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Fallen Angel by Silmarwen_Nenmacil

Format: Novella
Chapters: 7
Word Count: 10,944
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme,

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Draco
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermione

First Published: 04/02/2004
Last Chapter: 09/29/2004
Last Updated: 04/24/2006


Hermione Granger is seventeen, and the loss of Ron during her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is weighting heavy upon her. In stead of wanting to avenge Ron, she creates the desire to join the Dark Lord, with all the consequences that may have. PLEASE REVIEW! I’ll update much sooner if you do! ^.^ *update 9/29* CHAPTER 7 IS UP!! PLZ R/R

Chapter 1: Prologue
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ETA 05/11/23 - I did not abandon this story. This is a WIP (work in progress) and to see how the writing is going, please visit for more information. Thank you.

A/N: None of these characters are invented by me, nor are they in my position. All characters are all © J.K.Rowling

~*~Fallen Angel~*~


“ ‘Avada Kedavra!’

A cold, cruel laugh echoed trough the Dungeon.

‘Ron, Ron…!’

Ron fell lifeless on the ground, his eyes staring blankly in front of him. His face wore a somewhat amazed look. She jumped towards him, and touched his check. It was cold as ice.

“Move along, you silly girl. That doesn’t make any difference anymore,’ said a high-pitched voice that would set anyone’s teeth on edge.


Hermione Granger woke up with a start, wheezing uncontrollably. Beads of perspiration stood on her brow. She inhaled a few times slowly, and looked trough the dimly lit bedroom. Rays of light had found their way in through some chinks in the curtains; clearly sunrise had already past.

She groaned when she found a boy lying next to her in bed.

“Fuck off!” she said wearily. Hermione started to push the boy out of her bed.

“Huh?” he said drowsily.

“I said, fuck off!” She didn’t remember the boy’s name anymore.

The boy just stared at her.

“Are you going to move your fucking ass, or do I need to curse you out?” she threatened.

The boy jumped out of the bed immediately and started to look for his clothes, which were scattered everywhere in the room.

“Hurry up,” Hermione said with an annoyed voice. By the time she heard the boy leaving her apartment, she was still breathing heavily. This had not been the first time she slept with a boy without even knowing his name, nor had this been the first time that she had had that nightmare.

She got out of bed, and put on a black dressing gown that was lying on the floor next to it. The silk felt good against her completely naked body.

She sauntered towards the kitchen, and plumped down on a chair, placing her head in her hands. The picture of Ron lying dead burned on her retina.

Why did he have to die?


Hermione Granger is seventeen, and has just finished her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, Ron’s death in April is still etched on her memory. She has withdrawn herself from everyone ever since. She can’t forget – nor can she forgive – the one who made Ron fight against He Who Must Not Be Named: Harry Potter.

Hermione starts to block out all emotions, and tries to find happiness and pleasure in shagging boys she doesn’t even know. Slowly she creates a new desire: she wants to join the Dark Lord, and fight on his side, even with all the consequences that it may have.

So here it begins the sad story of a fallen angel…

I hope you all enjoyed the chapter or Prologue actually. I know it is short, but I promise my next “real” chapter will be much longer. As you’ve read, this was quite an innocent chapter. People who don’t like sex, angst, or intimidation do better not to read the story. But well, I hope you do read it of course.
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Chapter 2: The Marking
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Chapter One – The Marking

Hermione flung herself onto her knees, clutched the hem of His long, black robes, and kissed them.

“Good evening, my Lord,” she purred.

“Stand up, Granger,” the cold voice of the Dark Lord himself said. Hermione stood up and bowed while walking backwards. “Are you ready?”

“Of course, my Lord…” she said. Death Eaters were standing in a circle around them. They were all watching eagerly at the scene that was unfolding in front of them.

“Give me your arm.”

Hermione held out her arm in front of her. She gasped when the Dark Lord’s ice cold, spider like fingers tucked up her sleeve, and touched her soft skin.

He looked somewhat doubtfully at her arm. “Are you prepared to give up your own freedom, and obey my orders blindly?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” she said.

“Will you obey only my orders, the ones of me, Lord Voldemort, greatest sorcerer in the world?”

“I will obey only You, my Lord.”

“Are you prepared to kill everyone who doesn’t agree with my laws?”

“Yes, I am.”

He nodded in approval, and took a short pause before asking his next question. “Are you prepared to die for your Lord?”

Hermione looked into the cruel red eyes of her soon-to-be Master, and said, determined, “Of course I am, my Lord.”

A buzz burst out in the group of Death Eaters. One of them took a few steps forward, and said, “She, my Lord, is the best friend of Harry Potter.”

He took off his hood, and Hermione recognized him immediately as Draco Malfoy. His pale grey eyes and pointy face were full of pure rancour when he looked at her.

She smirked. “Isn’t this so-called ‘friendship’ an advantage for our Lord?”

Malfoy gave her a puzzled look.

“This ‘friendship’, as you call it, is nothing more than a way in which I can spy on Potter -” she spat the name out as if it were dirt “-and that old crackpot of a fool Dumbledore.” Her eyes, too, revealed hatred.

There was a profound silence.

“And give me one good reason why we should trust you, you filthy little Mudblood,” said the voice of no-one less than Lucius Malfoy, who went to stand next to his son.

The Dark Lord looked at them, clearly interested in what they were about to say.

“Didn’t you know, my Lord? She is a Muggleborn.”

Voldemort’s interested face became menace. “I am fully aware of the fact she’s a Mudblood, Lucius, thank you. But, however, I was not completely aware of her friendship with Potter.” The Lord looked at Hermione, and said, “Please, continue, young mister Malfoy.”

Malfoy bowed, and continued. “Ever since first year Granger has been the best friend of that Potter boy, and she’s on really friendly terms with Dumbledore too, sir.”

