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Coming Closer by raynegoldenhart

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 6,490
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Luna, Draco, George, Ginny, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Other Pairing, Draco/Pansy, Neville/Luna, Harry/OC

First Published: 10/10/2010
Last Chapter: 12/03/2010
Last Updated: 12/03/2010

Hermione heads back to Hogwarts for her 7th and final year without Harry and Ron by her side. She's head girl  and can't wait to see what happens next.


This is a revision of Unlikely Pair except the pairing will be Hermione/Blaise!

Chapter 1: Going Back
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Draco or Hermione or any other Harry Potter character. The character Rayne and the plot however are mine and mine alone.



King’s Cross was bustling with people as Hermione Granger happily headed for Platform 9 ¾.  She was so happy to finally be returning to her home away from home, Hogwarts. She was finally gonna see Ginny, she only heard from her once to tell Hermione that Harry and Ron weren’t coming back to school. It may have saddened her a bit but when she got her Hogwarts letter she forgot her sadness.




            Hermione just finished taking a shower when she heard a tapping noise coming from her window. She went over and opened it allowing a fluffy disgruntled looking owl swoop in; dropping an envelope on her bed before flying out again but not without clipping her head with it’s wing on it’s was out.  Hermione scowled and leaned out the window.

            “Well, sorry I don’t keep my window open all the bloody time. I was in the shower and I wasn’t too keen on everybody watching me. So bugger off!”She yelled after the owl, attracting the attention of some male muggles walking past her house. She looked down at them and blushed realizing she was still wearing only a towel, then slowly edged back into her room as the guys wolf whistled and cat called to her.

            “Well that was bloody embarrassing.” She mumbled still red in the face and made her way over to her bed, picking up the envelope that the owl so graciously delivered to her. She unsealed the envelope, pulled out the parchment and something small and metal fell out. Hermione picked up the small object and examined it with suppressed glee, the letters HG were underneath the Hogwarts insignia. She screamed in excitement and started running around her room until her bedroom door burst open. She then froze and screamed in surprise as her parents ran in looking frantic. Her mother looked worried while her father was carrying a bat looking for danger.

            “Minnie are you ok sweetie?! What’s going on?” her father asked while still looking around as if expecting someone to jump from out of nowhere. Her mother was holding Hermione close to her as if expecting her to disappear.

            “Daddy, I’m fine.” She sighed.

            “Then why were you screaming sweetie?” Her mother questioned.

Hermione tried and failed to suppress a smile. “I got head girl!” She exclaimed and grinned while her parents beamed at her then crushed her between them.

            “We’re so proud of you! Congratulations Minnie!”

            “Thanks! I’m so happy I can’t believe it!”     

End Flashback

            Hermione smiled softly at the memory of her parent’s happiness for her, she quickly passed through the barrier leading to Platform 9 ¾.  Hermione scanned the crowd for the tell tale flaming red hair of the Weasleys, she couldn’t see them so she assumed Ginny was already on the train and the rest of them had already left.  She made her way to the train dragging her trunk and Crookshanks in his basket behind her.  Hermione reached the train and was attempting to lift it on to the train; needless to say she wasn’t having much luck.  She lost her grip on her trunk and staggered under the weight of it before the weight suddenly disappeared.  Hermione’s gaze shift up and she saw Blaise Zambini lifting her trunk on to the train for her.

            “Hey Granger, can you fit anymore things into your trunk? This thing weighs a ton.” Blaise smiled at her which confused Hermione considering they never talked face to face before. He was always standing behind Malfoy acting like his shadow. 

            “It’s mostly books, but honestly it’s not as heavy as you make it seem.”  Hermione was nervous around him, he seemed to be so nice but she wasn’t so sure he actually was.  Hermione wasn’t sure what to make of him. “Thank you for helping me.” She smiled nervously.

            “No problem Headgirl.” Blaise grinned at her, when Hermione looked confused and started to open her mouth he cut her off. “Who else in our year could possibly be Headgirl?”  He chuckled when she blushed humbly. “I guess we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other this year.”

