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Raise Your Glass by Maddie Rose

Format: Novel
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 4,502
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Lucius, Pettigrew, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/OC

First Published: 05/07/2011
Last Chapter: 05/11/2011
Last Updated: 05/11/2011

Meet Tanith Winters, reckless tomboy and Gryffindor Seeker. A close friend of the Marauders, she begins to recognize the true power of Voldemort, the evil that has infiltrated the wizarding world and her conflicted feelings for two Marauders...

Love, loss and betrayal ensue. As the darkness begins to grow around the students of Hogwarts, they are left to wonder who will live, who will die, and who will join the Death Eaters...

Chapter 1: At The Beginning
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“Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.” – Yasser Arafat



“For heaven’s sake, Sirius, will you keep up?” snapped Narcissa.


Sirius just rolled his eyes and followed his older cousin through to Platform 9 and three-quarters. Now, he reminded himself, wasn’t the time to idly glance around with wonder – although he sure did feel like it.


His older cousins looked bored with the whole thing, because of course this was Andromeda’s last year at Hogwarts and Narcissa was in her fifth year now. Taking the Hogwarts Express had become usual – and as part of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, as he bitterly thought to himself, it wasn’t a celebrated event…in fact, it was practically required.


Sirius hated the fact that his parents were so desperately busy, because it meant that his uncle Cygnus had to bring him to the station. This wasn’t so bad, but Sirius much would have preferred if it had been his jovial uncle Alphard – who was away in Japan on Ministry business. This meant he was stuck with bossy Narcissa. He didn’t mind Andromeda too much, and he was extremely glad that Bellatrix no longer attended Hogwarts. Seeing her at family socials was bad enough.


“Daydreaming, are we, Sirius?”


He whirled around to see his other cousin, Maia, grinning at him. Of course – he’d nearly forgotten about Maia. She was Alphard’s daughter, the same age as him. Apart from Andromeda, Maia was probably his favourite cousin. She was very pretty, with glossy black hair and eyes so dark blue they were almost black.


“No. Just thinking.”


Maia gasped dramatically. “Well, don’t hurt yourself, will you?”


Sirius swiped playfully at her. They’d maintained this sort of relationship since they were tiny, since Sirius would pull Maia’s hair and she would bite him. Now, at eleven years old, their teasing of each other was mainly verbal.


“I’m wondering about Hogwarts. About what kind of place it is. I’m excited, but I’m nervous, too.”


Maia shrugged. “That’s normal. I feel the same. Hey, don’t tell anyone this, but I’m hoping I get put in Ravenclaw like Andromeda rather than Slytherin.”

Sirius smiled. Yes, the family tradition of being sorted into Slytherin. Ravenclaw was also accepted, but any other house – especially Gryffindor – was seen to bring shame upon the House of Black. Not that Sirius had ever cared. It hadn’t taken him long to discover he wasn’t like the rest of his family.


“Stop dawdling,” whined Narcissa, “You need to get on the train sometime today, you know.”


“Yeah, whenever we’re ready, Cissy.” Unlike Sirius, Maia had the astounding ability to be herself, but maintain the respect of the family at the same time. It had something to do with her easy way of charming people. “Come on, we’ll just have a look around.”


Narcissa sighed heavily. “Well, hurry up about it.” She threw Sirius a glare like it was all his fault.


“Mu-um! Get off!”


Sirius turned to see a boy with dark, messy hair and glasses being embraced fiercely by his sobbing mother. Personally, Sirius was glad his parents weren’t like that. The boy was desperately trying to disentangle himself from his mother’s grasp and maintain his dignity at the same time.


“Stop embarrassing the boy, Dorea,” the man beside her sighed. Neither of the parents looked young – both were in their late forties or early fifties. “James wants to make a good impression on his fellow students.”


“My baby’s going off to Hogwarts, Charles!” Dorea all but sobbed, releasing James but trying to flatten his hair, “It’s an emotional occasion."


James sighed at his mother’s vain attempts to make his hair lie flat.


