley started in on the vows. Luna and I had decided beforehand to write out own.

        “Luna,” I began softly, taking a crumpled piece of pater out of my pocket.

       “I love you so much words can’t even begin to describe it. I never thought I would find someone as beautiful and genuine as you. You saved me when I thought no one else could. You refused me to let me slip away from the reality of losing my best friend.” I looked up at Luna to see tears dripping slowly down her cheeks. I quickly wrapped my speech and Luna began hers.

       “From the first time I met you I knew you were something different. There was a light to you that I admired, envied even and after the war I couldn’t bear to see the light die. I wanted you to reobtain the lightness in your eyes, but never once did I imagine that we would fall in love. I don’t regret any of it and I do love you so much.” I stared at Luna, my eyes misting over as she spoke.

After our vows was the big part.

       “George Gideon Weasley, do you take Miss Luna Elizabeth Lovegood to be your lawful wedded wife?” Kingsley’s voice boomed out.

       “I do.” I whispered slipping the ring onto Luna’s finger.

       “And Luna Elizabeth Lovegood, do you take Mr George Gideon Weasley to be your lawful wedded husband?”

       “I…I do.” Luna choked out between her tears.

       “I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” I squeezed Luna’s small hands between mine and captured her lips in a kiss. The reaction was immediate. Sparks flew around us as we broke apart. I looked out over the crowd to see that they were all looking at us in shock. It was obvious they had all seen the connection bound between us.


Luna’s P.O.V


The Wedding moved smoothly into the reception. Since George and I had decided to have an afternoon wedding, the sun was just setting as the reception began. George and I waited outside the large tent that had been set up for the party to be announced. I was brimming with happiness as I stood wrapped in George’s arms.

       “George?” A voice came from behind us. I turned to see a gorgeous blonde standing there with a baby in her arms. This could only be…

       “Bree.” George breathed as we walked over to greet her.

       “Um, I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me. Your wedding was absolutely stunning. Also I would like you to meet Karma-Lace.” I looked down at the gorgeous baby in her hands. They looked so much alike, except for the eyes. She had the same eyes and George…and Fred.

       “She’s beautiful.” I whispered as George took her in his arms.

       “Thank you, Bree, for coming.” George said handing Karma-Lace back to Bree. “You better get inside, the reception is about to start.”


The inside of the tent was beautiful. There was a rather large dance floor surrounded by tables decorated in blue and yellow decorations. I knew it was the right idea to have Hermione in charge of these decorations. George and I walked in to the sound of applause as we took our place at the dead of the table. Sitting closest to us was Seamus, Hermione, Harry, Bree, Draco, Lavender and my father and George’s parents.

The speeches were short and sweet, mostly outlining the change in both George and myself since we had gotten together. Finally we were down to the very last one.

Tapping his fork against his glass to get the quests attention again, Seamus stood up and addressed the crowd.

       “In these past few months, I can’t even start to explain how much the people sitting around me mean to me. Something you all should know was that George actually chose me to be his best man at the wedding today. I was honoured of course, but it just didn’t feel right. Fred Weasley was supposed to be the one standing next to George up there, not me. I guess I realized today that life is short, and shouldn’t be wasted. So I would like to sing a song before the reception starts.”

With that Seamus went to the corner of the tent and retrieved his guitar. I smiled knowing exactly what was going to happen. Seamus had cleared this with me weeks ago.

      “This is for Lavender.” Seamus began to sing as Lavender turned a light shade of pink.

Seamus played the opening chords of a song I didn't recognise, but Lavender seemed to fall in love with it immediately.

George squeezed my hand under the table as Seamus wrapped up the song. Lavender was looking at Seamus with tears in her eyes. Seamus placed his guitar on the floor and sat back down next to Lavender, avoiding eye contact with everyone. Lavender leaned over and kissed Seamus on the cheek. The whole table burst into applause at this.


It was finally time for George’s and my first dance as a married couple. George and I took our place in the middle of the dance floor as the song started. We had both decided on the muggle song “Your Guardian Angel” as our wedding song. With all that had happened, it seemed fitting.

George and I moved in time to the music as other couples joined us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Seamus and Lavender dancing together, while talking quietly, Draco and Hermione and also Bree and Harry.

Soon enough our dance was over and it was time for the Bride’s dance with her father. Daddy walked over to me and gave me an awkward bow. He took my hand from George’s and led me back out onto the dance floor. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to the song my father had chosen. It was our song. The one we had danced to when I was a little girl. “I Loved Her First”.

