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Karaoke Nights by jamesandlilly4ev

Format: Novella
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 3,927
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Genres: Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Characters: Lupin, Sirius, A. Longbottom, Lily, James
Pairings: James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC

First Published: 06/05/2010
Last Chapter: 03/12/2012
Last Updated: 03/12/2012

"Lily and James this year we are going to have some changes to bring the school together" Dumbledore said
"LIke what?" I asked truly curious
"Well for one every other friday night from 5 to 9 for years 4th up we will have Karaoke nights"

This is the story of James and Lily getting together through some weird nights PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!

Chapter 2: dreaming
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Diclamer: do not own anything except holly and the plot oh and zack.


I waved goodbye to Zack and all my friends. I had to go find Potter, Ugh he just irritates me I do not even know why he got head boy! As I was immersed in my own thoughts Dumbledore came up behind me.

Miss. Evans? I was so scared I jumped and hit someone in the face. I turned around but luckily it was only Potter.

"Yes, Professor?" I said in my suck up voice, yes I know I am a complete suck. Can you blame me if I want people to like me?

"I was wondering if I could talk to both you and James together before I lead you to your dorm?"br />

"Yes that would be quite alright."

He led us to our office and said the password. (peppermints) Once we were all seated. He started talking. "Well you will need to patrol every night 11 to 12 and give out punishment and points if need be. You will set dates for Hogsmede and will plan the Holiday balls and or feasts."

"Is that it?" Potter asked. He seemed almost mature! No way. didn't dwell long on that because Dumbledore went on talking.

"Well that is it for your responsibilities except holding prefect meetings and assigning there jobs and patrol schedules."

"Okay." I said, easy enough.

"But one more thing before you go. With all that is going on outside of school I thought it would be nice if we could bring the school together somehow."

He was talking about Lord Voldemort, he must have changed name because no one would name their kid VOLDEMORT I mean come on. He was killing muggles and muggleborns like me, apparently was making a scare at the ministry.

"What would you have in mind, sir?"

“"Well I was thinking of something muggle."”

“"Alright then what would you say?"”

“"I was thinking a Karaoke night."” I gasped no I would LOVE that!! I am sooooo excited!!! I looked over at Potter and he seemed excited too at least he knew what one was. “"So every Tuesday night at 7:00 to 10:00 we will have Karaoke. It will be for all ages.

“"Alright Sir."”

“"That is it and I trust you that you know where the Head Dorms are?"”
“"Yes sir."” Potter said politely. WHAT, no he is NEVER POLITE!!! I quickly nodded my head.

Actually being the good student I was I had no clue where my dorms were. I guess my plan to get a way from Potter as fast as I could would not work.

Once we reached the bottom of the stairs Potter started to walk right. I followed him all the way to this hall that was covered in Head boy and girl pictures from the first one in like 200 BC. When we got to the end of the hall I noticed there was a picture I looked closely at it and I realized it was and I in the picture.

“"It expresses our feelings toward each other."” Potter said responding to the question in my head.

I looked more closely at the picture. I was screaming at Potter while he just looked on.

“"How do you get in?"”

“"You have to answer a question."”

“I turned to the portrait.“"Well?"”

Little Potter spoke up. “"Why do you hate me?"”

Easy. “"Because you are a big-headed prat."”

“"Good now tell me the truth." My mouth dropped open. So did Potters.

“"I am telling the truth!" Actually I wasn't

“"No your not." Little me spoke up. Apparently she was nothing like me.

“"Fine, Potter you go."”

Little me spoke up. “"If I go on a date with you will you dump me after two weeks?"
Potter turned towards me. "That is the question you most wanted to hear?"


"The questions are what the person most wants to hear." Oh Shit.

I just turned away. Then I heard James talk. "No."
The door opened and I climbed into it. The room was huge! It was like our own house there was a living room and a Kitchen. There were two doors and I guessed that they were our rooms. I skipped over to mine not paying attention to Potter. When I opened my door I was amazed. It looked exactly like the one from home with a few changes of course. It was bigger for one. It was nicer too. It was mostly green. I had a big queen sized bed in the middle. One the opposite wall there were pictures of all the people I loved. My friends and family even one of my cat. There was a door to the bathroom so I walked in it.

Potter was already in there.

"What are you doing in my bathroom?" I asked really annoyed.

