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Format: Novella
Chapters: 8
Word Count: 12,964
Status: WIP

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Characters: Sirius, Regulus, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 07/19/2010
Last Chapter: 07/10/2012
Last Updated: 07/10/2012


I notice a lot; that’s what the professors all tell me. Of course, that’s one reason I was put into Ravenclaw, another being my ability to always do my best and work hard without trying. Ravenclaws make it look easy, that’s just what we do. It’s one of the laws of Hogwarts. Ravenclaw equals smart. Slytherin equals evil. That’s why the people flock to this school.

Chapter 1: Perfect Prefects
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Chapter One: Perfect Prefects

“Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half truths.”
-Edgar A. Shoaff

Of course this would happen, why the hell would Dumbledore make me a Prefect? He’s bloody off his rocker, that’s why, Lynnette.

It makes sense to assume that compartment one is at the front of the train, doesn’t it? Well, clearly that’s not how the Hogwarts Express does it; ‘Meet in compartment one twenty minutes after the train beings moving’…really? No directions, explanations, or a please?

They put too much faith in their students; or maybe I’m just not being sensible. I’m a bloody Ravenclaw, aren’t we supposed to be smart—that’s what Hogwarts tells us, at least. More like most likely to off ourselves from stress.

As I slid open the door I heard James Potter’s voice, “…and this must be our missing Ravenclaw Prefect?”

Of course all eyes went straight to me the moment I opened the door.

“Sorry,” I said rather obnoxiously before taking my seat next to the male Ravenclaw Prefect, Miles Boot.

He would get Prefect, the stuck up prat always made sure he was looked up to. Quidditch Captain in his sixth year and Prefect; Of course with his neat dirty blonde hair and brown eyes he would be a great looking person for the job. Just what Hogwarts needs as a Prefect, not someone like me.

So Lily Evans and James Potter were Heads? Ha, that’s ironic; he’s been chasing after her for years. Maybe this will make a difference, or not. I lightly smirked as she glared when he rested his arm behind her shoulders.

“Normally Prefects perform their duties with one from the same House,” Evans was saying to the group. “This year however…”

“—This year Dumbledore wants variety, so to change things around a bit we will be pulling partners out of a hat.” James continued, “Only the girls will be choosing because the pairs still need to have one of each gender for the reasons said earlier. I’m sure your partner would be happy to explain anything you missed, Ms. Grey. ”

He smirked at me before continuing, “Heads will patrol together so my name isn’t in there, sorry ladies.”

I think the Hufflepuff prefect just swooned—the female one. Lily brought over a hat with slips of paper in it. Just like the Muggle way, I bet the Slytherins won’t be happy about this. At that thought I realized I hadn’t even looked around to see who the other prefects were, but before I could Lily Evans was in front of me with a black bowler.
I was second to choose so there were still three names in there. I looked to my left and saw the Gryffindor Prefect, had chose Miles Boot…lucky her. I looked up to see that Evans was trying to keep the smile on her face so I reached in and pulled out a name.

Regulus Black.

Oh, I almost laughed right there. The irony! Mar will want to have a party with this new bit of information.

I must have looked up to Evans with widened eyes (as to try to not laugh) because she sent me a look of confusion. The confusion turned to pity when I showed her the name I pulled and she told James whom to write next to my name on the parchment.

As she walked away I felt a presence next to me. I turned to look into the gray—no, almost navy eyes of Regulus Black. He was the epitome of Slytherin; pitch-black hair that flowed oh so perfectly on his head and wonderfully crafted high cheekbones. What got me were those eyes, dear Rowena, those eyes! First look you thought they were gray, by the second you knew they were a nice navy shade. Dark, mysterious…bloody hell, did I just sigh? Not like I’ve been staring at him for the past six years of my life.

“Hello,” He coughed and looked away. “I’m…Regulus Black.”

“Lynnette Grey, Lynn preferred.” I tried to say elegantly and shook the hand he held out.

“You’re the missing Ravenclaw Prefect,” He stated.

I sighed, “Yes, lost track of time.”

“Ah,” He nodded. “Boyfriend?”

I coughed loudly enough that Boot looked over from where he was talking with McKinnon.

“Sorry?” I incredulously asked.

He laughed a deep laugh, “Sorry, people often tell me I’m too forward.”

I regained my ability to speak, “Um, just a tad bit.”

Is this what speaking with him feels like? Merlin help me, he smells good.

Evans began reading off days for patrol so we turned to listen when she called our names.

“…And since one of you must have lost track of time today, you shall have Fridays.” She sent a friendly glare in my direction and mouthed ‘stay after’ towards me.

I gulped and looked towards Regulus, “Sorry, I think I just ruined your Friday nights for the rest of the year.”

He smirked, “Well, they said Friday’s are the most popular day for sneaking out, so I’m sure we’ll have fun.”

Potter dismissed us with a reminder to be aware of upcoming meetings and said that he’d try and make them work with Quidditch schedules and such.

I turned to Regulus, “So, I’ll see you Friday?”

“Maybe before then,” He smirked again and turned to walk out of the compartment.

I sighed happily that I hadn’t gotten a horrible partner and turned to Evans.

“Hello, Lynnette,” She began. “I just wanted to remind you that if there’s ever any trouble with your partner you can come to James or I and we’ll switch you.”

Still in the clouds of his aroma I replied dreamily, “Oh, thank you but I’m sure there won’t be any trouble.”

She lifted her right eyebrow slightly, “If you think so, but don’t be afraid to if anything comes up.”

I nodded at her and started to walk out of the compartment. The Wizarding World would be a better place if everyone were like Margaret, so understanding and non-judgmental. I turned at a sound to see Regulus throw a small spell in the direction of a younger Slytherin outside another compartment. I moved quickly into the small closet next to the Meeting Room so he wouldn’t see me.

I hate to admit it, but I never really paid attention to what the other Slytherins did. No, I just keep to my friends and studies. Mind you, I pay attention to everything, I am a Ravenclaw after all; yet, with Regulus as the only focus I’ve had for the Slytherin House, not much has been noticed.

Why would he be hexing an innocent second-year? The poor boy probably was just annoying him to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore; he does have quite the temper.

I notice a lot; that’s what the professors all basically tell me. Along with the usual, “You would be a much better student if you paid attention in class” and that sort of thing. I get O’s in all my classes…that’s all that matters. Of course, that is definitely the only reason I was put into Ravenclaw: my obsessive ability to always do my best and work hard without trying. Ravenclaws make it look easy, that’s just what we do.

You know, they say Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw were in love? I found that out last year. Yes, that’s one of those things that are believed in the wizarding world. Don’t Muggles think that a past Queen went with another or something like that? Muggle Studies is the one class Mum and Dad forbid me to take…

Back to the love thing though, can you honestly believe that rubbish? Yes, that would make sense. It would actually make perfect sense, and I used to think that along with the rest of wizard kind. But then I saw sense in all the complete confusion surrounding the Founders of Hogwarts. The two only seemed perfect for the public view when practically advertising Hogwarts. Advertising a pristine school for Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Once this was opened up to me I started looking around. Gryffindors went with other Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, or sometimes Hufflepuffs. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws never went together, same with Slytherins and Gryffindors. Each House also went with member of its own, and Slytherins only went with Slytherins. Law, that’s what that is; an unspoken law that just happened to work in ways so that people didn’t even know it was there. And more than half the time Slytherins didn’t even see each other; they have parents to do the ‘dirty work’ for them; often getting matched with partners from other schools.
But no, I have done my research. I even got a chance to get into the Restricted Section on a quiet Saturday night, no interruptions. Oh, it was dark in there…but beautiful, perfect, a sixth year Ravenclaw with an affinity for dark magic—oh, and she’s a Prefect!

