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Gamble by truflehunter

Format: Novella
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 38,305
Status: WIP

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme

Genres: Fluff, Romance, Angst
Characters: OC
Pairings: OC/OC

First Published: 05/24/2010
Last Chapter: 09/02/2011
Last Updated: 09/02/2011


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~Based on two of my own charactors~
Leif Haroldson was the boy that every Slytherin wanted to be or be best mates with. With top notch marks and a top notch body he was a devastating blow to every female in Hogwarts. But when one of his mates threatens his image he takes up a challenge. Her name, Avalon Hascall. But she presents unexpected challenges and  consequences, including revealing he is not who he said he was.

Chapter 1: Mistakes
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Chapter 1 Mistakes. 

He was in every living, breathing, Slytherin’s opinion the perfect male and best mate any one could ask for. Leif Ingo Haroldson was, in the opinion of most, the best thing to ever happen to Hogwarts. And he, on a good day was inclined to agree with an amount of smugness that should not be allowed. He was in his seventh year and was making his mark. He was head boy and the best keeper that Slytherin had ever had. But Leif had a secret. One that he could not let out. It was that he was in fact, not perfect. 

Inside the Slytherin seventh year dormitory he toweled of his hair in front of the loo mirror and smiled at himself in the reflection. Dam he was handsome. He dropped the towel on the black tile floor for the house elves to take care of and stepped out into the seventh year main room. The walls were the same dark stone they had always been and the floor was still just as cold as it had been his first year here. He marched over to his trunk which was already open and had clothes exploding out of it. He dug in until he found a full kit that looked relatively clean. 

“Oi” he bellowed at the sleeping form of his best mate who lay sprawled up twisted in his black and silver sheets.”Oi, wanker.” 

The head of blond hair that was Mikko Nanson perked up then seeing the culprit of the noise making groaned and pulled the blankets up over his face. “Huuummgh” was the only sound to make it out of the bedding. 

Leif smiled and finished buttoning his white jumper. He then armed himself with his favorite dense pillow. With a whoop like a crazed owl he ambushed his best mate and hailed upon him the most brutal of blows. Mikko’s head was finally able to free its self from the mess of bedding only to get smashed by Leif’s beloved pillow. With a yowl he leapt at Leif, bedding and all, and tackled him to the floor. They fell a mostly laughing mass of black and silver and limbs. 

“Oi wanker yourself.” Mikko spat out as he untangled the rest of his body. His jab was greeted by Leif’s happy laugh.” What time is it” he said rubbing his head of blonde hair. 

“Time for eating so get some clothes on so we can go, yeah.” Leif said while knotting up his tie. Mikko nodded on his way to the loo to take the world’s quickest and most ineffective shower in the history of showers. He came out nude rubbing his hair with his towel. 

“Hey” Leif yelled” get some pants on will ya.” He yelled to his friend as he stalked to his own trunk.

It took what seemed like ages for Leif and Mikko to get to the great hall for breakfast. First day of classes and he was not excited. At least this would be the last year, then he would be faced with the even better choice of working for the rest of his life. When they entered the doors of the Hall the morning sun was shining through the ceiling filing the hall with the bright light of the new day sun. Leif sighed under his breath. This was a safe place, a place he knew. The rows of tables filled the large room as did the chatter of students and the clatter of cutlery. This at their arrival became suddenly hushed. “Ah the sound of fans.” Mikko laughed as the chatter began again when the awe that Leif had returned again to grace them with his presence wore off a bit. 

“Sadly the charm I exude does not affect the opposing Quidditch players.” He said to Mikko as the walk to the Slytherin table. 

“Or from them from shooting glares at you.” He laughed as scowls and curses were tossed their way. 

“Oi Leif,” a voice called. It belonged to the very pure blood, very amazing beater, Dario Deanangelo. Leif plopped down beside him and filled his plate with bacon and sausages. “You ready to give Gryffindor what they got coming this year?” 

Leif nodded his mouth full of the meat he had just piled on his plate.” If we don’t win the cup I think I will just toss myself at the whopping willow and be done with it.” He said with a gulp. 

“Here here.” About six boys yelled 

And with that the talk turned to girls as is to be expected from seventh year boys.”Did you see the honkers on Megean Gifford?” Ciro Fabian asked loudly.” Goes away for the summer and comes back looking like that. They are liable to topple her over.” 

“I saw them, ten gallons says I can have her in a broom closet in a week.” Allan Jones said sticking out his palm as if to collect right there. 

“I could get her in today if I wanted to, that is a ridicules bet”. Mikko retorted. 

“You wish you could, it takes more than quick mind to get a girl to snog, it takes the equipment.” Allan said standing and grabbing at his crotch. This was met with over all laughter and bits of food tossed in his direction. 

“I’ve seen your willy mate and let me tell you it is more like training gear.”Leif said with a laugh. Allan sat down quickly to the laughs of his mates before he drew too much attention to himself. 

“So what, Haroldson you think you got what it takes?” Allan said looking into his pumpkin juice. Leif could actually see the cogs in Allan’s mind turning as he watched him. 

“There is not a girl in this hall that would not jump at a chance to get a hold of his, Er, him.” Dario said for Leif. 

“Thanks mate”Lief said to Dario. 

“Yeah well in know one person who he could not get.” Allan said his head snapping up to look at Leif in his eyes mischief. 

“This sounds like a bet to me.” Mikko added leaning in close to the two boys. 

“Alright it’s a bet you want then, a bit of a wager, your skill against mine.” Leif said calmly looking at Allan. 

“Yeah that’s right. I say I can get Megean Gifford in a broom closet in a week, fair?” Allan said looking about him. The fact that Megean was a Gryffindor and the fact that Allan was a much hated Slytherin made the bet seem fair. She had at least some morals in Leif’s opinion. 

“Aright fair enough, now what must I do?” Leif cockily answered. 

“You, You, you have to make a girl fall in love with you.” Allan said beaming. 

“That’s it.” Leif chucked. 

“You have to make that girl fall in love with you.”Allan said evil smile lighting up his face as he pointed at the great hall doors. All turned at once to find Leif’s next victim. 

“Bollocks.” Was all he could say when he saw the girl who entered the hall much like a wraith. 

She was quiet and graceful and pale enough to be one. 

This was going to end badly. 

It was like time had stopped when they all spotted her and now time seemed to catch right back up to them. All turned to look back at Leif with looks of horror scrawled across their faces. 

“You got the balls mate” Allan said smugly as Leif came back to reality. 

Leif could turn it down, Merlin know he could, but then what of his honor. What of his reputation. Two things that were risking your life for in his mind.”I got the balls Allan and they are a quite a bit larger than yours.” He retorted. After the chucking of the other boys died down he then added.” But the real question is you god the quid.” His eye brows shooting up and doing a bit of a waggle. 

Her stomach was ice much like the rest of her. If there was one thing that Avalon Hascall hated more than having to attend Hogwarts was that she had to endure the crowds that came with it. It was not that she didn’t adore the school it was just that she in general hated people. She floated down the length of the Gryffindor table and sat at a deserted section of table. She placed her book bag down by her side on the bench. She kept her head down grabbed up some toast and peach slices and deposited them on her plate. She ate her toast first not bothering to butter or jam it. The quicker I eat the faster I can be out of the great hall she told herself flicking at some of her wavy brown hair. It had a bad habit of getting into her eyes which was rather bothersome. 

Avalon was at best an outcast which to any other 17 year old would be a horrible thing but it was just fine to her. She had plenty of things to fill her time when she was not in classes. And it was not that she exactly minded that other students didn’t notice her. She had her dear cousins Bryson and Cari who always waved happily to her in the halls and talked to her in the library but sadly they were both in Hufflepuff so she only got to see them on good days. She just found that instead of being social she loved to learn but it was the forbidden forest that she loved most. Filled with all mystery and with all the things a girl could wish to discover. It was there she spent most of her spare time. Though it was rather tricky getting out there but once she did she was lost in it. 

She gulped down the last of the peach slices and quickly stood grabbing her bag and making her way to the large double doors that were the exit. It was too loud in here for her.
Suddenly a body knocked her off balance and into some Ravenclaw’s who sat at their table opposite the Gryffindor’s. She bounced off them and onto the floor her bag spilling all her books onto the floor. ”Oi” a gruff male voice barked” Bloody hell watch where you’re walking you nutter.” 

She quickly pulled herself up off the floor where she had landed in a mess of limbs. The Ravenclaw’s didn’t bother to look and see what had just bummed off them. The rude Gryffindor boy left her stooped over scooping books back into her bag with a grimace on her face. Then when all was sorted she was nearly running in her escape but her ankle kept her from really putting on any kind of real speed. 

Leif had been watching the slip of a girl since she settled in to eat. She reminded him a chipmunk worried that something was going to run up and steal her food right out of her hands. It made him smile but also worry. This bird has some serious issues and it was going to take all his skills to swing her in his direction. She really was not that ghastly to look at if she was not such a weirdo he would have said she was downright pretty. She had brown wavy hair that looked soft and clean it was a bit shorter than he normally liked it was just shy of her shoulders. But overall she was not that misfortunate. With a bit of work she would be downright shaggable. And he could work with that. 

“How is your girlfriend” Mikko asked him quietly. Looking at Leif with interest. 

“She is a bit strange but there is something there that I could work with.” Leif told his friend as he watched her rise quickly and start making her escape to the doors. She looked rather pained as she rushed away and then out of no were a large Gryffindor knocked her into some Ravenclaw’s then out of sight. “Shit what a hit.” He mumbled under his breath. When she did not appear right way he thought he was about to lose by default because she had just died, killed by one in her own house but before he got to worried the little brown head popped up looking rather rumpled and worse for the wear. Then like a shot she was out of the great hall with a bit of a limp on the left side. 

“Mmmm.” He thought to himself. 

“Battle plan then” Mikko asked. 

“Indeed.” Leif nodded the quickly stood.” Well chaps im off to win a bet.” He announced and strolled out of the great hall the image of almost every girls sexual desire. His sandy blond hair was reaching past his ears. It curled in the most appealing of ways and was always in the best shape. His face was handsome to say the least with two dimples and his eyes would squint in the cutest way when he smiled really hard. But his body well his body was nothing to snigger about either. He was filled out from the countless hours blocking quaffle shots aboard his broom stick and from his summers home with his Father back in Iceland. He overall was a dashing young man with the world at his finger tips and girls at every turn. 

He tried to catch up to the girl but she was really moving even with that ankle so he just wondered around the halls until he thought of the once place she would go. Well she seemed to hate public places so he wound his way to the library to have a look see. And sure enough right when he was about to give up and return to the dormitory he saw her in her own little corner reading a book alone at a table. He watched her for a second and here in the library she seemed so much more relaxed. Her brows were furrowed slightly in concentration. She looked more like a girl and less like a wild animal now. He smiled at that thought and then looked around plotting what to do. He quickly grabbed a book at random off a shelf and shifted his bag which hung over his right shoulder carelessly. 

“Excuse me.” He asked quietly. She did not respond.”Oi you there” he badgered again. She still did not look up so he swiftly took the seat beside her at the table and plopped his bag in front of him.”Oi.” he said again and this time she looked over under her eyelashes. “Can you help me with something.” 

She looked fully at him now. Her face totally relaxed but there was a look in her eyes much like a dear ready to bolt from a hunter. When she didn’t respond he just started talking “I was wondering if you knew if this book would be helpful.” He said thrusting it at her. She took it in her hands gingerly and looked at the title and then looked at him her eyes questioning.”It’s for a bit of personal study I was just wondering if you knew anything about it.” 

She just shook her head and handed it back to him. He then got a good look at what the book was and almost swallowed his fist as he thrust it into his mouth trying to stop the laughter. It read The Sexual Practices of Trolls and Gnomes. She looked over at him looking rather peeved for him interrupting her study.”Look” he tried smoothly” I just saw you and wanted to talk to you I didn’t even look at the book, I guess I should of huh. Makes me look rather the wanker doesn’t it.” She just looked back at him not speaking.” You just look like a girl who enjoys studding and such and so do I, so I thought we would have a lot to talk about. I mean it seems you should be in Ravenclaw the amount of books you tout about. How many classes are you taking anyw…..” her hand suddenly was over his mouth stopping his words. 

Then she turned and gathered up her stuff and put her bag over her shoulder and started to leave.”Oi don’t I even get your name” he called after her. 

She turned and looked at him and simply said in a clear normal female voice.”You make too much noise”

Chapter 2: The Sexual Practices of Trolls and Gnomes
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He sat there rather stunned with his hand at his lips where she had touched him. He was dazed for one, she had not thrown herself into his strong arms two and for the three, she had in fact touched him. She had touched him and it had been gentle and soft. For these three reasons he wanted to leap up and chase after her and make her listen to his yammering and be distracted by his rather spectacular body. He shook his head a final time and stood leaving The Sexual Practices of Trolls and Gnomes on the table. The book he needed was the sexual practices of odd teenagers.

His first class was Charms which he was quite pleased to find out was shared with Gryffindor house. They all stood around Slytherin on one side of the room Gryffindor on the other waiting for Professor Flitwick to appear and assign there seats. And there in the corner of the room was his girl. She appeared to be squishing herself up against the wall as if by some means of escape. This made him bite his bottom lip trying to stifle a laugh from her ridiculous position.

Suddenly the short professor burst in the room a pile of books in his arms. He shuffled his way over to his desk where he let the books fall with a thud and then turned to regard the line of students before him.”First welcome back.”He told them in his squeak.”Since you are all seventh years and this is not your first time let us get to work right off.”

When no one moved he scowled for a bit then smiled and toddled back over to his desk picking up the parchment with their names scrawled upon it. “I’ll have to seat you then wont I.” he chortled to himself and pointed at the back row and called out the name of a rather grungy looking Gryffindor named Antius Anderson. Next a few Slytherins he knew and a few Gryffindors then he was called and he made his way to his seat which luckly was by a window. He plopped his book bag down and looked around the room to see where the girl went.

But she was already on the move and coming right to him. To his delight she took the seat at the table right next to him. She sat quickly and huddle herself up as if trying to avoid touching him even though he sat rather far off from her.”Fancy meeting you here.” He whispered to her.

She of course did not look up just started down at her hands that sat in her lap.”My name is Leif if you didn’t know.” He told her quietly “I’m head boy this year.” Still nothing in response.” Look I just want to know your name is all cant you tell me that.”

“Avalon” she said so quiet her barley caught it. He smiled smugly and sat back in his chair pleased by his charm.

“I’m Leif which I already said. I’m keeper for Slytherin have you seen me play.” He asked her his voice just as quiet as hers now.

She just shook her head and pulled out her charms book and opened it. He frowned at this and looked up to see that Flitwick had started a lecture and had scrawled a page number on the black board. Sulkily he pulled out his own book and opened to the page requested.

Classes dragged on all day for Leif. He had taken a heavy load this year to make up for the pissing he had done the years before the list included Potions, Charms, Herbology, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, Defense against the Dark arts, and Transfiguration. And Leif was delighted to find that he shared almost every class with the Avalon. This would make things much easier he decided. It would be hard for her to resist this much eye candy all the time. She may have been a loony but she was still a girl and a girl he could manage.

As he left Ancient Runes he spotted her quickly walking/running ahead of him making for the library. He smiled and put on speed himself knocking the odd first and second year aside. When he reached the library watched outside through the window in the door as she fled to the back to her table out of sight. So this is where she spent her time was it. He pushed the doors open and walked in for the second time in his life. The smell of books he had never really noticed until now and he decided her rather liked it. He could get used to spending time here. He ran his hand through his hair and made his way over to her back table. And sure enough there she sat looking very relaxed and very much like she had a few hours ago. He stood for a moment as if to analyze and he noticed her squirm under his stare and look at him from under her eye lashes. He smiled and sat down next to her and stuck out his hand at her.

“Let’s meet right and proper yeah.” He said holding it for her to take and shake.

She just looked at it for a time then looked back at him puzzled.”You take it and shake it so we have met good and proper.” He told her.

She put hers in his rather hesitantly and her gripped in gently and shook it.” So Avalon where do you come from.” She just looked at him and pulled her hand out of his slowly.”Look I know you can talk I have heard you I am just trying to be friendly.”

She furrowed her brow then replied.” I can talk I just don’t want to waste my words on something so trivial” Turning away.

He sat rather stunned for a second. No girl had ever spoken it him in such a way. Trivial!! He was rather insulted.”Oi that was pretty hurtful.” He said rubbing his chest as if pierced by some barb.

“I know you are not used to people telling you the truth about your lack of character and the fact that you are not irresistible but I know you need to hear it from someone. There for I am not going to waste my time getting to know you because you are only going to get insulted and leave.” And she was of course right. He did not just leave he stormed out of the library making Madame Pince look up rather concerned for the books sakes. Avalon watched him leave rather impassively then turned back to her books and let out a breath she did not know she was holding.

In the common room he threw his bag on the black leather couch beside the happily glowing fire and joined it with a plop. His eye brows furrowed with her words. Lack of character and not irresistible! This bird was not just a nutter she was mean on top of it all. He let out a breath and started thinking on a new plan. Charm was out of the question. She was like Sprout not swayed by his good looks and fast words. No she was different and this was going to be a challenge.

“How was the first day” Mikko said coming around the couch and sitting beside his best mate. He looked rather tired after a long first day himself but still had the light of mischief in his eyes like always.

“Horrible.” Leif groaned.

“Horrible? I take it she did not fall right on your Er, in your arms” Mikko asked grinning.

“She insulted me. Went right for the kill she did. Bout pulled my balls right off.”

Mikko laughed at his friend and tried hard the imagine the scene that had taken place. Merlin, he loved Leif but a bit of humbling was good for every bloke including him.” Well a good plan is in order I believe. Since Allan has already got Megean making eyes at him. And he is making eyes at her. Well at least certain parts of her.”

Grabbing a throw pillow Leif pushed it into his face and groaned.” This is impossible.” He said pulling it away and looking at Mikko” she is a real freak like a complete nutter.”

“She sounds perfect for you mate.”Leif glowered.”You just need a plan obviously she does not like the you that you flaunt around you need to make her a you she can fall in love with.”

“How do I do that all she does is go to classes and sit in the library. She barely even eats.” He bellowed.

“I don’t buy it, you follow her around and see what she does, ten galleons says she is doing something besides studding.”Mikko said thoughtfully.

“Like what!” Leif exclaimed.

“That is for you to find out not me.”Mikko said taking out a flask of fire whiskey and unscrewing the lid.” For the road.” He said handing it to Leif.
Leif took a gulp and handed it back getting to his feet.” I won’t be back till late.”

“That’s more like it.” Mikko cheered.

“Might get detention or points taken.” He continued.

“Here here”

“But I will follow her and find her secrets.” He turned then and stormed out of the common room in the Hogwarts cellars and back up to the library.

Chapter 3: Ruler Smack
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After about 30 minutes of vigilant watching Leif fell quite asleep his face pressed into the crack of his potions book in a very uncomfortable way. He was quickly woken a few hours later with a sharp flick to his left ear. He jerked his head up with a snap to look up at Madame Pince’s glaring eyes.

“Library is closing Mr. Haroldson.” She said rather snippily.

“Oh, yeah, right sorry.” He said closing up his book and packing up his bag while Madame Pince returned to her desk. As he walked by her desk on the way to the exit he suddenly remembered why he had come here in the first place.”Madame Pince?” he asked in a whisper.

“Yes Mr. Haroldson?” she asked annoyed he was still about.

“Did that girl Avalon already leave?”

“Ms. Hascall left only moments ago why do you ask?” She questioned her eyes searching his face.

“Oh, no reason” He said putting his hands up as if to ward her off. He put his hands back to his side and stood there a bit as Madame Pince went back to sorting books.

“Can I help you with anything else Mr. Haroldson.” Madame Pince hissed.

“I’m sorry but did you notice if she was heading back to her common room.” He asked her putting his hands on her desk.

Suddenly with a snap she slapped a ruler down on both his hands. “I don’t know what you are up to Mr. Haroldson but you leave Avalon Hascall out of it. She does not need the likes of you coming about.” She growled at him. Yeah she growled like a wild creature. With that he fled not asking another word. This whole shirking about and finding answers business was proving difficult.

Leif went back to his dormitory rather rejected. Even deduction Gryffindor points did not cheer him up. He skulked around till he had to go on patrol and wander the halls pouting. When his shift was done Leif made his way back to the common room slowly. By chance alone he spared a glance out of a window and to his surprise he saw a figure rushing off in the direction of the forbidden forest. As head boy he felt it his obligation to check out the situation which seemed shady indeed. He quickly ran to the nearest exit and followed the figure which was not much more then a speck in the distance but luckily he was able to make up a lot of ground due to his hard earned endurance on the Quidditch pitch.

