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CHANGELING SIX by HogwartsAngel1224

Format: Novel
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 21,518
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse

Genres: Romance, Angst, AU
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Lucius, Narcissa, Luna, Draco, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa, OC/OC, Snape/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 10/17/2010
Last Chapter: 04/16/2011
Last Updated: 04/16/2011

There are 6 in every Generation. Changlings- metamorphs, animagus and part Veela. Airibella was sent away from her family and her Veela mate, Draco Malfoy, and memory charms were placed on everyone but the adults. Airibella, Draco and the others have their memories back, but there is just one problem- Airibella was sent to live with a muggle family, and her name is now Hermione Granger, but is Hermione okay?

Chapter 1: Growing Up and Saying Good Bye
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“Oh Katie, they are beautiful. Just gorgeous, and already showing talent,” Cissy exclaimed over her new Godchildren as she watched both children’s hair and eyes change color. The babies seemed to be playing a game with each other because every time little Airi would change something Dae would gurgle and copy her.

Katharine Snape had just returned that morning from St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies after giving birth to her twin children, Airibella Jadeline Snape and her older twin brother Daemian Aleksander Severus just two days before.

“Where’s Draco, Cissy,” Katie asked, still gazing proudly down at her two angels.

“I left him with Nicolette Zabini. I didn’t think you would want another newborn around so…” Narcissa Malfoy replied.

“That’s nonsense, Cissy. You go Floo over there right now and get Lette and the other babies- there is no sense in us all being separated while our husbands are out doing Merlin knows what for Him,” Katie replied irritated.

“You’re right as usual, Kat. I’ll go get them, and you set up some tea and cake or something,” Cissy replied.

An hour later, Katharine Snape, Narcissa Malfoy and Nicolette Zabini sat in overstuffed chairs sipping tea and anxiously awaiting the return of their husbands from another one of the Dark Lord’s errands, and each secretly hoping that their husband would be able to fulfill their promise and come home not only safely, but with a way of getting out of being a deatheater. The three women had, like their husbands, known and been friends pretty much all their lives, but not for the same reasons that their husbands had known each other. Katie, Cissy and Lette were all part Veela, and all from different clans.

They were so caught up in trying to not worry about their husbands that they didn’t notice till after their husbands had returned home that their children had moved around. So, about 11 o’clock that night when Lucius Malfoy, Rico Zabini and Severus Snape arrived back at Snape Manor, they found the their wives each curled up in a separate chair waiting for them to return, and all six parents were surprised at what they found. Little Baby Draco was 4 months old at the time and had just recently begun to crawl, and he apparently had decided at some point during the evening that he wanted to be next to Airi. Blaise and his younger sister Emily were the children of Nicolette and her husband Rico Zabini, and apparently both had decided, like Draco, that they wanted to be with Airi and Dae.

Although this wasn’t what surprised them the most, No, what surprised them the most was the order and appearance of their children. Draco was lying fast asleep to the right of an equally sleeping newborn Airi with one small hand and arm crossed over her back, and even more amazing was that Airi had changed her hair color to match Draco’s sun kissed bleached blond. To Airi’s left, lay her brother Dae, with one hand touching her and the other hand and arm crossed over Emily, who had changed her normally dirty blond hair jet black like Daemian’s, and on the other side of Emily lay her brother Blaise reaching out to his sister.
Several Months later…

Once again the Snape's, Malfoy's and Zabini’s found themselves gathered with their children in the family sitting room of Snape Manor, talking.

“Oh, Merlin, are you three serious? He’s gone? Really gone? Do you mean it, Sev,” Katie exclaimed stepping into her husband’s arms before nuzzling into his comforting chest.

“Yes my darling, it’s true. It’s really true. We’re free, at least for now, my darling,” Severus answered, as he wrapped Katie in his arms.

Lucius, Severus and Rico had just returned home from a mission with the Dark Lord, and had informed their wives that a baby no older than their own children had finally destroyed him–, by the name of Harry Potter.

“I do not think he is gone for good though,” Lucius said quietly.

“It doesn’t matter husband. What matters right now is that we are able to raise our children in relative safety, and when the time comes for us to live in the Shadow of the Dark Lord again, then we will do it together, and we will see him destroyed. I do think that Lucius and Rico should keep up with their contacts in the ministry as informants, and Sev should tell Dumbledore what we know,” Cissy said.

Lette and Rico nodded their agreement as they all turned to gaze at their children, playing together on carpet in front of them- Draco and Airi sat close together playing with a toy dragon that flew above their heads, and Airi had once again turned her hair the same color as Draco’s, Emily and Daemian were next to them playing with a set of levitating blocks and Blaise was chewing on a toy quaffle watching the other four intently.
5 years later

“What are we going to do? The Prophecy that the Parkinson’s heard is talking about Airi… What do we do? All five of them would be considered a Changeling to our world- an animagus, metamorphagus and part Veela, and protected by a Dragon…I mean who else could it be- Draco never lets her out of his sight. It's a fight to get any of them to even go home for the night! He is her Guardian, Always has been, but we have to protect her in ways that he is not yet capable- what do we do,” Katie stressed to her husband and friends.

Severus sat beside his wife rubbing his hands up and down her back. She was stressed, and she had been sick for a while now. He knew she needed to rest and relax, but she wouldn’t until they had a solution. The six of them had thrown ideas, but no one had suggested the one thing they knew would work- sending his Princess away and placing her under a glamour and memory charm, but he wasn’t doing anything drastic till it became necessary.

“We will make sure that they are safe, but for now no one knows how gifted our children are, so we are safe. Relax my darling, you need to rest,” Severus begged his wife.

Outside in the garden, Draco was steering his miniature broomstick around the garden with Airi holding tightly on to him giggling happily while the other three rode their own brooms chasing after them. Airi had a broom of her own, but she didn’t ride it anymore because she had fallen off of it two weeks prior. Their parents watched horrified as she went tumbling head over heels onto the grass in the garden and began to cry, more out of fear and upset than actually being in pain. Before they could get to her, Draco was already there next to her and could be heard saying quietly, because he never talked very loudly,

“Don’t cry RiRi, its otay. I make it better if you want me to?”

Airi had nodded her head in consent, and Draco had placed a hand on her scrapped up hand and knee, a slight glow coming from underneath his hands, and then he lifted up Airi’s hand and kissed her palm where the scratches had been and said happily,

“See RiRi, all better, no more bo bows! Wanna try your broom again,” Draco asked. She shook her head fiercely, and looked at Draco with her big brown eyes like he should have known better.

“You ride with me then,” he said. His parents didn’t fail to notice that it was a statement not a question, as he helped RiRi, as Draco and only Draco called her, to her feet, and led her by the hand back to his broom leaving hers where it had fallen after the crash.
Another 5 years later…

“NO!!!!,” Airibella and Draco both cried. Daemian cried out loud as he ran and stood on the opposite side of his sister from Draco, wrapping his arms around his sister the same as Draco,

“You can’t take her away! You can’t! She’s my sister, my twin. You can’t take her away!” Draco was in little better shape with tears surfacing in both his and Airibella’s eyes as Dae let go of her to stand just in front of them allowing his sister to turn into Draco’s chest- a move that was a habit every time she was hurt or needed to be comforted for any reason.

Draco held onto his RiRi as tight as he could, hoping it would be enough to keep them from taking her away but knowing it wasn’t. So he did the one thing he knew he could do- he held her as tight as he could somehow knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do it again for a while, but he had to try.

“Please, don’t take her away, Godfather, I need her, and she needs me- please, don’t…”

“We have no choice, and she won’t remember anything and neither will any of you other four. Your parents will be the only ones out of all of you that will remember her, but it will not be permanent. The glamour spells on Airibella and the memory charms on all of you children will begin to wear off 2 months before your 18th birthdays, and you will start to get your memories back, and when Airibella and Daemian turn 18, you will all get your memories back. You will also know who Airibella is, and what her new name is so you can find her,” Professor Dumbledore said.

“Can I say goodbye,” Airibella asked.

“Of course,” the old man replied. RiRi turned away from Draco and reached for her brother’s hand before walking over to her parents. She crawled into her mother’s lap with her brother and father next to them.

“Remember, no matter what, my darling, you are strong, beautiful and brilliant like the sun and I love you more than anything, yes,” Katharine Snape said trying to hold herself together for just a bit longer. Severus Snape his daughter in his arms, and kissed his Princess on her forehead before saying,

“Listen too me my darling Airibella, you are a Snape, and you are brave and very gifted magically. You can do anything you put your mind to my little caterpillar, and you will be a beautiful butterfly when we are together again as a family. I promise, Princess.”

“Am I going to be wrapped a cocoon now Daddy? And when I turn 18 I will be a beautiful Butterfly,” Airi asked her Father with tears in her eyes.

“Yes Caterpillar, you will be a butterfly-the prettiest in the world, my love,” he replied. Daemian reached for his sister and neither said a word, they didn’t have to.

“I Love you, Daemian.”

“I love you, too, Airibella.”

Airi turned to Emily and hugged her and whispered in her ear, “Take care of Dae. You’re the only one who can.” Emily nodded hugging Airi back as hard as she could. Airi grabbed Blaise by the hand and pulled him a bit away, hugged him and said,

“You have to take care of Draco, please Blaise. Play quidditch with him and make him smile, promise?”

“I’ll do my best RiRi,” he whispered.

Airibella took a step back and took a big breath, preparing to do the scariest thing ever in her 10 years of life- Say Good Bye to her Dragon. She told herself she would be brave and not cry, but when she turned around and looked him in the eyes, she panicked and ran to him, plowing into him they both almost fell over. They cried for each other, but it was Draco who pulled away first. He pulled a necklace out of his pocket that looked like a 12- point star with a Jade stone in the center shaped like a dragon, handed it to her and said,

“I got this for you for your birthday because it’s the real color of your eyes, like your mum’s. I want you to take it with you, and every time you look at it you’ll know that I’m here waiting for you. I know you won’t know who I am, and I won’t know who you are, but you will be able to know that I’m here and that I care about you, RiRi. I’ve got a Jade pendant just like it, see.” He showed her a pendant similar to her own that he had on a leather strip knotted and hanging around her neck.

“Now I can take care of you even when we won’t know each other. We won’t really be apart.” RiRi sniffled as she dropped the necklace around her neck and whispered,

“Dragon, I’m scared.” Draco pulled Airibella back into his arms and said simply,

“So am I, RiRi, so am I. I’ll see you when we’re 18, and I’m going to take you dancing since you’re going to miss our first ball this winter, ok?”



“Good Bye, Dragon.”

“ Good Bye, Princess.”

Chapter 2: Waking Up and Saying Hello
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Hello, My Readers!!! Thank You for your Reviews! I am so soooorrrrryyyyyy for not updating! I honestly couldn't! I didn't have Internet! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I have been absolutly traumatised, but you will be happy to know that once I get this chapter posted, I will be able to post more since I have been writin like a mad woman. So this chapter is a little bit too much fluff for my usual tastes, but if you, my darlings, will give me a couple of chapters I can get to the good stuff- Like Draco and Hermione spending two days in bed together, in the next chapter!!!! Yay me!!!!  I have also been working on my Harry/ Hermione story called FALLING APART/ COMING TOGETHER!!! Please Read it and tell me what you think!!!!!!!I might even be posting and new story soon- another H&HR story!!! Love, Kisses, and Hugs to you all!!!!!! READ AND REVIEW MY DARLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, Can someone make me a banner?