As I was saying, they always pair Ravenclaw with Gryffindor in the end. In the beginning I simply asked myself one day, why not Hufflepuff? So I decided to read Hogwarts, A History. The book tells of everything; well, as much as it can. No, not really about the Founders, but I found out a decent amount of why it was built and such. Of course, I wanted more information. I looked everywhere possible in that Library for something, but I didn’t actually find any information until an unmarked book similar to Hogwarts, A History.

It was amazing really, all about secrets and mysteries of Hogwarts. I didn’t have time to completely look through it, but I did read the part about a Chamber of Secrets. The author wrote that it was not a myth and would eventually bring terror to the School, and then went on to describe its origin.

Salazar Slytherin built it somewhere in (or around) Hogwarts and it said it was beautifully crafted; yet used for the wrong reasons in the end.

‘…Built for Rowena Ravenclaw, Slytherin probably used the room to honor and woo her…’

‘…The two fell in love and it is a possibility that Rowena’s daughter, Helena...’

‘When Slytherin and Gryffindor fought, Slytherin closed the Chamber from all, never to be seen again. Some believe he left a creature so horrible inside that if it were ever to be uncovered…’

After reading the passage I needed to know everything about Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw, not to mention the fact that I had no idea she had a daughter. In awe of all the information I discovered from that one book, I knew there had to be more to know. What if the anonymous author of the book was just a bit…insane? I always said, ‘When odds are against you, it means that you are absolutely wrong—or absolutely right.’ That’s how I had ended up in the Restricted Section.

When finding out about all this I felt like I took part in a hundred year old secret, which I guess I did. I never expected there would really be a back-story to the Founder’s of Hogwarts, I could never have been more wrong. Odds are Ravenclaw and Slytherin were madly in love and had a daughter, Gryffindor being the only thing that messed all that up. And Gryffindor probably just wanted Ravenclaw because, well apparently she was good-looking, intelligent, and all the things men looked for in women back then. The book also goes a bit into Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw’s friendship and how they got into a fight soon after Slytherin hard-headedly left and she found out whom Helena’s father was.

I listened through the crack in the door and heard some girls go past talking of how we were almost there. I waited for them to pass and hoped the halls were empty when I exited the closet. Looking both ways, I started moving quickly back to Mar and Andrew. I passed by Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, other Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors all sitting with their own kind in separate compartments.

I guess advertisement in the Wizarding World can make sense sometimes, but it’s still screwed up.

Chapter 2: Famous Firsts
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Chapter Two: Famous Firsts

“There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”
-Maya Angelou

This time it will work. I can feel it. No, I will not be interrupted. It will be mine and only mine. Well, some of it should go to the others…and it may not be best to hog all of it again…of course no one else seems to like it much, strange people. And I don’t want anymore eyes to be on me then the Badge is already causing.

I still can’t believe Mar actually forced me to wear it.

“Pay attention, you’re supposed to be setting an example,” Mar whispered and gently smacked my arm. “Besides, you’ll be the only one eating that crap anyway.”

Like she has anything to say about paying attention—all she has been doing is staring at Andrew. No clue why, sure his summer must have been spent playing Quidditch and tanning, judging by the new muscles on him arms and the glow about his skin…but, he is no Regulus. Mar kept staring at the back of the poor boy’s head, her long red hair falling into my Dragon’s Blood. I bit back a scream and used my knife to lift it from the wonderful liquid.

I looked up at Dumbledore from the bowl filled with Dragon’s Blood. No, it’s not actually a real dragon’s blood…that’s disgusting. It’s some sort of fruit jam, and it’s the best thing ever created.

Headmaster, please wrap it up. I respect him, but sometimes he just rambles on with the usual introduction to the First Years. It’s really only for the First Years, the rest of us know how different Hogwarts really is on the inside. I groaned softly when he continued about the war we’re in.

I go back to staring at the small, white bowl filled with the wonderful purple liquid.

“Temptation plays a large factor in this,” I looked back up to the Headmaster. “Neither for one specific family nor House are the…Death Eaters…recruiting from, but any witch or wizard.”

The Houses always play into the game, dear Headmaster.

Whether they know it or not, the House a first year is put into will affect their entire life. I often wonder if I would’ve turned out differently had I been in another House. In Hufflepuff I probably would’ve spent my days alone…but in Gryffindor I would’ve probably had a lot more friends. I glanced up to the table next to ours. That would’ve been interesting…

I pictured myself in black and green robes, brown hair in the same messy style it always is. Using my wand to push my way through the crowd with that one Black…Bellatrix? No, she’s the crazy one…it’s the blonde one. Well, I’m walking along with her and we seem to be having fun. That’s when I stop and she keeps going. Next thing I know I’m wrapped up in the embrace of a certain dark-haired Slytherin cousin of hers.

“Are you alright?” Mar put her hand on my shoulder, shaking me out of my daze.

“Huh?” I shook my head a bit. “Wha—oh, yes, I’m fine.”

“Really? Because you’ve been staring at the Slytherin table and the rest of the food’s been out for five minutes,” She raised an eyebrow
I grabbed a leg off the turkey platter, a look of disgust thrown at me from a seventh year which I ignored. I took the knife and cut the meat off the bone, perfect. With some Dragon’s Blood poured on top, I grinned at the masterpiece.

“Yeah, you’ve gone insane,” Mar nodded to her self. “How’d the meeting go?”

I took a bite of the turkey and practically moaned.

“Um, Lynn?”

I set my fork down and wiped at my face with a napkin before I made even more of a fool of myself. “Sorry, what was the question?”
Her other eyebrow raised, “Just wondering how the meeting went…”

She looked back to her own plate and took a bite of her Sheppard’s Pie. While chewing she faced me again and flicked her fork around. “You get your patrol partner?”

I quickly took another piece of turkey to my mouth, easiest way to avoid the answer and she knew it. I saw a smirk start to form on her face as she put the puzzle together in her mind; she wasn’t made a Ravenclaw for nothing.

“You got him, didn’t you?” She smirked. “Oh, this is perfect! I love it, I’m always right, I knew this would be the year, I just knew it.”
I shushed her before she got too loud.

“We’ll talk later,” I said and continued eating the best thing that Hogwarts had to offer.

As everyone began finishing up their first meal of the new school year, Dumbledore stood up again and announced travel to the common rooms is welcome.

I stood up with Mar and we began walking up the steps to the Great Hall, she stopped before reaching the top and Andrew came up to her.

“Walk you to your Common Room, m’lady?” He bowed and she blushed. She blushed? The hell?

“Well—” I cut her off.

“Actually, I’m supposed to help the first years or something…I’ll see you later, Mar,” I shrugged and nodded at him. “Andrew.”
“Oh, alright,” Mar smiled. “See you in the Dorms, then.”

I let them wander off before turning around. Oh Merlin.

In front of me stood three boys and four girls…about half my size; Great. I looked down at their partially blue robes and sighed. How did I get into this again? Boot walked up next to me, badge perfectly shined to make it as obvious as possible. My sign turned into a silent groan.

“Glad to see you’re on time this time, Grey,” He smirked and turned to the younger Ravenclaws. “Now if you all will just follow me I will take you to your home away from home for the next seven years.”
He lead the group forward, I stared, confused, after them. He looked back at me and glared. I jolted out of my confusion and followed quickly behind the group.

Between Boot and I walked the seven First Years in complete awe. Even though most of their parents told them all about their own days at Hogwarts, they always held the same expressions on their faces; Always. As I followed behind the group my mind wandered back to Dumbledore. Why he made me of all people a Prefect was beyond my mind. I was an outcast, well… a Ravenclaw who stayed out of most people’s way. Except Boot, I seem to always be in his way.

