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The Vampire Games by clairevampiress

Format: Novel
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 54,517
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Hermione, Draco, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Draco/Hermione

First Published: 04/21/2011
Last Chapter: 04/27/2012
Last Updated: 04/27/2012


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Draco's a newborn vampire, Hermione is the witch he went to for help. As they fight for their lives, they must unravel an aceint murder mystery, and a tie between their familes. Can they handle this ontop of their new emotions? 8000+ chapter 17 in quque 

Chapter 1: Encounter
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Authors Note: This chapter has been completely re-written, also special thanks to my beta Ashling. She did a great job at helping and pointing out things I hadn’t noticed. It reads so much smoother now.  She has a lot of patience and I appreciate her betaing this. It was in need of it. Enjoy!  

   Blood, a metallic and sweet smell, was so strong he could taste it in the air. It was the only thing he remembered the most from that life changing night a month ago. Even now it was still the same, only that it was her blood that called to him. It called to him everywhere he went. He shook his head trying to distract himself from the admittedly disturbing thoughts. He should not be thinking of her blood right then. It was distracting enough on a good day.

   He had started to follow her as soon as they arrived back to Hogwarts after the summer holidays. Not that she knew he was watching and following her around. She had remained blissfully unaware of his nearly constant presence. He didn’t really understand why he keep following her, especially her, but that was how he found out that she came to the Astronomy tower every night to clear her head and think.

   She was coming, he felt his fangs lower the sensation tickled the roof of his mouth as her scent, a rose and creamy scent that could only be described as vanilla, started to fill the hallway. He crouched behind the suit of armor he was hiding behind waiting for her to pass. Soon she was almost upon him, so close that all he had to do was reach over, grab her, and sink his fangs into her neck.

   He resisted, however his eyes flashed a blood red he closed his eyes fighting the urge and covered his nose trying to block out the scent that was uniquely her. Unfortunately her scent only became unbearably stronger. He could hear her heart beat and blood running through her veins. He always heard hers. No matter where they were or how many people surrounded them in class, in the hallways, or dining hall, hers always drowned out all others. The ability was truly starting to get on his nerves. He shook his head again.

  He crouched lower in the shadows ducking behind a suit of armor as she passed. He used the sleeve of his cloak to cover his mouth and nose until she had passed. Once he was sure it was safe to follow her, he jumped from the shadow of the suit of armor to another following her as stealthily as he could. He avoided the beams of light that shimmered through the window panes and holes in the ceiling. Placing one foot in front of the other, making sure he didn’t make a sound to alert her.

   Whenever she would stop to look around to see if she was being followed he pressed up against the wall keeping hidden in the shadows. He had to snap himself out of the trance her blood seemed to put him in. He didn’t want t hurt her if he didn’t focus he probably would. He knew he needed her help, no matter that he hated to admit it, even to himself. Once at the bottom of the stairs he looked up watching her from below, waiting for his chance. Assured that she wasn’t going to look down and catch him, he silently crept up the stairs. Again, he avoided the moonlight that now streamed through the open ceiling of the Astronomy tower. To reduce his chances of being caught, if the beams hit him it would cause a shadow she would undoubtedly see.

   He approached her slowly from behind. When she swerved around to see who it was she felt, he quickly disappeared. Once she had relaxed again, he decided to pounce. He easily pushed her up against the wall, pinning her to the wall by her wrists, facing away from him. He bent his head forward, grazing his fangs gently over her neck to get her attention.

“I need your help, Granger,” he whispered dangerously into her ear.

“M-Malfoy?” Granger squeaked, squirming to break free, but it only made him increase his grip on her wrists to keep her from struggling.

He heard her heartbeat quicken in fear, and he felt her tense as his fangs scraped against her neck harder than the first time.

“Y-you’re a vampire! What, how, when did that happen?” She spoke bravely; he could tell she was trying to hide her fear.

Draco didn’t think she was doing a very good job of it. He could hear the subtle difference in her voice.

“Be quiet Granger,” Draco hissed into her ear. “I need your help. I want you to come here tomorrow night at midnight, alone. If you tell anyone where you’re going or if you’re followed, I will know about it. Just so you know Potter’s invisibility cloak can’t hide his scent. If you do not agree to meet me or you fail to follow my terms,” he paused, “well I rather not think about it. You have until tomorrow night to make your decision.”

    He pushed away from her and was gone before she even had a chance to process everything that had happened. Draco knew that she’d be there. She was too much of a know it all to not want to find out the whole story. 

    The next morning Draco followed her after breakfast to the library. He knew she had the day off from classes that day. Since they had only 2 classes that day and she didn’t take any classes that taught on that day so she had free time, which is why he spoke to her last night so that she would have plenty of time to mull things over. He kept to the shadows, the hood of his cloak shielding him from the burning effects of the sun, and adjusted his darkly tinted glasses, that were charmed to protect his sensitive eyes.

   Granger currently sat at her usual spot in the far right corner of the library surrounded by what looked to be at least two dozen books. Draco suspected that she was researching vampires and debating with herself about whether or not she should meet him or not. She had her nose buried into the first one on the books on the pile. He snuck past her, an easy thing to do when she was reading and sat on the chair in the corner on the other side of the isle so he could still see her, and the corner was dark and away from windows.

   Around noon she was joined by Potter and Weasley, Draco tensed and leaned back more into his chair, making sure he was incased in the shadows that were created by the bookcase and the wall He tuned into their conversation, hoping that Granger wouldn’t give him away.

“Hey, we missed you at lunch,” Weasley spoke smiling as he took the seat next to her.

“We were worried; we figured you’d be here studying something. You know, most people actually relax when they have a day free of studying. What are you doing anyway?” Potter asked leaning over to see what she was reading.

How to spot and protect yourself against creatures of the night by Mathilda Bagshot,” Harry read aloud. “I don’t remember vampires being discussed or having homework assigned in Defense Against the Dark Arts. I thought that wasn’t until next term.” Potter continued sitting down opposite her.

“Yes well, Professor Richardson is letting me do an extra credit essay because you know; I’m paranoid about my grade in that class. It’s on vampires, really I’m fine.” She smiled sweetly to Potter, in which he returned it with a grin.

Draco gagged.

“Well, it really isn’t good for you to skip as many meals as you do when studying.” Draco heard a rustling sound as he watched Potter fish out a small bag of peanuts from his pocket. “It’s the only thing I knew I could get passed Madame Pince.” Potter passed the bag to Granger, which she took gratefully.

   Draco noticed that Potter’s hand lingered a fraction of a second longer than it needed to. Granger didn’t seem to notice. It was a small gesture that only guys could really detect. He scoffed. Did Potter really think he had a chance with her? Wait…Why did he care? He shook his head and blamed the passing thoughts on a lack of blood. 

   Potter and Weasley lingered in the library with Granger for another half hour talking and joking around. Draco wasn’t sorry to see them leave for class, but scoffed again when the hug between Potter and Granger lasted more than two seconds. Draco couldn’t tell if Potter kissed her on the cheek or not from the angle he was sitting at.

   Draco slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the blood replenishing potion that he had brought with him and took a sip. Normally Draco would have gone out hunting for his nourishment but he hadn’t had a chance to hunt in the past two days. The potion at least would tie him over until he could hunt again. Plus he hoped that the added nourishment would stop the crazy thoughts going through his mind. Granger went back to her spot, working even harder in her research, and could be seen scratching notes on a piece of parchment.

   He chuckled knowing that the idea of not knowing was driving Granger nuts. He could tell by how erratic her pulse was getting, and by the fact that he just knew her.

  He drummed his fingers on the table bored of watching Granger delve into one book after another. He soon noticed that she sucked and bit her lower lip when she was really into a book, or when something interesting had caught her eye. In fact he actually thought it was rather cute.

   Draco snapped awake at the sound of the library doors opening. He hadn’t even noticed that he had drifted off. Looking up, he saw that it was Potter again. Draco truly couldn’t stand him, even if he did save the Wizarding world from the Dark Lord.
   He tensed up thinking Granger may decide to tell Potter about their encounter, but she didn’t.

“I figured you could use some company. That and I need a little help with History of Magic.” Potter embarrassedly rubbed the back of his neck as he sat down next to her.

  To close for Draco’s liking, he felt his fangs unsheathing in reaction, but he ignored the impulse. Slamming his head quietly onto his arms disgusted and annoyed at his-self at the same time.

He looked back up, risking a glance back over to his enemy and Granger.

   They were deep in conversation about something, laughing, and their heads together, twice Granger hit Potter’s arm playfully before going back to her own work. Other than that they seemed to be working in comfortable semi silence.

   When night finally fell Draco watched them leave the library, Potter holding her bag and taking her hand as they walked back to their common room. He waited a full three minutes before leaving, but instead of following them like he wanted to, he went to the Astronomy tower and waited, deciding that the wait would give him time to calm down before Granger arrived.

   Exactly at midnight, he heard her coming up the stairs. He closed his eyes as he waited. His arms folded, leaning against the railing as the wind blew his white blonde hair in front of his eyes. The moon illuminated the area where he stood. It took five minutes before Granger emerged from the stairs. Slightly out of breath, having obviously run all the way there, her cheeks were flushed red and her hair was more of a mess than usual.

   She cautiously entered the tower room. Draco turned around to face her, jumping up onto the railing so that he was sitting on it; his hands gripping the golden metal for support. Granger placed one hand to her hip, her other hand held her wand, which she raised and pointed it defensively at Draco.

He just smirked keeping a deceiving calm and relaxed appearance.

“Put your wand away Granger before you hurt yourself,” he laughed as she scowled at him.

“Okay, listen up Malfoy. You better start explaining to me what is going on. What happened to you? How are you a vampire; and while you are at it, why don’t you tell me, why on earth do you need my help?”

“Well, as much as I hate everything you represent, I can’t deny that your intelligent, not to mention that I can easily get over your blood status if you are of use, which you are. Trust me; it pains me just as much as it pains you.”

   Draco covered his mouth and nose with his hand, fighting the instinct to just kill her and be done with her forever.

“You better listen up Granger, because what I am about to tell you concerns me, you, and the welfare of others. Plus I will not be repeating myself, so use that brain of yours to actually remember what I am about to say. I truly hate repeating myself to your kind.”

“My kind?” she hissed angrily. “You listen to me Malfoy, if you want my help you are going to have to start treating me with at least some respect, or no deal.”

 Draco mulled it over in his head, weighing the pros and cons. After a few minutes he had made his decision.

“Fine, you have a deal. Now will you listen to me?”

Granger folded her arms over her chest.

“Yes, go on.”

Draco cleared his throat and began to speak.


Chapter 2: Change
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   Author's note: Warning Substance use or abuse for this chapter.  Also Senstive/topic/theme/Issue. This has been completly re-written and special thanks to my beta! for helping me improve the story 

    Draco looked over at Granger; his face was paler than usual. He had already been pale, which in this case was a very good attribute to have since no one would notice that he was a vampire by looking at him. Otherwise, Draco was sure that someone would have already figured it out. The fact that he was a very good actor didn’t hurt matters either.


   Taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes and could feel his fangs sliding down. Her scent was so intoxicating it was getting difficult to control himself around her.


  “It started a month ago,” he began. “I was in my bedroom finishing the last of my summer homework, when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I looked over to my bed side clock and saw that it was eight-thirty pm, so I assumed that it was one of the house elves…,” he trailed off looking over to Granger.


   Granger was currently giving him the most disapproving scowl he had ever seen in his life. Draco would have found it rather cute if it had it not been so disruptive.


“Don’t look at me like that,” he snapped at her, “I am very polite and nice to my house elves, it is my father that is so cruel and abusive.”


   He heard her quietly huff to herself and could tell she was about to speak up.


“This is not the time for you to start on your SPEW,” he cut her off before she could say a single word on the subject.


   Here he was trying to explain to her what had happened to him and about how badly things were about to get, and all she cared about was the treatment of his house elves. It was enough to drive a sane person crazy. He was not even surprised when Granger sighed in annoyance, clearly wanting to say what was on her mind, but he knew she realized that now wasn’t the right time for that conversation.


“May I continue now or would you like to add something else.”


“No please do continue, Malfoy. I’m all ears.” She sarcastically said while continuing to glare at him.


  It seemed to him that even when they were trying to be civil to one another they still couldn’t talk to each other without breaking into some form of fight. Some things would never change.


“There’s no need to be so sarcastic.” He said rolling his blood red eyes, which glowed in the darkness, before continuing. “As I was saying…”



   I had heard a knock at my bedroom door, and thought it was Trinket, my house elf, who always knocks before entering so that it does not startle me. However, when I opened the door, I was shocked to see it was my father. I found this very curious because my father never just decided on a whim to come see me. Ever since Potter defeated the Dark Lord and the Wizengamot decided to put father on house arrest, he has hardly left his study except to eat and sleep.


   My father swept by me into the room so fast that he knocked into me. I stumbled and had to hold onto the door to keep from falling.  Once I had gained my balance I turned around to face my father. I tensed as I watched wearily as he paced back and forth at the end of my bed, while tugging at his hair erratically. To be truthful, he looked like a rabid werewolf. It was obvious that my father had been drinking, even from three feet away I could smell the fire whiskey radiating off him. I hate it when he drinks because I can never predict what he is going to do. I have the scars to prove it. He had the tendency to become rather violent toward me and others around him.


   He stopped pacing and turned towards me, his eyes were wild and dark from drinking, and I could tell that something was really bothering him.


   “Draco,” he paused, “I need you to apparate to Nocturn Alley and then head to Borgan and Burkes. There you should find  a spiderweb necklace made completely of finely cut strands silver with an onyx spider in the middle of the web on the far left back counter. I need you to pick it up.”


“Father, What…?” I tried to ask


“Don’t ask questions!” He snapped pointing his wand at my chest.


   My only choices were to either go on this crazy errand, or stay here and get punished.  I knew that I had no other choice but to choose the former. If I had known then what I know now about what would happen I would have stayed there.


   I decided that it was best not to push my father’s temper, so I picked up my wand from off my desk and aparated. Upon appearing in Nocturn Alley I immediately noticed that it was unusually silent. Normally there would be a ton of noise all throughout Nocturn Alley from the many strange untrustworthy people interacting with each other and the vendors yelling out their many wares. No matter the time of day, or night one would suspect some amount of chaos. However tonight there was nothing but dark silence. Looking around I noticed a light in the distance coming from Borgan and Burkes. It seemed to be the only place open in all of Nocturn Alley.


   Even though it was summer the air was as cold as an early winter night. I could see my breath coming out in bursts of white mist in front of me. Shaking the chill off I headed toward the only beam of light in the darkness and entered the store.


   It didn’t take me long before I reached the shop. I opened the door of the store cautiously, hearing the bell above the door ring three times as it opened and shut it. Taking out my wand from my pocket I held it in front of me tightly, while I quickly scanned the interior of the store for any sign of the owners. Unfortunately there seemed to be no sign of life at all in the whole store. My instincts were telling me that something about the situation felt terribly wrong and since my instincts were normally right, I just wanted to find the necklace so that I could get out of there.


   It took me over an hour of hard searching through counters filled with odd objects and tons of boxes in the back of the store before I was able to find the necklace. It had been hidden in a cupboard in very back of the storage room on the highest shelf. My hand hesitated over the necklace, goose bumps crawled down my spine. Again I got the feeling that something wasn’t right.  Suddenly I hear a loud bang behind me and my hand grasped the necklace


  It happened immediately: Draco felt as though a hook just behind his navel had been suddenly jerked irresistibly forward. His feet left the ground as his whole body was speeding forward in a howl of wind. Just as suddenly his feet slammed into the ground and the necklace fell out of his hand.


   The necklace had been a portkey and looking around it seemed to have transported me to somewhere in the black forest. In the distance I recognized a house that was once used as a Death Eater hideout. As you could probably imagine I was extremely tense and freaked out by this. I looked around me carefully trying to get my bearings, while I picked up the necklace up from the ground and put it around my neck.


  Casting Lumos on my wand I circled the area around me trying to see everything around me at once. As I circled towards the left I saw three hooded figures appear from the trees into the clearing.


“Is this him?” the tallest of the three spoke.


“Yes, he has the necklace and he smells like a Malfoy,” the one to the right replied.


   I was obviously confused since I had no idea what these crazy people were talking about. I looked over at the smallest of the group, the stranger on the right, and could tell just by his stance that he was the one in charge despite the fact that it seemed as if he was trying to act innocent. The small man looked up at the night sky and was shocked by the sight of his fangs. It was then that I knew they were vampires.


   The one on left began speaking again; however I didn’t hear a word he was saying because I was distracted by a rustling sound to my far left. I turned towards the sound and saw another man standing in the moonlight. He had Pale skin, blood red eyes flashing in the moon light, and long silver hair falling to midway down his back. It was obvious to be that the new stranger was also a vampire. Judging by what I was seeing I could tell that this one was stronger than the three cloaked ones standing in front of me. My heart beat quickened. Not out of fear but anxiousness. I didn’t know it then but that would be one of the last times my heart would ever beat again.


   Every instinct was telling me that I was out numbered and need to run if I wanted to survive, however I don’t know why but I decided to stand and fight. The next thing I knew I was being surrounded on all sides by the four vampires. Instantly I knew that the only chance I had to survive was if I started shooting spells at the vampires in hopes of clearing a path for escape. Unfortunately no matter what spell I shot at the vampires nothing seemed to be working. It didn’t help that they were able to dodge faster than anyone I have ever seen in my life.


   Suddenly I saw an opening to my right and I made a run for it. I could hear the vampires yelling orders at each other behind me. My mind was running a mile a minute, trying to come up with some way to get to safety.  The whole time I ran I kept shooting spells behind me. Bam, a cold sharp wind hit the left side my face and I was slammed from behind into a tree.


“This is going to hurt,” one of the vampires whispered into my left ear.


   I tried to turn my head so that I could get a look at which one had me pinned against the tree, but it only caused him to press me harder into the tree. The next thing I knew there was pain in my neck from where the vampire had bitten me. I could feel my life slowly draining from my body.  I knew was going to die and there was nothing I could bloody do about it.


  I was just about to lose consciousness when I felt myself being spun around, my back scraping against the bark of the tree. I was so weak I couldn’t even open my eyes to see which vampire had attacked me and then I felt something hot and sweet dripping onto my lips. The liquid had a sharp metallic taste. Something in me knew that it was blood, my attackers blood, dripping unto my lips. Even though I knew  shouldn’t drink the blood, but a part of me knew that in order  to survive I would have to.  Using the last of my strength I grabbed hold of his wrist, wrapped my lips around it and drank.


   When my attacker finally managed to pull his wrist away from me, I thought I was going to be okay. At least for a second there I did until the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life, worse than even being hit by the Crucio curse, hit me. For over an hour I my body writhed on the forest floor.  I was able to tell how long by the position of the moon in the night sky.


   Finally I felt my heart stop beating.  My eyes became sharper and I was able to see better than I ever had been able to. My hearing also become sharper and  I started hearing the heart beats and blood flow of every living animal  around me. I could even hear every little tree leaf that rustled in the wind.  It was like being born again, yet the pain didn’t seem to be letting up.  The pain didn’t stop until I was able to grab a passing rabbit. Biting into the animal, I drained it quickly causing the pain to finally stop.


   By the time I was able to gather my wits about me, all four of the vampires were gone.  I was a newborn vampire  and angry. Angry that I had been beaten in a fight, and angry that I had been changed, A fact that hadn’t quite reached my brain yet.Most of all I was hungry. A hunger that was so intense I never felt anything like it. I had no clue what to do and so I did the first thing that came to mind I grabbed my fallen wand from the ground by the tree and casted the Lumos spell. For a split second I was worried that I might not be able to do magic. Thankfully I was still able to. So I summoned up a protronus and sent it to Professor Dumbledore. Surprisingly he answered me back despite the fact that I had tried to kill him in sixth year.


   The crazy thing was the old coot already knew that I had turned.  I don’t know how he knew, but he has been giving me blood replenishing potions ever since. Dumbledore then brought me here to Hogwarts to live until school started. A week after I arrived at Hogwarts I received a letter with an unknown seal. Inside it read:


   Dear New Blood Draco Abraxus Lucius Malfoy,

You are hereby summoned by the High Court Council to Vlad Dracula’s hidden castle on October 31st  for the New Blood tournament. The instructions are located on the back of this letter. Every five hundred years all newly turned vampires are to fight for the right to continue living. Those who fail will be killed. Those who survive shall be allowed to continue living and then have a right to gain rank. Be aware that this is not a request, failure to come to the tournament will result in you being hunted down and killed. You are allowed to bring one outsider in order to help you during the tasks. Note that new bloods from all kind of the clans, as well as already established vampires will be there, so make sure that your outsider is capable of handling his or her self. Be advised that you are not to leave them unattended for any reason or you shall suffer the consequences.






Secretary to the High Council


 "After thinking about it for days I came to the decision that you would be the best person to ask to help me. You’re the only one I feel that would be able to handle yourself against a bunch of vampires and intelligent enough to help me with any task that they give me. For weeks I have been trying to figure out how I could get your help.”


  As soon as he finished speaking he stepped forwards and handed Granger the letter that the High Council sent to him. Looking up at him, she took the letter he offered to her and started to read it. Draco figured that she would have wanted to read the letter so that she could confirm what he had said was true. 


“Even though I would rather you answer quickly, I am going to give you time to think, so you don’t have to answer right now. In fact you can also keep the letter. I already have it completely memorized so I really don’t need it. I shall await your final answer by owl.”


   Quicker than she could blink Draco disappeared into the shadows leaving her to think she was left alone in the dark shadowy astronomy tower. From his hiding place Draco watched as the moonlight shone down upon her making her look like an angel to his darkness. He stood there watching her think , waiting for her to make a decision on whether or not she would actually help him or not.


   Part of himself wondered why he didn’t tell her about how he had been thinking of her in those last moments, but that would mean he would had to admit it to himself.  He would rather blame it on the ravenous hunger of the change. After all he is a Malfoy and she is Granger.


Chapter 3: Hermione's Decision
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   Hermione didn't sleep well that night. She kept tossing and turning unable to get comfortable, while thinking about all the things that Draco had said to her. Looking over at her night stand, the clock read an hour until breakfast. With a deep sigh, Hermione decided to give up on sleep, tossing the blankets off her the bed, she got up and headed for the bathroom.

   Hermione was so tired and lost in her thoughts that she never even saw the dark shadowing figure standing near the window closest to her bed, slink out of the room towards the flight of stairs. Yawning, Hermione headed straight into the bathrooms to do her usual morning routine, taking an extra-long and hot shower to help refresh her enough to get through her classes before heading down to the great hall for breakfast.

   The great hall was practically empty this early in the morning. In fact that only ones in the Great Hall was two Ravenclaw fifth years and a second year Hufflepuff. Hermione cross the Great Hall and went over to her usual spot at the Gryffindor table.

   Sitting down Hermione proceded to randomly pile food on her plate with not really noticing what she was putting on it, lost in her thoughts. She half-heartedly picked at her breakfast not really in the mood to eat. A sudden tap on her shoulder startled Hermione out of her thoughts and caused her to jump two feet in her seat. Turning around she saw that it was Harry.

  “You ok Mione? Ever since yesterday you have been off, and don’t think I haven’t noticed.

“I’m fine. Just a lot on my mind, exams you know?”

“Uh-huh, like I believe that.” He said sitting down next to her.

  She groaned inwardly. Harry was more observant than was good for him sometimes

  “No matter how hard you’re studying,” he pointed at her plate before continuing, “I have never seen you eat cereal on toast,” causing her to look down at her plate.

  She had indeed, embarrassingly enough, put cereal on her toast, as well as something that looked very much like scrambled eggs. She pushed her plate away having lost what little appetite she did have.

“So are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?” Harry asked.

  “Just, thinking about my parents, that’s all. They are still quite a bit angry at me for wiping their memories before sending them to Australia, where they would be safe, instead of letting them keep their memories.” She lied.

  Harry didn’t seem to believe her but didn’t call her out on the lie. Hermione never could lie very well, especially not to Harry.

  “You know you can always talk to Ron and me about anything that might be bothering you, right. Even Ron’s noticed you have been a bit dodgy since Thursday evening, when you came in late.”

“I know. I’m fine, really, I am just not feeling my best that’s all.”

“I see, then you should probably try to take it easy today. What are your plans for this nice Saturday? Please, don’t tell me you are going to the library.”

  She couldn’t help but smile. “I’m going to the library”

“I figured you would say that, you would probably live in the library if they would let you.” There was a small chuckle in his voice.

   “So? I like the library. Full of dusty tomes waiting to be read and explored. It’s our last year here anyway. There are a few sections I haven’t finished reading and others I have yet to explore. Besides I have that extra credit paper due Monday for Defense against the Dark arts, I told you that yesterday.”

  “Alright, alright calm down Mione. I have quidditch practice today anyway. You should come and watch, you could use the fresh air. You haven’t been outside since our Care of Magical Creatures class Wednesday morning.”

She smiled, kissed Harry on the cheek and got up to leave.

  “Ok Harry, I’ll do that. I could use the break anyway. Plus, I like watching Ron and you play. As long as you guys are the ones doing the flying and my feet stay firmly on the ground I am happy.”

  She left a smiling Harry, her barely touched food behind, and made her way to the library. When she got there Hermione went to her favorite secluded spot in the back corner. Sitting on the chair at the far corner of the table, the same one as she did every day and pulled out a quill, an ink bottle, and a piece of parchment. She needed to sort out her thoughts.

  Hermione dipped her quill into the ink and started to scratch out her thoughts on the parchment. By creating a T- chart, Hermione began listing the pro’s on one side and the Con's on the other side on whether or not she should help Malfoy.


1. I would be able to use my skills to help. I can find facts faster than anyone else in their school, also my defense magic could use some practice.

2. He had asked for my help.

The fact that he had even asked for her help, a muggleborn, meant that he was in serious need.

3. It affects more than one person. It affects me because this council probably knows I know by now and if I don’t help It will put me and my friends in danger.

I want to help people. Plus, I haven’t been able to test my magical abilities in a while, At least outside of class. How will I get good at Defense if I don’t put it to use.?

4. This would be great learning opportunity to find out more information about vampires.

Especially since I am planning on going into the law field after graduating Hogwarts, the more I learn about other creatures now the easier it will be for me to help and judge all wisely and fairly.

5. It would be a great test on how well I can handle things.

I know I work well under pressure, since I’ve done it before. However, this situation will not only test my defensive abilities against more than just your ordinary creatures, wizards, and witches, but it will also test me on how well I can work under the pressure of working with someone I find so distasteful.

6. Possibly learn new kinds of magic.

As much as I love to learn from books, there’s much that still needs to be discovered and I know that can only be done through firsthand experience. Vampires have the oldest form of magic, though they can’t usually use wand magic.

7. Learn the ways of another kind of creature.

Well this goes with a great opportunity to learn more about vampires. She scratched that one out.

8. This could help me in the future.

Great for future reference.

9. Oddly Enough I want to help.

Even though Malfoy has done nothing but make the last eight years of my life a living hell, I still want to help him. Maybe I feel like I owe him for trying to protect us from his aunt finding out whom we were, or maybe it is something else? I really just don’t know. I guess the only way I am going to find out is if I agree to help Malfoy.


1. He is Malfoy.

I hate him, he hates me. It’s always been like that, it will always be like that.

2. He’s a git.

He is the most insufferable male I know and the only one that can truly get under my skin. The only guy I wouldn’t have minded if he disappeared all of a sudden.

3. He has a terrible attitude.

His attitude is absolutely horrid! I don’t know how long I would be able to deal with his attitude before wanting to kill him. Would I even survive long enough to get to wherever this tournament is taking place at?

4. We'd kill each other.

This is a proven fact. Whenever Malfoy and me are  in the same room sparks tend to fly. I wouldn’t give us five minutes before we are at each other’s throats.

5. He's put me through hell for years.

Yet he saved me twice.

6. I'd be stuck with him.

I would be going against every rule in my book concerning Malfoy. This option also goes with the fact that I hate him, he is a terrible person with a bad attitude, and that we’d kill each other if we were together for more than 5 minutes.

7. I hate him.

This sums everything negative up.

Hermione surveyed her list thinking. By this time it was noon.

  She weighed her options going over everything that had happened the last two days starting with last Thursday when Draco first approached her in the Astronomy tower. She had gone there to get some fresh air and to think. Lately she had been feeling weird around her best friend. Every time Harry was near her she felt…giddy, if that made any since. Then malfoy had stormed in ruining her peaceful thinking area by freaking her out.

  She remembered the fear she felt when his fangs had grazed her neck, though she noted to herself that he had been quite gentle. He could have hurt her if he wanted to, but he hadn’t, and she wondered why.

  Looking down at her chart it was obvious that the positives far outweighed the negatives. Plus, her curiosity was getting the better of her. She could learn to get over the cons. She would help, but Malfoy would have to do something in return. She would figure out what when she next spoke to him.

   She started putting everything in her bags, her mind still going over every little detail as she walked out of the library and made her way to the Owlery. Once at the Owlery she quickly scratched out her reply to Malfoy.

Dear Malfoy

I have thought about it and I have decided that I will accept your invitation. Send an owl with where you would like to meet and when.


Hermione Granger

  She kept it short and to the point. Folding up the letter, she called down one of the school owls, attaching the letter to its leg, giving it a small treat before sending the owl on its way off the balcony.

   To be truthful she wasn't looking forward to being Malfoy's companion during the tournament. It made her uneasy to think about the fact that she'd be alone with Malfoy and a bunch of vampires for an unseen amount of time. Especially since most of the vampires will probably be Newborns. On the way back down the Owlery steps heading towards the common room, she bumped into someone.

“Sorry.” She apologized quickly looking up.

It was Harry. She wasn’t surprised.

“I thought you were supposed to be at practice?

   "Hello Hermione. Practice isn’t for another hour. I thought you were going to be in the library?" He said catching her by her arms so that she wouldn't fall.

   The familiar warmth of being near Harry went through her and sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

"What are you doing up here?" he asked.

  "I was at the library, I uh, couldn’t get my parents out of my mind so I would send them a letter, you know too apologize again. I also decided to send them some more of that sugarless candy floss that they like so much," she lied quickly.

   She hated to lie to Harry, but she knew that if she told him what was really going on he would end up telling Ron, and together they would never let her go, especially not when it involved her being alone with their worst Enemy.

