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Format: Novella
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 14,809
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Ron/OC

First Published: 07/15/2011
Last Chapter: 03/18/2012
Last Updated: 03/18/2012


Girl meets enemy. Girl falls in love with enemy. And so theclassic tale begins of the remarkable couple of Dramione. A story about never giving up and falling in love with your one and only enemy
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Dramione version of The Notebook.

Chapter 1: It all Starts Here
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It all started in the summer. Hermione Jean Granger was entering her 7th year at Hogwarts.


She lay on her bed studying about the different antidotes for poisons. BOOM. She jumped and spun around to find an owl smashed against her window. The owl carried a letter bearing the Hogwarts crest. Yes this is it! This is where I find out if my biggest goal has been completed!  With shaking fingers she swiftly took out her head girl badge. That night Hermione slept peacefully not know that her partner in this was her worst enemy.


On her way to Kings Cross Hermione couldn’t stop thinking about who else was to get the Head Boy position. What if it was some disgusting, foul, git that she didn’t like? The thought kept bothering her. Hermione Granger did not like living with people she didn’t really know.  She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that she was just standing in front of the train’s door with Malfoy staring at her.

“Are you getting in or not?” He raised an eyebrow and motioned to the door. 

“Huh? Oh yes I am.” Shaking her head she searched for Ron and Harry.


She finally found them in the last compartment.

For some reason, she hesitated when she reached for the door handle. She didn’t really want to be with them right now. As the years passed by they became more distant with her. Whenever she would try to start a conversation they just nodded and didn’t say anything. After she had had plenty of this she decided to just let them be. They grew apart and now Hermione was alone. She sighed at the happy memories. She decided to go to the Heads compartment, even if she was 15 minutes early.

When she arrived she saw someone who she was planning on avoiding at all costs.

“Malfoy???” She nearly spit on the floor.

He looked up at her and scowled.

“Ugh! I can’t believe I have to spend this year knowing that a filthy mudblood is living with me.”

“Believe me, I’m not thrilled either.” She said, ignoring his insults. They sat across from each other. It was weird though. They were not as hostile as they always are. They were never on good terms. Whenever they talked to each other it was just insults. But this year they were capable of sitting in the same room and maybe even start a civilized conversation. And it’s about time though because they had a job to do.

Hermione and Draco spent the whole time on the train together. It wasn’t bad; he could actually make her laugh. They slowly came together that night. After they did their duties they pulled their luggage into the carriages. They were in silence. The first to break it was Malfoy.

“Granger, what are we doing?”

“What do you mean?” She asked puzzled.

“Why are we acting so friendly all of a sudden?” He questioned.

“Well I guess we just got to know each other a bit more than we thought we did. And it’s sort of in time because we really need to get along in order to perform our duties and Head Girl and Boy.”

Malfoy nodded and stuck out his hand.


She smiled. For once she didn’t feel so lonely. And who knew it would be Malfoy that would make her feel this way.

And then something happened that never happened before…he smiled back. Their hands stayed together for the rest of the ride. They didn’t even notice though.

Hermione hadn’t felt so happy in a long time. They made each other laugh until they cried. Another thing they didn’t notice was that the carriage behind them was occupied with the two most confused and angry boys in Europe.



“What the bloody hell? Why is Hermione with that git?” Ron said with his face furiously red.

“I don’t know but it looks like their laughing.” Harry said, staring at the two new friends.

“That can’t be possible! Hermione hates him!” Ron looked at Harry as he finished staring at Hermione.

“Well not anymore. Anyways, we have been really distant with her and I’ve noticed how she decided to not deal with us anymore. We hurt her Ron! Haven’t you noticed how she always asked to go to Hogsmeade together and we always say we have Quidditch. She knows it’s not true. Hermione’s not as thick as you Ron.” Harry lectured.

Ron merely shrugged and went back to eating his brownie. Harry sighed and looked at Hermione. She did look truly happy. But it just made no sense! This was the guy that bullied us for years. And she’s now all buddy buddy with him all of a sudden. Maybe it has to do with the Head girl and boy duties. Maybe McGonagall made them be civil with each other. Whatever it is, Harry was going to get to the bottom of this. Whenever he knew something was going on that he didn’t know about he had to find out. After all, he was Harry Potter.



The evening went by rather quickly. The sorting hat explained that Lord Voldemort was defeated but we still lost so many but we have to stay strong. Blah blah blah. Hermione was too caught up in her thoughts about Malfoy to pay attention. It was just the way he made her feel! It was so easy and comfortable around him. But it was so weird at the same time. It’s just so fast! They now agreed to be on a first name basis. Hermione knew that Harry and Ron already found out about his. She could tell by their stone faces. But Hermione couldn’t care less. They have been ignoring her for the past 2 years and she had had enough of crying herself to sleep wondering why they were like this. A new Hermione was coming. No more trying to get them to talk to her. She was going to be with the only two friends she wanted to be with. Draco and Ginny. She might even make new ones.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Ginny nudging her.

“Coming?” She said.

“Oh yeah.” She stood and walked in the opposite direction towards the Heads common room

Instead of a portrait it was a simple door with a lock. That was weird. Then she remembered she never got the key! She was so busy thinking about Malfoy! McGonagall already spoke to him. She sighed to herself and sat on the floor waiting for him to arrive. She waited and waited and waited. It was already 10:18 pm. She decided to go to Dumbledore. She looked at her feet the whole way there so she didn’t see Malfoy coming around a corner and her nose collided with his shoulder.

“OW! HOLY MERLIN!” She whisper-screamed.

“Oh god! I’m sorry I didn’t see you there !” He said as he helped her into the room.


 The room was magnificent. It had a fluffy white carpet with Red and Silver walls. There was a white couch and coffee table in the middle of the common room in front of a fireplace and TV. Then there were two staircases leading to their rooms with a black door in the middle labeled bathroom. Draco helped Hermione up to the bathroom and sat her on the counter. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped her bloody nose. It was an awkward potion because they looked like they were about to snog.

After she was all cleaned up he fixed her nose. She was walking out of the bathroom behind Draco when she tripped over the tiny trash can and fell on him. He looked at her honey brown eyes and she gazed into his grey moon ones.

“Would you like me to get off?” She whispered.

He didn’t reply but simply stared at her.

“Um, Draco?”

“What? Oh yeah. Um sure.”

She got off and they stared at each other for a few moments.

“Um, well, I’m going to bed.” Draco said.

“Oh ok. Alright.” She said. They both turned in opposite directions to their rooms.


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Chapter 2: Confrontations
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The next day Hermione woke up late. Class started in 15 minutes and she didn’t have enough time to eat. She pulled on a black long-sleeved shirt and white pants. She threw her Hogwarts robe and and fled to the bathroom. When she finished brushing her teeth, she went down stairs to grab her backpack. As she was about to leave, the door swung open revealing a snowy blonde carrying a plate containing toast and eggs.


“Morning.” he gave a tiny smile as he walked towards her and set the food on the coffee table.

She smiled back.


“Are you sure you don’t care what people think about us being friends? Especially Ginger and Scarhead.” He said.

She sighed and glared at him. “ Don't call them that!”

Draco shrugged and he watched her eat in silence. When she finished. he stood and held out his hand for her. “Come on, I want to show you something.”

Hermione frowned at this. “Absolutely not! Class starts in 10 minutes and I need to study for N.E.W.T.S! I don’t have time for these things, Draco.”

He held his arms up in defense. “Alright, alright! I just thought you were kind of…“ He hesitated.

She crossed her arms and glared. “Kind of what?”

“Free.” He said as he too crossed his arms.

She gaped at him and placed her hands on her hips. “I AM free!”

Draco raised his eyebrow. “If you are free then dance with me in the middle of the corridors.”

“What? No! What if people think we’re dating? And if the professors think I’m not serious enough? And it’s absolutely insane.”

He smirked. “See? You care too much about what people think. Tell me, what do you do for yourself?”

This was something she had to think about. The only reason she read and studied was because she wanted to make her parents proud. She remembered when she used to dance. She loved the feeling of swaying around a mirrored room. She used to have a dancing partner named Harris. But that was so long ago. She was still very good though.

“I, um, I dance.” She mumbled.

Draco’s raised an eyebrow. “You dance?”