“And to our left is a beautiful painting of Harriet the Humble, can you tell the group what year it was painted in, Grey?” His voice rang out from a few paces ahead.

I glared lightly towards him and answered with, “1117 Anno Domini.”

He looked surprised for a moment, as if he had forgotten what House we are in, but shook it off with a simple ‘Correct’. One of the girls raised an eyebrow at me. Great, even First Years are wondering why he degrades me so, too bad they will soon learn.

“Here we are, the entrance to the Ravenclaw dorms,” Boot motioned to the bronze, eagle-shaped knocker after we had climbed the thin staircase.

“Do the paths of Arithmetic inconvenience you? Draw the pattern to a close, plug in a reply, and you shall enter.

1=3, 2=3, 3=5, 4=4, 5=4, 6=3, 7=5, 8=5, 9=4, 10=3 11=…”

“Ah, yes,” Boot continued, “He likes to begin the year with more…difficult ones. As the year progresses you will get used to answering these riddles and will be able to get in more easily.”

One equals three? Well, the eagle’s Arithmetic usually involves words more so than numbers…

“As we are discovering, if you do not know the answer you have to wait for someone to come around who does. Sadly enough, that is the way we learn.”

The First Years had strange looks on their faces as they tried to be the first to figure the answer. I let out a small laugh as one of the boys let out an annoyed growl. Boot glared at me.

I smiled and looked to the knocker, “The solution would only be six for that is the number of letters in the word.”

“Beautifully said.”

I led the group into the Common Room and heard gasps from some. Boot began talking about the room and some of the things around, but the First Years didn’t seem to be paying attention as they were distracted by the midnight blue carpet and starred ceiling. I myself glanced around and saw that nothing had changed; though it looked like the Elves had polished Rowena’s statue a bit more this year.

“…and that is all you need to know to get along with your Common Room.” Boot finished and seemed to smirk at the confused looks coming from the First Years. “Any other questions can be directed at my friend, Lynnette Grey.”

Bloody bastard.

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Chapter 3: Typical Teachings
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Chapter Three: Typical Teachings

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.”
-Ray LeBlond

Those questions lasted thirty minutes too long. I guess I should be glad I actually listened in those wonderful classes first year. Can’t expect the prefects to know everything, I guess. Post-questionnaire, I dragged myself up the girl’s stairs and flopped onto the bed I’d used for the five previous years. I opened my eyes slightly to get a good look around the room. Mar and I were lucky, us being the only two first year females sorted into Ravenclaw that year we get the entire room to ourselves. I like it, but she often calls me a bloody boring sack and hangs around the common room.

The blue outline around the ceiling glowed in the barely lit room and a wave of drowsiness passed over me. I rolled over to get under the blanket when I heard the bathroom door open. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

“No, NO! You are not sleeping!” Mar came over to my bed and pulled me out of it. I looked up at her from my place on the floor. “We are discussing! And you are putting on a different set of clothes. This year you are going to look presentable…and don’t you tell me that it’s just giving in to what Hogwarts wants.”

I groaned and stretched an arm up. She grabbed hold of it and pulled me to my feet. “Aren’t you going to comment?”

“I figure it’s better to just get it over with,” I sighed. “I hate Boot.”

She tilted her head, “Who doesn’t?”

I smiled. Yes, this is why we are friends, “Well, what do you want to know?”

She smirked. “Everything.”

I summarized everything that had happened in my head and repeated it to her. As I did that I went to my trunk and pulled out some night clothes.

“Merlin! I still can’t believe you chose his name!” She rolled back onto her bed and laughed. “This is great, jeez, I’m a seer.”

I shrugged, “Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

She looked up at me, “What’s this now? Is Lynnette Grey finally going to do something about her emotions? Absurd!”

I rolled my eyes and finished pulling on my shorts, “I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

“Aww, I didn’t mean to upset you,” She said in a baby voice. “Well, I’ll see you in the morning then.”

I snorted in agreement and put my head into the pillow.

The next morning we got up, got ready and went down to receive our schedules from Flitwick. I admit I had missed my silk Ravenclaw tie and uniform.

“Here you are, Ms. Grey. It’s great to have you back for what I’m sure is going to be a great year,” Flitwick said to me as he handed me the parchment. “And here you are Ms. Brian.”

“Thank you, Professor,” we chorused and moved to our seats. Mar rolled her eyes at me.

“It’s great to have you back for another great year,” She mimicked and smirked, “Now I think we know why you got Prefect.”

I sat down across from her and grabbed a piece of bread. “It’s going to be another one of those years, isn’t it?”

“How many times have you asked me that?” She asked with a grin.

“Far too many times, my friend, far too many times,” I took a bite and sighed.

That’s when he walked in. As I chewed my bread I watched him gracefully walk to his place at the table. He swung a leg over and sat between his friends. Directly across from my place at the Ravenclaw table. He looked into my eyes and smiled. I felt my cheeks warm and I nodded in his direction before taking a drink of my juice.

Mar was looking at me like I was insane. “What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I smirked and stood up. “I’ll see you in Charms.”

“Welcome,” Professor McGonagall spoke to the class. “To Advanced Transfiguration, Year Six.”

I sighed as I brought my books out of my pack. Another year, another class, more information to memorize. I pulled out my quill and wand and set them next to each other on the desk. No one had sat next to me yet, so I guess the last person was late. As McGonagall began to read off names, the door opened. The blonde girl that I had been thinking about earlier walked in.

“Narcissa Black,” McGonagall read and look at the girl through her glasses. “It’s the first day, so I’ll let this pass…but I don’t want this to happen again.”

“Yes, Professor,” She answered and began to look for a seat. Her eyes caught the only open one by me and she raised an eyebrow. Walking toward me I noticed she held the same stance as her cousin; must be a family thing.

“This year will be unlike anything you have experienced before. First,” McGonagall began. “You should probably make friends with the person beside you, as you will be partners for the rest of the year.”

“Narcissa Black,” She nodded in my direction. “You’re Lynnette Grey, right?”

“Err…Lynn, but yes,” I said.

She sighed, “I hate McGone…she completely favors Gryffindor.”

“Depressingly enough, that’s what she’s supposed to do,” I replied. “No matter what they say the teachers will always favor their respective Houses.”

“Typical Ravenclaw, the intellectual point of view to everything,” She rolled her eyes.

“Typical Slytherin,” I mocked. “Judging people because of what they say. Bloody hell, you guys are almost as bad as the Gryffindors.”

She looked at me first like she didn’t believe I just said that to her. Then a different expression came over her face.

“Well, I won’t say that was expected,” She held out her hand and I shook it.

I shrugged before a smirk grew; I’d done that too much lately.
That week passed faster than most. When Friday came I was tired and slightly confused. Sixth year: a year of studying and preparing for the rest of our lives.

When I went to meet Regulus for our patrol on Friday, Mar helped me get prepared before.

“Why is this necessary, Mar?” I asked as she put a bit of gloss over my lips. I tried pulling down the skirt she insisted I wear.

“You don’t even realize how lucky you are,” She shook her head. “A great complexion, after your awkward stages in fourth year you really cleared up.”

“Um, thanks?”

“You don’t even need anything around your eyes,” She stepped back and sighed, “You’re lucky you got those awesome pure blood genes.”

I stood up and picked up my badge from the counter. I put it in my robe’s pocket along with my wand and took a breath. “I should be going now. I’ll see you around midnight…when the patrol ends…”

She laughed at my expense, “You have fun with that.”

Regulus and I had decided to meet on the third floor by the statue of the elves. I walked down the stairs and began my long trek in that direction. When I reached the hallway, it was already nine.