"Oh ok," he grinned believing her lie easily.

  "I was just looking for you actually. I wanted to ask if you can help Ron and me after practice with our Transfiguration homework, because you know we just aren’t getting it.” He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Sure, I don't mind helping,” she replied with a smile.

   It was true she really didn't mind, she welcomed a distraction from what she was about to do. She didn't want to leave her best friends. Hermione didn’t even know when she would see them again, and so she decided that she would grab what little time she could with them.

“Shall we head down to practice then?” He asked holding out his hand, which she took gratefully.

   Harry and Hermione had barely made two steps onto the field, when they heard Ginny’s voice shouting at Seamus. Harry shrugged and ran over to the fiery hot tempered red head and Seamus in hopes of diffusing the situation before things could get worse. While Hermione proceed up to the stands to watch catching sight of Seamus’ girlfriend, Pavarti.

 “What did he do this time?” Hermione asked Pavarti sitting down next to her. 

 “He lined her training robes with some form of powder from the twin’s joke shop that apparently makes boils appear.” Pavarti managed to say between fits of giggles.

   They watched as it took Harry twenty minutes of arguing with Ginny and Seamus, and the occasional spell flying in order for him to get the situation under control. At one point Hermione had to duck down quickly to avoid being hit by one of Ginny’s bat boggie hexes.

   The Practice itself was good. It proved to be just the distraction that Hermione had needed. She had been proud to see that Ron was getting even better at his keeping skills, and Seamus was becoming one hell of a chaser. She was soon lost in the hype, and even cheered with the other girls; who had split up into two teams to support their relative friends or boyfriends, mini teams.

   Practice ended just as the sun had started to set. As a group Hermione, Harry, and Ron headed inside for a quick dinner, and then they headed to the common room to work on their Transfiguration homework.

  It took Hermione most of the night to help the boys catch up with, not only their Transfiguration, but also Charms, Potions and History of Magic. The whole time she kept looking out the window hoping to get Malfoy's reply, but no owl came. Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t seen Malfoy at dinner. She knew this because she had kept checking over at the Slytherin table for glimpses of his blonde head. 

   With a sigh Hermione stood up from the table that she had been sitting at for the last 4 hours, and stretched. The boys having gone to bed a half an hour ago leaving Hermione at the table supposedly finishing a Potions essay, but really she was waiting for an owl to arrive with a reply from Malfoy. However, it was obvious that she wouldn’t be getting a reply tonight, so she tiredly went up the girl’s stair case using the wall to keep her balance.

   Pulling back the curtains around her bed to lay down, Hermione found that she couldn’t, because Malfoy was already lying across her bed with one arm behind his head reading her letter.

Three thoughts went through her mind at that moment.

One: What was Malfoy doing lying on her bed?

Two: How did he, a boy and a Slytherin boy at that, get into the girls dormitories?   

Three: Why was he in her room anyway, when he could have just owled her.


Chapter 4: Journey-Edited-
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      "Malfoy!" Hermione nearly screamed and jumped as far away from the bed as possible. "What on earth? How did you? How is this possible? You’re a boy! Boys aren’t supposed to even be able to get into the girls dormitories! And this is the GRYFINDOR girl’s dormitory. To get in you'd have to be a Gryffindor. How did a Slytherin get in here!." She was pacing and jumpy looking for how he got in. She was also babbling and making no sense what so ever. Malfoy had done something thought impossible. He did something Granger didn't know and confused her into babbling lunacy.

   Why Hermione was freaking out, Draco sat up with his trade mark smirk. Sitting on the edge of the bed watching her pace His eyes were his normal Mercury-silver orbs. But, He watched her much like a Like a snake watches its victim. He enjoyed getting her flustered. The fact that no one else could just encouraged is ego. He kept this to himself though before speaking.

  "If you would settle down Granger, I'd tell you. But as is you wouldn't even hear me over your inane babble!" He smirked watching her gather her thoughts. He waited for her heart beat to slow back down to its normal familiar rhythm. This caused Malfoy to calm as well. His eyes followed her as she went and sat down on the opposite bed of hers which he sat on."

  "Obviously I am here because of the letter. Harry's become suspicious and up there waiting for you." He watched Hermione and felt something stir as he heard her heart beat skip a bit. Did she have feelings for Potter? He pushed this out of his mind before he lost his temper and with Granger the only one in the room she would get the brunt of it and he didn't want to hurt his only chance at survival. He interrupted her thoughts.

  "So I decided to wait here for you. I knew you would come up here to read a bit. As for how I got in here. I overheard the password and spoke it. The fat lady had to let me in. I moved quickly past everyone that was in here which was only two. Everyone else was down at Dinner. Like the Slytherin Dormitories I knew if a male touched the steps it would become a slide. So..I used my new powers of a vampire and made myself weightless so it wouldn't sense me and walked up. “He smirked an spoke with a hint of sarcasm like it was the most sensibly thing in the world.

  Hermione's mouth formed an O shape as it clicked. She felt stupid. Of course, there were loads of ways vampire Malfoy could have done to get in there. She pictured him crawling on the ceiling or something. She was presently surprised at how practical his method had been.

  "So, you decided to help me?" He spoke in a quite almost a whispering voice. Before he hearing footsteps come up the steps he shut the curtains around him and became quiet just as Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil walked into the girls dorms.

"There you are Hermione." said Parvati

  "We've been looking everywhere for you. Harry's worried and wanted us to check on you. He told us to tell you he wants to speak to you tomorrow after breakfast in the astronomy tower." Lavender said talking sweeter than usual. Since he and Ron got back together Lavender's tried to be civil to his best friend.

  "Ok' Hermione spoke with confusion. It wasn't like Harry to tell people to tell her he was looking for her. She felt a strange butterfly feeling in her stomach. Something wasn't right. "I'll do that."

  The two girls nodded and went back downstairs to the common Room. Draco opened the curtains again. His eyes were red he felt Hermione’s subtle body changes and it pissed him off he took a deep breath to calm. He didn't need to breath anymore it was more out of habit then anything.

  "Yes, I have decided to help. Does Dumbledore know? when do we go? How do we get there? “She asked all these questions why being slightly off. She was worried about How Harry and Ron would take this. Draco clenched one of his fists into a ball and spoke normally though he wanted to shout at her to focus.

    "I'm glad. Yes Dumbledore is aware. We have to travel there with little magic as possible. We will take a boat to France and figure out what we are going to do from there. We leave tonight so get everything packed. I'll also stop at the hospital wing and potions storage and get potions and ingredients we might need. I need to go to the forest to feed. I probably won’t be able to feed for a while. Also if you’re so worried about Saint Potter and side kick Weasel. Go Wright them a letter. They will get it tomorrow when we are already gone. “With that he disappeared quickly down the stairs not even giving her time to react or say anything.

  Malfoy stormed into the forest his eyes searching for a deer or something to feed from. Dumbledore had given him permission earlier that night. Had the old coot known? He shook his head and ran after a deer. Kicking up the leaves with the wind created do the speed he ran. Not snapping any twigs or anything he tackled the deer. He easily pinned it. He needed to sink his fangs into something anything. He didn't know where this sudden Rage came from. He bit into the Deer Injecting venom so it wouldn't feel any pain. He wasn't sadistic. He fed. Pulling away before the heart beat stopped. He stroked the beasts neck easing it's passing the creature sensing this and relaxed under his touch. The light slowly fading from its eyes as it passed.

   It was then that Draco witnessed a strange thing. He saw the spirit of the deer. It nudged his hand before bouncing off into nothing. This was strange. He read all he could on vampires and never heard of any known ones seeing anything like this. He made a note to ask Granger sometime. Just not right now. He felt he had to keep this a secret. He closed his eyes the new blood heightening his senses he stood up and walked and went to the dungeons first. Grabbing ingredients from the potion's storage before going to the hospital wing grabbing any and all potions they could possibly need in any emergency and went to wait for Granger in her dorm. Noticing all her stuff was packed except for a beaded bag. He opened it instantly feeling weightlessness as well as an undetectable extension charm. He put what he gathered carefully into the bag. He laid down waiting. He still pondered about the deer.

   Meanwhile Hermione was up in the owlery writing a long letter explaining everything to Harry and Ron. Apart from the owls occasionally hooting the only thing that could be heard was the soft scratching of a quill on parchment. When she was done she attached it to Hedwig's Leg gently using her finger to scratch lovingly at the bird’s chest. Can you wait tell tomorrow at breakfast to give this to Harry? Hedwig hooted showing she understood and nibbled Hermione’s finger affectionately before going to her perch to rest.

   Hermione looked around the castle as she walked back. She memorized the landscape, the halls as well as the lake. This could very well be the last time she would ever see Hogwarts. When she got to the dormitory she noticed Draco already waiting. He was a little less pale. She figured he had fed.

"Ready?” He asked moving to stand in front of her. He Held out her bag for her, which she took with a polite thank you.

"Yes, as ready as I'll ever be. Lead the way Malfoy. “she spoke in a playful yet annoyed tone.

   "As you wish Granger.” He took the bait for the familiar comfort of there back and forth banter (more often than not insults) He lead the way down the stairs. Hermione took one long last look at the boy's dormitories sad that she was leaving her best friends behind. They walked for two hours when they got to Hogsmeade. Draco thinking of something he picked her up bridal style and ran. It wasn't long tell they reached a boat and he put Granger down who was now shaking. She hit him hard with a pillow she conjured.

"Don’t  ..." She said between hits. Draco was laughing uncontrollably at her. Her anger amusing him and he could tell he had startled her again. Two points for Malfoy.

"I got us here didn't I?" He spoke why sneaking them easily onto the ship. Hiding in the storage docks for now. Waiting for them to get out at sea more before letting them go on deck.

'   Oh well I suppose ferret “Score number one for Granger. When he was sure they were far enough out. He went out on deck listening to heartbeats he went to each room before finding one empty. He told Hermione to wait why he got the keys. He knew they had magic but he needed to at least appear they had keys. When he got back Hermione was already In the room Nodding to the key's. There were two beds Hermione took one why Draco took the other one. He needed sleep he drifted off quickly though he was still awake in a sense. He could hear ad feel everything going on i the room. He focused on the door and window. Just in case someone tried anything. Barely three hours into their journey and he already on edge.

Little did he and Hermione Know his instincts were right. They had to be on edge. Someone was watching and testing.

What of the Malfoy boy? ‘The middle figure asked the left his leader. Who was much shorter than him or the other.

"We need to keep an eye on him. Out of all the newborns and other vampire’s competing. He will be a threat; especially if he brings the girl Hermione here.

"But sir" Said the one on the right looking into the orb observing the new vampires "Wasn't it your idea to let them bring a companion?”

"Yes, But I didn't tell them that They won’t survive. This witch will be a threat. If she figures it out." He went silent.

"I doubt she will m'lord " Said the center figure.

"Don't be quick to judge Malfas" said the one on the left. To the middle malfas "It's important to my plan..." We need the Malfoy boy. But, if he is to be successful on keeping the girl alive. We have problems. "Dalaf!" He spoke to the one on the right “Get the cleaners on these two. Tell them not to harm the boy. But kill the girl.

"Yes my lord." Dalaf ran off to give the orders.

"We have problems" Said the leader once Malfas left to go attend to the preparations. Talking to what appeared to be nothing; Except for a faint low growl of a reply.

Chapter 5: Attack-Edited-
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   Draco was the first up. He had an uneasy feeling; He looked out the window his eyes the same silvery blue-grey orbs with a tint of red. The Sun hadn't risen. He'd have to keep out of the sun. Prolonged Exposure like being up top; would cause severe burns. He reached into his Robes and put on sunglasses as the sun started to Rise. He looked over at Granger every time she stirred. Which happened to be quite a lot; she didn’t seem to be able to hold still in her sleep. She seemed to be having nightmares. This worried him a lot.. Not that he'd admit he was worried. He was a Malfoy. Malfoy's did not worry.

  Hermione slept in. Something she never did. Draco tried waking her, so she could at least eat. But, nothing he started to pace. He did routine searches of the ship. Something was seriously wrong. That’s when he caught it. A foreign scent was moving back and forth in front of the room they stayed in. He pressed himself against the shadows becoming them he let his vampire instincts take over. The male seemed to be talking on some weird metal device. He could hear his voice and the one replying. This freaked him out a bit but kept calm.

  The sailor was talking in a language he didn't understand. It sounded vaguely like Bulgarian. Draco decided to interrupt. Stepping from the shadows he looked over at the sailor.

"Can I help you sir?" He spoke silkily and calmly; making sure to give a questioning underlining tone. He held the room keys and stood in front of the door. He leaned against it with his arms crossed. His sunglasses hid his now blood red eyes.

"U-uh n-no sir. Sorry to bug you. I-i was just passing through!" With that he ran down the ships corridor. He sighed and was about to follow when he heard Granger scream. He quickly opened the door and ran over to her.

"Hermione? What is going on? “He looked at her trying to act normal. The scream unnerved him. He looked at her. She was sitting up her eyes red and puffy her hair a mess and looked awful. Even when taunting her he never got her this upset. It unnerved him.

"D-draco your ok!” She cried out. The dream seemed so real she for a moment forgot to hate him. No one not even Draco deserved what it was. She flung her arms around him and held him tightly ignoring the feel of his cold skin.

"Well of course I'm ok. I'm Draco Malfoy. It would take a lot to get me hurt."He awkwardly patted her back with one hand before pushing her away.

  "Stupid, Arrogant, Ferret!"She hit him in the head hard with her pillow. She cried out but laughed feeling stupid. They sat there in awkwardness. She didn't want to Tell him about her dream, Yet. It seemed stupid and like she was going to tell him anything he could use against her later.

  Draco winced. He didn't know it was even possible for Pillows to hurt! "Damn it woman calm down. You’re acting crazier than a hippogriff!"

"Crazy! I'm crazy! Who was it who set fire to my robes?" She glared at him sternly.

"Oh, yeah! That was great, I forgot all about that." He smirked sadistically.

   Hermione was about to reply when Draco put his hand up. The ship had become to quiet. He pulled her with him his wand out. Hermione clutched his wrist and pointed her wand out. It was eight at night Draco led her on deck looking around. He smelled the death and decay before seeing vampires surround. There were about twenty vampires.

   Hermione started shooting incendio spells at them. Draco ran ahead and took out the first four easily, snapping their necks. Hermione meanwhile was doing a good job at keeping ten of them from hr she had created a circle of fire around them She rounded and started to shoot spells at them. They seemed impervious to most spells but incendio and stupefy. A tall ugly one with yellow fangs stood in front of the boats. He appeared to be the leader. the others backed off hissing fire reflecting of their wicked and pale skin. Their eyes were a yellowish and they smelled of death and decay. Even Hermione could smell it..

"Give us the girl Draco." The leader spoke in a voice that sounded like blades cutting against iron. It was harsh, cold and full of malice. "She is a threat"

"Not a chance. Find your own witch to torment. This one’s mine" Draco smoke in a easy tone but Hermione knew him well enough t know he was far from relaxed.

"Who are you?" Draco kept his wand out inching to the side. The other vampire followed they were starting to circle the flames lighting up the place in an eerie red and gold glow.

"I'm Dmitri, Head cleaner, It is my job to make sure your not distracted, Give us the girl. We won’t harm her..much." He cackled an ear splitting noise that made Hermione flinch.

“No, I don't think so." With that before Hermione could even blink he picked her up and jumped off the ship. Waving his wand a rug shot out of Hermione’s bag. Flying carpets were Illegal but he didn't care they were soon out of reach. He looked at Hermione healing the few cuts and bruises she had.

  "What was that?!" She asked "They asked you to bring someone."

  "They think you’re a threat obviously. They have reason to be afraid. Whatever they are hiding they have to fear you. You’d figure it out. I think they know that. “He spoke calmly. They went silent before landing in an alley just outside the wilder lands of France he sighed trying to figure out where to go from here..


 "Not good, Dalaf! Keep an eye on their every move. We need to know everything there strengths and weaknesses. We can't let them win ...' the leader to the left spoke quickly and with venom. “Get Damien and Damascus on this! Inform axel that we have a threat." This is not good.... He's stronger than I expected. So is that woman

Chapter 6: Letters, Trains, and Poor Directions.-Edited-
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Authors note: Note the train scene is based on Anastasia Fox owns that movie I do not this is purely fan made and the scene worked wonderfully in this chapter. I tweaked it so it’s not exactly the same as it. But the general idea came from that movie. Ok hopefully you guys like this. I had to have re-written it at least 10 times. I just couldn't get it quite right. I think I nailed it though! And tell me what you think of Harry as the competition? Or should it be Ron or both? or someone completely different? You’re Thoughts! (What’s a love story without a bit of competition? yes I am a bit hyper.)



   Harry woke up the next morning to a tap at his window. Groggily he got up rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the palm of his hand. Getting up he went over to the window Opening it. His snowy Owl Hedwig Plopped onto his pillow. He instantly recognized Hermione’s Handwriting. His mouth went dry his heart skipping a beat. a letter meant one of two things, She was fine and had something to tell him. Or something went terribly wrong.

  Harry stood there holding the letter staring at it like it would bite. After 20 minutes he finally opened it his hands shaking. He was unsure if he even wanted to read it. He opened it up and quickly scanned the letter. Worry, Sadness, anger, and a slight feeling of desperation went through him. He needed to get to her. How would he do that though? Waking up Ron he handed the Letter to him so he could read, Harry paced back and forth why Ron Read.

Dear Harry, and Ron Since I know you’re going to be reading this too. What I am about to tell you Dumbledore can confirm, please don’t freak out. I know you will but, Try not to have a conniption fit or something. I'm with Malfoy, He's a newborn vampire. We are going to Romania. I need to help him with his trials, this somehow concerns the whole school Not sure how yet. He figured I was the only one who could possible help or figure things out.

I'll miss you guy’s loads. I would have told you this in person but I couldn't. I know you would have never let me go. I need to do this. Maybe I can find myself. You know I've been feeling unsure of where to go with my life after Hogwarts, This may help me find it. I'm safe. Don't come looking for me please.

Love you both, Hermione


"Don't worry? I'm fine? Is she mental?" Ron shot out of bed. "She’s alone with MALFOY who's a VAMPIRE on their way to vampire HQ. And she’s telling US not to worry? Not to worry, Codswollop. What are we going to do Harry?"

"Talk to Dumbledore, Get the information we need, Go after her what else?" Harry grinned to his best mate. Who seemed to have the same Idea as him and nodded. The desperation he felt to get to her to make sure his best friend was ok was at a peak and he was shaky. He Dragged Ron with Him Heading to Dumbledore’s office. He had loads of questions and he needed to get a move on help somehow. He didn't trust Malfoy within ten feet of Hermione.


    Hermione waited on a bench. They had found a train station; Luckily She had left over French money from when she had that vacation with her parents at the end of second year. Draco had gone to get the tickets. She was just about to wonder where he had gotten to after 20 minutes when he sat down beside her. With two tickets a map and a couple of sandwiches for her.

“Here, I thought you would be hungry. Not that I care or anything cause I don't but I do need you alive." he drawled why sitting down waiting for the train. "We have ten more minutes before it arrives."

   Hermione rolled her eyes. Was he really too proud to admit he was concerned about her, and her health. as she pondered this she concluded. Yes, yes he was. "Thank you Draco." She smiled gratefully before eating the two sandwiches handed to her. By the time she had finished eating the train had arrived. Draco put his glasses on before helping her into a car and sat down in one of the seats. The train conductor took their tickets and stamped them before pocketing them.

   Hermione was watching Draco Who had closed the blind on the train window to keep the sun from harming him too much. He had his eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping, she knew he wasn't however. By the fact that he tensed every time He heard something.

"Do you think you'll miss them?" Hermione asked after a while getting tired of the silence.

"Miss who?" Draco opened one red eye to watch her.

"Your friends, Zabini, Crabb, Goyle, Parkinson and all them." She looked over at him curiously.

"No" He replied honestly. He wasn't really close to his friends. Growing up the way he had caused him to keep at a distance.

"But, They were your friends surely you'll miss them a little?"She looked at him her brows furrowed in confusion. Draco plopped his legs up on the seat beside her leaning back.

"They were people I Knew, and spent my time with end of story" He replied with a bored drawl.

This caused Hermione to get angry and she stood up. "You won’t miss anyone?"

"No, and what is it with you and friends. People come and go it’s best not to get attached" He spoke in his same drawling voice but she could of sworn she saw a flicker of emotion before it was gone.

   She started kicking at his legs trying to get him to move them which he did. Why she was doing it though there conversation continued. "For one thing it’s what every other person once. For another they’re there for you. Oh just forget it! “With that she stormed out of the compartment heading toward the end of the car.

   She was looking out the window her arms crossed over her chest went she suddenly fell forward as the cart started to jerk and speed up. Draco was there in an instant, holding her up.

   "Wait here; I'll see what’s going on." His voice was sharp urgent and demanding. Hermione didn't feel like arguing at that particular moment so she waited. She watched him check the other cars, Disappearing as he went up the corridor toward where the driver would be. A few minutes later he was back his eyes narrowed and he was thinking. "No one’s driving this thing and it’s on fire. We are going to have to detach the car.

  "She went over opening the door as he spoke she blasted the cars apart with a spell and went to him using the wall to keep her steady her legs shaking since the car was going so fast.”We should just coax to a stop." She said holding onto Draco instinctively since he was the only thing that seemed to have balance. To her surprise he pulled her closer.

   It took over an hour for the train to stop. When it did they gathered all the supplies they could Dead leaves and twigs snapping and crunching under their feet as they walked Draco going over the map.

  “Well, there’s water. If we follow the stream we will most likely find a town and we can ask for directions. “Hermione spoke eagerly trying to get them un-lost. They had been walking around for what seemed like ever.

"There’s no Town on the map, nor is there a stream we don't need to ask for directions." He stared at her like this was obvious.

"What is it with Men and asking Directions?"She sighed irritated.

"What is it with Women and maps? Besides, when women ask for directions, they don't follow them, they do the opposite or don't listen at all so what’s the point?" Draco counter showing his fangs in obvious discontent.

"We do not!!" Men need to learn to admit hey need help.

"Yes you do, Women are contrary, they do or say one thing why doing or saying something else with a different meaning. Can't you make up your minds?!" Draco growled.

   By this time the sun had set. Hermione sighed irritatedly. Guiding them into the wood using a direction spell with her wand she started going east which is the direction they needed to go anyway. Following the tracks would be dangerous. They found traces of obvious signs of foul play when looking over the train cart.

"Let’s make camp."She spoke and summoned a tent putting protection charms around them before getting inside. Draco followed her inside. Still not speaking to her muttering about nothing is on the map.

"She laid down on one of the cots staring at the side of the tent. Thinking about harry and Ron and how much she missed them right now. She curled up. Suddenly she felt very aware of Malfoy watching her.

This was going to be a very long trip for both of them. They were already close to wanting to Avada Kadavera each other.


Chapter 7: Gypsy's Prophecy-Edited-
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"Face it Harry we are lost." Ron grumbled for the 20th time that day. It had been a week and they realized too late they had no idea where in Romania the castle was. It had to be hidden of course. They hadn’t exactly thought things through; before they had rushed out to go after Hermione.

"I know, what do you suggest?" Harry sighed and sat down on the bench they were somewhere in Brasov Romania.

"Well" Said Ron slowly contemplatively. "If Hermione were here, She'd have us look in the library. Maybe there’s a book or archive of castles built."

"Wow, that’s actually pretty smart Ron. We should go do that. I'm sure there’s a library around here somewhere." Harry got up and headed toward the youth hostel that they were staying at. Surely there was a flyer or something that had a map and on the map hopefully a library. The whole time his mind was racing. Please be ok Hermione...



 "Ha, you don't know where you’re going either." Draco drawled it was a week into the trip and they had done nothing but argue. They were somewhere in Romania but they had no idea where.

 "Well at least I got us in the country, If we kept going your way we'd be in Siberia or something." Hermione glared at the vampire who just gave her his infamous smirk and kept walking. Occasionally He helped her over tree roots and fallen trees. Mostly out of annoyance because she was going to slow.

 "Shh, I hear something." Draco stopped dead in his tracks; his head tilted listening to something. It was when Hermione stopped and held still that she heard it from a distance; Music and chattering of people. He motioned for Hermione to follow behind. They walked over to a clearing. Gypsy's busy and going about their lives. They were going to turn around when a woman’s voice spoke from behind them.

 "We've been expecting you Draco, Hermione." The woman that spoke had long wavy blond hair and deep dark blue eyes and wore peasant clothing with a shawl around her arms. "Do not be alarmed" She said when she noticed Draco holding onto his wand and was half way in front of Hermione."Come Follow" She wandered into the camp. Hermione and Draco followed not seeing a choice. Draco wrapped an arm around her waist in case they needed a quick getaway. Everyone in the camp stared at them.

  "Sit" She said. "My Names Aurora I am one of the vampire’s wife. Axel you'll get to know him soon enough." They both sat like she asked them to.

  "What is it that you have to tell us that is so important?" Said Draco in his normal drawl and usual tone of disrespect he held for most things.

  "Can you tell us how to get to where we are supposed to be Miss?" Hermione spoke in a much calmer nicer tone and more respectful. Aurora smiled.

  "It’s twelve miles north dear but first. I have a prophecy to tell you." Hermione had to keep herself from rolling her eyes. She knew prophecy's existed however. She didn't much care for random divination. If she couldn't read or see it herself she couldn't comprehend it.

"Well?" They spoke at once.

  "Beware the council dears, they seek to kill the girl, and they want you to fail Draco. They will think of the hardest tests they can throw at you, do not falter. You two hold the key to the councils undoing and how all vampires are governed. The only vampires if I were you I would trust are Damien and my Husband Axel. Be Careful with Damascus. He it is uncertain where his loyalty lies. And our three kings aren’t to be taken lightly dears. Protect each other and you'll be safe."

  Right protect each other Hermione thought rolling her eyes. That was difficult sure they had been doing it for a few weeks now and come to think of it as they were growing up in weird ways; but seriously getting along not a chance.

"Here take these.” Aurora handed them a dagger each and two necklaces one of the sun she gave to Hermione and the other the moon. "You have to figure out what the necklaces do and mean on your own. For now just know that they will help you"

  They were led out of the camp and they started walking north having a lot to think about both just as confused as the other.

Chapter 8: Arrival-Edited-
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Authors note: with this chapter besides grammar and spelling , I tried to make things more clearer.


  They looked up at the looming castle ahead. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. Dead gnarled trees a spooky mist and howls and hoots and slithering sounds. The castle itself was black. All the windows were broken and boarded up. It was tall with two towers nothing that could even come close to Hogwarts size. Hermione's hand griped Draco's Arm Tighter. He rolled his red eyes and removed her hand from him only to regret it. Her hands now removed now allowed her nails to dig into her palm, drawing blood. Draco hissed and grabbed her hand faster than she could blink He unfurled her hands and licked the wounds closed.

  "Damn It Granger. Do you want to be attacked? Your blood would attract Vampires from miles." He let go of her hand and headed through the thick wood. When they got to the broken gates that held spikes with skulls on them opened. Hermione had to summon up all her Gryffindor courage to step through. Draco Getting annoyed grabbed her arm and dragged her to the thick wooden doors. Both Doors had large Insignia's. Hermione recognized it as Vlad Dracula’s fathers. She had read about it. It was a dragon in front of a double cross, its tail wrapped around its neck. a circle around both.

"Ah, you must be Mr., Malfoy" Said a tall balled man covered in Tattoos they twisted around his body and there didn't seem to be an inch of skin left, and cold Blue eyes to match his demeanor.

"Draco or just Malfoy don't add the Mr.” He sneered

  "Sorry, You were the last to arrive...ah. I see your companion is still alive...Pity...” He lead them inside and down many stairs, the inside was worse off than the outside. The stairs were rotted and everything was covered in thick layers of dust and cobwebs. Almost every corner was occupied by huge spiders about the size of Hermione’s hand. Doors were off the hinges. The walls were falling apart the bricks were chipped f and falling out, Windows the ones that were intact had cracks and dust layered it. Mirrors were smashed and you couldn't tell what was in the paintings that lined the halls. When they got to the bottom of what seemed like the basement things changed.

  They were lead through a narrow passage and to a large blue door. Going through it Things seem Better Repaired. The hall looked spotless; as they went down the long hallway they past a hundred rooms. When they finally reached a cross way, Hermione noted the halls to the left and to the right both lead to more rooms. Hermione could see coffins and Boxes of dirt; from the opened doors. She was thankful she remembered some of England’s soil in her bag for Draco.

  Hermione looked around memorizing everything there were paintings and chandeliers’ lining the hallways and ceilings with blood red carpet. There seemed to be skulls on tables between each room giving Hermione a morbid feeling. She was reminded of Grimwald place. She instinctively moved closer to Draco. Who seemed if anything un-phased.

  They went down the north Hallway and were in a large foyer like area it was like they were in a mansion underground it was spooking her out that there were no windows. Though they were in a vampires dwelling so that was most likely the reason, and they were underground. It kept the sunlight out.

  There were stair cases going up on either side and met in the center were there was a mossy green door with a gold handle. at the bottom of the stairs there was a Gold door to their right and to their left the center was a red. They were lead through the Red door below that into a Meeting room. Hermione counted 30 Vampires. Most were newborns. She could tell by how quickly they reacted to her scent; that they were newborns.

 Draco Hissed and showed his fangs. They immediately got out of there crouched attacking positions and backed off. It seemed even as a vampire Draco held almost an air of authority; which could easily be mistaken for pompous arrogance Hermione noted.

  In the front of the drawing room behind the desk; stood three cloaked figures, two flanked the middle one. One was tall and raven haired with fangs that were white except for some red staining. Who spoke with a thick accent.

  "Now that our last...guests; have arrived.' Draco wrapped an arm around Hermione hearing the male speak toward Hermione with obvious dislike.

  "I should introduce myself. I am Axel. I'm the Dark priest and the head vampire of the trials. I will be the one setting out the tasks. Your first many of you have failed. It was to get your Mortal companions here alive. You were ranked by how long you lasted. It seems Malfoy was the only one to get his here in one piece. He’ll be the first to start the next Challenge. I will be telling you what this is shortly. First my colleague Damien has something to say.