"Ummm, well I guess this is kinda mine too?" No I am not sharing a bathroom with Potter he will probably take pictures of my while I am in the shower! "Listen Lily. I know you don't have the best impression of me." You got that right but he continued. "So I'd like to apologize for the way I have treated you in the last couple of years. I was cruel and obnoxious and you definently didn't deserve it. Lily I changed this summer I will take these duties with responsibility. I wo'nt let you down."

Hmmm I was positive this was a dream this is what I have wanted Potter to say to me every since like 2nd year! But there was one thing missing. "Will you ask me out?"

He hesitated. Ah great . "Lily I will not ask you out." I was definently dreaming but before I could pinch my self. He continued. "But I have not given up on you Lily I know you dont like me but you have to know that I really like you." I have to pinch myself.

Evidence that I was dreaming.

1.; James Potter is being sweet.

2.James Potter is not going to ask me out.

3. James Potter likes me.


I decided to push it from my mind. I looked around my- our bathroom. It was huge! It had a bath the size of a pool and a hot tub type thing by it. The shower was round so it sprayed you from all sides. Oh and it could fit about 30 people in it. I walked back into my room and put my pajamas on. I crawled into bed and I was so exhausted I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow all thoughts of Potter gone.


Like Really short I know but I wanted to start on the next chapter!  Oh and sorry for the long wait I was in CO (Colorado)! And just so you know i don't update untill I have at least one new chapter!

Chapter 3: classes
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The next day was a Monday and the first day of school. I was not happy in the morning partly because I had to wake up at 6:00 friggin AM!!









 I took a shower and hopped out quickly hoping Potter would not walk in. I got dressed did my hair magically, with curls, and did my makeup the muggle way.






I was just finishing up when Potter walked in you could tell he was still half asleep and in only boxers. I couldn’t help but stare at his stomach! He has a 6 pack!










Okay Lily calm down it is only Potter. Deep breaths. Just walk out calmly before he notices you. Back up.













I was almost out the door when he notices me. “Lily?”






For some reason I started to blush. PROBALY BECAUSE HE ONLY HAS BOXERS ON!!! I finally came to my senses and realized he was waiting for an answer.






“I am just gonna go now.” I ran out the door and kept running till I reached the great hall. I sat down with my friends.






 Zack was sitting next to me. He was a ravenclaw but he sat at our table everyday since we started going out, we have been going out for a year and he is the only one who Potter hasn’t scared of yet. He has dark brown eyes and dirty blond hair. He plays seeker for the ravenclaw qudittch team.






Alice was sitting on the opposite side of me. She has black hair which is shoulder length and dark brown eyes. She is short like shorter than me and I am short! She is 5’3 and also is the sporty one.






Sitting across from me was Tess she has blond hair which flows until her stomach and blue eyes. She is the tallest at 5’10. She is the fashion one.






I am 5’6. I have red hair which flows to my bust line with green eyes. School is like my number one priority. I am the rock of the group the one that keeps us stable or the brains. If you put it that way I am the brains Alice is the heart and Tess the body, because she dresses us up.






We also have some guy friends, Luke for one and Jack. They both are on the the quidditch team Luke is the keeper while Jack is one of the Chasers along with Potter and Alice. This 5th year girl is our seeker. Sirius Black, Potters best friend was beater along with another 7th year guy.






Black was not that bad I was actually friends with him, he calls me his little sis. He is like a big brother to me.






Another member of the maurders was Remus he was also not bad he was prefect with me for the last few years I was surprised he wasn’t head boy.






The last was Peter. I honestly have no clue why the rest of the boys picked him to join. I haven’t had a conversation with him for more than 3 minutes. Seriously. He was short with a mop of blond hair. He wasn’t very good in school and he didn’t play quidittch. 






Anyway as I sat down Zach kissed me on the cheek and said. “Good morning beautiful.”






Alice and Tess started bombing me with questions. “What is your room like?” , “What is Potter like?” , “Has he asked you out yet?” , “Do you have to share a bedroom, a bed?”






“Okay, Okay one at a time. My room is awesome! You guys have to come see it after classes. And Potter is actually acting sweet! Impossible right? He hasn’t even asked me out once! We do not have to share a bedroom but get this. We have to share a bathroom!”






I started to fill my plate with food as Tess and Alice started to process all that I had told them. Mrs. McGonagall came around to give us our schedules. I had History of Magic then Transfiguration then lunch then free then Potions and then charms today. I had History of magic with Tess and potions with both of them.






We got up and started to head to our classrooms. I said goodbye to Alice and Zach. On our way to History of Magic Tess and I talked about her new obsession a 6th year Hufflepuff. His name was Roger Dun.