“Yes, I dance.”

“Then show me.”

“Fine. But I’m only doing this because of you.” She said.

Draco pointed at her. “Aha! There it is again. You’re doing this because of what I think. Not because you want to remember dancing again.” He smiled in triumph.

She glared. She hated not being right. In two long strides, she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the corridor. They faced each other. He smiled and she couldn’t help blushing. He placed a hand on her waist while she put hers on his shoulder. They enveloped their hands and swayed around.

(Picture them dancing in the middle of the street scene in The Notebook)

They both forgot about breakfast as they danced. It was a moment of peace for them. No one was there to disturb them or pester them. They both had hard lives that they wanted to forget about. They wanted to be free. All the passion was put into this moment. They gazed into each other’s eyes never wanting it to end.

“What’s going on here?” said a voice.

Hermione and Draco jumped apart. And much to Hermione’s surprise, it was Ron.

“What are you doing here Ron?” She asked.

He scowled at Malfoy but then turned his attention to Hermione.

“I came to get you because you never showed up at breakfast and me and Harry got worried. Then I came here and see you dancing with this prat. WHAT THE BLODDY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? DON’T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE HATE HIM? HOW COULD YOU BETRAY US LIKE THIS?!?!” Ron was yelling right now.

Hermione could not believe her ears.


“And by the way Ron, the only prat here is you.” She sneered and then stalked away with Draco leaving a very flustered Ron.



Harry and Ron were sitting together at lunch with Ginny. Ron was replaying what happened with Hermione and Draco. Ginny kept stealing looks at Hermione, she was sitting in the Gryffindor table with Malfoy and a new student named Katie Jules. They looked like they were having a pleasant time. They would all crack up and laugh about things. Ginny turned back to what Ron was saying.

“I think Malfoy’s up to something. She has no right to betray us like this! He’s tormented us so much!”

Harry merely nodded while picking at his food. Ginny knew what he wanted to say so she said it for him.

“Look Ron, stop acting like you own her. She has the liberty to be friends with whoever she wants. Can’t you see he makes her happy? Unlike you and Harry who have been ignoring her for some weird and completely random reason, Malfoy actually pays attention to her. He’s…” Ginny had to think about this. “Real” she finished and stood up.

“I’m going to the library.” She said as she walked away.

Ron was furious. “How can she bloody side with her?!?!”

Harry had had enough. “Ron shut up. She’s right.” And just like that he followed his girlfriend to the library.



Even if she was having fun with Draco and Katie, Hermione couldn’t help wonder why Ginny and Harry walked away from Ron. Maybe they were standing up for her?

“I have to go. Um, I’ve got to catch up on some studying.” She said

Draco rolled his eyes. “Typical Hermione.” Katie and Draco waved at her. Draco actually felt sad that she was leaving. While they danced, he began to develop feelings for her. But he just wasn’t quite sure about them yet. He sighed and looked at Katie. Sure, she was pretty. She had straight blond hair and blue slate eyes. She was perfect. But that’s why Draco didn’t feel about her the same way he felt about Hermione. Hermione had a unique personality that he wanted to know more of. There was always another side to her. Hermione was beautiful in every way. The way a lock of hair goes into her face while she wrote answers. How cute she looked when she was concentrating. She was a perfect kind of imperfect. And Draco loved it.



When Hermione arrived at the library she found Harry and Ginny in a very deep conversation sitting at the table closest to the window. She cautiously approached them.

“Um, hi. I saw you two storm out of the Great Hall. I just wanted to know if you were ok.” Something you never did for me, she thought.

Suddenly Harry jumped up and hugged her. Even if she was startled, she hugged him back with all she had.

“Hermione I’m sorry for everything. I never meant to hurt you. I’m ok with you being friends with Draco. As long as you’re happy it’s fine. I might even try being civil with him.” He smiled and she smiled back. Then she looked at Ginny.

She held up her hands. “I was always on your side.” She said as she went to hug Hermione. Harry joined in and it was one big group hug.

“Just forget about Ron. He’s being a turdy sloth.” Ginny said. Hermione smiled. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

“Want to walk to class together?” Harry said.

“I’d be happy too.” Hermione smiled.

The three friends made their way to their classes as happy as they could be.


Chapter 3: Sick
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The day where she danced with Draco had really changed her. She now learned to appreciate life, not just logic. She laughed until she cried, ate until she threw up. No longer was she the scrawny little bookworm witch, she was really living life.

So now, Hermione was sitting in front of Draco during Charms class doing a quiz when she felt something slide into her sweater hood. She turned around and gave a confused face at Draco. He just motioned to the note. She opened the note and it said-

Come with me. I still need to show you something, Miss Free

She smiled to herself and scribbled something back.

Fine I guess I’ll come. But how will we leave without getting caught?

She quickly turned around and plopped to on his desk. Shortly later, she recieved the note again.

I have a plan.

Uh oh.

It better be good Mr. Malfoy!

Draco smiled to himself as he waved his wand at Hermione. Instantly, she started coughing and sneezing.

Professor Flitwick turned around to face her.

“Miss Granger, are you alright?”

Not being able to speak she shook her head. Draco stood. “I’ll take her to Madame Pomfrey!”

He helped her off her seat and led her to the door leaving a very confused class and an angry Ron.

As soon as they were out of earshot he lifted the spell. Hermione looked relieved.

“Alright, so where are you taking me?”

Draco held out his hand and she took it. They suddenly appeared at Hogsmeade in front of a gigantic house.

But the house was putrid! The wood was worn down and it was a wreck. Hermione and Draco just stood in front of it doing nothing.

“Um, Draco, what are we waiting for? A back flip?” Hermione asked.

Draco chuckled. “No. I’m going to fix it up and live in it.”

Now it was Hermione’s turn to laugh. “What?!? There’s no way you’ll be able to fix this bloody thing to a suitable living state without dying!”

Draco rolled his eyes. No one was going to tell him what his dreams were. Not even Hermione. Wait, what did he mean by that? Draco knew he had feelings for her; he just didn’t want to admit it to himself. But know was the time to face the truth. He was falling for Hermione Granger, and he was falling hard. He walked into the house expecting Hermione to follow, which she did.

Hermione followed Draco into the house. She couldn’t help feeling bad about what she said though. Hermione was very confused. She cared for Draco. But she couldn’t shake that feeling that she got whenever she was alone with him. She felt like all she wanted to do was grab him and kiss him. She shook her head. No Hermione! He’s just a friend, that’s all. Stop lying to yourself! You know you have feelings for him! She continued the debate in her head as she followed Draco into the so called “living room”.

“I’m going to get everything it needs. I’ll fix it and everything. I even have the money. This is a goal that I know I’m going to fulfill.” He said as he sat on the piano stool in the middle of the room.

Hermione sat next to him. “Do I get a say in this?” She said. But she regretted her words as soon as they came out. She watched him raise an eyebrow at her. “Do you want a say in this?” He whispered.

She nodded and Draco roughly pulled her towards him, mashing their lips together. He put a hand around her waist and another behind her neck. They parted.

“What does this make us?” Hermione whispered.

“Anything, as long as I can have you.” Draco said.

That was a very brief kiss, but spoke volumes.


After that kiss they shared at the house, Hermione and Draco were inseparable. The only negative was that almost the whole school hated this. Especially Ron and Pansy. But Hermione and Draco could care less about what other people thought. They were too happy together to realize what other people wanted from them. The only people they listened to were Harry and Ginny. Sure they had other friends but they didn’t value them as much. Surprisingly, Harry and Ginny made a truce with Draco. They got off pretty well. It was like the old days, well, replacing Ron with Draco. No one really paid attention to him anymore, except for Harry. The two will always be friends and Hermione just had to learn how to accept it. But one day, Hermione was heading to the House again. She and Draco went there often to be by themselves. They even started repairing it. Draco promised Hermione that he would finish the house for her. Hermione cleaned while Draco replaced the wood with bricks. She was remembering the time he said Hermione would decide the appearance of the house while she walked.


She said,

“I want a white house with blue shutters and a porch that we can sit and talk the whole day. I also want a big library and a dance studio.” Draco smiled and climbed down the ladder to put his arms around her waist.