He followed the figure quietly into the forest hiding behind the odd tree and bush when the figure would look over their shoulder. Finally the figure came to a stop in a clearing far into the forest. Leif took refuge behind a rather large bush and squatted down looking at the figure holding his breath as slowly the hood was removed and almost shoulder length brown hair was revealed. What really took his breath away was the face of the figure when it turned toward his hiding place. Avalon. She cast off the dark cloak to reveal a knee length sleeveless white dress which combined with her bare feet made her look rather like a forest nymph.

Suddenly a sound of hoofs to his side made him jump and almost swallow his tongue. He turned toward the sound but saw nothing but the darkness of the forest. When he turned back to look at Avalon she was calmly stacking rocks in a most curious way. One rock on top of the other until the top rock was too small to support anything. More and more little rock towers she made and to Leif’s surprise on second look of the clearing he saw that those were not the only stacks but in fact the whole space was filled with rock towers. It gave the place a rather odd other world look about it.

It was then the owner of the hoofs made an appearance as a large rather mean looking centaur. It was amazingly large and was armed with a dangerous looking bow and a full quiver of arrows. His coarse hair on his head and body was a jet black that reflected the moon light making him look almost blue. He expected the centaur to reach back into his quiver and grab one of those sharp arrows and quickly end what was Avalon but instead it came forward careful not to disturb any of the rock towers and bowed before Avalon putting out his hand which she took carefully. The centaur drew her closer to him and helped her climb onto his back. Once she was perched on him side saddle like some queen of old he flew off into the forest without a look behind him but she on the other hand did and it felt like she looked right into Leif’s soul as she rode away.

When they were out of site he let out a breath that he seemed to have been holding forever. Never did he imagine this bet would take him into the forbidden forest and into the audience of centaurs. He made his way out of the forest and back to the castle puzzling over what he had just discovered. What was she doing in the forest to begin with? How was this centaur involved? What did those stones mean and where the hell did she go? These questions were going to ruin his sleep he could just tell.

Striding into the dormitory he flopped down on his bed and pushed his face into the comforter. He turned his head and saw Mikko’s blond hair peeking out from his covers. He quickly got up and strode over and jumped onto his friend who made an audible groan. “Your back” His dear friend moaned as he was being squished.


“And troubled” he moaned again.

“She is proving to be a real mystery.” Leif told his best mate unfazed that Mikko was squirming trying to breathe under his weight. “To be honest I’m not quite sure what to think at the moment.”

“Well why don’t you get off me and we can have a conversation.” Mikko bellowed as he fought under Leif who smirked and moved. Mikko came up breathless and looking rather like an alley cat fresh from a fight with his blonde hair in disarray. “So?” he asked “Tell me the details then.”

Leif told him all about his adventure in the forest and Mikko himself was rather puzzled about the whole situation as well. “The real question is” he said “where is she going”. Leif nodded in agreement rubbing his bristly chin. “I say you take your broomstick next time and follow her. Find out what in the name of Merlin she is doing out in the Forbidden Forest with a centaur.”

Leif nodded, indeed this was a mystery he had to solve if he hoped to win the bet. Even though he had till February to have her to confess her undying love for him, he didn’t want to wait to the bloody end to get it. He had to know everything about her since the looks she threw him made him feel like she already knew everything about him. With a plan forming in his mind he left his friend and let him return to sleep and once again flopped on his bed pondering what he just learned and what he planned to do about it.

When he next saw her next all he could see was the image of her in that white dress looking so beautiful with the moon light shining on her pale skin making her light up like some angelic being. It was hard for him to imagine that this girl who sat like she was trying to disappear into her chair was the bold girl in the forest taking the hand of the dangerous looking centaur. Suddenly she turned to him and their eyes connected. Leif blushed at being caught staring and quickly turned away. But even with the embarrassment of being caught he couldn’t resist a few glances her way throughout class.

After classes had ended for the day, Avalon made her way to the library slowly lost in deep thought on the uses for fenugreek, an herb from Egypt, which they had just learned about in potions class. She sat happily alone pulling out her books pleased with herself. Then she noticed her plan for derailing Leif which she thought had worked swimmingly, had in fact failed. She had thought she had put this arse face off her trail with her comments but he was more persistent then she had given him credit for. She had been sitting happily only moments before absorbed in her Herbology book but then like a spider he crept up on her and now hung around where he was not wanted. Now she was going to have to figure out another way to lose him. “Hey” he asked her sitting down beside her. It was all she could do not to sigh audibly. “You going to play nice today or do I need to get you a muzzle.”

She shot him a look that could have killed any normal person but sadly he had an ego the size a of a baby rhino and was immune to eye shankings. And to her disgust he only smirked at her look and turned to pull out his books. He acted strange this boy. Like he knew something, she didn’t like it. But most of all she did not like him. Even though she lived her life in the shadows she was not blind or stupid for that matter. She saw how he treated girls and knew she was no exception. She spent the afternoon puzzling over this new found attention he was paying her. She decided she was the target of some bet or dare that would test his supposed honor. Boys have the most interesting ideas when it comes to values.

It was dinner time so they both packed up and made their way to the great hall. She thanked whatever deity was watching over her for shutting him up on the walk there. They separated and ate dinner in their normal fashion. She left early from her lonely table and went up to her dormitory to pick up a spare quill. On her way back to the library she saw a tall figure striding ahead of her. It was Leif and he was beating her to the library and to her spot. This is exactly why she hated people, because they were rude. Well get ready Leif to wait for a while cause I won’t be coming tonight she thought with a smirk. Sure enough he turned into the library and was out of site. Looks like the common room for me. As much as the thought of sitting out where people were liable to be about and talking loudly about things she did not care about it was better than enduring moments with that baboon.

She awoke with a start. She decided then that studying on her bed was from now on out of the question. Avalon swore as she saw the sun had already set and it was quite dark outside of her window in the girls 7th year dormitory. If she was late they would be worried maybe even upset and that was the last thing she wanted to happen. She quickly rose and stripped down and pulled her dress over her head trying not to wake the sleeping girls around her. She grabbed her cloak on the way out and flung it across her shoulders as she descended the stairs.

It was dead quiet in the common room but she did not want to stick around to find out how dead it really was. With her luck some prefect couple would be snogging on the couch and bust her. So out the port hole she flew and out into the halls of Hogwarts which by night she knew well. Better than most professors she expected which was a benefit to be sure. Quite a while back she had found a small door, quite an odd size really, that led down to the grounds. It was never lock because it was in such an odd place and an odd size. She suspected students never noticed it and professors were just as oblivious.

The moment her lungs filled with the night air as she crawled out of the awkwardly sized door she felt relaxed and quite at home. She could not understand for the life of her why people spent all their time indoors when they had such a beautiful place around them. She pulled up her hood and started walking at a quick pace to the tree line of the Forbidden Forest.

He was about to give up. He was so close he could almost feel the fire warming his frozen hands. He was plopped down and leaning his head against the castle wall keeping up watch in a semi comfortable position. Why did this girl have to be so difficult? Most birds were more interested in makeup, hair, and well him but not her. She got her kicks romping around in forests filled with wild beasts that would rather kill than look at you. He sighed and ran his hands through his hair cursing himself for getting involved with this stupid bet. Sure he had quite a lot more time to get her to fall in love with him then Allan had to get Megan into a broom closet but Megan put out a hell of a lot more then Avalon.

The truth of the matter was that this bet really didn’t even make a lot of sense it was more for bragging rights then for the money. The bet was full of loop holes like what if both succeeded or both failed. But it didn’t really seem to matter because here he sat freezing his arse off waiting for some crazy bird to show up and slink into the forest. And right on cue there she was. Leif smiled and mounted his broom and took off quietly.

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Chapter 4: Smoke Dance
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Chapter 4

The forest air was crisp and clean in her lungs. She slid through the forest touching branches as she passed feeling their essence and their virility. Her feet sucked up the life that was in the forest floor and as she walked she felt herself filled with the magic that the forest held. Though the calmness of the forest had wash over her she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. Watched over to be more specific and how right she was.




Leif soared, astride his broom, over the figure walking through the dense forest. He had trouble keeping her in his sights through the canopy of the forest but he was able to follow close enough. Soon they reached the clearing they had been to the night before and he watched from his lofty perch as she entered into the clearing and stripped down into her white dress. Again she took his breath away. Though she had no real curves to speak of like many of the girls at the school there was an elegance about the way her body moved that made him bite his bottom lip. He was transfixed by her as she stacked the stones, her bending and generally moving about put him on the edge of his broom. Oh Merlin she is a goddess he thought.





Then a centaur disrupted the spell that was being woven in that moment by entering the clearing. Leif noticed that this centaur was quite different from the one before. He was slighter then the other but looked just as dangerous. He helped Avalon on his back surprisingly gentle and they rode off through the night. It took a moment for Leif to recover and remember he was supposed to follow. He dove quickly and leveled with the forest floor sending leafs fluttering as he, like a rocket, blasted off through the foliage dodging branches and birds that seemed hell bent on knocking him off his course. He traveled for agonizing minutes just trying to stay on his broom. He was an amazing flyer, not to brag,  on the pitch but here in the forest it was a different story. He didn’t have open space to count on here within the trees. Suddenly he realized the centaur in front of him had stopped and he had to pull up or he would have, in a few feet, ran right into the centaurs hindquarters. He watched as rider and centaur entered a clearing that was full of noise and life. Leif dismounted and with broom in hand made his way quietly to the clearing edge he saw to his amazement a village of centaurs. A village right here next to the school.




There huts made from timber and mud filled the clearing making it seem like a bustling suburb. He saw as many went about their normal duties drying meat, gathering fire wood, and working on their weapons where as others went to great Avalon and her guide. Young centaurs crowded around trying to get as close as possible jabbering at her, smiles plastered on their faces. She smiled and talked back to all of them with ease laughing at jokes he couldn’t understand and giving the young ones loving caresses. This made him scowl. She could talk to these forest creatures but not to him. They were not even her own species. He got over his disgruntlement quickly as Avalon excused herself and went down a well marked path on the other side of the clearing. When she left all turned and watched her go and an eerie silence fell over the group.




He quickly remounted his broom and flew over the clearing and landed on the other side right on the path. He followed quietly hoping that she had not ducked off the path because she was too far ahead to be seen. He had walked for a mile and was about to give up when he heard the crackling of a fire. He leapt off the path and continued in the protection of the woods. Ducking over branches and stepping over jutting roots he came to one final clearing and in it contained a small babbling water fall that fell into a clear quiet pond. Beside the pond was a small burning fire. It was made with green wood so it gave off a thick smoke that was sweet in smell. He looked about for Avalon but couldn’t find her when suddenly a head burst out of the pond. It flung its hair back in a dramatic fashion then ran its fingers through it pushing it back away from her face. Her face! Avalon’s face. She slowly swam to the edge of the pond and walked out of the pond her white dress translucent and sticking to her body.




Leif about swallowed his tongue as he saw her in the moonlight. Just when he thought nothing better could happen she walked over to the fire. She got onto her knees and put on the burning logs small clipping of plants he didn’t know. The smoke turned odd shades of green and yellow as they burned Avalon started a chant in a language he didn’t understand or had even heard before. Things took a turn for the ridiculous when she pulled the hem of her dress over her head and pulled the sticking fabric off her body leaving her naked in the moonlight. Leif literally collapsed to his knees. He was gripping onto a tree so hard that the rough bark was cutting into his hands letting little droplets of blood ooze out of the wounds. She was a bloody goddess!


Avalon stood and continued her chant and used her hands to fan the smoke toward her and it danced over her body as it made its way up to the night sky. Then suddenly, with one harsh word, the fire was extinguished. The glow that filled the clearing was gone and Leif blinked trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness once more. He heard a movement on the path beside him and figured it was Avalon making her way back to the centaur village so he mounted his broom and burst up out of the canopy and into the open night air. He rode as quickly as possible back the castle trying not to fall off due to his …. awkward situation. 



Mikko was of course awake as he burst into the dormitory. The other boys had all climbed into bed and had fallen asleep hour ago. Leif stumbled in and stiffly walked to his bed.



“Oi what is your problem” Mikko asked with raised eye brows.


“I have just seen something that I could never have imagined.” Leif said rather dramatically gasping in his breath.



“No way! Is she boinking that centaur like bestiality.” Mikko asked his eyes big.


Leif stopped his dramatic antics and looked at Mikko in disgust.” Eww, No!” he exclaimed.



Mikko opened his mouth as if to speak but then only shrugged and listened to Leif who had  returned to his dramatic state and started filling him in. “I saw her naked.” He finally blurted out. 



“Naked?” Mikko asked.



“Naked” He confirmed.


“How naked?"


“All the way naked?"



“How was it?”



“Nice to say the least, she has a rocking bod to be sure.” Leif sighed lying back on his bed as if too exhausted to sit up any longer now that the information had been revealed.



“So shag worthy?”



“Shag worth, shag worth! That doesn’t even start to cover it!” he said now bolting upright.

“Well at least you have that because other than that she seems like a bloody loon to me,”Mikko paused for a moment.”



Wait I’m confused, explain how did you see her naked.”



“She stripped down and was doing some sort of weird old spell with some fire and smoke and it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. Viola gave me a strip tease once and that about blew my socks off but this was like triple as amazing as that.”



 “You really are a lucky bastard you know that.” Mikko sounded rather gruntled. “Wait Viola Henry that girl from Hufflepuff?”


 “When did that happen?” Mikko said exasperated.

“Like 5th year why?” Leif said unconcerned

.“She was dating Dario all 5th year.” He said his eyes narrowing. 

“Oh yeah that’s right.”

Leif smiled wistfully at the revelation.

“You are such a twat.”

Leif barked out a laugh then quieted at the moans of the boys around him. “No I’m not a twat but I sure get a lot of it.”

Mikko gave a sarcastic laugh and launched a pillow right at Leif’s smirking face which he caught easily and put under his head as he lay back on his bed to think of a plan. This gathered information could be put to good use if only he could formulate the perfect way to put it into affect. But it was rather hard to formulate anything at the moment when all he could see when he closed his eyes was that bloody smoke. He need a shower he decided a cold one.

Chapter 5: Volcanic Activity
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Chapter 5

Sitting in the great hall for breakfast it was hard for Leif to keep his mind out of the gutter or the forest to be more precise. “Hey Leif how goes it with the batty one.” Allen said with a smirk. “ I hope well cause me and Megean are ready to take it to the next level if you know what I mean.”

“No Allen, I don’t know what you mean, care to tell us.” Leif said rather on edge.

“Well when a girl loves a boy a lot she likes to do things for him. Amazing things ..” Allen started his face blissful.

“Right I’m going to stop you there, and just leave it, cause I really don’t want to hear what you have to say.” Leif said taking a drink from his tea. The boys all around snickered as Allan glared.

“When does Quidditch practice start up this year?” Mikko started trying to bring Leif out of this black mood.

“Yeah.” Piped in Dario from Mikko’s side. “When do we get to kill Gryffindors?”

Leif rubbed his stubble covered chin and gave a wistful smiled. “Well tryouts will be next week on Monday. And I think we will start practice on the Monday after that.”

“So soon?” Complained Ciro.

“You want to win Ciro?” Leif barked.

“Yeah I guess.”

“Good then you will be at every practice this year, on time, so we can show those Gryffindors who owns that pitch.” Cheers came from all round even a weak one from Ciro who saw the time with his girlfriend quickly slipping away.


Avalon skirted through the halls trying harder than normal to keep herself out of view. The last thing she needed right now was that baboon coming and ruining her study time. She let out a breath as she walked into the library. Finally safe she thought as she made her way to the back table. She was even in such a good mood she gave Madame Pince a smile if you could call it that. But the look that Madame Pince gave her made her falter in her steps. Her eyes seemed to say My God girl run run while you still can. But Avalon ignored the warning and by Merlin’s beard she wished she had not.

As she rounded a book shelf she came face to face with a smirking Leif Haroldson. “Ah Avalon I’m so glad you decided to join me. Care to sit.” He said grabbing her arm and depositing her in a chair at the now hated table. He sat down across from her and leaned back in his chair his hands resting on the back of his head and he had the most annoying smirk on his face. They sat that way for quite a while before she sighed and pulled out her charms book and flipped it open.

“I was wondering if you would go to Hogsmeade with me.” His voice so full of confidence she was surprised he didn’t choke on it as it come out of his mouth.

“Umm.. not that does not sound inviting but I am going to have to say no.” she said not even looking up from her book her voice dry with sarcasm.

Sarcasm really really. He was furious at her insolence but kept his surface just as cool and cocky as always. “Are you sure it would provide a free meal and you could be seen on the arm of the most attractive boy in the whole school.” He tried again not wanting to bring out the big guns just yet.

“Yeah I’m sure.” She said flipping the page.

Leif leaned forward across the table till his face was close to hers and gave a little smirk. She looked at him from under her eyelashes and waited for what he had to say. Which was about to destroy her day/week/year. “Well that’s just fine with me Avalon I guess I will just have to tell the head master about your visits to the forbidden forest at all hours of the night.”

That got her attention. Her head shot up and her eyes opened wide in disbelief. “How did you find out?” she demanded her voice rather shrill, this made him smirk even wider. She glared in response.

“If you’re going to play with centaurs in the forest I think you need to be a little more careful.” He said pulling away.

“What do you know.” She asked her voice accusingly.

“Oh I think we both know the answer to that question.” She wanted to slap that smirk right off his mouth and his mouth right off his face. “So I will be meeting you at let’s say 11 outside your common room.” He took her silence and glare for a yes. “Alright splendid can’t wait.” With that he left her to stew and to feel totally cheated not to mention violated.


True to his bloody word he stood leaned up against the wall outside of the portrait hole with a smirk on his face. He was dressed sharply in a pair of muggle jeans and a rather soft looking gray wool coat, upon seeing his clothes she looked down at her uniform slightly embarrassed. “You’re late.” Was his greeting as he pushed of the wall and came over to walk with her.

Maybe if I don’t talk he will get bored and just leave me alone she decided. Well what she didn’t bet on was the fact that Leif could talk and talk and talk and not seemed phased at all that she was not responding. In fact he seemed to be enjoying it

“So that is how me and Mikko became mates.” He finished as he looped his arm though hers as they reached the path to Hogsmeade. She looked up at him and he looked down at her and gave her a smile that would normally make all the girls melt. And Avalon realized suddenly her knees were becoming a little melty as well so she quickly looked up the path. Leif smirked and joined her gaze and to his delight he saw Allan with Megean draped over him. When Allan saw Leif and who his companion was the grin on his handsome face vanished and was replaced with a look of slack jaw awe. Leif smiled even broader and pulled Avalon even closer to his side. “Allan how good to see you out and about” Leif said as they came along side the other couple. “This is my date Avalon and I imagine this is Megean.” He said happily.

“So nice to meet you.” Megean said sweetly sticking out what hand was not buried in the depths that was Allan. Leif felt a little sorry for Megean she seemed a nice girl and she was saddled with a wanker like Allan. “and it is nice to meet you to Avalon .” she said kindly holding out her hand but Avalon didn’t even bother to look up to see it extended she kept her eyes on her shoes avoiding all eye contact.

He nudged her and said “It looks like we are shy today.” rather like you would say about a child which made her blood boil. “Well it was a pleasure seeing you.” He told them excusing Avalon and himself and continued on the way to Hogsmeade still talking a mile a minute. “Well that was fun wasn’t it?” He laughed pulling her along.

Avalon managed to zone him out and take in her surroundings which were beautiful. The road they walked on was fenced around with low stone walls and beyond those were fields of tall green grass and wild flowers which still glittered with dew from the morning. The sun shone brightly which was rare here in Scotland.  “Are you listening?” he asked suddenly his voice slightly irritated.


“I asked if you wanted to go get some food.” He looked down at her his eyes narrowed. She only shrugged and he narrowed his eyes even more so. “Well I’m hungry and since you don’t care I guess we will get some fish and chips.” With that he whisked her to little shabby building with a hanging sign with 3 very old looking broomsticks carved on it. The establishment smelled rather like a locker room would she decided, like to many bodies mashed together and old food. They found a cramped table in the corner and sat down and for once Leif wasn’t talking, he was only looking at her annoyed. He realized now she had been ignoring him the entire time they had been walking here.   She liked him better when he was talking she decided.