Draco woke up sweating so much his sheets were soaked, and found that he not only was sweating, but crying as well. He had been dreaming about the same girl for the last 6 months, and this was the first time he had names and the full story. Draco scrambled out of his bed, and headed to the bathroom for his shower.

Draco came out of his bathroom dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt with a silver snitch printed over his heart that was enchanted to shimmer and fly over his shoulder and then reappear over his heart, a white-long sleeve dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, his favorite dragon skin belt and silver belt buckle shaped like a snitch and his black dragon skin boots.He reached over to his bedside table and picked up the pendant that he had worn everyday for the last 8 years, and realized he was in deep shit.

Airibella was Hermione Granger, and she hated him now.

He stared at his the silver and jade dragon pendant; it wasn’t like hers. There was no star background; it was just a silver dragon with deep emerald Jade eyes that made him think of her. He knew he had to make up for how he had treated her, but he had to find her before he could do that. He had promised to take her dancing, after all. Draco slipped the pendant over his head, grabbed his fitted mid-thigh length, black, velvet outer robe with the silver trim work and jade buttons, and headed down stairs.

As Draco headed down stairs, he could already hear the voices of his family’s friends. Draco had changed quiet a bit after the fall of the Old Voldy. He had allowed himself to loosen up, trading his black suit and perfect hair cut for a combination of muggle clothes and wizard robes and a shaggy haircut close to what he had sported 3rd and 4th year.

He and his family had never really believed in what the Voldy had said, they were stuck in the middle because of Bellatrix the insane and the bloody Parkinson’s who were pulling the strings while the Dark Lord was gone. His family, the Snape's and the Zabini’s were informants during the entire war, and his Dark Mark had been a fake, Merlin Bless Dumbledore for that one.

Draco strode quietly into the morning room, and found, just as he expected, his parents, the Zabini’s, and the Snape’s, along with his brothers and sisters. That was how they had always thought of themselves, they weren’t all related, of course, but they were that close. Draco found Emily and Daemian, as usual, curled up together in the corner of the sofa, but Dae was obviously on edge.

Poor Emily looked like it was taking everything in her to keep him from taking off to find Airi right then, and to be honest, Draco knew the feeling- he was trying not to climb walls. Blaise was the only one not doing his normal thing and even better the only one of the three of them that wasn’t freaking out in some small way.

He had found his mate about 6 months ago in none other than Luna Lovegood. They had come together while everyone was staying in Diagon Alley for the War trials. They had started talking one day, and then, it was like it was as natural as breathing, to find Luna curled up into Blaise’s body every morning after the girls came down from their rooms.

“Draco are you okay, sweetheart? I know you must be upset,” his Mum said drawing everyone’s attention to him. Draco stuck his hands in his pockets, shrugged his shoulders, and let out a loud sigh before saying,

“I’m not mad. I think I get why you did what you did, but I also know how we treated her in school. So unless a bloody miracle has occurred, she hates me with an absolute passion. I’m not sure what’s worse at the moment, honestly, the need to be with her, the fact that I hurt her the way I did almost all the way through school, or the fact that I know she’s in muggle London somewhere, and I’m terrified of what she is going to say or do when I see her next. So mad, not even close, terrified- definitely.”

“Dae and I are right there with you, Draco,” Emily replied.

“So are we, godson,” Severus said.

“What do we do now,” Katie said looking to her husband for answers.

“Um, I might have an idea,” replied Luna lightly from her spot nestled against Blaise’s chest.


A crappy flat in Muggle London-

While Draco was having his own little fit, Hermione was waking up in tears in her tiny, temporary flat.

“Oh. My. Merlin!!! It’s real!!!! I’m a Snape!! I’m Draco’s- I belong with him,” she sobbed holding her Dragon star pendant in her hand.

She realized for the first time in months that she was being given the opportunity to be happy again. Ron had lost an arm in the War, Harry was, of course, the big War Hero and was suddenly going with Ron all over the place doing interviews and making appearances, and Hermione had been forgotten- completely.

Once the trials were over, every one went their separate ways. Hermione went to Australia to find her parents, but found tombstones instead. Bellatrix found and killed them while she was with Harry and Ron in the bloody woods some where. Hermione wrote to the boys, but they only responded with apologies, and that they couldn’t come to her as they were too busy. She wrote back and told them not to bother as she was heading back to England anyway.

The dreams had started the night she got back, after she sacked out in a room at the Leaky Cauldron. She had been given some reward money for her fight in the battle, but it wasn’t a lot and it had to last.

Hermione sat propped up in her small bed wondering what to do, when a tawny owl appeared at her window. Hermione sighed as she got out of her bed, and let the owl in before giving it a treat and retrieving her letter from its leg. It was from Luna, and she said she knew about the dreams because Blaise was her mate. She also said that she knew how the boys had been treating her and that she was alone.

Mrs. Snape, Hermione’s real Mum, wanted to see her first, all the girls did before she was swept away by Draco who was apparently terrified she would hate him forever. It suddenly occurred to Hermione that she not only didn’t hate him, she missed him- terribly. She wanted to get to him, and felt a strong desire to just close her eyes and apparate- she didn’t know where.

Luna’s letter said that all she had to do was say ‘yes’ out loud, and she would be moved by automatic port key to a hotel that the five women were renting for the week, luggage and all.

‘Don’t worry about your appearance’, it said, ‘we are all still in our pajamas’, and enclosed in the letter as a symbol of trust was her DA coin- the port key. Hermione took a deep breath, slipped on a pair of sleep pants, tied her bushy hair…

She stopped and stared at herself in the mirror, her hair was straight black and shown like silk down to her butt, her eyes were greener than Harry’s, and she had filled out-everywhere. She’d gone from an A to a C cup and her bony hips and almost nonexistent butt were now curvy and graceful. She had the perfect hourglass figure, and she loved it. Her face was pretty much the same except her cheekbones were a bit higher, and her skin was smooth and pale like peaches and cream. Hermione smiled, pulled on her favorite jade green dressing gown, grabbed the coin and said yes.

She knew as she felt the familiar tug of being lifted that she was saying yes to who she really was- Airibella Jadeline Snape and eventually (hopefully) Airibella Malfoy. She just had a few questions for her Dragon, and, if she didn’t like his answers, she was going to make him do some serious sucking up. Hermione realized she was disappointed in how her Draco and the rest of her family had to act to keep themselves and her safe.

Hermione soon found herself standing in a lovely sitting room decorated in whites, creams, blues and pinks.

In a high, wing back chair, sat a woman with straight, black hair, Jade green eyes and Peaches and Cream skin. She possessed a grace and elegance that was obvious even while she was sitting, but the best part of what Hermione saw was the love shining in her mother’s eyes.

In that moment, she felt Hermione Granger fall away, and Airibella come back. She felt like herself again, instead of the misfit bookworm.

“Mummy, I missed you, and I’m not mad. I’m not mad at anyone. Disappointed that they had to act the way they did, but not mad. I missed them all so much,”

Airi said in a quiet voice, barely above a whisper, but her mother heard her quite clearly and began crying,

“Oh, baby, I missed you too. You are so beautiful. I’m so sorry, Airibella.”

“Mum, it’s ok, Mummy,” Airi cried as she dashed across the room and into her mother’s arms, and Katharine held her daughter as tight as she could for the first time in almost 8 years.

Airi began to feel even more peace as she wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist. Katie pulled them to sit comfortably on a couch and said,

“I’m so proud of all the things that you have accomplished my love, and I want you to tell me all about yourself. In fact, I want you to tell all of us, that’s what we all want actually. Your Godmother, Narcissa, Draco’s mum, is in particularly nervous- so are the boys and Emily for that matter, but your father is heart broken at the way he treated you. He’s here, right now. Your brother and the other men aren’t, but he is. Please don’t be mad at them, and you should know that none of us ever believed in Voldermort, especially the Malfoy’s and Daddy. Please, give them a chance my darling?”

“I know they didn’t Mum. I have pretty much all of my memories back, but I still know what I saw. You should know that I’m not mad or angry, and I certainly don’t hate anyone. I’ve just missed you all too much for that, but I am disappointed in how Daddy had to act sometimes and my Dragon, Dae, Emi and Blaise as well. But on the other hand, I also am very aware of the fact that if I had ended up with any other family or even if the Parkinson’s had never been an issue, things would have been very different because I would never have been away from my family, and it would have changed things. To be honest, if anything, I’m proud of what Daddy and the others accomplished, and the bravery they showed. They worked to bring Voldermort down from the inside, and we did it from the outside,” Airi said.

“Oh, thank you, Merlin, I’m so happy you feel that way, my darling,” her mother said,

“Should I go get your Daddy, then?”

“Yes, please Mum, I think I need to talk to him now,” Airi replied, suddenly feeling very nervous.

Katharine got up and strode gracefully through a door across the room, and Airi got up and took a few deep, calming breaths as she waited for her parents to both come in, and as she waited she let her mind wander back to the father from her childhood.

He had never outright smiled like the boys, but she could always see the love in his dark eyes. He was the kind of Father that would sneak special things home for her that he never gave anyone else, and he very rarely ever told her no. She was his Princess or his Caterpillar, and she had been more like him than her mum. She loved being in his study with him while he worked because she loved the quiet as much as he did.

She heard the door open, and she jumped a little bit. Airi took a deep breath and turned to look her father in the eyes, as his daughter, for the first time in almost 8 years, and what she found melted her heart. She saw the same fear, pride and love in his eyes that she knew shown in her own, and she took a step forward, and asked in a very soft voice,

“Am I a Butterfly now, Daddy? Like you said I’d be?”

Airi watched her Father’s face shift from fearful to lovingly gentle in a second as he began crossing the room to her and said just as softly,

“Yes, Princess, you are the most beautiful butterfly in the world, just like I knew you’d be.”

Airi smiled her biggest and brightest smile for her Father as she met him half way and threw her arms around his neck. She felt and heard him chuckle just like always, and knew without a doubt that she only needed one other person to make her finally feel like herself again.

“I am so sorry, my sweet Princess for everything at…”

Her father started to say it, but she interrupted him by shaking her head saying,

“No, Daddy. It wasn’t the real you, and it wasn’t the real me. I’m not mad, I may not totally understand why you were as harsh as you were from time to time, but I certainly am not angry. Besides, Daddy, if it had just been me, I might have been a little more concerned, but it wasn’t. By the way, just so you know, there were times when you probably should have been harder on Harry and Ron. (Severus lifts his eyebrows.) And I’m proud of what you have done for the last few years.”

Severus gave his darling daughter a small smile, pulled her back into his chest and said,
“Thank You, my darling. I’m proud of you as well- we all are. Now why, my darling, are you using you that particular tone in reference to your friends?”

Airi sighed, “Long story, Daddy.”

“We’ve got time, my Butterfly,” he said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leading her back through the door he had come through where her mother and the other women were waiting.

“I’d rather tell you altogether, if that’s alright,” she said.

“Of course,” her father replied kissing her forehead, “but suppose you go and say hello to your Godmother and the others first, yes? Then we can sit down, have breakfast and you can tell me why we all woke up this morning with the knowledge that you were living in a run down apartment by yourself, hmm?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Airi replied looking a little apprehensive as her mother approached.

Katharine gave her daughter a reassuring hug and kiss on the forehead before letting her stride quietly passed her to greet the others.