I glanced around and seeing no one, leaned against the wall. I pulled out my wand and began drawing circles in the air with it. Boredom struck me and I closed my eyes, continuing the wand movements…until I was interrupted.

“You’re not allowed to perform magic in the halls you know,” He said to me with a smirk on his face after I jumped. His eyes danced as he spoke, “You are a Prefect, and you’re supposed to be setting examples.”

“Well, if you want to be technical, I wasn’t actually performing magic…I was simply practicing my movements for McGonagall,” I put my wand back in my pocket and stood up from my place against the wall. “You’re the one that’s late.”

He scoffed lightly, “Barely by five minutes.”

“Late is late, Mr. Black,” I rolled my eyes. “Where would you like to begin?”

“This way looks promising,” He raised an arm for me to take.

I said nothing and placed my arm through his. I could get used to this.

Chapter 4: Corrupt Complications
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Chapter Four: Corrupt Complications

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

“Transfiguration is mere compared to the Animagus transformation,” Professor McGonagall began today’s discussion. “Becoming an Animagus takes certain skill, whereas Transfiguration takes but only a spell. Once a witch or wizard has become a full Animagus, they can change into one at any time without a wand.”

I sighed and flicked my quill around on the paper. Next to me Narcissa was rolling her eyes and rolling her wand between her fingers. Blonde hair neatly settled around her shoulders, she matched my sigh with one of her own.

“As for what form one’s Animagus will take, most seem to follow one’s Patronus. However, there was a case in 13—”

I whispered a hex and watched as my quill continued to write a summary of what McGonagall said.

Narcissa looked at me and smirked, “I may have underestimated you Ravenclaws.”

“We often are,” I picked at a strand of hair.

She looked back to McGonagall and elegantly continued her writing. I internally shrugged and flicked my wand again. She reeled back lightly as her own quill began taking notes for her. I let out a small laugh when she turned to me with a grin of thanks. I nodded and we continued listening to McGonagall.

After Transfiguration on Fridays, I had a longer break before Potions. Potions, a peaceful class, and the one class I shared with the Hufflepuffs. Luckily Slughorn had partnered me with fellow Ravenclaw, Andrew; actually, it’s luckier for him as most wouldn’t give him the time of day in this class. He can’t mix ingredients to save his life and when he reads the directions I sometimes assume he’s reading them in reverse. We were partners last year as well, and I have a feeling Slughorn has been doing his job with the pairings.

I stopped off at the Ravenclaw dorms to switch books before heading down to the dungeons. The air shifted when I reached the bottom of the stairs and I could feel the water around me. I pulled my cloak closer around me and hugged my bag to my chest. Merlin, how the Slytherins stood the temperature down here is beyond me.
When I stepped into the Potions classroom, I was greeted by emptiness. Not even Slughorn had arrived yet, which is quite odd as he usually stays here the entire day. I moved to the table Andrew and I share and brought out my books.

“You’re here early.”

I jumped and let out a noise. I turned to the Hufflepuff and glared, “I could say the same to you.”

The Hufflepuff, Tabitha, walked quickly to her own seat in the back. She sent me a glare of her own and flipped her dark hair. I used to pity her, going after the same guy since second year, but then she turned utterly disturbed. Not rude or evil, just plain disturbed. She would spread horrible things about girls she had seen with him and do other awful things. Of course, the guy just has to have been my Potions partner for the past two years.

Within a few minutes the rest of the class had entered the room and taken their seats. Andrew came in and looked around before sitting in his seat. I gave him a questioning glance.

“Well, I was distracted by the hate-filled glare being sent in what I thought was my direction,” He raised an eyebrow. “But with who it’s coming from, I’m going to assume it’s directed at you.”

“Ugh,” I leaned back on my stood and put my elbows on the table behind us. “It’s getting ridiculous.”

He grinned, “I don’t know…I’m kind of flattered.”

I smacked his arm and lightly glared. “You shouldn’t be, it’s getting dangerous. You talked to Naomi yesterday, this morning she was in the Wing from running into a door. Felt like she was confunded, she said.”

“I didn’t hear about that…”

“Yeah, well, I’m getting more concerned for myself by the day,” I shuddered and looked over my shoulder to the girl still staring. “Not to mention Mar.”

Andrew avoided my eyes and began editing the order of his wand and quills. It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

“What is going on with you two anyway?” I leaned forward in question.

Before he had a chance to avoid the answer, Slughorn came barreling in and almost knocked over a student.

“Up! Watch yourself, Berry,” The Professor stated and rounded his desk. “Sorry for the tardiness, some Seventh Years were messing with Peeves on the second floor. Apparently the new Defense Professor didn’t have time to deal with it. All that aside, we have a lot of work to do today, so only the necessary speaking. You may all turn to page six hundred fifty six and begin.”

I sighed for the hundredth time that day and opened my book.

“That’s what is wrong!” Regulus exclaimed on our second patrol. “You aren’t wearing your badge.”

I sighed, again. If only he wouldn’t have brought that up. I know it’s what we are supposed to do, I know we are supposed to be proud of it, and I know Hogwarts expects us to take care of it and let everyone know what power we hold over them…but I don’t want the attention.

“Damn, I guess I left it in the dorms,” I looked up at him and shrugged. “Whatever will we do?”

He raised an eyebrow and I looked away. Why did I just say that? That was not only completely uncharacteristic of me…but what was I even thinking when that was said? He is going to be the death of me, and I have no control of it.

“You weren’t wearing it last Friday either,” He commented lightly and I looked up at him. Through my lashes…in a manner I hoped made me look extremely attractive. I hope him stuttering slightly on his next sentence meant it worked.

“You have it though, right? Put it on,” He urged. “Be proud.”

That’s not who I am, I wanted to scream suddenly. I never wanted to be a prefect, I never wanted to be your partner; alright, yes, I cherish every minute I’m in breathing distance of you, but that’s the only reason being a prefect is working out for me. I reached in to my pocket because Regulus Black told me to and pulled out the badge.
I sighed as I stopped to put it on. Regulus went ahead a few paces to open a closet door and, finding no one, came back to see me struggling with the badge.

He let out a small laugh, “Here, let me.”

I completely froze as he brought his hands up and over mine. He worked his long fingers around the metal badge and had it pinned to my robes in a matter of seconds. Seconds that seemed to last hours, mind you. I felt my face heat lightly as we walked forward, checking for rule breakers and wandering people.

I looked up to him without turning my head and caught his eye.

Quickly glancing away, he cleared his throat and the beats in my chest sped up.

This must be how Rowena felt with Salazar.

Chapter 5: Loveless Letters
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Chapter Five: Loveless Letters

“The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.”
-William Somerset Maugham

“Oh, come on. It is clear that the Baron would dominate Nearly Headless Nick,” Mar said to Andrew when I walked up to them. “His head is completely attached!”

“But he’s emotionally disturbed! Nick is in his right mind and cou—”

“Come on now,” I cut in, “It’s clear that the Grey Lady wound use her superior feminine wits to cause them to go insane. Now, let’s go.”

Amongst their protests to my answer, I forced them through the doors of the Great Hall and onto seats. Mar sighed and took some toast onto her plate; Andrew decided to take half the eggs as his own.

I poured myself a glass of juice, “Where were you going with that debate?”

“Oh, you know, bored ramblings of hungry sixth years…” Mar trailed off. “I admit it, I’m dying. This is supposed to be one of the easy years, right? Why I it easy if I’m taking advanced classes that pull all the energy and relevant thoughts from my mind?”