       “Daddy,” I began trying to find words.

He smiled at me, knowing exactly what the song meant and replied, “I know, Pear. I know.

Other fathers and their daughters quickly joined in the special dance, smiling with the bond that only a father shares with his daughter.


The rest of the reception went as smoothly as planned when it was finally time for me and George to depart.

       “Come on, Mrs. Weasley.” George said with a sly grin. I jumped at the sound of the new name; that would take some time to get used to, “It’s time to make our escape.”

       “Oh, Mr. Weasley, doesn’t that sound nice.” I replied with an equally sly wink.

It took some time to get out of there, seeing as we had to say goodbye to everyone individually, but we finally managed to escape. I had let George handle planning our Honeymoon since I had played the biggest part in planning our wedding. George was being very mysterious about the whole thing and I was anxious to find out where he was taking me.

       “Good-bye!” We shouted and waved from the top of the little hill where our port key was going to take off.

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Chapter 28: Shoreline
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Luna’s P.O.V


I opened my eyes after George and I landed at our mystery location, and found myself standing on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. The white sand sparkled in the moonlight and the soft blue waves crashed gently into the shore as I stared.

       “Where are we?” I asked George in awe as he took my hand.

      “Australia. This place is called the gold coast. Hermione told me about it a while ago. This was where she sent her parents during the war, and when I mentioned planning our honeymoon, she recommended it immediately.” He whispered, snaking his arm around my waist and hugging me close to him.

       “Come one Mrs Weasley; let’s take a look inside our cottage.” With that George swept me up bridal style and carried me towards the beautiful cottage.

 I giggled as George tried to open the Beach House that he had rented for our honeymoon. He fumbled with the key, but finally opened it when I grabbed his hand and turned the key the other way. I smiled as he carried me into the house and set me down. I looked around in awe at the place. It looked exactly like Shell Cottage, where I had stayed for a short period during the war. I looked over to see George pull two tiny suitcases from his pocket. He withdrew his wand and they started to grow until they were the perfect size.

       “I’ll give you some time and meet you in our room in ten minutes.” George said kissing my head and walking up the winding stairs, dropping his tuxedo jacket on the way. I took a deep breath and carried my suitcase to the downstairs bathroom. I unzipped it slowly and found what I was looking for right on top; the scarlet lingerie Ginny had given me for my bachelorette party. I lifted it out and shrugged of the dress Hermione had dressed me in to travel in. I checked myself in the mirror and fixed a twisted strap. I smiled, and headed out of the bathroom.

I reached the door I knew to be the master bedroom and paused for a minute. Pulling my short black robe tighter around my body I opened the door. George was sitting on the massive bed with his back to me.

I cleared my throat and George turned to face me. He gawked at me for a few seconds.

     "Luna… you're… you look absolutely beautiful!" he stammered out before grabbing me by the waste and kissing me passionately. His hands travelled up my back and down, resting firmly on my bottom. I began unbuttoning George's shirt while he kissed up and down my neck, leaving marks behind him.

Once George's shirt was successfully off, I had to find a way to unbutton his pants. George was still firmly sucking on my neck and showed no signs of stopping as I fumbled with the button.

       ‘Stupid tux.’ I thought as I continued to struggle with the buttons. George only stopped when he noticed how annoyed I had become with his pants.

       "Oh, sorry gorgeous.” He murmured and he undid his pants with ease, letting them fall to the floor forgotten. He picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and lay me down on the bed. I slid my hands around George’s waist as he undid my robe and slid it off my shoulders, leaving me in my racy lingerie. George made quick work of my bra and panties as I slid his boxers off, leaving us both completely naked.


George’s P.O.V


I positioned myself between Luna’s legs, as we fell back down amongst the fluffy cushions. Luna’s fingers gripped my shoulders and she raised her hips to meet mine, drawing our bodies closer together. She whimpered my name, burying her head into my chest. Her eyes fluttered at the feeling as we moved together, in a dance full of love. She groaned and kissed me deeply before pulling away from my lips, and whispering things in my ear as we moved together as one. I groaned her name as she turned me onto my back. I gasped as the warmness spread through my body.

Luna slowly stopped kissing me and lay across my stomach, placing her head on my shoulder, trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. I sighed and gently pushed my wet hair away from my face, my eyes fluttering up to look into Luna’s gorgeous blue eyes.

