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The Diversus Rememdium by hgstories

Format: Novel
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 20,499
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Spoilers

Genres: Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 03/20/2011
Last Chapter: 09/26/2017
Last Updated: 09/26/2017

It is the morning after the battle of hogwarts. Harry must decide what to do with Voldemorts body. And amidst all the mourning there is still love and hope. Hope because Voldemort is dead, hope of a new, safer world.  But will it remain safe? Will everyone stay safe and healthy? And what of the Death Eaters? Read now to find out!

Chapter 1: Mixed fellings.
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Harry Potter was in a deep sleep, he had after all been awake all the night before fighting the most powerful threat to all wizard and muggle kind, and had defeated it. And for that he was grateful even though he had lost many many friends along the way: Fred Weasley was perhaps the worst death. Then there was Remus Lupin, Nimphadora Tonks, Collin Creavey and many more unknown but no less regretted deaths.

“Harry? Oi mate wake up!” some one yelled.
Harry opened his eyes. But all he could see was blurry shapes and outlines. He felt around for his glasses and put them on. Ron, Harry’s tall red headed best friend since 11 years old, Hermione also a best friend since he was 11, and Ginny, the most beautiful witch Harry had ever known.

“What time is it?” Harry asked.

“Almost eleven.” Said Ron. Harry sat up and ran his hand through his hair.

“How’re you three?” He asked.

“I’m ok.” Said Hermione, who was still dirty, bloody and bruised.

“Were ok.” Ron and Ginny said with out looking at him.They too were covered with dirt, blood and bruises.

“C’mon” Said Ron, “We got to go down stairs mum is waiting for us.”

The four went down to the Great hall. The dead had been moved. And the Great hall was full.

“Ah, there you are, Harry dear are you alright?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yes Mrs. Weasley I’m fine.” Harry replied.

“Good, well George is with Fred in the Chamber in the Entrance hall.” Mrs. Weasley said then hurried off.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny went out into the Entrance hall and saw a door leading off it and when they headed through it they saw a gruesome sight. Bodies were laying all over the floor on thin cushions. Fred was in the middle next to Remus and Tonks. Andromeda Tonks was by Tonks. George was sitting with his head in his hands next to his twin. Ginny went and sat next to him, George put an arm around her. Ron sat next to them, Hermione accompanied him. Harry sat down too, for a few minutes, staring at Fred’s peaceful, pale face, but soon he could not look any longer. He got up and walked over to Andromeda, who was crying silently. She held Teddy Lupin, Remus and Tonks’ six week old son. Harry sat next to her, she looked up. Harry smiled at her. She launched her self into his arms. Harry, who had only met her once, was at a complete loss at what to do. He looked at Hermione who had seen the whole thing.

“Say something.” She mouthed.

“Erm, I’m sorry.” He said.She cried even harder. After a few minutes she stopped crying.

“Thank you.” She said, “Would you like to hold him?” She asked, holding out Teddy to him.

“Uh, ok.” He said, he took Teddy and held him. “Hi, Teddy.” He said, “I guess we’re pretty much the same now.”Teddy smiled at him.

Ginny had walked quietly over, “You are good with kids aren’t you.” She said, Harry looked at her, her eyes were red and puffy from crying.  Harry smiled at her, he hoped Ron would not look over, as he leaned in and kissed her. The kiss lasted for several seconds. As they broke apart Ginny smiled. A few minutes later Ron and Hermione came over.

“We’re going back to the Great hall to eat.” Said Ron.

On the way to the Great hall Ron told Harry to fall behind the girls.

“Harry, remember before we left to get the Horcruxuxs when I made you promise not to go out with Ginny?” Ron asked.

“Yes.” Said Harry.

He thought he knew what Ron was getting at. He just hoped he was right.

Ron took a deep breath and said, “Well, I changed my mind. Once I kissed Hermione I knew what you felt like when you kissed Ginny. And I decided it wouldn’t be so bad for you to go out with Ginny if I was going out with Hermione.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks Ron.” He said.They ran to catch Hermione and Ginny. They did not eat much  after being in the death room.

“Where are they keeping Voldemort? Does anyone know?” Harry asked.

“Kingsley might.” Said Hermione.  Harry headed over to Kingsley.

“Harry.” Said Kingsley.

“Hello Kingsley, I mean minister.” Harry corrected himself.

Kingsley smiled, “It’s alright Harry. Call me Kingsley. Can I help you with something?” He asked, in his deep voice.

“Well, actually I wondered if you could tell me where Voldemort is.” Harry said.

“He is in the teachers lounge.” Kingsley said with a disgusted look, “Oh and Harry, that reminds me, I would like you to decide how to dispose of the body.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, “I’ll think about it.” He walked away and beckoned to the others to follow him. Harry found the teachers study but the gargoyles were still smashed so there was no need for a password. The body of Lord Voldemort lay on the floor, it looked as though it had been un-ceremoniously dumped on the floor. Harry saw it and felt a deep sense of utter loathing. He tried to think of the thing that would be most humiliating to Voldemort if he were alive, but he could not. “What do think would be the most humiliating to him if he were alive?” Harry asked.

“Drowning him.” Said Ron.

“I don’t know.” Said Hermione. “He would be pretty embarrassed to be burned.”

"I agree with Hermione." Ginny said.

Harry thought for a minute, “I agree. I think we should burn it.” He said.  The other three nodded.

“Alright come on. We’ll go tell Kingsley.” Ron said.  They all got up and as they walked out Harry tread on Voldemort’s fingers.


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Chapter 2: Remembering
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 They found Kingsley who was still in the Great Hall.


“Kingsley? I’ve decided what I think we should do to Voldemort’s body.” Harry said.


“Have you? And what might that be?” Kingsley asked. As Harry explained there plans Kingsley nodded. “Yes, Yes, I think we could get that to work. I’ll get someone on to planning that.” He said.


“Thanks.” Said Harry, Kingsley nodded. The four teens walked out to the entrance hall and walked past the death room, the sound of weeping came from the door. Harry noticed Ginny’s face grew sad. “Ginny, would you like to take a walk with me?” He asked.


Ginny nodded. “We’ll see you guys later.” She said to Ron and Hermione.


Out in the grounds Harry asked, “Ginny, are you felling ok?” Ginny stared at the ground for a few more seconds then shook her head. “What’s wrong? Is it about Fred?” He asked, concerned.


She nodded and said, “Yes, about Fred, and other things. Like everything that has happened.”


“Like what? Just everything with the war?” He asked.


“Yes, and I missed you so much well you were gone. It hurt so bad, I thought maybe you didn’t care about me anymore. When you didn’t send word or anything.” Ginny said, blinking back tears.


Harry put his arms around her and pulled her close to him, breathing in her scent, she wrapped her arms around him. “I’m sorry I didn’t contact you. But I didn’t have an owl, I couldn’t send a patronus and we didn’t have a fire place so I couldn’t floo to you, so there was no way to contact you.” He said he could hear the plea in his own voice for her to understand.


“Yes I know. But still, I wish you would have been able to.” She said.


“I agree. But now we can be together, and I hope I will never have to leave you again.” Harry said, squeezing her. They walked toward the lake. Once they reached it they stood and watched the water. They sat down on the bank. Harry looked up at Hogwarts. “I remember all the adventures I had here.” He said.


“Tell me about them.” Ginny said snuggling up against him.


“Well first year me and Ron fought a mountain troll. Then I had suspicions of Snape stealing the Sorcerers Stone, but it turned out to be Quirriel. I had a duel with him deep down inside Hogwarts, there was a trap door under Fluffy, Hagrid’s three headed dog.” Harry laughed, remembering Fluffy. “Then second year there was Slitherin’s basilisk in the castle. Then everyone thought I was Slitherin’s descendant. Then I saved you and killed the basilisk.”


“Thanks for that by the way.” Ginny laughed.


“Your welcome. Then third year I thought Sirius was after me all year. Turns out I was wrong. Then Hermione and me went back in time and saved him and Buckbeak.

Then fourth year I got mysteriously entered in the tri-wizard tournament. But it was Barty crouch jr. Then I witnessed Cedric’s death then fought Voldemort.” He felt Ginny shudder. “Fifth year was Umbridge then I had occlumency lessons with Snape because Voldemort was trying to control me. Then I saw your dad getting attacked. Then there was the battle at the ministry.

Sixth year I was suspicious that Malfoy was a death eater. And he was then I witnessed Dumbledore’s death. Oh and I started going out with you.” He finished.


“Wow. You have been through a lot!” Ginny said. “Not to mention before you came to Hogwarts.” Harry nodded. He was so happy right now he never wanted this moment to end.

But it did to soon when Ron came to get them to eat. “Come on time for lunch. Then were going back to the Burrow.”


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Chapter 3: Back to the Burrow
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They appeared at the Burrow later that afternoon still covered in blood and dirt. Harry and Ron went up to Ron’s attic bedroom.

“This thing is still up here!” Ron exclaimed. Ron’s ghoul was lying on Ron’s bed. “Help me levitate him up to his room.” He told Harry. “Wingardium Leviosa.” Ron said.

“Locomotor ghoul.” Harry said. Together Ron and Harry got the ghoul up to the room he had been in before they had left to hunt Horcruxes. They laid the ghoul on its thin sleeping pad. The ghoul got up and ran towards the trap door. “Quick, get out!” Harry yelled. Ron and Harry jumped through the hole in the floor, landed on their backs and closed the trap door. “Ouch.” Harry said, rubbing the soar spot on his back.

Ron grimaced at him, “I think he likes my room. But now it smells bad in here.” He complained, “I’ll go ask mum if she has something to make it smell better.” He went out the door and Harry started unpacking.

Hermione and Ginny entered the room, “What was all that racquet?” Hermione asked.

“Ghoul. Ron and I were trying to put it back in the attic.” Harry answered.

“Yes, but it sounded like you fell.” Ginny said, worriedly.

“It wasn’t that hard of a fall. It was only out of the trapdoor.” Harry said, trying to make it sound alright.

“That’s at least five feet.” Ginny said, “Let me fix you.” She lifted up the back of his shirt, “Look at the size of that bruise! Episkey.” She tapped his back with her wand. It felt very hot then very cold. “There that’s better.” Ginny sounded satisfied.

“Thanks. You better do Ron to. He fell just as hard.” Harry said.

“I’ll get him.” Hermione said. She walked out of the room to find Ron.

“See you at dinner Harry.” Ginny said and kissed him on the cheek then went out.
Harry finished unpacking then Ron came back upstairs.

“I found some flowers.” Ron said.

“Brilliant. I’m going to get in the shower.” Harry said grabbing a fresh pair of clothes. The shower felt better then ever. Months of dirt and grime came off in that shower. He had to scrape to get the blood off. Then he noticed the dark purple bruise in the center of his chest where the killing curse had hit. “Episkey.” Harry pointed his wand at the bruise. Nothing happened. Harry remembered now that injuries from dark magic could not be healed. He sighed, ‘oh well’ he thought, ‘there’s nothing I can do about it.’ He headed down to the kitchen.

“Well you’re looking nice and clean now. Here sit down I’ll just get you something to eat.” Mrs. Weasley said when she noticed him. Ginny was sitting down already with a bowl of onion soup. Harry took a seat next to her.

“You’re looking nice and clean too.” Harry complimented.

“Thanks, You too.” Ginny said, after she swallowed her mouthful of soup.

Mrs. Weasley set some soup in front of Harry. “Thanks Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said. It tasted wonderful. Harry had not eaten much lately so Mrs. Weasley’s cooking tasted better then ever.

“Harry, I’ve been wondering.” Ginny said, “Before you were telling me about your years at Hogwarts. Don’t answer this if it’s to personal, but what about before Hogwarts? I mean I know you lived with the Dursleys, that your parents were killed by Voldemort, and that you survived the killing curse, but nothing else.” She finished.

“Well there is not much to tell. My best birthday present I can remember getting from them was some of uncle Vernon’s old socks. I made all there food and acted like there servant, got beat-up by Dudly a couple times a week, and slept under the stairs.” Harry replied, matter-of-factly.

Ginny looked outraged, “They made you do THAT!” She almost yelled, “If I ever meet them I will-” She, apparently didn’t know what she’d do to them because she never finished her sentence. Awhile after dinner Harry decided to go to bed.

“Goodnight everyone.” He said.

“I think I’ll go to bed too.” Ron said, yawning. Ginny, Hermione and George agreed. They all exchanged goodnights then the four teens and George headed up to bed. The next morning Harry went downstairs and was greeted by a wonderful smell.

“That smells wonderful, Mrs. Weasley!” Harry said as he sat down.

“Thank you Harry.” Mrs. Weasley smiled. The rest came down in the next half-hour and as they ate they talked about the day.

“I think I want to play some quidditch.” Harry said. It had been months since he had played, “I’d have to get a new broom though.”