Everybody looked at Hermione now.

“Well, Malfoy, as you’ve shown everybody already today, you seem to know quite a lot about my private life. However, if you do, you should have noticed that I haven’t talked to Potter since the twenty-fourth of April, right?” Her voice was calm, but her arm in the Dark Lord’s hand was trembling in rage.

Lord Voldemort looked in Hermione’s eyes, and she knew he tried to find anything that could prove the contrary. But, in any case, he couldn’t. She had nothing to hide.

“Miss Granger IS going to be marked, my beloved Death Eaters.”

Nobody had the guts to contradict.

Voldemort took his wand, and placed the tip on her smooth skin. A jolt of excitement rushed through Hermione.

Finally… she thought.

The Lord whispered the oh-so-welcomed words, and a pain cut through her body like she had never felt before. She didn’t flinch, she didn’t whimper, she didn’t even blink. She just sneered, happy for the first time in months.

The pain stopped as abruptly as it had come.

The Dark Mark had appeared on her right underarm, and she started to grin more broadly. Finally, she was one of them.

Lord Voldemort showed her a place in the circle of Death Eaters. It was a pity she needed to stand next to Malfoy junior, but even so, this would not spoil her pleasure.

“You filthy little Mudblood,” he hissed when she took her place.

“Go fuck yourself, Malfoy,” she answered.

“Now, let us celebrate our new gained member. A toast seems to be on her place…” he did not need to say more.

Immediately, some House-Elves came trotting inside, carrying big dinner-trays full of drinks. Hermione flinched when she saw the half-bandaged House-Elves, but quickly pulled herself together, and took a glass of Champagne.

“To our new asset: Hermione Granger!” Voldemort called out, his voice less cruel than usual.

They all raised their glasses to toast, and said, “To Hermione Granger, our new fellow-Death Eater!”

Draco hardly mumbled “Granger” before leaving the circle with his father.

She had hardly had time to look around her, when Severus Snape clutched her arm and guided her towards a far corner of the room.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he whispered. His eyes protruded and his face was barely five inch from hers.

She smirked. “What do you think I am doing here.... sir?” she purred.

“Don’t you try being funny, girl,” he spat. Hermione ignored Snape’s comment.

“You can bring the Order in danger by acting like a fool. It is my task to spy on the Dark Lord and give that information to the Order.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Who says I want to be a spy for the Order?”

It was as though Snape had just swallowed a cauldron of Stinksap. “You… you didn’t… you wanted to become a Death Eater?” he finally asked.

She looked him in the eyes, and laughed. “Of course I did,” she said, as if it was an obvious thing to do.

Snape just stared at her. “Have you got any idea how serious this is?’ he said, while barely moving his lips. “Haven’t you even thought about what Dumbledore would say if I told him?”

“But you won’t,” she said simply.

“I beg your pardon,” Snape said, utterly confused.

“You won’t tell Dumbledore, because if you do, I’ll tell the Dark Lord about your sneaky purpose.”

A loud shout broke off their conversation, and Hermione looked around. Some just-apparated hooded figures seemed to have captured some Muggles. She walked towards them, like the other Death Eaters, and they formed their circle once more.

Hermione saw the hungry looks on the non-masked Death Eater’s faces; most of them had got their wands ready.

“Be polite, McNair,” the Dark Lord said when McNair had immediately grabbed a Muggle woman by the arm, and she had shuddered. “Where are your manners?”

“Lady’s first,” He then said, beckoning some female Death Eaters forward. “And Miss Granger, of course…”

Hermione walked towards a man of about twenty. “Come on, sweetie,” she purred, while taking the boy towards the border of the room. Some other Death Eaters where already raping their victims.

She could see the terrifying look in the boy’s eyes. “Don’t be afraid; this will be your last time so you better enjoy it,” she said playfully. The boy watched in disbelief while Hermione was unfastening his trousers.

“You were a good fuck,” she admitted, about half an hour later. “But, well, there’s nothing I can do with you anymore.”

She sneered, and took out her wand.

“Good bye,” she whispered.

“Avada Kedavra!”

And with a rush of green light he was dead.


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Chapter 3: Out of the Blue
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Chapter two – Out of the Blue

“ Ron’s nose was barely two inches from hers.

‘I love you,’ Hermione whispered.

Ron’s lips moved towards-”


The loud tapping noise of someone knocking on the door woke her up. She found herself holding her pillow in the way she had been holding Ron’s face a few seconds before.

‘This better be important,’ she thought while putting on her dressing gown, and walking drowsily towards the door.

She opened the door. “What the fuck do-” she started, but then fell silent, closed her eyes, and opened them once more.

He was still standing there. What in the name of Merlin was Potter doing here?

“Can I come in, Hermione?” he asked her. He didn’t seem to be entirely certain about wanting to come in, though.

“Sure,” Hermione said, quite astonished by the fact that he was standing on her doorstep. It was the first time in months she’d said anything to him.

Harry walked in, and looked around. He had never been here before.

Hermione noticed something moving when she closed her apartment door; obviously, Harry hadn’t been allowed to come in here alone, so one or more Order members accompanied him under an Invisibility Cloak. That way, the ‘evil’ Hermione couldn’t kill Harry while he was drinking with thee.

Hermione showed Harry the sofa, and he sat down. One of Hermione’s bras was hanging over the backrest, but she didn’t bother to put it aside.

Harry looked at her; clearly he didn’t know what to say. This plainly annoyed Hermione.

“Why, Hermione?” was the only thing he finally managed to get out.

Hermione kept her face on a look of polite puzzlement. She could not understand how he dared to even look at her after what he’d done last year.

“Oh for God’s sake, Hermione, you know damn well where I am talking about!” he shouted, as the look on Hermione’s face had visibly made him angry. “Why the hell did you need to become one of them? One of those bloody Death Eaters?”

