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The Padfoot dude and me by Kelll

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 5,349
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, OC
Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily

First Published: 09/10/2010
Last Chapter: 10/16/2010
Last Updated: 10/16/2010


My name is Keridian and I have been sent to the past. What would you do if you had the opportunity to change everything? To save James Potter and marry the infamous Mr. Black? Or would you just finish what Voldemort started?

Chapter 1: I have a rendez-vous with the ground
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How are you all doing? I just can't wait for you all to read my fic. I have written fanfics before. (Not all of them were a succesful.) I am glad to start and share this new story with you all (it'd be my first one in English in this genre), but I should warn you. I won't be updating fast, at least not for the first few weeks. 

I'd also like to point out that English isn't my native language. I do try to write without any mistakes, but if you do find them, feel free to point them out to me. After all, you can only learn from your mistakes, right? Right.

Soooo. The new fic is obviously a Sirius/OC. I mean... The Padfoot dude and me, kind of gives it away, doesn't it? Ha, yeah, I thought so too. The chapters will be short, but that means I'll be able to update faster!

It's about a girl, named Keridian Walters who was lucky enough to be sent to the past. She's got one purpose and one purpose only (besides stopping her best friend from raping Harry Potter, that is): saving James and Lily Potter. But will she do it? After all, she's a Slyth girl!

So what do you think? I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do while writing it!




1. I have a rendez-vous with the ground

The ground and I aren't going to be great friends, that much I can tell you. For some reason I just cannot stop smacking against it and it's getting on my nerves. Big time. I sighed and got up. I glared at the snickering students and put my chin in the air. I was a Slytherin and would not show weaknesses. No, freaking way. I looked around and found out, to my dismay, that I was surrounded by cockroaches. Okay. Maybe not cockroaches, but they wore gold and orange. They were so bloody arrogant that it made me want to throw up as soon as I laid eyes on one of them.

Gryffindors. Shiver.

They were cockroaches, most definitely. I hosted my bag higher on my shoulder and walked into another corridor. I frowned when I realized that I wasn't on the second floor as I should have been. I mean, I may not be a Ravenclaw or anything (insert me shivering here), but I do know where I am. Or where I was supposed to be.

And last time I had checked I had been walking with Karen on the second floor. Now that I came to think of it… I looked around wildly, searching for my friend but couldn't find her. "Well, damn. The girl ditched me!" I almost growled. Great. Fantastic. First I have a rendez-vous with the ground and then my only friend in the hole frigging school decided to dump and go stalk Potter, again.

For Christ's sake, she was a Slytherin! Her crush on the Golden Boy was sickening. Harry Bloody Potter was a fly in the soup, a thorn on the rose and an incredible, large pain in the butts of every Slytherin known to the wizarding world.

And of course my best friend would be crushing on him, making us the weirdo's. I sighed heavily, rolled my eyes and walked back to where I knew Potter to be. I needed my best friend right now to talk me through my next embarrassing task: asking Malfoy out. It wasn't that I actually wanted him, I actually quite hated him, but what my parents want, my parents get. For a Pureblood there wasn't something as ridiculous as a choice. We just did what we were told. If someone told us to marry, we married. If they told us to die, we… well, died.

Potter wasn't at his usual hang out and I sighed again. Great! Just great. If I was a nerd and I wasn't at the library, where would I be?

Ugh. I wasn't a nerd. Sure, I was great at curses and potions and other stuff that could be harmful, but I wasn't a sweet and cuddly kitten. I had no clue where sweet and cuddly kittens went to spend their free time, so I just wandered the corridors for a bit.

I felt strange. It was like someone had thrown me against a wall, instead of just bumping into me and smacking me to the ground. Sure, meeting the ground up close was not fun, but it shouldn't hurt this much, should it? And where had my headache suddenly – Oh! "POTTER!" I yelled, wanting to draw Karen's attention, but she didn't come out of her hiding spot to hex me into oblivion. However, I did draw the attention of four guys. They turned around as if they had practiced it and looked at me weirdly. "What?" Potter asked, irritated.

People around us stopped and watched as if they had never heard a Slyth girl yell at the Golden Boy like that. I rolled my eyes. "Don't be so arrogant, Potter," I told him and blinked, twice, when I saw his eyes. "Have you done something to your eyes?" That was, even though I'd never admit it out loud, so cool. Harry Potter was famous for his glittering green eyes that he had inherited from his mother. I kind of envied them, they were so much more beautiful compared to my plain, blue ones.

