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Tempest Artemisa Nyx and the Pools of the Ziggurat (Year Eight) by Tempest_Zepher_Nyx136

Format: Novel
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 35,247

Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence

Genres: Drama, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, OC
Pairings: Draco/OC, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing

First Published: 06/08/2010
Last Chapter: 06/24/2010
Last Updated: 06/24/2010


Here lies the ending to the saga of Tempest Artemisa Nyx...

Chapter 1: Visions of Death
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Tempest opened the doors to her cousins house warily already knowing what she would see. Her uncle lay on the ground, dead, his green eyes open and lifeless. She walked in carefully not to make a sound and went to the living room. Jason and Oliver lay sprawled on broken pieces of furniture. She could smell the blood that glowed crimson in the light of the thunder. Tempest double backed and went down the hallway to the staircase. Isolde and Selene were sprawled on the broken railing and the stairs. Again the blood was heavy in the air. Tempest heard something and went to the kitchen where her aunt was on the broken table and chair, bleeding. Tempest slipped on some blood and fell. With all her strength she pulled herself. Up. The rain beat against the window so hard that she almost missed the whimpering . . . . 

Tempest woke with a start and sat up. Her reflection greeted her dishevelled.

"What did I do," she muttered to herself. Tempest wiped the sweat off her forehead and got out of bed carefully so as to not wake Draco. She opened the door and closed it silently.

Tempest headed to her kitchen and sat on a stool on the little island there. She tapped her long purple nails against the marble top and stared out the window. It was almost time to go back to school for her final year at the Nightmare Academy. Voldemort was dome for, only one pest remained and that was Merwick. She pulled hair put of her face and opened her fridge. She had expanded her home again, although if she lived to see it all finished, she was leaving. The house was filled with too much pain and seemed empty without her mother. She grabbed a cup of orange juice. Tempest closed the fridge and gasped at the sudden reflection of gold. She spun around and gripped the cup so tightly it shattered. Harry Potter was behind her and she regained her breath.

"Potter, try not to sneak up on people, it isn't kind." She waved her hand and fixed the broken cup and grabbed a towel to clean up the orange juice.

"I thought you would have heard me.  You are a vampire aren't you?" He smiled at her and she laughed while she rinsed the rag.

"Yes well my mind has been far too preoccupied so I tend to block out many things."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh the same old nightmare."

"You just need a good nights sleep."

Tempest laughed scornfully.  "I haven't had a good nights sleep in four years."

"Sounds depressing."

"Oh you have no idea."

Harry took a seat across form her and crossed his arms. "What woke you up? I hear Nila and Void talk about your vision. What do you see? What have you seen?"

Tempest met his gaze ad didn't smile. "I saw Cedric Digory's death. I saw the return of Riddle, I saw the death of my boyfriend and that of the Mystics. I see death, happy?"

Harry stared at her shocked and Tempest realised in his clear discomfort. Her shoulder slumped, his legs shifted and he averted his jade green eyes from her strong multicoloured eyes.

"Oh, I'm—"

"Forget about it Potter, I'm used to it by now to be quite honest. Its just the visions bother me."

"Have you told anyone besides Nila and Void these things?" Tempest knew he meant Draco. This time she averted her gaze.

"No, I don't tell Draco everything. There are something's he shouldn't know."

"Like what?"

"His death," she said simply her body fully awake and her senses alert. She had to stop Merwick at all cost.

"He dies."

"He won't. I won't let him."

"Why would Merwick kill him? He wants you dead."

"True but Merwick isn't like Riddle. He wants me to watch myself fail, destroy and kill me from the inside out. He's far more destructive than him."

"How many people has he killed?"

Tempest had never actually counted before and looked over at Potter as she began counting on her fingers. There was her father, Gorx, the four Mystics, and Lillith's little brother. "Seven, that I know of. Remember he has been killing for five hundred years."

"That's more than Voldemort."

Tempest nodded n gave him a stern look. "Why are you up?"

"Couldn't sleep. It's odd, the one place that had always been my home isn't."

"Hmm, well you should get some sleep, we all have a big day tomorrow, in fact we're meeting more friends in Camelot."

"It's a beautiful place," said Harry as he yawned.

"Go back to bed Potter, reconstruction even with magic is quite difficult." He nodded and let her alone wishing her sweet dreams. She smiled at Potter's politeness and wondered how Potter was going to last ta the Nightmare Academy. Tempest looked at her window one last time. No, Merwick wasn't watching her, her paranoia was playing tricks on her.


Tempest wiped the sweat off her forehead as she continued to repair the castle. It was in complete shambles and was taking up most of her summer, she didn't mind though. What had been the hardest was installing te plumbing. Thankfully Cecile and Abigail had dome most of that work. Potter worked with Hermione and Ron all around the city working on the houses, Nila and Void had cleaned up and she had done most of the major repairs. The ceiling though was one of the last things to be done.

"This place is beautiful," said Stella.

"Yeah, I know."

"And all thanks to you," said Serena a bit bitterly. Stella gave her sister a stern look but Serena simply turned away. Tempest rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Not all thanks to me. Everyone has basically helped."

"Don't be so modest Zeph," began Stella, "if you hadn't destroyed the flower none of this would be possible."

Tempest laughed remembered everything that had happened two years ago. "That all happened on a fluke."

"That may be, but still none of this could be possible without you."

"Eh," she said shrugged, "maybe." She jumped down to the ground and landed right at the end of the fallen pieces that had been gathered. "It's show time. Reparo!" she yelled as she spread her hands all a round and people gathered and gawked as all the pieces flew back up. She marvelled at her work. Almost the entire summer of hard work and it had paid off. The place looked spectacular. The place was livable again.

"How many rooms are there?" asked Nila as she studied the staircase she had personally fixed and painted herself. Thanks to Void, electricity flowed through th city.

"There are enough for two families Nila. Servants rooms, Morgans, Arthurs and Merlins. Ita s bit big for just one family."

"To think this place was once inhabited by King Arthur," said Hermione.

"Yeah, its great. Nila how are the farmlands?"

"They're great. Cecile says that vegetation should start soon. She's going to keep an eye on it."

"Abigail says that the rain will watch over the city, feed the fountain and rivers," said Exodus. Tempest smiled at him.

"This place is going to be simply fantastic," exclaimed Demenshia. She had made it a habit to make her hair float around her. She was always eccentric, so very unlike her very serious cousin who stood behind her father with her usual scowl. Her blue eyes were like her mothers whether she liked to admit it or not and now, like her cousin, she was thee new Mystic of water. That was a fact she had not been pleased to know.

"You've given this place life Young Tempest," said Verdina with her arms crossed. "I suggest we begin preparing dinner, I caught some game in the forest, it should be throughly cooked by now."

"That dinning room is bloody huge." said Nila.

"We're aware Nila," said Draco, stepping next to Tempest. She wrapped herself in his arms.

"Lets go eat dinner."


Tempest ran down the rainy street. She kept muttering to herslf against it, hoping it wasn't true. It was raining and no light of any kind were on. Her hair clung to her face. Tears streaked don and her sword was slippery in her hwand. She turned and ran. She couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it.

"It can't be true. It just can't be."

"What can't be true Young Tempest." Tempest knew that voice so well, had heard it all her life. She stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around slowly. She couldn't believe it. Thunder struck . . .

She was at the end of the golden corridor, sweat on her brow. She needed to find Draco, she couldn't let her vision come true. Not now, not ever. Tempest ran down the hell. Her skin glowed in the fiery torch light and reflected the gold off the walls. The runes glowed magically as she rushed by.

Tempest ran and ran and stopped at the fork, there she saw him. Tempest sighed in relief at the sight of him all right. She began running towards him. Suddenly, red hair blurred her vision and next she saw the end of Aurora protruding through Draco. Tempests screamed.

"I never liked you anyway," said Astrea as she jerked the blade out.

Tempest sat up in her old bed. She wasn't ready to move yet, she didn't think she ever would be. Draco stirred next to her and opened his eyes.

"Tempy? Are you al right?"

Tempest nodded and snuggled into his sleepy arms. "Yes, just a nightmare, go back to bed love." He nodded and quickly fell back asleep. Tempest wondered if she would ever get a good nights sleep again.

Chapter 2: Family Troubles
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Maddox spooked her from behind as she cooked breakfast. Tempest laughed and elbowed his stomach. He simply laughed at her.

"That wasn't funny Maddox," she said returning to her cooking. She was making french toast and scrambled eggs. It was smelling delicious.

"Ooh, I thought it was quite delicious. Don't burn the bread please."

"Don't distract me and I won't burn a thing." She turned and smiled at him and he rolled his purple eyes at her.

"I'll set the table."

"No, don't. I'm cooking here but we're eating in Camelot. My kitchen is far to small to feed at those people."

"True. So, who's setting the table over there?"

"Nila and Ron. Hermione and Void were too busy bickering over who was smarter and wittier."

"Again? They've been doing that all summer." Maddox grabbed the pan of eggs and set them on the counter enchanting them to stay warm.

"Yes, well, one is a pure blood and the other a mudblood, they bicker like nothing else."

"So I'm a mudblood am I." Tempest spun around. What the bloody hell was wrong with her, she thought, she wasn't hearing anything. Tempest exchanged a worried look at Maddox who put up his hands and took two steps back.

"You weren't meant to hear that."

"And so what if I wasn't? All you damn pureblood are the same."

"Oh, don't be so emotional, its just a damn saying, you know it means nothing. Don't get your nickers in a bunch."

"You are as—"

"Hermione watch what you say about my cousin. Her heart is pure and she risked her life for Potter. Don't be childish and stupid. Pureblood slip up, I've even said it." Void snickered and Tempest withheld her smile. Hermione stood there shocked and watched Maddox move and flip over the bread and set it on a plate after inspection.


"Lets go serve breakfast already shall we, I'm sure people are waiting. I'll grab the eggs and Zeph you grab all that French toast."

"Void, I think you should travel with Maddox. Hermione if you don't mind casting apparatus, we should be on our way." She offered a sweet reassuring smile and gripped her hand and winked. Hermione pulled out her wand and nodded.

Tempest could never quickly get the feel of the spell as she was pulled all the way towards Camelot. She fought the urge to vomit, it constant;y made her dizzy. Everyone sat waiting, looking at her as she arrived. She smiled and waved her wand of the french toast.

"Breakfast is served," she said with a smile as she took her seat next to Draco.


"How are the enchantments coming," asked Tempest as she walking along the wals. Void gripped the gate firmly.

"Over the city they are don. Whether the gate is open or closed, nothing shall enter if kit bears ill will and the mystics, yourself included," he said bowing, "have assured that no Muggle shall enter."

"What about the farmlands and green houses? Those are closer to the woods and Cecile said there are werewolf pacs in there."

"Well because there is no rock formation there, its been a little harder. I can't figure it out." He gave her a pleading look and she stood on her hands to think Already people were moving in. Mistress Starlet, Master Vlad and even Headmistress Majika and her brother and sister and the full moon was in two nights time. She couldn't have any of them at risk.

"Nila, give me Cecile and meet me by the farmlands, I think I've figured something out." Nila nodded and tossed up the Emerald engraved ring. Tempest became a blue and stared at the farmlands. The animals were safe as long as hey remained I the gate, but the farmlands. She knew they would suffer.



"I may have an idea."

"Of course, what?"

"Around these lands could you possibly raise a hedge wall and enchant it. Make it strong so the werewolves can never get through."

"It is possible, you will have to raise th e protective barrier though."

"I'm aware."

"Perfect, even the shadows won't interfere."

"I do out do myself."

"Conceited much Cecile."

Cecile laughed, the sound of leaves blowing through the wind. "You should put that barrier up now."
"I know." Tempest ran to the edge of the maze and spread her hands over the leaves, touching them slightly. With both her hands she drew runes on the leaves then again on the ground. They glowed and traced onto the leaves. The hedge shimmered a multitude of colours before vanishing. The gate opened and Nila and Void stepped up.

"Zephyr, this is bloody brilliant," said Nila as she picked an apple off an apple tree.

"I'm aware. Here catch." Tempest took off the ring and Nila caught it effortlessly and put it back on her finger. The finger was pale beneath the ring, always was nowadays.

"So all the enchantments are in place," asked Void.

"Yeah, but Merwick could still get it. Stupid Magical Mystic."

"Oh don't' be so petty," said Nila. "Besides you should get ready, more people are moving in the houses. They want to meet the girl who gave birth to the new Camelot.

Tempest rolled her eyes. "I'm not a diplomat, I'm a young woman who wants piece and quit. So if you don't mind, I'm going to start moving my stuff from home to here."

"So you're really moving?"

"I can't live there anymore you guys. My father was murdered there, my mom killed herself there and it not the same without her. I just . . . I can't anymore. I'll see you later." Tempest snapped her fingers and appeared in her room. Tempest walked over to her closet and swung the door open and stared at her cloths.

"Baby steps Zeph, baby steps—"


Hydra and her brother had left the day before the full moon. They would be transforming at the first light of the full moon. Many people were in their houses, with wolfsbane hanging from their doors. Tempest wok from the first howl of the night. Many came after it. Tempest really hoped that all the enchantments would hld.

"Is everyone accounted for, besides Hydra, that is?"

"Uh no," muttered Nila. Tempest spun to face her.

"What do you mean no?"

"Maddox went home, to his parents and little sister. He said he got an urgent owl from the," said Void.

"Why didn't he tell me," asked Tempest confused.

Nila shrugged. "I don't know—"

"White wolves!" someone screamed. Tempest head spun again, she winced as she cracked her neck. There were no such things as white werewolves, unless Merwick was involved.

"I knew it, that bastard." Tempest went up to the towers were both Stella and Selene were taking watch. She saw then and indeed they had gold eyes and looked more like wolves than they did were wolves.

"That damn—" A scream cut her off and Tempest widened. She heightened her hearing as the scream echoed again but cut off. Sweet familiar blood flowed through the air.

"Oh god—" Tempest ran and wasted no time. She jumped from roof to roof easily until she reached the forest. She followed the scent of blood that became mingled with another. She heard the faint heartbeat that continued to grow weaker still. She hurried on quickly until she reached the bodies. One was a white wolf with a sword protruding through him, the other was Maddox.


"Shh, don't speak, you've lost a lot of blood." She waved her hand over his wounds and used a healing spell as she then went to free his blade he had named after his sister. Tempest sheathed it and wiped her cousins face. Most of his blood returned to him, sadly tainted and mixed with that of wolves.

"Maddox, we have—"

"Trap Tempy, a trap—" He passes out and Tempest stood up at the surrounding wolves. Entia walked up between them and gave her that wicked smile she always carried on her angelic face.

"And a beautiful trap at that. It is simply brilliant that Merwick is a Mystic of Magic. So many endless possibilities."

"Damn you all you hell," snarled Tempest. Entia laughed, throwing her head back.

"No before you darling. Attack!"

Tempest dodged two as she ducked, puling out her sword. She killed a few more and grabbed her cousins hand, vanishing into the air. She blew into the palace and They all stared at her.

"He fell into a trap, the wolves got him."


Tempest stood by her cousins side as her aunt yelled and screamed at her. She ignored her and gave Silvia a reassuring smile as the girl hugged her brothers neck. Her aunt screamed louder.

"How could you let this happen!"

"Had I known I would not have."

"He's a werewolf now!"

"That doesn't change who is is aunt. He is still Maddox Perth, he is still your son!"

"Oh I'm very mush aware but you shouldn't have let this happen."

"I can't always see into the future and besides you should have kept your owl under better locks!"

"You wretched little girl! So like your mother! I don't see how my brother could have ever loved her! And bred you nonetheless! You've been nothing but a burden to this family!" She grabbed Tempest by the wrist and pulled her away from Maddox. Tempest pulled away effortlessly then slapped and shoved her aunt into the wall.

"I deserve respect you pureblooded arrogant witch and I will get it. Now get out of my house."

"This isn't your house, this is King Arthurs," said her aunt smugly.

"Yes and I am his descendant thereby making it mine, now get out!" Her aunts breathing was erratic, her chest rose high into the air.

"Fine, Silvia, Ronan, lets go."

"No," said Silvia. "I'm not leaving him. Zephyr is right mom, I'm not going to leave until I know he's okay." She wrapped her arms tighter around him.

"I'm going to stay to," said Ronan taking a seat. "Go to Jasons, you should leave." He turned his back to her and Tempest went back to Maddox's side. She heard the door slam.

"You must forgive her Zeph," said her uncle. "She loves you but all this death . . . she's not strong like the rest of us, she can't handle it."

"Yeah, I know." Tempest closed her eyes and curled next to Maddox, opposite Silvia. She woke to banging on the door and swarms of wizards.

"What the bloody hell!" she said standing up. A young blonde girl approached her and Tempest stared at her, she knew her.

"Hello Tempest Artemisa Nyx, you and your friends are hereby under arrest for being in league with the Dark Lord, the murder of muggles as well as the murder of my father." Two wizards pointed their wands at her while another took her swore and wand. The girl was the daughter of the former Minister and Tempest noticed the slight tip of her canines as well as the gold glint in her eyes. Tempest allowed herself to be arrested.

The ring glowed bright green as the earth beneath trembled a bit. Branches sprouted forward and wove around each other as thick leaves sprouted and grew, thickening the wall. They grew so tall and thick that nothing could get through. Tempest marvelled at the distance.

Chapter 3: Golden Eyes
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Without her sword, she was at their mercy. The air was cold and damp. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes dirty. The Minister had left her with nothing but her clothes that were becoming ragged. The Dementors were weakening her. She hugged herself, as the tears came again. Three days . . . three days of reliving her most painful memories. Her fathers death, Vivaldi's death, Morganna's death, Gorx's death and that of the Mystics. All the deaths in her life, all her painful memories. She wanted to escape, but she didn't have the strength. Footsteps echoed down the hall and the Dementors left giving her a moment of peace. Her door opened and in stepped two men.

Nila and Void helped her up. Then suddenly gold magical chains wrapped around their wrists. Tempest stood at the forefront.

"Attention! You Young Tempest Artemisa Nyx, known amongst your friends as "Zephyr" are hereby charged in being in league with the Dark Lord who perished four months ago. How do you plead?" asked the former Prime Ministers daughter.

Tempest looked up and met her golden eyes. "Guilty."

"Death Eaters we apprehended said that you are responsible for the murder of muggles just two years ago. How do you plead?"

"Guilty," said Tempest through gritted teeth.

"And now, people say it is you who murdered the former prime minister, my father. How do you plead?"

"Guilty." Tempest hoped that Harry would hurry up and present the damn evidence she had given him. This was something she had luckily foreseen.

"Well then, I hereby have no other choice than to—"

"Wait," said a voice as the door opened. Tempest turned her head and watched as Harry walked through the door.

"What is the meaning of this!"

"I am Harry Potter and I have proof that Tempest Artemisa Nyx was cleared by your father."

"Excuse me?"

Harry stepped forth and held the letter and vial of the memories. "Here are his final memories as well as a note he wrote pardoning Miss Nyx and her friends."

"Someone grab those and verify the authenticity of these now," muttered the new Prime Minister through gritted teeth.

"Zephyr," muttered Nila.


"Have you noticed her?"

"Yes I have. How did she get wind of this?"

"Probably Entia," said Void. "After last year it's clear—"

"Hush Void, she can her you, they boh can," Tempest stared at the new prime ministers smile. Her light blue eyes were outlined in gold, something nobody cared to notice and her sinister smile held within it fangs. So now the bastard had three little witches, all with good reasons to hate her. Her smile vanished with the announcement that everything was authentic.


"It's all real Janessa. Your father pardoned her and her friends. By arresting her we—"

"Shut up! I know already, I know the damn rules." She growled and pulled her blond curly hair out of her face. "Very well then, your records, all of your records are expunged. Case dismissed." She banged her gable and stalked from the room. A wizard came by and held out his wand.

"Don't bother," said Tempest waving her hands and thus making the chains vanish. "I could have escaped at any moment." Tempest turned to leave catching sight of Astrea by the door. Potter stepped up next to her as they walked out of the room.

"Took you bloody long enough."

"Sorry, but they wouldn't let me present any evidence before the hearing."

"What about my sword and wand?"

"They'll be returned to you soon."

"They better, school starts in two days."

They all walked put an Tempest headed to the floo powder transportation hall.

"Zephyr!" Tempest spun around and stared at the coming Astrea.

"Who's she?" asked Harry.

"She's Astrea Sanguina."

"A friend?"


"What do you mean."

"You ask far too many questions Potter and lets discuss this when she's not within earshot."


"She's a vampire," said Void. Tempest smiled at him.

"What do you want Astrea?" asked Tempest when Astrea finally got to her. Astrea offered her a sweet false smile.

"I was just wondering something?"

"Stop playing coy, it doesn't suit you."

"All right then. How does it feel to one again beat justice."

"Go to hell," said Tempest turning away

"Not before you darling Young Tempest." Tempest stopped in her tracks and stared back at her. Tempest soon saw the faint trace of gold in her eyes. Astrea smiled and twirled around to walk off. In the distance she met up with Janessa.

"Zeph," said Nila offering her a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I really hate Merwick."


Tempest shoved her clothes into her suitcase. She had been imprisoned for three days and in those tree days she had to relive all of her worst nightmares, all those deaths. A knock came at the door. She was in no mood.

