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Love, the Most Powerful Magic by hgstories

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,125
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers

Genres: Mystery, Romance
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, James, Lily, Molly, Fred, George, Ginny
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, James/Lily, Ron/Hermione

First Published: 03/29/2011
Last Chapter: 10/06/2017
Last Updated: 10/06/2017

Will this new found power work on those long dead?

Chapter 1: Harry Potter dead? Maybe not.
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Ginny Weasley sat in the golden chair in the center of the front row, right in front of the grave in the ground, the grave of Harry Potter. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were there as were Ron and Hermione with the rest of their fellow Griffindors, and what remained of the Order of the Phoenix, and the teachers of Hogwarts: McGonagall, Slughorn, Sprout, Flitwick and Hagrid blowing his nose on his table cloth sized handkerchief. It happened the week before.


-         flashback –

She was in the kitchen of The Burrow helping Mrs. Weasley make dinner when she saw Ron, (who had been sent out to find Harry who had went to take a walk.), dragging a bleeding figure through the gate.

“MOM!” She screamed, pointing out the window.

Mrs. Weasley looked and put a hand up to her mouth. She and Ginny ran outside and saw Ron weeping over the body of Harry who had a knife sticking out from his chest. Ron explained how he had found Harry surrounded by former death eaters who had dissaparated when they saw him.

He said that Harry’s last words were “Tell Hermione I am so happy to be her friend and thank her for everything, tell your whole family the same. Tell Ginny I love her. And I will say it to you, Ron I am so happy to be your friend and thank you for everything.”


-         end of flashback –


The old wizard that had married Bill and Fleur finished speaking.

“Can I have a few minutes alone before you bury him?” Ginny asked. The wizard nodded and asked everyone to leave for a few minutes. Ginny took a deep breath and looked at the pale face of Harry. “Harry, oh, Harry.” She wept. “I love you and need you. I miss you so much. And I’m giving you my love.” She said, and she turned to get everyone for the burial. As she walked away Hermione gasped and pointed behind Ginny. She turned and saw Harry walking toward her. “Harry!” she screamed, she ran up and hugged him. “But how? How are you alive?”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know. I woke up and you were walking away. What were you doing?” He asked. After she told him what she had said. He said, “Well Dumbledore always said love was the most powerful magic ever. Although, I doubt even he knew it was that powerful!” By now everyone had crowded around Harry and were pelting him with questions. Harry raised his hands for silence and said, “We’re not exactly sure how this happened.” He winked at Ginny, which she took to mean he wanted it to stay between them. “So I can’t answer your questions.” He finished. Once the crowd had finally dispersed, the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione left for The Burrow. At dinner Ginny and Harry explained how they thought Harry had come back.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do that for Freddie.” Mrs. Weasley said, sighing after they had finished telling there tale.

“We could try.” said Mr. Weasley. So they went out to the field were they had buried Fred, and Mr. Weasley used his wand to lift the dirt and lid off his coffin, causing Ginny to jump back and grab Harry’s hand. Ginny told Mrs. Weasley what she had said.

“Oh, Fred.” Began Mrs. Weasley, “We love you and need you. We miss you so much. And we’re giving you our love.”

Everyone held their breath, but nothing happened.

They turned and started to walk away when a voice said, “Hey guys. Wait a minute, I thought I died in the battle by that collapsing wall!” They all turned around.

“FRED!” George yelled, and ran to hug his twin. Mrs. Weasley burst into tears and Mr. Weasley began to cry also.

“Wait a minute aren’t you glad I’m alive?” Fred asked.

“Fred I think those are tears of joy.” said George.

Ginny hugged Harry and cried into his shoulder. Ron just stood there staring at his brother, with his mouth hanging open.

