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The POV of Candela Xochitl Lovegood by Carol78y

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 16,770
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Harry/Cho, Ron/Hermione, Ginny/OC, Harry/OC

First Published: 02/15/2011
Last Chapter: 05/24/2013
Last Updated: 05/24/2013


Candela Xochitl Lovegood is Lunas Cousin. She stars Hogwarts durring the order of the phinex and in Slytherin! This is a story through her P.O.V.This girl is going to change heads and make a teacher blow her head(figuratively). "i will enjoy breaking every single observed rule they have" i told Luna when we were on top of Whomping Willow.

You know you want to read it!

Chapter 1: Meeting
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Character belongs to J.K. Rowling except for the few changes that I will add which are…

Luna Xochitl Lovegood; A warrior. Luna is a warrior descendent from her Aztec roots. (Why do you think her dad has a slight tan?) Meaning that she has many more powers that just any wizard.

Candela Xochitl Lovegood: Is Luna’s cousin, and best friend. She will attend Hogwarts at the start of the Order of the Phoenix. Though Luna will be in her fourth year Candela will be in her fifth. Candela is sweet, loving, and caring, but she has a risky temper and her punch is stronger the Second time. Candela is also a warrior and posses the power to bend air and fire. She is going to bring people together, protect Luna, and is guardian of Harry Potter. She knows her dreadful end in this life.

Chalchiuitl Citlali Lovegood: is Candela’s mother, and Luna’s aunt. She will be appearing a lot in this story.


“Well, looks like people are arriving, man I will enjoy breaking every single one of their observed rules” I said as I was sitting next to Luna on top of Whomping Willow. How did we get on this tree without it doing anything to us… we just sang to it. I’m not joking. All you have to do is sing to this thing-of-a-bober and you’re good.
“Great another year of people teasing me and taking my shoes,” said Luna with a sign.

“Hey I have gotten back some of those people even though you asked me not to. Plus it was fun using the invisibility spell, ha,” I said remembering the faces of the people I pranked. They still don’t know what got them.

“We better get down from this tree and make the dragons smaller”


We left Whomping Willow and headed towards the school. Dumbledore knew why I was there this year. During the two days that I have been here, I already know the school’s every corner, and I have a good friendship with the headmaster.

Walking towards the great hall I noticed that a lot of eyes were on us, but I guess mostly me. Oh, well. Apparently these people haven’t seen a girl dressed in skinny jeans with western decorations, a horseshoe necklace, a leather jacket, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt that says “Southern Rebel: Texas”. Goodness Merlin! I am so going to enjoy twisting heads in this school. I walked with the rest of the first years who looked up at me like “aren’t you too old for first year” and “you’re so pretty”.

“Candela Xochitl Lovegood,” said professor McGroudle. I heard people whispering as I walked up the stairs and sat on the stool. She placed the hat on me and it spoke…

“Let’s see… you’re a difficult one. I can put you in any house and you’ll be alright. You seem to have qualities from every house. Yes, this is the first time that you study from across the pond. What house would you like to be placed in?

“I really don’t give a care (yes people gasped at this) I just want a place to sleep comfortably. I would prefer to have my own room though. What do you think?”

“I know where to put you now…Slytherin!” I saw the last table on the right cheer and clap their hands. Hey! That must be Slytherin! Before going to the table though, I walked over to Luna and gave her a hug.

“You were right!” Then I walked through the quiet Great hall to the other end. I was satisfied; you see I had made this entire place quiet as I sat down with the rest at green and silver table.
As the hat continued…

“You! What is your name?” asked a girl with a pug face. At that moment I was thanking God that I didn’t have a bulldog.

“Didn’t you hear the woman with the pointy hat?” I replied. Apparently I had surprised her with my answer. I looked in front of me and saw sapphire eyes that captured my pure blue ones.
“Blaise Zabini,”

“Candela Xochitl Lovegood” I said smiling at him. I was glad that he smiled back.” You see here? Here is a nice gentleman who just told me him name in a calm manor, and without a hesitation. Maybe you should take lessons from him in how to get to know people properly before you think you’re in all authority” I responded in my southern accent. This dependently had surprised her and also made her uncomfortable. Taken totally aback she turned to focus the girl in front of her. Oh, yeas I am surely going to enjoy twisting their “rules”.

As Dinner went on I found was comfortable with the gazes of people on me. Not just from the Slytherin, but also from the other tables. I looked up to see Luna was in a “why are these people suddenly talking to me” situation. Note to self; going to have to deal with that later. When we were leaving I saw that Luna was waiting for me at the doors.
“Our tower is this way,” said a platinum blond boy.

“Oh I know, but right now I’m going to spend some time with my cousin,” I said to him. His face was in shock as if he wasn’t used to anyone rejecting his orders. I walked with Luna to the Ravenclaw tower speaking in Spanish so no one could understand us. I was so thrilled to how people just bumping into each other as they turned to just glance at us. Man, English people we not hard to impress. Unless it its vogue.

As I walked toward the Slytherin tower, the first thing I saw was a huge painting of a snake what it did was what startled me half to death.

“What is sharp at one end, has speed, and this thin as a feather”

“Hmmm. This is definitely my kind of question. An arrow”
“Well said”

“Thank you” As I walked in every single head turned. Okay now it was getting old.

“How did you get in?” asked the platinum haired boy

“Same as you did. Solved the riddle.”

“How did you solve it so quickly?” asked a boy that I would guess weight around 250 lb, maybe more.

“Hmm. Maybe the fact that I am trained in how to used arrows, spears, and guns” as I said this people looked at me a little bit frightened.

“Sure you are… and you’re also a Lovegood relative.” Now I sat down in a sofa and responded his question.

“Yes, I am. Luna’s father is my uncle from her father’s side, and you are?”I looked at his facial features. He was startled at this question.

“Who am I? You have got to be joking me? Hasn’t Looney told you who I am?”

At the sound of that nickname I narrowed my eyes at him, I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction, or at least I wasn’t going to make it last that long. I smiled slowly and his smirk began to disappear. I must admit I did look devious doing it. (Ha ha)

You know Luna and her father always spend time with my family back in Texas every summer and Christmas. There are things that can’t be seen by a veil of clarity, but I bet that your brain doesn’t have enough room to understand this because it’s full of ego. Out of all the things that we did and talked about I’m afraid that nothing of you or anything out of Howards has come out of her lips. I am sorry if you weren’t satisfied with beating me in this duel of who’s better in response. You know what I’ve realized?” I leaned in, “I realized that me and Luna have one more thing in common”

“And what is that” his eyes now piercing.

“We are not afraid to give a response of nothing but the truth in our point of view” Ouch! I stood up and walked towards the two doors. That led to the dormitories. I turned around to see everyone’s astonished faces. Including of the pug faced girl who was seating next to the platinum boy. “I’m sorry, but I you still didn’t know who you are.”

“Draco Malfoy”

“Malfoy, Malfoy… Nope doesn’t ring a bell sorry and you girl? You didn’t bother to tell me yours during dinner.”

“Pansy Parkinson”

I Looked up to see Liberty (my eagle) coming with a bunch of letters that were for me. I looked down at them I had a howler from mother, letters from my sisters, and a letter from the headmaster.

“Candela I had a feeling the hat would put you here. All of your belongings are in the prefect room that is for you. You are a Prefect I will inform you what that is tomorrow. The room is the Third door to the left. I hope you have a pleasant goodnight sleep Miss Lovegood.”
I looked up to see Liberty was still flying around not wanting to land on anything or anyone. Some people were still staring at me and others at the Liberty.

“What? Can’t have an eagle instead of an Owl? Gee-whiz. Liberty come on.” I opened the door and looked at the room. It was beautiful! I have a canopy! The bed spread was green and silver. There was a rug the color of grass in the middle. And almost next to the door were my belongings! I placed my belongings in their proper spaces as soon as I entered. When I was done I noticed that my howler was missing. I looked out my door to see a tall boy with black hair sitting down with it next to Malfoy and the people surrounding him. Awesome!

“Go on open it. It’s from my mother anyway.” Shameless people they were. He opened the howler and my mother’s voice came out.

“Candela I’m so glad that Luna and you made it to Hogwarts and are nice and safe. We are already missing the two of you terribly. My daughter protect yourself and your mission. I don’t want to even think about it right now all I know is that you must do this. Either way I love you. Get along with others, but don’t let your guard down. They should accept you for who you are my darling. Have a good semester.
Your mother, Chalchiuitl Citlali Lovegood “

I was pleased when I saw their faces. I am so glad that none of them know Spanish. 

Chapter 2: Most Important Slytherin Rule:Broken
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The next day came and I noticed that my uniform was on top on my dresser. Now to get up and see every single one of those adoring faces! Yeah right. Great today was my first day of classes. Getting up from the bed I went to change into the uniform. When I was done putting my robes on me noticed a note on the dresser.



“Miss Lovegood instead of going to your classes today I want to inform you of your new status in the school. Please meet me in my office after breakfast.



                                                                                                            Professor Dumbledore”



I walked out of the room noticing I was either early or late. Whichever it was I didn’t have to worry about classes today. I made my way through the castle to find Luna waiting for me at the entrance. Good thing we were both early risers. I sat with her at the Ravenclaw table and saw everyone looking at us as they whispered or murmured things to each other.
 “So how was a night in the Slytherin tower?” she asked me with her big blue gray eyes bright with light.

