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Jack Frost by _Keeper_

Format: Novella
Chapters: 9
Word Count: 11,481

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Crossover, Romance, AU
Characters: Luna, OtherCanon
Pairings: Other Pairing, OC/OC

First Published: 12/18/2010
Last Chapter: 03/01/2011
Last Updated: 03/01/2011

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I always loved the story of Jack Frost, but even I couldn't believe in something as far fetched as a Frost-Bitten Boy throwing snow to earth or painting windows.
An odd story of a romance between Luna Lovegood and Jack Frost

Chapter 1: The Quibbler
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Who is Jack Frost? The headline read.


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…Jack Frost nipping at your nose…but who really is Jack Frost? That is the question!


I smiled as I read the small article. It was only about a paragraph or so, but my Da was really proud of it.


Jack Frost is a slippery creature, thought to be an elf or a magical being. What is he? He is both! Dressed from head to toe in bright blue with an elf hat he is hard to miss, especially with those pointy ears hidden under his hair. He is also known to have icy snowflakes flaked onto his eyelashes and stuck in his dark hair.

Darting from window to window he freezes everything he touches. Giving us the beautiful snow we love so much by a simple whistle. His work can be beautiful, but watch out because he isn’t the nicest of creatures out there. Many have tried to snap a picture of him or learn about him, but all we have to go off is the Legend – for no one will ever catch the sneaky creature that is Jack Frost.


I closed the paper and reached to turn out my light. Darkness flooded around me and I breathed a sigh of relieve in the quietness of my own little room at Hogwarts.


See, the war was coming and I was just in my sixth year – and for some odd reason they had one to many girls in a room. And they had chosen me to be the one to get my own room – all the other sixth year Ravenclaw girls weren’t too happy about that.


For once in their lives they were jealous of Looney Luna Lovegood.


The room was just a small little thing though, up in the very top attic-like part of the tower, a real fixer upper. Luckily I had my wand and could use it.


It was fixed in no time, my bed dressed in the usual style of Hogwarts with bright Ravenclaw colors; my trunk was laid at the end of course. A small dresser was in the corner and a small vanity across the room from it next to the clear-glass window.


It was nice having a place just to myself.


I turned back to the other side and looked out the window. It was a perfectly clear night and the stars were bright.


I giggled; maybe Jack Frost would be out and about tonight. I had always loved the story as a girl, especially the cheesy move made in the late seventies.


The story always caught my attention for some odd-ball reason.


Even though I, being the one who believed in practically anything and was a pureblood sorceress, had a hard time believing it though.


Snow was a cause of nature, not a whistling teenager. Frost was caused by something in the atmosphere, not a boy with a paint brush.


Still I couldn’t help but want to believe in the story. Something inside of me wouldn’t give up hope in it.


Maybe it was me being pushed into the adult world so quickly and not wanting to let go of my past? Maybe it was the snow that had started to fall earlier this night, the first snow of Christmas? Maybe it was because my Mum had told me the stories as a small child?


Who knew?


But one thing was for sure, there was no proof of Jack Frost.


He was like Saint Nicholas – purely a story told to children.


There was more proof of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, Nargles, and Wrackspurts then of Jack Frost.


I fell asleep smiling.  


Jack Frost wasn’t real, but in the Winter Wonderland that was my dreams he was.




As all the windows in Hogwarts frosted over, one remained untouched. The very top of the Tower where one Ravenclaw was fast asleep – dreaming her odd dreams.


The boy sat on the stone ledge, one leg propped up, which his arm rested on top, and the other dangling off the side. A smirk stretched across his face from ear to ear, the points of his ears barley visible as the wind played with his hair.


‘Not real, aye? Just you wait and see.’ The boy dropped off the ledge and landed like a cat on the next one. A simple snap of his fingers and the un-frosted window opened. The wind did its job and started to blow the snow into the small room through the window.


The boy let himself be pulled in with the swirling snowflakes. He landed by the blue and bronze bed and crossed his arms, smirking and not even slightly affected by the cold.


The girl’s silvery hair shone in the light, making her look like a beautiful, sleeping angel. She shivered from the cold and the boy’s ice heart melted a bit – something that had never happened to him before with a Muggle or sorceress.


He reached down with a sign and pulled the blanket up to cover her shoulders.


Standing back he shoved his hands together and carefully blew on them as he pulled them apart.


There, in the center of his right hand, was a beautiful ice rosebud. He hadn’t made one in a very long time, not since his Mum had—


The boy shook his head and placed the flower on the open article.


With that he let the wind carry him back out the window, smirking as he went, and with that he was gone in a blink of an eye.




Author’s Note – ok, ok, ok, I know I have a lot of stories going – but this has been one running through my mind for a year or so since last Christmas, I’d love to know what you all think! (Especially if it’s a complement!!) ; ) I will be continuing the story for a tiny bit, hopefully I will be able to start and finish it over my Christmas Break, again I hope you all like it and would love some feedback! Happy Christmas to all!!

Chapter 2: Of Blue Hair and Open Windows
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I woke up shivering; I thought I would be blue from all the cold air surrounding me.


It was odd; I had placed a heating charm on my room for winter.


Why was it freezing in here?


Slowly I opened my eyes one at a time. The window was open! I jumped out of bed and ran to close it.


Only, before I could even reach the window I slid on something and landed flat on my bum.


‘Bugger.’ I hissed to myself. Now I was freezing and in pain.


Then I saw what surrounded me. It wasn’t just cold air, it was snow. Snow? SNOW!


‘What is this?’ I pushed myself up, cringing at the pain in my lower leg, and hobbled over to my bed. Tightening the covers around me I grabbed my wand and started to whisper an un-melting charm.


Light blue shot from my wand and touched the snow, making it slowly start to dissipate.


This would take a while.


About an hour later the snow was gone.


I still sat freezing in my room, not knowing what to do. I could have sworn I locked my window last night.


I stood, taking my comforter with me, and walked over to the window. I enforced it with as many locking spells as I could think of and headed towards my door.


My feet were muffled from my overly long pajama pants.


I smiled, I loved early morning. It was always so quiet – a perfect time for hot cocoa.


Making my way to the kitchen, the house elves where more then happy to sneak me some and I headed back to my room.


Still, no one was up, so I tiptoed back to my room.


The door opened easily but I froze when I saw what was in side.


My room was coated in ice. ICE!


I shifted from foot to foot, clearly annoyed, ‘Are you kidding me? I just—’


‘Ruined my first master piece?’ The voice startled me and I dropped the hot cocoa, the cup went shooting across the room.


The boy leaned against the wall next to the window and laughed. It wasn’t to malicious but it wasn’t a nice laugh either.


‘Who are you?’ I gripped the blanket tighter around me. I didn’t recognize the boy.