       “I love you, Luna.” I whispered as we drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to find Luna lying in my arms, still fast asleep. I looked down at her face and realized just how lucky I was. She was absolutely flawless, and I couldn’t be happier.

       “George?” A voice said a few minutes later. I opened my eyes again to find Luna had woken up.

       “Good morning beautiful.” I replied stroking her hair. She smiled up at me and snuggled up against my chest.

       “How do you feel about spending the day at the beach?” She asked as we got dressed for breakfast. I nodded as we headed down the narrow stairs to enjoy breakfast.




      “COME ON GEORGE!” Luna yelled at me from where she was standing in the ocean. I was sitting in the sand watching her, but I hadn’t gotten in the water yet. I chucked as Luna came running out of the water in her deep blue bikini. She grabbed my hand laughing as she pulled me towards the ocean.  

       “Luna!” I laughed. “It’s cold!” Luna just giggled as we went splashing into the water. The cold water sprayed out behind us as we ran deeper into the water.

       “You know you love me George.” Luna smirked wrapping her arms around my waist.

       “That I do Mrs Weasley.” I said kissing her softly. Luna didn’t kiss me back though. I pulled away and looked at her quizzically. She just winked at me and splashed me with water.

       “You’re going to get it!” I spluttered as she leaped away from the water I sprayed at her.


       “How about some dinner?” I asked Luna as we sat on the beach watching the sunset. Luna just nodded as she leaned against my chest. We were both exhausted from racing around all day. I scooped Luna up and brought her inside to the couch. I ran into the kitchen where I had pre-ordered fish and chips for us and brought it back out to the lounge room. I smiled slightly when I realized Luna was fast asleep on the couch. I set the fish and chips down and brought her up to bed, being careful not to wake her. The fish and chips would have to wait for another day.




Luna’s P.O.V


George and I had been on our honeymoon for a little over three weeks now, and we loved it. We would spend almost every day either at the beach, exploring the nearby cliffs or at the markets. There was so much to do and Australia was a beautiful country, but I found myself getting a bit homesick. We hadn’t heard from anyone but Molly (She won’t let me call her Mrs Weasley anymore since I am one as well) since we got here, and that letter was just letting us know everyone was alright.

George had taken me to a fancy restaurant, called “Gracie’s” for dinner that night. I had ordered some sort of seafood dish, while George had ordered fish and chips. I swear that boy could live off of it.

       “Luna?” George asked me half way through our meal. “How is your seafood platter?”  I smiled and swallowed my mouth full.

       “Great, how are your fish and chips?” I asked teasingly. George stuck is tongue out at me. I just laughed and took another mouthful. As I swallowed a wave of nausea hit me. I clutched my hand to my mouth and ran to the ladies room where I was promptly sick.

       “Luna?” George’s worried voice came from outside. “Are you okay?” I stood up and walked over to the sink to rinse my mouth out.

       “I’m fine!” I called, trying to erase the awful taste from my mouth. “Probably just an allergic reaction.” I walked out of the rest room to find George standing against the wall, looking like he was going to cry.

       “George, honestly, I feel fine now. But can we please go home? I need to rest.” George just nodded and took my hand. We walked out into the main dining area, payed out bill and left.


I was lying in bed that night when another wave of nausea hit me. I ran into our bathroom and was sick again. This time George didn’t bother waiting outside the door; he just ran in and collapsed beside me. George held my hair back as I was sick again. I sat up and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. George sat there staring at me.

       “Luna, what if your cancer is back.” He said in a small voice. That’s when I realized how worried he was about me. I got up and squeezed him against me.

        “George, this is definitely not cancer.” I said kissing his cheek. “Go back to bed; I’ll be there in a minute.” George glanced at me one more time before walking back into our room. I scanned the door to make sure he wouldn’t come back in before pulling out the pregnancy test I had bought earlier that week. My period was a week late, and I was always regular.

Those five minutes I had to wait were probably the longest in my life. I glanced at the clock on the wall to see that enough time had passed for me to check my results. Squeezing my eyes shut for a moment I picked up the test. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to look at it. There was one word on it; the word that would change my life: Positive. I felt a surge of relief and fear. I was going to be a mother in nine months. My hand moved unconsciously to my stomach.

       “George.” I whispered looking at the door to our room. I had no idea whether he even wanted kids or not. How was I going to tell him that we were going to become parents?