“Well it went to fit in the palm of my hand. Also you have a lot of explaining to do young lady. I need you to inform me of some of these people!”
 “Oh, sorry I didn’t earlier. It just never came up in any of our conversations”
 “I know that’s what I told the Malfoy boy”
 We ate for a bit mostly talking in Spanish as more people arrived to eat their first meal. I suggested going and sitting on Whomping willow, but Luna said she wanted to go to the Lake. Since I hadn’t seen the lake from grounds view I followed her to the lake that occupied clear water, but the deeper the water shade turned more and more black. 
“Have you been practicing your water and earth bending?”
 “Yes I have, your mum doesn’t let an assignment pass her by you know”
 “Of course I know. I would come home from learning with the elders, and at the door mother will be teaching me even more!”
 “Learning with elders? What are you? Indian?”Great look it’s Draco Malfoy! Everybody hail to the Prince. Let’s throw ice instead of rose petals!
 “Are you sure the two of you are cousins? You two barely look alike”
“I’m positive I was there when her mother was giving birth” At this answer Draco made a face that just made my entire insides laugh.
“Well that must have been horrible” said Goyle. I got his name now.



 “Well when you’re only one and a half years of age you really don’t remember” I looked at Luna whose cheeks were now a pale rose color. Why couldn’t people see that she was naturally pretty? She doesn’t need any cosmetics; her lips were a nice shade of pink, her skin was pale and porcelain like a doll, her big blue gray eyes were gray around the edges of the iris and turned more blue the closer it got to the pupil, and her eyelashes were long and blonde.



“Well that is the first bell we better get to class” said Luna who was now passing Malfoy and his minions. As I walked passed them I smirked at them and left behind Luna. I made sure to accompany Luna to her first class (Transfiguration) and then walked to Dumbledore’s office. After five minutes of power walking, I entered to find a huge red Phoenix looking at me as I was something interesting. “Well hey there little buddy how are doin’?”
“Glad you could make it Miss Lovegood” I looked up at the old man who was smiling at both me and the bird.



“Glad I did headmaster.”
“Now let’s get down to business, take a seat. Miss Lovegood as you saw in the letter you are a Prefect. I made you a prefect because you will have special privileges to make your duties more accessible. Now, a prefect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a student who has been given extra authority and responsibilities. You will continue to be a prefect until you leave school. Thus, there are approximately six prefects per house and twenty-four prefects in the whole school at one time. The Head Boy and Head Girl may be chosen from among this number and may not be replaced. Prefects are allowed to take House points away from other students in their own house as a penalty for rule-breaking, but they are not allowed to take points from other prefects or students in other houses. Prefects can give detentions as a form of punishment.



Prefects patrol the corridors of the Hogwarts Express on the way to school and attend a meeting in a special prefects' carriage where they are instructed by the Head Boy and Girl. You will also patrol hallways to ensure that other students are not breaking curfew. Prefects are given a badge; the colors are the colors of the prefect's House and/or silver.” He said as he handed her a green and silver badge.
“It’s beautiful yet simple, I like it. I have a question…Can a prefect be with students after curfew to be trained or other things? At this question Dumbledore just let out a big sigh.
“For you, yes. BUT! Make sure no other prefect see”




 After all the information was in my head and this stack of papers I was heading to my first class of the day. Defense Against the Dark Arts with Dolores Umbridge. I already hate the woman with passion and she had only seen her at last night’ dinner. I walked into her classroom headed to her desk and said… 
“Hello, I’m Candela Xochitl Lovegood. Pardon me if I am late I am new to this school and was getting my schedule and learning a brief summary of the school. Here is my pass professor Umbridge. Where may I sit?"
 Umbridge looked at me with an astonished face. Then I saw a little joy in her eyes as she knew I was going to be a perfect student. “Grab a book and begin reading, Miss Lovegood, oh and you can sit next to Mr. Longbottom over there.”



I picked up the book and… “Oh I loved this book when I was seven, well I do enjoy rereading books.” I looked up to see Umbridge face once more.
“Excuse me Miss Lovegood, but did you just say you read this book at the age of seven?”(Woo! More attention for me!)



“Yes, my father thought me this book.”
“Dear, who is your father?”



“Xiuhpilli Coat Lovegood he is prime minister of magic from the United States”
“Oh, you are from the other side of the Atlantic, well what state are you from?”
 “Texas and the city Dayton” At Umbridge stiffened and there was a sudden scare in her eyes, “I will go sit down now” I made my way towards Longbottom. The Slytherins looked at me as if to saying “no, NO, DON”T DO IT!”, but they gave me a hint into breaking a precious rule without them even noticing! I sat next to Longbottom who was nervously shaking. Everyone in the classroom turned to look at us as if “Hey! Is this really going on?” but I just opened the book and minded my own business.



Once every head had turned to see a girl protesting with Umbridge… “Hello, my name is Candela Xochitl Lovegood, but you can call me Candela. What is your name?”



The boy was seriously shaking too much! “Ne…  Ne- Ne-Neville Long-bottom”
"Neville what a nice name, it has a nice catch to it.” We both looked up to see that a boy with glasses was now protesting as well. Thank goodness for the bell.”Nice meeting you Neville” I was walking out of the classroom when the girl Pansy was waiting for me at the door.
“What was that about?” her green eyes now vivid with life, but one which would scare little children.
 “What was what about?” 
“You sitting with Longbottom and then talking to him!” She now pointed at Neville. 
 “You don’t have the right to talk to Neville like that” the boy with glasses joined out mess.
“Well I recon she can Potter” Potter? As in Harry Potter the boy who lived? Oh! My GOODNESS!!  My mission!



“Hold up! What’s the big deal? There was a free seat, I needed it, I took it, and I talked to the person whom I assume will be my partner in that class.”
“The big deal is that Gryffindor and Slytherin don’t mix at all do you get it?!”Okay this boy was really starting to get on my back!



“No, I don’t get it. I’m not six or seven you know” they looked at me in a “what?” expression, “That was the age when you told a child something without a clear reason and they had to understand”



“Well, you go here now. You will understand sooner or later”



“Hmm. Is there a contract?”
“You heard me is there a contract to where I have to follow a pathetic rule? IS there a book on the Rules of Slytherin? Answer my questions, anyone?” I stood there waiting for an answer. 
“No there isn’t one at all, but there doesn’t need to be to know from blood decencies”
“Blood what? Obviously I got a lot to catch up to. Now if you excuse me, I and Neville have herbology next. I will see y’all through the day.” I grabbed Neville’s arm and headed for the classroom. Poor Neville I was practically dragging him. Everyone was shocked as they saw red and green robes walking side by side. Shoot was is wrong with these people? Maybe they don’t like Christmas colors? I need to catch up with Luna again.



“Thank you Candela… um you are surely different. “He said with a half smile.



“Thank you. You know that is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me since I got here.” I smiled at him.



 Herbology was interesting. Surely I will enjoy the class. Care of Magical Creatures was next that was waiting for me. As I walked there though, I had a bunch of Gryffindors at my left and a bunch of Slytherins on the other. Both teams keeping a distance.  AS my mother would say; what have you done now? All in know is; if anyone wants to jump me, they will end up in a hospital.

Chapter 3: Discovering Luna's Secret Love
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The rest of the day went on and soon dinner came. Good I was hungry. As I sat on the table I noticed that no one was sitting around me. Hey this is where I can get a little mean. The hat did a good job in my sorting. I stood up and walked over to Luna. I had a strong feeling that their eyes followed me to the Ravenclaw table.

“Okay you need to catch me up with things”

“So do you!”She said in the dreamy tone that I adored.
“Okay where do I start okay I know what is it with blood decencies. It seems to be a big deal”
“Wow you really are new” said a girl with medium long strait jet black hair. She was beautiful though. “You see there are types of blood in the wizzarding world. Muggle borns, half bloods, pure bloods, half breeds, and squibs.”
“Squibs posses no power, even though they both their parents have magical powers, Muggle borns, are a wizards whose parents didn’t posses any powers but they have power, half bloods are one pure-blood parent and a Muggle born, Pure bloods are well no mixture, half-breeds are a type of animal and a wizard, a Muggle means a human without any powers at all.” Said a boy with long hair that was styled to make wings around his neck. “I’m Michael Cornerand this is Cho Chang.
“Nice to meet you. Well where I come from there are those classifications as well, but we never really pay any attention to them were just ourselves.”
“We’ll try explaining that to the Slytherins when you go to bed tonight.” After this dinner went on I kept talking to them they were really nice people. When it was time to leave I made sure to go to Luna’s room first.

“Luna would you mind if you slept over with me? I know it’s not in nature, but I would really appreciate it.”
 “Oh no, don’t tell me your frightened. Since when are you intimidated by a bunch of stuck ups?”
 “I’m not, it’s just that I feel stronger when I am in forth protecting someone more than myself, plus it helps to know that you will have my back.”
 “Alright, but you owe me, okay”


We made our way to the tower that was near the lake. As we keep walking closer something didn’t feel right. I felt as I was being watched.

“I feel as if someone watching us Candela."

