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The Other Secret by LadyMalfoy23

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,587
Status: WIP

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU
Characters: Sirius, Regulus, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 03/05/2011
Last Chapter: 10/24/2011
Last Updated: 10/24/2011


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Not all Death Eaters were bad. Not all Muggles were ignorant or spiteful. No one is just who they are, by themselves. There is always a part of them made out of motive: some even stemming from first love.

Chapter 1: Prologue
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Not all Death Eaters were bad. Not all Muggles were ignorant or spiteful. No one is just who they are, by themselves. There is always a part of them made out of motive: some even stemming from first love.




Can a century of a family’s hate become love for a single man? 


One love—punishable by death. Every man has his breaking point. Every man knows what he wants. Sometimes, they even don’t know where to choose what two things they want most in life.


Regulus Black grew up with pride. He hated and despised the lower scum. But he was more than proud be accepted into the ranks of a Death Eater at the age of sixteen. Proud Slytherin. Pureblood. Member of the inner circle of the most powerful wizard of the age. 


His values were corrupt. He began to see the errors of his ways. So much was wrong, but he swore it to be right. Time hit him, and it took one man, one Muggle to turn him around. He began to dig, and dig deep. His master was more twisted than he could ever have known, but he saw it now. He swore it to himself that when all else failed, he would right his wrongs by ending the reign of the Dark Lord. 


Along the way, he met someone he never knew could change his life so much. One Muggle, one stubborn, Muggle man, was the hope for a lost cause. Regulus Black would make it his sworn duty to undo the wrongs he would unknowingly pledge upon his love. Regulus Black would die for the love of this one, Muggle man.


Normalcy is thrived upon, once you’ve lived without for so long. Grudges held towards those who hurt you so terribly. One note, off-kilter, that shattered a world; shattered the heart of a man who would never love a “freak” again.


Vernon Dursley met with a life-changing twist. He fell in love. A love so strong and powerful, he could look far beyond the magical blood in his companion—blood that scared him. 


Vernon Dursley was a sheep in the dark. He was currently unaware of the Wizarding War. He was unaware that the love of his young adult life supported those wishing to exterminate the likes of him. He was unaware that he would not be spending the rest of his life with this love.


Vernon Dursley was living a life of bliss with a man he couldn’t get enough of. Everything seemed to be perfect. Regulus Black was slowly changing, stressing, slowly dying. Worry took its toll as the days with no contact moved on and on. A very singular letter brought proud young Vernon to his knees in pain. Sirius Black stood before him, trying to sympathize, trying to help him understand.


“No one knows what happened,” Sirius said gravely. His younger brother Regulus wasn’t a saint by any means, but still did not deserve to die at so young an age. Sirius came home to “comfort” his mother, but to no avail. He instead spent most of his time shut up in his old room—in his brother’s room. It was there he had found the letter that was now clutched in Vernon’s hand. The context was vague, but enough for Sirius to understand that his brother was, indeed, dead.


His brother was in love with the man kneeling before him, but something, some unknown cause was more important. This unknown cause was the source of this awkward meeting.


Vernon stood up quietly, slightly green in the face. As he turned to walk to the sitting room he nearly fell. Sirius had to grab him around the middle to keep him from falling over again. He set the still-shocked man on the couch and headed to the kitchen where he pulled out his wand and quickly made a pot of tea.


After setting a cup down on the table for Vernon, who didn’t move, Sirius had the courage to ask the question that was burning in his mind since finding the letter three days ago. “Excuse me, but how did you know my brother Mr. Dursley?”


Almost mechanically, as if in a trance, Vernon slowly looked up from his hands that still clutched the letter tightly. His face was pale, and he looked close to either vomiting or crying. Sirius sat patiently, awaiting his brother’s devastated lover to kick him out of the house.


Much shock came to Sirius when in a very shaky tone Vernon spoke.


“Well. . .”





Well I did it! I have started the unthinkable! A Vernon/Regulus. I have some explaining behind this I think, and some major crediting! I guess I need to first thank ciararose who was throwing around horrible ships one day and I added this one to the list. The more and more that people became disgusted by it, the more and more I fell in love with it. I also really want to thank Charlieday because she gave me full on support of it from the beginning! I also want to thank AquariaJasmyn for helping look over the first chapter and also aideilweasley for becoming my new perminate beta for The Other Secret! Furthermore, the title came from orderofthephoenix who suggested Regulus’ other secret, but I didn’t want to give away the ship! I hope you all enjoy the interesting fic that is yet to come! Explaining the ups and downs of a muggle dating a death eater! Please leave a review I’m most intrigued by what you think! (although if you have to many questions please visit my MTA at HPFF forums instead of asking in the review as it would be easier for me to answer. :/)

Chapter 2: Chapter One
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Vernon and Regulus met under heated circumstances. Neither of them were completely up for the shock that was yet to come. Two agitated, stubborn men, two completely wrecked cars, and one twist of fate.

