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Tacent Wishes by LadyMalfoyx

Format: Novel
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 33,986
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Narcissa, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 08/07/2011
Last Chapter: 06/20/2013
Last Updated: 06/20/2013


Hermione is lonely and she has a desperate need for things to be normal. She arrives at Hogwarts to find she has to spend the rest of the year in close proximity with none other than Draco Malfoy. Ugh. But what if Draco is feeling just the same way? A tale of two who hate, that learn to love, with lots of complications standing in their way.

Chapter 1: A Silent Wish
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The warm summer breeze lightly tickled Hermione's face, ruffling her hair as she stared out into the horizon. The sun shone dimly over the hilltop and peeked through the leaveless branches of the trees. Cascades of pink and orange danced across the sky. Dusk was a beautiful time. At this particular moment, everything had come to a halt. The ruffling of the grass was the only indication that time was passing. The birds sung softly but to Hermione, they were barely audible. She sat with her knees up and her chin perched upon them in deep thought. So much had happened in the past few weeks, since the final battle. There had been funerals to go to, people to mourn, tears to be shed. And there had been Ron. As much as Hermione forced herself to believe this was right for her, for them all, she just couldn't. He was driving her insane already and she felt nothing aside from a brotherly love for him. She sighed as she looked back at the higgledy-piggledy house that seemed to just be perfect. The Burrow, a place of closure. Or so she had thought.

Hermione had arrived at the Burrow a little over a week previous. After she had returned from Australia with her parents, she had stayed at home with them for a few weeks. It did not prove to be an easy feat retreiving them. They were hurt by what she had done, but accepted it and understood nether the less. Eventually, they forgave her as they understood it was only for their safety. She had missed her parents, her Mother's sweet honey smelling hair, her Father's cuddles and him calling her Miney; the way they were once a family. Things were slowly healing now. They had eaten dinner together with warm small talk. Her Mother even tucked her into bed and they would sit and drink hot chocolate and chat like a mother and daughter should. She smiled at the recent memories. It was going to be hard leaving, after only being reunited for such a short amount of time. 

Her last ever Hogwarts letter had arrived before she had left for the Burrow. It was slightly different from all the previous years, but all the same too. It felt comforting for something to be normal. Nothing was ever normal any more, not after the traumatic experience of the war. Everyone, everything had changed. She pulled the letter out of her back pocket, where she had been stowing it for safe-keeping, unfolded it and smoothed out the crumples.

Dear Miss Granger,

We are most pleased to welcome you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for your seventh and final year.
Please find inclosed your booklist for this year and your selected classes.
Term will begin on September the first and we ask that you be on Platform 9 and 3/4 no later than ten to eleven.

Best Wishes, and we hope to be seeing you soon,
Professor Filius Flitwick, Deputy Headmaster

Harry and Ron  had been weary about returning to Hogwarts, and there had been an argument with Mrs Weasley. Hermione remembered it well.

'But Mum!-' pleaded Ron.

'Absolutely not! Just because you went galavanting around the country over the past year does NOT mean that you can throw away your education!' Mrs. Weasley's voice was uncharacteristically shrill and rang through the tiny kitchen.

'But we dont need to learn anything else, we know-'

'Ronald Weasley, stop being so arrogant.  You will be returning to Hogwarts this year and it is not up for discussion!' A sense of finality in her tone, Ron closed his mouth and sulked. She advanced on Harry, 'Harry, dear, it would be best if you return to school too, Me and Arthur would be more than pleased to care for Teddy whilst you are gone.'

Harry nodded and smiled, he of course wouldn't let Ron go by himself.

Hermione was pulled out of her thoughts as she heard Mrs. Weasley herself call from the house. She stood up, shoving the letter back in her pocket and trudged inside, away from the setting sun, the pinks and oranges showering the sky.

'Dinner's ready, dear.' Mrs. Weasley said sweetly. Hermione smiled and thanked her.

'It looks lovely!'

Five of the Weasleys were gathered around the tiny table aswell as Hermione and Harry. This was the last night before they would go back to Hogwarts for the last time. They ate mostly in silence, not having much to say. Hermione couldn't wait to escape. Not that she meant any ill thoughts upon her company, but she could feel Ron's eyes on her, and that didn't mean anything good. She was very relieved when Mr Weasley told them to all hurry up eating so they could get a decent nights sleep. That meant she could go to bed and escape without being rude. After everyone was finished, Mrs.Weasley thanked, and goodnights were said, Hermione flew up the stairs. One flight, Two flights, nearly there-

'Hermione, wait!' She groaned inwardly and turned to face him.

'Whats wrong? You trying to get away from us?' Ron joked. Hermione smiled weakly.

'No, i'm just tired Ron, and i really should sleep seeing as we're leaving tomorrow.'

'Can't you just stay up for a bit? It's our last night together before going back to school!.' He said brightly taking her the hand. She groaned, out load this time. He stared at her puzzled.

'Ron, I would actually like to get some sleep tonight. I'm going to bed, goodight.'

'Oh come on Herms..' he pleaded sickly. She fliched at the use of Ron's nickname for he. Herms?.. oh please..

'No, just no...Ron!-' He had brought his lips to hers and she instantly felt repulsed. She pulled away angrily. She had to tell him, this couldn't go on. Hermione sighed and looked him in the eye, still feeling nothing. She opened her mouth to do it, but guilt overwhelmed her at the last minute.

No.' She said firmly. Ron's mouth opened, and then closed. He repeated this a few times before closing his eyes and storming off up the stairs. Hermione bit her lip. It's for the best, she told herself. She stomped into the room in which her and Ginny shared, groaned and slumped down onto the bed, still fully clothed. She didn't even hear a certain red headed girl come in a few minutes later as Hermione had already  fell into a dreamless sleep.


Draco sat on the edge of his mahogony framed bed, toying with a black ribbon that had once been his mothers. Not that his mother was dead, no. She was away; escaping. Narcissa needed to be away from their manor for a while, away from the death and the destruction, the darkness of it all. It was just him and a few dozen house elves seeing as his father had been locked away as soon as the new Minister for Magic was appointed. Said Minister being Mr Kinglsey Shacklebolt, ex Head of The Auror Department. He sighed and flopped backwards staring at the Slytherin green canopy. He was going back to school the next day. The decision had been made without much consideration at all. He needed to get away from the manor desperately too. He hated it, the dark magic and the evil shadows of death; it chewed him up. He felt constrained and claustraphobic. It was sickening.. He remembered the Death Eaters sitting silently around the table in the drawing room, with Him at the head of the table, glaring down upon them all. He remembered the snake, slithering guiltily, predator like around his feet. Nagini. The mere though made him shiver. He remembered the torturing and the killing and he suddenly felt disgusted. He was glad it was over, but it would remain as a scar on him forever. A scar. He brought up his left arm and pulled up the sleeve, staring at the spot that branded him an outcast from magical society. It was ever so faint, disappearing slowly since He had been destroyed. But he could still feel it, it burnt, reminding him that it was there and reminding him of what he had done. He sighed and pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind, jumping up. He stripped off his robes, threw on some boxer shots and a black t-shirt.

'Lacey!' he called. A tiny pop and a little house elf stood before him. He smiled at her reluctantly.

'Master Draco, how may Lacey help?'

'Can you bring me a hot chocolate?' He asked, and then,

'Please.' He added grimacing. She nodded enthusiastically.

'Of course, Master Draco.' She disappeared with another pop. As he waited, he grabbed his wand and packed his trunk. It took him all of ten seconds, thanks to magic. Lacey appeared again with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Draco smiled, took it from her trembling hands with a thankyou and she disapparated once more. He sat back down on his bed and took a sip. It warmed him from the inside immediately. He grinned stupidly. She does make the best hot chocolates, he thought to himself. As he was drinking, he thought about this year. It would be different, but still the same. And he felt comforted for the return to normality, without violence and loss. No Dumbledore, no Snape. He sighed at that, he had liked Snape after all. And Dumbledore, well..he thought guiltily, the old nutter had his death planned out anyway! He defended himself from no one. He went to take another sip, only to discover after looking at it grumpily that the mug was empty. He sighed and put it on the bedside table. With a simple flick of his wand, it had disappeared back down to the kitchens. He climbed into bed and turned over. Sleep would come, he told himself. Though it was more of a silent wish.




A/N: Okay, so I know this chapter is short, but i was just introducing the story. The rest will be much longer! This won't jump straight into Dramione as they still pretty much destest each other, but i promise the wait wont be too long. So what do you think? Review please! -LadyMalfoyx

Chapter 2: Unexpected News
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Hermione woke the next morning to blazing sunshine and Mrs. Weasley knocking on all the doors, screaming. She lay there silently, not wanting to get up. The serenity was perfect, and she didn't want to escape from it. However, Mrs. Weasley's shrill voice pulled her violently out of her calm state.

'Get up! You'll miss the train!' Hermione assumed she was saying. However, it sounded more like a loud blur of noise. Hermione groaned and rolled over, looking at the bed next to hers that had bright red, long hair sprawled over it. Ginny groaned too and mumbled something Hermione couldn't make out, but she was sure it was something Ginny would never say in front of her mother. Ginny looked over at her.

'It’s too early!' she exclaimed, clearly frustrated. Hermione looked at her with empathy and nodded. It was always difficult getting back into the daily routine of getting up early, especially after summer.

'I know… ugh!' Hermione said sleepily. She huffed and sat up. Woah, she waited for the blood to rush from her head and climbed out of bed. 'Come on, Ginny. With you lying around, we actually will miss the train!'

Ginny scowled and snuggled her head deeper into her pillow. Haha, Hermione had an idea. She grinned broadly and walked over to Ginny's bed.

'What are y- Arghhhh! Hermione!'  Hermione had lifted the mattress, causing Ginny to topple off of the bed. Hermione was overcome with a laughing fit.

'Come on, woman, this year won’t be that bad! And besides, you’re in the same year as us now, remember!' Hermione said gleefully. All the six years that had attended Hogwarts the previous year whilst Snape was Headmaster, were all free to proceed to the seventh year without the end of year exams. Considering the majority of them fought in the battle of Hogwarts, that was enough. Though most of last year's seventh years were returning to take their NEWTS so they could get jobs.

Ginny grunted in acknowledgement at this news, but did look slightly more cheerful so Hermione, now satisfied, went to get dressed on the other side of the room. Pulling on a pair of jeans, top and a jumper, she magically fixed her hair to fall in soft waves and waited for the red haired girl. Ginny was still pulling on her socks halfheartedly.

'Oh come on!' said Hermione, impatiently tapping her foot. Ginny glared at her in return.

'I'm coming, I’m coming!' she said exasperated. When they finally had both all their clothing on, they closed their trunks with magic and headed for the door. Hermione turned around and muttered, 'locomotor trunks' and both of the girls trunks bobbed down the stairs behind them. The sight in the tiny kitchen of the Burrow was amusing to the girls. Harry was lying with his head on his arm, a spoon hanging in his hand. Ron had a mouthful of what appeared to be egg and toast. He looked asleep with his head in his hands, elbows propped up on the table. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were closed. Ugh, that's disgusting!

'Ronald Weasley!' Ron jerked awake and Harry stirred, looking up at Hermione. 'That is disgusting! Close your mouth!'

Ron started to say something but Ginny got there first.

'I can't beleive i have the misfortune of being related to someone so disgusting. Can you Hermione?!'

Ron glared at them both and muttered something along the lines of 'Bloody hell, alright mother!' Hermione shook her head and sat down at the table, grabbing a piece of toast. She had just only realised how hungry she was, and considering she wouldn't eat again untill the train, she grabbed a bowl of cereal too.

'Mor'n Ginny, Mione..' said Harry sleepily. Ginny went over and kissed Harry on the cheek before doing the same. They are so lucky to have each other, and actually love each other, Hermione thought. She looked over at Ron whilst chewing carefully on her toast. He looks reproachful eating like that. Ugh. How is it that I don’t feel anything for him, but I’m still dating him, ugh! The word made her cringe.

'Hermione!' someone snapped their fingers in her face. Ron.

'Yes, Ronald?' she said, coldly. Though it wasn’t intended to sound quite that mean. Ron looked taken about and she forced herself to smile.

'Do you really have to call me that?' he moaned. 'Anyway, i was just wondering if you had gotten Head Girl?' Hermione's heart quickened and she started to panic. Oh no, she thought, I didn't get it.

', well it didn’t come with my letter, so I’d assume no.' she said sadly. She had suddenly lost all her appetite and pushed her food away grumpily. She blocked out all sound around her and sat with her arms folded. Strangely, she was trying to hold back tears. It wasn't that much of a big deal was it? .. The honest answer? Yes it was. From the first time she had read Hogwarts; A History, all she had dreamed of achieving was getting Head Girl.  I was so preoccupied it didn't even cross my mind! It was clearly Ron's fault. Why did he have to bring it up?  Yes, lets just blame Ron...   Her thoughts were disrupted by Mrs. Weasley half running down the stairs.

'Come on, we have to go! Arthur's outside with the car!'

They all jumped up, leaving their discarded plates and Hermione's foul mood on the minute table. Mrs. Weasley hastily waved her wand and they flew to the sink and started washing themselves up. Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were ushered out the door by Mrs. Weasley and they walked over to the car that Mr. Weasley was standing by, beaming.  Mrs. Weasley looked at it skeptically.

'Oh, don't worry dear; I haven't tinkered with this car.' He said, 'It's completely like an ordinary Muggle’s, how exciting!'

Hermione and Harry stifled a giggle and they all piled in to the back seat. Mr. Weasley might have said he hadn't messed around with any of it, but Harry and Hermione, knowing the normal size of a back seat, knew he had. It fit the four of them comfortably with room to spare. Mr. Weasley climbed into the driver’s seat, turned around a looked at them with a satisfied smile on his face.

'Undetectable Extension Charm!' he whispered with a wink before Mrs. Weasley got in the car. The journey to Kings cross was slow due to the traffic in Muggle London, so it was a good job they had left early. Harry filled the silence with his new Quidditch tactics for the Gryffindor team, and conversations with Mr. Weasly about relatively oridinary Muggle items. The current topic of conversation was a discussion about a totally unamusing device known as a traffic light.

'Wow, so they change colours accordingly, that right Harry?'

'What? Oh , yes, Mr Weasley.'

'Fascianting! Truly Fascinating. You see that, Molly dear? Red... Orange... Green...'

'Arthur!' exclaimed Mrs. Weasley/

'Ooops, sorry dear.' Mr Weasley replied, apologetically as the tiny car left the junction. After they finally reached the station, they headed towards the platform. Goodbyes were said and the four left Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and ran full on into the barrier for Platform 9 and 3/4. 


Draco looked around his handsome room, making sure he had everything packed. He couldn't see anything else, so he closed his trunk with a flick of his wand. On the top was DM stamped in silver lettering. With another flick of his wand, the trunk was following him as he made his way through the eerie manor. I can't wait to get away from this place, he thought, all I can think about is him here.

Draco's mother, Narcissa, was waiting in the Entrance Hall for him. She had arrived back this morning to take her son to the platform and then was returning on her escape retreat. He made his way down the stairs and walked up to her. Narcissa rushed forward.

'You ready, son?' She asked, fussing over his collar. He dodged from her hands.

'Yes, thank you Mother.' The two grasped hands and apparated immediately to the platform. It was bustling as soon as they got there. Narcissa fussed over Draco more and he kissed her goodbye. He turned around and walked into the crowd, passing lots of families. Whom all of which had fathers. Your fathers aren't locked away for being a disgrace to the wizarding world, he thought miserably. He remembered the first and last time he had visited his father in Azkaban, just a week after he was imprisoned and what his father had told him.

'I want you to be on your best behaviour this year, you understand me? Just because the war is over does not mean you sink to the level of people inferior to you. You are a pureblood and you will act like one. I am disappointed you were not appointed Head Boy, but you will show them up anyway. You will not befriend any of the wrong sort.'

 Draco glared at his father, unclenched his jaw and said coolly,

'I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself, thanks.' He turned abruptly on his heel and stormed off. Only when he got to the end of the corridor did he realise what he had just said. The sudden realisation was almost comical, and he had to let out a hollow laugh. He flashed back to first year, his second conversation with Potter. He had told Draco the exact same thing. How ironic. Draco smirked. He could hear his father calling his name angrily over through the bars of his cell, but he was long gone now. 

That was the last time he had saw his father and he didn't plan on ever going back. Truthfully, Draco was ashamed at what his father had done during the war and prior to it. He was free at last from his clutches, from the clutches of Dark Magic, and he was going to make the most of it.

He boarded the train quickly, and immediately bumped into someone familiar. He scowled when he realised who it was. He was about to say something, but instinct took over,

'Watch it, Mudblood. Can't you just keep your bushy head out of things?' He walked off, laughing silently at the look on her face but he also felt rather guilty. He brushed off the unusual emotion and made his way down the train, trying to find an empty compartment. A brunette first year rushed up to him, looking nervous. Oh, here we go...He thought.

'Er, Mr. Malfoy?' the kid asked looking up at him.

'Yes.' He said coolly. The kid pulled out an envelope and handed it to him.

' My name's Edwards.. Luke Edwards..'

'What do you want, Edwards?'

I was told to give this to you...' The kid squeaked and ran off. Malfoy laughed after him. Shrimp, he thought. He looked down at the envelope and sure enough, it was addressed to him. He opened and read,

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed the Position of Head Boy for this year. Would you please join myself and the new Head Girl in the Heads compartment at twelve o clock for a meeting and discussion of your duties.


Professor Minerva McGonagal


Draco looked down at it gleefully. Suddenly, he wasn't pissed off at Matthew Edwards. Ha, well would you look at that Father..

'Hey...' he said quietly, but trailed off, realising he had no one to tell. He sighed and checked his watch. It was eleven o’ clock now and the train had just started moving. He still had an hour before he had to go. Draco reached into his bag, pulled out a book and started to read.



Hermione stalked away from Malfoy fuming. Stupid pureblood, you'd have thought after the war that the whole Mudblood thing wouldn't matter! Once she had found the compartment that the other three were in, she walked inside, slamming the door behind her and took a seat across from Ginny. Ron looked scared.

'What's got your wand in a knot?' asked Ginny, slightly amused.

'Malfoy, that’s what!" exclaimed Hermione. Harry looked at her with sympathy.

'What he done?' he asked.

'He's just being an arrogant git like he always is!'

'Did you expect much else with Malfoy?' Ron asked.

'Well no, but after the war, you'd think he would tone down a bit...' Hermione trailed off, in thought. They all nodded, and muttered in agreement. After a few moments, a first year girl opened the door to their compartment looking very scared.

'Hermione Granger?' she asked. Hermione looked up.

'Yes?' she said kindly. The girl handed her an envelope. Hermione thanked her and she scurried out of the compartment.

'What's that, Hermione?' asked Harry. Hermione opened it and pulled out a letter. She read it not believing her eyes.

Dear Miss Granger,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been appointed the Position of Head Girl for this year. Would you please join myself and the new Head Boy in the Heads compartment at twelve o clock for a meeting and discussion of your duties.


Professor Minerva McGonagal


She squealed and showed the letter to them excitedly. They offered her congratulations.

'See?!' said Ron loudly, 'I knew you'd get it! ... Didn't I tell 'er Harry!'

Harry looked up and nodded, amused. Hermione didn't care though, she was ecstatic. Oh Merlin, I'm Head Girl! 




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Chapter 3: Volte-Face
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Draco stood in the Heads Compartment at five to twelve. It was much more luxurious than the ordinary compartments. It had plush scarlet seats, gold trimming on the door and windows, intricate details on the midnight blue carpet and the Hogwarts crest on one wall bearing the Lion, Serpent, Badger and Raven. Wow, he thought looking around. For him to be impressed, it had to be something special. He was, after all, a Malfoy.

Professor McGonagall walked in shortly after he had sat down and greeted him with a smile. 


'Good morning Mister Malfoy and how are you?'


'Fine, thank you.' Draco replied in his most sincere voice. McGonagall nodded. 


 'It’s good to see you here early of course; we are now waiting for the Head Girl. ’

Malfoy nodded curtly and turned to face the window in which he saw the English countryside flashing by. He had a funny feeling who the Head Girl was going to be, though he wished it wasn’t, kind of. I mean, who wouldn't pick the brightest witch of our age and insufferable know-it-all, Miss-


'Ah! Miss Granger! It's a delight to see you here. Good summer I trust?' Draco whipped his head around and sure enough was the girl he had just been thinking of. Though, she didn't look much like a girl anymore. He hadn't seen her since sixth year, and now, well. Her hair was no longer bushy, but fell in soft curls and was honey brown in colour. He could see she had developed curves and she seemed to have filled out in all the right places. She didn't have any make up on as far as he could tell but her milky white skin was flawless spare a few freckles upon her nose. And then he stopped, what am I thinking?!