"I was just about to communicate with you through our minds ha… Yes! I feel like I’m being watched. Wait walk three steeps then stop. One two three. Okay I know that, that! Was a spell?”
“Gee-, no it wasn’t! Now let’s keep walking.”
“What is this young prefect? A guest that is not from the house only the boys would do that?!”
“Uhg! Thank the heavens I’m not a boy, and second this is my cousin Luna…Luna this is well… I’m so sorry I’ve never asked for your name what it is.”
“Ash, very interesting and genuine. Bloody Baron (Instead of the snake it will be Bloody Baron). Just for showing kindness to me I will let you in. Have a good rest.

“Thank you” as I entered I saw a bright yellow light headed in our direction, but I was quick enough to block it non-verbally.

“You! You filthy blood-traitor” said a mean Draco pointing his wand at me.

“And just who the hell do you think you are to call me that”
“Um... Candela you’re supposed to”
“I know I’m supposed to say bloody before I say hell, us who gives a care! I’m from the other side of the world!” I looked at Luna who was looking at me in alarm. I looked down and noticed that flames were coming out of the skin in my arms. “Shoot!” Draco had put his wand down at this site not knowing what to say, nor do. Luna grabbed my hand and dragged me into my room. She closed the door with a speed she ran to a vase of flowers and just dumped it on me. I felt the water cool me down as I ended soaked.  

“Thanks” Luna let herself calm down as well “I’m going to put us through a lot of moments aren’t I?”

“I have a feeling that you will”
Opening my eyes I saw that now three in the morning and I had woken up completely. I couldn’t sleep very well right now. How was I going to explain this if they asked me? I walked to the chimney it was still on. I heard footsteps coming looked over my shoulder and it was Luna with a cover.
“Look at that,” she said as we both spotted Draco sleeping peacefully in the long sofa. “If only he could be more like this when he is awake”
 “Honestly I haven’t even seen him like this at all” I watched Luna put the cover on Draco’s sleeping form. Her face was so serene, as if she didn’t care who the heck walked in… Shoot! OH MY Goodness! She in Love with him!!!!!!!!! What????? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh –without even noticing I jumped to my feet and whispered-“you love him don’t you?


“Don’t you what me you love this… this dude! H-How? Why-y” I sounded like an immature child!
"I don’t know I guess maybe because he has almost every single girl wanting to get in his pants!” at these words I sat back down hitting my ass really hard.
 “What?! Wait a moment you don’t want the pants you want the bed”

“Okay now I’m confused”
 “You don’t want just a night with him; you want the family package pack”
 “As if he sees me that way, plus I bet that with time this silly crush of mine will evaporate."
“Yeah right! This is not your crush, you love this guy. Shoot I remember the conversation we were having three hours ago. Luna I know that you can read people, so I know that there’s something you’re not telling me about Draco.

“I saw him cryin’ one day and it was unusual. He is always so tall with his head high. After that I began to read him more. Even though he has everything, he’s alone. Doing whatever would please his father, not messing up his reputation, and so on. I just…

“Oh, Lu. Lu I’m so glad that you are too good for this world, but I don’t know if you can save him”
“How if he won’t even let himself?”
“That is a very good question, go back to sleep I’ll be there in a minute” As Luna left, a certain someone was waking up.
“What is this? Lovegood loves me” He smelled the covers as if it was drowned in Luna’s sent. He twisted himself in the sheets covering his face in delight. He suddenly realized that he wasn’t alone.
“Oh, look-ie- here Lovegood what’s the matter? Upset that I have attracted your cousin?”
 “Apparently you attract every other girl in this school. I happen to have fallen in the other group while she is sorted in the girl group. Draco? Do you like Luna in a way?”
 “I won’t answer that”
 “For the sake in the heavens above, Draco! I saw the way you figuratively just drowned those covers”

“And that means anything.”
I made my way to the sofa. I knelt down towards him making sure my pure blue eyes were reflecting from his pale grey ones, “Draco Let me help you. Let us help you. No one needs to know nothing about what you’ll be doing”
“What do you mean Lovegood?” 
“I mean that we can help you lift a weight that’s on your shoulders. Draco you’re not evil… you might be bad, but you’re not evil. Draco look at me when I’m talking to you-this guy sure hesitates- look at while I’m talking or I’ll slap your pretty little face off.-oh, now he looks at me- let us help you. If you let us help you I will make sure that nothing happens to you at all.” Draco hesitated at first as if he didn’t need any help or any advice for the mater.
“Draco you don’t have to give me an answer now, just give me one before something bad happens. Something that you will regret for the rest of your life.”

“May I ask you something?”

"Sure ask away”
“What was with the flames? They didn’t seem to burn you and, and you made them appear.”

“For now I will tell you this for the moment Draco, don’t mess with me or with Luna the both of us can break you apart with our bare hands”
“I have another question. Do you use wand less magic, and does it have anything to do with the power of the flame?”
 “That was two questions. To the first question, yes, I do practice wand less magic. To the second, I will tell you when I please.” And with that I left the common room.

Chapter 4: Potions, Whomping Willow, And Blaise Zabini
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The next morning wasn’t any better. We have toad face again and with that came the arguments of Harry Potter and almost every single Gryffindor in the room. I swear if they don’t think at least five seconds before they say anything else during life, they will have problems. My objective was now this, how do I get to talk to Harry Potter and EXPLAIN to him what I’m supposed to do? I turned to see Neville shake his head in a “no, No, NO” motion. I just sighed.

What else could I do today? Let’s see the Slytherins are still not talking to me, they give me glares at which I respond with an evil look while smiling, (this scares them like crazy!), and Adrian Pucey is blocking my way. Wait! Pucey is blocking my way!

“Yes Adrian?”

“What are you doing?”


“Walking to class…”

“With Longbottom?”

“Didn’t anyone teach you that it’s rude to interrupt people?!” I crossed my arms and tapped my heel. Yes, that’s right I tap my heel instead of my foot.

“That’s not the point! The point is that you’re walking with Longbottom.” I rolled my eyes, “What is wrong about that?”

“He’s a Gryffindor!”

“Lord to this again? Okay answer me this. Does he have two eyes?”


“Answer me!” if I could actually shoot daggers out of my eyes I so would.


“Does he have two arms, feet, a nose, a mouth?”

“Yes. The thing is…”

“The thing is that he’s not an alien or a deformed person. Look I don’t get what is up with the houses, but I come from the other side of the pond. I wasn’t raised to think that I’m better than anyone else? I wasn’t even a spoiled brat! Maybe this is something that British families have carried on for ages. Now answer me this. Do I look British or European to you?”


“Then? If y’all want me to understand your ways you have to tell me about them first. Now, I have other places to be and so do you.”With this I left the crowd of students with Neville to herbology. Honestly, I have to admit, breaking Slytherin rules is very frustrating. I wonder if this is how Draco feels every now and then.

When it was time for potions I looked at Harry Potter. You see I had to draw a piece of paper from a hat and that would be our potions partner. For the Rest OF THE YEAR! (Draco got Luna! Snape saw her potential so she’s with the rest of us fifth years.) Well at least my worries in how to talk to him were over. Guess what? Slytherins and Gryffindors are staring, again. Some at each other others at us. My First thought was to get the ingredients. Man! Note to self: bring a small basket to Snape’s class! How am I going to start a conversation with the boy?”


“Thank –you,” His green eyes seemed to glow in the room that was nearly dark.

“For what? I haven’t done anything for you. At least not that I can’t think of.”I told him putting the ingredients down and looking at the potions book.

“Thank you for defending Neville, and not having judged him for the way he looks or acts like.”

“You mean shaky and nervous”

“Ugh, yeah”

“He’s not that bad. The more I get to know him the less shaky he is. He is really nice.”

“Yeah…How did you end up in Slytherin?”

“Why ask me? Ask the hat. Look, the hat puts you on a house according to skills and some personality.”

“Never thought about it that way”

“Never say never Mr. Potter. You want to know something?”

“When Luna and I were sitting on Whomping Willow, it was two days before you guys arrived, I told her that I would end up in Hufflepuff. She told me I would be in Slytherin.”

“Why would Luna tell you that?”

“Maybe because she’s known me for 14 years and knows how cunning, impulsive, mysterious, prankster, manipulative, and a bit of a controlling person I can be.” At this he took a step back and looked at me confused. As if he couldn’t identify if I was evil or good.

“Don’t worry I don’t bite. I’m not a Cannibal. At least I don’t think. Plus that person only comes out when she has a plan. I’m warning you now that you better brace yourself for the plans that I have for Umbridge.”

“You really don’t like her do you?”

“And who does?”

“20 points for Slytherin and 10 for Gryffindor “said Snape.

“Before I forget. You got close to Whomping Willow without it hurting you?”

“Yes!” Saved by the bell. Classes were over! I waited for Luna and we headed towards Whomping Willow. When we got there we sang her a little song in and climbed a branch to enjoy the view. “Hey Luna why don’t we try out for Quidditch?


“Oh come on I know what you can do! In know that you’re an amazing seeker and chaser!”

“No, no Cho Chang will try to kill anyone who tries for her spot.”

“Luna, Luna, Luna, maybe she needs help or would like to take a break during half time.”

“I don’t know…”

“Do I have to make you or can I put puppy doggie eyes and it will be alright?”

“How about if we talk about something else”

“Alright, tell me about Pansy, Parkinson.”

“Do I really have to?”

“Who wanted to talk about something else?”