“Mum, you know it won’t work.”


Dorea sighed and gave up, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. Sirius looked away, feeling the need to snicker. Maia was smirking, evidently having witnessed the whole thing as well. By the train, Narcissa was waving them over.


“Come on, you two. You’ll want to get cabins with respectable pure-blood families so you can make appropriate friends.”


Sirius pretended to nod thoughtfully. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I was about to say. Maia, roll out the carpet. Gather the servants. Tell them that the royal family has boarded the train at last.”


Narcissa rolled her eyes in disgust and headed off down the train. Maia had a hand clapped over her mouth to prevent herself from giggling. Sirius shrugged non-chalantly and they headed down the train and eased themselves into a compartment which they thought was empty – only to see that a mousy-haired boy was sitting quietly and reading a book.


“Oh!” exclaimed Maia, immediately backing up as the boy glanced across at them, “I’m really sorry. We didn’t see you there. Come on, Sirius.”


She made to leave, but Sirius waved her away. He wanted to make friends outside of his family. Maia was nice and everything, but they both knew they were going to go their separate ways eventually.


“No, I’ll stay here. You go find some people to sit with.”


Maia nodded. “Oh, okay.” She looked a little annoyed, and Sirius felt a twinge of guilt as she headed down the narrow corridor. Then he focused his attention on the mousy-haired boy and sat down opposite him.


“Hey. What’s your name?”


The boy glanced up from his book quite reluctantly. “Remus Lupin.”


“I’m Sirius Black,” Sirius introduced himself rather enthusiastically, “So…Hogwarts, huh? Excited much?”


The boy didn’t reply for a moment. He sighed and lowered his book, glancing across at Sirius.


“Look. I appreciate that you’re trying to be nice to me. If you don’t mind, I’ll finish my book.”


Feeling a bit rejected, Sirius watched as Remus picked the book up again and continued to read as the Hogwarts Express jerked to a start.



Maia felt a little lost as she wandered down the corridor, searching for a place to sit. Several times, she’d interrupted meaningful conversations between older students. She’d stammered and excused herself while they glared at her – but that wasn’t the worst. One time she’d walked in a game of Exploding Snap, and another time on a couple passionately making out.


Maia opened this next compartment door and saw a red-haired girl around her own age talking to a greasy-haired boy. They both looked up and Maia felt her cheeks growing hot as she made to close the door.


“No, it’s alright,” the red-haired girl called over to her, “Come inside. We could do with some company.”


By the sour look on the greasy-haired boy’s face, he felt otherwise. Gulping, Maia moved across to sit down next to the red-haired girl.


“I’m Lily Evans,” the girl said. She seemed a kind sort and Maia found herself instantly warming up to her. “That’s Severus Snape. We knew each other before, you see.”


Maia nodded understandingly. “I’m Maia Black. It’s nice to meet you both.”


Well, more so Lily than Severus. He just looked out the window and kept darting Maia bitter looks as if she’d interrupted something. Feeling a little self-conscious, Maia tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear.


“So do you have any idea what house you want to be in when you get there?”


“House?” Lily shook her head slowly. “No, I’m Muggle-born, you see. I didn’t know anything about magic until very recently. When I got the letter I thought it was some kind of practical joke!”


If she was anything like the rest of her family, Maia would have excused herself to go and make some nice, appropriate pure-blood friends. But Maia and Sirius were the same in the fact that they didn’t care about blood status. People were people.


“I’m the opposite,” confessed Maia, “I come from an old pure-blood family. If I hadn’t got into Hogwarts they would have cast me out on the streets. Basically I’m expected to be in Slytherin, like the rest of my family.”


Lily nodded sympathetically. “Expectations are just the worst sometimes, aren’t they?” 


Maia smiled. When they got to Hogwarts, things would change. She would be sorted into Slytherin and hang out with all of the snobby pure-bloods, while Lily would probably go to somewhere like Hufflepuff. But for now, Maia was content to defy her family’s strict blood regulations and just talk with Lily.