Emily was so excited she could barely stop moving, and when she saw Airibella, she stood and started towards her with Luna getting to her before she did.

“You ok,” Luna asked cautiously.

“I’m getting there Lu, thanks,” she replied, “You?”

“Missing Blaise, but I’m great otherwise. It feels good to belong and be loved the way I’ve wanted to for so long,” Lu replied.

“I know the feeling, trust me,” she said.

"Um, so do i call you Herms or...," Luna asked uncertainly.

"Oh, for the love of Merlin, I hate that nickname those two gave me. It's awful, it really is. No, you can call me Airi or RiRi like everyone else," RiRi replied taking Luna's hand and squeezing it just a bit.

“RiRi, do you hate me,” Emi asked in a fearful whisper.

RiRi gasped and said, “Oh Merlin, No, Emi. I’ve missed you so much.”

Both girls launched into each other’s arms and began to cry tears of happiness. Emi cried out, “RiRi you look like an Angel!!! Holy Merlin, Dae and Drake are going to just pass out when they see you!”

RiRi laughed out loud, exclaiming, “ME! What about you, Emi, you’re gorgeous!” She wasn’t lying either.

Emily Zabini was built like a water nymph. She was lean and stood about 5’-6”, like RiRi, and she had a body that was full but not as lush and curvy like hers. Emi’s eyes were naturally a honey brown, her hair was the color of golden sunflowers, but it was streaked with black just like when they were children. RiRi smiled at this, and remembered the promise they had made the boys the summer before they turned 10.

Their mothers were taking them to their first Veela gathering, and it was for girls only. They were going to be away for two days, and the boys had been worried because they were going to be away for so long. So the girls said they would keep the boys with them, Emi used her metamorph ability to streak her hair with black like Daemian’s, and RiRi streaked hers to look like Draco’s.

The boys had done something similar as well, Daemian made his hair look like Emi, and Draco made the tips of his hair look like he had dipped it in ink. Their Mothers were surprised, and tried many times while they were gone to get them to change it, but they refused, saying that they were keeping Dae and Draco close. After a couple of hours, they stopped bothering their daughters about it, and they had left it like that permanently.

“We streak our hair every summer and turn it back right before school starts,” Emi said, “Even Luna does it, now.”

Airi turned her attention to the light blond beauty next to her. Luna’s hair was only a shade or two darker than Dragon’s with dark blond streaks running through it the same color as Blaise’s hair, and she was sporting her natural sapphire eyes.

Her body had filled out as well, since they had seen each other last, and she looked like a dancer with her curves as deep as they were. RiRi was almost jealous, but she had a feeling that her own lush, smooth curves were going to be exactly what her Draco liked.

“I’m just so glad to be me again…well…hold that thought,” RiRi took a step back and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, her hair was streaked with the same shade of ice blonde as Draco’s, and then said,

“There, that’s better, now, are you two going to stand over there and stare, or are you going to give me a hug?”

Both the 18 year-old girls smiled and launched themselves at RiRi, and the three girls hugged each other with all their might. Airi pulled back from her Veela sisters, and turned toward the two older women sitting by the fireplace.

Narcissa Malfoy watched as her son’s beloved mate reunited with Emily and Luna. She had been concerned about what was going through the young woman’s mind, but had stopped worrying altogether when she changed her hair to match Draco’s. When Airibella turned to walk toward Cissa and Lette, she rose to meet her half way, holding her hands out to her goddaughter saying,

“Airi, you look absolutely amazing! Oh, angel, I’m so sorry about everything that’s happened the last several years, Please forgive me and your godfather?”

Airi smiled at her godmother, taking in her beauty that was so much like her Dragon. Narcissa Malfoy was a beautiful woman whose natural hair color was a dark chestnut brown, but she changed the majority of it to match the ice blonde locks her husband and son shared. Her eyes were a beautiful light blue, and she had a small, sweet smile set on her face that spoke of hope.

“Aunt Cissy, it’s okay. You know what I want, right now? Peace, Aunt Cissy. I want our family to be together, and I want to live my life. I want to live the life that the Parkinson’s almost took from us for good. Can we do that, Godmother,” Airi asked holding hands with her godmother.

“Yes, darling girl. I think we can do just that,” Cissa told her goddaughter just before kissing her on the forehead.

“Sounds Like a plan to me,” Nicolette said, “Hello, Angel. Hungry?”

“Starved, actually,” RiRi replied laughing, “Aunt Lette, I don’t think you’ve changed a bit.” Lette could have honestly been her daughter’s older twin.

Airibella, her father and the other women sat down to eat a rather large and filling breakfast together. Airi told them what they wanted to know about herself, and what had happened with Harry, Ron and the others. Her parents and Veela sisters were quite upset with what had happened, and Emi wondered idly if she would even bother telling them about her true identity before the Prophet wrote about it first. Luna said that they didn’t deserve to be told much of anything, and they should figure it out on their own.

“You know what really gets me though? Potter wouldn’t have made it past all the protections put up to protect the Sorcerer’s Stone with out me, let alone found all of the Horcruxs. I have been the one to find the clues, make the plans work, and somehow make sure that they both bloody well past their classes. It was always me- I always took care of them, and when I needed them the most, they were too busy! Merlin, I know I probably shouldn’t say this, and I don’t mean it the way its going to sound, but I’m going to get a really sick and perverted joy out the looks on Ron and Harry’s faces the first time they see Draco and I together. Not to mention, the fact that they have done nothing but give interview after interview, and they have never said thank you ONCE! Not one real ‘Thank You’ in 8 years. I don’t want to spend my life on the front page, and I don’t expect for them to brag about me, but I would have thought that, when I was less than 2 hrs from them, in Australia, having just found out that the Grangers were dead, they would have come to get me. At the very least, they could have sent Molly Weasley or someone- even if it weren’t Harry or Ron! Someone could have come, but instead they were all too busy to leave Sydney! I mean, COME ON,” Airibella ranted.

“Oh, Merlin, I’m sorry everyone. I didn’t mean to lose it like that,” she whispered.

“You have every right to be upset, Princess,” Severus said, soothing his daughter with his deep voice and calm tone as he rubbed one of his strong hands over her shoulder.

“What if I said I had an idea that would inform the world of your return and identity, take Potter and the Weasleys off the front page, and put all SIX of you in their place,” Narcissa said, feeling as if her goddaughter deserved some payback and knowing that the rest of the family felt the same.

“I’d say that all I want is to teach them a lesson, and as long as no one gets hurt, I’m all ears, Godmother,” Airi said

As Narcissa explained her plan, the looks on the faces around her became absolutely priceless, but none more so than the look on RiRi’s face- a mix between her Father’s glare and Draco’s smirk.


Severus Snape apparated back to Malfoy manor filled with pure joy. His Airibella was not only safely home, but she wasn’t mad at any of them. In fact, she was completely thrilled to be home, and couldn’t wait to see the other men. It had been decided that the women would spend the next 2 days out shopping together, and then they would meet the men in Paris just days before the Quidditch World Cup Semi-Finals would start.

Severus found the others sitting nervously on the terrace awaiting his return, and to say they were anxious was an understatement. Lucius was leaning with his back against the terrace railing with his arms crossed over his chest, poor Draco was standing next to his Father with his back to Severus gripping the rail so tight his knuckles were white, Rico was sitting in a chair with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed bouncing one leg from nervousness, Daemian was pacing, and Blaise was sitting near his Father staring at Draco and Daemian with a look ordering on paranoia.

Dae was the first to notice his Father’s arrival and said, “Dad, is she ok? Why were you gone so long? How upset is she?”

“She’s fine, boys. She’s drop dead gorgeous, happy, and she isn’t at all mad- at anyone,” Severus reassured his anxious son.

“Uncle, what do you mean, she isn’t mad at anyone? How is that possible,” Draco stressed with hope swimming in his stormy eyes.

“Exactly that, Drake. She even has letters for all of you, and I have some things to tell you all concerning Potter and Weasley. Lightly put, Airibella was living in a dirty flat in London by herself because they went off and left her after the war amongst other things, but we will discuss that, and the girl’s plan at getting back at them, after you’ve had the chance to read your letter. Maybe you need a drink too-I think we could all use one, actually,” Severus replied handing out individual letters to each of the boys before turning to pour himself a scotch.

Draco took his letter, and walked into his Father’s office for some privacy while he read his letter, locking the door behind him. He was so scared he was almost shaking, and he collapsed in the first chair he came to. He sat staring at the letter in front of him with his name written on its front in her familiar and elegant handwriting, and he took a deep breath as he turned over the letter and broke the seal on it. It read:











As he finished reading his letter, Draco couldn’t stop smiling, not smirking, smiling. She was back, she was happy, she wasn’t mad, and she was most definitely his. Draco closed his eyes and silently thanked Merlin for his stroke of amazing luck, rubbing his hand over his chest lightly to calm himself.

Two days and he never had to be away from her again. Merlin, he thought to himself, if he had it his way, they’d all be fully mated and sharing a tower at Hogwarts this year in the married housing wing- just the six of them. Draco did as RiRi told him, and poured himself a glass of scotch, she really was a good guesser, to sip on while he listened to what Severus had to say feeling calmer and more at peace than he had in a while.

Daemian had stopped pacing as his Father spoke, and anxiously took his sister’s letter from him and ripped it open as he headed to the love seat just a couple of meters away. His letter read like this:




I want the one I wore when we were in Lake Como last.


Why waist the parchment? Draco bought the Villa de Serenity 2 years ago. It’s our getway from parents place. It’s not really decorated though. He says that he’s waiting for you to decorate it with him. He says that about all of his residential properties.

Anyway, I Love you my Darling!! XOXOXOXO



Dae chuckled to himself as he read his letter, and found himself not only much calmer, but genuinely complete for the first time in 8 years. He could just see his Emi standing over RiRi’s shoulder as she wrote to him. It was classic Emi and RiRi- glued at the hip unless he and Draco were there. Daemian got up and headed to get changed into his jeans for quidditch and to get his jumper to send to Emi.

Blaise found that his letter made him feel much calmer as well. Especially since he missed his Luna so much. People didn’t always understand how he and Luna worked, but it didn’t really matter to him. She made him want to protect her, and take care of her. This was the longest they had been away from each other since he had found his mate, and he’d be lying if he tried to tell himself that he was ok with it. Frankly he wanted to climb walls, and he could only imagine how Draco was feeling right now. He read his letter a couple of times through.








He and the boys were racing their brooms, and he cut too close to the ground, and broke his arm. I mended the bone, but he still needs to where the brace. If he falls off and rebreaks it again, then the muscles in his wrist won’t have recovered in time for school, and then he might not be able to play Quidditch our last year.


See honey, Even Airi thinks you should wear it. Please, for me, Blaisey. I Love you, baby.


Lucius and Rico observed the tension release from their sons and the relaxed almost carefree way Severus was carrying himself. They both relaxed, and prepared to be told what had happened at breakfast that morning.

Severus removed his robes and settled himself in a chair next to Lucius and Rico dressed in his slacks and silver dress shirt. He knew the other 5 men were going to be pissed when he finished talking, especially Draco and Daemian, and he wanted to help them focus more on the idea that they were going to be acquiring tickets to the Quidditch World Cup Series.

He said as much to Lucius and Rico before their sons entered. Draco, Blaise and Daemian sat at the table, each nursing a glass of the strong drink of their choice, and looking at Severus expectantly. Severus took a deep breath and told them everything.