“Fine. Pansy Parkinson is a pretty, but she’s also mean and nasty. She likes to get what she wants and follows Draco like s lost puppy! But you can tell that he doesn’t want her, but he never brushes her off completely because she will do his homework and even some of his assignments as if that will make him want her!”I looked at her closely and watched as her lips turned into a berry shade and her eyes turned more intense.

“Hey!” We turned around to see Draco Malfoy and his minions (which included Pansy), “How did the two of you get up there without that thing killing you?”

Would have done us a complete favor” said Parkinson.

“Hey whom, would you mind if you Whomp her?” I asked the tree. In less than a second it took its longest branch and tried to hit the four little ants that were running around for their lives. I was about to laugh when I saw Luna’s expression. Aww, Man! “Whomp, stop, stop. I just wanted to scare them and it worked. Thank you.” The tree calmed down and let us get off without any trouble.”

“How did you do that?”

“That’s something for you to figure out. Come on lets go to dinner Candela,” Okay, I have never seen Luna talk to HIM with such confidence and grace. Well, I haven’t seen her talk to him at all.

“Really, Lovegood?” We both turned around and said, “Which one?”

“The blonde Looney one,” okay at this I was frustrated. I could feel my chocolate locks turn into the vivid color of flames slowly from the bottom. I stopped when Luna grabbed my hand. Only the tips of my hair had the red-orange color on them. Hopefully none of them noticed.

“What do you want to know now Malfoy?” She responded in a flat tone. What made this frightening, yet exquisite, was that her face looked blank, but the anger in her eyes was so strong that it also scared me!

“Same thing that I asked not to long ago Lovegood”

“My answer is still the same,” and with this we were heading to the great hall leaving open jaws behind. When we were far way for their ears I said what I wanted to say.

“You go girl! How did you manage to do that?”

“I don’t know! We’ve never been caught on Whomping Willow.” I heard her say before she headed to the raven claw table. I headed to the Slytherin table and sat in front of Blaise. God he is hot! What to say to him? He probably hates me at the moment as well.

“Hey there Candela”

“Hello there Blaise. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing besides the usual homework and being myself. You?”

“Classes, Luna explaining to me more about the students in the school, and planning what I’m going to do to Umbridge”

“Wait. You plan to irritate Umbridge? She’s with the ministry!”

“So, she’s with the ministry of England, not with the Ministry of the States. So if I ever do something that she considers against the “law” I won’t have a lawyer. I will have the entire ministry of the States and my clan.”

“Clan? Hold on! How do you expect an entire ministry of the states behind you?”

“When your father is the minister…”

“Oh, SHIT!!! Girl you sure know what you’re doin! No wonder you’re in this house!!”

Chapter 5: Rage and Umbridge
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It was late September now. I had been in Hogwarts for nearly a month. I have gotten better along with the Slytherins, thanks to Blaise on that one, but some of them still didn’t like me. Oh well, screw them. I have started a friendship with the golden trio, the Weasley twins, and a few other Gryffindors. Out of the Ravenclaws I had only meet well with Cho Chang, Michael Corner and Marietta EdgecombeI.

Walking from the great hall to the Astronomy Tower, It was my favorite place to be in the entire castle. Sometimes I was there with Luna and just gazed upon the stars, and also talking to them was a joy of life. I ever so quietly opened the door of the tower; if there is anyone in there I don’t want to bother them, taking of my shoes and walked up the stairs as silent as a mouse. I felt the cool steeps absorb the warmth of my feet as I kept getting higher up the tower. When I could just get my eyes to look for anyone I saw them. Them. THEM!!!!!!!

“Luna,” he whispered to her covering her cheeks with his hands and lowering his head till his touched as he leaned in to kiss her. Draco Malfoy’s forehead was touching Luna’s! What the FUCK? I was here biting my lips and flapping my arms like a duck while those two were kissing??!! Oh My Gosh, Oh My GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!!

I rushed down the stair case and closed the door with a full BANG! Looking from left to right till I saw a pillar and hid behind it. I saw Draco steep out of the tower and back in.

A few seconds later the two lovebirds came out looking from left to right before they started walking. From pillar to pillar I followed those two to the Ravenclaw tower. I watched the two kiss again. I almost screamed.

Swiftly I headed to a full run. My feet somehow made it to the common room and to near an empty caldron. I took the lid off and screamed my lungs out. When I was done screaming I placed the lid back to hear the one, the only… Draco Malfoy.

“What is wrong with her?”

“You!” I walked over to him and grabbed him by his collar, walked to my room, and closed the door. Locked it! I noticed because Pansy was trying to open at the same time that she was screamin’.

“What is it with you?”


“I just saw were you were! Don’t you dare play dumb with me?”

“Look I was in the court yard thinking”

“Ha! No you weren’t! You paid a first year, gave him a polyjuice potion, so you could go to the Astronomy Tower!” When I yelled the last part he looked at me astonished. I know that nothing was happening to me, I wasn’t changing, but his face was in an astounded expression.

“How did you know I paid a first year?”

“I didn’t I guessed!”

“Did you go inside the tower?” ha finally managed to say.

“Yes!! If I hadn’t would I be screaming at you right now? Do you think I would want to squeeze your head and make it look like a raisin? Why do you think I’m so furious for? If you are playing with her you’ve got another thing coming!”

“No! No, I promise I’m not. We just didn’t want to anyone to find out!”

“Not even me?! The one who is in the middle?”

“What do you mean?”I looked over at him while I was pacing in my room.

“I’m her cousin remember! And your room is next door!” I yelled the last part.

“Be quiet!”

“Quiet, you expect me to be quiet???” I could feel my blood warming up and my nails getting longer. CALM DOWN CANDELA. CALM YOUR ASS DOWN.

“Yes, you don’t want anyone to know do you??” At this I put my foot down. Stopping to think a million questions like; was he ashamed of Luna? Was he playing with her? Do I want many people to know?

I’m getting a head start into transforming into a lion in front of him and in the front of many Slytherins to witness. Think Candela, Think!

“After dinner tomorrow I want the both of you there by the lake. No questions asked! Now leave” I watched as Pansy threw herself at him asking what has happened. He brushed her off. Pansy decided to walk in the room and ask in a demanding center.

“What did you do to him? You’re the cause of him not wanting me!”Oh goodness gracious!

“If he doesn’t want you that his business. Or maybe you’re doing something wrong. Now leave so I can relax in peace!” Before I finished pushing her away from the room, I picked up a book and aimed the blonde mushroom cut headed boy, but I wasn’t going to be that mean… at least not yet. “Hey mushroom cut, catch! Read it, look through it, and then return it tomorrow after dinner. It might help you a lot.” He just blinked at me as in saying “okay” and steeped inside his chamber. I looked towards the left. “Blaise can you come here for a moment??” Once he steeped in he assaulted me with questions.

“What was that about? What did you do? What happened before you came in here??”

“Blaise! Shut your face for a moment! Now I need you to do me a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”

“Pee in this bottle” his face was enough for me to laugh out loud. 


The morning passed by and before I knew it Umbridge class was up. I had Blaise’s urine in my pocket ready for the plan. I walked with Blaise to Umbridge class so he could see what I was plotting. As I entered the class I noticed that Umbridge wasn’t in her desk (even better for me). I walked over to her steaming tea. I was so going to enjoy this. I placed the urine the tea pot and watched the light brown color turn even darker. Note so self: tell Blaise to drink more water. At a distance heels were making themselves audible. I made a run to my seat next to Neville who was looking at me in disbelief. Honestly, I liked this look, mainly because I like the fact that I no one will expect what I’ll be doing next.

Umbridge walked in and ordered us to read the next book that came to order. Great, at least this will be an easy class to pass. I sneaked glances up towards Umbrages’ direction as she poured herself a new cup of tea. I pocked Neville’s shoulder direction to look up as Umbridge began to drink her “special tea” five seconds later Umbridge was spitting her tea.

“What is this?” I watched as she stood up in horror. It will be fun to keep messing with her mind. A half smile was slowly spreading across my face. (I looked like the evil joker from batman without the paint and without crazy hair.)

“Who did this? I demand to know who did this little caper! Caper! Of course no one else but a Weasley, but of course it must run in the family!” Oh no. What could I say now? I surely wasn’t going to let Ron take the blame, especially when I needed to get closer to him and Harry!

“I don’t think so”

“You don’t think so, Miss Lovegood?”

“No I don’t”

“And why not Miss Lovegood, do you not believe that these motives run in the family?”

“No because his other older brothers have well positions in the wizzarding world, and you work with Percy Weasley. Unless if you have something against him and want to take it out on Ron…”

“Well, you are a smart mouth aren’t you?”

“Well, a smart mouth is someone who knows what he/she is saying without any mistakes, and defends themselves with confidence and without lie. So yes, I am a smart mouth. Also a smart mouth is only called a smart mouth when his/her accuser wants to be correct or have their way at any matter or time” Does everyone really have to look at me?

“You surely have a way with words don’t you Miss Lovegood. As much as I you can talk maybe you can tell me who actually did this to my tea?”

“Maybe an elf that works here? Maybe it was someone who brought the tea? It also could have been a student that distracted whoever was bringing your tea here?” I watched as Umbridge set her face in irritated mode.