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” She said

*End of Flashback*

As she turned around a corner she spotted a girl against a wall with a tall boy snogging her. It was a very disturbing scene. What made it worse was when Hermione got closer she realized it was Ron and Pansy. She made a face and began walking again. Hermione didn’t really care who Ron went out with. He could be dating Lord Voldemort for all she cared.  She almost reached the door when she heard a voice.

“Oy! Hermione!”

She whipped around and saw Ron still had his hands on Pansy.

“What?” She said with a cold tone.

“Where are you going?” He said with a smirk.

Hermione groaned. She had been trying to ignore him and life was going great. No he just has to butt in. Why does he have to know anyway.

“None of your business!” She said and left before he could say anything else

Chapter 4: What's in your future?
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“Quit trying to tell me what to do!” Hermione shouted.

“I’m only trying to help!” Draco shouted back.

“Well I don’t want your help!”

“Are you always this stubborn? Stop being a prat!”

“You insolent prick! Leave me alone!” She slapped him and he pushed her and she pushed him back. She started to walk away when he grabbed her and kissed her. She tried to resist but he was too strong so she gave in and kissed him with everything she had.


These days Hermione and Draco fought more than 6 year olds at this point. But their love for each other kept them together.
Hermione kept running into Ron a lot more. Once she was walking in the hallways when he pinched her butt. Another time, he came up to her and whispered in her ear.

She had no idea what has gotten into him. But thankfully, the Easter Holidays were approaching and she was spending them with Draco. He was going to celebrate them at her house. But her father forbade them from sleeping in the same room. Hermione nor Draco didn’t argue, they both knew well enough not to mess with her father.

On their way home, Draco, Hermione, Harry, Ron (disappointedly), and Ginny all sat in one compartment. Hermione’s anger with Ron died down a bit. They were all able to have a normal conversation. Ron’s perverted side wasn’t as wild anymore, thank Merlin. They all got off the train and said their goodbyes.


Draco and Hermione stood in front of the Grangers’ home. Hermione slowly slid her key in the lock and opened the door.

“Hello? Mum? Dad? Is anyone home?” She said as she led Draco in her house by the hand.

“Oh Hermione!” Jean Granger walked out followed by a not so happy Harris Granger. Mrs. Granger hugged Draco and Hermione tightly. Mr. Granger hugged his daughter and grimly shook hands with Draco.

“Oh I’m so glad I can finally meet you Draco! Hermione has told me all about you. And, let me tell you, you’re much more handsome than she described. Hermione blushed and Draco said, “Is that so?” with one of his famous smirks.

“Maybe.” She mumbled. They all laughed except for Mr. Granger. He was not fond of this new boy claiming Hermione’s heart.

  *                                                           *                                                                      *

The next day Hermione’s parents had a family and friends reunion. They were all at the London Park. They were seated at a table on the grass by a lake.

“Oh and that time when the cashier gave us 18 slices instead of 8!” Mr. Granger exclaimed. All the adults laughed. Most people here did not have a normal sense of humor. Draco and Hermione only laughed half-heartedly. After the laughter died down, Mr. Granger said something that Hermione would never forgive him for.

“So, Mr. Malfoy, did you know Hermione’s going to Paris’s School for Next Wizardry Level? Far away isn’t it?”

Hermione looked at her father in disbelief and had a look of pure hatred as he continued.

“Yeah, and it’s going to be for 4 years. It’s a very hard and vigorous schedule.”

Hermione slammed her napkin on the table and stormed away to sit by the lake.

“Harris! That is not a proper conversation for the table.” Mrs. Granger said sternly.

“Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Granger.” Draco said as he walked over to comfort Hermione.

She sat there looking into the horizon. She felt Draco put his arms around her.

“I was going to tell you Draco, I swear. I just couldn’t find out how to say it.” She whispered.

At this Draco let go and just sat next to her.

“So it all ends this year?”

“No. You’ll come with me!”

“But Hermione, you’re not the only one with a life. What will I do in Paris?”

She couldn’t help but see the truth in his words. But she wasn’t giving up without an argument.

“You’ll be with me.” She turned to face him.

“I don’t know Hermione. I have to think about it.” He said and he turned away from her. Hermione watched as the man she loved left.


                The whole holiday was a disaster. Draco and Hermione rarely spoke. Hermione and her father were fighting too much. Hermione was glad when it was all over. She replayed the whole holiday in her head as she lay down on her soft bed in Hogwarts. They had arrived last week. She had skipped the feast and ate a few crackers in her dorm. She was missing Draco so much. She hopped off her bed and sat down on the couch in the common room to study. Suddenly the portrait door opens and Draco stumbled in. He nodded to her and walked past. But Hermione had had enough. She closed her book shut and stood up.

“Why are you doing this?” She said, not taking it anymore. Draco looked at her with furrowed eybrows.

“Doing what?”

“Why are you ignoring me?” Her voice was high-pitched, like when she was about to cry.

“I’m not.” Draco said.


“Hermione calm-“

He sighed. “You’re going away! I’m not going to see you again!”

“Yes you are! We already have this figured out!”

“No Hermione, you have all this figured out! I have my future planned out and I want a say in this!”

“I am your future!”

“Hermione, you’re in my future. I have a career too.”

“You’ll find your career in Paris!”

“I need to consider this more carefully!”

“When you love someone you don’t need to consider things!”

“Stop thinking that! Life is not about love! We aren't talking about love right now, we're talking about our futures!"


Draco huffed and ran a hand through his hair.

“It’s over.”

Hermione’s face fell even more.

“No.” She began to walk towards him.

“Yes.” He stepped away and started walking to the stairs.

“Please don’t do this Draco.” She said, tears running down her face. She followed him to the door to his room where they stood facing each other. He turned away, not being able to look at her sad figure anymore. He didn’t want to do this but the relationship itself was tearing them apart. He shut the door and listened to her pleading. Her begging. It was like two thousand knives stabbing him repeatedly. He hated himself. They were both leaning against the door facing each other but they didn’t know it. He finally sat on his bed and did something he never did.


He cried.


The rest of the year pasted by in a blur. Hermione and Draco were like people who no purpose to live. They were like zombies walking around, barely talking to anyone. Draco never even bothered to insult anyone and Hermione never answered any questions. Life was still for the both of them.

Graduation approached slowly. Hermione walked into the Great Hall and gasped as she saw what she had created. Big red, green, blue, and silver ribbons were hanging off the walls and the tables were covered with white silk. They had removed the staff table and placed it next to the four house tables. Dumbledore’s podium was placed in his office and in its place was a glass podium for the special person who would say a speech. Hermione had no idea who would be selected to say the speech. She had high hopes it was not her. She had nothing to say. Her year was dull and boring. Well, except for the beginning, with Draco. Her eyes were daring her to cry. She couldn’t even think about him without crying or tearing up.

She sat down at the Gryffindor table waiting for everyone else to arrive.  Staring at the clock she saw she was 5 minutes early. She fiddled with her fingers. Then someone walked in she jumped in fright and saw Draco standing there. They stared at each other for a long time. The moment was broken when Ron walked in. He looked at Hermione waved and blushed. Hermione was furious. She glared at him and sat down again.

“Hermione I’m sorry! I really am. But I was under the imperious curse! I swear. I’m sorry for whatever I did! Please forgive me.”

She gave it some thought. This hasn’t really happened before. And he certainly wasn’t acting like Ron.

“Fine, I’ll give you another chance.” She said, even if she knew he wasn't really cursed. All she needed to know is that he was sorry. He gave her a goofy grin and pulled her in a bear hug. She grinned and closed her eyes through the entire hug and she hugged back with everything she had, which was not much.


Draco’s POV

Pansy sat down next to me as more people started to arrive. She was trying to flirt with me but I just ignored her. I looked over to see what Hermione was doing. My heart was torn apart when I saw Hermione in the arms of another man, Ron Weasley. 


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Chapter 5: Graduation. Sort of.
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The Great Hall was filled with students and teachers. Hermione was sitting with Ron, Harry, and Ginny. They were waiting for Dumbledore to finish saying the names of the graduates. They would clap between each name.

                “Hermione, why aren’t you sitting with Malfoy?” Harry asked. She looked at her hands and just shrugged. She didn’t want to say anything because she knew how Ron would react if he knew what happened.