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Chapter 3: The Dragon and His Princess
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Yep, they were pissed.

It took all of the strength Lucius and Blaise possessed to hold back Draco who was furious beyond reason with the way Harry and Ron had treated his Airibella.

He and the rest of the Slytherins had always assumed that while she gave them help, she had been treated like she mattered, and to now be told that she was treated badly by the Slytherins, to Draco’s shame, but for Harry and Ron to have ignored her in her hour of need.

All he was capable of thinking as he was held back was that she deserved better, and he wanted to get to her. He knew from her letter to him that she did care about him and wanted to be with him, and that knowledge made what he had just heard that much harder to take. He wanted to get to her, to protect her, and take away the pain that they had all caused her.

“Let me go, I’ve had enough. I need to get to her, Merlin, let me go. I need her,” Draco cried out pulling at Lucius and Blaise.

“Son, please, you have to calm down. You have to calm down. Control your anger, Draco, PLEASE,” Lucius said, “Daemian, Blaise, get my son outside and calmed down. Then you boys go flying or something, and I’m putting up wards so that you can’t leave the grounds by any means.”

Daemian and Blaise dragged Draco outside as Lucius pulled Severus aside and asked,

“Is it wise to keep him away for 3 days? Severus, I think he is beginning to suffer from skin ache. He just keeps saying that he needs to get to her- that she isn't safe.  I mean they were friends when they were younger, but how could they be mates now? The spell covered up Airibella's veela blood and abilities? How is it possible?”

“I don’t know. All that would need to happen for them to be mates would be for them to have some sort of contact with Airi's Veela blood riding close to the surface. I mean i had only met Katie once before, and we became mates,” Severus said, "I don’t think 3 days is a good idea, now that I think about it- not for any of us. We all have Veela blood in us, and, with the stress we have all been under lately, I don’t think any of us need to be away from our mates, least of all my daughter and your son. I honestly think we need to get them together and then leave them be- putting them in public together without letting them at least begin to bond is probably not a good idea. As it is, their separation has started to make Draco more than a little edgy, and I still have no idea how Airi is handling things.”

In a Muggle Boutique in Paris…

Airi was out shopping with her sister Veelas and their mothers. She knew she was perfectly safe, but she found that, as time passed, she felt less and less secure. She kept thinking that someone was going to get her, and her skin felt like it was starting to burn. Her mind kept wandering to Draco, and how badly she wanted to be near him.

“Airibella, what’s the matter”, Lette asked, barely skimming her fingers along the girl’s shoulders.

“Don’t touch me, it hurts. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m on fire,” Airi cried as she jumped sky high at her Veela Aunt’s touch, “Why am I hurting? I’m scared too-like I’m exposed and unprotected, and I’m worried about my Draco.”

“I think we need to get you home, Airibella, and I don’t mean to the Hotel. I want you to wait here, and I’m going to go get the others from the dressing rooms. It’s ok, sweetheart. Your Mum can explain it all to you soon, but for now we need to get you somewhere private. I’ll be right back,” Lette said.

Lette watched as Airi turned back to stare out the windows and began rubbing her hands up and down her arms and along her shoulders, and she knew for sure that Airi was suffering from the beginning stages of Skin Ache. It was a potentially deadly illness that Veelas and their mates suffered from. Veelas were naturally very physical beings, and they absorbed the pheromones that their mates put off through physical touch of any kind.

It was the reason they were only going to be alone in Paris for three days, and even that was a stretch as none of them had ever been separated for longer than a week. Even Sev and Katie made a point of seeing each other at least every other day because Katie took a house in Hogsmeade during the school term, and she, Cissa, Lucius and Rico never parted unless they had too- meaning that they were always together unless the men were at work. When Veela mates were separated for an extended period of time, they would both become sick, craving the touch of their mate.

It could drive one or both of them to madness, and it was for this reason why most Veela parents were so unconcerned when they found their children curled up with their mates in positions that most parents would find upsetting. It was natural for Veela mates, once they hit puberty, to stay close to their mates, and sex of any kind wasn’t always even part of the relationship.

It was usually possible for young Veela mates to wait until after the wedding, unless there were extenuating circumstances. It was the general rule within their own group, that as long as the children were able to keep their needs and desires under control in public, then they could do as they pleased- it was easiest that way.

The problem with Draco and Airi was that it had been almost 8 years since they had been separated, and the only reason they were able to keep from going insane is because the spell kept their base needs for touch and each other’s presence suppressed. With Airi finally reawakened, there was a good chance that, if Draco and Airibella weren’t allowed near each other soon, they might both lose their minds or worse.

“Katie, we have to go. Airi has skin ache, and its bad. I brushed my fingers across the top of her shoulders, and she nearly came apart at the seams. She told me to stop touching her, and she kept saying she felt scared- Exposed. We need to get them both away from the public eye, and they need to be left alone. It can’t wait 3 days,” Lette said to Airi’s mum as she rushed to Katie’s side as she was staring at a pretty little number that showed off her back, knowing her Sev would appreciate it.

“Are you sure, Lette,” Katie asked turning to face her with concern.

“More than,” Lette responded nodding her head briskly.

“I’m going to take Airi to the hotel, and then send a Patronus to Severus. If Airi is like this then Draco is probably as bad or worse. I think we should send them to Venice- the Villa there is protected and won’t show too much magic expulsion. I think that will be best, don’t you,” Katie said.

“I think it’s perfect, Kat. We’ll see you soon,” Lette said.

Katharine found her daughter at the front of the store staring down the street, but Airi looked bad- like she was trying to hold herself together by digging her nails into her upper arms.

“Airi, come on sweetie. I’m going to take you to the hotel, and then I’m going to send for your Daddy. We can…”

Katie was interrupted as her daughter burst into tears saying, “No, I don’t want Daddy. I want…I need Dragon. You have to take me to him, Mum, I’m in pain and only he can make it stop- I just know it. Please.”

“I know you are in pain, princess. You have skin ache. It means that your body is quite literally aching or starving for his touch, and he is probably aching for you too. We had no way of knowing this would happen, if we had we would have sent you and Draco off together straight away, but we are going to fix it now. We are going back to the hotel, and then I’m going to work everything out with your Dad. You will see Draco before the day is out- I promise. Then we are going to leave you two totally alone so you can be together and get well, just hold on okay? I need you to let me touch you so I can apparate us away once we get to the alley around the corner from here, okay,” Katie said to Airi in her most reassuring tone.

“Just, please, don’t hold me too tight, it hurts, Mum,” Airi begged.


Malfoy Manor- Draco’s wing

“Lucius, I finally got word from Katie. Airi is as bad off as Draco is, and getting worse by the second. We are going to pack up some of his things, and let him go to the Villa in Venice, and then leave them there alone. We have to hurry though, Katie says Airi has started to shake,” Severus said to Lucius in the hallway outside of Draco’s room.

“Draco is too. Let’s get him packed and then get him gone,” Lucius said.

“Wait, don’t go in yet- I need to hear that Katie has left Airi in Venice first before we tell Draco. Airi is weak and has already started to feel abandoned which means that if we just let him go then you know what he’ll do and it won’t matter whether he’s in public or not, Lucius. Better to let him go to her on his own, and find her alone waiting for him, than for us to cut him loose, and end up pinning her to a wall in the middle of Paris, right. Draco’s only desire and thought right now is to get to her and hold her. He needs her touch, and she needs his. Draco won’t care who is there; he won’t be able to control his temper. Katie is going to leave Airi outside of the Villa by one of the pergolas, and then we are going to let Draco apparate to her. He needs to take care of her, and she needs him to do it. If it were one of us, we would want it the same way”,

Severus said, just as a beautiful Swan Patronus floated up to him and said in Katie’s voice,

“She is there. Let Draco go, and hurry, she started crying almost hysterically just as I apparated away. Hurry, and then go ahead and come to Paris- I think all of us girls are feeling a bit nervous at the moment, and we need you, please?”

Severus and Lucius didn’t hesitate and had already decided privately to themselves that they were going to Paris- three days away from their wives by choice was nuts.

“Let’s go.”

“Sooner we get your son on his way, the sooner we can get to our girls. I should never have agreed to time apart, but I just couldn’t tell them know, Luc. I’ve always been weak when came to KayKay, you know, and bloody hell, if my daughter doesn’t have those same Jade eyes as her mother- two sets and I apparently can’t say no.”

“I’m the same way with CiCi, Sev. One look and it’s over for me, Merlin, I’m getting hot and bothered just thinking about it, let’s get my boy to his mate, and then go find our own.”

“Works for me.”

Lucius opened the door to his son’s room, and what he saw hurt him inside to see. Draco was lying in bed, fully clothed, with his body as tense and taught as a bowstring. He was shaking, and Dae, Blaise and Rico looked worried about him. Severus put his hand on Lucius’ shoulder and moved to magically pack a couple of bags for Draco.

Lucius stepped to the foot of his son’s bed and said,

“Son, Airibella is at the Villa in Venice- waiting for you. She is not doing very well at all, but we have done what we can as quickly as we could- she has progressed through skin ache very quickly, and you need to get to her…”

Lucius stopped mid sentence as Draco sat bolt upright in bed, with his eyes glowing an almost iridescent white as he rose from the bed moving as if one touch from any one in the room would set him off.

“I’m going, and I’m going alone. No interruptions, or else. Leave us alone till I bring us both to the Manor outside Paris, until then, we are to be left alone,”

Draco said in an almost growl. Severus approached the bed cautiously and dropped the two bags he had packed for Draco on the foot of the bed before saying,

“Fine. Take care of my daughter, Draco. She is most precious to me.”

Draco nodded his head and looked to his Veela brothers who simply nodded their heads in agreement, and then to his father who cocked an eyebrow and nodded his head in a general direction as if to silently say ‘Move your ass boy’, but what he really said out loud was,

“The 10 of us will be there waiting on you- Quidditch World Cup Series starts in six days, try to meet us in three, Go.”

Draco summoned his cloak and a very ornately carved box made from teak with two large, jade dragon-heads facing each other inlaid into it, placed the box carefully into one of the bags, stepped away from the other men and apparated to his mate- who, he sensed, was very weak, frightened, and in excruciating pain. It didn’t matter- he would take care of her like he should have always been able to.

Airibella had collapsed in a heap after her mother had apparated away, and she couldn’t help but feel as if she were slowly falling apart. She was still wearing the dress she had bought at the first boutique she went to with the girls. It was white and jade with a corset like bodice that had silver accents, and the skirt hung down hugging her hips and then flowing out in a beautiful butterfly skirt and fell just below her knees. She was wearing her jade dragon on a long chain tucked into her bodice; pair of silver chandelier earrings, silver bangle bracelets, silver stiletto heeled shoes and a white jacket with silver accents. Her hair hung long and glossy with huge curls in it.

Airi was almost completely delirious with pain, and it was almost funny. She had been through so much since she had met Harry and Ron, and she was suddenly totally unable to function in any way. She couldn’t focus on anything except trying to keep herself sane, to make matters worse, she felt like she was on fire. There was a light breeze and instead of it feeling good on her irritated skin, it felt like she was being singed.

Draco apparated to the center of the garden in the Snape family’s Villa in Venice, but he could have cared less about the beauty surrounding him. He wanted to find his Princess, his RiRi, and she was so close he could almost taste he fear and pain. He paused in motion only long enough to send his things inside the manor before taking in a deep breath with his eyes closed so that he could locate her.