We were pretty late so there was only two seats open fortunately they were together unfortunately they were right behind Potter and Black. I dragged my feet over there knowing it was going to be a long class.






I was right 1 minute not even that I started to feel a note flying at my head. I turned around to yell at Potter only to realize it was Sirius that threw it. I looked at Potter and he had a terrified look. I gave Sirius a questioning look and picked up the paper. It was already full. I noticed Potter’s hand writing and Sirius’s.






Sirius: Hey where is Evans?






Potter: I don’t know.






How’s things going with her?






Good I guess she won’t call me by James yet. I didn’t ask her out yesterday but she still hates me. I guess I deserve it for tormenting her for 5 years.





Ya you were pretty rude.






I know.






You even kept her from playing Quidditch.






She plays Quidditch?






You kept her from being on the team.






Way to make me feel bad Padfoot.






Sorry just saying.






I pushed that conversation from my mind I just couldn’t deal with that. I paid no attention to them the whole class. I decided to ignore them the whole day until I had time to think about it.






I guess my plan would have worked If I didn’t have every single class with Potter leading up to lunch. Yes every one.






At lunch I managed to avoid them sitting down after they did, on the far other side of the table. I ate fast and went up to my dormitory for my free period I finished some of the homework I was given and read a bit.






I went down to Potions knowing Potter was going to be in that class. At least Alice and Tess were in it with me and I had Charms right after. It is my favorite subject and I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself and we have karaoke tomorrow night!






I walked into potions seeing an empty seat right in the middle of Alice and Tess I took it then realized Potter and Sirius were right behind us. Oh great.






Professor Slughorn walked in he immediately caught my eye and smiled. Let’s just say he has a bit of a crush. It’s kind of creepy.






 He gave us he same speech that the rest  of the teachers have given us so far.






“This is your 7th year! Your most important. You will take Newts and they will be the most important exams of your life, blah, blah, blah.”






Of course it doesn’t help that Potter and Sirius were throwing notes at each other.






At the end of the class Slughorn held me back.






“Lily of course you are going to the slug clubs annual beginning of the year shindig?”






“I wouldn’t miss, Professor.”






“I look forward to seeing you there Miss Evans.”






“As do I.”






When I left I decided to take a shortcut through one of the passageways.






You would never guess who I saw there.



Sorry this is really short the next one wil be a lot longer swear!

Chapter 3: Cheater
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When I saw them for about 10 minutes I just stood there staring when I finally realized what was going on I ran as fast as I could to the astronomy tower. It was where I always go to think. I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe he did this to me! I loved him! I was going to have sex with him and he just went and made out with some girl! How long had this been going on? Did more people know about it?



I was openly sobbing now, tears running down my face. I could barely see in front of me so I was just stumbling along. All of a sudden I felt my body impact with something. I thought it was a wall but when I heard an “oof” I realized it was a person. Oh great.




“Sorry” I mumbled. And then started running again.



“Lily?” Oh shit. I knew that voice. I started to run faster but then he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”



“Just get away from me Potter!” I pushed him and ran up to the astronomy tower.



When I finally reached it I slid down the wall and hugged my knees to my chest. A couple minutes later I heard footsteps enter and sit next to me. I looked up and saw Potter looking down at me with concern on his face.



“I thought I told you to leave me alone!”



“I would never leave you when your hurt.” He looked so honest when he said, it just made me cry harder. Why couldn’t Zach be like that? Instead he had to cheat on me.  Potter uncertainly put his arms around me, it felt so good, I instinctively leant into him. I probably should have felt embarrassed, but I was past the point of caring.



Potter pulled me into him and I wept on his shirt while he stroked my hair. I snuggled into him further and closed my eyes.



The next thing I was conscious of was potter tucking me into something really soft. Where was I? I opened my eyes and I saw my bedroom, he must’ve carried me all the way here!


When Potter saw that I was awake he pushed my hair away from my face and whispered “It’s okay, go back to sleep.” Feeling like a little girl I buried myself in the covers and went to sleep.







I woke up the next morning with my eyes puffy and red, I was confused at first to why I was crying the day before. Then I realized.



“Oh.” All my questions and insecurities came back, but I pushed them away. I needed to talk to Zach.



I would tell him I saw him and let him explain. Before I got to get ready to go find him, there was a knock on my door.



“Who is it?”



“Potter” Shit. What if he asks what happened? I don’t think I’d be able to tell him without crying again, and that’s something I really don’t want to do, I already cried in front of him enough!