  "Hello, I'm Damien" The one to the left spoke. His accent was a lot less thick and he was more easily understood. He was of medium Height with shaggy brown hair and red eyes. His teeth were more bloodstained. They both wore the same black suit with the Dracula insignia."It is my job to keep you all on task and on your toes. Make sure your guards always up. You don't know when I might attack." He spoke fondling the hilt of his sword. We will be testing you to the limits. If you don't die...You'll wish you had. With that he motioned for axel to continue.

  "Now before you all head to bed. I shall tell you your first task is actually a series of tests. How well you can adapt, How good your memory is, and how well you can handle under pressure, these tasks won’t kill. But, they will work on your nerves. Meet me here tomorrow and I will give you the instructions. Now all of you go back to your rooms. Draco, Hermione. Follow me, I shall show you to yours."

  Everyone shuffled out leaving Draco, and Hermione behind. Axel started to lead them down the right Hallway and took them to the middle. When he was sure no one could hear them he spoke.

   “I’ll help you anyway I can. Draco don't leave her alone with the other vampires. The council wants her dead; she was never supposed to have survived the trip here. They are furious. And the newborns won’t be able to control. Keep near each other its why I have you in a joined room. I will help you two in any way I can. I can't tell you what to do But I can give you hints..The council has way too much power. "

    With that said he left. Normally Hermione wouldn’t complain about sharing a room with a boy; but this was Malfoy. But she was tired, in a strange country with vampires that wanted to feed of her or kill her. So she didn’t argue. She went to the bathroom and changed into her pink pj's. When she was done and walked back out Draco was shirtless He had a good build probably from quiddich and the change. But he wasn't overly muscular. His stomach was tight and toned. He was only in black sweat pants. Hermione felt a blush creep up into her cheeks. she averted her eyes. She didn't hear Draco's Chuckle before he closed the lid to his now dirt filled coffin.

   With a grumble and a shake of her head she crawled into bed trying and failing to get that image out of her mind. She climbed under the Red satin sheets and black comforter she put her head on the pillow. It wasn't long before she fell asleep. Her mind was racing with strange thoughts about Malfoy. She didn't know what to think of him anymore or how she felt. Steering clear of that thought she thought of what the tasks would be. How would she survive? Could Draco even do them? Was this a doomed mission from the start? Why was there school in danger? Who are the council really? She didn't know that next to her Draco was thinking along similar lines. But he was more interested in her scent.



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Chapter 9: Defensive-Edited-
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  Ron groaned, looking over the old maps for the thirtieth time. "Harry, let’s face it, even with the map we got from the library we will never find Vlad Tepes's castle some of these are so old that there would be nothing there now.

  Harry wasn't convinced. He peered over Ron’s shoulder. "It would be somewhere hidden, somewhere the locals wouldn't dare trod. We are looking for a place that is isolated, probably in the middle of the forest somewhere. There!" He suddenly shouted causing Ron to jump and nearly drop the map.

"Bloody Hell mate, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Ron questioned putting a hand over his rapidly beating heart.

 "Sorry," Said Harry. His stomach churning it had been over a week now. and he was more than Worried about Hermione, He could think of a 1001 ways that she could have been hurt by this time. Why he and Ron were plotting out the easiest way to it. It was through a Marsh an old battle field and a thick forest. It would take at least a week if not two to get there. That’s when they heard a group of Romanian monks talking in low whispers.

  "Yes, The Vampire hunter's leader is heading there himself, he says the vampires plans to raise Vlad , Sacrificing the newborns. Also I heard that There was a wizard there, turned that still has his powers. Also A witch, the gypsy Aurora said they will be our only chance to stop it from happening, if they don't figure it out they still may be our only chance to put him back into his prison.

  They both froze and harry looked over his shoulder, Making sure they couldn't see him started to follow curious, planning on asking them for help maybe they could point him and Ron in the right direction. Maybe give a little help. He just hoped he wasn't to late.



  The next morning, or evening Hermione didn't know and couldn't tell. She was gently awoken. She tried to ignore the gently shaking and bury her head under the pillows, she was dead tired. Pun not intended. Draco Sighed he was having absolutely none of this. He took her pillow tossing it to the side as well as her blankets. She curled up suddenly cold and unfortunately wide awake. She peered at him through blurry eyes, His features slowly started to come into focus, First his platinum blond hair and silver blue eyes, and for some reason his lips before she could even register the rest of him

  Come on Granger, Up you get. They are about to explain the first task everyone else is already there. Suddenly Hermione was wide awake jumping out of bed she gathered some cloths and ran into the bathroom slamming the door behind her and quickly getting dressed. Malfoy was laughing. It wasn't until she stepped out that she noticed he was still in his pjs.

"Haha, that got you up! The meeting isn't even for another hour, but you seriously need to eat, your blood sugars low..." As he spoke Hermione was trying to analyze the sudden look that went over his face but it was covered by his hair and gone in a heartbeat.

  "You could Have been a bit nicer at waking me up." She mumbled looking at her feet since as he spoke he was pulling his white shirt on and buttoning up the buttons.

  Hermione felt a distinctive blush creep up her cheeks before growling and grabbing her book. What’s the matter with her? She had seen Harry and Ron without shirts before, why was she suddenly so self conscious of it now? Normally she was a morning person, but at that moment she wanted to use her book to murder Draco Malfoy. But didn't get the chance, He was already leading her down Hall into the room before. But instead of going through the red door at the bottom he lead her to the one off to the side to a small kitchen.

 "I did, you ignored me and put a pillow over your head." He chuckled grabbing a bottle of blood for himself Why she made a quick sandwich and took a bite of it . She instantly started to feel better and her mood improved.

 'Better? “He chuckled using his thumb to wipe some of the blood that had trickled down the corner of his mouth.

"...Yes." She grudgingly agreed.

 "Come on," He chuckled obviously enjoying riling her up." The meeting starts in Five minutes." He threw the glass into the sink before heading out of the door. Hermione Quickly finishing her sandwich went after him, Going through the Red door from the golden one to the left of it they were in.

 When they got in only a handful of people were there. Damien and Axel were sitting in tall chairs. Axel had his legs crossed and was wearing a black suit and white tie. His long black hair tied in an old black tie the old fashioned kind Hermione had only seen in books. Damien however seemed relaxed, Wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. His sandy brown hair looked like it had been windblown and his red eyes were bright and he seemed to have a permanent smile on his face. Though there was one vampire she didn't recognize. He was leaning up against the wall.

 This vampire was older looking; in his fifty's with silver and black hair. He wore a stern expression and kept his arms folded. He wore what seemed to be medieval robes. He didn't look Happy. Hermione was trying to guess who he was when, one of the new borns asked who he was. She hadn't realized the others had Filed in already.

 "I'm Damascus, and I'll be telling you of what your task is. Now listen up. I will say this once and once only. I'll be sending you into the mountains. You have Three days to find your way back here by noon of the third day or the ones that don't make it. I'll personally kill. “Draco Tensed beside her. "I'll be telling each of you the directions. “This task is to test how well you adapt and work under pressure and harsh conditions. It will also test your memory. You need these skills to survive in this world.”

 "We begin tomorrow." With that Damascus walked off without another word to them.

 "Well, Isn't he just peachy' Said a vampire who didn't seem to be a new born. He was far to comfortable. The newborns, she noticed were twitchy. The one who spoke had strange cloudy silver eyes and white teeth. That didn't appear to have any fangs.

 "I'm Vector by the way, Edward Vector. He introduced himself. Bowing to her and kissing the back of her hand.

 This resulted in a growl from Draco, He pulled her back and behind him. She felt her cheeks flush from Edwards’s old fashioned greeting. She was even more puzzled by Draco's sudden behavior.

 "Got a Problem there Malfoy?" Vector asked with a sneer similar to that of the one Draco normally reserved for her Ron and Harry.

  "Yeah, I do actually. She's here with me. Try anything again and I won’t hesitate to set you on fire, or worse. Come on." Before she could respond he had dragged her out of the room. All the vampires looking up quiet interested on what was going on. Hermione, quite used to Malfoy's temper knew what he could be capable of. However this didn't stop her from rounding on him once they were away from the room.

  "What was that I can handle myself. He wasn't don't anything threatening, I have a wand If something had happened I know how to use it. So don't treat me like a child!" She hissed at him close to a yell.

 "For your information Granger, You were one witch in a room full of blood thirsty vampires. Most of them you can tell have no qualms with killing a human. And I could tell he was up to something. He was being way too sweet. I'm just watching over you. I know I rather hang myself. But it’s that or fail and never find out what their plans for everything are. So I'm stuck with it Besides; Potter and Weasley would be pissed if I didn't bring you home in one piece. Trust me granger. I intend to do just that." he whispered this last part so Low Hermione didn't catch it. But she got the gist. "So if you know what’s good for you. You'll keep your bookwormish nose out of trouble!"

  Before Hermione even had a moment to register what he said. He was gone. It left her feeling Confused, uncertain, and In need of a relaxing good book. She headed back to the room she shared with Draco. Unaware she was being followed by someone with ill intentions. And it was far more dangerous than an Angry Malfoy or Vector.

Chapter 10: The Hunt-Edited-
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Authors Note: Thank you all who have reviewed so far. I'm sorry for the long wait. and special thanks to Princess_Alice _Cullen. Who reminded me to update. Warning strong language. –Edited for spelling and grammar. I can’t guarantee perfection but I hope it is at least better.



    Hermione didn't notice at first that she was being followed. She was to busy trying to sort out her conflicted and confused feelings. Once again Draco managed to do the impossible; He got under her skin and confused her to no end. She couldn't figure him out. She knew that she needed to learn to get along with him if she wanted to survive. That was easier said than done. Whenever she and Draco were anywhere near each other they were at each other’s throats. She secretly wished for the old prejudice Draco. She couldn't understand this new one. The protectiveness he had shown over the last few weeks fueled her anger and she didn't know why. Did she think she was that bad of a witch that she couldn't protect herself?

  She was just opening the door to the room she was sharing with Draco. When she sensed rather than heard movement behind her. Swirling around with the anger she was feeling.

"What now ferret? Got more words of wisdom to share with a lesser being? “She stopped before she could continue her Rant.

   It wasn't Draco. Instead she saw another man. (Could she even call Draco that?) One she hadn't remembered seeing in the meeting with the other vampires and vampire newborns. He was tall with a roguish rugged appearance in his early to mid twenties. He had long black hair that went past his ears. It was dirty as if he hadn't had a chance to bathe yet. Nor shave. She guessed he hadn’t shaved since he had slight black beard growing along his strong cheek bones.

He had obviously been traveling. He had a long sword strapped to his hip. On the other a Roman Puglia (Pugio) Dagger was strapped. The strangest thing about him was his Deep Orange eyes. One thing was certain he was defiantly not human. But he didn't appear vampiric. Nor did he have a wizard’s aura.

"I'm so sorry; I thought you were someone else."As she spoke she could feel her cheeks burn and a blush start to creep up along her cheeks. Truly embarrassed, and mentally scolding herself for not paying closer attention to her surroundings. Hadn't that just been what Draco and she were feuding over?

He just grinned at her, his orange eyes scanning her form with an expert calculating gaze. In a way that not only made her uncomfortable, but made her feel exposed and helpless. A feeling she didn't like. "It's alright, my fault for sneaking up on you; I was just heading to speak to the high council leader. My name is Forest Montague, By the way. I have not seen you around here before. What is your name My lady?" He spoke in a thick lyrical accent she couldn't quite place.

 Hungarian was her best guess maybe Italian. But it sounded lyrical almost French so she was going to go with Hungarian until proven wrong. He kissed the back of her hand after he spoke. Her own mind was quickly calculating. Something was defiantly off.

Didn't he know about the trials? If he worked for the council He would most likely be informed and therefore expect to see people he had never met before here. So why was he acting so surprised. Why was it her he approached out of all the other new people? What was more he didn't appear or seem human or vampiric for that matter? Yet she felt like she had no choice but to answer him. He would probably follow her until she did. Resigned she sighed. She was quiet a moment choosing her next words carefully.

"my Name.." She started trying to keep her irritation out of her voice. "Is Her..." She stopped, Having been interrupted.

"Hermione! What are you doing? “Draco walked over to Hermione, well to Hermione’s point of view it was more like he appeared from one end of the hall to suddenly right next to her. "Who are you?" he asked forest. His Silver blue eyes appeared more grey as he surveyed Forest. Then something like recognition appeared in his eyes and he gripped his wand tightly.

Montague ignored him.

 "Hermione huh?" He grinned sadistically. Hermione got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. "I like knowing the names of the humans here. They never last long, especially if they are my victims. “With that he walked away and disappeared into the room at the end of the hall. When he reached the double oak doors they opened on their own accord, as if they were expecting him. Before Slamming loudly shut and Hermione even at the distance they were in heard a soft click of a lock being put in place.

Draco grabbed her arm, pulling her into it rougher than he meant to. "What had I just told you? I told you to be careful. You just HAD to attract the worse trouble ever. It's like your coated with honey. "

"Listen here ferret." She interrupted She had had enough of him treating her like a 2 year old. "I can watch myself just fine."

"Then what prey tell. Were you doing talking to a hunter when no one was around? You could be dead."

"What’s a Hunter doing here?" She frowned.

"You’re not even listening are you? Such a typical bookworm. Montague is a Wraith. Who also happens to be one of the best hunters too. He always works for the shady people.. he did some work for the dark lord during the war. He's responsible for over 200 muggle deaths, 3 missing cases as well as over 45 witches and wizards. Most muggle born. He obviously is working for them. He's made his target clear you. He sighed. Don't leave this room. I'll come get you when everyone’s about to leave. I stole some books from the councils room a bit ago...Maybe something in there will help you.”

Hermione was left feeling confused. Opening a book she laid on the bed and started to read and take notes. At the same time trying to think how a wraith could still be alive. and Who Forest really was. She also made a mental note to remind Draco that she was not going to take orders lightly; even when he did have a point.



Forest watched as the three lords discussed amongst themselves about what he found out about the Girl Draco had brought. Their Worst fears confirmed. He smirked to himself. Rather Amused. Picking up a piece of paper that had clearly been ripped right out of a Very old book by how old the parchment was, and also by the texture. It was a thicker piece of paper than what was usual.

Dalaf and Malfas seemed more panicked. Their leader who was taller than both of them seemed calm. Or at least forest thought he was calm. He had never seen him without his hood down. The only indication of feelings would be a frown or a smile occasionally. But he was neither pouting nor was he smiling. If anything, He seemed to have known the whole time. Obsidian raised a hand to quite Dalaf and Malfas.

"We knew when we put in that they could bring a companion. We knew the odds of one of them being her. In fact, I was planning on it. Sure, it's a big problem. She could have her uses. Thank you Montague, for bringing us the prophecy, and Looking Up what you could about Grangers background. She must not be allowed to find out what we are up too and who we are working for. Don't kill her just yet...I want to test how far we can push her powers, trod carefully. You’re dismissed. I'm afraid I must retire for the night. Have Damascus send the vampires into the mountains. It is time. Malfas...Don't forget I want the Malfoy's History. I need to make sure I read the documents correctly. “With that their leader disappeared into the double doors behind the rounded table.

"As you wish." Montague spoke softly as the lord left. he watched the giant Black Panther follow him around the room suppressing the urge to kill it. He turned and left the room. The beast freaked him out. It was almost like it was human. On more than one occasion he thought it was a shifter. It was far too intelligent. "I prefer to play with my food anyway." Dalaf left with him walking beside him. Dalaf soon turned going to the right however to instruct Damascus and Damien to begin the games.

Montague went back up the stairs thinking. He had an Idea. Now that he knew who Granger was. He decided He would test her. "Let’s see how the mouse compares to a snake shall we." He spoke to the empty hall way; Letting off a cold cruel laugh that no one but the paintings on the walls could hear.



Draco sighed irritation was beyond what he was feeling right now. For the smartest witch of their age, she was certainly not very observant. Nor did she keep her guard up. You would think she had learned that by now with all the crap she went through with weasel and potter. He shook his head. Not wanting to think about it. He watched everyone around him. The newborns and older vampires had created small groups. Anxiously waiting for when they would be put on the first task.

They didn't have to wait long. Damien came back in not even a half our later. Causing Draco to look up from where he was laying on one of the couches. He got up and watched him. As he waited he Boredly played with his wand which everyone was staring at apprehensively.

"I'm going to pass each of you a map. It will only be visible for Ten minutes. When that ten minutes are up it becomes useless. Memorize it why you have the chance. You each will be taken to a different starting point. You are to find your way back here. In three days. Any stragglers will be killed. So be as quick as you can." Damien passed out a map to each of them. Draco took his without looking at him and went back to the room he shared with Granger.

Hermione was like he always saw her, deep in a book. He cleared his throat to snap her out of it. "Find anything? I have the map here. We have ten minutes to memorize the quickest way back here in three days."

"Three days? That’s not very long.”She took the piece of paper, her eyes scanning it as she made mental notes. He sat next to her doing the same.

"Yes, but there is a short cut, if we go through here." he pointed to a small pass between the mountains. “It will be dangerous but will cut our time in half.

"Danger I can handle." She said confidently, causing him to smirk.

"I have no doubts about that. You certainly have been in enough. Find anything from the books? “

"Yeah..Though there is a couple pages missing. It starts“She grabbed the book turning it to the page she was talking about. "Talking about a vampire that still can use his magic; you can. You didn't lose your ability when you were turned. Why is that I wonder."

"I can answer that." He sighed. "My great great great great great great grandmother was a vampiress. So I already had vampire blood to begin with. Combine that with my Family's history. Didn’t surprise me when I found I still had my abilities. I searched my family's library and checked our family trees records. I remembered hearing something about her. She had almost been completely wiped out. But there was a small passage on her. Just a name and what she was that was it. The rest had been completely erased. “

"I suppose that make sense yes. Did they know that when you were changed though? I smell a set up. There’s more going on here than we know. I also read a raising ritual. It is the only scroll that doesn’t have dust. But..Who are they trying to raise I wonder." She bit her lip starting to pack her bag again.

"That could be anyone. What were you saying about the missing pages?" He prompted. seeing as she had gone down a new thinking path.

"Oh yeah. It ends to a couple or ripped pages once its starts talking about a Domnita. A princess of some kind, it also gives a vague reference to a rare power. It won’t say what. “

"Strange.” He was about to say more but the bell over head signaled for them to head to the main room again. When they got there everyone was standing and ready to leave. One by one they were Aparated in a sense. Hermione called it teleporting. They were the last ones and they started out at the very top of the mountain exactly where they wanted to be.

"Good luck." Damien smiled to Hermione and nodded to Draco. He suppressed a irritated cough. Once he had disappeared Draco put the wand into his hand and whispered. "Point me" It spun rapidly before pointing north. Hermione and he started to go the opposite direction. They needed to go south.

Being a vampire he no longer felt the cold. But Hermione did. He watched her cast a warming spell around herself. He slid down the hill side. Waiting at the bottom he caught Hermione as she was about to speed right past him and off the cliff.

"Thanks.” She sighed her cheeks red from the stinging wind against her face.

"Its fine, which way now? “They were at a crossroad.

"Right It goes down into the valley. It will take two days to get back to the castle.. So we had better hurry." Draco followed. Casting detection spells occasionally to see if they were being followed or if there was anything dangerous around them. They traveled until it was passed midnight. He could tell Hermione was getting tired by how more often she slipped.

He found them a cave. Between some jagged rocks. The mist rising so he couldn't even seen his own hand in front of his face. He froze. He heard growling at the mouth of the cave. And saw two Red eyes....



"What do you mean we can't go yet?" Ron growled in disbelief they had explained to the monks what they were doing.

"We have to time it right. They are on guard at the moment. I'm sure your friend will be fine; if she is even still alive. “The elder monk spoke Gazing at Harry and Ron. Who both looked pissed beyond belief.

"Don't say that." Harry Hissed. She's stronger than that. Fine we will wait. What is it we have to do? “Harry spoke through gritted teeth worriedly he started to pace.

"We need to head to another castle to the east. There we will find an orb. We need to locate the domnita, the only one who has the power to close the gates that the vampires have spent centuries opening one by one. The last door is located under where they are. “He spoke calmly.

"How long will this take?" Harry said now fully regretting following the monks and catching them. He and Ron could be half way there by now.

"A month."

"A month! “They said together.”Our friend could get killed in that time frame. We don't have that kind of time. “

"She’ll be dead anyway if we don’t find the Orb of serenity and the sword made of Basilisk fangs and coated in Antractula venom.. " It’s our only hope. Sources say your witch is still alive.

"Who are your sources can we even trust them?" Harry Interrupted.

'Damien and Damascus, very old vampires the only ones we can trust they have saved us many times through the centuries. They haven’t lied once. She is a threat to them. There for they won’t kill her just yet. They will test her though. The Vampire she's with. You said you went to school with him. Tell me. Can he still use his wand?"

"Why does it matter if he can or can't." Said Ron "We saw him use magic a few days before he ran away with Mione.

"Hmm...No reason no reason. Come you must be tired. I'll lead you to where you'll stay tonight.

Once they were left alone in the simple room. Harry stared up at the cross.

The room was simple the same with any convent.

"I'll never understand muggles." Muttered Ron as he sat down "Do you think she's ok?”

"Yeah..Yeah I think she is “Harry replied in soft tones. One thing was certain he couldn't eat. Nor could he sleep. Even long after Ron's snores filled the Room he stared out the window, one arm around both his legs. He was just waiting for the sun to come up. Hoping Hermione could keep herself alive for a little while longer. The bad feeling he had growing.



Chapter 11: Mystery-Edited-
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 Authors Note: One I don’t own harry potter, and any mythical beasts go to respective cultures. There is slight Alcohol abuse. keep getting rejected for forgetting to put up that warning. What else. Strong Language and violence and sensitive topic themed. I think this is all the warnings I need to give. I don’t want to be rejected for them. I know this chapter is very violent and depressing but it’s important to the plot.  I have officially been writing for a year on here so I wanted to make it extra long. So I couldn’t get it up before the staff’s vacation. Then. Even though it was record long a friend challenged me to write a 4000+ chapter so. Here it is!! Please Rate and Review.  *Edit* I edited this as best i could. It isn't perfect. But I hope its better


      Without Thinking Draco pushed Hermione sideways into the wall, just as the animal leapt toward her.  Growls filled the cavern, 20 sets of the same red eyes started to appear in the mist. “Deprimo” He muttered wind shot out of his wand, causing the mist and fog to clear.  One thing he noticed. The Jackals were huge. Twice the size of any man and had razor sharp yellowing teeth; and eerie red eyes.  Actually He wasn’t even sure they were jackals they looked like them, but they were way too huge.

“Protificus totalus” He heard Hermione cry out from somewhere behind him to the nearest Jackal binding it.

      Draco ducked as one went toward him, “Icendio! “ The spell hit the beast’s tail causing it to catch fire and start smoking, with a high pitched yip that sounded like a cackle it ran out of the cave and out of sight.  Draco backed up, both of them getting cornered. Draco saw an opening. Draco picked up a startled Hermione and ran using his speed he jumped behind the Jackals. He landed cat like, putting Hermione to her feet, they ran toward the exit; both of them shooting spells to repel the Jackals.  

    They nearly tripped over the bound one that was snarling unable to move. Hermione screamed and ducked. Draco barely had enough time to register jet black feathers. Ducking himself, Hermione sealed the entrance of the cave, capturing the giant Jackal like creatures.  But they were faced with something far worse. At that moment, Draco wished the giant beasts were all they had to deal with.  The bird was  as large as a Dragon , it’s wings were as black as shadow with  soft feathers, its beak had saliva and bugs and something that looked like human bone stuck to its beak.  It’s piercing red eyes fixated on the two . It’s talons latched into the stone of the mountain creating large claw marks as it took off diving for them again.  Draco recognized it as an Ekek also known as a wak wak. He however didn’t have time to wonder what it was doing so far north.

   Sharp cold wind hit Draco but it didn’t seem to bother him.  However the wind was so powerful it cut Hermione along her cheeks and some of her arms. She shot Spell after spell at the bird, sending purple flames.  Draco transfigured a stick into a sharp sword.

  “Don’t hit it with magic! Ekek’s feathers act like a shield.  You’ll only succeed in pissing it off!” Draco started to jump from rock to rock; finally his training with swords would come in handy. He transfigured another stick into another sword matching it, so he had a set of Ein hander. He stopped once he was in front of the bird. 

    He crossed the blades together as the Ekek attacked with its talons. Bending his body he leaned further. He was pushed back, but once his foot hit the edge of the mountain, He smirked and sliced them in an x cutting its claw. It let out a high pitched cry that pierced the air. Why it was distracted Draco pushed off; landing behind the bird only to jump off again so he was on its back.

  At the same time, Hermione had transfigured a bow and a quiver of arrows. Draco noticed as one went past him. “Aim for the throat! Its chest is too hard to penetrate. “Aim for the throat!” 

  Draco took his right sword and slammed it into the birds back. Ignoring the cries as it stretched out and started thrashing, trying to jerk him off. He kept a tight hold of the sword.  This gave Hermione a clear shot at its throat , Using the last of her arrows. She aimed and pulled back the string she Let go. The arrow pierced its throat hitting one of its lungs. It reeled its head back; landing on the ground with a loud thud.

 It took one last bite at Hermione.  Catching her side before it went limp. Its wings falling with two loud thuds, Thick clouds of dust and dirt rose from the impact. Draco pulled the sword out of its back, jumping down to the ground. The smell of Granger’s blood over powered his senses. His pupils shrunk and became almost pitch black. Ignoring the urge to bite her he ran to her side. He dug into her back to find some bandages a large hole was in her side. Panicking he put pressure onto her side.

  Her eyes were fading and she was trembling in his arms from pain and bitter cold.  He removed it only to put more pressure with bandages.  Her blood was soaking through them quickly. His hands soon became covered in blood. 

“Draco..”She started but passed out, going limp in his arms. 

“Shit” He cussed and dug into the bag. Finding the Essence of distiny, He poured half the bottle over her wound. He watched as the wound slowly healed, she would be weak. But at least she wouldn’t die…yet..But he needed to get her medical help. She had lost way to much Blood. He couldn’t use a blood replenishing potion. It was good if she lost a lot. But this was more than a lot. She lost about half. 

  Sharp Squawks and cries sounded over head.  He groaned. A whole flock of the things covered the sky. They barely let any light. Not that he minded, he saw better in the dark.  Pain shot through his back and he doubled over. Still He shielded Hermione with his body.  White hot pain went through him, with a hiss his fangs lengthened and his fingers and nails lengthened, becoming almost claw like.  He screamed as two slits started to tare open between his shoulder blades. His nails dug into the ground, his body shaking as he attempted not to pass out from the pain

    Two large black bat like wings that were tinted in red slowly started to form and grow from the two slits. When they finally unfurled and writhed, Flexing as he got used to the sudden difference. The pain slowly ebbed as his skin started to heal and form around the wings. 

  Adrenaline coursed through him and he took off into the air. He grabbed the nearest bird. He sank his fangs into its throat and pulled out the jugular.  As it fell he took his swords and started to Slice at the ones wings as he passed.  He stopped counting after the tenth as he kept fighting. He dug his Sword into the wings and bone, desperately trying to keep them away from Granger, who they were all aiming for.

  Finally he landed on the Ground, at least a dozen birds around them. And even more still up. Draco brought her against his chest. His Wings wrapping around her as he attempted to stop the attacks; Hissing as the talons dug into his wings. 

  He was starting to wonder how he would get her out of there, when she started to heat in his arms. Looking down concerned, he saw that she was starting to glow a faint pink. Her magical energy started to burst from her. Draco let go watching as she slowly rose, the beams started to pierce the birds around them. She floated on her back. Slowly the pink started to disappear and she went a bright white. Draco had to bring his arm up to shield his eyes.

   When the light faded all the birds were on the ground. And Granger was standing. Her hand outstretched having cast many balls of light. He squinted the light and the energy balls disappearing. He saw her standing a full minute; before starting to fall to her knees. 

  He rushed over catching her. She rested her head against his chest. He was happy to still hear her heart beating.

 “I won’t lose you again Rikiar.” She spoke in a slightly different voice that didn’t quite sound like Hermione. She looked into his eyes as she said that and kissed his cheek, finally passing out.  Draco held her confused, shifting so he was holding her up bridal style. His wings beat and he jumped into the air, flying toward the castle. The whole time thinking

. “Who was Rikiar, and why was she talking like I was him? “  He flew for an hour, night having fallen. He wasn’t surprised to discover that he and her were the only ones back. Considering he just FLEW. And they were dropped off not even 7 hours prior. 

  Draco ran down the hall once he past the falling down part of the castle and into the underground estate. He instinctively went to Damien’s room.  Knocking loudly he waited for him to answer the door. That didn’t take long.

“Draco? You’re back already?” He asked seeing who it was. A girl with long black hair and bright hazel eyes and a pale complexion, appeared beside him. Smelling Damien’s scent on her, he assumed that was his mate.

“Oh dear, “The female whispered. “She is hurt, Come inside quick.

Damien stepped aside to allow Draco in with Hermione.  The woman came back with a muggle needle thing and too packs of blood.  “What is that?”

“This. Is an IV, It will replenish her blood. She won’t smell like herself anymore, but when her blood takes over she’ll begin to get back to normal. So don’t freak out, your mate will be fine.

“Wait, wait just one minute, she’s not my mate! “ 

“But, your aura’s say differently... And you seem to care for her. “She trailed off as she slowly inserted the needle into Hermione’s arm. Tapping it and strapping a board to her arm to keep it in. She hung the bag up.

“I don’t know what you mean by our “Auras” but I can tell you we aren’t mates, we aren’t even really friends. “

“Don’t freak him out Susan, now what was she attacked by? “ Damien interrupted.

“Keke’s  , I don’t know what they are doing so far north. But before that we were attacked by these giant jackals that had to be as big as an Ancaralantula. “

“Sounds like Montague’s doing. Anything else?”

“Yeah…Actually. She started glowing…and this weird pink light and then white light hit the birds and she called me…Well She called me Rikiar.

“So she is Afina, I knew it! Well, Her reincarnation anyway. “

“Who’s Afina? What the hell is going on? “He growled now annoyed. Hermione wasn’t anyone, she was Hermione, plain and simple, she wasn’t this “Afina” Girl they were calling her.  “She’s Hermione. “

“Go feed, “Damien started slowly. “I’ll explain what I mean when your fully functional .and she is awake and healthy. ”

“No, you’ll tell me now.” He folded his arms stubbornly, refusing to move until he got some answers. 