“Careful Ron, I thought I saw a bug flying around and your mouth would make a very comfortable nest.” Fred said, jokingly. Ron shut his mouth. They all walked back to The Burrow and celebrated. The party lasted until about 10:00 pm. Then Harry decided to go to bed. Everyone else agreed. Harry was in bed waiting for Ron to come up too, when Fred cracked open the door. And peeked in, “Harry, did you know about Ron and Hermione?,” he asked.

“Yes,” said Harry.

“I just saw them downstairs!” he laughed.

Harry laughed too. “Does Ginny know?” Fred asked.

“Yes. I told her,” Harry said.

“Blimey, doesn’t anyone tell me anything,” he said, shutting the door.Harry smiled and fell asleep. Early the next morning Harry woke, dressed and woke up Ginny and asked if she would like to go on a walk. She agreed and said she would need to get dressed. Harry waited in the kitchen for her to come down. When she finally did they set out.

“Ginny, I have a question.” he asked after a while. She looked at him. “Do you think that I could use that magic on my parents?”

She seemed to think for a minute, “I don’t know Harry, they have been dead for awhile,” she said, “But we could try it later today.” Harry nodded. Later as they approached The Burrow Harry thought he saw a red haired man look out the window from Fred and George’s room.

“Uh-oh,” said Harry.

“What?” asked Ginny.

“I don’t think we’ll hear the end of this one. Fred saw us,” he added when she looked confused.

As they entered the house Fred got downstairs. “So you two decided to go for a early morning walk, huh?” said Fred, “Does that mean your going out?”

Ginny blushed and said, “So what if we are.”

Fred grinned, “I thought so.”

“I never said-” Ginny started to say.

“Well, your being really obvious. Congrats Harry, my sister is a hard one to win!” Said Fred.Ginny glared at her brother. At breakfast Harry told the others of his plans to go to Godrics Hollow.


Chapter 2: Parents and secret friends.
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 Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny entered the village square of Godric’s Hollow and headed down the main street. Harry and Hermione shuttered as they remembered the last time they had been here. They passed the war memorial which turned into the statue of Harry and his parents.


“Awe, Harry you were so cute when you were a baby!” Said Ginny, when she noticed the statue. They continued on to the grave yard.


“Do you remember which one it was?” Hermione asked.


Harry shook his head.


“Well we saw the Abbott grave,” Hermione pointed to it, “then we walked about six rows down, and then saw Dumbledore’s mother and sister. They walked to the headstone. And then we saw Ignotus’ grave.” Hermione looked for it and found it. “Here it is. Now let me think, then you kept looking and I found it about here.” She said, and walked farther down into the grave yard.  She stopped at one of the head stones. The other three caught up to her. The wreath of Christmas roses Hermione had conjured was dead and shriveled. Hermione waved her wand.


“What did that do?” Asked Harry.


“Made it so no one can see what were doing.” She replied.  Then Harry waved his wand and the dirt lifted off the grave.


Harry stepped forward, “Mom, Dad, I love you and need you. I miss you so much. And I’m giving you my love.” He said, and then he held his breath. The coffin lids slowly opened. James and Lily Potter climbed up out of the grave which they had occupied for so many years. James stretched.


“Lily! I thought we were dead!” He said, amazed.


“Me to. I mean I defiantly remember being hit with the killing curse.” Lily said. Harry and the others stood looking amazed at the Potters, who had obviously not noticed them.


Then Lily turned, “Who are you?” She asked, then she it dawned on her. “Harry? My baby Harry?” Harry nodded, then ran to hug his parents.


“Oh but, Lily, he’s not a baby anymore! He’s practically a man!” Said James.


Lily nodded, “Well I can see that. But, Harry, what happened we thought we were dead.”


“Well, you were but-” Harry went on to explain how he had been killed and he had been brought back.


“Ok. I see now.” Said James, “Well, enough about us Harry, what about Voldemort?”


“He’s dead, I killed him.” Harry said. James and Lily gasped in amazement.


“We knew you could.” Said Lily, “And who are these people?”