The waiter came over and asked them what they fancied. “Two fish and chips and two butter beers.” Leif said not even taking a look at the menu the waiter was holding out for him to grab.

“Right I will get that right out.” He said and like a flash he was gone disappearing back into the sea of bodies.

“Well, tell me about yourself.” He said spinning his ring on the table top. It made the most annoying whirring sound as it spun on the rough table top. Like a snake Avalon’s hand shot out and slammed the ring into the table with the palm of her hand. Leif looked so startled she almost laughed.

“I don’t like loud or annoying sounds as I think you have gathered.” She hissed as she brought her hand back into her lap.

“Well now we are getting somewhere.” Leif perked up and slipped his ring back on. “Now where are you from?”

Avalon sighed and slumped back in the booth. “I’m from a town called Barry in Wales.” She said finally.

“Hmm Barry you say. I’ve never heard of it. I myself am from Reykjavik if you can believe that.” He said as the waiter gave them their food and drinks.

“Is that all kiddies.” The waiter asked.

“Yeah yeah.” Leif said waving him off.

“Reykjavik really?” Avalon said perking up “I have always wanted to visit there the volcanic activity in Iceland is really quite amazing.”

“Yeah, I really don’t know much about that.” He said taking a drink dismissing the subject.

“If you’re from Iceland how are you able to go to Hogwarts.” She asked her eyebrows raised.

“My family has 2 estates one in Reykjavik and one in Scotland so I was able to come because I have an address in the UK. Not to mention my father came here as well.” He told her looking smug at the fact that he was so rich Avalon was not as impressed as he seemed to be.

After that little chat they both sat in awkward silence till Leif finished his food and butter beer. When he looked over he found that her plate was all but full and so was her mug. Well that was a waste of 10 quid he thought standing. “I’m going to pay.” With that he left her and entered the throng of bodies. Avalon sat for a while but the lack of natural sunlight and the horrible smell made her feel so claustrophobic she had to get out of there or she was sure she would explode. She made her escape towards the door trying desperately not to touch any of the people who seemed hell bent on getting in between her and that door.  She finally burst through the doors and out into the open air which she breathed in greedily rather like a fish tossed back into water.

When she got her heart beat back to normal she set off to explore. Yeah so she ditched Leif but oh well maybe next time he would be smart enough not to trust her she thought with a smile. When she looked down the main drag through Hogsmeade she saw down the left side the forest start to be visible and she could just make out the outline of a rather dilapidated looking house set up on a hill. Her interest peeked and she made her was avoiding the many students who clogged the normally barren main street.


Leif was furious. He had bought her a meal and a drink and even let her loop her small thin arm in his rather large and muscular one and she ditched him. He shoved into the doors and they opened there hinges cracking and creaking at the force he applied.  He stormed out into the streets shoving down a rather unlucky 3 year who happened to get relatively close to him. As he made his way down the street he close lined a few more third years and maybe punched a rather smug looking Gryffindor he was unsure it was a bit of a blur. He finally shoved his hands in the pockets of his gray wool coat and stomped his way to the shrieking shack so he could throw rocks at is. It was therapeutic ok!

As he made his way to the shack he bent down and picked up stones that caught his eye and put them in his pockets. When he reached the stone wall that surrounded the rather crushed looking structure he hopped up and sat letting his feet dangle above the ground. There he sat chucking his pre selected stones at the windows and metal gutters only getting satisfaction when glass shattered or the metal gave out a pang.


Avalon skidded to a halt. Did the fates really hate her so much? She had continued up the path to see if there was a better view of the shack from farther up the road but unfortunately she had no such luck. Now she had made her way back to find none other but the bane of her existence sitting on the wall right in front of the best view of the building. She quietly started backing peddling and trying to get back to where she had just come from when he looked over and spotted her. Damnation! There was no way to just pretend she hadn’t seen him since she was walking backwards and looking so guilty.

“Hey there you are.” He said happily hopping off the wall and coming over to her. She let out a final sigh and admitted defeat. “Thanks for hanging at the pub for me.” He said sarcastically.

“Yeah sorry but it was a bit too crowded in there for me.” She said tucking some hair behind her ear.

“Yeah I’m sure.” He said putting his hands back in his jacket pockets. They stood like that rather awkwardly. Why does he keep following me we have nothing to say to each other, we have nothing in common she thought angrily wrapping her arms around herself.

“Wow did you see that.” He said suddenly looking at the tree line of the forbidden forest.

“No.” she said turning her head to join him in the surveillance.

“Did you see that.” He said pointing at something she could just make out. “Come on lets go see what it is.” He said wrapping his arm around her shoulders and leading her off toward the forest. “You really can’t see that?” his voice rather smug.

“Yes I can see it I just don’t know what it is yet.” She said rather snippily. This made him smile more. Ah so she did have emotions he thought with a smirk. As they approached the tree line she saw what it was and let a rare smile upturn her lips. It was a threstral. It stood in the green of the forest the black contrasting the green.

“What the hell is that?” Leif’s voice said interrupting her thoughts. “It is like a zombie horse.”

“Don’t you read at all.” She asked looking up at him.

“Yeah I read.” He said defensively. “When it is worth reading.”

“Well if you had read or even paid attention to Care of Magical Creatures you would know that this is a threstral.” Her voice filled with wonder. “They are so magnificent aren’t they?”

Creepy more like Leif thought but he didn’t want to annoy her further.

“Come on his herd must be close.” She said tightening her grip on his arm and this time she dragged him into the cool darkness of the forest. They soon heard the sound of hoofs and a few whinny’s. Avalon let go of his arm and took off in front of him. He had to smile at her excitement it was infectious. As they walked further the trees grew farther apart and just up ahead a large herd of thestrals grazed giving the forest an eerie look.

“Aren’t they majestic?” Avalon said her voice filled with awe. With that she left him and went to walk among them. He reached out and grabbed her arm to stop her but she was too quick. He gritted his teeth stepped forward as well. There was no way he would look the coward. Unlike Leif, Avalon seemed to float among them rather like a creature of the forest herself while Leif seemed totally like a fish out of water. A few of the young were curious enough to approach them which made Avalon grin from ear to ear. Here she was again giving wild animals smiles that he had never seen grace her face before. I guess I will just have to turn into a horse before she notices me   he decided bitterly. But at that moment she turned to him smiling quieting his thoughts “Come on maybe they will let you pet them too.” She said reaching her hand out for him.

Her smile made him gulp and he took her hand gingerly. Her smile light up her face making her even more beautiful. “Don’t be scared they are just babies.” She said almost enjoying his fear.

“I’m not s-s-scarred.” He insisted.

She only nodded, a knowing look on her face, and took his hand in hers and placed his it on one of the small thestrals noses. “You know what is so amazing about thestrals?” she asked quietly

He only shook his head looking down at  her hand still over top of his.

“You can only see them if you have seen death.” Her voice was quiet but seemed to still boom in his ears. He looked down at her to see her looking up at him with wondering eyes. He quickly looked away.

“So you can see them too?” he asked pulling his hand away and putting it along with his other in his jacket pockets.

“Yes I can see them” she said turning back to the ghostly animals smiling and rubbing the young ones nose. “Hunting must be bad.” She said simply.

“Why do you say that.” He asked curious.

“Thestrals mostly hunt live prey it is very uncommon for them to eat plants.” She said her head cocked as if really trying to puzzle something out.

Suddenly there was a shift in the whole atmosphere. The thestrals stamped there hoofs and they whinnied nervously. The air seemed to grow thick and their surroundings darkened almost as if a storm and blown in. Leif felt so uneasy he almost bolted.

“What’s going on?” He asked nervously stepping closer to Avalon.

At first she just looked like she was focusing hard but then her face paled. “We need to leave.” She said flatly. “Now.” She grabbed his arm and started to drag him out of the forest. Leif happily followed he felt so uneasy he would have picked her up and carried her out if he had a chance.  When they got back to the road she did not even slow she kept on walking not looking back.

“Hey,” Leif said coming to a stop “what the hell was that?”

She didn’t answer she just let go of his arm and kept walking.

“Hey” he called running to catch up with her. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. “What was that out there.” He asked again firmly.

“I don’t know what it is.” She said her voice filled with dismay. “But I do know it does not belong.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean all those creatures, they belong in that forest, it is natural for them to be there whatever that was, it does not belong there.” She shook off his arms and continued on her way. “Come on” she called. “We need to get as far away as possible.”

“What do you know about that.” He said after he had caught up with her.

“Not enough to say anything but it is dangerous.” She said looking at him. “That forest is not a safe place to just go adventuring in. We should never have gone in there.”

“Are you kidding me?” Leif exclaimed. “You go in there all the time by yourself and get naked.”

She pinched his arm. “Will you be quiet.” She sighed and blushed embarrassed.

“Sorry” he grumbled.

“I can go in there, I have protection unlike you” she told him kicking at a stone in their path.

“Like in need protection.” He laughed.

She skidded to a halt. “Yes you do.” She said giving him a serious look. “That forest is dangerous even for a hot shot like you.”

Leif just nodded and continued walking leaving her behind this time. He whistled absently as she jogged to keep up with his pace.

“You are really not this pompous are you?” she asked looking up at him.

He barked out a laugh. “What does that even mean?”

“This is like an act right?’” she said her eyes focusing on him as if trying to read the answer in his face. “You really are not this self absorbed.”

“I’m not self absorbed I’m just confident.” He told her with a smirk.

She only raised her eye brows and turned back to the path. When they reach the village the sun was setting and most students had wandered back to Hogwarts. “Shall we head home then.” He asked her taking her hand in his. She tried to wiggle it free but he only tightened his grip. So she nodded and they went back to the castle that way hand in hand. But unlike most couples Avalon was not snuggled against his side rather she was trying to keep as much distance between them as humanly possible. Making them an awkward sight indeed.

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Chapter 6: Memories?
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Chapter 6

Avalon smiled happily in the mirror. It was a new day and if she played her cards right she could avoid Leif and study in silence. She put on her robes and grabbed her bag off her bed and gave one final smile and headed down the stairs of the dormitory and through the common room. To her delight no one looked up when she walked past. Ah to be ignored you don’t know how much you miss it till it’s gone she thought a spring in her step. That spring vanished the moment she came out of the portrait hole. Smirking and in his signature lean was Leif. She tried to quickly dive back into the opening before he got to her but he was fast damn him. He snagged her elbow and pulled her out laughing ‘Where you off to then.”  

                “Don’t you have head boy things to do?”She asked her voice a hiss. This only made him chuckle.

                “It’s called delegation love. What do you think those prefects are for.” He told her. She glowered and shoved her hands in her robes pockets. He only smiled and fished for one and pulled it out weaving his fingers in hers. “Come on we don’t want to miss breakfast.” He said dragging her along. She scowled. Well her day was ruined.

                When they entered the great hall he was laughing at a joke he had just told and the whole school turned at the sound of his laugh going silent. The quiet was deafening to Avalon. She normally loved the quiet but this was different. She could feel all their eyes on her, looking her over, judging her. All those horrible memories flooded back making her go ridged and pale. Leif felt her demeanor change and looked down at her to find she was even paler than normal which was quite a feat.

                “Avalon?” he asked quietly. She looked up at him her eyes brimmed with tears and she tore her hand away from him and fled the great hall. She heard the laughter as she ran but she didn’t turn back she just kept running, yes running, running was safe.

                Leif glared at the howling Slytherin table and turned to follow after her. He found her in her normal hiding place with her face in her hands sniffling with her charms book open on the table. He had to smile at this even in tears she had a book open. He sat next to her and pulled her hands from her face and wove his fingers in them even though they were wet with her tears.

                “Why are you doing this.” She asked her voice strangely calm not matching her exterior.

                “Doing what?” he asked his voice innocent.

                She looked at him from under her eyelashes. “All of this I know you don’t like me I just don’t understand why you won’t leave me alone. Is it some kind of sick joke you have going with your friends?”  

                Leif was rather caught off guard and sat there silent for a second trying to think of a good response. He realized that the silence was not working in his favor so he quickly shook his head. “No Avalon it is not some sick joke.” It’s some sick bet he thought.

                She lifted her head and looked him square in the eyes. “Tell me, look me square in the eyes and tell me this is not some joke, some game you are playing.” She demanded.

                Leif about swallowed his Adams apple when his eyes came in contact with hers. They were like bottomless orbs that sucked all the life out of him. “It is not a joke or stupid game.” He heard his voice say. He was having a bloody out of body experience!  She looked at him her eyes trying to read his face trying to find the truth in his words and he just stared back rather like a fish unblinking. Finally after what seemed like hours she nodded and turned away whipping her eyes. He let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. When she turned back to him he quickly put a smile back on.

                “If it is not some game or joke then how did you pick me. And don’t just tell me you noticed me my specialty was staying under the radar?” she asked him her eyes hard.

                He chuckled as the memory came flooding back to him. “Well if I remember right it was the moment that large boorish Gryffindor knocked you arse over kettle in the great hall. You went flying across the room and into some Ravenclaws.” She too cracked a smile. “I thought for a moment he had killed you on the spot and they would have to scrape you up off the ground.” Avalon looked up at him giggling. It was at that moment that he decided it was his mission in life to make her laugh more often hopefully at his clever jokes.

                He stood and pulled her up with him “Come on, let’s go piddle about before Charms.” He told her grabbing her bag off the table and throwing it over his shoulder. She smiled and grabbed her book of the table and let him lead her out of the library hand in hand. As they left Madame Pince gave Leif a disapproving look which he just returned with a winning smile.

                During class Leif received a note from Professor Snape asking him to join him in his office after his class was finished. Leif groaned and folded the note up and stored it safely in his text. The meeting with Snape went as well as expected.

                “We must destroy Gryffindor.” He boomed from behind his desk. Leif nodded in agreement from where he sat across the desk. Snape stood and went over to a book shelf and studied it for a moment. “McGonagall has won every year I have been here. House cup Quidditch cup everything.” He turned his serious eyes back to Leif who tried not to look bored. “We will win this year.”

                “Of course Professor.” Leif agreed

                “I mean it. If you don’t win this first game you will be stripped of your captains station and off the bloody team.” Snape growled.

                Leif stood in indignation. “Are you bloody mad? If you get rid of me you will destroy the team’s chance!”

                “You don’t want that on your conscious do you? The fact that you caused the whole teams down fall. Won’t be so bloody popular then would you Haroldson?” Snape said sitting. “Unlike the rest of the rabble out there I know all about you and the family you come from. Your little bits of acting don’t fool me.”

                Leif sat back down his blood boiling. “I’ll win Professor.”

                “That’s right. A little bit more seriousness out of you. When does practice start?” Snape asked his voice greasy.


                “Good.” Snape sat back in his chair relaxed. “You may go now. Don’t be late for your next class the last thing I need is more flack for your idiocy.” He said waving him off lazily. Leif stood on shaky legs and tried to calmly leave the office not wanting to give Snape the satisfaction of knowing how out of control he really was.

                He stewed all through Ancient Runes and History of Magic zoning out the droning of the teachers and focused on not exploding and yelling at the top of his lungs. He didn’t even notice Avalon sneaking looks at him from where she sat across the room.

                Avalon scolded herself. Why did she care if he was upset? Stop looking at him she told herself he will be just fine. In fact he looked rather like he could murder someone. She figured it had to do with the note he received in Charms. But why did she care she asked again blocking him from her mind. She didn’t care she didn’t care one bit. Well one final glance couldn’t hurt she decided. No, no she couldn’t trust him. What he said in the library was nice and pretty but she couldn’t trust him wont trust him.

                After classes Leif was almost too upset to remember he had other missions to complete. Namely conquering Avalon. So he cut through halls and traveled down stairs till he reached the library. He smiled almost excited by the prospect of spending time with her. Almost he told himself this is business.  But to his displeasure when he rounded the book shelves to their back table she was not there. Well damn that took the smile right off his face. As he skulked out of the library Madame Pince gave him a triumphant smile much like the one he had given her earlier today. He in return gave her a similar glare. So the tides had turned it seemed.   



Chapter 7: Black Lake Magic
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Chapter 7



                Rather dejected Leif wandered around the castle looking for her in every dark nook and cranny. He didn’t bother to ask people if they had seen her because he knew their response would be much like his “ Ava who?” so he just stomped around looking for her his mood quickly turning black.


Finally defeated he left the castle and walked over to the black lake. It glittered today making it even more magical than normal. As he approached his favorite leaning tree he discover someone had already claimed it. He frowned, well today was just not his day. But then he smiled. That someone happened to be the exact person he was searching for. He stalked over so pleased with himself. When he reached her he watched her for a moment as she read her book intently her elbows resting on her knees and her hands propping up her head. She looked so child like at the moment sitting cross legged under the tree a book in her lap.


 “Trying to lose me were you.” He finally said. Avalon about jumped out of her skin and whirled around her hand over her chest as if she was worried her heart would make a run for it. “Sorry” He chuckled plopping down beside her. “Didn’t mean to give you a fright.”


 She just panted lightly in response. He stretched out his legs and laid back propped up on an elbow he looked over at her. “Well slagging me off were you.” He said his voice light now she noticed. Whatever was bugging him before seemed to be gone now.


 “Sorry I didn’t know we were supposed to be meeting.” She said looking back at her book and flipping the page.


 “No but you were not in the library.”


 “Well you found that hiding spot so I had to find a new one. Much good it did me though cause here you are.” She flipped the page again. He smiled she obviously was not reading. He reached up and grabbed one of the hands that was under her chin. She watched him as he wove his fingers in hers.


 “I’ll always find you.” He told her with a smile.


 “Why do you do that.” She asked quietly.


 “Do what track you down?” he laughed.


“Well yes but why do you hold my hand.” She finally answered after a pause.


 “Cause I like it.” He told her kissing her hand softly. “And it fits perfect in mine see.” He said showing her their intertwined hands.


“I don’t think I like it.” She said trying to wiggle her hand free.


 He only laughed and tightened his grip pulling their hands to his chest. “You will.” He looked away from her then and out over the water. She took the opportunity to study the lines of his face. With a small smile she finally admitted that he lived up to the hype. His features were too hard to be angelic but soft enough not to be harsh. He looked over at her sensing her scrutiny.


 “I have to go back to the forest” she started tensely. “I really want to ask you not to follow me again.”


He looked back over the water as if drawing his answer from the lakes depths. He looked back to her and nodded finally. Avalon let out a huge breath and almost giggled with her excitement. “I can’t promise I won’t miss that body in the moon light though.” He told her with a smug look on his face looking her up and down. She turned about as red as a beet and he laughed. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.”


She gave him a look that said I think you could have but she didn’t comment further.


 “Why do you go out there anyway.” He asked finally his curiosity too great.


 “It’s for protection.” She told him.


 “You getting down to you birthday is for protection.” He laughed.


She glowered “No it is a spell. And it’s not for me it is for the centaurs so don’t look at me like that.”


 “Well how did this little fun job become available to you.” He asked smirking. “Did they see your work and decide to take you on, lord knows I would.”


“Enough of that.” She told him flicking his nose. He laughed and waited for her to go on. “They approached me about three years ago. I had been in the forest since I arrived here you see, and they had always kept an eye on me and when they realized, I like them, cared for the forest they asked me for my help.”


 “But why do they need a witch’s help they have their own magic.” He said pleased that he knew something about the topic.


 “Yes but our magic is much more advanced, much more complex, our effects more lasting.” She said trying to keep her brain focused. The little parasite was rubbing her thumb with his own in a very distracting way.


 “What I don’t get is why they let you adventure about in the forest to begin with.” He said smirking. “They don’t take kindly to threats.”


Avalon smiled down at him. “Do I look much like a threat?


 “Well that matters on what you mean by threat?” he said with a wicked smile. She chose to ignore the comment. “What are you protecting them from?” he asked serious now.


 “I told you already I don’t rightly know.” She sighed and looked over the waters of the black lake.


 “Wait a pinch is it that thing, that thing in the forest from yesterday.” He exclaimed. Just thinking back to that memory brought back chills.


 “Yes I think so. I have never come so close to it before.” She told him. “It was stupid for us to go in there alone.”


 “Why don’t you tell anyone about this? Dumbledore should know don’t you think?” he asked.


 “And get expelled in the process, the forest is forbidden as you well know hence the name forbidden forest.” She sighed deeply and looked over at him. “No I can’t tell anyone I can just keep doing what I’m doing.”


