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Format: Novel
Chapters: 19
Word Count: 86,007
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Spoilers

Genres: General, Humor, Romance
Characters: Fred, George, Oliver, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 03/15/2011
Last Chapter: 12/14/2012
Last Updated: 12/14/2012


All I wanted to do in my last year at Hogwarts was win the House Cup
....and beat that idiot, Oliver Wood, once and for all.

But I'm starting to realise that life has other plans for us...

And I think I might just kill Wood by the end of it all.

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Chapter 1: Making Bets...
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A/N: Hey lovely readers, this Oliver/OC will go very AU as there will be no war. And the original Ravenclaw characters take a backseat... Hope that's not a problem for you. Oh, and I know I know... why is she starting ANOTHER novel when she is so horrible at updating her other ones?? I promise you I'm not abandoning the other ones... I just could not keep my love for Oliver/OCs a secret anymore... I had to write this and I sincerely hope you like it!! I can't promise you quick updates, but I can promise not to abandon it. Pleaaaase read and review... reviews make me happy and encourage me to write. ;-) 



--- Chapter 1 - Making Bets... ---

featuring our heroine, keegan riddell... [by me]


And the Mighty Lions do it again! 

In a display of fierce determination and fervour, Gryffindor’s Quidditch team once again claims the House Cup for their own. It was no easy feat as their competition was the seemingly indestructible Ravenclaws led by Captain Keegan Riddell. The Gryffindors and Ravenclaws had been neck and neck at 100 points each when a Bludger knocked Ravenclaw’s seeker, Marcus Wainwright, clear off his broom, leaving Harry Potter to easily find the Snitch. The end score was 250 points to 100.


The Ravenclaws had watched on as the Gryffindors paraded around with the House Cup with solemn expressions, but none were as torn up about the loss as their captain, Riddel, who was seen arguing fervently after the match with Gryffindors’ captain, Oliver Wood. It comes as no surprise that the two headstrong captains despise each other, and although, some have put this hatred down to their incredible likeness and their fierce love for the game. Others, however, have put it down to romantic tension.


Either way, next year will be a very interesting year indeed as it will be the last and final year for these two captains to battle it out—whether it’s on the field or in a broom closet, we will see.

- Owen Clarke

I wanted to kill Owen Clarke. I swear when I get back to Hogwarts, I was going to wring his skinny little neck and throw him off the bloody Astronomy Tower.


The sodding git!


How in Merlin’s name was this even allowed to be published in the school newsletter?


It was bad enough we lost to Gryffindor! (I mean Gryffindor! Blegh! Even thinking their house name makes me want to vom all over.) I didn’t need the whole world to talk about my feud with Wood either let alone think that I find him physically attractive in any possible way! 


That’s a gross thought…

“Keegan, that’s the fiftieth time you’ve read that bloody article,” my younger brother said, pulling me away from my inner tirade. “You need to let it go.”

“If their Beaters hadn’t knocked my Seeker out then we would have won!” I retorted angrily, crumpling up the article for the umpteenth time and throwing it against the wall. “Bloody Wood!”

 “It’s not his fault,” Edan smiled. He came over to sit beside me on my bed. “Look, you would have done the same thing—tactically.”

“I would not have tried to kill their Seeker!” I returned with a fierce-some glare—although Edan has become immune to my ‘glares’ over the years. But still, he was treading on shallow waters here.

“Marcus is fine, isn’t he? A few broken bones, nothing Skele-Gro can’t heal!” Edan said, trying to calm me down—which seems to be a reoccurring thing this summer. 

For a younger brother, he definitely was smarter than me. It was a surprise that he was sorted into Hufflepuff instead of Ravenclaw, but then again, the moment anyone started talking to Edan they’d realise exactly why he was. Edan was everything a Hufflepuff would be and everything I was not. He was calm and level headed. He was friendly and always saw the best in people, whereas I tended to be cynical about everyone.

A prat till proven otherwise. That was my motto.
“I hate when you make sense,” I glared at him but pulled him into a side-hug anyways. 

“You hate when anyone tells you what you don’t want to hear,” Edan told me and then smirked. “Which is pretty much all the time.”

“Alright, piss off!” I chuckled whilst shoving him off my bed and onto the floor. 

Edan may be a boy, but I was still stronger than him by far. Or I’d like to think so anyways.


I had a complex, you see? I was sort of petite and so I’ve always felt I had to compensate for that. It grated on me that I was constantly underestimated by every opponent I’ve ever had and even more so when I was made captain fifth year (youngest ever to make captain, mind you). I had to ‘man up’ especially because I knew the rest of the other teams thought that I wasn’t a worthy opponent and that because I’m a girl, I was inherently weaker than them. It took awhile but I eventually made up for it by being an utter and complete nutcase on and off the pitch. I guess it didn’t help that Keegan was actually a Scottish boy’s name… damn parents. 

“Bitch,” my brother mumbled from the floor. He quickly got up and tossed me a scowl. “I came here to tell you that we’re leaving in two hours so Dad wants you to start getting ready now.”

“Two hours? Why are you telling me now?” I arched an eyebrow. “I have loads of time left!”

“Keegs, you are the slowest person in the world when it comes to getting dressed so just start your weird girly routines now,” Edan told me pointedly before walking out of my room. 

Humph! I am greatly offended by this. I do not take that long… maybe a little.


Only a little though!  

But deciding to take my brother’s advice anyway, I quickly grabbed my towel and headed towards the bathroom.


Tonight was this big Quidditch Charity Ball and considering that Dad works for the Department of Magical Games and Sports, our entire family had been invited to the shindig and I was more than thrilled. Actually, I was bloody ecstatic! What Quidditch-obsessed girl wouldn’t be? I get to meet my heroes and rub shoulders with some of the fittest guys in the Quidditch world!


So come on, I had to look my absolute best! And not like “ooh, she’s cute” but like “OH MY GOD I WANT TO RAVISH HER” hot. So really, it’s not my fault if this getting ready business takes a tad longer than anticipated… 


“KEEGAN FOR MERLIN’S SAKE, WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG?” bellowed my dad from downstairs.


Okay, I know I started getting ready two hours ago but as I said, I had to look my absolute best and sometimes that takes awhile… like maybe more than two hours.

“KEEGAN, THE WOODS ARE WAITING FOR US!” Edan added, now joining in on the bellowing. 

Oh yeah, Mr. Wood and my dad? They’re good mates. Work in the same department. Have known each other since they were in Hogwarts. Played Quidditch together on the Gryffindor team… blah blah blah.


Although, I suppose their friendship had not always been that ideal though. They lost touch with each other for quite awhile after Hogwarts but after my mum walked out on us, Mr. Wood stepped in to help out. He got Dad a job at the department and Mrs. Wood came round to help make us dinner sometimes. We owe the Woods everything. I don't know if my dad would have gotten through it as well if it weren’t for that old friendship.


Nevertheless, it did not mean I had to like their git of a son. I owe Mr. and Mrs. Wood, not Oliver Wood.

I took one final look in the mirror and decided I looked good… I looked damn good. Okay I’m not normally a very arrogant person (except when it comes to Quidditch because I’m flipping awesome) but I had to commend myself for tonight.




Sometimes a girl just has to take a step back and go “Sweet Merlin, I look good!” or else we’d go crazy with stupid teenage insecurities. 

My dark brown hair was still its normal wavy self but seemed a lot more elegant tonight thanks to a few hair products to keep it in place—by few, I mean my hair could go up in flames if someone lit a match within my vicinity. My hazel eyes were accentuated with goldish-brown smoky eye makeup (thanks to a tutorial in Witch Weekly) and I was wearing a shimmery black dress with gemstones outlining the halter neck. This little thing cost me a fortune, but was so worth its ridiculous price. 


I let out a happy sigh and began my making my way down the stairs. It took me a lot longer than normal to get down it in my incredibly high black-strapped heels to be honest but I made it eventually—to the relief of my brother and dad. 

“Hi Daddy, sorry,” I smiled innocently at him with my wide puppy dog eyes. I had the routine worked down to perfection—after many years of practice, of course. 

“Well I’m only forgiving you, because you look gorgeous, sweetheart,” he grinned back as he kissed me on the cheek.

“Yeah sis, you look good,” Edan said irritably. “But unfortunately, looking good does not get us to the ball on time!” 

“Oh pipe down, Edan, I’m only…” I check my watch. Blimey. “Thirty minutes late?”

“Yeah,” Edan rolled his eyes and walked over to the fireplace. 

“Wait, I thought the Woods were coming with us?” 

Edan grabbed a handful of Floo powder and then turned to me. “Since you were so late, we made them leave ten minutes ago. Now, come on, let’s freaking go!” 

With that, he stepped into the fireplace and yelled, “Clarendon Ballroom!” And in a flurry of green smoke, my brother was gone. 

“Impatient, isn’t he?” 

“He’s meeting a girl,” Dad said, winking, as realisation dawned on me.


Of course, Edan was! He never gets that testy with me unless there was a lass involved. 

Bloody git, choosing girls over his own family! I should have known!

Well, there’s my sub-mission for the night. Meet Edan’s newest girl… although, I might have to put that mission on hold if my other mission is going well: Meet Future Husband.  


I stumbled into the foyer—rather ungracefully I might add but luckily, no one but my dad was there to witness it. I tossed my dad a smile before I began making my way into the ballroom.


As soon as I entered, I was rendered incapable of speech by the grandeur of the place. The huge crystal chandelier in the middle of the ballroom lit every crevice and nook in the room, cascading a soft golden glow around the place, that made everything and everyone seem that much more elegant. It helped that almost every single person here was extremely good-looking. I mean it was a charity ball for Quidditch players and most of them had a taste for leggy models and the likes…

I felt a wave of inadequacy wash over me and just like that, I didn’t feel as beautiful and irresistible as I had initially thought. Actually, I felt bloody laughable compared to some of these girls—err, I mean women. They were all tall with legs that seemed to go on for miles and they all had perfect hair and perfect eyes and…


Ugh. I need to stop before I drive myself into a depression. 

I scanned the room in hopes for a familiar face and landed on my best mate. Miranda Richardson. She was a tall girl with auburn hair and small array of freckles on her nose. Her mother worked as a dietician for the Holyhead Harpies and her father worked as a general sports counsellor—handling in team disputes and personal problems. Or so I’m told.



A few of the ‘women’ shot me a disapproving look and I fought the urge to flip them off. I bet neither of them has ever even touched a broom. Probably too scared to break a nail or something. Stupid bints!

“Keegan!” Miranda cried out as she spotted me. I stopped my inner rant and quickly allowed the bouncy girl to embrace me in a tight hug. “I’ve missed you, little one!” 

I chuckled and pushed her off of me. “Missed you too, mate, even though I saw you a week ago. How’s the ball so far?”
“Ugh!” she groaned. “Too many fit models, my future husband is probably dating one of these bimbo-headed whores.”

And that’s why she’s my best friend. She’s just as horrible as me.


“Pretty much my thought as soon as I entered this place but hang on a tick, you have a boyfriend!”

“Minor detail,” Miranda chuckled and swung an arm around my shoulders. “Did I mention how hot you looked tonight?”

“No, but keep going and you might get to see me in my knickers,” I winked at her playfully.

“Oh please, Keegan, like I really need to witness that horrific sight again,” she scoffed before steering me towards the open bar. Yum. 

It was so easy to fall back into a comfortable conversation with Miranda. We could talk about anything and nothing and still have an amazing time doing it.  It was the way we’ve always been around each other, ever since I met the girl back in our first year at Hogwarts. She was the one that jumped into the Black Lake after me when I fell into it—I was trying to get a glimpse of the Giant Squid—just so I didn’t look foolish. I knew then and there she was a friend to keep for life. 


I mean who else would do that for a complete stranger?

Our conversation eventually landed back onto Miranda’s baby sisters (a topic we both loved to hate), who have been causing havoc on their father’s mental stability because of the numerous amounts of boys that would turn up at their house.


You see Miranda has two younger sisters who were twins, Millie and Mandy. They both have the same auburn hair that Miranda has, but with dark brown eyes. Miranda had bright blue ones. They were tall as well and slim, with an appetite for mischief. Needless to say, boys loved them and they loved boys.


Miranda was just about to relay to me the time Millie was caught snogging a Muggle boy when I heard a voice sound right beside my ear.


“Riddell, you are looking ravishing tonight,” his hot breath tickled the nape of my neck causing a shiver to run down my spine.


“Wood,” I said through gritted teeth. 

“Glad the animosity between us withstood the summer,” he commented.

“Oh, it would withstand quite a lot of things.”

“Now, now, let’s be civilised tonight,” he grinned at me. I hated his bloody grin; it made me feel like a stupid five-year-old child. “It is, after all, a very civilised party.”

“I didn’t think a Neanderthal like you would know how to be civilised,” I mocked, feeling quite proud of myself for the jibe. 

Oliver on the other hand just threw his head back and laughed. Totally not the reaction I was hoping for.


He turned his dark brown eyes onto me and I knew instantly what he was trying to do. This was his ‘I’m trying to be extremely charming and sultry’ look. I knew it all too bloody well for having known the boy since I was a baby.


He snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me towards him. The sudden jerk caused me to stumble into him and my hands to land flat on his chest. He leaned towards me till his lips grazed my ear. 

“I can be very civilised if you want, Riddell,” he whispered. 

 Unfortunately for him, his charm didn’t bloody work on me so I shoved him hard. “Do not touch me,” I glared.

“Chill out, Riddell!” he started to laugh again, taking a large step back. He had both his hands up in a surrender pose and the most obnoxious grin on his face that my hands itched to clock him over the head. “I was just messing with you! What? Are you still mad that I kicked your arse at Quidditch?”

“Oh no, he didn’t,” Miranda murmured from behind me.

I walked straight up to Oliver and although, I was shorter than he was I still managed to glare quite threateningly into his eyes (or so I’d like to believe).


“Listen, you prick! I lost because your Beaters took out my Seeker quite unfairly but,” and I inhaled a huge gulp of air, “the past is the past. Just bring your A-game this year and we’ll see who’s got the better team.”

“You mean who’s the better captain,” Oliver smirked. 

“Whatever,” I was getting bored of this conversation. I made to leave with Miranda when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. 

“Wait, Riddell, not just yet,” he was still smirking. You know how I hated his grin? Well I hated his smirk more. It was condescending and unbelievably annoying. “It will be our last year. I say we raise the stakes.”

I arched an eyebrow. “What do you have in mind?” 

 “A bet.”

 “Yeah, moron, I gathered that!” I snapped. “What kind of bet?”

He ran a hand through his unruly brown hair before speaking again. “Well… I was thinking it has to be something we both treasure.”

I’m not sure I liked where he was going with this but I urged him on. 

“I mean we both love our brooms,” Oliver kept pondering to himself. Miranda sniggered. Dirty minded freak… “But it’s too small of a thing.”

This time, I had to hold back a snigger. I bet it was small. I snorted to myself. Boy, I am quite amusing I should be a comedian.  

“What about your prides?” Miranda cut in, having obviously listened to our entire exchange. “You two are the proudest people I know. Stubbornly so.”

“Pride?” Oliver and I said in unison.

Miranda had a glimmer in her eyes and that was never a good thing. Miranda’s glimmer usually meant me doing something ridiculous and embarrassing and possibly life-threatening.


She smiled mischievously. “Well… I was thinking the loser has to wear the other team’s robes and then get up in the middle of the Great Hall and make a toast to the other person. Praising him or her about how they’re the better captain, how much they adore the other person and well, you get the point.”

No way!” Oliver and I both exclaimed out in unison again. Eerie. And creepy. 

“No, no! I can’t bear to even utter the word ‘adore’ and ‘Wood’ in the same sentence,” I cried out. “That’s stupid!” 

“No, it’s not stupid, Keegan,” Miranda rolled her eyes at me. “It’s brilliant and it’s done. That’s your bet… and believe me, a lot can happen in a year. Maybe you’ll actually mean it.” She winked at us, which made me feel incredibly uncomfortable for some reason. 

 “So,” Oliver said, mulling over the idea in his head. “Is this if we win against you Ravenclaws in the match or if we win the House Cup?”

“I don’t know, moron, it was your idea!”

“I guess it should be the match, because you might not even get into the House Cup finals,” Oliver said innocently to me.

“We will get into the finals so don’t you worry your pretty little head,” I smiled back with false sweetness. 

“So it’ll be over the House Cup but you can have another bet over the match if you want,” Miranda suggested all too innocently. She was enjoying this way too much. I might have to just go through seventh year without a best friend.


I was thinking death by poison? Easy and simple. 

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked curiously and if I’m not mistaken a bit warily as well.

“Well… I was thinking the loser of the match has to be the winner’s slave for 24 hours,” Miranda exclaimed excitedly. Traitor. 

“24? Make it 48 hours,” Oliver winked seductively at me. I felt nauseous. 

“Do I literally have no say in this?” I asked feebly. I knew I didn’t and both of their nods confirmed this. I groaned. “Fine, fine! Whatever, I’m in. Just get ready to be my bitch, Wood because I don’t plan on losing to Gryffindor any time soon.” 

Oliver raised an eyebrow and then pulled me up against him again. He leaned forward till his lips were an inch away from mine. “Oh no, love, you get ready,” he told me arrogantly before stepping away. He then proceeded to burst into a fit of laughter while quickly strutting away from me and disappearing into the throng of people. 

“What. A. Prick!”

“An utterly delectable prick though,” Miranda amended, that glint in her eyes again. “What I wouldn’t do to get a piece of that!” 

“Eww, do not say that, that’s gross!” I reeled away from her and grabbed a bottle of Butterbeer from the bar. “For Merlin’s sake, come on, let’s go find me a future husband so I can stop thinking about how much I want to kill Wood.” 



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Chapter 2: Upping the Ante
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Disclaimer: Everything you recognise is probably from the wonderful mind of JK Rowling.. things you don't are probably from my own crazy imagination lol.



---Chapter 2 – Upping the Ante---

featuring seamus o'connor, our teddy bear... [by me]




Keegan’s Quidditch To-Do List

-       Work on Elbie’s left hand swing

-       Work on Elbie’s moral conscience on the pitch

-       Work on Seamus’ defensive play or actually MAKE him start playing defensively (oversized git…)

-       Perfect Marcus’ diving and feints

-       Work on little Lizzie’s left side saves

-       Create new plays for Adam, Miranda, and me

-       Build up endurance in the team

-       Kill Miranda… after we beat Gryffindor

-       Kill Oliver… after we kick his arse

I absentmindedly stuck the quill into my mouth and instantly began spluttering out ink. Edan gave me a puzzling look before ignoring me completely and turning back to the front. 


Useless uncaring brother… I could have died or something.


Ah well, I guess he was used to it. 

It was an irritating habit of mine to stick writing utensils into my mouth when I was thinking. I wasn’t exactly sure why I do it but I can’t seem to stop. It’s like when people bite their nails when they’re nervous, I just stick pens and quills and such into my mouth. One day, I was going to get lead or ink poisoning and die. I bet Wood would dance on my grave… the git.


Oh lord, I cannot believe this bloody bet! Correction, these bets… I mean as if I was going to be his slave! There was no way I was going to do what that prat told me or let alone, be in close proximity to him for 48 flipping hours.


That’s just pure torture! I’d rather have Filch hang me upside down by my ankles while getting pissed on by his cat… 

That’s disturbing.  

Merlin, I was going more mental than usual.  

“Sweetie, we’re here,” my dad said, breaking me out of my reverie. I smiled at him and put my quill into my side-bag along with my journal. 

Dad had parked the car in front of King’s Cross and was now helping Edan unload the trunks. I sighed and stepped out of the small blue car. 

“All set?” Dad asked. He had just put the trunks onto a trolley for Edan and I, and was now pulling me into a hug. “I’m going to miss you two.”

“I know, Dad,” I laughed. “And we’ll miss you too… Right Edan?”

“Huh? Yeah Dad, totally,” he murmured but his eyes were following a small petite blonde that I vaguely recognised. She flipped her hair and let out a dainty little giggle.


Yup… totally Edan’s type. Dainty and sweet. 

Dad chuckled, his laughter struggling to be heard against the harsh wind. “Right well I can see Edan wants to leave so I’ll let you to get to your train. Have a great year! And don’t forget to write… oh and Keegan? It’s your last year, do well, have fun and win me the House Cup, will you?”  

I laughed and hugged him again. “Yeah Dad, will do! Bye!”

Edan quickly gave him a manly one-sided hug before steering the trolley towards the direction of the previously mentioned blonde. I followed him silently while assessing the blonde in my head. After all, I was the oldest one and I had a right to be curious and protective of my little brother—regardless of the fact that he was only a year younger than me.


She was pretty I had to admit that. She had curly blonde hair and big blue innocent eyes. She was a Hufflepuff like Edan. I could tell. Not really because I was extremely intuitive but she was wearing the emblem of the Hufflepuffs. She looked about the same age as Edan… I wondered how long it’d take before my brother finally snagged the girl. I mean the kid was a very sweet guy but he was still a guy. He’s had more relationships than I have had snogs, which is altogether, a depressing thought. It didn’t hurt that girls fawned over my brother. Edan was tall with black hair and hazel-coloured eyes. He was also quite a lean boy—used to be a Chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team but quit to focus on his studies.


I mean who does that? I’m the Ravenclaw and I still place Quidditch over studies any day!  

Edan suddenly took off at a sprinting speed and went straight through the wall onto Platform 9 ¾. I rolled my eyes at his eagerness and went sprinting after him. I stumbled out and managed to land straight into someone else. He grabbed me by the waist and allowed me to land on him instead of the hard surface. I was about to gush out an apology and an extremely heartfelt thank you when I realised who was beneath me.

“Wood,” I growled.

“Easy there, Riddell, you’re the one that went flying into me,” he smirked, his dark eyes dancing with amusement. “Although, you’re also the one lying on top of me.”  

I quickly pushed myself off of him and continued to glare. “You were in my way, now please move.” 

“And why would I do that?” he queried. 

“Because if you don’t, I swear to Merlin I’m going to kick you where the sun don’t shine,” I threatened lightly. 

“AH AND SO THE TENSION BEGINS!” boomed a voice.


Wood and I both turned towards the owner and were greeted with the sight of one of my Beaters, Seamus O’Connor. He came running over and easily picked me up off the ground.


“I’ve missed your tyrannical reign, my dear captain.”

“And you’re about to get your first order of laps if you don’t put me down, O’Connor,” I smiled back. Of course, I didn’t mean it. I loved the buffoon. 

The boy laughed good-naturedly and turned towards Oliver. “Hey there, mate. How was summer? Heard you had Fred and George on the weights to buff them up.”  

Oliver chuckled, “Yeah well maybe they should take pointers from you considering they’re still two lanky-arse redheads.”  

Seamus threw his head back and laughed. “Mate, this is God’s gift… can’t be taught,” he winked as he flexed his biceps.  

Merlin, boys and their bloody testosterone… 

“Right, as amusing as this has been,” I interrupted. “We better get our arses on that train before we get left behind.”

The three of us quickly grabbed our trunks and ran towards the train. The trunks were thrown in ahead of us and I jumped on after. Oliver came right behind me and Seamus managed to launch himself onto the train just as it was leaving the platform, causing the buffoon to actually head butt Oliver in the back, which in turns plummets the git into me. 


Oliver moved his hand so it was resting just beside my waist and pushed himself forward. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” he chuckled. 

“Shut it, Wood,” I groaned—in pain and frustration. “Plus you’re the one on top of me this time!” 

“Mhmm,” he murmured. “So I am.”



“So errr… any chance of you getting OFF OF ME THEN?” I shouted. The boy was heavy and I was literally pinned onto the trunks by his body weight.  

“Well… I am quite comfortable and I bet all the compartments are full anyway.” 

If my legs weren’t pressed against the trunks, I would have soooo kneed him in the groin. 

“Wow! Maybe that Clarke kid was onto something!”

“Yeah, mate, I found her on top of him earlier!” Seamus chuckled. “Maybe we should give them some room.”


There was a chorus of laughter and Oliver finally pushed himself off me. He tossed me another obnoxious grin before levitating his trunk and disappearing down the aisle.


I got up and stretched out my sore limbs, turning to find myself facing my entire Quidditch team. 

Miranda arched an eyebrow at me and I shot her a scowl, “Don’t even say a flipping word, Miranda.”

They all laughed and Miranda smiled innocently at me, “I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“Well if you’re not, I will,” Elbie or Elliot MacNeill, my other Beater and Miranda’s long-term boyfriend, piped up. “So how long have you and Wood been shagging, Keegan?”

“First of all, it’s Captain Keegan to you!” I retorted. “And WE ARE NOT SHAGGING!” 

Yeah, bet I got that message across now! And they better remember it too because there’s no way in hell, I’d ever shag Oliver Wood. Never. 

They shrugged but shared a secret smile before leading me towards our compartment. It was a bit of a tight space for three girls and four overgrown boys to fit into but we managed somehow, even though Seamus took up about half of the seat. Marcus, our Seeker, and Little Lizzie Lee, our Keeper, just about fit in there with him, and Miranda was sitting with her legs draped over Elbie, while I was pushed up against my third Chaser, Adam Nicholson. 

I looked around at my team and was incredibly glad that we did not have to hold tryouts this year. I had the best team a captain could possibly have and there was no rebuilding to do, which was every captain’s dream. We could just get back to Hogwarts and get straight into the intensive training drills I’ve mapped out for them. Not that they know… they don’t need to know. I’ll let them enjoy their post-summer bliss before I bring out my Captain Keegan face.  

“Keegan, you alright? You look like you’re about to kill a baby deer or something,” Miranda noted. 

I’d never kill a baby deer!  

“I’m fine!” I exclaimed a bit too loudly. “No really, guys. I’m just buzzing for Quidditch to start.” 

A collective groan sounded throughout the compartment and Little Lizzie Lee threw a Sugar Quill at my face. It bounced off my forehead and landed onto the floor.  

“Can we not think about Quidditch for a little while longer?” Marcus sighed. “I’m still bloody reeling from our last match.”


That was the one where he got knocked out by a Bludger and left Potter to get the Snitch—not that it was his fault.  

“Fine, fine, I won’t,” I rolled my eyes. “What do you want to talk about then? Your summers? Because I know exactly how it went outside of our Quidditch Boot Camp… Miranda and Elbie spent the time snogging, Seamus spent the time working out and playing that Muggle sport… Rug… Rugby? Whatever. Adam spent his time chasing girls and you two,” I look pointedly at Lizzie and Marcus, “Spent your time sending each other flirty little messages. So how close was I?” 


Marcus and Lizzie blushed a dark crimson, while the rest just burst out laughing.  

“Pretty damn close,” Adam laughed from beside me. “In my defence, summer is the best time to be chasing girls… those damn sun dresses, gets me every time.” 

“Mate, a wool jumper would get you,” Elbie teased. 

“Well they’re so soft, I just want to touch them,” Adam said innocently but then winked at all of us. “Touch what’s on the inside and outside.”

“Ugh, gross,” the girls and I cried out in unison while the boys burst into another chorus of laughter.


Disgusting pervey gits… but I secretly love them all. Secretly though. 

“Wait, now I remember what I wanted to ask you!” Marcus jumped up excitedly causing Lizzie to jump as well in surprise. He put an apologetic hand on her leg and she began to blush visibly.  

I stifled a snigger. “What is it that you remember?”

“What is this bet I hear you have going on with Wood?” he arched an eyebrow, and all five sets of eyes fixed their attention onto me. The only pair of eyes that weren’t looking at me curiously was Miranda. Actually, her eyes were staring out of the window guiltily for spilling my secret.


What was the bloody point of a best mate when she doesn’t keep any of your secrets? 

I groaned loudly and gave ‘my best mate’ a quick kick to the shin. She yelped and ended up kneeing Elbie in the gut. Serves her right. 

“Well… Wood decided to raise the stakes,” I mumbled. “And basically, if we lose the Ravenclaw – Gryffindor match, I have to be his slave for 48 hours…” They all stared at me, looking shocked. “And if we lose the House Cup to them, I have to wear his Quidditch robes and make a toast about how he’s the better captain.”

“But he’s not!” Lizzie cried out. Ah, always the bright one she is. 

“I know! But it was Miranda’s sodding idea so whatever, I have to go through with it,” I told them. “I’ll just put on my best acting hat and get on with it if it comes to that.”

Seamus chuckled, “I don’t think you’ll be acting at all.” 

“And what do you mean by that, O’Connor?” I arched an eyebrow challengingly. 

He gave me a small smile before shrugging. “Nothing, love… just a thought, ignore me.”

I stared at him, willing him to carry on, but decided to let it go. I had more important things on my mind anyways… Like sleep.


Allowing the drowsiness to overpower me, I laid my head onto Adam’s shoulder and soon drifted off into a deep sleep.


“She’s going to have an aneurysm when she wakes up, you know that right?” Miranda said but her voice sounded hazy and far-off. It took me awhile to even understand what she said.

“Mhmm, probably,” chuckled another voice except this one was oddly close by. “But if we had left it to her, she’d still be fast asleep and missing the mandatory Quidditch meeting.”

Quidditch?! Meeting?? QUIDDITCH MEETING?

“QUIDDITCH MEETING!” I cried out, flailing my arms around. This however was not actually the best thing to do as it turns out the owner of that voice was carrying me and I had managed to flail so much, I literally just rolled out of his arms. 

I landed hard onto the floor, possibly breaking my tailbone in the process. I yelped in pain and bit down hard on my lower lip. “Ouch,” I said glumly. 

“She looks like a five year old baby that just got a boo-boo,” Miranda giggled. She then bent down towards me, “did little Keegan get a boo-boo?” 

I swiped at her outreached hands and pushed myself off the floor. “It’s Captain Little Keegan to you!” 

Miranda rolled her eyes and someone began laughing behind me. I knew that laugh before I even had to turn around to face him. Only one person in this place had such an annoying laugh. Oliver Wood.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, but to be honest, I really didn’t care. I just wanted him to leave. 

“Carrying you to the captains’ meeting,” he replied nonchalantly. “I found you asleep in the library on my way to it. 

“So you just decided to kidnap me?”

“No, actually, we tried to wake you up but blimey woman, you sleep like a log,” Oliver explained. “So I decided to carry you and Miranda accompanied me so you wouldn’t, and I quote, claw my eyes out when you wake up.”

I turned to look at my best friend and silently praised her for her quick thinking. If I had woken up to just Oliver carrying me, I probably would have clawed his eyes out.


“Well okay, fine.”

He raised an eyebrow at me as if to ask why I wasn’t angrier but I merely just shrugged. I’d rather Oliver carry me to this meeting than miss it altogether. The git must have understood this because he immediately said, “well, we should head off then or we’ll be late to this thing.”

“Yeah, okay,” I mumbled in response. I gave a quick bye to Miranda before jogging up to Oliver, who had already began walking briskly towards the meeting.  

The two of us quickly burst through the doors a few minutes later and found ourselves facing all of the Head of Houses and the House Quidditch Captains. There was Marcus Flint, Slytherin’s maniacal and slimy captain, and Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff’s playboy captain. 

“Glad you two could join us,” Professor Snape sneered and gestured towards the seats behind Diggory and Flint.


If he weren’t a professor, I’d probably have hexed him ages ago. The guy was a massive jerk. He walked around like he was god’s gift to Hogwarts and was extremely biased to his own house, Git Central or better known as Slytherin. 

“Yes, Mister Wood, I had expected you to be on time for this,” Professor McGonagall, Gryffindor’s Head of House, said. “But now that you and Miss Riddell are both here, let’s begin.”

“So the following rules still stand, tryouts are to be held at the end of Week Two and there will be no training till then,” Professor Snape said sternly. “And I mean NO training, you get that, Mister Wood?” 

Oliver shifted beside me. He was definitely holding back a smart retort. I can see it form the way his lips were twitching madly. But fortunately for him, he managed to nod politely. 



Professor Flitwick, my Head of House, smiled kindly at me before turning his attention to the rest of us. “The fixtures for this upcoming season are as follows: Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff, October 14th. Gryffindor versus Slytherin, October 21st.” 

I turned to look at Oliver and his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. That was a hard match to play first. Everyone knew that the Slytherins played dirty, meaning he was going to have to be extra careful to protect his players from getting severely injured in the first match. 

“Then Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor, December 5th, and Hufflepuff versus Slytherin, December 8th,” Professor Flitwick continued. “Those are the matches before the Christmas holidays.”

“The ones after the holidays are Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff, February 24th, and Ravenclaw versus Slytherin, February 27th,” Professor Sprout, the Head of the Hufflepuff House, added on. “Then we will have another meeting later to discuss the House Cup finals. The time and date for that will be sent to you when it is nearer.” 

“Don’t worry, Mister Flint, we will be sending you a timetable of these fixtures later in the week,” Professor McGonagall sighed. “Also, by Headmaster Dumbledore’s request, we have made a few additions to this year’s Quidditch season. Nothing that will affect the matches themselves so don’t give me those looks, Mister Wood, Miss Riddell.” I blushed abashedly. “These additions include a Quidditch camp for those wishing to play for fun and improve their skills in the process.”

“A what?” Flint cried out, looking horrified. 

I wasn’t keen on the idea myself, but I wasn’t also that opposed to helping out little young uns.  

“A camp, Mister Flint,” Professor McGonagall was clearly getting tired of the big buffoon’s lack of… well, a brain. “It will be every Sunday afternoon and I expect all four of you to be there unless you can give me an extremely valid reason. Headmaster Dumbledore is expecting this to help unite the four Houses together so I expect everything to run smoothly. Do you understand?”

We all nodded obediently. Professor McGonagall was an extremely terrifying woman after all. 

“Oh and the best part, we have decided to up the ante!” Professor Sprout clapped her hands excitedly. I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. “To increase competition and good-natured fun, we have decided that along with winning the House Cup, the winning House will also be able to host their victory party in the Great Hall!” 

I think I peed myself… NO FREAKING WAY!!! A victory party IN the Great Hall? That will be soooo much better than hosting it in our common room! 

However, I expect this party to adhere to the rules and code of conduct of Hogwarts, do I make myself clear?” Professor McGonagall added.

I nodded eagerly. The professors spent a few more minutes talking about playing fair and putting our academics ahead of Quidditch before they finally let us out. I had barely listened to it though. I was still buzzing from the idea of hosting a victory party in the Great Hall.


Merlin, the team was going to be ecstatic and this will really spur them on to want it more! 

House Cup, here I freaking come! 


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Chapter 3: The Gryffindor Magnet
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---Chapter 3 – The Gryffindor Magnet---

featuring our sexy enemy captain, oliver wood... [by me]




The Fidelius Charm is a unique and complex charm that hides the person or thing from view. However, it can be visible to certain individuals, known as the Secret Keepers…

“Miranda, stop breathing down my neck!” I whispered harshly at her.

She rolled her blue eyes and tossed her hair back. “I was not and just so you know, I was not copying either. What do you take me for? A Slytherin?” Miranda snorted at her own joke causing a few Slytherin girls in the vicinity to glare at her viciously. 

I sighed. “So if you didn’t want to copy me then what is it that you wanted?” 

“I wanted to let you know that Justin Dodgson is staring at you,” Miranda grinned wickedly.

What? I cast a subtle glance towards the Hufflepuff boy and he was indeed staring shamelessly at me.  

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. “So what if he is?”

“So what?” Miranda repeated incredulously. “The boy is adorable! And come on, we all know you haven’t had a good snog in a long time, Keegan.” 

I frowned at her and kicked her under the table. “That is irrelevant. And I’m not interested.” 

“But you could be interested?” Miranda pushed.

What did she want me to do? Grab Justin by the collar and shag him senseless in some broom closet? Because her use of the word ‘snog’ definitely had underlying meanings.  

“Miranda, I have other things to think about other than boys,” I told her pointedly. It was true. I did. I had Quidditch and NEWTS to think about. I hardly had time for a relationship.  

“UGH! You’re the worst single friend ever,” Miranda groaned as she slumped onto her desk.  

I arched an eyebrow. “What does that even mean?” 

“It means that I can’t live vicariously through your raunchy nights with boys if you don’t even have one night with a boy that doesn’t involve talking about school or Quidditch!” she complained. 

I chuckled and shrugged. “Sorry, mate. I’m just not interested.” 

Miranda let out another groan for extra effect before turning her attention back to Professor Flitwick.

Was it that weird for me not to be interested in boys?

I mean I guess Justin was cute enough. He had curly golden brown hair and these gorgeous blue eyes, but… what was the point? It was way too much work to even like a guy. I had a Quidditch team to train, a House Cup to win, NEWTS to study for, and just… I just had a lot of things on my plate, all right? If the right guy comes along, I will give it a go. Promise… Scout’s honour and all that nonsense. 

At the end of the lesson, Miranda and I made our way out of Charms. It was nearing noon now so no one had classes for the next hour or so to break for lunch. Miranda, deciding to spend time with her boyfriend, bid me farewell with a grumpy look before departing towards the Ravenclaw Tower. 

I made my own way towards the Great Hall, still slightly annoyed with Miranda for bringing up the topic of relationships or my lack thereof. I was trying to justify my reasons for not wanting one when I was flanked on both sides by two tall lanky redheaded boys.

The Weasley twins. 


“Sweet beautiful Keegan,” the one on the left said. 

“Are you still mad at us for that incident with Marcus?” the one on the right finished. 

I shrugged, deciding to not say a word, even though I could feel both of them staring intently at my face. I involuntarily felt a soft blush slowly creep up my cheeks.

“Don’t be angry!” the left one said, taking the redness of my face as a sign of anger. “We were only doing what Oliver told us to do!” 

“If you wanted to be angry with anyone, it’s him!” the right one agreed. “You know we love you, don’t you?”

I couldn’t help but crack a smile. I stopped and turned to look at both of them. “I’m not mad. Annoyed? Yes. But not angry. I’m just an incredibly sore loser.”  

The two redheaded boys laughed and wrapped their arms tightly around me, sandwiching me in from both sides. 

“I knew you loved us!” they both exclaimed in unison before starting to walk again.

This twin telepathy thing was freaking me out.

“Speaking of love,” the right one, which I now realised, was Fred, said slyly. “Our boy, Ollie, told us about your little bet with him.” 

“So what? It was Miranda’s idea,” I shrugged nonchalantly. The two exchanged a glance.

“We want in,” George stated.

“In on what? I’m not being your slave too!” I cried out irritably.


No way in hell!

Fred winked at me. “As much as I’d love you to be my slave, that’s not what I meant. I meant… we want to make a bet with you.” 

I instinctively took a step back. Everyone knew that making bets with the Weasley twins usually ended up with you coughing up slugs for the next week… or something like that anyways.


“What bet?” 

“It’s not something you won’t enjoy,” George laughed at my terrified expression. “We were actually hoping you could do us a favour. It’s more of a bet between Fred and me.”

“Oh?” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Yeah,” Fred said. “Well you see, George and I have this ongoing argument over which one’s the best twin and since we’ve kind of… exhausted our options in the Gryffindor household, we thought who else to judge the wooing powers of the Weasley twins than the gorgeous and intelligent, Keegan Riddell.”

“Flattery won’t get you boys anywhere,” I reminded them, smiling in spite of myself. 

Fred laughed. “I see you’re a tough one to impress, which is why we want you to judge us on a series of challenges, the first one being a date!”

“We want you to then judge us and tell us which one of us you think is the better twin!” George finished. 

I stared at them in disbelief. They can’t be serious.


“You can’t be serious!”

“Oh, dead serious, my dear,” Fred replied. Oh boy… 

“But wait, this has nothing to do with mine and Wood’s bet,” I remembered.  

They both shrugged, and George told me, “well that’s the thing, we were hoping that you’d spill the beans on the best twin while you’re announcing your love for our boy Ollie.”

What?” I cried out as I stopped walking again. We were nearly at the Great Hall now. “And what makes you so sure it’ll be me up there and not your ‘boy Ollie’, huh?”

“Well because we’re Gryffindors,” George winks. “And if not then, we’ll settle for a less public affair.” 

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, fine, whatever,” I sighed exasperatedly. “Can I please just go eat in peace now?” 

They both nodded happily and sandwiched me into another hug before allowing me to go have my lunch. 

Honestly, these bloody Gryffindors were getting on my nerves. What is with all of them anyways? Why did they always have to bet on everything?


And for the love of Dumbledore, can’t they all just leave me in peace? 


Apparently not.

No, today I was attracting Gryffindors from left and right, and I was not in the least bit pleased about this. It was like I was the bloody Gryffindor Magnet or something.

First, I get flanked by the Weasley twins and cornered into becoming some warped judge for the two of them. Then I get knocked down a flight of stairs by that Irish mate of Potter’s, Finnegan or something. And then, I get interrogated by Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet about my intentions with the Weasley twins.


What the bloody hell was going on?


I now found myself hiding out in my favourite nook of the library, trying to get a head start on my Defence against the Dark Arts essay, and hoping to the lords above no one finds me.


So it wasn’t due till next month, I was a Ravenclaw…


We were overachievers by nature. Plus concentrating on curses was helping me calm my nerves and temper down. There were only so many Gryffindors I could deal with and Ravenclaws for that matter.


We were also inquisitive and nosy by nature—blame it on our need to know everything. I had been poked and prodded by Miranda ever since I told her about the twins, and then Elbie, Seamus, Marcus, and Adam kept trying to act like my big brothers; warning me against the idea. 

I really was sick and tired of everyone. It was only Wednesday of Week One for Merlin’s sake! At this rate, I don’t even think I’ll make it to the House Cup finals. I might end up throwing myself off the Astronomy Tower instead. 

Okay, maybe I was being a tad melodramatic about it all… it was just that I hated excessive attention, unless it was about being awesome at Quidditch or being super intelligent at some class. Anything else was irritating and made me very jumpy. 

Taking a deep breath, I shook my head and tried hard to focus on the parchment in front of me.


Right… Defence against the Dark Arts. 

The Unforgiveable Curses (Avada Kedavra, Imperius, and Cruciatus Curse) are not the only Dark Magic that leaves behind a trace. There are others that… 

I felt a figure looming over me. 

Oh Merlin, please tell me it’s someone I don’t know. I reluctantly looked up into a pair of wide-set blue eyes.  

“Justin!” I said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

He chuckled. “You’re not the only one that uses the library, Keegan.”

I blushed. “Oh right, sorry.” 

“Well actually, I did have an ulterior motive in coming here,” he told me shyly. “I know it’s a bit early, but I was just wondering if you’d go to the first Hogsmeade trip with me.”

What? Shit. Uhh…


“I’m sorry, Justin. I’m going with Fred Weasley,” I told him truthfully.


I was. It just wasn’t a real date.

“Oh, right,” he smiled feebly. “Of course a girl like you would already be taken. I thought I was being smart by asking you this early.”

I smiled reassuringly back at the boy. “No, no! You are! It’s just… it’s a long story, but it’s not a real date. It’s just something I promised I’d do.”

“Oh?” Justin perked up instantly. “So… say you didn’t have this obligation, would you have said yes to me?”

Probably not, but I couldn’t very well tell him that. So I gave him my brightest smile and said, “of course.” 

He grinned happily. “Well, maybe another time then, Keegan. I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said as I waved at his retreating figure. 

Merlin, what have I just done? I’ve just given that poor boy false hope! It’s not his fault that I’m a weird hybrid of girl.


I groaned loudly and plopped my head onto the desk. I wish Quidditch would just start now. I need some way of releasing all this frustration! I needed to throw a Quaffle around… I needed to… fly!

I needed to fly! That was it! 

Happy that I finally figured out how to let loose of this frustration, I quickly piled my parchment and quills into my messenger bag before running out of the library—much to the dismay of Madam Pince.


Whatever, I’ll make it up to the old hag later. 

I sprinted up the steps, taking two at a time towards the fifth floor and up the winding spiral staircase. I was met with the familiar bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle and awaited my riddle.  

“Lovely and round, I shine with pale light, grown in the darkness. A lady’s delight. What am I?” the eagle asked. 

“A pearl,” I quickly replied. That was easy. Although the riddle was wrong, a pearl is not every lady’s delight. This lady? Flying was her delight! 

I bounded through the common room and thanked my lucky stars that no one was in the room to intercept my beautiful plans for the evening. I quickly slipped through the door and into my dormitory. I changed out of my school robes and donned an old greying Montrose Magpies (my favourite Quidditch team since Montrose, Scotland was where my dad was born) hoodie and black sweatpants. Grabbing my trusted Nimbus 2000, I swiftly raced out of the Ravenclaw Tower before anyone could find me.  

In the same ninja stealth like manner, I made it out onto the Quidditch pitch completely undetected.


Finally, I was at peace.


Breathing a sigh of relief, I mounted my Nimbus 2000 and gave it a lazy kick up into the air. I was in no need to speed so I gently swooped in and out of the Quidditch hoops. I let my hair down and allowed the wind to overwhelm me with a sense of calmness. There was nothing like breathing in the fresh Scottish air and being up and away from everyone. I could already feel my shoulders start to unknot and my muscles start to relax. And even though I knew my cheeks were red from the biting wind, that didn’t stop me from carrying on. It was a beautiful evening and I was going to enjoy every second of it. 

“Keegan?” someone asked curiously.

I turned my broom around so I was facing the intruder. “Wood? Merlin, are you following me now too?” 

“God, no!” he exclaimed hastily. “I was trying to get away and flying calms me down. What about you?”

“Following you? Puh-leaaase!” I replied. “I’m up here for the same reason.”

“Oh, I heard… the twins, eh?” Oliver laughed gently, the wind carrying his voice to where I was. “Yeah, I think I had it worse today though. I got cornered by Flint and his cronies after Potions. They wanted to ‘warn’ me about our upcoming match, I wasn’t really listening though.” 

“What happened?” I asked him.

“Ah well… let’s just say Flint is sporting a new crooked nose and I have detention for the rest of this week,” Oliver laughed, which was weird. He was never so carefree about getting detention before but then again, it was probably because Quidditch didn’t even start till next week anyways.

“You wouldn’t have done that if Quidditch had started.”  

He laughed again. “Aye, no bloody way would I risk that! But considering it hasn’t, I decided… ah, might as well show that git a thing or two about being a man.”

I threw my head back and couldn’t help laughing hysterically. “I’m sorry and you’re the one to show him how to be a man?”

“What!” Oliver cried out huffily. “I am one hundred and ten percent all man!” 

“Mhmm, if you say so, mate,” I rolled my eyes—not that he could see in the darkness. I could barely make out his eyes. 

There was an awkward silence before Oliver finally broke it. “So Montrose Magpies, eh?” 

“Yeah, Dad’s from there, didn’t you know?” I answered him. 

“Oh right, I think he mentioned it at one point,” Oliver shrugged. “No wonder you lot always take those trips to Montrose! Do you still have family there or something?”

“Nah, my Nan’s moved to Glasgow but we go there for local publicity matches,” I told him excitedly. “The atmosphere is so great! The entire town is black and white! Even the ale gets dyed that colour, although it’s a bit grim to drink black beer but still!” 

Oliver chuckled. “I bet it’s brilliant to be a part of something like that. We Woods support Puddlemere but we rarely ever go down that area of England.” 

“Why Puddlemere?” I asked curiously, cocking my head at him.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Oliver answered, looking perplexed himself. “I think somewhere down the long line of Woods, one of my ancestors was from there. Or maybe we just chose a team at random!” 

“I wouldn’t put it pass Mr. Wood to do that,” I laughed, and Oliver laughed with me too. 

See, we could get along… I mean I had to admit we were extremely alike but I suppose that was also why I hated him the majority of the time. Our personalities clashed too much—plus he was an arrogant git and liked to mess with me. It was a pastime of his.


Actually ever since we were babes now that I think about it. He used to throw his bottle at my head. Then as we grew up a bit more, he used to steal my toy broom and hide it. I wanted to kill him when he did that! 

“What are you thinking about?” Oliver asked, moving closer to me.

I smiled into the darkness. “I was thinking about the time you stole my toy broom and I got so mad at you that I broke yours.”

“Merlin! That was ages ago and if I recall we were both disallowed to fly for an entire month,” Oliver chuckled. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a girl more in my life.” 

“Ha!” I scoffed. “You wanted to punch me? I wanted to kill you!” 

Oliver started to laugh, his voice sounding closer now. “You were always the one to take violence to the next level.” 

“What can I say? I don’t deal with arrogant little prats very well,” I smirked at him. 

He was right beside me now. “You don’t hate me that much, Riddell.” 

“Don’t I?” I arched an eyebrow challengingly. 

“No, you don’t,” he said softly. He leaned towards me, his hand moving to cup my cheek and I felt panic start to override my brain.

What the hell was he doing?





“I like Justin Dodgson!” I blurted out before pushing down on my broom and diving towards the ground. 

I don’t even know what compelled me to say that lie but I did. And I was glad of it because it meant being far away from Wood, that slimy advantageous prat!


I really had to hand it to him. Using things he knows about me to get on my good side. 

So it seems that he wanted that House Cup far more than I realised… 

I guess it was time to up my game!


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Chapter 4: Idiots with an Ego
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 ---Chapter 4 – Idiots with an Ego---

“Only the first training and she’s got us doing bloody laps!” moaned Elbie, as he latched onto his girlfriend for support. Miranda easily shrugged him off and tossed him a scowl. 

“She’s like a woman possessed!” added Seamus. 

“Someone needs to get her laid or something,” Adam panted, always the one to add a crude remark. 

“Oi, you lot! Shut the hell up before I make you do more laps!” I growled in their direction. I was only a couple yards ahead of them but I knew they heard me loud and clear. 

So what if it was our first training?


We didn’t need try outs so there was literally no reason why we couldn’t jump straight back into it. Plus with just coming back from summer, we had to get our endurance back if we wanted to beat Gryffindor or Hufflepuff for that matter. 


Maybe I was slightly psychotic, but they’ll thank me when we’re sipping Butterbeer from the House Cup. 

You hear that, Oliver Wood? I’m going to kick your arse!  

I shook my head and stopped by the edge of the pitch. I watched as each one of my players came panting towards me. We were going to have to do way more laps next time if a measly five around the pitch was tiring them out.