“This is Ron Weasley, I met him in my first year and he’s been my best friend ever since. And this is Hermione, also my best friend since my first year. And this is Ginny, Ron’s sister, were, um, going out.” Harry introduced the three. Harry’s parents shook each one’s hand in turn. “I’ve been living with there family for a couple years.”


“Thank you, for taking care of our son.” Said Lily. James nodded.


“Your welcome, I think we kept him out of as much trouble as was possible. Would you like to come to stay at our house?” Asked Ginny, Kindly.


“Well if it’s alright. Then we would love to.” Said James. And Lily agreed.


“Ok. We’ll side-along apparate you there.” Harry said, taking his father’s hand. Ginny walked shyly up to Lily, who smiled at her, warmly, and took her hand. All six of them dissaparated to The Burrow.


“What a strange looking house.” Said Lily, when the squeezing sensation had stopped, “And you said this house had a name? Some thing like The Brawl?”


“The Burrow, actually.” Said Ron.


“Oh, sorry.” Lily said. They entered the house to find Mrs. Weasley busy with lunch. She dropped the pot she was holding when she saw them.


“Lily! Your alive, oh it’s been to long.” Mrs. Weasley said and hugged Lily.


“Oh yes, old friend I was so happy when I found out that Harry was living with you. Is Arthur still working at the ministry?” Lily asked.


“Yes he is. Hello James, Arthur will be so happy to see you.” Mrs. Weasley smiled at James. Harry, Ron and Ginny watched dumbfounded at there parents exchange.


James being the only one who had noticed the teen’s expressions said, “Your mothers go way back, to there first year at Hogwarts.”


“Really?” Harry asked.


“Yes!” Mrs. Weasley said. They had a party that night, as a way to celebrate. And they had music so there was pairs dancing, Harry and Ginny, Ron and Hermione, Molly and Arthur, James and Lily. Then they all went up to bed. Harry lay awake thinking about how happy he was and how happy he could be in the future, He wondered if he would marry Ginny that would be very happy! Now his parents were back so he was even happier. He was now the happiest he had been all his life. He thought maybe tomorrow his parents, Ginny and him could go spend the day together for his parents to get to know her. Yes he thought, that would be nice.

Chapter 3: fatherly advice.
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In the morning Harry went downstairs and found Lily and Mrs. Weasley cooking breakfast.


“They have been going out since the end of the battle, which was just over two years ago. I think they were going out during Harry sixth year too but then Harry broke up with her to go hunt horcruxuxes.” Mrs. Weasley was saying, “Oh, good morning Harry, dear.” She said when she noticed Harry.


“Good morning Mrs. Weasley. Hi mum.” Harry hugged them both, “Mum would you like to come out with me and maybe Ginny and I’ll ask Dad?”


“Yes I think that would be fun. I want to get to know Ginny, because as I understand it your very close to her.” Lily agreed.


“Mum, I told you we were going out when we brought you back.” Harry sat down at the table as he said it.


“Did you? I’m sorry I must not have been listening.” Lily said. Ron entered the kitchen and after muttering something to the women preparing breakfast sat down on one side of Harry. Ginny and Hermione came down to the kitchen soon after, Hermione sat next to Ron and Ginny next to Harry.


“Good morning everyone.” Ginny said after she was seated. She leaned over and kissed Harry on the cheek.


“Ginny, would you like to spend the day with me and my parents?” Harry asked her, hoping she would accept.


She looked at him then whispered, “Harry, I’m not too comfortable around your parents yet.”


“It’s alright I’ll be there too.” Harry said.


“Alright, I guess so.” She agreed. Several minutes later James sat down.


“Dad do you want to spend the day with Mum, Ginny and I?” Harry asked him.


“Well Harry that is a splendid idea!” James replied. So after breakfast Harry, Ginny, James and Lily left for Diagon Alley as that is where they had decided to go first. They entered the leaky cauldron where when they were almost out everyone there noticed who they were.


“It’s the Potters!” Someone yelled. A huge crowd gathered around them and started shouting questions.


