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Lost Potters 2: Birth Rights by HP lookalike

Format: Novella
Chapters: 11
Word Count: 26,492

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: General, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Percy, OC, OtherCanon
Pairings: OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 01/28/2011
Last Chapter: 07/24/2011
Last Updated: 07/24/2011

The Lost Potters are back. James Jacob Remus Black is now 16, heading into his penultimate year at Hogwarts. Along with him is Amy Hunt, daughter of Jake and Hayley Hunt and the love of his life. But she doesn't know that. And also joining them at Hogwarts? Remus Lupin. The werewolf who killed his mother. Plus, his dad has broken out of prison. And, closer to home, Penelope Clearwater and her boyfriend Percy are determined to cause them problems. Can James find a way to be happy?

Sequel to Through Thick and Thin

Set during Prisoner of Azkaban.

Chapter 1: Blondes, Blacks and Bombshells
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 My dearest mother. So much has happened this year at Hogwarts, much of it you know, some you do not. James knows about the pregnancy. But that has not stopped, nor shall it stop, me and Hayley from fulfilling our plan. I have asked so much of you in the past and now I must ask you one final request. But it is big. You need to look after James. Amy is dead. How she died doesn’t matter and it is a story that maybe one day I can tell James myself. But not now. Hayley and I are leaving today, to start our new lives together. When you will hear from us again, I cannot really say. Tell James what you want, it’s up to you. I would ask you not to go looking for his father but you wouldn’t have a hope of finding him. As his godfather, I will find James at some point in the future and I only hope he is not a burden, although I suspect Ellie would love having a little brother to play with. Take care mum. All my love, Jake.



Rosemary Hunt dropped the letter, noticing the tear stained patches on it that told her Jake wasn’t taking Amy’s death well. She turned to look at James, sitting in his highchair and sighed. The things she did for her son…




17 years later…




James Jacob Remus Black blinked as the frost chilled the window, then went back to his reading. The few people that knew him would say he was like his parents. He had inherited his dad’s rugged good looks, but he was much more like his mother. Quiet, unassuming, happier with a couple of friends than being massively popular. Although he looked every inch Sirius Black, he was, in truth, much more like Amelia Kingston. Of course only two people had been able to tell him this, for he kept his private life a closely guarded secret. No-one at the school knew that his father was legendary mass-murderer Sirius Black or that his mother was mauled to death by a werewolf not long after his birth. James caught his reflection in the frosted over window and smiled to himself. He was quite short, like his mother, but that was where the similarities ended. He had dark hair, that was long but not too long. His muscular arms would’ve made him a terrific beater but he had never tried out for Quidditch, despite the fact both his parents had been chasers on  the Gryffindor team. His eyes were brown and full of subtle but strong emotion. He could’ve used his looks to his advantage and gotten many a girlfriend at Hogwarts but instead he was quiet, choosing to spend all his time reading or studying with what few friends he had. 




There was a small click as the compartment door slid open. James glanced up and saw a blonde haired Gryffindor enter. At first he didn’t recognise her but then a second later he did a double take.




“Amy?” he asked, stunned.




“Yep it’s me James,” replied the girl shyly, brushing her blonde fringe out of her eye.




Amy Lily Hunt had been James’ best friend for several years. Although they had been in the same year and house since day 1, they never really connected until they were told to sit next to each other in Charms in 5th year. From there, they became fast friends, as neither of them had many other friends and they quickly realized they had more in common than they realized. The day that James had met Amy’s parents, his life had changed. Until the Easter of 5th year, James had known almost nothing about his parents, only that they were dead and he lived with their best friend’s mum. However, when he met Jake and Hayley Hunt, everything changed. You see, Jake Hunt was his mother’s best friend for almost her entire life and when she had died, he had left James with his mother. Amy herself was even named after James’ mum. Upon discovering that his best friend was the grand-daughter of the woman who’d cared for him his entire life, James had felt mixed emotions. He learned more about his parents after putting pressure on Jake and Hayley and discovered how his mother had died and that his father was Sirius Black. Now, he and Amy were closer than ever and she was the only person at Hogwarts who knew his heritage.




“What the hell happened to your hair?” James exclaimed, unable to take his eyes off his best friend’s new look.




“I got a bit bored of looking like my mum’s twin,” Amy replied, blushing hugely and sitting down opposite James in the otherwise empty compartment. It was true. Amy was like her mum’s double. Though both her parents had had jet black hair, she had also inherited her mother’s strikingly blue eyes. She had also picked up her slender height and build from her mum and was almost as beautiful. Much like James, she’d had no problems picking up boys. And, even though she was almost as quiet, she was still hit on all the time. 




“When did you manage that? I only saw you two weeks ago!” James felt a bit like an interrogator and managed to pull his eyes away from her hair, which hung just below her shoulders, for long enough to get dragged in by her amazing smile. 




“A couple of days ago. Dad nearly had a heart attack but mum was okay with it. After all I’m 17, they trust me to make my own decisions. And because I used magic it’s not even remotely tacky and it looks genuine. Anyway, the important thing is, do you like it?”




James was lost for words for a moment then fearing he was taking too long, replied: “You look beautiful. It’s just incredible.”




Amy blushed fiercely. Although she was often hit on by guys, she’d never done a lot with a guy and hadn’t had many boyfriends. Whatever the reason for this, James was overjoyed. Although he’d never told her, he’d secretly fallen in love with her at some point during the last two years. She’d always been stunning but James wasn’t sure when his friendship with her got to the point where he wanted it to be something more. But she’d never shown any signs of wanting anything more than friendship and the last thing James wanted to do was ruin their friendship by making a move when she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him. 




“Thanks,” Amy replied.




“So where have you been?” James enquired. “I’ve been sitting in here on my own for an hour.”




“Why didn’t you grab a compartment with Ali or Macey? I was at the prefect meeting.”




“Oh,” James felt himself go red. “I wasn’t sure if you and Mace had made up yet. Was she there?”




“Oh me and Mace are fine, she said she was sorry and that was the end of it. And yeah, course. She got made head girl. Bitch.”




James groaned. It was no secret that Amy hated Penelope Clearwater with a passion. They were arch-rivals and had been for many years. They both became prefects and fought over everything. Clearwater had been made head-girl ahead of Amy which annoyed her greatly. Macey Jones, on the other hand, was her best female friend and their fallout had been over a guy (naturally) but Macey had been in the wrong and the pair had made up. 




“There’s an elephant in the room.”




James looked up and glanced at his best friend with a concerned look on his face. She looked worried, her electric eyes full of care behind her veiled fringe. 




“What do you mean?” James asked, let down by the crack in his voice. 




“James,” she said quietly, moving from across his to sit next to him and put an arm on his shoulder (creating butterflies in his stomach). “I haven’t seen you in two weeks. The day I go to France your dad breaks out of Azkaban and I don’t hear from you since. Now you’re obviously pleased to see me so I reckon something else is on your mind. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what.”




“You said your parents thought he was innocent,” James replied even quieter, tears starting to form in his eyes. “Then why did he break out? More to the point, if he can’t do what they say he can do, how did he escape?”




“Look,” Amy said. “You can’t lose faith in him. You’ve spent the last two years adamant that he couldn’t betray his best friends. Are you all of a sudden just going to forget that?”




“It doesn’t matter Amy. He doesn’t know I exist and it’s better that way. I shouldn’t worry about him.”




“Of course it matters, he’s your father. What are you gonna do, just pretend he never existed?”




“So how was your holiday?” James asked, openly ignoring her question and wiping the tears from his eyes. 




“Fantastic,” said Amy, in a voice that made it sound anything but. “Mum blew her nut when dad left me and Lucy in a pyramid but other than that it was great.”




“Good, I’m glad. Longest two weeks of my life without you to cheer me up,” he teased. 




“Oh shut up, you probably enjoyed the privacy. Without me interrupting you every few minutes I bet you whizzed through a load of books.”




“There’s more to life than books Amy,” James retorted.




At that point, they were interrupted as the train came to an abrupt stop. The windows had completely frozen over and Amy shivered as a chill flooded the compartment. A darkness seemed to fall over them and Amy leaned into him in an attempt to stay warm. Usually, James would have loved for her to be so close to him but he too was feeling the chill. But it was more than a cold, it was as if all the happiness had been sucked out of the room.  The compartment door seemed to slide open and they both looked up to see who had entered. But not a who but a what. The creature was cloaked and seemed to be black. Even if it wasn’t shrouded completely in mystery and misery, James would’ve sensed it was a dark creature. His first instinct was to cling closer to Amy but she seemed to be drifting further away from him every second. The creature moved closer and James could see some sort of clawed hand drifting beneath the robes. They still could not see the creature’s face but it moved even closer and seemed to swoop over towards James. Amy reached out, shivering but the hooded figure ignored her and continued to focus solely on James, who shivered and tried to crawl backwards. The closer the creature got, the foggier James’ focus became and the last thing he remembered before passing out was hearing Amy scream and seeing a flash of light.




Amy was still shivering, even though the Dementor was gone. The tall, ragged, mousy-haired professor who had got rid of it was handing her chocolate but she couldn’t eat. Dementors, she was told, were the guards of Azkaban and were looking for Sirius Black. No wonder they were after James. She shook him gently and James was awake, though he looked very pale. 




“Wha- what happened?” James stammered, shaking violently.




“Dementors,” the professor breathed heavily. “Nasty creatures, they watch over Azkaban and they’re after Sirius Black. I got rid of it but it certainly seemed to like you. What are your names?”




“I’m… James Black, no relation to the Sirius Black who escaped before you ask,” James replied, shaking his hand and accepting the chocolate. 




“And I’m Amy Hunt,” Amy added, smiling at her new teacher. His eyes narrowed upon hearing this and he leaned in closer.




“You wouldn’t happen to be related to Hayley and Jake Hunt would you?” he enquired. 




How the hell does he know? said a voice in Amy’s head.




Amy went very pale and started muttering. Luckily, James took over.




“Yeah, they were her parents. But they died a long time ago during the war with Voldemort.”




“Yeah, that’s what I heard…” came the cautious reply.




Amy smiled at James in thanks. Her parents didn’t want anyone knowing about them as they’d left that world behind a long time ago and this man clearly knew them.




“I knew your parents at school,” the teacher continued. “They were good people and were in love from the second they saw each other. It’s just a shame that everything ended so badly. I’m the only one left now…”




“What happened?” Amy asked, her curiosity getting the better of her. Her parents didn’t like to talk too much about their past. 




“Your parents and your aunt and uncle, the Potters, were murdered. Sirius Black’s fault. And their best friend died before they even left Hogwarts. Anyway, I need to be going,” he said and stood, turning when he reached the door. “By the way, I’m Remus Lupin, your new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and your cousin Harry Potter is just down the hall.”




This was directed at Amy who again paled. “Don’t mention me to him, he doesn’t know anything about me or my parents and it’s not fair to burden him with more family deaths. I barely knew my parents myself and my new family wants to leave all that in the past.”




“Ok, sure. I expect I’ll be seeing the pair of you very soon…”




And with that, he left. Amy turned to speak to James but he was suddenly very red and his fists were clenched. She had recognised the name Remus Lupin but clearly it meant a lot more to him.




“What’s wrong?”




“That man is the werewolf that killed my mother…”




Amy was speechless.






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Chapter 2: Best friends, beauties and bacon
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James raised his eyebrow. Amy was trying hard not to laugh but ended up choking on her cereal. Ali Franks leaned across and thumped her on the back, causing her to spray milk all over James. 




“Thanks Ali,” she choked, drinking some water to cool her rapidly constricting throat.




Ali smiled. He was the tallest of the group, towering over the diminutive pair at 6’3. He had mahogany hair and soothing green eyes and despite his strength, he was quite a gentle character. He’d been James’ only real guy mate since he’d pulled James out of the way of one of Peeves’ pranks during first year. The pair got along great and shared a dorm, as well as all of each other’s secrets. Ali was the only one who knew a thing about James’ feelings for Amy and he tried to help his best friend out. However, Ali himself was in a similar position, though he’d never admit it to anyone, even James himself. He had major feelings for Macey, who obviously liked him back. It was Macey who was the source of James and Amy’s laughter as she struggled with her bacon. With two rashers hanging out her mouth and her knife snapped in half after she’d given up trying to cut it, she looked quite hilarious. 




“What?” she mumbled, causing a piece of bacon to fall out. “Oh for fuck’s sake!”




“Nothing Macey, nothing,” Amy replied, red from laughter as Macey stabbed the offending rasher with her fork violently. Macey got very into her breakfast. 




“Is there something in my hair?” she asked, having finally swallowed her bacon. 




“No Macey,” Amy sighed. “You look fine apart from the fact that you had bacon dangling out your mouth.”




“Oh good,” Macey replied absent-mindedly, starting on her sausages next.




“Where exactly were your parents when they were supposed to be teaching you manners Mace?” James chuckled.




“Shagging,” Macey replied, not taking her eyes off her breakfast and shoveling food into her mouth the whole time. “Loudly.”




Whilst from anyone else this would’ve been an alarming answer, with Macey it was just typical. She was a huge tomboy and anyone who knew her even remotely well could testify to that. She was loud, rude and violent, especially on the Quidditch pitch. She played beater for four years before retiring and handing over to the Weasley twins, a justified position as she usually ended up breaking someone’s arm or giving them a concussion. This meant that naturally most guys were put off Macey, which didn’t bother her too much. She often told Amy that guys were only good for heavy-lifting and heartbreak and unless she wanted to end up crying over some loser she shouldn’t talk to anyone except James or Ali. Despite that, Macey obviously had feelings about Ali as, although they were good friends, she tended to blush around him and parts of her rough exterior were replaced by nervousness. Parts anyway, she still tended to trip up first years who pissed her off by being whiney. In terms of appearance, Macey was pretty good-looking, even though she made no effort at all. She was tall and strong, which went with her character and she wore t-shirts and jeans all the time, not bothering with crop-tops or shorts or anything else girls showing off their bodies wore. Her light brown hair was naturally curly and exploded out around her shoulders. Her eyes were a similar brownish colour and were full of life, even if they were steely at times.




“So what are you guys studying this year?” Macey asked, having finally won the war with her breakfast and dropping her fork down triumphantly.




 “Charms, herbology, DADA, ancient runes,” James replied, finishing his toast off and draining the last of his tea. James loved tea, something he’d clearly inherited from his mum. 




“Same here Jimmy,” Amy replied, high-fiving him. They both already knew that of course but they found it fun to emphasise it.




“There’s a surprise,” Macey muttered under her breath. “What about you Ali?”




“Uh, Potions, Charms, Herbology and transfiguration,” Ali replied nervously, going slightly red. 




“Really?” Macey stammered slightly. “Me too…”




“Oh that sounds good, we could pair up in a couple of them if you want?” Ali suggested.




“Yeah, that sounds good,” she replied, barely able to keep a crick out of her voice. 




“Anyway,” Amy said, interrupting before the awkwardness spread. “Isn’t that really good looking girl Laura Tamserian in our Ancient Runes class?”




“Yes…” James replied worried. “Why?”




“Well she’s always had a thing for you James, don’t you think you should give her a chance?”




Ali winced slightly at the awkwardness of Amy attempting to set up the guy who was madly in love with her with another girl. James almost did the same but contained himself.




“You know me Amy, I’m not really interested in that sort of thing, just like you aren’t interested in anyone really.”




Even as he watched, there was a flicker of something in his best friend’s eyes. What was it? Pain? Anger? He wasn’t sure and within an instant it was gone.