 Hermione stood in the doorway and looked around the magnificent compartment. Professor McGonagal was standing to one side, and sitting to the seat on the right was a platinum blonde hair, pale skinned boy. And boy, he is pale. Hermione greeted McGonagal warmly and nodded towards the boy.

'Malfoy.' she acknowledged him. He replied with a simple 'Granger'. Hmm, no Mudblood? Surely he can’t have forgotten our little meeting only an hour ago. It’s probably because McGonagall’s here.


 She's looking at me, gazing. It’s almost like she's picking out every detail. Ha! Malfoy smirked and turned to the stern woman still in the room. McGonagall coughed.

'Well, now that we are all here, I can brief you. The reason your letter did not arrive with the normal post was because we were in serious consideration about the Head Boy and Head Girl this year. Also due to the fact that we were not entirely sure the school would be ready to re-open this year. There have been many parts of the castle that have had to be repaired. If only 'reparo' would do... Anyway, your duties! You are to be the head of the Prefects, organise meetings, sort out patrol time tables, set Hogsmeade dates and this year, plan an annual celebration ball.


'Celebration ball?' inquired Draco.


'Yes Mister Malfoy, a Celebration Ball. It shall be held on the evening of May the 2nd.' Suddenly, Draco understood. He nodded, not wishing to say anything as it may bring up and awkward subject. He chanced a look at Hermione and she quickly whipped her stare away from him and her head again faced McGonagal. The professor continued.


'As the Head Boy and Girl of Hogwarts, it is an honour and a privilege. You shall not abuse it in anyway or your badge will be stripped from you and another candidate will take your place. You will be responsible for many things this year, and on top of your NEWTS this may be overwhelming. The staff believe that you are capable of these responsibilities. Yes?'

They both nodded.

'Excellent. If you would please remain in here for the rest of the journey, I shall have someone escort your trunks.' And with that, she was gone. Hermione turned to face Malfoy who had nodded at McGonagall’s last words, not really caring. However, Hermione had died a little inside. Another six hours with Malfoy, ugh!
 Draco looked at the girl sitting across from him who had just taken out a book. Typical Granger. He scrutinised her every move. The way she brushed a fallen piece of her eyes, the way she pouted her lips whilst reading and the way her eyes rapidly whipped across the page. Draco could hardly keep up with them. He was so up in his thoughts that he didn't even realise that Hermione had looked up.

'Malfoy, what do you want?' This took him by surprise.
 'I... er... well.' What am I doing! Malloy’s don’t stutter or stumble on words! 'Nothing, Granger.'


'You were staring at me.' she's good. Now what? His Malfoy instincts took over. Just deny.


'No I wasn't. Why would I want to stare at a - at you?' He had almost called her a Mudblood again. Not a good idea, Draco. He remembered the guilt that had overcome him the first time he had done that today. Hermione bottled up in anger at what he had been about to say. 'A what exactly, Malfoy? A Mudblood?'

 'No, I didn't say that!' He replied, not exactly keeping his cool anymore. She raised her eye brows. Oh Merlin, the war is over, I might as well...

'I'm sorry for calling you that earlier, it was a slip of that tongue. I didn't mean it.

'Ha, and why you should I believe you, Malfoy. You don't exactly have the best track record with honesty.'

 'Look, Granger...' He sighed. He couldn’t really believe he was doing this. His father would kill him. Wait, I don’t care anymore, do I? 


 'The war is over, and yes, my family was on the wrong side but I'm over that now. I may still be a cold, arrogant git, but I’m not going to call you, or anyone for that matter a Mudblood anymore. You’re a witch, I’m a wizard, you may come from a different background, but we're both magical, right? I'm a pureblood, and look where that’s left me. Ashamed of an imprisoned father who abused magic and left alone by a mother who is currently afraid of it. '

Hermione sat frozen in her seat, eyes boggling. Was this seriously Draco Malfoy? The pureblood and Slytherin Prince? He was saying this? I don’t believe it.


'What happened to you during the war?!' Hermione exclaimed in shock. Draco looked at her carefully, not surprised at her reaction at all.

 'It made me realise what actually matters and what doesn't. It matters to stay alive, but not to feel superior to someone just by calling them a name. It matters to protect the people you care about, and not to piss people off just for amusement....No matter how fun that is...' He replied, nonchalantly. Hermione looked back at him in disbelief, trying to work out where he was going with this. She decided to just accept it, for now.


'Right…Well, I'm glad you've seen sense.' Hermione said, still not believing this. Draco attempted a smile, but it ended up in a sort of wiggle of his lips. He nodded ad looked away. Did I really just say all that?! She's going to think we're friends now! Ugh! As if Hermione could read his mind, she said,


'This doesn't mean we're friends right?'


'Of course not Granger, please.' Draco said. Hermione was slightly relieved and smiled. At least he's still Malfoy, some comforting normality. Though it wasn't very comforting at all. Hermione couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed, even though she partly still detested him. After this, she had seen a different side of him, and wanted to find out more. Her thoughts swam in and out of her mind as she finally fell into a light sleep. She’d have plenty of time to find out more. Hell, I’ll be living with him this year.


Draco watched her fall asleep inconspicuously. Of course not Granger, please. But what if half of him kind of wanted to be? Draco shrugged off the thought. Is it time for this to change? He too, drifted into a light sleep.




The darkness was like a switch and Hermione's eyes snapped open. She noticed Malfoy asleep too, across from her. Hermione looked out the window, but she could only see the reflection of the compartment her and Malfoy were in. We must be close to the school, shit. She jumped up and saw two trunks in the middle of the two seats. Someone had dropped them off whilst they were asleep.

 One trunk was black with silver lining and the other was brown with scarlet lining. She grabbed the brown one and heaved it onto her seat and then quickly changed into her robes. Once finished, she looked over at the still sleeping Malfoy. What am I thinking?! She approached him and shook him awake.

 'Wha- What?!' He mumbled aggressively. Hermione rolled her eyes.

'Get up, we're going to be there any minute, you need to get changed!' He did so, begrudgingly. She tried not to notice his slim, nicely built body he was now covering with his robes. Stop it, Hermione! She forced herself to look away and in doing so, she spotted an envelope on the window panel with neat handwriting on the front. She picked it up and found it quite heavy for a letter. Opening it, she held out her hand and out felt two newly polished badges. One was gold with red trimming and had the words Head Girl on it. The other was silver with emerald trimming and had the words Head Boy across it. She smiled at them and pulled out the letter.

Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy,


Here are your badges; you are to wear them on your robes at all times. I forgot to give them to you when we met earlier.
Also, you are both required to ride in the Heads Carriage to the school. This is located at the front of the cue and has a Lion and Serpent on the door. 


After the feast, please meet Professor Flitwick in the Entrance Hall and he will escort you to the Heads Dorm, of which the password is 'Comradeship'. You are permitted to change this should you wish.

Best Wishes,


Professor McGonagal.


When Hermione looked up, Draco was looking at her quizzically.

‘What’s that?’ He asked. She handed him his badge and the letter. He looked at the badge and let out a low whistle, Head Boy, he thought smugly. He read the letter quickly, and then discarded it. The two new heads felt the train slowing down until finally, it came to a complete stop. 

'Shall we go to our carriage then?' Draco asked Hermione/


'Oh, yes sure. Come on then.'


Hermione and Draco stepped off the Train into the busy station of Hogsmeade. Hermione looked desperately around for Ron, Harry and Ginny but couldn't spot them anywhere. She followed Draco half-heartedly to their carriage which, like McGonagal had said, was right at the right of the line. The carriage was a handsome black with a Gryffindor Lion holding a Slytherin Serpent in its mouth. Draco opened the door and they both climbed in.


Wow, were both of their initial thoughts. The interior of the carriage was decked out to be Scarlet and Emerald, representing the houses of both the Heads. It must change very year according to who the Heads are, thought Hermione. One seat was Gryffindor Red and the other Slytherin Green. The roof was enchanted like to Great Hall and currently showed a clear dark blue sky emblazed with soft twinkling stars. The carpet was exactly the same as it had been in the Heads compartment on the train. After a few moments, they both took their respective seats and were silent. The gentle thestrals started pulling the carriages towards the castle. Hermione supposed everyone could see them now, or at least those who had fought in The Battle of Hogwarts. Everyone there had seen death.

 The silence continued for the rest of the short journey and the duo occasionally stole glances at each other, curious. When finally they arrived at the school gates, they climbed out of the carriage and looked around. Hermione searched the crowd for familiar faces, and she spotted a fair few, but not the ones she wanted-

'Hermione! Over here!' She noticed the three she was looking for call her over and she started to leave the carriage to approach them. Ron put his arm around her waist and she walked with him begrudgingly.

‘Hermione?’ Harry asked, ‘Who’s the new Head Boy?’


Hermione panicked and searched around rapidly. She spotted Luna in the distance, a mass of dirty blonde hair against blacks and browns. 

‘Oh I’m sorry, I have to see Luna..’ trying not to sound too guilty, she climbed out of Ron’s arm and rushed off. Hermione suddenly remembered and turned around the say goodbye to her fellow Head, but he was already long gone.

Chapter 4: A New Beginning, Together
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Hermione waited impatiently in the Entrance Hall for the other three she had left earlier. She hoped to Merlin that they would have forgetting about their curiousity of who the Head Boy is. Harry, Ron and Ginny finally came trudging in the double doors, talking happily. Ginny spotted Hermione as she waved at them and dragged the two boys over quickly.

‘Hi Hermione! Did you find Luna?’ asked Ginny. Hermione panicked slightly.

‘Yep, I found her. Shall we go in?’ she replied indicating the Hall.

‘Of course, my Herms...’ said Ron sickeningly. He took his hands in hers and Hermione cringed.


‘What?!’ he asked defensively.


‘The name, Ron, I don’t like it, I’ve told you!’ Ron sulked.


 The Great Hall was as magnificent as ever. The high rise ceiling portrayed cloudless, deep blue night sky with thousands of twinkling stars. The tables were lined with hundreds of bowls of the most delicious looking food. Gold goblets shined in the light of the floating candles and Professors clad with pointed hats were chatting happily at the front table. If you hadn’t known, - and you’d be pretty stupid if you didn’t, - you would never have been able to tell that the hall had been a war zone a few months previous. It was torture, sheer torture for Hermione being in this room with all the happy faces. If she closed her eyes, she didn’t see floating candles and glorious food, but broken stone and dead bodies. She was sure the others were in physical pain too. This is where some of their family had died. Where Fred had laughed for the last time. Hermione shook her head, as if in attempt to knock the thoughts from her mind.

 ‘Come on, Hermione...’ someone said. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny made their way to their usual spots at Gryffindor table. It felt odd, very odd to be sitting there again together, after they hadn’t done so for over a year. It felt nice though, and Hermione couldn’t help thinking what she had so many times these last few weeks; something normal. She remembered all the other times she had sat in this Hall, waiting for Dumbledore’s opening speech, and then permission to dig into the food. But Dumbledore wouldn’t be giving that speech anymore. Hermione looked up at the staff table. It looked rather unusual seeing McGonagall sitting in the Headmaster, well Headmistress’ chair. Hermione look back at her friends and boyfriend.  She remembered all the times he would complain about his stomach whilst waiting here. As if on cue, Ron said,

 ‘Oh come on…! I’m bloody starving. Only had a few Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans on the train. Merlin…’

 ‘Oh be quiet Ronald! Do you ever think about anything other than your stomach!? Oh what am I saying, it’s you. Of course you don’t!’ said Hermione in an annoyed tone. Ron scowled and Ginny and Harry snickered.

 ‘And besides, the first years still have to be sorted yet.’ This caused Ron to groan. He slumped down is his chair grumpily. Hermione shook her head and scanned her eyes over the Great Hall. Her chocolate brown eyes fell on a mass of platinum blonde hair covering a crouching figure sitting alone at the end of the Slytherin table. Malfoy. Hermione felt a sudden pang of sympathy for him. Why is he sitting alone? Surely his posse want to be with him? 

 ‘What’re you looking at?’ Harry said in a sharp tone. He had noticed her staring. She felt guilt immediately. Hermione still hadn’t told them who the new Head Boy was despite their initial asking. She knew Ron would flip and Harry and Ginny would be furious too. She sighed inwardly.
‘Nothing Harry,’ she laughed off, ‘I zoned out…’ 

Harry laughed too and Hermione smiled in relief. She then realised Ginny was still staring at her knowingly. Hermione had forgotten how intuitive Ginny was. The redhead mouthed ‘what?!’ and Hermione glared at her in a ‘shut up now, I’ll tell you alter way’. Ginny instantly understood and smiled looking rather satisfied. Suddenly, all the commotion stopped in the Hall and heads started gravitating to the front where Professor McGonagall was standing.


‘Welcome, students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is splendid to see you all back for another year at school.’ Though, we’re not all back, are we? ‘Before I start boring you with the welcome speech, we shall have the Sorting.’

Filch shuffled in from one of the hidden side doors with a wooden stool and tattered, re-sewed hat. Immediately, the double doors opened to reveal a tiny Flitwick leading a group of very nervous eleven year olds. The sorting hat burst out into this year’s song, frighting a few of the small children standing before it.





Oh now the war is over,

And a new era has begun,

You'll study hard

 But don't forget, sometimes it can be fun.

 In this hall, most of you

 Have been here oh so long

 Enough to know the unity

 Present in my song.

 Though I have a duty

 To separate you all,

In this new beginning,

We should stand together and tall.

Gryffindor's have hearts of gold

And many guts of steel

And though polar opposites,

Slytherin should strike a deal.

Hufflepuff’s are gentle

And you can't forget they're kind

And though Ravenclaw's strive for best

They should put forth their mind
Together we can start a new

Tradition in this time

To journey all together,

To not do so would be a crime.

So even though I've asked you

I’ve begged, it’s almost a sin,

I have a job to do,

Let the sorting now begin.



Applause broke out and one by one, the first years were called up to the stool and sorted into their houses. After the last kid, Bethany Stephens, went scurrying to the Ravenclaw table, McGonagall spoke again.

‘Lovely. Welcome to all our new students and we hope you have a wonderful time at Hogwarts. There have been changes this year, due to the war. Some parts of the school have had to be rebuilt but the majority of it is still the same. The seventh year is a rather large one this year, consisting of last year’s sixth years and seventh years that did not attend or did not take their NEWTS.’ She looked pointedly at Harry, Ron and Hermione, and then continued.

‘Now that the war is over, I expect your number one priorities to be your studies and re-building our world. Lives were lost, families were torn apart, but memories live on. Let’s not forget that.

‘I am also extremely pleased to announce our prefects for this year as well as our new Head Boy and Girl. Some of the prefects have remained the same, though some have been changed due to a number of reasons. Gryffindor prefects will be Mr Ron Weasley still and Miss Ginny Weasley will be taking the other empty spot.’

Ginny looked rather pleased with herself. Ron smiled stupidly. There were murmurs around the hall, what about Granger? Hermione grinned inconspicuously and rather smugly. She couldn’t help it.

‘Slytherin prefects shall be Miss Pansy Parkinson and joining her will be Mr Blaise Zabini.’

 ‘What?!’ Ron half whispered, half shouted. ‘She can’t be back, surely they didn’t let her back in, let alone make her prefect still! I mean, she tried to sell Harry to You-Know-Know last year!’

The other three shh’d Ron and Harry grimaced remembering the memory. She shouldn’t be let back in, Ron was right.

 ‘No surprise Malfoy isn’t prefect anymore though is it.’ Said Harry quietly. Hermione turned away quickly and stared hard at McGonagall.

 ‘Hufflepuff prefects are Mr Ernie McMillan and Miss Hannah Abbot, and Ravenclaw is Mr Terry Boot and Miss Luna Lovegood.’ There was polite applause, and then silence. Luna was smiling dreamily.


‘Our Head Boy and Head Girl for this year are Mr Draco Malfoy and Miss Hermione Granger.’

Silence. Then –

A loud round of applause erupted, mostly aimed at Hermione, though Pansy was clapping rather furiously in Draco’s direction, a huge smile on her face. Hermione blushed at the praise and then looked at Malfoy. She smiled briefly at him then turned to face her friends. She saw three mouth’s in a perfect ‘O’. Prepare for Hell.

‘You knew?!’

‘You didn’t tell us!!’

‘Did you seriously just smile at him?!’
‘Have you lost your mind!? One minute you hate him, and then the next your smiling?!’

‘WHY are you not angry with him being Head Boy?!’
Luckily a loud chatter had broken out and people were now eating. They didn’t hear the exclaims from Harry, Ginny and Ron. They all had shocked looks on their face and Hermione glared at them.

‘Shut up! All of you, shut up! He has changed. – No Ron, be quiet! I spoke to him on the train and he apologised. He admits he was wrong. He knows it. He apologised to me, so I’m going to give him a chance. ‘ 

‘No he hasn’t! He is just saying that Hermione! He’s probably up to something, scheming like he always is. I hate him, I do. Nothing he says will change that. Right, Harry?’ Harry nodded.


‘Ronald! Be quiet! I don’t care if you don’t like him, but I’m giving him a chance. If you don’t like it, fine! But we are going to have a SERIOUS problem.'


The three stared at her in disbelief but chose to refrain from snapping back. They bit their lips momentarily, and then sunk into their dinner. The rest of the feast was silent for the four of them. None of them even looked up once despite the time when poor Neville knocked his goblet over, spilling pumpkin juice everywhere. Hermione was ever so pleased when McGonagall stood up, telling them all to get to bed. She muttered a quick goodnight to the three, avoided a slobbery kiss from Ron and walked briskly off to find Malfoy and Flitwick, as by orders of McGonagall.  She found both men standing patiently in the Entrance Hall and approached them, dodging students heading back to their common rooms. 


‘Ah, Miss Granger! It is a pleasure to see you.’ Said Flitwick looking up at her. She smiled warmly at him.


‘And you too, Professor.’ Hermione looked at Malfoy. He nodded and smiled. She did the same.

‘Shall we go, then?’ asked Flitwick.
‘Oh yes, of course!’ Hermione said eagerly and the two Heads followed him up the grand staircase. Professor Flitwick took Hermione and Draco to a part of the castle neither of them had been before, despite all their late night adventures apiece. At first, Hermione thought he was leading them up to the Gryffindor Tower, but dismissed this query when the staircases changed and Flitwick followed them calmly. They were now over the South side of the castle as Hermione could see a part of the lake through a window. She suddenly remembered that they must be near Sir Cadogen, the mad knight that led them up to Divination in their third year. 



They walked up a few more stairs, turned a few more corners and Professor Flitwick marched them up to a rather elegant portrait. Sure enough, next to the portrait, was Sir Cadogen. The portrait was a picture of a man’s body with a lion’s head and man’s head on a serpent’s body. Hermione supposed this changed every year for the Heads too. Professor Flitwick turned to face them


‘Well, this is where I leave you. I have you find your dormitories satisfactory. And you know the password so I must be off! .. Oh! And to get into your separate rooms, just tap the door with your wand, it is the only way that it will open. Welcome to the Heads Tower! Good night!'


They watched him as he toddled off and turned to face the portrait again. Hermione looked at Draco and he said, 




‘IT most certainly is good Sir!’ shouted Sir Cadogen to the Hermione and Draco. Draco looked at him rather taken aback and shot a questioning look at Hermione. 


‘AND good evening my lady!’ he boomed at Hermione giving her a rather low courtesy.  Hermione rolled her eyes at him and told him to shut up. She stropped inside the portrait hole with Draco hot on her heals, but stopped in awe. Draco bumped into her. 


‘Wha-!’ but he too stopped in awe. The Heads Common Room was spectacular. It was a circular room with a medium brown, glossy wood floor. There was a roaring fire stoked in the grand fire place which had intricate patterns carved into it. There was a hearth rug which had the Hogwarts crest upon it. On either side of the rug was two deep brown, comfy-looking sofas that had a mixture of Green, Scarlet and Cream cushions upon them. There were two writing desks in on the back wall that, overlooking the grounds and a brilliant deep blue night sky. On the warm stone walls were portraits of Magical Historians and former Heads. On either side of the magnificent window was a spiralling staircase that Hermione supposed led up to their separate rooms.  This caused her eyes to gaze up to vastly high celling. Hermione let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

‘It’s perfect!’ she whispered excitedly.

‘Yeah, it- I mean yeah, it’s good.’ said Draco, nonchalantly. Hermione rolled her eyes a him.

‘Nothing other than good?!’ He shrugged. It was very beautiful and he was awestruck such a wonderful room could exist here, but he wouldn’t show that. He wasn’t prejudice anymore, but he was still a Malfoy.


'I'm a Malfoy, remember!' Draco said as if it was obvious.


He turned away from Hermione and studied the room, looking at all different things. He heard a squeal of delight from behind him.

‘Oh we have a huge book case!’ The brown haired girl had exclaimed.

 ‘Trust you..’ Draco said, though rather amused. She gave him a scathing look.