He seemed to be taken aback. "My… eyes?"

"They're brown," I pointed out, obviously. And had he gotten new glasses? Because, retro was so not hot right now.

"He knows," an incredible handsome dude, informed me.

I gave him a once-over. Okay. He was handsome. Incredibly so. He had those amazing grey eyes that almost no one seems to have. He was well built too, probably from playing Quidditch. His eyes seemed to draw me in and his handsome face captured my whole being, but I tried to shook it off. "Cockroach!" I remembered myself, when I saw the Gryffindor colors. He was a cockroach! Aaah. It was a shame. Why weren't there any cute Slytherin wizards anymore? There really was a, bad, comedian out there making my life hell, wasn't there? Just great.

"Excuse me?" the handsome guy asked me.

I waved him off. "You're excused," I said, giving him my permission to leave us.

He stared at me, baffled. "Who the hell do you-"

"Padfoot," another bloke said. This one was less handsome as Potter and the 'Padfoot' dude, but he wasn't ugly either. He had sandy brown hair and kind, brown eyes.

"Humpf," was the bright reply of the handsome one.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked the sandy haired one.

He frowned at me.

"You're hilarious," Potter informed me. "Everyone knows us."

"Yeah, you," I muttered. "No need to be so bloody proud of it." Humpf. Since when had he become such a cocky son of a bitch?

"What are you getting at?" Potter asked me.

"Ugh. Whatever! Just tell me where I can find Karen."

"Is she hot?" the Padfoot dude asked Potter. "Because I went through all the hot ones last year and I would remember a Karen."

"I'm sure that if you were worth remembering, she'd told me of you," I told him sweetly, giving him a pointed look. "And let me tell you… I am not impressed with what I'm seeing." Liar, liar pants on fire!

"You're not… Okay, woman, who the hell are you," the Padfoot dude asked me, obviously insulted by my statement.

I stared at him, raised an eyebrow and turned back to Potter. "Well?"

"Do not ignore me!" Padfoot whined.

"Sirius, sheesh," Potter said, rolling his eyes.

And that was when I froze and a bulb light shone brightly above my head. "Sirius?" I stared at the handsome bloke. "As in Sirius Black?"

"Of course," the Padfoot 'Sirius Black' dude said as if that were obvious.

I could only stare. "But… But… What… No… Oh dear Mother of all cockroaches," I stuttered.

The four boys, the last one being a ratlike kid that didn't really fit in with his friends, stared at me as if I had grown a second head. The person that had claimed to be Sirius Black made the universal sign of crazy.

"Are you… okay?" the nice guy asked me.

I stared at Potter. "Tell me your name."

"Potter?" he guessed, looking at me strangely. He was probably wondering what he should do. Run for it or attack me.

"Your first name. What's your first name?" I insisted, breathing heavily.

"James. James Potter."

I stared at him wide eyed. "OH MY GOD!"


Next time in The Padfoot dude and me:
(Hahaha! I sound like some kind of lame tv show x'D)

"You do not understand. Potter's like a drug to her! Worse! Like Butterbeer, Whiskey and XTC in one!"

"X- what?"

I stared at him blankly. "Never mind. It's dangerous. She could try to take over the world! Regulus, I do not want to be ruled by freaks with glasses. I'd rather date that dog," pun so intended, "of a brother of yours than be ruled by a Potter! Never, you hear me!"

Chapter 2: Potter's babies will take over the world!
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2. Potter's babies will take over the world!

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed again. This wasn’t possible. It just wasn’t! Oh my God! I was talking to James Potter! And Sirius Black and… Peter Pettigrew. I stared at the ratlike kid with wonder. I had no idea how I should treat him. Respectfully? Or should I hate him?

“Why are you staring at Peter?” It was Black, again, who spoke.

“I… Pettigrew… Eeerh…”

“Merlin! She really is nuts. She fancies Peter!” Black acted like he whispered it to Potter, but he made sure the whole corridor heard it. They all began to snicker.

“Seriously, Sirius, you should be ashamed of yourself.” A voice had defended me, before even I could. I looked up and saw a good looking guy staring back at me. Relief clear in his eyes.

“Do not interfere, Regulus. This isn’t your business,” Black hissed back.

