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Lost Potters 3: Be Careful What You Wish For by HP lookalike

Format: Novel
Chapters: 21
Word Count: 56,745

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco, Dean, Ginny, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, OC/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 03/10/2011
Last Chapter: 08/10/2011
Last Updated: 08/10/2011

Lucy Hunt is finally ready to follow in her big sister's footsteps and go to Hogwarts, now that Voldemort has finally been defeated. But, upon heading for her 7th year, she encounters her cousin, the great Harry Potter, finds Ron Weasley has a crush on her, makes best friends with Neville Longbottom and finds that Draco Malfoy is most definitely a powerful enemy to make...Be careful what you wish for Lucy. 

 Sequel to Through Thick and Thin / Birth Rights

Chapter 1: Discussions with a reflection
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 The alarm blared and blared and blared. Swearing loudly, I rolled out of bed and poked it with my wand, causing it to explode in a ball of sparks. I groaned as I really hate mornings. Something I apparently inherited from James Potter, he was a right lazy so and so according to my mum. Muttering a quick repair spell on the clock (this must be the millionth time I’ve broken it, thank goodness for magic) I traipse off to the shower.

I really am dead to the world until I’ve had my morning shower and a nice cup of tea. Yet another reason that I am so much like my dad. He would always preach to me the importance of caffeine and I’ve really taken that lesson to heart. But hey, I’m rambling a little bit now. Anyway, I showered, and then headed back to my room. I still didn’t have an en-suite bathroom but dad had promised to finish it whilst I was gone. How hard can a few simple DIY spells be? But you’re probably wondering where I was going. Ah, now this is the beginning of my story. This is the day I was finally going to Hogwarts…

My parents didn’t want me going to Hogwarts over the last few years. The reasoning for this was simple, I would be in the year below Harry Potter and ever since he had gone to Hogwarts, bad things had been happening. The Chamber of Secrets, The Triwizard Tournament, The death of Dumbledore. It was only now, that Voldemort was dead, that they felt comfortable enough to send me there. That and the fact that Harry Potter had left. Or so they thought…

I stood, checking my reflection in the mirror. I was very much like my dad, though to be fair my parents were so alike it was hard to tell the difference. They were both dark haired and acted in similar ways. The main distinguishing features were that mum is quite slender whereas dad is lanky. And of course, their eyes. I have my dad’s deep brown eyes, whereas my sister has my mum’s startling blue. I was also quite tall and skinny but at the same time I like to think I was good looking. I dunno, the three Muggles who fell in love with me seemed to think I was but I hadn’t really had much experience with wizards. My hair, like my parents, was dark, almost black. It was cut shortish, below my chin but just above my shoulders. I liked it that way; it wasn’t stupid long and yet at the same time it wasn’t so short I was mistaken for a boy. I admired my reflection for a few minutes as most girls do, before I started picking problems with it, as most girls do. I pulled out my wand.

“Reflecticus, mobilicus!” I chorused, waving my wand and bringing my reflection to life, whilst still inside the mirror. I found it was a useful way to measure my appearance, having your own personal stylist (even if it was just your reflection) went a long way. This was my first day. I needed to impress.

“So what are we thinking today?” I asked my reflection.

“Jeans, nothing too formal, especially as you’ll put robes over the top anyway,” it instructed, motioning to my jeans rack behind me, which consisted of less than 5 pairs. Hardly worthy of its own rack to be honest.

“Good idea, I’m thinking the navy’s,” I said, pulling on my favourite pair of navy jeans. They were worn out from all the times I’d worn them but I didn’t care. The reflection rolled its eyes, it had given up arguing with me when it came to those jeans. I grinned and reached for a top.

“What about the white one?” the reflection suggested.

“Bit low cut,” I replied. “Don’t want to look like a slag on my first day.”

“Hence the jeans,” the reflection pointed out.

I smiled at it and wrenched on my favourite sky blue top. The reflection scowled slightly. Whatever it said, nine days out of ten I ended up wearing the exact same thing, because I liked it so much. I hurled the rest of my tops, skirts, dresses and jeans into my trunk, pulled on a cardigan and disposed of the rest into the trunk and then finished packing. I brushed my hair and pulled it up into a loose ponytail, something I’d had a lot of practice at doing. I applied a small amount of makeup, grinned once more at my reflection and froze it back into place. Satisfied with the way I looked, I headed downstairs, the smell of my mum’s bacon fresh in my nostrils. One thing I could always rely on my mum for was a delicious cooked breakfast. Bacon, sausage, toast, that was my forte. As I wolfed down my bacon and sausage sandwich, smothered in ketchup of course, my mum watched, smiling.

“Hungry Carnivore?” she asked. My mum often called me Carnivore at meal times because I ate stupid amounts of meat, yet another thing I had my dad to thank for.

“When am I not?” I replied, licking my lips clean and then wiping my face with a napkin.

“Fair enough,” my mum laughed. “You’d better get a move on, Amy’ll be here soon. It’s twenty past ten.”

I grinned at the mention of my big sister. Amy was picking me up to take me to King’s Cross and I loved her to pieces. She’d been to Hogwarts and had finished several years back, before Voldemort’s return. Now, she was engaged to an amazing guy and was working with the Ministry for Magic. I hadn’t seen much of her recently because she’d been very busy so I was excited about seeing her today. My mum noticed the look on my face and motioned towards my dad, who was entering the room, ready to floo to work. I pulled him into a huge hug and kissed his cheek.

“Bye dad, I’m gonna miss you whilst I’m away,” I said, smiling.

“Don’t worry, I’ll owl you every now and then, make sure you’re doing okay,” he replied. “Just remember everything I’ve taught you.”

And with that he was gone. He’d taught me magic for as long as I could remember and now he was gone. Time to take my own steps. Lucy Hunt, out into the world. Oh yeah, my name, probably should’ve mentioned that earlier. Lucy Rose Hunt, at your service. You probably haven’t heard the name and that’s fine. You’ll work out who I am soon enough.

Anyway, my sister arrived, looking as gorgeous as always. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back (yes she was a brunette like me but got it dyed just before her last 6th at Hogwarts) and her startling blue eyes were shimmering like the sea. She was happy, successful, and beautiful. My role model. She pulled up in her muggle car, a Vauxhall Astra. Nothing wrong with it and it wasn’t too flashy. She pulled me into a bone-crusher and then allowed James to do the same. James Black was amazing. He was funny, handsome, smart, everything Amy could want in a guy. They’d got together shortly before they left Hogwarts and had moved in together a couple of years later. Six months ago, James had asked her to marry him and wedding preparations were underway. I was so happy for them it was silly.

“So how are you little sis?” Amy asked as I said goodbye to my mum and we headed off.

“I’m good thanks,” I replied. “How’s the wedding plans coming along?”

“Not too bad,” James interjected. “She doesn’t want to settle on a date though.”

“I don’t know when you’re back from Hogwarts,” Amy admitted. “And you have to be there Lucy. So no James, I’m not finalising a date. You still ignoring your reflection?”

I blushed slightly as she caught me out. “A little.”

“Good, who needs anyone to tell you what to wear?” James winked at me.

“You do,” Amy teased. “I still dress you most mornings.”
That shut James up for a while.

We arrived at the station by 10:45. I wanted to ensure I was there early so I had time to meet people. My sister pulled me aside, smiling as she did so.

“Are you all set for Hogwarts Luce?” she asked, grinning.

“Definitely. I can’t wait to finally meet him.”

No words needed. She knew exactly who I was referring to. She always knew.

“Harry Potter. He’s definitely coming then?”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Everyone wants to meet Harry Potter, the great Harry Potter who defeated Lord Voldemort. And yes, that is the main reason that I decided to go to Hogwarts but it’s not the only reason. Honestly. And besides, unlike most people, I have a genuine reason for wanting to meet him.

“Yep. I checked and it said in the Daily Prophet that him and his friends were heading back to retake their 7th year. Everyone in the school was offered it because of how messed up their previous year was.”

“And mum and dad?”

“They didn’t know. Luckily. For some reason they don’t want me meeting him. But they were willing to let me go because they thought all that drama would be over.”

“They don’t want you to meet him because they’re worried. They left that part of their life behind a long time ago, for good reason. You know what happened to Amy Kingston.”

“I know but I don’t understand why they want to isolate themselves from the outside world,” I replied.

“It’s not that,” Amy soothed. “It’s just that everything they’ve been through has been hard and they don’t want to open old wounds. Besides, everyone they knew is dead now. Sirius, Remus, even Snape. They’ve left it too late now. Nobody knows them and they won’t exactly be treated like heroes. Anyone who ever knew them thought they were dead.”

“Yeah I know,” I faltered slightly. It was right of my parents to want this to not happen. But I couldn’t live my life without revealing the truth, without understanding my family. “You don’t agree with what I’m going to do, do you?”

“No I don’t,” Amy replied calmly. “But it’s your choice and if you feel you need to then do it. It’s your life and your decision. If you need to know, then talk to him.”

“Thanks Amy.”

“You’re welcome Lucy.”

The train was ready to leave and after a teary goodbye, I left my sister on the platform at 10:57. I hunted through the compartments, observing all the little children, terrified about their first year at Hogwarts. Others looked like shells of their former selves, having experienced the Battle Of Hogwarts just a few months previously. There were older, joking students who seemed to be happy and hadn’t really experienced the pain head on. Despite the fact that Voldemort was dead, the train didn’t feel happy. It felt…down. Like nothing was the same. Near the end of the train, I spotted who I had been looking for. It was a boy, tall and strong with jet black hair that was very messy and glasses that framed his face. Above all else though, I recognised him from the scar on his forehead, a gift from Voldemort before his death. I gasped slightly. This was the boy I’d wanted to meet my whole life. He was sitting with a girl, a red-head who I guessed was Ginny Weasley, his girlfriend. I bit my lip and knocked on the door, not wanting to appear rude by coming in without being invited.

“Come in, don’t be shy,” he said, smiling warmly.

“Hi,” I said, entering the compartment and feeling uncomfortable. How could I go about this?

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Lucy Hunt,” I said. The name meant nothing to him. “I’m your cousin.”

His jaw dropped. I tried to smile but it came out as more of an awkward shrug. Neither of us spoke before Ginny opened her mouth.

“How is that possible? Harry?”

“I can’t have a cousin that’s a wizard,” Harry said, stuttering slightly. “Who are you?”

I guess it’s time to tell my story. To Harry, to Ginny and to the world. Hold tight guys, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


A/N: Hey again avid readers and followers. Or newcomers. Welcome to all, to Lost Potters 3. For those of you who have read Lost Potters 1 and 2, thanks for sticking with the series. For those of you that haven't and are completely lost, Chapter 2 provides an in-depth retelling of the first two books. Or, alternatively, you could read them ;) I've written much of this story so updates will be constant for a while anyway and i'd like to now beg for reviews. Please please please with a cherry on top. HP

Chapter 2: The Secret Lives of Hunts
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 I sat opposite Harry. I was worried, very worried. What if he didn’t believe me? What if he didn’t trust me? I guess the only thing to do was to start at the beginning and, to prove my truthfulness, I let Harry use a truth spell on me.

“James Potter, your father, had a sister. I know you always thought he was an only child but that was because everyone thought she died before James and Lily, so they didn’t want to burden you more. Plus, not that many people knew about her anyway. Well, she was at Hogwarts too, same year as James.”

“That’s not true, I would’ve known,” Harry exclaimed.

“It was kept from you by the few who knew because you didn’t want more blood in your past,” I continued. “Anyway, in their 7th year, a new pair of students joined. Jake Hunt and Amelia Kingston. They became firm friends with the marauders. But well, things happened…”

I fumbled with my words for a moment, wondering how much of the story to tell. In the end, I decided he should know the whole truth.

“Okay, some of what I say won’t be easy to hear…” I cautioned.

“Just get on with it!” Harry said quietly.

“Okay then, no interruptions. They were firm friends with the marauders and a girl called Hope, Lily’s best friend. Then Hope started going out with Sirius and well they had a messy breakup. Then, Amelia started dating Sirius. This made Hope angry and she did a deal with Snape.”


“Yeah, she told Snape to get rid of Amelia and in return she’d help Severus get together with Lily. But then Snape’s attempts were over the top and he discovered Lily had slept with Jake.”

“She what?” Harry exploded.

“Yeah, turns out my dad took her virginity. Over the summer. Jake was really embarrassed about it but Lily chased him down in the year, trying to get together. It was only after Snape told the whole school and humiliated her and she discovered Jake and Hayley had gotten together that she gave up. Luckily, she had a shoulder to cry on. James Potter. So Lily and James got together. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jake were hiding their relationship but they got caught by James who was furious. That made him beat up Jake, resulting in Hayley basically disowning him. Then, and this is the crazy bit,”

“This whole story is crazy!” Harry snapped.

“No more crazy than some of your adventures,” I pointed out. “Anyway, Sirius got Amy pregnant but she didn’t tell him because she wasn’t sure how and then she thought he was lying to her.”

“What?” Harry whispered.

“She had the baby in the Easter holidays and left him with my grandmother, Jake’s mum because she had no-one else. They only joined Hogwarts in the first place because Jake’s dad, who was teaching them, magic, died. And then Jake and Hayley got engaged and were planning to have a child of their own. So everything was looking rosy for them. But then…”

“Then what?”

“Amy died. She was killed by Remus in his werewolf form before she could tell Sirius about their son, James Black. Her death destroyed my father and my parents ran away, giving birth to my older sister Amy a few months later. Since then we’ve been living in the countryside and my parents have tried to stay out of the affairs with Voldemort. Everyone thinks they’re dead because Voldemort found their old house and blew it up. Everyone assumed my family was murdered until Amy came to Hogwarts. Even then we kept it hushed up. I would’ve joined before now but after you and Voldemort’s clash in 1st year my parents wanted to protect me.”

“Where’s this James Black now?” Harry asked after a period of silence.

“He’s engaged to my sister, Amy,” I explained. “Kind of another long story.”

“I’m sorry Lucy, this is all just a lot to take in,” Harry said, quietly digesting everything I’d said. This was the crunch. How he reacted to this was crucial to if we could become friends. I’d just burdened him with a lot of information but at least my family was no longer hiding in the shadows. At that moment, we were interrupted as the doors to the compartment slid open. In stepped a tall boy with flaming red hair to match Ginny’s. Obviously her older brother, Harry’s best friend Ron. He was handsome enough I guess but nothing special. Behind him, was another girl, who had brown bushy hair and a look in her eyes that suggested she was a serious person. Hermione Granger, she had to be. Hermione eyed me up, slightly suspiciously but Ron was more welcoming. He smiled dumbly, with a glint in his eye that confused me slightly.

“Hi there,” Ron said. “I’m Ron Weasley, and we haven’t met.”

I raised my eyebrow. It sounded a little bit like he was trying to flirt, which would be stupid, considering his girlfriend was stood beside him, a face like thunder which was suddenly directed towards me. Shit.

“You won’t have met Ronald,” Hermione snapped. “Or I’m sure you would remember. Hermione Granger. Charmed.”

She didn’t sound very charmed. My anxiety rose.

“This is Lucy Hunt,” Harry said nervously. “She’s my cousin.”

Ron and Hermione’s jaws dropped and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

“I’ll just go,” I murmured, trying to slip out the door. The train lurched and I stumbled, Ron catching me as I fell. I glanced up at him and smiled wearily, his ruddy grin sheepish. I sat back down as Ginny tried to break the awkward silence.

“So how was the heads meeting?” she asked.

“Boring,” Ron said. “McGonagall just talked for about 20 minutes then asked us what we thought. So naturally Hermione then talked for over half an hour.”

I glanced at my watch. I couldn’t believe how much time we’d spent on the train already. We must’ve been nearing Hogwarts.

“So Harry’s cousin eh?” Ron asked as he sat down next to me. I could see the smoke rising from Hermione’s ears as her hair began to frizz more and more.

“Yeah it’s a long story. I’ve already told it once today so I don’t really fancy it again. I’m sure Harry can fill you in at some point,” I replied politely, increasingly worried about the tension in the carriage. Harry must’ve been too because he suggested we get changed into our robes, nodding at Ron and Hermione as if to say something he didn’t want me or Ginny to know. They’ve been best friends for 7 years, no surprise they have their own secret looks. I eventually managed to escape the compartment, slipping away down the corridor until I found an empty one. I hauled my suitcase onto the rack and lay back on the seats, digesting my insane start to my new school.

The express came to a stop and I was grateful to see Harry and his friends grab a carriage up to the castle itself, whilst I was taken away with Hagrid, the half-giant. I felt big compared to the first years I was riding with but it didn’t bother me too much. I was so used to my own company that being alone in a boat didn’t worry me. The castle itself, when it came into sight, was even more magical than I had been told. It was magnificent, standing tall despite the damage done to it by the war. Whilst it was obviously not at its best, with evident repair work still being done, (even magic had its limits) it was still a brilliant work of art. The towers stood tall and the great walls of the castle were in the main, looking as ancient as ever. I approached, the small boat feeling even smaller compared to the epic scale of the castle.

The boats were aiming for a small cove, jutted out from the castle. From there, there was a large stone staircase, leading to a courtyard. Hagrid lead the way, and I stuck close to him, feeling more than a little out of place amongst the tiny little kids clinging to each other. They headed across the courtyard, to a large set of double doors. I followed, trailing back a little this time. I didn’t want to seem too eager. I heard a voice calling out to the first years and I hurried along, almost bumping into Professor McGonagall, a stern witch who I’d met a couple of times before. She’d been to our house, talking to my dad, I had no idea what about, the smart money was on Amy.

“Ah Miss Hunt, it’s good to see you,” McGonagall said, almost smiling. “I can safely assume you have already spoken to Mr Potter?”

“Err, yeah, I have,” I was taken aback by her statement.

“Well you’ll probably end up in Gryffindor anyway, but I have a surprise for you. Follow me,” she ordered.

If I hadn’t been nervous before hand, I was now. What surprise? How did she know I’d talked to Harry? And what made her so sure I’d end up in Gryffindor? Well the last bit was fairly obvious. I was descended from Potters, Amy had been in Gryffindor; it didn’t take a genius to guess. She’d probably spoken to Harry already. I managed to calm myself down, until I entered what I knew to be the Great Hall, (Amy had drawn me a detailed map of Hogwarts). Then my heart hit the night sky ceiling. I was having a minor panic. All the first years had been sorted, all four tables were staring at me and, worst of all, I realised exactly what McGonagall’s surprise was. My dad. My fucking dad. Why the fuck was he here? Sitting to her right? What the actual fuck was going on?

“Professor?” I asked but she hushed me and made me sit on a chair. Here comes the Sorting Hat.

“Well well well, what do we have here? You have strong blood my dear, a powerful blood line indeed. You would be perfect in Slytherin.”

My heart sank.

“However, it’s also fair to say you would be perfect in the house of Gryffindor. There’s a fire in your belly unlike many I’ve seen. Certainly more passionate than your sister, and I thought that was almost impossible. There’s no doubt where you belong, Miss Hunt.”

“GRYFFINDOR!” roared the hat.

I sighed with relief and shot my dad a quizzical look as I headed over to the Gryffindor table. He was beaming and he wasn’t the only one. I found a seat next to Ron, who had Harry on his opposite side and Hermione opposite him. Ron hugged me as I sat down, which I found strange. He seemed embarrassed the second he did and returned his gaze to his empty plate, his face as red as his hair. Hermione was looking at me like I’d committed murder and Ginny seemed to be backing up her best friend. I smiled glumly at Harry who shrugged. McGonagall stood up to speak.

“Thank you students and welcome back to Hogwarts, for what seems like the rebirth of magic. Voldemort is long gone and we are back where we should be, here learning. I’d like to introduce to our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and Head of Gryffindor house, Jake Hunt!”

She said a lot of other things after that but I didn’t hear them. And nor, to be honest, did Harry, Ron, Hermione or Ginny. They were all shooting me looks of complete surprise, with endless other emotions mixed in. I felt nauseous. I’d wanted to meet Harry Potter. I hadn’t wanted for him and all his friends to hate me the minute I got to Hogwarts. And I certainly hadn’t expected my dad to be my new head of house. I sunk low in my chair. It was going to be a long year…


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Chapter 3: A Friendly Face
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 The first few days at Hogwarts? Not easy. Hermione was fervently hostile from day one, although I sensed that Ginny wasn’t siding with her. She made snide remarks in lessons and although Harry and Ron assured me she didn’t mean anything by it, it still hurt. What was her problem for fuck’s sake? How could I make everything alright with her? The first major problem came on the Wednesday. I was walking down to my first Potions lesson of the year and, naturally, I got more than a little bit lost and ended up near the dungeons. I wanted nothing more than to turn around and head back up the stairs but I knew full well that Slughorn’s classroom was around here somewhere and I only had a few minutes to find it. They told me Slytherins were a lot more helpful this year. They lied. Badly. After several passing Slytherins sneered and laughed at me (not even the younger students would help, I swear they’re all fucking trolls), I gave up and wondered back towards the staircase, hoping to find somebody a little bit more productive. At which point I bumped into him. Draco Malfoy.

“Watch where you’re going, scum!” he scowled, barging me to the floor. I went to grab my bag but he picked it up.

“You’re Potter’s new friend, aren’t you?” he muttered. “I’ve seen you together occasionally.”

“He’s my cousin,” I snapped. This boy wound me up, majorly. “So I’d leave it if I were you.”

“But you’re not me, so I’m not going to leave it,” he replied, throwing my bag back to me. “Watch your step girl, Hogwarts can be a nasty place if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I can take care of myself,” I growled, standing and squaring up to him.

“Then where are you going?” he asked, winking and pushing me once more before swaggering off to Potions. As much as I hate to admit it, I followed him. Don’t get me wrong, I stayed way back, so I don’t think he noticed me. But I had to follow him. He knew where he was going and, as I’ve already pointed out, I didn’t have a clue.

“You’re late, Mr Malfoy,” Slughorn said as he entered, me right behind him.

“Whatever,” Malfoy drawled.

“And so are you, miss?”

“Hunt. Lucy Hunt,” I muttered. “I got lost in the dungeons.”

“Well hopefully now you’ll know where you’re going,” Slughorn said, not unkindly.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied as brightly as I could, before taking a seat next to Harry, Ron and Hermione who shot me quizzical looks. “What?” I asked.

“You just entered with Draco Malfoy,” Ron said. “He’s not good news.”

“Tell me about it,” I growled. “He barged into me out in the hall and told me to watch my step. But I was hopelessly lost so I kind of had to follow him if I was going to make it here.”

Harry and Ron both nodded and accepted my explanation without question. Hermione narrowed her eyes but Harry elbowed her in the stomach and she ignored me, biting back whatever poisonous retort was on her lips. Potions was fun enough, Harry and Ron were both as bad as me so we had a laugh comparing how bad we all were. Naturally, Ron won, his potion managing to turn a sickly yellow instead of bright red. Harry managed pink, I got purple. Ironically enough, I hate purple. With a passion, dunno why. Naturally, Hermione didn’t see the funny side, as she was too busy brewing her bright red potion and securing 10 points for Gryffindor. Once the lesson was over, she practically dragged Ron out before us, kissing him violently. This left me hanging back with Harry, who constantly seemed awkward and apologetic whenever I was around.

“Why does Hermione hate me?” I asked him as we meandered back upstairs towards the Gryffindor common room.

“Hate is a strong word,” Harry replied, stalling.

“Harry. Don’t bullshit me.”

“It’s because of Ron. You’ve really riled her feathers. You must’ve seen the way he looks at you.”

“What?” I was confused.

“He’s intrigued by you. He lights up whenever you’re around.”

“Fuck off Harry,” I laughed. “He’s just being friendly.”

“I know Ron better than anyone,” Harry replied. “Hermione’s jealous because he likes you and he’s supposed to like her.”

“He does like her,” I protested.

“I hope so,” Harry murmured. “It’s not your fault Lucy, try not to worry about Hermione. She’ll come around and I’ll talk some sense into Ron.”

The castle was quickly becoming my second home. Hermione was still being a complete bitch but Harry and Ron were doing their best to make my time bearable. However, despite Ron’s assertions to both Harry and Hermione that he had no feelings for me, the tension between us was increasing. And I had another major problem: Malfoy. Whenever I saw him around the castle, he would shoot me a warning smirk that never failed to send a shiver down my spine. I was worried that he was up to something but managed to convince myself that he wasn’t going to try anything. Harry was less convinced. Although he had saved Draco’s life during the Battle of Hogwarts, following the death of his parents, Draco had turned drastically against Harry, blaming him for Lucius and Narcissa’s deaths. Now, it seemed he wanted to take it out on me. Brilliant.

My first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson was on the first Friday of term. I hadn’t had a chance to speak to my dad before that day, so I immediately planned to stay back after lesson. He shot me a warm smile as I entered, amongst the first.

“Come on guys, settle down,” Dad ordered. I found it hard thinking of him as a professor, he was my father. Yes, he’d taught me everything I knew, but he was still my fucking dad. I really needed to get it over that fact. But still. My fucking dad.

Luckily, we had Defence with the Hufflepuffs, a quiet bunch who wouldn’t cause him any trouble. I felt sorry for Hufflepuffs. At least Slytherins like being Slytherins, even if we all look down on them. I can’t imagine any Hufflepuffs would be happy being sorted into it. Although that’s just from the general miserable looks that most Hufflepuffs have. And the fact that they get teased by everyone. I mean even the Ravenclaws are mean to them. And Ravenclaws aren’t the nasty types. They tend to stick to books not people. Still they’re a nice lot those Hufflepuffs. Still must suck. You’re not brave, you’re not cunning, you’re not smart, but hey you’re a nice enough person. Oh well.

The lesson was alright, I wasn’t really paying much attention to what we were studying although in retrospect, anything that could protect me against Malfoy was probably not something I should zone out in. Charms, there was a nice harmless subject, not something I’ll need if Malfoy tries to kill me. Or Hermione. Or to be honest, anyone at this school. Truth is, speaking to anyone who wasn’t Harry or Ron would be a success in itself. At the end of the lesson, I pulled my dad into a bear hug as he grinned.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I asked, beaming from ear to ear.

“Well I wanted it to be a pleasant surprise. How on earth McGonagall knew we were alive is beyond me, but she wanted to know if I’d consider the position and I said yes straight away. I couldn’t leave my baby girl at Hogwarts alone.”

“You let Amy go during a period where Voldemort was a huge threat!” I exclaimed.

“And I owled her every day, occasionally flooed as well,” he pointed out.

“Dad, I’m so glad to see you here,” I grinned.

“I have word from your sister,” Jake informed. “Wedding is on the 29th July.”

“Wicked!” my grin only got wider. “I love you daddy.”

“I love you Lucy Rose,” Dad replied. “Now, tell me all about your first week at school…”

Having given my dad a more than slightly detailed account of my first few days (although I did leave out Ron and Malfoy, the only important bits), I headed back off to the common room. I was just about to enter when Ginny called from behind me, flanked by two other girls from my dorm. Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were apparently friends of hers (although maybe they just didn’t like me who could tell) and they were all scowling.

“What’s wrong Ginny?” I asked, trying to be polite although I could tell this conversation was going to be both brief and nasty.

“I don’t know what you’ve done to my brother to put him under this spell, but it won’t work. Lavender is living proof of that!” Ginny snapped. Lavender nodded enthusiastically then blushed. It took all my strength not to roll my eyes at her. “So leave Ron alone, because nothing is going to break up him and Hermione.”

“Jesus Christ,” I groaned. “What is it with you people? I don’t like Ron, I haven’t done anything to him! Whatever the fuck he’s doing it’s not my fault. I’ve been at Hogwarts for less than a week and already I’ve got Malfoy on my back and Hermione’s apparently now sent out her pep squad to murder me because her boyfriend’s not stopped drooling over me since the moment we met. She ought to be slapping him, not sending you lot after me!”

My rant felt good, though I was certain Ron would be standing behind me when I turned round. He wasn’t, thank Merlin. Sometimes things don’t play out like films say they should. Ginny looked apologetic but I wasn’t interested. I turned on my heels and entered the common room, knowing that Hogwarts would drive me insane unless I made a friend sooner or later…

My second encounter with Malfoy came the next day. It was Saturday and, because Harry had arranged Quidditch trials for the Saturday after (before you ask yes I was always going to try out. I may be like my dad but Quidditch was one aspect I whole-heartedly took after my mother), I had the day free to do whatever the hell I wanted. Unfortunately, my plan to enjoy what was left of the late summer weather down by the lake happened to coincide with Malfoy’s plan to feed first year Gryffindors to the giant squid. At least that was what I assumed he was doing. I probably shouldn’t assume the worst in people.

“Fancy a bath Hunt?” he sneered, walking over with his goon Goyle (I hear he had another one Crabbe but he died during the BoH).

“I’m actually surprisingly good thanks Malfoy,” I retorted, flicking the page in my magazine. Goyle snarled like a dog and I half-wondered if Malfoy had actually charmed a guard dog to look like a human for a moment, before realising Harry had turned into Goyle using polyjuice so he must be human. Hopefully.

“Hush Goyle,” Malfoy snapped. “What if I thought you were a bit hot, and needed a bathe.”

“I’m not a first year Malfoy,” I growled, dropping my magazine now. My wand was in my left hand, out of Malfoy’s view. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to use it. “Besides, my dad’s looking out the window at us, so I’d think before I cursed if I were you.”

Malfoy snarled once more but ushered Goyle away. My dad hadn’t been watching, but I figured it would make Malfoy clear off, without me having to resort to magic. Not that I didn’t want to curse the little brat, but merely I didn’t fancy detentions in my first week, even if it was coming to an end. I returned to reading my magazine, when I heard footsteps. I saw a boy approaching and sent him a warming smile upon seeing he was a Gryffindor, one I recognised at that. He was friends with Harry, though his name escaped me.

“Are you okay?” he asked, standing behind me. I shrugged.

“Malfoy’s nothing. I try to ignore him as much as possible,” I replied casually.

“You’re braver than I was for a long time. He used to scare me shitless,” the boy laughed nervously.

“He’s a bully, you’re a stronger person now,” I smiled.

“Thanks. My name’s Neville Longbottom.”

“Lucy Hunt. Take a seat Neville, don’t stand there like a lemon.”

Neville flushed and sat down next to me. I handed him a sweet from a small bag beside me and put down my magazine.

“So how’re you finding Hogwarts Lucy?” Neville asked. “Bet it’s a lot different to home schooling. You’ll learn so much more here.”

“The only new thing I’m learning is Herbology,” I replied honestly. “And I hate it.”

“Really?” Neville exclaimed. “It’s my favourite subject, and the only one I’m any good at!”

“Rub it in why don’t you?” I teased. “Don’t suppose you could give me a hand in our next lesson do you?”

“Yeah sure, it’s just a shame we don’t get homework,” Neville said.

“Why?” I asked, confused.

“Then I would have an excuse to spend some time with you,” Neville replied bravely, going bright red as though this was an extremely embarrassing situation. I tried not to laugh at his comment and how flushed he was, not wanting to damage his confidence any further.

“You don’t need an excuse Neville, I’ll be glad of the company,” I replied.

Neville sat with me for a while and we talked quite a bit. I liked Neville instantly and I found myself opening up to him. I told him all about my family. My sister, my parents, my relationship with Harry, all of it. I told him about my childhood, where I’d grown up, what I’d gotten up to. I also told him about my problems at Hogwarts, namely Hermione and Malfoy. He was a great listener, though not much help with my problems. I don’t know why I opened up so quickly but Neville was the sort of guy you could talk to for hours, even though he was constantly nervous and a bit blundering. I learned more about Neville as well, his grandmother, his parents, his friendship with the Golden Trio. And, as he walked me back up to the castle as the day came to an end, for the first time since I’d arrived at Hogwarts, I felt like I had a real friend. And I was happy…


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Chapter 4: Trouble in Paradise
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 I was certain when I woke up that it was going to have a good day. With a new friend by my side, all of a sudden Hogwarts seemed like a much better place to live. Sunday seemed to fly by, as I spent a lot of time practicing Quidditch. I was almost certain Malfoy was watching but I didn’t give a shit, I wasn’t going to let him bully me out of my favourite pass time. Whilst I was in the air, I was aware that Neville was watching and I felt bad. I hadn’t asked him to come with me but he insisted. He was standing with another boy. He was kind of the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Sort of. Not quite. But he was handsome enough, with dark hair, eyes and skin. And he was certainly tall compared to Neville, who was smiling despite the strong wind that day.

“Hey Neville, who’s this?” I asked, flustered but cheerful.

“Dean Thomas, charmed,” he replied, clasping my hand and kissing it. I blushed a little. Neville rolled his eyes and I shot him a sly look that he ignored.