            “How do you mean?” Hermione tilted her head a little.

            “Well the Heads do have their own common room to share.”  He waited for her to catch on.

Hermione gasped. “You’re Headboy?” She certainly wasn’t expecting that. Hermione contemplated asking him if they could get along. “Um…First off we should probably get on the train, and second do you think that we could possibly try to get along this year?  I don’t really need more drama this year.”  Hermione smile hopefully at him.

            Blaise tried to look like he was thinking about it, but honestly he didn’t have to.  He didn’t have a problem with Hermione he thought she was pretty awesome actually.  She wasn’t high maintenance or snobby, she was humble, modest and not bad to look at in fact she was really pretty.    He looked down at her hopeful face and nodded at her, when he did her face broke into a breathtaking grin. 

            “Ok this is great so come on.”  Hermione grabbed Blaise’s hand and proceeded to drag him onto the train, making her way to the Head’s compartment.  Blaise decided to just let her drag him; it wasn’t like he had anything better to do at the moment.  Hermione finally found the compartment and led him inside before going to one of the seats and lying down. “So how was your summer Blaise?” She looked over at him waiting for a response.

            Blaise looked at her being so comfortable around him. ‘She sure adjusts quickly’  “My summer was ok; I mostly hung out with Draco.” Blaise saw Hermione tense when he said Draco’s name, Blaise wasn’t surprised considering their past experiences with each other.

            Hermione sighed softly and closed her eyes.  “Is he coming back this year?”  Hermione was kind of afraid to know the answer.

            Before Blaise could answer the compartment door slammed open.

            “Oi! Blaise!  Where have you been?”

Chapter 2: Secret Revealed
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Disclaimer: Ok so I don't own Harry Potter, that honor belongs to J.K. Rowling.

"Oi! Blaise! Where have you been?"

There in the doorway was the Slytherin prince himself Draco Malfoy. He couldn't see Hermione lying on the bench considering the back of it was facing him, he turned to Blaise. "So who's the head girl? Is she shagable?" Draco heard a small noise but ignored it as he stared at his best friend.

Blaise rolled his eye at the questions nonetheless. "It's Granger." He waited for the disgust to appear on his face and wasn't disappointed when it did, he sighed.

"Granger? That mudblood is back AND they made her head girl?" Draco heard a growl and looked around the compartment; he didn't see anyone which confused him since he wasn't going crazy…well at lease not yet.

Hermione had heard enough, she got up from her spot on the bench and glared at the Slytherin prince. "Mudblood? Can't you at least think of a new insult, amazing bouncing ferret?" She smirked when he scowled at her. She tilted her head to the side a little bit and looked over Draco. He had finally freed his silvery blond hair from all the gel he used to wear and now it just hung a little in front of his eyes. His dark grey eyes looked hollow, they didn't have his same mischievous glint and to be honest, Hermione was kind of scared of Draco a little at the moment. Hermione walked over to the scowling Malfoy and looked him up and down, she then turned to Blaise. "Please explain to me how almost every girl at Hogwarts gets hot and bothered by him? Because I don't see it." Hermione gave Blaise a wink that only he could see, and then turned back to Draco suppressing a laugh at the expression on his face. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Is something the matter Malfoy?" Hermione smirked at him again.

Blaise was in disbelief when Hermione winked at him and was quite unsure of how to respond. Thankfully he didn't have to when Draco just glared and stormed out of the compartment. When he was gone Hermione laughed and lay back down on her bench just watching Blaise with amusement. He looked at her wide eyed. "What the hell happened to you Granger? What happened to the shy bookworm?" He was even more confused when Hermione laughed.

"Let's just say she underwent a transformation this summer." Hermione smoothed her hands over her dark skinny jeans and stretched a little. She calmly stared at Blaise and motioned for him to sit down, when he complied and turned to him. "Have you ever felt like everything you did and thought was wrong?" Hermione was playing with the bottom of her top, while looking at Blaise it was the only sign of her nervousness. When Blaise shook his head she sighed dejectedly. "I have always been 'Hermione the bookworm' or 'Hermione the Gryffindor Princess'. I've always had Harry and Ron with me, and now I just want to be myself. Believe it or not I actually do now how to have fun…I actually love to party." Hermione smiled sheepishly at Blaise waiting for him to react.