“Oh yeah!” Ron agreed enthusiastically. Ginny also agreed, though not as excitedly as Ron.

“So, I’ll just run by Diagon Ally, then we can play all the rest of today, if we want.” Harry told them, the other two agreed. So, after breakfast Harry finished getting ready and headed for Diagon Ally. He stepped outside then headed through the gate, and disapparated. He appeared on Charing Cross Road then entered the Leaky Cauldron. It was packed with customers, Harry remembered the last time he was here there was no one except for a few warlocks. Harry tried to keep his head down so no one would notice him.

Tom the stooped and toothless landlord, greeted him “Mr. Potter, hello, how are you!” He said excitedly.

The room had gone very quiet, then, “It is Potter!” Someone yelled. Then the crowd was surrounding him, people were grabbing him and patting him on the back, people were shouting and asking him questions.

“Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!” He shouted, but to no avail. “Sonorus. Hello,” His magically magnified voice said, “I would like to answer all your questions but I need to hurry, I have to be somewhere.” This was not completely true, he did need to get back to the Burrow, but was in no hurry. The crowd made a path to the back door, so Harry got out the back door and tapped the brick, to open the arch way to Diagon Ally, with his wand. It opened and revealed the now bustling streets of Diagon Ally, it now looked much more like the Diagon Ally Harry remembered from his first trip then his last trip. He made his way to Quality Quidditch Supplies, he entered the shop and found what he sought almost at once. A Fire Bolt just like the one he had lost during the battle of little winging, of course this one would not be as special, as his other one had been from Sirius. He reached into his pocket and was surprised to find several Galleons, sickles and knuts. He had enough. He grabbed one from the rack and brought it to the counter.

“Ah, Mr. Potter.” The cashier said, “Here you go,” he handed it back to Harry, who handed him the money, “No, No, you keep it, think of it as a way of me saying thank you.”

“Uh, okay, thanks” Harry said. He exited the shop and walked back up the street to the Leaky Cauldron, he entered quietly and walked quickly through the pub out onto the street, from there he disapparated. Once back to the Burrow he ran inside.

Mrs. Weasley was there, in the kitchen, “Ah, Harry, Ron told me to tell you to meet them out in the field.

“Thanks, Mrs. Weasley,” Harry said and went back outside and headed to the field.

“There you are!” Said Ron, “We’ve been waiting for ages.”

“Yeah, sorry about that but the Leaky Cauldron is a bit more full than last time.” He apologized, the others seemed to get what he meant. “Well should we get on with it.”

“We’re still waiting for George, he wanted to come play to, and that makes it even.” Said Ginny.

Just then George apparated next to them, holding a broom stick, “Hello everyone, shall we?” They all kicked off. “So how will we do the teams?” asked George. They decided George with Ron and Harry with Ginny, Harry would be Seeker and Beater, Ron would be Seeker and Keeper, Ginny would be Chaser and Keeper and George would be Chaser and Beater. Hermione let the balls out and the game was on! Ginny scored two goals and then George did three.

“Alright no more nicey nice,” Ginny said, then she took the Quaffle from George, one, two, three, four, she scored over and over again and Ron could not stop her. Ginny was blocking the few shots George shot. Harry was hitting the Bludgers away from Ginny, all the time looking for the Snitch. After about an hour the score was one hundred-forty to one hundred. Now suddenly George scored six more goals, but then Harry saw a glint of gold flying down right by the ground. He angled his broom and streaked down to toward the ground. Ron flew up behind him, but as they drew within feet to the ground he pulled up, Harry straitened his broom and reached for the snitch, he caught it.

“YEAH!” He shouted. And landed, Ron and George touched down with Ginny close behind, she ran to Harry and hugged him.

“Good job!” She said.

“You too.” He said. They all trudged back to the house where Mrs. Weasley was just finishing preparing lunch.

While they were eating, Ron suggested they go for a swim later, “We have a lake just down the hill from here and we could sure use the cool down!” He told them. They all agreed and finished there food. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and George all headed to there rooms and changed into bathing suits. They met down stairs laden with beach towels and every thing everything else they would need for a swim. They ran down to the lake, and when they got there they laid out there towels and jumped in. The water was cold but not to cold, Harry enjoyed it and could tell the others did as well. A make-shift diving board stood at one side of the lake, Ron climbed out and walked over to it, shivering, he jumped off the board, with a colossal splash! Then everyone tried it first George then Harry then Ginny then Hermione and then Ron again, each accompanied with a splash. After several hours they tired, so they decided to head back to the house.


Chapter 4: Death Eaters again
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A/N Hey everyone so i know this chapter is a bit shorter but hopefully the next one will be longer. and just know that there is some very important stuff in this one. ;)

Six o’ clock found them all in the village of Otterisent Catchpole, Ginny had suggested they take a walk here, and watch the sunset. Most shops were dark now and there weren’t many people out. Then Ginny turned into a dark alley way. “Ginny where are we going?” Asked Harry.

“Come on!” Her voice replied from the darkness, so the others followed, when they emerged on the other side they found a hill rising up in front of them. Ginny was already scrambling up it. Once they all reached the top Ginny pointed toward the horizon and they saw a brilliant mixture of red, orange and yellow clouds, colored from the setting sun. They sat for a while, until suddenly out of nowhere a loud ‘pop’ sounded. They looked around to see the sight of two dozen masked and hooded Death Eaters.

“Potter!” One of them shouted.

“We knew it was only a matter of time until you showed your ugly face here again!” Another said, although he could not see the mans face, Harry thought he knew who it was, he thought he recognized the voice of Antinon Dolohov. The four friends stood and drew there wands.

“Avada Kedavra!” One Death Eater shouted, his curse missed Hermione, but hit a squirrel that had just climbed down the tree.

“Stupefy!” Ron yelled, it hit the Death Eater that had almost killed Hermione, he crumpled. Then the fight broke out Harry found himself dueling back-to-back with Ginny. Hexes and curses flew from the surrounding Death Eaters’ wands, the teens fought back. Harry stunned his Death Eater and looked behind him just in time to see Ginny hit her Death Eater with a hex, large yellowish-brown objects with bat-like wings flew out of the Death Eaters mask, causing it to fly off, Yaxly flung his arms over his head to protect himself from his own bogies.

“Call in Dementors!” He yelled. Then out of nowhere a chill fell over them all, it grew completely dark, and Harry saw tall faceless creatures gliding toward him and heard the rattling breaths he detested.

“Expecto Patronum!” He bellowed, his stag patronus flew forward, and the Dementors vanished. He looked around and was surprised to see the Death Eaters all laying unconscious on the ground. Ron and Hermione were all panting hard. Ron had a large gash across his face, Hermione had a rip in her jeans through which Harry could see a deep cut, something warm and sticky on his face told him he and Ron had a similar cut. Ginny on the other hand was laying on the ground motionless, Harry ran and knelt next to her he placed two fingers on her neck and felt for a pulse, he found one. “Rennervate.” Harry said, pointing his wand at her motionless form.

Ginny moaned and her eyes fluttered open. “What…” She started to say.

“We beat them.” Harry said, relief breaking over him.

He helped Ginny up, she stood took a step and collapsed again. “I think my ankle is broken.” Ginny moaned.

“Are you sure?” Ron asked.

“Yes Ron, I’m sure, remember at the department of mysteries, my ankle broke, this feels exactly the same.” She replied.

“Expecto Patronum!” Hermione said, and her silver otter flickered then grew solid, then it glided off.

“What was that?” asked Harry.

“A patronus to the ministry, they’ll want to know we’ve got Death Eaters.” She explained.

“We better get out of here.” Ron said, pointing at some lights flashing in the distance. Harry knew it was the muggle police officers. Harry lifted Ginny, carful not to move her ankle to much. They started walking back to the Burrow, slowed somewhat by the extra weight Harry was carrying. Police cars raced past them toward the hill. Harry turned and looked toward the hill, he could only see the very top, but he did see several men in cloaks tying the Death Eaters up and dissaparating with them.

They opened the Burrow gate and Harry brought Ginny inside. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley saw Harry carry Ginny inside, and leapt up. “What happened?” Mr. Weasley asked.

“We were ambushed, by Death Eaters!’ Harry said, “I think she’s got a broken ankle.” Ron and Hermione entered next, beaten and bruised.

“All of you go up stairs and clean up, there’s some dittany in the bathroom cupboard.” Mrs. Weasley said she looked very worried. Harry carried Ginny up the stairs, he lay her on her bed.

“Thanks.” She said.

“Here let me fix it.” Harry told her, “Lie still.” His arms felt light now that there was no strain on them. “Episkey.” He said, and tapped Ginny’s ankle with the tip of his wand.

Ginny gave a sharp intake of breath, then bent her ankle ever so slightly, she smiled, “I think it’s fixed.” She stood up, but sat back down quickly. “I don’t think that means it won’t hurt though.” She rubbed her ankle.

“You better just go to bed.” Harry told her. “It won’t stop hurting until tomorrow, so I don’t think you’ll be able to do very much.”

“Oh, alright.” Ginny said reluctantly. “Good night then, and thank you for carrying me home.” She smiled.

“Yeah, no problem, good night Gin.” Harry said, he kissed her forehead, “I’ll tell the others you’re alright.” He shut the door behind him, on the way out and took a deep breath, they were all safe. He entered the bath room and found Ron and Hermione dabbing dittany on there wounds. “Ginny’s alright.” He told them, “She’s just going to sleep.”

“Oh good.” Said Hermione. “Well I’ll try not to wake her, then.” And she headed down stairs to Ginny’s room. Harry grabbed the bottle of dittany and dabbed some on his face, arms and legs, green smoke billowed up and when it cleared his cuts looked several days old. He and Ron headed up to Ron’s attic bed room. He was back on the hill with Ginny, they were eating lunch and laughing. He heard a ‘pop’ he turned, Lord Voldemort stood there, his wand aimed, not at Harry, but at Ginny. “YOU!” Harry shouted, “But you’re dead!”

“You mean, I’m supposed to be dead, Harry Potter.” Voldemort hissed, “I Lord Voldemort, have come back!”

“But how?” Harry asked, glaring at the snake-like face.

“Oh, I have my ways to evade death, surly you of all people would understand.” He hissed.

“Well Tom, I killed you once, I’m sure I could do it again.” Harry threatened.

“Well of course you could, but I would only come back.” Voldemort told him, his wand still aimed at Ginny, “It’s a pity your girlfriend can’t say the same.”

“NO!” Harry yelled.

“Avada Kedavra!” A jet of green light soared past Harry and slammed Ginny to the ground, Voldemort disapparated.

“No, Ginny!” Harry yelled. And then he sat up in bed, drenched in icy sweat. ‘A dream it was just a dream,’ he told himself this over and over. But he could not sleep, ‘come on Harry, it was a dream.’ But sleep would not come. He got up, and as quietly as he could slipped downstairs and outside. The cool night air calmed him, “Lumos.” He whispered, he checked his watch, it was only three fifteen. He stood by the gate to the garden, all was quiet. He took a deep breath. Of course it had been a dream, Voldemort could not come back, Dumbledore had said no magic could raise the dead, but then what if Voldemort had created another horcrux. But he could not have Hermione said he had pushed his soul to the limit, if he’d created another one he’d have died. This thought comforted him, he could not come back. Harry thought that perhaps now he could sleep, so he turned and went back to the house. On his way he stopped by Ginny’s room on the first-floor landing, he opened the door slightly and peeked in, he saw Ginny inside breathing deeply, and Harry thought that perhaps she was the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet, or off for that matter. He also saw Hermione, lying on a camp bed like Harry’s. He closed the door and headed up the stairs and back to his bed where he fell asleep almost immediately and did not have a nightmare.

The next morning he woke up and opened his eyes, rays of sunlight streamed through the window, suddenly Ron said loudly, “I want Treacle Tart!” Harry put on his glasses and looked at Ron, he was still snoring. Harry chuckled, got up and dressed. He went down stairs, Ginny was already sitting at the table eating breakfast.

“Morning, Mrs. Weasley.” Harry said.

“Good morning Harry. Can I get you something?” She asked.

“Egg’s are fine.” Harry said, sitting next to Ginny.

“Sleep well?” Ginny asked him.

“Uh, Yeah.” Harry lied, “You?”

“Like a baby.” She replied, smiling. They both finished and Ron and Hermione had not come down, so they decided to go to the sitting room until the others woke up. They in silence for awhile, Ginny was reading a magazine and Harry was dozing, after all he hadn’t had a good night. “I thought that you had a good sleep.” Ginny said smiled.

Harry jerked upright, “Well I guess not good enough. What’re you reading anyway?”

“Oh it’s just a garden magazine, Mum always likes these.” She said holding it up. They sat in silence for several more minutes then Ginny said, “Harry do you know of any good gardens, there are some spectacular ones in here, and I’ve only ever seen ours. We don’t get out much.”