“Lucy Hunt,” I said. “You’re a 7th year Gryffindor as well?”

“Yeah, spent way too much of last year on the run,” he replied, slightly sadly. “So glad to be back at Hogwarts though, it’s not been the same without it.”

“It’s starting to feel like home for me too,” I replied warmly. “I’m really enjoying life here.”

“Well then, I expect I’ll see you soon,” Dean grinned, standing to leave. “Unless you fancy joining us for dinner? Neville figured you might.”

“Yeah, that’d be great,” I replied, winking at Neville behind Dean’s back. Neville had the look of someone who knew this wasn’t a good idea. My guess was Dean had talked him into it. I told Dean to go on ahead and slipped back into line with Neville, linking arms with him. “This wasn’t your idea was it Neville?” I teased.

“Not really,” he admitted. “Dean thought you were good-looking and asked me to introduce you. He’ll probably ask you out some time soon.”

“He’s cute, I might just say yes,” I replied. Neville shot me an incredulous look. I shrugged. “If he’s not as nice as he appears, then no harm done.”

“It’s not that,” Neville replied hesitantly. “It’s just that you’ve been at Hogwarts, for what? A week? And already you’re dating? You don’t even know him!”

“Neville,” I replied reasonably. “I may not be out hunting for a boyfriend but if a cute guy drops into my lap I’m hardly going to turn him down. That’s the whole point of a date, so I can get to know him better. I know you’re looking out for me but I have an older sister, a future brother in law and a dad who’s actually here to do that for me.”

“Okay Lucy,” Neville muttered. “All I’m saying is don’t jump in the deep end until you know how to swim.”

“I can swim perfectly fine thank you Neville,” I replied cheerfully, a spring in my step as we headed back up to the castle.

Neville’s prediction that Dean would ask me out didn’t come at dinner, or afterwards when we spent some time together in the common room. I felt a bit bad for Neville because Dean was controlling the conversation, so he barely got a word in. I tried to pull him in but it got tricky and in the end he went to bed. I promised myself I’d make it up to him and shortly after, headed off to bed myself.

The next day, we had Herbology. Whilst before I had been dreading it, I found myself oddly looking forward to it, as it meant I could make things up to Neville. Dean had dropped it and in a way I was glad, it gave me and Neville something that was almost our own. It seemed silly that after a couple of days Neville and I had our own little things but it was a sign of how fast things were progressing, and the effect Hogwarts had. It forced people to make partnerships fast, or life became hell. Having said that, once you had your friends and relationships, the castle was like your second home, or your first in many cases. It was both an amazing place and a cruel place. That particular lesson, we were working on a plant called a Hred, which bit and scratched with its fierce teeth. Neville was calm, and I hated him for it.

“How the hell can this thing not drive you nuts Neville?” I growled, as I wrestled with two of its five heads. My arms were scratched and bleeding slightly and my hair was not looking its best. Stress, humidity and spray are three things guaranteed to tousle my hair. Right now I had two of them and I was pretty sure some bastard (Hermione) had sprayed shitloads of hairspray in the dorm this morning which would make all three. So yeah, to say it was frizzy would be the understatement of the century. Neville on the other hand, was perfectly calm as he soothingly stroked the other three heads with his left hand, whilst extracting the gum we were supposed to be collecting with his right.

“Be gentle with it. It senses your volatility. Relax, let it be your friend.”

At that moment, one of the heads broke through my guard and nipped me on the nose. I yelped and punched the head hard, knocking it clean off. It hit Hermione in the face and I winced as Professor Sprout shook her head.

“There’s always one,” I heard her mutter. Neville shrugged nonchalantly and returned to stroking his heads. I swore at him under my breath, only for the other head I had been wrestling with to plunge itself into my neck. I struggled for a minute and then I blacked out…

“I knew you were bad at Herbology but you never said you were THAT bad!” Neville said.

The words I heard when I woke up. No “Omg are you okay?”; no “Jesus we were worried about you!” Nope, I got teased.

“Shut it Neville,” I muttered. “Should’ve taken out the other head whilst I had a chance.”

“If it helps, I convinced Sprout and Pomfrey not to tell your dad you’re here until after you leave,” Neville grinned.

“You’re a fucking angel. Now fuck off unless you plan on giving me food,” I groaned. Yeah I’m really grouchy after I’ve been bitten in the neck by a fucking plant.

“Charming,” Neville muttered, strolling out to give me some peace and quiet.

I was out of the hospital by the evening, though that meant I’d missed both Charms and Transfiguration. And, whilst loads of people could give me the notes, they all told me the same thing.

“If you want to have a clue what you’re doing, speak to Hermione.”

Fantastic… I point blank refused to ask Hermione for help. My pride would not allow it. It would not. It wouldn’t!!


“Yes Hunt?” she asked icily (okay, so my pride had no choice!). “What do you want?”

“I was hoping you’d give me a hand on my Charms and Transfiguration. I think we got off on the wrong foot and you’re the smartest girl in our year,” I replied. How much more of a kiss-up could I be? Still, Hermione softened.

“Well, I guess it couldn’t hurt,” she replied. “One sec while I get my stuff.”

She never came back. As soon as she reached the girls dorms, she found her way blocked by Ron who leaned in for a kiss. I’m unsure what happened next, because I couldn’t hear what on earth they were saying. At first, it seemed that everything was okay, but then you could tell something was wrong. Ron shoved Hermione’s hands away from him and she threw her hands in the air. Whilst it was still difficult to hear what they were saying, their raised voices were drifting over. Harry was standing nearby and I shot him a worried look. At the point where Hermione slapped Ron, Harry intervened, placing a shield charm between the pair. Hermione glowered at him, looking furious. Ron was still reeling slightly.

“You, Ronald Weasley, are damned lucky to have me as a girlfriend!” Hermione screamed. “Don’t forget it!”

And with that she stormed up into the girl’s dorm. Harry turned to Ron but he was already storming upstairs. I walked over and tried to speak to him but he looked at me with a sadness and disappointment in his eyes.

“I know this isn’t your fault Lucy, but those two are really falling apart over you, so if you could just leave us alone for a while, that would be good,” Harry muttered.

That stung. I’m not gonna lie, the second he said that, it stung. I walked away, a weird mixture of crestfallen and a tad nauseous. All I’d wanted my life was to meet Harry Potter, my cousin, but apparently my dream had become his nightmare. Neville called out to me but I didn’t hear, I was already heading up to my dorm, well aware that I wouldn’t get a break there either, as Hermione was probably waiting for me. Joy…

Hermione was too busy crying to notice me sneak into the dorm and get into bed. I was very careful to be up early the next morning and down to breakfast before Hermione was up. Her pale, tear stained face when she appeared suggested I was probably right to escape while I could. Ron glanced at me when I entered and tried to ignore me but Harry was shooting me warning daggers, so I sat down the other end, shortly joined by Neville.

“It’s a shame you’re getting blamed for what’s happening,” he said. “Ron needs to pull himself together and quickly.”

“Thanks Neville, but it’s not going to make me feel any better,” I muttered.

“They’ll come round,” Neville grinned, rubbing my shoulders caringly.

“Thanks Nev,” I smiled, knowing I’d be lost without him.

Hermione cooled off by the end of the day but I was still getting burning lasers in the back of my head every time she saw me. I felt really bad; the last thing I wanted was for Ron and Hermione to break up because of me. I assumed by their reactions that their fight had been over me, and Harry’s speech had pretty much confirmed it. Neville was sweet but by the end of the day I was getting more than just a tad wound up and I almost snapped at him at dinner.

“I’m sorry Neville, I don’t mean to be nasty,” I sighed as he reeled back slightly.

“No I understand,” Neville replied caringly. “You’ve had a rough day or two, you just want a bit of peace and quiet.”

“Why can’t all guys be like you Neville?” I asked, burying my head in my hands.

Unsurprisingly for him, Neville didn’t really have much of an answer to that. Just when I thought I’d been hitting my stride, Hermione had come out of nowhere to ruin it. However, then it hit me. Why should I care what Hermione thought, what she did? I sat up, grinning at Neville who was strangely unnerved.

“What?” he asked worriedly.

“Come on,” I whispered, grabbing him and pulling him out of his seat. I dragged him over to where Dean was sitting and plonked ourselves down.

“Hey Dean,” I said, plonking myself down beside him with Neville following suit.

“Hey Lucy, hey Neville,” he replied, smiling. “Listen Lucy, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”

“Yes?” I asked, fluttering my eyelids a little. Neville rolled his eyes and I shot him a filthy look.

“7th years are allowed to head down to Hogsmeade sometimes after lessons, with a teacher’s permission,” Dean explained. “I was wondering if you wanted to go for dinner at the Hog’s Head tomorrow night?”

“Why Dean I would love to,” I replied. “I know just the teacher to ask.”

As soon as we were out of Dean’s earshot, Neville rounded on me.

“What was that supposed to be?” he blurted.

“I couldn’t care less about Ron and Hermione’s relationship,” I explained. “I’m not letting them keep me down.”

“And that has to do with Dean because…”

“Look Neville, the last few days with you have been fun, but if I spend every waking moment with you from now until the end of the year, we WILL kill each other. So I’m finding another alternative. You said yourself Dean likes me so I’d be foolish not to encourage him. I just want to have as good a time as possible at Hogwarts, and getting a boyfriend can hardly make that worse.”

“You’re being silly Luce,” Neville retorted. “Jumping on Dean so quickly after getting here.”

“As opposed to what?” I exclaimed. “Turning him down?”

“Look Lucy, I just worry that you need time to settle.”

“Neville, I have settled. Now please let me worry about my love life.”

“If you use the word love loosely,” Neville muttered.

I had told Dean I could get my dad’s permission, as he would do basically anything for me. However, standing outside the door to his office, suddenly I wasn’t so sure. I knocked and he called for me to enter.

“Hey dad, I was after a favour,” I said, giving him my largest puppy dog eyes.

“What is it Lucy?” he asked kindly and I blushed.

“7th years are allowed to go to Hogsmeade in the evenings with the permission of a professor and well, you’re a professor.”

“Why do you want to go to Hogsmeade?” he asked cautiously.

“Dean Thomas asked me on a date at the Hog’s Head tomorrow night,” I blurted, praying that would work. For a moment, there was silence.

“Well…okay then I guess. I didn’t realise you were into dating and such,” he replied quietly.

“Dad, I’m 17. You’d had sex with Lily Evans by my age,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, I just didn’t realise you were… you know. I should have.”

“Dad, I’m still your little girl and I’ve still got my cherry,” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. “You need to trust me.”

“Of course I do Lucy. Maybe this Dean will be like James was to Amy.”

“Don’t push it dad,” I snorted.


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Chapter 5: Chivalry is dead
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 I was exceedingly pissed off. I was sat on my bed, fiercely straightening the bird’s nest that was my hair with my wand. Lavender was across from me, lying back and reading some magazine about beauty and fashion and what not. I didn’t care to be honest. I didn’t hate Lavender, but she was a bit of a tool and all she cared about was social status. Don’t get me wrong, she was a sweet girl, but she fell into every bitch trap life placed in front of her. She was friends with Hermione as well. Whilst that didn’t inherently ward me off her, it certainly made me wary of her. Both Harry and Neville had told me that the recent events at Hogwarts didn’t paint Hermione in a positive light (I couldn’t agree more) but that she was a much better person than I’d seen. She probably wasn’t as bitchy as I was making her out to be. In truth, I agreed with them, but I can’t treat Hermione based on a side of her that is yet to rear its pretty head. As a result, I was cautious around her, treading carefully so to speak. Anyway, back to why I was pissed off in the first place. Back to why I was sitting on my bed, furiously attempting to save my hair and cursing under my breath every two seconds. Well, I guess I’ve started this particular bit of my story in the wrong place, but I didn’t want to lure you into a false sense of security. No matter how good this scenario may seem, TRUST ME, things got real shit, real quick. Anyway…

Five hours earlier…

It was 6pm and I was getting hungry. I’d had a big lunch to make up for the fact I was eating dinner late (dinner at Hogwarts was at half 5, Dean and I were leaving Hogwarts at 7) but even so the hunger was starting to weave its way into me. Neville offered me a bread roll, smiling sympathetically and I shot him a funny look.

“Neville, it’s not as if I’m not allowed to eat anything,” I laughed. “There are plates of food in front of me and I’m ignoring them for a reason!”

“What, so you can eat like a pig during your date?” he shot back, grinning triumphantly as I went bright red.

“Shut up Longbottom,” I snapped playfully, punching his arm lightly.

“What’re you gonna do Hunt?” he laughed, throwing the bread roll he’d offered me into my forehead. It bounced off and landed in a bowl of soup, showering me and a couple of squealing fifth years.

“You’re lucky I’m heading upstairs for a shower in a minute anyway,” I retorted as the fourth years went hysterical. Since when did 14 year olds care so damn much about how their bleached blonde hair was splattered with the odd speck of tomato? Come to think of it, when did 14 year old witches bleach their hair blonde in the first place? Who needed the scraggly roots when they had perfect dying spells at their disposal. Probably muggle-borns. In fact, definitely muggleborns. I grimaced as one of the girls screeched like a banshee. How in Merlin’s name did they end up in Gryffindor, the house of bravery? They’re scared of soup!

“Fine, just promise me you won’t snog him!” Neville ordered as I stood. I gave him the finger.

“You are not my dad Neville Longbottom. If my dad’s okay with it, so are you!”

“Whatever you say Luce,” Neville sighed. Sometimes I feel he was suffering having me as a best friend. Other times, I remind myself he was a bit of a lone wolf before I came along, now that Luna’s gone off travelling with Ralf Scamander and Ginny’s back to hanging out with 6th years and Hermione. Ah well, Neville’s got me now. Poor sod.

I showered in my dorm, allowing the warm water to envelop me and cleanse me. I strode out of the shower, grinning at the empty dorm. I dried off, deliberately ruffling my hair as I did so. Dressed only in my towel, I turned to one of the full length mirrors, my trunk open on my bed and the door locked, with a note on the outside saying to knock and give me a chance to get decent.

“Reflecticus mobilicus!” I chanted, bringing my reflection to life once again.

“If you wear those sodding jeans on your date, I will kill you!” the reflection warned.

“Dean loves my jeans!” I pouted slightly, towelling my hair as I did so.

“He also loves burgers, but I’m pretty sure he won’t order one on the date out of sheer politeness and good manners!” my reflection pointed out.

“Fine, what do you think of my hair?” I asked, twirling slightly. I’d dried it so it looked edgy and backcombed it as well to provide extra spark. Whilst I usually kept it simple and straight, I felt a bit more confident as it looked slightly shorter and spikier.

“That’s a decision we can agree on,” The reflection concurred. “Sassy, sexy, blow him away. Wear a skirt at the least.”

I sighed and levitated the contents of my trunk, picking out a suitable black short skirt, which almost reached my knees. I was showing leg, but not enough to make me look trampy. I pulled on a slightly low cut, dark green top and a grey cardigan for the walk down. Focusing on my face, I turned to my makeup section. I didn’t wear much makeup often, but Amy had bought me a pack including everything I needed (“just in case”). I rifled through it, smiling inwardly. I put on a small amount of liquid eyeliner and a touch of mascara, then blinked, staring at my eyes. The difference was minimal, but in my mind, significant. I then applied a thin layer of foundation to be safe and a touch of blusher. I then turned to my lips. Lipstick and nail varnish were two things I never wore. Just didn’t. My nails were gleaming so they were fine, but my lips were a tad dry and dull. I reached into my bag and found a small tube of pink lip gloss. Applying the final touches, I glanced at my watch. 6:45. Dean and I were meeting outside the portrait hole in fifteen minutes. Running a hand through my hair, trying to spike it up a little more, I headed back downstairs…

I slipped through the common room, trying to avoid unwanted attention, despite my appearance. I ignored the wolf-whistles from 5th and 6th years and the ogling eyes of the younger students but I blushed slightly when Ron’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and even Harry had wide-eyes. Apparently I looked better then I’d hoped for. I just hoped I didn’t upstage Dean. I needn’t have worried. He looked dashing, in a plain blue shirt and some nice trousers. His hair was slick and his smile was mesmerizing. Unfortunately, he was picking his nose. As soon as he noticed me, he stopped, going red. I smiled shyly and he blinked, his eyes fixated on me.

“You look stunning,” he exclaimed. I couldn’t help but feel a tad uncomfortable, his eyes kept slipping back down towards my chest, no matter how hard he tried to focus on my face. “Shall we head down?”

“Yeah let’s,” I replied, grinning. I took his arm and we walked down the stairs. A couple of times I tripped, unused to the heels the reflection had forced me to wear (even though they about two inches) and Dean steadied me, his smile gleaming. However, once we’d shown our passes to Filch and left the castle, he failed miserably to support me as I tripped once more and this time, ending up toppling into the fountain outside the entrance hall. I swore loudly. I knew there was a reason I didn’t wear makeup. As I fished myself out of the fountain, I caught sight of my reflection in the water. As expected, I’d forgotten to secure my makeup with magic and, (surprise surprise) I’d forgotten my wand, leaving on the bathroom floor. My cheeks were streaked with black and my fluffed up hair was flat and bedraggled. I quietly thanked Merlin that I was wearing dark green, so it wasn’t turning see through and that even if it was, my bra was black. The worst bit, however, was Dean’s reaction. He was laughing. After a couple of painful seconds, I managed a smile and hurled my heels back into the fountain, as Dean conjured a pair of plimsolls for me.

“Thanks,” I smiled as he waved his wand, drying me off.

“No worries,” he laughed.

Upon reflection, I should’ve taken that as a warning. But nope, me being me, I ploughed on, determined to enjoy my date. Dean held me close on the way down, which was nice, until the point where I was certain he was cupping a feel of my breasts, but when I shot round to face him, his hand had already moved back to my shoulder apologetically. I took it for an accident. Overall, by the time we’d reached the Hog’s Head, I’d cheered up. I was a bit of a mess but no more than after Quidditch and Dean wasn’t bothered. Yeah he’d been a bit of a bloke this evening but he was a bloke after all and I wasn’t looking for someone who’d hide who they were for a few dates then turn out to be a twat. At least Dean was honest and genuine, even if he could be a bit well like a guy.

We entered the Hog’s Head, Dean hailing the waitress as we did so. I cringed, desperately trying to divert my eyes away from the plunging neckline of the waitress. I was hoping Dean was doing something similar and to be fair to him, he was trying. Really he was. But, on a date with a cute girl or not, I find it hard to believe any guys would’ve been able to resist the temptation to glance at the bulging breasts that were almost popping out the top. I don’t think she was wearing a bra either. If this was how the Hog’s Head attracted customers, no wonder it was so full with men. However, at the time, I was a bit annoyed by it.

“Oh just look,” I snapped slightly, glaring at Dean.

“I’m sorry babe, no need to get nasty,” Dean replied, dragging his eyes back to me and looking apologetic.

“Whore!” I snarled under my breath and slapping Dean’s arm as his head twisted slightly again.

“Calm down Lucy, it’s only some waitress. You don’t need to feel threatened, I’m not going to leave you for a walking breast,” Dean replied, kissing my forehead. I felt about five years old in that moment and I lost my temper a little.

“I’m not threatened Dean, I just don’t like you alternating between ogling me and whatever slut walks past!” I growled.

“Sorry Lucy,” Dean muttered and I took a deep breath, trying to enjoy myself. “Hurry up and choose some food so we can order.”

Deep breath = pointless after that statement. I shot him evils and wrenched open the menu, deliberately taking my time. When we eventually ordered, Dean was more cheerful and we got back into conversation. The next hour or so when we sat, talked and ate, made me feel like maybe this date wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Until Dean said something stupid. Really stupid.

“So did you bring any money?”

I froze in that instant. Yes I had, but probably not enough. I hope I had enough.

“Yeah, why?” I asked quietly.

“I kind of forgot and figured you wouldn’t mind paying,” Dean grinned sheepishly. I bit my lip.

“Dean, you are kidding right? I figured we’d go fifty-fifty at least.”

“Yeah well, do you mind?” Dean asked, practically begging. I sighed and nodded. At that moment, desert arrived, a large cake that looked delicious. I relaxed in my seat, determined to enjoy desert if nothing else. Then, Dean walked behind me and whispered something in my ear.

“Do you want to head back to my dorm afterwards?”

I jumped so high I hit my head on an overhanging ledge in the booth and yelped, stumbling into the main route through the pub, hitting the deck and tripping a waiter by accident. The waiter, in case you were wondering, was carrying six triple chocolate milkshakes. Yes, before you ask, they fell on me. No, it wasn’t pretty. One soaked my leggings, another two drenched my top, with the remaining three landing yep, you guessed it, on my head. Lovely. Now not only am I paying for said huge meal, but my hair is sticky and I’m covered in chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate. But I don’t want to look like I just dipped my head in a chocolate river like its shampoo and face cleanser and trust me, in that moment I did. And I was seething.

“What kind of slut do you take me for?” I exploded, ramming Dean’s face straight into the cake. Probably not as sticky as my chocolate shower but it felt good anyway. I stormed out the Hog’s Head, more furious than sad. It was raining. Heavily. At least that washed the majority of the chocolate off my face, though it stuck in clumps in my hair, making it sticky and tangled. I was ready to kill, really I was. I stormed back to Hogwarts, not even caring how cold, wet and miserable I was. Thank fuck I chose dark colours or my breasts would be attracting every pervert from Hogsmeade to London.

I reached the castle and then entered the entrance hall. Neville. He was being lifted in the air, upside down by his ankles and Draco Malfoy was hooting nastily, his wand raised. I cracked. I’m not gonna lie, what I did next was stupid and I probably deserved what I got but hell, I’d just the shittest date ever and the biggest twat ever was bullying my best friend. Neville's wand was lying on the floor nearby and I ran over and snatched it up.

“Libracorpus,” I growled and Neville dropped to the floor. He glanced at me, horror struck as he think he realised what I was going to do. That made one of us. Malfoy turned to me, stepping towards me. Neville ran behind me and I snarled at Malfoy.

“Stupefy!” I yelled, blasting him into the wall behind him. I would’ve used a worse spell but stupefy was the first one that popped into my head. Damn, if only I’d thought of Sectumsempra at the time.


I turned, to see that my father and McGonagall had caught the end of the fight. Yeah, the bit where I blasted Malfoy. Even now, Goyle and a couple of his other cronies were pretending to tremble in fear of me as Malfoy picked himself up, a terrified look on his face. McGonagall looked more murderous, my dad shocked. Neville’s mouth was hanging open, dumbstruck. Fantastic. Fuck. My. Life.

Yeah, before you ask, they were pissed. McGonagall and my dad I mean. McGonagall said a lot of rubbish about negative influence and how I needed to not sink down to Malfoy’s level and fighting was unacceptable. To be perfectly honest, I missed much of the lecture, I was glaring furiously, still monumentally hacked off with my night so far. Before I had a chance to my dad, though I doubt I would’ve, he headed off and McGonagall took me back to Gryffindor Tower. Neville and Malfoy had already been dismissed. I’m glad Neville hadn’t been punished, but I was furious at Malfoy.

McGonagall trusted me to get back from the Seventh Floor corridor, but as I entered, Peeves was there. Just my fucking luck. His eyes trained on me like a hawk and he grinned evilly. I’ve mentioned before my explosive hair and its relation to stress? Well I was fucking stressed and I’m pretty sure it looked as though something had died on my head, the chocolate and rain doing little to help. Peeves cackled and swooped dropping a small capsule near me. I recoiled as a freezing cold wind popped out and blasted me back. I coughed as the wind choked my air and then my eyes opened wide. Peeves was holding a giant hose. Suddenly, goggles were pinned to my face. Where was my fucking wand? Where was McGonagall? Where was Neville?

“Eat paint!” Peeves screeched and fired. I covered my face but that was all I could do as Peeves’ hose hammered me with a thick substance I assumed to be paint judging by his statement. I had my eyes tightly shut. I opened my eyes as it stopped. Peeves had gone. I sighed in relief and then realised what colour my hands were. Purple. I hate purple. Probably mentioned that already but in case you’ve forgotten, purple is my arch enemy. I hate it so much. And now I AM purple. Apart from most of my face, which I blocked with my hands. Yay. Note my sarcasm.

I trudged back through the common room. When I’d left a few hours ago, every guy in the room had been admiring my breasts, perfect makeup and beautifully tousled hair. When I re-entered, they were staring at a girl who was purple from head to toe, drenched, and had hair that probably been struck by lightning at some point. Oh and there was still chocolate milkshake and streaked mascara on my cheeks. Yeah, they weren’t ogling anymore. Try laughing. Neville ran over but I was up in my dorm before he could stop me. I wasn’t going to cry. I was too proud for that. But I was seething. Oh boy I was seething. I showered panic-stricken which leads us to where I began this particular section of my story.

I was sat on my bed, calming myself down as I picked at my hair with my wand (I’m never letting it out my sight again). Word of advice, when trying to calm down, it’s better not to have chunks of your hair having to be cut off because they’re so damn tangled, sticky and refusing to turn the colour they should. Lavender looked over and I could tell she felt sorry for me.

“Do you need a hand with that hair?” she asked, smiling a little.

“Please,” I sighed.

Lavender sat on my bed and ran her hands through my hair (sort of).

“Shit this is a mess,” she muttered. “What happened?”

“Chocolate milkshakes, bucket loads of rain, stress, blasting wind charm and a hose full of purple paint,” I reeled off, snarling slightly at the memory.

“I have just the spell,” Lavender muttered then worked for a few minutes. I glanced in the mirror when she was finished and smiled. My hair was back to its natural dark colour, no longer stained with the purple. It was also as straight as could be expected and went down instead of wherever it pleased. I also had several shorter layers, but they were only layers and were areas that were simply unfixable. I looked normal.

“Thanks Lavender,” I grinned. “You’re a saint.”

“Chivalry is dead,” Lavender pointed out. “Girls have to help each other out, because guys sure as hell aren’t going to.”

I loved Lavender in that moment. Then, Hermione and Parvati bundled in and started gossiping with Lavender and she fell back into them and I went to bed, knowing that at least the only things I had to dread were the sniggering of little Gryffindors and a detention. Oh and telling Neville he was right. And talking to my dad. And facing Dean. And that’s not including the problems with Ron and Malfoy, which was only going to get worse. Okay, so I knew the next few days were gonna suck. But at least I got some sleep.

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Chapter 6: Nail in the Coffin
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 The next morning, it felt a little bit like the whole world was against me. I tried my best to ignore the sniggers and giggles of little children as they passed, but I was starting to blush when older, more attractive students made snide comments when I walked by. I made it to breakfast feeling awful, but at least I looked presentable, which was a small miracle after my appearance less than 12 hours earlier. Neville shot me a sympathetic smile as I entered, hurriedly sitting down before the whole school had a chance to stare and laugh as I entered. Okay, so I’m being overdramatic, either way it was an embarrassing moment.

“Are you okay Luce?” Neville asked, putting his arm around me as I flopped down beside him and buried my head in the table, desperately wishing I was the table.

“Do I look it Neville?” I muttered through the wood. I’m not sure he understood me.


“No, okay I don’t,” I snapped slightly, dragging my head up. “You were 100% right about my date with Dean, it was a disaster. He was a jerk and then it rained and then Peeves got me with the purple hose. And now, the whole school is laughing at me.”

“Lucy,” Neville smiled kindly and I wanted to melt into his arms. “These sorts of things happen all the time, they die down after a couple of days, trust me. And, well, at least you gave Dean a chance, a try, even though it turned out to be a huge mistake and he was a giant tool.”

I smiled despite myself. Neville had found the perfect thing to say and made me feel a hell of a lot better about the whole thing.

“Oh and I’m sorry I landed you in detention,” he added, going slightly pink. “I should be able to handle Malfoy by now.”

“That was not your fault Neville,” I replied immediately. “We shouldn’t have to take that crap from Malfoy, especially not now that the war is over. Malfoy’s lucky he’s not in Azkaban, let alone Hogwarts, and he thinks he can treat you like that?”

“Yeah well I’m used to it,” Neville murmured. I wanted to kick him up the backside but I figured he didn’t need it right at this moment.

“Don’t let him walk over you Nev,” I muttered, squeezing Neville’s hand.

“Dean approaching,” Neville coughed, warning me. I swore under my breath and saw Dean standing behind me, a sheepishly apologetic look on his face and his hands out stretched slightly pleadingly.

“Hey Lucy,” he began. “Before you shout at me, I’d just like to really apologise for last night. I screwed up and went in way too strong and it won’t happen again. I’m not going to ask for a second chance because I don’t deserve one, but I hope we can go back to being friends.” His words were so sweet and heartfelt, they helped dissipate most of my anger. That and the whole night hadn’t been his fault, just bits of it (most of it).

“Give me some time Dean,” I replied eventually. “I like you, but last night was probably the worst night of my life, so you’re not getting off that easily.”

“I get it, thanks anyway Lucy,” Dean smiled and walked off as Neville shot me a funny look and I just shrugged and went back to my breakfast.

Sure enough, Neville was right (as always). People stopped caring about my little purple mishap and by the time my detention came on Friday night, I was cheering up. I was letting Dean stew for a while and I hadn’t encountered either Hermione or Malfoy since that night. However, my attempts to talk to my dad had been successfully rebuffed. He’d been avoiding me since the incident. And it wasn’t a good feeling. Every time in the last few days I’d tried to talk to him, he’d darted out of my way or come up with some lame excuse. He’d completely ignored me in lessons and I was getting hacked off. However, he wouldn’t be able to ignore me during the detention I had with him that evening. At least I hoped not. I arrived at 7:30, right on time for my detention. Two girls were standing outside my dad’s office, obviously they had detention too. I opened my mouth to speak but one of the girls shook her head. I raised an eyebrow. Why couldn’t I talk? She pointed at the door and I frowned. I pressed my ear against the door and heard my dad rowing with McGonagall.

“She’s my daughter Minerva and she’s in my house, I can punish her whatever way I see fit!”

“This isn’t about punishment Jake, you need to talk to her for crying out loud. What kind of message is giving her the silent treatment sending? You need to teach her how to act, not blank her because she made a mistake.”

“With all due respect Minerva, this is none of your business. How I treat my daughter when it relates with school is completely relevant, but this is personal and I would appreciate it if you left me and my daughter to settle our differences alone.”

“As you wish Jake, just remember, she is vulnerable. We all are.”

“The Movement would not dare make a move against Hogwarts,” Dad whispered, so low I barely heard it.

“I hope so.”

I could tell McGonagall was leaving and moved away from the door, trying to look like I hadn’t heard every word and was trying to digest what I’d heard. McGonagall ignored all three of us as she walked off, but my dad turned to us, looking both tired and pissed off. If I’d learnt one thing about my dad since joining Hogwarts, he didn’t do well with stress.

“Okay you three,” he said wearily. “You’re going to be here for three hours, during which time I want my room spotless. If it isn’t, you’ll be back tomorrow to finish, Quidditch or no Quidditch,” he finished firmly, seeing the look on my face. “Give me your wands so I know you won’t do any magic.”

The other two girls handed him their wands but I merely shot him a filthy look, which he managed to return.

“Wand, Hunt or you’ll be back here both tomorrow and Sunday.”

“Yes Professor,” I snarled, handing over my wand. My dad swept out the room, heading up to his office. As I sighed and turned to look at his filthy classroom, which must’ve had first years as their last lesson of the day, I realised the two girls were looking at me. One of them was tall, nearly 6 feet, with flowing blonde ringlets and inquisitive blue eyes. She was really pretty and she had a nice figure but she also had an innocent look in her eyes and in her pale skin. The other girl was much shorter than both of us, though not as short as some other people I’d seen around. Her flaming ginger hair came down to her shoulders and her hazel eyes were as fiery as her hair. She was also glancing at me with a questioning, though slightly more aggressive expression and I smiled sheepishly at the pair.

“You’re Lucy Hunt, Professor Hunt’s daughter,” the ginger girl challenged.

“Be nice Zara,” the blonde girl implored, beaming at me. “I’m Kate Rudder and this is Zara Healmsly. We’re 6th year Gryffindors.”

“Hi,” I muttered in reply, moving to scrub a table with the cleaning supplies provided. “I guess you guys heard the whole conversation between my dad and McGonagall?”

“Yeah,” Kate replied, an apologetic tone to her voice. “I’m sorry about your dad.”

“He’s never normal a jerk,” I replied coldly. “Now I really want to try out for Quidditch tomorrow so can we please just get to work?”

“Sorry,” Kate blushed and I felt bad. “We’ll just start over here and you can do your thing.”

They moved across the room and I instantly felt bad. They hadn’t asked to be here anymore than I had and they hadn’t meant to overhear McGonagall and my dad. I sighed, then headed over to where they were talking.