Then I realized I hadn’t said anything for about 5 minutes. Oh god, there’s nothing I can do now. So I swallowed my pride and answered the door. I couldn’t even meet his eye so I sheepishly looked at his feet.



“I just wanted to know If you were coming to classes today, if you aren’t I can just tell the teachers that you’re sick or something.” I groaned, I had forgotten about classes! I really should go, but I really don’t want to.



“Umm, I have to go find Zach but I might be there later.” Even looking at his shoes I couldn’t miss the look of disgust cross his face when I mentioned Zach’s name. “What?” At least he had the decency to look embarrassed.



“Sorry, I just don’t really likes that guy..” Yah me either, potter.






“He’s not good enough for you.” He said it so simply it made me laugh. 



“He obviously doesn’t think that.” He looked at me with a confused expression on his face. Oh no, did I say that out loud?! Guess I might as well just tell him.



“The reason I’m going to find Zach is to break up with him.” He raised an eye brow. “He cheated on me.”



He took a sharp intake of breath, he look murderously angry. I was a little scared but when he looked at me his eyes grew soft and he came and sat next to me on my bed.



“Do you want me to come with you?”



I laughed a little. “No, I think I’m good.” I thought of last night and how safe I had felt in his arms.



“Is there anything you want?” A hug, but I would never tell him



 that. So I just shook my head. “Lily, tell me the truth.” I looked up at him shocked. “I’m good at reading expressions, especially yours.” I just looked away and didn’t say anything. “Lily? Please tell me.” I was to embarrassed so I just crawled over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He immediately put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.



“If you wanted a hug all you had to do was ask.” I heard the smile in his voice.



We stayed in that position until I realized how late it was and that Zach was probably already in his first class.



“I’m gonna go find Zach.”



“Okay, come find me if you need anything, I will be in Potions.”



 When he started heading towards the door I grabbed his arm. “Wait,” He looked back at me confused. “Thanks, for everything.” He smiled








I searched the hallways looking for zach. I finally spotted him standing against the wall talking to his friend, Oliver. His face brought tears to my eyes; I took a deep breath and willed them to go away.



I braced myself to talk to him, and then I walked over. When he says me a smile appeared on his face.



“Hey Lily! I haven’t seen you all day!”



“Listen, can I talk to you?”



He looked confused, “Sure, what about?”



“You’ll find out.” I walked over to a classroom that wasn’t in use.



I turned around and the bastard tried to kiss me. I pushed him off and sent him a glare.






“I don’t think it’s working out between us.” I said trying to stop myself from crying.



“WHAT?” He screamed at me. Oh gosh this isn’t good. He looked murderously angry at me. I was starting to get scared. “You can’t break up with me!”



That annoyed me. “Then explain what I’m doing right now.”



“Making a mistake.”



“I don’t think that. I think I’m making the best decision in my life. See I saw you Zach, making out with that bimbo in the passageway yesterday.” I expected him to apologize or make excuses, no. He smirked at me.



I couldn’t hold in my tears anymore so I tried to leave but he grabbed my arm and pulled it I heard a crack and I knew it was broken.



“You aren’t going anywhere.” Tears were streaming down my face, from being scared and from my arm.  I should’ve had Potter come with me.



 I had to get out of here, so I kicked him in the balls and ran. When I finally as far as I could I assessed my arm, it had already swelled to twice its normal size. It was my wand arm too, so I couldn’t fix it on my own.



I saw a 2nd year passing, so I called out to him “Hey, can you please go to 7th year potions and tell Slughorn that James Potter is needed for Heads duties and bring him here?”



He looked scared, “Um, Sure?”



Now I had to wait. I sat down against the wall and closed my eyes, about 20 minutes later Potter came running into the corridor the 2nd year following behind him.



“Thank you,” I said to him, spying the color yellow on his robes I added “10 points to hufflepuff.” He grinned and scurried away.



Potter rushed over to me looking extremely worried. He crouched down next to me, “What happened?”



“Can you take me to the hospital wing?” my voice breaking.



He looked angry, “What did he do?” I gestured towards my arm. He looked down and tried to gently pick it up, I whimpered and He said “That bastard.” I smiled a little.



“Come on.” He stood up and grasped my good hand and pulled him up. I swayed and almost fell over but he caught me. He picked me up, bridal style and carried me all the way to the hospital wing.






I know this is an awkward spot to stop but I would’ve kept writing forever if I didn’t stop there!