Regu- “Aah. Finally a voice of reason,” I sighed, happy to have actually found a Slytherin I knew about. Even though he was rumored to be a traitor. He was in our Club and he wasn’t bad to look at either. My prayers had been answered! Thank you, God!

Regulus gave me a smile, before frowning at his brother. “Neither is it yours. Who were you looking for actually?” The last question was directed at me, but Potter answered before I could.

“Me,” he growled, grabbing his wand.

“Hey!” I said indignantly. “I can answer my questions myself, thank you. And put your wand away, Potter. I know spells that aren’t even invented yet,” I told him sweetly. Well, it was true!

He gave me such a disgusted look that I checked my clothing for any greases. “I do not attack girls.”

“Then why are you pointing your wand at the thing that’s my brother?” Black sighed.

I felt Regulus go tense against me. Oh-oh. I grabbed my hand in my pocket, but didn’t pull my wand out.

“Ah, is it your brother then?” Potter played along.

“That’s what my darling mother says,” Black shrugged.

I narrowed my eyes at the new pain in my butt and almost fumed. “Sirius?” I asked him sweetly, which gave me his attention. I walked closer to him, until I was right in front of him. “You think you’re quite something, don’t you?”

He smirked.

“Let me tell you this. Out of us all, you’re going to be alone and miserable some day. And right now, I can’t say you didn’t deserve it.” I know. I’m mean, but he was insulting my house mate. Traitor or no.

That wiped the smirk right off of his face. “Oh? Who died and made you an expert on the future?”

My eyes had just fallen upon Snape in the crowd. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” I mused, while I stared at Serverus Snape for a couple of seconds. He immediately averted his gaze. “Interesting.” He wasn’t at all that bad ass as he tried to appear in his potion classes. Very interesting, indeed.

Regulus grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the incredibly handsome Sirius Black. “We need to go to Dumbledore,” he whispered into my ear, while we made our way through the crowd. “He needs to know that you have arrived.”

“This isn’t over yet!” Black with his big mouth shouted after us.

I froze, but he pulled me forward. “What do you mean? Did you know I was coming?!”

“I summoned you. Well, not you. I summoned help.”

I blinked. “Do you have any idea what you did?”

“You can’t tell me or anyone what will happen in the future. Do you understand? Threats like ‘you’re going to feel miserable the rest of your life’ aren’t appropriate.” So much for the voice of reason.

“In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Regulus Black. I am in Slytherin. I’m a Slyth. I’m as bad as people can get. I’m eeeevil.”

He gave me a strange look. “I’m starting to think that my brother was, for once in his life, right.”

I smacked him on the arm. “Thank you very much!”

“You’re very welcome,” the bastard grinned back.

“Humpf.” Great. And now I sounded like the Padfoot dude. Blacks were bad for my behavior. Seriously. “Whatever reason you brought me here for,” I started once we were in a less crowded area, “I need to go back. Otherwise Karen’s going to rape Potter and make lots of Potter babies and I can NOT handle that.”

He blinked a couple of times. “Potter?”

“James’ son.”

“Ah,” he said darkly. “No, we wouldn’t want more Potter babies.”

I smiled at him brightly. “My thoughts exactly. So you’ll send me back, right?”


Well… That sounded rather final. “No?”

“No. You’re staying here. I’m sure you’re friend can handle not getting pregnant.”

“You do not understand. Potter’s like a drug to her. Worse! Like Butterbeer, Whiskey and XTC in one!”

“X- what?”

I stared at him blankly. “Never mind. It’s dangerous. She could try to take over the world. Regulus, I do not want to be ruled by freaks with glasses. I’d rather date that dog,” pun so intended, “of a brother of yours than be ruled by a Potter! Never, you hear me!”

He shook his head and I heard him mumble something about ‘just his luck’.

Oh. That slimy bastard! “You’re the one who called me here. You can just send me back and I’ll be happy to knock that stupid Granger to the ground! You can have her. Nobody needs her and her exploded hair anyways.”

“I do not want to know who Granger is or why you hate her,” Regulus Black told me sternly.

“You’re even worse than McGonnagal!” I exclaimed.

He cringed at the comparison. “Am not. I just do not want to change the future. And for this cause we need you, you’ll do just fine.”

“Glad to be able to be a tool in your… whatever it is.”

“Plan. Mission. Name it what you want, but we’re the good guys here,” Regulus told me.

“You’re a traitor to your own House, family and Lord. Why should I trust you?”