“Draco?” A soft voice that was unmistakably Hermione’s spoke up. He turned to see she was awake but still pretty tired. She looked scared. Something she was failing to hide though trying.

“Hermione. I’m right here. “He moved and sat next to her. 

“W-where did you learn to fight like that?” She closed her eyes tired.

“I will tell you when you’re better. Where did you learn to use a bow and arrow?” He unconsciously took one of her hands holding it.

“T-took lessons in the summer with my parents..” She trailed off starting to doze. Draco pushed her bushy hair back and out of her face.  Once she was asleep, he got up and left the room; Going off to hunt. 

    He went to the nearest village, sticking to the shadows. He crouched down waiting. Eventually a drunken man stumbled out of a bar and wandered down the alley Draco was waiting in wait in. Pouncing he pinned the man. Covering his mouth so he couldn’t scream, He sank his fangs into his neck, draining him almost dry, he left him alive. 

  He did this 7 times until he was no longer thirsty and his wings had retracted and his fingers and nails went back to normal size, though his nails were still a little long. Satisfied he headed back to the castle. He was determined to get some answers. 



    Forest smirked as he watched the fighting. Draco was a lot stronger than he had initially given him credit for. He let one leg dangled over the ledge that he sat watching from. He sharpened his dagger inspecting it when he occasionally got bored.  That was until something started happening that he became really interested in. Draco, the new born had transformed completely into his vampire state.

“How interesting, maybe you are a worthy opponent, He watched mildly surprised at the skill He was showing. But I wonder about my little mouse though. What can she do? “

  He didn’t have to wait long. Soon he saw her start to glow and release energy beams and plasma balls at his pets, so she was her reincarnation. Perfect.

 “There you are my little dominita “He waited for the fight to end. Once Draco had flown off with the girl, He jumped down onto the battlefield. He walked around the bodies.  Slowly they started to shimmer and sink into the ground. Each bird leaving behind glowing orbs that he then collected into a glass jar.

“You have done well my pets. Rest for now.” Once he collected all of his pet’s souls. He shimmered appearing in Obsidians chambers.

“My Lord, I have the information you requested, plus some” 

“What is it you have found?” He asked, curiously, like always he had a hood over his head so you couldn’t see his face.

    “I found that there is nothing remotely significant in the granger’s family tree, save for one of her ancestors was Afinas sister Maria. I also just witnessed her power, she was knocked out so we can assume she doesn’t know about it and doesn’t know how to control it. As for Draco.. Your hunch was correct. Sunnigilda was Rikiar’s only living relative that managed to escape that night. I have a feeling Draco is Rikiar or his reincarnation at any rate. But I cannot be for certain.  The boy’s skills.; Are too professional to clean cut and old fashioned to have learned all that. He was going on instinct I bet. I haven’t seen skill like that since the 5th century before Rikiar Died.”

“Do you still plan to try raising the Dahmphire alexandru? “

“Yes, We will preceed as planned, we just have to tred carefully, follow them. Alert me immediately if they do anything or seem to be getting close to Finding out what we are up too.”

“As you wish my lord.” The wraith bowed smirking evilly.  “As you wish.’



  Harry had gotten up early and was ready before the monks and Ron were even ready. “So the orb and the sword, Can we hurry this up. The sooner we get the items the quicker we can find your “Princess”.

  When they finally started out, Harry refused to eat; if he got hungry he ate an apple, something he could eat why walking. He refused to rest until nightfall. 

 “Harry, I’m worried about her too, but you need to rest, we won’t get there if you’re tired and walking slow besides Hermione wouldn’t want you to exhaust yourself finding her. 

 “Yes but we can’t get to her until we get those darn items and find that woman that is apparently oh so important that we find.  I can tell she’s hurt, I can feel it. I don’t like just wandering around her doing nothing. “

“Come on harry, I’m sure your just over reacting. How do you know she’s hurt? The monks said there sources said she was fine. “

“Well she isn’t Ron. Trust me something is terribly off. “He sighed finally allowing Ron to coax him to get some rest.



   Hermione stirred. She felt something heavy on her legs; it took her a few moments to remember what happened. Not that she remembered much. All she could remember was the pain as the bird bit her; also waking up and vaguely something about where she learned to use a bow and Arrow. She was suddenly grateful for the lessons.

   She slowly got up, only to find that the weight on her leg was Draco’s head, He had fallen asleep by the bed apparently.  She blushed some as Draco looked up at her with his familiar Silver grey eyes. She calmed. They weren’t red.

  “What happened? “ She asked clearing her scratchy throat. Wincing as the Iv was pulled.

 “Careful.” Draco handed her a glass of water, which Hermione started chugging down. Draco repeated Aquamente. Several times before Hermione was finally able to speak normally and wasn’t incredibly thirsty. 

“What happened?” She repeated.

“Well, what do you remember?” Draco got up and started to pace.

“I remember being bitten by that bird. I remember looking up at you and then. Nothing. It’s blank. “

   “Well, that’s because you fainted. “ Draco launched into a blow by blow about what happened. Hermione listened intently, her mouth falling open as he explained what she had said and what she had called him. When he was done telling her that they were so far the only ones to come back on time, and that he had fed and was waiting for her to wake up so Damien and Susan could explain, Who Afina and Rikiar were.

“Maybe we should wait until Hermione is 100% better” Damien began.

“No, I want to know and I don’t want to wait. This could be important too what Obsidian is up too.” She interrupted.

“All right..But nothing said here can leave this room; this is the only room he cannot bug because of Susan’s protective charms. So only discuss things here.. In the future.

“It began in the mid 5th century. Your Ancestors were related to Afina and rikiar. Maria and Sunniglia. Maria is your ancestor Hermione, and the sister of Afina, Sunniglia was Rikiar’s neice and the only one that survived the massacre. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

  We don’t exactly know the whole story.  But we will tell you what we do know, what wasn’t covered up by Obsidian. 

“Go on.” Said Hermione and Draco; who were both listening intently. 

    “ Afina was the princess of Romania at the time. Rikiar was her Guardian, but also her secret lover. She was married to Obsidian at the time.  They truly did love each other. Rikiar and Afina, They were planning on running, getting away from Obsidian.  But apparently, He somehow discovered there betrayal and in a fit of rage, Killed Rikiar. And the next morning he had a noose tied around his wife’s neck and had her dragged by horse over half the city. “

  “She was my best friend” Susan whispered. I loved her like a sister. She wanted to tell me something the day she was suppose to leave, but I got called into a battle…why didn’t I have five minutes to listen to her? “ I saw her. And Rikiar’s bodies..Their wounds.. They were not like what was described though there was a rope and bruising around Afina’s neck. And drag marks. Her stomach had been completely cut open; which is also why we believe that we were not told the whole story. Also..There were strange abrasions on Rikiar’s body. There were no stab wounds or anything but a few scratches. Anyone who fought him would tell you it wasn’t easy to get close to him. We don’t know how he was killed..

“That’s horrible!” Hermione gasped, putting a hand to her mouth, trying not to get sick at the images. “What they must have gone through!”

Draco looked at her sideways before speaking up. “What does this have to do with us exactly?” 

“Before they died her sister Maria, Said she heard her sister and Rikar both shouting they would see each other again, she said they cursed everyone that they would get there revenge, that they would come back. They would come back through one of their descendants. “

 “That night Obsidian had both their family’s slaughtered. He killed the men women and children. However Maria and Sunnigilia escaped. They ran to England. Maria was a squib. And Sunnigillia was already turned.

“So you think we are them.” Hermione concluded.

“Not quite, We think their souls latched to yours. You are two completely diffren’t people. But I think they are living through you.” Damien said slowly.

“What are we supposed to do? “ Hermione spoke out loud but wasn’t really talking to anyone in particular. 

“Nothing. For now just go on as usual. I will have my mate tell you if we find anything new” Susan smiled. For now. You need rest.

Draco sighed and got up, leaving the room .

“Where is he going?” She asked confused.

“To get Information for the second task. He will be back, until then. Rest. “

 Hermione nodded and laid back down.  



     He was pissed, no there wasn’t a word to describe how angry he was right now. , Blowing his crimson hair back from his forehead, playing with his wedding ring that he had never taken off.” Afina…If you had just done what I had asked.” He thought, as he petted Serena his panther between the ears. Getting up obsidian locked and warded his room. 

    Removing his robes he grabbed a purple potion from the cabinet and putting a pen in his mouth to keep from biting his tongue. He poured I over a long gouge that went from his shoulder down his torso. It never healed. But the potion kept it from bleeding.  He hissed in pain nearly breaking the pen.

    He relaxed and put the potion back on the shelf. “We will have to get more Serena.” He said to his pet.  Striding over to the other end of the bedroom, he pulled back the curtains. Once he pulled back the curtain it revealed a small room that held a single coffin surrounded by candles. Passing the unmarked grave he went to push aside more curtains to reveal a wall that had maps taped everywhere and different colored pins.

  “Where did you put it…” He muttered, as he stuck another red pin in a small town outside of Berlin.

“Great it was just More false leads. “

  In fit of rage he kicked the left wall which was already covered in small holes from where he had kicked and punched in the past. 

  “I don’t have time for this. Serena. Come. We have to get the rest of the stuff we need for the raising. Two more months.. If the Dhamphire can’t find it, No one will. If he can’t we at least will have less annoying humans and other pathetic creatures to worry about eh?”

  The giant cat just purred. He went over to his bedside table. He sat down, the chains of his pants clinking. He poured a glass of wine and brought it to his lips. He drowned it in one gulp. Lying back on the bed he stretched out cat like. Serena jumping in next to him curled up. 

  He petted her cranium as he stared up at the ceiling thinking, plotting. Using the annual Vampire games for newborns was a great cover up. But he had a nasty feeling in the pit of his stomach that just wouldn’t go away.

   He closed his eyes. Focusing he tried to keep the memories at bay. The way she had looked at him. He clutched the bed. Slowly he started to push back her look, and Rikari’s .

  “I regret nothing. She’s the one that betrayed me!” He spoke to the wind.

   When really, he knew he was the one who had betrayed not just her; But everyone. And no amount of blaming would ever make it right.


Chapter 12: Tension-Edited-
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Authors Note:  Sensitive topic/theme/Issue .Again I made this long, some sensitive topic theme. I know last chapter was dark, but this one is a lot lighter, the next chapter will be in 2 parts. Language warning. Thank you all who have stuck by me this long, and any new readers.  This would have been up sooner but I had to resubmit the other.


    Draco bit his tongue hard, for the third time that day he was again tempted to curse Edward “Vecter” Or whatever his last name was. It had been a week since their attack. Hermione was finally back to herself and able to wander about. At that moment, Draco wished she was still bed ridden. Instead of sitting there talking to Vector for the past Half hour.

   He irritatedly threw a crumpled piece of paper at her. He did this three times, charming the three pieces to start hitting her repeatedly; he smirked watching as she started to get irritated. He always could get a rise out of her.  Finally after ten minutes of effort she swung around and glared.

  “What do you want Ferret!” She hissed, Gathering the attention of Susan and Damien who were supervising. 

   “I wanted to get your attention. Isn’t that obvious?” Draco stared right at Vector as he spoke; the other vampire smirked behind Granger’s back. Proving to him that he did know exactly what he was doing and that he knew that it was obviously irritating him.  

  “Then ask like a normal person! Don’t throw things at me.” She glared crossing her arms in front of her chest.

  “I tried asking” He sighed. “But, you’ve been so distracted talking to “Edward” “he spoke sarcastically. “About the history of this castle you failed to hear or understand what I was saying. “

  “Well then say what is on your mind.” She shot back in annoyance. 

    Instead of replying he stood up, and walked out of the room.  Because as he was about to ask Granger about muggles; But was unable too. Edward had brought her attention back to himself with stupid questions surrounding Vlads defense against invaders of Romania.   

  “Stupid book-worm.” He muttered to himself.

  “Trouble in paradise?” A cold voice spoke from behind him. He knew bye the Hungarian accent who it was. 

  “Shut up Montague.” He turned staring at the male. His fingers clutched the hilt of his wand.

  “No, I don’t think I will shut up. Thanks.” The wraith grinned and leaned against the opposite wall from Draco. “I see your girlfriend has finally recovered. I’ll just have to try harder next time wont I? “

    Without thinking Draco pinned the male, pushing his wand to his throat. “Come near Mione again I will find a way to destroy you, you may be a Rare Highbred but I don’t care.  I’m not afraid of you. I wasn’t during the war, and I am certainly not now! “

 “She’s not my girlfriend” Draco let go, adding that like an afterthought and stormed down the hallway and to his and Hermione’s room, Leaving the laughing lunatic behind him.

   Wait, did he just refer to Granger as Mione? He shook his head; he needed his mental health examined. He entered the room that was covered in books and notes. Since they found out about their ancestors they had been trying to figure out the truth.

   But they had been unsuccessful. The murders were covered up very well. They couldn’t find a lick of information about any of the events from that night tell a year after. But, if the wounds were like Susan said. They couldn’t be right. 

  He was angry at Hermione, angry at not being able to find out anything their ancestors murders, and unable to think in their shared room since everything smelled of her. It was driving him mad. Twice he had nearly bitten her.

  He was so consumed by trying to sort out his own muddled thoughts, that he was almost startled by Hermione’s hand on his arm. More startled at her touch, not that she had entered the room. Her scent had hit him like a hippogriff and he had been hit by one before. He knew that feeling. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, suddenly dry. 

 “What’s wrong Draco?” She asked softly in that tone that made him almost want to sink his teeth into her. But, he resisted, somehow.

  “What’s wrong?” He turned locking eyes with her, she backed up some. He smirked; knowing his anger scared her gave him a small since of satisfaction and feeling of control. Something he didn’t have much of at that moment. 

  “You’re getting way to comfterble with our rival the past week; it is getting on my nerves. Second. I wanted to ask you about muggles. But you seemed to think that a history lesson was far more important. “He half yelled half whispered. 

  She bristled. “I’ve been trying to find out about him, ever heard of getting to know your enemy?  Also why do you want to know about muggles? I just assumed you had something stupid to say like you usually do.

“Our next task Granger, Well not really a task this one’s more like a trial before the next true test. They want to see how well we blend in with muggles. Most here where muggles before they were changed. I however don’t know the first thing about them. They are also sending us to a masquerade. Since its Halloween this weekend.. Just in case one of us does slip up, no one will take it seriously.

“Oh, I’m sorry Draco..” She apologized sincerely. 

“Please…just I don’t know be more careful around him you are far to comftorble. His intentions aren’t good.” He covered his nose her scent about to drive him up the wall.

 “What do you mean?” She looked confused and her brow furrowed.

   He stood there, staring at her seriously debating whether or not to remind her that he was an expert in  Legilimency and Occulmency,. He decided against it. “I can read by his body language, he isn’t asking you questions for no reason. He has ulterior motives.  They say you’re smart. Figure it out.”

   Her confused look quickly turned angry. “Pardon me for trying to figure things out about your enemy’s then. As for muggles, you will just have to learn as you go. When is the masquerade? “She leaned against the wall her arms still crossed.   

 “Saturday, so three days” He replied, looking at the bookcase. He refused to look at her except the corner of his eye.

  “Well, that doesn’t give me much time then.” She huffed. “You couldn’t of told me this a week ago!” 

 “I don’t see the big deal, honestly. It’s a dance; I didn’t think it was that important to say until it was closer to the time of it.” Draco took a book off the book shelf; Pretending to flip through its pages. 

  “I don’t have anything appropriate to wear. Ugh, I better ask Susan if she has something I could wear.  You better ask Damien. He seems to be the closest to your size for a muggle suit. Your dress robes won’t do and I doubt you actually packed anything. “With one last huff she walked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

  Draco let out a slow breath; He didn’t realize he was holding. Even though he no longer needed to breath, he still did out of habit. Then it hit him, He really didn’t have anything to wear, the whole point was to fit in with muggles without being detected. Made sense, one wouldn’t want their food getting suspicious, though he never killed his human victims. 

  Hating that Granger was right, He left the room after he was sure she was a safe distance away from him, his tongue darted out to lick his now dry lips. That was way to close.   

 “You alright there Malfoy?” Came a voice behind him thick Romanian accent. He turned, seeing it was only Damien.

 “Yeah, I was just going to look for you actually” He smiled a bit toward him; He noted his dark hair looked a mess.  

“Ah, what is it you need?” Damien moved so that he was walking beside Draco.

“Hermione has informed me, that I will need a muggle Suit? “ He asked well almost questioned. Draco didn’t know what muggle form of dress robes there were.

“Haha! Let me guess. There’s no way in Hell she’d let you go in everyday cloths am I right?”

“How’d you guess? Also the point is to blend in.” Draco chuckled.

“It’s a girl thing. Susan does it to me, all the damn time. It’s like. But I’m comfortable and she always does this pout thing and folds her arms until I cave. Aurora does it to axel as well. She was the gypsy that pointed you in the right direction.”

  “At any rate, I think I have something that may fit you, If not I’m sure you know a few spells that will get it to fit. “ Damien veered left as he spoke leading down to what he remembered being Damien’s room, which was beside Susan’s and adjacent to each others.  

  “You’re what about 5’9? “ He questioned as he started shifting cloths aside, Draco noted there wasn’t that many choices. 

 “Yes” He had to catch the suit that was thrown at him.  It was an old fashioned 17th century wear; He knew that much from old pictures he had seen in museums. It was green trousers with a green button up vest, with a white under shirt and a green jacket; there was silver detail into it. And also some shoes.

“Also, here’s this, my mate made for you especially. “ Damien handed him a small face mask, green with silver snakes coiled around the fabric, Draco could see individual scales and emerald eyes sewn right in.  

“This is..Incredible detailing. She made this?” He looked at Damien managing to tare his eyes away from the incredible work. 

“Yes, She said you’d like it, she heard you were in slytherin at school, she is also quite familiar with your family’s history, since she was Rikiar’s and Afina’s best friend. 

 “What was he like?” Draco questioned as he muttered some spells over the costume, Damien was wider in the shoulders than he was. 

 “Well, I didn’t’ know him to well, He was crazy about Afina, protected her with his life, No one could touch him in hand and hand combat, his wizarding skills were unparallel as well, so we don’t know exactly how he was killed, we assume some form of spell, the only markings were strange bruises on his wrists. 

“I don’t know of any curse that can do that…We are looking into it. “ Draco reassured, the questions were burning him, and there was one he was sure Damien would be able to answer.

“You’ve said that she was married to obsidian. That’s the vampire leader correct? Why did she marry him if she was so in love with my ancestor? “ 

  “Susan knows more about that than I. What I do know is. There was a point in time she loved obsidian and he loved her, but they had barely been married a year when he started to. Change you could say.  He became darker and distant, much like he is now. He’d lock himself in his room for hours, searching for something.

   “Rikiar and Afina had been friends since he got the job to protect her when she was 16 and he had just finished his wizarding studies. 19 I think. It is unsure when they had gotten together, but it was forbidden, she was what you would call a muggle, and a princess at that. Why he was a wizard and back then interrelationships were more of a scandal than they are now a day. So if they were seeing each other, that was probably the reason she married obsidian instead of him.  

  “Or he forced her into it” Draco Interrupted, Saying what both of them knew could be a very real possibility, Times had changed, But Draco was good enough at history to know that women often were bullied into a marriage or it was arranged, more often arranged back then.  Very few females married for love. It was all political.  But that still left Draco with more and more questions. If she was muggle, why was she able to use these “powers” that saved Hermione and she supposedly inherited.

  Damien didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. 

   Draco was the one who decided to break the sad silence. “Thank you very much for letting me borrow this for the masquerade thing.  Your wife is very talented.”

“She is, she insisted on hand making your mask, Saying that it would look better if she did it than having someone else. I will have to say, she was right, I don’t think anyone else could have done that.”

Draco folded the clothing and tucked it under his arm, holding the shoes in his other hand; waving a goodbye to Damien.

  He wasn’t looking forward to Saturday, but, at the same time, something inside of him; seemed to be excited about the upcoming event especially when his thoughts lingered to long on Granger. 



    Hermione walked briskly, her anger spurning her on, Draco had been acting weird since before they left Hogwarts, He had protected her more times than she could count, and she couldn’t get his motive one way or another. Now was he really showing jealousy over Edward? She really had just been trying to wiggle some info out of him subtly, but Draco’s behavior just now; Did vector really have an ulterior motive for talking to her? If he did what was it.

   She was also quite in a mood because Draco waited until nearly last minute what their next test was. She didn’t like losing tests, even if she wasn’t the one really being graded or watched. If Draco failed this, it wouldn’t just look bad for him; But, her as well. She would have been expected to guide him.  If he had taken muggle studies, this wouldn’t have been a problem. She hoped the masquerade could cover up any slip ups on malfoy’s part for being a wizard and having no knowledge of muggles, or muggle mannerisms.

  Before she knew it she had found herself in front of Susan’s door, She knocked four times quickly. When the door opened, she was surprised to see it wasn’t Susan that opened the door, but a tall woman with an hourglass form, she wore a white gown and had long dirty blond hair and Hazel eyes that drew people’s attention. 

 “Um, Hello. Did I get the wrong room?” She slowly asked the woman her cheeks flushing red.

  “No, this is Susan’s room, Hi I’m willow Damascus’s wife. Nice to meet you, we’ve been expecting you!  Though we thought you’d come a lot sooner.. “Willow led Hermione into the room where she was greeted by Susan whose raven hair was tied up in a bun and the Gypsy woman Aurora was there as well.

“We’ve expected you sooner; luckily Willow is quick with alterations. “ Susan stood Hermione in the middle of the room and went into the closet, shuffling around dresses, occasionally taking one or two and holding them up to Hermione. Before tossing them aside onto a chair, soon the room had dresses everywhere, some of them she found out were Aurora’s and Willow’s  

  “You were expecting me to come to you about this?” She questioned blinking, barely having time to keep up with the mass of blurring montage of colors.

  “Were else were you going to get anything to wear? Besides, we all had ones from previous years. Its held every year, its why it really isn’t a proper test, it’s just to see how well you blend in. These games are only held once every 100 years. So we just incorporate the yearly masquerade into it. “Aurora said taking a thin blue dress holding it up to Hermione. “Ugh, no!  Not her color at all.” 

  Willow suddenly squealed. “I know! Afina’s 16th birthday Dress!”

 “That’s an excellent Idea! Go get it!!” Aurora and Susan said at the same time in excited voices.  

 “Her 16th?” Hermione questioned as Willow left the room.

  “Yes,” Susan’s eyes became unfocused as if lot into a memory.

 “She made it to 16 no one thought she would since she had a rare blood disease. She got married a year after, to Obsidian. She died a year after that, a week after her 18th birthday. “

  “What..Exactly was her relationship with Obsidian? And Rikiar. “Hermione pushed curiously. “You were her best friend, anything you could tell me could help me and Draco find out what really happened and what they are up to now, any information at all.  

  “Well, It will take Willow a while to Afina’s old room, Why don’t you go ahead and tell her” Aurora prompted. “She will figure things out sooner or later, let’s have it sooner rather than the later.”

   “Alright, Where should I start?, I guess the day Rikiar arrived since that was when everything started to change. “

 “He was appointed Afina’s personal guardian since she had been getting threats from not just muggles but magical beings and wizards as well. They didn’t want to do anything until she reached 16 to know that she would survive.  Once she did, Romania’s version of your ministry sent him, he was the top Auror at the time.  Skilled in both muggle and magical ways of fighting, and could often combine them. “

    “Afina was already dating Obsidian at the time. She loved him to an extent; I don’t think she even fully understood what she felt for Obsidian. I guess she was all she knew, we didn’t get many visitors. She met him through his sister Rikarie, we used to make fun of how similar her and Rikiar’s names were.  He courted her. So when he asked her to marry him she said yes. “

     “The problem was, she had gotten close to Rikiar. But it wasn’t until the night after her wedding that she said something..Odd, I don’t quite know what it meant even now. I wonder if it would have made any difference”

   “What did she say? “ Hermione asked eagerly. 

  “That Obsidian found something out the night of their wedding, she wouldn’t say what. He also asked her to do something she said she wouldn’t be able to do it, and that if anything ever happened to her, Do look in the silver Dragon. Whatever that meant, It wasn’t tell later that I found out that she had been Rikiar’s gf since before the wedding, she said they couldn’t be together, but she made the worst mistake in choosing to go along with Obsidian. “

  “Hm, I’ll see if I can find out what she meant by look in the silver dragon. “ Hermione spoke softly. “You’ve been a big help.”

    At that moment the door burst open and in came Willow. The mood instantly lifted. “I found it in her closet, its been untouched and seemed to have a good protective charm on it. So it should still be good after all this time!”

  Hermione went over to it and quietly removed the charms. She opened the dusty trunk and gave a sharp gasp.

  “There’s no way I can wear this! It’s too much!”

 “Nonsense “Susan said “It’s yours by birth right anyway. She would have wanted you to have it, in fact she would have insisted. It’s why she kept it. She didn’t believe in wearing something only once. ” 

   Hermione nodded, reaching into the trunk she lifted a red and gold corset that had an embroidered lion in on the right part, with paw prints going from it to the bottom left edge. It was made out of a silk like material. Next she brought up the skirt, which was the same silk material, red with gold swirls of embroidered color into it, It also had a top layer of a Dark red wine colored chiffon, it was silky with gold sparkles and kind of had a net like appearance. There was also a simple white underskirt that would make it poof out some.  She then brought out two pieces was red flats, they didn’t have heels back then.

  “I have something else you can borrow. If you want, “Willow said noting the shoes.

  “I love them; I can’t walk in heels very well.” 

     Finally the last two pieces, Were of the same silk as the skirt and top, but were armlets that had the same embroidered Lion, that had the same colored chiffon that was on the skirt It attached from the bottom part of the armlet It was long. It was small around the top part, but the bottom became longer and would go to her knees at least. The top part of the armlet had red wine ruffle. That only went to the sides leaving the back which was under her arm clear. 

  “Put it on, I will have to adjust it; you’re smaller than she was.”

  Half an hour later, Hermione found herself back in the room she was staying in. The girls had her dress stored; according to them she and they would meet the boys at the place Saturday. She had just settled down and was reading a diary she had hoped would give her some clue. When Draco came bursting in.

  “There you are…Are you ok?”He questioned, pulling her into an unexpected hug. She gave a small one armed hug back confused.

  “I’m fine Draco why? “ She blinked again he had confused her.

  “I’m sorry about not telling you about the task yet..I just wanted you to rest.”

 “It’s fine..Why are you hugging me? I’m fine really, jeez”

 “It’s nothing don’t worry about it.”He sighed looking like he had something to say but didn’t say it. “Just something I overheard. Don’t go anywhere or be alone with Vector alright.

“I’ll do what I want, but if you’re so worried, fine I’ll stay away. “

“Thank you.”

It was going to be a long two days.


Authors Note: Part two- I left it in a bit of a confusing cliffhanger, but I swear that his reason for doing what he just did will be explained at the beginning of the next chapter. And a reminder, I have a meet the authors page.






Chapter 13: All Hallows Masquerade Part One-Edited-
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Author’s note: Usual Disclaimer I don’t own harry potter or the music. I had loads of fun writing this chapter. I tried going with old songs. 1*unforgettable by nat king cole,*2 The times they are a-changin by bob Dylan.*3 Largo by Johann Sabastian Bach during the very special scene.(Mentioned since its instrumental) *4 You’re my Thrill,By billie holiday. Vectors dance with Mione song is *5 Grande Masquerade by Nox Arcana. (Not in the fic but in case you’re curious on what the instrumental was)Italic lines belong to those artists mentioned.I take no credit for any of it. If its Italics and Stared it’s not mine.  Read the rating warnings on my story before reading this. Oh again Language.


      Draco after having put the cloths in one of the drawers of their room; he went back and waited outside of the door of Susan’s room.  He stared at the painting in front of the door that was of a Greek woman looking out to the sea from a cliff, her dress blowing in the wind, she seemed sad. For some odd reason he couldn’t stop staring at that painting. He leaned next to the door, watching the painting. He didn’t hear a woman saying his name until the fifth or sixth time it was said.

  “Draco?, Draco…DRACO!” The unknown woman shouted.  

  Draco Jumped and turned his head, tense that he had been caught off guard. What if it had been Vector or Montague?

“What? Why are you shouting? Who are you?” He asked quickly noticing that it wasn’t Susan, or Hermione coming out of the room.

“You seemed to have spaced. I’m shouting because I’ve been calling your name for three minutes. My name is Willow, I’m Damascus’s wife.” The dirty blond held out her hand. Draco just stared and resisted not to insult her. Taking her hand he quickly shook it.

“You obviously already know my name.” He spoke with sarcasm.

“Jeez Granger sure knows how to pick’em” willow laughed at his obvious irritation.

“She’s not my girlfriend! How many times do I have to say that?”

“Oh, really?” Willow smirked obviously up to something. Draco didn’t like that look.

“Yes really”

“Then, it shouldn’t bother you to hear that Vector’s planning on dancing with her Saturday?”She teased in a sickenly sweet voice. 

  This caused the same feeling he got earlier when Granger was talking to Edward to bubble up inside of him. He clenched his teeth to keep her from noticing. 

“No, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.” He lied; He knew instantly that he didn’t fool her one bit.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you if you were waiting for Granger It will probably be another hour. So you might as well go do something else. “She informed him.

“An Hour?! God women take forever.”

“We have to look good so. Scadattle.” she pushed him down the hall, getting the point Draco headed off toward the direction of the hunting grounds.  

“Bloody women, He muttered.” When he finally did reach the grounds, after being careful about the top part of the house so nothing caved in; He jumped up into one of the nearest trees, sitting on the branch. He watched the animals and other creatures around him in the moonlight waiting for time to pass.

  Draco had been on the branch, watching several deer bound off. For barely ten minutes before he heard voices, realizing he couldn’t be seen, or smelled since he was up wind. He crouched hiding himself straining to listen.

“So, how are your plans going with that Granger girl?” A male voice with a lyrical accent spoke slowly, Draco recognized it as Montague.

“Not so good, She is very closed and all she wants to do is talk about books or history or whatever nonsense.”