 “Which is exactly? A protection spell I gathered that but what kind of spell demands you get in your birthday.” He asked rubbing her palm now.


 “Well again if you read anything you would notice it is old magic. Magic in the old days was very intertwined with the earth and nature. Most spell demanded that you go to your basic most natural form example nudity.” She ground out the last word seeing his eyes laughing.


“I wish we still used that sort of magic more often.” he laughed.


 “No you don’t. it is very draining physically. It demands more from you then the simple incantations that we use today.”


 “Did you find out about this spell from your little centaurs?” he asked examining her mouth as she spoke.


 “No I found it.”


 “Where I need to look up this old magic add it to the vault.”


 “You wouldn’t be able to find it.” She told him mildly.


“Why is that?” he demanded.


 She stood then her hand slipping from his. She looked down at him her arms held her book to her chest crossed. “Because it is in the restricted section and there is no way madam Pince would allow you in there.”


 “Oh is that so” he said looking up at her.


“Yes.” She gave him what he imagined was her smug smile.


“Why is that?”


 “Because she hates you.” She turned and left him laying there a smile playing on her lips. She turned one last time to look at him “there are still some people you can’t charm.”


“We will see about that.” He called after her.





Chapter 8: Deul For The Woman
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Chapter 8

Leif decided to forgo his pestering of Avalon until after breakfast. His day was going bloody splendidly. He sat around the Slytherin table with his mates talking Quidditch and strategy and of course girls.

“Well did you see her?” Dario asked Leif who had zoned out for a moment.

“Hmm.. Who?”

“Umm only the hottest girl on the pitch you tosser! Madeline Jeffrey!” Dario was outraged.

 “Ravenclaw right?” Leif said.

 “Yes of course she is in Ravenclaw haven’t you been listening to anything we have been saying for the last 20 minutes.” Dario exclaimed.

 “Sorry mate my mind has been on other things.” Leif laughed good naturedly.

 “That’s right how did your little date go with our favorite Gryffindor.” Allen asked his voice sounding almost as greasy as Snape’s.

 A little smile crept to his lips before he could stop it. All the boys scooted a little closer and made ooooos and aaaahs.

 “Did you snog?!”

 “Did you get her shirt off?”

 “Is she good in the sack?”

 “I never kiss and tell ladies.” Leif said with a smirk. He was lying of course he in fact always kissed and told but since he had not yet kissed Avalon he thought it better to leave it a mystery for the lads.

 “I bet he did get with her.” Ciro grumbled. “You really are a master Leif.”

 “Well when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.” He said cockily.

 “Looks like someone else has got it as well. I’m surprised I would have never guessed your girl was a closet skank Leif.” Allen said with satisfied smirk.

 “What.” Leif exclaimed his back was to the entrance to the Great Hall so he whipped around to see who was entering. To his surprise he saw Avalon, that its self was not really a surprise, and another bloke. A handsome young bloke. They hurried to the Gryffindor table and sat down their eyes locked on each others. “Who the hell does he think he is.”

 “You’re losing your touch lad.” Allen laughed. “I mean by Merlin he is a Hufflepuff.”

 Leif looked back over to where she sat with the mystery Hufflepuff and saw him reach across the table and take her hands in his. “That lad is not diddling about Leif.” Dario teased. “Looks like you’ve got some competition.” They all laughed and Leif saw red. He started to stand when Mikko who was sitting beside him grabbed his arm and yanked him back down.

 “This is not the time or the place.” He said so quietly that only Leif could hear him. His blood was boiling as he watched the two talking quietly alone in their own little world. She never looked at him like that when they talked, in fact she barely looked at him when they talked and for the most part he did all the talking. Jealousy was a snaking its way through every part of his body.

 Then it took a turn for the crazy. The Hufflepuff leaned over and softly gave her a kiss on the cheek then quickly left the Great Hall. Yeah you better run Leif thought as the Hufflepuff made it safely to the exit. He turned his rage filled eyes on Avalon who sat slumped over a plate of food looking like a feral animal as always.


 Avalon was enjoying her quiet morning walk to the Great Hall when she ran into none other than her dear cousin Bryson who was headed down to breakfast as well.

 “Me and Cari have been worried about you Ava.” He told her in a hushed tone as he took her book bag and slung it over his free shoulder.

 “Worried, why?” she asked him her voice matching his low tone.

 “We saw you enter the Great Hall with that great monkey Haroldson.” He said as they made their way to the great hall. She smiled at his description of Leif and agreed with it. He was rather like a gorilla always walking about pounding his chest showing how great and strong he was. “Has he taken a fancy to you or what?”

 “I’m not sure what he wants. He has become a right nuisance though.” She told him.

 “I don’t like it. I don’t like him.” Bryson almost growled. Avalon looked over at her younger cousin and smiled. He was such a handsome boy but the frown he wore didn’t do him justice. He had thick dark brown hair much like Avalon’s that was loosely pushed back away from his face. But unlike Avalon he had sharp features his face was full of angles yet it was very becoming.

 “I know you don’t like him. I don’t really care for him myself.” Avalon said with a quiet laugh.

 “Why don’t you tell him to get lost then.” He asked her as they approached the big double doors that lead into the Great Hall.

 “He doesn’t take hints well.” She told him as they stepped over the threshold.

 All though breakfast Bryson gave her advice about how to send Leif packing. He even held her hands like he used to when they were younger to comfort her. Not that she really need comfort now but it was a good gesture. When he left he gave her his customary family kiss which she found a little awkward in the Great Hall but thought it would hurt his feelings to tell him nay especially after he just spent his morning giving her a peep talk.

 After she had shoveled all her food quickly into her mouth she made her quick exit as always. As she made her way to the double doors she felt eyes boring into her. She quickly did a sweep of the hall from under her bangs and caught sight of a red faced Leif who looked ready to leap after her. Realization donned on her then and a small smile jumped to her lips which she changed back to her normal blank expression. Was he jealous? Was that even possible? Though it was amusing she knew there would be fireworks coming soon. 





 He was a ticking time bomb as he stomped through the halls. Everyone seemed to take notice and parted before him like the red sea. He was making his way along angrily when, who did he see, none other than the Hufflepuff from the great hall. He was leaning up against a wall talking and smiling with some younger Ravenclaw and making the most disgusting puppy dog eyes at her. Not only was this little tosser trying to steal his girl but he was flirting with other girls! Leif had had enough.

 In one fluid motion Leif grabbed the boy by his neck and slammed him into the wall. At first the boy look startled but then when his eyes settled on the face of his attacker it grew stony.

 “You hanging about my girl and baiting this one along as well!” he bellowed into the smaller boys face.

 The boy did not recoil in fear as Leif had expected. Rather he pushed Leif off him and squared off with him. “Yeah I’m hanging around her and I would stay clear of Avalon if I were you. She deserves better then the likes of you!” he yelled back in Leif’s rather stunned face.

 Leif let out a dangerous laugh and looked into the Hufflepuff’s eyes. “You’re not telling me what to do are you Hufflepuff?” he asked his voice a scary calm.

 “Yeah I guess I am you pureblood trash.” He said shoving Leif again for good measure.

 “Trash!” people were gathering now all picking sides and placing quiet bets. “I’ll show you what real magic is little boy. Stupify!”

 The Hufflepuff blocked the spell easily a broad smile on his face. “You Slytherins are not the smartest pupils in the class are you?” he laughed so condescendingly that Leif stood looking rather in shock. Who the hell was this kid?

 “Locomotor tapestry.” The boy called bringing Leif out of his daze but a little late. The folds of the fabric wrapped around his body knocking him off balance and sending him to the floor. But before he hit the stone floor his enemy yelled again. “Levicorpus.” He was whipped up then by his feet and he hung awkwardly in the air the tapestry still wrapped around him.

 Laughs filled the hall as the most feared student hung by his feet wrapped in a tapestry all by the hand of a smaller unknown Hufflepuff. It seemed to all them there was such thing as Karma and it is really true to the saying, a bitch.

  “Levicorpus!” Leif yelled taking the smirking Hufflepuff by surprise. Soon they were face to face with each other 20 feet in the air. So they did the only thing they could do in that situation. They started slapping each other like angry children much to the gathered crowds pleasure.

 But the fun was ruined when Professor McGonagall came storming through the crowd yelling “What is going on here?” she bellowed at the two suspended students who were in the middle of a aerial slap battle. “Stop this moment!”

 Both turned to look at the beat read professor then turned back to each other their eyes seemed to still glow with hatred. Leif got in one final surprise slap before the professor brought them crashing down to the stone floor on their backs. “Get to class all of you.” She yelled to the crowd who were starting to disperse. “Mr. Price and Mr. Haroldson follow me. We need to have a chat about this.” Her voice filled with anger.


Leif sat with his chin resting on his fist as he listened to Professor McGonagall drone on about expected behavior and rules.

 “Dueling in the halls not to mention ripping a priceless tapestry in the process you two should be ashamed and embarrassed by your behavior.” Leif saw out of the corner of his eye the Hufflepuff or Mr. Price nodding stupidly. He looked at the professor like he was actually engaged in the conversation. Leif snorted and looked off into space again till the professors door creaked in and Snape snaked into the room. When Snape’s eyes fell upon Leif sitting across from Professor McGonagall’s desk his eyes darkened dangerously.

 “Oh, Severus thanks for coming so promptly.” McGonagall said as Snape made his way to her side on her side of the desk. Professor Sprout entered shortly after and glared daggers at the newly named Mr. Price. “Mr. Haroldson we expected so much more from you. You are head boy this year you are meant to be an example to the students.” She told him shaking her head as if to stunned to believe it had happened. “And Mr. Price, Head of your dueling team top marks in your classes what in the name of Merlin has gotten into the both of you?” she said looking the both of them over.

  When Leif dared a look at Snape his normally pale skin held a bit of a pink hue. A really bad sign. “Well I will release you to your responsible staff members and hope you two will learn from this unfortunate incident.” She told them looking to Sprout and Snape who both motioned for there respective students to follow them.

 Leif stood reluctantly and followed Snape a few paces behind the huffing man. “Haroldson my office now.” He bit out as he marched.

  Leif rolled his eyes but followed the enraged professor to his dark and dank office. When they entered Snape turned to Leif “Close that bloody door.” He growled. Yes growled like a like an animal.

  “This is you helping us crush Gryffindor is it.” He hissed. “You got 50 points taken not to mention I am going to have to crawl on my belly in front of McGonagall to get you out of a month of detention so you can still captain the team. My head boy dueling in the halls with some Hufflepuff and you lost from what I heard. It’s a bloody disgrace.” He growled again.

  Leif started to open his mouth to retort but Snape raised his hand to stop him. “Don’t you dare say a word.” He yelled. “You get the hell out of here before I get sacked for using and unforgivable on you.” He didn’t have to ask twice. Leif was out of there before Snape could blink.

 He quickly made his way out of the dungeons and back to the main floor where who should he run into then none other than Mr. Price. Leif felt his temper spike again when he saw who was talking gently to him and rubbing his red cheek, where Leif had gotten in that good surprise slap, softly. For a person who claimed to hate people she seemed to like this bloke just fine. Mr. Price looked over in that moment and saw Leif and gave him a smirk that seemed to say ha ha you lost.

 Leif turned and stormed away and ducked into an empty class room. He finally let out all the pent up rage that had been built up in him all day. He turned over desks, tossed chairs and books, and knocked over book shelves sending them to the floor in large crashes. One of his tossed chairs him a large mirror sending shards of glass all over the destroyed room. Finally exhausted he sat down among all the destruction and tried to catch his breath and catch hold of his temper.

He was so lost in the moment he didn’t even notice when a person came and sat down beside him. Finally he caught sight of a pair of sensible black shoes out of the corner of his eye. Avalon. He couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips.

 “Well” she breathed looking around the room. “You can make a right mess.” She said her voice shaking. Leif looked over at her and saw her eyes filled with fear. He tried to give her a smile but his attempt was weak so he looked away again back at he destruction of the room. “Dueling what will you think of next.”

He let out a little laugh and looked at his shoes.

 “His name is Bryson by the way. Even though it shouldn’t matter, least of all to you.” She told him her voice quiet while she studied her own shoes.

 “Oh why is this Bryson Price so great?” He asked his voice dripping with anger, hurt and jealousy.

 “Well he was a first rate dueler as you already know, he can play an amazing game of chess, and he gets me really great holiday gifts.”Leif looked over at her and she gave him a smile. “Not to mention he is my cousin.”

 “Cousin?” Leif asked dumbly.

 “Yes my first cousin.” She told him.

 “So you don’t like him?” he asked dumbly.

 “I think they have laws against that sort of thing.” Avalon said a small smile playing on her lips.

 Leif barked out a laugh and looked over at her. “You are quite funny when you want to be.”

 “Don’t get used to it.” She told him her voice dry as always. He smiled and stood and put his hands out for her to take. She reached up and put her hands in his and he pulled her up in front of him.

 “I think I should clean this place up a bit don’t you.” He asked her his hands still wrapped in hers. She nodded and he let go of one of her hands to pull out his wand. He closed his eyes and silently cast a spell. The air in the room seemed to freeze giving the room an unearthly feel. Then the chairs and tables started to vibrate and like a flash they flew to their original locations. Every little shard of glass started to vibrate against the stone floor filling the room with a tinkling sound till like a shot they flew to the mirrors frame and reformed into the single pane once more.

 She looked around the room rather astonished. He laughed when he saw her face. “I do know some magic.” He told her putting his want back into his robes. “And you don’t think this is the first time I have destroyed a room do you?”

 “You do seem rather practiced.” She told him with a small laugh.

 “Come on I’ll walk you to your next class.” He told her, her hand still in his he lead her out back into the now deserted hall way. They walked up and down the hall ways not saying anything just holding hands till he finally laughed and looked down at her. “What class do you have anyway.”

 “Arithmacy” she told him with a smile.

 “Right come on then.” He said leading her now with purpose in his steps.






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Chapter 9: Crazy Bird
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Chapter 9

After Leif had deposited Avalon at her correct class which took him a few tries, not that it was not his fault the stairs were moving more than usual today, he went off to find Mikko who was like always on his bed, but instead of sleeping he was reading. Reading, surprised? So was Leif till he took a closer look at the cover of the magazine.

“Filthy Farm Girls?” Leif asked out loud.

“Oh there you are mate. Where you been keepin yourself.” Mikko said his voice calm and normal.

“Where do you even get that graught?” Leif asked his nose crinkling.

“My cousin has a co-worker who is a mudblood. Gets him all sorts of magazines and I get his leftovers.”Mikko said flipping a page.

“I’d be careful touching those pages.” Leif said plopping down on his own bed. Then he sighed loudly and waited. Mikko did not respond as desired so he promptly sighed again and louder.

“Right what is it then?” Mikko asked closing his magazine and tossing it aside.

“Were bonding.” Leif told him his voice dreamy.

“Bonding? What kind of bonding?” Mikko asked turning on his side so he could look at Leif.

“Well we are talking to each other.” Leif said.

“Step in the right direction.” Mikko said optimistically.

“We have held hands.”

“Keep it coming this is good stuff mate.” Mikko encouraged. After a long pause he asked. “Well what else?”

“Well that’s all for now.” Leif said feeling less accomplished now that he had talked to Mikko.

“That’s all? Mate not to be rude but you normally have a girl in a broom closet with her shirt off in this amount of time.” Mikko told him seriously.





“Yeah well I thought we had decided she was not a normal bird. So, point and case, this may take a little longer than normal.”Leif said defensively.


“I’m just trying to put things in prospective.” He said laying back down and picking up where he left off in his magazine.

“We have got to get you a lady mate.” Leif told his friend as he stood to leave. “You spend all your time in here.”

“Well when you find one worth meeting do introduce me.” He said from behind the magazine fold out.

“It is a quest then.” Leif yelled as he left their dormitory.

A Quest was the very thing that Leif needed at this moment. He passed through the halls looking the Hogwarts female population, up and down trying to find a good girl that wouldn’t leave Mikko the moment he came around with his rugged good looks and amazing body. This was going to be impossible.

To fat, to skinny, to ugly, to skanky, dated, dated, snogged, snogged, shagged, snogged, shagged. Things were not looking good. After a good 5 minutes of searching he decided to give up and take a break in the library. He went to Avalon’s and his customary table, plopped down and sighed. I could read or something he told himself. So he pulled out his potions book and decided to look over the chapter they were going over in class. But books like always were like Ambien to him and soon his head was in the crack of the book and he was snoring.

He jerked awake some time later and whipped the drool from his face. He looked around the now more populated library and smiled. The ladies had come to him. As he turned around a book shelf he ran full into a small member of said female population. Her papers and books erupted out of her hands and fell all around them. “Oi sorry.” He said stooping down and helping her get back to her feet.

“Oh it’s alright my head is in the clouds today.” She said as she stooped down and started scooping up books and papers. Leif helped as well grabbing various papers and scrolls. After they had gathered all her things up they both stood. She looked up at him as he handed her what he had collected and her eyes darkened. “I know you.”

“I’m sure you do.” He laughed.

“You’re that tosser Haroldson.” She growled

“That’s not very nice.” He said. What was with the females of Hogwarts these days. How did he always seem to find the ones who hated him?

“Neither was breaking my sister’s heart.” She said grabbing the things he was still holding out to her. Then she turned on her heel and marched away. Not a bad bum he thought.

She was perfect. She hated him for obvious reasons and seemed smart enough, he even thought he saw a Ravenclaw badge which would make homework way easier for him and Mikko. Now that quest was completed he went off to find his own woman.



 Avalon sat at the foot of a tree on the edge of the forbidden forest and read her book in silence for the first time in a long time. It felt splendid, utterly amaz… Suddenly her book was gone. She looked down at her hands again as if somehow it had disappeared into them maybe shrunk in size for unknown reasons, you never can tell with magical texts.

“I need to put a beeper on you.” A voice boomed over her. She cringed and looked up at the tower that was her stalker. He stood above her looking over her book with a grim look on his face. “Having to find you is becoming rather annoying not to mention harder with each passing day.”

“Maybe that is because I don’t want to be found.” She said standing and jerking the book out of his hands, he was on her last nerve.

“No that can’t be it. You see it is a game this, like when we were little. You hide and I seek. But for some reason I always seem to be it.” He said shaking his head. “Not really fair.”

“You can go hide then.” She told him putting her book in her bag and heading back toward the castle at a quick pace.“Why do I have this feeling that if I were to go hide you would not come look for me?” He said as he ran and caught up with her. “I would die in hiding.”“Hmmm.. you are smarter then you look.” She told him.

“You are bloody hilarious you know that.” He said sarcastically. “What happened to that sweet girl I took to Hogsmeade who didn’t talk back.”

“You don’t even know her, know me.” She hissed at him picking up her pace to a walk/jog. Leif just lengthened his stride and kept up next to her.

“ Hmm.. I miss her.” He said as she picked up the pace again going into a full jog.



“Sorry to disappoint.” She said going into and all out run back to the castle. They raced like that till they ran into the main entrance slipping and skidding on the smooth stone floor. They continued the chase down various halls dodging suits of armor and staring classmates. Finally he trapped her in a dead end hall way and he backed her up into a door way. He put his hands on both sides of the doorjamb trapping her and grinning widely.

“I think you should start being nicer to me.” He told her panting the smug smile making her feel slightly homicidal.

But then to her delight she realized where she was and smiled up at him, a smile he didn’t like, a smile that seemed to say you really are thick aren’t you. “Oh that’s what you think is it.” She said as she pushed against the swinging door with her back. She walked into the room backwards and gave him a small wave with a sad puppy dog face. When he tried to step over the threshold to follow her he bounced off as if it were guarded by a force field. The door swung shut and he saw the sign on the door.

“Woman’s lavatory” he read aloud “Damn.” He cursed. “You can’t stay in there forever.” He yelled at the door.
“I won’t have to.” She yelled to him from inside the lavatory. “You will get bored in about 5 minutes and stomp off.”
She was only 1 minute off. At 6 minutes he stormed off pushing down a third year on his way. She was not only a freaky bird, she was a stubborn mean one at that.  





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Chapter 10: Jello Legs
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Chapter 10


After Avalon’s rudeness Leif decided that he would give her the silent treatment for the time being. Well until he figured out his battle plan. But that was all put on hold that morning when an owl he knew so well arrived at the breakfast table.


“What is that?” Ciro exclaimed as a dirty old grey owl flopped down in front of Leif.


“An owl obviously.”Leif said reach out and talking the letter from the owls talons.