“Well, there is one.” Harry told her, “Would you like to go?”

“Oh, yes!” She exclaimed. She poked her head into the kitchen and called, “Mum me and Harry will just be gone for awhile.” They stepped outside and side-along apparated. They materialized at a park, it had a large paved area with several benches and a fountain in the middle, a garden stood on one side of the paved part and play equipment on the other. Ginny staggered and almost fell but Harry caught her. “Thanks.” She said, “My ankle still hurts.” They went and stood by the gardens. “How did you know about this place?” Ginny asked.

“Well aunt Petunia used to take gardening classes here, Dudly and I would go play on the equipment, and Dudly would usually beat me up.” He told her.

“That’s awful!” She said indignantly. After Ginny had looked her fill, they walked around for awhile. Then just as they were about to disapparate, Harry saw a very familiar boy sitting on a bench by the fountain.

“Wait.” He said. He walked over to the boy, “Dudly?” He asked. The boy spun around.

“Harry?” He looked stunned. There was an awkward silence.

“So what are you doing here?” Harry asked him.

“Well, sometimes I like to get out of the house, you know, see some of the old places.” He said.

“Where are you located now?” Asked Harry.

“Well it’s pretty far away from here.” Dudly told him, “Why are you here?”

“Well-” Harry started to say.

“Harry, come on.” Ginny limped up to them, “We should get back.”

“Dudly this is Ginny, uh, she’s my, uh, girlfriend, she wanted to come see the gardens. Ginny this is Dudly, my cousin, the one who I lived with.” Harry reluctantly made the introductions.

Dudly stared open-mouthed from Harry to Ginny and back again. “A girlfriend? Harry has a girlfriend!” Dudly said as though he couldn’t believe it.

“Um yeah, girlfriend.” Harry said, getting annoyed, “You didn’t think I couldn’t get a girlfriend, did you?”

“Uh, well, uh, maybe.” Dudly said, embarrassed. “Well I better leave.”

Harry could tell he just wanted to leave. “Yeah see you, Dudly.” Dudly waved and walked toward a shiny red car.

“Harry, how can you talk to him, after all he’s done to you?” Ginny asked.

Harry smiled, “Well, don’t think I would have if he hadn’t made up for it when they were about to leave.”

Ginny shook her head, “Sometimes I just don’t get you.” She told him. Harry laughed, grabbed her hand and disapparated. They entered the kitchen of the Burrow to find Ron and Hermione still eating breakfast, Ginny wasted no time in telling them about the morning’s events.

“So did you like him?” Hermione asked Ginny.

Ginny turned slightly red in the face, “Like him? Like him Hermione? Of course I didn’t, I bloody well disliked him!” She fumed, “He’s one of the ones who was so cruel to Harry, no matter what he did in the end!” She looked at Harry.

“I hadn’t thought of it that way.” Hermione said.

“Well I think Ginny’s right, he was, or from what I’ve heard, cruel to Harry.” Ron said.

“Well, everyone, I am doing some cleaning now so you just go along and have fun.” Mrs. Weasley interrupted. So they went out to the field where they played a game of Quidditch (Hermione had agreed to play). After they finished with Quidditch they decided to go back out to the village and look in some muggle stores. They walked down the path that they had come up the night before, there progress was slow as Ginny’s ankle still hurt. They entered the village and walked down the main street. It reminded Harry slightly of Diagon Alley, though perhaps not as busy. Harry read the sign on the first shop they came to, ‘The London book seller.’ It said, Harry thought that since this was not London the store must have started there.

“Let’s go in here.” Harry said, “Maybe there’ll be a place to sit down.” He looked at Ginny, she looked as though she was in a lot of pain. A bell tinkled over the door as they entered.

“Can I help you?” The clerk asked.

“No thanks, were just looking.” Harry told him.

“Well if you need anything just holler.” The clerk told him. Harry and Ginny headed to the back of the store. Where sure enough there was a small area to sit, Ginny took one of the chairs gratefully.

Harry sat down too, but, “You can go look around.” Ginny told him, “I’ll be alright.” Harry smiled and headed down one of the isles. He saw books for little children, books for middle aged kids, and books for adults. He saw mystery books, and adventure books. There were so many books that Harry wondered how the store could hold them all, it had looked so small from the outside. Harry wanted to ask the clerk about it, but as he came out of the isle and headed toward the desk, he heard someone coughing through the door behind the desk. He ducked into the isle next to him just in time. The clerk came out looking very sad. Harry wondered what was behind the door.

Then the clerk took out a wand, “Colloportus.” He said, in a heavy voice and pointed his wand at the door he had just come out of. Harry found Ron and Hermione and told them about what he had just seen.

“Well, that explains how he can hold all the books in this tiny shop.” Hermione said. Harry nodded. “Well, what you say we move on?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll go get Ginny.” Harry told them. He walked back to the sitting area. Ginny was there curled up in her chair, reading a book. “Come on,” Harry said, “were going now.”

“Alright.” Ginny said, “I just need to put this book back.” She limped over to an isle and placed the book on a shelf. Harry took her hand and they walked back up to the front of the store.

“Thanks for letting us come.” Ron told the clerk, and shook his hand, the clerk forced a smile. And they left the store. On there way down the street they talked about the man, they passed by a post office, a grocery store and a movie theater, and then entered a clothes store, at the girls’ insistence, although Harry thought that Ginny wanted to more because she wanted to sit down again.

Chapter 5: The diversus Rememdium
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When they got back to the Burrow it was lunch time. Then after lunch they thought that perhaps it would be fun to go visit Harry’s godson, Teddy. They apparated to the Andromeda Tonks’ house, and when they knocked Andromeda answered. Harry told her why they were there she led them into a comfy sitting room, Harry remembered waking up in this room when they had escaped the Dursley’s so long ago. Teddy sat on the floor, with a curved pillow behind him, playing with little wooden blocks with letters on them he picked one up and sucked on the corner. He looked up as they entered. When he looked at Ron and Ginny his hair turned the same color as theirs, then he looked at Hermione and his hair turned brown, then he looked at Harry and it turned jet black. He started sucking on a new block. “You can take him out.” Said Andromeda, “Or you can just stay here. I’ve got some work to do around the house so I’m glad you came.” Ginny and Hermione went straight to Teddy, where as Harry and Ron hung back. It was a girl thing, Harry thought, to just rush up and take control when there were babies around.

“Come on you two, Teddy wants to meet you.” Hermione said she looked surprised that they hadn’t moved.

“Yeah, don’t be scared.” Ginny taunted them. Harry and Ron knelt beside the girls. After a while they got tired of the sitting room, so they decided to go to a muggle park.

“I’ll go tell Mrs. Tonks.” Hermione said. She exited the room, Ginny picked up Teddy and Harry and Ron stood up too. When Hermione came back she said Andromeda said it was alright, and that they could apparate with Teddy. Once they were outside they all disapparated. Ginny with Teddy and Harry, Ron and Hermione went alone. They appeared behind a large tree, as they walked around it they heard screaming and laughing. They saw a large playground with swings and slides. There was a smaller part for little kids and a larger part for older ones. They headed for the small one. There were little swings with fronts and backs on them and little leg holes in the bottoms. Ginny placed Teddy in one and started pushing him.

Teddy giggled and squealed, Ginny grinned, “I love kids!” She said happily. They took turns pushing Teddy until they started getting hungry then Ron and Hermione apparated back to the Burrow to get some food for everyone. Harry and Ginny sat on a bench with Teddy down on the wood shaving covered ground, “He’s great.” Ginny said, looking down at Teddy. “Teddy! Get that out of your mouth!” Ginny grabbed the wood shaving out of his mouth. Harry chuckled as she threw the small piece of wood half way across the playground.

“Good arm!” Harry said.

“Well, I am a chaser.” She muttered.

“And a good one too.” Harry complimented.

“That wasn’t near as heavy as a Quaffle.” She said. “But thanks.” Harry heard a pop from behind the big tree and Ron and Hermione walked out with a basket full of food. Ginny helped Hermione lay the blanket on the grass, and Harry and Ron laid the food out. They set Teddy next to Hermione and sat down they all grabbed some food and started to eat.

After awhile Harry noticed Ron merely playing with his food. “Are you feeling alright Ron?” He asked.

“Huh, what? Oh yeah, fine.” Ron told them, but kept playing with his food.

“Maybe we should bring Teddy back, and then we can go play some Quidditch!” Ginny suggested. The rest agreed, so they apparated back to Andromeda’s house.

“Thank you for watching him. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him.” Andromeda told them when they brought Teddy back. The four teens said there goodbyes to Teddy and Andromeda, and then apparated to the Burrow. Harry and Ginny collected the brooms and Ron and Hermione went and waited at the Quidditch pitch.

As Harry and Ginny walked to the pitch they talked about why Ron hadn’t eaten at lunch. “Maybe he was just not hungry.” Harry said, although he didn’t think that was it.

“Harry, I’ve known Ron longer than you.” She told him, “And trust me, Ron is never not hungry.”

He nodded, “Yeah, I don’t think that’s it.” He said.

Ginny’s eyes got suddenly wide, “Harry do you think Ron is going to, well, um, propose to Hermione?” She asked.

“Well, it’s possible.” Harry considered the idea. It seemed highly unlikely, but as he had just said it was possible. Ginny seemed so stunned at the idea of Ron proposing to Hermione that she could not speak. As they neared the pitch Harry said, “You’d better pull yourself together. You’re playing with Ron and that’d just make him more nervous if you lose.”

“Your right.” She said, and arranged her face to look normal.

Once they got there they took off and started play. Half an hour later Ron and Ginny were winning twenty to ten when it happened. Ron suddenly turned very pale and fell off his broom, he was about forty feet off the ground, for which Harry was thankful, had he been higher Harry probably would not have been in time to catch him, even with his fast reflexes. As it was Harry had just enough time to catch him before he hit the ground. “He’s unconscious.” Harry said, “But he’s alive. I’m taking him to the house.” Harry said, headed up the path to the Burrow. Hermione and Ginny cleaned up the Quidditch things and followed Harry.

“Mom!” Ginny yelled when they entered the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley came running down the stairs and gasped when she saw Ron.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“We’re not sure.” Harry told her. Harry carried Ron all the way up to his room with the help of Hermione, while Mrs. Weasley and Ginny got healing supplies. Harry and Hermione lay Ron on his bed and sat down, panting from the climb up the stairs. Then Mrs. Weasley bustled in and Ginny came in behind her, limping slightly.

“You three go down stairs. I need to work on him.” Mrs. Weasley said, setting the healing supplies out on the nightstand.

Harry wanted to stay, to make sure Ron was alright but he did not want to argue with Mrs. Weasley so he started to leave the room. Ginny must have felt the same way because she followed, but Hermione, however put up a fight. “No! I want to stay here. I can help you!” She said.

Mrs. Weasley looked at her then said, “Alright, Hermione can stay. Ron will probably want you here anyway.” Then she shepherded Harry and Ginny out the door. Harry helped Ginny down the stairs (it was still a little hard for her because of her ankle), and they sat in the sitting room.

“Hermione’s lucky.” Ginny said. “I mean I’m his sister. Sure he can be annoying sometimes but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about him!” Harry thought that it sounded like she was talking to herself more then him. “And you are his best friend!” She said pointing at him, “You should be there too!” Harry just nodded. “I’m flooing dad.” She said after a long stretch of silence. She limped over to the fireplace, reached into the vase next to it and took out some green powder. She threw it in the fireplace and stuck her head in. After a moment she said, “Dad!”

Harry heard a muffled voice say, “Ginny! You frightened me. What’s wrong? Is everyone alright? You don’t usually floo me.” Mr. Weasley’s voice said.

“Well, Ron is unconscious right now. We aren’t sure what’s wrong with him. Actually that’s why I called. I thought you might want to know.” Ginny told him.

“Oh my! Yes thank you Ginny. I’ll go ask Kingsley if I can come home right now! I’ll see you in a bit.” Mr. Weasley’s voice told Ginny. Ginny pulled her head out of the fireplace.

“Well that’s done.” They sat in silence for several more minutes Ginny continued to fret about Ron and as he sat watching Ginny he thought how pretty she looked, the biggest change he could see was that her hair had grown longer and was all the way down her back. Suddenly the fire roared up and Mr. Weasley stepped out.

“Hello Harry, Ginny. You’d better tell me what happened.” He said. Once Harry and Ginny finished Mr. Weasley stood up. “Well I’m going up there. I’ll let you know what’s happening.” And with that he started up the stairs. Harry and Ginny sat for what felt like hours, and then Mr. Weasley came down the stairs from Ron’s room.

“What is it?!” Ginny asked, jumping up, then wincing and falling back into her chair.