“It’s all for show, Mar, I’ve been telling you this, if you’d only listen.” I rolled my eyes. “The even numbered years are supposed to be easier than the others, simply because that separates things. It’s another—”

“One of those advertising things, yes, yes,” Marlene stuffed toast into her mouth. “You know, I often regret asking you things.”

If she’d pay attention to me, maybe she’d learn something about society. Everything is done in a certain way for certain purposes, whether people know about it or not.

“You’re both being ridiculous,” Andrew, the self-proclaimed logical one, began. “Marlene, you’re doing just fine in your classes and you know it. Merlin, you weren’t put in Ravenclaw just for kicks…and Lynn…well, clearly this year will be interesting for you.”

Here we go again. “What’s wrong with only taking six classes?”

“Nothing at all,” Mar rolled her eyes and stood up. “If you weren’t taking the most difficult ones; what are you ever going to do with N.E.W.T. level Transfiguration, or Potions or Advanced Arithmancy? For the love of Godric, you’re schedule is ridiculous.”

“We mustn’t forget about Ancient Studies, the most important one of all,” Andrew retorted. “Aren’t you one of the three people in that class? And aren’t the two others in my year?”

Mar’s eyes widened, “Of course! Gryffindor Princess Lily Evans and that abnormal claw Georgie Down.”

“She’s not abnormal, she’s brilliant…” Of course, nothing else can be said about the Head Girl.

Mar walked to the orange juice and poured some before coming back, “Oh, look, the mail’s here.”

I looked up to see the owls soaring above. A beautiful sight really, especially considering they don’t let them rain on us during our meal. Strange, is that mom’s bird?

Horns gently landed in front of me, her black wings stretching out before flying away without the letter she came with. I stifled a yawn before opening the blue envelope.


You will not be coming home for Christmas; don’t worry things are fine, just too busy with work and such. I miss you, sweetheart and will see you sooner than you think!

Love, Mum


“Everything alright, Lynn?” Mar asked from across the table.

“Oh,” Mind out of the fog, Lynn, “All’s good, I just have to stay here for…the winter holidays because…Ancient Studies is having a few special Muggle classes, and my mom didn’t take it that well.”

“Oh no, having to work during your break? That’s horrible,” Mar frowned. “You’ll write me though, won’t you? I’m going to France to visit a friend of my mother’s. Je vais apprendre à parler le langage de l'amour.”

“…Do you not already know how to speak it then?” Andrew raised an eyebrow.

Mar blushed, “I speak only a little.”

“I have to go to class, don’t want to be late for the wonders of Defense.” I got up from my seat and pulled my bag to my shoulder. “With the Gryffindors none the less.”

Defense Against the Dark arts wasn’t horrible, not as bad as the first day when I realized the Gryffindors were always supposed to sit on the right side of the classroom. Of course, being the only blue in the bloody sea of red was a nice change of scenery; the professor of this year clearly could care less about anything and simply went on with his teachings of vampires. With his extremely pale skin and constant drinking out of an unmarked dark bottle…merlin, he probably is one.

After grabbing some food from the Hall, I walked up the many flights of stairs to the Astronomy classroom. Us being wizards and all, one would think we’d come up with a better way to get high. I giggled, the words I chose worry me at times; but honestly, even Muggles have invented scale-eators, or something like that. Of course, that’s along with all their herbology work that does nothing to heal the senses, simply preventing them from working properly.

I change my mind; stairs are probably for the best.

I took as much air into my lungs before reaching the top step. Once my foot touched the solid stone, I let the breath out. At least this daily hike keeps me somewhat fit, though I should probably start jogging or something. No stamina what so ever.

The classroom door open, I walked inside and took my usual seat. Waiting for the class to get started, I rested my head back and looked at the painted sky on the ceiling. Oh, look it’s the brightest star in Leo.
Of course it catches my eye.

A lazy smile comes across my face as my mind wanders. He does have those famous Black family looks; not to mention the eyes, it’s a wonder where those grey eyes came from when the rest of his family has dark. The grey, foggy eyes that capture every moment, holding thoughts behind them that one can only begin to wonder about. What is it that makes him happy in life? Why is he a Slytherin, yet his brother such a Gryffindor? When he walks, is the elegant strut on purpose, or has it been pressed into his memory by pureblood fanatic parents?

I sighed happily.

“Ms. Grey, where in the galaxy are most stars born?”

I snapped my head to look at the Professor, “Near the molecular clouds in which the conditions were correct.”

“Correct,” She smiled. “Now remember that tonight we will be meeting up stairs with the other class to see our spacious findings in person. Have a nice rest of your day.”

I quickly got my things together before rushing to the library. Why must they have two classes? There are only five people in each…I will never completely understand the inner workings of the educational systems at Hogwarts.

Five o’clock, that’s six hours before I will heave myself up those stairs again. Schoolwork until seven? Then sleep; perfect plan, Lynnette.

Mother of Merlin. Why does this kind of thing happen? I mean, okay…the Prefect thing was bound to happen on his part, but the name picking? That was weird…but that was once…coincidence. This, though? OF ALL THE BLOODY PEOPLE, why must he be my partner?

Not that I’m really complaining, the irony is simply killing me.

He walked in late to the dark, ceiling-less room at the highest point of the castle. Since I said before that I’d be fine working by myself (an odd number before he came up, of course), I was the odd one out. Until he showed, I didn’t even know he took this class. Of course, I don’t know half of the classes he’s taking. This is unbelievable.

“Continue everyone, Ms. Grey, share with Mr. Black what we are doing.”

I rolled my eyes and he looked sheepishly at me. “Sorry about that, I got distracted.”

“It happens,” I sighed and then smiled with the familiarity of this conversation. “We are noticing the patterns of constellations.”

He went to look through the telescope I had perfectly set up to study my new favorite. Wait—wait—“Wait!”

He jumped and almost knocked over the telescope, “What?”

“Oh, um,” I blushed. “Sorry, I just haven’t set things up yet. Which…um, would you like to look at? We will have to write a three page essay about its formation and such.”

He coughed a laugh, “Merlin, I thought I was going to ruin something or something.”

“No, sorry, I just—yeah.”

“Which constellation is your favorite?”

Yours. “Well, I always thought…um,” Quick, a constellation that’s not in his family. Oh, yes, because I completely know his family tree…what name hasn’t been used by his family? Damn Purebloods and there fancy names. Why is he looking in the telescope? Why is he smirking?

Damn Slytherin confidence.

This is embarrassing.

“Well, it looks like the telescope found us Leo,” He raised his eyes toward mine.

I let out a small laugh, “Ironic, don’t you think?”

“Ironic, indeed. This is probably the best one, for our project, I mean, I know a lot about it,” He took a breath and shook his head. “It does have my namesake after all.”

“May I look?” I leaned over next to him and put my hand against the cold wall. I glanced through the lens at the beauty of the stars. I reached over and turned the knob a bit to enhance the view of a certain star. I waited until the bright blue ball of energy was completely seen.

Ah, Regulus.

Chapter 6: Notorious Notions
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Chapter Six: Notorious Notions


Stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them.
-Forest Whitaker


I blinked through the shining sun. Why is the curtain open? I began moving my legs. Why are my pants still on? Where is my bed? I opened my eyes fully and sat up. Dizziness came over me, confusion setting in for a moment before I remembered class.


“We are discussing more of the Chaldean method when it comes to this topic, Mr. Reith. Better luck next time,” I heard a deep voice say somewhere near my head. What is happening to the world?

“Maybe Ms. Grey can help us out with this particular problem?”


“Um,” I leaned my head on my hand. Am I in Arithmancy? “Would this be the number nine?”