Vernon was on his way to work, taking his everyday, normal route that never seemed to change. He could practically navigate it with his eyes closed. One day was unexpectedly different; as he rounded the last corner in the route to the small café, where he worked, there was a sudden, ear-splitting noise--the sound of metal colliding with metal. Vernon felt red-in-the-face furious: not a soul in the world could have calmed him down. Not one--except, perhaps, for the owner of the car that his own had just collided with.

Regulus Black slowly got from his car, swearing; not at Vernon, but to himself. He had, for the first time ever, taken his older brother’s advice and attempted to learn to drive a Muggle car. His first time out driving, and he has already crashed! On impulse, he muttered, “Imperio.” And the fate of the accident was in his hands. Keeping Vernon under the imperius curse was sure to give him time to fix the accident.

Looking over both his shoulders, he put on a right good show for the Muggles watching by charming the car to weigh less than air. He pushed both the cars into a nearby alley and fixed them up. As if the accident had never happened.

Finally taking a good look at the man that was before him, Regulus began to notice who he was. He was tall, and well built. Thick dark blonde hair was settled neatly on top of his head. He had the build, in fact, of a Beater--but that was impossible. He had to have been a Muggle. His thoughts began to wander, and he lost the Imperius before he could wipe the man’s memory clean.

Slowly coming to, Vernon looked from one car to the next, then back to Regulus.

“What in the world just happened?”

Regulus didn’t know what to say. His arm twitched towards his wand as he thought of what to do. Being the newest member of the Death Eaters’ rank, and the youngest, his first thought was simply to exterminate the problem. But the more he thought about it, the less this seemed like a good plan of action--he became, in the process of wondering, intrigued with the look of the ordinary, Muggle man. “Er--you passed out at the wheel, so I pushed you here so we could be out of the way. It was luck you didn’t crash,” Regulus finally choked.

He stood, holding his breath, waiting and watching Vernon contemplate the possibility of what he was saying. He finally spoke. “Well, I guess I’m glad you were here then, aren’t I?” He stuck out a hand.

“Right,” Regulus said, still slightly confused about what it was that was so interesting about this man.

Vernon was just getting back into his car when Regulus spoke out, shocking not only Vernon, but also himself. “Maybe I--maybe I should take you to where you’re going, and drive you home tonight? You know, so you don’t cause another almost-accident.”

Vernon stood, mouth hanging slightly open, for what seemed like forever. He was dumbstruck, and slightly indignant. Was this teenage boy, no older then seventeen, saying he, twenty years old, was incapable of driving? Or was he really one of the few decent people left in the world who actually cared?

“I--I think I’ll be--” Vernon was about to decline his offer, but something inside him changed. Looking into this man’s eyes, there was something there that stopped him. Sort of like a spark hidden deep in his brown eyes, hints of determination, and passion. This man was strange, and he knew it. But he wouldn’t pass up the chance to figure him out.

“You know, you’re right, actually,” Vernon said locking his car and slamming the door shut. “I’m a terror on the road sometimes. I’m Vernon by the way. Vernon Dursley.”

Regulus felt a wave of relief flow over him as Vernon introduced himself. He couldn’t pinpoint why, but he enjoyed the presence of Vernon. “I’m Regulus. Regulus Black,” he said with a broad grin, unlocking his car. “So, where were you heading, Vernon?” he asked as they both climbed into his car.


“Er, to the café around the corner here. I work there, are you sure you can give me a ride home tonight? My shift ends at nine,” Vernon said wondering where the name Regulus could have come from.

Regulus thought to himself for a few moments, then Vernon Noticed his eyes stray to his left arm for a small moment. Back up to Vernon. “Yeah, I don’t have anything planned tonight.”

As they pulled up to the café, Vernon got out and went to remind Regulus to pick him up at nine, but he was getting out of the car. Vernon was surprised. “Are you coming in?”

Regulus’ face turned red. He didn’t know exactly what to say. “Well, I...well--”

Vernon chuckled, patting him once one the back. “That’s great. Hopefully it’s not too busy.”