“We’re not sure. Molly sent me to call a healer.” Mr. Weasley walked to the fireplace, threw some green powder in, and stuck his head in the flames. After a moment he said, “Yes, St. Mungos this is Arthur Weasley. My son Ron is very sick but we don’t know what it is or how to treat it. I’m calling to request a healer.” He pulled his head out and turned to Harry and Ginny. “When the healer comes I want you to send him up.” He told them. They nodded and Arthur went back up the stairs. Five minutes later a healer dressed in white healer robes spun out of the fireplace.

“Hello, I’m healer Day, where is the patient.” Healer Day asked.

“Upstairs, in the attic bedroom.” Harry told her.

“Ah, you must be Harry Potter!” The witch exclaimed.

“Yes, but I think you should probably get up to Ron now.” Harry told her.

“Oh, right.” And with that she went quickly up the stairs.

Ginny moaned, “Oh, I wish I could go up there.” Harry nodded. Several minutes later Mr. Weasley came down with healer Day.

“Thank you for coming, healer Day.” He was saying. “We wouldn’t know what it was if you hadn’t.”

“You’re quite welcome.” The healer said, “And I’m sorry.” With that she went to the fireplace and flooed back to the hospital.

Mr. Weasley sighed and sat down in his big sagging armchair. “What is it dad?” Ginny asked worriedly.

“The diversus rememdium virus.” Mr. Weasley said sadly.

“What?” Asked Harry.

“It’s a little known sickness. The ministry has covered up the few stories there have been.” Mr. Weasley told them.

“Is it fatal?” Ginny said all but whispering.

“It can be, unless we find a cure.” Arthur looked at them and Harry could see sadness in his eyes, Arthur looked as though he had aged ten years in the time he had been in Ron’s room.

“Well then all we have to do is find the cure. That can’t be hard.” Ginny said.

“Actually, it’s harder that you think. You see, every time someone gets it that person’s cure is different from everyone else’s.” Mr. Weasley explained. “I have no idea how Ron could have gotten it.”

“I do.” Harry said. Then he explained about the book store and the cough he had heard.

“That could very well be it.” Mr. Weasley said. “Harry, I want you and Ginny to go question him about this.”

“First I want to go see Ron.” Ginny said. Harry agreed.

“Go see this man first and then you can.” Arthur told them. They left reluctantly but walked to the book store. The bell chimed overhead as they walked in. The store clerk stood behind his desk and looked up as they entered.

“Hello, hey wait haven’t I seen you today already?” He said looking closely at them. “Where are your friends?”

“Hello, yes you’ve seen us today.” Harry greeted the man. “And our friends, well one of them suddenly became very sick today, and we were wondering if you could help us.”

The man looked at Harry. “Well, I’m not sure what you’d find here but you can look.”

“Well, actually we were wondering if we could ask some questions about his sickness.” Harry told the man.

“Well, I’m sorry but if you hadn’t noticed I own a book store. I’m no doctor.” The man said.

“I don’t think you need to be a doctor to know about this. I think that you already know what I’m talking about.” Harry said.

“The diversus rememdium.” The man said sadly. Harry nodded. “My father had it. He also died from it. One can usually live for a little over a year when they have it without a cure. Also people always go mad within a day or two, until they get the cure. I’m dreadfully sorry to have given it to your friend.” The man said.

“Do you have any idea how to find the cure?” Harry asked.

“Yes you see the person who has it will start muttering in their sleep they will say what the cure is and tell the general location of it, follow the directions and you’ll usually find it in time. Obviously I didn’t find it.” The man told them.

“Well I don’t think Ron has had it long enough to have done that, but we should get back so we can tell them all this.” Ginny said. Harry agreed and they got up to leave.

“One more thing, you might want to watch out, my dad, once he started going mad, he some times attacked me or people who visited him. I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend did the same. Also I would like to help you find the cure, as I got you into this.” The man told them.

They were about to walk out when Harry noticed he didn’t know the clerk’s name, “I’m sorry, I never asked your name!” He said.

“William. And what are your names?” William said.

“I’m Harry and this is Ginny.” Harry introduced them.

“Nice to meet you. Wait, are you the Harry, Harry Potter?” Asked William incredulously.

“Yes actually I am.” Harry said, William almost shook their hands but remembered that that was how he had given the sickness to Ron and stopped himself.

Chapter 6: Planning
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They entered the front door of the Burrow and Ginny ran upstairs before Harry even shut the door. When Harry got up to Ron’s room he looked around Ginny sat next to Ron’s still inert figure, Hermione stood behind Ginny and Mrs. Weasley was bustling about. Harry walked over and put a hand on Ginny’s shoulder. She looked at him gratefully and Harry noticed that she had tear tracks down her face. Suddenly Ron sat up in bed and said, “America, west half, remedy plant!” And he lay back down and fell asleep again. A sudden determination filled Harry and he knew that he could not rest until he found a cure for Ron, he would go to America and find this plant for Ron. Mr. Weasley entered the room and motioned Harry over. “Harry I want you and Ginny to tell me what you found out.”


Harry nodded, “I’ll go get her and we’ll be down in a second.” Mr. Weasley nodded and left the room. Harry walked over to Ginny, “Your dad wants us downstairs.” He whispered. She nodded, stood up and walked out of the room with him.

“Know what?” Ginny said on the way down. “While I was sitting in there I all the sudden felt like I had to find a cure for Ron and I wouldn’t stop till I did.”

“I felt that too.” Harry told her.

“Is that how you felt when you went after Voldemort?” She asked.

Harry thought for a moment then said, “I think so. Even if I didn’t know at the time.”

“I want to leave as soon as possible.” She said. Harry agreed. Mr. Weasley was waiting for them when they entered.

“I want you to tell me about what you found out.” Mr. Weasley said gravely.

So they did and when they finished Harry said, “I volunteer to go.” Harry told Mr. Weasley.

“Me too, I want to go!” Ginny said and Harry knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Harry, I don’t think you should but I can’t tell you what to do, so if you’re sure then, alright.” Mr. Weasley said. “But Ginny, I’m your father, and I say that you are too young.”

“NO! Dad no, I have to go!” Ginny said, “I couldn’t stay here. Please!”

Mr. Weasley looked down at her sternly. “Ginny no, I said no. Besides why would you have to?”

“Because I do, if I didn’t I would not be able to bear it. When I was up there I got this feeling, it was like I could never ever rest until I found him a cure! Please!” Ginny said, she was close to tears now, or at least it looked that way. She gave Mr. Weasley a look that Harry thought Arthur could never refuse.

Arthur sighed, “Alright, but you’re going to need more help, maybe I should come.”

“Wait, I think William could help us more Mr. Weasley, no offense, but he’s had some experience in looking for cure’s, and besides you need to work.” Harry told him.

“Yes that’s true. Alright if you think he’s trustworthy, then bring him.” Arthur told them. “If you want to bring him then go see him tomorrow. You’ll have to plan and have Hermione tell you what this plant is.”

Harry looked out the window, he hadn’t even noticed that it was dark out or the fact that Mr. Weasley had lit the lamps. “Alright, we’ll go see him tomorrow.” Harry said, “I’m going to bed.”

“Oh, Harry, you’ll be using Fred and George’s old room now.” Mr. Weasley said, “As Ron’s is, well, we don’t want you to get sick.”

“I’ll come up too.” Ginny said. The two of them said goodnight to Arthur and headed upstairs.

The next morning found Harry and Ginny walking down to the book store again. On the way down Harry said, “If he’ll come then I think we should do some planning this afternoon.” Ginny agreed. The closed sign was still on the door but they saw William bustling around getting the shop ready to open. They knocked and William looked around, he saw them and walked to the door. He unlocked it and let them in. “Hi,” He said, “How’s your friend?”

“He’s okay. We were wondering if you’d do us a favor.” Harry said.

“Of course, what do you need?” William asked.

“We decided to let you to come with us to America to find Ron’s cure.” Ginny said.

“Oh, um, is that where it is? All the way in America?” He sounded surprised.

“Yes will you come? It’ll be me and Ginny.” Harry said.

“Well, I don’t see how to refuse. I got you into this, I’ll help get you out.” William agreed.

“Great! We we’re doing some planning this afternoon, around two o’ clock.” Ginny told him.

“I’ll be there.” He paused, “Uh where exactly do you live?”

“You take the road leading north out of town, and after about five minutes you’ll see a path, it won’t look like much so you’ll have to look carefully. Take that path and you’ll come up on our place.” Ginny told him, “Or one of us can just come take you.”

William smiled, “I’d feel better if one of you took me.” Harry volunteered. “Alright I’ll see you two at two.” The two teens waved and walked out of the shop.

Back in Ron’s room Ginny told the Mr. and Mrs. Weasley what they had learned. After she finished Hermione looked at Ron worriedly, “I hope you can find it in time.” She said.

“We all do.” Mrs. Weasley.

Suddenly Ron sat bolt upright in bed, “America, west half, remedy plant!”

“Oh I wish he’d stop that!” Hermione said, “It worries me!”

“Has he been doing it while we were gone?” Ginny asked.

“Yes, he did it once.” Mrs. Weasley told them.

“We’re meeting William at two to plan.” Harry told them, “Hermione, what do you know about the remedy plant?”

“I’ll go get my books and I’ll show you.” Hermione said and left the room. She came back in less than a minute, “Here, it says: The remedy plant is a little known plant that has the power to heal illness of any kind, with the exception of the diversus rememdium, unless it is the cure for diversus rememdium. Once found, one must pick the leaves off the plant and make tea from them, whom ever has the illness must then drink the tea, they will be fully cured after a time.” She finished.

“Does it say what it looks like?” Ginny asked.

Hermione turned the page, “Yes right here. To recognize the remedy plant look for a small leafy plant with yellow spots on the leaves, the base of the plant will be orange. Here there is a picture.” She handed the book to Harry, he saw a colored photo of a green plant with an orange base and yellow markings on the leaves, just like the book had described. He handed it to Ginny, she studied it for a moment then handed it back to Hermione.

“Well at least we know what it looks like now.” Harry said.

“Yeah we have two parts figured out, America, and remedy plant, but what about west half?” Ginny said.

“Wait, we have America figured out?” Harry asked.

Hermione smiled, “Obviously Harry, it means the United States of America.”

“Oh right.” He had been so focused on the plant he had not thought of America, “So what about west half?”

“Well in America they have fifty states, so it probably means if you split the country in half then it’s on the western half.” Hermione reasoned.

“That makes sense I guess.” Harry said.

“It also says that the Remedy Plant is mostly found in famous deserted wizard dwellings, parks, underground or big cities.” Hermione said.

“Okay.” Harry said.

“Alright why don’t you dears go get some lunch, you’ll need something to eat before you meet with William.” Mrs. Weasley told them, so they went downstairs to the kitchen. Harry ate some leftover chicken which tasted wonderful, he hadn’t realized how hungry he was.

As they ate he and Ginny talked about what they wanted to talk about with William. “I think we should tell him about the plant.” Ginny said.

“Yes, and we should talk about how to get to America, and were we’ll get some money.” Harry added.

“And where we ought to look, I mean yes we’ll look in the western states, but where in the states.” Ginny put in.

“And when we’ll leave. And then I think we should spend time talking about where we’ll stay.” Harry finished.

“Okay, I think that settles it.” Ginny said. She had finished eating now, “I think I’ll take a nap before you go get him.”

“Alright see you.” Harry said.

“Wake me up before you go get him.” She told him.

“Will do.” He agreed. She walked upstairs and Harry followed her, after he had grabbed some more food, but went farther, all the way up to Ron’s bedroom. Hermione sat there reading a book. “Here you go I brought you something to eat.” Harry handed her the food he had brought up for her.

“Thank you.” She said.

Harry sat down and stared at Ron, “He looks like he’s getting worse.”

“I know, I think he is.” She agreed. “He’s gotten paler. Where’s Ginny.”

“She’s resting.” Harry told her.

“Oh, so what’ll you talk to William about?” Hermione asked him. He told her everything he and Ginny discussed at lunch. “Okay, I think that sounds good.” Harry headed downstairs to find Mrs. Weasley tying several letters to the family’s old owl Errol.

“What were all those?” He asked.

“Just some letters to the family, telling them about Ron.” She answered.

“Oh, I see.” Harry said, he checked his watch, he’d leave to pick up William in an hour. He went into the sitting room and sat on the sofa. He felt bored and a bit lonely, Hermione wouldn’t leave Ron’s bedside, Ron was in no state to get out of bed and Ginny was asleep. He wanted to leave right then to go find the remedy plant. He sat until he could not stand it any longer. He stood up and walked outside, he walked around and down to the lake where he, Ron, Hermione and Ginny had swam the other day. He grabbed a rock and tossed it in the water, it splashed in and sank to the bottom. He sighed, going over the meeting topics in his head. He kept throwing stones in the lake and thinking about Ron, the meeting and America, he checked his watch every several minutes until he let the thoughts that he had been blocking since the battle fill his head. He remembered the girl Ginny had been talking to when he had been walking to the final battle, he thought of all the people who had died and remembered the great hall full with injured or dead people. He remembered how he felt when he walked to the forbidden forest. He felt a great sense of guilt and sadness. Finally he thought he ought to wake up Ginny, so he headed back inside and upstairs to Ginny’s room. He walked in and shook her gently, “Ginny wakeup, it’s time to wake up.”