 “I didn’t see anyone go from their seat and to your desk, and I was the last one to come in.” and it was settled. I watched victoriously as Umbridge walked away to the front of the classroom. When she was far from Neville’s whisper…

“That was genius! But you lied”

“No Neville. I didn’t lie. I didn’t see anyone from this class by her desk. How was I going to see myself by her desk when I was looking at her tea?” and after class…

“That was genius, and thanks for not letting me or someone else take the blame” Ron Weasley was actually thanking a Slytherin!

“Oh, My Goodness” I said in my “accent” “Is Ronald Weasley, No! A Gryffindor actually thankin’ a Slytherin?” I watched in fascination in how the tips of his ears turned pink, but then Hermione Granger stood behind him.“I’m joking! Don’t sweat it! I don’t let someone else take the blame for something I do, unless if a person helped me then, I will bring them down with me.” 

Chapter 6: Getting It All Cleared Out
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Waiting the hour for dinner by the lake I was bored. As much as I looked in its horizon it didn’t seem clear. I don’t know if it was because of all the fuss in my head or because of the color of the water. Honestly I didn’t know. How could Luna do this to me? I’ve never held anything back from her, but I’m not fixing to start now either. Still, why? Why would she hide something so important from me? We’ve always have found time to tell each other practically everything. This wasn’t so hard to tell. Maybe to understand, but that is still no reason! I know that Draco wouldn’t have told me. No matter how many times I’ve tried to figure out why it didn’t work. At least now it was dinner time.” I wish I had my mother right now! At least I can understand this feeling from Luna now. Hmm… maybe… I’ll give this idea a try.

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee.” Waiting for a response was a bit frustrating.

“Yes, Candela?” their voice are a soft honey sweet whisper. Not many people know this, but if you are very quiet, concentrate, clear the mind, and wait without a worry, stars talk to you. (More if you ask a question.)

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. May thee have the honor to ask a few questions?” Having to say the first sentence is a must every time you say, or ask something to the stars. If someone doesn’t say it, it’s considered being rude.

“Yes, thee may ask whatever thee desires”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. Why would Luna, my cousin, not tell me what she’s feeling, or whom she’s with?”

“Because darling, she’s in Love! Dear honest and pure love! And she’s also afraid”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. Of what and why is she afraid?”

“Darling, she’s afraid of too many questions, afraid of what his friends might say, afraid of what people will do to both of them. We’ll tell you a secret, his father has been consumed by promises and power that he’s among the dark ones.”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. Why did she not confide in me?”

“Candela, she knows you. She knows that you will try to sink your point of view into their heads! And darling it can backfire really badly.”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. That is all? Just because of that she isn’t telling me?”

“Honey, almost not completely. She wants to tell you, but she doesn’t know how. She also wants to tell you without you going around all over the place with arms in the air, and without you slaying her boyfriend alive.”All of us chuckled at that last one.

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. I would probably have done that.”

“Sweaty, this is her first boyfriend she’s having feelings that she has never felt before! Trust us the boy has well in him, and right now he has a sweet distraction in his arms. A distraction from what everyone expects him to be.”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. Concerning his father’s plan of him being…”

“Yes darling, a dark wizard. His mother just cares for his safety. His mother is actually quite nice, but she herself doesn’t know how to escape her situation. She’s hung on to the love that she has for her husband.”

“Stars above, Stars a shine, Stars that see, please hear thy thee. Thank you, thank you for the words of truth that you have given me.”

“Candela, you are welcome. Darling we will talk another time, we just know it. Another thing here they come, you know Luna can also hear us. We will talk another time, goodbye.” And with that their voices were gone into thin air. I love the stars but to have to repeat myself! But they love it and their information is helpful for me. Also, they consider it to be rude if you don't. 


I saw the two love bird coming and I put on the best stern face I could master at the moment. Luna looked at me with courage, but her eyes said how uncomfortable she was feeling. Draco, on the other hand, looked as if he was fully ready for whatever was going their way. Very quickly I made my “I am utterly pissed off”, face. Now what they didn’t have a clue about, well maybe just Draco was my chat with the stars. As they stood before me (aren’t I great), I reached a point to the tension that I was hoping for because those two looked more worried than to make the situation water under the bridge.

“Want to make this water under the bridge?” I looked at Luna because surely, Draco wouldn’t know what that means.


“Alright then, may I know why neither of you decided to tell me. Knowing that I’m in between both of you? How long did you expect to play monkey in the middle? Draco, I’m the monkey.” I snapped that last part before he could speak.

“Was it because of the differences, because of reputations, or was it because…”

“Look it was all of that, plus the fact that maybe all the people I know will be accusing me of being with Draco.”

“You know something Draco, I want to know all about you, right from your start” Draco looked at me with an unsure look, but after looking at Luna for about 15 seconds, we sat down listening to a brief summary of 15 years. Even Luna gave out gasp and looks that were both meaningful and bewildered (all of the meanings that the thesaurus gives).

“I am completely amazed, especially at the detail of everything. Is this why you’re with Luna though? To make yourself feel better?”

“No and yes. It started out that way, but then, and very quickly, it…me … I just fell and really hard.” I had to laugh. I understood what he meant.
“You are really in it deep aren’t you?” I grinned looking at both of them with sparks in my eyes, literally. 

“Very” He smiled from ear to ear turning bright crimson; Luna just smiled as she gripped herself more into his arms; and I just laughed so hard that four thing happened. I turned purple, I fell towards my back, I rolled on the floor, and I rolled until I reached the lake. Soaking wet I laughed even more at my own ridicule and even more when they tried to help me and slipped twice; one from not stepping right and the other from the wet dirt.

After they had managed to help me, we just fell to the floor and waited for our laughter to become nothing but a voice in the wind. Trying to stand (and trying to ignore the pain in my stomach) my legs choose a good time to go completely numb. You know that feeling of when you try to move a numb body part and you get those funny painful feelings? Well, I was experiencing just that, but twice as much. Looking at both of them with a grin, I awaited a signal from either one of them to head back towards the castle and maybe even our sleeping headquarters.

Forcing my legs towards the castle wasn’t easy. With each step I took, memorizing pain shocked through my entire body. This was positively going to hurt in the morning. Looking both ways and above we made our way to the Ravenclaw tower. 

If I said that we were trying to be as silence than a sitting pickle would be an insult to the silent pickle. The three of us we giggling, laughing every now and then, I fell down like twice because of my screaming legs; one because Draco thought that it was a wonderful idea to make them talk, two because they just hurt like crazy!

“Well Lu this is where we have to drop you off.” I gave her a quick hug “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast”. I stepped aside and let Draco say goodbye. Guess how long it took… about two minutes. A little kiss was given every now and then; the words “I miss you already”“I don’t want to leave”“I don’t want you to leave”“I don’t want to leave you” were expressed. I was on the edge of… now me being me, I choose to say something for my amusement and for their embarrassment.

“Just say I DO to the priest why don’t ya” both of them looked at me in a “what?” expression. “Look I’ll make sure that your dad agrees Luna and Draco we can arrange some lessons for your dad, or tell him to fuck off. Whichever you prefer will be fine with me.” They both looked at me then at each other to just laugh in less than two seconds. I joined the laughter after four seconds. Turning around I saw and heard the paintings laughing with us.

“Who’s there?” Shit! Flinch was going to kill us, or turn us into Umbridge. Maybe we could skip Umbridge and head straight for Dumbledore. No we would end up in Umbridge’s office because of the man who looked at her with eyes of admiration. I should really help Flinch clean up his eyes. To my surprise the Ravenclaw Eagle painting opened without hesitation, or wanting a password. As quickly as we could we all went inside and let the door close quietly. Once inside the dark mini hallway that lead to the common room we waited for the footstep that would come from Flinch shoes.

“Who was here!” asked an angered Flinch.

“Just us, laughing about a young girl trying to marry of her cousin to her friend in a humoristic manor.”

“Quite funny actually, haven’t seen that since a 1960!”

“Oh, quite adorable to, you should have been here Flinch.”


There we waited for no more than five minutes before saying a brief goodbye to Luna and checking if Flinch was completely gone. At first Draco was leading the way towards the Slytherin tower, but I caught up with him. Halfway there, I had to break the silence.

“Okay, so how long do you plan to play the blind eye with everyone at school?”

“As long as I can, we both have planned it that way.”

“Well, I can help both of you, especially the days when I’m on patrol. I can also make sure that we don’t get the same days. What do you say?” I looked at him. He was hesitating for a few moments before he finally spoke.

“Alright, but no word goes to anyone else.”

“Alright not a word will come out of my lips.” We stopped to bully the Bloody Baron from what could probably be his sleep. I deeply disliked bullying people or things. More if they are dead and floating around when and where you sleep.

Closing the door carefully I headed towards the bathroom to change into my pj’s and put my hair into a pony tail. Looking around my room I noticed Liberty standing there by a box. Quickly I grabbed a pocket knife from my night stand and opened the box. It was a punching bag, looking at the box again this time reading the small note inside

“Enlargo hope you have fun with it –Easton-”

“I have a fascinating night and my brother sends me a punching bag. Nice.” I grabbed my wand and recited the spell and sure enough I had a pouching bag a yard and a half away from the door.

Chapter 7: An Evening with Neville
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 Saturday morning was creeping through my window. Sun! There is sun outside! I haven’t seen the sun since I arrived in England! Jumping for joy I hurried outside worrying that the sun would not be there if I changed into the uniform. 