Adam was the last one to stumble into our huddle.  

“Alright you lot, I know I’m being a tad harsh on you today,” I began.

“A tad? Woman, you’re being…” Elbie was promptly elbowed in the ribs before he was able to finish that sentence—fortunately for him. If he did, I would have probably made him do more laps. 

“Look guys,” I tried again, tossing Elbie a stern look. “I want to apologise to you for being harsh but that’s just the thing. I’m not your friend here. On the pitch, I am first and foremost your captain and any disrespect from either of you will result in laps. I think I’ve been a fairly reasonable captain in the past years but this year.” I paused. “This year, to some of us, is our last chance to get that House Cup and I’ll be bloody damned if Gryffindor or Slytherin steal it from us. Yeah, maybe Hufflepuffs if they get good players but that’s hardly likely.”

Miranda and Lizzie sniggered loudly. I fought the urge to snigger as well but I had my captain face on and Captain Keegan does not snigger at the expense of other teams. Much.  

“I want you to treat each and every training session as you would a match,” I continued. “I want to win. Merlin, I can’t even tell you how much I want that House Cup in my hands, and I know I’ll fight tooth and nail for it. So if you’re not willing to put in the hours and the sweat then I suggest you leave now.”

I knew it was a slim chance anyone would leave. There was one thing my team had and that was fight. At least that was something I could always count on. 

They grinned in response so I took it as a sign to finish up my speech. “Glad to see you lot are staying! Now get the hell up there and show me you want to stay!”  

I stood back as I watched the Ravenclaw Quidditch team all kick off at the same time, whooping and cheering as they soared through the sky. I felt pride surge through my veins and I quickly jumped onto my own broom and followed them. 

Training went by quite uneventfully except for the minor incident when Seamus ‘accidentally’ knocked a Bludger at Adam’s shoulder. To be fair, Adam was making very rude gestures and insinuations about the nature of Marcus and Lizzie’s relationship. They were bloody fifth years! They shouldn’t be doing any of the things Adam was suggesting. Well… I’m pretty sure that last one wasn’t even legal in most countries.


Blimey, that boy was disgusting. 

I smiled as I watched my team make their way to the changing rooms. Seamus stayed behind and walked up to me. He swung his arm around my shoulders.


“I’m assuming you’re back to being my lovely yet slightly mental mate, Keegan, right?” Seamus joked. 

I rolled my eyes at the big lug and shrugged off his shoulder. “Maybe. It depends what you say next.” 

Seamus’ body shook as he laughed. “Nothing bad, Keegs. Was just going to say that that was a great training session, great way to start the season.”

“Thanks, Seamus,” I said sincerely. I looked up into his light green eyes. “I’m an alright captain, aren’t I?” 

“Where’s this coming from?” Seamus asked. He pulled me into a tight hug causing my feet to lift up off the ground. “You’re the best captain! You’re tough when you need to be but you’re caring. You know what this team needs and you know us all well enough to know our strengths and our weaknesses.”

“I guess,” I grumbled. “I’m just… I want this so bad!” 

“I know, love,” he smiled affectionately at me. “But regardless of what happens, you have to know that we all will follow you till the end.”

I smiled happily, my mood quickly lifted.


I loved Seamus. He was the big teddy bear brother I’ve always wished I had. I mean I do have Edan, but I look out for him, not the other way around. I liked the fact that the boys took it upon themselves to look out for me.


Especially Seamus. 

He quickly helped me put the balls back into the shed, and together, we started to make our way back to the Ravenclaw Tower. We were discussing the likelihood of the Montrose Magpies winning the league this year when I was rudely interrupted by the Slytherin’s slimiest member. Marcus Flint. 

“Riddell, can I speak to you for a minute?” he said quickly. He was a large muscular bloke with coarse black hair and incredibly crooked teeth.  

I could feel Seamus tense up beside me, but I quickly put a hand on his forearm before it turned into some ‘who’s got the most testosterone’ match.


“Yeah, fine,” I told him. I turned to Seamus, “it’s okay. I’ll see you back inside.”


Seamus nodded reluctantly, but left me alone with Flint.


“So Flint, what do you want?”

“I’m going to cut the small crap so listen carefully, Riddell,” Flint began. “I know you and Wood have an unfriendly relationship and seeing as my first match is with that prick, I was thinking we should join forces.”

I choked. “Sorry, what? Because I swore you just asked me to join forces with you!”  

“I did just say that,” Flint said confusedly.


Poor boy, I bet he was dropped on his head far more times than his mum could remember.


“We both want Gryffindor to lose so why not help each other out? I mean Wood obviously finds you fit so you could use your ‘ways’ to find out his tactical plans for the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match.”

Holy crap! Did Marcus Flint just ask me to seduce tactical plans out of Oliver Wood? Can this day get any weirder?!


And wait, did he just say Wood finds me fit? That’s a load of crap too.  

My silence seemed to spur the Slytherin on since he carried on talking. “It’s the perfect plan, you get me those plans and when it comes to your match against them, let’s just say a few broom malfunctions may occur.”

“Look, Flint,” I poked him firmly in the chest. “As much as I dislike Wood, I will never ever join forces with a cheating slimy git like yourself! And you know what? Oliver Wood could kick your arse blind-folded so shove off, alright?” 

He looked affronted at first, but his sneer quickly appeared back onto his face.


“You’re a stupid bint, you know that? I could have helped you out, but now, it’s out of my control if a stray Bludger happen to knock you unconscious at our match… or whether a certain Gryffindor Keeper will break an arm,” he snarled at me before turning on his heel and disappearing down the corridor.  

I stared at the spot where he was before. Did he just threaten me? With my life? And Oliver’s well-being?


Does that mean I have to tell Wood that Flint was out to get him?


But I can’t! That requires actually speaking to him and I’ve been avoiding that for the past week. Ever since that bloody almost-kiss… 

God, when did my life get so ridiculous? 


“You’re a sodding magnet for trouble,” Miranda sighed after I had finished retelling my encounter with Flint. 

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and the girls and I were downstairs having breakfast. I had avoided them all of last night but I knew I wasn’t going to get off that easily this morning. At least they still don’t know about the almost-kiss…  

“Wow,” my other dorm-mate, Lucy Montague, said. “You lot take Quidditch way too seriously.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Yeah, but I don’t go around threatening to break my opponent’s arms, do I?”

“No and I wouldn’t have tolerated it even if you did,” my third and most charming (cough) dorm-mate, Penelope Clearwater told me with an arch of her eyebrow.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love the girl, but she was a stickler for the rules—something that was clearly not apart of my genetic makeup. However, Penny was my voice of reason and she always kept my head above water especially when Miranda and Lucy were the ones throwing me into the hypothetical water in the first place. 

Lucy was a bubbly boy-obsessed girl with white-blonde hair and wide blue eyes, but don’t let her innocent look fool you, the girl was a menace. She was a manipulative little genius and always got her way. Sometimes I think the only reason why she wasn’t put into Slytherin was because she looked so bloody innocent.


As for Miranda, well… as my best friend? She sucked. She was always there for me, sure, but she also loved putting me in difficult situations. 

“Oh, shush, Penny dearest,” Lucy grinned. “It’s not like Keegan said yes or anything! Although, the seducing Oliver Wood bit seems quite enticing.” 

I reeled away from her. “No! And don’t go getting any ideas!”

She feigned shock. “I’m hurt that you think I’d suggest you go seduce Oliver for his Quidditch plans! I was just thinking maybe you should go seduce Oliver for… other reasons,” she winked at me and I groaned in response.

“Alright, enough,” Miranda chuckled. “As much as I’d love to see those two snog the pants off each other, I hardly see it happening any time soon.”

“Eww! It won’t happen ever!” I retorted. Penny snorted. 

“For now, I think you should go tell Oliver about the fact that Flint’s out to get him,” Miranda told me sensibly.  

“What if I don’t want to?” I crossed my arms huffily. I was being childish and I know I can’t keep away from him forever but I was going to bloody well try.

“And why not?” Miranda arched her eyebrow at me. “You’ve been avoiding him for the past week!”  

“Nothing new with that,” I pointed out.

“It’s weirder than usual,” Lucy agreed and Penny even nodded.


Damn, I was cornered. 

“So? Spit it out, Keegan,” Miranda crossed her arms as well. She meant business and I’m pretty sure if I didn’t come out with an excuse or the truth now, she was going to torture me.

“Uh, nothing…” I mumbled. “ImighthavetoldhimIlikedJustinDodgson.” 

Phew. Done.

What?” Lucy demanded. “Did anyone else hear what the girl just said?” 

They all shook their heads.

“FINE!” I cried out. “I told Wood that I fancied Justin Dodgson and it might have been a lie and now I’m avoiding him!”  

“Oh,” Penny said. “Why would you tell him that in the first place?” 

Uhh… crap. Why? THINK, KEEGAN! Why? 

“Because I think Oliver likes me,” I blurted out before I had a chance to stop myself.


Wow. I really needed to stop doing that! He doesn’t even fancy me. He’s just trying to mess with my head so I’d slip up and lose to Gryffindor. I seriously needed to stop blurting out lies… 

“WHAT!” all three of them cried out causing the entirety of the Great Hall to stop what they were doing and stare at us, including the Gryffindor boys.


Sodding hell!  

I caught Wood’s eye and tossed him a scowl. He grinned obnoxiously back at me before turning back to whatever his mates were saying.

“Shut up, will you!” I glared at the three of them as I reached over to shut Lucy’s mouth close.

“Oliver Wood fancies you?” Lucy whispered harshly at me. “OHMIGOD!” 

“It’s not that big of a deal and maybe he doesn’t,” I replied, shrugging. 

I turned to look at my best friend for her opinion, but Miranda just looked dumbstruck. For the next few minutes, she stared blankly at me.


Suddenly, she exclaimed, “wait, what happened that made you think that?”

Damn it. Why was she so bloody inquisitive? Darn Ravenclaw traits! 

“Uhh…” I stalled. There’s no point in lying now. Here goes… “He tried to kiss me.”

“WHAT!” they all cried out, and we were once again met with the same reaction from the students in the Great Hall. 

“Shut the hell up!” I hissed through my teeth. 

“Sorry, sorry, but why the bloody hell have you not told us this vital piece of information?” growled Miranda.

“No, no, why the hell did you not kiss him?” Lucy exclaimed. “Have you seen that boy? He is the epitome of sexy and rugged!” 

“Keegan, even I can’t deny his sex appeal,” Penny smiled at me. “And according to you lot, I have shit taste in men.” 

We chuckled at this. Well, she was dating Percy Weasley and the boy was a weirdo fascist Prefect—kind of like her but without a sense of humour. 

“I never said he wasn’t fit,” I replied. “Not that I’m saying he is but Wood and I… We’re like fire and ice. We don’t mix and even messing with that dynamic will end in catastrophe.”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “You’re a bigger melodramatic than I am!” 

“Whatever, okay?” I snapped irritably now. “Nothing will ever happen between Wood and I, I don’t fancy Justin Dodgson, and Wood does not fancy me!” I grabbed my Quidditch bag. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go teach little bitty first years Quidditch!” 

I quickly got up from the Ravenclaw table and stalked off towards the Quidditch pitch. My mind was swirling chaotically and I felt on edge again. It was only the second bloody week of school and I’ve already been propositioned into bets I don’t even want to be in, threatened by a slimy git, asked out by a boy I don’t like, lied about liking said boy, and nearly kissed by my sworn enemy.

Wow. Just wow. 

I really did not need any of this adding onto my stress load of Quidditch and school and trying to keep the girls off my back. Don’t they know I was an easily stressed out person and slightly neurotic?  

Right, calm, Keegan. I just needed a plan. Plans make you happy, right? Right. 

A plan… 

1.     Tell Wood about Flint’s threat

2.     Tell Dodgson you don’t fancy him (if he asks you out again)

3.     Fancy someone (that way maybe everyone would just leave you alone…)

That is a stupid plan… Yeah, that’s a stupid plan. 

Why would I need to fancy someone? 

Because Keegan, if you do then maybe the girls will lay off, Fred and George will cancel the dates, and Wood and Dodgson will leave you alone. 

But who would I fancy?  

I can’t just force myself to like someone though. Maybe I needed to open my eyes to new people, but… that doesn’t mean they’d fancy me back.


Was I even fancy-able?


Maybe I was too much of a Quidditch-obsessed psycho maniac? Guys don’t really want to date girls they’re intimidated by, right?


And I mean I intimidate most of the guys at this school. The only ones that weren’t were the ones that played Quidditch and I wouldn’t fancy any of that lot.  

“You all right, Riddell?”  

“Huh?” I looked up at Cedric Diggory and then at my current surroundings.  

Oh. I was already at the Quidditch pitch. Right.  

“You all right?” Cedric repeated again, trying not to laugh at me. “You seemed pretty out of it just now.” 

“Oh, right,” I grinned at him. “I’m fine, just… thinking. Quidditch plans and all that malarkey.” 

“Of course,” he laughed now. “You and Wood are two of a kind. Quidditch always on the brain, no time for anyone else.” 

I stared at him for a few seconds before blurting out, “am I fancy-able, Diggory?” 

“Huh! What?” he looked confused.  

“I mean… am I likeable? To the males of this school?” I kept going. I really was on a roll today with the ‘putting my foot in my mouth’ thing. “Or are guys too intimidated by me?”

“Well I… uhh…” he stuttered. 

Oh… well that puts things into perspective for me. 

“Sure you are, Riddell,” a voice said from behind me. “You’re likeable. Sure, you scare the crap out of most boys at this school but that’s just cause you’re one of the few girls in this place that actually has a backbone.”

I whirled around. Wood… I should have realised. 
He was smiling at me, his brown eyes dancing with amusement at my sudden interest in what the opposite sex thought of me.


“Does this questioning have anything to do with what you told me last week? Because if it does, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with snagging that one.” He gestured towards my right and I turned to look at Justin, who was waving stupidly at me.



There were so many things that just plain sucked at that Quidditch camp thing. One, no one BLOODY KNEW HOW TO PLAY!


Okay, I wasn‘t expecting them to but I never realised how frustrating it is to try to teach athletically challenged people. Also, hearing-challenged as well.


Merlin, I can’t teach someone to throw a Quaffle if they don’t even listen to anything I say. No, no! Instead, they choose to sodding ogle Wood or Diggory!



Oh right… second thing to be wrong was Justin. He’s adorable and sweet, but… he’s too sweet. He’s too caring and just compliant with me. Everything I say, he agrees. Every joke I make, he laughs. Every insult I throw at him, he accepts. And the most irritating part of it all? When I fell off my broom trying to catch a Quaffle, he runs over like the world’s most worried boyfriend.



Oh and Wood couldn’t stop laughing at the entire thing! Bloody git! 

Third thing was that almost half of the people that showed up were giggling first, second, and third years that wanted to come out and stare at Wood and Diggory. They couldn’t care less how to properly kick off a broom or anything Quidditch-related for that matter. 

This Quidditch camp was a waste of my freaking time and if I wasn’t so terrified of Headmaster Dumbledore, I would give him a piece of my mind. 

It doesn’t even support House unity! Actually, it de-supports (yeah, I know that’s not a word, sod it) it, because Flint and I got into an argument then Wood and Flint got into an argument. Then I threw a Quaffle at Wood and then he shoved me into the mud. Oh, and then Justin tried to get involved but luckily for him, Diggory held him back and told him that spats between Wood and I were normal. 

Today sucked big hippogriffs. Seriously big hairy hippogriffs!

I took out my water bottle from my bag and splashed some water onto my face. I was starving and lunch was about to be served. I should probably shower, but I wanted food and I wasn’t that smelly! I was just… covered in mud. No biggie. 

“Dodgson seems nice,” Oliver said innocently, coming to stand in front of me. At least he was covered in mud too.  

“Sod off, Wood,” I grumbled tiredly. “I’m not in the mood.”

“You’re never in the mood,” he noted.  

“Not for you anyways,” I replied sweetly. I undid my ponytail and let my hair loose. I used the rest of the water in my bottle to pour down my hair and wash away the mud. 


“Do you really like him?”  


“Dodgson,” Oliver rolled his eyes at me. 

I shrugged. “I guess.” 

“You don’t.” 

“And how would you know that?” I asked indignantly. “I could like him a lot!” 

“Because he annoyed the crap out of you today,” Oliver said matter-of-factly. 

I sighed heavily. “Fine, I don’t like him! Happy, Wood? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m starving.”

I grabbed my bag and headed into the castle. I was walking down the corridor when I heard a loud gagging noise so I looked up. There at the top of the stairs was Amanda Kearney, a girl I’ve never particularly liked for some reason. She was a Gryffindor from what I know and shared a dorm with Alicia, Katie, and Angelina in sixth year.  

“Ew, what the hell are you?” she made a very unattractive face at me. Her gaggle of girls laughed snottily at her comment. 

I ignored it and kept on walking. I didn’t deal with snotty girls well. Mild snotty? I ignore, but if they got too snotty, sometimes I get violent so for their sake, I hope they were just mild. 

“I was talking to you, troll,” Amanda growled at me. 

Moderately snotty. Only moderately, Keegan. Walk away. Willing all the self-control I had left, I kept on walking.

“Riddell, I was talking to you,” Amanda yelled out again. She bounded down the stairs gracefully and walked straight up to me. We were the same height. “Look, I’m just going to be straight with you. You’re a weird tomboy with no girly bone in your body but for some bloody reason, you’ve caught Justin’s eye. And well that’s the problem right there, he’s my ex and I want him back so if you don’t want any trouble, I suggest you back the fuck off!” 

I blinked. She… Did she just… Oh for Merlin’s sake! 

Too snotty! 

I growled. Literally. The low sound burned at the back of my throat as I watched her inwardly flinch.


“Talk to me, look at me or even breathe near me again, Barbie, and I will punch your pretty little face in. Like you said, I’m a tomboy and I’ve got a mean right hook.” 

I changed my snarl to a fake grin before turning on my heel and walking into the Great Hall.  

Stupid snotty bint! 

Does everyone have it out for me this week? That’s the second time I’ve been threatened by some idiot with an ego. I really hope the rest of the year isn’t like this.

Actually, I’m just praying tomorrow is better than this… 


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Chapter 5: Overwhelmed
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---Chapter 5 - Overwhelmed---



I was frantic.


I was going absolutely bonkers. Mental. Psychotic.


 I felt like I needed to be institutionalised. It was the week of the Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff match and I was frantic

Everything up until then had gone by quite smoothly. Training had been superb! All of our new plays have been running perfectly and the team are in top form. Justin had let up his pursuit of me for a bit, which meant I was no longer receiving threats from the peroxide blonde bimbo—not that they were really threats since I think she was actually terrified of me. No more bets were being made and Wood has even left me alone. 

But now I’m frantic!


It’s the week of the bloody match and I have two papers in on Thursday, an exam on that Friday, and I have training set up for every single day till match day. 


Did I mention I was slightly neurotic?

Yeah… well I am, which was why I was now heading to the Hufflepuff Dormitories in search of my brother. I needed to touch base with Edan. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the kid and I’ve missed him. 


Plus he was the only person that could calm me down right now. I lied when I said I looked out for Edan, the kid didn’t need looking after no matter how much I try to deny this. He’s the one that takes care of me. Especially when I’m in this state.

I’m stood in front of the Hufflepuff entrance, hoping to Merlin that someone would go in or come out. Luckily for me, a small fourth or fifth year came bustling towards me.



“Oi! You!” I cried out. The kid jumped up in fright. Woops… “Sorry, sorry! Didn’t mean to frighten you. What’s your name?” 

“E-Ernie… Ernie MacMillan!” he squeaked. 

I smiled kindly at him. “Hi Ernie, I’m…”

“Keegan Riddell,” he finished for me. “You’re Edan’s sister and captain of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.”  

“Yeah, that I am,” I chuckled.

“You’re a brilliant Chaser,” he smiled shyly at me. “Oh, erm… do you want me to get Edan for you?”

“Yeah, that’d be grand, Ernie,” I said, still smiling at the boy.

He beamed back at me. “Okay, I’ll go get him!” He quickly whispered the password and was about to run inside when he turns towards me. “You’re also really pretty,” he yells before he disappears into the Hufflepuff common room.  

I couldn’t help but feel flattered and happy. It’s always nice to be complimented, even if it was from a kid four or so years younger than me. 

It only took a few minutes for Edan to emerge through the entrance. He looked tired, but still grinned from ear-to-ear at the sight of me. His dark hair flopped over his eyes, his hair obviously having grown out a bit now, making me realise that it’s been too long since I’ve properly seen him. 

I quickly made my way towards him and slung my arms around my brother’s neck.



“Hi sis,” he laughed, hugging me back.

“I’m so sorry I haven’t been round to check up on you,” I said guiltily. “I’ve just been so busy with NEWTS and Quidditch and…”

“I know, I know,” Edan raised his hand to stop me. “I know you better than anyone so I get it.”

“You do,” I agreed. “Which is why I need you! I need you to slap the sense back into me!”

“Are you freaking out because of the match?” Edan asked, seeing straight through to the problem.  

“Yes,” I sighed. “I’ve just been feeling like I’m off my bloody rockers, Edan! I feel like I have no control over what I do and that I’m going to mess this all up for the Ravenclaws and let my team down. It’s my last year playing Quidditch here and I just can’t mess up, you know? I just can’t!” 

“Look, Keegs,” Edan put his hands on both of my shoulders. “You are one of the best Quidditch players out there and an amazing captain! Your team will be absolutely fine this week and you’re going to be absolutely fine!”  

“How do you know?” I pouted childishly. 

Edan rolled his eyes and steered me to a nearby step. We sat down before Edan turned to me.


“Because you’re my sister and you’re tough as nails. Plus Miranda has been complaining to me every chance she gets that you’ve gone all fascist Quidditch captain on her so I’m assuming that’s a good thing.” 

I laughed at this. “She has?”

“Yeah,” Edan smiled. “Oh and Oliver told me about what happened.”

I froze. “Wha… what do you mean?”

Edan gave me that ‘don’t play dumb’ look. “That he tried to kiss you and you ran off?”  

“He admitted to that?” I asked incredulously. “Wait, so he was trying to kiss me?” 

“Sort of,” Edan laughed at my expression. “He admitted to how it must have looked, but he said he wasn’t exactly sure what happened and that if you came round to talk to me to tell you not to get your knickers in a twist over it.”

“HE SAID THAT?” I nearly bellowed. I was going to wring that git’s neck!

“Calm down, Keegs,” Edan said. “He was just messing! Or are you upset that he wasn’t trying to kiss you?”


“No, what? God no, I’m relieved,” I told him. “Seriously, Edan, don’t go getting any ideas. Too many people assume too many things about my love life.”

“So I hear,” Edan sighed. “Listen, forget about all that. Focus on yourself for this week. You’ve done all you can for the team and now it’s time to focus on you. It’ll help you calm down as well.”

I sighed. He was right. As always… 

“Okay, I’ll try. Thanks, little bro,” I smiled and hugged him. “So how are you? Any luck with the blonde from King’s Cross?”

“Oh… Cameron,” Edan sighed. “She’s just not interested… and she’s so indifferent towards me.”

“So you mean she’s impervious to your charms?” I gasped mockingly. Edan punched me in the shoulder. “Ouch, okay! I joke! Look, if I win this Friday, bring her round. I know your House will just be moping after the loss and we will be having one epic victory party so tell her some cheesy line about being a good brother and ask if she wants to come.” 

“Really?” Edan brightened up. “That’d be great! Thanks, Keegan!” And this time, he threw his arms around me.

I hugged my brother back tightly. “I got to go before I get caught for being out past curfew. Love you and see you soon, Edan!”

“Love you too, sis,” he smiled back. We parted ways and I swiftly and stealthily made my way back to the Ravenclaw Tower a lot happier and a lot lighter than when I had left it. 


I was honestly trying to take Edan’s advice, but how was I supposed to focus on myself when I had so much to do?


I can’t, that’s how!


I was less frantic now but I wasn’t exactly sane either. I mean aside from everything that’s been taking up my time, I was also feeling extremely guilty about not having told Oliver about the threat yet.

I mean… Me being guilty over Oliver? That’s insanity right there. Loony bin, straight jackets and a mouse named Desperado. That is my future life. 

I was currently sprinting up the staircases and towards the Ravenclaw Tower. I answered the riddle and jumped into the common room in a fashion that caused a group of first years to yelp and run back to their dormitory.

“Keegan? What the hell are you doing?” Adam asked curiously.


I turned towards his voice and found all of the seventh years minus Penny, who was probably off doing Head Girl things that only Head Girls know about, sitting by the fireplace. I raced over to them and threw myself onto Miranda’s lap. 

“I’M DYING!” I wailed. “I’M SLOWLY DYING!”

“Err… what?” Adam sounded confused but I couldn’t tell. I had buried my head into Miranda’s lap while she soothingly stroked my hair.  

“She said she’s dying, mate,” Elbie offered up, which earned him a smack from someone.  

“Where’ve you been, love?” Miranda asked me. I moved my head so I could look up at her. 

“Library,” I sighed. “I just finished my Charms paper and I was trying to finish up my Defence against the Dark Arts one as well but there were too many people and I had to run out.” 

“Hun, you’ve done more than most people have, you’ll be fine,” Lucy cooed beside me. She had walked over to kneel in front of me. 

“No I won’t,” I wailed again. “I’m going to fail and lose us the match and be the laughing stock of Hogwarts!”

“Keegan, Keegan,” Seamus had come round to kneel beside Lucy.


Awe, look at them They look so cute. It’s like beauty and the beast, except Seamus wasn’t ugly.


“We will not lose to Hufflepuff, their Keeper is weak like you told us. Their Seeker is slower than Marcus, and with you, Adam and Miranda up there, there’s nothing that can stop us.”

I sighed. “I suppose so.”

“No, no, you know so,” Seamus said, finishing his pep talk. 

“You know what you need?” Adam piped up. We all turned to look at the blonde sitting cheekily on a lone armchair.  

“No, I don’t need a ‘bloody good shag’,” I told him pointedly, imitating his voice at the end.

He crossed his arms huffily. “I totally don’t sound like that.”

“You kind of do, mate,” Elbie chipped in eagerly. 

“Well, you’re kind of a turd!” Adam retorted oh-so-cleverly.

“Nah uh, you are!”

“Yah huh!” 

“Nah uh!”

“Yah huh!”


“OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHUT THE HELL UP!” Miranda shouted with a glare directed at both idiots I for some reason call friends. 

“Elbie, if you do not shut up, you will never be touching this,” Miranda gestured at her body, “again!” 

Elbie’s eyes went wide and he quickly fell silent.  

I couldn’t help but burst into fits of laughter at how whipped Elbie was. And apparently neither could Adam, Lucy, and Seamus.  

Merlin, I loved my friends. They were all so ridiculous and absolutely up the whazoo on crazy pills but I loved them. 

They have always been there for me and that’s what matters.
To me at least. 


It was around midnight and I had only a couple hundred more words left to write for my Defence against the Dark Arts paper when Lucy snatched the quill away from my hand. She then began to dance happily around the room, snatching quills from Miranda and Penny as she went along. 

The three of us sat up in our bed and scowled darkly at her. We were so intent on our evil scowls that if there was actual magical power in them, I was pretty sure Lucy would have blown up by now. Unfortunately, the bubbly blonde menace was just dancing around.

“Alright, I give, what do you want?” Miranda sighed, putting her parchment away as she spoke.  

Penny and I looked at each other and followed suite. I guess there was no denying Lucy when it came to what she wanted. I told you… manipulative little minx. 

“I want to play a game,” she smiled at us.  

Penny fell down on her bed with a groan.  

“What game Lucy?” Miranda asked her, ignoring Penny’s obvious distaste for Lucy’s ‘games’. 

“Truth or truth!” Lucy exclaimed excitedly. She dropped the quills onto the one table we all shared and bounded over to my bed. She flopped down next to me, placing her head onto my leg.  

“Excuse me?” Penny rolled over onto her side to look at us. 

“Well it’s truth or dare without the dare,” Lucy said matter-of-factly. Penny was about to say something when Lucy kept on talking. “Okay fine, I just don’t like dares, okay? And it’s late. So truth or truth?” 

Penny chuckled. “Works for me since I won’t have a moral dilemma when one of you gets dared into stealing someone’s underwear.” 

I blushed a crimson red. It had been fourth year and I was dared to steal one of the older boys’ boxers. Oh, did I mention said boy was super fricking gorgeous to the extreme? Yeah. Well… he caught me and it was awkward. I squeaked like a mouse, threw the boxer up in the air, and made a run for it—except I promptly tripped over my foot and fell down the stairs. I broke my arm. It wasn’t pretty and my captain at the time, Roger Davies, wasn’t too pleased with me either. 

“Right, yeah, I’m in too,” I mumbled, flustered. 

“Sure,” Miranda chuckled.

“GREAT!” Lucy clapped her hands together and sat up on my bed. “I’ll go first! Miranda, truth or truth?” 

“Do you really have to bloody ask?” she arched an eyebrow at Lucy. “Fine whatever, truth.”

“Have you ever gotten caught in a broom closet for snogging?” 

“Is that a valid question?” I asked, sitting up too now. “Penny’s caught her and Elbie about five billion times now!”

“Three actually,” Miranda winked at Penny, who merely just grunted in annoyance. 

“Your question sucked,” I complained. 

“My turn,” Miranda said just as Lucy was about to retort. “Penny! Have you ever gotten caught in a broom closet snogging Percy?”  

Penny went a bright red and that was all we needed to know before we burst out laughing. She frowned and swiftly threw a pillow at Miranda. Being that the girl was a Chaser, she easily dodged it.  

“Ha ha, laugh it all up, you bitches,” Penny snarled. “MY turn! Keegan! Err… well…” she went red again before she sighed exasperatedly. “Okay, I can’t be as crude as you lot. Keegan, who was your first kiss?”

Miranda and Lucy groaned in disappointment at the question but I stopped breathing for a second. I never told anyone about that.  

“It was Adam, wasn’t it?” Lucy asked me.


“It wasn’t?”

“Well… there was one other person,” I mumbled. 

“WHO!” Miranda demanded. She jumped onto my bed causing Lucy and I to bounce up and down. 

“Erm,” I didn’t want to tell them but I was cornered and I hated lying to the girls about anything. Plus it wasn’t that big of a deal… “Oliver Wood.”


I looked around the room at the shocked expression plastered on every single one of the girls’ faces.  

Maybe I should have lied. Said it was Adam… or someone else. 

“OLIVER?!” Lucy squealed. “OHMIGOD!! WHEN? WHERE? HOW? WHY? 


“HOLY SHIT!” Miranda cried out.

“Wooooowwwwwww!” Penny whistled loudly. 

“Keegan, tell us everything!” Lucy demanded, but in a softer decibel. I thanked my ears for that. 

“It was nothing,” I sighed. “We were eleven, it was over Christmas when you lot had gone home. There was mistletoe and he kissed me. End of.” 

“Wow! Why didn’t you tell us?” Miranda asked, a tinge of hurt in her voice. 

“Miranda, it was nothing,” I quickly said. “I just wanted to forget it ever happened and I thought if I didn’t talk about it, it’d go away.”

Why?” Lucy asked, scowling at me. “He’s beautiful!” 

“Yeah, but he’s a git!”  

I don’t know what it was… maybe it was the tone of my voice but the girls dropped it and soon after, we all ended up drifting off to sleep. I was the last one to fall asleep though. My mind was consumed with that memory and something else, something else wanting to break free but I pushed it back.  

I didn’t need to relive that.  


“Hey Wood! Wait up,” I called out despite my desperate desire to run away right now. After an endless hour of nagging from Miranda in Charms, I finally agreed to go find Oliver and tell him about Flint’s threat. 

Yeah, I know. It’s been weeks and I should have told him ages ago, but hey, it’s not like speaking to the git was my top priority, was it?

So it slipped my mind, hex me! 

Oliver turned around at the sound of his name and looked intriguingly at me. He looked as if he wasn’t sure whether this was a trap or not. I guess I deserved that, considering I never ever initiate a conversation with him.


Well, why would I? His sole goal in life besides being a crazy Quidditch player is to annoy me to hell and back. 

“Riddell,” he smiled. “What’s up?”

“Right, so I should probably have told you this last month but I got caught up with work and Quidditch and well I just forgot,” I rambled quickly. “Well you see, Flint came up to me and wanted me to… well… err, he wanted me to get Quidditch plans out of you, but of course, I said hell no! Then I told him to shove it! And he was all like, ‘look Keegan, you’re an idiot’ and so he threatened to throw me off my broom and then break your arm or something.”

I gasped for air. Wow… that took a lot out of me! 

Oliver stared at me for a couple seconds, the silence looming over us and I felt incredibly awkward standing there. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and a throaty growl began deep in his throat.


“He threatened to throw you off your broom?”

“Er, yes, I said that,” I cocked my head to the side, wondering if he was deaf. 

“That’s not the point, he threatened to break your arm in your upcoming match!” 

“Yeah, yeah, I can handle myself with Flint,” Oliver waved that away. “But you have to be careful if he’s threatening you like that. Flint may look like a dolt but he has his ways of injuring even the most careful of players.”

“I know, Wood,” I rolled my eyes. “I’m a captain too, you know! And what makes you think I can’t take on Flint? He’s just an arrogant idiot. Yeah, he’s stronger than me, but I’m much faster than him.”

“Well, you should still be careful at this week’s match, he might try something,” Oliver said seriously. 

My eyes widened before I could stop myself. “You think he’d try something on Friday?”

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” Oliver told me. “But like you said, you’re a tough girl, you can handle it.” He winked at me.

I punched his shoulder. “Stop mocking me!”

“I’m not,” he laughed now. I punched him again. “Ow! Okay, I’m sorry! Jeez, why do you hate me so much? That hurts!”

I shrugged and grinned. “Because you’re irritating.”

“Actually, why do you hate me so much, Riddell?”

Uhh… That totally threw me off guard. 

“I… I… well… you’re… I don’t know,” I stuttered incoherently. 

He arched an eyebrow. “Is that really the answer you’re going to give me? After years of being horrible to me?”

“Me? Horrible? To you?” I exclaimed. “You’re the one that’s always trying to rile me up! You always have to push my buttons and just piss me off to no end!”

“I thought we were just having a laugh,” he chuckled. “I didn’t think you’d take it to heart.” 

“I don’t!” I crossed my arms in a huff. 

“We used to be mates,” he said softly.  

I felt my chest tighten and the memory of that summer flooded into the forefront of my mind despite my resistance. I remembered that time all too well now. Probably a bit differently than him. It was the summer before Hogwarts and the summer… the summer my mum left us.

Six years ago. 

“What house do you think we’ll be in?” I turned over onto my side to look at Oliver’s face. He was staring up at the clouds but then he broke out into a grin. I felt a giddiness erupt inside of me at the sight.

“Gryffindor, of course,” he said confidently. 

“Both of us?” I asked. It was a fear that had been burdening me all throughout summer and now that it was coming to an end, I couldn’t hold that fear inside me any longer.

Oliver rolled over to look at me causing me to blush and look away.


“Of course, Keegan! You’re just as brave as anyone I know, loyal and kind.”

“But what if… what if we get separated?” I cried out, tears springing to my eyes. “I mean you’ll go off with your friends and… oh God, we won’t even play Quidditch together!” 

“Look, if we do get separated, we’ll still be friends,” he chuckled. “You’ll always be one of my best mates and we’ll always play Quidditch together over summer.”

I sighed and turned away from him. I couldn’t bear to look at those dark brown eyes of his anymore. They were so sincere and genuine that it hurt me to look into them when I couldn’t find myself to believe in his words.


 “I guess so.”  

It hurt even more that I would always be his mate. That’s what I’ll always be to him and it hurt. It had taken me all summer to realise why it hurt, but even then, it was hard to believe that I had developed a crush on my best friend. It was even harder to believe that anything more would happen from this crush. 

“Keegan, don’t look like that,” Oliver said softly me, his voice making my body hum with happiness. Whenever Oliver used that tone with me, it always made me feel like I was the only person in the world that he cared about. Stupid, I know. “I hate when you look upset.”

“Sorry,” I grinned for him. 

He rolled his eyes and slid his arm around my shoulder, pulling me tightly to him. “Hey, you know I love you, right?” 

My heart thumped in my chest, but I knew that’s not what he meant. As a friend, Keegan, only that. 

“Yeah of course, and I love you too,” I said back, almost robotically. 

“Good.” I didn’t have to look at him to know he was smiling and that made me feel happier too.

“KEEGAN,” my little brother came running out of the house, screaming his lungs out. I’d normally be annoyed, but something about his voice pained me inside.

I shot up from my spot to look at the ten year old in front of me, tears streaming down his face. “Edan? Edan! What’s wrong, love?” 

“She’s gone, Keegan! She’s gone!” Edan cried out, his voice breaking every so often. “All her stuff’s gone! Everything! She left us!”

I stared wordlessly at my brother, my heart having shattered into a million pieces inside of me. It felt as if every broken shard had pierced through another part of my body, leaving me completely tattered inside. 

How could she leave me? How could she just walk out on us? I knew they had problems, but what about her children?

Edan was only nine! I was about to go to Hogwarts! 

Everything around me turned into white noise as I ran into the house. I had to see it for myself. I had to…

See that everything was gone. My mother was gone. 

Present day.

“That’s till you lied to me,” I told him.


It had been so long since I remembered why I hated Oliver in the first place. I’ve forgotten how painful it was to remember that summer.  

“What are you talking about, Keegan?” he asked me, his brown eyes wide. 

“You lied to me,” I cried out, louder this time. “You said we’d be in Gryffindor and then you left me, I was all alone, Oliver! And with everything that happened, I just…”

“You know that’s not my fault, Keegs!” 

“I know! I was just so mad at everyone!” I felt my heart clench tightly inside of me, burning with an anger and pain that I forgot was there. “I was so angry that you never even bothered with me.” 

“Keegan, it wasn’t…” 

“Shut up, Oliver, just shut up, okay?” I snapped. “When you got sorted into Gryffindor, I was actually so happy for you and I wasn’t even bitter when I went to Ravenclaw. I guess I always knew but… but you left me. You had your new mates and you forgot about me. You left me when I needed you most. She left me, Oliver! You know how much that killed me inside? And you went and did the same thing. I was eleven. I didn’t need two people I loved to walk out on me!” 

Tears threatened to spill over but I haven’t cried in front of anyone in a long time and I was going to start now. Especially in front of him.  

“Keegan, I’m so sorry,” he said softly. The effect that voice had on me those many years ago were now long gone. 

“Then at that… Christmas banquet,” I continued, unable to stop the words tumbling out of my mouth. I seriously had an issue with keeping my mouth shut. “You and that mistletoe.” I closed my eyes, willing the memory away. “You stole my first kiss and you still went about like we were good mates after all you did… or didn’t do.”

He stared wordlessly at me. I didn’t need him to say anything. I just wanted to forget this conversation ever happened. 

Merlin, I had forgotten those things for a bloody reason!


I never wanted to feel that way again, to feel so alone and helpless and lost. To feel so dependant on Oliver… on my mum. 

“Oliver,” I said gently, the anger dissipating from my body. It took a lot of energy to be angry and I was just exhausted now. “Please can we forget this conversation ever happened? I just want to go back to hating you for mindlessly stupid reasons. I want to go back to our relationship just being about wanting to beat the other, okay?” 

He looked at me. I knew he wanted to protest but he nodded. 

“Thank you,” I smiled before turning around and walking in the opposite direction to the Ravenclaw Tower. “Wood,” I added over my shoulder.



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Chapter 6: Ravenclaws Aren't Just All Brain
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Disclaimer: Any and everything recognisable is probably from JK Rowling's amazingly magical mind. The rest are from me :) 



---Chapter 6 – Ravenclaws Aren’t Just All Brain---




The sun peeked up from behind the forest emitting a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and yellow upon the still-waking Hogwarts. The morning fog was already beginning to dissipate, making way for what looks to be a wondrous day.


A wondrous day to play Quidditch I might add.


I’ve only managed to sleep for a couple of hours. The excitement had kept me up for most of the night. Normally, a lack of sleep would make me extremely tired and extremely grouchy but not today.


No, today, I felt… I felt AWESOME.

I waited a little while longer, watching the colours dance in the reflection of the Great Lake. If I looked really hard, I swore I could see the Giant Squid just waking up or maybe that was just wishful thinking (probably).


As soon as the light engulfed the entire lake, I leaped out of bed. Not caring who I woke up, I began to prepare myself for the oncoming day, throwing items of clothing all around the room and being far too excited to care about the ruckus I was causing.


First, I have Charms in the morning then I have my Potions exam but once that’s over, it’ll be lunch and once lunch is over, it’ll be my FIRST Quidditch match of the new school year! I had everything all set out for that. My Quidditch robes were in pristine condition and were laid out perfectly on my just made bed—and I never make my bed. I had even polished and waxed my Nimbus 2001 last night to glistening excellence. And of course, I had all my game plays memorised and my strategy against the Hufflepuffs planned out. 


“KEEGAN, SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!” screeched Lucy, who was now sitting bolt upright in bed, her blonde hair sticking out in every which way.


Very attractive.  

“I didn’t say anything!” I said resentfully. I didn’t… did I? Unless I yelled that out…

“You did too!” 

“Oh… I swore that was in my head,” I replied sheepishly, grinning at her.

Lucy grumbled at me before pulling her duvet over her head and going straight back to sleep. I guess not everyone was excited as me about today. I guess in Lucy’s defence, it was still six in the morning.

Wow… Six. I don’t think I’ve ever been up this early before!


Ah well, since I was already wide-awake, I might as well go down for breakfast and revise for the Potions exam. I know Snape was just going to be a hard-arse about every little meticulous thing. It’s not like I was crap at the class or anything, Snape just hated me because I was an opposing captain.


Biased git!

But nope, I wasn’t going to stress myself out. Today, I was calm and peaceful Keegan. I was in Zen-mode. Nothing was going to disrupt my inner Zen today, and to begin my Zen-like day, I was going to need some bacon, sausages, and eggs stuffed down me.  


I slid into the middle of the long Ravenclaw table and began piling copious amounts of food onto my plate. There were only a few students scattered around the Great Hall but most were too dazed and in their own world to pay any mind to the Ravenclaw captain pigging out.

 “Bloody hell, Keegan, you eat like hippogriff!”

“Mfggghhh?” I looked up to find Fred and George Weasley looking down at me.

“Try swallowing and then speak,” Fred chuckled or I think it’s Fred. I was only beginning to tell the difference between the two but I still can’t be sure. I think Fred’s the one with the longer fringe and smaller ears.

I swallowed and took a deep breath. I was not going to glare at the two idiots I was Zen Keegan today. 

“Did you lose your way or something?” I asked sweetly. 

“No, on the contrary my dear Keegan, we came looking for you,” George replied, just as sweetly. 

“Do I even want to know why you’re looking for me?” 

“Yes, of course!” they both answered together before Fred took the lead. “We were hoping to discuss something a little birdy told us.”

“Yes,” George said before he began running his fingers through his hair a bit nervously. “Well, you see, we were hoping we could entice you to do something for us.”

“In what way?” I queried without actually wanting to know the answer. I already knew I wouldn’t like this.

“I’m so incredibly glad you asked!” Fred exclaimed. “We were hoping to make a little wager.” I opened my mouth to protest when Fred stuck a piece of pastry into my mouth. “Nah uh, little Keegan. Let us elaborate.”

“You see, we have inside information that Herbert Fleet cannot block scissor kicks,” George continued. “We want you to test this out.”


“But it’s a one in ten chance that a Chaser would make a scissor kick,” I cried out. “It’s nearly impossible!” 

Not impossible,” Fred told me, tapping me on the nose. “We’ve seen you practice out there on your own. You can do it.”

“But that’s all just for fun!”

“Trust us,” they said, both redheads winking at me conspiratorially.

“Fine,” I sighed going against the universal knowledge to never trust a Weasley twin. “What’s in it for you?”

“We can use this information to our advantage when we play them,” Fred winked again.

“But if you’re wrong?” I arched an eyebrow at him.

“Well if we’re wrong, we will owe you a favour,” Fred said. 

“As long as it’s not life-threatening and not betraying any of our friends,” George quickly added. 


“We’re just hoping to add a little bit of excitement,” Fred said cheekily. “Plus Ollie bet us you either wouldn’t do it or you wouldn’t be able to make the shot.”

“Oh he did, did he?”
Well if Ollie didn’t think I was capable of it then I’m going to just prove that prat a thing or two about Keegan Riddell.

“So?” they said in unison.

I couldn’t help but smile and despite my better judgement, shook their hands to seal the deal.

They grinned from ear to ear, exposing identical quite-insane-looking smiles, and hastily bid me a goodbye before marching off out of the Great Hall.

Scissor kick shot, huh? Hmmm… I did want to see if I could make it in a match. My aim has improved quite significantly since I began practicing it.


But then again, in a real match with Beaters and opposing Chasers flying about? I doubt I’d make it.
It was worth a shot. I guess… 


“And just a smidgen of valerian roots!” Alicia Spinnet cried excitedly as she dropped the dark green plant into the cauldron. We waited for a few seconds before the contents started to gurgle and then turn a deep purple.

“YES! WE DID IT!” I whooped out as I jumped and high-fived Alicia mid-air. 

We had been partnered together for the exam as each student had to be with a student from a different house. Snape used a charmed bowl to spit out combinations of names in order to choose partners, and I fortunately got paired up with someone with a brain. Alicia was incredibly intelligent but I suppose she had to be if she got moved up to Seventh Year Potions as a sixth year.

“We did it! We did it! We, we, we did it!” Alicia sang out as she did some sort of jig that I assumed was her happy dance.  

“No need to be so arrogant, Miss Spinnet,” Snape sneered, appearing out of nowhere.


As he does. Constantly.  

He peered over our cauldron, took a few notes and gave a huge disappointed sigh. My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t fail! There’s no way!

“Congratulations, Miss Spinnet, Miss Riddell,” Snape said to us in the most bored voice ever. “You two have passed your first exam. Pack up your things, you may go.” 

Alicia stifled a giggle before turning her back to Snape to pack her belongings. I did the same, with a hand clamped to my mouth. As soon as our bags were packed and our tabletop cleared off, we quickly ran out of the stuffy classroom and broke out into fits of laughter.

“He’s… such… a… prick!” Alicia said in between gulps of air. 

I laughed with her. “I KNOW!” 

“Merlin, we should have ‘accidentally’ spilled that Draught of Living Death on him!” Alicia laughed.

“That would have been the best exam ever!” I eagerly agreed.

I’ve never really talked to the tall blonde-haired Gryffindor but you know what? She has the same sort of mischievous charm the Twins had but Alicia was obviously a lot more feminine—and I’ve seen her use her femininity to cause mischief. It was quite admirable I had to say.

“You’re all right, Riddell,” Alicia smiled at me genuinely.

“As opposed to?”

Alicia laughed. “I just mean… you’re cool. I’ve always seen you as the female version of Oliver and he’s a barrel of laughs!”

“So Wood doesn’t let loose ever?” 

“He does… sometimes,” Alicia shrugged. “He’s just a nut case, which makes him a great captain, don’t get me wrong.”

“Yeah,” I scoffed. “Great…”

Alicia rolled her eyes. “So are you excited for today’s match?” 

“Yeah!” I quickly answered, glad to be talking about something that kept my inner Zen stable. Well… sort of. “I can’t wait! I’ve got everything planned out and the Hufflepuffs won’t even know what hit them!”

Alicia roared with laughter. “Now you remind me of Oliver.”

“Shut up!” 

Alicia just kept on laughing and insinuating I was Oliver Wood in female form till we got to the Great Hall. It wasn’t particularly the most amusing walk of my life but I found that I quite liked the spunky Gryffindor. All I had known about her before was that she was a brilliant Chaser but had an aversion to Bludgers—more so than the average Chaser. 

As she walked towards the Great Hall, Alicia bid me good luck before heading inside to find her mates. I smiled at her retreating figure before I went to go grab my Quidditch gear and start to prepare myself for the match.  

I was just re-polishing my Quidditch broom when Miranda and Seamus walked into the Ravenclaw changing room.


I looked up to smile at my two mates. 

“We thought we’d find you in here,” Miranda chuckled at my predictability. It wasn’t hard to find me to be fair. I was a creature of habit.

“So we decided to bring you your lunch,” Seamus told me, throwing a wrapped sandwich into my hands. “We knew you’d skip it.”

I smiled innocently. “Nerves, didn’t feel all that hungry.”

“We know.”

I snorted. “So how are you guys feeling?” I asked, trying to mask my own excitement. “Ready to kick some arse?” 

“You bet, Captain Keegan,” Miranda saluted me. “I’ve been waiting for this bloody moment all week. The feeling of excitement, nerves and a little bit of sick.”

“That’s disgusting,” Seamus made a repulsed face before throwing off his school robes.

“Oh you know what I mean,” Miranda said. “I’m just excited! It’s our last first Hogwarts match ever!”

“Don’t bloody remind me,” I groaned into my hands. 

It’s been all I’ve been thinking about all week… that this was the last first match. It doesn’t sound quite that important but it is. The first match of the season is always the most magical—to some extent—because it’s the first time you’re back together with your Quidditch mates. It’s when you can go out there and wow the crowd with how much you’ve improved. It’s the match that defines how your team plays for the rest of the year. 

It’s important to me. 


Seamus O'Connor:

“DUCK DOWN NOW, NOW, MIRANDA!” Keegan screamed. She was zooming erratically across the pitch towards Miranda. 

Miranda looked up just in time to duck the onslaught of the Bludger. As she did so, she let go of the Quaffle just as Keegan was flying past her. Keegan easily slipped it under her arms and soared so sharply upwards that it caused the Hufflepuff Chasers following her to spin in confusion. 

We all watched as Keegan flew vertically towards the sky. To those in the stand, it must have seemed like she was flying away from the Quidditch hoops, but Keegan knew what she was doing. Without relenting her speed, Keegan pulled into a figure eight loop back downwards and shot the Quaffle with her left arm into the right hoop. The Hufflepuff Keeper, Herbert Fleet was caught completely unaware and another ten points went to our side.

