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The DA vurses Voldermort and his death eaters by avidfan

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First Published: 08/09/2003
Last Chapter: 08/09/2003
Last Updated: 08/09/2003

Harry is finishing his sixth year. But before the leaving feasts harry had a terrible dream about voldermort.harry tries to stop it. If he succeeds he will save the last person that he really truely loves and considers as a father.

Chapter 1: The DA vurses Voldermort and his death eaters
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Harry lay in bed, wide awake, he was thinking about what has happened that year.
He had once again come face to face with Voldermort, this time however it was much much worse. Voldermort had managed to slip past the Order and gain the sapphire of shadowed death. But that’s another story.
Harry tried to think of something else, he tried to imagine him playing Quidditch and winning the cup, but it didn’t work. Harry yarned as he re-adjusted his pillow and closed his eyes. The last thought he had was that he was grateful that with what sleep he had, he didn’t have dreams about Voldermort.

“Hey Harry is something up, what’s wrong” he heard Hermione say.
“My scar, its burning more than ever now” Harry rubbed his scar, it hurt like crazy.
He had a terrible feeling something was going to happen.
“Come on Harry, its our leaving feast” said Ron as he looked at Harry “try to eat something, it might help”
Harry nodded and went to pick up his fork, “AAAHHHHHHHHH” screamed Harry as he reached for his scar. Everyone suddenly went quiet.
The doors into the hall suddenly burst forth and in walked Voldermort with about 15 death-eaters.
The hall was suddenly filled with screams and students running around.
“Silence” shouted Voldermort, even though he was pleased with the reaction. Everyone went silent and still the second they heard him.
“I’m looking for Harry Potter,” said Voldermort as if he had no fear in the world towards Dumbledore. He looked around and found some of the students looking towards the far end of the hall by the stage where Harry had backed towards.
Voldermort spotted him imeadiatley and started towards him. But he didn’t realise that Dumbledore was to on his way to Harry. “You’ll have to go through me first Tom” said Dumbledore “ I’m not going to let you take him”
“Well that’s to bad” said Voldermort, “For you that is, and do you know why Dumbledore? Because I’m going to kill you, ATTACK!”
The hall was suddenly filled with light, both red and green. There were screams from students that were still in the room, most of them had managed to get through the open doors. Harry has dived out of the way and watched the fight between Voldermort and Dumbledore. Harry closed his eyes and prayed that Dumbledore would win.
“NO DUMBLEDORE” he heard Mc Gonagall scream. Harry quickly opened his eyes to find Dumbledore on the floor howling in pain. Everyone had gone silent and still. There were sobs coming from Harry’s left, but he didn’t hear them, he was too busy starring at dumbledore in disbelief. Harry suddenly started to feel the same kind of pain that he felt when he found out that sirus was dead.
Not again he thought, please not again.
Voldermort towered over Dumbledore with a look of great satisfaction. Dumbledore opened his eyes, he was in agony.
“Run Harry” Dumbledore said, his voice was very faint but Harry knew what he said.
Harry didn’t want to run, he wanted to fight, but he knew that he didn’t want to go against Dumbledore.
But before Harry could move, Voldermort had raised his wand again and spoke his last words to Dumbledore.
“This is the end for you old man, you failed, now prepare to die”
“NO” Harry screamed as jets of green light came flying out of Voldermort’s wand.
Harry found himself trying to move forward, but was blinded by the light.
Harry could hear Dumbledore screaming in agony. Harry knew he was dying.
It wasn’t long after the curse had been released that the screaming had stopped and the light had died down.
Harry looked down at dumbledore’s un-moving figure.
He found it hard to breathe. He knew he had lost the last adult that had ever played an important role in his life.
HE’S DEAD said a voice inside himself.
Voldermort had begun to laugh his very high-pitched laugh, but Harry could hardly hear it.

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