 “But whose it looks like it could be 20 years old.” Dario asked watching as Leif fed the small creature a strip of bacon as pay and set it back into flight.

 “It is my house keepers owl.” He said slipping the parchment into his pocket.

 “Is your father an activist or something why don’t you have house elves?” Ciro asked appalled at the thought of an activist.

 “No my grandfather was sadly.” Leif said coolly as he sipped form his goblet. “We have to hire muggle borns and such to do the work. It suits them which should not be a surprise.”

 “Couldn’t your father make him get a new owl that one looked like a health risk?” Ciro said looking about as if the owl would dive bomb into his porridge and fill it with all manner of diseases.

 “He wouldn’t even if my father tried. My house keeper loves Tom. He would rather quit then part with him I think.” Leif said as he stood. The weight of that one page letter felt like a five pound weight in his robes. He knew it would be news he didn’t care to hear but what could he do. It would be even worse if he didn’t read it and reply. The last thing he needed was a howler telling his business to the whole great hall.

  He walked the halls watching the students filter past him his mind centered on the letter till he bumped into something small. He looked down to see the very person he was ignoring. People turned and looked at the sprawled girl on the floor but didn’t pause to help her gather her things. Leif looked down at her as she grabbed up her papers and books watching her fluid movements. She stood quickly and shoved past him her eyes at her feet. It was obvious she took his cool stature and lack of help as a punishment of some sort. He sighed as he watched her go but didn’t bother to go after her and try to explain anything it would be a waste of time so he kept walking.


He put the letter in the hungry fire of the Slytherin common room. He watched the edges burn before it all burst into flame. He pushed his hand through his hair and sighed. It had been all he could do not to read the letter before any of his classes, but he knew it would ruin his day more than just the anticipation of the letter itself, which did quite a number on its own. All the day seemed to blend together in a sick blur. He sat on a plush chair and rubbed his eyes.

 “Trouble with the ladies?” Mikko asked.

“Where did you come from?”He asked without looking up.

 “I come and go as I please, rather like a ghost or a vampire I like to imagine.” He said happily sitting opposite his friend. “Has she been giving you an extra hard time?”

 “No no more than usual.” Leif said looking over at his friend feeling very tired.

 “Well then what is this all about? I’ve never seen you this way.” Mikko said motioning at him.

 “Oh it is nothing just family stuff.” Leif said shrugging.

 “Ah the life of the rich and spoiled, it is a hard road to travel I know firsthand.” Mikko said nodding.

 Leif smiled a sad smile and then perked up visibly. “I found her.”

 “Who?” Mikko asked not liking this sudden shift.

 “Your new girlfriend.” Leif stood suddenly his mind in a better place now.

 “Wait what? Where are you going?” Mikko demanded as Leif strode away with purpose. He had a quest to complete. “Leif this is not funny get back her!”

 “Well don’t you want to see her yourself?” he threw over his shoulder as he strode away hands in pockets. He even now was whistling a jolly tune as he walked. Mikko cursed and ran after him.







 “Well?” Leif asked Mikko’s face in anticipation.

 “Your right she is pretty.” He said his face drooping slightly.

“What is this all about.” He asked poking Mikko in the face. “What is with the frown?”

 “Well….” He started then stopped and looked down at his book.

 “Well what?” Leif demanded.

 “She is a bit too pretty.” He said shrugging.

 Leif smacked the side of his head.

 “What the hell.” Mikko exclaimed rubbing his head. He blushed slightly as people turned to shush them.

 “It is impossible for a girl to be to pretty you dolt.”Leif whispered. “ I thought you would want a pretty girl. You like girl’s right?” Leif said it half jokingly but then stopped and thought. He realized then Mikko never had had a girl friend before.

 “I can see where your mind is going and I can tell you right now it is not true.” Mikko said a little amused.

 Leif looked at him suspiciously. “You sure?”

 “I promise” he laughed. “You must understand it is hard to get a girl with you for a best mate.”

“I know that is why she is perfect. She hates me.” Leif said excitedly.

 “I do like her the more I hear about her.” Mikko agreed as he looked over at the dark haired girl who sat a few tables away from them in the library.

“Right now go talk to her.” Leif said giving Mikko a shove so he fell ungracefully out of his chair. Mikko stood quickly looking around to see if anyone had witnessed his embracement and shot a glare at Leif. Leif merely waved him off. Mikko turned with a sigh and strode over to the table where she sat alone looking over a book and writing quickly. As he drew closer his nerves snapped and he quickly turned and faced a bookshelf looking at its contents as if hoping one of them would fall off the shelf and kill him. He turned to look at Leif with pleading eyes. But instead of sympathy Leif now held a wand and a quill and was directing him toward her like an air traffic controller.

 Summoning all his courage he turned and walked back over to her table and stood like a statue to scared to do anything but stare at her. After a while she felt eyes on her and looked up to see a rather red and sweaty Mikko.

 “Umm.. Hello.” She said a bit nervously.

 “Hello.” Mikko all but yelled. People turned and glared at his outburst and he wanted to sink into the floor.

 “Can I help you with something.” she asked a bit worried he might be having a fit of some sort.

“Aah I was wondering… well you see I was wondering if if .. I could barrow your quill sharpener.” He finally got out.

 She smiled a bit and turned to dig into her bag. She turned back to him and held it out on the palm of her hand. “Sure here you go.”

 He reached out and snatched it rather like a hungry wild animal and turned and just about ran back to his table.

 Leif was trying not to outright laugh in Mikko’s face but it was a challenge. “Mate you looked like a genuine stocker.” He said his voice muffled but laughter.

 “Oh shut it.” Mikko told him quickly sharpening his still sharp quill.

 “This time now that you know she won’t bite you, you have to ask her to Hogsmeade.” Leif said gathering himself.

 “What if she says no? She thinks I’m a freak I just know it.” He said his confidence gone if it ever was with him.

 “Of course she does you stood there and stared at her for like ten minutes.” Leif said stuffing another bout of laughter.

 “I’m not doing it.” Mikko declared.

 “Oh yes you are because if you don’t then I will go over and do it for you and that will be much worse I promise you.”Leif said starting to rise.

 “Fine stop I’ll do it you ass.” Mikko said turning in his chair looking at her his heart sinking. With a deep breath he stood and was before her again.

She looked up quickly this time but her demeanor had changed. “Are you friends with that wanker over there.” She asked bristling.

 “Umm.. in a manner of speaking.” He said his voice cracking like a pre-teen.

 “You got a lot of nerve to come over here. Did he send you over here as a messenger to tell me how great he is?” she demanded.

 Mikko looked like he had just been told his mother had died and he stuttered and spluttered. “No he didn’t send me over here.”

 “Then what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Umm well I was wondering if you… you know if you are not too busy and if it would not be too much trouble or if you already had plans I would understand.” He rambled off.

“What?” she asked trying not to sound too harsh because the kid looked like he was in a living night mare.

 “If you would go to Hogsmeade with me next trip.” He blurted. After the words left his mouth he wished he could take them back but there they were sitting in the open dangling awkwardly.

She sat rather stunned not quite sure what to say. “Umm Hogsmeade?” she said now she was feeling rather dumb.

 “Yeah Hogsmeade.” He said shoving his hands in his robes pockets.

“Sure I guess.” She finally said smiling up at him.

 For a moment he thought he was going to pass out he even had to grab the table edge so he didn’t collapse on the floor. “Really wow that is really great.” He gushed. “I will meet you in the court yard at 10 is that alright?”

 “That sounds fine.” She almost laughed at him but didn’t dare. “Oh will he be joining us?”

 Mikko turned to see Leif looking at them then suddenly noticing they were looking, he quickly looked away quite obviously. “Oh him.” Mikko said his voice dropping. “He just might be.”

 “So it is like a double date.” She asked looking back to Mikko.

 His throat almost closed when she said the word date. “Yes yes it will.”

 “I can’t wait to see what tart he brings with him.” She said her voice filled with distain.

 Mikko almost laughed his nerves forgotten for the moment.  He turned and smiled at her. “No I think you might be surprised by who he brings.”

 “What is your name by the way.” she asked putting out her hand for him to shake.

 “Mikko.” He said taking it. “And you”


 “Well Lucy I am looking forward to next week.” He said releasing her hand and putting his back in his pockets.

 “See you then Mikko.” She said and he turned back to his table.




Leif wandered down the darkened hall way his mind on the day he had had. First the letter from his father then Mikko’s success it had been a roller coaster to be sure. He stopped and looked out a window and saw in the distance a figure making its way into the forest. He smiled as he watched her go. Then his smile faded. How was he going to get her to go to Hogsmeade with him now? How was he going to get her to talk to him again period? He put his hand on the cool window pane and sighed as he watched her disappear. This would be much easier if he didn’t feel like his heart was going to leap out of his chest every time he saw her.  

Chapter 11: Deul with the woman
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Chapter 11


It seemed like it may have been a little early to regret hooking Mikko up with a girl but unfortunately it was not too early. In fact Leif regretted it the moment he woke up to his friend singing loudly in the shower. Leif sat up and looked over to see Ciro trying to shove his head not under his pillow but into it with no success.

“I’m going to kill the little wanker!” Allen yelled as he ripped off his covers and marched to the bathroom door. He wretched it open and stormed in yelling all sorts of profanity which can’t be recorded.  There was a loud bump, the shower turned off, and a yelp and then blessed silence. Leif laid back down putting his arms behind his head and closed his eyes. He knew there was no way he would be able to go back to sleep not now so he decided to do some thinking (a rare and dangerous thing for him).




“Leif, mate you wake.” Allen asked from across the room.

He opened one eye and looked over to his friend.



“I am never going to forgive you for what you have done to all of us.” Allen said pulling the cover back over his head.
Leif only smiled slightly and returned to his thoughts. What the hell was he going to do about Avalon? Now that he had pissed her off, he imagined things would be even worse if that was even possible. He also didn’t understand where all these feeling of concern and the like were coming from. He rolled over and buried his face in the pillow.





After most people filtered into the charms class Leif watched the door with anticipation. Was she so mad that she was skipping classes to avoid him? No she would never do that she would kill him to get him out of the way over skipping a class. He was so concerned he didn’t even hear Proffesor Flitwick ask him a question.

 “Well Mr. Haroldson?” He asked his voice finally penetrating his thoughts.

“Huh?” Leif said lifting his head off his fist looking up at the small and rather red faced Professor.

 “Do you know the charm we are talking about?” he bristled.

 “No sir I’m sorry.” He said genuinely.

 Flitwick was so taken aback by his behavior he just stood there looking making him appear even more like a garden gnome. This was the boy who often teased him about his height and his proportionate feet. Yes they were proportionate to his body he didn’t see the big deal.

 “Well” he finally got out.” Don’t let it happen again.” But being a liar by nature be zoned out again quickly his mind returning to the empty chair beside him.

 After she didn’t show for History of magic his worry turned into sheer panic. Every part of him told him to get up and go find her. So he did right in the middle of one of Professor Binns long and boring lectures he stood and strode out of the class. Binns seemed to pay about as much attention to what was happening in his class as the students did because he didn’t even turn at the sound of Leif’s loud exit. He searched all the normal places like the library and the tree line of the forbidden forest but came up empty. In desperation he turned to the last place he figured she would be.

 “Password?” the snotty fat lady asked as she read a book.

 “I don’t know the password; open up this is an emergency.”He demanded.

 “A yucky little Slytherin.” She said looking down her nose at him. “Run along little pest. Without the password I don’t have to do anything.”

 He pulled off his head boy patch and flashed it rather like a 80s TV cop. “I’m head boy you oinker and this is an emergency. Don’t make me take this up with the head master.”

 With a humph she swung open to reveal the common room entrance. It was quite a stark change compared to the Slytherin common room. It was filled with rich dark wood and beautiful rich red chairs and sofas. He looked it over for a bit then set out searching for her. After entering a few male dormitories he finally returned to the main common area and to his surprise she was in there as well.

 “Avalon.” He called as he drew closer to her.

 She turned quickly to see him and her face screwed up like she had just been punched in the stomach.

 “Where have you been you have missed two classes I have been worried about you.”He rambled off so relieved that she was not dead in the forest somewhere.  

 “What are you doing here?” she ground out of gritted teeth.

 “I came to find you, I was worried when you didn’t come to classes. I know you love classes and you would never miss them.” he looked her over now that he had found her in one piece he couldn’t figure out why she had missed classes. “Why did you miss classes?” he finally asked studying her face.

 “It is none of your affair.” She said turning away from him and walking slowly away back to what he figured was her dormitory door.

 “Hey where are you going?” he called running after her and grabbing her around the waist. To his surprise she let out a yelp and started to collapse to the floor. “What the hell!”




“Leave me alone.” She said frustration filling her voice. “You are making things worse.”

“How am I making them worse? What things?” he demanded coming around to face her. Tears streamed down her cheeks that were red making it obvious she had been crying not long before. “Why are you crying what happened.” His voice filled with panic he lifted her chin to look her in the eyes.

 “It is nothing.” She lied turning her face away her hand going to her rib cage without thinking.

 “Let me see.” He said softly pushing her hand away he started pulling on her shirt to see what lie underneath. She being a lady did protest but there was little she could do. He lost his breath as he saw what she hid. The whole left side of her rib cage was dark purple and blue and there were visible jagged edges where little bone fragments stuck out at awkward and horribly wrong angles.

 His worry turned to pure rage. “Who did this to you.” He asked his eyes locking on hers.

 “It was an accident.” she said pulling at her shirt.

 “An accident.” he growled. “What kind of accident?”

 “Stop acting so concerned.” She said anger filling her voice now.

 “Come on I am taking you to the hospital wing.” He said reaching around her and lifting her.

 “Stop.” She groaned. “Put me down.” She pushed against him with all her strength but it was nothing because it had mostly been sapped away.

 “Why shouldn’t I take you there? Your whole rib cage is in tatters.” He said not releasing her.

 “They will ask questions. What will I tell them?” she said her world growing black from the pain.

 “You let me worry about that.” He said his voice drifting into her wandering mind.








 Avalon didn’t want to open her eyes. If she was awake she would have to feel the pain ripping through her body. But as she sat there her eyes squeezed shut she realized the pain was gone. She peeked out of one eye to see a ceiling that was not hers. She shifted her body slightly in expecting to be pained but felt nothing.

 “Hello dear.” A kind female voice said over her.

Avalon opened her eyes to see Madame Pomfrey standing over her. “You are a very lucky girl.” The school nurse said gently picking up her wrist and checking her pulse.

 “How did I get here?” Avalon croaked her throat extremely dry.

 “A young man brought you in. He said you had an accident while learning to fly a broom. Dangerous contraptions brooms are. Never did see a point for them myself.” She told Avalon as she bustled around her bed side pulling out potions and capsules.

 “A broom?”

 “I’m not surprised you don’t quite remember it must have been one nasty fall you took. If he would have waited any longer to bring you in thing could have been very bad.” She said holding out a cup for Avalon to take. She took it timidly and looked inside at the sweet smelling liquid. She sipped it and her face screwed up in disgust. “Not the best tasting thing I know but it will help your insides heal up.”

 Avalon nodded and gulped down the rank liquid. There was a loud slam and an even louder voice.

 “Is she awake yet?” Avalon wanted to die at the sound of that voice. Madame Pomfrey noted how her face fell because she quickly closed the curtain around them.

 “No Mr. Haroldson and I will tell you again not to come in here until I call for you.”

 “Alright fine.” They both waited till they heard his footsteps and the hospital wing door swing open and shut.

 “The most persistent young man I have ever met.” Madame Pomfrey said with a smile.

 “Infuriating more like.” Avalon said quietly.

 The curtain snapped open “I knew it.” He said with a smile. He quickly found a seat and pulled it up to her bedside. “I know you are mad at me for the accident but you can’t ignore me forever. Are you feeling better.” He asked his face and voice serious. “You gave me quite a scare.” He reached out and grabbed her hand before she had time to pull it under the covers.

 “Make this quick young man she needs her rest.” Madame Pomfrey said as she walked away to see another patient.

 “I got all your work from our professors so you don’t have to worry about being behind.” He told her putting her had to his lips.

 “Thank you. For everything really.” She said looking away. He smiled and brushed his lips to her hand again.

 “It’s nothing really. I would go to the ends of the world for you if you asked.” He said chuckling “Well maybe not cause you would never call me back.” Avalon smiled and looked back over at him. He really was handsome with his dimples and glowing eyes.

 “Alright say your good byes.” Madame Pompfrey said coming back over.

 “All see ya when you are free.” He said with a wink. Avalon nodded and smiled as she watched him go then quickly frowned. No stop this she told herself rubbing her eyes You are not allowed to like him.






Leif strolled the halls that night like always thinking about Avalon in the hospital wing. It had been crazy to think that she could have died had he not found her. He shook his head and walked on. Tonight took him out onto the steps leading up to the great hall entrance taking in a bit of night air. He sat on one of the large stone steps and looked out over the school grounds. The moon lit the wide green lawns and sparkled on the black lake which truly did look black. He lit his match on the rough stone surface and held it to the thin cigarette. He inhaled the acrid smoke and shuddered as the nicotine and warmth filled his lungs.

 “What the hell!” he exclaimed as he caught sight of a hooded figure out of the corner of his eye. “No way.” he said tossing his fresh cigarette down and running after her. He caught up to her and grabbed her by the wrist.

 “What the hell are you doing out here.” He demanded. “You almost died last night and you sneak out of the hospital wing to be out here again.”

 “Let go of me.” She spat.

  “Are you mental? Do you want to die?”

 “Why the hell do you care.” She yelled back at him. He was so shocked that she raised her voice he didn’t even talk back as she berated him. “One moment you are Mr. caring and concern then the next you are a total dick. I would ask you to explain yourself if I actually cared for an answer but luckily I don’t.” she brushed his hand off her and turned on her heel and marched away.

 He stood for a while till his scenses returned then chased after her again. He caught up with her and walked beside her his hands in his pockets. “I know I’m not the clearest communicator.” He started. “But I really do ca...”

 “Just stop.” She interrupted emotion filling her voice. “I know this is nothing to you, all these things you say they don’t cost you anything but it is different for me. I know they don’t affect you but they affect me.”

 He grabbed her quickly by the shoulders and turned her to face him. “Don’t say things like that.” He said quietly tilting her face up to look at him. “If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t go traipsing off into the forest after you would I?” he pushed back a strand of hair that fell into her face and tucked it around her ear. She turned her face away from him and let out a sigh.

 “Don’t turn away from me.” He said turning her chin back to him. “You can’t go back In there it is too dangerous. It would kill me if anything were to happen to you.” He pulled her close into his arms and put his chin on her head letting her warmth seep into him.

 “You have to let me go.”She said rather muffled. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

 He chuckled at the thought but it died quickly in his throat. In fact his whole body seemed to go still as stone. His lungs froze shut all his muscles even his heart seized up and he stood only his brain aware of what was happening. He felt her wiggle against his now vice like hold till she was finally free.

 “I’m sorry but I had to do it. They need me now more than ever. Don’t worry I will be back in a few hours.” She told him pulling her hood back up and leaving him petrified in the middle of the grassy grounds with nothing but a pat on the shoulder.

  His anger had smoldered then died down as he stood like a statue waiting for her to return. Finally after two hours he fell asleep where he stood. He only became aware of her return when he fell like a ton of bricks onto the grassy turf. He came up like a feral dog ready to tear limbs off. As he whirled around to find her he saw her figure fleeing back up to the castle. “Coward!” he bellowed at her chasing after her. Even with her head start he made quick work of the distance between them. With a flying leap he tackled her slight figure to the ground.

 The air slammed out of her lungs and she panicked as the large figure came overtop her. She fought against his strong arms but it was futile. She felt herself flipped over and she came face to face with a very angry Leif. Then a slow evil smile spread over his lips. “Oh my dear revenge is sweet.” He straddled her waist and put his knees on her shoulders pinning them to her sides. He leaned over her face till their noses almost touched and then breathed in deeply through his nose making a sickening gargling drawing the mucus into his mouth. He smiled and let a thin stand of spit and snot slip from his lips. Horror and panic gripped her chest as she watched that strand come closer and closer to her face. She thrashed like a trapped animal till the cold slippery feeling touched her cheek.

 She gagged and thrashed even harder. She heard him laugh as he sat back away from her face and spit out what was left in his mouth. “Revenge love, is a bitch.”