By the time James Potter entered the compartment, Sirius was glad for the distraction. He recognized him immediately as the boy whose mother was sobbing on the platform, but decided it was better not to say so. James glanced across at the two other boys.


The mousy-haired one was reading a book. The other one, who was rather tall, dark-haired and probably would attract many girls in later years with his good looks, was simply lounging about as if he owned the place.

“Close the door, why don’t you?” he drawled lazily.


The mousy-haired boy looked across at James before returning to his book. James closed the door and headed over to sit beside the boy with the book. The tall boy jerked a finger at him.


“That’s Remus Lupin. I’m Sirius Black.”


First year had its fair share of introductions.

“I’m James Potter.”


There was a bang in the corridor, followed by a squeal and laughter. James reopened the door and stuck his head out. A rather chubby blond boy, probably a first year, got up off the ground, red-faced and clearly embarrassed. A boy with platinum blond, around Narcissa’s age, was smirking down at him. He was surrounded by others around his own age, all of them jeering.


“That should teach you to give cheek to a fifth year, you little brat.”


“Leave him alone.”


They all whirled around. The blond fifth year, James and the chubby boy. It was a girl with strawberry-blonde hair, grey-blue eyes and a smattering of freckles across her face. She stood there with her arms folded and her eyes narrowed, even though she couldn’t have been any older than James.


“What?” spat the fifth year, and by the green and silver lining on his robes, James knew him to be a Slytherin, “How dare you speak to me in such an insolent manner! Do you know who I am?”


Definitely a pure-blood with that attitude. The girl just shrugged and crouched down to offer a helping hand to the chubby boy, who took it appreciatively and got to his feet.


“Don’t know, don’t care.”


The fifth year glared at her. “Little brat.”


Then he turned his back on her and stalked off down the corridor along with his friends. Sirius had moved into the corridor to see what the commotion was about – even Remus had put down his book to have a look.


“Thanks,” the chubby boy said, “You saved my skin. I’m Peter Pettigrew.”


The girl smiled. “Tanith Winters. Any chance to show up those Slytherin snobs, and I’ll take it.”


Sirius immediately stiffened. “Clearly you’re not going to be one of them.”

Tanith raised her eyebrows. “What, and you are? I know what they’re like. Didn’t you just see?”


Sirius’s tone was cold. “Actually, practically all of my family has been in Slytherin and some of them are okay. It’s a common mistake people make, assuming they’re all bad.”


Tanith shrugged. “You must be from a pure-blood family then.”


Sirius inclined his head. “The Ancient and Most Noble House of Black.”


Tanith couldn’t help but smile at the sarcasm in his voice. Much as he disliked her making assumptions about people in Slytherin, Sirius just couldn’t hate her. She seemed like a naturally kind-hearted person, especially the way she’d stuck up for Peter.


“You guys coming in, or what?” James was leaning in the doorway.


Peter leaned down to pick up his luggage off the floor as Tanith pulled her trunk into the compartment. Once they were all in, James closed the door behind them. Remus immediately went back to his book after the introductions were done.


“Winters…” Sirius seemed to be considering, “I think I’ve heard of a Winters before…that’s right, Daniel Winters! He’s a Quidditch player. Any relation?”


Tanith flushed a little. “Yeah he’s my dad.”


James looked awestruck. “No way! But…that’s wicked.”


Tanith laughed. “Not really. It means I don’t get to see him much.”


They then delved into the world of Quidditch – a game that the entire wizarding world was fascinated by. Tanith recounted how much of her childhood had been spent on a broomstick and Sirius started to talk about some of the funny things that had happened at family social events. By the time the trolley lady came around, they were all laughing; even Remus was smiling a little behind his book.


“Anything from the trolley, dears?”


Sirius looked up at the prospect of food. His stomach was growling and he certainly had enough money to pay for something to eat. Remus remained behind his book, while Peter gazed longingly at the food trolley.


Sirius grinned. “We’ll take a bit of everything.”



