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Naked As We Came by theupsidedownquibbler

Format: Novella
Chapters: 5
Word Count: 7,671
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Bill, Fleur, Teddy, Victoire
Pairings: Teddy/Victoire, Bill/Fleur

First Published: 08/12/2010
Last Chapter: 01/31/2014
Last Updated: 01/31/2014


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After waking up in an alley with a foggy memory, Victoire starts to realize that life isn't as simple as she thinks.

Chapter 1: The Secret
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Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter related :(

              Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of the heavy breathing that she could hear above her. Victoire Weasley was unsure where she was. She could not see anything, and the breathing was fading but the stench of the place was inescapable. Something about this did not seem right to her. Confusion enveloped her already fogged mind but she focused every ounce of logic she had left on the constant sound of the harsh breathing. Soon she started to feel her body moving slightly. Up and down she moved until she realized she was under something excruciatingly heavy. Victoire whimpered in fear as she realized her own helplessness in the situation, “Help,” she whispered softly.


“STUPEFY!” Yelled a male voice, and all of the weight and fear was lifted off Victoire as footsteps were heard crunching on the ground moving further and further away. Everything went black.


                Victoire awoke with a stinging migraine. Nothing seemed quite right as she took in her surroundings. She was in a dark alley, surrounded by the stench of sweat and dirt. She looked down at her dress which was ripped and frayed. How long had she been here? She tried to get to her feet but stumbled and fell down as a shooting pain ran up her leg. Victoire almost fainted as she saw the murky red that had stained her entire right leg. She needed to get help.


She shifted her weight onto her left side and with the help of both tired arms lifted herself to lean against the wall. She saw a ripped white fabric across the alley and realized what it was. She was no longer wearing any underwear. 


Everything came soaring back to her. The awful breathing, the heaviness, and the musky smell. Victoire Weasley had been raped. She started to cry at the thought. She had been a virgin and had been saving herself for him. For Teddy Lupin. He was her best friend and she had loved him all her life and now she was ruined, broken. She felt naked, despite the majority of her clothing still being intact. Who would want her now? Teddy certainly wouldn’t. Teddy would accept no less than perfection for that was what he was. 


How had she gotten here? Bad things weren’t supposed to happen to good people and surely Victoire was the epitome of good people. She had just finished Hogwarts and she held all of the titles: prefect, Head Girl, and even top of her class. She had immediately gotten a job working as a journalist at the Daily Prophet. Victoire had absolutely everything she could possibly want, except for him. She knew that if she could be Mrs. Lupin her life would be perfect. 


Her life had now taken a strange and unexpected turn and could never be the same. Unless, she could create a story to explain her leg, no would ever know. Everything could work out. Victoire was nothing but honest, everyone would believe that she had just fallen down and broken her leg. She would just have to keep this a secret. Nothing would change; she would just forget everything that had happened. In fact, she assured herself, she had already forgotten what had happened.


                “Her story seems odd to me,” said the Healer, “She has more injuries and in places that just don’t make sense for tripping over the sidewalk.   She has bruises on her arms and thighs that make me think someone else did this to her. Is there anyone that Victoire would want to protect? Someone that might want to hurt her?”


“But who could possibly want to hurt her?” Victoire’s sister Dominique questioned before her parents could say a word, “Everyone loves Victoire, she’s beautiful, she’s smart and so incredibly nice to everyone.”


“Our daughter eez right, Victoire eez darling!” Fleur shouted.


“Also, she would never lie.” Bill added.


The Healer looked sceptical before finally accepting his defeat and giving them the instructions on how to dress her bandages as it looked as if Victoire had a nasty infection on her leg.


The Healer watched as the Weasley family helped Victoire into a wheelchair and wheeled her down the hall towards the elevator, her younger brother and sister fighting all the while to push Victoire with looks of admiration adorning each of their faces. The Healer turned to his colleague nearby and said, “That girl has got them all wrapped around her finger. I am absolutely positive something happened to her,” the colleague shrugged and walked away whilst the Healer wondered If only I knew what did happen to her.



A knock at Victoire’s door made her squeal with fright before saying, “Come in.”


“Jeez Victoire, this fall has gotten you all jumpy,” Dominique said while Victoire smiled guiltily at her sister, “I have come to make you look presentable.”


“Excuse me?” Said Victoire with a look of confusion and offence on her face.


“Trust me Victoire. Let me do this, you will not regret it. There is someone here to see you and I know that you would probably kill someone if he saw you right now.” So it was a “he” she thought.


This comment sparked Victoire’s interest, “So, who may I ask,” Victoire started as Dominique began brushing her hair, “Is here to see little old me.”