Hermione saw the desperate look in his eyes, and smirked. She hated Potter; really, she did. She hated everything about him; from his tangled black hair, down to the bottom of his robes, which were several inches too short.

“Why did I need to become a Death Eater?” she repeated slowly. She intentionally rubbed her left underarm. She saw Harry flinch.

“Well, Harry, I became a Death Eater because I’m sick of being on the ‘right’ side, because all you get if you are is death and destruction.” A vicious light glittered in her eyes; if she’d only have had the chance, she would have cursed Potter into a thousand pieces.

“But now you’re the one who sows the destruction!” he yelled.

Hermione acted as though she was offended. “Oh that hurts, you know,” she said sarcastically. Just then a pain rushed trough through her Mark, and it felt as though her arm was ripped into two.

She gasped, and clutched her Dark Mark. “Kick off, Potter,” she called. “I’ve got other things to do!”

Harry obviously got the point, because he left her apartment in disgust. In the mean time, Hermione had grabbed her wand, put on some robes, and dissaparated.


If she thought finding Potter on her doorstep was the worst thing that could possibly happen on a Monday morning, she was wrong.

No sooner had Hermione Apparated to the Dark Lord, had she noticed that something was definitely erroneous.

Voldemort was standing on the opposite side of her, and next to him stood Draco; there was no sign of any of the other Death Eaters.

Hermione kneeled and kissed the Dark Lord’s robes. However, the Dark Lord’s ice-cold hand hit her on the face; the blow hit her hard home. She looked up, and saw the Lord’s eyes were more frightening than ever.

Tears were burning in the corners of her eyes, but she suppressed them.

“So, this you way of thanking Me?” said His menacing voice.

Hermione didn’t have a clue what was going on, but thought better of it than to ask. Malfoy was holding the Daily Prophet is his hands, and there was a huge headline that she could not read from her position on the floor.

The Dark Lord took his wand and pointed it at her chest. “Crucio,” he said.

Hermione screamed. It was as though every single fibre in her body was on fire. She gasped for breath.

The pain stopped when Voldemort lowered his wand. “Why?” was all he said.

Hermione’s view was foggy, and her body ached. It was the second time in about an hour she had been asked to answer that simple question, but unlike last time, she didn’t have a clue as to how to answer it.

“I don’t know where you are talking about, my Lord,” she stuttered.

Voldemort took his wand once more, ready to kill. Hermione looked at his wand, petrified.

“Don’t!” Malfoy suddenly screamed.

Voldemort turned to face Draco, astonished at his exclamation. “I don’t understand, Draco,” he said. “You were the one who said she was behind this mess.”

“I know,” Malfoy said, and obviously he, too, was surprised by his exclamation. “But I think we need to use Occlumency first to see whether she’s lying or not.”

‘Yes, please; let them just tear open my mind so they can see I’ve nothing to hide,’ she thought frantically.

“Well then, as you wish,” Voldemort said.

Draco took his wand; while an unpleasant smile was played on his lips. “Occlumens!”

Pictures of all sorts of events flashed into her view: she, struggling with Devil’s Snare; she, seeing the Basilisk in the reflection of her mirror; she, facing about one hundred Dementors in her third year; she, hiding under a desk in the Ministry of Magic; she, touching the dead face of Ron; she, shouting at her mother and father at the beginning of the Summer Holiday’s…

It seemed to take ages before Draco was satisfied. By the time he had stopped, Hermione was crying; she’s seen things she had put in the back of her mind, and had never wanted to relive again. Had Malfoy seen al those things, too? He seemed to be off his stroke, though.

“And?” The Dark Lord said impatiently.

“Nothing, sir,” he said.

“What do you mean ‘nothing’?” Voldemort said coldly.

“I didn’t see anything that may point in the direction of her being the sneak.”

Voldemort turned to face Hermione once more. “So you aren’t behind those attacks?” the Dark Lord asked suspiciously.

“What attacks?” she answered, while wiping away her tears.

“Don’t you even know about the attack?” Draco said in disbelief.

“No, I don’t,” Hermione said. She still honestly did not have a clue what they were talking about.

“Give her the paper,” Voldemort commanded. Draco handed her the paper, and Hermione gasped when she saw the headline:


“I… I didn’t… know,” she stammered. Her head was swimming; this had really been too much for one day… First that Potter boy, now this imprisoning; she didn’t want to think about what was going to happen next.

Hermione read the whole article in disgust. No wonder the Dark Lord was pissed off; thirteen of his best Death Eaters in Azkaban.

“Snape…” she stuttered.

“What did you say?” Malfoy asked curiously.

“Snape… Severus Snape… He’s the spy; he’s been a spy for the Order for ages,” she answered.

“The Order of the Phoenix?” Malfoy asked. He was staring at Hermione with an eager look in his face.


“What-” Draco began, but the Dark Lord silenced him by giving him a sudden look.

“Well, well, Miss Granger. Why do you think Snape’s the one who’s behind these attacks?” the Dark Lord said calmly.

“I’ve seen him. The night of my Marking, he said he was going to tell the Order about me…” It had been stupid of her not to tell the Lord straight away.

A triumphant light shone in her master’s red eyes.

“What are you going to do about this, my Lord?” she asked cautiously.

Voldemort laughed in a cruel, joyless way. “Oh, my dear Angel. You’ll find out soon enough…”


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Chapter 4: The Shadow of the Past
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Chapter three – Bleeding Wounds
As he died, he will return to die in me again - Nightwish

Hermione was lying on her back in the grass, staring at the bright sun that was shining merrily; a soft breeze was blowing trough her hair. Silent tears were rolling out of the corners of her eyes, leaving a black trail of flown out make-up on her cheeks.

It had been a day since the meeting with the Dark Lord, and she was thinking about the memories she had seen while Malfoy had been combing through her thoughts. She closed her eyes.