“Who says?” she replied coolly. “Maybe I’ve found some handsome guy to run away into the sunset with!”




Macey snorted into her milk and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.




“Please Amy! Even if you had found someone, why on earth would you want to run off into the sunset with them and leave me with these two?” she gestured to James and Ali. “No offence guys,” she added quickly.




“Macey’s right Amy, you’d never ever settle off like that, we know you too well,” James added anxiously.




“Don’t get too panicky Jamesie poo, I’d never leave you,” Amy teased, punching him on the arm. 




“Shut up, maybe I should speak to Laura after all,” James retorted, knowing he was going to live to regret this.






It was their first full day back at school, the first time they’d seen their friends in a while and it was also their first classes. James had been quite subdued since they had bumped into Professor Lupin on the train but it seemed that heading back into the swing of things had done him some good. Amy and James were both looking forward to getting back into the routine of classes but also of free lessons and spending time with their mates. Life away from the great castle had never been quite the same without it and as they headed to their first lesson of the day: Charms, the one thing Amy wanted was to was start doing magic again as soon as she could. The lack of magic she’d practiced over the holidays was startling and the last thing she needed was to get behind in her final year. The only problem she had with this was that her so called “best friend” James was off with Ali having guy chat, leaving her with Macey, who was thoroughly determined to do anything but the work that they had been given by Professor Flitwick, the diminutive Charms teacher.




“Right then,” Macey began, once the lesson was underway, they had some time alone and she‘d placed a silencing charm around them. “For starters, what in God’s name have you done to your hair?”




Amy went red. “I thought it looked nice…”




“Oh yes it does look nice,” Macey reassured her. “But you’re well, blonde.”








“So?!” she practically exploded. “Blondes are dumb, idiotic, stupid bimbos!”




Amy raised her eyebrow. “Tad harsh?”




Macey shrugged. “Probably, but then this is me we’re talking about. My point is, why blonde?”




“I dunno,” Amy replied wistfully. “I just fancied a change I guess. I didn’t want to look like my mum for the rest of my life.”




“So this has nothing to do with James then?”




Amy went bright red and Macey grinned triumphantly.




“Which reminds me. Why on earth did you try to set him up with Laura Tamserian?”




“She’s good looking and she likes him, why wouldn’t I?” Amy asked, now even redder than before. 




“Because you’re in love with him,” she replied casually, flicking her wrist and flipping over a table by accident. Flitwick cast her a filthy look and she shrugged apologetically. Amy meanwhile, had switched from red to a deep shade of purple. 




“What the hell are you talking about?” she stuttered slightly. “Me, love James?”




“Yep, it’s written all your over your face whenever you look at him.”




Macey bit into an apple she’d transfigured from a cup and Amy knocked it out of her hand angrily. She glanced across at James who was deep in conversation with Ali and blushed fiercely yet again.




“It is not!” Amy snapped. “He’s my best friend for fuck’s sake Mace.”




“Yeah, yeah, yeah. If you ask me he’s too nervous to say anything, doesn’t want to ruin your friendship,” Macey replied indifferently.




“Macey, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!” Amy was almost shouting now, becoming more and more agitated. “What about you and Ali?”




“What about us?” Macey replied nonchalantly. “He’s a good friend. Nothing more.”




Despite her continuously calm demeanor, there was a pinkish tinge to Macey’s cheeks by now and Amy slammed home the advantage.




“Oh please, you claim to know all about me and James, which by the way, is not true whatever you say but you’re completely oblivious to the fact Ali’s in love with you?”




“Look Amy, just drop it alright?” Macey snapped uncharacteristically. 




“I will when you will,” Amy retorted smugly. Macey relinquished the silencing charm and went to practice the spell.






James and Amy were lounging around alone in a quiet corner of the common room. They had a free lesson and no homework and Ali and Macey were at Potions with the Slytherins. Macey’s words had disturbed Amy slightly. Every time she looked at James she found herself blushing. She wanted to speak up but she couldn’t. Every single time she opened her mouth to say something to him she faltered. James glanced across at her every now and then until he decided to say something. 




“Are you okay Amy?” he asked, concerned. 




“Yeah, fine,” she replied in a chipper voice. “Just thinking about, you know, life.”




“Well it beats thinking about death,” James replied cheekily. 




“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Amy replied thoughtfully. “I just can’t believe we’re back here in the middle of everything.”








“Your dad, Lupin, Clearwater, all that crap. And here we are, just living our lives at Hogwarts, right at the heart of it and yet so far away from it.”




“We don’t have to worry about any of that crap. All we have to worry about is living our lives.”




“That was a God awful persuasion. Next time just feed me crap instead.”




“Nah, I’ve fed you enough crap in your life, I’m gonna stick to the shit for now.”




Amy chuckled despite herself. All she wanted to do was sleep on this, decide if she really did love James as Macey claimed. She looked into his eyes and he bit his lip. He was amazing, she decided. He was very good looking and he was her best friend in the world. If that wasn’t the perfect recipe for them to be together what was?




“So I went to see Laura earlier like you suggested,” James started.




“Oh?” Amy’s heart began to sink.




“Yeah. We’re kind of a couple now. She told me to keep it on the DL for now but I couldn’t not tell you. I mean you’re my best mate.”




And there it was. In black and white. James saw her as a friend. Nothing more. As soon as she realised how she felt she also realised that he didn’t feel the same way. The irony was heart-breaking. Still, at least she wasn’t going to make an idiot of herself. She allowed a grin to escape her like a virus, destroying how she really felt and replacing it with a mask of elation and pride.




“Congrats Jamesiekins, I’m really proud of you!” she replied happily.




“Thanks Amy, but you’re the one who set the whole thing up, I owe you massively for this!” James said awkwardly. 




Amy’s mental berating of herself continued. Not only had she failed to inform her best friend how she really felt but also she had set him up with his new girlfriend.




It’s best you did. He doesn’t like you that way, at least now you’ve still got your friendship and he’s none the wiser. No harm done.




It was probably a good thing she’d set him up before things got ugly between them. But it sure didn’t feel that way. 




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Chapter 3: Boffins, Bob cuts and Butterbeer
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Over a month had passed since James and Laura had started going out. Amy was happy to see that she was his still best friend and (luckily), not much had changed between them. If anything, James was more confident, a better friend to her than before. She, meanwhile, had tried to convince herself that she didn’t like him as more than a friend. This had proved slightly difficult but she’d managed to settle into a happy rhythm with her life. Things weren’t quite so good for Ali and Macey. The last month, things had just become more and more awkward between them. It was painful to watch, especially for Amy who knew it would easily be solved if one of them was just brave enough to open their mouth and tell the other how they really felt. She had tried to talk to Macey, repeatedly, but the poor girl just would not get it into her head that she was doing more harm than good. Ali himself was completely in denial (still) and nothing James said would convince him otherwise. Amy was getting so frustrated with the whole thing. Macey told her that it was because she couldn’t go out with James and as a result she was determined to set up her and Ali. This was probably true but in her mind, it didn’t mean they were any less perfect for each other.


The first Hogsmeade trip of the new year was on the 16th October and during the week leading up to it, Macey was in the middle of an uncharacteristic spell of panic. Amy was more than happy not to go, especially in the knowledge that James was taking Laura. This didn’t particularly bother her, after all they were best friends, not glued together, but given the choice between going alone, going with Ali and Macey who would probably squabble the whole time and hanging back at the castle and catching up on homework and sleep, the latter option seemed best. She could always go with a guy but no guys had shown any real interest in her and there was no point asking one just for the sake of it. 



Amy looked up, aware she had been daydreaming. They were sitting in Defence Against the Dark Arts, a subject she was rapidly regretting taking. Not because it was a bad lesson, it was amazing, but because of James. All he did was sit next to her with clenched fists, planning how best to use the spells Professor Lupin was teaching them to hurt him. To say he hated Lupin was an understatement. The red hot fury that emitted from him was obvious, so obvious it almost burned Amy physically. 


“I hate him,” James murmured. “He should never have been allowed near this school.”


“I know James,” Amy replied gently. “You tell me that at least twice a lesson.”


“Yeah well it’s still as true as the first time I said it,” James snapped.


Amy sighed. They’d had this conversation a million times before and nothing was going to make this one any different.


“If Dumbledore’s not going to do something about him, we’re going to have to…” James muttered.


Amy groaned. Here he goes again.


“And what are we going to do exactly James?” she replied generically.


“Prove to everyone that he’s a werewolf,” James hissed. Amy blinked. This was nothing she hadn’t heard before.


“And how do we do that?” Amy asked, knowing what the answer was going to be.


“Search his room for proof,” James hissed in reply. 


Amy raised her eyebrows. This was new. Clearly James had been thinking about this. She was certain that wasn’t a good thing. 


“You are of course, kidding me, right?”


“Why not? We could find some proof of who he is, then no-one will want to be taught by him.”


“James,” Amy started. “We’ll talk about this later, alright? I just want to get on with this spell.”


James grunted a reply and turned back to his textbook. 


“Right then!” Professor Lupin called out to the class. “Who can tell me about non-verbal spells?”


Immediately, two hands shot up into the air. Amy scowled at the pair. Penelope Clearwater was a Ravenclaw and the most arrogant, annoying girl Amy had ever met. She was incredibly smart but showed off about it and her head was so far up her arse Amy was surprised she could still answer every single fucking question that any teacher could ask. No wonder she had been made Head-girl, much to Amy’s chagrin. Amy wasn’t stupid and was good enough to be named Gryffindor prefect, but even she had to admit Clearwater was good. The other hand in the air was Clearwater’s equally obnoxious boyfriend: Percy Weasley. Amy hadn’t had much experience with the Weasleys, but if they anything like Percy, she could see why they were a dying breed as far as magic was concerned. Percy was the most infuriating person ever and, having spent the last two years working with him as Prefects, Amy hated him almost as much as she hated Clearwater. She was happy to know the feeling was mutual; Clearwater despised Amy. The two were constantly in battle over everything and were pretty much deadlocked in most things. Clearwater did have a boyfriend but in Amy’s mind she’d rather have no boyfriend than Percy. 


Still, at least they’re happy together.


There was that irritating voice in her head again. She and James were happy… just not as happy as she wanted. Focusing back on the lesson, Amy lazily stuck up her hand.


“Amy,” Lupin gestured to her, causing Clearwater to huff. 


“Well non-verbal spells don’t require the wizard to open their mouths which not only makes it easier for them to cast spells when incapacitated but also gives them an advantage in a duel because they don’t know what spell you’re going to cast,” Amy said, grinning at the look of fury emitted from the boffins.


“Ten points to Gryffindor,” Lupin smiled. “I know you should’ve done this sort of thing last year but well, your teacher wasn’t exactly great.”


“You can say that again,” James murmured.


“Anyway, pair up and start practicing non-verbal spells. Twenty points to anyone who can manage it by the end of the lesson, which will be a feat in itself. It requires immense concentration and to make sure no-one cheats…”


At that point, Amy found herself unable to speak. She had to admire Lupin. He was a great teacher, better than any other she’d had. Not that she’d ever let James know that. They spent the rest of the lesson attempting non-verbal spells. It was hard work and proved almost impossible, and definitely beyond most of the class. Only Amy, Clearwater, James and Percy had managed it by the end of the lesson, delighting Lupin. With Gryffindor winning 60 points and her outshining the boffins, Amy was in a good mood. Some of her mood dissipated, however, when a girl came barreling into James, almost knocking him off his feet. She was crying heavily, startling him.


“What’s wrong Laura?” James asked, hugging her tightly.


“Nothing,” she replied through her sobs, which were starting to subside. “We…were…practicing a…crying charm…and I got…hit pretty hard.”


“Oh, thank goodness for that,” James sighed with relief. “Don’t worry me like that.”


Laura Tamserian was a beautiful girl. She was tall and slim, with curves in all the right places. She had a large chest and good legs as well, with eyes the colour of sweet honey. Her hair was a dark red, almost brown or black and cut short into a bob that relaxed just below her chin. She was smart too, with 10 OWLs to her name and she was kind. Beyond that she was fun and care-free. In Amy’s mind there wasn’t a lot wrong with her, which was infuriating because it was just another reason why James should go out with her instead of Amy. The truth was that in the last month she and James had become close and Amy couldn’t help but wonder how she was able to keep her friendship with James so good. 


By this point the charm had basically worn off and James swatted her in the arm playfully. She pulled him into a light kiss. Amy coughed slightly and as they broke apart, Laura wiped her eyes and grinned at Amy. 


“Hey Amy, how are you?” she asked, turning to her.


“Fine thanks,” Amy replied in the fake voice she always put on with Laura. It wasn’t because she didn’t like Laura, they got along well enough and probably classed each other as friends. But every time she saw them together, it still hurt slightly, like an old wound that refused to stay shut. “You?”


“Yeah, I’m not too bad. Are you looking forward to the Hogsmeade weekend?”


“Not really, got nobody to go with so I’ll probably just chill here and catch up on sleep.”


“Oh,” Laura was taken-aback. “You should go with James; I’ll go with mates instead.”


“No, it’s fine, you two have fun. I don’t mind,” Amy insisted.


“Ok, if you’re sure,” Laura replied anxiously. “I’ll see you later babe.”


She planted another kiss on James’ lips and he hugged her before she headed off. James turned to Amy grinning slightly apologetically as they walked off towards their next lesson.



The Hogsmeade weekend couldn’t come quickly enough for James. He’d been going out with Laura for over a month now and for the most part, he hadn’t even thought about Amy as anything other than a friend. Laura was a great girl and everything he could ever have asked for in a girlfriend. He supposed that if he couldn’t have the girl he wanted the most he was lucky enough to get someone who was almost as good. And Laura was amazing. He liked her a lot and he sensed the feeling was mutual. Maybe he didn’t love her just yet but he knew that sooner or later his feelings for her would get to a point where he felt that way. 


They met up early on Saturday morning. It was their first proper date outside of Hogwarts and James was excited. Laura was wearing navy short shorts, a light blue t-shirt and a black cardigan. Her hair was curly today and her cheeks were a pale pink as she raced down the steps. She hugged him and brushed herself down, swearing as she did so.


“Hey, everything okay, you look flustered?” James asked, putting an arm around her to try and calm her down. 


“Yeah I’m fine. I just didn’t have enough time to get ready this morning, I look a mess,” she replied, sighing heavily. James pulled her in tighter.


“You look amazing, don’t worry,” he replied. 


“My hair is a frizz ball, I’m wearing no makeup, my clothes are plain and to be perfectly honest I’m surprised I had the energy to get downstairs, I’m shattered.”


James cut her off at this moment with a powerful kiss. She smiled and kissed him back. He pulled her towards the door and she grinned as she allowed him to lead her.


“Your hair looks good curly you should do it like that more often, I prefer a girl with less makeup anyway it makes you look more natural, your clothes are absolutely fine and as for the energy thing…” James peeled off and grabbed her, hoisting her into his arms and carrying her out the door as she squealed in his arms. “I can carry you, all the way to Hogsmeade!” James finished, not struggling to hold on to Laura despite the fact she was hitting his arm teasingly. 


“James, stop it, people are looking at us like we’re mad!” Laura squealed, struggling lazily against his firm grip.


“We are mad,” James replied, before silencing her with a kiss.


True to his word, James carried Laura all the way to Hogsmeade. She gave up trying to resist pretty soon and relaxed, enjoying his increasing strain as he moved. By the time they’d reached the Three Broomsticks, he was exhausted and lowered her down so he could catch his breath. 