"Go away, I don't wish to talk, I'm busy." The door opened anyway and she was about to scream and shout until she caught the scent of who it was. Tempest turned around and stared at the kind and gentle smile of Narcissa Malfoy, her god mother and all that remained of both of her mothers.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Hi Cissa. I'm guessing you heard?" Narcissa nodded and went to over to give her a hug as she slumped onto the bed. She held her lightly.

"My poor girl, how are you now? Have you at least, gotten a decent rest?"

Tempest shook her head. "No. I got back a few hours ago. I've just packed and that's about it."

Narcissa shook her head and smiled at her sadly. "That will not do at all. Go get into bed this instant. I'll tuck you in and cast a spell so that you are only graced with sweet dreams this night."


"No another word. What kind of a god mother would I be if I didn't make sure that you got at least some sleep." Tempest laid down and did as she was told. She wasn't eighteen just yet, not for another few hours, which meant that she could still be told what to do.

Tempest took solace in the warm cozy bed and sheets. She felt like a little girl again, as Narcissa made sure that the blankets tucked her in tightly and waved her wand over Tempest head. Tempest feel into a deep sleep, happily with Narcissa by her head humming softly.


Tempest woke the next morning refreshed. Draco wasn't next to her and by the door all three suitcases were neatly stacked. She knew everyone was downstairs making last minute decorations. It was her birthday, she was finally eighteen. Tempest reached to the side of her end for her three daily vials and drank each before she got dressed. Next she drank up the up the pouch of defrosting blood on her bedside. She knew that both Nila and Void had done something to get the blood she just didn't know what and didn't ask.

Tempest got up and went to the closet. Her eyes stopped at the dress in the back perfectly taken care of. The Yule Ball had been both a brilliant and terrfying night for her. Tempest sighed to herself and grabbed a plain dark blue tank and ger regular black jeans.

As she made her way down the stairs, she head the rushing of feet and people whispering they knew she was awake. Tempest smiled and gave them a few more seconds before she opened the door.

"Happy Birthday!" yelled all her friends. Tempest smiled and walked into the hugs awaiting her. The last person to give her a hug had been Maddox who strange enough was wearing sunglasses.

"Maddox, are you okay?"

He gave her a warm smile and hugged her. "Just enjoy your party." He led her to the cake and Narcissa lit the candles. Tempest stared into the flames and looked around at all her friends before she made her wish. All she wanted was to be mortal again, to live alongside her friends.

Although Maddox had told her not to worry she still did. She wanted to know what was wrong with her cousin.

"Maddox what's wrong?"

"Not now Zeph," he said trying to push past her. Tempest easily help him back.

"No, now. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"So why are you acting so weird?"

Maddox sighed and pulled her into the empty kitchen. "Those werewolves were different, they were Merwicks right?"


"Well, it gave off a few unforeseeable side effects."

"Like what?"

"Like this." Maddox took off his glasses and Tempest gasped as she stumbled back. She couldn't believe what she saw.

"Maddox you have gold in your eyes." He nodded and put his glasses back on.

"I was going to tell you afterwards but—"

"But I persisted." Tempest cupped his face and this time she held him tightly. What have I done, she asked herself.

"Tempest Artemisa Nyx, your hearing is about to start. Come with us now. Your trial will take place with your friends. They refuse to say a word without seeing you. Grab her." They grabbed her and dragged her out of her cell in Azcaban. One cast apparatus and they each dragged her through. She appeared and saw shoved to the ground.

Chapter 4: Tricks & Treats
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Tempest led the way to platform 13 2/3. Harry hadn't expected this and Tempest took pleasure that he was about to his polar opposite. As they approached it was her who went through first followed closely by her cousin and Draco. Harry, Hermione and Ron followed them followed by Nila, Void and the rest.

"Come on lets get on the damn train already." As she made her way, she noticed that everyone was staring both at her and whispered on about Harry Potter. Everyone was a pureblood, and most supported the Dark Lord but they she was far more powerful and one thing was consistent for them all: choose the winning side betray and destroy.

"Congratulations on your betrayal Zeph," muttered some students as they past her by. Tempest thanked them as she end of the hell cabin filled with her 'entourage'.

"Okay Potter stay here. Just because your Harry Potter and with me doesn't mean you're be safe among all these darlings. Nila, Chad and Zoltron make sure that all behave." Tempest and Void put on their prefect badges and left them all to do their rounds.

It was Void who saw him first and pointed him out to Tempest. Tempest gasped ash she saw the forlorn walking blonde who wasn't even trying paying attention as he tried to make his rounds. Tempest ran to him and stared at the sullen figure who looked up at him. Tempest took a step back.

"My god Louis, what happened?"

Louis licked his newly protruding fangs. "She's changed, I sa it before but I didn't want to believe it. I loved her. I know I never said it and that I could sometimes be a bloody jerk but she loved me for it and I loved her in all her arrogance. Heather and Cassandra too, they saw what had become of their friends. We all tried to do something but . . . I broke up with her and Heather and Cassandra choose me over her. She didn't take it well, her eyes flashed gold and she pounced on all of us with Entia and this other girl, a blonde. She said she didn't care what we wanted, that we were hers."

Tempest looked at Void and embraced Louis tightly. He was her friend even though he was a jerk.

"You should go Zephyr, if Astrea sees you things may not go well."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Tempest pulled away and as she turned away Astrea popped up with a familiar arrogant smile on her face. The gold in her eyes followed with the smile that sent chills down her spine.

"Wow Astrea its like you become Merwick," said a voice. They all turned and looked at Nila. Astreas' eyes flared but her smile remained.

"You should watch your tongue. Right darling Young Tempest," she said returning her attention to Tempest who smiled serenely back at her.

"Don't call ,me that Astrea, only Merwick could actually pull it off."

"Oh what, regretting that you beheaded your love?"

"Hardly. He had it coming for his indirect betrayal. But here's news for you Astrea Sanguine, watch that pretty little back of yours." Tempest smiled ad headed back to her cabin where all her friends were crowded. She spread the word for everyone to behave in her trolley. They all did at they were told. Tempest went out the out the window and leapt onto the back of Aidan.

Aidan flew slowly, keeping time with the train. It was as though he were hardly flying at all.

"I can't determine whether she is Merwick or of this is a another ploy."

"It could be both Mistress."

Tempest groaned within her head. "I think that that worried me the most."Tempest sighed and closed her eyes to take a little deserved nap. She could never truly sleep as she flew on the back of Aidan. Tempest remained alert and jerked upright as she caught the scent in the air.

"Do not worry mistress, you've bested him several times over, I know you will continue to. Fear not. Take a nap."

"Yes, okay. I hope you're right Aidan."

"Zephyr!" Tempest heard Nila and Void and saw Stella and Selene jump onto the train. Tempest joined them. Entia stood afar and had Janessa and Charles along with more vampires and humans. She swore.

"Wolves. I hate Merwick." Nila, Zoltron and Void among other joined her. "Aidan take care of Potter and the others. Hello Entia."

"Hello darling, how are you."

"Bloody hell, what, are all of you girls going to do that. Really, none of you can pull it off."

"That maybe true, but that's until the wolves descend." The mean dn women ran and tuned into while wolves that haunted her dreams and memories. They paralysed her and the four wolves charging at her would have pounced had a white wolf not charged and took each of them down. Tempest stared at amazed as those four circled her cousin.

"Damn it to hell." Tempest charged but was meet by both Janessa and Entia who kept her hands full. She saw Selene and Stella and shook her head. She could easily take Janessa and Entia down.

"Seems your cousin has embraced the power."

"You mean this curse! You planned this!"

"We planned to trap you he was just an added bonus," said Janessa

"Hey blondie, shut up," said Tempest blocked her attack.

"You killed my father and you dare—"  Tempest cut her short by tripped her and knocking her off the train.

"Hmm yeah, I dare."

"Always so upfront."

"She's like your polar opposite, how can you stand her," said Tempest blocking another blow. Entia offered her a sadistic smile.

"Yes, I embrace death while she loves life. I have to admit, she is annoying but I'll tolerate anyone who wants you dead." Entia swung again, when a spell struck her and knocked her off the train. Tempest looked gratefully at Potter as She ran to the aid of her cousin. The last wolf standing was hers and she took no time to give it a chance as she swung it off the train All the others left but Tempest caught all the manipulative smiles on all their fleeting faces.

Tempest looked back and her eyes as a very nude Maddox stood before her. Cheeks bright red.

"Clothes don't turn along with me.

"I can see that."

"Well isn't someone very well endowed," said Trixie

"Trixie!" yelled Tempest, Nila and Divina in unison. Trixie blushed and looked away while Void tossed him a cloak.

"Cover up Maddox."

Maddox blushed and put on the cloak and sat down. His eyes were still purple with the little specks of gold throughout his eyes.

"Bloody brilliant aren't you Maddox," said Draco snickering alongside Void.

"Jealous Malfoy," he said snickering back.

Nila and Tempest exchanged worried aggravated glances.

"Enough, don't start. Can everyone leave please. I highly doubt that they are coming back."

"Goodbye Maddox," said Trixie as bot Lillith and Damien pulled her away. Everyone looked at her cousin.

"It would seem that Trixie is very attracted to you."

"Maybe, or just what she saw." He blushed again and leaned against Aidan.

"So you actually used it."

"I wasn't about to let you fight alone Temp. Besides I thought use his gift against him."

"Very clever."

"Yeah, I know. Besides it felt exhilarating." Tempest smiled at him as she turned to head back into the train.


"Yes Mistress, I know."

As they all sat around the table watching the students begin getting sorted Tempest gave Potter and reassuring kick to his shins and gave him a gentle smile.

"What's wrong Potter, scared," mocked Draco.

"Shut it Draco," said Tempest taking hold of his hand.

"Looks like someone is whipped," said Ron. Both Tempest and Nila shot him threatening glances and he quickly shut up.

"We're all whipped when it comes to Zephyr," remarked Void. Nila laughed and Tempest smiled as she shrugged.

"It's true I'm not one to trifle with. Which means Potter, that you're safe just as long as you don't piss me off."

He smiled at her. "Glad to hear it."

"Silence!" yelled Master Vlad. Everyone turned their attention towards Headmistress Majika.

"Hello every faithful children of the dark. I welcome you to another year at the Nightmare Academy and for those new to us, welcome." Tempest saw her look at Harry Potter and his friends. "So that everyone will know, I have bitter news. According to Miss Nyx and from what I've seen first hand, Merwick has gathered a formidable army and although last year he was an ally, he noo longer is. He is still an enemy to Young Tempest and he attacked Camelot and will attack here, of that we are sure. Therefore we welcome Harry Potter and his fellow friends. Don't harm them for it won't be me you have to deal with."

"It'll be me," said Tempest standing up. Everyone looked at her fearfully. All but Astrea who met her gaze evenly. She blew her a kiss and Tempest smiled back unafraid.

Tempest looked back and in the distance with her dragon enhanced sight, she saw the gathering of enemies.began Tempest, her worried voice echoing int her head.

Chapter 5: Proposals
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The end of November was approaching with no incidents, so far. Tempest had equipt Potter and his friends with swords as well as Maddox and Draco. She sat in the library doing her homework for Misfortune telling Class. The assignment was fairly easy for her , considering her gift and curse. Her ears twitched at the slight sound of heels on the ground. Tempest sniffed into the air looking for the coming scent. A slight snarl escaped from her moth as Astrea took a seat next to her, crossing her legs in a too short blue skirt hidden by her cloak.

"Hello precious darling Young Tempest. How are you?" she asked cockling her head delicately close to Tempest.

"Will you ever leave me alone?"

Astrea feigned looking into the air then smiled. "Not until death do we part darling."

"If you keep calling me darling and that will come swiftly."

"Oh I highly doubt that." Astrea laughed and Tempest snarled as she thrust her dagger against Astrea's neck. Her smile did not falter.

"All I need to do is cut you once Astrea Sanguina."

"Then I'll just have Louis make me the antidote."

"He wouldn't."

"Oh but he would, or else I'd kill very, very slowly."

Tempest removed her dagger and stood up speechless, knocking over her chair shocked at the all the hatred and fire with in her green and gold eyes

"What the hell has happened to you? Have they brainwashed you that mush?"

"Now at all, I think very clearly . . . Young Tempest." Astrea smiled and skipped away, her high stiletto heels clicking annoyingly as she floated away. Tempest growled and replaced her dagger before snatching u her books and paper, mumbling her way back to the Slimythings Common Room.

"Snakes Head," she snarled and the dragon flew to the ceiling. She threw her books onto the sofa and stared deeply into the burning fire ignoring Draco, Nila and Void.

"Have I mentioned that I hate Merwick."

"A lot in the recent times," said Nila who was curled up in Void's arms. Draco came and wrapped his arms around her.

"What happened?"

"Astrea is what happened Bloody bitch turned the damn tables on me. I do not appreciate being outsmarted—"

"We know," said Draco, Nila and Void in unison. She shot each of them a look and they all diverted their gazes.

"Anyway, I threatened her with the poison on my dagger, she threatened that she would kill Louis. I hate her."

"I thought you hated Merwick?" said Nila.

"Yeah well I'm not so sure that they are two different people."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Void.

"She means that she thinks that Merwick and Astrea are one n the same," said Maddox coming up from the stairs. Tempest looked at her cousin and nodded.

"That's exactly what I mean."

"But I thought the bodes decayed after a certain time due to the inhabitants of the body," said Draco.

"So we thought but Astrea could let him in, slash herself up, allow him in. With his . . . son of a bitch, I hate Merwick!" Tempest punched into the wall and the stone crumbled. S always Void fixed it up with a wave of his wand.

"Is she always like this during the school year," asked Maddox.

"Yeah," said Nila and Void in unison.

"So I've got an attitude problem, that;'s not new," said Tempest taking a seat on the floor.

"We know said Maddox showing her a charming smile. Tempest thought saw something very wrong about ths smile and it unerringly sent a chill down her spine. Maddox's smile faltered and her stated her at curiously. Tempest smiled at him and offered him a smile. It was probably just the gold, she told herself.

"Zeph are you all right?" asked Nila pulling herself out of Void's arms.

Tempest shook her head. "Yeah, no not really. I really hate Merwick. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have beheaded the bastard."

"It was a lose-lose situation Zeph," began Void. "What the hell were you suppose to do?"

Tempest shrugged. "I still don't know." She gave them all a look and they all returned it back frightened. No one knew what they were going to so, to what was going to happen. Tempest was still having trouble seeing into the future.


"Seriously Potter you can walk around, the other students won't harm you . . . much." Tempest snickered when she finished her statement and Potter gave her a look that mad r her laugh.

"Says you."

"Oh come, they're scared of me. They know that I'll hurt them if not kill them."

"You wouldn't really, would you?" Potter gave her a admonished look and Tempest went to sit down next to him.

"No, I couldn't. I think the only person I've actually killed is Merwick. Several times over." She looked away and out the window and her followed her gaze.

"Did you really behead him?"

"I had to," she said avoiding his gaze. "He wanted me in so many way. Either way, I've put Draco's life in danger and at least this way I know what's going to happen."

"And what is that?"

Tempest finally met his emerald gaze and looked around making sure that no one was around.

"Astrea uses Aurora, Merwicks blade to stab Draco."

"Have you—?"

"No," said Tempest shaking her head. "He shouldn't think that we have so little time together. I won't' make him think that."

"They sat there silent, staring at each other deeply. Tempest remembered when she first saw him. He had been with Hagrid and looked both amazed and frightened over everything. It was all so new to him. It was the same look he had when he first et her.

"What's wrong?"

Tempest smiled at him. "I'm just remembering when I first saw you. I had such a crush on you instantly. Draco teased me about it relentlessly." She laughed/

"When did you first see me?"

"The first time you ever set foot in the Leaky Cauldron." H laughed and Tempest stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"To see Draco, I miss him." Tempest ran from the dormitory and to the place se knew Draco would be. He told her he had something to tell her. Heather and Cassandra both barred her way.

"I take it you're not as friendly as Louis."

"You did this!" yelled Cassandra.

"wrong, Astrea did this to you and both knew she had lost her bloody ,ind."

"She was our best friend! You caused her to go insane!" yelled Heather attempting yo shove her. Tempest growled and shoved her against the wall while kicking a daring Cassandra away. Tempest was sick of people blaming her for things that were out of her control.

"I insist, look in a bloody magical mirror and take a good look at yourselves. I'm not to blame for everything you pair of witches.:"

Tempest walked past them and smelt Astrea. She stood still across the hall and smiled at her before blowing her a kiss. Tempest clenched her fist and eyed the red headed vampire witch with the gold tinted eyes.

"Are you him?" she said as she walked out knowing full well that Astrea was going to hear.

"I'll never tell darling," giggle Astrea. Tempest stopped at the Great Door and took on last look at Astrea who was smiling and playing with her thorn whip.


Tempest made her way to the shrieking shack. The wind blew through her hair and tank top. Her feet went over and crushed the autumn leaves beneath her feet. Tempest relished at the scenery all around her and she stared amazed at the changing and beautiful leaves and suddenly felt as though she had so little time to live. Tempest stopped walking and felt scare. She was immortal, she had all the time in work. SO why did she feel like she had so little time.

"Stop worrying so much Zeph, you've got all the time in the world." Tempest sighed and looked at her watch. She was running late with her meeting with Draco. She swore under her breath mad ran. The sun was setting and being out after dark was a hazard.

"Draco! Come on, we need to get aback to school its not safe! Draco!" She closed the door and played and charm on it. The sun was setting and already she could smell the dogs.

"Tempest up here!"

Tempests sighed and ran to the room. Draco its not—" She stopped short as she stared amazed at the room. Candles lit the room and Draco stood by the window giving her his more arrogantly charming smile.

"Like it?"

"Draco why?"

"Because I love you and have something to ask you."

"Can you please tell me what this about."

Draco walked over rot her and kissed her lightly before going down on one knee. Tempest eyes widened and her heart began to race.

"Tempest I love you. I think I've been in love with you since I met you if that's even possible.


"Shut is Tempest, I'm trying to be romantic here." Tempest laughed and let him take her hand. "Look, I love you, more than anything." He pulled out a ring and placed it on her finger. "Tempest Artemisa Nyx, will you marry me?"

"Oh Draco, you know I love you but, no, I can't." Tempest pulled Draco up and cupped his face. "Not yet Draco. I love you, more than life itself. But remember, I'm a vampire and—"

"I don't' care!" he shouted. "I love you! I want to spend at least sone of my life with you!"

"Draco—" She stopped and stared at him and finally it dawned on her. Her arm fell slank against her side and both fear and anger began to boil up inside her.

"Who told you?"

"It doesn't matter—"

"It matters to me! Who the bloody hell told you?"


"That was not his place."

"No, but this is my life, and until I die—"

"You are not going to die!" Tempest fell onto the bed and covered her face with her hand. "This is why I didn't tell you."

"Yeah, why?"

Tempest looked up at him. "Because I didn't want you to tin that we had so little time together."

"We do—"

"Shut up Draco! No we do! And if you tink that I will not marry yhou1 you aren't going to die, I'm not going to let you."


"Shut it. Draco I will marry you, when you stop believing that we have so little time together. Until then I think you should take your back."

"Keep it Tempest. I'd rather you have it either way."


"Yeah, forget I asked." Draco looked to the window. "Lets get back to the Academy Zeph." Tempest stared at him at the use of her nickname.

"Draco I love you and one day I will marry you when you prove to me that you don't believe we have so little time together."

Draco stared at her and was about to say something when something hit the window. Tempest jerked up and grabbed Draco when Entia crashed through it. Tempest growled and pulled out her sword. Entia pulled out a blade that offered a sinister hum similar to the of Aurora.

"Where's Aurora?"

"With it owner. This here is Gorx. The person you killed."

"Get off it, Merwick killed him."

"Maybe, but you knew he was going to die. You waited until the last—" Entia stropped and her eyes widened. "My, my the precious Tempest si engaged. Won't Merwick be pleased." Tempest froze and her blood chilled.

"Leave Draco alone."

"Oh but Merwick is going to have so much fun with this." Tempest anger took control and she charged at Entia. Entia laughed and got the better of her. She stabbed Tempest and she fell to the ground in pain.

"How pathetic." Entia kicked her again s and Tempest grabbed her side. Tempest watched the light in Entia's eyes glow as she stared at the ring on her hand before she left. Draco ran to her side and carried her ont the bed.

"Tempy, you'll be okay right?"

Tempest winced in pain but ignore dit and clutched to Draco for dear life and cried. Draco said nothing and cluthched her back.

"You can't—"

"Shh, I'll be all right. I know you won't let anything happen to me." They sat there together. Astrea smile flashed before her eyes.

Chapter 6: Immortality
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"Zeph—" began Void. Tempest shut her book and gave Void a deadly look that made Nila laugh and Void take a step back.

"I'm still not talking to you Void Dermot."

"I've apologized everyday for two weeks now. You're my best friend please talk to me." Void got down on his knees and Tempest and Nila laughed as he crawled over to her. Tempest slapped his head and forgave him.

"Bloody hell, you are an idiot."

"Yes, both you and Nila have e made that very clear."

"You made me brake his heart," muttered Tempest as she looked at Draco out from the corner of her eye. He sat with Maddox, Zoltron and Chad, barely looked at her. Her heart ached.