“Sorry everyone, were here to spend the day together.” Harry had to yell so everyone could hear him. They exited out to the small courtyard in the back of the pub. Harry tapped the correct the brick in the wall and so that the bricks created an archway. First they went to Ollivander’s wand shop. The bell tinkled as they walked through the door. Ollivander came to the desk, “Well if it isn’t the Potters. Did Harry bring you back?” He asked.


“How did you know?” Harry asked, surprised.


“It was in the papers how Ms. Weasley brought you back and as that is the only way to bring someone back to life it could only mean you brought them back. For instance just a little while ago Cho Chang came by with Cedric Diggory!” Ollivander explained. Harry understood.


“Well Mr. Ollivander how’s business?” James asked.


“Well it’s getting better. I got captured by You-Know-Who but Harry saved me. But now you need to get on with your day.” Ollivander answered.


“Of course, goodbye Mr. Ollivander.” Lily said. They left the shop and decided to visit Fred and George who had went back to there shop. When they got there they entered and Ginny took Lily for a tour of the shop.


“Dad, can I ask you something?” Asked Harry, as he and James perused the products.


“Of course Harry, what’s on your mind?” James questioned.


“Well it’s just I’ve been wondering how do you ask a woman to marry you?” Harry asked.


James looked at his son, “This is about Ginny isn’t it?”


“Yes.” Harry blushed.


“Well first you have to have a friendship with the person, and I know that you have one with Ginny. Second you need to have been going out with the person for awhile, you’ve done this. Then you must have permission from the parents. Then all you need to do is ask them.” James told Harry.


“But what do I say without messing up?” Harry asked.


“Well, say something like: Ginny I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? That’s not so hard now is it?” James asked.


“No, I guess not.” Harry said.


“When are you planning on asking her?”


“I don’t know. Maybe Saturday.” Harry thought out loud.


“Well then maybe we should go buy a ring. And when we get back you’ll have to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.” James suggested. So they found Lily and Ginny. “Lily there is something me and Harry have to do. We’ll meet you back here in thirty minutes.” James told Lily. They left the shop and headed down the street to a jewelry store. Harry looked for awhile at the rings.


“This ones perfect.” Harry said, it had two dark red rubies next to a large sparkling diamond. He purchased the ring which came in a black velvet box. Harry and James left the jewelry store. Now all I have to do is talk to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry thought as they headed back to meet Lily and Ginny. They went and bought some ice cream for lunch then went to the rest of the shops in Diagon Alley. When they apparated back to the Burrow it was dark.

Chapter 4: Important questions, Quidditch and Hermione's help
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*N/A Sorry it took so long, I haven't had much time recently.




The next morning Harry woke early, got dressed, being carful not to wake Ron up, then headed down stairs. He stepped out side into the early morning light and started to walk, the heat was mild at this time of morning, but he knew it would be a hot day. As he walked he thought about what he would say to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, perhaps he would get strait to the point, “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I want to ask you if I could marry Ginny?” No that wasn’t it, “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley first I want to tell you how grateful I am to you for letting me stay with you.” No, to bribe-ish. He kept wondering while he was walking. Much too soon he found him self back at the Burrow. ‘Well here it goes. I’ll just have to make it up as I go.’ he thought. He entered the kitchen to find Mrs. Weasley serving Mr. Weasley breakfast.


“Oh Harry, dear, I didn’t know you were up yet.” Mrs. Weasley said, “Here sit down I’ll just get you something.”


“Thanks Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said nervously. Mrs. Weasley started some eggs and toast for him. “I have a question for you both.”


“Well then ask away, dear.” Mrs. Weasley said.


“Well, um, you see yesterday, when me and Ginny were with my parents I, um, I’dliketomarryGinny.” He finished very quickly. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked confused.


“Do you mind repeating that one more time only slower?” Mr. Weasley asked.