Opening the door of the common room, I felt the hush of the cool air teasing the hairs at the back of my neck. In less than a second I was running upwards and into the hallway. I only saw Peeves open his mouth but I just keep running towards the green grass that was a brighter shade today. Collapsing on the soft ground face forward feeling the little pleasures of innocent rays dancing on my face.  My arms felt warmth like the heat that radiates from a loaf of bread once it’s out of the oven. My legs felt the light soft touch of warmness that reached my toes.

I don’t know how long I stayed that way; maybe about an hour, maybe more. The thing is that people didn’t come around the Slytherin tower until their free period; which usually starts around the fourth class. So, to my guess is that I’ve been in the grass flipping all over it getting a good tan for about four classes. That means that I’ve missed History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology. If I decide to go and get ready I would miss completely Care of Magical Creatures, and then after that is my free period. Then therefore I will only attend the last classes of the day. I might as well just not go…okay I have to change because if Umbridge see’s me like this (or the other teachers) saw that I was only wearing daisy dukes and just a tank top… the result would not be good.

Heading to my room making sure that no one saw me I grabbed a t-shirt and my tanning lotions. I have only lost like three shades of darkness but I wanted my tan to last longer. Image that. I am a Mexican American with blood of the Aztecs, Cherokee, and Spaniard and I am almost as pale as original English, and since I’m in the sun of the south most of my days (both summer and winter) my skin is a nice golden brown color. It has been that way for so long that I haven’t seen my original color in two years. What can I say I spend half of the winter day (with a warming charm) sun bathing.

Being careful with my steps on the roof I felt more in touch with my fire element than I had in days. The sun was a big part of me and my main connect to fire. That’s why I was having such a good day so far.

Bing, Bing, Bing... What was that? I looked up to see a clear sphere near my timer. Damn it! I only needed two more minutes on my rear end side! I was going to get busted. Forcing my head up, I quickly recognized the hair cut of this person.

“Neville?” I finally twisted over and looked at him. Neville’s cheeks were the color of fresh cherries and his hands were in his pockets. If you had seen this moment from a side view; it looked as if I was the pray of the predator.

“Hi” it was almost a whisper but better than nothing.

“Hey yourself... Neville, you’ve never seen a girl in Daisy Dukes before huh?”

“No, well I don’t know what Daisy Dukes are” I let out a chuckle.

“Come sit next to me and tell me how you got up here”.  Now that Neville was looking at me and not my legs (or by butt) he sat down with ease.

“Well nothing unusual, just a bunch of Slytherins who were bullying me about how I couldn’t remember much. So they took my Remembrall and threw it way up here, and I have to say that I haven’t flown a broom since my first year.” He said with a big smile in which I couldn’t help but smile back. “You know you look darker.”

“Thank you, I was aiming for that”

“So you don’t like your natural color?”

“It’s not that Neville, but I spend a lot of time in the sun that I’m used to looking this shade and not as pale as Luna. Well, I’m about three shades darker than her though. I haven’t seen my self in that skin tone in about two years!”

“Wow… that explains why she comes back golden.” I couldn’t help but chuckle and then he laughed.

Neville gave me his cloak just in case if any teachers passed by. To mostly his relief there were no Slytherins in the hallways.

“Wait for me here Neville Alright” I turned around to make sure he wouldn’t leave. “Or else”

I rushed into my room hurried to put some jeans on and busted out the main door. I looked both ways because where Neville was once standing was now being occupied by the bloody baron.

“What did you do?”

“Me? I helped him hide. Three have just entered. He’s over there behind those two pillars.” Turning around I saw Neville smiling at me with a sorry plead in his eyes.

“Boy! You better be glad that I ain’t even upset. Come on lets get out of here before anyone else comes.”

“Don’t you want to eat dinner?”

“Not right now… you see I did…

“Not go to any of your classes at all” a big grin had just pasted on his face. Just as we started walking up a huge spiral staircase.

“Hmm………… now how did you know that I went to none of them?”

“Harry said it was odd that you weren’t in any once all the classes where over. He was with Hermione talking about how to go against Umbridge.”

“Wait go back. Harry and Hermione plotting to go against Umbridge won’t be Surprise, but are they going to actually go through it?”

“By the way Hermione was talking it sure seems like it. I just don’t know how they’re going to do it.” I looked around and by looking at the window we might as well been on the middle of the second floor.

“Maybe we can help.”

“What? I know you have the wits to plan and actually go against Umbridge, but all you have done are pranks that George and Fred might call basics!”

“I know that that was just basic, come on it was only one, and it was YESTERDAY!”

“You don’t think of many consequences now, do you?”

“Nope! To me it is as useful as a milk bucket under a bull, well just the once at school.”

“They are what on what?”

“Okay I’ll break it down for you… a milk bucket under a bull…” I looked over as Neville was waiting for the rest of the explanation, “oh come on Neville! Does a bull give milk?”


 “Exactly! It is useless to put a milk bucket under a bull because they don’t have any milk!”

“Then why not just say useless”

“Boy! You know I’m from the south mid west.” After that Neville didn’t speak much, but we kept walking up those stairs in which I just had to admire the designs on them. By my guess we were now in the sixth floor.

“Neville do know when you could introduce me to Fred & George?”He quickly snapped his head in my direction, his wide open eyes said it all.

“I think that that would be a monstrosity!!!!!!”

“Really? Do you really think that… what was that?”

“Sounds like it’s coming from upstairs”

“We’re in the middle of the sixth floor. Who could be up there?”

“The divination class is up there, maybe Professor Trelawney dropped something”

“Like what? A crystal ball?!”

“I dun no could be”

“Let’s go and help her. Maybe she’s in trouble, or something else could be going on.”

“Do we have to because Professor...”

“Neville! You’re braver than you think. That hat didn’t sort you into Gryffindor for nothing.” I meant every word that came out of my mouth.  I watched as sparks come to his eyes when my sentence was done. He didn’t speak a word as he took my hand and guided me to the end of the staircase and down the corridors. As if a red light was placed he quickly turned the other way and hid the both of us behind a wall I didn’t even know was there. (I almost crashed with it!)

“Humph!” I moved my head a little to the left and noticed Filch going down the staircase not very glad. Waiting until we couldn’t hear anymore echo of footsteps we came out of our hiding place to clash with people.

“OW! I’m surely feeling like a pig on ice right now!”

“HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Fred that is the best thing I’ve heard all day!”

“Well Candela your wish has just come true. This is George, the one who just spoke and that’s Fred.”

“No way buddy! That’s George I’m Fred!” I looked at the redhead who had just talked 20 seconds ago.

“I did fall off the turnip truck, but it wasn't yesterday! You just spoke 20 seconds ago.”

“Ah I see that Miss Candela has a brain bigger than most Slytherins, don’t you think George?”

“Sure outsmarted me” he shrugged and helped me up to my feet, “why we have the honor to meet and greet a Slytherin that is not evil!”

“To why be the wish of the lady to meet two funny and do I say charming Gryfindors.”

“You two could sell a drowning man a glass of water.” They looked at each other with a confused look and I started to notice that George was a bit taller than Fred and his eyes were blue when his brothers brown.

“Ah! We’re very smooth talkers now aren’t we” Neville came close to my shoulder and whispered.

 “Especially when they want to sell you something.”

“Yes, I’m afraid that Neville is correct.”

“That’s alright I’m willing to pay the price, but I don’t want to buy anything with out knowing what it does. Either way, Neville and I have to find a place for Harry and Hermione.”

“Harry and Hermione? Oh, Ron might not take that well.”

“Though it will be a good to see his face! They like each other and yet they don’t do anything about it!” said Fred.

“No Not like that you two!”I said before he could say anything more.

“We’re looking for a place where we can rebel against Umbridge and her ways” I watched as Neville paced back and forth. I looked at the twins to reassure them that that was what we where doing, but before I could say a word a noise arouse from the ground to reveal doors the shape of a spear on a deck of cards. Except that this one had fine engravings all over. Curiosity, as almost always, got the best of me and I opened the door. Once opened I gasped as stepped forward into the cool huge room, looking upward a big banner that said, “The Room of Requirement.”

“Do you think this will work?” I heard George ask.

“As my grandmother says; “The only way to get on your feet, is to get off your ass.” 

Chapter 8: High Inquisitor
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 “Honestly, who wants me to describe what I did in class? But hey if you want to Know you can just come to class with me. Hold on, wait Harry, you’re in almost every one of them!” Come on is this guy clueless or just too afraid of talking to a “snake” in public?

“Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you.”

“You want to talk to me? Don’t you have like a super strict policy of “Slytherins can’t be trusted?”

“Well I just… I trust you enough and we wanted to invite you to something that where doing here.”

“You mean the “thing” to talk against Umbridge even though Dumbledore has probably said something wise?”

“Yeah, you see Neville truly convinced us to let you in on the plan even if we don’t have one yet.”

“Aren’t you scared that I will revel this to Umbridge or anyone in the staff?”

“Well you don’t let it bother you much. I mean you have defended us “Gryfindors” and don’t seem to bother from the “traditions” this school has.”