                “What did he do to you Hermione?” Ron’s hands clenched into fists.

                “Nothing.” She clapped and looked away to prevent tears from flowing down.

                “I swear if he did something-“  Ron snarled. Dumbledore was about to call Hermione up to the podium so she could say the speech when she burst.

                “Nothing happened Ron! Leave it.” Her voice cracked for she was on the verge of crying. She looked around her to see everyone staring at her including Draco. But Draco’s face showed sadness. Hermione couldn’t take it. She ran from the Great Hall and was aiming for the Black Lake. She heard footsteps behind her. Looking back she saw Draco following her. She spun around to face him.

                “What do you want?” She glared.

                “Don’t act like this is my fault.” He glared back.

                “Then how am I supposed to act?”

                “Fair! It’s not my fault you’re going to Paris! It’s not my fault!” Draco pointed to himself with every word.

                “This isn’t about whose fault it is! I don’t want to leave you!” Hermione let the tears stream down like a waterfall.

                “Me either but I love you so I’m letting go and it’s about time you do too.” He felt horrible

                “I hate you!” She screamed.

                “You know you don’t mean that.”

                She ran up to him and smacked him then walked away then came back again and shoved him. They stared at each other.

                “Fine then! Leave! Run away from your problems like you always do!”

                Draco turned around and walked away. Hermione stared at his back in disbelief. Wasn’t he supposed to crawl back to her? This is how it always is! She ran to him.

                “Wait, this is just another fight right? We’re going to make up after this, right?” She tried to grab his arm but he ignored her and continued walking. He paused for a moment and turned around to face her.

                “Goodbye, Hermione” He said and walked to the train as the bell rang that signaled it was time to board the train.
                He left her standing there all alone doing nothing. It started drizzling. She walked towards the train and tried to find the first empty compartment she could.

                Walking down to the last compartment, she went inside and shut the curtains. She sobbed her eyes out. She cried until she was positive there were no tears left, but there were. There would always be more. She didn’t even give a flying pig if she left her luggage in her dormitory, or if her friends were worried sick about her, or if she missed the speech that was probably meant for her. Then there was a knock on the door. She lifted the blinds a bit to check who it was. Ginny. She opened the door.

                “I brought your trunk.” She said cautiously. Hermione nodded and took the trunk, placing it above her. She and Ginny sat down. After a few seconds Hermione burst out and told Ginny everything that happened. Soon enough, Hermione was sobbing into Ginny’s arms.

                The train ride was anything but fun. Hermione was having a miserable time. Most of this was because of Ginny. She had forced her to go sit with Harry and Ron because it would make her “feel better”. It actually made things worse. They boys, being the insensitive idiots they are, made her talk about what happened. Then they would joke around about Draco and insult him. And this made her burst out crying in front of the boys also. She felt like such an idiot. Be strong Hermione! She would tell that to herself in order to feel better and get a grip. No such luck.

                After a while of “time to make Hermione feel better” she excused herself and went to the loo. Well she didn’t really have to go to the loo, she just wanted to get away. “Please get ready to stop at King’s Cross. The train will get there in ten minutes.” The train driver said on the intercome. Hermione passed many compartment and as she did, she looked in them to see if she could find Draco in any of them. She finally found him. No. That was not him. It was Blaise sitting by himself. She walked into the compartment.

                “What’d you want Granger? Why are you here?” He sneered. It was almost a growl. She winced at his menacing tone.

                “I need you to tell Draco something, tell—“

                “Have you been crying?”

                “Never mind that! Just, please, tell Draco I love him. Just do it. Do it, despite of what my blood type is. Do it for Draco. Tell him. Tell him I love him and that I’m sorry.”

                They stared at each other for a moment. Blaise could sense the despair in her eyes. He knew Draco loved her very much. But he wasn’t about to show he was a softie.

                “And why should I do that?”

                “For Draco. Please.” She repeated. And it was because of how scared and sad she looked that he nodded and she sighed in relief.

                “Thank you.” She left and she could’ve sworn she saw him smile.


                Draco came back from the restroom to see all of the students carrying their luggage out. He went into the compartment and he got his trunk from the top rack.

                His eyes searched for Blaise as he stepped off the train. But he knew he wasn’t the only thing he was looking for. He was looking for Hermione. She seemed to have left already. He sighed and began to walk as Blaise popped in front of him panting.

                “She says she loves you!”

                “Who?” Draco looked at him weirdly.

                “Hermione you idiot! Now she went that way. She’s in a small blue car with her family. Go get her.” Blaise smiled

                Draco smiled back, left his luggage, and thanked Blaise and ran to go catch up to Hermione. He pushed past people and when he finally reached the street he spotted her car. He sprinted as fast as he could. The window was open and Draco could see her hair blowing in the wind. The car was too far away. He had missed her. He missed his chance to get her back.

All was lost.

Chapter 6: Life Goes On.
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Hermione went on with life…sort of. Shortly after the graduation, she found a part-time job in a Muggle bookshop. Life was…alright for her. It was the way things were “supposed to be” according to Ron. The only “small” part missing was Draco. She was missed him with all her heart but she just didn’t want to admit it. Too much pain came from memories and good moments. It was just too much for her. She could’ve sworn he would write to her, but he never did. But the bigger problem was that he was everywhere. In the air, in her heart, in the houses she walked by. When she walked to her work, she would always pass by a floral shop with white and red roses in the display. It reminded her of the day Draco told her to meet at the Black Lake.

            She found him standing next to a maple tree by the lake. When she arrived next to him at the tree, she smiled and he went down on one knee. Hermione had been surprised. Is he mad! She had thought. I’m only 17! I’m too young to marry! Hermione’s first instinct was to run away, which was rude and cowardly. But Draco stopped her. He said, “I’m not asking you to marry me, I just want to know that I love you. And I will never stop. I’ll never stop thinking about you, talking about you, dreaming about you. You are the wind in the air; the fire in my heart, my undying love for you will remain forever. No matter what state I’m in, I could be dead for all I care, and I’ll still dream, think, and love you. Hermione, you’re the reason for my life being so good. I want you, Hermione, I want you forever.” He finished and Hermione was crying. She nodded and kissed him. She put everything she had in the kiss. After they pulled away, Draco conjured up a white rose and took a ring out of his pocket. But Hermione knew what the ring was for. It was for faith, as long as she wore the ring it meant she never stopped loving him. That same night they escaped to the Big House and they did it. They made love.

            And to this day, she was 21 now; her life had changed so much. Ron was her boyfriend, she was successful, and she had dropped the Paris school. She just skipped it. She just didn’t feel like going. It would remind her too much of Hogwarts. Then Hermione walked by a jewelry store. She closed her eyes as she walked because yet another painful flashback came.


            It was a year later after graduation. She and Ron had been going out for a month already. They had been at a nice little café sitting on a table outside. They were waiting for the food to arrive as she reached for the glass of water in front of her.

            “What’s that ring on your finger?” Ron asked, staring at her left index finger. She looked down at her hand. Memories flashed before her eyes like a fast slideshow.

            “A, um, friend gave it to me.” She aid carefully. Ron rose and eyebrow and nodded. “Who?”

            Hermione got up and left. Just like that


            “Nosy men.” She muttered to herself. But she just couldn’t stop loving Ron. He cared for her and he truly loved her. He helped her heal, a little. But despite all of this, Hermione couldn’t help but feel something was missing. Something she had in her grasp but let go. She knew exactly what this was; she just didn’t want to admit it. Shaking her head of the memories she opened the door to her bookstore.

            “You’re late! And I had to take the register. Now, I’m going to return to cleaning the shelves.” Dianne said. Her personality was like a spunky redhead but her looks were very different. She attracted most boys but Dianne just wasn’t interested in men. She was like Hermione, successful, smart, and focused. With a little sarcasm on the side. Dianne looked stunning today, she had flat ironed her brown hair and cut it to her shoulders. Her gray eyes sparkled under the glass chandelier and her tan skin was glowing. She had on white Capri’s and a baby blue ruffled blouse. What made the outfit unique were her black converse. She loved those shoes as she rarely, if ever, wore sandals.