Her eyes fluttered open, “Harry?” She sat up, “Are you leaving?” He nodded. “Okay, thanks for waking me up.” She stretched and got out of bed.

He walked down to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley was busy. “I’m leaving to go get William.” He told her.

“Alright, don’t be long.” She replied. He walked out the front door and down the path toward the village.

He entered the book store and the bell tinkled over his head and William came out of the back room. “Hello Harry, should we go?”

“That’s what I’m here for.” Harry told him.

“Alright, let’s go.” William said and they left the shop. On the way to the Burrow William said, “Alright so tell me exactly what he’s been saying.”

“Well, he always sits up and says ‘America, west half, remedy plant’ and lays back down. We reason that he means the United States of America, then you split that in half and it’s on the western half. Then the remedy plant is just that.” Harry told William.

“You’re lucky. Your friend says exactly what the cure is, my dad never said exactly what it was.” They turned onto the path that led to the Burrow. After several more minutes they arrived at the Burrow, “Wow! That is a strange house!” William exclaimed.

“Yeah, but we should get inside now, Ginny will be waiting for us.” Harry urged William on.

Ginny was waiting for them when they got into the kitchen, “There you guys are. Well should we get to it then?” The two men agreed.

“Okay, so first we were going to tell you about the remedy plant.” Harry told William. He nodded. “Well once we find it we’ll have to get it back here and make tea from it then Ron will have to drink the tea and over a time he’ll be cured.”

“Okay what does it look like?” William asked.

“It is green and leafy with yellow spots on the leaves and its base is orange.” Ginny told him.

“And where is it found?” William asked.

“It is mostly found in famous deserted wizard dwellings, parks, underground or big cities.” Harry said.

William nodded, “And now how’ll we get there, we could take a ship in which case we should have to find one that’ll take us or a vacation ship. Or we could do an airplane, so we’d have to get passports and a ticket.” William told them.

“Well an airplane sounds like a lot more work to get.” Ginny said. Harry agreed.

“So does that mean you guys want to do a ship, I need to warn you though it takes longer to get there on a ship.” William told them.

“Well we’d have to get passports and all that if we went on an airplane.” Harry stated. “I’d say it’ll take just as long with an airplane then with a ship.”

“Yes, but with a ship there is sea sickness, and there is sometimes storms, also sometimes there can be problems with the motor.” William warned them.

“And with the airplane there’s turbulence and there can be problems with the engine and storms surely have effect on those too.” Ginny put in.

“Yes, I’d say so.” William agreed, “So what’ll it be, ship or airplane?”

“I say ship.” Ginny said.

“I agree with Ginny.” Harry said.

“Well I guess even if I said airplane I’d be out numbered.” William laughed, “But no I agree with you two. Airplanes sound like way to much work!”

“Right, next, I think we’ll probably need some money.” Harry told them.

“Well I’ve got some that I’ve been saving up, I’ve got no idea why I’ve saved it but I have so we can use that.” Ginny said.

“Is it muggle money or wizard?” Harry asked.

“Muggle, every time I found muggle money I’d collect it.” She confirmed.

“And I’ve got a bunch from my store that we could use.” William offered.

“No William, you’re doing enough just coming with us, we’ll find the money.” Harry stopped him.

“Where, well, where will you get the rest? I know that I’ve got enough for the three of us to go on a ship.” William asked.

“Okay, how about this, Ginny and I will get as much as we can before we leave and then, however much more we need you can supply.” Harry suggested.

“Alright, that sounds good to me.” William agreed.

“Now, when will we leave?” Harry asked.

“Well we’ll have to find a ship and then see when it’ll leave for America.” William said, “So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Okay then where will we all look in the western half?” Ginny asked.

“Well I brought a map of the states with me.” William reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a map. “So let’s see, I’d say that half would be right about here.” He pointed to a line down what looked like the middle on the western half were the states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. Harry thought that these were very strange names but he thought there must be some reason behind them. “So we’ll look in these states right here.” William pointed to the ones Harry had just looked at.

Ginny nodded, “Alright so will we just look at them top to bottom and right to left?”

“I think that’ll be our best option.” Harry said.

“Okay then, now where’ll we stay?” Ginny asked.

“Well we should probably just stay in hotels.” William said.

“Okay that sounds good to me.” Harry said.

“And how much money do you think we’ll need over all?” Ginny asked.

“Well the boat we’re just going to have to see, but then for hotels that is gonna be a lot. Because if we have to stay at one every night for maybe over half a year, for three of us it’s probably about fifty U.S. dollars so it’s one hundred fifty dollars each night unless we find somewhere else to stay.” William told them.

“That will be a lot!” Ginny exclaimed. Harry agreed.

“Yes but, we’ll make up for some of that by not having to drive. We’ll just apparate where ever we need to go.” William reassured.

“But still,” Harry said, “That’ll be so much. Wait do you think that we could just conjure some up?” He asked.

“Probably not unless we have some already then we can multiply it.” William said.

“You know when me, Ron and Hermione were hunting horcruxes we just had a tent that had a extension charm on it and it had a little kitchen and stuff so it was just like a miniature house, maybe we could use that some of the time.” Harry suggested.

“Is that where you disappeared to?” William asked.

“Yes, but I’ll be able to tell you about it while we’re gone. What do you think of that idea?” Harry asked.

“I think it’s a fine idea.” William said.

“Me too.” Ginny agreed.

“Hermione has it right now but I’m sure we could get it from her.” Harry decided.

“Okay anything else?” William asked. When no one answered he said, “Then I’ll find a boat and I’ll let you know.”

“And we’ll get the tent.” Harry said. They said there goodbyes and William headed back to his store.

“Well that went well.” Ginny said, Harry agreed. After awhile they decided to go up to Ron’s room. They walked into the room to find Hermione still sitting next to Ron’s bed.

“Oh hello you two, how’d the meeting go?” Hermione asked.

Harry sat down next to Ginny, “It was fine.” He said.

“When’re you leaving?” Hermione asked.

“We’re not sure yet, hopefully not long.” Ginny replied. “Just when ever we find a ship.”

“Oh.” Hermione said.

“Hermione, we need to borrow the tent we used for hunting horcruxes.” Harry told her.

“Harry, you know as well as I that that tent got stolen by the Death Eaters.” Hermione said.

“I know but the one you borrowed from Bill.” He said.

“Oh, well I gave that one back.” She said.

“Alright then we’ll talk to him about it.” Ginny said. “Mum is having the family over for dinner, we’ll do it then.” Harry agreed.

Harry and Ginny went down to the sitting room, “I hope it doesn’t take to long for William to find a ship.” Harry said.

“I know. I can’t bear it after so many years living with him it hurts.” Ginny said sadly.

Harry sat down next to her on the sofa and put his arm around her trying to comfort her, “It’ll be fine.” He said he knew they were empty words but he had to say something. She buried her face in his shoulder and started to cry, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her.

After a few minutes she pulled her self together and lifted her head, “Thanks.” She sniffed, and hugged him.

“We’ll go and we will find that cure.” Harry said defiantly.

“I wish I had your confidence.” She told him.

He smiled, “You know I really like your hair that length.”

“Really? Thanks.” She blushed.

“You want to go for a walk or something?” He asked.

“Sure, maybe it’ll take my mind off of everything. But we’ve got to be back by dinner.” She agreed. With that they got up and walked out the front door, they started down a path leading through the garden and out to the apple orchard.

Harry took her hand, “So tell me about what Hogwarts was like last year.”

“No way, not until you tell me about what you guys were up to.” She said indignantly.

“I told you I’d tell you and William about it while we’re gone.” He reminded her.

“Alright, fine, well I heard Neville told you some of it when he was bringing you into Hogwarts.” Ginny said.

“Yes but I don’t know what it was like for you.” Harry said.

“Well there’s not much to tell. It was awful. Neville, Luna and I tried to keep the D.A. going but after several incidents we had a hard time with it. Then Luna got carried off the express and I never came back after Easter so Neville stopped trying but still had to get away.” She summarized.

“I know all that, but what was it like for you?” He asked

“Well, the Carrows were the worst. I hardly ever saw Snape, except when I tried to steal the sword, although I don’t suppose you heard about that.” She said.

“Actually I did, we were camping next to a river one night when Dean, Ted Tonks, another guy from the ministry and two goblins came up next to the tent and started talking about it.”

“You mean Dean Thomas?” She asked.

“The very same.” Harry said.

“Well any way the Carrows did not like me one bit. They were the ones who were in charge of punishment, and they loved it. One time I got caught talking to Luna and we both got a detention, which I’m sure Neville told you that detentions were the Cruciatis curse.” She told him.

“Yes he did, but he said that teachers tried not to tell the Carrows when something happened.” Harry said.

“Well yes, but that time it was Alecto that caught me. And you know McGonagall got tortured once for not telling them, so after that the teachers would only sometimes tell the Carrows.” She said.

“I see.” Harry said.

“So yeah that’s pretty much it. Oh and we didn’t have Quidditch.” She remembered.

“That wouldn’t be fun!” Harry said. They were back to the garden now so they went back inside where Mrs. Weasley was busy preparing dinner.

“Here mum let me help.” Ginny said.

“Oh thank you dear.” Mrs. Weasley gladly accepted her help. Harry walked upstairs to Ron’s room.

“Oh hello Harry.” Hermione said.

“Hey.” Harry said sitting next to her.

“How is he?” Harry asked.

“I’m not sure.” She said, “It’s hard to tell when he’s unconscious.”

Ron sat up in bed and said, “America, west half, remedy plant!” But this time he did not lie back down. He looked around his gaze landed on Hermione, he stared at her for a moment then stood up.

“Ron?” Hermione asked hopefully. He started walking toward her, and then when he was about two feet away he jumped toward her and yelled.

He grabbed for her but Harry whipped out his wand and yelled, “Relashio!” Ron’s hands flew off her. He looked at Harry and then charged him. Harry dodged him at the last second and Ron hit the night stand. He howled in pain and spun around toward Harry. “Stupefy!” Harry yelled. A red bolt of light hit Ron and he fell to the ground.

Hermione stood up, shaken. “Th-th-thanks.” She stuttered. Harry levitated Ron up into his bed and covered him up again. Then he walked back downstairs.

Chapter 7: Dinner and Rain
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“What was all that racquet?” Ginny asked.

“Ron’s first attack.” He said seriously.

Her face grew scared, “Oh no. What happened?” She asked. He described it to her and Mrs. Weasley.

Mrs. Weasley put a hand to her mouth when he finished and gasped. “Oh no, that’s horrible!” She said.

“It was rather scary.” Harry admitted.

“What’ll we do?” Ginny asked, “I mean we can’t have him attacking people.”

“Yeah, I see your point.” Harry said. “But the truth is I’ve got no idea.”

“We’ll just have to keep people out of his room.” Mrs. Weasley said. “Ginny you go get Hermione out.” Ginny ran out of the room. “And Harry you can get the table set, set it for,” She paused and counted on her fingers, “set it for forty.” Then looking at the table she said, “Actually bring it outside, and then multiply it, same with the chairs.”

“Forty!” He exclaimed, “Why forty?”

“I’m having the whole family over for dinner tonight.” She said.

“Alright.” He said. He walked to the table, “Reducio.” He said pointing his wand at it, it shrunk to a doll sized table and he carried it outside. He set it on the ground, “Engorgio.” He made the table normal size again, “Germinio.” He said, another table appeared next to the first one, he moved it so it was end-to-end with the first one. He repeated this until there was enough for forty people. Then he did the same with the chairs, then the plates goblets and silver wear.

He walked back inside and saw Ginny and Hermione in the sitting room on the couch, Hermione was crying. Mrs. Weasley looked out the window, “Good job Harry. Thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem.” He said and walked into the sitting room.

“Hey Harry.” Ginny said quietly. She nodded in Hermione’s direction and mouthed, “She wants to be up there.” She pointed to where Ron’s room was above their heads.

Harry sat down across from them. “Hermione it’ll be alright.” He said.

She sniffed, “Thanks Harry.” She said smiling, “But I just don’t know.”

“Ginny and I are prepared to do what ever it takes to find a cure for Ron.” He told her. “But right now we had better be ready for dinner.”

“What do you mean?” Ginny asked.

“Your mum is having your whole family over.” He said.