“What, tired already?” she teased, pushing him gently as they entered the Three Broomsticks.


“No, you’re just heavy,” James replied, winking at her as she punched him in the arm. 


“I am not and you know it, you just need bigger muscles skinny arse,” she retorted, pulling him down into his seat. 


“Hey, it’s not my fault my mum was tiny,” James retorted as he relaxed in his chair.


“You never talk about your mum much,” Laura pointed out, snuggling up alongside him and ordering two butterbeers as the barmaid passed.


“No I don’t,” James agreed. “She died when I was tiny.”


“I’m sorry,” Laura replied, shocked yet intensely caring in her reaction. “What happened?”


“I don’t know yet. But I’m going to find out,” James said, his voice suddenly hard and laced with anger. 


Laura rubbed his arm and laid her head on his shoulder. At that moment, the butterbeers arrived and James took a sip, which made him feel better. He faced Laura, who laughed at the foam around his mouth and wiped it off with her hand. He stared intensely into her eyes for a few short seconds and then they kissed. They had kissed many times before now but this was different. The second their lips met, James felt an explosion of passion and life. She worked her tongue around his mouth, gently at first but then more and more fiercely. All he knew was her lips and his lips and he fought every urge in his body to rip off her shirt there and then. She grabbed him and they practically dived into the gents, still locked in their passionate war of attrition. James moved his hands, his left caressing her neck as his right became entangled in her hair. She moaned softly as he leant in and passed his lips across her neck. He moved his lips downwards, starting at her nape, until they met her low cut top. She hauled it off and he continued to kiss down towards her bra, his left hand still gently teasing her neck with his right twisting and knotting it in her scarlet locks. James stopped as his lips met her bra. He grinned as she stepped into him and planted her lips back against his, continuing the kiss. She was halfway through taking off his shirt when someone hammered on the door.


“Hurry the fuck up! I need a shit!” the boy yelled.


“Looks like this is going to have to wait,” James whispered, allowing her to fix his shirt as he turned to grab her top. She pulled it back over her head and nodded. She then allowed James to place a spell on her so she could slip out through the wall without the kid noticing she was there as James left the toilet. 


Meanwhile, across Hogsmeade, Amy had decided to come after all, if only so she could grab some sweets from Honeydukes and grab a drink at the Three Broomsticks. There was no sign of James and Laura which was a relief but even as she headed down towards the Shrieking Shack, she caught sight of a couple hiding amongst the trees. Her jaw dropped. It was Macey and Ali. And they were kissing…


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Chapter 4: Bleeding, Breathing and Benefits
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James lay back on the grass, smiling both inwardly and externally. Beside him, Laura was sprawled out lazily. They had finished their drinks and were now relaxing outside, near the Shrieking Shack. The whole building was boarded over and there was barbed wire preventing them getting near, so they were happy just to relax nearby and watch enthralled students get as close as they could before getting scared and running the other way. James scoffed at them as a group of third years got close and then legged it. Laura peeked up from where her head was embedded in the earth and snorted at them.



“Babies,” she joked before returning to her meditative state. James poked her and she sat up. “What’s up James?”




“Ten sickles says I can jump the fence,” James said, a broad grin appearing on his face.




“You’re an idiot.”




“Yeah, but I’m on such a high right now even if I fall and break every bone in my body then I’ll still laugh because of all the fun we’ve had.”




“Break your bone and that’s the end of fun forever,” Laura replied teasingly. 




“Oh yeah, well I’m still making that bet. Care to challenge me?”




“No, because when I’m right and you fail to clear that fence, I’m the one who will have to carry you to the hospital wing and I’m tired.”




“I’ll drag myself to the wing if I fail, I promise,” James replied, pulling her to her feet raggedly. 




“Fine, but on no account are you to blame me when this goes wrong and you’d better not skip payment,” Laura gave in.




James took a run up and leapt.








“I want my ten sickles by the end of the week. I’ll let Madam Pomfrey know you’ll be in when you’ve untangled yourself. Oh and before I forget, I told you so.”






Macey pushed Ali ahead of her as they slipped out of Zonko’s. They headed down a narrow path away from Hogsmeade village and towards the Shrieking Shack. Ali grabbed her arm and pulled her suddenly off the path and through a wall of bushes, protecting them with magic. On the other side he grinned as she shrugged him off. He pulled her tightly in towards him and kissed her gently. 




“Why are we keeping this a secret Ali?” she whispered. “We should tell James and Amy.”




“They’ve got enough on their plate already,” Ali reasoned. “The last thing they need is to worry about us. Besides, once they find out, more and more people will know and I don’t want us to be the topic of school gossip.”




“Oh please,” Macey snorted. “You just don’t want James to say ‘I told you so’.”




“That too.”




Macey chuckled and pushed him over, clambering on top of him and pressing her lips against his.




“We should tell them, it’ll be so much easier not to have to keep this a secret,” Macey told him. “All this sneaking around is so underhanded.”




“We’ve managed alright so far,” Ali retorted. “Besides, this is so much more fun than your regular date. It gives us that mysterious edge that you love so much…”




“I love not lying to my best friend,” Macey smiled, kissing him lightly again.




“We’ll tell them soon, I promise…”






Amy was torn between going up and saying something or just moving along and ignoring the scene in front of her. If Macey and Ali hadn’t told her about this, then there must be a reason for it. Besides, maybe this was their first time and they would tell her about it. She should probably wait for them to tell her in their own time but on the other hand, she was angry. Angry that two of her best friends wouldn’t tell her they were getting together, that she had spent so much of her life telling them everything only for them to lie behind their back. 




It’s none of your business. They have every right to privacy if they want it.




Oh great, that voice was back again. Once again telling her exactly the right thing. Why did it have to be so damned knowledgeable? Amy paused for a second and made up her mind. By now she’d gone to have a closer look, so she stepped back, away from the snogging couple. However, as she took a step back, her foot hit a branch and snapped loudly. Amy swore under her breath and Ali and Macey looked up, staring her right in the face. She tried to pull an apologetic face as Macey’s horror-struck face turned into a similar expression. For a few seconds, they stood there, both staring across the forest at each other awkwardly. Amy knew this wasn’t going to go away so she walked towards Macey and Ali who was blushing fiercely. 




“Hey there guys…” Amy started. The tension was almost unbearable. “So…having a good time?”




“Is that all you can say?” Macey chuckled, equally uneasily.




“Well I was going to lead with: ‘So either someone’s been tinkering with love potion or Ali developed some balls’ but then I realised that that might be a little harsh,” Amy replied.




“Yeah well you were right, okay. We do make a good couple and we do like each other? Happy?” Macey growled.




“Uh yeah, kinda,” Amy replied giggling slightly. “Why didn’t you just tell us though?”




“To avoid this highly embarrassing and awkward scenario,” Ali retorted, still as red as the blood rushing through his veins.




“Ok guys well I know now so let’s go to the Three Broomsticks, have a drink and you guys can tell me the whole story,” Amy suggested. Ali and Macey could only nod meekly. 






James smiled as he limped. Despite her promise to leave him behind, Laura had helped him untangle himself from the barbed wire and then supported him as he walked towards the hospital wing. It was still a beautiful day and the sun bathed them in light and warmth. On the flip side, blood was pouring out of a huge gash on James’ left leg and his right knee was badly twisted. It was nothing that Madam Pomfrey wouldn’t be able to fix in a heartbeat, but it stung like a bitch and every time James slipped and put weight on his right leg, he howled in pain. Laura was struggling under the strain of his body weight and kept moaning at him.




“I told you not to do it idiot!”




“You didn’t stop me!”




“Like I had much chance of doing that anyway!”




They bickered like an old married couple all the way back to the castle and when they got there, they realised their next problem was the stairs. James growled in pain as Laura practically dragged him up a few steps, gave up to take a break then tried again. By the time they’d made it to the fourth floor, neither of them had the energy to move so, using the walls as support, dragged themselves all the way to the wing, using what little energy they had left to bicker. They eventually made it inside and Madam Pomfrey fixed his legs in a matter of seconds.




“Just be more careful next time,” she instructed as she left James with his legs in a bowel of magically soothing water and Laura resting beside him.




“Well this first date ended awfully,” Laura said, as they calmed down and ceased bickering.




“Yeah well, at least we had fun. Today was really great Laura, thank you,” James replied. He leaned in and kissed her, attempting to replicate the magic of their kiss earlier that day. Despite his best efforts, they were both tired and couldn’t manage to reinvigorate their passion of in the pub. So they just lay back and cuddled up to each other, enjoying the others company and knowing that this was going to be one of the best days of their lives. 






“So how the hell did this start?” Amy asked, sitting opposite Macey and Ali, who were cuddled up to each other. On the one hand it was adorable on the other it was slightly sickening.




“Well,” Macey began. “You’ve been telling me to tell Ali how I felt and obviously James’ been doing the same to him, so about two weeks ago when you two were in Ancient Runes we were alone in here and well I had just kicked two little kids out the common room for giggling like three year olds and Ali told me he loved it when I got all rough and tumble and one thing led to another.”




“One thing led to another? That’s not a proper explanation,” Amy laughed.




“Ok, well I kissed him and then he started running his hands through my hair and then I took off his shirt and his abs were…”




“Okay, I get the point,” Amy interrupted, as Macey smiled wickedly at her. 




“Good, well at first we told each other it was a mistake, a one-off but then about two days it happened again and that time we both told each other how we really felt,” Ali took over. “So we kind of decided to take a shot at being a couple, like a proper couple. But the idea kind of repulsed her, so…”




“Macey!” Amy scolded.




“What? I don’t want to be one of those lovey dovey ‘oh he’s my whole world’ girls. You know how much they piss me off,” Macey replied sheepishly.




“So you decided to do what exactly?” Amy asked, bemused.




“We decided to be one of those couples that are friends in public and when no one else is around we screw like there’s no tomorrow,” Macey replied. Ali went red and Amy raised her eyebrow. She was used to Macey’s lack of sensitivity but this was something else.




“So basically friends with benefits?” she clarified.




“Yep, it’s the best thing ever,” Macey replied. Ali just looked incredibly awkward.






Darkness was settling around Hogwarts. The evening feast was quite a fun affair and James and Laura were back in time, James’ legs neatly patched up. Ali and Macey were yet ready to tell James about their newfound relationship despite the fact Amy shot them ugly looks throughout the meal. As they headed back up to the common room, they found there was a cue to get back into the common room. As they tried to get closer, they realised why. There was a massive slash across the portrait entrance. There were gasps from students around them. 




“What’s happening?” Macey asked who was standing behind James.




“Someone tried to break into the common room,” Amy replied, standing on tip toes to get a better look.




“Oh my god!” Ali murmured. “I bet it was that Sirius Black, trying to get his hands on Potter.”




Both Amy and James winced at this and caught each other’s eye. Even as they recollected themselves, they were swept aside by the tall, powerful stride of Professor Dumbledore, who reached the portrait and after a brief conversation with Peeves, ordered the students to head down to the Great Hall. There was much chatter between the students as to what had actually happened but throughout, James and Amy stayed silent. Dumbledore transformed the tables into purple sleeping bags for everyone in the hall and they all peeled off to find their own areas. Amy grabbed James and dragged him away from everyone else. Macey and Ali didn’t follow and plonked themselves down next to each other, whilst Laura went off with her friends. 




“Are you okay?” Amy asked quietly. The pair were lying down near the middle of the almost silent hall. Almost everyone else was asleep but the pair were wide awake.




“What do you think?” James hissed. “Every day that goes by it looks more and more likely that my dad is who everyone says he is. How am I supposed to keep faith in him?”




“Maybe he didn’t do this, maybe they’re mistaken,” Amy whispered. 




“You are kidding right. Right now, the only thing my father wants is to kill Harry Potter.”




Amy paled at the name and James smiled apologetically.








“Don’t worry. I don’t know him and I don’t want to know him. My parents are right, it’s best for everyone is he doesn’t know about me.”








“Hey you two!” Percy Weasley’s obnoxious voice floated over. “Shut up and go to sleep or I’ll take points off Gryffindor.”




“What an absolute prick!” James growled, quieter than before so Percy didn’t hear him. 




“Yeah well we should probably get some sleep,” Amy suggested, snuggling down. 




Seconds later she heard a quite loud yelping and opened her eyes. James was looking at her a huge grin plastered on his face and his wand hidden behind his back, under the covers. Amy peered into the gloom and saw Percy being suspended in the air, upside down by his ankles. Amy grinned as she realised James was using the non-verbal spell Levicorpus. It looked as though Lupin had been useful for something after all. Percy struggled and shouted about how he was head-boy until eventually he fell to the floor, exhausted, as James released the spell, as he couldn‘t hold on anymore without laughing. A chuckle escaped him and Percy was onto it like a flash, charging towards the sound. James’ eyes snapped shut and Amy followed suit. She could barely breathe as Percy’s heavy footsteps stopped right next to her. She turned in her sleeping bag, sighing heavily to give the appearance of sleep. James’ breathing was heavy and Percy stopped for a few seconds before moving on, starting on a couple of sixth years who had been giggling. Amy breathed a sigh of relief and James winked at her. It was good to see that he was still her James…




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Chapter 5: Blackmail, Bottled Emotions and Banter
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 What the bloody hell is wrong with you?



The voice in the back of Amy’s head was kicking itself into overdrive. She’d spent the whole day attempting to avoid the flirtatious advances of Ravenclaw David Summersby for no real reason. Even now, she was walking down the corridor to dinner where she knew he’d be, determined to get some sort of response from her. The boy was persistent she had to give him that. He had called her gorgeous at breakfast, played with her hair for almost half of Charms before she eventually got tired and pushed him off, asked her to join him for lunch and deliberately joined her table in Herbology. James found it highly amusing and did nothing to dissuade him from his efforts. Even as she reached the Great Hall, she saw an empty seat next to David, who had parked himself almost right next to Macey, who was currently staring down a terrified second year. Sighing, Amy plonked herself next to Macey and asked her what the second year had done to piss her off.




“Stole the last bloody waffle,” Macey growled, as the second year squealed and ran away, leaving Macey free to steal his plate and dig into his uneaten food. 




“Your friend is quite the character,” David said, sliding along the seat so he was facing Amy.




“I know, she’s a bit of a nutcase,” Amy replied, eyeing Macey suspiciously as she locked in on a fourth year’s unfinished mash potatoes. 




“I know what you mean, who has waffles for dinner?”




Despite herself, Amy laughed at David’s comment. He was a nice guy, funny and charming. Not too bad looking either. So why was she so determined not to fall for his advances? He didn’t relent (typically) and leant across the table to push Amy’s hair out of her eyes.




“You really are beautiful Amy, you know that right?” he said, his voice all of a sudden shifting from flirtatious to caring. Amy felt herself blush. The one thing she noticed was a lack of butterflies in her stomach and this made her hesitate.




“I’m really not David. Unless my hair magically straightened itself since I looked in the morning then I doubt I look anything other than messy.”




“Maybe, but you make messy look good Amy,” David replied smoothly. 




Amy struggled for a reply and was very thankful when Macey stepped in.




“Mate, unless you have some sort of death wish, then believe me, you really don’t want to fuck with Amy. She happens to have the toughest chick in the school as a best friend.”




“I’ll bear that in mind,” David smiled at Macey, unnerved by her threats. “I’ll see you later Amy, I’ve got to meet up with some guys from my dorm.”