Seconds later, Draco launched himself to the right and headed to the pergola just behind the Phoenix fountain, and he found her collapsed on the floor holding herself like she was trying to keep from breaking into pieces. It made everything in him tighten in anger that she was alone and in so much pain.

RiRi was shaking from head to toe when she suddenly felt everything in her give one hard convulsion, and then strong, solid arms were wrapped around her waist.

“Hermione, I need to hear you tell me you don’t hate me. Please,” she heard Draco whisper in her ear with just a hint of desperation and pain. She sobbed quietly and moved her hands to the arm wrapped snuggly around her waist, and as she sobbed lightly, she felt Draco’s arms tighten around her waist and shoulders.

“Draco, I’m not mad at you. I’ve spent the last several years feeling like part of me is missing, and now I know that you were the one that was missing. This fits, Draco, and it feels right. I’ve missed you so much, and I didn’t even realize it. I know you, I feel you, and I need to be near you. I’m proud of the things you have accomplished, and I just hope you’re proud of me too, Dragon. I don’t hate you, love. Even before the War- I didn’t hate you, I just disliked you because of the way you treated me. Don’t call me Hermione though, ok. Its not who I am, at least not really, I’m RiRi. I’m YOUR RiRi. The one who was taken away, but I guess I’m Hermione Granger too. I Love you so much. I want to be a family- the Grangers were kind people, but they ignored me most of the time.”

“I feel you too, princess. You’re right- I missed you, too, and I didn’t know it. Merlin, RiRi, I can’t let you go. You feel like everything I’ve needed, missed and wanted all rolled up into one beautiful package. I’m proud of you too, baby, you’re brilliant, beautiful, loving, honest, strong, true, and the bravest women I know. You should know I never hated Hermione Granger, but I did hate Harry and Ron because they had the kind of girl I dreamed about. When your Father told me how they had been treating you, I went right over the edge because I can’t understand how anyone would treat you as anything less than a goddess, and the fact that they didn’t sends me right over the edge. You should also know that I’m not letting you get away again, you belong to me and no one else. You have a family now too, by the way. The 6 of us are a family, and that won’t ever change, baby,” Draco spoke into her ear.

Draco buried his face in her neck and breathed in her scent before pulling her to her feet, and she turned into his chest, nuzzling into it and breathing deeply. Draco held her to him as tightly as he could before kissing the top of her head, and then saying

“Hold on to me- I want to get you out of the wind.”

RiRi did just that and suddenly felt warm all over, and the next thing she knew, they were standing in a beautiful bedroom.

It was decorated in rich jewel tones of red, gold, blue and green, and there was a large window seat against the far wall that looked out over the canal. The bed was a huge- king size with silk sheets of gold and white, and the bed and the other furnishings were of a luxurious and streamlined type, but neither RiRi nor Draco really noticed the room furnishings.

They only noticed each other. Draco still had his arms wrapped around RiRi, but now his hands were roaming up and down her arms, and she was doing the same.

“How are you feeling now, Ri?”

“I still feel shaky, and my skin still feels like it’s on fire- not as bad, but still, it hurts, Dragon. How ‘bout you?”

“Same. I think we need to do something definite about the pain. What do you think?”

“I think you’re probably right, Draco. We’ve been separated for a long time, and I think it’s time we put our lives back together again, yeah?”

“Absolutely. How far do you...think…we should…um…Oh hell…”

“Why don’t we follow our instincts Draco- we’re part Veela. Our bodies know what to do naturally, I think.”

Draco chuckled, “You’re right, love.”

Draco and Airibella both took deep, settling breaths as he pulled her back to his chest-which must have been exactly what she needed because she moaned out loud as her body connected with his. Her reaction had an instant effect on him, and Draco’s control snapped completely at the same time as Airi’s did as their Veela fangs extended for the first time- instinctively they both knew there was no turning back.

Suddenly, making up for nearly 8 years worth of touching, kissing and connecting became the only thing that mattered. Their lips meshed together in a battle that had no determinable winner, biting and nipping at each other without reservation, and their hands were running up and down each other’s bodies- touching and warming as they went.

Draco still had Ri pressed flush up against his body, conquering her mouth and body, marking her as his own. He moved himself back toward the bed, pulling Ri with him, as he pulled her jacket off of her.

Ri ran her hands up Draco’s chest and then down his back taking his white over shirt with them, and then off his arms completely after he tossed her jacket. Draco couldn’t seem to keep his hands of Ri for longer than a couple of seconds at a time.

Doing anything but pulling her closer took serious concentration on his part. Draco sat on the bed, pulling Airibella with him into his lap as he began to kick his boots off and pull her shoes off at the same time. Their lips were doing a dance that, if it were anyone else, would have ended the world. Ri was fully focused on getting as close to her Dragon as possible.

Draco tossed her shoes at the same time Airi tossed his belt. They never stopped kissing for more than a couple of seconds at a time. They both reached for Draco’s t-shirt at the same time, and some thing about that moment made them both pause, look at each other in the eyes for a second, smile and then start laughing as they pulled the shirt over his head.

Draco wrapped his arms around Airibella- putting his hands on the back of her shoulders and pulling her down to him as her arms wrapped around his neck. He breathed in the natural scent of her body- like spring in the middle of April, and she thought he smelled like summer rain.

Draco wrapped himself around her, trying to feel as much of her as possible all at once, and Ri just couldn’t seem to be able to get enough of him. He turned Ri around so that her back was to his front, and then he slowly began to unlace the corset like bodice of her dress. He kissed and ran his fingers down her back as he pulled the laces and freed her from her dress.

“Draco, this feels so right, ya know?”

Hermione turns in his arms now completely naked save her Dragon star pendant and her white lace boy short panties.

“Uh huh, I know Ri.”

Airibella placed her hands on his shoulders, and shivered with pleasure as he ran his hands from her calves up her body to tangle in her gorgeously soft onyx and gold hair, while staring her in the eyes- fascinated and lost in them at the same time.

“What’s that look in your eyes, my Goddess?”

Draco pulled her to him kissing her lightly, and they both suddenly felt like they were home for the first time in a very long time as Ri found her nearly bare body pressed sensually against Draco’s naked chest. Airi found herself running her hands and nails up and down her Dragon’s torso learning its muscled surface, and thinking to herself that she suddenly had a new appreciation for Quidditch and anything else that he had done over the years to earn his very gorgeous six-pack abs and the chest she was currently considering tasting just because she felt like it.

“I’m worried about school, and the others and…”

Draco let himself fall backward with RiRi on top of him still running his hands all over her, but with her lying on top of him, his mouth went dry with the need to taste her.

“Stop worrying, Granger. You’re thinking and worrying when you should be letting me drive you crazy with lust and making you feel better.”

Draco flipped them over, and began running his hands from her neck down her body, skimming, palming and squeezing in all the right places with his lips following-his only thought to make her mindless with her want. Draco knew his Princess needed that. She had spent 8 years being made to worry, think and feel for and about everyone else, and now he wanted her to worry about them- just them and herself. He wanted her eyes to glitter and her cheeks to flush, and he wanted her to smile his favorite smile because he had seen her give it to others but never to him.

“I…Oh my Merlin… um that’s…um”

Draco smiled, thoroughly enjoying the way her body responded to him and the knowledge that she was focused solely on them- success was sweet.

“Ha ha. Thought you’d like that, still worrying?”

Airi felt herself beginning to let go- to feel whole in Draco’s arms. She felt warmth, safety and suddenly a driving need for Draco to lose it just like she had. RiRi moved her hands from Draco’s six-pack to the top of his pants and began undoing his zipper, and, as she let her hands begin to remove the last of her Dragon’s clothes, Ri allowed her lips to kiss, nip and tongue the chest and abs she had already memorized with her hands.

“No… Dragon… I need you.”

“Oh, Merlin… Airi… baby… please, don’t stop… I need you as much as you need me, love…my Princess”

Ri’s hands reached him and from there neither of them were able to do anything, but follow their instincts.


“Merlin…Ri…you’re…oh god… you feel”

“Dragon…I want…need…please…Draco”

“I know…Granger… let go…I’ll… catch you”

“Malfoy…I… can’t…I”

“I’m Here…Princess…Fall… for me…I’m with you”



“Airibella… I Love you, baby," Draco said as he wrapped himself around his RiRi as tightly as he could, pulling the sheet around them in the process.

“Love you too, Draco," Airi said as she snuggled tightly into Draco’s chest, knowing that he would be there with her for the rest of her life as they both drifted off into the best sleep either of them had had in 8 years.

Draco and Airibella found themselves lost in each other as they made love time and again for the next 3 days.

Chapter 4: Getting Ready to Go to Paris...
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Airibella woke up with a delicious soreness in her body, and when she began to rise from her spot in the bed, she found a pair of strong arms pulling her back into an even better feeling chest. Draco buried his head in her beautiful silken hair, and began nibbling from behind her ear down to her shoulder and back up again before whispering quietly,

“Morning, Queen of my Heart, how’d you sleep?”

RiRi turned so that she was looking Draco in the eyes, and smiled before saying,

“Very Well, but I had good reason to my darling- you wore me out. We need to meet up with everyone today, don’t we? I’m not at all sure I’m going to like not sleeping with you-here or at school. I don’t even like my pillow anymore- I prefer your chest to anything else, and what about our cuddling? Our parents are never going to allow that. What are we going to do?”

“Wow, you know most people have a hard time thinking about that much first thing in the morning, love. However, as it just so happens, I have been thinking about the same thing, and I think I have some satisfactory answers for you. Yes, we need to meet the others, but only because if we don’t, they’ll probably come looking for us. We can’t sleep separately now because we are fully mated. We’re marked now, see?”

(showing her the almost matching cuts on his chest above his heart and the same on the top of her left breast, hers was a little longer because his mouth was bigger and his fangs were longer)

“We quite literally will begin feeling sick if we are separated for longer than a couple of hours, at least that’s how it’ll be at first- with time it will be easier for us to be apart for days, but even our parents have never made it longer than a full 72 hours. I remember Mum was sick in bed the last time she and father were separated- she was so nervous and stressed out with Voldy in the house that she very nearly went nuts. Dad got home and went straight to her- the Dark Lord was pissed, and I thought for sure the secret was up then, but Dad went in and calmed Mum down a bit and then went and took care of business with HIM. After that though, I didn’t see either of them for like two days.”

Ri nodded quietly and smiled, waiting for him to continue…
“I guess it’s a good thing we have always studied the same subjects, that way we will probably have most of the same classes together, so no worries there. As far as sleeping, I think we qualify for married housing at school and, hell will freeze, before I let our parents tell us we can’t be together. Cuddling will unfortunately have to include clothing most of the time now, but as long as it’s just the twelve of us- you can sit in my lap and such, and they won’t care. Although, if we have close family friends over, they’re still okay with us sitting close and touching a lot, but not on top of each other. In public, the obviously sexual touches can’t happen at all, but I have to agree with them there. We are going to be fine- you think I’d let my mate out of my sight after being away from each other for 8 years? Not a chance.”

“Well, damn, you did good. I think I’m going to stop with the worrying of it all- you apparently have it covered. Just do me a favor, and keep me informed, yeah? Oh, by the way, you do realize that the Great Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Sex God, Pure-Blood Prince and all around Badass has officially been brought low by his girlfriend? Your whipped, big guy.”