Regulus sat for what seemed like hours in a lonely booth towards the back of the café. He had now officially had four cups of coffee and proceeded to stack the cups up to knock them down. Every now and then Vernon would look over between customers and shake his head, laughing. He was very amused by the time his shift was coming to a close.

“You know I have to clean this up, don’t you?” he said, chuckling as Regulus jumped at his sudden company. Quickly, as if by magic, Regulus had picked up all the cups and tossed them into the garbage. On his way back to the table Vernon noticed him clutching his left arm as if he was in slight pain.

“Alright there, mate?” he asked, concerned.

“Yeah...just broke my arm a few years back. Still likes to hurt every now and again.” Regulus said unconvincingly. Vernon forced himself to believe Regulus. He didn’t want to ruin what could be a new friendship. “Well, I’m off work now,” Vernon said awkwardly, not trying to sound like he wanted to be taken home right away but not wanting to make it sound like he wanted to stay either.

Regulus cleared his throat loudly. “Right. Uhm, why don’t I get you home, then?”

The rest of the car ride was rather silent and awkward. The sky had gathered dark storm clouds and the weather outside was becoming frigid. Vernon noticed that the worse the weather got, the more worried Regulus appeared. He kept glancing down to his left arm, his face pale.

Vernon pushed his worry to the back of his mind, unable to understand why he felt so worried about this man he just met. Before he knew it, he was parked across the street from his house, just sitting in the car. Neither man said a word. Just sat. . . waiting. Vernon finally made to undo his seatbelt and at the same time, so did Regulus.

“I think I should walk you to the door,” he said sternly. Vernon was confused at first. Regulus was obviously younger than him, but he spoke with such authority and warning that he seemed almost to be older.

They both walked to the door in silence as Vernon fumbled with the keys. Both men stood shivering in the cold weather, oddly so for springtime. Finally, the door clicked open and Regulus turned to walk down the steps.

“Regulus,” Vernon called out sheepishly. Regulus turned back around, looking up and down the street as if someone could sneak up on him at any moment. “There’s--a rugby game on tomorrow. Do you want to come over and watch it?”

A grin slowly spread over Regulus’s face. “Sure,” he said, “and we can pick up your car, too.” He winked, and headed down the steps to his car. Vernon thought there was a slight spring in his step.

He entered his house, dashing quickly to the window to watch Regulus drive off. But to his amazement, the car had already gone.

Chapter 3: Chapter Two
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Vernon was pacing in his living room; back and forth, half an hour before the big match. Peeking outside the curtains, he noticed the weather to be even gloomier than the night before.


He had tossed and turned the night before, thinking about Regulus coming back to his house today. The more that Vernon thought about him, the more nervous he became. His dreams were never more vivid than those that kept him awake.


It was always the same one right after the other, the same dark room, the same eerie cold feeling, and the same image of Regulus running. Running past him? No, running to him. Panting, a slight craze in his eyes, Regulus wrapped his arms tightly around Vernon. It was then Vernon would wake up, each time drenched in sweat, and feeling alone. He felt more lonely with each dream; not because of the dream itself, but because of how right it felt to be in his arms. If only in a dream, it was still . . . right.


Vernon peeked out the window yet again, only to find nothing. The same old street. Just as he turned his back, the doorbell rang. Very slowly, he made his way to the door, and found Regulus standing on his door steps. The wind was furiously blowing now, ruffling the younger boy’s hair.


“How did you get here?” Vernon asked in awe, “I was just looking out the window and the street was deserted!”


As Vernon stepped aside to let Regulus in he chuckled, “Why, were you watching for me?”


Vernon, caught off guard by the question, no longer pressed the subject, falling quiet sheepishly. Following Regulus into the sitting room, he took the time to study him. He was much skinnier than he had gathered at first glance. His dark black hair was medium length, and still stuck out at odd angles from the wind. Regulus was noticeably shorter then Vernon, but then again, Vernon was extremely tall. Just then, Regulus turned around, a worried look on his face.


“Vernon, I’ve got to be honest with you,” he said, looking at his feet. Vernon suddenly found that he held his breath as Regulus looked back up at him. There was a moment of intense silence as Vernon shuffled his feet and Regulus ran his hand through his already-messy hair. “I know absolutely nothing about Rugby.”


Vernon was silent for a few more seconds, then burst into a peal of hysterical laughter. The vacant, confused look present on Regulus’ face caused him to laugh even harder. Finally coming around, he took a seat on the couch and turned to Regulus, who looked slightly miffed.

“Not that I don’t want you here, but why did you want to come if you don’t understand Rugby?” Vernon said chuckling slightly.