I crawled back into bed and closed my eyes, willing sleep to come.

I woke up the next morning to find George had already left. I pulled my purple dressing gown over my underwear and wandered down to the kitchen where George was making breakfast. I tried not to breathe in the smells, hoping to keep away the morning sickness, but it was no use. As soon as I caught a whiff of the bacon and eggs sizzling away on the frying pan I felt sick.

       “Luna, please tell me what’s wrong? I’ve called a healer and she should be here in about ten minutes.” I turned to face him after cleaning my mouth out for the thousandth time.

       “How do you feel about having kids?” I asked abruptly. George looked shocked and just stared at me. I began to feel worried. What if he didn’t want them?

       “I hadn’t really thought about it, but I would love kids; especially if you were their mother.” He whispered snaking his arms around my waist. “Why?”

       “George, I’m pregnant.” I said leaning into his chest.

       “You’re… you’re what?” He asked pulling my chin up so I was forced to look at him.

       “You’re not happy that I’m pregnant?” I asked, my lower lip wobbling slightly. George grinned at me.

       “Of course I’m happy! I’m ecstatic!” He exclaimed twirling me around. I giggled as he sat me down on the ground. The doorbell rang and George sprinted to get it. I followed him, shaking my head at how excited he was. Standing in the doorway was a mediwitch who reminded me a lot of Professor McGonagall. George was rambling on to her about how we knew what the problem was, we just wanted to make sure. The mediwitch observed me quietly before ushering me to the sitting room.

       “Now Mrs Weasley, I’m just going to cast a spell on your stomach as a form of ultrasound. It won’t hurt a bit.” She said rolling my shirt up and waving her wand over my stomach. I watched intrigued as an image appeared in front of us. It made no sense to me, but the mediwitch smiled at George and I.

       “Well, Mrs Weasley you are definitely pregnant. You are only about three weeks along but the babies seem healthy so far.” I stared at her.

       “Babies?” George said, voicing my thoughts as he gripped my hand.

        “Yes Mr Weasley, plural. You are having twins.” George and I stared at each other. Twins? George stood up and thanked the mediwitch for her time, payed her and she left. I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I was not only pregnant, but I was going to have twins.

       “Well Luna, I’d say it’s about time we headed home and told everyone we are going to be parents.” George grinned. I smiled up at him as we climbed the stairs to collect our luggage. 

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Chapter 29: Timing
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 My hand curled around my pregnant stomach as George and I made our way through the starry night of Hogsmeade and up to Hogwarts. It had been about eight months since I had fallen pregnant (yes, having twins, I was actually quite large) and George and I were on our way to the one year war memorial.  A lot had happened in those eight months.

First of all Bree and Harry had started dating. They got along splendidly at the wedding and had been seeing each other for a couple of months. And to top it all off Harry loved spending time with little Karma. She was a bundle of joy that everyone seemed drawn too.

Draco and Hermione had gotten married! They announced it the day George and I announced my pregnancy. It wasn’t a terribly long engagement, but Draco didn’t want anything big since his mother had passed away. The wedding was small and beautiful; it suited the couple just right.

Seamus and Lavender had gotten together at our wedding. Looks like the song Seamus played her worked its magic. They were taking it very slow and everyone approved of their decision. I think that if Ron could speak from up there in heaven he would give them his blessing. And little Isobelle was doing great. Like Harry, Seamus had become attached to the little miracle.

And finally, Bill and Fleur had their first child! Little Victoire Weasley was born four months ago.

       “Luna?” George said interrupting my thoughts. I looked up to realize that we had arrived at Hogwarts. I squeezed George’s hand as we walked into the crowded hall. I spotted the Weasley’s immediately, they were hard to miss. Everyone was there apart from Ginny. Mrs Weasley looked like she had been crying for a long time. I guess it was because of her only daughter’s absence.

       “Everybody please be seated!” Professor McGonagall’s voice boomed out from the magical speakers across the hall just as we reached the family. I took my seat between George and Seamus as the memorial began.

       “On this very day we remember the hell that was brought to us.” Professor McGonagall began. Her voice was all croaky and tears already glistened in her eyes. “A man named Tom Riddle ruined the lives of so many on this day and we will never forget it.

The pain; the sacrifice of so many people, will live in our hearts forever.” Professor McGonagall walked a fair way from the podium at that stage. Raising her wand she spoke one last time.

