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The Earth Beneath Us by The Empress

Format: One-shot
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 695

Rating: 12+
Warnings: Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Characters: James (II), OC
Pairings: Other Pairing

First Published: 05/19/2010
Last Chapter: 05/22/2010
Last Updated: 05/22/2010

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We are somewhere in between, in a world of our own making.  Woven out of love and dreams, and dreams of love together.

Chapter 1: The Earth Beneath Us
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Thanks to Rachel (PenguinsWillReignSupreme) for reading through this for me and being my beta :) ILY!

~For Matthew

   We fly above it, you and me, on a cloud of spun silver as smooth as glass; riding upon the wind, drifting in a world of our own creation.  Your laughter breaks the silence and warms it, brighter than the sun.  Like freshly spun silk is your touch against my skin, a caress that goes on and on until I think I may come to pieces under it.  Then you smile and bring me back together again.

   We float across the sky and into the sunset, dragging the moon behind us as we go.  Through the stars we journey now, the coolness of the night wrapping around me and making me shiver.  Your arm around me warms me and I lean into you, enjoying the shared warmth and intimacy.  Together we watch the lights of the cities we pass over, twinkling with the mischief I feel inside.  I cannot suppress this breathless, heady feeling that breaks over me and I laugh.  You laugh with me, even though you do not understand, but that is really the point after all.

   I hear a whisper in my ear, your voice telling me to look over there, down at the street we’re hovering above.  There’s a couple who have seen more years than I can count; the man smiles at the woman and kisses her gently.  I look because you ask me to and I would do anything for you, but the longer I watch, all I see is me and you.  Your hand as you brush your shaking fingers against my wrinkled cheek, stained with an artificial blush.  Eyes fading with age but alight with love that never dies.  Then I look up into your eyes and they are young and I forget the elderly couple as we speed away.

   I do not know how long we ride upon our cloud and time ceases to matter.  You matter.  As do I, as long as you are here.  I feel like Guinevere gazing upon Lancelot, uncaring of the world about them as they loved, but we will hurt no one so I forget them.  I think of Romeo and his Juliet, a love as passionate as ours I think, but theirs was death and ours is life.  You laugh when I tell you what I think of and kiss me quickly.  I know you think I’m silly, you’ve told me that before.  You love me in spite of my silliness, or perhaps because of it, or maybe you just love me with it.  But the importance is that you love me at all, all of me in every way.

   Then we must touch down; you insist it is time and I do not protest too much.  After all, it is only for a minute or so.  You pay the waitress and we leave the cafe.  Night has fallen over our early dinner and as we move into the street I can see the stars high above us, smiling just for me.  You kiss me then, lingering for a while, and then we are flying again.  Floating above the street, not looking down at the earth beneath us, for we are too busy with each other.

   This giddy feeling carries us away and I know for sure.  I am not Guinevere or Juliet; you are neither Lancelot nor Romeo.  I am me and you are you and together we are we.  We’ve written our own love story, you and I, across the sky in stars and upon the earth with rainbows.  And we – we are somewhere in between, in a world of our own making; woven out of love and dreams, and dreams of love together.  When you kiss me goodnight I smile and drift away, but never very far.  For no matter where I dream of, there you are for I could never leave you behind, not even in my dreams.

   The last thing I feel as I float back down to earth and into sleep are your lips upon my hair and your whisper in my ear.  “Goodnight, my love.”