Keegan let a small smile surface to her lips but as quickly as it came, the smile was gone. Replacing it was a fierce determination and intensity that was the reason whyshe was chose as captain and not any one of us. 

I flew by her while simultaneously trying to get close to a stray Bludger. I tossed her a reassuring smile, “nice goal, Captain!”

“Cheers,” she said absentmindedly to me before zooming off after another Quaffle. There was never a moment in a match where Keegan’s mind wasn’t completely directed towards winning and stealing Quaffles. 

I chuckled at my mate before I tightened my grip on the bat and sent the Bludger I had been chasing flying into one of the three Hufflepuff Chasers. It hit him square in the shoulder causing him to drop the Quaffle into Adam’s waiting hands.  


I rolled my eyes ignoring Jordan’s insinuation that I was the reincarnation of some Greek God destined to take out poor Chasers and devour women. I wasn’t really in the mood for his quips today.


The Hufflepuff team were only trailing behind us by thirty points and the Chasers this year were much faster than we had anticipated, not to mention Diggory was still an impressive Seeker. He wasn’t as fast as Marcus but he was determined enough, but so far, no sign of the Snitch has been found.

“WAIT WHAT IS THIS? WHAT IS SHE DOING?” Jordan yelled out, the confusion evident in his voice. There was a murmur throughout the crowd and time seemed to have stood still as every pair of eyes were fixated on Keegan. 

Keegan was making a u-turn around our hoops and just as she was rounding past the last hoop, she pushed down hard on her broom. The broom at first wobbled dangerously at the force but quickly gained speed as she kept on pushing it forward.She skilfully lost the Hufflepuff chaser that was trailing her and kept on flying towards the goal, ignoring the open cries from Miranda.


I’ve never seen her look so determined. What is she up to? 

“RIDDELL IS A ONE-WOMAN TEAM AT THE MOMENT, FOLKS!” Jordan cried out in disbelief. I was pretty dumbfounded as well; Keegan had never been the selfish type of player. In fact, if it were for the betterment of the team, she would do whatever it took even if it meant a loss opportunity for her.  

I watched Keegan let go of her broom and with the flick of her right hand, threw the ball upwards. She then swiftly spun her broom till it brought her upside down at a speed that would on a inexperienced flier caused them to fall, but for Keegan, she just manages to hold on while her right foot makes contact with the Quaffle.


The entire stadium went silent as everyone held their breaths watching the Quaffle effortlessly rocket through the middle hoop.


Then… “SHE DID IT! KEEGAN RIDDEL, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HAS JUST SCORED THE FIRST EVER SCISSOR KICK SHOT IN A MATCH!” Jordan screamed excitedly into the microphone whilst bouncing up and down and hugging Professor McGonagall. She looked flabbergasted but at the same time, incredibly amused by Jordan’s actions.  

After Jordan’s announcement, the entire stadium minus the Slytherins and Hufflepuffs erupted into cheers and whistling. 

I think if the Hufflepuffs won, no one would even remember their victory because Keegan’s stunt back there was probably one of the most incredible things to ever happen in a match.

I had no idea what compelled her to make such a risky move but I was going to find out. Keegan was always a very meticulous, stick to the rules type of player.


Oliver Wood:

“Mate, did you see that shot? Riddell is bloody amazing!” some fifth year exclaimed as I was passing through the common room.

“What I wouldn’t do to get with her for a night, eh!” 


At this point, I tuned them both out. When the hell did fifth years get so disgustingly perverted? I’m sure I wasn’t that hormonal. Was I? 

To be fair, my life has never revolved around girls and their… various bits and bobs. I guess I missed out on that hormone-raving stage of a boy’s life. I’ve been mostly into Quidditch through and through.


Kind of sad, really.  

Maybe I had a hormonal imbalance or something… 

“It was such a great shot!” a younger girl exclaimed. “When I get older, I want to play just like her!”

I couldn’t help but smile at that one.


Even though Marcus had made a spectacular dive to win Ravenclaw the Quidditch match, all anyone could talk about was Keegan’s risky scissor kick shot. I had to admit that I was thoroughly impressed but it was a risky and completely unnecessary move—one I never thought I’d see Keegan Riddell try. She wasn’t the most adventurous captain so I wondered what was going through that ridiculous mind of hers. 

“Ollie, mate, there you are!” Fred exclaimed. He and George came running over to me just as I was about to head up to the boy’s dormitory. 

“How many times have I asked you not to call me that?” I asked reproachfully. The only person in the world allowed to call me Ollie was my mum and even she was pushing it a little.

“Plenty,” Fred chuckled. “Anyway, what are you doing? I hope you’re going up there to get changed.”

“Changed for what?”

“The Ravenclaw’s Victory Party of course!” George chipped in. “Everyone on the Gryffindor team is invited well the sixth and seventh years anyways.”

“Oh, well I’m a bit worn out so I think I’ll just head off to bed.”

“What? That’s blasphemy!” Fred shouted dramatically. “No, mate, you’re coming with us. I hear for each goal scored by the Chaser, they have to down a shot of Firewhiskey!”

“But Riddell scored about eight of those goals,” I mused out loud.

“Exactly plus they said because of her risky goal today, they were going to make her do something else,” Fred winked at me. “We have to go see this!”

Blimey, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Keegan wasted before. There was the one time at the my family’s New Year’s Eve party when she was sick in a bush and was carried off home, but I hadn’t seen what she was like before that. 

Oh bugger… “I’ll go.”

“Brilliant!” they both said, clapping their hands together.  

The Victory Party was set to start at nine and it was about twenty past nine and the bloody girls were still getting dressed. I don’t even understand why they would need to get dressed. It wasn’t even our sodding victory party so what possible reason could they have for taking twenty extra minutes?

Right, so I wasn’t the most patient of men. But it wasn’t just that. What if I missed Keegan’s drunken antics? I had to see it!


Plus if she was drunk, I could finally talk to her about our conversation in the corridor the other day. Ever since then, she’s been rude and snide with me like normal, and every time, I’d bring up the topic of our past, she’d literally run off. It’s very hard to fix a friendship with someone who keeps bloody running away from you… very hard. 

Merlin, I wish she had never told me that I had been such a prat to her in the past. I missed just annoying the hell out of her and pushing her buttons. Now I can’t even do that! Every time a jibe at her would arise in my throat, I’d suddenly get this overwhelming surge of guilt that I just have to shove it back down and stay silent. 

Bloody annoying. 

“Where could the girls be?” George threw his hands up in the air exasperatedly. 

“We’re right bloody here, keep your fucking knickers on, Weasley,” Angelina snapped, making her way down the stairs. She had let down her long black hair, and was wearing a tight low-cut red top and a pair of black jeans. Fred’s eyes practically bulged out of its sockets. 

Smooth. Real smooth, mate. 

Alicia and Katie bounced down with linked arms after Angelina with much less poise than the other girl. I loved Katie the best. She was the calmest one out of the three of them and I truly appreciated it as her captain. Alicia and Angelina, on the other hand, always tried to defy my authority just to piss me off.

It works about 99.9 percent of the time.

“Angelina, my love, if that top gets any lower, I think we should just skip this party entirely,” Fred winked.

There was a loud resounding smack and a red handprint slowly appeared on the redhead’s left cheek promptly after. 

“Alright, let’s go,” I said quickly before any further argument could ensue. I steered the group out of the common room and towards the Ravenclaw Tower.


I guess my eagerness to get there didn’t go by unnoticed. Course it wouldn’t. 

“Sooo Ollie, what’s the rush, eh?” George nudged me hard in the rib. 

“Yeah, anyone in particular you want to see?” Fred waggled his eyebrows at me. 

“Oh, shove off, will you?” 

“Wait, who does Oliver want to see?” Alicia asked curiously.  

“Merlin, Alicia, you’re so thick sometimes!” Angelina sighed. “He obviously fancies the pants off of Keegan!”


“Yup, the one and only,” Angelina smirked at me.

“I do not fancy the pants off of her,” I told all of them sternly. “I just want to see a fellow captain get drunk off their face so I can steal their Quidditch secrets.”

“Bollocks!” they all said almost at the same time. Bloody eerie that was. 

“I bet you ten galleons you snog her tonight,” Fred winked at me.

This time, I smirked back at them. “You’re on.” 

At this point, we had already arrived at the door of the Ravenclaw Tower and realised we had no way of getting into the common room. The knocker seemed to shake suddenly at our arrival then the metal bird peered at us with its beady eyes. 

“What causes a sudden increase in heart rate, a loss of memory and overall brain function, but is not a drug?” asked the bird.  



“Anyone?” George asked, scratching his head. 

Katie chuckled and pushed her way past all of us. “Love,” she said to the bird before turning on all of us and rolling her eyes. “Merlin, you guys. It’s so easy.”

“Easy my fucking arse,” Angelina muttered under her breath, as we made our way into the common room behind Katie. 

“Oi! You lot made it!” Adam Nicholson, a Ravenclaw Chaser, came tumbling over towards us. “Freddie and Georgie, my friends! Come do shots with me!” 

Adam quickly steered the twins over to the bar and I shrugged at the girls when they looked to me for what to do.  

“Might as well follow them to the bar,” Alicia suggested.


And so we did. We followed her through the throng of people to a table set up in the far back. Stacked on it were numerous bottles of Butterbeer, four huge bottles of Firewhiskey and plenty of other various alcoholic beverages that I couldn’t be bothered to find out the name of. 

Elliot MacNeill, a Ravenclaw Beater, was manning the table and smiled when he saw us.   

“What’ll it be, Wood?” he looked to me. I realised that all the girls had flocked over to a slim bottle with pink liquid inside, which didn’t look at all appealing.

“Just a Butterbeer for now.”

“What? Don’t be such a lame arse, Wood!” Elliot exclaimed. “You’re at our bloody Victory Party and I’ll be damned if you don’t take a shot with me.”

That was how I came to down five Firewhiskey shots, two bottles of Butterbeer and was now currently sipping the swirly pink liquid. It was fizzy, had the flavour of strawberries and cherry and made my tummy feel all wonderful inside.  

I was definitely not drunk…

Not really. I was just happy. Giddy almost.

Could blokes be giddy?

Damn that MacNeill kid! 

I turned to look for the culprit from my perch on the sofa to find him snogging the pants off of a redheaded girl I vaguely recognised as one of the Ravenclaw Chasers. Although, she could be a bloody ogre with the wings of an eagle for all I cared at this point. 

Speaking of Chasers, where the hell has Riddell been this entire time? 

As if the universe was answering my question, two figures jumped up onto the table in the middle. It was Seamus O'Connor, that giant of a Beater and my dear old mate, Riddell.

She was wearing a flowy white dress that stopped a few inches above her knee. Her cheeks were tinged pink and she had let her dark hair fall down past her shoulders.


Merlin, she was sort of pretty, wasn’t she? When did that happen?


Last time I checked, she was a gawky tomboy who loved to punch my shoulder till it turned black and blue just because I made fun of her awkwardly cut fringe.

Well I guess I should have realised when she didn’t have a fringe anymore… 

“Oi you lot! It’s time for our wonderful captain to do her round of shots!” Seamus boomed over the crowd. Everyone simmered to a silence but I could feel the excitement buzzing through the crowd. 

Riddell mumbled something to Seamus and he just threw his head back and laughed. 

“She says for you all to not encourage this or laps for ALL OF US!” Seamus told the crowd. 

There was a chorus of laughter before someone yelled out, “Only if we can run it in the nude with you!”

Another raucous chorus of laughter. 

“Nicholson, you shut your dirty mouth,” Riddell warned. I turned to look at Adam, who was still with the twins. The three of them were leaning against each other for support. I was definitely glad I hadn’t been apart of whatever drinking games they had been in.  

“All right, enough with the stalling,” Seamus said again. “Eight goals equal eight shots, my dear Keegan.”

She looked at him with pleading eyes and that’s when I realised she wasn’t drunk at all. I couldn’t quite tell what time it was, but I’m pretty sure she should be drunk by now. 

“Awe come on, Riddell, you scared of a few measly shots!” I threw out. I can’t help myself. I literally have word vomit when it comes to irritating her. 

Riddell peered over the crowd till her eyes finally landed on mine. I smirked right at her causing her lips to form into a nasty scowl. I loved that scowl, always made me feel quite proud that I can manage to irritate her that much.

“Oh a few measly shots, huh?” 

“Yeah,” I said, standing up to my feet and walking over to her. Thankfully, I had discarded that pink swirly glass before she could see how manly I had been tonight.


Not much… considering after hanging out with Elliot, I had been stuck ‘gossiping’ with the girls. 

I’ve really sunk down to a new low tonight.

“If you’re so bloody tough, why don’t you take eight shots in a row!” she whipped at me.  

“With ease, my love.”

“Alright then that’s settled!” Seamus beamed at me. “Keegan’s punishment and reward for her risky little goal today will be a downing competition with our favourite rival captain, Oliver Wood!”


“WHAT?” Keegan shouted, wide-eyed and clearly not happy.  

No, really… what! 

I’ve already had five shots. Five plus eight equals… THIRTEEN! 

I’d like to think I had quite a good alcohol tolerance but I know thirteen shots would probably drive me over the edge. Actually downing eight shots in a row will drive me to some form drunken hysteria. I was not a cool and collected drunk, mind you.  

“Oh, Seamus, please don’t,” Keegan pleaded quietly. He just shook his head gleefully and gestured for Adam to bring over the shot glasses and bottle of Firewhiskey. 

All right, if I was going to compete against Keegan. I was going to win. I had to win. I was the bloody man, wasn’t I? And NO, that pink swirly drink did not count. I’m still a man. One hundred and ten percent of testosterone and muscle…  

Seamus and Keegan got off of the table just as the shots were being placed onto it.


Eight for me. Eight for Keegan.

I walked over to stand right behind her. I figured it was now or never. 

“Care to make this more interesting?” I whispered in her ear. She jumped at the sudden close proximity but managed to frown at me nevertheless.

“How so?”

“Well if I win, you will listen to what I have to say and stop running away from me,” I told her.  

“And if I win?” 

“Well up to you.”

Keegan smiled wickedly at me. “If I win, you have to go streaking across the pitch all the way to the Black Lake and back.”

Bollocks… It’s freezing out there. 

“Aye, fine whatever,” I grinned back at her unwilling to show her that I really didn’t want to do that. It’d only give her way too much satisfaction. 

“ALRIGHT, LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Adam bellowed before falling smack on his face. Fred and George quickly pulled the boy back onto his feet whilst all three of them started giggling like little schoolgirls. 

George pulled a nearby Elliot to his side. “I guess Ravenclaws aren’t just all brain, are they?” Then Elliot joined in on the giggling whilst nodding his head vigorously. 

“Lucy, if I start to look like Adam, please punch me and take me home,” I heard Keegan whisper to a small blonde next to her. 

The blonde laughed and swung an arm around Keegan’s shoulder. “Sweetie, I got your back.” 

“I’m not entirely comforted by that,” Keegan murmured but more to herself than anyone else.

“All right, are you two ready?” Seamus asked us to which we both nodded. I tossed Keegan a smirk before readying myself. “On three… ONE… TWO… THREE!”

First shot burned the back of my throat. I could feel the amber liquid scorching its way down my oesophagus.   

Second shot was only a mild burning.

Third shot…

Fourth… fifth… sixth… seventh… eight.

I slammed my eighth shot glass down on the table. About half a second later, Keegan slammed her own shot glass down. Upon realising she had lost, Keegan proceeded to frown at me while scrunching up her eyebrows in an extremely peculiar way.

“What are you doing?”  

“I’m trying to blow you up with my mind,” she responded as if that was the most normal thing in the world to say.


Well to Keegan, it probably was. However, for me, I couldn’t control the laughter bubbling in my throat any longer and started to laugh in her face. 

“Awe, folks! Unfortunately, your Captain Keegan was unable to win us this one but it was a well deserved win by Captain Oliver!” Seamus said to the crowd.  

Only five people in the crowd whooped at my victory overzealously and that was obviously the only Gryffindors in attendance. Merlin, sometimes we were an embarrassing bunch. Gryffindors really have no shame.

“Right so you won, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” Keegan said trying to sound stern but the fact that she was slurring didn’t really help.

To be fair to her, I could barely see beyond my own hands and I’m pretty sure there were four Keegans dancing around in front of me right now.


I grabbed her shoulder just to make sure the middle one was the real Keegan. She gave me a look as if to say ‘get off’ but I kept my hold on—mostly for my own benefit.

“Let’s go outside.”

She sighed and allowed me to take her hand and pull her towards the exit. We made our way past several drunken snogging couples; one of which was Fred and Angelina. I know I wasn’t going to enjoy the aftermath of that in the morning. 

As I was making my way out of the common room, my foot snagged on what I think was my other foot and I managed to go flying out and falling down the spiral staircase. I rolled onto my back and looked up to find Keegan trying her hardest not to laugh at me. 

“Blimey Wood,” she breathed coming down the staircase to kneel by my side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m not entirely sure,” I told her honestly. “There’s a slight drumming at the back of my head and a burning sensation on my thigh but I can’t really feel much.”

I gave her a goofy lopsided grin and tried to sit up. However, the movement caused white blinding spots to appear in my vision and I quickly laid back down.

“Oh bollocks, that hurt,” I murmured. 

“You’re such an idiot,” she grinned. “You should’ve seen yourself. It was like you were flying… Whoosh!” She made a motion with her arms to indicate flying and another fit of laughter escaped my lips. 

At first, Keegan scowled at me for laughing in her face yet again but pretty soon, we were both bent over in hysterical laughter. The more I laughed, the more painful my injuries were but I couldn’t stop. I don’t even know why we were laughing, but it was bloody nice for a change.

I missed this Keegan. I want this Keegan back. 




A/N: hey guys!! oliver wood's POV, right?! do you like it? i hope so cause i LOVED writing it... and seamus' POV! not entirely sure what compelled me to write in seamus' POV but i just thought it'd be interesting to see what keegan's like through the eyes of her teammate in the middle of a game. she's quite the girl, isn't she? anyway please review.. i seem to be getting more favourites than reviews which i love but i'd like to hear from you lot too! sooo feel free to drop a one-liner! cheers guys! xxx

Chapter 7: Changes
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---Chapter 7 - Changes ---






The world would not stop spinning and I wasn’t sure anymore what was real and what was not. Everything in that moment just felt so surreal. Me sitting here laughing with Oliver Wood… as if we were best mates. 

It just didn’t feel real.

Yet I couldn’t care less… I was drunk and giddy. Why analyse that? 

“Oh Merlin, my stomach hurts!” Oliver complained as he tried to sit up again.


I could see him wince at the movement so I decided to help him up. I braced myself with one hand on the floor and the other on his back. After I had managed to prop him up on a nearby wall, Oliver turned to give me a grateful smile. 

“So… what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked curiously. 

Oliver stared at me for a few seconds in confusion. “Oh right! I wanted to talk to you about that thing we talked about earlier.” 

Eh? He was much drunker than I realised.  

“I meant… Merlin, I forgot completely,” Oliver groaned. “It was something along the lines of you… forgiving me? I mean wait… I had an explanation! Shush! Stop talking!” 

“I wasn’t talking…” I trailed off since he had put a finger to my lips to shut me up.


Normally, I’d be quite peeved with him for doing that, but tonight, I was too amused by drunk Oliver. 

“Right, I remember now,” Oliver slurred. “Now listen carefully, love. It’s important that you do.”

“I’m listening, just get on with it,” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m truly and completely sorry for being such a prat to you back then… I was just… I was just a boy, Keegan. I wanted to fit in… especially with the Quidditch blokes and I guess fraternising with a Ravenclaw wouldn’t have been cool. It’s not an excuse, I just… I don’t know. Bloody hell, it’s hard to speak right now.”

I didn’t respond. I’m not entirely sure what he wanted me to say. 

“I guess what I’m trying to say is… please let older Oliver make it up to you. I wasn’t there for you back then or really at all, but let me be there for you now,” Oliver said. “I’ve missed us. Being mates and all.”

“I don’t know,” I told him. I know he was sincere and I could tell that, but I don’t know how to be friends with him anymore. It’s been six long years since we were last friends. 

“Look you don’t have to answer me now, just consider it.”

“Okay, I’ll… I’ll think about it.” 

“Yay!” Oliver exclaimed excitedly causing me to laugh out loud in spite of myself.  “See this is what I miss, Keegs. I miss laughing with you.”

I didn’t know whether it was the alcohol talking or whether I really did feel this, but I missed Oliver too. I missed him and everything about him; his stupid quirky tendencies, his obsession with Quidditch… I missed a lot of things I realised. 

“I miss yo—“


Oliver and I both jumped in our spot just as Lucy was storming down the staircase with Seamus hot on her heels.

“Oh I’m SOOO sorry, Lucy, that I didn’t just let you have that disgusting git slobber all over you!” yelled Seamus. I’ve never heard him so... spiteful before. It almost terrified me to hear him speak like this.

 “It’s none of your business whether he was or wasn’t!” Lucy growled turning on her spot to glare at the much taller and much bigger boy. 

Neither of them had noticed Oliver or me yet, and we were both determined to stay hidden in the shadows. 

“It is… I mean…” Seamus seemed to be at a loss for words. “Look Lucy, I was just trying to be a good friend!” 

“When the hell were we that good of friends?” Lucy spat. 

Seamus looked surprised and I swore I saw a flicker of pain cross his features.  

“Well I guess I was mistaken then,” Seamus said in the coldest most detached voice I have ever heard come out of him. “I apologise. I’ll never assume things again.”

He gave her one last disappointed look before turning back into the Ravenclaw Tower. Lucy stood there for a few seconds, fixated at the spot where Seamus had just been standing. She let out a frustrated scream before storming off down the opposite side of the corridor. 

What just happened?


Why were they fighting like that?  

Of course they were bloody friends! 

“How long has Seamus liked Lucy?” Oliver asked me quietly. 

“What? He doesn’t!”

“Keegan, for Merlin’s sake, did you not just witness the same fight I did?” he said exasperatedly. “Of course, Seamus likes Lucy! I wouldn’t be surprised if the bloke was already in love with her!” 

“Love? Lucy? Seamus?” I spluttered out. How could I not have seen this? 

“I should… go to sleep,” Oliver yawned oh-so-attractively. 

I nodded, my mind elsewhere, as I helped him onto his feet. Oliver wobbled at first, but then managed to totter down the corridor—occasionally walking into the wall. I should probably follow him but I knew he wouldn’t let me help him even if I offered. He’d be too proud to admit he needed help. 

As soon as Oliver disappeared round the corner, I decided to go talk to Seamus. I would go look for Lucy but that girl was a lost cause. Seamus was a safer option plus he was the more likely one to actually tell me what happened.


What really happened. 

I made my way back into the common room. The place was in a state of utter disarray as people hung off sofas and tables but it seemed like the party was starting to simmer down. This meant I only had a few minutes to talk to Seamus before the boys stumbled into the dorm. I quickly raced towards the seventh year boys’ dormitory and by raced, I really mean sway around for a bit then trip and eventually fall through their door. 

Seamus looked up from his perch by the windowsill and stared down at me while I lay sprawled out on the ground looking at his upside down face.


Or was I upside down? It really didn’t matter. Whoever was upside down was giving me a bloody headache.

“Merlin, is it possible for a hangover to kick in this early?” I groaned while walking over to Seamus.  

He chuckled faintly. “I suppose so. You’re obviously living proof it can.”

“Oh shush,” I stuck out my tongue at him. “You’re not that funny, Mister O'Connor.”

“So you’re here to ask me what happened, aren’t you?”

“What! How did you know? I mean no I’m not,” I quickly said. Was he a mind reader? 


Merlin, I was drunk… Wait… Seamus, did you hear that?

“Keegan, I can see right through you,” Seamus rolled his eyes at me. Oh my God, he can read my mind. Stop it! “Plus everyone saw me punch that git.”


Oh so he wasn’t a mind reader. Well that totally shattered my dreams of stealing Quidditch secrets. Bollocks!  

“Wait… you didn’t see?” Seamus asked me in disbelief. 

I shrugged sheepishly. “Err… well I was outside with Oli—I mean Wood… and well we kind of saw your argument but wait! You punched someone? Who? Why?”

“Some slimy sixth year was getting all touchy feely with Lucy and she just looked like such a slag letting him do that, and well I just lost it,” Seamus sighed, putting his head in his hands. “I don’t even know what came over me.”

He likes her. Damn you Oliver Wood for being right! 

“You like her, Seamus,” I said, stating the obvious.

Seamus sighed again. “It’s that obvious, isn’t it?”

“Not really, Oli—damnit I mean Wood had to point it out to me,” I replied. Darn it… I’m so not used to not hating Oliver. I mean Wood. Oh fuck. I should just call him by a neutral name like… Herbert. Yeah from now on, Oliver Wood shall be known as Herbert. 
“Oh, right…” 

“So you like Lucy…” I pushed on.

“And she hates me,” Seamus groaned. “It’s not like she’s bloody easy to get on with either! Stupid stuck up bint!” 
“Yet you like her, go figure,” I murmured to myself. 

“She can’t even see that I was trying to help her or that I fancy her! No, she’s so up herself she can’t even see when someone really cares about her,” Seamus ranted. “Sometimes I just want to wring her neck! And then snog her senseless!”

“Well those two are very contradicting actions,” I pointed out. 

“You get it, right?” Seamus looked at me, his eyes pleading for me to understand. “I mean you and Oliver. You guys fight and fight but you two really…” 

Wait a flipping minute there, buddy boy!” I quickly put my hand up to stop him. “Herbert and I are strictly just frenemies.”  

“Frene-what? And who the hell is Herbert?”  

“We’re enemies that are friendly on occasion and Herbert is Oliver for the time being, don’t ask questions. Just go with it,” I informed him. “Besides, we’re talking about you and Lucy here. What are you going to do about it?” 

“What do you mean ‘do’?” he asked suspiciously. 

I grinned. “What you need is a plan. To win her over I mean…” I suddenly started to yawn loudly. “But I suppose we can get to that tomorrow. For now, I suggest leaving her alone. Lucy’s a very… fiery person.”

“Don’t I bloody know it,” Seamus mumbled to himself. 

“Right, dear one, good night,” I smiled at my mate as I bent over to hug him. “It’ll work out. You’ll see.”

I left him by the windowsill with whatever thought floating through his head. I really felt for the bloke. Lucy was a fiery one for sure. I wasn’t exaggerating in the least about that and it seemed that Seamus has unfortunately fallen for her. It was sweet and I would love to see the two together but how that was going to happen I really hadn’t a clue. I was going to need the troops in for this one.

Although how bloody useful Adam and Elbie are going to be is beyond me… 


“HOGSMEADE!” screeched Miranda in my ear.

Oh good Merlin, my head. My head… it feels like someone was pounding from the inside out trying to slowly and agonizingly make my head explode. It seemed to be working as well.  

“W-why is the room spinning? Where the hell am I?” I groaned. I sat up slowly, my stomach lurching at the movement. 

“Heehee, someone’s hungover!” Penny giggled from the bed next to me. The stupid Prefect had an evil delight in other people’s hangovers just because she chooses not to partake in the act of drinking herself. I should spike her bloody drink next time and see how she feels! 

I shot her a death glare then decided sitting up was far too strenuous for my body right now so I laid my head back down and curled up into a fetal position. 

“Bloody hell, I think I’m going to be sick…”

“Ew, don’t be sick in here! Go to the toilet, you nasty,” Miranda cried out, reeling back from me. 
“Can’t you be nice to me for once, Miranda? I’m feeling poorly!” I whined, looking hopefully pathetically cute at the girl who was supposed to be my best mate. 

Miranda snorted. “No, you brought this on yourself.”

“Nah uh! It was sooo Seamus’ fault, making me down all those bloody shots! Wait speaking of which, where’s Lucy?”  

The blonde girl’s absence suddenly became evident to everyone in the room and we all looked over to her bed; still untouched. 

“She hasn’t come back,” Penny said anxiously. “Where could that girl be?” 

“I don’t know, I saw her get into a massive row with Seamus and then she ran off somewhere,” I told them. 

“Oh bollocks yeah that fight!” Miranda exclaimed as the memory seemed to come rushing back to her. “She looked like she was about to claw out his eyes… this is bad. I’ve never seen her this pissed off before.” 

“Where do you reckon she went to?” I asked them. I could tell we were all worried about Lucy… she was the bubbliest girl we knew and her not returning like this after a bad fight was unlike her.  

I really hope she was okay. I want to wish that she hasn’t done anything rash, but knowing Lucy, she probably has. Merlin help us…

“Maybe she’s at breakfast, we should go down and look for her,” Penny suggested.

Miranda and I nodded, and quickly got dressed, all excitement for Hogsmeade gone.


I didn’t even realise today was my date with Fred till we had made it all the way to the Great Hall when the redhead briskly walked over to me and presented me with a bouquet of red roses. 

“Beautiful flowers for my beautiful date,” he announced loudly. I had an inkling his moment of romance was more of an act than it was to make me feel special.  

“Weasley, I told you I wasn’t easily flattered,” I said, clearly not in the mood for jestering with him today but as always, Fred Weasley was oblivious to any change. 

“Oh, so you don’t like the flowers?” 

“They’re lovely,” I assured him, “but to be honest, I don’t like roses.”

“Oh bollocks, this is a bad start to our date, isn’t it?” he lowered his head dismally.  

I quickly patted him on the shoulder. “I won’t count it as part of the date,” I winked. “Let’s just say the date starts in Hogsmeade, yeah?”

“Brilliant!” Fred instantly cheered up. “You’re the best, Keegan.” 

He gave me a peck on the cheek before swiftly bouncing over to the Gryffindor table, a spring now in his step. I chuckled to myself. Fred really was an easily pleased boy. I only wish Lucy had that trait then maybe Seamus could win her affections… 

Speaking of which… Lucy wasn’t in the Great Hall and neither was Seamus! 

“Where are they?” I asked as I took my seat beside Miranda. 

Miranda and Penny shrugged, and both took another surveying look around the vast room. The House tables were only a quarter full as most of the students were waiting to eat brunch in Hogsmeade. It made it easier to quickly assess whether the two were in the Great Hall, but unfortunately for us, they were nowhere to be found. 

I sighed. “I really think this is bad.”

“I know,” Miranda sighed as well. “You know what Lucy’s like when she gets angry at someone.”

“She ignores them, manipulates her way to revenge then fall into a bout of depression over being a bitch,” Penny said. 

“Mental is what she is,” Elbie commented as him, Adam, Marcus and Lizzie came over to sit with us. 

Elbie took a seat beside his girlfriend and gave her a tender kiss on the lips. The two were always bickering but it was simple moments like this that really showed how much they truly cared for each other. 

Wanting to ignore the pang of jealousy, I instead focused my attention to Marcus and Lizzie. I waved hi to the two fifth years and they smiled in response. It was weird to see them sit with us because Marcus and Lizzie usually never hang around us unless it was a match day or there was something that needed to be discussed within the team. Apparently, this spat was something worth discussing. 

“How’s Seamus?” I asked, genuinely concerned about my great big teddy bear.

“In a bit of a state,” Adam told me. “He’s refusing to come to Hogsmeade with us and has closed the curtains to his bed.” 

“Merlin, he really likes her, doesn’t he?” Miranda mused out loud. 

I nodded sadly. I had every ounce of faith that the two were going to end up together, but the road to that point was probably going to be treacherous—especially for Seamus. 

“We were wondering if there was anything we could do,” Lizzie told me, her eyes bright with concern.


Awe, I love Little Lizzie. She had a big heart. It was one of the many reasons why I put her on the team.  

“What could we do?” Adam grumbled. “Unless we shove them both into a broom closet and hope they rip each other’s clothes off.”

There was a loud thud as Penny threw a bread roll at Adam’s face. It promptly bounced onto his plate and left Adam a much happier boy. Probably not the reaction Penny was aiming for but it was Adam. There was literally nothing in the world that could upset him—other than losing a match, losing a girl or losing a friend.  

“That wouldn’t help the situation in the slightest,” Penny pointed out. “It would only piss off Lucy even more.”

“It’s true,” Miranda and I agreed, shaking our heads. 

“So we’re going to do nothing?” Lizzie protested. “We can’t do nothing! Seamus… he’s like… the best person ever! And we have to help him!” 

I smiled at the young girl’s eagerness to help.


“We will do something, love, but we just need a plan. A well-thought out plan,” I said the last bit pointedly at Adam and Elbie. Elbie looked away while Adam smiled sheepishly back at me.

“For now, I think our best course of action is to deter the two from speaking to each other,” Penny directed. “Lucy needs time to cool off and Seamus needs to get his head on straight.” 

“Until we have a plan, we’re going to act as if nothing happened,” Miranda continued for Penny. “So Hogsmeade as usual.” 

I may be the captain on the pitch but off it, Miranda and Penny were definitely the ones in charge. They were different but they both demanded to be heard and respected. Penny was obviously a Prefect and her sense of authority came with the badge but Miranda understood people. She understood when to say things and when to do them.  

All traits I did not possess.


I only had a sense of authority because I claimed it and refused to give it back to anyone else. Also, I was a mental case and probably would claw someone’s eyes out if they even so much as looked at my captain’s badge for too long. 

“Blah, fine! You’re no fun,” Adam pouted before getting up. “But just as well, I’ve got a hot date today.”

“Who?” Marcus asked curiously. 

“Isabel Suarez, that foxy Spanish girl,” Adam said, his eyes glazing over. “So. Unbelievably. Fit.”

Marcus whistled appreciatively, which swiftly caused him to receive a thump to the head by Lizzie. 

“You’re disgusting,” Lizzie scowled before storming off from the Ravenclaw table with Marcus running after.   

“So young and already so whipped,” Adam shook his head sadly. “Kind of reminds me of you, Elbie! Boo ya!” And with that last dig at Elbie, Adam sprinted straight out of the Great Hall—probably to primp himself up for the date.

Sometimes I wonder why we associate ourselves with the idiot but then I remember how he’s an amazing Chaser and forgive him every time. I guess he also had a boyish charm that I’ve come to love and I guess it was also because he was my ex-boyfriend… 

Yeah. I know!  Shocker, right? 

Total lack of judgement on my part! 

Our relationship was literally… hey I like you, cool you’re hot, let’s snog, cool alright, hey I’m bored, yeah me too, okay bye.


Not joking… we were an awful couple. I think it lasted two weeks. 

Speaking of catastrophic relationships, I probably should go get ready for my fake date with Fred Weasley.

Cue heavy exasperated and unexcited sigh. 


“You clean up nice, Weasley,” I smiled in appreciation at his long sleeved blue jumper that accentuated his blue eyes and his dark-washed jeans.

He grinned back at me before giving me the once-over. I could feel his eyes trail down my body and linger just a tad too long on my chest area. “And you too.”

“Okay one way of getting in my good books is to not gawk at me as if I were a piece of meat,” I lectured him. 

Fred chuckled as he offered his arm. “Sorry, m’lady! Shall we go?” 

I laughed and linked my arm with his. We fell into an easy rhythm of joking with one another, so easy that I hadn’t even realised we were already in Hogsmeade till Fred opened the door to the Three Broomsticks for me. I smiled graciously at my date (even if it was fake) and walked into the dimly lit pub. I reckoned Madame Rosmerta did that on purpose—for atmospheric effect. It worked though since there were loads of little two-seater tables with couples doing goo-goo eyes at each other.

Gross… and completely unnecessary! I mean you’re already on the date, you obviously fancy each other, there’s no need to make everyone else in the world know it. 

Was I being bitter because I was on a fake date? Possibly. But I also had an aversion to romance. I think I was allergic…

I gagged and nudged Fred in the rib. “That’s nauseating!”

“Awe, love, I was hoping we could do that,” Fred winked at me, as we took to a table in the far corner. 

“You so much as bat your eyelashes at me and I’m out of here,” I warned. 

Fred chortled with delight before leaving me on my own, muttering about nutty Ravenclaws all the way to the bar.


I don’t see why that was so funny! I was bloody serious!


If he starts telling me my eyes sparkle with the iridescence of the ocean, I was going to vomit in my Butterbeer. 

Romance avoided me and I avoided it. It was just the way I worked. I mean sure, I get jealous of Miranda and Elbie’s loving relationship once in awhile—like this morning, but only because of how at ease the two were with each other. 

I don’t think I could ever be that at ease with a bloke. Not in that way anyhow. 
“Here you go, love,” Fred said whilst placing a pint of Butterbeer before me, and one in front of him. “I’ve asked for a plate of chips to share, hope that’s alright.”

“That’s perfect, cheers,” I grinned as I clinked my pint to his. “So how’s Quidditch going?”

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist asking me that!” Fred accused.

Meh, it’s me. What did you expect, Weasley?

“Oh, shush, so?”

“It’s brilliant,” Fred laughed with a roll of his eyes. “Oliver’s really upped his game this year, you have better come prepared.” 

“Bring it, Freddie boy,” I laughed, challenging him with my eyes. If you could challenge people with your eyes…


To be honest, I could look like a deranged racoon and I wouldn’t even know it. 

“Oh, it’s been brought,” Fred snapped back in a girly voice, which made me burst out into fits of hilarity.

In amidst our laughter, I didn’t notice Oliver run into the Three Broomsticks, his dark hair sticking to his forehead and his eyes wild and frantic, as if searching for someone important. I was too busy enjoying myself to even realise that that someone important was me. 

Oliver raced up to our table and when he looked into my eyes, my heart sank. They were filled with an indescribable emotion that only led me to believe that something bad has happened. I knew those eyes. Oliver and I may have been estranged for many long years but I still knew him. 

“Oliver? What’s wrong?” I questioned him, the fear bubbling inside my stomach, making the Butterbeer overturn inside of me. 

“I… I received a letter, Keegan,” his voice was barely above a whisper. He tried to hide it but I could hear the fear in his voice. I was starting to get more and more anxious as the seconds passed by.  

“Oliver, you’re scaring me, who’s the letter from?”

“It’s from your mother.” 


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Chapter 8: Not So Invincible After All
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Disclaimer: Any and everything you recognise is from JK Rowling's awesome mind. Things that you don't... well it's from mine. :)


---Chapter 8 – Not So Invincible After All---

“W-why would she be…” 

I couldn’t finish my question, my heart had lodged itself in my oesophagus and I couldn’t physically breathe anymore. I could feel myself slowly beginning to hyperventilate and my fingers gripped on the end of the table tightly for support.

Why is this happening to me? Why is she bloody doing this to me again?


After all these years and now she’s sending letters… to Oliver? Of all the flipping people in the world as well… Oh my God, I can’t breathe

“I… can’t…”

“Mate, I think she’s about to faint!” Fred cried out, just as my vision became cloudy and the blackness slowly engulfed me.


“She went on ONE BLOODY DATE with you and now she’s in the Hospital Wing and you’re telling me it’s NOT YOUR FAULT?” someone was yelling very loudly in my ear.  

My head hurt too much already to be able to withstand this kind of exposure to loud noises. I wanted everyone to leave… I couldn’t deal with people right now.


Merlin, I couldn’t even bear to look at myself in the mirror, to see the state that I was in. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and never come back out.

I kept my eyes closed in the hopes that they would get bored and leave soon but my friends apparently are deciding to be extremely caring today. Of all the bloody times in the world for them to care about me… Merlin, someone save me. 

I felt a hand enclose around my own. It was rough and calloused, and gave me a slight squeeze. 

“I know you’re awake,” he whispered into my ear, loud enough for me to hear but soft enough to remain unheard above the noise. “I’ll get them to leave.” 

And like that, his hand was gone and a few minutes passed by where I thought he had left me alone but then a door slammed open. 

“You kids can’t be here!” Madam Pomfrey exclaimed. “Get out! Get out, she needs her rest!”  

“But ma’am, I’m her best friend!” Miranda protested. 

“I don’t care, she needs her rest and you lot are just way too loud!” Madam Pomfrey informed them.


I heard scuttling and soon the room became quiet with only Madam Pomfrey's mumbling to let me know that she was still there. 

I wonder where Oliver went… 

“Keegan, love.”

I instantly opened my eyes and the look in his made my heart stop for a fraction of a second.


What was in that letter? Why did he have to look so sodding miserable!


Merlin, Oliver, how much I wish you would just tell me you was joking!

“I don’t know if I can bear to know what was in that letter,” I mumbled silently. 

The truth was I didn’t know whether I was going to be able to handle it. She had ripped open my heart once and I know she could do it again. Good lord, I don’t think I could handle even seeing her small and precise handwriting. The familiarity of her, the scent of her parchment, it would all bring back the memories I had fought so long and hard to forget. 

I couldn’t do it.

I just couldn’t… my heart has been through enough. Even now, it felt heavy against my ribcage as if it was about to crack at the slightest touch. I didn’t want to hurt anymore… 

A tear rolled down my face. Silent and unassuming but within that tear laid every pain and insecurity I ever had about my mother. About me.

“Keegan,” Oliver said softly. “You don’t have to read it. I won’t reply, we can ignore it and she can be gone from your life.”

I sighed, wiping away any remaining tears. “But I’d regret it, won’t I?”

“Possibly,” Oliver answered truthfully. 

“Can you… can you read it to me?” I asked.


I didn’t even recognise my own voice, it was weak and raspy, and fragile. I hated who she made me become. This inferior person… I wasn’t weak. Merlin, I wasn’t weak… I won’t let myself be. I’m not eleven anymore! 

“Read it, please,” I demanded this time, trying to muster up all the strength I had left in me.  

Oliver nodded wordlessly and pulled out a piece of parchment from his pocket. It was a beige colour and I could smell her perfume from where I was sitting. The shocking jasmine aroma filled my nostrils, burning it as if it was a poisonous gas.  

“Okay,” Oliver said, clearing his throat. 

“Dear Oliver,


I know what you must think of me and I’m truly sorry for how you may feel, but I have my reasons for leaving them. I don’t want to get you involved in our family affairs in any way but I need to know if they’re all right.


You don’t understand how much I think about them everyday since I left but I couldn’t go back. Not when they were still at such a young age. But now little Keegan is going to be turning eighteen and Edan will be seventeen, and I need to know if you think they’d meet with me so I can explain myself.


I really miss my children, Oliver. You must know that. I hope you understand, but I’d also understand if you don’t and they don’t.  

You must be quite the man now, Oliver. I remember how protective you used to be over Keegan, and Edan as well. Please just tell me you’re taking care of them for me. At least that would put my heart at ease.


Sincerely, Meredith Butler.”

She… she retook her maiden name. 

She truly is far and gone from being apart of this family. She was no longer a Riddell.


I don’t know why that was what I focused on but that small thing was what broke my heart for the second time… I guess I never gave up the naïve and childish hope that she would come back to us… 

Oliver took my hand in his. “Are you okay?” he asked.  

I looked at him and for the first time, I saw my Oliver again. The one I used to play Quidditch with in the summertime and I don’t know what compelled me to do this, but I threw my arms around his neck and cried. The release of all that stress and pain felt wonderful. It had been years since I’ve last cried, and I’ve forgotten how liberating the act can be. 

Oliver wrapped his arms around me and allowed me to cry into his shoulder, my tears drenching his shirt straight through. He didn’t seem to mind though as he only pulled me closer to him, his hand stroking my hair soothingly. I could smell the mixture of fresh-cut grass and the musk of his cologne. He smelled like Scotland. I’m not entirely sure how a person could smell like a country but there was something distinctive yet homely about his smell. 

“Should I reply?” Oliver asked, pulling away to look at me. His dark eyes were indistinguishable; they were familiar yet I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. I wondered if he felt pity for me… because I wouldn’t want that. 

“I don’t know,” I sighed. “I need to talk to Edan first. We need to decide as a family what to do.”

“Okay, love, whatever you want,” he smiled back at me. “Anyway, I should go before your friends come back.”

“Okay,” I mumbled. Oliver got up from his chair by my bed and began to head towards the door. “Hey, Oliver?”


“Thank you,” I smiled at him genuinely. 

He returned my smile and wordlessly left the Hospital Wing, leaving me alone to my thoughts.


I didn’t want him to leave but I needed to mull over what my mother said. 

What possible reason could she have for leaving an eleven-year-old daughter and a ten-year-old son? 

And what possible reason could she have for coming back?


Miranda Richardson:


I’m worried about Keegan.


Ever since that Hogsmeade trip, she’s been so recluse and quiet—completely unlike her. She seemed almost… breakable. I have never seen her like this before. Keegan, out of all of us, has always been the strongest one, the one we thought was impervious to harm. To see the girl so far from who she used to be really bothered me.


The only time where I would catch a glimmer of the old Keegan was during Quidditch practice. She was still fierce, strong, and demanding, but when she wasn’t ordering us around, her mind was elsewhere. More than once, I have caught her staring off into the distance as if waiting for something to come.

The worst part of it all was her renewed friendship with Oliver Wood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely glad that the two have stopped fighting and that Keegan doesn’t come back to the dorm every night mumbling about how she wanted to castrate the boy, but it hurt a little that he knew something I didn’t. 

Although, if he was back in her life… and she was depressed… it had to be something to do with her family. I knew Oliver was practically an honorary member of the Riddell household and vice versa with Keegan and the Woods. I just don’t know what it could be! And Merlin, it was driving me absolutely up the wall!

“Love, you do realise you’re reading that book upside down, right?” Elbie said, coming to sit next to me. He put an arm around my shoulders and squeezed me into his side. I instinctively nuzzled my head into his neck.

“I’m worried about Keegan,” I told him.

“I know, we all are.”

“But I’m her best friend! I don’t understand why she’s not telling me anything,” I complained. I know I was being selfish, but it hurt!

“She will when she’s ready,” Elbie replied wisely. “You know what Keegan’s like, she hates being vulnerable and I guess whatever’s on her mind must really be making her feel like that.”

I sighed. “I know, I know… I miss old Keegan, that’s all.”

“We all do,” Elbie smiled down at me, as he moved into lay a swift kiss onto my waiting lips. Not many people know this, but Elbie was one of the most sensible people I’ve ever known. And the most caring person too. 

 “Oliver knows,” I pouted. 

Argh!! I know! I just can’t let it go. I was extremely annoying that way. 

“Yeah, that’s weird, isn’t it?” Elbie pondered this. “I’ve never seen the two talk even amicably once, and now he seems to always be around her. Not that she notices.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s always watching her, noting her mood as if he’s ready to catch her if she suddenly starts to break down but she’s so far off the reservation that she hardly notices him, or anyone else for that matter,” Elbie explained. 

“I reckon he fancies her!” I exclaimed excitedly. About bloody time as well…

“Nah, I think he just cares a great deal about her,” Elbie said, totally crushing my dream of getting the two together.

“And why, pray tell, do you say that?” I arched an eyebrow at him challengingly.

He chuckled and kissed my temple. “Because, my nosy little girlfriend, he doesn’t look at her in that way… anyone can see that he is super protective of the girl and that he’d do anything for her but I think it’s out of loyalty to their childhood friendship than anything romantic.”

“I seriously hate you right now!” I growled. “They have so much bloody chemistry! How could they not fancy each other?”

“Hey! I’m not saying they won’t!” Elbie laughed, putting up his hands defensively. “I’m just saying they don’t right now.”

“Merlin, people these days, so bloody clueless!” 

“Speaking of clueless people, here comes Seamus,” Elbie whispered, waving to the other boy who had just walked into the common room. “HEY MATE!” 

“Oh hi guys,” Seamus smiled, coming over to take a seat across from us. “How are you? How’s Keegan?”

And Lucy… I bet that’s what he wanted to ask. 

“We’re fine, Keegan is… well the same,” I told him. And Lucy is a dolt, as always, I wanted to add.

“Awe right, poor girl,” Seamus sighed. “She’ll bounce back sooner or later.” 

Always the optimist, our Seamus.

“How are you, lad?” Elbie asked. 

Seamus shifted uncomfortably in his seat as if under interrogation but then quickly regained his composure and grinned at us. “Perfect, fine… Just been to the library and I’m well ahead of my classes.”

“You finished the History of Magic essay?” Elbie exclaimed in amazement. 

“Yup!” Seamus answered proudly. 

And that’s when I tuned out of their conversation. I may be a Ravenclaw and love being smart but I wasn’t like the rest of them. I didn’t enjoy talking about work once classes were out. That was boring! Who wanted to listen to that

I quickly slipped from under Elbie’s arm and fled to the girl’s dormitory, hoping for some peace and quiet. I wasn’t expecting to see Keegan sitting by the windowsill, staring despondently into the distance. Lately, the girl has been spending the majority of her time in the library or wandering around the grounds on her own.


I’d know. I’ve been watching her so her presence right now, in our dormitory, was like a breath of fresh air to me. 

And I was not following her in a creepy way. In a concerned best friend sort of way… 
“Keegs, you alright?” 

Keegan looked up at me, her hazel eyes taking a few seconds too long to focus. She smiled feebly, “Yeah. Lovely…”

Ugh! I couldn’t stand it anymore!

I walked over to her, grabbed her by the shoulder and promptly shook her till Keegan’s hair flopped out of her hair tie. 

“Look! You either tell me what’s been bugging you or you’re going to snap out of this stupidly depressing mood right now!” I shouted at her.

Keegan stared back at me, her eyes wide. It reminded me of a startled child; so lost and innocent. I sighed, quickly pulling my best mate into a hug.


Keegan has always been the tough one that I forget sometimes she hurt too.  

“Oh, sweetie, please talk to me,” I murmured into her hair, as I rocked her back and forth. “I know you don’t have to but I hate seeing you like this. We all do. Penny’s going mad with worry and Lucy’s more of a handful than usual.”

Keegan chuckled softly. “I’m sorry, I guess I’ve been a bit off lately.”

“Ever since the Hogsmeade trip this past weekend,” I specified for her. 

She pulled back and sighed, raking a hand through her dark hair. She stared at me for a few seconds before turning her gaze back out into the distance. I thought she was going to ignore my question but then a tear rolled down her face and she let out a heavy breath. 