‘Well, I’m probably going to go do bed now… So I, I’ll see you tomorrow Malfoy...' 


‘Yeah, me too, cya Granger…’ The exchange was very mellow between them and they both turned and headed up their respective staircases, which had their names on a plaque half way up the wall at the bottom. Hermione got to the top and took out her wand, tapped it on the door and walked inside. Her jaw dropped. 


Her room was just as magnificent as the Common Room. The floor was the same honey coloured, glossy wood. Her walls were the same warm brick, but there was nothing to resemble Slytherin anywhere. She had an enormous window clad with deep red, light curtains. Her wooden four poster bed was huge; she didn’t think she had ever seen one so big. The bedding was full of creams, browns, reds and gold’s and the canopy above it was a lovely scarlet.  There was another door, that she assumed would lead to the bathroom, but she was too fascinated to look now. Her room was gorgeous and she loved every part of it. Sighing with delight, she kicked off her robes and shoes. Hermione skipped over to her giant bed, ripped back the covers and sunk down in all the pillows. It was ever so comfortable. Sleep crept up on her faster than she expected, and it wasn’t until the brilliant sunshine burst through the marvellous window that she bleakly opened her eyes. 






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Chapter 5: Acquaintances now, but-
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Draco woke the next morning rather suddenly. He yawned loudly, stretched and sat up in his new bed. Brushing the sleep out of his eyes he looked sleepily around his room, and was still as intrigued by it as he was last night. The room was decked out in warm creams, light brows and Slytherin green. Though it didn't have the feel of a dungeon; it was comfortable. The large window streamed in sunlight, and the light weight, green curtains filtered it, making the room glow green. He blinked a few times, trying to wake up properly.

Draco swung his legs off of the bed and let his feet touch the warm, honey-brown wood floor. He strutted over to his trunk and pulled out a fresh shirt, trousers and boxers. He threw them on his bed. As he was doing so he caught whiff of himself. Ugh, I need a shower...
Draco looked around to see the door he hadn't noticed the night before. Gotta be the bathroom. He walked over to it and opened the door. The bathroom was as magestic as the rest of the Heads Dormitories. The tiles were warm browns and creams and there were two gigantic windows, which showered the room in glorious sunshine. There were two basins, with two mirrors each that had Head Boy and Head Girl plaques above them. There was a bath in the middle of the room. Well, a swimming pool. It wasn't really a bath at all. It was similar to the one in the Prefects Bathroom, but much more grand. And much more big. Draco remembered all the times he had snuck out in the middle of the night during his sixth year. He would go to the Prefects Bathroom, seal the door and just try to relax. Try being the operative word. It's not that easy to relax when Voldemort has signed your death sentence, he thought. Stop, Draco, you're not going to think about that! He told himself harshly.

Infront of him, he saw another door and walked over to it swiftly. He put his hand on the door knob and froze. This is Granger's room, his mind subconciously told him.

'Great...' he muttered to himself, 'One bathroom...'

He turned around and murmered 'collorportus' to the door. He heard a family squelching noise and was satisfied. Safety precautions, don't need any awkward situations. He turned around again and spotted the showers, one on either side of the room. He went to the one closest to his door. After a thorough inspection of it, he stripped off his t-shirt and boxers, turned the water up hot and jumped in.

By the time he had succesfully washed his hair and body, the entire bathroom was very steamy, he could barely see. He tip-toed, dripping over to the basin where two fluffy green towels sat neatly folded. He grabbed one, ruffled his hair, and then tied it around his waist. Taking the charm off of Hermione's door, he walked out into his rather cooler room and over to the window. The morning sun was rising, and the lake looked spectacular under it. His eyes wandered and he saw the huge Hogwarts clock. Six thirty, wow. Seeing as it was so early, and Hermione would most surely not be up, Draco crossed the room to the main door and half ran down the stairs. The Heads Common Room looked even more wonderful in the morning sun as it complemented the browns and creams. He walked over to the book case that Hermione had so excitedly pointed out the night before. His eyes scanned some familar titles and some not. By the looks of some of them, they had to be Muggle books.

He pulled out a rather large one, that was definitely magical and as he did so, his towel slipped from his waist. Oh, shit. He dropped the book and scrambled up the towel, thrusting it violently around his waist. As he went to pick up the fallen book, he heard a small cough from behind him. He whipped around to face a brown haired girl clad in a purple dressing gown. She was a red as a tomato and looking at him nervously.

'I. er...'

'I, didn't mean..'

'No, really-'

'Im sorry, Malfoy, I didn't realise you were down here...' Hermione blushed even more ferociously and ran back up her stairs. Great, spectacular, no awkward situations huh Draco?! No, she just happens to walk in on you completely naked. Fantastic. He chucked the book back into the bookcase, stormed across the room in less than strides and ran back up his staircase to a door he had luckily left open. He angrily chucked on his layed out clothes, grabbed his cloak, bag and wand and stormed out of his room and the Heads Dorm. The castle was silent, but he liked it that way.


Stupid git! Why on earth would he wander around a
communal area in just a towel?! What an idiot! And now he's gone and made everything awkward between us! ... Though he does have a nice bum.. Oh what am I saying, shut up Hermione! Stupid Malfoy.
Hermione's internal rave was consumming her so much, she hadn't realised how long she had been in the shower. She turned off the water and stepped out into the marvelous bathroom that she had discovered earlier. It truly was beautiful. She ran over to her basin and grabbed both of her Scarlet towels, putting one on her head and one around herself. She dried off quickly and climbed into her skirt, shirt, tie and robes. She took the towel off of her head, tapped her head with her wand and her hair fell into dry, small waves.

With one last look in the mirrow, she walked out into her room, grabbed her bag and headed out to the rest of the castle. Most of the students were heading down to the Great Hall for breakfast and Hermione saw familar faces on the way. The Patil twins came up and greeted her, giggling of course. She also came across Luna, but she was too busy talking to Michael Corner, so Hermione let her be. She found Harry and Ginny eating breakfast in the Great Hall. She walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down opposite them.

'Morning!' she said brightly. They both looked up and seeing her,  their faces cracked into smiles.

'Morning Hermione, how are you?' said Ginny. Good, their not still mad about last night.
'Yeah good, how about you too?' They both said good in unison.

'Where's Ron?' she asked quizically, noting nis absence.

'Still in bed the lazy git, isn't he...' said Harry not looking up from the spread out Daily Prophet in front of him. Ginny and Hermione giggled.

'Lovely...' said Hermione saracastically and she started to pile egg and toast on to her plate. She ate quickly as she was rather hungry and only stopped when Flitwick started handing out NEWT time tables.

'Ah, Mr Potter... Miss Weasley, here you go..' He said placing theirs in front of them. He turned to face Hermione.

'And our new Head Girl! I trust you like your Common Room?' Hermione blushed.

'Of course, its lovely!' Flitwick smiled with a twinkle in his eye and handed Hermione her timetable.

'Thankyou,' she said quickly. The three looked at theirs earnestly.

'Ooooh, Hermione! Look, we're in all but one classes together! I'm not in Arithmacy. And we have Potions first together!' her voice changed from excited to disappointed, 'Oh... but with the Slyth-'

She caught herself and Hermione knew why. Malfoy would be in the class and Ginny didn't want to tak about him right now. To change the subject, Hermione turned to Harry.

'What have you got first Harry?'

'Same as you, Hermione, me and Ginny are in all the same classes, and you are in most of mine...'

'Oh, good! I wonder where Ron's been put...' Ginny and Harry murmured their agreements, but thruthfully, Hermione really couldn't care a less. She sighed at her cold-heartedness, but she really couldn't help it. When finally it was time for lessons, she walked happily with Harry and Ginny, listening to them tease each other. Slughorn was already in the dungeons classroom when the three walked in. Hermione also noticed a mass of white-blonde hair. Malfoy was here too. She blushed inwardly, remembering their incident this morning.

Harry led the two girls over to a table near the front. Away from Malfoy. Good. Typically, Ron came in late and plinked down in the seat next to Hermione. He whispered in what was his attempt of huskily,

'Good morning, lovely.' Hermione smiled in return. But this was an improvement. Atleast it was lovely, instead of Herms, seriously. Slughorn stood up from his desk and started talking to the class. Hermione tried to focus on his words. Potions passed quickly, and the potion they were making, a love potion remedy was very simple. The lesson was uneventful but Hermione did feel a pair of startling grey eyes heavy on the back of her head for some time.

'Do I put the Armadillo bile in first? Or the Fluxweed? And when does the Billywig Sting go in?' Ron said. This was the fourth time this lesson.

'Ronald, will you look at the blackboard. It clearly says, you put in the Billywig Sting and Armadillo bile at the same time, stir counter-clockwise four times and then add the Fluxweed. Now be quiet!'

'Okay, okay...'

Hermione rolled her eyes. This was getting too much. And it wasn't just because of his lack of comprehension of instrustions. No, she really didn't like him much more than a friend. It sickened her that he expected them to be romantically involved, kissing and cuddling, ugh...

The rest of the day consisted of the same routine; simple lessons, Malfoy staring, Ron's bothersome ways. Infact, so did the rest of the week, recalled Hermione. Hogwarts was the same as it had ever been. Harry had held try outs for the new Gryffindor Quidditch team, and Draco had done the same for his. Even though Hermione didn't see him much in the common room any more due to the towel incident, she knew he was rarely there in the eveings anymore due to practice. She now spent the majority of here evenings in the Gryffindor common room with Harry and Ginny, and occasionally Ron, if he wasn't telling everyone about his fabulous adventures in great detail. On the other hand, the usually boastful Malfoy hadn't said a word. They hadn't had any communication at all since that morning and Hermione wasn't sure she wanted to. Though a part of brain told her otherwise. She had like it when they were acquaintances, even if it was for only a few hours. She supposed they still were, sort of. Nothing really bad had happened to make them hate each other, had it? No, Hermione told herself firmly. But she would have to speak to him soon and it wouldn't be in the way she intented. Acquaintances now, but-

A/N: Yes I know this chapter is quite short and I'm sorry for that! But its really more of a filler Chapter before the next one which is going to big, in a number of ways.  Also, sorry for the Cliffhanger, but all shall be revealed soon, and not in the way you might think!  Oh and I know the awkward scene in this is so cliche' but i tried to make it my own, by having it in the Common Room instead of the bathoom. Thanks for reading and review below! ~ LadyMalfoyx



Chapter 6: Broken Peace
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Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny sat together around the fire place in the Gryffindor Common Room. The sun was starting to set out the window and the common room was relatively empty. The Gryffindor students were retreating to the quietness of their dormitories. It was now late September and the air was starting to cool outside. The landscape was turning into the browns and golds of the falling leaves. And the Giant Squid could no longer be seen sun bathing on the banks of the Black Lake. Ginny, who was situated in Harry's arm on the chair, yawned.

'Well,' she said sleepily, 'I should probably get to bed. I'm knackered...'

Untangling herself from Harry, she kissed him goodnight and mumbled goodbye to Hermione and Ron.

'Night Ginny.' said Hermione, whilst Ron waved halfheartedly. Harry watched her go, smiling. There was a few minutes of comfortable silence in which the trio just enjoyed each other’s company. It had been a while since they had done this. Yes, they’d spent the entire previous year together, but there was never a time to relax, not when you’re hunting down Horcruxes. Finally, Harry yawned too and jumped up.

'I should probably go to, we have practice in the morning.' He said, walking towards to boys dormitories. 'Don't be too late, Ron!'

Harry waved nonchalantly and marched up the stairs. Ron snickered and called after him,

'Try not to, Captain!' he said sarcastically. Hermione rolled her eyes in amusement and looked around the Common Room. Empty. Her heart sank, this couldn't mean anything good. She and Ron had not been alone since the moment on the stairs back at the Burrow. And after all, that encounter hadn’t turned out well. She only hoped he didn’t have any of the same ideas in his mind. She turned to face Ron again who was spread out on the other side of the sofa. He looked very ignorant and egotistic. Ron sat up a bit and looked at her. After a few long moments…

'Hermione, what are we doing? ...' he asked slyly. Hermione shifted uncomfortably.

‘Er …Ron?'

'Well, it’s now nearly October right, and we've been dating since, June, yeah?'

'Mmmm...' mumbled Hermione nervously, she had a guess at where this was going, but she hoped she was wrong. Ron sat up completely, looking at Hermione quizzically. She sat frozen in her chair, not daring to move. Oh god, he's not going to... Is he? Ron stood up and walked over to Hermione's end of the sofa and sat down extremely close to her. He put his hand on the side of her face roughly and began to kiss her. To Hermione, it was revolting. She pulled away quickly.

'Ron!' she gasped. 'What do you think you’re doing?!'

'Oh come on...' he pleaded and attempted to wriggle his hand up her skirt. Hermione jumped up in outrage. Her guess was right.

'Ronald! I am not going to let you touch me under any circumstances and how dare you try to without asking me first!'

Her face was hot and blotchy. How could he do something like this?! I thought he had a lot more respect for me than that... Obviously not. Ugh! She grabbed her bag and stormed away from Ron. She turned back to face him before leaving the portrait hole. He had a gob smacked expression on his face.


'Goodnight, Ron.’ She said hotly. Hermione whipped around and stormed out of the portrait hole. The castle was quiet and it was rather unnerving. After being out in the cooler air for several minutes, she started to calm down. She was tired though, and her legs were sore from walking so quickly. She slowed down her pace and looked out the window, the sun was just disappearing over the horizon. The end of another miserable day. Another day of ignorance from Dra-Malfoy, another day of putting up with Ron, another day of feeling alone and another day of nothing normal. Hermione sighed miserably and backed into the cold, stone wall. She slid her back down it and sat in a curled up lump on the floor. Nothing was right.



Draco sat moodily at the empty Slytherin table in the eerily quiet Great Hall. Everyone had left a while ago, but seeing as he had no one to see, nothing to do and nowhere to go, he stayed. Draco spent the last half an hour, or whatever it was, glumly poking at his untouched food, not quite sure what had initiated his foul mood. Intervening his thoughts, a handsome, midnight black owl soared from above and landed softly in front of him. It held out his leg promptly. Startled, Draco unfastened the letter attached to it and it flew off. He looked at the thick, bold black ink on the front of it. He knew that hand writing. He felt himself stiffen in anger. Father.

Draco tore open the envelope. Just to add to my perfect mood, thanks Father.


Dear Son,

I was pleased to hear the announcement of your Head Boy-ship. I was informed by a ministry official visiting the prison yesterday. He also told me that a certain Mudblood girl had been appointed Head Girl. Son, I don’t want you to have anything to do with such filth and I have expressed this opinion strongly before. If you should wish, I could write to your daft Headmistress and demand you have separate sleeping quarters to the Mudblood. No son of mine shall be interacting with the disgraces of the wizarding world.

On another note, I shall be expecting you to return home to your Mother this Christmas and you will be visiting me. There is something we must discuss, but it has to be done in person.

Remember what I have said about the Mudblood, keep your head and your pride.

Your Father, Lucius


Draco stared at the letter, utterly shocked. How dare he call Mu- Muggleborns the disgraces of the wizarding world when he is locked up in Azkaban for the misuse of magic! And there he goes again trying to control every part of my life. I’m not visiting him, not if my life depends on it!

‘Keep my pride…’ Draco muttered. ‘Yeah, keep the pride you lost.’

Furious, he crumpled the letter in his fist and jumped up from the table. Crossing the hall in about five seconds, he stormed through the empty castle. It took him shorter than usual to get back to the Heads Common Room, or it might have been that his mind was too pre-occupied to notice how long it took. His feet carried him there instinctively without him thinking about it. He almost shouted the password at the portrait, of which had been changed to Felix felicis.



Hermione was pacing back and forth muttering angrily whensomething big and hard crashed into her. She whipped around to see a very angry Draco Malfoy. His face was red and his usually perfect blonde hair was messy. It looks kind of nice like that… Shut up! He looked furiously at her.

‘What do you think you’re doing Granger?!’ He shouted at her. Hermione was shocked.

‘What do you mean?! I live here too!’

‘But not right here, in front of the portrait!’

‘Oh shut up Malfoy, just because you’re in a mood!” She exclaimed, fighting back her tears. He was not helping her mood.

‘Don’t you dare speak to me like that! You filthy Mudblood.’

Hermione gasped quietly and Draco went pale as he realised what he said. He was just angry, he hadn’t meant to… And now there’s tears in her eyes. Well done, Draco. Just destroy the little peace you’ve made. You haven’t spoken to her for weeks and when you do, this is what you say?!

‘I- Grang-‘ she cut him off.

‘I see I was wrong to put any faith in you that you’ve changed. It seems the others were right.’ She said coolly and turned on her heel leaving him there idly. Hermione stormed up her staircase, tapped the door with her wand furiously and jumped on her bed fully clothed. She didn’t know why she cared so much. It was Malfoy and he had ignored her for the past few weeks. She supposed the Ron situation didn’t help as well. Stupid git. He would have to go, she decided, it just wasn’t making her any happier being with him. How and when, she did not know. Right now, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to fall into a deep sleep and escape the world. With tears etched onto her face, she did just that.



Draco stood rooted in the same spot, dumbfounded. Why had he just done that? Stupid, stupid, stupid! You could see she was in a bad mood too but did you think? No! And after you had just gotten mad at your father for using that word. He ran his hand through his messy blonde hair in frustration. He breathed deeply for a few moments and then walked up his stairs briskly, wanting to get away from the common room. His room was messy, as usual but he was too bothered to even attempt the clear it at the current time. He grabbed his dark green leather arm chair and pulled it towards the window. He flopped down on it and swung his feet up to rest on the window sill. It was dark outside now and grey clouds were covering the perfect dark blue sky.

Twilight was one of his favourite times of the day. The end of all the mayhem, the start of serenity. Until the next day started. He tried to forget the past few moments. The letter, Granger, and the hurt look on her face. He didn’t succeed. Giving up, he climbed out of the chair and walked miserably over to his trunk. Grabbing a pair of silk boxer shirts, he stripped off his robes and changed into them. He felt comfortable for the first time during the whole day. Draco ripped back the covers of his bed, hopped in and tried to escape reality for a few short hours.


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Chapter 7: The End Justifies The Means
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The next morning, Hermione woke in an awful mood, and for a few short moments, she couldn't quite remember why. And then it hit her. Ron. Malfoy. She rolled over and groaned into her pillow, really not wanting to get up. Life was easier snuggled up in her bed. If she got up, she'd be entering her world of drama. After a few minutes of lying motionless, she sighed and reached over to her bedside table where her silver watch lay. Six thirty, I've got time. Slowly and lazily, she pulled herself out of bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she observed that she looked an absolute state. Her cheeks were blotchy from last night and her hair was very frizzy. Groaning, she locked the door to his room and jumped in the shower.



The smell of raspberry shampoo soon wafted through the large room along with a vast amount of steam. Hermione let the hot water unknot her back and help her relax. After a longer shower than normal, she climbed out, fixed her hair and changed into her robes. Back in her room, the sun and her scarlet curtains were illuminating every surface a warm red. She smiled and opened the curtains to see the sun climbing up from the horizon slowly. She dumped her pajamas on her bed and checked the glimmering watch again. Seven o clock, I've got time. She grabbed a book from her trunk, Advanced Magical Charm Theorem, picked up her wand and bag and trudged down her spiraling staircase to the huge Common Room that she happened to share with him.



Choosing the comfier looking arm chair, she dropped into it and began to read



...for that matter, intention is key even when one does speak the noun; otherwise, "Accio broomstick" would bring every broomstick in the world that isn't nailed down. The caster must be concentrating on a specific broomstick, for example, for the spell to work.



Even charmed objects will respond more or less strongly depending on the intention of the wizard...'



She knew all of this of course. Advanced? Please. This is OWL stuff. She gave up on reading and tossed the book on the coffee table. After a few minutes, one of the portraits on the wall spoke and Hermione jumped.



'Miss Head Girl, I have been asked to inform you that your Headmistress is waiting outside your portrait hole, as she is unaware of the changed password.'



Hermione jumped up in shock. McGonagall? Calling at this early?! She thanked the man quickly and practically ran to the portrait hole. She whipped it open, and sure enough was a stern looking Professor McGonagall standing right in the doorway. Hermione stepped aside and McGonagall walked in before Hermione could say anything.



'Good Morning, Miss Granger. How are you? I daresay I most definitely approve of you changing the password, I most certainly couldn't get in. Although, It would probably be best if I knew, so I won’t be badgered by Sir Cadogan out there...'



'Oh, Morning Professor. I'm good thank you. Oh yes, sorry. The password is Felix felicis...' McGonagall smiled.



'Nice choice of password. You're probably wondering why I am here so early. I apologise for this. I must talk to you about organising your first meeting with the prefects.' Hermione felt a twang of guilt. She had completely forgotten about that.



'And where is Mr Malfoy?'