"You know he loves you," said Nila taking her hand.

"I know, but he think we've got so time. I hate that . . . Void,"s she shot him a looked and he looked away. The door opened suddenly and Divina came in dripping wet. Her hair was partly frozen by the weather. Her grey eyes searched for her and suddenly her white hair shook on itself and the ice fell all round her. She made her way to Tempest and stood, her pure white hands on her body.

"We have to talk."

"Its it really that urgently?"

"It's about Merwick's ever growing army. I have discovered something rather . . troublesome."

"She gave Tempest a worried look and in the firelight, her skin glistened. Tempest got up and outside waiting was Edana and Adrian. Both were battered and bruised.

"What the bloody hell?! Exclaimed Tempest taking her little sister in her arms.

"That's what I have to tell you," began Divina. "Wolves aren't the only weapons he's got. He's, informed some muggles, exposed the truth, his version anyway, somehow they are immortal."

"Janessa was there," said Edana. "They are humans who couldn't get hurt and we know we're not suppose to use mags on muggles, so we beat the crap out of the."

"Just you tree?"

Adrian shook his head. "No, Harry and Ron where there. Hermione too. It was all of us against them. Everyone else is in the infirmary." Tempest sighed, leave it to Merwick to use the rules against her.

"What about Lillith, Damien and Trixie?"

"Janessa knocked Lillith and Trixie out and—" Divina exchanged looked with Edana who looked away and buried her head into Adrian's chest.

"What happened Divina?" Tempest said more sternly.

"Janessa stabbed Damien in the shoulder and severely injured Stella. No one is dead but Stella is unconscious as is Damien."

"Vampire are pissing me off."

"And she's a newbie," said Adrian. "She's quick and very light on her feet. And her ability with the blade is . . Astonishing." He leaned against the wall with Edana in his arms. Tempest sighed and sent Divina, Adrian and Edana into the Common Room while she made sure that Potter and the others were okay. She ran quickly arriving on the fourth floor in a matter of minutes. She strolled in and saw them all battered up.

"Hey Zephyr," said Ron who winces as he sat up.

"Hey are you all, all right?"

Harry shook his head. "How exactly do you plan to deal with this? We can't go to the Ministry if she's out to kill you—"

"Who isn't," said Tempest leaning against the wall.

"And they are muggles, technically even the use of magic around them is against the law." He winced and laid back down. Tempest pulled out her wand and snorted as she began to heal his wounds.

"If you hadn't noticed, he's not exactly playing by the rules."

"We should at least," He winced again and Tempest began to laugh.

"Look around Potter, you are t the Nightmare Academy, a school for the Dark Arts, we don't exactly follow the rules."

"Doesn't make you much better."

Tempest gripped his arm. "Wrong. Merwick kills people just because and he's been doing to for centuries. I on the other hand have only ever killed Merwick. Several times over," she finished smiled. Harry stared at her fangs and she rolled her eyes annoyed.

"Don't be so judgmental Potter. I'm a pure blooded Nightmare Academy student, what did you expect." Tempest finished healing him and put her wand away.

"I expected you to be better."

Tempest snorted. "Says the guy who slashed up my boyfriends." Harry looked at her frightened as Tempest licked her fangs.

"How did you—"

"Snape sent me and urgent owl I swear I almost tore you to shreds." She laughed and pat his shoulder. "Relax Potter, I still need you." Tempest left him and went over to Damien and Stella who were both still unconscious, but alive. A tapping came at the window and Tempest looked up and growled along with Serena. Janessa a waved at them and smile.

"Hello Darlings! Come out and play please!"

"To hell with you!" yelled Serena pulling out Veronica.

Janessa giggled and hung upside down like a true old vampire. Her blonde curly hair bounced around her.

"Please come out and play. I have some muggle friends who want to meet you!"

"Have you lost your bloody mind!" yelled Tempest pulling out Excaliber. "Why bring muggles into this!"

"For fun." She laughed again. "Merwick is brilliant isn't he. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned." She laughed and jumped off the frame.

"Bloody bitch," said Tempest. Her shoulder still stung when she thought about Merwick. "Get back."

"Zephyr!" exclaimed Harry.

Tempest shot him a threatening look. "Shut it Potter. She wants to play, I'll play. Protego! Bombarda!" The glass shattered outward and launched herself out of the window lancing gracefully on her feet. Serena followed suit and they both stood side to side. Janessa smiled at them and trailed her golden locks.

"My, my, quite violent aren't you."

"Only when it comes to people who hate me."

Janessa rolled her eyes and leaned against a tree. "You haven't met the newbie's have you. They are part of my . . . calvary I guess you could call it. Muggles, isn't it brilliant." She clapped her hands and from the forest came Muggles. Tempest caught one last look at Janessa as she skipped away.


"Don't tell Potter, but if you have to, kill them."

Serena smiled sadly. "Very well. We can't exactly count on the Ministry can we."

"They'd believe—" Tempest kicked away Muggle and a force of fire surrounded them.

"Will fire protect us?"

Serena shrugged. "Don't know, haven;'t really tested it. It should, their humans, not vampires, and even we don't' do to well in fires."

"We're running out of options. We can't arrest them. His little 'angles' will save them. Can we harm them?"

Serena smile. "By my standards they're still mortal which means we can still kill the."

"Tempest licked her fangs. "We can."

"So kill?"

"Yeah, but test the fire first. Now!" The fire flung outwards and the muggas fell to the ground in agony. Their wounds didn't heal, but they did not stay down. Someone charged at her, and Tempest quickly cut them both down with a quick and easy swing of her blade. They would die from blood loss if not from her poison first.

Serena was being a true vampire, lunging and killing anyone who got in her path. Tempest wondered what was going to happen to them. Janessa herself couldn't file any charges, she had been compromised.

"Question, how the bloody hell does the Ministry not know about this," she said snapping a neck.

"They're still to busy with all the Voldemort Chaos. Besides, she's manipulating the system." Tempest cut down another muggle and her fangs protruded through with the smell of blood. HE'S looked around, only three muggles remained, three who stared at both her and Serena in fear and anger,

"You will pay for this Tempest Artemisa Nyx," said a Muggle with auburn hair and bright blue eyes. She ran off followed by the two men. Tempest sheathed her swore d and looked looed at Serena.

"Burn the bodies, I'm going after them." Tempest ran, surpassing th smuggle and sniffed out the pretty childlike blonde who could give Nila a run for her money.

Janessa stood yawning as though she's were waiting for her.

"Took you long enough, I was beginning to o think that maybe you were too busy feasting." Janessa laughed, her fangs glistening, her head was arched back and he blonde curls bounced in the wind.

Tempest mildly took a step forward, her foot crushing the dead brown leaves beneath her feet against the cold hard ground.

"We killed them yes, but Serena did the feasting. We left three alone, enough blood was spilt."

Janessa snorted. "Says the girls who takes lives."

I take lives that end to be taken," growled Tempest.

"Like those Muggles!"

"They were not innocent. They were murdered and rapist. They were muggles without a conscious."

"Hmm. You make a valid point but—" She stopped and her eye widened, the golden ringlet in her eyes dilating. "Well it would seem my orders have changed. Au revoir Young Tempest." Janessa waved and ran off. Tempest stood there and watched her vanish. She turned back to the school until she head her name whispered in the wind.

The voice was male and she knew who it belonged to. Her hair blew around her, cutting into her face, slashing her outside to reflect the pain that burned within.

Chapter 7: Vampires
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Void clicked his tongue ring against his teeth and fingered his blue tipped hair. Tempest braided the purple section of her hair and watched as Nila twirled her finger over her nose ring. Tempest touched her belly ring and snuggled deeper into Draco's arms. She looked at Maddox who was staring at the crescent moon. His hair blew in the icy air ad Tempest wondered if he was cold.

The snow that fell glistened in the strong moonlight. Merwick had yet to reveal himself although she had the strong suspicious that it was Astrea. Maddox turned to her and looked at her and Tempest noticed that a portion if his hair was beginning to slowly turn white and while violet eyes with had the gold freckles within them. He gave her a look that Tempest knew too well./

"Hey, I'll be right back okay." Draco nodded and Tempest stood up and headed over to Maddox, lightly touching his shoulder. "Hey are you all right?"

"Can we talk."

"We are—"

"Alone," he said shooting her an annoyed look. He looked both upset and angry with her and the shocked Tempest.

"Yeah, okay, follow me." Tempest grabbed her prefect badge as she made her way out. Tempest and Maddox walked along and silent to the Astronomy Tower. She opened up her wind to Aidan.

"Something is wrong Mistress."

"I know. Will you be at the tower?"

"Of course. Mistress something is very wrong. I can sense it."

"As can I. I should not have chopped

"You weren't given much of a choice. As a vampire he would have hunted Draco down. At least as long as Astrea is him, you are a step ahead of him."


"Hey, are you all right?" asked Maddox helping her up. The gold freckles in his eyes shone brightly against his violet eyes.

"Uh, yeah, I daze out when I talk to Aidan."

"So I've noticed."

"Yeah. Aidan get Harry . . . now. Something is very wrong."That feeling again?"Tempest headed up the soft glowing blue stairs and opened the top door and stepped out. Aidan was waiting for her. She smiled and made her way there.



"Hey there Aidan, is Potter on his way?" Aidan bent his head down and blinked his heavy eyes twice while she stroked his head. Maddox stood next to her and stared off into the distance.

"So are you going to marry Draco?"

Tempest was taken back by th e question.

"I haven't decided yet. I mean Yeah I wan tot but not if he thinks we have so little time together. I mean Blake—"

"Ah yes, Blake, that reminds me, have you looked at your Prophecy?" He gave her a sly side long smile.

"No, and I don't' plan to. Knowing the future is back enough, knowing what fate has in store is a totally different matter."

"Hmm, fate is a fickle thing."

"Yeah, sure it is. Anyway is Draco's proposal the only thing you wanted to talk about?"

"No, its not. When I was bitten, I don't know, I feel a little different. Its weird and confusing."


"Shh, I know.

"Zephyr, there's just something I've gotta—"

"Maddox," she said stalling. "You know I love you right? I mean you;'re my cousin, and you're my dearest and oldest friend."

Maddox looked way and sighed. "Yeah, I know." The door of the stairwell opened and Potter stepped onto the tower floor looked a bit confused. Tempest smiled relieved.

"Hello Harry, how are you?"

"Uh fine, what's—"

"I'm going to the library, later." Maddox walked away, passing them both by uncharacteristically as Harry made his way to Tempest and she sat down on the ledge and smile.

"So why did you have me come?"

"So that he could leave. Last year I had a disturbing vision."

"You averted it? I thought couldn't change the future."

"What I've learned is that something's can be changed. If not, Nila, Void, Astrea and I would be dead. The future can sometimes be altered Potter, if not all the time." She looked up at the stars and thought of both Gorx and Draco.

"So that was it?"

"Pretty much plus I wanted to check your handle with that blade,"

"Pretty good, Stella says. Ron is a bit clumsy with it but Hermione is far better than I would have thought."

"That's not shocking, the girl is—" Tempest stopped and jumped up gracefully. "I hope you're really good with the blade Potter," she heard the laughter and knew that Nila, Void and the others would be here soon. Tempest stepped back from the ledge, pulling Harry along with er.

"Demenshia if you can hear me, please come here."

"Who's Demenshia?" asked Harry warily pulling out his sword.

"Oh right, um, well she's the daughter of the Mystic of Air and she's a bit demented. Don't worry, she's . . . Nevermind, I can' t really say she's perfectly harmless."

"I'm so glad you think that of me!" exclaimed a voice. Tempest turned and was immediately embraced by a girl in white, Her light brown hair lightly wrapped by a ribbon. "You are a great friend cousin!"

"Yes, yes, I know. Demenshia meet Harry Potter please don't' frighten him."

"Frighten him," said Demenshia pulling away. "Why on earth would I frighten him?"

"Its in your nature Demenshia. Now please bring Verdina, we could really use her help right now."

"Understood. Proper introduction will have to wait Harry. Xenoi appearati!" The wind blew and appearing were a dazed Exodus and Verdina. They looked at Zephyr confused although Verdina had that stern angry look that demeaned her beauty.


"No time pull our your blades and use your damn magic. Don't be fickle, no time." The wind blew and Tempest spun around matching her blade with that of Gorx. Entia was snarling.

"You're quick Zephyr."

"Yeah, I know, what's your point?"

"No point darling." Tempest swiped out. "Incendio!"Steam met between the sword points and Entia snarled. "You know or a supposed Mystic you really are pathetic."


"Why you little—!" She wiped her sword and a shield blew against Entia making her stumble to close to the edge. A look of shock covered her face.

"Huh, guess you do have talent. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest caught the spell at the end of her sword and thrust it back at her. Entia was to slow to dodge and collapsed against the ground. Tempest took advantage of te opportunity and lunged. Entia's eyes widened as Tempest came ouf of nowhere and tackled Entia to the ground. Her head hit the concrete and the stone snapped and cracked beneath the blow. Tempest saw Entia's eye flitter. Tempest stood up and looked around, this was too early she thought.

"Get in a circle now."

"It would be best if we listened to her," said Demenshia pulling out her sw2prd and wand.

"Out the wand away cousin," said Verdina. "I feel you won't need it."

"Protego," said Tempest. A gold dome enveloped them and she knew what was coming. "Aidan, fly high now."Aidan flew high into the aid and Tempest growled as the scent of her enemies grew higher.


"Don't disobey me Aidan, I need you out of harms way and warn Nila and the others to stay behind, tell them to get everyone in the school. Now!"

"Yes Mistress."

"Zephyr, what's going on?" asked Harry.

"Vampires, and not just a few, more like a couple hundred."

"Hod do you plan to stop all of them!"

"I'm thinking, give me a few minutes."

"Young Tempest, we're going to need to use a lot of our power," said Demenshia tightening her hair.

"Yeah that thought crosse my mind. Serena if you can hear me, get up here now."

"You really plan on taking out at least two hundred vampires," remarked Harry.

"Don't have much of a choice do I. Stand back to back with Exodus. I really hope you handle that blade well Potter. Cecile?"Her voice faded and Tempest called out to Aidan.


"Is Serena out of the school?"

"Yes, she's heading your way."

"Good, seal up the school please."

"Already on it."


"Pick up Serena."

"Of course, you should warn her."

"Don't think I have to, just go."

"Hello Janessa."

"Why hello darling Zephyr! You look a bit crowded in that little bubble. Come out and play."

"I'd rather not be torn to bits by your legion."

"Aw, how sad. Oh well, you can't stay in there forever. We'll wait."

"Dawn will come."

Janessa laughed. "Oh im' sure that you will be out of there by dawn. You might be mystic but really darling, when was the last time you fed?" Tempest stiffened. She couldn't' remember. "I thought so. All we have to do is wait."

Tempest snarled. "Demenshia do you know any good spells to take them all out?"

"No, but if you cast a spell I'm sure that Verdina and I could help enhance it."

"Good. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest sent the spell through with a wave of her sword and struggled to stay on her feet as she watched it ripped through the crowd. Holding one spell and casting another was draining her. At least hopefully she could kill many as she could.

The wind shifted and she could fee; the heat. Demenshia must have felt it too for her face brightened up.

"I feel Veronica's warmth. Should I spread it?"

Tempest smiled. "Yes please."

Janessa's bright young smile vanished. "What's going on?"

"I really hope you drink my potions darling." She heard the roar of Aidan and turned to stare. Serena sat on his back and with her sword held high, blazing.

"Ph hell," muttered Janessa.

"Yes darling," said Tempest smiling.

"Oh bloody heel." Janessa stumbled back and Tempest sheathed Excaliber and grabbed both Verdina and Demenshia's hands.

"Protego," they all muttered in unison. The gold shield over them glowed brighter.

"Spread the fire Demenshia."

"Would be my pleasure." The wind spread the fires coming from both Serena and Aidan and the fire enveloped at least a hundred. The screams echoes through the air, vampires collapsed into heaps of ash and blew away withe th strong wind conjured by Demenshia. The wind though did not drown out the screams all around her. Only Janessa stood untouched by the fires a horrified expression over her delicate face,

"Janessa!" The voice belonged to Entia. Janessa quickly shook her head and to through the fire of burning bodies. Not one did she look back at Tempest through the flames.

Hours passed, but she kept up the shield until the flames finally began to die down with the rising of the sun. Tempest wished she hadn't seen so much death, she wished she couldn't smell the lingering scent of burnt flesh in the air.

"That was unpleasant," said Verdina, as it began to rain, releasing Tempest hand. Tempest nearly stumbled as she fully released the spell.. Demenshia looked at her sadly as she helped her stand. Tempest turned and looked at Verdina thankfully.

"Well they were warned," said Demenshia dusting ash of an exhausted Harry. He was not knew to the sight of death.

"That doesn't excuse the unpleasantness of the situation." Tempest rubbed her face and sat down on the ash covered ground. "This shouldn't have happened. This much death . . There's enough death, enough has been caused."

"Zephyr," said Serena helping her stand once again.

"No, no, just leave me alone." Tempest shoved her away and continued to sit on what was once a living thing.

"Death comes and goes Young Tempest," began Demenshia. "It is a part living." Tempest looked at her and held her breath. Her eyes were white.

Aidan roared and flew off and the first wave came and surrounded them. They all growled and parted for a single girl. Janessa came and smiled at her and waved her hand to present the vicious vampire.
Maddox why didn't you mention any of this before." Suddenly she remembered her vison. Maddox turned his head and Tempest took a step back. Potter hurry up, she thought.
his head off."Something about that statement bothered her. Was Astrea really Merwick? Her thoughts were interrupted when she tripped up the stairs.

Chapter 8: Mermaid Music
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Nothing had happened in weeks. Merwick was probably taking the loss of so many vampires resentfully. Probably most likely was. Tempest relished on that thought until a snowball hit her in the head. It came from her sister who was sticking her tongue out at her. Tempest was glad to see her little smile again.

"Does that count as a point?" asked Ron.

"No," said Zoltron. He was the referee for this game. Teammates are allowed to hit fellow teammates just as long as it is to wake them from their daydreaming." He winked at Tempest.

"Oh shut it, the Academy is still ahead by three points, lets get going." Tempest ran and ducked behind her teams barricade.

"Get you head in the game Zeph," said Edana forming another snowball.

"Sorry if I relish a bit in the enjoyment darling." Tempest peaked above the arcade and narrowly avoided the snowballs thrown from non other that Draco. She caught his arrogant smile and signalled for her teammates to fire. She knew that the others were ready. Snowballs flew through the air and three hits were made. Zoltron called time and announced the winner. Tempest team had won.

"Big cheats," said Ron smiling.

"We are not Ronald Weasly!" exclaimed Nila as she snuggled into Voids arms.

"You have a vampire on your team, that's an unfair advantage."

"Oh fine, next time I'll refer," aid Tempest making her What towards Draco who wrapped his arms around her.

"Sore losers," muttered Void. Nila smacked his head and offered Ron a smile. The bell rung and Tempest looked at the sky. The sun was setting.

"Time to go in." Everyone exchanged looks and headed in. Even though nothing had happened for weeks, no one decided to test their luck.

Tempest yawned as she sat by the fire, curled up against Draco. Tempest still had to figure out how mere mortals were becoming immortal and still remained human.

"Stop it Zeph," said Nila kicking her. Nila always knew what she was thinking.

"Can't help it Nila."

"You'll figure things out in time Zeph," said Void sharing a look with Draco.

Tempest snorted. "Says you. If you hadn't noticed things aren't really going our way. Life at this pint should be tread on carefully. Merwick is probably watching me, as usual."

"How often does he watch you?" asked Maddox.

Tempest shrugged. "A lot actually, he hasn't been in my dreams so I tale that as a good sign."

"What if it isn't," said Maddox looking her curiously. "What if he's that cocky? What if—"

"I know Maddox, I know, but worries me too."

"Hey, there is a bright side," said Nila. Everyone turned and looked at her as though she were crazy. "He's always cocky and in the end he always fails.

"Hmm, now would you look at that, she's right," remarked Void. Nila punched him in his knee and he groaned in pain.

"Don't be s smart ass ;love."

"Ugh, god Nila, was that really called for?"

"Void, just shut up already," said Temps. She looked back at Maddox who continued to stare at her very worried.


Tempest lay in the snow alone. She'd been sitting there for hours now, since the sun came up and wanted to think, she wanted to be alone. The snow covered her long black her and all that remained was the few inches that remained near her scalp. Snowflakes were caught on her long thick black eyelashes and she blinked them away. HS really did wonder what Merwick was playing at, what his plans were. Again sh wondered if beheading him had been the best move. It hadn't mattered what she did though,, no matter what she would have lost in the end. Maybe not the battle but something dear to her heart. Tempest sat up pulling her hair from the snow, it was wrapped in. She couldn't concentrate on anything. She was more worried about Draco and Maddox that nothing else mattered. But then again, everything mattered because their loves were intertwined someway to Merwick. Her dreams tented to revolve around them nowadays.

"Zephyr!" Tempest looked up and saw Divina running toward her. Tempest stood up and dusted herself off. She did not like the look that was on her pale face.

"Oh god, what happened?"

"You need to come with me, we're going into water." Divina began dragging her along.

"Merwick hasn't been there again has he?"