  Draco Tensed, Continuing to listen, leaning forward so he could hear better.

“We had a deal Vector” Montague growled; Get her defenses down enough to find out what her relationship with Draco is. I want to know her every weakness.

 “We also agreed.” Vector said, there was a long pause and he continued. “That I could do what I wanted before hand, so you’re just going to have to be patient with me. I want her she’d make a good meal, and more. I’ll get you your information, stop pestering me.”

“Use Saturday to your advantage” Montague growled and both voices slowly faded. Draco waited until he was absolutely sure that they were gone, after twenty minutes and he still didn’t hear or see anything. He let the panic course through him, though he kept calm. Jumping down from the tree he casually walked back inside.

    So he wouldn’t draw unnecessary attention to himself. He acted casually as he made his way toward the chambers he shared with Hermione. When he got there he sighed in relief he could smell mione’s scent through the door.

  Opening it quickly he ran over to her, at that moment not really caring he pulled her into a tight hug. Something he normally didn’t do. He was tempted to kiss her but quickly squashed that feeling down.

  “Draco? What’s wrong? Are you ok what happened? “

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the tasks earlier I just wanted you to rest…are you ok?

 “Yes Draco I’m fine, why are you hugging me are you ok?”

 “Promise me Granger; Promise me you won’t go near vector alone.

“I can take care of myself and I don’t take orders from you, but fine if it will make you feel better I’ll be more careful.”  

  Draco reluctantly let Granger go, with a sigh he went over to the other side of the room, closing his mercury blue eyes trying to fight back the vampire in him. The urge to bite her..No not bite. Mark. Granger was strong sudden, and confused him.

    “I got some information out of Damien.”  He finally spoke to fill the awkward silence that fell between them.  He didn’t rust his own thoughts at that moment.  “Nothing at all useful and we hadn’t already guessed or figured out though.”

  “Really?  I got some information out of Susan, but it is of no help really, not anything we hadn’t already guessed. Except that apparently after Afina married Obsidian she told Susan that if anything ever happened to look in the silver dragon; whatever that meant.”  She sighed.

“Well that was oh so helpful, But it’s a start I guess” Draco said half sarcastically.

   They spent the rest of the day searching records of any item that may have been dragon formed, there was nothing. At first they thought it was a personal object, but they couldn’t get into Afina’s room. Willow was the only one with a key and she wouldn’t be back until Saturday.  

   The next two day’s indeed proved to be long and painful. It seemed that every time he turned around or was away from Hermione for even a moment, Either Vector or Montague were there, therefore he got in the habit of, constantly watching her. He didn’t sleep much either he was tense and constantly alert.

  More than once he got paranoid of the slightest noise, He really needed to get a grip on himself, he felt like an over protective parent. He conveniently didn’t link it to “boyfriend” being protective. 

  “If you don’t stop following me around like that, I will hex you!” Granger snapped finally for the sixth time that Saturday morning. “Honestly, I think this masquerade will do us both some good” She continued.

“You need to get out, I think you’re getting cabin fever”

“No, I need people to stop threatening us every five minutes” He countered.

“Ugh, I’m going to get ready, I’ll see you later.” She grabbed her beaded hand bag and headed out the door.

“It’s only 11:00! The thing isn’t even until 6pm how long do you need?” He asked incredulously. Seriously how long did it take to get dressed?

“Susan said she wanted me in there early. Also we will be meeting you boys there, you can stay out of trouble for one day can’t you?” She questioned with a small knowing smirk on her lips.

  Draco just glared and grabbed the nearest book. (Failing to notice it was upside down).

 “My point exactly.” Hermione took one last look at him before leaving.

  He shot a glare at the now closed door. “Hmph, Women” he muttered.

  The rest of the day passed very slowly for him. On more than one occasion he made a sweep of the corridor where Hermione was.  Unbeknownst to her, Mostly out of his own paranoia that he wouldn’t even admit that it was because he was concerned about her.

  Every time he was caught by Damien who gave a knowing smirk and wink; And each time, was immediately met by Draco giving him a very rude finger gesture.

  “I got things handled here Draco, Neither will even come down here because I’m right next door.”Damien said at Draco’s 6th “Just Checking” Round.

  “I know It’s just…I don’t even know why I keep checking” Draco admitted.

 “It is because you care for her.”Damien insisted, which got a look from Draco that clearly said “you’re nuts.”

  “Obviously you’ve subconsciously made her your mate.” He continued ignoring Draco’s look.

   “Now I know you’re crazy” Draco said glaring. “I didn’t subconsciously do anything. She’s my responsibility that’s all. “

  “I’m not crazy, think about it. When she’s around all you do is stare at her and you get very jealous, I’ve seen this.  I will also take a wild guess that her scent affects you more than anyone else’s, How else do you think you can always find her in crowds? “

   Draco just flashed his fangs. “I’ve always been able to find her that has nothing to do with me being a vampire or her scent, I know her well enough to know where she goes.” With that he went back to his room to get ready. He missed the knowing smirk that graced the vampire lord’s lips.

    Later that night Draco found himself waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Granger. The ball was being held near the city’s oldest graveyard in an out of the way mansion. Looking around Draco didn’t feel as bad. Some people were wearing worse clothing than him. Still. He was glad he wore the mask, even if no one knew him here. He felt uncomfortable in muggle clothing. Well, Old fashioned muggle clothing.

    A few minutes later soft music started to drift into the hall. It was an instrumental he wasn’t familiar with. But, it was classical nonetheless. Damascus’s girl willow was the first to arrive. She wore a honey yellow dress that went to her feet and had her hair up in a bun. She had chosen a much older style than Draco did. It looked Greek, Spartan if his memory was correct. He supposed it was to match Damascus who literally looked like he might have walked out of an ancient Greek painting. They stood out quite a lot as everyone else was wearing styles ranging from the 16th century to the 18th. There masks simple one colored, hers was a yellow held onto by a stick. Damascus’s was a simple plain white.

   Draco watched the top of the stairs hoping She’d come soon, He would relax more when she was closer he knew that.  The Gypsy was the second to arrive. Still wearing traditional clothing but with a little Special occasion looking. He started to get impatient after Axel who wore a gypsy’s male dress clothing his black hair as ever still tied in an old fashioned pony tail. (Held up by ribbon). Both wore black masks.


   He boredly hit the back of his head against the wall trying not to appear impatient. He of course seemed to be failing miserably at this. Just then Damien appeared beside him patiently waiting for Susan. Damien wore the same clothing as Draco, only his pants were a midnight blue, as were his vest and jacket. His ascot tie thing Draco didn’t know what that was called was neatly tucked into his white shirt. His mask was midnight blue with Silver crows, Handiwork done by his wife most likely by the detail and obvious love and attention she put into it.

  “Relax everything’s going to be fine.” Damien chuckled watching Draco’s impatient squirming.

  “You do not know Hermione, Danger follows her everywhere something always happens!”

  Damien chuckled and Draco sent a glare.

 “Come on!” A lyrical voice spoke at the top of the stairs. “Now isn’t the time to get all shy!”

  Draco and Damien both looked up to see a woman in an owl mask, that was white with brown around the edges and black around the eyes, the beak where her nose was. She was wearing a floor length ball gown that puffed up a bit. It was white with glitter and brown around the edge of the dress and straps that rested on her upper arm.  There was some form of glittery material over the skirt that just confused Draco, he never did understand women’s taste in clothing.

 “See” Damien said. “I told you they would get here just fine. “

  Draco however wasn’t paying even the slightest bit attention. The woman, who he guessed by now was Susan had managed to coax the other girl from behind the entrance door.  If he had been breathing, he was sure he would have stopped. He suddenly had flashbacks of when he saw her at the Yule ball there first year.

  The red and gold corset she wore had a lion; Causing him to chuckle at the Obvious Gryffindor influence. He noticed that unlike fourth year she fit into the dress more, she was curvier and it showed that off. He watched as she nervously played with the chiffon of the sleeves, also noting the lions. The skirt part he was sure she would trip on but was pleasantly surprised at how gracefully she was able to move. Her hair was left loose but it fell in soft curls unlike its normal bushyness.Her mask again had lions and it made her chocolate brown eyes more notable, in fact, he couldn’t stop staring at her eyes, Why hadn’t he ever noticed the amber gold flecks in them before?

  Remembering his manners he walked over to her just as she reached the bottom of the stairs. He bowed and gently kissed the back of her hand; which caused a faint blush to appear on her cheeks. He smirked satisfied he had at least some affect on her. 

  “Do you want to dance? He asked why leading her into the room. “



   Hermione soon found out why Susan wanted her so early. It was basically to hang out and have girl time. Hermione wasn’t quite used to this. She was used to just observing Ginny and the other girls of her year that it took her a while to get used to being included. Soon she found herself discussing how things have changed over the centuries.

  “This is the 6th time Draco’s passed by this door!” Susan giggled why doing willows hair in a complicated bun.

  “Really? “ Hermione looked up interested. As Aurora did her hair in soft curls after spending an hour getting it un-bushy.

  “Yes I think he’s worried.” Willow piped in.

 “Yeah Right.” Hermione said as she put on her skirt and shoes, about to let Aurora lace her corset.

  “It’s true” Susan said seriously. I meant what I said about you aura’s being intertwined!

  Hermione rolled her eyes. “I’m sure he’s just paranoid about something. He’s been odd since we got here.”

   Once her corset was laced Hermione put on her mask; though out of all there masks. Susan’s owl was her favorite.  Following the girls she made sure to put on the sun necklace Aurora gave her weeks ago around her neck.

   Willow and Aurora were the first to go in. Hermione stood nervously outside; she didn’t know why she was so nervous. She felt like something was going to happen tonight, but she didn’t know what or whether it was good or bad. 

  She wasn’t allowed to hesitate to long, for soon Susan Dragged her inside. She stood at the top of the steps. As she peaked out from behind the corner; she had a major déjà’ vu moment.  She was somewhat shocked to see Draco was waiting for her at the foot of the stairs. Soft instrumental music filled the hall. Draco was wearing a green suit and out of everyone blended in the most. She could tell it was him because of the tell-tale sign of his hair. That and he was wearing green and a mask with embroidered silver snakes. She had to admit. Susan had a major sense of humor.

  As she started to go down the steps she found herself in an eye lock with the Slytherin. She had never noticed the silver in his blue eyes before.

  She found herself to be shocked again when he kissed the back of her hand. She felt her cheeks burn. She hoped he couldn’t tell. By his smirk it was a wish made in vain.

   Hermione let him lead her to the main ballroom. She was amazed at the room. It was a large hall that she couldn’t see the end of really. The ceiling had glass windows to let in the light of the full moon and stars act as a natural lighting. The windows had to be at least 10 feet high with Blood red curtains Opened.  Marble pillars on either side of each window. There were Chandeliers between them slightly in front of the window near the ceiling. The floor was white tile that gleamed with some red and black flecks.  A smaller room adjacent had tables and chairs and also a small bar. She figured that was where they would eat and rest occasionally. She was officially excited she loved dancing and she hoped this would turn better than fourth year even if she was with Malfoy.

  The classical music that was changing turned to another song. One Hermione loved. It was defiantly for the younger couples because the older ones went off to go rest  or watch them.

   Draco spun her to face him.  She couldn’t help but giggle. At that moment she didn’t care if she was Granger and he was Malfoy or their house; actually now that she thought about it. That stopped mattering the second she said she’d help him. 

  He started in a gentle slow waltz

*1* Unforgettable…that’s what you are.

   He gently turned her, Hermione felt increased nervousness but a few slow breaths caused her to calm down. She allowed her mind to empty as she slowly, with gaining confidence, moved with him.

.   She held onto his shoulders as he lifted her to turn her. It was then she realized. She had grown to really trust him. When she was back on her feet, she moved a bit closer to him smiling up at him.  Which earned her a rare real smile from him. 

   She spun only to be pulled back against him, her back against his chest and her head on his shoulder. His chin went to rest on her shoulder; their fingers intertwining. Slowing until they were in a gentle sway.

   She looked up their eyes locking and Hermione felt for the second time that night. Drawn in and she couldn’t bring herself to remove her gaze from his. As the instrumental solo started she closed her eyes. One of his arms wrapped around her waist. Their hands still intertwined. When did there hate turn to trust an affection? She wondered as she was spun, wrapping one arm so it was around his neck.

    As the song came to a close they had moved their faces closer their noses touching, but Draco pulled back from her, but didn’t let her go.

  “You really need to eat something…You haven’t eaten all day.” Draco spoke softly in her ear, leading her toward the other room. She realized he was right. She had forgotten to eat in all the hype.

  “How did you know?” She question. Still holding his hand she walked beside him. Neither of them noticed a woman in an owl mask watching with a triumphant smile on her face.

  “I know you Granger.” He chuckled. “8 years of going to school with you, I noticed that when you were really caught up in your work or whatever you and weasel and potter were up to That you forgot to eat.”

  “Besides.” He continued after seeing her shocked look. Did she think that he never paid attention to her habits in school? He did more than he wanted to admit even to himself. “I can smell your blood remember? Your blood sugars low. “

  Oh, she blushed red allowing him to pull out her chair and she sat down thanking him, before he took a seat next to her. She watched him curious to what he was thinking. 

  “Where and when did you learn to dance? I saw you fourth year, I actually don’t recall you even dancing.” She started attempting a conversation why she started to eat the Zama soup one of the caterers brought; pleasantly surprised that she liked it. She noticed Draco eating as well.

  “I can still eat, I just don’t need to eat as often since my diet consists of mostly blood but, I think because my wizarding blood is still active I require the nutrients. “ He explained

  “I learned at home my father insisted that purebloods should learn. I actually enjoy dancing. I took lessons as a kid up until Hogwarts and still had classes in the summer; mother insisted I had a gift.” He smiled talking about his mother.

  “She’s right, you’re a fantastic dancer.” She agreed between spoonfuls.

  “Thank you Hermione.”

  Wait, Did Malfoy just call her by her first name? She shook it off continuing to listen. As a pork pilaf was put in front of her and they were asked what they wanted. She ordered a saramura, since that was the only thing she was familiar with, it was just a salty grilled carp so it was fish. With a cabbage roll. Why Draco Ordered muschi poiana, and a cabbage roll.

  Once the waiter moved away she turned her attention back on Draco. “Whats Muschi Poiana?”

   “Ah, something you don’t know mione. “ He chuckled. “It’s a mushroom and bacon stuffed beef in a puree of vegetables and tomato sauce.

 “So it’s a soup?” She questioned.

“Yes it’s a soup Hermione. As for why you didn’t see me dancing fourth year, was because I can’t stand Pansy, She can’t dance at all anyway. And it was crowded, not enough room to dance.” 

  “So, Draco” She was determined to find out more about him. “How did you learn to fight like that?  You never did tell me. “

  “I didn’t did I?” “Well As you know my family is very old, it is also very stuck on traditions. I hated training but my father insisted I learn to keep “Traditions” alive. Wizards as you know used to use swords along with magic in battle. Why do you think Godric Gryffindor had a Sword for his heirloom? Anyway I’m glad now for the training or we would both be dead.”

  Hermione nodded in agreement. Before long they had started to talk about their childhoods. Discovering a whole different Side of Draco that she never knew existed until then. She now understood why he was so stuck on status; she would be too if she had that drilled into her head.

  Just as there food arrived the song changed to another non-instrumental


*2*Times they are a changin.

  Another muggle Song Draco wasn’t familiar with, But he saw Hermione’s eyes light up at hearing it, and between bites of her cabbage roll she sang along, Causing him to smile. He couldn’t remember seeing granger relaxed and happy at the same time.

. Things have changed he realized. He actually LIKED granger, no not like. Something was far stronger than that. A feeling he couldn’t quite put his finger on yet.  Things were changing.

  How long had he liked her? When did his hate become more? As Draco thought about it, He realized with a sinking feeling that it wasn’t recent. He started caring second year after her attack. He also remembered how he started arguing more with her just for an excuse to talk to her.

  Concern grew into protectiveness and jealousy. He remembered fourth year when he saw Krum almost kiss her. He remembered he cursed him. So that he kissed her hand instead of her lips. Then it happened again at the manor when she was being torture by his aunt. He remembered that weird panicked feeling he got; which occurred again in the attack several weeks ago.

  He looked at Hermione, really looked at her with new eyes, Sudden understanding everything made perfect sense, he had just been too stupid to realize it.

  He needed to show her somehow, but how? He only had one shot at this.

  If he did anything to soon. One He might scare her, two she would think he was insane, and three would wonder what changed suddenly. Then he remembered he could put memories and thoughts into other people’s heads. He had been doing that to the teachers back in school.

   Nothing could be predictable. He couldn’t tell her how things would go. He didn’t even know how much time he would have with her. He would take as much time as he could, one step at a time.

  Then he Remembered Harry and how her heart used to skip when he was mentioned. Now that didn’t happen. Did that mean he might be growing on her? When he got her home would they go back to hating each other?

  No, the time here in Romania changed them. It would keep changing them.

  He smirked, he could get used to Hermione’s friends if it met he could still be near her. He sat still Trying to slow his own thoughts and feelings. He wouldn’t jump into anything; he’d ease her into it.

   It was then He noticed a man in a Ravens mask was watching them. The mask looked like a raven, but had silver lines to make the feathers of it made out of the same material stand out, and markings around the eyes. The man sunk into the shadows and the lines glowed Green, Tribal markings Draco knew immediately the man wasn’t hiding. He wanted Draco to know that He was caught. He recognized the scent from the coven’s home. But he didn’t recognize the Red hair or the Piercing yellow eyes.  The man was short, no more than 5’10 or 5’11. He had a stiff posture. Draco suddenly remembered that scent from when he was changed he guessed it was one of the three leaders, His money was that it was obsidian himself. Obsidian smirked and turned leaving the room and the hall.

   A man in a Poseidon’s Horse mask stood near the door. Soon followed obsidian the mask was blue and the main looked like water. On the forehead there was the trident. If it wasn’t for Forest’s uniquely orange eyes, he would have no idea who that was. It interested him as to why he was following obsidian. Most likely he had his own agenda.

   Every alarm bell in his body was going off. Something was going to happen tonight, He just knew it. It may not be a fight like he hoped, but he had a feeling he was going to find out information or something.

  So much was going on right now personally and Non personally it was almost hard for him to think. Let alone concentrate. What if someone found out about him and Hermione?

   It didn’t matter he realized. Once he was turned he became a new person. He wasn’t bound to his parents anymore. He didn’t need to worry if somehow the prophet or another paper found out about them. No one knew them here.  As for when they got home. He was determined to get her home in one piece and safe. They could face whatever the wizarding world had to throw at them. He needed to take things slowly with granger though.

   One thing was certain. Obsidian wouldn’t be in charge much longer. Draco refused to be controlled and was determined to stop Obsidians plans, whatever they were.

   Through the trials he would prove himself, He would cross the line once he finished it. He would end the curse cast over his ancestor and Hermione’s. He would help them find peace.

   Was he really willing to change everything forget the past an change the future. Had he gone that insane? Looking at Hermione he shook his head. He had gone mental.

  From what Susan and Damien have told him. Obsidian was losing his grip and the only reason why the vampires still followed him was out of fear. Draco wasn’t afraid of him. He was a death eater After the Dark lord. He doubted anyone else could scare him.

  For Now. Draco would play his part, and play it well. But he was about to turn the vampire community upside down.

  “You ok Draco? You spaced out there.” Hermione laughed as she Waved her hand in front of his face to gain his attention.

  “Sorry. I was thinking. That’s all suddenly things and what I need to do make sense.”

 “Oh? And what is it you need to do? It looks quite painful “She smiled.

  “Get you back on the dance floor” He grinned. Popping a Cornulete cu nuca into his mouth that he hadn’t realized had been placed in front of him. He ignored her subtle dig at his brain power. ‘Now that I know for certain you won’t faint on me.”

  He watched as Granger giggled and let him lead her to the dance floor. Another instrumental started up. This time, it was one he recognized.

*3* Largo by Bach. Remembering his lessons he gently twirled her.  He relaxed when her arms wrapped around his neck. His world blurred and she took over every sense. This time he didn’t resist.

   Half way through they had stopped completely, their forehead’s touching. Draco slowly inhaled her scent. Their noses touched. His eyes closed. Wrapping one arm around her waist he pulled her flush against him, he leaned in close. Right before their lips touched he spoke softly.

“The hell with it.”

  He took his chance before she asked what he meant and closed the distance between them. His lips touched hers lightly before he sealed them in a deep kiss. Shock was the only thing he could describe the feeling. It felt like a lightning bolt hit him and was traveling down his spine.

   One hand reached behind her and gently entangled in her hair. His darted his tongue over her lips. Determined to taste what had been driving him mad since school started back up. He was happily surprised when her lips parted. His tongue coaxed hers into a mini dominance fight. Which he won.

  After a few seconds the urge to bite became to strong and his fangs nicked her tongue. The second her blood touched his lips he calmed, though taken by surprise when she took control of the kiss. Sucking lightly at the wound, He pulled back when he sensed she needed to breathe. His saliva healing the wound easily he kissed lightly at her neck. Not noticing the song had changed.


*4* You’re my thrill.

  She shivered as she felt his lips graze her neck. Admittedly she had been confused at what he meant when he said.

“The hell with it.”

 Her tongue still tingled from the bite. His kiss had put so many feelings at once into her that it almost overwhelmed her but it wasn’t like it was a bad experience in fact. Each kiss and nip was quite enjoyable.

  She shook her head shivering at the kiss to her neck. Great, She was being kissed and there she was analyzing it! The sparks she felt at the initial contact still had her electrified and very energetic. She moved to gently nuzzle his neck leaving a hesitating but loving kiss at his neck.

  “You really should stop analyzing everything Hermione; learn to just go for the moment for once.” He whispered in her ear making her flush.

  “How did you know I was analyzing?” She pouted letting him give her a playful spin.

  “You furrow your brow when you’re thinking. “ He smiled untangling their necklaces that had got caught together and were omitting a eerie glow which stopped when they got untangled. That was strange.

  She glared and playfully hit his arm. Deciding to figure out the necklace thing later she allowed Draco to pull her into another five dances, with an occasional stolen kiss.

    When the last song finally ended they broke apart and went to sit down to rest. Their eyes never leaving the others; No words were spoken it wasn’t needed. They understood what they had just gotten themselves into. It was a mutual decision.

  She was just getting her strength back when a man in an Anubis mask walked up to her bowing low enough that she could see the “Ankh” Symbol clearly.

“Care to dance my lady?” A voice that was familiar buts he couldn’t place. Hermione looked at Draco. He seemed angry but nodded once giving her the ok, noticing people around them were watching.  She took his hand.

  She soon found herself back on the dance floor; subconsciously she remained in everyone’s line of few.  A slow haunting melody started to fill the room.

*5*Grande Masquerade.


   Draco watched Vector and Hermione closely.  It took him a few moments to realize that Susan, Damien and Aurora had sat down next to him. Until one of the girls started to giggle. He turned at the noise seeing as it was Aurora and Susan both exchanging giggles.

  “So I see you have yourself a girlfriend “ Damien spoke smirking.

  “She’s not my..”

“Draco Malfoy! If you finish that sentence after what we just witnessed. I will go over there and slap some sense into you.” Susan interrupted him. 

  He huffed. “It’s complicated!”

  “Complicated my ass.” Damien smirked.

   Draco Huffed and got up. Heading toward the dance floor leaning against the wall he watched their every movement glad that hew wasn’t getting to close. Or he would have caused a scene.

  “Is she you’re girlfriend?”A voice to his right spoke and he turned to look at the stranger. It appeared to be a 12 year old kid.

 “Who?” He asked even though he already knew the answer

   “The Lion lady” He grinned.

 “Kind of kid. What are you doing here anyway? Isn’t it past your bedtime?” He looked at the kid who wore a golden mask that seemed like a dragon. 

 “My mistress begged me to give you a message.” He still smiled.

 “What might that be? “ He asked looking at Hermione and by the scent He recognized the man in the Anubis mask to be Vector.”

 “If you want to know about Afina and Rikiar, To come to the graveyard,  near the coliseum at midnight. She can only make an appearance on All Hallows eve, Midnight, and only when it’s a full moon. “

Draco turned after hearing that to ask the kid how he knew about Afina and rikiar But he was gone. The song also ended and Hermione walked over to him.

 “Is everything alright?” She questioned noticing him staring at the empty spot in front of him.

“yeah, Hermione.”

 “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you saying my name but go on” She folded her arms.

 “How do you feel about graveyards?” He looked at her smiling.

“They are ok I guess why?”

 “Come on, there’s someplace we need to be before midnight. It’s already 11:30” He took her hand and pulled her out of the ballroom and out of the mansion.

“Draco, where are you taking me?” She questioned.

Deciding to make her wait a little longer he didn’t give her a real answer, just a simple. “You’ll see.”



Authors note: >< this was very hard to write it took me forever. I’m still not quite happy with their first kiss. I just couldn’t get it right, this was my second attempt at a kiss anyway so I hope  it was at least passable. Those of you who are curious about the unnamed music.  All was from nox arcana’s Transylvania cd.



Chapter 14: All Hallows Masquerade Part Two
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   Authors note: Sorry this is late; I didn’t put it up until all my edited chapters went through successful validation, which they did so I’m glad about that. This chapter is a bit short. The usual Sensitive topic/theme/issue in this chapter warning. The next chapter will be in Harry’s point of view since something important is happening there. This is sort of a boring chapter. It’s kind of a repeat of what we already know with some added detail. It was seriously a chapter meant to connect point B to point C. Still I hope you enjoy.


    Hermione sighed, letting Draco pull her toward wherever it was he was taking her. She didn’t like that he was keeping silent. No matter how hard she probed him for information he just shook his head and put a finger to his lips in a silencing gesture.  She sighed giving up and followed him out of the mansion where they were.

  They took a left after they were a bit away from the building and heading toward the graveyard.  This did nothing to quiet the burning questions that were now swirling inside her mind. Why was he taking her to the graveyard?  

  She stopped nervously in front of the gothic iron gates that stood 12 feet above their heads. The left gate was on its hinges and poison ivy grew around the graveyard letters and all over the gates.  There was an eerie howling noise of the wind against the dead trees that freaked her out. She didn’t want to be there at all.

 “Draco.. Why are we here? “She squeaked. As she was being pulled through the gates gently. The autumn leaves from years past crunching beneath their feet and the wind blowing them across their path. She felt like she had just walked in on some vampire horror flick, the irony.

 ‘To see someone, Relax Granger are you a Gryffindor or aren’t you? You’re supposed to be braver than me! Not the other way around.” Draco gave her his infamous smirk and she scowled.

“I’m not scared!” Holding her head up high she marched right down the center path ignoring the branches. She occasionally took note of interesting grave markers. Like one of a crying woman holding her child. There was another of an angel with broken wings. She instinctively kept closer to Draco. Even as a child she never did like graveyards, probably because of her witch ability to see ghosts and things others couldn’t see.  One of the graves as they headed toward the center mausoleum; was of a man holding a sword. The sword was strange it was rugged and curved like a squiggled line.

  She also heard whispering, something Draco didn’t seem to hear many female voices. At least three where whispering for her to follow, to surrender herself to the guardian. That she belonged there. Hermione really had the urge to turn around and run right there.

 “Surrender…surrender” they whispered.

“Come to us…leave this place…Come into the shadows. We have been waiting.”

“Yes..waiting..waiting for so long for you. Set us free! Set us free!”

Hermione shut her eyes and covered her ears whimpering. She felt Draco’s strong arms drawing her closer. Why slowly leading away from the cold lifeless voices.  Oh how she hated graveyards!

“You’re a spirit walker?” Draco questioned watching her reactions as she relaxed the further away from that statue and the voices s

“A what?” She blinked confused.

“A spirit walker is a type of witch that is unnaturally attuned to the dead. They see things beyond what normal witches and wizards can see. Are you alright?”

“Yes…Yes I’m fine” She sighed. “Let’s just get this over with and get out of here please?

  Draco stopped them when they got to the mausoleum.

 “Draco?” She probed again. “What are we doing here?”

“Waiting for me, I’m glad Keith was able to give you my message in time, the silly boy tries so hard. But finding people was never his strong suit.”A sweet soft almost honey like voice spoke before a figure of a girl probably a few years younger than them. 14 at least, Stepped out from the statue of a girl holding flowers looking down toward the right why scattering petals.  

  “Who are you?”Hermione questioned taking in the girl’s curly white hair and pale skinned appearance. She was much like the grey lady, she looked like herself but. Some color remained. Most was that of her oddly pink eyes and white dress with blue buttons going down the front.

  “I’m sorry; it has been so long since I have last spoken to anyone that was not my brother. I have forgotten my manners” She said in that eerily sweet haunting voice. “My name I Rikari Jane cel Cumplit It’s a pleasure to finally meet you though I have been watching.

“So you’re obsidians sister” Draco said eyeing her. “Why is it you wanted to see us?”

“So I can help you, talk to you…Explain what happened that night all those centuries ago. Centuries…has it truly been that long?”She whispered childishly her voice was soothing yet creepy. Hermione was starting to get used to creepy, it seemed to find her everywhere.

“I don’t have much time. We have only just an hour, before my brothers spell wears off.”

“What spell?” Hermione sat down slowly on the steps of the mausoleum, Draco following holding both her hands in his.

“I do not know what it is called Hermione. But when he killed me he muttered some form of incantation. Over my body; to keep me trapped in the world between the living, and my eternal rest. He was also trying to silence Me., make sure I couldn’t tell anyone what he did. What he did to everyone. I cannot tell you the whole story though. Most of the story is known only by obsidian, Rikiar and Afina. But I know the events leading up to and after the event to an extent. But I do not know WHY they happened exactly. But I can tell you my side.”

“What did he do?”Hermione tried to keep the excitement and curiosity from her voice. Rikarie smiled. She had been caught.

“I will begin on how I met her. We were 5, she had just been diagnosed with her blood disease, and the doctors were convinced she wouldn’t make it to her 16th birthday. They had called my father since I had a similar condition. They asked if they could get the name of the healers who saved my life.”