Why couldn’t these thoughts just lave her alone? These memories were just like wounds; every time you thought they had almost healed, they were scratched open, and started bleeding once more.


Hermione opened her eyes with a start to find Malfoy’s face hovering above her.

“For God’s sake, Malfoy!” she shouted. “You frightened me to death!”

“No, I didn’t,” he said simply. “You’re still alive.”

He flopped down next to her, and she hastily wiped away her tears.

“I want to excuse myself for… eh-” Draco hesitated, “for yesterday.”

“I don’t need your excuses, Malfoy. You knew perfectly well what you where doing yesterday, so there’s no point in regretting it now.”

Hermione looked away from him; she didn’t think she could bear a conversation with Malfoy about this. She didn’t want to go through everything once more.

“C’mon, Hermione. I’m really sorry.”

“Leave me alone, Malfoy.”

Draco put his hand on her shoulder; and she turned around to face him. To her surprise, she saw that he was looking more serious than she had ever seen him before.

“Why, Malfoy. Why? Why do you regret now what you did?” she asked.

“I didn’t know about all that stuff. About Potter-” he began.

Of course she knew what he was talking about. Her darkest memory had revealed itself in front of Malfoy.

“Well, it was obviously not my intention to make you know that,” she said, frowning.

“But what, I mean… eh…” Malfoy clearly didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

He cleared his throat. “Eh… I didn’t really understand that memory actually. I mean, you were seeing the Weasel, so why Potter?”

Hermione remained silent; she hadn’t talked about this to anyone, let alone would she tell it to no one less than Draco Malfoy himself.

“I… eh… I-” she stuttered.

Harry looked into Hermione’s eyes; his vivid green ones were twinkling in a way she had never seen before.

Harry bent forwards and his lips toughed hers. She closed her eyes and felt Harry’s tongue entering her mouth. Her tongue, too, found it’s way into Harry’s mouth.

Harry put his arms around her waist; his tongue entering her mouth more deeply.

“What the devil are you doing?”

Ron had entered the room, and he was staring at them in disbelief.

“And I thought you loved me!” Ron turned around, left the room, and slammed the door shut after him.

Hermione looked at Harry in disgust, and smacked him in the face. She ran towards the door, calling, “Ron! It’s not what you think!”


A dry sob escaped her mouth, and silent tears started rolling down over her cheeks once more.

“It happened the day before he died…” she said almost silently “I never wanted to-”

She sobbed another time. “I never had the chance to make it up with him!”

Hermione wept, put her arms around Draco’s neck, and started to sob hysterically.


Everything seemed to have changed ever since that day: she didn’t completely hate Malfoy any more, but you couldn’t say she liked him either. I mean, he had comforted her, but you can’t expect someone to really like the one who knew almost about everything about you…

No, she had just ignored him ever since. She had ignored just about the whole world ever since. Okay, she knew that wasn’t really a good option, especially not if you considered the letter she had received this morning which made avoiding Malfoy completely impossible.

Dear Ms Granger,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as Head Girl of Hogwarts during your final year. Mr Draco Malfoy has been chosen as Head Boy.
You will share Private Rooms together, and you’ll both be responsible for the students at Hogwarts and the tasks of the Hogwarts Prefects.
Further information is enclosed in a second letter.

Yours sincerely,
Professor M. McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts

A silvery badge with the initials H.G. (A/N: I know it’s quite confusing but the H.G. stands for “Head Girl” and not “Hermione Granger”, okay?) had been enclosed too.

Hermione took the badge once more, and looked at it; the previous years she would have done anything to receive this, and now it didn’t seem important anymore.

However, the Dark Lord did seem to think it was an important thing to have two of his Death Eaters at the top of the school. He appeared to think it had its advantages, which He had made quite clear, as he had summoned them right away that morning just after Hermione had received the letter. ‘Only God may know how he always manages to know everything that quickly,’ she had thought while she hurriedly changed her black pyjamas into wizard robes.

Of course, there were rewards for her too as she became the Head Girl of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. For one thing, there were the Private Rooms; it was a pity she needed to share them with Malfoy, but she didn’t need to visit that lousy Gryffindor Common Room every day any longer.

She had hated it in there ever since last year; Potter was really worshipped in there, and she could not at all pretend she was one of those silly girls who loved Potter because he was ‘the-boy-who-lived’ – he’d be better off as the-boy-who-died, she thought bitterly. It was incredible however to see how many girls did love him… It all made her sick.

She saw the picture of herself kissing Harry in her head, and shivered as her eye fell on a photo of Ron, which was standing on the windowsill. She stumbled towards it and took it in her hands. She whispered, “I’m so sorry, Ron. I’m so terribly sorry for what I’ve done to you.”

She fell down the floor, and shouted at the ceiling, “I do not deserve this badge! I don’t even deserve this life! Oh, Ron; I have nothing left! Though I’ve tried to forget, you’re all that I am. I’m through fighting it. I give up! Without you I can’t go on, anymore, ever again! It was me who needed to die, not you….”

The last sentence was barely more than a whisper, and tears were steaming over her face as she was wailing there desperately. She was sobbing like mad, sitting on her knees, clutching her face with her hands and deepening the pits her nails had created, while she rocked back and forth.

Hermione went to the bathroom, trembling, and threw some ice-cold water in her face to calm down. She looked in the mirror.

She almost didn’t recognize herself; she was thin, her body was really pale, and her eyes were red and swollen, mostly because of the cold water. But even the water couldn’t reveal the tears that had rolled over her face the previous seconds, minutes, hours or even months. She could taste the salty flavour of tears on her lips, and she swallowed.

Hermione lifted her hands and beat the mirror in fury and impotence. It shattered into a thousand pieces. There were cuts in her hands and under arms, and they were bleeding heavily. But she did not care; she just cried and fell on the ground.