“First of all, I was always whipped by you. You just weren’t you at the time. Does that make sense? I was never a sex god- I was good with the snogging and memory charms so the girls would think I shagged them senseless. Pansy included. I’m still a Pure-Blood Prince, and you are my Pure-Blood Princess. I honestly think that we can change the way the world sees the Pureblood world, and I’m an even bigger badass now with you by my side- we are both more powerful together. If that makes me whipped, then that’s just too bad, and you are not my girlfriend. You are my wife in everyway except last name-for now, and anyone else who says otherwise will deal with me, got it?”

“Got it, Captain Badass. (limply saluting him) So are you going to let me go, or are we spending the whole day in bed?”

“As tempting as that sounds, I’m going to have to let us both get up, get a shower and eat breakfast. Although the upside to this is that we get to spend time with the family, and I get to go about spoiling you rotten with presents. Did I mention that we get to start really coming out to the world, oh and the Quidditch series finals start in three days?!”

“Hmmm, that sounds good. I think I could let you spoil me, and I know how you could start.”

“Really. This should be good,” Draco said cocking an eyebrow, for which he was promptly smacked on the arm.

“HaHa. I was going to suggest you could spoil me by helping me take a bath, but if you aren’t of a mind to help me wash some of your favorite body parts…”

“You…Me… bathtub…NOW…Move your sexy ass, Airibella Jadeline Malfoy!”

Damn, she loved the sound of her name said like that and even better that it came out of his mouth. Ri did a little happy dance inside as she made her way to the bathroom with Draco staring at her ass not a foot behind her. He watched as she bent over to turn on the tap and the bubbles from the ten or so faucets that would fill the small pond-sized tub, and realized, as he watched her, that he truly saw her as a Goddess.

She took his breath away- she took his breath away the first time he had seen her as Hermione Granger in first year. In third year, when she decked him, he was impressed and had thought about asking her out. In fourth, as he watched her dance with Krum, he had wanted more than anything to steal her away. He watched her in 5th as she refused to back down from the Toad and felt pride when he heard she had managed to help capture those deatheaters at the Ministry, and he had nearly cried during 6th when he had to take his turn smelling that love potion. Every scent he detected from that potion was all her- the smell of parchment, Fresh spring breeze, spearmint toothpaste and her perfume- Vanilla Orchids and Rose Oil.

He knew it was her- his Veela senses had always been able to smell her whenever he wanted to, but the spells that had been cast kept him away from her. It hurt him because he knew how he was forced to treat her, and he was even more hurt by what he was forced to watch happen in the home he was meant to share with her. It tore him to pieces, and he knew that had it not been for the spells, he would have ripped his bitch of an Aunt to pieces when he had to watch her torture Hermione.

“Dragon? Are you okay? Aren’t you coming,” Ri asked pulling lightly on his fingers.

Draco was instantly pulled out of his reverie and pulled in a deep breath; trying to calm himself only to lose said breath as he stared down into her jewel bright emerald jade eyes. She absolutely took his breath away, and in those 5 or so seconds that he stood frozen, drowning in her eyes and lightly holding her fingertips, Draco was mesmerized. She looked like some kind of fairy. He eyes held an innocence, trust and strength that made his heart fill with pride, and her lush lips were curved into a small smile that with a little more effort could have turned into a soft smirk. Her hair hung down over her chest, and Draco had the sudden need to hold her.


“Yeah, baby, I’m fine,” Draco said quietly as he began to climb into the tub.

“Come here, beautiful,” as he pulled her through the water to rest against his chest to her back.

“Feeling Cuddly, Drake,” Airi asked softly as she settled herself against him

“A little bit. Is that ok with you?”

“Definitely. Now are you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, Ri. I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done to you the last several years. I can’t stop thinking about that day in the Manor, and honestly, I don’t know how you could ever set foot in there ever again.”

“Dragon, I love you so much, and honestly, I know it won’t be easy going back to the Manor, but I can do anything as long as we are together.”

“You sure?”

“I’m positive, Drake. Wash my back?”


“Why not?”

“I wanna wash something else.”

“And what would that…oh Merlin…Dra…co”

“Airibella…I Love You so much.”

“Love You too.”

Fifteen Minutes later…

Draco left Ri in the bathtub so that she could actually take a bath because he wasn’t much help in that department since he found he was so easily distracted. He wrapped the towel he was drying himself off with around his waist and walked to the bags that had been tossed to the side when they had arrived two days ago.

He opened the bag Severus had packed for him to find what was actually one of his favorite shirts- a black long sleeve silk button-up with a dragon’s head embroidered over the back in silver and green, an undershirt and boxers. He would wear his jeans, belt and boots from before. He pulled everything out of the bag, cast a wrinkle-release spell and then got dressed.

As he finished dressing, Draco heard the sounds of Ri finishing up in the tub, and smiled to himself thinking,

‘I’m going to enjoy this…. No, I’m going to love this…. Hell, I already do.’

Draco smirked and turned with a jump in his step, deciding to be nosey and see what she had bought while out shopping with the girls only to realize that she had been in a store, exposed and alone when the skin ache started. The thought didn’t sit well at all with him, and, after three days, he knew that she would have started glancing around and panicking very quickly. He could just see it happening, and it bothered him a great deal.

Airi’s humming pulled him back out of his thoughts, and he turned back to her bags to see what he could find. He wasn’t disappointed. He found bags containing different kinds of boots- his favorites were the knee high and thigh high black stilettos, a couple of leather jackets- one that was waist length and the other was mid-thigh length, shirts and blouses that varied everything from long sleeves to baby tees to tank tops in every color, blue jeans, slacks, skirts of almost every kind, and even a couple of sun dresses.

The clothes were fitted and would show off her curves in the absolute best light. He took a perverse pleasure in knowing that his Airibella would look as beautiful to everyone else as he thought she was inside and out. Draco wanted to make up for their time apart, the mistreatment and pain she had suffered, and he had decided that he wanted her to have the best of everything.

He felt like he had struck gold as he continued digging through the bags, until he looked in the medium sized pink and silver bag next to it containing the sexiest looking panties, two or three different lingerie gowns, corsets, teddies and bras he had ever seen. Draco’s mouth went dry as he fingered the satin and silk pieces, imagining himself taking them off of her. He decided that he was going to take advantage of his mate’s absence.

Draco began choosing RiRi’s clothes for the day starting with his favorites (he smirked to himself) emerald green, satin low-cut panties and matching short corset with silver accents (it would do amazing things for his Airibella’s cleavage), black, low rider skinny jeans with silver and emerald embroidery on the back pockets, her black high-heeled dragon skin thigh-high boots, a black belt with a large silver belt buckle shaped like an open rose, a fitted, green baby-doll length blouse with a high straight collar and ¾ length sleeves with shimmering silver embroidery on the sleeves and inside of the collar where it showed on the edges, and the silver outer robe that was almost exactly like his.

He stood back and surveyed the outfit he had picked out, and decided he liked it. He figured she could pick out her own jewelry, and he hoped she would wear her hair down in loose curls.

“Is that what I’m supposed to wear today, Draco?”

He jumped a bit as he heard her speak and gave her a lopsided grin and cocked an eyebrow as he pulled her towel wrapped body flush against his.

“Yeah, if you don’t like it you can change it, but I was being nosey and thought I’d put something together.”

“I love it, actually, but I wish I could have returned the favor and chosen something for you- not that I’m complaining. You look like a rock star, Dragon.”

“You wear that whole outfit, including the lingerie, and you give me a preview of that pink silk teddy with the matching lace stockings and thong tonight, and we’ll call it even. If you don’t mind?”

“Sure thing, Captain Badass. Any other requests?”

“Wear your hear down in big loose curls for me?”

“Great minds think alike, lover. How ‘bout I do that and streak my hair?”

“Sounds Good, beautiful. Guess I better tip mine, huh?”

“That’d be nice. Pack all this up while I get ready to go, yeah?”

“Sure thing, Ri.”

“Love You.”

“Love You, too.”


Thirty minuets later…

Airibella stepped out of the bedroom, fully dressed, into the sitting room where Draco was waiting for her with all of her things that hadn’t been packed yet. She found her handsome mate sitting in an overstuffed armchair with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed, relaxing, and all Ri could think was that he looked absolutely gorgeous with his hair in his eyes that way.

“Well, Dragon, what do you think? Ya think I’ll make Daddy and Dae proud, sporting the family colors and all,” she said, leaning against the arm of the sofa that was located just across from the chair Draco was lounging in, and placed her hands behind her propped against the armrest to support herself so Draco could get a good look.

Draco opened his eyes and sat forward allowing his eyes to run the length of his mate’s body, clearly and blatantly admiring as he went before saying,

“You’re a knock out, lover, and I think they’ll be proud no matter what. Dae’s missed you almost as much as I have, my love. You could be wearing a potato sack and your brother and Blaise are still going to toss you back and forth between the two of them going for as many hugs as they think I’ll let them get away with.”

“So, one each right,” she gave a short laugh and crossed her arms in front of her, still leaning against the arm of the sofa.

“I’ll probably let Daemian have two, but Blaise will be lucky if I let him get a one full hug.”

“It’s not like he is some kind of threat, Drake. If you are like this now, then what are you going to do in a couple of months when we go back to school?”

“Yeah, I guess your right, but think about it, love. We’ve been separated for basically 8 years, and we are newly marked. There is a reason Changelings and their mates take long honeymoons. Our Veela blood makes us very protective of our mates. Come on, can you honestly tell me that the idea of Lu, Emi or how ‘bout Pansy loving on me? Even if it were just a friendly hug, although Pansy’s won’t be.”

Airibella cringed and felt her fangs extend as she let out a low growl and thought about Pansy coming within 30 meters of HER DRACO. Airi was shaking with anger, and she felt as though she might rip something to pieces.

“Easy Gorgeous, I didn’t mean for you to get so upset. I was only trying to prove a point. Come here, my love, Come here,” Draco cooed as he reached a hand out to RiRi trying to easy her temper.

“Hey, Come on now, I’m yours, beautiful, I’m yours. Come here to me, mi amour,” he continued to coo to her as she finally placed her hand in his, and he pulled her into his lap.

“Calm down, Granger,” Draco said, running his hands up and down her arms and over her back and nuzzled her neck, knowing that she liked it when he did that. He watched as her fans retracted, and she snuggled down into his lap, returning the favor and nuzzling his neck, knowing he liked it when she did that.

“Why do you call me that sometimes?”

“What, Granger?”

“Yeah, why do you call me Granger, Hermione or even Mi or Mione?”

“I told you. I crushed on Hermione Granger for a long time, and now I’ve got the best of both worlds. I guess I call you those names from time to time because I’m kind of fulfilling past desires.”

“Honestly, is it odd to be jealous of yourself?”

“Ha Ha, I don’t know, but man do I like knowing that I got my dream girl. I used to wish I would suddenly feel the pull, and you would be my mate. Funny, huh.”

“Do we have to go?”

“Yeah, beautiful, we’ve got to go. Besides, it’ll mean three days of shopping with the family, dancing, spoiling, public exposure for the Ex-Lioness and her Serpent boyfriend, good food and pretournament parties before the World Cup Tournament starts.”

“Hmmm, sounds like fun. So operation Changeling Six is underway? Merlin, you know, I think you get your conniving, devious streak from your MUM not your DAD. She actually scares me, ya know, and to make matters worse, she’s had three days with my Mum and Aunt Lette to flesh out her plans. That thought terrifies me even more, actually.”