“My father, being the kind man that he was obliged and not only gave them their names. He brought them along with my brother and I to the castle when he next visited. I was 4 then. My brother was 9 and she was 7. “

   “I was little then so I don’t remember too much of what all occurred that day. She was skittish and shy around new people. I remember she hid behind the chair why the adults were discussing things; just staring at us like she hadn’t seen anyone her age before. Didn’t take us long to figure out that was indeed what was going on. “

  “Obsidian was the one that got her out from behind the chair. She was very thin with straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She eventually warmed up to us and we became fast friends. She and obsidian were closer than anyone. She followed him everywhere. Always listened to his advice he was the world to her. “

“Until?”Hermione asked curiously, on the edge o the step. She would have fallen off if Draco’s arm wasn’t firmly planted around her waist as if sensing the inevitable”

“Until she and I turned 14. That was when I was turned by a rouge vampire.  Afina and I were outside; she was feeling better and was finally able to go out for longer periods of time without collapsing. She was sketching me lying on the grass When He came. “

 “I never did learn the identity of him. He was hooded. He asked for directions to the town. We easily gave it to him. But he didn’t leave; he started getting closer before pouncing. He caught me easily; I wasn’t able to move quickly enough. Afina however instead of running grabbed him from behind. She wasn’t the strongest person but she was smart, she used his own strength against him; causing him to roll off me. But he had already bitten me. “

 “Why he was distracted Affina removed the dagger she always carried under her Bodice. And slit the vampire’s throat. Without thinking I did the only thing I could. I fed. In a way I owed your aunt my life. If she hadn’t done what she did? I wouldn’t have survived”

“What about obsidian? Isn’t he a vampire as well?” Draco interjected confused. Hermione elbowed him.

“I am getting to that please be patient. “

“Afina helped me inside and went to fetch our fathers and the healers, but there wasn’t anything we could do. After that my brother threw himself into learning as much as he could about vampires. Over time he and Afina grew apart.”

“And then Rikiar came.”Hermione guessed.

“Yes, he and his sister Sunniglia who was also a vampire like me arrived on her 16th birthday; Shortly after she was given the amulet that cured her blood disease The amulet was a small silver blessed necklace that could cure anything, even vampirism, She hid it however after offering it to me. I refused. Being a vampire was part of what made me who I was; anyway at first they hardly spoke, He was just her guardian.”

“As my brother became more obsessed with vampires, dark magic, and whatever else he was researching. The more Afina started to talk to Rikar, He was, most of the time her only company. Things progressed from there I think.  As you know my brother asked her to marry him. She of course said yes.

“ I don’t know the story to it, but half a year after They were married, Obsidian turned. But he was never bitten. It made everyone un-easy and he eventually went up the ranks in the vampire community. He then started to try to get us to resurrect the Dhamphire alexandru. I assume He told Afina of his plan to resurrect Alexandru.  That was when they had decided to run.

 “When exactly, are you going to tell us something that has a point or we don’t already know about? All this is information we already know.” Draco drawled from beside her causing Hermione to roll her eyes and elbow him hard in the ribs.

“Draco, don’t be so rude! She’s trying to help us, she doesn’t have to you know. “ She hissed.

  He just grunted from the blow to his ribs and rolled his eyes. “Fine, Continue.”

  Hermione went back to listening intently hanging onto Rikari’s every word like a teacher was telling her some important lesson she needed to remember for a test.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” Rikari continued. “That night I was the first to die. My brother came to visit me; he was muttering nonsense about Afina not doing the assignment he had given her.  I tried to calm him down, following him into the bathroom as he walked past me to the one he shared with Afina. He saw something I don’t know what and he became..Angry, angrier than I had ever seen him.  I asked him what was wrong and he said she betrayed him.”

  Recognition lit up just then behind Draco’s eyes, Hermione however remained confused at what clicked with him. She made a mental note to ask later.

 “What happened then?” She asked squeezing Draco’s arm tightly.

 “He ran out of the room, too fast for even me to follow. I waited for him to come back. When he didn’t I went to look for him near the library, since that was normally were Afina spent her time. When I got there, there was a lot of shouting. “

“I ran the rest of the way there; I ended up knocking one of the suits of armor down. The resulting crash caused everything to stop for a moment. I peeked through the crack of the door before pushing it open. They had obviously been fighting. My brother was covered in cuts and scratches, Rikiar had his wand out. Something I had only seen him do on one or two other occasions when someone attempted to assassinate Afina. He was holding her, she appeared to be passed out, and I didn’t get the chance to see what happened next. When I went over to try to stop my brother, I pleaded with him to stop. Nothing worked. During the struggle he stabbed me through the heart.  He seemed, shocked by what he did. “

 Like I said though, I didn’t see what he did next but I heard Rikiar’s last words.

“You may kill us now, We will come back I assure you of that. We won’t let your plan come together.”

“And that’s all I can tell you.” Rikari finished with a soft smile.

“Well that was helpful, not.” Draco grumbled.

Hermione looked up at the clock tower and saw they only had 10 minutes. She was already starting to fade.

“Wait! She can help us. Yes we already knew what she told us, or guessed at least. Rikari, tell me. Afina told Susan that if we wanted answers to look in the silver dragon. Do you know what he meant?”Hermione stood up as she asked Draco following suit and brushing off his pants.

“Silver dragon? Hmmm, there may be something. Her mother had an old music box with a secret compartment that had a dragon on it. She kept it in the top drawer of her dresser.” Her voice grew fainter and she started to be drawn back into the statue.

“Come on Draco! “ She excitedly took his hand and started running back to the castle, Everyone was starting to go home. Willow was easily spotted in the crowd since her and Damascus stuck out like sore thumbs.

  Dragging them off to the side she whispered lowly. “I need the key to Afina’s room Willow, The dragons a music box according to Rikari.”

  Light lit up behind Willows eyes in understanding “we should have guessed! Wait, you spoke to Rikari? But she’s…”

“Dead, well a ghost sort of we know. The key?” She pressed to impatient to be asked questions.  Willow brought a chain with a silver key attached to it from inside her dress and removed it giving it to Hermione. Who took it graciously and went back to running to the castle.


  Draco sighed, slightly annoyed at mione’s obvious excitement. She needed to calm down.  He calmly followed her back to their living space, and past it toward Afina’s locked room. He arrived shortly after she did and she already was moving papers out of the top drawer

  He leaned against the wall next to the door looking around the room. Suddenly he wasn’t surprised that Hermione and Afina were related. There were books everywhere, lining the walls, on the bed and floor. Covered in dust of course, there were potions ingredients, runes, and what looked like arithmetic papers.  He had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing.

 “Found it!” He heard her say after ten minutes of searching. Looking up he saw her holding a silver box with runes, and other silver patterns etched into it. The lock had imprints of a Sun and Moon. In the middle of a boarder of ivy leaves. The lid had a silver dragon on top guarding it. Its claws acting like clasps.

  Walking over t her he examined the lock.

  “This looks familiar…wait..” Draco dug into his shirt retrieving the moon necklace. Hermione got the same idea and they inserted the necklaces into the holes. There was a loud click sound before it opened on its own accord a soft operatic sound of a woman’s voice singing filled the room, nothing was in their though . He was about to shut it when a small latch on the right corner of the box caught his eye.

  Reaching in he switched the latch up, there was a hissing sound, and a sound of gears moving. The mouth of the dragon opened and a small vial was pushed outwards.  The vial held two swirling vaper mists.

   “Memories!” Hermione squealed. “This is bound to help us!”

 “Well, as happy as I am that there’s potential for actual information. I would appreciate it, if you did not squeal in my ear again please.” He covered this right ear which still rung from the high pitched squeal.

“Sorry, we better not look at it now. I have a pensive in my bag. We can take a look at it in Susan’s room tomorrow, but for now it’s late.”  

   He opened his mouth to argue but thought better of it. Pocketing the memories he quickly guided Hermione out of the room. Making sure they did not trip over any of the books that lined the floor.

   He was lost in thought, He had a very good idea of what set obsidian off that night, but wanted to be absolutely sure before bringing it up to Hermione.  He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t hear her until he felt a sharp jab at his shoulder.

 “Ow! What was that for? “He glared rubbing his shoulder.

  Hermione was bright red. “I asked..If you could untie me. “She seemed nervous and he could of sworn to Merlin that she was as red as anyone of the Weasley’s hair.

  He laughed uncontrollably. “Of course I can. Turn around.” He snickered enjoying how uncomfortable she was.  When she finally did turn around, he easily undid the knots and loosened the corset, he teasingly left a light kiss to her bare shoulder.

 “Better?” He questioned chuckling again .

 “Yes, thank you.” She squeaked and ran into the bathroom grabbing her pjs.

 He quickly changed why she was in the bathroom, with his speed he managed it much faster. He sat on the edge of her bed examining the vial. It had a Faerie topper.

“What’s your story?” He asked it, not really expecting a response. He really couldn’t wait until tomorrow, figure out what everything was about once and for all.


Chapter 15: The Sword and the Stone
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Authors Note: I hope you enjoy! I know some of you aren’t fond of Harry’s point of view but trust me it has to be done.  This chapter like the last one is short. I hope it came out ok though. I had trouble writing this part. I couldn’t quite get what’s in my head in writing. Sorry about the delay kept getting distracted.  Warnings: Some sensitive/topic/theme issue and violence. Blood, dead things.


  Harry sighed looking at his pocket calendar Hermione had given him for his birthday. It was now October.  It had been over a month since he last saw her. He was beginning to get extremely anxious on top of his worries. He hoped Malfoy hadn’t done anything to hurt her..Or anything else for that matter. He hit the back of his head against the tree repeatedly to get the thoughts out of his head he really didn’t want to go there.  

“Mate, are you alright there?” Ron asked from beside him, watching his best friend with a worried expression. He clearly thought he was losing it. Maybe he was.

  “Just worried.” Harry spoke twirling his wand between his fingers, watching as the monks removing spell after spell from the huge gates of the old cathedral castle place. They had been working on this for days they were finally at the final five spells.

 “She’s Hermione, remember she decked him third year. She can handle herself. “Ron spoke confidently.

“I know, I know that but..what if, I don’t know what if he tries something?” He spoke quietly voicing what had really been bothering him since day one.

“What do you mean?” His best friend looked at him confused really not getting it.

 “You know..Tries something.” Harry repeated feeling his own cheeks get hot.

 “I am really not getting you mate. Are you sure you’re ok?” 

“You know. Like what you and lavender…” Harry trailed off.

   Ron’s ears went red. “Bloody Hell, No! I don’t think so at all, I mean. They hate each other don’t they?”

“Right, They do.”Harry agreed feeling better about the whole thing.

“Bloody hell mate, that’s mental I’m going to have nightmares because of that” Ron groaned causing him to laugh. 

“It’s not funny Harry.”

“From where I am sitting it is!” He bit his lower lip trying to stop laughing, and failing miserably. 

“Well, we can get in now!” the monk Stephan shouted over at them.

“Finally. “ He felt his spirits lift. Getting up off the ground he grabbed his bag and nearly ran with Ron over to the rosewood carved doors to the castle/cathedral like structure. He followed Stephan and a few of the other ones slowly.  He was glad he did. No sooner had they entered than arrows started shooting from the walls. He was quickly able to deflect them away from himself and the others.  

  “Sorry, I forgot we also trapped this place just in case someone might have found a way in through the spells.  Stephan apologized quickly.

“A little warning might help next time.” Harry growled 

“Ok, We need to get the sword made of basilisk fangs and coated in Acromantula venom first.”

“Does this “Sword” Have a name? “ Ron asked sarcastically.

“Venefirous Gladius” He replied

“You named it poison blade? Wow you lot weren’t all that creative were you?” Ron chuckled.

“Nope,” Stephan grinned several of the other monks laughing finding it humorous as well.

  Why they talked Harry decided to take in his surroundings. It looked like he was in an old abandoned building. The stairs were caving in and tiles on the walls and floors were missing or rotted away. What once was probably splendid in its prime. Made grimwald place seem safe and clean. 

   He followed the head monk up the stairs, having to jump some of them or it would have caved under them.  When they reached the first floor he followed Stephan to the right. Being careful not to fall in the giant holes and once or twice he had to catch Ron or one of the others from falling.

  They climbed for what seemed like hours. The place was bare except for religious relics and broken statues that weren’t even recognizable. As they passed rooms he noticed things had  been moved around. Some bathrooms had beds, some  bedrooms had parts of the bathrooms. He found this mildly amusing.

  When they arrived at the last hallway to what he assumed was the right back tower he noticed everything was scorched as if a fire had recently been through there, ashes covered the floor, there were five long holes that you could see 5 floors down, the stone walls had burnt marks and it was still smoldering.  The sword wouldn’t be easy.

  They had to jump the five pits down the hall that lead to the spiraling staircase. Which had arrow traps that they had to duck to avoid, and once Harry had to roll to get out of the way in time. He groaned when they finally reached the top, the sword was visible on its pedestal one problem, the floor and walls were covered in fire. Well at least he knew where the source of the burning came from.

 “How do we get over there?”He groaned peering around the long room. He looked at the ceiling and walls desperate to find some way over to the sword.  

“I am not sure.” The blond monk who harry thoughts name was Eli or something like that, seemed just as confused as he was.

 He was studying to see if the tapestries hanging from the arched ceiling could hold his wait when he heard a familiar bird cry followed by a song.

“Fawks!” Ron shouted, Harry saw him too, the large bird swooped in and grabbed the hilt of the sword and flew it over to Stephan dropping it into his hands before disappearing in flames.

 “Seems Dumbledore’s watching us.”he chuckled looking at the sword. It had a handle with ivory leaves wrapping around it. As well as ha small circle around the eye symbol in the center. The blade was smooth and made of bone. It didn’t seem that sturdy to Harry, then again he didn’t know all that much about swords in the first place.

  “Well the orb won’t be that easy. It’s in the basement quarters guarded by a manticore” Stephan spoke gravely as he started to lead them back toward the entrance door.

 “Manticore?” Ron asked confused. “Harry do you know what that is? You are better at defense than I am.”

“It is kind of like a chimera or a sphinx.  They generally have human head features, body of a lion, wings, horns, a tail that’s poisonous, and three rows of sharp teeth like a shark. They also absorb magic.

 “Now, how exactly are we supposed to defeat it?!” Ron asked incredulously.

  “I think that’s why they had us get the sword first, right?” Harry questioned turning so he was looking at the older male.

  “That is correct, Harry. Do either of you young men know how to use a sword?” Stephen looked over at them as he spoke. Jumping over the holes on the stairs, getting back was a lot easier since all the traps had already been triggered. When they reached the landing he handed Ron one of their spare swords, and gave Harry the fanged sword.

“Well, not really we have both used them before but, not properly it was just sheer luck that we were able to hit our targets”

 “Your instincts will guide you, We will train you properly so when we meet the vampires in two months you will best be able to protect your friend.”

“We can’t wait another two months!” He protested.

“You can and you will, you will need to learn to fight a dhamphire properly, if you don’t Alexandru, the dhamphire Obsidian is trying to resurrect, will kill you and your friend easily. Its body is hard and repels magic. The only way to kill a Dhamphire is through the heart, they are day walkers as well. However their chest and rib cage are reinforced. So it will take an enormous amount of strength and skill to pierce it.  

 He just growled not at all pleased at this new information, he made a mental note not to ask questions next time, if he hadn’t they would have already been with Hermione and he wouldn’t constantly be worrying about what her and Draco were up too.

 Stephan pulled the torch at the side of the stairs opening a secret door, he and the others soon lit torches and headed inside. He and Ron lit the tips of their wands acting like a flash light. As they descended harry had to brush the cobwebs from his shoulders and Ron freaked out, screaming as a dead spider fell in front of him and he thought it was real.   

 “It’s dead Ron, it can’t hurt you.” He patted his friends arm comfortingly.

 “Y-yeah, r-right, D-dead, l-let’s just keep going yeah?” He stammered.

 “Right.” Harry had to hold the small narrow walls of the passage way to keep from falling; the steps were steep and seemed to go almost straight down into the darkness. No one spoke much as they descended until, a quarter of an our later and they reached the bottom.

  The hall was very narrow and they had to go through one at a time. It eventually widened to meet a rusty steel gothic door. Stephan opened it easily and they were able to file into what appeared to be a dungeon. There were skeletons hanging from chains, dried blood stains, a lot of the devices he couldn’t name. The only one that was recognizable was the Iron maiden. He had to put his sleeve over his mouth and nose the smell was terrible. 

  They went through yet another door, and another, Harry couldn’t keep count. They passed cells with bones, Rats scurried about their feet. He was beginning to think they would never get there when they entered a large underground temple room. At the very end between the first of the four rows of pillars, two rows on either side of the door, the orb sat on a pillow in front of the altar.

They approached slowly clutching their swords, and in his and Ron’s case, their wands. Nothing happened; they drew even closer, still nothing happened. Harry reached the altar first, he dug into the backpack he carried and took a cloth carefully he wrapped the orb in the cloth and put it carefully in the bag nestling it in a way that it wouldn’t break if he suddenly dropped the bag.

  Still there was no sign of the Manticore. He kept a good grip on the bag everyone around him including himself were tense waiting. They slowly headed back. He had hardly stepped five paces from the altar when there was a loud thud and the floor and walls shaked, dust fell from the ceiling and a few of the pillars became loose. 

  Again another thud just as the beast they were awaiting burst from stone that it was incased in. Its claws dug into the ground below, scratching the stone with chinks and clinks sounds. It was huge almost as tall as the room they were in itself. The Manticore had a face like an old man, on his forehead where two curled horns, one of them broken off. With a long tangled main that had dried blood and bones entangled within it. Its body was that of a lion as well, only on its back were huge leathery dragon wings, which had holes and tares from what he supposed were years of fighting. Its tail that was that of a scorpion lunged at Ron and Harry causing them both to jump apart to avoid it. It caught some of Ron’s sleeve but didn’t appear to have injured him.  

  He got the familiar adrenaline jolt that happened when he was in danger, without thinking he dived under the Manticore, avoiding its swiping paws, the monks around him were fighting it the best they could but like Harry were spending most of their time just avoiding its attacks. It quickly turned around to claw at him again. He ducked causing the beasts claws to hit the wall creating a huge hole, this gave him a good Idea.

  “Ron! Stephen! The pillars!” He shouted at them from across the room, he ran back to the altar, the Manicore followed reaching him in three huge bounds, when it landed the two back pillars became loose.

Confringo” He shouted aiming the blasting spell at the ceiling causing it to start falling down, at the same time Ron cast it on the left pillar, why the monks pushed the loose right one down.  Suddenly he was glad he passed his aparition teast. He managed to aparate to the entrance just as the pillars fell . He shook the dust off himself before going to help the others, who survived but got trapped between two pillars, simple levitation spells by him and Ron were able to get them unstuck, quickly they got out of there and back up to the main entrance.

 “What now?”He asked Stephen next to him on the way back up. Once he had finally caught his breath.

 “We get back to the church , and start instructing you boys on how to fight the Damphire.  Obsidian can only resurrect him on New Year’s Eve after he opens the final door. We don’t quite know how he’s going to do that. But until then we can prepare ourselves.

 “So, you rather prepare than stop it before it happens?” Ron asked angrily voicing Harry’s own thoughts.

 “Going right now would be suicide, so yes.”

  He shook his head and didn’t speak the rest of the way back to camp, just glad they all got off on miner cuts and bruises, compared to the basilisk a Manticore was nothing. 

 “Do you think she can handle herself for a couple months longer?” Harry whispered to Ron.

 “Positive mate, she’s best in all our classes and is very good with her spells, maybe not as good as you on the DADA classes but she gets on well enough. “

 “I hope you’re right Ron.”

   Harry spent the rest of the return trip in relative silence. Not wanting to talk to anyone or focus to much on things he couldn’t control, Which wasn’t working all too well.

  “Don’t get yourself killed mione” He whispered to himself.


Chapter 16: Deadly Plot Part-One-
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Authors note: Warnings:. Sensitive/Topic/Issue theme (Big warning on this. I was crying just writing some of this, though I’ve read worse.). Violence language and sexual situations implied.  Some substance use/abuse. I put lines between memory's so its easier to follow.


    Hermione groaned, putting the pillow over her head to shut out her kind of sort of boyfriends voice.  Didn’t he realize she just wanted to sleep? Apparently not, for a second later the pillow was torn from her clinging hands, she groaned again louder this time. 

  “Draco…I’m tired and I’m trying to sleep!  I only slept 3 hours.“ she growled, she was used to little  sleep, but not when she had the choice of sleeping in. 

  “I know you are Hermione. I promise after we view the memory’s and hear what my second task is, I’ll let you sleep alright?” He spoke gently which surprised her. A nice Draco would take a while getting used to. 

 “Do you promise?” She questioned looking him dead in the eye with her tired ones.

   “I promise.” He agreed taking her by the hand he gently helped her out of bed. “I’ll meet you out side of the room, With that he left, leaving her to quickly change into jeans and a t-shirt, heading out when she was done she found he was waiting by the door. Too tired to speak she headed with him to Susan’s room.

  She knocked three times when they got there; Susan answered the door and pulled them in quickly.

   “I got the pensive like you asked Draco, but why did you need it?” She asked the second she shut the door. 

  “It’s because, we found this in Afina’s dragon music box. “ He answered holding up the vile with the memory strands. They shimmered in the vile like mists.

   Hermione was becoming increasingly more awake. As the reality of what was going on around her sank in.

  “Ah! I see, so that was what she was hiding. This way,” Susan motioned for them over to the pensive which was sitting on top of a night stand that she had placed in the middle of the room.   

   Hermione walked over with Draco and watched him pour the threads into it “You ready?” He questioned. 

   “Yes, I’m sure of it.” She went over to the pensive and took his hand. Together they peered into the pensive, getting sucked in.

    Slowly things started to clear and Hermione found herself in an unfamiliar room.  The ceiling was comprised of many interloping arches. And there was a walkway between the doors on either side of the room. She herself was sitting with her legs tucked under her and a book in her lap.  She was in a library, there were books everywhere covering the walls from floor to ceiling. It was a dream. But, she had to focus.

  This was weird, from what Harry had told her and what she had read, he was supposed to observe the memories, not see them in a first person point of view. 

   “Afina dear, it’s time to meet our guests. “ Hermione/Afina looked up.  To see an aging man in his early to mid 30’s with graying hair and beard and deep chocolate brown eyes that Hermione recognized, the same eyes she saw everyday in the mirror, only hers were more golden brown.

  “Do I have to?” She found herself replying automatically. It was very weird to see through another’s eyes and have no control of what was going on.

  “Yes, come on.” The man chuckled guiding her out of the room and into what appeared to be a living room.

   There were 5 men and two children in the room. 4 wore robs of white and were unmistakably healers, the other man wore royal robes of purple and blue, quite opposite of her father’s crimson and black. She ducked behind the nearest straight back armchair hiding.  Her father and the other adults moved to another room to discuss things, most likely to discuss her Anemia.

  She saw the two children look at each other before the red-headed boy walked over to her.  She shrank further behind the arm chair. 

   “It’s ok, we won’t harm you. My name is Obsidian, This is my sister Rikari what’s yours my lady?” He spoke smoothly and calmly. His voice was kind like velvet instantly relaxing her. She giggled at the last statement feeling embarrassed and childlike. She had never met anyone besides her sister Maria and her father.  

  She surveyed him considering whether or not to indulge him with her name.  After a 5 minute staring contest she calmed enough to slowly walk out from behind the chair, she held out her hand to Obsidian, who took it and shook her hand gently, it was warm. “I’m Afina.” She squeaked.

   “Afina…what a lovely name.” He kissed the top of her hand.  Hermione gagged in her mind. Her great something aunt was crazy.  

  “You have anemia?” He questioned once he had moved back and they had sat on chairs.

  “Yes, I don’t make blood very well. Refactory Anemia if you want to be specific. ”

  “I’m surprised you’re alive. “ He commented causing her to glare.

   “Sorry, sorry didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just rare.”

   “I’m strong and stubborn’ she said proudly, straightening herself up.

“I can see that.” He chuckled.


    The scene turned a  and she was now wandering the halls, searching for obsidian. It was her 14th birthday and she was trying to find company. She soon found it in the library, he was sitting in his usual chair and she jumped onto the couch beside him.  Blushing some as her eyes lingered on his lips.

“Happy Birthday, Afina.” He grinned.  

  “You said you had something to ask me?” She questioned curling up to him like usual, reading the page it was opened to.

  “Yes…Afina. How do you feel about me?” He got up and looked toward her. Before kneeling so he was in front of her. 

  “I like you, a lot you’re my best friend.” She answered truthfully her heart starting to beat in her chest.

 “Well,” he continued. “we have known each other since we were little, I’ve really come to like you and, I’ve asked your fathers permission to court you, he said ok…Now my question is.. Would you like to be my girlfriend?”   

  She stared for a full minute, when his words sank into her head she started to grin and tackle hugged him squealing. “Yes! Yes I will be!” 

  Obsidian smiled and kissed her lips lightly causing butterfly’s to form in her stomach.

   Suddenly the scene shifted and turned again. Causing Hermione’s Head to spin, She was now lying on a bed, she felt weak and everything was a blur. She heard rustling beside her and men in white coats were whispering.

“She’ll make it, but just barely.” The first one spoke in a gruff eastern European accent that was unfamiliar to her.  “She turns fourteen in two days.. Have you put any consideration in the amulet?” 

   “Of course I have, I’ve sent men to retrieve it. But, I’m afraid it could be years before they get back.  “ A second voice she remembered as being her father’s spoke. “Do you think you can keep her alive until then?”

   “We will try our best your majesty, she is a strong one, and she won’t give in without a hell of a fight as she has shown today. There is still a 10% chance. Have you found a guardian for her?”

 “Yes, they are putting a boy named Rikiar through training it will be another 3 years, he’s a wizard though, not happy about it but it will keep her safe at least.”   

  “anyway 10% Is all I need. Thank you for your time.” Her father spoke and the voices started to fade as they left the room. Afina slowly sat up, her head spinning she felt weak. “Obsidian?” She called fearfully. 

  “I’m here domintia” He whispered next to her.  She turned to see the red head; He looked to be around 16 or 17 years old. Took Hermione a moment to remember that he was a few years older than her great aunt, He had long dark red hair and bright hazel eyes.  He looked worried and held her hand like it was the only thing keeping her there. 

    “Did I pass out again? “ She questioned looking around the room. It was small with medical instruments all over and several bubbling green and blue beakers full of some strange concoction. There were  three beds one on either side of her.

    Obsidian helped her up. “Yeah, you did. You sure you’re ok?” After he asked he gently kissed her lips, something she gladly returned wrapping her arms around him as he laid her back down, Their lips never parting until she needed to breath. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to your kisses dear” She giggled.  

  “Well, get used to them.” He teased and kissed her forehead. “Rest, I’ll still be here.”


   Again the scene blurred becoming masses of color slowly to be replaced by an open field near a road; she was sketching on a pad, Rikari was laying on her back staring at the clouds why she sketched her. Enjoying the fresh air for once, her skin was incredibly pale and was often mistaken for a vampire. 

  They sat in silence. She had just finished drawing her and was lying next to her; her head near hers pointing out shapes in the sky. 

   “How are things with you and my brother?” She asked giggling causing. Afina to look at her. “Don’t spare any detail I want to know everything. He just goes. “None of your business”  she pouted.

   “To be honest nothing significant has really changed.  I love him but it’s the exact same thing we did before. Only we kiss sometimes now. His kisses are very sweet and gentle!” She laughed embarrassed. 

 “I hope to meet a guy someday.” She sighed dreamily.  

   “I’m sure you will.  I’ll bet he’ll be just as mushy and romantic as you day dream. “She looked up just then hearing a horse come up and stops with a carriage,  A cloaked man came out and walked up to them.   

“Excuse me, which way is the village from here? I’m afraid I’m lost. “

  She felt immediately uncomfortable and reached behind her bodice slowly retrieving a dagger. Sensing something was wrong.

   “It’s down the road to the left.” Rikari smiled at him and pointed the way. Before getting up cutting her hand on a stick blood leaked from the small cut. Everything happened so fast that all she could do was react. Faster than her eyes could even catch the man, whoever he was, had pounced her she saw the fangs and instantly knew what he was.  He was draining her friend quick. Summoning up the strength she could with the adrenaline rushing through her at the same time she pulled the vampire from her.

  Ducking as he swung his arm around to attack her she grabbed the hilt of her silver blade cutting his arm. The vampire hissed in pain showing his white fangs, the hood having fell off in the quick scuffle. He had shaggy brown hair and blood red eyes.

  She didn’t look him over too long she dug into the pouch on her skirt and threw the silver powder at his face and why distracted she plunged the dagger into his heart twisting it clockwise. There was an ear piercing scream. It paralyzed but didn’t kill him. 

  Thinking fast she slit his wrist and brought it to her friend’s mouth, determined to do anything to keep her alive. She was relieved when she saw her friend drink. Waiting a few moment s before pulling the wrist away and sank the dagger the rest of the way. The vampire slowly shrivled and turned to dust.

  Realizing she couldn’t carry Rikari she screamed as loud as she could. “Someone help please she’s been hurt!” It took a few moments before one of the guards noticed her screaming and came running to help her. By then it was to late to stop the progression of the change. But throughout it all she remained by her side throughout the process holding her hand through the pain.  

   Obsidian right beside her his eyes dark and held an unfamiliar expression.

      The next two memories past so quickly, it were more of images than actual memories like Afina knew that they weren’t important but was important enough to draw a picture. So she had included them in the vile. First it was her and Rikari meeting the vampires that would train her. One of them she recognized as Damien. Then it switched to Damien and Rikari’s wedding. They appeared to be 15. 


  Finally the flashing memories stopped.  She was in the first room. Staring at an amulet one of the knights was presenting her. She took it with a shaking hand.

  “Is this really the amulet of Nefertem? “She breathed, The amulet was blood red and had beautiful vines going around the gem in the center. It was held on a long silver chain and looked to be untouched by times embrace. 

  “Yes domintia it is..We found it.” He confirmed holding her hands in his. She couldn’t breath. She had longed to be like everyone else. But did she want to get rid of something that made her, her? She didn’t like having something so powerful in her hands. 

  “Please Afina, do it for me?” Rikari came into view kneeling beside her, her eyes a pale red from not having fed. “You’re the most kind and thoughtful person I know, if anyone disserves this it’s you.”

  “But, I’m sure other people are in more need of it than I.” She spoke quietly.