Blaise just stared at Hermione in shock as he tried to absorb everything that she told him. He honestly could not see Hermione partying, he tried to picture it but it seemed so very wrong. He looked her over once more before opening his mouth. "You like to party? I don't believe that."

Hermione laughed and pulled out a small photo album from her small purse. She flipped through a few photos until she found the one she was looking for, Hermione held the album out to Blaise and watched with amusement while he examined the photo with disbelief.

The picture showed a smiling Hermione wearing a very revealing outfit dancing with a guy Blaise didn't recognize so he could only assume that it was one of her muggle friends. Although considering how close she was to him, Blaise assumed they were closer than just friends. "Who is this guy Hermione?" He held the album out to her.

Hermione looked at the picture again and laughed. "Honestly I don't know he was just really cute so I decided to dance with him." She saw Blaise frown. "What, you don't think he looks cute?" Hermione furrowed her brow.

Blaise's expression changed from shocked to the fact that she didn't even know the guy to disgust when she asked him if he thought the guy was cute. "Hermione why the hell would I think the bloke is cute? I happen to like girls not blokes; I should take away your books for even thinking that." Blaise glared at her when she laughed.

Hermione smiled at Blaise. "Now why would I possibly think that you like guys?" Hermione laughed at the offended look on Blaise's face. "Oh calm down Blaise, I know you don't like guys...or do you?" Hermione smirked and moved to sit next to Blaise looking him over as if to prove to herself that he does in fact like guys.

Blaise felt a muscle tick in his cheek as he watched Hermione smirk at him; he wondered why she was in Gryffindor when she obviously belongs in Slytherin.

Draco stormed through the train barking at anyone that looked at him the wrong way. He was seething, it took everything in his power not to go back to the Head's compartment and strangle the life out of the mudblood. "How dare that mudblood act that way towards a Malfoy?" He continued storming through the train until he found an empty compartment and threw himself into it raging about stupid mudbloods and insufferable know it alls.

Blaise could only look at Hermione with disbelief and pride. "Well who would've thought? Hermione Granger can actually have fun?" Blaise smirked at her.

"Oh shut up Blaise." Hermione laughed and playfully hit him, before getting up and walking to her trunk and pulling out her robes. "We should change, we're almost at Hogwarts."

Blaise smirked and leaned back in his seat. "Well by all means go ahead, no one is stopping you."

Hermione smiled coyly before pulling off her shirt and tossing it to Blaise who could only watch her with wide eyes. She walked up to him and pulled him into the standing position by his shit and moved close to him. "Should I continue?" Blaise could only nod. "Alright." She started to slowly move him towards the compartment door and push him through it.

Blaise landed on his ass.

"Sorry Blaise I don't like you like that." She blew him a kiss, then turned and walked back into the compartment closing the door behind her.

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Chapter 3: Reunion
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Disclaimer: Still don't own anyone from Harry Potter but I can dream.

Hermione stepped off the train and strode through the crowd over to the carriages that would take them to Hogwarts. She saw one that said Heads on it and jumped into it and effectively landed in Blaise's lap.

"Wow Granger, I certainly wasn't expecting that. Not that I mind or anything." Blaise smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Hermione rolled her eyes and tried to get up and move to her own seat but Blaise wouldn't let go of her. "You know Blaise I am trying to get up but you holding me is making it very difficult."

Blaise laughed and let go of her. When she settled into the seat across from him, he noticed her uniform. His eyes widened. "Granger what the hell did you do to you clothes?"

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him and looked down at her outfit. "What's wrong with it? I think it looks better." She had shortened the skirt a little and fitted the top to her; she also omitted the brown loafers and settled on some black boots.