“Oh, Merlin, I hadn’t even given it a thought till now, but yeah, your right, the next couple of months till school starts should be damned interesting.”

“You know what would really make things even better?”


“Me wearing an engagement ring.”

“Wow. What a way to throw a direct hint.”

“I didn’t throw, I tossed with accuracy.”

Draco rolled his eyes and waved his wand summoning the ornate box he had made sure to bring with him when he left the manor. The Box landed lightly in Airibella’s lap, and Draco pulled her legs up over the side of the chair they were both sitting in so she was squarely in his lap.

“Remember this,” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh. My. Merlin. Is this the box we found in that flea market when we were 6? The one we used to put all of our treasures in? You kept it?”

“Of course I did. I kept it for 8 years, and I kept putting treasures in it. Things that made me think of you, things I wanted to share with you, and things that I wanted to give to you like special birthday and Christmas presents. I grabbed it before I left to come meet you. I don’t go on trips without it, and I even take it to school with me. No one can open it except for you and me, so our treasures have always been safe.”

“Oh, Dragon, I can’t believe you did this,” RiRi smiled at him before giving him a passionate kiss.

“So are you going to show me the treasures you kept for me, or do we need to get going?”

“No, We’ve got plenty of time- it’s only 9. They aren’t expecting us till around 1, so how about we scrounge up some food, and then I’ll show you our treasures, Deal?”

“Sounds perfect, love. How about a light breakfast? Some fruit, nuts and yogurt to eat,” Hermione asked as she began to wiggle out of his lap.

“Yeah, I think something light and easy would be great, RiRi, but hurry up- I’ve been waiting 8 years to show you this stuff,” Draco responded.

“Excited, Captain Badass?”

“Yeah, actually I am,” Draco blushed.

“Be right back then.”




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Chapter 5: Memories
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When Airi returned she found Draco sitting on the floor staring intently at their opened box waiting for her.




“Hey, Captain, a penny for your thoughts?”




“I’m thinking that I love you very much, and I can’t believe that I am finally going to get the chance to share everything with you. I’ve spent 8 years knowing there was someone missing, protecting, someone I could confide in. Another half of myself that I could share my secrets, dreams, fears, wants and needs with. So I just kept going, and I told myself every time I found something beautiful, unique or some thing happened that made me happy that I would keep something to remind me so that I could tell you about it when I found you, again.”




“I don’t understand. I thought you all forgot about me.”




“No, Merlin, no. See, the spell Dumbledore cast suppressed YOUR memories, but it just blocked part of ours. It kept us from locating or knowing you for who you are, and it also kept us from remembering your face, smell, and things like that. We knew you existed, but we had no way of finding you. So I was able to hold on to the way I felt when I was with you, but I could not see your face or remember your voice. All I knew for certain was that your name was Airibella, who your parents were, that there was a possibility that you would be my mate, that you were my best friend, our likes and dislikes and that you were alive and safe.”




“Oh, it was like that for everyone, then?”




“Yeah, I think so.”




“So, everything in there is stuff from before I left, and stuff you wanted to show me or give to me?”




“Yes, I wanted to share my life with you, and I wanted you to have the things I dreamed of for you. I didn’t want you to not have a full past with me like Emily, Daemon and Blaise, and the best thing I could do was to collect things that I could fit in here. I wanted to tell you about my past and have you tell me about yours.”




“Well, I think we should eat and then you can show me what you’ve collected for me to see,” Airi said as she set the tray of food on the table and then sank into Draco’s arms as he reached to pull her into his lap.




“Alright, have I told you recently that you are my world, and that I love the way you feel in my arms,” Draco asked as he pushed the box to the side as RiRi reached for the tray and pulled it closer to them.




“I don’t know, but I like hearing it, and I love the fact that I can just sink into your arms like it’s the most natural thing in the world, like I’m coming home every time,” RiRi whispered into her Dragon’s ear.




“You are, Lady Malfoy, you belong right here, with me. This is home, Airi, as long as we have this, right here, (he wrapped his arms around her and tucked her head back into his shoulder) then we will always be home, no matter where we are or what happens”, Draco whispered in her ear as she snuggled in just a bit, and then leaned forward to pour them each a cup of earl grey tea with a hint of lemon in each.




Draco and Airibella ate in peaceful silence, with Airi quietly sitting in her Dragon’s lap eating her yogurt parfait while Draco dipped his various choices of fruits in his yogurt, foregoing the nuts because he wasn’t in the mood.




“This was a great idea, and it was delicious,” Draco said quietly.




Airibella was more than happy to agree, but her mouth was full with the last bite of her parfait. She took those few moments to roll some things around in her head- things she wanted to ask her family about when they saw them later.




“Yep, you’re right. I’m a genius. You wanna show me our box now,” Ri asked, pressing her cheek up against his.




“Yes,” Draco said as he waved his wand clearing the tray and food from the table before reaching for their box.




“Come On, lovely, let’s move to the couch. We can curl up there and be more comfortable.”








Draco lifted RiRi off his lap and climbed onto the couch, kicking his boots off as he went. Ri stood and was about to follow suit when Draco grabbed her hands and said,




“Oh, no, Princess, if those are coming off, I’ll be the one to do it.”




“Be my Guest, Captain, far be it for me to get in your way.”




Draco pulled her between his legs and ran his hands from her waist down over her perfectly formed backside, and then let each hand move their way down one leg at a time. Draco watched his Lady’s face, taking in her reactions as he touched her- he ran his hands down to the top of her boots (about 2 inches above her knee) until he reached the zipper of her boots and began to slowly run one hand over her leg as the other unzipped her boot. As the zipper reached its end, Draco moved his free hand to her waist, bracing her as she lifted her foot so he could pull it off.




“I thought we were going to look in the box.”




“Yeah, so did I, but I can’t let you go. I need to love you, Ri.”




“Do we have time?”




“Yes…No…I don’t know…we’ll make time…I want you.”




“I want you, too. I feel like I’m on fire, Dragon. I feel like I’m going to fall apart or get lost in this darkness.”




“Good, I want you to explode. I want you to burn like a phoenix, my mate. I want you to fall into this ecstasy. I want you to get so lost in our passion, that you loose your mind. I want to burn with you, my love. I want you to take us through this, Granger, burn us.”




By the time Draco had finished talking, he had managed to slowly and excruciatingly pull off her other boot. Airibella was shaking with need, and Draco wanted her so badly he didn’t think he could get inside her fast enough. Clothes flew as they undressed themselves; suddenly deciding that taking their time wasn’t worth it.




“Mine,” Draco growled.




“Mine,” RiRi growled.












“Do you think it’s safe for us to leave the house and go meet up with our family? I mean, Wow. I just… um…”




“Yeah, I think so. I mean, you and I are the two top ranked students at Hogwarts. We can exhibit some self control, and besides, I think as long as we stay within touching distance of each other we should be fine,” Draco said laying on the floor next to his mate.




Draco and Ri were lying on the floor near the couch recovering from their impromptu lovemaking enjoying the feel of their bodies touching each other. Draco sat up and scooted back against the couch and pulled Airi up to nestle between his legs.




“So, can I see the treasures you’ve collected for me now?”




“Sure, (Draco uses Wandless Magic to slowly summon the box to land in Airi’s lap) I enchanted it to hold as much as I want so there’s all kinds of stuff in there.”




Draco let his hands find a neutral position wrapped lightly around her stomach, and draped his chin over her shoulder pressing his cheek against hers.




“You go ahead and look through the box, and I’ll you something about each piece.”




“I remember all of these- the four-leaf clover we had my mum preserve for us the day I quit riding my broom by myself, remember?”




“Yep, you fell off because you got caught in a side wind from Emi’s broom, and you lost your balance. You fell off and scrapped your legs up. I remember healing them and telling you to get back on your broom. (He chuckled.) As I recall, the look you gave me was almost exactly the same as the one I’ve seen you give Potter and Weasley on a regular basis,” he said laughing.




“Huh, I guess I’m still me then a little.”




“What do you mean, Airibella,” Drake asked, catching the tone she was using and instantly becoming concerned.




“Nothing, just a side thought is all Drake. (He cocked an eyebrow, but decided to let it go for now) These are the letters we wrote to each other when we were 9, and our mum’s took Emily and I to that women’s Veela gathering. Merlin we were only gone like what 4 days, and we must have written like 20 letters total to each other, remember that? We sat through the entire women’s Veela gathering bored and miserable.”




“Sweetheart, do you know what I remember from that? I remember the Dads spending 4 days drinking, smoking and trying really hard to keep their cool. I also remember the three of us sitting at the window for four days straight waiting for those owls to come back.”




“Ha, you know I remember when we got home the parents disappeared, and the five of us went and stayed in that playhouse at Blaise and Emily’s manor. You three wouldn’t let us out of your sight for days.”




“Well, you girls were ours to keep. I asked the other two about it once during summer before 4th year, and they said that they had always felt the same way. Emily belonged to us- ours to protect and love. I asked about you- our missing 5th, and they agreed with me when I said you were ours, although I was thinking mine, no matter where you were or whom you were with. Honestly, now that we are all together again nothing will stand in our way. You know I Love You, right?”




“I Love You, Drake. Hey, look, it’s the ticket stubs from the World Cups we went to every year from the time we were 5. Merlin, we used to get so excited we’d jump up and down for days before.”




“Yep, they are. Can I ask you something,” Draco asked.




“Of Course.”




“Have you always liked Quidditch? Hermione Granger didn’t seem to care for it too much? Although, you seemed to at the World Cup.”




“Um, well, the truth is that I had always liked the sport, but when I started at Hogwarts, I was alone- no friends, no one to talk to. I didn’t become friends with Harry and Ron till Halloween, you know. Flying lessons were a bust, although now I wonder why, considering I didn’t have a problem with it before, at least not by myself. I honestly felt like I didn’t belong anywhere I was allowed to be. When we were sorted, the hat spoke to me. I knew I was different. My memories had always shown me as a happy child with friends, parents who adored me, and lots of family. Most everyone figured without being told that that was the way it was, but it wasn’t. The Grangers were good people, but they tended to ignore me- treat me like I didn’t quite belong, or even like they were afraid of me from time to time. I always just chalked it up to my accidental magic from when I was a kid or something, you know. Then I got to Hogwarts, and I felt like I had to prove myself, so I just threw myself into studying, busting my ass so that I could prove I belonged.”




“I remember you used to walk around clutching a book to your chest a lot, and you always looked a bit lost or confused. What did the Sorting Hat say to you?”




“It told me that he sensed greatness in me. He said that I was capable of amazing things- that I would find happiness and contentment with the Serpent, but that he could not place me there, that I was to willful to be a badger, too cunning to be a Rave, but not able to be with my true kind. He said that I would have to be a Lioness, but one day I will be a Chimera. I would be a Lion and a Serpent. I never was able to understand what that Hat meant until now, funny isn’t it.”




Draco held her tightly against his broad chest, and said breathing deeply,




“I’m sorry, my love, that you were Lost. I wish I could have been there to keep you from being alone. Instead, I caused you 6 years of pain- I tortured you, harassed you; I watched as my Aunt hurt you. Merlin, how can you forgive me for those things?”




“Because I really don’t think that it was you, but…well, I was going to wait till later to say something, but I guess I can say something now. I want to ask you some questions, and you promise to tell me the truth?”