The man looked perplexed. Oh, right, I’m a Ravenclaw…I’m supposed to be smart and always paying attention. Oops. “That is incorrect, the Chaldean method does not deal with the number nine at all. In fact, the Aramaic—”


Drone on and on and on, little man. No one really cares, all this is to try and show us things that will not better our lives, no, and it will only cause us pain. This chapter won’t even be on the N.E.W.T’s, why need we bother learning about it?


I could be sleeping right now, or tracking down Regulus in a hall and pulling him into a closet and—


“For tonight I want you all to write about how the Chaldean method differs from the Agrippan method,” He closed his textbook. “And Ms. Grey, try and get some sleep during the night and not in my class.”


I felt my face flush as people laughed their way out of the classroom. I took the back door, a quicker way to get to the Great Hall for early mealtime. Barely able to walk, I sluggishly made my way down two flights of stairs. These early morning Arithmancy sessions are going to ruin me.


“Bloody hell, you look like shit.” Ah, and that is what best friends are for.

“Thanks, Mar,” I rolled my eyes and sat across from her at the Ravenclaw table. “Where’s Andrew this morning?”


A light blush coated her cheeks; dear merlin…


“He has a DADA essay due next,” She sighed off into the distance. “He just came in to grab a muffin.”


“What’s with the expression?”


“Huh?” Clearly I snapped her out of her daze. The pink on her face darkened and I internally rolled my eyes. “Oh, um, just thinking.”


“About what?” I asked and took a sip of the juice in front of me.


“Do you think Andrew and I would be good together?”


That came out of nowhere; or did it? Why the hell am I acting all oblivious today? Lack of sleep, let’s go with that. Well, Mar…he is nice, we’ve known him for a while…as long as a break up won’t be awkward towards our friendships, you have my approval.


“Scourgify,” I waved my wand to clean up the juice that had splattered over the table, thanking Merlin that I’m not facing the Slytherin table today. “I think you two would be great together, you have my approval.”


She rolled her eyes, “Gee, thanks a bunch.”


“I was just surprised…”


“Well, I think he may ask me to the Hogsmeade trip this weekend,” She smiled dreamily again. “You should get Reg to ask you, then we can meet up of someth—”


She stopped, eyes widening and looked up and over my left shoulder. I raised an eyebrow and turned to face the crotch of Regulus Black. I lifted my eyes and smiled.


“Good morning.”


He coughed, “I just came over to ask if you wanted to meet by the Staring Portrait for our rounds tonight.”


“Sounds great, I’ll see you then,” I continued smiling up at him as he shuffled a bit.


“Yeah, see you then,” He mumbled and walked away.


“Now, what were you saying, Mar?” I turned to face her as I asked.


Her mouth was slightly open and she blinked, “What in the name of Merlin’s pants was that? Lynnette Grey…when did you get so…flirty?”


“I wasn’t being flirty,” I scrunched my eyebrows and faced my muffin. “What else was I supposed to do?”


“Be the shy Lynnie I knew from last year!” She threw her hands up. “I mean, I am one-hundred percent okay with this new you, I haven’t a clue where it came from though.”


Now that is a good question, I have become a bit less like my self—or maybe this is just how I’m supposed to be?


“Sorry, Mar,” I stood and began to make my way to Defense; luckily I had completed my essay. “I don’t know either.”


As I walked away I heard her mumble, “and then she just walks away from me. What is happening?”


With a sigh, I picked up my pace.



Apparently in my past years at Hogwarts, I have labeled myself as the shy girl who knows a hell of a lot more than she lets on. At least that’s what Andrew told me when I asked him what people thought of me. I then snapped at him for knocking over my bag and spilling my books. He then labeled me the bitchy girl who knows too much for her own good. He then apologized and walked away.


He isn’t speaking to me at dinner, nor is Mar. Of course, that may be because I went to the kitchens for my meal…but still.


So, here I am eating my French Onion soup in peace with a book on pureblood family histories. New to the library, it is written by some guy advertising blood status. The Black family: the most high status family in the Wizarding World. It’s quite an interesting read, actually. The author believes that the family has a tapestry of themselves, but if one commits an offense, they are to be blasted off. What a ridiculous notion…not even the Blacks would be that cruel. I put my bookmark on that page and set it down.


I took a sip of my soup as I heard the pear being tickled. Quickly I grabbed my wand and tried change the cover of the book, but it wouldn’t work. Of course the library would have spells on their books to keep them from being defaced.


I hid the book in my robes and hoped that whoever entered would leave quickly.


“Oi, Prongs, you think we can—”


The dark haired male stopped when he caught my eyes. Three others followed him through the entrance and gave me the same treatment.


“Um. Okay, I was just leaving,” I stood up with my wand and bag and started walking past the Marauders. Their little group was known for causing embarrassment and pain, and I knew I should not become part of it. The book clutched tightly under my left arm, I realized I should have just put it in my bag.


“Wait a tick,” Sirius grabbed my arm and I stumbled as I watched the book tumble to the ground, mark falling out of it. “Whoa, sorry.”


“It’s alright,” I mumbled and tried to pick it up before anyone could see it.


“The Pureblood Life? Wait, aren’t you that Ravenclaw—”


I cut the Head Boy off, “Yes, I am that Ravenclaw. Now may I go?”


I stood up as he said to Sirius, “She’s the one partnered with your brother.”


I sighed, something I’d been doing a lot lately; this is degrading, Lynn, you need to find a way out of here.


“What’s a Ravenclaw doing with that kind of book?” The short, fat one asked. “I thought they were nice.”


“They can be nice,” I rolled my eyes. “The Hufflepuffs, clearly the nicest are only first because apparently intelligence can make people a bit bitchy.”


His eyes widened and he stepped back a bit, hah, so much for Gryffindor courage. The fourth one spoke next, in a knowing tone.


“She was clearly just looking for information,” He answered his friends. “Let’s just get some food, alright?”


Sirius’ eyes had darkened considerably and I realized how much he and his brother are alike in looks. “He is not what you think he is, trust me. He will hurt you.”


Let me guess, you got blasted off the tapestry? “Alright, may I have my book back?”


He handed it over to me and I looked at the time. The patrol would be starting in three hours, and I had work to do.



“You look hot.”


I did a twirl for effect and she whistled. “I definitely need that skirt back when you’re done.”


At least it made her happy to dress me up in her clothes, even if I’m sticking to my thoughts that al Hogwarts uniforms look the same. I checked out my ass in the mirror again. Alright, I may have mistaken. Shorter skirt, black vest and Ravenclaw tie…those Muggle videos of the sexy schoolgirls have nothing compared to this.


When did I get cocky? I like it.

“You’d better go, the patrol starts in ten minutes,” Mar smiled and wiped an imaginary tear from her face. “My girl is growing up.”


“Shut it,” I rolled my eyes and grabbed my robe. “See you later.”


“Tomorrow, most likely, I have to get my beauty sleep for Hogsmeade,” She smiled and fell back on her bed in happiness.


I laughed and closed the door behind me. Her squealing phase had ended shortly after she said yes to Andrew’s question, thank Godric, but it took a lot out of me all the same. When I reached our new meeting location, Regulus was there waiting.


“Hi,” I spoke with a smile on my face and tugged at my robes.


He looked up and got an odd expression on his face before shaking it away with a smile. He held out an arm in greeting and I took it, similar to the first patrol.


“How are you on this fine Friday night?” He asked looking down at me. I’m really not that short, only compared to him, and Mar, and Andrew, and McGonagall.


“Alright, I guess,” I lifted my eyebrows in an uncaring way. “Far too many essays for a Hogsmeade weekend.”


“You’re going then,” He blurted. “To Hogsmeade, I mean.”


“Yes, my two friends and I usually go together,” I paused. “Of course…they’re going together…so maybe I’ll just be drinking alone in the Three Broomsticks.”