“Well, you see I’d like to, um, marry Ginny.” He tried to sound calm, but thought he had failed dramatically. The two elder Weasleys stared at him for a moment, and then Mrs. Weasley burst into tears. Harry felt his face grow hot. “Mrs. Weasley!” He said.


“She’ll be all right.” Mr. Weasley said, handing her a handkerchief. “So you want to marry my daughter?” Harry nodded. “Well, I think I approve. You have my permission. What say you Molly?” Mr. Weasley asked. Mrs. Weasley nodded, then got up and planted a very wet kiss on Harry’s cheek. Mr. Weasley left for work in the next hour. Then James and Lilly came down stairs. James looked meaningfully at Harry, who nodded almost imperceptibly. James smiled.


Later when everyone had come down and had eaten Harry, Ron and Hermione went up to Ron’s Room (Ginny was helping Mrs. Weasley with the dishes). While Ron and Hermione were discussing things beyond him he decided to tell them, “I’m going to propose to Ginny.” He said.


Both Ron and Hermione stopped their conversation and stared at him. “Huh?” Ron looked confused.


“I said I’m going to propose to Ginny.” He repeated patiently.


“OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!” Hermione exclaimed, running toward him and squeezing him tightly, “Congratulations!”


Ron just sat there looking dumbfounded, finally he seemed to snap out of it, “Well, uh, wow.” He said. “So you haven’t asked yet?”


“No, I haven’t, but I probably will tomorrow.” Harry replied, “But I’m really nervous. I mean, what if she says no.”


“What! No! Hello, of course she won’t!” Ron said loudly.


“Ron’s right, she won’t say no. Last night for example, she told me she can’t wait for you to ask he- I thought your mom’s eggs were so good, Ron, I’ll have to get her recipe.” She switched conversations very fast. Ron and Harry looked very confusedly at each other for a moment, and then understood when Ginny sat next to Hermione. Harry thought he must not have heard the door open and shut. Hermione, Ron and Ginny kept on talking while Harry stared at his knees. Although he could not help noticing Hermione beaming between him and Ginny, she did not show any other sign that anything was going on.


He gave her a look that meant ‘Do NOT give it away.’ And she did not, for which he was grateful. “Well,” he said, during one silence, “I think we should go out and do some quidditch.”


“Yeah! That sounds fun!” Ginny and Ron said together. They all grabbed there things for quidditch, then headed down stairs.


“Where are you going you four?” George asked, curiously.


“Were going out for some quidditch!” Ron said.


“Well, what ‘bout us?!” Asked Fred.


“Get your stuff then.” Harry told them. The other four other strolled out into the yard. “Are the brooms in your shed?” Harry asked.


“Uh, yeah, I guess they are.” Ron started heading toward the broom shed. Harry, Ron and Ginny each grabbed there broom (Hermione wasn’t playing), then headed to the playing field. They each mounted there brooms and kicked off. Harry soared high, carful not to fly over the tops of the trees, for if he did muggles would be able to see him.


“Come on Harry were ready!” Harry heard Fred call. He streaked down to the ground where he was surprised to find James waiting with a broom also. “Now, Harry, George and Ginny, you three are on a team, Me, Ronniekins, and James, are on one.” Fred commanded. Ron glared at his brother. The teams kicked of and Hermione released the Bludgers, Quaffle and the Snitch. They played until noon when Mrs. Weasley and Lilly brought them all lunch. And they all enjoyed a picnic lunch on the grassy quidditch field. After they had cleaned up lunch, the players started the game again. They played the rest of the afternoon, so everyone was very tired and slept good that night, all except for Harry.


Before bed Ron confided in him, “You know I’ve been thinking, I think I’ll propose to ‘mione too.” He said.


“Really? Well good luck.” Harry said to him.


“You too.” Said Ron, as they climbed into bed.