“My mum wrote a letter to Oliver,” she said, her voice so soft I wasn’t even sure I heard her right. “She… she wants to see me, me and Edan. She wants to explain why she left us.”

Oh Merlin. No wonder Oliver’s been following her like a lovesick puppy. Keegan’s mum was an extremely sore subject for her. 

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” I said, not knowing what else to say. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure,” she responded. “I told Edan and he flat out refused to see her, but I… I feel like I owe it to myself to know why she left.”

“It might hurt you more.”

“I know, Oliver said the same thing,” Keegan shook her head sadly. “But maybe I need closure, you know?”

“If this is what you want to do, I’ll support you all the way through,” I told her. It was the best that I could do as her friend anyways. 

Keegan smiled and hugged me tightly. “Thank you, Miranda. Sorry about being such a mood-kill lately.”

I chuckled, “No more than usual, hun.” 

Keegan playfully punched me in the shoulder whilst narrowing her eyes at me, and that’s when I knew things were going to be fine.


Keegan was back!


And Merlin, was I happy to get my partner-in-crime back! I can only handle so many mopey people and Lucy’s now natural disposition was hard enough. 

Keegan Riddell:

“GET YOUR ARSE IN THE AIR NOW, NICHOLSON!” I bellowed, my throat straining from the sudden excessive use. I haven’t really yelled at anyone in the past few days and it felt so damn good to be doing it. 

I had let the letter from my mum affect me so badly that I had completely neglected my duty as the maniacal captain that I loved being. I was not going to let my mother, a woman I haven’t seen in six and a half years, take my spirit away from me!

“I LIKED YOU BETTER WHEN YOU WERE DEPRESSED,” Adam yelled back, flying away from me. 

There was a loud raucous laughter and suddenly, I was being scooped up into the air and whirled around. 

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed this side of you,” Seamus smiled at me. 

I rolled my eyes, “And I’ve missed you smiling too!”

“Fair play, Captain Riddell,” he chuckled. “Shall I go strike a Bludger at our beloved Chaser?”

“No, no, I got this,” I winked at him, as I mounted my broom and kicked off into the air. The wind whipped my hair back from my face, and like it had so many weeks ago, eased away the heaviness inside of me. I could already feel the stress flowing out of my body.


It felt bloody good to fly. 
I quickly rounded up Adam and Miranda but not before I managed to kick the end of Adam’s broomstick, sending him spinning erratically for a few seconds. He shot me a rather rude hand gesture in response.

“Right, thanks to Adam’s disrespect for me, we will be practicing the Figure Eight Loop,” I told them. “Each one of you will do it and try to shoot with your opposite hand.”

Miranda punched Adam in the shoulder and growled at him. “You prick, you know I hate these drills!”

“Ow! Sorry! I don’t like them either! They make me bloody nauseous!” 

“Then try not to irritate me next time, yeah?” I smiled at Adam, who gave me yet another rude hand gesture.


One day, I was going to snap that finger off and we’ll see who’s laughing then! 

“Now go!” I ordered, pointing my finger towards the hoops where Lizzie was flying absentmindedly around. “GET READY LIZZIE,” I called out to her to get her attention. She looked up and gave me a thumbs up before shooting a challenging look at Adam and Miranda. 

Got to love Little Lizzie for her confidence.


Actually, got to love my team for never pestering me when I was… not quite me. I think it would have made it so much worse if everyone tried to ‘be there’ for me. I’m glad they knew me well enough to know that I’d much prefer to be left alone.


Truthfully in the past few days, Oliver was the only one that never left me alone but I appreciated his constant presence, even though I know he’s been stressing over the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match this Friday. I owe him a lot for being there and the funny thing about that is… I hated him for it. I hated that I didn’t hate him, but I actually do hate him for being so damn nice.

Did that make any sense?

Probably not. My head’s been jumbled up lately. Too many things were changing around me that I don’t think my brain has been able to keep up with it all. 

“NO! Marcus, if you feint like that, you’re never going to trick the other Seeker!” I cried out, losing my train of thought as I watched Marcus wobble apprehensively just as he ‘feinted’ to the left. 

“Bollocks, I just can’t keep it from wobbling!” he groaned, putting his head into his hands. 

“You’re thinking too much about it, mate,” I informed him. “You’ve got to let the broom tell you what to do. Listen to it, don’t yank it back, just softly pull it back.” 

“Easier said than done,” Marcus sighed. “I must be the worst Seeker in the world if I’m terrified of feints!”

“No, you’re not,” I laughed. “Everyone’s afraid of them but it’s all about trusting in yourself that you can do it.” 

“I guess.”

“Anyway, let’s call it a day,” I said to the boy. 

I truly felt bad for him. He was a really good Seeker, a tad slow, but he definitely had the eye for it. He was just so insecure about his own abilities, which puts him at a disadvantage to the other Seekers. I mean Diggory and Malfoy were more than arrogant and Potter was confident enough in himself. 

Oh well… he’ll get there. I hope. 


Everyone quickly flew away with much more fervour towards the changing rooms, leaving Seamus and I to clear up the equipment as per usual.


Bloody gits, they all were!


But I secretly didn’t mind. Seamus and I always ended up talking about random nonsense, and I was usually in a good mood after. Considering the past few days I’ve had, I needed to be around my mates again. I’ve been avoiding them for far too long and I was missing the insanity of our conversations. 

“So then while Snape was peering over their cauldron, the bloody thing exploded in his face!” Seamus laughed, his voice booming across the pitch. “His eyebrows were scorched off! You should’ve been there!” 

Ha! Serves the jerk-face right!

From what I’ve heard, he’s been parading around making bets with various professors over the outcome of the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match. Apparently, their team was quite unbeatable this year.


Yeah bloody right, by unbeatable, he probably means dirty lying cheating scum. 

I hope Oliver’s prepared for Friday. It was going to be tough especially with Flint out to get him…  

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Chapter 9: Some Things Never Change
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---Chapter 9 – Some Things Never Change---


“What is he drinking?” Penny asked, scrunching up her face in repulsion. 

We all looked over to stare curiously at Adam, who was giddily sipping from a black can with weird neon green designs on it. 

“It’s called an energy drink,” Adam replied smugly. “My Muggle cousin sent it to me in the post, told me it’s all the rage out there and girls dig guys who drink it.” 

“What girls? The mentally handicapped?” Penny murmured under her breath

Miranda and I looked at each other, and sniggered.

“Laugh if you will but you’re obviously just jealous of my impossibly good looks,” Adam winked, while puckering up his lips at us.

I was going to be sick on my breakfast.

How in the name of Dumbledore did I ever fall for his charms?

I guess to be fair to younger me I was extremely stupid back in the day. Now I’m smart and sophisticated, and totally beyond superficial reasons for fancying someone. 

“Ignoring the fact that I just swallowed my own vomit, Keegan, did you finish the assignment for Charms today?” Miranda said, turning her attention onto me.

“Yup, finished it a couple days ago.”

“Why the hell do you always finish things so early!” Miranda glared, irritated at me for apparently being a nerd. I was a Ravenclaw! We’re genetically engineered to be overachieving bastards…  

“Err… because I had a free period? And I was… bored?” I tried to give her a satisfying answer, but apparently, that only annoyed her more. 

Bored? You were bored so you did work? Normal people go like… enjoy the sunshine or something when they’re bored!” she yelled at me. 

Why the hell was she so moody?


“Whatever, I need new friends,” Miranda muttered grumpily before grabbing her bag and stalking off out of the Great Hall.

“Okay. What the bleeding hell was that about!” I cried out, staring pointedly at Elbie who shrunk back under my gaze. 

“Okay, okay! She’s pissed off at me because I blew her off last night to work on my Astronomy assignment,” Elbie said in a quiet voice. “And err, my partner for the assignment happened to be Elizabeth Harp.”

The Elizabeth Harp?” Adam asked dreamily.

You see, Elizabeth Harp is this beautiful Hufflepuff seventh year and when I say beautiful, I mean like ‘a ray of light shines on her’ kind of beautiful. She has just perfect everything, and the thing about Eliza was that she was even more beautiful because she was kind and sweet to everyone—even Slytherins. To top it off, Miranda’s first boyfriend dumped her for Eliza, who only actually went on one date with him. So it was understandable why Miranda got so angry and jealous, and why Elbie conveniently forgot to tell her whom his partner was. 

“Yup,” Elbie replied glumly. “I didn’t mean for her to find out!”

“You should never lie to Miranda,” Penny warned while waving around her bread roll dangerously close to my face. “She finds out everything.”  

“It’s true, the girl’s like a witch doctor!” I nodded in agreement. 

“A witch what?” Seamus asked, now looking up from the book he’s been reading all sodding morning, the book he won’t put down to even say hi to his mates. I have this theory that all Ravenclaws were stark-raving lunatics because when we’re upset, we do extra reading.

Actually, it’s probably why we’re all so bloody smart. 

“A witch doctor, it’s a person Muggles believe to perform voodoo magic or whatever, they know things,” I explained to him. 

“How do you know these things?” Seamus chuckled.

“Who cares how she knows these bloody useless facts? What I want to know is can you please fix things for me?” Elbie asked me, widening his eyes in a way that I assumed was supposed to be endearing me to him.  

“Elbie, please refrain from insulting me and then asking for my help at the same time in the future,” I scowled. “But I’ll help you – only because I fear for the wellbeing of the student population if we let loose an angry Miranda. Plus I’ve got Charms now with her so I’ll try to calm her down.”

“Thank you, thank you, Keegan!” Elbie cried out while launching himself at me from across the table, knocking over his goblet of pumpkin juice. 

I rolled my eyes. This is whom Miranda chooses to date? And whom I choose to hang out with?

Merlin, there was something wrong with the lot of us…

I easily pushed off the pathetic git before grabbing my bag to head towards Charm.  

I managed to slip into the classroom a minute before I would have been deemed late much to the satisfaction of Professor Flitwick. Normally, he had no moral inclination to be nice to anyone—okay fine, he loved everyone, but he loved me best! Not in a weird way! But I was his favourite student.

Well okay, he loved me because I was the Ravenclaw captain but I was bloody brilliant at it so he loved me even more. Lots of love. 

Pffft… modesty, what is that?

I gave Professor Flitwick my brightest smile before bouncing into the seat next to Miranda who harrumphed at me. 

Okay, getting her to cheer up might be a tad harder than I thought… Maybe I should begin with something exciting! 

“So Gryffindor plays Slytherin today! I actually hope Gryffindors win!” I trilled happily. 

“Can we please not talk about Quidditch for once?”

“Oh yeah… of course,” I mumbled stupidly. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best route to go. I guess not many people get excited about Quidditch the way I do. 

Erm… what else is there?

“Hey! Are you excited about the annual Halloween party?” I whispered, trying to sound super excited about it—I actually am not too fond of the Halloween parties, too many slutty girls, too many groping guys and far too much alcohol is consumed... 

“I heard Fred and George have something special planned for this year,” I added. 

“Hmmph,” Miranda sounded. “Is it Elizabeth Harp on fire?”

Ouch, harsh.

“Oh, come on, Miranda,” I sighed, exasperated now. “I get why you’re upset but this is Elbie we’re talking about. The boy is so head over heels in love with you, his perve-dar probably permanently turns off when you’re not around!”  

“Perve-dar?” Miranda arched an eyebrow, her lips curving slightly upwards.  

I held back a triumphant grin. “Yes, perve-dar! Every bloke has one, it goes off when a girl bends over or someone’s top’s too low or…” 

“I get it, I get it,” Miranda chuckled, finally lighting up. “And I know, I’m a psychotically jealous bitch. I can’t help it. Harp’s my weak point.” 

“I know.”

“But I still refuse to forgive Elbie that easily,” Miranda smiled mischievously. 

“You’re evil.”

“I’m conniving and he loves me for it,” she shrugged lightly. “Besides if he doesn’t, I’ll beat him into loving me anyways.”

I sometimes wonder at the mental sanity of my best friend. 

“Don’t look at me that way, I’m totally joking,” she chuckled before turning back to the board. 

She wasn’t. I can see it in her eyes, the way they crinkle in contentment at the knowledge that her own boyfriend was also terrified of her. It was worrying and probably unhealthy but who am I to judge sanity? 

I sighed and too turned back to the board. Today, we were learning about a rather simple charm, the Refilling Charm. It was taking a lot out of me to physically jot down everything Professor Flitwick was saying but the Ravenclaw in me wouldn’t let me stop. But then again I was only fifty percent Ravenclaw according to the Sorting Hat. 

I tugged at the hem of my skirt. It felt scratchy on my skin and I hoped I would soon become accustomed to the feel of skirts. I mean I wore the occasional summer dresses, much to the delight of my dad but I just preferred wearing trousers. They were much more practical in everyday life and I could run in them. 

But I knew it wasn’t the skirt that made me so agitated this time. It was an old manky brown hat only a few metres in front of me. It was the Sorting Hat that was making me so agitated and I couldn’t stop fidgeting with the hem of my skirt

I just wanted it to be over with. I didn’t want to have to walk up to the blooming thing and have to wait excruciatingly for my sorting

What if I was a Slytherin! I couldn’t be a Slytherin!  

I mean… was I that evil? 

I did put a wobbleworm in Eden’s porridge a couple months back. I also punched Oliver in the face. Well in my defence, Oliver was being a jerk and making fun of me again.

“Keegan Riddell,” Professor McGonagall announced loudly. 

I felt my heartbeat start to speed up and my hands went all clammy. I stood there frozen to the spot and turned around looking for only one person. He stood a bit further down the queue than me. His brown hair looked tame for once and he looked much more at ease in his uniform than I did. 

Oliver looked at me, smiling encouragingly before mouthing ‘go’. 

I felt my stomach turn but quickly walked up to the high chair and sat down awkwardly, remembering to cross my legs as not to flash the entire school. The hat lurched to life and I knew only I could hear him speak at this moment

“Hmm… very interesting indeed,” he mumbled. “You’re very intelligent, bright and inquisitive, with a definite thirst for knowledge… but you’re very stubborn and headstrong. You’re loyal till the end, you’re strong and very brave.” 

“Well… what does that make me then?

“What do you want it to make you?” 

“Huh? I don’t know! I just want to get off this stool!

“Not an attention-seeker then…

“Merlin no! Only if I’ve been amazing at Quidditch or did well in school but no!” 

The hat laughed at my reluctance for attention, its rough gravelly voice echoing in my head. 

“What about Gryffindor?” it asked me.

I instantly looked over at the scarlet and gold table. I knew their amazing Quidditch reputation and I knew they were a good-hearted bunch of people. But I also knew Mum was in that House… and I just couldn’t… would not be associated with anything to do with her.

“What’s my other option?

“Ravenclaw, another great House.

“Fine, whatever, put me there…

“THEN IT’S THE RAVENCLAW HOUSE YOU GO!” the Sorting Hat bellowed for the Great Hall to hear and there was an eruption of whoops and applauses at the blue and bronze table. 

I quickly took off the hat and practically sprinted to the table. I sat down and was affectionately greeted by the Ravenclaw lot, and knew I had made a good decision. Yet at the same time, I also had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Oliver would go to Gryffindor. There was no doubt he would… he was the bravest and toughest person I knew, and there, he would forget about me.  

A small paper airplane hit me in the head, completely breaking me out of my reverie and back into present day. I looked around me in a flurry of confusion, Miranda was engrossed in the lecture, and the only person in the room looking at me was…


Keegan… can we please talk before lunch?

I want to apologise on behalf of Amanda amongst other things.


Well… he seemed sincere enough, right? It couldn’t hurt. Merlin knows his bint of an ex-girlfriend was a menace to society. I’m surprised he hasn’t stood up in the middle of the Great Hall screaming ‘I’M SORRY MY EX-GIRLFRIEND IS A PSYCHOTIC WHORE!’

To be fair, she hasn’t been ‘terrorising’ me as much lately. Just a few death glares, some petty pushing and I’m certain that at dinner once, she threw a bread roll at my head. I’ve let them all go, trying to be the bigger person and all that, but that bread roll…

No ma’am. I got my revenge and let’s just say, she looked as if an entire Christmas dinner was chucked at her face. And maybe it was…  

I quickly scribbled back my yes and decided to finally focus on the lecture in front of me. Refilling Charm… refills crap… awesome… 


“So Boggarts are quite frightening in that respect,” Professor Lupin told us after having explained to us what Boggarts are. I knew what they were, but like every other class, I paid full attention to every word that came from his mouth. It’s not my fault that my professor was a handsome old devil with the face of a rock-star, the voice of an angel and the intellect of well… a Ravenclaw—even though he had been a Gryffindor back in school.

The man was dreamy.

“Next lesson, we will be learning how to overcome Boggarts and our inner fears,” Professor Lupin said. “But for now, I will just have each of you write a one page essay on Boggarts, how to find them, what they are and anything you think I should know.” 

He winked at us and quickly dismissed the class.

“If you drooled any more, you would be sitting in your own saliva, you know,” a voice behind me whispered. 

I shuddered at the close proximity and turned around. 

“Wood,” I smiled. 

“Still with the last names, eh? All right then, Riddell, how are you today?” he chuckled, as we walked out of the Defence Against the Dark Arts class. 

“Can’t complain, what about you? Nervous? Frightened?” 

“I’m okay, just buzzing to kick Flint’s arse,” Oliver said through gritted teeth. 

Over the past few days, the rivalry between the two captains has been almost brutal. Oliver showed up to dinner last night with a bruised eye and Flint had a broken nose but neither said anything to anyone. Obviously, everyone knew, but no one saw and if no one was speaking, the professors had no proof. 

“Well be careful, yeah? Flint’s tough.”

“Worrying about me there, Riddell?” he winked.

“We may be friendly now but we’re not by any means that friendly,” I rolled my eyes at him. “Anyway, I’ve got to go meet… a friend. I’ll see you at the match!”

With that, I quickly ran down the corridor and towards the library. I had told Justin I would meet him here so I could avoid any eavesdroppers. 

He was waiting outside with his hands in his pocket, staring aimlessly at the stonewall. His curly hair flopped over his blue eyes and I couldn’t help feeling an attraction to the boy.

He was extremely cute and… ahh! Shut up, hormones!! 

“Hi Justin,” I said trying to ignore my brain. 

He turned around quickly at the sound of my voice. “Hi Keegan!”

“So err… you don’t really have to apologise, you know?”

“I know,” Justin smiled kindly. “I just know what she’s like and I know she’ll never grow up so I thought I should apologise on her behalf.”

“I don’t know if she’ll take too kindly to that,” I laughed.

“I know that too, but…” Justin looks nervous. “I wanted to apologise for my behaviour as well.”

Well… I didn’t expect that!

“What? What do you mean?”

“I came on so strong and I know I freaked you out!” Justin quickly rushed out. “I don’t know what came over me… it’s just Miranda mentioned you might be interested and I guess I jumped the gun! And Amanda loved all that overbearing crap but I know now that you’re not like that…”

Ooh, I was going to kill that girl! Why can’t she just leave my love life alone?

“I don’t know. I just kind of developed this crush on you but then I realised that I don’t even know you. Well the point is I was hoping we could be friends? And kind of see where it goes… or just friends!” he quickly said. 

I stopped thinking of the million ways I was going to kill my best friend and looked at the boy in front of me. What was so bloody wrong with me that I couldn’t like this amazing, adorable, perfectly sane and nice boy? Maybe the emotional side of my brain needed a little waking. Yeah! Maybe I was just asleep!

Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down towards me till our lips met. At first, he went rigid and I nearly pulled back out of embarrassment but he quickly recovered. He instantly wrapped his own arms around my waist, pulling me tight against him, and kissing me with so much fervour I nearly died on the spot. I found that his lips were soft and tasted of peppermint, a taste that I also found I really liked. He pulled back for a split second only to look at me before kissing me more gently while his thumb was drawing circles on the middle of my back. 

When he finally did pull apart, I nearly collapsed. It was… unreal. It was overwhelming and blimey, it was bloody brilliant! I don’t think I’ve been kissed that well since… since… fuck if I know! I mean there was definitely more emotion put into that kiss from him but I think he just transferred some of that emotion into me.  

“I… uh… don’t really know where that came from,” I mumbled, a soft pink tingeing my cheeks.

“Well you can do that again any time,” Justin laughed. It was a soft ringing laugh, the kind that makes you smile. 

“Right,” I smiled back. “I… got to go… eat and stuff.”

Justin laughed again. He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my lips. “After that, we can be just friends unless you decide you want something more.”

I nodded dazedly before turning and hiking it back to the Great Hall. I pushed open the big oak doors, still in my daze, when I bumped into a big sturdy body.

“Riddell,” Oliver said happily, looking down at me. He furrowed his brows for a second, studying my face before a frown appeared on his features. “You’ve been snogging someone.”

“What! No! Shut up!” I nearly yelled at him.

“Your lips are all swollen and red, and you’re blushing,” Oliver noted. “Was this what your little meeting earlier was about? Some friend.”

“Look, Wood, it’s none of your business whether I snogged someone or not,” I snapped, annoyed now that he was butting into my love life too. 

“You SNOGGED SOMEONE?” Miranda screeched, causing a few heads at the nearby Gryffindor table to stare at me curiously. “Who! And where! And WHO!”

She dragged me away by the arm before Oliver had a chance to retort but he just sent me a disappointed look.

What the bloody hell? What right does he have to look disappointed at me if I wanted to go to some bloody broom closet and snog someone?

I wasn’t that pure and pristine little girl he used to know! Blimey, a girl has her needs too and I was positive he’s been in his fair share of broom closets!

“Right, so spill!” Miranda demanded excitedly. 

I groaned and proceeded to tell her what happened.


The atmosphere was deafening and the Gryffindors and Slytherins were practically shaking with excitement in the stands.

The Slytherin side were jeering and yelling things out at the Gryffindors who were sat opposite them on the other side of the stadium. I think the founders of Hogwarts realised early on that Gryffindors and Slytherins were probably going to murder each other if they were put next to one another.

The Hufflepuffs and us Ravenclaws were split between whom to support but most have decided to go with Gryffindor—mostly due to the fact that Slytherins were wankers. My entire Ravenclaw Qudditch team, like me, decided to support Gryffindor and were cheering wildly as the excitement and euphoria began to spread through the crowd. I donned my dad’s old scarlet and gold jersey and was waving a small scarlet and gold flag. Despite my little spat with Oliver earlier, I was still going to root for him. I was honestly trying to be friends with him again so I was not going to let his stupid weird mood swings annoy me. Not today anyhow. 

“Is this seat taken?” 

I looked up into a familiar pair of hazel eyes. “EDAN!” I cried out as I jumped from my seat and strangled my brother into a hug. 

He chuckled awkwardly and pushed me away. “Erm, hi to you too, sis. By the way, I’d like you to meet Cameron.” He turned so I could see the small blonde standing shyly beside him. “Cameron, this is my sister, Keegan.”

“Hi Cameron!” I grin wildly and embarrassingly  (for Edan) at her.

“Hi Keegan, I’ve heard so much about you,” she smiled politely back. 

I shook her hand and ushered them into their seats. Edan sat next to me, probably so I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to Cameron. I nudged him in the side and waggled my eyebrows.

Edan rolled his eyes and kicked me in the shin to shut me up. 

All right. Got it. I’m embarrassing!  


“SHUT UP!” Miranda cut in. She’s sitting on my other side. “We already know all of them! Merlin, it’s like you’ve never been to a match before!”

“Well it’s exciting,” I huffed childishly, crossing my arms over my chest.

But my childish excitement was soon forgotten as everyone’s attention was now glued to the two Quidditch teams as they took flight.

I watched eagerly every time Angelina, Alicia or Katie would have the Quaffle, but as I had expected, the Slytherin Chasers were just as fast and their Beaters were just as ruthless—not saying Fred and George were ruthless but they were good at what they do, which is cause destruction.

After the score was tied 40-40, I turned my focus to Oliver to watch him. His brows were furrowed in deep concentration every time there was a sudden jerk his way. I knew he was beating himself up over the four goals he let in but it wasn’t his fault. They were good, nearly impossible, goals to save. 

About nearly an hour into the match, the score was still at 40-40 and the Snitch was still nowhere to be seen. There had been a moment earlier when we all thought Potter had seen the Snitch but it had been a false alarm.

It was growing to be a tiresome game, both for the players and the audience. I knew people were getting restless and bored due to the stalemate of the match but I also knew how easily deterred a player can get if they catch wind that the audience were losing interest. If there was one thing a Quidditch player hated to be, it was boring. 

I stood up and waved my flag around manically. “GO GRYFFINDOR! COME ON GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT!”

“You seem very enthusiastic for Gryffindor to win,” Edan said as I sat back down. “Does that have anything to do with your reconciliation with our mate, Oliver?”

I knew what he was getting at and Merlin, I’ve had a lot of people ask me this sodding question.

“No, we’re just friends, Edan,” I reply nonchalantly. “Nothing more, nothing less.” 

“Alright, if you say so,” he chuckled before turning to whisper something in Cameron’s ear. Her blue eyes instantly brightened up and she giggled in mirth. 

I turned my focus again back to the match so I wouldn’t have to look at my brother being gross and flirty with some girl. It was sickening. He was still a baby in my eyes. And yes he’s had quite a few girlfriends but it was all still sickening! I mean… just imagining him kissing her makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Gross, gross, gross… 

“HOLY SHIT!” Miranda cried out right in my ear.

I quickly perked up, hoping Potter had found the Snitch but the match was just as boring as it had been ten minutes ago. So I turned to stare at Miranda curiously, but she merely just pointed over to the Slytherin stand and there, right at the bottom, was my missing dorm-mate kissing a Slytherin that I have never seen before. 


“I KNOW!” Miranda screeched in disgust. “Is that where she’s bloody been going to every night? Is that why she’s been hiding from us?” 
“Apparently!” I growled, mirroring the anger in Miranda’s voice. “That stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID girl! She runs away for nearly a sodding week and we now find herself canoodling with a Slytherin!”

“Shush, Keegs!” Miranda kicked my shin violently. I yelped but she ignored my outburst of pain. As she always does. 

“Simmer down before any of the boys catch on, we don’t need Seamus to make a scene right now,” Miranda whispered urgently to me.

Oh Merlin, Seamus!

When he finds out, he’s going to be devastated! And he’s probably going to go to Azkaban after he kills the Slytherin, which I know he will. Probably with a machete… I always imagined him with a machete.

“I’m going to kill Lucy,” Miranda murmured under her breath.

Well that stinks because then I’ll literally be best friend-less because when Miranda goes to Azkaban, Elbie will die of heartbreak then Adam won’t want to live without Elbie. I’ll be all alone! Except for Penny but she’s more like an annoying cousin that I have to love. 

Suddenly there was an eruption of cheers that vibrated all through the stands and my heart sank to the soles of my feet as I realised it came from the Slytherins. It appeared that in Miranda and mine’s fuming over Lucy’s new beau, we had missed that slimy Malfoy catch the Snitch. It must have been bloody spectacular because there was no way Malfoy was better than Potter! Even I had to admit that the Potter kid was by far the best Seeker Hogwarts has seen in a damn long time.

But as I leaned forward, I realised Potter was bleeding profusely from his ear and his glasses were nowhere to be seen. 
Ooh, those bloody Slytherins! They play dirty! They bloody knocked out his glasses causing him temporary blindness so they could give that talent-less Malfoy the chance to catch the Snitch! What I don’t understand is how they managed to knock it off… I swear Potter has special charms on his glasses to keep them there…

Before I could even come up with some logical explanation, a fight erupts down on the pitch. Oliver had tackled Flint to the ground and was now enthusiastically punching the git in the face. Not that I objected to this but I didn’t want Oliver’s temper to get him banned or even kicked off the team so I quickly ran as fast as I could, pushing and shoving past people—and I’m pretty sure I just punched a second year in the face.

Oops! I telepathically send the kid an apology just as I jumped over the barrier. 

I quickly sprint to Oliver’s side, grabbing him roughly by his arm and start to pull back. Oliver, caught off guard, stumbles into me. 

“Riddell, let go of me!” he growls, a dark gravelly sound that makes my hair stand on end. 

“Oliver, please,” I tried to stay calm. “Please before the professors get to you.”

I’m not entirely sure how many people saw the fight erupt but I was certain if I don’t get him out of here fast he was going to get into trouble.

“Yeah, go with your bitch, Wood!” Flint spat, blood dripping from his nose and bottom lip. 

I stepped on his ankle with all the strength I could muster. “Don’t make me kick the shit out of you too, Flint!” 

He cries out in pain and before he can say or do anything, I grab Oliver by the hand and pull him into the Gryffindor changing rooms. I’ve never been in here before, but it looks just as cramped as ours: one wall of lockers between the girls and the boys’ area and a long wooden bench by the wall.   

I sat Oliver on the wooden bench.

He looked awful, his hair was sweaty and matted to his forehead, he had dirt on his cheeks and all over his Quidditch robes, and his eyes were bloodshot with anger. 

“I don’t know how they bloody did it…” he mumbled, his hands clenching into fists so hard that his knuckles have turned white. “I don’t know how they managed to bypass Harry’s charms!” 

So the boy did have charms in place. 

“Look Oliver, they’re dirty lying cheating scum,” I told him. “What they did was lower than low but there is no way we’ll be able to convince the professors that Harry’s glasses were tampered with. Snape will stick up for them and it’d just get nowhere… but you can still be in the House Cup final! You can and I mean in order to do so, you have to beat us and you know I won’t go easy on you, but think optimistically, Oliver!”

He looks up after a brief second and stares at me, as if noticing for the first time that I was here. At first, his eyes soften slightly and he looks ready to agree with me, but then something flashes across his eyes. Something I can’t quite discern, but whatever it was, it resurged his anger.

“What the hell are you doing here anyway, Riddell?” he spat at me. “I bet you’re happy that we lost, this way our bet won’t even happen!” 


“Save it! Why don’t you go snog your ‘friend’ some more and leave me in peace, okay? I don’t need your pity!”

I couldn’t help it. All that attempt at trying to rekindle our friendship just burnt in front of me and all I could feel right now was pure anger. Anger and frustration and disappointment in Oliver.

“You are such an arrogant prick, you know that!” I roared, not caring how badly it hurt my throat to do so. 

“Merlin, I just can’t believe you sometimes! Here I am trying to be your bloody friend and try to console you and all you do is yell at me then bring up something so bloody inane, so stupid that I just… I just can’t even comprehend how your mind works, Wood! I just honestly can’t and I’m done trying! I guess some things never change!” I shouted at him. “Go to hell!”

I gave him one last livid look before I fled the changing rooms.

That’s it! I was done with Oliver bloody Wood! Sod him! 

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Chapter 10: Oh Merlin, it's Halloween
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--- Chapter 10 – Oh Merlin, it’s Halloween---


Oliver Wood:

I was not entirely sure how long I had sat there when she left but it was long enough for Fred and George to come find me. They had thought I was trying to drown myself in the shower again but I think what they found was far worse than that version of me. 

When they found me, I was still sitting on the bench staring into my hands, wondering how the hell everything went so wrong. In one day, I had lost possibly one of the most important matches of my Hogwarts career and lost my friend.


No, not just any friend. I lost Keegan. Again. 

All because of my stupid fucking arrogance, my need to be angry at the world, at her, at Flint…


I just couldn’t see straight and she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, I didn’t mean anything I had said. Of course, I knew she was trying to help and even after her little speech, I knew how she wanted to just be there for me… yet I couldn’t… I just couldn’t be happy. It was as if being happy for even one split second made me feel guilty, guilty over having let down my team and I chose some stupid idiotic thing to retort back at her. 

I didn’t mention the spat between us to anyone but I think everyone knew something happened anyways. For the next week, she kept sending me death glares and she would purposefully walk the other way if I was walking towards her in a corridor.


One time, when I tried to apologise to her, she literally covered her ears screaming and ran down the stairs.


Somehow, and lord knows how, I think our spat has actually made her more insane than she originally was. 

What makes matter worse, I found out the ‘friend’ she had met with was Justin-sodding-Dodgson and she was ‘meeting’ with him more often now. I don’t know if she was doing it to spite me or if she really liked the prat but I didn’t like it one bit. 

Not that I was jealous.

I just didn’t like Dodgson. He was… a Hufflepuff. Why would you willingly like a Hufflepuff?

“Mate, please come tonight!” Fred pleaded for the umpteenth time.


We were all sitting around the fireplace, enjoying a nice Saturday morning, but every few minutes, Fred or George would beg me to come to their stupid Halloween Bash. I don’t even like Halloween all that much—too many drunken idiots in ridiculous outfits trying to grope each other. What’s the point?

“No, I told you I’m not in the mood.”  

“You’re never in the mood lately!” George told me with a sad pout. “I mean you’re not even holding any trainings this week!” 

“I thought we needed a break,” I mumbled. 

It wasn’t entirely the truth. I mean I was still going out there every evening, flying about but I just wasn’t ready to be a captain yet. I needed some time to myself and I was using Harry’s minor concussion as an excuse for a break.

Pathetic, I know. 

“Whatever, we all know you’re moping over…” and then there was a loud whack as Fred smacked his twin in the face with a pillow. 

I rolled my eyes at the two and resumed my staring into the fireplace. I was being a moody git, I know but hey, I was Oliver Wood. Wasn’t moody my middle name or something like that? Or at least, that’s what the girls used to say last year. 

“I heard Keegan was going,” Alicia piped up and we all turned to look at her as she walked towards us from the portrait hole with Angelina beside her.  


“I don’t know,” Alicia smirked. “Just for anyone that wants to know, Keegan Riddell is going with her not yet official easily-break-up-able boyfriend, Justin Dodgson.” 

“She was supposed to go with me!” George whined. “Stupid Dodgson stole my date.” 

Everyone ignored George’s whining and I shrugged at the girls. “I repeat, so?”

Alicia shrugged and went to sit by George on the floor and Angelina took her spot on Fred’s lap in the lone armchair. 

“Oh, I also heard Miranda was forcing her into a pirate outfit,” Angelina threw out nonchalantly. 

I ignored this comment. So what? She can be a bloody pirate all she wants.  

“And I heard it’s frightfully skimpy.”


This was a stupid idea.


Stupid bloody idea.


What did I expect was going to happen tonight at that bloody Halloween Bash anyways? Keegan to suddenly forgive me for being a prat just like that? When did that bint ever forgive anyone that easily?


I remember when Edan spilled juice all over her favourite Montrose Magpies jersey she ignored him for a full month till her dad finally forced the two to sit in a room together for a full hour. However, I don’t think locking myself in a room with Keegan for an hour would get her to forgive me, actually I think we’d end up killing each other.


As much as she was a top lass, Keegan had a way of winding me up. 

“Fred, what in Dumbledore’s name are you wearing?” I spluttered as the redhead emerged from the seventh year boys’ toilets. Fred was decked out in an oversized hat with flowers sticking out of one side and a dark royal blue dress with frilly arms.


Oh, and a tiara. 

“I’m the Queen of England!” he told me happily.

“But… you’re… uh… why?”  

“For a laugh, mate,” Fred chuckled. “Sometimes you got to just unwind. Come on, Oliver. You’re wound up too tight!”

“I am not!” I said as I folded my arms.


Yes I was, but I’m not going to admit it to the twins—or one of them. 

“Yes you are,” Fred arched his very heavily powdered white eyebrow at me. “I mean look at you, you’re dressed as a bloody Quidditch player. We already know you are one!” 

“Not a Puddlemere player…” 

“Oliver, come on!” Fred insisted. “Wear something crazy… you want to win over Keegan, right? So show her what she’s missing out on.” 

I glared at him. “I don’t want to win her over, I don’t like her like that!” 

“Right, sure you don’t!” Fred chuckled. “Let me dress you and I promise you she will talk to you by the end of tonight.”

“And if she doesn’t?” 

“You can kick my arse, mate, that’s a promise,” Fred grinned wickedly.


I feel like I shouldn’t agree to this because if I’m right, he already has something planned. But I was a desperate man and desperate times called for desperate measures, in this case making a deal with a drag-wearing ginger. 

Bollocks me!


Keegan Riddell:

I was going to kill Miranda!


I was going to murder her and stuff her into a chimney somewhere! This outfit was utterly the most ridiculous thing I have ever laid eyes on! When I said please could you just grab me something simple in Hogsmeade, as I was too busy with work, I did not expect her definition of simple to mean ‘lacking of clothing’.


Seriously bollocks my life!

“Oh Jesus!” Penny cried out as she came out of the toilets in a long black gown with long sleeves and her hair fluffed up into a crazy fro. She was the bride of Frankenstein. 

“Don’t you even dare,” I growled at her.

She laughed and went to sit on the bed to stare at me some more. “I wasn’t going to say anything, I think your outfit does all the saying for me.” 

“Shut up, Penny, I look like the biggest slag to ever exist!” I cried out. “I cannot go out looking like this!”


I turned around to stare at possibly the sexiest cat I’ve ever seen. Miranda had on a fluffy black tube dress that was tight around the chest area and extended out into a mini-skirt.

But even compared to her, I looked like horrific… 

“Miranda, honest to Merlin, I can’t!” I whimpered pathetically. 

“Keegan Elizabeth Riddell, you are wearing that outfit and that is final,” Miranda said in her sternest voice. “You are going to make Justin wonder how he got so bloody lucky, you’re going to make every boy lust after you and most importantly, you’re going to make Oliver Wood wish he had you.” 

“But I don’t want Wood to…”

Miranda shut me up by putting a finger to my lips and ushered me into the chair by the full-length mirror. At this point, I knew better than to argue with her because as much as I hated my outfit, I hated angry Miranda more. 

I sighed and threw Penny a withering look but the Prefect just shrugged her shoulders and smirked at me. 

I seriously needed new friends… 

About half an hour into Miranda’s massacre of my face, Lucy finally decided to grace us with her presence, ultimately, causing a big bloody uproar in our dormitory.


You see, ever since that sodding Gryffindor versus Slytherin match, we’ve all been a bit peeved at the blonde. She had stepped over a line by deliberately hurting Seamus and getting with a Slytherin. Oh and not any Slytherin but the black-haired two-faced greasy slimy git named Miles Bletchley, who, I might add, had been suspended from the game for allegedly trying to jinx the Potter kid.


That in itself should throw off some bloody alarms!


But no not to Lucy because ‘it’s only Quidditch, he’s really a rather nice bloke outside of it’… What a crock of lies! I had never wanted to hurt that girl more in my life than in that moment!

“Lucy,” Miranda said curtly.


Miranda was the most peeved out of the three of us, mostly because she had been on the receiving end of all of Elbie and Adam’s rants about Lucy. I’ve been around for a bit of their bitching sessions too but I tried to stay close to Seamus since this whole ordeal has made me extremely protective of my great big teddy bear. Not many people realise it but he really is a softie inside—as much as he tries to deny it. 

“Miranda,” Lucy said quietly. “You girls look fantastic! And wow, Keegan! I can’t believe Miranda got you to wear something like that!”

“Hmmph,” I mumbled in response.

I still loved the girl and wanted to be best mates with her again but right now, I just wanted to be pissed off for Seamus’ sake. Merlin knows he’s refusing to be mad at Lucy.  

“Penny, are you mad at me too?” Lucy said, her voice cracking as if she was on the verge of tears.


My heart nearly broke down at this point and by the quiver of Miranda’s lips, I could tell she nearly did as well. We hated when Lucy cried. Absolutely loathed it, and ever since first year when a bunch of third years made her cry, we both have tried so hard to protect her. In some ways, Lucy was like our baby sister. She was bubbly and she can be so innocent and naïve sometimes, which is why she was so easily hurt by people. She was a smart girl for sure, but Lucy lacked… common sense sometimes, thus explaining this little tryst she has going on with Bletchley. 

“Lucy, I…” Penny looked at us and sighed. “I want to reserve judgment for the sake of being the peace-keeper but even I have to ask, why Bletchley?”  

“He’s not that bad, guys,” Lucy said, her voice now barely above a whisper. 

“Oh for fuck’s sake, save the lies, Lucy!” Miranda cried out, losing her cool and any sympathy for Lucy now. “Bletchley is a no good dirty Slytherin prick! I thought you could do so much better but now, I’m not too sure. If you’re not willing to see how much of a manipulative prick he is then fine! But look at what you’re doing to Seamus!” 

“Seamus?” Lucy was shouting now. “Is this about Seamus? I’m losing my best friends over Seamus bloody O’Connor? Oh, this is enlightening, isn’t it? I can see where your loyalties lie now, Miranda.” 

Woah, what the… 

“My loyalties?” Miranda scoffed, glaring at the much smaller girl. “Oh God, you are so vain, Lucy! You’ve always been so good at manipulating every situation to make you out to be the victim… well you’re not this time, okay! You’re the bloody cause of the problem!” 

“Miranda…” I warned, but I was easily ignored because Lucy was now firing just as much venom back. 

“Maybe I’m a little vain, but at least I’m not a self-righteous bitch!” Lucy yelled out, but I knew Lucy regretted it as soon as she said it. Miranda, however, just went white with fury. She took one last look at Lucy before shoving past her and slamming the door shut. 

The room went silent before Lucy stumbled onto her knees, crying as if the world relied on her tears and her tears alone. I looked down at the girl; her hair was matted against her face, clinging onto the wet trails her tears left behind and her body curved into a ball. She was rocking herself back and forth and I knew that I had to be the bigger person and forgive her for being a dolt because right now, she needed a friend…

I moved to sit beside her and wrapped my arms around Lucy. “Shh… it’ll be alright, I promise.”

Lucy looked up at me, her eyes bloodshot. “No, Keegan, it won’t. I messed up this time. I messed up so bad and I don’t… I don’t think the boys or Miranda can ever forgive me…”

“You didn’t do anything terribly unforgivable,” I told her truthfully. “You messed up, but you can fix it.” 

“What? By breaking up with Blet – Miles?” 

“Well that’s a start,” I told her. 

She shook her head defiantly. “I can’t… If I do then… no, I just can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked incredulously.


Merlin, I wanted to yell at her but I couldn’t. I won’t be another person that yells at her too. 

Lucy sighed. “It’s a long story…” 

“We have time, right, Penny?” I said, looking up at the other girl for support. 

Penny sighed, “yeah, sure.”

“No, we don’t,” Lucy left the comfort of my arms and stood up. “I need… I need to get ready and fix my makeup. I’m sorry, Keegan. I really am. I… I like Miles and that’s that. I know you don’t understand and if you want to hate me like Miranda then I’ll understand too.”

I got up onto my feet as well. “Lucy, I don’t hate you but I’m not going to lie and say I approve of this. But if you do somehow like him, I’ll be here for you.”  

“Me too, Lucy,” Penny said, coming to stand beside me. “I’m not good with the emotional stuff but if you need to me give someone detention, just ask.”

For the first time in a long time, Lucy smiled genuinely at us, and suddenly, the small blonde came flying at us, enveloping Penny and I into a tight hug. She buried her face into my shoulder.

“Thank you, Keegan.”


“Gerroff me, Penny!” I slurred, pushing the bushy-haired brunette from my lap. In one short hour, we had managed to completely pressure Penny into downing five consecutive Firewhiskey shots and now the usual non-drinker was a total mess. 

“I have… never seen her like this!” Adam hiccupped beside me. “It’s bloody amazing!” 

“Piss off, Nicholson, you twat!” Penny growled.

“Apparently alcohol makes her into even more of a bitch,” he murmured under his breath as he tossed me an amused grin. I merely shook my head in response. 

Elbie fell into the common room then jumped back up onto his feet, saluting the air with his foam sword. He was currently dressed as a musketeer or something that was supposed to resemble that. “Guys, we should go to the party now.”

“I think we’ve taken predrinking to another level at this point,” Seamus agreed as he walked over to stand by – and support Elbie up. 

He was probably the only one of us that was slightly sober—smart boy because Penny was a mess, Adam was hornier than usual (and that is saying a lot!), Elbie kept thrashing his sword at anyone that came into his vicinity, Miranda was currently lying face first on the sofa, and I… I was… I was not too bad.


I just sound like I have a speech impediment… no big deal. Seriously…

“We should… move… Justin, meeting him soon,” I managed.

Adam snorted and I kicked him in the shins. Adam had a problem with Justin, Merlin knows fucking why, but it’s not like Adam’s disapproval bothers me. I disapprove of most of Adam’s conquests. 

“Come on guys, letshhgo.” Penny suddenly proclaimed, bolting from her seat, and pulling me along with her. Actually, pull is putting it lightly; I was practically dragged out of the common room by my wrist, which was also how I found that a drunken Penny was a dangerous Penny. 

We staggered out onto the staircase where Penny swayed headfirst into the brick wall before trying to manoeuvre herself down the stairs from the Ravenclaw Tower. I probably should have been the one to lead but my brain was all jumbled up. After about a full ten minutes of taking each step meticulously and trying not to trip to our death, Penny spotted her boyfriend who was probably coming to find her, shoved me to the side and flew at him. 

I, as a result, crashed down the stairs and into a suit of arms. Percy Weasley had the decency to toss me an apologetic look but then upon realising his girlfriend was pissed off her face, he glared at me as if it was my fault.


Hey, I only… you know, poured the shots… shoved them in her face… and said she was a pansy arse if she didn’t down them. Totally didn’t force her!  

“What did you do to her?” he spat out. 

For Merlin’s sake, he’s acting as if being drunk is the worst thing in the world! Penny was bloody legal, what was the problem? 


“We got her drunk, sorry, mate,” Seamus said coming to my… no, Percy’s rescue.


I would have kicked him in the face like a ninja… a Scottish ninja… although, I don’t think those exist. I could be a first… 

“Of course you did,” Percy snarled before grabbing his girlfriend, who was now trying to unbutton his shirt and stormed off.


Probably to… clean his textbooks or something. Poor Penny… 

“What’s up his arse!” Adam shouted. “He nearly ruined my buzz!” 

“Mine too,” I agreed. “I need to dance! I need to snog someone’s face off! And for Merlin’s sake, I need to take off this bloody corset top, it is squishing the life out of my boobs!”

There was a moment of silence when all three boys turned to stare at me… 

“ELBIE, STOP STARING AT KEEGAN’S BOOBS!” Miranda roared as she thwacked her boyfriend on the head before stomping off down the corridor towards the Room of Requirements.  

“Miranda, I wasn’t! I swear!” he cried out, running after her. “There was something… I was just… bollocks!” 

Seamus, Adam and I burst out laughing before running after the couple, falling every few minutes—well Adam and me were—while singing a Ravenclaw song. It was a wonder we haven’t been caught out of bed but I think the professors were giving us the night off considering it is Halloween. Or the Weasley twins has literally fool-proofed the entire Hogwarts, knowing just how drunk everyone got at their Halloween bash.  

Probably the latter… 





I was laughing so hard that I hadn’t even registered that we were now standing in front of the Room of Requirements till Justin stepped out through the door. He was wearing a sailor’s hat, a white tunic top and white pants. He looked dapper! 


Dapper… funny word, dapper was.

“Keegan?” he said as if he wasn’t sure it really was me. “You look… wow… your outfit… you… err, make a great pirate!”

I giggled, which was altogether a weird sound because I rarely ever giggle. But ever since Miranda told me I was too masculine for boys, I started to giggle a lot more.


Mostly at wrong intervals.


Last time I giggled, Professor Lupin had just assigned us a 3-page paper due for next week. 

“Thanks,” I beamed. “You look DAPPER!” 

He laughed, extended his hand out for me and I giggled some more, smirked at Adam and Seamus, before taking it. Adam rolled his eyes and Seamus just looked on proudly.  

The four of us walked into the party, which was already in full swing, and I was quickly consumed by the bass-pounding sounds and the smell of alcohol filling the air.


It was only eleven! Bloody hell, Hogwarts students were all closet alcoholics, I swear… 

Adam quickly pounced on the nearest group of sixth year girls, who I think were from Hufflepuff. They looked at him and I think I saw one swoon.


Oh yeah, did I mention Adam was shirtless and was wearing big purple satin pants. He was a genie or something… I think he just chose the outfit that allowed him to be as naked as possible. I swear the boy belonged on a nudist colony… the amount of times I’ve seen him naked… well it’s disturbing to think about. 

Justin interlaced our fingers—which I found made me squirm awkwardly—and led me towards the makeshift bar. It was a long wooden table with a fake head lying in the middle of it with blood constantly dripping from its severed neck into several tubes, which led to a blood red punch bowl. The whole setup made me nauseous yet I really wanted to try the punch… like really, really wanted to try it…


Hmm, does that make me a cannibal? 

“So how are you feeling?” Justin smiled his dimpled smile at me, while handing me a cup of the blood red punch.

I gingerly took a sip and squealed gleefully. It was spiced rum and cranberry juice! 

“Awesome!” I laughed and quickly finished my drink, grabbed Justin’s hand and pulled him onto the dance floor where I started to bust a fricking move! 

“You’re insane, you know that?” Justin grinned at me. “But a very sexy kind of insane.” 

I smiled back, barely acknowledging his compliment, as my mind was lost in an alcohol-induced haze.

Merlin, I loved life right now…


Oliver Wood:

 She arrived with Justin Dodgson!


She arrived with bloody Justin Dodgson!


And what in bloody hell was she wearing? That top, that skirt, those… those bloody legs! 


Merlin, her legs…  

She should cover up! Stupid sodding bint needs to cover the hell up!

Or at least come over to me so I can tear it off…

WOAH! What the fuck was that? 

No, no, no! I do not want anything like that with Keegan. She is my childhood friend, that is so wrong, Oliver. So wrong!


But then again, I was a red-blooded male, right? I was just… appreciating. That’s all.

“…and so Daddy finally got me a pony instead!” the girl in front of me was giggling. I turned to look at her, at her heavily made up face and her ruler-straight blonde hair, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what we were talking about or who she was. My thoughts were entirely consumed with Keegan, thoughts both pure and completely and utterly… not. 

“Oh Laura, you are looking so delectable tonight,” Fred charmed. “But I apologise, we must steal our man here for a few minutes, is that okay?”