"No, but I know you've been thinking a lot about those muggle so I figure that it would have to be some seriously old magic so my mother did some digging around for me and we found some pretty interesting stuff."

"You wait till today!"

"Today is when I learned it myself so come on lets go." Divina let go of her and dove into the icy cold water. Tempest shook her head and dove in after.

She loved Avalon and how mysterious it was. You couldn't tell how deep the lake was which made the beauty at the bottom all the more beautiful. It was a sight one couldn't get to see unless you were lucky, like se was, or rather unlucky she thought to herself.

They reached the bottom in no time and even through the darkness of the deep water she could see the lights from the houses and the palace. It was a great sight to behold.

"Stop staring Zephyr, we shouldn't be late to talk to my mother."

"Is Erasmus still here," asked Tempest swimming along. She loved how the bubble charm allowed her to talk, even if a little muffled.

"Of course but he's dome trying to become king. He's more like a constant reminder that if and when I have children, I am so bloody letting them choose who they want to be with."

Tempest laughed. "That sounds like a good plan"

"Divina shrugged. "I want my children to have a good life. No offense, but being around you is quite dangerous."

"Yeah I know." Tempest thought back to her own son Blake. He had seen her like she had seen him. He looked sad and Tempest wondered if something was going to happen that would make her own son look at her through sad tears. What worried her even more was knowing that he was going to go down the black staircase.

"You know Zephyr, I don't mind being your guardian, but I do find one thing annoying."

"And what would that be?"

"I can feel when your depressed."

"You must not get a moments piece huh."

"NO, not really," she laughed. Tempest smiled and shook her head sadly.

"You poor girl."

"Princess here darling, poor princess."

"Oh of course your majesty." Divina swam hastily away with her tail swishing back and forth behind her. She was the picture of the muggle fairy tails about mermaids when the actual mermaids were not so beautiful and she was the descendant of the "abomination" of Morgan le Fey and her experiments.

At the palace, Divina broke through her spell and lowered both her feet to the ground. Tempest followed suit entering in after her. Greeting them both was Erasmus with his usual smug smile. Tempest rolled her eyes.

"How are the two lovely's ever to have lived?"

"We're fine, find your love yet, oh wait, you haven't, how sad," mocked Tempest.

"My, my, an insult from the most pristine Tempest Artemisa Nyx, how magnificent."

"Well I hope your honoured."

"Erasmus, where's my mother?"

He shrugged and ruffled his white hair. "She's around. She's alive so that's really all that matters isn't it? Anyway, she said that she was going to do some last minute reading up on her notes."

"As long as its not to late. You have to stay here and I'll have to go back above," said Tempest looking up at the ceiling.

"You're not going to give me a choice are you?"

"No, not really."

"My darlings," came a voice from above. Both Tempest and Divina looked up at Divina's mother as she swam towards them, her long white hair flowing behind her. Erasmus bowed in her presence and she dismissed him and then embraced both her daughter and Tempest.

"Hello your majesty," said Tempest bowing.

'Don't bow darling," said Lucinda, " you are far to great a figure to bow. No, follow me if you would." She swam away to a room and Tempest followed next to Divina. In the little library type room. Lucinda sat down and began her tale.

"Centuries ago, when my kind was created, Morgan enlisted the help of her Dark Majesty. Morgan not only used the blood of the two beings but she would take a young child, boy or girl as well as a mermaids body. One would always have to be dead and drained of its blood. Morgan would alternate and they used the combined magical blood for future experiments.

"Morgan would combine the two with the help of her dark majesty but the process had been fatal each and overtime until the Lady of the Lake came and gave a helping hand. She told Morgan a tale of magical water that could help in her experiments. Morgan searched for months and then returned with magic that even the queens themselves thought were mythical. Morgan began her experiments in a new way.

"Morgan would make each child drink water of death and then as they ley dying she would cast a spell on their blood and they them in water where they began to bleed out. The water she used though was water of life and gave the two dying children life again but not as they once were. The water of death stripped them of life, and with their blood magically intertwined, the water of life gave it a life of its own within the two bodies. Thus was born the race of the Drowmaid, born in water from the magically imbued blood of wizards ad mermaids that were laid to death."

Tempest and Divina looked at each other.

"Where did the water corm from?" asked Tempest.

"That I do not know."

Tempest bit at her gold and silver nails and stood up. If the mermaids took the water from Morgan then they knew what it was and in the back of her head something was buzzing, something from her past.

"Come on, I have an idea."


They all huddled up at the edge of the Black Lake at Hogwarts that was covered in a layer of ice. Almost everyone stood behind her which she found annoying. She could do this alone but after the Vampire Attack they decided that they should all stay together, just in case. The only people were missing were her brother and sister and their respective partners. At least they thought she could handle this alone.

"It's covered in ice," remarked Harry. Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Do you know nothing about me Potter? Serena if you would."

"Would be my pleasure."

Serena stroked her blade hard against the ice and fire erupted and spread across the ice. Tempest smiled in acknowledgment. The ice was melting quickly and Tempest took off her boots and stepped into the slowly warming water.

"Serena stay up here and keep the water warm. I wand a handful of you to stay here. Demenshia stay up here. Nila and Verdina come with me. The rest of you choose now. Oh and before following me, cast a warmth spell on yourself. Edana you're staying up here whether you like it or not." Tempest ran into the water and floated there waiting for those who were going to follow, she wasn't surprised when she saw Void, Draco and Maddox. She was surprised when she saw Harry. He was stronger than she gave him credit for.

Tempest and Harry swam alongside ahead of each other looking for the Mermaids and trying to avoid the Grindilow. They swam slowly and carefully avoiding the seaweed beds and heading straight to the home of the Mermaids. They all carried tridents and Tempest could see the little movements if the Grindelows and took a deep breath as she swam forward slowly. She waved Divina upfront whose fin shimmered in the dark green water. All the mermaids turned and hissed nd swam quickly surrounding those that were human. Divina looked back at Tempest warily.

"You are the daughter of us and the wizard," said the one mermaid who swam circles around Divina.

"Ye, I am, can you let my friends go?"

The mermaid looked at her confused before thrusting her trident int o the ground. The trident next to Tempest throat vanished and she swam towards Divina.

"Can you tell us of the waters of life and death?" asked Tempest. The mermaid swam around her and her music like voice filled the water.

"The waters of life and death, sisters to each other, and to another. They are the Pools of Life. The Pool of Light grants immortality while the Pools of Darkness takes it away and bring about death. But another one lies, the Pool of Twilight. The pool that returns life taken and takes life that was given. The pool that makes all beings mortal . . . Vampire." Tempest shared a secretive look with Nila and Void and she knew what the buzzing in the back of her head was. She was touched with death as were they.

"Thank you."

"Lave now, one twice touched by darkness, and take the beautiful abomination with you." The Mermaid swam away and Tempest grabbed Divina.

"We have to go now.."

"Why so quickly," asked Maddox.

"Because the Grindelows are coming," answered Harry. Everyone looked behind them at the mass growing bigger.

"Yeah, now." Tempest grabbed Draco and Maddox while Divine grabbed Void and Harry. Nila and Verdina used their magic to tussles behind them to slow down the oncoming attack. It didn't matter what they did, nothing seemed to slow them down.

"Divina get them all on the land I'm going to go help Nila and Verdina stall."


"Not now, just do it." Tempest began to swim away until Draco pulled her back and hugged her tightly.

"In need you to go Draco, I need you to be safe."

"I love you."

"I love you." Tempest pulled way and swam quickly back towards Nila and Verdina... The Grindelows' were getting close.

"We're going to survive right?" asked Nila.

"Yeah, but heavily bruised and injured."

"Just as long as we survive."


"I'd say we're prepared," said Verdina.


Tempest braced herself as she heard the swarm. She knew Nila and Verdina would loose consciousness before her but she had to at least try to hold the Grindelows off. So the did. Nila fought off many and trapped others before Tempest saw her eyes fluttered closed from the beating she got. Verdina had several swirling in whirlpools all around before others swam and caught her off guard while they knocked her unconscious. Tempest was he last one left and as her wounds healed she was able to stay awake longer, but there was just so much she could do. Several Grindilow slashed against her face against her legs, against her torso. Tempest used several spells to keep them back but more kept coming and she too could feel the daze taking over. Her eyelids were heavy, she gave up, but not before searching for her friends. She was happy to know that no one was there.

"Aidan—" Even from afar she could hear him roar. He would save her, she thought, as she fell into darkness,

Chapter 9: Enemies & Allies
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For once Tempest wasn't the one that was stuck in the infirmary. Her wounds had healed quickly once she had gotten some blood in her. For once is was Nila and Verdina who were stuck in bed.

"This is weird," said Nila.

"What?" said Tempest reading the Daily Prophet by her side, her legs up on the bed.

"I'm where you usually are and you're where I usually am. "Its weird being on the other side of the bed frame."

Tempest laughed and nodded. "You're right, this is quite weird."

"Ho are my two favourite ladies said Void as he walked into the Infirmary with breakfast in hand.

"Ah, its you lovely boyfriend and my dearest best friend bearing gifts of food."

"I love food."

"Yeah I know," mocked Tempest sitting up while putting the newspaper down.

"So how is my darling—"

"Oh shove it Void. I think I liked the way you acted before we started dating."

Void smiled. "Yeah, but this is more amusing for me."

"You are a such an ass Void," said Nila as she blushed.

"Yes, I'm bloody brilliant," he smiled and clicked his tongue ring against his teeth.

"Now there's the Void I grew up with," laughed Tempest.

"Like I would ever change. Now how are you feeling blondie," said Void biting into a blueberry muffin.

"Fine thank you," still soar thought."

"Well at least you're still alive."

"Yeah, I almost thought that I wouldn't live."

"Well I knew you would, that we would," said Tempest picking up some bacon, she loved bacon.

"Good," said Void. "How's Verdina."

"She spends all her time sleeping. Exodus knows all those remedies. They don't use magic anymore remember."

"So lots of sleep, I could get used to that," said Void.

"You could get used to anything enforces your lazy arse.:"

"Hey, this lazy arse spends his time studying and doing homework that save your cute little butt."

Nila giggled and Tempest rolled her eyes. "Can you two please not get all gross while I'm around. Thanks that would be great." She gave them each a sly smile and went back o readying her paper.

"Yeah, yeah we'll go easy," said Void.

"Yeah, we promise," said Nila taking a sip of her apple juice.

"Good, now get better, Christmas is in a few days and I've got a pass and I'm leaving to go Christmas shopping."

Tempest got up and gave them each a hug before she left.


Tempest knew that she was going to be followed, that was the reason she brought Harry along with her.

"So what are you getting your lovely girlfriend back at Hogwarts?"

"A necklace, what are you getting Draco," asked Harry as he rifled along.

"Don't really know, I figured I'll give him something sweet. I never know what to get him until the last minute. Its always very difficult to shop for him."

"Why not just—"

"Be mindful of what you say Potter," she said giving him a warning glance as she picked up two silver cufflinks with emeralds embedded.

""Hmm, these are perfect."

"They're still there," muttered Potter under his breath.

"I would assume so. This is my last [resent, pull out your wand Potter. Once we are 'vulnerable' they'll strike."

"No swords."

Tempest sniffed the air as she payed. "They're not vampires, probably wolves since they're here. They'll have wands."

"Well I'd rather face off wolves than vampires."

"So would I. I detest fair fights." She offered him a smile and he laughed.

"Spoken like a true dark witch."

"And proud of it." They walked out of borgin and Burkes and Tempest walked down the alley filled with anticipation, for she knew that three wolves she sniffed earlier were about to pounce. And when they did, she smiled.

"You think you're sneaky but you're not," she taunted.

"Stupefy!" Said Harry knocked one down.

"Protego!" she cast as the other two pounced.


"Simply brilliant Potter."

"I make good use of Defensive spells."

"I know." All three wolves changed into their humans forms. Her face grew hot but she was not going to let then distract her. They were all men.

"Petrificus Totalus!" exclaimed Harry. The one on the far left froze up and fell to the ground.

"Levi corpus!"

"Lashempush!" The one on the far right floated into the air. Both Tempest pointed their wands at the only one left standing.

"Would you like to try something," said Harry rather smugly.

"I hope he doesn't, you may not kill, but I do, in fact I like to torture too," said Tempest smiling.

"You wouldn't," said the minions of Merwick.

"Try me."

"Go ahead then."

Tempest growled and put her wand away. She couldn't risk th spell being traced. "Crucio!"


"Shut it Potter." Tempest finished the cast and stared down at the weak man, who was probably no older than her. "Give precious Merwick a message for me. Tell him that I will bring him down and end this nightmare, no matter the cost and that mercy is not I gift I will continue to give." Tempest turned around, pilling Harry along after her.

"Ow could you?"

"He asked me to and this point, I can't appear to any weaker than I've already let him see."

"That was one of the Unforgivable Curses!"

"I'm aware, which is why I didn't use my wand."

"I've experienced that spell!"

"Yeah well so has Nila and she means more to me than you do. She was thirteen when Adrian, who was seventeen at the time, used it on her," she said facing him. "I know what that spell does Potter," she said distastefully, "don't begin to assume that I don't." She stormed off into the Leaky Cauldron, she needed a drink.

Tempest sat where she always sat, up on the second floor on a table viewing the whole bar. It was seven years ago when she sat here across from Draco who ha ordered both Crabbe and Goyle to sit down, where Void brought her, her Butter Beer and where she flirted with Draco. It was here where she first set eyes on Harry Potter who had entered with Hagrid, not knowing who he was.

"I'm sorry," said Harry, sitting across from her.

"Don't be, not like you knew."

"You've seen a lot of death haven't you."

"Much, almost as much as you."

"Did you know Snape?"

"I love Snape. I got to him too late thought."

"You knew him then."

"Yes, he knew my birth mother, they went to school together." Tempest looked up and noticed that everyone was staring at the both of them. "I hate being stared at."

"We're famous, but I knew how you feel."

"Yeah." The doors blew open and Tempest smelled blood in the air. "Oh bloody hell. Aidan!"

"What's wrong?"

"Blood, vampires, and I highly doubt that they're friendly."

"So what now?"

"We barricade ourselves in and wait for the calvary. Incendio!" She lit the fire place and inscribed a temporary rune over the fire place to keep the fire burning. "How many fire places are there?" She asked the inn keeper.

"That's the main one, each room has one."

Tempest groaned. "That's great. Aidan, are they on their way."
"Okay, Potter stand on the other side of the wall and wait or my signal." Three people arrived with Demenshia wrapped in her magic. They were Zoltron, Hydra and Maddox. Verdina brought her father, Lillith and Damien. Tempest heard the rest running down the stairwell. Nila and Void appeared at her side.

"How many?"

"I don't think they're here for us. Stella do you know them?"

"I don't know them. Serena?"

A smile fell across Serena's face. "They are friends of Veronica's."

"Are you sure?"

"Tempest Artemisa Nyx! We mean no harm. We came to offer out help."

"Guess that answers that. Everyone stay here, if anything happens, don't do a thing, run, especially you Nila, you're not fully recovered yet."

Tempest a deep breath and walked out the door. Before her stood six vampires four men and two women. None of them charged at her.

"Hello Tempest," said the youngest looking female. Her blue eyes glowed as her fangs glistened in the moonlight.

"Don't call me Tempest."

"You tried to save Veronica—"

"And now you've come 'eh? Three years later? What took you so long?"

"We were . . . preoccupied."

"Yes, I an smell it all over you."

"Yes well—"

"It wasn't our fight," said the male. The girl hissed at him. "No, she wants the truth, so I will tell it. We were sad when Veronica passes, but she was not part of our clan so we took no direct responsibility. Whine his day walkers came and took whatever they wanted, inviting our brethren to their clan, we became unnerved and enraged. Only we remain of our pack and there are other like us. Merwick interference is something that can no longer be tolerated, nor is the death of our race."

Tempest ground her teeth together. She couldn't sense a trap but vampires weren't to be completely trusted.

"My name is Zephyr and I will except your help but if you double cross me, any of you, I will kill you without t a second thought."

"We understand. Now allow me to introduce myself. I am Vadim Sanluida and this is my clan." She bowed and her childlike curls bounced up and down as she grinned.

"Yes, they should be there shortly."

Chapter 10: Monistry Falls
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"Do you think the Ministry is ever going to find out that Janessa is more evil than well, us," said Edana as she ate her breakfast.

"You know that's a brilliant question," said Nila, "why hadn't I thought of it?"

"Because you're a blonde Nila, there's just so much you can retain," said Void grinning. Nila pouted and threw an apple at his head.

"Behave you two," said Tempest drinking her usual pint of blood.

"Edana's right," sad Adrian. "I mean your brother and sister-in-law know, Selene and Oliver know, why doesn't anyone else?"

"Because one, Isolde is with child and I'm not putting her through unnecessary danger, even though she puts herself in enough, and two, Janessa is cocky, like the other two she'll give herself up."

"She's right you know," said Chad. Tempest smiled, she was always right. Tempest looked at Draco who was wearing the cufflinks she had bought him. He was still tired even after a good nights rest. She looked over her shoulders towards Astrea. She was there, staring back at her, that familiar gold glint in her eyes and that same stupid smile on her pale porcelain face. Tempest turned around. She had to go

Tempest excused herself form the table and everyone gave her a worried look. She didn't need to look back to know that she was being followed. His scent still aroused her.

"Draco, you should go back and eat breakfast." Tempest continued walking but he caught up to her and grabbed her wrist to spin her around.

"I'm not hungry Temp. We've hardly spoken in so long."

"What do we talk about? How you think we've got so little time together? Draco I love you, I believe that we will have all the time in the world. I want you to believe that too."

"Haw can I Temp? Give me some proof!"

"Proof? You want proof so find, I'm going to give you some proof." Tempest grabbed his hand and led him to the Slimythings common room. Tempest rifled through her stuff searching urgently for the orb. Tempest lifted up the floorboards and tore up the girls dormitory. She knew she put it somewhere, now if only she could remember where. Finally, she snapped her fingers.

"I can be such a blonde. Reparo! Appearati Accio!" She usually cast that charm non verbally, but in her head she had summoned yo the prophecy orb of Blake Phoebus Malfoy, with is label still attached. Tempest really hoped that Draco was ready for this.

"Draco, here," she said tossing it lightly into his hands. "This is the prophecy orb for Blake Phoebus Malfoy . . . Our son."

"H-how can you be so sure?" he said staring down at the orb.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure either, not until I went to Camelot the first time. Somehow there was a rip made by the door that I locked. He saw me and called me mum. He looked just like you, asides form his eyes and hair. He is our son, Blake Phoebus Malfoy."

Draco stood stunned and continued to stare at the orb. She could see the disbelief in his face.

"So this means—"

"That you are not going to die, that you can't."

"This means that I'm going to be a dad."

"That's exactly what that means Draco."

"But why, why does he have an orb?"

Tempest shrugged. "Why does anyone have an orb?"

He nodded but he still didn't look up at her. "This means we have all the time in the world."

"Exactly," she said smiling. Tempest walked over to im an gently took the orb making it vanish as she did most things, before she kissed him.

"Tempest, I love you."

"And I you Draco." He kissed her back and hugged her tightly. "Now I'll marry you." Without a moments notice he spun her in the air and she couldn't help but laugh. He put her down and ran to the common room yelling out the good news for all to hear. Tempest let out a sigh as she smiled and made her way down the stairs. She saw all the guys gather around Draco, all except Maddox who was offering her his familiar warm grin. H e was the first to greet her when she reached the bottom of the stairs. He to embraced her and spun her around.

"Glad to see your yourself again," she said laughing as he put her down.

"I'm just keep you finally said yet. Both of you being bloody insane."

Tempest laughing. I'm aware." All of a sudden through the flames past Harry and straight to Tempest.

"Zephyr we need your help."

"Why what happened? Is everyone okay?"

"No, the Ministry is under attack."


Their feet echoes across the glass floor. She could smell the muggles and the wolves far in the distance. The place was empty and Tempest knew she was walking into a trap.

"You know after Voldemort, you would think that the Ministry would make this more impregnable," said Nila with her wand out.

"You would think."

"I hate walking into a known trap."

Tempest couldn't help but smile, Nila was a fearless as ever. "So do I Nila."

"This is so annoying! Seriously—"

"Hey look at the bright side," said Void as he moused his fingers through his black hair with its ever frequent blue highlights, "we get to use magic on muggles. In my opinion that's simply brilliant."

"I hardly think so," said Hermione.

"Using magic on muggles is prohibited," said Harry and as one Void, Tempest and Nila turned and smiled their arrogant pure blooded grins.

"We attends the Nightmare Academy," began Nila.

"We're pure bloods," continued Void.

"We brake the rules all the time," finished Tempest.

"Do you really think we care," they all said in unison. They turned around and continued on their way.

"You know Zeph," said Divina, "you should get a job ere in the defensive section when this whole thing ends. Maybe then this place wouldn't be a target."

"Yeah maybe, if I live through this."

"Always the pessimist," commented Chad.

"Its part of my character." She gave him a smile and pulled out her wand. They were searing darkness. "Lumos." They crept close together, often stepping on each others toes still no one complained. Tempest followed her nose and led them to the Great Entrance Hall. Janessa's porcelain angelic face smiled proudly on the posters that hung above.

"A bit full of herself ain't she," said Edana.

"I hardly think so," said Janessa's voice from above. "And underage magic is strictly prohibited."