This time, it was Regulus who was thrown into fits of laughter. He sunk into the couch, feeling all of the tension that had hung in the air melt away as Vernon turned on the television and become engrossed with the beginning of the game.


The more and more Vernon got into the game the more and more Regulus tried to blend into the wall. He was thoroughly and completely confused at this point. 


There were thirty men in uniforms running and tackling each other. This sport seemed to be even more violent then even Quidditch could get! Speaking of Quidditch, there was only ONE ball in this sport. The more Regulus watched the more confused he became.


One of the players on the team Vernon was rooting for kicked the ball forward and was caught by his teammate. “Wait, I thought you said you could only pass the ball backwards,” Regulus asked, confused. That wasn’t backwards.


“You can, but he didn’t pass the ball, he kicked it,” Vernon replied, without taking his eyes off the game.


The guy that caught the ball suddenly was running down the field dodging attackers. He finally crossed the end line and, as he pushed the ball to the ground, the crowd went wild.


“So that means he scored, right?” Regulus asked noticing one of the scores on the score board go up.


“Yeah, the next kick determines the game,” Vernon said, leaning towards the TV and refusing to blink.


The teams lined up for the kick. With every movement on the field Vernon become more and more excited. As the final kick was soaring through the air Regulus studied not the game, but the man sitting next to him. His once neat, professional looking hair from yesterday was now scattered and lying freely. He was bigger then Regulus; definitely bigger. Taller, and with a lot more muscles. He must have been one of these Rugby players in his secondary days. Just then, Vernon jumped into the air, cheering wildly, holding his arms high above his head.


Regulus couldn’t have been more confused as to what on earth had just happened, but he felt extremely happy none the less. Something about Vernon—seeing him happy and smiling, just made Regulus’s day. Regulus slouched back on the sofa and continued to watch Vernon celebrate the win of his favorite team. Chuckling to himself, he couldn’t help but feel welcome. To feel accepted and like he was doing the right thing. Whatever that meant in this situation.


Vernon flopped back down, seeming to have tired himself out, stretching out and resting his arms on the back of the couch. One coincidently resting so close to Regulus’ shoulder, they could both feel each other’s body heat. The two sat for a moment in comfortable silence, simply watching each other. Vernon was staring into Regulus’s dark brown eyes. He could hear his pulse in his ears and the drumming of his heart against his chest. Every passing second brought on a new feeling to him. Something about Regulus made him feel—different.


Regulus coughed awkwardly, bringing Vernon back to reality. He got to his feet and in three strides was by staring out the window again.


“The weather sure has been nasty recently,” he said monotonously.


“It could be worse, though,” Regulus said trying to cover up the worry in his voice. “Er, hey, why don’t we go get your car now?” he said, standing up and heading towards the door. Vernon silently followed behind him.


“You don’t mind if we walk do you?” Regulus asked suddenly, “I was dropped off earlier.”


Vernon was then reminded of how suddenly Regulus had appeared right on his door step. He ignored the thought, however, thriving on any excuse to spend more time with Regulus. Vernon started, cold, as they walked, but was quickly warmed up by trying to keep in stride with Regulus.


They kept up a steady conversation while they took their walk. Almost every other minute Regulus would look over both his shoulders, just like the day before. Vernon asked him once or twice what he was watching out for, but each time Regulus would brush it off and change the subject back to rugby. Vernon could tell he was trying hard to get the hang of the concept, but was failing at understanding a word he was hearing.


Rounding the last corner before reaching Vernon’s car, Regulus looked over his shoulder one last time. There was look of utter and complete horror on his face as the air seemed to freeze in place. The misty fog around the two turned to stagnate ice as Regulus screamed “Run!” Vernon gathered panic from every part of him; his voice, actions, facial features.

“I SAID RUN!” Regulus screamed, pulling a small brown stick from inside his coat.


He was now pointing it menacingly towards the empty street as despair set in. Vernon was hopeless, he felt like falling to his knees and giving in. Memories flashed before him, one after one, each one more painful than the last. After what seemed like ages, Regulus grabbed his hand and pulled tightly on his arm.


“Come on, Vernon, you need to run,” Regulus was no longer yelling; he was  pleading softly for Vernon to come out of there with him, as quickly as possible.


Instant warmth spread through Vernon as he ran just behind Regulus. From where their hands were clenched together he felt hope again. He clung to the very image of being able to grasp his hand forever.