  “Then give it to them when you’re done.” She encouraged nudging her lightly.  

   Afina took a deep breath. Staring at the amulet for several moments before with shaking hands she put the Amulet around her neck. It glowed and a white mist came from it in waves before being absorbed into her body.  Strange, I don’t feel any different. No sooner had that thought entered her head when a sharp pain shot through her body.

  It felt like a thousand lightning bolts had just been shot through her body by Zeus himself.  She bit her lip to keep from screaming. She curled up on the couch trying to stop the tremors , she was close to passing out when the pain vanished as suddenly as it had appeared. The light went back into the center gem. Taking deep breaths she slowly un curled herself and pushed herself up off the couch.  She felt like she had a bit more energy, she cautiously walked to the mirror. She was surprised by what she saw.

  She was used to seeing an extremely thin pale girl with straw like hair and bad complexion.  Instead what was looking back at her was a still thin but healthier looking young woman. Her hair was thicker and curlier and hung down her back and shoulders in waves. There was more color to her cheeks and light in her eyes that hadn’t been there before. A few days of eating would get her too normal probably

  “It seems to have worked my darling daughter!” Her father hugged her tightly to him and she hugged back. She still didn’t feel as if she disserved this gift.  The doors opened and one of the knights ran in breathless. “The wizard is here!”  

 “Ah, Right on time. I’ll meet him shortly. “ her father kissed her forehead before walking off with a spring in his step.

  The guards followed. Once they were alone she took the amulet off and went over to Rikari and handed it to her. “Here, it can cure you… You deserve it. It’s my fault that you were turned anyway.”

 “I appreciate it Afina, but I’m happy as a vampire really, the blood isn’t so bad there’s more to us than meets the eye, besides It has given me a husband and two daughters, I couldn’t ask for more.”

 “Then, can you  do me a favor…Hide this next time you and Damien go on one of your trips. Somewhere where no one would think to look not even you’re brother. This could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

  “you do not trust Obsidian?” She questioned taking the amulet nonetheless “don’t worry I’ll hide it.

  “I just want to be on the safe side, Since you turned 3 years ago he’s been. More reclusive, he doesn’t talk to me much just pours over those dark evil terrible books all day.  I..I don’t think he’s obsidian anymore, his eyes are yellow and he has powers, I’ve seen him use them on the poor animals around the courtyard.” 

  “I see, I understand. Be careful come to me the second you feel that he’s a danger.”

  “I will.”

  “Excuse me,” one of the handmaidens spoke up coming from the throne room. “Your father wants you to meet your guardian now.

  She gulped suddenly feeling nervous. She straightened herself up and walked into the room, her head bowed respectfully her hair covering her eyes. 

  “Afina.” Her father boomed. “I’d like you to meet Rikiar. He’ll be protecting you from now on. 

  “Pleasure to meet you sir.” She bowed low before daring to look at him. He was tall 18 or 19. He held himself like a soldier his feet apart and his hands behind his back. There was a sword strapped to his hip and a wand sticking out of his pocket. He had silvery blond hair that was held by a black tie. And the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen.  She felt her heart almost stop and she momentarily forgot to breath.  The second their eyes met she felt like a jolt  of energy went through her. She was self conscious all of a sudden and nervous she bit her lip. 

  He surveyed her a moment before bowing himself.  “Pleasure to meet you too. Do you mind showing me around so I can get to know the place in order to protect you better?” 

  She looked up at her father for an ok he just nodded and she nodded. “Follow me.”    

  As she showed him around the castle the rooms doors windows everything she started to ask questions.

  “D o you have any family or friends? “ She probed. He remained silent staring at her.

  “what’s it like being a wizard? What’s your favorite spells?

  Still no answer.  

  “Do you do anything besides stand like a statue?”

   No answer but he did raise an eyebrow.

   “Your quiet for a wizard.” She finally said.

  “You talk a lot for a bushy haired muggle.” He retorted.

  “well pardon me for trying to be nice.” She folded her arms.  

  “You aren’t like other muggles..You aren’t prosecuting me or judging me for being a wizard.”

  “We don’t judge anyone here. Unless you harmed us first we have no reason to hate you. Vampire mortal werewolf wizard gypsy. It does not matter. Nor does your past you can start things new from here.  

“I may just like it here, being your guardian won’t be as bad as I thought.”  He grinned and as he past he tucked her hair behind her ear.” For a pretty girl you shouldn’t hide your face so much. 

  She blushed.


Again in a whirl of colors that made Hermione dizzy she was sitting under a tree on top of the hill away from the castle.  It was dark and the only light came from the fireflies which she watched dreamily. Well pretended. Her attention was really on her guardian. Who she had been growing closer to every day. She had gotten him a necklace Shaped like a moon, she wore the sun.  She was happy to see him wearing it.   

   He sat next to her a rare relaxed moment. He flicked his wand and fire birds shot from his wand and started to circle her.  

  “You’re so sad and lonely lately.” He commented. 

  “Obsidans ignoring me as always, Rikari has her hands full. You’re my only companion really.” She shyly looked over at him. Finding her attention drawn to his lips. 

  “I’m glad I can be that for you. “ He smiled proudly.  

  She crawled over to him.   

  “You have a bad boyfriend” He commented as she got closer.

  “Maybe I just need a new one?” She smiled.

  “Do you have anyone in mind?” His face drew close to hers so their lips were touching.

  “As a matter of fact I do.” With that small sentence she closed the distance between their lips. She knew it was forbidden but as he slowly kissed her back drawing the kiss out.  It felt Right to her. She was determined to do anything to stay with him.


  It shifted again .    

     “Will you marry me?” Obsidian was on one knee.

   “I will.” She fake smiled she knew the question was coming and she had discussed it with Rikiar. She would say yes.  She would only be his wife until they could figure a way out without exposing themselves. If they exposed themselves thy would both be hunted and killed. She wished she lived in a time where it was ok for muggles and wizards to marry. 

   He slipped the ring onto her finger and held her close kissing her cheek happily before running out. She had avoided his evil yellow eyes.

 “ May the gods help me” She murmured.


   It shifted and it was her wedding day now. Everything was white.  She however wasn’t happy, before she took the trip down the Isle she pulled Susan to the side.  “Listen..If anything happens to me.  Look in the silver Dragon. Obsidian isn’t obsidian anymore, what will be hidden in there will explain everything.

 “What’s wrong?” She questioned 

  “I can’t tell you now..Just never forget that alright.”

  “Ok I promise. “

  She looked down the isle everyone was sitting in piers in the church. It was simple and traditional much like her gown which had a beaded corset and simple skirt.  Before it was her turn to walk down the Isle she turned to look at her Guardian who stood stoic next to the door. Her father hadn’t got their yet so she went over t him and in the corner stole a quick kiss which he deepened.  

  “I don’t think I can do this. “ she mumbled against his warm familiar lips. 

  “Yes you can, do what is expected. For now. He can’t keep us apart forever.. This is just temporary until We can figure out what to do alright?” 

  “Alright…he’s going to want to.. you know..and I can’t…Not with him.”

   “Don’t worry about that he won’t have the time. I overheard your father planning on sending him on a yearlong errand right after the reception..

  She sighed in relief.  “Afina hun it’s time.” Her father called.

  She went over to him feeling dejected as she took his arm and was walked down the isle. She didn’t feel nervous sad or happy that a brides supposed to feel on her wedding day. Instead she felt  defeated. She held Obsidians hands. Hands that used to be kind and gentle were now rough and non to friendly.

   When it came to the I do’s she groaned as he held her hands tightly as if daring her to say no.

  “I do.” She said after brief hesitation. 

  “I do..’ He said back and brought her into a passionate kiss that just made her want to gag.

  During the reception she drank 4 glasses of whatever alcohol it was they were serving.  

  Easy there girl.” Rikari spoke sympathetically next to her. Obsidian was talking to her father he didn’t look happy. She however felt relieved knowing she wouldn’t have to sleep with him.  

  “Sorry, wedding night gitters.” She lied.  

  “It’s not all that bad I promise.” She reassured. “I’ll leave you too alone.” She said as Obsidian walked over to her.

  “Bad news love.” He sighed ignoring the glare she was giving him. “I have to leave for France in two minutes. I want you to be safe alright.  I’ll be back in a year . No funny business with your watcher understood?”

  “Yes.” She lied again. As he kissed her cheek and went off to leave.

  Two hours and 3 more glasses of wine later she found herself in her pj’s laying in bed.  To dizzy to stand. She was just about to fall asleep when she felt arms around her waist. She tensed thinking obsidian had snuck back in.

  “Relax love it’s just me. “ Rikiar kissed her lips lightly in a soft brush hovering over her. She gladly wrapped  her arms around him.

  “How did you get in here?” She kissed his cheek and ear happily.  

   “I’m your protector. I can pretty much get in anywhere. I see obsidian’s gone for a year just as I thought he would be.  

  “Rikiar.” This may sound crazy.. But I want you to be my first…The very thought of anyone else touching me but you makes me ill. A year is plenty of time to figure out how to get out of here. “

  “He stared at her intensely. Are you sure?”

  “I’m positive. I love you more than anything. Why don’t you want me?” She pouted feeling hurt.  

  “Trust me…I want you, I’ve wanted you since I first saw you when you were sixteen.. “ He breathed against her neck leaving a light kiss there.

  “Then please make love to me.” She rested her forehead against his.

   “I wont be able to stop once we start.” As he spoke he pushed down  the sleeve of her nightgown.

  “ I wasn’t asking you too.” With that she stopped all conversation and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss in which their tongues played and her’s lost the battle.

  Didn’t take long for her gown to hit the floor….


 When the memory shifted again to a new one, she was reading in the library and she felt strong arms wrap around her. 

  “Morning beautiful.” Rikiar whispered into her ear kissing it and sliding himself so he was behind her. 

  “How are you feeling? “ No sooner had he asked that than she felt a sharp kick to her stomach and she jumped up startled. Hermione was shocked however Afina whose memory this was, was calm.

  “I’m feeling alright. Just tired. Also feel like a whale, did you get me the candy I wanted?” She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

  “You look beautiful anyway and yes. He dug into his pocket and gave her a a wraped rock candy and she squealed taking it she started to eat it like she hadn’t ate in years. “

 “I got the right ones this time?” He chuckled.

 “Yes!, bout time too.”   

 ‘He smiled and put a hand on her stomach lightly, immediately the kicking calmed down.

  “See, she knows her daddy.”

  “Still convinced it’s a girl?” he questioned.


  “It’s going to be a boy I hate to disappoint you. First borns have been boys in my family for century’s”

  “Well, nothing’s traditional with us so expect that tradition be ended.” 

  “Whatever you say my hormonal princess.”

  She growled and elbowed him in the stomach and he bent over pretending t be in pain.

  “In all seriousness, it’s been almost a year…Obsidian should be back soon… Shouldn’t we tell our siblings to get to safety?”

  “I plan on telling them tonight dear.”

  “Ok,” He nuzzled her and she calmed. She was frightened though.

  “What if he tries to kill me like he said he would?” She voiced her fear for the first time.

  “I’ll protect you and our baby or die trying.” He said truthfully.

  “She grinned and curled up into him resting her head on his chest as she read . they stayed like that all day.

  That evening she told Maria and sunnigilia to meet get ready to leave in two days. 

  “Don’t ask questions alright. Just do it and I’ll tell you in two days alright? I don’t want anyone finding out about this. “

  Both girls nodded.


  Again the memory’s shifted, but there was deffinatly something majorly off. For one she felt, Scared, panicked, it was late at night and she was in her room.  She put some blankets into the two bags, looking up she saw the calendar was the 23rd of November and it was circled with a note saying. “The Day Obsidian returns. “ She grabbed the two bags with a sigh she ran into her sisters and her lover’s sister’s room.  

  “Are you two ready?” She questioned

  “Yes but, I don’t understand why you want us to leave what’s going to happen?” Her sister Maria looked at her questioningly; she had long brown hair and the same chocolate brown eyes as her, but was shorter by a few inches and had freckles on her nose. 

  “There’s no time to explain.” She answered irritated quickly throwing the bags at her and Sunnigilia.

  “I’ll explain it to her on the boat. Where is it you want us to go?” Sunnigillia asked unafraid. She knew something was up.

  “West, across the sea. He won’t follow you over water, and won’t think you would leave so far.” Afina hugged them both one last time before running out of the room. 

  “Wait!” Sunnigilia called. “Will we see you and brother again, or your child?”

  “You’ll see us again, some day, I promise…” She put a hand on her stomach feeling the fluttering of her childs kicking. She was partly speaking to her lovers sister, and partly to the unborn babe. “Someday.”

    She quickly walked to the Library where she had agreed to meet Rikiar. She stoped as his wand pointed at her. Then relaxed once he realized it was just her and lowered his wand.

  “Sorry, just nervous.” He apologized “I have a bad feeling. “

  “I do to love, we got to be quick if we want to leave before he gets back and finds out about me and the baby.” 

  “I understand.” He murmured. Walking over to her he pulled her into his arms. She held him tight.

  The doors slammed open causing them both to look up.

  “I knew it…I asked you to do one thing! One thing…and your still with him?” Obsidian stood in the door way and was quickly making his way over them. She gasped as Rikiar put himself in front of her. 

 “You don’t have a right to say that, what you did was a LOT worse, what other choice did you give her. Have what little happiness she could with me, or become introverted and alone just because you can’t let her go, if you loved her you wouldn’t have pushed her into this!”  

 Obsidians face turned a purple color that would have made Harry’s uncle proud. Hermione thought  

  “You’re going to put this on me?!” He shouted

  “I believe I just did, if she didn’t marry you, you would have exposed us. Then you have the nerve to ask her to kill me?  You ignore her and leave her alone for a year and a half, not a very good husband or boyfriend. You lost the right to her the second you sold your soul to become what you are.  Souless bloodsucker, at least the others have heart!”

  Obsidian clearly had had enough and rushed over to them only to be forced back into the wall creating a hole from the impact and several books fell. By a jet of wind coming from Rikiar’s wand. 

  “Please just stop both of you!” Hermione heard Afina’s voice quiver. “Its true obsidian isn’t who he used to be but please stop fighting, we are leaving anyway.  No more fighting, please.  I just want peace.

 “The Hell you are.” Obisidian objected he started muttering something in latin that she didn’t understand. Blue mist started to form from the crakes of the stone floor like vapor and wrapped themselves around Rikar’s wrists. He paled.

  “What is that?” She whispered fearfully. 

  All of a sudden she was now watching as if she was watching instead of through Afina’s eyes.

 ‘Vita Aficio.. It’s a life draining spell. Afina my love listen to me, I can distract him you need to run, get yourself and our baby to safety please! “

  “But, your hurt.”


   The doors burst open again, this time Rikari was standing in the door way panting, her long dark hair falling over her face. “Brother no! Stop this.” She ran over to go help Afina who was now cradling Rikiar who was becoming weaker an thinner from the spell draining his life.

   She knew from what Rikari had told her and Draco what would happen but it didn’t stop her from trying to stop obsidian but she fell right through him. She closed her eyes but still heard the sound of the knife going into her. 

   When Hermione looked up again Rikari was on the floor surrounded by a growing pool of blood. Obsidian looked horrified and was staring at the bloody knife he clung to in disbelief.

  “She was your sister Obsidian! How could you? She was the whole reason you delved into the magic that’s turned you into the creature you are now. Not a vampire but a souless demon. Yes, I figured out you aren’t a vampire, I’m not an idiot, Yellow eyes, powers that vampires don’t even possesses. Ability to use magic. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you did. “

    As she spoke Obsidian moved closer, Afina was looking up with him with not hate or fear but understanding that the boy she loved had been lost long ago, that there was no bringing him back.  

   He grabbed her by the throat and shoved her up against the book shelf.  “I might not be able to have you. But I can have something that is part of you.” 

  ‘No!” Rikiar shouted having managed to stand up his body shaking he held onto the pillar next to him. “don’t touch or hurt her. You’ve done enough!”  He had tears running down his cheeks and the words came out a struggle

  “You took something that was important to me away, now I’m just returning the favor. “

  Hermione couldn’t see what he was doing at first but she heard Afina’s high pitched scream and a moment later sharp babies cry’s could be heard.

  Rikiar ran and caught Afina as she fell gasping for air as she struggled to breathe. Hermione could see the light fading from her eyes, Rikiar however didn’t seem to want to give up. 

  “Please stay with me..” He murmured holding her head up and stroking her cheek with a bloody thumb. “You are the only good thing I’ve done in my life. It’s my duty to protect you I can’t fail …not now.. “

  Afina reached up and put a hand on his cheek. “Te Iubesc  Rikiar”

  He held her tighter to himself and rested his forhead against her own. “Te Iubesc mea floare”  

  “We will see each other again.” She whispered. “I promise.. “  She looked up at Rikiar who looked dead like he couldn’t believe what he had just done. Holding the crying baby. “We will get our revenge. We will come back somewhere down our family lines we will find you..You’ll pay for what you did to everyone.


   Feeling sick and unable to take any more of it she tore herself away from the pensive and ran toward the bathroom. Where she emptied her stomach, which was basically stomach acid since she hadn’t eaten yet that afternoon, Draco who was just as pale as her held her hair back as well as held her close. She felt the tremors of his body he was shaking. Both of them were crying, and Hermione had never seen Draco cry it unnerved and upset her even more. That was horrible no one should have gone through what they did. She now understood why their ancestors could not rest.  

  “What happened? What did you see?”

  “You said..” Hermione started trying to stop her voice shaking.  “That her wounds didn’t coincide with the horse story about an attack? That her stomach was cut open.. Think why would anyone cut someone’s stomach open? “Hermione dry heaved wanting anything to get the images from her mind; she was sobbing over the toilet her head on her arms, Draco holding her.

  Absolute horror and understanding appeared in Susan’s eyes. Hermione saw from the corner of her eye Susan putting her own hand to her mouth most likely trying to keep back the bile.  

  “How far was she?” Susan finally questioned.

 “7 months…it was alive when the memory ended so it could be alive somewhere hidden maybe. Still…” 

  Draco soothingly kissed the back of her neck.  “She did.”

 “She?” Damein questioned.

  “It was a girl…Before Rikiar’s memory ended he muttered a spell similar to the ones used on portkeys. She  disappeared in this white light. The baby is fine. I don’t know where it’s was sent but it survived. He said something about Illyria having her now.

  She sighed in relief, She still had a new found hatred for Obsidian; that anyone would attempt to kill a child was beyond her rational minds comprehension.  Hermione had never wished Ill or death on anyone. But so help her Merlin she was going to kill Obsidian the first chance she got.  

  “Illyria?” Hermione questioned.

   “She would have been raised well then. “ Damien grinned, interrupting. “Illyria is a vampire leader in Russia.  It would explain why he never tried going after the child again. She’s even more powerful than he is and he’s terrified of her because of it.

  When hermiones mind cleared she remembered something from what she had just seen. “Rikari was your wife?! Hermione stared at Damien incredulously, you seemed to have left some crucial information in your earlier explanations, please explain.” She said wiping her mouth sitting by the toilet.  She waited for a response.  Draco rubbed her back to calm her.   

  “Yes, “he whispered sadly. When me and Susan were on a mission when this all occurred. Obsidian thought that we had something to do with it, so killed my Wife, Daughters Rose and Athena and brother.  Susan lost her husband years before, but that didn’t stop him from killing her sons Angelo and Rio. He had gone mad by that time when they died he lost it and took it out on everyone in the castle at the time, he also wanted to kill any chances of them coming back in another life.

  But Maria and Sunnigilia escaped.   I, Axel, and Damascus and our wives are the only survivors. We would have avenged them, trust me we still want too but he holds too much power. But we think you can help us stop him. He’s no longer who he was. His mind and soul have been twisted by the dark magic he delved in.  Will you help us? “

   After what they had just seen, neither she nor Draco hesitated with their answer.


 Hermione felt Draco lift her and carry her out of the room,  to their own, where he gave her a sleeping drought which she took gratefully before engulfed in a dreamless restful sleep. 



  Obsidian slowly turned the pages of an old photo album that had sketches and paintings with the name Esmeralda labeled under each picture. It was a time line of the girl growing up with long silvery curly hair that fell down her back in waves and brown eyes  and a small smile the last one She was holding a child of her own next to a tall sandy haired man with strong cheek bones and long beard both grinning. She looks so much like her Serena. “He spoke to the panther curled up beside him. He had always regretted what he had done to his wife, he wasn’t thinking.

   She should have been mine..No matter, I’ll still get her to pay for what she did to me. ‘He shut the book hard and like usual tossed it into the corner. 

  “Let’s see if we can Find that amulet shall we my pet? “ He wandered over to the maps for the 10000th time, the chains on his pants clinking with each movement.



Authors note 2: this should have been up over a month ago, but I was having personal issues and I was in a very very bad place in my life and didn’t want to write why in that state. It would have reflected badly on my writing. I’m much better now. Please rate and review I worked really hard on this chapter. The next one should be up soon! 7 more chapters left after part 2 of this one. The one after rikiar’s part of the story Is going to be really romantic. You know put something happy back into the story. te iubesc means I love you in Romanian but it’s more than that. It means “I want to be with you , hold your hand every day and be there when you sleep and when you wake. “ It’s more than jut I love you it’s stronger than that. At least that’s how I was told it meant.  Mea Floare means “My Flower” please no bad comments about Rikiari having children early. This Was the 7th century. People married and had kids early. In fact she’s older than most would have been. So keep that in mind.


Chapter 17: Deadly Plot-Part Two-
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Authors Note: Here’s part two 7 more chapters left.  Rikar’s was so much easier for me to write. Warnings:  SENSITIVE TOPIC/THEME/ISSUE Substance use or abuse. Language, violence and some sexual themes. Same warnings as last chapter. Enjoy! Sorry this took so long to get up. I hope Rikiar’s pov is better than afina’s was .  The riddle is not mine, I don’t know who it is it is one on one of my old riddle sheets given to me by my teachers when I finished work . Don't hate me there will be loads of dramione in the next 7 chapters.



Draco blinked, confused he looked around him trying to get his bearings, He appeared to be in a teacher’s office or classroom, for there was a desk in front of him and he was sitting in a chair across from it. The walls were bare except for two tapestries with a coat of arms.  A phoenix with two swords crossed.  At the tip of each sword was a ribbon that dangled from it. The right sword had a blood red ribbon, why the right had a pure white ribbon. It was simple.

   There was a lot of archaic dark wizard catcher equipment that Draco recognized from a history book he had once read. Also some of the artifacts his father had hidden in their manor so he knew what they were. Only two did he know what did though, one was a long pole with a crystal at the end of it. It latched onto a wizard or witches aura and could track them down almost anywhere it was outlawed by a ministry official in the 1700’s his wife had used it to catch him cheating.

   The second object was one he couldn’t help but get up and examine closely. He had heard legends on it, it was a box that was silver with ivy and several Greek symbols on all four outside walls. It was Pandora ’s Box. He could practically feel the magic pulsing from it in powerfully waves. His fingers traced it before common sense told him to put it down. He looked up, catching himself in the mirror. He saw he was his ancestor, it didn’t surprise him. If there were two souls in one body and you saw ones memory you would see it exactly how they did. This was extremely rare so almost unheard of little was known about it.

   Rikiar was tall, taller than Draco by 2 inches. He had long hair tied behind him and strong cheek bones, a few flyaway’s landed on his cheek, and His eyes were Grayish blue like Draco’s. He had the same features as his grandfather Abraxus Malfoy which freaked Draco out so much he stopped looking in the mirror and sit back down.

  “Rikiar Glad you could make it” Rikiar looked up at the Wizard in black and silver robes walk in. He seemed tired with dark circles under his eyes. Long brown hair tied in a pony tail. He had a 5 o clock shadow as if he hadn’t shaved in a while. His ocean blue eyes looked at Rikiar.

 “We decided that we will train you as an auror and already have your first charge picked out, Granted it is a muggle princess but she is in danger in ways both Muggle and Magical. From what I witnessed at your preliminary tests I believe with 3 years intense training that I’m sure you will be able to handle. We normally don’t take 16 year olds on something this important. “

   Rikiar felt his heart leap into his throat, he felt honored. He’d be 19 with a much older experienced Auror’s job, though he felt a bit disappointed that he was going to protect muggle. He wouldn’t complain.

“I will accept the intensive training in order to perform the best duty as I can. When do I start Minister? “

  The tired looking wizard gazed to Rikiar with relief. “I am happy that you have decided to accept this once in a life time Opportunity, I’m aware that your sister was turned a few years back into a vampire, and you are her primary caregiver she will be accompanying you to Transylvania where you will be trained, she will be able to talk to more of her kind to better control her urges.

  He sighed in relief he didn’t think he could have left his baby sister behind. “When do I leave?”

 “You will leave Thursday morning and will be greeted by the man who will be training you for the next 3 years. His name is Alexandrel  Petru. You are to show him the same respect you show our trainers understood?”

 “Yes sir.”

 “Good, you may go you have a lot of preparing to do.”  

  He bowed before taking his leave. Aparating once he was out of the office and to his home where he was immediately pounced on by a blur of black and orange. He caught his sister easily and held her to him hugging her tight he kissed her Cheek several times in greeting.

 “I got in!” He grinned unable to contain his excitement.

  “I knew you could big brother!” Sunnigilia was a brunet with long waist length hair that had several braids charmed Orange and purple. She had piercing blue-grey eyes and wore an elegant black dress that’s top was corseted that had orange pumpkin buttons for detailing, she seemed a bit eccentric but knowing his family. Draco was not surprised one bit she also had two distinct fangs.  

  “We leave Thursday, I have a guardianship job and they are putting me through a 3 year intensive training regimen and you are to come with me. We are going to Transylvania there’s a coven there the minister wants you to see. They will be able to train you and teach you to better control yourself. You will be able to go out on your own like you always wanted.”

 “Really?! Transylvania? Thursday? That gives us three days! I better go get packing right away. This is going to be so exciting. I’m sure you will excel at all your classes.” She bounded off into her chambers causing him to chuckle as he watched her go. 

  “Well she seems ready for Transylvania, but is Transylvania ready for her? “ He muttered. Shaking his head. His sister was more problematic than a sack of Cornish pixies. He went in and sat on her bed watching her begin to make a list of things she needed to do before they left and pack what she could pack now.

  “How did your studies go today?” he asked curious on how her day went

 “Good, my transfiguration is finally improving, I am so glad that I can still use magic on top of my vampire skills. So many of our kind loose it when we turn though it’s a mystery is to how.  Transfiguration is the only skill I need to master, my potions are perfect no surprise there. I memorized the whole course book and then some.”

 “Charms Is good so is my defensive and offensive magic. Though the Professor says I need to work on my stealth.”

  Rikiar nearly fell off the bad laughing, only stopping once his sister threw her shoe at him.

 “What prey-tell is so funny?” She glared.

  “No offence sis you couldn’t sneak up on a cat.”

  “Yeah? So!”

 “Sooo, The idea of you being stealthy in any way is just hilarious.”

 “Haha” She said sarcastically before going back to her packing.

 “Have you ever been out of Moldova? “

 “I went to Bulgaria once with tată before he died. But other than that no.” 

 “Who will you be guarding?” She plopped down on the bed laying down she stretched Causing him to shake his head. Sometimes he was convinced they were from different parentage all together and his parents brought home the wrong baby.

 “The muggle Princess..”

 “Wow!! Really? Your first job and they give you a really important one!”

 “She’s just a muggle sis calm down.”

 “ooo I smell scandle if you fall for her.”

 “what are you talking about, your sounding crazy.”

 “It’s quite common for guardians to fall in love with the people they are trying to protect.”

“ With a muggle? Yeah right. “

“It could happen.”



“no, and I’m done arguing bed time.” He got up and left the room but not before being hit with his sister stuffed animal.

“You will! I know it!”

  He shook his head and went to his room. “A muggle? And my charge? I highly doubt it.


    The scene faded out and a few moments later, Draco found himself in another office different than that of the last one. Rikiar was holding his younger sisters hand and surveying the new area.  From the stone arched architecture he concluded they were in a castle of some sort, and a school by the looks of things. There were desks, textbooks, and a school emblem of a lynx protecting her kits on the wall.

   The sound of the doors opening caused him to turn around to see who was coming in , a tall male with dark shaggy hair and deep brown almost black eyes and a goatee walked through the door with confidence holding his wand in one hand and had a dagger strapped to his boot and a sword at his hip. He had barely gotten in distance before he had started talking to him.

   “Hello, You must be Rikiar, my name is Alexandrel  Petru I will be your mentor, This.” He said pointing to a tall woman that wore a simple purple corset and skirt she had her hair up in twin braids, She had slightly puffy cheeks and ocean blue eyes that gave her a child like appearance but she radiated wisdom and power by how her eyes curiously looked at everything but showed she had seen much and the way she held her self.  Is Illyria, She is the Russian vampire leader here on business and is very interested in coaching your sister and her uh… unique talents.”  

   “Hello” He bowed and reached behind him and drew his sister forward. Keeping a firm grip on her arm feeling her shaking, she never was good with strangers.  “This is my sister Sunnigilia”

  “Pleased to meet you.” She grinned and politely curtsied  bowing her head before standing up straight. Illyria walked forward and gave her a triple kiss. Приятно познакомиться (Pleased to meet you) Меня зовут... Illyria

  Sunny smiled, “Nice to meet you too, my Russian isn’t very good though.”

“That is fine.” Illyria replied with a smile. “Sha’ll we go to the next room? We have much to discuss and I’m sure the men would like time to themselves Yeah? “

  The two women left the room already deep in talk about whatever women talked about Rikiar never did understand women’s social dynamics, always confused him and he found he didn’t actually want to know what they talked about. But he was happy she was comfortable around someone new.

  Alexandrel spoke first. “We will begin your training tomorrow breakfast is at 5:30 sharp and training starts at 6:30 lunch is at noon followed by your study’s and then dinner at six lights out by 8 is that understood?”


  “Good, now that all that is out of the way, I should tell you about the Domnita what is expected and generally what to look out for.” Alexandrel put his hand on Rikiars shoulder and led him outside into a huge garden where people of all ages were seen training and sparing and a few dueling. As they walked he started to explain.

  “Her mother was a witch one of us. Though she was never told this, we wanted to see if she got any of her mother’s magical abilities, she didn’t neither did her sister Maria.  “

  “Which is why you want me to protect her? Because of her mother?” He questioned things starting to make since, wizards never interfered with Muggle business normally .