Tempest smiled. "Says the girl who's broken ah, lets see, exposing magic to muggles, has killed oh how many people and who also is trying to kill me, not to mention you're working for Merwick you blonde headed twit, id day underage magic usage is nothing compared to all of those offenses."

Janessa placed her index finger on her chin thoughtfully. "You know, you have a point. But see here's the thing. I. Don't. Care." She jumped down and strolled casually down towards them. "You know once I'm done with you, I think I will make those improvements you all were talking about. This place really is a target for psychopaths."

"You're a psychopath," said Nila bluntly. "How the bloody hell did you even become Minister?"

"The Imperious Curse." She smiled smugly and Tempests smiled at Nila's genious.

"You are an idiot Janessa."

"Ugh enough already. Attack!" Wolves charged and Tempest sheathed Excaliber.


"Levi corpus," cast Nila, Edana and Ron.


"Incendio!" Cast Demenshia trapped a few wolves and muggles.

"Aqua eructo," cast Verdina and Exodus trapping others. She looked over her shoulder and saw Hermione and Maddox back to back petrifying others.

They battles on trapping people here and there. Tempest saw the silver of blades and the flacks of blood. She knew that bloodshed was inevitable but she had hoped against hope that maybe no blood would be spilt. She looked up briefly at Janessa who was watching. Tempest looked around, she was going to end this.

"Oliver, where are the other?"

"They should be here, to on their way. I sent a Patronous message o them."

"Good. Lillith, Damien come over here. Petrificus totalus!" Two wolves stopped in their tracks and she ducked s one charged and threw it against the wall.

"Kinda busy here Zeph," said Lilli who was unleashing her rage on the Merwick Crusaders.

"Nila and Void are ore preoccupied, so get over here, I need a path cleared to get to Janessa."

"In that case, be right there. Avada Kadavra!" Both muggle and wolf fell to the ground dead. She grabbed Damien on her way to Tempest who punched a muggle in the face. Damien and Lillith stepped on either side of her.

'Glad you two could make it."

"What do you need us to do?" asked Damien.

"Clear a path for me, I don't care how."

Little gave each and every wolf and Muggle ahead of her a hungry look. "With pleasure. Incendio!"


"Pertarsu!" exclaimed fishing out the rest. Tempest ran at top speed unleashing Excaliber in her wake as she cared at Janessa. Janessa blocked her but was knocked back with the full force Tempest attacked with.

"Get up you blonde twit."

"You evil with."

"Yeah, well what the bloody hell are you going to do about it Janessa," she snarled. Janessa lunged at her and attacked with a force almost as great as Tempest. Her blonde curls bounced. She lunged with her mouth but Tempest dodged and moved to strike with her burgundy blade but Janessa gingerly avoided. They circled each other until Janessa struck. Tempest held her strength up, she had to defeat her.

"I will kill you Tempest Artemisa Nyx!"

Tempest anger surged. "Don't. Call. Me. That!" Tempest swung harder than she in months and Cut Janessa on her arms. Janessa stumbled back and stared up at her fearfully. Her blade fell from her hands and clattered on the floor. It was the only sound Tempest heard loud and clear. Her shoes clicked against the stone. The voices around her turned distant as she watched and the area around the cut on Janessa's arm not heal and the poison begin to take affect.

"Don't worry precious Janessa, I'll give you the antidote. After you're in Azcaban surrounded by at least a dozen Demetors. Petrificus Totalus!" Janessa froze with her eyes wide open, her fear clear.

Chapter 11: Past Wounds
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The trial was over and had taken longer than it should have. But Tempest was in good spirits. She carried that days issue of the Daily Prophet with her just too look at the picture of Janessa once again being hauled away by official. It made her smile to know that one of three was down for the count and very, very weak.

Tempest ate her lunch staring at the picture until a hand was placed over it.

"Enough cousin,"said Maddox rathe sternly.

"Oh come, I love relishing in my triumph."

"You still have the other two."

"Do you doubt that I'll defeat them?"

"Hardly, I believe that you are going to defeat them easily." He smiled at her ad sat down. "Now, how are your classes going? Are you even able to focus?" he joked.

"I devote thirty percent to school."

He laughed. "And let me guess the other seventy to Merwick."

"Exactly, and you know what I still find time to do my homework and ace my classes."

"Doesn't Void do your homework?"

"On occasion, it's usually Nila's homework he ends up doing most of the time."


"Those two are amusing."

"Yeah, just took them bloody long enough."

"Heh, yeah." Maddox removed his hand from the paper and stared at the picture and smiled slowly. "You truly are brilliant Zephyr."

"I'm aware." They sat there together until they were joined by Edana and Zoltron. Suddenly this was turning into a family moment.

"Hey there sister dear," yawned Edana."

"Vayne are you okay?"

Edana yawned again and waved off her concern. "Lack of sleep don't worry."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, now, how many times have you read that thing?"

Tempest stared out the window in thought and counted on her fingers. "About twelve I guess."

"Bloody hell Zeph, you're insane," said Zoltron.

"We should all know that by now," remarked Maddox wh was reading the article.

"Haven't you read that thing yet?"

"Haven't had the time, been about preoccupied," he said smiling.

"Let me guess Trixie." Maddox didn't bother looking a her but instead continued to smile.

"Incendio," said Zoltron tapping his wand against the newspaper.

"Hey!" exclaimed Maddox and Tempest in unison.

"Oh shut it. I'm the oldest here therefore what I say and do goes first. You've both had enough of that damn thing."

"Hardly," muttered Maddox under his breath. Tempest looked at him as he continued to stare at the ashes, flexing and un-flexing his ha nd nervously. Tempest watched him and then looked up as Edana who was staring at him curiously.

"Zeph, lets take a walk," said Zoltron.

"Yeah, okay." She stood up and Edana waved goodbye while Maddox remained fixated on the ashes. Tempest turned around and caught Astrea's eyes. A little smile played on her face and she waved. Tempest growled deeply in her throat. Zoltron called her down and pulled her along after.

"I hate her."

"I'm aware Zeph, but no reason to get into a fight now Zeph, you'll have plenty of time for that later. Save your strength for the Quidditch match."

"Yeah, that'll be fun."

"Won't it just." She snickered and looked back at Astrea. She was still smiling.


Tempest buckled up her silver and indigo Quidditch uniform before grabbing her Firebolt.

"Woah," said Ron.

"Its just a broom Ron," snickered Tempest.

"The fastest brooms alive and you all have one!"

"We're pureblood, what did you expect."

"Are you the team captain?" asked Harry. Tempest grip tightened on her broom and Void and Nila exchanged worried looks.

"No, Nila is."

"Why aren't you?"

"Because I'm already Head Girl and I had no desire to be the team captain."

"Uh huh."

"Just drop it Potter," said Draco. Tempest looked at him and offered a grateful smile. He looked away.

"We need to get going," said Nila grabbing her broom.

"Yeah," said Void grabbing his bat. Edana grabbed her sisters hand and pulled her along.

"Good luck," called Zoltron and Maddox.

Don't need it," called back Tempest.

"That's out girl," remarked Nila. Tempest smiled, flashing her fangs and positioning herself on her brooms.

'Lets kick some Dufflebag ass." The horn blew and the doors opened and they all flew out.

Tempest got into her position and stared at Astrea who was across the field. Even from a distance she could see the gold around her green catlike eyes. She remembered when she used to play alongside Gorx. She closed her eye sand remembered his smile, his hair blowing in the wind. The whistle blew and Tempest quickly caught sight of the snitch. She blasted past players and was soon side by side with Astrea.

"Isn't this precious Zephyr!"

"Shut your mouth."

"Oh come now, don't you think this is simply wonderful!"

"Kicking your ass would be wonderful. This is juts passing the time."

"If only Gorx—" Tempest punched her in the jaw and stoped flying around. She locked her feet on her broomstick and stood up.

"Don't you dare say his name."

Astrea licked the blood off her lip and followed Tempest. "Isn't Draco a bit jealous. You settled for him."

"I've always loved Draco, I didn't settle."

"Sure you didn't." Tenets flexed her fingers and dove after Astrea wrapping her hands around her neck.

"I could kill you."

"I dare you to . . . Young Tempest." Tempest let go and flew back. "Always so weak. Avada Kadavra!"

"Lashempush! Protego!" A shield fell over the stands. The game stopped and Tempest could hear th whispering alla round her.

"What's wrong darling? You look as thought you've seen a ghost." Astrea laughed and Tempest clenched her fist. She knew what she was about to do get disqualified. She charged at Astrea and grabbed her, dragging her off her broom and driving them both towards te ground. She shoved Astrea's face into the ground again and again but Astrea managed to wring herself out of her grip and kick her in the face knocking her back. Tempest gasped in pain as Astrea dug her knee into Tempest side. Enough, thought Tempest. She used her magic to kick Astrea back.

"Come and get me you red headed bitch." Astrea smiled her charged. Tempest kicked her jaw and wrapped her hair around her hands pulling her back. "Now who's the weak one." Tempest pulled her back and slammed her into a pillar. She placed her other hand on her bent down to her ear. Sectusempra." Astrea flew to the ground and Tempest stood watching the blood flow and relished in Astrea's screams.

"Zephyr!" she heard someone scream. Tempest turned and saw eveyrone running in her direction. She could hear the beating of Aidan's wings.

"Accio firebolt." She jumped on her broom and then onto Aidan's back who arrived just in time.


Tempest was still in her Quidditch uniform as she stood in the pouring rain at the foot of Gorx's grave. It was nightfall and despite everything she couldn't help but wonder if Astrea' was somewhat right.

"I know I don't have to say I'm sorry. You've told me not to, but I am, for everything. I didn't know I had those feelings for Draco . . Well not really anyway. I thought— I don't know what I thought. You know sometimes I don't' blame Entia for hating me so much. I could've kept you alive, ut I didn't, I respected your wishes because I loved you, maybe not as much as Draco, ut I did over you. Not a day goes by that I don't remember how much I loved you." Tempest felt her knees buckle beneath her weight and hit the ground. "I wish I had saved you Gorx."

"You can't save everyone Zephyr," came a voice. Tempest looked up an saw the on person she least expected.


"Hi. Nobody would tell me what was going on, but Edana did tell me where you would most likely be. Zephyr, I know what you're going through."

"You would be the only one."

"What happened? Who was he?"

"His name was Gorx, he was Entia's twin brother . . and my boyfriend. He seemed to be so taken with me and I was with him. I was in my fourth year, it happened while I was the Yule Ball. Draco and I had been fighting and I had gone outside to get some fresh air. It was snowing, Draco started dancing with me. We kissed and kissed and it was ta that moment when Merwick snatched up Gorx." Tempest looked up at him.

"Later on he took Astrea and Void and for months I had kept seeing the future, but I was still trying to cope with being a vampire, I had no idea what I was seeing.

"You know that little piece of green that I always avoid neat the west of the school entrance courtyard, I see something written even through I know there's nothing. Merwick sent me a message. He told me they were running out of time. He had them trapped in a stupid castle in the sky that brought so much death. It was the night of the final task. I was to late. I went up there, I saved Astrea and Void and Nila and myself but not Gorx. I got to hi to late, I ripped Merwick from his throat dn he died in my arms. Not a day goes but that I don't think about him. He's the reason why I'm not the Quidditch captain."

"What do you mean?"

"Gorx was the Slimythings Prefect, Head Boy and Quidditch Captain. Not even three months after his death I was made house Prefect. I was still reeling, still trying to cope with the blame." Tempest looked away. "I'm still trying to cope," she said in a whisper.

"I'm sorry."

"Its okay. I'm never going to get over it. I'm just going to have to cope."

"Zephyr, someone is here with me."


"Me Tempy." Tempest looked up and stared at Draco. She smiled as much as she could.

"He Draco. Nothing is ever allowed to happen to you." She ran into his arms and he lifted her up.

"Don't worry Tempy, I'll be around for the rest of your life. Lets take you home."

Chapter 12: Snake Secrets
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It had been almost two weeks since the Quidditch match and yet overnight she found herself going to that part of the school grounds where Merwick had etched into the ground those fateful words. She could still see them, like she was stuck in the past. She was beginning to think that maybe all her attachments to the past were hindering her sight since it was "gift" that had allowed her to see before. But she couldn't move past it. She still saw the words. Still saw the castle from the scattered ruins she herself took care fo. Maybe her mother was right, maybe she had to accept it as both a gift and a curse rather than just as curse.

""That's not happening anytime soon." She placed her hands down over the ground. She could still feel the warm impressions as thought they were just made.

"They aren't there Zeph," said Nila.

"Yeah I know, but I still see them."

"Zephyr," began Void. "You can't just let your life be defined by the past."

"Hmph, that's easy for you to say." Tempest stood up and looked at the school. She was late for class.

"What class are you skipping?"

"Misfortune telling. Not up for it today."

"At least the flowers are in a pleasant bloom."

Tempest looked up at the grabs in the far distance. "Yeah," he said smiling."

"Well we should as well hide up someplace," said Void.

'We're aware, but technically we're house prefects and can do whatever we please."


"True but lets at least act like Head Boy and Head Girl."

"Acting is far too overrated."

"Says you."

Tempest let out a little laugh. "Yeah, says me." Tempest looked around and saw a glint of gold in the distance. I'm no longer safe she thought as she remembered back seven years ago.

"Zeph," called Nila.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Tempest stuffed her hands into her pockets and followed after her friends.


Tempest stood alone on the Astronomy Tower. The wind blew her hair around her and she wondered how many peaceful days she would get like this. How many days she would get to just stand around with her eyes closed her have not a worry in the world. She hoped that this wouldn't be the only day. She could smell the honeysuckles and the gardenias. Tempest loved Spring and Fall more than anything. A faint smile played on her lips as she took in all the scents that made her calm and happy. Tempest slowly opened her eyes and stared ahead at the setting sun. The mixture of colours made her smile even brighter. For some reason she thought she had so little time a she stared into the twilight. Tempest knew it was silly, she knew she had all the time in the world, but then again, what if something was going to happen to her. Blake looked at her teary eyes.

"Blake— she muttered to herself. She wondered what was going to happen to herself., if anything was going to happen to her.

"You worry too much Mistress."

"I'm are Aidan, but I can't help it, with all I've been through."

"You're sweet Aidan." The wind blew around her ans she closed her eyes once again relishing in the scents and feel of the day She opened her eyes and slipped off her sneakers, opened her arms and let herself fall to the ground. Her smile grew even wider and she turned her body and landed on the wet grass. The last of the suns rays faded beneath the horizon and she was graced by the light of the moon and stars.

Tempest crept around the Forest of light. She remembered every adventure she had here. She was always getting into trouble and braking all the rules, however few, that her school enforced.

"You always were brilliant Zephyr," came a voice. Tempest looked to her side and saw Demenshia. She remembered the first time she ever met the girl. She still had that wild crazed child like look in her eyes.

"Hello Demenshia."

"Has your arrogance subsided? I didn't spook you did I?" Demenshia laughed and leaned against a tree. Tempest laughed as well.

"No Demenshia, you didn't spook me. I heard your feet against the ground and your heart far before I actually smelt you."

"Good, we can't have you getting cocky now."

"No, we can't." Tempest leaned against a tree, and stared off into the daylight.

"You know, I've been spending a lot of time in the muggle society and I've come across a rather unusual saying."

"Uh huh, and what would that be?"

"Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole."

"That is peculiar."

"Isn't it! Well I followed a white rabbit and let me tell you, I couldn't even get my head into the hole."

"Muggle are strange being."

"Aren't they just! Well I did further research and it seems that the saying si derived from a book called Alice in Wonderland. I read the book and it tells the story about a girl who followed a white talking rabbit down a rabbit hole. And then appeared in a whole other world! It seems that the saying implies that once you do a certain think there is no turning back and not you've opened your mind and being to so many amazing possibilities!"

"That's quite amazing Demenshia."

"I thought so. Well, my whole purpose o talking about this is to question you."

"Question me about what?"

"When did you go down the rabbit hole?"

"When I shattered the Crescent of Merlin."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"I guess that would be your rabbit hole. You're my white rabbit did you know? I'm still following you down this crazy rabbit hole." Demenshia laughed and Tempest joined her.

"You're completely mental Demenshia.

"I'm aware."

"Demenshia how many days do you think we'll have like this?"

"Its hard to say. Entia hasn't been here in so very long I fear she many be preparing an attack."

"It would make sense. My only question is when."

"Now that is a very good question." Demenshia began nibbling on her finger. "Zephyr, how are Maddox and Vayne."

"They've both ben acting strange as of late. I worry about both of them."

"Have you still been having those dreams. About your family and the street by your house?"

Tempest nodded. "Its strange. I can hear the voice in my dreams but not when I'm awake. I see his face ut I can never remember it."


"Referring to Merwick, not Astrea, even if they are one in the same."

"Ah, I see." They stood there silent as the wind blew stronger. "Something is among."

"The question is what."


Edana was acting very strange lately. She was keeping to herself. And the green hints in her eyes were frightfully brighter than usual. Also Nila's Sevratis was never around unless Edana was. Tempest was beginning to become more than worried.

Tempest walked along the crystal halls towards the Lady of the Lake. She needed some reassurance.

"Hello Young Tempest. How are you?"

"I need to know if my sister is okay."


"She's been acting strange, the green in her eyes, its brighter, and Nila's Sevratis, I hear them talk when she thinking no one hears he. Is she well protected form possession?"

"Young Tempest, your little sister is protected form possession, that I guarantee you. But she will inherit her gifts as well as a form of yours."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You mother have your father some of her gifts that fateful night. When he fathered Edana it was passed onto er, but not to the degree as with you. And then the death of her father destroyed a vital part of her soul. Young Tempest, I've don't all I can to protect her, whatever happened now is driven by fate."

"I hate fate," muttered Tempest angrily.

"Oh Young—"

"Stop calling me that! My name is Zephyr." Tempest stormed out of there in lightening speed and cast a spell to tae her back to school. As fate would ironically find it, Tempest found herself at the edge of the forest where Idaho and Demenshia were secretly talking. Tempest looked up in search of the outside of the new moon.

"Edna can I talk to you?"

Edana turned and faced Tempest startled. "Zephy—"

"Vayne are you all right?"

Edana shook her head. "No Zeph, I don't—" Edana fell to the ground and her body began to convulse. Tempest ran to her sisters side and tried to shake her sister awake, but to no avail.

"Edana!" Edana's eyes jerked open and the green sparks in her eyes glowed so brightly that they out shown the purple.

"Heshe, seighte het! Heign shiet se hitu! Shi shei et! Het se heit, se hiet, SE HIET!"

"Demenshia, bring Potter her now."

"Of course. Acci Aapparatu!" Potter appeared a bit confused until he heard and saw Edana.

"Harry what si she saying? Demenshia what's happening?"

"She's having a vision Zeph." Potter bent down and took Tempest hands into his. Tempest looked into his emerald eyes.

"Harry, what's she saying?"

"Darkness come sat Dawn. Those dead come for you. Death is coming." Edana stopped chanting and passed out. Tempest knew what the vision mean as she looked at her pale skin covered in Sweat. Entia was coming.

Edana kept repeating the words over and over and Tempest in all her knowledge of magic did not know a spell to translate.
Aida nuzzled his nose against her cheek and she smiled

Chapter 13: Attack at the Academy
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Tempest was dozing off in Poisons class. She was up twenty four hours now, and even a vampire needs some sleep. Tempest planned to sleep at lunch, like she did at breakfast but it just wasn't enough and even blood wasn't enough. Tempest closed her eyes, briefly and before she knew hit, class was over.

"Young Tempest, you fell asleep in my class. No young lady has ever fallen asleep during my lessons."

Tempest yawned.. "Why doesn't that surprise me. Well don't be offended, I haven't been sleeping much."

"And why would that ne?"

"Vayne had a vision. Entia is going to attack at dawn. I keep a lookout." Tempest yawned again.

"Why haven't you told Majika about this?"

"Astrea. She's posses by Merwick."

"I thought any bodies he posses began to deteriorate after some time."

"They did, before he found out that he was a Mystic of Magic, and before he obtained a remnant of the sisters powers. He formed his own body. Add to that Astrea probably handed over her body willingly."

"And why would that be."

"A very long and complicated story Master Vlad." She sighed and yawned again. "With her vampiric hearing I thought it best not to say anything."

"Smart but you realize that the school is at risk don't you. That we have to prepare for a full frontal attack with Merwick very much already within the school halls."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll talk to Majika later today."

"Good. Now in the meantime I'm excusing you from the rets of your classes and I'm ordering you to get some sleep. Understood?"

"Yes Mater Vlad," said Tempest gathering her books.

"Sweet dreams Zephyr."

"I sure as bloody hell hope so." Tempests smiled as she left for bed. Louis stood outside waiting.


"Hey Zeph. I don't blame you, unlike Cassandra and Heather so I'm not hear to get my ass kicked. I'm here to warn you."

"About what?"

"Astrea and Entia. They don't know that you know about the attack they have planned so whatever you do, do at night. On another not, they were both talking to this guy the other night."

Tempest heart quickened. "What guy?"