“Oh no, Harry you better brace yourself. You’re gonna be a big deal there.” Ginny warned him.

“Oh great.” He said.

“They all know we’re friendly with you but they’ve never seen you so they’ll be excited.” Ginny said.

“Do they know about you and Harry?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t think so, but they’ll probably figure it out.” Ginny moaned. “Oh and you’ll probably be really popular among the girls Harry. Me and my girl cousins always used to fight over who would marry you when we grew up.”

“Oh no, maybe I’ll just hide.” He said.

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Ginny said.

“Me too, I mean what are sisters for.” Hermione said.

“Thanks you two.” He said. Hermione and Ginny hugged him. They sat and talked for another hour.

“Harry, go try to get you hair to lie down.” Mrs. Weasley said ten minutes before people were supposed to show up.

He walked up to the bathroom and got a comb. He turned on the faucet and got his hair wet. Then he ran the comb through his hair, he tried and tried but it would not lay down so he found Ginny in her room brushing her hair. “Oh hello Harry.” She said when she saw him through her mirror.

“Hey, can you get my hair to lay down?” He asked her.

“I can try. Just a minute.” She said. She ran her brush through her hair several more times until it was silky smooth. “Okay, sit down.” She told him. He sat on her bed. She walked over to him and tried some spells on his hair. “Give me that comb.” She said.

“Here you go.” He handed it to her.

“Thank you.” She combed through it several times, then she tried more spells.

She tried until Mrs. Weasley came in, “Alright that’s enough, I guess it’ll have to do.” Mrs. Weasley sighed.

“Oh well, I kind of like it messy.” Ginny said.

Harry smiled, “Thanks.” Mrs. Weasley left and Harry and Ginny followed her hand-in-hand. Harry’s eyes widened when he saw the already large mass of people outside. “Oh wow!” He exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know.” She said. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite aunts and some cousins!” She pulled him into the crowd. “She should be here, she’s always early.” They pushed through until they came to a red haired woman who was probably in her twenties, she was slim and tall. Harry thought she looked rather like an older Ginny. “Aunt Stephanie!” Ginny said.

“Ginny!” Stephanie said, she hugged Ginny, “Oh it’s been to long, I haven’t seen you since before you went to Hogwarts! Oh you look so grown up! Oh my!” She hugged Ginny again.

“Yes I know I’ve missed you!” Ginny said.

“Yes I was so sorry when I heard about Ronald!” Stephanie said, “But I am happy to see you, although next time I hope it’ll be under happier circumstances.”

“Yes well, we’re going to get the cure as fast as possible.” Ginny said.

“Oh are you going to go find it. Oh my you’re getting so brave!” Stephanie said admiringly. “Well I suppose you should be after the war. Oh speaking of the war, could you introduce me to Harry Potter?”

“Thanks. And yes actually that’s why I came over here.” Ginny said. For the first time Stephanie seemed to notice Harry, her mouth fell open. “Aunt Stephanie this is Harry Potter, Harry this is my aunt Stephanie, she’s dad’s youngest sister.” Ginny made the introductions.

“Pleased to meet you.” Stephanie said, “I never thought I would.”

“Hello.” Harry said.

“So Ginny your family does know him.” Stephanie said, “I always thought it was a rumor.”

“Yes, he met Ron first and they’re best friends, then he met the rest of the family including me and, well, our relationship has grown ever since.” Ginny told her aunt.

“You mean your family’s relation ship has grown with him or yours personally?” Stephanie asked eye brows raised.

“Well both really.” Ginny replied blushing slightly.

“Oh I see.” Stephanie said trying to hide her amusement but failing miserably. “Wow my little niece is getting so grown up!”

“Well you didn’t expect me to stay so young forever did you?” Ginny said, she sounded a little bit annoyed.

“I’m sorry it’s just it never hit me that you’d get a boyfriend.” Stephanie said, “Okay how long have you two been together?”

“Well we went out for a while in my fifth year then he went off to fight Voldemort then after the war we got back together.” Ginny explained.

“I see, well that’s just wonderful!” Stephanie said.

Harry was feeling very uncomfortable by now, “Well Ginny, sorry to break this up but weren’t you going to introduce me to some more people?” Harry asked.

“Oh right I’ll be right there. You go over by the house, I saw the next person I wanted to introduce you to over there.” Ginny told him.

“Okay.” He said. He pushed through the crowd and came out by the Burrow. He waited for Ginny for awhile and then when she did not appear he started looking around suddenly someone came up behind him.

“Hello.” It was a girl’s voice.

He turned around, “Oh hello.” He said to another red haired Weasley.

“I’m Elizabeth.” She said. She looked a little older that Ginny.

“I’m-” Harry started to say.

“Oh I know who you are. You’re Harry Potter.” Elizabeth said.

“Uh yeah I am.” Harry said.

“I know a lot about you, I’m a big fan.” She said batting her eyelashes at him. He was starting to get worried.

“Elizabeth!” Ginny said walking up to them.

“Oh, hi Ginny.” Said Elizabeth she did not sound happy.

“What’re you doing?” Ginny asked.

“I was just saying hi to him.” Elizabeth said jerking her head at Harry.

“Well stop being so sweet about it to my boyfriend!” Ginny said smirking.

“What- he- boyfriend!” Elizabeth said faltering.

“Yes boyfriend!” Ginny said. Elizabeth grew red faced, turned and stalked away. Ginny smiled. “We’ve never got along very well.” She said. “She and I fought all the time about you.”

Harry smiled, “Well sorry for the trouble.” Harry said.

“Are you kidding? Now I’ve got something to brag about to her.” Ginny said.

“How do you mean?” Harry asked.

“Well her family always had more money than us so she used to laugh at me and brag all the time.” Ginny said. “But now look she gets to be jealous of me!”

“You’re welcome, I guess.” Harry said.

Ginny smiled, “C’mon I want to introduce you to one of my other cousins!” Harry followed her toward a boy that looked about two years older than Harry.

“Hey, Ginny!” The boy said.

“Hi Ben!” Ginny said. “How’re you?”

“I’m great. Well except for Ron.” Ben said.

“Ben there is someone I’d like you to meet.” Ginny said, “Ben this is Harry Potter.”

“Blimey!” Ben said. “I have always been a huge fan!”

“Uh, thanks.” Harry said shaking Ben’s hand.

“Wow I never thought I’d meet you!” Ben continued, “Oh by the way, don’t let Elizabeth see you.” Ben told Harry.

“She already did.” Harry said.

“Uh oh.” Ben said. Harry decided he liked Ben. “How’d you like her?” Ben asked.

“Well I didn’t like her as much as Ginny but I suppose maybe if I got to know her that I might think she was alright.” Harry replied.

“Yeah maybe bu- wait did you say you like Ginny?” Ben asked.

“Yes we’re going out.” Ginny said.

“Oh my, I never believed you when you said he’d like you one day!” Ben said to Ginny. “Well listen I hope I’ll see you later but right now I’ve got to go.” Ben said and with a wave he left.

“Okay,” Ginny said, “one more person that you’ve got to meet.” Ginny said. This time they pushed through almost the entire crowd before Ginny found the person she was looking for. They walked up behind a girl who looked about the same age as Ginny. Harry lagged behind so Ginny walked back to him. “Come on, I promise she’s not going to go after you.” Ginny said soothingly. She took his hand and they walked up to the girl. “Hey Susan.” Ginny tapped the girl on the shoulder.

Susan wheeled around, “Ginny? Is that you? Wow you look so much older than last time.”

“You too.” Ginny said, “Hey I want you to meet someone. This is Harry Potter.”

“What! You’re kidding!” Susan said.

“Nope he’s right here.” Ginny said.

“Hello!” Susan said, and then she noticed Ginny holding Harry’s hand, “No way! Seriously!”

“Yep!” Ginny said.

“Wow it’s a pleasure to meet you Harry.” Susan said.

“Uh, yeah you too.” Harry said.

“Elizabeth found him.” Ginny explained Harry’s lack of talking.

“Ah, I see.” Susan said. “Don’t worry I’m not like her.”

“That’s what I said.” Ginny said.

“Alright everyone, we are going to start eating please find a spot at the table.” Mrs. Weasley’s magnified voice said.

“Come on.” Susan said to the two of them. They found a spot at the long tables Ginny sat with her aunt Stephanie on her left, Harry on her right and Susan across from her. On Harry’s right was Ben. Harry looked down the table and saw Mr. and Mrs. Weasley sitting next to each other, then looked up the table and saw Elizabeth glaring towards Ginny who didn’t noticed as she was telling Stephanie, Ben and Susan about going to America.

“Wow!” Ben said. “I’ve never been to America!”

“Well, I just hope it doesn’t take long!” Ginny said.

“So you’re going too Harry?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, but I agree with Ginny, I don’t want it to take long.” Harry replied.

“Well I hope it won’t, I mean I’ve not seen Ron for a long time, I’d hate never to see him again!” Ben said.

Stephanie seemed to be thinking hard, “So is it just you two going?” She asked.

“Well no we have a friend that is coming too.” Ginny said.

“Oh I see.” Stephanie said still thinking.

Most people had finished eating by now so Mrs. Weasley stood up. “Thank you all for coming now some of you may know this but my daughter Ginny and our dear friend Harry Potter will be going to America soon to find Ron’s cure. So if anyone would like to make a donation of muggle money they do need some so if you want to just come give it to me, Arthur, Ginny or Harry. Thank you.” Mrs. Weasley finished and sat back down.

“I gotta go get another drink.” Ben said.

“I’ll come too.” Susan said. They got up and walked away.

“Ginny,” Said Stephanie, “I’d like to come with you. I’ve been to America so I’d be able to help in that way and I’ve got some money.”

“No! We can’t have you do that!” Ginny said.

“Please I really want to help!” Stephanie said.

Ginny sighed, “Well alright if you’re sure.”

“I am.” Stephanie said.

“Okay.” Ginny said. “Harry, looks like we’ve got another member for our team.”

“I’ll go tell William tomorrow.” Harry said.

“And I’d better fill you in we had a planning session today.” Ginny said. Harry got up and walked toward the drinks. Ben and Susan were still there in a deep discussion.

“Harry.” Ben said when Harry walked up to them. “Me and Susan were just talking and we decided we’d each like to give some money.”

“Oh guys that’s great!” Harry said.

“We’d each like to give two hundred pounds.” Susan said.

“What!” Said Harry, “No, no, we can’t accept that!”

“You don’t have a choice!” Ben said.

“Oh alright.” Harry said.

“We don’t have it at the moment though so we’ll just send it to you by owl.” Susan said.

“Okay I’ll watch out for it.” Harry said.

“Thank you.” Ben said.

“No, thank you.” Said Harry shaking their hands. He got a drink and then walked back over to Ginny and Stephanie.

“So William is going to find a ship for us to sail on and we’ll leave as soon as possible.” Ginny was just finishing when Harry walked up. “Oh hello again Harry I just finished telling Aunt Stephanie about the meeting.”

“Good so now everyone is up to date, well except William doesn’t know your coming yet.” He nodded at Stephanie.

“Alright, good.” Ginny said.

“Well contact me when you’re going to meet again or when we find a ship.” Stephanie said.

“Okay. See you Aunt Stephanie.” Ginny said hugging her aunt.

“Good bye Ginny, see ya Harry.” Stephanie said.

“Bye.” Harry said. Stephanie waved and walked away. “Guess what.” Harry said.

“What?” Ginny asked.

“Ben and Susan just donated two hundred pounds each!” Harry said.

“Oh good!” Ginny exclaimed.

“I know. They said they’d send it by owl soon.” Harry told her.

“Okay then we’ll watch for it.” Ginny said.

Harry nodded, “Yes, and hopefully others will have donated some too.” He felt something wet hit his hand he looked up at the sky. It had become a dark gray in the last few minutes. “Oh no.” He said.

“What?” Ginny asked.

“I think it’s about to rain!” He said. And sure enough, no sooner had he finished speaking than rain started dumping out of the sky.

“Everyone get inside!” Mr. Weasley yelled. Those who were left started running toward the house. Harry pulled out his wand as did Mr. Weasley. Harry started helping Mr. Weasley vanish the extra tables then he shrunk the last table and chairs then carried them inside. By the time he and Mr. Weasley got to the house they were drenched Harry’s shirt was sticking to his back and his hair was plastered to his head, he followed Mr. Weasley inside where Mrs. Weasley and Ginny had towels to dry off with.

“Well that was unexpected.” Mrs. Weasley said. Harry wiped of the table and chairs with the rest of his towel and put them back in the kitchen and made them their regular size again. Now Mrs. Weasley and Ginny took out their wands, Mr. Weasley finished drying Mr. Weasley off while Ginny finished drying Harry off with their wands. “Thank you, you two. I didn’t know what to do if that table got ruined.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“It’s was nothing.” Harry said.