            Although Dianne was a teenage Muggle, she knew about magic. She loved wizards and found it fascinating to know more about them. She attended a high school about five miles away. Grade 11 and straight A student, no doubt. She was trying to earn some money to buy a car. Dianne would always say how much she looked up to Hermione and thought about her as an aunt. Hermione felt the same. Even if Dianne was young, she felt like she could tell her anything. She planned on telling her about Draco but she just couldn’t bring herself to relive it. He had not written to her at all while she was 18 and 19 to this day. She spent a year crying herself to sleep, waiting for a miracle. And nothing. Not even a phone call, if he even knew how to use a phone.

            Hermione was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice a customer walk in. She mentally slapped herself and walked over to the customer

            “Hello, may I help you with anything?” She asked. The man turned around.

            “Oh Harry! I didn’t expect to see you here!” Hermione said as she hugged her friend.

            “Yeah I know. But Ron wanted me to tell you something.”

            Hermione gave him a puzzled look. “Why couldn’t he tell me himself?”

            “Just listen, go to the maple tree next to the bistro in the corner of the boulevard and he’ll be there.”

            Hermione’s insides froze as Draco’s face came into her mind. A maple tree. “I can’t, busy.” Hermione said and turned away from him. But Harry caught her wrist. “I’ll cover your shift. I promise everything will be alright.” Harry thought she was worried about her job.

            “Harry, it’s not the job I’m worried about.”

            “Then what is it?”

            She shook her head. “I don’t really want to talk about it. Just tell Ron I was busy and that I love him.”


            “Tell him!” She said as her eyes started to mist. Stop being a baby, she thought as she hastily wiped her eyes.

            Harry reached up to touch her face. “Hermione are you—“

            “Go!” She nearly yelled at him.

            She watched Harry’s hurt face as he left to go tell Ron. Great, another thing that reminded her of Draco. This was just like the time on the train when she told Blaise to tell Draco that she loved him.

            “Dianne!” She said as the tears started to pour out.

            Her face poked out from the shelves and changed quickly to concern. “Yes?”

            “We need to talk.”


A few miles away, Draco Malfoy was in bed with another woman.

            It was his only way to forget about Hermione. She was everywhere. In the earth, the air, the flowers, the birds. Everything beautiful reminded him of her. He had written 365 letters to her, and never got a reply. He was heartbroken. Maybe Hermione did move on. But despite all this, he had still been working on fixing the house, just like he promised Hermione.

            The house was working out great, blue shutters and white walls. Even if he knew he could’ve just used magic to fix the house, he wanted to work on it bare-handed because then it would be…real. All he needed was to find out a way to pay the bank back for the loan for all his supplies. He had been working part-time in a small café on James Ave. (Another thing I made up) Not much money, but it was something. Blaise had even offered to help and it was agreed he would pay one-third of the loan. Draco did not know what he would be doing without his loyal friends. Blaise had stuck with Draco in these times of darkness. Even if he wouldn’t even talk to anyone at night or day. Or even move from where he was sitting. Blaise helped no matter what.

            Draco’s dad had died two years after Hogwarts. Life was rough for him. He had no place to live, for his father had ordered for the Manor to be demolished in his will and he had no money. Then, when the Minister came to Draco while he was at a diner to read the missing part of his father’s will, he found a new light in the tunnel. Draco’s father had left him two million seven hundred forty two thousand dollars for him. It turns out; his father had been saving up for his whole life to pay for a new manor and gave the money to Draco on his will.

            He wanted to use the money wisely. He bought a small, but nice, apartment near a little boulevard with a Bistro in the corner and shops all around. Thankfully, it was near Hogsmeade. That way he could work on the house every day.

            “I’m going to leave.” Lisa Frank said as she got off the bed and put on her clothes.

            “Why?” Draco asked as he stretched.

            “I can see your mind is on something else. Don’t expect me to come back.” She grabbed her purse and left.


Draco stared at the silver ring on his finger and thought of Hermione.

Tonight, he was going to the Bistro.

*                                                           *                                                                       *

“Wow. That was emotional.” Dianne said as she comforted her friend.

            “He hasn’t written to me.” Hermione sobbed into a tissue.

            Dianne didn’t know what to say. She was sixteen! Well, so was Hermione when she met Draco. Wizards sure have to deal with a lot of things. She glanced at the clock hanging by the door. Eight o-clock!
            “Blimey, eight already. I’m sorry Hermione but I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She gave her friend one last hug and left.

            Hermione was all alone. She went to the bathroom and washed her face. Leaning with her back against the sink, arms crossed, she sighed. Maybe she ought to go see Ron after all. Would he still be there? Oh well. If he wasn’t she would still eat because she was starving.

            She grabbed her purse from the bathroom counter, locked the register, shut off the lights and shut the door. Sticking her keys in the lock, she looked at her surroundings. Who knows what crazy old goon would be doing right now. The Bistro was right across from her store, barely twenty meters away. She walked across the street and into the sound of nice jazzy music and a waitress asking, “May I seat you at a table?”

            She looked around and spotted Ron, Ginny, and Harry at a table close to the band. She pointed, “I’m with them.”

            “Oh all right. Help yourself.” The waitress handed her a menu.

            Hermione walked to the table admiring the twinkling lights above her. Tonight, she promised herself she would not be sad. Looking around again she saw a bar occupied with three people. A man with a woman and a snowy blonde by himself. Their backs were to her as she finally reached the table. Was Draco the snowy blonde? She shook her head. Not tonight, she thought.

            “Hello Hermione!” Ginny said as Hermione squeezed in next to her on the round table.

            “Hey!” She said, smiling at everyone.

            Ron nodded to her and Harry merely looked at his hands. Ginny crinkled her eyebrows in confusion and looked at Hermione. Hermione shook her head and knew that Ginny took this as the signal for, later. Wow, not even a minute has past and everyone already feels awkward.

            Ginny clapped her hands and rubbed them together. “So, um, we haven’t ordered yet but we know what we want so you can take a look at the menu.” Leave it to Ginny to make things a whole lot awkward.

            “So.” Ginny said. Ron grunted and Harry finally stopped looking at his hands to meet Ginny’s eyes.

            “Why are you here?” Ron grumbled, his eyes searching her soul.

            Hermione’s face turned into an expression of shock. He knew why she was here! The only reason he was asking was so she could relive everything that happened. What happened to the old Ron? The Ron that would let her cry on his shoulder when something was wrong or give hugs to people he cared about. Ever since Hermione was dating Draco, Ron had turned…tough. He never seemed to care about anything that much. If Hermione ever asked anything, he would always return it with a grunt. After about ten times of asking the same thing, he would either tell her to stop and leave, or – when he was in a very sour mood—yell at her. Hermione found this strange. It just wasn’t in his nature. Even if she asked herself this, she knew the answer. She was just too afraid to tell herself.

            “Because I wanted to spend time with my friends.” She said with dignity.

            “Then why didn’t you just meet here earlier today?” Ron growled.

            “I-I couldn’t” She picked at her fingernails under the table.

            “Harry even offered to cover your shift.” Ron narrowed his wary eyes.

            Hermione replied with silence.

            “Do you even know what I was going to ask?” Ron continued.

            She shook her head and placed her hands on the table. She felt like a small child. So powerless.

            Ron reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a simple but beautiful diamond ring and held it in front of him.

            “I was going to ask you to marry me.” His expression showed no softness or desire. Only hurt and resentment.

            Hermione lifted both her hands to her mouth as her eyes misted. Ron stared at the ring on her finger.

            “Bloody hell, Hermione, take it off!” Ron said.

            “No!” She took her hand away from her mouth and protectively set them on her lap.

            “Why not?” Ron said.

            “Who gave that to you?” Harry asked softly. It was his first words since she sat down. Ginny muttered something that they couldn’t quite catch.

            “What?” Hermione said, leaning in so she could hear her better.


            Hermione’s face went blank. How did she know?

            “Is this true?” Ron snarled, turning back to Hermione.

            Hermione opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted by Ron.

            “So for years, years, you’ve been grieving over a man who bullied you, got together with you, and then broke your heart?” Ron crinkled his eyebrows. “That all happened four bloody years ago!

            “I can’t believe you! Are you always like this? You think you can tell me what I feel? For your information, you didn’t bother to notice my feelings for him because you were too busy with snogging with Pansy!”