“Hi guys, listen I’m sorry I was so brash,” I smiled. “So, what did you two do to end up here?”

“Well,” Kate grimaced thinking about it. “This jerk from Hufflepuff cheated on me, so I dumped him and we decided to teach him a lesson.”

“And?” I was curious now.

“We got caught,” Zara interjected. “But if you see a guy walking around with SCUMBAG tattooed on his forehead, that was us.”

“Haha,” I replied, briefly enjoying the guy’s pain. “But why would anyone cheat on you Kate, you’re gorgeous?”

“Yeah, well…” Kate blushed. “Apparently I wasn’t willing enough for him.”

“What do you mean?” I frowned.

“I wouldn’t shag him, so he found someone who would,” Kate spat, tears appearing in her eyes. I felt like shit.

“I’m really sorry Kate, I shouldn’t have asked,” I said, placing my arm on her shoulder.

“No it’s fine,” she smiled tearfully. “We’ve both got problems, and sometimes sharing helps.”

“Guys, without wanting to break up this little love fest, we do have to clean this room!” Zara interrupted.

“She’s right, let’s get to work,” I said, pulling Kate to her feet.

We managed to finish tiding the room by the time my dad arrived. I tried to catch him afterwards but he dismissed us. I hammered on his door for about ten minutes but to no avail. I also managed to get to know both Zara and Kate a lot better, and we became quick friends. They were both in Gryffindor house, so were likely to be trying out for the team the next day. It was a Gryffindor tradition that anyone who could pick up a broom tried out for the team, no matter how good or bad they were. It was the captain (Harry)’s job to sift through the at best average players to find those good enough to represent Gryffindor. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t confident. My mum was a brilliant flyer, and I had her genes on my side.

Harry started off with the easy positions: Keeper and seeker. To prove his worth (three idiots had decided to challenge him for his role), he caught the snitch five times in ten minutes and then watched the hapless fliers try to outdo him. They failed. Miserably. Keeper was also easy as Ron excelled, flogging all the other wannabe keepers within minutes. Then, came the slighter harder position of beaters. The previous beaters, Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote, put on a decent display, but then Kate and Zara got in the air. I gasped. They outflew Coote and Peakes by a mile. Individually, they were half-decent but they flew together, refusing Harry’s objections as they worked in tandem, battering the bludgers towards their targets. Their teamwork was on par with that of the Weasley twins, though their skills were not as impressive. Harry congratulated them on making the team and I confronted them.

“Why didn’t you two join the team last year?” I asked, laughing.

“Lack of confidence and teamwork, we’ve been practicing a hell of a lot together this last year or so,” Zara explained.

“That, and we didn’t have our own brooms,” Kate added. “We’ve been using school ones until we got given some by our parents to celebrate the fall of You-Know-Who.”

“Must we call him that?” I asked exasperated. “Surely we can call him Voldemort now he’s dead?”

Whatever retort Kate had, it was silenced as Harry called forth his chasers. This was the most popular position on the team, especially as Katie Bell’s retirement meant that there was definitely an open spot. Which I thoroughly intended to fill, whatever Dean hoped. He considered himself the favourite for the spot, having filled in in his sixth year (no Quidditch last year, fucking Snape and the Carrows) but I knew I could beat him, having played with him a couple of times. Harry knew this was going to be a nightmare, so made us fly three laps around the pitch before anything else. I could’ve done it in my sleep, as could around a dozen others. However, before Harry could set us our next challenge, we were interrupted by a screaming match from the stands. But this wasn’t a normal argument, this was a Ron-Hermione argument. Their fighting had become almost comical and everyone was placing bets on when they’d break up. Judging by the crossing of fingers and grinning look on Zara’s face, she’d put money on today.

“You never consider my feelings Ron! You mope about, you leer at girls!” Hermione was shouting (yes, some idiot/legend magnified their voices so our entire try-outs could hear).

“You always expect so much from me, everything has to be about you Hermione!” Ron retorted.

“I’m your girlfriend Ron, excuse me for wanting a little bit more than just a grunt at breakfast and a kiss on the cheek before bed!” Hermione snapped.

“I do what I can Hermione, but my life doesn’t revolve around you! I’ve got other things on my mind you know!”

“What, like Lucy?”

Everybody looked at me. Kill. Me. Now.

“What the hell are you talking about Hermione? I don’t care about her!” Ron yelled.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her! Well you’re welcome to her because I’m through Ron. Through with all this stress and through with you. Now fuck off out of my sight!”

The looks I was getting made me want to curl up into a ball. Luckily, Ginny broke the tension by swearing loudly and paying Zara ten galleons, as did many of the other sixth and seventh years in the vicinity. Even Neville handed over his money. Harry shot Ginny an appalled look.

“What?” she murmured. “Just because she’s my best friend and he’s my brother doesn’t mean I didn’t think they’d last a couple more days.”

“Read it and weep guys,” Zara chuckled, revelling in her gold. “I’m getting me a new Nimbus 2002.”

Once the Chaser trials were back underway, Harry was grumpier than ever. He clearly wanted it over and done with so he could talk to his two best mates, but the rest of us all wanted a spot on the team more than anything. Ginny was never going to fail to get a spot, so it was a surprise to no-one when Harry announced her chaser. I grimaced slightly when Demelze Robins was named the second chaser but had expected it. I shot Dean a half-smile, half-challenge before Harry looked at me.

“Lucy Hunt is our third chaser, congrats Luce,” he said, his smile not reaching his eyes. I squirmed slightly. Yes I was chaser but Harry was pissed off, blaming me for Ron and Hermione’s messy break up. He disbanded the trials and Ron ran up to those of us that were left. He pulled me over to one side and I followed him off the pitch, Harry and Ginny in close proximity and the girls and Neville lingering nearby.

“I’m really sorry about that Lucy,” he said, aware of the others watching us. “This isn’t your fault and you mustn’t let Hermione get to you. She’s harmless really. And if anybody gives you a hard time about it, tell them to talk to me. To be honest,” he leaned in closer and lowered his voice. “Hermione was really starting to get on my nerves. She’s almost as clingy as Lavender. And she’s bossy as fuck.”

I couldn’t help but smile at Ron’s comment. Despite everything, I’d always liked his personality. He was a funny guy, with a caring streak a mile long.

“Don’t say that stuff about her Ron, I’m sure she’s a great person,” I replied, although I struggled with the sincerity of the statement. Ron smiled.

“I know. She’ll come around, even if we only stay friends. To be honest, I reckon we’d be better off as friends, our whole relationship has been a bit crash and burn, even before you turned up.”

I felt a huge pang of sympathy for Ron and smiled back at him. Our somewhat tender moment was interrupted as Harry and Ginny cleared their throats.

“Ron, as much as neither of us want to take sides or get involved in this whole you/Hermione fiasco, we both agree it would be pretty dickish of you to get with Lucy so soon after the breakup,” Ginny said diplomatically.

“I wouldn’t!” I interrupted before Ron could reply.

“She’s right Ginny, none of this is her fault!” Neville snapped.

“Maybe not, but I don’t see her pushing him off,” Ginny retorted. I stepped towards her but Ron held me back.

“Leave her alone,” Ron growled.

“He’s right Ginny,” Harry intervened, smoothing things over. “None of this is down to Lucy, so let’s leave it to Ron and Hermione.”

I nodded and smiled at Ron once more before joining Zara and Kate, both of whom were shooting me odd looks.

“What?” I asked.

“Be careful Lucy, it looks like you’re playing with fire,” Zara muttered. “And chances are, you’re going to get burned.”


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Chapter 7: Too much Testosterone
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 Testosterone must have been invented to torture women. Because when they thought a girl was good looking, boy did they show it. Take right now for instance. We’ve just had a very hard, very impressive Quidditch practice session. So what does our delightful captain, Mr Harry Potter himself do? Take his girlfriend up to his dorm for a quick shag to release all that pent up energy. Now before you ask, no I didn’t go and watch to ensure they actually were. But the breathless, tousled look the pair had when they got back down suggested they’d been at it like rabbits. Now I’m not exactly a stickler, I’d have sex if it was with the right guy (if there is one, most of them are jerks) but the fact that Harry got horny and was able to bed Ginny there and then says huge amounts about why guys should come with built in collars and leads. Not that Ginny would agree, if her messy hair and exhausted grin are anything to go by.

“They’re at it again,” Neville murmured to me as we sat on the sofa in the common room.

“Tell me about it,” I replied, flicking the page of my Quidditch weekly magazine. “Oh look, Victor Krum’s been voted sexiest Quidditch player ever, again! Find someone else to talk about, for merlin’s sake!”

“Krum’s hot!” Zara protested. I rolled my eyes. “He is! I would kill to have a shot at that. And to think Hermione dropped him for Ron!”

“That’s looking like a pretty bad decision now,” Kate muttered and I grinned despite myself. It had been several days since their breakup and neither of them were speaking to the other. Hermione had taken to embedding herself in her studies, whilst Ron drove Harry and Dean insane with talk of everything but, well, Hermione.

“I wish they’d just go back out,” Neville interjected sadly. “They were such a cute couple.”

“Cute’s one word,” I snorted, hurling my magazine into the fire.

“You should try your luck with Ron,” Kate said to me. I shot her an evil look.

“Why? I’ve not even been at Hogwarts that long at all and the last time I thought hooking up with a guy was a good idea I got detention and ended up looking more like a plum than anything else. I fucking hate purple and I hate Peeves.”

I had gotten into the bad habit of swearing every time someone brought up that evening. Zara took over.

“You should give Ron a chance, he’s a nice guy and Hermione was never going to be good enough for him. He’s a guy, they only care about lookers.”

“And I’m…a looker?” I raised an eyebrow. “Neville?”

Neville went bright red and muttered something about pretty. I rolled my eyes. He may have been my closest male friend but he was fucking useless when it came to my appearance.

“You are hot!” Zara replied. “Your tits are about twice the size of Hermione’s and you’ve got great legs too.”

“Guys, can we not talk about my breasts!” I asked, blushing almost as bad as Neville, as Kate giggled.

“No, continue, we were very much enjoying that conversation,” Ron interrupted, him and Dean leaning over the sofa behind me. Ron was grinning at me but Dean’s eyes were lingering over to the other side of the fireplace, where Zara and Kate were sitting.

“Ronald Weasley!” I snapped, pushing his face away playfully. Ron and Dean laughed. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Harry and Ginny head back upstairs. Kate caught my eye and winked.

“So gentlemen, did you come to talk about tits or do you have any more meaningful conversation?” I asked, a teasing look slipping onto my face.

“What could be more meaningful?” Dean asked, winking at Kate who went crimson. My eyes glued themselves to her in alarm. Was she blushing at Dean? Oh hell.

“Don’t answer that,” Ron said, vaulting the sofa and slipping in between me and Neville. Neville groaned and Ron winked at him.

“I’m going to bed, night girls,” Neville groaned.

In hindsight, I probably should have remembered what was going on in Neville’s dorm but it had slipped my mind. That or I was feeling cruel. Lucy 1, Testosterone 0.

“So Lucy, are you going to introduce me to your friends?” Ron asked, grinning sheepishly at Kate and Zara, who were a mixture of awkward and gigglish. Please for the love of God girls, don’t fucking swoon over him.

“This is Kate and Zara, they’re in Ginny’s year,” I said, earning daggers from my new best friends.

“Is that the only introduction we get? How about beater extraordinaire?” Zara quizzed.

“Yeah, you two have mad beating skills,” Dean interjected, still resting on the sofa behind my head. “Shame I didn’t make the team this year.”

“The chaser crop was just too fine this year Dean,” I grinned, enjoying my victory. “It’s just a shame that you and Harry are the only males on the team Ron, I wanted some decent eye-candy in the dressing room, and all we get is you and my cousin.”

Ron went red. Lucy 2, Testosterone 0.

“If you want decent eye-candy, you should’ve let me in the team,” Dean winked. Kate swooned. Fuck. Lucy 2, Testosterone 1.

“Kate, could I have a quick word?” I asked sharply, ignoring the spluttering Ron at my side. I would enjoy that later.

I practically dragged Kate away from the sofas and rounded on her as she stood, sheepish and embarrassed.

“What the hell are you doing?” I hissed. “That’s Dean Thomas! He’s not even worth a second glance, let alone a mother-fucking swoon.”

“Sorry Lucy,” Kate replied weakly (obviously after the fucking swoon). “He’s really good-looking you know?”

“He’s not that good looking! Besides, he’s shit on dates!” I groaned exasperatedly.

“Yeah, I know,” Kate hung her head. “I’m not going to date him Lucy, I’m not. I won’t subject myself to that. But if I ever get really horny and he’s there…”

Oh for fuck’s sake Kate. Don’t go all fucking Ginny on me. Lucy 2, Testosterone 2. Just for that sentence. Well done Kate.

“Just go sit down and try not to faint,” I grimaced, turning to follow her when a hand grabbed my arm out of the dark. I winced as sharp nails dug into me. Hermione stepped out of the shadows, tearful and livid.

“How’s Ron? I hope you’re enjoying him!” she snarled. I shoved her off and made for the main part of the common room, where people would see us. Hermione muttered a spell and my legs locked. I hit the floor and rolled over to face her, furiously scrambling for my wand.

“I don’t like him Hermione, what do you want me to do? Shrink my own breasts so your boyfriend will love you more?” I yelled, finally removing my wand from my trousers, only for Hermione to disarm me. My shouting had attracted the attention of the common room. Zara and Kate were already on their feet, but couldn’t break through the crowd that was forming around us.

“I don’t know what you did to him, but you ruined our relationship!” Hermione screeched. Boy she sounded desperate and I shouldn’t have goaded her. But I was pissed off and sick of everyone acting like this was my fault.

“Oh please!” I retorted. “It’s hardly my fault you aren’t getting any. If you’re that desperate, Dean over there’s flirting with anything that moves.”

Okay, that was stupid. That not only pissed off both Hermione and Dean, but the looks I was getting from Kate told me that she didn’t take too kindly to being referred to as “anything that moves”. Dean was shuffling towards the exit. Good for him, he screwed me over. Hermione fired stunning jinxes, but I twisted left and right to avoid them. Someone (I assume Ron) broke the leg-locking jinx and I barrelled into Hermione, who raked her nails across my cheek. That hurt. Like a bitch. So I kicked the bitch. Hermione rolled back and the crowd cheered. They hadn’t seen a good cat-fight in ages. I was not going to oblige. I stood up, picked up my wand and walked away, turning back only to Petrificus Totalus Hermione when she lunged at me. I broke through the crowd to see Ron, Kate and Zara looking at me. I shot them apologetic looks.

“I’m sorry Kate, that was out of order,” I said. Kate shrugged and smiled despite herself.

“Dean deserved that. I know you’re just looking out for me. Come on Zara, I need sleep.”

The two girls headed up and Hermione was still struggling to break the hold whilst the crowd had dispersed. Ron and I had a brief moment of harmony.

“I’m sorry about her, she’s just jealous because I’d rather go out with you than her,” Ron said calmly. I swore internally.

“Ron, don’t say things like that, I don’t feel that way about you,” I groaned. It was true. I liked Ron, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t get the urge to rip his top off every time I saw him. He nodded sadly. Lucy 3, Testosterone 2.

“Sorry Lucy,” Ron said quietly. At that moment, the tension was broken by a loud screaming as Neville tore down the dorm stairs. He crashed into the common room, his face nothing short of traumatised as he hurtled over to me, nearly knocking me off my feet before Ron steadied me. I tried hard not to laugh at poor Neville, knowing exactly what had caused his state.

“Lucy!” he panted. “Harry…Ginny…”

“Yes, I know, living in sin, isn’t it awful?” I giggled, trying desperately hard to contain my laughter.

“On my bed Lucy. On my bed!”

Okay, that was it. Here come the waterworks. I burst out laughing, unable to stop. If it weren’t for Ron steadying me, I’d have hit the floor I was laughing so hard. On Neville’s bed of all places! Neville looked horror-struck as I managed to stop laughing. Lucy 1,000,000, Testosterone 2.

“I’m sorry Neville, but that’s fucking hilarious!” I laughed.

“Thanks Lucy,” he sulked.

“You think you got it bad? Hermione just went psycho on me!” I said, making wild hand gestures. Ron and Neville’s faces went pale. I spun on the spot and Hermione was standing behind me, her face murderous. I reached for my wand but she was quicker and disarmed me. I flinched as she opened her mouth.


The call came from behind me and blasted Hermione off her feet, causing her to drop both wands, which I quickly scooped up and turned to my saviour. I had thoroughly expected it to be Ron or Neville, but then I suppose it’s not surprising that it wasn’t, neither of them would have had the guts to stun Hermione. I half-expected it to be Zara or Kate but they were safely up in bed, oblivious to the current scenario. Hell, it might’ve even been a show of chivalry from Dean that was long overdue.

But nope, instead, I turned to see Harry Potter, wand raised, looking as fearsome as the day he defeated Voldemort. Okay, so not THAT fierce but he was pretty damn scary. And he had just stunned Hermione. I didn’t think I would ever see the day. Nor did anyone else for that matter. The whole room was in shock, including Ron and Neville, who were as gormless as Crabbe and Goyle (back before, you know). Ginny was stood right behind Harry. She’d been desperately trying to button up her shirt and smooth out her hair so people wouldn’t notice (failed miserably Ginny, I can see that bra) but now she was frozen. Not that anyone cared about them anymore. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley sneaking away to shag was old news. Harry Potter stunning his best friend over a girl (admittedly his cousin) he’d just met was something new. And believe me, I was as surprised as everyone else. Maybe he’d been worried about the health of his chaser (yeah right) or maybe he’d gone with the whole blood is thicker than water thing. Whatever the case, he’d just saved my arse. I guess I owe testosterone one. I opened my mouth but he shook his head and gestured for me to follow.

“Let’s take a walk Lucy, that’d be good.”

I stepped over Hermione’s unconscious body and, aware that everyone was staring, followed Harry out the common room…

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Chapter 8: Potter to Potter
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 “Harry, I…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Harry interrupted, sweeping a cloak out of his bag. “Get under here, I like to have some privacy.”

It was his invisibility cloak. I grinned to myself but tried not to let my excitement appear on my face as I pulled the cloak over myself and Harry slipped under next to me. I shot him a grin and he smiled back wearily. We carried on walking, heading out towards the forest.

“Why did you help me Harry?” I asked eventually, as we moved away from the castle. He sighed and I could tell he was wrestling with himself.

“Hermione’s not herself at the moment,” Harry replied sadly, pulling the cloak off us as we sat on the grass. “And you don’t deserve to be treated like she’s been treating you. Ron’s right, she’s pinning all their problems on you. I figured I owed you one as well, I’ve been a bit harsh towards you as well.”

“Thanks Harry,” I replied, smiling softly at him. “I guess I could’ve made things easier for everyone but I never realised how bitchy Hogwarts could be.”

“It’s a school,” Harry pointed out. “A magical school yes, but still a school. Gossip rules every school and Hogwarts is no different.”

“I hate it,” I confessed. The truth was it made me so…angry and depressed. It sucked away my life. “I preferred it when it was just me and dad.”

Harry hugged me gently, and I felt like sobbing. Hogwarts ground me down, beat me to a pulp and for once, I finally felt as though there was nothing worth staying at Hogwarts for. Harry held me for a few minutes whilst I sobbed and I hated myself.

“Sorry Harry,” I groaned, pulling myself off him. “I’m not a crier generally, I can’t remember the last time I sobbed like this. But it just… it’s so damn stressful you know? I mean there’s Malfoy, who wants to murder me every time I glance at him; Hermione wants my guts on a platter; Dean was a real prick to me; my dad won’t talk to me anymore. What’s the damn point of it Harry? I was fine learning magic with my dad but I had to blunder into Hogwarts, thinking that meeting you would make my life so much better!”

“Lucy,” Harry interrupted, looking into my eyes. “Hogwarts can be a tough place, but it can be amazing as well. You’ve had some great moments, you just need to hold onto the good and get rid of the bad. I’m going to talk to Hermione and you need to talk to your dad, rebuild that bridge. As for Malfoy, well, there’s nothing we can do about Malfoy, but you’ve already proved you can duel, so I doubt he’ll be too eager to pick a fight.”

“Thanks Harry, you have no idea how much that means…” I smiled tearfully.

“I guess we all need a helping hand when we first join,” Harry grinned. “You’ve got Neville, he’s a good guy. You two make a cute couple.”

I shot Harry a look of pure horror.

“Harry!” I gasped. “He’s too…Neville! He’s a good guy but he’d be the worst boyfriend in history!”

“Okay, okay,” Harry grinned, rubbing my shoulder. “I know when to take a hint. I guess the male population isn’t what it used to be.”

“Tell me about it,” I giggled. “I wish I’d stayed with my muggle boyfriend Steve. He may not have known magic, but boy was he magical.”

“You and he…” Harry began.

“God no!” I cried, almost laughing. “But we did everything but. And he’s such a great guy, I just wish I could’ve brought him with me. As good as Hogwarts is, it’s lacking in flair.”

“It’s a boring school of magic?” Harry chuckled.

“That’s not what I meant,” I chuckled. “I just meant it needs more romance.”

“It’s still recovering,” Harry explained. “People need time to get over the Second Wizarding War. Ron and Hermione need time.”

“Thanks Harry,” I smiled. “You’re a terrific guy.”

“Don’t worry about it, we all need some time with a friend just to relax if we want to make it out of Hogwarts sane,” Harry replied. “Hang in there Lucy, you know where I am if you need me.”

“Harry,” I asked, the idea coming into my head. “What do you know about The Movement?”

He flinched when I mentioned it and then hurriedly tried to cover it up.

“Movement? What movement?”

“Harry don’t bullshit me.”

“No. Sorry. The Movement are a team of Death Eaters still fighting after the 2nd war. Some of them are just out for revenge, some believe they can resurrect Voldie. Hell, some are just fighting for power. But they’re dangerous and we can’t pin them down. The Order, or what’s left of it anyway, think they’ll attack me and those close to me.”

“McGonagall thinks I’m a target. But they can’t infiltrate Hogwarts surely?”

“Honestly Luce? I don’t know what they’re capable of…”

I think that it took this conversation to really convince me how great a person Harry Potter truly was. And he was right. Yes, my time at Hogwarts had been bumpy, but I had to focus on the positives and stick by the people that mattered most. And I knew that everyone needed a good cry every now and again. But it also made me more alert than ever about the dangers outside the walls of Hogwarts and how I’d gotten myself into deep shit. Again.

We headed back up to the castle, me remarkably more cheerful than when we left. By this point in his life, Harry could pretty much come and go as he pleased, he was never caught leaving the castle afterwards, especially with his cloak and Marauders Map. We returned to the common room without any chance of mishap. Harry grinned at me and then we entered the common room. At which point all my cheeriness and goodwill plummeted. Kate and Dean were snogging. In full view. Now I was not jealous and I didn’t want Dean for myself, but I was pissed off, because I knew exactly what would happen. Poor Kate would fall head over heels and then Dean would screw her over. I was wondering at what point I’d become so damn cynical about life at Hogwarts and guys in general. Harry raised his eyebrow and I shrugged. I turned away from the pair before they made me sick, only to see Zara and Neville in a similar position. Jesus Christ, if I was still keeping score, testosterone would be miles out in front. I groaned and headed up to my room, wondering which of the idiots I would slap first in the morning…

Maybe I was a bit hasty in my decision to storm off to bed. Oh well, I had a nice sleep that night and I was in a kind of alright mood in the morning. I woke up nice and early and headed down to breakfast after checking in with the reflection. Neville was sitting alone at the Gryffindor table, which was mainly empty. I sat down beside him, shooting him a questioning look as he shrivelled into himself.

“Nev? Want to explain what happened last night?” I asked. My voice was gentle but there was a clear edge to it.

“So I got with Zara, why does it matter?” he mumbled.

“Because you’re two of my best friends and the last thing I need is you two suddenly being really awkward around each other.”

“What makes you think things will be awkward?” Neville protested weakly.

“Neville, no offence but you were born awkward,” I snorted, causing him to shrink even further. “Come on Neville, talk to me.”

“Okay Lucy, I really like her okay?” Neville blurted. “She’s really pretty so I made a stupid mistake and I just kissed her!”

“What happened?” I asked, my voice laced with care.

“I kissed her. She didn’t stop me but afterwards she just looked at me like I was a freak or something. Then she ran upstairs and I haven’t seen her since. What the fuck have I done Lucy?”

Now you see why kisses are such a bad thing. They ruin friendships. And I end up picking up the flak, just like Neville did and would do for me. That’s how our friendship works. And I don’t mind. Not one bit. But I feel awful for him, especially because Zara’s a good friend as well. This is one hell of a mess we’ve gotten into. Now all I needed was a cataclysmic Dean Thomas sized hole in Kate’s heart and everything’s peachy. Hopefully said hole would wait until I could patch up these two idiots. Or, as chances would probably be, not.

“Neville, I’ll talk to her,” I sighed, standing up to head back to the common room.

“No, just stay with me please Luce,” Neville sounded pathetic but I imagined I wasn’t much better when I was sobbing into Harry’s shoulder. I nodded and sat back down, rubbing his arm gently as he refused to eat his breakfast.

As I left the Great Hall to head to the library (I had a free first and I assumed I’d meet either Zara or Kate there, the pair had dodged breakfast, as had Dean), I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Malfoy. Every urge in my body told me to ignore him that it was not my battle to fight. But I couldn’t. He was up to no good, I was sure of it. His usual swagger was replaced by a stealthy crawl as he crept towards the corridors to the dungeons. I watched him out the corner of my eye, blending into my surrounding students so he didn’t notice me. I grabbed Harry as he passed and hissed into his ear:

“Malfoy’s up to no good, let me borrow your cloak.”

Harry shot me an inquisitive look but eventually handed over his cloak, which I slipped under and followed Malfoy into the dungeons. I kept as low and as quiet as possible, trying not to get too close to Malfoy in case he spotted me (he had previous experience of the cloak after all). He seemed oblivious to my presence, so I hurried after him, down the deep winding staircase that led down to Slughorn’s classroom. I figured he wasn’t headed for the Slytherin common room, which was in the other direction and the fact that Goyle wasn’t snooping around made me even more suspicious. I followed quietly and Malfoy spun round. I froze on the spot, not daring to move. My wand was clutched close to my chest and I breathed as lightly as I could, even though my heart was pumping like a jackhammer.

“Goyle? Is the coast clear?” Malfoy hissed.

There was a grunt from a passing 1st year. Polyjuice, they used that before, Harry told me. I swore inwardly but Malfoy didn’t notice me and carried on, into Slughorn’s classroom itself, even though Sluggy himself was nowhere to be seen. I raced after him, able to slip through the door before it closed behind him. I hid in the corner of the room, watching as Malfoy brewed a potion. He murmured strange incantations, before casting a silencing charm on the area around him and his potion. Merlin, he certainly didn’t want to take any chances… I tried to move closer, but even then I couldn’t hear what Malfoy was saying, though his face was animated and he seemed annoyed. He kicked the cauldron and the potion spiralled out of it. I caught a glimpse of a face in the green liquid before it showered the room. I ducked behind a table and managed to avoid being exposed. I watched as Malfoy left and heaved a huge sigh of relief. I sat under the cloak for a few minutes before slipping out, heading off to find Harry…

“You’re sure about this?”

“100% Harry. Draco sneaks off to make some potion, obviously to have a secret conversation he doesn’t want overhead and then I see a masked figure in said potion. There’s only one explanation: he’s working with the Movement.”

“We can’t just make assumptions Lucy!” Harry groaned. “Nobody will believe you, except me and probably Ron.”

“Then we need some proof. Good thing you have expertise in this area, right Harry?” I coaxed. Harry groaned.

“Lucy, even if I wanted to help, I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Start by keeping tabs on Malfoy, that’s what your map’s for right?”

Reluctantly agreeing, Harry turned back to his food, though in truth, neither of us was particularly hungry anymore…

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Chapter 9: Old rivalries and fresh starts
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 The first party of the new school year was going to be on the first weekend of October, after the Hogsmeade Saturday. Whilst the Gryffindors started off somewhat reluctantly, I was quick to point out the whole of 6th and 7th years in both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were going, so I talked Harry into it. As soon as Gryffindor house found out Harry Potter was going, they were game. Although how we kept it from teachers was beyond me. Not letting any Slytherins know was a good start, they’d surely tell McGonagall, or worse my dad. Who, annoyingly, was still keeping as far away from me as was humanly possible. Never mind, I’d pin him down sooner or later. I was a lot more cheerful, mainly because of the idea of a party, but things weren’t all happy and doolally.

I’d spoken to both Kate and Zara and the feedback wasn’t great. Kate had spent a lot of time with Dean that night and came very close to having sex with him, which annoyed both of us greatly. She was annoyed because Dean was a bad guy for her and all she wanted was to put him in the past. And I was annoyed because if she’d listened to me in the first place when I’d predicted exactly that, she wouldn’t be in said mess. Zara meanwhile, wanted to just be friends with Neville and agreed the kiss was a mistake. How on earth I was supposed to tell her Neville really liked her I do not know. But both girls had been heavily avoiding both Neville and Dean, who were both stupid and confused. I wanted to knock all four of their heads together, they were winding me up. As much as I knew I had to do something, Zara and Kate refused to go anywhere the pair, who were scratching their heads like a pair of confounded muggles. And I was stuck in the middle.

What this meant was that I ended up spending a lot of time with my dearest cousin Harry, who shared my suspicions about a certain blonde haired Death Eater. But we were yet to get any sort of proof that he was working with the Movement. Who were apparently growing stronger. Those who weren’t still imprisoned in Azkaban were banding together more and more. The bigger problem was Azkaban itself. It had been one hell of a summer for the Ministry, finding and arresting as many as Death Eaters as they could and clearing up the mess left behind by Voldemort. The Dementors had all been…dealt with but they were no longer suitable for protecting Azkaban. Things were looking up in the Wizarding Community but there was still a lot of work to be done and the Movement planned to make things as difficult as they could for the Order to function properly. This had Harry worried and he wasn’t the only one. McGonagall, Dad. I could see it in their eyes. Anxiety. They knew things might never be the same again. The War had hurt everyone and some might never recover…

It was an evening in late September and I was tired. But I had to complete a Transfiguration essay before I could settle down and I was grumpy. Zara and Kate were also in the common room, which automatically triggered my guilt sensors. After about half an hour of writing very little and occasionally realising they were looking at me, I went to sit with them, glad that Neville and Dean were in bed.

“Hey guys, how are things?” I asked, addressing them half cheerfully, half wearily.

“Oh, you know…” Zara replied casually, before she was interrupted.

“We need help!” Kate blurted. Zara rolled her eyes.

“I noticed,” I replied dryly. “That skirt clashes horribly with your…”

“No! Not that kind of help!” Kate groaned. “Help with the idiots!”

“You mean Neville and Dean?” I asked, dropping the sarcasm and adopting a gentle tone.

“Yes, now don’t make her say it again, she’ll probably explode!” Zara snapped.

“Look guys, I want to help, really I do,” I started. “But I just don’t think I’m the right person. I’ve got a very one-sided view of both guys and my advice would be Zara: suck it up and talk to Nev and Kate: for God’s sake develop a backbone but I don’t think that’s gonna cut it!”

The subsequent groans and half-pleading looks they gave me made me stop and think again.

“Okay, I think I know who can help,” I said, grinning a little now.

Having left Zara and Kate in the very capable hands of Miss Ginny Weasley (oh come on, who better to give them a nudge in the right direction), I headed off to the library (curfew wasn’t for an hour and I was determined to at least start that bloody essay), where I bumped into Ron, go figure. I felt a bit guilty, we hadn’t talked much recently but then he hadn’t exactly been up there on my list of priorities. Malfoy and the girls had been up there and my dad and well basically everything.

“Hey Ron,” I said cheerily, sitting opposite him, making him grin his ruddy grin.

“Hey Luce, I ent seen you round much recently,” Ron said, probably hoping I didn’t pick up on his slightly depressed lull.

“Yeah well, me and Harry have been busy keeping an eye on Malfoy and Quidditch, which I guess you know because well you’re on the team and Harry’s your best mate. How’s things with Hermione?” I said that very fast and I knew Ron was struggling to keep up.

“I just want to get over her,” Ron said exasperatedly. “I still like her but we were a God awful couple and maybe it’s time for a fresh start. I don’t want to be stuck to her forever and I don’t want everyone to think of me as her boyfriend for all eternity.”

“Ron,” I put on my gentle voice again. “You two need to at least try to work things out, you can’t go on like this.”