“Victoire, I am extremely disappointed in you. You know full well that I would never dream of ruining a surprise, especially one this good.”


“Dom,” Victoire said in her warning voice, “Who is here to see me?”


“Please don’t make me say Vic, it’ll be so much better if you just wait,” Dominique responded, starting to apply a layer of mascara onto Victoire’s eyelashes.


“Fine,” Victoire nodded huffily, but then changing her tone to a much sweeter one, “So what does my visitor want to see me for? Who is keeping them company while I wait?”


Dominique’s face became gossipy and Victoire new she had now manipulated Dominique into telling her everything, “Well, he probably wants to see if you’re okay, he saw us on our way into St. Mungo’s and was worried when he heard you were hurt and I think Dad is keeping him company. More like interrogating him on whether or not he plans on keeping your virtue intact.” Dominique laughed but Victoire’s face turned to stone.


The word virtue brought Victoire back to the alley where she had clearly left hers. Dominique clearly did not notice the look of pure terror on Victoire’s face and said, “Well, I’ll go save him from Dad and tell him you’re ready to see him, okay?” Dominique smiled with assurance. Victoire could only nod.


Only a minute later there was another knock at Victoire’s door and before she could even say come in someone extremely tall and handsome walked in. 


“Hello Victoire, how are you doing? I heard what happened. Can I get you anything?” 


But Victoire could not respond because standing before her was Teddy Lupin.


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Chapter 2: The Meeting
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 Disclaimer: I am not J. K. Rowling and therfore do not own anything you recognize.


                Teddy stood tall and elegant waiting for Victoire’s response. None seemed to come which worried him, “Oh my goodness Victoire! Did the fall affect your speech?”


“No,” She responded simply, not wanting to say anything else in case she sounded stupid.


“Listen, Victoire. When I saw your family all standing there worried at St. Mungo’s today I just- Well, I miss you Victoire. I don’t know exactly what happened back at Hogwarts that stopped us from being friends but we became so distant. After a lifetime of friendship, I just want you back,” Teddy said muttering the last few words quietly.

               Victoire could remember perfectly well what had stopped them from being friends. Her name had been Jenna. Yes, monsters could have names. For Jenna was not just a one-off. Jenna and Teddy started a relationship. Victoire was not clear why this girl was so special. Teddy had been with many girls but never had one been his ‘girlfriend’. Jenna was a plain bitch. No other words in Victoire’s vocabulary could suffice. Jenna split the two best friends up leaving Victoire ‘Teddyless’ and only a few weeks later leaving Teddy broken-hearted. 



Victoire had never wanted to forgive Teddy, but she was far too involved and in love now to not accept his -for lack of a better word- apology. Victoire turned to him, “I want you back too Teddy. I missed you.


Teddy looked relieved and somewhat taken aback. He started to blush, “That’s not exactly the only reason I’ve come Victoire.”



“Why did you come then Teddy?” Victoire asked confusedly.



“Well, I’m sort of in love with you and I want you to go on a date with me?” Teddy asked quickly, his words washing over Victoire and dragging her under like the undertow of an ocean, “I asked your father. You know, if I could take you out. He didn’t seem too thrilled but Dom was eavesdropping and she seemed positively ecstatic about it, I was kind of hoping you might be too?” Teddy babbled hopefully, “But if not, that’s okay too, I mean I would completely understand if—“


“Teddy, stop prattling on! Honestly. Yes. My answer is yes.” Victoire said interrupting Teddy’s spiel, “I couldn’t ask for anything that would make me happier. Of course, I don’t know what we could do with my leg in this condition,” she pointed to the big lump beneath the blankets of her bed.


“Well, I had a plan; it’s all ready to bring up. I just wanted to make sure you said yes. You know after the past year, I didn’t know if you’d even want to talk to me.


“Teddy, I don’t want to talk to anybody else right now.” Victoire smiled to herself as Teddy grinned and backed out of the door to go and retrieve whatever it was that he wanted from downstairs. 


Teddy Lupin was here, at her house, wanting to spend time with her. This was the answer to all of her dreams. Hadn’t she just been thinking about this earlier today. She frowned at the thought of that morning just as Teddy walked in.



“Victoire! Why so glum?” Teddy frowned suddenly at the grimace that hung unattractively from her face.



Victoire immediately pasted a fake smile on her face and untruthfully muttered, “I just moved my leg the wrong way and it hurt,” at Teddy’s worried look she finished, “Don’t worry, it’s absolutely fine now. What did you bring me?” Straining her neck to see what Teddy was holding behind his back she said, “Is that a picnic basket?”