            “I was as heartbroken as you are right now! I loved you, and still do despite the fact you don’t love me back! Do you know how it feels to watch the women you love in the arms of another man?”

            “I never said I didn’t—“

            “You didn’t have to. I knew that ring wasn’t from a bloody‘ friend’. You were always so quiet and unlike yourself.”

            “You think I wasn’t acting like myself! You should have heard and seen yourself! You never answer me, you’re always sour, and you never act like the Ron I used to know.”

            “The same can be said about you.”

            “No! This is different! You don’t know how it feels to lose someone you love so much. Or someone you’re positive you can’t live without. Well, right now I’m on the verge of breaking. Are you too bloody thick to realize what’s been happening?” She let the tears spill out and began to realize that they were both standing now.

            “Do you always only see your own side of the story? Why don’t you step inside someone else’s shoes once in a while? You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.” And with that, he stepped away from the table and weaved through the crowd and outside the restaurant. Hermione went to follow him, and as she did, she spotted the snowy blonds face. But her lips were just forming his name and her hand was stretched out as he left the restaurant and disapparated.


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Chapter 7: Desperate
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“This is destiny!” Dianne said as she paced around Hermione’s room in her apartment. Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed.

                “Someone’s been watching too many fairytales.” She mumbled as she placed her hands in her lap. It was the morning after the incident at the Bistro and Dianne had come immediately after Hermione called to tell her she had an emergency. She made her breakfast and demanded her to eat.  Hermione didn’t even bother to change. Now, she was being forced to talk about seeing Draco at the restaurant. Dianne had a theory that this was “true love”. They were in the Hermione’s bedroom and Dianne was pacing around the room in excitement while Hermione reminded lazy and sat cross-legged on the bed.

                Dianne’s face turned to hurt as she faced Hermione. “Well I’m not the one that’s got their knickers in a twist.” She placed her fists on her hips.

                “My knickers aren’t ‘in a twist’! I’m just grumpy,”

                “Seriously Hermione? That’s what it means! Blimey, I thought you were smart.”

                “Alright, alright. Sorry. I’m just not in a good mood.”

                “Obviously.” Dianne mumbled and resumed her pacing. Hermione ignored this.

                “What do I do? Do I follow him? Or should I stay with Ron? Maybe I’ll go apologize to him.” Hermione got up and walked into her closet to change.

                “Well, after how you told me he acted in the restaurant, it’s going to take a lot more than ‘sorry’” Dianne said when Hermione came back out. Hermione straightened out her floral dress and put on some sandals.

                “What am I going to do?” She said in desperation. She sat on her bed and put her head in her hands.

                Dianne carefully sat down next to her and rubbed her back. “I don’t know.” Hermione finally looked up from her hands and they sat there in silence for a while.

                Dianne broke the silence. “Do you love him?” Hermione turned her head towards her.

                “Who Ron?” Dianne didn’t look at her but just continued staring straight ahead of her and nodded.

                “Well not like—“

                “Just answer the question.”

                “I’m trying to—“

                “It’s a yes or no question.”

                Hermione sighed. “Fine. No. I don’t love him.”

                Dianne gave her a sad and small smile. “I think you know what to do now.” And with that she got up and left.


♥                                                                      ♥                                                                      ♥



                After this little soap opera, Hermione went down stairs to read a bit. When lunch came ‘round, she whipped up a nice pasta with pesto sauce. She brought out her plate to eat when something banged on her window. She looked to her right and noticed an average brown owl with a letter. That’s strange, I haven’t gotten a letter from an owl in a long time, she thought. She furrowed her eyebrows and set her plate on the round breakfast table to go retrieve the letter. When she opened the window the owl flew to the coffee table by the couch and hooted while sticking its leg out. Hermione smiled and walked towards the owl and held the letter in her hands. She opened it.


17293 James Ave. #241

Your welcome. J

Oh and, P.S., that’s the address for Draco’s apartment!


                She smiled to herself as she recited the address in her head. But just as she was about to apparate she hesitated. What if he had moved on? She had no idea whether or not he still loved her. He never contacted her since Hogwarts. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Hermione broke down. She sobbed and sat against the nearest wall. Resting her head against her knees she’s cried until her eyes were sore. After a few moments, someone came bursting into her house.

                “Hermione where have you been?!?!? I’ve been waiting by the store for an hour!” Ginny hollered as she set her purse on the table. She walked over to where Hermione and cowered over her.

                “What’s wrong?” Ginny’s expression softened slightly.

                “What do you mean ‘where have you been’? We never made any plans.” Hermione looked up. Her voice sounded as if she were sick because it was stuffy from crying.

                “Yes we did. Last week you said we would meet at the little shop next to your bookstore!” She placed her hands on her hips.


                “OH? How could you say that when we missed a whole day of shopping! Come one. Get on up.” She grabbed Hermione’s hands and hauled her up. Hermione groaned and went to curl up on the couch.

                “I don’t want to. I’m going to stay here and rot. Die old.” Ginny walked over to her and sat next to her.

                “And lonely!” Hermione started to cry onto Ginny’s shoulder.

                Ginny grabbed Hermione’s face and held it.

                “Stop this. You are the smartest witch anyone has ever known. You don’t deserve to be sad. A girl this beautiful, smart, wise, a bit annoying, a pain in the arse sometimes, and-“


                “Gorgeous. Don’t cry over a man who hasn’t written to you in 4 YEARSS! He doesn’t deserve you. There are plenty of wands in the shop.”

                Hermione chuckled at Ginny’s feeble attempt at a joke.  For some reason, Ginny’s words reach her more than others. Ginny was Hermione’s older, but younger, sister. She always knew how to make her feel better. Whether she was heartbroken or just couldn’t decide what to wear, Ginny was always there to help in a flash. This is exactly what set her apart from Ron. Ron never knew what to do or say. He was always the one in the background, waiting for his moment. But that’s the problem. He waited, that’s it. He didn’t do anything to support his dreams. He just waited for them to come to him. Shaking her thoughts away, Hermione got up from the couch and trudged toward the fireplace.

                “Where are you going?” Ginny said. Hermione smiled to herself as she grabbed Draco’s address from her wool sweater pocket.

                She stood in front of the fireplace, still smiling, kissed the piece of paper and threw it in the trash.


                Now, hell was really going to start.


A bit too dramatic? Haha, that’s me. I just want to let you guys know that I kind of fixed the last chapters so if you want to check them out again you should. Let me give you a heads up, this is just a filler. I realized this needed one. Hermione is going crazy isn’t she? Sorry for updating so slow but I am trying my best! By the way, get ready for Hermione to seriously break down completely. Have any of you seen Degrassi? I don’t watch it much but what happened to that Eli kid is going to happen to Hermione. But it’s not going to be that bad. J


Chapter 8: A Paper Cup
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                Right after Hermione threw the paper away; Ginny said she and Harry were going out so she left. Hermione said bye and stayed home for the whole day. At home, Hermione drank a couple Firewhiskeys and 2 bottles of wine. Now she was at work, running the register while Dianne was sorting out the books. Great start for a morning, isn’t it?

                A woman in about her thirties walked in looking very professional. She wore a cream business skirt and a black turtleneck with a jacket the same color as her skirt. Her hair was pinned up in a bun that looked like it would come off and her white designer purse was almost stuck to her shoulder blade. Sunglasses on her head, her heels clacked on the wooden floor as she made her way to the register.

                “Hello, may I help you with something?” Hermione said warily.

                “Yes. I want to buy the book ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks.”

                “Then go get it.”

                “Well, I came yesterday and I asked the lady behind this very counter—who obviously wasn’t you—and she told me that the book would in stock by tomorrow. So today I’m here and I want to know if they did come.” She tightened her lips.

                “Well, I don’t know.” Hermione mumbled and she giggled.

                “You must know for you work here!” The lady was losing her patience.

                “It’s probably in one of the bookshelves. Go look you old fraud.” Hermione said drunkenly. Oh, did she mention she had three bottles of wine for breakfast?

                “I will not be spoken to like that!” The lady snapped, her head shaking as if it was about to explode..

                “What is going on here?” Dianne appeared suddenly with a box full of books.

