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D.R.A.S.T.I.C.A by Zabini_Clan

Format: Novella
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 539
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Other Pairing

First Published: 07/06/2010
Last Chapter: 07/08/2010
Last Updated: 07/08/2010

Ever since Draco has been four years old he has grown up with the seven same kids, Miranda Montebello the princess of the group, Blaise Zabini one of Draco's best mates, Pansy Parkinson the girl everybody thinks Draco is dating, Theodore Nott  another of Draco's mates, Estrella Deherrera aka Star the wild child, Marcus Flint who Draco looks up to, and Vinyssa Deherrera twin sister to Star and the girl who keeps Draco from going insane... Draco and his seven friends are about to start the rest of their lives... the only thing is they are gonna be in control or are they?...

Chapter 1: The Train Ride and School Royalty?
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Draco walked onto the red and gold train searching for his friends. A few first years stared up at him in awe and terror. As he passed by he overheard "Thats Draco Malfoy! if your smart you better stay away." Draco smirked at this revelation and continued to the back of the train. "DRACO!" Hearing his name Draco looked up to see a flurry of milk chocolate hair. smirking down at the girl he replied lazily "Hey Vinyssa how are you!?"  Vinyssa merely shrugged and looked Draco in the eyes *WOW! Vinyssa certainly isnt a little girl anymore! sure she's always been beautiful but i loved her as my little sister thats all i ever thought she would be* Draco Thought this little tidbit as he scoped out his best girl friend. 

Vinyssa pulled Draco along with her to the last cabin. Draco noticed that all his other friends were already there. Miranda stood up and waited for him to sit down. once Draco sat down Miranda placed herself on his lap. Draco looked around to see Theodore and Vinyssa were cuddling, Blaise and Star were playing around, and Marcus and Pansy were having a snog fest. *This is perfect!* Draco thought to himself  as they eight friends rode on back to Hogwarts they talked about random things such as their summers and whatnot... As they drew near to the castle the compartment door opened to show a few first years. "Um we were wondering if we could have a picture with the Slytherin Royalty?" Draco and his friends looked at eachother and laughed. 

The first years seemed confused until Vinyssa replied "The Slytherin Royalty is in the next compartment!"  a raven haired girl asked "Arnt you Vinyssa Deherrera?" Vinyssa raised a perfectly waxed eyebrow and nodded. The girl contiued "Then you and your friends are this years Slytherin Royalty!"  The girl reached into her pocket and handed Vinyssa a folded piece of paper. Vinyssa unfolded the paper and started to read. After ten seconds Vinyssa said "I guess we  are the new Slytherin Royals!" By now everyones attention turned to the paper as Vinyssa read aloud. "All first through fifth years that have any questions about student rules, activities or live accomidations please find your house royals and ask them. 

The royals are sixth and seventh year students that have shown tremendous Courage, Intelligence, Loyalty, or Charisma to their house. The Ravenclaw Royals: Cho Chang, Luna Lovegood, Padma Patil, Hannah Abbot, Zacharias Smith, Roger Davies, Cormac Mclaggen, and Ernie Hudson. Gryffindor Royalty: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Seamus Finnegan, Lavender Brown, Dean Thomas, and Pavarti Patil. Hufflepuff Royalty: Jason Kendricks, Samantha Rhodin, Justin Finch, Susan Bones, Emmett Johnson, D'Lainey Crew, Damien Hudson, and Cassidy Lumberton. And the Slytherin Royals: Miranda Montebello, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Marcus Flint, Vinyssa Deherrera, Theodore Nott, Estrella Deherrera, and Blaise Zabini." 

Draco looked at his friends and finally turned to the first years and nodded. the first years smiled and set up the camera for the picture. After several shots the seemingly happy first skipped away getting their bags and getting ready to depart to Hogwarts. Draco and the others merely went to their carriage and headed to the castle.