“No!” Ron snapped slightly and I recoiled slightly. “She can’t go on like this, I can’t go on with people going on about her as if she’s my life. I don’t need her, I need a fresh start, someone new.”

I did not like the way this conversation was going so I tried veering it the other way.

“So, you going to the party on Saturday?” I asked casually, hoping to brighten up Ron, who was looking more and more subdued.

“Yeah,” he replied, brightening. Mission accomplished. “I was wondering if you wanted to go Hogsmeade before hand?”

Shit. Walked into that one Lucy. I thought fast and knew exactly what to say.

“I’m going with Harry, but I expect you’ll come with us, after all, he’s your best mate.”

“Yeah sure, sounds good,” Ron grinned but I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I needed to end this before it had a chance to begin.”

“Oi! You two! Clear off back to your tower now!” Madam Pince screeched in her shrill voice. Bitch.

“We’re going!” Ron replied, dragging me to my foot. There was no way that had been an hour. But I guess she wanted sleep too, and we needed to get back before curfew or my dad would bollock me. He was after an excuse. We headed back to the common room almost silently and before I had the chance to tell Ron I wasn’t interested, we were back amongst friends, our voices drowned out the sound of others and we were pulled our separate ways.

I was both looking forward to and dreading Saturday. Yes Harry had quickly agreed to go with me to ensure I wasn’t alone with Ron and yes, the party was afterwards but I was unable to shake off the feeling of unease. And of course, you could never write off another Hermione stunt. I had been avoiding her like the plague, which was almost certainly a good idea as although Harry had firmly told her to lay off, she was still giving me evil looks. I felt awful in many ways, because Hermione was such a mess. Physically, emotionally, mentally, she was all over the place. Her grades were starting to suffer and she was back to being a loner. Ron told me she was used to being alone but you know your life is depressing when you spend your life in Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid’s attempts to stay neutral were helped by the fact he had no idea what the fuck was going on. My attempts to stay neutral failed miserably. Which was why when Saturday came along, Harry, Ron and I were heading off to the Three Broomsticks and Hermione was sitting alone in the library. Even Ginny, her best friend, found herself tilted towards her brother and she herself was busy, hopefully giving my best mates desperately needed help. I hadn’t spoken to the pair and things with Neville were increasingly strained. I still saw plenty of him but it was never the same. I just wanted all the shit to end.

The Three Broomsticks was packed, as to be expected, but somehow we found a table. Harry and Ron started talking Quidditch, which allowed me to drift off into my own little world. Which was maybe why I missed it. The first sign. It was only out the corner of my eye and it took me too long to register it. Damn I was getting sloppy. Malfoy. Alone. Sneaking into the toilets. Now what happened last time that happened? Katie Bell? Necklace? Ringing any bells?

“But we’ll trounce Slytherin!” Ron stated.

“Yes, but what about Ravenclaw? They’re waiting to pounce if we slip up and they’ve got a stronger team than ever this year. They’ll probably beat Slytherin the way they’re playing.”

“That and the Slythers are awful,” Ron pointed out. “All their good players either left or were killed. At least Death Eaters were good for something.”

“What about Hufflepuff?” I butted in. They both sniggered.

“Hufflepuff? You really don’t know that much about Quidditch do you?” Ron laughed. I shot him evils.

“Their seeker just got a Firebolt Mark 2 and even a monkey is a challenge on that piece of machinery, their keeper’s twice your size and could probably cover all three hoops without trying, their chasers have been bulking up and their agility is improving rapidly and as for their beaters…” I reeled off, stunning both of them. “Well their beaters are still awful but that’s not the point!”

“Damn,” Ron muttered.

“You got that right,” Harry grinned. “My cousin is a Quidditch genius.”

“Must run in the family,” I winked, thinking about my own broom, a Jetstriker 220 and feeling pleased with myself. I’d owned that broom for as long as I could remember and although it was old, it was bloody good. Only the Nimbus’ and the Firebolts were better than it and I’d tweaked it as much as I could. Call it sentimentality but there was no way in hell I was trading it in. Harry’s face however, told me he knew something I didn’t.

“But what nobody apart from me, Ron and now you knows,” he whispered. “Is that I got the latest Jetstriker last week.”

I gasped. The Jetstriker 595 was the most eagerly awaited broom of the year. The Jetstrikers had always been legendary and they hadn’t put out a broom in a while. It would make the Nimbus 2003 and even the Mark 2 Firebolt look like shit.

“How the hell did you manage that?” I hissed. “They aren’t released until December.”

“I know a guy,” Harry winked. “Apparently they needed someone to test it. Check it’s not defective.”

Ron’s face fell. “You never told me that.”

“I didn’t want to worry you,” Harry waved it off.

“You got me one,” Ron pointed out. “What if it fails?”

“It won’t,” Harry reassured. “Jetstriker assured me they fixed the gravity problem.”

“What gravity problem?” Ron asked anxiously.

“They had a tendency to fall out the sky,” I said struggling to hold in my laughter at Ron’s face.

“You can have it!” he whined at me and Harry shot me a look. My eyes popped.

“You didn’t?” I hissed.

“I know you love that old 220 but I figured the 595 might tempt you,” Harry replied, winking as my face hit the floor. I had a 595. The best broom ever. A 595.

“Fuck Hufflepuff, they’re nothing,” I grinned, pulling Harry into a hug I usually reserved for my sister. That was when it happened.

The Broomsticks rocked as the explosion rocketed through the pub, throwing people off their feet. Harry and Ron stood, wands out, as I tried to do but found myself flung to the floor. Children were screaming and running and through the clearing dust I saw a figure running. It clicked.

“Malfoy!” I coughed, inhaling rubble as the wall behind me began to collapse. At which point, I screamed. I’m not a girly girl but who wouldn’t scream when you’re about to be crushed. But Harry was quick as a flash and reinforced the wall with magic before turning to survey the damage. Almost everyone had escaped through the various holes in the walls caused by the explosion and those that remained were quickly following them. I rushed over to help a couple of third years that were trapped under a beam as Harry and Ron tried to stop the ceiling collapsing.

“Get out!” Ron yelled and I half-dragged the pair of third years out of the smouldering ruins of the pub. The explosion had started in the loos. I was an idiot. I coughed again and felt a hand on my shoulder. Dad.

“Who’s still in there?” he asked anxiously.

“Just Harry and Ron but they can take care of themselves,” I groaned. “Dad I’m sorry for what happened…”

“Drop it,” he said quickly. “My fault, shouldn’t have overreacted. I was wrong. We need to focus, this was a clear attack by…”

“I know about the Movement I overheard you and McGonagall,” I interrupted. “Malfoy’s part of it I’m sure.”

“Don’t be stupid, this was clearly dark wizards who infiltrated using Imperius or Polyjuice,” he cut me off.

“Harry!” I yelled, as the roof finally caved in. But I needn’t have worried, as Harry and Ron were already rushing clear of the rubble that had once been the legendary pub. Harry’s face was as black as thunder and Ron was equally furious. I wiped soot from my eyes and ran a hand through my tangled hair.

“Where is he?” Harry snarled.

Before I could answer, he was running, Ron at his heels.

“Wait here, look after the kids!” I yelled to dad, before giving chase.

Harry presumably knew where he was going but me and Ron fell back, eventually reaching a clearing, where Malfoy was sat on a log, glaring as we approached.

“Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled, Malfoy’s wand spinning into his hand before Draco could react.

“What do you want Potter?” he snarled.

“We know you caused that explosion!” Harry roared, intimidating surprisingly well.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you’ll never prove anything.” There was a nervous edge to his voice, but the swagger was there. Ron marched past Harry and went to punch Malfoy, who twisted, pulling Ron into a lock. I stepped forward but Malfoy grabbed Ron’s wand and disarmed me, my wand flying into his grasp. Both Harry and Malfoy had two wands now but Ron was a human shield. Harry was reluctant to attack with his best friend hostage, but Malfoy had no such qualms. He shot a stunning jinx at Harry, who was forced to dodge. I meanwhile, had taken cover, trying to work out a way to creep up behind Malfoy. Harry blinked and Malfoy was dangling in mid-air. He freed himself within a second but it was long enough for Ron to leg it away from the blonde and find cover. Harry and Malfoy squared off, a wand in each hand. Harry fired two impedimentas, Malfoy shot a couple of stunners. Harry winked and threw me Malfoy’s wand. I caught it in mid-air and we both yelled: “Expelliarmus!” Malfoy was moving faster than I could imagine and as Harry handed Ron his wand, Malfoy was wrestling his own wand from my grasp. But it wasn’t enough. “Stupefy!” we all yelled and as three simultaneous red jets barraged Malfoy, he fell to the ground…

The party was in full swing. Yeah I know what you’re all thinking. The party’s still happening? But in truth, we all needed it after the day we’d had. Although nobody had been killed in the exploding pub, several younger years had gone to St Mungos and many had needed calming draughts for shock. Harry and Ron had been praised for their quick thinking and (as far as we were aware) nobody knew about the fight with Malfoy, who was hardly going to own up to being stunned by all three of us simultaneously. The only person not at the party was Hermione, who was mysteriously absent. Well I say mysteriously, it was hardly a mystery or a surprise. But enough about her. Trust me, the way I was grinding with some Hufflepuff, off my face having downed two bottles of Firewhiskey and something called Dragon’s Tongue, I was not thinking about her. Nor did my thoughts linger to my best friends, who were partying like there was no tomorrow. Kate and Lucy were at the heart of the party, both having removed their respective males. Kate had told Dean he wasn’t as fit as he thought he was and that their time together had been a mistake whilst Zara had given Neville the whole “we’re just friends” talk, not breaking his heart as much as I thought. Turns out some idiot (yes it was me) had accidently given him an emotion-enhancing potion instead of a depressing draught that we had been brewing in Slughorn’s class.

But none of that mattered to me at that particular moment of time. I was only concentrated on how curly that Hufflepuff’s hair was and how much I wanted to touch his chest. I guess I looked a right slut, caked in makeup so I was basically orange and wearing clothes way too small for me. Oops, there goes his shirt, clumsy me. Oh. Someone’s dragging me. Away from cute and curly. Sucks. I struggled but nothing happened. Bloody hell, I’m drunk. Tee hee. I’m in love with this song, whatever it is. Hey, another cute guy. And this one’s pulling me into a slow dance. Fuck that, let’s go wild! I danced and danced, letting the boy lead me across the floor. We came to the wrong side of the dance floor and I grabbed his hand, leading him away from the others. Where’s somewhere to lie down when I need it? This room is really shit! Can’t even fucking…oh look a door. I stumbled through the door into a separate bedroom and locked the door, pulling the boy in behind me. He was tall, red haired I think and something else about him… I love this room, I love chips, I love everything. I love cute ginger. God it’s hot. God he’s hot. Well I’m barely wearing anything anyway…I pulled off my already revealing tank top to reveal my bra (don’t ask me what colour, most of that night is a blur, only a memory spell helped me write this shit). Aw, ginger’s blushing. Off with that shirt fitty. Fucking hell, why am I still hot? Meh, who needs this stuffy bra? It’s only fitty. I wonder what boxers he’s got on? What boxers have I got on? Do I wear boxers? How the hell should I know? Only one way to find out. We fell back on the bed, giggling hysterically, as naked as the day we were born. I looked at him and he looked back. Oh fuck it, just kiss him. Damn, he is a good kisser. And he’s getting closer. And closer. Wait a sec. This is Ron. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I will not sleep with Ron Weasley…I will not sleep with Ron Weasley…I will not sleep with…I will not sleep…I will not…Oh fuck it. He’s fit, I’m drunk, who’ll ever know? Come here fitty. Yes, I know. I slept with Ron Weasley. Don’t judge me.

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Chapter 10: Public indecency
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 I weaved through the two beefy chasers, who groaned in frustration as I sent the Quaffle flying past their keeper and into the hoop. I did a quick loop-de-loop celebration before taking up my position beside Ginny and Demelze, who both high-fived me. I’d just scored my third goal of the match, with Ginny and Demelze having scored once each. However, we were only 50-30 up, as our opponents were hot on our heels. Up above the pitch, the two seekers were whooping and diving. Harry was flying Malfoy ragged, his Jetstriker about ten times faster than Malfoy’s piece of shit. I lingered my vision on them for a second too long and paid for it, the Slytherin captain barging me almost off my broom on his way past. I spun helplessly for a few seconds but the second I grabbed my broom to steady myself, it obeyed and stopped spinning. It was a dream, the best broom I’d ever ridden. I stormed back up the pitch, intercepting a poor pass by the captain and racing back down the pitch, swerving to avoid a pair of bludgers fired at me. Why on earth they weren’t still aiming at Harry was beyond me. I suppose they’d given up. Harry was good enough to dodge them all day long, even without a broom that could outstrip anything else in the league. Focusing on the Quaffle, I feigned a shot before picking out Ginny, who hurled the ball through the empty hoop. I turned to celebrate with her, only to feel the black ball I had avoided moments earlier collide with my back and send me flying off my broom…

One week earlier…
I woke, my head spinning and aching. What the hell had I drank the night before? Too much was the answer. But that was only my most pressing concern until I realised I was naked. Fantastic. I sat up in bed and felt someone stir beside me. I’m lying in bed naked with someone. Please let them have clothes on. I pulled the cover over myself, suddenly conscious of how exposed I was. I glanced at the door and was happy to see it was locked and the only people in the room were me and the person next to me. I couldn’t look at them. I couldn’t make myself, terrified that it would be someone I’d regret getting into bed naked with. That’s when it caught my eye. A used condom. At least we used protection. Whoever he is, at least I couldn’t have got his diseases or kids. He grunted in his sleep and I flinched. I knew that grunt. I turned round, both relieved and horrified at the same time. It was Ron.

I made for the door, as quickly and quietly as I could, scooping up my skimpy clothing and pulling on my knickers, skirt, bra and top. I unlocked the door and swore loudly as I realised I had no idea where my wand was. I skidded as I ran to the other side of the room, looking left and right as I searched.

“Looking for this?” Ron asked, holding my wand in his hand, an amused look on his face. My top slipped off my shoulder and I hoisted it back on, my fringe falling into my eyes.

“Yes,” I sighed, reaching out for it but Ron lifted it out my reach and kissed me. Kissed me! On the lips! Clearly he thought that that wasn’t a huge mistake I wanted to undo.

“Ron…” I started but he just winked and threw me my wand.

“Listen Lucy, I really like you and I don’t want last night to ruin our chances of a relationship, so I’m going to suggest we take things slowly and keep it to ourselves for now, sound good?”

Now that moment was not one of my greatest. I should’ve taken a leaf out of the Ginny Weasley School of relationships and told Ron there and then I had no feelings for him whatsoever but I didn’t. I sort of nodded, too freaked out to tell him how I really felt. He kissed me again softly and then winked, before diving back into bed.

The party room was a mess. And that was putting it lightly. Extremely drunk students littered the various sofas and chairs, whilst many had taken refuge on the floor. Empty alcohol bottles were everywhere, along with various pieces of makeup and clothing. Couples were still locked in others embraces, even though they probably had no idea who they were. It had been a wild night, that much was certain. I found Kate, passed out on the sofa with Zara lying on top of her, yawning as she came to. I raised an eyebrow at the pair as they clambered to their feet but they just shrugged. Neville was on the floor and sleeping like a baby, so I didn’t want to wake him. We headed down to the Great Hall, aware that the best hangover cure on the planet was a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea. We found Harry and Ginny in there, sobering up considerably better than us. Clearly they hadn’t drank as much. Or anywhere near as much.

“Morning ladies, good night?” Harry asked cheerfully, sipping pumpkin juice.

“Don’t want to talk about it,” I replied at the same time to the others.

“Why not Lucy? Make a mistake with some ugly guy?” Kate teased.

“He wasn’t ugly, but it was certainly a mistake,” I muttered, downing a jug of juice as the others shot me curious looks. “Listen, you can’t tell anyone this, any of you. But I slept with Ron.”

There was a mixed response to say the least. Kate squealed with excitement and hugged me as if I’d just announced my marriage to the cutest guy on earth (basically how I acted when Amy told me about James’ proposal); Zara raised a sullen eyebrow and snorted; Ginny went nuclear as though I’d killed Ron, not shagged him and Harry went deathly silent and pale.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” Kate giggled. “Are you two a couple now or what?”

“They’d better not be!” Ginny growled.

I bit my lip and Zara’s eyebrow hit the roof.

“I don’t know how to say no to the bastard,” I groaned. “The only reason I slept with him was because I downed shit loads of drink. I don’t remember a thing, only waking up this morning naked in bed with him.”

“Maybe you didn’t,” Zara suggested but I interrupted.

“No we did. There was a used condom and Ron’s reaction suggests he remembers more than me. I don’t think he was as drunk, though he was still wasted!” I added quickly as Zara’s nostrils flared and Ginny’s face exploded.

“Look, mistakes happen,” Harry said unconvincingly. “Let’s just try to forget about it and make sure this stays between us.”

“Yeah, because if Hermione finds out you lost your virginity to her boyfriend, she’ll kill you, literally,” Ginny said.

“Ex-boyfriend,” I pointed out.

“Try telling her that,” Zara muttered.

The first Quidditch match of the season was the following weekend which meant Ron’s attempts to be all couple-like and do couply-things were put on hold by Harry’s vicious training schedule. I thanked him numerous times but he was being a touch off with me. No surprise really, I slept with his best friend and was now being his sort-of-almost-secret-girlfriend, even though I really didn’t like him that much at all. Hermione obviously had no idea. Either that or her love of Quidditch ensured I was being let to live until after the game. No way has she loved Quidditch that much. Or at all really. Zara and Kate were very supportive but a touch annoying and I had to refrain from cursing Kate when she mentioned our son Hugo (who the fuck names their son Hugo, no way in hell I’m naming my son Hugo, he sounds like some sort of giant/troll). Zara at least understood my frustrations, having been in a similar situation with Neville, who I was feeling increasingly guilty about not spending much time with. Still, it was an excuse to stay away from Ron. Which was how Nev and I came to be lounging by the Black Lake, enjoying Autumn whilst we could, before it got cold and wet.

“That one is called a Rifractor Weed,” Neville said, leaning into it and picking it. “It’s sap is used as wizarding hair dye, because of its potent colouring and long life.”

“As fascinating as that is Neville, I do love being a gorgeous brunette,” I retorted, lounging back and playing with my ponytail.

“Gorgeous is hardly the word I’d use,” Neville replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh look who developed a sense of humour,” I replied sarcastically, shoving Neville gently. “And here was me about to suggest we do something fun.”

“Like what?” Neville asked, slightly nervously.

“You tell me Mr Plants are Hair Dye,” I teased.

“That was an awful insult,” Neville retorted. “But why don’t we head down to Hagrid’s?”

“Nah, I was there yesterday with Harry,” I waved a hand dismissively.

“Well why don’t we just lie back and chat and you can stop moaning about how boring I am,” Neville mocked. I laughed.

“You’re adorable Neville, you really are. Just lie back and relax, we might as well enjoy the sun while it lasts.”

The atmosphere was tense as we stepped out onto the field. The sun had held off the rain for a few more days and it was perfect Quidditch conditions, with cloud cover ensured we were blinded. I mounted my Jetstriker, aware of Harry and Ron doing similar as the others gasped. I hadn’t told Kate or Zara about my new broom and judging by the look on Ginny’s face, she hadn’t known either. The look on Malfoy’s face was priceless. It went from confident, to confused, to dumbstruck, to looking like he wanted to cry. We kicked off and Malfoy zoomed off into the sky, looking to gain an early advantage, only for Harry to rocket past him. The power of my broom surprised me and I zoomed off, catching the thrown Quaffle and swishing past three Slytherins before finishing. I was going to enjoy this game…

Or not. I pitched forward, temporarily ignoring the excruciating pain shooting up my back as I reached out to grab something. The Jetstriker seemed to sense I needed it because as I reached out, I grabbed it and pulled myself back on my broom.

“Get it together girls!” I called to my best mates as they turned the bludgers back on the Slytherins.

“Won’t happen again,” Zara called, winking. Ginny turned to me.

“Are you alright?” she yelled. But she was too late, as the Jetstriker was off, hurtling me towards the Quaffle. Two separate bludgers closed, both hammering into the Slytherin with possession. He hurled the Quaffle in one last ditch effort but just when Ron looked like he couldn’t fail to catch it, he promptly fell out the sky. I swore loudly as the Quaffle went through the hoop and my “boyfriend” hit the ground below, groaning in pain. His fall hadn’t been that spectacular but it looked like it had hurt. We looked around and Demelze shrugged.

“I’ll go keeper, you two are rocking. As long as that Jetstriker keeps going long enough for Harry to catch the snitch, we’ll be fine.”

The mood of jubilation and celebration from moments earlier had been replaced by anxiety. I was flying cautious, worried my broom would suddenly drop out the sky. Harry was going to have to catch the snitch quickly, because even if his broom stayed in the air, we’d soon be far behind if we carried on. With only two chasers and a rubbish keeper, we were suffering and the Slytherins quickly turned it around to make it 120-70. Ginny scored a couple more but we were struggling. The Slytherins scored thrice more and Harry called a time-out.

“Ron’s not coming back guys, so Luce, you’ve got to start playing properly. I know that broom isn’t 100% reliable but what happened to Ron has only happened to a handful of the test brooms. We should be fine.”

Back in the air, I was still reluctant. However a couple more Slytherin goals made it 170-90. I knew it was time to play. And boy did my broom make it easy to play. My own skill, combined with the Jetstriker’s unbelievable speed and control were fully unleashed. It was a whirlwind. I sped past all three and scored; pirouetted and scored, feigned to Ginny and scored; jumped off my broom and scored. I scored. Set up Ginny. Scored. 250-180. I had scored 17 goals, almost more than the entire team. Ginny had 7 but even she was lying in my wake. Harry couldn’t quite believe it and almost missed the snitch. Malfoy didn’t and was close enough to grab it, when Harry streaked about half the pitch in less than a couple of seconds and plucked it out of his grasp. 400-180. Gryffindor had annihilated Slytherin and it was all down to the Jetstrikers. Well, not the one that had nearly killed Ron, but the other two were superb. Harry flew over and I hugged him mid-air.

“Let’s get these death-traps out of the air,” he laughed. I nodded and we flew down to the ground.

If I wasn’t still regretting the actions of the party the previous weekend, I’d have gone out and got absolutely hammered. As it was, we stayed in the common room with a relatively alcohol-free but still brilliant party. However, any hopes I’d had of enjoying the night came crashing down with Ron’s return to the common room, which he promptly celebrated by dragging me up into centre stage and snogging me. I don’t just mean kiss. I mean full on snog. I felt his tongue force itself into my mouth and run itself around and I had to force myself not to gag. I wanted to push him off but I couldn’t do it, not in front of everyone. I froze, like a deer caught in the headlights and eventually he broke away, grinning despite my dumbstruck face.

“We won Luce,” he yelled.

“Yeah,” I mumbled, unable to say much else. Why did my composure turn to shit whenever Ron was around?

“I really like you Lucy Hunt, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

Okay Lucy, now’s the time. Now’s the fucking time. But I can’t put him through that. Not in front of the entire common room. It’s best this is done privately.

“Listen Ron,” I started, but he cut me off with another kiss. I found myself being dragged away from him by a livid Ginny and a Hermione that looked fit to explode. Harry was standing behind them, looking very uncomfortable.

“How dare you!” Hermione shrieked. “We’ve only just broken up and you’re all over him like he’s…like he’s…”

“Look Hermione, I’m really sorry!” I replied anxiously. “I’ve tried to tell him I’m not interested but it’s really hard. He needs someone and you’ve done nothing to patch up the relationship but cry and scream. You need to sort things out with him and I’m not going to go out with him.”

“Lies!” Hermione hissed and slapped me. Harry stepped forward and put himself between us.

“Look Hermione, this isn’t Lucy’s fault. She really doesn’t want to cause any sort of trouble and Ron’s certainly been overzealous, especially since they had s…”

I punched Harry in the back to shut him up as he realised what he’d said and closed his eyes, silently kicking himself. Ginny realised too because she joined Harry in putting herself between us. Hermione barrelled them both out the way, screaming and I dodged, running back away from her. Ron grabbed me and turned on Hermione, wand raised.

“That’s enough Mione. Leave her alone.”

“Leave her alone? Like you did? You’ve been single for less than a month and you’re already shagging some girl you barely know! How the fuck do you think I’m supposed to react Ronald? You have no idea what you’re doing to me and what’s worse is you don’t care. Well I’m sick of you Ronald Weasley, I’m sick.”

And with that, she burst into sobs, before being led away by Ginny and Harry, who shot me an apologetic look and Ron a less than apologetic one. Ron stood fierce and I shrank, fully aware that the whole of Gryffindor Tower saw me as a slag who shagged guys she’d only just met and dragged them away from their girlfriends. Neville was the first to reach me and pulled me into a hug, leading me away with Kate and Zara in hot pursuit. What had been one of the best days of my life had quickly become one of my worst.

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Chapter 11: A charming fella and a repairing bond
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 I didn’t sleep well that night. I knew what I had to do and the very next morning, I went to find Ron. I told him what I had to tell him and to be honest, I’m not proud of what happened. We argued. A fair bit actually. And yeah, I dumped him. Not that we were really going out but we were in his head anyway. That cheered up Hermione no end and she actually started being nice to me, which was nice. Harry and Ginny also both appreciated what I’d done, mainly because it meant that they no longer had to worry about me and Ron, or saving me from Hermione’s wrath. Not that I needed saving. I never need saving. I’m awesome. Breaking up with Ron was a good move and I knew I’d be glad I’d done it, even if right now he was acting like a massive twat. Elsewhere, Harry and Ginny were starting to reach that stage in coupledom where they do everything together. In other words, he was following her around, being forced to do whatever she wanted. I teased him constantly about it but he loved her so I guess they were happy. Which was more than I could say for me. Well that’s unfair. I wasn’t unhappy, but at the same time, I was hardly so madly in love that I had my whole life with one person planned out. Hell I barely knew what I was doing when I left Hogwarts, besides Amy’s wedding. Which reminded me, I needed to mail my sister…

Dear Amy,
I know your seventh year was all calm and lovey dovey crap with James but mine is going the complete opposite so far. I know I shouldn’t be burdening you with all this when I haven’t bothered to owl you all term. Well for starters, Ron Weasley seems to have an obsession with me and I slept with him (figured I’d get the worst bit out the way first) and then he thought we were a couple so I had to inform him otherwise. Oh and Draco Malfoy is a right dodgy so-and-so who is probably helping dark wizards infiltrate the castle. On the brighter side, I have made some great friends. Neville Longbottom is a really adorable, funny guy who’s a little bit bumbling but he stops me failing Herbology and he’s a real darling. Not boyfriend material though before you open your mouth which I know you’re doing. I’ve also got a couple of great best mates Zara and Kate. Kate’s all sugar and spice and she’s a stupid romantic (sort of), whereas Zara is a bit more cynical. They’re both hilarious and great girls though, so I guess they’re ones to keep around. And now, onto the legendary Harry Potter himself, who is a really genuinely nice guy who has given me so much help this year. But I guess I’ve needed it. Dad’s been in a piss with me, (I dunno if he told you) but it’s all sorted out now. But enough about selfish me, what about you? How’s the wedding plans? James isn’t back on the market is he? ;) Just kidding sis. Owl me back and tell me everything, I need some outside world or I’m going to lose my mind.
Lots and lots of love
Lucy xxxx

I’d just finished my letter and sent it with my owl Sebastien, when Zara and Kate came bumbling over, giddy with excitement. I groaned. Not because they were annoying but because when these two got excited, it was never normally good news. For me anyway. I always ended up regretting it when they dragged me into one of their schemes. They were usually guy related. And sure enough, when they arrived, it was Kate who spoke first and confirmed my suspicions.

“I’ve found you a man!” she announced, as Zara butted in.

“And I’ve found Neville a girlfriend!” she interrupted.

Now I know what you’ll be thinking. The fact that I chose to listen to Zara first shows I’m a little bit pathetic but if you knew Kate, you’d know her idea of finding me a man was something I’d want to put off for as long as possible. So, as they took it in turns to tell me their stories, I decided it was better to start with the one that wouldn’t end up with another Ron situation (Kate couldn’t understand why I dumped him)…

Zara was tired. All she wanted to do was get back up to her dorm and get some sleep. However, she already had Prof Hunt (or Lucy’s dad as he was more commonly known) on her case and she had his last three homeworks to finish or she was in deep shit. And she was pretty sure that the whole “Lucy is one my best friends” excuse wouldn’t keep him off her back for much longer. Kate was little miss perfect as ever, she always handed in her DADA homework (and pretty much all her homework to be honest) on time. Zara shook her head and looked back over her essay on the Imperius curse and its tell-tale signs. She was struggling and in no mood to be discussing how easy it was to control someone, especially when it was an illegal spell that she could never use unless she wanted to end up behind bars for the rest of her life. And as much as Azkaban had become less of a threatening place, it was still somewhere Zara had no intention of visiting, let alone being left in for years and years.

Zara realised she had drifted off and tried to return to focusing on her essay. Another inch or so of parchment and then she heard a giggling coming from a small table of Hufflepuffs nearby. Just what she needed. A group of annoying Hufflepuffs distracting her from her essay.

“But he’s so cute!” a blonde girl she recognised as Hannah Abbot was saying.

“No way, he’s just too…weird,” another girl was replying.

“But he’s a war hero,” Abbot fawned. “I just think I should at least try to talk to him, what do you guys think?”

“I think that you should stay well clear of him and find someone more handsome to flock over,” snapped another girl sceptically.

Zara wanted to snigger. These Hufflepuffs were so…blonde. She had nothing against Hannah, but she was a tad naïve and very thick. She was never good at anything except Herbology, which was never a subject Zara rated highly. And to think she was probably going to fall all over Harry or Ron, the war heroes. Zara loved Hufflepuffs, they were quality entertainment. She turned back to her essay, but caught Hannah’s last words.

“I don’t care if he’s not that handsome. Neville’s a great guy and he likes herbology too. I just think we’d get along if I gave him the opportunity.”

Zara’s brain went into overdrive. Neville? As in Neville, Neville? The same Neville who had tried it on with her? Someone actually liked Neville? No offence to him, he was a great guy, but Zara was pretty much certain Neville would remain a virgin for his entire life. But Hannah…the more she thought about it, the more of a good couple they seemed. They both loved Herbology but weren’t great at much else. They were both a bit gormless but were kind-hearted and pleasant people. Zara grinned to herself. Even if Hannah’s friends talked her out of it. Zara was already convinced. But she’d need back up, there was no way she could set up Neville and Hannah on her own. So, all thoughts of the Imperius Curse and how screwed she was pushed out of her mind, Zara collected up her stuff and headed out the library, heading for Gryffindor Tower.

I was genuinely excited by this prospect. I loved Neville, like the brother I never had and the idea of him with someone just like him made my head erupt with a chorus of AWWWWW’s. I grinned at Zara, determined to help her get Neville and Hannah together. It had to happen now, there was no two-ways about it.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, creepy Neville sex, none of us want to think about that,” Kate said nonchalantly and looked at me, glowing and beaming. “I’ve found you the perfect guy! Tom Stone is back!”

The look on Zara’s face made me even more nervous. Zara usually just shook her head knowingly or rolled her eyes whenever Kate got into the whole “cute guy” phase, but now she too was lighting up, as though Kate had just suggested cake for breakfast. Fuck that, I’ll take bacon any day. Dad would be proud. But Zara was worrying me.

“Who’s Tom Stone?” I asked nervously.

Kate grinned and then she told us her story…

Kate was never the most destination-wise person. Usually, she worried about how she was going, not where she was going. So it was pure coincidence that she ended up in a third floor corridor during a free lesson. Her attempts to find her way back to Gryffindor Tower were slowed dramatically as she headed back towards the Grand Staircase, and found her path blocked by Peeves. Any 6th year knew better than to go within a million miles of Peeves, so Kate doubled back, hopelessly lost as she tried to manoeuvre a different way back up to the 7th floor, where the Fat Lady was waiting. Hearing the cackling of Peeves, Kate slipped into an empty classroom. The sound of Peeves floating by warned her not to leave. After a few minutes, Kate eventually decided that hiding in a third floor classroom was not the best use of her free, so slipped out the door, attempting to be stealthy. A voice from behind her as she crept down the corridor made her jump.

“What are you doing?” the voice asked, amused.