It was dark by the time they reached Hogwarts. Maia pressed her face against the window, smiling as she looked upon the castle. It was eerily beautiful – all flickering lights reflected on the lake below. She smiled; this wasn’t what she’d expected…it was much better. Lily and Severus were looking similarly amazed.


“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” breathed Lily, “To think we’ll be spending the next six or seven years here.”


When they all started getting off the train, the apprehension nestled in Maia’s stomach. What house would she be in? If she was in Slytherin, would she make any friends? Her insides felt twisted and knotted with anticipation.

“Hey, Maia!”



As they stepped off the train, someone called her name. It didn’t surprise her to see Sirius heading towards her, grinning. It also didn’t surprise her that he had his own little entourage. Her cousin was certainly going to be very popular at Hogwarts, she could already tell.


She noted the members of his group. There was a boy with glasses and unruly black hair; a quiet-looking, mousy-haired boy; a slightly chubby blond boy…and there was a girl, more cute than pretty with her delicate features and wavy hair. Sirius introduced them individually and then Maia introduced Lily and Severus.


“Firs’ years this way, please!”


Maia’s eyes widened as she saw a massive man headed towards them. He had a kindly expression as he waved the lantern in front of them. She felt tiny in comparison. She wasn’t even five feet tall yet.


“The name’s Hagrid. I’m gamekeeper ‘ere at ‘ogwarts. Follow me now!”


They moved down towards the lake, chattering curiously amongst themselves. A curly-haired boy was laughing quite nastily with his friend, before he turned to speak to Peter.


“Nott wants to know if it’s true that Lucius Malfoy hexed you on the train.”


Tanith pushed her way into the conversation. “If you mean that snobby blond bully, then yes. Some people really need to learn some manners.”


The curly-haired boy’s lip curled into a sneer. “Nobody asked you. Who do you think you are?”


“Tanith Winters,” she replied coolly, “And you are?”

“Evan Rosier.”


Tanith laughed which only served to make Rosier confused.


“Ah. A pure-blood. That explains it.”


Sirius frowned, not liking her prejudice against pure-bloods.


Considering her father was a Quidditch player, he guessed she was a half-blood. After another few moments, they found themselves on the bank of the lake, standing by a group of small boats that bobbed in the water.


“Four ter a boat, please!” Hagrid shouted, taking one for himself.

Sirius, Remus, Peter and James all jumped into a boat. Tanith gnawed at her lip, looking a little lost…before she noticed that there was room for one more in the boat with Maia, Severus and Lily. It was either that or sit with Rosier and Nott. She scrambled towards the boat.


“Mind if I get in?”


Maia shook her head. “Nope. Go ahead.”


Upon reaching Hogwarts, the first years had all become nervous. They chattered amongst themselves. One or two of them laughed, but it sounded rather forced. Mostly, they were quiet, wondering what was going to happen. After a few tense moments, a stern-looking woman with her hair in a tight bun entered the room where the first years had been herded to.


“Good evening. I am Professor McGonagall. Follow me.”


Tanith took out her wand and looked down at it as they moved along behind the Professor. Hers was 13 inches, made of rowan wood with a core of unicorn hair. She was worried. Maybe there was some kind of magical test they needed to pass to get in? She’d never asked her parents, who had both attended Hogwarts.


Once they entered the Great Hall, Sirius glanced around approvingly. There were banners hanging over each table, where students sat chattering amongst themselves, paying no attention to the arrival of the first years.

Over the Slytherin table hung a snake with a green and silver background. Over Hufflepuff, a badger with yellow and black. Over Ravenclaw, an eagle with blue and bronze. Over Gryffindor, a lion with gold and red. Sirius took a second glance at the table, where he’d most likely be Sorted. He could see the fifth year boy – Lucius Malfoy, apparently – who they’d already made an enemy of.


The first years gathered around while Professor McGonagall brought out a small stool and a tattered hat. Now the whispers did start among the students – what was the hat for? Before they could get into a detailed discussion, Professor McGonagall unrolled her parchment and started calling names.