"No it looks fine, just….different." Blaise was trying his hardest not to stare at her body. Blaise smirked at her and moved to sit beside her. "I thin you look really good." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione blinked at him and then proceeded to laugh like crazy. "Seriously Blaise? I already told you that I don't like you like that…However that opinion might change." She smiled coyly at him and leaned towards him and shook her chest at him, laughing when he went wide eyed and fell off his seat onto the floor.


"Come on Headboy, we're here!" Hermione opened the carriage door and stepped out followed by a disheveled Blaise. She grabbed him and pulled him close; startling him.

"What are you up to Granger?" He looked down at her trying not to blush. (A/N: I can't see him blushing but you can try.)

"Something," She began to fix Blaise's clothing. She started by straightening his shirt and finished by tightening his tie. "There! Now you don't look like you just got shagged." She smiled and began to pull by his tie towards the entrance ignoring the stares they were receiving.

"Um…Granger? Don't you think you should let go?" He had noticed all the stares they were receiving and not all of them were appreciative stares.

"No why would I?" She turned and smiled sweetly at him, before winking. "Would you like me to?"

Blaise wasn't sure how to respond, he was getting so confused by the way Hermione was acting. He only shook his head, and continued to let Hermione lead him into the castle; perplexed by her behavior.

Hermione dragged him into the castle and headed for the Great Hall, they went their separate ways. Hermione to the Gryffindor table and Blaise to the Slytherin table. Hermione saw the Weasley red hair and ran towards it. "GINNY!" The red hair turned towards her.

"Hermione!" Ginny stood up and ran to Hermione, stopping right in front of her; looking her up and down. "Girl, you look great! I love what you did to your uniform. You have to help me with mine!"

Hermione laughed and led Ginny to the table and sat down. "Of course I'll help you with that. Oh and guess what?" Hermione tried to hold back a grin.

"You're head girl."

"Aww…who told you?" Hermione pouted and played with the fork in front of her.

Ginny laughed and tugged Hermione's hair gently. "Hermione, you head girl badge is right there staring me in the face. How could I not know?" She laughed again when Hermione blushed and growled at her.

"It's not funny Ginny."

Ginny ignored her and took a sip of pumpkin juice. "So who is head boy?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at Ginny but responded anyway. "Oh it's Blaise Zambini." She covered her ears when Ginny screamed gleefully. "God, Gin can you not do that?"

"He is so hot, and you get to room with him?" Hermione nodded. "Ugh, I hate you…" Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh come on Mione you can not say the he isn't hot."

Hermione blushed a little. "Okay so I admit that his is…good looking but come on Ginny I'm not hormonally crazy. I'm not gonna corner him and try and shag him." She laughed when Ginny's mouth just dropped all the way down to the floor.

"Hermione did you just say you are gonna corner and shag Blaise Zambini?" Hermione's eyes widened, and she turned to Ginny.

"Do you just hear what you want to hear? I said I'm NOT gonna corner him and try to shag him." Hermione covered her face and turned her attention to McGonagall, tuning out Ginny's huffs of protest.

Blaise sat down next to Draco who was trying to disentangle himself from Pansy. "Woman would you let go of me?"

"Aww but Drakey…" Pansy pouted and did as he requested.

Blaise shuddered when she spoke; her voice was squeaky and annoying. 'Why the hell is Draco still with this…thing?'He tuned Pansy out and addressed Draco. "So dude what's up?"

Draco smirked at Blaise. "Nothing, how was sharing a compartment with the mudblood?" Draco rolled his eyes and turned to look at said mudblood.

Blaise glared at Draco. "Sharing a compartment with Granger was fine. She certainly has changed. Honestly she is a babe now." Blaise looked at Hermione across the hall and saw her blushing madly at something Ginny Weasley said. He smirked, she was prettier when she blushed.

Draco turned back to Blaise to see him staring at Hermione with a dazed look. "You like the mudblo-I mean Granger don't you?"

Blaise looked at Draco in shock but didn't deny the accusation.

Professor McGonagall stood up and addressed everyone.