“Of course I don’t bother Luna had told me about some of them, but I just don’t understand why their still here? Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I didn't grow up in the wizarding world of Europe, or maybe last, but not least: I don’t let other people influence me on the friends I choose without giving the person a chance.” This made him stop in his tracks and think deeply. At least I hope he was thinking.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that even though Ron’s a good friend and knew about the wizarding world you didn't, and yet you let him influence who you hang out with a bit. Even from the people in your own house. Who knows maybe things could be a little different. Especially in the way that people treat each other here in school.”

“How do you know?”

“Know about what?” Nervous mood coming on.

“About what happened in my first year” Alright, I’m definitely nervous right now. How do I answer that? I can’t tell him that I've known him every time that we where born for the past century?! Or can I? NO!

“Everybody talks Harry, especially to the new kids. It’s as if they do it to make new friends and/or allies. I’ll see you around.” With that I turned on my heel and walked away from a deep in thought Harry Potter. Few! I've made it! Now how many people can say that about Harry Potter? Okay, maybe many, but I've been doing this for almost a century give me some credit.


Sneaking up on people was not a hobby for me whatsoever, bit this was Blaise. I’m sure he would be okay with it… I hope. What truly caught me by surprise though was that Blaise Zabini was starring at Ginny Weasley! This is big news and awesome blackmail.  

“Blaise Zabini really even I wouldn't of have ever think of this?” he turned around nearly jumping out of his skin when I spoke the first word.

“You can’t tell anyone about this.” The usual friendly tone had changed into a threatening one that he has never used with me before, and if a person knows me well enough they should know that I don’t tolerate it.

“First thing Zabini I wouldn't dare to loose your friendship and trust,” he flinched a little when I referred to him with his last name, “second I don’t accept anyone’s threats, and three over something that I consider cute.” In truth Blaise and Draco are practically the only Slytherins I can count on.

“I so apologize. It’s just that this crush can’t get out into the real world.” He let out a huge sigh before he sat down.

“I know how sacred it is for the past generations kids to act be who they where in Hogwarts.” I stated as I sat down next to him, “but just like them things where done in secret, or am I wrong?”

“Please as if she would ever even glance at anyone of my house. When she does is to spit backfire after one of us has made her angry.”

“Dear Blaise, if you haven’t noticed she is ultra rebellious, ambitious yet never too much, independent, quick-witted, and funny lively person.  Blaise all I’m saying is for you to give it a try. Luna and I can talk to her if you want?” He looked at me with a small closed smile before he open his mouth again.

“She would probably think that the Lovegood’s are truly mad.”

“Maybe, that’s if Luna hasn't told her about a certain someone.” Shit I've said too much!

“Draco, you mean? I've know for a while.” My mouth hung open to let in many flies into it.

“How long have you known? I thought that he hadn't told you yet!”

“Oh believe me I've known for at least a month now.” All I did was smile at the fact that there was nothing in hiding that could risk the friendship of the four of us, “but Ginny is a lost case for me.”

“Don’t say what you don’t know yet”

“Candela, she’s Potters girl!”

“What? Since when are they dating? Why I was left out of this?”

 “They’re not dating, but anyone can see that she has the biggest crush on him.” On that art he was right and I wasn't going to argue with him.

“Harry, whether you like me using his first name or not, is with Cho Chang, and anyone can see that he’s a like a lost puppy around her. Plus I don’t think Ginny will wait too long for someone who isn't going to choose her first.”

“Do you seriously believe that?”  

“Yes because Ginny is the type that doesn't need man, but wants one that will put her first no matter what. Come on how many girls has Harry also dated before Ginny, and knowing that she has a huge crush on him.”

“On that you are right. Potter only seems to see her as a little sister.”

“Exactly, plus who wouldn't love to be spoken to all lovey-dovey by and Italian?”


I have officially ruled Umbridge on my undesirable number one in my list. She had to be making all these lies to the Fudge. Apparently all the good in the Fudge has now been rotten because if he decided to think a little he would realize that if Dumbledore wanted to take over the ministry he would have had become minister by now.  I look over at Blaise and Draco who sit behind me in potions class. Though I have to give the toad some credit because Snape is looking a bit intimidated. Times like these I wish I had laser vision and burn her dress so high up, then bring Collin to take a picture of  her, and send it to the daily prophet so everyone can see it, and then the ministry will have no other choice, but to fire her. Now that would be a great plan, but analyzing the end I only see Fudge appointing a new “Hogwarts High Inquisitor”. Maybe if the plan goes through the new person could be more laid back than Umbridge?

“What are you staring at Miss Lovegood?” Oh no this witch did not just put on her kitten eyes now.

“ Isn't obvious?” Umbridge just looked at me trying to contain her frowning forehead before she tries to tackle me into one of her life lessons.

“Miss Lovegood you should know proper English by now, as a lady conjunction words are not proper grammar.” Really bitch? Let me tell you I will talk ghetto to you if I so desire!

“Last time I checked this is Potions class not literature.” Only a “hump” was heard as Umbridge walked out the door.

“Everyone return to your assignment. You where never supposed to leave it.” Snape murmured the last part to himself though. Completely sure that he is glad that the toad on two legs had left his classroom.

 “I sure am glad she’s gone” said Tracy Davis as she pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail. Tracy has officially walked in on my friends list since like two weeks ago. Her blue eyes always softened around the people she trusted or cared about, and her being Blaise’s friend beforehand was awesome.

“Who isn’t?” we both giggled. When class was over Daphne Greengrass linked her arm to mine heading to charms class. Daphne was also by now a friend of mine by now, actually both she and Astoria Greengrass are considered in my social circle.  Pansy was still being a pain the ass but more calm. Maybe she’s getting used to the fact that she and Malfoy won’t happen in a million years.

Walking near the class and my least favorite person walks out. Daphne and I groan once she is gone.  Fudge both your ears must be ringing by now! Seriously and if they’re not I will personally give you fifty mandrakes! Full grown to add up to your office as decoration! Or I will send you a memory that has been saved from the Revolutionary War or both the U.S. and Mexico with a mandrake!

Before I can walk in Harry decides to come over making Daphne stiffen a bit. Why did that just happen? I don’t know but I will insolently find out.

“Candela can I talk to you?” after about three girlfriends he is still not smooth. I look over at Daphne who is looking straight at him.

“Hey go on I will be there in a second trust me he doesn't have cuties.” Thankfully that was enough for her to go in class. I looked at Harry and raised my eyebrow as the signal for him to speak his mind.

“We are officially having a meeting about the whole Umbridge thing.”

“I’ll send Liberty around four to you so you can write me the details. I don’t think that it would be a wise idea to send your owl to the Slytherin side of school.” I was going to walk in, but Harry opened his mouth. What has been going on these past two days that guys just keep talking?

“ I've been thinking about what you have said and it’s still confusing in some ways your right, bit who knows about people treating each other better. Maybe they would have just tried to convince me to go to their side.”

“ Isn't that what some are still trying to do? Whether it’s the food you eat that day at any restaurant, or to agree on a problem? I guess we all go through those people at some point of our lives.”

“I guess so.”

“Now, shall we get into class before we are late? Because I will be furious with you if I’m late to class when I’m only two steps away from the door!” I let out a small low laugh making the air less tense for the two of us as people saw us walk in together.


Needless to say I kept my word to Harry and sent Liberty to retrieve the information about this meeting.

Meet us at the Hogs Head this weekend at noon. I expect there to be more people at the pub. You are free to bring anyone you like,


Free to bring anyone I like? If I bring Draco that will give him and Luna the chance to sneak around Hogsmeade, if I bring Blaise he might be able to talk to Ginny and if I bring Daphne and Tracy they will love to socialize with everyone else there, as they families are neutral.

So it then I will bring Blaise, Draco, Daphne, and Tracy and no matter what may happen those I will protect them no matter what. 


Chapter 9: The Hog's Head
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“NO WAY THAT IS ABSOLUTELY PERSONAL SUICIDE!” Both Draco and Blaise said at the same time.




“Oh come one Draco this it’s a perfect excuse for you.”




“A perfect excuse to walk into my death bed! You might trust Potter we don’t.  In fact we don’t trust anyone that might go.”




”Not even Luna or Ginny?” this time both of them looked at me. I guess Draco knew about Blaise’s crush on Ginny.




“That does not rule out everyone else that will want to kill us on the spot.” Blaise how wise you are… then again I already knew that. 




“Please I promise that none of you will get hurt. Draco this is a chance to prove that you are not as bad as everyone else thinks you are, and Blaise you can prove your families neutrality.”




“With this action I’ll be declared into the “good” side.”




“Which most people prefer?”




“Not if you’re my family.”




“Draco stop being so negative and to make things better, I would say that it’s your father who wouldn’t be pleased.




“That doesn’t change things, you know”




“Of course I know you have to change them yourself.”   I looked both at Draco and Blaise and could tell that I almost got through them.




“Fine we’ll go as long as you can promise us that will keep our heads.”












“That’s what Draco and Blaise said except with less screeching” I told Daphne and Tracy.




“We’re not going to kill ourselves!”  Tracy spoke out before I could say anything else.




“No one is going to hurt you guys, okay! Apparently they are allowing me to bring anyone I like. Which I take that they are willing to accept some Slytherins in there without being hexed.”




“Still not convinced” stated Daphne and by looking at Tracy I could tell that she was thinking like Daphne as well. 




“I promise that you guys won’t get hurt plus Draco and Blaise are going too.” This unquestionably astonished them. 