The alley where Vernon’s car was safely stashed was just ahead. Regulus kept looking over his shoulder, terrified, at the street behind them. Vernon looked back, seeing nothing as they made a sharp turn into the alley. Vernon lost balance and fell hard to the ground, his one happy connection lost. Regret began to eat away at Vernon’s soul, seeming to tear him apart from the inside. Hopelessness sunk in, tears came to his eyes. His heart ached and longed for all he knew would never be his. Just when he felt he would never be able to smile again, a bright white something—a bobcat?—went charging past him.


Regulus ran over and collapsed by Vernon as they both sat, gasping for air.


“What the bloody heck was that?” Vernon asked in shock.




Just a real quick note here to thank jazzeh turnip, gingersnape, melian, and loopylemon for trying ruthlessly to explain ruby to me! My beta also brought it to my attention that you might not understand the Bobcat referance to Regulus’ patronus if you are not from America because its apparently an American animal! ;) So im writing a blog to explain it to everyone! :) I cant thank you enough for my reviews they are truly what helps me going in this story! :)

Chapter 4: Chapter Three
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The sun was shining through the trees brighter than it had in days. Vernon sat at a lone table on the patio of a small restaurant in town. A few days had now passed since the incident with Regulus. Not a word has been spoken between them since.

Vernon was impatient to see him, yet scared at the same time. An explanation had been  promised, yet was still missing.

Vernon now sat in his chair fidgeting uncontrollably as a a fairly pretty blonde in a yellow sun dress walked over. She greeted him with enthusiasm as he placed a welcome kiss on her cheek and pulled her chair out. A long moment of semi-comfortable silence passed as Vernon continued to move around restlessly. In an attempt to speak, he cleared his throat loudly, causing the girl to chuckle to herself.

“Vernon, love, what has you so uptight?” the blonde said, trying to hold back her snickers. She knew Vernon well and was used to him being weird, but this was even abnormal for him.

Clearning his throat again, he began to speak in a small voice. “Miranda, remember when we spilt, you said you would always love me, no matter what—right?”

“Right,” she answered.

Vernon looked over his shoulders, very nervous as to what he was going to say next. They both readjusted themselves uncomfortably in their chairs as Miranda spoke up again. “You know I’m engaged, right? Vernon, please don’t—”

“I think I’m gay,” Vernon choked out, cutting Miranda off before she could finish her sentence. He was indeed no longer in love with Miranda, but instead developing feelings for Regulus.

Miranda’s jaw dropped open in shock. But just then, the waiter walked over to their table. “Are you two ready to order now?” he asked with a pen and pad in hand.

Quickly Miranda snapped out of whatever trance she was in, and ordered a Ceasar Salad and an iced tea. She then proceeded to stare at Vernon in shock while he ordered his meal. After the waiter left she placed both her hands on the table and leaned in close to Vernon. “What do you mean, you’re gay?” she hissed.

Vernon’s mouth was suddenly very dry as he stared into the eyes of his former girlfriend. He knew she would not take it lightly, but she was still the only person he could tell. The waiter was by again dropping of their drinks. Miranda sunk back into her chair, remembering they were in the public eye. He had never been so happy to see a waiter show up before in his life. Vernon began to very slowly sip at his Coke under the watchful eye of Miranda.

He took a much larger drink then intended as he tried to put off his answer. Finally, after setting his drink back on the table and making sure every piece of silverware was perfectly aligned on the table, he began what he believed to be a well thought-out answer. “I met this guy,” Vernon started, refusing to make eye contact. “And, I just feel different around him. Not bad different, but good different. Everything just feels so real, and full of life around him.”

Vernon finished his carefully-planned speech, sounding a lot braver then he felt. He chanced a glance up at Miranda, whose eyes seemed to be bulging from her head. Under any other circumstances Vernon would be severely tempted to laugh uncontrollably at how silly she looked. Now, however, he felt more like vomiting. Vernon knew Miranda well having dated her for nearly three years. He knew that in her mind the wheels were quickly turning, analyzing every take on what he had just said. He knew it was just a matter of time before she would begin to send him through a round of questions.

“So, us. . . Was it anything at all?” she asked first in a small hurt voice.

Vernon reached over taking her hands in his and said, “Miranda, everything between us was a real as everything between you and Scott, I promise you that. This is all different. I’m different. No, he is different,” Vernon said sweetly, noticing a smile creep onto her face.

Vernon dropped her hands as the waiter walked over with their food. As Miranda picked up her fork and began picking at her salad she very casually asked, “So, who is he?”

Vernon nearly choked on the pieces of food in his mouth. He knew she was nosey and the question was likely to come, but he had had no idea it would come so soon. “What?” he asked, sputtering for air.