Give me a reason to believe that you're gone. I see your shadow so I know they're all wrong. Moonlight on the soft brown earth, it leads me to where you lay. They took you away from me but now I'm taking you home. - Evanescence


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Chapter 5: Quieting
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Chapter 4 – Quieting

“Oh, bloody hell.” Those were the very first words Hermione could think of as she regained conscious.

She looked at her hands and underarms, while she was still sitting on the ground. They were covered in blood.


Her sight was quite blurry, and as she tried to stand up, she noticed she felt extremely dizzy, too. Seeking support at the wall, she managed to stumble towards the kitchen, leaving creepy hand shaped marks of blood on her way.

She searched for her wand, and as soon as she had found it, she spoke some welcomed words to heal the deep cuts. Some vague scars remained visible nevertheless.

Her reflection was visible in the dark window: she really looked like hell.

Hermione preformed some other enchantments to make the, now already clotted, blood disappear, and came to the conclusion that she really needed a shower.

The bathroom looked terrible as well, which she noticed as she entered it. If someone else would have walked into it at this very moment, they surely would have thought there someone had just committed a horrible, very bloody murder in the room; a broken mirror, bloody hand shapes on the wall, blood on the ground…

Normally she didn’t really bother to clean up the apartment, but maybe this was a bit too dirty for her own good.

The mirror remained broken though.

“Oh, come on,” she said urgently. “Oculus Reparo!”

The pieces stirred slightly, but did not melt into the original mirror.

“Huh?” She ran a hand through her hair. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she asked, while prodding the tip of her wand. Some green sparks shot out.

She tried another time, her temper rising by the lack of willingness from her wand.

“Oculus Reparo!”

This time the pieces did melt into the mirror again, but they did seem to resist as though they did not want to become one again. She looked into the mirror and was completely startled by the fact someone was standing in her doorway.

“Oh my God, Malfoy! Do you really think this is funny? Sneaking up behind someone’s back like that? You-” she frowned “Hold on a sec; it was you who was counter cursing my spell on the mirror!”

Malfoy smirked. “Might as well have a bit of fun, right?” he asked, grinning mischievously.

“Sure, whatever,” she said wearily. “What are you up to anyway?”

Malfoy was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. “Well,” he said, “The Dark Lord asked me to keep an eye on you. He seemed to be under the assumption that you might do something stupid.”

“Like what?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

“Like accidentally breaking a mirror, and almost bleeding to death,” he suggested innocently.

Hermione’s mouth fell open in astonishment, but she recovered herself within a few seconds. “Really?” she asked.

He sneered.

“Now, Malfoy, if you don’t mind, I was planning to have a shower.”

“Oh, that’s okay with me,” he said, going towards the living room and plumping down on the sofa. “I’ll wait here until you’re ready, then.”

Oh my God, the nerve he’s got! she thought, as her mouth fell open a second time. She closed it again.

“Right,” Hermione answered, clearly irritated. “But do not touch anything!” she added warningly.

Malfoy sniffed disapprovingly. “As if I would ever touch anything that belongs to a Mudblood.”

Hermione threw the door shut angrily, but couldn’t help but smirk at the idea of Draco embracing her when she had told him about Potter.


Somehow the idea of Malfoy sitting alone in her living room didn’t really work with the relaxing part whilst having a shower.

She hurriedly washed herself, and came to the conclusion she didn’t have anything clean to wear in the room expect for her dressing gown, which was lying in a corner of the room.

“No other options so it seems,” she sighed as she put it on.

She walked into the living room, and saw Malfoy looking at her long, slim legs, which were partly visible through the gap.

“Don’t get any ideas, Malfoy!” she snapped, while dashing off towards the bedroom door.

About five minutes later she arrived in the living room again, fully dressed this time (a tight black T-shirt and hipsters).

In the mean time, Malfoy had enclosed himself in a corner of the sofa, looking utterly relaxed. Hermione went to sit on the other side of it.

“Why are you really here?” she asked abruptly.

“I told you already; our Lord sent me,” he sighed, watching his fingernails.

“Keep your secrets then,” she said, while crossing her arms. “Do you want anything to drink, by the way?”

“What have you got?” Draco called after her as she sauntered towards the kitchen.

“Eh, not much actually…” she admitted, scanning the fridge and some cupboards. “I’ve got coke, wine, eh… some whiskey-”

“Whiskey-cola’s fine for me, thank-you.”

“Okay,” she said, taking two glasses and pouring down a lot of coke and only a little of whiskey in her own glass. Coke was cheaper than whiskey, and ever since she’d left home in the beginning of the Summer Holliday’s, she was quite hard up.

In any case, she did pour the usual amount of whiskey in Malfoy’s glass.

“Here you are,” she said, handing it over.

“Thanks,” he said. “And nice apartment by the way,” he added.

Hermione frowned; her place was the messiest she had been since she had bought it.

“Thanks, I think…” she said uncertainly.

Malfoy cleared his throat, and she shot him a questioning look.

“Eh…what are we going to do about Snape?” he asked.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. She was quite sure this had not been the question he had intended to ask.

“Well, like the Lord told us to do. We ‘frighten’ him a bit as soon as we arrive at Hogwarts, and put him under the Imperius Curse, so he can spy for us.” she answered him, saying it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world; hexing your Potion’s Master and binding him to do whatever you please.


“Is something wrong, Malfoy?” she added in a quite concerned voice.

“No, of course not,” he said in a would-be-casual voice. He nipped from his whiskey-cola.

“Look, I need to go now,” he said after a minute or so of silence. “I’m quite sure you won’t break another mirror tonight.”

His trademark smirk failed terribly.

“Okay,” she said, gesturing him towards the exit.