He was dressed in jeans and a dark-blue button down with dark sneakers. Nothing to abnormal for a Saturday, except that I hadn’t seen him before and his hair was a shocking blue color.


‘Most people’s worst nightmare, some dream about me.’ The boy winked. He couldn’t have been to much older then me, but still I couldn’t but a name to his face.


His sharp features relaxed into a sort of smirking grin and his grey eyes sparkled as if someone had placed stars in them.


‘I’m like the iconic Easter Bunny or Santa Claus, but unlike them I’m very much a real character. My story has just been—distorted a bit.’ The boy said, walking over to my bed-side table and finger my paper.


‘Hey that’s mine!’ I stormed over to him and moved to grab my copy of The Quibbler but my hand froze just above it.


There on top of Da’s article was a glassy looking flower.


‘D-did you put it there?’ I asked, just staring down at the flower. It looked like the purest of magic had conjured it. It shone as light from the dawn started to come in from the now-open window.


The boy shrugged, ‘Yeah, just a silly little trick my Da had taught me. It’s made of ice.’


I forgot for a moment that a strange blue-haired boy had mysteriously found his way into my room and just gazed at the flower.


‘It…it’s beautiful.’ I said, gently touching it with my finger.


‘It was nothing. What I wanted to talk to you about was this article.’ The boy, looking as if the flower wasn’t delicate at all, picked it up and set it back down as he picked up the paper, and began to leaf through it.


Carefully, I picked up the flower and held it, just staring at it and turning it this way and that as the sun shone off of it.


‘Ok…for one, my hair is blue not a ‘dark’ color. Two, I have never been musically inclined – never could figure out how the bloody whistle, and three I should be labeled as a human not a creature. The only thing this got right—’ The boy said tapping the article with his knuckles, ‘—was my pointy ears.’


‘Well no one has seen Jack Frost so how would they know that you had pointy ears?’ I said it then it dawned on me what I had just said.


The boy was talking as if he was Jack Frost, the made up elf or something working for Ol’ Saint Nick.


‘You’re not—You can’t be—the, the…no one knows about…who ARE you really?’ I sputtered, grabbing my head with my hand. Letting my blanket slip a little by accident.


The boy smirked and crossed his arms, ‘Nice PJs.’


I looked down at my long-sleeve red shirt and red-snowflake matching bottoms, ‘There is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing. Its cold out, well actually it’s colder in here since it’s COMPLETELY COVERED IN ICE!’


I kept my face as straight as I could as I set the beautiful flower on back on the bed-side table.


‘Ohho, did someone not have their morning coffee?’ The boy said, falling back onto my bed and making a make-shift pillow with his arms.


I crossed my arms and tightened my blanket around me, ‘I almost got to finish my cocoa but someone scared me. Someone whose name I still don’t know.’


The boy smiled up at me, ‘Jankin Cadell Frost at your service. But everyone just calls me Jack, since Jankin changed to Jackin sometimes in the Middle Ages or whatnot.’


‘You are pulling my leg.’ I said, folding my arms, being careful not to let my blanket slip again.


‘No, actually I’m keeping my hands to myself now. I’ll sweep you off your feet later if you want.’ Jack said, shaking his hands at me – showing me he wasn’t physically pulling my leg.


I sighed and fell onto my vanity chair, letting my head fall into my cupped hands.


‘I thought you were the one to believe in Wrackspurts and all those things, why not me?’ Jack stood up and walked over to the window.


He looked so sad, but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to poke fun at me or not. I sat still and just watched him as he turned back around, his light russet-colored lips pursed slightly.


‘Fine I guess I’ll just have to—’ He sat on the window sill and looked at me with pretend sad eyes. And then he pushed himself off and fell.


I was so shocked I couldn’t scream, but in an instant I was by the window looking down. He was no where to be seen, where had he—


‘BOO!’ The scream I held in earlier came out now.


Jack fell back in the air laughing.


‘That’s not funny!’ I tried to reach him to hit him but I would have fallen if I went any farther.


‘What? Where you scared for me, that’s just so, so touching!’ He faked a sniff and a tear and then smirked at me.


I crossed my arms and shook my head from side to side, ‘I wasn’t scared, I could care less what happened to you. I just—I just didn’t want your death being blamed on me, for pushing you or whatever from the tower.’


Jack smiled, and let the breeze carry him closer to the window sill, ‘I think you should be more worried about being caught with a boy in your room then for my murder, since, as you can probably already tell, I can fly.’


‘There is no boy in my room.’ I said indignantly, ‘There is one floating outside my window acting like a complete arse.’


‘Ohh…such harsh words form a dreamer. I thought you were the sweet one. Every winter I see you, you have always been smiling and happily looking for Nargles, what changed this year?’ Jack said, coming to lean on the window sill.


‘The beginings of war.’ I said simple, slowly lowering my arms and my eyes as well. I was being pretty rude – but I had a right to be considering my room was completely iced over! And this was the second time this morning it had been!!


‘Oh, I remember that. The sprites where up in arms about it this last Summer. No one was taking notice of their beautiful handy work. Instead the mortals were more interested in the Dementor's fog and what not!’ Jack tsked and continued to look at me.


I finally looked back up to Jack, studying his face closely. His features were definitely sharp, and his wide grey-star eyes had that mischievous glint in them that all teenage boys seemed to have. And there appeared to be snowflakes lightly dusted on his eyelashes. Looks like Da actually got two things right instead of the one Jack mentioned.


His hair was what caught my attention fiercely though; it kept shifting shades of blue as he moved. I had to smile though, his pointy ears kept sticking out as the wind played with his tousled locks.


I pursed my lips though and tilted my head.


‘What?’ Jack asked, tilting his head to copy me.


‘Your hair, is’s—shifting colors?’ I said. It sounded weird in my head, even weirder aloud.


Jack shrugged it off, ‘It’s normal for me.’


‘Does…does it mean anything?’ I asked.


Jack looked over his shoulder, ‘I’ll…tell you later, I got to go. Snow is expected in Moscow by nine o’clock.’


Jack looked back to me and then back into my room, he slowly released his breath. The ice in my room was gone instantly.


He gave me one last playful smile and a wink and then disappeared.


‘Well, good bye to you too.’ I snipped, although I turned back to my room with a smile. I curled back up onto my bed, the blankets tight around me because I left my window open.


Jack said he would tell me later, so that must mean he would be coming back at some point.


I wasn’t taking any chances; the window was going to remain open.



Chapter 3: Reasons And One AM
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Saturday was a beautiful day, ice coated every part of Hogwarts. McGonagall even surprised us with a trip to Hogsmeade. I guess Christmas Spirit was in the air.


Snow still fell lightly as students came and went. I continued to walk up and down the street – every once in a while going into a shop, never once did I stop marveling at Jack Frost's workmanship.