After the feast

Hermione and Blaise were following McGonagall threw the halls on their way to the Head's dorm. They stopped in front of a portrait of Professor Dumbledore; who was smiling at them.

"Ms. Granger."

"Professor Dumbledore." Tears sprang into Hermione's eyes as she looked upon the portrait of the late headmaster. She turned to the Headmistress smiling slightly. "The password Professor?"

"The password is Forgiveness."

The portrait swung open, Hermione and Blaise stepped through and examined the joint common room. It was a mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin colors. There was a silvery-gray couch and a champagne love seat, a black armchair and a white. They turned to the right and saw a fully stocked kitchen, Hermione wandered further into the dorm and saw a private library causing her to squeal with delight which made Blaise laugh. "Same old Granger." Hermione turned and stuck her tongue out at him. "Don't stick that tongue out unless you plan on using it." That statement made her quickly pull her tongue back into her mouth and she laughed nervously.

"Um…I'm just gonna go to bed now…um…bye!" Hermione sprinted up the stairs and entered the room with the initials HG on it. She didn't even look around, she just pulled off her shoes and jumped into bed. She was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Blaise chuckled as Hermione ran to her room; he took a moment to relish in her response to his comment and headed to his room. He opened the door and looked around. There was a dark blue king size bed, he was glad it wasn't green. In fact nothing in the room was green, he turn and opened a door to his left and found a bathroom. He walked in and saw another door; his curiosity getting the better of him headed towards it and opened it slowly. He saw Hermione asleep on a dark purple bed and smirked before closing the door once again. 'Just wait until she finds out that we have to share a bathroom.'

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Chapter 4: Wake up call
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Hermione awoke to something tugging on her hair. She swatted away whatever had a hold on her hair and opened her eyes to see Blaise grinning down at her. Hermione screamed and hid under her covers; which caused Blaise to laugh. "Zambini what the bloody hell are you doing in my room?"

Blaise chuckled and pulled the covers off of her; smirking when she glared at him. "It's time to get up Granger, unless you wanna be late." His smirk widened when her eyes widened and she jumped out of bed.

"Oh shit! I'm going to be late for class!" She started running around her room; collecting the things she needed. "Damn it all! Can it get any worse?" She froze when she heard Blaise laughing. She turned and saw him lounging on her bed; laughing wholeheartedly. "What the hell is so funny Blaise?"

He managed to stop laughing and look over at an angry Hermione. "You are of course. I only woke you up because it's ten o'clock in the morning." He smirked when he saw she was going to freak out more. "Will you calm down Granger?"

"How do you expect me to calm down when it's ten o'clock? I'm late for class and I'm SUPPOSED to be Headgirl."

"Granger today is Saturday." Blaise was laughing hysterically now; not even noticing a furious Hermione stalking towards him that is until he found himself underneath her. "What the hell? How did you do that?"

Hermione smiled evilly down at him, which made him gulp. "Why did you feel the need to scare me to death?" She poked his chest with each word.

"Well technically you're not dead." Blaise paused when Hermione glared deathly at him, and he laughed nervously. "I'll shut up now." He tried to smile innocently but failed.

"Finally you use that thing you call a brain" Hermione stretched effectively pressing her hips against his causing him to groan and her to smirk. She yawned and laid herself on him. "I'm sleepy, night Blaise." She kissed his cheek and with that she was asleep; leaving him trapped underneath her.

Blaise sighed and tried to move her off of him but found that she had a tight grip on his shirt. Blaise finally gave up and decided to take a nap; holding her Hermione close he shut his eyes and went to sleep.

A Few Hours Later

Draco wandered to the portrait of Professor Dumbledore and recited the password that Blaise had given him. When the portrait swung open he strutted inside and began his search for the Headboy. He walked up to Blaise's bedroom and entered without knocking and was surprised to find that he wasn't in there. He saw a door to his left and headed towards it, when he opened it he saw it was in fact a bathroom. He was about to leave when he saw yet another door; with his curiosity getting the better of him, he approached it and opened it and saw something that will stay engraved in his mind forever.