“No, I’ll Apparate,” he said quickly, before disappearing with a little -plop-, and leaving a half-consumed drink and an outright confused Hermione in the living room.

It was only then she noticed Malfoy had had left an envelope on the coffee table.


Hermione took the letter in her hand; it was quite heavy.

To Mr. Draco Malfoy, the envelope said in a vaguely familiar handwriting.

She turned it around. It was sealed with a stamp Hermione did not recognize.

Should I open it? she asked herself. I could not possibly do that. Her hand was itching to do so, though.

She held it into the light; she could not read it, but it definitely contained more than one sheet of parchment.

She frowned.

Should I bring it to him? She bit her lip. Or should I wait till I see him at a gathering with the Dark Lord?

Heaving a sigh, she tried to think. It could take a couple of days or even a week before the next gathering takes place. What if this letter was really important to Malfoy?

She considered this all for a few moments, still looking at the yellowish envelope in her hand. Then she walked towards her bedroom, put on a cloak, and went to stand in front of the fireplace. She lit it, took a bit of the glittering powder from a pot on the mantelpiece, and threw it into the fire while shouting, “Malfoy Manor!”


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Chapter 6: Visit at the Manor
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Chapter 5 – Visit at the Manor

Hermione’s vision was blurry; clearly, the combination of losing a lot of blood, and having a whole bunch of green flames spin around your head, wasn’t very healthy. She closed her eyes, hoping the trip would be over soon. She had never really liked travelling by Floo Powder, but now she downright hated it, and wished it would be over soon.

Somehow, maybe because of the fact she shouldn’t have been doing this, or maybe because it was just such a long distance, the journey seemed to last much longer than any other she had ever made before.

It looked as though she was finally slowing down now, though. However, her head was swimming, and she therefore fell at the bare cold stone floor of Malfoy Manor at full length.

“Damn,” she said, while she tried to get on her feet, all the while beating dust from her cloak and dressing her bushy ponytail.

Hermione’s eyes scanned the room she’d just entered, and she gasped. The closest thing to describe the chamber to was some sort of mediaeval dining room. The walls were made out of rough, old, grey stones, just like the floor, and there were innumerable stained-glass windows, which portrayed breath-taking performances of ancient magicians. In broad daylight, they probably would have spread some sapphire or bluish colour around the room, judging by what was visible at the moment. In the middle of the room there stood a huge, oak table that could easily seat about thirty people in claret velvet upholstered chairs. The beautiful crystal chandeliers at the ceiling spread a welcoming white light, and lit up the almost lifelike portraits of various members of the Malfoy family on the wall.

Tensely, she stepped further into the room, her footsteps echoing with every movement she made. She looked up rather impressed at the gigantic portrait of no-one less than Lucius Malfoy himself, and nearly shrieked out in pure shock as she came to stand face to face with the living replica of the portrait. She had not heard him coming.

“Can I help you, Miss Granger?” he asked coldly, while eying her with a polity-questioning look. On his private property, against these huge stone walls, his voice seemed to sound at least a dozen times as menacing.

Hermione gulped. “I would like to see Draco, Mr. Malfoy,” she informed him politely, carefully avoiding eye contact.

Lucius raised an eyebrow. “I am afraid Draco is not home at the moment, Miss,” he said. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Malfoy Senior, on the other hand, tried hard to make eye contact.

Hermione considered this for a moment, looking down at her shoes. What if Lucius would open this letter while Draco, maybe, did not want his father to read it?

“No, thank you,” she said, as she looked up. But a second later she wished she hadn’t, for she looked right into those ice-cold, cruel eyes of Malfoy. “I-” she began, but she knew it was no good: she tried hard to block all memories but Malfoy was already searching her mind eagerly to find why, for God’s sake, this Mudblood wanted to see his son.

All kinds of pictures were flashing into Hermione’s view, and all of them somehow had something to do with Draco. Lucius Malfoy smirked at the sight of Hermione growing fangs, but his sneer disappeared as he found what he had been looking for, and he broke off his spell. Hermione blinked.

“Where is the letter?” He demanded.

Hermione, who knew there was no point in trying to ignore Malfoy’s order and denying the fact that she had a letter, hesitantly took the letter out of her pocket and handed it over to him.

Malfoy grabbed the letter. “Whom is it from?” he asked, while eying the seal with great interest.

“I don’t know, sir,” she said truthfully, wishing she had opened the bloody letter herself back at her house.

Malfoy grunted, and took out his wand to break the seal. But, before he even had the chance to unfold the letter, it was summoned out of his hand.

“What?!” Lucius exclaimed, facing a furious Draco Malfoy who was walking hurriedly towards his father, clutching the envelope tightly.

“How can you even consider opening my post without my permission?” Draco bellowed, a coldness in his voice that made a shudder run over Hermione’s spine. He was about two inches taller than his father, and was casting him a look she had only seen him wearing as he faced Potter.

Lucius Malfoy’s eyebrows almost vanished in his hair. “Why, I am your father and I can open whatever I please,” he said, his voice dangerously low.

“No, you can’t,” Draco said, eying his father in pure loathing. He turned to face Hermione.

“Granger, come with me. We need to talk.” This last sentence echoed through the room with the weight of a funeral bell. Hermione didn’t even dare to object.


Hermione followed Malfoy through a great oak door leading them into a gigantic hall, which remarkably resembled the one at Hogwarts, except for the sapphire windows that shone brightly on the walls of this one.

They passed some more corridors, lit with torches, and decorated with even more portraits of ancient relatives.

“Here,” Draco said, gesturing for her to go in through a large door. The door looked threatening in a way. Obviously, this should be Draco’s room. She covered her mouth in amazement when she entered.

“White?” she asked, half laughing.

Draco mumbled something she could not understand, and pushed her onto the sofa quite roughly.