                “This drunken woman is not treating me with respect! I asked her if they had ‘The Notebook’ and she kept telling to go look for it! I am very disgruntled right now!” The woman said shrilly while her bun threatened to come loose.

                Dianne stepped closer to Hermione and leaned slightly over the counter and sniffed.

                “Hermione, have you been drinking?” She whispered so the lady could not here.

                “Pffft, why-“ Hermione began.

                “I am still here!” The woman shrieked.

                “Why don’t you shut your-“

                “Stop! Here,” Dianne handed a book from the box to the woman. “On us.”

                The woman twisted the book around to look at it. Then she stuffed it in her purse and said, “Hmph.” And walked out the door with a jingle from the bell.

                Dianne slammed the box onto the counter and said very sternly, “Hermione answer the question.”

                “What question?”

                “How many bottles of wine did you drink over the past two days?”

                Hermione giggled and counted her fingers. She held eight up and said, “Five.” She now started laughing even more and soon enough it turned into cackling. And she threw up and passed out right onto the counter.

                “Ew.” Dianne said.

                “I’m going to teach this girl a lesson.” Dianne said to herself. She grabbed her bag from the counter, patted Hermione’s unconscious head, changed the sign from “Open” to “Closed”, locked up, and left.



                Ron casually walked by Hermione’s bookshop. Hm, why are the lights off? Hermione doesn’t leave until 5, he thought. Ron peered inside and saw a figure sleeping on the counter, standing up.

                “What the…” He mumbled. He walked around the back and opened the back door with the hidden key in under the mat. When he walked in, he discovered a large storage room with numerous books. Thousands of them were lined up on shelves or packed in boxes. Some were even scattered on the floor. He crossed the room with caution of not stepping on anything and opened the door that led to the actual shop. His eyes boggled as he saw a bushy head on the counter and something that looked a lot like throw up on the counter running down to the floor.

                “Excuse me miss?” Ron asked. She didn’t wake up.

                “Miss?” Ron said. She started to stir.

                “Where am I?” Hermione asked as she lifted her head up and inspected her surroundings.         

                “Hermione?” Ron commanded.

                “Ron?” Hermione put a hand to her head.

                “What the bloody hell happened in here?” He nagged.

                “I-I guess I fell asleep.”

                He signaled both hands to the floor, where the vomit remained. “Fell asleep? There’s vomit on the floor!”

                Hermione’s eyebrows furrowed and she peered over the counter to see what Ron was talking about.


                “So are you going to tell me what happened?”

                “Well I don’t know!”

                “How do you not—wait were you drunk?” Ron interrogated.

                “No! How dare you think I would do such a thing?”

                “You look like goblin piss and your breath smells like dragon dung!” He swatted his hand in front of his mouth.

                “Someone woke up with the wrong wand.” She said.

                “Well, I wouldn’t be talking if I were you! I’m not the one who was drinking and threw up!”

                “It’s your fault I’m like this!”

                “My fault? How the bloody hell is this my fault? Blimey, if you would have gotten over that scum and gotten your life back you wouldn’t be like this!”

                “You just have no idea do you? You think life is just a bunch of relationships and that you can just move on. Well, that’s because you’ve never really loved anyone as much as I loved Draco, or Harry loves Ginny, or as your own mum loves your father!”

                “Don’t start with me on that love crap Hermione! I’m not going through the same conversation again! I’ve had enough with all your stupid love drama and whatever else your bringing into our lives!” Ron backed towards the door.

                Hermione’s feelings changed instantly. No longer did she feel bitter and heated, she felt helpless and lost. She felt like…like an orphan. No one was there to care for her anymore, no one wanted to have her or deal with her anymore. She was a baby bird abandoned in a nest while the mother searched for something else. She now stared at Ron with a hopeless expression. Lost. Forlorn. Dejected.

                “Wait.” She said in barely a whisper.

                But he was already out the door.

                Two and a half bottles of rum and four buckets of tears later, Hermione was sitting at home staring at the fireplace. Right after Ron left, she had cleaned the vomit off the floor while she wept and then left with her things (she even grabbed a few books to take home). When she got home her first priority was drinking to “clear the head”. No one had stopped by, thankfully. Maybe Ron never told anyone about that little scene yet; maybe they had a mutual understanding that was never spoken aloud. Hermione sighed. No one was going to help her anymore. Everyone she had known had tried but she just would break down and shoo them away. Now, there was no one left.

                Oh, bugger.

                Hermione got up to pour herself some wine in a paper cup. The wine ran down the bottle and into the glass as she sat back down. She drained the cup and held it in her hand while she stared into the fire. Something was running down her cheeks, she wiped her hand hastily and discovered she was crying. Again. Frantic, she threw the cup into the fire and watched it burn to ashes. The flames devoured the cup and nothing was left. Nothing. The cup had been drained first and then demolished. The cup had no way out of things, no one wanted it, and no one reused it. They just used it.

                Just like Hermione.



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Chapter 9: Mr. Mailman
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Life for Hermione was rough. She had been drinking a lot since the incident with Ron but it was just making everything worse.  She just didn’t understand why she kept doing it. Where on Earth was the smart Hermione Harry and Ron had known a couple years ago? She went from being the smartest witch of her age to having drinking problems and being on the verge of losing her job. Nothing was on Hermione’s mind anymore as she sat on the couch day after day just sitting on the couch and bored her eyes into the fireplace ashes that were once lit with happy times and memories. She hadn’t even bothered to light the fire anymore. The wood was as cold as her heart.

No one had really heard much from her as she stayed home most of the time. The only reason she would get out of the house was to buy food or go to work. Which she wasn’t doing as frequently now. She would always get phone calls from Dianne asking her where she was that day or why’d you miss the meeting for whatever she said. After a while, Dianne had stopped calling. The words of the last call still burned in Hermione’s head as her memories swirled like food coloring in water.



                Hermione reached for another cracker as she sat on the breakfast table inspecting her fingernails. The phone rang through the small room and she got up to answer it warily.


                “Yes, hello Hermione. When are you going to get your bloody arse off the couch and move it to work? You haven’t been coming in all week! I’ve had to work the register by myself and do all the work! And Helen has had to work double also!”

                “Sorry.” She slurred.

                “Sorry? You’re sorry? That’s not enough Hermione. I can already tell you’ve used all your last paycheck on wine and firewhiskey!”

                “Oh how’d you guess?” Hermione rolled her eyes and picked at her fingernails.

                She could hear Dianne give and exasperated huff through the phone. “Hermione! Stop it right now! You are ruining your own life for s stupid death eater that doesn’t even love you anymore! Stop living in a fairytale and walk into reality!”

                These simple words put her to a stop. Hermione’s heart froze at all the toughness that these words brought to her mind and all the painful memories that it brought to her eyes.

                His touch.

                His smell.

                His kiss.

                His face.

                His eyes.


                She dropped the phone and never picked it up.

                “Hermione? Hello?” Said Dianne’s muffled voice through the line.

                She never responded.

End of Flashback

                She winced a bit at the memory as she lay in bed still at noon. She had not left her room since last night.  She didn’t even bother to eat dinner last night, let alone breakfast. Inside she was famished but Hermione’s mind was simply telling her she doesn’t have the will to eat. Her eyes were as blank as her stomach.

                Hermione stared at the clock on the nightstand and waited one by one for the numbers to change. 12:34, 12:35, 12:36. She did this until her eyes drooped and she fell fast asleep into nothing.



                Hermione woke with a start to the sound of her doorbell chimes. She groaned while it rang and she planned to ignore it until about a half a minute passed and the person would still not quit jamming their finger into the doorbell. Sorely, she slumped off the bed, her robe trailing a bit on the floor and her hair as droopy as she felt. Finally reaching the door, she placed her hand on the doorknob and turned it revealing a man with a package. He had neat brown hair and normal everyday jeans and a striped polo. His warn blue eyes radiated coolness and peace.

                “Um, package for Hermione Weasley?”

                She scowled. “Granger, sir. Hermione Granger.”

                “Oh, sorry.” He said as he kindly thrust the package in front of it.

                “What is it?” She asked stupidly.

                “I’m not supposed to look into boxes. I’m not sure.”

                “Well, who’s it from?” Tipping the box a bit, she furrowed her eyebrows at the man in front of her and her shoulders tensed nervously.