       “In total sixty-two people were killed fighting against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Let us raise our wands in a moment of silence for them.” With that she waved her wand and a list, compiled of all the causalities of the war, hovered in the middle of the stage.

I glanced at George to see him averting his eyes from the ceremony. I watched as they glanced around the hall, never landing on one thing for more than a second. I knew what he was trying to avoid; the painfully obvious name smack bang in the middle of casualties. I reached over and grabbed George’s hand. He looked over at me, his green eyes locking with mine.

People were beginning to rise around us, but George and I stayed seated, staring into each other’s eyes. I could see every feeling they held; all the pain and loss, but there was also something else. Love and hope.

       “Do you want to…?” I trailed off, not knowing how I was going to finish. George nodded regardless and led me from the hall. I followed him curiously, wondering if he had a location in mind. George pulled me along the corridors at a rapid speed. Suddenly he pulled up in a corridor that I had never seen before.
George let go of my hand and walked a small distance away, looking at something in the corner. I followed him quietly to see what he was staring at. Sitting in the edge of the corridor was what I recognised as part of a Portable Swamp. This must have been one of the ones that Fred and George set off during my fourth year. I walked up behind George and wrapped my arms around his waist.

       “Look at the label on it.” He sobbed, tears falling steadily down his cheeks. I crouched down to read the small silver marker.

       “In memorial to Fred Weasley, who gave his life fighting for the greater good. May the pranks live on in all of us. RIP.” I read out loud, my eyes welling over at the kind words. I raised myself off the ground and spoke again.

       “George, this is…” I stopped short, gasping in pain.

       “Luna?” George asked worriedly reaching for me as I staggered backwards. “What’s happening? Is it the babies?” I just nodded gritting my teeth to stop me from exclaiming.

       “They’re coming.” I managed to gasp out.


George’s P.O.V


       “They’re coming.” Luna managed to gasp out between her teeth. I stood there, just staring at her.

       “Wh…What?” I stammered at Luna. “They’re coming?” Luna just nodded, tears streaming down her face.

       “George, I need to leave NOW!” She screamed the last part, clutching her stomach. As she did the sound of running footsteps came down the corridor. I turned to see Harry and Seamus sprinting towards us, looking alarmed.

       “George, what’s happening?” Harry asked, as Seamus when right past me, to where Luna was against the wall, where I had laid her.

       “It’s Luna… She’s in labour.” I whispered. Harry cursed under his breath and rushed to Luna’s side.

       “Luna, I’m going to place a lifting spell on you, so we can get you to the nearest Floo Network.” Harry said in a soothing voice. He extracted his wand and waved it over Luna. Almost immediately she rose in the air. Keeping a steady hand Harry started jogging down the hall, with Seamus at Luna’s feet. I watched them for a minute, before realizing what was happening and running after them. The walk to McGonagall’s office was swift and silent, only interrupted by Seamus leaving to alert the rest of the family about what was happening. I ran along with them, holding Luna’s hand as we reached the Floo.

       “Alright George,” Harry began, throwing a hand full of Floo Powder into the fireplace. “You have to go in there with Luna to make sure she gets through alright. As soon as you get there someone will take care of you.” I nodded and positioned Luna and myself in the hearth of the fireplace.

       “Good luck. We will all be there soon.” Harry said handing me a hand full of Floo Powder and standing back.

       “St. Mungo’s Delivery Ward!” I shouted throwing the powder down and closing my eyes as the spinning began.




Luna’s delivery ward was crowded with people. We had been there for seven hours and I could tell that everyone would soon be kicked out to the waiting room.

       “Everybody out!” A mediwitch, by the name of Doctor Haylor shouted as if on cue. The room quickly dispersed as Luna let out a sharp gasp. I tried to head out with the rest of my family, but was stopped short by Hermione’s arm. She gave me a look that clearly said “You’re not going anywhere.” I sighed and backed against the wall.

       “GEORGE WEASLEY YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!” Luna screamed at me in pain. I scurried over to her side immediately. That girl sure was scary.

       “Alright Mrs Weasley, it’s time to push.” Doctor Haylor said bustling over to us. Luna gripped my hand and let out a strangled cry.  I kissed her sweaty forehead and whispered soothingly in her ear.

       “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT GEORGE WEASLEY!” Luna screamed as she pushed. “YOU’RE THE ONE THAT KNOCKED ME UP!” I felt powerless and Luna screamed and cried, squeezing my hand harder than before.