“What did you bribe them with because those two don’t go anywhere without being bribed.” Now that is an interesting new thing to learn about the boys. 




“They’ll tell you sooner or later I’m sure. You just worry about going to Hogsmeade this weekend with me or not, and you two have two days to think about it.” With that I left the two girls standing sitting in their shared room. Hopefully they will chose to come or at least for one of them to decide to come with me. That way they can tell each other and then both will come. Once I was on my room I went to my desk and wrote Luna a note. 




"Dear Luna,


Do you remember when you told me that had a suspicion that Blaise liked Ginny?


Well you were right. When he confessed it to me he told me to keep it a secret, but


You already knew anyways, I’m just confirming your observation. You are the closest 


Person to Ginny besides Hermione, so as a favor I ask you to talk positively about 


Blaise I know that it will ease him once he is in the pub. Yes Draco will be attending.


Candela Xochitl "




I interrupted Liberty’s rabbit meal to attach the note to her leg.




“Alright when you are done eating take this to Luna, if she is not there you will wait until she returns alright.” She only expanded her wings in a show off manor leaving me to smile and admire the dominance that she had. What a bird. 








It as now Saturday and all the students were taking a break from their uniforms because Umbridge said that we couldn’t just wear what we wanted after school hours.  It wasn’t much of a problem though because most of us did that already anyway.  Looking in the mirror putting the last bit of tinted moisturizer (it’s cold outside), polishing all the wrinkles on the jacket, and adjusting my jeans I looked really good. Finishing with a warming charm I went out to the common room where astonishingly three of my “snake” friends where waiting too.




“Daphne just went to the restroom before I got out so she should be here any second.” Said Tracy to all of us best thing was that everyone else who passed by just thought that we were going to Hogsmeade just like them.




“Alright we can go now.” I looked at all four of them and noticed that they all had cautious eyes. 




“Hey don’t expect the worst. We already have talked about this and I gave my word. Let’s just see how this goes alright?”I smiled and lead the way. I know that they were still worried about how everyone will react to them.




 Reaching the pub was no problem hat so ever. It was more of the stares and the whisperers from everyone that was already there. I guess that it was a good thing that I as the last to enter into the place because once my foot was in the door everyone else stopped whispering. I looked around to see at least thirty people waiting sitting in a corner with the trio as the main speakers. I looked to the left to see that Draco and Blaise where wearing glamour’s. I gave them what they call the shark stare, but they still wouldn’t take them off. To the right Tracy and Daphne were normal faced, thank goodness.




“What are they doing here?” someone that I didn’t recognize stated, but due to the little amount of people it sounded as if he had yelled. The echo around the room pierced the words to my ears and then my mind.  




“Harry invited me and sated that I could invite anyone I wanted so here we are. Ready to listen to what this is about and see if we will be part of this or not.” The stare was back on anyone that had the nerve to look into them flinched at contact. 




“Harry can I talk to you over here please?” we both moved to a window that as closest to the door and far from the bar.




“Sorry about that I guess that since you’re so friendly they thought that you would bring more people from the other houses…”




“I’m flattered by that, but I can see that people aren’t very pleased to see Daphne and Tracy here, huh. Explains more why Draco and Blaise have glamour’s on.” 




“What?!” I had to put my hand to cover his mouth before he shouted anything else.




“They are not their parents okay, plus Blaise’s family is neutral, Draco’s mom cares more about her son than anything else, and they want to give themselves a chance to do something that they want to do because they know its right.  They’re not their parent’s robots you know.” 




“Alright then they can stay.” I mouthed a thank you before he went back to the 2/3 of the trio. When I turned to leave I noticed a man? That was wrapped in bandages looking intensely at us. Walking to the others with the stare back I motioned for them to take a seat or stand with the group and at the perfect moment mummy made eye contact and looked away.




Harry gave his speech after Luna asked if he had performed the Patronus Charm even I was moved not just by his words, but even the atmosphere that things needed to change gave hope. After all of the other questions where answered, Hermione pulled out a piece of paper and titled it “Dumbledore’s Army”.  When everyone else lined up to join the girls didn’t have much problem since everyone here knew who they were, even if they didn’t trust them yet.




“If we sign that our cover is blown!” Blaise whispered as we walked to the end of the line. Both him and Draco’s emotions from before had returned full force.  I looked at the hopelessly romantic because he knew that Luna couldn’t protect him in front of everyone, and he couldn’t be the usual Malfoy ass. Then I looked at Blaise that kept an expressionless face, but secretly looked at Ginny. He feared hat he knew: that she would point her wand at him without any hesitation and hex him if she had to. 




“Just line up before me alright! Harry knows about the two of you and I’m sure that he can calm down his friends he and anywhere else that this may happen alright!” I whispered back to them. I knew that they wanted to this. Not just because of their love interest but because they know that it’s right. I’ve know this boy long enough to know that they do not want to live in fear for the rest of their lives if Voldemort reined.


I watched carefully as Blaise went first. Ron didn’t notice anything since he was paying attention to who knows what. Hermione on the other hand caught her breath as she watched the “Z” from Zabini written on the paper.




She was about to say something when Harry cleared his throat as a signal. When it was Draco’s turn bad luck was on his side because Ron had turned to read all the names. Draco was halfway done when Ron wanted to stand up but thankfully Harry caught on and stopped him before he even moved a millimeter. When it was my turn both Ron and Hermione looked at me suspiciously, as if I was going to do something horrendous to them. I signed my name as quickly as possible and gave them a soft look.




“Everyone thank you for signing up to this. The medallion that where given to you will vibrate whenever there is a meeting.” I heard some immature people giggle when Hermione said this. Great well at least this is real. People started to leave but something told me that I should stay until everyone else had left but sadly my “tribe” wasn’t going to go without me, so once everyone else left the Weasleys, Hermione, and Harry all sated at us before you-know –who exploded.




“What do you think you’re doing? Is this some kind of a joke?” Ron outburst to the whole pub thankfully only the owner was left out the adults. 




“Will you keep your racquet down!” he yelled/asked very angrily. 




“Why are we here? I said it in the begging yes? That should be enough because it is the truth.”




“How do we know that you wouldn’t trick us?” appalled I was truly appalled.




“Nice to meet you Weasley twins?” a voice cold as ice came out of my mouth. I almost wanted to take it back when I saw their faces. Could I really blame them for acting on instinct? Then again I almost regretted it. I guess that by this time the boys had taken the glamour of because…




“You traitors all of you should just go back to the cave that you belong.” Ginny’s words hurt not just to me, but to all of us especially Blaise. His face looked indifferent, but I could see that he was holding back tears. I wasn’t going to let them have the best of my friends none of them even if they were my friends too. I walked up to the red head and before anyone could stop me I slapped her and stunned everyone else around her as I looked at her straight in the eye.




“I have never and will never betray you or anyone that I have come to care about Weasley! All of you were my friends even if Ron doubted me just because of the house that I belong in. I bet that none of you have ever noticed that it is the hardest being a Slytherin. You want to know why? Because the line is so thin to which side your family belongs to, no not an individual, the family. We have to be cautious about what we say because somehow our parents receive the news if we are ever showed a sign of “monstrosity” we will be disowned. You want to know something juicy? Not every Slytherin is a “Pure-Blood” they are the ones that live the most cautious life.” I paused hoping for her to respond so I could say something else to her, but she only kept touching the print of my hand on her cheek. 




“I brought Draco, Daphne, and Tracy here because they have opened up to me that they want to do this for themselves, and not live in fear for every second of their lives if they don’t do what is expected out them if Voldi wins. The Zabini’s will have to go from neutral to the “Dark Lord” side, and families just like Blaise’s will be destroyed in a blink of an eye.” When I was done I walked away to the door where everyone else was waiting for me before I took the spell away.  I closed the door and let the tears fall. 




“Girly it’s alright.” The people who say that Slytherins don’t have a heart are completely wrong. The fantastic four all wrapped their arms around me in a group hug trying to console me. We stood there for about to minutes before hearing footsteps near the door. I was extremely happy when Tracy suggested we go to Honeydukes.  




Avoiding the Weasleys, Granger, and Harry was a bit rougher than we thought. The group wanted to isolate me as they only called my name. This only led to the fantastic four to think that they wanted to ambush me for hurting the youngest Weasley. After we went to Honeydukes (again) for some hot chocolate we left for the castle.




Conversations where present in the common room avoiding what happened today as one by one left to sleep. Before Draco could stand up and leave I stopped him with one question.




“You told Luna didn’t you. Don’t look at me all surprised I noticed when you disappeared for half an hour. Good thing you covered it up by ringing dinner.” 




“Thank you. Sometimes I don’t understand why you ask questions to which you already know the answer to. Goodnight”. Sleep came uneasy that night. What happened at the Hog’s Head didn’t want to leave my mind. 








Murmurs, whispers, and the noise of a hammer connecting with a nail was all you heard in if you’re making your way to the Great Hall for Breakfast. When Flinch was done he moved out the way to let everyone see clearly the message of the Educational Decree Number Twenty-Four. This woman must not have anything interesting to do in her life except to meddle with the ones of the students! I looked to my right to see a tomato faced Ron Weasley which was a mistake because as soon as he looked at me so did everyone else of the future Dumbledore’s Army.