He had apparently found Hermione's bedroom and on the bed was a sleeping Hermione and Blaise. Blaise was holding Hermione close and she was straddling his hips, Draco smirked and conjured a camera; quickly taking a picture before screaming out loud in false surprise.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?" Both sleeping occupants awoke and fell of the bed in reversed positions. Hermione lying on the ground with Blaise on top of her, and somehow during their little fall Hermione had wrapped her legs around Blaise's hips. Draco smirked once again and quickly snapped another picture before hiding the camera in his robes.

Blaise looked down at Hermione in shock that they were in this position, he expected her to be blushing but to his surprise she wasn't. In fact she looked like she was enjoying everything that was going on.

Hermione winked at Blaise before shifting her attention to Draco. "Hello Malfoy, did you come to only watch or join in?" She smiled seductively at him as his jaw dropped in shock. "No?" She sighed and pushed Blaise off of her, standing up and walking towards the bathroom. "Well that's too bad." She winked at him and closed the bathroom door, laughing slightly to herself.

Draco stared incredulously at the bathroom door before turning to his friend still on the floor, he smirked. "So? You and Granger huh?" His smirk widened when Blaise blushed slightly. "Hey I'm not saying that's a bad thing but I was so sure that you were in fact gay." He tried not to laugh as Blaise glared at him. "Oh come on, how many guys do you know that are straight and care so much about their appearance like you do?" He was full on laughing now as Blaise looked like he was actually thinking about it.

Blaise rolled his eyes at Draco before heading out of the room and down to the kitchen not even bothering to wait for Draco. He opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water, just as Hermione emerged from the bathroom wrapped in only a towel; leaving Blaise and Draco staring at her as she entered the kitchen.

"Are you guy's hungry?" She headed for the fridge and pulled out some eggs, bacon, and butter, she then walked to the cupboard and pulled out some dry ingredients and started making pancakes.

Blaise and Draco stared at Hermione as she was cooking…wearing only a towel. Blaise was the first one to respond. "Um…Granger? Don't you think you should wear clothes?"

Hermione grinned and turned to him. "I am wearing clothes." She pulled off the towel revealing a strapless bra and a pair of short shorts. "What do you think?" She did a full turn before facing the dumbstruck boys.

The two boys in question could only stare at her as she turned; in fact they were both starting to drool. Draco snapped out of it when Hermione smirked at them, and he quickly turned his attention to Blaise who was blushing and staring at Hermione hungrily. "You look decent for a mudblood." That snapped Blaise out of his trance.

Hermione laughed dryly, the term mudblood didn't even bother her anymore. "Well thank you Draco." She smiled before turning and continued cooking for all of them.

Blaise glared at Draco and wandered over to Hermione. "Can I help Granger?" He was trying his hardest not to stare at her but it was very hard, especially when she turned and smiled at him.

"Go ahead and sit down Blaise, I'll be done in a minute." She continued cooking but paused when she noticed he was still standing there staring at her. "Blaise are you ok?" She reached out and touched his shoulder, trying to get his attention.

Blaise leaned down and kissed Hermione on the cheek which in her surprise made her blush. "I'm fine Hermione." He walked over to Draco who was staring at him wide eyed and dragged him to the couch, forcing him down on it.

Hermione shook her head and started plating the food that she had made and moved everything to the table, every once in a while looking at Blaise and Draco who seemed to be deep in conversation.

Draco turned to Blaise who was avoiding his gaze, and he shoved him slightly which turned Blaise's attention to him. "Dude what the hell was that? You've only lived here with her for one night and already you're in bed with her and kissing her?" Blaise only raised an eyebrow at him.

"So what's your point?"

"MY point is that you need to slow down, Granger is not going to jump into your bed right away."

"Dude I'm not trying to shag Granger."

"Then what are you doing?"

"…I don't really know."

The conversation ended when Hermione approached them with a big smile on her face. "Ok guy's everything is done now let's eat." She turned and head back towards the kitchen table, sitting down waiting for the two boys to join her.