"I don't know, I didn't recognize his voice. Id ont' know whether or not Astrea is Merwick, she sure is acting like him so I think she is but this guy was making ordered. I don't know what's going on exactly but Merwick is inside these walls Zephyr, so what ever you to, be discrete." Louis walked away with his hands stuffed int his pockets. Tempest pitied him because for all his attitude and dor all his flirtatiousness, she knew that deep down he loved Astrea as much as she loved Draco.

Tempest took a secret passage way back to the Slimythings Dormitory and slowly thought ver everything that had happened over the time. She began to think that maybe she was wrong. But Astrea had to be Merwick, he loved to play around and toy with he in so many way and Entia wasn't acting like Merwick, Janessa hadn't acted like Merwick, it was only Astrea.

Tempest left th passage way and approached the dragon guardian.


"Lashempush." The dragon hisses again and jumped to the ceiling. Tempest entered to see Ron and Maddox playing chess.

"Zeph, what are you doing here?"

"I fell asleep in class and Master Vlad had ordered me to get some sleep, so I'm here to get some sleep. Yay sleep."

Maddox laughed. "Do you really hate sleep that much?"

"That's rhetorical right? I mean bloody hell with those visions and Merwicks invasion, no Maddox, don't be silly, of course I love sleep." Tempest flashed him a smile and headed up the stairs. On her bed was a surprising face.


"Hello Young Tempest."

"Get the bloody hell off my bed."

"Why should I, I find it—"

"Don't play coy with me Charles. And don't begin to think you can act like him, you can't. Now, what are you doing here."

"I want you to warm my sister to not get involved."

"And who would your sister be."

"Celeste. You know the girl that is travelling with Vadim. Tell Vadim I say hi and tell Richard and Vlad that I say hello too."

"Get off my bed you pathetic piece of vampires cum."

"Very well, I came to say what I needed to. Sweet dreams." He ran out the window and Tempest growled as she slumped into bed.


Tempest stormed across the Entrance courtyard towards the school grounds. There were things that people weren't telling her. She saw Vadim and Celeste and the others huddled together deep in conversation. Tempest growled and ran towards the them.

"Is there something you need to tell me?" The first person to look at her was Celeste, then Vlad followed by Vadim as. What perfect order, thought Tempest.

"Zephyr," said Celeste.

"Hello Celeste. Your brother says hi." Tempest flashed her a very arrogant grin and sighed triumphantly at the shook on Celeste face.

"We don't know what your talking about," said Vlad.

"Really? You sure, because Celeste says otherwise. So again, is there something you forgot to tell me."

"That depends, what do you already know?" question Vadim.


"Well I know Charles was part of this clan and that Charles is Celeste brother. Now are there some things you would care to fill in?"

The small clan of vampires all looked at each other and Vadima waved Tempest down.

"We were a much larger clan, until the death of Veronica, that the was beginning. A few months later Merwick came along, half dead pleading for a second chance of life. I granted it to him."

"Do you have any idea what you did! I causes that! For good reason."

"I was unaware—"

"Also this was already his forth chance at life."

"Again I was unaware at what I helped unleash. Now, he left. I was concerned but he said he had to take care of old business. Charles was amazed with him, so taken within he, he want after him."

"He followed him," remarked Celeste."

"Pathetic idiot," said VLad.

'Anyway," said Vadim giving them both a harsh glare, "Merwick told Charles everything. Charles came back and told us. I said no, I was friends with Veronicas' for a millennia and I couldn't become part of what was not my fight. Not everyone felt that way. Charles left and then one by one, they all left and began going into daylight. They started coming for us—"

"They killed their own kin!" exclaimed Celeste. "He—" Celeste fell to the ground and Vlad knelt down to her.

'Charles killed her mate."

"We re all that's left. Zephy and I refuse to die like this, by brainwashed kinsman. I have loved for over a millennia, I will not die in such a degrading way."

"That better be all or I sear I will kill you without a second thought, I don't' care how old you are, I will suck you dry." Tempts turned on her hell and headed to Majika's office. She had as assortment of spells to set up.

Tempest muttered the password and stepped through the glassy barrier and ran up the stone steps with her heightened speed. She was at the top in no time.

"Good evening."

"Ah, Miss Nyx, finally joining is," mocked Mistress Starlet.

"Will your temper ever subside Bianca," mocked Master Vlad.


"Stop bickering like children," scolded Majika. Tempest looked at her and examined her throughly. She looked the same, she looked the same way she had when her mother was fourteen. Not a single grey hair, not a single wrinkle but at the roots Tempest saw a bit of black hair. Majika looked at her and Tempest forced herself to look away.

"Now, what plan do you plan on doing?"

Tempest shrugged and sat down. "I'm not sure, we have to cast some spells that Merwick won't be able to detect, maybe even and anti spell detection spell. NO w that Janessa is in prison they shouldn't be able to expect that."

"Tempest if he's a Mystic, like you, he will bring all the shields down," said Mistress Starlet.

"I know, but this will give us a little time to prepare the students however last minute as well as give me a little time and I doubt they are going to fall for the same dragon and fire trick again not to mention, according to Janessa's trial I wiped out quite a few vampires.

"How many are left?" asked Majika.

"About two hundred. A little over a hundred fled after that day and I highly doubt Merwick would allow his remaining vamps to just go against me like that."

"So how many do you expect will come?" asked Vlad.

Tempest shrugged. "Probably a hundred vamps, maybe less. Hardly any wolves. Many were arrested at the Ministry."

"Great so we're dealing with a bunch of rabid vampires," mocked Starlet.

"Oh hush Bianca," remarked Vlad.

"Don't you two dare start up again," ordered Majika, they both fell silent. "Miss Nyx thank you for this information, go to sleep now, we can handle it form here."

"Very well, if you're sure." Tempest left and took the shortest way to the dungeon. Everyone looked at her in anticipation as she walked through the doorway.

"So?" asked Nila.

'We can all to bed and get some much deserved sleep." Tempest pulled Draco along and went to achieve a good nights sleep.


Tempest heard a clash and her eyes jerked open. Another clash sounded and Tempest flew to the window. There were dozens of vampires out there and Entia was at the head. Tempest swore under her breath and woke everyone up with a loud clad of her hands. Everyone jerked, but they all knew what was going to happen.

"Only a week of good sleep," said Nila, "how sad."

"You love sleep as much as I love food," mocked Void pulling on a pair of pants and grabbing his sword and wand.

"Yeah, its s wonder we're both those hot." Nila giggle and put on her sneakers.

"Not a time for joking you two and we don't have time for you all to take the long What so Cecile if you wouldn't mind." Tempest climbed of the and grabbed a hold of Aidan's tail.

"The barrier is holding,"

"Thankfully. Honestly, I didn't think that it would hold for so long. I figured Merwick would take nit down by now."

"Maybe he's preoccupied."

"Or maybe he's doing this on purpose. You know as well as I do that he doesn't really care about Entia or Janessa. They're expendable."

"Correct, he only cares for you."


"Are we ready for this," asked Nila coming to her side.

"We better be, this is far from the last battle."

"How lucky for us," said Void.

"Is there anyway we could removed at most fifty of them now," said Divina.

Tempest shrugged. "I could try something and it might work but then either way the barrier is going to come down."

"We've got to do something," said Chad. "Entia is smarter than Janessa, they're all probably immune to fire."

"Most likely but at this moment I don't want to shed blood. Most of them will probably flee with Entia's demise, why kill them."

"So what?" asked Edana.

Tempest smiled. "I'm going to see if I can weaken them all and maybe even knock them out."

"How are you going to the?"

"I'm going to tap into the barrier magic and use the killing use and a stun jinx."

"What about the creatures in the forest," exclaimed Hydra.

"Verdina and I can protect them," said Demenshia."

"Better get started then, the barrier is losing strength," remarked Zoltron."Why is Merwick keeping it up," asked Maddox.

"Because he's toying with Entia and me." Tempest thrust Excaliber into the ground and looked at Demenshia and Verdina who did the same with their respective blade. Demenshia and Verdina held their hands open over the hilts of their bales and Tempest felt the moisture in the air grow thick. A droplet fell on Tempest cheek, another on her eye. Another crash sounded and Tempest flinched, fearing that ti would be the last.

"Demenshia work quicker please."

"Patience is a virtue Young Tempest."

"Not right now it snot."

"Oh hush, we're almost done." Demenshia opened her white eyes and Verdina opened her big blue eyes.

"Now Zephyr, quickly," said Verdina.

Tempest nodded. "Hope you're ready Entia. Avada Kedava!" The barrier shot out with e bright green and all the vampires fell to the knees. Theat was one layer down s, now one left. "Rictusempra!" The light shout tout and caused Tempest to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she saw some vampires collapse to the ground but not all.

"Someone get the damn Ministry here now," ordered Tempest pulling her sword free from the ground. She walked over to the edge of the tower. To her dismay, Entia and Charles did not stand among the fallen. Tempest wore under her breath and called over her fellow vampires. Shouted orders to the other to stay close and kill whatever came their way.

Tempest and her fellow vampires landed gracefully on their feet and made their way to the army that was already crumbling. She could see Entia charging at her half dazed. Tempest sighed pitifully and met Entia near the forest. Entia tried to strike, but against Tempest, she was too slow.

"Give up Entia."

"Never! You let Gorx die."

"He asked me to, I wasn't going to be selfish." Tempest easily dodged another swing.

"And what of me? He was my twin brother!"

"You acer only bout yourself. You could learn a thing or two from Luke and Luciana."

"Those two bats know nothing!" Entia dropped her sword to the ground and lunged at Tempest. Tempest caught her wrist and pulled her close, turning her to face her ending.

"Look around Entia. Vampire's unconscious, Charles is dead, many are fleeing and those left standing will be dealt with. The ministry is on its way. Void sent a Patronous. You've lost, he abandoned you."

Entia laughed and Tempest nails dug into her wrist. "You think he abandoned me but he didn't. He's closer to you than you think Zephyr. I hope you burn."

"Not before you. Nocturals Inifinis." Entia fell limp in her arms and Tempest pulled her along. Something she saw made her stop. Stella was on the ground with her eyes so wide. Even from this distance Tempest could see that she was dead, as was Vadima.

Aidan landed on the Astronomy tower with a loud thump and Tempest got off him. The barrier lit up again and the crash sounded once again.
said Aidan.

Chapter 14: The Prophecy
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Vadima's clan burned her on a ceremonial pyre. Stella's clan did the same. The fire made Stella's blue and green hair glow. Vadim's porcelain skin glistened in the fire. The Daily Prophet recorded these reports with one hundred percent accuracy. Stella and Vadim had been by themselves attacked and sucked dry by more vampires than they could handle. Tempest looked at Vlad who was now head of the clan. Serena was now alone except for her older brother and parents. Their family was still a mystery to her.

Tempest stood with Draco and her friends watching the ceremony. By far Tempest liked Stella far more than she ever liked Serena, she always thought things through rather than acting first. Another flash hit the scenes and Temepst looked at the photographers from the Daily Prophet. Tempest snarled in disgust, thinking that they could be far more respectful.

"Calm down Temp," whispered Draco., "they'll be gone soon so that we can all mourn peacefully."

"I know, and I get why they are doing this but I hate it. This is just more death."

"Look at the silver lining, you saved many more, as you usually do love. But as Demenshia says, death is inevitable."

Tempest heart skipped a beat. "Not entirely." Tempest knew that the wasn't the end, she still had Merwick to deal with an then there were her visions to rather visions she was having night after night instead of spread a apart.

"Don't' think about th e future Zeph, focus on the present, where we live, not the future."

"Tempest knew he didn't really believe that as much as he wanted to. He gave himself away when he called her Zeph, that was s dead give away."

Finally the flashes ended and a reporter made their way towards her. Tempest cringed and turned around, she was not going to answer any questions.

"Miss Nyx! Miss Nyx please I need to ask you a few questions!"

"Fine," said Tempest as she continued to walk, "ask way, but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen."

"Look, do you feel responsible for their deaths?"

"Go away."

"You were a part of the conviction against young Miss Janessa? Do you take any blame in her insanity? You did after all murder her father."

"Her mother forgave me as did her father before his death so no, now go away."

"What about Entia? Do you fell responsible—" Tempest spun around and snatched the quill and not bad.

"Now look here you stupid witch, those that died, they knew that was a possibility. So no I do not feel responsible for their deaths. As for Janessa, she was a weak minded pathetic fool. Her mother forgave me and her father understood. Now as for Gorx, not a day goes by that I do not think about him. I loved him and Merwick took him, he took him and toyed with him. I would have saved him, it was within my power but Gorx, with his dying breath asked me to let him die. Not respecting his wish would have been selfish. Now, go away."

Tempest walked away without another word, she passed under the entrance archway and headed back into the school. The one place the reporters were not allowed, thankfully. She hated reporters, more than anything.

Tempest took off her coat and slumped onto her bed and covered her herd with a pillow.

"I think o hate reporters more than Merwick," she muttered to no one in particular.

"And my is that cuz" muttered Maddox sitting next to her feet. Tempest removed the pillow and sat up.

"Because, they are so presumptuous, they think they know everything when they don't. Also they tend to have no feelings of remorse. Its awful and quite disgraceful."

"Just donk about it Zephyr." Maddox looked at her and smiled charmingly. Not once in his life had he ever called her by her nickname. Something was wrong.

"Maddox are you okay?"

"Of course, why would you say otherwise?"

"You called me Zeph, you've never called me Zeph."

"Maddox eyes widen in shock. "I didn't realize . . . I need some rest I guess."

"Maddox has Hydra—"

"Hydra's been helpful, don't worry, I juts need some rest."

Tempest nodded. "If you're sure. You should probably have something to eat first." This was a test, Maddox hated eating before sleeping, food always kept him away. Maddox laughed and ruffled her hair as he stood.

"Just because I'm not acting like myself done's mean anything Tempy, I still hate eating before I take a nap. You know they keep me up or give me nightmares."

Tempest smiled. "I know, but misery loves company." Maddox rolled his eyes and hit her with a pillow.

"Yeah, yeah you misery little one." Maddox walked away, nodding a hello to Draco who walking in wearign his finest black suit.

"Are you feeling better."

"No, not ready. Do you think that reporter will mis construe anything? Maybe I should've threatened her more." Tempest laid back down and Draco laughed.

"I think you threatened her enough Temp."

"Maybe you're right." Tempest kicked off her shoes and took off her weapons. Her thoughts kept lingering to the future. "I need to go for a walk."

"Unprotected? Are you insane? Besides you just took of your shoes."

"As long as Astrea is here I'll ne fine. Don't worry love." Tempest kissed him on the check and snapped her fingers.

Her house was empty, barren. Jason didn't live here, Selene didn't live here and Edana herself didn't even want to live in it. It was empty without their mother. Tempest turned the knob the door was unlocked, it creaked when she opened dit and le t herself in.

The floor boars creaked beneath her feet as she made her way around. She had moved all her stuff except two things. This night would b e the last time she ever come back.

Tempest headed to the living room first. All the pictures were gone and in their place was a layer of dust. Te furniture was gone she could still see them, could still see all the faces that had even been in the room. Serious moments, joyous moments, they all took place here. Tempest closed the door to the room and walked to the kitchen. She cooked so many meals here, shared so many laughs, so many meals. HS looked around at the oak island in the middle of the kitchen. That and the cupboards doors were the only thing that remained.

Tempest closed that door of her life and headed to her mothers basement. Her hand hovered over the silver door knock. This was her mothers and father work space outside of the Ministry. Where they made antidote and poisons and studied the properties of their new discoveries, this was where her mother designed those potions for Tempest. The same potion that Tempest had given to the Ministry in the hopes that there would be some peace.

Tempest finally forced herself to turn the knob and step down into the basement. As of late, this was where she was keeping it locked away. Tempest didn't turn the lights ont, she didn't need to. She knelt down and removed the floorboard to pull out a little black box. Maddox was right, she thought, she was eventually going to look at it.

She sat there, for hours staring at the box. Tempest finally lifted up he lid and stared at the cloudy glossy ball that was her prophecy,

Tempest took a deep breath and pulled the orb form the box. She watched the cloudy mist swirl and a vague face appeared.

"The girl with the power of those that be the greatest wizards in history will be hunted by one of the golden grace, her opposite with the power equal to her. And as the bonds tighten and grow a life she must take of that closest to her heart and curse another while the gift of the twilight lights take what was granted."

Tempest let the orb fall form her fingers as she stared off into the night. The fear tightened around her heart and she stared at her hands that once held the orb.


Chapter 15: The Secret of Seriah Simythings
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Tempest was having a difficult time concentrating in class. Void nudged her and she looked down at her still blank test. Tempest looked at the old grandfather clock and swore. She only had five minutes. Tempest grabbed Void's test and quickly broke through all the anti cheating spells then copied all the answers on Voids. Test. By the time the bell rung, she had already replaced the anti-chatting wards. Noone would ever know.

"Are you okay?" asked Void as they made their way to meet Nila for History of Horrors.

"Am I ever okay?"

"Sometimes, when you've gotten enough time to relax."

"And have I gotten time to relax."

"No, not really, but I know you better than this, something is wrong with you."

"I'm just preoccupied."

Void spun her around and held her firmly. "Its not just that. Dammit Zeph, I'm you r oldest and bets friend. I love you Zeph so whatever happened, you needed to tel me now, what's wrong?"

"Oh Void." Tempest finally met his turquoise eyes. "I looked at my prophecy. I know I shouldn't have but I did. It said I will have to destroy someone close to my heart curse another and I think I might die."

"What about Blake?"

"I don't know."

"Dammit Zeph, why didn't you say anything? Why do you always have to keep things like you can't trust us."

"I didn't want you to sorry."

"How can we not. I mad man is trying to kill you."

Tempest shrugged. "That's not new."

"Which is why we worry. So don't be fickle, you're going tot ell Nila."

"Of course. But please Void, don't say anything to Draco, to I'll start breaking bines in your body."

Void laughed. "There's the fiery little minx I know and love."

"Don't call me little," she said smiling. They started walking again and in the hallway Astrea passed her bye followed by Louis, Heather and Cassandra. That same sly smile was plastered all over her face. Tempest continued walking to class and was grabbed by a not to happy Nila.

"What's wrong with you," joked Tempest.

"I was in class with the tree viscous Duflebaggie girls. They all decided to sit around me. It was completely revolting." Tempest watched Void laugh and kiss Nila lightly on the lips. Her face brightened up and she wrapped her arms around him.

"Bloody hell enough already, can we just get to class." They laughed and suddenly Void picked up Nila.

"So I get to walk on my feet, how nice," joked Tempest.

"Not really, come out Draco," called Nila as she hung over Void's shoulder. Tempest eyes widened and she turned around quick enough to see Draco kiss her. The throbbing on her shoulder didn't bother her anymore. When Draco pulled away she really wished he hadn't and lifted her up and over his shoulder. In that instant she forgot all her worried and laughed.

"Amazing," remarked Nila, "she smiles." Tempest reached out and smacked Nila's blonde head.

"Hey leave my girlfriend alone," said Void. Tempest noticed that Nila still blushed.

"As though that would ever happen. Hey lovely, could you put m down, I small a person most foul."


"Who," asked Draco putting her down, Void followed suit.

"Davyn." Tempest saw Void stiffen and flex his fist. Tempest smiled and they all stopped walking. Davyn paused briefly and only stared at Nila.

"Even I knew," he said.

"Knew what you giant arse."

"That you loved him and only settled for me. Why do you think I cheated? I loved you Nila, but deep down even you knew you were only using me to make him jealous." He readjusted his bag over his shoulder and walked off. Tempest looked over to a very sad looing Nila. Her eyes were cast down, her usually perfect posture slumped and her usual cheerful face was solemn.

"Why don't—" began Void touching her shoulder. Nila pushed him away without looking at him.

"I need to be alone."

"Nila!" called Tempest as Nil awake off.

"No! He's right. Davyn was right and —" Nila stoped short and ran off dropping her bag.

"Always so difficult," remarked Tempest snatching up her bad before she retuned to Draco's side. "Hold onto if for her Void." Tempest tossed him the bag as he entered the classroom.

"Draco can you go and see if you can find Nila." Draco nodded and kissed her goodbye.

As they sat down Void began shuffling thought Nila's bag.

"Are you insane?"

"No, curious," he said pulling out her notebook.

"Void put that back, now. Nila will tell you what's wrong when she's ready."

"I don't get why she cares about Davyn."

"Are you that thick? She dated him for two reasons. One was she liked him and two she knew dating him would piss you off the most. The facts are she feels guilty."


"Because, he had changed. He wasn't a cheater, he's not again, but now he's in a relationship who loves him. No offense to Nila or you, well a little offense, but she didn't bloody deserve him."

"What the bloody hell is that suppose to mean?"

Tempest smiled. "It means everyone saw what you two idiots didn't see. So basically you two do deserve each other, o love you two but you both can be complete morons." She laughed and used her speed to snatch away both Nila's bag and notebook form him and cast a jinx to keep it from Void's sticky secret snatching hands.

"And sometimes I wonder why we're still friends."

"Hey now, don't be mean," said Tempest leaning back in her chair and propping her feet onto the desk.

"You are one arrogant witch." Tempest smiled her ever so confident smile with not a flaw in sight.


Tempest sat in the library doing her homework. Nila was coping the notes from class and biting her bottom lip. Tempest looked at her with her lack of concentration. She barely scratched the surface of her homework. Suddenly Astrea passed her by going from one aisle to another. To Tempest great relief she didn't notice her.