The blonde, Laura, stared appreciatively at Fred and nodded her head. Fred gave her a smile and I had to hand it to him, for a boy dressed as the bloody Queen of England the fact that he can still manage to dazzle girls is amazing. 

Fred pulled me off to one side where George was waiting as well as Lee Jordan, Alicia, Katie and Angelina. Was this a bloody intervention or something?

“Alright mate, so she’s here,” George quickly said as soon as I came into hearing distance. 


“And we have a plan to get that Dodgson bloke away for her for at least half an hour,” Alicia continued conspiratorially.

“So you have a half hour to get her to forgive you,” Angelina told me, her eyes narrowing slightly.


Although she didn’t know what I said to Keegan, I think she knows that I had been a twat…

“Or you could just snog her senseless for a half hour,” Fred winked at me. 

Blimey, this is altogether a very surreal experience, isn’t it? And the three glasses of punch don’t help either.


My head felt like there were a million buzzing tiny little angry bees that all wanted to sting the life out of someone, someone specifically beginning with a J and ending in USTIN.

“I don’t fancy her,” I told them for umpteenth time.


I don’t, okay? Seriously do not… maybe I think she’s a bit fit and when she glares at me, sometimes I want to push her up against a wall… but only sometimes! But that’s just the red-blooded male in me talking—and Keegan’s a girl… a girl with all the right parts.  

“Yeah, mate, and I’m bloody gay for Lee,” Fred scoffed, and Lee looked uncomfortable. 

“Well… you did stumble into my bed the other night and tried to spoon me,” Lee said slowly. 


Everyone guffawed loudly and seeing this as my window of opportunity, I began to sneakily slink off so I didn’t have to be involved in this… whatever the hell this was. 

“Oi! Not so fast, Wood,” Alicia snapped at me, pulling me back by my wrist. “Keegan’s a good girl so you go fix this! However you have to!”

“Why is everyone so adamant I bloody fix this? If you all love her so much, why don’t you guys go after her,” I snapped, my patience quickly dithering away. 

“Because we’re not the one she secretly fancies!” Alicia snapped back.

I stood there stunned into silence, the alcohol playing out fantasies in my head. “She doesn’t.”

“Well… she may not realise it, but she does… we think,” George smiled innocently at me. 

I rolled my eyes at all of them and decided I was done with this conversation. I swiftly made my way back across the throng of people towards the bar and poured myself two cups of punch.


As soon as I turned towards the dance floor, my eyesight was once again bombarded by the sight of Justin and Keegan snogging as if their life depended on it. 

Ugh… this is stupid…

So stupid that I downed both cups consecutively and quickly.

“FINE! FUCKING DO IT!” I yelled out, hoping they heard me and not entirely sure what the hell I was getting myself into… and whether this was the alcohol talking or not. 

I knew this Halloween Bash was a bad idea. 


“What? Who is? But… really? Oh okay,” Justin quickly spluttered, confusion evident on his face. “Sorry Keegan, I’ll be right back. Erm… Hufflepuff emergency.”

Keegan stared blankly at her snogging partner and weirdly enough, when he left, she didn’t seem all too bothered about his absence. I couldn’t help but wonder whether she really fancied him at all. 

All right, this was my chance. Come on Oliver, lad, you can do this! 

I strolled through the dance floor, probably with a bit too much swagger but then again, I was bloody Oliver Wood, Quidditch captain extraordinaire! 

Also the Quidditch captain that talks to himself inside his head… right…

As I closed the space between Keegan and I, she looked up at me with those damn hazel eyes and in those few seconds, I noticed her eyes wander across my body and I couldn’t help but smirk at her. 

She thought I was fit… Keegan Riddell thought I was fit! Merlin, this is rich! 

I grabbed her by the hand and surprisingly, she allowed herself to be pulled to the far corner of the room where Fred and George had set up fake willow trees that I think were supposed to be the Forbidden Forest. 

Well… it was now or never.

“Keegan…” I said apprehensively, watching the light from a nearby torch flicker in her eyes, he hazel eyes that I’ve looked into a billion times over but eyes that I can’t seem to ever read. Merlin knows, it has always frustrated me… 

“Yes, Wood,” she said, her words slurring slightly. “What do you want?”

“I want to apologise,” I blurted out. Now or never. “I’m sorry about everything I said, about how I yelled at you and I know you were just trying to help… and I was just such a prick.”

“Such a prick,” she repeated.

“Right… that.” 

“You know, Woooood, I feel like you apologise way too much!” she poked her finger into my chest. And I won’t admit this to her but it kind of hurt… she has a very pointy finger. 


“You… you what? You’re sorry?” she growled at me. For some reason, that throaty sound coming from her was not in the least bit threatening but was actually kind of… err… arousing. 

Again, I just have to point out that I’m a red-blooded male…

“Don’t do that,” I told her softly.  

“Do what?” she growled again, poking another finger into my chest. 

That, you nitwit! 

… is what I should have said and leaving is what I should have done, not, you know shove her up against a tree and stare down at her like a bloody sex-starved creep!


But I couldn’t help it! That sound coming from her small frame, that bloody outfit and her punch-red lips. Not to mention I was not in the best state of mind… all of this combined was just too much for my seventeen-year-old body to take, and dear Merlin, was this girl way too enticing for me right now! 

“W-Wood, what are you… doing?” she breathed. I could smell the alcohol and if I moved in a bit closer I bet I could smell her cucumber-scented shampoo. She was the only girl in this bloody school that used that scent. 

“Shh…” was all I could manage to say as I moved in closer to her.


I rested my forehead against hers as I snaked my hand around her waist, pulling her hips towards mine. My lips were now hovering just above her; if I moved even a fraction of centimetre forward, my lips would graze hers but that thought alone froze me in my spot. I was fighting, fighting so damn hard against what my body wanted because if I kissed her, there was no turning back—back to whatever the hell we are now. I could almost hear the humming of the electricity between us, the air seemed to be charged with it and it seemed to be pulling me closer and closer to her… but somehow, some-bloody-how, there was still that logical portion of my brain still alive and it was telling me to run.

God, how I didn’t want to run at all… all I wanted was to taste those lips, the hollow of her neck, the spot behind her ear…

“Oliver,” she whispered, as if she was afraid she would break the tension between us. 

I looked into her eyes again. At this close proximity, I could make out the flecks of amber that I knew were there and the little freckle beside her right eye. I took one hand that I had had enclosed around her waist and brushed the pad of my thumb along her cheekbone. Her skin was so smooth. 

“I… I don’t know what I’m doing,” I managed. 

She nodded as something flashed across her eyes and then her hands were suddenly on my belt buckle pulling me closer towards her. 

Oh well, we weren’t that good of friends anyways, right?

“Oliver? Keegan? HOLY SHIT! I’M SO SORRY!” someone exclaimed then I heard a crash and glass breaking.

I jumped away from Keegan and turned to look at Miranda lying on top of Elbie as she consistently thwacked him across the head, screaming to move and leave them alone.  

Keegan seemed to have gained some control over herself because I have never seen the girl move that fast in my life.   

Merlin, what just happened?

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Chapter 11: Unfinished Business and Truces
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---Chapter 11 – Of Unfinished Business and Truces---

Should I feel guilty?

But then again, there was no reason for me to feel guilty. It’s not as if Justin and I are officially dating or anything. So we snog on occasion and sometimes I like cuddling next to him, especially when it gets cold at night. He’s also kind of funny—in that not meaning to be kind of way. He is really sweet and is always a gentleman around me… and he doesn’t flirt with other girls… 

Oh good Merlin, did I manage to get a boyfriend without me even realising it?

Fuck, that would happen to me though, wouldn’t it? 

I, Keegan Riddell, have the uncanny ability to inadvertently ruin my own love life almost every single time. Mostly due to complete obliviousness and naivety. I mean Miranda was right I wasn’t the type of girl to just go frolicking from one guy to another—not really because of any moral obligation, mind you, but more of the fact that I just wouldn’t know how to do that. Even Barbie Bitch was right. I was a tomboy and I wasn’t used to guys… being… sexually attracted to me… 

Oh God… 

I cannot believe I’ve managed to get a boyfriend and not know it, and then nearly cheat on said apparent boyfriend with childhood friend turned evil Quidditch enemy turn whatever the hell Oliver is now. 

ARGH! How did this happen?

No, more importantly, what the fuck do I do now!

I’ve never had a boyfriend before!


Adam doesn’t count. We were thirteen and the extent of our physical relationship was handholding and we flipping broke up because I hit Adam with a Bludger and his ‘man-ego’ got bruised. So really, Universe, what do I do now

But then again, there’s nothing to do… nothing happened. 

Nothing happened…

Why does that realisation leave me feeling a tad bit disappointed? It’s not like I wanted to kiss Oliver! Eww… that’d be… totally… not sexy and hot…

“W-Wood, what are you… doing?” I breathed.


To be honest, I had no idea how I was able to say anything at this point. I thought the tension building up in the pit of my stomach would have rendered me completely incapable of speech but surprisingly some part of my brain still works.


Merlin knows my body seems to be doing the rest of the thinking.

“Shh…” Oliver said as he moved in to rest his forehead against mine. The feel of his hot skin on mine made me tingle all over, sending shivers down my spine and making me instinctively move closer to Oliver.


This was ultimately a bad idea as Oliver was topless and my skimpy pirate outfit did little to cover me up as well. I could feel every contour of his body, the feel of his abs, the proximity of our bodies and the unbelievable heat that was radiating between us.


His arms wrapped themselves around me and as if we couldn’t get any closer, we did. I could hear his heart beating… Hell, I could feel his heart beating. It was thumping rapidly against my chest and for some inexplicable reason that was extraordinarily arousing. It was taking more self-control than I thought I even had to stop myself from tearing off his clothes.


I have never felt this attracted to Oliver before. Sure, I’ve noticed he was a good-looking bloke, but… but since we started at Hogwarts I’ve refused to even look at him in that way again and back then, it had been a completely innocent crush. Now, now that we’re older, I seem to be noticing a whole lot more—like how much taller he was than me or how his body seemed completely indestructible or the stubble lining his face.


This was not eleven-year-old Oliver Wood anymore, that’s for sure.


Oliver was a man now.


Yet all of the reasons why eleven-old-me had developed a crush on him were still there and it seemed that tonight all he wanted to do was remind me of every single one of those reasons. Reminding me of the splatter of tiny little freckles on his nose from being out in the sun all his life, of how his dark brown hair flopped over his eyes sometimes—like tonight—or the small scar on his left eye from saving me from a neighbour’s mad dog when we were seven. Or how his bottom lip looks so damn delectable…

Okay I didn’t think about that at eleven but I was sure as hell thinking about it now… 

Our lips hovered just mere centimetres from each other—yet there felt like a barrier between us, a barrier I wanted to pummel through. At this point in time, I could care less about the repercussions of kissing him. All I wanted was to feel Oliver’s lips on mine. I needed to taste him… I don’t think my self-control can hold any longer!

“Oliver,” I managed to say, my voice barely above a whisper. It was pathetic how even I could hear the desperation in my voice. I just hoped he wanted this just as much as I did.

I watched as his eyes scanned my face. There was something in them, something that reflected my own feelings, a hunger. A hunger we both knew we were going to regret feeling the next day but that didn’t stop his eyes from trailing down my face to my lips then to my neck…

“I… I don’t know what I’m doing,” he said, his voice low and hoarse. The sound vibrated between us and I knew I was done for.


Screw it all, I needed him and judging by the way he was looking at me, he needed me too.

And that’s when Miranda ruined everything… I mean… saved me.


Fuck. I can’t think of Oliver like that. There’s too much history between us, too much baggage, baggage I refuse to open. 

Plus I like Justin…


I know I lied before but I think I genuinely care about him now. He makes me happy, you know? He’s a bit different from the boys I hang out with, sure. He’s definitely a lot quieter than them; a lot more gentle in demeanour but sometimes gentle is good.


I need to try new things.

Merlin, I make him sound like a bloody product! 

He’s a great guy! 

He is… 

“Keegan? Why are you sitting out here on your own? It’s bloody freezing!” 

I looked up at the sound of my name to stare into the face of the only guy in Hogwarts who I’ve ever dated. 

“Hi Adam,” I smiled. “Just hiding from Miranda. She’s been stalking me all day but I think I’ve managed to get rid of her.”

“Oh, ha, I feel ya,” he laughed, coming to sit down next to me. “To be fair, I’ve been hiding too. I ran into that Potter kid and his two friends so I followed them to Hagrid’s hut for tea.”

I cocked my head to the side curiously.

“Oh, yeah. A bit random but it was nice, he’s a good bloke, big guy…” Adam mused. “Bloody massive guy actually. Real softie though.”

“Kind of like you?” I teased by nudging him in the gut. 

“Shut up, I’m all man and toughness.”

“Yeah, whatever you say,” I chuckled at him. “Anyway, who are you hiding from this time?”

“Oh,” he looked sheepish and raked a hand through his hair. “Well… I might have snogged this girl last night… who had a boyfriend… and… well he wants to kill me so I’ve been hiding.” 

“When have you ever stepped down from a fight?” 

“Yeah, I know but Keegan, I am bloody hanging today,” he groaned. “My head feels like it is being pulverised by a thousand tiny hippogriffs.” 

I started laughing. Adam always had a way of making me forget why I was stressed out or upset, which was why I always loved talking to him. Although, I realised now, I haven’t had that chance lately. It has been hard to have time for everyone this year. I’ve been so caught up in my own life that I think I’ve been neglecting my friends’ lives.

“You were very drunk last night,” I pointed out. “Standard though, huh?”

“Pretty much,” he laughed with me. “You weren’t sober either! Actually from what I’ve heard you got so drunk you nearly ki-“

“Adam!” I scowled warningly, kicking him in the shin. “Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you!” 

“Oh but your life is so much more interesting than mine,” Adam teased. “I mean what’s new about mine? Nothing. I’m hungover. I’m being hunted down by some hot girl’s boyfriend… nothing new, mate. Same old.” 

I chuckled because it was true. Ever since Adam hit sixth year, gained his muscles, grew into his boyish good looks, he has been a force to be reckoned with amongst the ladies. It was quite impressive.  

“Aren’t you tired of one girl after another?” I asked curiously. But as soon as the words left my mouth, I knew the answer. 

“Are you taking the piss, Keegan? Why on Merlin’s beautiful green earth would I be tired of that?” Adam shook his head at me disbelievingly. “Merlin created these beautiful creatures with their soft skin and their supple breasts and… well I’m just appreciating each and every single one of them.” 

He winked and I rolled my eyes.


“So you never want to be in a serious relationship?”

“No! I mean…” Adam mulled this over for a few seconds. “I guess… I’d like to get married some day but only to pass along my seed, you know? Got to have more Adam Nicholsons in the world. Keep this legacy going.” 

“I really don’t think we need more of you in the world,” I sighed. I really don’t. I think if there were more of him, the world would be infested with… breast-shaped buildings and teenage pregnancies. One Adam Nicholson was enough!   

“I’m offended!” Adam pouted at me with his puppy dog eyes. “You dated me once!”  

“We were thirteen,” I told him. “I would’ve dated anyone!” 


“Oh, you know what I mean,” I said, shoving him playfully. “We didn’t really date. Plus you didn’t even really like me… it was just kind of awkward all around.” 

“Are you kidding, Keegan? I had the biggest crush on you for so long!” Adam laughed. “Seriously, since first year, I was like ‘that girl is so awesome!’ If you don’t believe me, ask Elbie and Seamus.” 


“Yeah, of course,” he smiled. “For a long time I thought you were the prettiest girl in school and the fact that you loved Quidditch made you so much cooler. But then you hit me with a Bludger and I realised I was definitely not the guy for you.”

“Why not?” I asked feeling completely elated by this confession. As much as Adam was like family to me now, it is still nice to know that he really did like me back in the day.  

“Because you’re crazy!” he replied. “Seriously, woman. You have this crazy insane temper and I realised I was totally not the guy to be able to handle that.”

I stared at him, not sure whether to hit him or… okay, well I’ll hit him. Stupid git! 

“Oww!” he winced. “See what I mean! Crazy bitch!”

“Prick!” I threw back but we were both laughing. I was glad we had managed to stay friends all these years. 

“Hey but you know who I think is perfect for you?” Adam winked. “Oliver Wood… that guy has a temper just as fiery as you apparently and I hear he’s a hunk!” 

“Adam, I’m dating Justin,” I replied simply, not denying any of that. Oliver was a hot-headed prick and… well there’s no denying that he’s kind of okay-looking.

“Eurgh, Justin,” Adam snorted. “The guy’s a poof! You can do so much better than him, Keegan. I seriously don’t see why you fancy the bloke.”        

“Because he’s nice!” I snapped defensively. “What’s your problem with him anyways?” 

Adam sighed and stood up. “I just think you can do better than him… I know you think he’s nice but if we didn’t work out because I can’t handle your temper… how do you think Justin will handle it? Anyway, it’s freezing, I’m off. See you in the common room.” 

In all honesty, I’m a little bit dumbfounded right now. I sometimes forget how protective Adam really is of the girls and me but even so, I feel like Adam has some deep-rooted hatred towards Justin completely void of me. 

However, now was not the time to figure out Adam (actually I’d probably need a whole year for that). It’s time for me to go have a supremely awkward afternoon. 


“I swear to Dumbledore, Thomas, if you ‘accidentally’ hit me one more time with that broomstick of yours, I’m going to shove it so far up your…”

“All right, guys! How about you go do some laps for a bit!” Oliver quickly interjected, gesturing wildly for the group to escape before I really did some damage to a bunch of second years.

There was a collective chorus of groans but I think the severity of my frown was what was currently fuelling their newfound enthusiasm for laps. I guess maybe a normal girl would feel guilty for scaring a bunch of kids but I could care less about that.


It’s their fault for testing my last bloody nerve! And you know what? You got to grow up some time.

“Honestly Riddell, what the hell do you want to do? Terrify them to death?” Oliver growled, rounding on me as soon as the last person was out of earshot.

“If that means them never coming back again, then yes!” I told him.


I was so extremely frustrated and the anger bubbling inside me was bursting to overflow. I can’t help it that my supposed awkward afternoon turned into more of a ‘kill anyone in sight’ afternoon. And surprisingly, Oliver was not the reason for my anger this time…

“Stop taking out your anger and frustration at Flint on them, they’re just kids!” Oliver lectured me. “Merlin’s sake, Riddell… you’re supposed to be a role model.” 

“Can you just… let me be angry for once?” I snapped. 

It all started when I came down to the Quidditch pitch for the stupid Sunday Quidditch boot camp and Flint cornered me, spouting out all these lies about Lucy. Apparently, Bletchley has been going around the Slytherin common room saying all these perverted things about her. All untrue, I might add! Saying she was a Ravenclaw slut, that she liked it up the… well, stuff in that vicinity of disgusting. 

“I would but you’re kind of scaring away my students,” he retorted. “And I certainly don’t need McGonagall on my arse about proper behaviour just because you let some Slytherin prick get to you.”

“Wouldn’t you? I mean… did you hear the things he said about her? I can’t just let him go around saying that!” 

“I know but letting him get to you is what he wants,” Oliver reasoned with me. “Come on, just get through this session and you can go pick on children all you want, okay?”

I hated it but he made me laugh. Genuinely laugh—the kind that begins in your chest and warms your entire body. 

“So does that mean you’ll play nice?” he asked me. The question sounded all too innocent enough but the way he was looking at me, the way he was moving towards me till I could practically smell the musk of his cologne. All of that made my insides constrict in a rather uncomfortable way.

“I… I… what?” 

“Cat got your tongue, Riddell?” he was teasing. It was as if he knew the effect he was having on my mental capacity right now and he was having way too much fun exploiting it. 

“Wood, you’re in my personal space,” I told him, trying to sound irritated but flashbacks of last night kept me glued to the spot. 

“Really now?” he arched his eyebrow. “So what are you going to do if I move a tad bit closer?” he took a step forward. I didn’t move. “Nothing?”

“You’re pushing it,” I gritted my teeth. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I just move away? It was as if he had this magnetic hold on me and that both infuriated and excited me.


Fuck you, hormones! 

“No, love, this is definitely not pushing it yet,” he grinned as if he just won the bloody Wizard Lottery. Oliver took another step forward and leaned in towards me while putting one hand on my waist to keep me there.  

I gulped. Blimey… 

“We have unfinished business, Riddell,” he whispered, his breath tickling the sensitive spot right below my ear. “I just wanted to remind you.”  

Then just as quickly as that happened, Oliver moved backwards, gave me a triumphant grin before strolling away like he owned the place. 

That. Bloody. Git!

I will get him back! I don’t know how but I will… After I quickly demolish all of my hormones because they were going haywire right now.  

Maybe I was over-thinking this whole Oliver Wood hormone-raging attraction thing.


A little over two weeks has passed since that incident at Halloween and the Quidditch Boot Camp and life has gone back to normal for the most part.


I spend most of my free time working in the library anyways, thanks to the obscene amount of homework the professors were giving lately. Apparently November is ‘we hate our students’ month—even us Ravenclaws were stressing balls.


And we don’t stress!


We get our assignments done weeks before they’re due but the amount of work has kept the lot of us stark-raving mad with anxiety. Penny has even begun reciting lecture notes in her sleep and once, I saw Elbie repeatedly slam his head against the wall, a piece of parchment in his hand and a quill in his mouth. Seamus and I stood rooted to the spot at the sight, unsure of what to do but thankfully, Miranda came running to the rescue, grabbing her boyfriend and dragging him back to the library. 

You see, when Ravenclaws stress, we stress. We get whack-job psychotic.

I was no exception to the manic fever infecting the Ravenclaw sixth and seventh years. In fact, I was most definitely adding to the level of stress for the Quidditch team—not that I actually gave a flying hoot about that. In less than a month’s time, we were going to be playing Gryffindor and I’ll be damned if I lost to Wood!


Especially with this bloody bet hanging over my head.


And the closer it got to December, the more pestering I was getting from the boys, the Weasley twins and my boyfriend (oh Merlin, I hated that word…). Justin hated the idea of me being Oliver’s slave; the Weasley twins and the boys though were more than excited.  

I was not. 

In any fricking way. 

… which was why Quidditch trainings have now become like one of those military Muggle boot camps, with the obstacle course and the staff sergeant yelling words of encouragement. Okay, scratch that last part… I was in full on bitch pseudo-fascist mode and I loved it.

“MOVE YOUR FAT ARSE, RICHARDSON!” I yelled at her, watching my team do suicide sprints across the length of the pitch.

“SHUT UP, YOU STUPID BINT!” was the reply I got. 





I smiled at the memory.

So yeah… I might be losing friends… Oh well. I’ll just buy new ones when I’m a super rich Quidditch superstar.

But if my life were a movie montage right now, it would consist of library scenes, quills, parchments, classes and Quidditch. My life was a bloody mess right now and my sanity was on the brinks. 

I looked down at the book in my hands and realised I have actually been sitting here for the past two hours staring at the same page and digesting absolutely nothing of what was written. Frankly, I’ve actually forgotten what I was supposed to be studying for—that just goes to show where my dire lack of sleep and exhaustion has taken me.


I quickly packed up my parchments, books and various other paraphernalia before exiting the library at a surprisingly quick rate. I must be sicker of the library than I had initially thought… humph, that’s a weird feeling.

Making my way silently through the castle, I finally made it back to the Ravenclaw Tower, waiting for the knocker to spout out another riddle at me. 

I am said by one letter. 

I'm spelled with three. 

2 Letters in me. 

I’m double or single, 

Or brown, blue, or green. 

I'm read from both ends, 

And the same the other way. 

What am I?”
I stared blankly at the knocker. My brain completely void of an answer or even an intelligent guess. Oh bollocks! 

“A fucking tired seventh year student who really can’t be arsed right now?” I offered the knocker.

It rattled and the beady bronze eyes of the eagle knocker stared at me disdainfully—if a knocker could do that, which it definitely could.

“Oh screw you! I am not in the mood right now!” 

Silence and just continued disdainful glaring.

“Hey! You’re not out there studying your bum off! All you bloody do all day is irritate children half to death! One day, I swear I’m going to rip off your stupid eagle eyes! Yeah! You watch me! Ever heard of fire? Yeah!”

More silence. 

“I’m going to tell on you, I swear!” 

“Keegan Riddell?”

“WHAT!” I snapped, rounding on the poor fifth year girl standing behind me. She had long white blonde hair and a wistful look in her eyes. Luna Lovegood. 

“Oh I’m sorry, Luna, I’m just a little bit wound up.” 

“Were you yelling at the knocker?” she asked, no hint of mocking or judgement, just general curiosity. 

“Uhh… sort of,” I grinned sheepishly.

She smiled. “Sometimes I talk to objects too.”


“Yeah… they’re… nifty.”

Her smile remained as she walked towards the knocker. The eagle moved its head to look at her.

I am said by one letter. 

I'm spelled with three. 

2 Letters in me. 

I’m double or single, 

Or brown, blue, or green. 

I'm read from both ends, 

And the same the other way. 

What am I?”

Luna thought about it for a second before airily replying, “an eye.” 

An eye?

A bloody eye!

I feigned a smile as Luna walked into the common room but managed to give one last glare to that damned knocker before walking in myself. 

“Merlin, where have you been?” Penny pounced on me as soon as I stepped into the brightly lit common room. A group of sixth years occupied one of the corner tables, avidly studying something or another. Some third, fourth, and fifth years were reading quietly by the sofas, and a pair of first years were playing Wizard Chess. 

The seventh years, however, were sprawled on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Miranda was reading with Elbie lying on her lap while Seamus and Adam were playing some sort of slapping game. Seamus was winning and Adam was sporting a very red cheek. Lucy was nowhere to be found but I assumed she was in our dormitory with her curtains drawn—like she has been for the past two weeks. I hated the hostility between all of us but Lucy, for some inexplicable reason, keeps saying she’s happy with Bletchley even after I tried to tell her about what he was apparently saying in his common room. She insists it's just Flint being a tool.


Whatever, I guess...

“Penny, I’m seriously not in the mood right now,” I told her, pushing past her towards the dormitories. 

“No! You were supposed to be here helping me study for Herbology!” she complained, her voice at banshee-level screeching. I clenched my fists.

“Sorry, I got caught up in the library, tomorrow I’ll help you,” I tried again to be civil, moving towards escape. 

“You said that yesterday! Merlin, Keegan, if you didn’t want to help me then just say so!” she was practically shouting now, definitely reaching banshee-level. 

I clenched my fists tighter. “Penny, back the fuck off.” 

“You should listen to her,” Miranda said, coming to stand in between us. I assume she noticed how close I was to punching Penny in the face—I was damn close. 

“Miranda, this does not concern you,” Penny scowled. “Stop fighting battles that don’t belong to you.” 

“Excuse me?” Miranda spluttered, her face one of shock and anger. “Don’t get on me too. I have nothing to do with this! I’m just trying to help!”

“Pshht… you love a good drama!” 

“Well you love causing a fucking drama!”

“Well you’re a hot-headed drama queen!” 

“You’re a stupid uptight snob!”

“You’re ginger!”

“You have bushy hair!”

“Hey! Hey! What the bloody hell is going on!” I interjected, trying to dissipate the anger brewing in between the two girls. 

“Shut up!” they both yelled in unison, turning their heads to look at me at the same time. The motion was eerie and kind of gave me the creeps. 

“We wouldn’t even be fighting if it weren’t for you!” Penny yelled. 

The whole common room was staring at us now with rapt attention and I could see out of the corner of my eye, Adam, Elbie and Seamus exchanging some Sickles.


What pricks! 

“Yeah! If you’d stop being so bloody selfish and came here on time” Miranda joined in—on the yelling at me bit. 

“Whoa, whoa, what the hell, Miranda?” I frowned at her, now getting seriously angry as well. 

“She’s right, you’re so useless,” Penny spat, pushing me and little did she know, that one action led to the explosion that erupted next—which was me tackling her to the ground and Miranda trying to pry me off, ultimately, leading to me scratching her. Which then led to her kicking me in the shin and Penny tripping Miranda onto the floor. Before I knew it, a full on brawl was occurring inside the common room between my best friends and I. The only thing missing now was… 

“WHAT THE SHIT?” Lucy came sprinting down the corridor from the dormitories and into the common room. “Hey! HEY!”

We ignored her and continued on scratching, slapping, punching, kicking and I’m pretty sure someone was biting me on the arse.   

“OH, FOR THE LOVE OF DUMBLEDORE!” Lucy shouted over the noise. “STOP IT! STOP IT!” 

She made the unfortunate mistake of trying to pry Penny off of me, which like it happened with Miranda, led to her becoming trapped in our circle of fighting and screaming.

It took one small fight to lead to a full-blown scuffle thus it took one small comment to lead to its conclusion.  

“OH MY GOD, PENNY STOP BITING MY ARSE!” Lucy screamed, kicking the Prefect in the gut. 

“She bit you too?” I asked. “She bit me so hard!”

“She bit me too!” Miranda cried out.

The three of us stopped what we were doing and stared at each other before we all erupted into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

“Hey! You kicked me first,” Penny exclaimed, trying to act insulted but soon the laughter that had infected us, infected her too. The four of us were rolling around on the floor, our hands clutching our stomach, unable to control the continuous bubble of laughter. 

“I am so confused right now,” Adam voiced above us. “I didn’t know whether to stop the madness, be aroused or bloody go into hiding!” 

I was turned on,” Elbie smiled, his eyes only on his girlfriend.

“I was… petrified,” Seamus admitted. 

The four of us looked at each other again and another fit of laughter overtook our bodies, and we knew that if we died from laughing at this moment, at least we four died friends again. 


Although, the fight two nights ago ended us all in a truce, a truce where we were not to talk about Lucy, Bletchley, Seamus or anyone in her love life if she should so have another person, it didn’t make us like Bletchley any better. Lucy, smart girl that she was, knew this and kept her time with the git away from her time with us. The boys eventually forgave her as well, coming to a similar truce, but by boys, I only mean Adam and Elbie. Seamus remained impassive throughout any conversation where Lucy was directly involved in and I suppose I was going to have to come to terms with this new dynamic in our group of friends.


For now at least… because there was no way I was going to let Seamus and Lucy not marry each other. I mean it was going to happen. They were perfect. As perfect as Miranda and Elbie are! 

Speaking of couples, Justin has taken a liking to being my seat partner in all of the classes we had together, so that was Potions, Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Potions and Transfiguration were the only two classes I had with only Hufflepuffs so they were fine. He was a smart bloke so he was good company to be with but Defense Against the Dark Arts, I shared that class with all three other houses—including Oliver and the three other male seventh year Gryffindors, and that just made life a whole lot more awkward for me. Justin would sit on one side of me while Lucy shared my other side. Adam and Elbie beside her (Miranda and Seamus didn’t take this class and Penny always sat with Percy in front like the loser that she is). Then Oliver and his three friends sat behind us, with Oliver’s seat directly behind me.


It was awkward. Terribly awkward. 

Today was no exception to the awkwardness. As always I arrived early to the class since it was usually after lunch, with Lucy and Justin in two. We took our respective seats like every other day. Justin snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me into his side, kissing me on the temple. I enjoyed his kisses, they made me feel fuzzy inside but the fuzziness instantly erupted into flaming hot embarrassment when Oliver walked into the classroom at that precise moment.


I don’t know why I was embarrassed though. Justin was my bloody boyfriend.


Oliver was… nothing.


He was one devilishly sexy Quidditch captain that I supremely want to beat—yes, I said devilishly sexy.


He is. He’s just… an imbecile. That’s all. A manipulative little arsehole…   

“Hi Oliver, Jared,” Lucy waved. Jared was Oliver’s closest friend in seventh year but not that close considering Oliver spends most of his time with the Weasley twins and the Quidditch girls. Jared waved back and Oliver nodded politely. They went and took their seats behind us. 

“You ready to become my slave, Riddell?” he suddenly spoke, his voice uncomfortably close to my ear. I could feel his breath tickling the hair at the nape of my neck, making them stand on end. Git!

“Fat chance that happening, Wood,” I responded coldly, trying to make my voice void of any emotion—not that there was much emotion towards Oliver: just hostility and a hormone-raging attraction. No big deal. 

“So arrogant, you are, Riddell,” he laughed. It was obnoxious and smug, and it made my fingers sting to hit him. “You forget how extremely perceptive I am and how well I already know you. After all, I’ve known you since we were kids, I’ve seen all your moves.”

Somehow his use of the word, ‘moves’, seemed a lot more sexual than it should have… wait a second…

He wasn’t trying to rile me up! He was trying to rile Justin up! Seriously, Wood? After weeks of not speaking to me?

“You have nothing on me,” I assured him and simultaneously, assuring my own boyfriend. “You don’t know anything about me.” 

He chuckled softly. “Maybe you’re right, Riddell, but I do know we have unfinished business.” 

Before I could reply and thankfully before anyone could ask what that business was, Professor Lupin walked into the classroom—followed closely by Adam and Elbie—to begin the lesson for today.


I just hoped that Justin forgot about the conversation by the time class finished and I bloody well hope Oliver Wood knows that I was going to kill him!

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Chapter 12: Incomprehensible
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--Chapter 12 - Incomprehensible--

 “What if he hates me?”

“Why on earth would he hate you, Justin?” I chuckled, tugging at his sleeve.


Justin and I have been dating for nearly a month now, and he has yet to meet Edan properly. I mean of course they knew whom the other was but they’ve never really talked—despite being in the same bloody house. The thing was Edan was a social butterfly, always hanging out with people from every house, while Justin only had seventh year friends from Hufflepuff. 


“Because he’s your brother, isn’t he genetically programmed to hate all your boyfriends?” Justin asked me seriously. 

“He’s younger than me… and it’s Edan. He could care less about who I date plus you’re forgetting that I don’t generally date; he’s probably just excited that I’m not a closet lesbian or something.”

“Didn’t date till me,” Justin smiled, his too-cute-dimpled smile. 

“Maybe,” I replied. “But if you don’t go meet my brother then you won’t be dating anyone!” 

Justin groaned, letting go of my hand. “Okay, for you.”

I laughed at his concern but I knew the two of them would get along fine. Justin was a lot like Edan, which is probably why they’re both in Hufflepuff. Both boys were extremely friendly and easy to get along with, and were downright good people. It was hard for anyone to dislike them—unless you were Oliver Wood or Adam Nicholson but that’s beside the point.


I mustn’t think of Oliver Wood.

“All right, just act normal,” I told him, as we came to the Great Hall.


It was a chilly November evening; the snow was just beginning to drift onto the frozen grass outside. Most of the students have been eating their dinner as early as possible to get back to the comforts of their own common rooms, leaving the Great Hall generally empty around eight in the evening, which was when we were to meet up with Edan. I hadn’t been that bothered that my boyfriend and my brother weren’t friends but I guess Edan felt differently.


This was his idea after all. 

“Keegan!” Edan exclaimed happily as he bounced over to pull me into a tight hug. His girlfriend, Cameron was right behind him, waving shyly at me. I waved back once Edan had let go of my torso. 


He turned his attention to the boy standing beside me. Edan gave him a once-over for good measure before thrusting his hand out towards Justin. “And Justin, nice to meet you properly, mate!” 

I could hear Justin breathing a sigh of relief beside me and I felt his body relaxing, as he shook my little brother’s hand enthusiastically. “Same goes to you! Funny how we’re in the same house but have never really talked.” 

“Yeah well unless you’re both on the Quidditch team, sixth and seventh years don’t really mix, do they?” Edan laughed. Justin agreed.

Great so now they’re getting along, just as I had expected.


Brilliant. What a waste of my bloody time!


It was a Thursday evening and it’s not like I had work to do for class or anything...


I sighed, but this was a big deal to Edan and Justin so I guess I had to suck it up and put on my nice face for the evening. 

The four of us walked over to the practically empty Hufflepuff table and took our seats. I sat next to Justin, while Edan and Cameron sat across from us. 

“So I have to ask,” Edan said, a note of seriousness in his voice. “What are your intentions with my Keegan?”

Cameron nearly spat out the pumpkin juice she had been sipping on and my mouth dropped at the audacity of my brother.

The little prick!

“Edan, are you fricking kidding me?” I snarled at him.

Justin, however, chuckled and put his hand over mine, squeezing it for extra assurance. “My intentions are good, I can promise you that. After all, I am a Hufflepuff. I’m loyal and true to my word.”

“Hmmm… I can’t argue with that,” Edan said, rubbing his chin with his index finger and thumb. “Well you’re okay in my books then.”

“For Merlin’s sake,” I grumbled. “Was that really necessary?”

“Of course! I’m your brother,” Edan retorted, turning his gaze onto me now. 

I stared icily back. “Little brother, you’re forgetting.”

“Moot point.”

I rolled my eyes but despite the idiocy of Edan, I was glad they got on. It would have made my life a whole lot worse if they didn’t. I valued my brother’s opinion on everything and he was usually a great judge of character—except for Oliver.


Merlin knows why he thinks so highly of that egotistical maniacal prick.


Damn it, I mustn’t think of Oliver Wood. 

The rest of dinner went by with ease. Edan, Justin, and Cameron shared anecdotes about the Hufflepuff life while I sat there, trying my best not to snort at them.


I’m sorry but they’re Hufflepuffs!


They have the worst Quidditch team in Hogwarts history! And to me, if the Quidditch team sucks then the House sucks, therefore, the only House that matters is Ravenclaw. 

Okay, Slytherin are decent—cheating, slimy wankers but they had some talent—and yes okay, Gryffindor are blooming brilliant too. 

If there was one thing I will ever admit about Oliver Wood, it was that he was a good captain. He knew what he was doing. He was tough and unrelenting with his team, a tactic I admire. I am similar with how I treat my team, however, I do like to think I am more loved by the general public. Oliver has a serious anger issue and does have a tendency to shout at anyone dumb enough to speak to him after a bad game.  

As dinner wound to a close, the four of us stood up and began making our way out of the Great Hall. I was walking ahead with Justin, my hand in his. 

“Hey Keegs, can I speak to you for a second?” Edan asked. 

I turned around to face him. He had a curious expression on his face but I thought no more of it. I assumed it’s something to do with Cameron—like what to get her for Christmas. Edan always did start early on the presents.


“Yeah, sure.” I looked back to Justin and quickly gave him a kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Of course,” he grinned back. Cameron gave my brother a small tentative hug before leaving the Great Hall with Justin. 

“So what’s up, little bro?” 

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this,” he began. He was twisting his fingers nervously; this has been a habit of his whenever he got scared or nervous since he was a small child. “And I know how against it I was before but… Merlin, this is harder than I thought.”

“Edan, just spit it out,” I ordered brusquely. I was getting impatient and the expression on his face was making me particularly anxious.

“I want to see mum!” he blurted out.

There was a long pause between what he said and my response. In that time, the world seemed to have slowed down and the noise around us had become a buzzing sound. 

“Why?” I managed, my throat suddenly becoming dry and hoarse.

Edan shuffled his feet, his eyes glued to the floor, unable to meet mine. “I need to know, Keegan. Cameron made me realize how much I was going to regret this if I didn’t go meet her and she’s right. I need to know.”

Cameron?” I all but spat that at him. “You let that little bint in on our family problems? Merlin, Edan! Next thing I know, you’re going to be telling me you want to wrangle dragons for a bloody living!”

Edan’s eyes snapped instantly up to mine. :ong gone was his vague, nervous expression, replacing it was one of anger. “Leave Cameron out of this! She’s right! And I know you’ve told people about our family ‘problems’!”  

“Oh yes, I go around blabbering it to everyone I meet!” I growled back. “The only person that knows is Miranda! And I’ve known her for practically all my life!”

“What are you so scared of, Keegan?” Edan exhaled. He began to rub his temples in a rhythmic movement. “Why are you so scared of other people knowing we didn’t have the picture perfect childhood?”

“I’m not scared!” I retorted defiantly. 

“Yes, you are!” Edan snapped back. “You’re so scared of letting people see that you’re not always so invincible!”

I said nothing in response. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry with my brother before… I just wanted to hit him! I wanted to hit him and his stupid little girlfriend! 

He was too young to understand… he could never understand… 

“You don’t always have to be the strong one, Keegan… Mum left the both of us,” Edan said softly. He put his hand on my arm but I shrugged away.

“You got to be a kid, Edan,” I wanted to shout but we were still standing in the middle of the Great Hall, our row having already attracted the attention of two or three people. “You didn’t have to take responsibility. You weren’t the one left to handle everything at eleven. And you had Dad. Who was there to teach me the girly things? No one! Dad wasn’t good at that.”

My wall was threatening to crumble down and if I didn’t leave now, I was going to seriously lose it. I forced myself to take a deep breath and calm down.


“You don’t understand…” 

I couldn’t look at my brother in the eye. Instead, I did the cowardly thing.


I left.


I turned on my heels and walked straight out of the Great Hall, my heart pounding in my chest and my eyes stinging from unshed tears. I didn’t want to cry anymore. I promised myself I would never cry because of that woman and I’ve already broken that promise once this year. 

Not again. 


“Keegan, what’s the matter?” Justin asked. I shook my head, refusing to speak as I buried my face into his shoulder. We were sitting in Defence against the Dark Arts, early as usual, and all I could do was use Justin as my anchor to the real world. 

But no tears have been shed and that was a feat but the pain was still there.  

I have never fought with Edan like this before. The feeling was incomprehensible to me. I have never ever felt this angry with him and frankly, being angry with my brother made me miserable. It made me angry with myself.


For so much of my life, I have protected my brother, not because he needed protecting but because I never wanted to see him hurt. I couldn’t bear it. If I never have to see those hazel eyes full of pain like I did that summer then I have done my job as his older sister but to know that I am now the current reason for Edan’s vacant expression is killing me.

But no matter how hard I tried to apologise, I couldn’t shake the angry feeling off of me. I couldn’t shake the feeling of being betrayed. 

I didn’t want her in my life. I thought I had when Oliver first told me about the letter, I thought I needed to know why she left but I realised no matter what she said, I will always resent her for it. I will always resent her for how small and insignificant she made me feel. 

“Whenever you’re ready to talk, love, I’m here,” he murmured into my hair. I nodded my head.

Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel Lucy staring at me. I could practically feel the worry emanate from her body but I was in no mood to explain my situation to anyone else. I haven’t even told Miranda of the fight with Edan.  

The door to the classroom burst open and I lifted up my head momentarily to see Adam and Elbie walk into the class, chatting happily. As soon as they saw me, I looked back down and closed my eyes.

“Is she okay?” whispered Adam.

I could hear Lucy sigh, “Don’t even bother. She’s not talking.”

There was nothing else mentioned about me but I heard the two of them taking their seat beside Lucy.


I was not going to be an emotional wreck like last time, I was determined not to be but still, I just wanted to mope a bit longer. 

I was drifting off to sleep, the exhaustion of everything taking its toll on me, when I felt Justin shake me softly. “Class is starting, Keegan.”

I sat up, nodding, and turned my attention to Professor Lupin, hoping he was able to distract me from myself—like he normally does.

If I had bothered to pay attention earlier, I would have heard the door bang open and a group of rowdy Gryffindors take their seats behind me. I would have also heard Jared ask the same question Adam asked earlier and I would have heard Lucy’s reply.


I would have also noticed that Oliver Wood for once has said nothing.


Not a single word. 


I was packing my things slowly, not noticing that most of the students had already filed out of the classroom.


Justin had already left. He had an important meeting with Professor Sprout so he said. I, on the other hand, had nowhere to be so was absentmindedly taking my time. I was so caught up in my own world that I didn’t even see Professor Lupin walk up to me. 


I looked up. “Hi Professor.”

“Are you okay?” he asked me, concerned etched onto his handsome features. He looked a bit ragged and worn down but even so he was still handsome. 

“I’m all right,” I put on a bright smile. “Just a bit tired from everything, you know?”

He chuckled but it seemed more to himself than in regards to what I had just said. “Yeah, I know what you mean.” 

“But eh, what are you gonna do,” I gave him a shrug and grinned some more. 


Professor Lupin studied me curiously before shrugging as well. “Well in any case, I know I’m not your Head of House or anything but if you ever need to speak to anyone, Keegan, my office is always open.”

“Thank you, Professor, I appreciate that,” this time, I smiled earnestly. I knew there was a reason why I loved this man. If only he was thirty years younger or something. 

I swung my bag over my shoulders. “Well I better be off. Thank you again, Professor.”

“Of course,” he moved aside so I could walk past him. “And Keegan, being a Ravenclaw doesn’t mean studying all the time. Have some fun too, okay?”

I chuckled before nodding and saluting him. I quickly left the classroom, feeling a whole better about life. The problems were still there, the pain was still present as always but I felt a smidgen better. 

I wonder if Professor Lupin was single. Ha.  


Oliver Wood:

The sweat was dripping down my spine and my hair was matted to my forehead yet I was still cold.


I hated winter.


It made training hard and made my team infuriatingly sluggish. Fred and George, instead of beating the ball back and forth, were amusing themselves by sending little balls of light all over the pitch to confuse Harry.


Poor kid.


He was flying all over the place, thinking it was the Snitch, only to stop halfway and realise it was Fred and George being pricks.


As for the girls, they have completely given up my drills and were now huddling by the far goal post for warmth. 

“ALL RIGHT, GET YOUR ARSES TO THE CHANGING ROOMS,” I called out, and watched as all six of them raced towards the changing rooms with reinvigorated energy.


Why couldn’t they have shown this much enthusiasm in the bloody training session? 

I lagged behind and began to collect the balls into the box. But to be honest, my mind was elsewhere today anyways. I wouldn’t have been able to contain the team even if they were that energetic. I was too busy thinking about the one person that infuriated me more than they did: Keegan Riddell. 


She has been on my mind a whole lot more than I’d like to admit since Halloween. That’s probably why I’ve been trying to avoid her. I wanted to be friends with her again, like back when we were kids, but I was starting to find that being just friends with Keegan was an impossible task. 


She was impossible.


She yells at me for the littlest things, which then maddens me to no end, and then at the same time, she makes me want to push her up against a wall and snog her senseless. Those two emotions shouldn’t be able to coincide peacefully together, but they do—in my mind at least.  

But for the most part, I have been successful in avoiding her. I have even been able to control myself from annoying her, which has always been a pastime of mine, but today.


Today was different.


She seemed sad. Genuinely sad.


It wasn’t a feeling that was synonymous with Keegan Riddell and from years of experience, I knew that there was only one person in the world who could make Keegan that sad: her mother. I only wish I knew what happened. I thought that part of her life was over now, that Keegan and Edan saying no to meeting up with her mum was their final word on the matter but apparently not. 

I have to find out. I have to find Edan. 

I put the box back into the Quidditch equipment shed and made my way back towards the castle. As soon as I stepped through the castle doors, the warmth immediately enveloped my body and I could all of a sudden feel my fingers and limbs again. I stretched out my arms experimentally, to make sure it was all still there, not really thinking that I’d hit someone smack in the face when I did it.

“Ow! Bloody hell!”

I turned around, hoping to Merlin it wasn’t a professor, although, I didn’t know any professors that swore like that.

“Merlin, Wood, you could’ve taken my eye out!” Adam Nicholson, one of the Ravenclaws’ Chasers, reproached me.

“Sorry, mate, didn’t see you there,” I apologised.

Adam rubbed his forehead and shrugged. “It didn’t hurt all that much anyways. You lot just finish with training?”

“Yeah but I’d hardly call it that,” I complained. “It was freezing out there and neither of us could actually concentrate on anything else but the cold today.”

“Ah yeah, we had training last night and after, I had to double check that my you-know was still there,” Adam told me offhandedly. 

 I chuckled, forgetting how crude Adam was but enjoying his company nonetheless.


“I suppose that’s what happens when you can barely feel it to begin with.” 

“Oi! You calling it small?” Adam called out indignantly. “I’ll have you know, Wood, I am very well-endowed.”

“I was just taking the piss,” I laughed at him. 

Adam looked at me for a second before smiling. “You’re all right, Wood. You’re not the uptight prick that Keegan makes you out to be all the time.”

“Keegan’s biased, you know.”

“Oh yeah, well I know that but you don’t exactly make yourself out to be the world’s most carefree person,” Adam mentioned. “I mean you are the same bloke that broke his fist from punching a wall after losing a match, aren’t you?” 

“One and the same,” I smiled sheepishly. “But hey, Quidditch is all I’ve got. I’m not exactly a genius in classes like you Ravenclaws.”

“We are quite brilliant,” Adam agreed whole-heartedly.

“And modest apparently,” I murmured but I don’t know if Adam chose not to hear that or just genuinely didn’t hear it. In any case, he continued talking like I had never said it. 

“So what’d you do to Keegan anyways? She’s been in a mood all day.”

“Why do you think I did anything?” I responded, a little bit affronted that he would think I was responsible for all of Keegan’s mood swings. 

He put up his hands in defence. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Oliver. I just assumed, since you are generally the reason.”

“Fair point,” I shrugged. “I don’t know though. Maybe it’s her git of a boyfriend that did something.”  

“Not a fan of Dodgson, are we?” Adam laughed amusedly. “Me neither. He’s a bloody prat and Keegan can do so much better than him…” Adam sighed. “But for some reason, she’s got it into her head that she likes him.” 

“Huh,” I said, as we both began walking up the staircase. “The girl’s mental; useless trying to figure out why she does anything.”  

“You seem to know her very well though,” Adam noted. “Especially for someone who apparently hates her.”

“I don’t hate her,” I quickly replied. Maybe a bit too quickly but I never said I hated Keegan. I’ve just said the girl infuriates me.

“Right, of course you don’t,” Adam was grinning widely now. “You know what I think?”

“Not particularly.”

“I think you fancy her and I think you hate Dodgson, because you’re jealous that he has her and you don’t,” Adam told me anyways. “Mate, why don’t you just go after her? We’d all rather have you dating her than that balls-less prick.”

“First of all, I don’t fancy her,” I explained to him. I had to make that clear before something like that got back to her. “Secondly, you seem to hate Dodgson just as much as I do. What’s your reason for hating him? You fancy Keegan? Didn’t you two used to date anyways?”