As he lay there, he wondered what to say to Ginny, rather than what to say to her parents. He tried remember what James had said, then he did, ‘Ginny I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?’ Yes, that was it. ‘Well I could use that, but change it a little bit.’ He thought. ‘Well, I should start out casual, I’ll ask her to come on a walk with me, ya. So, then as were walking I’ll start a conversation, then we’ll sit down some where, ok. Then, suddenly, I’ll just do it, but what should I say?’ He was reasonably pleased with his plan so far. ‘Well, maybe, uh, I have no idea.’ He let out a long sigh, then a thought accord to him, he would ask Hermione, she was good with words, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it.’ And with that he rolled over and soon fell asleep. The next morning during breakfast Harry pulled Hermione over from the rest, who were talking loudly about there day. “I need to talk to you.” He told her.


“Meet me in the garden at ten thirty.” She replied, and walked away. So at ten thirty he was waiting in the Weasley’s over-grown garden, on a bench. He could not see her coming, then suddenly he heard a faint ‘pop’ behind him and looked around, and there she stood. “Sorry I’m late, Ginny was in the room with me. Well, what did you want to talk to me about?”


“Well, last night I was trying to decide what to say to Ginny but I couldn’t think of anything, so I thought you might be able to help me.” He told her.


Hermione looked pleased, “Well, I’m certainly honored to help. Now, well, as for what to say, I think it should just come from your heart.”


“What do you mean?” Harry asked, confusedly.


“See, I think that words are best when directly from the heart.” Hermione told him.


“Alright, but this is not going to be easy.” Harry agreed.


“You’ll do fine.” She said patting his hand, reassuringly. “Well then, I better get back before Ginny.” She stood and turned on the spot vanishing with a ‘pop’.

Chapter 5: A Proposal
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Author's note: It's been awhile. I have had some big changes in my life since the last chapter. Mostly good things but it has taken away from writing and posting time. I had fun writing this chapter so I hope you enjoy it!


“Remember, we're apparating about twenty miles up the mountains.” Hermione told them. They all nodded and disapparated, Harry appeared on the hill and saw Luna’s large, rook looking house. “Well this is definitely it.” Hermione said, Ginny laughed.

“They must’ve had it repaired though.” Ron said.

“I guess so.” Harry agreed.

“Well, come on then.” Ginny urged. They knocked on the door and waited a moment.

“Oh hello you four! This is a surprise!” Luna said when the door swung open.

“Luna, how are you?” Ginny asked.

“Oh I’m fine, what about you?” Luna asked, beaming at them.

“We’re fine. Can we come in?” Hermione asked.

“Oh, well, I’m not sure that’s a very good idea daddy still isn’t very happy about you three,” She nodded at Harry, Ron and Hermione, “for escaping when he called the Death Eaters; but we can take a walk down to the river.” She suggested.

“Alright, sounds good.” They agreed, so they left and walked down toward the river.

“What’ve you four been up to lately?” Luna asked.

“Well Harry brought his parents back recently and we brought Fred back too.” Ginny told her.

“Oh that’s very nice, is that the same magic that brought Harry back at the funeral?” Luna asked.

“Yes.” Hermione said.

“So it works on people who have been dead awhile?” Luna asked.

“Yes it does.” Ron replied.

“Hmmm,” Luna said, “You know, I think that maybe I want daddy to come with us, I’ll be right back!” She turned and ran back up to the house.

“Wonder what that was about.” Harry wondered aloud.

“Dunno.” Ron said shrugging. Luna came running back down the hill her father in tow.

“What is this Luna?” Xenophilius asked his daughter.

“You’ll see, just come on.” Luna said. After awhile they reached the river. Harry looked around and saw a mound of dirt covered in grass and flowers. Luna walked up to this and took out her wand.

“LUNA!” Xenophilius said aghast.

“Just watch daddy.” She said, “Wingardium Leviosa!”

“Luna.” Said Xenophilius again, only quieter.

The dirt lifted off of the grave and Harry saw a coffin lying in the hole. “Alright what are the words?” Luna asked, clearly excited.

“What?” Asked Ron.