       “One more push Mrs Weasley, and then she will be out.” Doctor Haylor urged. Luna gritted her teeth and pushed harder than ever. Piecing cries filled the air as Doctor Haylor held up a tiny baby.

       “Mr Weasley, would you or Mrs Malfoy like to cut the umbilical cord?” She asked. I looked at Hermione and she nodded for me to go ahead. I went over and cut the cord just as another mediwitch raced in. Doctor Haylor handed the tiny baby to her and she rushed out with her.

       “Wait, where is she taking our baby?” I asked frantically. Doctor Haylor just chuckled.

       “Don’t worry dear; we need to prepare for the next one.” She said soothingly.

       “THE NEXT ONE!” Luna yelled from her bed, as if she just remembered that we were having twins. “IT’S COMING NOW!” She shrieked as I ran to her side to grab her hand once more.

       “Now sweetie, just remember to push and it will be over before you know it.” Doctor Haylor said.

Luna screamed and cursed at me some more, before Doctor Haylor announced the birth of our second child.

       “Hermione, you do the honours this time.” I said when Doctor Haylor asked about the umbilical cord.

       “Are you sure?” Hermione asked, looking concerned as I nodded. I looked down to see Luna smiling up at me, the past nine or so hours forgotten. I was suddenly aware of the pain coming from my hand. I looked down to see Luna’s  hand still clenching it tightly.

       “Luna?” I asked hesitantly, just in case she still hadn’t recovered fully from giving birth, but she just smiled up at me.

       “Um, could you possibly let go of my hand now?” I asked. Luna looked down and released my hand immediately. I stretched my hand out, cracking the knuckles as it regained circulation.

Doctor Haylor re-entered the room, with Hermione at her heels, holding a bundle of pink in one arm, blue in the other.

       “Congratulations Mr and Mrs Weasley. You have a girl and a boy.” Doctor Haylor smiled handing me the girl and Luna the boy. She left shortly after, but Hermione remained behind.

       “So have you guys thought of any names yet?” Hermione asked us, perching carefully on the edge of Luna’s bed. I looked down at the perfect face of our baby girl. You could already see she was going to be an exact replica of Luna, with blonde hair and already sparkling blue eyes.

       “Well, Luna and I agreed to each name one of them each, as long as we didn’t go too extreme. I think we will name this little princess Hallie Erin.” I said handing her to Luna. Luna studied our little girl for a moment before speaking.

       “Yes, I think that would be perfect.” She smiled. “And for this little guy… Fred Remus.” Luna motioned for me to come and hold our son. I looked down at him, shocked at what I saw. He looked exactly like me, like Fred. I felt my eyes welling up at Luna’s name suggestion. I already knew it was perfect.

       “Yes, Luna. That is a perfect name.” I whispered with a wobbling voice. Hermione clapped her hands.

       “Great!” She exclaimed. “Are you ready for everyone else to come in yet?” Luna and I exchanged a look. We both knew it didn’t really matter whether we were ready or not; I knew my mother would not wait a second longer to see her new grandchildren.

       “Bring them in.” I laughed as I looked down at the two little wonders Luna and I had created. Our perfect little family.

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Chapter 30: Epilogue: Closure
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Fifteen Years Later.


Luna’s P.O.V


The wind whistled around my head as I made my way down the winding path to the Burrow. Fifteen years had passed since I had given birth to Hallie and Fred. The whole family was meeting at the Burrow to celebrate their birthday.  (A new holiday had been put in place for the three days after the war.)

In the fifteen years that had passed, George had started working at the joke shop again, which had branched out to Hogsmeade and America! I had gotten a job at the ministry in the Animal Rights Department.

       “Mummy!” A voice yelled as I looked to see my nine year old daughter, Analine, running towards me, her long brown hair blowing out behind her. I pulled her into a hug when she reached me. I was still confused to where Analine had gotten her brown hair from. It had gone from white to fiery red to dark brown in five years and stayed that way ever since.

       “Me and Grandmamma made cupcakes for Hallie and Fred!” She said, taking my hand and leading me towards the Burrow jabbering away.  I smiled absent-mindedly as we walked through the door Molly was standing, waiting for our arrival. I looked around the Burrow and smiled to myself. It just had this quality to it that made you smile.