I smiled to myself, never had I thought Jack Frost was real. Well, I sure did now.


'Snow in Moscow by 9.' I smirked, he had said it so casually. As if, I'm going to go pick finish my Potions essay.


'Oy, Looney, talking to your self again?' A girl called from across the street.


I tightened my arms around me and continued on my way, trying to ignore her.


Never once though did I let the smile leave my lips, no one could let me loose my amazement at the scene around me.


'Aye! Who ye talking too?' Another girl in the group called.


'She's talking to me. Piss off.' A light Welsh accent said behind me. I froze. I knew that voice.


I turned – there he was, his Cyan-blue hair and all. I turned then to look back at the girls who stood – speechless. Why would a cute boy be talking with Looney? They must have been thinking, or maybe why was his hair blue.


What I was wondering was why he had a Welsh accent. Wasn't he a worldly work-person? Shouldn't he have a...well...more everywhere accent.


I turned to look to see where Jack was but before I could an arm linked with mine and I looked up to see the Ice-Boy himself.


Jack waved the other girls away with his hand, 'Shoo, shoo, no one wants you here.'


The girls didn't know what to say so they walked away, mouths wide open.


I looked up to Jack, whose hair was now Periwinkle. Jack's grey eyes sparkled as he smiled.


'Oy, never seen blue hair before?' Jack pulled me into the first shop he saw, Three Broomsticks. I breathed a sign of relieve when I saw no one else really in there, mostly couples to preoccupied by each other then to notice Looney Lovegood and a blue haired boy standing together.


Jack pulled me over to a booth in the corner and we took our seats. The waitress came over and took our orders – two butterbeers – and winked at Jack.


I couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy – he was my childhood daydream, not hers. I didn't really want to share him with her.


Jack didn't seem to take notice of her and continued to turn and talk to me as she walked away – slightly annoyed at her failed flirting techniques.


I smiled.


Jack smirked and his hair went Dodger-blue.


'Your cute when you are jealousy Luna Lovegood.' Jack said, crossing his arms on the table top.


I started to say no but a new thought dawned on me, 'I didn't tell you my name—did I?'


I couldn't honestly remember. Had I? Well, how else would he know?


Jack smirked, 'I control the worlds snow fall, you think I wouldn't know something about a Hogwarts Witch?'


I tilted my head and studied him in curiosity.


Jack shuttered slightly and instantly his hair turned to an electric blue.


'There, why does it do that!' I said, practically shouting as I pointed at his hair.


Instantly his hand was over his mouth and his hair was Sapphire.


' don't need to tell the whole bloody world!' Jack pulled has hand back and was instantly composed as the waitress came back. She tried her flirting attempt again, leaning over the table this time with one-to-many buttons undone on her top.


I grimaced and turned to look at the wall.


Jack smirked and finally dared to look at the waitress, 'You know, its going to be snowing for the next day or so, might want to button up.'


And that was all he said. The girl huffed and stormed off.


I looked back at Jack once I was sure she was gone and his hair was back to the Dodger blue.


'You promised to tell me why your hair does that, remember?' I said, in a whisper.


Jack nodded and took a sip of his drink, 'Wow, that's...disgusting...well—' Jack wiped his upper lip with his shirt sleeve, '—Its just something I've head forever. My hair color shows my emotion, its a very long and confusing list of things because the color changes when the emotion heightens....well, except when I'm embarrassed.'


I took a drink and wiped my lip with a napkin, 'What happens when you are embarrassed?'


'My hair goes from Electric blue and slowly lightens until its white. When its white I'm to the highest point of embarrassment I can get too.' Jack took another sip and gagged, 'Enough of that.' And he pushed the glass away.


'How many times has that happened before?' I asked, taking another sip.


Jack shrugged, 'Once or twice my entire life. Nothing really embarrasses me.'


'SO me studying you made you embarrassed?' I said smirking.


Jack shrugged, 'I guess. Whatever. I don't like people staring.'


I nodded, 'I agree.'


'Why do you let people mock you then?' Jack asked, snapping his fingers as if he were simply tapping them on the table, the difference was it made no sound at all. And instead of accomplishing nothing like tapping the quiet-snaps created a small snowflake that would float down to the table and melt from the heat of the room.


'You said you know everything.' I said, leaning back and looking slightly towards the window. My light-reflection looked back, wow—I really didn't look that great today.


'The war.' Jack said, getting me to look back at me, 'Oh, and you look fine, great even.'


I looked at him with curiosity but he continued on before I could ask any questions.


'You don't care what they do because as long as they have some sort of smile in the world it's worth it to you. Your wrong.' He said, crossing his arms and his hair changing from Dodger to Ceil. I watched this time, it couldn't have been but a few seconds but it seemed an hour as the Ceil-blue went up from his roots to the tips of his tousled hair.


I titled my head and kept quiet. I hadn't even been bothered by the fact he had called me wrong.


'They are smiling at nothing but mockery. They aren't happy or even seeing the hope anymore. They are becoming cruel, because its not helping anything. They continue though because you let them and they think it might get better with time.' Jack said.


I took a sip of my drink, thinking over his words.


Jack patted his stomach and stood up, 'Let's get out of here.'


I threw some money down on the table and instantly followed him out the door. I was surprised how easily I could give into my curiosity and forgo logic.


You aren't suppose to talk to strangers or follow a strange boy around. But he wasn't a stranger and he wasn't strange – well unless you counted his changing hair color and the light dust of snowflakes that never melted off his lashes even after all the time we had spent inside.


Jack stopped quickly and turned around me, I barley had time to stop, 'Wales is expecting a hard snowfall in ten minutes, can you leave your window open tonight? There is something I want to show you.'


I should have said no, it wasn't safe – I'd be breaking rules, it wasn't smart in the slightest, so many things could go wrong—


'Yes. What time?' I said, shifting from foot to foot.


Jack smiled and his hair changed to a Royal Blue, 'One-ish.' Jack jumped slightly and was instantly a foot in the air, 'I got to go.'


'Hey wait!' I called as he started to move. He stopped, and turned to look at me – not in annoyance but in patience.


'What does that color mean?' I said, picking up a strand of my hair to try and gesture what I meant.


Jack smiled, 'That I'm happy.' Jack looked at his wrist and smiled at me, 'Nine minutes now. See you at one.'


And with that he was gone.


I couldn't help as I practically sprinted back to Hogwarts.


I was up to my room in no time with pen and parchment, a few pages of parchment, questions scrawled all over it.


I liked answers, I liked knowing what was going on.


What I liked even more was that I was going to get more time with the famous Jack Frost.



Chapter 4: A Frosty Night...Err...Morning
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' awake?'


My eyes shot open at the Welsh brogue. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, relaxed because I knew who it was.


I hadn't meant to fall asleep but I had, looking at my clock I had a good reason to be asleep.