“Avery, Pieter.”


A boy with a sour expression on his face came to sit down on the stool. The hat had barely touched his head before it screamed, “SLYTHERIN!” This caused most of the first years to jump in shock; they hadn’t been aware that the hat spoke.


“Black, Maia.”


Maia took a deep breath as she walked towards the front of the assembly. She was only the second to be sorted, but she had a pretty good idea where she was going. She closed her eyes as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head.


Ah, another Black! It’s always rather dull sorting you lot. You all go to the same place…but you’re different, aren’t you? Oh, what an interesting mind, YOU have! There’s definitely potential for Slytherin…except somehow I don’t think that’s the house for you, no…GRYFFINDOR!”


Maia stood to her feet and her knees felt like jelly. No one clapped. They all knew she was a Black – and she had been sorted into Gryffindor. There was only a stunned silence and over at the Slytherin table, Maia saw Narcissa’s jaw drop in astonishment. Smiling weakly, she walked across and sat down at the Gryffindor table.


“Glad to have you,” grinned a freckled boy, a third year most likely, “We’ve never had one of your lot in Gryffindor before.”


“Black, Sirius!”


Sirius gulped as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head. Maia had been put into Gryffindor, so there was still a chance for him yet.


Well, look at you! Two Black cousins in the one sorting…and both of you VERY different from the others in your family. I see a strong resolve in you…a brave heart…GRYFFINDOR!”


This time, the students gasped. Two Blacks in Gryffindor, both in the one sorting? Now, this was just getting ludicrous. Andromeda was smiling thoughtfully over at the Ravenclaw table, but Narcissa was clearly seething.


Sirius didn’t look too happy. Unlike Maia, who had settled down with a relieved expression, he had a rather sour look on his face as he went and plunked himself down next to his cousin. Maia noticed Sirius’s bad temper, but didn’t comment on it.


A few more names were called – so far, every house had at least one student with the exception of Ravenclaw – and then Lily Evans was sorted into Gryffindor. She wasn’t the only one – James, Peter and Remus were also sorted into Gryffindor, along with two girls called Grace and Jenna who Tanith didn’t know.


James had been very pleased with being sorted into Gryffindor and had made quite a show of swaggering towards the table. Peter and Remus had both looked surprised more than anything.


After what seemed like forever, her name was called:


“Winters, Tanith.”


Sirius watched her with a frown. She had gone quite pale as she walked up to sit down on the stool. He turned to James.


“Where do you reckon she’ll be sorted?”


“Gryffindor, for sure,” James had no doubt in his mind, “You remember the way she stuck up for Peter on the train.”


Sure enough, the hat soon shouted, “GRYFFINDOR!” Tanith beamed as she scuttled over to the Gryffindor table; both of her parents had been in Gryffindor so it was sort of an expectation that she was to be sorted there as well.


As soon as ‘Zeller, Samiel’ had been sorted into Hufflepuff, the Sorting Hat and stool were taken away, the dishes in the tables suddenly were filled with all different kinds of food. Everyone dug in, eating as much as they could. James started trying to talk to everyone with his mouth full.


Lily wrinkled her nose. “You know, you really should wait until you’ve finished your mouthful before you start talking. It’s quite disgusting.”


James glared at her. “Who do you think you are, my mother? Why don’t you just shut up and mind your own business?”


It was in that moment, when Lily’s green eyes narrowed and she turned away, that the dislike between Lily Evans and James Potter was first formed. James deliberately ignored Lily from then on.


Once the feast was over and the plates had disappeared, a tall, old man rose. He stood in the table where the teachers sat, and there could be no doubting that this was Albus Dumbledore, headmaster at Hogwarts. He cleared his throat and everyone fell silent – except James.


“…and that’s when I stole his carpet. Borrowed, actually, because I did return it…”


Remus nudged James and he lapsed into silence when he realized that everyone else was quiet. Maia observed him with raised eyebrows, but James didn’t look perturbed at being the centre of attention. In fact, he looked rather pleased with himself.