        “Ah, Luna dear, everyone else is waiting in the sitting room to start the presents.” Molly said as she kissed my cheek and led me into the sitting room. “And frankly, I think Lincoln is the most excited out of everyone.” She chuckled silently, patting her now grey hair as we arrived to find the whole family sitting in the sitting room making quite a racket.

       “Luna.” I heard George breathe from his place by the fire, his face lit up with joy. After all these years he still greeted me as if I had been gone for months instead of a few hours. I smiled and kissed him softly as I sat next to him.

       “Eww Mummy and Daddy!” Lincoln squealed from where he sat on George’s lap. I giggled softly as I laid my head against George’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

       “Now time for presents!” Lincoln laughed clapping his hand as he approached Hallie and Fred. Hallie sighed and jumped up from her spot on the ground, dragging her boyfriend, Nathan, with her. At fifteen years old, Hallie was more like George than I would have expected. Her long white hair was dyed purple at the ends and she spent more time in detention than out. Of course her father was proud of the pranks that she had managed to pull and didn’t discourage her in the slightest. She was a Gryffindor through and through, just like her father. Fred, on the other hand, was a different story. He was a Ravenclaw, like me and was the top of his class. Although he wouldn’t admit it, I think George was a little bit disappointed that Fred didn’t turn into a prankster as well.

       “Yay! Presents!” Analine yelled launching herself at Fred. He caught her laughing as the rest of our massive family joined in the presents.


George’s P.O.V


       “So Hallie, is Nathan treating you the way he should?” I smiled down at my daughter as she rolled her sparkling blue eyes at me.

       “Of course Dad, please don’t be too hard on him.” She laughed, glancing to where Nathan was standing talking to Fred.

       “Well if he ever hurts you, you know where to come to get the best pranks in the world.” I winked and laughed as Hallie walked over to Nathan shaking her head. I knew what she was thinking; she was nearly as good as me when it came to pranking people. I smiled after as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

       “I think we have a little Slytherin on our hands.” Luna whispered in my ear as I turned to face her.  She gestured to where Analine was talking rapidly to Draco with a sly grin on her face.

       “I guess you’re right.” I chuckled softly. “That means that we will have our four kids in all different houses.” Luna looked confused as I turned to face her to where Lincoln was helping my dad to cross the room.

       “Even though he is only three, he is surely going to be a Hufflepuff.” I said. “Look at the way he is always helping everyone out.” Luna looked after him thoughtfully.

       “I guess you’re right.” She whispered leaning in to kiss me.

        “GEORGE!” Mum yelled from the kitchen. “Percy is here!” I grabbed Luna’s hand and dragged her into the kitchen after me. Percy had been managing the American Joke Shop for me.

       “George, wait.” Luna suddenly said, pulling me back to where my mum’s clock lay. “Look at Fred’s hand.” I hadn’t looked at the clock in fifteen years, so why was Luna pulling me away to look at the clock. I glanced up at it, expecting to see Fred’s hand swinging, but there was no movement to be seen.

       “Luna…” I stuttered staring at the clock. “Where is Fred’s hand?” Luna placed her hand on mine and pointed to where Fred’s hand now lay.




A/N: And it's me again! For the final time.If anyone was wondering what happened to anyone else, this is how it turned out.

Luna and George: Hallie Erin (Fifteen years old, Gryffindor)
Fred Remus (Fifteen years old, Ravenclaw)
Adeline Bree (Nine years old, Slytherin)
Lincoln Arthur (Three years old, Hufflepuff)
Luna works at the Department of Animal Rights and George runs the jokeshop in Diagon Ally.

Draco and Hermione: Lynna Narcissa (Twelve years old, Slytherin)
Daniel Thomas (Seven years old, Ravenclaw)
Both Draco and Hermione work as Healers at St Mungo's

Lavender and Seamus: Isobelle Luna (Fifteen years old, Gryffindor, Ron's daughter)
Declan George (Twelve years old, Gryffindor)
Lavender works at the Joke shop with George and Seamus plays guitar and sings professionally.

Harry and Bree: James Sirius (Thirteen years old, Gryffindor)
Rhys Ronald (Eleven years old, Ravenclaw)
Karma-Lace (Sixteen years old, Slytherin)
Harry works as an Auror and Bree teaches Charms at Hogwarts.

Mrs Weasley recieved a letter from Ginny five years after Harry found her with Krum. She wanted to let them know that she was happy and married ro Krum with twins on the way, however she didn't want any of the family to contact again.

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