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Position Open, But Not For Long by Kayla Lay

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,642

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Characters: Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OtherCanon
Pairings: Ginny/OC

First Published: 09/09/2010
Last Chapter: 09/15/2010
Last Updated: 09/15/2010

amazing ness by afterglow @TDA

I’m going to ask out Ginny Weasley, the only questions are when and how.

For Dojh167's One-Liners Challenge


Chapter 1: The Hopeless Case: Collin Creevey
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Hey y'all!! I did this adorable little one shot for a hilarious challenge I found. I've always been a Collin Creevey fan too so I thought this was too perfect for words. The one-liner is bold so you'll be able to find it! Now read and enjoy :)






I’m going to ask out Ginny Weasley, the only questions are when and how.


So I might be actually avoiding the moment when I profess my love for her, but now is definitely NOT the time.


Even though I’ve been in love with her sense forth year.


And even though she just broke up with Michael Corner and probably won’t be single for long.


But that still doesn’t mean that I have to ask her NOW.


There will be other chances.






Ok, probably not.


But you don’t understand how hard it is. She’s not only the most popular girl in 4th year, she’s almost impossible to talk to.


Let me set up the situation for you.


You finally find a moment when Ginny isn’t with her friends or her brothers. She’s sitting alone in the library.


No, Ginny is never in the library.


She’s coming out of the girl’s bathroom, wiping her hands on her pants because they ran out of paper towels.


You go up to her and open your mouth to say something witty and hilarious and sweet when she looks at you.


Her stunning forest green eyes meet with yours and you feel like a vacuum has been shoved down your windpipe and sucked all the air out of you.


You mumble a few incoherent words like “Umhmble era ugh shnuff” sounding like you should be checked into the mental ward at St. Mungo’s.


You mentally slap yourself and try to take deep breaths.


Her eyes brighten and she smiles at you and says “Hello Collin.”


You can say goodbye to the breath you just recovered.


Her smile makes the world a little brighter and her voice sounds like honey sliding over warm tea on a Saturday morning.


You feel your knees go weak as she saunters away from you enthusiastically waving to one of her many friends that she sees.


So you see my predicament.


She is practically perfect in every way.


She’s that spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.


She’s impossible to get.


But I have a secret weapon.


No no no! Get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of weapons!


Geez you’ve been reading too many mature romance fictions.


I have a certain Hermione Granger.




I looked around the common room until I found her, she was sitting at a table with at least seven books spread across her.


Of course Hermione, you of all people would be studying on a Friday night.


Her hand was furiously scratching across a piece of parchment while she craned her neck to read one of the thicker books in her plethora.


I let out a fake cough and taped her on the shoulder.


Bad idea.


She jumped about a mile into the air, pulled out her wand and spilled ink all over her parchment.




“Oh, hi Collin.” She fixed her parchment and pocketed her wand.


“So have you got a plan?” I wrung my hands together nervously.


She was a Ginny expert but I’m a hopeless case.


“Oh ya, she’ll be your girlfriend in no time. Here’s the plan.”




This is never going to work.


Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of our age, has gone mad.


Dumbledore had shagged McGonagall. Voldemort has married a muggleborn. Snape has washed his hair.


The world has officially ended, and I will never get to be with Ginny.


Thanks a lot world, you have officially confirmed that you hate me.


“Collin will you calm down!?” Hermione grabbed my shoulders and shook me.


“This is never gonna work!” I grabbed her shoulders and shook her back.


“It will just do and say exactly what I tell you.” I gave her a wary look but put her little ear chip computer thingy in my ear.


She put in her own ear chip and walked away.


I saw her lips move and a second later her voice was in my ear.


“With this I’ll be able to hear everything that is said. I’ll stay close so I can see you. Just say whatever I say.”




Ginny was sitting on a window ledge leading to the courtyard. Her copper hair draped over her like a curtain as she gazed into the garden.


She looked beautiful.


“Hermione I don’t think I can do this.”


(Insert trademark Hermione eye roll here)


“Yes you can! Now get your arse over there and ask her!”


What a wonderful selection of words Hermione.


Ok Collin, just man up.


Oh I don’t think you’ve met Norman yet. This is Norman. My brain.


You can do this.


I can do this.


You got this.


I got this.


You are a sexy beast.