Hermione's guilt turned to anger and she gritted her teeth.



'He's still in bed, I believe.' she said, as un-coldly as possible. The Headmistress eyebrows furrowed in disapproval.



'Hmm, shall we sit down for the time being?'



'Of course!' Hermione led her over to the chairs where she sat back down in the arm chair she was in before. McGonagall sat down promptly on the settee. Surely she isn't going to just wait for Malfoy to get, knowing him, we'll be here forever! Before she could say anything, McGonagall addressed the portrait that Hermione spoke to before.



'Thank you for informing Miss Granger, Augustus.'



'The pleasure was mine, Minerva.' The portrait replied warmly.



'Professor? Are we just going to wait-'



'Oh heavens no. I was just about to call Kreacher. Kreacher!'



There was a tiny pop and an ugly looking house elf dressed in an oversised Muggle boys shirt appeared. The shirt was ragged and had burns all over it. You could see the lump of the locket underneath it. He recognised Hermione and nodded at her before bowing to McGonagall.



'Yes, your Headmistress, what can Kreacher do you for this morning?'



'I believe you are acquainted with the Malfoy family, yes Kreacher?' Kreacher nodded and the professor continued.



'Excellent, now will you please go and wake Mr Malfoy up, as I need to speak with him.'



Kreacher bowed once more and disappeared. Hermione was now alone with her Headmistress again, and there was an awkward silence that hung in the air. Until-






Hermione's head flung around to face the direction of Malfoy's staircase and she had to repress a giggle. It sounded as though Kreacher had had too much fun waking up Malfoy. There was another few minutes of silence, only to be broken by Kreacher reappearing in the Common Room. He smiled sickly.



'Master Draco is woken, Headmistresses.' McGonagall nodded and Kreacher disapparated one last time. Hermione giggled out loud and Professor McGonagall smiled at her.



'He has his ways...'



Draco Malfoy waltzed into the Common Room a few minutes later, pulling on a shoe. He looked around grumpily and walked over to the two women. He strutted straight past Hermione, not wanting to make eye contact. He assumed that she was still mad about last night. A loud huff told him he has assumed correctly. He sat down on the arm chair opposite hers and looked expectantly at the professor.



'Morning, Professor.'



'Good morning, Mr Malfoy. It is kind of you to join us.' Malfoy nodded curtly.



'Well, we are here to discuss your first meeting with the prefects, which you have obviously failed to organise. You shall be organising a Hogsmeade weekend soon and getting proposals for the Celebration Ball. Understood?'



The two heads nodded, not daring to look at each other. Hermione was furious with Malfoy, and he knew it. He hadn't meant to say what he said. It just sort of, slipped out...



'When shall I tell the prefects that the first meeting will be held?'



'Erm... We can do it tomorrow night, I suppose?' Hermione put forth. McGonagall looked in Malfoy's direction and again, he nodded without a word.



'Excellent, I shall let them know at breakfast! Have a nice day, you two.'



And with that, she left. Hermione and Draco sat alone in the Common Room opposite each other. Draco glanced a look at her and noticed she was staring away from him, hard.



'Granger, I didn't mean to. It was a slip o-'



'Slip of the tongue, was it Malfoy? You've already used that excuse once before. Don't try it again.'



Before Malfoy could retort, Hermione grabbed her bag, pocketed her wand and stormed out of the Common Room. She made it down to breakfast quickly, and to her annoyance, Ron was seated at the Gryffindor table with Ginny. She didn't want to sit with him. No way. She looked up and down the table quickly and spotted Parvati sitting towards to end with Dean. She hurried over to them and greeted them brightly. They were surprised, but talked to her all the same.









Draco sat defeated in the arm chair in the Common Room as he watched the mass of brown hair disappear through the portrait hole. He stood up and kicked the table leg.



'Women!' he shouted, exasperatedly. After a few moments, he realised that his actions had actually hurt his foot and he sat down again a massaged it. I don't even know why I care so much?! It's just Granger! He thought about it for a moment. You did want to make peace. You did promise to never call her that again. A small voice was talking to him in the back of his head. Face it, you want to be friends with her. He was hit with sudden realisation. No? Really... ? He knew the answer subconsciously.



'Shut up.' he told himself quietly. Grabbing his bag and wand he stalked out of the Common Room. He wasn't hungry at all, and he wasn't in the mood for talking to people. Especially Pansy, who he had been trying his utmost hardest to avoid these past few weeks. It helped not being the in Slytherin Common Room anymore. Instead of taking the usual right turn towards the Great Hall, he took the route he didn't take very often. The route to the library. The library was practically empty at this time of the morning, and the only person he saw was Madam Pince scurrying around the book shelves.



He sat down in a secluded corner on a comfy arm chair. He had never been one for non-stop, continuous reading. No, that was Granger’s past-time. However, he did like to learn. He picked up one of the books lying on the ground next to him. It was about Transfiguration, good. His new favourite subject. No dark magic, no torture, no death. He read until his first class, until he unhappily walked to Charms.









History of Magic was a bore. Ginny sat tapping her quill on the table next to Hermione. For the first time she could remember, Hermione had her head in her arms and wasn’t paying that much particular attention to what Professor Binns was saying. A new topic had been added to the History of Magic NEWTs curriculum; The Battle of Hogwarts. As if you know half of it, thought Hermione, bitterly. She turned her head to face the table where Harry and Ron were sitting. She hadn’t spoken to Ron since their little argument the night before. She didn’t plan to any time soon, to be perfectly honest. He was slumped down in his chair and staring out the tiny window. She looked at Harry, he had his head in his arms too. When he caught Hermione’s eye, he rolled his eyes sarcastically in Binns’ direction.



Hermione suddenly remembered how awkward this class would be for Harry to sit in. After all, he was the one who defeated Voldemort. Harry smiled at her warmly and she returned it, though rather weakly. Reluctantly, she forced herself to look at the ghost at the front of the classroom. He was rambling on about how the war came about. Harry’s name popped up frequently, and when it did, some students in the class would conspicuously turn to him. Hermione felt a rush of pride for Harry, being able to put up with that. She remembered back to her fourth her, when Rita Skeeter printed an article about her in the Daily Prophet. The attention she got from that was bad enough! At least this was the last lesson of the day. After this, she could have dinner and retreat to her Common Room, alone. This was becoming a recurring habit; always being along.









Draco grumbled angrily and the rained sheeted in front of him. He could barely see any of the students flying above him. Technically speaking, with everything on his mind and his arguments with Hermione, he had left Quidditch try outs to the last minute. Last minute being the operative phrase, seeing as the first Slytherin match was against Gryffindor, in a week’s times. He didn’t even know why he bothered really, the Slytherin’s trying out this year were atrocious.
Many of them were second and third years; whom some couldn’t tell which end of the broom went behind. He dismissed them coldly, the weather was doing nothing for his mood.



Six people had tried out for the position of Chaser. One was brilliant; Warrington. But he had been on the team before. Three were absolutely crap, and the other two were okay. One of these happened to be his best friend. No one tried out for the position of Beater so he left the job to Crabbe and Goyle. Considering this, he realised that Crabbe and Goyle might be the reason why people didn’t want to try out. They had a pretty nasty temper. All the Keeper’s was crap, but he chose the one that could catch fairly decently and move fairly quickly. Of course, he was Seeker; the Captain and back bone of the team. He had even laughed at a few fourth years who turned up to try out for Seeker. Did they really think he was going to give up his position? Ha, no.



Draco watched up just as Warrington belted the Quaffle at his best friend, who, unsurprisingly, didn’t catch it. Draco moaned. This was going to be a long, vigorous week. He blew his whistle loudly and squinted to see the six players flying down towards him.












Dinner was a loud affair, as usual. Hermione still wasn’t talking to Ron. Sure, she was being stubborn, but he had most certainly violated her trust. Not that he was paying that much attention to her anyway. He was in an in-depth conversation, or was it an argument? Either way, with Dean over Muggle football. After seven years, Ron still didn’t see the point in it and refused point-blankly to compare it to something as “remarkable” as Quidditch. Speaking of, Harry and Ginny were having a conversation about tactics. Seeing as Hermione was neither a fan of football or Quidditch, she sat quite back from the table being rather anti-social. Though she wasn’t the only one.



Across the hall was a very distracted looking Draco Malfoy. Hermione studied him inconspicuously. His head was hung low, his hair was untidy, though it appeared that he had attempted to tame it. He wasn’t eating, just poking his food around the plate with his fork. And despite a pug-faced Pansy badgering him, he didn’t say a word throughout dinner. He was emotionally distance. It was kind of… sad to see him like that. No. Thought Hermione firmly. Don’t pity him, don’t forget last night. She didn’t want to talk or even think about Malfoy.



‘So Hermione…’ asked Ginny, out of the blue. ‘How’s living with the ferret?’ She added sweetly.



Thanks Ginny. Hermione groaned inwardly.






‘Oh, you know… It’s alright. We don’t really talk, to be honest.’ She lied, weakly. Ginny nodded, evidently not wishing to further the topic.



‘It’s not the same, really Hermione. You not being in the Common Room…’ said Harry.



‘I know. I miss those days, but…’ she really had nothing else to say. Luckily for her, McGonagall stepped up to the front and dismissed them to bed. There was suddenly loud chatter and the scraping of benches on stone. Students filed out of the Great Hall in groups, chatting happily, and some sleepily. Hermione saw a mass of platinum blonde hair disappear up the staircase quickly. There really is something wrong with him. She was about to say goodnight to Harry and Ginny, when she heard her name being called from behind.



‘Miss Granger! Miss Granger!’ Professor McGonagall was walking briskly towards her.



‘Potter, Weasley, it is nice to see you.’ She greeted Harry and Ginny. ‘Miss Granger, would you mind coming with me for a moment?’



Hermione was taken aback, but nodded nether the less. The muttered a hurried good night to Harry and Ginny and quickly followed the Headmistress through the mass of students trying to get to their Common Rooms. Hermione was led to Dumbledore’s old office. She didn’t know why she kept referring to it as that, but it sounded weird calling it McGonagall’s office. When they arrived, McGonagall gave the handsome, and newly repaired, Gargoyle the password.



‘Liquorice Wand!’ she said promptly. Hermione smiled.



‘I thought I’d keep his tradition with the sweet names.’ The professor mused. His office hadn’t changed at all. His vast amount of brass and silver instruments were still cluttered around the circular room. The Penseive stood illuminating in its cabinet and all the books remained perfectly in place. The only difference was two new portraits. Dumbledore and Snape. Severus Snape was fast asleep in his face, sitting on a dark mahogany chair with black leather upholstery. It was unusual for Hermione to see him so vulnerable. And peaceful. Dumbledore was as brilliant as ever, one of the only portraits awake in the office. His half moon spectacles glistened in the light from the fire brackets on the wall. His piercing blue eyes looked down at Hermione warmly.



‘Ah, Miss Granger. It is a pleasure to see you again!’ The portrait Dumbledore said.



‘And you too, professor.’ Dumbledore chuckled.



‘I do not believe I am your professor anymore!’ Hermione smiled weakly.



‘That’s enough Albus, I wish to talk to Miss Granger…’ said Professor McGonagall, butting in in a rather motherly tone. Dumbledore smiled apologetically. She indicated for Hermione to sit down and she did so, whereas McGonagall sat on the other side of the large desk. For the second time that day, Hermione was awkwardly sitting in a room alone with her Headmistress.



‘I see you and Mr Malfoy have had some difficulties in starting your Head Girl and Boy-ship.’



Hermione looked at her knees, remembering the previous night’s experiences she had tried to forget.



‘Er…’ McGonagall smiled, understandingly.



‘Yes, there hasn’t been a Gryffindor and Slytherin pair for Head Boy and Girl for a very long time now. I suppose you’ve probably wondered why he was chosen.’ Hermione nodded her head.



‘You would obviously know all about Draco’s experience with the Death Eaters of course. But you may not know that he did not do it out of wish, but force. He was threatened. He didn’t choose to become a Death Eater. I believe it is one of the regrets he must live with every day. It is like a constant burden he must carry around.’



Hermione instantly felt very guilty and sorry for him.



‘I… I had no idea. I mean, I assumed, but…’



‘He is a good man. We gave him the role of Head Boy as a second chance. We know he is capable of the responsibilities. It is to let him know we still all have faith in him. That’s a very hard thing for him to accept, he is under the impression the world hates him for being associated with the Death Eaters. He needs your help, Hermione; to reform him.’



‘Right...’ Said Hermione quietly. ‘I’ll see about sorting things out with him.’ She said, not entirely convincingly. It seemed to work well enough though as Professor McGonagall beamed.



‘Thank you. You can go now. Good night, Miss Granger.’



‘Night, professor.’



Hermione stumbled out of the Headmistress office sombrely. Is that really what he’s carrying around with him? She felt censurable. Maybe she had been too hard on him. Maybe he had an excuse for last night. And then she remembered. No, he called me a Mudblood. There shouldn’t be any excuse for that. Should there? She didn’t care what Professor McGonagall wanted her to do. He was a nasty git, and if he was to remain that way, Hermione was going to be stubborn.  On her way back to the Common Room, she was sure she felt some strange looks from the portraits. The muttering darkly did nothing for her appearance or sanity.

Chapter 8: Relent
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Hermione hadn't given much more thought to Professor McGonagall's words over the past week. In fact, she hadn't given much more thought to Malfoy at all. He didn't spend much time in the Common Room any more, only to sleep and shower. Hermione didn't know where he went, nor did she care. He was probably off with his pug-faced girlfriend anyway. Though as she looked over at the Slytherin table, she saw Pansy, but no Malfoy. He's hiding away, again. Well, she didn't know if he was necessarily hiding but he never showed that somber face of his anymore. She automatically stopped thinking. I honestly didn't know why I care so much about it anyway!
The Great Hall appeared as a mass of red, green and black. It was Gryffindor's first match against Slytherin today so there were many house-colour clad supporters. The black dressed were the few Ravenclaw's or Hufflepuff's that refused to pick a side. Hermione sat amongst the mass of gold and scarlet red. Harry, Ginny and Ron had just left breakfast for the Gryffindor changing rooms. It suddenly then hit her, that's where Malfoy is. Changing Rooms. Then, why do I even care? The same question again, the exact one that she couldn't answer. She shook her head and looked down the table. Seamus and Dean, who hadn't left for the changing rooms yet, were trying to come up with a new chant because apparently, 'Weasley Is Our King' is getting old. So far, they weren't succeeding. Neville was looking rather gloomy, and Hermione knew he didn't appreciate Quidditch like the others did. She empathised with him, because neither did she. Suddenly, Dean stood up, gave a rushed goodbye to the Gryffindor table, where a couple of people cheered him on, and ran out of the Hall. Seamus stood too.

'Coming Hermione? Neville? We should go get good seats.'

Neville looked up and nodded.

'Yeah, sure Seamus.' said Hermione in her best attempt of sounding enthusiastic. She patted Neville on his shoulder and they both got up and followed Seamus out.

The air was chilly outside as it was reaching late mid-October now and students were wrapping scarves tightly around their necks. Neville, Seamus and Hermione sat near the Gryffindor Goal posts, watching the rest of the school file in to the stadium. Hermione looked around and saw the Teacher's standers and was surprised to see a dirty blonde, small Dennis Creevy in front of the Commentator's microphone. She smiled weakly; it must be hard for him, after just losing his big brother.

The stadium was now full and it seemed every single student was packed tightly into it. There was a loud buzzing of voices, which was silenced by Professor McGonagall over the microphone.

'Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the first Gryffindor versus Slytherin match of the season!' Dennis' voice rung through the air.

'And here is the Gryffindor team! At the front, Captain Harry Potter, Weasley, Weasley, Thomas, Robins, Peakes and Coote!'

Sure enough, the seven players dressed in scarlet Quidditch robes marched onto the pitch with Harry in the lead. Hermione smiled down at them whilst the stadium erupted in a roar.

'And the Slytherin team with Captain Draco Malfoy, Bulstrode, Zabini, Warrington, Pucey, Crabbe and Goyle!

Another roar, but this one was quieter and came solely from the green supporters. She saw the mass of platinum blonde hair atop of Slytherin robes at the front; carrying his broom promptly under is right arm and swaggering onto the pitch. Malfoy. This was the first time she had seen him in a while, to be perfectly honest and it was from a hundred feet away. Even from this far, she could see his pale complexion and dark shadows under his eyes. He looked like he did in sixth year… Or so Harry had said, Hermione hadn’t paid that much attention to him then.


Draco squinted as his eyes adjusted from the darkness of the change rooms to the pitch. The team meeting had gone well, sort of. He still didn’t think the team was up to scratch, despite his lethal training sessions. Bulstrode was the only girl on the team but she was built like a man. In fact, she kind of looks like one too… She was fairly decent Chaser and worked well with Warrington. Blaise… Honestly, he had only put him on the tea, because he was Draco’s best mate, and there really weren’t that many people better than him. Pucey was an alright Keeper, but Draco didn’t know how he would withstand the likes of Ginny Weasley, Demelza Robins and Dean Thomas. Despite his hate, no, strong dislike, for the Gryffindor team, and house in general, he couldn’t deny they would good. Potter had even pulled Weasley up to scratch. Crabbe and Goyle; they were absolutely rubbish at flying, but they could bloody hit a bludger. His only real competition was Potter.

Said Seeker was standing on the opposite side of the pitch with his team and it wasn’t until Madam Hooch called them did they approach each other. Potter approached him with a hard stare and they held eye contact. As much as he didn’t like him, he had saved Draco’s life twice in the battle last year, so he owed him no hard feelings. Sort of. Captains, shake hands.’ Came the

authoritative voice of Madam Hooch. Draco extended his arm and Potter mirrored him. They shook firmly, but rapidly, not wishing to show any signs of acquaintanceship. They both nodded at each other and looked away.

‘On my whistle, thee… two… one!’ A ear shattering whistle pierced the air and they kicked off the ground hard. The air was suddenly swarming with billowing cloaks of red and green. Draco circled the pitch once and flew high above the rest. Seeker’s tactic. Potter was doing so too. He listened hard for the commentary and the Creevy boy’s voice fought over the howling wind.

‘Gryffindor in possession!’ His groaned. ‘Weasley, to Thomas, passes back to Weasley, dodges Crabbe… Or is that Goyle?’ What an idiot, they’re both huge, but there is distinctive difference between them…
‘And she scores!’ His heart sunk while three quarters of the school erupted into a monstrous cheer. He flew around the pitch desperately.

‘And it’s now Slytherin with the Quaffle. Warrington passes to Bulstrode. She ducks under the Gryffindor Beaters, Robins and Thomas closing down on her…’

‘PASS IT TO ZABINI!’ screamed Draco, frustrated. He watched as Millicent was tackled by Weasley and Robins, she dropped the Quaffle and Dean Thomas caught it from beneath.

‘Gryffindor scores!’ Sung the Creevy boy. Draco grunted furiously. Pucey is going to get kicked off the team if he doesn’t pull his weight.
‘And its Slytherin in possession again! Bulstrode to Zabini…’ finally. Come on Blaise. He watched as his best mate weaved in and out of Coote and Thomas. ‘Passes to Warrington, back to Zabini… Here’s Weasley’s first thing to do of the match… AND HE SCORES!’

Okay, so I made a decision putting Blaise on the team. Good.

He looked over at the goal posts and saw Blaise doing a loop of joy. Weasley was looking at him menacingly, going red in the face. Ha ha, going to have to be quicker than that Weasel-Bee.
Gryffindor scored another time and Slytherin another two, making the points even. 30 to Lions, 30 to Serpents. Draco searched desperately for the Snitch. He thought he saw it at one stage but it was only Potter’s glasses glistering in the little sunlight. He even fell for Potter’s Wronski Feint at one stage and vowed he would never do so again. No one makes a fool out of a Malfoy.

Another ten minutes passed, and still no sign of the Snitch. Had they even let it out? There was honestly know sign of it. Draco looked over at Potter. He seemed to be frustrated too. He was suddenly distracted by a howl of pain. He whipped his broom around and saw Blaise fumbling around on his broom, hand covering his face which was pouring with blood. He shot over there and realised it was Blaise’s mouth. Blaise was swearing violently. He panicked slightly and looked around furiously for Madam Hooch.

‘Time out!’ he screamed. ‘Time out!’

She looked up, noticed Blaise and blew her whistle. He quickly helped Blaise to the ground.

‘Dat bwudy Beader Coode! I’ll get hib!’ Blaise was shouting with a mouthful of blood. Draco couldn’t help but feel slightly amused. He laughed a little bit.

‘Are you alright?’ He asked quickly.

‘Mmm. My jaw hurts dough!’ Blaise replied. Suddenly Madam Hooch landed next to the two boys.

‘What the devil happened?’ she asked crossly. Before Blaise could speak, Draco answered him quickly.

‘Coote. Hit a bludger in his face. He says his jaw hurts.’ She approached Blaise and tenderly touched his jaw.

