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The Beginning by fuzzlebub85

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 816
Status: Abandoned

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence

Genres: Angst
Characters: Harry, James, Lily

First Published: 03/29/2004
Last Chapter: 04/05/2004
Last Updated: 06/01/2004

Halloween 1981. THE NIGHT IT ALL BEGAN...Characters DO NOT BELONG TO ME!!!

Chapter 1: Tragedy
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Lily and James Potter dressed their son Harry in his Gryffindor lion Halloween costume. James went downstairs to get Harry his treat bag. They were going to Floo to Arabella Figg's house and trick-or-treat in Little Whinging.
Suddenly Lily heard the front door bang open. "Lily! Take Harry and go! It's Him! Run! I'll hold him off..."
James, no, no it's too dangerous, Prongs...
"AVADA KEDAVRA!" a voice roared from downstairs. No, no! Prongs, he's gone, he can't be! Lily was petrified with fear, but she knew what she had to do.
She stood in front of Harry's crib, wand drawn. As footsteps echoed up the stairs, she trembled. Still, she held her ground. The nursery door opened, and Voldemort strode in. "Well, well. What have we here. A mudblood protecting her child."
"Stand aside, you silly girl."
"Not Harry! You can't have him!"
"I want the boy, not you."
"Not Harry! Take me, kill me instead! Not Harry!" Lily was gasping for air. He could never have Harry. Never. He could take Prongs, and even kill her, bu he would never have her son.
"Very well, girl. AVADA KEDAVRA!" Goodbye Harry... Lily Potter fell to the ground. Voldemort turned to the crib, smiling triumphantly. He studied the fifteen-month-old boy in front of him.
"So, Harry Potter. We meet at last. A lion, are you? How very *Gryffindor*." Voldemort spat out the last word as if it were poison. "Enough talk. AVADA KEDAVRA!"
A jet of light, green as poison, shot from Voldemort's wand. As it rushed toward Harry James Potter, a red-gold halo of light began to radiate from the tiny boy. The green light could not touch him, and was reflected back upon its caster, ripping the body of Voldemort to pieces. Part of the spirit that remained was absorbed by the light as it mixed together, and the light grew larger, tearing apart the house as Voldemort's incomplete spirit fled. As the light faded, the house fell down around Harry's tiny body, and a cut appeared on his forehead, in the shape of a lightning bolt. Harry cried loudly, and his mum did not come to comfort him. Neither did his dad. He was all alone.
A Thestral landed on the ruins of Potter Cottage and nosed through the smoldering wreckage. It found a baby boy, crying helplessly next to a red-haired woman, and a man with messy black hair was buried farther down...the adults were dead, but the baby was Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived.

Chapter 2: Hagrid and Sirius
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An unnaturally tall man knelt by the ruins, crying. He stared at the black sky clutching Harry to his chest. A large motorcycle dropped out of the sky, falling next to this man, Hagrid. A second man, Sirius Black, stepped off the bike.
"Hagrid, give Harry to me. I'm his Godfather, I'll look after him..."
"No, Sirius, I got me orders from Albus. The boy's gotta go to his aunt and uncle. He'll be safe there. The Muggles are comin', yeh best get goin', Sirius."
Sirius was very disappointed, but he knew Dumbledore was right.
"Well Hagrid, take my bike, I won't be needing it again, you'll get Harry there faster."
Sirius hugged Harry and gave him back to Hagrid, then took off running. *Find the rat, find the rat,* he chanted mentally. *Peter, you will pay*.
Hagrid swung a leg over the bike and roared off into the night.

Chapter 3: Sirius and Peter
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Sirius ran down the streets of Godric's Hollow as a dog. He transformed back once he saw a short, fat, bald man running down the street ahead of him. Suddenly the man ahead of Sirius stopped. He faced Sirius.
Oh, that is rich. He's trying to frame me, thought Sirius. "No, Peter. How could *you*..." Sirius hissed at him. "All these years we've been friends, worked in the Order, and *you*, you pathetic rat, betrayed them to their deaths." A few Muggles had heard Peter shout, and were walking out into the street. "YOU KILLED THEM! LILY AND JAMES!" Peter yelled again. Quickly he pulled out his wand from his back pocket, blasted the street apart with a Reductor Curse, and ran down the sewer line as a rat. Sirius couldn't believe it.
Guess I finally made you proud, Mother, he thought bitterly. I'll land in Azkaban, like a Death Eater, and everyone knows how much you like the Death Eaters.
Sirius Black laughed at the irony. He, James Potter's *best friend*, would be accused of betraying him. *Peter* had done it. And his mother would be *proud*. Sirius Orion Black was still laughing insanely when the Ministry came to get him...