“Good evening, and a special welcome to all our new first years. I trust you have enjoyed the feast. There are only a few notifications this year, but I urge you all to listen carefully. A Whomping Willow has been planted near the Shrieking Shack and I insist that you all stay well away from it. It is of a rather violent species and will not hesitate to attack you should you stray in its path.”


James grinned across at Sirius, who didn’t smile back. Tanith could quite clearly see that James was a rule-breaker. Lily rolled her eyes and sighed pointedly as Dumbledore continued to speak.


“Tryouts for your house Quidditch teams, for those second years and above, will be posted on the common room notice boards. If you have any queries, please see Madam Hooch.”


“What?” demanded Tanith, her grey-blue eyes widening, “But…first years can’t be in the Quidditch teams?”


James caught onto this very quickly and was clearly as much of an avid Quidditch fan as Tanith was. He thumped his fist on the table, startling Remus.


“That’s not fair! I was so looking forward to being a Chaser!”


“Don’t worry about it,” Remus said quietly, “You’d be crushed anyway. I mean, you’re not very tall. The Slytherins would kill you.”


James glowered at him. “Thanks for the support.”


Dumbledore was speaking again. “…and now it’s time to go to your dormitories. Prefects, if you would kindly show the first-years where to go.”


A curly-haired fifth year stood up, sighing as she made her way down towards the first years. She offered them a small smile.


“My name’s Sarah Donovan. Come with me.”


Most of the first years were already extremely tired as they followed Sarah up flights of stairs towards the Gryffindor Tower, but not too tired to notice that the staircases were actually moving. Sarah frowned as she noticed Grace and Jenna excitedly pointing.


“Hurry up, or the staircase will move and you won’t be able to get back for a couple of hours until it shifts back.”


They gathered around a portrait of a fat lady dressed in pink silk, who glanced imperiously down on them all. Most of them had seen enchanted paintings before, but those of Muggle-born heritage – such as Grace and Jenna – were enthralled by the Fat Lady.


“Password?” she asked.


“Conifer,” Sarah replied certainly and the painting swung open and they walked through into the common room.


James glanced around him in wonder. Over by the fire, a group of fourth years were having a game of Exploding Snap. Most of the plush armchairs were occupied by sixth or seventh years, who gave the first years a look that said they would be hexed if they even attempted to scab an armchair.


“You see, there’s a social hierarchy here,” Remus explained in an undertone as Sarah pointed out the girls’ and boys’ dorms. “As the first years, we’re generally trod on underfoot by the rest of the school. The second and third years will tease us as a general rule, only because they were like us not so long ago. Fourth and fifth years view us as little better than rodents and the sixth and seventh years will just pretend we don’t even exist.”


“Wonderful,” grumbled Sirius under his breath, already in a bad mood.


The four boys – there was no fifth because there were smaller numbers this year for some reason – headed up towards their dormitories. Indeed, just as Remus said, they passed a group of second years, who snickered and ruffled their hair as they walked by.


“Ooh, little first years!”


Sirius ground his teeth like he wanted to say something, but he just glared at them as they laughed. When they entered the dormitory, James glanced across at him with a frown.


“You right, Black? You seem kind of annoyed.”


“Yes, well.” Sirius’s tone was terse. “You would be too if you were sorted into a house your family hates. Now I’ve got to look forward to Narcissa telling my parents so I can receive a Howler from my dear mother telling me I’m a disgrace to the House of Black.”


“Surely it can’t be that bad,” Peter tried to sound optimistic, but Sirius just threw him a disgusted look and quickly changed into his pajamas. He practically threw himself into his bed and drew the curtains around him. It didn’t take long before they were subjected to Peter’s snores.



“What’s up with him?” James jerked a thumb towards Sirius’s bed.


Remus just shrugged as he changed into his pajamas. It wasn’t his place to judge anyone and he didn’t think he wanted to, not if he wanted to actually make any friends at Hogwarts.


“I’ve got no idea.”