‘Yes… I see. A broken jaw I’m afraid Zabini. Go off to the hospital wing now and get fixed up.’

Blaise looked horrified and turned to Draco. Draco saw the worry in his eyes.

‘Go on, we’ll be fine! I’ll come see you later.’ Draco reassured him.

‘Kay, sorry mate.’ Blaise shrugged and Draco patted his shoulder. Once he had left the pitch, Madam Hooch spoke again.

‘Ready to resume play?’ She asked. Draco looked up at the seven red players above him and said,

‘Yes.’ With so much determination in his voice that Madam Hooch stepped back a little.

‘Very well then…’ She blew her whistle again and soon enough, Draco was once again in the air. They were down to six players. The odds were not looking good; he needed to catch the snitch fast. Gryffindor were now up by 120 points, and they hadn’t scored any so Slytherin was still on 30. He needed his two chasers to score one more goal, and they’d be able to win. He listened hard for the commentary.

‘And we’re back with Gryffindor in possession. Weasley passes to Robins, back to Weasley and Robins again! Oh, she’s diverted by Bulstrode who snatches the Quaffle.’ Yes! Come on… ‘Bulstrode dodges Peakes and …. She scores! …. Oh, Weasley does not look happy does he?’

Draco’s heart skipped a beat. Now the game starts. He smiled broadly to himself, and then realised he looked like an idiot. He sped around the pitch quickly, avoiding Potter and searching desperately for the Snitch. And then he saw it. Small, gold and almost invisible. Hovering just above the Slytherin Goal Posts. He shot at it as fast as his broom would take him. And that was pretty fast. He heard a roar from the crowd but it was a blur. He heard commentary. It didn’t make sense. The crowd roared again and he felt Potter hot on his tail. Shut up! I haven’t caught it, yet.. Weasley ducked violently when he saw Draco coming. Draco threw his arm out and latched on tightly to the golden ball. Without thinking about stopping, he grinned widely and looked around the crowd. He noticed a pair of chocolate brown eyes right before something red crashed into him and they both plummeted towards the ground.




Hermione’s brown eyes locked tight with the silvery blue briefly, and then she panicked. She watched as the two boys fell violently towards to earth. Her heart was beating immensely fast, she wasn’t even sure if it was still in her chest. A sickening crash told her they had both hit the ground and she ran down the stands. Jumping the fence, she sprinted across the pitch, not quite sure which boy she was chasing after. Malfoy or Ron?

As she reached the boys, she saw the red-robed boy stir and sit up carefully.

‘Ronald!’ she shrieked. ‘What the devil did you do that for?!’

Ron looked at her bewildered, and half terrified. Hermione raged.

‘I saw what you did! You flew straight into him on purpose!’

‘I..err..’ Ron stuttered. ‘He deserved it, the slimy git. Did you see the way he was flying around like he owned the place?!’

He nodded over to the unconscious Malfoy on the ground a few feet away. Hermione was gob smacked and her mouth fell open. Before she could retort, many professors were rushing to her side. Professor Slughorn conjured up a stretcher and Malfoy was placed onto it.

‘I’ll take him to the Hospital wing…’ he muttered before leaving briskly. Professor McGonagall advanced onto Ron.

‘Mr. Weasley! That was completely unnecessary and foul in nature! Detention with me, for a week!’ She said furiously. Ron groaned, and she stomped off. Hermione, too annoyed to say anything else to Ron, made her way off of the pitch after McGonagall. She had to fight her way through the vast majority of students leaving the stadium. She heard her name a few times, but kept her head down and kept walking. She would congratulate Harry and Ginny later. Right now, she needed to be alone.

When she finally made it back to the Heads Dorm, she threw off her robe and scarf and flopped onto the armchair. Breathing heavily, she thought about what just happened. Ron flew at him. They plummeted. She ran. For Malfoy. No? Surely not? I was running for Ron, right? He’s my friend, he had fallen. I was running for him. She tried to reassure herself, but it did little to work. Hermione stared up at the high ceilings, confusion clouding her eyes. She would not come to terms with, she just wouldn’t! She sighed loudly and sadly. A small voice in her head said quietly, you were running for Malfoy.
‘Shut up…’ she told it in a weak voice. She pulled her knees up to her chin gently, laid back in the chair and cried. She did not know why. Maybe it was for Ron, and the huge lack of love she felt for him. Maybe it was for Ginny and Harry, and the little friendship they seemed to have left. Maybe it was for the ones she had lost several months ago, and the thoughts she had tried so hard to suppress. Or maybe… It was Draco Malfoy. Malfoy and the confusion that somehow hurt her inside. She didn’t understand what this was. What was this feeling? When she didn’t understand something, she didn’t like it.


Hermione woke several hours later, still curled up in a ball on the arm chair. She felt better, but there was an unknown longing for something in her heart. She looked around the Common Room, and realised nothing had changed since she had fell asleep. There were no muddy footprints on the floor, no bag swung over the back of a chair and no broomstick propped up against the wall in the corner. He was evidently still at the Hospital Wing. She sighed, grabbed her wand and walked up her staircase solemnly. The bathroom was dark when she entered, she had obviously been sleeping a while. With a flick of her wand, the brackets on the wall erupted with fire and the tiles shone brilliantly. She walked over to the basin and almost received a fright when she saw her reflection. The windy Quidditch match, crying and sleeping on an armchair did nothing for her.

Oh My Merlin….

Her hair was bedraggled and knotty, she had dark circles under her eyes and her face was red and puffy. Splendid. Groaning, she locked both doors, though it was highly unnecessary, and stripped off. Her shower was long and hot. She needed it to be.

Her purple pajamas were her favourite. Warm and Comfortable. She sat down in her bed, but soon realised she wasn’t at all tired anymore. She checked the time, it was nearly midnight and she really had nothing to do. She wondered what time Malfoy would be back… He’ll probably be back in the morning… I wonder how he his. Suddenly, her eyes widened. She had a brilliant, but insane idea. Without giving herself time to reconsider her insanity, she jumped back out of bed, climbed into her shoes and grabbed her wand. She ran down the stairs and grabbed her cloak.

The castle was dead. Wrong word to use, Hermione. The castle was quiet; she didn’t have to be very stealthy to avoid getting caught. She doubt even the Head Girl could get away with wandering around the castle at midnight. It took her all of five minutes to get to the Hospital Wing. She was about the open the door, when she heard a sickly voice from behind it.

‘Goodnight Draky!’ Hermione’s heart skipped a beat and she hid behind a statue of armour. There was no reply and she watched a Slytherin girl strut out of the Hospital Wing. Pansy, ugh. Hermione held her breath until she was gone and when she was satisfied that Pansy would be a safe distance away, she walked up to the now slightly open door. Her Gryffindor courage had now disappeared and she was about to turn around when she heard more noises.

‘Reckon she’s gone?’ Came Draco’s voice. There was a chuckle from someone else.

‘I think so, yeah.’ It seemed Blaise Zabini was still in the Wing.

‘Thank merlin. I don’t think I could have pretended to be asleep much longer!’

Hermione suppressed a giggle and suddenly felt more cheerful. He doesn’t even like her!
‘..Oh Draky! I’m so worried about you!’ Blaise said in a mocking voice. Malfoy snorted.

‘Shut up and go to sleep.’

‘Aye, aye Captain…’

Hermione back away from the door. They were both awake and now she definitely didn’t want to go in. Though instead of going back to the Common Room, she retreated back behind the statue of armour. Pulling out her wand, she listened carefully. Nothing. She sighed inwardly and practiced her non-verbal spells. She could do them, but they had never been her strong point. Twenty constructive minutes later, and she could make her silvery otter prance around her without uttering a word. Feeling quite satisfied, she stood up and pressed her ear against the door to the Hospital Wing. Silence. She took a deep breath and walked in.

She noticed Blaise first, lying with his mouth slightly open on a bed. On the other side of the room was Malfoy, his luminous hair shining in the moonlight. A full moon. She remembered Remus… Not the time Hermione! Draco looked peaceful, fast asleep. Hermione reached out her hand cautiously and tenderly stroked his chin. The whole time she was wondering what on earth she was doing. She sat down gently on the side of his bed. He hadn’t woken up yet. She wasn’t sure if she wanted him to, to be honest.

‘Draco…’ she whispered. He didn’t stir. She sat on his bed for about ten minutes, looking at his prominent, and slightly bruised, features. She sighed and stood up after a while, feeling that she really shouldn’t be there, and not quite knowing why she was there anyway. As she turned to leave, a hand grabbed hers gently, frightening her.

Hermione whipped around the see Draco, was he Draco now? He was looking at her with pleading, watery eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but he got there first.

‘Stay…’ he croaked out. Instinctively, she sat back down on the bed, overcome with an emotional wave. ‘I’m sorry…’ he said meaningfully, ‘I’m so sorry…’

Hermione’s eyes teared up for the second time that day. She nodded, her throat too thick to say anything. Hermione bent down and kissed his forehead. He closed his eyes and soon fell into a blissful, deep sleep. Hermione smiled warmly, untangled herself from Draco’s arm and snuck carefully out of the Hospital Wing, as she was about to leave, she heard a whisper. Blaise.
‘Granger?’ He was sitting up in bed. ‘I… I heard you and Draco. I, well I’m sorry too, for everything.’

Hermione smiled.

‘Thanks, Zabini…’

‘It’s Blaise,’ he smiled. Hermione chuckled.

‘Then it’s Hermione.’ It was now Blaise’s turn to laugh, but quietly none the less. He suddenly became sincere.

‘Take care of Draco, after what he’s been though, he needs it.’

‘I’ll try Blaise, I’ll try.’

And she walked out with one thing on her mind; to strongly reconsider Professor McGonagall’s request.





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Chapter 9: The Next Chapter
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By the time she had arrived back at the Heads Dorm, Hermione was ridiculously tired. After a quick examination of her silver watch, which read midnight, she came to the conclusion that she desperately needed sleep. Without further ado, she climbed into her bed, feeling unusually warm inside, like she hadn't done in a long, long time.
A brilliant ray of sun through the huge windows of the Hospital Wing woke Draco the next morning. He sat up in bed and coughed croakily. Looking around, he saw Blaise still fast asleep with his mouth wide open. Draco chuckled quietly. Typical Blaise... He flopped back down on his bed and stared at the high, majestic ceiling above him. He thought about last night. Me, Granger, Apology, Purple pajama’s. Oh god, Draco... But he felt happy. Happier than he had done in a long while. Father is going to kill you... What if I don't care? Remember... His internal argument with the logical side of him was going well. His rebellious side was most certainly winning. I don't care. He repeated. And then it really hit him.


'Ha, I don't care...' he said out loud in an amused tone.



'You know, talking to you self is one of the first signs of madness.' Blaise had woken. Draco laughed.

'Shut up, you!' he chucked his pillow across the room and it hit Blaise in the head, producing a muffled grunt.



'Alright, alright!" said Blaise, even more amused now.

'What are you even doing here? You only had a broken jaw?' Draco teased. 'Getting all soft are we?'



'Ha ha. No I had a concussion too.' He said. 'But I did want to stay for my best friend...' Blaise joked in a childish, cooing voice.



'You're an idiot, you know that.' said Draco. 'Can I have my pillow back now please?'


'Nope!' Blaise said laughing. 'Unless, you tell what it is that you "don't care about."


'Just give me the pillow.'

'Nope.' Blaise replied cheerfully. Draco jumped out of his bed.



'Blaise! Gi-'

 'Mr Malfoy! Get back in that bed this instance! You are not healed!' Madam Pomfrey said in a stern voice. She had apparently heard the commotion and came running out of her office. Draco grunted and stropped back to his bed. Madam Pomfrey nodded approvingly and rushed back to her office. Draco looked at Blaise who was sniggering. Git, thought Draco. He raised his eyebrows and Blaise through the pillow back.



'Mr Zabini!' came a voice from the medi-witches office, 'you may go!'

 'Yes!' Blaise jumped up and headed towards the door.



'Cya later!' he said to Draco, mockingly. Whilst Draco was submerged in his annoyance with Blaise, Madam Pomfrey came out and inspected his head injuries.


'Can I go yet?' he asked, coldly.

 'Absolutely not, maybe later tonight, but definitely not now..' she said sternly. Draco grunted again. There was no one left in the hospital wing to talk to, hell he'd even take Potter... Well, maybe not.. he reconsidered. Hang on, the match!

'Madam Pomfrey?! Madam Pomfrey!?' the medi-witch rush back to his side.



'What it is Mr Malfoy? Your head?' Draco laughed at the sheer stupidness of this question.

'No. The match.' he demanded. 'Did we win?'



'No i don't believe you did... As far as I'm aware, Miss Weasley scored twice before you caught the snitch...'

Draco's heart sunk. Two Weasley's he felt about ready to kill. This was going to be a long day.






'Hermione! ... Hermione!'

She whipped around to see Blaise Zabini fighting through the lunch crowd to get to her.



'Hi, Blaise. You alright?'

'Hi. Yeah i'm all good now. Listen, i just wanted to say thanks for last night.. You know. Draco really needs someone like you right now. It was good that you came to visit us. Well, him.'



Blaise chuckled nervously, but Hermione just smiled.



'No problem, Blaise.' she said to him as he grinned

'I've got to go, but i'll probably see you soon... Bye!' he squeezed her shoulder and ran aup the main staircase. Bewildered, Hermione spun around, he had a certain a certain charm about him, Blaise. She laughed quietly and then-

Her stomach dropped.

'Him? You went to see him?!'

 'Ron, I...' 

'So I'm your boyfriend and you didnt come visit me? But you visit the ferret in the hospital wing?'


'You flew into him! I was checking if he was alright!' Hermione retorted, her voice shaking with anger.



'I dont even need to explain myself to you, Ron. And you can forget this.' she indicated the space between them. A fair few people were staring now. Surely Ron and Hermione, the perfect couple, part of the Golden Trio wouldnt break up? 'Its over, Ron.'



Ron's mouth dropped in awe. He didn’t actually think she'd break up with him. A few people around chuckled nervously. All of a sudden, out of nowhere Ron lunged. Standing behind him, Harry grabbed onto to him quickly and struggled to pull him back. He pushed Ron behind him who staggered slightly and looked back with a red blotchy face that clashed brilliantly with his hair. Hermione looked at Harry desperately and he had pity in his eyes. There was no need for words; Hermione knew he was sorry for Ron. She nodded curtly and Harry dragged Ron away who was muttering nastily. Hermione’s heart was beating fast and her hands were shaking. He wanted to hurt me, she thought. Fuming, Hermione pushed her way back through the crowd, only thinking of one place she could forget the world. The Room of Requirement.

Later that evening, Hermione stalked into the Heads dorm, feeling privatelyrelieved. These past few months with him had been pure torture. Looking around, she discovered that the Heads dorm was empty. He must be out, she thought. Deciding that she really needed a hot shower, she bounded up the stairs to her room. Tapping the door with her wand, she heard a small click and the door creaked open for her. As she stepped in, she searched around quickly for a towel, dressing gown and clothes. This took all of two minutes. After finally extracting a pair of bottoms from beneath her bed, she made her way across the room to the bathroom.


It was empty, no surprises there. As much as she loved the peace and quiet, she still felt lonely but privacy was something that you couldn't get in the Gryffindor Common Room. Hermione locked the door behind her, and made sure the door to Draco’s room was locked too. She didn't want any more awkward situations, that had initiated the first argument and after her chat with McGonagall and her time in the hospital wing last night ago, she didn’t want to break the second lot of peace they had made. In fact, it was more than peace. It was... Well... Hermione shook her head. She carefully peeled off her clothes, taking her time and stepped into the cubicle. Turning the hot all the way, she closed her eyes as the water pounded on her head, trickled down her back.



Bliss. She sighed and let the heat wash away her stress. She thought about Ron and his face when earlier when she had ended it, it was almost comical, after the way he had treated her. How could he expect her to be with him anymore? She thought about Ginny and her perfect happiness with Harry, finally. She was lucky. Hermione felt so alone, despite her friends being so wonderful. She thought about Draco, and the vacant expression, like he was lost and lonely too, that he constantly had plastered on his face. Well, that was unless he was sneering. Not that he does that much more, anyway. She lathered her body, massaging, and then let the water wash away the soap. She saw a different side of Draco last night, a side she really liked. Maybe a little too much.

She tried to relax, but all she could think about were Ron and Draco.She sighed again; this meant she had to go through her relaxing process again, washing away the thoughts. When she was finally satisfied, she turned off the water, stepped out and wrapped a fluffy Gryffindor red towel around her.



She dried herself thoroughly and started to get dressed, throwing on a pair of comfortable grey bottoms and a lilac long sleeved top. As she was about to dry her hair, she noticed the emerald towels sprawled over the floor messily. Slob, she thought. With a flick of her wand, they were hanging on the rail. He'll thank me later, she thought. And then, Ha! Yeah right... Pointing her wand to her hair, she muttered 'crinisicca' and her hair instantly became the light brown wavy sight she was used to. She walked out of the bathroom into her room again. She dumped her robes on her bed and picked up her current book from her bedside table, A History of Londonian Magical Creatures and then made her way out.

She climbed down the stairs, pausing slightly at the sight of platinum blonde hair just visible over the back of one of the sofas. She slumped into the one closest to the fire and stuck her nose in her book, hoping it would be more exciting than the last one she had read and occasionally snuck glances at the boy across from her. He hadn't seemed to notice her, or if he had, he didn't show any acknowledgement. Figures, he is an arrogant Malfoy...she thought. And then corrected herself, he’s not anymore, is he. Her heart told her the truthful answer she still getting used to. After a few moments, and several inconspicuous glances later, he stood up and walked to the desk in the corner. He pulled out his wand and mumbled something she couldn't hear. Though she soon found out what it was when he brought back two hot chocolates, placing one on the coffee table. He still hadn't looked at her, and it was starting to bug her now. What about last night?



Sipping his hot chocolate which wasn’t even half as good as Lacey's, he carefully watched the bushy haired girl across from him. Though she wasn't bushy haired anymore, he thought for the millionth time, no, it falls in lovely waves over her delicate face. And that top, wow her curves... Purple suits her. He paused his thoughts momentarily. Ah hell...He acted on impulse; after all, he had basically confessed his love for her last night. He chuckled silently at the thought. Standing up slowly, he picked up the other hot chocolate and walked over to her. She looked up at him slowly and he gave her the mug. She smiled at him gratefully.



Hermione's heart skipped a beat quickly, taking note of the use her first name. It sounded nice coming from him. That’s the first time he’s ever said it, she mused. He didn't look cold or mean and his face didn't portray someone of loneliness, he looked pleasant.

'Draco?' She thought it common courtesy to use his first time, he after all had made the effort to use hers. It felt strangely comfortable on her tongue, almost leaving a tingly feeling. A smile played at Draco's lips, I like the way that sounds, use my name more often.



'Twenty questions.' He said promptly. Hermione's eye brows raised in a perfect arch.

'I'm sorry?'



'You know, twenty questions, I ask you a question and you answer it and then-'

 'I know what twenty questions is,' she said with laughter dripping in her tone, but not quite coming out yet. 'Why?'



'Well, I thought, you know, we should learn more about each other, being Head Boy and Girl..' His voice trailed off, and Hermione swore she could see a delicate shade of pink appearing in his cheeks. Amused, she decided not to comment on it. He sat back down on the settee.

'Hmm, okay. You start.' He smiled a genuine smile. Not a trademark Malfoy smirk.



'Birthday?' He asked.


'19th of September, you?'


'5th of June, your turn.' Hermione paused for a moment, thinking.



'Middle name?'



Er.. Lucius' He said glumly. 'And you?'





'This may be a hard one for you, favourite book?' He smirked. Hermione laughed sarcastically.


'Hogwarts: A History, and yours?' Draco stifled a laugh before replying.

It was Hermione's turn to laugh this time and she really did out loud. Draco, Draco Malfoy, The PUREBLOOD likes Macbeth? This was too much.



'Stop laughing!'

'Dra- Draco that's a Muggle play!' She scoffed, still giggling.



'Yeah, and?!' He retorted, though he couldn't be angry, she had said his name again. After several moments, Hermione calmed down and was ready to continue. It felt nice to be laughing and smiling, instead of glaring and throwing insults. And this was much better than him completely ignoring her…

'It's your turn to ask.' said Draco. Hermione put her index finger on her chin, in mock thinking.



'Most embarrassing moment?' She asked, slyly.

'No, absolutely not!' He said quickly.



'Nah uh, you can't back out!

 'Uh fine, when you hit me, third year.' Whilst Hermione roared with laughter, Draco pondered the memory. I lost all my dignity that evening… stop laughing woman! Do you know how long that took me to regain?! ..Thank merlin only Crabbe and Goyle saw it...

In his train of thoughts, he hadn't noticed Hermione had calmed down.