The four of them went into the sitting room where everyone else was. Harry sat down next to Ginny on the sofa. He looked around the room, and thought about how he would feel if Ginny had this sickness and died. He wouldn’t be able to handle it, he knew it. “What are you thinking about?” Ginny asked.

“I was just thinking how Hermione must feel. I know if it were you I would be so worried then if you died I don’t think I’d be able to live.” He told her.

“Well I know I wouldn’t be able to live if you died.” Ginny said. “I know because when I saw you dead at the battle of Hogwarts I wanted to die right then. I thought about attacking Voldemort or something so he’d kill me but before I decided the battle started again.”

“Well I’m not dead and I’m not planning on dying any time soon so you don’t have to worry.” Harry said. Ginny smiled at him. Before Bill left Harry walked over to him, “Hi Bill.” He said.

“Hey Harry.” Bill shook Harry’s hand.

“Hey I was just wondering, do you still have the tent we borrowed from you while we stayed at shell cottage?” He asked.

“Yes I believe so. Do you want to borrow it again?” Bill asked.

“Yes we’d like to take it to America.” Harry said.

“Okay I’ll get it to you soon.” Bill said.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.” Harry said. After the last of the Weasley relatives had left Harry and Ginny both headed upstairs to their rooms to go to bed. Harry fell asleep fast even with the thunder cracking and lighting flashing outside and didn’t wake up all night.

Chapter 8: Rain
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The next morning Harry woke up and looked out his rain washed window, the sky was still dark gray and the rain kept pouring down. He went downstairs to the kitchen where Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were busy cooking breakfast. “Hello Harry.” Ginny greeted him.

“Morning.” He said.

“It looks like we won’t be doing much today.” Ginny said, sitting down opposite him.

“Yeah, well I’m still planning on going to see William.” Harry said.

“Okay, well other than that.” Ginny said.

“Harry, can I get you something?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“I’ll just have some toast and eggs.” Harry said. Mrs. Weasley set it down in front of him. “Thanks.” He said.

“Remember to ask William if he’s found a ship.” Ginny told him.

“Right, I’ll do that.” Harry said. So after breakfast he fastened his traveling cloak and put his hood up then set out into the wind and rain. As soon as he was outside the gate of the Burrow he spun on the spot and was compressed until he appeared outside the bookstore. He knocked on the door of the shop. “Hello?” He called. No one answered. He rapped at the door again, this time he saw William poke his head out the door behind the desk. He walked up to the door and peered out. Harry put the hood down, William smiled and opened the door.

“Harry!” He said, “Come on in!”

“Thanks.” Harry said he walked into the blissfully warm shop.

“What brings you here?” William asked.

“Well, I came to tell you that we have another person coming.” Harry told him.

“What? I thought it was you, me and Ginny.” William said.

“Well last night all of Ginny’s family came and Ginny told her aunt about our trip and her aunt wanted to come.” Harry said.

“Okay well then we’ll need a ship for four.” William said.

“Her aunt said that she’d been to America so she might be able to help, plus she’s got some money.” Harry said.

“Okay that’s good.” William said.

“I’m also supposed to ask you whether or not you’d found a ship.” Harry said.

“No I haven’t yet.” William said.

“Alright then,” Harry said, “I better get back.” He put his hood back up, waved and stepped out the door. He appeared outside the gate of the Burrow and hurried inside.

He walked into the sitting room where Ginny and Mrs. Weasley were sitting. “Harry, you’re back!” Ginny said.

“That storm is still going strong out there.” Harry said sitting down.

“What did William have to say?” Ginny asked.

“Well I told him Stephanie is coming and he said okay.” Harry said. “Then I asked if he’d found a ship and he said not yet.” And when Ginny looked disappointed he said, “Hey it’s only been a day, we can’t expect him to find one that fast.”

“I know I guess I’m just ready to leave.” Ginny said.

“Yeah me too.” Harry said.

“Me too.” Said a voice at the doorway, Harry looked and saw Hermione standing there.

“Hermione!” Ginny said.

Hermione smiled, “I couldn’t bear to stay up there much longer. Anyway Ginny I need to talk to you.”

“What about?” Ginny asked.

“Well, while I was sitting up there I realized you’re not done at Hogwarts!” Hermione said.

“Oh, right well wouldn’t you rather I go save Ron?” Ginny asked.

“Well yes, but what about your education?” Hermione asked.

“Hey, what about you?” Harry asked.

“Well I’m still thinking about it, I might go.” She said.

“Ginny I agree with Hermione, you need to finish your education some how.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“Well I’d love to go to Hogwarts but I’m not going.” Ginny said.

“And what about you Harry?” Hermione asked, “You never finished either.”

“Hey I’ve got an idea!” Ginny said.

“What if Aunt Stephanie and William could teach us!” Ginny said.

“Well I suppose that’d work.” Mrs. Weasley said. “But how would you do your N.E.W.Ts?”

“Well we could talk to McGonagall and see if we could do them when we got back.” Harry said.

“Alright I’ll invite her for dinner and if she says yes we’ll ask William and Stephanie about teaching you two.” Mrs. Weasley said and bustled out of the room.

“I hope McGonagall will let us do newts when we get back.” Ginny said.

“I know we can’t go back to Hogwarts now.” Harry said.

“Yeah that wouldn’t be good.” Ginny said.

“Well Hermione how are you we haven’t seen you for awhile.” Harry asked.

“Oh I’m alright.” Hermione said.

Later that night Ginny and Hermione were helping Mrs. Weasley prepare dinner while Harry was setting the table, when they heard a loud banging from upstairs, “What was that?” Ginny asked.

Harry ran up the steps to Ron’s room where he was sure that the sound had come from, as soon as he reached for the door knob more banging came from the other side of the door. He pulled out his wand and opened the door. Ron was standing in the middle of the room about to charge at the door again. Harry raised his wand but this new Ron was fast, to fast he knocked Harry’s wand from his hand, hit him hard across his face and pushed him to the ground. Harry was pinned he struggled for a moment then pushed with all his strength, he rolled Ron off of him then dived for his wand. Ron stood up and charged at Harry again. Harry raised his wand for the second time and fired a stunning spell, it hit Ron in the face and he toppled over onto the floor. Harry levitated him back into bed and covered him up. He walked back downstairs holding his head where Ron had hit him, he could feel a small bump growing there.

“What happened?” Hermione asked.

“Ron.” Harry said simply. They seemed to understand what he meant.

“Is he okay?” Hermione asked. Harry nodded and sat down.

“What happened to you?” Ginny asked, Harry had accidentally uncovered his bump and Ginny had seen.

“It’s nothing.” Harry said.

“Nothing!” Ginny exclaimed. “Harry you’ve got a chicken egg growing out of your head!”

Harry laughed, “Okay, Ron just hit me.”

“Well let me get something for it.” Ginny said. She hurriedly got a rag with cool water on it. “Here, that might make it feel better.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, placing it over his swelling bruise. He held it there until Mr. Weasley got home then they waited for McGonagall. She arrived soon after Mr. Weasley and they sat down to eat.

“Well Harry, what happened to you?” Mr. Weasley asked while they ate.

“Ron just got a little aggressive earlier.” Harry then explained about the fight in Ron’s room.

“I see.” Mr. Weasley said looking worried, “Well has William found a ship yet?”

“Harry went by there this morning and asked but no such luck.” Ginny said.

“Ah, well hopefully it won’t take much longer.” Mr. Weasley said.

“Yeah.” Harry and Ginny said together, they looked at each other and laughed.

“Well from my understanding of Molly’s letter you two had something to discuss with me?” McGonagall asked Harry and Ginny changing the subject.

“Oh yes, well see professor, Ginny and I are going to America soon and we realized today that we’re not done with Hogwarts.” Harry said.

“Go on.” McGonagall said.

“So we wondered if my aunt and our friend who are coming with us could teach us.” Ginny said.

“Well I see no reason to disagree with that.” McGonagall said.

“But we also wondered if when we got back we could do our N.E.W.Ts when we got back.” Harry said.

“Well, what time do you plan on getting back?” McGonagall asked.

“Well sometime next year.” Ginny said, “Probably closer to the end of the year.”

“Well it would be pretty late to do it, but I can try to get that to work.” McGonagall agreed.

“Okay thank you professor.” Harry said.

“No problem.” McGonagall said. They had pretty much finished eating by now so McGonagall stood, “Well, I should be going now.”

“Alright, well we’ll see you then.” Mr. Weasley said.

“I’ll see you all later.” McGonagall said and walked out the door.

They didn’t stay up long after that and Harry went to sleep fast with the rain and thunder pounding outside his window.

The next morning Harry awoke to a particularly loud thunder he moaned and got up. He dressed and headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Ginny and Hermione were walking past his door, talking worriedly when he came out of his room, “What’s up?” Harry asked.

“Ron’s getting a lot worse.” Ginny said hugging him.

“What do you mean?” He asked starting to get worried.

“He’s running an awful fever.” Hermione said.

“Mum went in to check on him this morning and he was moaning and that stuff so she checked him and he was about one hundred and twenty degrees.” Ginny looked worried.

“Come on, let’s go eat, he’ll be okay.” Harry said. Ginny laced her fingers with his and they walked with Hermione downstairs. Mrs. Weasley had already got some food set out on the table when they arrived down in the kitchen.

After they ate Harry, Ginny and Hermione went into the sitting room where they all found something to do: Harry pulled out his wand and started practicing spells he knew such as transfiguration spells; Hermione got a book to read and Ginny was reading Witch Weekly. “I don’t want to bother William but I really want to know if he’s found a ship!” Ginny said after awhile.

“Ginny, I’m sure if he’d found one he’d let us know.” Harry said as he made the tea cup on the table next to him grow legs and run off the table where it smashed. “Reparo.” The cup flew back together and landed on its saucer.

“I know but what if he has, and can’t get here because of the rain.” Ginny said.

“Come on, he’s a wizard of course he’d be able to come.” Harry said.

Ginny sighed, “Yeah you’re right.” She said then changed her mind. “But what if he can’t apparate here.”

“Then he’d walk.” Harry said simply.

“What if he doesn’t want to walk.” Ginny retorted.

Now Harry sighed, “Okay fine. I’ll go down there if you will please stop that.”

“Deal.” Ginny said. Harry walked out to the front door and got his cloak. He stepped out into the rain hurried out the gate and apparated to William’s shop. He opened the door and walked in, the bell tinkled over his head. William came out of one of the isles and when he saw who it was he exclaimed, “Harry, Didn’t expect you to be back today.”

“Trust me I wouldn’t have gone out if Ginny wasn’t driving me mad.” Harry said.

“Ah, girls.” William said. “Lemme guess she wanted you to come see if I’d found a ship?”

“Actually, yeah.” Harry said.

“Well tell her no but I might be onto one.” William said.

“Will do.” Harry said.

“Okay see you. Oh and tell her I’ll come tell you as soon as I find one, rain, snow or shine.” William said as Harry exited the shop. He waved and apparated to the Burrow.

Chapter 9: A date
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“Well that didn’t take long.” Ginny said when he got back.

“I asked him and he said no, but he may be onto one. And that he’ll come tell us as soon as he finds one.” Harry gave her the message.

Ginny put her head in her hands and moaned. “I’m sorry Gin, but I’m sure he’s doing everything he can and that he’ll find one soon.” Harry tried to comfort her.

“I know.” Ginny said. “It’s just I want to leave so badly.”

“I know, I know.” Harry said.

Hermione sighed, “Well at least you’ll have time to get more money.”

“How much did we get when everyone was over the other night anyway?” Ginny asked.

“Five hundred pounds.” Mrs. Weasley said walking into the room.

“Is that including the stuff that Ben and Susan put in?” Harry asked.

“No I guess not.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“Then it’d be nine hundred.” Harry said.

“And will Stephanie be paying her way?” Mrs. Weasley asked Ginny.

“I think so.” Ginny said.

“Alright!” Harry said. “And Bill should be getting that tent to us soon.”

“Good. Let’s change the subject. This is just making me want to leave more!” Ginny said.

“Well, I’m going to check on Ron.” Hermione said standing up and walking out of the room.

“Hey do you want to go out tonight?” Harry asked the idea had come to him out of nowhere.

Ginny thought for a moment, “You mean like a date?” She asked.

“Yeah, uh I guess so.”

“Sure.” Ginny said.

“Alright then, I have the perfect place.” Harry said.

So later that night Harry met Ginny by the front door, she was wearing a black sleeveless dress, it came down to just below her knees. Her hair was in a loose bun held with a hair clip with some curled hair hanging down the sides and front of her face. The sight took Harry’s breath away. “You look great.” He said.

“You too.” She said. He was wearing black pants a white shirt and black jacket.

“Thanks, shall we go?” He asked.

“Yes let’s go.” Ginny said.