“The words that you used to bring all those people back.” Luna said.

“Who’re you bringing back?” Ron asked.

“My mother.” Luna said.

“Then just say: mum I love you and need you. I miss you so much. And I’m giving you my love.” Harry told her. Luna opened the lid of the coffin and said these exact words.

Harry could not see inside the coffin but he heard Luna and Xenophilius gasp so he figured it had worked.

"Xeno? Luna? Is that you?" Asked Luna's mother sitting up.

"P-pandora?" Xenophilius asked looking dumbfounded. Then, slowly, a smile spread across his face and, as he helped her up out of her coffin he embraced her.

Soon Luna and her parents were all hugging and talking loudly. Harry smiled at the heartwarming scene. He looked around at Ron and Hermione who were also grinning from ear to ear, then put his arm around Ginny. Without saying a word the four of them slipped away, leaving the excited, joyous, and somewhat odd family to themselves.

After dinner that evening Harry was standing outside Ginny's bedroom door, his heart racing. "C’mon mate, you can do it!" Ron said, thumping him on the back. "You've faced Voldemort before! Not to mention all kinds of other dark wizards. This should be a piece of cake! Even though Ginny can be a right nightmare sometimes and-"

"Thanks Ron." Said Harry exasperatedly.

"Just be yourself. Act natural." Said Ron, as he walked up the stairs to his room.

Harry could hear Ginny and Hermione's muffled voices inside. He knocked.

"Come in." Ginny called. He entered. "Hey Harry." She said smiling and patting the bed next to her. "Sit down."

"Actually Ginny, could we go for a walk?" He asked.

"Sure." She said. "Is that alright Hermione?"

"Oh yes, you two go have fun." Hermione smiled.

"We'll be back soon." Harry said.

As they walked around outside Harry began. "Y'know Ginny, growing up with my uncle and aunt was a living hell." He paused, "I never really knew what it was like to have a family or friends, all I knew was abuse and neglect, and even sometimes hatred towards me."

"Why are you bringing this up Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Because, meeting Ron, and then later getting to know you and your family was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me." He continued. "I finally learned what it meant to be cared for and to fit in somewhere, and those were some amazing six years. Especially the later part of that sixth year, because we got to date for awhile."

Ginny smiled, but remained quiet, listening to Harry.

"But that seventh year of not knowing what was happening to you and your family was, again, almost hell for me. Do you know why?" He asked her.

"Probably because you were chasing down pieces of Voldemort's soul." Ginny laughed.

"Yeah, because I had to leave you; leave you to go on a horrible quest to defeat Voldemort. I missed you so much that whole time, I hated being separated from you."

"Harry, where are you going with this?" Ginny asked.

"Just wait." Harry said, putting his arm and her. "And then do you remember the night of the battle, how I turned myself in? And how on my way to the Forbidden Forest I passed you under the cloak?"

"Of course." Said Ginny, shuddering.

"And how you were what I thought about as I died?"

"Yeah, I remember you telling me that."

"Well, I have really been thinking lately, about how when I'm with you and your family, and my parents now, I feel like I really belong, and I feel loved and cared for. And I've realized that I never want to have to leave you or be separated from you again. And that I'm always thinking about you," Harry stopped walking and looked into Ginny's beautiful brown eyes, "and how I always want to take care of you, and always make you happy, and how I really want to spend the rest of my life with you," He got down on one knee in the middle of the Weasley’s homemade quidditch pitch and pulled out the ring, "and how I want to start my own family with you, and how I love you. So Ms. Ginny Weasley, will you make me the happiest bloke that ever has and ever will exist by becoming Mrs. Ginny Potter?"

He looked up into her teary but still beautiful brown eyes for a split second before she too knelt down and kissed him. "Of course I will Harry!" She said as they broke apart.

"S-so yes?!" Said Harry beaming.

"Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" Ginny beamed back. "Now, shut up and put the ring on!"