“Yes,” I stopped. “Did you hear that?”


A light knocking noise seemed to come from a broom closet. I pulled Regulus toward the source and he pointed his wand at the door, muttering something.


A shriek, followed by sounds of fabric pulling, followed by some bloke being dumped on my foot occurred. I shined my light at his face revealing—


“Pucey,” Regulus said with disgust on his face. “You know the rules.”


“Aw, come on,” The fifth year pulled his shirt back on. “Won’t happen again, promise.”


Regulus looked pained before saying, “Twenty points from Slytherin, ten from both of you.”


I glanced in the closet to see some girl buttoning her own shirt. I shuddered, a broom closet, really? At least try for an empty classroom or someplace…clean. Prefect, Lynn, you’re a Prefect.


“Don’t let it happen again,” I spoke harshly as the flushing girl stood from the closet. “Back to your Dorms, now.”


“Got a feisty one there, don’t you, Black,” Pucey smirked and raised his eyebrows twice.


I rolled my eyes, “Five points from Slytherin for disrespecting a Prefect. Now go.”


Pucey scoffed before turning to catch up with the girl.


I turned to Bla—Regulus. “Well, that was interesting.”


“Yeah, it was,” He looked at me with that expression again. “Hey, Lynn?”




“Would you like to have company in the Three Broomsticks tomorrow?” 


Chapter 7: Educational Exercise
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 Chapter Seven: Educational Exercise


The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions.”


Why am I doing this again?


Oh, right—I need to build stamina. Merlin knows what for, not like I’m trying out for Quidditch any time soon. This is ridiculous; I’m never going to keep up this pace.


Not with that attitude.


And now I have two voices in my head. Lovely. Well, at least it’s not too cold; yet I’m still dying for breath and water. No, I must not stop. Five minutes more, that is all.  


That’s the spirit.


Oh, shut it.


When I finally stop I’m forced to walk around a bit to regain my senses. Luckily no one is out to see this embarrassing show of my lack of physical ability. I took a drink of water before heading to the dorms.


“It’s nice to see you’re trying to trim up, but he already asked you,” Mar smirked when I dragged myself in the room breathing heavily more from the stairs than my jog.


“Shut your trap, McLaggen,” I let myself fall on the bed, finally in peace. I heard a sigh above me.


“Come on Lynn, you only have an hour before Hogsmeade.”


“An hour and a half,” I mumbled before sliding off the bed and onto my feet. “Think I need a shower.”


She scrunched her nose and threw a towel at me. “Don’t joke, Lynn, this is serious.”


I rolled my eyes, “Whatever would I do without you?”


“You’re borrowing my shirt too, it’ll go great with that nice black skirt of yours,” She rolled her eyes and smiled. “I’m a damn good person.”


As I washed my hair I heard her speak, “You know, I cannot believe how far you’ve come…sixth year, first Hogsmeade visit and you already have a date.”


“I don’t think it’s actually a date,” I winced as soup dripped into my eyes. “I mean, how would I tell?”


“Trust me, it’s a date,” I could practically hear her rolling her eyes.


“He just asked if I wanted company, I don’t think he meant it in any other way.” Just a friend keeping a friend company; that’s it, even if I wanted more of whatever occurs on actual dates.


“For the love of Rowena, it’s a damn date. You’ll probably go into Puddifoot’s!” She cringed. “Thank Merlin I told Andrew it’s best we don’t go in there. I’d probably pass out from lack of oxygen.”


I snorted and there was a pause.


“I meant there is too much perfume.”


I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself before entering the room. “Sure you did, now what is it that I will be wearing, oh fantastic one?”


She gestured to a frilly grey skirt and a light blue long sleeved button up, sleeves rolled up already. My black knee socks and shoes were at the foot of the bed.


“I know it doesn’t look it…but isn’t it freezing outside?” I raised an eyebrow at her pants and thin shirt. “You’re going to freeze too.”


She sighed dramatically, “You’re a witch aren’t you? Ever heard of heating charms?”


“I’ll look like an idiot, even if I’m not really cold…”


“No,” She brought out a magazine. “You will be in style.”


Who am I kidding? Mar always gets her way. “Fine, this looks lovely.”


“You bet it does. Now, for my hair,” She did a twirl and went to finish up as I got ready.


On the way to the Great Hall, I did my best to remember how to breathe. Mar wasn’t being much help as she couldn’t stop talking to herself (or me, I couldn’t really tell) about what was going to happen, how it would happen, and if the boys that just walked by were staring at her. I let out the breath I’d been holding in and grabbed her arm.


“Mar? Look at me,” I caught her eyes and she stopped talking. “It’s just Andrew, okay? You’ll be fine.”


“Just Andrew; yeah, Mar, you’re going to be fine,” She turned from me and held herself straighter. I looked forward and saw Andrew waiting for her at the entrance; he did some nervous bow/arm stretch thing and she giggled. Oh, Merlin. Both not knowing exactly what to do, they walked off toward the carriages.


“They grow up fast, don’t they?”


“Mmhm,” I nodded, “Exactly what I was thinking.”


Wait, I turned around to face Regulus. He smirked as I jumped back a little with widened eyes.


“Hi!” I coughed and straightened myself. Breathe, Lynn, you’ve got this.


“Why, hello,” He held out an arm. “To the carriages?”


I nodded and grabbed his arm; trying to think of something intelligent to say can be difficult when standing next to someone that smells this good. We walked to the carriages, and I couldn’t help but notice those that had noticed me…with Regulus. A Ravenclaw and a Slytherin; however, we did not seem to be politely ignoring each other—no, we seemed to be together.


He helped me in to the carriage as any gentleman would and we sat across from each other as any pair on a first date would. Every second sped by, and the moment I stepped into the dirt of Hogsmeade, I barely felt a thing.


“So,” I turned to him and he shuffled a bit. “What would you like to do?”


It’s pretty obvious what he’s thinking; I smirked to myself, not Puddifoot’s, Salazar, not Puddifoot’s!


“Well, we could go to Madame Puddifoot’s,” My smirk grew as his eyes widened. “Actually… a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks sounds lovely, don’t you think?”


He let out a breath, “Wicked.”


“And then maybe we could check out Honeyduke’s? I should restock on Sugar Quills,” I said as I took his arm. “I should probably get my mother something as well.”


Inside the Three Broomsticks, I waited at the table as he bought drinks. Outside, third years played in the snow, laughing and having the best of time—it’s sad, isn’t it? Next year will be your last. Time does fly.


“Here you are,” I smiled as he placed a glass in front of me and sat down with his own.

“Thank you,” I took a sip, instantly feeling warmer inside and out.


He grinned and took a swig of his own, “So, winter holidays are coming up.”


I nodded, “I’m probably staying, as always. How about you?”


“I usually go home,” He shrugged. “But mum wants to visit France with, so I’ll be staying here as well.”


“I think my friend will be going to France as well, she has relatives there,” I took another sip of my drink and let it warm me before continuing. “I’ve never been.”


He laughed, “I, ah, hear it’s not all that grand. Lot’s of snobbish people—of course, not all are like that.”


Actually, I believe Mar’s family is…


I smiled up at him and he laughed lightly again. I let out a small giggle and before I understood what was going on, we both were trying to cover our laughter.


A cough broke the fun; I looked up to see James…and Lily.


“Hello,” Lily gave me a warm smile. “Just came over to tell you there’s no patrolling over break—”


“—we were going to plan a meeting, but Dumbledore didn’t think the information was necessary enough to ruin a day at Hogsmeade for you all,” James continued.


“Right,” Lily looked nervously around. “Well, we best be on our way. Goodbye.”


She practically dragged James to another prefect by the door.