And with that he stood up and left. Macey stabbed her waffle and rammed it in her mouth. “What an absolute douche bag!” she mumbled.




“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” was all Amy could manage in reply.






Laura’s lips danced along James’ and he pulled her closer. It was exactly three months since they had started going out and he was enjoying every second of it. So was she. Well if she wasn’t then she was very good at pretending she was. They lay on the common room sofa, snug under a blanket. It was a Saturday night so they were under no obligation to go to bed any time soon. 




“3 months…” Laura murmured.




“Yeah, hard to believe we’ve been together so long. It seems like only yesterday I first asked you out in Ancient Runes…” James grinned, kissing her gently.




“Yeah. We’ve had such a good time together. And the best bit is we’ve avoided all that relationship drama that you usually get. It’s nice to finally have a boyfriend who isn’t a cheater, a liar or just in it for sex.”




“I know what you mean,” James smiled. “And neither of us have any crazy exes hunting the other down either.”




“Yet anyway, I’d watch your back if I were you…”




James went slightly pale at this. “What?”




Laura burst out laughing and James relaxed. “I’m just kidding you. None of my ex-boyfriends give a shit anymore. They’ve all moved on to their next slag.”




“You’re not a slag,” James replied, holding her closer to him.




“Aren’t I?” Laura was starting to tear up. “I went out with 10 guys last year, slept with 4 of them and none of them gave two shits about me. I kept telling myself that each boy would be the one, that I could stop searching but then each one just treated me like shit. I should’ve realised that I’m just easy, that’s all. Little old me, letting my guard down and letting every guy have a shot at me.”




“Hey,” James kissed her forehead and squeezed her shoulder. “It’s not your fault. Sometimes in life you take chances and guys turn out to be dicks. But I’m not like that and you know that. If you don’t want to sleep with me, I’ll wait until you’re ready.”




“Did I say that?” Laura questioned, sniffing. “Slaggy old me will sleep with anyone.”




“Hey!” James was firmer this time. “You are not a slag, you understand? Nothing you say is going to convince me otherwise and right now is about you and me, not what we’ve done in the past. So just relax and stop being so hard on yourself. I love you, okay?”




Laura paused, staring deeply into his eyes. “I love you too,” she whispered, pulling him into a long kiss.






James woke up the next morning and slipped off the sofa, trying hard not to wake the sleeping Laura. He found himself face to face with Ali who was glaring at him. James was taken aback and cast a silencing charm around Laura so not to wake her. He had a nervous feeling this was going to get ugly. 




“What’s up Ali?” he asked, concerned.




“Don’t you feel bad, lying to her like that?” he snapped. 




“What are you talking about Ali?” James retorted.




“You never told her you’re completely in love with Amy. Don’t you think she deserves to know?”




“Why, so it can ruin our relationship?” James growled. “She trusts me and loves me and I’m not gonna blow all that to tell her I love someone I never have a chance with. Laura’s the perfect girlfriend and I’d be mad to screw with her.”




“What about Amy? Don’t you care about her at all?” Ali snapped.




James took a step towards him, hoping he was intimidating. 




“Don’t you dare suggest I don’t care about her,” he said in the hardest voice he could muster. “She’s got that guy David chasing after her, she doesn’t love me.”




“You’re an idiot James.”




“Oh, I’m an idiot?” James yelled. “What about you man? How come you haven’t had the balls to tell Macey you like her?”




“I have!” Ali roared. “We’ve been getting together for about two months now. But we didn’t know how to tell you because you’ve been so absorbed in your new ‘girlfriend’. When was the last time we talked, eh?”




“That’s not true…” James protested, his voice losing strength. “I’ve worked hard to stay friends with you guys as well as be the best boyfriend I can.”




“No,” Ali corrected. “You’ve worked hard to stay friends with Amy. Because you think you have some sort of chance while you screw around with Laura and as soon as you realize Amy loves you, you’re going to throw Laura away like a piece of food you’re done with and break her heart.”




This pushed James over the edge. He stepped forward and Ali’s head snapped back as James’ fist connected with it. Ali was stunned for a few seconds and James kicked him in the stomach and he collapsed, groaning and holding his stomach. 




“Admit it, Laura isn’t right for you! You need to go out with Amy and she’s just some temporary fix!” Ali groaned, earning him another kick from James. Before James could reply, Macey and Amy charged into the room, having heard the raised voices. They took in the scene and it was Amy who spoke first.




“What the hell happened?” she cried, as Macey helped Ali to his feet. The chaos had broken James’ silencing charm and Laura was waking up. 




“Me and James were talking,” Ali said through  gritted teeth. “And I pissed him off.”




“Evidently, what did you say?” Amy asked, putting her arms around James in case he tried to attack Ali again, despite the fact he’d calmed down. 




“It doesn’t matter,” James replied through equally gritted teeth. “I just lost my temper. Won’t happen again.”




Amy pulled him away from everyone else. She looked straight into his eyes, which were fiery and put her arms around him and whispered so no one else could hear. 




“What’s going on with you?”




“Ali seems to think I’ve spent no time with him at all this year and he also seems to think that Laura isn’t right for me,” James snapped. He’d replied selectively, choosing to ignore the bits about him being in love with Amy. “Oh and apparently he didn’t tell me about him and Macey.” Amy bit her lip and James raised his eyebrow. “You knew?”




“I caught them kissing during the last Hogsmeade trip. I wanted to tell you but they didn’t want anyone knowing.”




“Amy, I’m your best friend, you could’ve told me…” James replied.




“I know but they didn’t want me to. I’m sorry James…”




“Whatever, I guess this is what happens when you bottle up your emotions,” James snapped.




And with that he stormed off, Laura two steps behind him.






“Fuck off Summersby I’m not in the mood,” Amy snapped, barely looking up from her meal.




“What’s wrong?” David asked, sliding in alongside her and putting his arm around her. Amy ignored the arm gesture but decided to answer his question.




“My best friend and one of my other best mates decided to get into a fight and beat the crap out of each other.”




“Well that’s not your fault, is it?” David replied, moving his head forward so she could see his face. “And that shouldn’t ruin your chances of having a good weekend.”




“Oh,” Amy raised her eyebrows. “What are you suggesting? I abandon my best friends and all their problems and wander off with you to who knows where?”




“Basically. But you make it sound so much less romantic.”




“Whatever Summersby. I’m not coming. As much as I love the idea of whatever you’ve got planned, I need to find Macey and Ali, talk to James, finish my homework and find time to get a boyfriend. I’m kidding about the last part,” she added after noticing a flash of horror in his face quickly replaced by composure.




“You know how to banter Hunt, I’ll give you that,” David replied as Amy sidled out of her seat and left the Great Hall.






Macey found herself wandering Hogwarts’ hallowed halls. It was very easy to get lost in the castle, especially when no one was around and there was no telling where Ali was hiding out. After she had tried to ask him about what had happened, he didn’t want to talk about and had left the common room, though she had no idea where to. She heard a giggling sound from inside a nearby closet and smirked. Whatever little brats were having fun in there were about to get a nasty shock. She pulled out her wand and whispered: “Alohamora.” The door swung upon, revealing a very forlorn looking Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater, their clothes strewn around them.




“I think I’m going to be sick,” Macey groaned.




“Yes…Well…we uh…” Percy stammered. 




“She wouldn’t dare tell anyone, would you Jones?” Clearwater replied, attempting to be intimidating. 




“No, of course not,” Macey choked. “But of course if I keep my mouth shut, you should relinquish your head-girl ship to my good friend Amy Hunt.”




Clearwater’s face in that moment was priceless.






“Hey,” Laura shouted, grabbing James as she chased after him. “What was that about?”




“Nothing,” James lied. “Ali just said some things.”




“Some things? Wow that’s massively helpful,” Laura replied sarcastically.




“Look Laura, I know you’re just looking out for me but I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll sort it out when we’ve both had some time to cool down, that’s all there is to it.”




“If this is about me James…” 




“What?” James shook his head disbelievingly.




“We don’t have to go out if it’s hurting your best guy friend. I don’t want to drag you away from anyone.”




James pulled her in and kissed her. He pushed her hair out of her eye and whispered something in her ear that made her grin. Then he walked off, pulling her along after him. But even as they embraced again, James couldn’t escape the feeling in his stomach. The worst bit wasn’t Ali’s accusations or the fact he wasn’t telling Laura the whole truth. The fact was, every word Ali had spoken had been true. He knew it and he hadn’t had the guts to tell her. He just hoped this mess would have a happy ending. And that he didn’t break Laura’s heart.




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Chapter 6: Battle royales, bearing gifts and brothers in all but blood
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 James was summoning up the courage to apologise to Ali before Christmas. It was the final Hogsmeade weekend of the term, just before the Christmas holidays and James didn’t want to go away for two weeks with the pair on bad terms. He was with Amy, whom he had persuaded to come with him. The pair were still on amazingly good terms despite everything. Laura was with some of her mates, who she wanted to spend more time with. Macey was with Ali, naturally and they had an annoying tag-along: David Summersby.



“Summersby, will you please FUCK off!” James groaned, exasperated. Despite the fact they were relaxing in the Three Broomsticks, their chairs next to each other and Amy snoozing with her head on James’ shoulders, Summersby found it necessary to pull up a chair and irritate him by trying to flirt with her.




“What’s wrong with a little flirting Black?” he replied. “Surely you can’t be that overprotective and jealous?”




“I’m not overprotective and I’m definitely not jealous!” James seethed. “But it would be nice to have one day alone with my best friend without her obsessive stalker.”




“David,” Amy said gently at this point. “You know I love flirting with you but right now I just want to spend some time with James. He’s my best mate and I’d appreciate it if you two could actually get along.”




Summersby shot her one last smile before nodding and departing the Broomsticks. James shot her a funny look.




“Why didn’t you ask him to go earlier?” he cried.




“Because it was too funny to watch him wind you up,” Amy replied casually, readjusting her position so her hair was spreading over James’ neck. He felt the butterflies in his stomach prickle at the contact. He gave her a slight punch in the arm for the comment then drank more of his butterbeer. She sighed and he glanced down at her.




“What’s got you so happy all of a sudden?” he chuckled.




“I dunno James,” she replied happily. “Everything just seems good, you know. We’re both looking good for NEWTs, you’ve got Laura, Macey and Ali are happy together and David’s got his eyes on me. Plus, there’s the head-girl thing.”




James smiled. Clearwater had stepped down as head-girl and Amy had been the obvious second choice. Admittedly this meant he would see less of her when she took over the position properly after Christmas but he didn’t mind if it meant she was happy. Even as he smiled down at her and looked for a reply, he was interrupted by a sight out of the corner of his eye. Macey and Ali had entered the pub. Showtime. Amy had also noticed because she looked up at him expectantly.




“Go get him Jamesie!” she whispered encouragingly. 




James nodded and allowed her to lift her head so he could slip out the chair and head over to where his friends were sitting. Ali acknowledged his presence with pursed lips and a slight nod. Macey stayed out of it.




“Can we talk buddy?” James asked, filling as much apology into his tone as he could. Ali smiled.




“Course mate, I was starting to worry you wouldn’t say anything.”






Ali and James left the Three Broomsticks, leaving the girls to do their thing. They fought against the bitter wind and snow to reach the carriages back to Hogwarts, having already finished their Christmas shopping.




“I’m sorry Ali. Every word you said was true and I knew it, I just couldn’t face the idea that I was such a bastard,” James admitted, settling down opposite Ali.




“No, you had every right to be pissed off with me,” Ali replied. “I was out of line saying those things, regardless of if they were true or not. Who am I to judge you? You’re supposed to be my best friend and I was out of order.”




“If only all friendships were as good as ours eh?” James replied grinning. “A few sentences and we’re from loggerheads to lovers.”




“Lovers is a bit gay mate,” Ali replied wistfully. “But yeah basically. You’ve been like a brother to me these last seven years.”




“Yeah, a brother. A brother in all but blood. Congrats on things with Macey by the way!” James replied grinning.




“Yeah thanks,” Ali found himself flushing slightly. “She’s really amazing, you were right about going out with her. How’re things with Laura?”




“Really amazing,” James’ face lit up. “She’s just perfect you know? Everything I could want in a girl.”




“But she’s not Amy?” Ali finished, cursing himself for his tactlessness when he saw James’ face fall slightly.




“You can’t always get everything mate. Me and Amy were never meant to be, Laura’s the next best thing.”




“Okay James, if you say so…” Ali replied skeptically.






Snow blanketed Hogwarts as the Express roared away from the station. Amy and James shared a compartment and were lying on opposite sofas, snoozing. Summersby, Lucy, Macey and Ali were all staying at school over Christmas so there was no-one to disturb them. Or so they thought. The noise of the door opening made Amy look up and she scowled as she saw a curly haired girl standing there.




“What do you want Clearwater?” Amy spat, her voice as venomous as she could make it. 




“I want to know what you hope to achieve by becoming head girl?” Clearwater sneered. “Do you hope to steal Percy from me or maybe Dumbledore’s respect? Well nothing you do can persuade me you’re nothing other than a pathetic little shit!”




“If you came here to insult me Clearwater then get a move on, I’m trying to sleep.”




“I came to let you know that this isn’t over. You may have won this battle but the war is not over, it’s never over!” Clearwater warned, before storming out and slamming the door.




“What the hell was that about?” Amy asked James, who just shrugged in a puzzled manner.






Jake Hunt was a happy man. He had the best wife in the world, two amazing daughters, a house he rarely needed to leave and an almost infinite amount of money that his dad had left him. Sending his eldest daughter off to Hogwarts had been a big decision but one he didn’t regret. His younger daughter Lucy was unhappy she wasn’t allowed to go too but she was in the year below Harry Potter and the year before he’d had another run in with Voldemort. It had taken all of Amy’s persuasive skills to keep her at the school. That and James Black. The son of Amelia Kingston. Jake could still see his best friend in her son and knew that James was the perfect friend for Amy. It was almost fate. Hayley had also agreed she should stay on to do her NEWTs so Amy had been allowed to stay. Jake was looking forward to seeing his eldest daughter again after almost three months. She arrived back on the Hogwarts Express, James in tow and then they apparated with Jake back to their house. The Hunt’s home was in the middle of nowhere and was two stories, with four bedrooms. Originally, Jake hadn’t planned for it to be that big but after Lucy’s birth he extended it with magic to be on the safe side. James hadn’t been in Amy’s room in a while and after he said hi to her mum and dumped his stuff in the spare room he often stayed in, he followed her up to it. 




“You redecorated,” he remarked, grinning as he took it in. The walls were a deep purple, as were the bed covers. Clothes were either in the huge wardrobe or lying calmly on her bed and there weren’t many photos around. There were three on her bedside table. One of her family when she was smaller, one of her, James, Macey and Ali from last year and one of just her and James from Halloween of 5th year. James grinned as his counterpart waved, his arm around her shoulder. He was dressed as scarecrow, his face molded by magic to look like a bag of straw. Amy had gone for the more traditional vampire, her face pale white and smeared with purple makeup, with big teeth and blood. 




“It’s been a while. The last time you were in here, I was brunette,” Amy pointed out, grabbing a hairbrush and focusing on her mirror. James sat on her bed.




“You remember this Halloween?” he asked, showing her the picture. 




“Of course, that was the best night of my life!” Amy replied, sitting down beside him.




“Really?” James sounded surprised.




“Of course! We dressed up, got drunk, danced until the early hours and then fell asleep on your bed, what could be better than that?” she replied, smiling. Her eyes were piercing through him and he couldn’t look away.