“You hate it, don’t you?” Teddy stated looking hurt and unsettled, “I knew this was a stupid idea. I knew I should make a bigger gesture. You deserve so much better, I should just go.”



“Teddy!” Victoire nearly shouted, “I absolutely love it. A picnic is a wonderful idea. It’s incredibly romantic.” She finished, smiling.



                Teddy looked thrilled as Victoire shifted her leg slowly and carefully with the rest of her body to make room for him and the picnic basket. They ate and talked about their Hogwarts days for what seemed like hours. At some point Teddy even brought out a bottle of champagne and toasted to Victoire’s recovery. Victoire found she had never been happier. 


Not once were they bothered by her nosey family which she suspected was her mother’s doing. A few times Victoire thought she heard the unmistakable whispers (ecstatic squeals of delight) from Dominique and Louis, her younger siblings. As Teddy finished the dregs of the champagne he looked at Victoire in a very loving and kind way. She had the most beautiful long hair and the bluest of eyes. He had always wanted her but had never had the courage to ask her to be his. His gaze travelled lower where he confusedly saw a bruise that was tinged a greenish colour on Victoire’s left arm. 



“Hey, Victoire,” he said, reaching towards the bruise, “Where did you get this bruise from?” Teddy touched the spot.



The club had been full that night. She had only gone for one drink. It was the bar Teddy frequented; she was hoping to see him there. One drink in and she was ready to go home. She did not feel like dancing. He wasn’t here and there were no other men worth bothering. As she made to move away from the bar the crowd jostled her and she lost her balance. Everything had started to get blurry and Victoire started to wonder if she had drunk more than she remembered. 



A rough voice in her ear said, “Come here girly. You’re definitely worth my time.”



“No,” Victoire tried to say, “I’m just leaving. I want to go.”



A hand gripped her left upper arm tightly and squeezed until she started to lose all feeling. She tried to pull away from his grip but he wouldn`t let go and he was pulling her the opposite direction she had intended to go. She was sure she had knocked something or someone over and she tried to apologize. The struggle became too much to handle on her unsteady feet. Why could no one see her? Why wasn’t anyone trying to help? She attempted to wrap her foot around a bar stool to stop herself from moving but there was a loud crunch which was followed by an immense amount of excruciating pain.



Everything was black.



Victoire ripped her arm away from Teddy, “Don’t you dare touch me!” She screamed, “Help! Help! DADDY!”



Teddy looked shocked. What had he done? Everything had been going so well, he and Victoire had finally made up. The four remaining members of the Weasley family stormed into the room. Bill Weasley looked livid.



“What have you done to my daughter!?” He screamed raising both fists as if to hit Teddy. Fleur and Dominique had run to Victoire’s aid and her screaming had stopped but she still looked terrified.



“I- I d-don’t know?” Teddy said confusedly, “I just touched her arm and she started screaming.” Bill looked at Victoire’s arm and saw the bruise. Immediately assuming the worst Bill struck out and punched Teddy in the nose which began bleeding irrepressibly. 



“YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH MY DAUGHTER AGAIN!” Bill screamed his anger uncontrollable. 



Teddy, looking from Bill to Victoire realized that there was nothing he could say or do and the best thing for him to do would be to leave. With one last fleeting look he turned on the spot and disapparated. 



A small voice said, “He didn’t hit me Daddy.” Bill amply punched the wall and stormed from the room most likely to ice his hand. Fleur hurried after him and Louis followed soon after leaving Dominique and Victoire alone.

            They sat in silence for a long time until Dominique fell asleep in Victoire’s arms. Victoire lay crying, unable to sleep, listening to her father fume angrily to her mother in their room down the hall.

             Victoire looked at the bruise on her arm and then assessed the rest of her body. There were bruises everywhere. The worst were on her inner thighs. They were black and blue and in the shape of handprints. His hand prints.

            Maybe forgetting wouldn’t be as simple as she thought. 

Hello again.  So the second chapter is up and hopefully the intrigue is starting to spike.  The next few chapters are quite a bit longer than these (I know they are on the short side). But these two were more to set up the story.  As always please read and review.  Reviewing motivates me to write more ( and more quickly).  All right, hope you enjoyed, and thank you!


Chapter 3: The Letters
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Teddy Lupin paced around his room. What had he done wrong? Victoire was different, that was for sure. He had not spoken to her properly in over two years. Something had happened during their NEWT year that had just turned Victoire off of being Teddy’s friend. He had been distraught, his best friend, a girl he had loved for nearly all his life had just ditched him. Although, he had given her up, knowing that he would never be good enough for her. The idea of having her had been lost after that fatal day on the Hogwarts Express.