 Avalon luckily had been raised with a male cousin and had learned quite quickly how to escape from such situations as this. And like an adder she stuck lifting her legs and wrapped them around his head and pulled him backwards to the ground. He was so taken aback he didn’t even react which gave her plenty of time to come over top of him. Then with a swift movement she jabbed him in the throat and smiled as he coughed and spluttered.

 “It is isn’t it?” She said leaving him lying on the grass clutching his throat and coughing.

 Sometime later as he still lay in the grass holding his throat but no longer coughing he thought back to the events of his horrible day. But as he remembered the hug he had shared with Avalon not hours before he smiled. Well his day was not that horrible.

Chapter 12: Fake Out!
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Chapter 12



He sat down next to her in the library and smiled as she didn’t even try to hide her sigh of misery at his appearance. “Oh you.” He said happily tapping her head like one would do a small dog.

“I thought I got rid of you.” She said crossing her arms on her book and leaning over it to hide its pages.

“Nope.” He said happily pulling out his books. He flicked his throat so it made hallow sound. “You didn’t crush it merely bruised it.”

 “My mistake. I won’t be so careless next time.” She said trying to hide the smile that was fighting its way to her lips.

 “You better not smile.” He said leaning closer to her over the table. “It will ruin this whole facade of you hating me.”

 “A facade you say.” She noticed then how close their faces were and she quickly sat back blushing.

 “Don’t be bashful love.” He laughed. “I already know you are crazy about me.” He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms purposefully showing off his arms under his white shirt.

 “What ever helps you sleep at night.” She said going back to looking at her book.

 “Oi what is that.” He asked quickly grabbing from her.

 “Hey.” She hissed not wanting to draw any more attention to their table.

 He looked at the spine of the book and whistled. “The restricted section, dangerous.” He opened the book to a random page and read out loud in an animated voice. “The mutation potion is a difficult potion that takes various different elements to create. The largest and rarest ingredient is the blood of a wizarding baby that has been cut in half by the light of the full moon then drained into the cauldron within moments of being severed.” As he read the last sorted details of the potion his tone changed to that of mocking to that of confusion and disgust.

 She reached over and tried to grab it back but he jerked it away just out of her reach. “What the hell are you reading this for? It’s creepy.”

 She jerked it out of his hold and put it into her bag. “I am not using that potion, I am studying another.”

 “I am guessing because you are not telling me the details of that spell that it is also creepy and in some way involves a dead baby.” He said standing as she stood.

 She brushed past him but he followed her. “It is not a dead baby.” She said but he was not convinced.

 “Is it worse, is it a dead puppy.”

 “A  dead puppy is worse than a dead baby.” She said looking up at him like he was rather mental.

 “Yes.” He said as if it was an obvious fact of life. “Babies turn into people who are okay but puppies turn into dogs which, as we all know, are amazing.”

 “I never would have guessed you were a puppy man, is that even a kind of man.” She said shaking her head in mirth.

 “It is a kind of man. The best kind of man.” He said happily grabbing her hand quickly before she had time to hide it away in her robe’s pockets.

 “I wouldn’t quite call you that.” She said quietly.

 “What the best kind of man?” He asked

 “No,” she said a smile playing on her face a man. “Not a man.”

 He pulled her into a deserted aisle and backed her up against a book shelf surrounding her with his body a grimace on his face. “You know I don’t like it when you are mean to me.” He growled moving his face close to hers. Her breath caught in her lungs as her eyes flew to his. His green eyes bore into hers and were filled with something she had never seen before. He drew even closer till she could feel the heat of his lips on her own.

 Then suddenly he pulled back laughing, he patted her cheek and smiled. “I knew you wanted me.” Then he left her still pressed up against the shelves trying to catch her breath. She should have fought him off kneed him in the junk but she never expected him to smell so good. It was like he had paralyzed her. She shook her head to clear it and glared at his retreating back. Next time she would be ready and she would show him how much she “wanted him”.




Leif walked into his dormitory and heard the sound of all his mates’ hushed voices. “What are you wankers up to?” Leif asked standing over the huddled group who looked up startled.

 “Merlin’s balls Leif you scared the shit out of us.” Ciro said grabbing his heart as all the boys sighed in relief that it was only him.

 “What are you doing that is so mischievous?” Leif said now interested.

 “It is from my brother.” Ciro said handing Leif a piece of parchment. Leif took it and scanned the letter most of it was bull about his time with England’s world cup team which was short lived because he loved females and the drink more than the game.

 “What am I supposed to find in this letter?” Leif asked looking down at Ciro from over the note.

 “Flip it over, it is a spell.” Ciro said impatiently.

 Leif flipped the parchment over and found the spell. “Almost like real tattoos.” Read the explanation.

 “My brother said they are the closest to the real thing that you can get. Only one counter charm can get rid of it and you make it up so no one can remove it but you. He said he does it for every girl he meets says it gets them in the sack faster than anything.” Ciro said reaching up and grabbing the letter and looking at the spell like it was the key to every girls underpants.

 “I think people will notice if you go around with a different girl’s name on your arm every other week.” Leif said skeptically. He knew his way around females and knew that although they could be easily tricked they were not completely stupid. Well some that is.


“Oh yeah.”Ciro said rather crescent fallen.

“I don’t care I’m getting Megean’s name on me. Maybe then I can get her to touch my willy more often.” Allen said his voice sullen. It seemed that the Allen and Megean love train had taken a short pit stop and he was not pleased with it.

 An idea sparked in his head. “You know what Allen that is not a bad idea.” Leif said rubbing his hands together. “How good do these things look?” he asked sitting around with the other boys as Ciro tested it out.



 Leif walked out onto the pitch after tryouts had finished. The feeling and energy in the air made his heart sore. This was the place he was meant to be. From the feeling of the soft turf under his feet to the smell of fresh cut grass this was all a part of him. Alone he sat down and looked up at the setting sun and smiled a real true smile something he had not done in a while. He let the constant burdens he held slip off his shoulders let the mask he always wore come down for this moment. He lay back and used his arms as a pillow and looked up at the darkening sky. He wished that it could always be this way. That he could just be Leif Haroldson and not Leif Haroldson dirty hot Slytherin sex machine.

 “Who is this Leif Haroldson then?” a voice behind him asked. He whipped around to look up at Avalon.

“Tell me I have not been yammering on to myself.” He demanded as his cheeks turned crimson.

 “I never took you for a blusher.” She said quite pleased with his discomfort. She sat down beside him and pulled up pieces of the turf obviously now she was the one uncomfortable.

 “What are you doing out here I thought you hated Quiditch?” he asked trying to snatch the upper hand.

 “I don’t hate it I just have never watched a match is all.”She said with a shrug.

 “Then what are you doing out here.” He asked.

 “I just I … umm..” she mumbled.

 “You didn’t come out here to find me did you?” he asked glee in his voice. He knew he shouldn’t feel this happy about her coming to find him but something deep inside him stirred something that he had never felt before.

 “No.” she declared a little too quickly.

 “Methinks the lady doth protest too much, my dear.” He said taking her hand in his and pulling her closer to him. She begrudgingly came closer but then realized what he had said.

 “What did you say?” she asked turning on him not only had it been educated it had been muggle.

 Leif’s face flashed horror for a moment when he realized but he quickly put the façade of calm cool and collected back on. But Avalon had seen the truth behind the mask.

 “Where did you hear that.” She continued.

 “I heard it from Macgonagall.” He lied easily looking away. “It seems like something she would say doesn’t it.” He said with a forced laugh.

 “Your very good at that you know.” She said studying his features.

 “At what.”

 “Lying.” She said simply. “I never noticed before but now I see the tale tale signs.”

 “What I’m not lying.” He said looking back at her.

 “Yes you are.” She said happily knowing she now had a new trick to use against him.

 “How can you tell that.” He demanded more interested then anything.



“When you lie your eyes get all vacant for a moment. Like you are no longer in there.” She said, her hand reached out and pushed his hair out of his eyes on its own accord. She jerked it back and turned away from him it was her turn to turn red. Her display of affection made his heart jump and he could not resist her any longer. He sat up next to her and turned her face to his. As he leaned in to kiss her, her hand reached out and stopped his lips. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“I knew you wanted me.” She said her voice dead serious filled with emotion. It sounded like she was almost on the verge of tears.

 He laughed out loud to her surprise and he wrapped his arms around her and dragged her back onto the ground with him. “Why you little weasel.” He said. “I promise I shall never underestimate you again.”

 She let out a sigh of relief. The moment that they had been sharing had felt so real so fantastic that she almost couldn’t say it. She thought instead of mirth it would be his anger she now felt. But that was what she wanted wasn’t it? She wanted to be so angry that he didn’t come back, right?

 “You know I’m glad you agreed to go to Hogsmeade again with me this trip. It will make the double date a lot more fun.” He said after his laughter had died down.

 “I never agreed to any of that.” She said lifting her face to look up at his.

 “Of course you did. I will meet you in the Great Hall after breakfast and we will go from there.” He pulled her even closer to his warm body till they were pressed together chest to chest.

 “Oi love birds clear the pitch.” Leif knew that voice. Damn Allen and his stupid jealously.

 Avalon turned scarlet and tried to pull free from his arms to take off running but he held her firm until she stopped struggling. Then he pulled her up with him and he walked with her back to the castle his arm draped over her shoulder. He got this feeling as they were walking, that his arm was always meant to be there wrapped around her, keeping her close to his side shielding her protecting her.

Chapter 13: Double Date
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Chapter 13

The Great Hall echoed with laughter and the happy sounds that came with a Hogsmeade trip. As Leif entered the hall he saw the boys sitting around their table each rubbing a sore spots on their bodies. Tryouts had been hard, he had made sure of that, but they would be nothing compared to what he had in store for training. Leif’s hand went to his forearm without thinking, a habit he had recently developed. It was sore this morning as well, but for different reasons then the other boys. Mikko was the only one he trusted with the job of tattooing Avalon’s name on his arm and he had been wise to chose him. Leif had seen the others boys work and cringed at the thought of those on his perfect body. But he didn’t cringe when he saw her name on his arm in fact he smiled. Having her name on his body made his heart swell with something he could not quite place something that he had never felt before. This seemed to happen a lot when he thought about her or saw her.

“Leif mate.” Mikko called from the table
“Hello Mikko.” Leif said sitting beside his friend. “You getting nervous yet.”


“Nervous?” Mikko asked his voice cracking like that or a pre-teen. Leif chuckled. “No I’m not nervous.” He countered deepening his voice drastically.

“Good you two will hit it off I’m sure of it.” Leif said thumping his mate on the back a few times while filling his plate with any type of meat in reaching distance.

“Are you going to be strictly a carnivore today?” Mikko asked eyeing Leif plate of carnage.

“Real men don’t eat veg like you.” Leif said woofing down some bacon.

“You’re going to lose that fast metabolism one day mate, and I will be there to watch.” Mikko said disgust written on his face.

“Enough about me, have you made plans for today.” He asked spraying food out of his mouth.

Mikko brushed bacon crumbs off his once clean robe sleeve and cleared his throat. “I was thinking of going to The Three Broomsticks.” 

“How original.” Leif said sarcastically pushing away the plate he had emptied in record time.

“Well what did you and Avalon do?” Mikko demanded.

“This is not about me, it is about you.” Leif said waving away the question. 

“Well what would you suggest?” Mikko asked.

“I am thinking a romantic walk down the main drag of town. You buy her the first thing she sees that she likes then you take to an open field and have a romantic picnic complete with violinist.” Leif said looking dreamily toward the ceiling.

 “Yeah that’s great but what should I do.”

“I don’t know mate just be yourself.” Leif said happily standing. “I’m off to find my lady, good luck finding yours.”

“You’re useless.”He heard Mikko call to his back as he walked away knowing he would not find Avalon here I the hall. No he would have to seek her out like always.

Her feet hurt today. She had missed stepped on the often followed path and had stepped into some brambles and they had released there poison. She sat massaging her feet as she studied her charms book in an empty class room. The dim lighting was not ideal for reading but if she sat close enough to a window the natural light made it possible. She sighed and looked over the pages she had skimmed over and over again. She cursed her mind that kept wandering to that smug boy who had seemed to wiggle his way under her skin. She had even dreamed about him last night. Images of him laughing and holding her cycled through her mind no matter how hard she tried to push them out.

“Not thinking about me are you?” The deep male voice asked filling the empty room with a feeling of life.

She smiled and shook her head. “I use my time wisely.”

He chuckled and sat next to her. “You are snarky again today.” He said leaning back in the chair and watching the light play on her face.

“And you are pester some.” She turned to him putting her chin in her hand and leaning on the desk.

“You know you are adorable.” He said leaning forward and copying her pose.

“Are you fishing for compliments?” she asked a smile coming to her lips.

 “I never have to.” He said reaching up and pushing her bangs aside. “Your eyes tell me all I need to know.”

Avalon closed her eyes and laughed. “Where did you get that line.” She looked back to him and noticed he was laughing too.

 “I may or may not have stolen it from a song or something.” he said rubbing his chin.

 “So that’s how you do it. You steal other men’s lines.” She said poking his chest accusatorily. “I should have known.”

 “Look you can’t tell the others.” He said rubbing his chest and chuckling. “It would ruin me if they knew I was not really this sappy.”

 “I’ll think about it.” She said turning back to her books closing them up and packing them away.

 “We are going to Hogsmeade soon.” He said reaching over and grabbing her bag after she had packed it. He tossed it over his shoulder and stood.

 “I never agreed to this.” She said standing as well looking at him defiantly.


“Doesn’t matter. You’re my girl now. It comes with the territory.” He said turning and walking away form her.

“I never agreed to that either.” She called after him.

 When he reached the door way he turned back to her. “If you want to eat breakfast first you better hurry or otherwise we will just leave now.”

 She glowered but followed.



He waited outside the Gryffindor dormitory patiently dressed in his town clothes. He rubbed the rich fabric of his shirt and shivered at the feel of it. It even felt expensive. When she appeared in the door way he smiled. “You look nice.”

Avalon looked down at her bulky sweatshirt and favorite jeans and raised her eyebrows in disbelief. She was not trying to look pretty, but she was not trying to look not pretty. Well, the truth was this was the only non school clothes she had brought along. But nice would not have been the word she would use. She felt rather out of place next to him in his expensive clothes. But to be honest he sort of looked out of place in those expensive clothes. They didn’t seem to fit him like they should.

“Come on, if we are late Mikko will have my head. He has not quite mastered the whole dating thing quite yet.” He said holding out his hand. She ignored it but came into stride next to him. He quickly started babbling off about Quidditch and about training ideas he had been developing. Avalon happily zoned him out only nodding when she needed to. 

“I have a feeling you are not listening to me.” He said trying to hide the amusement in his voice. Avalon looked up at him.

“I think you are right.” She said nodding.

 “Well what should I talk about then.” He said grabbing her hand now that she had put her guard down.

 “Something besides Quidditch.” She said wiggling her fingers against his but it was no avail and she knew it.

 “What else is there.” He said only half joking.

“What about that line you said last night.” She said looking at him from under her eye lashes trying to see his reaction.

“What line.” He asked dumbly.

 “The Shakespeare line.”

 “I don’t know what you are talking about my dear.” He tried to keep his mask pulled tight but she saw it slip again. He was lying. But why? What was he hiding?
“My favorite Shakespeare is probably “The Taming of the Shrew.” She continued. “It is a good comedy don’t you think.”

“I wouldn’t take you for a girl who would let a man dominate her. Or enjoy reading about such things.” He said.

“You know the plot I see.” She remarked.

 “So I know a few muggle things. That doesn’t make me a blood traitor does it.” He demanded his voice picking up tension his body becoming stiff.

 “There is nothing wrong with it.” She said looking up at his tight face.

“What being a blood traitor.” He spat.

“No knowing muggle things.” She said looking at her feet. “There is no such thing as a blood traitor anyway. It is all just nonsense insecure wizards made up to make them feel better about themselves.”

 “Are you a muggle born.” He asked his hands getting clammy.

 “Would you stop following me around if I was.” She asked.


 “Well in that case no use in lying. I’m not muggle born. I come from a very long wizarding line.” She said. “Not that it means anything to me.”

 “You’re a pure blood how sexy.” He laughed feeling relief flood over him.

 “Not completely. A few muggle borns have slipped in there.” She said with a smile thinking of her great aunt Josie. She was a crazy old witch who would tell her stories about her youth around all the muggles.

 Mikko sat in the booth sipping his butter beer and cursing Leif black and blue under his breath. He and Lucy sat awkwardly trying to make conversation. Lucy had thought of lots of topics but Mikko had this uncanny skill to kill any conversation that she could think up.

“Umm.. are they going to come.” Lucy asked referring to Leif and Avalon. She didn’t ever expect to be looking forward to having Leif Haroldson joining them but if it meant some talking she couldn’t wait.

As if on cue they burst through the door cheeks red looking somewhat happy.

“Leif mate.” Mikko almost yelled at his friend arrival.

“Sorry my boy but Avalon was taking forever to get dolled up.” He said nudging the girl next to him. This was not what Lucy had expected at all. She expected him to be dragging around the dumbest most plastic looking girl in Hogwarts but instead he had in tow what seemed to be a normal girl.


“No problem mate, have a seat, Avalon how are you.” Mikko asked talking to her for the very first time.

Leif held out his arm directing her to sit first in the booth then slid in after her. “So what have you kiddies been up too.” Leif asked folding his arms and leaning on the table with his elbows.

“Just waiting for you guys to arrive.” Mikko said clearing his throat.

“Oh no.” Leif said sitting up and looking at his friend with pity filled eyes. “You haven’t been conversation killing have you?”

Lucy’s smile and Mikko’s blush was all the information he needed. “I’m sorry Lucy unlike my nasty self dear sweet Mikko does not know much about dating or girls in general.” He said even when Mikko shot him a glare. “Let me help out. I shall pick a topic.” He looked over at Avalon and smiled. “Not Quidditch related.”

 “Right. What is it then” Mikko said eager to prove himself able to talk.

 “Umm.. can’t pick girls that would be awkward.” He said looking around the room as if for ideas. “That’s it. Magical creatures.”

 “Magical creatures.” Mikko parroted. “That is a ridiculous topic.”

 “No it is a good one. All of us have taken care of magical creatures we should have plenty to comment on.” He had also picked this topic to get Avalon talking and the glare she shot him told him she knew what he was about.

 “Alright magical creatures.” Lucy said rolling the idea around. “I enjoyed the talk about Unicorns. I find them to be fascinating creatures.”

 The table nodding in agreement. “I think that mermaids are pretty amazing.” Leif said. Leave it to him to bring up a busty half naked woman. Both girls rolled their eyes. “What! They are cool creatures. They get to swim around.”

 “You realize that mermaids are not what painting describes them as.” Avalon told him. “They are more fish then person. And not very attractive.”

 “Dream crusher.” Leif said looking down at his date.

 “Hold on I don’t mean to be rude or anything but what are you doing with this tosser.” Lucy asked finally after holding back for so long. “You seem like a really nice girl. I just don’t understand.”

 “It is not really my choice.” Avalon said quietly looking down in her lap.

 “It’s true, I sort of just follow and drag her around.” Leif said looking down at her smiling, willing her some of his courage. “What can I say, I’m smitten.”

Lucy looked across the table at the odd couple, at the way he looked down at her lovingly and took her hand in his. She looked over at Mikko who was watching them too with softness in his eyes that made her smile. This boy was different than most. He stuttered and blundered around like an idiot when they were together but he was genuine. Something that most boys were not. She decided she liked him.

“You want to go walk around.” She asked Mikko smiling.
He gulped audibly but nodded quickly.

“Oi we hurry all the way over here and you take off in seconds!” Leif bellowed as they scooted out of the booth and stood to leave. Mikko glared and Avalon squeezed his hand effectively shutting him up for the moment. “Have fun.” He grumbled.



 “He is not quite what I expected.” Lucy said kicking at a stone on the sidewalk.

 “He is rather like a six year old, bless him.” Mikko said with a smile.

 “You’re not gay for him are you?” she asked him seriously.

 Mikko laughed and shook his head.

 “Good.” She said slipping her hand into his. Mikko stopped in mid stride and looked down at their intertwined hands. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked suddenly self conscious.

 “No I don’t mind at all.” He said looking into her eyes. “As you already figured I’m not really good at all this stuff.”

 “I know that’s why I like you.” She said sweetly stepping closer to him.

 “Really?” he asked excited. “Why?”

 “Cause your real, your genuine not like all the other boys who try so hard to be anything but themselves.” She told him happily. “Like that goober in the three broomsticks.”