Adam chortled loudly. “Keegan’s like my sister now and fancying her would be so very wrong plus she’d probably smother me in my sleep if we ever dated again. And I hate Dodgson for another reason.”

“Go on,” I urged him. “You know if you don’t tell me, I’ll just assume you fancy Keegan.”

We were at our separating point now. I had another flight of stairs to take and Adam had to turn left.

“If I tell you, you have to admit you fancy Keegan,” he began.

“But I don’t,” I interrupted him but he shook his head at me disapprovingly. I suddenly felt like a kid and I’ve just told a big lie to my parents.  

“Don’t play that, Oliver, we all know you do,” Adam said. “So?”

I wonder if finding out why he hates Dodgson is even worth this. I don’t fancy Keegan… or at least not in the way that Adam thinks. I just… I don’t know how I feel about her—but I suppose I do care to a certain extent. 

“Fine, Adam, tell me, and this better be worth it,” I sighed, probably going to regret something that’s not even true. 

Adam smiled gleefully.


“Okay, well Dodgson had a fling with my cousin.” He stopped and then exhaled heavily. “This goes nowhere, okay Oliver?” I nodded in response. “So he had a fling with my cousin this past summer… and well she had a pregnancy scare. Merlin, she was only sixteen and bloody Dodgson had a panic attack and disappeared when he found out. Even though she wasn’t actually pregnant, she was devastated. She’s an only child and I’m the closest thing she has to a sibling. I was the one that had to be there for her every night. And yes, maybe he just panicked but he was still a balls-less prick and deserves nothing less than shit.”

I stared blankly at Adam.


I now understood his deep hatred for the bloke and even hearing this story made my blood boil but worst of all, knowing he was the one dating Keegan made me want to rip that prick’s head off.

“Why did you tell me this?” I asked tentatively. It was incomprehensible for Adam to tell me something so personal without a hidden agenda. “This isn’t really something you tell someone… you barely know.”

“I know and I wouldn’t have told you if not for Keegan,” Adam explained. 

“So you make me admit I fancy her and then you tell me this story so that I decide to go after Keegan? And break her up from Dodgson?” I mused. “That’s a genius plan.”

“It’s why I’m a Ravenclaw, Oliver Wood, and why you’re a Gryffindor,” he sniggered. “I’m the one with the plan and you’re the one that has to execute it. So first part of the plan, admit it.”

I groaned, raking a hand through my hair. “I could lie and say ‘yes, I bloody fancy Keegan Riddell,’ but if I’m honest with you, I don’t know how I feel about her. I will say that I care about her enough to make damn sure that Dodgson and her don’t last the Christmas holidays.” 

Adam clapped me hard on the back. “That’s my man! Good lad!”

I rolled my eyes as I said my goodbye and headed up the stairs.


I knew my reason for hating Dodgson was actually reasonable. I knew he was a prick! I just needed to find a way to show Keegan that without her blowing up in my face because I know she would if I just went and told her he was a prick.


I think my safest bet was to win the Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw match and use the forty-eight hours with her as a way to show her how much of a pansy-arse Justin Dodgson was. I don’t think that would be hard to show considering that he was one…

All I had to do was win that match!


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Chapter 13: Silver Lining
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A/N [PLEASE READ]: Okay I don't even know what to say to you, guys but I am SO SORRY!! I never meant to disappear for a whole year... Least to say my real life got extremely and utterly hectic and I just did not have the time or muse to write anymore. Sorry :( But here we go!! Chapter 13!! I'm back! And I'm determined to finish this novel!!

Firstly though I changed quite a few things about this story... I suggest you reread the other chapters since I've revised them all... BUT if you're not going to then I'll just give you two main pointers: 

- Oliver and Keegan's bet is no longer veritaserum thing... it's still standing up in the Great Hall but it is to declare the other the better captain and praise them 

- The Weasley twins' bet with Keegan is not really a bet but they've asked her to be judge on a series of challenges to determine the better twin by the end of the year... the first of which are the dates.


---Chapter 13 - Silver Lining---

This was it!


Now or never.


Tomorrow was the big day and I’ll blow a casket if I let that prat-faced prat beat me one more time!


Oliver Wood, tomorrow will be your reckoning! The day you cower to the almighty power and raw talent of Keegan Riddell! Tomorrow, you will bow down to your new Queen! Tomorrow…


“Keegan, what the hell are you doing?” Miranda asked.


I turned around to find her, Penny and Lucy staring at me peculiarly by the door. I had somehow in my daydreaming got up onto my bed and had my hands raised outwards towards the ceiling.




“You know what? I don’t want to know,” Miranda laughed before going over to her bed. Penny and Lucy both laughed as well and moved to their respective spaces.


“I wasn’t doing anything weird,” I grumbled, feeling a tad bit embarrassed.


“You were pretending that you had just beaten Oliver and he was now bowing down to you,” Miranda said off-handedly. “How close am I?”


I glared at her. “How’d you know that?”


“Honey, you’ve been dreaming about this for the past, oh let me think, say three something years?” Lucy pointed out with a smile.


“You’re beginning to talk about it as well in your sleep,” Penny informed. “I wanted to put a muzzle on you this week but Miranda wouldn’t let me.”


I threw a pillow at Penny’s head. “Not cool!”


“I didn’t do it, did I?” she scowled, chucking the pillow back at me but I easily ducked the offending object.


“I wish I did though,” she continued to mumble.


“It’s not my fault,” I tried to explain to them. “This is huge! This is… this is… I mean it’s our last year!”


“I know, I am on the team too, you know?” Miranda said with a roll of her eyes.


“Yeah but you’re not the one stuck in a flipping bet with him, are you?” I growled in the direction of the redhead. “Which I might is your fault in the first place.”


“Hey!” Miranda replied, putting up her hands in defence. “I only suggested it, I never said you had to go through with the bet.”


“Oh puh-lease, you know as well as I do I’d never back down in front of Wood.”


Miranda giggled and just shrugged her shoulders. She pulled her legs underneath her and leaned back against the headboard of her four-poster bed.


“So how are you feeling?” Lucy asked. She had just finished rifling through her wardrobe and was now making her way to sit beside me on my bed.


“Nervous,” I answered truthfully. “Excited. Nauseous.”


“You know you’ll be fine, right?” she patted me on the shoulder in what I think she hoped was a reassuring gesture but unfortunately, it did nothing to quell the nerves inside of me.


“Yeah well I hope we win, if not for the victory then for saving me from becoming Oliver’s slave for 48 sodding hours,” I muttered.


Lucy chuckled but then her eyes lit up like there was a huge light bulb right behind them that had just went ‘boop!’


“So if you do win tomorrow, Oliver’s your slave for 48 hours?”


“Well yes, Lucy, that is kind of how bets work,” Penny told her, also coming over to sit on my bed.


Lucy ignored the brunette and giggled maniacally. “I don’t think you guys realise the opportunity we have here!”


I wonder if dating a Slytherin has in fact made Lucy more psychotic—because if it has then good lord, save us all…


“I mean you get to make him do anything you want!”


“What are you getting at there, Montague?” Miranda said, eyeing the blonde. “You do realise Keegan has a boyfriend, right?”


“Oh pish posh, as if she really likes Justin,” Lucy blurted out but as soon as the words had left her, she quickly clamped her hands over her mouth. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Keegan! I didn’t mean that! He’s lovely!”


Did she really think that? That I didn’t even like my own boyfriend?


What the hell?


“Why would you say that then?” I snapped.


She looked to Miranda then to Penny and bit down on her bottom lip anxiously. I could tell instantly she was hiding something from me. Lucy may be a cunning little bint but she has the worst poker face of anyone I know.


“You guys all think that?”


“Well,” Penny started, looking extremely awkward. “I just… well he’s…”


“He’s not exactly right for you,” Miranda finished and sighed exasperatedly. “Look, Keegs, you’re my best friend in the whole entire world. I know you. And Justin is not who you’re supposed to end up with.”


“And pray tell, why the bloody hell not?” I scowled.


I don’t know if I feel more miffed at the fact that three of my closest friends have been lying to me or the fact that… I might know what they’re talking about.


“He’s sooo nice, Keegan!” Lucy wailed. “And you’re crazy! Oh don’t look at me like that, you know I mean that in the nicest possible way. I’m just saying you’re crazy and you need someone crazy because otherwise, you’ll just get bored!”


“Tell us you really see yourself two years down the road with Justin,” Penny challenged. “Because we can’t.”


“Well,” I struggled. “I don’t know! Who knows these things?”


“No one but I know that I want to end up with Elbie,” Miranda told me. “I mean as much as the future terrifies me, I know I want to. Do you want that with Justin?”


“I don’t know!” I cried out, throwing my hands up in the air. “I’m seventeen! Why do I have to think about the future?”


“You don’t, I guess,” Miranda answered with a smile. “But all we’re saying is what’s the point in being with someone that you don’t think there’s even a possible future with.”


I stared blankly at all three girls, wishing those words weren’t whirling around in my head, making me think far too seriously about my relationship with Justin.


“I think we should go to sleep now,” Penny said and began ushering the other two girls away from me. She threw me an apologetic smile before closing the curtains around my bed for me.


I do like Justin. I do.


He’s lovely and sweet. And sooo nice.


But did I want to be with someone who was always complacent to everything I did? Didn’t I want what Miranda and Elbie have? A relationship where they challenged each other on a daily basis, where they can argue and still be in love with each other.


Do I even want a relationship?  


Merlin, what is happening to me? I’m not a romantic sort of girl!


Oh fuck this, I have more important things to think about.


Like how I’m going to kick Gryffindor’s high and almighty arse tomorrow.






Jordan is an annoying little bugger, isn’t he?


It’s not as if I’ve already got large angry flapping butterflies residing in the pit of my stomach but now he’s adding large angry hippogriffs to the mix as well.


The most anticipated match of the year? Really?


I hardly think Wood and mine’s rivalry is really that interesting. Actually to be honest, it is entirely exhausting.




Ooh, Clarke!


I haven’t thought about that little wanker since summer. Come to think of it, I haven’t read a single article by him since summer. Ha! I hope he got kicked off the student newsletter for being a big dolt-head.


And serves Jordan right for bringing it up!


“You all right, Keegs?” Seamus asked me. We were all standing quietly by the entrance into the Quidditch pitch. I had shouted my voice hoarse in our pep talk and now, now I left my team to their thoughts.


“I’m… fine,” I admitted. “I just wish I could kick Jordan in the arse before we start but ah well.”


Seamus chortled delightedly. “Yeah well the kid has a point. People have been talking about this match for a long time.”


I looked at my teddy bear of a friend with a dark frown on my face. “You are not helping, O’Connor.”


“Sorry, sorry!”




I walked confidently out onto the pitch and shot Jordan my most fierce-some glare. He laughed lightly into the microphone and winked back at me.




The crowd erupted in cheers and whistles. I grinned happily at the Ravenclaw side and threw them all a little salute.


Here we go…


“AND NOW THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR,” Jordan shouted excitedly.


Biased git…




A chorus of high-pitched female screams sounded from every corner of the pitch, from Hufflepuffs to Slytherins. I guess Wood’s charm knows no bounds.


Too bad they don’t know just how much of a prat he really is.


I watched as Wood strutted out onto the pitch, waving and laughing, much to the delight of all of his female fans.




Count on those two idiots to come somersaulting onto the pitch but as much as I wanted to remain indifferent, I couldn’t help laughing at their antics.




More shouting and screaming, and the excitement in the ground became so infection that my fingers even began to tingle.


Oh Merlin… Oh shit…


“Breathe, Keegan, you’ll do amazing!” Seamus nudged me in the shoulder.


I smiled at my friend but remained silent.


Madam Hooch came strolling out towards us and Oliver and I moved to meet her in the middle of the pitch.


“Now you two, I want a nice clean game, you hear?”


We both nodded and Oliver had the nerve to smirk arrogantly at me as we shook hands.




“Okay, on three,” she said to us. My heart was thumping faster and faster and if she didn’t release those damn balls soon I’m quite certain I’m going to die of an anxiety attack.


“One… two… THREE!” she yelled. “LET THE MATCH BEGIN!”


I bolted up in my broomstick, my eye only on the Quaffle.


Here we go!




I was exhausted to the bone.


My hands were numb from the cold and my face, I’m sure, was glistening with sweat but the match was nowhere close to being over.


We were tied with Gryffindor 120-120 and neither Marcus nor Harry have even spotted the Snitch yet.


“ALL RIGHT GUYS, TRIANGLE FORMATION!” I bellowed to my Chasers and Beaters.


Miranda and Adam nodded and flew into their positions. Seamus and Elbie quickly got the Bludgers away from Fred and George and began batting between them and circling around us. I flew to the top point of our triangle and Miranda and Adam trailed behind, weaving in and out and passing a Quaffle between them.


I flew forward, easing my broom forward to gain some momentum.




I turned around and easily caught the Quaffle from behind me and shot towards the right goal, catching Wood unaware.


He glared at me and I grinned smugly back at him.




Kiss on that, Wood!


But my victory was short-lived as Katie Bell scored on Lizzie ten minutes later, bringing the score to a tie once more.


We all needed the Seekers to find the Snitch soon. Both Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were losing energy and we were losing it fast.


I can already feel the bruise on my right thigh beginning to throb painfully from a Bludger Fred had sent my way.


I began flying below Miranda waiting for her to drop the Quaffle to me when two Bludgers came barrelling towards her knocking the Quaffle out of her hands and her off the broom. I watched horrified as my best friend and fellow Chaser went careening towards the ground.




Fred and George both looked at me then at Wood and I flew towards the three of them as soon as I was sure Miranda had been levitated to safety.








“HEY!” Elbie came flying towards the Weasley twins who were hovering just by Wood, looking both guilty and defiant. “YOU COULD’VE FUCKING KILLED HER!”


He collided with Fred quite aggressively and I figured quite intentionally as well.


“She didn’t!” Fred retorted, the defiance coming out now. “It’s a bloody Quidditch match! People get hurt!”


“But that was a dirty move and you both know it!” Elbie growled and I can see the anger growing ten-folds.


“It wasn’t illegal!” Wood yelled at him. “So you two need to get off your high horses and get back to the match at hand!”


“My high horse?” I snapped incredulous at his bloody nerve. “Wood, if we weren’t so high up in the air right now, I would fucking punch you!”


“Oh, would you now? Go for it, do it, Riddell, I dare you!”


He shouldn’t have dared me! He shouldn’t have bloody dared me!


I flew straight at him and punched him in the face, my hand colliding hard against his cheekbone.


Oh flipping fuck! Punching someone hurt!










“WOOD, RIDDELL, STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!” bellowed Professor McGonagall, having hijacked Jordan’s microphone from him.




Oh so what? It’s true!


Wood was just about to respond when an eruption of cheers sounded from somewhere far away. Wood and I both turned towards the noise and my heart dropped to my feet.


There Potter was, his hand held high in the air and the Snitch visibly fighting against his hold.


They won…


I can’t believe they won…


“I hope you’re happy,” I shot at him and flew down. I threw the broom to the ground and stormed off to the changing rooms, the anger fuelling my body till it felt like I was burning from the inside out.


I hate him. I hate him so fucking much!


I don’t think I’ve ever hated a person as much as I hated Oliver Wood.




“Guys, I’m fine,” Miranda chuckled from her cot in the Hospital Wing. “Honest to Merlin, I just had a broken arm and a few bruised ribs. Nothing Madam Pomfrey couldn’t heal.”


“I’m glad you are, baby,” Elbie said to his girlfriend as he kissed her on the lips. “I’m going to kill those ginger twats though!”


“Oh get over it, Elbie,” Miranda snorted with a roll of her eyes. “It was a match. They’re not horrible people. You’ve sent people off their brooms before.”

“Yeah but that’s different!”


“How? Because none of them were your girlfriend?” Miranda laughed. “You guys need to get over it.” She looked pointedly at me. “Seriously. It’s done now. We lost. Get over it.”


“I’ll never forgive Wood,” I muttered under my breath.


Miranda shot me a stern look and I quickly forced on a bright smile for her. 


“We should leave you to get some rest,” I said, ignoring her look. The rest of the Quidditch team nodded solemnly.


We all hugged Miranda goodbye and began our depressing and completely silent journey back to the Ravenclaw Tower. I was drained. I just wanted a nice hot shower and to sleep until graduation and forget all about Quidditch because now that Gryffindor beat us, our only chance of getting into the House Cup Final was if we beat Slytherin.


And that was going to be incredibly hard.


And even then, the three of us would be tied for the final. We’d have to beat them by a lot to get through.


I sighed loudly causing Adam to throw his arm around me and hug me into his side. I appreciated the comforting gesture but nothing was going to cheer me up tonight.


As we made our way onto the fifth floor, we all gaped at the sight before us. In front of the spiral staircase that led to the Ravenclaw Tower stood Fred and George Weasley, holding an array of brightly coloured balloons. A huge banner was tacked to the wall with the words, ‘We’re Sorry!’ on them and they both held out a box of chocolates each.


Fred grinned sheepishly. “Sorry about the… cheese. But we don’t really know the protocol on how to apologise to a Quidditch team so we just went with what we’re used to. But we are really sorry about what happened.”


“We never meant to hurt Miranda, we swear,” George added.


“We really hope you guys can forgive us because over the past few months, we’ve really come to think of all of you as our friends,” Fred finished.


“We might have overreacted,” Elbie conceded as he took a step forward. “We’re sorry also.”


“Does that mean we’re friends again?” George quipped happily.


“Yeah I guess so,” Elbie shrugged with a small tilt of his lips.


“Oh thank god!” Adam exhaled loudly. “I hated all of this tension!”


Fred laughed. “Us too!”


“If you want, you’re more than welcome to come to our party,” George offered. “I know it’s a bit cheeky to ask considering… well… we won.”


“It’s okay,” Seamus laughed. “We understand.”


“We might as well show our faces, you know?” Adam suggested excitedly.


“You just want to get with Gryffindor girls,” Lizzie laughed. “But sorry, I’m knackered so I’m going to head to bed.”


“Okay fine, spoil sport,” Adam stuck out his tongue at her then looked to the rest of us. “You guys?”


“I’m up for it!” Seamus nodded. Elbie shrugged and Marcus smiled eagerly as well.


“I’m going to sleep too,” I said.


“Awe Keegan,” Adam whined.


“No,” I said sternly. I just wasn’t in the mood. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep.”


Fred and George looked at each other then back to me with a wary expression on their faces.


“We’re sorry, Keegan,” George told me.


“You’re forgiven. I don’t blame you two.”


“Ollie’s sorry too,” Fred added as well.


I snorted at this. “If he is then why doesn’t he tell me that himself?”


But before either twin could utter another word, I put up my hand to stop them.


“No just don’t make excuses for him. Actually, tell him to go to hell. I’m going to bed.”




I couldn’t sleep…


I couldn’t stop thinking about the match, about how angry I had gotten, about how angry Wood had gotten as well.


I don’t know.


Maybe I thought that despite the bantering and the arguments, we would eventually be friends again one day—but today, today, I realised that I couldn’t be friends with someone who could make me that angry.


How was I supposed to? I would just end up killing him!


Oliver Wood was an egotistical selfish prat, who will do anything to win. He’s hot headed and reckless and… and he drives me insane!


And not in the good way! No, he drives me insane in the worst way!


I mean why would I want to be friends with someone that brings out the worst in me? Why would I want to be friends with someone who argues with me at every possible opportunity he has? A person who only cares about Quidditch. A person who has the galls to hurt my best friend. A person who makes me so infuriatingly mad.


Why? Why would I do that to myself?


Merlin, I needed to talk to someone…


I quickly pulled on a jumper and snuck out of the common room, tip-toeing my way down the stairs, taking two at a time. The castle was chilly this evening, more so than usual but then again, it was the beginning of December and the season of shitty weather was coming to a start.


I crossed my arms across my body, trying to preserve the warmth as I made my way swiftly towards the basement. I stopped just outside the Hufflepuff common room.


Okay, now what? How the bloody hell do I get in?

I know there’s a barrel you have to tap but honestly, I don’t really remember which one or the rhythm you’re supposed to tap it in.


Merlin’s sake, Keegan… what were you honestly expecting at this hour? For him to suddenly sense your presence and just come outside?


I’m an idiot. I can’t wait out here in the cold all night and it’s two in the morning, no one was going to be coming out of the common room any time soon now, were they?


I sighed heavily, feeling let down by what had seemed like a brilliant idea not more than ten minutes ago.


I was just about to walk away when I heard a tap tapping of shoes clinking on the concrete floor and quickly ducked behind a suit of armour. I watched as two Hufflepuff girls I vaguely recognised as seventh years came drunkenly giggling towards me. The blonde one laughed at something the other said and then tapped on one of the barrels. The lid swung open and the two stumbled in through it.


I quickly jumped from my hiding spot and practically had to throw myself through the door before it swung close.


The common room, thankfully, was empty and I could just hear the soft echoing of the two girls walking down one of the corridors leading away from the round room.




So this is the Hufflepuff common room… Very… yellow…


I stood there for a good few minutes, taking in the copper furniture and yellow furnishings. It was a really cosy common room and probably was quite gorgeous during the summer days when the light filtered in from the windows.


Shaking my head and focusing back on the mission at hand, I turned and located the door that led towards the boys’ dormitories and swiftly made my way down it.


Ah… here it is…


I gingerly opened the door and peered inside. Bollocks, it was completely pitch black! I can’t even say a simple lumos because that would surely garner attention from someone in the room…


Okay… Come on, Keegan. You’re a Ravenclaw. Use your brain!


After much deliberation, I dropped on all fours and began crawling across the room, checking each trunk at the foot of the beds for recognition. As luck would have it (as in I had zero at the moment), I found his bed at the far end of the room. I stood up quietly and opened the curtains just to make sure it was him.




I nudged his shoulder. No response. Okay… How about if I poked him? Nothing…


I know!


I clamped his nose shut and watched as his eyes flew open.


Keegan? What the hell are you doing here?”


“I really need to talk to someone, Edan.” 


Chapter 14: Domino Effect
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---Chapter 14 - Domino Effect---


“Okay, you got me out here so what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”


I sighed and pushed my hair back from my face. “First, I want to apologise. I hate fighting with you, Edan.”


“I know,” he said with a small smile. “I hate it too. You’re my only sister, Keegs.”


“I know and,” I sighed heavily. “If you want to see her then I’ll come with you.”


Really?” Edan’s face instantly brightened up and although I love to see my brother smile, I resented the fact that it was because he wanted to see her. “You have no idea how much I appreciate this, Keegan.” There was a pause.” So what made you change your mind?”


“I don’t want to be selfish and keep you away,” I told him truthfully. “And I don’t want to fight with you about this.”


“Thank you,” he said again.


Maybe he was right… maybe seeing our mum one more time will finally put an end to all this resentment in me. Maybe it’ll make me normal…


Ha! As if…


“So was that why you woke me up in the middle of the night?” Edan smirked. “Nothing to do with the fact that you lost to Oliver again or that you punched him?”


I narrowed my eyes at the memory. “Okay well it had a bit to do with that. I just… I couldn’t sleep. I mean how are you friends with such a selfish idiotic reckless prat?”


“I know Oliver can get a bit crazy about Quidditch…”


“A bit?” I scoffed. More like a million times more crazy than the average human being!


But he’s a good guy, sis,” Edan told me. “You were friends once, surely, you must still see that person in him.”


“I did, I mean I might have,” I sighed. “But I don’t know anymore. I know he’s not evil or anything but… maybe we were just never meant to be friends.”


“Do you really believe that?”


“I don’t know.”


“Well I can’t tell you how you should feel but you should know that he cares a great deal about you,” Edan said softly to me. “He may have a slightly peculiar way of showing it but he does.”


I turned my gaze to the far wall, staring at nothing while so many thoughts and emotions whirled around in my head. There’s no wonder why I’m so loopy all of the time. I have so many contradicting emotions inside me.


“Otherwise, why would he come to me all the time to talk about you?”


I swivelled around to look at my brother, my mouth hanging open in surprise. “He does? Why? What does he say?”


“How annoying and insane you are,” Edan laughed, enjoying the scowl that now replaced my earlier one of confusion and shock.


“You’re a prat and Oliver’s a prat,” I frowned. “The whole world is out to get me, I know it is!”


“Oh, don’t be such a drama queen, sis,” Edan was still laughing as he patted me on the shoulder. “Anyway, you should go get some sleep. You’ll feel better tomorrow.”


I nodded and gave my brother a hug goodbye before I turned on my heels and walked back to the Ravenclaw Tower—in a much happier and lighter mood.


At least one good thing came out of this day. My brother.


I got my brother back.




The holidays were coming!


I was so blooming excited for the holidays!


I couldn’t wait to go home and see my dad. I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed and lounge around all day with not a care in the world.


It has been too long since I’ve felt that carefree. If it wasn’t school, it was Quidditch or boys or friends. But when I’m home, all I have to worry about is me and food and me.


Did I mention that?


Keegan Time!


Although there’s just one tiny hiccup, well it’s a big hiccup. It’s a mother-sized shape of a hiccup.


Edan wants to meet up with her this Christmas holiday.


Bollocks, right?


I know I agreed to it but that didn’t mean I was looking forward to it. Quite the opposite actually, I wanted to forget about the whole affair because as much as I want to reconcile things, I know I will never get over the fact that my own mother left me. It was never going to go away and it will always strain my relationship with her—no matter what she told me.


That’s life, you know? She can’t expect me to forgive her just like that.


Oh Merlin, and what about Dad? We can’t tell him. It would kill him if he found out we were going to meet up with her.


I slumped my shoulders and sighed.


See, I told you life was out to get me…


“Why the long face, Keegster?” Adam asked as he and Seamus took the seats opposite of me.


Merlin knows how long I’ve been sitting in the library staring at my half scrawled parchment about Potions but I must have been scowling at it for some time since I barely heard Adam and Seamus come up to me.


“Nothing, just thinking about ways to kill Snape,” I replied, putting on a bright smile for the two of them.


“Ooh, can I help? I’ve got a whole list stashed away in my room!” Adam told me happily.


I looked to Seamus who nodded grimly in confirmation.


“Has anyone ever told you you’re a bit worrying?”


“All the time,” Adam waved it off. “But I’m one hundred percent as sane as a bumblebee.”


“I think that sentence alone disproves your theory, mate,” Seamus said with a roll of his eyes. He then took out a book and a scroll of parchment and began to take notes on whatever it was that he was reading.


“So has Oliver come and claimed his reward?”


I eyed him suspiciously. “What reward?”


“You, of course, my darling Keegan,” Adam winked at me. “You still owe him two days of your time, you know?”


“Well he hasn’t so much as smirked at me since the match so no, Adam, he has not,” I frowned, having thoroughly forgotten about that awful day and the awful bet that I had made with Wood even though it’s only been a few days. “And I am not a prize to be won.”


“Of course not,” Adam rolled his eyes. “But a bet’s a bet.”


“Well when he talks to me again, I’ll honour that but until then I’m going to live my life happily in peace without the prat,” I told him. “Besides why are you so adamant I become his slave, eh, Nicholson?”


Adam shrugged casually. “No reason. Just wondering.”


“I bet you’ve got an ulterior motive,” Seamus said, looking up from scribbling on his parchment. “I bet you have something planned.”


Adam crossed his arms over his chest. “I do not and frankly, I am quite offended by this accusation.” He grabbed his bag and got up from his seat in a dramatic huff. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have people to do.”


“Don’t you mean see?”


“That’s for me to know and for you to find out,” Adam winked cheekily before strutting on out of the library.


“That boy has some serious issues,” I murmured to Seamus, who nodded in response.


“Serious issues.”




Oliver Wood:


I watched my team fly the formation I had just explained to them with a smug smile settling on my face. They were good and I’d like to believe I had a great deal to do with that. I mean I didn’t spend a whole evening planning plays for nothing.


I’m Gryffindor’s captain! I’m Oliver bloody Wood!


And I’m going to win that House Cup no matter what…


“DOES HE HAVE TO LOOK SO DAMN SMUG?” Angelina’s voice carried over to me.








So what if Keegan hates me?


Keegan was an annoying, self-righteous and infuriating bint! She had no right to walk around these castle walls thinking she was better than me because at the end of the day, she knows it as well as I do that she would do anything for that House Cup trophy.


It’s not my fault that I took it to another level.


Of course I never meant any harm to come to Miranda but such was life. Such was the game of Quidditch. If Keegan couldn’t handle it then maybe she should quit!


Maybe she should just leave me the hell alone!


Maybe I should stop thinking about her…


Merlin knows, I’ve tried…


I wake up thinking about her.


I keep seeing her eyes and the anger in them has haunted me every day since and I couldn’t help the thudding pain that accompanied that memory. Keegan has always given me a hard time and we argued like cats and dogs but I have never seen such hatred and disappointment before. It had made me feel awful, like shit to be frank, but even so, I couldn’t bring myself to apologise to her. Maybe I was being stubborn and headstrong, as everyone liked to mention, but fuck’s sake, the girl wasn’t perfect either! Keegan forgets that I’ve known her since we were kids and she wasn’t Miss High and Mighty like everyone was led to believe. She’s just as difficult and reckless as I am!


I suppose that’s why I’ve been avoiding her. I didn’t want to fight with her anymore.


I really didn’t. But I know I will if she and I even so much as say ‘hi’ to the other.


Keegan Riddell was destined to be my downfall and I just can’t afford to be distracted by her.


I have more important things in my life to concentrate on.


“ALRIGHT I’M SICK OF LOOKING AT YOUR FACES, GO ON, GET CHANGED, TRAINING’S OVER!” I bellowed, shaking all thoughts of Keegan from my mind.


My team flew speedily towards the ground and quickly hurried into the changing rooms and out of the cold December air.


I was just packing away the balls when I felt two figures loom over me.


“What do you want, Fred? George?”


“Well,” Fred began. “We just wanted to know if you were okay.”


“Why wouldn’t I be?” I arched my eyebrow up at the two. “We are pretty much set to be in the House Cup finals.”


“Yeah but aside from that,” George waved that information aside. “How are you? How is Oliver?”


What the bloody hell were they on about?


I am fine.”


“Are you sure, mate?” George persisted. “Because you’ve been a bit tense since… well since Keegan punched you.”


I narrowed my eyes and frowned. “If you’re both here to tell me to apologise to her then you both can bugger off. I’m not going to.”


“No, no, of course not!” Fred quickly amended while promptly kicking his twin in the shin. “We were just worried about you, that’s all.”


“Well there’s nothing to worry about.”


“Okay let’s cut the crap, Oliver,” Fred sighed heavily before taking holding of my shoulders and shaking me roughly. “There! Feel better?”


I pushed the hair that had fallen over my eyes back from my face and glared darkly. “No. What the fuck was that!”


George threw his twin a look and rolled his eyes. “That was apparently Fred trying to make you see the truth.”


“And what may that be, huh?”


“Fuck’s sake, Ollie!” Fred cried out exasperatedly. “You’re in love with Keegan! You always have been and now you’re upset with yourself because you’ve disappointed her and now you think you’re not good enough for her and you hate her for making you feel this way!”


George and I both turned to stare incredulously at Fred. Despite the fact that all of the things he said were wrong, this was a special moment.


World, welcome to the once in a lifetime chance where Fred Weasley says something serious.


Not that any of that was true.


“That’s all bollocks,” I told him pointedly before turning away from them to put the balls back into the shed.


“Is it?” George countered as he came over to stand in front of me, hands on his hips.


“Yeah of course,” I answered gruffly. “I’m not in love with Keegan Riddell.”


“Okay so all those death glares you keep sending Dodgson’s way are because, what? You don’t like the way he’s dressed?” Fred asked me with a smug look.


I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. “I may not be in love with her but I still think she can do a whole lot better than Dodgson.”


“Okay so do something about it,” George said with a flourish of his hands. “You’ve won the bet now, use it. Break them up!”


“How? How am I supposed to do that? Keegan hates me!”


“We have our ways,” George winked.


“Just leave it to us,” Fred added, an impish smirk on his face.


That was an altogether terrifying statement. If there was one thing I’ve learned over the years, it was that the Weasley twins were not to be trusted. They had a knack for causing mischief wherever they went.


I just hoped for Keegan’s sake, they don’t overdo it.




I knew it!


By Friday morning, the Weasley twins had truly managed to come up with something so utterly ridiculous and I was already beginning to regret it.


“Oliver Wood, if I could hate you any more than I already do right now, I would,” she glared at me and the proximity of her face to mine made me altogether aware of how true those words were. I could practically feel the anger emanating from her body towards me.


“It’s not my fault!”


“You encouraged them!” she snapped. “Therefore, Wood, it is your fault.”


“I may have said they could help me,” I mumbled, avoiding her steely gaze. “But I honestly had no idea they would do this. Seriously, Keegan, do you really think I want to be attached to your for forty-eight sodding hours?”


“I don’t know,” she retorted. “Who knows what goes through your sick and twisted mind?”


I rolled my eyes heavenwards and decided to focus my irritation at the two lanky-arsed redheads standing before me, who had the nerve, I might add, to smile proudly at their handiwork.


“You two!”


“Hey, hey, Ollie, buddy, old pal,” Fred laughed lightly as his eyes darted from me to Keegan. “It’s the only way we know how to get you two to forgive each other.”


“I’ll kill him before I do such a thing,” Keegan muttered under her breath.


Great! I can’t believe I’m stuck with that for forty-eight hours!


“So explain again, what this thing does?” Miranda asked as she gingerly pulled at the silvery white strand that was now shackled to Keegan and me.


“It’s a magically charmed rope,” George explained. “It’s charmed to keep Keegan stuck to Oliver for the next two days, the only exceptions being if she’s in the Ravenclaw Tower, in class or you know, in the toilet.”


“Bloody hell,” Miranda whistled appreciatively causing Keegan to shoot her a dark scowl. “This is going to end up…” She trailed off.


“Amazingly!” Fred finished for her. “We both know those two just need a good snog, eh?”


“Oi! I’m sitting right here!” Keegan shouted. “And there will certainly be no snogging here whatsoever!”


“I don’t know, Keegs, you sure you can resist me for that long?” I winked at her, not being able to resist teasing her any longer.


“Oh, you have no idea how long I can resist you, Wood,” she turned her scowl towards me.


“We’ll see about that,” I chuckled, and Fred, George and Miranda all began laughing at the murderous look on Keegan’s face.


I can’t help it.


There’s something about Keegan that makes me itch to annoy her. I should be avoiding her considering that we were not good for each other’s state of mind but considering the predicament we currently find ourselves in, I might as well enjoy the perks of having an irate Keegan Riddell magically attached to my side.


“Okay folks, time for class,” Miranda informed us with a wink. “I’ll see you two later.” She grabbed Fred and George by the sleeves of their robes. “Come on, you two. Leave them.”


I looked to Keegan and she just sighed heavily, allowing me to take the lead and walk us out of the empty classroom that the Weasley twins had trapped us in earlier.


This was going to be a long two days.




...Keegan Riddell…


Life was truly ridiculous.


Somehow I have managed to allow myself to get tricked by two ginger-haired imbeciles and become attached to the one person in Hogwarts I really did not want to be around right now. It was like a bad soap opera.


If it weren’t for the fact that Oliver Wood and I were not meant to be friends and this little scheme of theirs was never going to work out.


At least he wasn’t happy about it either. Actually that’s the only comfort I can take from this whole ridiculous situation.


We walked in silence into the room, me trailing slightly behind him but not far considering any distance I tried to put between us, I felt a sharp zinging pain where the rope lay around my wrist.


He took a seat beside Adam and Elbie where normally he would be sitting in the row behind us and I begrudgingly sat next to him much to the confused stares from Lucy, Adam, Elbie and oh yeah, my boyfriend.


“Don’t even ask.”


“Ask? Ask what exactly?” Elbie said with a smirk on his face. “Ask why you’re sitting next to Oliver Wood, your sworn enemy? No, why would I ask that?”


“Elbie, shut the hell up,” I frowned at him before turning to take out my parchment and quill from my bag.


As I placed them on my desk, I noticed that the pairs of eyes haven’t ceased their staring, making me exhale loudly in frustration. Life, why do you hate me so?


“Keegan?” Justin had got up from his seat two rows ahead of me and came over to stand before us. “Um… I saved you a seat.”


“Well mate, she won’t be sitting with you today,” Oliver snapped.


“I’m sorry, Justin,” I said slowly while glaring at Oliver. Stupid prat. “I can’t. I have to… sit with him.”


“Oh,” he said, his mouth forming the ‘o’ shape far longer after he had already said it. He looked confused and upset. “It’s just I was hoping to spend some time with you. You haven’t really been yourself since… the match.”


“I’m sorry,” I apologised again, feeling just that tiny bit miffed that he couldn’t just leave me alone. Were you supposed to be this annoyed with your boyfriend for wanting to spend time with you? “I’ve just been busy.”


“Busy hanging out with Oliver apparently,” Elbie joked to Adam, who responded with a “in broom closets, I bet.”


The two idiots laughed and Lucy, who had been quiet during this entire exchange, rolled her eyes. I knew she would have normally told the two to shut up but considering all that’s been happening with her, Seamus and Bletchley, and the fact that they haven’t been as keen to forgive her as the girls had, she wasn’t that comfortable with them anymore.


It was sad and I felt a pang inside my chest.


“I thought you hated Oliver,” Justin said in an accusing manner, pulling me back to reality as my eyes focused once again on his cute dimpled boyish face.


“I do…” I began to say.


“So why are you sitting with him then?”


“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Oliver let out exasperatedly. “Look mate, she doesn’t want to sit with you today so piss off.”


“I wasn’t talking to you!” Justin retorted angrily.


Oh bollocks! This was not good…


“Yeah but your incessant chatter is really beginning to piss me off,” Oliver growled, standing up and I swore he just puffed out his chest a bit. “Keegan is sitting here.”


“Keegan?” Justin probably realising he was no match for Oliver’s much larger frame backed down and looked at me.


I felt awful as I looked into his blue eyes. “I’m really sorry, Justin. I’ll explain later, I promise.”


He shook his head. “No need, I always knew you had a thing for Oliver but… but never mind. Bye Keegan.” With that, he walked away and back to sitting with his Hufflepuff friends.


“About flipping time!” I heard Adam mutter to Elbie who nodded in response.


Gits… I’ll deal with those two later!


I stared after Justin, my mind whirling with emotions that I couldn’t seem to grasp. I felt distressed and guilty and… relieved?


No, that’s not right. My relationship was basically on the verge of ending and I felt relieved?


“Look, you’re better off without him,” Oliver said softly to me.


I turned to stare icily at the prat. “Shut up. You know exactly what you did. You provoked him.” 


“Only because he’s a whiny little twat,” Oliver snapped, his eyes narrowing now, replacing the sincerity in them I saw and ignored earlier. “Seriously Keegs, what the hell did you see in him?”


“None of your fucking business, that’s what!”


“Awe and just when we thought you two were finally going to be friends,” Elbie pouted disappointedly.


“Elbie, you make one more unnecessary comment and so help me, I will make Miranda go cold turkey!” I growled.


Elbie looked unabashedly frightened and quickly made the motion of zipping up his lips and tossing it away much to the amusement of Adam, who was chortling loudly at his friend. And out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Lucy giggling to herself as well and there it was again that feeling of sadness.


She was sitting too far away. She should be here laughing with us.


I just don’t understand it. It was so obvious how desperately in love Seamus was with her, that she’d have to be as blind as Old Man Douggall at the Three Broomsticks to not see it. He watched her all the time, when she’s laughing with us, when she’s studying, when she’s with Bletchley, but no the stupid bint won’t even acknowledge this fact at all. Merlin knows Miranda, Penny and I have tried time and time again to knock some sense into the girl but every time we mention her breaking up with Bletchley, she mumbles something about us not understanding and looks away.


I just know there was something fishy going on. Lucy may be a spiteful little minx but she wasn’t that heartless that she could hurt Seamus like this or that stupid that she could stand Bletchley’s grubby little claws on her.


I wish I knew.


Defence Against the Dark Arts went by uneventfully, well considering the beginning of the class and the rest of it, it was very uneventful in comparison. Professor Lupin came and did his bit—you know the bit where he teaches us valuable lessons while looking utterly delicious—while Oliver sat there brooding and Adam and Elbie shooting us glances from time and time again.


As we were packing up our things, I saw Justin pause by the door and give me one last withering look before exiting. I should run after him and explain things to him but aside from the fact that I can’t without Oliver in tow, I didn’t want to. I didn’t know if I wanted to fix him and me.


“I need to finish a paper, if you don’t mind oh Master Wood, can we please go to the library?” I said dryly.


He looked amused at first then laughed. “Only if you keep calling me that for the rest of our time together.”


“As if.”


“All right then no,” Oliver shrugged while grinning smugly. “I think I want to go hang out in my common room now.”


Argh! I want to kill him!


I really do. I really want to poison him or smack a broomstick over his stupid thick skull.


“FINE!” I shoved him out of my way. “Come on, let’s go, Master Wood.”


His laughter rang out across the corridor as he allowed me to lead him towards the library.


We made it to the library in one piece and an hour or so later, I hated to admit this but… but Oliver was kind of okay company. He didn’t bother me while I wrote my paper, he didn’t so much as make one ridiculously asinine comment and he actually put his head down and worked on his own assignment as well.


It was kind of a surreal experience if I’m perfectly frank. Oliver and me sitting here like this. Just in silence.


I sneaked a fleeting look at Oliver and watched momentarily as he furrowed his brows together in concentration. The action made me want to giggle but I managed to stop myself just in time. Watching Oliver struggle with his paper was kind of endearing—you know if I didn’t hate him so much.


Because I still do. The git was still inside there somewhere.


But then there were these moments, of unawareness where Oliver looks so much like the boy I had known all those years ago and it tugged at my heartstrings, making me remember how much I had had it bad for him.



“Oliver!” I called out after him, running to catch up with my much taller and faster best friend.


He turned to look at me with a wide goofy grin on his face before sprinting off again. I couldn’t help but giggle as I ran after the boy.


It was late July and the sun felt like it was seeping into our very skin, warming us, making us sweat through our clothes, but neither of us cared. We were young and carefree and had just pulled the best prank ever on my little brother, Edan, and were now running away before our parents caught us.


I giggled to myself as I thought about Edan’s wide-eyed expression as his head expanded like a helium balloon and floated to the ceiling of his room.


Oliver stopped at the top of the hill and waited for me. His shaggy brown hair was matted to his face and his dad’s Puddlemere jersey lay baggy on his skinny frame.


“Come on, slowpoke!”


“Shut up, Oliver!” I shouted back. “You know I’m shorter than you and can’t run as fast.”


He laughed which made me laugh as well. I couldn’t help it. Oliver has always made me happy just by being happy himself. Although he made me angry sometimes because he was a stupid boy but our feuds usually ended within the day. The only instance where I stayed mad at him for longer than that was when we were five and he stole my toy broomstick. I thought I’d never forgive him ever again.


“Sometimes I forget you’re a girl and can’t do the things I do.”


“I can do everything you do!” I reminded him, narrowing my eyes haughtily.


He laughed again. “I know, Keegs. I was just kidding.”


“You better be!” I said, my lips twitching upwards. “I mean I was the one that thought up of the prank, wasn’t I?”


“Yes, yes, whatever,” Oliver rolled his eyes.


He quickly pulled me into a headlock and ruffled my hair good-naturedly. I struggled against his tight grasp but managed to eventually shove him off of me, my dark hair now a complete mess.


“Ooh Oliver Wood, my mum will be so angry you messed my hair up!” I told him, wagging my finger at him. “She did it up special today.”


“I know and she made you wear a dress,” Oliver said, making a face as he looked at my yellow polkadotted sundress. I looked down at it too and grimaced.


“I don’t like dresses.”


“You look funny.”


“You look funny!” I retorted which made Oliver laugh again, the sound disappearing into the breeze. He rolled his eyes again and I just smiled.


We fell into a comfortable silence as we both turned to look across the hilltop, just making out the row of cottage houses where my own house was at the very bottom of it. I turned to look at Oliver and studied his face. He had dark kind eyes and his cheeks were red from sprinting up the hill making him look wild. I knew all the girls at school had a crush on him and I felt a little bit proud that that I was the only girl he ever really talked to and I was the only girl he ever hugged aside from his mum.


I wanted to be the only girl he hugged forever… but that was stupid because we were just best friends.


“I don’t want to go back to school,” I said, breaking the silence.


“Yeah, me neither,” he told me. “But hey, at least we’ll be going to Hogwarts next year, right?”


“Yeah!” I exclaimed happily, remembering that soon I will be going to the greatest school that ever was created, the place where my parents met. Maybe I’ll meet my future husband there too and get over this silly crush. I hope he plays Quidditch though because if he doesn’t then I don’t know what I’d talk to him about otherwise.


“Hey Keegan?” he said looking over to me, his eyes suddenly serious. I nodded in response. “We’ll always be best friends, right?”


“Yeah of course!” I quickly reassured him. “Why do you ask?”


“I don’t know,” he shrugged as he looked away. “Just… you’re wearing dresses now. I mean you’re not going to stop talking to me and go be girly, are you?”


I couldn’t help but start guffawing at this concern of his. “Are you joking, Oliver? I’ll never be that girly!”


“Good,” he smiled in relief. “Because you’re my best friend and I love you.”


“I love you too.”



Was that person still inside him somewhere? I wondered as I continued shamelessly staring at Oliver. Edan believed he was but this year (these past few years actually) I’ve begun to lose hope.


I know I’ve been a bit of a drama queen whenever it came to him but it wasn’t my fault that he infuriated me so much. I was angry and hurt that he abandoned me as soon as we got to Hogwarts; I was angry that he never tried hard enough to get me back and more than ever, I was angry that he obviously never valued me as much as I had hoped he would.


I thought it had hurt when I was younger that we would never be more than best friends but it was a silly childhood crush that I quickly got over but it hurt more that maybe we were never destined to even be friends.


I sighed heavily and turned back to my paper, trying to focus on whether experimentation should be allowed with potions, when there was a loud ruckus as I heard Madame Pince shouting angrily at someone.


Adam came bounding down towards us with the old librarian hot in his heels.


“Keegan! Seamus… Lucy… Bletchley,” he panted, trying desperately to catch his breath.


My eyes widened and I looked at Oliver. He instantly caught on and the two of us ran after Adam, my mind in a state of panic.


What’s going on? Why does Adam look like that?


Oh bollocks, please don’t let me find one of my best friends dead on the ground or something equally as awful!


I wouldn’t mind if Bletchley was though… but still… no, no, bad Keegan, stop!


As we neared the corner, the sound of angry voices caused my heart to go into hyper drive and every horrible scenario played out in my head. I just hoped to the heavens that Seamus and Lucy were okay.


I braced myself but did not count on the sight before me. My mouth fell open in shock as I watched Seamus and Bletchley beating each other bloody while Lucy was sat in the corner crying, her eyes bloodshot. Elbie attempted to break it up but only got in the way and received a few stray punches as a result.


“SEAMUS!” I called, my heart lodged in my throat. He turned at the sound of my voice and I saw the full extent of his injuries: he had a busted up lip, blood trickled from a cut on his forehead and he was covered in angry red bruises. Bletchley chose this opportunity to punch him straight in the nose. “NO!”


I tried to run towards him but Oliver held me back. He instead gestured to Adam and Elbie and the three boys went forward. Elbie held on to Seamus, telling him ‘it’s not worth it’ and ‘think about the repercussions’ while Oliver and Adam began speaking loudly and heatedly with Bletchley, who said some choice swear words before stalking off. All noises however had blurred from my hearing and all I could do was look on, helpless, and wondering just what the hell had happened tonight.


I wanted to comfort Seamus. I wanted to hug my teddy bear. I wanted more than anything to be able to make it all okay but as soon as Elbie had calmed him down, it was as if the realisation of what had just occurred hit him. He looked down warily at his hands then he turned towards Lucy, who was still sobbing uncontrollably in the corner. The look in his eyes broke my heart; it was one of utter disappointment and regret.


And then he walked away. Elbie and Adam went after him, leaving Oliver and me alone in the empty corridor, the only sounds coming from my blonde broken friend.


This was not how I had envisioned seventh year to go.


Not at all.

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Chapter 15: Revelations
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---Chapter 15 - Revelations--- 


I didn’t say a word to Lucy but allowed Oliver to take us both to the kitchens. He sat her down and got her a tissue before he went over to speak softly to one of the house elves.


I sat on an opposite stool, unsure of what to do, of what to say, of how to feel. I hated her for making Seamus hurt like that. I hated her for ruining our friendship circle. But at the same time, I hated seeing her hurt. I couldn’t stand to let anyone make Lucy cry.


All of our years together as friends, Lucy has always been the most sensitive one and for the rest of us, we’ve always felt it was our duty to protect her. Miranda, Penny and I all loved her so much and we’ve always been there through every hiccup in her life, including her parent’s divorce. And the boys have always taken her under their wing as the annoyingly sweet little sister but this year, it’s like everything’s gone tits up! Seamus fell in love with her (or maybe he’s always been, who knew) and the boys no longer fought for her and now I wasn’t sure if I should fight for her either.


Oh good flipping lord…


A few minutes went by while nothing was uttered between the two of us before finally, Oliver came back with three bowls of ice cream and hot brownies. My stomach grumbled at the sight and I only just realised that Oliver and I haven’t had dinner yet.


We took the bowls silently and I scooped a mouthful of the delicious vanilla ice cream and a chunk of the brownie. It melted lusciously in my mouth and I couldn’t help but smile just a little in happiness.


“If only I could make you smile like that,” Oliver pointed at me with his spoon. I started laughing in spite of myself and Lucy cracked a grin.


“Keegan,” she said gently, turning her blue eyes towards me. They were puffy and red and sorrowful.


“Lucy, I just don’t get it,” I spoke to her. “Please just explain it all to me, from the beginning. That’s all I ask.”


She sighed and her body shuddered under the effort. She looked skinnier. How have I not noticed that?