Teddy had a mission. He was going to profess his love to Victoire. He found her in the Head`s compartment where she was waiting alone, responsibility and pride painted on her face. Teddy was proud of her too. He wanted her and he needed to tell her that his days of disposing with girls were done and it was because he loved her.

“Victoire!” Teddy said with an ecstatic smile on his face.

“Oh, hello Teddy,” Victoire said frowning disdainfully, “I thought you were Ryan. Ryan Davies. You know, the new Head Boy. You know I’ve always fancied the pants off him! Can you believe it? Maybe, if we’re in such close proximity, something might happen?” Victoire looked up hopefully for Teddy’s agreement.

Teddy’s face fell and Victoire looked immediately worried. He sat down and slumped his head against the window. Victoire immediately reached over to give him a pat on the shoulder, “What’s wrong Teddy?”

“Absolutely nothing,” he replied.

“You liar!” She accused, “We have been best friends forever Teddy, I know when you’re upset.” She reached over and gave him a big bear hug, “Come on Teddy! Tell Vicky what’s wrong,” She said in a babying voice.

“Don’t be so condescending, Vic. That tone is so unattractive. Davies sure wouldn’t like it.” Teddy said smarmily.

“Teddy!” Victoire shouted, “How dare you? You know I was just joking. Anyways, I thought you and Ryan were mates. What’s with the use of his surname?”

“We aren’t that good of mates,” Teddy muttered darkly.

Victoire started to gently and rhythmically rub Teddy’s back. He gave an involuntary moan and immediately regretted it as Victoire’s soft chuckle reverberated throughout the compartment.

“Don’t laugh Vic. It just felt really nice, okay?” Teddy said as a blush creeped upon his cheeks.

“I’m sorry Teddy,” she answered as she stopped laughing. The rubbing continued and he felt the blush fade. Teddy suddenly realized how close Victoire had become. She had rested her head on his shoulder, “Teddy, you know I love you, right?”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Teddy pulled away from her grasp and leaned in towards her and their lips met in a fury of passion. Teddy wrapped his arms around her and stroked the back of her silky long blond hair. Victoire indecently grabbed Teddy’s butt and squeezed. Everything seemed to be perfect, well, aside from Victoire’s exclamation of her crush on Ryan Davies. Their kiss became more and more passionate and Teddy was lost in the beauty that was Victoire. There was a loud bang and Victoire pulled away leaving Teddy extremely disappointed in the abrupt ending of their kiss. Then he looked up.

“OH MY MERLIN!” Yelled the voice of Victoire’s much younger cousin James.

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER! I WILL MURDER YOU!” Teddy responded angrily as he chased James down the hallway which was quite crowded. He soon lost James as the boy was in second year and could move through the crowded hallway much easier than Teddy could. Teddy gave up and made his way back to the Head’s compartment to confront Victoire.

Teddy arrived in the compartment only to find Victoire and Davies in a very deep conversation. He knocked quickly at the door and smiled forcefully at Davies, who, in return frowned at Teddy’s interference, “Victoire,” Teddy said, “Could I speak to you privately for a moment.”

Victoire looked as if she would say no but instead slowly nodded and followed Teddy outside into the hallway. Teddy looked deeply into her eyes and decided at that moment he had to tell her he loved her .Before he could say anything, Victoire started, “Look, Teddy. This can’t happen. We’re best friends. I can’t just give that up. It wouldn’t work anyways. I love you Teddy and I can’t risk losing what we have. Okay?”

Teddy smiled weakly, “Yeah, okay. As long as I’ll always have you.”

But Teddy didn’t always have her, he realized. Later that year she had given up, gone away. How upset he had been. He had gone back to the disposal of girls, but not wholeheartedly. He couldn’t help but look at the blond girl who sat next to him and to smile. But after awhile, she was no longer next to him. She had gone out with Davies briefly, but it had never been something worth writing home about. It had, however, ruined his friendship with Davies. Ever since the day he had kissed Victoire, Teddy wanted more. Teddy would have given anything to just be with Victoire. Anything.

Now here he was pacing in his room trying to figure out Victoire’s freaky mood swings. The first time this had happened he had lost a friend, and now he was sure he had lost the respect of both Bill and Fleur. Unfortunately, they were extremely good family friends, or were. Victoire was driving him crazy. Why couldn’t she just make up her mind? Hadn’t she said she wanted to be with her? These bipolar mood changes had screwed Teddy over too many times for him to count, not only romantically, but within their years of friendship.

