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Dad?!?! by Lupinluvva

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 588
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Drama, Humor, Mystery
Characters: Harry, Lupin, Sirius, James

First Published: 07/28/2011
Last Chapter: 08/05/2011
Last Updated: 08/05/2011

Harry potter lives with his mum and her boyfriend Steve , but what happens when he stays with his multimillionare father for the summer who didn't even know he existed until they met?
James was surprised and confused, he can't be my son can he ??

Chapter 1: Chapter 1
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Harry Potter was an unusual boy, He was small skinny, he wore round glasses and his black hair had a tendency of keeping messy and he had the most perfect green eyes. He knew he had the same eyes as his mum, but she had long straight red hair which was normally left out. She was tall abd also thin and she didn't wear glasses. Harry wandered if his dad ever wore glasses.
he lived with his mum and her boyfriend Steve.He, just like his Mum and Steve, was a wizard . He first showed his powers at the age of three, when he protected himself from a flying rock.
He didn't know who his dad was, he only ever hears his mum speak of him when he is at his mums parents house . He wasn't really a big fan of Steve , Steve was really tall and strong, he had brown hair and was rather broad. in Harry's opinion , he was a selfish, mean toerag who hated the guts off of Harry . Harry didnt really know why Steve hated him , perhaps because Harry wasn't Steves real son .  

Harry awoke one morning to shouts and screams , the eight year old was frightened, he had never heard his mum scream like that before !
"We are not leaving him with your parents !! You know your parents aren't fond of my little boy !"
"Come on Babe , it only for 2 months and a bit ! Oh come on , he'll make plenty of friends !! "Shouted Steve.
Harry, shaking, took his favourite toy, a stuffed stag, and tiptoed into the kitchen. He saw his mum , as bright red as her hair, and Steve trying to clam her down. 
"Mummy, what's happening ?" 
Harry asked . " Nothing dear, go. Back to sleep" replied Lily. So he did as he was told and went back to his bedroom, still shaking. He picked up his toy snitch and watched it whizz around his room, thinking about what his real dad was doing at the moment.

Perhaps he was a secret auror who had to go out in disguise so no evil person would recognise him, or perhaps he was a reality famous chaser for a quidditch team somewhere in China, an he doesn't visit me because he doesn't get anytime off. Harry thought.
Just then, Steve walked in. "Alright Harry, me and your mummy are going to go on holiday to the Bahamas , and you're going to stay with my mummy and daddy ok? " Steve said . Harry was confused , why was Steve being nice to him, he usually just slaps him around the head telling him
How unimportant he his, He even did  it infront of his mother, who would usually just stay silent . 
After a short silence, harry said "why?", then Steve replied "because me and your mum need some time away and it's a grown up thing so you can't come . " 
Harry nodded, not wishing to make steve angry by arguing . 

Harry was eating breakfast when he heard someone at the door,

" excuse me, your car is parked in my mothers garageway  , can you please move it specifically because it's in HER garageway . "
said the unfamiliar voice . 

Harry peered through the door to see the man,then he heard a small crash. "james !" said Harry's mother as she dropped her bag.
"lily?" said the man sounding surprised . Lily rushed forward to hug this stranger. Harry didn't know he was, but he had a liking for the man , especialy because he made Steve go red with anger and jealousy .