"I—" started Tempest before Void interrupted her.

"Hey look here the last picture ever of Serial Slimythings."

"Void we've—" Tempest stopped herself as she stared at the picture. Never in all her years had she ever wondered the founder looked like, but Seriah had always been a mystery. She had been th head founder as well as the youngest. After Henry left she vanished soon after, not now looking at the picture and the date Tempest knew what had been irking her, something that had been bothering her for many months now.

"Immortals—" Tempest jerked up and shoved her stuff into her bag.

"Zeph!" called Nila.

"Gotta go! Meet you in the Common Room." Tempest ran of and headed to the one place that would solve one mystery out of many.

Tempest stormed though the door and threw her bag to the ground.

"You can change your hair and eye colour, but you can't change who you are Seriah Slimythings." Seriah slipped back her long red hair and stood up.

"Miss Nyx please, not so loud, as for now call me Majika."

"Fine 'Majika', how did you become immortal?"

Seriah sighed and waved the door closed. "Its far too long a story Zephy."

"Too bad. Also why hide, where did you go? Why leave the school—"

"Because Henry left!" screeched Seriah, her breathing heavy, her eyes afire


Seriah sighed again. "As I said its too long a story."

"What happened?" growled Tempest annoyed. She didn't have time for procrastination.

"Henry was my best friend. More than that and a werewolf. I Loved him, and he loved me until he met that stupid witch." She dug her nails into the oak desk. "I had two friends. One was Henry, who was a werewolf and the other was a vampire. We lived in Abigail dark community full of dark witches and wizards and vampires and wolves. When we discovered that the Hogwarts was being opened I vowed to do something about it. I found Avalon and Henry vowed to help me. We searched for two great and powerful dark wizards. We found Reyah ad Gary." Seriah laughed. "They were brilliant people."

"Why did you leave?"

"Because Henry didn't just leave the school for Sandra, he left me. He left me two days before our wedding." She laughed bitterly. "I loved him and all of a sudden his heart changed from black to gold. I couldn't stay here, so I left the school. I left with my other best friend. She was always so fun, still is. We went off together and discovered something magnificent. We arrived at a temple with sacred magical water. We discovered the Pools of Life. One granted me immortality. As pool similar to the one you discovered your first year. Do you remembered?"

Tempest nodded. "That was a Poll of Darkness."

"Correct. I went into the Pool of Light whish grants immortality. I believe that's the information you wanted to know."

"Where is it? Where are the pools?"

"There are many Young Tempest but I do believe you should search your dreams and visions. It I know Merwick, which I do, he's going to lead you into a trap."

"What do you mean?"

"There are three pools Zephyr. The Pools of Light which grant life, the Pools of Darkness which take life and the Pools of Twilight which take life given and return life taken. They would make you mortal young Tempest which would make you easy prey for him." Tempest heart stopped at the thought of being mortal again. But Seriah was right, if she was mortal, she would be easy for Merwick. He would be able to finish her off.

Chapter 16: The Hunt
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Tempest strapped on her belt that carried her wand. She attacked her black leather wrist band then secured Excaliber. She tied back her long black hair and zipped up her boots. It had been three days. Astrea had been gone for three days and Louis had risked his life to tell Tempest this. Tempest searched her dreams with spells. She knew where Astrea was an with her magic she could fight her, hopefully hand her over r to the Ministry before anything happened to Draco. She passed her dresser and stopped. On her dresser was a little vial with a single drop of blood. His blood. Tempest slowly snatched it up. She could sure it, but she wouldn't, something about this bothered her, sent bad tingled that prickled her fingers and spine. She clasped the vial not too tightly then set tit back down and cast a jinx so that no one but her could touch it. At this pint in her life, Tempest count trust nothing in life, only herself and her friends. Tempest turned her back and left downstairs. Everyone was there. Nila, Void, Edna, Selene, Isolde, Oliver, Chad Divina, Zoltron, Maddox Draco, Verdina, Exodus, Demenshia Vlad Bianca, Luke and Luciana. Verdina brought all her people, as did Demenshia Serena brought her brethren. Trixie, Lillith and Damien stood together with the crowed. Everyone was here, everyone she could count on. Everyone who knew exactly what there were getting into. And knew that quite possible they would die. She looked at Henry, Ron and Hermione who stood as ready as ever. They didn't have to be here, she had given them the option to leave but that hadn't relented. Harry knew too much of what she was going through, knew too well off what all the loss she had suffered felt like.

"Meet me in the Great Hall, I need to do something.." They all nodded and Tempest walked off towards the Infirmary. Heather and Cassandra sat on either side of Louis and shook their heads.

"Not a change at all?"

"No," said Heather solemnly.

"How could she!" exclaimed Cassandra. "How could she jinx him like this?! I don't care how much she hates you, that excuses nothing. If anything, she should be wanting to kill Merwick, not allow him possession! Zephyr why?"

Tempest shook her head. "She thought I betrayed her when I didn't. She allowed them to mess with her mind and manipulate her."

"He loved her," said Cassandra. "If anything, this should have proven it." Cassandra slunk back into her seat, her eye glistening on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry and I'll do may best to help him. In fact I think I know a way to help all of you."

"How," asked Heather stroking some hair out of Louis pale peaceful face.

"The water from the Pools of Twilight should give you all back your mortality. It should also hopefully wake him up."

"When will you give is this water?" asked Cassandra.

"First chance I get. I have to go now." Tempest went to Louis' side and kissed his forehead. "Get better Louis." Tempest walked out and headed to the Great Hall.


The cold mountain air stung her face as she stood outside the Ziggurat. She examined it. It was carved into the mountain side and towered over her. She sniffed the air and could smell the vampires that stood at a handful. She could smell the wolves, could hear their howling deep within the infrastructure. She could smell Astrea and even before she opened the door, she knew that Astrea had that arrogant smile on her face.

"My, my young Tempest, it sure did take you long enough. Can't believe Louis held in for three days. I was beginning to think I would have to send a messenger. Lucky me, he broke." Astrea cackled as she stood with Aurora in her hand. "So how did you find me? The little drop of blood?"

"Hardly, I used very old magic and used my dream and vision as well as a strand of your hair Heather gave me." Tempest saw Astrea's eyes falter and her posture stiffen. Tempest grew confused as she continued to watch.

"Well, they were all traitors huh. Not surprising, I expected it." She flashed her fangs and began tapping Aurora against the ground.

"Where's your army?"

"Oh, they're around, don't worry darling." She sneered again and turned her back to her. Tempest resisted every urge she had to go and snap her neck. "What's wrong little Zephyr, hungry for blood?" Astrea tilted her head back and finally face her." How about wee see if you can find me? You might get lost, its like a maze!" Astrea laughed and vanished with a clap of her hands.

"I hate her," growled Tempest.

"Now what," asked Nila.

"Now, we separate as much as I hate that thought. Nila, Void, Divina, Harry and Chad come with me. Maddox go with Ron, Draco Hermione and Zoltron. The rest separate as you will. Maddox can I have a word with you?"

He nodded and they removed themselves from the crowd. "Yeah cuz?"

"Please don't let Draco out of your sight. Please take care of him."

"I'll do my best Temp." He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead. "Take care."

"You too." Tempest went over to Draco and didn't say a word. They both knew what might happen. Draco kissed her and se wrapped her arms around his neck as tightly has she could. "I love you Tempest."

"I love you too Draco." Tempest pulled away and led the way down one of the tunnels. The last thing she saw was Draco entering another one.


"Incendio!" said Tempest lighting all the torches. The light lit up the golden halls and illuminated the gold engraved lettering Tempest couldn't read.

"What language do you think it is?" asked Nila lightly touching the walls.

"Who cares," said Divina with her sword in hand.

"Hey, she's curious, give her a break," defended Void.

"What? We're about to die, possible and all she's thinking about is what language—"

"Shut it Divina," said Tempest. "We're not going today, not today in any case. Now shut it, its okay to be scared but we're suppose to be on the same side, we can't afford to let out forced divide is this far into the game." Tempest continued walking, gripping the hilt of her sword tightly. She was scared, ut not for her life. She was scared for Draco's, for her friends and family. She knew that it was impossible for all of them to come out of this alive.

"Zeph," began Chad but Tempest quickly shut him up when she heard the hum of a spell.

"Protego!" Whatever spell that was broke apart once it hit the shield. Empest head the laughter and she ran off. Tempest heard the laughter and she ran off followed by her friends. At the end of the corridor Tempest stopped short, bot because of the Vampire that filled the room but by the sight before them. All around were pools of water glowing in that familiar dark light she remembered from her first year. There were several all around, dug into the ground and high into the walls. "Aren't you mesmerized little dove," mocked Astrea ash she stood behind five vampire and six wolves.

"Get over here," growled Tempest raising up her sword.

Astrea shook her head and stared at her sadly. "Tsk, tsk Young Tempest. We couldn't been so good together. We still could be—" Astrea held out her hand but Tempest did not relinquish her stance.

"I love Draco, not you."

Astrea's hand went back to her side. "Very well then, seems you've sealed your fate." She turned her back to them and with a single wave of her hand, the enemy descended. Tempest saw Astrea leave before a blade crashed against hers. Tempest swiped against the other vampire and tried to get by so that she could go after her but this Vampire was far too strong and talented. Tempest kicked out and found her foot caught in crack. She pulled and could feel herself falling backwards, toward a pool. Tempest twisted her body at just the right time and her hands rested against the edge of the pool. She knew which ever vampire had been attacking her before was about to attack her. Tempest regretted what she was about to do, but tit was either her life or his.

Just as the he leapt at her, she kicked him in the jaw and lowered her feet to the ground just on the other side of the pool. She saw the vines shoot up fro the ground as she poised herself.

He fell in and Tempest knew that Cecile was holding him down. Tempest stared and couldn't tell whether he drowned first or let the death claim his life.

"That wasn't fair Cecile."

"Life hardly is. Turn!"

"I'm sorry." Tempest slumped to the ground and continued to stare at the wolfs golden eyes. Slowly, as they grew lifeless, his form changed to that of a human. To her, he looked so young.

"We lost her again," said Chad helping her up.

"No we didn't, we need to hurry back now." No one questioned it but followed her. Back at the entrance, Tempest saw several broken purple, and lifeless ones. Demenshia and Verdina were with their fellow comrades. Tempest noticed that Exodus' heart was not beating and even from a far she could see the tears in Verdin's eyes as she sat there holding him. The bracelet still glowed. Tempest turned her head and noticed Master Vlad holding Mistress Starlet. Her lisp were covered in blood and Tempest saw the bite marks on her neck and wrist. Master Vlad looked up at her and she knew what he did. As Tempest continued to look around, her heart stopped.

"Where's Draco?!" Ron and Maddox exchanged looked but it was Zoltron who answered.

"We don't know what happened. Something hit us from behind and all I saw Draco running, Maddox tried to stop him but he just—" Zoltron stopped and Tempest heart stopped. She ran.

The light form the torches illuminated the walls as she ran them by. Tempest arrived at the end of one golden corridor, sweat on her brow. She looked form her left to her right before going right. She needed to ind Draco, she could not let her vision come true, not now. Not ever. Tempest ran down the hall, her skin glowing in the fiery torch light and reflected the gold off the walls. The ancient runes glowed magically as she passes them by.

Tempest ran and ran then stopped at the fork when she saw him. Tempest sighed in relief at the sight of him all right. She began running towards him. Suddenly, red hair blurred her vision and next she saw the end of Aurora protruding through Draco. His blade clattered to the ground and Tempests creamed.

"I never liked her anyway," said Astrea as she violently jerked blade out.

Tempest screamed and ran just in time to catch a falling Draco. Astrea was gone, her vision had come to past. Tempest couldn't think as she stared down into the wolfish eyes of the man she loved.

"Its going to be okay Draco. Don't worry." His eyes fluttered shut.

Tempest turned just in tie to stab a wolf straight through the chest, his white fur slowly turned red and Tempest pulled out her blade. She backed away and continued t stare at the wold as it tried feebly to claw at her.

Chapter 17: Deceived
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Tempest sat next to Draco's bedside at St. Mungo's. Astrea did something when's he stabbed him because no matter what type of magic anyone used, his wound wouldn't heal. Thankfully, Draco hadn't lost too much blood, and They were able to stitch him up. Still, he had lost a lot of blood in the time it took. Nothing she tried had stopped that.

Tempest right leg bounced up and down as she waited for Draco to at least open his eyes.

"Zeph, it'll be all right," said Void.

"I'm going to kill her. I' going to tear her apart and drain her of blood."

"Zeph—" began Nila.

"No!" exclaimed Tempest sitting up. "Look at him! Look what she's done! Look at everything he's done! I'm going to kill her and make them both pay. Whether to not any of you want to come is your prerogative." Tempest looked back down at Draco and stroked his head. "Zeph," we're gonna come with you," said Selene. "We can't exactly let you go alone, we would be bad siblings."

"That wouldn't be new for you," remarked Jason.

"Now isn't the time Thorn," snarled Selene," said Tempest gripping the edge of the bed. "I am sick of all your bickering. There are more important things that are going on right now than your petty fights! So stop it." Tempest shut her eyes tight as she gripped the edge of the bed. A hand lay on her shoulder and Tempest suddenly remembered her vison.

"Maddox, what time of day is it?"

"Uh, twilight I think. The sun is setting. Why?"

"Okay good. I want you to stay here with Draco. In about two hours, I don't' care what I'm in the middle of, I want you to send me a Patronous. So you promise."

"Of course." Tempest hugged him tightly and knelt down to kiss Draco on the lip. She felt his hand tighten around hers.

"It's going to be okay Draco," whispered Tempest in is ear. She wipe away her tears and faced her friends and family. "Okay, lets go."


Tempest stormed though the hallway following the scent of Astrea. Astrea sat there high on a ledge twirling Aurora in her hands. Tempest could not only smell Draco's blood but could see what was left on Aurora. Astrea hadn't even bothered to clean it.

"So did you save your precious love?"

"I'll kill you."

"That's not an answer Young Tempest."

"Draco is fine then, you failed."

At sea smiled. "No, not really. In fact, this is just the beginning Zephyr dear." She tapped Aurora and out from all around came several vampires. Several gathered al around her and Tempest watched Astrea drop to the ground. She knew that this time she wasn't going anywhere.

"So, you're finally going to stop running," mocked Tempest.

Astrea smiled angelically. "Only for you darling." Tempest charged and watched as they all descended on her friends. She knew that they wold all be fine. Even from a far, Tempest saw their clumsiness.

Excaliber hit Aurora and once again see smelt the burning, heard the humming as each blade struck each other, hungry for each other. Astrea pared her off and jumped back, narrowly avoiding a pool of Darkness. Tempest lunged at her and attacked.

As the swords kept hitting each other, the humming became stronger. Neither of them got a hit, not a cut appeared on the other. Something hit Tempest on the side and Astrea knocked her feet from under her. As Tempt head hit the ground, Tempest felt the instant burning of Aurora as it went through her arm and pinned her to the ground. Astrea knelt over her, with her high heeled foot on Tempest other hand.

"Victory is suck a glorious thing, to bad you'll never get to taste what it feels like" She twisted Aurora and Tempest bit her tongue to keep from crying out.

"You, h-haven't won yet you stupid—" Astrea kicked her across the mouth and Tempest swallowed back the blood.

"Language darling. You know, its a pity Draco didn't die. Once your dead what will he have to live for. No Blake, no you. He'll come to me begging—" Something knocked Astreas back and Tempest with all her speed and might grabbed Aurora and caught the stumbling Astrea on the blade. Astrea screamed and Tempest twisted the blade.

"Yes, hurts doesn't it. The searing pain, the burning." Tempest jerked the blade out from her and kicked Astrea against the wall. "Cecile, if you wouldn't mind." Vine's swam up and bound Astrea's hands against the wall.

"Zeph," cautioned Void.

"Call the Ministry."

"So pathetic," muttered a weak Astrea."

"So you've said."

"No. Not because you won't kill me Zephyr. Because you stupidly thinking him." Tempest froze and stared down at Astrea who was smiling.

"You're lying."

"Am I? Do you really believe so?" asked Astrea. Tempest summoned Excaliber to her hand but not once did she take her eyes off Astrea. Something in he gut told her that maybe Astrea wasn't lying. She briefly looked at her watch.

"Where is he? Where's Merwick?!"

Astrea laughed. "Have you checked in on what's left of your family." Tempest clenched her fist.


"Shut it Zephyr," ordered Selene.

"At least if we're all together we stand a better chance. If have to jinx you I will but we're going and you're staying here, We'll make sure everyone is okay and find out whether or not she's lying. If Merwick is there, he'll be expecting you, not us." Selene disapparated whiteout another word and was followed by Jason, Isolde and Oliver. Tempest curling her hands together.

"What's wrong Zephyr, scared?"

Tempest snarled and soon found her fangs around Astrea's neck. She drank enough blood to knock her out and ignored the stared from her friends.


"I'm leaving," said Tempest.

"Zeph," began Nila.

"No, its been over an hour, I've stayed here long enough, I've let you all keep me her long enough. If my vision comes to pass, I'll die inside."

"Zephyr, what if they're busy fighting him?" suggested Void.

"They're dead," muttered a faint voice. Tempest spun around and looked at Astrea.

"So you're finally awake. Good call the Ministry, keep her here, I'm leaving." Tempest disapparated and soon found herself standing in the rain.

Tempest opened the door to her cousins house warily already knowing what she would find. Her uncle lay on the ground, dead. His green eyes were open and lifeless. She walked in careful not to make a sound and went to the living room. Jason and Oliver lay sprawled on broken pieced of furniture. She could smell the blood that glowed ominously in the lightening. Tempest doubled back and went down toe hallway to the staircase. Isolde and Selene were sprawled on the broken railing and staircase. Again, the blood hung heavy in the air. She ran to Isolde and tried to wake her but to no avail. She healed the baby in her womb when she heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Tempest stood up and went to the kitchen where her aunt was on the broken table and chairs bleeding. Tempest took a step back but slipped on some blood. She hit the ground hard. With all her strength she picked herself up. The rain beat against the window so hard that she almost missed the whimpering. Tempest went over to the sink cupboard and opened it.


Tempy!" Silvia ran to her cousins arms and began crying.

"Shh, shh. Silvia, look at me. Look I need you to look at me and tell me what happened. Who did this? Can you describe who it was."

Silvia shook her head, "I know who it was Temp." She whispered the name and empest eyes widened.


Tempest ran down the rainy street. She kept muttered to herself against it, hoping it wasn't true. It was raining, and not lights of any kid were on. Her hair stuck to her face. Tears streaked down and her sword was slippery in her hand. She turned and ran. She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it.

"It can't be true. It just can't be."

"What can't be true Young Tempest." She knew that voice and stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around slowly and couldn't believe it. Thunder struck.

"No . . . "

"Oh what's wrong Tempy, not happy." Merwick sneered and his eye were a pure gold.

"He was my cousin!"

"And that is exactly why I choose him. You see I was the wolf he slew. It was a perfectly very intricate, very complicated plan."

"You bastard!"

"Hush now Tempy—"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare use his voice, his mouth, to call me that!"

What was her cousins body walked towards her. Tempest continued to cry as she feebly held up Excaliber. He smiled at her sadly and pushed the blade away with one delicate finger.

"How sad. But I knew that this would utterly destroy you. If only you had chosen me. We could've been so good together." He stroked her face and she feebly pushed him away.

"He was my cousin. Why Maddox? Why Merwick?"

"I already told you why."

"I'll kill you, I swear I will."

Merwick took a step bac. "Then go ahead, if you can, right not, I'll let you." Tempest rose up Excaliber and pressed it against his chest, but the more she continued to stare at he cousins face, she let go of the blade and let it fall to the ground. Tempest followed it and her knees feel into the puddle of water beneath her. Merwick knelt down and cupped her face.

"Ah Tempest, even in defeat you are beautiful."

Tempest continued to cry as he kissed her forehead and walked away. Tempest sat there and continued to cry.

Chapter 18: A Pact Mde in Blood
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"Tempest!" yelled Nila. Tempest didn't get up, didn't scold Nila, she just continued to sit there in the pouring rain staring at the ground. When Nila finally reached her, she shook Tempest.

"Hello Nila."

"Tempest what happened? We found everyone after the Ministry came for Astrea. We brought a few with us—"

"You're rambling Nila."

"What happened? Who is Merwick?!"

"Maddox," she said simply, clutching her eyes shut.


"Merwick was the wolf Maddox slew. His eyes are a pure gold now, not even the slightest purple is there."

"Oh Zephyr," said Nila taking her ins a hug.

"Is Jason all right? Are they all, all right?"

"Everyone is fine, they were all rushed o the hospital. Your uncle though—"

"I know he's dead."

"Zephyr we need to get you out of this rain. Please get up." Nila draped an arm under her and hoisted her up. Void ran to her side and did the same. All these months, Merwick had been by her ver side, laughing with her, hugging her when she was sad. It had been Merwick. Tempest shut her eyes and tried to forget those gold eyes.


Tempest hit the tree with Excaliber again. The bark was nearly bare and if she kept this up, she knew that the tree would wall and that Cecile would be furious with her. Nila and Void were fast as well, but Zoltron Demenshia and Verdina were wide awake.

"Zeph—" began Zoltron.