Kate spun on the spot. Standing behind her, arms crossed and eyebrow raised, stood one of the most gorgeous boys she’d ever met. He was tall, well-built and always smelt of something that made Kate’s nostrils scream at her to kiss him. He smelt like heaven every time she met him, even when he was glistening with sweat. The idea of sweat combined with his abs made Kate feel faint. Not that she’d ever see his abs. He wasn’t a show-off and it was almost impossible to separate him from his robes or failing that, a jumper. Even in the heat of summer, he'd at the very least be wearing a shirt. His eyes were the colour of honey and were so sickly sweet that girls melted in them. His dark hair was curly and had grown wild and unruly since they’d last met. Kate went a deep shade of red and desperately tried to brush a stray curl out her eyes, hopping a little on the spot and trying to show as much of her body as she could.

“Tom Stone,” she muttered breathlessly. “It’s been a while.”

“Not long enough you’ve stopped turning to jelly at the sight of me,” Tom teased. “How’ve you been Katie?”

“It’s Kate now,” Kate replied automatically. “I dropped Katie near the end of last year.”

“You’ll always be Katie to me,” Tom grinned. “Zara still clinging to your coat-tails?”

“Oh yeah, we’re inseparable,” Kate grinned, regaining her composure. “Re-doing sixth year is going to be a nightmare but then I guess guys like you need it more than us.”

“Yeah,” Tom muttered, suddenly looking very vague. “The war changed everyone.”

“You haven’t changed one bit,” Kate commented.

“I have Katie, you just can’t see it yet,” Tom said quietly. “So, where’s the old gang?”

“The old gang?” Kate snorted. “It was you, me and Zara, remember? With those other two kids who left when you did, because they were so obsessed with you.”

“Yeah, well, show me the new crew…”

“So what?” I was sceptical. “He’s another cute guy? That hasn’t been around for a while?”

“He’ll be up soon, let her see for herself,” Zara interjected, before Kate could explode on me.

At that second, the guy they were both referring to entered, and took my breath away…

He was gorgeous. I mean drop dead, faint right there gorgeous. I struggled not to swoon. And I’ve never swooned at anyone. Ever. Tom Stone, as he was apparently called, smiled at me. And when a guy that hot smiles at you, you turn to jelly. There’s no avoiding it. He started walking towards us and I swore internally. I maintained my composure as Kate beamed at him.

“Tom, this is Lucy Hunt. Lucy Hunt, Tom Stone.”

“Hi,” I giggled. Jesus Christ I was like a little girl. “I’m Lucy.”

“Enchanted,” Tom charmed, kissing my hand and weakening my legs. I kicked myself internally and told myself to stop being such a fucking girl.

“So Tom, how come I haven’t seen you around?” I asked, gaining my composure and failing to notice Zara and Kate slink off.

“I’ve been…busy,” Tom shifted uncomfortably.

“Busy?” I quizzed, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, sort of. I’ve been repairing my life,” Tom replied in a low voice. “My parents were muggles. They were murdered by Voldemort, so I’ve been in hiding for the last year or so. I’ve spent the last few months piecing what’s left of my life together. It’s been hard with no family, but I really just wanted to return to Hogwarts.”

I felt pangs of sympathy run straight through me and I hugged Tom, pulling him into a tight embrace to let him know I was there. In retrospect, it was probably weird considering I didn’t even know him but I did it nevertheless.

“I’m really sorry,” I whispered to him, noticing the tears in his eyes. He swept them away and grinned sheepishly.

“No I’m sorry. I don’t even know you and I’m crying on your shoulder,” he laughed. He had an incredible laugh that sent a shiver down my spine.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said unevenly. “I’d like to get to know you better anyway.”

“And I’d like to get to know you Lucy,” he said softly, smiling.

Time seemed to whizz by. I hadn’t realised but Tom and I had been talking for almost three hours when I finally drifted off to sleep and decided to call it a night. I went up to my dorm and slumped onto my bed, falling asleep the second I hit the pillow. The next morning, I realised that Zara and Kate were rather grumpy at breakfast and Tom was nowhere in sight. I groaned internally, the last thing I wanted to do was listen to my best mates moan consistently whilst I scarfed down my sausages, which were (as ever), lathered in ketchup.

“Seriously, Hogwarts has no decent guys!” Kate grumbled.

“You’re just not looking hard enough,” Ginny replied, clutching Harry protectively. Harry and I exchanged a look and snorted into our porridge.

“It’s true,” Zara interjected. “Your year is pants. Ron’s taken by Hermione, even if he doesn’t know it, you two are a couple. Neville’s got Hannah and Dean and Seamus are well…”

“Awful boyfriends?” Kate suggested. “To put it delicately.”

“Basically,” Zara agreed. “And our year is completely devoid of cute guys, whatsoever! And don’t even get me started on the year below…”

“What about Tom?” I said, realising my mistake straight away as the pair trained their eyes on me.

“He’s gorgeous,” Kate agreed. “But he’s hung up over you and besides, we have history…”

“What sort of history?” I asked nervously, choosing to ignore her other comment.

“Well…” Kate faltered slightly.

“They went out a couple of times,” Zara interjected. “It never worked out. The breakup was messier than it should’ve been but it was nobody’s fault and they’re back to being good friends.”

“Thankfully,” Kate added.

“Tom’s a good all-round guy Lucy,” Ginny butted in. “You’d be very lucky to go out with him, he’s basically everyone’s dream guy.”

Harry cleared his throat and I giggled with laughter again. When did I become such a girl?

“Apart from you, obviously,” Ginny replied half-heartedly. Harry wasn’t convinced…

I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I was lying, face down on the floor, with my chest heaving and my legs curled up into a ball. The table I was concealed by was the only defence between me and sight. And boy did I not want to be seen. I was hiding underneath one of the tables in an empty Charms classroom, the only other inhabitants were Ron and Hermione, who were sat across from each other, their legs narrowly avoiding my own body. I twisted slightly, desperate to avoid one of Ron’s size 10s to my face. They were both silent, as if weighing each other up, but I couldn’t see their faces. My wand was in my back pocket but it was little use to me in this situation. All I had to do was wait and hope I wasn’t caught.

I was only here because of Ginny and Harry. Bastards. They had to go and try to get Ron and Hermione back together, tricking them into entering this classroom without their wands and then locking them inside. I’d been in here secretly practising a couple of spells but, fearing it was a teacher, I’d hidden under the table, aware that neither Hermione nor Ron were my best friend at the moment.

“You know we’re going to have to talk about this eventually,” Ron said after a while. “They won’t let us out until we do.”

“I know,” Hermione’s voice was quiet. “But I’m trying to put off talking about…her.”

Oh fan-fucking-tastic. This is going to be interesting.

“She hurt me too Mione, I don’t like her either.”

Love you too dickhead.

“Yeah well she stole you from me with no intention of keeping you.”

“Agreed, she’s a dick.”

Well fuck you guys.

“That doesn’t change anything though Ron,” Hermione said. “We should never have broken up but we did, now what are we going to do about it?”

“What is there to do?”

“Fix things? I still need you.”

“Yeah well I just want to move on Mione. It’s not as simple as pretending this didn’t happen. I didn’t break up with you because of Lucy, I broke up with you because you were being crazy. Lucy was just there. Or not, as it turns out.”

Oh brilliant, things are about to get mushy. Kill. Me. Now.

“I don’t want things to change Ron, I just want you to see me as you know me, not this crazy person I’ve been the last few weeks.”

“Well what if that crazy person is who you’ve become?”

“I can’t guarantee I won’t make more mistakes but I do love you and I just want things to go back to normal.”

“We’ll see Mione, we’ll see. Now let’s get out of here!”


“Well we’ve made up, maybe they’ll let us out.”

Ron’s foot collided with my shoulder and I let out an involuntary gasp of pain. Ron and Hermione stood but froze as they heard my voice. I prayed they were going to let it slide but then they both decided to bend down and look straight at me.

“Oh. Hi guys.”

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Chapter 12: Heartbreak and Heartthrob
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 I was in love. It was official. Tom Stone was officially the love of my life, there is no other way of saying it. October became November and Tom and I started spending more and more time together. It was only a matter of time until we became a couple and the second Hogsmeade weekend of the year was looming. I was really hoping he would ask me, but I couldn’t be certain, and it was starting to eat me alive. I’d never felt that way about a guy before and I was unbearably nervous. He seemed equally nervy, because he always seemed edgy, as though he was afraid I’d break off the conversation at any minute. Truth was, we were both as bad as each other. Neither of us was able to pull ourselves together for two minutes around the other and the knock-on effect of this was that with one week to go before Hogsmeade, I knew I needed to pull my foot out my mouth and just ask him to go with me. I had other problems however. Malfoy was still seething about the Slytherin defeat and his personal defeat at the hands of Harry, Ron and I and I was doing my best to avoid him. Meanwhile, romance was on the cards for the others too. Ron and Hermione had agreed to go to Hogsmeade together, if only to test out and see if their “relationship” could stand it and then they would rebuild from there. Kate and Zara, meanwhile were focused on Neville and Hannah, who needed more than a small push towards each other. Again, with one week left, Neville was still wrestling with the courage to ask her out. Harry and Ginny seemed to be the only happy couple left without problems in Hogwarts, and whilst their happiness was a sign of great things, it drove the rest of us towards insanity…

It was one such night in the common room, when I’d finally had enough of watching Harry and Ginny sprawl over each other like a pair of mammals that I decided to head down to the grounds to take a wander. I had a couple of hours before curfew and I liked the peace and quiet, the relaxing sense of tranquillity that came hand in hand with the cool breeze and crisp grass of Hogwarts. Also, I knew that I was running out of opportunities to enjoy the autumn sunshine. Winter was coming and sooner or later, I’d completely run out of time to enjoy the weather. Already, it was getting nippy and I was fully kitted out with a jumper and trackies when I headed out, shielding myself against the chilly night. The darkness was descending over Hogwarts and I shivered slightly as I relaxed under a tree, watching the Whomping Willow savagely pummel a small bird. As the last remnants of the sun dissipated into the falling sky, I decided enough was enough and that I’d have to head back, even if it meant another hour of Harry and Ginny’s senseless groping.

Curfew is almost imminent, so I scurried along the corridor, aiming for the Grand Staircase, my hair annoyingly flicking the back of my neck as I ran. Then I heard it. The sound. It was almost as if someone was nearby, breathing heavily. I squinted into the shadows, pulling out my wand and taking a step closer to the dark. Then, it hit me. Or rather, he hit me. I stumbled back as Malfoy came flying out of the dark, pinning me up against the wall. I struggled but his hands tightened around my wrists, a vice-like grip that caused me to gasp in pain and drop my wand. Malfoy kicked it away and pressed his body against mine, sparing my left hand for less than a second as he snatched up his own wand and pointed it at my throat.

“Not a word, understand me Hunt?” he hissed. “Nobody is going to know about this little encounter.”

I pushed him off and dived for my wand. His foot connected with my face as I sprawled and I felt and heard my jaw snap as I rolled backwards, squealing in pain. I could shout as much as I wanted, Malfoy had cast a silencing charm on the pair of us. Nobody would hear me.

“Petrificus Totalus,” Malfoy teased, freezing my body despite my wriggling and squirming. “How does it feel Hunt? To be the one suffering for a change?”

I was scared. Terrified. I was completely at the mercy of the nastiest person I knew and there was nothing I could do. Nobody was coming. I rolled onto my back, the only thing I could do, and then relaxed briefly as Malfoy released the spell. My relief was short-lived as he laughed and kicked me hard, my nose this time crumpling under impact. He grabbed me and pressed me against the wall against, our faces millimetres apart.

“Okay Hunt, here’s what we’re going to do. We both know I’m helping The Movement break into Hogwarts and cause problems. But you’re not going to do anything about that, are you little missy?”

I shook my head, fear overtaking defiance.

“And you know what else? Mr Harry Potter is going down. And I think if I were to get word you were in a relationship with any…undesirables or mudbloods, I’d certainly add them to my list of targets. Get what I’m saying?”

“Tom…But why? Why Malfoy?”

“Simple, your suffering makes me happy. Now, darling, stay well away from the mudblood or I’ll make you both suffer. Understand?”

With his face so close to mine, and his hands never wavering from my horribly exposed torso, I nodded, blinking away tears as my face swelled up, stinging like hell from the physical blows. The message was clear. Tom Stone would be hurt if we became anything more than friends. And that was why I hated Malfoy in that moment. And, if I’m honest, myself. Because I was scared and vulnerable and I knew that I couldn’t let Tom get hurt. So, I knew what I had to do. I had to break both the poor chaps heart, along with my own in the process, or Malfoy would make both our lives a living hell. Before this point, I’d never really feared Malfoy or what he would do, but the encounter that night had shaken me to my core and I couldn’t face losing Tom. So, I broke…

The next day, I was trying to cover up the events of the night before. My jaw was aching but Malfoy’s kick hadn’t left any physical marks. My nose was severely damaged but I’d fixed it up as best I could and I looked relatively normal. At least, I did on the surface. My face was tired and pale, no amount of foundation able to cover the visible depression. I shook my head, smoothing out my hair. Nobody would notice how shaken I looked. Nobody would care.

“Are you okay Luce?”

Damn it. I couldn’t even make it in the breakfast hall without Tom realising something was up. He pulled me to one side and examined my face, concern glistening in his eyes.

“Fine,” I replied as cheerfully as I could muster. “Why?”

“You just look…different. Down.”

“I’m fine Tom, don’t worry about me!” I said, harsher than I should have. I turned to walk away but Tom grabbed my arm and I flinched, memories of last night coming flooding back.

“I do worry about you Lucy,” Tom said quietly, letting go as he realised he’d hurt me. “I care about you. Tell me, what’s happened to you?”

“Nothing Tom!” I snapped. “Just leave me alone!”

Tom moved back, visibly hurt by my words. I regretted it instantly and opened my mouth but he threw up his hands in frustration and turned to walk away. I caught up with him halfway up the stairs.

“Tom wait!” I called, pulling him aside this time. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I know you care and I care about you too but I just can’t tell you what happened. I’m so sorry.”

Tom opened his mouth and I silenced him with a kiss. That moment, that single simple moment, was the greatest moment of my life up to that point. I don’t know why I kissed him, but I wanted to, so I did. And it was perfect. He seemed too stunned to act but the feel of his lips, the way he tasted, it was heaven. And then I realised what I had done and how Malfoy would react, so I pulled away and the perfect moment was followed by one of sheer despair. I shook my head and Tom put his hands on my arms.

“You and me Lucy, we’re perfect for each other,” he whispered. “Come with me to Hogsmeade and be my girlfriend.”

Twenty four hours earlier, I’d have died of happiness and jumped into Tom’s arms. But now? After everything Malfoy had threatened? I couldn’t. I hated myself for being so scared of him and giving in, but I couldn’t risk Tom, he meant too much to me. They say if you love someone, let them go. I had no idea how painful that statement would prove.

“I can’t,” I whispered. “I’m sorry Tom, but it’s best if we remain just friends.”

I couldn’t face looking at him. I knew that if I did, I’d melt back into his arms. So I turned and I ran, not daring to look back. I knew that I’d said it too quickly, without explanation and that he deserved more. But if I hadn’t gotten out as quickly as I had, the outcome would’ve been much more severe. I was a mess, hurt and confused. No doubt Tom had it just as bad. I’d never forgive myself for kowtowing to Malfoy, but I had no choice. I loved Tom too much to see him hurt. And so I walked away. And although my suffering was great, it was still a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

I needed something to take my mind off the impending disaster that was my love life, so I decided to give Kate and Zara a hand with their Neville/Hannah matchmaking. The plan was simple and to be honest, they didn’t need any help. Hannah really liked Neville and he would probably jump at the chance to spend some time with a girl besides me (yeah I’m annoying at the best of times). Therefore, it wasn’t so much a case of convincing the pair to go out with each other as much as giving them a push towards Hogsmeade. That in itself, however could prove difficult, as Neville was still quite a shy bloke. There were only a couple of days left until the weekend, so we had to act fast. Kate and Zara tackled the problem from Hannah’s side, finding her (predictably) in the library with a group of gormless girls that could never understand Hannah’s feelings for Neville.

A little bit of convincing and the girls were almost dragging Hannah down to Herbology, where Neville and I were staying late to finish our project (wonderful). I don’t know how I’d get through herbology without Neville. Seriously, he’s like an angel gardener. Or a gardener angel. However you’d say it. Neville was showing me how to plant a vileptus plant. The clue’s in the name: vile. The bastarding thing had puked on me already and vileptus vomit is bright blue. Lovely. Don’t even get me started on the stress and humidity levels and well…you know by now what they do to my locks. I wanted to be anywhere but in that sodding greenhouse. But I told myself I was doing it for Neville and, forcing myself onwards, I waited for Hannah to arrive. But of course, my job was to persuade Neville. So, with what I assumed was a few minutes until arrival, I turned to Neville, the tone of my voice deadly serious.

“Neville,” I began. “Don’t hate me.”

“What have you done?” Neville asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow as I tried not to squirm.

“I helped you get a date for Hogsmeade,” I said, trying to dismiss it.

“You what?!” Neville exploded. Well as much as Neville can explode. “I thought we were going to Hogsmeade together, as friends! Since you turned down Stone!”

“Don’t remind me,” I growled. “Look Nev, I want some girl time and you’ll be fine. Just, tell her you’d love to go and you’ll pick her up at 9:30 easy as.”

“Not the point Luce,” Neville replied. “What if I don’t want a date with whoever you’ve picked out for me?”

“Listen Neville, I didn’t pick her out!” I protested. “Zara overheard her saying how cute you are and how much she’d like to get to know you. And its Hannah Abbot by the way, so we’re clear.”

“Hannah Abbot?” Neville seemed to soften slightly. “She’s…nice. We worked together a bit last year, DA stuff. She’s coming here?”

“Yeah, Kate and Zara talked her into it. I’m just the gal they hired to ensure you don’t break poor little Hannah’s heart.”

“If she needed talking into it, she’s hardly going to be heartbroken,” Neville pointed out.

“Shut up!” I muttered. “Just, give her a chance Nev? For me?”

Neville smiled slightly and nodded. I grinned and slipped out the back door as I saw Hannah enter via the front. I skipped round the side of the greenhouse, where Kate and Zara were looking pleased with themselves. I high-fived them and grinned, watching on as Neville and Hannah started chatting.

“Mission accomplished,” I said triumphantly, punching the sky.

The day of Hogsmeade came and we broke off into couples, groups etc. Harry and Ginny obviously went together, as did Ron and Hermione and Hannah and Neville. I went with the girls, the three of us all hoping for a cheerier outcome than the last Hogsmeade weekend. In the back of my mind, I was worried. Malfoy had pulled a real stunt last time, would he again? Tom was nowhere to be seen but I didn’t worry about him. He probably had girls flocking over him, he didn’t need me. It broke my heart just to think that. We headed down nice and late, around 11. We were all tired and none of us could be bothered to do our hair and makeup with any real conviction. We were cheerful though and the girls managed to keep me smiling for a good few hours as we laughed and joked. It felt like just being a normal girl. Which, I suppose, I was in many ways. So was it that it took a day out with the girls to convince me of that? We relaxed in the Three Broomsticks and occasionally saw one of the happy couples pass us. Harry and Ginny were as relaxed and randy as ever; lip-locked practically the entire time we saw them. Neville was a little more cautious, though for me, seeing him so happy made me as happy as if he was snogging Hannah. They looked like they were getting along like a house on fire. Ron and Hermione, meanwhile, looked a touch more awkward, though it was clear they were getting along better and starting to click again. It’s amazing how much you can glean about relationships just by watching during five minute intervals. Though I suppose, it helps that I know them all so well.

Several hours later, I finally spotted Tom. He was with a couple of lads from his year. I was pleased in a way, it meant that he was clearly not involved with anyone else but at the same time, I was still disheartened. He may have been out and about but he didn’t look particularly great. I hid behind the girls until he disappeared but my mood had considerably darkened. I was no longer in the mood for girly laughs and teasing. I downed my butterbeer and powered out the shop…

The girls had managed to calm me down and convince me to stick around. They did their best to cheer me up but I was still in a bad mood when we eventually returned to the castle. It was dark by the time we got back and we went straight to dinner. Eating proved tedious, especially when I knew Tom was sitting a few seats away from me. When I eventually got back to the common room, I was feeling pretty down. I played some cards with Kate and Hermione, but by about nine, I was tired and just wanted my bed. I slipped upstairs after saying my goodnights and entered my dorm, ready to flop down on my bed. I pulled open the curtain and yelled at the sight that was before me. Neville was straddling Hannah, both of them disturbingly exposed. I staggered back and Neville flushed sheepishly.

“Sorry Lucy, Harry and Ginny were up in my dorm and I couldn’t think of anywhere else. I hope you don’t mind. We won’t leave a mess I promise.”

“Yeah course Neville, knock yourself out,” I mumbled, too stunned to say anything else as I practically tumbled out the room, almost colliding with Hermione.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Neville. Hannah. My bed.”

That was all I could get out and, as I headed back down to the common room, I doubted I’d get any sleep that night at all…

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Chapter 13: The Dangerous Quaffle
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I tried to talk to Tom. Really tried. And, thankfully, it worked. Score one for me. He soon started talking to me again and we chose to pretend the “kiss” incident never existed. The only problem was my heart, which I doubted would be able to deal with the stress of spending so much time with him but not being with him. But then, it hurt more when I wasn’t with him at all, so I figured it was a slightly less painful solution. For me anyway, I had no idea how he was feeling. Things were bound to be difficult and there was the odd awkward moment, but, in the main, we coped okay.

“So Lucy,” he began. It was a cold November evening and we were wrapped up warmly in the common room on a sofa. We were sprawled over it, practically sprawled over each other but not quite (I don’t think my brain would cope) and he was gently stroking my flailing hair (yes, I don’t know how I didn’t have a coronary either). “Tell me more about your sister.”

Neville and Harry had gone to bed, as had the 6th year girls. Ron and Hermione had decided to lip-lock in a corner of the common room so I felt comfortable knowing Tom and I were well and truly alone.

“She’s great,” I replied. “She’s funny, really pretty, smart and she’s got an amazing fiancé. They met in fourth year and started going out two years later. It’s kind of a funny story. She set him up with her friend Laura, then ended up snogging him, which resulted in him and Laura’s break-up in the first place.”

“She sounds…interesting.”

I shot him a dirty look and he put his hands up.

“My parents think it’s adorable. His mum was best friends with dad and he was devastated when she died. I think he can see bits of her in Amy and James. Sometimes. James has some of his mum’s tendencies but then he’s also very much his own person. And dad wants me to be more like Amy. I’ve never really been able to live up to her. She’s got a great job, a fiancé who’s the son my dad never had, as well as Amy Kingston’s son. She couldn’t have done anymore to make them proud. Me? I just can’t compare. I don’t have the best grades, I can’t seem to control my rampart social life and I’ve gone and started a war with Draco Malfoy!”

“Lucy, listen to me. You’re an amazing girl. You don’t have to compare yourself to Amy and I’m sure your parents don’t either. You’re just being paranoid and it’s not good for you.”

“Thanks Tom,” I replied, smiling despite myself. My dad had set us a crap load of homework and he expected us to do it tonight. Fat chance. Oh well, it’s a good thing that Defence is my best subject. Much like daddy. If there was one reason he loved me as much as Amy, it was that I took after him. So very much. I’ve mentioned that. Anyway.

“You don’t yourself enough credit Lucy, you’re not Amy but I don’t know Amy. I know you. And I like you.”

Shit. He can’t say stuff like that, I’ll blush. There, I blushed. And now he’d know that. And I’m not supposed to blush. He’s a friend.

“You’re blushing Lucy. I knew you cared.”

“I do care Tom, but not like that. I have to go finish my essay.”

It was a lame excuse and I knew it, but I couldn’t let the conversation carry on down that path. I was too weak. And I knew it.

The next Quidditch match of the season was against Ravenclaw, who were in hot form, having thrashed Hufflepuff 350-0. Hufflepuff had edged out Slytherin earlier that month, as the Quidditch season had been extended. You now played each team twice, which meant you played two games a term. As a result, this our second game before Christmas. We had a couple of games against the Puffies between Christmas and Easter and then finished off by playing Slytherin and Ravenclaw again.

Our game was never going to be easy. The Ravenclaws were ferocious and flew like their lives depended on it. They were horribly well-disciplined and were a trained machine. Don’t get me wrong, we flew well as a unit, but whilst we relied on flair and sheer speed to win, the Claws worked as a team and systematically destroyed their opponents. The Hufflepuffs were a massively improved side, but they were blown away by the sheer force of the Ravenclaw chasers. Their seeker, however, was a different story. He was one of the best fliers Harry had ever seen and he worried Harry. Worse still, our 595’s had been recalled by the company after Ron’s accident. So Harry was back on his Firebolt Mark 2 and me my old 220. Not that I minded, I’d been eager to shake off the rumours that I couldn’t fly without a good broom. I am yet to see anybody make the same claim about Harry, though in fairness, he’s Harry-fricking-Potter. He couldn’t fly badly if he tried.

The day of the match arrived and, as usual, I was nervous, understandably so I might add.

“Nobody ever looks at chasers,” Ron pointed out, scarfing down his bacon. Hmm bacon. I love bacon. “They focus on the seekers and keepers and occasionally the beaters. It’s only if you play ridiculously shit that you even get noticed as a chaser.”

“Or score 17 goals in one match,” Ginny interjected.

“Or get put in goal,” Demelze huffed.

“When are you going to stop moaning about that?” Ron rounded on her.

“When you apologise,” Demelze snapped back.

“Oh right. I’m sorry my broom failed in mid-air, nearly killing me. Happy now?”

“Both of you two shut up, we need to work together as a team,” Harry interjected. “This match is important. We have to get the edge on Ravenclaw, we have to!”

“Harry’s right,” Ginny added. “We need to work as a team. Or, alternatively, Harry could catch the snitch like he always does and everything else is fucking irrelevant.”

I laughed, which made me immediately feel better. Harry opened his mouth to answer back but the truth was, Ginny was completely right. And we all knew it too. Harry would almost certainly catch the snitch and win us the match. All we chasers had to do was not get played off the park. And of course, Ron and the girls would help us out. Ginny gave another rousingly sarcastic speech as Harry desperately tried to give a real team motivational speech. We eventually headed out to the match, Neville, Tom and Hermione amongst others standing in the crowd cheering us on. We flew into formation and then the match began…

The Claws flew fast and hard and immediately I knew this was a different set of rules to the Slytherin match. There, my broom did all the flying and outstripped them with ease. Here, it was tight, intricate passing and grand, sweeping moves that made the difference. It quickly became obvious we were in trouble. Ravenclaw were 30-0 up within minutes, as our sheer individual skill proved no match for their relentless pressing and team spirit. Well, I say that, but I was still doing my damned hardest to infiltrate their tight defence. Then, as Kate aimed a well-fired bludger at one of their chasers and he buckled I swooped in, stealing past him and firing into the hoop. 30-10. It was always going to be a tight game and it continued in that vein for some time. Harry was having no luck with the snitch, but he was leading the Ravenclaw seeker on a merry dance that confirmed all of our suspicions, she was out of her league. To be honest, it felt a bit weird. On the one hand, I was happy knowing such a score meant that when Harry caught the snitch, we’d win, but on the other hand, it was very frustrating playing such a tight and boring game. The Claws must’ve been feeling the same way because they pressed quicker and the game opened out. They scored four times more as Ginny pulled one back. I scored again, only for Ron to concede twice more. It wasn’t that he was playing badly, but he couldn’t keep up. And then, disaster.

We reached 120-50 down when it happened. I don’t know how it happened and to be honest, I’m pretty fricking furious it did. I’m annoyed with myself as well for what happened afterwards. Anyway, I know you’re dying to know so I’ll spit it out. Ron got knocked out by a Quaffle. Yes a Quaffle. Not a bludger, a Quaffle. Yes two matches in a row, I know he’s injury prone right? Anyway, he came flying out to stop an incoming goal and the chaser shot past him. At which point, Zara (moron) thought it would be a good idea to hammer the Quaffle away with her beaters bat. She hit the bastard hard. So hard it bounced off the back of Ron’s head, knocking him clean out, rebounded into Zara, taking her back through the hoop and onto the floor. Not only did we now have no keeper (AGAIN) and one beater, but we were 130-50 down. I went in goal for the resulting Ravenclaw penalty, which was scored. My fault I guess. I should never have volunteered. Ginny and Harry tried to stop me but I didn’t want Demelze to feel left out. That was my mistake. Within another five minutes, I’d stopped nothing and the score was 190-50. Which was when Harry dived. He was after the snitch. It would only be a matter of seconds. Shit. A claw was approaching, determined, Quaffle in hand. I swore loudly and he shot. I don’t know how it happened. But I swerved right and with a diving right palm, blocked the shot. Harry caught the snitch. 200-190. Ravenclaw, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

“You’re off the team.”


Harry was furious. His best friend was in the hospital wing again and he had no sympathy for Zara. As far as he was concerned, she’d almost lost them the game.

“You’re off the team, I’ll find a new beater,” he explained. “That kind of stupidity, not to mention blatant disregard for the rules, is something I’d have expected from our opponents, not from anyone on my team. Not only did you endanger our keeper and yourself, but you also broke the rules severely and for what? The sake of one goal that they would score the resulting penalty from anyway?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Zara sulked, as even Kate shot her a filthy look.

“I’m sorry Zara, but my decision is final,” Harry said firmly. I followed him out the room and he started on me next.

“Never go in goal again,” he said bluntly.

“Why not?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“Because you’re my best chaser. If Demelze has a problem with it, she can come to me, but you are needed. You are our best player and for the team, it’s necessary that you stay where you can score goals. You scored four today and spent half the match either being held off by Claws or as keeper. So from now on, you stay where you can cause Ravenclaw problems understand?”

“Yes captain,” I said, trying to keep the hurt out my voice. Harry was being unusually sharp. He sighed.

“Sorry,” he said apologetically. “I’m just stressed. We very nearly lost today.”

“But we didn’t,” I reminded him. “And there’s a party in your honour.”

“I don’t fancy it. You fancy a bit of chess in the common room?” Harry grinned.

“Sure,” I smiled. “I kind of hate parties anyway, especially after the last one.”

“I’m not surprised. Come on.”

After several hours of chess with Harry, (I might’ve had a chance if I’d played it ever before) and several defeats, the chess set Ron had lent me was in considerably worse shape. Ah well, I never claimed to be the world’s next chess prodigy. Though according to Harry, I wasn’t bad for a newbie to the sport. It did cheer me up; it had to be said, spending some time with Harry. He was by far my favourite cousin. Yes, he is my only cousin. So what? But at the same time, I felt bad about leaving Zara alone in the hospital wing, especially considering that she would be basically alone, even Kate had gone to the Gryffindor victory party. And Ravenclaw, as annoyed as they were, knew there was only ten points in it, so they were still top the table, as they had the best points difference, which was how the Quidditch league was judged. So as good as a victory felt, they had just as much cause to celebrate as us. The result of which was that Zara would be alone and she would want company. Whilst her injuries were superficial, Pomfrey wanted to keep her in overnight, to play it safe.

So, after begging Harry to let me off the hook and save Ron’s pieces from being battered further, I headed down to the hospital wing. The sight that met my eyes was…interesting. Zara was sitting, talking to a Ravenclaw. Antony Goldstein. He was in our year and apparently they were…kissing?! They would start kissing the moment I walked in. Zara looked up and saw me, only to pull apart from Antony.

“Oh hi Luce,” she said, obviously embarrassed.

“Uh…hi,” I muttered. “Not interrupting am I?”

“No, not at all,” Antony muttered. “I was just leaving.”

Before either of us could protest, he was gone, slipping away.

“When did this happen?” I asked, sitting on the end of her bed.

“Well we started talking about a week ago and he came to check I was okay after the match and decided to stick around. We had a bit of Quidditch banter and then talking turned to…other things.”

“Oh,” I replied. “I swear everyone except me is feeling all lovey dovey.”

“Well whose fault is that?” Zara replied. “You’ve spent weeks courting Tom, ask him out already.”

“Firstly,” I retorted. “Courting? Secondly, I can’t, we’re just friends and thirdly…I don’t have a thirdly.”

That was a great comeback right there Lucy.

“Look Lucy, I appreciate you checking on me, but go to the party. Have fun. I’m going to bed anyway.”

“Are you sure Zara?” I asked, standing.

“Yes. Oh and Lucy?”

I looked back.

“Don’t tell anyone about me and Antony, especially not Kate.”

“Why?” I was curious.

“She likes Antony too. I don’t want to break her heart.”

Fuck my life. I can imagine where this is going. And I don’t to be in the middle when it all kicks off.

“Sure Zara, I’ll keep it quiet.”