Jack smiled at me, his hair turning a bright Iceberg blue and the snowflakes on his lashes shinning in the full-moons light, 'Wake up sleeping beauty!'


I turned to look at him, trying to pat my hair down with my hand, 'What color does that mean?'


'When I look at something I find unique and beautiful.' He said it so simply I didn't believe him at first.


I nodded my head though, not knowing how to respond. And I was to groggy to blue or really react to what he said, a smile still played across my face though.


'You ready?' Jack said, moving from his place on my bed, his hair quickly shifting from the Iceberg blue to a excited Royal blue.


'Let me guess, that means your excited?' I gestured to my hair trying to clue him in what I was talking about. It was o o'clock in the morning after all.


'Yep! You ready? You might want to grab a coat or something.' Jack said walking over and picking up my cloak, turning it this way and that, 'I guess this could work...'


I smiled, finally starting to wake up really, 'It's my cloak. Its very warm so yes, it will work.'


Jack nodded and tossed it to me. I threw it over my shoulders and lopped the Ravenclaw crest into place to keep my cloak on.


'Ready.' I said, looking towards the window, 'Where are we going?'


Jack looked at me with a mischievous smile, his hair glowing bright run-of-the-mill blue, 'To Romania!'


'Romania? Jack are you—' Before I could finish my sentence Jack and swung me around so that my arms were around his neck. I was to shocked to say anything.


'Hold on tight.' Jack said he stepped up on the windowsill and let go. I bit my lip and tightened my grip, not wanting to wake everyone else up in the house.


'Luna...air...please...' Jack gasped, setting his hands on my crossed arms.


'Oh, sorry.' I loosened my grip. We must have looked like an odd pair, me flying on the back of a blue-haired boy.


'Jack?' I said, biting my lower lip.


'Hum?' The boy turned back slightly, looking at me with his starry grey eyes.


'Why Romania?'


Jack laughed, it was odd because his laughter even sounded like it matched with the snow, 'You'll find out soon enough.'


'I have school.'


'It's Sunday.'


' on then...' I tucked into his shoulder slightly, the snow was really coming down hard now.


'What happen to your humor?' Jack asked, I was taken a back and he asked again before it dawned on me to answer the question.


'I haven't...I don't think I have...' The question had thrown me, what did he mean loose my humor?


'You don't see any Nargles and Wrackspurts anywhere?' Jack said, throwing his hands up. I couldn't answer because he turned so that I was literally hanging towards the ground as he looked up at the stars.


This time I screamed.


Jack got the hint and turned back around, 'Sorry, not use to a copilot.'


'I noticed,' I said slightly frantically, 'Do-do-don't do that a-again p-please.'


Jack placed his hand on top of mine and gave it a quick squeeze, 'Promise, no tricks...unless you ask for them. No need to worry though – we're here already.'


'Really?' Jack landed softly on the newly snowed ground and helped me get off.


'I'm a magical being remember?' Jack said, 'Which means I can also do this.'


Jack placed his hands together then popped them out quickly. Instantly there was a snow-free spot, 'I can't heat anything but at least here is no snow where we will be sitting for the show.'


Jack walked over and took a seat on the frozen grass, patting the sport next to him, 'Well, come on.'


I shrugged and walked over to take it, 'So we're here for a show?'


Jack nodded and shhsed me slightly, 'Just watch.'


I followed Jack's finger as he pointed to the mountain ranges.


I gasped, the sun was just starting to rise. Slowly casing orange and yellow and red on the snowy peaks while it cast its color in all directions of the sky.


I stole a quick look at Jack and his Iceberg-blue hair. He must think sunsets are beautiful, just like me.


I smirked and turned back to watch as the sun came completely up, I could get use to having him wear his emotions on his sleeve – or, more correctly, his head.


I laughed and Jack turned to me, 'Sunsets make you laugh?'


I shook my head, 'No, the sunsets steal my breath – your hair is what makes me laugh!'


Jack looked at me, his eyes confused and hurt slightly. It was a quick reaction before they turned to a joking manner. Still his hair stayed Midnight-Blue. It must have hurt, guilt showered me.


'Sorry Jack, its not in a mocking way. I just saw that your hair changed to that—well that shade of blue meaning you like what you it did my r-room...I didn't mean to hurt you.' I stuttered, starting to fiddle with my hands.


Instantly his hair turned a very bright Alice-Blue and a smile grew across his face.


I sighed, 'Great, now I embarrassed you!'


Jack laughed and snow started to fall, 'If I was embarrassed it would go from that like Electric blue to white, this color—' Jack picked up a strand of hair and let it drop '—means I'm comfortable. That I-I you...'


'Oh, is that bad?' I asked, tilting my head.


Jack sighed and pulled his knees up to his chest, 'To be honest I don't know, I haven't seen this color since—well, never mind.'


I wanted to know, but I wasn't going to push him – I wanted him to stay comfortable with me.


So I changed topics with a smirk, 'So I have no humor anymore?'


Jack smiled and gave me a playful push, 'You found out I was real and BAM! No more didn't believe in me, so now that I disproved don't believe in anything?'


I thought about it for a moment, I had grown more solemn since meeting him – if you can actually do that within a days time. Well I had stood up to that Greengrass girl for mocking me when I went to the Great Hall for dinner—well last night's dinner—after what Jack said about it not being right for them to laugh at me...I'd have to tell Harry in my next letter to him.


'Oh gosh Harry!' Instantly I was up pulling on my hair slightly.


Jack's hair grew a light Electric blue, 'Y-your boyfriend?'


'No, no of course not. He's my friend! He said he'd send me a letter today but I had to be in my room at a certain time! Oh gosh, what time is it?' I asked frantically, starting to pace.


'Calm down.' Jack lifted me around onto his back again and we were off.


I settled down a bit and relaxed into his shoulders as we flew. Looking up I saw his hair go from the Electric blue to an instant Cyan.


I thought about the color for a minute then it hit me, that was what color it took when he was defending me against those girls.


I leaned up against his shoulder so he could hear me over the wind, 'Thanks Jack, this meant the world to me! I hope we can watch another sunset together, soon.' I said, giving him a light squeeze and snuggling into his shoulder.


I smiled as his hair went from the Cyan to a happy Royal color.



Chapter 5: A Snowy Invitation
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I got back to my room just in time to get Harry's message. I was revealed to know he was alright as was Hermione and Ron.


'So I should be going...' Jack's hair shifted from the happy Royal color to a burning Turquoise shade.


'Hey—' I called, Jack stopped just as he was about to go out the window and turned to look at me.


'W-what does that color mean?' I asked, walking over and picking up one of his tousled locks.


A light blush dusted his cheek as his hair color headed towards the embarrassing shade of Electric blue, slowly pushing its way towards white.


'It means I'm sad.' He said barley above a whisper.