“Oh for heavens sake, Vernon,  stop being such a drama queen! Who is he?” she said again,  with a little more edge in her voice.

Vernon was running a hundred different ways to avoid the question when he finally caved. Sighing,  he answered. “His name is Regulus Black.”

Miranda stiffened at the mention of his name. Her entire posture seemed to change as she violently stabbed at her salad. “And how did you meet Regulus?” she asked bitterly.

“Uhm,” Vernon started apprehensively, “I nearly wrecked into his car when I fell asleep at the wheel. Are you okay, Miranda?”

She suddenly stopped stabbing her salad and her eyes glazed over. For a moment she seemed to be somewhere else, in a far off land. Then her original, bubbly mood was back. “Oh, I’m peachy.”

“Right,” Vernon chuckled. The both chewed their food over in silence for a moment until Vernon said, “I had him over for the Rugby meeting the other day you know.”

“Oh yeah? And how did that go?” she asked indifferently staring off across the street. Some birds over head were chirping, adding to the blissfulness of the day.

“Oh, it was pretty great,” Vernon said thinking back to when they got his car. He still had no idea how to explain what happened, if anything did. “He was rubbish when it came to understanding the game though.”

“Really?” Miranda asked looking back to Vernon. “How is that? Aren’t you blokes programmed with Rugby rules in you?”

Vernon chuckled, realizing just how much he missed spending time with Miranda. “No, we are not programmed to know how to play!” he said, poking his tongue out at her. She giggled slightly, taking a drink of her tea. “He looked athletic though, must be a football or cricket player,” Vernon said, shrugging. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn he heard Miranda mutter “doubt it” into her glass before she turned back to stare across the street.

Vernon followed her gaze and noticed a Bridal Boutique across the way sporting gorgeous wedding dressing in the window. He knew that Miranda and her fiance Scott were engaged and had been for a few months now. He noticed how longingly she was staring at the dresses.

Watching her in silence, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy shoot through him. He had loved her at one point, but now he was more envious of the fact that she could be with who she wanted to be with.

“So, when is the big day?” He asked drawing them both back from their day dreams.

Miranda was blushing slightly as she began playing with the engagement ring on her left hand. “Not till the end of August, but four months is going to pass in no time,” she said, a slight undertone of panic in her voice.

“August, wow,” Vernon said thinking to himself he couldn’t think about what was going to be planned for later tonight let alone what was going to be planned for August. “Well, if you ever need to send Scott away for the day so you and your mum and sister can get some things done, then I’m your man!” he said smiling, and really wanting to help her as much as possible. Miranda may be his last girlfriend, but she was more then that to him now—like a sister.

Miranda leaned over the table and gave Vernon a quick kiss. Not a romantic kiss, but one that explained everything she needed to say; thanks, good luck, I love you, and I truly am glad you are here. Vernon’s insides did back flips as he thought about how much he wished Miranda to have been Regulus just then.

Parking his car in its usual spot across from his apartment he noticed a lone man sitting on the front steps. Noticing the messy black hair and the dark eyes he couldn’t help but smile as he got closer. Vernon hadn’t realized just how much he had missed Regulus until he had seen him again.

Regulus stood up and met him half way, returning his smile. Vernon noticed something was different about him, though. He seemed to not have been sleeping very well; dark bags hung under his eyes. His hair seemed thin and lifeless and the normal flair of determination was missing from his eyes, replaced by fear and a vulnerability he had never shown before.

“Hey mate, how are you enjoying your day off?” Regulus asked as Vernon unlocked his front door, allowing them both into his front room.

“Its been pretty great; though I wish I had known you were coming over, so I wouldn’t have made plans to go out earlier,” Vernon said truthfully, throwing his keys into a bowl by the door and hanging his sweater in the closet.

“Oh it’s fine, I was only waiting a few minutes,” Regulus said, taking a seat on the sofa while Vernon went to the kitchen.

A few moments later Vernon called out, “You thirsty? Want something to drink?” The sound of a can of a fizzy drink came from the next room.

“Sure,” Regulus called back, detached. Vernon could tell his mind was far away from any fizzy drink as he handed him an open can.

Vernon took a seat in a chair across from him as he took a large gulp of Coke. “How have you been? You’ve kind of been missing in action for the past couple of days.”

Regulus had a very hard and serious expression on his face now as he looked straight into Vernon’s eyes. The hardness of his stare made Vernon feel slightly uncomfortable and worried. “Vernon we need to talk about the other day,” Regulus finally said as his hands began to shake.