Blaise and Draco shot looks at each other before sitting down and digging into the food with gusto. She couldn't help but giggle when she saw this because it reminded her of Harry and Ron. Both boys looked at her and saw her stare off to the side dreamily, which made them look at each other uneasily before eating again taking their eyes from her form. 'Woman.'

Hermione focused her gaze back to the boys who were eating like they had never eaten before and she wondered if all boys were like this. She shrugged and nibbled on her own food for a few minutes before getting up and walking to her room to change into more appropriate clothes.

Blaise and Draco watched her leave and looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

"What the hell was that about?"

They didn't even have time to think about it when Hermione stepped out of her room dress in denim miniskirt and a frilly, lacy, red top she was also wearing a pair of blood red pumps. They stared openly at her with their jaws dropped.

Hermione walked over to the two gaping boys and smiled before turning slowly. "So how do I look?" She smirked as both boys blushed and looked away.

Draco managed to snap out of it whereas Blaise couldn't help but only blush more. "You look…nice Granger."

Hermione frowned and looked down at her outfit. "Nice? Shit now I have to change. I was going for gorgeous." She turned to head back up to her room but was stopped by Blaise's hold on her arm; she turned her head to look at him. "What's wrong Blaise?"

Blaise blushed fiercely and managed to make himself look her in the eye. "I think you look gorgeous Hermione." He looked away and blushed even more.

Hermione smiled sweetly and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you Blaise." She tried to walk over to the table again but was stopped by Blaise who still had a hold on her arm. "Blaise I kind of need my arm back."

Blaise looked at her arm and noticed his hand was still attached. "Oh sorry." He released her arm and sat down next to Draco who was smirking.

"Okay so I'm out of here, I need to go find Ginny, and so I'll see you guys later." She grabbed her purse and quickly hugged both boys and kissed each of them on the cheek before walking out of the portrait hole.

Chapter 5: Up the tower and back again
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Disclaimer: I don't own anyone from Harry Potter. So I forgot to put in the summary that Hermione was going to be OC in this story and I got a review saying that I 'destroyed' Hermione which made me laugh a lil. So to avoid any other misunderstanding's HERMIONE IS GOING TO BE OC IN THIS STORY!

Hermione headed up to Gryffindor tower in the hopes of finding Ginny. She approached the portrait of the Fat Lady and spoke the password before wandering inside, giggling to herself as she thought about what had happened that morning with Blaise. 'That was actually rather fun.' Hermione looked around the common room for the red head and didn't see her. She assumed she was in her room so she headed up the stairs to the girl's dormitory. She opened to door to Ginny's room silently and saw said girl lying on her stomach on her bed looking at a magazine. Hermione quietly stalked towards Ginny and pounced, causing Ginny to yelp.

"OH MERLIN!" She turned her head and saw Hermione on her back. "Hermione you scared me to death. Where have you been? It's already 3 in the afternoon. We were supposed to meet for breakfast." Ginny stared confusedly at Hermione who was giggling to herself. "What's so funny?" Hermione didn't answer she only continued giggling. "Will you answer me already?" Ginny was getting frustrated with her friend.

Hermione tried to stop giggling but she was having trouble, but when she saw the expression on Ginny's face she stopped. "Sorry Gin but you wouldn't believe what happened this morning." She smirked when Ginny immediately got curious.

"What happened?"

Hermione laughed and told what had occurred between her, Blaise and Draco. When she finished Ginny was rolling on the bed laughing and Hermione was shaking her head smiling.

"You have got to be kidding me…that did not happen Mione."

"No it did, it really did the look on their faces was priceless." Hermione giggled. "Hey do you want to go see my dorm?" She laughed when Ginny's face lit up.

"Of course I do. Lead the way lady!" Ginny proceeded to push Hermione out of the room and down the staircase.

"Calm down Ginny! It's not going anywhere." Hermione tried to dig her feet into the ground but failed.