“Because I’ll betray my own House, family and Lord even
more. And you’re going to help me do it.”

He was kidding, right? “You’re not funny.”

“I wasn’t making a joke,” he stated.


“Bitch. Now move on, before we get late for the meeting.”

“So now we have meetings too?” I wanted to know, annoyed. It was great that they summoned me from my own time to attend some stupid meeting that was no doubt going to bore me to tears.

“Secret meetings,” he said. “This will change a lot.”

His voice hadn’t been at all enthusiastic and I scoffed: “Well, since you’re so happy about the meetings, I’m going to take five to do a happy dance.”

“You really are strange,” he murmured.

I shrugged. “That’s what they say.”

Next time on The padfood dude and me:

 He glared at me.
I glared back.
“Dear God, Potter. Stop trying to kill the new girl with your eyes,” Lily Evans told him annoyed. “You’re distracting everyone with your childish games.”
“If it is games you wish to play, my loveliest witch of all witches, me and my roguishly handsome body will love to play them with you.”

Chapter 3: I want to throttle Potter
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A/N: Hey, you! Thank you so much for your reviews. You have no idea how much they made my day! I hope you will like this chapter as much (and I apologize for the writing mistakes I probably wrote xD) as the first two. They are getting longer, so don't panic. R&R and you will be loved!

3. I want to throttle Potter

I raised an eyebrow and put on my ‘I’m so bored’- face.

“Good afternoon, Miss Walters. I hope your trip wasn’t too uncomfortable.” The old man’s eyes twinkled with amusement, which I ignored.

“What do you want and what will it take for me to get back home?” I wanted to know. I had no desire whatsoever to stay in this stupid time. I hadn’t seen one single girl who wore make-up. Not one! They all stared at my eyes as if I were a freak of nature, humpf.

Dumbledore frowned at me. “You will not talk like that in this office, young lady.”

“Please, call me Keridian.” I hated being called a lady. I’d rather be a slut or something of the kind than a ‘lady’. Because that reminded me of home. And thoughts of home weren’t good. At all.

“Keridian, you will enroll Hogwarts in this time. You’ll make friends and possibly you’ll even grow to love someone. I have no idea what will happen in the future, but we need to stop Voldemort,” Dumbledore told me sincerely.

“There’s nothing to stop. The Dark Lord will be stopped in a couple of years from now,” I told him grudgingly. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t in Voldemort’s little club of Death, yet, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t think his ideas were actually good. Especially when that Granger chick thought she was better than me again. Humpf.

“But at what cost?” His kind eyes regarded me with regret. “Will it be high? Will someone we love be taken from us? Will we continue to live in fear of something that might or might not happen?”

I rolled my eyes at the drama. “Regulus Black told me that I shouldn’t tell you about the future, sir.”

“I agree, you shouldn’t. But at what cost will the Dark Lord be stopped?” he asked me again.

I stayed quiet.

“Just answer the question, Keridian,” Regulus whispered in my ear.

I sighed deeply. “The cost will be high. Two people you know, trust and love will die for the cause. According to history they were unarmed, betrayed by someone close to them and therefore took by surprise. Their best friend will be sent to Azkaban, while he’s innocent of the crime he’s accused of doing. Do you need me to continue? Or shall I just mention the names?”

Dumbledore looked at me disapprovingly and shook his head. “This time has a lot to teach you, Keridian Walters. The passport of the Slytherin Common Room is ‘poisoned apple’. You may depart.”

I stood my ground. “You can’t make me stay.”

He got up from his chair, something I had never seen him do before. I mean. I hadn’t been that often in the Headmaster’s office, but I had never seen him this ticked off. Something told me that this Dumbledore didn’t like me very much. Come to think of it, the one in my own time hadn’t either. Maybe this was the reason. Maybe I had done something in the past, I mean, maybe I’m going to do something now, which will come back to haunt me in the future. I mean. Something that has haunted me in the past. I blinked. This time business was hurting my head. “Alright, alright. I’m leaving.”

“And you’ll stay here until further orders.”

Sheesh. He acted like I was his little minion or something. I went to the door, but then turned back. “Why me, professor? Why pick me?”

He calmed down and considered his words, before answering. “Because you’re the only one they’ll trust.”

I stared at him weirdly, nodded and then simply left. No matter how old Dumbledore was, he had always been weird. Not that my mental state was so much butter, but still.