  “Not exactly, He dropped his voice into hushed tones, Their mother was the daughter of the last minister, In an attempt to Bring peace from muggle and magical fighting. It worked up until her death. The reason we want you to protect her is because of Hungary’s ministers aurors have been attempting to kill her for years. They are afraid. “

  Rikiar’s attention was peaked. “What do you mean? She didn’t get any of her mothers powers.”

  “She should have that’s the thing, I think Lady Anne bound both her daughters magic, There’s a power past down in women of her lineage very power very old and very unstable. It will take years or generations maybe before it manifests itself again, it’s your job to make sure her bloodline is continued and that she doesn’t die.”

  “Why would she bind them? That just leaves them more venerable to attacks and why her? And not the Sister”

  “I’m not sure exactly, it could be because she’s the oldest and whoever marry’s her would be in power, it could be her strong connection to vampires or her Anemia and they see her as an easy target. “

  “She has Anemia?”

  “Yes until they find the necklace of Nefritem which I assure you they will. “

  “What else should I know?” He asked suspiciously feeling as if the auror were hiding something.

  “You are very perceptive, it will make training you much easier. There thing, I’m not sure how useful this information will really be.” Alexandrel spoke softly and they had stopped walking to sit on a bench next to a stream. 

 “Any information could help.”

 “Her mother had a stone, they say she told her eldest daughter were she hid it, it would be a major reason she is targeted by both our kind and the muggles, her status makes it worse and even bigger target, she is easy to find. “

  “What stone?”

  “The Nex Addo Stone.”

 Rikiar whistled, “That’s a powerful stone, anyone would want it, it would give them an advantage in war. “

  “Which is why we need to protect her, as well as make sure that stone stays hidden. “ Alexandrel got up and walked back into the castle, Rikiar falling close behind.


  The scene changed and all Draco saw was complete blackness for several moments. When it finally cleared he was standing in front of a cave in the side of a mountain Alexandrel beside him and his sister and Illyria were in the background.

 “Ok, this is your last test, pass this and you graduate alright. Use everything you’ve learned here. Your sister and I will be waiting at the exit. Good luck. Oh , and also try not to kill anything you meet unless you have no other option. Most creatures that call this place their home are protected or endangered and it would anger many people if one of them died or disappeared.

  He gave a nod and headed into the mouth of the cave, taking a deep breath before stepping into it. He had given four steps before he heard the rocks shifting and piling up closing behind him and he was in complete darkness.

  He took another slow steadying breath and lit the tip of his wand and pointed the light over the ground and walls, The cave glistened with condensation the air thick with the scent of moss and seaweed and damp wood. Searching for the wood he soon found a rather large stick wedged between the left wall and the ground in between two rocks.

  He walked over and grabbed the end that was poking between the two rocks and pulled, It didn’t budge. He tried again, Still the stick didn’t budge. Getting an idea he pointed hi wand at it causing a jet of flames to erupt from the tip of his wand. Causing the rocks to crack and blast open.

  He ducked to avoid the flying pieces of rock and was able to pick up the now lit stick. It would do for now for light. A lumos spell would tie up his wand.  He walked deeper into the cave as it started to twist and turn. Keeping the make-shift torch up high so as not to trip over rock and to see what lied a few feet ahead.

  He didn’t know how long he walked. It felt like hours yet nothing had happened yet, which was strange finally he hit a large alcove as he exited the tunnel. There were twenty three other tunnels. He knew he needed to go north. Putting his wand in hi palm he whispered a simple point me spell after it spun several times it slowed to a stop pointing to the tunnel between the tunnels on the left and the tunnels ahead.

  He walked over to it and was about to walk through the tunnel but found his way blocked for in a mist of fog a creature started to appear…a sphinx it planted itself in front of the entrance to the tunnel he needed to go through.

  He cautiously walked up to it. “What must I do to pass?” Sphinx’s were not normally violent creatures unless provoked. Or you failed to answer their riddle. Sure enough he was asked a riddle.

  You must answer me this, answer it correctly and I’ll let you pass to your next destination. 

  Very few friends I have, renowned am not,
Concealed and shielded behind much, difficult to spot.
I am like bug and sickness;
I am contagious not always wanted,
Though I am small, they fear me greatly,
for I might leave them haunted.
At times I am tough to keep,
my master forced to let me free,
Then I rupture and soar around and they converse regarding me.
I may be friend or foe, servant or teacher,
I am like a bird; I want to be free creature.

  He hated riddles but none the less listened. He repeated it three times in his head

  “Very Few friends I have, Renowned I’m not. It is concealed and shielded and hard to spot.” So it was something that was hard to sea well concealed and not well known.

 “I am small and greatly feared “ Something that could leave people haunted.

  What was tough to keep? Then it hit him.

  “A Secret?” He asked the sphinx, who turned her dark gaze to him.

  “Is that you’re final Answer?

  He pondered a moment but it made perfect sense. “I’m sure.”

  “You are correct.. you may be pass. Good luck.” The sphinx got up and walked past him down another tunnel. Taking a breath of relief he went through. The second one was much shorter but wide like a field. He walked until he was forced to stop.

  He could see the next on clove however in order to get it he had to pass a large 24 feet long and 50 foot wide hole in the ground.  Taking a step back he sent a blast at the ceiling using a reductor curse.

  He quickly used the protego charm to protect himself against the falling debris, He cleared the rubble and dust with a gust of wind. Thinking a moment he started with the smallest rock that he could stand on to the largest he levitated them one in front of the other and formed a sort of makeshift bridge across.

  He carefully jumped from one to the other until he was across he cut the spell levitating the boulders causing them to fall into the dark and deep ravine.  He continued on, sensing something was up he walked into the alcove slowly.

  It was a good thing he did, he didn’t see anything at first but a sharp howl caused him to look up, This alcove was taller and had an opening at the top. Staring at him was a large Dragon like creature with a wolfs head and upper body the end half was a dragon.  A zburăto. He had read about them but had never seen one before.  

  Grabbing the hilt of his sword he unsheathed it and waited for the creature to make the first move. Locking eyes with it, it dived into the cave growling, a large roar shook the walls and it reared its head back as it landed in the alcove its yellow eyes focusing on its target. 

  Rikiar was barely able to doge the stream of flame that left its mouth. Taking this opportunity he looked over for any weaknesses , he saw one the underbelly it was without any armor or protective surfaces, he could petrify it if he could get close enough.  

  He sent sparks above the zburăto’s head why it was distracted he made his way under its body, it realized this too late and the alcove wasn’t wide enough for it to move.  

  He quickly strained to remember the spell , it was very dark magic but alexandrel did say not to kill anything. Which seemed dumb to him it didn’t give him exactly that many options to get out of this situation.  Then he remember pointing his wand at the creatures belly he shouted. Placidus Mortis Nex!

  Grey matter shot from his wand and hit the underbelly The creature froze and its body stretched out as if it was trying t move until it slowly froze there. Its head was the last to freez its jaw opening to give one last roar.

  Rikiar panted out of breath and exhausted from the spell. He took a few moments to catch his bearings and breathe. He didn’t have long for he heard a young girls shouting from the only other tunnel that was just past the creatures tail.

  “Let me go! “

  He groaned and crawled over the tail and ran through the tunnel toward where he heard the shout, zigzagging through the stalagmites and stalagmites that started to form in the tunnel.  

  He could see the exit only something..or someone was blocking it, when he reached the mouth of the end of the mountain passages there was another room, smaller than the others it looked almost like an arena

  There was indeed someone blocking the exit a young girl 14 or 15 was tied in a corner she had a few bruises and scratches but other than that appeared unharmed. 

  Whoever it was blocking the exit wasn’t human, it looked humanesque but it was another dragon creature with arms and legs like a human but covered from head to toe in black scales, sharp fangs and claws and a tail and dragon wings.

  “What are you? And what do I have to do to pass and have you let the girl go?”

 “I?” It hissed lowly. “I am a Zzzzmeu you sssshould treat me with ssssome ressspect huuuman.

  “How do I get you to let the girl go? And let us pass? “  He asked again.

 “Yoou mussst fight meee and ssservive for 20 minutes and I shhhall let you pass.”

 “So I have to stay alive for 20 minutes?”

  “yesss, we shall begin!” A large hour glass appeared. “We stop when the ssand from the top isss goone. “

   The creature took out its long sword and formed a fireball in its mouth and shot 3 at him in quick succession, He dodge them and held up his sword in a protective way, Noticing the Zmeu was charging him. Able to block the claws he shot sparks from his wand in order to propel the creature away.

   He got in a defensive posture and this time ran toward him jumping over the zemu he turned around about to send another spell at him but he was to quick and used his arm as a sheild agianst Rikiar’s sword. The scales were hard and acted like a natural armor and unlike the zburăto  he saw no soft weak points. 

    They exchanged kicks but mainly used their arms to block and kept dodging each others attacks they appeared evenly matched. Rikiar back fliped back holding his hand to his bleeding cheek the zmeu had managed to cut his cheek with his claw.

  In retaliation he sent a wave of water from his wand crashing into him knocking him back. The Zmeu however got up it was panting in a kneeling position but hadn’t gotten back up to fighting.

    Panting he noticed the Zmeu stopped fighting and looked at the hourglass, the sand had stopped. The Zmeu kept his word and untied the girl before heading past Rikiar without a word and disappeared through the tunnel he had just come through as he walked away he spoke. “You fought well and I praise you, its been many a century since I last had an opponent that equaled me. I hope one day we can fight again for real. Good luck on your journey wizard.”   

  Hot and exhausted he still couldn’t help but smile, it was indeed a good fight. However he was  glad things were finally over he went over to the girl and untied her, using a few healing spells he knew to heal her wounds.

  “Are you ok?” He asked as he helped her up.

  “Yes, I’m fine now Thank you.” She gave a small smile and she took his hand. “Can we get out of here now?”

  He nodded and led her out of the cave he blinked at the bright light it took a moment for his eyes to adjust. But not before he was tackled and hugged tightly.

“I knew you could do it” He heard his sisters familiar voice he hugged her back and the girl he saved went over to Alexandrel.

  “You did great.” The wizard beamed “Though I suppose you are hungry and in great need of a bath. Come on lets get you home, I take you to the king tomorrow. Your sister has already packed things.

  “I look forward to it.” He stifled a tired yawn wanting nothing to do but rest.


   The scene finally shifted and he was in a long hall in front of a throne, a tall tired looking man with graying brown hair and brown eyes sat looking at him. He stood with his feet slightly apart and his hands behind his back respectfully.

  “Stephan” the king called and a scrawny boy walked over. “Please take this man’s sister and show her to her rooms, it’s the one next to the one we prepared for him.”

  “Yes sir. Follow me miss.” The boy waited for sunny who walked over and followed winking a good luck at him. Rikiar had to fight to keep from rolling his eyes.

  “Amelia, can you go get my daughter now please?”

  A dark skin teenager with dark brown eyes and black hair that was braided nodded and went quickly into an adjoining room.

  “I am grateful you have taken up the responsibility of being Afina’s Guardian. As a father, it is a relief. “

  “It’s an honor sir.” He bowed his head. Only to look over as the doors open again, a woman in a red and gold gown walked in with bushy brown hair covering her face.

  “Afina, I would like you to meet your guardian.” The king spoke sternly but happily.

  “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir.” She bowed her hands were folded in front of her gown before she looked up. Rikiar felt the breath leave his longs as his eyes met her deep chocolate ones. He felt like lightning struck his spine and he bowed his head in return though his eyes never left hers.

 He surveyed her a moment, watching how she bit her lower lip nervously. Until he decided to break the silence.

 “How about you show me around so I can begin putting protective measures around the room? “ He suggested.

 “Oh, yes..yes of course follow me. I’ll show you around. “ She turned on her heels and walked out of the room. He politely bowed to the King, turning he followed her through the oak doors.

 As she showed him around the castle, He put up protective spells as they went through it, after a while  she  started asking questions.

  “Do you have any family or friends? “ She asked He remained silent staring at her still mesmerized by her beauty.
“What’s it like being a wizard? What’s your favorite spells?”

  He didn’t answer , trying to figure out what to say to her was hard. He couldn’t even answer her simple question.

  “Do you do anything besides stand like a statue?”

  He chuckled but didn’t speak just raised an eyebrow.

  “You talk a lot for a bushy haired muggle.” He finally spoke.

  “well pardon me for trying to be nice.” She folded her arms over her chest and gave a cute pout.

  “You aren’t like other muggles..” He continued slowly but speaking truthfully. “You aren’t prosecuting me or judging me for being a wizard.”

  “We don’t judge anyone here, Unless you harmed us first we have no reason to hate you. Vampire, mortal, werewolf, wizard, or gypsy. It does not matter. Nor does your past you can start things new from here.

  “I may just like it here, being your guardian won’t be as bad as I thought.” He grinned and as he past he tucked her hair behind her ear.” For a pretty girl you shouldn’t hide your face so much.” He gave a wink leaving her red faced behind him why he continued securing the rooms. Enjoying the feeling he got for riling her up.  



  The memory shifted and this time he was in a huge library that would put Hogwarts to shame. Mountains and shelves upon shelves of books lined the walls. 

  He was leaning against the wall by the door watching Afina and Obsidian. Afina was lighting black candles and was wearing all black today. She had a look of total sadness on her face, a few tear stains could be seen.

  “Honestly Afina, I don’t see why you do this every year, there’s no use mourning the dead, your mothers gone learn to grow up and deal with it.” Obsidian shouted. For a moment he almost felt sorry for him, but he had learned that shouting was the last thing you did with Afina, sure enough she stood up fire in her eyes, and even obsidian took a few steps back.

   “Just because you have lost your morals and sense of humanity doesn’t mean I have. I’m not mourning I’m celebrating. Because I miss her and this is the closest I can get, now leave! Go dig into whatever dark book you are reading now. “She put her hands on her hips and looked more dangerous than a cornered basilisk.  

  Obsidian glared. But turned around and walked away bumping hard into Rikiar as he left causing Rikiar to rub his arm before going over to the now crying woman. Who clutched a portrait in her hand.

  “How did she pass?” He questioned slowly partly curious on what made his printesa cry.

  “Child birth, she didn’t survive giving birth to my younger sister Maria.. It weekend her, Couldn’t eat or drink so she died when Maria was nearly a month old.  She was a fighter, she fought so hard to stay with me and Papa and Maria, So every year on her birthday I thank her..Just helps me be close to her by taking a day to really remember her. “

  “What about your parents? Sunny doesn’t talk about them. What happened? “ Afina asked gently putting a hand on his arm causing him to calm.

  “My mother left when my sister was 2 some lord of somekind, but was killed a few years later in a huge fight between provinces. My people still havn’t quiet gotten a working government down its nearly as bad as your muggle one. No offence.

  “None taken what about your father?” She gave him puppy dog eyes that made it impossible for him to say no to her.

  “He was a lord and an auror, He used to take me with him when he had negotiating to do. He was able to see things from both a political and a normal persons point of view. Some say he was completely mad. I just remember I wanted to grow up and protect people like him.

  “What made you decide that? “ She smiled her sweet smile her chin in her hands giving him her full attention.

  “Well, I remember in one of these meetings a General was attacked and my father protected him and his two children and sine then I’ve wanted to protect people like he did. Stupid I know.” He coughed nervously.

  “No, not stupid. I think it’s noble I just wish you were protecting someone more worth while than me.. I have people to protect me I don’t need a guardian but so many others do.

  “My dear…You are worth while to me now come on we should go see what our siblings are up too. That always cheers you up after one of yours and obsidians fights.  

He savored the site of her small smile


    Again in a whirl of colors that made Draco crazy he was sitting under a tree on top of the hill away from the castle, with afina the sun was setting Fireflies circled them, He watched Afina stare at them dreamily. He was growing more and more in love with her, he knew that and he tried to ignore it but frankly Rikiar was tired of fighting it. She had a sun shaped necklace, looking down he noticed that he had the opposite a crescent shaped moon.

He sat next to her a rare relaxed moment. He flicked his wand and fire birds shot from his wand and started to circle her.

“You’re so sad and lonely lately.” He commented

  “Obsidians ignoring me as always, Rikari has her hands full with the boys. You’re my only companion really.” She shyly looked over at him. He couldn’t help but smirk seeing her eyes fixated on his lips.  

“I’m glad I can be that for you. “ He smiled truly proud.

  He watched her staring out past the castle, he knew she dreamed of life away from there, he truly wished he could do that for her, to take her away somewhere where she would be truly safe. He was interrupted by his thoughts when he noticed her crawling over to him.

  “You have a bad boyfriend, a woman as lovely as you shouldn’t be ignored” He commented as she got closer.

  “Maybe I just need a new one?” She smiled mischievously, a smile that reminded him of a kitten that had just discovered its first ball of yarn.

  “Do you have anyone in mind?”  He questioned slowly drawing his face closer to hers until his lips touched hers ghost like so they were barely touching.

  “As a matter of fact I do.” She spoke against his lips before closing the distance. He knew it was wrong on many levels, she was his charge had a boyfriend, and a princess. However at that moment he realized he didn’t care, and he would do anything and everything in his power to keep her now that he had her. He pulled her close a hand at the back of her head drawing out and deepening the kiss as the sun set in the distance leaving them in darkness with only stars above them.


  Draco nearly felt sick as he felt another shift in memories and he sensed something was wrong this time.

  “I can’t believe he asked her to marry him after the crap he’s put her through.” Rikiar growled and shot several spells at the stone wall opposite him.

  “Calm down brother, I’m sure you will think of something, you’re her guardian it’s your job to protect her and I know you. You’ll be able to do it. “

  “I just don’t want to lose her I just got her.” He mumbled.

  Sunny wandered over to him and hugged him tight. “I told you four years ago that you’d fall in love with her, now believe me I just know you two will be together. Calm down all right.

  He sighed, she had a point. “Ok..I’ll beilve you this time.”

  “Good! Now lets get a plan the wedding is in three weeks. What do you suppose we do?”

  “I have an Idea. I can imperious the king into giving Obsidian an important mission right after the wedding.” He said slowly.

  “Great, that’s a great idea, how will you do it?”

 “Leave that to me.”

  It shifted and it was her wedding day now. Draco knew this because there was white everywhere and Afina was wearing a wedding dress.  She however didn’t seem happy. Afina was also talking to Susan. He took the opportunity why she was distracted to find her father.

  He was talking to some of the court, He waited for the king to move away and silently cast the imperious curse he muttered in the kings ear. “You will send Obsidian on the mission in France to do peace talks between the vampires. “

  The king mearly nodded. Satisfied and calm  He went back over to the entrance of the isle in time for her not to notice that he had disappeared for a few moments.

   He took this time to take her in. She was beautiful in her simple white skirt and beaded corset. Afina never really was one for anything flashy it was traditional and simple with her, or nothing at all. Her hair fell in loose curls down her back and she was chewing her lower lip.  

  She finally seemed to notice him and ran over pulling him into the dark corner she captured his lips. He smiled some before pulling her closer to his body in order to deepen the kiss.

“I don’t think I can do this. “ she mumbled.

“Yes you can, do what is expected. For now, He can’t keep us apart forever.. This is just temporary until We can figure out what to do alright?”  He assured her smiling he kissed her cheek

“Alright…but he’s going to want to.. you know..and I can’t…Not with him.” She shifted nervously and Rikiar getting what she was talking about felt sick to his stomach it took him a moment to calm his stomach enough to talk and not get sick.

“Don’t worry about that he won’t have the time. I overheard your father planning on sending him on a yearlong errand right after the reception..

She sighed in relief. “Afina hun it’s time.” Her father called.

 He stole one last kiss from her before watching her take her father’s arm.  He watched her go down the isle but when the preist starting speaking he looked away, deciding to do a quick parameter check to avoid watching the love of his life marrying someone else.

When it came to the I do’s it took all his strength not to growl. He waited for the bride and grooms to come back down the aisle and he led them to the reception area where many were gathering and talking excitedly. Making bets on how many kids they would have and what their names might be.  Rikiar rolled his eyes at this.

During the reception  He was offered drink which he refused to take. One he hated alchol an two he needed to be sober and alert he was on duty. He did watch in mild amusment as Afina drank four glasses of red wine, though she was drunk by the end of the second one. She was a light drinker it seemed.

“ Easy there girl, you’ll drink yourself under the table” Rikar over heard Rikiari say as he walked over to the women once Obsidian had gone to talk to the king.

“Sorry, wedding night gitters.”Afina smiled.

“It’s not all that bad I promise.” She reassured. “I’ll leave you too alone.” She said as Obsidian walked over to their group. Rikiar followed again unseen. He was good at being undetected.

“Bad news love.” Obsidian sighed ignoring the glare she was giving him. “I have to leave for France in two minutes. I want you to be safe alright. I’ll be back in a year. No funny business with your watcher understood?”

  Rikiar snorted. As if Obsidian had any control over what he or Afina did when he wasn’t around.

“Yes.” She replied but Rikiar knew she was lieing.  He watched as obsidian kissed her cheek and went off to leave.

  Rikiar waited patiently after Afina had and the other guests had left for bed making sure he wouldn’t be caught he snuck into her room. She was stumbling into bed wearing a silk nightgown he recognized as the dark purple one his sister and Susan worked on. Once she was in bed and comfortable he silently crept into bed with her, he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Relax love it’s just me. “He reassured when she jumped and tensed.  He kissed her lips lightly in a soft brush moving to hover over her. He smiled as she wrapped her arms around him.

“How did you get in here?” She asked as she kissed his cheek and ear happily.

“I’m your protector. I can pretty much get in and out anywhere. I see obsidian’s gone for a year just as I thought he would be. “ He grinned just happy to have her in his arms.

“Rikiar.” This may sound crazy.. But I want you to be my first…The very thought of anyone else touching me but you makes me ill. A year is plenty of time to figure out how to get out of here. “

“He stared at her intensely. It took him a full 5 minutes for what she said to fully sink into his brain. He took a deep breath before asking. “ Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. I love you more than anything. Why don’t you want me?” She pouted

 He stared was she insane? Of course he wanted her, had since their eyes met .“Trust me…I want you, I’ve wanted you since I first saw you when you were sixteen.. “ He breathed nuzzling her neck and leaving small kisses.

“Then please make love to me.” She  asked again as their rested as there foreheads touched.

“I won’t be able to stop once we start.”  He sighed spoke the truth but to test her he as he he pushed down the sleeve of her nightgown. And kissed her shoulder.

“ I wasn’t asking you too.”Was all he heard before her lips crashed to his. He slowly let himself get lost in her touch

didn’t take him long to get her nightgown to the floor….


   The scene now changed. He was pacing back and forth in front of the bathroom. He could hear the sounds of his lover being sick and he hated how he couldn’t do anything about it. 

  The doors opened and he breathed a sigh of relief, His sister came in holding a wizarding pregnancy test. Thank god, why muggles hadn’t invented something like that yet was beyond him.  Taking it he went into the  bathroom and  kneeled in front of her.

   “I’m going to need to take some of your blood sweetie, is that ok? “

  She nodded and he used a pin to poke her finger and let two drops fall onto the test. They waited with baited breath. Afina holding his hand tightly. The blood started to swirl and the word “pregnant” Appeared clear as a bell.

  He hugged her tightly happier than he could ever remember being. Afina cried against his Chest.

  “We are going to be parents!” She laughed and ran out of the room obviously going to tell their sisters.


  The scene shifted and Draco hoped to god that this was the last one. He noticed however that he was now looking at Rikiar and the room around him rather than his eyes. He felt relief he had been starting to get freaked out by it.

  Rikiar was in the library; looking out the window and looking panicked . Afina entered the room and headed over to him. Draco saw her stop though as Rikiar’s wand pointed at her throat. Her hand went protectively around her stomach. Unlike the last memory she was defiantly showing.  Rikiar obviously realizing it was her had relaxed and lowered his wand

“Sorry, just nervous.” He apologized “I have a bad feeling. “ He started but was interrupted by Afina.

“I do to love, we got to be quick if we want to leave before obsidian gets back and finds out about me and the baby.”

“I understand.” He murmured. Walking over to her he pulled her into his arms. They held each other tight as if both were afraid to let the other go

 Just then the doors slammed open causing  All three of them to look up.  It was obsidian

“I knew it…I asked you to do one thing! One thing…and your still with him?” Obsidian stood in the door way and was quickly making his way over them. Rikiar put himself in front of her.

“You don’t have a right to say that, what you did was a LOT worse, what other choice did you give her. Have what little happiness she could with me, or become introverted and alone just because you can’t let her go, if you loved her you wouldn’t have pushed her into this!”  His ancestor answered for her.

Obsidians face turned a purple color.

“You’re going to put this on me?!” He shouted

“I believe I just did, if she didn’t marry you, you would have exposed us. Then you have the nerve to ask her to kill me? You ignore her and leave her alone for a year and a half, not a very good husband or boyfriend. You lost the right to her the second you sold your soul to become what you are. A Soulless bloodsucker, at least most others have heart!”

  Obsidian clearly had had enough and rushed over to them only to be forced back into the wall creating a hole from the impact and several books fell, the cause was  a jet of wind coming from Rikiar’s wand.

“Please just stop both of you!” Afina’s shouted her voice quivering. “It’s true obsidian isn’t who he used to be but please stop fighting, we are leaving anyway. No more fighting, please. I just want peace. “

“The Hell you are.” Obisidian objected he started muttering something in latin that Draco wasn’t able to catch all of. Blue mist started to form from the crakes of the stone floor like vapor and wrapped themselves around Rikar’s wrists. Rikiar paled, Draco did to, and He knew that spell.

“What is that?” Afina whispered fearfully.

‘Vita Aficio.. It’s a life draining spell. Afina my love listen to me, I can distract him you need to run, get yourself and our baby to safety please! “

“But, your hurt.”  


The doors burst open again, this time it was Rikari was standing in the door way panting, her long dark hair falling over her face. “Brother no! Stop this.” She ran over to go help Afina who was now cradling Rikiar who was becoming weaker an thinner from the spell draining his life.

  Draco winced as he saw obsidian run his knife through his sister, blood pooling under her as she fell Drao glared hating Obsidian even more than he hated potter and Weasley.

  Obsidian looked horrified and was staring at the bloody knife clinging to it in disbelief.

“She was your sister Obsidian! How could you? She was the whole reason you delved into the magic that’s turned you into the creature you are now. Not a vampire but a souless demon. Yes, I figured out you aren’t a vampire, I’m not an idiot, Yellow eyes, powers that vampires don’t even possesses, Ability to use magic. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you did. “  Afina Glared why she held Rikiar in her arms.

  Obsidian moved closer, Afina looked up at him with not hate or fear but an understanding that the boy she loved years ago had been lost long ago, that there was no bringing him back.

 Obsidian grabbed her by the throat and shoved her up against the book shelf. “I might not be able to have you. But I can have something that is part of you.” He hissed dangerously.

‘No!” Rikiar shouted having managed to stand up his body shaking he held onto the pillar next to him. “Don’t touch or hurt her. You’ve done enough!” He had tears running down his cheeks and the words came out a struggle his life draining with each breath he took.

“You took something that was important to me away, now I’m just returning the favor. “ He smirked and looked very much like a demon to Draco.

  Draco sensing what was happening avoided his eyes but was unable to block out Afina’s high pitched scream. A scream that reminded him so much of the one he heard in the manor as his aunt tortured Hermione. His heart gave a pang he knew all to well what Rikiar was feeling as he heard that.  a moment later he heard sharp baby’s cry .

  He watched as Rikiar ran and caught Afina as she fell gasping for air as she struggled to breathe.  The light fading from her eyes, He watched in amazement as his ancestor refused to give up, He put his hands on her stomach trying to stop her bleeding.  

“Please stay with me..” He murmured holding her head up and stroking her cheek with a now bloody thumb.  “You are the only good thing I’ve done in my life. It’s my duty to protect you I can’t fail …not now.. “

Afina reached up and put a hand on his cheek. “Te Iubesc Rikiar”

He held her tighter to himself and rested his forhead against her own. “Te Iubesc mea floare”

“We will see each other again.” She whispered. “I promise.. “ She looked up at Rikiar who looked dead like he couldn’t believe what he had just done, Holding the crying baby. “We will get our revenge. We will come back somewhere down our family lines we will find you..You’ll pay for what you did to everyone.

  Draco watched as Rikiar held her until her breathing completely stopped. Kissing her forehead and trying to wake her up Obsidian now watched in a cold indifference and had begun to walk away.

  “I’m not dead yet, I assure you, we will come back.. you’ll pay but before I die, I failed to protect her, but I will not fail to protect my daughter… “ Rikiar started muttering a spell Draco recognized of one similar portkey. The baby started to grow white and disappeared after a few seconds.

  “Where did you send her?!” Obsidian growled glaring at Rikiar whose lights started to disappear.

  “Illyria has her now..she’s out of your reach.”


  The memory started to fade as it ended and Draco held the side of the pensive panting his body shaking the only thing in his mind was getting to his mione, he knew for a fact there was no way she was able to handle all that. Sure enough he heard her in the bathroom and ran in pulling her to his chest his body trembling as he held her he pulled her hair out of her face so she wouldn’t get her hair dirty..

  Draco didn’t really pay all that much attention except to tell her that the baby survived and to agree with the others that he would help them get rid of Obsidian.  Whatever happened he found himself now watching Hermione sleep. After having taken the potion he tried to move but she had to much of a grip on him.

  So he held her curled up with her his head rested on the top of hers listening to her breathing and her scent comforting him.  He vowed to himself right there that unlike rikiar he wouldn’t fail on protecting her. He got Hermione here and he would get her back home in one piece.  One thing was for certain they had a lot to discuss once she woke up.

  Already his mind was hatching something to disfuse the sadness and get Hermione in a better mood. He knew talking about the memorys would invoke in her. Though the questions needed to be asked, he knew she probably had diffrent memorys than him. though there were a few he swore he saw Hermione's eyes in. He was planning an “Official” First date, he didn’t count the dance since that was technically a test.  One thing was for sure, he couldn't deny after the thoughts going through his head that she was his girlfreind. 

  She deffinatly was, he just hope she said yes..  

  “ Rest Well Hermione, big day tomorrow” He kissed her cheek as he started dozing off himself.