There was a knock at the door. Teddy groaned before getting up and walking over to the door to answer. Bustling in with Teddy’s clean laundry Andromeda Tonks (Teddy’s grandmother) who gasped at seeing the dried blood staining Teddy’s face.

Teddy put his hand to his nose and realized that he had not fixed it. He grabbed his wand from his back pocket and pointed it at his nose muttering, “Episkey.” Teddy’s nose made a small cracking noise but felt much better. He threw his wand over to his bed and it landed with a few sparks that conveniently lit the bed duvet on fire.

“Teddy! Be careful!” His grandmother yelled, “Augumenti!” Her wand was pointed at the bed which was now drenched with a blackened whole burned through the centre.

Teddy dropped back onto the soaking wet bed and felt the cool water soaking into his shirt. Andromeda turned to face him, “Teddy, what’s gotten into you?” She set the clean clothing down on Teddy’s chair and gave him an appraising look.

“Nana, I love her so much. I must be doing something wrong,” he said.

“Did she do that to your nose? I know Victoire can hold her own dear, but I didn’t think she had enough punch to do that much damage.” She replied.

“It was Bill.”

“Bill Weasley did this! Well I will be calling up Molly immediately!”

“No… Nana. He thought I hit her. She had a bruise on her arm and I touched it and she screamed. I guess it must have hurt or something. I swear I didn’t mean to. It all happened so fast and I guess it just made sense to Bill to hit me. He thought I hurt his daughter. If I had thought someone had hurt her I would have hit them too. Just look at her Nana, she’s beautiful.” Teddy said in a flurry of confused thoughts.

“Oh dear. Teddy darling, you have fallen so hard. Let me talk to Bill, I’ll explain what you’ve told me and maybe you should owl Victoire? Apologize for upsetting her?” Andromeda finished.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right. I think I’ll owl her now. I really want to hear from her. Nana, it started out so amazingly…. We talked for hours on end about everything and about nothing. She agreed to date me, I just wish that I knew where we still stood. I can’t stand not being without her.” Teddy replied.

Andromeda looked around the room. It was devoted to Teddy and Victoire’s friendship. Moving pictures of the two of them were hung up all over the walls and almost every surface was covered in gilded frames starring Teddy’s favourite girl. If Andromeda didn’t know the boy as well as she did she might have thought his obsession with the girl was all a bit much. As things were she loved her grandson and she knew how much he cared about Victoire Weasley. As she walked out of the room she smiled at her grandson’s predicament.

Teddy walked over to his desk and shoved his freshly clean clothing onto the floor. He sat down in the previously preoccupied chair and opened the top desk drawer where he grabbed a pot of ink, a

piece of parchment and a battered old quill. At first Teddy did not know what to write, but after a while of thinking the words just flowed freely onto the paper.

Dear Victoire,

I love you. I trust you. I will always protect you. But I have yet to understand you. Victoire, what is going on with you? Where did the bruise come from and why did you act like I had hurt you; attacked you? Please owl me back soon, just let me know what’s going on? Tell me if you don’t want to see me. Or even to just say hello. Hearing anything from you right now would be worthwhile.

I love you,


Teddy took the letter he had just written and rolled it up. He called to his owl Storm down to him off the top of his dresser. He whispered to the bird, “Please make sure this gets to Victoire, and don’t leave until she has an answer for me?” The owl hooted and stuck out it’s leg where Teddy swiftly tied the message.

Teddy watched as his owl flew out the window and watched until Storm was just a speck in the distance. Now he would wait.


Teddy’s Owl, Storm, had been starring up at Victoire very forcefully for the last four hours. Yes, Victoire had opened the letter and read it. Yes, she had intended to respond. Unfortunately, this plan had hit a snag. How was Victoire supposed to respond to this? She couldn’t very well tell him the truth; that would be an absolute mess. She also couldn’t lie to him. On some level, Victoire felt she owed Teddy an explanation but on another could not bring herself to acknowledge what had even happened to her. Every time she moved in the slightest, the physical pain became too much for her and every time she tried to fall asleep to avoid her physical ailments, she was unable to because the emotional pain was unbearable. Victoire found herself in quite the predicament.

Finally, swallowing her pride and woes she awkwardly reached for the top drawer of her bedside table and opened it to retrieve a piece of parchment, her best quill, and her bottle of ink. Storm looked almost hopeful. It was strange, Victoire thought, how utterly loyal Owl’s were before grabbing an old textbook (Advanced Potion Making) from the table top. She set the parchment down and wrote: Dear Teddy. Then she starred at the parchment for awhile longer. She knew she had to respond, she knew he was waiting, but Victoire could not just write down all of her feelings. If she spilled the emotional cauldron that was her mind right now Teddy would run for the hills and unfortunately, Victoire couldn’t blame him.