'Thank merlin you've stopped laughing!' He said coolly, but with amusement in his voice so Hermione didn't panic. 'Do you know how much respect you lost me?!'

'You deserved it! You're a - well you were being a git!'



He smiled sheepishly and looked at her, expectant.

'I have a few, but they are all the same... When everyone used to make fun of me for knowing all the answer, especially in the first few years.'



She grimaced and Draco nodded, not saying anything. He couldn't, he was one of them who had teased her. He thought of another question.

'First kiss?' He said smiling, trying to look innocent. Hermione blushed a ferocious red.



'Er, Victor...Krum..'

'I figured as much, Pansy' He said the word as though it tasted bad. To Draco, it did.



'You say that with such distaste? I thought you two were a thing?'

'Thought you and Weasley were a thing?' He retorted, defensively.



'Yes, well things change, don't they?' Hermione blushed again. Her cheeks felt hot as she remembered the previous events of the day.

'They most certainly do' he said, looking at her meaningfully.' Your turn!'


'Okay what number are we up to?'

'Six, four more to go.'



'Okay, greatest achievement?'



'Hmm, living and surviving with Voldemort...' He said carefully. Hermione looked at him curiously; his eyes suddenly looked dark again. She had a sudden inspiration.

'What was it like, living with him, I mean..?'



Draco looked at her, she's genuinely curious. There was a sudden solemn feeling hanging over the common room.

'It was...awful. Like I was trapped and was never getting out. I knew that he had to be killed, or I would be there forever, and eventually die at the hand of him. He treated me like vermin, punishment for my father, but I always felt cold whenever he was around, almost like a Dementer attack, you know?' Hermione nodded. 'Felt as though I'd never be happy again. The only time I felt alive, was when I was alone in bed, it was the only time I could escape.'



Hermione searched his face; he looked in pain at reminiscing that memory. This was the closest thing they had shared, if you didn’t count their moment last night. She was starting to realise that he wasn't what she thought he was, McGonagall had been right he is a good man. He had compassion. And he was much gentler and kinder now. And now that she had seen him smile, he definitely looked much better, instead of that smirk on his face or distant look. Her eyes raked over him, his pointed jaw, high cheek bones, elegant nose. He really is attractive... She cleared her throat and Draco looked up.

'It’s over now though, you can be happy now right? … Mine? Helping. Being in the process that brought him down.'



He smiled at this, but didn't ask questions. He knew how it had been. Draco tried to lighten the mood.

'Favourite drink?' He asked, and Hermione laughed at the sudden change in topic. She felt relieved though as the weight was lifted from the room. She couldn't help it, he was acting really different and she liked it. She liked him. Did I just say that? She suddenly remembered she had a question to answer and she wasn’t fighting with herself anymore.



'Hmm, Tea... Oh wait! And Butterbeer, I can't choose.'



'Well, er Hot Chocolate' he laughed guiltily, pointing to the cup on the coffee table between them. 'My favourite house elf back at the Manor, Lacey, she makes the best Hot Chocolate, I can never get it quite right though.'

Hermione smiled again.



'Two more!' She said, 'Favourite subject?' 

Ha, trust her to pick this one. Though he was kind of glad she had.

'Transfiguration.' He said proudly, remembering the random book he had picked up in the library the previous week. Draco knew she had been expecting him to pick Defence Against the Dark Arts.



'Really?' She looked shocked, just like he knew she would. 'Mine's Charms.' Draco acknowledged this with a smile.


'Last question! Hmm...' His eye brows creased in the middle and his lips were pouted. He actually looks really cute...Hermione couldn’t help but notice.



'Your Patronus?' He asked. Hermione grinned at this and pulled out her wand. Thinking strongly of the new found smile on Draco's lips, she said quietly 'expecto patronum'. The well-known silver otter bounded from her wand and glided over to Draco. It jumped playfully around his head, causing him to laugh. Actually laugh. It’s a pretty sight... She thought, as Draco whipped his head around trying to follow the otter. It finally faded to wisps of silver and it was Draco's turn. 


'Don't laugh, please.' He said to her, shyly. He pulled his wand out of his back pocket, thought of the smell of Hermione's hair that wafted down into the common room with her and said 'expecto patronum!' 



An eagle erupted from the tip of his wand and soared above their heads. It flew for a bit, and then landed on Hermione's shoulder. Draco was surprised.


'Wow, he must like you; he's never done that for me.'


Hermione looked adoringly at the elegant bird perched on her shoulder before it disappeared.


'An Eagle, hmm. Is that really you?' She asked. Draco looked scandalised.



'Of course!' he said. He suddenly remembered something. 'Look, wait here!'



Hermione watched as he bounded up the stared to his room, evidently confused by the expression on her face. 


Where is it?! Draco thought desperately as he rummaged through his trunk. Aha, gotcha! He pulled out a handsome midnight blue book with gold letters stamped across the front. A Guide To Your Patronus. A Christmas present from the Zabini family two years ago. He had never really taken it out of his trunk. He hurried back downstairs to find Hermione standing exactly where he left her.

'Well come on then!' He opened the book the right page and Hermione followed him over to the coffee table. She looked at him curiously and bent down.




The Eagle 



The eagle has a striking presence as the of caster of this Patronus. As is typical of bird personalities, their high metabolisms make them edgy and unable to remain in one place for long. Sleek and well groomed, the eagle's looks are striking like the casters. They exude a strong sexual energy that turns heads. Casters of this Patronus enjoy most outdoor activities and have a particular affinity for extreme sports such as the position of Seeker in Quidditch, Dragon Taming, or Troll Slaying. Eagles are truly at their best when performing for others.



This is Draco... Hermione thought. She was shocked at how well he fitted the description. She looked up to see him grinning.



'Ha, well I suppose the Eagle is you then.' She said in a rather amused tone.

'I know.' He laughed at her stunned reaction. 'So,' He said slyly, 'you even think the bit about... what was it?' He looked down at the book. 'My strong sexual energy that turns heads?' Draco grinned even wider, seductively. Hermione blushed a furious red. He can't know, absolutely not. I don’t even know! Do I like him? The honest answer was yes, but she wouldn't admit that. Draco could see her having an argument with herself by her expression. This amused him even more.

 'That’s, er... Well that’s- Stop smiling!' She exclaimed. Draco laughed.



'I'm going to bed now anyway.' He said grabbing his books. He turned around towards his staircase. 'Try not to have too naughty dreams tonight...' He turned around a winked. Oh, he didn’t... Hermione looked at him in shock, her mouth falling into a perfect 'O', not being able to say anything. He laughed at the expression on her face.



'Close your mouth Hermione, geez I was joking.' He laughed. Hermione noted the use of her first name again, and she like the way it sounded on his tongue, but he was NOT to know that, no way! She nodded once in amusement, grabbed her book and went to turn to her staircase.

'And Hermione?' he said it again! 'It was nice, this... We should do it again sometime...'


Hermione definitely saw him blush this time and it brought a smile to her lips.


'I'd like that, goodnight... Draco'




They both trudged back into their rooms and collapsed on their beds.


Hermione lay there, looking up at the scarlet red canopy. This.Is.Ridiculous! I can't fall for Malfoy! Draco Malfoy. The Pureblood Prince. Her stomach flipped at the thought of it, and it took Hermione a good few seconds to realise it was nerves and pleasure. She groaned. I have, ugh, I've fallen for him. His smile, his genuine smile and not his smirk, his eyes when they are full of happiness, his platinum blonde hair falling carelessly in his face. She wanted him, she couldn't deny it. Tonight had made her realise that he maybe just wasn't the evil person everyone made him out to be, but the person she truly believe him to be, and the person McGonagall claimed he was. He was good on the inside and she could tell that he hadn't wanted to be a Death Eater from the way he spoke about Voldemort. But what would Harry and Ron say?! They hate him! And Ron! He will... Ron… she had just called it off with him today! Surely she can't be falling for someone else already. But you haven't liked Ron for ages now, so it’s not surprising. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and gave up on her internal battle. She rolled over and closed eyes. Maybe, just maybe, this will work.



Well, that was odd. Nice, very nice. But odd. He thought about Hermione's wavy hair and the way her curves had grown since the last time he saw her. Or was it just the fact she wasn't covered in her school robes? It didn't matter. She looked good. He had to admit it. Even he wasn't all for the Pureblood/Mudblood bollocks anymore. He put it on as an act, for his Malfoy facade, but the war had made him realise a lot. Great, spectacular, I’ve fallen for Granger. No, Hermione...The Gryffindor Princess. He had finally accepted it. He grunted in annoyance, he hated the fact that he like her this way, liked her at all in fact. Though he was happy at the same time. He hadn't even realised it. It was almost like a thought at the back of his mind that had finally resurfaced. A silent wish.





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Chapter 10: Sweet October
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 The library was relatively quiet at this time in the morning on a Friday. The morning sun bleakly shone through the coloured glass in the windows. Draco and Hermione sat at the long, elegant table in the corner, waiting for the prefects to arrive. It had been a week since their evening in the Heads Tower and Hermione and Draco had been on friendly terms ever since. Although they hadn’t spoke about what they were, friends or whatever it may be, it was a silent understanding. They continued to have hot chocolate together most nights and the slight hint of romance was threatening to form. However, things were uncertain still. Hermione forgave Draco for the past, but how easy is it to go from mortal enemies to friends or lovers in just a few weeks. No, these things took time. There was so much they didn’t know. The unspoken truth that they both felt hung in the air and they knew it. To each other’s amusement and yet deep frustration, they tried so hard to stay away from that particular topic.

'Honestly?! Peppermint toads?' exclaimed Hermione, in disbelief.


'What?!' Draco said aghast. 'They're nice!'


'But how can they be your favourite sweet?'


'They just are! Better than just chocolate frogs, how boring!' He mocked her with a wink. They had been having this argument since they left the Heads Common Room and Draco had unwrapped a peppermint toad.


'Ha Ha..' Hermione replied playfully and softly punched him on the arm.


'Hey!' he pushed her slightly and she giggled. The sound of her girly laugh set Draco off, and the two Heads sat in the silent library, laughing very loudly together.




They silenced immediately and looked around. Eight people were standing there, uncertain, with confused and surprised expressions. Draco's smile faded, but Hermione's didn't falter. He obviously wasn’t yet adjusted to being friendly with a Gryffindor publically. It was an entirely new concept for him, so Hermione let it slide. She looked up at Prefects and pointedly ignored Ron who seemed to be standing very stiffly next to his sister.


'Hi! Thanks for getting up so early. Sit down,' she said brightly and gestures towards to table. Not looking at all reassured, the prefects sat around the table, all muttering 'hi's and 'goodmorning's. Draco nodded curtly but remained silent, much to Hermione’s amusement. Surely he can’t be nervous… With his pride and all…She started the discussion anyway.


‘This year’s going to be busy, naturally with N.E.W.T’s and all, but we want to make it memorable too! Today I think we should organise a few Hogsmeade visits up until Christmas and maybe start thinking about the Ball? What do you all think?’


She’s a natural, thought Draco. Nods of agreements and small smiles appeared on the Prefects faces. Weasley was staring at him hard, and he wondered what he could possibly have done to piss off the ginger. Oh yeah, getting along with his ex…Draco laughed silently to himself. He was suddenly disrupted by a tap to his arm.


‘What?’ He said defensively as he looked at Hermione.


‘Hogsmeade dates! Are you even listening?’ Oh right, he zoned out.


‘Yeah, sorry. How about the end of this month, one for November and two in December?’ Hermione nodded and looked at the prefects,


‘Does everyone agree to this?’ She asked reasonably. More nods.


‘Yeah that works!’ piped up Ginny, ‘Then people can get their Christmas shopping done.’


‘Excellent!’ said Hermione, satisfactorily.


‘What about the Ball? Anyone got ideas for that?’ Draco asked. It seemed many of the prefects were taking back by his less Death Eater like demeanor. He shrugged off their shocked expressions. He knew he’d never be accepted again.


I think we should have a Fairytale theme!’ Pansy drooled whilst gazing adoringly at Draco. Instantly, Hermione felt boiling in her stomach. She was jealous and this was an odd feeling. She clenched her jaw and looked at Draco who was staring at Pansy in disbelief.


‘Of course you do, Parkinson… Any other ideas?’ said Draco coolly. Pansy was taken aback by the use of her last name and dismissal of her idea. She crossed her arms and sat back in her chair, pouting. Hermione tried her hardest to suppress a smile.


‘How about a Mascaraed Ball?!’


‘Dragon themed! After all, you did use one to break out of Gringotts!’


Hermione and Draco looked at each other skeptically. The suggestions were crazy.


‘You know what guys, we’ll sort it out at another meeting. Thanks for coming today and we’ll let you know when the next one is!’ The prefects left in two’s after saying Goodbye, most looked relieved to get out of there. Once they had left, the Heads sat silently at the table in the Library. Draco broke the silence.


‘Well, I’m glad that’s over! Did you see the way Weasel-bee was staring at me! If looks could kill….’


‘Woah, I wouldn’t think a Malfoy would be intimidated!’ joked Hermione, mockingly. He glared at her and she laughed.


‘I’m hungry, we should go get some breakfast.’ Draco stated abruptly.


‘Typical man, always thinking about your stomach.’


‘You’re being awfully cheeky today aren’t you Granger!’


‘Oh, are we back to last name basis now?’ Hermione pretended to be shocked. Draco smiled knowingly.


‘No… we’re not, Hermione. I like first name basis us.’ He said in a perfect voice. Hermione’s stomach flipped. Us.


‘Me too.’ She said as she flushed pink. Her cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by Draco and he obviously found it greatly amusing.


‘Are you blushing, Hermione?!’ he teased.


‘No!’ This only caused her to blush more.


‘Awwww!’ It was her turn to glare at him now and he took a step back in mock fear. Hermione rolled her eyes and continued walking. But… they weren’t heading towards the Great Hall. In fact, she didn’t know where they were.


‘Draco, where are we going?! I thought we were getting breakfast..’


‘We are!’ a grin broke out on his flawless face.


‘But the Great Hall isn’t this way!’


‘I know, I thought we’d go to the kitchens, then we could have breakfast together.’ Oh wow, why is he so perfect! Despite her speechlessness and smiling, Hermione was genuinely touched by this. It was sweet, and she didn’t think sweet was something Draco Malfoy was capable of. They walked in silence the rest of the way, side by side, but still distance between them. It was comfortable and it felt right. It wasn’t long before they were standing in front of the familiar bowl of fruit. Hermione reached out her finger and tiggled the pear. The kitchen was just how she remembered it, warm and cosy, with copper saucepans hanging everywhere. There was a small table near the fireplace and a wooden stool. The last time she had seem that stool, Winky had been there, sipping Butterbeer. She smiled a little, how so much had changed since then. Dobby was here too… With the tea cosy’s on his head, always eager to help.  ‘Harry Potter and Master Weasley, Miss Granger…’ The sound of the little elf’s voice rang in her ears and she laughed sweetly and sadly. Draco looked at her quizzically.


‘Oh, I was just thinking of Dobby…’


‘Ah.. Yeah, me too..’ He replied. Then Hermione remember, Dobby had been the Malfoy’s elf.


‘Despite what you may think, me and Dobby were pretty close when I was young. I had no one else to play with, so Dobby would sit there with me. I was… sad to hear he died actually. He was my first friend.’


Hermione was stunned for a moment, she had never heard Draco say anything emotional about his childhood before. She didn’t know what to do so she smiled and touched his arm.


‘He was a good elf. I liked him…’


‘Yeah, he was… Now food!’ he changed the topic abruptly. Hermione laughed and agreed.


‘What can’s we do for Master Draco and Miss Hermione?’ a small voice said.


‘I’m feeling pancakes…’ Draco suggested and Hermione rolled her eyes.


‘Okay, two plates of pancakes please, with ice cream and strawberries!’ Hermione asked kindly.


‘Of course, Miss! Will be right away!’ The little elves bustled to prepare the breakfast and the two Heads sat down at the little table by the fireplace. Draco observed them as they worked.


‘They really are alright, I suppose…’


‘Ha! Did you just admit house elves were decent?’


‘Yes I did… Oh god, don’t go all S.P.E.W on me now!’ He said jokingly. Hermione turned crimson. How did he know about that?!


‘What? Didn’t think I knew about that?’ He laughed. Hermione blushed ever more.


‘Shhhh!’ This only cause Draco to laugh harder. Hermione was grateful that the elves chose this moment to deliver the pancakes as Draco had to stop laughing. They looked amazing and Hermione couldn’t wait to dig in. They both scoffed their food down quickly, and in complete silence.


‘Gosh, they were delicious!’ Hermione exclaimed. Draco laughed again.


‘Yeah, they’re so good.’ He smiled. As they left the kitchens, they thanked the elves. After that breakfast, classes didn’t look too appealing. Hermione had Ancient Runes, one subject without Draco. As they reached the corridor where they would part, she turned to say goodbye.


‘Well, I suppose I’ll you later in the Common Room?’


Draco smiled adoringly, ‘Of course.’


Hermione smiled and turned to walk away, however she didn’t get very far as someone’s arm spun her around. It was Draco.


‘Did you miss me already?’ she joked.


‘Very funny… I was just wondering… I f you wanted to have dinner with me tonight in the Common Room? Instead of in the Great Hall… Only if you want to of course…’ His eyes twinkled as he spoke. Hermione stopped breathing and was finding it hard to form a coherent sentence. Was his asking me on a date?! For dinner? Alone? Ahh! Pull yourself together!


‘I… I would love to.’ She said as she exhaled. If it was possible, Draco looked relieved.


‘Lovely.’ He said as he swung his bag over his shoulder. ‘Cya later then Hermione!’ And with that, he walked off. Hermione tried to get her head around what had just happened. Sure they were friends now, and pretty close ones at that. But some things had definitely remained unspoken about. And now he had asked her to dinner? Was it even a date? What would this lead to? She groaned as she walked to class, her insides fighting each other with sheer excitement and pure nervousness.


It was six o clock before Hermione got back to the common room that night. She looked around nervously, but it seemed Draco wasn’t here yet. She decided to run up to the bathroom and take a shower quickly before he arrived. The shower was soothing and helped calm her nerves. She didn’t even know WHY she was so nervous! It was absolutely ridiculous. It was just Malfoy! Well … It was Draco… She stood in just a towel in her room. Her trunk was open and clothes were sprawled everywhere! She didn’t know what to wear. Was this a real date? Should she dress up? In the end, she threw on a simple navy blue dress, that came to just above her knees. It was modest and elegant but somewhat casual at the same time, playing it safe. She added a black cardigan and small black flats. With a look in the mirror, she decided she was satisfied. She didn’t know if Draco was in yet, or what they were even doing for dinner but she walked down the staircase anyway.


To her great surprise, Draco was in. He was sitting at a table he must have conjured with candles and all. There were two chairs, and he occupied one. The other was arranged so it was slightly pulled back. There were two bottles of Butterbeer and two plates with what looked like lasagne. It was truly perfect and Hermione was overwhelmed by the effort he had gone to. She just smiled as she walked over to him. As she reached the table, he stood up like a true gentlemen. Hermione saw he was wearing jeans and a crisp black shirt. Casual and dressy. He was perfect.


Draco’s eyes gazed over the woman in front of him, in a beautiful, dark dress. He let a hollow whistle, which caused her to blush and giggle a little. He liked it when she blushed, it was rather cute.


‘You look stunning.’ He said, charmingly as he gestured her to sit down with him. She smiled broadly and it was a pretty sight to see.


‘Thank you,’ Hermione said nervously. This was a date and she was actually excited about it. ‘I didn’t know what to wea-‘


‘It’s fine, no… It’s perfect’ Draco smiled.


‘Draco, this is amazing. How did you do all this?’


‘Magic.’ He said with a wink and Hermione smiled, amused.


‘Right, how could I not have known!’ she said as if it was obvious. ‘I really wasn’t expecting this…’


Draco paused, unsure. ‘Do you like it?’


‘Of course!’ Hermione said quickly. He looked cute, with his eye brows furrowed like that but his face relaxed when she reassured him. ‘It’s wonderful!’


‘Good! Now dig in! You don’t want it getting cold!’


‘Yes sir!’ said Hermione, jokingly and they both laughed. The lasagne tasted so good and they both finished relatively quickly. Dinner was great and they laughed and talked throughout it all. Hermione realised that she more than ‘liked’ Draco now. He was charming and endearing and funny. She didn’t know how she felt about more than liking him, but honestly she didn’t care. He was making her happy. After dinner, they sat by the fire, still on separate arm chairs and drank Draco’s hot chocolate. Suddenly, Draco had an idea.


‘Hermione, do you want to go for a walk?’ Hermione was taken aback.


‘What now? Its night time!’


‘You’re such a goody-two-shoes!’ he laughed, ‘Of course now, silly!’


Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at him scathingly.


‘Ah okay then, lets go.’