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Chapter 14: Friends at war
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 Fuck my life. I mean seriously, what did I say? I knew this was going to kick off and the last thing I need is to be caught in the middle of it. And yet, here we are. Zara’s just told Kate the truth about her and Antony at breakfast and now I’m wedged between the pair of them in Potions. Usually, we wouldn’t share lessons as I’m in the year above, but Slughorn thought the 6th years would benefit from our experience. Like any of us were good at the subject. The three of us were sharing a cauldron and, as I dropped our next ingredient in, I realised that I was the only one doing any work. The other two were sat in complete silence, facing opposite each other, occasionally turning around to shoot daggers at the others forehead. Kate hated Zara for quote: “Stealing her guy.” Zara hated Kate for quote: “Being so obsessive and immature.”

“Could you please give me a hand, one of you!” I groaned. “You don’t have to talk to one-another but I could use a hand!”

“Fine!” they both snapped at the same time. I groaned again as they both snatched up something and started chopping furiously. Before I could get a word in, they had both hurled their ingredients into the cauldron, which started to bubble furiously. I looked at the girls, panic starting to set in.

“What did you put in?” I asked Zara.

“Flobberworm mucus.”

“And you?” I turned to Kate.

“Flobberworm mucus.”

“Oh hell!” I muttered. The potion was a volatile one at the best of times and putting in too much mucus would cause it to well…

The potion erupted as I hit the deck, showering half the class in strange blue foam. I crawled out from under the table. Zara and Kate were covered from head-to-toe, the foam almost absorbing into their skin. They looked a hell of a lot like smurfs. I would have smiled, but I knew what the potion did. Why me? What had I done to deserve this?

“Miss Rudder, Miss Healmsly. Care to explain?” Slughorn asked.

“Too much flobberworm mucus. Not enough communication,” I explained, irritated.

“Well then Miss Hunt, you’d better take them to the hospital wing. I assume you’re aware of the repercussions of this particular potion’s effects?”

“Yep. And believe me Professor, this isn’t going to be fun for me either.”

“If I’m honest Miss Hunt, the potion does all the punishment for me.”

Getting to the hospital wing was a laborious process, because, thanks to the potion, Kate and Zara couldn’t move more than 2 inches apart from each other. It was, irritating to say the least and I hoped that good old Madam Pomfrey could help us out. Unfortunately, according to her, the potion to separate them would take a day to brew. So, as apparently this was “all my fault” (at least they finally agreed on something), it was up to me to stop them killing each other for a grand total of 24 hours. I repeat for emphasis. Fuck. My. Life.

Two hours in and I was already fancying suicide. The pair of them were still refusing to talk, but they’d each make the occasional jerking movement that would yank the other uncomfortably. I did my best to stop them from being bitches to each other but it was easier said than done. Much easier said than done. It was almost lunch and I’d finally got them to almost settle down. At which point, naturally, Antony turned up. He obviously hadn’t heard about the little squabble. And so, as we were relaxing in the library (we’d been given the day off lessons because of our circumstances and well to be honest it wasn’t relaxing but that’s the best adjective I’ve got) he came in, sat down on Zara’s other side and kissed her gently. Zara smirked, victory written all over her face. I held my head in my hands, eyes trying not to avert from Kate, who was almost certainly about to burst into tears.

“Hey Zara, how’s your day gone so far?” he asked, acknowledging me with a nod.

“Oh pretty shit, ended up with an exploding potion which bonded me to Kate,” Zara tried to be nonchalant but it was clear she was annoyed.

“Well that can’t be too bad can it, I mean you two are best friends,” Antony grinned.

Yep there go the waterworks. Kate was crying her eyes out. I shifted so she could cry on my shoulder which earned me a scathing glare from Zara.

“We were but then she turned into a cry-baby,” Zara replied angrily.

“Oh,” Antony seemed taken-aback. “That’s a real shame, I mean you two are such great friends, I’d hate to see anything ruin that. Well, I’ve got work to do; I’ll see you at lunch Zar just wanted to check everything was alright.”

He whispered something in her ear which almost made her smile and then he was gone. Kate turned to Zara, fury evident in her eyes.

“How could you do this to me?” she wailed. “He’s Antony-fricking-Goldstein. You know how I feel about him.”

“Oh so because you like a guy that’s never going to date you I have to back off?” Zara growled.

“That would be what a normal friend would do!” Kate snapped. “What do you think Lucy?”

Oh shit. Don’t panic. Think.

“Lucy agrees with me!” Zara interrupted.

“No she agrees with me!”

“No. Me!”

“Shut up both of you!” I yelled, earning me a death stare from Madam Pince. “You’ve both blown this way out of proportion and to be honest, I’m sick of the pair of you. I’ve had to sit here all day, watching you two snap, glare and shove each other. You’re supposed to be best friends and you’re squabbling like a couple of toddlers.”

I was hopeful that my little rant, insane as it was, would give them both a kick up the backside. They looked at each other, then growled and tried to storm off in opposite directions. Naturally, they were pulled back towards each other in a crashing motion and I waved them away, turning my back on them as I marched out the library.

I was sulking. After lunch I had my dad for DADA and I sulked all the way through the lesson. Harry and Ron both commented on how cheery I was and I told them where to shove their cheeriness. Neville managed to cheer me up a bit and by the end of the day; I was in a much better mood, no longer worrying about the girls. Ginny, however, was in a foul mood as she arrived at dinner. When questioned, she shot me a filthy look.

“Your lovely friends Kate and Zara had a free with me last lesson and they’re a huge bundle of fucking joy today. Can’t you take them for a while?”

“I had to deal with them all morning, it’s someone else’s turn,” I whined.

“You guys can’t just hand them around like they’re a pet!” Neville interjected. My eyes lit up and so did Ginny’s. Plastering adorable smiles on our faces, we looked at Neville.

“Neville?” I asked in the sweetest voice imaginable.

“No way,” Neville protested. “I was going to see Hannah tonight. I’m not looking after them, I’m not.”

“Please Neville?” I asked my voice still as sweet as sugar. “It would mean a lot to me.”

“Fine then,” he groaned. “But you owe me one.”

Finally freed of whatever burden I had over Kate and Zara, I joined Harry and Ron in the common room as we relaxed (properly this time). Hogwarts really was a stressful place and we were all glad of the time to just sit around and do nothing, maybe practice a bit of magic. Hermione and Ginny were off doing…whatever it was Hermione and Ginny did and, best of all, Tom was nowhere to be seen for a change. That was another dark cloud I didn’t want looming over my head. Any mention or thought of Malfoy wracked me with fear and anger. And just general negative feelings. It was almost December and as I looked out the window, the first white flecks of snow were just starting to form in the sky. I sighed as the wind hurled itself at the window, and the rain fell from the sky, obnoxiously ignoring the fact it should be snow. I opened the window and twirled my wand through the wind, turning the nearest raindrops into snowflakes. Harry and Ron were playing chess again so as I watched my breath turn to steam and then magically turn to snow, I was alone. And I liked it. The peace and quiet of the night, coupled with the beauty of the snow. I twirled my wand through my hair, curling the odd strand as I did so. I looked out over the landscape. It was a beautiful night. And then, as is always the way, my tranquillity was shattered by a shrieking owl that collapsed at my feet. It had clearly been weakened by the storm and as I took off the letter attached to its leg, I realised it was Sebastien.

“Are you okay Seb?” I murmured, ruffling his feathers. “Thanks for the letter buddy.”

Dear Lucy, it read.
I have good news. Mum and I are coming to Hogwarts at the weekend so we can get to work planning the wedding. You’re going to love it Luce, I’ve got so much planned. Obviously Cousin Harry is invited and if you want to bring a date I’m not going to say no ;). We’ll talk more on Saturday.
Lots of love, Amy xx

My heart skipped a beat. A date? My initial thought was Tom but maybe that would be a bit awkward. But then, it was a friendship opportunity and I did so dearly want to remain friends with him…

“Lucy!” Neville yelped, interrupting my thoughts by rushing into the common room. I groaned and looked at him. He was a mess, like he’d been on the back end of a fight.

“Oh Merlin, what did they do?” I asked guiltily. I should never have left them with Neville. For Merlin’s sake the only things Neville can take care of are plants.

“They started arguing and then they started wrestling,” Neville wheezed.

“I’ll take care of it,” I groaned.

Neville showed me where the girls were grappling (third floor corridor) and I attempted to intervene. Well, it wasn’t easy. You try separating two people who are stuck together. I grabbed Kate and tried to pull her off Zara, but Zara came with her. I then tried to get between the pair of them but that didn’t work either. I was kicked, scratched and probably bitten. I went to step back and grab my wand but a stray foot sent it flying out of my grasp. I attempted to move away but I was wedged between them, both of them willing to get through me to hurt the other. Someone pulled my hair and I yelped in pain, as another girl kicked me in the back of the leg.

“Neville!” I yelled. “Do something!”

“Um, yes, right!” Neville panicked. Never turn to this boy in a crisis. He fumbled with his wand, muttering incantations out loud trying to think. A quick word of advice. When trying to think of a spell, whatever you do, DON’T for the love of Merlin, mutter out loud. Because your wand, well…Whatever Neville was muttering, it was explosive. Sparks shot out the end of his wand and exploded as they made contact. The three of us were blasted apart. The potion had been broken and the girls were individuals again. A combination of the fight and Neville’s spell had left us all dazed. As the girls sat up, I prayed to Merlin I didn’t look like them. Their clothes were torn and ripped, blackened by soot. Their faces were flushed and streaked with black and their hair was all over the place. I was too tired to care though. As I stumbled to my feet, Neville rushed over to support me.

“I hate you Nev,” I muttered. “But thanks I think.”

“You’re welcome Luce,” he smiled. “Let’s get you back to Gryffindor Tower.”

“What about those two?” I asked, gesturing to Kate and Zara.

“After everything they’ve put you through, I don’t think leaving them here is terribly unreasonable,” Neville grinned.

“My hero,” I laughed, kissing Neville on the cheek and making him blush. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No it’s fine Lucy. I’m just starting to regret not spending tonight with Hannah.”

“Honestly Nev, I don’t blame you.”

I was feeling better by the time we made it back to the common room, me leaning on Neville for support. Harry and Ron raised eyebrows upon our entrance and I thanked Neville, ushering him off to find Hannah, and then headed over to the pair.

“What the bloody hell happened to you?” Ron asked. I shot him a pointed look.

“What do you think happened? My dearest friends Kate and Zara of course,” I groaned.

“Sorry about them,” Harry smiled. “Reckon they’ll stop fighting anytime soon?”

“I doubt it,” I grumbled. “They’re determined to be more stubborn than each other.”

“I bet they are,” Ron muttered. “Never liked that Zara, too rough for my taste.”

Harry and I shot him odd looks.

“You just don’t like her because of the Quidditch game,” I pointed out. “That reminds me, Harry, we need a new beater.”

“No we don’t,” Harry waved it off. “Zara’s learnt her lesson, she can stay on the team.”

“But she’s got to work together with Kate!” I cried. “And right now they hate each other!”

“They’ll sort it out,” Harry reassured me. “Our next game isn’t until the new year anyway, relax.”

“If you say so,” I muttered darkly.

Ginny and Hermione re-entered at this point, giggly beyond belief. I was worried. Ginny giggling was bad enough on its own and usually signalled that what was coming next would be problematic. But Hermione? This could only result in the apocalyptic end to the world or something else equally as bad. I slumped beside Harry as they rushed over.

“Guess what guys?” Ginny tittered. “We just overheard Dean Thomas say he was still a virgin.”

Harry and Ron snorted and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m not surprised,” I muttered. “He’s a bit…you know. Don’t suppose you saw Tom on your travels did you?”

Both their faces fell at this. I frowned.

“What is it?”

“Lucy,” Ginny replied gently. “We saw him in the Room of Requirement, with a girl. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh.” My voice suddenly seemed broken. I took a deep breath, trying to blot out the fact they were all looking at me concerned. “Good for him.” I hope she fucking dies in a pit.

Draco Malfoy sat, watching the window. As his owl came in to land, he plucked its letter off its claws, causing it to howl in pain. He ignored it. He flipped open the letter and read quickly, absorbing its contents. They were ready. The other members of The Movement were waiting for him to get them in. Hogsmeade was the first step and from there, they would move in on the castle. With stealth, of course. Lord Voldemort had thought he could win with power alone. Malfoy would kidnap Harry Potter and his friends and they would be the perfect ransom for the ministry. The time of the Movement was coming, fast. Harry Potter would be nothing beside him. Draco Malfoy, new leader of darkness. He summoned some parchment and a quill and wrote a single word on the piece of parchment before sending his owl back out into the storm.

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Chapter 15: It's a family thing
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 I continued to be in a foul mood for the rest of the week. I refused to talk to Harry and Ron about it, although they pressed me for details. Even Neville, at his most charming and adorable, couldn’t prize the details of my sadness from me. No, the truth was, I was practically in love with a guy who would be murdered if I went near him. Brilliant. He, meanwhile, had probably decided I wasn’t interested and got himself a new girlfriend (if Ginny and Hermione’s reports were anything to go by, Tom was with Lavender Brown and I could finally understand Hermione’s hatred of her). All this was piling up and although I did my best to remain civil in public, (except to Kate and Zara when they started arguing, at which point I became Lucy Acid-Tongue) behind the scenes I found myself becoming a bit of a wreck. I barely saw Tom anymore and when I did, I tried to keep my head down and avoid him. As much as I missed him, I knew it was preferable to the alternative. Every so often, I’d bump into Malfoy and although he no longer spoke to me, he would sneer at me, maybe wink or tap his nose. If, heaven forbid, I’d ever see him at the same time Tom was nearby, he’d glance at Tom and smile, nod and move on. Whilst I was glad Malfoy had dropped the vicious aggressive act, this new, mocking Malfoy who knew he had the edge disturbed me, kept me oddly on edge.

That weekend the sun shone brightly in the sky. The snow that had been threatening for several weeks was firmly dispelled by an overwhelming blue sky. For early December, it was astonishingly good weather and as I headed out to Hogsmeade with my dad, I was glad that it wasn’t as cold as it had been in previous weeks. I was dressed for cold, but the warmth meant that I could at least remove my winter coat and stick to the cardigan and top. My jeans hugged my skin comfortably and there was a light wind that whipped my hair around behind me.

“Nervous Luce?” Dad asked as we approached the Three Broomsticks.

“Why would I be?” I asked. Honestly, I didn’t see any need to be. If anything, today would be a welcome change from the imploding disaster that was my social life.

“I dunno, first time we’ve seen your sister and your mum since September,” Dad smiled. He was so sweet bless him, but I hadn’t really spent a great deal of time thinking about mum and Amy over this Hogwarts period.

“Let’s just try not to late dad,” I laughed, taking his hand and skipping over the small bank of grass as we moved into the Broomsticks.

Sure enough, there was my sister. My picture perfect sister with her golden hair and cheery smile and model-figure. Damn it she was lucky. She didn’t have Draco frigging Malfoy threatening to kill James. Not that he could if he wanted to. James was too awesome to let that happen. Amy pulled me into a huge hug as our parents greeted.

“How’ve you been?” Amy asked me, dragging me over to a table as my parents talked.

“I’ve been…shit if I’m honest with you Amy,” I smiled, putting on a brave face. “Hogwarts is a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I mean it seems like all I’ve done since I’ve been here is been threatened and had my love life thrown apart.”

“Yeah, that’s what Hogwarts does to you,” Amy muttered, placing her hand on my shoulder. “But you’ll get through it, you’re a strong girl. Besides, this Tom guy sounds like a real winner.”

Okay, I’m weak. I know it. Hearing her say his name made me start to cry. Thankfully, our parents were too absorbed in their own conversation to notice, so Amy swiftly wiped my eyes with a tissue and cleared my blotchy face with her wand. I smiled through my tears and Amy shot me a look of sympathy.

“He doesn’t like you that way?” she asked.

“No, it’s not that,” I bawled. “He loves me, thinks I’m amazing, it’s my fault. Draco Malfoy said that Death Eaters are rising again and if I date Tom, then he’ll be a huge target. He really shook me Amy, I’m not sure how long I can go on.”

“Look at me Lucy,” Amy said quietly. I stared at her. “You need to tell Tom the truth, he’ll find a way to help you through it. You’re playing Malfoy’s game. He wants to make you miserable and it’s working. So don’t play. If what you’ve told me is true, this Tom seems to be the guy you belong with, so show it. Tell him how you really feel and why you didn’t tell him sooner. It’s the only way you’re going to pull yourself out of this. Lucy!”

Her final words were sharp and I realised she was right. Amy was always right. Why hadn’t I just told Tom the truth? I’d let Malfoy get in my head and beat me. But no more. If the only way to beat him was to be happy, then that would be exactly what I’d do. Tom wouldn’t know what hit him.

“Thanks sis, you always know what to say,” I laughed. “Now, how about that wedding eh?”

Amy perked up and for the next half hour she went on and on about how much she loved James and how perfect the day she became his wife would be. Then, after what seemed like an age, mum and dad called us over. It had been a long time since I’d seen my mum and I’d never realised how much I missed her. I smiled and pulled her into a hug and we sat down. For the first time in what seemed like forever, we sat down across the table like a normal family. And it was nice, it was really, really nice. For once, I didn’t have to worry about my crazy Hogwarts life; I could just focus on my sister’s wedding, the biggest day of her life and who I was bringing along. Harry and Tom. That was my decision. Harry, he was Amy’s cousin, he had a right. Tom, all things hoping, would be my date by that point. My dress, Amy was hoping, would be a beautiful black colour, which would contrast her own white one brilliantly. I would be a bridesmaid, along with a couple of other girls I didn’t really know and Macey, Amy’s best friend, would be her Maid of Honour. I personally couldn’t imagine Macey behaving herself at a wedding but hey, if it’s Amy’s then maybe she’ll reign herself in. But probably not. I sighed happily and rested my head on Amy’s shoulder as she grinned.

“Where is the man himself?” I asked, as wedding talk had finally come to a close.

“Off hunting magical creatures,” Amy replied with a slight smile. “He’s always liked that field.”

“Don’t say magical creatures Amy,” I whispered. “We all know you mean werewolves.”

Amy shot me a slightly dark look and I felt bad. James’ mother had been killed by Remus Lupin, just like I’d told Harry that first day we met. James had never really gotten over his intense dislike of werewolves and one of his main tasks for the ministry was to hunt down and execute rogue werewolves that were either attacking muggles or other wizards and converting them. He also hated werewolves that were in control of their powers, but it was a hatred he kept hidden within himself as much as possible.

“There’s nothing wrong with hunting werewolves,” Dad said, the lump in his throat clear. “They’re a shocking species, a curse upon humanity.”

“Jake!” Mum muttered, nudging him.

“Sorry Hayley, but I support what James is doing and it’s important the girls know that!” Dad replied in a low voice.

The “werewolf” issue was a common debate between our parents. Dad hated werewolves with a passion, it was no shock really, considering it was his best friend who had been killed, whilst mum took a different approach. She too, had been hit by Amy’s death but not even close to the extent dad and James had. She, for one, supported Remus, as she’d known him as a person for a long time before the incident and saw beyond the monster he could be at times. They tried not to argue about it, but the division was clear. Amy, for her part, tried to stay neutral but she clearly found it difficult; after all, James nearly got expelled from Hogwarts for confronting Lupin about the attack. I didn’t really know enough to comment so it was easier for me.

“Anyway,” I butted in, eager to move off this particular topic. “Dad and I should be getting back. It was wonderful to see you guys again.”

And, after a few goodbyes, hugs and kisses, dad and I were walking back to the castle, him still quietly seething and me, for the first time, full of hope and quietly confident about finally telling Tom how I felt.

When I arrived back at Gryffindor Tower, I sensed it instantly. Something was wrong. You could almost taste it in the air, like a foul blemish on everyone’s day. I didn’t like it and almost before I saw Zara, I knew that what had happened would be life-changing. I approached cautiously, as Ginny, Hermione and even Kate was comforting her. Zara never cried. Like ever. In the whole time I’d known her, I’d never seen Zara show any sort of weakness and here she was, crying her heart out. I was worried, almost panicked and as I rushed over, I joined the group of girls surrounding her. I didn’t want to feel like I was invading her in any way, but she really needed help and I wasn’t sure the others were in the best position to give it to her. Oh who am I kidding, I’m useless at this sort of thing, probably worse than the other idiots. But she needs someone I guess. I sat down beside her and put my hand on her knee.

“What’s wrong Zara?” I asked gently. In answer, she thrust out her hand, in which was clasped a very crumpled piece of parchment.

“What does it say?” Ginny whispered to me.

Dear Miss Healmsly,
It is my sad duty to inform you that yesterday night at 10:21pm, your mother, Freya Healmsly, was killed whilst fighting rogue wizards. We cannot disclose any more information at this time. Someone from the Ministry will be along shortly to explain.
Yours faithfully,
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Minister for Magic

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say, what could I say? Zara…what could she do now? She’d already told her us her father was a muggle and didn’t even know she existed, so for her to lose her mother would destroy her. That much was evident from her current reaction. She was distraught. Beyond distraught. Destroyed was probably a better term. How she’d ever recover was beyond me.

“I’m so sorry Zara,” I whispered to her, letting her rest her head on my shoulders as she wept. And she wept and wept for what seemed like an eternity. And for once, I felt a pang of guilt. Here I was, stressing about Tom and Malfoy and friendships, but this put all my problems into perspective. To lose your only family…I was lucky, I had mum, dad, Amy. Zara only had her mum. And now…she had nobody. We all tried our best to comfort her but nothing that we could say would change that harrowing fact.

The ministry official arrived shortly afterwards and Zara went with him. I didn’t know where she was going, or where her next step was, but she’d let us know in time. What I did know, however, was who must’ve killed her mother. Malfoy’s threats suddenly became a hell of a lot more real. But not real enough that I wasn’t going to tell Tom how I felt. My mum, my dad, Amy, they were all safe. Malfoy couldn’t get to them…could he? If Zara’s mum was gone, then who else could be the next target. I was riddled with self-doubt and fear for my family. I wasn’t the only one. The whole lot of us were subdued, clinging to our own personal ideals, hoping for a positive outcome. As usual, Tom was nowhere to be seen. If I’m honest, I knew he was avoiding me. Part of me cared. A lot of me understood. But I needed to find him. Gone was the time when I could hide behind Malfoy’s threats. Gone was the time when I was going to let him slip through my fingers. I knew there was no reason, no need to stay and mope with the others as we were all aware there was nothing we could do to help Zara.

I slipped away from the crowd of solemn Gryffindors and, within even thinking, headed up to the boys’ dorms. My first port of call was obviously the 6th years, because I didn’t fancy trekking around the castle near curfew just to find out that Tom had been in his room the whole time. There was no note and no sign of where he might be. I decided to also try the 7th year dorms. As I entered, I knew immediately whose room this was. Not that I didn’t know before I entered, but the room just screamed Harry, Ron and Neville. There were Quidditch posters everywhere, many photos of the Potters, my family, my ancestors. It occurred to me that almost all the photos were of James and Lily, with maybe Sirius or Remus slipped in there somewhere. Ron’s bed was a complete mess, one I did not dare go near. Neville’s was enthused with plant life, his pictures, his smell, he even had a couple of plants in the room, one of which was currently attempting to munch on Harry’s invisibility cloak. HARRY’S INVISIBILITY CLOAK! I wrenched it off the wretched plant, which I then kicked for good measure. Hopefully I hadn’t killed it. I’m not sure Nev would appreciate that too much. Now I had rescued Harry’s cloak from the jaws of a vicious man-eating plant (I assume it’s man-eating), I should probably deposit the cloak where Harry will find it. Or…

I merely strode past all the Gryffindors in the common room, concealed under the cloak. I know I probably shouldn’t have taken it without asking Harry but he was currently sat with Ron and Hermione, all of whom had been sucked into the negative atmosphere left behind by Zara’s departure. I frowned as he looked straight at me, as if he could see me under the cloak. I carefully checked that none of my body parts had slipped out from under the cloak’s silvery concealing material. I smiled to myself when he turned back to Ginny, squeezing her tightly as her tears began to fall. Everyone was crying. Hell I felt like crying. My world was on the brink of tumbling. My two best female friends, arguing, one of them now family-less; the Movement threatening to destroy Harry and the rest of my family; Tom. Would he just accept what I had to say? Had he moved on? Decided that I wasn’t worth simply forgiving for my sins? I knew him better than that. The truth was, I was scared. And he was the only thing that I knew would keep me going. I slipped through the portrait hole, more determined than ever to find him, only for the cloak to be swept away from me as I neared the end of the hall.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked, an amused look on his face.

“I was borrowing your cloak to look for Tom,” I muttered, shuffling my feet and feeling my face flush.

“Why didn’t you just ask?” Harry chuckled, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know,” I laughed slightly too, almost baffled by the fact I had no answer to the question. “You guys are all so absorbed in what happened, I felt selfish by going off to pursue my own desires and interrupting all of you.”

“A letter arrived a moment ago by owl,” Harry explained. “It’s addressed to you and Kate. We assume it’s from Zara. We didn’t want to open it without you.”

“Thanks Harry,” I sighed. Tom could wait. This was important. Too important to put to one side. For Kate’s sake as much as my own.

“Come on then. But how did you see me?”

“You trod on a piece of gum. When it disappeared, I knew it was someone wearing the cloak.”

“Ah bollocks.”

My re-entrance to the common room was mixed. Most people didn’t even blink, but all my friends looked up and Kate practically strangled me as she pulled me into a huge hug. I hugged her back, knowing that she had to be suffering worse than anyone. Whatever was happening to me, she must’ve felt ten times worse. It was her best friend on the planet and they’d fallen out. She and Zara had been at loggerheads and then she had been struck this blow, this devastating blow. Kate held the letter out, almost as if she couldn’t bear to read it, for fear of what it contained. I plucked the letter from her grasp and, my own hands shaking, I opened it, the lettering no doubt Zara’s frail writing, her own tears splashing the page at certain points. Kate couldn’t look at it, so I ushered her to a quiet corner, just the two of us and read aloud in a low voice only she could hear…

Both of you have played a huge part in my life over the last few months. And I appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. Kate, you are my best friend and always will be. I and Antony are no more, finished as no individual boy should ever come between us, as this friendship has to be stronger than that. I know you will look back on our moments with good grace and happy thoughts. Lucy, though I wish I’d known you longer, I know that you are a brilliant person and you need to look after Kate and Neville for me, for I fear they will deteriorate without constant supervision. By now, you’ll both have cottoned onto the fact that this letter is nothing but an extended goodbye. And this is goodbye. I wish I could come back to Hogwarts one last time before I go, but I know that if I did, I would never be strong enough to leave its hallowed halls. For yes, I am leaving. My dad has been tracked by the Ministry and, although limited, he has knowledge of Wizards. It was not, as I expected, a one-night stand that brought him and my mother together, but a short, albeit passionate relationship. They lasted a good year, but when she became pregnant, she left him, without ever revealing the truth behind her departure. He wants to meet with me and I suppose this is a fresh start for me. Whatever my father has to stay, I shall listen. It’s never too late, you know? I’ll miss you guys with all my heart. Love always, Zara xx

The pit that had arose in my stomach was nothing compared to how Kate took the news. Zara wasn’t coming back. I suppose we’d all assumed that after a few weeks, she’d move on, obviously never completely and she’d never be the same person again but…we’d all thought she’d be back soon enough and we’d help her through it. But she was gone. Just gone. Poor Kate. I’d always liked Zara but I’d never really seen her as…well…a necessary part of my life. Don’t get me wrong, she was amazing, but she was one of those people that I could imagine living without. Kate didn’t feel the same way. It had always been Kate and Zara. Now…it was just Kate. And, in time, Zara would fade from most people’s memories or thoughts and only Kate would be left with the burden of losing her best friend. I felt awful and I knew now that my selfish need to find Tom had been trumped. I’d talk to him, but there was no way in hell I was leaving Kate alone. Not now.

“Do you want to sleep in my dorm tonight? You can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor,” I said gently, putting an arm around her. It was worse than I’d expected. I’d expected tears. Maybe a tantrum, an explosion possibly. But there was nothing. It was as if Kate had had the life sucked out of her. I imagine if a Dementor kissed her now it would have almost no effect on her. She was white as a sheet and her hands were frozen by her sides. Her eyes, always threatening tears, were glazed over and didn’t follow my hand as I waved it in front of her face. Her mouth hung open, her ruby lips forming a perfect O.

“Hang in there Kate,” I whispered. “It’s going to be okay.”

I’m not ashamed to say, that was probably the biggest lie I’ve ever told.

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Chapter 16: Night of magic
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 The next twenty four hours were not fun. And by not fun, I mean it was as if Satan’s minions had crawled out of hell with the specific purpose of clawing my eyes out and then feeding me to Satan’s dogs. Yeah, that kind of not fun. Kate didn’t move an inch. She just sat there like a shell. Even when everyone else had headed up to bed and settled down, she just sat there; a ghost. I sat with her, dragging our duvets down to ensure she was comfortable as we sat there on that secluded sofa, the rest of the world ignorant to her pain. She sat there for what seemed like an age.

I eventually fell asleep around 2am, finally unable to sit there in pained silence keeping an eye on her any longer. No sooner had my eyes finally drooped closed, exhausted by the pain of not only losing a friend, but having to deal with the ramifications, than Kate finally broke down. Yep, she chose the moment I could finally take no more time awake to start crying, wailing deeply as she spilled her heart and her tears all over my shoulder. I’m not a bad person, really I’m not. But you try listening to someone who’s just lost their best friend cry for what seems like eternity over it. It wasn’t that I didn’t sympathise with Kate; I mean hell she was suffering and she needed someone to be there for her. But it’s fair to say I did not appreciate the lack of sleep. I learned everything about Kate and Zara that night, a long list of endless memories. It was sweet, the way Kate retold them anyway. Though I think she chose to remember Zara that way, as her best friend, not as anything else.

Kate eventually ran out of tears and stories to tell. She went back to her almost vegetative state, only responding to me with the occasional grunt to shut me up. I felt bad but by 8am, she was looking pale, beaten and borderline suicidal. Around me, the first dregs of the students were appearing, avoiding a Sunday morning lie-in. I held Kate close, my hands cemented to her shoulders as they had been for much of the night. She sobbed in droves. Every few hours she’d break into tears for a while, before returning to her old, shattered state.

“You need sleep Kate,” I informed her as noon approached.

“No. I don’t.”

“Yes, you do,” I looked her in her stony eyes, staring into her shrivelled soul.

“I’m fine Lucy, I’ll manage without sleep.”

Her voice was cold and hard, lacking in emotion. Her words sounded as though they couldn’t possibly have come out of her mouth. I didn’t know what to do. Ginny and Neville came over, sat beside me and looked me up and down.

“You look dreadful,” Neville announced.

“Yeah, take a break, grab a shower, go see Tom, you know you want to!” Ginny said in a low voice.

“I’m not deaf Ginny. And I don’t need looking after. Lucy should go,” Kate announced in the same, monotonous voice that sent a chill down my spine.

“I can’t leave you Kate,” I said, my eyelids drooping and several stray locks of hair washing against my cheek. “I’m worried.”

“And we’re worried about you Lucy,” Harry interrupted, practically dragging me away from where Kate was sat. “Go find Tom, you know you want to.”

“I want to make sure Kate is okay,” I said without any real conviction.

“After almost a whole day, I think you’ve done enough,” Harry insisted.

I was in no mood to argue. I went up to my bathroom and showered, sorted out my hair and made myself look presentable. Without sleep however, there was no hiding the bags under my eyes, the flatness of my physique and the lack of a spring in my step. As I came back down, Harry had extended out a hand. In it, was clasped a piece of parchment.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“This, is the legendary Marauders Map,” Harry whispered. “To activate it, say: ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ and to wipe it clear, say: ‘Mischief managed’.”

My eyes bulged slightly as Harry handed me the map. I headed out the common room, my eyes fixated on the bit of parchment as if it held my lifeline. I tapped my wand against the map and uttered the incantation as Harry had said. I scoured the paper with all its folds and positions, looking for Tom. Eventually, I found the little dot labelled Tom Stone, on the 7th floor. Nearby. He was with a girl, a name I barely recognised. The two dots were so close, I could’ve sworn they were touching. My heart popped. Not exploded, not boomed, just popped a little. I summoned up all my strength and I went to find Tom.

I knew I’d been pathetic, almost clingy when it came to Tom, but there was no turning back now. I was near where he and this girl (Mandy Doff her name was) were so close. I saw what must’ve been Mandy, she was leaving a broom closet. I hadn’t looked at the map properly. I couldn’t have. Or I would’ve realised the reason they were so close, was that they were in a very enclosed space. As I saw what I should have predicted, my heart sank. Tom left the broom closet after Mandy, buttoning his shirt up. He saw me and froze, like a deer caught in the headlamps. Our eyes met and I could feel myself tearing up. The words I told myself: ‘pull yourself together’, have never had so little effect on me then. I felt my lip tremble as I tried to speak. Tom turned and he walked away. In that moment, I knew I had to follow him.