 He smiled a truly happy smile and tilted her chin up and slowly pressed his lips to hers. When he pulled back and looked down into her eyes he decided then that this girl who he had shared his first kiss with would also be the one that he shared his last.

 Leif watched them from where he was ducked down behind a large cart full of books on the street corner. “Get down they will see you.” He hissed at Avalon who stood browsing through the book selection.

 “Hmmm..” was all the comment she gave her nose inside a book.

 “Blast they went around the corner.” He said standing and grabbing her hand and tossing her book back onto the cart. “Come on we have to follow them.”

 “Hey I liked that book.” She said defiantly.

 “Avalon you like every book.” He tossed over his shoulder at her as he dragged her down the crowded street toward where the couple had disappeared.

 The street they had turned up was more of a dirt path leading up to a garden. It was fenced it by a stone fence which Leif leapt over and ducked behind where as Avalon found the gate and simply walked through and waited till he came over to her.

 “You are not very good at being sneaky.” He hissed.

 “Some time subtlety is better than your hi jinx,” she told him but let his pull her down to her knees so they could peek over the fence.

 “I’m impressed that he has already kissed her. He is moving quickly.” Leif said like a football commentator. “Careful lad this one is a lady.”

 “Are we going to do this all day this grass is wet.” She complained.

 “You’re complaining about wet grass. I thought you loved nature.” He demanded looking down at her.

 “I do, I really do.” She relented.

Leif turned away from the sight of his friend happily snogging his girl and sighed.

 Avalon knew she was supposed to ask him what was wrong but it seemed so awkward she just turned and sat next to him instead in blessed silence.

 “I am scared if he gets a girl he won’t be around as much to be my mate.” Leif decided to tell her even without her having to ask. 

 She groaned inwardly knowing this was the part she was supposed to comfort him. A skill she had somehow not learned in all her years was this one.

 Leif flopped over plopping his head in her lap and let out another deep sigh. “You could rub my hair that would make me feel better.” He told her as if she should know.

 She gently put her hand on his head of curls and was surprised at how coarse it was. It was thick and hard almost like horse hair not at all what she had expected for the way it gleamed in the …. Wait, what was she thinking he had normal hair. It didn’t do much gleaming she told herself as she ran her hand through the locks.

 “You know what would make me feel better?” he asked her.

 She shook her head.

 “Ice cream.” He said suddenly standing. “Come on now that im thinking about it I must have it.” He said pulling her to her feet.

 “I don’t think you are human.” He said as he licked his cone. “Who does not like ice cream?”

 But before she could give him an answer they both spotted a little boy no older than 4 crying on the sidewalk.

 “Hello chap, what’s the matter.” Leif asked the small boy who shied away from the large stranger.

 Avalon went over and bent over to the little boys level and smiled. “Hello love what is your name.” she asked him he voice gentile.

 “Gil.” He sobbed.

 “Don’t cry Gil, I’m here to help you. Have you lost your mum?” she asked him whipping away a tear that fell onto his cheek. The little boy only nodded and let out another whimper.

“Don’t worry Gil my friend Leif is great at finding mum’s. Aren’t you Leif?” she asked turning back to look up at him. he nodded quickly and smiled to reassure the little guy.

 “Come on.” She said standing and taking his hand. “Would some ice cream make you feel better?” she asked him. When he nodded she quickly snatched Leif’s cone and handed it to him. “There you are.” She rubbed his hair and smiled.

“Hey that was my cone.” Leif said outraged.

“Leif is good at finding mums but not so good at sharing yet.” Avalon said squeezing his little hand.

 “Sharing is good.” The little boy said between sniffs.

 “I’ll keep that in mind.” Leif grumbled.

 They wandered around the main drag of town calling out Gil’s mother’s name which was Abigail. Soon the cone was gone and Gil was smiling at Avalon’s jokes and looking much less like an abandoned child.

 Then Leif spotted a disgruntled looking woman and called out “Oi Abigail.” She turned at the sound of her name and spotted the reason for her gruntlement happily in tow.

 She rushed over and grabbed up the small boy into her arms. Of course upon finding his mother he started wailing again much to Leif and Avalon’s amusement.

 “Never wander off again do you hear me.” She told her son through her tears.

 “I promise mum.” He said crying as well.

 “Thank you so much.” Abigail said turning to Leif and Avalon. “I have been so worried about him.”

 “It is no problem we were glad to help.” Avalon said reaching our and rubbing Gils hair in a fond goodbye. “Don’t go getting lost anymore Gil you made your mother very scared.”

 Leif grunted in agreement.

 As they watched the mother and son leave Leif felt his heart break a little. Watching Avalon with the little boy made his heart burn. Now watching the boy with his mother his heart was close to total melt down. But he quickly put those memories or lack of them aside and turned back to the girl beside him and he grunted again.

“What are those grunts about.” She asked him looking up at him.

 “Why aren’t you that nice to me.” He asked.

 “You’re not a lost 4 year old.” She said laughing.

 “I could be.”

 “You look a little big.” She said looking up at him. When she looked into his eyes she saw something behind the constant mask. It was pain. But why? The look was so real and genuine she reached out and this time she took his hand in hers.

 “I guess I could be a bit nicer if you like.” She said quietly.

 “You can look right into me cant you?” he asked her in a low tone.

 “You’re pretty easy to read.” She told him with a sad smile. “Was that who you lost? Your mother.”

 He didn’t have to answer for her to know the answer. He looked away off into the distance and said in a harsh voice. “We should be getting back.”

 “Okay.” She said grabbing onto his arm with her free one and he led her back to the castle. This time instead of her trying to be as far away as possible she was pressed to his side.

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Chapter 14: Hiding Place
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Chapter 14




After the trip to Hogsmeade Leif had been avoiding Avalon, in fact he had been avoiding everyone. The image of the mother and child brought to mind a memory that he had long ago suppressed. He sat looking over the grounds from the old abandoned astronomy tower he often went to have a think. He sat hugging his knees rather like a child, letting the setting sun warm his skin. It felt like ice even under his bulky sweater.



“Why did you have to go?” it sounded more like begging then a question. He put his head on his drawn up knees and let the silent tears run down his cheeks. 



He had awoken earlier than normal. A nightmare, one he still had. He climbed out of bed and rushed bare footed to his parent’s bed room. He still remembered how it smelled. Like lavender, his mother was so fond of it, and like the country air. When he pushed open the door he noticed the window was open the natural sunlight spilled into the room he often snuggled up to his mother in. 
She would stroke his hair and tell him the many adventure that little Leif would have. He called for her but she did not answer, the room was quiet, but it was not empty. He peeked under the bed and saw her lying on the other side of the bed. She was playing a game! Hide and go seek! It always was his favorite. He crawled onto the bed quietly trying not to laugh as he slunk over to the other side. He looked down from on top of the bed and saw her laying waiting.



He yelled his triumph and leapt onto her. But when he landed on her form she did not move, she didn’t even shift. He called out to her but she did not answer didn’t close her eyes that looked wide eyed and scared under the bed. It was when he turned her head to look up at him he noticed the blood and the part of her head that was missing.


Covered in blood he went to find his father bawling. His father was horrified at the sight of his small son covered in blood and tears streaming down his face. His greatest fears, he knew then had come true then. What he knew was coming had finally happened.



Leif let out a strangled sob and covered his face with his hands. Pushing hard as if trying to push the emotions, the very memory back, back into the dark part of his brain he had kept it all these years. He looked up again over the green grounds of Hogwarts. He crossed his arms on his knees and rested his chin there and closed his eyes. The soft breeze of the afternoon found him through the cracks in the old stone walls where the mortar had worn thin.

This memory was a major setback. It would take a while before he felt normal again, till he could bring up the mask again. The last thing he needed was for him to get emotional and loose it all.

 “I thought I was the only one who had hiding places.” A soft voice behind him said. He didn’t bother turning around he knew who it was.

 “It is about time you started balancing out this game of hide and seek.” As he spoke the words they filled with emotion. A soft hand came to rest on his shoulder

 “I’m sorry you are in pain.” Her words were so simple yet meant so much to him.




“I don’t like you seeing me like this.” He said putting his arms over his head in shame.



She came round and knelled in front of him and took his hands in hers. She used one of their intertwined hands to lift his chin to look at her. “There is nothing to be embarrassed about.” She told him. He looked away and a tear he fought with for so long fell down onto his cheek. Avalon released his hand and reached out and whipped it away.



“It might come as a shock but I am a rather large cry baby.” He said trying to joke even though his heart was breaking.

 “I could have guessed that.” She said smiling.

 “What! How?” he said exasperated.

 “You wear all your emotions on your sleeve. That is what makes you so easy to read.” She said tapping his nose.

 He snorted and lay back dragging her with him. She landed with a on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her holding her to him as if drawing comfort from her closeness. “I was a mummy’s boy you see.” He told her. His voice was like a rumble in his chest it coupled with his heart beat brought her comfort.

 “It was my Father’s greatest annoyance that I would be with her then with him. He would try to have me come out on the grounds and throw a quaffle but I would always rather sit at her feet and listen to her tell stories.” He felt new emotions burn through him.

 “She must have loved you a lot.” Avalon said imagining a little Leif looking up to a beautiful woman as she spun tales for her son.

 “I thought she did.” He said.

 Avalon propped herself up on his chest and looked down at into his face. “What do you mean.”

 “She left me.”

 “Did she run off or something.” Avalon asked really interested.

 “No.” he said tears welling in his eyes again. “She killed herself.”

 “You found her didn’t you.” She asked she felt pain now, pain for him, pain for the small boy who saw his beloved mother in a way that no child ever should.

 “I don’t really want to talk about it.” He finally said after a long pause.

 “It’s alright. You don’t have to.” She lay her head back down on his chest and closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heart beating.









Avalon awoke sometime later still pressed to his chest. She knew she was supposed to be appalled she was supposed to push against him and stand but she could not will herself to move. She felt like she had been melted into his form had become a part of him.

“Did I wake you.” His warm sleep thick voice asked.


 “Thank you for finding me.” He said after a long pause. “I don’t do will with all this emotion stuff.”

 “No one does.” She folded her arms on his chest and rested her chin there and looked down into his face. She studied him, studied the lines that filled his visage. She reached out a hand and traced her fingers over his cheeks, his brow, his nose, and his lips.

 “Am I as attractive as all that.” He asked.

 “You live up to the hype.” She said with a shrug.

 His lips cracked into a wide smile and he tightened his arms around her waist. Laughing he rolled her over so her back was pressed into the hard and rough stone floor. He propped himself up on his elbow next to her but kept a possessive arm wrapped around her.

 It was his turn to examine her and he did with delight. “Your beautiful you know.” He told her smiling.

 “No I’m not.” She said shaking her head in mirth.

 “No.” he said firmly. “You are beautiful. But you are more than just beautiful on the outside like so many people. You are beautiful on the inside.”

 “That was really sweet you know.” She told him looking into his eyes and finding nothing but truth in the green orbs.

 “It is the truth and you know it.” He laughed lifting his hand from her waist and put it under her chin and lifted it to him.

 Avalon knew then that he was going to kiss her. That she was going to have her very first kiss with this boy who had been plaguing her and her dreams. When she felt the soft press of his lips and felt his body come over hers butterflies franticly fluttered in her stomach trying to find their escape. Her hand found its way to his cheek and she held him there pressed against her lips in a simple kiss that changed her forever.  










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Chapter 15: Mystery Girl
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Chapter 15




The sun warmed her face as she sat in the tall grass on the untraded parts of the grounds. The wind rippled the grass much like it did the water. And that was how she felt at the moment, like she was under water drowning. She rested her chin on her knees and bit her lower lip. These emotions that he had stirred in her scarred her. She had not felt such strong emotions since, well, since her parents. She pushed that thought from her mind and focused at the problem at hand. The problem, being Leif. 

Everything about him told her that he was wrong for her, except for those brief moments that he was too weak to hold up his mask. But why did he wear his mask? She had suffered a massive tragedy as well that didn’t mean you saw her out whoring around like her life depended on it. She shook her head. No this boy was bad news but she knew now she was too far in to come out again. She knew she would live to regret being with him but she couldn’t stand not being near him. Well part of the time, he still did manage to get on her nerves faster than anyone else in the whole world. She smiled. He really was a pest but it somehow endured him to her.



She stood then and brushed herself clean of the grass and dirt and made her way back to the castle. She knew he wouldn’t be around he had some sort of Quidditch thing to do, which she was happy about because it meant she would get some homework done. But as she walked past the pitch she saw him hovering above the ground at the goal posts. He seemed so at ease almost draped over his broom he sat waiting for someone to dare get close enough to score on him. And when they did, he blocked their shots with ease moving with such grace it was almost like a dance. She stood watching him move and laugh he was like a free bird, the master of the sky, and she knew now why he loved this sport so much. She couldn’t help herself, she stayed and watched the practice till the sun was down and the boys limped off the pitch to warm showers and clean clothes.

But Leif did not join them. He waved them off but stayed on the pitch and sat down right in the middle like he had a few nights before. But this time she did not disturb him. She let him have his quiet moment. The moment that he knew he had to come back down to this earth and leave all the perfection of flight back in the sky.





Leif wandered his way back into the castle and went down to the common room and flopped down on the couch before the fire. He loved the feel of sore muscles. It made it feel like he had accomplished something like he had progressed somehow. Something that school work never really did for him. Mikko shuffled in not soon after and flopped down opposite him.

“I love having a girl friend.” He finally said filling up the silence.

“So she touched your willy then.” Leif said looking into the fire not very interested at the moment in Mikko’s bliss.

“That’s not what I mean. But yes she did.” He said with a smile. “You know when you meet someone and you don’t care what you look like when you are around them, you just want to be with them.”

“No I don’t.” he lied. Because he did know that feeling, he felt it every time he was even near Avalon.

 “Well I hope that someday you do because it is the best feeling in the world. Even better than all that other stuff.” Mikko told him wisely like he had not been a retard at romance not a few days earlier.

“I’m glad you found that mate.” Leif told him leaning forward and slapping him on the leg.

“I’m really surprised you haven’t felt that with Avalon. You seen so different with her then you have with all the others.” Mikko told him with raised eyebrows. “Maybe you are just a better actor then I thought.”

“I’m going to bed.” Leif said standing leaving a smirking Mikko. Mikko like Avalon could read Leif like a paperback novel and knew that in fact Leif did feel that way for Avalon, and probably felt even stronger feelings that Mikko hadn’t developed have yet.



“You don’t have to be embarrassed about it mate.”Mikko called at his retreating form.



“Piss off.”








During class Leif couldn’t help but look over at her as Professor Flitwick droned on about some spell he had not interest in learning. But no matter how much he stared he couldn’t get her attention, he got so desperate he rolled his pencil onto her side of the large table. He waited till her hand reached out to grab it so he could brush her hand.



“Sorry.” He whispered taking back his pencil not feeling sorry at all. Avalon nodded and gave him a small smile before returning to her text book. Leif looked down at his book scowling. She didn’t give him near enough attention. He would change that.



After class had ended Avalon slowly packed up as Leif stood by waiting for her to put her book and quill in her bag. He tapped his foot impatiently as she started to file away the parchment she had written on during class.



“Were going to be late for our next class.” he finally blurted out.



“Oh were you waiting for me?” She said innocently looking up at him.

 “Yes I was.” He said leaning against the table.




“You don’t have to.” She said smiling. “I will meet you in there.” 

 “It’s fine I'll wait for you.” He said his voice almost begrudgingly.



Avalon went back to packing her bag and shook her head. He was such a baby but she was growing used to it. She was not sure that was a good thing. 

She finally had all her things packed away and stood ready to leave. “Lead on.” She told him. He snorted and turned leaving the now empty class room. The idea of sneaking a kiss flashed across his mind but he pushed it aside. She was not quite ready for that. Not yet at least.



They left the class and she walked behind him looking down at her scuffed shoes wondering how they got so scuffed when she ran right into his hard back. She peered around him and saw what he had his eyes locked on and she felt her jaw tighten on its own accord. She shook her head. She was not some animal who had to feel threatened by other women.



The girl stared at Leif as well both of their eyes were locked on each other. She finally came forward and stood before him her body stiff.



“Leif.” Was all she said.



“What are you doing here?” he asked his voice tense and ridged.



“I’ve come back to school.” She said simply looking up into his eyes with a longing that stunned Avalon.



“I can see that but why.” He demanded.



“Things have happened things have changed.” She looked down now. “Could we talk Leif? Just for a moment.”



“I have class.” he said his voice firm



“It will only take a moment. “She told him looking up again her eyes glazed with tears.



He let out a sigh and nodded and walked away with the girl forgetting that Avalon was behind him and had witnessed the whole exchange. They stalked off together in the direction of the Great Hall. Something about that girl made Avalon’s heart drop into her stomach. Something was off about her. 








“Make this quick Alice.” Leif said folding his arms. They in fact did not go to the great hall but beside the black lake next to Leif’s favorite leaning tree.



She stepped closer to Leif till her body was almost touching his. “I am so sorry Leif. I never meant for any of it to happen.”



Leif released his arms to his sides with a sigh. “Alice that is a little hard to believe at this point.”



“Can you forgive me? Can it be the way it used to be?” she asked her eyes filled with tears again. He always hated that about her. She could cry on the drop of a hat.



“No Alice we will never be the way it used to be. I can forgive you and I already have but that still doesn’t change anything.” He turned to leave when she called out.



“He was so strong like you Leif, I didn’t think I couldn’t know. He was so like you Leif.”



He turned and stared at her with pain and anger blended together in his eyes. “Don’t say things like that we both know they aren’t true.”




After his run in with Alice Leif stalked around the ground brooding something he found himself doing more and more often. After Leif felt normal again, he realized that he had abandoned Avalon when Alice had confronted him. He glowered and set off to find her. Since they had kissed she had stopped trying to hide so he quickly found her in the library. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and nuzzled her hair. “Sorry I ran off like that. I hope I didn’t miss an exciting class.”

He came around and sat in a chair next to her and smiled. “Who was that girl.” She asked not trying to sound to interested.




“Oh just some old girl I hung around with.” He said picking lint off his robe sleeve.



“I see your avoiding eye contact. That is not a good sign.” She noted.



“Ok I was with her for a time but nothing official.” He blurted. “I hate when you do that.” He told her.



She shrugged. “I’ve never seen her before.”



“Yeah she stayed home for the first part of school medical reasons I guess.” He said.



“If you are going to keep lying I will just stop asking.” She said looking up from her book at him.



“Fine. She was pregnant I guess. She had a miscarriage and was able to come back to school.” He glared at his arm now feeling utterly exposed.



“Was it yours?” she asked her voice shaky.



“No.” he sighed. “No it was not mine. She told me at one point it was but I turned out not to be.”



“ You seem sad about that.” She said.



“I had quite gotten used to the idea I guess. I know I am too young for all that especially then I was only 17 but I had already had my heart set on a baby.”



“Who was the father?” she asked interested.



“I have heard of two possibilities. One would be Allen who we both know and love and some Ravenclaw.” He said folding his arms on the tabled.



“How are Allen and you still friends then?” she asked amazed.



“Oh Allen I have cheated with his girls and he has with mine I don’t really take it personally anymore. It is a way to weed out the bad girls I guess. So don’t be surprised if he comes your way sometime.” He warned. 



“Thanks for the heads up.” She said looking back at her book.



“Do you want to go for a walk.” He asked standing.



“But I have to …”



“Study I know you always do.” He said holding out his hand.



She sighed and put her books in her bag and slung it over her shoulder and stood. “Alright fine.”



He smiled and put her hand in his and they strode out of the library not talking just walking together feeling each other close.



They walked to the black lake to the same spot he had been at with Alice but with Avalon here it felt different. It felt fantastic. They sat in the grass for a while till Leif started to itch.



“Come on lets go for a wade.” He said taking off his shoes.



“That water is freezing.” Avalon exclaimed.



“Are you joking me? You are the image of adventures and you won’t go for a little wade.” He exclaimed as he rolled up his pants.



“Fine.” She spat pulling off her long stockings and shoes.



“That’s my girl.” He laughed. They left their shoes and robes in a pile on the shore and inched into the freezing water.



“This was a bad idea.” Avalon said after almost falling head first into the water.



“It was a great idea here take my hand I will help you balance.” He said laughing holding out his hand.



“I feel like this is a trap.” She said putting her hand in his hesitantly.



He pretended to jerk her off balance but caught her and laughed.



“You arse.” She said pinching his arm. But he just kept laughing. So Avalon splashed him. she realized to late that this was a fatal mistake.