He took her left hand and slid the ring he had chosen in Diagon Alley onto her finger. She admired it for a few seconds and then threw herself into Harry's arms and kissed him again. They sat together for several more minutes. Just holding each other, not saying a word, in the middle of the pitch.

"Now, let's go tell the others." Said Ginny as Harry helped her up.

"Well, I think most of them know by now, but yeah, let's." Harry agreed. So they walked hand in hand back towards the Burrow.

As they entered the front door Hermione came running from the sitting room. "Oh, Ginny, Harry!" She exclaimed, "I'm so happy for you both!"

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" Called Fred from the sitting room.

"Yeah!" Called George in a girlish voice. "We want to see the bloody ring!"

Hermione led the way into the sitting room where the Potters and almost the entire Weasley family, including Bill and Fleur, their daughter Victorie, Percy and his wife Audrey were all waiting. Ginny held out her hand where the ring sparkled. Molly and Lily started crying while everyone else started shouting their congratulations. Mr. Weasley summoned bottles of butterbeer for everyone.

Once everyone was holding one, Mr. Weasley raised his glass. "To Harry and Ginny!" He said. Everyone else repeated the toast and drank.

Harry stood, cleared his throat and said, "Growing up, I never really knew the feeling of family. And now, I have two wonderful families." He looked at Arthur and Molly. "Even though I was never your actual son you treated me like one, now I will officially become another one of your sons. And I can't wait to marry Ginny and have a family of our own."

He walked over to Molly and hugged her, she cried into his shoulder for a minute and then held his face in her hands. "And we can't wait until we can truly call you our son." She smiled.

Next he shook Arthur's hand, until Arthur pulled him into a hug. "You're a good man Harry." He said. "And Molly and I couldn't ask for a better husband for Ginny."

Harry looked over at Ginny. She was talking with his parents just as he was with hers. "And I couldn't ask for a better wife, or a better family to marry into." He told Arthur. "I love your daughter with all my heart. I hope you know that." He said as he looked Arthur in the eyes.

"Of course." Arthur smiled.

Harry and Ginny switched parents. "Oh, Harry, we are so happy for you." Lily told him, wiping a tear from her eye. "I only wish that we had been around for your whole life. We missed so much."

Harry hugged his mother tightly then moved onto his father. "You did good Harry." James said, hugging Harry.

"Thanks dad." Said Harry.

"After all," Said James. "A beautiful, powerful, red headed Quidditch player! Not bad." James laughed.

The rest of the group had not quit chatting during these exchanges so Harry headed towards the spot where most of Ginny's brothers were sitting, but before he could get to them Hermione blocked him.

"Oh Harry!" She exclaimed. "I'm so happy for you both!"

"Thanks Hermione." Harry said, hugging her.

"How did you propose?" She asked excitedly.

"Oh, I'm sure Ginny will want to tell you later." Harry said.

"Oh alright." Said Hermione, wandering off.

Harry continued towards the Weasley brothers. When he reached them Ron thumped him on the back. "Well done mate!" He said.

"Yeah!" Said Bill. "Welcome to the family Harry."

"Thanks you guys. I-" Harry began.

"Of course," Fred interrupted, "if you do anything to hurt her-"

"We'll just have to hunt you down and, well, I'd rather not say with mum in the room." Finished George.

"Do you really think I would ever hurt Ginny?" Asked Harry.

George opened his mouth to speak but Percy cut in. "Of course not Harry." He said, glaring at Fred and George.

"That's what I was going to say!" Said George.

"Really." Said Percy skeptically.

"Yeah. More or less." George muttered.

Harry laughed. By this time everyone had finished their butterbeer so Arthur refilled them. After a while Harry found Ginny talking to Fleur he walked up and put his arm around her shoulders. She turned and kissed him.

After several more hours they all decided to go to bed. As Harry left Ginny at her door she kissed him again. "Thank you for the best night ever." She said. "I love you."

"I love you too." He said, holding her close.