“Did you read it?” he asked aggressively, towering in front of her. Hermione’s smile vanished abruptly. His pupils were narrowed in suppressed anger.

“No, of course not,” she answered.

“Did you read the letter?” he emphasized.

“No, I did not,” she said, her temper rising.

“Did. You. Read. The. Letter?” he repeated, stressing every word. The room seemed to grow darker.

Hermione looked right into Draco’s stormy grey eyes; they looked extremely much like his father’s at the moment.

“I did NOT read that fucking letter of yours, Malfoy!” she screamed, getting up. She took a quivering breath and added, “I came her to bring it, but now I bloody hell wish I had opened it!”

Draco grasped both of her arms painfully hard to keep her from running away, and looked into her hazel eyes.

“You fucking bastard,” she hissed hatefully as he started searching her mind. She could tell by the force he used to search her thoughts that he was much better at Leglimency than his father.

Draco released his grip, and blinked. “Sorry,” he sighed truthfully. “I should have believed you.”

He flung himself down in the sofa, burying his face in his hands, and looking exhausted. “Lucius shouldn’t have forced you to give him the letter,” he said, taking her hand and trying to pull her back on the sofa.

“Leave me alone!” she whispered poisonously, as she tore loose her hand. She stared at him, and said, “I only wanted to bloody bring it to you, and no-one seems to even bother to give me a ‘thanks’. No, the only thing I get is having my mind searched twice!”

Malfoy frowned. “Twice?” he asked, somewhat confused.

“Yes, mister,” she sneered, her lips as thin as McGonagall’s when she got angry. “Your oh-so-nice father had already searched it before you did.”

To Hermione’s surprise, Malfoy started laughing hysterically.

“What the fuck is so funny, Malfoy?” she spat.

It took a while before Draco was finally able to answer due to the laughing. “He…” Draco snorted. “He…” Malfoy tried again.

“What, Malfoy?” she demanded, getting really irritated.

“He must have thought you would have some-” he tried, but started laughing again. Breathing hard, Draco swallowed, trying to get his face even. “He must have thought you would have some memories of the two of us snogging, or something.”

He was howling with laughter again. “Just imagine what a shame that would be for him…” he said, between two fits. “His only son, shagging a Mudblood!”

Somehow Hermione didn’t seem to find this at all funny. Her hair was shimmering in electricity. She crossed her arms.

“Sorry…” Malfoy said, wiping tears out of his eyes after a few more minutes. “I just though-”

“The idea of the two of us fucking, extremely funny. Yeah… I noticed,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Just imagine how Lucius would react,” Draco said with a dreamy look in his eyes, staring at the ceiling. “His face; oh, I would give anything to see his face…”

Hermione frowned. “You’re fucking odd, you know?” she questioned, somewhat admiring nevertheless.

“Am I?” he asked rhetorically, folding his hands under his head and eying her questioningly.

“Yes, you are,” she said, placing both of her arms on either side of Malfoy. Her head was barely five inches from his.

Malfoy’s eyes were gleaming in a mischievous way Hermione had never witnessed before.


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Chapter 7: Taking the Plunge
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Chapter 6 – Taking the Plunge
I guess it’s been too long since the last time that I tried to fly. - Dry Cell

“Yes, you are.” She said, placing both of her arms on either side of Malfoy. Her head was barely five inches from his.

Malfoy’s eyes were gleaming in a mischievous way Hermione had never witnessed before.

A smile was playing on Hermione’s lips as she bowed further towards Malfoy, he was clearly enjoying himself.

She bent forward even more until their noses were barely half an inch separated from each other.

The soft, but nevertheless quickening, breathing of Draco was gently tickling here skin; she smirked against his lips;



“You deserve this.” She said before she jerked away abruptly and kneed him painfully hard in the crotch.

Still smirking, she straightened up, readjusted her robes and scanned the room in search for a pot of Floo Powder.

Malfoy, on the other hand, doubled up in pain and gasped for breath.

Hermione’s smile widened as she spotted a little marble pot on the mantelpiece. She opened it and, as she had suspected, it indeed contained Floo Powder.

She turned to face a still wheezing Draco, who was eying her with a murderous look in his eyes.

“Malfoy, dear, you didn’t really expect I would kiss you, did you?” She asked innocently, pouting a little. “Because I would be so terribly sorry to disappoint you. I don’t like blondes.”

Malfoy glared at her, still clutching his sore manhood.

“As if I would ever even consider wanting the lips of a Mudblood bitch like you touch mine.” He sneered.

It was rather a look of compassion that could be found in her eyes instead of one of anger when she said:

“You really are completely hopeless, Draco.”

She turned around elegantly before she took some of the glittering powder and Flooed away.

“Wait!” Malfoy called after her. But it was too last; she had already left the Manor.


It took two and a half weeks before they saw each other again, three days before the start of the new term.

Hermione had been busy packing her trunk when a sudden pain seared through her body. Clutching her arm and taking her wand, she quickly responded to her Master’s call, leaving the apartment in a complete chaos of robes and school equipment when she left.

Graciously she lowered herself to kiss the hem of Lord Voldemort’s robes.

“Good afternoon, my Lord.” She purred before she went to stand in the still incomplete circle of Death Eaters.

One by on the gaps in the circle filled themselves, but nevertheless Hermione could still notice the great amount of missing followers, most of them were still locked up in Azkaban prison. Nonetheless she knew it was only a matter of time before her Lord would plan a mass-escape, He was only waiting for the right opportunity.

She smirked evilly; if only Snape would know what danger was hovering above him…

Her thoughts snapped back to present when two platinum haired men entered the room. Lucius Malfoy Senior shot her a venomous glare before he too, bowed down and kissed the hem of the Lord’s robes. She smiled at him innocently while gently licking her lips; ashen faced he glared at his son as well before taking his place in the circle.