'Oh...' I turned away biting my lower lip.


'Yeah, so I better be—'


'Do you want to go to the ball with me?' I blurted out before I could help it. See McGonagall wanted to hold a ball of sorts, it was Christmas – and would probably be the last one that everything would be normal for – and Voldomort was no where near Hogwarts and so there was nothing to fret about. Yet.


Jack looked at me with shocking Tufts blue hair and raised eyebrows.


I bit my lip and closed my eyes, wishing I hadn't said that. I opened my eyes. No such luck. This wasn't a dream.


'You don't have to if you don't want to.' I said after he still hadn't said anything.


Jack smiled, his hair shifting back to his Royal Blue color, 'I'd love to accompany you to the ball Lady Luna.' He gave a mock bow and then continued to the window.


He turned around and gave one last smile, 'When is it?'


I smiled and gave a fake curtsy, 'Tomorrow at 7.'


'I'll be here.' Jack gave a quick wink then he was gone.


I ran to the window and looked out – he was no where to be found.


I sighed and leaned against the sill, then a thought dawned on me.


'Oh, I don't have a dress!' I rushed to my closet and started to grab this and that. Tossing what I found useful on my bed I grabbed my sowing box and some scissors.


No matter, I'll make my Cinderella Dress.


I smiled and started to cut, 'And it will be picture perfect!'




My eyes fluttered open slightly as the snow started to come down outside. I smiled and sat up, stretching as I went.


'Perfect timing Frost.' I whispered, crawling out of bed to look out the window. It was picture perfect really. A fresh blanket of snow coated the grounds, and there were no footprints.


'Beautiful.' I reached up and unlatched the window, letting the cold air come in. The breeze gently caressed my face and I closed my eyes, leaning in to it.


'So this is what it's like to be you.' I said to Jack who wasn't there.


I closed the windows a moment later and walked back over to my bed.


I gently fingered the dress that lay on my trunk before looking over to by bedside.


An icy-blue color caught my attention.


'Jack.' I said, and walked over to touch the icy flower. It's color shone as I picked it up and turned it this way and that. It was so fragile yet so beautiful.


I looked back to where the rose had been to see a note.


I tilted my head as I looked at it before reaching to pick it up.


Lady Luna,


I couldn't help but laugh a bit at the nickname.


Tonight you can ask whatever you want. I won't hold back any answers. But there is one condition although, my story for yours.


And that was all there was.


I smiled and placed the note back down. I started to set the rose back down but stopped. I grabbed my wand and tapped an un-melting spell on the flower before placing it in my hair.


I walked over to the vanity and took in my appearance. The rose really added to my appearance. Now I actually looked pretty.


I gently fingered the rose and sighed, 'And I know exactly what will make me beautiful for tomorrow night. Tomorrow night will be my chance a the perfect Fairy Tale.'



Chapter 6: Lady Luna's Perfect Night
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I took one last look in the mirror. I was actually quite satisfied with the results.


My dress was blue and silver and flowing, and the icy rose I had placed in my long silver-blonde hair really added to the feel of the magical night. As did the silvery glitter I had placed on my eye lashes.


'I look just like Jack's princess.' I giggled quietly to myself. I reached for the spiky glittery-white earrings off to the side and quickly hooked them into my ears.


'Practically perfect!' I said.


'I'll say!' I whorled around and came face to face with none other then Jack Frost.


' do I look?' Jack did a mock turn, sending his dark-blue dress-robe into a circle about him. His hair was an excited royal blue color.


I smiled, 'You look nice Jack.'


Jack stopped and, mockingly, acted offended, 'Only nice? No perfection for the magical fairytale being that you didn't know existed until a week or so ago.'


'You look perfect Jack.' I gave a small laugh before standing on my tip-toes and gently kissing his cheek. Instantly his hair was the electric blue pushing white.


I smiled, 'I love being able to tell your emotions from your hair—its something I could get quite use too!'


'I hope you can!' Jack said before taking my hand and heading towards the door, 'Are we ready for the ball though my Lady Luna?' He bowed and held the door open.


I curtsied and he took my arm, 'Of course.'




The Great Hall was breathtaking.


Ice was everywhere: on the trees, tables, ceiling, either McGonagall had ice on her person!


The Greengrass girl didn't dare mess with me. I smiled to myself, it felt good not to be laughed at for a change. And not only was she not laughing but no one else was either. Instead, they were looking on with curiosity at my date – and some girls even looked jealous!


I smiled, it was sort of a nice change for once.


'You do look beautiful!' Jack said, as we walked to one of the tables. His hair instantly went to an Iceberg-blue. I smiled, I figured that color either meant that he was telling the truth or that he thought I was cute. I was really good with either!


'Thanks Jack, you don't look so bad yourself.' I laughed as he pulled the chair out for me to sit before excusing himself to go get punch for the both of us.


I sat tapping my foot for a bit, until Ginny Weasley came over to sit with me.


'So who is the mystery guy?' Ginny said, going all gossipy on me.


'A friend from out of town.' Technically it wasn't a lie. He was from out of town. I knew for a fact he had just been in Alaska this afternoon.


'Just a friend?' Ginny said, raising a questioning eyebrow.


I smiled and turned away, trying to hide my blush.


I didn't do too well of a job.


'Oh! I knew it, you like-like him!' Ginny gushed, clapping her hands together.


I tried to shh her as people from other tables started to stare at us.


Ginny covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to giggle, 'But do tell, what is with his hair? Does he just like the color blue?'


I nodded, 'Something like that...'


'Here is your punch my lady!' Jack said, showing up at my side with a glass-cup of pumpkin juice.


'Thanks Jack, oh, this is my friend Ginny!' I said, standing up and pointing to Ginny who also stood.


'Pleasure to meet you.' Jack said, with his priceless smile. His hair went from the Royal blue to the amused Dodger blue.


'Pleasure is all mine.' Ginny said a bit breathless, guess she thought he was cute as well. I bit my lower lip, trying not to be envious.


Jack's hair simply turned back to that Iceberg-blue, however, as he offered me his hand, 'Care to dance?'


A slow song had just come on and I gave a slight nod as he led us to the dance floor.


Jack placed his arms on my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.


'So do you have any questions tonight?' Jack quietly whispered to me, giving me one of his amazing smiles.


I couldn't help but stare a bit at his perfect teeth, they were a pearl color – as white as new snow!


I shook my head, breaking the spell before biting my lip in thought, 'What is your story? Please, will you tell me now?'


Jack took a small breath, at first I was afraid he'd be upset, 'My Da was the original Jack Frost you see, so technically I am a Junior of sorts. My Mum was a human though—or a Muggle as I think as you call them.'


I nodded, 'Muggle is right. But how does that work, magic and none magic?'