“All right. How long did it take you to get back to normal after I was taken away?”




“We all were really messed up. Our parents were concerned about us, and there was talk about us taking first year and doing home study because we were still so messed up.”




“Did you really want to Harry’s friend?”




“Yeah, I wanted to be his friend. We all did, but my delivery sucked, and I was expected to treat Weasley like crap- I had to help maintain the idea that our Dad’s hate each other. They actually have a drink together once a week.”




“If you wanted to be friends, then why did you make everything so hard?”




“Our first night at Hogwarts, after we were sorted and sent to bed, the whole House was gathered into the Slytherin Common Room. They told us all that we were under no uncertain terms allowed to associate with any other House. Period. Gryffindors especially. They said that it was our goal to make things as bad for Potter as possible, and then they sent us to bed. I had heard others talking about how they treated the others, and so late that night, we all 5 gathered in the common room again and went to see your Father. He told us he had no idea that was going on- that we were being told from moment one to be as cruel as possible. He told us that for the time being we would have to do what it took to fit in because Pansy and Frederick Parkinson were watching, especially with our names being what they were. Unfortunately, the time being turned into 6+ years.”




“Why does everything always seem to come back to THEM?!”




“Do you know what? I wish I knew! Honestly though, I think it’s time we found out.”




“I agree, Dragon. (Airi took a deep breath.) About that day, with Bellatrix, (Draco tightens his grip) why…um…well…why didn’t you…”




Draco sighed heavily,




“Baby, I want you to understand something. I would have don anything to keep you from being hurt like that, whether I knew it was you or not- I had a crush on Granger from the word go, and I thought Potter and Weasley weren’t so bad either, although now I’d love to kick their ass’ for what they did to you. I went down to try to figure out a way to get you three out. I stepped into a side room so I could cast a concealment charm on myself, but my crazy bitch of an Aunt found me before I could do it. She dragged me out of the room, telling me all the while that I would just LOVE to see what she was going to do to you three. It took everything in me not to rip her to pieces, but if I would have we would all have been in trouble- the Dark Lord was on his way so it was a full house, so to speak. I did what I could; I just couldn’t stop her. I was too afraid that if I stepped in either her or the Dark Lord would have made me kill you. So I did the only thing I could to help you.”




Airibella looked at him like he had lost his mind.




“Believe it or not, I did.”




“Huh? How? You just stood there glaring at me!”




“Uh, no. I was doing Wandless magic. You see, Psychotic Psychizofrenic Aunt is known amongst Death Eaters for her ability to use torture curses. When she gets going about half of them are silent, and the others are said aloud. Dad said that was what happened to the Longbottoms. Bellatrix was able to use a Cruciatus curse as well as a striking curse simultaneously. It means that she can cast a Cruciatus Curse for either extended periods of time or in short bursts and cast a striking curse that essentially beats you up from the inside. The mind can’t take that much pain at once, so it shuts down. I was able to cast a protection spell of sorts and absorb the pain of the striking spells, but not the Cruciatus Curse.”




“So you were taking the striking spells for me. That’s what the dirty looks were- pain?”




“Yeah. If I could have done more, I would have.”




“Oh, My poor Dragon. I’m sorry I doubted you,” Ri whispered, turning to place a sweet kiss on his cheek and nuzzle his neck- knowing he liked when she did that and also silently asking him to forgive her for snapping at him.




“You’re not mad at me for asking a question like that?”




“Of Course not, I expected it actually,” Draco said nuzzling Ri’s neck and shoulders- letting her know without words that all was just fine.




“Do you love me because of who I used to be or because of who I really am? How can you even be sure that it’s not just the bond?”




“You don’t have the ‘insider’ knowledge the rest of us do, so let me explain it thus. Veelas are bound by more than physical attraction. Our bodies put off various pheromones, and the only way a bond or even an attraction can be there is if the Pheromones match. Otherwise, they will fight, for example, remember how you reacted when I mentioned Pansy? (Airibella growled.) See, there you go. Your body immediately dislikes her-its gut reaction, but Emily, or Blaise? They are partial matches to your body’s pheromones. Therefore, you treat them like family-like your brother. Partial Bonds between mates are possible, but the pheromones match just a bit more- those mates are usually made by way of families arranging marriges. The marks are very different as well. Theo Nott and Pansy Parkinson- a few weeks ago we were in Greece to celebrate their marriage, and we decided to go swimming so I got a look at both of their marks because of the swim suits. Their’s are very different from ours (Begins to run his fingers over her mark) because we are perfect for each other. We are meant to be, and no one else will ever be able to tear us apart.”




“I know. I can feel it. Hey can I ask you something?”




“Of Coarse.”




“What is your favorite thing to do on a Lazy Sunday?”




“What’s the weather like?”




Airibella smirked and said, “Rainy.”




“Well, if I’m by myself, I sleep in, find a secluded spot to read or draw in and drink hot chocolate or scotch if I’m in the mood, but since I have you know I’m thinking I should add making love for most of the morning, watching movies and cuddling all day.




“Wow. You really mean that,” Riri turned to look him in the eye. Draco cocked an eyebrow and smirked at him as if to say, ‘you know I’m not lying.’




“We are going to fine, aren’t we,” she looked at him smiling.




“Abso-bloody-lutly, Lady Malfoy,” Draco said, “No one for me but you, beautiful.”




“And you, me,” Airibella said sweetly.




Draco pressed his nose into her hair and said, “Feel better?” (Airibella nodded her head once.) I answered well enough? (She nodded again.) Good, and oh, by the way, I still get excited about the Tournament, and I KNOW you are too. Hey, betcha, don’t remember these?”




“Oh, wow, Dragon! These are the rings we won at that carnival the summer we turned 10. I think that was just a few weeks before we were separated, wasn’t it? Merlin, look how tiny our fingers were?”




“I can’t believe how long ago it was, or that those serpents are even still moving a bit,” Draco said.




“What’s this,” Airibella asked as she pulled out a small bundle containing a jewelry gift box and a few pictures.




“These are some pictures that were taken right before the four of us left for school, and I bought the jewelry for you because we were headed for school. I knew I couldn’t give it to you, but I still wanted you to be able to have it. Dae helped me design the set, although, it’s not what I would want you to wear now. It’s too…well…average, I guess the word would be, and you’re a Gryffindor, too.”




“You don’t know?”




“Know what,” Draco asked.




“Harry, Ron and I officially dropped out when we left. We have to be ReSorted in order to return.”




“So you could end up in Slytherin?”




“Possibly. Hopefully,” she said, “Do I still get to see my jewelry?” She kissed him soundly.




“Be my guest,” he said.




Airi opened the box to find a silver serpent necklace and earrings shaped like serpents.




“I love it, Dragon. The set is perfect, and it’s not even close to average, look. I’ll show you. (She put her jewelry on and posed for him, batting her eyes wildly at him.) See?”




“You’re right. It’s prefect for you, and I think you should wear it all the time; especially when we go back to school,” Draco said chuckling and breathing in his mate’s scent.




“Okay, then. I will,” Hermione replied- pecking him on the lips quickly and then turning back to their treasure box.




 “Hey, what’s this,” Airibella asked as she pulled out an emerald green hair ribbon.




“Um… ok, well, you know how you and I practically memorized Hogwarts, A History by the time we were 10,” Draco asked.




“Yeah, we used to sit and read together all the time. I remember the ribbon, too. I think I wore it at your birthday party. You said it was perfect on me. The five of us spent the night in your room and I lost it. How did you find it,” Airibella asked.




“Your brother gave me a fake copy of Hogwarts, A History, remember? You could turn to the page about the Room of Requirement, and it would open up a hiding place. You put it in there because you didn’t want to lose it, and I guess we forgot about it. I pushed it under my bed and there it stayed till we were messing around at my house right before we started 2nd year. I found it, and I put it in here so I could have it with me. I would tie it to my wrist, tuck it in my pocket, around my hand or under my glove every time I practiced or had a game. I remembered that you wore it whenever we went to a game or played at home, so I liked to keep it with me. I carried it around with me, daily, all through 5th and 6th years.”




“Oh, Dragon, I’m glad you were able to have it with you. Why do you have a picture of me coming down the stairs before the Yule Ball?”




“Believe it or not, you were the talk of the night. On the arm of the great Viktor Krum, your dress was spectacular, and I kept the picture because I couldn’t get it out of my head and because I wanted to remember to ask you what you wore, funnily enough.”




Airibella continued to dig, and Draco continued to tell her whatever she wanted to know. He told her about the seashells he had picked up off the beach at Lake Como the previous May, the pearls he had bought for her for her 16th birthday, the pearl tiara for her 17th, the singing clover from the World Cup right before 4th year started, and the dried roses from every dance he had been to since she had been gone.




Draco sighed as he pulled a red feather out of the box and said,




“I found this 2 months ago. I was at Emi and Blaise’s house waiting for them in the Aviary, and I had a daydream about you- I remembered your voice for the first time. I cried because I honestly, until that moment, didn’t realize that I had forgotten it. When we were little, your voice was the most important sound in the world to me- it still is, and I …”




“What did you remember?”




“Our Good Bye. After you left, we cried till we were sick. I cried everyday for you, and I tore me apart because I couldn’t remember your voice my parents took me home, and I was so sick, they weren’t sure I would be healthy enough to go to school. I cried everyday for you, and it tore me apart because I couldn’t remember your voice, your face or your eyes. The others cried, too, especially your brother. We have all been so lost, especially me, for so long, and that afternoon, when I remembered your voice, I felt like I was finally able to get my head back on straight. I was beginning to remember my best friend”




“I wish I had been able to make it better I had the same problem. I remember I woke up in the Granger’s House, and I was so sick I couldn’t move, Dragon. I didn’t remember why I was so sick, and I knew that the Granger’s weren’t the one’s I wanted. I missed someone, but I didn’t know who it was. I had memories of being their daughter, but I knew deep down, that I didn’t belong there. The Granger’s didn’t miss treat me, but they never really acted like my parents, you know. They always made me feel like I was a stranger somehow. I feel horrible about what happened to them though.”




“So do I, but you know what? We never have to be without each other again. I have something for you.”




Draco pulled out a silver box that was really a glorified necklace box and opened it, revealing a series of rings for both of them.




“My parents gave me the family signet rings a few months ago when I turned 17, but I also had these custom made. (Points to a set of cufflinks, a women’s ring with an emerald and diamond rose on top, and a set of matching wedding bands) It’s tradition for a Veela male to prepare for his mate. It’s why I bought the houses in Italy and Spain. I didn’t know you were my mate till this morning, but I can’t think of anyone else who could be my match.”




Draco said this as he slid first her Malfoy family signet ring onto her right middle finger, and then her diamond and emerald engagement ring on her left ring finger. It was very unique as the diamonds were actually set to look like she had a small rose sitting atop her finger attached to a delicate platinum band. Airi loved it, and couldn’t help the kiss she joyfully pressed to Draco’s cheek. Draco slipped his own signet ring on his finger, and then removed the cufflinks from the box before placing everything back into the box.




“It’s 11 o’clock, and we have to get cleaned up and ready to go, unfortunately.”




“You know, I seem to remember that it was your fault that we ended up naked on the floor to begin with.”




“It’s that gorgeous bum of yours. I can’t stay away from it- I see it and I have to touch it.”




“You are such a guy.”




“Merlin, I hope so.”












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