"Don't. Don't try to make me feel better. You can't."

"Look, its possible he's still alive."

"Yeah, and how exactly do you suggest I save him?! Well?! It was different with the Mystics! They were connected magically to those runes! He's not!"

"Calm down," said Verdina.

"Don't you dare tell me to clm down! He was my cousin! Other than Draco he was the one person I cared about most! He who looked just like my father! Merwick has destroyed my family! He killed my father, and he's destroyed my cousins!" Tempest took a swing at the tree and cut the blade straight through. The tree fell back with a large thump and Nila jumped up, her fuchsia eyes wide.

"Dear God Zeph, please stop." Tempest saw the worry and threw Excaliber to the into the ground.

"Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied."

"We know," said Verdina swirlig a bit of water on her blade.

"I need to find him."

"How? This is Merwick, he won't make I easy. He's going to continued to toy with you and remember, he's a Mystic, he's probably got charms to block you finding him the old fashion way," stated Demenshia. "NO to mention, Her Dark Majesty is on his side."

"Then I'll go to the Lady of the Lake with the droplet of blood."


"He can't hind from his own blood," stated Tempest as she jerked her blade from the ground and returned it to her wrist band. "I'll be back."


Tempest walked through the crystal hallways clutching the vial in her hand. This had to work, she thought to herself. Tempest entered the crystal chamber and stared at the Lady of the Lake.

"Hello Young Tempest."

"He has my cousin."

"No . . . he is your cousin."

Tempest clutched her eyes shut to keep back the tears. "I need to find him and I need your help."

"I cannot what he and my sister have done to block him."

"Abigail got a droplet of his blood, he can't block himself from his own blood."

"Young Tempest, I am the embodiment of light, I cannot delve into magic that deals in blood, no matter how good the intent."

"Then how am I suppose to find him!"

"I'm sorry Young Tempest."

Tempest swallowed and bit back the tears. "Does your sister?"

"Zephyr, don't—"

"Does your sister deal in that kind of magic?!"

The Lady of the Lake sighed. "Yes, but she won't help you."

"Yes she will, I have something she wants."

"Don't do it. Merlin sealed her for a reason."

"I know. My reason is just as justified." Tempest turned on her heel and left. Her tears hit the floor as she walked away.


"I have to doit Verdina," said Tempest with her arms crossed.

"You will be risking so many lives!"

"And if I don't find Merwick? How many people do you think he's going to kill! I have to find him."

"She will wreak havoc!"

"So will Merwick."

"He's a lesser of two evils!"

"No he's not! Not to me! He has taken so much from all of us! He has taken too much from me! I have to find the strength to stop him, and in order for that to happen, I need to find him."

"You are putting all our lives at risk," said Verdina.

"Cousin hush," said Demenshia. "She's right. This is the right thing to do. Merwick has to be stopped and Tempest is out only hope . . as well as that single drop of blood."

"This is reckless."

"Maybe, but Zephyr isn't stupid, she knows what she's doing."

Tempest watched Verdina looked and away and take a deep breath before returning her strong frightened glance back towards Tempest. "You better know what you're doing."

"I do." Tempest looked at Nila and Void. "I'll be fine."


Tempest stood outside the great doors. She placed one hand gingerly on the door knob and turned. She knew her presence was already known. She walked down the stone and wood hallways, pass rooms that here once great but were now broken and covered in dust. Tempest stopped outside her chamber before she thrust both doors. Open. Elder Tempest greeted her with her malevolent smile.

"Ah, Young Tempest, what a pleasure to see you again."

"I should let you rot."

"What on earth for?"

"Because you helped him take my cousin."

Her expression remained the same. "And your point being?"

"My point?!" Tempest took a moment to calm herself before she did something regrettable. "I should kill you."

"If only you could. No, why are you here? You must know I won't help you."

Tempest smiled. "Oh but you will help me."

"And why would I?"

"Because I hold the key to your freedom."

"Her Dark Majesty's eyes widened. "You would set me free?"

"I have a few conditions."


"You will help me find my cousin . . . Merwick. You will do no harm to any innocents in the village, ever. You will never betray me, nor anyone of my bloodline in any way shape or form. You will never do any harm to my descendants. You will not harm my friends . . . any of the. You will not do any harm to the blood line of anyone I consider a friend. Now will you betray them. Understood?"

Elder Tempest smiled. "Of course."

"Lets shake on it then and swear by it."

Tempest outstretched her hand and Her Dark Majesty made her way towards her and took her hand."

"Swear by it," ordered Tempest.

"I swear by my life to uphold your rules—"

Her Dark Magesty screamed but Tempest held her by her neck as the dagger went through their hands.

"On your blood, I hold you to this deal. This is a pack made in blood. Should you ever break it you will be held here for all eternity." Tempest watched Excaliber glow as the magic took effect. Only when it faded did she let Elder Tempest go and pulled Excaliber free of their hands.

"You are a very tricky witch Young Tempest.

"You have no idea." Tempest smiled and thrust Excaliber into the ground. Purple light blinded her.

Chapter 19: The Battle at Twilight
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Tempest followed Her Dark Majesty to her laboratory. As Tempest looked around she noticed that everything was kept nice and tidy. Elder Tempest apparently kept in touch with her magic.

"Merwick has wrapped much magic around himself Young Tempest, even I don't know."

"Will you be able to find him?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"On where he is. Those ziggurats are scattered among the mountains, and they were made with sacred magic, if he's in one, it'll be difficult tp pin point exactly where he is."

"Would a droplet of my blood help?"

"Possibly, but I can't be sure. I need more than just a drop of blood. I need a piece of where he might ne, a piece of something he's connected t, or was."

"Something not me?"

"Yes." Tempest twirled Excaliber in her hand. "I'll be right back."


Tempest walked up the stairs in Azcaban. There were three people that she had to see, three girls with a very strong magical connection with Merwick.

When Tempest reached the end of the hallway on the eighty seventh floor she stared at the girls. All three of them sat huddled together, gaunt and sickly.

"Hello girls." Entia hissed at her ut Tempest simply ignored her. "Where is he?"

"Why would we help you?" snarled Janessa.

"We don't know," said Astrea.

"No, but you have an idea."

"We'd rather die than tell you," hissed Entia.

"And you may. You see If you don't help me, you will succumb to the Demetors Kiss, think about it you're vampires, you will live for all eternity, suffering, here." Tempest smiled as she sw the fear plastered on their faces.

"We don't know where he is" stated Astrea. Once again.

"But as you said, we may have an idea," said Janessa.

"We want insurances," said Entia.

"I can make sure that you will not receive the Demetors Kiss and I can make you mortal again with the Water of Twilight."

"Is that a promise," asked Astrea.

"It a guarantee." The three of them exchanged glances and Janessa and Entia nodded at Astrea. She stood up and walked toward the cell door.

"He's at a Ziggurat of Twilight. There are three alone in the mountains. He liked to move between them. It would seem he saw that this would happen. Anyway, he left his blood in all three places, purposely. So he's waiting for you, at one of these places, but you can't find him."

"How does this help?"

"The rest of our shattered arm is guarding him. With our blood and his blood you can find him."


"He linked them all to us, rather than to himself. Our blood, combined with his, should show you exactly where he is." Astrea held out her had and both Janessa and Entia went on either side of her and did the same. Tempest took a knife form her back pocket and sliced deeply across their hands. They each growled and winced but Tempest simply smiled.

"I truly hoped that that hurt." Tempest walked off and let the Demetors descend.


Tempest tossed the Elder the bloody knife. Her Dark Majesty looked amazed.

"I threatened them."

"Brilliant, Now all I nee is a single drop of your blood and I can begin." Tempest sliced her hands and handed it to her elder. Ender Tempest gripped the hand tightly and made it drip into the cauldron.

"Do I have to stay?"

"Aw, you want to be by young Draco's side." She lauded coldly. "You can go." Tempest growled and walked away. Once outside she disapparated to St. Mungos.

Tempest made her way to Draco's room. As it was, everyone was already there as if predicting she would arrive. Tempest ignored them as she sat next to Draco. Tempest clutched his hand tightly.

"None of you are coming."

"The hell we're not," exclaimed Nila.

"No, you're not."

"And why the bloody hell not," exclaimed Void.

"Look! Draco's in the hospital! My entre family is in the hospital! People I love have died or are near death! I'm not risking you're lives!"

"Its our choice! It won't just be Merwick Tempest—oh don't give me that look! Whatever is left of his scattered army will be there----"

"I can beat them easily!"

"No! No, you can't! You need us! You can't handle this alone and no matter why, we are going with you." Nila stared at her and Tempest hugged her tightly.

"I love you Nila."

"I love you too."

"How long do you think it'll take," asked Void.

"Not long. She's probably giving me enough time to say goodbye."

"Zeph, do you think you'll be bale to do it," asked Zoltron.

"I don't have much of a choice." Tempest stood up and kissed Draco lightly on the lips. "I love you Draco." Tempest clutched his hand and wiped away the few tears that escaped her control.

"Time?" asked Void. Tempest nodded.


Tempest couldn't force herself to go in. She continued to stare at the great doors that loomed over her. She couldn't do it, she thought. She could' just go in and fight Merwick like he was anybody else. As of this moment, her enemy hid and lived behind the dace of someone she loved.

"I'll destroy someone close to my heart. I don't have a choice," she muttered to herself.

"Zeph," muttered Nila. "We need to go in, we can't stand here forever."

"I know." Tempest swallowed back tears and moved forward and with all her might, she opened the doors. There standing was Maddox, or rather Merwick, she had to remind herself.

"You sick bastard," muttered Nila aghast."

"Hush Nila darling," cam e Maddox's voice. "Now whatever happened to old fart, I think I prefer that one to sick bastard."

"How about a sword to one gut, would you prefer that?" snarled Void.

"Like you could. This is between Tempy and I."

"DON'T YOU CALL ME THAT!" screamed Tempest. Everyone even Merwick looked both stunned and scared. "I will kill you."

"Really now, why?"

"Because you aren't my cousin."

Merwick smiled at her. "You'll have to deal with my minions first. They're all highly skilled. If you survive, I'll be waiting." Merwick winked Maddox's eye and snapped his fingers. Tempest heart ached.

From the shadows cam only a handful of minions as Merwick left.

One wolf and one vampire converged onto Tempest and she easily blocked them both. She cut down the wolf with no problem but the vampire was more difficult. Merwick hadn't been bluffing, these vampires were highly skilled as well as strong.

Tempest kicked him in th gut but wasn't quick enough. The other vampire regained his balance faster than she was used to and kicked her across the jaw before slamming her face into the ground. Tempest anger took over and she kicked back the vampire before thrusting her blade into his throat. Blood sprinted onto her face bu Tempest didn't care, her main priority was Merwick. She cut down two more wolves and stood down the corridor thinking she had no time for distractions.

"Protego!" Everyone stopped. "Avada Kadavra! Every wolf fell down and the last three vampires snarled at her ad charged.

"Fools. Rictusempra!" They flew back and hit the wall. "Petrificus Totalus!" They each froze. Tempest turned around and once again stared down the corridor that Merwick was running through.

"Tempest we need to got after him."

"I know." Tempest walked on ahead and passed the threshold. She took a few steps and looked back, no one was following her and she didn't know if she could do this alone.

"We can't pass!" exclaimed Nila. "He put up a barrier."

"Of course he would." Tempest looked ahead of her. "I guess—"

""Wait!" called Nila taking off her ring. "So you don't' have to do this alone." Nila tossed her the ring and Tempest put it on. Soon she saw Void, Demenshia, Stella and Verdina do the same. Tempest put each one on respectively then turned back around. She took one step and stopped when Nila called her name.

"Be careful!"

Tempest held back her tears as she thought about the prophecy. She forced her arrogant mischievous smile on her face, the one she was famous for that usually made her friends groan, and faced her friends.

"Don't worry, I'll be just fine." Tempest saw her friends smile and she looked back down the tunnel. Her smile faltered. "But just in case I'm not, tell Draco I love him." A tear escaped her eye and she waved goodbye to her friends. Nila and Void stared after her.

"Take care fo each other," she muttered before she ran off.


Tempest walked to the end of the corridor. She cold smell him. Tempest entered the chamber that was filled with pools of twilight.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Hello Merwick."

"I knew you'd survive. Always so brilliant."

"I should've seen this coming."

"Its ironic that you did, yet didn't. I find it a bit amusing."

"You would." Tempest watched Merwick twirl Aurora in his hand.

"You know me so well Zephyr."

Tempest laughed. "Sadly yes, how pathetic huh." She watched him charge at her but she easily blocked him. "Such a temper you bastard dog," she kicked him aside, "you really should control it." He charge dat her again, but she tangled his feet in fiery vines. Merwick easily cut them off and began circling her.

"I love you."

"No, you were infatuated with me Merwick. Its your wife and daughter you love, those that were taken form you."

"Don't talk about them."

"I have every right to, after all you've done." He charged once again and knocked Excaliber out of her hands. Tempest dodged him and summoned two daggers to her hands to block the oncoming attack. Merwick stumbled back but not before using Aurora to knock the daggers form her hand. Tempest was caught off guard and didn't notice when Merwick charged her head on, knocking her to the ground. Tempest punched him in the face but he elbowed her in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Tempest kneed him in the crotch then kicked him away. She rolled on top of him and punched him. Merwick caught one fist an swung her to the die. Tempest fell into the What.

Tempest gasped, she could feel immortality slipping away. Merwick jumped in and punched her int the jaw before hitting her in the stomach. The pain didn't fade as quickly as it used to. Tempest gasped and yelped as Merwick grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.

"You feel that? That's life, that's mortality and that's your death." Tempest hit him with all her might but was to weak. He shoved her head under water and Tempest tried to think. She couldn't die, not like this she thought. Blae's face flashed before her eyes and she found the strength. Tempest forced her head up and twisted just enough to kick Merwick back into the stone hard enough so that his head hit the stone. She didn't look back as she made her way to the edge.

"Tempy?" Tempest stopped and slowly turned around. Her heart skipped a beta. Maddox's purple eyes were staring back at her.

"Maddox?" She ran to him and hugged him tightly. "How?" she asked until she saw the blood dripping down his neck.

"Tempy, we don't have much time."

"What do you mean?"

"He's still here, in me." Maddox winced and she cupped his face. "I can't keep him at bay much longer. I love you Tempy and you once said I can count on you." He swallowed again. "Please, you need to kill me."

"Maddox, I'll—"

"No! He's in my blood, you can't heal me."

"I can't lose you! Maddox please."

"If you love me, please do this for me. Remember he's not me."

"Maddox please—"

"Tell Silvia I love her and my mom. Tell them I'm sorry." Tempest wept and ran into his arms with her ear over his heartbeat.

"I will." She kissed him on the cheek and forehead and took a few steps back. "I love you Maddox."

"And I you Tempest Artemisa Nyx." Tempest watched him double over and yelp in pain has she summoned Excaliber to her hand. The eyes that looked back at her were pure gold.

"I hate you Merwick."

"But you love him mad that's what saves me."

Tempest shook her head and walked up to him, her sword hidden behind her back, "Wrong, that's what damn you." Tempest watched the confusion fill his eyes. "You are not Maddox Perth." Tempest thrust Excaliber through him and watched the blood flow. She pulled the blade out and caught him in her arms as she fell over. The shock filled his face. Tempest watched the water turn gold and glow and she knew when it faded from both his eyes and water, she knew it was all over and hugged her cousin's lifeless body close as he cried. Tempest laid him on the ground and closed his eyes as she cried. Suddenly, a gold light filled the room and Tempest could hear the voices in the distance.

"Tempy . . . " Tempest opened her yes and saw her father.


"You did the right think darling. But now I need you to do something."


"Look into the future. That light and those voiced, they are very much alive."


"Accept your gift Tempest." He cupped her face and faded away as he kissed her forehead. Tempest shut her eyes tightly and took a deep breath. Her whole life flashed before her eyes . . .


Her muscles ached, her mind body and soul ached. Tempest carried her cousins body bac and soon saw the light. Her knees were about to give out she knew it. She saw Nila's shokc as well as Void's. Tempest stopped walking.

"I'm mortal," she said before she fell to the ground.

"Temp!" exclaimed Nila, running towards her.

"I'm mortal!" cried Tempest. As Nila and Void hugged her, she continued to cry and hug the body of her fallen cousin.

Chapter 20: Epilogue
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Tempest sat in St. Mugo's in the Hospital bed. She had several broken bones, her muscles ached and her body was too soar to even move, let alone eat, which she had to do now."

Tempest touched her dulled fangs. She was longer immortal, she was mortal . . . and sleepy.

"Knock, knock," came a voice.

Tempest looked up at Harry Potter who entered closing the door behind him.

"Hi Harry."

"How are you?"

"That's a dumb question, but a considerate one. I'm a bloody wreak."

"I'm sorry about your cousin."

"I should've known, should've guess." Tempest wiped away her tears. "It took eight years to destroy him, eight years and I still fell for his stupid tricks."


"You can call me Tempest, its okay." She smiled at him sadly and so did he.

"At least you're awake again. You were out cold for almost a week. Everyone . . . they were scared."

"Yeah, they frighten easily." She laughed. "Harry can I tell you something and trust that you'll keep it to yourself for years to come."

"Why me?"

"Because, you're going to be my partner as Head of the Defence section in the Ministry, I need to know that I can trust you."

"This has to do with the future?"

"Yes. Can I trust you." Harry nodded and Tempest looked at her engagement ring. "After I killed him, something happened."



Tempest walked through Azcaban, followed closely bu a now mortal Louis, Heather and Cassandra. They wanted to say their goodbyes to Astrea. Astrea was standing there staring at Louis and Louis alone.

"Hello Zeph," hissed Entia, a sneer appeared on her face.

"He's dead," muttered Janessa.

"Yes, he's dead," said Tempest. "But you're not." Tempest pulled out three vials of opalescent water. She saw the light return to their eyes.

"These are for you," she said tossing them into the cell. They each caught one respectably both with grace and speed that would never leave the,. Tempest watched each one drink them quickly before gasping in pain. Each vial shattered onto the ground. Astrea was the first to regain herself.


"I cam e to say that I loved yo." Tempest could see the pain in his eyes. "I've always loved you, always will regrettably. I came to say goodbye Astrea."

"Louis, I love you."

He snorted. "Yeah, you had a funny way of showing it. Goodbye Astrea Sanguina. " Louis turned her back to her and Tempest held his hand.

"We came to say goodbye too," said Heather.

"You were like a sister to is," continued Cassandra.

"But you betrayed is. We'll always care for you but we will never forgive you." Heather and Cassandra turned their backs and swallowed hard. Tempest stared ay the pain and hurt on Astrea's face. Her eyes never left Louis as They walked away. Tempest looked at Louis and knew that she was going to have to tell him about what she sae sooner rather than later. Louis looked at her and stopped walking. Tempest simply stared at him sadly.

"I truly did love her." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a finely carved engagement ring. He saw the engraving and hugged him tightly. Louis sobbed on her shoulder.


Tempest stood at the edge of the tower, her eyes closed, her arms outstretched. She let the suns warmth wash over had and let the wind play sway with her. Tempest smiled and opened her eyes. She still had her vampiric senses and heightened speed and strength. Tempest looked don and wrapped her arms around herself.

"Be careful Mistress, you're mortal—"Tempest stepped off the ledge and stared ahead at the horizon.

"You'll catch though won't you Aidan?"

"Of course."

"I knew could trust you."

"Well you tell Draco?"

Tempest shook her head. "No. He already thought once that we had so little time together. He doesn't need to know about my death. We'll treasure everyday. He doesn't need to know."
Tempest closed her yes and listened to the wind rustling the her hair. Tempest heard the door opened and turned around to see Nila and Void.

"Temp, come on," called Void.

"Yeah Vlads about to take our picture. The Daily Prophet photographers also want group photo."

"Yeah, I'll be down in a few. Go on."

They smiled at her and left. Tempest looked back at the horizon and looked to her side. In her sight, she saw Blake, all grown up, standing there like herself with Aidan. Tempest wished she could be therefor him, watch him grow up. Tempest took a deep breath before leaving.

As she walked down the stairs, she thought about her life. The first time she met Nila on the train. Chad's first stumble, Divina's first scolding glare. Void's first show of arrogant brilliance. Zoltron's first transformation and Hydra's first threat. She wanted to make sure her son, her child would see what she saw. She thought about writing it all down. A smile crept on her face, that sounded like a brilliant idea, she thought.

As she continue and neared th entrance courtyard, she began thinking of a title for her memoir that would be for her children and them alone once she passed away. Tempest opened the door and saw everyone smiling and laughing. She watched Edana wrap her arms around Adrian as he laughed. Hydra and Zotlron were laughing together growling playfully at each other playfully. Divina and Chad stood opposite Nila and Void. Jason had his hand on Isolde's bulging pregnant stomach. Selene and Oliver stood with them laughing. Harry was the first person to see her, next was Draco. Everyone soon topped talking and she smiled at all of them as she made her way towards Draco. His smile brightened up her life. He didn't need to know, she thought as she kissed him and wrapped her arms around him. Master Vlad and mistress Starlet called everyone together. Tempest looked all around and smiled as Draco leaned his chin on her head. As the lights flashed form various angles, Tempest figure out the title for the first book of many. The Crescent fo Merlin.