'See, it's just like a person with pure magic marrying a human. It doesn't affect anything really except the persons blood status.' Jack explained.


'Oh, so its just like a Pure-blood marrying a Muggle or a Half-blood. It doesn't really matter unless you are a blood purest.' I said. Jack slowly turned me and then brought me closer to him.


'Exactly,' He said with a nod, 'But she was simply mortal.'


'Oh...' I said, 'So she—'


'Died. Yes.' Jack said, matter-of-fact, but I could see the pain in his eyes a bit, his hair turned a lighter shade of Turquoise.


'I'm sorry Jack.' I moved closer to him and rested my head on his chest, 'My Mum died when I was younger too.'


I liked that he was taller, I could curl up into him and just feel very safe and secure.


'What about your Da?' I asked after a couple minutes.


Jack took a slight breath, 'He linked lives with my Mum.'


I pulled back to look at him, my eyes must have looked confused because his reflected mine – as did his steel blue hair, 'Do he— well?'


Jack nodded, his hair going back to Turquoise, 'She was his love and his heart, he didn't want to be parted from her.'


'But that's not fair too you.' I said, biting my lip as I looked up to him.


Jack smiled slightly, 'It happened so long ago. Luna you got to remember I'm about a hundred years old or so.'


'Years don't dull pain though.' I said, gently running my hand through his hair.


Jack looked over my shoulder and bit his own lip, he looked as if he was trying to concentrate, 'My Da was the one that taught me how to make those ice-roses you love so much.'


Jack gently fingered the one I had placed in my hair, 'He use to make them for Mum all the time...yours were the first ones I have made in years—the last one I made was...was...'


'For your Mum's grave?' I asked. I felt the hurt coming of Jack. I had never had this close of a connection with another person besides Harry, and even with Harry it wasn't this strong. I knew how Jack felt and I knew what he was going to say. It scared me slightly, but not to bad.


Jack simply nodded.


'So what do you do? Where do you live?' I asked, trying to change topics.


'It changes.' Jack said, giving me another spin, 'Snow is needed year around the world so I move a lot.'


'All by yourself.' I whispered to myself. I bit my lower lip. For the first time it dawned on me, Jack would be leaving here after winter was over.


Would I get to see him?


'Let's get some air.' Jack said, pulling back and taking my hand.


I nodded and let him lead me towards the balcony.


'Oh damn!' Jack whispered once we got outside.


I was taken a back and tilted my head as I looked at him, 'What's damned?'


Jack ran his hand back through his tousled Bleu De France locks, clearly annoyed, 'Snow is needed in Ireland in about ten minutes!' He turned to me with a sad look in his eyes, 'Would you mind if I went real fast?'


I smiled and gently rested my hand on his cheek, 'Go do your job. I'll be here when you get back. Promise.'


Jack's hair stayed a Bleu De France as he sat up on the rail of the balcony, 'It will be really, really fast.'


'Take your time.' I said, gently squeezing his hand. Jack moved so that he was in the air now.


I laughed and leaned out over the stone barrier, 'You look like Peter Pan!'


Jack turned and gave me a small salute and smile before disappearing from slight.


I sighed and rested my head on my propped up hand.


'What are we going to do when you have to go permanently?' I whispered to the night. I let my free hand make circles on the frosty stone.


True to his work Jack was back in ten minutes.


Surprisingly I wasn't cold even though it had started to snow again.


'Back!' Jack said, landing quietly on the stone, 'And if I do say so myself, Ireland looks the best it has in years!' He gave me a playful wink before taking my hand, 'Would you care for another dance?'


I nodded but instead of leading us back to the Hall he pulled me close right there.


Jack leaned down so that he was just above my ear, 'I added the snow just for you my Lady.'


I pulled back and smiled, 'Why thank you kind sir!'


Jack looked down at me and it was like time froze. I laughed inwardly a bit at my own joke.


'What would you do if I kissed you?' Jack said, barley above a whisper.


I pursed my lips and felt my eyes grow a bit as his hair went an instant white color, 'I-I don't know. Guess you'd have to try to figure it out.'


Jack slowly tilted my head up to look at him, 'I'm game.'


I slowly closed my eyes, the last thing I saw was him leaning closer. The first thing I felt with the cool, light feeling of his lips against my warm ones.


This was what true magic really was. It was love.


We pulled back after a moment and just looked at each other.


I gave a small smile and a tear started to bud at the corner of my eye, 'What about when you have to leave?'


Jack didn't answer but simply pulled me closer.



Chapter 7: Good Byes
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I sniffed and pulled back, Jack looked at me his eyes surprised and his hair a Tufts blue, 'I can't handle any more good byes.'


I took off running before I knew what I was really doing.


'Luna!' Jack called, 'Luna!'


I didn't listen but I kept going, past a worried Ginny and right towards the Raven claw tower.


I threw the door closed behind me, it echoed off the stone walls as I flopped down on my bed.


First Harry now Jack, everyone I grew close too was leaving me. My Mum was the first to go, Ginny had no more time for me because she was obsessing over boys and such, Harry had to go – as did Ron and Hermione, and now Jack.


I sniffed but let the tears continue to fall.


I heard Jack knock on my window and I turned around, trying to ignore him. I was hurt, and I was upset. I didn't want to be nice right now.


'Luna, come on, let me in!' Jack said, 'Come on! I will...well—I can just freeze and break the window if you don't let me in!'


I sniffed and stood up, moving towards the window which I unlatched mindlessly


'What was that about?' Jack said, shaking the snow off like a dog does rain.


I turned to him, I could that my eyes were swollen but I didn't care, 'I can't say good bye again. But we'll—we'll have too.'


Jack moved towards me and set his hands on my arms, trying to be me close. I refused.


'Luna, we...we...well, I have no idea what the hell to do. But we can work everything out...we—we just need to talk and stuff...isn't that what girls always say?' Jack said, giving me a smile. His hair changing to a worried Azure color.


I shook my head, I was so unsure—it bothered me, I always knew what to do, 'Jack...'


'Ok...' Jack moved away, running his hands through his now Steel blue hair, 'I really don't like my name when you say it that way.'


I sighed and took a seat on my bed, 'We're in a fairytale that doesn't belong in reality.'


Jack stopped his pacing and turned to me, 'Except we won't get our Happily Ever After.'


The tears blurred my vision as I shook my head.


'So, what...I—I never see you again? Talk to you? Anything?' Jack asked, his hair growing an annoyed Bleu De France, 'I like being with you.'


I laughed slightly as I cried, 'I like being with you too.'


'Then why can't we?' Jack took the seat next to me on my trunk, 'Why can't we make this work?'


I looked to Jack and just simply shook my head as I placed my hand on his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into my touch, 'There is a war going on. I—I can't pretend for a future to never get one.'