“TOM!” I yelled, chasing him and grabbing him as he walked away.

“Lucy,” he greeted me stiffly. I stopped him and stared into his eyes.

“We need to talk,” I said, a pleading tone to my voice. Tom softened.

“Yeah, we do,” he agreed.

I ushered him into the Room of Requirement, which was thankfully nearby. It had turned into a room with two comfy chairs facing each other. We sat and I looked into Tom’s eyes. He was sad, that much was obvious. Maybe he didn’t realise the way this conversation was going.

“Lucy, I know I’ve tried hard…but I can’t be friends with you,” Tom began. “I can’t go on pretending like I don’t have feelings for you and I can’t keep overlooking the way you act around me. Like you care about me but you don’t. So this is it Lucy, do or die. Either you feel the same way or you don’t. Which is it?”

Wow. I mean wow. If I could’ve wanted Tom to say anything, that would pretty much have been it. I mean seriously, he made my job so incredibly easy after that little speech. I struggled to hold off my own beaming grin as I opened my mouth.

“Listen, Tom. Whatever stupid impressions I gave off were a mistake. Ever since we met and talked I’ve felt as though you were something special. And then, well, pretty much since the moment I met I’ve felt that way. What happened was literally right before you asked me out, I was planning to say yes.”

“So why didn’t you?” Tom gasped. “Why didn’t you just make this mess a hell of a lot easier and tell me how you felt back then?”

“Because…” The whole truth Lucy. “I was scared. Draco Malfoy told me that I was on the target list for The Movement and anyone I dated, especially if they’re a muggleborn would be targeted. I was just afraid that if we dated then you’d be killed. I’m really sorry. I really care about you Tom. I do. And I should’ve told you about Malfoy from the start, but he got in my head and he…”

“Shhhh!” Tom hushed me and then kissed me. It was divine. I leaned in to kiss him too and ended up throwing myself over to his chair, which moulded into a sofa as the room read our minds. Our kiss was beyond magical, our lips working in tandem, dancing with our tongues and I heard him let out a soft moan. His hands played with my hair, caressing it gently and entangling it roughly at the same time. My hands went for his neck as his moved downwards and a chill went down my spine as he touched my shoulder. I roughly shoved him backwards onto the spine of the sofa and rode him, the kisses coming thick and fast but also spreading, my lips enveloping his nipple, his playing with bits of my neck.

As if the room was reading our minds again, the sofa vanished and we hit the floor, faced with an enormous bed. Tom’s eyes lit up mischievously and he threw off his shirt. I grinned and drop-kicked my robes into his face. As we clambered onto the mass of velvet, we found ourselves de-clothing more and more as our kisses if anything grew in passion. Then, it happened. Completely naked and under the covers, I felt him. He moved gently at first but I squealed in pain so he stopped. I muttered something about him being a man and shoved myself into him, our lips connecting at the same time. It was heaven. Pure heaven. If I’d die at that moment, I’d have died the happiest person alive.

“I bloody love you Tom Stone!” I growled in-between kisses.

“I fucking love you too Lucy Hunt!” he gasped as we took a moment’s break.

And from there, our night was complete…

I felt my eyes droop open. Tom’s warm arms were wrapped around me, which made me grin like an idiot. I sat up and kissed him gently, but he didn’t stir, still locked in his position around my chest.

“Tom,” I whispered. “Wake up babe.”

He stirred a little and I shook him slightly roughly. His bleary eyes opened a fraction and I smiled deeply at him.

“How are you?”

“Fantastic,” he murmured. “You?”

“Bloody brilliant,” I giggled, my eyes lighting up. “That was…beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” he laughed, that mesmerising laugh that made all my troubles melt away. “And don’t worry about Malfoy, I can handle myself. I can see why you didn’t come to me earlier. Listen Lucy…”


“I need to ask you something!” I blurted.

“I need to tell you something!” he cried at exactly the same moment.

“You first,” he insisted and I bit my lip gently before asking the question that had been plaguing me since we entered the room.

“What happened with you and Mandy? You were in a broom closet together…”

“Honestly? Not a lot,” Tom replied, a frown appearing on his perfect face. “I felt bad because you didn’t seem to want me and Mandy and I have met up a few times. Nothing serious has happened though, I promise. Nothing even close to this.”

And I believed him. Just like that. Without even a question of what he’d said, I supported him, knowing he could well be spewing lies. But he wouldn’t. Not to me.

“What did you want to tell me?” I asked, my voice maybe starting to sound a touch weary.

“My parents. They weren’t muggles. That was a lie.”

Okay. So he lied to me. He’s now a liar. Fantastic. And that means that he also probably lied about liking me and about Mandy. He’s probably currently celebrated having hooked two idiot girls in one night and now I’m going to stop thinking before I want to kill my brain.

“They were Death Eaters.”

“What?” I whispered, my hand automatically reaching for his cheek.

“They were among Voldemort’s most loyal. They were killed during the War and I ran anyway, found somewhere to hide. I just told everyone the Muggle story because it’s easy than telling people the truth. I never supported Voldemort and me and my parents never really spoke since I was put in Gryffindor. I need you to trust me, and understand why I didn’t tell you before now.”

“It’s okay Tom,” I replied gently, hugging him again. “Nobody cares who your parents were, least of all me. All I care about is who you are.”

“Thank you Lucy, coming from you, that means the world,” Tom replied, smiling exhaustedly. “What time is it?”

“Fuck! It’s nearly curfew and we have lessons in the morning. Everyone will be wondering where the hell we are!” I groaned. “We’ll have to head back to the common room.”

“Yeah,” Tom agreed sadly. “We’ll do this again soon though?”

“Definitely,” I replied, kissing him one last time.

The common room was alive with electricity when we returned. I wondered if our absence had been noticed and acknowledged but there was definitely something else going on. I found that we were picking our way through a flock of people towards the centre of a little group, only to find that in the middle, was Harry, sporting a bloodied nose and a foul expression. Ron and Ginny were either side of him, with Hermione on Ron’s other side.

“What happened?” I gasped, rushing over to Harry with Tom a few steps behind me.

“I’ll tell you in a minute,” Harry explained, standing and indicating to Ron to follow him. “I’m going to speak to McGonagall. Come with us.”

I turned to Tom quickly, gesturing to him with my eyes.

“Go!” he said slightly urgently. “I’ll be fine. He’s your cousin.”

I kissed him gently then followed Harry and Ron out the room…

Harry strolled down the path, heading towards Hogsmeade. He would usually have used the tunnel into Honeydukes but there was really no need. He had the permission of his uncle (it was still weird to think that) to go down and run an errand for him. It was a beautiful winters day, the snow covering the ground and, despite the chill, Harry didn’t hurry. He was wrapped up warmly and he had no reason to rush himself. As he entered the most subdued and quiet area of the route, he heard a rustling amongst the grass. Harry turned towards it and almost sensed what was coming before it even arrived. A red jet of light shot out of the grass and Harry ducked, rolling forwards and glancing around to see where the shot came from. The tall, grey grass obstructed Harry’s view and he pointed his wand towards it.

“Incendio!” he yelled, as the grass erupted in a blaze of fire. Through the fire ran four wizards, surrounding him and pointing their wands. They were tall, hooded and wore masks on their faces, Death Eater masks. Harry roared and stunned two of them, running towards Hogsmeade through the chaos. Harry ducked as the group fired after him, blocking several of their spells with Protego. Harry fired over his shoulder, and again and again. The Death Eater closest to him took all three shots directly to his chest and hit the deck, practically trampled on by his followers. Harry skidded to a halt as Malfoy appeared on the path in front of him. Harry swore as Malfoy blasted his face with a stunning spell, Harry’s nose splitting under the pressure. Harry turned, running into the grass, as they fired after him. Harry turned and roared: “Sectumsempra!”

One of his followers fell, clutching his chest. Malfoy and the remaining two standing turned to help him and Harry moved quickly, using Petrificus Totalus on the Death Eater to Malfoy’s left. Malfoy turned in a flurry as Harry disarmed him, catching his wand and blocking the final Death Eater’s spell before blasting him with a stunning spell from both wands. Even as Harry turned on Malfoy, he had fled. He grabbed the remaining Eaters and apparated. The one Harry had knocked back up the field was also gone by the time he had trudged back up there and he lowered both the wands in his possession, smiling darkly. The Movement was getting more confident. That much, was obvious.

As Harry finished telling McGonagall and I his tale, her face darkened. I probably would have been more angry, had I not already experienced this kind of crap from Malfoy myself. But even so, for him to directly attack Harry was clearly a step that showed their confidence. How long would it be until they rose up properly?

“I’m going to send my patronus to the minister,” McGonagall informed us. “Miss Hunt, would you be so kind as to take Mr Malfoy’s wand to your father for examination?”

“Of course Professor,” I nodded, grabbing the wand and leaving the room.

As I stepped into the corridor, I felt a dark chill enter the corridor. I looked around to confirm it was just my own insanity, before heading off to my father’s office. As I turned the corner, I heard a ruffling sound behind me. I spun around, my hand automatically going to my wand. Holding Malfoy’s wand in my left hand and my own in my right, I shook my head at my own stupidity. I went to carry on back down the corridor but before I could turn, I felt a cold arm clutch around my neck. I lashed out, twisting away but even as I did so, I felt the two wands be pulled out of my grasp. I faced Draco Malfoy, an evil smirk on his face as he muttered a curse I didn’t hear. Then, I felt a slash of pain across my chest and I saw red, before I hit the floor and blacked out…

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Chapter 17: Rallying the Troops
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 “Lucy?” Harry called as he entered the Common Room. He swore loudly. All that remained in the room were a couple of second years, struck dumb by the sight of him, and Hermione, who looked up as he entered, her brow knitted.

“Harry?” she asked, hurrying over. “Where are Ron and Lucy?”

“Lucy isn’t here?” Harry asked slightly breathlessly. “Who’s up in the dorms?”

“Ginny’s up with Kate and Neville and Tom headed up around half an hour ago,” she explained. “What’s wrong Harry?”

“We sent Lucy to give Malfoy’s wand to her dad nearly an hour ago,” Harry replied. “But then when we went to go and check, he said he hadn’t seen her all night! Ron is with McGonagall, they’re heading down to the Slytherin Dorms to see if they can find out any news on Malfoy. In the meantime, let’s go and see if we can find any clues as to where she might have gone!”

“How Harry?” Hermione replied in a very matter-of-fact voice. “She’s not going to have popped out for a cup of tea and left us a note.”

“If she was kidnapped, then there might be signs of a struggle,” Harry reasoned. “We can trace her route from McGonagall’s office to Professor Hunt’s and see what we find!”

“Kidnapped?” Hermione almost laughed. “That’s just absurd Harry, she’ll be around somewhere.”

“They tried to kidnap me!” Harry snapped. “They would’ve just killed me otherwise. She was certainly on their list of targets! It’s not unreasonable to assume that.”

“Fine then Harry,” Hermione conceded. “If it will put your mind at rest, we’ll do it.”

Harry took another couple of steps and shook his head in frustration.

“I have no idea what I’m looking for!” he groaned. “This was an awful idea!”

He and Hermione had been examining the route that Lucy would have taken between the two rooms but, as Harry quickly realised, he had no idea what he was looking for. Having walked the length of it once, they were now coming back and doing a more detailed search for clues, but there were no obvious signs of trouble and none of the paintings or suits of armour Hermione had animated had seen anything.

“Oh for goodness sake,” Hermione scoffed. “Let me Harry. Sangui Appirati!”

As Hermione cast her spell, a small drop of liquid on the floor near Harry began to glow; a fluorescent, bright colour, almost blinding the pair. Harry stumbled back slightly as Hermione cancelled out her spell.

“What was that?” Harry gasped.

“It’s a spell to detect blood,” Hermione replied. “And it looks like we found some.”

“But who’s blood?” Harry asked anxiously.

“For that, I’m afraid we’ll require McGonagall’s help,” Hermione admitted.

Less than half an hour later, they were gathered in McGonagall’s office, a small group of them, all eager to know what progress had been achieved. Hermione and Harry had quickly alerted Ginny, Kate, Neville and Tom, who were all desperate for news. Tom especially, had gone very pale and hadn’t spoken since the news of Lucy’s disappearance had been announced. Jake Hunt had gone to find his family, so that they would be kept informed of the progress made towards determining Lucy’s whereabouts.

“Well,” McGonagall announced, over the bickering of worried and tired voices. “It can be confirmed that the blood found by Mr Potter and Miss Granger was that of Miss Hunt.”

There was a small outcry from Kate, who buried her head in Neville’s shoulder and Ron swore loudly and punched a wall. But other than that, there was no real reaction from the group.

“Okay, Mr Weasley and I have been down to the Slytherin Dormitories and it has been revealed that a third year saw Mr Malfoy leave the grounds over an hour ago, carrying what he described as: “a thing, maybe a person”. I think it is safe to assume at this point that Miss Hunt has been kidnapped. I assume you are all familiar with the Movement?”

There was a chorus of nods and murmurs. At that point, McGonagall was interrupted as Amy Hunt burst through the door, James Black right on her shoulder, with Jake and Hayley Hunt bringing up the rear.

“Where is she? I’m going to kill that bastard Malfoy! Forget that I’m going to kill her for not even telling you about her being threatened!”

“What?” McGonagall, Harry, Tom and Jake all exploded.

“She told you about that?” Tom asked, confused. This earned him an excruciating look from the others.

“Oh so you’re Tom,” Amy put on a weary smile. “I’m Amy, Lucy’s sister. You’re a really lucky guy, my sister’s practically in love with you.”

“Thanks,” Tom blushed.

“I can see that good looks run in the family,” Ron muttered to Harry, who responded by elbowing him in the stomach.

“She was threatened?” Jake growled, stepping forwards.

“Yeah, Malfoy threatened her a while back,” Amy replied breathlessly. “Didn’t she tell any of you?”

Another chorus of heads, this time shaking.

“Anyway!” McGonagall interrupted, taking control once again. “We do have some luck though. Following the death of a ministry official in the last twenty four hours…” (Kate let out another wail at the mention of Zara’s mum) “The ministry has raided several places, including Malfoy Manor and found a comprehensive list of former Death Eater strongholds which the ministry owled to me a few hours ago…”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Hayley yelled, as her and many others cut over McGonagall. “Let’s go and find her!”

“It’s not that simple…” McGonagall groaned. “I can’t send a bunch of kids to known Death Eater strongholds on the off chance Lucy might be there. Let the Ministry handle this!”

“Fuck the Ministry!” Ron roared, much to the delight of the others. “They’ve done nothing to stop them yet and they’ll spend the next five years looking at paperwork whilst Lucy rots away!”

“Look Professor,” Harry interjected before things got out of hand. “We’re all of age and we all care deeply about Lucy. So give us the list and we can get her back. This is her family, her friends, Hermione!”

Hermione went purple as Ginny snorted with laughter. James leaned over the desk and snatched up a bit of parchment that McGonagall had been eyeing closely. He handed it to Jake, who magically ripped the parchment up into sections and divided up the sections between the group. Each section had an address on it. The entire group had apparated at least once before and had passed their tests, with the exception of Kate, who would be side-along apparating with Tom. They quickly decided that the meeting point would be the Hunts’ house and they all would floo there before they headed off. The pairs were swiftly decided as Harry and Ron; Hermione and Ginny; Amy and James; Hayley and Jake; and Tom and Kate, with Neville persuaded to stay behind to send patronuses between the groups. They wished each other luck, then apparated away, none of them knowing if they were heading to find Lucy, or to their own deaths…

Harry always felt dizzy after apparating. The remote cottage he and Ron had landed nearby appeared practically deserted, but that was no doubt all the enchantments placed upon it. As soon as the Ministry had the list of buildings, they had done their best to remove all spells placed on them, but there were one or two they still had to be wary of. They weren’t far, unless Harry was mistaken, from the house that had belonged to the Lestranges, but that had been torn down in the summer. It had been a place of evil.

“Homenum Revellio,” Harry whispered, producing three blinking white marks over the house. “Well, we’re not alone.”

“What’s the plan?” Ron muttered, taking to his knees and hiding behind a rock.

“I dunno,” Harry muttered. “What’s wrong with the direct approach?”

Ron nodded at Harry and the pair pulled on the invisibility cloak that Lucy had returned to him just a few hours earlier. Moving quickly towards the door, Harry muttered a spell to make the door vanish without a sound. He could hear rambling voices, seemingly in an argument. Two men, loud and angry, were shouting at each other and Harry moved closer to hear.

“How much longer do we have to wait?”

“Malfoy said the girl would give us what we wanted, until then we wait. Okay?”

“Listen,” this third voice was new and that of a woman. “You two idiots simmer down already. We will soon be ready to attack, just wait and stop bickering like teenagers.”

“They don’t have Lucy,” Harry whispered to Ron, who went to lean against a table, which crumbled to dust with a sincere ruckus and Ron stumbled to his feet. The door was flung open and a variety of curses came spinning out. Harry tried to dodge but he was too close to the door and found himself tumbling to the floor. One of the men moved swiftly as his partners disapparated, grabbing the collapsing Harry before following them, leaving Ron alone with the collapsed table.

“Oh bloody hell!”

Hayley was practically desperate to find her daughter. She held Jake tightly, her husband offering her the safety and security she needed as the pair approached the apartment. To the many muggles in the area, it was just another flat, its occupants could have been alcoholics, or drug addicts or the most normal of people. To them, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference. The truth about the flat would be enough to render most of them killed. Jake knocked patiently. The element of surprise was crucial, if the men within realised who they were before they had a chance to act, they would be in trouble. As the front door opened, a young, slim man, probably in his late twenties, glared at them, unable to keep the nerves off his face. His hand was fidgeting, close to his pocket.

“What do you want?” he snapped.

“Hello sir,” Jake beamed. “We’re part of the…”

He never finished his sentence, as Hayley pulled out her wand and, without saying a word, rendered the young wizard unconscious, furiously stepping over his body and into the flat.

“Hayley…” Jake began but she turned to face him and silenced him with her piercing blue eyes. She gazed at him lovingly and pleadingly and he sighed, his wand already in his hand as he followed her into the room. The sounds must have alerted the other Death Eaters, surely? Jake shot Hayley a confused look and she shrugged. Then, the room to their left exploded in a ball of smoke. Jake slashed with his wand and the smoke vanished whilst Hayley shot stunning spells through the gloom. The yelp of pain that accompanied the clearing of smoke confirmed their suspicions that there were still Eaters around. As they caught the man who tried to spin away, despite limping, Jake reacted quickly, blasting him into the wall with another stunning spell that knocked him out cold. The man slumped and Hayley stepped forwards, grabbing him round the neck.

“Where is my daughter?” she growled.

The cold wind whipped through Amy’s hair as she looked over the costal cliff. She had to admit, having a secret base halfway down the side of cliff was more than just a touch genius, even if the use the base had was more than a bit evil. The number of people in the cave was numerous, but the way James strode confidently out, seeming ready to tackle what was to come, eased her fears. She smiled and kissed him gently, his features moulding perfectly into hers the way only he could do.

“We’ll find her,” James whispered, nuzzling Amy’s nose.

“I know,” Amy replied in a low voice. “Let’s just get down there; I don’t want to stand up here nervous any longer.”

“Okay love,” James said gently, waving his hand over her. “That spell will mean you can climb down the cliff without falling. Let’s move.”

Climbing down the cliff proved an arduous process at best. Despite James’ spells, it was a struggle and Amy more than once thought she was going to fall, although James ensured it never happened. They reached the cave entrance after nearly half an hour of climbing and Amy could understand why they placed their base there. Simply getting to the base left you almost too tired to duel those inside it. James, like his dad, was fit as a fiddle and, like his mother, a ball of energy, so he was still ready to take on anyone. Amy dropped into the cave entrance and James followed, blocking the numerous curses fired with a neat shield charm. Amy ducked low, letting James fire counter curses over her head as she fired from lower down. The Death Eaters fired back, weaving and moving around each other. The battle was stuck in a deadlock, but the pair were getting tired, with four Eaters fighting back and using curses far harsher and more unknown than they could imagine.

In the end, a good old fashioned Expelliarmus finally made some headway, and as Amy caught the wand, she sent two spells full pelt into the newly disarmed man who grunted as he was buffeted away into the depths of the cave. James grunted his approval and Amy’s attention was taken away briefly. Her shield faltered and then the curses rained upon them…

Hermione was one of the most gifted witches that Hogwarts had ever seen. She had fought Voldemort’s minions and lived to tell the tale and she had been best friends with the great Harry Potter since she was the tender age of 11. Many were calling for her to be the future of the ministry. Ginny was less spectacular, none by many as simply Harry Potter’s girlfriend and the latest in the long line of Weasley dropouts. It was widely known that whilst all the Weasley’s had had success in their own way, none of them had managed to penetrate the upper levels of ministry, with the exception of Percy. In short, Hermione was the one everyone expected to do better, probably even Ginny expected it. So when it came to rescuing Lucy, the pressure was on Hermione to make it happen. This never seemed to phase her, but it was a problem. The pair had swiftly infiltrated the base where they had hope to find Lucy, but all they’d found was a group of pissed off Death Eaters. And it appeared, multiple times in the fight, as though Hermione was only alive because of Ginny’s quick thinking. On more than one occasion, the redhead had swerved to block a particularly nasty curse aimed at her friend.

Ginny ducked another vicious spell and sent her own jinx back, once again failing to breach the shield. She shoved Hermione down behind a coffee table, following her to try and find a minute to regain her composure.

“What the hell do we do Mione?” Ginny gasped, rattled. “We can’t carry on like this, we’ll be slaughtered.”

“Well,” Hermione replied hastily, as the table exploded and they leapt for more cover. “We should just leave. We know Lucy isn’t here. Let’s apparate out of here before it gets out of hand.”

If Ginny had a reply, it was silenced by their cover imploding again. She nodded and she and Hermione scampered for the door. The doorway was suddenly full of dark, black flames and the girls turned on their heels, both producing desperate shield charms. The Movement’s curses came flying and Ginny yelled in pain as a searing pain shot up her arm.

“Fuck it, just apparate!” she cried to Hermione, who nodded. Ginny twirled, but as she did so, her blood ran cold. She saw the stream of black light, she heard the blood curdled scream and, as she landed on the ground near the Hunts house, she knew she was alone…

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Chapter 18: Heroic acts
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I groaned painfully as I sat up, blinking fiercely to try and stabilise my surroundings. Like I had surroundings. I knew I was in trouble, that much was obvious. The last thing I remembered before blacking out was Draco Malfoy’s smirking face. Now, I was faced with pitch black, nothing else. I struggled against the ropes that held me, but it was useless. I was bound fast, with no hope of escaping. I tried to take in as much knowledge about my position as I could but there wasn’t a lot to tell about it. I was tied to the floor by ropes that were bound across my body, seemingly growing out of the floor. I swore loudly, rolling and squirming but knowing it would make absolutely no difference. I gave up struggling and lay back. The floor beneath me was hard and cold, giving me no comfort whatsoever. I blinked again, somehow hoping that any form of light would come to me. It didn’t oblige. I felt my chest pound and only then realised how weary and in pain I was. My chest felt like it had been obliterated and my back was numb. God knows how long I had been lying on the floor before I had woken up, or indeed how Malfoy had knocked me out in the first place. What did he intend to do with me?

My thoughtful silence was at last interrupted as I heard a door open, and a flicker of light trickled into my vision. I gasped and sat up as far as I could, the small slash of orange a glimmer of hope inside me. Then, the flicker became a flood, as light washed over me, taking that glimmer of hope with it as it was devastated by the sight of four hooded men entering the room. I struggled harder but it was pointless, they released the ropes the second they were all inside the now well-lit room. Not that there was anything to see, it was just a white, four walled room. Boring, white, four walled, exactly the way the Death Eaters wanted me to feel. I glared fiercely and went to attack the closest one, but before I could move, he spoke.

“You’re going to be a good girl for us, aren’t you Lucy?”

Something about his voice made my blood run cold. I nodded meekly, hating myself for giving in so easily, but knowing it was really the only way to survive this ordeal. I shot each of the four a steely glare but kept my mouth shut and my feet firmly planted where they were.

“What do you want with me?” I asked, annoyed by the shudder that had crept into my voice.

“Leverage,” snarled a burly man to my left. “You are the cousin of Harry Potter and you have knowledge. Tell us what you know about the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry.”

“And if I don’t?” I asked bravely. Big mistake.

“Crucio!” a jerky, harsh other voice screeched, raising his wand as he did so. I screamed. Never, ever let anybody tell you that the Cruciatus Curse isn’t painful because it is. It is, without any doubt, the single most painful thing I have ever experienced. The pain reached every single corner of my body and carried on for what seemed like forever, never letting up as it mercilessly bit, scratched and tore at every fibre of my existence. I screamed and I screamed. Then it was over.

“Care to play along with us now?” a vicious voice asked.

“Go. To. Hell.”

“As you wish. Cruc-“

“Stop! We can’t risk pushing her over the edge!” one of the men, whose voice I recognised as Malfoy’s hissed. “We need to use her as a bargaining chip and she’s useless if you flog her within an inch of her life.”

“Malfoy’s right, for once,” another man snarled. “Give her some time to recover before we Crucio her again.”

“Fine then, but she’s getting it when we get back!” he growled, before storming out the room, closely followed by the others. Before they left, they turned off the lights and tied me to the floor again, leaving me in exactly the same position as before, only this time, with any sort of fight beaten out of me…

I lay there for a while, waiting. Part of me knew the others would be looking for me, but I knew they wouldn’t find me easily. It could be days, even weeks before they did find me. Should I tell the Movement what I knew? No I couldn’t, it was wrong. They could destroy the Order. But the pain…Could I go through that again? Should I go through that again? In order to protect the Order? Was it worth it? I lay back, knowing I had no idea what I would do when they returned. Would I be strong and resist them, even facing the terrible pain that I did? Or would I be a coward? Pathetic? Would I give in to the pain and tell them everything that they needed to know? Honestly, it was a huge few hours there, lying back, the internal battle that was going on inside me raged, my natural instinct to go against pain was battling fiercely against my loyalty to the people I cared about.

Then, with me still completely unsure as to what I should do, the door flew open. But the men didn’t seem as composed, as ready. There were only two of them and they were hurrying, swiftly removing my ropes and dragging me to my feet. But this time, I’d made a decision. I wasn’t going to take it. I lashed out, kicking the man holding me and charging for the door. Whatever thoughts of escape I had were only buoyed by the sounds of swearing and spells outside the room. I headed for the door, only to be hit from behind with a full body bind. I wanted to scream as the man grabbed me and muttered something about leaving. I could feel him start to apparate and I wanted to lash out and struggle, but I couldn’t. Then, I saw figures appear in the doorway and, suddenly, I was free…

I rolled away from the man, who flailed after me. I stood and, before whoever was behind me could fire a spell, I punched him, clean in the face. His partner had already been stunned by the other person. I spun round and found myself being enveloped by Tom. I kissed hard and long, not wanting the moment to end. I held Tom close, he was the only thing I wanted. I didn’t want anyone else. He had saved me from certain pain or betrayal, the toughest decision of my life, and one I had never made or had to make. But he wasn’t alone. As Kate coughed, we broke apart, blushing fiercely. Kate threw me my wand and I shot her a questioning look.

“Got it off Malfoy when I disarmed me,” she explained. “Bastard was damn hard to beat with two wands but Tom got him with a nasty little jinx. There’s about half a dozen of the unconscious bastards lying around and we’ve sent a message to the Ministry, who are coming to clean up this mess.”

“Good,” I replied, relieved. “Where are the others?”

“They’re checking out other Movement strongholds, looking for you,” Tom explained. “We all had to split up, I just hope they’re okay.”

My heart jumped. How many people had gone out of their way to save me? How many of them were still alive? How many were okay? I could see their faces flashing before my eyes and I began to feel weak. Tom acted on instinct and steadied me, concern flashing onto his face.

“You alright Luce?” he asked, putting his hands on my shoulders and examining my face.

“Yeah, fine, just take me home,” I muttered, pushing him off and turning to Kate.

My initial thoughts as we landed were of the others, and how their expeditions got on. As I burst through the front door to my home, I quickly did a head count to see who was back. As soon as the door was open, and my parents mobbed me, pulling me into hugs and kisses like I was suddenly a little girl again. I had never seen my mum so stressed, her hair was ragged and her face pale, her bright blue eyes missing their spark. I knew Dad wouldn’t appear as bothered, but he was clearly visibly shaken, which worried me.

“It’s okay mum, dad, I’m fine,” I whispered as they tried to choke me with their asphyxiating hugs.

“We were so worried about you,” Dad said, his voice shaky. “Don’t ever do that to us again!”

“What, get kidnapped?” I laughed, tears flowing down my cheeks.

Dad laughed and finally let me breathe. My heart fell. The only other people back were Ginny and Neville.

“Where are the others?” I asked, my voice throbbing.

“Hermione got captured,” Ginny wheezed, struggling with tears. “We haven’t heard from Harry and Ron or your sister and her fiancé.”

“Fuck,” I hissed, grateful that both my parents let it slide. I was more grateful for Tom’s warm touch on my ice-cold skin as he enveloped me in a hug again. The sound of apparation alerted me and I tore out into the front garden, the others just behind me. The sight I saw made my blood run cold. No amount of hugs from Tom would make me feel any better. Amy and James landed awkwardly, her clearly supporting him. James looked half dead, barely able to stand and his arms weren’t moving, his eyes a cold pit of empty. Amy looked a touch more alive, using all her strength to support her fiancé as she trudged towards them. They were both covered in blood. I screamed and ran forwards, helping Amy as Tom took over on James’ other side. We helped them into the house, where my parents flipped. Literally flipped. I helped Amy to a chair as Tom laid James out on the sofa.

“I’m fine, just exhausted,” Amy said breathlessly before I could say anything. “We were duelling, my shield failed and he got hit by like five curses. I buckled, grabbed him and apparated the fuck out of there. All of this blood is his. I’m so glad you’re okay though.”

“Don’t worry about me,” I soothed. “I’m fine. Few bumps and bruises but I’ll live.”

“You look a mess, sis, not to mention that huge mark on your chest where your shirt’s been burned away,” Amy replied. I looked down and sure enough, there was a huge welt on my lower chest and my top barely covered my breasts. I winced as I absorbed and then turned to James. The look on Dad’s face as I looked over said it all.

“I’m taking him to St Mungo’s,” he announced, grabbing James and lifting him up. “The rest of you stay here, wait for Harry, Ron and the Ministry.”

“I’m coming too,” Amy growled, grabbing our father’s arm. He didn’t complain and they turned, slipping into nothing.

From there, it became a straightforward waiting game. The Ministry were busy cleaning up whatever mess we had left behind, which was a fair few Death Eaters. Meanwhile, we had heard nothing from Harry and Ron, who were still nowhere to be seen. I felt both awful and relieved at the same time. On the one hand, my parents, my sister, Tom, they had all got out alive and pretty much unscathed. On the other hand, James was practically family; he’d been around for ages. And Harry and Ron could still be in trouble, and they had become two of the most important people in my life over the last few months. I didn’t know what I’d do without them. My life had become so absurd, so insane and Harry Potter had become a huge part of it, I don’t know what I’d do without him. Ginny, on the other hand, was in a lot worse of a position than I was, and was being comforted by Neville and Kate, as I sat with Tom, thinking. Ginny had lost her best friend and possibly her boyfriend and brother, all in one go. The Golden Trio. Gone, vanished, disappeared. What could we do without them?

We received a patronus from Kingsley Shacklebolt, informing us that the majority of the Movement had been tracked down and eradicated, with those still fighting thrown in Azkaban. It was good news, but still we heard nothing of Harry or Ron, not to mention how James was doing. He had paid the price for being a hero, for trying to save me. Who else would follow in his footsteps?

And then, the sound of apparation filled our ears. We were all on our feet in an instant, Ginny by far the quickest to reach the door and barrel it open. By the time I’d reached the door, she’d already reached Ron, who was standing with a tall ginger fellow who looked like his father. Almost certainly was his father. As Ginny reached him, I could see her face fall and I knew it wasn’t good news. I stepped back as Ron turned to me and as he approached, I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. His face was deathly pale and he was shaking his head sadly, trying to attract me with his eyes but I wasn’t budging.

“Lucy,” Ron said as he reached me. “I’m really sorry. It was my fault. I…smashed something, they heard me and…”

“Ron,” I stammered. “Where’s Harry?”