She had deluded herself to believe that she could just start a relationship after having her life ripped away. If Teddy truly loved her, like he said he had, he would wait. Maybe this would be good for

them, to become friends again before jumping into a relationship. She remembered the first time they had kissed. It had felt like sweet nothingness had drifted upon her. The kiss had been passionate, yes, but it had been the comfort that had scared Victoire. Teddy was Victoire’s best friend, confidante, and family. To add “lover” to that list had scared Victoire to no end. She had always regretted her decision. She used to imagine her time spent with the good-looking but rather pompous Ryan Davies was actually time she spent with Teddy. It had worked fairly well until she had accidentally said Teddy’s name while Ryan and her had been getting rather hot and heavy.

That relationship had ended and she knew that the friendship between Ryan and Teddy had too. Victoire had felt extremely depressed about it for months and had, instead of spending time with her friend, studied in the library. Of course, when exam time came Victoire was the top in her class. She ended up with eight Outstanding NEWT’S. Teddy had gone the other way, throwing all of his time into his new relationship with Jenna. Victoire felt that it was somewhat her fault. Jenna had been, for lack of a better word, a bitch to Victoire. She made her feel unwelcome around Teddy even in the few times that Victoire strayed away from the library. Their friendship had suffered and now it had come back to haunt Victoire.

Teddy and Victoire both loved each other and everyone knew it. All of their mutual friends and family assumed they would one day grow up and get married and have many metamorphagus/ part-veela children. It was a silly thought but she had remembered overhearing her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny laughing about it. She had immediately told Teddy and he had become very embarrassed about it, despite Victoire’s rage at her beloved Aunt and Uncle. Victoire’s feelings towards Teddy back than had been strictly platonic. She wondered when her feelings started to change. That was when Victoire realized what she needed to write to Teddy.

Dear Teddy,

I understand you must be extremely confused right now, and I have to admit, I am too. Everything between us earlier was a complete mess and I want to apologize. I’ve told dad what really happened and he’s still extremely angry, but more at himself than you. Maman gave him a good talking to about hitting you and Dominique refuses to talk to him.

I love you Teddy Lupin, and I don’t know when or how these feelings came about but I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s gone on between us. I cannot even pinpoint the exact moment that I knew, but remembering our first kiss is definitely a strong reminder.

Who are we anymore, Teddy? The Teddy I used to know wouldn’t give up on me. I think we need to get back to where we started, as friends, before we can even attempt anything more.

Come over?


Victoire called to Storm, who eagerly flew to her and stuck out it’s leg, “You are a funny bird? You know that storm?” She asked him and he nipped her finger affectionately with his beak. She rolled up the parchment and tied it to Storm’s outstretched leg, “For Teddy, right?” She asked, but the bird had already flown out the window. She chuckled softly and tried to adjust her position in bed to sleep.


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Chapter 4: The Not So Secret
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               Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. 



               When Victoire awoke the next morning she realized what day it was. The weekend had passed incredibly quickly and Victoire was relieved to be going into work. Thankfully, she had awoken at an early hour and would have the necessary amount of extra time to get ready. It took an extra twenty minutes to manoeuvre herself in the shower with her leg held out. Luckily, the Healer’s had been able to almost heal it with magic so she would only be wearing a cast for a week. A week seemed like enough to torture her out of having a shower. 




                After her shower, Victoire pulled a beige towel from the rack off, covered herself and hobbled over to sit on the closed toilet seat. She reached for her hair dryer and set to work from that position. After drying her hair, brushing through it and applying her makeup she was finally ready to try and go get dressed. 



                Victoire tried to reach her closet limping, but had to take a break when she reached her bed out of pure exhaustion. She heard a loud pop and standing in front of her was Teddy. At first Victoire was ecstatic. She had wondered if he would come over. But when he looked at her he blushed red and covered his eyes. That was when Victoire remembered she was sitting on her bed wrapped only in a small towel. The towel had rolled up slightly and she realized that there was not much room left for the imagination. 



                Victoire quickly went to cover up the bottom of her towel. That was her biggest mistake because just as Teddy looked up to mumble something, the top of the towel that Victoire had previously been holding in place parted to reveal a much desired picture that Teddy would always want to remember. 




       “Oh, bloody hell, Victoire! Why aren’t you wearing any clothing!” Teddy yelled, yet still ogling her chest. He gave her the once over and noticed more bruising on her upper thighs, “Vic!  Where the hell did those bruises come from? There is no way that’s from the fall!”