I looked to Regulus, “Looks like we won’t be seeing each other as much.”


He nodded, “Of course, few stay at the castle, so we’re bound to run into each other sometime.”


I smiled at that. “Quite true. Would you like to head over to Honeyduke’s?”


“I’d love to.”

Chapter 8: Yuletide Yielding’s
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Chapter Eight: Yuletide Yielding’s

A holiday is when you celebrate something that's all finished up, that happened a long time ago and now there's nothing left to celebrate but the dead.
-Abraham Polonsky

“—and after we got out of the carriages, he walked me to the Ravenclaw rooms,” I sighed for the fifth time this hour. “And now, here I am.”

Mar let out a squeak. “You didn’t kiss him? Not even a hug?”

“I was this close to shaking his hand, but I figured it was too soon for that,” I rolled my eyes and fell back into my pillow. “Sleep; now.”

I closed my eyes as she stood from her bed to go to the toilet; however, I was asleep before she came back.

Through the halls, few people walked by and the portraits slept. I crept slowly along the walls, as anyone patrolling could catch me. Slowly, I got closer to the dungeons.

“Oof,” I was pulled into a broom closet, and against a warm body. “Subtle enough?”

“Not quite,” I pulled away and turned to look at him. “But, this is nice.”

He laughed, “One day it will be much nicer, that I promise.”

I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck. Leaning in, our lips met in—

The floor next to my bed was cold and hard when my face hit it that morning.

“Lynn, get up—and stop mumbling in your sleep, will you?” Mar threw a pillow at me. “Today’s my last day in the castle this year, and I’d prefer it if it wasn’t spent fantasizing about you boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I grumbled and sat up. My head swirled and I grabbed it in the hope that the pain would stop. Such a wonderful, peaceful dream.

Mar grabbed my hands and pulled me up, “Come on, you didn’t fall that hard—and I gave you enough time, that I’m done packing.”

I looked around her side of the room, empty, except for the sheets on the bed. Her trunk at the door was ready for the house-elves to bring down, and the room was already feeling lonesome. Well, I guess I should prepare for another two weeks of books, information, and lack of human contact.
On the walk down, I stayed slightly behind Andrew and Mar as they whispered to each other; being a third wheel didn’t occur to me until this moment.

“Well, I’ll miss you guys,” I said as I came to a stop out side Hogwarts. “Enjoy vacation.”

“Oh, Lynnie, I’ll miss you too,” Mar tossed her arms around me and her grin spread to me. “And Andrew will too.”

He rolled his eyes, “Yes, of course I will, Lynn. But, if you two will excuse me, I have to talk to Thomas.”

“See you on the express!”

Mar watched him go and smiled. She then turned to me, “Now, I want you to be careful, okay? I know, I know—”She continued as I gave a look of confusion. “You believe he’s a good guy, which is great, I trust your judgment and all—but, for the love of Rowena, be careful. Time are getting so dark, you’ve read the Prophet, people are dying, Lynn.”

“I am aware, trust me,” I rolled my eyes. “Just do me a favor, okay? Don’t worry about me.” I smiled and gave her a hug. “I’ll be fine. Nothing can get past Hogwarts.”

The next day, I admit it was nice to wake up and not have anything to do or anyone to see. Being one of two Ravenclaws that stayed at the castle brought a silence that I rarely had—of course, I may as well have been the only Ravenclaw as the seventh year spent the entire break with her Gryffindor boyfriend. I however spent most of my time in the library, writing a Charms essay due after break and reading up on new and useful spells.

Until about the sixth day when I went out for a walk around the grounds. The snow had fallen, and armed with heating charms I braved the cold. A group of boys had been throwing snow near the lake, and I tried to not make eye contact when I saw the green on their robes.

Of course, when a clump of snow hit me on the back, I faced them with anger in my eyes. They’re Slytherins—oh, like that matters—get your wand. Pulling my wand from my pocket, three of them came up to me.

“Sorry about that,” The blonde leered. “Do you need some hel—”

“Cut it out,” Regulus. “You alright, Lynnette?”

My eyes wouldn’t come out of their glare until he put his hand on my shoulder to wipe off some of the snow. “I’m fine. Thanks.”

The third was about to say something, but Regulus turned with a glare. “Um, yeah, sorry about that.”

I gave a quick smile and turned to walk away; the two ran back to the group, but Regulus stayed. “Lynn—how’s break going?”

I looked down at his hand on my arm and he quickly pulled it back, “I’m fine, been in the library writing that essay for Charms.”

“Yeah, I’ve been postponing that. Been caught up with a lot of stuff,” He ran a hand through his hair. What kind of stuff?

I must’ve had a questioning look on my face, for he responded. “Just…family…stuff. My cousin is getting married soon, and my mum’s been talking. Annoying, the lot of it.”

“I’d bet,” I nodded. “All my mother ever talks about is…well. Nothing, really. My father is always out, and she only talks to him.”

It had been going on for most of my life; I doubt it to be strange. I’ve asked what goes on in her life, but she just brushes it off with ‘why don’t you put on a dress, those pants aren’t for a lady of your age.’ Father, on the other hand, seems to enjoy talking with me (no at me, like mum does), though he never gets the chance with being out all the time. Social influence is key, Lynn, and as I am out, I bring the family name to others—as I build this family, you will have nothing to worry about in your young life: typical pureblood father, so I’m told.

“I often wish that’s how is was in my house,” He shook his head. “Ever since…Sirius…left, she’s been ranting and yelling in the hopes that someone will listen. Only the house elves do, unfortunately.”

Everyone knows about the older Black’s defamation, as he flew to the Potter’s over break to get out of a dark household. The way Regulus talks about it, it seems average. Of course, those Gryffindors always need to break free of something.

“I should be heading in,” I looked up to the castle, almost time for supper. Warmth covered my hand and I glanced down to see his pale skin encircling mine.

“Would you like to sit at the Slytherin table? Dumbledore doesn’t mind, since so few are here during these times,” His skin is so warm and nice. “Lynn?”

“Oh,” I blinked and looked into his smirking eyes. “I’d love to.”

And with that, we walked up the steps and in to the Great Hall; empty, except for a few teachers, I followed Regulus to a side of the castle I had not seen before. The table and benches were the same, though they looked darker and held a different feeling than those of the Ravenclaw table. As I sat down to his right, the goblet in front of me filled with water.

“Different,” I nodded at the view from this side of the Hall.

He let out a laugh, “You get used to it.”

“Good evening,” said a voice; I looked up into the blue eyes of the Headmaster. “Did you enjoy the snow, Mr. Black?”

“I did, Professor,” Regulus held an elegant air even around the wonderful Dumbledore.

“And you, Ms. Grey?” His eyes seemed to twinkle.

I smiled, “It wasn’t as pleasant as I’d hoped, but everything worked out for the best.”

His smile grew, “Lovely, I was just telling Minerva that she should take a walk in the snow, but she prefers to stay inside. An interesting thing, a Gryffindor that prefers to not explore the outside world, don’t you think?”

“She probably prefers observing the castle, as it holds far more secrets,” I replied.

The Headmaster nodded, “Quite true indeed, Ms. Grey. I must be off, do enjoy your meals.”

Regulus and I nodded our goodbyes and I picked up my goblet. As I took a sip, he turned to me. “That was an impressively held conversation, Grey.”

“Why the sudden switch to surnames, Black?” I retorted.

“The Daily Prophet stated this morning that there is only Black and White with what is currently brewing, however,” He nodded in my direction. “I believe there is always a gray area.”

I gave him a curious glance as the group from the snow came to join us. Their loudness overwhelmed my next words, but I believe he heard them from the grin that grew.

“I concur.”