                “The sender said it was anonymous.”

                “Oh.” Her shoulders relaxed a bit when he said that and her eyes got that familiar twinkle of the old Hermione Granger.

                “Would you like a cup of tea?”

                “Well I have to work but…” He checked his clipboard.

                “It seems I finished for the day.” He smiled at her.

                She gratefully returned the smile; she smiled for the first time in what seemed like years.

                “Come on in!” She waved her hand with a giddy smile on her face.

                “Alright.” He followed her down the hall and into the dining room where she set the box on the table and started the kettle.

                “I’m going to go upstairs and make myself look…presentable. Be right back.” She called down the hall that led to her room.

                She burst into her room and scoured her closet for something to wear. Randomly, she pulled out a white long sleeved shirt and black pants with flip-flops. Throwing them one she thrust the door open and ran back to where the man was still sitting on the table patiently.

                She stood there and smiled at him as he turned to see her.

                “Um, your shirt is…” He said sheepishly.

                “Huh?” She mumbled as she twisted her head around to get a look at her shirt.

                “Bugger.” She whispered as hot red blood rushed to her cheeks and she darted into the bathroom in front of the room.

                Right when Hermione flicked on the light switch, she gasped at the unruly sight before her.

                Dark purple outlined her eyes and her face was pale. Her hair looked dirty and more tangled than Ron’s words get when he sees a pretty girl. She ducked into the cabinet and dug

 out make-up to conceal the rings around her eyes. Why the heck would he have wanted to come in here when I look like a witch…no pun intended, she thought to herself and gave an inwardly chuckle at her own joke. When she finished applying the make-up she looked into the mirror. The only thing left was the hair. Hermione dove back into the cabinet to grab the bush when someone’s voice appeared at the door.

                “Is everything alright?”

                With this, Hermione gasped loudly and was going to lift her head up rapidly when she clashed it with the roof of the cabinet.

                “Are you alright?” He said as he began to rush to her.

                Grabbing her head, she lifted her hand up to stop him.

                “I’m fine.” She said. He nodded and said he would go make the tea and left.

                Wary of fixing herself up manually, with a wave of her wand she made herself look like she never scratched a nail and like she never bumped her head against the cabinet roof.

                She walked slowly to the dining room, tracing her hand against the wall just thinking.

                When she finally arrived she found the man had placed tea and biscuits on the table. He was sitting down and watching Hermione as she neared the table.

                “You didn’t have to do all this.” She said as she sat down.

                He shrugged. “You seemed like you were in a bad place when I saw you. And wow,” He gaped at her. “You sure clean up fast.”

                Hermione gave him a smile and sipped her tea. But she felt like she was missing something…

                “What’s your name?” She asked, remembering he had never told her.

                “David Coral.”


                She grinned again; she was going to like David Coral.


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Chapter 10: Two Attempts, None Succeeded.
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There they sat, Hermione and David. On the round dining table chatting about their lives as if they had known each other for their whole life. He brought back life into her eyes. Not just her eyes but there was something more. Something that brought out the old Hermione, the one that was alive. That’s it, he brought life into her. Something that past friends never seemed to do right.

                “You’re joking!” Hermione laughed as she nibbled on yet a third round of crackers.

                “No, really. I came to her door and the woman came out in this rather large robe. She was exhaustingly fat! I swear, I thought she was hiding a dog under her robe!” David made a gesture to demonstrate how fat the poor woman was.

                Hermione threw her head back and laughed with David. They both told stories about funny things that happened throughout their life. Hermione tried her hardest to stay away from anything that reminded her of Draco.

                An hour passed before David checked his watch and flew out of his seat.

                “Damn it! I’ve got to pick up my daughter Abbey from her piano lessons!” He fixed his watched as Hermione stood with him.

                “Daugh-daughter?” She stuttered.

                “Yes.” He pushed the chair in and began to walk to the door, Hermione following him, extremely confused.

                “Oh well it was really nice meeting you, I hope-“

                “I really have to go. Thanks for the tea. It was really nice meeting you.” He opened the door and stepped out.

                “Wait!” Hermione grabbed his wrists.

                He gave her a startled look.

                “Tell Abbey…I said hello.” She finished unsatisfied.

                “Alright. Bye.” He smiled and began walking towards his truck.

                As soon as his car was out of sight, her smile vanished and she groaned out loud as she slammed the door shut.

                “I am such an idiot.” She said while she leaned against the door and closed her eyes trying to keep the past moments alive in her head. She slowly opened her eyes and on the small table next to the door, she noticed a small strip of paper with numbers on it.

                David’s number.

                Gleefully, she snatched it up, kissed the paper, and flounced to her room.


The rest of the day was spent by looking at old photos of her past happy childhood. Happy memories filled her senses and her head suddenly felt clearer. She felt invincible, as if all the joy of the past time was happening to her. All at once.



The next day, Hermione was awaken by a loud car horn honking right outside her street.

                “Stupid arseholes can’t keep their bloody noise to themselves.” She grumbled as she slowly sat up in bed and opened the window above it.

                “Hey keep it down will you!” She yelled out.

                The car stopped honking and the door opened. Out stepped Ginny Weasley waving car keys.

                “Oy! Get down here you lazy slug! I’m taking you out today whether you like it or not!” Ginny yelled from below and gave Hermione a fierce grin.

                Hermione smiled wide and gave her thumbs up. She closed the window and with the wave of her wand, she dressed nicely and put her hair up in a ponytail.

                On the way out the door, Hermione snatched her purse and David’s number just in case. Outside, she inspected Ginny’s outfit more clearly. A leather jacket on top of a white tank top and a black skirt with black heels. It was a wonder how she could dress like this while it was ninety degrees outside.

                “You clean up nicely.” Ginny said. She slid in the car and waited for Hermione to climb into the passenger seat.

                “Where are we going?” Hermione questioned as she buckled up.

                “Well you owe me a shopping trip.”

                Hermione whined, “Do we have to go shopping?”




                When they arrived at the mall, Ginny stopped at the first store she saw and bought practically everything that she wanted. Hermione stood by the side patiently, commenting on how she looked in certain outfits and helping her with her clothing options. Not that she actually listened. It didn’t offend Hermione at all; it was just her way of being. Ginny was the type that did things her own style and was happy with leading. As Ginny picked out another shirt, Hermione spotted a blue dress that was absolutely perfect for herself. Even though she wasn’t really expecting to get out soon, you never know. As she got closer to the dress she noticed it was her size too. She reached out to grab the dress but as she did, another hand grabbed hold of it at exactly the same time.

                “Oh, I’m sorry!” The woman let go of it.

                “Oh no that’s alright you can have it!” Hermione pushed the dress towards the woman.

                “No, really keep it. It’ll look really nice on you.”

                Hermione looked at the woman. She was sure beautiful. Black hair, blue eyes that could blind you. A tan that made her look like she went to the beach every day.

                “Are you sure? I don’t really need it for anything…”

                She smiled. “Positive. I’m Lisa, Lisa Frank.” She held out her hand.

                “I’m Hermione Granger.” Hermione shook her hand.

                “Hermione Granger? I feel like I heard that name before…. Now that I think about it, you look a bit familiar…”

                That’s weird, Hermione thought, I’ve never seen this woman in my life.

                Lisa snapped her fingers.

                “Oh I remember now! My boyfriend Dra—“

                “Hermione we have to leave!” Ginny ran up to them and dragged Hermione away running.

                “Why are you going so fast? I was trying  to have a conversation with someone!”

                Ginny stopped.

                “Ron’s in the hospital.”

                Hermione froze. “Wha—what happened?!?!”

                “He tried to commit suicide.”

                Now Hermione could barely breathe. It was as if her senses automatically shut down and nothing in her body could work again. She tried to process what Ginny had just announced. Ron tried to commit suicide.

                And then everything that happened afterwards was like slow motion. Out of the store they were previously in, Lisa and a handsome blonde came out running. Draco. He was holding her hand and when he spotted Hermione he let his hand slip out of Lisa’s grip and he reached out as if to touch her. Hermione responded by yelling out his name and then Ginny grabbed hold of Hermione’s wrist in a hurry and disapparated.

                He had just missed her. Again.


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