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Sabotage by NeverGotHerLetter

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,086

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 01/12/2011
Last Chapter: 03/01/2011
Last Updated: 03/01/2011

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I, Justin Finch-Fletchley, am in love with Mandy Brocklehurst.
And she’s with Ernie. On a date.
So my only option is to Sabotage it.

Chapter 1: Sabotage
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Mandy Brocklehurst is the love of my life. I just know it. She’s perfect; lovely curly brown hair, bright blue eyes that sparkle when she laughs, and cheeks that blush furiously when’s she’s talked to by a certain someone.

Unfortunately that someone isn’t me. It’s Ernie. Bloody Ernie! Who’d pick him over me? Well, she didn’t exactly have to choose... I haven’t actually told her I like her yet... but Ernie knows I like her. And he still had to go ahead and ask her out. Prick.

I’m currently sitting at a table in the Three Broomsticks, incidentally where Ernie and Mandy are on their first date. I can hear one of my best friends, Hannah Abbott, tapping her feet in boredom; I’ve spent the whole time we’ve been here inspecting Ernie and Mandy’s date. 

“Oh come on Justin!” Hannah snapped. “We’ve been here for ages! I know you like Mandy, but there’s no need to go all super stalker!”

“Be quiet!” I whispered, not taking my eyes off Table Four, where Ernie and Mandy were sitting. Mandy was laughing. Ernie had said something funny. Ernie’s never funny. In the four years I’ve known him, he’s made me laugh maybe twice. And I’m pretty sure one of those times was back in first year, when he came in to Double Potions with the Ravenclaws with his trousers on backwards. 

Double Potions. That’s where I first met Mandy. She sat at the table in front of me, and was partners with Hannah. They became firm friends, Hannah and Mandy, and I thought it would be easy for me to ask her out seeing as she was spending so much time with us. Unfortunately though, the friendship didn’t last, after they had some big argument in the middle of second year, something about Hannah copying Mandy’s homework. We didn’t really talk much after then, as Mandy only came over to the Hufflepuff table at mealtimes to talk to Hannah. And we both used to be friends with Ernie too, but then he started acting as if he was better than us, just because he was ‘best buds’ with Harry Potter(which apparently makes you cool, according to Ernie). We soon got tired of it and fell out of friendship with him, which was a shame, as we three were quite close.

“I don’t understand why you even like her. She’s not pretty at all, and she’s not a nice person. She’s just a stupid bloody Ravenclaw.” Hannah said quietly, swishing her blonde hair and staring angrily at Mandy, obviously reminiscing from their fight in second year. It’s a wonder they haven’t made up yet; I mean c’mon, what kind of fourteen year old still cares about copying homework?   

“The point of Ravenclaw’s are that they’re really clever, not stupid.” I snorted. “And she is pretty. And she’s the loveliest person I know.”

“You've hardly even talked to her!” Hannah exclaimed.

“I don’t have to have talked to her to know,” 


“Uh, you’re such a girl,” She muttered. 

“Shh!” I turned to face Hannah for the first time since entering the three broomsticks. How was I going to sabotage Ernie and Mandy’s relationship if she was sniping at me all the time? “They’ll hear us!”

“I think you’ll find we already have,” Said a familiar voice. 

I whipped around, and felt my face burn bright red; the pompous Ernie Macmillan, the one I loathed, the one who had stolen Mandy, was facing me, his cheeks puffed out in anger.

“Hmm?” I squeaked.

“I don’t appreciate you spying on us! I know you like her, but she’s mine now!” Ernie said, ruffling his hair in frustration that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“I’m not spying!” I spat. Well I wasn't. I was working out plans to sabotage. Trust me, there's a difference. 

“Yes you are, you’ve been sitting here for the past half an hour and haven’t even ordered drinks yet,” Ernie smirked.

“We’re not thirsty!” I exclaimed. 

“Speak for yourself,” Hannah sighed, loud enough for only me to hear.

I turned around to glare at her warningly, while Ernie said,

“Well, as I said, she’s mine now; I’m the one who had the guts to ask her out,”

That was it. He insulted my bravery. I may not be a Gryffindor, but I am no coward. I pulled out my wand and shouted, 


Ernie had pulled out his wand but was too slow to block the curse; ugly, angry boils were now exploding all over Ernie’s face and he was shrieking in pain.

“Ernie!” Mandy came over from her table, worried at what was happening to her date. I was transfixed by her beauty, and Ernie used my momentary stillness to take revenge for my cursing him. 

“Excelsiosempra!” he bellowed.

Next moment, I found myself in the air, nearly hitting my head on the beams of the roof of the pub.

“Oi! Let me down!” I roared.

“No wa-“

“Accio!” Someone screeched. 

I fell down to the floor with a loud THUMP! And quickly got hoisted up by the ear. By the sound of the “OW! OW! OW!”s on the other side of me, Ernie’s ear was being pulled as well. I looked up and saw Madam Rosmerta, the owner of the Three Broomsticks, glowering at me furiously, her face as red as a London Telephone Box.  

“How dare you! Acting like that in my pub... I ought to complain to Dumbledore! Get out! OUT!" 

She flung us out of the door of the pub, and I could hear a couple of elderly warlocks laughing hysterically at us as she went back inside.

I huffed in embarrassment, and turned around to see Mandy staring at Ernie and me in fury. As soon as Ernie saw the look Mandy was giving him, his eyes widened, and he practically ran back to school in fear. So I'm the one without the guts?  

I went over to Mandy to see if I could make up with her and ask if we could be friends, but before I could talk, I felt a sharp blow across my face.  

“What was that for?!” I howled in pain.

“You ruined my date! You’re so immature and I never ever want to talk to you again!” She shrieked, her eyes filling with tears of rage. With that, she gave me one last furious look and stomped back to the castle.

Well, so much for being in love with her.


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