“I don’t know how to explain something I don’t understand either, Keegan,” she replied honestly. “I just know I fucked up. I got so angry with Seamus for butting into my life that night but really, it wasn’t Seamus I was really angry with, it was me. I was acting like a slag and he called me out on it and it just made me feel like shit. And I took it out on him.” A tear fell lazily down her cheek and she absentmindedly wiped it away. “After I stormed off, I accidentally bumped into Miles. He was charming and made me feel sexy and I thought what better way to show Seamus up than by dating a Slytherin.”


“Lucy, that’s ridiculous!” I interjected disbelievingly with my spoon halfway to my mouth. I eat when I’m distressed.  


“I know,” her voice broke and I longed to reach over and hug her but… I couldn’t bring myself to do that quite yet. I had forgiven her without knowing the details before but now I wasn’t willing to be as lenient—not when one of the most caring people I have ever met was hurting right now because of her.


“It was fun at first, you know? Miles was funny and he made me feel great,” Lucy continued on. “Th-then things got bad. He began commenting on stuff, like the way I looked. At first it was little things like ‘Lucy, have you gained a few pounds?’ and I just laughed it off… but it stuck with me.” She looked down at her untouched bowl and sighed. “He began making me feel…worthless and the horrible thing was I believed him. Merlin, Keegan, you have no idea how shit I felt when I was with him but how worse it was when I wasn’t. It got to a point where I didn’t feel worthy of you and Miranda and Penny anymore. Definitely not someone like Seamus.”


“So,” I said, the sound stuck in my throat. “So what happened tonight?”


“Seamus, he,” Lucy began to sob again, putting her face into her hands. “He overheard Miles saying those things to me and he just walked up and punched him, he was screaming and I’ve never seen him so angry before.”


“Oh Lucy, you big dolt!” I cried out, losing all my self-control and rushing over to cradle my friend into my arms. “It’s because he loves you so much!”


“H-he does?”


“Of course,” I instantly replied. “Lucy, I think I can safely say that Seamus has been in love with you for quite some time now.”


She looked up, her blue eyes shining and a glimmer of old Lucy flashed in her eyes before she looked away from me. “But I’ve ruined it. He surely hates me now.”


“He can never hate you, Lucy,” Oliver put in.


We both turned to look at him. I think we had forgotten he was there in the first place. I certainly did.


“A guy doesn’t fight another guy like that for any reason other than for love,” Oliver told her. “I know my opinion doesn’t count much here but I don’t think he’ll be able to get over you that easily. He may be angry right now but he still loves you.”


“Thank you, Oliver,” she smiled gratefully. “Thank you to you both. I am so sorry for everything.”


After regaining my composure (because hell, I had no idea that Oliver sodding Wood was capable of such emotional understanding), I turned to Lucy and returned her smile.


“It’ll be okay, I promise.”


Lucy nodded and I think she really believed me. I hope I believed me. I love her to death and I love Seamus equally as much but there was so much pain and heartache between the two, and if I’m brutally honest with myself, I don’t know how they’ll move past this.


Sure, maybe one day they’ll be friends again but never like before. I just hope that that meant they’d be more than friends. They both deserve so much happiness in their lives and maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me (to which I had no idea I had) but I truly believed that their happiness was tied in with each other.


Oliver took our bowls and placed them in a nearby sink. He pulled Lucy gently up to her feet and allowed her to rest her head on his shoulder as we made a move back towards the Ravenclaw Tower.


The walk there was silent, all three of us left to our own thoughts. I couldn’t even imagine Lucy’s and I had stopped trying to understand Oliver’s a lifetime ago.


Nevertheless, I owed him a great deal for tonight.


I don’t know if I would’ve dealt with Lucy quite as calmly and gently as he had.


Goodness knows I was always one to jump to conclusions and be angry over be empathetic.


But, and I’ll never admit this to him, I was glad he was here.




“I’m going to kill him and rip out his intestines and wrap it around his head and suffocate him till he dies again!” fumed Miranda quite explicitly.


Oliver winced at the image.


“How could he? He totally manipulated Lucy!” Miranda continued with her tirade against Miles Bletchley. “He fucked her up and made her… he made her… he broke her, guys! He broke our best friend! How can we let him get away with that?”


“Miranda, what the hell do you suggest we do?”


“I don’t know!” she grumbled in defeat then cracked a sheepish grin that reminded me of her boyfriend. Merlin, those two were beginning to turn into each other. “So was murder really out of the question?”


“I don’t know if I want to be an accomplice in a murder,” Oliver told us which caused Miranda to glower at him.


Miranda, Penny, Adam, Elbie and I (and because Oliver was still stuck to me, him too) were all sitting in a small alcove in the library Saturday morning. Last night’s events had just been relayed to every single person in the group and needless to say, everyone was pretty damn furious about what Bletchley had done. Although there was some uproar about Lucy’s convoluted reasons for getting with Bletchley in the first place, we had all forgiven her for the most part. One look in her eyes was enough to tell you that she has already gone to hell and back in the past few months.


“As Head Girl, I also have to strongly advise against that,” Penny added.


“You guys are no fun!” Elbie grumbled, obviously having taken his girlfriend’s side on the murder front.


“Well I think killing him is too good for him, I’d rather he be tortured,” Adam pointed out, his eyes narrowing thoughtfully.


Bless him. Adam had taken the whole news rather hard. I suppose he has always thought it was his duty to protect us girls and I think he felt incredibly guilty that he had let Bletchley get into Lucy’s head like he did.


But it wasn’t his fault. It was nobody’s fault.


It was a series of awful events that fell like dominos, no one person able to stop them completely.


“Forget about getting back at Bletchley,” I stressed, stopping all conspiring that I knew were going through my friends’ heads. “Let’s talk about fixing Seamus and Lucy.”


“I agree with Keegan on this,” Oliver said, giving me a small smile. I returned it.


I know, I know! I’m supposed to be hating him and thinking about all the pain he’s caused me over the years but for the time being, I needed him by my side. He had been so good to Lucy and I found myself really wanting his opinions on the matter.


“Do you think it can be fixed?” Elbie asked dejectedly. “You didn’t see him last night, Keegs. He was so miserable.”


“We have to believe it can be!” I declared fiercely. “I may know squat about relationships but Seamus and Lucy deserve happiness. With each other!”


“I agree,” Miranda announced, offering me her support. “We just need to get Lucy back to her normal self.”


“How, pray tell, do we do that?” Penny queried.


“Show her how loved she is and how wonderful she is.”


“Maybe we can make Seamus understand what happened,” Adam suggested. “Then maybe he’ll fix her for us!” He then smiled gleefully at his own plan.


“If only that was that easy,” Elbie shook his head again.


I swear that boy is just so cynical! Someone slap him!


Miranda thwacked her boyfriend on the head. “Negativity is not welcomed in the circle of truth, Elliot MacNeill!”


I giggled to myself. There’s a reason why Miranda’s my numero uno best friend. She can totally sense what I’m thinking.


“Sorry! Geez, woman, that hurt!” Elbie rubbed at his head in a way that reminded me of a scolded puppy.


“Okay, I have a Head Girl meeting to go,” Penny stated, standing up. “But I suggest you boys go talk to Seamus and we’ll try to talk to Lucy tonight. Reconvene tomorrow and plan from there.”


“Yes, Sir!” Adam saluted and Penny rolled her eyes at him before walking away.


Everyone else began to get up too while I remain seated. Miranda and Elbie were going to go for a walk down by the Great Lake and Adam said he had to go meet someone, and by someone I presumed he meant a girl. We all said our goodbyes and suddenly I realised I was sitting alone with Oliver, who was staring at me intently.




“Want to go fly?”


“I thought you’d never ask,” I chuckled.


We quickly stepped out from the library and summoned our brooms from our respective dorms with a simple Accio spell.


Oliver and I walked out onto the empty pitch and the chill from the December air forced me to snuggle deeper into my coat. The pitch was covered in a sprinkling of fluffy white snow and it looked beautiful.


Kind of fitting actually… finding something so mundane as a Quidditch pitch beautiful in light of the insanity that had been occurring in my life.


Simplicity was beautiful.


“Let’s go, Riddell,” Oliver called out and with a swift move, he had kicked off and was currently up in the air, circling me in an obnoxious manner.


The rope began zinging in pain as he began to get further away.


Oh bollocks!


I positioned myself on the broom and kicked off as well. I followed him out, higher and higher into the sky. The cold air felt heavy against my skin, it burned my cheeks and although I was jumbled up in layers, I was still shaking from the hostile temperature.


Still, I felt wonderful.


“Feeling better?”




He laughed and whizzed past me. I rolled my eyes, ignoring him. I flew at my own leisurely speed and I felt my body relax at the familiar sensations of flying.  


“Thank you,” I said, catching even myself by surprise.


Oliver stopped and turned back towards me. “For what?”


“For everything, you know last night.”


“Despite what you think Keegan, I do have a heart, you know?”


I snorted. “Yeah, I guess I forgot.”


“Did you also forget who stayed up with you all night when your dog, Piggly died?”


I looked up and a bittersweet smile lifted the corner of my lips. “You remember that?”


“How could I forget?” he laughed softly, barely audible against the wind. “I had to keep bringing you boxes and boxes of tissue.”


I laughed as well at that particular memory. I did forget about that actually. Piggly was a good dog but a very old one when he died.


“Or the time I carried you all the way back to your house when you broke your leg trying to climb that stupid tree? Or how about the time I glued Mr. Henley to his chair because he made you cry?”


“Oliver, stop it,” I murmured faintly.


He flew closer towards me and stared at me defiantly. “Why, Keegan? Why don’t you want to remember all of the times we had together?”


“Because they’re in the past!”


“I would still do all those things for you,” he growled, his eyes darkening by the second. “Merlin, Keegan, I want to be angry with you right now, you know? You’re just so incredibly annoying!” I was about to reply but he put up his hand. “Shut up Keegan, let me talk.” He then raked a hand through his messy brown hair while forming his words together.


“I had honestly come to the conclusion that we were never meant to be friends, not like the way we were back then,” Oliver carried on. “But seeing the way Seamus and Lucy are now made me realise that that’s a load of shite. You’re the only person in the world that understands me, Keegs. We were best friends for a reason.”


“But you left me!”


“I didn’t mean to!” he retorted just as quickly.


“You never fought for me,” I confessed much more quietly, averting my eyes from his. “You never tried hard enough to save our friendship. How was I supposed to feel about that?”


“Keegan,” he whispered, tilting my chin up to look at him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I never tried but I’m trying now. Please just give us a chance. I need my best friend back.”


“I don’t know if I can trust you again.”


“I can’t do anything to undo my stupidity from the past few years but believe me, I’m stubborn enough to never stop till I’ve gained your trust back,” he laughed which incidentally was all it took for me to forgive him.


“God, you’re an asshole,” I spat out between laughter. “You really are.”


“And so are you,” he winked back.


There was a silence between us and I used it to reflect on what just happened. In the span of a half hour, had I really managed to let go of everything and allow Oliver Wood back into my life again?


But as I look at him and his red cheeks that made him seem a little bit wild, I knew I had because Edan was right, damn that know-it-all brother of mine was right all along, Oliver Wood my best friend was the same person as the Oliver Wood hovering just beside me.


“So as my best friend again, I demand to know, did you really like that Dodgson prick?”


“Oliver!” I scowled, rolling my eyes and turning to fly back towards the ground.


I could hear the whirring behind me and I knew he was flying after me.


“Seriously, Keegs! Tell me!”


I dropped to the ground and turned towards him unable to contain the smile even though he was being a prat again. “I thought I did but no, I don’t think so, happy now?”


“Ecstatic,” he smirked.




Sunday was going by quite uneventfully.


Talking to Lucy had been a nightmare last night, considering the girl has not uttered more than ten words in total since that night. And apparently, the boys had gotten Seamus drunk and all he said on the matter was that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be with her anymore, which is a total lie! I mean c’mon, we all knew Seamus was still in love with the girl. We just had to… make him see that.




But come Sunday afternoon, we all felt a bit drained and decided to sit around the Ravenclaw common room miserably, studying and doing the last few assignments we had before the holidays began.


Yes, this was how Ravenclaws dealt with drama…


I did actually find concentrating on school quite therapeutic. It was straightforward and the answers were usually found hiding away in some book, whereas trying to fix a friendship or construct a relationship between two extremely torn and fucked up people? Yeah, where the hell was the guidebook for that?


If only I knew…


Actually if I did, I’d write the bloody guidebook and make millions!


“Are you avoiding going outside because you’ll be zippity doo-dahed to Oliver?” Adam asked me from his perch on the lone armchair.


I looked up from my book and frowned. “No. Of course not.”


“She is,” Miranda told him. “Ever since she agreed to be mates with him again.”


“You did what?” Elbie sat bolt upright from his previous position of lying lazily on Miranda’s lap. His eyes bulged out and his mouth hung open, reminding me quite vividly of an owl.


Miranda looked at her boyfriend and while shaking her head, propped his mouth shut.


“I’m not exactly friends with him,” I professed—but thinking back to the conversation I had with him yesterday, I suppose I did agree to it. And I suppose I wasn’t that opposed to the idea of being friends with him again.


“Oh please,” Penny waggled her eyebrows at me with a chuckle. “You were so giddy from that ‘fly’ with him yesterday.”


“What fly?” Adam asked me suspiciously. “Is this some new fangled word you kids are using for you know, things that go boink in the night?”


I picked up the closest thing to me, which happened to be a small leather-bound book titled, One Hundred Most Useful Charms, and threw at his head. “Nicholson! Ew, no!”


Adam easily ducked the offending object. “So if you’re not doing that then why after all these years have you agreed to be mates again?” Adam continued to question. “Because I can assure you he has ulterior motives now that you’re single.”


I pulled at a piece of strand of my hair while idly while continuing to frown at my idiotic friend. “First of all, Adam, he does not have ulterior motives. Just because you’re the biggest man-slut I know does not mean Oliver is one as well and secondly, I don’t know if I’m single yet.”


“I’m not a man-slut!” Adam huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. This statement brought us all to fits of laughter. “I’m not! I just enjoy the opposite sex!”


“Yeah, mate, you ‘enjoy’ them quite a lot,” Elbie commented, careful to enunciate the word, enjoy, to mean something quite crude.


Adam stuck out his tongue oh-so-maturely and turned his attention back onto me with the sternest look he could muster—which let me tell you is like having a five-year-old scold you for nicking his lolly.


“Keegan, as much as I like the bloke, if Oliver hurts you I will kill him.”


I crossed my arms and returned his ‘stern’ look, my lips twitching slightly at the severity of his expression. “Adam, if he hurts me, I’ll kill him.”


“I don’t doubt that,” Miranda sniggered.


Adam cracked out a smile as well, having been elated my proclamation to kill Oliver if he hurts me. He then picked up the book I had thrown at him and began to read it recreationally.


The rest of my friends followed suit and began to study or work on assignments but my mind wandered again, and as it seems to do a lot of this lately, I started thinking about Oliver and the past. We had a difficult relationship to say the least; we went from best friends with a friendship that I thought would stand the test of time to being complete and utter strangers to even worse, being enemies hell-bent on the other’s demise (okay maybe just on my end). It was a rollercoaster ride, with all the loops and turns and unexpected jolts, and I didn’t know whether I could withstand the end result of it.


But I said I would try and I will.


Then again, to trust him whole-heartedly like I had before?


I don’t know about that.

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Chapter 16: The Aftermath
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---Chapter 16 - The Aftermath---


The sun filtered in through the long oval windows as I was making my way quickly through the busy corridors after having just said a half-hearted goodbye to Miranda. I could already feel a tad bit sweaty from all the layers I was wearing even indoors but I didn’t cease my chase.


I had to reach him in time.


I accidentally stepped on a girl’s foot and got someone else’s elbow in my gut but finally managed to grab hold of the black and yellow robe.


“Justin!” I wheezed out unattractively.


He turned around, his blue eyes striking on his soft boyish features and I had an urge to hug him like we used to. He looked down at my messy bun and half tucked in oxford shirt. “Hi Keegan.”


“You are a quick walker, you know that?”


“I didn’t,” he gave me a small smile. “But thank you.”


“Can we talk somewhere a little more private?” I asked, gesturing to half of the school’s population that were currently bustling past us.


He nodded and steered me down the corridor, round a corner and into a dingy old classroom that I don’t think anyone’s used since the first Wizarding War.


“Uh…” I began, poking at a cobweb. “This will do.”


“So what is it you wanted to talk me about?”


I looked down at my feet like the coward that I was. “I wanted to apologise about last week. I should’ve come and explained straight away but…” I forced myself to look into his eyes. “But well that’s the thing. I couldn’t! The idiot Weasley twins had permanently stuck me to Oliver because of that stupid bet and everywhere he went, I had to go minus a few places of course… but you wouldn’t believe what he made me do! I had to sit there and watch him wax his broomstick then when he decided he was tired, he made me do it! Three times!”


Justin chuckled lightly. “Keegan, it’s all right.”


“But you were so angry on Friday!”


“I was,” Justin rubbed at the back of his neck awkwardly. “But you know it made me see that I will always be at a disadvantage with Oliver. I could never compete with him.”


“What?” I stared at him befuddled. “What are you talking about, compete with him? There is no competition!”


“There is,” he told me with a comforting smile. “You two have something there, you may not see it yet, Keegan but there’s a reason why you both always end up being brought back together.”


“Yes and that reason was two lanky-arse gingers,” I pointed out.


Justin laughed and pulled me into a hug. “We’ll always be friends, okay?” I nodded still rather muddled up by what he had just said.


He gave me one last smile before kissing the top of my head and exiting from the classroom.


Okay. Someone tell me what in Dumbledore’s name was he talking about? Oliver and I have something? Pshhht yeah, something ridiculous and utterly crazy!


Justin’s off his rockers!








Soooo convincing Seamus to see he still was head over heels in love with our little blonde friend was a hell of a lot harder than we had thought.


The boys tried to no avail and even their plan in getting him uproariously drunk again backfired. All it managed to do was cause Seamus to grumble incoherently about how hated this and that, and pass out halfway between the corridor and the boys’ dorm.


Miranda and Penny cornered Seamus on Tuesday as well and that ended up disastrously. Basically, Seamus told them both to bugger off which then caused Miranda and Penny to end up arguing over whose stupid idea was it to corner him.


I couldn’t be there at the time (thank the flipping gods) since I had been given the ‘babysit Lucy’ shift. She was more or less the same as she had been all weekend: quiet, sad and just completely a shadow of whom she once was.


In any case the only comfort I took from this whole surreal affair was the fact that someone (or maybe more than one) has been continuously torturing Bletchley with pranks since Monday morning.


I may or may not have inflated his head like a helium balloon while running away giggling like an escaped asylum patient. To be fair, Oliver was giggling too. Okay, well he never giggled but he was quite hysterical as well.


Oh yes, Oliver and I have garnered quite a lot of attention over the past few days. I suppose it was a bit of a rare sight for everyone at Hogwarts, including the professors—even Professor Lupin asked me the other day if we were dating to which I had told him a firm no and silently asked him to be mine forever but unfortunately, he couldn’t read my mind so he just smiled and said okay with a knowing look.


But you know, people wouldn’t have really been that surprised if they had known us before Hogwarts.


It wasn’t a new occurrence. It felt more like going home to the old days.


“My mum owled me last night and said that I’m going to have to stay at yours Saturday night,” Oliver told me as we walked towards the Great Hall for dinner.


“Oh okay but where are your parents going?”


“They have some fancy business dinner in France that’s probably going to go late and figured they might as well stay instead of apparating back so late,” Oliver shrugged. “And so they figured it was probably easier if I just stayed at yours.”




“Why? Is there an issue? Are you beginning to fancy me now or something? Worried you won’t be able to contain yourself if we’re alone?” he was smirking at me and I rolled my eyes.


“We’re alone now, you imbecile,” I muttered under my breath.


Just because we were friends now did not mean I liked that smirk. It was altogether too obnoxious.


“Hey, I’ll catch you later,” I quickly called to Oliver as I began running after the tall broad boy that I called my teddy bear.




He stopped at the top of the staircase and looked down at me. He gave me a beaming smile and it made me want to hug him tightly and never let anyone hurt him again.


“Hi Keegan,” he said good-naturedly. “Are you here to tell me you’ve killed Oliver and need me to help hide the body?”


“Ha, ha, ha,” I rolled my eyes. “No, not quite yet.”


His booming laugh rang across the empty corridor, and we began to walk together in companionable silence for a few minutes—till I couldn’t handle it anymore.


“Seamus, you know I consider you one of my closest friends, right?”


“Where are you going with this, Keegan? Because I’ve had enough ‘talks’ this week,” he grumbled.


“I know, I know,” I said, putting up my hands in defence. “I’m not going to tell you what I think you should do but I have something else to tell you.”


Seamus stopped walking and turned to look at me warily. “What is that?”


“Lucy,” I said and I put up my hand before he could protest. “I’m telling you this because I’m worried about her. She’s lost a lot of weight, Seamus. When I hug her, all I feel are bones. Her eyes have lost their colour. I mean do you remember back in fifth year when Lucy convinced us all to go swimming in our underwear in the Great Lake? God, it was freezing! And I can still remember the way her eyes sparked up with mischief.” I laughed. “But that’s gone now. She doesn’t speak anymore. She didn’t even have a crude thing to say when she saw that Oliver and me were friends again!” I shook my head sadly. “I miss her, Seamus. I miss our bubbly little blonde.”


I was a cruel, cruel person. But hell, if this worked then the world really did need to build a monument towards me. Or I could just write that guidebook.


At first, his eyes didn’t soften one bit, he just stared blankly at me but then just when I had lost all hope, there came the most beautiful sound in the world: Seamus sighing heavily.


“Keegan, you know me better than anyone, of course I miss her too,” he wandered over to the wall and sank down to the floor. “I see her in the halls, in the common room and it takes all my self-control not to just go over and shake some sense into her.”


“Then do it, Seamus,” I encouraged sneakily, putting my arm around the boy.


Oh Keegan, you crafty minx, you.


“I don’t know.”


“What are you scared of?”


There was a pregnant silence as I waited for Seamus to reply.


“Of getting rejected,” he answered with a heavy sigh. “I don’t think our friendship could ever recover if I got rejected again.”


“Lucy’s not going to!” I quickly said to him.


“Keegan, look at her,” he shot at me grimly. “I hardly think she’s in the right mental state to start anything up with me right now.”


“But you can’t just leave her like this.”


“I’m not! Not really,” he argued. “I’m giving her, her space for now.”


“She thinks you hate her.”


He snapped his head to look at me. “She does?”


“Yes, she thinks you’re too good for her and that you’ll never forgive her for what she did to you.”


“I don’t know, I just…” he trailed off. “I just think it’s best if I stay away for a while. The holidays are coming up soon anyway and I’m away with the family in Spain so I’ll see how I feel when I get back, okay?”


It wasn’t okay but there was nothing more I could do about it. Seamus had made up his mind on the topic and if I was any friend to him, I would respect his wishes.


I nodded. “Okay”




“Keegan, my dearest, my love, the light of my life.”


I narrowed my eyes at the person walking towards me. “Is there something you want, George Weasley?”


“Awe, don’t look at me like that,” he smiled happily. “I mean didn’t I bring you back your childhood mate?”


I narrowed my eyes.


“Okay, okay,” he chuckled. “I came here to tell you that you still owe me a date.”


“Oh no,” I groaned. “I thought that was all over!”


“Well no,” he said, swinging his arm around me and steering me towards the Great Hall. “You went out with Fred but not me.” He gave me a pout. “That makes me feel a little sad, you know, Keegan?”


“You’re out of luck anyway because we’re going home tomorrow,” I pointed out to him triumphantly.


“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong again!” George proclaimed, whirling me around to face him. “We’ll go on a date over the holidays! It’ll be perfect. And when Oliver comes to the Burrow for New Year’s, you should come too and then we’ll carry on with the challenges then.”


“Nah uh, no way, no bloody way!”


“Keegan, Keegan, you promised,” George whined loudly causing a few stares to be thrown our way.


“Would it help if we said you could bring your Ravenclaw friends?”


I considered this. I have heard that the Weasleys threw a hell of a bash over New Year’s and it might just be the chance Lucy and Seamus needed to fall head over heels in love with each other again.


“It might,” I admitted with a defeated sigh. “But I’m warning you, George Weasley, any misbehaving on your end will earn you a good bloody walloping from me.”


He nodded severely. “Aye, aye, Captain!”


“Okay, you can piss off now,” I chuckled, as I watched the redhead wink at me before strolling off towards the Gryffindor table.


I made my own way over to my own house table where my friends were already sat waiting for me. I took my seat beside Miranda who was also sat next to Lucy while Penny sat on Lucy’s other side. The boys sat across from us. Seamus was on the far end, as far as physically possibly from Lucy anyway.


“So I just got asked by George to come spend New Year’s at the Burrow,” I informed them. “He said I could bring you guys.”


“Ooh! A party!” Adam chirped, clapping his hands happily. We all rolled our eyes at him.


“I’ll be going,” Penny mentioned. “Percy invited me ages ago and I promised him I’d finally go this year.”


“Eurgh! Percy!” Elbie muttered with a mouthful of—well I really didn’t want to know what but it was disgusting.


“Insult my boyfriend again and I’ll hex you,” Penny warned. “I dare you.”


Elbie stayed silent, fortunately for him, because Penny was serious and deadly good at hexes. She was, after all, Head Girl and the top student in our graduating year.


“I’m up for it,” Miranda said to me. “I don’t think I can deal with another boring family do anyway.”


“Well if she goes, I go,” Elbie smiled at his girlfriend who smiled equally as sweetly back at him. Sometimes I forget that they were actually quite inseparable and utterly in love.


It made me nauseous.


“Seamus, mate?” Adam asked his friend tentatively.


Seamus looked up from his food; his eyes darted to Lucy’s for a brief second before returning back to his food. “Uh… I’m in Spain. Sorry, guys.”


“Lucy?” Miranda looked to the blonde.


Lucy smiled weakly; she had bags under her eyes and her hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, like it had been for the past week. “I…” her voice cracked painfully from the lack of use. “I… I should stay home,” she croaked out. Her voice was so soft that I had to strain forward to hear her.


“Nonsense, Lucy!” Adam interjected gleefully in only the way that Adam Nicholson could. “You will be coming as my date for the evening and I promise I won’t even look at another girl.” He crossed his heart. “As long as you don’t wear a ponytail that is.”


Lucy looked over at him and giggled and I have never felt more joy come from a giggle than in that moment.


We all turned towards her and broke out into wide quite cartoon-ish grins and I swore I saw Seamus’ lips twitch upwards a bit.


I had high hopes for this Christmas holiday.


Really high ones.




Oliver, Edan and I stood at the front of King’s Cross Station with our trunks at our feet. Oliver and Edan were chatting animatedly about something or another but my mind was elsewhere.


I know I wasn’t a child anymore but I had never wanted to see my dad more. I don’t know what it was but I felt like I was five years old again, had just come back from my first ever day at school and couldn’t wait to be with him because to me, at that age, six hours away from my dad was a nightmare.


I saw the familiar blue car pull up to the curb and the dark brown mop of greying hair popped out of the front seat.


“Hey kids!” he greeted us. He was a big man, a bit round at the belly, but he was my dad and Merlin, I’ve missed him.


I quickly ran over and bounded into his arms, basking in his distinct cologne. “Hi Daddy.”


“Keegan!” he laughed, the sound rumbling through him. “What’s this all about? Did you miss me that much?”


I turned to look into his eyes, the same colour as mine. “Yes actually.” I chuckled softly but then pushed back suddenly a bit self-conscious. “It’s just been a bit hectic that’s all.”


“Well in that case,” he grinned and pulled me back into another hug. “I’ve missed you too, sweetheart.”


“Oi you two! It’s bloody freezing,” Edan complained as he stood tapping his fingers on the roof of the car impatiently.


“Come on then, Keegan, better get the trunks into the boot, Princess there is getting a bit cold,” my dad joked as he gestured towards the back of the car. Oliver and I started chortling, which made Edan glower at us.


“It’s okay, Mr. Riddell,” Oliver said. “I’ll do it. Big Quidditch muscles and all now, you know?”


My dad roared with laughter. “Ollie, you will always be that skinny little kid that kept getting my little girl into trouble to me.”


After much bantering, we had all finally managed to stuff the trunks into the boot of the car and piled in. Edan sat in the front with my dad while Oliver and I sat in the back. I leaned against the window and placed my legs across Oliver’s lap. For a while, we all sat listening to Edan tell my dad about Cameron and school and his friends.


We were exiting towards my village when my dad suddenly exclaims, “wait a second! Why are you two not fighting?” He looked at us suspiciously from the rear-view mirror, eyeing the way we were sprawled out on the backseat. Well I was sprawled out.


“You two dating now?”


“No!” we both answered in unison.


“No, no,” I quickly continued to explain. “We’re just friends again.”


My dad looked to Edan for confirmation, who just shrugged. “Don’t even ask. It was as much of a shock for me as it is for you, Dad.”


“Mr. Riddell, I can assure you we’re just friends,” Oliver laughed. “Keegan’s way too annoying to date.”


I kicked him with my foot. “Oi! I am bloody lovely!”


“Now that’s the Keegan and Oliver that I know and love,” my dad laughed.


The car turned down a country lane and we passed many similar-looking thatched roof houses till we finally arrived at a lone one at the very end. The only difference between this house and the other ones was the dodgy-looking porch swing at the front garden. Oliver, Edan and I had broken it many years ago when we attempted a new game of trying to jump in each other’s lap while it was swinging.


I think I nearly broke Oliver’s nose that day.


My dad parked the car just outside and helped us levitate the trunks all the way into the house. Within the first step in through the door, Edan quickly bounded up the stairs with his owl, King Lennox (named after Lennox Campbell, a famous Seeker of the Montrose Magpies). He said he had to write to Cameron immediately.


“That is some mushy rubbish,” I commented, going to sit on the kitchen island that counted for the breakfast and lunch table. Actually, we didn’t own a dinner table; we just ate on the sofa while we all watched some telly.


I dug my hand into the dog-shaped cookie jar and pulled out a chocolate digestive


“When are you going to get mushy with someone, Keegan?” my dad asked me and I snorted as a response.


“Actually Keegan was quite friendly with a Hufflepuff this year,” Oliver winked at me and I threw my half-eaten biscuit at his forehead.


“Shut up!” I hissed.


“A Hufflepuff? Really, Keegan?” my dad queried with a look on his face that I think meant ‘but their Quidditch team sucks!’ “Well did he treat you well? Or did you end up killing him?”


I rolled my eyes and assured him. “He’s still very much alive, thanks Dad.”


“Unfortunately,” Oliver grumbled.


My dad looked to Oliver and a peculiar expression flashed across his face before he began chuckling softly to himself.


“All right, kids, I’m off to the grocery store, spaghetti Bolognese good for tonight?” he announced and we nodded. “Good because that’s all I know how to make. Be good and I’ll see you in a few.”


As the door closed behind him with a click, I turned to Oliver. “So what now?”


“Erm… fancy seeing if it’s still there?”


“Oh,” I mouthed as it dawned on me what he was talking about. “I haven’t been back there since… well since that day.”


“Me neither.”


Oliver and I quickly pulled our coats back on and exited through the backdoor.


It was funny, I sometimes still look at him and get this strong urge to kick him but then I remember that we were trying to be friends again.


Odd, right?


But life is odd that way, wasn’t it?


Six years of hating him, six years of all these repressed emotions, and all it took was one well-worded apology from him—well that and seeing two of my closest friends dwindle down to nothing; it kind of puts your life into perspective when that happens.


We pushed open the rickety old gate and began making our way up the all-too-familiar hilltop. 


“So the twins told me you were considering going to their New Year’s party,” Oliver mentioned.


“Yeah,” I replied. “I’m still stuck with being their judge for their stupid challenges.”


Oliver chuckled. “Oh yeah, I forgot about those.”


“Why didn’t they ask you or Lee or someone they actually knew well?”


“Because they thought it’d be biased,” Oliver explained. “They wanted an objective judge.”


I groaned. But why me? Merlin, why me? Those two just attracted trouble to them like a moth to a flame. I mean remember the first date I had with Fred? Yeah that went swimmingly, didn’t it?


“So are you going to go?”


“I don’t know, probably.”


“Good,” Oliver turned to look at me. “It’d be nice if you were there.”




“Yeah,” he said and for a moment, we both stopped walking and stared at each other as the wind blew against our wrapped up bodies. I shivered against my coat and Oliver moved forward towards me. “Cold?”


I nodded.


He moved his hands towards me but then dropped them to his sides. “Okay, we better hurry then and get back,” he murmured, breaking our gaze and walking brusquely down the other side of the hill.


We walked in silence for some time, past old park benches and bare willow trees, and I relished in the silence of winter. There was no one out here but us. Us, and the sound of our feet crunching against the thin layer of snow. We moved through the thicket of trees, our feet having memorised this path a long time ago, and finally stopped in a small round clearing.


Oliver counted his footsteps till he reached a spot under one of the trees. He dug with his hands and I stood there watching him.


“Look!” he announced joyfully. “It’s here!”


I hastily walked over and knelt down beside him. “Oh my god, it’s still here.” I laughed elated and excited that after all these years no one has managed to find the tin box that we had buried here when we were eleven.


“Come on,” Oliver stood up and pulled me by the hand out of the clearing. “Let’s go open it inside where it’s bloody warm.”


We swiftly found our way back up the hill towards my house and never once did I notice that Oliver and I were still holding hands—not when we kicked open the gate door together, not when we fell into the house laughing about what we had hidden in the box and definitely not when we stood there in front of Edan, who looked in disbelief from him to me and back to him again.


“You two actually found it?”


“You know what this is?” Oliver asked, sound a bit shocked. “It was supposed to be a secret!”


Edan snorted. “You two were as good at keeping secrets as a dog is good at catching its own tail.”


I harrumphed and crossed my arms. “Well… you still aren’t allowed to know what’s inside!”


Edan sighed and shook his head in disdain. “Honestly, you two. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t better when you two hated each other.”


“What’s his problem?” Oliver gestured towards my brother as we both watched Edan walk up the stairs. I shrugged. Oliver shrugged as well but immediately forgot about the whole thing as he placed the tin box on the kitchen island, a childish grin lighting up his face. “Come on, let’s open it!”


Oliver took out his wand and pointed it at the rusted metal lock and murmured, “Alohamora.” We both watched in silence as the lock fell away. The tin sprung open just a tiny fraction and I inhaled loudly. I don’t quite remember what we hid in there. It was probably a load of junk, goodness knows Oliver and I hadn’t really been insightful children, but I was still a bit apprehensive.


“Look, Keegs,” Oliver laughed, holding up a brown ticket stub. “Our first match together! Remember that?”


“Oh yeah,” I exclaimed, taking the ticket from him and examining it gingerly in between my fingers. “Shame it had to be a Puddlemere match.”


Oliver frowned and snatched the ticket back. “Oi!”


I smirked before pushing him to one side to peer into the tin box. “What else is in there?”


There were a few old photographs of Oliver and me as kids. I had an awful fringe haircut thing going on and Oliver was lanky and tall like an ostrich or a giraffe. He definitely grew into his body, not that I’ll ever admit that to him.


I was rummaging through the photographs and random Quidditch paraphernalia when something pricked my finger.


“Shit,” I cried out, snatching my finger back and sticking the injured appendage into my mouth.


“What was it?”


“I don’t know! I’m sort of busy,” I pouted, sticking my bleeding finger into his face to show him the extent of my injury. Oliver grimaced and rolled his eyes.


“You’re such a girl.”


He pushed me to one side, just as I had done earlier, and picked up the offending object. It was a small gold encrusted sapphire broche; the pin on the back was broken and jutting out, which was what had pricked my finger.


“Isn’t this your mum’s?” Oliver asked me. He turned his full body towards me now and I knew that he was searching my face for any sign that I might spontaneously combust because of the mere mention of my estranged mother.


I cocked my head to one side and frowned. “Yes, it is and I am fine. Stop looking at me like a baby bird with a broken wing, Oliver Wood.” He put up his hands in defence and backed away.


I took the sapphire broche and turned it over. The gold was fading and the sapphire had dirt covering the gem, diluting its luminescence. I remember this broche all to well. Dad had given it to her on their anniversary two years before she left us and I remember how happy it had made her. I remember in my childish naiveté, I thought that she would for certain come back to us and when she did, I would have the broche safe and sound waiting for her; that was why I had it stashed in Oliver and mine’s tin box.


It has been six long years and she hasn’t come back.


So what do I do with it now?  

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Chapter 17: The Beginning of Everything
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---Chapter 17 - The Beginning of Everything---


…Meredith Butler…


As I pushed through the wooden door with the blue linings, I mused over the last time I was here and how different it had been those many years ago. The knot in my stomach suddenly began to wind up tighter and tighter till I felt ready to faint, but I knew if I left now, I would lose them forever and there would be nothing, nothing in the world that I could say that would fix it. And I had to fix it. I had to make amends because for six long years, I have been living my life like a coward and it was time for me to face up to the mess that I had left behind.


I know they probably wouldn’t believe me but they meant everything to me. I’ve always kept tabs on them, and even if they never forgive me, they have to know that I’m so proud of them and that I love them.


If only I could actually say this to them. The truth was I am terrified of my children. The both of them have inherited Robert’s tenacity and strength. They stood on their own two feet and didn’t let anyone else tell them otherwise. They were nothing like me, of that I was grateful.


Maybe the only positive thing I can say about my actions over the past six and a half years was that I at least gave them a fighting chance. They never had to grow up with a coward for a mother.


I glanced down at my watch and knew that at any moment now, they would be walking through those doors. My two children.


I motioned for the waiter and ordered a large glass of white wine, and waited.


The door squeaked open and I looked up.


I had never felt so much pride and adoration till this moment, till the moment I watched as my two beautiful children walked through those doors looking all grown up.


Edan was so tall now and he had Robert’s build when Robert was his age, but his most striking resemblance were his kind and loving eyes; a trait I had always been fond of. Keegan, on the other hand, looked more like me but infinitely more beautiful. She was a few inches shorter than Edan but carried herself in a manner that told everyone in the room that she was the oldest between the two. Her long brown hair swished as she walked and my heart constricted tightly at the sight of them both.


I stood up, my hands shaking pathetically, as I attempted to smile at them. Edan smiled back tentatively but Keegan’s lips pursed into a tight line. It pained me to see her so indifferent towards me but I should have expected this.


“Hi kids,” I said.


“Hi m – hi,” Edan mumbled, taking a seat. Keegan sat down as well but remained silent.


“Do you want anything? I’m paying,” I told them. They both shook their heads in response. Oh, this was so painfully awkward. It shouldn’t be awkward with your own kids, right?


“Well, how are you both? Did you find the restaurant all right?” I persisted in making small talk.


“It was fine, I’m doing fine…”


“Oh for Merlin’s sake! Let’s just get to it, yeah?” Keegan cried out angrily. “We’re here. What do you want?”


I felt my heart break at the venom in her voice but I knew that I deserved every ounce of hatred she had towards me. I messed up. And I was probably never going to earn their forgiveness. I had to face up to this reality.


“Keegan, please!” Edan snapped at his sister.


I placed my hand on Edan’s gently. “It’s okay, Edan. I deserved that.” He still continued to glower at his sister but the anger in her expression remained set in her heart-shaped face, never faltering.


“I… I asked you both to come here because I wanted to tell you something,” I began quietly. “I think you both deserve an explanation as to why I left.” Silence followed and I felt even more nervous than I had before.


“Well, we’re waiting,” Keegan said.


“Okay, right,” I took a deep breath and braced myself. “Your father and I married when we were very young, and the truth was I don’t think I had been ready for a family but I got one anyways. You two were a blessing for your father and I, don’t get me wrong. You saved our marriage but only for a short time. It never fixed our problems.” I looked to Keegan and Edan and continued. “Then you, Keegan, you were going to Hogwarts and you were going to be gone for most of the year then Edan would be next. I panicked. I knew that if it was just going to be your father and me alone in the house, something awful would have happened but I didn’t know that by leaving, I was doing something even worse. I’m truly sorry. I know it’s a pathetic explanation but it’s all I have to give.”


“So you left because I was going to Hogwarts?” Keegan scoffed, her tone disbelieving and laced with hurt that for a brief second, I contemplated taking her into my arms, and cradling her like I had done when she had nightmares as a child.


“No, honey, no of course not,” I quickly amended. “I left because… because I was a coward.”


Keegan began to laugh but there was no humour in her voice. “God, after all this time, this is what you want to tell us? You could’ve just made up some bullocks so at least we could have felt some smidgen of respect for you. But this, this is… well you’re right, pathetic.”


“Keegan, stop it,” Edan growled. “You’re being a bitch.”


“No, Edan, I will not stop it,” she snapped irritably. “I’m sorry but I can’t help how I feel just as you couldn’t help abandoning your children because you got a little bit scared. I’m leaving. Edan, are you coming?”


He looked from his sister to me, and with a defeated sigh, he got up. “Yeah, fine.”


I couldn’t let them leave, not like this. I needed them to understand why after all these years I finally came back…


“I’m dying,” I blurted out.


Both of them stopped in their tracks, frozen, and for the longest minute, they just stood there while I stared on, not knowing anymore how to be a mother to them. I have lost that right six and a half long years ago.


Keegan reacted first. She turned towards me, tears streaming down her face. “No! You can’t do this! You can’t come back into my life and then expect me to give a toss about you! You have no right to do this to me!”


She then reached into her pocket and threw something onto the floor. “Here, you should have that back.”


And she ran out.


I looked to Edan and he just shook his head, going after his sister.


I went to pick up the discarded object and when I saw what it was, my heart shattered into a million pieces. And I deserved every jagged edge, every searing pain… because I abandoned them and now I’ve truly lost them.




...Keegan Riddell…


“Fuckity fuck, fuck!” I screamed. This is a shit day. This is rubbish. This is… what’s another word for utterly miserable, completely fucking ridiculous and unbearably painful?


I hate her! I hate her… how dare she come back and say all those things to me!


How dare she tell me she’s dying?


No, she’s not!


It’s just some morbid, twisted lie to get Edan and me back into her life.


Yes, that’s it.






I whirled around and found Miranda staring back at me. Her eyes were bloodshot and she looked like she hadn’t slept in days. All thoughts of my mother disappeared and I rushed over to my best friend. “Miranda, what happened?”


As soon as I reached her, she practically collapsed in my arms. I held her tightly while she began to sob into my shoulder, her body convulsing with every sniffle.


It seemed that it was a shit day for everyone.


“Miranda, please, talk to me,” I murmured into her hair.


She sniffled and pushed away from me, while pulling her hair back from her face.


“Elbie broke up with me.”




“But… when? What? Why?” I stammered out, knowing I was probably not doing the ‘best friend’ role too well but I just couldn’t wrap my head around this new turn of events.


“Two nights ago, I think, I don’t really know what day it is anymore,” she laughed weakly. “Can we go inside, Keegs? It’s freezing.”


I nodded and quickly ushered her towards the house. I pulled her into the lounge and sat her down on the sofa while I told her I’d go make her a nice cup of hot cocoa. I did make her a nice cup of hot cocoa but I also sent two letters to Penny and Lucy demanding their presence immediately.


As I stirred the marshmallows around the mug, I relished a little in the fact that there was something else to deal with aside from my own fucked up life. Of course, I never wanted this to happen. Elbie and Miranda were the perfect couple and for them to break up made me lose hope in all relationships, but I found a tiny sliver of solace in the distraction. It was easier to deal with this than my mother right now.


I walked back into my lounge and placed the warm mug into Miranda’s hands. She looked up at me with a grateful smile but it didn’t reach her eyes. She looked destroyed, completely and utterly not herself, and it terrified me.


I needed to talk to Elbie and slap some bloody sense into that idiot.


But I knew I had to stay here with Miranda. At least till she felt a little bit better.


“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked her cautiously. She shook her head. Okay, well now what? “Okay well… er…”


There was a crack and someone barged into our house from the garden. It was Penny, followed by Lucy. The two of them looked at Miranda in horror and quickly rushed over to her side, pulling her into a big hug. Lucy grabbed my arm and I fell forward into the group hug, and we all stayed like this for a little while.


As I looked on at my friends, I realised how utterly screwed up we all were, that the events of the past few months have drained us from who we once were. Lucy was broken, her confidence, that glimmer of the bubbly Lucy was gone. Miranda looked defeated as well, her body weak and skeletal, and I knew without even having to ask that she had lost a lot of weight in the past two days. I was more than a little fucked up too, but I am repressing things so I’m just not going to think about that right now; let’s just say I wasn’t exactly rainbows and sunshine. Penny was probably the sanest one of us all, and that was saying something considering she’s dating Percy bloody Weasley.


“What do we do?” I asked to the room. “With everything.”


Another silence followed, this one was pregnant with a self-pitying sadness that really just did not befit my friends and I—if anything, we were obnoxiously confident. However, as I looked into each and every one of my friends’ faces (maybe aside from Penny because… she’s Penny and she just has her shit together all of the time), I could see that that confidence wasn’t there anymore and if it was, it was buried deep inside of us. Bloody hell, when the hell had life gotten so complicated?


“We stop feeling so bloody sorry for ourselves!” Penny exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “Whatever we have going on in our lives that we can’t control, we have to let it go. The next thing we do is start enjoying the fact that we’re alive and on holiday, and we’re going to enjoy it even if it kills us!”


Miranda looked up sceptically. “What are you planning, Penny?”


“I’m planning on getting drunk,” she said happily. “And you three will too!”


The three of us looked at each other and wondered whether we wanted to subject ourselves to drunken Penny again. Last time she was drunk, ahhem Halloween, she nearly killed me by shoving me down a staircase, albeit not on purpose, but drunken Penny equalled dangerous.


She put her hands on her hip with her Head Girl face on that instilled fear deep in the souls of most of the Hogwarts population. “You three are going to drunk even if I have to shove shots down your throat. Now get up! UP!” We all stood up quickly and for some reason, ended up in a straight line, backs straight and I felt a sudden urge to salute her. “You’re going to go home, shower, put on your sluttiest dress and come back here to Keegan’s. I will provide the alcohol. And then we will go out! Anyone that fails to adhere to these guidelines will be punished.”


How in the world does Penny manage to turn a ‘night out’ into a fucking chore is beside me but the three of us nodded solemnly, and one by one, they apparated out of my house, leaving me alone to my thoughts.


Almost instantaneously, my brain began to betray me, drifting off to a topic that sent a sharp jolt to my system. I didn’t want to think about it. Merlin, I really did not want to think about this tonight.


Maybe Penny was right; maybe we did need a break from all of this ridiculous drama. And I didn’t want to be alone right now—that’s probably how I found myself standing beside my owl, attaching a letter to his leg that was addressed to the last person I thought I’d want to see.




…Oliver Wood…


I have been called a lot of things in my lifetime by Keegan Riddell but ‘gay best friend’ was definitely a first.


She linked her arm in mine while we trailed behind a very drunken Penny, Miranda and Lucy. It was an unfortunate circumstance that I now found myself in but with what Keegan had told me earlier, I thought that maybe I should be the gentlemen and make sure these girls don’t get up to too much trouble.


But considering, I was talking about Keegan as well this was more than a likely scenario.


“Oliver, Ollie, Oliver,” Keegan mumbled to me. I looked down at her and couldn’t help noticing the way the light from the nearby lampposts illuminated the curve of her lips as she said my name. I felt an exhilaration course through me, but I stamped it down as hard as I could. This was not the time to get mixed feelings about her.


You were just beginning to gain her trust back, for fuck’s sake, Oliver!


“What, Keegan?”


“Can you keep a secret?” she stopped me from walking. My eyes glanced over at the other three girls. They were just being ushered into the club by a rather overzealous bouncer. I figured they’d probably be okay for a few minutes so I turned my attention back to my very inebriated childhood best friend.


“Yes, sure, what’s up?”


She fidgeted with the hem of her rather revealing top. “I saw my mum today.” She paused and then gave a deep body-shuddering sigh. “She’s apparently… well she’s… I think she’s dying.”


Well, fuck… that was not what I was expecting at all!


Mrs. Riddell was dying? Was that why she’s come back after all this fucking time? Oh man, I can’t even imagine what Keegan and Edan were going through right now.


I studied her but she kept her eyes fixated on the hem of her top, still playing with the lacy material. The silence stretched out in front of us and I gave in to impulse as I placed a finger under her chin and forced her to look at me. Her eyes looked imploringly into mine, in a way that I haven’t seen since we were eleven; they said everything I needed to know, that she needed saving but was too bloody proud to say it.


Absentmindedly, my hand began to trail along her jaw and up to stroke the smoothness of her cheek, my mind lost in the feel of her, but then I realised what I was doing once more and snatched my hand back. A flicker of something passed quickly across her face and I wondered if it was disappointment…


No, no, probably not. Keegan would kill me if I tried anything on.


Not that I wanted to or anything. I just… I just wanted to protect her.


“What else did she say?” I asked her quietly.


Keegan shook her head and sighed. “I ran out.”




She shook her head again, a look of fierce aggression automatically appearing on her face. “Don’t, Oliver. I can’t deal with her shit right now. I don’t want to deal with it!”


I would normally argue. Actually I had the greatest overwhelming feeling that I was going to argue with her about this sooner or later, but tonight, I saw the need for her to forget in her eyes and I conceded. Tonight, we won’t talk about it.


But she better bloody know she can’t run from this forever.


As if sensing my last thought, she nodded solemnly before putting on a wide smile, and pulling me quickly towards the club, and into the black warehouse-sized place.


It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the lighting but when it did the sight before me did not greet me as well it had apparently Keegan since she practically bounced with reignited (intoxicated) euphoria.


Her hand slipped from my forearm down to my hand and she pulled me through the crowd. We found the other three girls dancing joyously in the middle of the club, demanding the attention of every red-blooded male in the vicinity and i wondered how the fuck did I get roped into becoming their ‘gay (overprotective) best friend’.