Jack shook his head and placed his hands on my face, 'Let's not plan a future then—let's...let's just enjoy the now.'


I smiled, trying to picture it...but I couldn't. I wanted a Happily Ever After not a wait and see.


And I couldn't ask Jack to wait, that would be wrong.


And that meant I'd have to something I would hate myself for.


'Jack we can't. I—I d-don't want to try.' I pulled back and moved away from the bed. I stood in front of the window, my arms crossed and eyes teary, 'Let's just keep the other in our memory..n-noth—' I had to take a small breath, 'Nothing more.'


'Come on Luna, you don't mean that.' I heard Jack stand up and start to walk towards me, 'Luna? You don't mean that!'


I nodded my head and took a shaky breath. I needed to be strong, 'I do. I mean every word.'


'Fine.' I could hear the hurt in his voice but I refused to look at him.


I took in a small breath and let it out, 'Fine.'


'I-I'll go then...'


I moved out of Jack's way as he walked towards the window.


I couldn't look at him, it would hurt to much. But I had too, I needed that one last memory of him.


I turned around, he was sitting just on the ledge of the window, his hair that mystical color of blue when I first had seen him and his eyes looking like grey stars—only this time, they were sad.


'Bye Jack.' I whispered, the tears threatening to well back up again.


Jack gave a lopsided smile, 'Bye Luna.' And with that he fell out the window and was gone.


I ran to the ledge and looked everywhere for a sign of him. It was an emotion of wanting to call him back and knowing that I shouldn't. It tore through me in a small cry as I fell to my knees, still just staring out the window.


'Oh, Jack, I'm sorry...' I whispered to the wind.  I hated myself for what I did. I knew I would. It was something I could never forgive myself for doing - I broke his heart on purpose so that he could be free. I could never forgive myself and he could never forgive me.


But maybe, just maybe, he would hear me and maybe, just maybe, after the war we would get to see each other again—be together again.


I cried, knowing it was a silly fantasy, but that didn't stop my heart from wishing that it would come true.



Chapter 8: The End...
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I was breathing hard and I could feel the blood matting my hair ever so slightly.


'Could it really be over?' My eyes scanned the grounds and I could barley believe it.


It was May 2, 1998 and the war was over.


It was over.


I let a small smile pull at my dry lips, 'It's over.'


Life could start again.


I looked around, trying to find someone I knew. Anyone that I knew that would allow me to give them a hug. My eyes caught Harry and instantly I was running to him.


His arms tightened around me as I buried my head into his shoulder, crying a bit.


'It's over, its really over. We can say his name now! Voldomort is dead!' It was probably morbid of me, but it felt just so good to finally say it. I felt safe and victory was setting in, real victory.


No more war. Peace was finally here, and here to stay!


I could almost dance.


I smiled and jumped back from Harry as Ron and Hermione rushed to him, completely bypassing me.


It hurt a bit, but I let it pass. They must just be happy to see him alive and well.


I sighed and moved to walk around, wanting some time to think.


It was over! what?


I sighed and fidgeted with my wand before looking around what was left of the Great Hall.


Not much was left. But thankfully a lot of people were alive. Many had been lost, but thousands had been saved.


I smiled to myself, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I headed towards the Ravenclaw Tower. No need to guess the password because the door was still open from when I let Harry in to search for the diadem.


The stairs squeaked as I headed up towards my dorm. I took a deep breath before pushing open the door. I smiled as I saw everything in perfect order.


'My room.' I ran my hands over a few things here and there. I sat down on my trunk and pulled my legs up under me. It made me sad to think I would leave this place I had come to think of as mine. It was my hide away, my escape.


I sighed and dropped my head into my crossed arms. I was being silly, of course I had to move on and grow up. The war was over, I now had a future!


A future. My thoughts instantly went to Jack Frost. A few tears escaped as I remembered what I did to him, I hurt him – and I would never see him again.


I could never apologize. I could never have a future with him.


I had broken his heart, it was unfix-able.


I moved off my trunk and pulled it open. I grabbed a small bundle of silvery cloth. Carefully, strategically, I unwrapped it and revealed the beautiful icy rose.


More tears came as I turned it different ways to catch the light.


'Oh, Jack...' I cried, and carefully wrapped the rose back up and placed it back in my trunk, 'At least I will always have that piece of you.'


I looked over to the window, wishing to see any glimpse of blue.




I tilted my head as a movement caught my attention though. I slowly stood and moved to the window carefully.


The latch undid easily and the windows flew out. Snow fluttered all around me and I started to laugh.


I closed my eyes and let the cold wind blow around me.


Then my eyes flew open, 'Snow? In May?'


A familiar laugh broke through my confusion, 'Anything is possible for the Easter Bunny!' Jack's head appeared, upside down, in the window. I let out a shriek and fell backwards.


Jack started to laugh, his hair a Periwinkle, 'You're so cute when you are terrified!'


I pursed my lips, anger boiling in me a bit – it was an odd emotion, something I hadn't really experienced till Jack stepped into my life, 'Well you are such an arse—'




I looked up to Jack and a smile broke across my face. Jack was back! I didn't care that I had just rhymed and sounded like an idiot. I jumped up and instantly flew into Jack's arms.


'I guess someone missed me!' Jack laughed into my hair, but he held tight to me.


'I'm sorry, so so sorry.' I cried into his chest. Jack ran his hand down my hair and shh-ed as I cried.


'I'm back. And this time you won't be able to get rid of me!' I pulled back and looked up to Jack. His hair was going crazy, one second it was Periwinkle another is was Navy another second and it was neon blue!


'What does this color mean?' I asked, running my fingers through his bangs.


Jack smiled, and leaned in to kiss me on the forehead, 'That I found my other half.'


I blushed but I refused to look away, 'I love you too.' I smiled and pulled him into a kiss.


I could tell I surprised him because he stiffened but relaxed once he understood what was happening, his hair color still went crazy even after we pulled back.


He kissed my nose and gently touched my face, I gently placed my hand over his heart – I could feel it's slow steady beat, it really comforted me.


'Don't break it again please.' Jack said, kissing my forehead this time.


'Never.' I whispered back and pulled him into another kiss.


Jack pulled back with a bright smile, his hair a bright Iceberg blue, 'You are amazing.'


I smiled back, 'As are you.'


Stood like that for what seemed forever, just getting lost looking at the other and stealing kisses.


This was what true perfection was, true magic.



Chapter 9: And New Beginings
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'Aneirin Désiré and Sean Aldéric Frost!' I called down the hall.


The twins, who had originally been sprinting down the hall away from me, now they skidded to a halt.


I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips a bit, the boys were almost exactly like their father.


Both were in their fourth year and doing well in every class, they were Ravenclaws after all.


They both had mischievous silvery eyes with strong and sharp faces. Now they were trying to pass off innocents. I snorted slightly, they were anything but.