                “Teddy! Just turn around!” She screamed, and coming to his senses, Teddy finally did turn around. His hair was a bright shade of red. That was when Victoire realized that he was standing in front of the closet and would not be able to reach any clothing. Her house coat was on the end of her bed so she dropped her towel and reached for it. She pulled it tightly around her body and wrapped the chord in a loopy, but strong bow, “Okay, you can look now.”



                Teddy slowly turned around, “Where are the bruises from?” There was something in his voice that meant no nonsense.



                “I can’t tell you,” Victoire answered.



                “Bloody hell you can’t tell me! You are going to and you are going to now!” Teddy said, his voice getting angrier by the second, “Merlin’s pants Victoire! I love you and you can trust me!”



                “It isn’t about trust Teddy.”



                “If you don’t tell me, I’m leaving.”



                Victoire was silent for a moment and then said, “Not now. I have to go to work.”



                Teddy grimaced, “Victoire! Call in sick for God’s sake! You work your ass off at the Prophet! They will understand. You broke your bloody leg. This conversation cannot wait, because I won’t.”



                “But-“ Teddy cut her off.



                “I’m serious.”






                Half an hour later, Victoire sat hand in hand with Teddy with cups of hot cocoa beside her bed. An owl had been sent to the Prophet explaining Victoire’s absence and Teddy had sent a Wolf shaped patronus to his godfather, Harry, informing him that he would not be able to attend his Auror training for the day. 



                “Victoire, what happened?” He asked calmly.



                “I went out; it was the night I broke my leg. I don’t really remember anything Teddy,” Victoire answered.



                “What do you mean? How does that explain the bruises at all?” He questioned more fervently this time.



                “Well, that’s just it! Isn’t it Teddy!? I don’t remember so stop pestering me like I know all the answers!” Victoire yelled. Teddy looked hurt at the sound of anger boiling out. She was part-veela after all. She realized she probably looked as if she was about to rip his manliness from him, “I’m sorry, Ted. It’s just hard. I feel like you will hate me if I tell you what I do know. Promise me you won’t leave?”



                “Victoire, I’m sure, whatever it is, I will not leave you,” Teddy assured her.



                “I was waiting for you at the club. I thought for sure you would show up. I only had one drink. Just as I was about to leave, he grabbed my arm and—“



                “Who grabbed you!?” Teddy interjected angrily.



                “I’m not sure. All I can remember is lying in a cold alley that smelled like sweat,” Victoire said as Teddy fumed, “The worst part is, when I woke up I was so disoriented and it took me awhile to realize my knickers were lying ripped across the alley from me,” She finished.



                The two sat silently on Victoire’s bed separated by her shared secret. She wished that he would say something. Even a fool could figure out from her vague description that Victoire had been raped. Teddy looked absolutely furious but so confused about how he felt. She had been with someone, even if it was not her fault, it had still happened. 



                “Victoire?” Teddy asked tentatively.



                “Yes?” She answered hopefully.



                “I need to go think some things through. I know this is horrible timing, but I can’t look at you.” And with his brief and not consoling statement, Teddy swept out of the room leaving Victoire shocked and feeling sick to her stomach. With her broken leg, Victoire knew she would not be able to make it to the bathroom. She reached for the dust bin at her feet. When she finished she curled up in bed (as much as the cast would allow) and stared her favourite picture on her bedside table. It was of her and Teddy when they were younger.



 Even then she had known he was the one.








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Chapter 5: Ruined
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Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.

If Victoire hadn`t been wearing her knickers, she was absolutely certain she would have felt the same way she did in that alley, emotionally of course. Teddy hadn`t really done anything to harm her, not yet. But he may as well have.

Victoire felt worse now than she did that night. At least that pain hadn`t touched her so emotionally. She knew this was what was going to happen. And what if Teddy told her parents? Or anyone, for that matter. She really didn’t know how to handle this situation anymore. One drink. All it had taken was one drink.

Like many girls after a rough night, clouded with a throbbing headache, Victoire swore to herself that she would never drink again.

It was sad, just how awful she felt. Now that she was impure, Teddy didn’t want her anymore. If Teddy didn’t want her, who would?

Alone in her bed, with her broken leg propped up on a stack of pillows, Victoire wished she had gone into work. The Daily Prophet was always busy and distracting, and if she was there, she would have never had that conversation with Teddy.