Before Hermione could even begin to consider what she was doing, she found herself walking through the castle at night with Draco Malfoy. And strangely, it didn’t feel wrong. They didn’t walk for very long and as they came to the Astronomy Tower, Draco walked over to the balcony. This was their destination. Hermione joined him and they looked over the lake, the moon reflecting on its watery surface.


‘Its beautiful, really.. Isn’t it…’ he said. Hermione looked up at him.


‘Yeah it is…’ however, she wasn’t sure if she was talking about the scenery or him. He looked down at her and smiled warmly.


‘A lot has changed, hasn’t it.’


‘That’s for sure, I never thought I’d be having romantic dinners and late night walks with you.’


He grimaced and brought his hand up to stroke her cheek. Hermione’s heart stopped. He was actually touching her! And she liked it.


‘Dance with me..’ he asked. And with a flick of his wand, soft music played. Hermione smiled down at the ground. Surely this was a dream? They rotated and swayed in circles to the gentle song. Hermione had honestly never felt as safe and peaceful. She was happy! Draco’s heart beated furiously against his ribcage. He never thought he’s be this nervous around a girl. It was almost comical that Hermione Granger was doing this to him. But he liked it, a lot. She had rested her head in the crook of his neck. He had to say it now… He couldn’t wait any longer.


‘Hermione…’ he whispered. She looked up at him. ‘I… I like you.. a lot. I know that we’ve had our…. differences in the past… But I promise I’m different now. I’ve tried to be your friend, but I don’t think I can do that without falling for you anymore. That night in the hospital wing, when you came to see me, I’ve never felt happier. It’s crazy, absurd that this is happening really… Who would have thought… And like you would even give a former death eater a second chance right… But i’m falling for you, Hermione, more than I ever dreamt I would.’


Hermione stared at him in awe for a few moments. But it felt like years. She looked into his silver eyes which contained hope and longing. Her heart was beating fast and her stomach was flipping, but she was smiling broadly. She had never been happier. He was right, this was absurd, Draco Malfoy making her the happiest she’d ever been. But it was right, and she knew it. She leant up on tip toes and his lips met hers. This kiss was slow and gentle but the passion was powerful. Draco’s hand knotted in Hermione’s hair and her hands went to the back of his neck. She lost all thought, only that she was kissing Draco. His lips against hers, moving perfectly. Pleasure clouded her mind and she felt bliss inside. As they broke apart, they both smiled longingly at each other. Draco pulled her close and kissed her forehead gently. It was going to be a hell of a ride, but it was going to be worth it. She was all he needed, she made him happy and that was everything. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked into the starry night, with Hermione’s small frame in his arms. Hermione sighed with happiness. Somehow, the unexpected are the best things that happen to us.





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Chapter 11: Foundations
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 The walk back to the Heads Dorm was silent, but a comfortable silence. Draco couldn't believe what had just happened. Hermione Granger, had expressed feelings for him. They had kissed. And he felt like the luckiest guy in the whole world right now as he walked hand in hand with the perfect girl. And she was. He had always dreamt of a smart yet endearing and funny and sweet significant other. And she had been right there in front of him this whole time. It just took him so long to realise it. But with this new relationship presented a challenge. Yes, they were Head Girl and Boy, but they were Gryffindor and Slytherin; Fire and Ice. They had to keep this a secret, if anyone found out, hell would arise.

Hermione felt his soft fingers stroke the back of her hand as they walked back to Heads Dorm.  Her stomach flipped a little and she couldn't stop smiling. You wouldn't notice, but she was glowing inside.  It was surreal, being romantically close with her arch nemesis. Okay, so maybe that was a bit harsh… Child hood enemy was more like it. She hadn't felt this happy in a long while and she was astounded that Draco Malfoy was the one making her feel this way. It wasn't love... yet. But love hinted and she could see it in the future. Who would have thought?! This feeling was nothing she had felt before, the warmth and happiness inside. Ron never gave that to her and she knew this was real. However, there was a burning question eating away at her... What would people say?


'Draco...' she said quietly as they walked. He smiled adorably, he didn't think he'd ever get over how good his name sounded coming from her lips.


'Yes, Hermione?'


'I was wondering... what if someone found out about us? Wouldn't it be bad for your family? We'd never be accepted...' she replied unsure. Draco sighed and looked at the brown haired beauty. They had stopped walking and they stood facing each other in the corridor. He raised his hand and brushed it against the side of her face. So soft... perfect.


'Hermione... I've said before... I don't care about my family anymore... Really, I don't. I'm different now, and i've moved on from that. But I suppose you’re right, If people knew about us, it’d be difficult. So I say we keep this on the downlow for now. But i'm willing to make this work if you are. I can't say that I'm in love with you, its too soon for that, but i can see happening, and this is a first for me. I've grown feelings for you, something i thought impossible... I care about you. So Hermione Jean Granger, would you do the extraordinary honour of being my girlfriend?'


'Of course, Draco.' she smiled lovingly. He pulled her close and she smiled into his shoulder. He smelt of apples and his crisp shirt was comforting. 'We can figure this out.'


'Ahhh...' Draco smiled. 'Come on you, lets get back.' And with that, he pulled her along. When they reached the Heads Dorm, something occurred to Draco. The password.


'Hey... I think we should change the password again... Don't you think 'felix felicis' is a little... pretentious now?'


Hermione laughed but she had to agree. 'Hmmm, you're right. But what ever will we change it to?'


'Draco's amazing, perhaps?'


'Har har...'


'Oh i know... Fire and Ice.. the perfect combination of us both...' He said with a wink. Hermione rolled her eyes at him.


'That sounded very suggestive Draco... but okay, Fire and Ice it is.'


'Brilliant!' Hermione laughed at him again. He was funny, she'd give him that. As they entered the Common Room, they stopped and faced each other. Draco wasn't really one for soppy moments, but right now, he just couldn't help it as he stared into those great big brown eyes. They were beautiful.


'I am so happy that you're now mine, Hermione.' He saw her cheeks flush. She really was adorable, he thought, as he rested his forehead on hers.


'Same here.' she replied. This time, his stomach did a flip. That was weird. Not a feeling he was used to.  He pulled her close and whispered 'goodnight' into her soft hair. And with that, he gave her a light kiss and headed off to bed. Hermione stood there amazed. He had quite literally taken her breath away, his sweet breath and velvet voice. How was he so perfect?! She span around and grabbed her head, trying to make sense of it all. She couldn't stop smiling, like a little kid on Christmas morning. Needless to say, a smile coated her lips as she fell asleep that night.


The next few weeks were incredible. In between classes, Hermione and Draco got to know each other better as people and got to know themselves as a couple. Not to their surprise, they had a lot in common. Hermione found it nice to be with someone of her same intellectual level. She could have conversations with Draco that didn’t require repeating something ten times. He was funny and charming, and always a perfect gentlemen. The Malfoy could even be ridiculously sweet at times. Being with Draco was easy. It wasn’t like being with Ron, that was always a constant battle. She could now be herself, and that was something she liked.


‘Good evening, love.’ Draco said as he walked through the Common Room door one night. ‘How was your day?’


Hermione, who was slumped on the couch with books piled around her, looked up and sighed. ‘It was long… And I missed you. I only saw you in Potions today!’


Draco crouched down beside her. ‘I know, it’s hard. But at least with have the evenings together.’


‘True that, this Head Dorm is very handy…’ Hermione smiled cheekily and Draco raised his eye brows.


‘The Gryffindor Princess couldn’t possibly be suggesting…’ Draco mocked.


‘Shhhh! Of course not.’ Hermione smiled, innocently. Damn she was good, knew just how to tease him.


‘Ah right… I liked our little game today by the way.’ Draco said, laughing. Hermione joined in, in remembrance. As they best cover for their relationship, Draco and Hermione had agreed to be distant and cold to each other in public. This was difficult, so they made a game out of it. They were allowed to argue and call each other names, like they used to, but each would secretly know it was a joke and find it funny later. Today’s example had been particularly amusing.


‘Malfoy, move.’


‘Excuse me, Granger?’


‘I said move! You’re standing in the way of my cauldron!’


‘Please would be nice, you know…’ Hermione glared at him, but had to look away after a few seconds, for fear of laughing. Draco saw this, and fought back a smile.


‘Please.’ Hermione spat. ‘You know, the longer I live with you, the more insufferable you become. Maybe Harry and Ginny were right.’


‘Oh please… Like its easy living with you.’ Hermione shook her head and began chopping roots.


‘Can you grab my Lacewing Flies?’ she asked Draco. She did not however, expect would happened next. At all. She felt his hand on her bum, squeezing. Luckily, they were at the back of the classroom as Hermione nearly yelped in surprise and Draco had to put his hand over her mouth.


‘No, Granger, but I can grab something else.’ He said with a wink. Hermione tried to regulate her breathing and she stared at him.


‘You are unbelievable.’


‘I’m a Malfoy, Granger. Did you expect any less?’ Before she could answer, they were both interrupted by Professor Slughorn.


‘I don’t know what you two are arguing about, but it’s going to stop now! I paired your together as you are our Heads and should set an example! Now pack it in!’ Hermione and Draco fought fits of laughter for the rest of the lesson.


‘Insufferable am I, Hermione?’ Draco asked.


‘Oh, completely…’ she replied before planting a kiss on his lips. He chucked into her mouth. He stood up and sat on the couch, pulling Hermione on top of him. She straddled him and leant down to return to his lips. Draco ran his hands up her back and knotted them in her hair. He pulled it back gently and kissed her neck. Hermione shuddered as he left a trail of kisses from her collar bone to her jaw line. He continued up and as he kissed behind her ear, she let out a moan. Weak spot. Bringing his lips back to hers, he intensified the kiss, pressing deeper and pulling Hermione closer. She found her hand at the nape of his neck, toying with his hair. She grabbed a fistful and pulled gently to receive a moan of pleasure escape from Draco’s lips. She kissed his collar bone gently, down to his chest and back up again, nibbling every so often. She felt him rise and press into her through their clothes and she couldn’t help smirking a little inside. She was doing this to him! She continued kissing him passionately, until they both sighed and looked into each other’s eyes.


‘You know what Draco… you might actually be sufferable!’ she said with a wink.


‘You… Hermione… are such a tease.’ Draco said, breathless. ‘But you’re bloody amazing!’


‘Why thank you!’ Hermione laughed. ‘You’re not too bad yourself!’


‘Oh is that so?’ Draco asked cheekily. Before she could reply, he began to tickle her and she fought to get off of him in a fit of laughter. By the time they had settled down, they found themselves cuddling on the arm chair. Hermione was pleasantly surprised…


‘You know Draco, I never thought you’d be one for cuddling…’


‘I’m full of surprises, Hermione!’ He replied, as if it was obvious. ‘Hey, tomorrows Saturday, how about we go into Hogsmeade together?’


Hermione bit her lip. ‘But people will see us. You know we can’t go public!’


‘I know, but we could pretend to be on official Head business!’ he said with mock pride. Hermione laughed but looked at him warily.


‘I don’t kn-‘


‘Oh come on! It’ll be fun!’


‘Fine! Official Head business it is!’






The next morning at breakfast, Hermione joined Harry and Ginny at the Gryffindor table. Hermione was never really one for lying, and as she sat down, she became suddenly nervous at the idea of having to lie to her two bestfriends. They knew he well, what if they could tell she was lying? Would they know it was about Draco? No… Surely they wouldn’t just jump to that.. Right? A hand waving in front of her face pulled her from her thoughts.


‘Hermione? ‘ Ginny’s singsong voice came. Hermione snapped back into reality. Come on girl, FOCUS.


‘Morning!’ she said brightly, ‘Going into Hogsmeade today?’ Please say no, please say no.


‘Morning Hermione, we are actually, care to join us?’ Asked Harry. Damn.


‘Ahhh I’d love to....’ she lied easily (a lot easier than she expected) pretending to be disappointed. ‘But I have to pick out decorations and colours for the ball with Malfoy…’


‘Ah you’re kidding!’ Ginny said.


‘Nup…’ Hermione sighed. ‘You guys were right…. Living with him is pure torture.’


‘We told you!’ exclaimed Harry, ‘he’s never going to change!’


‘I suppose… Oh god, he’s coming over..’


‘Granger.’ He nodded towards Hermione with a twinkle in his eye. ‘Potter, Weasley.’


Ginny and Harry nodded coldly and Hermione stood up, eager to get away. ‘Come on Malfoy, let’s get this over with.’


As the two walked away, they couldn’t help but snicker. ‘I’m impressed with your acting, Hermione, very believable.’


‘Thank you.’ Hermione laughed. The November air was biting and Hermione pulled her coat tighter around her. It hadn’t snowed yet, Hermione supposed it was too early for that. But frost covered the grounds, making the scenery sparkle in the morning sun. It looked to be a beautiful day.Hermione’s nose had gone pink, and Draco found it rather cute. Looking around for any viewers, he put his arm around her.


‘Are you cold?’


‘A bit, yeah…’


‘Did you want my cloak?’


‘I’ll be alright, besides, that’s a bit suspicious. Malfoy would let Granger go cold remember…’


‘Yeah but Draco wants to keep Hermione warm!’ he replied and Hermione smiled.


‘I’ll be fine! How about we go to the Hogs Head? No one ever goes there, so we can have some privacy.’


‘Fine by me.’ Aberforth Dumbledore was behind the bar, cleaning the filthy glasses when Hermione and Draco walked in. Not much had changed and it still smelt like goat. He greeted Hermione warmly but acted very cold when he saw Draco. Draco wasn’t surprised. He had very nearly signed his brother’s death warrant. They found a small table in the corner and ordered two Butterbeers. Hermione’s fingers were regaining feeling as she sipped the hot drink. It was about half an hour before they were finally warm again however.


‘Hermione… I swear to Merlin I just saw Potter and Weasley outside… It looked like they were coming in.’


‘Oh my gosh, are you serious? They can’t catch us here!’ Hermione whispered furiously. As she did, the door opened and cold air whooshed in. Black hair and Red. Shit.


‘Draco.’ Hermione whispered, ‘we have to go. Look, they’re going upstairs, quickly!’ They darted out the still open door, into the cold, away from Ginny and Harry. As they ran around the side of the pub, they burst out laughing.


‘I can’t believe they didn’t see us!’ said Draco, amused.


‘I r-r-eckon!’ replied Hermione, shivering. Draco pulled her close.


‘Ahh love! You’re freezing!’


‘I kn-know…’


‘Would you like me to warm you up?’ Draco asked, slyly. Hermione’s stomach flipped but she tried her best to be brave.


‘And what would that consist of, may I ask?’


Instead of answering, he pinned her against the wall of the pub and pressed his mouth to hers. She responded quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck. Draco pulled her leg up around his waist and held it there while he kissed her… down her neck… and back up again. He ran his hands up under her coat and Hermione shuddered at the cold, but his hands were so warm! And it felt great against her skin. He caressed her side and under her breast before pulling his hand back and grabbing her head gently. After a few minutes, they were both panting.


‘Warm?’ Draco asked, cheekily.


‘Very!’ replied Hermione, rather breathless. Draco chuckled. ‘If this is head business, then I promise you this; I will be paying a LOT more attention to my duties.’


Draco sighed. ‘Oh wow… How did I manage to land THE most perfect woman?’ And with that, he kissed her gently on the forehead.











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Chapter 12: Winter Wonderland
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 Monday morning came around far too quickly for Hermione's liking. And yet, the winter air was filled with excitement; there was only one more week until the Christmas holidays. Hermione had decided to stay at Hogwarts. After all, her parents were going skiing again and she was definitely not welcome at the Burrow anymore after Ron's performance. She didn't know if Draco was going home or not, they hadn't talked about it. Though she silently wished he wasn't. Christmas together would be magical.  Sighing heavily, she heaved herself out of bed ungraciously and walked to the bathroom. After her shower, she felt much more awake so she got dressed, dried her hair and grabbed her bag ready to go down to breakfast. As she entered the Head's common room, Draco was sitting in the arm chair by the fire and he smiled broadly as she entered. Jumping to his feet to embrace her, he murmured in her ear, 

'Good morning, gorgeous.' Hermione's eyes fluttered and she blushed more than she was proud of. The fact the Draco Malfoy was actually her boyfriend still hadn't sunk in, even after the past few weeks. 

'Good morning,' she said warmly as she gently kissed him on the mouth. He rested his forehead upon hers and couldn't help but smile.

'The last week, I cannot wait for this term to be over!' 

'Me too,' Hermione agreed. 'Speaking of, were you planning on going home?'

Draco laughed. "Ha, not likely. I don't fancy going home to a cold, empty Manor.'

Hermione grimaced and Draco frowned. 'Are you?' he asked.

'No, I’m staying here. My parents are going skiing.' Draco looked puzzled.

'What's skiing?' he asked. Uncontrollably, Hermione burst out laughing as Draco glared at her.

'I’m sorry! I’m sorry!' she breathed. 'It's a Muggle activity; you attach skis, which are long sticks to your feet and you slide down a mountain in the snow.'

'That sounds ridiculous.' Draco said as he shook his head. 'Why would anyone want to do that?'

'Because it’s fun! I’ll take you one time.' Now it was Draco's turn to laugh. 

'I suppose anything for you, dear.' he said in a sarcastic adoring manner. Hermione giggled. 'Hey, that means we're spending Christmas together!' 

'It does...' Hermione smiled. 'I can't wait!'

'Me neither.' Draco smiled as he scooped her into his arms and kissed her.

'Mmmmm!' Hermione pulled away. 'Look at the time; we need to get down to breakfast. I'll go first so we're not seen walking in together.'

'Okay, goodbye darling.'

'I'll see you in Transfiguration.' Hermione said as she turned to leave. Walking out of the Heads dorm, Hermione had a bounce in her step. She couldn't help it, he made her happy. She just wished she could share this new found romance with her friends. But as she thought of Harry and Ginny, she knew they would never approve. 


Dear Mum,

I hope you are well. I am missing you dearly. School has been alright but very busy! NEWT work is pretty tiring so I’m thankful that there is only one more week until Christmas! It’s going to be so magical spending one more Christmas here, although I hope you and Dad have a great time in Switzerland. I am sending a parcel of sweets home from Hogsmeade, I hope you like them.

Has it snowed down there yet? We’re still waiting on it up here, but I wish it would hurry up! The grounds look beautiful in the snow. I’ll send some photos too when it falls.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve met someone! He is charming and endearing and treats me well. His name is Draco. I’d like for you to meet him some time soon, I’m sure you would adore him.

Send Dad and Crookshanks my love. I miss them both!

All my love, Hermione.


She sealed her letter and sent it on its way with one of the school’s barn owls. As she approached the slippery stairway leading down from the Owlery, she heard her name spoken, barely audible over the biting wind.

‘You did what?!’ exclaimed Harry. Hermione jumped behind the pillar on the staircase as the two boys neared the top.

‘I just... thought it was time to speed things up a little! Is that so bad?’

‘Yes, Ron! Ahh....’

‘I thought at least you would see my side of it! It’s been months!’

‘No, it was months. You haven’t been together for ages. Is this why Hermione hasn’t been up to the Common Room in ages? Or why she isn’t coming back to The Burrow on Saturday? This is the real reason why she dumped you!’

‘Yes...’ said Ron, sheepishly.

‘Mate, you know you’re my best friend, but Hermione is too. I’m not standing up for what you did because it was wrong. You need to apologise to her.’

‘Yeah, yeah... Alright.’

‘Good. Now let’s find an owl and get that letter on its way to George.’

Hermione let out a breath and peered around the pillar. She couldn’t see Harry or Ron so she quietly tip-toed down the stone steps and out of the Owlery. Picking up a run when she hit the bottom she tore through the empty corridors in the moonlight. What an idiot! I can’t believe he has only just told Harry! What did he think would happen? That I’d forget it and we’d get back together?! Hardly likely! AH he makes me so mad. I’m glad to be away from him... She was so engrossed in her thoughts about Ron, she hadn’t realised she had made it back to the Common Room safely. Draco was slouched on the floor with his books propped open in front of the fireplace. The flames danced and reflected off of his milky skin and highlighted his hair. He looked like a god. Hermione smiled to herself, walked over to him and plonked herself down in front of me. She kissed him lightly and he looked up at her.

‘Where have you been?’

‘Oh, just to the Owlery to send my mum a letter. What are you studying?’ Hermione said nonchalantly, even though she could see the title of the Potions book. Draco raised an eye-brow.

‘Potions. Are you okay?’

‘Yes, I’m fine. Just encountered Ron at the Owlery.’ Lines appeared in Draco’s brow.


‘Nothing, I overheard a conversation between him and Harry. Apparently he hadn’t told Harry the true reason I broke up with him...’

‘Which was?’

‘Well...’ Hermione said awkwardly. ‘He tried to touch me, inappropriately and without my permission.’ Fury appeared in Draco’s eyes.

‘I’m going to kill him.’ He threatened as he tried to get up. Hermione grabbed his arm and pulled him down.