“They took him…” Ron replied shaken. “Bloody hell, the Movement have got Harry.”

I stood there, shock overwhelming me. And then I moved forward and hugged Ron, who, like me, couldn’t quite believe what was happening…

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Chapter 19: Chaos descends
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 Harry’s confirmed kidnapping hit Ginny like a freight train. She didn’t stop sobbing for over an hour, during which Ron filled us in on what had happened and introduced us to his family. It felt weird having a large group of Weasleys’ in our home, but I wasn’t complaining; we could use all the support we could get. The rest of the Weasleys stayed with Ron, Kate, Ginny and Neville whilst my mother looked over them all in the main living room, leaving me and Tom to slip away to my bedroom. It was the first time he had seen it and if I was honest, I wished it had happened under better circumstances. Neither of us really felt up for anything, so we just sat there, using each other as comfort.

“I really thought I’d lost you,” Tom whispered and I looked at him, concern clear in both our eyes.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied sadly. “I just hope Harry and James are okay.”

“And Hermione,” Tom reminded me.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “The worst thing is, in there, being crucioed, I had no idea whether I was going to crack and tell them everything I knew. I’d never see you again and I’d have betrayed you all or died screaming.”

“But you didn’t,” Tom insisted. “You’re here now, you’re safe. You and me, nothing can get in our way anymore, you know? We’re here now and the Movement are decimated. They can’t hurt us anymore. You know that.”

I nodded. Tom’s words refused to sink in, no matter how much sense they made. I couldn’t possibly face the idea that things would be okay; not with Harry and Hermione missing and James fighting for his life. The Ministry could do their best, but there would always be lunatics and with them, there was always the possibility of people dying. Tom and I could never truly be safe. I kissed him softly, grateful he was there with me. Tom kissed me back and we lay back on my bed, the company of each other much more important than any sexual act that neither of us was going to perform…

“Lucy? Lucy?”

I groaned and my brain flickered. Someone was trying to wake me up. They sounded panicked, like it was urgent. I groaned and rolled over, determined to ignore whoever was ruining my slumber. As I rolled, I felt myself crash into a warm body and smiled smugly. Tom was still with me. I loved the feel of his warm body as I woke up and I loved the smell of his aftershave and…

My dreams were brought crashing down to earth as my big sister shook me awake. I flipped her off, before realising who it was and sitting up. Lying next to me, Tom was still asleep. I pushed my fringe out of my eyes and shot Amy a questioning look.

“Hey sis, what’s up?” I whispered, careful not to wake Tom.

“Don’t worry about being quiet, I cast a silencing charm, we won’t wake him up,” she smiled. She looked ragged, tired and beaten. I hated seeing my big sister in such a state. “So this is the Tom Stone I’ve heard so much about eh?”

“Yeah, he’s amazing,” I replied, unable to prevent a huge smile erupting on my face. “You were right, everything’s been great since I told him how I felt! Well, apart from the whole, kidnapping thing of course…”

Amy chuckled slightly but it was half-hearted. I knew she was weary and she flopped down on my other side. I was shocked to see a few tears roll down her pearly white cheeks and she ran her hands through her blonde locks agitatedly. I closed my eyes in frustration, and then asked the question I’d been dreading the answer to.

“How is he?” I asked tenderly.

“The Healer said he’s and I quote: ‘Stable, but critical’. In other words, he’s not about to die but he’s not getting any better. He was hit by about five curses, some of which did serious internal damage. They’ve had to pull out every counter curse in the book but they think they’ve stopped the spells doing any more harm. The problem is the damage they’ve already done. Some of it could be tough to repair.”

“But they’re healers,” I replied gently. “They’ll sort him out.”

“Lucy,” her voice was shaky but firm. “He was hit by some seriously dark magic, it’s not just a case of waving a magic wand and he’ll get better.”

Well, it was…but I could see her point. James was in a bad way by the sounds of it and thus, so was she. I could tell exactly what she was thinking and I didn’t like it one bit.

“It wasn’t your fault,” I whispered.

“Wasn’t it?” she hissed. “I let my guard down, my shield faltered. It’s entirely my fault Lucy. People will always tell you not to blame yourself but it was my fault. I almost killed my fiancé and no amount of petting and shifting blame can make that okay again.”

I hugged her tightly, stroking her hair gently and wiping her tears. I hated seeing Amy so vulnerable. She was my role model, my big sis and it pained me that she was hurt. I stood and pulled her away from the bed.

“Is Dad with James?” I asked.

“They both are,” Amy explained. “Mum and Dad I mean. I didn’t want to leave him but I needed a minute I guess. I’m going to go see him again now. Maybe he’ll be awake. All your friends have left, either back to Hogwarts or home. They said if you wanted to see them, floo to some place called the Burrow. I’ll leave you and Tom to whatever it was you were up to.”

“We didn’t…I mean…it’s just not the time,” I flushed.

“I know Luce, I know.”

Tom and I were alone in the house alone as Amy left again. Part of me wanted to go and see James but I knew it wouldn’t be fair on Tom who was still asleep. Personally, I felt a lot better. Almost all the physical aches and pains from the Cruciatus had gone, but they had left their marks I suppose. There was still a huge bruise stretching across my stomach and emotionally, I still felt a touch drained, although I was feeling a lot better after some sleep. The half hour or so between Amy’s departure and Tom waking up was blissful. I lay beside him, allowing his warmth and love to emanate through to me. It was only once he was up did it occur to us that we’d spent the night together in my bed. We both waved it off, pointing to the circumstances and the fact we didn’t seal the deal.

We made breakfast and ate in silence. It was difficult; on the one hand, we were both eager to enjoy each other’s company but at the same time, we were weighed down by the knowledge that James was severely injured and Harry and Hermione still missing. In the end, Tom decided to head back to Hogwarts to check on Kate and Neville whilst I went to St Mungo’s to check on James. It wasn’t a fun experience. I entered the cold, white room, Amy sitting by James’ side, her hand on his chest. Apparently mum and dad were out getting butterbeer. I looked at James for about a minute then felt nauseous. His stomach had been left open to cleanse it of the spells and it wasn’t a pretty sight, though the Healers had removed the smell. They told me that he’d either be awake and talking or dead within 24 hours. Whilst they were frank with me, I was glad they were. Although it was clearly harder for Amy than it was for me (I’d never seen her so depressed), I felt the Healers would do everything they could and it was an encouraging thought.

My stay in St Mungo’s proved short and sweet. My parents stayed, mainly for the struggling Amy’s benefit but I couldn’t take it. McGonagall had said I could take as much time as I needed off from Hogwarts but now I wanted nothing more than to return than to the great castle, with its warm, encouraging atmosphere. But it wouldn’t be the same without Harry, Ron and Hermione. Ron and Ginny hadn’t gone back according to Tom, who had owled me when he’d got there. They were out, still looking for Harry. The day dragged on. My dad returned home briefly, saying that he’d spoken to Kingsley and around 10 members of the Movement were still unaccounted for, including Malfoy, and he reckoned they were holed up somewhere with Harry and Hermione.

My other visitor, later in the evening, was Ron. He was tired and, as far as I could tell, desperate. I invited him in and we sat and talked. He’d been leading the search for Harry and Hermione but so far, even with the help of his family and the Ministry, they had had no luck in locating either of them, or any Death Eaters for that matter.

“We haven’t the foggiest,” Ron admitted as I made him a cup of tea. “We’ve searched every single death eater stronghold we can think of and we’ve had fuck all success. It’s like they’ve vanished.”

“Is there the possibility that they’ve left the country?” I suggested. “Headed into mainland Europe or further abroad?”

“If they have, it’s game over,” Ron muttered, his face decidedly paling as I said this. I realised it probably hadn’t been the best thing to say to someone whose best friend and girlfriend were missing.

“I’m sure you can put out feelers to other Ministries,” I said, knowing it was too late to take it back.

“The problem we’re having, is that it’s not obvious where they could have gone. And this time, there’s no suggestions. Before they were organised, prepared. And organisation leaves traces. Ideas, papers, things they did to put their plan into action. Now, they’re desperate. And desperate often leaves no traces.”

“But it also makes them careless,” I said. “They’ll make a mistake. You’ll see. They need to come up for air sooner or later. They have to realise that there’s not many of them left and even with Harry and Hermione they’re at a huge disadvantage.”

Ron thought hard. “But even if they do, that’s no guarantee that nothing bad will happen to Hermione and Harry in the meantime. I mean, the sooner we get them out of there, the better. It’s so frustrating to know they could be right under our noses and we wouldn’t even know it.”

And then it twigged. Something Ron had said just clocked in my mind and all the cogs fell into place. It made sense, and right now it was as good a shot as any to finding the other two thirds of the Golden Trio.

“Ron…say that again.”

“Right under our noses?”

“Exactly,” I muttered, thinking hard. “Okay so they’re in a hurry, a desperate hurry. And you’re Malfoy. They will obviously have had to think of a backup plan in advance. Somewhere that’s quiet, out of the way, close to Hogwarts obviously and has been used as a hiding place in the past. By the Dark Lord himself in fact if memory serves correctly.”

Ron just looked at me dimwittedly. I groaned and decided to try again.

“Where would you hide Ron?”

“The Burrow,” he replied instantly. I rolled my eyes and whacked him round the side of the head.

“Use your brain for Merlin’s sake,” I implored.

“No, I don’t know,” Ron shook his head.

“Come on, I’ll explain when we get there,” I sighed, grabbing his hand and apparating away.

We landed at Hogsmeade and I considered my options. Before we headed to my hunch, I wanted some backup. McGonagall could help this time, and obviously Tom, Ginny, Kate and Neville would contribute.

“Send a patronus to your sister,” I instructed. “Have her floo to McGonagall’s office in around ten minutes, we’ll meet her there.”

I strode on ahead, swiftly finding a carriage and as Ron entered behind me, we headed off towards the castle as quickly as we could, Ron urging the Thestral to hurry.

“So where is this place?” Ron asked, still confused.

“Bear with me,” I murmured, focusing on a small ball of energy I was working on with my wand. I then sent it whizzing off ahead of us. It was similar to a patronus and would find the window to Gryffindor Tower and inform Kate, Nev and Tom where we were.

We reached the castle and Tom was waiting for us, engulfing me in a giant hug and a kiss. Ron cleared his throat and I blushed, dragging the two boys along with me as I headed for McGonagall’s office. Kate and Neville were waiting for us outside the statue.

“Hey Luce, are you alright?” Neville asked anxiously as I approached.

“Yeah I’m fine thanks Nev,” I grinned, hugging him and Kate in turn. “Sorry to disappear on you like that.”

“You couldn’t exactly help it,” he smiled. “So, what are we doing here?”

“I think I know where Harry and Hermione are,” I announced, as the statue opened up for us. We headed up the spiral staircase and into the office, where Ginny was just climbing out of the fireplace.

“So Miss Hunt,” McGonagall turned to me as we entered. “I’m glad to see you’re okay.”

“Yes thank you Professor,” I smiled. “And I want to help.”

“Help? By that I presume you mean try to find Mr Potter and Miss Granger?” she asked. “The minister informed me they were missing.”

“Yes,” I nodded. “I think I have an idea where they might be.”

“And that is?” she demanded.

“Well,” I paused briefly. “You know the tunnel behind the Whomping Willow…”

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Chapter 20: Sacrifices and moving on
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 The idea was so blindingly obvious, the others all seemed to be stunned they hadn’t thought of it first. The Shrieking Shack was an ideal hiding spot, made all the more ingenious by its proximity to Hogwarts. The Movement would have assumed nobody would think they’d be stupid enough to hide out so close to Hogwarts, yet it was still the perfect position from which to launch a counter-attack. So, McGonagall, Kate, Ginny, Neville, Tom, Ron and I headed off to attempt to go to the shack and fight the Death Eaters off, saving Harry and Hermione in the process. It was decided that McGonagall and the Weasleys would go in the direct route, through the doors, whilst Kate, Neville, Tom and I would sneak in the back way, so to speak. The Whomping Willow was less than pleased at our arrival, but the freezing charm Tom used swiftly incapacitated it. Hiding out in the tunnel, Kate was convinced that they would have used some sort of sensory charm. I agreed, it was highly unlikely their base would be undefended. It wasn’t as if they could hide the shack anyway, that sort of magic wouldn’t go unnoticed. It was likely that little magic had actually been performed, but nevertheless we proceeded with caution.

Tom went first down the narrow tunnel, the sides appearing to close in around us. I followed him, with Kate behind me and Neville bringing up the rear. We proceeded down the dingy tunnel, which appeared to open out as we neared the end of it. We saw the entrance to the tunnel ahead of it and a quick bit of almost silent wand work from Tom told us there was indeed a sensory charm on the small opening, which led out into the shack’s ground floor. Not that it mattered. Directly in front of us, strapped to two chairs, were Harry and Hermione. They were surrounded by around ten members of The Movement, who all appeared alert and agitated. They were all speaking, clearly arguing but it was obvious that they had placed a silencing charm on the tunnel, so we couldn’t hear a word they were saying.

At the heart of the debate was Malfoy who was clearly angered by something someone had said. Another man was grabbing Malfoy from behind, restraining him from attacking someone. A woman, tall and dark haired, stood up furiously and whatever she said had an effect, because Malfoy sat down and calmed down, though the anger was clear to see on his face. The dark haired woman kissed the man restraining Malfoy and I could feel Tom shake in front of me. I placed my hand on his shoulder and there was just enough space in the corridor for him to turn his head towards me. He was on the verge of crying and I shot him a confused look.

“Those are my parents,” he growled, standing and leaving the safety of the tunnel. I swore furiously and went to pull myself out, only for Kate to grab my leg and pull me back. The silencing and sensory charms had been broken and I could tell this would not end well. We were supposed to wait for McGonagall and the Weasleys but I had no idea how long they would be. We had certainly taken a shortcut and they would be in no hurry.

“Wait!” Tom’s mother yelled as the Death Eaters moved to curse him. “My son…”

“Mother,” Tom replied icily. “Father.”

“What are you doing here Tom?” his dad murmured, stepping towards him. I made another wild swing forwards, but Kate grabbed my ankle again.

“I came here to find Harry and Hermione and take them home,” Tom snarled, nodding briefly at Harry and Hermione, who were gagged. I caught sight of their wands out of the corner of my eye and muttered Accio to bring the wands zipping into my grasp.

“Get him!” Malfoy was saying. “What are you waiting for? Get him.”

“That is my son Draco!” his mum growled. “Join us Tom, you could be great.”

“You’re mental!” Tom roared, pulling out his wand. “I never supported you back in the Voldemort days and I don’t support you now. What, did you think faking your own deaths would get you out of Azkaban? I’m sick of you hanging over my head like a curse. So I’m ending this now.”

“Tom!” I yelled, finally breaking free of Kate’s grasp as Malfoy tried to curse him. Tom dodged and before he could fire back, I rugby tackled Malfoy, blasting three more Death Eaters with the wands in my right hand. Tom stunned both his parents, before pulling me to my feet. Behind me, Kate and Neville climbed out of the tunnel, wands flying. At which point, we realised we were in trouble. Whilst Malfoy and Tom’s parents were out for the count, the members I’d blasted were back on their feet within seconds and we were outnumbered in a 7 v 4 we were never going to win. I blocked a multitude of curses but then the jets of green light came out.

I focused on the three members I’d already weakened, but by the time I’d finished them off, the other four had all resorted to Avada Kedavra. Tom and Neville were ducking and dodging and I saw an opening to free Harry and Hermione. I slipped past one of The Movement, who turned to face me. I ducked low and punched him on the underside of his chin but he kicked me off and loomed over me, as I dropped the three wands I had in a loose grip in my right hand. Suddenly, a spell hit the man directly in his back. He spun, more angered than hurt, to face Kate, who was firing spells and taunting him. I knew what was coming and even as I sat up to stop it, it was too late. The words left his lips and the jet of green light rocketed through the air, crashing into Kate’s stomach, cutting her taunts short as her eyes went dull and she hit the floor with a sickening thud. I screamed. I didn’t need to check her pulse to know she was dead. The Death Eater leered and turned back to me, at which point McGonagall made an entrance. It was devastating. With little more than a wave of her wand, all four men were crippled, hitting the floor and writhing in pain. It didn’t matter. None of it mattered. Not anymore.

Ginny and Ron ran straight to Harry and Hermione. Neville and Tom ran straight to me. And I ran straight to Kate. As I reached her I knew one thing. This wouldn’t be a teary goodbye. She was dead. And I couldn’t change that. There were no last words, no moment of glory. She was dead the second the spell hit her, unable to convey any final thoughts as all the life was blasted out of her within a second. I cradled her lifeless body in my arms until Tom reached me. He put his arm around me and helped me up, doing what he could to get me away from the hell that was Kate’s dead body. As we walked away, I could tell he paused for one second. He left me alone for a split second, then turned back to the pile of unconscious bodies, kicked both his parents in the head for good measure and then turned back to me, a weary smile the most he could muster. And then, together, we left the shack, oblivious to the rest of the world.

I was sat in Kate and Zara’s dorm, white as a sheet and deathly quiet. I didn’t really feel like talking. There wasn’t much to say. Who would I talk to anyway? There was nobody around. None of the boys could get into this dorm and Ginny and Ron had bigger problems, bigger things to worry about. Harry and Hermione had been rescued, but neither of them had gotten out unscathed. They were both bruised and cut and it was clear they had been crucioed. Harry seemed to be holding himself together. He was quiet but certainly there hadn’t been any long term damage. Hermione, however, was another story. She didn’t have any recollection of who she was, or what she was. Her memory was completely fucked, she’s obviously been obliviated. It was a devastating blow for Ron, who hadn’t left her side. Madam Pomfrey had said that her memory would probably return, how long that would take was beyond her. What Hermione needed was “mental stimulus”. Her parents were on their way and Ron was trying hard to talk to her.

Away from us, the Ministry had pretty much cleaned up the mess we’d left behind. Or rather, the mess they’d failed to clean up once already. Most of the Death Eaters were looking at life in Azkaban, others were looking at the Dementor’s Kiss. Oddly enough, Harry had spoken out on Malfoy’s behalf. If he hadn’t Malfoy would already have suffered a fate worse than death. He had had plenty of chances, and if it was up to me, the Dementors could have him, but I guess Harry has always been more forgiving than me. I’m too much like my dad I guess, angry at the world. But then again, he has a right to be I suppose. But then why don’t I? The world took Kate and Zara from me. I had Tom, but I couldn’t help but feel that someone somewhere had it in for me.

The knock on the window startled me. I never saw it coming. Tom was sat on my broom, grinning at me. I opened the window, startled but still managing to smile.

“You’re an idiot!” I laughed, as he flew in. I yanked him off my broom by the scruff of his neck, my hand firmly clasped around his collar.

“And you’re depressed. Let’s change that!” he smiled mischievously.

“How can you be so cheerful?” I asked, allowing a hint of anger to creep into my voice. “Kate’s dead, Harry and Hermione are a mess, James might not live through the night and your parents are lying sons of bitches!”

“Look, Lucy,” he said gently. “I know now seems like a bad time, but the best of things come from the worst of times. Harry’s going to be fine, Hermione will get there, my parents are where they belong, in Azkaban and no amount of moping will help James or bring Kate back. You have to try and move on, no matter how early it seems.”

“I don’t know if I can Tom, everything is so blurred right now, I just need some time to recover.”

“Come with me.”

It wasn’t a request. The forcefulness in his voice made it clear to me that I had to trust him. I sat on the back of my broom. He jumped back on in front of me and I clung to his back as we whizzed out the window again. I barely had a chance to feel the wind wisp over me before we had landed again, this time in the hospital wing. The place was quiet, with only the so called “Golden Trio” and Ginny there. Harry smiled at me wearily as I entered.

“How are you Harry?” Tom asked.

“Fine,” Harry lied. “Just a few scrapes I’ll be alright. What about you Lucy?”

“I’ll live,” I replied. “You’re not fine at all.”

“No, I’m not,” Harry admitted. “I feel like hell but after a bit of sleep I’ll be better. It’s Hermione I’m worried about.”

“Who are you? You seem familiar,” Hermione interrupted, looking at me, trying to focus.

“I’m Lucy,” I replied gently. “This is Tom.”

“I’m sorry Lucy, but it won’t come to me right now,” Hermione replied wearily. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can barely remember Ronald and Harold here.”

“It’s Harry and Ron,” Ron corrected.

“Shut up Ronald,” Hermione sighed, shooting Harry a wink. “I know it’s Harry, I was joking.”

“Well, we’d better be going,” Tom smiled round at them, jumping back on the broom.

“We only just got here,” I turned to him, confused.

“I know love, but I’ve got more to show you,” he winked.

It appeared that our next stop was some small village in Durham. At least that’s what he told me. The thrill of the flight was short-lived, as the cold wind swiftly turned from refreshing to bitter and although the speed never changed, I soon became used to it. Luckily, the flight wasn’t particularly long and we landed soon enough. I looked in a window to see Zara and who I presumed to be her father. They were sitting, eating dinner, laughing. The last part felt crucial. Zara was happy. For all my worries, at least one of us was moving on and sufficiently quickly as well.

“Do you want to tell her about Kate?” Tom asked quietly.

“No, you were right,” I whispered. “Time is a weapon, we need to use it.”

“One last stop, then I can take you home. It’s almost Christmas anyway and McGonagall let us go home for the holidays early.”

“Thank heaven for small mercies,” I muttered, not taking my eyes of Zara as we disembarked again. Mercifully, Tom had placed a spell to beat off the wind and I almost fell asleep on his shoulder as we flew, speed no longer an issue. When we eventually landed, it wasn’t a surprise to see we were at St Mungo’s. We left the broom in the waiting area as we headed up to the ward. James was awake and smiling. Amy embraced me as soon as I entered.

“He’s going to be okay!” she laughed. “The Healers have given him the all-clear.”

“I was lucky,” James shrugged it off. “We all were.”

“Not all of us,” I muttered and Tom held me close.

“If you’ll excuse me Mr and Mrs Hunt,” he said, addressing my parents. “I would like to take your daughter home. She’s been through a lot and she needs rest.”

“Of course Tom,” Dad replied smiling. “And call me Jake.”

“I still don’t,” James pointed out, to a chorus of chuckles as Tom and I left the room.

“We’re not resting, are we?” I asked, giggling.

“Anything but love, anything but…”

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Chapter 21: The Wedding
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 If there’s one thing I thought I would never understand about weddings it’s the dresses. They are almost always vile. Although I suppose, in a sense, that is the point. The only person supposed to look good at a wedding is the bride. Everyone else has to look like a fashion train wreck that’s kind of the point. I, unfortunately, am in no position to spoil Amy’s party. I look a wreck and I damn well know it. My dress is silky and black and there is nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the stunning piece of white fabric donned by my sister. My hair, frequently a mess more than ever nowadays, is long and curly, untameable as it whips around me. My face is stained with tears, but I find that more and more nowadays, I feel like crying. Ever since Kate’s death, six months previous, I find that my emotions run away from me. The wedding has brought out a multitude of emotions in me. The insane happiness of my sister brings tears to my eyes in itself but couple that with the reminders of those I have lost and the fact that I will never be anything close to Amy drains me.

And as for Tom, well we’ve been fighting. A lot. The closer we get to the wedding, the more we’ve been fighting. All the stuff seems trivial, but neither of us has much control over our emotions at all, and the arguments have been getting worse. Last night was one of the worst we’ve ever had. I stayed round his house but the screaming got so bad I ended up blasting apart his front door and storming off, apparating to stay with Harry for the night. Normally, after our fights, I go and cry on Amy’s shoulder. But I couldn’t. Not last night. Not the night before her wedding. It’s not fair on her, whatever my circumstances. I glance myself in the mirror. My eyes are puffy and red, my cheeks streaked with mascara. If my sister hasn’t already guessed what happened last night, the look on my face when she enters tells her the whole story.

“Lucy, honey,” she runs straight to my side and I swear loudly.

“Amy, it’s your wedding day, don’t worry about me, today of all days,” I spit, erupting into a fresh batch of tears.

“It was a bad one, huh?” Amy questions, already knowing the answer before I nod.

“I love him so much it’s fucking crazy, so why do we keep ending up screaming bloody murder at each other?” I ask, pulling myself together as much as I can. Amy, to her credit, already looks stunning. She’s still dressed in a dressing gown and she needs to do both her hair and makeup, but she totally overshadows me.

“Lucy,” Amy starts, moving to a kneeling position by my chair.

“Amy, come on, we’re not going to finish in time unless you hurry!” Macey yells exasperatedly, sticking her head in. “Who fucked you over?” she asks me. Queue more tears. Amy shoots her a clear “piss off” look and Macey rolls her eyes before leaving again.

“Go Amy, it’s your wedding.”

“Lucy, sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you planned. People fight, it’s natural. What’s important is that at the end of the day the pair of you still want to be together and can work through the problems. Does he still want to be with you?”

“I don’t know anymore.” My reply is so quiet, so soul-destroying, I barely get it out. I truly hope Tom still loves me, but the way I’ve acted lately, I have real reason to doubt that it’s true. Whether or not he’ll even turn up to the wedding is a mystery to me.

“You’ll find out soon enough. If he loves you, he’ll come.”

“Thanks Amy, now let’s get you ready for your wedding.”

I don’t know whether it is the fact that Amy is sure of me, or whether it’s being surrounded by caring friends and family (and Macey), but I feel a touch better as we sit in the bride’s quarters. The morning itself seems to pass in a blur of hair, makeup, clothes and chit-chat. Harry, Ron and Hermione pop in to say hi at one point. Harry wants to make sure I’m okay, which is understandable, considering I spent half the night crying on his shoulder. Poor Ginny, I hope she got some sleep. Hermione’s memory was practically recovered by now. Ron had worked tirelessly with her for months, showing his dedication and love to her. And it worked, Hermione is back to her old, gleaming self. Ginny and Neville also stop by to say hi, but I don’t feel up to talking too much. As much as I hate to say it, Neville reminds me too much of Kate and Zara. Zara who lost everything and Kate whose death triggered my spiral. No sign of Tom.

With only an hour to go to the wedding, there are only four of us left preparing. I’m sat in a corner of the dressing room, straightening my hair as Macey and my mother stress over Amy. Amy, naturally, is as cool as ever, saying it’s no big deal when Macey’s curling wand comes up short and laughing when my mum smears her lipstick. I finally finish up and run over to check out the finished product that is my sister. Her blonde hair is in ringlets, tied up in a neat half and half, cascading over her face. Her tiara has a white veil, very traditional style. Her makeup is simple but beautiful and then there is the dress itself. It flows almost to the floor, the most dazzling shade of white I have ever seen in my life. I gasp, unable to stop myself as I take in how beautiful my sister is.

“You two go, we’ll catch up,” she assures Macey and mum.

“You look unbelievable,” I say, beaming.

“You need to look as good if you’re going to wow Tom,” Amy grins.

“It’s not going to happen,” I insist. “I’m nothing compared to you.”

Amy picks up her wand and murmurs something, pointing it at me. My black dress turns the purest white and my dark, untameable hair, ties itself into a gorgeous braid. Any signs of sadness are wiped from my face and I gasp. The resemblance between myself and my sister is clear now and I can’t help but smile. I’ll never be Amy, but then I’m not Amy. I’m Lucy. And I always be. It’s time to stop snivelling and win back the man of my dreams. Again. Because apparently the first time wasn’t dramatic enough for whatever twisted being rules my life. Sorry brain. I glance at myself in the mirror one last time, before leading my sister out, into the biggest night of her life.

And he’s waiting for me. Tom. Fucking hell he’s gorgeous. He’s wearing sharp, jet black dress robes and he shoots me a look that both pleads and acknowledges fault. I can’t look at him or I’ll break down. I avert my eyes away, staying focused on the altar as I move. Amy must know, presumably because of the fact that my grip on her arm has become a vice, because she looks at me sympathetically. It’s a quick look, but it will show up on the wedding videos and I instantly feel horrible. This is her day and she refuses to stop worrying about me. I wish I could be that selfless.

We reach the altar and Amy peels off. Her eyes have locked onto James’ and the pair are as in love as the moment they first kissed. I take up a position to Amy’s left as the service begins. Fuck. He’s resourceful. Tom has chosen a seat so perfect, that I can’t look away from him without making it painfully obvious to everyone in the hall. I keep my face pleasant and my eyes were glazed over, hiding the emotion. I couldn’t let Tom how hurt I was, how much I wanted him; needed him even. He couldn’t realise how I felt. The ceremony was beautiful, the couple as loving as any I’d ever seen. But, no matter how hard I tried, my attention could not be diverted from the puppy dog eyes and school boy curls sitting in the second row. I wanted to scream, it was that infuriating. I slumped my back slightly, only to stand up straight again as I realised how it looked. On Amy’s other side, my mum was completely absorbed in the ceremony. Eventually, they said the I dos, snogged and apparated off to whatever honeymoon they had planned (Amy was unusually coy about that). Which left me needing to navigate a way to the door that didn’t involve passing Tom. I swore loudly as the crowds began to disperse, heading out the door towards the reception next door. Besides, it was customary at Wizarding weddings that only the couple apparated out, everyone else walked out the room.

I decided, once the wave of standing people reached us, to take the most direct route, and leg it. I moved quickly but I could feel him moving behind me. By the time I was close to the door, I had broken into an almost sprint, swearing as I did so. I heard him call my name and then I felt a hand just brush my ribcage. I tried to go faster but then his hand grasped my shoulder. I shoved him off but his other hand found my waist and twirled me on the spot. He looked pained and I realised tears were already streaking down my face.

“Don’t say it,” I said, less composed than I had intended.

“Say what?” he replied, his voice broken and crackling.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, leaning closer to him.

“But I am sorry,” Tom said, trying to kiss me. I shook my head and pulled away.

“I love you Tom, but we can’t always solve our problems with a kiss. We need to work at it.”

“I’ll do anything,” he replied. “I don’t know why everything has been so messed up recently, but this feels right and I’m not giving up on you.”

“I don’t know why either Tom,” I sighed. “And I know how you feel about me. But we need to take this slow. I know I’ve been off these last few months. Cranky, not myself. But we can’t just keep fighting then making up. I’m not strong enough.”

He holds me. No words, just the feel of our bodies interlocking. It’s strange how in the middle of a room, full of hurrying people I know well, that I can be so absorbed in one person. Tom was the only thing I could understand, feel, as I kept myself locked in his embrace. I wanted nothing more than to apparate back to my bedroom, him in hand. But we were expected at the reception. My parents were waiting. And besides, we couldn’t rush this. Our fights usually ended up with passionate love-making and that just led to more fighting. In many ways, our sex ruined the finer parts of our relationship, which clearly needed work.

We eventually broke the hug, only then did I realise Harry, standing in the doorway, watching, with a concerned look on his face. He slipped out of sight before Tom noticed him, but I knew I hadn’t heard the last of it. The next few hours were tedious. Tom and I ended up separated and although the wedding was fairly low key, there were lots of people there from James and Amy’s year and I ended up getting caught up in the scramble of it all. My parents had a few ministry people over as well and I was introduced to several members of key departments. The truth was, I didn’t have a clue about my career, nor did I find it necessary to worry. I was focused only on Tom, or my other friends, when they presented themselves. The best part of the reception was a half-hour chat with Neville, catching up, before his grandmother fetched him as it was getting late.

I was just about to say my goodbyes as the party was dying down, when I found a hand on my shoulder. I turned, to see nobody there, only to be pulled under Harry’s cloak. He was smiling but I could see his anxiety.

“Tom?” I asked wearily.

“I know you care about him, and I can see how happy he makes you,” Harry explained. “I just want to make sure you know what you’re doing. You were in a dreadful state last night. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was doing. Maybe I never would have. But right there, under that cloak, what Harry said made something click. Tom made me happy. And that was all there was to it. And, in many ways, that was all I needed to hear. And then, I realised, he would be there forever, because without him, I wouldn’t be happy.

And that, dear reader, is the end to this story. I’d love to tell you all about my life with Tom, our house, our jobs, our child. But that, I’m afraid, is a story for another day. And one, that it is not my job to tell…


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“Get back here you bloody little toerag!” Argus Filch, the caretaker at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry roared, stumbling in his old age as he hurled himself full pelt down the hallowed corridors. A few steps ahead of him but rapidly gaining an advantage and pulling away, an 11 year old James Potter laughed triumphantly and skidded around the corner. James glanced backwards over his shoulder as he entered the entrance hall. Just as he had expected, Filch was falling back, heaving and sighing, unable to keep up with James’ youthful pace. James kept his eyes facing the wrong direction a little longer than he should have and then, without warning, he ran slap bang into a solid body.