You wouldn’t be useful there, a voice sneered in her head, just like you aren’t useful to Teddy.
It wasn’t her voice that spoke to her. It was a deep voice. A man’s voice. A voice she recognized. She was saved by her struggle to identify it as she heard a door slam from downstairs and girlish giggles as footsteps bounded up the stairs. There was a high-pitched, “Shhhhh…”, followed by a quick knock at the door.

“Come in.” Her younger sister, Dom, and cousin, Rose, strutted in the room.

“Oh no! We were hoping Teddy was here!” Dom sighed.

“Who cares if he’s here now?” Asked Rose, “He was here earlier! We want all the slutty details!”

“Rose,” Victoire laughed, “There aren’t any… er—slutty details. I’m in a leg cast if you couldn’t tell.”

“Yeah, but you’re lying in a bed! I’m sure he was there next to you!” Dom implied excitedly.

“Sorry to let you down, but Teddy isn’t here. He hasn’t been in awhile. But enough about that,” Victoire said weakly,

“It’s been forever since I’ve seen you Rose! Tell me about life. What were the two of you up to all day?”

“We were just at Rose’s house,” Dom said passively, “Al was there with Scorpius and Louis. It was the usual.”

“We played a few pranks on Hugo,” added Rose, “But we figured we’d come and keep you company. You’re way more interesting than that lot anyways.”

“You two are so sweet,” Victoire smiled, “To tell you the truth, I’ve been pretty lonely. I’m really glad you came.”

“You just remember who was here for you when you have to pick your bridesmaids!” Rose laughed, “I mean, we’ve got a lot of female cousins, and you know I’m the biggest fan of you and Teddy!”

Victoire’s smile faltered.

“What’s wrong Victoire?” Dom nudged her arm lightly.

“Teddy…” She trailed off, “He… well, he left in a rush earlier and I think it may have been something I said.”

“How’d you mess up this time, Vic?” Asked Rose, clicking her tongue obnoxiously.

“I…” Victoire faltered. Dom gave her a worried look.

A popping sound announced the entrance of Teddy, who instead of apparating outside of Victoire’s room and knocking, landed right in between where Rose and Dom were standing.

“Oh,” He said awkwardly as he looked from Rose to Dom and then finally back to Victoire, “I’m sorry I interrupted. I can come back later.”

“NO!” Shouted Rose, grapping Dom’s arm and dragging her from the room. After the door slammed shut, Teddy looked at Victoire.

“Listen…” He trailed off, his eyes now on the floor.

Victoire looked directly at him, trying to prove her hardest that she was listening, like he had asked. She was only met with silence. Maybe, she thought, he wanted her to appreciate the silence?

“I shouldn’t have done that,” he started, “I was just surprised, and I must have made you feel terrible, but I didn’t want to freak out in front of you.”


“It isn’t that you’ve done anything wrong. This isn’t your fault. It’s his. Whoever he is. I just wish you had told me the truth, but I guess based on my reaction earlier, I understand why you didn’t.” Teddy rambled.


“But you’re probably so mad at me right now and I totally deserve it! Walking out on you like that when you were upset and needed someone to talk to—“



“I’m not mad at you Teddy.”

“You’re not?”

“Not at all. I just thought, you wouldn’t want me now.”

“What?” Teddy asked, looking Victoire in the eyes this time,

“Why wouldn’t I want you?”

“Because I’m…” Victoire trailed off. She was getting good at that lately.

“You’re what?”

After a few seconds of struggling to think of the right word, Victoire responded, “I’m ruined.”

“I’m sorry,” Teddy began, “But you think because some psycho raped you, that you’re ruined for me?”

“For anyone.”

“But… Ryan Davies?”

Victoire shook her head. She had been waiting for love. For Teddy. But even Ryan Davies would have been better than that night in the alley. The night she could barely remember.

“Oh, Victoire,” Teddy sighed, “I had no idea.”

“Well, I wasn’t exactly going to advertise my virginity to the whole school, was I?”

“But Davies said…”

“I know what he said,” Victoire laughed, “We were Head Boy and Girl. Who was going to believe me after they all saw us holding hands. When everyone knew how much time we were spending together. It was easier to just let people assume.”

“But you let me assume? That ruined my friendship with Davies!” Teddy accused suddenly.

“Well, at that point Teddy, you had already ruined your friendship with me,” Victoire said quietly.

Teddy didn’t respond, but instead his eyes travelled back to the ground. Eventually, out of his complete lack of knowing what to do next, he just sat down on the floor. He looked up at Victoire again.

“You aren’t ruined for me, Victoire. Your friendship, your body, your anything. You were never ruined for me.”
Victoire looked at Teddy and gave him a sheepish grin, “You shouldn’t have left earlier.”

“I know.”


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