"Your dorm might not be going anywhere but the two amazingly hot guys occupying it might. Now let's get going!" Ginny stopped pushing Hermione and grabbed her hand dragging out the portrait and through the halls. They finally reached Professor Dumbledore's portrait and Ginny turned to a pouting Hermione. "Are you gonna stop pouting and tell me the password or not?"

Hermione glared at her friend and told the smiling Dumbledore the password, once the portrait swung open Hermione found herself being dragged inside by Ginny.

Once Hermione had closed the portrait both boys had snapped out of their stupor and looked at each other incredulously. Draco was the first to speak. "What the hell is up with her? Did someone put a spell on her?" He glanced at Blaise who had yet to snap out of his daze; Draco smacked him upside the head and chuckled when Blaise fell of his chair to the ground.

"Dude, what the hell was that for?" He glared up at the Slytherin prince who grinned down at him.

"Well how else was I supposed to get your mind off of Granger?"

"You could've tapped me or something like that but knocking me out of my chair wasn't necessary."

"Maybe not but it was effective." Draco smirked and moved over to the couch.

Blaise scowled and stood up before moving to stand by the fireplace.  “What should I do about her?”   There was no response. Blaise turned and faced Draco who appeared to be thinking.  “Seriously mate what should I do?  I do like her but she knows that I’m a player. I don’t want her to think that all I want is a shag.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes with his hand.

Draco watched his best friend, and saw a side of his that he never really saw.  Blaise was always the lighthearted one and always flirted with all the girls.  To see him like this made Draco want to help.  “I’ll help you figure something out.  You might want to try talking to the Weaselette though.  They are pretty close to each other.”

Blaise took a moment to think it over, what did he have to lose?  Worst comes to worst they think he is a wimp… but he didn’t really care.  He nodded his head and smirked.  “Yea that seems like a good idea.”

The two boys grinned at each other just as the portrait swung open and Ginny Weasley entered dragging a struggling Hermione behind her.

“Gin would you just-! Stop it already! Let go!” Hermione tried to dig her feet in but she failed to stop the stubborn red head from dragging her in to the room. She blushed when she saw both Blaise and Draco staring at them with amusement; she groaned and allowed Ginny to drag her.

Ginny smirked at both boys before making Hermione sit on the couch next to Draco; noticing that Blaise glared at his friend who then stood up and moved over to an armchair.

Blaise moved to the couch to sit by Hermione who was grumbling to herself quietly.  “Granger, are you alright?” 

Hermione looked at Blaise who was sitting next to her looking at her with concern and her irritation dissipated.  She sighed and ran a hand through her hair.  “I’m fine Blaise just trying to dissuade a fiery annoyance who wants to embarrass me.”  She scowled at a smirking Ginny.

“Well someone needs to push you.  You know how you are Mione.”  She grinned at the scowling brunette. When Hermione just glared at her, she grinned even more. “You know you have been pouting quite a lot lately…why is that?”

Hermione avoided looking Ginny in the eye, she shifted her gaze over to Blaise who was watching her anxiously and she couldn’t help but smile slightly at his concern.  She reached out and patted his arm softly before turning to look at Ginny.  “I’m being more open now; I’m not just the bookworm anymore.”

Blaise barked a laugh.  “You’ve got that right!  Have you seen her partying pictures?”

Ginny’s excitement immediately appeared.  “You mean the one with the extremely cute guy at her 16th birthday party at the club?  He was breathtaking.”  Ginny’s gaze began to lose focus as she visualized about the guy.

Everyone else in the room sweat dropped while staring at Ginny.

Draco turned to Blaise and Hermione.  “Anyway, what is this picture everyone keeps talking about?” He watched Hermione and Blaise exchange a look before bursting out loud in laughter.  “What’s so funny?”

Both people laughing responded.  “Nothing.”  They both managed to stop and elbow each other. 

Ginny finally snapped out of her daze and looked at the two grinning couch occupants.  She cocked an eyebrow at them.  “What did I miss?”

Draco groaned and held his head in his hands.  ‘Why me?’