“Good afternoon, all!” the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher greeted us happily. “We’ve got a new student in this class.”

I glowered at him. Was this really necessary? Seriously? Grmbl.

“Her name is Keridian Walters and she’s in Slytherin.”

“Yaaaaaaay! Another waste of space,” Sirius Black cheered, causing the Gryffindors to laugh.

I rolled my eyes. “Why, who knew men could be such dogs,” I stated clearly, which caused the smirk to fall right off of his face.

All the marauders stared at me, while the Gryffindors boo’ed. Black had been famous for being an Animagus, as had Peter Pettigrew. At least with the Slyths. We knew all about the traitorous rat. Which led me to assume that Potter had been one too, but I had no idea what that would’ve been. Or rather, what that is. The Golden Boy’s Patronus had been rumored to be a stag, that I knew.

The whole class was stunned into silence soon enough when everyone realized that their Sirius Stud Muffin Black hadn’t done anything to avenge him being called a dog. Actually, he just stared at me. I looked up when I felt his stare burn a hole into the left side of my face and looked straight back. I even smiled wickedly, as if to assure him that I knew a lot more than he was aware of.

Potter whispered something into Black’s ear and the latter threw me a haughty look. I rolled my eyes, returned the favor and focused again on the Defense teacher.

He cleared his throat. “Eerh… Right. So. This year I will teach you all how to perform a Patronus spell. Has anyone ever heard of it?”

Lily Evans’ hand shot into the air and I rolled my eyes. “Dear God,” I muttered, without realizing how loud I was being. “She’s as bad as that Granger girl.”

The Gryffindors glared at me, Potter taking the lead. Oh, right. Crazy teenager in love. How dare I forget about that?

I sniggered. “Lovesick maggot,” I whispered to my neighbor who nearly laughed his head off, which caused me to raise an eyebrow again. Seriously. I wasn’t that funny.

“Miss Evans?”

“It is used to defend yourself from Dementors, professor. It is best to think of a memory that makes you happy, preferable the happiest you have. And then, when spoken out correctly, your spell will be bound to be successful. It will not kill the Dementor,” she added in afterthought, “it will merely fend them off as long as you are able to remain concentrated.”

“Very well, Miss Evans, ten points to Gryffindor.”

I almost snorted. She was Granger in red. I glowered at the girl. Mother of the Chosen One or not, I already knew she was going to be a pain in my ass.

“Alright! Let’s try it with a little pressure, shall we? I’m going to put you in pairs and I do not want any of you to complain, understood?” I just shrugged. I already knew the bloody spell, since I was supposed to go to my seventh year instead of the sixth where I seem to be landed in. Seriously, people. It was just getting interesting at my own Hogwarts, no need for the drama of this one.

I zoned out until I heard him call my name. “Walters with Potter.” I groaned.

“But-” I started to protest.

“No buts. Get over there.” I glowered at him, but did as asked.

I went over to stand besides Potter and crossed my arms. “If I hear the name of Lily Evans one time, I’ll hex you into the next century,” I told Potter brusquely.

Potter just narrowed his eyes at me. “No worries there, Slytherin,” he arrogantly sneered at me. “I wouldn’t delight you with any of my marvelous thoughts.”

Marvelous… I snorted. “Why thank you, Gryffindor. Such a delight it is to not hear your thoughts at all.” I even did a little courtesy. Cockroach.

He glared at me.

I glared back.

“Dear God, Potter. Stop trying to kill the new girl with your eyes,” Lily Evans told him annoyed. “You’re distracting everyone with your childish games.”

“If it is games you wish to play, my loveliest witch of all witches, me and my roguishly handsome body will love to play them with you.”

Oh, please. I looked him over. “Roguishly? Handsome? Seriously. I don’t see it,” I muttered, causing the redheaded Granger to smile at me, while Potter tried to kill me with his ‘roguishly handsome’ eyes again.

“Ah. Finally a sensible person,” she praised, before she left and paired up with Peter Pettigrew. Not fair. Why did she get paired with one of her own House?

“She’s Slytherin, that cancels out the possibility of ever being sensible,” Potter muttered darkly.

I merely raised an eyebrow and waited for him to finish.


“Should I get some Butterbeer? Then we can all enjoy this self pity party you seem to be throwing,” I told him sweetly.

“Please refrain from talking.”