Bloody hell, this is ridiculous…


“I am not dancing,” I told Keegan pointedly. She pouted at me and put her hands on my hip, trying to force me to move. Unfortunately for her, I was a lot stronger than she was.


“Come on, Wood, just wiggle that sexy bum of yours!” Miranda called, a genuine smile on her face. I’m glad she’s feeling better but there is no bloody way I was going to subject myself to their amusement.


“I am not wiggling anything of the sort,” I growled, standing rooted to the spot. The four girls laughed at me, and for a while I just stood there like a sore thumb (and a bloody idiot), not really sure once more why I was here. But after the awkwardness became unbearable, I decided to go get myself a very large drink.


I pushed my way through the crowd towards the bar. I was in the midst of ordering myself a very alcoholic drink when someone tapped me in the shoulder.


“Oliver Wood?”


That voice. I recognised it all too well.


“Leila Ferguson,” I smiled as I was enveloped into a tight hug. As she pulled away, my eyes instinctively scanned over her body appreciatively. Her long ebony hair swished by her side, and her body was wrapped tightly in a crimson dress.


Damn, she still looked so good after all this time…


“I never thought I’d see the day you showed your face in a club,” she laughed, sounding surprised. “Merlin knows I tried so hard to get you to come out with me.”


I shrugged, taking a sizeable gulp of my drink. “People change, Leila.”


“Yeah, people do, but you don’t,” she informed me before leaning her body closer to mine. “But I have to say Oliver, you still look as good as the last time we saw each other.”


I could feel the hum of her body so close to mine and damn it if I couldn’t help my own body reacting to her. I mean there was no denying that Leila was beyond fit.


I placed a hand on her waist and leaned forward, closing the short distance between us. “I know,” I whispered in her ear arrogantly. Leila tilted her head back slightly and laughed.


I was about to say something else when a voice made all of my raging male hormones screech to a halt.


“Oliver…” it trailed off.


“Keegan!” I exclaimed loudly, in a completely uncharacteristic way that caused Leila to look at me quite funnily. I gave her a pointed look and she laughed under her breath. Keegan, however, was looking between Leila and me in a way that made me want to explain myself—a feeling, mind you, I was not very accustomed to but Merlin lately, I’ve been thrown off balance so many times by Keegan, I didn’t even know which way was up anymore. “This is Leila. Leila Ferguson. She used to play Chaser for Gryffindor.” 


“Leila, as in your ex-girlfriend?” Keegan asked, her voice was not necessarily unfeeling but it… well it was slightly, which irked me.


“Oh yeah, we dated, didn’t we?” I looked to Leila, who laughed once more.


“Something like that,” she rolled her eyes. “It wasn’t as if it was a whole year. Just ten months.”


Ten months? Bloody hell, I didn’t know I could commit to someone for so long.


“Ten months?” Keegan scoffed, an amused expression on her face. “I thought you were incapable of intimacy, Oliver.”


I scowled at her, which caused both Keegan and Leila to chortle loudly at me.


Great, here I was thinking I had to protect Keegan but you know what? Maybe I was the one that needed the bloody protecting instead…



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Chapter 18: Inexplicable
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 ---Chapter 18 - Inexplicable---


Drunk, miserable while pretending to be ecstatic about life, also while staring at my ex-enemy and wishing the unbelievably gorgeous girl beside him would piss off despite not really knowing why… am I missing anything?


I decided to focus on the lesser of two evils. The girl. Not my mother. No. I’m still repressing that. I’ll deal with it later—later being obviously one of my new favourite words.


“So Keegan, are you the one that got Mister Anti-Social here to come out tonight?” the beautiful girl that was once the ex-girlfriend of Oliver asked me.


Damn it, she seemed nice. Why were the beautiful nice? Why couldn’t they be dumb and annoying and awful? Of course, I never thought Oliver would ever date a dumb, annoying or awful girl. As much as I rag on the prick, he’s got standards. I guess.


“Yeah,” I replied lazily, trying to be as nonchalant as humanly possible, despite the volcano of weird and confusing emotions erupting within me. “It didn’t take much convincing though.”


“Didn’t it now?” she gave me a funny look then gave Oliver an even funnier look.


“Hey Leia, did you know that Keegan’s captain of the Ravenclaw team?” Oliver suddenly interjected, his now empty glass waving around aimlessly in the air. He was a bit drunk, I could just tell.


“You are?” Leia looked on with newfound respect, and despite everything, I sort of liked the girl. She seemed to be able to put Oliver on edge and that was really quite amusing for me.


“Yup,” I grinned proudly. “Definitely a better captain than that git beside you.”


Leia let out a bark of laughter and patted Oliver on the back in faux comfort, yet the action if I were to be honest in my intoxicated state made me feel a little… I don’t know what it was but I didn’t like it.


“You’d think that but who was it that beat your arse this year?” Oliver asked haughtily, his eyebrows were narrowed forward, and he did seem rather annoyed for some reason. But fuck’s sake, Oliver was always annoyed at me for one thing or another; it was why we’ve been at each other’s throat for the better part of my life.


“Only because you were a reckless cheating wanker!” I retorted quickly.


Oliver stood up straighter. “Cheat? How the hell did I cheat, Keegan? Don’t be such a sore loser!”


“I am not!” I growled, my fists clenching tightly. “You know what you did and you know that you were a git about it!”


“I apologised for that but if given the chance, I’d probably give the same call.”


We were nose to nose, our breathing heavy and ragged, and all I wanted to do was claw his bloody eyes out. Why were we friends? Who in their fucking right minds thought that this could ever work out?


Oh right, we did.


“Whoa, you two, calm down,” Leia moved in between us, pushing both of us back. I stumbled a little and Oliver barely budged. “It’s just a game.”


Oliver’s eyes snapped from my face to Leia’s. “Just a…”


“Game?” I finished, staring incredulously at her.


Leia let out another bark of laughter and she shook her head at the both of us. “I never thought that I’d meet someone as much of a nutter about Quidditch as Oliver but… wow. You two. How long have you been dating?”


“Dating?” I squeaked disbelievingly. “We’re definitely not dating!”


I glanced at Oliver and noticed that he was looking at me with the oddest expression on his face, one that I couldn’t and didn’t really want to understand. But as soon as he saw me looking, he turned away and let out a crooked grin. “As if I’d date someone so infuriating, Leia, you’d know that better than anyone.”


“I suppose so,” Leia said slowly before breaking out into a wide and rather stunning smile. “You always were the shittiest boyfriend.”


“Oi!” Oliver feigned hurt. “I tried my best.”


She placed a hand over his bicep. “You were, Ollie. Romance and you just didn’t see eye to eye.”


He considered this for a second before giving her a secret smile. “But what about that time… you know, by the lake? I thought I was pretty romantic then.”


Leia giggled softly, and I suddenly realised I was the third wheel.


Well, balls! I’m not going to just stand here and listen to Oliver and Leia reminisce about their ten-month-long relationship!


How rude…


I turned and walked off, leaving the two to giggle and smile at each other all they bloody well wanted. I needed to go find my friends anyway.


It wasn’t hard to spot the three girls. Lucy was propped up against Penny while the three of them swayed in a lazy drunk haze. As I approached, Lucy suddenly jumped up and bounded towards me. “There you are!”


I held her back softly and chuckled. “Here I am.”


“Where have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere for you,” Lucy then put up a hand before I could answer her question. “Actually no, doesn’t matter. I’m knackered, Keegan, can we go home now?”


I looked to Miranda and Penny, and they both gave me an apologetic nod.


“Hey, hey, this wasn’t my plan!” I said pointedly to Penny, who remained too drunk to retort back. “Fine, let’s go but one of you has to go get Oliver because I’m not going.”


“Did you two get into another fight?” Miranda asked, arching an eyebrow at me that I knew meant she knew we did and wanted details when she was capable of remembering it.


I shook my head. “No, just… someone else go.”


Fifteen minutes later, I stood silently fuming as I watched Oliver give Leia a hug outside the club. He mumbled something in her ear, which caused her to laugh and roll her eyes at him.


Stupid selfish prick… how dare he make us wait for him? Who does he think he is!


I felt someone’s hand encircle my arm and I tore my gaze away to look at a smirking Miranda. “Are you jealous, Keegan?”


“Of what?”


“Of her,” Miranda jerked her head towards Leila. “You’ve probably killed her about three times already in your head.”


“Not her, but him,” I growled, thinking about how much I want to punch Oliver right now. “And I’m not jealous. Why would I be?”


“Because you’re secretly in love with him?” Lucy suggested, giggling.


“I liked you better quiet,” I mumbled, which made Lucy giggle even louder, clasping me into a tight hug.


“You love me really,” she slurred.


I shoved the blonde off of me and quickly turned my back to him as Oliver walked over towards us. He threw me a questioning look but I just ignored him. Serves him right for being a prick! But how was he being a prick, Keegan? I don’t know! Shut up!


Bloody hell, it seemed that the small portion of my brain that was still relatively sober wanted to speak to me.


We made our way to a dark alleyway to apparate discreetly as I silently argued with myself over the reason for the volcanic eruption of emotions inside of me. I wanted to be angry and I most definitely did not want to bloody analyse why I was angry. That was a shrink’s job… and I wasn’t insane.


You’re talking to yourself!


Because I’m drunk, piss off!


Still talking to yourself…


God, am I always so fucking annoying?


“Yes, yes you are,” Oliver smirked at me since I seemed to have actually asked that question out loud.


My eyes narrowed and I fought the urge to smack him. “Well… so are you!” I replied oh-so-cleverly.


“Oh no, no you don’t! We need to get home and if you two fight… then we just won’t,” Penny said as she jumped in between us, accidently smacking me in the face as she did so. I touched my cheek and sighed.


See, drunk Penny equals dangerous Penny.


“Fine. You guys are staying at mine, right?” The three girls nodded and I reluctantly turned to Oliver. “You can too… I mean on the sofa though.”


Oliver laughed and decided that yes he would like to stay over despite me mentally telling him that I might kill him in his sleep and that would be no fault of mine. But he nodded anyways, which was how I now found myself setting up Oliver’s makeshift bed on the sofa while the girls were passed out upstairs in my room. I heard his footsteps and I stiffened. I could feel him come up beside me and place his hands on my shoulders, turning me around to face him.


“Why are you mad at me?” he asked.


“I’m not,” I lied, turning back to fluff up his pillow, which was weird because I don’t even fluff up my own pillows, but I suppose, anything to avoid looking at his stupid face.


Oliver snorted and sat down on the sofa, making all my efforts to turn the sofa into a bed completely pointless, as the pillows fell to the floor and the duvet scrunched up under his weight. I glared at him. He really was exasperating.


“You are definitely mad at me, Keegs,” Oliver laughed then patted the spot next to him but I remained standing up—better angle to glare at him from. “If there’s one thing I am absolutely positive about when it comes to you, it’s when you’re mad. And you’re mad right now.”


I crossed my arms over my chest. “Not. Mad.”


“Oh, come on, just sit down and talk to me,” Oliver whined and before I had a chance to give him my answer (which was still a resolute ‘no’), his hand took hold of my wrist and tugged me down. I fell head first into the sofa, banging my head against the hard wooden surface underneath. I groaned in pain and straightened up to kick Oliver as hard as I could. But the git caught my foot just in time, making me fall back down onto the sofa, my back now lying flat against the plush cushions, while he erupted into loud guffaws.


“It’s not that funny,” I grumbled. 


“It is a little bit,” he grinned back. “Okay, sorry. Come on, lighten up, Keegan. It’s like you enjoy being angry with me.”


“I do,” I gave him a grin of my own as I kicked him in the gut with my other foot. Oliver crumpled over and let out a painful gasp of air, which made me giggle. “Okay, Ollie, we’re even.”


He gave me a withering look. “You are impossible. Why the fuck are you being so difficult? I thought we were trying to be friends.”


I countered with an ‘are you serious’ look. “Friends don’t leave each other to go flirt with some girl on a rather… delicate night.”


“Is that what this is about?” Oliver scoffed in disbelief. “Merlin, Keegan, it’s Leila, she’s my ex. I haven’t seen her in over a year; we just caught up and stuff and it didn’t look like you girls needed me anyway…” He stopped for a split second and began to smirk arrogantly. “You’re jealous.”


What?” I cried out. “I am not!”


“You are!” he laughed triumphantly. “You’re so jealous! Didn’t know you fancied me in that way, Keegs.” He gave me a dramatic wink that I assumed was supposed to be quite seductive but it made me dry heave.


“I don’t,” I scowled at him, trying to kick him again. He caught my foot however and took the other one as well, holding them on his lap in a vice-like grip. I struggled for a few seconds but gave up, knowing that he was ridiculously strong—much stronger than me anyhow.


“But you are jealous,” he said in a way that made it sound more like a question.


“I’m not jealous,” I replied but my resolve was faltering slightly and the exhaustion from today’s events made me too tired to argue. “Okay… I was a little but not because of that. Just… why can’t we stop fighting?”


Oliver considered this for a few seconds, while distractedly stroking my leg, making me shiver all over.


Merlin, he needed to stop that… It was weird! I mean… it felt nice… and it made me tingle everywhere he touched… and I was beginning to feel… Fuck, he needed to stop that!


I gave a little jerk of my leg or as much of a movement as I could manage, considering he was still holding onto them. Oliver’s eyes snapped back to mine.


“We fight because it’s us,” he said simply. “We’ve always argued even as kids. Mum used to say it was because we were too much alike.”


“Friends shouldn’t argue as much as we do,” I mumbled quietly, averting my eyes to look down. I was still dressed in my going out clothes and I tugged at the hem of the lacy white top.


I don’t know but as quick as lightning, the atmosphere in the room had gone from angry and playful to intense and quiet, and I wasn’t a big fan of the change. It felt suffocating and all I wanted was to leave and curl up in a ball in my own bed. And truthfully, I’d rather be kicking Oliver in the gut than try talking to him about something serious. It just felt wrong and unnerving.


Oliver let go of my legs, pushing them over the side of the sofa as he moved closer towards me. He placed a finger under my chin and pushed my face up towards his so I was looking into his eyes. “Is that what you’re worried about? That we’re trying to force this friendship to work?”


“I don’t know, maybe?”


“Hey,” he said softly. “Of course, this will work. Put all the arguing aside, Keegs, you’re still my best friend. You know me better than anyone, and you know I know you just as well. I’d do anything for you.”


And he meant it. Every last bloody word.


The problem now was why the hell did that scare me so much? Why did it scare me that he cares so much about me?


I didn’t have an answer to that nor did I have a response to him. I did the only thing that came to mind, which in the morning, I knew I was probably going to regret, but there was still a large portion of my brain soaked in an alcoholic daze.


I leaned forward and placed my hand at the nape of his neck. Oliver jolted at the contact and without even thinking about the repercussions, I brushed my lips against his softly. It was tentative yet the contact made my body come alive, like there were electric currents running through it igniting every nerve in my body, and it took all of my self-control to pull back.


“Good night, Oliver.”






Three heads popped out of from underneath the duvet like daisies in the summertime and if I had been in a mood to laugh, I would have but as it were, I was not. Not in the slightest.


“Fuck, fuck, shit!” I muttered again.


Miranda sat up first and she was scowling at me. “What in Merlin’s name are you doing, Keegan?”


“I don’t want to talk about it,” I snapped, feeling my head and wincing at the hangover that was waging its own form of hell inside my head. “Fuck.”


Lucy sat up this time, her blue eyes weary and concerned: a direct contrast to the auburn haired so-called best friend beside her. “Keegan, are you okay?”


“Just kill her so I can go back to sleep,” Penny murmured, turning onto her side, and ignoring us altogether. Leave it to Penny to be cold and ruthless.


“Someone should kill me,” I wailed dramatically. “I might as well die. No point in living now.”


“Bloody hell, what is up with you?” Miranda groaned. “You are adding to my hangover and that is not helping me pity you at all.”




“WHAT!” Lucy practically screamed as she threw the duvet off of her, and consequently, off of Miranda and Penny as well, in her haste to grab me.


“Merlin, what the fuck was that?” Penny had her hands placed over both ears, and a look of intense pain on her face.


If I had been in a mood to laugh, I would’ve laughed now too, but… well, I just wanted to slam my head into a wall.


“How did you even understand that gibberish, Lucy?” Miranda asked, looking a little bit impressed. I was too, to be fair.


“She said that she kissed Oliver last night, and I can hear it because I have a lot of emotional investment in the outcome of their relationship,” Lucy stated plain and simple.


“What relationship?” I scoffed. “There is no relationship!”


“Wait, so you two aren’t together now?” her big blue eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and sadness.


“No, Lucy, Oliver and I are most definitely not together!” I wanted to shout but considering, Edan was next door, my dad two doors down, and Oliver downstairs, shouting wouldn’t be conducive to my situation at the moment.


“So why’d you kiss him?” Miranda asked this time.


“Because… because… because he’s an asshole!” I finished pathetically. “I mean he goes and tells me he’d do anything for me and expect me to just be like ‘cool, mate’… what else was I supposed to do? Okay, not kissing him would be a start. But he’s the asshole! I mean he knows I can’t do emotional conversations and there he goes, being sweet and caring like-like I was a normal human being. And bloody hell, when did Oliver get so fit!”


My chest heaved up and down as I tried to catch my breath and gather my thoughts after that rant.  All three girls turned to exchange glances with each other however and burst out laughing; yes, even Penny had sat up and was now laughing amusedly at me.


“Keegan, my darling Keegan,” Miranda tutted. “Oliver has always been fit. Always.”


“It’s true,” Penny was smiling now.


“Okay, even if it is true, what the hell do I do now?” I exclaimed exasperatedly. “He’s downstairs right now, probably thinking I’m a nutter or something. And I just don’t… I don’t want to ruin our friendship. We’re just getting to a good place.”


“Aww, Keegs,” Miranda sighed, pulling me into a hug. “Go talk to him. Say you were drunk.”


“NO!” Lucy cried out. “Tell him you love him! BE WITH HIM!”


I frowned. “But I don’t.”


“You do, you’re just too dumb to see it!” Lucy was getting quite worked up about this now that I’ve noticed the massive throbbing vein in her forehead. “You both are so dumb! You’re madly in love with each other and you have a chance at something real here but no, you’re both too damn stubborn to admit to your feelings… then when the opportunity’s gone, you’re going to cry yourself to sleep every fucking night, wondering why you were so bloody stupid… and you’re going to hate yourself.” Lucy then erupted in tears, hiding her face in her hands.


Penny, Miranda and I quickly enveloped our friend in a tight group hug, whispering comforting words in her ears. We all knew that she was no longer talking about Oliver and me and was now talking about Seamus and her.


“At least, you’re not madly in love with someone and know you want to spend the rest of your life with them only to fuck it up by being a chicken shit about the future,” Miranda blurted out, also erupting in tears.


Penny and I stared wide-eyed at each other, now quite literally at a loss to what to do. What in the world is going on? It’s like last night they had all just lived in some fairytale world where everything was dandy but as soon as the light came up, they were back to their original fucked up situations. How do we even begin to fix them? Or well, their situations? Because fixing them, as people, would probably take a lot longer period of time, of which we just did not have.


“Okay, let’s take this one person at a time,” Penny announced, always the one to lead us back to normalcy. “Lucy, you go. And don’t bother lying that nothing’s wrong and that it’s just you getting upset over Oliver and Keegan because that’s rubbish.”


Lucy looked a bit put out at first but sighed and hung her head down. “I… I miss Seamus. At first, I thought it was just guilt, you know? For fucking him about but then, I realised that I just missed his company… He’s always been there for me. Why didn’t I see it before? And… And now it’s too late!” Lucy let out another wail of grief and began sobbing all over again.


“Because Lucy, we don’t often see what’s right in front of us till we lose it,” Penny said, her eyes serious, and there was something in her voice that made us all hang on to her every word.


Well bloody hell, I always knew Penny commanded attention and authority but… I sort of really knew why now.


“But what do I do?” she sniffled. I wrapped my arm around her protectively and she leaned into me.


“Talk to him,” Penny advised. “Tell him how you feel.”


Lucy looked horrified at the prospect and was going to protest but Penny just gave her a stern look that said ‘there is no option B so shut up’. She then turned her attention to Miranda.


“What happened between you and Elbie, Miranda?”


Miranda slumped her shoulders, shame-faced and worn out. “Okay… another round of crazy, we go.” She gave us a feeble attempt at a joke and she knew it. “Well, it’s all my fault. He was getting so excited about the idea of us living together that he started dragging me around to look at flats, and I don’t know, I panicked. I mean this is the rest of my life! I’m just 18, what am I supposed to do?” She looked at me and then sighed heavily. “Anyway long story short, he took my hesitation as a hesitation on us… and it’s not that I don’t love him, I just don’t know if that’s enough and basically, he said if I don’t think that that’s enough then maybe there shouldn’t be an us in the first place. Then he just left.”


Bloody hell…


“God you two,” Penny shook her head despairingly. “You do know that all of this can be fixed by one little chat? I guess I don’t exactly know what’ll happen, what they’ll say but you two are being children. Go. Talk. To. Them!”


Miranda and Lucy looked up, first a scowl, then a frown, and finally the last wave of emotion was a defeated acceptance of what they had to do. I nearly snorted but I knew that if they weren’t going to get angry with Penny, they’d probably do with me so I did the smart thing for once and kept my mouth shut.


“And what about you, Keegan? You were pretty upset last night too, care to share with the rest of the group?” Penny smiled.


And like a wrecking ball, the events from yesterday came crashing back into the forefront of my mind, destroying everything in its path. I should’ve known I couldn’t repress it for that long. It was too damn big to push down.


“Erm…” I began and then faltered. How was I supposed to put this delicately? With Oliver, it was easy because we’ve always been blunt with one another, no matter the weight of the subject. But with the girls, I didn’t even know how to say it.


“Come on, Keegan, we all shared our miserable tale,” Miranda laughed, poking me in the rib.


I gave her a meagre smile. Well… I mean… I should just say it… like pulling off a band-aid, like I did with Oliver…


“Apparently my mum’s dying,” I grinned, wondering just why the bloody hell I was smiling. It wasn’t funny but the awkwardness of the situation forced it on me and now that my smile was properly plastered to my face, I couldn’t stop smiling.


“Oh my god, Keegan, I’m so sorry,” Lucy cried out, hugging me to her now. “Here we are going on about boys, and you… your mum!”


I laughed at the way she said ‘boys’ as if it was a dirty disgusting disease she didn’t want to be associated with, but the sound of my laugh now meant that all three girls were staring at me like I was insane. Maybe I was…


I mean I kissed bloody Oliver. And I didn’t hate it nor did I hate him. And now I’m smiling and my mum is dying, what the fuck was wrong with me?


“Keegan, are you okay? Why are you smiling?” Miranda asked me gently, placing a hand over mine.


I looked down at it, unable to wipe the smile off my face. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ve finally cracked. I mean I did kiss Oliver last night,” and then I laughed again.


The girls looked properly frightened now but I didn’t blame them. Hell, I was scaring myself!


“Does he know?” Penny asked. I nodded. “And do you fancy him?” I shook my head. “Maybe you’re not mad, Keegan. You probably kissed him because you’re trying to avoid dealing with the bigger issue here.”


I cocked my head to the side. “What do you mean?”


“You’re trying to create new problems, like kissing Oliver, to avoid dealing with the main problem, which is how to deal with this news about your mum,” Penny pointed out to me. 


I mulled this over and concluded that Penny was probably right.


Or at least that reason was a whole easier to deal with… And I knew despite my innate instinct to run away, I really had to bloody deal with my mother sooner rather than later.




Oliver left before I could face him, something about his dad needing him to come home right away, but maybe he was avoiding me.


Was I really that shite of a kisser?


No, fuck’s sake, Keegan, now was not the time to be thinking about Oliver Wood.


I focused in on the sterilised smell of the glaringly white room. There was a dull throbbing pain in my jaw and I knew I had been clenching my teeth as soon as we had arrived but it was either that or start screaming gibberish—somehow I think if I did the latter, I might actually never get to leave this place; they’d probably lock me away or something.


Edan was chatting animatedly to my mum on the other side of waiting room. It seemed that the little traitor had forgiven her a lot quicker than I could, but I suppose being the younger one, he never had to deal with how much responsibility I had to take on growing up—not that I’m complaining. I’m just saying it’s hard to forgive a flighty, irresponsible, pathe… I inhaled and willed my body to relax. I unclenched my hands but only to replace that anxious habit with another, biting the inside of my cheeks.


Mum had owled us a few days later, apologising for the abrupt way she told us the news, and basically laid out another fucking bomb—that her kidneys were failing and that she needed a compatible donor but the wait was so long and she didn’t have much time left. Edan being the kind and wonderful prick that he is forced me to come to St. Mungo’s Hospital today so we could get checked if we were compatible donors.


I don’t think I really would have let my mum die because I knew that somewhere buried underneath a mountain of emotional repression and boulders of anger and distaste, I still cared for her. But I would have made her wait a little bit. At least until the aching ceased because with that letter came a new wave of hurt, one that I had promised myself I would never feel again, but I know I wasn’t crazy to be angry that the reason she came back was because she needed a donor—not because she wanted us back in her life.


I mean how long would it have really taken her to reach out for us if she hadn’t been put in this predicament?


I don’t know and I don’t really want to know. I just hope she bloody well knew that I was here because of one reason and one reason only, Edan.


“Edan, Keegan Riddell?” I looked up to face the Healer that was now standing before us in his equally blinding white robe with his bushy greying beard. “I have your results.”

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Chapter 19: All A Girl Really Needs
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---Chapter 19 - All A Girl Really Needs---



That was that.


Edan wasn’t compatible. I was. Funny how life worked that way, huh?


“Keegan,” my brother said my name in the way someone would try to coax a small child out from their favourite hiding spot. I looked up into his familiar eyes then looked at the Healer, who was staring worriedly back at me. I didn’t even dare look into the other pair of eyes that I knew were boring holes into my head.


“Keegan,” he tried again and placed his hands over mine. “Are you okay?”


Was I okay?


That was the million galleon fucking question, wasn’t it?


But for the sake of him, and the sake of ending this weirdly bizarre day, I nodded. I forced on a smile and looked to the Healer. “Well… when do we get started?”


The Healer smiled warmly. “Well we’ll have to schedule a day for it and find a suitable Healer for this procedure.”


“What about you?” I asked quickly. He seemed capable enough.


“Well unfortunately I will be away starting next week so I won’t be able to be your Healer,” he said slowly and I nodded. Of course this whole bloody thing was going to take a much longer and much more complicated route—anything with my mother always does.


“Ah,” I finally said. “Well, let me know when the… the procedure is set and I’ll be there. But if we’re done here, I’ve got things to do.”


The Healer looked quite taken aback by this and to my mum and Edan’s credit, they both just let me go as I stood up and headed out of St. Mungo’s. Once I was outside in the cold winter air, my coat wrapped protectively around my body, I realised I really had nowhere to go. The girls were going through their own crap and I couldn’t really go home to make small talk with my dad when I had just practically signed my kidney off to his ex-wife, and there was no way in fucking hell I was going to go to Oliver—not after Saturday night.


So where do you go when you have nowhere else to go?


And then it hit me. I moved to a corner behind St. Mungo’s designated for apparation and thought of the place I wanted to go to. Almost abruptly, I felt the familiar sensations of my body being sucked in through a small spot in my abdomen, and the whooshing sensation began to make me feel sick, but as it always did, it stopped just as abruptly. I staggered back a little and looked up at the three-storey white house, all of its windows closed and barred from outside visitors and I smiled at the irony of its formidable appearance compared to the chaos that was waiting for me inside its confines.


I walked confidently up to the house and knocked. I suppose it really was a stupid idea to turn up here unannounced but I knew it’d be okay.


The door was yanked open and standing with a baby locked in on one hip and a bottle in the other hand, Mrs. Nicholson smiled widely down at me. “Oh Keegan, darling, how are you? I’d hug you but…” she gestured to the baby and smiled once more, ushering me inside. “Adam’s just in his room. Go straight on up, love.”


“Thanks, Mrs. Nicholson,” I grinned and cooed at the baby in greeting who just stared blankly back at me with wide blue eyes.


I turned on my heels and practically skipped all the way to Adam’s room on the third floor, my spirits returning to me as the tension in my shoulders relaxed. I shoved open the door to find Adam sitting in his boxers with a magazine flopped open on his bed. He turned at the sound of my intrusion and broke out in a wide grin.


“My lovely ex-girlfriend, how are thee?”


I laughed as I fought off my friend’s embrace. “I am fine. What are you doing?” I asked, jerking my head towards the bed. “I didn’t know you could read.”


“I have many hidden talents, my dearest Keegan,” Adam smiled and then pulled me onto the bed with him. He moved further back to give me some room and propped himself up against the wall. “So you look troubled. I assume you heard?”


“About Miranda and Elbie?” I shook my head sadly. “Yeah, I heard.”


“Bloody ridiculous, huh?” Adam also shook his head then raked a hand through his light brown hair. “Elbie is beside himself. He didn’t mean to break it off.”


“I know,” I replied in understanding. “Heat of the moment I guess. But why isn’t he going to get her back?”


Adam let out a bark of laughter. “Keegan, have you met Elbie? Stubborn as a bloody mule.”


“I guess,” I said, a smile lifting the corner of my lips. “We have to fix it though.”


“I think we should let them sort it out, Keegs,” Adam warned.


“Adam!” I cried out, throwing the open magazine at him. “When have you ever shied away from a scheme?”


“Since… since now!” he picked up the magazine and placed it on his nightstand, away from my hands. “Elbie’s pretty torn up. I just think he needs to sort this out himself.”


“You just said he was as stubborn as a mule!” I pointed out. “We can’t wait for them to see reason and go running back to each other. We have to force it out of them!”




“I’m your bloody captain and you will do as I say or… or fucking laps, Nicholson!” I growled, putting on my ‘Captain Keegan’ face, which had the opposite effect as Adam however as he just burst out laughing. I growled some more and he quickly sobered up his expression and saluted.


“All right, Cap’n, what’s the plan?”




“Are you sure she’s coming?”


“Yes, Keegs, I told you she is!”


“Jeez, no need to get so snippy, Nicholson.”


There was a loud sigh and then, “as much as I love you, I really want to hit you right now.”


I snorted. “Just think of all the laps you’d be doing.”


“What? I… I wouldn’t hit a girl, Keegan!”


“You two shut up!” added a third voice, and I tilted my head to the side to smile sweetly at my date. He tried to frown at me but the quirk in his lips told me otherwise. “I can’t believe you roped me into doing this.”


“Aw Georgie, I did promise you a date, didn’t I?”


“Yeah and I was supposed to plan it, not help you kidnap a person,” George laughed and I could almost feel him rolling his eyes. “But it was quite fun to test out the sleeping powder.”


“I told you,” I replied a little bit smugly. “Didn’t I tell you it’d work like a charm?”


“Yes, yes…”


“Shush, here she comes!” Adam quickly interrupted, and the three of us poked our heads through the bush where we had been hiding and watched as Miranda walked into the clearing, clearly confused at what was going.


A little bit over an hour after Adam and I had hatched our very wonderful plan, of which I named the ‘Miranda and Elbie Reunion Love Fest’, I apparated to George Weasley’s house and I gave him some spiel about wanting to go on our date. George was apprehensive at first but once I got him away from eavesdropping ears, I spilled out the plan. We were going to use his special sleeping powder that I knew Fred and him had been concocting on Elbie, stuff him into the back of Adam’s car and bring him to the clearing in the woods by my house. We had then set up a long picnic table covered with a white frilly cloth, and then placed a bottle of champagne and an assortment of finger foods on the table. For added romance, we also strewn flower petals all over the clearing and charmed some birds to sing peaceful soothing songs nearby—it was George’s idea actually. I hope that that hadn’t been the plan for our date because if he knew me at all, he knew I would probably vomit all over his ‘romantic’ date. Anyway I digress, so once we had everything in place, Adam went to get Miranda and tell her that I was distraught and needed her right away or something along those lines.


And well, this was it… Miranda had come and any minute now she was going to notice the unconscious body lying next to the table.


“Keegan?” she called out, turning this way and that. She looked worn out, her hair was in disarray and she was wearing a tatty old t-shirt, her black coat wrapped tightly around her. “Seriously, this is not funny!”


She walked around the table while gingerly touching each of the items and then all of a sudden, she went flying onto the floor. Adam, George and I stifled our laughter, as Miranda scrambled back onto her feet and let out a squeak of shock.


“Elbie! Oh my god!”


“Now, George,” I whispered and he nodded. With a wave of George’s wand, our friend began to stir. He blinked away the sleep from his eyes and looked up.


“Miranda? What… what is going on?” his voice sounded raspy from the sleep but as he sat up, that seemed to be the only side effect from the sleeping powder.


George, Adam and I high-fived each other before turning our attentions back onto the couple before us.


“I have a feeling we just got duped by our friends,” Miranda sighed as she moved to sit on one of the plastic chairs we had taken from my house. Elbie stood up, ran his fingers through his hair before taking a seat opposite her. He kept his gaze down but every few seconds his eyes would dart upwards, watching his ex-girlfriend warily.


“I should have expected this to happen,” Elbie said. “When have our friends ever left anything alone?”


Miranda gave a bitter laugh. “I know.”


“I just didn’t expect to get kidnapped though,” Elbie surprisingly let out a laugh, the sound was genuine and it forced a smile onto Miranda’s face.


There was a pregnant silence that followed and I began tugging at the hem of my jumper anxiously.


“So what now?” she asked tentatively.


I cocked my head. I have never seen Miranda look so vulnerable in my life, and it actually kind of suited her. It made her seem the age she actually was when normally she would try to act a lot older. It was refreshing to see her with her walls down for once.


“You tell me,” Elbie said pointedly. He looked up at her and then looked away again. There was an edge in his tone and I knew he was still hurting from their previous spat—but I hoped it was just that. A spat. Nothing more.


“Elbie,” Miranda began, her voice pleading and quiet. “What do you want me to say?”


“If you don’t know, Miranda, then… I don’t have anything to say to you.”


I was about to jump in and break Elbie’s face when Adam’s hand circled around my wrist and pulled me back down. He frowned and shook his head.


Damn him! Elbie’s being a prick and Miranda’s my best friend so you know what? He most definitely deserves a punch in the face! I crossed my arms over my chest and harrumphed. It would have made him see some sense…


“I…” Miranda’s voice broke and I saw a wave of regret wash over Elbie’s face. “I’m sorry, okay? I messed up.” There was no response from the boy and Miranda fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat. “I shouldn’t have freaked out like I did… but I panicked! I panicked, Elliot.”


Elliot? Wow. I forgot Elbie’s real name was Elliot.


“And how is that supposed to make me feel? My girlfriend panicking over the thought of a future with me, huh?” Elbie snapped, the sound making Miranda flinch.


“It wasn’t that,” Miranda quickly interjected. “It was just the future in general! I was so scared that if we moved in together, everything would fall apart and I didn’t want to lose you. I know now that I was pushing you away all on my own. I just… God, Keegan and I are best friends for a reason!”


What? Okay how the hell did I figure into this?


“I’m just as clueless about emotions as her,” Miranda laughed a little. “We’re both idiots, refusing to see what’s right in front of us but Elliot, I know now just how much I need you in my life, whether we live together or not, I don’t want to lose you just because I’m too scared to move forward.”


Elbie exhaled loudly and a few seconds passed by as we all sat, waiting with abated breath for his reaction, but then he let out a slow lazy smile overcome his features. “Come here, you big mush.”


Tears sprang to Miranda’s eyes and she rushed forward. Elbie wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and kissed her full on the lips, and as mushy as that really was, I couldn’t help but feel euphoric over this turn of events.


“Well done, Miss Riddell,” Adam whispered with a bow.


I half-curtsied, considering we were all still sitting down, and grinned from ear to ear. “And well done to you too, Mr. Nicholson.”




“And thank you for the best date ever, Georgie,” I winked and leaned over to plant a kiss on his cheek. He turned a bright pink and gave me a goofy grin.


We snuck away from the clearing to give the recently reunited couple some privacy and headed back towards my house. George in an attempt to gain some sort of control over our ‘date’ produced a bouquet of flowers out of thin air and got on one knee to present them to me. I dramatically pressed the back of my hand to my forehead and ‘swooned’ at the gesture.


“This has truly been an interesting date,” George laughed once I had graciously taken the bouquet from his hands.


“I’m glad to be of service.”


“See you around, Keegan,” he winked before apparating away.


Adam was the next to leave as he hugged me to his body tightly, apparating soon after. As I now stood in my garden alone, I found that for the first time in days I felt relaxed. I wasn’t absentmindedly clenching my hands into fists nor was I thinking of ways to kill someone. I felt happy. Of course, I was happy with Miranda’s situation, my situation on the other hand was a big and messy flop of crazy, but I fixed my best friend’s relationship and hell, I was going to bask in that glory for a little while longer.


I pushed open the door and walked into the house where my brother was sitting by the kitchen island. His eyes snapped to mine and I instantly regretted coming home. I should have followed Adam back to his house and hid out there for the remainder of the day, but as it happens, I was stuck.


“Hey,” I mumbled.


“Keegan,” he began and I nearly threw my shoe at him in an attempt to distract him from what I knew was coming. “Thank you.”


Wait… what?


“You’re not mad at me?”


“No, what? Of course not!” Edan looked at me incredulously for a minute before tilting his head back to laugh. I relaxed immediately in the ringing sound. “I know… this is hard and it’s a pretty messed up situation but I also know why you’re doing it so thank you.”


“Your welcome, baby bro.”


“Biscuit?” he offered and I greedily stuffed it into my mouth, much to his amusement. We stayed like that for some time, just eating and chatting about Quidditch, Cameron, never ever straying towards the topic neither of us really wanted to bring up in this house. Again, I was overcome with a feeling of euphoria. I think things were looking up. I really did, and even my cynical pessimistic brain couldn’t do anything to override this feeling. Something was in the air, change maybe, but whatever it was, I was ready for it. I had my friends who have all proven time and time again that they were always there for me and I had my family. That’s all a girl really needs, right?


“Oh hey, did Dad tell you about tonight?” Edan asked, pulling me from my thoughts.


“Nope, what’s happening tonight?”


“We’re going to the Woods’ house for dinner,” Edan answered nonchalantly. “We leave in half an hour.”


“Half an hour?” I squeaked. “Oh god.”


I dropped my fifth biscuit and ran up to my room, leaving behind my very befuddled little brother. I was panicking. Oh yes, I was definitely panicking to the nth degree.


Bloody hell, how could a person go through such a range of emotions in one day? I mean one minute I was depressed and the next I was happy, over the moon even, and now I was panicking! I mean you know what, universe? I really don’t think it’s bloody healthy!


I began pulling clothes from my wardrobe and throwing them onto my bed in a flurry. Half an hour to get ready is a joke. How was a girl supposed to make herself look presentable in half a flipping hour? It’s not possible, I tell you! Not if the girl didn’t mind looking like a half-crazed tramp!


I was admiring the way a soft blue cocktail dress looked when I realised just what I was doing. I was panicking over dinner. Dinner with the Woods! People I’ve known since I was a toddler. And all because what, I kissed their sometimes aggravating, sometimes entirely too endearing, sometimes insane son?


Bloody hell, Keegan, you have to get a grip!


Oliver is your friend. Nothing more. You kissed him, so what! Get over it! It was just a momentary lapse in judgement, brought on by the devastating news of my mum. Yes, Penny was right. I was just distraught and unable to fully comprehend my issues with her returning back into my life and I sought out some solace in Oliver—that made sense, right? I mean… even if the solace had incredibly soft lips, a hard body and his hands made my body tingle all over; he was just solace.


So-Lace. Solace.


I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. I had to calm down. No matter what it was, what might have transpired, I was not going to dwell on it.


I pulled on a casual cream v-neck dress, an accompanying navy knit cardigan and black knit tights to help me fend off the cold. I brushed my hair a few times and attempted to put on some make-up when I heard my dad’s bellowing voice from downstairs.


I can do this. Just dinner. Just dinner.




Oh my Merlin, this was the most awkward dinner I’ve ever had!


How the hell did I convince myself that I could do this? Because I can’t! I can barely look at him and all he’s tried to do all bloody evening is catch my eye. I mean this is worse than when I hated him—at least then I knew how to act, like accidentally kicking him in the shin or dropping the gravy boat on his lap. Those were things I could do. Being friends while pretending to forget I kissed him was a whole other situation entirely.


To make it worse, we weren’t being subtle at all. I could practically feel the eyes of Oliver’s parents, Edan and my dad burning holes into my skull.


Oh please, please, please let this night be over…


“So Keegan, do you know yet what your plans for after Hogwarts are?” Mrs. Wood asked me. She was a graceful woman with high cheekbones, big brown eyes and dark sandy hair like her son. From a distance, she was quite intimidating but I knew her as the warm-hearted woman that made me roast on Sundays when my dad had to work late.  


“Oh, erm,” I stammered out. I hated this question. “I… maybe… well anything to do with Quidditch really.”


“You don’t want to play?” Mr. Wood suddenly asked, a hint of shock in his voice, but being a man of rank in the Ministry, he was very good at masking his emotions.


“I don’t think my sanity could handle professional Quidditch, Mr. Wood,” I answered with a small smile, which earned me a full booming laugh from both Mr. Wood and my dad.


“Well if you ever want to work in the Ministry,” Mr. Wood winked and I snorted.


“I said I wanted to keep my sanity, not lose it entirely.” This earned me another round of laughter and I smiled, unwinding for the first time since I arrived at the house.


“That’s my girl,” my dad grinned, slapping me gently on the back. “Didn’t I tell you, Bill, she didn’t want to work for the Ministry?”


Mr. Wood chuckled. “I can see her point.”


“Why don’t you write for Quidditch Weekly?” Mrs. Wood asked me. “I think that’d be the perfect job for you, dear.”


“Oh,” I blushed. “I don’t know. I don’t think I’m quite that good of a writer.”


“But you know Quidditch better than anyone,” Oliver pointed out, speaking up for the first time this evening.




“Better than you?” Mr. Wood inquired as one of his eyebrows quirked up.


“No, not better than me,” Oliver rolled his eyes at this as if it was the most absurd question in the world. That irked me.


“Well I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself there, Oliver,” I said, my voice challenging and once again I felt my muscles relax. Arguing with Oliver, now that was something I knew how to do.


“Need I remind you who won the last match?” Oliver rose to my bait and I felt a thrill rush through my body, starting from my fingertips to the very soles of my feet.


“Need I remind you just how much of a…” I glanced at our parents, who were watching us with rapt attention. “How much of a cheat you were.”


Oliver snorted. “Cheat? Not that again, Keegan. If that’s your only argument against me then I suggest you just hand over the House Cup now.”


I slapped the table as I stood up with so much force that the china rattled. “I’m going to fly circles around you so fast, you’re going to get whiplash!”


“Is that so?” Oliver’s chair scraped back and he stood up as well, that obnoxiously annoying smirk fixed on his face. There was a hint of something in his eyes but I couldn’t quite place my finger on where I’ve seen it before. I didn’t have time to dwell on it however because our parents had now started laughing.


“Every time, seriously, it’s like they have no other interests!” Edan groaned, placing his head into his hands.


“So Robert, care to place a wager?”


“What do you have in mind?” my dad asked Mr. Wood.


“Nothing big, just the loser has to pay for the celebratory dinner,” Mr. Wood grinned, his eyes dancing, and I could completely see the resemblance between Oliver and his dad now. They were both unbelievably arrogant but somehow playful at the same time.


My dad returned the grin and put his hand around my shoulders. “You’re on, and let me say, prepare to lose, Bill.”


“Men,” Mrs. Wood rolled her eyes and got up to collect all the dishes. As I was already standing up, I decided to help her and leave the dining room, where my dad and Oliver’s dad were now in a heated argument over whose child was the best.


I followed Mrs. Wood into the kitchen and placed them by the sink. “Do you want me to help wash?”


“Oh, honey, no!” Mrs. Wood chuckled before waving her wand through the air causing all of the dishes to begin cleaning themselves. “Magic, Keegan.”


I laughed. “Of course.”


We walked back towards the dining room together, her discussing her new plans to renovate the house and me listening with interest. I’ve always loved Mrs. Wood. She’s never treated me like a pity case as most adults had done those many years ago; she was the one adult aside from her husband that had given me enough respect and space to know that I had to deal with it on my own. I suppose just as I had seen earlier that evening how much Oliver resembled his dad, I could see how he resembled his mum too. When they cared about someone, it was for life, and they were willing to go out of their way to help that person.


That was how Oliver felt about me, I realised. And he has never once stopped caring about me—and… that thought… was the single most terrifying thing I’ve realised this entire month, bar none.


I walked brusquely up to my dad, whispering urgently to him that I was feeling really ill and I was going to go home early. Concern filled his warm hazel blue eyes and I assured him I was fine but I just needed some rest. With a hasty goodbye to everyone else, purposely avoiding Oliver, I went outside and apparated home.


With unwanted thoughts whirling through my mind, I rushed into my house and up into the safety of my room. I then changed out of my clothes and pulled on my pyjamas, curling up in a ball on my bed. Can someone un-realise something? Can I just forget that Oliver is a good person? Because the thought of him caring about me that much just did not sit right with me. Actually, it made me bloody nauseous! 


Good lord, my life was taking a turn for the insane. My mum’s back and wants one of my organs—albeit one that’s not very useful but still, it sounds like something out of a shite horror film. And my friends were equally as fucked up. Well, now that I (okay, Adam, George and I) fixed Miranda and Elbie, it was only Lucy and Seamus that were still pretty fucked up. But still… Oh, and I have NEWTS coming up and I’ve been so bloody busy with my ridiculous life that I haven’t even studied a single thing since the holidays began, not to mention the mock exams coming up in January. Then there was the House Cup that I have to win, especially now my dad decided to put a bet on it.


Bugger it all to hell!


I should just run away and join a circus or something. That still happens, right? People still do that? I could so be one of them acrobats or a fire-breather or…




 I looked up and noticeably gulped. “Oliver?”


“We need to talk,” he murmured as he walked over towards my bed. Instinctively, I moved back and I kept doing so with each step he took till I was flat against the wall behind my bed. He looked at me curiously before sitting down.


“What do we have to talk about?” I asked, cursing myself for how my voice squeaked in the middle. I was pathetic. Merlin, I was so pathetic.


“Last Saturday.”


I gulped again. His eyes were unwavering as they searched my face for… for what, I had no idea, but it made my body warm up to the point that I had to kick off the duvet. He wasn’t even touching me and I felt like I was on fire. What the hell was wrong with me?


“There’s nothing to talk about, Oliver,” I stated clearly.


“No?” he asked and then he was moving towards me again. He closed the gap between us and I could feel the heat from his body wash over me. He smirked. “Then why do you look like you’re about to fling yourself out the window every time I move near you?”


“I… I do not!” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest. The movement caused Oliver’s eyes to flicker to that area and something indescribable flashed over his face, but it was gone before I could even assess it.


“You do too,” he responded coolly, the smirk once again perfectly displayed across his face. And with Oliver so close to me, I couldn’t stop noticing the way his hair flopped slightly over his forehead or the way his five o’clock shadow made him seem much older than he was. Most of all, I couldn’t stop noticing his lips. “We can forget it happened… if that’s what you want.”


Yes, of course that’s what I want.


But somehow now that I was face to face with Oliver, forgetting it seemed... a lot harder than I had initially thought. “I… Yes.”


“Yes, you want to forget it?” he asked softly as his eyes roamed my face, lingering a little too long on my lips. I nodded feebly, unable to speak. My heart was pounding in my chest, drowning out everything else except for the person that was currently staring so intensely at me. “Why, Keegan, am I finding that hard to believe?”


I didn’t have an answer to that question but it appeared that Oliver didn’t care. His lips found their way to mine with such speed that I thought my heart had completely stopped working in shock, but once realising that I wasn’t in fact having a heart attack, I became acutely aware of the sensations running through my body. My toes curled from the way his lips felt against mine and my stomach was doing somersaults like its life depended on it.


Oliver moved closer, his hand gripping my waist and his hips pushing my legs apart as he settled his body over mine. My brain having left my body long ago, I found myself responding to his advances with just as much desperation and need that I felt coming from him. I curled my fingers around the nape of his neck and pulled him towards me as my lips moved rhythmically with his. No matter how much I pulled him and how much he moved forward, it felt as if we couldn’t get close enough. I wanted him, it was plain and simple, and I couldn’t deny it any more; the heat in the pit of my stomach couldn’t deny it any more.


Oliver circled his hands around my waist and pulled me down onto the bed and off the wall. It was the only moment our lips were apart and truth be told, I bloody hated it. Without thinking, because hell, when have I ever thought clearly around this guy, I grabbed a fistful of his shirt and yanked him back towards me. Oliver’s eyes widened and I smirked as his lips smacked against mine with such force I was sure it was going to bruise. I could feel Oliver smile against me, and for a while, we lay there like that with Oliver in between my legs and our lips locked in their playful war. But then Oliver left my lips altogether and began kissing his way along my jaw-line, down the curve of my neck till he reached my collarbone where he nipped softly. The sudden contact made me shiver from the base of my spine all the way to my shoulders, and I absentmindedly arched my back towards him and let out a moan.


Oliver pulled away from me and there was that glint in his eyes again. It darkened his irises and made him look both dangerous and intoxicating at the same time; I know now what it is. It was me. I did that.


We smiled at each other knowing that there was nothing that needed to be said. I didn’t know what this meant for our friendship but frankly, I didn’t care. Not today. No, I wasn’t going to think about anything but Oliver today.


He leaned forward again and placed a soft and careful kiss on my lips, and I could feel a smile once again tugging at his lips. His teeth then bit down on my bottom lip and pulled gently earning him another unabashed moan of pleasure, when the front door shut with a loud bang causing both of us to jump a part, me more so than Oliver since I accidentally kicked him in the shin and off my bed. He tumbled to the ground and I rushed over to the side to toss him an apologetic smile.


“Keegan, honey, are you up?” my dad called.


We both froze.



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