“I dunno, I just figured you’d have better memories than that!” James replied.




“Why have you got any better?” she teased. James shrugged and racked his brains. The truth was, he hadn’t. Even everything he’d done with Laura paled in comparison to that night.




“Point taken,” he answered eventually, laying back. His head collided with her covers and he grinned, even as she plucked one of her shirts from underneath him and dropped it on his face. Amy pulled him up and they were interrupted by a knock at the door. Amy flicked it open with her wand and Lucy Hunt stepped in, a huge grin on her face.




“James fucking Black. It’s been a while!” she grinned. She strolled over and plopped herself down beside him, kissing his cheek and winking at her sister. “Is he still mine when you decide you’ve had enough of him?” she asked jokingly. 




“Of course sis. I’m already sick of him, feel free to do whatever you want with him,” Amy retorted.




“Oh thanks guys, I feel so privileged,” James snorted. It was no secret that thirteen year old Lucy had a crush on him, which she used to constantly tease her sister. Lucy was quite tall for her age, which almost matched her up to her short sister. Also unlike her sister, she sported her parent’s dark hair, which she had cut short just below her shoulders and she had eyes the deepest brown, inherited from her dad rather than her mum. Whilst her sister was almost definitely her mother’s daughter, she took massively after her dad. 




“Shut up you,” Lucy pretended to snap. “You’re the only company I’ve had in three months so I would feel privileged.”




“Liar,” Amy snorted. “You’ve been sneaking out with that muggle from the nearest house haven’t you?”




Lucy scowled, which she was certainly able to do despite her pretty face. “Alright smart-arse. I don’t have to sneak out, but dad would give me a lecture about being careful and not going too quickly and besides, he still thinks my idea of a dream guy is this loser.”




“When did this become a James-hating session?” James butted in, hurt.




“Quiet,” Amy snapped. “Is daddy’s little girl afraid of daddy knowing she’s all grown up?” 




“Duh, I know you are!” Lucy grinned. Amy shrugged, also smiling. James stood and turned to the two very different and yet so alike sisters.




“Right well I’m going to help your mum with dinner before one of you decides throwing me out the window is beneficiary to your conversation,” he said, sidling out to their laughter.






Hayley glanced up as James entered the room. She shot him a golden smile and he smiled back wearily. 




“So how’s Hogwarts?” she asked casually. “Keeping my daughter out of trouble?”




“Naturally,” James replied. “She doesn’t need any help on that front. Macey and Ali are finally going out. That’s the main reason they’re still there, enjoying themselves without their best friends to tease them.”




“That sounds a lot like something me and Jake would do,” Hayley chucked. “It’s good to see that those two have finally told each other how they feel about each other. What about you? Amy mentioned you’ve got a girlfriend?”




“Yeah, Laura,” James blushed. “She’s incredible and I’m really thankful for Amy setting it up.”




Hayley frowned slightly and tried to cover up. James didn’t miss it and shot her a quizzical look.




“It’s nothing. Just that Amy’s never been one for matchmaking. Besides, the way you two act around each other, I’m surprised you aren’t going out with each other.”




James almost choked. “You must be joking. She’s my best mate.”




“Yes well, having a best friend like her makes you a lucky guy,” Hayley replied, smiling to herself at James’ obliviousness.






Christmas Day came soon enough. There was a flurry of activity at about 7am, as teenagers and adults alike ripped open presents. After presents, came an early breakfast before James and Amy headed out into the countryside to enjoy the snow. James had bought Amy a necklace for Christmas and she’d bought him a male grooming set. Their presents for Hogwarts had been sent off with their owls an hour previously and they were hoping that the others would mail them shortly. By about lunchtime, they were exhausted and traipsed back to the house for Christmas dinner. About halfway through the meal, there was a knock at the door. 




“I’ll get it,” Amy groaned and clambered down from the table, only to find herself being sent flying as she opened the door. Penelope Clearwater stepped in as Amy pulled herself to her feet. 




“Admit it!” Clearwater screeched.




“Admit what?” 




“That you sabotaged everything I love because you hate me!” she snapped.




“What are you talking about Clearwater?” Amy scowled.




“First you got your little friend to blackmail me into quitting as head girl and then you got Percy to consider breaking up with me to preserve his status as head boy!” Clearwater screamed. 




“What the fuck are you on about?” Amy growled.




“Your friend Macey told me if I didn’t quit as head girl she’d tell Dumbledore about me and Percy shagging when we were supposed to be doing patrols!” Clearwater snarled.




“I knew nothing about that!” Amy snapped indignantly. “You can keep your stupid head girlship. I don’t want it if that’s how I earned it. And as for Percy, if he’s only going out with you to “preserve his reputation” then he doesn’t sound like a good boyfriend at all!”




Hayley, Lucy and James were arriving to investigate just as Clearwater fired the first curse. Amy dodged and fired back, the two girls using their extensive dueling skills to the full as red and black streaks flew everywhere. James grabbed Lucy and pulled her out of the way of the fight as a curse narrowly missed her head. He practically dragged her behind a sofa and pulled out his wand as he prepared to intervene. Clearwater made the first solid contact, slamming a stunning spell into Amy’s chest. Amy staggered back, as Clearwater smashed her face with her fist and flicked her in the air with a curse. At this point, James disarmed Clearwater as Lucy rugby-tackled her to the ground. Amy scrambled to her feet and as Lucy was shoved off Clearwater, struck her with an immobilizing jinx. She then levitated Clearwater up and out the door, dropping her in the largest pile of muddy slush she could find. Clearwater screamed as she pulled herself up and then charged back towards the house. Lucy, Amy and James all fired at once. Clearwater was blasted backwards by the force of the three spells, her legs turning into one giant slug’s body, her arms turning into insects arms and her face blotched with boils. Amy giggled repeatedly with laughter as Clearwater shrieked once more before running away, crying heavily. Jake and Hayley came crashing into the hall, wands raised.




“What happened?” Jake gasped. 




“Nothing we couldn’t handle,” Amy replied, shrugging and rubbing her shoulder.




Get out and stay out bitch!!


For once the voice in her head agreed with her.




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Chapter 7: Blue nail varnish, Balls of Steel and Black's return
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 “Did you ever watch that muggle TV show Balls of Steel?” James asked, glancing down at Laura, who was lying in his arms.



“Duh, I’m half-blood remember,” Laura replied. “My dad made me watch it all the time.”




“What about your mum?” 




“She was too busy chasing after my little sister to ensure she didn’t blow up the house. Magic can be really unpredictable,” Laura explained. James chuckled.




“I bet I’d be better at it than you,” he teased. 




“What?” Laura giggled.




“I’ve been thinking about how bored we’ve been lately. And I figured the best way of doing that is to do some pretty epic stuff. You know, throw the boat out there.”




The pair had now been going out for almost five months and as far as James was concerned, things were never better. He was still best friends with Ali and Amy, getting along brilliantly with the pair. There had been no news of his dad performing any murders and even Lupin was becoming more bearable. Although he hadn’t told anyone, even Amy or Laura, James knew it wouldn’t be long before he could expose Lupin and get him kicked out of Hogwarts or worse. It would be any day now, and James would make that filthy werewolf pay for what he did to his dad. 




“James,” Laura replied. “I think you’re absolutely bonkers.”




“But Laura, just imagine the fun we could have, especially with magic!” James begged. “And the Quidditch game between us and Ravenclaw is on Saturday so we only have to keep ourselves entertained until the after-party.”




“Assuming we win.”




“We will win, Potter always catches the snitch. Except when he gets knocked off by Dementors,” James assured her.




“Those things creep me out,” Laura shivered. James rubbed her shoulders. “Why can’t they just find Black already?”




James flinched at the mention of his father. He wondered if he would ever tell Laura about Sirius. He figured that if after 5 months he couldn’t, he might as well not bother.




“Laura, there’s something I need to tell you…”




“What is it?” Laura’s face was suddenly laced with concern as James took a deep breath.




“My father is Sirius Black,” he whispered.




Whatever Laura had been expecting, it wasn’t that. She sat up, facing James, her mouth wide open. She pulled him into a huge hug as James felt a mixture of relief and sadness.




“Oh my god James, I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me before?” she gasped.




“Yeah because it’s such an easy thing to tell people, even the ones I love,” James replied gently but sarcastically.




“James, I’m really sorry. Your mum, now this…” Laura peeled off, pulling him tighter.




“Yeah,” James decided to be more open. “He doesn’t even know I exist. I was born when him and my mum were still in school and she never told him about me before she died. I live with my mum’s best mate’s parents, seeing as how my mum wasn’t exactly treated well by her muggle parents. She spent her whole life with her best friend, Amy’s dad.”




“Really? It’s like you two were destined to become best friends or something,” Laura smiled.




“Yeah I guess,” James replied. He felt better having told Laura the truth (or most of it) and as she pulled him into another comforting hug, he absorbed her warmth and proceeded to kiss her, first gently, then more powerfully, as she kissed him back and giggled…






Amy swore loudly as she took the last three steps at a jump. She was going to completely miss breakfast if she wasn’t quick. As her foot touched the ground, she slipped and she completely lost her footing, skidding across the entrance hall. She reached for her wand as she flipped over but didn’t need to as David came out of nowhere and grabbed her. She heaved a sigh of relief as he handed her a croissant and some orange juice. The pair had gotten closer in the month since Christmas and they were borderline boyfriend and girlfriend. For all of David’s flirting, he was yet to either ask her out or kiss her.




“Thanks so much David. My hero,” Amy grinned, catching her breath.




“Anytime. You know you’re very blue right?” David grinned. “Cheering on the mighty Claws tomorrow?”




Amy blushed fiercely. The mix of the blue jeans and the blue nail varnish and eye liner she had on had occurred to her before she’d left the common room. What she hadn’t expected, was for a couple of Ravenclaws to bewitch her robes or for Peeves to hurl a huge bucket of blue paint on her. Her hair was dripping blue streaks and her front and face were splattered. 




Anything for precious David right? As opposed to James, the boy you actually love!


Oh great now even the voice in her head was turning against her.




“Very funny Summersby,” she replied, proceeding to wolf down her breakfast as David fixed her robes and hair. “Do I look okay now?” she asked, contorting her body in an attempt to examine herself. 




“You look fine,” David chuckled as he pulled her closer to him. She breathed sharply as he kissed her and for a few seconds, she stood there stunned, before kissing her back. She placed her hands on his neck.




“Hey look, some girl with blue nail varnish is kissing Summersby,” Ali said from behind her as she winced. “Thank god for that, I was really worried the bastard would end up with Amy.”




“Uh Ali,” Macey muttered. “Amy was wearing blue nail varnish this morning, she lost her red and pink ones so one of the others leant her blue.”




“Wait, do you mean…?” Ali’s voice faded and Amy pulled away, facing her thunderstruck friends sheepishly. Summersby turned around and tried to grin at them. Macey was caught between laughing and exploding, Ali looked closer to exploding, Laura was trying hard not to look and James’ face was something strange, something she couldn’t pick up on. If she’d listened hard enough, she might have been able to hear his heart splintering. 






Amy tried to avoid her friends for the rest of the day but that didn’t really go well. Macey, who was naturally blowing everything out of proportion, saw Amy kissing a Ravenclaw the day before the big match whilst wearing blue as nothing short of betrayal. Ali was trying to take a diplomatic view on it but when your girlfriend is so strong-minded it’s difficult to sit on the fences. James was feeling pretty down and out. Laura blamed it on their few days earlier conversation, discussing your parents, one of whom is dead, the other a wanted killer, doesn’t tend to have a positive effect on your mood. What was really keeping him down was the knowledge that any hope he had hoped he might ever end up with her. Laura had suggested as they had two free periods in the afternoon they did the stupid game that James had thought of a few days earlier. The sheer idea seemed to cheer him up a bit but he was still mopey, more so as over the course of the day, he kept seeing Amy with David, which only served to deepen his feelings towards her. By lunch, he was ready to throw himself off the top of the Astronomy Tower and though Laura didn’t have that in mind, there was some serious stuff to pull off. 




“Ok, three stunts each,” Laura informed him. “Whoever does the best gets complete control over our date on Sunday. Deal?” 




“Always,” James replied, forcing a smile and trying not to think about Amy.




“Ok then, you’re up first big guy,” she cuddled up to him. “Break into the Ravenclaw common room and leave a nice surprise on Summersby’s bed.” And with that she handed him a filibusters and stood back.




“Piece. Of. Cake.”






Ali had no idea how he’d allowed this to happen. Macey had decided to go all head-buster and had tracked down David’s best mate in an attempt to find out his deep dark secrets. Assuming he had any, he could just be a normal guy. Ali pointed this out but there was no way the adamant Macey was going to listen. Which was why Ali found himself standing uncomfortably as Macey pinned Summersby’s best mate up against a wall.




“Look you little prick, there must be something David does that we can use against him,” Macey snarled.




“Listen you crazy bitch,” the boy snapped, earning himself an extra hard thump. “David’s just a normal guy and he’s in love with that Amy girl so why don’t you just back off?” 




Macey dropped him and stormed away, dragging Ali behind her. Ali tried to calm her down but she was adamant that there was no way Amy was going out with Summersby. Despite the fact that she seemed to enjoy his company and he was virtually harmless. Macey had yet another brainwave and was now planning to break into the Ravenclaw dormitories. Luckily, to get in, all you had to do was answer a difficult question. Unluckily, this was Macey. After six failed tries and pissing off several Ravenclaws, Macey was about to give up, at which point she heard a huge explosion from inside the dorm. The portrait opened and James Black fell out, coughing. He was covered in soot and his clothes were torn. Macey couldn’t stop laughing and neither could Laura who came out of hiding from behind a nearby pillar. An indignant James clambered to his feet. 




“Well that went horribly,” he spluttered.




“Are you kidding? That was hilarious!” Laura crowed. “What the bloody hell happened?”




“Well I left it on his bed and set the charm so it was motion sensitive. But before I could leave some ugly kid came in and I hid.”




“Where, on the bed?” Laura snorted.




“No!” James retorted. “Under it. The ugly kid sat on the firework.”




This set Laura off again, and it was several minutes before she could stop laughing long enough to reply.




“So what happened then?” she giggled.




“Well I think I got off lightly compared to him. But I’ll tell you what. He looked awfully familiar. Plus, I found this under David’s bed,” James produced a small vial of what looked like sludge.




“Bingo!” Macey grinned and snatched it off him. “Come on Ali, let’s take this to Snape to find out what our little friend has been concocting. Cheers James!” she called after him as she pulled away Ali.




“Your go,” James wheezed.






Amy giggled. She was giggling a lot. All day in fact. To be honest, her day had been pretty amazing. David had treated her almost like a princess and even though they were sitting in the library doing work, he was still highly amusing. Even though at first she’d been reluctant, she guessed that he’d merely worn her down. It’s not as if James had shown any signs of making an effort to ask her out anyway, he wanted a friend, nothing more. Speaking of James, who’d been avoiding her all day (go figure), he was currently standing a few paces away, sniggering slightly. Amy frowned and beckoned him over. James kept his eyes on the bookcases as he walked over and sat down next to Amy, hugging her as he did so. David’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t say anything.




“What’s up Jamesie? I haven’t seen you all day?” Amy asked, noticing he wasn’t taking his eyes off the bookcase. 




“Sorry Amy, we just figured you needed some time alone with David,” James replied. “Give me two seconds, there’s a bit of a problem.”