‘No! You’re not. It’s over with now. I don’t want to talk about him anymore.’

Draco sighed. ‘Fine then.’ He kissed her, smiling. ‘So what did you say to your Mum?’

‘Oh just that I hope she has fun skiing, that I wish it would snow here and I told her about you.’ She replied, grinning. Draco looked horrified.

‘About me? But... won’t she not like me? I mean, I haven’t been the nicest person in the past! She won’t accept me as being a pureblood.’ He stuttered and Hermione giggled.

‘She doesn’t know about your past. And she doesn’t care about blood status, that doesn’t matter to Muggles. ‘

‘Oh... okay then.’ Draco said and let out a sigh of relief. They stayed up chatting for ages, drinking mug after mug of hot chocolate in front of the cosy fireplace. Hermione couldn’t help but be mesmerised by this beautiful man who just happened to be hers. It was slowly sinking in and she honestly felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She didn’t care what anyone said; she had seen it herself. Draco Malfoy had changed. He was no longer cold-hearted and immature, but kind, gentle and a complete gentlemen. She almost felt guilty for hitting him in third year. Almost. It was easy to get along with Draco. He was her perfect match; emotionally, and in intelligence. She had conversations with him she could never have with the other three. As she looked into his lovely eyes, she definitely knew that this was something that would last. She could see herself falling in love with him.


‘Hermione! Did you hear me?’ Draco laughed as she snapped back to reality.

‘What? Sorry!’

‘It’s snowing, I said! Look!’ As she did, she saw flecks of white falling outside the grand window, contrasting with the deep blue of the night. She couldn’t help but smile. She loved the snow and always had done. Even before she found out she was a witch, she felt something magical about it.

‘Do you want to go play in it?’ Draco asked, smirking. Hermione looked at him.

‘Of course I do!’

‘Well come on then!’

‘What now?’

‘Yes now! Go get some warmer clothes on and I’ll come get you in five!’ Bewildered, Hermione jumped up and flew up the stairs to her room. She threw on as many layers as she could and grabbed her thick wool cloak. As she was putting her ear muffs and beanie on she heard a tap at the window. Looking up, she saw a Draco Malfoy hovering outside. In disbelief she ran over to him.

‘What are you doing?!’ she hissed. He smiled broadly.

‘Get on then!’

‘Are you insane? I’m going to die!’

‘Come on Hermione, you need to have a little more faith in me than that! I’m a world-class Quidditch player!’ he teased with a wink. Hermione looked over the broom warily.

‘Where do I get on?’

‘Just behind me.’ He said, tapping the broom. ‘And hold on tight.’ Hermione, much uncoordinated, climbed on to the back of the broom and they took off into the night sky. She was glad that he was the one flying because she couldn’t see a thing in the howling snow. The crisp wind in her hair was exhilarating and as she looked up it was the most magical sight upon her. She didn’t want flying to end. Draco made her feel safe up there, however tight she was holding on to him. Much to her dislike, he set them down on a piece of grass outside the forest. The snow had formed a soft pillow on the grass and Draco laid his cloak down for them to sit on. He put his arm around her as she sat down and they looked up to the starry sky, scattered with flecks of white. Shivering, she pulled out her wand and cast a warming charm, which formed a large bubble around them. It instantly created the illusion of warmth exerting from a fireplace that had been burning for hours whilst they looked at the snow lying on the grounds.

‘Brilliant,’ murmured Draco in her ear, ‘you truly are the brightest witch of our age.’ Hermione blushed. So many people had said that to her, but it sounded so much better coming from him. Noticing the colour in her cheeks, Draco brushed the back of his hand over them.

‘You’re adorable, you know that?’ he said to her.

‘Stop it, you’re making me blush!’ Hermione giggled. Draco joined in the laughter and they soon fell back upon the cloak and watched the skies. Draco’s arm around her, Hermione’s head on his chest. It was perfect.



The smell of strawberry filled his nostrils and Draco jolted awake. He was temporarily unaware of his surroundings as he lay back on the thick cloak whilst the snow fell. And then he remembered as he glanced down at the beautiful women asleep on his chest. He had to smile, how could he not? This girl had chosen him. Out of the millions of wizards, she had chosen him, despite his past.  That was magic, he decided. The ability to love someone for all they are worth and despite everything. He slowly brought his hand up to her hair and began stroking it. She stirred awake.

‘Hello, love.’ He smiled.

‘Hello, Draco,' she replied sweetly. ‘How long have we been out here?’ he checked his wizards watch.

‘A few hours. It’s almost one. We should probably head back shouldn’t we?’

‘It might not be a bad idea; we wouldn’t want to get caught here in the morning!’

‘You’re right there.’ he laughed, getting to his feet. Draco picked up his cloak and the broom and went to turn around when WHACK. A snowball hit him directly in the back of his head and the snow slid down his back, eliminating all effects of the warming charm. How dare she?! He slower turned around to face the perpetrator.

‘You did not just do that...’ He said menacingly as she giggled innocently. Bending down in one swift movement and grabbing some snow, he hurled it at her and it splattered all over her front. The effect was instant. Snow was soon flying across the grounds and hitting the two, making them icy. They soon turned to bewitching snow balls to fly. Hermione’s shrill laugh echoed throughout the night as she ran after Draco, snow ball in hand. She couldn’t see him due to the darkness and the snow and soon stopped running, fearing she was lost. Suddenly, he came out of nowhere behind her tackled her into the snow. She laughed uncontrollably and he landed beside her, breathing heavily and giggling. They both sighed as they looked at each other, grinning from ear to ear.

‘Hermione, I...’ Draco started and Hermione held her breath. Was he going to say it? ‘I think we should go back now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t feel my fingers.’ She breathed out.

‘M-me too! Come on then, let’s go.’ She stuttered, pulling herself out of the snow. Draco followed and they were soon flying off in to the night once more. Hermione pressed herself against Draco’s warm body as they soared over the lake.

‘Thanks for taking me to play in the snow.’ She murmured in his ear and watched him smile.

‘You’re welcome, love.’ The silence was comfortable as Draco steered them back to the Head’s tower and into Hermione’s ajar window. They landed softly on the wood floor and Hermione lit the brackets.

‘You know, Draco. I never thought I’d get on the back of a broom once. And I surely didn’t think I’d ever get on the back of one with you... But it was... awesome.’

 He smiled warmly as he pulled her into a hug. Over her head, he surveyed her room.

‘I think I like your room better than mine. It’s... warmer.’ Hermione giggled.

‘Why thank you! I quite like it myself.’ She said as she tip-toed to kiss him. He cupped her rosy cheeks as he responded, deepening the kiss. Their lips soon moved in harmony and he lifted her up easily and carried her to the large bed. Hermione had never felt a deeper desire for him, for all of him. His body against hers.  He broke away from her mouth and kissed her jaw-line, down her neck as Hermione clawed his back in desperation. He made her feel so vulnerable but in the sexiest way. As they continued kissing, she ran her hands over his body, wanting more. But, much to her dislike, he pulled away sighing and Hermione pouted.

‘Don’t give me that face!’ he laughed. ‘I should probably go. Sleep well my love, we have classes tomorrow.’

‘Uhh... don’t remind me....’

‘Sorry.’ He smiled. ‘Goodnight, Hermione.’

‘Goodnight, Draco.’ And with that, he walked out of her room, broom in hand, smiling more than he ever could have imagined.

Chapter 13: Changing
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 The Head Boy and Girl sat at the head of the table as the Prefects gathered around. Draco waited for the eight people to be seated before he started.

‘Thanks for coming down today, I know it’s the last day of term but we really need to get some details organised for the Celebration Ball.’

‘But it’s not until May, Draco!

‘Shut up Pansy.’ Draco replied coldly and Hermione stifled a laugh as she glanced over to her boyfriend. He squeezed her hand under the table. ‘When we come back in January, we’re going to be pre-occupied preparing for NEWTs. We need to get some things sorted now.’

Pansy sulked back into her chair but the others nodded in agreement.

‘So Draco and I had put a bit of thought into this over the past week.’ started Hermione. ‘We have a few ideas to share, but we’d like to hear your input so that the organisation of this is a collaborative effort.’

Ginny piped up, ‘It should definitely be a formal event. So dress robes and gowns. I think that it should be about unity and victory. Maybe we could get people to bring partners from other houses?’

‘What?!’ exclaimed Ron and Hermione clamped her jaw.

‘Problem Weasley?’ asked Draco. Ron looked at him with loathe.

‘Just with you, Malfoy.’ Before he could reply, Hermione butted in.

‘Boys; civil please. Hannah, Luna? Any opinions?’

‘We could get the Weird Sisters back again?’ suggested Luna.

‘Yeah, that’s a good idea. We should also have smaller tables that are allocated like the Yule Ball and a big dance floor in the middle?’ added Hannah. Hermione scribbled on the parchment.

Ernie said; ‘what about the colours? How about gold for victory and all the house colours to show unity?’

‘Sounds good Ernie, thanks mate.’ Replied Draco. ‘Terry? Anything from you?’

‘Oh um... we could do what they did at the Yule Ball with the menu’s you talk to?’

‘Excellent. Okay, so I have written all these ideas down and we’ll work to develop them after the break. Thanks again for coming today!’ said Hermione, cheerfully. As they watched the Prefects mutter goodbye and leave, Draco turned to Hermione.

‘Well, at least we have a few more ideas now! No thanks to Weasel-Bee.’

Hermione eyed him. ‘I know, but try not to jump at him, you know he can’t control his anger.’

‘True, he has issues.’ Draco said and Hermione grimaced.

‘Yes... well I should probably get to Defence. I’ll see you after dinner tonight?’

‘Of course you will, love. I’ll be saying goodbye to Blaise for a bit, but I’ll be back shortly.’ Hermione smiled and quickly checked if there was any onlookers before she planted a soft kiss on Draco’s mouth.

‘Bye, Draco.’ Hermione said lovingly as she waltzed out the library.



The Great Hall was buzzing with excitement and the enthralling prospect of going home tomorrow. For some. Hermione sat with Harry and Ginny at the Gryffindor table, chatting happily. Ron had turned his back rather pointedly to Harry as Hermione had joined them, but it didn’t bother her. The less she saw of Ron’s freckled face, the better. Although she tried to remain engaged in the conversation about Christmas at the Burrow, her eyes kept wandering to the Slytherin table where Draco sat with Blaise. She longed for the two week break, nothing but him and her, together. And yet, there was one problem: Hermione had no idea what to get him for Christmas. Were they exchanging gifts? She had assumed so, but she wasn’t going to be the one that woke up on Christmas morning empty handed while Draco showered her with presents.  The Hall suddenly quietened and Hermione snapped back to reality. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a certain blonde-haired god smirking at her day-dreaming. She forced herself to keep a straight face as Professor McGonagall began to speak.

‘And we come to the end of another term! I want to congratulate each and every one of you on your outstanding efforts in returning to school and putting in what you have. All of your teachers are very proud of you.’ She smiled. ‘Before I keep you from dessert too much longer, I know that most of you are going home tomorrow. I wish you a safe trip and a Merry Christmas to you and your families. Enjoy your holidays, and more pressingly, enjoy your dessert!’

True to her word, the tables were soon drowning in chocolate puddings, apple pies, custard tarts, tiramisu’s, ice-cream and wafer biscuits. They students indulged in the glorious Hogwarts food, and maybe a little too much, for as they were sent to bed, many held their stomachs and walked slowly. Seeing as Draco was going to see Blaise, Hermione scanned the crowd until she spotted the mass of striking red hair darting out of the Hall.

‘Ginny? Ginny!’ She saw her looking around wildly. ‘Ginny, I need your help.’


‘So you’re telling me...’ Ginny started as they sat in the now empty Gryffindor Common Room, ‘you have a secret relationship. That no one can know about. Not even me. And you want me to help you find a Christmas present for him?’

‘Well... when you say it like that it sounds bad, but essentially, yes.’

‘Ooooh, this is so exciting! Can I guess?’

‘No! I just need your help; you can’t know who he is.’ Hermione exclaimed and Ginny laughed.

‘But, Hermione if I don’t know who he is, how can I help pick out a present?’ Hermione sighed.

‘Fine, I will tell you things about him...’

‘Excellent! That way I can narrow it down!’


‘Sorry. So what’s he like? Shy, outgoing? Sporty? Smart? ‘

‘Well... it depends, he can be shy but with me he is pretty outgoing. He is very sporty, he plays Quidditch. Er.. Yes, he is smart. He likes to read.’

‘Okay, is he into fashion?’

‘Um... well he dresses well, but it’s not a passion.’ Hermione laughed.

‘What about jewellery?’

‘I haven’t seen him wear any... but that’s not to say he wouldn’t’

‘Okay so jewellery is an option. Have you guys..?’ Ginny started with a wink. Hermione blushed furiously.

‘No Ginny! No way!’ she stated as the red haired girl sighed.

‘Well... tell me when you do!’

‘If we do!’ replied Hermione. It wasn’t something that she and Draco had actually discussed. They had been intimate, but did he want more?

‘Sure, sure.’

‘Okay, well anyway, I better get back. Promise not a word of this to anyone?’

‘I promise.’

‘Thanks Ginny.’ Hermione said, genuinely as she turned to leave. Ginny smiled knowingly.

‘You’re welcome. Goodnight!’




Entering the Heads Common Room, Draco noticed it was empty. Where was Hermione? Dinner ended hours ago and he had been in the dungeons saying goodbye to Blaise. He surely thought she’d be back by now. Sighing, and assuming she was with Weaselette and Potter, Draco made his way up to his room and stripped off. After this past week, he needed a bath. He lit the brackets in the handsome bathroom and started turning on the taps. His favourite ones were the puffs of purple clouds and the green hoops. Once the bath was filled with hot water, soap and foam he climbed in and shut his eyes. Bliss. The past week had been stressful, to say the least. Even though school was winding down for the break, the teachers were pounding on the work and even if he didn’t like to admit it, Draco was feeling it. On top of that, his relationship with Hermione was increasing steadily and he couldn’t feel any happier. So what was the problem? He didn’t want to just keep it to themselves anymore. Draco wanted to world to know that she was his girl, the woman he was falling in love with. He couldn’t hide away from it any more, he was falling hard. Everything she did made him shine with happiness and gratitude because she chose to be his girlfriend. It wasn’t a feeling Draco had ever experienced before, with Pansy it was pure lust and boredom. But this was real, what he had with Hermione. It made his stomach turn more than he cared to admit.

Draco felt himself start to doze off when the bathroom door opened and in walked a thin, tanned woman in silk purple pyjamas. He sighed as he admired her beauty.

‘Good evening, love.’ He said quietly. Hermione jumped at the sound of his voice. She clearly hadn’t realised he was in here.

‘Oh Draco, I’m so sorry, I thought you were still with Blaise!’ She licked her lips nervously as her eyes scanned the foamy water and his lean body covered in hot water. Draco winked at her and she blushed.

‘It’s okay, how are the Weaselette and Potter?’
‘Oh I was with Ginny. Please call her by her first name. And It’s Harry!’

‘I know, I know, I’m sorry.’ Draco laughed. ‘Old habits die hard.’

‘Well, they better die, wouldn’t want you to start acting like a ferret again,’ giggled Hermione.

‘Ha Ha Ha, think you’re so funny!’

‘Oh I know I am.’ Hermione smiled, cheekily.

‘Well how about you come here and I’ll show you some new habits.’ Draco said slyly. Apprehensively, Hermione approached her steamy and wet man in the bath. She knelt down beside him as he curled his hand around her neck and brought her into a deep kiss. It wasn’t long until their tongues were dancing and they were breathing heavily. The heat was rising between them and the bathroom was becoming, if possible, even steamier. Hermione ran her soft hands down Draco’s wet chest and he lifted himself closer to her, pressing his bare chest against her. She sighed quietly as she pulled away.

‘Draco, you’re getting me wet!’ she giggled. Draco raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh, really?’  he said cheekily as he winked. Hermione blushed a deep shade of red.

‘Draco!’ she exclaimed as she pushed him back in the water. ‘How could you- Just.. well- I..’ she spluttered as Draco laughed.

‘Come here you!’ he said as he grabbed her waist and pulled her in to the bath, pyjamas and all. Hermione shrieked and giggled as she hit the water.

‘Draco! You did not just do that!’ she exclaimed, dripping wet with bubbles in her hair. Draco roared with laughter.

‘I believe I did.’ He eyed her, amused. Hermione took a handful of bubbles and threw it in his face. He emerged from them looking quite a bit like Dumbledore.

‘Very funny. You shouldn’t have done that, love.’ There was soon bubbles and water everywhere. They had completely flooded the Head’s bathroom with dozens of different types of bubbles. After being worn out, they lay back in the bath sighing as the candles burnt and emitted a soft warm glow across their wet skin. After a while, Hermione spoke;

‘We should probably get out, it’s getting pretty late.’ She sighed.

‘Yeah you’re right.’ Draco replied, disappointedly. He took his arm out from underneath Hermione and climbed out the bath, exposing to her his bare bottom.

‘Draco! You’re naked!’ she flustered. He turned his head around to see her blushing, once again.

‘Well yes, not many people take baths with clothes on, dear, you just happened to join me with yours.’ He laughed as Hermione opened and shut her mouth, not knowing what to say. ‘Like what you see, Granger?’ he winked. Hermione smiled cheekily as he wrapped a towel around his waist and dried off his hair.

‘Maybe, Malfoy.’ She teased as she climbed out the bath. Her wet, flimsy pyjamas clung to her defined body, accentuating her curves and allowing only a little to the imagination.  Draco let out a low whistle. She was hot. He saw her giggle to herself, but he couldn’t stop admiring that perfect body, and he quite openly looked her up and down. After all, she was his girlfriend.


The winter sun shone brightly over the snowy grounds on Saturday morning. Most of the students were leaving after lunch on the train back to London. However, Ginny had promised Hermione that she would accompany her to Hogsmeade for a few hours to find a Christmas present for Hermione’s ‘secret’ boyfriend. She honestly had no idea what to get Draco so she had enlisted the red head’s help. The only trouble would be not telling her who he really was. Hermione tapped her fingers impatiently as Ginny finished up eating her breakfast. She grabbed Ginny and pulled her up and both girls scurried out the Great Hall.

Hermione pulled her coat tighter around her as they walked down the High Street and Ginny interrogated her further.

‘Am I still not allowed to know who this is for?’ she complained loudly.

‘Nope,’ replied Hermione, simply. Ginny pouted her mouth in disappointment.

‘Well, we need to start somewhere; you said jewellery was an option?’ She inquired and Hermione murmured her agreement. ‘Well how about you get something that incorporates a few of his likes?’

‘Hmmm,’ pondered Hermione, ‘what about Quidditch themed cufflinks?’

‘Good idea! They would look so cool!’

The jewellers at Hogsmeade had a range of very unique and unusual pieces, varying from rings that have been known to turn your fingers orange, earrings that enlarge your ears and necklaces that strangle you. After passing over many ghastly options including cuff links that gave you a nasty rash, Hermione settled for a pair of silver cufflinks with a tiny snitch and broomstick. Manly, and yet addressing his passion. Looking at it though, she felt it was not enough and so purchased a masculine, platinum band to wear around his wrist. Satisfied, and with Ginny eyeing her carefully, they left the jewellers.

‘Okay, next idea,’ stated Hermione.

‘Hermione! You just spent a fortune!’

‘Trust me, he’s worth a fortune.’ She replied but only she knew how true this was. Draco was worth the Malfoy fortune.

‘What about some lingerie?’ she asked with a wink.

‘Ginny! How could you even suggest something so scandalous? It’s me!’

‘I know, but it’s something you need to think about! He probably has.’  Hermione grimaced. This was true, and with the increasing sexual tension between them, they needed to talk about it soon.

‘Not today,’ she sighed and Ginny scowled, looking rather disappointed.

‘I think I might just get him some sweets from Honeydukes. Can’t go wrong with that?’

‘No, you’re right.’ Hermione and Ginny had a lot of fun choosing different sweets and chocolate from the famous Honeydukes. So much, they didn’t want to leave. It was warm in there and it smelt delicious. But soon, they had to get back to school for lunch as Ginny was leaving with Harry and Ron afterwards. With her purse significantly lighter and purchases in hand, Hermione trudged up the snow trodden high street and back to the castle with Ginny.

Hermione felt strange not leaving with the other three to spend Christmas at the burrow. It was the first time in a while, but she knew she couldn’t. Not after Ron. She was also rather excited about spending Christmas with Draco for the first time. They practically had the castle to themselves for two weeks. Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, even if it was only for a short amount of time. As she hugged the two goodbye, wished them a Merry Christmas and ignored Ron, she felt a sense that something was breaking. After all this time, they were no longer the Golden Trio. Harry was with Ginny, Ron was alone and Hermione was with Draco. This made it definite.