Mrs. Weasley poked her head out the kitchen door, “Have a lovely time dears.” She said. Harry handed Ginny her traveling cloak, helped her get hers on then did his own.

They apparated to a busy London street outside a restaurant called Willie’s Stake House. “I came here a while ago with my aunt, uncle and cousin.” Harry said, “They didn’t buy me anything but they brought me for Dudley’s birthday.”

“Well I, it just, oh my goodness.” Ginny’s face flushed with anger. “And you just had to take it!”

“Yep.” Harry said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Well, come on, I’m getting soaked.” They went into the restaurant and sat down taking off their cloaks and hanging them on their chairs. A waiter came to their table and gave them a menu then asked what they’d like to drink. “Just water please.” Harry said.

“And you?” The waiter asked Ginny.

“I’ll have the same thing.” Ginny said.

“Alright then, I’ll be right back with those.” The waiter said and walked away.

Harry looked at each item on his menu looking for something good, “I think I’ll get the T-bone steak with mashed potatoes on the side.” He said.

“I think I’m going to get the potato soup and the ceaser salad.” Ginny said.

They waited a few minutes then the waiter came back with their waters, “What can I get you?” He asked. They gave them their orders and he walked back to the kitchen.

While they waited for their food the conversation was casual and mostly about Quidditch. Then the waiter came back with two plates of food and as they ate the conversation changed to Ron. “So where did you guys go when you were last year?” Ginny asked.

Harry sighed, “Ginny, how many times do I have to remind you I’ll tell you, William and Stephanie when were in America.”

“Oh right, okay sorry, forget I mentioned it.” She said.

“So do you think William will find a ship soon?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know I hope so. What do you think?” She said.

“Well I think it won’t be very long at all.” Harry said.

The next few minutes passed in silence except for their chewing. “I know I’ve said this a million times but, I hope we can find the cure soon enough.” Ginny said.

“I know, he was the first friend I ever had.” He said quietly. They finished eating mostly in silence then the waiter brought the bill which they paid and then left.

They decided to walk around for awhile before heading back to the Burrow so they walked around going into an occasional shop. After they came out of a super market they decided to go home. Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and they disapparated. Before they went inside Ginny kissed Harry, “Thanks for that.” She said, “It was really fun.” They walked inside and hung up their dripping cloaks and went into the sitting room where they heard voices. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and Hermione were all sitting in there and Crookshanks was sitting on Hermione’s lap. “Hey everyone.” Ginny said.

“Hello you two.” Hermione said.

“Did you have a good time?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yes, it was lovely.” Ginny said.

“Good. Well maybe we should all go to bed now.” Mr. Weasley said. So they all went up to their separate rooms and went to sleep.

Chapter 10: Happy Birthday, Harry
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Author's note: It has been a very long time. I have had some major changes in my life since the last chapter. I will try not to disappear like that again.To any returning readers: thank you for still being here. To new readers: I hope you are enjoying.


The next morning they were all sitting at an early breakfast when there was a loud pounding on the door. Mr. Weasley walked to the door and called out, “Who’s there?”

A muffled voice said back, “It’s me, William.” Mr. Weasley opened the door to let William in. He stumbled in, his hair dripping from the rain outside.

“William, what is it?” Ginny said.

“It’s our lucky break!” William said.

“What?” Harry and Ginny said at the same time.

“A ship!” William cried.

“What!” They yelled again.

“There is a ship, the only one leaving for a few more months. And it was supposed to leave yesterday!” William said.

Ginny moaned, “You mean we have to wait a few more months?”

Harry was getting excited, “No, Ginny he said it was supposed to leave yesterday!”

“What?” Ginny was confused.

“Due to the rain it had to be postponed! I got us all tickets for it. So as soon as this rain stops we’ll be off. So, you should both be ready to leave on a moment’s notice. Oh, and tell your aunt.” William said. Harry and Ginny were ecstatic they jumped up and hugged each other.

Mrs. Weasley also burst into tears. “Oh thank you William, you’ve helped our family so much already!” She wept. She got up and hugged William who looked perplexed.

Mr. Weasley saw William’s discomfort. “Molly, come on.” He said pulling her gently off William. William looked gratefully at Mr. Weasley.

After a few more minutes Mrs. Weasley pulled herself together, “William, won’t you stay and have breakfast with us?” She asked.

“Well I don’t want to intrude but I am hungry and that food looks awfully good.” He said, eying Mrs. Weasley’s cooking and licking his lips.

“Oh no, it’s no bother.” Mr. Weasley said. So, they all sat back down, William among them, and ate and laughed for what felt like the first time in weeks. After William had left Mr. Weasley left for work and Harry and Ginny went up to their rooms to pack, Harry got most of his clothes, his invisibility cloak, his cauldron and some ingredients for potions. All this took him the rest of the morning, so once he was finished he went downstairs for some lunch. Ginny and Hermione were already in the kitchen eating.

“Ah Harry are you finished packing?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yeah, I think so. The only other thing I can think of that we need is the tent which Bill should get us soon.” Harry said.

“Yes, yes alright then good.” Mrs. Weasley said. “Hopefully he’ll get it here before it stops raining.” Just as she was finishing talking an owl flew to the window and started tapping on it.

“That must be Ben and Susan’s money.” Harry said opening the window so the owl could fly in but then quickly closing it again to block the rain. Then he untied the little envelope and looked inside, “Yep, four hundred pounds.” He said.

 “Here I’ll take that and put it with the rest of the money.” Mrs. Weasley said. She took the money and walked upstairs. Harry, Hermione, and Ginny sat down and continued to eat.

Several minutes later they heard Mrs. Weasley scream, “Harry, Ginny, Hermione come here quick!”

He ran up the steps with Ginny and Hermione close behind. He opened Ron’s bedroom door and pulled out his wand ready for a fight but when he ran into the room he saw Mrs. Weasley sitting on the end of Ron’s bed just staring at Ron. He was lying on his bed mumbling something every few seconds. “Listen.” Mrs. Weasley said.

“America, west half, remedy plant.” He said, “America, west half, remedy plant!” The mumbling soon grew to a shout. “America, west half, remedy plant!”

Harry could tell how quickly Ron’s health was dwindling. Over the next few days Harry wished it would stop raining and could tell when Ginny looked out the window that she did too.

Harry woke up one morning to a blinding light streaming through his window. “Harry time to get up dear.” Mrs. Weasley’s voice said.

“What, why?” He asked.

“Arthur wants to wish you happy birthday before he leaves.” Mrs. Weasley told him.

“Oh yeah.” Harry said. The sunlight pouring through his window told Harry that it had finally stopped raining, which raised his spirits even more.

He dressed then went down stairs. “Good morning Harry, happy birthday.” Mr. Weasley said.

“Morning.” Harry said.

“I wanted to say it personally this year because you’ll probably be gone next year. Have you noticed it has stopped raining?” Mr. Weasley pointed out the window at the dazzling sunlight.

“Yeah.” Harry said opening the first of the gifts on top of the large pile of his gifts. He was halfway through the pile when Hermione and Ginny came into the kitchen.

“Happy birthday Harry.” Ginny said kissing him.

“Happy birthday.” Hermione said. “That’s from me.” She said pointing at the next gift.

He opened it, it was a new pair of clothes, “For the trip.” She explained.

“Harry, you’ll have to open mine upstairs.” Ginny said, “I couldn’t wrap it.”

So after breakfast he walked with Ginny to her room. “Just a second.” She said slipping into her room. When she came out again she was carrying a large cage with a large shiny, black owl inside. “Here you go, his name is Magnus.” She said.

“F-for me?” Harry asked, stunned.

“Well yes for you, do you know another person here whose birthday it is?” Ginny laughed. “And besides it’s about time you get a new one. We’ll need him on the trip.” She said.

“Wow thanks Gin.” He said looking at the owl inside the cage.

“Do you like him?” She asked.

“I love him.” He said.

“Good.” She said. They walked back downstairs where Hermione and Mrs. Weasley were still sitting.

“Oh Harry, do you like him?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah he’s great.” Harry said.

Hermione looked relived, “Good because he kept me up all night.” She said.

“I’m going to take him out, see how he flies.” Harry said.

“Okay, see you in a bit.” Mrs. Weasley said.

Harry walked outside with Magnus on his shoulder, Magnus stretched his wings and took off. He flew circles above Harry’s head, hooting loudly. Harry watched him, and decided he would be a good owl. He could make it through storms because of his powerful wings. “Magnus, come here.” He said. The owl came flying back down onto his master’s shoulder.

“Thanks Ginny, he’ll be great.” Harry said as Ginny walked up next to him.

“You’re very welcome Harry.” Ginny said.

Just then Harry saw a red-haired man walking up the path to the Burrow. “Hey, it’s Bill.” Harry said.

“Hey Harry, happy birthday.” Bill said, “Whoa, nice owl.”

“Thanks, did you bring the tent?” Harry asked.

“Yeah I’ve got it right here.” Bill said handing it to Harry.

“Thanks.” Harry said again.

“Okay, well I’ve got to get to work. Say hi to mum for me.” Bill said. They waved and he walked away.

“Come on let’s go inside.” Ginny said.

They walked inside and Harry put the tent with his things. On his way back downstairs he heard voices in the kitchen they sounded like Ginny and William. He ran into the kitchen. “Hey William.” He said.

“Hi Harry, I was just telling Ginny that the ship leaves in three days, so we should have one more meeting with everyone, especially your aunt.” William said.

“Okay we’ll meet again in two days, so the day before we leave.” Harry said.

“Okay, see you two then.” William said.

After William had left Harry said, “I’ll send a message to Stephanie with Magnus.” He ran back upstairs and grabbed a piece of parchment, on it he scribbled,

‘Ship will leave in three days. We’re going to have one more meeting in the day before we leave. Be completely ready to leave. Harry.’

He sealed the parchment and addressed it to Stephanie, then tied it to Magnus’ leg. “Okay Magnus, this goes to Ginny’s aunt I’m sure you can find her.” Magnus flew out the window and disappeared quickly. He walked back downstairs to the sitting room where Ginny and Hermione were sitting. “Alright he’s off.” Harry said.

“Good, oh I’m so happy we’ll finally be going.” Ginny said.

“I know I can’t wait.” Harry said.

“Well, before you go you should both double check that you have everything.” Hermione said.

“Yeah, we probably should.” Ginny said.

Harry thought for a minute then said, “You know, William said something about sea sickness.”

“Yeah, he did.” Ginny said.

“Hermione is there a potion to help that?” Harry asked.

“Yes, I think so.” Hermione said.

“Okay we should take some of that before we leave.” Harry said.

“I should start brewing it then.” Hermione said standing up.

“Do you need help?” Harry asked.

“No, I think I can handle it.” She said as she walked out of the room.

“I’m going to go make sure I have everything.” Ginny said.

“Me too.” Harry agreed.

Up in his room Harry looked to make sure he had all his clothes and his invisibility cloak. Then he made sure the tent was there then he made sure he had Magnus’ cage. He did, it wasn’t packed very nice and he wasn’t sure he’d be able to close his trunk. He would have his wand, his sneakers and the clothes he would where that day. He was still looking around for things he may have missed or not thought of when Ginny came in.

“Got everything?” She asked.

“Uh, I think so.” Harry said.

“I’ll look through it and make sure.” Ginny said. She sorted and folded all his clothes and his invisibility cloak. “I don’t see anything you’re missing except for a traveling cloak.”

“Oh, right. I’ll get one.” He said.

“No, you keep going, I can get one for you.” Ginny said. She disappeared out the door. Harry looked around wondering what else she wanted him to do. He saw his Firebolt laying against the wall. He put a shrinking charm on it and stuck it in his trunk. Ginny came back with a traveling cloak and gave it to Harry to pack.

“Oh, you got your broom. Good idea.” She said running back to pack her broom.

Harry folded the traveling cloak and laid it in the trunk then shut the lid and set the trunk on the floor. Then he remembered the mokeskin pouch Hagrid had given him for his seventeenth birthday he looked around his room finding it under his bed. He looked through it and found all the stuff he had in it while He, Ron and Hermione were on the run: his mother’s letter to Sirius, the snitch in which the resurrection stone had been hidden, and the shard of Sirius’ mirror. He placed the pouch around his neck and went downstairs.

Dinner that night was as normal as it could be, with Harry’s favorite foods for his birthday, except for the fact that halfway through the meal Magnus came pecking on the window. Once he was let in and Harry untied the letter he flew up to Harry’s bedroom window. On the letter there was six words, ‘I’ll be there with my things.’ Harry read it aloud.

“Alright then.” Mrs. Weasley said, “Stephanie will be here.” She got up and brought over a huge cake with the words, ‘Happy 18th Birthday Harry’ written on it. After a chorus of Happy Birthday Mrs. Weasley cut them all very large pieces of cake.