Oh, so polite. I smiled widely, he just rolled his eyes. “Just say the bloody spell, Potter.” I sat down on a chair and leaned back, studying the ceiling.

I heard him mutter something else, but didn’t listen to what he was throwing a party for this time.

Instead of complaining, he just did as I had asked him to do and performed the spell. His face was full with male smugness when he showed off his stag. A stag. I almost fell off of my chair and onto the ground, my face in utter shock.

Did this mean that Potter’s Patronus was a stag as I had originally thought?

“Come on, Slytherin. Try to top this one,” he said, before he got praised by the teacher and had earned another ten points for Gryffindor.

I rolled my eyes, took my wand and concentrated on a happy thought. Me and Karen having a pillow fight in the middle of the night, causing to wake up all of our roomies. I smiled, when I murmured the spell softly and a howling wolf came out of mine. I smiled at it, petted it’s head fondly and then turned around to look at Potter.

“Ten points to miss Walters! Amazing. This is wonderful!” The teacher, whose name I really should learn soon, clapped his hands.

Potter stared at my Patronus for a long time, while his stag attacked my wolf.

“That’s… Huh.” He turned around and sent Sirius Black a wary looking glance. “Really strange.”

I just smirked. A Patronus charm was very advanced magic. So I can only imagine their surprise at how a simple Slytherin was able to produce one.

Black merely shrugged and continued. Not soon after his eyes closed, to concentrate, a big, black dog joined my wolf and James’ stag. The wolf and the dog attacked each other, snarling and howling. I frowned at them, while Potter was staring at me. Sirius Black sauntered over and crossed his arms across his chest. “What do you know?” he asked me slowly, but menacing nonetheless.

“Me? This Slytherin? Oh.” I tugged on a random Slytherin’s sleeve. “Please catch me,” I told him, “I’m going to faint. Sirius Black spoke to me!” I acted like I was hyperventilating and the Slytherin grinned at me, sending an angry look at the boys and then turned back to his spell-casting.

“Very funny,” Black told me, eyes narrowed. “What did you mean with that last phrase?”

“That … I… was… going… to… faint,” I said really slow, so I could be sure he’d catch it.

If someone could have steam coming out of his ears, it would’ve been Sirius Black. “Do not mock me, Slytherin. What do you know? What has Snape told you?”

“That Gryffindors are scum,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Potter took a menacing step towards me. “I dare you to repeat that.”

“Take it easy, love sick puppy. We wouldn’t want Romeo to be killed before he could’ve courted the fair Juliet, now would we?”

He blinked, not getting my well thought over punch line. “No humor whatsoever,” I complained.

“Who’s Juliet?” Black wanted to know.

Potter frowned. “Who’s Romeo?”

“You guys really should start reading more,” another voice stated. I looked to my right and saw that Remus Lupin had joined our little party. Hm. He had left early in third year because he was a werewolf, right? Hm. Interesting.

Potter rolled his eyes and Black merely grinned. “You’re cracking me up here, Moony.”

“Moony” just rolled his eyes at them and then turned to me. “How come a Slytherin knows about Romeo and Juliet?” he asked me kindly.

“Because they were probably haters of everything human too,” Potter declared.

“Go write a sonnet for Evans, Potter,” I sneered.

“Go back to your own side of the classroom, Walters,” he sneered back.

“Grow up. Sheesh. No wonder she doesn’t want to date you!”

He was trying to murder me with his eyes. Again. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. And if you will not answer the question Moony has asked you, you need to leave. Now.”

“Or what?” I taunted. “You’ll do what?!”

“I’ll make you,” he hissed.

“Prongs, mate,” Black said, his hand on Potters shoulder.

I was shaking with anger, but fought to keep the expression of mild amusement on my face. “Seriously,” I said, looking Potter over once more, “I’m not surprised, she doesn’t want to.” I then turned to Lupin and made a haughty look appear on my face. “My mother educated me well. You got problems with that?” I lied smoothly. I actually read them to get on my parents’ nerves, but they didn’t need to know that.

“Not at all,” Lupin said calmly, eyeing his friend warily.

“Good,” I told them just as the bell rang. “Have a very, very nice day,” I said, exaggerating once more by curtseying for Potter again.

“She’s really peculiar,” Black stated.

“That she is,” Lupin agreed.

“Agh. I don’t care. I just frigging hate her,” Potter exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes, picked up my bag and left the bloody classroom. Stupid Potter and his stupid friends.