“Yes please.” He laughed grabbing her up in his arms.



“Put me down.” She squealed. “I’m not joking Leif put me down.”



“Ok I’ll put you down if you want.” He said preparing to drop her into the water. Avalon clung to him like a cat claws and all.



“If you drop me I will bite you.” She threatened.



“I dare you.” He said smugly.



She grabbed his ear in her teeth and chopped down like a dog. He yelled and dropped her in his shock. But he went into the water with her leading with his ear which was clenched in her teeth. They both came up spluttering.



“I can’t believe you dropped me.” She panted.



“I can’t believe you bit me.” He said holding his ear.



“You told me too and you dropped me.”



“I dropped you out of pure shock. I never knew you had the bite strength of a pit bull.”



“Are you bleeding.” She asked kindly.



“I don’t know will you check.” He asked swimming over to her.



She checked his ear. “No, no blood.” She said then she sprung at him dunking his head under the water. She ran for shore like the devil himself was chasing her. Which one similar to him was.



“Avalon.” He yelled as he gained on her fleeing body. “Your only making this harder on yourself.”



He caught her and they had a small battle falling onto the rocky shore. He finally got her into his arms and he ran out into the deep water and tried to toss her. But she clung to him like gum. He tried to pry her hands lose but gave up in the end and just bent his knees and fell into the water with her holding her against him so she couldn’t get to the surface without him. He came back up long enough for them both to get air and then went right back under again.



They finally stumbled back to the grass under the tree drenched and out of breath.



“You are a giant wanker.” She said flopping down on her back.



He flopped down beside her on his stomach and propped himself up on hid elbows. “You’re the one who splashed me. You got my pants wet.”



“You got all of me wet.” She exclaimed.



He laughed. “That will teach you next time.” He said tapping her nose.

 “What’s on your arm?” she asked. His white shirt had grown translucent in the water and he had forgotten about his little adventure with the boys.






“It is nothing.” He lied pulling his arm back.



“Let me see.” She demanded grabbing his arm back. She rolled up his sleeve and gasped.



“What have you done to yourself.” She demanded looking up at him.



“It was supposed to be a surprise.” He tried.

 “Why is my name on your arm?”




Chapter 16: Stronger For It
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Chapter 16

She pulled out her wand and tried every spell she knew and some she made up to try and remove the name. After giving up she sat staring dumbly at the letters that seemed to float on his tanned forearm. “What on earth possessed you to do such a thing?” She asked still shocked.

“It was a bit of mix between drunkenness and raging teenage hormones,” he lied pulling back his arm and rolling the sleeve back down. “Ciro’s brother sent us the spells you see. I’m not the only guy running around with a tattoo.” He told her smiling. “Plus your name looks pretty great there don’t you think? Lots of girls would think this was romantic.” He waggled his eyebrows at her.

“What girls?” She exclaimed standing. “I don’t know any girls who would like having a bloke she barely knows tattooing her name on them. That is forever Leif there is no getting that removed.”

“Who said I wanted it removed.” He said standing now toe to toe with her.

“When this little infatuation with me wears off you will be regretting that.” She said pointing at his arm.

He stepped forward and gripped her upper arms anger starting to boil in his stomach. “Why do you always say that? You make what I feel for you sound so cheap and fake and it’s not.”

“We are only 18 we don’t know anything about these feelings.” She said looking at her feet.

“You act like you know me so well, but let me tell, you I know myself better then you do. I know my feelings and I know I like you. Shit I might even love you, and not the kind of love you I say to get you into the sack the kind of love like let’s get a flat and a dog together kind of love. And if you would stop trying to over think and analyze this for one second you might have see it.” He said angrily. He dropped his hands to his sides and stared at his feet. “I’m sorry I lost my temper. I’m going inside I won’t bug you anymore.” He turned and started to walk to the castle.

Avalon watched him going she wanted to call out for him so badly wanted to call his name and have him rush back to her smiling his half grin and scoop her up in his arms but she didn’t. She just watched him walk away slowly his hands pressed in his pockets still dripping wet with no socks or shoes. She looked around and saw his unlaced dress shoes and sock next to her own and sighed. Now she would have to return them to him somehow. Things were looking crappy at best for her. 



Leif was in a black mood for the following week. Not even Quidditch practice made him feel any better. Classes were miserable. It took all his will power to not spare her any glances and to keep his eyes on the front of the room. Once or twice he thought he felt eyes on him but he didn’t risk looking to see who they belonged to. One look into her eyes and all the hard work of ignoring her would be put to waste. The ball was in her court now and it was up to her what was to come of them.

“Halloween is almost here.” Mikko said to him one dark afternoon as they sat on the steps in front of the castle entrance.

“Yeah.” Leif said looking over to the black lake.

“You know you would feel better if you just talked to her.” Mikko said folding his arms on his knees.

“I know I would but then we would be just like always her questioning me and my intentions and me always following. I want her to come after me for a while.” Leif said looking at his shoes. They were his older pair from last year because he had left the others at the lakeside but when he had returned to get them they were gone. 

“What are you intentions Leif.” Mikko asked.

“At first they were to get some cash off Allen but now, now I don’t know. I am just so confused. She makes me feel things Mikko things I’ve never felt before for anyone.” Leif put his head in his hands.

“Not even Alice?” Mikko asked. At one point Leif had told Mikko that he thought he loved Alice. That he wanted to marry her after they finished school but things had changed since then. It had torn Leif in half when he found out the baby was not his. He never did seem to fully recover. But know it seemed he had and had become stronger for it.

“Alice, what a joke, if I had felt half as strongly for Alice as I do for Avalon it would not have mattered if Snape was the father of that baby.” Leif said smiling. “I lied to you that night you asked me if I knew what if felt like to be with someone and you don’t care what you look like or where it is you just want to be with them. I said I didn’t know what it was like but I do.”


“I know.” Mikko smiled. “I knew she was going to be your downfall the moment you clapped eyes on her.” Mikko looked over and say the Avalon approaching them slowly. Mikko smiled and waved her over and she smiled weakly back and hurried her pace.

Mikko stood as she drew up to them and he smiled at her and nodded. He walked turned and walked back into the great hall looking for his gal.

Avalon sat beside him and put her bag on the step in front of her. “I brought you your shoes.”

He pulled his head from his hands and looked over at her. “Avalon,” was all he could muster.

“I thought you might want them back I didn’t know if you had another pair but I guess you do,” she pulled his shoes out from her bag and handed them to him. He took them and looked at them sadly.

“Oh,” he said sadly. “Thanks.”

She stood and started to walk away but stopped. “I’m sorry,” she started a tear starting to form in her eye. Before she could blink his arms were around her and his face was buried in her neck. She turned in the circle of his arms and he smiled down at her. She came up on her tip toes and softly like a butterfly brushed her lips against his. He was shocked at first but the feeling of it made him burn and brought him back to the moment. He leaned down and kissed her full and demandingly and she tried her best to return his advances.

“I’m sorry,” she tried again when they stopped to take a breath and he smiled.

“Don’t be sorry.” And he kissed her again still hungry for the taste of her.


“You know it took all my will power not to run and find you the moment I walked away.” He said pulling her closer to him.

“Why didn’t you.” She asked looking up at his face that was light by the starlight.

“Because it was so much better when you came after me.” He looked down at her and smiled. She rested her head back on his chest and a smile played on her lips.



They lay wrapped up in a blanket on the Quidditch pitch long after hours but neither minded. Time always seemed to go to quickly when they were together anyhow so any time they could steal together they would.

“So when are you going to be officially my girlfriend.” He asked not daring to look at her.

She smiled and waited a moment to build the tension. “I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you’re not sure? Aren’t I adorable and fit? Not to mention I have a pretty good brain between my ears.” He asked looking down at her.

“Well I guess when you put it that way I can’t help but say yes can I.” she laughed at his shocked face.

“That was much easier than I ever imagined.” He said tightening his arms around her. “You are full of surprises you know that.”

“What lead you to that conclusion.” She asked him laughing.

“A mix between how quickly you agreed and you dancing naked with centaurs.”

“I never danced naked with them you git.” She said pinching his stomach.

“Ow you devil woman you best be careful before I am forced to do something drastic.” He warned her sternly.

“Alright I’ll stop.” She told him snuggling into his chest.

 “You’re supposed to fight me so I can kiss you senseless.” He told her.


“You can do that anyway.” She told him laughing. And so he did.


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Chapter 17: Freaking Evil
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Chapter 17


She sat alone looking out the window. She watched him and that girl, that unknown girl playing, laughing in the black lake as if they hadn’t a care in the world. She hated them envied them. Her forehead pressed against the glass and she fought back the tears that kept rushing to her eyes. Had he totally forgotten her was she Alice just another notch in his bed post? Was that possible, she had been his first love, his only love he had told her but now that seemed to have changed. Before they had gotten together at the end of 6th year he had been the playboy that all the girls knew and loved. He never dated anyone for more than two weeks and never was faithful. But that had all changed when they had gotten together. Leif had been chasing after her since fourth year and she finally dated him after two years. It had been the best months of her life. After school was out they continued to date through most of the summer. But the distance had driven them apart. Iceland is a far away for underage wizards.


Allen had been there, been so available to her so hard to resist. They started spending time together too much time and that had ended in the biggest mistake of her life. After she found out she was pregnant she owled Leif and told him she would be coming to see him by way of a portkey. He had tried to talk her out of visiting but she had come none the less. He met her at the port key and they walked all around Reykjavík talking and catching up. He couldn’t keep his hands off her but instead of the thrill of affection she felt the suffocating feeling of guilt. He got them an upscale hotel room telling her his father did not like visitors so they would stay here for their weekend together. That weekend was spent more in that hotel room than any other place. By the end of the weekend the guilt was eating away at her.


He told her about how he loved her about how after school he would marry her, and they would start a family. Little did he know that she had already gotten started with someone else. A week after she left she owled him telling him the news. She was pregnant and it was his. At first he was scared like any young man would be but then he was overjoyed. A bit foolish she thought but she was glad she had found a willing father for her baby. But that all changed when Allen talked to Leif. He told him about their nights together. Leif came to England and met with her anger coming off him like heat.


“Is it true,” he demanded his voice as tight as a spring. They sat in a café across from each other up till now neither had said a word but now he spoke and the words were like daggers in her heart.


“Is what true?” she tried.


“Don’t play me for a fucking fool Alice. Is it true?” his voice started to rise people around them in the restaurant started to stare and Alice gulped nervously.


“It’s not mine is it? It’s Allen’s.” she looked away not able to face him. Tears welled in her eyes and her world started to spin. How could this have happened, how could she have been so dumb so blind? “I loved you. I would have given anything anything ….”he trailed off. He stood then with out another word and left her crying in the café booth by herself.  


He didn’t even look back she knew she watched waited for him to turn around and come back and tell her it was all going to be alright but he didn’t. He kept walking. Today was the first day she had seen him since that fateful day in the summer.


When she had lost the baby she had such mixed feelings. She was sad yes but deep down in the darkest part of her she was happy. She wanted that baby to be Leif’s and it wasn’t. There was really no point to her in having it. She knew it was sick to feel that way but she did. 


She stayed at that window and watched them. Watched them till she saw the fight break out. It had happened so quickly she didn’t know what was happening at first. But then Leif stormed off like he always did when they fought. A smile played on her lips as she watched the girl standing alone looking defeated and alone. What was her appeal? She was not really ugly but she was not the flashy type of pretty that Leif went for. She didn’t wear a stitch of makeup and her hair was well her hair was hair it didn’t really make any kind of statement it was just there. It was hard for her to even believe that moment before Leif had just been there with her.


She turned away from the window then and tried to hurry to the great hall in hopes that she would cross paths with Leif but she had no such luck. It was lucky on the other had that she shared most of her classes with Leif sadly the girl she had started calling the troll was also in those classes. For a whole week she tried to gets Leif’s attention staring at him calling him with her eyes but it was no such luck. This spell the girl had over him would leave soon and she could sweep in and pick up the pieces. It appeared he was already starting to crumble to her delight. A broken down Leif would be so much easier to handle.

She watched Leif talking to Mikko on the steps of the great hall. He looked so pathetic and perfect. Mikko looked on seriously and grave like always. Her nails dug into the tree she was behind when she saw who approached. The damn troll came striding up like some timid dear. Mikko stood and left them. She watched their little reconciliation with a stone in her stomach. When they kissed she almost vomited. It was everything that she had feared and more. She would have to get drastic. She left then leaving them happily wrapped in each other’s arms. She went off to find Allen.


Allen sat in the great hall his pride bruised from his most recent fight with Megean. She had great tits but she was starting to be a real pain. He would have left long ago if any other girl was worth ditching her for. 

“Hello stranger,” a voice he knew very well said from behind him.


“What do you want she who must not be named.” He said taking a drink from his spiked pumpkin juice.


She sat down beside him and laughed. “I never understood why I was the only bad guy if I remember right you were more than willing to join me in bed. No one put a wand to your head.”


“But I was not dating anyone. You should have kept your legs closed.” He turned and looked at her. Merlin she was beautiful. Really something angelic with white blond hair and thin bones she was like a lovely bird so thin and fragile.


“You’re dating someone now?” she asked her eyes were sweet and innocent and full of promises.


“Sort of.” He mumbled


“Sort of. That does not sound like you Allen.” She said lightly touching his arm.


He looked at her hand resting on his forearm and smiled figuring out her game. “I take it you have seen Leif and his little lover.” He smirked


“Oh I hadn’t seen them.” she lied easily.


“Really?” he laughed. “So you thought you would just say hello to me the boy a few months ago said ruined your life.”


“Alright fine I’ve seen them. Him and that little troll.” She seethed.


“Troll that is one I have not heard.” Allen said coming to his feet and stepping out of the bench.


“Where are you going.” She asked turning to him.


“Away from you my girl you are p-o-i-s-o-n.” he turned and left but she quickly followed.


“This is the least you can do just be with me for a while till he comes to his senses.” She begged from behind him.


“He won’t come to his senses.” Allen laughed. “This girl is different.”


“Please Allen, please I beg you.” She said throwing her arms around his back. He felt her shape press against him and thought how amazing it felt and how amazing it felt in other situations.


“Alright alright I’ll do it.” He sighed regretting this already. “But I have to go take care of something before we pretend to make this official. And so you know I expect you to act like a real girlfriend if we do this. I am about to break up with a girl who worships me for you so you better deliver. “He said turning around looking down at her.


She nodded her head quickly and smiled. He shook his head and took her hands from around his back. He turned and clasped his hands behind his back and walked away leaving her there smiling.   


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Chapter 18: Falmouth
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He looked at the spine of the book and snorted. He added it to the large stack he held and carried them over to the table. If there was one thing to say about this relationship his grades had improved greatly. Most of their time was spent together studying. Since her apology they had spent more time together but it was back to being more formal. They didn’t hold hands and barely kissed in public or alone. It bothered him not being able to show affection in the way that he knew how but he shrugged it off.

He came back to the table and she looked up from her parchment and smiled at him. He smiled back and opened his book. The words seemed to swim around on the page so he rubbed his tired eyes. It was then the noiseless library was filled with attempted whispers and giggles. Mikko and Lucy came from around a shelf and plopped down next to them.

“Mate what you doing in here?” Mikko asked his arm draped lazily around Lucy’s shoulder.

“Writing a paper.” He said simply pointing at his parchment with an ink stained hand.

“We don’t have any papers due for a while.” Mikko said puzzled.

“I am just getting a head start.” He said simply.

Mikko shook his head and smiled. “She has you properly trained alright. You will be a fine little ministry worker in no time. Pushing parchments about like a pillock.”

Avalon looked up at the two boys a smile playing on her face. In fact she knew he was miserable but he being a stubborn man and would not leave her side well except for Quidditch practice.

“Sorry that I want to be a success in life unlike you.” Leif said redipping his quill and putting on a great show of being busy.

“It’s too bad really.” He said to Lucy knowing Leif would hear. “Now that he is a man with ambition he will miss meeting the scout from the Falmouth Falcons.”

Leif’s head shot up and he looked at Mikko in shock. “If your joking I’m going to bash your head in.” Leif told him seriously.

Mikko laughed. “I am vindictive its true but I could never be that cruel he is talking to Snape right now. That might have its draw backs but I think after seeing you smash Ravenclaw for the opening game you will be wearing those green uniforms.”

Leif stood suddenly and spluttered. “I have to … I have to go do something.” he said then bolted leaving his bag and books still on the library table. Avalon smiled and shook her head looking back to her paper.

“This could change his life you know.” Mikko told her quietly.

Avalon looked up at him seeing that Lucy was now gone leaving them alone.

“I know.” She said “It’s his dream.”

“It doesn’t scare you. If he gets a position he could leave school early. Nothing is really forcing him to be here.” He told her.

“I know that.” She said.

“That doesn’t scare you?” He asked.  

“Why should that scare me?” she said.

“Going off, playing in different parts of the country, partying, and women throwing themselves all over him. Doesn’t that worry you?” He was partially curious and partially warning her.

“Besides the different parts of the country bit the rest sounds about the same as here. And anyway I want him to be happy no matter what that looks like.” she told him surprising him with an odd confidence.

“Even if you’re not in the picture?”

“Even then.” She looked back at her book then ending the conversation.

He nodded and left her to her books.


Leif stood outside of Snape’s office eagerly waiting for either of them to show their faces. Suddenly the door opened and the two men stepped out into the hall way and started walking his direction. He lept off the wall he was leaning on and started walking their direction tall and stiff. As he drew close to them Snape glared but waved him over.

“Leif Haroldson meet Henry Burne he is the recruiter for the Falcons as I’m sure you have heard.” He said introducing the two.

“Hello Master Burne it is a pleasure to meet you” he said putting out his hand which Burne took with a beefy hand gripping it roughly.

“You are a stout lad as they have said.” He complimented. “Keeper they say I hope you live up to your hype young man. We would love to have a new addition to bring up our teams standings.”

“It would be an honor to play for the Falcons sir.” Leif practically gushed.

Snape snorted in disgust. But the Burne beamed at the young man.


Avalon packed her bag and Leif’s as a breathless Leif arrived at the table.

“How was it did you talk?” she asked looking up excited for him.

He nodded quickly “It went fantastic!” he plopped down in his claimed chair and caught his breath. “If we are lucky I will be able to get out of this place and set myself up in Falmouth and start making a living.”

“I am so excited for you Leif but do you really want to drop out of Hogwarts so badly?” She asked.

“Don’t worry love ill still come around.” He joked.

“That’s not what I mean. For example if you got hurt, Merlin forbid, what would you do then? Without graduating you will be stuck,” she explained.

He frowned for a moment. “Damn you and your talking sense.” He looked over at her disappointed.

“I’m not saying it will happen but it is something to think about.” She said patting his hand. “Don’t let me being a wet blanket ruin this for you.”

“I just hate when you’re so damn logical.” He grumbled.

She laughed and stood taking his hand shyly. He stood towering in front of her and looking down into her eyes. “Even if I leave you know I will wait for you to graduate so then I guess you could be my sugar mama.”

“You wouldn’t wait. Not with wall the female fans coming around.” She said looking down.

He took her chin in his and smiled a sad soft smile. “I’d wait. But I don’t know if you would.”

She scoffed.

“Would you?” he asked nervously.

“Would I what?” she asked looking up.

“Wait for me no matter how long we were separated or whatever craziness I got mixed up in or what have you?” He asked.

She looked deep into his eyes then searching him searching his soul it felt like. “I would.” She said quietly. He hugged her slowly but hard as if trying to pull her inside him. They had such a connection that neither understood but that pulled them always closer together. They pulled apart and he looked down at her face and cupped it in his hands and kissed the tip of her nose softly. “Come on lets go for a walk on the grounds possibly around the lake. We always seem to have fun there.”

They lay now under their favorite tree nose to nose but Leif exhausted from Quidditch and from school work had fallen asleep. He slept on his hand so his tattooed forearm was extended toward her. She studied the dancing letters in curiosity. It no longer bugged her to have her name on his arm. It didn’t really feel like he belonged to her but it felt more like she belonged to him. And she desperately wanted to belong to something to someone and here was a person who wanted to belong as much as she did. Maybe that was all this was just their desire to belong. She traced her fingers over his arm thinking deeply. She felt his eyes on her and looked up at him and his tired smile.

“I don’t like when you over think things. It is a bad habit.” He told her pulling her into his arms.

“Someone has to do the thinking around here.” He grunted but merely closed his eyes again.