Whoa Norman, chill.


Just trying to encourage you.


Thank you.


You’re welcome, now stop talking to me and go talk to that beautiful girl sitting over there.




Collin if you stand here for any longer you’re going to look like a complete idiot.


I think I’m ok with that.


Now you look like an idiot.


“Collin if you don’t move I’m going to curse off a certain extremity that you really don’t want to lose.” Hermione threatened.


Wait a minute which extremity is she ta- oh Merlin.


“Ok, ok I’m going geez!”


I’m ten feet away from her.


Five feet.


Three feet.


Oh god.


“Hi Ginny.”


She looked up at me and smiled.


Stay standing up, stay standing up.


You will not faint.


Not here.


Not now.


“Hello Collin.”


“Say something cute!” Hermione yelled into my ear.


“Are you taking applications for a boyfriend because I’d love to sign up?”


Somebody please Avada Kedavra me right now.


I did not just say that.


There is no possible way.


That is the cheesiest thing I have ever said. Ever.


But this is farther than the conversation has ever gotten.


I wasn’t prepared!


Tell yourself whatever makes you feel better.




Wait a minute what’s that sound?


Is that Ginny…laughing?


Oh my god it is.


She thought it was funny!


She thinks I’m funny!




“Do you want to sit down?” She slid over to make room for me on the ledge.


How do I move my legs again?


“Sit down idiot!” Oh Hermione, you have some language issues.


Somehow my legs made their way over to her and I was sitting on the ledge.


“I love it out here, it reminds me of home.” Ginny’s voice drifted through the air between us.


“Say that it’s beautiful.”


“It’s beautiful.”


How original Hermione.


“Isn’t it? Where do you usually go for some peace and quiet?”


“There’s this really secluded place with a great view of the shrieking shack. It’s nice with the trees all around you and then there’s just this random spot with grass and flowers and a big rock to sit on.”


Oh crap. Now I’m rambling.


She just makes me so nervous.


She’s so beautiful in every single way.


“I’d love to go with you sometime.” Ginny smiled and my knees went weak again.


Wait, what?


“She just asked you out! Say something!”


“That sounds great.”


I think I’m dreaming.


I have to be dreaming.


Nobody pinch me.


“I’ll see you Saturday at eleven?”


“Ya, I’ll meet you in the common room.”


I am officially the happiest man in the universe.


Oh ya baby! I got a date with Ginny Weasley!


Suck on that fan boys!


She is mine.


Collins got it goin’ on!


Right now I am doing a mental happy dance.


And then Ginny did the unthinkable.


She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.


So I did the only plausible thing in this situation.


I fainted.




“God Ginny what did you do to him!?”


Is that my brother’s voice?


“I didn’t do anything! He asked me out and I said yes and then he fainted.”


That would be Ginny speaking.


“No he didn’t faint until after you kissed him.”


I think that’s Hermione.


Well this is weird.


I think I’m in the hospital wing, and guessing by the voices my brother, Ginny, and Hermione are there too.




“Geez Ron, don’t get your knickers in a twist.


Never mind, Ron’s here too.


“I’m going to kill him when he wakes up.”


Wow, thanks Ron. That makes me feel awesome.


“Don’t you dare.”


Thank you Ginny.


Wait a minute, am I holding onto something?


Merlin’s swim trunks, that’s Ginny’s hand.


I’m holding Ginny’s hand!


I feel another mental happy dance coming on.


I open my eyes and smile.




Ginny smiles back at me, Ron gives me a death glare, Denis looks impressed, and Hermione looks bored.


Thanks again Hermione, way to be worried about a person.


“We still on for Saturday?” I raise my eyebrows at Ginny and her smile grows even wider (if that’s even possible).


“Can’t wait.” And with that she gets up and drags a fuming Ron out of the hospital wing.


My life is officially perfect.


“Told you it would work.” Hermione got a smug look on her face.


“Thank you Captain Obvious.”


“You’re welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm.” She picked up her book and pranced out of the hospital wing.


Does she ever go anywhere without a book?


I know I’m a little weird but carrying books everywhere is just plain sad.


I look over at Denis who is staring at me in awe.


“What. Did. I. Miss.”



Adorable right!! Now I know your just dying to tell me all of your oppinions on this amazing little one shot so go down to that little gray box and type away!!