Even as he stood, the bookcases began to collapse. All of them, converging on a single point. James sat back down, relaxing as everyone else in the library watched in horror. The bookcases settled and an arm stuck itself from under the books, followed by a head of flustered red hair and a groaning face. Laura pulled herself out from the mountain of books, ignoring everyone’s cries, checking she was okay. She stumbled over to James and gave him a two fingered salute before collapsing into the table. David and Amy both shot James incredulous looks.




“We’re playing Balls of Steel. And judging by that display, she’s winning,” James explained, picking up his girlfriend and carrying her out. 






“So Professor, what is it?” Ali asked, putting on his sweetest voice as Macey leaned against the wall behind him. Usually, Snape would never help out a Gryffindor but Macey and Ali were the only half-decent students in his NEWT class.




“Well,” Snape began, but was interrupted as Laura and James raced in.




“Sorry about this in advance, Professor,” James said, as he picked up his cauldron and placed it upside down on his head. Before Snape could protest, Laura grabbed her wand and started hammering the cauldron repeatedly. If Snape was yelling at them, James sure as hell couldn’t hear it over his own yells of pain as all his eardrums were about to burst and his head shook. As Laura decided enough was enough and pulled it off, James twisted around and hit the floor. 




“It’s a charm potion,” Snape growled. “Makes even the ugliest and stupidest of people attractive and gives them charm in speech as well. And I’ll overlook wherever you got this from if you get those two imbeciles out of my sight before I’m forced to give you all detention.”






“And then the bitch tossed me out!” Clearwater growled. “Percy!” she whined.




“Sorry Penelope, I was just watching Tamserian and Black, they look like they’re up to no good,” Percy replied, eyeing up the duo as Laura prepared herself for the stunt.




“I don’t care Percy, just listen to me. We need to get back that nasty little slut, I’ve never liked her.”




“Look,” Percy snapped slightly. “We’re still together and you’re still head-girl. Nothing she can do to you is that bad if you have those two things right? And besides, she’s only supporting her house and herself.”




“How can you possibly side with her?” Clearwater spluttered. 




“Because right now I’m tired of fighting,” Percy replied, kissing his girlfriend. “With her and with you.”




Percy then turned and started to yell as Laura started fisticuffs with half a dozen enchanted statues.






James and Laura looked at each other, grinning mischievously. Their previous efforts had left them blown up, crushed, deafened and beaten to a pulp by a bunch of statues. Now they were going to fight to the finish. Literally. The seventh floor was practically abandoned as they faced the stairs, wearing nothing but underwear and skis. Ali groaned as they prepared to launch themselves down the seven floor staircase.




“You guys are nutters, in case I haven’t said it already.”




“Five times.”




“Still…Okay, first one to the great hall has control of Sunday’s date, presuming you aren’t in detention or dead, they’re both highly likely. Go on then, get on with it before I’m forced to stop you.”




Strategically planned for the least resistance, dinner time was the perfect time for a race. They pushed off, hurtling down the stairs with surprising speed. Ah the joys of magic. The 7th floor staircase shifted sharply and they broke off, James heading left down towards the 6th, Laura skidding off down the 7th floor corridor. James grinned victoriously but suddenly Laura shot out a secret passageway alongside him as they skidded through the 6th floor. Speeding down a separate staircase along their prescribed course, they flew past the hospital wing and back out into the Grand Staircase. Down another flight of stairs and then they shot out the 3rd floor window, landing on a shallow roof and then straight into the fountain. Stripping off the skis, they charged towards the main entrance hall, soaked and practically naked. They then had to run back up to the 2nd floor and get on the next set of skis. They hurtled back down towards the finish line, where Macey was waving a checked flag. However, by now there were people around. Weaving around them, they careered down the last set of stairs. As they reached the bottom, a Slytherin seemed to come out of nowhere and James crashed into him, skidding along the floor and dropping agonisingly short of the finish as Laura flew past him.




“Victory!” she screamed, losing control of her skis and hammering straight into a suit of armour.




“That looked painful,” Macey remarked as Laura groaned in pain.






If any of the teachers had heard the commotion, the pair hadn’t stuck around long enough to find out. After quickly changing, they headed back to the common room, where Macey and Ali were discussing their next move. They decided to slip David an antidote to the charm potion so Amy could see for herself. Amy was up in her dorm, getting an early night ahead of the morning’s Quidditch match. Laura and James decided to go to the hospital wing. She was starting to see things.






They were in the common room, partying with the rest of the Gryffindor team. Ravenclaw had been beaten by 230-30. Harry Potter had caught the Snitch and now victory against Slytherin would give them the cup. Even Amy, who had no interest in Quidditch, had ditched David for the evening and was partying along with James and the others. Which was when it happened.








 A few minutes arguing later it transpired that Sirius Black had broken into the Gryffindor Tower and nearly killed Ron Weasley. Laura and Amy both looked at James and chased him up to his dorm.




“James?” Laura asked, taking a cautious step forwards as James sat on his bed, his face blank.




“I guess that’s it,” he swallowed. “There’s no denying it now. And you know what, there’s no way he could get into the castle without help.”




“What do you mean?” Amy asked, worried about where this was going.




“There’s only one person who would help out my dad still in this castle. Remus Lupin. That blasted werewolf again.” He turned to Laura. “You know I said I didn’t know how my mum was killed?”




“Yes?” Laura replied gently.




“She was ripped to shreds by Lupin. He’s a fucking werewolf and he’s a murderer. And now he’s helping my dad break into our dorm. This has gone on long enough. I’m going to do it tomorrow. Sorry about our date but this is more important.” He was looking straight at Amy now. “The werewolf will pay for what he’s done.”




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Chapter 8: Breaking up, Breaking and entering and Breaking bones
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 Laura was staring at her reflection. Well, she wasn’t, she was staring at the mirror, thinking about her boyfriend. As she did so, she also absorbed her own reflection. She hadn’t slept a wink and it showed. Her hair had grown to almost shoulder length (she was going to have to get it cut) and was unruly. She had massive bags under her eyes and her lack of makeup made her face look tired. Her clothes were miss-matched and baggy, trackies and a tank top. She was worried. James hadn’t spoken to either him or Amy since their discussion following his announcement for revenge. Both Laura and Amy had offered to help but he had insisted it was personal and that he didn’t want them getting into trouble. Amy had known him longer and better but they were good friends so Laura wasn’t jealous. Amy told her not to bother trying to change James’ mind and if she felt there was nothing they could do, there probably wasn’t anything. Hence, they’d gone to bed, neither of them able to rest knowing their best friend/boyfriend was going to probably get himself into serious shit. Amy smiled at her from across the room and Laura turned and smiled. 



“Just get through today,” Amy told her. “He’ll be fine, trust me. James has always been the perfect mix of Sirius Black and Amelia Kingston. Mischievous but kind at heart.”




“I wouldn’t know,” Laura replied slightly tearfully. “I know nothing about his parents, basically.”




“Hey, I only know because my parents told me and him stories,” Amy replied. “He never talks about it unless I make him. He really loves you, you know.”




“Of course I know that,” Laura reassured her. “I’m just worried about him. What happens if he gets expelled?”




“My parents never finished school,” Amy revealed. “They’ve done just fine in their lives with their OWLs and their own magic.”




“Thanks for the reassurance Amy but trust me; nothing you say is going to make me worry about him less.”




“There’s nothing more we can do. Even if we stop him today, he’ll just do it tomorrow. I’m sorry Laura.”




“Don’t be. None of this is your fault.”






James knew that what he was about to do was stupid. Dangerous. Border line crazy. If Lupin turned werewolf on him then suicidal was a word he could add to the list. Still, it almost certainly wouldn’t come to that. Lupin couldn’t turn into a wolf because it wasn’t the full moon. However, whatever the circumstances, messing with a monster was not a clever idea. He approached the DADA office. It was Sunday so he had no idea where on earth Lupin would be. That made what he was about to do not only incredibly risky but also incredibly stupid. He slipped closer, highly aware that every move he made was one step closer to chaos…






Amy giggled as David pulled another funny face. The pair were at breakfast and were in remarkably good spirits, all things considered. David sipped his pumpkin juice, which was about to become his downfall. Two seats down, Macey eyed up her target with disdain. Ali sat uncomfortably beside her, with Laura off with her friends. There was no sign of James. Macey leaned across in an attempt to talk to Amy and whilst she did so, was quietly able to slip the small vial into David’s drink. Luckily, it was colourless so it didn’t appear in his juice. David drank from the cup as Macey sat back, a huge smirk evident on her face. Amy blinked in horror as her boyfriend’s face began to shift. It contorted and twisted into a hideously ugly boy, covered in warts and spots. He was very fat and had short stumpy legs. When he spoke, spit flew everywhere.




“What’s wrong babe?” he slurred his voice uncontrollable. 




“Uh, David, what’s wrong with you?” Amy stuttered. 




“Nothing, why?” David asked, confused. 




“You look uh, ugly!” Amy exclaimed. “Why?”




“Oh fuck!” he wheeled round to face Macey and Ali. “What the hell did you do?”




“Well, we just exposed you for who you really are to Amy,” Macey retorted. “He’s been using a charm potion to hide who he really is.”




“Is that true David?” Amy gasped.




“No, of course it isn’t,” he snapped. “They’re lying to you.”




“Who are you going to believe Amy? This pile of shit or your best friends? Even James knows it, he’s the one who found the charm potion under his bed in the first place!” Macey snapped.




Amy looked at David. If there was ever a doubt in her mind that Macey was truthful it vanished when she used James’ name. Amy knew they were telling her the truth.




“Get the fuck outta my sight Summersby!”






Ali strolled down the corridor in a good mood. Amy was finally done with that pile of crap Summersby, him and Macey were looking good and the world appeared to be his oyster. Stepping out round the corner, Ali had the wind knocked out of him as a fist collided with his face. He stumbled back and reached for his wand, only to be disarmed the moment he had it in his wand. His wand went tumbling to the floor and the he was lifted into the air by his ankles. Summersby stepped out of the shadows. 




“Hello there Franks,” he snarled, as Ali struggled against the vice grip of the spell. 




“Let me go Summersby. Everything that happened with Amy was a lie and it’s your fault. Nothing you do to me is going to make things any better,” Ali reasoned.




“I may have lost Amy but I don’t intend to let you get away with it,” David snapped, flicking a curse towards the suspended Ali, who could do nothing to avoid it. It smashed into his face, distorting his vision and splitting his nose. Ali groaned in pain as David laughed triumphantly.




“You see how weak you are without Jones around to save you?” David sneered, before releasing the Levicorpus. Ali hit the floor hard and groaned, desperately reaching for his wand. Summersby stood on his hand and crushed it, making him yelp in pain. 




“You ruined my life Franks, let’s call this payback. For now…”




And with that, he kicked Ali in the face and strolled away, leaving Ali to try and crawl away…






“Laura, honey? Are you okay?”




Laura looked up and smiled. Her best friend: Violet Manning, was always concerned. She was eternally caring and never let anything go.




“Yeah Vi. I’m just worried about my boyfriend.”




Violet wrinkled her nose. Laura smiled knowingly. Violet hated talking about relationships. She was a sweet girl but she was useless when it came to boys.




“What’s he doing now?” Violet asked timidly.




“It doesn’t matter Vi, I’ll see him soon enough and make sure that he’s alright,” Laura reassured her. Violet smiled slightly.




“You’re a mess today Laura. Both physically and emotionally. Now you may think that everything’s okay, but it clearly isn’t, or you wouldn’t be stressed. I get you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong but I’m here if you need me.”




Laura smiled wearily and hugged her.




“Look Violet, I’ll be fine. Just let me brood for now, okay?” Laura replied gently, hoping to goodness that James was okay.






Macey stormed into the hospital wing. If looks could kill, everyone in the room would be dead. Amy was two steps behind her, worrying. Worrying about everything if she was honest with herself. She was worried about James, worried about Ali and worried about Macey, who looked like she might explode.




“Are you okay Ali?” she cried, charging over to his bedside.




“Fine thanks Mace. That bastard Summersby just caught me off-guard,” Ali wheezed.




Macey hugged him gently as he winced from the pain in his face. Amy pulled up to the bed and Ali tried to smile at her, only to wince at the pain in his face. Amy sat on his bed opposite Macey. 




“Hang in there Ali,” she reassured him. “We’re gonna go find Summersby and beat the shit out of him.”




“No!” Ali snapped painfully. “Leave him alone, he’s got what he wants. If you guys go  after him, then it’s only going to make things worse. I’ve already told Dumbledore, he’s going to sort it out, okay?”




“Fine, whatever you say!” Macey groaned.




Ali smiled at her and rested his head on her shoulder. Macey smiled contentedly and Amy went to back away. She turned, only to see a tearful Laura standing there. Her heart skipped a beat as she grabbed Laura and pulled her over to one side so they weren’t overheard.




“Have you heard anything about James, is he okay?” Amy asked panicked. 




“No, not yet,” Laura tried to smile. “Sorry Amy, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m just so damn worried about him and it’s not even lunchtime yet. I’m a wreck Amy.”




“Come here,” Amy said, pulling Laura into a hug. “We’re going to get through this, alright?”




Laura nodded tearfully and Amy smiled at her. Amy led Laura to their dorm to get some rest, knowing full well she wouldn’t get a wink of sleep. But at least she could lie back and be comfortable while she worried. Amy allowed a tear to fall. She was just as worried and she knew James wasn’t going to be the same again but she at least had to be strong, even if Laura couldn’t.




“Thank you Amy,” Laura called from her bed. “For everything.”




“Don’t worry about it Laura,” Amy muttered in reply.




“No but really. If it wasn’t for you, we’d never have gone out in the first place.”




Don’t fucking remind me!




“I was just looking out for my best friend,” Amy replied, shrugging, ignoring her voice.




“Well we both appreciate it Amy, James is a lucky guy to have you as his best friend,” Laura said, smiling at her.




Amy hated herself at times like this. The love of her life was off probably getting him expelled, she’d set him up with another girl, her best friend was probably going to get herself killed going after the other guy she’d liked, who’d turned out to be a lying prick who had cursed her other best friend and put him in the hospital. At least there was no sign of Clearwater showing her ugly head again.




“Oi!! Bitch!! This ends now!!” 




Why did Amy have to go and think that?






James sneaked right up to the door of the classroom. After checking for what seemed like the millionth time that no-one was around, he used alohamora to flick open the door. He slipped through and shut the door quietly behind him. The fact that the door was a good sign. The room was eerily quiet for a classroom. He moved almost silently, arriving on the far side at the room stealthily and then creeping up towards the office. He opened the door with another flick of his wand. He crept inside. The room was strange, dotted with strange ornaments. The large trunk up against a wall was what James was interested in. Flicking through several bits of it, he came across exactly what he was looking for. A rack of potions. Smiling inwardly, James opened a vial and smelled it. Wolfsbane, exactly what he had expected. With this, he could clearly expose Lupin, and ensure his full moon was as painful as possible. James levitated every vial except one with his wand and hurled them into the fire. The one he had examined, he slipped into his pocket, as evidence. He turned to leave, but was distracted by a photo on the desk. It was of Lupin with his parents, Amy’s parents, James and Lily Potter and another blonde girl. She had her arms around Remus. Anger welled up inside James as he remembered what Lupin had done. He punched the picture hard and it shattered. He grabbed it and kicked it straight out the window. He then turned and blasted Lupin’s office repeatedly with his wand. Then he fell to his knees and cried. Cried for his lost parents and because of what Lupin had done to him. At which point the man himself entered his office and surveyed the damage.