Vernon put his can down on the table next to him and leaned forwards slightly, showing Regulus he had his full and undivided attention. They both sat as still as can be, listening to the sound of only each other’s breathing in the room. Vernon watched Regulus as he seemed to be arguing with himself.

Letting out a deep and shaky breath, Regulus too set his can on the table, unable to drink. Shutting his eyes and taking on last inhale in he whispered, “I’m a wizard Vernon.”

Vernon couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe: he was lucky he could even think. Processing the same three words over and over in his mind seemed to come out with a different response every time. Do I look stupid? You cannot be a wizard. This cant be happening, magic doesn’t exist does it? Why on earth are you even telling me this? Out of pure confusion and shock Vernon blurted out, “that’s impossible!”

Regulus peaked at Vernon through half-opened eyes and noticed how pale Vernon looked. A smile threatened its way onto his face as he realized this was going much better then intended.

Slowly lifting his head, he looked right into Vernon’s eyes.

Vernon noticed the seriousness etched on Regulus’ face as he stared at him. He didn’t understand entirely what was running through his mind. Magic did not exist. . . or did it? No, it couldn’t, the thought of something so absurd is just unhuman.

“It is possible,” Regulus said, pulling his wand from his pocket. “Watch.” and with a flick of his wand he made the ceiling above them turn to storm clouds and begin to snow.

“It’s snowing,” Vernon said in a daze holding his hand out to catch some flakes, “In. My house.”

“Yes,” Regulus said, slowly making the snow disappear. He was searching Vernon’s face for some sort of proof that he believed him. Some sort of proof that he didn’t just put his life on the line for nothing.

“You’re. . . a wizard?” Vernon asked, still trying to process what he just saw. He trusted Regulus, and for that reason he truly believed that what Regulus said was true.

Regulus nodded smiling. He realized it would take some getting used to for the common Muggle to realize that the entire existence of a new world could actually be possible.

“A wizard,” Vernon whispered more to himself this time than to anyone else. “Is that why you didn’t understand rugby?”

Regulus couldn’t help but laugh as he nodded in agreement.

“We play a game called Quidditch.”

Quidditch? Vernon mouthed, looking very confused.

Chapter 5: Chapter Four
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“So at pigpimples,” Vernon said skipping a rock across the smooth glass lake. It had been a couple days since Regulus told him about being a wizard and the two have been nearly inseparable. The more they talked, the more there seemed to be to talk about. The weather had been getting better and better over time till the time it was nice enough to spend a great day at the park again. The two friends were now walking around the lake at a much slower pace then was necessary, discussing even more peculiarities about Regulus and the wizarding world.

“Hogwarts,” Regulus chuckled attempting to skip a rock. He copied Vernon’s actions, but his rock only hit the water and proceeded to sink. Vernon smiled trying to hide his amusement. “It’s not funny,” Regulus retorted agitated and attempting three more times with no different results. Without another word Vernon sent his perfectly flat rock sailing across the water with a slight smirk etched across his face.

Regulus was fed up and tossed a handful of smaller rocks into the water below watching the ripples float past, and hearing the out of sync plunking of the splash. Vernon chuckled and picked up another rock. This time he put it in Regulus’ hand and turned him to face sideways. Regulus was still pouting but Vernon ignored him to teach him how to properly skip a rock. “You need to turn your body so you are sideways to the water.” Now standing behind Regulus he grabbed his hand and loosely guided him through the motions over and over. “It’s sort of like tossing a Frisbee,” He said stopping the motion but still holding onto his arms. Both of their breathing was shallow, yet relaxed at the same time.

Vernon took in a deep breath inhaling the scent of Regulus. Getting nervous Vernon took a step back and cleared his throat loudly, “Now you try.” Regulus, slightly dazed, peeked over his shoulder at Vernon whose face was easily showing how embarrassed he was from what had just happened moments ago. Shaking the feeling off slightly, he turned and threw the rock. This time it skipped over the water once before sinking to the murky bottom below.

Regulus smiled over at his companions still figure. Vernon watched the ripples in the water growing then disappearing completely from view. He just stared down at the water oblivious to the world around him. It was a mind numbing calmness that swept over him as he watched each ripple grow bigger and bigger and then in a blink of an eye, everything they had worked up to was. . . gone.

“Vernon,” Regulus asked with concern as he took a step closer to his oblivious friend.

Vernon fell out of whatever trance he had been in upon hearing Regulus’ gentle tone. Looking up from the water he smiled subtly and turned to keep walking on along the trail. When he noticed Regulus didn’t follow him, but was instead still rooted to his place looking confused and worried he started to speak again, “So at Hogwarts you learn about magic?”