Oh this is just too much fun… She thought, grinning mischievously.

The puzzled look on Draco’s face clearly showed that he had absolutely no idea what was going on.

He shot her a questioning look but she ignored him. It was not exactly a good idea to seek eye-contact with him, especially not after the disturbing dreams she had had about the past few days.

Hermione focussed her attention back on Voldemort as soon as he started talking. He lectured them all about the essentiality of Wizard Marriage and went on about the Pure Blood wizards being elevated above all others. Further on he started raving about the abysmal function of the Ministry of Magic and that they (all Death Eaters plus most of the Pure Blood wizards) should prepare themselves for a huge reform of the system of law when He finally would be able to rule the wizard society.

Most of Hermione’s fellow Death Eaters, however, were waiting at the practice part of this meeting. And yes, soon their Master started talking about a Muggle school they were going to burn to ground (One of the main goals of Voldemort still was to cause as many death and destruction as possible) and some Wizard families that needed to be cleaned up.

After those announcements, of course, he broached his favourite subject, being ‘How to kill Harry Potter on the most effective, slowest and, most important, the most painful way’. A wicked smirk soon played on her lips as she heard some of the suggestions others made.

It didn’t escape Hermione though that Voldemort didn’t even do so much as mention the imprisoned Death Eaters and she assumed the presence of one called Severus Snape had much to do with that.

The meeting went on and soon most of the Lord’s followers had gotten their instructions for the next few weeks and to Hermione it was no surprise whatsoever that she hadn’t received any… yet.

Probably her Master would want to talk about her assignment in a more private circle.

Malfoy Junior seemed to think amongst the same lines as he too didn’t make any remark about not being assigned any task at all.

And indeed when the other followers were ordered to leave the building, she and Malfoy were asked to stay behind for a few more minutes.

“My Lord,” She greeted him gleefully, softly ghosting one of her fingers over the man’s face. Voldemort’s appearance had changed a lot since his rebirth, for one he was no longer bald. Now he had this raven hair that-

Draco coughed nonchalantly.

Hermione jerked her head around, shot Malfoy a death glare and went to stand next to him.

“Has anything changed about the plan, Master?” Draco asked, not at all looking impressed by Granger’s little performance but nevertheless being very.

The Dark Lords cat-like eyes moved to face the son of one of his most faithful Death Eaters instead of Hermione’s slender hips.

“No, Mr. Malfoy.” He informed him, “But however I would like to reiterate the details of your mission once more-”


Later that evening Draco was sitting in the sofa of Hermione’s apartment, looking at her with a look of utmost concentration.

“So let me get this straight…” He said eying Hermione intently who was on the other end of the sofa, her arms warped around her knees. “The second day we are at Hogwarts we are supposed to place Professor Snape under Imperius after we-”

“We have forced all possible information out of him concerning the Order of the Phoenix.” She said wearily. “Honestly Malfoy, how many times have we gone over this already?”

Draco glared at her, before continuing again.

“You said Snape is an excellent Occlumens. Do you think we’ll be able to break his protection?”

“Correction: you will be able to break it. Come on now Malfoy, you’re almost as good as the Dark Lord himself regarding Leglimency and Occlumency.” She sighed.

A smug look crept over Malfoy’s face; she rolled her eyes.

“I still don’t get why you wanted to come over to my place anyway. I mean, we’ve already revised everything at the meeting and I really don’t see what in the name of heaven we need to-”

She fell silent immediately though when Draco seductively crawled over to her and snaked his fingers around her wrist.

“Eh… Malfoy, what are you doing?” She asked, taken aback. “If you want a sexbuddy, please go whore yourself somewhere else because I definitely am not in the-”

But before she could finish her sentence she was silenced by Draco’s lips capturing hers. The touch of his velvety lips almost made her faint.

She didn’t even attempt to resist when Draco’s tongue made its way into her mouth and gently ghosted over the roof of her mouth.

The soft moan that found its wait out of her throat was muffled by Draco’s mouth. Closing her eyes and enjoying the kiss, she chose to return the favour.

When Hermione’s tongue started discovering the blonde’s mouth, it was his time to whimper slowly at the touch.

She smiled mischievously against his mouth before deepening the kiss. In the mean time hands were travelling all over their bodies.

Hermione’s hands roamed Draco’s bare chest under his T-shirt, and when her hands travelled southwards she heard him hiss in pure pleasure as she started stroking the lump that had formed itself in Draco’s slacks a few minutes ago.

She pulled back and looked at him questioningly while he was begging her silently to continue.

After teasing him a bit more, she slowly started the unbuttoning. They had started kissing passionately again by the time Hermione’s cold fingers snaked their way into Draco’s boxers and pulled it down.

It was Malfoy who ended the kiss now; he was too preoccupied by Hermione’s fingers warping themselves around the length of his cock to continue to kiss.

Hermione smirked looking at Draco’s face once more, he nodded almost desperately. Her smile broadened when she pushed him down on the sofa before softly licking the head of his dick with her tongue.

Draco groaned loudly, grasping the sofa for support as Hermione’s mouth fully enclosed his length.

Hermione started to move her head quicker and made his cock enter her throat harder and deeper. He whimpered and trembled slightly before he came hard, shouting her name which echoed loudly and made Crookshanks jump of the coffee table in utmost shock.

She swallowed and smirked once again when Draco collapsed and she crawled on top of him.

“Have you got no mercy at all?” He asked, bewildered.

“No, none at all.” Hermione answered naughtily, sticking out her tongue which Draco fondly captured for a new series of passionate kisses.

A gut pull drag on me into the chasm gaping we. Mirrors multi reflecting this, between spunk stained sheet and odourous whim. Calm eye – flick - shudder – within. Assist me to walk away in sin. Where is the string that Theseus laid? Find me out this labyrinth place. – Bauhaus


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