“Hello James, maybe you can tell me what the hell is going on here?” he asked…




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Chapter 9: Buddies, brawls and boiling points
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 The boiling point of water is 100°. At this point, Penelope Clearwater was far exceeding that. If Amy were to throw a bucket of water over her now, she was certain it would all evaporate before it reached her body. The look on Clearwater’s face was nothing short of homicidal. If she could murder anyone who had ever smiled at Amy at this point, she would. Amy, however, was not going to give into Clearwater’s death stare that easily. The pair spent a good couple of minutes glaring at each other before Laura interrupted them.

“What do you want Clearwater, we’ve got enough on our minds right now without you barging in!” she snapped.

Yeah, I was just about to convince Amy to tell James how she really feels!
Amy swore internally at her voice.

“I’ve come to make sure this little slut never messes in my business again!” Clearwater growled, never taking her eyes off Amy.

“Oh and how did you intend to do that?” Amy snarled.

“Simple, if you get expelled for, I dunno, fighting with another student?” Clearwater suggested.

“Please Clearwater, even if you could get me to fight a student there’s no way you could prove it or use it to get me expelled!”

“I’ve thought this through and double checked. Surely you’d be expelled if you attacked and severely injured the girl you were so jealous of, and then the head girl as she tried to intervene!”

Laura sat up at this point, as Amy raised her eyebrow.

“What are you talking about Clearwater?” Amy growled.

“Stupefy!” Clearwater roared, blasting Laura backwards off her bed into the wall. There was a sickening crunch as Laura hit the wall and collapsed to the floor. Clearwater smiled saccharinely as Amy’s fist tightened around her wand.

“Unfortunately, I was too late to stop you from severely wounding the poor girl, whose only crime was to date the man you love,” Clearwater continued. “But I was able to subdue you, with considerable effort.”

“And what do you think they’re gonna say when Laura wakes up and denies it?” Amy snapped.

“She won’t. Because once you’re taken care of, I’m going to modify both your memories. You’ll be kicked out after you admit what a naughty girl you’ve been and weep to go home and I’ll be something of a hero.”

Amy struck first, determined to shut up Clearwater. Her spell was easily blocked by Clearwater, who stepped forwards and blasted Amy backwards. Amy groaned as she rolled under her bed to avoid Clearwater’s second spell. Amy felt the force above her as the bed exploded, Clearwater shrieking in rage as Amy dived for another bed as cover. As this one shattered, she stood and struck back, hitting Clearwater in the chest with an electricity jinx. Clearwater screeched as the electricity ran through her, standing her hair on end to give her an even wilder appearance. She managed to flick her wand into a counter curse and Amy’s own spell turned on her, zapping her of all her strength. Down on one knee, Amy groaned in pain as Clearwater loomed over her.

“Game over, slut!”

Ali felt good. Macey had practically dragged him out the hospital wing in time for the evening feast but he was in good spirits. Being back on his feet again reminded him how strong he was and Macey had revenge on her mind. Usually, it was Ali’s job to tell Macey to leave it and that revenge was wrong. However, today, he was in one of those moods where he just wanted to screw with David Summersby for what he had done to him and Amy. Speaking of Amy, he hadn’t seen her since she’d visited him in the hospital with Laura. Still, the two were probably just bonding. Ali winced slightly at the thought of it. Macey had her eyes fixed on Summersby and she nudged Ali as he stood. Ali snapped to attention and as soon as Summersby was out the Great Hall, they were moving, following Summersby as he headed off towards the Ravenclaw Dormitories, yawning slightly.

“Hello there David,” Macey whispered in his ear as they caught up to him. Summersby spun round and took a fist directly to the face, before Ali disarmed him. He rugby-tackled Ali to the ground, only for Macey to lock his legs. Crawling away from Ali, David yelled in pain as Macey placed her foot onto his head. “Not so nice when someone does it to you now is it Davey?” she growled.

“This ends now,” Ali took over. “You don’t bother us, we don’t bother you. Consider yourself lucky, she wanted to rip your head off and be done with you. And so did James. Wherever the fuck him and Amy actually are…”

“Hello James, maybe you can tell me what the hell is going on here?” Remus Lupin asked, his voice remarkably calm.

“You,” James growled, fighting through the tears. “You monster!”

“Me? A monster?”

“You werewolf!” James spat. “You filthy stinking werewolf.”

Remus sighed and sat down beside the tearful James, who was pulling himself together. James barged Lupin over, uncaring about the consequences.

“How do you know I’m a werewolf?” Remus asked intrigued. “It’s always good to learn from my mistakes so no-one else finds out.”

“How about you don’t rip to shreds innocent girls!” James roared, completely losing his composure at Remus’ calm face, which shifted upon hearing this.

“What are you talking about,” he stammered slightly. James stood and pointed his finger at Remus, each word he spoke punctuated with a stabbing motion with said finger towards Remus’ chest.

“You tore to shreds an innocent girl! Your best friend’s girlfriend. The same best friend you’ve been helping enter the castle.”

“Sirius Black?” Remus whispered. “We haven’t spoken in years. Not since he betrayed James and Lily. I’m certainly not helping him enter the castle. But how do you know about Amy?”

“Think about it twat,” James growled. “Who’s my best friend?”

“Her parents…they’re alive?” Remus stammered. “Jake? Hayley? We thought they were killed by Voldemort!”

“Well you thought wrong!” James yelled. “Not that it matters, because you’re never leaving this room.”

Remus put his arms in the air as James pointed his wand at him menacingly.

“James, you were never the type to take prejudices like this so personally. What’s really going on here?” Remus asked caringly.

“My name. Say my name.”

“James. James Black.”

“My full name.”

“I don’t know it, you never told me,” Remus confessed, confused.

“James Jacob Remus Black,” James choked, barely able to get the words out. “She named her kid after you, you fucking bastard and then you murdered her. Like an animal! You fucking ripped her to shreds and you never knew she named her son after you!” he screamed.

Remus couldn’t speak. He sat down, unable to speak as James looked at him with such hatred Remus had rarely seen.

“I’m sorry,” he managed eventually. “If I’d known…”

“Well she never got the chance to tell you,” James continued. “Sirius Black’s son. They screwed up, didn’t use a condom. Jake Hunt helped her hide it from all of you. And then when she went to tell Sirius, he was too busy helping you. She thought he was cheating. She didn’t tell him. By the time she found out the truth, you were already tearing her stomach apart. And guess what Remus? Because of you, I have no parents. You killed my mother and made sure my father never existed.”

“James, please!” Remus almost begged.

“Fifteen years!” James bellowed. “It took me fifteen years to find out the truth about my parents. If I hadn’t met Amy Hunt, I’d never have known. This is all your fault. My life is so shit because of you Remus Lupin and now I’m going to pay you back for fifteen years of ignorance and pain!”

“James,” Remus spoke with tears in his eyes. “What would your mother do in this situation?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue now do I? I never met her!” James screamed.

“She’d show compassion. She wouldn’t kill me. And you won’t either.”

“You deserve to die,” James said, the words cutting through Remus like a knife.

“Yes, I do,” Remus replied. “But not at your hand. I couldn’t burden you with that.”

“Burden? Killing you would feel great,” James retorted. “After everything you’ve done.”

“James, what would Amy have you do?” he asked.

James faltered. He thought of Amy with her silky blonde hair and her adorable smiling face. He thought of how beautiful and kind she was. How shy yet feisty. And how she would fight but never to the point where she didn’t need to. If she could be strong, so could he…

What would James do? James would keep fighting, Amy told herself. As Clearwater prepared to finish her, Amy summoned the last of her strength and just as Clearwater fired her stunning jinx, Amy thought “Protego” as hard as she could. Clearwater’s jinx rebounded off her invisible shield and at such close range, Clearwater was sent flying back, crashing into the wall. Amy heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed, tired yet victorious. She crawled over to where Clearwater was lying. This had to end now. Amy pulled out her wand…

Penelope ached. She was awake and ached. What the hell had happened? Had her spell backfired? She was lying in her own bed, which was something at least. Trying to remember what had happened, Penelope took a warm shower to feel better. She ached a lot less as she left the shower but caught an image of her reflection. There was a huge marking on her stomach, which formed words as she looked closer at them.

This won’t come off easily Clearwater. Powerful magic. Our word against yours, you have lost. Never try to hurt me or my friends again. This ends now. For good. A.H

Penelope’s eyes lit up and after a second of pure fury she realised it was over. Hunt had beaten her. She had Percy, she had the Head-Girlship, but still she had tried to get one-up on Hunt. She guessed that was the one thing she could never do.

“James?” Remus observed as James struggled with his own anger.

“What?” he growled.

“I’m so, so, sorry.”

“I don’t care about that. I just don’t want to be expelled for killing a teacher, even if it is a scumbag like you. You’re the lucky one.”

“What do you mean?” Remus was confused.

“You’ll never have to remember this or what you did!” he growled.

“Even if you make me forget what happened here today, I’ll never be able to live with myself after what happened,” Remus replied. “Jake never forgave me, Sirius pretended he didn’t blame me but in truth he hated my werewolf form. James, Lily, even Hope. They all avoided me for a long time. It was only after me and Hope started dating that things picked up. I have to live with this, so do you. Erasing this conversation…”

“Means I’ll never have to face the consequences of this,” James replied. “It’s cowardly but I guess we’re both just cowards. At least now I’ll know I did the right thing in the end and you still have to live with what happened. Goodbye Remus, I doubt you’ll remember any of this in the morning.”

“In which case I hope you decide to do your homework so we aren’t forced to be alone again for detention,” Remus chuckled, before James knocked him out…

Laura awoke with a huge headache and little recollection of anything other than Clearwater and a wall. Amy was leaning over her, concerned.

“Are you okay Laura?” she whispered.

“I’m not sure. My head hurts like crazy but I guess I crashed into a wall at high speed so that’s to be anticipated. Clearwater?”

“I knocked her out. She won’t mess with us again.”

“And James, any news?”

“He returned to the common room about five minutes ago, Macey came up to tell me.”

“Have you not spoken to him yet?”

“He was with Ali, besides, I needed to check you were okay. This whole mess is my fault,” Amy explained.

“No Amy, don’t worry. At least everything has worked out for the best.”

“Maybe, we haven’t spoken to James yet,” Amy reminded her.

“Well unless he’s covered in blood or in the dock with Dumbledore, then I guess this nightmare’s over.”

“I hope so Laura, I hope so…”

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Chapter 10: Burgers, Bad endings and Birth Rights
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 James trudged back into the common room. He felt weird. He was extremely sad and yet slightly proud at the same time. What he had almost done made him feel horrible and yet at the same time, he was still bubbling with anger. In truth, he hadn’t known what he had hoped to achieve by going to visit Lupin but whatever he had thought of, killing him wasn’t the way at all. It would only create a mess for him and everyone he cared about and nobody, not even Lupin, deserved to die the way he would have done, murdered in cold blood. As he spotted Ali peel away from Macey, he headed towards him. Ali slumped on the sofa and James noticed he was limping slightly and his face was disfigured.

“Bloody hell what happened to you mate?” he asked as he examined Ali’s injuries.

“Well, after we exposed Summersby as an angry fraud, he went kinda ape shit on me,” Ali explained. “We had a word though, me and Mace, I think he’ll leave us alone now.”

“Good, I never liked that creep,” James snarled slightly at the thought of Summersby tricking Amy and hurting Ali.

“Yeah well the girls have been looking for you, you’ve been MIA all day,” Ali said, a concerned note creeping into his voice.

“Sorry Ali, I had some stuff to sort out. I’m going to head up to bed early, could you let the girls know where I am please mate?” James asked, yawning to prove his point.

“Yeah, of course James, they’ll be down soon enough now they know you’re back,” Ali replied, patting James on the back as he headed upstairs.

James had been lying on his bed for less than five minutes when he heard the door open. He looked up, unsure who he was hoping it was. The way his heart soared when he saw Amy told him his answer. She looked as though she’d been through the wars, she was ragged and messy. Still, after everything he’d been through that day, it had been Amy that had gotten him through it, without even being there. He loved her and today of all days; it was time to show her.

Bloody hell he looks a wreck. But he’s your wreck. After nearly losing everything today, I think it’s about time to listen to your heart for once.
Amy for once couldn’t argue with the voice in her head. She’d discovered her boyfriend was an ugly loser, nearly gotten expelled by her worst enemy and almost lost her best friend. The time for throwing the cards on the table had come.

“Hey James, I was worried about you,” she spoke softly, sitting beside him and rubbing his arms.

“Yeah well things got kind of heavy in there with Lupin. I told him everything and he just looked so pathetic. Like he was broken by it. I couldn’t hurt him as I had planned, it wasn’t right. So I just modified his memory so he won’t remember the talk we had. What about you, you look like you’ve had a barrel of laughs.”

“Well,” Amy sighed. “Turns out David was a lying, ugly, uncaring freak who tricked me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to worry about you getting expelled and then Clearwater turned up. She tried to knock both me and Laura out so she could modify our memories and make everyone think I attacked her and Laura.”

“Shit,” James groaned. “I’m sorry. I knew about Summersby but if I’d known Clearwater was going to pull a stunt like that…”

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. I can’t help but worry about you, just as you worry about me.”

“Yeah but I shouldn’t have left you knowing who Summersby was. Nor should I have gone gallivanting off and nearly ruining everything.”

“You could never ruin things James, not when I love you.”

The words seemed to sink in slightly to James as Amy shifted closer to him. He gazed into her eyes and after recomposing himself, James breathed heavily.

“I love you too Amy. More than I could ever love anyone else.”

He found himself dragged in closer to her. Their heads was so close they were almost touching and then as Amy smiled, he moved in so he couldn’t see her lips. James had no idea what he was doing as they lingered there for a few seconds. They both wanted to kiss the other but were so afraid of the other pulling out that they hung there, inches apart, both too terrified to move. Then, without even thinking, Amy kissed him. Their lips met and as they did so, James knew this was right. If there had been a single doubt in either one of their minds that they were perfect for each other, it was dispelled. The magic and sparks that seemed to erupt from James’ heart told him the whole story. After about a second, the tentativeness disappeared as they both felt it. James kissed back, biting Amy’s bottom lip gently as they both moved their arms towards the other. Fierceness overcame their kissing as James ran his hands through Amy’s matted hair and she lay her hands on his chest, rubbing his torso gently. Just as James went to remove her shirt, the door slammed shut and the incessant sobbing that could be heard on the other side told the whole story.

“Oh fuck!” James cried, pulling away and jumping towards the door before turning back to Amy. “I’m so sorry but I need to talk to her. This was…”

“Brilliant,” Amy breathed. “Don’t ruin it because of your guilt at dumping her.”

James nodded hesitantly and chased Laura down the stairs.

Laura tore through the common room and breakneck pace and was out the portrait within a flash, a trail of tears following her. James was as quick as he’d been in his whole life and flitted out the portrait hole, catching up to Laura and attempting to pull her into a hug. Laura shoved him off and James stood back raising his arms defensively.

“Listen Laura, I’m really sorry,” he started.

“Don’t be,” Laura sobbed. “It’s not as if you’ve made a mug of me or anything.”


“Seven months James Black. I’ve loved you for seven months. I still love you,” Laura cut in.

“Look Laura, I love you I do. It was just a mistake. I didn’t mean for this to happen,” James pleaded.