Regulus walked a few strides to catch up as he went into deeper conversations about the various classes Hogwarts had to offer. He had gone through the basics; potions, transfigurations, charms. It wasn’t until halfway through explaining divinations that Vernon’s curiosity could no longer be tamed.

“Wait, your lot actually believes in the telling of the future,” He asked in slight disbelief. It was obvious, that they were a bunch of stick carrying loons, but to really believe that you could predict the future was too much for even Vernon to understand at this point.

“Well some of us do,” He said staring out into the distance. “But some of us, like my family, don’t believe it.”

Vernon noticed how detached Regulus was when it came to this subject. It struck him as it being a way that Regulus keeping things a secret. “Well, what do you think,” he asked slowly. He looked over at Regulus from the corner of his eye wondering where his opinions fell on such a rubbish subject.

Regulus stopped in his tracks in shock. He had to think for a moment, no one had ever asked him about himself like that before. Everyone in the wizarding world just considered him to be, a Black. Like every other Black out there, with the exception of his brother. No one really expected him to think on his own, to have different opinions. Vernon however, was unaware of the Black family history. He didn’t know of who he really was, so with Vernon, he could be whoever he wanted to be.

“Me? I personally think it depends on the person. Some people have the gift of telling the future, and some people can only tell really good lies.” Regulus smiled to himself as contemplated the origin of his answer. Vernon didn’t know of the things Regulus did when it came to such a subject, and he planned to keep it this way. There was no need to drag him into the danger of the wizarding world.

The two walked in silence for a bit longer. Not awkward silence, but comfortable silence where they both could be lost in their thoughts. Vernon was processing what was just said about the wizarding world, and more importantly divinations. He concluded Regulus was a complicated person. Everything he said he seemed to think through first, every thought seemed to have been viewed from every angle before decided upon. The silence drug on and Vernon was itching to hear more about this new, strange world.

“So, what other classes are their at Hogwarts?”

“Oh,” Regulus said having been thrown from his thoughts, “There are many classes, like astrology, care of magical creatures, arithmacy, and even muggle studies,” he said smirking slightly in Vernon’s direction.

“Muggle studies,” Vernon asked curiosity getting the better of him once again.

 “Yeah, but I never took the class. . . It was actually forbidden by my mother. That was the only reason my older brother took the time to take it.”

“Why did your mother forbid it?” Vernon asked feeling ill inside.

“My mother is, old fashion,” Regulus said trying to put it in words as nice as possible. “She believes in ‘Pureblood’ which are those with magical linage traced back for ages. She feels that magical abilities should be kept between all magic families, like ours. Then we have,” Regulus paused to refrain from using the word ‘mudblood’, “muggle born witches and wizards who were born to muggle parents.” He then looked over trying to see if Vernon was processing everything being said.

“So, your mother is racist?” Vernon asked simply.

“In some ways… Yes,” Regulus said sadly looking down at his feet.

Vernon watched Regulus intently for a few seconds before he looked up to make eye contact. “And what about you?”

Regulus’ eyes darted down to his left forearm again then back to Vernon’s within the same second. He thought over and over in his head how to explain, how to just let Vernon know the truth of who he was, who he had become. Around Vernon, Regulus was ashamed to be a member of the Death Eater community that’s sole purpose, was to exterminate those of the bloodline of the man standing before him.

Vernon stood holding his breath waiting for his response. Had he really started to develop feelings for someone who couldn’t stand him? Had he been spending numerous hours a day with a man who hated him? Vernon could feel his heart drumming against his chest and his mouth go dry. As the silence drug on his breathing slowed to the point where he was holding his breath in anticipation. The wind had settled and not a soul, human or animal, could be found around them in the park. It was as if the earth itself was waiting for the one answer hanging around Regulus.

There was a look hidden in Regulus’ eyes that was screaming to Vernon. Telling him to drop his hopes, telling him to run and never look back, that there was never anything good that could come from Regulus in his life. It was his feelings however, that kept him rooted to the spot next to Vernon on the deserted park path.

“I met someone,” Regulus started slowly, “And he made me realize something.” He paused for a moment waiting to see if Vernon was going to say anything. When he didn’t he continued, “Muggles are a lot different then I thought.”

Vernon let out a sigh in relief and felt his shoulders relax. Vernon had changed Regulus, and for the better too. Something inside him felt hopeful. Why would Vernon be able to change a century of family hate in one man? How could Vernon have been able to sway a man who seemed to do whatever his parents wanted of him? How could Vernon have been able to change his mind if they were just friends?