No sons of Jack Frost could ever be innocent, especially after one just saw Professor Severus Snape dressed in bright pink robes with orange eyebrows. He wasn't happy to say the least.


I on the other hand looked at my boys with love as I knew I was going to have to reprimand them. It was hard to keep a straight face when you looked at them really, everyone crack a smile it seemed.


No one could stay mad at them, not just because of their charmer personality, but because of their hair.


See, I have very silvery-blonde hair, as do my boys. Jack has changing blue hair, as do my boys as well.


They have very tousled silvery-blonde hair but with permanent blue streaks throughout it in random places. The blues always changed with their emotions, just like my Jack's does.


So, of course, I was smiling as I walked up to them, their streaks going from a worried azure to a bright, anxious light blue.


'Yeah Mum?' They said, giving me the best innocent smiles they could come up with.


'The reverse spell please.' I said. The boys did well in all aspects of magic, but creating spells seemed to be their specialty.


They sighed, admiring defeat and Sean handed me a piece of paper, 'Here.'


I smiled and took the paper, 'Good, see me after classes for an hour detention.'


I saw them start to open their mouths to complain but I claimed a hand over each of theirs before they could even think about what to say.


'You want two hours? With Snape?' I asked, my eyebrow raised. They shook their heads in unison and I let them go, 'Thought so. Now scurry along to your class, I don't want McGonagall giving you a detention as well.'


'Bye Mum! We—'


'—love you!' They called as they ran down the hall, their streaks changing to a run of the mill blue. I smiled, knowing they were already planing their next joke.


'I shouldn't let you two be around Fred and George so much!' I said to myself, shaking my head and heading towards my room. No one had my class today.


See, Jack and I got married a couple months after the war. The twins came along a year after, but before they had McGonagall offered me a position as the Muggle Studies teacher at Hogwarts. I got the position as Head of House for Ravenclaw a few months after my twins got their acceptances to Hogwarts and they died the other Head of House's cat a permanent azure-puce.


It was a great job though! So many interesting things were to be learned about Muggles, I was constantly learning new things right along with my students!


I made my way up to my room for a much needed break, the boys were a handful but the rest of the school was as well!!


There were so many Harry's and Ron's and Hermione's and so many other kids named after people I knew it was hard to keep all the kids straight!


I fell back on my bed, in my little hideaway of a room. McGonagall was gracious enough to give me the room I had when I went to Hogwarts, the little attic room I got for my last two years at Hogwarts, when I excepted the teaching position.


I sighed and turned around, I smiled when I saw the small ice rose on my bed side table.


I picked it up and let it catch the light, 'Thank you Jack.'


'Well, you are very welcome!' Jack said, his head peaking in the window but his hands covered his eyes, 'Are you descent?'


I laughed and sat up, setting the rose down as I went, 'We've been married for how long and you ask this question now? We have two sons!'


Jack gave a mischievous smile and came into the room, I smiled back—and I wondered where the boys got it!


'Twins actually, so that only involves one—' My hand was over his mouth before he could continue.


He smiled and playfully kissed me, 'I'm alright with another go. Sean does have that odd laugh sometimes and I bet we could perfect it if—'


I smiled and leaned into his kiss a bit before pulling back, 'When does St Petersburg need snow?'


Jack smiled, 'Not for another half hour. Just enough time to spend with my beautiful bride.'


I kissed him wrapped my arms around his neck, 'I love you.'


Jack let a low, relaxing sigh, 'I love you too Luna. Just. The. Way. You. Are.' Each word he emphasized with a kiss.


I laughed, 'Good!'


'Oh, and we've been married for 15 years, six months, 3 days and...' Jack looked at his wrist, I took the time to study him – a habit I had inherited over the years. His soul was knitted to mine, meaning our lives were literally linked. He had aged a bit, but just a very small bit. He was still perfect to me. The light shone off of the flakes on his dark lashes and his hair shone a shinny color that kept changing, he looked up to me with his bright grey eyes, '...four minutes, twenty-three seconds!'


I laughed and kissed his nose, 'What would I do without you?'


Jack pulled me into his arms and gave me a sweet, long kiss, 'Good thing you will never have to find out.'


I, in turn, wrapped my arms around him, 'It's a very good thing. And the boys won't have to be without us as they grow up either. Its a win-win.'


Jack nodded, 'Now we just have to figure out which one wants to take over the family business...well, we could always—'


I raised my eyebrow, 'We could what?'


Jack gave a playful, boyish smirk, 'We could practice having another so they won't have to worry about it.'


I gave another laugh and kissed him, 'Yeah, maybe if you hurry back from Russia Jack Frost.'


Jack pulled back, his hair going a soft iceberg blue, 'As long as the lovely Mrs. Frost is waiting for him, the famous Jack Frost will always hurry back.'


I cringed at my title, it made me feel like the mythical Mrs. Clause or something. I smiled at the thought, better not think its mythical – I was proven wrong once! After meeting, kissing, and marrying Jack Frost – nothing seemed impossible, nothing.


'Bye Jack.' I said, moving to get under the blanket.


Jack gave a mock bow, but his hair was going through that wild array of blues once again, 'Bye my love, I will hurry back.'


I watched as he left, giving me one last wave before he disappeared.


I smiled, thinking of all the memories we had made, all that was to come. I gripped the pillow next to me – Jack's pillow.


I smirked, thinking about all the 'practicing' Jack wanted to do for another kid, 'Oh, do hurry back Jack Frost. But it's not that we need to practice my dear, we have already perfected it! And in another seven or so months we will have another little Frost arriving.' I snickered at the thought, burying my face in the pillow, filling my nose with Jack's familiar and comforting scent.


'And hopefully he will share the boys streaks as well!' I laughed, thinking about the third Frost boy we would be adding to our family.


'Áedán Joshua Frost. I like the sound of that.' And that was all I thought about before falling into a sweet dreaming state of the love of my life and my two, soon to be three, amazing sons.


Shades of Jack's Blue - just in case you got confused any time during my story

Cyan: Defensive

Periwinkle: Joking

Dodger: Slight-Enjoyment

Electric: Uncomfortable*

Sapphire: Scared

Ceil: Knows He's Right

Iceberg: Thinking she's cute or when he sees something beautiful and unique

Royal: Excited

Regular Blue: Mischievous

Midnight-Blue: Hurt

Very Light Alice Blue: Comfortable

Turquoise: Sad

Tufts: Surprised


Bleu De France: Annoyed

Azure: Worried

Constantly Changing Blue Shades: In True Love

Light Blue: Oh d*mn I'm caught

*The more embarrassed Jack gets the lighter his hair gets.

Author Note: So I'm throwing around an idea of making a New Generation flic with the Frost boys, drop a review if you want telling me if you think its a good idea or if its just going to ruin the story! = )