“Look James, I’m not going to ask you to choose between me and Amy. It’s obvious you love her more and I was nothing more than something to fill your time until it happened.”

“No Laura,” James grasped her hand. “Yes, I love Amy and yes I should’ve told you but I love you too. I always thought I’d never have a chance with Amy, that we were nothing more than friends. Clearly I was wrong. I thought if I couldn’t have Amy, I’d be mad to turn down a beautiful, funny, smart, amazing girl like you!”

“So I was a consolation prize?” Laura asked indignantly.

“Look Laura, look at it that way if you want but I do love you. You’re the perfect girlfriend and these seven months have been the best of my life…”

“But I’m not Amy?” Laura finished for him.

“I’m sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I always thought you and I would go the distance and Amy would find someone else and we’d both be happy,” James said, trying hard to keep Laura on side.

“Look James, I’m not angry,” Laura soothed. “I’m gutted, I can’t quite believe this has happened but I’m not angry. If you love Amy then you can’t help it and I know that you were as into this as I was. You’ve been the first guy to really bring me to life in a relationship and I wouldn’t undo any moment of the last seven months. Don’t think of this as a bad ending, think of a new beginning. We can still be friends, I hope.”

She kissed James softly and he hugged her. For a few minutes he held her as she wept, letting her exhaust herself, knowing it was the least he could do after breaking her heart…

“Well, how did it go?” Amy asked nervously as James slumped back onto his bed beside her. “It can’t have gone too well, you’ve been gone a while.”

“Yeah well she cried, a lot!” James sighed. “I think she’ll be okay though. And we’re going to stay friends at least, she’s not angry about you and me, she’s just heartbroken.”

“I’m sorry James,” Amy whispered.

“Don’t be,” James replied. “I love you and it’s about time we got together. I just wish I’d had a chance to end things better with Laura. She deserves better.”

“Yeah,” Amy acknowledged. “Can we not talk about Laura anymore? I think we need to make up for lost time. After all, we’ve loved each other for months without telling each other, we’re slightly behind the times. But we’re here now, so let’s make this moment last…”

Macey was nothing short of a pig at breakfast time. Ali would never kiss her between 8am and 10am, simply because he couldn’t stand the smell of bacon and BBQ sauce on her breath. Maybe he was a bit fussy, but on some occasions it seemed like she went all out to prove his point.

“Burgers Macey? Are you kidding me?” Ali exclaimed.

“What’s wrong with burgers?” Macey asked in between bites of her triple decker.

“Absolutely nothing but when you have three layers of crap in them and eat it at this time of the morning there’s something wrong with you,” Ali retorted smugly.

“Fine, your loss,” Macey shrugged and continued to tear her teeth into her meal. Ali returned to his cereal and had to admit that a burger did sound pretty good even at that moment in time. He reached towards her plate with his hand, only for her wand to appear from nowhere and press threateningly against his hand.

“Fuck off,” Macey murmured absent-mindedly, as if his attempt to steal her breakfast was nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Ali scowled and sat back, noticing Amy and James enter. They were smiling and holding hands, cuddling up to each other even more than usual. Ali nudged Macey and as she caught sight of them she almost choked, spraying Ali with dismembered burger bits.

“You don’t think…” Macey cried excitedly.

“Hey guys,” Amy said as they sat down. “We have something to tell you.”

“Oh my god, you guys are together aren’t you?” Macey squealed, leaping up and suffocating Amy with a hug. James nodded and winked at Ali who grinned triumphantly and clasped his best mate’s hand.

“Yep, it’s official, we’re a couple,” Amy grinned, kissing James on the cheek.

“How’s Laura taken the news?” Ali asked, glaring slightly at James.

“Better than could have been expected,” James replied. “She cried for a bit but we’ll hopefully stay friends.”

“Well here she comes now,” Macey interrupted. “Good luck guys.”

Laura strolled down the Gryffindor table. It was only when she got near that Amy could see she’d been crying, though she’d done well to cover up her red eyes and blotched makeup but it was there. He reached the four and smiled wearily at James, who smiled back as apologetically as he could. Laura’s eyes met Amy’s and she nodded, managing to keep her face pleasant. Amy could see this was tough for her but she was managing well. In time, things would get better for everyone. Until then, Amy knew they’d just have to get on with their lives and try to cope as well as they could. Looking across at her boyfriend she knew they were perfect for each other and she was happy. Happier than she’d been in a long time…

James Black was happy. It had always seemed like fate that he and Amy Hunt would end up together. Especially after their parents. It seemed as though they were born to be together. Their new found relationship was like their birth-right. And now they were together, there was nothing in the world that would stop them...


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Chapter 11: Bright sunny days, Beautiful girlfriends and Bombarda
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 James woke up, his eyes flickering up. It was a bright sunny day and they had had their final exam the day before. He tried to shift his body, which was aching but he couldn’t. The sleeping, practically naked girl lying on top of him ensured that. Smiling, James stroked Amy’s blonde locks which were sprayed over his chest, with her head embedded in his rib cage. It was funny how boys never mentioned how painful that was when they talked about their girlfriends. They all brag about how good the girls were in bed but the way they crushed your lungs was something they never brought up. James smiled as he remembered the other reason today was so special. Not only did it signify the end of their education as they knew it, but also the four monthaversary of him and Amy getting together. That was their other reason behind the excessive drinking the night before, and why James knew if he woke Amy up, he was going to get a lecture, no matter how fun the previous night had been. Luckily, James was saved by the entrance of Ali, who practically burst into the dorm, the door slamming behind him and dragging Amy out of her dreamland.

“Fuck off!” she muttered, grabbing James’ pillow and hurling it at Ali before embedding herself back in James’ ribs, taking away his moment of freedom to breathe.

“But it’s a beautiful sunny morning and we have no more exams,” Ali announced, enunciating the last word.

“And I have the biggest hangover, ever!” Amy spat, copying Ali’s tone on the ‘ever’. “Remind me never to drink tequila again, or at least not straight from the bottle. I’ll stick to vodka and firewhiskey from now on.”

“Yeah and I’m going celibate in order to sustain me and Macey’s relationship,” Ali snorted sarcastically.

“I fucking well hope not,” Macey replied, appearing behind Ali with a huge grin on her face.

“Would people please stop talking?” came a voice from several beds down. Laura’s frazzled head popped out from under a bed cover.

“Whose bed are you sleeping in?” Ali exclaimed.

“Less talk, more sleep,” Laura groaned.

“I agree,” James concurred.

It was gone noon by the time James and Amy were out of bed. Laura, it transpired, had got almost as drunk as Amy (which was no mean feat) and passed out in a random bed, as the rest of the Gryffindor lads who had finished their exams hadn’t even made it up to their dorm they were that drunk. The idea to head up before they got off their heads (as James and Amy had done) had never occurred to them. Ali and Macey had been a drink-free zone the night before, with the exception of butterbeer, because they had a potions exam later that afternoon; then they were done with exams. James yawned heavily as Amy sat up. She smiled flirtatiously and James grinned despite his exhaustion.

“You must be kidding Amy, we’ve only just got up,” he said.

“I know that James,” Amy retorted. “I was merely thinking we could grab a shower then head down to the lake.”

“Well that sounds like a wonderful afternoon my dear Amy but first I simply must get some lunch. It’ll help with my hangover.”

“You don’t even have a hangover,” Amy teased. “You drank almost nothing!”

“Ten shots of vodka, three shots of tequila and over half a bottle of firewhiskey,” James pointed out.

“Wimp,” Amy joked. “We Potters can drink til the cows come home and still be sober enough to greet them in a civilized fashion.”

“Okay,” James responded, raising his eyebrow. “Grab your shower and then we’ll head down to lunch.”

“You’re coming too idiot!” Amy replied, pulling James with her as she headed into the bathroom.

The sun was engulfing them in warmth, its brightness radiating down and enlightening the pair. James smiled at Amy as he cuddled up closer to her, feeling her happiness drift through to him.

“You really are beautiful, you know that, right Amy?” he whispered into her ear, before kissing her neck and making her shiver.

“If you say so James,” she replied, nestling her face into his shoulder.

They sat in their comfortable pose for a few more minutes, enjoying the peaceful silence between them. Then, Amy adjusted her position slightly and her lips met James’. She could feel him smile through the soft kiss. It was one of those ‘I will always love you’ kisses, gentle and warm but still passionate. It was only when James decided to speed things up that this changed. Amy was used to this. For a while, they’d kiss softly until one of them upped the tempo and the kisses became more passionate, burning with fierce lust. They were in broad daylight so they had to contain themselves but James still slipped his hand up her top, causing Amy to gasp with pleasure. She rolled over so she was sitting on top of him and then kissed him again. James smiled at her and ran his hands through her hair, playing with it gently and then as the kiss intensified, so did his toying, until he was practically ripping it off her head. She groaned again and James bit her lip playfully. Amy smiled and their kiss slowed towards a gentle stop. She rolled off him and sighed contentedly.

“I love you, James Jacob Remus Black.”

“And I love you Amy Lily Hunt. My beautiful, amazing girlfriend.”

It was Laura’s entrance that ruined the tranquillity in the common room. It was getting late and Amy had fallen asleep in James’ arms. Macey and Ali were snoozing on the other sofa and the room was otherwise abandoned. So as Laura burst in, panting frantically and gesturing wildly, James did his best to calm her before she woke up the others.

“Laura, what’s wrong?” he asked urgently.

“Your dad,” Laura gasped, her face as red as her hair which was flying around her head.

“Sirius Black?” James whispered.

“He’s been captured,” Laura explained. “He’s going to be given the Dementor’s Kiss.”

“What?” James exploded, waking Amy, Macey and Ali in the process. He stormed towards the portrait hole but Laura stepped in his way.

“James, think this through.”

“Think what through?” he yelled. “I’m going to save him.”

“Not alone you aren’t,” Amy snapped, leaping to her feet.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to do,” James pointed out.

“We don’t care,” Macey replied calmly. “We’re in.”

Sirius Black was being held in Flitwick’s office in the 7th floor. Every entrance was guarded. Getting past the Dementors was the easy part; any of the five could produce a patronus. The hard part was getting from the common room to the seventh floor corridor just a few metres away as the whole castle was filled to the brim with Aurors. James reckoned that their safest bet was windows. Whilst he was certain the windows to Flitwick’s office were both bolted and charmed, the other windows wouldn’t be. And, they had a secret weapon. Disillusionment charms were extremely difficult to perform but James reckoned he could cast an effective one on himself and Amy. The plan was simple, Ali and Laura would create a diversion to drag the Aurors away from the entrance to the corridors whilst Macey slipped in behind and opened the door from the inside to let James and Amy in. From there, Amy and James would split up and surround the Dementors and produce a Patronus from both sides, crushing them between the two. Macey would give Black her broom and he would fly to safety. The only problem would be getting out without getting caught. Laura and Ali could easily slip into the common room, problem solved but the other three had bigger problems…

The two Aurors guarding the entrance to the 7th floor corridor were highly experienced and confident. The capture of Sirius Black was an excellent addition to their CVs and all they had to do was stand there. It wasn’t as if anyone would try to break him out and if he did escape, he’d have to get past the Dementors. Which wasn’t going to happen. So essentially, their job was easy. Or so they thought… Inside the common room, James had just finished the disillusionment charms on himself and Amy. They weren’t invisible but the Aurors wouldn’t spot them unless they were focusing on them which wasn’t going to happen. Ali lit the filibusters as Laura brought her and Ali’s shadows to life using a complicated spell. James and Amy slipped out the portrait hole and at the same moment, the filibusters launched, colliding with the wall behind the two men, who ducked. They spotted the shadows Laura had sent and went running after them, leaving James and Amy free to slip over to the door to the corridor. With magical timing, Macey pushed it open from the inside, letting them through.

“Well done Mace, now get back to the common room before they get back,” James whispered as he and Amy entered the 7th floor corridor.

James swore under his breath. There were more than just a few Dementors. No less than twenty were filling the corridor and quickly bearing down on the pair. James was already feeling faint as he summoned his wits.

“Expecto patronum!” he muttered, failing to present more than a wisp of white.

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” Amy screamed, a huge white dolphin erupting from her wand and forcing back the Dementors. They moved back with speed, allowing James to stumble to his feet and summon his own patronus, a dog. His dad’s Animagus form. The two patronus’ swept around the Dementors, obliterating the creatures between them. The corridor was clear but James knew something was wrong. As the two patronus’ vanished, the door behind them began to rattle. Spinning on their heels, James and Amy both yelled: “Stupefy!” The door opened and the two men on the other side didn’t have time to notice the pair before they were blasted back by the spells, knocking them out.

“Shit,” James hissed. “Let’s just free Sirius and get out of here.”

“What if he’s not innocent?” Amy asked for what seemed like the millionth time.

“He is!” James snapped. “He has to be!”

“Ok James, your call…”

James cursed slightly as they attempted to open the door to Flitwick’s office. He hadn’t expected this to be easy but he had been hoping that it wouldn’t be locked.

“Alohamora!” he hissed. Nothing.

“Bombarda maxima!” Amy yelled. The door was blasted off its hinges and the pair ran in, only to find that Sirius Black wasn’t there. Amy gasped and pointed out the window. James smiled as he saw his father flying off on the back of a hippogriff. The smile vanished when they heard footsteps outside the door. James grabbed Amy and dived out the open window. Upon reflection, this wasn’t the smartest move but the only one he could think off.

“Needed an escape route?” asked Macey who was poised directly beneath the window as Amy and James jumped. They had landed right on the back and Macey sped round the corner and out of sight. The trio landed in the 7th year boys dorm and Amy pulled James into a huge, relaxed hug.

“Looks like someone beat us to it,” she said, as Macey left to give them some privacy.

“Yeah, obviously dad has friends in this place.”


“Maybe. More likely his godson, Potter.”

“The stuff that happens in this place, eh James?” Amy smiled, kissing him.

“I love you Amy Hunt. Thank you for helping me tonight, even though we could have been expelled.”

“Expelled?” Amy laughed. “We attacked two Aurors, I think expelled was the least of our worries. But I did it because I’d do anything for you. Anything James. And you know that.”


“Anything,” Amy stated.

“Well in that case…” James started kissing her again, pushing her back onto his bed, their love complete.

Platform 9 and ¾ was always packed. As James stepped off the train, Amy in hand, he realised it was unlikely he’d be on the historic platform ever again. This saddened him for a moment, before Ali give him a gentle shove to move him so he and Macey could get off the train. Amy smiled and ran over to the group of three brunettes waiting for her, smiles on their faces. James was about to follow them but found a hand on his arm. He turned to see Laura, who was blushing.

“You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye were you?” she asked, tears falling down her cheeks slightly.

“This isn’t goodbye Laura, we’ll see each again soon, I promise,” James replied, wiping her cheek with his hand.

“Don’t lie James, we both know that chances are we won’t meet for a long time. Enjoy your life James Black, love Amy well and hopefully we’ll meet again. And who knows, if things don’t work out with her, you know I’ll always love you.”

Laura kissed James gently and he hugged her. Aware Amy was watching, James released her and said goodbye one last time before heading over.

“What was that about?” Lucy asked, as James put his arm around Amy.

“Just saying goodbye to my ex,” James explained. “And a good friend.”

And with that, he kissed Amy, causing the Hunt’s jaws to drop. As they left King’s Cross, unbeknownst to the others, Hayley whispered to Jake: “You owe me ten galleons.”

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